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The Orchard City Record Mar 11, 1909

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 i&«'_4&HJ'J_<    -«--^
-       7 >____«i»^^^wl_«--»«
 ,.;:v;iW,.„.-..  -.,. - ....... .-. .;■. . •■
tti*! .'.■?.*■ -r!-?.!.■*'y^'1"^."r. _\_ _M*;*?-.'■?:_"*"V"?,"v ^.T""''".*
r. /SJfi.'-iv;^',";. * * v. J
777^7;SS7"ifc! A0f:;M 7;
i». •■•■l-KWiVi-i
7 -7777 7777 ^73.7.; ?«r!i_.7»,voU ;;mse^7#ft(
KEL/_WNA7M^ MARCH'11,71909
4 130; E^^iwn^'1"5"^
,'.-v- "'4!;'?.
.,  .i:_ .■,....-y.^^v-ij_7,j7;^-7.
77A:meetin^bf :;thei:City7Couhcil
fook?place": lMt/;Mpnday7   Mayor
^777 • :-v ^The' minuses' !bf the* last ^meeting'
*''£ vt7y;'iW^ -3f
■£.■:I  ■? •.:.•: A deputation consisting or .Mr.
i D. Oeckie and;Mr. Mclavishi wait-
jjjp/bn7the; cburicil/ askiri^Lthat
tKe; Free • Reading;R^m?riiigKt7be:
7|7'flowed ':th^'_ie/o£dieelec^cJigm
.477free of chMge;7ThsVeadingjfoom
r _     | 7; publibs _nstit^
i 7S I    means of reyeriue/jand iit would be
a great^help^ifjth^fj^rdeh^of^^^
|77; I' ;electric;lightbill_*could%be; reriiov-
""'■"'' ''77^7l^^e:;^p^ntV^o^7•coff^J)o.n-;
7 A letter from the^ppriunibn?: Securities 7;CpiT^r^ipn77<wrinrjming
their 7 taJegri^^rfacceiptirig^i?.'^'
$56,000dolle^ debentures at 111 I
7; ^letterfrom *p7G;:-Perry' asking
for full particulars iof/the expense
account 'pirn consequence *of^Mjtas
"7 Frbm^W.7G.;E_erit7: confirming
PvS'," *"• ^.yirorka1from -E7 G. Prioi^ of Victoria^
'-^11^ *?^!'C^*»^TH**H ^'>V'®'!'S:^®!^'fed:' t°
7 ! 7'the Fire and j Water Gonimittee7 ■ 7
mMAA Messrs^ B:W^ Crowley--^c^cg)
7i7^ma_.e;applIra^Bp_ for^^ir|Stofello
LAfi 7^ wbrk877TKfe1 was'.'-refenred ;:tb:;Fire
8truc6bh. rthattthi^7cbhnectidhff ^ Be
not made unbl the frost iuj out or
-7the"grbund7.;v.; A ■AyyAAy) 7-77.:':-
.list of telec^cVwiring inspections to,
■ 7date^^'*''"<i«77>-^-3ri^^'s:c;* /'''"-^hy^S
^7 A"■petition^ waSs 'received ^from
;tb construct a .idewalk as^ a local
;. improyementpn the;soutli side vo.t,
- Lawrence;.;•Avenue _ from7iPen3ozi
f to7Ellis- Street7A Filed 7until >the
7firian<ji^7b^niate9Ji for • the ~year
■y have .been 'prepared^^-^M^^^ - 7'7
*; ;A7de^
ivformed:Aquatic Associa^on^;^cp.n-
sisting ;bf: •Merors. Raiymer:;Craw-
Ithe leMeloKa^sitelih'the
•'? -
erection of ia^club^house. ,;.yMr.
Raymer who headed Tthe deputei
tion; iaid that a :week ago lau_t Fri-
decided to 'form and;. Aquatic ; As-
S&TBiatibii*tp~be _ncorpbrattfd"a8 "a
stock company with a capital of
$ 10,000 in |25 shares, *nd i|hatwit
was' ;furte. decWedy >to^p^titioh
the council for the lease of Ta-" site
for a dut?hou8e7etc.7 i Mr^Ray
when they Ay£uld be7able to 7dis&
y~Mayor 7peHart7!_aid7that'- per7
haps'the best thing to -do-'-was-Ktb.
appoint a park cbmmitteeVconsist-
|ng ;«or ;twoj.yaldermen;; 'and Ttwp
members:chosen7frpm amo
business men of the city i_s a :_».ark
committee; and j they would 7then,
deal ^vith.the -matter and Report to
a future^^ -meeting7of the council.
;If>Jthe?^pui^cil7granted: a "site;; he
Said the rules bf^the^ Aquatic 7 Asr'
'sbciatibri?woul3?haye to be apprbv-
ed;byJthe;6iry .Icbuncil x and every
opportunity giveii?■ to the public- to
use|the;building f6r7bathing  pur-
7 The^piitarijMi/finally withdrew
with^'rthe7Maybr's./assurance )that
they would,deal with the matter^
arid 7that7:hec^thbu^ht/ he Tcould
have a site of some kind, if not so
large as they :asked.• 7' ■;' .'.'■ :-7|: ■''
;;<y Anfasrbement was reatd betw.eri
thV8icayeriger7M7_)7Mills aridf the
dky; s^royidingf .fbir: ^scavenging
wprl^l during^h_7 next twelve
inbnth.:7:-Tin. led ^tbjSbme di^us-
sion" as to , whetherj the city, was
sufficiently 'protected jinfthe';' terms
of ithe: agreemi2rit7arid 7 the': matter
ii^ifinally refeffedvW ItKeT Health
committee^thattithey; iriight78eelc
tlie^adyicetpf the;s-ciry7'sblicitor7jri
7!T^e!s^e^^':tKe-exterwibri ibf
the^waiter systeni was,- also;;intro-
duc^^ytjt w^7 fef"^: that; the
heayy^expenditure that'thjl, would
entail would' render ariy very great
extension impossible 'A for7 ?the
^reser^^-^:';;^.^^'^ ^;
A^^;fpj|lovying ^motion, vwere
adopted;   _:77; '.7777f-i*;,'J 77'.':.
7 Cbx^Baijesr^-nTJhiatIthe following
accounts be referred to the Finance
Cbmniittee,*arid_f;-founds, correct
4 35
ii 00
ft    IN C0F#_R_NCE
H;lW. Raymer^rentjbfihallfor pub- - * >
,i;V,lic;meeting8, and -making tank   777
y^totjAximillight:teit;77....i^7$37 00
James Bros., electric fixtures..-.........
W.RvTr)inch78tatipnery' etc..v.'..;.:;.
Cikwforc! ;(Sf.Co.;r'type' ritboh'... „...:.
Thbnip'soin-Stationary   $o.,r awew-.  •' <
D. Leckie, Electric light supplies..."..'. J9 45
Morrison-Thompson Q>., water arid   J 7
77 J'?^' supplies/;....;..;...;/.;.......20' 72
A;\E. Marks, electric"plant supplies   5 50
Kelowna Saw Mill Co.,< lumber...... 50, 30
Kelowna Saw Mill Go.,'hauling saw-   "   ;.-.-
..*......., ^. ■.. ■...  i=ri   i^-       • *•-.'---_-
«t («^ p.ur
mer handed in a: plan which he
. had7 i_.p^ed»rf an'^___prij
estim&d I ct^tv#ut $5,000,f I
i Alderman Ball, |&id he ..would.
like to*krio^ what: ^fP^raidnAvould
be made for: the boys and girls
7 whbvwbuld want to! use the. building during tKie b&thing season.    ,
A council that ample- prpyi-ibn would
be   made   as ^regycrded fdressing
•ropm8 etc.; for.thbi^iblicl^i 7|.
, WA
[.; A discuwioriiwas" r*1*8®^ upon
y, the < proposed feiifcirig. in -■ of^tlje
I 7 site^sbme of the council ;bemgfpf
^7;7tiievbpiriioiii: that it S'wbuId^be-^-bb^
f ^ectibriable^ totthe i pu|?lic7tp 7 haye
|77ahd;that. it[\ypuld bte ^bS^aor^to
|7;'Sthe: park7'7 AyAA-:i 777 77H'7 ^
|7 there was no;fence;:th^members
I; 7,orth^chib:v^
7ity-i^arid 7Aa^hUdreri'pybuldi;!be:
the landing of the members' boats.
7; Mr. BaUey thori
:c^ild> %3dpnfe(V??thpiit ^eiiigMe:
ground, and he:suggertedi.thatA?:
^venient tinie *--'-'J-'ii~~""iJL---1—-
wiring in 17.buildings......
W. G. RUsfell, express on dies...
Canadian Fairbanks Co., light sup-     4 '
Canadian'Fairbanks Co., light supplies ....................................  17 50
WrMMshalirwork*ori""water^orki7 9 00
J. H. Ferguson, work on light plant   2 50
W. G. Russell  inspecting   electric   '
n     _ ;.3;80
H. H.'Millie,tpKon^iuid.rtelegraph   .
S_ ^c^rit^r'&K;...,.77...7.....7l3 05
.•^BaileyTCox-—That the clerk? be
instructed to have notices printed
jW^tingbri by-law to purchase
,the.|);E-thibition • and Recreation
Grourid8.7       > 7 —Carried.
7 Ball-Rowcliffe ~r That parties
wishing 7,to>haye sidewalks constructed in! fr ont^of. their | .property
Law?,be requested to?file their7api-
plication jwith'"' tKe' ■ City f C|erk; fribt
lafer tKari;April 1 st. 7* '•—Carried,
i7-Ball-Gox^-TKat instead :of7proh
with free light a grantTJof [$25|:be
made7towards the;7expensejT' of
8ariier|!7|7.1-,'-:; A-' AAA\'r?GSriitia'.
7Cpx^allMThat Ety-lawstNbi757
and 75(6 be; read a second time.tli
■rt&AiA^yA, . A: .;■ -"    AUfaxt^d;
v The :meetirig 7 then "adjourned
untilMonday, March J5tli, at^O
General Booth, the grand old man of the
: The eleventh ainnual convention
of :i';Prbyiricial;SP Fa^^|7ln8titute
took placeslM-7weelt7iri^\^ic^ia.
The ,deputy: minister of Agriculture,
;Mr/R; jM/ Palmer7^
following delegates were, present:;
Johri Pilwdj^h7;Ke_6^a';vIEhprnas
Carbett,v Coquitlam;; jameSiLRbbki
Kettle \fallby,; ;J^C^ Harris^Arrow
Lake Tarid "Slbcari; '7:J) 7P;7Curry,
Kamloops r-'"H.;:'7;H7:VMathe^sbrii
.Sp^luiricheen ; 7 G7;> hieatherbjelli
^etchpsin; vW; |?I-::Stby^ait,;•;; Sha\>fr.
riigan.)" A^: K7Far^har^n7Ge^h;al
Park^ -Jas7 Murray, West Kbotishay;
H. R7Phillips, Matsqui;- 7RvGille>-
pie, Okanagan; F.; Gpwley,AIber-
ni 7j. 7B7 Sylvester,'■:'■ Bella;;jGbbIa;
^7T. Abbott, Mi_Jidni>^^ Har-
ris^MapleiRidge; 7J.7 Bailey^cChilli-
wack; J. 71-7 Collins, < Salt iSpring;
H. • Harris; Langley; R. Gillespie,
yferrion;'" J-TWhelptpri^'K^nt;,LAr
Goldsmith,"' Kootenay Lake; \W(^G^
Way, Sooke ; AiiP.insmqre,^Suney*
Centre! W. J.^^ Hamiltbn.Cranbroojc;
•Jarries'Gobk,* Grestbn?;7 Jas^Rbbke,
Grand.'.' Forks::7J.;7Kerr7 Wilson,
Delta;7F7G.;Quick, -Vi^ria7777
77Thei'suip^ritehde^Iin7K^ fad-,
dre.3 Isaid; that the jwpfk; ofJthej{In-;
stitute ^during the^ipastvyeariihad
been very satisfactory.^7T_.ere had
been anvincrease^ln^membership
of 350 and in 'the  riuriiber3ibf7 In-
7"Ani^l jrepbrtis^had^b^
ed from tnbsecretaries;jbf7allrIn-,
stitutes except Bella/GoblaiSRicK^
|rio^7 Maple; Ri^ge^aSd \ Sh^vnsi|
A It was: their desireCtoimake; Farmers'". Institutes something; nipre
than organizations _6r;the; purpose
of hearing'lecturer's^.sent out by the
to see .the Vyarious -Institutes fully
representing the" best thought arid
Agricultural practice in * their respective: districts, i 777: 7:;~'7
_ There hadbeen some neglect on
the' part "of "secretaries in jvforwardr-
ing trari8cripts of adaresses deliW
efed at the IristitutestbtKe Instituted
He hoped.that.in future transcripts
of at lea8t:rwb; addresses would be
sent in each" case *eiacB\year.
T^The^department had experienced difficulty,* as in former years, in
securing! the" services of a thorbugh-
ly competent man; for' lecturing
and practical deiribnstraHpri work,
This; it is-hoped 7tb> overcome, at
leafst in'part,'by.the increases made
arid <to Jae^made;,;to the permanent
'staff of the .agricultural department,
It i87plariried:vtb largely iricrease
demonstration -work in. connection
with.the7fruit7industrv,7 including
Salvation "Arrny; will be,"eightyjyears old
next{:l_o_ih>7■'■.';SalyaHpnists idlVoyer;;'th^
world are preparing to celebrate the event,
and a monster demonstration is to be'held
in -i«ndon77-
pruning,-spraying, ,fruit grading
and packing, stock judging classes
and-demonstrations.. It is also
hoped tb7 secure the services of
experts on irrigation and the raising of cropson^ irrigated .lands.
7 Jri,conclusion, the chairman said:
it was largely due to the efforts of
secretaries and directors that the
work had been so successful 7as a
whole^dhd it was h|s7privilege to
express the thanks of the : department for,their, .efficient work, and
to congratulate the successful institutes on their standing.   ': A.
Prernier McBride and the Hon.*
R.G. Tatlow^ minister of agriculture
gave^brief raddresses,' • congratulating the n-eriibere on the great progress of agriculture in the province.^
v^jMri'Thbrnas;-.' Cunningham also
7 Puring'the,^ceeding sessions of
the cbnveritibri7which.lasted three
days, many matters of -interest to
farnie^87and7fruit^growers ;were;
discussed, and  important resolu-
l„P(ns\adbpted;:77C777;:.,':"; 'Ah
A MriCorbett,; Coquitlam, stated
that they ; had7^approached the
Hon..Mr.'lTatlbw,>w>lH I81 request
that the  government,  in  addition
■;''-, '••".■'•■••:■• '•.•...>.■ i.'"v-^ r-.'-v i-'---. -7.-'-.■'•.: ','■■  '• •:!■■
to supplying stumping powder at
a^'fe^i^d7rat67 ^'should •• grant ^i
bonus of say $1 per box,jmaintaining that
settlers would be thus materially assisted;
and enCQurajjed'in ]|Hedifficult task of land
clearir^t.J;77|$4M7i77-n A)A>:t. ■ H\vJ--
Aftera^^od:deal>of;d^si5ujrion^ it wtw'
decided to rea_rm the Vesolution. of last
!7-';7^>7 .<Gonrinued>oi-;page;^.)'"7
:'■'.■' The:imonthiy;meeting.r6f j'the Board'of
Trade'- was1-.' held ; on Wednesday • last,- Mr.
Du Moulin inthechair.' v7; .77->v
7 TheTminutes of last' meeting were read
and corifiiTOed7'A;'7-':--^'-i^"7''? ■.':7'7'7t'
;;, A;large.airnbur;t!:of correspondence; was
dealt with;- including a" letter from''the
.Pbstma8ter-Gener_l respecting an application 'for",'rural", free-mail-.deliverjr, Jetteira
from'Mr. Price Ellison: and the Minister of
Public Works, ;haying ^reference to'- the
government works 'oh'- Mission;; Creek;1: a:
letter .from,the Londoh:;,TirneVTe .the ;ad-
yertising of the, the city, .ih Aat paper; arid
several .others', ofv variousi degrees of. importance; ":;:-, 'AAA- 77- ''..;:''-"'■•.'■ "7- -7 "A^
7 Mr. S.T.; • Elliott, who,': had formed .one;
of a party7whb had.svisited the works' on
Mission Creek said he -had found the work'
,to; be.very satisfactory. He had beeri;yery
favourably 'impressed with the" "many excellent improvements which had .been
carrieid'Out there.-777;..«7' .-7...'..7>:-":;-..'77-
■"•: • Mr.: G. Rose submitted a report of the
Publicity' Committee,.and suggested that -a
separate fund be instituted for advertising
purposes. \■*■■;■;-,7";;;,,-;■;.■.j-;;/'--'''.V'-7'"!':7;'77
; - Therepoft. of the 'delegate to the Railway Convention at Victoria was given';by
Mr.T:W.^Srirling ih^the^absence of-J Mr.
Pitcairn. In his remarks he* said-that"; Mr.
Lanigan, the representative of the C.P..R,,
had pointed out thattheycould^nqt change
freightiratei at"'a.'m'ofnentV notice,"as'they
would;:.-have .'to justify them v beforefthe
Railway.Commissioners. He (Mr. Lanigan)
; had -said {tKat' the | Okanagan; rates -were
very7fair: compared 'with- other places.
The disadvantages under*.which:the fruitgrowers;; of.-the' ? Valley7?h'a"d;. labored 2 last
...■.•-v~^:,'-t.«ii1Vj4\*::,*.-ri,...is.t..-;'--,-'i> ;-.?:•. -r,■-,*.--. .;•■■':
year had nothing to do with freight rates;
but was caused by disorganization amongst
the""growers themselves; ';•-;'; <.i:}. ■ A~"r A 7''-
7 In the matter of the bringing cars through"
to Kelowna pri Jbarges j down the lake,'Mr.
Stirling .was of opinion that the 'board
would do well to "meet the railway! author-'
ides in: a generous spirit; as it would be
quite an jimportant ■ thing tor the town to
have this scheme carried.out.'A;-,?:7 *'7
J'Mr.'Rayineraske'dhow soon the railway
'would bring the cars here.; Definite orders
had;; been ''i given, >" replied;; Mr.: Stirling to'
put the scheme through.as soon as possible, but there was some difficulty about
■the^plan^of the, ,necessary: tracks at; this
end that was causing the delay. ];. ':> _
\.;Mr. J. y/. Jones(moyed, and,Mr. Stirling
seconded, that the- secretary be. instructed
to thank the. government on behalf of, the
board for the quick action which they have
taken in- the matter of cold storage of fruit,
7Mr. Jones, ^speaking on the subject of
advertising, said the board were missing
golden opportunities' in delaying- the starting of their advertising campaign. They
had been discussing advertising fori the
past ,three months, but nothing had been
:(dpne^yet.^  The; booklet 'issued last  year
itiori- in Wirmi^^_K)eemment ^\,jb<^^3l^7^:l_oa»|||
Money for Gold; Stb^e PI^ts.7;
Arj'Aniy important ^conference be^
Growers^Associationskand; Boards
of Tradel^of British-;Gblumbiav'anidl,
prominent officialsv ofT^the) =.G.P.RV
was -,!' hbldv last, -week^_n 7;Victpria.
Among1-the • delegates .were;: Mr. Ti
W. Stirling and-Mr. Pitcairn^rep*;
re-eritirig Kelowna Board bf Trade.
7 Theichair^was taken by the Hpni
Mr. Tatlbw,- minister of a^cultiiref
;He said that;the>present meeting
second gr^e;-'frtiif;.afc
TJ>U8 any redu<^oniin ;h"eig^^
vj^ould ]patiK^]^^
be immediately iriet':W_ae Ameri-;' "*'
waa:. more r than,: counterbtdanced
was  one of;,- the7most impbrt^fl fra^n aJ%r^n Jv^^dpKielfru_||g
tb7; prp|ect;;, th£ r<!^t?^^S_b^r^7. u	
.whp;do..not slifferifcoria-AxriJericEu^fJM
competition, did not apply toKftGc'A®
__.-'.-;T/-.'',>. -..'.-'--'••-;:_-'!."<:. i ^T^i.'-rfC*~_'--ii^s©
truit amvmg,here in closed pack- - ■•'
ages.- He read-■a',Iawy^«'t-^^n.t-^i!
which had byer;beeri;held7iri'7the
offices ;of >the^^ Agriculhiial % Depart-,
ment. A The; G.PiR; j had i;i been^ instrumental irivcalling the meatirig
tbgethefcarid whateyft;its faultsthe
railway should be commended for
having; given free; carriage7tb Jithe
fruit exhibits sent by the r province
'tP;London;7;;' _.:;i77 •777i^:3'':^1
7^Mr.m. C. Ricardbi7of i^emori-
T. W. Stirling, of vKelowna;'"_ ji [,-"J."
Geimpibell^vbf sNelsbri^^and„?Nfc
Lanigan, of: the5{G^P^Rfj7.were7ap:-
pointed -^ a. resolutibri 7 committee,;;
and a large'riuriiber of «r<^^
were! wibmitted '*'■ ]■ tp7^^ jwWcff
wefeTdebated during' the afternbori'
i__U'i£'iS"-t,.';';/'*'"■ *%S-|'!."_„i -i'>-,.-.WfS.'rSj.i(3*!-S,1"*■.->:'
session;::;;; l'-'.-■ -:  ;'••■ '.7:,-.,;J7;,«" %:Ai-C'-Wv'?i
7^The first'T(Mblnti^7w^
■ ypKed^ia,'^ pfolbngedtlf discussion^
ha'd been quite, small, and the board had
not been able to supply the demands, the
Continued on page 8.
Academy of Science
for British Columbia
7!At a meeting held- iri-McGill
University V College, Cambie St.,
Vancouver, a; few days ; ago, the
first definite steps-were ; taken to-
wards the formation of an acadamy
OX-S___________ -"-"•-'**   ■   Am       .-*.--.>
77The Rev. dW. Taylor, M.A.,
FiK.S.G., curator ofthe B.G. marine
biological station at departure bayi
was chaifirian^anid many represen-
fetaw; Scientific^ men from" Vancou-
-ver^Victbria, ;"Nanaimo and New
^e8trairister'were:;ipresent.7 .7
v^^wicouvierv is to be the7 head-'
quarters'of the new society;^and
colrimittee8 were appointed to arT
range'fbr; the carry irigbut of > the
jt{ hiw.^cJen-'; felt,• "fpr7 spmej time
pmst that; an organization bf ' this
toriU;^a^;n6eded,in order to -form
a;^^necting :;link ■.between".;" _Ke
many scattered :■ scientific wiarkersf
;yaluable7 - researches 7in7•'.] various.
pairte^of the province,; but the> re-;
jsiills" of ywhbse. labors; from the lack
bf atiycentral'. organization^are;.disi.
Lme^&htineri't/v:lN.TKb 7bbmrriitteeS'
:thb^^.few, ;yreelc_.777'':?S :%>: ^'AA
minimum weight of-,j36,000,.lbs. is
shippers.-/to" date; from;. Spokane;
east a minimum of only 24,000: lbr
cars is required-r7:fbr7the;'8rirtaU^t
ca-s u& minimum7bff>more5than!
24,000 ilbs. r is i^nbt .practicable;
therefore be7it7re8olved7that7the
G.P.R/ be^kedr to .reducerr'the
minimumv/eight for carload rates
from B.C. to points east, on^ mixed
cars.fiof, apples,- fresh : fruit, ■* arid
vegetables 7from7^30,000i1!lb8.!ll_'s
24,000 rlbs.7for7large7 b_rs^ iiariid
20,000 lbs.;for small care.^7;.i7/ a:
Mr. Lanigan said this matter, had
already;; been; ,i takeri^uprfj.byx^tHe,
C.P.R. and he had with hirii a}cbpy
of a proposed ;riewI ta_iff;7provid-^
ing for ;the'reduction;from>;30,000
lbs. to;;24.000: lbs.r;i'With; regaril
to the reduced minimum on small-.
ercar8,;he/could :not.,_prisen.'to
that.7 Such/>a7 minimum :was7not
granted by;-, any line; anywhere.
However.;i}- there7;wwe7npti^rivore
than one per;. cent, of the . smiaill1
cars being used arid no new ones,
were1 being built, so *" that',the: * evil
-'?V_ J. Al.^_. -Pentictb^thbni ;ft
was tfeing
c^ifaid^p^a^^SKiS^ . t
a LlbKthe -cfr _i_lir»y^^§j^WI^^
The A. i. i. Graonds
The :vblini:^f^^*te___^^(Kr
......     -.--..,■„.     .     .:- .•:•■_, ■..-.■*...-^»:-_v.=,._._.^|
Trades AMbci^tio%^bunds^bk 7
•___• i_.__ ___'>•_«__«_#«_____»___ *m
In. favor
.- ^ 7r-; Numberj;,necei^'i7J-'-:.;*
•77V" isaiytoicany. °°
-Wou!d=s66ri=rbiriedy .tself
%The next "resblutiorf?dealtHwith
rates and lead' to "a1 prolonged1 'discussion. 'The fruit'? growers' "want
the 8amb^-ate; mtb ;Winriipeg?M; is^
enjoyed by.Jthe: Ontario; miit 'growers in brder" to be able to compete
.on ari'eqtiality.' ; Giving instances,
Mr. Rogers siaid'th^t' thb! rateNof
apples arid pears from Okanagan
to; Winriipeg;Hvas 75c! per; cwt.i
while." the7rate * 'from ?Ontarip* to
Winnipeg was 55ci per.cwt^Thi8
was a mb8t8enous difference, and
became of;;still greater importance
to RC,;'growers^!;Wheri it^was;re^
membered that their - cost] of p*o-
duction and. living was considerably higher than it was iii' the east.
The Dominion Express Co. granted
iden^caljrate^7.vi;"/i'•;>J:_,, AAA-A'"'''
;, Mr., Lanigan said that he had recently made a; personal canyass of
.the;fruit grower? pf ^innip'^g and
the nbtlhwest in ;brderttb.7find7out
if pbMibleiwhy7the;,B.O:>i^w^
clid nptdo, 7mbre,/bu8iri<^r;ithere!
^^firet ihe^thoughtitt w^7becautie
of the^pritewb'jfniit, but afterwards
he found; that)pss and less Ontario
fruit found iteiway^tpT.the:- Winnipeg,iriarlwfc7T^en-l*e^
was because, too large prices.twere
asked';for;^ritish, Columbia;^fruit.
Finally, however, he satisfied himself that ^neither of these causes
>^ere; the >:real, reasoni^tThe l .^real
competitionin '.,-Wihnipeg^wiM.VJElie
Washington, ript the Gfntorib ■ miftv
and the Americarifrujt was driving
the others b7it;of7theSmarket.7-It'
Nvas ribt because the;yforeigi
wais^biettfeir^ but b&ause;the
^M.bf 7Yakimi-;'valley^Mir1"'
atchee ;y^ley' v^rt7diirinpl
f«?7_7:7i13' vmsszvi'lAc'^'4.iw'■}$$$§!<M\
.' -^;^;;meetmg ;,;0|i. the^^/^p^i^onp^j
wili'Be;Ii(_l<_ .•..'tStt'!?af6^-oi_2.wh«_^M|
■jA£kA>" '< ->ji l*''S'^||SI
<  A terrific bli_«__-Md »rio^^
Thursday Twheii Waiwi. HMTaf^W
storm which wai»bb<bf*b-ifer-t 7^
..-'."■:' «'x  . ' ^ ''...-..'•' ■■■%*:■■;  '%■I.^-l^-t■.^'■■■^Tr!V-A•■'•■^^•^'^*.■'
____________ .:.V .__<,___ /.^__r:|^^
ang.d,  -nd: brought _di^pp6mt7   ,
- rittesS t^:inaugurati<^ceimb|^^
inside/it^being found/iApwibleW
_i> ^_____ijv __ ___;*J^^i_!__S_£ __t_a _J
"  """■        """""" '"" """"JiiitSi
cation wij
off for so:
llililiiilllill^ ., ;,-,  ,; "-
The Orchard City Record
Thursday-March II
We  are  particularly  well fixed
to execute  all your orders for
l.;-5;.v    ^-»W-1;-"'-
-   pr^ntmg.    With new type,  n£-y\r.
machinery,    skilled    mechabics,
and  every  labor saving device
we  can  dp  your  work   qvjicki;
well and at reasonable prices.   7
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you:....',...'
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
, CHAS<: H. LEAJHLEX- Bu#£ Monaqir.
Subscription $ 1.50 per annum.
To United.States $2.00per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
which is commendable and the
matter should be well considered by the citizens of Kelowna.
It is also suggested that the
surplus money from the recent
sale of the city's debentures
could be applied to this purpose. The whole question of
the .^development of the park
property -is; one which is big
%th possibilities for the future
welfare of the city, and one
which should be approached,
not lightly, but with a full appreciation of the fact that herein lies an opportunity of making
Kelowna one of the most
beautiful and attractive cities
for. summer visitors on the
whole of the Okanagan Lake.
The two great meetings recently held in Victoria, one a
conference of the farmers
themselves, and the other a
meeting of the railway authorities and representatives of the
farming interests, should be
productive of considerable benefit to the whole agricultural
community of British Columbia,
and let us hope, of the Okanagan in particular. Grievances
which have long been felt and
privately discussed, have been
• brought into the light, and
though not all wrongs have
been righted, yet much has
been-achieved and more may
be done when the' many important resolutions adopted
have had time to bear fruit.
Apart from the vexed question of freight' rates, the inequitable state' of which consti-
,. tute%. one,   of   the   greatest
- obstacles to the progress of the
■ fruit-growing industry in   the
"" Valley," perhaps the most important, matter which tKe recent
..conferences have emphasized
'is the "need of some more
efficient method of handling
and marketing the produce of
the farmer, $nd ..particularly of
the farmer in * small way.
The farmer is undoubtedly not
getting the return from his m-
- ^ yestmeht v^hich he ought to get.
'   'Wh_.<_   poclcet' is  this  profit
going into?' Various remedies
- have'been suggested for this
7 . unsatisfactory.' state of things,
but little <ian 'be done without
the earnest", and energetic co-
opgratidnof;the farmer himself.
It i_ no use nimc>standing aloof
and waiting for others to look
to his interests. ^ H$ must get
his .i$qc. t& .he'frope and plant
his feet firni/ifhis side is going
to \yin.,, s Farmers the world
^ oyer Have the reputation of
', bping the best grumblers and
~~ the_worst workersinrtheir own
interests of any class. Let them
support' their" local Institutes
andmiake themt influential and
powerful'enough• to demand
Jr.theirlflghts. ,A> . -.
Defrauding the Unemployed.
Two leaders of the Chelsea unemployed,
Geo. Rolfe, painter, and Wm. Hambhn,
general labourer, were charged at the
Central . Criminal Court, with misappropriating money collected on behalf of deserving cases of men out of work. Rolfe,
it was explained was the secretary and
Hamblin. the organizer and treasurer of
the Chelsea unemployed. They organized
church parades and street parades.
On Dec. 3 last, Rolfe and Hamblin paid
a visit to the Rev. A. Fleming, minister of
St. ColumbaY Church of Scotland, Pont
Street, and asked if they might attend his
church on the following Sunday and have
a collection on behalf of the unemployed.
This was agreed to and over £27 was realized. A great .part of this these two
philanthropists put into their own pockets.
Rolfe was sentenced to six months and
Hamblin to three months hard labor.
A number of cases of the exploiting of
real, distress have been brought to light
this winter.
Public Rat Catchers.
The Society \ for the Destruction of
Vermin hope to bring before Parliament
this year a bill, under which it is probable
that public rat catchers will be appointed.
Daring Escape From Russian Goal.
The story of a daring escape_from Ode-
off goal has reached St. Petersburg, the
principals;." being'■• seven important male
criminals and a' gipsy woman with her
five months-old baby. They made a combined dash out of-their cells at dusk, disarmed and bound the watchman, and laying hands on six revolvers, two carbines,
a sporting, gun, and three swords, forced
an entrance into the quarters of the prison
Inspector1 and Superintendent. Crying
"Hands up I" they over-powered and
bound fast all who were there, and then
ransacked the premises, taking about £200
in cash and a quantity of valuables. They
also supplied themselves with a stock of
provisions. After exchanging their prison
garb for clothing belonging to the inspector
and other officials, they went to the prison
church and stole the altar plate* and the
valuable ikon frames. They were quite
leisurely in their movements, as they knew
that none of the officials were able to give
the alarm. Four of the prisoners who
escaped are local inhabitants; the others
are peasants from different  Governments.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
All B. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
1^ British Columbia Sugar Refining
-  Company, Limited. .
Public Prosecutor Assassinated
.':•'•■ ''        India.     •
Walker's Weekly, of Ender-
yi.bj> is.,, one .year,, olcj with, this
issue, and has changed its name
... and its siz0,'in- honor of the
occasion. It is now' published
u. in anjenlarged.formr under the
>"< title of the "Enderby Press.
Jo.i-.jI !•:      '» — •".
J.' )a--There is a feeling amongst
7 ^certain prominent citizens that
ir. *»_tW&_4 oy^ayjng the prpywion
•V -iiJiofesuitaWe.b^thingj accommod-
P ' t>;$*-atioi_ to5"the ^enterprise of a
>*"-   ^prifateJV'-i-^____„» 'l^e   ?ty
''sRpulii assumdme'respprisibili
p,a&dje;r&&i} pavilion on ther
vJ?J other,._. mh8j. iwhich     might
-j_dW ^fdrmed^coulathen make
.;„JfU_<^ngft., thus; kwping   the
"t best part of theMke frpnt under
1   .1   _\   _ ..-J      _.£-   iLa.    Mkr      _o     ia
Mr; Ashutosh Biswas the public prosecutor of Alipore, who was engaged in
proceedings. against7the Anarchists of
Alipore, was shot dead as he was leaving
the police court by a young Bengali Anarchist, a lad of 18, named Charm Chunder
Base, resident in the Khulna district. On
his arrest .the assassin.said, "I have fulfilled
my mission." This naturally leads to the
suspicion,that he is only one of a gang.
This is the second murder committed in
connection with the trial of 30 conspirators
arrested in May last as the result of a discovery of explosives at Mackintollah.
The same evening bombs were thrown
at a suburban train containing Mr. Hume,
the public prosecutor of Calcutta, but fortunately no one was injured.
Honor- For Trade Union. Martyrs.
It is proposedto commemorate the "Tol-
puddle Martyrs," at Tolpuddle,' in Dorsetshire.'Trie martyrs were transported for
seven yeare'in.1824, because they formed
a friendly society in order'to raise* their
wages above the local standard rate'of 7s.
a week. They were released' three years
later,'the conscience of the country having
been roused; against the twisting of the
of"m\itiny; and-' conspiracy" to fit their
crime; 'Now they are to be commemorated as the first'trade union martyrs, and
there should be little difficulty in raising
£5,000 to> establish model cottage homes
for ag*d labourers, a scholarship tenable
at Riiskin College, Oxford—both for Tolpuddle people—and a monument in the
itself. 'The treasurer of the fund is
Helen's _ road,
Burden, -4, St.
'Winnipeg cripple sold his artificial
1,1 and bought a pair of crutches
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co,
Window Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Office and Store Fittings
SIGN WRITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions.
Window Frosting, etc.
THE SPRING IS G0MING. We are open to gi.e
estimates on all kinds of Buildings such as
Bungalou.s; also complete Furnishings for
Summer Houses.
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets.
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
R?f*V_"*_   _? -1     'n   'k'8  department  we have made extensive and
DlVs I V_l_I_i_)     careful preparation for the coming season, and have
      a •LARGE STOCK of  the best makes which we
are selling at a reasonable figure.   Prices from $40 up.
Bicycles for the Boys and Girls at moderate prices.
_7___._.   *_.    \%T_    •____     If you have not already had your house
JlleCtnC     W lling     fitted for electric light let us do the work
for you.    We can guarantee safety and
satisfaction with every job we do.   Estimates on application.
Electric Fittings Cid' and see our excellent stock of these goods.
They comprise the latest styles and most elegant
designs procurable.
We have a number of
Second-hand Gasoline Lamps and Tanks
on the hollow wire system, which we are selling cheap.
Water Street, Kelowna, B.C. Opposite Courier Office.
Every Day is a
Tutcher Millinery
New Shipment Famous D. & A. Corsets
Mrs. M. TUTCHER,    I .igh-class Milliner.   \
Bernard Ave. (Trench _ old store), Kelowna.   '
Are You Looking for a Building Site?
i If so why not get the best?
I have a number of half acre lots all set out to fruit,
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing.  ^ _v _. ,
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year. -
.. One fine'new brick   house   Corner  Ethel   and
'       Laurier Avenue.
One fine new brick Cottage, comer Ethel and
Sutherland Avenue.
Also a few. choice lake shore lots and a, quarter
Section of heavy timber, close^to the City.
Will sell any of the above on good terms.   -
I cany the largest stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrub* in.the Valley.
[Call and see them'
".F; R. E. DeHART
Orchard City Realty H^i
/,'„"' r +     *       t ft
*■    ' . t t" s    <~   * »        _ *   »
Small House on a"50 ft. by 120 feiot, close in,\V " '
rent well.     Price,, cash, $1,050; on time^   < •
$1,150. "■ -  -       "-' * -'«.      ".    '
'»» ■ <.,
Cottage on one acre, in good locality, $2,100,,
easy terms. '     '
Stable for rent.
>.     . - _
i-        '  A-l       '*     '>■•*   <«    "    " .» '*
"»» ■ «■
■i ■.'
About the; ■■'". :
De Laval Separate!.^
')   ,u    A
-M»     r   \ „,< ,'J     (_ '\
There s the "mail order? outfit, with their, cheaply m«d*/m»-,> i7
chines, bought here and there,' not mad? by themselves, or st>__urjd_r,7.
the real manufacturer's name, all claiming the earth and many'of the 7"
things that should b. below itj        " ^ ''" " ' "« '   *'7
■But the merry lot changes,and dwindles every year. < They"pra'_r;
ually drop out and  leave  their  unfortunate patrons' helpless wit_7  .,
trashy machines.. More will fade away thislyear.  "- The dairy) fartner. i:
farm users content with nothing else is always* increasing!
t_       •    _      •    i ■ i   ''   '      '■       <A ' ■",     ' i'Ji'1   i;,i ut
1 here isn t a tingle reason why every man who buys a cream
separator this year should not buy a DE LAVAL.'" TKere'an. rainy*f '"
reasons why he should.   The best costs "no itlbre than t6ev variou-^'—
grades of inferior imitating machines,   u1- j.'"1       ' - ji. r !i j   i,"
A DE LAVAL catalogue may be .had for - the-asking.'  A DE'-.Ht-
LAVAL machine may be tried for the asking,     '.-j    ,->-- 0 ,'„, w   ,.-
'<•)'    -.■*".   (*-> .'
AgentforKelowria: ;
1    ■_ _   _ *•   .
^ i*   * r
c  ,;>   __-
^   1 -3'-*  I  -   •**.«
Hardware State
*     * ■
■WW 'I
. .  AJ\
\ i.'t *rf S„   si> >•'. 7  -v hfri"v '"'l!"
No, need tp, get exeitedi
$n&   run .aifduhdi tke;;: ;.T>',:
country for help. .;:
Just diipp a: Hn^itQ■'$£
Orchard City Record
It Will do the Business Quick
, * _-     "x i ,      ;
Two cents per worfd first insertion^ one
.„,■/;cei^tper ^qrd^fc; v    ; ;.
'IH»_H«.tl|i| HIRWUP "■^.'■i|HIIHWP»tHlj. Wl
> -
'^•"^r'^—,.v>-^»_.t ^■^-ir_*^H»_..-_. «■_■»
*. A - -
_ !?l.R^Jl_9rJj_.fi **
The Orchard Gitg.,Record.
Empire Oak Dressers
..   "v .?_>._.       .    '_ .7
and Stands
7     71.  of.".    *;'77 •;_> '     '<-..;:;      .
With 24 ;inch British bevel plate mirrors
A^_^^ed^$i47S "r,
No better value west of Winnipeg
psychic; forces;
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
- ;■' -'" Manufacturers of all kinds of -
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealersijn^all kin_s„of
SAW-_k_|AND_fACTORY. ^ ___:    ,^Z
Orders filled in Shoft_notice
J I. J      J>
_i  } f\"Manufacturers of
^Builders  Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
THONEA96,.-:$ -,.*,---  ■■"* „,.     -KELOWNA,
Their Existence Proved, Yet Scientists
Cannot Grasp Them,
I have seen enough to make me believe   In   Zollner's   fourth   dimension,
but I don't    My mind Is so constructed
that ,-iich   wonders   as   we   meet   In
seauc-es  produce  very  little  effect  ou
me    They are as normal to me now
as,the popping.of corn or the rousting
of potatoes     But as for belief—well,
that is not a matter of the will, but of
evidence, and tbe evidence is not yet
sufficient to bring me to any detmite
conclusion    In I'.ict. in the broad day
and especially the second day after i
have  been  throifgh one of these experiences I begin to doubt my senses
Kicbi'l speaks'ot this curious recession
of bi'liuf and admits his own inability
to retain the con\iction that at the moment of the phenomenon was complete
"No soouei is the witting over than my
doubts come «w arming back upon me."
he says    "The ie.il world which surround'!   us,  Avith   its   prejudices,   its'
scheme of habitual opinions, bolds us
in- so   strong   ;i   grasp   tbat   we   can
scarcely    fiee    ourselves    completely
Certalntj   do<.  not  follow on demonstration, but on habit"    '
Maxwell says- "I believe in these
phenomena, but 1 pee' no need to attribute them to any supernatural intervention 1 am inclined to think (hey
are produced hv some-force within ourselves '" Just what "he means by that
I can't prpd-elv evplaln It's harder
to understand than the spirit hypothesis^ He' goes on to sa.\ that, while lie
is certain that we are in the presence
Of au unknown force, he is convinced
that the phpuoim>na will ultimately be
found orderly, like all other facts of
nature "Some future Newton will
disco\er a mote complete formula than
oui.," he piophoies "Every natural
fact should lie Mildied and,.If it be
teal, incorporated in the patrimony of
knowici'ge" Lie then adds, with the
true scientist's humble acknowledgment of the Infinite reach of the undiscovered universe. "Our knowledge Is
very limited and our experience young "
-Haiinin (Jnrm'nd in Everybody's
(Continued from page 1)
year, viz : "That in view of the grea-diffi-
culty and expense connected with the
clearing of land in British Columbia the
government be asked to seriously consider
the advisability of still further cheapening
the cost of stumping powder to farmers,
either by a system of rebates, or otherwise
as may be'deemed advisable
coyotes to $3, owing to the destructiveness
of these animals among fowl and sheep,
as the present bounty was not high enough
to encourage young men to hunt out ~ and
destroy these pests.
Upon motion of the resolution committee
consisting <5f Messrs. Collins, Dilworth and
Corbett, it was resolved that this bounty
should be increased to $3 per head.
G. Mathewson, of Okanagan, stated that
he lost yearly through coyotes from 100 to
150   chickens; while   he  was  prevented
Many other matters, including the building of roads, government assistance in land
clearing, etc., were dealt with.
Mr. Matheson moved, seconded by Mr.
Gillespie, that in view of the fact that the
provincial government had during the
past year advanced $1,000 to the B. C
Fruit and Produce Exchange and that
grave irregularities appeared to have occurred in the transaction of its business,
the government be requested to appoint a
commission'to investigate the manner in
which this business had been conducted.
Altogether it was a most successful con
Dilworth,  "of   Kelowna,   strongly  ™tion' and'  8hould h,ve a sood dcil o(r
the  increase  of the bounty upon  d'rCCt benefit °n the farmin8 intere,t8 ot
B.C.   -
. A Hindu engineer experimenting in
artesian boring at Patiala, India, has struck
a spring of water 100 feet below the surface which discharges 6,000 gallons an
hour through a 3in. tube. It is believed
that the discovery may revolutionize local
agriculture, which has languished owing
 t   to the lack of irrigation, as the  artesian
through the same cause   from  going  into  stratum extends apparently from Patiala to
sheep, which was perhaps the most profit-  the Himalyas.
Come to     ,   ■    <-
for a
Good Clean Meal
Fresh Candies, Fruit and
Call and see us
Get your name on
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
City Record.
~ rf__
',( ,.   5   «'
g. h. e. Hudson;,
Portrait arid Landscape
Portraits ^'appointment only.   '
Come and make your appointment.    Satisfaction guaranteed
/      '     *     7,     -*" » i    ;
..   J,_1-_V!    ( »•_.{ ',     1   l  ,1     i     _■•  . .' , r ,
.'    I
The 20th Century1 Boot
and: Shoe-Reoair
-> /"
' We do not cobble Boots, toe repair, them and make them better
than neio. ^Dor not ..ail to gioe us a trial. AH workmanship,
guaranteed and price's are reasonable. Mail and express orders'
receioe careful attention.    '    »-
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
. i   <■.
-Kelotona, B. G.
J7BR0DIE, Proprietor
Do You Know the Method of Extract-
-    . ing It Without Pain7
Think _r the inestimable value of
knowing how to extract cube root! "Ah,
there is the priceless boon! Kuowlng
that has saved ns money many and
mauy a time, to say nothing of the
social blunders It has assisted us' to
avoid. Do I know, yet bow it was
done? Certainly 1 know it just as
well as if it wore yesterday that I studied it You take tbe number whose
cube root is paining it so that nothing
•but extraction can relieve it, put It
down on a* piece of paper or on 'your
slate and divide It off Into periods of
three figures each. .Write 4-11-44 to
the left, multiply that by 300, divide it
by sometbiug. then pour some red iuk
onf-your handkerchief, tell teacher you
have the "nosebleed and go home.
That's the way 1 usually did it. No
doubt it Is done much the same way
by the ingenious youth of the present
„  Is there a successful man living to-'
day and holding up his head among-
other successful men who cannot painlessly  extract the cube root  without
giving the number an anaesthetic?   If
s"b. he should he ashamed of himself
He Is a' freak, and he attained distinction by a" fluke.   Some day the muck
rakers will get to probing around, and
when they discover that he can't e_-
traot  the  cube-root of. anj-tbing. his
career will he'ended and his gray haiis
will  sink  in sorrow to a dishonored,
jimsou  grown  grave.   -The jails aud
asylums are filled with vacant faced
and   craven    hearted    wretches   who
npier learned  the way to remove n
cube root, no matter If the number containing it was threatened with  blood
poison.    They don't know,whether to
run a horsehair loop down its throat,
as jn the case of gapes, or whether to
How about
TEat Old Harness
ours f
^  l   ' ;3iTj    a     • ■ % \     ■
Does it need repairing?    If
so, don't forget to bring .-it
around before the rush comes
st . o      y s,
pUfOur Work Guaranteed
ib.   C>.   K_lNC-_,   Hamess-*jrnaker.
■   I.ei us try to Impress upon our chll
(Iron   liy   precept--the   Importance   or
cube root extraction, but let as have
business elsewhere  in  case they ask
us to show tliein how.— Strickland vv
c .illilnn lu Chicago News.
A Genuine Grouch..
A certain tanner noted for constant
complaining was met by a frleud one
morn lug
"Fine weather, .lames," said the latter.
"For them as ain't got to work."
was the response
"Your farm looks in fine condition."
"To them's as ain't got to'dig In It"
"Well. James, l'msglad your wife-
"Them as don't have to live with her
may bel"-Loiuliiii Family Herald.
The Rubicon.
The Rubicon was the small stream
separating auclent Italy from Cisalpine
Gaul, the province which had been
allotted to Caesar When Caesar crossed this stream at the head of au armed
force be passed beyond the limits of
his own province and legally became
an invader of Italy.
Merely a Sample.
"What is tbe matter, little boy?"
asked the professor. "Have you the
measles Y"
"Nope," answered the boy. "I've got
the measle. They _ only one of 'em "
"Tbat'B singular!" mused the professor. *
" -'   8lgn of Preooolty.
First Magazine lidltor-I believe my
youngster  Is  cut  out  for an  editor
PecoiiO Etllrot - Why so?   First Editor
- R'-orythlnn he nets., his, hands on he
and throws
na'u_,ua-uD _i u-  iuh ra,insure ni
Into the wasteba*-1 during'ehipment
able indusrry in the county. Grouse,
quail, and prairie chickens were also destroyed, and even in the interests of game
preservation it would pay the government
to raise this particular bounty to $5 a head.
Mr. Palmer—I may say for the information of the convention that during the year
the government has paid out $12,573 in
bounties upon wolves, panthers and
Upon motion of Mr., Heatherbell, of
Metchosin, the government was cordially
thanked for the increase of the bounty upon
wolves from $7.50 to $15.
Complaint was made that much of the
trouble with the thistle pest was due to
the unrestrained presence of thistles upon
Indian Reserves, and it was urged that the
Provincial Constables should be charged
with the strict enforcement'of the law.
Mr. Palmer observed that the department should be kept informed in respect
to the non-enforcement of the Noxious
Weeds Acts in the different parts of the
province where this particular pest existed,
and especially in the case of unorganized
Mr. Heatherbell, seconded by Mr. May,
moved that the quality of the tree sprays
which were upon the market should be
brought within the duties of the govern,
ment inspectors.
The growth of good fruit, it was maintained, depended upon the careful spraying
of the trees, and something should be done
to improve the quality of the sprays. • The
question of pumps too was raised, Mr.
Curry ascribing much of the dissatisfaction-
now felt in regard to spraying to the use
of poor pumps. -' *'
Mr. Gillespie, seconded by Mr. Matheson, urged a more rigid inspection of
dairies generally and especially in cities
where milk was sold for consumption by
infants and others. Mr. Gillespie main-
tained that greater care was required in
seeing that the milking was properly done,
and particularly in the case of smaller
places, where onlythree or four cows were
kept, as in such instances cows were
altogether found too often to be in very
filthy condition.
^Mr. V. D. Curry moved and Mr. John
Dilworth seconded a resolution of approval
of the principles of the water bill now
before the legislature.
r Mr. W. T. Abbott moved a resolution,
seconded by Mr. John Dilworth, which was
received with much applause, 4hat the
Institute petition the provincial government
to establish an agricultural college in British Columbia, including an experimental
farm for practical instruction. .-
.   Mr. Dilworth moved that the open season for deer extend from Oct. 15th   until
the endoFNovron the"Mainiand,"and that"
no person shall be allowed to  kill more
than three deer during one season.
Mr. Dilworth also moved that the Department of Agriculture of B. C. impress
upon the Dominion Government the necessity of more rigid inspection of fruit coming
into this country, as well as into the Northwest. The following amendment to this
motion waa afterwards carried: That the
Central Institute approves of the action of
the provincial inspectors in condemning
fruits that have not, as regards the presence
of fruit pests, come up to the requirements
of the horticultural board.
Another matter which created much
interest had reference to the serious losses
which were being incurred due to the lack
of an efficient system of handling and
marketing of produce.
Mr. Scott, who has just returned from
England, gave a brief account of the happy
results which had attended upon the
exhibition of British Columbia fjmit in
Great Britain, including two medals at the
Crystal Palace and gold medals at Bath,
Leeds and Aberdeen. At the Royal Horticultural show their 366 boxes of fruit had
occupied all of one end, and two sides of
a very large hall, making the most magnificent exhibit that anyone could wish to
see.' With regard to fruit packing, he
advised the placing of a layer of corrugated paper upon all occasions between every
row as well as at the top and bottom of
each box. When fruit was packed in
layers, one apple, etc., directly over another,
And without corrugated paper between, it
waa" always more or less bruised. While
a great deal of this fruit was packed
{nany' of the boxes had not been sufficiently full when tho lids were fastened down.
The'.^oxes should be packed  extremely
Full   _\ti,«te..M._ 4«taM.»_-A    !_ ..- ./ i..
Deadman's Island, near Vancouver, has
been leased by a Calgary Wheat Shippers
Asspciation, who propose erecting a large
elevator there. Much local opposition has
been aroused as it is thought that this will
detrrct somewhat from the beauty of the
of the adjacent Stanley Park?
neatly done.
All tcorfe guaranteed first -clan.
All kinds o. Furniture
Address, Post Office
or Shop, cor. West of K.L.O. office.
Oregon Grown Fruit Trees
Send me your tree bill for my estimate for Fall, 1909, and Spring,
1910, planting. I furnish the very finest grade of Genuine Nursery
Stock at as low prices as other responsible firms furnish the same
grade of stock. Catalogues oa Application.
KELO__N_, B.C. P.O. BOX 364
Agent for
Is not only an art, it is also
a business, which to ex~
ecute promptly and at a
reasonable price, requires
a complete modern plant,
handled by experts.
All this is at your ser- ^ I
- _
vice, and we can promise
you a pleasant surprise
when you place your next
order with us.
* ''j*
'7      '7^7tVWt ™j3„
tull to,insure firmness, in case of apples,
<> \ ■•
 iniiiwii | ii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiii  '.,7 -
•   Notary Public,
; Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A.Sc, C.E., D.L.S., B.C.LS,
7 7     SURVEYOR
Kelowna,    B. C.
'"■->     :    CIVIL ENCINEER
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
■; University
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Con
struction, etc..
P.O. BOX 137     '•'••' KELOWNA
Office:   Keller Block
aird Dentist    •
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Bo_l!lO       -;.    P.       ?'■       7 'Phone 56
Office in Dr. B oycejs Building. •.
Horses bought and sold oh commission.     Dray meets  all  C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds  of heavy  team
work. 'Phone 20.
* M. J. M0NCKT0N
• - Irrigation Engineer.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.    Mem. Concrete
Institute.     Late Irrig. Dept. of India and
Cape Colony, and  with Central Ok. Co.
Agent for Steel Flumes.
'KELOWNA' '7 Phone 88
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild
ings.Town and Country Residences
" G. A. "FISHER-
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
Social and Personal
Mr. C. Cliff, of New Westminster, was a
visitor at Mr. Curts' house last week   end.
Mr. Ainslee Megraw, District Deputy
Grand Master of the Masons, and ' editor
of the Hedley Gazette was in town last
week. : Mr. Megraw was at one time editor
of the Vernon News.
Mrs. C. Lowry and daughter who have
been staying with Mr. Dan McLean started
Saturday for their home at Brandon. They
intend to stay off at Calgary for a week or
Mr. W. Haug left Saturday for the Coast
and will be away for about a week.
Mr. J. Milligan and Miss Milligan left
Saturday for a two weeks stay .at Vernon.
Miss Viola Bailey has gone for a month'-
holiday to the coast.
Mr. Stirling and Mr. Pitcairn returned
on Monday's boat from Victoria where
they have been attending the conference
of fruit-growers and railway representatives.
Mr. John Dilworth, returned Monday
from his visit to Victoria as a delegate to
the Farmers' Institute Convention.
Miss Mackenzie Grieves and Miss Staple-
ton went down to Summerland on Monday.
Mr. G. Howe returned Monday from
Roleau, Sask, where he has been for the
past few weeks.
Miss Anna Knight and Miss Fanny Copeland are spending this week with Mrs. R.
Morrison, Dry Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harvey and daughter returned Monday from Ontario, after
staying off for ten days at Indian Head.
Mr. Harvey was in Indian Head during
the bonspiel, and assisted in the winning
of four gold watches at that event.
Mr. D. Gomer Richards, B.A., brother
of Dr. S. R. Richards, of Kelowna, died
last Thursday in Seattle. 7 Dr. Richards,
who has been in Seattle during the past
week expects to he back in town today
(Thursday). •
Mr. Marsden left by Tuesday's boat for
the coast, where he intends to open up
Mr. and Mrs. Barber, who were married
last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs'. W.
H. Fleming, the parents of the bride, left
Tuesday for Summerberry, Sask., where
they will reside.
BORN—To the wife   of Charles Stiff, on
Monday, March 8th, a son.
Mr. Martin Burrell, in the course of a
debate in the House last week on the need
of experimental farms and stations, said
that the government station at Agassiz
had not been of much value, owing to its
location. British Columbia wanted a station in the semi-arid district. He did not
think the government had recognized the
importance of irrigation.
The C. P. R. has just reorganized its operating staff in the Pacific devision, the result of which will be a. greater centralization of officials in Vancouver; Revelstoke
and Nelson, and the abolition of a good
deal of "circumlocution" in dealing with
B. C. affairs.
An order in council has been passed
prohibiting the sale and export of black
bass, maskinonge and speckled trout in
Canada for five years. Foreigners fishing
in Canada under licence are, however,
permitted to take home with them two
days' lawful catch.
: Dr.  Mathison,  dentist,   next  to
Post Office.    Phone 89.
Mr. Marsden, having retired from the
firm of Mcjannet, Marsden & Hall, all accounts owing by and to them will be paid
and received by the undersigned.
J f>* ' •   r
d Bi
_B8S /
I ,.v,
lamona Duying
Diamond Buying is not done every day
therefore the more reason why one should
know what they are about when selecting
a Diamond.
We have just received from Montreal the
largest assortment of Diamonds ever
brought into Kelowna. They are certainly very fine. '
By buying in such quantities we can offer
'even better value that ever before.
*. Should we not have a suitable setting in
. "stock we can make up what you want at a
few* hours notice.
We make a specialty of resetting and
making over Diamond Rings and Brooches
The Diamond Specialist
.    Kelowna, B. C. -v.
The Orchard City Record.
News of the Churches:
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sundays in the
month at 8 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays, after
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
.. 7:30.
REV. THOS. GREENE, B. A , Rector.
^ 'Thttrt^MI-.'li
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a.m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m.   Sunday School at 2 30 p m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p m
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p m.
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a m. and 7 30 p.m
Sunday School at 2 30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. H. WRIGHT, Pastor.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a m. and 7-30 p m
Sabbath School at 12:15 p m.   All welcome.
W. C. T. U. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
of the W. C. T. U.
He Knot...
So on I go, not knowing;
I would not if I might,
I would rather walk in the dark with God
Than go alone in the light.
I would rather walk with Him by faith,
Than walk alone by sight.
My heart shrinks back from trials,
Which the future may disclose;
Yet I never had a sorrow,
But what the dear Lord chose ;
So I'll send the coming tears back
With" the whispered word, "He knows."
Prohibition Affecting The Liquor
,   Business.
As has been expected, the sweep of
Prohibition throughout theUnited'States is
telling upon the business of the liquor
manufacturers. The latest published reports from the United States Internal Revenue Department, show that lastyear there
was a falling off in liquor production of
40,000,000 gallons.
The excise interests, which, for a number of years had been steadily increasing,
show a falling off of $15,928,296. Taking
the common estimate, that the' consumer
pays six times the amount charged for
duty, it- will be found that this reduction
means a saving to the nation of $95,629,376.
It is not strange that along with this information comes the news of a decided increase in industrial activity all through the
land. Money saved from liquor expenditure will assuredly find its way in such expenditures as well as promote general industry and benefit the public at large.
The Narcotic Influence of Alcohol.
Sir Victor Homely, the well-known
English Physician, who visited Toronto at
the time of the meeting of the British
Medical Association, and gave a strong
address during his stay there in favor of
total abstinence, has been letting his voice
be heard on a similar line whenever opportunity has occurred. Recently at the
meeting "of the Norfolk united Council-he-
asked the question, if there was any such
thing as moderate drinking, and himself answered it with a decided negative.
The so-called moderate drinker, he stated,
was a drug-taker, and every time he took
a drink he was really taking a sleeping
draught. The nation spent he said, nearly
one hundred and eighty million pounds,
annually on sleeping draughts. Such a
statement calls for serious consideration,
coming as it does from one of the leading
physicians of the Empire.
A Ladies Rifle Club has been established
for some time in Grand Forks, and another
one  is  being   formed   in   Nelson, B. C.
Where are the ladies of Kelowna?
The late Archbishop Sweatman . estate
was valued at $25,000, chiefly invested in
the Old Country. .
A scheme is on foot to, utilize the famous high tides of the.BayofFundy forthe
purpose of developing electrical power,
and a company will shortly petition the
Dominion Parliament to that end.
Royal Hotel
Facing the Wharfe.
Rates $1 per day.
J. E. WHEELER,  Prop
Sometime, Somewhere, Someone will try to,
convince you that their goods are. cheaper
than ours, but Never Anyone Anywhere will
give you better and cheaper groceries than
you~can buy at the
TEAS—Tetley's,^ Salada,   Blue Ribbon
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40c. lb., unequalled in the city for quality and flavour.
Don't forget our Prize Tea and Coffee at 50c. lb.
The Man Who Works With His Head
is the man who ought to be a big fruit, eater.    We are
offering this week:
Pears In 2 lb. Tins
Strawberries . at
Raspberries zz^~ '4 Tins For
Peaches 90 cents
And 1 -lb. tins of Cube Pineapple at 10c. per Tin.
For a Dainty Breakfast or Delicious Dessert
Grape Nuts    - Cream of Wheat      : Malta Vita
_   Corn Flakes     Wheat Berries     Canadian
or Carnation Wheat Flakes
What Shall I Get For Supper?
Here are a few of our many dainties:
Herrings in Tomato Sauce, Herrings: (plain)
Sardines    Lobster    Salmon r Shrimps, ~
Pork arid Beans, Oysters,   -;
Canned Meats—Roast Beef, Veal Leaf, Ox
Tongue, Lunch Tongue, Boned Chicken
Corned Beef, Mutton, Turkey, Duck.
Try a bottle of Holbrook's Worcester Sauce
with your Cold Meats or Baked Beans.
Call and get our prices oh Seeds of all kinds.   XXX Brand.
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A word to the wise is sufficient, and we can safely sayfehstt
-bur breadr is1 : \    - '
The Whitest The Lightest
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and The Sweetest in the City
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_______^_____*__o__!'' :t!_______' ~~£z^tzffi^rt-'.r,£r\>er''ut' j7„_r*r*Tr'r'*''"* ^*gjw__r_iK .^^r^^fe1.^",
■*_»•«..,.---* _______
a»TT^.tat _■■■ . ir,iE,i_ Wf_ ■_*.»■■;
_ _s*______=i__i_a-__i tag>Marvliv   u
-.   The -Orchard Gijbtj Record
Our Grease
5HOULD be kept
constantly in every
household   for   two
1st: Because sooner
or later there will
be sudden; need of
aid which it gives.
2nd: Because it is the
safest  and surest
. preparation for removing tar, paint,
dirt, grease, and
various other spots
from all fabrics,
gloves, etc.
It does no haim and
always works.
Price 25c.
Big Winnipeg Fire.
The big retail store of the Great JVest
Saddlery Company at Winnipeg was burnt
down last week, and damage done to the
extent of $20,000. It ia covered by insurance to the extent of $13,000.'
Di-cooery o_ Cinnabar in Sa.kat-
An important find of cinnabar, the ore
of quicksilver has been made on the river
near Prince Albert. Several claims have
already been filed at the land office. The
Indians were the first to make the discovery.
Drowning Tragedy at Regina.
Mrs, Finlayson, the wife of Wm.Tinlay-
son of Regina, Sask., last week drowned
her infant son, Warren, and herself in a
tank of water in the basement bf the house.
Mr. Finlayson had gone down to his store
in the morning, and returned after only an
hour's absence to find the door locked.
After breaking his way in, a search result-
ed in the discovery of the bodies of his
wife and child in the tank. Mrs. Finlayson
who was 27 years of age, has been ailing
of late, and a careful watch has been kept
over her movements. She wets the daughter of Mr. William Seath, of Seaforth, Ont,
and came to Regina two years ago, where
her husband  is a  well  known  business
P. Ii. Willits fi Cn.
Kelowna,     B. C
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheepand Hone
i    nr ii   i,r
t     ,?•:-• »   .  . J'
 l_ _Hiae £&__rf_
 ■___»     »_i	
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Hanging Prom the Roof for Half
< an Hour.
rtr"A. Raymond was at work clearing snow
from the roof of St. Patrick's Presbytery,
Quebec, when he lost his footingjand fell.
A rope which he had fastened about his
waist for protection held him suspended
about forty_Feet from the'ground for over
half an hour before the fire brigade could
release him from his dangerous predicament. He'was almost unconscious when
-Saskatoon Bank Teller Missing.
Frank Lee, teller in the Saskatoon branch
of the Northern Crown Bank has disappeared, along with some • five thousand
dollars in cash. Lee got leave a few days
ago, to visit his mother, who was supposed to be dying, and left in a hurry for the
east. .h_addih°on to being teller, Lee who
was liked and trusted, was also acting ac-
countant/and it is reported has manipulated the' books in order (o cover the
$10,000 Going a Begging.
Western newspapers have be*en requested to assist in the search for Mrs. McGold-
rick and her son, John McGoldrick, who
settled in Washington in territorial days.
They are heirs to an estate' of $10,000 in
New York state, where Mrs. Goldrick .
mother died a year ago. The search is
being made by Mrs. J. F. Doyle, 209 Juniper street, Waukegan,' HI., and Thomas
McCanu, also a resident of that city. It is
the final effort in a continent-wide search,
which has been in progress nearly a year,
but so far no trace of Mrs. McGoldrick or
her son has been found. _ Before starting
for the northwest Mrs. McGoldrick wrote
to relatives at Waukegan, giving her address as Millco, or. Mill county, Washington territory. There is no postofhce of the
name of Millco, nor is there a Mill county
in the state of Washington. "'
Roesland Farmer Killed on Railtoat)
Hany Wm.tead, a farmer  of  Rossland
/-whet! again you-tvant
>, Etc., Etc-, Etc
Call-and inspect our stock
/    '(iiitfii-)i-- *
«■_■_■_■_■■_-«_■■-__- / ■__
Choice* Chocolate* and Candy
-     of aU'kinds'        -:,
New Lemons and Oranges
" just arrived.
We have'a Snap in
-N'eW" Jersey-' Cranberries
Lakeof the, Woods     *
flve'Rokes Flour
Best on tKe market.   Special quotations
, oit'large fats,   1 \ -•
..PHONE39 7-7 •■. •  .
1 '       V
was,struck by a train last week as he was
driving along the Great Northern track.
Winstead was unconscious when picked
up, and died soon after. >    '
Death of Famous B.G. Pioneer.
Lying dead on the road near SpUzzum
has been found the body of Neil Black,
the well known pioneer of the Frazer river
gold rush, half a century ago. Black was
engaged as foreman on the building of the
government wagon road through the
Frazer river Canyon to Cariboo, a marvellous fe_t_(rf road engineering.
'Of late ye-TsBhek has lived a secluded
life "in a cabin near Spuzzan, in the neigh
borhobd where he Had worked for
Bomb Throton From Roof.   -
~ Mrs." Carrie Barberis, of New York, had
a narrow escape from death or serious injury last week. A bomb was thrown from
the roo .of a five story tenement house
and exploded in -midair a few feet above
her,head. Mrs. Barberie was knocked
senseless by the force of the explosion,
but revived a few minutes later little the
worse for her experience.
The police believe that the bomb Was
thrown by striking teamsters or their sympathizers and was intended to wreck a
stable adjoining the building from which
it was thrown. A hole two feet wide was
torn in the wall of the stable and fifty
horses within were stampeded.
Ex-Mayor 0. Montreal Dies in
Mr. Jacques Grenier, an ex-Mayor of
Montreal, died yesterday, aged 66. . He
was twice Mayor of the city and was finally defeated by Hon. James McShane. He
was very wealthy at one time but lost his
fortune when the Banque du Peuple, of
which he was president, failed. His death
took place in an institution of the deaf
and dumb. —•
Death 0. Caran d'Ache.
The death is announced from Paris of
Caran d' Ache, the famous comic artist
and political cartoonist. During the last
few years he has been better known on
account of his grotesque wood carvings of
animals, which became quite the rage and
achieved an enormous sale.
Blacksmith Stiot by an Old Gun.
While trying to "heat an old muzzle
loading gun barrel that had been lying
around a blacksmith shop for years, Garnet McKiver of Balmoral, Man., was accidentally shot in the leg near the thigh. He
was going to take a piece off the barrel,
and had the breach end in the forge.
There .were no nipples in the breech, and
the fire went to the powder quickly and
put the charge off. Although shattering
the bone the shot did not break the leg
clean off, and he was able to walk about
six feet. He, however, put too much
weight on die leg, and it snapped off, letting him fall out of the door to the ground
quite heavily.   -
•Suicide at Hamilton.
An unknown young woman, presumably
an Italian, jumped from the Desjardins
canal bridge this morning, a distance of
103 feet, crashing through the ice. When
taken out she was alive, but died a few
minutes afterwards.
Big Rush of Emigrants Next
It appears there will be a great rush to
Canada from Europe within the next few
months. A cable has been received saying that third-class quarters on all the
CP.R. vessels sailing from Liverpool within the next month have been taken up.
This means that with the immigrants on
the Allan and Dominion line steamships
there will pass ^through Montreal, even
during the present month, 2,000 or 3,000
settlers, and augurs well for the rest of the
open season. Steamship officials declare
that the immigrants will be "■■of a sturdy,
acceptable class,, and that Hon. Frank
Oliver's new immigration bill will in no
way affect them.
r>__  ri —1__  .._  _!._— — _  n_	
ntn; nuiuo up oubbi vjhio.
many years.
Canadian Curlers Home Again.  .
■ Governor Frazer and twenty-four of the
victorious team of Canadian Curlers arrived last Thursday by the Empress of Ireland, \vell pleased1 with the greeting they
had received in the Old Country. Out of
twenty-six matches'played the Canadians
had^voto _wenty-three. p ; '
, Juneau Newspaper Burnt Out,
A fire broke out on the premises of the
Juneau Record* Alaska early kst Saturday,'completely destroying the plant. and
endangering surrounding premises, which
were only sayed by th. promptness of the
fire brigade. The damage is estimated' at
$10,000. '-'    '" -•
t.innipeg to Hate Exhibition.
Delegates era being sent out from Winnipeg to diffettjnt'placeci where big .fairs
have or are belmj held in order to1 collect
infonhation and data with (he idea' of
holding A big exhibition.'    -       7„    ■.   '
j *t }\ *y J, j„* * W^'ifs
One small inquisitive rat demoralized
the street car service of San Francisco for a
time, put a powerhouse out of business,
and left its own body a carbonized connection for 16,000 volts of electricity. The
rat crawled across two main wires of the
Beech powerhouse, which supplies part
of the local street car system with power,
and when the repair men of the power
company investigated the cause of the
mysterious shutdown of the place they
found only a bit of carbon in the shape of
a rat. body.
Boy Captures Ruffians.
Charlie Rheinhart, a 10-year-old boy of
West Glendale, a> suburb of Los Angeles,
established his'resourcefulness and courage a day or two1 ago, when with a loaded
shotgun he trailed two men accused of
highway robbery until he succeeded in
attracting the notice of a passer-by, with
wnose assistance one of the couple was
chased into a swamp and compelled to
surrender at the point of the gun. He
is now in the county jail, where he gave
his name as George Nickey. The other
man escaped.
Charlie' saw two men beating a man into insensibility in the road near his father's
winery, arid'seizing a shotgun, he followed,
the men. He attracted the attention of a
man with a horse and wagon, with which
vehicle,they pursued and overtook the
ihen. One of thern surrendered after a
shot was fired over their heads. Charlie
then stood guard over over him with a
shotgun while his associate went to the
rescue of the victim.
7\ ft v
. .. v,-, t * .,»*iT
\V7___-_» Kelowna winning the highest awards at the differed. F'hift'
™"   Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attentu>n£from
homeseeke.8 and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain.       .       ,	
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planing
next spring, in the ^centre of a beautiful valley. . •    , ,.?
i -
* *    i
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter
and Ethel Streets. Prices, $250 atld upwkrds,
on easy terms.   .       .       .
■ '■'»)
Central Okanagan Land& Orchard 0).
Marin. Engines
"Standard of the World"
Most races at British Columbia
inland regattas were won with
the "Fairbanks-Morse"Engines
last year, although the "Fairbanks-Morse" is by no means a
"freak" speed engine, lasting
a few hundred miles only.
Our 1909 large marine catalogue is out and yours for the
asking. It contains highly interesting information on our latest
types and up-to-date motor boat
fittings, and it is worth investigating.
Vancouver, -        B. C
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
Spraying and
1 We are cairrying' a full Kne oi
Spraymotbf Spray Pumps    ;;
Carvers' Auto
Spray Hose, Nozzles, Rod_v&c
Fitoing KifiVeg, S-__slite,  &&
Saws of ail kin-k
** r
fi<wlwre Co.
i 'tv; ,*-  '
■v.** v^.-^.■».-*.   ^^
• + , *    * i»*Vj4«fc••_«__ <,. „Jk.     *V
Importer fnd -Dealer -In sl^U-loOp of v    \ 7
 j $A   t  *    f
Agricultural Implements, Wagpns, and
Headquarters for
/   A i
\->. '"\V
Horse Blankets & Robes
* ^ i
Also Poultry 'Su£pl&- including Beef-;^- 7 ]
ScrapsvB-ie*. 8re$n'iBftWSea Shell1 * ^'i
"     '      - '" "* \"; -  N ; '*f\ i"y  tf%A^Y
Warehouse on^rWrd iioi_%e, K$|piiW; Wj$."',V
/ '■    . ^*'^_i__S__..v.
> ''I
i v
7 )v
■'  '"i^, i
i' * u i
n *-a\
"   '   ■. .       1      -V.      »1       V   C(   1-».,^_.Hl.^j-r^»i^.       i'      "isfJ
""*      » '   "l    "''5'    ."."   ' -   - J   V T^*l
A      !■   ,    .     '   '   -~".'>l<i,  l* y?'*:*<fXy\ __!£J__%_!_iy_^__;_^_^?S^Q!SJ3ffi,w
The Orehard Gitg Record
TK'ursdau^MaB It1
and Qreliard Co.,
Haoe for sale the .ollotoing oarieties:
Jonathan,    Northern Spy,
Wagher, (''■ Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,     Yelloto Netoton,
Spifeenberg, Duehess,
tf yeoland-Raspberrg,
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
• v
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
Bfeireou'e' Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
.   . Yearling,Trees,
;■ Glean, Well-groton Stock
Buy at Home and Saoe Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
Manager's Office, _t Orchard.
-j~    -,-*-J*V
" f.l#
The New. Edison Phonographs
Playing the 2 and 4 minute Records.    Also a fall line of Attachments
for same.   Anyone; wishing do have the ,4 minute attachment put on to
an old machine can have this dontr_reeof Charge.      ' A ~~
•">'   '"■"■        ••■ • *   ;        7/;'
Also Agents for the Columbia andall othelr Disc
7 Machines    a
' . •   *     ■? :
Subscriptionsyfaken jor\ all Magazines
Copies of the Latesti$cveh can be-qblgined here
Kelowna Shaving
.HAIR-CUT.    7:77   ::        ::
J. BOUGH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton 7    j
Wholesale •& Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part off
the City )
We give our  prompt; attention;
to mail orders - A
'Phone 12
-.    NOTICE    •
i F
Now is the time to buy your
Canning varieties a speciality.    Send for
catalogue of Seeds and Fruit Trees
Rosefield Nursery, Gellatly, B.C. i
The New 1909v Diaries can now be had, in all sizes .
7 7ft    7 '■'' "77   7    '-'7-, \
Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand
Agehte W E^MANf K-C^AKS^ ANE^FILMS    \
A *        •rVP   Ji. „^..«:f   ff,::'X.   *Tje'._ *      A tt '-..i-iff •■ . j
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
on application.
Bo* 105 H,, *K|lou_ia7
A:  77'7.'^.7?il.7,ai7.77
7; .-^ M F &
tYTTA._S,.Yf ._ \
Or cpursg:.you,,nave, and consequently? you will have
the senses of 3mell and taste, therefore you will know
Good Coffee when you meet it.
f __J, B7 COFFEE
. t,   .t .   Is, the BEST.    Try it.;,
Hoi-i. e )^We^arej' the sole ^agents in > Kelowna.
(piAiQid JOSSoL/YN,
The Story of a Berlin Shrew and Hi
Likeness In'Stone.
;,;-Tins-.quaint equivalent of the Gei
"man term ueidkopf is applied by tiu\
.ii-rs to; an effigy carved iu slou<> Am.'.
lixi _: in a niche In the secoud stor,\
uf a house in the HeihgeugiMststr.isst
in; Berlin not far from the emperor-
imlate. The neidkopf represeutb a
hideous, iharpy faced woman with
suukelike curls and tongue protruduifo
In mocking derision.
one. day some 200 years ago the
legend runs, Frederick William* ol
I'nissla, more familiarly known as
Old Fritz, was walking about, tin
streets of the city in the unconvenlioii
ul way he affected when he chained
to look through a window and observed
ii hunchbacked goldsmith hard at
work. The king entered the little shop
fur a chat.
.. The result of his interview was an
order'for a gold table service for the
royal household, an order that made
the fortune of the hunchback Later
his majesty made other visits to the
shop to see how the work was advancing, aud on one of these occasions he
observed,"a woman in the window ot
the opposite hou&e contorting her race
In the most hideous grimaces and
pointing with derisive finger at tbe
'crippled workman
To the king's query as to what ailed
the old woman the goldsmith replied
—It is envy,..sire. She is the wire ot
11 rival goldsmith, and ever since your
majesty so graciously gave me this
order she.and her daughter have reviled me";
Frederick William, paternal in punishment as well as In reward, at once
investigated as to the ownership of
the house In which the shrew lived
He foiind that it belonged to her hii"
band and therefore reasoned that there
was 'little likelihood of the famil>
moving, an idea tbat seemed greatly to
please his majesty. His next move
was to consult a scnlptor, whom he
commanded to make the bust ot e
woman '■ with the most shrewish, Xan
tippe-like face he could Imagine The
king then bought and, renovated the
house in which the hunchback bad bis
workshop, presented It to him and
caused the. bust to be placed conspicu
onsly above the workroom window
Thus whenever the envious woman
across the street looked forth from her
casement the' first object on which her
eyes fell was this intended portrait ot
her amiable self.
For more; than a hundred years the
ne.idlf.0pt7-spiteful vixen head, as on<>
would, say in English—stood in proud
prominence, a reproach to the envious
woman and her descendants. It afterward mysteriously disappeared, but
in 1840 or thereabouto It was found in
a forgotten ; collection of bric-a-brac
Frederick William IV. bought the bust
for a'large price and had It replaced
in its original niche, where it stands
today.' '
The Senate Band.
The. press gallery of the senate does
not look unlike a band stand, with its
elaborately decorated front, and it is
never occupied by the scribes prior to
the opening of the proceedings. A
young lady seated In the gallery opposite the press gallery had been looking
intently at the empty seats fori quite
awhile. Her, curiosity, got the better ot
her,:aud, going to thejloorkeeper, she
said, ^"Mister, will yorf please tell me
when the band begins to play?" The
doorkeeper ' was amazed. "No band
will;.play/ miss," said that gentleman
"There is no band. Why do you ask?"
■ .The young lady looked disappointed
and embarrassed when she said, with
hesitation, ''Isn't that the bandstand?"
pointing to, the press gallery.—Washington Herald.
..'--,   Bray's Mythical Vicar.
It is curious to reflect that there are
scattered about the world many scores
"of 7'iaces—whose-cbief^elaim—to~distinction . consists in their association
with some famous ditty or other
Take, for example, the village of Brny,
In Berkshire, always associated with
the world famous "Vicar of Bray."
The most curious part of the business
js'that.though Fuller. In bis "Worthies
of England," asserts tbat the cleric
who is the hero of the song was one
.Simon Alleyn, careful search of the
parish registers has failed to substantiate the'story.--London Musical Home
Journal;      5
A Strenuoui Task. '
"Tour   honor,"    said   the   witness,
"can't you order a recessrV
"A recess?'1
\"Yes,- sir; I've stood on this stand
nnd.told the whole truth two hours on
a stretch, and. I'm teetotally wore outl
I.never,told the truth that-long before
—not. in all my life!"
1       1 A   'i Shattered Hopes.
He (anxiously 1 -1 understand your
father speaks very highly of me? She
—Yes, but he doe _'t mean a word of
it. He—Are you sure of that? She—
Certainly, He does It Just to torment
An Eyewltneta.
"Have you any witnesses of the accl-
deut?" asked the Brentford county
coiHt Judge recently.
'!Yos."' was the reply, ,,*my'uncle. He
is not here because he Is blind,"—London Telegraph.
1 Take Care of the Pennies, Etc *
"Make anything on .that deal?", Gob-
sa Golde Inquired .     (
' "Only n  million/'  MydhSa rjloomlly
replied, ' > (-_\-
"Well, every  million counts."   1    '
Grief should be like' Joy>
1 •■ '.*
Town arid Country News*.
1 - ^ M,, \
Dr. Gaddes returned ' from the
Coast Wednesday.
Mr. Bryan, of Wenatchee, was
one of Wednesday's visitors to
Mr. R. J. Templeman, of Vancouver is in town looking over
fruit lands
Don't forget the sale of homemade cooking and candy on Saturday in Lawson's old store, in connection with the Ladies' Aid of the
Methodist Church.
The Free Masons held a meeting
last Friday on the occasion of the
visit of the Deputy Grand Master.
Mr. Ainslee Megraw, followed by
banquet in the Royal Hotel.
On Wednesday,- March 17th,
both afternoon and evening, there
will be a "'Shamrock Tea" given in
aid of the Hospital at Capt
Knight's residence.   /% welcome.
A social in connection with the
home department of the Methodist
Church Sunday School was held
Friday night last at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Mawhinney. A
large.number of people were present and an enjoyable evening'
was spent.
The firm of Mcjannet, Marsden
& Hall has undergone a change
this week. Mr. Marsden having
withdrawn from the business,
which will now be carried on under the style of Mcjannet & Hall,
Mr. Marsden going, to Vancouver,
where he intends commencing in
the same line of business.
A horse belonging to Mr. Royer,
of Grand Forks took an involuntary
plunge into the lake the other day.
A team was being taken across on
a scow, when one of them, a little
scared at the motion as it' stepped
off the ferry wharfe began to back,
and fell off the edge into deep
water. It swam ashore, > however,
without damage.      - ' „l
The following letter has been received
in reference to the formation of -Mounted
Infantry for Kelowna;
Ottawa; 1st March, 1909
Dear Sir,
I am in receipt of your letter of the 30th
ult., enclosing petition praying for the formation of Mounted Infantry at Kelowna.
I am very much interested in the matter
referred to, but regret exceedingly that
there is no possibility at present of meeting your request, owing to the want of
funds. The petition will be duly filed, and
the matter taken up at the earliest moment.
Yours very truly, "'
Harry R. Bower, Esq.,
,     Box 163,        „,   tl      y   I'
Kelowna, B.C. 1 '
The matter, however, we are assured is
not to be allowed to drop, but further application will be made.      ' <
S. Lister, the young fellow who
had his feet frozen so badly during
the recent cold..snap ,that it was
necessary ' to amputate*' both of
them,-is still'in Kelowna Hospital,
but approaching recovery. A subscription list is being organized by
Mr. Charles A. Marshall to provide
the' unfortunate fellow_ with. - a
pair of artificial feet. The cost,
is understood to be about $200,
of which about $160 has been
already subscribed.       ,    . >
The Kelowna Musical and Dramatic Society will notjmeet again
until called for on notice board
outside the Oak,Hall Clothing Co.
7 The , Knights of Pythias held a
successful social and smoking concert in Raymer's Ismail hall on
Tuesday night.- An ^interesting
programme of songs, etc., was gone
through. __ popular feature was a
boxing contest between C Rimmer
and Bert' Johnston. Refreshments
were provided.
'„.-   -j •      !-f   ■■ '  .,
l* Miss'M. Hartin, high'class'milliner, has* recently arrived, from
Spokane and will take" charge of
Mrs. Tutcher's- Millinery Parlor.
' A social was held on the evening of March 5 th. at the",, home of
Mr. D. McEchern/under the auspices of the Ladies^ Aid of Benvoulin 1 Church. A short pro-
gram'melwas rendered~andYef.esh-
merits served, and with games and
other amusements a.,very '/pjeasant
evening was spent. The proceeds
amounted to $ 1 1.00.   ,     A1
A surprise party visited the
home of Mr. D. L_oyd:jones;Wed-
nesday night and a pleasant evening was the result.
y  >      . >i 7; j
Mr. Bailey was'a Visitor to Vernon by to-day's boat.
Born to Mrs. Alex. Morrison,
March 9th, a daughter.
Born to Mrs.. Jas.-.Lytle, March
10th a daughter:. - '7.      A      V:
'■-     ,' '7.'r    '      -'. J
"•" A large gatheririgof people assembled on the wharf Friday last
to await the' arrival of the boat.
Evangelist Russell, who conducted
the United, Mission here a few
weeks ago and wh'6 has just completed a similar Mission at Salmon
Arm, was passing on his way south
to Summerland, and posters had
been"'ha8tily "got out""announcing
that the Evangelist would address
a short open-air meeting . oni,th*e
wharf. The address however was
not delivered, as the C.P.R. authorities objected. Mr. Russell, too,
expressed, himself^ as,Vsnot quite
equal to an address after,his recent
exertions, so the gathering had to
disperse'somewhat disappointed.
Wishes to announce'that he"is "opening<"a' " "
Photographic Studio
In the Rowcliffe Bloci\
About MAY 1st.
Twenty'fioe years' experience in Portraiture has enabled him to attain
success in this branch.    The latest mounts Will be'kept in stock.
1-.   *  __...
INSURANCE fy f^"*:
,' '= Lire;' oickiiess, I
viHV> G.'?'!'. hot-? j-
We only represent  the ' Plate "GlaSSi^        I
. _v.
Strongest Companies: *
/.oyal, Guardian, iSun, Law Union,'Atlas,
,, London,& Lancashire,    Confederation Life!
Wood and Coal;   Wm7 HAUG
I, ,    ». 1
,  Masons' Supplies
i »
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks   i
a J8wc 166 7 •> ■« *' 'Phono' 66
"* '   ' KELOWNA. v   ::      B.C.
V !.
• >.   »
MS_V.t„^rlgJU*»)mrfWOTtl_ll»ll>'»IW»MUW \  "V
f hj. ,Ojpc^r.d- Jpity Record; „
si ;    IN'iirbNFERENpE.^.,£
7     -      *fCbn_nued from'Pag- I) *'   •  -
^, v>    u       :—  70
<"3-4 _ jper iBi, and it retailed on the
!'njE>rth-_38t-marketjfor, J 5c, to-20c. a
- 'pound.    Who was getting the difference? <■ ,
" ] TTheywere't-ld'St the time 'that
"it was due to a~ glut on the market,
.Jbut he^wrent-'tpsthejpraijrxea^ to" find
''out, and found it was a glut in
prices Which caused all the trouble.
jThe iruit'did *not sellt because
people'qould notiaffordjto.pay the
price^askecl Arrangements should
be made so that the grower could
deal direct with the'consumer, and
the speaker^ suggested - a ' plan
whereby the consumer could deposit his money in the bank and
then send his receipt and order
(direct *to the grower. _n this way
both [the consumer and. grower
would-be, protected. He claimed
that the retailers on  the prairies
vwere making _i|om, 75> per cent." to
300 per cent * profit 'on the ' fruit
they handle-.- Such a,plan as he
-' suggested would open up an unlimited market. A. it was last season hfc
knew of .atde,b'eing'fed on splendid, fruit. -',7 - d'1"- * y j,
■ / Mr. Palmer suggested Tthat he'
draw up "a paper embodying his
views-afld.submit it;to the meeting.'
This he agreed to, do, ahd_the
meeting ''shortly"' afterwards' "ad-
"journed. . ,
The main subject  of discussion
- onjthe;seco)nd day/was; that of cold
storage,, though in the afternoon
the question of: inspection and
regulations?came>:-up,"> and" it appeared to be the opinion of the
gathering that., the Washington
growers had an unfair advantage,
through' not being "compelled to
comply withithe regulations' binding on local 'growers. (        _„ -
v»>The, question ,pf co-operative e_>
^changes" was' ,_lso discussed at
f - Mr.-Proctor,-'of'-Nekon, .polce
of the" necessity of cold storage
plants for the 'marketing of fruit.
iThe C.P.R."' miglJUaid? at :-tJ»e Am-
Lception of, the ..idea.' , One cof the
'main reapQn$7o£ th>7fai)twej'p^ ««?•
{cessfully marketing/fruit was  be-
storage plants where fruit could be
unloaded and ,kept properly, and
not not forced -on -' the market at
any price the dealer1 would pay to
prevent loss would solve the question Sf tnarketing ' the fruit He
had noticed when_"travellirig between Moosejavv and Medicine
Hat that'good fruit was sold in that
vicinity and'found that it was kept
until marketdd'iri' cold storage at
Moosejaw: He'thought 'the cold
storage proposition waa' one to be
considered at'once, and the 'government
might assist. "      ' '
'The competition of the Japanese, said
Mr. Metcalfe, of Port Hammond, had been
responsible for the'demoralization of the
market for small fruits in the Northwest
during the past year.
The Japanese had come in growing
numbers into the fruit business with regard to small fruits and had consigned
their output to commission men at small
prices,'often at 50 and 75 cents a crate,
and the berries thrown on'the'market had
a demoralizing effect on prices as far east
as Winnipeg. He thought Ji the output
of the Japanese could be controlled by the
white people, it might improve the situa.
Hon. Anyhow-the fruit' growers did not
not want these foreigners coming in and
destroying the country as a place for residence and business by white people. He
suggested the organizationoHocal unions
and the sending of 'travellers, whose ex.
pences would more that be-covered by
the losses sustained at present./
After some other speakers, some in favor of local unions with a governing board,
the necessity of cold -storage and good
handling. Mr. Pitcairn, of Kelowna, spoke
for the individual^ grower, .who' worked
independently. "J."Arnold, of Chilliwiiack,
replied, saying that while the last speaker
spoke of the';large grower the small shipper should be consided, and by his "shipping independently he often disorganized
the market. Unless"banded to fix prices
he thought, failure ^would result. Mr.
Mackenzie, of Port Hammond, thought
that if .a. mip was large enough, to work'
independently it was'' better" to do so,1
otherwise membership in a local union
waa best   * f.s-~ \..-.   ->.-       ■.   --
Several other resolutions followed, having for their object' the removing-of • the
disadvahtages.under.which B. C. growers
._b6r_rcompet_ion with American fruit.
The proper.marldng. and grading of fruit
salso gave rise to some warm debate, as
also the reintroduced question of tariffs
and rates: " '» '    •,£■'     ■ > '' '
-.In conclusion Mr. Lanigan said he would
take home and consider a number of rate
'requests that had been made, and after a
vote of thanks had been passed to the
GP.R for.the-interest shown, in- organizing the " conferen*ce,"the" assemblage dispersed.       ' -"■ -y^uA
P.O. Box 90. ,      ..       On call all hours.' -Phone 84.
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers, etc •
Full line of Electric Light Fittings, Fixtures and Supplies.
BICYCLES.     Parts and_ Repairs, gells, Lamps, Kits, etc
Launches, Marine Engines,
Batteries, Spark Coils,
Stationary Gasoline Engines,
Spark Plugs, Oils, Grease,
and all accessories.
,        Agents for •'    '
Ferro " Marine Engines
"Caille" Perfection Marine "Eng.
" Fleur de Lis " Dry Batteries
Electric Motors and Dynamos
REPAIRS of. all descriptions done by experienced hands.    •
'   - -i_i   i        1   w * S i. 1 <. *rf> Sl
i 11 .i^' hrtzi'.'t,'^
1 his month we ^re making a special showing,..* i* 'j
Wall Papers. • Our stock comprises -CS-CrglkL-.,'-)
of the Iatestand prettiest designs bbbBUUHafele.^ "' r,-,*.
Let us leave one of'our sampjfe-•_£___■ _T'
your home for your inspection.     ' .   •* r/" ' -•""*"-■" 7
Our prices range from 25c to $f pex'3o»*_-e^;
roll. /
'; * •   ," -i
can recommend to you the best pap^-hafigftnr!   "
' in the city.
. ,_ ^
'"' i'i
>    7 .1."   !   Mi
This week we will occupy our New Store
in the Cox ______ opposite Post Office.
, '     W       .7ti       I'll*
it. if ^
W. R. TRENei;
Druggist and Stationer.
'.iij jiq:
For The Spring Trade.
Tested stock, seeds .or
' .arm, garden, or  con-
86roatortj, from the best
grotoera in. E n g 1 a n d,
Prance,sHoIland, United
,   States and Canada:
Fruit and Ornamental Trees .
' Small iruits, home groton
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies    .' J
^ ■ Spraging Materials
Cut Flowers, etc.   .
•   1.0 Page Catalogue Free. - _ '
, Office Greenhouse and Seedhonee
3010, Westminster Rd/ - -
VAHCOUVEB, B.C: "    -_
Branch Nursery - South Vaacouoerjjr
Advertise in The Record
■    '- 1     -It Pays ■  <
r_i'l«-     iift   I   i
Fruitj Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
All . stock ■ strictlg
first-class and home
- groton.
Catalogue - Free
-'   • '" Apply ' "  - '   '   - I
A. E. Boijer.
L-_3_________i-  ''
,   ,    Are exteniive growero of nil lands of Fnlit Tree*,' and .t_dr Mir-"     J   ■_*
eery Stock, such u Rose*. Shrubs, and Ornamental Trfcen, and off** Wo " t      I " _
planters or Orchards, choice trees; trae to name.a 11, ^ ^ s   JX,    JK t,(j-   <  -     *,\
-The most experienced planters->realize., that youn^ trees? grown in- j   " •_•/■ ia',
Ontario, under somewKat'snoila. conditions a* prevail in the Interior of _     '
this Province, are the best ■> ^ * r       '   '     " "   A
We are prepared to funnsh "6ne year 'old'trees,' *onla iJ_ee-'yeirv! '"•' < - 7'
old root, or a two year old treeon - four year old' root, a. denred, at1" vi" - - ^
prices that will be considered reasonable, • *)   .    ; "■ _,    t ^     ,.„ .   i,', •«fy '• ,
We grow the Duchess Dwarf Pear very extensively, which is bang; (-orf   ,
used as a filler by a good many planters. , ■ ii • (     rr." £'«-*»  ■.  t
Our Peach, Apple? Pear, cherry and Plum trees are all of _rj|.<iua!-   > ',7- *'. A
•   .        lty well grown, witHl rooted, aad will please the most"crifical buyirs. ',        '  ' 7   '" *
Thorough cultivation in our Norserie* ensure a1 splendi-Vootsyfcten-    ''*   **'"■!
which of course ia most necessary in a younfctreeJ     *   J" '* .' t _.   • '   - .  v
1      < During the past two season* we hav. auceess_lh>«hipped'ourstoeJr   *■ '. '
to all parts of the Province, and can guarantee satisfaction to all bar .lV, h .-;
patrons. ' '   _ ,3   »    ; jv'-*■«. '-—r* •   •      »• •    t
The members of our firm aw all practical Nurserymen, t with' lon*7   ".    .  7   ,i
experience, and they are giving their whole fame to this one" busineS*;' *4     '-'  -'
constantly overseeinarevery1 detail of the work of* gtowingj ijnt_irwp r ."'• -
shipping, etc.   The fact is, we live ..among lhe,.treea; yretwiingi Wim,  >. ^ L.jt,^',--i
, zealous care the development _ every aan: o£oqr.yast plantinga^     u_ if     "       ___;.
This is a Canadian enteiprUft of 2^ years standing, and^our'ireputa- . '"^
\ tion is behind all our dealings, give us your ord* and you "will'-not-riJ."'''. >f   >r'4'
gretit " '     *■»       '•    <■> " ''.-'rr1»   . *   ..    *«.,»(» 3.
We irant a good reliable tean to look after our business in Ke]awittz>. v'l -.r"-f.«i
and vicinity. - 4 ^-lr.^., m»   >, -     ?/„•"  ^-"J!v .  ,,,*   -
Apply for particulars in regard to price*'and-tenns to saleameft to j,^ ^v,   "•»„<
v our Bnbsh Columbia Branch Office.,      -. ,    „   .        _ •       '<    i '
,    • CHAS. L1 TROTTER, NhmasZr;, 1125"8dfbAfe$gs **£%
Catalogue Free'on Request.*        * ( r ^'  VaHcduVtoou•* *
r 'r . f T
»        ( 1 ' J   , "1     1 _ *_    *_ _    ' 1 ''
SIX b_vth& FORTY STYLES w^e ar^tShowiifcfoi
■  m^ui «■
^i. v-7-l *     J »»'i
u t ■< r
Afl'>2(_h -etattify Bran^~The.CIb_ies.with _ Nat_n^Region'f_i: Stile W'^H^-if)^,rh^7w^l7^
Rieady-for-semce or M^de. td Your Special Measure from Choice of [30QS^Ksh Cloths
; ><   :   vTKe Largest and.Most Attractive^ Showing of'Styles and Fine Woollens Ever Attempted' fc>y &. Tailoring Hbuseirt Cattad^ " "»  ->ilj ^ ■   l/|;r7.    (   1   '7
•u . ^«     -     ^See these Fiiie?Gahherite before Ordering your Sprihg.Suit or Overcoaitr.   .7 . -_ 7,i^l:-BJ
*> ^   '!_
■ >»  *i_l
^        ' s ,•-1   -    -.! -1"   '■«.  * '1
s»-" .iI7'^    - *   -   ".•'•<-' h's.,        k.
We,are-Exclusive Agents
-» v 7   \, k>>l
^■*_st*<«   -      W
. L7U'~      - -*i' , _
.    -V\,.'«V   .! - ' ,v-7^1
' '    - A H V'""- *-'■.>•> _« ."*/« '
 .._     ■—'.«, >* V j        v\ 1
7"^ .r^'ru-r  **« *.v*'i#wintJ'T«    ,
 ' J1, ^>7-   ,..).;7. ',7s 7;   ,', >J 8
The Orchard City Record.
.  ^hW^^arclFil;
j (Continued from page I.)      7%
? demand would be still greater/ Since' tKe
; recent success at Spokane enqnines had
7ome in from all narts of America and the
fOld -Cbuhtnr'- for 'more: literature.     The
* fame of Kelowno had become world-wide.
, Funds''should be'at once raised for'-carry-'
;' ing on the good work which had been so
■ well begun/ - Other towns were awakening
t to the importance of vigorous advertising.
- Vernon, he, said, had asked the City Coun-
7cil for" a grant of $500 for this purpose;
'Revelstoke   had  applied   for  $1,000, and
almost every city of British Columbia was
Cushing on .with this work.   Large  num-
era'of emigrants were now coming west,
and   hundreds of  people were  travelling
. west, and the board ought to get busy in
' order to take advantage of this.    In addition  to a booklet, he suggested that slips
.: might be got out relating to various branches
: of fruit growing and placed in every box
that goes out.   -      • ■     - :■*
a    Mr. Kerr thought that care should be
taken in distributing booklets, not to throw
: them broadcast to people who do not want
them. ■ He.suggested.that someone should
• be paid to write short articles for the
papers and accompany them-with photographs. This would do much good.
There were many farming papers in Canada and'the States with large* circulations,
^ who  would accept such articles, and the
readers of these papers were just the peo-
' pie they wanted to  reach.   They  could
, thus reach a .much larger population that
way and for a much smaller sum of money.
'     Mr. DeHart was of opinion that better
' results could be had from placing the fruit
■itself befpre^the public, than by the issue
of expensive booklets, though some sort of
small  books   were   necessary  to  answer
enquiries instead of writing letters.
It was then moved and seconded that
the publication committee get someone to
send  short  articles  and   cuts to  various
'< magaianes.*, A '
A; littler tangled discussion followed about
the'amount of money to be appropriated
for advertising, and it was finally decided
,the board to give the Publicity Committee
$250 to be applied to advertising purposes.
Mr. Sutherland proposed, and Mr. Speers
' seconded, that  the  Board of Trade  wait
upon the City Council and ask for a grant
for the purpose of advertising the city.
On the motion of  Mr. Dilworth a vote
'■ of thanks was given to Mr. Stirling for his
report '
Mr. Elliott thought the C.P.R. had been
' very dilatory In respect to their works , in
the City of Kelowna, and suggested that a
committee be appointed to go into the
matter and see if nothing could be done
to assist the railway company by improv.
ing the site and if necessary buying the
land and presenting it to them.
The urgency.! of the matter was fully
recognized, and a'committee consisting of
' Messrs. Sutherland, Stirling and   Dilworth'
.were appointed/,,to','join' with, the City
Council  in .an   endeavour   to   press  the
>matter forward.-7-,>,
Mr. Stirling moved that the secretary of
the Associated Boards of *■ Trade be approached   calling   for   concerted    of   all
,boards in,the  Valley.in  establishing  a
''bureau   of "information   at   the   Alaska-
' Yukon-Pacific, Exposition.
•• ' Mr. Moncton, civil engineer, was elected
'a ^member,.^lifter which the meeting
Baseball Players
Call Meeting
The season for that popular pastime
which made a decided hit with all lovers
of clean sport in this city last year is at
hand, and the opening game, is being
eagerly anticipated.
The prospects of a fast team are exceedingly bright as eight of last year's team
with an abundance of newv material will
report for practice on Thursday afternoon
of April I st.
7 H. Paul catcher, A. Coe 1st Base, C.
Jamieson 2nd Base, T. Treadgold 3rd Base,
J. Pettigrew and L. McMillan outfielders,
Moulton short stop and Eastman pitcher,
are the old players who will report. Paul,
the youngster whose catching was the sensation of last year's play has taken on
considerable weight and with improved
batting ability will prove invaluable. Coe's
work.while never of the spectacular sort,
was always reliable and possessed that
"never'quit" spirit which, above all other
qualities, wins games. Jamieson _ work at
second was ofthe same variety and he will
play a much faster game this season, as
his arm which was broken last year is
again in shape. Treadgold, at third, is
expected to play a faster game this season
as his playing indicated that the latter part
of last season. McMillan who had his
first experience last season will be one of
the fastest outfielders in the Valley this
year. Pettigrew, who was undoubtedly
the fastest fielding outfielder in the league
last year but who failed to bat to form will
spend all his efforts to correct that fault
and coupled with his fleetness on the bases
certainly would be a run getter. Moulton,
who was said by all to be the fastest
fielding infielder in the league, but who
failed to bat as expected will return from
California and his service will be a big
factor in winning games.
MayofR R. E. DeHart will be the
President of the organization this year and
if Mr. C. C. Josselyn can be induced to
retain the management the prospects will
be exceedingly good. Financially the club
is in a first class shape, as it has nearly
four hundred dollars worth of the very
best material and is the best equipped
club in the Valley. This is all on the
credit side as' the club owes no bills.
Great credit is due Mr. Josselyn for the
financial standing for this is the first athletic
club in the city with a large balance to
their credit at the end of the season, which
shows the result of wise and careful
A-meeting of last years players will be
held on Tuesday evening of March 16th,
at 6 p.m., in Josselyn's store to elect officers
for the ensuing year.   '
Mr. j. W. Wilkes, one of the oldest and
most enthusiastic anglers in the district
has received the following in reply to a
communication: .■••:■."
Victoria, March 4, 1909.
James W. Wilkes, Esq.,
Kelowna, B.C.
Dear Sir,      .    ,
In response to your favour of February
21st,, permit me to say that under the
Dominion Regulations the taking of trout
of all kinds is prohibited east of parallel
120, west longitude, between November
15th and May 1st. This, of course, includes Kelowna. The close season in that
section was made, I am told, by the earnest solicitation of many of the anglers of
that District.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant
Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries.
Cards are being exhibited in the
windows of the stores announcing
that commencing with April 1st,
they will close on Thursdays at
12.30. This arrangement will continue until Oct. 2&"st, a month later
than last year.
Public Notice is hereby given that all
persons desirous of having sidewalks constructed under the Local Improvement By-
Law by the City during the current year
mu9t file a Statutory Petition for same
with the City Clerk, on or before April 1st
City Clerk.
Applications for the position of City
Pound Keeper will be received by the undersigned until April 1st., 1909.
G. H. DUNN. '
City Clerk.
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats
Ski.__, Canoes and'Scotos.
Roto Boats and Canoes j
•   .or- hire. •
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
FOR SALE—stack of Timothy hay, about
4_ tons.    Apply J. Rowcliffe. 12tf
FOR SALE—About  forty hens for sale.
Apply, T. A. HARDIE,
Box 298, Kelowna, B. C.    15p
WANTED—Ladies Second Hand English
saddle   in   good 'condition,   reasonable.
Apply, Box S 25, RECORD OFFICE
On to my place one red heifer, about 3,
years old. Has right ear split, and cut
under left ear. Has been around about two
months. Apply A. W. DalgleiBn. Kelowna
FOR SALE—Good Clover Hay at $12.
50 per ton and Timothy at $15.00 per
ton. Apply D. McLean, 3 miles east on
Vernon Road.
LOST—Overcoat on Vernon Road, Saturday last, between Cloverdale and Kelowna.   Return to Cloverdale Ranch.
Cyphers Incubator and Cyphers  Model
outdoor Brooder, used one season, works
perfectly.    Apply
15-p BOX 291. Kelowna, B.C.
A janitor required at the end of March.
For particulars of duties and salary apply
Sec. Kelowna Hospital.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date
I P. R. Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described land.' Commencing at a post
planted at South Fast corner of lot No. 1380.
Thence South 20 chains, thence West 20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence East
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Dated January 19th., 1909 10-17p
Dry Goods Department
*       7*
%: h
i.r        "'
1              *
.  .      -
7 Phone 314.
Spring Opening.
¥ i_Vfr.>- MnrrrvJ _r W(P will have <~>n disnlav all our.
New Spring Goods.
Ladies' New Spring Coats and Suits.
Ladies' New Spring Blouses,
Manufactured by the Doherty Mfg. Co., in all
:     '7 -v :-■; the Latest Styles.
Boots,and Shoes in all the Latest Styles and Shapes,
Manufactured by J. & T. Bell,  Ames Holden,
and Getty & Scott,
Three of the best makes in Canada.
Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other City property after March 1, 1909,
will be prosecuted.
I3tf City Clerk.
N_> ♦.
va7"'  ;>    " •
^4 A ifull line of all the latest Hats and Caps,
-      Includiiig the celebrated Henry Carter Stiff Hat.
New spring Clothing in the very. Latest styles & patterns
All the latest things in Dress Goods for
y?,.:.(]?: 1 Spring and Summer.; }   ;     ,       ,"
One of the finest displays of Laces, Embroideries, and
/ Trimmings ever shown in Kelowna will
be shown by us next > week.       ,
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Water Commissioner, of ,Vernon, B.C., for
a change in the point of diversion of my
water record on Mission Creek from a point
500 or 600 yards in a South-easterly direction from the Schoolhouse in the Benvoulin
district to a point about one half mile
higher up the said Creek, or 60 or 70 yards
in a South-easterly direction from the
South-east corner stake of District Lot 126,
Group One (1) Osoyoos Division, Yale
District (late Evett's estate).
Dated at Kelowna, B.C., this 19th day of
February, 1909.
12-21 - G. P. DOLSEN.
Why pay  ;
$400 for 50 ft. Building Lots
when you can buy Half-acre
Lots on Glen Avenue for only
• $800
These lots are planted in fruit
trees which should be bearing nicely
this year.
Have a look at these before
buying elsewhere.
Apply to E. L. CLEMENT
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants''"
-  Cabbage Plants  •.
Bedding Plants
Asparagus Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
. 'H.LYS0NS.7
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
>Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Fridayf
Box 66 ,.  Kelowna, B«C._
Japanese 'At Home.
The division of the Young Ladies' Hospital Aid, under the , leadership of ,Mis3
Mollie Harvey, gave a ' charming, and
unique Japanese Tea and "At Home" on
Thursday afternoon and evening, at the
beautiful home of Mrs. Stirling, which she
most generously offered for the .occasion.'
The magnificent rooms so artistically
oriental in furnishing, were decorated with
lanterns any chrysanthemums, and formed
charming tea-rooms for the Japanese
ladies in their bright kimonas and fluttering fans.
In the evening an interesting programme
was given in the spacious music room
upstairs. The performers being all in
After the programme the guests were
served to tea by the graceful pitter-patter,
ing maidens.
The entertainment was very successful
in every way, over $70.00 being made.
Your Wants
In   The
Orchard City
Cents Per
First Insertion,
One Cent.
per word after.
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting.Shaving orShampoo
1 ing.   Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.  ,
' s <   I
1 he rvelowna'
Outfitting Store
"V  -,
.1 If. Ill
The Store of the
Stylish Shoe
?'- 71- ....
We are now ready -yrith
our   Spring   Stock   of
*- Ladies',' Men s and Children's Footwear in; all
The Latest
Leathers and Styles.
J. p     '>
1    1   .• I   Jf   I
7   'w i'i.i 1
We want every .Lady in
j .-.the Gty to.call and see
what we  are4 showing
In ChildreiiV/r^
Boots, and Shoes. 7
we are making, ^specialty this season, 1 showing all the   "'"^-A'M  ,
- ."'A'.    ' -. 7  i '>>' -•: 't
Very. Latest Novelties- ••.
for, the Little Tots     .
~ -   -J .*•     (' J.  lTt,-...'.   ,.   '
We invite- you. to pay our
store ~a. visit whether'"
:, you purchase or not -'-.
.' ".
We are convinced-'we,/"7 .
have    the:.,goods' \at-i_ -<-
The Right Prices
•(,'•■'   i.j^riM*
'>   ■ 3%T.   :..«
The Kelowm^-' ;
OutfittingStorc7 V
-*n '*"   ,wr>*l
W. B. _. Calder, svop.
r> f*.-TU       -m**4
**   j;     h n
N -3
Spring HATS.
We have just opened our stock
v Spring Hats in; > ',
Black Stiff,        >
Brown Do. .      _ 	
Sage Do.
In Soft Felt Hats, we have all
the Newest Shapes and Shades.
Black, Brown, Green, Sage,
Silver Grey, Fawn, Tabac.
See our Window
on Satufdity. :
7   Also come inaiid look: through
our full ranges/,
•Tt7<7 >-t • -""
1 '">■» ... *■ *
• y * .    A :   .     7 / .'AKi^ IO 1 "' » i ^'O.   .
7,    Clothing Co


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