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The Orchard City Record Jan 21, 1909

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 Addittiset y:;
'" ' AnU'-the1'world 'is *|\.v£l
- i withTyou';* Quit-and^'h^y £|
vir you stand alone.-   *-H, J *
Circulation Highest,^]
i   Rates Lowest.   ,.   *'".
VOL. I.   NO. 8.
$1.50 Per Annum.
, The old Council met once more
last Monday to transact current
business, and also to arrange for
another election, Mayor DeHart
having insufficient members in his
council to form a quorum, due to
the resignation of Aid. Stirling and
Gaddes and the disqualification of
A. O. Burnet, rendering this necessary.
Present, old council, His •, Worship Mayor Sutherland and Aldermen Buckland, Curts, Gaddes and
*• £TKe minutes of the last meeting
were read and adopted.
Aid. Gaddes, as chairman of the
light committee read a report from
Mr. Hall, on' the, extension of the
4 electric light on Ethel St., to De-
Hart's house, showing cost to' the
city of $46.77.
Aid. DeHart,' on this matter,
stated that' he did not have his
house wired until the poles were
erected as far as his gate. He
thought N that this matter was
brought up because he lived outside the city limits," and to _ show
the difference in cost to the city
between the extension to his house,
and some other extensions he read
several reports, in which the cost
of extension to some residences
within the city, was two or three
times'the cost of his.
, Mr. Buckland, "Those had been
put in in accordance with the city
engineer's plan.'\
.. The Mayor, "All connections
except this, have been authorized,
iand if the council wish to approve
~ of this, if is all they' will have to
do."     M    "    ' '    ■_
>    Mr. DeHart, "I  am  not aware
•' 7 that .this' was - an -'-extension. ' The
poles were there before my house
\ was wired."
Aid. DeHart went on to say that
as   far .as authorizing.went,  Mr.
-Hall had no  order from  him  to
erect these poles, and  he did not
know,1 until the poles "were up, that
anything was being done.
" His   Worship   continuing,   said
the "only point to be  considered
was that the, work had been  done
without being 'authorized by  city,
and if the Hinton people did work
without   being   authorized,     the
- ; amount should be charged to their
The resignations of Aid. Stirling
and Gaddes was dealt with by the
old  council,  as the.-new council
: was not large  enough to  form a
The following letter from  Aid.
- Stirling and Gaddes,' was read.
16th Jan., 1909,
To the Mayor arid Council of the
City of Kelowna.
 ^Gentlemen ■ : -  -
We, die undersigned, beg herewith to,tender our resignations" as
• Aldermen of the city of Kelowna.
In view of the confidence reposed in us by the ratepayers' of
the city at the recent. election, we
regret that the step we are taking
' should be necessary.
Mayor DeHart, who was a mem-
' ber of ,the late council,  criticised
, that council. and the ratepayers
hayesuppdrted him in those criticisms! which indicates that the
policy followed did hot meet with
f their approval.
'   ' We, who heartily supported that
. policy, feel that we could not endorse  the policy of the present
, Mayor, and our presence on the
Council Board swould  only make
5 discord,1 and ibe a' hindrance to
Mayor ©eHart in carrying out the
■ policy approved by the ratepayers.
If the CouhcU accept our reasons
-, for resigning as being satisfactory,
'< 'were are prepared to bear the cost
- of a new election for Aldermen to
take our places.    If the Council do
; not accept our reasons as satisfac-
* tory, we hold yourselves' ready to
; pay the statutory fine of $50.00.
f- We are,
Your obedient servants,
(Sgd) T.W. Stirling, W. H. Gaddes
t      These resignations were * accept-
.  ed, and a." resolution \ passed  declaring the three   offices   vacant,
caused by the resignation  of two
■ Aldermen and the 'disqualification
of one. - -      .
The city solicitor was instructed
to prepare a ..lease for. the ( new,
offices in the Keller block.
'. ,■".,   i
6 25
2 50
50 00
10 00
10 00
10 50
243 60
120 75
50 00
73 50
186 25
111 73
62 11
The auditor submitted a report,
revising the balance sheet.
The following accounts were
laid before the council, and ordered paid if found correct.
Canadian General Electric  Co $ 68 00
Special Constable fees	
A. L. Meugens, Auditing        .   .
G. H. Dunn, returning  officer and
poll clerk's fees	
Hinton Electrical Co., light supplies
ii ii ii
Woodstock  Lumber  &  Mfg. Co.,
School desks	
C.P.R., freight on school desks
Vancouver    Engineering    Works,
melting pot       >
E. W. Hall, salary and expse. ac.  .
Pole line pay sheet
Water works pay sheet        ....
Canadian   Fairbanks   Co.,   Water
works supplies  ...
Motions.   "
Buckland-£urts—That the
extension    on    Ethel   Street    be
charged-to the Hinton Electric Co.,
amounting to $46.77.—Carried.
Curts-Buckland—That the resignation of T. W. Stirling and W.
H. Gaddes be accepted.—Carried.
Buckland-Gaddes—That we declare^ the seats of Aid. Stirling,
Gaddes and Burnett vacant.—Carried.
Gaddes ^ Buckland — That the
balance sheet as revised by the
auditor be accepted.—Carried.
Curts - DeHart — That nominations for two Aldermen in the
south ward, and one Alderman in
the north ward be held on Wednesday* Jan 27th, and the poll on
Jan. 30th, and that the city j:lerk
be returning officer.—Carriedr
- Mayor Sutherland stated that he
thought it was the wish of the
council.that the new council should
go on-with' the" work. *,*■ Although
they could not'do'it as a" council,
yet they could go into committee to
do the routine work.
Mayor DeHart and Aldermen
Cox and Elliott were sworn in
at the meeting.
■■   . dpi
i Wandering for three days and
nights in the mountains, during the
bitter cold weather, and", without
anything to eat, is the unenviable
experience of S. Lister, a ^young
Englishman of Nahun, on the west
side of the Okanagan lake.
On Wednesday morning,of last
week Lister went for a trip into the
mountains, and lost his way among
the many hills" and ravines. As be
did not return* that night, his neighbors formed a search -party, and
hunted all around the vicinity but
could find no trace trace of him.
Meanwhile . Lister wandered
arGund,-endeavQrinc_to_find_a road
backhand finally came out at Bear
Creek on Saturday morning in an
exhausted condition, with legs and
feet badly frozen. Mr. Childers of
Bear Creek, finding him in this
plight, immediately took charge of
him arid provided food, afterwards
bringing   him   over  to  Kelowna,
where he
is  at   present   in   the
ThePenticton Press arrived this
week, tied up with a piece of
white ribbon, which is explained
by the following:-
There took place on Wednesday
last in Mount Pleasant Methodist
church, Vancouver, a double wed-
ding,"*bne half of which is of particular interest to ^the people of
Penticton; for in the ceremony they
see one.more of their bachelors
stepping over the line to join the
order of the benedicts. On Wednesday .morning at half past ten
o'clock, Miss Hattie Lonsdale Bur-
ritt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Burritt of Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver,
was married to Mr. William James
Clement, editor of the Pre^s,-Rev.
Mr. Hetherington officiating.
The  Orchard  City  Record extends hVhearty congratulations to
the happy couple.
The Kelowna Musical and
Dramatic-Society will present 'The
Pirates of-Penzance" (Gilbert &
Sullivan) on the 18th. of 'February
in Raymer's Hall*. Bear this,, date
in mind. l.   ~
Two Engineers Killed—Long List of Injured—Miraculous
*    Escape of Train Crew and Passengers.
A marvellous escape from death
of many passengers occurred on
Friday, on the C.P.R. near Yale.
Two locomotives and six railway
cars were precipitated down an
embankment, with 100 feet of a
drop, down to ^the very edge of
the Frazer river. The two engineers were killed, but out of the
one hundred and fifty passengers
in the coaches, only about 28" sustained .minor injuries. / The mail
car became separated from the
rest, and landed right into the
river itself, whilst occupied by
three mail clerks. With water
rushing in through the doors, these
men scrambled through the tangled
mail bags and opened the doors,
the car luckily lying in such a position as to render this possible. By
swimming they were enabled to
reach the river bank. The colonist, day coach and tourist cars were
all filled with passengers,, who
however, got off with just^ a" few
bruises, cuts and scratches. A-remarkable feature is that the cars
did not roll down the steep decline, but simply skidded from top
to bottom.
"- The cause of the disaster was a
snowslide on the track. The^two
sngines were hooked together, and
were travelling, tnrough a blinding
snow storm, when they suddenly
came upon a drift of hard packed
snowy-which- they mounted instead
of cutting through. Here they left
the rails, and plunged over, the
cliff, the weight of the giant locomotives, "dragging the mail, express, baggage, colonist, day-coach
and tourist cars from the rails, and
down the bank.
What seems very strange i3 both
firemen on the'locomotives receivr
ed only slight injuries, 'while their
engineers were both killed. Fireman Finnie,- of head engine 496,
was firjng when the engine commenced to climb the snow bank.
He instandy jumped and reached
safety before the-engine was more
than a few feet down the bank.
The Engineer of the same "engine,
Clifford Carscadden, went to the
bottom of the hill, and was found
shortly after lying among some
rocks, in a dying condition.
Engineer > Foster, and Fireman
Cranston of engine 841, were both
in their seats in^thecab, and were
ftarriftd half way down the hill,
.where the , engine brought up.
There Cranston was able to make
his escape, but Engineer Foster
was scalded to death.'
A number of woman were in the
coaches at the time of the accident,
and all sustained more ■ or less
severe cuts and bruises. As soon
as the train landed at the bottom of
the declivity, the uninjured passengers climbed out, and began at
once rendering . what assistance
they could, to their less fortunate
companions. Invaluable assistance
was given by two trained nurses
who were on the train, Mrs. J. N.
Tice and Mrs. J. W. Brigg. They
were assisted by Mrs. D. Currie, of
Boston, who was travelling on the
train with her husband. The
splendid work achieved by these
ladies, has earned the warm thanks
of the sufferers and also railway
The telegraph wires were broken
down by the train, as it slid down
the embankment, ■ thereby cutting
off communications. ' The nearest
points were Spuzzum to the east
and Yale to the west, so brakeman
Mitchell was dispatched to Spuzzum, 3 1-2 miles distant, to get
help,. Meanwhile however, Watchman S. Urquhart got busy with' the
wires at the break. He cut out the
telephone wire and got into com-
,munication with'Yale, from which
place the t ne'vya ^was > sent to the
General Superintendent at Vancouver?    A wrecking and belief
train was then made up, and inside of one hour it pulled out with
doctors and nurses.
The splendid organization and
equipment of the C. P. R. were
shown by the speed-\in getting
ready the wrecking and relief train,
which was made up ready to start
twenty-five .minutes after word had
been received, and only delayed
to wait for the doctors, In a little
over 3 hours it had covered the
100 odd miles to Yale, and within
about 4 hours of receiving the
the message, the injured were receiving medical attention, and
wrecking crews were busy removing the debris.
The C.P.R. officials threw open
the dinning room during the afternoon, for everyone, free' of cost,
and everyone was supplied with a
good meal. Tea, coffee and food
were supplied to .anyone who
asked, during the remainder of the
time spent at the scene of the accident - , ' -
All the passengers speak very
highly in praise of the train, crew,
who did all possible, to relieve'the
travellers. ,
An inquiry into tbe cause of 'death of
Miss Eva Norrie, who was found dead in
the Lake View Hotel on Thursday, was
held in the Court House on Friday, by
Coroner Morris of Vernon. The following
gentlemen formed the jury.. Foreman, Mr.
Mantle, Jurymen, Messrs. Wilkinson,
Marsden, Meikle, Knowles, Muirhead and
Morgan. After viewing the body at the
hotel, the jury returned to the court house.
' Dr. Huycke's deposition was taken, to the
effect that the deceased was unknown to
him, but that be had been called in about
9 o'clock, and told by deceased's nurse,
Miss' juckes, that Miss Norrie bad killed
herself. Examination showed a bullet
wound in her right temple, and in her
right hand a revolver, whilst the wound
was Slackened with powder. The room
was in no disorder, and deceased was ly-'
ing with a peaceful expression and had
been dead he thought, four or five  hours.
After the medical testimony, Miss
Juckes, the nurse, gave evidence. She
had been in attendance on the deceased
for the past four or  five  weeks,, having
been engaged by Dr. D. G. Perry, of Vancouver. Miss Norrie was unknown to her
previous to this. They arrived in Kelowna
about ten days ago from Hot Springs.
Miss Norrie had been in a low state of
nealth for about nine months, suffering
from down-spiritedness and melancholia,
and had been very restless since coming
to Kelowna. The deceased had never
suggested tKat she would do away with
herself, tho' seemed fearful of going out of
her mind. Miss Juckes never saw the
revolver before, and did not-know that her
patient had one. It must have been purchased before coming to Kelowna, as
nurse and patient were always together
here. Further evidence was* given
showingvdeceased .to be suffering from
severe depression, but that she bad been
brighter the .last few days.
, Chief Hidson.was' then, called,^up, and
gave evidence that he accompanied Dr.
Huycke to the room, and found the lady
dead. He produced the revolver, which
was a small 22 calibre Iver Johnson, in
court. It was loaded with five cartridges,
one of which had been discharged. An
examination of the room showed - nothing
in disorder, but a letter was found addressed to Dr. D. G. Perry, and dated 6th
Jan., in which deceasecLsaid she felt she
waa going out of her mind, and felt very
ill and depressed.
.' Mr. F. C. Gould was tailed upon, and
testified that deceased had registered on
4th Jan., at the Lake View Hotel.,
. No one in the hotel appeared to have
heared the ahot, which however, is easily
accounted for by the small calibre of the
'; After consulting, the jury found that
Mist Norrie met ber death ,by her own
hand,'when under the influence of intense
'depression," "     ""   *" '
Rev, F. W. Patterson of Calgary, was
present at the Baptist Church, dedication
at Summerland last Sunday.
The dedication service took place" in the
afternoon, and a good size congregation
was present, to hear Mr. Patterson diseourse
in a very able manner, on the functions of
the church as a spiritual institution.
At the conclusion of the discourse, the
pastor read over a form of dedication, to
which the deacons and heads of all departments of work gave assent on behalf of the
A feature worthy of copy, was that no
special appeal for help at the service was
made, the pastor observing that" inasmuch
as the other bodies had their own burdens
to carry, it had been deemed wise in a
canvass previously made, not to solicit
their help, but if any felt disposed to assist,
their contributions would be gratefully
acknowledged, as a matter of $800.00 had
to be met to pay for materials as far as they
had gone.
' Professor Thornber, the eminent
horticulturalist of Pullman State
Horticultural and Experimental
Station, recommends the following
books as well worth reading by
every orchardist: American Fruit
Culturist, Thomas; Plums and Plum
Culture, Waugh; - Peach Culture,
Fulton ; Soils, Hilgard; Soils, King;
Farming with Green Manure, Harlan-      i 1  .-.i"" ' ','j/ f,l       ',-X.J-',
A very painral" accident, ^occurred to Mrs. F.uArms"tro|lig at'Misson
yesterday.    ' It seems\tKatV Mth.
stack, andvtook her dog with her
for that purpose. One of the'cows
turned on the dog, which immediately sought refuge behind Mrs.
Armstrong, and in so doing^placed
her in immediate line with the enraged cow. The creature gored
her severely in the leg, and knocking her down, trampled on her.
The wound necessitated 22 stitches
and several severe bruises were
sustained. ' .    '       ■
.We are glad to say that Mrs.
Armstrong passed as comfortable
a night as possible under the circumstances.
Summerland Council Re-elected.
At the meeting' held in Empire
Hall on Monday for the purpose
of nominating candidates for the
Municipal Council and ' School
Board, but one change was made.
Reeve Agur, Councillors JJrown,
Thompson, Gartrell,~~anH" KitcfiieV
who composed last year's Council,
were all re-elected by acclamation
to serve for another year. On the
School Board, Mr. S. N. Adams, of
Garnet Vallley, was elected to serve
in place of Mr. Bartholomew, who
resigned office. Mr. J. R. Brown
was re-elected for another term.
The financial statement for the
past year was laid before the electors.
The result of the, mayoralty elections in
Vernon was the return'of R W.-. Timmins
by 112 majority. Mr. Dakin was re-elected
in Armstrong. In Endery, Bell' was re.
turned by acclamation. T. J. Robinson
was elected mayor of Kamloops by acclamation. ' Mr. Douglas was returned ■ in
Vancouver, Mr. Hall in Victoria, and in
North Vancouver Mr. May defeated Mayor
Mr. F. R. E. DeHart has just received
three more prizes in connection with the
Spokane Apple Show which have not been
mentioned before, and which Mr. DeHart
did not know he won. They are as follows :-
1st prize. Diploma for the best 3J tier
boxes of Northern Spys. '
1st prize. Diploma for the best 3% tier
boxes Rhode Island Greenings.
2nd prize. Diploma for the most first
prizes taken.
There was a very big entry of the Rhode
Island Greenings, and Mr. DeHart only had
one box on exhibition, so tbe results are
particularly gratifying.
All the diplomas will be framed and exhibited in Knowles' window.
This brings Kelowna's winnings up to
seventeen  prizes,   fifteen   firsts   and   two
Town and Country.
G. H. E. Hudson has been  renovating  his   studio   and   installing      >
electric light during the past week.
Last night was made noisy by   i
the  Chinks  firing off  crackers to
usher in their Yew Year—or to kick
out the old.    ^     ., .   ,   t       ,   ,  .
- * Building operations ^have   been ■>■' »•]
carried on very extensively,, in Kel-   v' ';i
owna during  the^ past^year, v arid * <• A
next week an account.of.same will      f.b-
be published. "}r^,     -':
<„ The',.Scotsmen ..-wilt>celebjratc*'£!$#
the Burns-anniversary .on ^Monday -,VV3'
next; by,a   concert,^dmner,^kriaiv?T;,,|il?
some-cattle that had gotaY .aH?ay^£frfW ^^C^,0'(^£\^^M
•  ,     - • , i,   ' v» - ^
Mr. J. Bpuch left today* for1 Sic-
amous Junction   to  meet  is-wife  '■■>&; I
who is returning fron the east.   .' ~h;- '£
- ,o-y
Messrs." Pitcairn,' DuMbulin  and';!- „££
Elliott left  today  to   attend -' the fi^
meeting of'the Associated Board ofj''.'^i
Trade at Armstrong..       ..'*-.-," y%%\
The annual general -meeting ois^%
Kelowna Hospital,Boar'd;.will take '• \<&
place in Raymer's Hall, on Friday,1-*;;>tf
22nd Jan., at 3 p.m.     •   . f>  ,,, - "•
W. F. Bouvet has launched a big
scow, 40 x 15, .with a capacity of
carrying about 60 ricks of wood.
This-scow was built by J. Lairitz,
of Westbank.'
F. R. E. DeHart has received 11
diplomas, 2 silver medals, and one"
bronze Medal, this week, from the
Secretary   of   the "recent   Apple
Show at Spokane. . ■ .,,. >»   *
5 VI
1 he-Young Caxiies~riospitarAia~7;
will  meet  at  Mrs.  (Dr.)  Boyce's," 3|J
Thursday-evening Feb. 4th, at 7.30. i£%
All members are urgently request- ^ -^vl
ed to attend.
Mrs. Morrison and family, beg to1 '^
thank their many friends for. the$''•&
kindness shown, and expression of, ^j
sympathy during, their'
The destruction of Austrian tro*opa has
begun in Herzegovina,-by a bomb corps,
20,000 strong, divided into parties of a
score each, scattered over the whole province.
The campaign is rapidly assuming the
proportions of genuine warfare, and has
been in.action since the beginning of the
year. The Austrian military authorities
are trying to suppress the facts, but reports
from men actually in the field, say that
conflicts occur daily with heavy losses.
The rebel bands consist mainly of Hera-
egovinians with a number of Servians,
Montenegrins! Roumanians, Russians and
... The rebels are well equipped with
bombs and rifles, and a general revolution
it irninent,    -'
A sad case came to light this'^j^
week, when little Barbara HeberJV^
died. This little girl is - the, fiftk ^|,
child, out 6f a  family  of six,' that "^aJ
Priest w^i
her parents, German people,' ,bave ff^-d
lost. The remains were taken' i to" \\^
Vernon on Tuesday's boat,, toybe'*>V\ij|
buried by the Catholic
there. ■■   " \
\ Mr. J. Wilbur; Jones, agents for ?^-
the British and Foreign, Bible So-..^
ciety arrived in Kelowna on Satur- -;~'
day, and is organizing, & local
branch here. On Sunday-he addressed meetings at Ellison School;. '
and Mount View. „■■     ; >    */....
The Kelowna Saw Mill Co., have; ,
decided to  greatly improve" their-*\.
factory, by , installing  an« entirely *.
new and modern box, plant; ,The\ j
growing   demand;<, flftr. (boxes \for
fruit packing, makes this. necessary>>^
and their present .factory 'is fbund'^U
to be inadequate;'"When,tiomplet-;^
ed their factory !will 'be twice' its,,^
present size,-; and jtheSequipment: \'&
will be such a$,tov cope with allde-;'^
mands. Work on. these enlarge--'-"■'
ments will,be started  as soon/as,' yys).
the repairs to. the mill, are com-	
pleted.'1: '" «   .'«-"      ' "   ':;';f
* * r      -N ^      r * * S  „   T,",5t|
i      \1 - ,» ^ ,      "'"Ur"*! '•V J
The Orchard City Record.
"     . " ,'~ Thursday Jan." 21
J, •-"?
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
Just to give our new council
something to start on, we would
like to mention again the need of
a fire brigade. The urgent necessity of this is plain to all, and it
would be the poorest-kind of econ-
drhy to put'it off "until after a fire.
One man alone has last year done
nearly' forty seven'thousand dollars
worth of/building,' chiefly within
the' business section. All' this
property, as well as buildings erected by others, are unprotected.
The action of Mayor DeHart
and his Council in this connection
will be watched with interest by a
large number of business men.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
It is with general regret that the
city hears of the resignation of two
of Kelowna's most able counsellors, Messrs. T. W. Stirling and W.
H. Gaddes, who have been active
members of the City Council for
the past two years. It was hoped
that Mr. Stirling would be willing
to accept the mayorality at the recent election, and a petition signed
almost unanimously asking him to
do so, but for reasons of health,
he had to refuse.
As chairman of the finance committee, Mr. Stirling gave the city
his faithful services, coupled with
a business ability, which we can ill
afford to lose,. and on the health
committee he was most zealous.
Dr. W. A. Gaddes, also has won
the respect of the citizens by the
diligent discharge of duties entrusted to his care. During the
past year, his position as chairman
of the fire and light department,
has called for a lot of time and^
study, given free to the city.
Both these gentleman did exceptionally good work whilst on the
council, and the confidence reposed in them, by the ratepayers,
shown by the last election in which
Dr. Gaddes was returned by acclamation in'the north ward and
Mr. Stirling* headed the list in the
south, was expressive of the esteem
in which they are held generally.
It seems a great pity that the
policy of the return members
could not be dove tailed with that
of the new, and it appears to be
true that a man will cheerfully submit to any kind of hard usage so
long as his politics and his religion
are left inact.
The other members of the old
council are well known to all.
Messrs. Buckland, Curts and De-
Hart, and were all active in pro-
moting-the city's_interests.—Mrr
Buckland, supporting the policy of
the old council, came out by the
request of that council and many
ratepayers, to make a fight for the
mayoralty but was defeated with
honors.' His defeat simply shows
the opinion of the ratepayers'in
desiring a change of policy, but
his good service on the board of
works' is hot forgotten, and Mr.
Buckland retires from the scene
with all honour. . .
The election followed so close
after the - nominations, no candidates' meeting being held, that the
general public have heard little or
nothing of the intentions of the
new council, and until the new
members are elected, comment on
the p'eraonel of our city' directorate
- would be a little hasty.
- The choice of our new Mayor,
however, is an  extremely popular
one, and is a further recognition of
his recent good work for the city.
"Frank" as he is popularly knoVn,
came out at the last minute, but
' went  in- with   a   majority   large
enough to give him  confidence in
any line of action which he may
have mapped out for the coming
year's work.      Mayor DeHart is
. progressive, aggressive and a whole
lot more, and We heartily congratulate him in securing the' highest
the city has to offer. ,'
A petition is lying in the office
of Messrs. Hewetson & Mantle, regarding Swamp Road, on the way
to South Okanagan. The road is
both steep and narrow, and has
also a very sharp curve. There
have been several accidents here
during ths past two or three years
on account of the road being so
narrow, and the present slippery
condition renders it much more
dangerous. This petition which is
being signed by all residents of
that district, is to ask the government to widen the road. All interested are requested'to sign.
Mr. R. Morrison, Senr., late city clerk, a
well known citizen in Kelowna passed
away on Saturday last, leaving a large
number of sorrowing friends and relatives.
Mr. Morrison had been laid aside since last
July with diabetes, although his end was
not expected so soon. On Friday night he
seemed to fail rapidly, although that day
he had been sitting up, and on Saturday,
his heart, weakened by the ravages of
sickness, gave out. He leaves a widow,
and grown up family of four sons, Thomas,
Robert, Alexander and Charles, the last
living at Virden, Man., and three daughters,
Mrs. D. Campbell Mrs. Davies and Miss
Kathleen Morrison."-*':-
The funeral took place last Monday.
The service at the house, conducted by
the Rev. A. W. K. Herdman, assisted by
Rev. Mr. Russell was very impressive.
Mr. Herdman remarked that in Mr. Morrison, a.familiar figure was gone from our
streets, one who had in a quiet way impressed his character on the community.
"He is missed," said the' preacher, "from
the church, where in health his seat on
Sabbath days was never vacant." Mr.
Herdman very feelingly referred to the
deceased as one who had from the first
treated him with unvarying kindness
and courtesy. "A man of few words, yet
he rang clear." He was sure that he
voiced the sentiments of all, when he said
that the community sympathized with the
family in this and their other late bereavements.  '
A very large concourse of people_ assembled, and many were unable to find
room in the house.
The funeral procession started for the
cemetery about 2:45, and it was noted that
no one seemed to want to drive their
horses faster than a walk. A number
lingered behind at the grave. The members of the City Council acted as pall
bearers, along with Mr. Doyle, a life long
friend of the deceased.
Mr, Morrison, was in his 66th.year.
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Car Lake of Woods Flour due this week.
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Manufacturers of
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Tile and Hollow Brick
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Views and Post Cards of all parts of the Valley.
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fhurode^, Jan 21
^ffcCQrcWq .fo't'ij Record
Statetneni of Assets _ dyk/ ucmumes, a
Receipts and Expenditure
ifUM Miniftni
JANUARY lit, 1909.
Bank aa per Pass Book 5,843 8*3
Outstanding Cheques...  1,383 61
. as per Ledger  4.460 22
Cash in hands of Treasurer...     991 '40
Real Estate: Lot 10, Block 10      7$Q 00
School Lands...   5,000 00
Valuation: Bridges    3,000 00
Elect. Light Wks. 24,959 94
Waterworks 15,182 30
Fire Department '4,650 75
Office Fixtures... 271 30
General Plant     '604 50
5,451 62
5,750 00
Debentures: SchobfBuilding  5,000 00
Bridge  5,000 00
* Local Improv... 2,000N 00
do.        4,000 ;oo
Fire ...'  4;500 00
Street....  5,000 00
Elect Light and
Water 40,000 00
Local Improvements ...
Unpaid Taxes	
Sinking Fund	
48,668 79
6,719 33
1,415 50
1,493 29
8,938 26
78,436 79
Unpaid Accounts:
W. T. Ashbridge ' 1,123 80
J. A Bigger      180 90
Hinton Electric Co....   ' 923 04
.Can. Fairbanks Co 10.590 33
Okanagan   Fruit and
Land Co., Ltd      118 72
65,500 00
Old Chunify NeuDs.
Heavy Snowfall in London.
The early pan of this month, brought a
heavy fall of snow'over London, such as
has not been experienced since 1881. It
,was a regular blizzard, the snow.falling in
fine dry powder, accompanied by bitterly
cold winds. Trains were blocked up
and passengers suffered considerable discomfort THe vehicular traffic was serious-
ly obstructed; and'outdoor labour stopped.
In one way it was a good thing, as it gave
thousands of, unemployed work clearing
the streets, etc.
Old Moore Still at it
Old Moore * Almanack for 1909 predicts
that the year will likely be one that stand
out as the commencement of international
troubles, possibly warfare, among the
powers of the world.
Applications for connection with the Electric Lighting and Power Service Mains
and for the inspection of the interior wiring will be received at the City Offices on
and after Nov. 20th.
« Gv. H. DUNN,
City Clerk.
Advertise in The Record
It Pays
12,936 79
Land for Unemployed in Canadian West
The Bishop of Moosonce has advised
the home government to purchase a tract
of land in his diocese whereon to place
the unemployed. Lord Strathcona told
him he had been trying to convince the
government of the advisability of this idea
for some time.
$78,436 79
Balance made up as follows:
Forward from 1907   2,492  12
Discount on Debentures sold during 1908...3,821 92
Deficit for 1908 2,624 22
No valuation"has been placed upon streets or old sidewalks.
Salaries :      750 00
Sundries      356 85
Police Dept: Salaries      840 00
Sundries '   812 00
City Solicitor,'Salary	
Police Magistrate; Salary	
Scavenging Dept.: Salaries...
923 75
132 6|
School: Salaries  4,693-00
Sundries     985 57
1,106 85
1,652 00
240 00
250 00
1.056 36
Premium on School Debentures
Licenses: Hotel      600 00
Special,, Pool fW 50 00,
Trade     .642 50
5,678' 57'
, Less Government Grant   3,390 00
Dog      103 00
Road       75 50
Land 11,889 79
do.   unriaid    1,415 50'
112 60
443 75
1,292 50
178 50
Fire Department Expense  155 45
^Street Expense ....,  4;8|9 62
General Expense; .'. ,\. 1,473 98
Printing and Posfege  602 59"
LegaJiExpense  10 00
BHdges.:.  mbtt
2,288" 57
Elect Light Debenture Disc. 3,821 92
Dividend on Debenture*.".... 812 50
Interest and Discounts     '  310 59
_GrTm&7Xity"Bard~ .... 15000
B.C. Antitqberc. Soc; 50 00
'''     Efedrdoi Trade...... 250 00'
Regatta  75 00
8,920 22
4,945 01
Refund account	
Light Connections....
Street Watering	
13,305 29
2 15
105 00
8 60
8,938 26
Unemployed Invade Marquis of Bute's
A momentous step has been taken by
the unemployed at Cardiff.   Five hundred
starving, .unemployed   men,   whose wives
and children are crying  for  bare  sustenance, invaded the great baronial  estate of
the Marquis of Bute-on  the   14th  of this
month,   and  commenced  digging up the
land in order  to  plant crops.     The men
have  armed themselves,  and  will  resist
arrest and bloodshed is threatened.    This
action, taken by men who up to the  present  have  been  law-abiding,  shows  that
conditions are desperate, and  the present
invasion was brought about largely by the
sight of a hunting party  organized  at the
Butes, when a  small  company  of sleek,
well fed  mortals,   hunted  over preserves
that would give the poor, starving wretches
sustenance, if thrown open to them.
The land reserved by the Marquis for
hunting, comprises thousands of acres of
fertile land, on which numbers of farms
could be planted, but at present of use for
nothing except to furnish amusement for
his lordship.
it is felt that a plunge has been taken,
and emissaries have been sent to London
to urge upon the House of Commons, the
necessity of supporting a bill to throw
open all the hunting preserves in the
United Kingdom/ to the people.
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All Pirst-cldaa Trees, 3ft. to 4ft. Grade.     t ,
Price,. $22.60 per 100, 500, 19c. each. :'/
R. .T. HESELWOOD, Agent for   .  ,- ~   r
Electric Light:
Operating     308 32
Fuel     460 50
Depreciation: Fire Dept      119 25
Office Fixtures
General Plant
1907 Liabilities over Asssets
brought forward	
15 50
525- 00'
768' 02.
L      141s 70
2.492 12.
$24,386 65
T. Lawsons Ltd. commenced moving into
their fine new quarters in the Keller block,
on Monday. This gives them a large airy
display room, well lighted. The west side
of the main entrance will be a grocery department, while the east side will be for
general dry goods. This block makesi a
very handsome addition to the town, and
has upstairs sev.en large offices, electrically
lighted. The offices on the west side,are
occupted, one as city offices, and the other
by Mr. Parkinson, Gvil Engineer, as
draughting room and office. On the east
side, the offices are unoccupied just at
present,-with the exception' of the room
used for High' School purposes. The
building, erected by H. W. Raymer, shows
very good workmanship, and is a credit to
the town.
Admiral Rogestvansky Dead.
The death of Vice-Admiral Rojettven-
sky, due to neuralgia of the heart, is announced. He commanded the Russian
Fleet in May, 1905, when it was annihilated
by the Japanese in the battle of the sea of
Earnings of CPJL
Traffic earnings of the CP.R. for the
first week of January increased by$21,000,
compared with the same week a year ago.
$24,386 65
G. R DUNN, Treasurer.
Audited andfoMd correct;
'■•    '*'r"I   "1        ~    V        1    *-    v-
IT • >CdWeVto
for sale mmjtits
'     *■     '• • ' -N for*
Ije       t       tor a -
f €ioo'd Clean. Mfeal
3 G)ne3acre Lots .Good* Fruit
IlanUs, within* city lirnita
For terms, etc., apply P.O.
Box 175, Kelowna.
Fresh Candies, Fruit; ahti
Tobacco       »<
HO#fr$ OW STANif
-   "'*   , Call ahd see us
Mil Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.       ,
; Halr^tirHjlgihaving prShampoo
ingf Facial' Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
. ■■-1
The  Socialist meeting held" in
Raymer's Small Hall on Saturday
evening, was   only .attended'' by
about a score of people. Comrade
McLellan opened the meeting, and
acted    as   chairman   throughout
Comrade Stirling waxed eloquent
throughout    in    describing    die
Elysian   conditions to   be   found
under Socialist rule, but, by the
way, forgot to say how that state
was to be attained.    These two
deciples were ably supported .by
£omrade Degenery, with his pockets bulging with Socialist literature,
to which ever and anon  he referred.   The   evening was made
lively by die questions from those
present.   The object of the meeting being to organize, those present went into committee for this
purpose, and appointed Alex. McLellan secretary of the local branch
aoqVabout a dozen names were
subscribed as members.
Is hot only an art, it is also .
a business, which to execute promptly and, at, a
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
«™t it
handled by experts.
All this is at your ser>j.''^
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"'I-',..   ^
1 I
I.  t L-     v.       ^   ^^f ■v-t.
The Orchard City Record.
^ffhtiradayjan. 21
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc.C E., D. L.S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Aasoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office:   Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence:. 2nd House
East of the Club
The services in the Presbyterian Church
on the evening of Sunday next, will be at
7 o'clock instead of 7.30.    ...-....!
Evangelistic Mission Closing.
Sunday Services:
11 a.m. Mr, Russel will speak in the Presbyterian Church, subject: "Divine
3.45 p.m. All the youths and adults of
both sexes ought to hear the moment
ous message in the Methodist Church,
"From Grace to Glory." •
7.30 p.m. All the church services will be
withdrawn and a Union Mass Meeting
will be held in the Methodist Church.
Mr. Russel will speak on " After
Death, What ? " .t   .
Mr. Russel will continue in the city^ until
Wednesday night. He will hold three
great closing meetings. Watch the bulletin
for places of the last days of the mission.
At 3.30 Friday 22nd, all the scholars of
Sunday schools and of the whole city are
cordially invited;:to a:grand rally in the
Methodist Church. As far as possible the
teachers are requested to attend and sympathetically assist in the success of the
meeting. Mr. Russel will give an interesting short talk on " Safe Sailing on Stormy
Seas." ,.-'•'
Some Point's of Peril That Are
Dreaded'by Beanien.; A-
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box ia» 'Phone 56
Office-in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets  all  C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds  of  heavy  team
work. 'Phone 20.
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
Ellison School District
The weather has moderated, and is once
more bright and pleasant, with good
The bridge over Mill Creek, through
Mr. Carney's property, is being built and
will prove a boon to . residents on each
side of the creek.;
The school had a good attendance all
through the cold weather, which speaks
well for the energy of parents and .children.
The debate on Tuesday was very good,
only a little one sided; as there were five
speakers for the affirmative against three
for the negative, who however, held their
"own, losing by only one point. Those
taking part were Messers. McRory, Wilcock, R. * and J. Hall, Carney Cowey,
Maines and A. Wilcox. "     ■
(Late with F. R. E.,beHart)
Undertakes   Winter   Pruning.     Will also
arrange for Thinning, Budding, etc.,;
season'of   1909.     .
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for public Build-
ings.Town and Country Residences
Rowcliffe Block   '
Fire, Life, and Accident
Real Estate. Monay to Loan
Rutland News.
Those who were privileged to'attend
Mount View Methodist Church on'Sunday
last, listened-to a rare treat in an effective
address delivered .by Rev. Mr. Jones, Missionary for the British and Foreign Bible
Society, who while'travelling in this Province, and having previously heard of .the
famous Okanagan Valley, paid us a visit,
and we are glad he did.. Mr. Jones is a
man up in years, but. he still has a good
deal of. the old time fire with' him. Previous to his address-he sang with beautiful effect, "Oh precious words that Jesus
During his discourse he spoke of the
great work of the-Society arid its present
needs to carry' the word to all peoples aud
tongues He also spoke: of » the value of
personal knowledge'of the Bible in its application to daily life and personal testimony. He also spoke ^of his sacred privilege while "performing the duty of choirmaster, during his early .life, under the
pastorate of that; famous preacher, Rev.
Mark Guy Pearce) author of "David
Quorm," Cornish Stories," j "Green Pas-
valuable works. ' .....'"[•
" The church choir also did themselves
justice in the renderingfof two anthems,
entitled, "Glad Tidings" ; and "Arise
Shrine" by Caleb Simper. Solo parts
being taken by Mr. Jack Hall, tenor, and
Mr. Harry Hall, baritone.'.   ,
Big Fine China \ Sale !
at KNOWLES, The J#elerV
25 per cent. Discount
on all China till JANUARY 31 st.
This includes all our beautiful lines of Royal
Doulton, Royal Worcester, Royal Derby, WedgeWQod,
Copeland, Goalport, etc. . k     i
,  The Jeweler
This Real Davy , Jones' Locker Is a
Vast Cemetery. For All Ships That
Are. Gripped by Its Relentless Sands.
Sable Island's Fingers of .Death. ..•;
The exact location of Davy Jones'
locker Is not shown on any ocean chart
extant, principally because it Is a state
ami not a place, but. if .any one ocean
dentil "trap deservea the title It Is the
Thames estuary. The British'naval
department has a chart- upon which
it marks the position of wrecks'with
n black dot On this chart tho Thames
mouth tract is a solid black spot:--; So
numerous have been the wrecks that
the dots run together. The point
where the. black dots actually pile one
on top of another is the Kentish Knock,
and this is the place among all of the
ocean's danger'spirts' that'"deserves'the
title -of Davy Jones' locker. '• '■:*' ' -
At'the Kentish' Knock'it is not'keel
shattering rocks-.of piercing' points) of
coral that:,wreck.,,the ocean, travelers:
It is sand, treacherous,.cljmging sand,
that grasps t!r.< doomed ship with a
grip of steel and holds it firmly while
the--angry...sen.' he.ats. It;,to.ifragments.
Many a vessel,.posted at Lloyd's' as
missing would be duly accounted for
if tbe Knock ssuuL would give up its
booty. There is' no hope for-ship' or
man wheii Father .-Neptune asks, toll at
,the Kentish; Knock, for;the;.nearest
land is ,t\vrenty.miles away .and,, the
nearest lifeboat' "at Margate,' thirty
miles away.'-,   "' ""'' '',";_ ''"'• :
The sands of the ocean' are fa'r'niore
• dangerous:-than the rocks. The'sand
banks extend over more space, therefore offer more points of contact than
the rocks, which ■> usually- rise hr. one.
slender pinnacle. .The waters-flow over
them in smooth waves,.andc.there;are
no 'warning breakers. ,; . -,.'■...,;•
Next tp the Thames mouth tract in
point of danger ".'is the Hugh,' the salt
water river on which Calcutta' stands.
The ino:-.t trying part of a'large[''vessel's
-•voyage from New York-: to "Calcutta'is
the last few miles of'this calm-'river.
• In this straiige river In windless weather, and flat.. calui' water vessels have
been loKt.dashed to pieces .on the ,eyer
shifting sand banks- by, the,,force of
the tides. The sands grasp" the keel of
the marked vessel," and "shVswpsV but
the tide moves on with relentless'forced
and the helpless ship is'carried55over
on her beam1 ends.-- She careensover
and founders with' all on board:1- One
of the worst shoals in the Hugh, bears
the name James and Mary... It...wns
the name of a great Indian!.merchant
shipwrecked on the sunken sand banks.
Another danger point dreaded by the
master mariner lias neither sand nor
rocks,, but a; great-submarine waterfall.
In the English channel there Is a p'oint
just beyond the Shambles banks where
there-Is a'sudden drop In the sea bottom. The channel tides sweep over
the-banks anddown this sudden drop,
creating rapids equal'-In?fury-to..those
: of Niagara.. The American' ship Georgian
foundered in Portland -race,, the. name
by which this danger point, is .known,
ami all bauds went down witli'her.
Ships bound to New York from Eu
roii'e pass quite near a 'deadly hidden
shoal wlilr!) r"'.::V out from Sable inland, lying off; Sable cape, hi Nova
Scotia. The r.h'>;:!,>runs out for miles i-i
fiviM directions li!;e the. fingers, of a
great:.hand ren: lihig out for: what it
can, destroy. ..:V> hen ,,the gales blow,
heavy,seas hoimi upon the shoals with
ButllcienJi force to shatter the stanchest
vessel afloat, and when" the wind'ceases
the benches'are r.lrown with wreckag.-
anil.the botil-s of those who have per-
Ishml. The distance from the shore is
the .life savers t-i reach a,,struggling
vessel, and few lives are saved at this
point. Ten vessels have been wrecked
in this trap In a Mingle day.
.,The rocky danger points In-the ocean
have noarljvall, hoen. tagged, and light
houses have been erected on the most
dangerous—all except one. There Is no
lighthouse on the Virgin rocki'^nnd
there never, will...l.;o.. Out In tho mld-AI-
Inntlc n ghint pinnacle rears Its head
up from the ocean,floor and endeavors
vainly to .reach fie surface of, the sen
It is too short by uJioiit' eighteen feat.
There It stands' with Its sharp polul
hidden by the o. can1 wave.v waiting to
pierce the b.ottom.ijf som.ejinsuspecthig
vessel and Fend It down to join the pile
of ships' ribs and,dead men's bonc<
that titter the Moor around Its base
The wnves seem to be In league with
the roek, for If n vessel of light draft
tries to pass over its head the wa\ci
shoot It dow n Into a trough at the hot
toni of which the point of the rock Is
'waiting to rip' o»t* her keel.' ' v'
' The'e danwr spots, however, are but
annexes to the real Davy Jones' locker,
the Kentish Kinv„-k,'that'Cemetery of
ships and me.ii vliere dripplug ghosts
of uiastei inniln'rq nnd their men lilt
over the ruin*, <>l their vessels.—B. It.
Wlnslow In Los Angeles Times. ',
. 1.
Bridge Buildtra,
YVe read of t'iclieroo- of the battlefield, the'ocean j:!»J various other Gnll-
'ings, but tl'oie Ih another class of men
whose [wVil, N nlso heroic, but who
nn> mMi'.'i -l l'i« ' of— nien w ho face
de.itli l.ig'i In lh( air. They are what
the onglneei enIM "rlggeis" and art
the ciesitors of t'u> world'sblg bridges
nnd the hit e *1 crnpen of American
cities V|' in If -Ir'bnnery nnd skill
the . l'»\ \V"i fii-'oture-* which Bpan
the fir'1'' •".'■•-, rivers' hnd gorget
coi |d ti'i «i.e pl't'(*,jether.'-,Wld8Wo«ftl
ilug ,l.i-, < ' 1 _'_i-i v _L s ._»»
alues m Wfocenes
t''. ~&j
Immense Stock at Lower
Prices Than Evert ■
Bargains!   Bargains!   Bargains!
3 lb. pkts. Currants
3 lb. pkts. Raisins
4 lbs. White Beans i ■- ; 25c
4- lbs. Barley - - 25c
3 lbs. delicious Tea   - $ 1.00
1 lb/%e Coffee        -   25c
2 lbs.|iew Dates - 25c!
Shredded Wheat Biscuits 15c'
2 pffi Malta Vita    ...-    25c.
2 pkts. Corn Flakes - 25c
1 pkt. Buckwheat       -    25c
3 pkts. Corn Starch    -   25c
3 lb. Tins Tomatoes  -    50c
•  7 tins for $1.00
Lyle's Golden Syrup
25c and 45c per tin
7 lb. Tins Marmalade $1.00
WagstafFs New Jam
5 lb. Tins, 90c
Bananas        -    35c per doz.
Delicious Hams "20c per lb.
Delicious,Bacon 20c per lb.
Toilet Soap   :-J 25c per box
(usual price 45c)  *»"        ' !! '
6 bars Laundry Soap -    25c
Washing Powder -; •'-	
, 3 lb. ipkts.,' 25o
'      Gold Dust, Swan/ G'oiaen. West ^ ^
.'"        ' ■    i. ' •'     '   ' '.'  -i- /;." ■    .
2 tins' Corn "J : - - 25c
2 tins Peas- - tj;/ -; 25c
2 tins, Beans - - 25c
2 lb. tins Blueberries -    15c
2 lb. tins Raspberries, Strawy
berries, or Peaches -    25t
Huntley and Palmer's \Bis-
"euits, \axjge assortment ,25c
3 pkts. Je%Powdef ■*' ;-256
-r^s—-—-—• = r^ - c\/\
Mavouring Essence, -. z\jgr
No. 1 Apples, $1.50 per box
,.. itf
A little money goes a long ipay at
the Store; of Plenty
i ( 5 , >.i i.   ;. i
$2.50 Dolls reduced ib $1.00 to clear
r/ .■) r-V.-i   ...'
P/:.   y.t'iS ,i:sj|'»,£_
inn  a\ yrt.^A II <.v
-t r-i
... t f . *~M
'"''<! *
1 <-   ',-1    ,l<:
. I*'' -   *
-±uflA -Vv "•    /
,'rX**'.-\    A -vi^ *
H *V"» Kl*  "i   >fj' ■> ".AM.'"ij
> -si
V-W"'  i '•>">'i *"' *'
Thursday Jan 21
The Orchard, City Record.,
te"    '<        V
k a: Minute
e, modern method
,   qf, smoking' meat
;by   using,  liquid
1 smoke accomplishes1 everything that
the did method can,
and   has   advantages that the old
method has* not.
•      J 'J 3 >
The use of Liquid Smoke
-  -' </
Saves Time
, Saves JLossu
Saves money
. The ■ meat is preserved better, it is better protected against
mold and insects, it is,-not
shrunken in, weight, and there
is no danger from of loss from
Price $1.00 per bottle.
• '■>•
P. B. llitsi Co.
•tc. Kelowna,     B. C
( ,ls
Wholesale and  Retail
* Butcher.'    "
, Cattle, Sheep and Horse
Mr. W Clement of the Penticton Press,
passed through on the boat on-Friday,
accompanied by his—bride.
Mr. W. T. Ashbridge left on Saturday
for Toronto -and other points east, for a
couple of months.
Mr. Jas. Conlin received the sad news
on Friday, that his mother had died the
day before at Vancouver. He left on Saturday for Vancouver, in order to attend
the funeral.
Three of the most popular young ladies
ini Kelowna left for their home in Vancouver on Saturday, the Misses Eva', Annie /
and Florence Reekie, after spending the
last three weeks in Kelowna, their old
home. They were escorted to the boat by
a number of friends, who were ,all very
sorry to say good-bye.
A thoroughly enjoyable dance was given
at the home of Mrs. D. W. Sutherland, on
Friday, by Mesdames „ DeHart, Philp,
Josselyn and Sutherland, mainly in honour
of the Misses Reekie, who were leaving
the following day. Sleighs met the guests
in town, and conveyed them to the residence of Mrs. Sutherland, who welcomed
everyone right heartily. With good music,
high spirits and a perfect floor, a delightful evening was spent, and 2 o'clock came
all too quick, with the ringing of the sleigh
bells, as teams came to meet the guests,
about 32 in all, to bring them back to their
homes in town. <■
Mrs. L. Hayman left on Saturday for
Whonnock, to visit friends and relatives for
a month.
We are glad to announce that Mrs. John
Morrison, of Dry Valley is improving in
Dr. Gaddes left on Tuesday for Calgary
and other points in Southern Alberta, on a
business visit.
The Central Okanagan Land Co., are receiving a large number of enquiries re-
8pectingT)kanagan Fruit lands.
R. ^W. Radcliffe left for England on
Mr. George James returned fr/>m the east
on Monday.
"Mrs. Jolly,"arrived from England on Saturday, to visit her daughter, Mrs. R. W.
Radcliffe.   -
Nurse Griffin, who has been attending
Mrs.'John Morrison, of Dry Valley, left for
Vernon on Tuesday.
Rev. C. W. Whyte, of Peachland, was
visiting iii Kelowna over Tuesday.
Albert Todd, of Summerberry, Sask., is
visiting R. A. Copeland, for a few days.
Mr. Paradis, of Carievale, Sask., has returned east after inspecting this' district,
and expects to induce a number of families
to come out here in the Spring  an  invest.
Mr. and Mrs. John Downton left Kelowna on Wednesday for Summerland where
they intend making their home.
Dramatic Story of  His
In Old Age.
Tlu- *tory of Aaron Burr's ui.ii
in liib old age to the widow of K:>,
Mimi'l.   who was well known   u
early  history of New York 'eli.\
(liainsitlc one.      * ■ "
Conceive, If yon will, the plc-tniv <■'
! Burr, gifted adventurer that lip  hm
i broken lu health, branded in the pj;i
lar mlud as the mnrdereV-.of Alex n '
Hamilton and returnifig from a  In    ,
i.\Ue to And himself an outcast in i    ,
i ity where he had once been tlu» p )'~
leal monarch of all he surveyed mmiI .
distinguished figure In society mid V
(he  bar     Conceive,- If you  can.   th"*
lamentable old man, smirking t!ir<>>i'v!i
his   wrinkles,   bowing   and   prime in1:
rather stillly because of his rheumnt.-
joints and with his mouth full of pretty platitudes, paying court to the widow of Stephen Jumel, herself in the
prime of years .ind health.    Remove
fiom the picture Its surface lncongruf
ties, and }ou have a bit of pure pathos
unequnled In the annals of foolish great'
But something of his old time power to charm the gentler sex must,have
stood by him in his years of mental
and physical misery, for in his suit for
the widow Jumel's hand' and fortune
he won gloriously, dramatically. Re-'
buffed repeatedly. Burr Anally declared in passionate rage that on a
given day he would arrive at the.Iume!
mansion accompanied by a clergyman,
who should marry them on the spot.
He would give his prospective bride no
quarter,,no chance of escape from the
inevitable.        . " '
She was amused at the-threat and
dismissed the old man with more than
her usual coldness of demeanor. Buir
stuck to his avowal and one July d i.
rolled up In a carriage, and with hi::i
was a minister, the same who fifty yea 1 ^
before performed the' marriage cere
raony for Burr and the mother of ,111s
daughter, the beautiful Theodosiu
There was something of a scene in the
old house on.this day. There were
tears of anger on the part of Burr.
Relatives remonstrated; Burr remained
immovable. All feared a scandal, Thr
minister, book In hand, stood unobtrusively In the background. There
were more tears, more declarations of
undying 'Hove, and the widow Jumel
became Mrs. Aaron Burr.
They were married In the great
drawing room of the Jumel mansion.
Burr squandered with reckless hand
the wealth acquired by Stephen Jumel
and left for the enjoyment of his
marital partner. There were many bitter quarrels between the 111 mated pair,
and they were soon divorced. Bun-
died in 1836. but madam lived until
18G5, dying a recluse1 and a miser, the
money received from the Jumel estate
hoarded In an unused chamber.     < >
Ladies- and
Gents'" Tailors
* • • * *
'"Repairingand Pressing
"• promptly attended to.
Prices^QuptetMo Any Point
on the Lake ■< i: ;•> •
Box 66 „ Kelowna, B.C.
D. R. Sullivan] left on Wednesday for
his camp back of Peachland.
Wednesday's boat brought back Mrs.
Sam Sproule, Miss Pearl and Master
Frank, who have been for an extended
trip in the eastern provinces during the
last five months.' All the most important
points in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and
Wisconsin were 'visited, and some time
spent in Chicagar
Born,   Jan. 14th,   To the wife of Dan McLean, a daughter.
Royal Hotel
Facing the Wharfe!
Rates $1 per day.
i * n *    1
The carnival 'at the skating rink
last Friday was a great success,
and-the rink was filled with spectators. No less than seventy-two
costumes appeared on the' ice, all
oi which were very good, and
formed a bright display of colour,
the hand, under the leadership of
Dan Campbell, furnishing music
Ijvery acceptably. The prize for
the best lady's costume, was won
by Miss Walt, as "Brittania," and
consisted of an all-over silk blouse,
donated by Lawsons Ltd. Dan
Rankin/ in the garb of that man
who couldn't tell a lie, took the
prize for the best gentleman's costume, this was a toilet set presented
by Crawford & Co. The best
comic costume.was adjudged to be
that of(. Win. Pettigrew, ^who was
made' up as a squaw - man. The
prize for this was a writing case
presented by Lequime Bros. In
the boys and girls competition, the
prizes were carried away by Charlie and Nettie Harvey, dressed . to
represent and Indian' boy - and
flower girl. Their rewards were a
pair of hockey skates for the boy
and a fan for the girl; The judges
were Messrs., F. R. E. DeHart,'^W.
B. M. Calder arid Thos. Lawson.
Stones and Glass Houses.
The origin of the saying, "Those who
live in glass houses should not throw
stones," is as follows: At the time of
the union of England and Scotland
London was inundated with Scotchmen, and the London roughs used to
go about at night breaking their windows. Buckingham being considered
the chief Instigator of the mischief, a
party of Scotchmen smashed the windows of the duke's mansion, known as
the Glass House. The court favorite
appealed to the king, who replied,
"Steenie, Steenie, those who live In
glass houses should be careful how
they fling stones!"
^Mathematics at Oxford.
There is an Interesting story which
shows the disposition of Oxford toward mathematics. A venerable doh
who had bought half a dozen books nt
3s. 6d. each requested the booksellei
to give him a piece of paper for tho
purpose of arriving at the amount. (If
then wrote down 3s. 6d. six times, om»
under the other, and was slowly adding them up when the shopman ventured to point out the shorter method
of multiplying one 8s. 6cL by C.   "Dear
Is most Ingenious,
London Globe.
most Ingenious."-
The rage for white heather has led to its
cultivation in pots/ So- that no wedding
nowadays'need be Without this emblem
of good luck., <
Anticipating Him.
Night after night the exceedingly
quiet and backward youth had called
on a neighboring farmer's daughter,
sitting perfectly mute beside ber while
she did all the entertaining. This
night, however, tho youth, wishing for
a glass of water, suddenly surprise,I
her by blurting ont, "Say, Sal, will
"Don't exert yourself, Reuben." she
Interrupted. "1 understand. Yes. Have
you   brought   the   ring?"
.    eLl_	
The Toast of an Irishman.
Michael Meyers Shoemaker wrote
"Wanderings In Ireland." 'An old
Irishman read a fragment of It that
related to tbe reader's neighborhood
He asked tbe iu\me of 'the author
"Mr. Shoemaker, Is it?" he commented. "A ' nice gentleman, I'll go • bail
'Tls a fine country he chose to travel
In too. May the heavens be bis bed
for choosing it and may every hair In
his honor's bead be a mold candle to
light his soul to. glory!"
Logloal Conclusion.
Plrst Burglar-Hark! I hear some
one talking. Second Burglar- What's
ho saying? ' First Burglar—That he
never will bet on' another horse as
long as he lives '" Second Burglar-
Lot's1 get out of this. No money here
He's lo3t every cent.—London Tlt-Blts.
,'_   ^,  x ~
At Last.
"Ah, ha." exrlii lined the great explorer Joyfully, "at last I have found
the mining link!"'
And, crnwlltiK from under UU bed
to proceeded lu-put tm- small gold al
fair in bis clean eUl.-NW Voil; .lour
I y~i*i# r*VlV•*•*■**,
W7ITH - Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention from
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States- and
Great Britain.       ".        .     ,.        .        .    ' \' *" A    l.   *   '.'      .
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley.
J *
in our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter
and Ethel Streets. Prices, $250' and" .upwards,
on easy terms	
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co.
kelowna; Re.
„" >
Time For
Winter Spraying
Do it Better        JT"t
v  1    "£ Do it Easier "* ~   -
More Economically
Power Sprayer
For practical demonstration see
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
 a or An f firT	
i-   b *%v-  ■**'i V
^■W8Ao*wi£i*W.ft \
a -J f-.jiv**iM*iv
The, Great Majestic - Range
McClary's Famous Sasi\-Altd Range
McClarys Famous Kootenai/ Range^
^Buck's Criterion Range   -''-*
^•*v      *l0* .
j- -   j   ft
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, B.C.
All these leading Ranges sold by --_;-v^ri
*.j .
Morrison- Thompson
MTJL U.IU.VUU.I c    v^i/r
*- 81
1  OSij
Sole Agents for Kelowna and''District
^   Importer and Dealer in all kinds of -
Agricultural. Implements,, Wagons,-f^nd
'_,,., " Carriages t _  t
Headquarters for,
Horse, Blankets & Robes
; ' j. Also Pdujtru SuppliesMncluding'Beef
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell
y£ ^ '       A
I *
Warehouse, oh Barnar^'Aoenue^'Kelowjna, ,B. C.;
IV^^^fMKhl^wV Kir    *- »■«-«.
I     4
. v^.*ftM«Bi *.*.  **,t*1*.*'b*'*JtelfatM%*v*fr*.  **I*»MM. ^WVMW
i.n^<M«44.yfv^.^^lt4-^G*J^.    ^,> ^.
II llll«MHl
''^M^ritfM 8
The Orchard, City Record.
.Thursday, Jan, 21 -
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Haoe for sale the flollotoing oarieties:
Northern Spy,
Mcintosh Red,
Yelloto Newton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,
Clean, Well-groton Stock.
Buu at Home and Sace Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K.L.0. Offiice, Leon St., or
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
10  Lawrence Ave.
Belleoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Provincial News.,
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.       ::    ' ::        ::
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Botchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt  attention
to mail orders
'Phone 12
Stock & Poultry Raisers
The following is of interest to those who have Stock or Poultry.
Heaves Cure
.Positive cure for Heaves, Asthma,
" Broken Wind, Coughs, etc.
5Qc per package
Colic Cure
Only two results in colic-
relief or death.
Poultry Food
No more sick poultry, but plenty of
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs at 60c per doz.
25c, 50c, and $1.00 pkg.
Worm Powder
A superior concentrated vermifuge.
Removes the primary cause and
expels the worm.
50c pkg.
International   ,
Stock Food
Three feeds for*one cent.   Prevents
disease, causes rapid growth in
young, and increases the richness
and quantity of milk.
50c and $1.00 pkg.
Healing Oil
CURES Burns, Bruises, Scalds,
Sprains, Sores, Inflamatton, etc.
25c pkg.
,/. -
Louse Killer
If your hens are troubled with lice
they will not lay.
25c pkg.
"     International
Harness Soap
For cleaning, oiling, blacking*
and polishing.
A guaranteed cure for
Coughs, Colds, and
Foot Remedy
Poor feet ruin an otherwise
sound horse.
A sure remedy.
Gall. Cure
Cures while horses work
or rest.
Use any of the above articles at our risk and if it fails we will
refund your money.
c. c.
In the early days of the Socialist movement it was entirely a class struggle, a
struggle between poverty and wealth, between labour and capital, but altho the
smoke of battle is still thickest where labour and capital meet, we may say that for
the last quarter of a century the field has
been widening with marvellous rapidity
until it has become an almost universal
question of political economy. It would
be easy to fill columns of this paper in the
support of this statement, not from socialistic writers merely, but from men of every
shade of political opinion, and from ministers of every branch of the Christian
Church. Its leading exponents are not
economists, but scientists, preachers, authors, doctors, poets and journalists are
alike ranged under its banner and to attempt to stop its resistless flow would be
as vain as an attempt to mop up the Pacific ocean.
The fact of the matter lies just here, that
political economist and statesmen are con-
vincedthat the present individualistic system
is baneful and its continuance impossible.
John Morley in his 'Life of Cobden,' vol.
I. ch XIII p.p. 298-303, says "the answer of
modem statesmanship is that unfettered,
unindividual competition is not a principle
to which the regulation of industry may be
Dr. Ingram, in his article on "Political
Economy" in Ency, Britt., says "The mere
conflict of private interests will never produce a well-ordered commonwealth of
labour." And in a recent speech at Swansea,'Oct. lat, I'508, Lloyd George, the Liberal Chancellor of the Exchequer spoke in
no unmistakable language of the misrule :
of Capitalism. He said "The day will
'come and that day is,not far distant, when
this country wilL shudder at that state of
things when it was rolling in wealth. I say
again that apart from its inhumanity and
its essential-injustice, it is robbery, it is confiscation of what is the workman's share of
the riches of the land." Socialists have
been jeered at, for talking like, that, and
nearly two thousand years ago, James, the
brother of Jesus, said practically the same
thing. "Behold the hire of the labourers
who mowed your fields, which is of you
kept back by fraud, crieth'out: and the
cries of them'that reaped have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabbath." (Jas.
V. 4.) Away back in the dim and hazy
history of the past; ever since the Israelites
had to make bricks without straw.the toilers
and the moilers have been crying out for
mercy and for justice. So importunate
has been the pleading that the Christian
Church, which for so' long has been the
bitterest'antagonist of Socialism, is' to-day
giving many of its pulpits to the proclamation of the Social gospel. Socialism was
the topic of the president of the Church
Congress last year.' It is the basal element
in the preaching of the leading prophets of
non-conformity today in England, the Rev.
R. J. Campbell and Rev. Dr. Clifford of
London. Surely the foregoing ought to
convince the timorous that there is nothing
unjust in the fundamental teaching of
Socialism, which is the appropriation of
the means of wealth production <• from the
Capitalist class. It is an axiom in Socialism that no man has a moral right to hold
as private property what is essential for'the
weal of the community. '
Take  for  example  the   land  question.
The absurdity of the present arrangement
and the justice of the Socialistic claims are
clearly shown by Rev. R. J.  Campbell  in
his   recent' book   'Christianity   and   the
Social Order."   He says,  that  nearly  the
whole of Great Britain is owned  by about
180,000 landlords, and they  have  a  legal
right to say to the 40  odd   millions (very
odd millions we should say to allow  such
aTtate of"afFairs)"who make up tHeTesTof
the population, "Get off.''    Have you ever
though of that >     Just  as  surely  as you
have a legal right to remove me  off your
ten acres of Prime Jonathans so each  one
of these 180,000 in  Great Britain has a
loyal right to clear his tenants off his land
if he required it for some other purpose.
(This is actually being done in a small way
by evictions in Ireland to make   room  for
•hooting for the Lord High Muck-a-Mucks.
Now what would'the moat  conservative
government in   the   world   say  to  these
landlords  if  they  unitedly  hatched   this
mad idea in their brains ? '    It would not
tolerate it for a  moment,   but  would tell
the landlords that in  spite  of  their  legal
claims they had   no  moral   claim   to  the
land as it was required for the sustenance
of the p'eople.   The same would apply
equally to the mine owners; factory owners
and   transportation   companies,   and   yet
when'Socialists talk of the  transference of
these, means  of  wealth  production  from
the private ownership of capitalists .to the
public control of the people, holy hands of
horror are held upi and  people say "Ye
gods it doth amaze me."   The  thing that
amazes us is that the people who have the
brains to see the injustice   of the  present
position,   hypothctically,   cannot  see   the
injustice of it practically..
Here in the sunny Okanagan we live
under the most ideal conditions, and we
are tempted to be lulled into a blissful indifference .to the great questions which are
stirring the hearts'and brains of the worlds
best citizens, but the evils which are proving such a canker in the vitals of the leading countries of the world today have already laid the clammy hand of putrifaction
and decay on the land of the Lady, of
of, Snows. Now is the accepted time for
Canada to face the evils of capitalism, ndt j
tomorrow, not in a little while, but today)
Frozen to Death'in Saskatchewan.
William Evans, an English homesteader,
living 2 1-2 miles north of Waterous,
Sask., was frozen to death on the 9th inst.,
when walking from the town to nis shack.
His footsteps led to his own door, and he
had evidently tried to make his ,way. to a
neighboring shack, I -2 mile away, but was
overcome with the cold.
Sunday Cars for Edmonton.
A committee of the Edmonton Council
waited on the Alberta Government'recent-
ly, and asked that the city be * allowed to
operate Sunday street cars. They- were
assured that the' necessary amendments
would be passed at the next session of the
legislature to allow the operation of Sunday cars.
Train Wreck Near Maple Creek..
A rear end collison of two eastbound,
freight trains took place on Jan. 4th tnear
Maple Creek, resulting in the death of
Brakeman B. S. Porter of Medicine Hat,
and Fireman J. D. King who resides at
Maple Creek. Engineer Degon and Brake-
man Tanmount were also seriously injured.
One of the trains was laden with a million
dollars worth of silk, and fire breaking out
in the wreck destroyed about $16,000 of
NominMiDnsfor Aldermen.
Toronto Unemployed.
Toronto is'having considerable trouble
with her unemployed, and about five
hundred men visited the city hall recently,
creating uneasiness and excitmeut, until
they were finally turned out by the police.
The men went down to Bayside Park,
where they were advised by so-called
Socialists to take food and clothing from
the stores of the city.
Potatoes for Vancouver.
The last few days has looked as .though
Vancouver would have to strike potatoes
off the menu, as the supply has been very
short. A week ago, there was only a
a matter of- 500 tons left in the city, and
Sumas, Ashcroft, Abboteford and Kamloops districts, the usual sources of supply,
have suffered so severly from frost, that
they will be unable to supply Vancouver.
The 'Province' says, "Up in the Okanagan
matters are different, and possibly supplies
may be able to be sent from there."
Public* notice is hereby given to; the
electors of the Municipality vof Kelowna,
that I require, the (presence of the. said
electors at the Council Chamber, Bernard
Avenue,/on the TWENTY-SEVENTH
DAY'OFJANUARY, 1909, at .10 o'clock
noon,,for the purpose of electing, two,, persons in the South Ward and one person in
the North, Ward to represent them in the
Municipal Council as Aldermen.
LOWS": The candidates shall ~be~ nominated in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of'the Municipality
as proposer and seconder, and""shall be
delivered ,to the^Returning/Omcer at any
time between the dates of the notice and
2 p.m. of the date of the nomination, and
in the event of. a poll being-necessary, such
poll will be opened on the THIRTIETH
DAY.OF JANUARY, at the" Council
Chamber, Bernard Avenue, of which every
person is hereby required to take notice
and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated 'for
and elected.as* Aldermen  shall.be  such
persons as are male British subjects of the
full age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have been
for tbe six months next preceding die day ,
of nomination the registered owner, in the
Land Registry Office, of land or real'property in the City of Kelowna, of-the assessed'
value, on the  last  municipal  assessment
roll, of five hundred dollars'or more, overhand  above "any. registered   judgment   or
charge, and who are otherwise qualified as
municipal Voters. * _t
Given under my hand at Kelowna, B.C.,
the eighteenth day of-January, 1909.. "
G. HlbuNN,"
Returning Officer.   .
Sweated Wives.
Unemployed Through License Reduction
.Three hundred cigar makers have been
thrown out of employment at Toronto,
owing to the cutting off of 40 hotel licenses. The New Year's vote has scared
hotel keepers, so'that they will not buy
any more cigars than they are sure of
selling in a short time.
if she would but harken to the voice of the
prophets she might yet be saved from a
great deal of the labour and tribulation
which the leading countries of the Old
World are destined to experience in the
near future.
A young Canadian farmer once told me .
he was going to get  a woman  from -the
East. -"      "> -*•        .- _    .  !'2 ■
"How much wages are you going to give
her?': I asked, ironically. '
"How much ?   Why, I'm goin' to marry
hcr'" '-'      *      ..'.«■  ,:  - '■>  <
'.Yes, I< suppose that's cheaper than
hiring a girl to do your work?" I said.
"You'd have to give her $15.00 (£ 3) a
month,and her, board, .but if- you(«marry -
her she will have to do the whole thing-
milk, wash, cook, bake, mend, churn, pick
berries, feed pigs, tend children and\ all
the rest—for her board alone-and'perhaps
$20.00 a year from selling her eggs to make
her clothes. So you save $12 or $13 a
month.   That's what r call sweating.
"Aw," he said, "women always make a
squeal about the few chores they've got to
j   ,. », -
I -   ;.       "
And that was' all I could 'g&'ttut of him*
-Robina Forbes Chrisholrn, ir? the "Woman Worker." ,  :
"   i
■/ST   ?   ' *   '   U\s
Ulass.    "
We only - represent  the
Strongest Companies: , !    ,     \ -"-
Roya\, Guardian, Sun,^ Law .Union, Atlas,
 London & Lancashire,. Confederation Life._
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
If you want, ^-.   _ .".,«
Strong Children's Sleighs/,
Window Sashes       -Hot-bed Sas
Greenhouses       Jardinieres'
Picture Frames <
Office and Store Fittings
short, ANY OiLD raNd^^and^s&'US.
in si
Corner of Lawrence and Penctbzi Streets.
1 r\i
*1.   .^"  -,f.   .1.
«. J^t *&l£&&$.J-
xvW Ill    ,   -5 'V     „-    -',-.        • 'J ,>"'
-/  -T^f '"     .■
-a, -     -     m
<-   *•   , -^
^    Thursday, Jan i\ %   /'   '
The Orchard Citg Secord
y*. -to>< .. r/j::1 j-'jur-^iw "jfr
'i > j   ti   >>■
Bicycle Supply Co.
i   /"I i>'it
* i1   \ it
Bicycle and Motor Repair Work
neatly and promply done.
•' -" Electric Wiring a Specialty
_ We are the pioneers of Kelowna in this work.    Safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
ALL work thoroughly tested.   Estimates given on application'.'
_, -   Wealsohave a choice lot of dainty FITTINGS
and will shortly have a" large consignmentof the latest styles and most'elegant designs
in stock.   THEY ARE ON THE WAY, and you will do well to see them
"' -""     7   before purchasing elsewhere.
WE AIM TO PLEASE, because we believe a satisfied customer
is the best advertisement •.*
Our Work is.Right-
■our Prices are Moderate
h     l'j
Place your work with us and we will treat you fair""*~u*
/>      I   Ml
-   - / NOTE.THE ADDRESS: .      .
.WATER-STREET"" ■'      '.OppositeCourier Office.
4,   <~* ^,
'A: . 3
'   -x
I ^Bkv^ta   %*»T 1^w'
&1  V ',,-., -wUS-V~
". F
1        ,*  V*     f
The NewXdison Phonographs ..   !
. flaying the 2 and 4minutejRecords.   Also d fulVttneof Attachments . I
for same..   Anyone* wishing }to have th&4 minute attachment put offlo i
" an old machine can have this done Free of Charge.   ■ - \
-  J""" Also Agents for the Columbia'and all other Disc
.s"' .• • -'     •' . ;■ ' ,- " "   Machines^, ^ "*"?-?-. ~~* r-f
^     - -        .  ' -        ■   ^ .-,
Subscriptions taken for all Magazines   j
< ;«' 1"    ri
.Copies of the Latest Novels can be obtained here
x The New 1909 Diaries can now be had in all sizes
,. \ / Stationery and Office Supplies
1  /
7 - Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand.
'   I   /'Agents for EASTMAN ^KODAKS AND FILMS    J
Dr. Leyds Pardoned and Pensioned.
Dr. Leyds, wha,was the, right hand of
Kruger, and largely responsible for the
Boer war, has,npt only been pardoned by
the British Government, and allowed to return to the scene of his 'former activities,
but has also been 'rewarded for his services.- m \ -''" * " '. '
•,~The "Mail an'd'Empire" says that the
pension to Leyds may bex susceptible of a
very ^simple expjanation. "It^ will be remembered that though Leyds 'out-Kruger-
ed' Krueer in his( ^hostility to ,the British
Government, he .was suspected^ of having
betrayed the Boers when he saw that their
cause was'doomed.'" At-the time that
Leyds' vanished/ «/also did large sums of
money entrusteH'to him by Oom Paul, to
spend on, behalf'of Boer refugees in Eur-
ope. When reproached Jor.not helping
penniless refuges, Leyds pleaded .extreme
poverty, and this plea has been accepted
officially by the British Government /
 t Till   ><<■ ^-j <   -    A.   *_
t » i     i
AreYou Looking for a,Building Site?
< •» .i   If so why not get the best^ ^ .-
I have a number'of half acre lote'all set out to fruit J'
tree,( Apples,,RewB, Pliims^Cherries and Peaches, ;'
some in bearing. ^„  A-^ ~..
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that.'J-
will bear next year. / ',
One fine vnew brick   house   Corner  Ethel, and->!
..   =^. Laurier Avenue.^ ^    ^  .1    ;    ,    1} ^
One fine "new brick Cottage, corner" Ethel and,
.^     "      Sutherland ^veijue^ ,   ;.'.,,  _.        ^ ,: ,   '      ;
Also a few'thoicelake shore1 lots and a quarter j
-   Section of heavy timber close to the City.    . • **     ^|
. yjfWill sell any of the above on good terms.
•I carry the largeit stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrnbs in the Valley.
./ , Call and 'see' them'(n   •
V     »     "••*.)   \ '•- tl   V, ^r^"
-i'.'y i
j1 Harry Wants to Get Out.
Harry rCThawnis to be given a trial in
New York city, to. decide whether he is
insane or not, and if he is now fit to be at
large. The" order for trial was issued by
Justice A. S. Tompkins, to whom Mrs.Wm.
Thaw, HarryV'mother, applied.   ,
'      v-'i'in'. J
Mr«..Maybrick>to Mary Again.
Mrs. f lorence-Maybrick, who*'was con-
victed in England, (of poisoning her hus-
band, and sentenced to imprisonment for
life, but released j about 3 years ago, is
shortly to.be married,to Charles L. Wag-
ner, of Chicago, secretary of the Slaton
Lyceum Bureau. Mrs. Maybrick has been
Iecturingvu'nder the auspices of this bureau
since her release,'and has been thrown
into close contact'with 'Secretary Wagner.
_    ii / oi, Fire at KiUaraey.
A fire*broke out on'the 13th Jan. in the
brick building ^owned by George Hoar,
and occupied on. tiie, lower floor a* a poolroom, and ,$ie upper floor as law office
and dental, parlor. JThe loss is $10,000, covered by insurance!'    . %
Death of Saskatoon Pioneer.       '!
James Flannagan, proprietor of the Flan-i
nagah house at Saskatoon, died on the 11th*
inst, aRefsonie' Weeks' illness, ' He was
well known from Winnipeg'to the coast.   I
i        x   t ,'     fl'I'U'lt)' II J.I, j
POIlICE cpyRT.       I
Week ending Wednesday, 20th1
January.    ,Mii-   '       i<p   ^ f
D. McDougal was brought upon!
a charge of drunk and disorderly.'
Pleaded guilty, and fined' $5.00.     '
Di McDougal, also charged with'
cruelty to a horse. Pleaded guilty,
. and fined $10.00 and costs.
Amount received from Trustees .  . 4,302 23
Grants:   Government . . 5,000 00
City of Kelowna ,    250 00    ^
~~  * 5,250 00
< 1.     *- ' DISBURSEMENTS -
Donations, Subscriptions, Offerings,
Collections,    Parades," Concerts,
Balls, etc.:
Orangemen's Parade, I907tt.
15 00
25 00
Knights Pythias .
25 00
Thanksgiving Offering ~.	
14 15
Baptist Congregation
2 50
Peachland Foresters' Concert
25 50
Hospital Bazaar Balance
21 85
"Queen Esther" Cantata.   .
23 00
Okanagan Mission Concert .
52 25
Collection Boxes. . .
II 55
Foresters' Collection	
II 00
Peachland Girls' Aid Special
100 00
Kelowna Club	
150 75
Hospital Ball	
170 25
W. C. T. U	
17 00
Proceeds " H.M.S. Pinafore ".
291 00
" -. Spinsters' Ball   	
64 00
Mrs. Morrison's Social
66 00
Orangemen's Parade, 1908 ..
23 00
Collection Knox Church
— 20 00
Baptists' Thanksgiving	
6 30
18 00
Sundry persons	
1,699 59
Buildings .        	
Furniture .      .".....
Hearting Plant .     .    1.775 00
Less special subscriptions ..     1,562 63
Drugs . .    ..""..  ..   .
Heating . . .
Salaries and Wages  . 	
Maintenance: Board . .    .
General Expenses  .
Cash Account:
Balance as per Pass Book
Less cheques outstanding
Plus cash in hand
1.0% 67
760 15
246 70
1,126 32
202 00
924 32
12 00
8,466 53
564 05
212 35
335 64
322 24
1,546 25
2,103 52
450 00
Received from Paying Patients
Sundry Creditors".    	
-.Salaries and Wages    .... ...
Laundry  ...
General Expenses
Balance to Capital Account..
936 32
— 2,854 69
1,623 50
60 75
845 73
$14,936 90
$14,936 90
1,546 25
246 70
1,0% 67
450 00
760 15
322 24
335 64
7,439 89
$12,197 54
Charges to Patients
Donations, etc., etc.
Heating Fund Subscriptions
Interest   . .   .
as at 3hi 'Dee,  1908.
..     2.469 45
2,854 69
, . 5,250 00
1,562 65
60 75 ^
$12,197 54
Balance forward to 1909      11,742 12
11,742 12
as at 31st Dec.,   1908.
'   CR.~ >
Balance from 1907 (received from Trustees)      4,302 23 ,
Balance from Revenue Account 7,439 89
Buildings .-. 	
Heating Plant...
Due from Patients
8,466 53
564 05
1,775 00
845 95
936 32
$12,587 85
$11,742 12
as afi\sl Dec.,  1908.
Sundry Creditors	
Balance of Assets over Liabilities.,
->   845 73
11,742 12,
$12,587 85
January 20th, 1909..
Audited and found correct,
~ G7 Ar CHICK", 'J&JitorA
E. WEDDELL, Treasurer. -
Clpses Saturday 23rcl
Bargains greater than ever 6n
Friday and Saturday'
 . —TT-S
kelo^Kja, eac.
Jl., ?
-    »1
• \ «'* ?
1     Vi*«
1       * Mi
"  "V 1
s (-O i ii'
v'<1^t5S5^(3^Vfl^.^ta«*-.^*,^/;«h,»»»^ -J .v
*-\>frA**i .A*i?^.-.*.,y.^i.t-l,
■; vj-,
~A-t -^'"^'i1 $vf?N:/**!$r&§<i.y
i" .'\^AL>A
I *.
,''     \     ''I
^        t      f. I
i.     "*
y J*i
'•A MaJ [ •  ' i.
,'.\"' / -A*
The Orchard'Citg Record.
> . ..    .  i >   ,   ,
Thursday, Jan. 21
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, Lamps^ and
all necessary Supplies  for lighting your house _
Our prices are right and
we will guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember,'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do,not wish for that
Our Slogan:    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices and prompt attention to  all orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
Grease, etc., etc.,
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have an  old  machine,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
Do You Think You  Would  Recognize
It on Another Person?
'"How strange It Is," said the philoso-
phei, "that the* person for whom you
care most on earth, the one you see
oftenest and who receives your most
constant attention  is the one  whose
(•ouutennnce is least familiar to you."
Who is that?" asked the visitor.     /
Yourself," said the philosopher. *»lt
is a fact that if people could be dupli-
, iitoil and could meet themselves in the
i.lreet very few would recognize them-
1 elves     We look at ourselves  manj
limes during the 305 days of the year
Ye say our eyes are blue or whatever
!nr they may be, our hair brown, our
..n peaked, our forehead high.    We
•jiiiu every lineament of our face from
:mstant study and attention, yet when
turn away, from the mirror we can-
i!)l conjure up a picture of ourselves
> know just how our friends and
en acquaintances look. In fancy we
..i see them sitting so or standing so
::nl (heir varying expression under dlf-
erent circumstances' is clear to us.
ven though we have not seen them
for years But when it comes to our-
i-.elv'es we cannot even fill in the out-
'iue of'the picture. We may laugh, we
may cry. we may frown, but we do
hot know how we look while we are
<inin<? it Photographs do not help us
>.Ye have never seen ourselves in the
iiesh Mirrors and pictures are pool
aids when we sit down and-try to see
ourselves with the mind's eye.. That
Is w hv people are so deeply interested
;n anybody who is said to resemble
!u<ri Just say to a man, 'I know
>'.!iel>od.v who looks for all the world
'i'-.e you,'' and he will never rest until
u> foes that person. Then if the like
ii:-ss is really true he will own that up
> that time he had no conception of
nw he really looked."
The visitor smiled wanly. "I wish
you wouldn't talk like that," she said
tit makes me feel so uncanny. I am
almost afraid of myself."
2 Cents per word, four insertions for
the  price  of  three.
WANTED—Energetic Canvasser for Sub-
scription Department, Orchard City-
Record. , »
FOK SALE, or trade for Kelowna acreage
a modem seven room house at Mount
, Pleasant, Vancouver. .Address, Box
D, Record Office.
WAITED—One good newly-calved or
about to calve Jersey cow, age^ from 3
to 5 years. Must be gentle and give a
good flow of milk. No other wanted.
Apply to Geo. Whelan, .West Holm
Farm, Vernon Road, Kelowna.       3-tf
Thousands of Dollars worth!
of Seasonable Goodsmust be]
sold .during our
SALE :-.   '
FOR SALE.—Thoroughbred Jersey bull
calf, three months old. Apply Dan
McLean, 3 miles East, on Vernon road
HOUSE TO RENT in Park Dale, furn.
ished or unfurnised, or for sale, containing 7 rooms a large basement.
P.O., Box 17.
WANTED— By young lady, experienced
shorthand and typewriting, situation in
Kelowna.     Apply " J." Record Office.
WANTED—-Girl  for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. Curts, Kelowna.     * 6tf.
PRIVATE SALE of Furniture, consisting
of Beds, Wardrobes, Carpets, Chairs,
Tables, Curtains, Stoves, etc., at the late
residence of R'. H. Cole, Richter St., from
2 to 4 in the afternoons of Friday and
Saturday, Jan. 15 and 16.     Terms Cash.
Ladies' Mantles
Ladies'Golf Jackets
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies' Blouses
Ladies' Underskirts
Children's Jerseys
. and'Sweaters
Men's Suits
Men's Overcoats
Men s Odd Vests
Men's Sweaters
Boys' Suits        \
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
I'M k^Vj
^/'Tp n ^
Fleur Ae Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
LOST—on Jan. 4, 1909. between Kelowna
and South Okanagan, a bundle containing ladies' shirt waists, skirts, etc. Finder
please return to Lequime's store. $7
are open to buy South African scrip, and
$425 per scrip. Send papers to Union
Bank, Calgary, with draft attached, payable on demand. Write J. K. Lee & Co.,
109 6th Ave., Calgary, Alberta.
** • C •   li" ■■  Our repair  Department   is qualified to handle any
KepairS a OpeCialty class of work and' is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine Motors; Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos, Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.    All work done by experienced men.
r A,
\Y/E wish to inform our patrons that the moving' of
y* the stock has not interfered with the business
whatever in this department, and if possible we are in
a better position than ever to pay the best attention to
your esteemed orders.    Our stock is fresh and complete, an^oTKnlfl5^^
offered by us at the Lowest possible prices.    If you
want the best, WE have it.
Keep Cool and Remember and Follow
These Instructions.
In case of fire, if the burning
jirlk'les are at once splashed and
sprayed, with a solution of salt and
nitrate of ammonia an incombustible
i-oatlng is formed This is a prepara
tion which can be made at home at n
trifling cost, and should be kept on
hand. Dissolve twenty pounds of common salt and ten pounds of nitrate of
ammonia in seven gallons, of water.
Pour this into quart bottles of thin
glass and Ore grenades are at hand
ready for use. These bottles must be
Lightly corked and .sealed to prevent
evaporation, and inNcase of fire they
must be thrown near the flames, so us
to break and liberate the gas contained. At least two dozen of these
bottles should be ready for an emeix
"in this connection it is well to remember that water on burning oil scatters tho flames, but that flour will ex
tlnguisb It Salt thrown ,upon a fire
if the chimney is burning will help to
deaden the blaze. If a fire once gets
under headway and prompt exit be
comes a necessity, a Bilk handkerchiel
dipped iu water and wrapped about
.the mouth and nostrils will prevent
suffocation from smoke; failing this, a
piece of wet flannel will answer.
Should smoke, fill the room, recall
your physics—remember that /smoke
goes first to the top of the room and
last to the floor. Wrap a blanket oi
woolen garment about you, with the
wet cloth over your face, drop on your
hands and knees and crawl to the window. Bear In mind that there Is uo
more danger in getting down from a
three story window than from the first
floor If you keep a firm hold of the
Vope or ladder.   Do not slide, but go
hand over hand.
FOR SALE---18 inch level, cloth covered,
new, made by Wittshab, Berlin. Apply
F. W. Jones, Okanagan Centre.      ' 8-9p
FOR SALE--'-"20 acres of lake shore prop,
erty, within a mile and a half of Bernard
Avenue, Kelowna, with seven-roomed
bungalow, chicken house, wharfe,_ etc.
Good land for peaches, sheltered position,
suitable for early crops. Rtdiculously
low price for quick 3ale. Apply P.O.
box 285, Kelowna, B.C. 8-1 lp
25 Per cent- O^
Boots and Shoes
20'percent. Off
I am instructed to invite the creditors of
R. W. Y. Radcliffe tf meet me in Raymer's
Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1909, to consider
a'proposal for the payment of all debts.
.Would all creditors who have not yet filed
their claims please do so with me before
above date.
Dress Goods and Silks
Sheetings and Pillow Cottons
Towels and*Towellings
Flannels and Flannelettes
Table Linen and Napkins
Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves
AH Men's Furnishings"
Flannel Shirts,, Sox, Braces,
Underwear.'. Mitts,   Gloves,
Etc., Etc.
The Kelotona
-Outfitting Store
Canned Goods. Trimbles Fresh Creamery
' (Triangle Brand) Butter arriving every week
Corn, Peas, Beans, and all from Alberta.
kinds of Fruits. Home grown Lettuce and
WagstafFs Pure Jams and Onions always on hand.
Preserves. Fresh Celery by, express
Heing s, C. & B., and twice a week.
Holbrook's Pickles. Everything guaranteed.
When ordering by phone, ask Central for Grocery
Business will go on as usual while
... *»
~~'"        —Strictiy^Frean-EflB"'	
There are summer resorts, remote
from any agricultural cbrnmuuitiet.
where fresh farm products are even
Harder to obtain than in the city. II
was at such a place that the new
boarder, who had eaten four or Ave
breakfasts there, began to wonder why
I no eggs <vere invariably served fried
"See hero," he Inquired one morning
rjf the genial colored man who waited
upon Vm, "why do you always fry'
eggs hero? Don't"yon ever boll them,?"
"Oh. oh, yes, sahr responded the
waiter pleasantly. "Of co'ee yo" kin
have 'em boiled ii\jro' wants 'em, but
yo' know, sah, yo' takes de risk!"
■■» * The Plumber's Derby.
, Tho compassionate citizen remarked
to his plumber: "Gua, If -1 were a
plumber and had to crawl Into small
nooks and corners, as you do. I'd wear
u soft hat or cap. Why, your derby
In full of dents." Gob replied: "I'd be
a fool to wear a soft hat. This derby
hat saved my head many a hard kuoek
froin pipes and beams. See, I have-It
packed with crumpled newspapers,
which give me both inspiration and immunity."   '
A n
GROW.    r
■ A Haughty Reply.
'A story about William' Pitt Iircad or
heard somewhere many.,years ago represented n noble mediocrity as assur
mg the "great statesman with some
condescension. that he, might fairly
expect aii'§nrlaWfor his magnificent
pervlces. r        .  .,
"1 an earl!" was tho haughty, reply,
"I rnakft dukes."-St James' Gazette.
'    '<". Exceptional! " ,
"is-lie really n good violinist?"
, "Yeu.jtttid an exceedingly •romarkabto
one,"' '     - ■      ,J    '['   •     ' /
"In'what rp?|>PPt?"'L' v, i>, '<>u>
• -His  Instrument' la not '»
Do you want Help ?    ■:''■'*
Do you want a Situation ?~~
Have   you "anything you
wish to dispose of ?^  / 7
Is there anything you want
to buy?
We can tell it to everyone
1    in the district for;you^t
the   following   insignih- *
cant figure; ,,
Four Insertions for Ithe price
\       of three.   -
v j  Minimum charge, ,15cents.


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