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The Orchard City Record Feb 25, 1909

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 J )>>'
i v /  j < vj.     )
C    <S<i
_ ' . 7. .. _d'
jHifii_i„fi—I------,   --■  -in,i nnrrrfiin
Job Printing   ,
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class HalfTTone and
General Letterpress
Work:  '.-^
VOL I.   NO. 13.
$1.50 Per Annum.
Application from Hospital Society for Grant - Affixing
Notices on Cijty Property - Ballot to be Taken
> '- --_oii Purchase of A. and T. Assoc. Grounds.
.{A meetingjof.the town Council
"' was called on Friday evening by
Mayor DeHart. ■„ Present, Aldermen Elliott, Rowcliffe, Cox, Bailey
and Ball/ '     f 7
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and adopted.
..._ T>The following accounts were
submitted to "the council, and
referred to the finance committee
"to be paid^f found correct.
H. H. Millie, phone and telegraph,
January 7.$ 1340
G. H. Dunn, Returning Officer and
Poll Clerk.. .' , -...    10 00
Packhard Electric'Co., Meter Seals     2 63
7KeIowna Furniture Co.,-furniture...   63 00
; - _ A letter was read  from- the  Inspector'"of "Boilers," in which   he
stated that he would be  ready to
inspect the Municipal plant about
- April.
The following''letter from- the
Kelowna Hospital Society was
read, and Mr. Graham-Gorrie, Secretary of the Society was present
to give any further explanation
that might be required:—
.By-law No. 56; to raise the sum
o"f $7,000, to purchase the ' Agricultural and Trades Association
Grounds, was read a third time.
In the third reading the time '-was
altered from twenty to thirty years,
and a motion was passed that. a
ballot be taken on the 10th March,
1909, on' the By.Iaw, and that Mr.
G. H. Dunn be returning officer.
"The next council meeting Will be
held on Monday, March I st. .
Aid. E. R. Bailey was appointed
acting Mayor, during Mr. DeHart's
absence at the Coast.
New Lodge Instituded in tKe
Orchard City.
To His Worship .the   Mayor and
Aldermen of the„ Corporation.  !
Gentlemen, ,
In the  name  of the   Kelowna
• Hospital Society, and on behalf of
the Hospital, we beg. to  solicit a
substantial grant in .J aid, from'die
municipal fimdsTduririg the current
year]      ■*-'
That the Hospital "is a necessity
and has proved a boon'to 'the' citizens is beyond question.-''The ex-
% -.cellent work done-by' the  staff- is
.-" vouched for by the  general  corn-
"" meridatiori of'all who  have been
patients in the Institution, and  in
particular the •> institution "received
'special praise, both for fittings and
management,   By-  the     eminent
specialist who was lately here on a
professional visit.
■ Owing to  the requirements of
the Act as  to  special wards and
ad^pmmodation ' for , tuberculosis
patients; we are nott in, a. position
to apply for' 'the' general" government allowance of 5 per caput' of
patients treated in provincial' hospitals   fulfilling .these special requirement-.^ Our hospital is therefore   absolutely  dependent upon
the percentage of paying patients
admitted, and on the generosity of
the public support.
In the Spring of 1908, we received the Government grant of
$5,000 in aid-of construction. This
money had already been anticipat-
—SurSuu tuc-iiGSpitai~was^opened
free of debt. Further accommodation has <iiow' been secured by
the'completion of the basement,
and were are "able to look forward
with-confidence to an increased
measure of usefulness and good
-work.-- ' -	
We enclose herewith the hospital
balance sheet, and shall be pleased
to'give the council'any further information it may deem advisable. -
We are gentlemen,
Your very obedient servants,
(Sgd)   TvW..Stirling, Pres
M. Graham-Gorrie, Sec.
Kelowna Hospital Society
This application . was received
and laid on the table until the estimates for the current year are
prepared.- In the meantime the
Society, was assured that their work
has, the fullest sympathy of the
Council, and as . large a' grant as
possible would be made; consistent
with^ other claims' on " the city's
benevolence.     ,   •   j", >
The city property will now no
longer be' disfigured by notices
and^bills, as theory, cjerk -was instructed to notify the public that
they are fobidden to post notices
on electric light poles and other
city property.
City Engineer , Russel > was. instructed to* get the necessary linoleum to''cover the floor; of the
engine room at the power house.*
By-laws 53, 54 and 55, which
were voted on last Wednesday
were reconsidered' and, finally
passed. |
At a meeting of the Volunteer
Fire Brigade it was decided to' approach the" City Council with a re-:
quest i for certain, supplies and
equipment to be used in connection with the brigade apparatus,
and a committee of Messrs F. Samson,5 J. N. Cameron and W. Jenkins
was appointed to wait on the
council with the request The request asks for 12'uniform caps and
12 mouth sponges, 3 Ts to .fit
hydrants, six hose wrenches, hook
and. ladder wagon and one ladder,
high wheels put on small hose
reel, doors of the fire hall fitted
with springs to work easily7alarm
bells erected at convenient places
so as to warn .the -power house
whistle, a room for the brigade to
meet in, and one for" two of 'the.
firemen, chief and. assistant, to
sleep in, near or in the fire hall.
The members of the new brigade
also held an election of officers,
appointing F. Samson, who has
had previous experience at fire
brigade work, to take command,
and J. N. Cameron, as assistant
chief.^ .M. Jenkins was elected
captain, of one hose reel, and W.
Kirkby captain" of the second. The
hook and ladder wagon will be H.
Newby _ sp'ecial charge. '
It was agreed that, the brigade
should1 act for two;months without
pay on trial,, providing the Council
will furnish them with the equipment asked for.
The following names were enrolled as members:
F. Samson M. Jenkins
H. Newby E. Pettigrew
H. Glenn A. M. Wilson
On . Wednesday evening, '. a
branch of the Independent Order
of Oddfellows, Orchard City Not9,
was instituted with a, membership
of twenty-six, eleven old members
and fifteen new ones.     t r <
The evening's ceremonies .commenced with an inaugural  dinner
at the Royal  Hotel,  at which. 76
guests sat  down,  after which  all
adjourned to sthe  lodge room, at
Raymer's Hall for the business  of
the evening.   About twenty brethren'arrived from Summerland, and
twenty-five from  Vernon  to  help
organize,   the   Summerland. team
putting on the" initiatory degree,
and the Vernon team  putting  on
the 1st, 2nd "and  3rd  degrees.   S.
H. Shatford, of Vernon, was  instituting officer. ^ •" r \
An all-night session was  held,
as during the evening the company,
adjourned  to, attend - the [performance in the adjoining hall, and it
was well on to 6 o'clock this morning before   the   Business   of   the
night was completed.
The following--new - members
were initiated, Brethern Davis,
Mathie, Dajvy Burtch, Holman,
Prior, A. J. Jones, W., Lloyd-Jones,
L. C. Aviss, C. Clark, W.G. Benson,
W. Haug, L7 Thompson, Geo.
Fraser, and Ge6. Ritchie.        ] -
The election'of'officers of the
new lodge was .held, resulting in
the following'' ;.__'» I
Noble Grand—S. T. Elliott'    ' -""'-
Vice-Grand—C. Dick    '"
Rec. Secretary—A. Hamilton
Perm. Secretary—W. Hopkins
Treasurer—J. A. Bigger  ,
Conductor—W. F: Schell,
Warden—John Reekie
Inner Guard—J. Brown
Outer Guard—W. B. Calder
Right Supporter, N.G.—Hy. Burtch
Left Supporter N.G.—W. Benson.
Right Scene Supporter—Mathie
Left Scene Supporter—Davis '
Right Supporter Vice Grand—Wm
Lloyd-Jones, (temporary.)
Left  Supporter Vice~ Grand—W.
Schell,- (temporary.)
Teats Prove Quite Satisfactory
We understand that the goat
bucked Billy Haug off once, but he
managed to get on again and
hang on by the horns.
—w — jremgfew"
C. Newby
JL Pettigrew
. J. McMillan
- W. Kirkby
San Francisco Opera Co.
_ Raymer's Hall was packed last
night to witness the musical comedy presented by the above company, and it appeared -to, be received with'every satisfaction by
the audience.
There were a' number of clever
artists, "Mr. Schmidt," the bogus
Prince, provoking roars of laughter
by his humorous antics, in which
he was well supported by the real
Prince.   ,
The principals were well backed
up.by a large beauty chorus, and
were repeatedly encored.
The rowdyism, ■ incidental to
many performances, in the way of
cat-calls and whistles was in evi"
dence last night at the back of. the
hall, where a number of that class
of public, nuisances were collected.
Branch of Canadian Bible
Society Formed.'
On Tu-sday afternoon the ratepayers were privileged to  see the
city hydrants working for  the] first
time, throwing a jet of water a'con-
siderable  distance    and   forcibly.
City foremanPaul  and  fire  chief
Samson tested all the hydrants and
found  each  one  in perfect  condition.   The water pressure at the
time the tests were made was kept
at   aljout  90  lbs.',  and  with  this
comparatively low pressure  a jet
of water was thrown upwards from
an inch nozzle a good height above'
the Bank of Montreal,  arid  would
appear to  reach  all parts of the
building.     The  pressure  was increased to 125 lbs., and  with  the
same small nozzle a jet of water was
thrown fully 40 ft. over the Raymer
building. Although the water in the
mains is kept at an even pressure
of 90   lbs., it is  but  an  instant's
work for the engineer at the power
house to increase this very "considerably, to  throw  750  gallons  of
water per minute through a   1 I -8
inch nozzle,' and  to work several
hydrants at the same'time.
A trip to the power house to see
the powerful pump working will
be well repaid. This modem piece
of machinery works with a smoothness and quietness almost deceiving when its tremendous-' force is
taken into consideration, and the
simplicity swith which it is regulated
by the water pressure" itself, is an
eyeopener to those not_ versed in
'steam engineering. It pumps with
a steady motion and when the
water in the mains has reached the
regular 90 lbs., the same pressure
regulates the governor of the pump
so that the machine holds the
water, and no more.
Over all,- keeping a watchful eye
may be seen the genial engineer
in charge, W. G." Russel, ever ready
to give a clear explanation of the
machines to those desiring information.     '     -
A Highly Successful Performance.
Canoe Club.
The Anglican, Presbyterian,
Mjayuat.—«uu—iviemoaisr- v^nurcnes
last Sunday organized a branch of
the Canadian - Bible Society here,
at a mass' meeting held in the
Methodist Church.
The Society, which is interdenominational, is too well known to
need explanation, and is simply a
branch of the British and Foreign
Bible Society.
The following officers and  committee were elected, representing
the different churches in the city:
President—Mr. Curts
Vicd-President—Mr. E. R. Bailey
Secretary—W. A. Skanks
Treasurer—Mr. Geo. Boyer
Committee—Mrs. (Dr.) Wright,
Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. T.
W. Stirling, Mrs. R. E. White, Miss
M. I. Messenger, Mrs. Jas. Harvey,
Mrs. Chas. Wilson, Mrs. Jas. Rae
and D. McEachren.
A scheme is on foot in thq city
to form a Canoe Club. Mr. Wm.
Crawford has' had considerable
correspondence with W. R. Megaw
of Vernon and F. I. Scott of Summerland, who both seem enthus-
iatic about the sport, and working
towards this end in their respective
towns. Mr. Gibbons, Secretary of
the Penticton Athletic -Association
The Kelowna Musical 'and' Dramatic Society's presentation of the
Pirates of Penzance,", was well received   by   the  public and  each
night saw a full house.     The first
night was marked by a slight  nervousness on the part of the  principals and a  little stiffness in the
chorus, which however, wore off in
the succeeding  nights.     The  first
night's proceedings were considerably marred by an ill disposed individual forcing his  way into the
orchestra and creating a  disgraceful  scene, even  going so  far as
striking at the director who has not
long been invalided from the  hospital.   The hall  was  half .Jull  of
spectators at the time, so to  avoid
further trouble the intruder was
allowed  to  remain. {    Fortunately
he  was   not   a   member <of   the
Orchestra. -
. The two succeeding nights were
each an improvement on the proceeding one. Saturday night being
considered best.
Too much credit cannot be given
to Mr. Whitehead, conductor of
the Orchestra and chorus,'and the
Society is also under great* obligation to Mrs. L Dilworth,7who ren^
dered faithful and able services as
pianist at each practise, as" .well ,as
at the performances.
The, principals had each a difficult part to render, but were all
very well played, Frederick and
Mabel, and Ruth and ^the Pirate
King being repeatedly encored., >•
The'sergeant of police came in
for a good share of* applause, and
created much merriment by his
funny, get up,* _nd humorous
acting, n     .    0
Mrs. Thompson and -Miss Dilworth were ' presented • with
bouquets as a'mark of appreciation
during one oi the ' performances,
and each made a decided hit. '
Some of the humorously inclined
of the   audience   also   presented
Bobbie" with bouquets composed
of-"matters vegetable," gaily decorated with coloured ribbons. •
The scenery was»the work of
Messrs. Crowley, Whitehead" and
L. Harvey, after a model - by R .G
Reed, and the Pirates dresses were
made by some' of the Kelowna
Kelowna a "Safe" City, for
Mi. W. A: Fullerton, representing
the DominioivSecurities Company,
of Toronto, is in • the city, and is
registered at the Lakeview Hotel.
His "company purchased $10,000
of the City's electric light debentures, and,we understand that,Mr.
Fullerton wilf make an offer ,to the
city for  the  debentures   recendy-
voted oh by-the ratepayers:   This
speaks ■ very  highly - for" Kelowna
securities,.and shows this city to be
a  desirable   placer for^. investors.
The money market, we are informed  is  now in splendid condition,'
owing, to' the- reaction  after   the
recent, stringency,.and   the large
financial companies are looking for
good investments, haying considerable money to put out. ,
A 'very 'high  tribute  of praise
was payed by Mr, Fullerton to the
city's  pole • line service.    He says
we have the best pole, line he has
seen in Canada, and.that the extent
pi the water and light" service, the
completeness    of the  plant" and„v
modern equipment, is;marvellous
considering.the' ouday.7   Such a
testimonial, from . one   who .- has1
travelled all over Canada,, might
well make Kelowniajis congratulate   <
themselves, af well.'as being partic-   '
ularly pleasing to'thosVwho had-.,
charge of the municipal affaire at  '
the time it was put __#_«■*__ 1 " f_ <Jt
~Z.W^£}nv,&i£01&\' Point, Mr. '
Fullerton jthihks "that- Kelowna is^"
one of. the safest cities outside the ,j,
big cities oh the coast, Jwhich is a ^
high recommend coming from the, *
representative. of one. of 'the .large *
financial  concerns.'v T,,.^   J^,        »*~
REPORT OF"ittlAT? * i -
. A good plan is suggested, that
the four towns unite in sending east
for four war-canoes such as are
used in the Toronto Canoe Club.
This CluVby the way is the largest
in America, having a membership
of 600, and the sport is extremely
popular there.
- If four-canoes are ordered, they
can be bought f.o.b. Okanagan
Landing, at $225.00 each. These
war canoes are 30 feet long, and
are built to carry fifteen paddlers.
The sporting fraternity here will
hold a meeting tomorrow night at
8 o'clock to make definite arrangements, and to organize. All interested are asked to attend, and
help make this successful.
T.!D.V Lewis, one of the members
of the' Clareaholm Syndicate, who
bought a large tract of land from
the Central Okanagan Land Co.,
recently, is looking over his land
thfs week, making plans for its, development.
Mft Adams, of the Central Oka-
gan Land Co., arrived in Kelowna
on'Wednesday with a, large party
ops .tilers from the' prairie prpv-
«)*-*•* f-« .-"'•VWVW1 v~*r\**4    t»   t .
inces. <i-
* »4-tw*« *»_«-|rtr
Mr. and l Mrs. D. Lloyd-Jones
left today for a short stay at the
Dr.L-S. R. Richards was called
away suddenly'by wire on Tuesday to Seattle, where his brother is
lying dangerously ill. Dr. Richards left on Wednesday _ stage. /
Mrs. Hill, an old lady residing
in South Okanagan with her son,
died early this morning after an
illness .of three weeks duration.
The funeral service will be conducted by Rev. A. W. K. Herd-
man, tomorrow afternoon, at 2
o'clock, at the house. Mrs. Hill is
a recent arrival to this country.
The Ball held on Monday night,
under the auspices of members of
the Young Ladies' Hospital Aid,
was .very well attended, a large
number of visitors from South
Okanagan being present. Many
fancy dresses were seen, amongst
them being characters from Pinafore, and "The Pirates." The
orchestra, composed of Morgan
Bros, and O. Jones, delighted all
present with their different pieces
and< were repeatedly encored.
These' talented musicians appear
to'. increase in popularity everywhere they go,' and certainly contributed largely to the evening's
The company broke up about
2 a.m., after spending a, most en*
j oyable ev.ning. -A
The last skating at the rink fortius season was celebrated on
Tuesday by a carnival.
One hundred and fifty two
people Vatronized'tfiennk on "this
occasion, and sixty two costumes
were on the ice. Music wasu. furnished by a band lead by Dan
t The ladies' 'dresses were exceptionally, pretty, the queen of hearts
attracting considerable attention,
as did the Japanese girl who skated
round the rink 'with orthodox
Japanese decorum.
A large number of other - pretty
dresseswere there, too many to
mention in detail, and all set off to
advantage by the pretty girls inside
of them. »
The prize for the best ladies'
costume was awarded by the judges
to Miss F. Copeland, representing
a Squaw, and to Hazel Beattie and
Jennie Dillon in the children's
class, who looked very comical as
Punch Jand Judy.
The Judges on this occasion
were Mrs. Gaddes, Mrs.' Josselyn
and G. Meikle., ,
—■""       ' i_»
r* n r»
__ .rvr
R. Carswell, of Carswell & Johnson, Saw Millers at Long Lake, was
present at the Oddfellows meeting.
Rev. Jas. Hood/of Summerland
arrived with the visiting brethren
from Summerland last night, to attend the Oddfellows meeting.
Mr. H. Facey, of Warwich, Alberta,'is a new arrival in town, and
has rented Geo. Fraser's house on
Glen Avenue,    i
.G. U-vMcGuin returned from
Calgary yesterday,«Accompanied
by hi* father and brother.
.     -\ Vv '    .
During the*fiscal year'* 1908, 647
passengers were ' killed Tori7 Canadian railways and 326 were injured.;
In 1907, 42 passengers,were killed
and 210 injured..   , •    ., . "«.
7_ 1908 there were 246 employees killed and 866 injured, and in
1907, 212 employees' were killed
and 317- injured."", \<-    ~  * »
There were 529.-,people killed
in all waya by'.the,,railways .and
1,309 in 1908, as against 460 killed
and 603injured in 1907;'   "
1907.-'      1908.
Killed Ihj'd Killed Inj'd
-_ i o—I tv^rto}—} n
G.T.R.      .160, 363   .,165)   721
G.N.R.     .30    93      19     I28U
M.C.R.       '29   -12 '7'25   *   72
The report of the'.board'of. railway commissioners; for the* fiscal "^j
year ending March 31,1908, show. 7,fl
that the salaries "of,, the staff cost^
$28,166, while maintenance cost"*!!
$86,504:   both sums' within3' the'ife
appropriations. * ^  *     \" •"•'*:*< ^ >?\J
The   national-Transcontinental",?
railway commission report showed *
that it is possible v to shorten, the I
r___i_A  {•*•*_**_     _______.*»&.■_»_    __.    _V7_ T. -"->
been $27,057,944;^ K_*rq ,, r«
' Chief TEngineer^ Lumsden > rel v||
ported on"over-clas8ification,",and «$f
the report touched "on jhe -'largep
rnimber of accidents with' expld-v^..
sives which weredue' to^ta^leitt^^y
ness..    - >.   v^ft' ••>'i^r'>;;^'lr
V (        J      f _   \
iia^_______s^*, k*_W .
—™"^_^_____»^'i-5 ; _ *„ j. *, it£ i
'Ocean' Records. _^0vMM
T^e,-turbine flyer< Maurettaia^pf "_*-."§-
cotriDleted   ti , voyage ,;onJ;
ith  _veral _ew-'oce'a_-
Cunard   _ne;  	
Thursday, in whL.. _._„.,.__„ -,«_„,.
records were established.. Thft> liner _dC™
only broke her own record ever, the tan<,,%_
water course of 2,890,mi!e« by 2hour.to_Jl,t-i
25 minutes,-but *W'_kuIed.i_6vm'th.f_l
figures of he*, sister ship,, the.' Lu_t__i.$.-i
and set the new recprdof ,4' days. 17 _<M_ii%J
and 50 minutes, which is.one'hou^^ahd'46 "#|1
minutes better .Aan/AeuLudtUaia'aaeet y,l
time over the course.! ■ Another7_chi-V-,.^/'<fl
ment waa a days run of; 67l«_notl^_i_i-£
breaks all records. \^ ^      - \\ 7^.-^4,
.         -   .' v - 7 i'V4*®]
Dr. Baker and iamily, of ,,,Ledtte^
Alta.", arrived on yesterdayV^_.att!l5
and'are rnoving"but ,_ir _»-ir; _rui^
ranch on the R_____JlB_o___K>^<-nA''<i
7^S| -^»t»_-iiard^0it^-_ec-r¥
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS. H.  LEATHLEY, Business Monager
Subscription $1.50 per annum
To United States $2.00 per annum
Advertising rates upon application.
By-law No. 56, which passed its
third reading at the last Council
meeting, and will be submitted to
the popular vote on the 1 Oth of
March, is the next question to be
decided by the citizens.
At the time of the municipal
•elections in the early part of the
year, 1 15 votes were cast in favor
of purchasing the A. & T. grounds
and 87 against. It might be well
to run over the pros, and cons, of
this business, and as far as we are
able lay the proposition of the
Agricultural and Trades Association before our readers, that they
may be in a position to give the
matter their careful thought.
The proposition of the A. & T.
Association, is to hand over to the
city the Association's exhibition
ground, about seventeen acres, the
city to assume responsibility, and
pay off the indebtedness on the
mortgage, about $2500.00.
By-law No. 56 is to authorize
$7,000.00, which will cover the indebtedness, the removing of buildings from the street to the fair
grounds, painting and renovating,
as well as the purchase of an extra
2 acres of land needed to make a
good half mile race course. The
city would have full control of the
grounds, allowing the Association
free use of the ground during two
weeks at fair time, the city to have
a percentage of the gate receipts.
Outside of the fair time, the
grounds can be used by the city as
recreation grounds, for lacrosse,
and other sports.
The Agricultural & Trades Association hope, by being relieved
of the indebtedness of the grounds,
to devote their time and funds to
the exhibition, making it a greater
success than it has been -of recent
years, - and giving greater encouragement to exhibitors. They
realize the importance of a successful exhibition to the city as well
as to the Okanagan.
On the  other hand,  objections
out of their city to large eastern
houses who employ "sweated"
labour, because forsooth, they can
save 10c or so. We have in the
city well stocked stores where
good value may be obtained, and
the proprietors are dependent on
the community for support. It is a
united front that makes the town.
If you want bread, patronize your
local bakers ; if you want groceries
there are those here who can supply you with the best; if it is clothing, why send   down  to   T	
E 's, when you have clothiers
in your midst ? And why' send
down to the eastern cold storage
companies, who monopolize the
meat trade as one   of  our  largest
institution evidently does, judging
from what one can see at the
wharf, an institution too that derives
its revenue almost entirely from
the city.
It might be well to point out to
our readers, that while we are glad
to publish communications that
are of interest to the public, they
must be signed by the name of
the sender, tho not necessarily for
publication. We have received
several anonymous letters, some,
dealing with organizations and
public bodies, criticizing and condemning, but which we have not
printed, and do not intend to
print, without the sender having
his or her name affixed.
Every citizen is entitled to his
own convictions, but it is not to be
expected of a news-paper to be
the medium for assertions which
may or may not be well grounded,
unless the writer is prepared to
send his name in case he is asked
to substantiate his words,
Under this heading communications icill
be receiced upon any subject o. interest
Letters must be signed, be brief, aooid
personalities. The Editor does not nee-
essanllu endorse ooinlons gicen beloio
Teachers' Association.
are raised against the purchase on
the grounds that  it will  never be
-suitable for park purposes  on account of the class of land.
Still further, it must be taken into consideration that the city will
have expended in purchasing the
Lloyd-Jones property much  more
" than the average city would in
proportion to its size, and the pur-
, chase of , further land might be
more than the city could afford to
pay for a non-bearing investment.
Therels considerable diversity of
opinion too, as to its adaptability
for athletic sports,  on  account of
,not being in a central position.
This is a matter for the careful
consideration-of- the- ratepayers,
whether they will (authorize the
municipal council to raise a further
sun.'df $7,000.00 for this purpose,
or not. ...     , -    .i
Editor Orchard City Record,
Kelowna, B.C.
Dear Sir,
The question of the organization of a
Teachers' Association in the Okanagan
Valley has received some consideration
and there is no doubt of the benefit to be
derived from such an Association if the
teacherr, or a sufficient number of them,
deem it advisable. The membership
might also include Trustees and others
interested in educational matters.
As principal of the Kelowna Public
School, I may say that the members of our
staff are ready to co-operate in any workable scheme that may be devised by communication, through the press, or otherwise, as to date of meeting, extent of territory, etc.
Yours very truly,
Feb. 23rd, 1909.
Just the Thing.
r i"
„, It is getting to be not an unco m-
" mon thing now to see goods com-
i ing in from eastern points for individuals living here), that might
.tyjejl qe purchased in the city.
There has been so much' cry about
foreigners coming in .here/ taking
•Money but of the country, yet some
o. the'same parties who' raise, the
cry are to'be found aendm'g.mjqney
At a brilliant "At hortie" given by a
society woman a pianist of world-wide reputation was asked to perform. When he
h^d finiahed_the_lady's_young ^daughter
was made to sit down and play her new
piece.   " Now, tell me, Herr " said the
fussy mother to the great artist, " what do
you think of my daughter's execution ?"—
"Madame," he replied, deliberately, "I
think it would be a capital idea."---" Town
and Country Journal," Sydney.
Liner's Voyage Without Rudder.
The St. Louis, of the American line, arrived off Sandy Hook on Monday, having
finished the last 500 miles of her voyage without the use of her rudder. For
the purpose of steering she utilized her
twin screws, though she was compelled to
slow down to about twelve knots an hour.
Panama Canal Soon Ready.
At the conclusion of Mr. Taft's inspection of the Panama Canal works on Monday, Colonel Goethals, the chief engineer
of the Isthmian Canal Commission, said to
the President-Elect, "I can promise you
that ships will be passing through the
Panama Canal by New Year's Day, 1915."
In a previous article on the above subject I referred to the prevailing inexperience
in this important part of a fruit-grower's
work which is so evident in this district,
and pointed out the danger of spoiling the
young trees through improper treatment.
In this brief article I will try to give a few
simple hints for beginners
In the first place it may be as well to
call to mind what is the object of pruning.
We know that a tree left to itself will produce an abundance of wood, and in a short
time will be a mass of weakly ill-placed
shoots or twigs. It is to counteract this
tendency on the part of nature to become
overcrowded that the gardener resorts to
pruning. It is true that the tree, if planted
and left alone, will in due time produce
fruit, but it is also true that the fruit on the
well-trained pruned tree will be much
finer and wo/th a great deal more than
that growing on the neglected one. The
first object of the pruner then must be to
direct the growth and energy of the tree
into proper channels, for it is as true of the
tree as it is of the child—" Train it up in
the way it should go, and when it is old it
will not depart from it."
To do this you must begin at the beginning and start right. The most common
mistake is as before said, to let far too
many twigs remain. These twigs in a
year or so become ^branches, and when
they have to be removed it means more or
less a check to the tree, and a waste of
what we might term growing power
Some growers want to begin gathering fruit
too „early, and argue that by letting their
trees grow away just as they will, they will
the sooner be getting a return .for their
outlay. Those who are thus in a hurry
must remember that it is best to lay a good
foundation and wait till the tree is sufficiently matured to carry a crop without injury.
We will take the newly planted year old
tree, or it may be two years old. ■,There
are two methods of training or pruning
these. One is the open head style, in
which the upright centre shoot is cut out
to the level of the side shoots. Of the latter
five of the best are then selected, growing
about equal distances apart, and shortened
back to about six or eight inches to a good
strong bud. Be sure this bud points outward and not inward. The aim 'of the
pruner is to keep the growths extending
away from the mam stem. The other
system of growing is to retain the centre
stem as a leader, as in the-pyramid style.
In this case you select four or five, of the
best-placed side shoots, shortening back'as
before described. Then shorten the centre
shoot also, but leave it about a foot above
the side shoots
Don't leave too many of the side shoots
on. Five will be quite enough. Most
beginners make the.mistake of leaving too
many. In pruning trees that have been
planted say two or three years, I always
cut out clean back to the old wood all the
shoots or twigs that are growing in towards
the middle of * the tree. This I do first.
ThenJ take out those that might be growing across, for if these are left they will in
the course of a year or so spoil the appearance of any tree. Next 1 thin out and
shorten back such new growths as are
necessary for the extension of branches,
only retaining those that grow out from
the tree straight, thus always aiming to
keep the centre of the tree clear, with
every branch coming away in such a
position that they do not cross each other.
As I have before said, most amateurs leave
too much wood on, but care must be taken
to avoid going to the other extreme, and
cutting off every bit of young wood. I
have seen trees that have looked just like
a few upright bare sticks, with all the
valuable young wood cut short back.
In conclusion I would point out that some
varietiesjieed_special treatment,_but_it_is
only practice -and observation that can
enable you to become acquainted with the
different habits and the treatment needful.
I will have something to say about the
pruning of the peach in an article on
peach culture. Judging from what I have
seen in the neighborhood it is very imperfectly understood at present. I hope these
few remarks may be interesting and a help
to those who 'arc new to the work.
' *h» «HBnnnBgmaM!TOg
For The Spring Trade.
Tested stock, seeds for »
.arm, garden, or con-
seroatorg, from the best
growers in England,
France,* Holland, United
States and Canada.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Small fruits,'home grot-ri
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies
Spraying Materials
Cut Flot-e.8, etc.
140 Page Catalogue Free.
Office Greenhouse and Seedhouse
- 3010, Westminster Rd.
Branch Nursery ■ South Vancouoer
Fruit Trees, Ornamental ., Roses, ete.
All s.toeb strictly
Hirst-class _ind home
Catalogue Free
Apply • ■" i
A. E. Bow
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
\ M
Hair-cutting,Shaving orShampoo
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
*      _ '
Kerry Gow.
Woman Cabdrioer's Misfortune.
i _*£_'  v
Marie Lejau, a young woman cabdriver,
hailing from Brittany, is being sued in Paris
by a widow for the loss of her husband, an
elderly wine merchant, who was killed by
her cab the first day she mounted the box.
She thought the fact that she obtained her
licence was enough to show .her capability,
but.the judge ventured to differ. Judgment was reserved.   •      < • > <■ '
One of those rare treats in the line of
amusement which is offered from time to
time by reliable managers will be the appearance of the Kerry Gow at the opera
house,-Wednesday March 3rd. The story
of Joseph Murphy's famous Irish Domestic
Drama, Kerry Gow, which means the vil-
lagei.blacksmith, is founded on facts and
tells of Don O'Hara, smith, irr love with a
girl who also has another suitor, Valentine'
Hay. '-    ; - »'
As it is a crime punishable by transportation or death to have pikes—formidablp
weapons—in one's possession, Hay causes
several to be hidden in the blacksmith-
shop.      ,      •        '
Dan is arrested, but "escapes from prison
just at the time aa the rial maker of the
pikes confesses ,on his death bed to the
conspiracy against O'Hara. Dan returns
to \ his forge and shoes the horse which
saves his.swecthcar's home by winning _
great race. By means of1 carrier pigeons
Nora is informed of the result of the heats
as _e(race is run andtherpUy ends prettily and happily.
The good Irish' songs introduced by Dan
are pleasing features to th.-performance. *
Now is the time to buy your       >    , ,'•<
Canning varieties a speciality.   Send for
catalogue of Seeds and Fruit Trees' ^''
j Ro.efield Nursery, Gellatly, B.C.
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Painting or Kakomhung
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• V„ '
.Cottage on one, acre,,in, good locality, $2,100,.:
v easy terms.
Stable for rent.
4   _ ___1 W
. _. _■_? nn _____
aa__-T_, u i i-ipraaHapri
About the
De Laval
.Mr. uv
, ■   Thete'e the "mail.order" outfit,  with  their cheaply made ma«,
• chines,-bought here and there, not made by thenjielveVor 4old under
the real manufacturer's'name,1 all claiming the earth and'many jof the.
things that-ahpuld be below i(.
v r
But the merry lot-changes and dwindles every, year, j;/They .grad.
world V creamery men use DElLAVAL mach&e-.^TKeip'erccntag-of'p
farm!users content)with nothing else is always,increasing.        /,,.   ,' ,.,
4 ■   Thei. isn't a stable reason why every man who buys ->_ cream' <•'
separator this year should not buy a DE LAVAL.    There are many
reasons why he should.   The .best costs' no more than' 'the- yariovi.
grades-of inferior imitating machines,''     *..      *   '>',* -  3    if*      '^<&>i->>.
A DE LAVAL catalogue m_y be had* for the* asking." V.'£«"*'»
LAVAL machine may'be tried for the asking.
til ,    ' •" "(    "■> _'      «>» ir» j   ,    .. ,      , 7
V "C.
.*'    v..'1
I   ,1
Agept ibr Kelowna:
11_ \ts
■ tl
"jl    o
Js t
Hcucdwaire Store,
J   !'•
.'f. w^ r       i")     r
Thursday Feb. 26
The Orchard., Gity Record
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'Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
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J;BR0DIE, Proprietor
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for lam going ;to get rid of them at
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/^CalLin ltand get prices before
puymg elsewhere. >,
i *      * * * • 9
KING,   Harness-maker.
;.-..■;. U^<S>«V I rt\
A   _esson   In   Horticulture   With   One
** Serious Omission.
jly imlgiiboi Brown came to the gafl-
ien fence and said:
"flow do you do your grafting?"
"My grafting?'* said I.
"Yes—grafting .ipple tiees I want
to try it myself"'
"Oh!" I'exclaimed "Yes, yes' Well,
id the first place, I begin by lying—
tbat is, I h.'hi bed to think the w bole
tiling out in every detail. I watch my
opportunity, and on the first fine day I
steal a few houis flora my business.
Then 1 borrow a saw-a steel one—
and with it I rob the tree upon which
I want to graft of some'of it&'l.ngur
branches This 1 .try to do in Mich a
« ay that the loss of the branches will
not be noticed .These limbs should
not be" left lying—that is, lying on the
ground They are unsightly and may
attract the attention " of "pa_.ei.by.
They should be hustled behind the latticework screen at once . So fai so
good Now, let me see-^oli/yes! I
iob»another tree of a few twigs having buds on them and insert them In
tbe ends of the sawed branches*on the
tree Then I take some bees\v.i\ and
tallow and melt them together Thia
must be thoroughly mixed Work it
for all you're worth to make it pliable.
Finally with this 1 tryto hide all appearance-of the ■ graft,, from sunlight
and air, and there you are—the job is
done." . •
'T see," said Brown, "and 1 thlnli
I'm foxy enough to do the trick the
first time trying.   Many thanks '!
Shortly after I heard" Brown telling
his wife how I explained the process*
This is the way he had it:
"First," he says, "you must be a
good liar; then you watch your chnnce.
and steal a half day train Hie company's time; then you steal a -.aw;
(hen you defraud the. tree of some
branches, which you must hide, so nobody will got on: then you rob somebody's tree ot twig.s, put them, i'i the
ends of the branches and cover your
tracks with beeswax and tallow "
Said Brown's wife: "I don't think
that man can be trusted He ha:-, two
<:lHds of. grafting mixed, and, besides,
he didn't tell you' where to steal the
apple trees."
Result   of   Little   Edwin's
tions "and Comments. s
"Say, m.iw!"    -
"Well, what?"
"How do they get holes in lace?"
"Why. they make the lace round the
h'>i_,s, my son."   ,
"But it ain't _ace without it's got
holes, is it, maw?"
"No, Edwin."
"Well, how do they get the holes 'in
the Mace they put round the holes to
make the lace, then?",
"Child, you will yet drive .me to dls-
} "Where do they get the hole., fn.iv/T'-
' "Why, the holes are just air."
"Oh, they're air holes?" "
"I suppose so."
"Well, there's ttlr holes in pa v. 's bat,,
Does that make it a lace hat?"
"No, no, no!"
"A Swiss cheese has holes In it Does
that make it a Swiss lace'?"
"Hold your, fool tongue! Do you
"Didn't you say all lace had boles,
maw?" ',    -r .
"Yes."     •   '   '  "
, "Well, I've got shoe laces, but (hey
ain't got no holes in 'em."
"Leave the joom and permit me to
nnish 'Lady Lingerie's Lost I,o\er: or,
(low Lord Lumbago-Was Lined Away
ny a Lissom <Little Lallapalaza of a
"Maw, kin you make lace?"
"No. I-lv.in; tbat Is not one of my
accomplishments"' •
"I -idn'i Jhink you could, maw Mrs.'
Knockenbeigor said you was so i'nt lacing wouldn't do you any good "
But "maw" wasn't too fat to gl\ e E_
,ttlu a lacing that did him some good.
The Mouse Trap.
"The chjkl Is father to the man,"
.aid an lirHjntoi. "ForJnstancc. thcio
was a ir.i'lM. son who Invented, at the
age of _>\enleeii. an automatic mouse
trap, a imp that used the recoil fiom
one mouse's capture to bel itself for
another inon««». This trap workel well,)
caught eleven mice at Hie first go off
aud soon rid the miller's mill of It3t
mice niyii.nl". Well, sir, the, bo; Inventor of that mouse, trap used tho
trap's ipcoII piIncl'ple for'his gieatest
Invention, the Maxim gun, for it Is
Sir fill .im .Maxim I'm talking about,
and" If jou go to the Maine .village of
Buiigci'vlllc they'll show you there one
of the automatic rapid tiring mouse
traps that piesaged the famous Maxim
'•    Fort Sumter of the Revolution.
At the mouth of the Piscutiiqiin rlv-
»r, three miles below the historic town
it. Portsmouth, N. H., nestles the only
genc.h.t fort in the United States
which includes within. Its ■ confines a
combination of all tho styles of fortification from tho colonial stone redoubt' to the present barbette battery
>of concrete fined- with earth. Moreover. Fort Constitution; as It Is named,
wus the. Fort R: inter of the Rcvolu*
Hon.—Army aud Navy Life.
Mr.  Bigger 'returned  from   Vernon on
Friday. /
Mr. J. F. Burne returned from the Coast
on Monday,
E.  M.  Carruthers   returned   from   the
Coast on Monday.
B. Miller and C. Morrison returned from
Vernon on Monday.
Mr. Lye of Salmon Arm was a visitor to
Kelowna on Monday.
Mr. Parkinson returned to  Kelowna on
Monday from the Coast.
J. W. Wilks returned  from   a  business
visit to Vernon on Friday.
Miss Mable Greene Returned to School
at Yale, B.C., on Tuesday.
Mr. Prozesky returned on Friday from
an extended business trip.
Mayor DeHart left for the Coast on Saturday, on a business trip.
J. M. Robinson passed through on Monday, on his return to Naramata.
"Hard Duck Soup", passed.through on
Monday's boat, to Summerland.
Wm. Crawford was a visitor to Summer-
land in the early part of the week.
Mr. Porter, of Oxbow, Sask., is  visiting
this district, arriving in town last week.
i * •  -~
Rev. J.  Nixon,   of   Peachland,  passed
through Kelowna on Tuesday, on his way
to Vernon.
Dr. Andrews returned   to  Summerland .
on Friday, after spending a couple of days
in Kelowna.
Mr. P. Prozesky, left on Tuesday for a
couple of week's visit to the Coast, in the
interests of his business.
Mr., Mrs. and Miss Brisbane returned on
Tuesday to ftheir home at Red Deer,
Alberta after spending the winter here.
Mr. and Mrs. English of Wolsely, Sask.,
arrived on Monday's boat, and are visiting
at the home of H. Hill, South  Okanagan.1
Rev. J. W. Jones, who was in Kelowna
recently in connection with the British and
Foreign Bible Society, returned here on
Miss Mona Stubbs returned to her home
at Vernon on Tuesday, after spending a
month's holiday with tbe Misses Pearl and
Ruby Elliott.
A farewell Social will be   held on   Friday in the Baptist  Church,  when  friends
will have an opportunity to spend a social'
evening with Rev. H. P. Thorpe.   A cordial
invitation is extended to all.
The engagement is < announced  of Miss'"
Brisbane     to     Mr,     Wm.    Lloyd-Jones.
"Happy" is now wearing a smile that won't
come off, and is receiving the hearty congratulations of all his friends.
Rev. H. P. Thorpe returned on Friday
from Victoria, where he had been attending a meeting of the Grand Lodge of the
Orange Order. He was accompanied as
far as Kelowna by the Rev. Mr. Mclntyre,
of Summerland. S
J. I. Davis left for California on Saturday
where he will live in future. Mr. Davis
will be greatly missed here', as he was a
useful member in the Presbyterian Choir,
and an enthusiastic supporter of the Kelowna Football team. *
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gordon,- of Boisse-
vain, Man., passed 'through on Friday's
boat to Peachland,' where they will visit
for a short time. They were met at' the
dock by members of the Morrison family,'
whom they will visit on their return.
.A new arrival to the Okanagan_appear._I
Boat Builder
Launches, Sail Boats'
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Rot. Boats and Canoes,
.or hire.
7 '' Come to ' ",
for a
Good Glean Meal
Fresh Candies, Fruit and
Sutton's Seeds
Tomato Plants
Cabbage JPlants
Bedding Plants
Asparagus. Roots
Rose Bushes, etc.
q A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
Call and see us <
Get, your name on
the honor roll;"    *
Subscribe for the. Orchard
City Record.   ...
A. MeGEE.;
neatly done.
All toorb guaranteed first-class.
All kinds of Furniture
Repaired., r
Address, Post Office1-
or Shop, cor. West of K.L.O. of_iee.
Send me your tree bill for my estimate. ■'"'    >
KELOWN-., B.C. P.O. BOX 364
I furnish the oeru finest grade of GENUINE
responsible firms furnish inferior grades.
Yearling Apples on 3 Yeaf:01d Roots
pippin, Etc.1 ;: 'ot 'c" ;J
-■ -.. All Fir8t-ela88 Trees, 3.t. to .ft. Grade.     ,.. L ;rt.
Price, $22.50 per 100, 500,, 19c. each.7,^;
.; ' R. T. "HESELW0PD, Agent for,"%'-*'"V
Sltimtp 38ut£_me£., 3fac, &lbanp, ©re.
,«„  y
f~ ,'~>t >
There Aro Others.
"Souip   woniPD/^nre   foolish
convicted t.hii;: I'^h   lots,; or
from women..,,! «_>__?"' >
. iJ __&.'.' (lnswi'ivd tlio' warden.    "But
thu liiily ,nnir«1t _•«•<■ on the neM tier has
h.;<l  t-wiy . c". 111 'oIiVi- of iiiiirrlng. t<y
foe Ilislt yupr fliil'lren ba taugbt
<if* finly the'iiiw>ii <t.the earth, but
l_ _____!__« ol ll«.o_ft Bu____   .
.••■ -ft > .y     • ">   •, 71,'     >»v
ed on Friday, in the person of Mr. Gray of
Calgary, accompanied by his son. Mr.
Gray will take his lesidence on the property recently purchased from the Central
Okanagan Land Co., on their second subdivision.
> Rev. Jas. Hood, of Summerland, passed
through Kelowna on Friday, after attending a meeting of the Kamloops Presbytery,
held at Revelstoke on the 17th and 18th
inst. Mr. Hood reported deep snow at
Revelstoke, being as much as 5 and 6 feet
on thejevel.
A number of friends gathered at the
wharf on Saturday morning, armed with
rice and old shoes to give a < hearty send
off to' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Verity, who
left' for' the Coast, on their honeymoon.
The happy pair will reside at Salmon Arm
and their popularity here as earned them
the best wishes of a large circle of friends,
to 'Say' nothing of "The Cook of the
George."        '   ■ '
,< >   .-.- .,. MARRIAGES. - .\.   ;
MARRIED—On Saturday , morning at St.
.", Michael   and.. All Angels > Church; by
-. Rev.  Thos.  Greene,  Miss Olive  Ethel
Allen to Mr. Harold Hornby Verity.
MARRIED—At Benvoulin Roman Catholic
Church,  Miss  Matilda  Berard -to John
, Brent.	
,.      ( '     BIRTHS.        '"'
BORN—On Thursday, 18th Feb., to the
wife of A. R. Davy, a daughter.    ,. •
7B_.  MathiGon, dentist,-next'to
PpatOffic-,   Phone 89'.,
' Is not' only an art, it is also
a business, jwhicluto ex-
i      ' ...
eclite promptly ancle at a
reasonable price, requires
: a comiple-eT nioderri plant',
> A'
handled by experts.
i».«l *n-.;
. ■,'. All this is at your ser--'*
vice, and we can promise
you a pleasant surorise.,
when you place your ne_#^
order with us.   4   u-\    \i
i j 11 *.
V. _
y'Ai$. :<
__a ■ • <' A "/' ir'~  ~
*■> ».l+   "•f!"
7'7^;r..- ^7^7.7
\   - <
The Orchard City Record.
Summerland Notes.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B.A.Sc.,C.E.,D.L.S., B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
A Canoe Club has been organized in
Summerland, and officers elected. A
meeting will be held later to meet Mr.
Megaw of Vernon regarding War Canoes
and an Association of the other lake towns.
Mr. H. G. Sylvester severely injured his
leg, owing to his horse falling on a slippery
piece of road.
Preparations for the  construction  of  a
Men's Club, are being made, and   excavations completed.
Rev. D. E. Hatt will give a Drummond
recital in the Empire Hall on March   16th.
NetVsoftheChurchesW  ALWAYS \ AT
? V  _-    * *»
St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third j Sunday
Becond ana four'
Morning Prayer,
Amoc Mem. Can. Soc. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks end Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc
Office:   Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box ma "Phono 66
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Grenfell Notes.
Mr. James Bamford sustained a nasty
knee twist, while playing in the gymnasium last Friday. Though not able to
walk with ease, he is now able to be out
and appears to be improving more rapidly than was at first anticipated.
Born, at Grenfell on February 14th, 1909;
to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jones, a daughter.
A great many people in Grenfell are at
present confined to their homes, through
Memorial to Captain Cook.
A proposal has been mad by Sir Joseph
Carruthers, the ex-premier of New South
Wales, that the great service to the Empire
of Captain Cook should be commemorated
by a monument in London. The subject
was brought before the Executive Com-
mittee of the British Empire League at a
recent meeting by the Right Hon. Herbert
Samuel, MP., who represents the district
of Cleveland, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, of which Cook was a native, and
where his fame is greatly cherished. It
was decided that such a monument should
be erected, and a committee, with Mr.
Samuel as chairman, was formed. Steps
will be taken forthwith to enlist the co-operation of all who are likely to be interested
in the movement-
noiy v-oiiiiuuiiiu", i*.o. ,«"■**. *;'"~."-■—{' ln \.
month at 8 a m , second and fourth Sundays, alter
Morning Prayer.
Litany on the first and third Sundays.
Morning Prayer at 11  o'clock;   Evening Prayer at
REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A. Rector.
Next Sunday will be observed as Hospital
Sunday, and special collections taken for
that institution.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning Services at 11 a m.; evening services at 7:30
p.m    Sunday School at 2-30 p.m.
Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at o p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A  W. K. HERDMAN, Pastor.
With a little better quality and a little lower price than you .
can get elsewhere.    Our store is full of goocTthings, to eat,
and it will pay you to give us your orders for all kinds of!
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a m. and 7 30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2-30 p.m.
Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.
REV. J. H  WRIGHT, Pastor.
1 he service last Sunday night was conducted by the Rev. J. Wilford Jones, of the
British and Foreign Bible Society.
A mass meeting was held in the Methodist Church last Sunday night of representatives from all four churches in the
city, for the purpose of organizing a branch
of the British and Foreign Bible Society.
This society is undenominational, and has
received good support here.
A reception service was held at Mount
View last Sunday, when several new
members were received into the church,
making seventeen new members since
Next Sunday night a song service will be
held instead of the usual service conducted
by the pastor.
The Epworth League of the Methodist
Church was well attended last Monday,
when papers were read by Miss Hunter,
Miss Anderson, Mr. Shank, and Mr. J. W.
Jones, on Indian missions in British
Irrigation Engineer.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.   Mem. Concrete
Institute.     Late Irrig. Dept. of India and
Cape Colony, and with Central Ok. Co.
Agent for Steel Flumes.
KELOWNA Phone 88
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town-and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Money to Loan.
King John's Lost Treasure.
A great deal of local  interest  has been
aroused   in   the   possibility  of recovering
from the Wash, on the east coast of England, the treasure lost by King John when
he crossed the Wash.    In a paper read at
a meeting of the Cambridge Antiquarian
Society, Mr. W. H. St. John Hope, after
detailing  the   royal  itinerary   prior to the
disastrous engulphing of the baggage train,
Mr. St. John Hope said that, collating the
three  best  accounts,   he   found   they  all
agreed that the catastrophe occurred in the
Wellstream, King John's distress   of  mind
resulting  in   his  death  a  few days later.
He  had   left  King's Lynn on October 11,
1216, crossed the river to Wisbech, and
next day journeyed up the Wallstream to
Holbeach, but his train did not travel the
same route. The Wellstream was an estuary
extending inland nearly to  Wisbech,  and
between Cross Keys and Long Sutton was
41 miles  wide.     Within  living   memory
there was a passage over the sands, horses
and carriages being conducted over by a
guide,   This being  the direct route   from
Lynn was most likely taken, but a delayed
start from Lynn caused the tide to turn be-
fore all could make the crossing, and the
quicksands,   still  the terror of the Wash,
swallowed up the carriages and their rich
freightage.   John probably had witnessed
their disappearance himself while waiting
their arrival on the Lincolnshire side. The
essayiat believes the vehicles sank through
the quicksands  till  they   reached  a  firm
stratum, where  he  thinks  they  are still.
The site of the disaster has since under-
gone extensive changes, and the suggested
line of crossing is no longer under water.
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.
Sabbath Services at 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 12:15 p m    All welcome.
REV. H. P. THORPE. Pastor.
Rev. H. P. Thorpe preached his last sermon for young men last Sunday evening
before leaving for Salmon Arm. The
church was well filled, and the pastor
preached an impressive sermon. Next
Sunday he will hold his farewell services
in the above church. A hearty invitation
is extended to all.
■■   _
W. C. T. V. Notes.
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch
oftheW.CT. U.
If ■-
■ _>:-
I v_ *
1 ;V'
jV •'
Silverware   Silverware
It is with pride we call attention
to our
Silverware Department
There1 are some special values in
Tea Sets, Cream and Sugars,
Fruit Baskets, Bread Plates, Oak
Trays, etc., which we are pleased
to show.at any time.
f\ •
You are as welcome to inspect as to buy.
The Jeweler and Optician,
Kelowna, B. C.
Right Honorable Josph Chamberlain.
No statistics are needed to show our
people that temperance reform lies at the
bottom of political, social and moral progress of England. Drink is the curse of
the country; it ruins the fortunes, it injures
the health, it destroys the lives of one out
of every twenty of our population. If I
could destroy to-morrow, the desire for
strong drink in the people of England,
what changes should we see ? We should
see our taxes reduced by millions sterling;
we should see our gaols and workhouses
empty; we should see more lives saved in
twelve months than are consumed in a
century of bitter and savage war.
Al.bama Becomes A Prohibition
At midnight, December 31st. last, the
bar-rooms of Alabama closed their doors,
and total prohibition now prevails through
out the state.
It is reported that before the closing
hour of the old year large quantities of
beer and whiskey were freely dispensed,
or sold at very low prices, because the
liquor men would not be able lo dispose
of them later on, and this final act led to
some drunkenness as a feature of the termination of the old regime.
Already, however, the good results of
the new conditions are making themselves
manifest in all parts of the state and an ab- '
undance of further evidence will without
doubt be furnished for the support of tho
general cause of p.ohibition.
Victory For Georgia Prohibition.
Judge Newman, of the United States Circuit Court in Atlanta, recently refused to^
consider a petition attacking the constitut-'
ionality of the Georgia Prohibition law.
The suit was brought by a .brewing
company and sought to have the court enjoin the officials of Atlanta from prosecuting alleged violations ,of the law, and was _
refused on the'ground that the matterwas
not one for th« action of the federal courts
and could only come to them by a way of
a writ of error from tho state Supreme
Court. Undoubtedly the liquor interests
will now transfer their attack to the state
courts where, according to all indications
they will meet with a similar defeat. .    ■. -
Are offering this week .,;       f
Sultana, Arrowroot, Social, Fig Bar, etc., at 20c. per lb.
Huntley & Palmers Milk, Favorite, O £- ; -u> -
Butter-finger, Cheese, etc.,   per lb., £•£ *V*V.
Ginger Snap Biscuits, 91K  jfr_v   9^_r*
Pilot Bread Biscuits,   41D   r°r  LJC*   , .
Dog Biscuits, 7c. per lb.
Tea and Coffee Specials.
With one pound of our Delicious Tea or Coffee at 50c/
per lb. we' will give   \ '::
2 Cups and Saucers, or 2 Bowls -- - -"—
2 Dinner Plates, or 3~Bread and Butter Plates,. \ ;
1 Quart Jug or 1 Berry Dish   v     . ;,
You must see them to believe the great value we are giving
TINNED GOODS.        "/\V ;
2 tins IS, for 25c; '\ W:)
3 tins of Tomatoes, for 50c, 7 for $1. . '   A
21b tins Pears, Strawberries,  Raspberries, arid  Peaches,.;
only 25c tin, 4 tins for 90c. 7      ;
Blueberries, 1 5c. per tin       21b tins Tomatoes,,40c.
3 tins.King Oscar Sardines, 40c 3 tins Best Salmon, 50c ^
3 tins Canadian Sardines, 25c. 2 pkts. Macaroni, 25c '.
3 tins Pork and Beans, 25c. 81b.box Macaroni, 75c
Swift's, Griffins, or Wild Rose Pure Lard, in 3, 5, 10    -;
and 201b pails. ..•,.*-
White Swan Soap,   or„
Golden West Soap,. Lulu
Royal Crown Soap,
Sunlight Soap, 5 bars foi 25c.  Fels.Naptha, 3 bars for 25c :;
2 tins Lye, for 25c 21bs. Pearline for 25c.       .   '{
3 lb. pkts. Golden West, White Swan, Gold Dust, 25c. each ,
Old Dutch Cleanser, 1 5c.    Chloride of Lime,T5c,'::;    :
We sell nothing but the best full strength Flavoring Extracts ;
2 oz. bottles for 20c. '   4 oz. for 35c.       8 oz. for 60c.,,     16 oz. for $1
JAM      JAIVT   JAM ;
51b Climax, only 60q   , - ;51b Wagstaffs oidy 9@c.
lib jars Wagstaff's, Upton's, or C. & B., only 30c. each, .J
Marmalade, 41bs 60c.; 71b for $ 1       -^ r ^
3 lb. jars Spiced Jam, 35c. Pure Maple Syrup, direct from 'tKe Growers Association ,
Cream or Milk, 7 tins for $1     ,    White Star, Blue. Ribbon; or Magic Baking P., 25c tin. f
Our pure wholesome bread is in everybody's mouth.    If j you .have not tried.it, .      ;
.do so at once, and you will be delighted.'f      ' "   ' i
Our vans will: call pr^you daily^ . t ,„>r. IU     '
 __7   __-------___---_________________________________W__^^^^^^
- a
(< ■ '*!
: i»i
1      > > .* 5
f^iv; 5'Vr_*}f
J2^2^.i_^^ •:'7 -for t&& V&Vt#>:-& '' - .*"-
1   ■    7 .*, *V i
''v 7    j j
J ,
Thursday, _febi-_$_C.;. „ 7
The Ofc-iard Citg Record
/s Better Than
Blue Blood.
There is no possession.
valuable as health, and the
, foundation 4 of,, health is
rich/red blood circulating
through all the organs and
tissues of the,, body, and
thus keeping the whole
v bodily - structure in per-,
Is the remedy -which ^jvill
effectively   ' cleanse"   the
'' blood and system of all
impurities.   It aids digest-
tion, starts the liver going,
' and helps to, expel  waste
-'matter.'  It will make rich
red blood, revitalize   the
system,-, and ; give   new
■strength and energy.     '
■"i .-..
r, - ->-» Kelowna, ■■ \ B. C- i.    ,.
_£ R; MVY
. _ _.
i 1     -<\  7w_-
■ '_...
v . \   , Wholesale and .Retail
-,   -   Butcher.      '/_.,      ^ *.
* >" -"' ?x" " Cattle, Sheep and Hone
'.'-'. Dealer A
-V..-7..  _ . ,.      ,     ■ u
".'Gents* Tailors
^Repairing arid Pressing »
promptly attended to.
, •■ > 1. -*   *
Fruit Warehouse at Sicamous
, Junction.
A large warehouse is to be constructed
shortly at Sicamous Junction, to be used
as a'distributing place by the C.P.R. for
Okanagan fruit used in the dining car and
and steamship service of the company.      ,
'    Frozen to Death.,
Word comes from Lockwood, Sask.,
that Mrs. Andrew Evandson, wife of a
h om<55teader living about 2 miles east of
'the town, was frozen to death a few days
Mrs. Evan_3on had' purchased some
some provisions to take home, and , evidently wandered off the ro'ad. Her body
was discovered on Saturday, frozen stiff.
.Body oft Scott Buried by Late
Archdeacon Cochrane
In refeience to the much debated question rof what became of the remains of
Thos. Scott, who was murdered by Louis
Riel _ rebels, a Mr. Setter, of Poplar Point,
Man., asserts 7that the, body was found the
following Spring, on the banks of the Re-
River, in die vicinity of St. Peters.
, Mn Setter knew Thomas Scott personally
and identified tKe remains" as "his. 'The
corpse had a rope around its' neck, which
was frayed, suggesting that a weight had
been attached to sink the remains.
This gentleman also states, that after
identification, the late Archdeacon Henry
Cochrane~K_td the remains interred in St.
Peter's cemetery, and a wooden cross was
erected,to mark the spot. _
A   '   Thousands Perish.
, The epidemic of earthquakes has spread
to Persia, and .last week accounts of _
severe earthquake at Turiatan, Western
Persia, arrived. _ -
Almost every scientific observatory in
the world, where seismography is installed,
recorded.this quake on Jan. 23rd. Sixty
village's in ..this district destroyed, with a
loss of life estimated to ,be between 5000
and 6000.» Some villages are reported to
be' entirely7engulfed, and. survivors are
fleeing to Burujurd, and appealing to the
government for assistance.   , -
Severe shocks were felt in Porto. Rico
recently and also in Eastern Europe, par-
ticul_rly Bulgaria.   ■
Si.ton Remember8.Hi8 Friends.
" ■• Wm. Griffiths, of Brockville, Has received
the appointment of Immigratiod, Agent in
Wales. He was the.- right hand man, of
Hon. Clifford Sifton during the construction of the latter . palatial summer house
on the St. Lawrence, near Brockville. ~
Cut His Throat.
* .1 . ,
,' 'Dr.'Te8sier, a well-known physician of a
village in Moose Lake country bearing his
name, cut his throat last week in a • local
hotel. He was taken, to the hospital
where he is ..doing well. He. had .been
drinking heavily. * . .       '    ,   ,K ^
-   -    \   •-      -
The Yukon Adrertises.
i      x   "   ■* ■      7   :-
" G. I. C. Burton, owner- of the Dawson
News, is making arrangements to publish
fifty thousand edition of his paper at Seattle
during the Alaska-Yukon Fair. His object
in doing this is the advertising of the Yukon.
-   ;.      - Wife .or Sale.
A remarkable case was heard at New
Westminster on Friday when a man named
Barker applied to the city police for assistance in obtaining possession of a young
woman whom he had purchased from her
husband for $20; She was lying in the
maternity cottage at the Royal Columbian
Hospital when the deal was made, and
objects on the grounds that she was not a
party to the sale. Until .the parties can
come to a satisfactory agreement, the
woman has been placed in the care of a
female relative. 4    .
Well'known Commercial Traoeller
''    Dead.  ,  _   _
Mr. Richard J. Smardon.' one of the beat
known commercial travellers in the west,
died at his home in Mancouver last Friday.
The deceased represented the Royal Crown
Soap, Company, of Vancouver.
Japanese Emigration Forbidden.
According tor advices -from Japan, the
Mikado's government has forbidden Japanese emigrrtion to'the Pacific coast, as _
result of the agitation in'Tokyo. Count
Koniura, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is
reported, to haee stated, that in,future his
government would not dispatch emigrants
to the ,Pacific coast, and in .view..of the
failure.of the Japanese, emigration to Mexico and South America, andthat Japanese
methods of fanning .were not applicable
to Manchuria, emigration from Japan would
be discouraged. ~ '"
-  "   Farmer. Railroad. •  *  "  .
" Farmer " - Hines, of 7 Davidson," Sask.,
celebrated in the, west as an organizer of
farmers' railways,"arrived in Winnipeg last
Thursday accompanied by two young men
dressed, as John Bull'and''Uncle Sam.
Hines and his'two..supporters visited the
grain exchange, where (they were given a
royal reception by'the members. • "-i
Farmer Hines has a charter for a railroad
from Regina to Melfort; The" plan proposed by Hines is for each farmer whose
land is adjacent'to the route of the farmers'
railway to take one'share of stock," five per
cent, of which will be payable in cash, and
the balance in work on the road within
two years.      ' ,*-"*'
.^ V
.1 . >;\
TBi^T'i "*.» T M.W
■»' '   ► s.      }4  »
Prices Quoted) to' Any, Point
on the Lake
• \.
Box, 66
Kelowna, B.C.
<5_Ji    .
' , .Facing the Wharfc. r,
\ " _    ii
Rate- ^1 perdatj.;,
J. E..,WHEBLER»^Prop.
Yorkton Tragedg. -.;
Last November, Hilory Andjavy, 15 years
old,' left' his brother's home 'at Yorkton,
Sask./ and "was never seen again until one
day last week when his remains were found
b/-_iB--romer-in~the-bu8h7t~The body
was doubled up in an agonized posture on
hands and knees;, the clothes were burned
off the body, which was charred and frozen,
and parts were eaten away by the wolves.
It irthought that the'lad had accidentally
fired his clothes,"and being frightened ran
until exhausted, and expired in the position
found. ""*•'
Progreeai.e Thief.,   ^
_ An unknown man entered the officcof
Sims and Co.'a brush factory on one of the
busies^ streets of St. John.N.B., last ^Friday,
grabbed'>cashier' Downey by the" throat,
chokeo! him into unconsciousness, seized a
pile of banknotes amounting to $1200, and
made his escape.    " . "
Boni Gp.8 to,Court Again.
Count Bpni de Castellane has appealed
from the 'decision of the French court
handed^down deciding that his three sons
remain in the custody of their mother,
Princess'-de Sagan. It 'is said that the
count's ^purpose^ in trying tto reopen this
issue is to compel the De Sagana to come
yancouoer Pays.$3,500 _orsan Eue
si The city of Vancouver have had to pay
W. A. McPhalen, locomotive engineer,"
$3,500 damages for injury to his eye.
McPhalen tripped on a faulty ssdewalk,
and had one'eye put out by hitting a spike.
The above damages iwere awarded him by
the jury, in his suit against the dry.
if *    _   _
Lumber Deal in North West.
The Faust Lumber Co., Moosejaw, has
bought up the business of the Independent
Lumber Company at Regina, - and twenty
four branch yards. This gives the 'Faust
Co. control over a large part of the lumber
business of Saskatchewan.   .
. « h * ^ .. -
r ' .1
Attorney-General Receioes Delega-
A large delegation of ladies, ministers
and citizens"wailed on the Attorney-General on Thursday, after the rising of the
house, to ask for legislation to prevent
young boys engaging, in occupations which
led them into evil surroundings.
The first" speaker, Mrs. Cooper, said
that the delegation'Xvished to know' if leg-
islation could not  b*e_enacted_preventing
to' a pHvato _«tt. _ment. '"
Japanese Will Boycot Fair.
An organization in Tokyo, calling theip
•elves "The Weavers," have agreed not to
participate in the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
Exposition, to be held, at Seattle next Summer, on account of the* anti-Japanese,
attitude of the Pacific coast. " <■ • -r,"
; '-    ' ' i  •   l  '4- <'
Mothenceira Election Protested.1
The Provincial Rights party1 entered a
protest last week ,againat] the election of
Hon'. W.'R. Motherwell in the bye-election
for' H.tnb"oI_er;during7_)-Pember7 It
allege, corrupt practices -, in securing the
l ^-"l i  _^
.     «' ,,t ,' f ,5
boys under a certain age selling papers on
the streets; and to prevent boys under
sixteen in the employ of telegraph, messenger or express companies from being
sent to saloons or houses in the restricted
Several ministers spoke along, the same
lines, and in reply, Attorney-General
Bowser said he would give'the'matter his
careful attention, in the hope of devising
some method of coping adequately with
the conditions'outlined.
,   Peach Crop Destroyed.
The outlook this year for Niagara peach
growers is very poor indeed, the changeable weather having destroyed, it is claimed fully ninety'per cent, of the crop.
Fruit growers assert, that if the temperature
should fall to fifteen below zero before
the coming,spring, the entire'crop, will be
lost. , - ^ r.<
i      Second,Jack-the-Ripper.,
Reports, have been coming in from
Berlin, Germany, that a fiend in human
form has been engaged in murderous attacks on women of the under world, in
close imitation of the notorious Jack-the-
Ripper. Over thirty women have been
assaulted, and many received fatal injuries.
Several arrests have been made.
;   'i 'i
Want. Bars Abolished.
Sixteen hundred petitioners waited on
Premier Roblin last Friday, praying that
the bars throughout the land be abolished.
■The large delegation, voicing the sentiments
of thousands of people in the Manitoba
Province, headed' by Rev. Dr7Patrick
thronged the legislative chambers.
Premier Roblin . answer was very noncommittal, but he promised .the deputation hit careful attention.   <.
£_ .-,*:'. . . >     .,'    -    .. * ,,
.. >  ,
t j!
V     i
I ' i.
'"  *',J '.   y- A.
r i ■
• -"~ "W7ITH Kelowna .winning r the highest awards at the different Fruit
ivv   Exhibitions, this district will receive, considerable attention from
homeseekers and "investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
" Great Britain."
. • •
• j., • • ^ • *
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting ,
next spring, in the centre of a beautiful valley. 7 ,V.V' ',- '.
/In our" Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter.
,v and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250 and upwards,
on easy terms.   .       .        .      ' .■*       .        .   :'   ./'     .
..:.   , .v.
\ aA
1 '
»»> * Tk - J- ',       ,'- .
7 Marine Engines
1   "Standard of the World" +
' Most races at British Columbia
inland regattas ,were won with—.
_ ' the "Fairbanks-Morse"Engines'
last yearv although the "Fair-
- banks-Morse"-is by no means a
"~freak'' speed engine, lasting
a few hundred miles only.
Our 1909 large marine catalogue is out^and yours for the
asking. It contains highly inter-
,. esting information on our latest ,
types and up-to-date motor'boat
fittings, and it is worth investig-
^ -.    ^..    . -<_.j. m.
Spraying and
■ *"       , v< f i_.i«
*     j_   ^.
-We are carrying -a full- line of
F, NEWBY,-Kelowna	
.    I   7/ ;* agent ior _ i,
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, B.C v-V:    •
■•* ; 7 SpraymotQr Spray Pumps
'n> -.Myers' .
Carvers' Auto
' *'Spray Hose,:Nozzles,vRods, &c;
Pruning yKnives,^ Shears,  and
^        — - r" _i i • - i *^ " ' - - -  -
^aT.ro   ._-•  <_»Il_J_"'»y»'*!S_?_
".is "
.  .!■'
-  7'*v ."     iT'~^
orrison-1 nompspn
Hardware Co.
»■*. *■
1 r   '-H-
4 ^^^ivory, Fe«d and ^ -.-
li SalelSjaWeg 1> : ; \
Commercial Driving a
Draying and Freighting
Thone 25
s;r t. EEirraTT
' J.
v"' '*"'-'*'   - Im^bi-el: and Dealir in all kinds of J  ^
Agrieultur^l. Impleffl6nts^W_i^bH8>%_i_l
" -■-- ^=',''Car_i6ge87..'1-lfYr, v
* w    i *   'Art* •*>*~vfii v- ■*,   *
. ~v~-^    Headquartere_or       -.-_"„-.
Horse Blankets & Robes
tu»      .«t-.^-*f
*v     ^ ^
${   /Also JPoultrg Supplies including Bcfef    :  >.« *_#&a
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell „..:■'• -*■ ^
v >.^7V.
>       ■
< ?-.•_
J       I. 1
7 r -<f
•*<• <■
>7' <>v(
f. K ? "■. r',' -•   "s- ■'
Warehouse on Barnard /taeniae, Kelotcna, B. C.
•a... '.; .
wv^A^vvv^^vy^^^*s^v^^^««y^-^-V  '      J    nil   up ) tllin u^mmmmmmit »n      niliil(Uiili   I'rinilMWBm-J  .    ,1   >S _'. _.■_■__. th.;.. _¥_ n I ni ■ awrjii-jr^-i... ■ r___ _______ .*&*} .«rtr"jtt.-' — ■-  ■_ .■f<r.rJ-ir'-.7    ■* t-»». -3 _ _'-.4.Si.'»iTi«>-.J--<-ir.--..». A-JC^-. -Afrc- -«i-.-.r7 _•-_--.•_? ^v^f^i -■ „ air. j-F. a> 5i-3gg.%-  ac? n_^V-_V j^Jj_^-4^'Tri* i-,s _■   *"|
The. Orchard Gitg Record
^Thursdau, F'eb., 25 ■ X
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10  Lawrence Ave.
Bell-Due Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.        ::        "'      «
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
K.L.Q. 'Office, Leon St., or
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
.'Phone 12
We carry the most complete line of Cheese
to be had in the city.
7/ Among the stock are the following:
jjKroirprTD P__v£___.__™_
l___IVl_Jl_-dV\_IJ-JI V^-JT CI _. V.\^.l\jrix
Fresh Daily
Try It
You'll Like It
.. *k::
\i ■
> r-.,-
■■y^juy. {^t
*»>*'_ i il'l
,»'   '.
To Operate This Masterpiece Ah
the First Necessity.
Of all the engines cunninglj dew
by ninu not one can equal that uia_i( • ■
piece of construction, the en#ine uf i!i
human frame. To ran that engine a.r
Is the first necessity. Construct it Im >v
you will, the greater part of t!i'
energy which feeds a power plant ia
lost before It reaches the applying
iii.u-Uiue. The body only has the power
»f using energy really economically
and efficiently. ItB food Is its fuel.
To be available all the constituents <>(
that food must bo burned, producing
heat and power. For that burning the
oxygen of the air is essential. Equally
true is it that nitrogen must be present to prevent the rapid combustion
which would take place in oxyger
alone. But, whether the combust in:
be fast or slow, the action is the same
The body burns the carbon and hydrogen of its food and gives out thf
oxides of these substances, cnrhoi
dioxide (carbon acid gas) and hydroger
oxide (water). The water that is
formed within the body by the burn
Ing of hydrogen Is of comparatively
slight importance in a consideration ol
the vital questions of the effect of city
air upon the individual, but the other
factor, the carbon dioxide formed in
the body, is of direct importance -
Hollls Godfrey in Atlantic.
Town and Country News.
One of the Many Tragedies Enacted In
It is not so very long ago that cannibalism was rife throughout Polynesia, so that to be killed, cooked and
eaten was the almost invariable fate
of sailors who chanced to be so unfortunate as to be cast away on any of
the outlying little visited islands
Perhaps the most awful tragedy of
the kind on record was that which
happened in connection with the lo^s
of the St Paul, Captain Pennnrd. while
on a voyage from Hongkong to Sydney. This fine steamship carried, he-
sides a full crew, 827 passengers, mostly emigrants. '
On Sept 30, 1858, she was wrecked
on the island of Bossel, but all got
safely on shore. A little later the captain and eight of the crew left the
island In search of assistance and were
picked up by tho Prince of Den
mark schooner. Erreatvally the French
steamer Styx was dispatched to the
island and brought away one emigrant The remaining 326 had been
massacred and devoured by the natives.-Pearson's Weekly.
Philadelphia's Antl-tipping Scheme.
A Philadelphia acquaintance has invented a way of getting rid of the
"brushing" nuisance. He places a
silver quarter In the hollow of his
right hand and, turning to the boy
who is pretending to find dust upon hi«
clothes, says: ' ^
"You are such a tremendous "brush-
er' 1 will giv you this moaey If -you
can brush it out of my hand." ■
"Yes. sir." ansvnjrs the boy* with
glee unless he'has tried the act previously. In that case he gives up the
Job.  *
As a general proposition, the most
facile ""brushing"* will not sweep a
coin off \A human hand. Why this
happens to be true will be less understood nfter the reader has tried it himself. One might almost say that a
coin cannot be brushed with a whisk
broom off the back as well as out ot
the palm of a hand.
Give the boy three tries and then
return   the   money   to your pocket.
Why, of Ceursel
The editor of an agricultural paper
was grumbling about a puzzling'question he had received from a city man
who had receutly removed to the-couu-
try. The Inquiry was this: "Will you
kindly tell me how long cows should
be milked?"
The office boy. passing near, heard
his superior repeating the question'
"Scuse me, bo^." he said, "but w'y
don't yer tell him Jes' de same's short
There was no runaway in town
last Saturday.
For an evening of fun and originality come to the Japanese "At
Lloyd Bros, have taken up the
agency for the Frazer Valley Nursery Co., who handle and grow
fruit-trees, shrubs, roots, etc.
Who says we haven't got an en-
terprizing Council? This week
they are advertising eggs at 49c
a dozen. Has DeHart given up
apples and taken to poultry?
Word comes that the C. P. R.
has gone bankrupt, and the station
agent here is handing out receipts
on scribbling paper. A collection
will be taken to provide more
Rev. H. P. Thorpe has been appointed Provincial Grand Chaplain
of the Orange Order, in the place
of Rev. Mr. Mclntyre, of Summer-
land, who has been appointed
Deputy Grand Master.
The Kelowna Girls' Aid are
giving a Japanese tea in aid of the
Hospital at the home "of Mrs. Stirling on Thursday, March 4th, from
3 to'6 p.m. A charge of 25 cents
is to be made. In the evening the
Japanese ladies are giving an "At
Home."    Admission 50 cents.
Leckie's Hardware Store now
presents a- much improved appearance, .having been' considerably enlarged by pulling down the
partition which divided the store
from the Bank of Montreal's old
office. This gives a space of about
60 x 40,- in which to exhibit- their
good display of hardware.
That fellow who bandaged up
his foot and made out he was hurt,
in order to get his brother to drive
him home, after witnessing the
"Pirates of Penzance," and worse
still made that same dear - brother
pack him from the rig to the house,
deserves a diploma. But say, next
time Alf, you mak Lellan walk.
, Send the O.C.R. to your friends
in the Old Country. , We were
shown a letter this week from a
Mr. Hayter, Westboume Grove,
London, W., who in writing to a
friend of his here, says :—"I have
just spent a pleasant half, hour
reading the Orchard City Record,"
etc., etc. Your friends over there
will be glad to know what sort of
place your are living in, and the
local paper is a good medium.
Members of the Kelowna Musical
and Dramatic Socirty presented
Mr. Morgan, who played the part
of Frederick in the " Pirates ■ of
Penzance," with a silver cigarette
case on the night of the last performance, in appreciation of his
good work. Mr. Morgan took this
part some time after the practices
started in the place of Mr. Hassell,
who removed to South Okanagan,
and worked hard to perfect himself in it. '.
W. A. Lang-passed  through oh (
his way to Peachland oh Wednesday's boat. 7
J. T. Long, who has been man-,
aging Mr. J. L. Pridham's Orchard
has' resigned; his- position and is
living in town. .
H. Collett, of Collett Bros;, returned on Wednesday after spend-
ing-a couple of month's holiday in
the Old Country.
.Almost every eligible, in the city,
and _ lot of ineligibles, met Wednesday's boat, -bringing the San
Francisco Opera Company.
The office lately used'by Mr.
Stillingfleet is now occupied by
Mr. W. A. Tooth who moved from
the Pvowcliffe Block this week.    ..
. A drunk and disorderly, case was.
brought before Magistrate Raymer;
on Monday.   The accused  has to
go dry now, to the extent of $7.50.
Would you like a trip to^ Japan,
and have the Oriental .adie's serve
you with tea? Then1 don t fo'rget
the date, March 4th, at the'home
of Mrs. Stifling/   .
The Bank of Montreal  is  about ■
the first building  tp  be, supplied
with  water   from' the   new   city
mains,,the "supply being .turned on
there yesterday.
The monthly meeting of the .directors of Kelowna Hospital'" will
take place on March 3rd, at _> p.m.
in the office of the Kelowna Land
and Orchard Company.
J. Bouch had made a "new departure in barbering, and'>isnow
prepared to clip horses. If your
nag needs a hair-cut, shave, or
shampoo, take him round.
The following subscriptions have
been received towards the funds
of the Kelowna Hospital:—
Dr. Boyce     "-.      $25.00     r    .
Mr. J. Dilworth       5.00
Mr. Currie 2.00
..<  Mr..Wf Kirkby  7/.2,00     , ,_.
"" A communication was received
at our office this week in reference
to the exciting hunt on Knox Point
last week. The writer gives us to
understand that- the.-wolverines
seen^on; Knox -point-last week
turned -out'to be the same "old
"mountain sheep" which were so'
eagerly hunted by some of our
local sports last fall.
A Wart Superstition.
Boys In the nest of England believe
that by squue/.ln.: a mole to death, between the band* nud touching tbe affected parts wilii the blood tbat oozes
from the mouth of the dying animal
warts will disappear and will not reappear. The culprits are convinced that
moles, worm's and other subterranean
dwellers have uo feelings, aud therefore ,lt is not cmolty to put them to
death In this way.
An amusing incident "occurred
at the Masquerade Ball last Monday night, when the ball room was
invaded by an individual in the
garb of a broken down tough.
With commendable-promptness;
Sergeant, "Bobbie" Reed, ably seconded by chief constable Hidson,
bore down on the stranger and
ejecteil him with more force than
politeness. Explanations followed
and disclosed the tough to be no
other, than our highly esteemed
citizen, W. J. Mantle.
The large store" in the Cox Block,'
next   to   Hunter's   Confectionery,:
will be occupied in the .early part
of next week by W.-R. Trench,
whose   business   now    demands
much larger quarters than he has
at present.   He will carry a Jarge:
line   of   drugs,   stationery,, wallpapers, fancy goods etc.'," and will
have much better display room for
his already large and varied stock.
Every little while we get examples
of the mottoes seen in.some of die:
stores', "Business Is GoodS   -:iv ''
•Hurrah   for   Spring   Cleaning 1"
W. R. Trench"- has * jusbreceived
8,500 rolls of wall paper of every-
shade and design.   Pity the/poor
Benedicts.   From now until paper-
•     r    •  I      3 . ..1 _._:li    L_.._    fe_
ing~is~nnisnecr-ui_,y —win—1«-»-—•.-—
eat meals in the kitchen, bump into the step ladder in the  dark,
wash in a mixtureof whitewash and',
wall paper paste, find their razors
all dents where the missus''or thei
girls have been taking tacks out of
the walls, and  all   the   time   be
abused for being in the way.
8earcity_of English Humor.
It is'to be fcai.-d that' If the paper*
reserved a special corner once each
week for the witticism of the week it
would be often left blank. There Is ue
wit to speak of today, only a feeble imitation of'It' which people are fond ol
colling the _.saving souse of-humor. ~
Londou Saturday Review.* •
, Skilled.',     , v
'* "How. did you acquire suchH skill?"
asked the Inquisitive one of the clever
Juggler. "
••"Why, 1 have u natural talent—hereditary, I might flay. My father used
to eat peas with a knife."
,   i;      Just a Changs. ,
./'Poor,,maul   II;ivp you always been
Wind?!'    ' '•..,..
■ "No, mum." answered Tired IMfflm
unthinkingly "I ■•_ wee!. I '\vn_ liutio,
but dcre  wii::n'l  oniiff' In  It,"
, .-f»<
1NSURANCE7-; /£»
■ ' ■ !    "' Lire,   oickness,-
We only represent  the;,   Plate GlaSS.       .-,
Strongest Companies:    • -^i«.., >sti-o
Royal, Guardian, Sun, Law Onion, Atlas,
.. London & Lancashire,    G-nfederationjLire7,,J
Wood and Coal ) Will.' HAUG
;     ' -'     • _      DEALER IN
Masons' Supplies
'  Tlio"Wi"U «»'" •' 'TOWH'WlU.tmt VVli
torV'-P,"u-!i r-'Mwb.'    '■ " ■  ~ 7"
' -i      .        *        J -*/.«*_ V" ''./>' * v"'f
Dunil Hollow Cement Block?
Box 166 'Phone 66
-.KELOWf-.,' : •::'  /'B.C. "\    )
• in- -
■ i. .r
<..r,i *-%
,t >i;
■n|i. in   »   i   «_»_.b^__'——ft*
. WlV! iftV. ' '/_*     _-"|i?
_ *
'   _
',-<■' :Afv$ \<Ay?xKPfr<-n
-}hu_s$auy$??-|. _5'-:
ipjkei Qrchait d. ^ita»Record!
v *r*_.-ti
■*fc.     tl»    -fc,    tit-    u_,,_      ,_„
"Estimates Gioen on Heaotj Wooen Wire, and Barb Wire Fencing^
.;*;,-/   A.,E. CLARKEr KELOWNA.
The Kelowna Manufacturkg Co.
)* -1~ -      ' ■*
l ,      If you want '"
_;.;, /iStxong Children's Sleighs
ow-Sashes Hot-bed Sashes
Greenhouses        Jardinieres
! Picture Frames
---.. ..; Office and Store Fittings
in sh6rt, ANY OLD THING, come a*d see US.-
Thirty-Seoeh AliceOu. off One Hun-
,.   Vdred^and Forhj _5e.en.
A disastrous explosion occurred on the
16th Feb;, at'a coal mine at' West Stanley
near Newcastle, one hundred %nd ten men
being 'the victims.7 Mosti-jof- the >men
brought up were badly injured, and the
force of the explosion was terrific,, flames
leaping 50 feet above the pit mouth, although the level whereJthe>'explosion is
840 feet deepV   •
MGNWHITING AND LETTERING of all descriptions..
,   i'vr'.     --'Windoto Frosting; etc. ' "v '■   .
>J:  .   -r ^7 —         _ 7
Corner of Lawrence and Pendozi Streets;
I .If you Want' Your Jams to keep, they
- must be put up with'" " '* ^
; r„>•<-!/>
Mine - Sugar - Umy
i   c s	
r ... '- v'    . -i«     .   , *   c  2 •      ^      - »   .;.    .     .       „
V;_Alh'B." C;- Sugar -Refining, Company's' Products
-L\'   '   Consist Solely,of Rure CANE-SUGAR.^     '    .
llLe British Columbia Sugar Refining
-   S__« Ji7.__
. .. i
?■ *>%■»(.>>*.,
•*> _
, The New;Edisbii Phonographs
', Playing the 2 and^4'minute RevordiA Also a full line of Attachments
for same.A Anyone wishing to"haoe the 4 minute attachment put on to
an old machine^can bcn>e-this done Free of Charge:      *"     "',
, 7~    _> .^"-?,^.*_^5, ? -r ^wj     .. ,"<> . 7"-"     '    - 7 ' ;
f <° __- Alsow*Agents for the Columbia and all other Disc
>' "   J/''\j   - ;   -Machines,   .; -
»                               #                                                                                     *                J t*
A I , *      * *"* I     . _  I  .—.^-_
-    * *.
Subscriptions la\enfor all Magazines
Copies o/ the Latest Novels can be obtained here ' . .
-   .   ?  -        -      '  - ' ' ' "
7   -The New^ 1909jDiarie_ can now be had in all sizes .   -
Stationery and'.Office Supplies     ^,
.Collision Near Bedford. ■■
A collision took place at Shambrook on
the Midland Railway, between afast goods
train from Manchester ^and a stationary
goods train. ' i
- The driver and'fireman of the stationary
train jumped off the engine, just as the
express crashed into it with tremendous
force, converting both trains into a mass of
splmters and scrap iron, burying the driver
and fireman who were both killed, beneath.
^Sixpence _ Week for Food."
A< pitiful case'came to light at an inquest
at Clerkenwell on the body of a'little child
that was burned to death. The father had
been out of work for a long .time, but had
a small job'then. Betwee^; husband and
wife, they were able to make about .half a
crown a week, of which -they paid two
shillings "a week for rent! -
The whole family starved on the remaining sixpence a week, and had no furniture
of bedding in the room.'
Dr. Waldo, > the coroner, gave the poor
mother some money to help 'her - fcempor-
"to-     r '.,'-"    v"."-
Fight on High Seas.
Details of a fierce fight between the 2nd
engineer of the ''S.S. Goldmouth and two
lascarhremen are tojiand."' ~ ,'' *
■- The fight occurred on the ,njgnt, of Jan,
23rd., The engineer, D. McTulloch, had
had occasion to complain about the' work
of one of.the l_scars,,and, that night "when
looking at a_guage in the stokehole, he
was struck by a man with ,an iron
bar. _ Other lascars came i and 'assisted to
knock him about, and would have (killed
-him, had not a "greaser" come to his help.
In defence the prisoners claimed . the
second engineer demanded y money ..from
them, and, ill > treated "'them at different
The prisoners were each sentenced to
two month's hard labour. "
Crystal ^Palace Fallen pn EoilDaya
A, receiver has been appointed to the
Crystal Palace Company, on the application
of Sir Donglas Fox, -.representing the first
debenture_dlders.-.- »"' i ^ ? >'      \ r '',
Mr. A. Simis. on behalf of the company,
stated that the directors hoped to formulate
a scheme of "reconstruction, unless the
pourparlers now going on with a view to
the whole place being taken over for the
use of the public proved successful, in
which case the debenture stock holders
would be, paid in full.
«       i etc ■
Choice' Chocolates constantly kept on hand   •    •
- Britain-First in Sfeel. J
'On the 28th of January last'at a .speech
atthe Royal Institution, Professor Arnold
said that-—        7K        '/* ^Z'1- -   X   -
"As to Mr. Carnegie's prophecy'on the
decadence of British Steel metallurgy, thfs
exists only in the imagination ' of that
gentleman.,. So far as quality is concerned,
Britain is still first in the race for supre^
macy." i   .. ^_
Professor Arnold also-- prophesied, "It7s
probable that a year hence .there will be
on the market British Steel with a quadruple cutting power of any"now known."
' The firm* of Jones f_£C<)lver," 'Sheffield
have fulfilled this prophecy, having placed
on the market a steel with from three, to
seven times the cutting power of existing
high-speed'steel. "2     '     '' >
., V)Mi8enj o^Shopj .Girls.   " •
Rev. R. J. Campbell, of the City Temple
is waging active warfare on behalf of the
London shop-girls.^ ,    '   ,
He recently stated that he knew -from
those who had suffered, that some establishments in London paid such shamefully
low-wages to their- female*assistant, that
she waa expected and encouraged to eke
out her scanty ^earnings by the sale of her
K~l„    _      _ i-  -   ■-' _ 4_
X-Rays Dangerous to Operators.
Mr, H. W. Cox,' a well known manufacturer of X-ray apparatus,"has had to
pay a heavy toll to science for experimenting with X-Rays. It was not known in the
early^days that the X-Rays were danger,
ous to flesh, and no effort made to protect
exposed parts.
Four years ago Mr. Cox lost jone of the
fingers on hiajleft hand,.-_d recently he
has had to have the whole of his right
hand amputated. The disease, "X-Ray
dermatitis has also spread 'to his chin,
making another operation imperative.
'  .' '
Socialist -M.PwKidnapped.
v*   .» .J *»- \ •£ '.  *  *
An amusing episode, in the kidnapping
of Mr. Victor Grayson, the Socialist M.P.
for the Colne division, occurred during
the Labour Conference. It was 'generally
.believed, that Mr/Gniyson intended'givjng
a stirring speech on the closing day of the
conference, but he was robbed of his opportunities byjMr: Fred T: Jane, the well,
known naval writer and Capt. Kenneth
Wilson, late of the Indian Army.
These gentlemen^ inveighecLthe j/a^a.%
member into their motor-car to see the
sights of the city, took a short spin into
the-country- where * the" car^'ran' away,''
and "broke down," returning in time to
find the conference all over.
sj7-j        _-   ..._,;■;     %$•.
Bristol Han Murdered.   "^
The ChiefConstable^of Bftstol'-arly'this
month received'-a letter and' photograph
from the state attorney of Illinois, U.S.A.,
giving information relative to the murder
"of George'Carroll, "a boiler^m-ker^'on' tne
railway at Lawrenceville.
Carroll's body was found in a battered
condition, and papers founc_pnhim showed
him to be a native of Bristol," Eng. A In-"'
quiries made by the BristoLpolice ton ^Saturday, showed that the deceased 'is a son
of Mrs. Mary Ann Carroll, a widow living
in Brick St^StiJudea.-Bn-tol/ v \      V
The young man came to 'Canada when
he was fourteen years old, and since then
has been wandering around.
3it v jrjSiX)^c§L:
•   fr    it- o .- «   ..  ~ - f s --\     *~''i _JBIiv 5_J'. *."tr       *     ' t-
This month we are making a special showing of .
Wall Papers.-Our-_tock -comprMMss>8j500-roII^
of the latest and prettiest designs obtainable.
■~- . '  '''
Let us leave one of our sample books at  -
your -home'for yo_x inspection. ~ 1        ^    .V   "
-'"   , Our prices range %om 25fc foi$l p|jr double
roll.'   .   £      A       ' " c" :'
We can recommend tp you the best paper-hangers-
in the city.
A   «
^*_-M "^t
This, week..we will oc«iipy__uclN_Mr Stor_i»,
in the Cox Block, opposite Post Of£fce_
Druggist and Stationer.
BROWN liliOI.ltlfHOiViNUlli^^Ti^tN,
•' Are extensive growers oral 1 kinds of Fruit 'Trees, and other Nur- "' -
. k    «ery Stock suc_ as Roaea, Shrubs, and <)nia_ien_l,Tre_v_yl-bffer to      -       "    ;
i i > ^ planters or Orchards, ohoioojrees, true lo name, .t _J, ' !r    \ ^.J .-
The most ezpenenced planters realize that young; trees grown in '
Ontario, under somewhat similar conditions as prevail in the Interior of
, this Province, are the best. ' -.
_ We are prepared to famish "One year old orees/'-on a "tinee'year"
old root or a two year old tree on a four year old root, as de
prices that will be considered reasonable.
We grow the Duchess Dwarf Pear very extensively, which is being
used as a Slier by a good many planters ■* ,-
Our Peach. Apple. J^ear, cherry and Plnm trees are aU-o&firstqaal-
rw_l^av_,'w_f roof<_,"aad will ple_»e the
; ity well ^rown,'well roofed/ajid will please the most critical buyers! ^;-  _^
Thorough cultivation in our Nurseries ensure a splendid root system
which of course is most necessary in a young tree.    .,
Dunng the past two seasons we have successfully shipped our stock
„    to all parts of the Province,?and can _nioa_ttee satisfaction.to .all our
^patrons.-,   '^l,;     . *£ V*^    ^^'V      "J   >?__/■
The members of our firm are all practical T_rl_rymen, with long    "
experience, and they are giving their whole time to this one business,
constantly overseeing every detail of the work of growing   packing,
^shipping, etc    The factt isu we live^ampng-the^trees, watching with i
* "zealous care the "development of every acre of ourvast plantings.  -"•-*"•"""
*"""    This fs a Canadian enteiprise"of 25 yeafi"sian'dinK^'and .ur reputa?"""
bon is behind all our dealings," give us your order and you will not rei
gretit. '  -
We want a good reliable roan to look after our business in Kelowna
,    rand vicinity,     j."-."'    /-- Si      h  ■• v
s   our-
., Apply for pafticulua in regard to* prices
r British Columbia Branch Office.—- < *   <'
_ *_ » ^ *.'»-_ .   _. <   _^£       _ ^
and terms to salesmen to
CHAS. L: TROTTER, Manager, 1125 8th Ave. W,
^ - rCatalogue*Fre_5:or..Rcqu9at.   _,-*    4
-    * t-   *  -T
\r.r\t ~*  Vancouver. ,
, 1 ' /
'\"> f'i
i-^.--wM^--^ >^-, ■
' r^  - » ^ Lf
XV f XbASef   ~ -.' *» *VXnn>- i^-v- _ »
w'CVjt.^'  -V .-^i...     ^.'Nf^^   '
-O^K'"--.  *I Jt
- ),-i
Are, You Looking for a Building Site?
If .6 w_y not get the best? '    . '"   .-'•
I have a number of half acre lot. all set out to fruit
tree', Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries- and Peachjjs,
some in .iearing.    >'-,;    .     .        '-" ; "       -    "f
Two tenacreiots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year. - /, - ', \ ' v M
One "fine new 'brick1 house   Corner  Ethel   and
Laurier Avenue.      7^ " 7- ? ,        \ '' ' A'
.t ~* '..> v -  '  1.1  i  a  ^v111   lA.-:■ rf
One fine new brick. Cottage, corner Ethel arid
f Sutherland AvenueN .,...,
Also'a few choiceiake shoj_ lots and a quarter
Se#i„ nJ,.f heavy timber close *> Ms City?
v,!, 7 t •        ,       . *t -...7-?    ^,i* i"
Will sell any of the above on good .terms.
I carry t_eiargest stock of Ornamental Tree* andihrinbi.b the Valley.
j       " 'y   Call and r«ee 'thero 7     ,^ '       -   .    '.,'
F. R..E. DeHARj:
Mr. Campbell urged that to prove his
words, some ladies go to some of these
establishments,' enquire ';' ther amount of
their wages, the amount 'deducted in fines,
then observe the appearance and deportment expected of-'the girls, when they
could draw their'own conclusions.
> King Edward'Honors' Police
The following announcement was issued
from the Metropolitan Police headquarters,
in connection with the Tottenham Tragedy,
when the two (Russian anarchists filed on
the police, killing one.; "'
"The Commissioner is commanded to
convey to the police officers engaged" in
the tragedy at Tottenham the .King's high
appreciation of their gallant conduct.
His Majesty also directs' pat the expression of his sincere sympathy maybe communicated to the widow and family of
Police-Constable Tyler,, killed while
courageously doing his duty.'
A',»"'-'»"    -
England -HonomcKer Hero.
' The Britisher'a adimration for "the man
who' is faithful tojhi*"<Jury, even to death,
was well exemplified iftt .the. funeral of
Police-Constable'Tyler, who was killed in
the Tottenham affray^m'the execution4 of
his (duly. ''The hvo'miles of road hetween
Tyler's home^*nd itlvji cemetery, was packed by peopWof all stations of life, and the
procession was 'headed , by-Sir Edward
Henry (Chief Commissioner) and Sir Herbert, Samuel (Under Secretary or the Home
Office).' All public bui-oMnga had half-
matted th'eir'fjogs, and the tram-cars bore
crApc.--Every rnark-possible of esteem
and respect, was offered, as the dead
hero's,remains weie home -to7t_eir last
resting place.  >»^\ *■«   "
:mm. Spring Waists are Here
. N> ^?^w^^^'^.^w^^^   "I' .^—.».».—M__.^_^_w^.^_—^w_.
:_■ '-—. ^^       iiii»' u i     ■■'■     ii _»_>■   .itK
i. -'
Charmmfif Models m Net Waists
^ ^Something to delight .the lowers of dainty: y^islsr   These toaist^ are really beautiful,
in^ fact' the" prettiesHhat' even this store Kas~ever_8_own."   10ade in fine net with
silk'slipr  Made-iri"allthe"newesr efi*ects/'mtlro.' without' wide^eife-t shoulder, wipi.
the new long sleeve.   Coloprs* cream, ^cru;fand white.   Prices $4.25 to $10. "   " r' ""-
New White^,Lawn^ Waists
^ $ % ??     .
Without doubt the smartest- styles - we Jhave  everashown. L Dainty new Muslin
^Waiqts, plain lawns and linens, frithf laundered ,cqllars,. miills withfll-pver embrou_-
-e-_L_t_m__. nn_ -iic_ed^__--^
."7,(^- T\:rz:tC 'y<-'J/< ;   *        ,-T.   ?.
_      - * ^     <
..< *■><A i
Ami Exquisite Shbwi^
)\TA*i   ; "V-iv ' v>; t   * 7 "c       ? >
We are showing the biggest-arid brightest array of white wear in our history.. Our
" .. 77y_feM.lhevan.1r:    ,7;^.;    .;, M\. .„ c     .,\-. y .^kwi'f^
Ladies' -CorjaeJCoyers, fine lawn^id, cambric,; high [and loyr^nccksji^S^^o $5 l     '. . >%
Ladies' Drawers, in the new umbrella styles, trimmed with embroidery and torchon lace,
prices, 75c to $3 -   '     ~,^'   "' "     '       ' ...    7    *       y^   - "' *  '
Ladies' Night' Gowns, in fine' lawn and?chmBnc, high arid %w neck, long and short
sleeves, all ready trimmed.    Prices, $1 .to $4*50     . r   .-        ^   •      "/'--_-
*, Ladies' Skirts; witK" cleep trimmings -of-embroidery .ancl torqnoi- lace: "\We> are showing '
■ ; - - tsonw :special7vyuesjn|meses garments,. ' Prices,- $1. fcrif $5j.;,; si j f v t!
=rf, .> -' m k  " '  u-\ .'7  w.ji-:   '{'ilt' ;>i-3 „^.j.'»'Jgi W_Vl
rx. rSj^>rhent of ^_H^Mf^--S|__irl3sijiQ^
■ ' 'ijl nil
4r-f.iT1. rrtfif.,t_a_=
j i <•        -1     +
7r7*i, ^3S&"
BR0S. "& "C-i
> m   _5-',   *\a   ,t; a, .K   *   . ^ a* £^,
a.       ' ;t V / "T      ' 'I\ | ' J  *«  L/Gl il/>ll VI?   *   ' -*1        ?       q   respect,   was   onerea,   as   rno   ocoa     ',_^,     u ^   *, ,    T v  . "   ^^    i .', . ' "' .    . \ ,        '     ■ , ,'"S' -  !!''>"
I    /*;l\.  '"     / .,' *'*- '*-*  *M        * *i *Jb~y^J,Ti'l  ; "^   ? hero. ,rematn»a^<> home-to^itheir last    ."'V'."1 7,,   ",77 7f .,    A*7v_ /    '  '   . .* ' •   -. .     >. //,   V   ^--^clr^lj^!?
I U.CA^^A^vw^sk^^^OO^A^^ resting place.  >^v^, _9__________________a_B_n___^
L^*£77f»S^ ^    :-r&.. 7.'' *::^i--"- .^;:>"  !"'77g^;:'7^777 '1_S^»_S*___ ___-_v_fej_%»____-_« _5^
-——=m——-^—r—i-——r-^T-r | nm ^i    i i -titt—«T_min-___i__r_n_i_ii_i __^_w___ii_itT-hn_nmi_n_ii__is___i-ir_^ _i_in___r hi?j_iniiji._WilliiTh■ _■■ isjmbui — w_M_j_i__i-_i_i__i^_n__*j»iij__^ ■■ __i»im._rjii__mi_j, sw__s____uJ_iiihi_-___ii__s_-iiii--hi_^
"^"»"  —(--»«—-_« —. .___,*_  y|.w_—.._..—,». r>-ww i.- i.     _i_... r^i.M-i«_'-^»*^*wW^»ii_».^T^»™*J_rnT_-T«_/*f__^ t,  m f,t,.ru Oto.-„jrTii«u_.u_ >_M^.Ml*|ii>sit.i^.i_i..Mi__i_-«t».w^ SW WW__ _^WJll-W-»*S!w^^t_^-'; J-'"l" J ■■ ■'   „-?—,^££F-J'J-~=-_-'-t?"-:^r--''1 *■  ■^■Q^TBBB»B
\ - ,*■',"-•* i'v~' ■> rl" ' v ' <_Sl
-      \
The Orchard City Record
/< Ttiursdagj ' _*-&26
s_s___K__n__     i i    _i_i__MrjjrYM---s_nir_s-____^
P.O. Box90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
Tift Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna acreage
a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant, Vancouver. Address, Box
D, Record Office.
WANTED—to purchase, ten to thirty
acres fruit land, improved preferred
within five miles   of city.   Give lowest
price and full particulars in first place to
Box C Orchard City Record.
FOR SALE—stack of Timothy hay, about
4J tons.   Apply J. Rowcliffe. I2tf
FOR SALE—new milch cow, 4 years old,
part Jersey and Shorthorn; also few
barred rock cockerels and pullets, pure
—TIN   — rtU_.—ti-"   ...«»*...   «-■.,     ■   j~ —    .
part Jersey and Shorthorn; also tew
barred rock cockerels and pullets, pure
bred, from eag-laying strain.    Apply at
once, C. C. Weeks. Benvoulin, Kelowna.
FOR SALE—Twenty acres, two miles from
Kelowna, eight-roomed house, good
stables, four acres orchard, bearing, all
irrigated.   Apply Box 53. Kelowna.
, Il-I4p
In   The
Orchard City
SPECIAL OFFER—Overseas Daily Mail,
one year for 75c (regular price f' -25).
Box 17, Kelowna. H-1_>
All Fittings will be sold Regardless of Cost,
to make room for our stock of Summer
Sporting  Goods and  Motor Supplies.
WANTED—Girl as house help.   Apply
Mrs. King, Glen ave. 13tf
LOST —Masonic watch charm, Knight
Temp., 32nd degree. Name on side.
Reward. 13"14
Gome early and get the best choice for a
price you will never beat in a 1000 years.
$200 REWARD.
The above reward will be paid to anyone
giving information leading to the arrest of
the person or persons attempting to steal
beef from my premises on Monday, Feb. 6.
On to my place one red heifer, about 3
years old. Has right ear split, and cut
under left ear. Has been around about two
months. Apply A. W. Dalgleish. Kelowna
A janitor required at the end of March,
For particulars of duties and salary apply
Sec. Kelowna Hospital.
Cents Per
First Insertion,
One Cent.
per word after.-
Oectric Light and Power Engineers
Phone 314.
i-v    7
i J
[3    \     ' .
y    \
if *
_ *> y
_f   ""!'
Spring Opening.
After March 1st we will have on display all our
■      »    T /-* •'      ' •^ 1
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date
I P. R. Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described land. Commencing at a post
planted at South East corner of lot No. 1380.
Thence South 20 chains, thence West 20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence East
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 40 acres, more or less.
Dated January 19th., 1909 • 10-I7p
Geo. E. Ritchie
Plans and Estimates
on application.
- Box 105     - Kelotona.' v
New Spring
Ginghams .,
In all the newest patterns.
We are showing a large
range of ^ these goods in
Checlcs, fPlaids, wide and
narrow stripes, also plain
colorings. <
English Prints
In a splendid variety of light
and dark shades^in the newest   designs, all   guaranteed
fast color.
Dress Linens
In Plain Shades, .also Fancy
Stripes. '„
New Dress Linens
In Pongee Effects, the latest
Novelty for Suitings.
I New Japanese
Crepe»„ Cottons, „, guaranteed
fast dyes. ^
New White'and Col. Muslin
New Dimities, Mulls, and
Organdies, etc. ;
New Swiss Embroideries-
"In Corset Coverings^Edgihgs,
"  with insertions to thatch, ^'all-
overs, etc.   \- -' "*      *-
New, Laces r 1   ■ .
We are now showing a splen
did assortmrihtof these goods
in Filet, Guipure, Cluny, Fine
French Valencienues, with all-
, overs to match, etc.
The. ;Kelotona     ,
Out-itting-Store ^ .
'' J 'J
tl >'
m.   ul*-4M>w    -*
. >   -.      ■ ■ ■ .____-___-_■■_.t-_ _. - c„ __- Lilr* __«	
~-      TNew~_.pi"Uig~-Ji-»u_u_.	
Ladies* New Spring Coats and Suits.
Ladies'New Spring Blouses,
Manufactured by the Dpherty Mfg. Co., .in all
the Latest Styles.
Boots and Shoes in all the Latest Styles and Shapes,
Manufactured by J. & T. Bell, Ames Holden,
and Getty & Scott,
'     Three of the best makes in Canada.
. ., A full line of all the latest Hats and Caps,.     _„
Including the celebrated Henry Carter Stiff Hat.
New spring Clothing in the very Latest styles & patterns
.   AH the latest things in Dress Goods for
Spring and Summer.
One of the finest displays pf ^es,;Embroideries, and
Trimmings ever shown in Kelowna will
be shown by us ne;?_t week.      . ,
It Will Pay You
To have T. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
Paperhanging a Specialty
Prices   reasonable   and   satisfaction gnaranteed
Address, Lake View Hotel
Spring Suitings
received by the undersigned up to 5 p.m.
on Monday, March 22, 1909, for supplying
100 ricks of green pine or fir in 20 inch
lengths, the tame to be delivered and piled
at the Public School, Kelowna, B.C., on or
before June let, 1909. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
G. H. DUNN, Sec-Treas.,
Kelowna Board of School Trustees.
February 17, 1909. 12-13
Notice is hereby given that all persons
posting notices on the electric light poles
or other Gty property after March I, 1909,
will be prosecuted.        -   ^^
13tf>  , >   ,.    CityClerk.
We are now showing our
~ v
Notice is, hereby given that aixty (60)
days 'after date I intend .to apply to the
Water 'CortrnUsioner; .f Vernon, B.C., for
a change in the'point of diversion of my
water record on Mission Creek from a point
500 or ^00 yards in a, South-easterly direction from)the Schoolhouse in the Benvoulin
'district to a point' about one half mile
higher up the said Creek, or 60 or 70 yards
in, a I South-easterly direction from the
South-east corner stake of District Lot 126,
Group One.(l) Osoyoos Division, Yale
District (late Evett*s estate)^
Dated at Kelowna, B.C.', this 19th day of
February, 1909.'   >   ' -■    " '
• 12-21-.    -i'        ,■ ,' G. P. DOLSEN.
Samples of Tweeds and
Worsteds~for_Spnng and"
Summer1 Suitings and ~J
Greens and Browns are
the newest shades for
this season.
. Prices for .Tailor-tmade
"'Suits :n_tf_t_!_4-cial'
$20    $25    $30    $35 ,
$22   4*28    $32    $38 ;
Advertise in The Record
It Pay* /
,. Call and look over
our Sample Books.
Q_k Hal
1 * t
Jothmg <_x>
■» V ,  ^->-_ *i/     ' J V^**_r *^ t-*^


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