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The Orchard City Record Dec 24, 1908

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VOL. J.   NO. 4.
$1.50 Rer 'Annum/ -H
City Council Meeting.
Early Closing of Hotel Bars By-
Law Read a Second Timer
The council met in the council
chambers on Tuesday. His Worship, the Mayor, in the chair,
present, Aldermen Buckland, Curts,
Gaddes and DeHart.
^ The minutes of last meeting
were readandadopted.
Correspondence on various matters was received and laid on ;the
table. A--cheque was received
from W. C. Brent, of Toronto, for
$5r112.50 in payment of School
debentures purchased by him. A
letter from the same party was also
received stating his willingness to
purchase $9,500 school debentures
and also and local improvement
debentures that the city may have
on hand. Permissiotfwas received
from the~in8pector" of boilers, for
the city to use the boiler at the
Power House at a pressure of 120
lbs., until the time that he would
be able to inspect. A letter was
also received from the Provincial
Board of Health, requesting the
city'to furnish a health report,
Byrlaw No. 52 was read for the
second time, and the council went
into committee as a whole to consider it. The first clause, .relating
to the hours which bars may keep
open for business was ' discussed.
Mr..1 Burne, representing Messrs.
Peab'ody and Wheeler appeared
before' the council- in  this  matter.
These gentlemen, he stated,  were   ^
s both $W&~w&jj^^ fodse"
nireor business" should be-regit- ,    r i   i - „
-"* hbui^of.'busii
-> ilated,  and'" thought "that
11. 'p.m.
.during the week was a reasonable
hour. As far as Saturday night is
concerned, they thought it a hardship that they had to close at 7
' p.m., as was contemplated by the
council. Mr. Burne urged on behalf of his clients,. that there was
no necessity-to, close early on Saturdays, as there were no large factories in Kelowna paying their men
oft on Saturday night, as in some
towns, when they might be tempted to spend their wages at _the
bars. It was also . a hardship on
/the working man, - that he should
[ not have the free use of the bar on
Saturday night, it being" practically
his only jhVe" night- of the .week.
He has to be at .work too early in
the'mornings to spend the other
evenings in the bars. .Messrs.
'Peabody and Wheeler also objected to the clause prohibiting the
throwing of-dice for drinks on, the
grounds that it lessened the treating system. They hoped that the
council could see its way to make
11 p.m. the closing hour for- every
~nightrin the^week— —
Aid. DeHart suggested that the
hourbe-made 10 p.m. on Saturday,
as this would allow time for any of
the country people who wished
access to the bars..
Aid. Gaddes remarked that this
province was behind  the rest in
the way of temperance  legislation;
and drew attention to  the N.W.T
, laws 'regarding ' hotels.    Saturday
-he-thought, ;was the  day when
.most of-the working people  drew
their pay, and recommended  that
the closing be about 7 p.m.   Some
; amusement was caused when  Mr.
Burne continued, "Saturday  night
is the night when the working men
feel at liberty to go* to  bed  tired.
'I  don't   mean ' drunk "gentlemen,
just tired."      ~" '
Chief Hidson  on being asked,
stated that he though 10.30  or 11
; p.m. reasonable hours  during the
, week, and 7 p.m. for Saturday. He
' had seen these hours" enforced  in
the N.W.T. and thought it a very
j-good thing.   He  had seen some
jmenr spend ' the" whole* of; their
wages rduring a   Saturday night,
. and he; also had considerable work
in keeping birder.
*    Aid. Curts remarked" that ~ under
these circumstances he thought it
better  to  help, the  workingman
save his wages. ^ *■    ,_      " '>->
Mr-Burnet   "That is raising the
" question of .enforcing a prohibitory
law on people who don't want it."
Aid. DeHart remarked that the
closing of the hotels' early would
mean that the business at the club
r would be increased.   This should
' also be closed,'  In this connection
the Mayor remarked that the city-
had no control over the club,
Aid. Gaddess: "The main object of the by-law is to protect the
workingmen who go there when
they receive their money on Saturday night.;*
In reply Aid. DeHart stated that
he thought most of the employees
were paid monthly.
Chief Hidson here informed the
Council "that some very rough
gangs come in on Saturday nights
from the saw mills in the country,
and he has frequendy been called
to quell a disturbance among these
men, in Chinatown.
The Mayor'—We have to consider the good of the town, not the
hotel keepers. The thing is to get
the earliest possible hour without
reacting on what we are trying to
do. It was finally decided that the
hours, should be 11 p.m. every
night except Saturday ,£ on which
night the bars should close at 7 p.
m. Any infringement of this bylaw will also render the offender
liable to a penalty of $100.00 fine
or imprisonment.
The transference of lots 1 and 2
block 54 from Jas. Bowes to the
city for school purposes, was discussed. A letter from the School
trustees was read, asking' asking
the Council to complete Jthe purchase of the lots for a school site.
The following motions were carried.
DeHart-Gaddes—That the transfer of lots 1 and 2, block 54, from
James Bowes to the city be accepted, and that a cheque be given
to the School trustees for $4000.00
in completion .of same.,  '
Curts-Gaddes-rVThat   the  Clerk
leaf ledger,
Buckland-DeHart-That the clerk
order 100'copies of the voters' lists
for 1909.
Gaddes-DeHart-That by-law No
51 be read the second time, and
that the Council go into committee
as a whole to consider same.
DeHart-Curtff—That the following accounts be referred to the fin-
nance committee and paid if found
Water works pay sheet $,324 10
Electric plant construction...'.      32 00
McCall   Bro8.:'-Oil..'     146 40
Canadian Fairbanks Co.       II 21
W. R. Glenn—Shale rock'       68 00
Coll. Blackwood      21 73
Telephone and wire account     '21 98
Adjourned to 29th.~ inst
'   ■ m
Mr. F. R..E. DeHart returned on
Friday with Mr. Jas. Gibb, from
Spokane, where they had been
winning laurels for Kelowna. As
the "Okanagan" came in sight a
large crowd gathered at the wharf
to pay tribute to the conquering
heroer The C.P.R. boat sent blast
which was answered by a wheesey
little whisde on the tug 'Kelowna'.
as a welcome. As the boat drew
in the Mayor gave the word for
"three cheers for DeHart", and
was supported with enthusiasm.
As Mr. DeHart stepped "ashore,
Mayor Sutherland tendered him
the congratulations of the City, Mr,
Speers doing the same for Kelowna
Board of Trade. Due credit must
be given Mr. DeHart for the energy
and, executive ability displayed by
him in winning these prizes for
Kelowna, and also to Mr. Jas.
Gibb, who, in the capacity of expert packer, helped largely in
making the Orchard City's exhibit,
the envy of the Okanagan.
KELOWNA'S winnings.
_      Chronological Table of Orchard City's Victories
^^     In Competition   With  World's,. Fruit Qrowers.
j^ELOWNA from the outset has always been a winner in competition
**■ with fruit growers of any state or district, and her recent triumphs
indicate that she is holding her own in the rapid advancement that is
taking place generally in fruit culture. This can be attributed to various reasons," the chief of which of coursers the climate/which is one
of the finest on the American continent, and specially adapted to the
growth of all sub-tropical fruits, but as it now appears, apples in
particular. , „ . t    ,
Backing up the climate,'Kelowna has been fortunate in having a
number of energetic and intelligent fruit growers, who have made fruit
growing not only their business, but their hobby, and these men have
been ably assisted,by the Board of Trade and the business men of the
city, who have done all in vheir power to improve the method of
shipping and handling, encouraging and stimulating the production of
better fruit in any and every way possible. ~J" ""   '"
Each year since Kelowna has entered into competition with other
districts, has'seen-new honors-added to~her< list,"^a'chronological' account of which may be of interest to our readers.
1905, Oct. 1st. T. W. Stirling, Esq. of Kelowna, was awarded the
Grand Challenge Silver Cup for the best commercial exhibit of fruit, at
the Dominion Exhibition, New Westminister, B.C.
* Dec. 5th. Knightian Silver-gilt Medal awarded to T. W. Stirling,
Esq., of Kelowna, for best collection of apples. Award by Royal
Horticultural Society.
Dec. 5th. J. L. Pridham, Esq., of Kelowna, was awarded the Silver
Medal for collection of apples, by the Royal Horticulrural Society.
1906, Dec. 4th. Banksian Silver Medal awarded to'' Messrs/ Stirling and Pitcairn, of Kelowna, B.C., by; the Royal Horticultural Society,'
for collection of apples and pears.
1907, Nov.'28th. Knightian Silver Medal, awarded to Messrs.
Stirling and Pitcairn, of Kelowna, B.C., by the Royal Horticultural So*
ciety, for collection of apples.'^   '
Silver Medal awarded to an exhibit of Kelowna fruit at the Dominion exhibition, Sherbrooke, Que.
* -Gold Medal'awarded to "the Kelowna Fruit Grower's Association;
in competition with Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, for the
best collection of fresh fruit exhibited. f        ,. ,      „_.„ .
.1908, Gold Medal for best general fruit exhibit, sdcured at the
New Westminster Fair, together-with-39' 1st class, prizes for Opiate,
exhibits.   - ' *
Thirteen 1 st class prizes awarded to J. L. Pridham, Esq., • of Kelowna, for plate exhibits, and  two  2nd  for district  display," at  New
Westminster Fair.
1st class prize,of $500, for the best county, district, state or province display. $50.00 for the two best boxes in this exhibit, and 100
lb. keg arsenate of lead. A Silver Loving Cup, donated by the Seattle
Chamber of Commerce, to the exhibit scoring the highest number of
points on texture and flavour, was won by Kelowna. , In this exhibit
Kelowna scored 94 points out of a possible 100.' /
1st class prize of $2,000.00 fruit land, Silver Medal and 250 trees,
for the ten best boxes of Jonathans, awarded by the National Apple
Show, Spokane.
Diploma for best two boxes of Jonathans in the entire Show.
1st prize of $1,250.00 farm, Silver Medal, 250 trees and barrel of
Niagra Spray, for the best ten boxes Northern Spys.
1st prize of $100.00 cash and one orchard cultivator, value $50.00
for the best six boxes from foreign countries.
1st prize of $50.00 cash and $50.00 spray pump, for two best
packed barrels. .
2nd prize, $100.00 cash for the best display of fresh fruit.
\ st class prizes for the following—Best plate Northern Spys, best
plate Wagners, Grimes Golden, Winter- St. Lawrence, Cox's Orange
Pippen and Lady Apples". . "" * . 	
Popular evangelist coming to kelowna.
'    \ Grand Forks, B.C.
- -    - Dec. 5th, '08
F.R.E. DeHart, Esq.
Dear Mr. DeHart:
Allow me to congratulate both
yourself and'district for the gratifying,,, success which i you /have
achieved at the National' Apple
Show. It was a victory of which,
not only Kelowna, but the whole
of British Columbia., may be well
proud. In the face of such a tremendous competition io demonstrate the splendid character of
your fruit, and the admirable nature of your packing in so marked
away, -is to - confer an ■ immense
benefit on British Columbia's commercial horticulture.1 '
Yours very truly,
'Evangelist Walter Russell; B.A., whose; portrait we give our readers on this' page,
is expected in Kelowna on Jan. 3rd to commence a series of Union Evangelistic Services.
Mr. Russell's first service will be held-in trie Baptist Church' ,on the morning of
Jon. 3rd, and in the evening at 7.30 he will conduct the service ,jft the" Presbyterian
Church. The afternoon will probably be.devoted to on address in the_Methodist Sunday School, Mr. Russell will address meetings during the' following week in the
Presbyterian Church. In the afternoon Bible.-Readings will be given, and in the even-
ings'he will lead the Evangelistic meetings which are to be preceeded by a short song-
service at 7.30 o'clock. Services arc to be continued for some weeks Monger in the
Baptist'and Methodist Churches. % _      .-,-.,
Evangelist Russell has been conducting meetings at various points in the Okanagan
Valley and large congregations have listened to him from week to week. He comes
to this City from Vernon where he is now holding Very successful meetings, and in * a
recent interview he expressed pleasure at tho prospect of coming to Kelowna where
•o many Churches were uniting to make his work a success, .  * »,«■,,*»    >,
The Christmas tree entertainment in connectionvwith.the Methodist Church Sunday School on
Tuesday evening was most successful, and attracted a large attendance.
The following programme was
rendered by the scholars ~in good
style and won vigorous applause.
Hearts Beat Merrily Chorus by School
Recitation, Xmas Wishes,   Ruskin Wright,
C. Gaddes and R. Ritchie
Recitation ....       Margaret Wright
Chorus      The Boy's School
Recitation Leonard Gaddes
Christmas Children .    .. by nine little Girls
Recitation Minnie Curts
Kerchoo I Chorus   .       by some little Girls
Recitation ,.        . >.    Ralph Ritchie
Recitation Clifford Corbet
Gift Chorus          -      .   ..by the School
Tableaux, 'Wrap the flag around me boys'
-" 'by five Boys
Recitation . .1.'. .■   Stafford Cox
Recitation, Xmas Offerings, by six Girls in
Recitation ' Gladstone Langel
Snow Fairies by -eight little Girls
Recitation Vivian Jones
Recitation     Mac Knight
Military Band     by six Bpys
Recitation Geo. Curts
Recitation  Lillian Goldsmith
ran Drill         by sixteen Girls
Santa Claus,  and   chorus  by  the   school
'foxy Santa."
This was an exception to the
general run of Christmas trees, inasmuch that the gifts brought, by
the children were sent to theOrphan
Homes at Fort.Simpson, and took
the form of socks and mitts.
Baptist Church Entertainment
 i—-■-' >    s
The Baptist Church ^gave their
Sunday School entertainment in
Raymer's Hall Tuesday night. The
room was prettily decorated; with
Chinese lanterns^ -and^a-monster,-,
Christmas tree in'Iall. jhe-^gloryXot,
tinsel and toys] kept the yqungste'rs
in raptures. An impromptu programme was arranged, and met
with the, approval of all.. After the
concert, Santa _ Claus distributed
trumpets, drums and other fiendish
inventions to the " Kiddies," who
had a right good time. Games
were indulged in by, the elder
youngters during the rest of the
evening, the party finally dispersing
about 11 o'clock.
Vernon News.
Once more the whole Province of  Brit,
ish Columbia, and particularly the  Okanagan Valley, has occasion to cry   "Hats  off
to Kelowna 1"    The  value  of  this'great
triumph for Okanagan fruit as a   means -of
advertising, the  district; cannot, be, overestimated.    The Board of  Trade^ of  Kelowna has presented the, Okanagan with a
Christmas Box of -inestimable ,value ;   for
the fame of this  magnificent^ display, „will
travel   far  and  wide  until  it penetrates
every corner of the land.    It  is something <■
of   which   every 'British "Columbian j'can
speak with the ^enthusiasm" bredi of"jiar-
donable and' legitimate pride; and it will
do more to turn the eyes of home-seekers
and fruit  buyers   towards * the 'Okanagan""
than anything that has" ever-before''happened   in "the  history of "The-'Land   of
Fruit and Sunshine'." ', ri" '   ''       '
Mayor of Vernon.    * ', "'n ";''
"If we cannot shine ourselves, we "will
shine thro" the reflected 'glory of Kelowna." (Speech at Depot "at reception of
Mr. DeHart from Spokane).
Armstrong Advertiser.^    '-_   ,      , .»
,  Hurrah for Kelowna.    , ,t      wj.     ,;_
Vancouver Province.   -„ - ,,„»..    ,   . *-
. With his pockets filled with^prize money '
and a happy smile on   his  face, Mr. F. Rj
E.   DeHart .arrived ^irt^yancouver    this
morning en route to Kelowna on   his way
home   from  theJ,Spokane *Apple "'Show,
where he succeeded 'in  carrying  off  the
cream of the prizes'with' Kelowna, British
Columbia, apples.'   The" success 'secured^
by the display of apples madeJ by" Mr.   F.-
R. E. DeHart should prove a "stimulus' to ^
that industry in this province.'   {"it'j: •;>',' "l ,
.B.C. Saturday) SunseV f* " "^ J ** ''
Mr. E. A. Orchard of Vernon,
who was staying in Kelowna* last
week,is gathering data for the compiling of a comprehensive directory
of the Okanagan Valley, to be
known as Orchards' Guide and
Directory to the Okanagan. When
completed this work will contain a
general write-up of the whole of
the Valley, describing everyy industry, etc., and showing • how the
Valley arose to its present position
as the leading fruit district of Canada. Every town will be written
up individually, describing its public   utilities,  lighting,  waterworks,
.  !_..._,,1.:    c w.1 I
eicr—msu UCuuiiS—iui — acmcis—atiu-
tourists, alphabetically arranged
business directory of every professional, business and tradesman
from Sicambus Junction" to the
boundary. Classified business directory, Telephone, directory, Fraternal Societies/Churches, Schools,
clubs, transportation facilities with
times, fares, etc.Public institutions,
Civ^c "and Provincial Boards, Social
organizations. Hunting.and .fishing
with-game laws, and indeed every
thing relating to the Valley, in the
way of general 'information that
could be desired, illustrated
throughout with about 70sphoto-
graphs. Part of the book is already in the hands'of the^ publishers, and Mr. Orchard expects to
have it completed by next spring.
He has1 already been engaged
eight months on the work1, and reports that the various boards olF
trade, and similar" organizations
have given him valuable help in
furnishingTacts, etc. This directory will > be .the only one „- of .its
kind, relating to the Okanagan,
that has yetvbeeri complied.   »
Kelowna stores have all made a very
good shbwihg this "season, and? although
every display is arranged for general effect,
yet only a certain number went in for decoration. Amongst these ye might mention
Trench's Drug Stbre, Josselyn's Store, A.
Davy's Butcher Store, the Oak Hall Clothing Co., W. A. Hunter's Confectionery,
Crowley fit Co. and Lcquime's Store, alljof
which by 'means ofj bunting, ever-
greens, etc., have endeavoured to" give
their windows a festive appearance,
i   *< r
firsts and one'second out of  fourteen
tries and his money winnings amounted*, to
$4,370, with two silver loving cups.   \   ',i
Vancouver Advocate. -.-!»i.-  '   .
The apple exhibits sent from  Kelowna
to the apple show  in  Spokane, have won
the most coveted prize  for  which  nearly"'
every state in North America exerted every
effort to secure. ,Further' than  this,1 it  is\,,.--.\]
unofficially announced   that  the" Kelowna '?
Board of Trade will'be  awarded.'a* mag-"-
nificent loving cup; valued at ove'r:$200I-ra8 '"^'■•i\.
a special honor of carrying off  the , largest[■**••'"^J
number of first prizes. '- ,*     ■ * <■"  \^ '**-T'-Vgy
Summerland Rerfietb, -  "~J t '->' "sS4^c  s   ^ „.
Word comes that' Kelownat has' carried i t--
off $4,600 in prizes for apples "at the' great . ;.
fruit exposition in Spokane. That is some'- ~g^
thing to be proud of, as it is quite probable '',**
the world never saw such'an'apple-'show^ -,,,
before in all-its'history. Congratulations^
to our neighbors up the'lake." ,''"•"■
The results of the first, round-"of«
the Billiard,handicap are/assFbl-4'
I  ■    •    ' *   i '<<■   : ,'»   ,. i^. ',
L Meugins. -defaultJ;»i-
J, Hyd,
R. Inglis
Percy Barry "
Butler, Jr. "
C. Knowles "
W. Morgan ■>"
B. Johnston "
J. Copeland "
A. Dixon "
Ben Smith "
Harry Foster "
W-G. Wilson"
lost to A.
Meugins. -defau
Smith'     t-' 63 p.oihts
Butt"       ,• 100 bV
.R. Reed    t    <M<^%
c A.MarsWi 3 }•:;■
E.Satler    .    19".1ffl
E. W. Dunn*  '79;*^V&L*
W. J. Wilks .>44*^u!i|
H. Monroe. ,
Dave Barns
E. Snowsell";     ■ defaWjgSI
R. Smithurat'^l^^a&iSr
Noel Ellisoru '20 'ij>® Sgj
Harry Frame --65< •
H.O. Harp'in"   "  Butler, Sr.,        defau C^
T. Hidson     "v "' H. Rose'' $     19 V/raJS
On Wednesday evening the*1 teachers -'"Sf-^J
the Presbyterian Sunday School; entertaifr.'1*^
ed the Scholars to a  supper>in ,RaymetV\£*r3
gorgeous. .The hall was very prettilyideci      _„
orated with evergreens and buntings, atia'-.w'j
games ~-~--^--^ *-  -^^^>^
on the'tree'by the parents'of "the cKiiaSrj^H
Everyone seemed to partake.of uveigehcralf-^Vgl
excitement, watching eacK1'%(>v£aent^f'^fs|
Sa'nta Claus a's he'took'^SSlm^M
his assistants, wonderingJ»f their narn&waa ':<£{
the'next w be^caileU*; NiS^Sffifife 'Wv«
toys'were everywhere, fU^-^^m'?utoi-^l
floor ^ 'scrambling' 'after' in'eV^*°wV,te"ii>!
the bigger tots,. tookvtheir^ pJcasurtoirfe^'Atlr
more dignjfied wayV'jAnd Wh^a sufi&fi'r£;',A|
At'rimes you couldn't "nearVouWelr^^fe'I«i'll
EverybW ~*1?^^ 'A-»'niM' ^ViiS^Mk*.^?
but ohe _ 	
the most of. • As the "guests dispersed¥hey *¥i
were presented with'a bag of candietr •>%
. V \/'
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do ypur work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published eocry Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old, familiar carols play,.
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men!
We heartily wish all our readers
a Merry Christmas.
This is the season of good cheer.
The season of the holly and the
mistleto e, — the time'/ for bright
faces and generous impulses—for
gladsome greetings1—a time for
noble resolves to be born—a time
when the benevolent side of one's
nature should eclipse the sordid
side,—a time when the thoughts
should be turned towards home,—
a time when the usurping chains of
business should be ignored. A
time when the child with its golden
curls, the man with his silvered
locks, alike cry "Glory to God in
'highest, peace on earth, good will
to men."
Christmas is eminently the children's day. From the gray of early
dawn—it is the only day in winter
when their eyes open at that hour
—at the latest hour at night, let
everything give way to the litde
autocrats whose tyranny is courted
by every man or woman who has
any of the essence of love in the
breast Romp and tumble and
shout with them. When another
Christmas comes, some of them
will not be here, and those lhat
are will by one year be that much
further from the royalty that doth
so fittingly become them. Christmas is for the children—let everything bend to their enjoyment.
lot of money to publish a newspaper, so don't neglect to send us
in your subscription. It is only a
small matter to you, but collectively it means much to us. Start the
new year aright, and get your
name upon the honor roll.
Lord Roberts "and the Army.
Lord Roberts recently delivered a striking speech in the house of Lords, dwelling
particularly on the following points: We
must have a strong Army as well as a
strong Navy, remembering our duties to
India and the Colonies.
This condition js non-existent, and we
can, therefore be invadhd.
We need a million trained men.
The rise of the German Navy has simplified invasion.
The Navy cannot guarantee us against
a surprise, and our present Home Army
has insufficient strength to cope with an
invading force.
Iu commenting on this, 'The Standard',
says: "There is not an intelligent and
sincere person to-day who does not believe
that Lord Roberts is mainly, right. What
is his case ? Lord Roberts believes that
invasion in force is not only possible, but
probable, and very likely imminent. Being
a prosessioeal soldier and noi an amateur
"expert," he regards these islands as forming a mere fraction of the territory to be
defendnd, and he argues that under given
conditions a large proportion of naval
strength might be required in distant seas.
He preceives that even if the fleet remained "concentrated" in Home waters a German invasion is still practicable.
Scouring of the White Horse.
The ancient White Horse on the Berkshire Downs, which marks the victory of
King Alfred at Ashdown, has in the past
few years been allowed to become overgrown with vegetation. Owing to the generosity of the Earl of -Craven it has now
been thoroughly scoured. Report does
not say whether this scorning has been as
thorough as the famous one described so
vividly in "Tom Brown's Schooldays,''
The Christmas spirit  also  is. in
the air and it is doubtful if there is
any city that has made more  elaborate preparations for the holidays
than   our  own.     The merchants
have responded to the  feeling  of
buoyancy that  the season creates
and they have loaded the  shelves
and tables and even the floor space
of their stores with everything that
■'-the season demands.    They  have
bought heavily of of holiday goods
and exery one of the establishments
"is a veritable exposition  of things
' that are beautiful and sensible.
The question now is: What
shall Kelowna do with her prizes?
Gold medals and diplomas are
easily handled, but the latest addition to tuc lamiiy^isa-mucnmore
difficult proposition. A fruit ranch
down in the state of Washington
sounds very nice, but for obvious
reasons Kelownians don't want to
go there, and we can't spare De-
Hart down to look after it. Said
he was only going down to the
show to have some of Kelowna's
, fruit on exhibition as an advertisement to catch' the Eastern fruit
buyers.. But there's no saying now
what DeHart will bring home when
he goes on the war path.
This makes the fourth'free copy
of The Orchard City Record.   We
hope it has been acceptable to our
readers.   We are trying to make
it so, and trust not only to  grow
with the district,  but to  increase
our. facilities from time to  time  as
the opportunity arises.    We  have
endeavored  to  get a paper  into
every home in the district, and are
, happy, to say that so  far only  a
' few .have declined to became  regular subscribers. ■  There  are  no
doubt a number of names that we
have missed in spite of all, and we
'shall'be only too glad to send  the
■",, -paper free tor a. month upon re-
V ceipt of a card. j
-"',' Many of our readers are sending |
'•', die paper away to friends, and to
x encourage this we have decided to
•-/'make a special rate for these out
v;J of'the district subscribers. , Until
PS- .the.end of January we will accept
j £•!' 75c. as a year's,subscription to any
\\- -part of the' British Empire, and
|li:4<,$1.25 to United States.
The home of Mr. George Whelan, West-
Home Farm was,the scene of an interesting ceremony on' Wednesday evening,
December 16th, when his daughter Laura
was united in matrimony" to- Mr. John
Melchior Baily, of Kelowna, '}.'.'■■
Only the immediate friends and relatives
of the bridal pair were present at the
ceremony, which was performed by the
Rev. J. W. Wright, of Kelowni. The
young couple were the recipitants of a
numerous collection of valuable presents,
amongst which were several gems of
silverware from the bride's relatives in
England, and a handsome cheque from
her father. We understand that Mr. and
Mrs. Bailey are to become residents of
Kelowna, and we wish for them a happy
and prosperous married life.
Japanese emigration to the United States
is to be stopped by the Japanese Government. As soon as the Japanese diet meets
the Minister of foreign affairs, Baron
Komuna, will make official "announcement
that the Government has decided , to prohibit all emigration to the United States.
In settling this matter, it is understood that
there is no treaty, not even an exchange of
formal notes; but that nevertheless the so
called "Yellow Peril" is a ghost laid to
New Laundry
Limloch House, Kelowna.
It Will Pay You
To have T. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
Paperhanging a Specialty
Prices    reasonable   and    satisfaction gnaranteed
•   Address, Lake View Hotel
l^tV? Xet us remind you that it costs a
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
PHONE 95    .
Christmas Festivities
Will test  tbe completeness of ;your House ,
Furnisbing.    Do not mar your enjoyment by
an incomplete house   ...   A walk round
The Kelowna Furnishing Co/s
store  will  give you  new  ideas  and  tasty
New Store.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
Orders filled in Shor£* notice
■K- f?>
Manufacturers of
Builders9 Bricfy, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
our race is a
of pleasure to someone.     Send    "
them your photo this Christmas
Portrait Work is Our Special Line
We have also in stock views from
all parts of the Valley and shall
have a full line of post cards for
the holiday season.'
Everything Fresh and New.
Figs, Dates and Candies of all kinds .
Nuts of all kinds, Table -Raisins, Bon-Bons,,
-Bananas, Grapes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Lemons,"'"
Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes, Christmas £ake,etc.
Car Lake of Woods,Flour, early next month
Telephone No. 39 and we will be pleased to
send your order up.
The 20th Century Boot
and Shoe Repair Shop
_We_do not cobble Boots,_i«e r0pair,_them-and-mafee„fcheni-betfcer	
than new. Do not fail to gioe us a trial. All workmanship
guaranteed and prices are reasonable. Mail and express orders
receioe careful attention.
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
Kelotona, B. C.
J. BRODIE, Proprietor
Orchard City Realty Mart
2 Snaps for the quick Buyer
Two CorneHLots, about 5 minutes walk from Post Office,
Each Lot contains   125  ft.  frontage,  on good   streets
Price $ 1,100, for both, Easy Terms
> - J *,   t
* 4 i -     -
'-   - "* » '
. A Cottage and one acre, 8 minutes walk from Post Office <
Price, $2,100, Easy Terms
AXEL. EUTIN, Manager
Harness  Emporium
Horse Clothiers this «?au for all, kinds of
Light; and ;Heavy
.Harness, Bits,
,; Spurs, WhipSj
Robes & Blankets
_«!..        ,*-~-U
We also handle a line of Liniment for sore Shoulders
and cuts of all hinds, also Harness Oil & Axle Grease
.: S. G. KING, Proprietor
-. ■n.«HiL mil... -^--ii^i 11 iii^iiiiiiMirTiariitimriMT^^
Hockey or Spring
All Sizes1       ,
I     '     r
...t    ;    . , p
'••    ,t
y    >'*■•',••/ ■.»'.
Makes an excellent Xmas Gife
I i      ,  H,
." ,'>}" •<• •;•■> .
>>      .if'    *''        ■'• > '■>   '. \
* Hardware Store
' -, i
i'       '   «'„   V.''
,« f    -s    .-' 'I
< n
: J
''    ' £_jL*'"-   'v -%.^.'^ 'bi.-.ffLj.,li'^.1^   .■■'•'■   . „   ?.?. i.   ->.,
r    t>\ '\     i
\r>      '
i   H"1 w.
Big Shipment of Japanese Oranges,: 65g. per box
Best Naval Oranges, only 35c per dozen.-     Xmas Lemons, only 35c per dozeri.     - Jumbo Bananas
.   for Xmas, only 35c per dozen.    Large rich luscious Malaga Grapes, only 25c per lb.       .-   ♦
NUTS—NUTS—NUTS, for Xmas, only 25c per lb.       Walnuts, Hazel " '       "   •... >.
Nuts, Almond Nuts, Peanuts, Chestnuts and Cokernuts. ~  •-    *-",,..    \
Beautiful Xrrias Hanis, only 20c IB., weighing
'< \    about 10 or 12 IBs., sweet and mild as. a
chicken.   ...
NeW Currants for Xmas, 3 full pkts. for 25c
New Seeded Raisins for Xmas. 3 full lb.
-     pkts. for 2 5c       New Mixed Peel, only
•j.   J5c per lb. '
:     figs figs figs
Beautiful new table :Figs, .only. 20c per. lb:
-    .     New Cooking Figs, 2 lbs. for 25c
Chocolates; Bon Bons, Candy, and Christmas
1 Crackers.    We are carrying an endless ,
variety of fancy boxes and baskets in the
most beautiful and dainty designs at prices
ranging from 5c up to $5.00 each:
Before tirying come and inspect our stock arid
you will save from, 25c to 50c on jthe $1,.
Large new shipment of Huntley & Palmer's ,
, .   Biscuits,; 25c. per lb.  A-large assortment
of other kinds of Biscuits at 20c per lb/
Before Buying your Larger Raisins, see our
\  stock. The swellest goods you ever saw,
only 25c per lb.
New   Shelled Almonds   and Walnuts, Nutmegs,. Spices,. Ground and Root Ginger,
(       Jelly . Powder,    Egg   Powder,    Olives,
 n* ij._   v-*.-\ i c   _i._   ^4.^
~     7rlcKiesrrrweicnups~cniu-ijciuucsrcLL.7rcLU7^—
i t
Two tins Corn, Beans or Peas for 25c
Three tins of Kelowna Tomatoes for 50c or
seven for $ L00
          >      ,-    > -  '   >- ,v '■"'-" ■ ' ,,
Jonathan,;Northern Spy,. Wagners, Mcintosh
Red,  Wealthy, Spitzenburg,^etc, $1.50
&' *
All \L    1 J_.
' ■*■ \        ■ i   • *■ i >
*Nq Xmas party would be complete without
'■ "' "some.of bur pure and delicious Teas and
Coffees.   Useful presents given with, our
■•'»-     special bonus Tea and Coffee at 50c lb.
We-have just shipped, in? a. new arid\varied
' ^*t6fck of C. & B„ Liptpri's, Wagstaffs and
other makes of lams and Marmalades.
1 Leave your order early for one of our rich
Christmas Cakes ?   :, • v.. A D   , > \\u <;- v i
Cakes, Tarts, >Pufrs.    Queen Cakes we make
fresh daily.      r \nv>r *\  r-i*\ |*
The quality of our Bread is now known in
every household.
.. \~
^Xhe Store of Plenty"
i *.
K ^ I v-S  *>   L
i<- -
1    L     ■'
       ■,   i ii nil TTWg"
The Orchard Citg Record.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc., C. E., D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Amoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Planta, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office:   Keller Block
s. c.
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box lite 'Phone 88
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets all C.P.R,
boats.   All kinds  of  heavy  team
work. 'Phone 20,
Until you have
seen the fine display of
W. R. Trench
Druggist and Stationer
Toys of all descriptions
Christmas and Neto Year
Cards and Calendars
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelownet.
(Late with F. R. E. DeHart)
Undertakes   Winter   Pruning.     Will also
arrange for Thinning, Budding, etc.,
season  of   1909.
Burnt Leather Souoenirs
Post Cards and Booklet
Vietos of Kelotona
Ghristmas   Presents   of
all hinds and all prices.
■       JOHN CURTS
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild
ings.Town and Country Residences
' High-class
Rowcliffe Block
One-acre   Lots   Good Fruit
Lands, within city limits.
lime ror
Winter Spraying
Do it Better
Do it Easier
More Economically
■ *."
Power Sprayer
For practical demonstration see
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
What has happened to Kelowna
City Band ?    Anybody seen it ?
W. A. Hunter moved to his new
building on Saturday, where he
will carry on his business in future.
Kelowna High School will open
up in the new Kellar block after
the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and family,
and Mr. and Mrs. McEachren, of
Benvoulin, left this week for a
month's holiday at the Coast.
Miss M. Juckes, teacher at Black
Mountain School, left on Saturday
for the Coast, where she will remain over the Christmas holidays.
Mr. Brown, Principal of Kelowna
Public School, left on Saturday for
Vernon, to spend the Christmas
The holiday season was demonstrated on Saturday, by the number
of passengers on the 'Okanagan',
homeward bound. Many of them
were from Summerland College.
We hear that the Socialist party
is forming a branch local at Kelowna. All interested are invited
to correspond with Alec McLellan,
Box 278.
The regular quarterly meeting of
the Ladies' Hospital Aid Society,
will be held in Raymer's small
Hall on Saturday, January 2nd, at
3.30 p.m.
Messrs. Mcjannet, Marsden &
Hall are displaying a very pretty
floral wreath in their window, the
flowers of .which are carved out of
The Vancouver Province made a
bad break Friday last, in putting
Kelowna (in the editorial on prizes
for Fruit growing) away down in
the Smilakameen country.
Mr. Jas. Gibb won very high
points in packing at the Spokane
Show, winning 19 points out of a
possible 20, as well as packing the
two best barrels that took I st prize.
A meeting of Fruit Growers,
and those who subscribed towards
the exhibits at Spokane, is to be
called soon as prizes are received,
when a statement of receipts and
disbursements will be given.
The following names appear' on
the honour roll of Kelowna High
School. John Kincaid, Proficiency,
Anna Hunter, Regularity and
punctuality, Winnifred Raymer,
Mr. J. E. Wheeler of the Royal
Hotel, is inviting all men enjoying
the state of single blessedness to
be present on Christmas day, at
the bachelors' dinner, which he
will give at the above hotel.
All .those interested in starting
an Odd-Fellows Lodge, are*" requested to be present at Raymer's
Hall on Tuesday, 30th inst., at 8
o'clock, when all necessary steps
will be taken to institute a lodge in
this City.
We are .pleased to announce
that the Annual Masquerade Ball
will take place in Raymer's Hall,
towards the end of January, under
the personal supervision of Mr. J.
W. Wilks. All further particulars
can be obtained from him at his
Thursday, Dec. 24
Help a Good Cause!
Purchase your Christmas Presents, etc., at
From Monday, December 14th to December
31st we will give" five per cent, of all total cash
receipts to the Kelowna Hospital..
Having to move after first of year, we shall
reduce our stock by reducing the price on all
Christmas Goods.
Everything imaginable as a Present for young
or old is in our store.
One of the largest stocks of Notions,
Fancy Goods, and Toys
in the interior
We are always pleased to have you to call
our stock, whether you buy or not
and examine
The New Century Shoe Shop
is getting in 'a
factory boots.
fine line of
The Vernon citizens welcomed
back Messrs. DeHart and Gibb
right royally, arranging for the
train to be stopped, while Vernon
City Council and Board of Trade
tendered the congratulations of
their City. The City Band was
also there to meet the train.
In order to test the feelings of
the subscribers to the " Summer-
land Review " on the local option
question, that paper is taking a ballot, a form of which is printed in
its last issue. The polls will remain
open until 9th. January, on which
date the ballots will be counted
and the results will be made known
later on.
An old gentleman, one of the
independent order of vagrants appeared before magistrate Burne on
Monday to give on account of himself. He confessed that he was
about to make a walking trip. to
Penticton^ which' the magistrate
consented to, provided he started
next morning.
The Court of Revision was
closed oh Wednesday, and the
voter's list completed. Sixteen
additional names have been added,
all of which were people who had
not notified the city clerk of the
transfer, of property which they
had' bought. No names were
struck off. Several citizens, non-
property holders, but who were
otherwise entitled to a vote, lost
same through failing to file a dec-
IarationVith the city clerk during
October, as the law requires.,
Boot and Shoe repairing.
Specialty made of fine
hand-made Shoes to order.
Fifteen years'   experience.
Comer of Water St. and Lawrence Avenue
The Great Majestic Range V .
McClarys Famous Sask-Alta Range
McClarys Famous Kootenay Range
. ~ -   '   > •-' '       ■.■
Buck's Criterion Range
All these leading Ranges sold by-
Morrison- Thompson
C. Blackwood
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables   :   :
Commercial Driving a
r   Specialty
Draying and Freighting
Hardware Co.
Sole Agents for Kelowna and District
, > Importer and Dealer in all hinda of
Agriculturalimplements, Wagons, .and
Carriages ' .*
•■. .' /->'0" . - . -        ' ' -
■Headquarters for ;;;«   ,-_ ■ --:.',
Hdrse Blankets & Robes
Also Poultry.< Supplies including Beef
Scraps, Dried ; Green Bone, Sea • Shell
Warehouse,on Barnard Aoenue, Kelowna, B.C.
; j
:X'£)1. ■ 1 "    s
. * ' IL--J
Thursdaij.Dec. 24
The Orchard City Record
; V
of elegant Stationery will
have their wants fully satisfied by a selection from
our stock.
If you have a friend
whom you wish to please
with some high-grade cor-
respondence paper, get a
package of our Christmas
specialties, and no matter
how particular the person,
r 1
you need not worry about
the result.
Christmas Services will be held in Knox
Church next Sunday, and  special service
The  pastors of the  Presbyterian  and
Methodist   Churches,  exchanged   pulpits
last Sunday.
Special Services on Christmas Day.
Celebration of Holy Communion at 7a.rn.
and 6a. m.   Matins and celebration at I la,
. Usual features concerning special anthems and Christmas hymns.
The Sunday School children's treat will
be after the Christmas festivities.
Black Mountain School
r. b. wis $ Co.
■ Kelowna, • B. C
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone
The Black Mountain School celebrated
the annual breaking-up with an enjoyable
concert, rendered by the scholars under
the direction of Miss M. E. Juclces. their
teacher. The programme of 20 parts was
listened to by a good sized audience, and
was as follows.
Address by the Chairman
Winter Sohg by the school
Recitation .'..Edith Gay
Song Evelyn  Sproul
Dialogue, Poor work doesen't pay,	
by four Scholars
Recitation Merrian Woolsey
Sang, It came upon the Midnight Clear..
Recitation Delvert Barber
Song . Primary Class
Recitation , Victor Clarke
Dialogue, A Pitical Jooe.by three Schoolars
Song .-. Gladus Bird
Recitation Wesley Barber
Song, Little Town of Bethelem School
Recitation...-. Milton Bird
Song Lilian Sproul and Isabela Laba
Recitation << Wesley Barber
Recitation George Mumford
Dialogue, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus	
by two Schoolars
Montes of the Year by 12 Girls
The r>ew school is certainly a credit to
Rutland, and considering the short Jime in
which Miss Juckes practiced up the program, out of school hours, the results were
most satisfying and showed a remarkable
aptnefs on the part of the scholars. Old
Shnta Claus appeared here .too,* and was
pronounced by all the children as "just
Ladies' and.
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Prices.Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Box'66 Kelowna, B.C
You will have no time to think
of it in the Spring
Estimates given on farm and lawn
fencing—•erected ..complete with posts
included.'' „   ,i .' ' *
"~   '    -     AfcMt
How the Great Showman Turned Hit
Death to Aeoount
Among the features e£ the parades
of the Barnum circa* there was formerly one that never failed to attract
attention. On the top of one of the
wild beast cages lay an enormous lion.
He was not confined In any way, and
nervous people watching the parade
would shudder at the sight and contemplate the terrible possibility of the
lion springing Into the midst of the
But the venerable old Mng of beasts
had reached the leonine • dotage, and
stiffened muscles and blunted claws
rendered htm harmless. He was as
mild as a kitten, and In' the whiter
quarters, where' ne was allowed to
'roam at will, sometimes had to be protected from the onslaughts of irreverent and mischievous puppies.
One night he wandered from the
quarters. In the coarse of hhrtravels
he chanced on a barn where a meek
eyed cow was placidly chewing her
cud. A faint flicker of the slumbering
Jungle spirit stirred his pulse, and.
with a crashing blow of the huge fore
down beside his victim, be went to
sleep and dreamed of the time when he
was a shaggy little -whelp playing with
his brothers under the bright sun of bis
faroff African home.
In the morning; the owner of the cow,
a stalwart fenynle with the blood of
Irish kings in her veins, entered the
barn with milk: pall In hand. She was
filled with wroth at the sight that met
her gnze. With a keen edged ax In her
hand nnd grtro 'determination' In her
eye she fearlessly approached the sleeping Hon, and when the men sent out to
search for him arrived he lay cold In
death. Barnum promptly paid for the
dead cow and engaged to appear on
exhibition "the woman who In mortal
combat had slain a lion."
Mr. and Mra. E. Davis arrived in Kelowna on Friday and will reside at Rutland.
Mr. Clerk, of Montreal, C.P.R. Inspector of provisions, visited Kelowna on Friday.
The two Miss Reekies arrived on Wednesday's boat from Vancouver.
Ferman Bell has now completed his new
residence on Mission Road.
Mr. and Mrs. Webster, of Summerland,
visited Kelowna on Wednesday.
Mr. Hayes, buyer 'of provisions for the
C.P.R., visited Kelowna on Friday.
Mr. Clarence Messenger, B.A., arrived
on Monday from Serdis.  •>
Mr. and Mrs. Neil and child, of Grenfell,
Sask., arrived in Kelowna on Saturday,
and intend settling here.
The Misses McNaughton are visiting o
sister at the Landing.
Mrs. Stillingfleet returned to Kelowna
from the east on Saturday, accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. Lambly.
Dr. Richards returned on Friday, with
wife and family.
Mr. C. S. Smith, one of Vernon's sawmill men visited Kelowna on   Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Downton visited Kelowna on Monday.
Mr. John Clark, of Manor, Sask.,"arrived
in Kelowna on Friday, and intends settling
Mr. and Mrs. Dimmock left on Saturday
for South Okanagan, where they will reside in future.
Miss Annie Knight arrived on Monday
from Vancouver, where she been attending
business college, to spend Christmas with
her parents, Captain and Mrs. Knight.
Messrs. Watson Bros, left on Wednesday
sor South Okanagan, where they will be
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hassel over
About forty friends were present' at the
fifteenth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Jones' wedding, on Monday. Some very
pretty gifts were presented in honor of. the
occasion, and a pleasant evening spent in
games and music.
Miss McNaughton! principal at Kelowna
High School was presented with ' a pearl
handled Fountain Pen by her pupils, as a
mark of esteem,* at the breaking up for the
Xmas Holidays. The presentation was
made by Master Wmf Fuller.
A presentation of gold was made at the
Presbyterian Manse on Tuesday evening
last, to Mrs. J. N. Thompson by ''the congregation of the Knox Church, in appreciation of her faithful services in connection
with tne choir during the past two years.
The evening was. spent pleasantly in
games and music, and just before refreshments the presentation was made by the
Rev. Mr. Herdman. Mrs. Thompson was
taken completely by surprise, and fittingly
replied through Mr. Thompson. After
supper the gathering despersed.
Town and Country
'The Curler's Ball held lastt Friday was well attended, and a complete success in every* way.
The W.C.T.U. will give a parlor
social at the home of Mrs. Curts on
New Year's Eve.   All welcome.
Kelowna Saw Mill has now closed
down for this season, arid will remain closed for the next two
months, for repairs, etc.	
' i
 1     imi   i.i i       j ijmij       ■„    I,     ■  IJ I      L    l     I iimiuii mujij y    JUIHUJUI'
•■' f > -   o' ''*■ i     > '     - f   -    2&
"\Y7lTH  Kelowna winning the highest awards at, the different^Fruit r      ;
""   Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention froni'        ;
homeseekers an'd investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and -,
Great Britain -'-    ;•      .       '.       ';-','.''.
,        Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter
and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and upwards^
on easy terms,   . > .       .       .       .       .
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co,
i,«„j4.y _»'^""-.-« ^'unan&xpagfc **;
' The Oldest Treaty.
The oldest text of a real treaty now
In exlsteuce Is that of the, convention
between Rnmeses II., king of Egypt,
and the Prince of Kbeta, which embraces the articles of a permanent offensive and defensive alliance, with
clauses providing for the extradition of
emigrants! ' deserters, criminals' and
skilled, workmen. ' This treaty was
drawn'up in tho fourteenth'-Century'
B. G. and Is the earliest record thnt
we have ,of. any International transac-
Her Uncooked Gown.' .
Miss Pluffigirl-Miss'Newthougbt baa
gohe the limit with her vegetarianism!
Miss Furbelow-Why. what Is her latest? MIsb^Fliifllglrl—Bhe actually refuses to wear anything but raw, silk
gowns now.' '
Time to Be Diplomatic.
When a woinim showa you the picture of her baby remember thut you
will got .Into tronhle. nine tlm&R.outof
ten, if you buy exactly what you think.
W. B. M. Calcler's seed guessing
competition will be closed to-night
at 6 o'clock, the name of winner
will be put in the window.
What made one of our citizens
get so rattled as to deliver the
wedding cake, of which he was in
charge, to the wrong house ? Poor
recommendation for best man.
The lecture which was to have
been given by Mr. Boyer last Monday, has been postponed* to ^next
Monday, owing to - a slight indisposition of that gentleman.
The practice for the " Pirates of
Penzance," will be held on Wednesday, 29th. inst., instead of Tuesday, along with the orchestra in
Lequimes Hall.
The Lieutenant-Governor, of
British Columbia has declared Saturday 26th inst.,"a public' holiday.
The chartered banks will be closed
to the public therefore, on the 25th,
26th and 27th.     /
Mr. L. Hayman,, proprietor of
the Kelowna Ferry, will run a ferry
service across to Bear Creek, starting first of March. Arrangements
have been made to'use Mr.''Guilders wharf for the purpose.
Dr. Wright and .family arrived in
Kelowna Monday last, to make
their permanent home here. The
doctor is from Iowa having* been
at the coast for'some time,1 he has
also been well over the Okanagan
district, and his family decided upon Kelowna as the most desiraable
place to live. -       •    ,        v-v
Give bigger bargains than ever in order to reduce the stock.
Man's Velour Calf, a first-
class boot, reg. $4.50;
Sale, $3.50
; Men's High-cut Field Boot, "
Bell's make, reg.* $9.00;
for $7.50
are a few trade
Boys' Box CalfV a* strong,,
serviceable boot, regular
. ,$2.50;. Sale, $2.00   ,, *
* Youths', reg." $2,25 ; Sale,
$1.90    ,,   y      s f  .,  ..       ,'„    '
Women's High-cut Velour
/Calf, a;splendid winter
K   boot, reg. $5.50; Sale,
4 ^$4;2S f      ._.     „ ;^
;Women!s '3-sbrap Slippers..^",
a4vreg.$2.25j.r Sale. $1.75^:
Compare the goods, compare^the prices>aIid, you
* * *
will not go,elsewhere.
J. M. Lang '£ Bool and ^hoe S6wr#
•■■■ ,v i ,*v *        i
kelowna; b:c.\
M      NJ
:    <1
& .-7"*S*^r?5f
f he Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Dec; 24:
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Haoe for sale the following oarieties-.
Northern Sptj,
Mcintosh Red,
Yelloto Netoton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,
Glean, Well-groton Stock.
Bug at Home and Saoe Money.
Order at once as 'the stock is going fast.
K.L.O. Office, Leon St, or
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
Ellison School District
(From our own Correspondent.)
Among the many joys that
Christmas brings to the young, and
one especially gratifying to parents,
is the year-end school closing,
when the bright-eyed boys and
girls dressed in their best, with a
bright smile for everybody, pleased
to show forth in song, recitation or
spelling match, the result of a
term's hard application of study of
the lessons set by a careful teacher.
We have had such a closing in
connection with Ellison School,
and the community may well be
proud of the progress the children
have made under the able tuition
of Miss Anna E. Harvey, who we
are sorry to say is taking her leave
of us to attend College again—We
wish her every success.
The exercises commenced at 2
p.m. Miss Harvey, the teacher
welcoming the visitors in her usual
pleasing manner, following which
she conducted the lesson review, a
spelling match being the first item
taken. At the end of half an hour,
(the time limit), Bertha Geen, Alva
Geen and James Carney were still
on the floor, and were well applauded by those present, also receiving as a reward of their effort
the handsome sum of $2.00 each,
donated by Mr. Geo. Watt. Other
classes were also heard with splendid results. ,
During a recess of ten minutes
the visitors viewed with pleasure
the drawings and paintings exhibited by the scholars, which were
very creditable to them.
A miscellaneous program then
followed, the chair being taken by
Mr. M. Hereron.
Among many pleasing numbers
were, flag drills, recitations by
Chas. Hereron, Kate Carney, Eva
Dunton, song by Lizzie Conroy. •
Mr. M. Hereron in a most congenial way lead the way to speech
making, by welcoming everybody
present, and among his many
worthy remarks referred with some
pardonable pride to the good luck
this school had in always being
able to secure good teachers. He
also drew attention to the fact that
seven pupils of this school had not
lost a minute during this term'.
Interesting speeches followed
by Messrs. Hall, Conroy, Christian,
•Ball,Ald.Sterling, also Miss Harvey.
A grand snpper and Santa Claus
concluded a verv pleasant entertainment—$60.00 in presents being
on the tree.
take this opportunity of extending
to you
The Si
eason s
'., K
We sincerely hope that you will have a
Merry Christmas, and that in the New
Year you will be prosperous.
This, last year has. been a busy one
for us and our trade has been all we
could; hope for.
We are entering the New Year
with a determination to supply you with
the very best goods at reasonable prices,
and hope your New Year resolution
will.be to. give us a trial.
Yours< truly,'
Dry Valley Dribbles.
Dere Mister Edditer,
Yore lokel manijer wot runs
yore paper for you up here 'as
gone away for an 'oliday and 'as
'arst me to be the undertaker of
the distiick in seeing that Kelowna
keeps well posted with the news
jurin' his absence wile he is away
all the time till 'e comes back. So
without further apolojy the trouble
will now begin.
Eccleston's pig Jimmie got to
trespassing on the Stirling lay out
larst week an' after upsetting a pail
of water wot George had packed
about half a mile started in to
chaw the tent ropes. George he
up and made out after him but
tripped over the pig pail and got
soaked for his pains. He swears
that he will eat more bacon than
ever in fewcher.
Parson Thorpe was up here
preachifying larst Sunday and the
way ne staggered home I mean
the 'orse at night made him I mean
the parson kind o' late for church
in Kelowna as the road was so bad
and he I mean the orse wasn't very
The farmers hear are startin in
to think of nex shear's crops. You
see the Dry Valley was onusull
dry lars yeer and maybe some of
the boys was onusull wet and so
theyre short of the reddy and got
to begin oncommon erly figgering
out prospecks.
E' Bowers expects to keep on
running Darby and Brownie in the
old democrat nex year. Bye the
weigh we 'ave a regler male service up here now and E' Bowers
kindly brings up the male twice a
week wen he goes to town that
offen. 'Ocoarse E' doesn't always
go in twice a week and then we
don't get the male regler those
weeks as he doesn't go in regler.
We don't pay E' anythink as yet
but there's goin to be a consider-
ashun meetin next fall to work out
a system of voluntery taxashun but
we don't think E' would 'take pay
thats why there aint no hurry
about the considerashun meetin
till next Fall anyway. I thought ye
might think it funny if I didn't 'ave
told you who. the considerashun
meetin isn't till next fall thats why
I menthund it at all anyway.
Blame this noospaper business
anyway I hope yore lokel manijer
'il soon be back as I can't think of
nuts for news.
Our schulmaster and the' missis
has gone off for a holiday too. The
kids are gittin to be' pretty eddicat-
ed since we started in with a schule
up here. Space, won't permit- a
list of the 'onner, role but I may
say there all pretty smart kids anyway lately since the schule came
in among us and the way they can
figger up away above fourteen is
just a treat and shows the benefits
of sound learnin' in rooral schules.
We had the public • closing last
Friday but Tommy Simpson was
the only public present barring the
kids and sort o' felt lonesome
among the lack of any other public
besides himself.
There ain't nothinkj else newsy
up here this week excep' that I
think I'll start eddication myself
next term if there's goin to, be a
night school for groneups.
 Yours trulv
A purchaser of one of these lots at $1500 reported
his returns this summer as.follows:   ;
APPLES (Mcintosh Redj,"$275 00
VEGETABLES ;...    $40 00"   ' -   "
Total, $315 00
We can furnish particulars to any enquirer
at our office.
There are eleoen for sale at the same price
$1500, and as the terms are onlu one-third cash
you can make a good proportion of the second
payment from next summer's crop.
Where can you equal this for an investment?
SOLE AGENTS.      '       '    ' '      .   '-i
' -i
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
Pendozi   Street.
Will  be   pleased  to  giue Estimates'- •
on all kinds of  Wood  Work. Office
and Store Fittings.
Picture,Framing, Cabinetmaking, and
Wood Turning in all its,; Branches.
Call and See us.
Electric Light Notice
P- S.—When is yer manijer com-
in' back anyway ?
Applications' for connection with the Electric Lighting and Power Service Mains
and for the^ inspection of the interior .wiring will be received at the City Offices on
and after Nov. 20th.
G. H.DUNN, '
2-tf    '     . ■ -     Cirjr Clerk.
' D. D, Mann, Vice-President of 'the C.N.
R., has announced the purchase Kby his
line of the Duluth, Rainy Lake and Winnipeg railway.      • '"' "  '
B t> \*
B                               l               S
IiK<jvj   1    >'
J-;,wVi|f   '
I'....'.*!   . '
h' \>
rV V,
->t  ,
[ w/ '
?   .
K*~ *.'."
^       '
,  '    .
' .   A*''~,^i ».'
$&*# V;1-
,^              -M,   -<,
v>u     \s»
ii iw ii
Kelowna School. Closes
' The closing exercises and examinations of the Public Schools
took place on Friday morning,
Dec. 19th. A number of the parents and others interested in the
education-of the rising generation
were present. The first part of the
session was taken up with the
regular work o'f the school, while
in the lower divisions, the last half
hour was -devoted to songs and
recitations by the little ones.
A pleasing' feature'an/Division
III. was the opening of a Christmas
box,' containing gifts\exchanged
among themselves and' much , ex-
citement was aroused, as the,names
on the various, mysterious; boxes
were announced. <»'     " >   •>;
" In Division II.' prizes were awarded' to ' Bessie : Thompson for Deportment and to ' Mary', Day 'for
Ptoficienc^/in;>tthe work o£ the
term. .t,  .      '  ••'  lf   i , ,
D. W. Crowley & Go.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Batchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
, to mail orders
"Phone 12
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.r->':: ,'     •:<•'! /J'
J. B0UCH, Proprietor
I' , •
Since I must move
out tor1 the ^ new
building, I am: offering ;;rhv  entire
stock at cost.!
i'The question of reducing Cable rates be->
tween Great Britain and Canada will.be
token up in earnest next spring, when accredited representatived of the two cnun-
rxiesvwill,:meet ,and 'canvass the .subject
thoroughly.* The Hon. Mt. Lemieux trunks
that ten cents a word is quite feasible.     '■>■
Bellefcu'e Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.1
Beautiful situation on the lake'
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.    . ' t       . ..  •
Gilbert Ijjass^l PropV
K. -J--*!!. I~,
;■»»_ -ufiji-^,.-
,"'.i;,<vr r ,i
?'':*'t,0   Ji2-*'{
Children's dresses
Xmasnoveltiiss etc.
!?Sale. Jasting\; pntil r
ristmais".' '
MrsM tutdi#
_ I        Opposite Post^Ofiice';"/\.' '"•'
'  \l^_  *~*
,     Sri"
3M-1 ?>
■   .r_,\> y
V <
Thursday,Dec. 2JU
The' Orchard CitQ' Record
i^i.?-'iitr 'Tii';
The Kelotona Electric Light amd Bicycle Supply Co,
,       ,   /     All kinds of
Bicycle and Motor Repair Work
<rieady and promply done.
Electric Wiring a Specialty ". _ ■
''    We are the pioneers of Kelowna in this work.    Safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
'  ■ ALL work thoroughly tested. " Estimates given on application. " -,.
We also have a choice lot of dainty FITTINGS-
j i      ^.    . . . ,. -
and will shortly have a large consignment of the latest styles and most elegant designs
.   in stock.   THEY ARE ON THE WAY, and you will do well-to see them
* , v before purchasing elsewhere.
1   '.*-•-',-..,.. , * ■ >:'■*
''-AWE.AIM TO PLEASE, because 'we believe a satisfied customer
is the" best advertisement
Our Work is Right-
-our Prices are Moderate
Place your work with'us and we will treat you1 fair
'"     NOTE THE ADDRESS:'   --    r • '■    .
WATER STREET V.Opposite Courier Office
The funeral ofXhas. Heber Percy
whose remains arrived in Kelowna
last Friday took place on Saturday,
the service being held in St. Michael and All Angels' Church, j Particulars were also received on Friday
from Captain Watson, Highland
Ranch, 115 miles from Caribyu
Road, for whom the young' man
was working, relating to the sad
accident that caused Mr. "Percy's
death. It seems that ne had gone
to the stable to get a revolver out
of a saddle holster.which was hanging overhead. In reaching up for
the weapon, something appeared
to catch the hammer, discharging
it and killing him instantly. The
deceased was living at the" Guisachan Ranch for' a year previous
to going north, and was a promising
lad, and general favorite. He was
the son of the Rev. H. U. Heber-
Percy, of Leasingham Steaford,
Lincolnshire, England, and has a
brother living at the Guisachan
Our Christmas Tree.
Presisident Roosvelt Will Sue.
- President Roosevelt declares he
will enter an action against the
New York World,, which recently
accused him of lying and grafting
in connection with * the, Panama
canal purchase from the original
French" company. It claimed $40,-
000,000 were' paid for truck that
could have been bought in open
market for $4,000,000. The article
did not deal in veiled language, but
came out with "the boldest and
most u'nmistkable kind of prose,
at one time calling on Congress to
hold an investigation.,
Local Option Breaks Even In Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Dec. 16-Local option
gains:-Emerson- (town). Robliri,
Winchester, Hamiota, Minitonas.
Local  option   sustained:   North
Norfolk, Pipestone, .Odanaha, and
SwanRivur.        s
Local option loss-Kildonan.
Local option Vdefeated-Carberry,
Morris, Selkirk, Russell, and municipalities of Louise, Westboume,
Franklin. '   .       ,,    •■
- There is.a tie in South Norfolk
and five municipalities yet to hear
from. The*above indicates an even
break.' *   ' ■ v "'
. >.    -j    r i .our     „   - .;
"'■>   -Christ.     * ~    '    '-'
mas tree
so bright
'   J    and green >      .     „ (
- awaits Old"        3
Santa Claus,       ,
And the chim- ,
ney place all swept        '    - ,
and clean gapes'wide
its -ponderous   jaws.   '   /
The little atockings are
all hung up, and baby's
>   ' '   r just rnakes^four."   Won't ' ,
aid Santa Claus be surprised when he finds there is
' one more! There's an elegant »f~ i
place up in the tree to hang
Johnny's gun, and a place.for
May and one for Kate to leave,
1    ' 'thejr dolls upon.    But for little
baby blue eyes a lower branch he
must choose, where she may reach   -.
and find the place he's hung her first
new shoes.v Turn down the light a little now, so  Old* Santa Claus can  see,
And baby and all must go to bed
and be as good as can be,  and
tomorrow mom'get up early     •   -
after a long night's  sleey,
i down
to the
' » ' -   - Xmas
, .. and
Who  will get the first peep.
The Christmas Tree and , entertainment in connection with the
Presbyterian Sunday School at
Benvoulin" will be held in Bethel
Church, to-night.
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
.  s   -     . •: *-*• >-
Hair-cutting,Shaving orShampoo,!
ing. . Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
Proprietors '
' 1-
frujtyTrees, Ornamental Roses, .etc.
All stock : strictly
Jirst-elass arid* home
Catalogue Free
A. E. Bouer
,      KELOWNA
J -•
A   WANT  AD.   in the!
Record will bring" speedy
results. ,    i
i>  . v
s   We .carTy., Cigars r>
in, boxes - of ten,
specially made for
■£ theiibliday'trade.
f .       . -*^-      -fy'r   --*'«
) u
-"3   -
~   . *   >
*l   ,       *■*
£/t "JFftj  ^^r-.-ra^^^.
-*T*   ^'3-»-   ■
' Just arrived the newest creations in Ladies' Belts1'
' Ladies of good taste will ■ find   in  our  range  all
that is new in Belts, and strictly up-to-date.
'Price, 50c. to $5.00
CORSETS, Reduced Saturday
Now is the time Ladies to, buy^ Corsets.   These
' prices should make a speedy clearance, as their
is only a few of each size.    We would -advise
early shopping.
These Corsets come in'white contille of excellent
quality, made with high or low bust, long hip,
all Bias filled. ■'
Regular $1 25,   Saturday's Price      85c.
1 50 " "      $1 00
1 75 " "     .  1 20
Buy Trefousse Gloves
You"will be aosured of absolute satisfaction. You
^- *
will find,our stock replete with the most, up-to-
for Ladies or Gentlemen.   Here in profusion you
. can rely on getting strictly new styles and designs
from us. J    .. -
Gentlemen will find  our" Outfitting Department
* /        * *    i    *    *
showing 'all   the   newest   creations "irk Collars, ,
Shirts, Ties,  Mufflers, Gloves, Hate arid „ Caps.
See our ranges,    i ~, ■
Sacrifice Sale of Men's Suits
^Regular; Values to $2Q ori Sale Saturday $13
Saturday we will show a big array of unusual values in
Men's Suits. The range consists'of many of- our best
lines and embraces clothes of distinction, clothes that are
hand tailored, clothes that are as good as any tailor can
turn out.   Your pjck to twenty dollars, all at one price -
Saturday $13.00
*^^«y_ w rr
rAWUl^Viibi'S—w'eareshowing-a^very—large- range——;.,
•of the newest designs and colorings both in  knitted  and
.fancy cloth, all are at the right prices.     You  should see
our showing. . .   .•
Saturdays Specials from the Dress Goods
,]Kk).argument needed to induce, you to see these, lines
'Scotch Tweed, good heavy weight, 42 inches wide, green
;and grey styles. ' Regular 50c. ' Saturday's price 35c;
'.'Scotch Tweed, 44 inch wide, in fancy checks of green,
grey and navy.    Regular 65c.   Saturday's price 45c.
•Clari Tartans good heavy weight, 44 inches wide, come in
'Gordon, Graham, Mid. 42ndvahd McDonald.   The right
make of cloth for good wear. ' Regular 75c.    Saturdays
;price 50c.
Sale of Ladies' Coats^  One Third Off
Ladies who are wide awake to good bargains can secure one of these swell coats at a price
that,wilLpleascthe Jceenest buyer.. ^wide,shewing of all' that appeals„,to .fashionable^
women. ? Let us .show you these values. , >
'        4
I -I
Fresh Groceries
A few suggestions to tempt the Palate."
Be good to yourself and load your tables
with our choice  Malaga Grapes, Fine
Turkish    Figs,   Cranberries,   Bananas, v
Sweet Potatoes, etc.    iT
Japanese Oranges  for everybody at .
' J
- Huntley and-Palrners^ BiscujtsT in" many *
Comb Honey.. , - v Edainst Dutch, Cheese
Lowney's Chocolates Gorgonzola Cheese
WagstafFs Jams     Canadian Cheese
4 y
t}-» '
'', ■:,
'f r; •* i-^V
y.'^'.- si
Pickles, Sauces, Relishes, Teas and
Coffees in endless varieties and the
very best qualities.
' Fancjf Chinai Jardineers/ etc., are going
quickly, but many snaps still remain.
v.  ?      '"" *   ''    ^^
11 *     .■» -»^t'
Walk7Over Shoes
Comfort • Slippers
"1    s
.t,»< j.
. . y<
^ >
** *li l_*H 'l 'J4-* i ■   i1 /   . «,l /•»    'iW „» V %, «i \ l**-1 € * J ' V- .11, I   rt* ^<>VSU   *■ A      W >*    it       rfl^* *tl »   * ^V. ft iri.li The OrchardgCita Record.
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect, our stock of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, Lamps and
all necessary Supplies  for lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan:    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices and prompt attention to all orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
Grease, etc., etc., '
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have an  old machine,
we will buy it or allow, a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
Fleur^de Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
.„■.-. / ■-.....:■■■
Ranoive o ^InAriaHv Our repair Department is qualified to handle any
J\epaUTS A OpeClalCy class of work and is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine; Motors, Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos, Meters,.Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.    All work done by experienced men.
2 Cents per word, four insertions for
the  price  of  three.
WANTED—Woman to .do house work and
washing, one or two days a "week.
Apply Box C, Record Office
WANTED—Girl   for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. J. A. Morrison, Box 170.   tf
WANTED—Responsible householder in
the city would be glad to give house
room to Piano for any party leaving
town for a while. No children, and
every care would be taken of instrument, if terms can be arranged. Apply
Box 38. . 2tf
FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna property
a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant, Vansouver. Address, Box
D, Record Office.
FOR SALE.—Heavy draft team. Will
sacrifice for cash. Address, Box O,
Record Office. 3-6p
WANTED to purchase South African scrip.
Address Box A, Record Office.     3-6p
WANTED—One good newly-calved or
about to calve Jersey cow, age from 3
to 5 years. Must be gentle and give a
good flow of milk. No other wanted.
Apply to Geo. Whelan, West Holm
Farm, Vernon Road, Kelowna.       3-tf
FOR SALE.—Thoroughbred Jersey bull
calf, three months old. Apply Dan
McLean, 3 miles East, on Vernon road
WANTED—Improvers and apprentices for
dressmaking. Miss T. Storey, next
door to Post Office. 4p
LOST—Between -Mountain View Church
aud Bullman's Ranch, a bible. Return
to A. E. Clarke, Cloverdale Ranch.   4-5x
TUESDAY, December 29th, 1908
The Legge Willis Company
in a GRAND
Triple Bill
consisting of
" Sweethearts,"
" Barbara," and
" Chiselling "
Reserved, $1.0(1;   Children, 50c
Unreserved, 75c;       „       35c
Doors open at 7.30; to commence at 8 p.m.
Seats can be booked and Tickets procured
at Willits Store.
I WISH to take this opportunity
' to thank my many friends for
their generous patronage during
the past season, arid to extend to
one and all my
Best Wishes for a Merry
Christmas and a
*   Happy NeW_ Year.
The Kelowna
Outfitting Store
W. B M. Calder
Are You Looking for a Building Site?
If so why not get the best ? ~     . •
I have a number of half acre lots" all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing.
Two ten acre lots planted out to, choice fruit • that
will bear next year. ,'        ■ •   -    •
One fine new brick house Corner Ethel and
Laurier Avenue.   ' _,
One fine  new  brick  Cottage,  corner  Ethel  and-
Sutherland Avenue. .-..-..     _ _—
Also a few choice lake shore lots and a quarter
Section of heavy timber close to the City.
Will sell any of the above on good terms.
I carry the largest stock of Ornamental Trees' and Shrubs in the Valley.
Call and see them
-S-.   ' :
my >: \
1* 'V/   'i
jv->   '111
hi'   i"L
i}   * J|
Mhh-   *i
■ {   K   i_   j i     v
&y /}
The Leading Store in the Okanagan Valley
The year just closing has been a
prosperous one for us, thanks to our
many friends for their continued confidence arid patronage.
We wish you all a Very Merry
Christmas and a Happy and Prosper-
ous New Year.
/^UR constant endeavour during the year 1909
will be to supply high-class goods at they
lowest possible prices consistent with good quality,
and by our prompt and careful attention to all
orders entrusted to us, we hope to merit the continued patronage of our already large circle of
well-satisfied customers, and to gain-many new
ones.' .      '• ,:' .      , :  *ti' ■
•    "V* J ^
\ s
•■• i ,>;j< u ^
'"Ui s-i'.f%
► t-
• ■ ii
.~>S Ii V'-v'-v^/,,.
»M^*i.&«TZ2!,*7HS,mi,,tmmml, run
,qi/s!i.<Kr.iA**i -  ■   T *l*
- 1
•i."' y..K-:^\'n


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