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The Orchard City Record Dec 17, 1908

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 City Council Meeting
New Hotel fBy-Law Introduced
i—'Proposal for City to' Take
Over Fair Grounds.
The council met in the council
chamber, on Tuesday, His Worship the Mayor in the chair. Present, Aldermen Buckland, Stirling,
Curts and Gaddes.
The matter of passing by-laws to
make drunkenness an offence was
brought up. His Worship stated
that Chief Hidson had complained
'that the decisions in court of Magistrate Burne, were such that it is
almost useless to arrest anyone at
the present time for drunkeness,
Mr. Burne claiming that under the
present by-laws, unless a man is
disorderly as well as being drunk,
it does not constitute an offence.
A by-law relating to.these matters
is at present being amended byMr.
Burne, and will be presented at the
next meeting.
His Worship then brought up a
bill that ne had drafted, to reg-
ulate the hours for selling liquor at
the local houses. This bill had
been under consideration by the
Council for the past two or three
months, and expert legal advice
from Vancouver made it clear that
the city was within .its rights in
passing such  a by-law.   .The" by-
- law read by the Mayor, was taken
from similar by-laws enacted by
the Vancouver city council, relating to the same matter. According to the police reports, it is necessary to have the hours curtailed,
or to have night watchmen. • His
Worship further stated that, this
by-law would certainly'reduce * the
amount of police work. > The class
- of people mostly getting into
trouble, are "the "working men, who
during~the" day have to attend to
their work, doing their drinking at
night, He suggested also that the
curtailing of the said hours of business, might have the effect of making better workmen for the employers. Under the present provincial law, the only regulation relating to the liquor business, is the
bars be closed up at. 11 p.m. on
on Saturdays. This allows bars to
be kept open at all hours, and the
~police have been into one of the
hotels - and broken up gangs at
4 o-'clock in'-the morning. The
curtailed hours would not be a
hardship on anyone, as there were
no late boats coming in with travellers.
The by-law brought up by the
Mayor was read for the first time,
and  makes every licensed place
_, close at a stipulated hour, on each
night of the week, until a stipulated
hour in the morning; save only in
cases where a requisition for liquor
for medical purposes, is presented;
signed by a medical practictioner.
There shall also be no liquor,
whether sold 'or not, consumed on
the premises during prohibited
hours,-except by the licensee, his
family or lodgers in the house, and
any infraction of these regulations
shall constitute an offence. All
bar-rooms shall be so arranged
that a full view may be obtained
■ during prohibited hours. No card
play or throwing of dice, whether
for money or drinks to be permitted
in any licensed 'place. No Licensee
shall permit any child under eighteen to frequent any bar, or room
where liquors are sold.
The   matter   of   regulating - the
.billiard room was also brought up,
Alderman Buckland stating that he
had been complained to by the
fathers of some of the boys attending the' high school, who spent
,,   time in the billard room, that should
- have been devoted to school duties.
Iff remarking on this'Aid. Gaddes
said that when he had to appeal to
- the city council to correct his boys,
he would consider that there was
something, wrong with himself.
- Aid. Buckland: . "The chief
complaint seems to be that they
neglect their school work".
. Aid. Stirling: "That is rather a
common complaint with boys I
think". ^       '
A by-law, relative to this matter
is being drafted by the city solicitor? and will probably' appear at
the next meeting.
Messrs. Raymer, Dilworth and
Lawson appeared before the coun
cil as a delegation from the Agri-'
cultural and Trades Association,
to submit a proposition that the
city take over the A! & T. grounds,
on the following conditions: That
the city pay off the present indebt-
edess of the Association, about
$2500.00. Paint the .buildings,
and put same in "good state, of repair. Increase grounds so as to
have a good race track. That the
A. & T. Association shall have full
use of the buildings and grounds
at fair time, and also that the A. &
T, Association shall have all gate
receipts at fair time. The council
furthermore, to erect a high fence
around the grounds.
Mr. Dilworth, in speaking for the delegation, said that the idea in bringing this
proposition forward now, is that the matter
could" be submitted to the people at the
forthcoming elections.
His Worship the Mayor, brought up the
matter of barb wire fences alongside the
city sidewalks. Complaints regarding
these fences, had appeared in the 'Courier'
and they were a nuisance and danger to
pedestrians. A resolution was passed
stating that barb wire fences being a
source of danger to the public, owner
should be requested to remove them,
where they are close to the sidewalks.
The renting of other offices as city
offices was brought up by the city clerk,
Mr. Bigger having bought the present
building and intending to remove and
occupy it shortly.
Mr. Curts presented the report of the
city scavenger and a letter askingfor an
increase in wages.
The insurance on the power house was
discussed at length, and it was thought advisable to distribute the business among
the companies doing business here.
Mr.' Hurifer "appeared before the council,
to ask permission to cut certain guy wires
on the eity pole line system, which interfere with the moving of his building, and
also the cost of doing so. The matter was
left to the electrical engineers to deal with.
'- Buckland-Gaddes:   That the  following
accounts be referred to the  finance  committee, and paid if found correct.
James Bros., fire bug connection8..$    10 25
Gartsdone-Thompson Pipe' Foundry Co '.   299 25
Vancouver Engineering Works   1243 13
Packhard Electric Co., meter       II 55
Canadian Ceneral Electrical Co....     30 00
F. L. Buckley," Poles    323 75
Stirling-Gaddes: That the city solicitor
be instructed to draw up an agreement be-
tween the city and the A. & T. Association
on the lines stated by their committee,
and also to prepare a by-law. for borrowing the money necessary for buying the
A. & T. property, and doing the required
work on it.
Adjourned until the 22nd inst.	
Local Option Meeting
Temperance   Workers Rail})
'Presbyterian Church.
Provincial Paragraphs.
Parliament to Open in January.
Ottawa, Dec. 12.—At yesterday's cabinet council it was decided that parliament
■hall open on Wednesday, January 20, 1909.
Kingston Student* out for a Spree.
In order to celebrate the Alma Mater
Society elections, 500 Queens University
Students went on the warpath Saturday,
ending a night of rioting with six of the
ringleaders in jail. A rescue of these six
was planned, but the students met the revolvers of the constabulary and soon cooled
down. ' There were a number of free
fights and cracked heads in the mix-up.
The meeting in the Presbyterian
church on Monday night to discuss
local option, was not very well attended, tho' some warm arguments
were raised for and against Local
The Rev. H. P. Thorpe took the
chair and opening with a short address, said : Our meeting tonight
is - especially to consider local
option, tho' not to be considered
from a local standpoint only. I
would stand on equal grounds.and
say that drunkenness is a great evil.
The next great question seems to
be—will local option do away with
it ? Is it a remedy for this evil ?
There might be some here who
will be prepared to say yes, and
some may be prepared to say no.
Some may think that we should go
further than local option, and
speak of prohibition. • We want to
consider this thing carefully and
candidly. Those who are anxious
to 'know how local option- will
work are invited to ask questions.
First I will state what, local option
is. I understand it to be, the power given to any locality to say
whether they will or will not -have
a licensed house. I am prepared
to say that people have a right to
have their say in this. The majority should decide all questions 'of
importance. Is it a right thing,
that a few in authority should have
the right to say whether or not we
should have licensed houses ? The
deciding of these questions
should be in the hands of the
SEASON 1908.
Fruit: Apples, 30,709 boxes;
Peaches, 1343 boxes; Pears, 3326
boxes;, Plums,! 10,298 boxes ;
other fruits, 3,279 boxes, total 75
- Vegetables : Potatoes 934 tons ;
Cabbage 19 1-4 tons; Miscell 458
tons ; Canned Goods, 3321 cases,
total 77 cars. -  .       ,
These statistics were made up to
the end of November 1908, and do
not include smaller, exports by express. It is estimated that another
15 cars of potatoes of this season's
crop, will be shipped out in the
An open social was giverr "on
Thursday by the Canadian Order
of Chosen Friends. Invitation cards
were sent out to the friends of the
members, and a good sized gathering was the result. After speeches by the officers of the "Lodge on
the origin and objects of the Order,
cards were- indulged in, and various other games. The lady members "provided supper, after which
,a dance ended a most enjoyable
evening.   The C. O. C. F. is a new
roaf J organization in, Kelowna, but has a
jority, instead of being decided,byj^ad'Vsizfed-' membership- already,
Sir M. Allan to Succeed Lord Strathcona.
London, Dec. 14. The Mail says that
although the 'successor to Lord Strathcona
as High Commissioner for Canada has not
yet been appointed, it is understood that
the post has been offered to Sir Montaguer
Allan of Montreal, head of the Allan
SteamshipjCo,, who is not however asked
to decide immediately.
Canada's Mint.
Lt.-Col. Rogers, of Ottawa, announced
in Montreal last week that the Canadian
Mint would start right away with the
coinage of gold. The Canadian dies not
being ready the permission of the'British
Government has been given to use British
dies Until the end of the year, when the
Canadian will be ready, Each of the
Canadian minited coins, will be inscribed
with the letter 'C'.beneath the King's head.
Only about 250 will be minted, which will
give them an additional valuC from a
numismatic standpoint.
two or three people'
The meeting.was then thrown
open for any questions on the subject, and advantage was taken of
this by a number of those present.
The question was asked: ■ If ,there
was only one license in this city,
would there be as much drinking
as if there were three ? Is anyone
prepared to say whether more
licenses increases the drinking?
This was threshed out with different arguments, one person suggesting that inasmuch as several stores
in the same line of business increases competition, so several
licenses increases competition, and
as a matter of bourse, drunkenness.
Comparisons were drawn between prohibition and non-prohibition towns, one party giving an
instance of a Manitoba town
where there was no ' license, and
showing it to be dead as far as
businesses concerned. On account
of_theJack of good accommodation
in that particular place, the business was diverted to neighboring
towns, which had licensed houses.
The high rates charged in Summer-
land which is a non-license town,
for accommodation was brought
up in favor of licenses. It was
agreed that the high rates were beyond the purse of a laboring man.
Against this it was stated that the
laboring man had the .option of
boarding himself in a tent, or
living in a private boarding house
at reasonable rates, as many do in
Kelowna.' The old, old story of
there being more drunkenness in a
prohibition town than in a non-
prohibition town, lost none of its
stalencss in being v revived again.
In reply to this Mr. Herdman said
that although some old topers will
manage to get liquor anyway, the
drinking was not done openly,
and that therefore there was not
the temptation for the young man
who had not become addicted to
the use of alcoholic liquor. Mr.
Herdman also read a report of the
chief of police at Charlottetown, in
which it was claimed that there
were very few arrests for drunkeness in Charlottetown, since the
^people had prohibitory law  there.
Regarding the financial benefit
to a town, from license fees, the
following statistics were given of
East and West Grand Forks, N. D.:
-East Grand Forks ha3 42 saloons,
-West Grand Forks has no saloons.
East Grand Forks receives $ 10,
000 a year, revenue from licenses.
West Grand Forks, receives nothing. The assessment of East
Grand Forks $384,000, while West
Grand ^Fbrks'.is $3,500,000,   and
and it is also the only order of this
kind, that is open to both ladies
and gentlemen.
' -   - -  -^»	
The seed guessing competition,
being run by Mr. W. B. M. Calder,
opened on Saturday, and judging
from the number of competitors,
the contest will be a warm one.
" How many seeds go to make a
pumpkin" is the question that is
worrying the young minds. The
pumpkin in question is exhibited
in Mr. Calder's window, beside the
fine doll, which will be the prize.
"The results of the compteitiohwill
be given on Christmas Eve.
The Central Okanagan Land Cos
auction sale on-Tnursuay,—was iair-
ly well attended, but would probably have been much larger, if it
had not been for the wheat block"
ade in the east, many farmers down
there being unable to get the money for this year's crop, and so were
deterred from coming. Dr. Gaddes
informs us thatthe large advertising
of the sale, has interested many
people in all parts of the country,
and brought numerous inquiries
about this district. A block of
lots in Woodlawn were bought by
Vancouver and local people.
Kelowna Ma\es Good
Against  World
The keen interest with which
Kelownaites awaited the • results of the Spokane fair was
rewarded on Saturday, when
the following reports were
flashed across the wires from
Mr, DeHart—"Dec. 11th, to
Mr. H. R,Millie, Kelowna, I
have won about~$4,000.00 in
prizes, will- write, F. R. E. De-
Hart." and "Dec. 12th, to H. H.
Millie, Kelowna, J-Jave just won
another $600.00 prize by two
points, F. R. E. DeHart".
The following items appeared in the Saturday Evening
Chsonicle, Spokane, Dec. 12,—
"F. R. E. DeHart of Kelowna,
B.C., won a diploma at the
National Apple Show to-day in
the sweepstakes competition'.
DeHart's Jonathans were adjudged to be the best four tier
entered".      .._.,.
Spokane, Wash. Dec. 12.—-
"F. R. E. DeHart of Kelowna,
B.C., who already-has swept in
several big prizes for his exhibits made another "big killing
at the National Apple Show
this morning, when it was announced that he had taken first
for the best individual display
of'apples.    Mr.' DeHart''wins
besides a cash prize $5Q0.00,.    ,  <
the   privilege-.'of   selling two*-■ ;,'. ',<
boxes of the apples to  the' T;  »
E. Westlake Company of Spd^'',; 2,
kane, at $25.00;ab6x.", .    ^ ' .      '    ",
-This competition was. one of,,,,.-'
the   most   important- ,at   the   ;*
National Apple Show.'   The:- V
conditions were "most arbitrary,'   ' .-£
not more that two boxes, two  ?! , ]
barrels, two baskets, tvvp plates/.. -
and two jars were allowed, to -.- (
compete for one exhibit;   The
points, considered were texture f
and flavour,'.number of varie-   !
ties,, size, condition  and, vfree~-   ~,~
dom from blemish,v color,. uni-. :    ,'
formity and neatness of arranger ^
m'ent'.  "     . *  t '-vx.'l v
.The prize for, .the,:largest, L (
apple was won by*W. FL Merr,- )V- ;;
of -Wenatche. -'"« The " apple >«.; p--.
weighs>31-ounces'and'is~ 17£ **; -Ml
inches in circumference. . It^.5^
will be reproduced in bronze,-h~L, ~?^
gold platedan4 mounted oriL a - «--
silver pedestal, and presented to?.'.^
Mr. Marr.     '--    '   '/'■--'- ' \1 .r?7^_
A detailed report will appear "T:/-">
in the next issue of the Orchard ",.-,-J ">
City"" Record/ showing f;Kelr"^"*•£&.
ownas recent.. wmnmgs,^.both^15;^f.
at the Spokane :ShowJ jNev/J?j':%j
Westminister and" • the" Interrv/ -i'V?'
and Country News.*
• 1
"4 Vryf
"1 *v
t              *■
1                            •«                        ,■",:«     y-t'.,'
I fit*
20 per cent lower the East.
The profit and loss of the liquor
traffic, were also shown from statistics. The revenue derived from
liquor by the
Dominion Government $ 12,871,5 3 7
Provincial "     ..       .744,564
Municipalities 621,2 32
making a grand total of^ over
$14,000,000 from the liquor business, ■ . ;'■'
Against the business:
Labor Jost to the country by drunkenness over $60,000,000.
Lost to country, by premature
deaths caused by drink $29,000,000
Indirect cost by extra police, asylum
hospital and Jail service over
Total cost to the Dominion well
over $r00,000,000. Revenue derivedh6m licenses, $14,000,000.
No'vpte was taken on the subject,1 though apparently the- majority " were in favour of local option,
and at the close of the meeting it
was suggested by the Rev. Mr.
Herdman-that "those in favour of
... ^ .       localjOption, should prepare them-
the taxes at West Grand Forks are 'selves for a vigorous campaign, .
John B. Markell left Friday for
Ottawa, going_on from there to his
home at Kingston, Ont.
A team of pretty little Shetland
ponies arrived with a car-load of
effects, for Mr. J. E. Wheeler,' on
Saturday. /
Messr. Stirling and Pitcairn re:
turned on Friday from Spokane,
where_they_hadJbeen_attending the
apple exhibition.
Workmen are busy enlarging
the dining room of the Royal Hotel
When completed, this dining-
room will accommodate sixty-five
persons at once. The office also is
to be enlarged, and the place electrically lighted throughout
Mr. Emory, a prominent lawyer
of Edmonton, and Mr. Driscoll, C.
E., also of Edmonton, who were
passing! through Kelowna were
present at the C. O. L Co.'s sale.
They expressed themselves as
being higly pleased with' the appearance of the district.
The first round of the billiard
handicap is in full swing, and will
be finished by the 19th. inst., the
second round commencing on the'
21st. inst. There are 32 entries,
and the three prizes are being hotly contested. Results of the first
round will be published'later. /
Posters are out announcing that
the Legge Willis Company will appear in Kelowna, in 'Grand Triple
Bill' consisting of 'Sweethearts,'
'Barbara' and- 'Chiselling'. -The
date is fixed for December 29th.
Those who witnessed this company's presentation of 'Kitty Clive',
a short time ago, will be^ delighted
to see them here again,' and a
crowded' house is a certainty.
Book your seats early.
Chief Hidson io to be commended on having a number of notices
tacked up requesting people not to
spit on the sidewalks. < It should
be unnecessary to request people
to- refrain from this objectionable
habit, and it is hoped that the
notices will be-duly complied with.
"U.S. Grant is-back in-Yellow-
grass again, arranging to bring put
another party of land seekers.  ' "\*
Miss Ella   Farmer, of Florence;"
Ont, arrived on Friday's' boat^ to''
stay with the Lloyd Macdonalds, of
Rutland/ ,
our first issue, the name of theSeo-
The forthcoming municipal elec-'H^iSsl
tions promise to be interesting..' It v^Si'^tJ
is reported that there is ?a;.Iarge^^f:*|||
number of nominations for dder-iaXi^-*1™
manic honours.
land, visited Kelowna.pn;Tuesday,!:^M^
bringing ^ with him Mr. \ -tlobSrt^f^Jp
Murray, Principal of the , PjiiWic:i^|»|
School at Peachland. Mr.* Murrax/^l^J!
is staying at Kelowna Hospital,,c'^||t#l
being in a poor state of heal&.V"'^^!
The Rev. C. W.Whyte, of Peachy/,
of the business
asking him to accept the norrlin-
ation as Mayor, for the ..ensuing^
i f   - »'
year, and has accepted the riqrmn-i
other individual, were driving hoine|^|MJ
after the Chosen Friends Social^^^
his soaring thoughts were b^uihtY^
abruptly to* things mundane, ;*|^'fj|^^|
what might have, been ar bad; "'
cident.. 'The   gallant gPB^Were^^
steer the rig into * an unoffending y
stump. No bone* broken ^j^^g|S
hi" \J-
fa?' j
^^^F^r,^-,^ ^ >* ■ i",.v
The ^Orchard City Record.
^    . i.     \,~        I >■ *. >      J*   .*   J>. . '    .        .*
-**;   V.'    ',
Thursday, Dec. 17
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published everyThursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
Editor and Proprietor   :'
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United Slates $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
The vexing lqiuor question has
been brought well into the lime
light in Kelowna during the past few
days, and slumbering dogs seem to
have been aroused in both camps.
The advocates of the cause were
never so enthusiastic as at present
the ladies having entered the ranks
of late in ever increasing numbers.
Legislation and. reform is being
steadily and perseyeringly pushed
on the platform and everywhere.
But unfortunately ( for those horrid commissioners) Bachus seems
to be prospering, and the landlords
are getting fatter and heavier every
day, whilst the poor old tippler,
the cause of all the trouble, continues to drink himself into maudlin
insensibility, unwept and unsung.
     * .. —
There has been considerable
complaint of late regarding the
mixing of water with the coal oil,
by — whom? Not by the local
dealers certainly, as the coal oil
cans come full, and sealed. Besides which, every dealer makes
the same complaint One of John
Rockefellers representatives visited
Kelowna last week presumably to
see who dared cast reflections on
the uprightness, and honorable
dealings of the Standard! Oil CoT,
but nevertheless was glad to refund
one of our citizens $1.50, on. a $2
00 can purchased by him.- Guess
Johnny is trying to make up for
his recent law court expenses ,or
else going to endow a church.
Everyone remembers the recent
invasion of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, by James Sharpe and: his
band of fanatics. '"'', ■
This man and seven followers
armed with rifles, claimed to have
been sent by Heaven on a Mission
to the Doukhobors. After, giving
the Provincial Governments considerable trouble, he was turned
down, by the Doukhabors, returnr
ing to the States. On the 9th of
December these religio-maniacs
opened fire in Kansas City on some
police officers who were sent to
arrest them for assault on a citizen.
James Sharp, known as "Adam
_God!*, two men and one gjd meny
bers of his party, opened fire,
hitting two of the officers. - During
the melee the Adamites escaped to
their housebpat on the river, where
they were finally arrested, but not
until the girl, Lola Pratt Was shot
and killed. One police officer was
killed outright and two others are
in a dangerous condition. The
leader was shot six times by a
policeman and will  probably die.
Dry Valley News
(From our own Correspondent.)
Monday, Dec. 7th.
Skating is in full blast.
We have now fifteen names on
the];!school roll. Average attendance; for Noverriber, eleven.
Rev. H.P.TKorpe has very kindly
consented tbi hold*' a- service fortnightly in -the school house, and
the ^attendance shows that his
kindness;is.highly appreciated.
Judging from the way the Mc-
Kinley boys, Bowers and Ecclestone
have been careering round Watson
Lake during the past week, one
would think that water records had
ceased to exist, and that ice records
were the only things worth claiming
We smile in a dry way up here
when we hear of bands of armed
men scouring the mountains for
deer, and coming back with one
tail, and losing their provisions too.
Three weeks ago George Stirling
shot a doe on the Ellison Mountain. Tommy Simpson has since
shot a fine buck and a mountain
goat on the same range. And we
get back in time for dinner into
the bargain. "
Howard and Gladys Thorpe are
still staying with Mr. and Mrs.
George Stirling, and they like the
camp life fine.,. Howard has got
a new air gun that fires rubber
bullets, and the way he hunts
round the forest, breathing out
threatenings and slaughter, augurs
ill for any bears that might be foolish enough to cross his track.
A meeting was held in the school
house on Monday evening, and a
Debating Society was formed. D.
Bowers, president and Bob Ecclestone, secretary! After, the business was over, the boys showed
some of their dormant talent in
a lively discussion on the best
method of breaking cayuses. It
was evident that most were in
favor of trying '■> kindness, and if
that failed, to dig in the spurs and
hang on to the 'jug handle,' like
grim death. For further instruction, amateurs are invited to communicate with Ed. Bowers. H ours
of attendance 10 to 4. (Owing to
the nature of the language sometimes necessary, no cayuses are
broken in on Sundays.)
It, Will Pay You
To have.T.'H. VELTA do your
Patotug or-Kalsomining
Paperhanguig a;Specialty
Prices   reasonable'   and    satis-.
•' faction gnaranteed ■   ■.-./■<■
• " <    ., \ •      .:«. V: .'.,/■' :••.',
. Address, Lake .View/.Hotel
Ellison School District
■ t ; (From'our own Correspondent.)
The Ellison school district has
been so named by the Superintendent of education, to distinguish
tKe School from South Okanagan,
Okanagan West and also Okanagan Mission, a new district with a
better claim to the name than our
school possessed, though for 13
years we gloried in the title of
Okanagan Mission. The school
house though an unpretentious
little building, is nevertheless a
great centre of attraction, and we
are proud to say our school is one
df the best conducted in theValley.
We . have earnest energetic trustees,-who always secure the best
teachers and keep the school in
up-to-date order. There is an attendance of. from twenty to thirty
pupils daily, bright, happy children, advanced beyond their years,
iniall their studies. • Well conducted, and patriotic, they glory in the
their school. But not only is the
school of use in forming the young
ideas, but the elders too, assemble
one evening each week, and hold
Literary meetings. Debates, recitations, songs and music pass a
couple of hours pleasantly, and a
stranger visiting the district between 9 and 10 o'clock on. Tuesday evenings, will be surprised to
see the rnany lanterns diverging
from the school house, and lighting the way home for the many
attendants.,      ,
}: A. Bigger
Plant and' Estimates'Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
,.>'   '    ' PHONE 95^'
The Bazaar held by the Ladies'
Auxiliary of the Church, of England,
. on; Saturday, was" well patronized
in spite of the inclement weather.
Messrs. Moncton ;and Jones very
kindlyhelped along.the work by
furnishing phonographic selections.
The stalls were prettily decorated,
and ■ well supplied - '<■ with fancy
goods, mostly made by the ladies.
The work stall, was in charge of
Mrs. Binger > and: Mrs. Barlee.
Miss Smith was in charge of the
fancy^ goods, and MissEdghill delighted the hearts'-of the youngsters
with her toy stall.1 The sweets and
flowers department-was superin-'
tended by the Misses:Vernon. A
fish     ■--■-■	
Christmas Festivities
Will test the completeness of your House
Furnishing. Do not mar your enjoyment by
an incomplete house   .   .  .  A walk round
The Kelowna Furnishing Co.'s
store will give you new ideas and tasty
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
Orders filled in Short'notice
(%£-3» ■»* v
Manufacturers of
Builders' Brick, Drain
Tile arid Hollow Brick
our racers a
of pleasure to someone. Send
them your photo this Christmas^
Portrait .Work is Our Special Line
We have also in stock views from
all parts of the Valley and shall
have a full line of post cards for
the holiday season.
The 20th Centurg Boot
and Shoe Repair Shop
We do not cobble Boots, toe repair them and mahe them better
than new. Do nob fail to gtoe us a trial. All workmanship
guaranteed and prices are.reasonable. Mail and express orders
receioe careful attention.
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
Kelotona, B. G.
J. BR0DIE, Proprietor
Harness  Emporium
Horse Clothiers this toay. for all hinds of
pOnd in charge of Miss Gost-
and Mr. Cameron caused con-
side rablc amusement and surprise,
as 4>d atao the bran pie, which was
Budden's special  care.   • The
eeds,' as stated   in   our, last
issu e, will be devoted to the electric lighting and heating of the
pro sosed new church.
Light and Heavy
,   Harness, Bits,
Spurs, Whips,
Robes & Blankets
We also handle a line of Liniment for sore Shoulders
and cuts of all kinds„also Harness Oil & Axle Grease
S.C. KING, Proprietor
New'Store* Mon
Everything Fresh and New.1
Figs, Dates and Candies of all kinds •
Nuts of all kinds, Table Raisins,'Boii-Bons, J   -
Bananas, Grapes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Lemons,
Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes, Christmas Cake, etc.
Telephone No. 39 and we will be pleased • to '
send your order,up. ,'
,   1
Orchard City Realty Mart
2 Snaps for the quick Buyer- -
Two Corner Lots', about. 5 minutes walk from Post Office,
Each Lot contains   125 .ft.  frontage,  on  good, streets
Price $ 1,100, for both, Easy- Terms i t?
A Cottage and one acre, 8 minutes walk from Post Office t!
 Price, $2,100, Easy Terms      .   '■'
AXEL. EUTIN, Manager
; • i
Hockey or  Spring
All Sizes :.:'::
. I    ^i     .1    \<
.' ,v   '
\l.t<>        I
(.' r: '     i
<K<. .         \
*.                             i
!''»'.                 !
;  .r.       .  u
.. M
r f
t   t   '.  I
Makes an excellent Xffias Gift;
_LL >'
r i
Hardware Store
r ii,-
' i
I'-fi* A
lg; Shipment or Japanese Uranges, ojc. per
Best Naval OrangesT only 35 c. per dozen.,    Xmas Lemons, only 35c. per dozen.    , Jumbo Bananas
tor Amas, only ^3c. per dozen. > Large nch luscious Malaga Urapes, only Z5c per Ibv-
:  •"•• :^^Nl3TS^tft3TS^W '"   '
T Nutsi Alrriond Nuts, Peanuts, Chestnuts and; Cokernuts. I   ^  ;\5/i;
f <       i.<
^ u
,-l r_ „r ^ Jgw^
tQ *!
BeautifaUXmas^Harns, only'20c. lb., weighing
aboutll 0for\, 12 lbs., sweet and: mild as a
"-w :>. chicken.   ">      *
r- iT-	
• V1 »^ * <fv
*.^  1 «   v ?%.
New "Currants, for, Xmas, 3 full pkts. for- 25c7
', New SeedeARaisins jFor Xmas. 3 full lb.,
pkts. for 25c.      New Mixed Peel, only (
-r       iDcperlb...      ...     -
^« -»' ,, i /• ^ «•
. -, -ri*
^ -S     , f U r-,   svf. .
-     !   ^-1
^      I      Jv>
.""Beautiful new Jable - Figsi bhly,.20cipefl-lb.~'"
;„t*  ; ?, New Cooking pigs; 2 lbs.*forv25c:; r~ rrt.
t t   f     ' -7    f T    f;   f
r/ *y
«tf «^^^ .tf.^«» ■«,„   ^ « i 'xu yr -. /r>(ic^.t>.^*Mi-^ ^;^.    f
1J      -
h i.,»
Chocolates, Bori pbhs^^Candy and; Christmas;
:.«• j.
Crackers^    We are carrying an eridless
variety of fancy boxe^^aiid baslcets in then'
,     most^beautiMl and daintydesjgn^a^t^ricesl;,
ranging;#bm 5b.?up^ttf*$5.00 each;i,        ..'
Before'{Kuying*come and inspect our stock^an^
"•^^-»w'flxim-25crtD^0c. on4^$t-b
,u> i-      H2 5^> f ">' "i"   -J^'i"5    i
3.V »
fti> a.
" Large new shipment df Hiihtley /8f Palmers
; v.   - biscuits, Idc. per lb. A laige assortments
other kinds or Biscuits at 2Uc:^per, lb.  ;'
* , li V » v '/ v
^.Befbre^buyihg?^ouf Larger Raisins, see; our
- :      stock. i(Theswellest goods you ever saw,
; ;' only 25c. per lbv   .       ^ v-
1   <,v
New   Shelled' Almonds  and Walnuts; Nut-J
-    megs, apices, Caround;and Koot Umger,
r   Powden    Egg ' Powder,, iDlives^
.; n-i-ij
* Pickles,1 Ketchups and: Sauces, etc., etc.
V'f /    seven"fob $1.00v
*''*' ^
■  — .«ti. ■■.■■1—-    -    * i—^*».t*>—tfsi*   --*j* ■»*« **A!r a ;l     j-
onathan, Northern Spy,v Wagners, McMosh
peFbox:: All'No. 1 rgra'de1'i;: ;: • '■    '*■
r»     *,   -,(J»,^<M.uiJs .«.***■   ***»}>
/w*. k. w rfyt  s.*w? ->      *V-   *~»«V/h
*^^     *        ~>   *    <r
Nb Xrrias party would be ^complete without
\ some of our pure and: delicious Teas:and
Coffees.   Useful presents given with our
special bonus Tea and 'Coffe^at j50&ylb.
Leave your order early for one or our nch
:7L"45fChWst^slCaEe^        .        ^ ;;;:; .  7;, .
,Cakes, larts, ruftsk   Qyeen Cakes we make
1,..   ,lresh,daily.  ,.> ^ ,    ^
.The quality of our !;Bread is ^dwl&o'wn^ If
every household. .r ^ *-"   f
lib.   J*/
3       Jk    i'""**'- i   "
.     '7.   *"    f",
,",      I-
u 1 'i 1
m {
' JV    •*
It    <
"The Store of Plenty"
,ii-  v    iliiaiii 1    iirtinr        Iiii. in"     ■■ !!■■.■ !*■".?	
%        A
1    n    V 1
-.(.i v   ^
.yji^^ii{ .^ ,(Jiynfffrvjfjp i***{*'" '-j'ffn/''rft***1
'-;;V   ;, 3..     ;.. Kelowna, ,B.C^,vvMf?
nfiBlmiinml^^ n  ■■■■■!!■ rj;;"- ■      ^ -■'■■'--■ "     f^-'i^
'f fi-A.   f-    I
1* «.' ■»■
^e-jDreijaxci )$jj$M
licitor,,^'   %
f "Notary ■PpUftJtk '
>>, Conveyancer, etc..
.';. Barrister
■]>,. and Solicitor,
;': Notary Public.
!•!?:    CHAS. HARVEY'%
B. A. Sc, C. E., D."-L S., B. C. &S;
,,;;■ Kelowna,    B. C.
:   W. T. ASHBRIDGE-^ ■
iff CIVIL ENGINEERJ "'' v     ">
Alloc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
V University
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems. Pumping and
'Lighting Plants,-Concrete-Con-.   -
struction, etc.
KELOWNA, ; :: B. C.
f>.O. BOX 137-. }'    £'KEilOWNA
. "Office:'   Keller Block
} , McGUl
, and Dentist
Lake ViewHotel   '       'Kelowna
;D'r. J;;W'.iNelson Shepherd
', "      DENTIST0
P. 0.Boxiae-    -. -./Rhone 06
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building. ,
] Barnard Ave.
Horses bojught and sold on com
mission.^- Dray meets allLGP.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy ;tea'm
work.       ..   ■;-        I   i 'Phone 20,
■ Ft--'*'-: -
:v .j:,'i¥ii^'^;;vi;aioi<vr?i?'K'S"-''tf'^^rtFir,V3f'v':
Until! yqu  have
jseeri the Jflne> display of ,;
Druggist and Stationer-
Togs■' of5- all description
Christmas and Neto Year;
Cards and" Cajenllars"
f   •?    :- ?-.'■ ?.'
Orchard Wo'rk    """
-' '    Pruning,= Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.    <■
?'. >
S:LG. SILKE — •'"■';■;
*    (Late with F. R. E. DeHart)   ,A *
Undertakes   Winter   Pruning. _   Will also
arrange for Thinning^ Budding,_ etc.,,
season   of 1909.
, -     JOHN CURTS CJ ^
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimate's given for publicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
High-class ,
J,   ^Ar
,<?Rowcliffe Block
13   One-acre Lots ^Good i Emit
j;    LandsTVithin city limits. "* *
»' ^ '
j A'"
I   <■   Forttejms, etc., apply P.O.
Box 175, Kelowna.      , „^. „ „ ,
residential: y { ;f J
Burnt Leather Souoenirs
"P6st: Guards and'-Booklet'
...... Yietos; o$. .Kelotona. a
Ghristmas?l Presents ./of
all kinds/arid kail prices.
'fi   "'....«• •-'' ■--
,; Do it Better   .-■;
Do it Easier    .,
"V-   •   - " More Economically
Tower Sprayer
fcEor,.practical, demonstrationsee
E. NEWBY,,Kelowna
agent for
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
-j-Vancouver,, B.C:".     ,'    s
j?v <
i- '-'-V'T';
Don't Buy Xmas Presents
:>''t  11)c;   'iO
Till you have seen the endless
variety of gifts at  KNOWLErS.
"<  -:*.-.>.&.
Space will not admit of giving a '
lisf of ouf Stockr^ut' we extend
toflobk over our stock.
11- ;! ^iw^w^tw^iM'^-ww**^*!4*^1-'''
i 9, l«^<K'«'*»^Y'**w*»*^«s»J*",**i'*'-
f~M"Tie Jeweler
iJCelowna,' "i»J*il ^ ^W^Oi-^
\t >+*   »*^
Si Tl i*Jw 1      , ,       ^ .    , i* 'n a     *
Dr. Connelly and wife, 'of Sum-
merland paid-Kelowna a visit on
Tuesday.;"      ,\
; Kelowna Public Schoolwill break
up on Friday for the Christmas
holidays. ~ '" r"
Mr. George James and wife left
von Tuesday's boat for Montreal,
iwhere they will visit, friends »and
'relatives. Mr. James intends returning in about a month.
Miss Jessie Renwick, who has
been attending Summerland College, returns on Saturday, for the
Christmas holidays.
cMr. R. A. Copeland and Miss Copeland,
returned from Saskatchewan on Wednesday/
Mr. Staples, of Grenfell, visited Kelowna
last week, to look around the district.'  v
A. Hailstone left on Tuesday for a.trip
to the prairie.
Mr. Cooper and family," of Heward, Sask.,
have arrived in Kelowna to reside.
Miss Francis Messenger is confined to
he/'house, suffering from'the effects of a
fall whilst riding. Her horse shied at a
loaded wagon, causing her to lose her balance. ,, - , , ,
Mr. E. Davis, Engineer for the Central
Qkanagari Land Co., left on Monday for a
..short but highly interesting trip to Revel-
stoke.  'Rumours etc, etc. > ''.' .*'
/Dr. Richards left to-day forSicamous to
meet his wife.      '
, Messrs. J. Baillie, N* D. Acklan, A.,H.
Burdican and A. H. Brown left to-day for
England, where they will spend the winter,
.Messrs. Sullivan and Girard retuned
from a   hunting   trip, around   Peachland.
They, brought some fine deer heads with
them.        ,'i        N"     „''.].•
■". E. A. Orchard; of Vernon, and wife,
dropped off at Kelowna on-their way back
from Pentiction.
'"!■■< '      ■'"' r
Whilst Mr. Mull was lathing at the house
of Mr. Geo. Fraser. he met with a painful
accident, falling through into the cellar,
breaking his wrist and bruising himself
badly. He was able however, to get up
and make his way [to Dr. Boyce's office,
where he was attended to.
At the home of Mr. Geo. /Whelan, Miss
Laura Whelan to Mr. John M. Bailey: the
Rev. Mr.'Wright officiating.
Wednesday 16th. Dec Jvvife of S. M. Gore
a daughter. Mother and child progressing
favourably.  .      ^ ' i
„..■.,: FACTORY
At a meeting in Summerland last week,
it)Was proposed to organize a company
with sufficient capital to equip and' carry
on a canning business next year. $10,000
worth of stock were subscribed for on the
spot, and a provisional board of directors
was appointed to solicit further, subscriptions and to seek incorporation.
' One day a very "voluble lady took her
daugter, who was ill, to see, Abernethy.
"Which of you two wants to consult me >"
said Abernethy.    ' My daughter,'   replied
tUC-VlUCI- OTWllia.l. riDbl IJCU
iiisn—put. <
question to the girl. Before she had a
chance to reply her mother began a long
story. Abernethy told her to be quiet, and
and repeated his question to the girl. A
second time the woman began a story, and
a second time he told her to be quiet, then
she interrupted him a third time. 'Put
'your,tongue out,' he said to. the mother.
'But there's nothing the matter with me,'
she exclaimed. 'Never mind, put out your
tongue out," he commanded. Thorough/
over-awed, the woman obeyed. „ Now
keep it out." said Abernethy, and he proceeded to examine the girl.
.       '   _ .^ -
i   •, > l
How .They do it in California
' 'TheCalifornia Fruit Growers' Association
Workingin cpnjunctionwith the Union Pacif-
iceRailway, determined upon a'publicity
campaign to get people to buy oranges. The
fruit growerswanted an enlarged marketand
the railroad wanted a long haul to market,
ao together jhey bought newspaper, space to
tell the Iowans of California oranges. The
first shipment ofc oranges .comprised a full
train and the fruit found a ready market. A
second train of twenty.fivecarsbroughtmore
than the market price. Iowans this year increased their consumption of oranges by' 70
per cent, over any preceding. The people
jw^re satisfied with/its returns from freight
charges, and the growers were well pleased'
with the prices which the fruit brought. All
three got theirmoney Worth andtherailroad
and the association have their principal expended in advertising back in their pockets
aid along with it the'reward of enterprise.'
?But the profit is not all accounted for- yet.
Interest on the*'original advertising outlay'
will be collected by the, railroad and the
fruit growers for years to come. -
Does advertising pay? No practical man
of affairs presumes any longer even to consider the question on«-of a debatable nature.
—Rachme (Wisconsin) -Times.
p-^.",>i'\r,^xsw'.-AMi/>r*j.fr (:•■',
Help a,Good Cause!
Purchase your Christmas Presents^ etc;, at
From Monday, December 14th to December
31st we will give five per cent, of all total cash
receipts to the Kelowna Hospital.   ..   :/
Having to move after first of year, we shall
reduce our stock by reducing the price on all
Christmas Goods.    .
Everything imaginable as a Present for. young  f
or old is in our store. ,/"•   '
One of the largest stocks of Notions,
Fancy Goods, and Toys
'in the interior
We,are .always pleased.to have you to call and. examine
our stock, whether you buy or not /
r   .   ,'
The New Century Shoe Shop
is getting in a fine line of
factory boots.
Boot and Shoe repairing.
Specialty made of fine
hand-made Shoes to order.
Fifteen  years'    experience.
i \.   .*'
Commercial Driving a
Specialty, - /
Draying and Freighting
*!' \>v  rv. - "'> ''t'"*    »^"v-l'''     3~        i   >   i
The Great Majestic Range
McClary's Famous Sask-Alia Range
McClarys Famous Kootenay Range
Buck's Criterion Range
All these.leading Ranges sold by
The 1\J ....<- _^..'TTL - __ ^ --_
Hardware Co.
'•--   s
Sole Agents, for Kelowna. and District
Importer and Dealer in all hindB of
s:   >
Agrieultufar Implements, Wagons, and
?   !   ;     Carriages     i -
Headquarters for
Horse Blankets4 & "Robes
i i,
'/ \
/ - Also. Poultnj ^Supplies finpludiiig Beef
, i   i
1  Scraps,'"Dried Green Borffe, Sea Shell
Warehouse on Barnard Aoenue,„ Kelotona, ft C.
■+ i; -V
!>•.(»■ —->#?y <
■V *.
/*    H        U-^- V ,
i .,«^
I    , „r / fphe Orchard\Ci$ fteceird,
When ,buying holiday goods
this year we had in mind -the
difficulties that customers meet:
in making suitable selections.
Our stock will meet most re-
quirements of those who do not
know what to give. - Every
article is useful, ornamental and
elegant.   We  mention  a few.
Elegantly. Bound and Illustrated Books      ' '*    '        ,\
fancy Boxes of Stationery
Leather Goods, Cameras and
Photo. Supplies    -\
Souvenir Booklets, Calendar
Christmas Numbers of English Illustrated Papers-
Perfumes, Confectionery
Pipes, Cigars, Brushes
Mirrors, Thermos Bottles
Emergency Kits
Fountain Pens, etc., etc.
■ The Young" Ladies' ^Auxiliary' of the
Presbyterian 'Church meets the second
Tuesday of each month in the Church.
' The Laidies' Aid of the Presbyterian
Church meets' on> the,last Wednesday afternoon of each month, in the Church.
A lecture will be given by Geo. Boyer,
Esq., in the Presbyterian Church next
Monday, 21st inst., at 8 p.m., in connection
with the Y.P.C.U.
The subject of the leclur), „ will be,
'Reminiscences of Early Days, with lessons
to be learned from the memorable events,
days and scenes of Home Life'. Mrs-
Thompson will sing "Home Sweet Home".
Collection.   Parents particularly invited.
The Entertainment and Christmas# Tree
in connection with the Presbyterian S.S. at
at Benvoulin will take place in the Church
there on Christmas Eve, 24th inst. A
Spelling Bee will conducted amongst the
scholars on the hard words of the last
quarter's S.S. lessons-
The Presbyterian Sunday School will
depart from its usual custom this Christmas
and will not give the usual entertainment.
The teachers however, intend entertaining
the scholars to a supper, followed by a
social evening and Christmas tree, to be
held injRaymers's Hall on the 23rd inst.
Parents of the children will be invited to
attend after the supper. -      '
- ' • . BAPTIST, "
Special Christmas service will be conducted by the Rev. H. P, Thorpe in the
Baptist Church next Sunday. Topics of
sermon,[morning: 'TheChristmas Message'
evening: 'The Difference that Jesus,
Made'., Christmas Hymns and Anthems
will be sung. A hearty invitation is extended to all.'
The Baptist, Church Sunday School
Christmas Tree party will take place next
Tuesday in Rayraer's Hall.
P. K WiUits & Co.
Kelowna,     B. C.
-   TO THE
'    OF" THE
Ladies and Gentlemen:   '■
. *   ," •    - ,    ■   ,.t.
In response to the solicitations
of a large number of the Electors
asking me to become a candidate
for the office of Mayor of the ^City
of Kelowna for the year 1909. I
have decided to stand for the position and now solicit your support
and votes.  , * -   ,
I am not the candidate of any
clique or corporation, and if elect-
^d~will endeavour to administer
the affairs of the,City economically
and without fear or favour to anyone but fair play and justice to all.
I am
Yours respectfully,
, ,     H. W.,RAYMER
A suffragette recently took a petition to
an old fellow in a Lancashire village and
politely asked him if he would sign it. He
looked at the document suspiciously for a
moment or two.'then asked, " What is't
aboot?" •
" It is in favor of the woman" s move-'
ment," the lady replied, in her most insinuating tone of voice and a gladsome smile.
"I'm ag'in it," ejaculated the old man,'
with the emphasis of one who had some
domestic felicity? "A woman who's alius
a-movin' is alius a-getti'n in trouble. If
you've got anything ter keep her still I'll
sign it."
A Queer Kind !of Fellow Is the-Yellow
Breasted r Chat." i   ;
The -oddities of the yellow breasted
cbat begin even with his classification
To think of a warbler the size of a
Baltimore oriole, a warbler with, a!
soug like j a mocking bird! indeed
there/Is little about the chat that if
uot remarkable. 'He goes,in for thf
weird and the spectacular^ If Nature'
designed him to, show w^4t she could
do In the way of the unusual and tlie
eccentric, she had remarkable success
This bird "and not the catbird >s (lie
real "clown of the woods." Clown -'ol
the thicket would be more'apt, for. like
(he catbird, he prefers the shrub and
lower trees. A wild tangle of brier*
and 'vines Is a favorite haunt. It is
only,, the better to survey such a re
treat that he mounts to the top of n
tree. From his lofty perch he sings',
to the amazement and bewilderment
of tho person that hears the song for
the first time. More likely than not
he will become invisible and silent
upon the first, attempt to approach
him, remaining quiet and hidden till
you move on again; then be chuckles
loudly and scolds and spits and scoffs
till you are out of sight and hearing.
No bird is so fearful of being seen
or such a master of hide and seek. It
Is worse than useless to try to steal a
march on him. He manages to be always on the wrong side of the next
bush. If you should; find his nest,
which Is a pretty little basket of straws
and weed stalks lined with fine grasses
and strips of soft bark or leaves placed
a foot or more above the ground among
tall weeds or bushes, the sitting bird
steals away and is at once lost 'to
sight. Take a peep at the white, red
speckled eggs and then hide among
the buslies^as far away from the nest
as yon can while still keeping if 'in.
siglit.^ You may have to wait for an
hour and even, make other trips to the
spot, but this is the surest way to get,
a good look at this shy one.—SJt'Nich
Triumph of Mind. '^ '\
Victim of Delusion—Doctor, I'm awfully afraid I'm going to have brain
fever. Doctor—Pooh, pooh, my dear
friend! That.is all an illusion of the
senses There is no such thing .as
fever. > You have no fever; you have
no br—h'm—no material substance upon
which such a wholly imaginary and
supposititious thing as a' fever could
find any base of operation. Victim—
Oh, doctor, what a load you have taken floin my—from my—I have a mind,
haven't I. doctor?
A stuck-up officer of the Guards said to
a brother lieutenant one day: 'I say-—haw
—is it true that your father was only a
shop-keeper?' 'Quite true," replied the
other calmly; 'what of it?' 'Oh, nothing,'
said the first officer; 'Only—haw—haw-
it was a great pity, I think, that he didn't
make you one.' 'You think so?' retorted
the other lieutenant; 'well, opnions differ.
But let me ask you, what was your father?
My rather? Why, my father, of course,
was a gentleman.' 'Ah, what a pity he
did not^pake you one,' promptly remarked
the other.'
Advertise in The Record
It Pays.
Pulling That Hair.
"What makes me really mad," said
the woman, "is to spend minutes, may-
'uiurs, trying to get hold of a white
'  which shows up on my head like a
dazzling light.^'yet which is tantalizing,
ly elusive when I try to catch it. and
then when 1 do finally separate it from
the brown  hair and give it a vigorous pull to find that I have snatched
out n good*brown hair, after all, and;
left the white one still shining."
A New One For Him.
"The climate here is salubrious,
It?" remarked the tourist.
"Ray. friend.' replied the native,
"jest write that there word down ftu
me. will yer? I git tired o< swearln'
at this climate In the same old way.
That's a new one "
It Is not the strength but the duration of great sentiments that makes
great men.
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone \
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors-
Repairing and Pressing
"   promptly attended to.   ,
Are You Looking tor a Building Site/
If so why not get the best ?
I have a number of half acre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing. ,
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year.
One fine new brick -house Corner Ethel and
Laurier Avenue.   .
v' ..'-      One fine  new brick' Cottage,  corner Ethel' and
Sutherland Avenue.
Also a few choice lake shore lots and a. quarter
Section of heavy timber close to the City.
Will sell any of the above on good terms.
I carry the largest stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in the Valley.
' Call and see them
1 t
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Box 66
Kelownn, B.C.
You will have no time to think ;
, of it in'the Spring
- Estimates given on farm and lawn
fencing—erected  complete with, posts j
included. .. > ,
, Agent
W7ITH  Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
Exhibitions, this district will receive considerable attention from  -   ,
.   homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain. "' -     ..
- /.        Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley. '
In our4 Woodland Sub-division, between Richter .
and  Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and upwards,
on easy terms.   .        .        .        .        .        .        •      , •
Central Okanagan Land & Orchard Co.
Give bigger4 bargains than ever in order to reduce the stock. >
These are a few trade winners
Man's Velour Calf, a first-
class boot, reg. $4.50;
. Sale, $3.50
Men's High-cut Field Boot,
, Bell's make, reg. $9.00;
for $7.50
Boys' Box Calf, a strong,
serviceable boot, regular *
$2.50; Sale, $2.00
Youths', reg. $2.25; Sale,.
Women's High-cut Velour, \[
Calf, a splendid winter v
boot, reg. $5.50; Salelp
• \$4.25     ,    ^   '- j'M'j;
Women's 3-strap Slippers/^,
reg. $225; SaleT$1.75 V
Compare the goods, compare the prices and you^:
will not go elsewhere, „,,
i A
><•,   ...si
.rl. J*?f*
,   » -J a "ill
X M. Lang
. , '     v N »J ft
Boot and Shoe Store
KELO\raA.   B..C.
mmmmmmmmmmumtminmmmmmmmmi^mimammmmmmm^ 6
The Orchard City -fteeord.,./.
Thursctey, ,£<?&■<!& y
and Orchard Co.,
"Har3e"5orlsale the following oarieties:
','■ f    v' t
Northern Spy,
Mcintosh Red,,
Yelloto Netcton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Lieoland- Raspberry,
"  Yearling Trees,    .
•:    Clean, Well-groton Stock.
Buy at Home and Saoe Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K.L.0; Office, Leon St., or
Manager's Of Pice j at Orchard.
The immigration of Japanese into Jan-
ada for the first seven months of the
present fiscal year-—April to October inclusive—amounted in all to 434 persons,
285 being men, 123 women and 26 children. For the corresponding period last year
Japanese immigrants into the Dominion
totalled 6648.
This great decrease shows the effectiveness of the arrangement concluded by Mr.
Rodolphe Lemieux with the Japanese Government to restrict immigration. No more
Japanese or Hindoos will be admitted into
the Dominion this year.
The total immigration into Canada from
all countries during the months from April
to October amounted to 109,575 persons a
decrease of 102,449, or 48 per
cent., as compared with the same period
of last year. The immigrants from the
United States for the seven months numbered 50,238, an increase of 783.
If the Hmdoo3 in British Columbia, misled by agitators anxious to foment trouble
for the Imperial and Canadian Governments, and backed by the seditious Hindoo
organizations in Chicago and Seattle, continue their present attitude of opposition
to the project of migration to British Honduras many may be deported to India by
the Immigration Department as being undesirable citizens and dependents on public charity.
(Contributed for The Orchard City Record)
Lord Strathcona,'--High. Commissioner
for Canada, has been informed by cablegram from the Minister of the Interior at
Ottawa, that: The Canadian Pacific Railway Co. has shipped 32,500,000 bushels of
wheat to No\ ember 7th inst., as against
12,400,000 bushels up to the same date
last year. The season's hay and root ciop_
is estimated to be worth nearly $200,-
Municipal Voters' List
Notice is hereby given that the Court of
Revision will beheld on Monday, the 21st
day of December, 1908, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, at the City Clerk'B Office,
Bernard Avenue, for the purpose of hearing and determining any application to
strike out the name of any person which
has been improperly placed upon the
Municipal Voters' List, 1909, or to place on
such List the name of any person improperly omitted from same.
2-3 City Clerk
Can't you hear those bells ? Santa Claus is coming, and that means you must prepare a
Xmas dinner.    We suggest the following menu, with the necessary groceries.
Fresh' CeleryaV, Spanish Olives,
*   ~^~.   ""^       ^Kelowna Tomatoes
i. ■
Scotch Herring   Arcadia Brand Codfish
Two necessities of wholesome dressing
are Hurkess Spices and Filbert Nuts
Jersey Cranberries
, Blue Ribbon Kaisins and Currants
Essex Brand.Rumpkin Mince Meat
' All fresh and in first class condition
{French Peas   i = Southern Potatoes
' ' Home Grown Parsnips
A'full line of Cabbage.    Acknowledged
.   .i>.;„ Jto be the best
1 omato
Boiled Herring Cream of Codfish'.
Turkey Chicken Duck
Cranberry Sauce
Peas       Sweet Potatoes       Parsnips
Mince Pie Pumpkin Pie
Plum Pudding
Bananas Grapefruit Dates
. Jap Oranges       Persimmon Figs
Apples Pomegranites Grape's
Equally as true as the old adage "No foot
no horse", is   the  fact,   "Poor/teeth  poor
horse".   The former signifies that a horse
with bad fett rrsuta in' lameness,  and   is
therefore useless; the latter  that  a  horse
with irregularities and abnormalities of the
teeth, make proper mastication impossible,
with indigestion and unthriftiness as natural
consequences.   Wdcannot subject a horse
to domestication with its   many unnatural
conditions, without its   attendant  harmful
results.    A ho"rse must have perfect  teeth
to withstand the grinding year  after  year,
of many quarts of  good   hard oats  daily.
Our milling machinery gets out of order; in
the same way, only more   so,   the ' milling
machinery of the horse becomes defective.
The most common   diseases   of  horses'
teeth may be roughly grouped as follows:
(a)    Irregularities    when   developing.
The grinders are divided into temporary
and pcrmancnt.and it is at the time of the
shedding of the temporary, and the   appearance of  the  permanent   teeth, that
horses suffer under this heading.
(4) Irregularities due to some teeth
being softer or harder than normal, resulting in some teeth growing too long,
and others too shorf, thereby mechanically interfering with the grinding motion.
(c) Disease of tooth proper, such as
caries, destruction of the cement and
dentine of the teeth.
(d) Diseases of the alveoli, resulting
in periostitis and ulceration, accompanied
with excruciating pain, and sometimes
resulting in a fistula to the surface, and
enlargement of the bone.
(e) And what is present in nearly all
horses that have been grinding oats for
a few years, are sharp corners and projections, which interfere with mastica-
cation by cutting into the tongue and
cheek, on account of which the horse
acquires the habit of "bolting his food",
swallowing his food hurriedly, and in an
unprepared condition.
The interferences with normal mastication are manifested by symptoms easily
recognized by the observant horseman.
The most common are,—dropping of food
from mouth partly chewed, forming balls
which are often found in the mangers, or
in popular phrase " the horse quits his food."
Rolling of the tongue, causing slobbering; cautious grinding; holding the head
sideways. Other important symptoms are
the presence of food in the mouth considerable time after eating, pulling on one
line whilst driving, nervousness about the
head, and, most prevalent of all, general
poor condition, indicated by loss of flesh,
rough dry hair, sweating easily, and lack
of energy and stamina. If decay and ulceration has taken place, there wjll be an
offensive smell in the mouth.
To ensure proper digestion the process
of grinding and mastication must be perfect. If the food is not crushed, and the
saliva is not thoroughly incorporated, the
stomach is handicapped, and cannot perform its physiological functions, with the
consequence that sufficient assimilation \>f
nourishing properties does not take place.
In its endeavour to conpensate, the
stomach calls for more food, hence the
avaricious appetite of some unthrifty
We can safely say, that one quart of food
properly masticated, is worth four quarts
poorly masticated. It takes lots of coal to
keep up the engine that leaks. In the same
way it requires abundance of food to keep
up sufficient strength in the horse that
eliminates quantities of food unmasticated,
undigested. Further, many cases of colic
are" attributed to abnormalities of the teeth,
inasmuch as unprepared food in the stomach is liable to ferment, and evolve large
quantities of gas. The impaired process
of digestion being due to the teeth, indicates the line of treatment, which consists
A purchaser of one of these-lots at $1500 reported \
his returns this summer as/follows:/., ... ;   ,
APPLES (Mcintosh Red), $275.00  V \\;- '[
VEGETABLES  1|40 00-■    ''"'
-   Total, $315 00    ^ "
We can furnish particulars to'ahu enquirer   '**
at our office. -• ,      '    '--,«.
There are eleoen for sale at the same.pricey.
$1500, and as the terms are only one-third cash ,
you can make a good proportion of the second
payment from next summer's crop.
Where can tjou equal this for an inoestmeht? " "
i * *
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co/
Pendozi   Street; •. •. ,   v.
Will  be  pleased !to  gioe- Estimates-   •* r-'
on all hinds of  Wood  Work, Office   ' * '
and Store Fittings.
Picture.Framing, Cabinetmakihg,i and.
Wood Turning in all its Branches.
Call and. See us. ,*''"'
Electric Light Notice
incorrection of irregularities and uneveness
of the teeth, cutting off projections, extracting diseased teeth, (the process of
filling, bridging and crowning as in human
dentistry being impracticable),and the alleviating of the disturbed and abused stomach
with suitable sedatives and tonics.
% Santa Claus highly recommends C. C. Josselyn as a reliable and up-to-date grocer.
$, The goods are fresh, and a nice variety'are offered for your inspection. -
t      .. - ,-w'»"v - -   --"■*    — • Call and  judge for yourself. " '
jfawMsia ^vwtm&f.j't
?'* rj«W "m1 ■•V"'*
A long account appears in the Standard
of Empire on Canadian Grown Tobacco,
and some interesting information is given.
After a lengthy description of the tobacco
growing districts of Eastern and Western
Canada, the article says ; "There can be
no doubt whatever that the prospects of
the Canadian Tobacco Industry are extremely bright, and when these begin to
be realised as there is every reason to believe that they will be in the near future,
Canada will then take a high place amongst
the Empire's producers of tobacco, and
help to < convert the dream of "Empire
grown .tobacco for- the Empire", into an
actuali reality. In/speaking of Kelowna
the writer goes on to "say, "The cultivation
is stilljri its infancy, but tho infant give's
promise of robust and vigorous manhood,
---climate and soil in these. districts
(Kelowna1 and other parts of the .Okanagan), are' both' entirely suitable for "'the
growch'of • high grade tobaccos,, suitable
for cigar fillers." Mr, Charlan, the Dominion Government tobacco exp'ert has a
high opinion of the Kelowna leaf, and - it
is his,unprejudiced opinion, that in the
development <5f the British Columbia por.
don of,the industry tho qucsion of proper
tobacco tot cigar filler* will be solved.
Applications for connection with the Electric Lighting and Power Service Mains
and for the inspection of the interior wiring will be received at the City Offices on
and after Nov. 20th.    .
G. H. DUNN, ,
2-tf ,' •     City Clerk.
A despatch from Teheren says that preparations are being made for a second
coronation of the Shah. At the coronation
two years ago, the tiara fell from the Shah's
brow, and to this incident he ascribes the
mishaps of his reign.
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Since I must move,
out for the new
building, I am offering; my  entire
Kelowna jShaving
HAIR-CUT. *     ::        ::   ,"   ::
' i
J. B0UCH, Proprietor
stock at cost.
BelleDue, Hotel
Rates,  two  dollars   per  day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf. .
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Habsel, Prop.
Children's dresses
fancy, needle work
; Xrnas novelties etc;-..,
Sale, lasting   until:
- if
Mb. M. Tutcher
, Opposite Post Office
V> -*  / l!\i *J r
i ™-&r   f if
.\ >
Sv Thurftdat, Dgc.-47ts>'
THci OrehardrCity Record
Note is the time to get your Stores and Houses
' '    "      ' ' '       ,     . ' ' c
toired'Hor Electric Light.    To aooid the rush, call
'.and see us or drop us a Post Card and toe uMll be
pleased to.gioeuou quotations on toiring or complete
instaira£ioh,*of< Fittings'."   We also haoe a large con-'
: signment oi Fittings which will ,be here shortly.   ■
, Wait and see our Stock before you buy as toe can
saoe you money-on your Fittings.-
j. t   j »
Work Neatly and Promptly Done
We do MKiids of Motor and Bicycle Work
V /Give Us & Fair Trial
—       l * V
Peachland News,
(From our_own Correspondent)
A long list of new books have been  recently added to the library. ' ' ■„ .
On Wednesday last a little company of
Kelowna's musical people paid a visit to
Peachland and with the help of a few of
the native Peachlanders gave a most" enjoyable concert in the Presbyterian church.
Trie concert was under the auspices of the
Young People's Association and the_ proceeds went towards the piano fund.
Every item on the program was a treat
The visitors from Kelowna were Mr. and
Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. McTavish, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Davies and Miss Smith. The
latter arranged the. Program and acted
as accompanist. Each part was opened
by an instrumental trio, comet, violin and
piano played respectively by Messrs.
Thompson, Shaw and Tupton. There
were solos by Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Pollard and Mr. Harvey, a quartette by Mrs.
Thompson, Mrs. McTavish and Messrs.
Harvey and Davies and a quintette composed of the whole Kelowna contingent.
Then there were cornet solos and violin
solos- by Messrs Thompson and Shaw.
Altogether it was one of the most enjoyable musical evenings that Peachland has
ever enjoyed. The audience was most
enthusiastic and encored almost every
item. The Kelowna friends -will be wel
corned whenever they come back again.
Knowles watch guessing com-
etition was decided on Monday,
and proved Jack Wilson to be the
fortunatecompetitor.his guess being
36 hours, 40 minutes, 32 seconds,
which left him 2 minutes, I second
out. The watch was wound up at
9 a.m. on Saturday by Mayor Sutherland, and. placed under a glass
case which was sealed up. Monday morning showed the watch to
have run 36 hrs., 42 min., and 31
sec. About 550 guesses were
made, although out of these, eleven
had to be. destroyed on account of
not being signed. Guesses ranging
from 2 hours to 57 hours were
made, and one party in a desperate
endeavour to win the prize guessed 2000 minutes, 5000 seconds.
. The prize is a fine $25.00 watch,
gold filled, Rockford movement.
New Laundry
Limloch House, Kelowna;
Okanagan Optimist
Few of our readers need an introduction
to Mr. George Whelan, the prosperous
owner oi Cloverdale' Farm.    Mr. Whelan
has gone through" many experiences  since
he  left  the east   India   Docks,   London,
getting on for~haIf a century .ago.   Travelling first to New Zealand, he^ spent some
years roaming around that country, coming
to   British   Columbia- in -1870.     Shortly
afterwards he caught the  gold  fever, and
1872 saw him delving  after the  precious
metal  up   in   the-»Peace; River country.
This life was evidently not a bed of  roses,
for in the fall of the same year he return<
ed to Kamloops, and wintered there. t In
the spring of the year following Mr. Whelan went on a preliminary  survey  for the
C.P.R. from Kamloops to Fort' Edmonton,
leaving .this also in the same oear to come
to the Okanagan • Mission, Valley.    Soon
after coming here Mr. Whelan  bought an
interest in  the  property  now  owned, by
Mr. Pridham,  and  also   pre-empted  320
acres adjoining.   After selling out  his interest in the  above  property our  friend
lived   on   the  property   now owned' by
Thomas Bulman, also pre-empted by him,
on which place he  lived  for  over  thirty
years.   In describing  the  growth  of the
country, Mr. Whelan says that when< lie
came   here,   there   was    nothing   but   a
Siwash trail from Vernon to the Okanagan
Mission Valley, and the country-in all  the
roughness of a wilderness.  This gentleman
is enthusiastic in predicting a bright future
for the Okanagan Valley and he describes
the climate as the finest in the world. -
There have been 24,000 homestead en
tries during September and  October  last,
as compared with less  than   5000 in the
same months of 1907.
The Winnipeg customs receipts for the
month of October showed an increase of
$40,000 over the figures of the same month
last year.
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting,Shaving orShampoo
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
Fruit,- ;Trje.0&,-! Ornamental Roses, etc.
All stock strictly
first-classrand home
Catalogue; -Free
A. E. Boijer
(5 A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
results. c
We carry,. Cigars;,
in, boxes of ten,
specially made for
the holiday,trade.
?r   * ■
& CO.
Xmas Season. 1908  ;
Just a>few^suggeations~for the»Grocery:   ^.~.<,--.- -    ,.■ •
New Valencia Raisins
New Vostizzia Currants
Choice New Figs - i"
Northenf Soy Apples;,". i 'rs : \ ; -.
Baldwin Apples
Ridgeway's Teas, special Xmas package
Romney Vases, containing I lb Tea—you really-
should have one
New Candied Peels
New Brigarraux Cherries
 _New .Almonds,-Walnuts, Filberts, Brazil and Peanuts	
Be good to yourself— Christmas comes but once a year
Walk-Over Shoes
Every dollar does duty when you buy. a pair of
Walk-Over Shoes. The Walk-Over man on the sale is
the sign of satisfaction.   Price $5.00 and $6.00
Solid comfort is what you get out of a pair of Mc
CREADY SHOES. We guarantee .to give you satisfac-
Cosy slippers for the long evenings at home, we
have them, all sizes, and^ all the very best makes. A
Christmas gift that will <be appreciated.'.'       I-'   '-
Do Your Christmas Shopping Here
And do it Now
Get Your Glove Gifts Here
Then you'll know, they're correct. Chose early from fullest assortment of styles and
sizes. We are making'it well worth your while to buy Christmas Gloves here by
offering superb values.
~~Two~dome fastener"GIoyes~in-biackrtanrwhite7and-brow^r«"C5t-French-Kiar8pecial-
at $1.50 er pair.
-Women's Mocha Gauntless in brown silk, stitched back, plain cuff, heavy fringe,
special at $1.85 per pair,       -   -
Gloves for men. Our showing was never so replete nor values so good. We guarantee all gloves. *
The Handsomest, Tweed and Broadcloth Coats
No denying the importance of this timely salepf Women's smart winter coats. Every
garment shows perfection in fit and finish and unusually attractive style features. The
discount is an important point to consider.   Be,sure and have one of them.
Down Comforters for Gifts.
Any woman who is interested in her home will
surely appreciate a gift of this sort. The" stock
here represents many choice effects. A full
range of prices from $6.50 to $12.50^
Attractive New Net Waists
They are pretty—dainty as they can be—Styles
that you will admire for their neatness. Handsome net waists in white and cream, tucked
yoke back and front, wide effect over shoulders,
piped with colored silk, price $7.56 each.'
Gift Umbrellas in
Magnificent Assortments
Of course Umbrellas are always on the list of*
appropriate Christmas Gifts, and it's just a case
of setting the kind you want at the price, you
wish to pay. < See our stock. AU the good kinds
to be seen.    Prices from $1.25 to $4.50 each.
&fo'Sheets £l.& per pair "(i"
Here's unusually good news for the woman who has
sheets to buy., ^Made^oLHeayy Engl|s|i Sheeting Size.
. Gc^u&J $2;66rskle fee, 0iH&^'''    T" * s
$2.50 Marseilles Bedspreads $1.75
' For your own home or'as'a gift' they're   equally desirable and   worthy.
Economical women will realize splendid values in this sale.
$1.85 Flannelette Sheets 1.35
Here's a chance to stock yourself with  some of. these fine sheets.   Full L
size 66 x 80, white and grey.1  Our special $1.35. (
12£c and 15c. Flannelettes 10& yard
Now is the time to buy these goods.     Be sure and see
these values.   Heavy English Qualities.
32 inches to 36 inches wide.   All good washers-r-?.
it •     • V   ' *        1      '        * ,
Spcial Price 10c. per yald.
%. f'
■A -
Sole Agents for the Noted
,. -20tli^Cetttury"Gldthirig
#~H#TU*. -f* -
Early Shoppers have Every
Advantage v
Turnbull's Unshrinkable
*"? ,". Underwear
j\ J#^r< *f -
\ i
■.  St  C0i
' I-
' '   t
, f
',     --l,\M
<W ' •- .-
*l        . '
•i'v iw^a
yf !tm
■■MMMMMISJIII   I   II '     J  HlllslllllllllHIIIBIWWIIIWMIHIIIlll ■l—MM*|^rS^ 8
The Orchard City Record.
Thursday,' Dec,.!?   •
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stoc of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, Lamps and
all necessary Supplies for lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will guarantee satisfaction and good work-
'   manship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan:    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices  and prompt attention to all orders.
•Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
:|       Grease, etc., etc., / .        .    ,
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have an  old  machine,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
. The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
^?W?-f', j^5-? > ^jgJffijCe?*. Hft*ti
H 7l'7P'jf''^\TvN\ N
Fleur de Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
Ransivc «^Q«*w»ioiW Our repair Department is qualified to handle any
^F*1^ ^^Pv^lclliy < class of workfand is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine7 Motors, Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos,^ Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.    All work done by experienced men.
2 Cents per word, four insertions for
the   price   of  three.
WANTED—Woman to do house work and
washi^E, one or two days a week.
Apply Box C, Record Office
WANTED—Girl   for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. J. A. Morrison, Box 170.    tf
WANTED—Responsible householder in
the city would be glad to give house
room to Piano for any party leaving
town for a while. No children, and
every care would be taken of instrument, if terms can be arranged. Apply
Box 38. 2tf
FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna property
a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant, Vancouver. Address, Box
D, Record Office.
FOR SALE.—Heavy draft team./ Will
sacrifice for cash. Address, Box O,
Record Office. 3-6p
ROOMS   AND   BOARD.      Blackwood's
Old Stand. 2-3
WANTED to purchase South African scrip.
Address Box A, Record Office.     3-6p
WANTED—One good newly-calved or
about to calve Jersey cow, age from 3
to 5 years. Must be gentle and give a
good flow of milk. No other wanted.
Apply to Geo. Whelan, West Horn
Farm, Vernon Road, Kelowna.'   '   3-tf
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saying device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
CaU up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Recorcj Job Print Dept.
We are showing a magnificient range of these gnods
in plain and embroidered linen, real lace, etc.,
Ladies Department
Ladies' Lace and Silk Blouses
Ladies' Fancy Collars
Ladies' Belts
Ladies' Silk Head Shawls
Ladies' Lace Ties
Ladies' Kid Gloves
Gents Department
New Neckwear
New Fancy Vests
New Silk Mufflers
New Fancy Sox   ,
New Silk Handkerchiefs
New Gloves rCsillc lined)
Dolls Heads      Dolls Cradles Trumpets of all kinds
Dolls Houses     Dolls Chairs Stuffed Animals
DollsjHommocks Dolls Beds - Horses .   Ratdes
Mouth Organs, Drawing Slates, Blocks, Blackboards, Rubber
Balls, Games of all' kinds.
In order to make our store a center of attraction to
Xmas buyers we have decided to hold a guessing
Contest. Each purchaser to the amount of 50c. and
upwards, will be given a coupon, and is entitled to
guess the number of seeds in the Pumpkin shown in.
our window, and the one guessing the nearert number
oFseeds will be given the handsome
Doll Displayed in our Window
The Kelowna
outfitting store
W. B M. Calder Proprietor
The Leading Store in the Okanagan Valley
Christmas is almost here and this is the place to buy your Presents, as we are showing one of
the finest lines ever shown in B. C.
Fa;ncy Ghina andGIassware
In this line we are very strong, showing all the latest things in Hand Painted China, Fancy
Glass Epergnes, Vases, etc., etc.
Christmas Cosaques
Having had our order duplicated we are offering them at great bargains.     One of the largest   assortments, ever
'■''* shown in the Interior.
Ladies come in and inspect our ,Stock of Fancy Handkerchiefs, Collars, Ties, Belts, Embroidered Linens, etc., etc.
We are also showing a beautiful line of Net Waists.
In Gents Furnishings we are showing a nice range of Silk1 Cravats,   all   the Jatest   Novelties   in   Ties,   Collars,
_....*. ...,.,...   .Fancy Braces, Gloves, Vests, etc.


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