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The Orchard City Record Dec 3, 1908

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Rates Lowest.
VOL. I.   NO. I.
$1.50 Per Annum.
The Okanagan Valley hawing
established its name as a fruit country, the tendency is to associate the
name with fruit only, whereas we
have a most profitable industry in
tobacco raising. True enough, it is
as yet in its infancy, but like everything else, must have a beginning,
it has passed the experimental stage
with honors, and is bringing good returns to the few engaged in it. This
business was first instituted by Mr.
Louis Holman, who visited the Okanagan in 1894. This gentleman was
at that time a tobacco grower in Wisconsin, but the climatic conditions
here convinced him that this country
was an ideal tobacco growing one,
and as an experiment he planted half
an acre "of land at Kelowna with
ilavana seed. The results more than
uilfilled his expectations, and the
second year seven acres were
planted, which were increased later.
Conditions have proved favorable
in every way, for the growing of the
best grade Havana leaf, and the dif-
torent varieties for the filler, binder
and wrapper are being cultivated
with, the greatest success.
For a man with a small capital it
oilers an opening for making a good
nome and substantial income, and
this, too, without having to wait a
number of years. With a 12-acre
farm in good condition, and with
three or four years' experience, one
might reasonably expect to clear
¥1,800 a year. The average yield of
tiavana leaf is about 1)00 lbs. an
acre, which at the prices paid this
year, 18c. per lb., would yield returns of about $160.00 per acre.
The cost of preparing the land, planting, etc., is placed at about $60.00
per acre. This is the outside figure,
$'i 0.00 per acre being the estimated
cost by those at present engaged in
the business. Regarding climath'.
conditions, hail is" almost unknown
here, and there is practically no frost
during the tobacco season. As stated
before, this industry is yet in its infancy, there being only six or seven
farmers engaged in it at Kelowna,
and the total acreage being only
about 4i) acres. Last year, 32,000
lbs. of Spanish leaf were taken off the
24 acres then in crop. This year the
crop is estimated at 38,000 lbs. of
line Ilavana leaf, this class of
tobacco being a finer and higher
quality than the Spanish leaf grown
last year.
In visiting one of the largo tobacco
drying sheds on the farm of Mr.
Lytle, a little way out of Kelowna,
the writer saw 3,000 lbs. of first-class
Three years ago Kelowna had no
telephone system, although thorn
were about seven phonos in operation by private individuals. Feeling
this need, the city council granted it
franchise to Mr. II. 11. Millie to construct and operate a system. This
gentleman constructed a system at
first with a ■ 50-poiut switch board,
and in his own words' "hardly expected to (ill it in live years." At
the end of the first year, however,
another switch board of 50 pointy
more had to he installed, and .now
another switcli  board  of   100  points
is on ornoi, to be installed as soon
as ready, to meet the requirements
of business.    Lines are already con-
A   Happy   Homeland,   Where  Nature's  Gifts   Are
Lavishly   Distributed.
—     jr
KELOWNA, in the Indian tongue, means a grisley bear: but
Kelowna on the map is one of the most enterprising and hustling
towns in B. C. In fruit she generally captures the gold medal: in civic
improvements, few towns of her age and size have spent more than
$60,000.00.    (Kelowna's record) this year.
The climate is also unexcelled even in the Sunny South, and eastern
people and people from European Countries are begining to winteJ
here in preference to California. About seventeen years ago, Kelowna,
as an embiyo city, first saw d^y light. The site of the town being
opposite Beer Cicck t.cross ihc lake, which was at that time infested
\viih grislier, ihc Inc. an name for the grisley bear "Kelowns," was
it v.-cs fifty years ago when* the first white settler came into this
(then unknown] country, when the Roman Catholic Mission was instituted, g'.vihg iis name io this part of the valley; "Mission Va'iley," and
br.'pgiKg the civiliz'rif power cr the Christian religion to the aboriginies,
the North American h.dans. In the natural course of evenis.other
white Geit'eis followed.bringinG herds of cattle with them.among whom
wc might mention Mr. Eli Lequime. who came here in I860 and
(founded ihc business which now bears his name.
Ranching was ihen practically, the only pursuit, and catlle roamed
over the countiy.wbich lo-dciy has developed into thriving orchards and
market gardens, it was however, not until the early ninties that this
county began to develop, and among the earliest orchards to be planted
for commercial purposes, were those of Messrs. Rose Bros, and Mr.
J. L. Pridham in 1692, Mr. Ciczier in 1893, and Mr. T. W. Stirling in
1894.        •
Coming here in the early part of the year 1893, the new-comer had
In the Kelowna Cannery we have
one of the valley's infant industries,
but one which in the very near future bids fair to become of greatest
importance. The Kelowna Canning
Co. is the outgrowth of an experiment made last season by Messrs.
Frasor Bros, and Whitehead, when
they installed in connection with
their fruit packing business a hand
cannery plant with a capacity of
1,000 cans per day.
It was a question of whether, owing to the higher prices of produce
and   labor,   the   business   could   suc-
cossfully moot eastern competition.
With the season's experience based
upon an output of about three cars
north and south. Lines are going
up all over the country, and the demand   for   phones   in Teaming   every
be done, and encouraged by the
ready sale and many flattering testimonials as to the quality of their
goods they  proceeded to organize a
company   with   a   capitalization    of j lowna is forging ahead.
$15,000   to  enable  them   to  enlarge! . «»
nectett up to U or 7 miles out in the j perforce to walk afoot frcm   the  C. P. R.  main   Hne   at   Sicamous,   to   the promoters decided  that it could
surrounding  country,   and   the  fruit | Okanagan Landing, on the partly constructed railroad.    Arriving at the
farmers are  now  looking upon   the j landing>   he would board the old  boat  "Penticton,"  run  by Lequime
phone   as  an   absolute   necessity    in j Bros.ithen the onj de  0f iransport  on   the  lake.    This was latterly
tneir  houses.     At  the  end  of    this .    jii     ,1     •-   d   d   l     • " al     i i • i i   i      r •
month,   Mr.   Millie  expects   to   luwe \ fupeisededjby the C P. R. boat   Aberdeen,    which made her first trip
125 phones on the board.    This sya-1 !n July ]®*3, ,   aa?e yC&\ saw Ae completion of the railroad
tem is also connected with the gov-' between Okanagan Landing and the C.P.R. main hne. The early timers
eminent  long-distance     lines    both  were endued   with that enterprising spirit, characteristic of the Anglo
Saxon race, and it was.not long before "thingswere doing." In 1894
the settlers organized the Agricultural and Trades Association, "to encourage and foster the ag>k^a!tv.i'"^=»/rsi.trading interests of theOkanngan
day.    The rates for this convenience ] and 'Mission Valley."    In 1893" the first Shippers  Union in   Kelowna,
also   compare   very   favorably   with i was f0Unded to attend to the marketing of the produce etc.    That year
J"'?!)  Semontnng  ^^   ?2'°°   *"" ISaW the firat shiPment of Produce from Kelowna, consisting of one car-
' load of hay, and one car-load of vegetables.    This  union was  in turn,
There  have  been  many  impio\e-
ments made in Kelowna by the City
Council this year, among which  we
might mention the building of 14,.">0k:
lineal feet of wooden sidewalks at a
cost of $4,990.00.   Then there is the
concrete sidewalk on the south side
of Bernard Avenue, stretching fiom
Abbot to  Water Street, at a cost of
$879.HO.    On the north side of Bernard Avenue, a concrete sidewalk has,
been    laid,   extending   from    Water
Street to some distance beyond  the
post office at a cost of $791.30.    Wc
might add  that  the sidewalks were
partly  constructed   under  the   Local
Improvement By-laws.   Three bulges
have also been constructed to facilitate    traffic,    at    u    total    cost    of
$2,250.00,    exclusive    of    filling   in.
etc.,  to bring the streets  up  to  I lie
necessary  grades,  and  the  puidiasi-
of a piece of land from Messis  Giuin-
met .& Fletcher for street extuibioh
brought  the  total   up   to   "$\,<)l*\sA
For the financing of the bridge building and street extensions the city is
sued   debentures   last   spring   up   io
$5,000.00.     Debentures  up   to   S4(l,-
000.00   have   also   been   ls.sucl   io
finance    the    electric    lighting   and
water supply  schemes,  and   work  is
going on apace to get these in working shape at an early date.   The City
Council   has  passed   by-laws  to  dispose   of   further   debentures   up   to
$11,500.00     for     school     pui poses..
These,   however,   have   not   jet   been
put on the market.    This bnef summary contains  the  main   featuie  up
to the end of October last, and will
give our readers an idea of how Ke-
thcir   promises   and   install  a  steam   ..,,,,.„..   ,,„,,...„„,,,„,
power plant with a capacity of from ,„,   ,.,,,.„.,,..„,... ,,
5,000 to  10,000 cans per day.    With! AI   «*-Vft.LI>roKK.
this plant they were enabled during j
tin.1 past--seat-on to handle with ease
At   the   Revolstoke   conv **iion    >f
all  the   produce  offered,   but  antici- j school  trustees last week/ ]*)  Rob
pating an ever increasing supply they
are now  preparing to increase their
capitalization that they may be able
Mr. F. R. Dclfart left last Satur
day for Spokane, Wash., to represent
Kelowna Board of Trade at the International Apple Show, to be held
there. Air. Del-Iart is taking with
him about 7.5 cases of apples of different kinds, all grown in Kelowna,
superseded   by the present K. S.  U., run  on    co-operative  lines.    AJto.ko(Jp 1,aco with  the 'vallc>''s   re"
inson, Supt. of Education, /a4 intro-, ';S»|
duced to the delegates.    Ii/his open- J^j
ing   remarks   he   touched   upon   tho ?%"
free  text books, saying the Govern-/'
ment had tried to be fair to all     He     "
also pointed out that school trustees
should  pay their teachers well, and     '
..,,.,.. , . . .     , „ . .-    . inn, iMiiuuiB   iiiuuLiuiiuj   .in  ui  n. in   increase their pay when nccessaiy
visited this district, taking great interest in the valley, and buying some; B. c. i,lL(!ri01. points. The question of Union Jack vs the
property in Kelowna.    Real estate was very cheap then, and it is  only;     j„  addition   to the canning busi- j Canadian ensign on the schools was
ten years since Dr. Boyce bought a half interest in  Kelowna   townsite, j news the company have now in opera-! brought up, and discussed at length   r'
paying at the rate of $15.00 per lot, some of which aire now worth be-: tion  a  complete,  up-to-date aerated I T'10 following resolution was finally
tween $2000 and $3000 each.
water   plant,   and   are   prepared   to
, .. .      „„          .,, ,    ,„..„„„ .   ,     And now, development went on at a rapid rate, so that to-day, the! ('ilLu>' t0 the needs of the public with
to exhibit,    lhere will be $3o,000 in j new.comer   leaving the luxurious   accommodation of the C.P.R. boat! s0(1« Wilt-«r "Iul «■ f,ll> »»o °t   soft
prizes distributed at this exhibition, J Okanagan, finds a city with all the modern equipments that he may!<Ir,,lks-
ilIl(1  jt  will  be attended    by    fruit j have left back east.    The  professions are well  represented  in every i  *	
leaf,  all  of  which  had  been  takeu j growers from  the world over.    The! branch, as well as the trades.    The city contains a large graded public' LOCAL   BREVITIES
off   i^A   acres.     Twenty   employees   first  time out  fruit was  in  compe-! school  andhigh school,  churches  for the  following denominations,
were engaged in this shed, stripping
the leaves and packing them ready
moved and passed:     "Resolved that -
this convention  respectfully requests
the Minister of Education to suppiy
the   Canadian' ensign   free   to   any
school in B. C. asking for same "
Another     resolution      was-    also
passed,  "That the Board  of School „v"
*'  ir   • l   o    ~\   u _•       >< ,i   j- .        in   \- \  .i       °r V   i        \ \'\ '      Two  cases   were  up  at  court on ! 1 nistees in any city or rural mum-;'.
""on with American fruit was hut | Episcopal^ Presbytenan, Methodist, and Baptist, three first class hotels, | A|om,uy#     rjoth   (lninks,     0nc 'duality may be given full power »;
for grading.    The  market is  prac
tically at the doors of the farmers, i 01s' viz
year, when it won the highest lion- \two newspapers, a club and indeed every facility, for promoting the! .l(ljoll'riK,.,. | handle all school funds, submit by-"'
a gold medal, awarded by I welfare °\ ^citizens along religious, educational, social andcommercial;     A party of settlors from Northern | laws, and generally administerschool-^'-l
a»Mr. Holman is ready to buy  up i the North West Fruit Crowers Asso- j 'ines',' The   banking   facilities   are   good    and   are   represented   by; Alberta passed through  Kelowna on j affairs,   independent of the council,'^
Mil  n,„  ,-uw  i„uf 1„.n,i„L,i   „„,i,i.   I , •      , •   ,. ,.       branches of the Royal Bank of Canada, and  Bank  of Montreal.    The; Saturday on their way to Peachland.  and in the same manner as the oi tier   ^
sweating:  pirecesses   afteT which   ho] °XllibUa  n'om   Kolowmi  is  to   br,nS \ that the influx of settlers is  considerable.    As a health promoter this! Bramiiplioiios.      Why    not  exchange I clpality  shall   be   administrative   by
ships  to  the  factories  at  Montreal, j our ,niiL bofoi'c Ul° "otico of    tlu! j district lakes first place, with an elevation of I 100 ft. above sea level at! »wn;s <>"<-• with another and so have Uhe council."
national  Exhibition   there.
•| mi   us jvuiuwuii  la uuiiuui-iiuu,   win   uu :        l lie Vj. IN. I\.    llltcnct    aiSO    to    aUgmt'iiL    uic    siucuiiuucu   service.     r\   |owjm
published in our next Issue.    Mr. J.. scheme is afoot too, to construct an electric line between Kelowna and
* A
and, if expedient, should make pro
Kour hoys were brought up before j vision for their education.
e   on   Saturday   for.     A resolulion making thickly popu--^
•banco. Reprimanded ; ,utfld     ,.„,,,,     Iliuil|(.ipities    <0U1P* ^
Also one man suf-j Ull,,l!r ,.he same law as the citie„ ro-jct'
super-abundance   of  girding compulsory attendance
possiblllti^ „. „.. —„ , . ....... ,.   . .       -., ,     -
tobacco produciug territory. Not-j The box social given in aid of the; >" the province has acquired the distinction oi being a beautiful art
■withstanding that tobacco growing I Methodist church at Mountainview j 'Is. wc" as a "lost profitable industry, and it offers the opportunity of
ia in its infancy, Mr. Holman, of Ke-'
lowna, succeeded in raising many
lino specimens of plants, having
leaves from two to three feet in
length, while cigars made from
Vuelta Abajo, Havana leaf, 1!)02
crop, were equal to many well known
brands of imported Havana. * *
There is a succulence about British
Columbia tobacco that is absent from
every other country's growth, and
which creates a flavour that must
bo acquired to be truly appreciated.
There is ample room in British Columbia for enterprising agriculturists if only they will direct their attention to tobacco planting."
This industry promises to bo one
of the main products of the Okanagan Valley. The successful growth
and quality of the leaf is proved, and
ready niarketB are assured, but wo
need more acreage In crop. Since
this business has been conducted on
commercial lines 340,000 lbs. of the
best quality cigar tobacco has been
exported from Kelowna, demonstrating the adaptability of our climate
mid Hoil to tlio culturo of flue grade
on   Wednesday,   25th   Nov.,   was   aiding under such ideal conditions   as struggling humanity  has only
, .  .. i succeeded in reaching in one or two of the most favoured spots upon
great success, mid the program was  ,■ ,i   ••    c    l , •   l-' i ".i     /-•.    r>    •    i 1    «
I the earth.       ouch a spot is K.clowna,    the City Desirable,
lengthy aud /varied, a large number i	
of people taking part, The chair
was taken by M r'W. F. Schell, who
opened with a few introductory remarks, iflaeli number on the program was rendered in very good
style, and earned vigorous applause
from the audience. The feature of
the evening was the auction sale of
the prettily decorated boxes, and Mr,
Dilworth, In the role of auctioneer,
did a very good business, the proceeds amounting to $42.86. Messr».
Schell, Brown and Charlton were
the judges, and judging from their
harassed expressions, found it very
hard to make a decision on the array
of prettily decorated boxes. However, the first, prize was awarded to
Miss Dilworth, 2nd to Miss Fleming,
Miss (iladys Bird carrying off 3rd
honors.   At the close of the evening,
Council Chambers on Tuesday at
9.30 a.m. Present, His Worship
the Mayor, Aldermen Curtis, Gad-
des andSterling.
The minutes of the meeting on
Nov 24th were read and   adopted.
The following communications
were received :—
From G. A, Man key & Co., enclosing cheque in payment for ihc
Granolithic Sidewalk Local Improvement Debentures. From the
Packard Electric. Co. of St. Catherines asking the Council to give one
of their meters a thorough trial,
and offering to enter into a contract to supply meters for the ensuing year, which was referred to
T. W. Ashbridge, C.E. From G.A.
Hankey & Co.,   enclosing   cheque
some of the livlior spirits paid Mr.W.' j jn P«y«"erit for the $4000.00 Local
mprovement Debentures, recently
Craig a surprise visit, at whoso house
they endod a very enjoyable evening, dancing to tho strains of Jack
Copelaud's   vluliu.
The City Council met in the | cast iron pipes, wanted by Vancouver City Water Works Dept.
and asking to be placed on our
list for receiving specifications,
referred to T. W. Ashbridge, C. E.
From the McGraw Electrical
Directory, asking for full particulars regarding the Municipal Electric Plant. From Mr. J. L. Doyle,
informing the Council that he will
be pleased to write-up the insurance on the power house and contents, this was left for the Mayor
to deal with. Mr. S. F. Burne, City
Solicitor, was present, and gave
legal advice upon the Voters' list.
On motion of Aid. Sterling, seconded by Aid. Gaddes, the following accounts were referred to the
Finance Committee, to be paid if
found cjprrect.
Hinton Electric Co., Cash advanced
to A. Tnylor $ 20 00
Hinton ElectricCo.,Mctcr tustBonrd    34 35
" "       Pole line supplies...    17 60
" "       Pole line supplies...      5 40
"      ReeordinKWntt meter   23 50
Pole line supplies...    31 64
(Continued on Page 6)
purchased by I hem. From A. J.
Forsyth & Co., informing the
Council that they wei'e the.successful tenderers for  about  900  tpu'a
use was well attended
on Saturday, and met at Mr. W. T.
Cameron's residence. No casualties
are reported, tho one gentleman dismounted rather hastily at a high
Three undesirable charactors honored Kelowna with a visit last week.
Constable llidson, however, promptly introduced himself to them and
gave thorn two days to clear out.
They have gone.
The engine for the electric light
and water works plant, has now arrived, and is being installed. The
generator will Ue here in a few days.
The annual billiard handi-ap will
be held this year in the pool room
on Water-Street. Will commence in
about, two weeks time,
There have been a number of potty
thefts reported around town recently. Suspected persons are being
kept, under close sinweillance.
On tho 8th day of Docembor tho
Oddfellows in the city of Kelowna
and through the valley will meet in
Itaymer's hall for the purpose of
organizing. All tho brethren in the
town and district are asked to be
present at S o'clock p.m.
News has been received from Mr.
U. M, Palmer, who is in charge of
tho B. C. fruit exhibits in England,
that this Province carried the gold
medal at. Bath, and the silver gilt,
medal at tho Crystal Palace, London.
Those are the highest awards In
these shows.
The Government was thanked»bv .",/■
resolution   for  free   text  books.   -A faf
considerable amount of business «(i^,^
:llscussed, regarding the engagcmoiir^'j
of   teachers,   medical   inspection   of   Vf
school children, etc., and altogether  ''£
this convention lias proven a mkmks/ Jp
many   valuable   suggestions   ha\ing   - J1
been made to the school trustor in   >Jk
attendance. *"
KelownaUe   Wins   $100   l'ri/.e.
Mr. A. Patterson Is the winner of  ^
a $100 cash prize, awarded by M W.   ^
Wait!.   &   Co..   Ud.,    of   Vancoiuer,    v
piano   inanufactarers.       Bverv    pi- «\'
chaser of one of this firm's  pianos   '"> '
is   entitled   to   a   coupon   foi    each
dollar paid, ami  Is entitled to $100    >*
prisMi  if  he or  she  should  get  the" '
lucky number. Mr. Patterson bought    '
one of these pianos from this firm's V1'^
agent here, Mr. Jas. Wilks, and wns,.^\
fortunate enough to secure the wln-£wk\
ning coupon, No. 639. ^ l ' ''"S".
 * "  'Jf
Some prairie visitors to Kelowm^k
were not a little surprised recentlV&T
at   seeing   town   residents   playlng^V
lawn tennis.   The idea of lawn teftrfj^jh
in the middle of November \tkB,'U}^
them,    something    to    write  'hoJtttt^i*
about. ' *?"?
o,\; ■ The Orchard City Record
Thursday, Dec. 3
We are particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled' mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, li.C.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
iking our bow to
people of Kelowna and district,
we would like right here to express
our appreciation of the hearty manner in which we have been received
into your midst. The hand of good
fellowship has been extended from
one and all, and as time goes on
we hope to deserve this more and
more. Our watchword will ever
be "Kelowna," and anything and
everything that will in any way
benefit this enterprising city and
district will meet with our support
and co-operation.
Our first business is to supply the
community with news, local and
otherwise. A comprehensive
news service however is not worked
up in a day, but we are doing our
best to organize a service which
will make the Orchard City Record
a welcome visitor to your homes
each week's end.
The policy of the paper will be
conservative, but strenuous politics
we shall ever avoid, as being entirely out of place in a comprehensive
patronage of no creed or party and
we Jknot sit on the fence, but we
feel trm honest convictions, temperate and broad-minded criticism
will hurt the feelings of no right
thinking citizen.
For the benefit of our advertisers, and in order to start the new
year with a good big subscription
list, we are mailing every person or
family a free copy of the paper for
one month. After which, if for
any reason you do not wish to become a subscriber, kindly return to
post offices marked "refused."
Those continuing to take the
paper from the post office after the
fourth issue are recognised as subscribers, and will kindly remit the
yearly subscription of $1.50. It
costs money to publish a news
paper, therefore an early remittance
Among other public institutions in
Kelowna,   Kelowna   Hospital   stands
pre-eminent.        Incorporated     under
the   Ueuevolent   Societies   Act,    hc-
owna Hospital Society stands out. in
eloquent    testimony    of    the    public
spirit and generosity displayed by the
residents of this community.    To outsiders   it   denotes   that   co-operative
spirit   and   charity   which   makes   n
community.    This lino new  building
was built at a cost of $0,025.00, and
is  up   to  date  in   every   respect.     A
I steam   beating   plant   has   been   in—
[stalled at u cost of % 1,77fi.OO, and it
is electrically lighted throughout,   ii
is lilted Willi a septic tank at a cost
of   $020.71),   and   the   completion   of
Hie basemen!., as yet. unfinished, has
been    undertaken    by    the    Hospital
Ladies'    Aid,    at   a    cost    of   about
.$1,2 00.00.     The    public    were    enthusiastic  In   contributing  funds   for
the building and  lifting out this institution,   and   the   voluntary   donations  were  supplemented   by  a  Government grant, of $i),000.00.    Among
special donations might be mentioned
that  of   Mr.   Stirling   who   furnished
the   operating   room   with   a   speeail
table and appliances; the furnishings
of the  Matron  and  Nurses' quarters
were the gift of Mrs.  Stirling;   Mrs.
Taylor   completed   the   dining   room
and one bath, and  Mrs.   Doyce completed   the   kitchen.     One  ward   was
furnished by Mr.  D. Sutherland, another by  Mr.  F. Dellart, a third by
the staff of T.   Lawson,  Ltd..  and  a
fourth   by  the   Kelowna  Club.     The
Cirls"  Handicraft Club of Peachland
furnished the Peachland ward.    Mr.
Margettson  donated  baths, and  Mrs.
liny   Lindsay   blinds.     The   hospital
contains one general men's ward, one
general    women's    ward,    one   semi-
pri'/ate    ward,    and    three    private
wards.    Also one isolation ward for
suspected  cases.    This  institution is
governed by a board of fifteen directors, and  an  executive of four members,   viz.:—President,   Mr.   Stirling:
Treasurer,   Mr.   Weddel;    Secretary,
Mr. Carve, and Mr. Burns, lay member.    It is supported mainly by volun
tary   contributions.    The   ladies   in
charge of the nursing stand high in
their profession as regards both efficiency and experience.    The staff is
composed   of  the   Matron,   Miss   Mc-
Killup;  Head Nurse, .Miss Clark; Assistant Nurse,   Miss   Wood,  and   the
Janitor,  Mr. Bevan.    Opened on the
2nd April of this year by Mr.  Price
Ellison, our M. P. P., this institution
has  given   every   satisfaction   to  the
public, and Kelowna is justly proud
of one of her  foremost institutions.
Christmas Festivities
Will test the completeness of' your House
Furnishing. Do not mar your enjoyment by
an incomplete house    ...   A walk round
The Kelowna Furnishing Co.'s
store will give you new ideas and tasty
Still   Tney  Come.
is respectfully solicited.
Kelowna is getting a large
amount of free advertising at
present through the Auction Sale
of Lands being put on by the
Central Okanagan Land and
Orchard Co., for   December   10th.
A number of Kelowna people
kept up their prairie habits this
week at the first appearance of a
cold snap. Must ship those furs
back east, they libel the country.
It was no side-track way-back
town we undertook to write up,
as will be seen by the number of
energetic business houses whose
write-up occupies our columns
this week. Our batch of local
news  is   consequently   somewhat
•A Vancouver syndicate with Mr.
Albert McKillup at the head, has
started the construction of a large
canning falcory, situate on the north
side of Manhattan Beach, at an estimated cost of $50,000. Piles have
already been driven for the foundation, and the buildings are in the
course of erection. The factory will
consist of three buildings, two lOOx
4 0, and one -10x60, and a complete
plant for canning fruit, jam making
and pickling will be installed. These
people intend putting a large boat
on the Okanagan Lake in order to
handle produce from both sides of
the lake. This factory will be running all the year round, and will he
devoted to the manufacture of boxes
for fruit packing, when the canning
season is over. Although all inducements were made oy Vernon to this
syndicate, to locate there, it was tie
cided that Kelowna was by far the
most suitable locality, on account of
being"ircontrcrbf the- fruit"indiist.ryr
and also being a better shipping
point. This will be a valuable addition to our city, and with the canning factory already in operation
here, will be one of our leading industries.
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting,Shaving or Shampo-
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
It has been recommended us by
so many well-wishers both of the
newspaper and the district, that a
write-up of some of the best known
ranches around would do a large
amount of good, that we commence this week to put the suggestion to practice. Our greatest
difficulty in this direction is the
natural modesty of the ranchers
themselves who are generally
afraid of any appearance of "blow".
But this should not be so, as their
success does not belong to themselves alone, it belongs also to the
It Will Pay You
To have T. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
Paperhanging a Specialty
Prices    reasonable    and    satisfaction gnaranteed
Address, Lake View Hotel
<§ A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealers in all kinds of
Orders filled in Short notice
What is Home Without a Mother
What is Xmas Without a Cake
We certainly are in a position to
cater to your wants in Cake lines
Any Size or Shape        Plain or Decorated
We put  nothing  in  our Cakes
but the  best and  we  turn  out
Superior Cakes
Christmas is nearly here, give us your order and we will
guarantee you satisfaction
Manufacturers of
Builders  Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
our racer .is--a
of pleasure to someone. Send
them your photo this Christmas
Portrait Work is our Special Line
We have also in stock views from
all parts of the Valley and shall
have a full line of post cards for
the holiday season.
The 20th Century Boot
and Shoe Repair-Shop
Wc do not cobble Boots, toe repair them and mahe them better
than netrj. Do not fail to gioe us a trial. All workmanship
guaranteed and prices ore reasonable. Mail and express orders
rcceioe careful attention.
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
Kelowna, B. C.
J. BRODIE, Proprietor
Harness   Emporium
Horse Clothiers this toay for all-kinds of
Light and Heavy
Harness, Bits,
Spurs, Whips,
Robes & Blankets
We also handle a line of' Liniment for sore Shoulders
and cuts of all kinds, also Harness Oil & Axle Grease
S. C. KING, Proprietor
loyal Bank of Canada
TOTAL ASSETS $49,000,000.00
C B. DANIEL, Manager
Orchard City Realty Mart
2 Snaps for the quick Buyer
Two Corner Lots, about 5 minutes walk from Post Office,
Each  Lot contains   125   ft.  frontage,  on  good   streets
Price $ 1,100, for both, Easy Terms
A Cottage and one acre, 8 minutes walk from Post Office
ncer4>^7i uu,iiasy~ieims
AXEL. EUTIN, Manager
Recommended by
B. C. Government Officials
Ask your progressive neighbors about it
They Know!
Hardware Store ft&W&Wt!
Thursday, Dec. 3
The Orchard Cjtu Record.
Aleto Stock!
Cheaper Prices!
Better Than Ecer!
Neto Jams and Marmalade
Cross  &   Blackwell,   Liptons   and
1 lb. Raspberries From
I lb. Strawberries
I lb. Prunes 25c
I lb. Damsons
1 lb. Peaches to
1 lb. Apricots ~ -.
1 lb. Gooseberries J\JQ,.
I lb. Blackberries
I lb.
lb. tin
lb. tin
lb. tin
lb. tin
lb. tin
5 lb. tin
5 lb. tin
5 lb. tin
Black Currants
New Currants, 3 lbs. for 25c.
Seeded Raisins, 3 lbs for 25c.
Full   16   oz. packets,   cleaned   by
patent  machinery  and  ready for
Cheap Puddings for Xmas
3 lbs. best Japan Rice, for 25 c.
3 lbs. best Tapioca, for 25 c.
3 lbs. best Sago, for 25c.
2 lbs. best Vermecelli, for 25c.
2 lbs. best Macaroni, for 25c.
Best mixed Peel,  Lemon,   Orange
and Citron, 15 c.
Big Reductions
Choicest Hams, per 20c. lb.
Choicest Bacon, per 20c. lb.
Picnic Hams, only per 15 c. lb.
Just the thing for Xmas
The largest and best assortments
of Chocolates direct from the
factories of such well-known firms
as Cadburys, Frys, Rowntrees and
Lucerna, at prices ranging from 5c
up to $5.00.
Choicest selection of Crackers and
Bon Bons in the City
Dolls     Dolls     Dolls
Look out for our free presentation
choice   selection,   come   and  see
i ' .	
Huntley & Palmers, Patersons,
McCormicks, Perrins and Macken-
zies Biscuits in endless varieties,
20c, 25c. and 30c. per lb.
We try to make a permanent customer with every sale
We carry one of the cjioicest and
best selected stocks of Tea in the
District and the rapid and consistent increase in our sales proves
that the best never fails to please.
Delicious  Tea,   50c  per  lb., rich,
strong and pure
Choicest Black 40c, very  delicate
A Blend of Indian Ceylon 35c.
A Great Favourite, commonly sold
at 50c. a Tea for the Masses, 25 c.
Blue Ribbon, red or white label 35c
Ram Lai Tea, Salada Tea, Maple
Leaf Tea, Tetleys Tea.
We believe it always pays to sell
the best
See our stock of Fancy Box Chocolates. We have the largest stock
in the^City.
We  have the most  complete stock of  Groceries,
Confectioneries, etc., in town.
Everything for Christmas.
We are Giving Away
Absolutely Free
With  our  Famous  Bonus
At 50c. per lb.
Real Staffordshire China or Porce-
aline Cups and Saucers
Glass Tumblers
Glass Water Jugs
Glass Water Bottles
Glass Sugar Basins
Glass Tapers
Glass Celery Jars
Glass Cake Stands
Tea Pots
Beautiful Vases
Nick Nacks, etc., etc.
Remember  this  Tea or Coffee is
well worth the money without the
FORCE 5c. package
Very Choice Fruit
New Prunes 2 lbs for 25 c.
New Apricots, 2 lbs for 25c.
New Peaches, 2 lbs. for 25c
New Cooking Figs, 2 lbs. for 25c
We have been fortunate in  securing a very choice selection of new
Layer Raisins.       See them before
Our new Figs are now coming in,
also    new    Sultana    and   Valen-
tian Raisins.
New Shelled Almonds
New Shelled Walnuts
Also new Unshelled Nuts
Walnuts,    Almond    Nuts,     Hazel
Nuts, Brazel Nuts.
Our Pure Coffee
We have some of the finest Coffee
the world produces
The Connoisseurs Delight
Rich, smooth grade, blended and
roasted on the most up-to-date
principles, try it and you will be
Braids Coffee v
Chase & Sandborn Coffee
Empress Coffee
Victoria Coffee
Best English Chicory
Edwardsburg, 5 lb., 10 lb.&2o lb.
Pure Maple in 1   gallon,   £   gallon
and 1-4 gallon
Lylas Golden Syrup, 2 & 4 lb. tins
Molasses, Fresh, sweet, good
P and S
Stock Food,  Oyster  Shells,  Grits,
Ground Bone, etc., etc.
Sweet Pickles ,
And plain special Pickles
Horse Radish
Stuffed Olives
Plain Olives
Chilo Sauce
Mandalay Sauce
Sweet Midget Pickles
Baked Beans, etc, etc.
.    . .
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
Greengage Jam
Plum Jam
Apricot Jam
Damson Jam
Red Currant Jam
Black Currant Jam
Lime Juice
Boiled Sweets or Candy
Lee and Perrin's Sauce
Blue Table Sauce
Rowats Sauce
Pan Yan Sauce
Holbrook's Pickles
Holbrook's Vinegars
C. and B. Vinegar
Pendray's Vinegar
Mango Chutney
Essence of Anchovie
Celery Salt
Table Salt
McLaren's     Cheese,      all
C. and B. Pickles
Brasly's Pickles
Gillard's Pickles
Rowat's Pickles
Only by scrupling c.-n you   eppre-
onus   lea
A beautiful rncl useful present given with each pound. ' By sheer
force cf merit wc h~ve achieved a
remarkable success.
Royal Crown
White Sw n Sonp
Golden West.Sorp
Sunlight Sorp
Pears Sc?p
Tar soap
We  c?ny   a  targe   rssortment of
Toilet Soaps
Gold Drst  Washing   Powder   per
7'5c. packet
White Swan Powder 25c
Golden West per 25c packet
Pure French Crsli!e Soap 35c   bar
Washing Airmonia
Laundry. Blue
Ox Tail
Mock Turtle
Chewing Gums
Sen Sen
Puie Pepsin
Buman's Pepsin
Somerville's Pepsin
Adams Tutti-Fruti
All our Goods are reliable
and satisfactory
Pure Kelowna Honey
Pure Ontario Honey
Pure Honey in Combs
Pure California Honey
Buy your bread at the
where you always get good
bread, 16 loaves for $1.00.
We   are   sure   wc   can   give   you
T. & B. Plugs
Myrtle Cut
T. & B. Sacks
Brier Plugs
Prince of Wales Flugs
Pay Roll
Imperial Mixture
Capstan Navy Cut, mild & medium
Three Castles
Old Chum
Meerschaum etc
a large assortment of Cigarettes
Cigars     Cigars     Cigars
Eugens, Vallens    special Havana
Cigars, 5 for 25c.
We are taking orders for our Rich
Xmas Cakes, order at once to save
The steady growth of our Confectionery, Cakes, Tarts, Puffs,
Queen Cakes, Savory, Macaronies
speak for themselves.
Special attention given to the Icing
of Christmas Cakes, bring your
cake early to ensure the best satisfaction.
Expert makers of Wedding and
Birthday Cakes
We   have   a   large  assortment   of
choicest No I grade Apples
Kings Spitzenburgs
Jonathans Newton Pippens
Macintosh Red    Northern Spys
Greenings Snows
at $1.50 per box
Jumbo Bananas per 35c doz.
Oranges per 35c doz.
Lemons per 35c doz.
Large Consignment of choice Jap
Malaga Grapes 25c per lb.
Cokernuts 15c each.
Onions 8 lbs. for 25c.
Potatoes 75c and $1.00 per sack
Carrots, Turnips and Cabbage.
New Salmon, 2 tins for 25c.
Flour     Flour     Flour
MOFFATS BEST makes the
lightest, makes the whitest, makes
the sweetest Bread. Try a sack
and you will be delighted.
Bran, Oats, Shorts, Wheat, etc. on
Delightful Fresh BUTTER, 3  lbs.
.   for $1.00.
Tinned Vegetables
2 tins Peas 25c
2 tins. Corn 25c
2 tins Beans 25c
3 large   tins   Kelowna   Tomatoes
for 50c
Tinned Fruits
Peaches per 25c tin.
Pears per 25c tin
Strawberries per 25c. tin
Raspberries per 25c tin
Blueberries only per 25c tin, etc.
You can always be sure of the
best when you order from The
Store of Plenty.
Tinned Meats and Fish
I lb. tin Mutton, 25c
1 lb. tin Beef, 25c
1 lb. tin Corned Beef, 20c
2 lb. tin Corned Beef, 35c
Veal Loaf 15c and 25c per tin.
Duck, Chicken and Turkey, 35c
Lobster 15c and 25c per tin.
"King OscarSardinesT^1 5cr=peTT'~tin=
or 3 for 40c, other makes 3 for 25c
Devilled  Ham  and   Potted   Beef
1.0c per tin, fine for sandwiches.
Lunch Tongue and Ox Tongue.
C J clIUlC lt5
We never deviate in the slightest
in the matter of quality from the
h:ghest standard.
Breakfast Foods
Rolled  Oats   in   10,   20,   40  and
80 lb. sacks
Carnation Flakes
Canadian Flakes
Grape Nuts
Force,   Malta Vita
Toasted Corn Flakes
Quaker Rolled Oats
Quaker Puffed Rice
Quaker Wheat Berries
Wheatlets Cream of Wheat
Graham Flour,    Oat Meal
Pastry Flour, fine and coarse
Corn Meal,    Wheat Flour, etc. S3Ba
The Orchard City Record
Thursday, Dec. 3  v
Wonderful Growth of the District is Portrayed
in Business Men's Story.
.McJiililK'l   &■  Mnrs<lrn. I
Tlio linn of Alc/anii«t. & Alurstlon I
sliirf.i'<l Ijiisinoss in this town hi
AuKiisi., I!t(i7, wlioii tlioy houslit out
Hie firm of Hitchcock, liiiluir and
eoiilVcUoiuM-. Sinco t.lio.y lioftiiii, business lias grown by li-aps iinil bounds,
and (.hi! output, from t.licir bakery
alone is between two and tbree. thousand loaves per week, besides other
confectionery. This linn enlarged
tneir premises last sprin.n, but business is steadily increasing, and they
are now contemplating further extensions. In flie confectionery department this firm makes a specially
of wedding cakes, their confectioner
being an expert in this line. The
grocery business, backed by many
years experience in lCngland and in
this country, is one of the most complete in the inland towns of H. C,
and Mr. Marsden himself is a master
of tea blending, one of their best
lines. Ladies shopping in Kelowna
will do well to remember that there
are comfortable tea rooms in connection with this store where afternoon tea may he had.
Knowles' Jewellery Ustablisliineiit
Coming hero from Vancouver in
I'.lOfi, at which place he was engaged
with the well known linn of . K
Trorey, Mr. Knowles, jeweller
started in a small way in the building now occupied by Mr. .las. Wilks
His jewellery business, however, demanding larger quarters, be iihwci
after two months to the handsome
store which lie now occupies. He-
sides carrying a full stock in tlio
jewellery line, Mr. Knowles is ready
to supply the needs of anyone requiring the services of a first-class optician. It. is worth knowing that Ml
Knowles does bis own manufacturing
to a large extent, and has an up-to-
date plant in his workshops Tor the
carrying on of his craft. He can supply his patrons with engagement
rings, marriage licenses, and wedding
rings,  the  purchaser only  having  to
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
B. A. Sc, C. E., D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Assoc. Mi-in. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and SeweraRe Systems, Pumping and
  .      Lighting Plants. Concrete Cgn-___.„^„-
struction, ctr.
and Dentist
Lake View Hotel
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P. (I. Hox 146 'I'honn BO
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. ■ 'Phone 20.
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc
P.O.", Kelowna.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given forpublicBuild-
ings.Town and Country Residences
Rowcliffc Block
provide the bride.    Watch his ad'i'er
tisements during the Xmas season.
Thomas Lawson,  Limited.
In the linn of Tlios. Lawson, Ltd.
we have another proof of the plien
oinenal   growth   of   this   city.     Tin
founder of this fi 1*111, Mr. Thos.  Law
son, was for seven years 11 the same
line of business in .Manitoba,   'templed  by  the  mild  climate, and   bright
outlook for the future from a  business    point   of    view,    Air.    Lawson
started up in business here ten years
ago.     The town  was  then  in  its  infancy, an.I in beginning lie opened a
small   store,   'iOxiiO   including   warehouse.
For four years lie was doing a
steadily increasing business, when he
was entirely burned out. Kelowna at.
this time began to develop, and
.starting up again, and keeping pace
with the growth of the town, Air.
Lawson built up the business which
now bears his name. This firm, along
with other business houses of Kelowna, has been on the steady increase since starting, to be accountou
for by the rapid influx of settlers,
who are makng their permanent
homes here.
Tin; difference between the small
store of T. Lawson ten years ago,
and the large 70x80 store, besides
several large warehouses, of T. Law-
son, Ltd., of today is substantial evidence that there is something in Kelowna besides the name, and to talk
with our business men, one would
filing that such things as "trade depressions and financial stringencies*
were peculiarities of a remote age,
and not to be associated with the
11:11110  Kelowna.
Kclcun.i  I'liiiiilui'e Co.
it is a pleasure to visit so line a
lisplay of furniture as one finds in
the Kelowna Furniture Co.'s store.
'Suturing on the ground floor we encounter an exhibition of fables, settees, bureaus, etc. seldom seen in any
interior town in 15. (!.
A gallery running around the
whole length and breadth of flu.
building contains a choice assortment
of goods of a lighter nature. On the
second floor a reserve stock is kept
of carpels, linoleums and general
furniture, and it is the intention of
the company to extend their buil..ing
back to tho lane at the rear of their
lot in order to make room for nioi-t!
stock. Every business tells its own
tale of the progressive spirit and
prosperity of Canada's "Garden of
W.  It. AI. CaUler.
Coming here seven years ago when
the town was practically in its infancy, this gentleman .made his first
acquaintance of Kelowna. Twelve
months later Air. Calder starte 1 in
business with the firm of Lawson,
Kowcliffo & Co., branching out for
himself in  lllO-t.
The growth of litis business is a.
high testimonial to the town as a
business center. Beginning in a
-small store about 20x4 0, with a very
small stock, Air. (Udder has, through
courteous treatment of his patrons
mid supplying the best quality goods,
built up one of tile leading dry goods
emporiums, second to none in inland
fi. 0. In connection with this business, there is a dressmaking and millinery establishment, up to date in
every respect. Air. Calder has just
xeturnod .Jxoni^ a ^trip^down^east,
where he has been'purchasing a large
stock of fall and winter goo Is, with
a special line for the Xmas season.
Air. Calder makes a specialty of boots
and shoes of Kngiish, Canadian ami
American make, and would like his
customers to hear this in min;!.
".Moderate prices and best quality
only," is this gentleman's niolto.       j
Continued on page 5. I
The Headquarters of
Santa Claus
Toijs of all description
Christmas and Netc Year
Cards and Calendars
Burnt Leather Souoenirs
Post Cards  and  Booklet
Yietos of Kelotona
Christmas    Presents   of
all hinds and all prices.
W. R. Trench
Druggist and Stationer
Time For
Winter Spraying
Do it Better
Do it Easier
More Economically
Power Sprayer
For practical Hernonstratiorr see"
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
agent for
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, B.C.
Buy Your Xmas Gifts
From Knowles, The Jeweler
Because it is His Business to buy Goods for
We have collected the most complete line of
Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass, Sterling
Goods, Leather Goods, Fine China and
High Classed Fancy Goods
ever shown in any town the size of Kelowna
Don't fail to see this Grand Display, you are
as welcome to inspect as buy.
Watch Guessing Contest
c      .     -     „.   n  . Sat., Dec. 12th, $25 Watch
Saturday, Dec. 5th, Orchestra       ^   See Hand Bi„s<
Grand Xmas Opening
Knowles, The Jeweler
KELOWNA, •        :: :: :: B.C.
Also Stationery and Office Supplies
Kodak Supplies, Books, Magazines, &c.
Chocolates, Smokers' Supplies, Musical
Instruments, Phonographs and Grama-
phones, Toys, Dolls, &c	
Fancy China, School Supplies, Souvenir
Goods, Post Cards, Xmas and New
. 1 ear v^aros    ••••••*.»•
We are always pleased to have you to call and examine
our stock, whether you buy or not
The New Century Shoe  Shop
is getting in a fine line  of
factory boots.
Boot and  Shoe  repairing.
Specialty made of fine
hand-made Shoes to order.
Fifteen   years'    experience.
Corner of Water St. and Lawrence Avenue
C. Blackwood
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables   :   :
Commercial Driving a
Draying and Freighting
The Great Majestic Range
McClarys Famous Sask-Alta Range
McClarys Famous Kootenay Range
Buck's Criterion Range
All these leading Ranges sold by
Morrison-1 hompson
Hardware Co.
Sole Agents for Kelowna and District
'Phone 25
Importer and Dealer in all hinds of
Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and
Headquarters for
Horse Blankets & Robes
•Also Poultry Supplies including Beef
Scraps, Driecl Green Bone, Sea Shell
Warehouse on Barnard Aoenue, Kelotona, B. C.
BMMiiaa Thursday, Dec. 3
The Orchard City Record.
Misses' and
NAVY BLUE SERGE (Sailor Style)
trimmed with silk braids, $2.00,
$2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00
DRESSES, at $1.50, $2.00, $2.25
DRESSES, silk embroidered, at
$3.00, $4.25
DRESSES, cardinal, pale blue,
navy, etc., only $2.50
SILK, trimmed with fine valen-
cienes lace and insertion, only
SILK, trimmed with silk lace
and insertion, only $5.00
In Fine Persian Lawn Dresses
we show a number of pretty
styles too numerous to men-
tion, prices from $1.50 to
The Kelowna
Outfitting Store
Some member of the
family may haoe an
acute attack of toothache or neuralgia
Use a Hot Wafer Bottle
Cramps or Cholera morbus may appear tcith no
medicine at hand.
Use a Hot Water Bottle
It may be necessary to
keep a poultice or tuet
application toarm for
seceral hours.
Use a Hot Water Bottle
Seoeral members of the
family may be troubled
toith cold feet at one
Use Several Hot WaterBottles
We haoe seoeral grades
and sizes.   .
r. b. Hits a Co.
Kelowna,     B. C.
■ (.1. V. Josselyn.
Induced by the salubrious climate
of the Okanagan, and the bright outlook for business in Kelowna in particular, Mr. C. C. Josselyn, General
Grocer and Flour and Feed Merchant, opened up n business here in
•July, 1905. Flour and feed were his
only lines at first, but sharing the
prevailing prosperity with the othw
merchants in Kelowna, ho opened out
into high class groceries. Mr.
Josselyn, during an interview, supported his fraternity in declaring this
district to be making great strides
from a business standpoint. As he
says, with such a wealthy, country at
the back of her, Kelowna is bound to
advance. In his own line Mr. Josselyn endeavours to supply the public
with the best quality goods at n
reasonable profit, and bases his success on that fact, together with the
increase of trade of late years.
Campbell   llrus., Electricians.
Messrs. Campbell Bros., proprietors of one of the two electrical
works in Kelowna, came here from
Winnipeg in 190G, where they had
been engaged in a similar business,
Kelowna had then no electric power
station, nor had the city yet. started
to instal its new plant. These gentlemen, however, saw by the extensive
building operations that the electric
lighting system had to come, and
taking time by the forelock opened
an electrical engineering works, buying up Newby's bicycle shop at the
same time. Their confidence in this
place was rewarded as they expected,
and shortly they were at work installing electric fittings in the various
residences and stores, in readiness
for the new city supply. It speaks
well for Kelowna in having the
various trades and professions represented so plentifully, and yet with
competition each firm doing so well.
Bicycle building and repairing is carried on here, as is general mechanicai
and marine engineering. During an
interview, the manager expressed his
convction that our city is yet in its
infancy, and that no time is like the
present to get a foothold here.
W. llaun', Cement, Coal and Wood
One of the pioneer business men of
Kelowna is Mr. W. Haug, our jovial
cement, coal, and wood merchant. 11
was in IS92 when Mr. Haug first settled in this district to carry on his
trade as a plasterer. At that time
this townsite was not even surveyed,
and a thriving city as we have today
was not even thought of. Working
his way up gradually, Mr. Haug first
began handling a small line of
cement, lime, etc., increasing and
varying his stock as trade demanded.
Until about three years ago Mr. Haug
did practically all the plastering
work in the Valley, when he threw it
up to devote his attention to his
business here. In 1906 he started
manufacturing cement bricks by
hand in a small building 24x75. This
industry has grown to such an extent
that he has had to erect a factory
45x120, where he manufacturers
cement blocks, pipes, casings, gravestones and everything of a similar
nature, for the retail trade. Mr.
Haug is now perfecting a cement fire
place, with a massive mantel-piece.
This will be a very handsome structure when completed, and will be a
welcome feature to those who know
and appreciate the solid comfort of
an open fire. Coal and wood are
kept on hand, along with all require-
,ments for masons, bricklayers .and'
plasterers. Mr. Hang's ready smile
and hearty greeting speaks volumes
for the growing prosperity of his
Hudson &  Dimii.
A bout-two years ago Mr, Hudson,
portrait and landscape artist, started
a snmll business in Kelowna in lands-
capo work. Inside of twelve months
business demanded larger quarters,
so ho opened a studio in more roomy
quarters on Fendoza Street. In September of this year Mr. Dunn went
into partnership in the business, the
firm now being known as Hudson &
Dunn. All brandies of the photographic art are carried on here to
meet tlio demands of trade, and a
visit, to their studio is both highly
interesting and instructive. These
gentlemen, who are the first portrait
photographers in the Okanagan Valley south of Vernon, have put in a
stock of picture post cards, views of
the valley, and Xmas cards, and residents of Kelowna having friends so
unfortunate as to know-nothing of
this place are recommended to secure
some of these \iews to send them.
Kelowna Saw Mill.
The lumber industry lias been
esta>,,«">.ed in Kelowna now for the
past (i. ee i years, and of late has assumed considerable proportions.
" Thirteen years ago the saw mill
an:? factory in this city was taken
over by Mr. D. Lloyd-Jones, who Is
mainly instrumental in building up
what is now one of the most important concerns in this city. Early this
year, the business was formed into
a limited liability company with an
authorized capital of ?100,000.00, of
which $55,000.00 is paid up, About
fifty hands are employed in the saw
mill and camps, and the mill itself
has a capactiy of 30,000 feet per day.
It is worthy of note that all the lumber turned out of this saw mill is
used up in the immediate vicinity,
and the demand is ever increasing.
The manufacturing department, indeed, is to be enlarged within the
next month. Those who have experienced the recent financial depression in Eastern Canada will learn
with interest that the general slackness was not felt here to any great
extent. .Mr. Lloyd-Jones, in speaking of the firm he represents, and the
community in general, says that business did not decrease more than
about 10%, and in saying so, only
echoes what many other of our leading merchants say. This is a featuiv
that might well be envied by many
other towns in Canada, as "hard
times" have been the lot of our Dominion, with greater or lesser
severity, during the past year.
Continued on page 7.
Mrs. Gi'ummy, sister of Mr. .1.
Urodie, died on Sunday after an illness of some months' duration. Tiie
llev. II. V. Thorpe held a service over
the remains on Monday evening. The
corpse was shipped east for interment on Tuesday.
Are You Looking for a Building Site ?
If so why not get the best ?
I have a number of half acre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing.
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year.
One  fine  new  brick   house   Corner   Ethel
Laurier Avenue,,
One fine   new   brick   Cottage,   corner   Ethel
Sutherland Avenue.
Also a few choice lake shore   lots   and   a   quarter
Section of heavy timber close to the City.
Will sell any of the above on good terms.
I carry the largest stock of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in the Valley.
Call and see them
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Box 66 Kelowna, B.C.
You will have no time to think,
of it in the Spring
Estimates given on farm and lawn
fencing—erected   complete   with posts
Fruit Lands and Residential City Property
The Orchard City of the Okanagan' Valley
The Fruit Lands we offer for sale comprises 3000' acres situated
from one to six miles from the City of Kelowna (Population 1800)
are cultivated and ready for planting, no stumps or timber to
clear away, no mountain side to climb, a rich loamy soil suitable
for the growing of all kinds of fruits and nuts. A Store, Post
Office, School and Church on the property. A rural mail delivery
throughout the Valley. . 'if
The City property to be offered is acreage and 50 foot lots" situated in the choicest residential section, and but four blocks "from
public and high schools.
Thursday, December
at 2 p.
The Company will provide vehicles to, those who desire to inspect the property.
Terms of Sale of Fruit Lands        Terms of Sale of City Property
One.third purchase price  to   be   paid   in   cash,
, balajnce^in. tw,o equal annual payments..  Interest
at 7 per cent!
10 per cent of  purchase   price   to   be   paid Jn
cash.    15 per cent, in 30 days and   balance   in
three equal annual payments, interest at 6 per cent
Railway Fare Refunded [^eaJ!aF£^s ttmMnm™to th?se purchasing property
The opportunity of a lifetime to secure a home in   the   most   favored   fruit   growing   district   of   the
famous   Okanagan Valley.
( For further information and descriptive booklet, write to the
Central Okanagan Land and Orchard Co., Ltd.
KELOWNA, B.C. Or their Agents.
till Continues
The Stock has been reduced below our expectations. But
is yet greater than we wish to carry. A great number left
our store last week thoroughly satisfied with the goods received at our sale prices. But as our stock must be further
reduced there is still a chance for those that have not had
time to take advantage of our sale prices during the last
month. As space is limited we have only room to quote
the following lines this'week which we trust will be sufficent
to give you an idea of how our $6,000 stock is being sacrificed
Women's  Patent   Leather,   2
strap,   a   nobby  evening  or
dress Slipper.
Regular Price      $4.00
; Sale Price.";   $3.15
Men's Patent Leather Dancing
Pumps, best make
Regular Price      $4.25
Sale Price      $3.35
Men's Patent Leather Oxfords
same make as above
Regular Price
Sale Price
$4.25 •
Women's Dancing Pumps   in
Tan and Black
Regular Price $3.75 and 3.00
Sale Price 2.95 & 2.40
Another line of Patent leather
Regular Price      $3.00
Sale Price       2.35
Men's     light Kid,    regular
Dancing Shoe
Regular Price $2.25
Sale Price 1.90
Women's 3 strap, Kid Slipper
Regular Price       $2.25
Sale Price        1.90
Another line
Regular Price      $1.75
Sale Price       1.40
We have still a large number
of those $3.00
Sale Price $2.10
A number of others  in   Women's   and   Men's   that  will
surprise you
Watch This Space To-morrow
J, M. Lang   -  Boot and Shoe Store
KELOWNA,   B.C.. 6
The Orchard City Record
Thursday, Dec 3
^WWW*mMWl?:-i&ZrMi! J ■ jK-J 'frjt^aflsa'f-«M^-^.T3S3SaBESgS23
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Hace for sale the following oarieties:
Jonathan,      Northern Spy,
Wagner,       Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,      Yellow Newton,
Spitzeriberg Duchess,
Lieoland,      Raspberry,
Yearling Trees,
Clean, Well-groton Stock.
Buy at Hoitie and Saoe Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K.L.O. Office, Leon St., or
Manager's Office, at Orchard.^
Mr. S. Sproule first visited the
Okanagan in 1898, having heard
from one and another about its
adaptability to fruit growing, as
■veil as its unexcelled climate. Until
r...is time he lived in Eastern Sas-
icatci.ewan, where ho was interested
in wheat, growing, also managing a
oranch business for the Massey-
iarris implement company. After
i s' ort sojourn here and at the coast
Mr. Sproule returned east, returning
again to this district and taking up
his residence at Okanagan Landing.
In this place Mr. Sproule lived for
three years, finally selling his property there and moving to his present location on Rutland's Bench in
o-c!er to be near good schools. An
interview with him will doubtless be
of considerable interest to our readers and to others interested in this
"How long have you been living
on your present farm, Mr. Sproule?"
"Five years. It was just rough,
uncultivated land when i first came
iiere, a little wheat growing going
on, but no fruit trees of any kind.
L'i ere were no settlers on the adjoining land in those days, except the
ol:-timers who owned large tracts of
land. They did not know then thar
the land was good for fruit, and
raise! mostly grain, hogs and cattle.
All t'.;cir fruit they had shipped in.
Ves, f we only had better shipping
facilities we would have the finest
valley in the west for fruit."
Mr. Sproule put in ten acres of
apples, plums, pears and peaches tin-
iirst year he was here, fifteen acres
more the second year, the third ye.ir
■lanting another five acres, which
ma c thirty acres of orchard out of
the 160 acres which he bought from
Mr. Rutland. *   .
On being asked what he thought
most profitable in the way of fruit,
tlr. Sproule replied:
' Well,    I    think   the   safest   and
ucst   fruit   for   making   money   is
.■/inter apples, for this reason—if you
,'oul I rot sell them at once, you could
:cecp V cm safely.    Now suppose you
ai  summer  apples,   you   could   not
:tppp them.    You would have to sell
•htm right away, and if you had not
i   reaiy  market  they  would  simply
-■poil.    Therefore    you    see    winter
!iul<:---. are more to be depended on.
NText to winter apples I think Italian
mines are more reliable.    You can
keep   these   around   for   some   tim-3
A few suggestions as to the Quality of my goods:
Teas anci
Rex's Bacon
Sole agents
Huntley and
Palmer's Fancy
Pancake  Flour
Imported Direct.
All we ask for them is a
fair trial.
Bottled Pickles. .
A full line in-stock.
Poultry & Stock
Absolutely Guaranteed.
Maple Syrup,
Guaranteed Pure.
Burkees' Spices
The best in
the world.
Crosse & Black-
well's Jams,
Jellies, and
Potatoes, etc.
\.'S**V^"../\^.'» "*
without  spoiling.     With  plums  you
can not do this, as they would spoil."
"What kinds of apples do you find
give the best results?"
"Well, for summer, 'Red Astrrt-
chan,' then for fall 'Wealthy,' for
early winter 'Mcintosh Red,' for midwinter 'Jonathan," for late winter
Wagner,' 'Spy' and 'Gano.' Of courso
there are lots of others, but you know
it would take a book to tell of them
.all. I know these are good, and 1
think they are the pick of all the rest
for these seasons."
"You think the chances for a comparatively poor man are good here?"
"Well, yes. It just depends of
course on the man. The chances are
fairly good for a man with a small
capital if he can apply himself to
garden and orchard work. You
might try to grow grain here, but
you will starve. It is no place for
grain, and cannot compete with grain
growing countries at all."
Mr. Sproule went on to say that it
is no use for a man to try prairie
methods of farming here, giving the
land a rough plowing, then rushing
over it with the harrows. On the
contrary it requires care and
patience, and also continual watching to make fruit growing a success.
"What is the least amount of land
necessary for a man to make a fair
"That is another puzzling question, in this way. A man can make
a living out of five acres if he had it
in orchard and it bearing, but it
might take 20 acres if he had no orchard but had it in something else.
1 would not advise a man to buy
more than about 20 acres if he had
to work it by himself. Of course, if
he had it all in orchard, ten acres
would be plenty."
"How  do  you  find  this compare
with   grain   growing,   such   as   the;
have it on the prairie?"
"The^ profits are much larger, for
the amount of money and labour expended, and of course it is much
lighter work, although it may bfi
somewhat steadier. It requires more
skill and generally speaking it would
be better for a man intending to grow
fruit to work out a bit with a fruit
farmer and so gain experience."
"Have you been troubled with
pests in the orchards?"
"No there is not much yet, and it
is watched pretty closely. We have
to spray regularly once or twice a
year. There is nothing serious at all
so far."
According to Mr. Sproule, it is no
use for one just starting in, to expect to realize any returns from their
apple trees until at least six years
after being planted. Although they
may begin to bear earlier than this,
it is not in sufficient quantities to
pay. This, however, does not apply
to small fruits like strawberries,
raspberries, etc., which may be grown
to great advantage between the trees,
"There s a strawberry patch, said
Mr. Sproule, pointing to a small
patch of about one-eighth of an acre,
"which netted me $100.00 this fall
"Would you go back to wheat
growing after living here?" was the
next query.
"No I would not" was the emphatic reply, "and you could not buy
me to go back to wheat raising at
all. Not but what I think the prairio
is a good place for a young man with
a little capital, but I certainly would
not. go _back„to_grain_ growing,, after
fruit. I have watched that industry
very keenly for seventeen years. It
is a great country alright, but after
my experience at fruit-growing 1
would not go back."
The need of better transportation
facilities appeals to this gentleman
very strongly, and he dwelt on the
necessity of either a railway or an
electric line. On being questioned
about the market, we learn that there
has always been a good demand for
fruit, at good prices. Mr. Sproule
does not think that there will be
enough fruit grown here to supply
the Northwest Territories, particularly with the new country opening up
in the Peace River district.
"How does irrigation compare with
the non-irrigated lands?"
"Of course anybody would rather
not have to irrigate, but where irrigation is not needed, the fruit is
never so good. Generally speaking,
tho irrigated lands are far bettor.
For instance, you take the Coast
now; they grow good fruit there, but
it will not compare with ours. And
they have not the area in those districts where it is moist enough without irrigation to grow fruit very extensively."
Coming near home, we enquired
how the Rutland Bench in particular
was doing. "The Rutland Bench is
practically only three years old, and
by all we can see, it is going ahead in
great shape. It is composed of three
large sub-divisions of about 2600
acres, sub-divided into ten and
twenty-acre lots. These are pretty
well sold out, and quite a lot aro
settled on. .Inside another year or
two, they will all be settled on. Wo
have now a store, post-office and Government school, and expect to have
tho telephone in by New Year's. This
is one of the finest benches for fruit
in the Okanagan, plenty of water,
and  practically no alkali.   "East  of
A purchaser of one of these lots at $1500 reported
his returns this summer as follows:
APPLES (Mcintosh Red), $275 00
VEGETABLES     $40 00
Total, $315 00
We can furnish particulars to any enquirer
at our office.
There are elecen for sale at the same price
$1500, and as the terms are only one-third cash
you can make a good proportion of the second
payment from next summer's crop.
Where can you equal this for an incestment?
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
Pendoza Street.
Will   be   pleased   to   giue Estimates
on all kinds of  Wood   Work, Office
and Store Fittings.
Picture Framing, Cabinetmaking, and
Wood Turning in all its Branches.
Call and See us.
this Rutland Bench there is a syndicate being formed which will start
bringing water on their sub-division,
comprising an area of 10,000 acres.
This will show you how this district
is developing." According to Mr.
Sproule, the Rutland Bench and K.
L. 0. is practically a piece of prairie
with the Okanagan climate, compared to the Kootenay for instance
or the coast. The Nicola he found
pretty level country, but at a higher
altitude and dry, too high in fact to
get the water."
It is an eye-opener to any prairie
man to take a drive thro the district
and see the solid comfort and congenial surroundings in which the
lucky fruit grower is making his
"little pile."
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our  prompt  attention
to mail orders
'Phone 12
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.       ::        ::        ::
J. B0UCH, Proprietor
Jn_ anticipations!
a new building
I will offer my
entire   stock   of
Trimmed And
Untrimmed Hats
Come early and
get   the   choice.
Bellcoue Hotel
Rates, two dollars per day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire. Six furnished
tents  on   lake  shore  to rent.
J. H. Baillie,   Prop.
Mrs. M. Tutcher
Opposite Post Office
Sale sjra^.tnmira^ffi;iwH«T-jg^^
i ■;> i/j's.j'f: jjWftjjtiA ■'
f Si JWRMWi«W:«S56'««
Thursday,' Dee. 3
The OrchardTCity Record.
Leckie's Hardware Store.
Coming here from Hartney, Man.,
in 1.904, Mr. Leckie opened the first
store, devoted only to general hardware, in this city, building his present handsome cement block building
for this purpose and so showing his
unbounded faith in the town. That
this faith was not without good
grounds is shown by his extensive
business, requiring a staff of nine
employees. His steam fitting and
plumbng department is complete in
every detail, and is in charge of Mr.
A. Burnett. The completeness of his
stock too is rarely excelled in any of
the large cities, which is a very satisfactory record after only four years
of business. Mr. Leckie handles the
Hex sprays, which are used so successfully by the Hood River fruit
Kelowna  Manufacturing  Co.
Among other manufacturing concerns in Kelowna, the Kelowna
Manufacturing Co. must be mentioned. Opening up in August of
this year, the firm has been kept at
a steady run, turning out various
kinds of woodwork. All work in the
cabinet makers' trade is executed by
competent mechanics, assisted by
modern machinery. Shop and office
fittings are ptiid special attention by
these people, and their work gives
every satisfaction. A large amount
of their raw material is supplied by
the local saw mills, thus saving exorbitant rates, as paid in some
localities; for imported lumber. These
manufacturing concerns are among
Kelowna's most valuable assets, and
the new comer cannot help but be
favorably impressed with the district
when he sees finished articles of
manufacture made from the raw material, produced here.
Oak Hall Clothing Co.
Another large dry goods emporium
in Kelowna is the Oak Hall Clothing
Co., dealers in men's furnishings,
boots and shoes. After about fourteen months' business in the Raymor
Block, they too had to have larger
premises and have now removed to
the corner store lately occupied by
the Morrison Co., hardware merchants. Since moving they have had
to put in a large stock to cope with
the ever increasing trade, which the
steady influx of well to do settlers
brings.    This is exclusively a men's
furnishings business, and the goods
sold are of the highest class.
J. K. Willits & Co.
Among our professional men, th<j
firm of .]. B. Millits & Co., composed
of Mr. J. B. Willits and Mr. S. A. McKay, prescription druggists, stands
prominent. Coming here in 1903,
they started their business at first in
the building now occupied by Mr.
Knowles, jeweller, moving in 1905
to the large corner block they now
occupy. We have here one of the
handsomest stores in the Okanagan
Valley, with a large display frontage,
and up-to-date fittings. Their dispensary is said to be, and with good
reason, one of the best equipped in
the Province. Previous to starting
here, Mr. McKay was head dispenser
in the firm of J. C. Gordon, which
firm is one of the largest in Canada.
In their stationery department,
Messrs. Willits & Co. supply tht
highest class goods, and expect shortly to introduce a souvenir book of
views of Kelowna, containing 20 5x7
views of Kelowna, the first of its kind
in this city.
James Bros., Electricians.
Messrs. C. H. and G. F. James,
registered as The Okanagan Electrical Supply & Machinery Co., have
now been doing business in this town
since Sept., 1907. Until recently Mr.
C. H. James was chief engineer in
the large Western Canada Flour
Mills at Winnipeg, Mr. G. F. being
second in charge at the same place.
Mr. C. H. was also on the C. P. R.
electrical staff at the Winnipeg depot.
This firm carries a full line of electrical goods and appliances, and expect soon to go in for heating and
water systems. They handle bicycle
repairs and accessories, install gasoline lighting systems, and do general
mechanical repairs. An electro plating plant is to be installed shortly,
when all kinds of metal plating will
be carried on. They are sole agents
for the Ferro marine engine and.
Caille Perfection Marine Engine.
They have also the agency for the
Fleur de Lys dry battery, which is
highly recommended. This firm is
confident that a future of prosperity
is assured, and are contemplating
starting a wholesale business as soon
as trade permits.
Morrison-Thompson Hardware.
The firm of Morrison-Thompsou
first started  business two years ago
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates  Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
as Morrison & Co. The rapid growth
of this city creating more business,
the firm was enlarged to Morrison-
Thompson, admitting Mr. Thompson.
We have here a large and up-to-date
hardware store, with a full line of
goods. Mr. J. B. Wallace is in charge
of the steam fitting and plumbing department. This gentleman was one
of the experts in the Pease Foundry
Co., of Toronto, and his experience
in steam fitting places him in a position to give every satisfaction to
patrons. At the back of the main
store we find roomy quarters for displaying their goods, with a gallery
over-head in the course of erection
This firm will shortly be erecting a
warehouse 25x50 for the storage of
stock. The present building coverc
ground 35x110 in extent. Special attention is paid to hydraulics. The
business lias been growing extensively since beginning, enabling the firm
to carry strictly up-to-date stock.
They have put n a special line of
cutlery for Xmas, and are sole agents:
for the McClary Kootenay and Sas-
kalta ranges, and also Buck's criterion  range..
King's Saddlery.
A good saddlery and harness business is one of the most important
of industries in a farming community
like Kelowna, and we are fortunate
in having a man with as many years
experience as Mr. King, our local
saddler. This gentleman has been in
our midst for the past two years or
more, though it is only twelve
months since he took over his pres
ent business. All his heavy harness
is made on the premises, and those
requiring strong, durable leather
goods should give him a call. Mr.
King wishes to thank his customers
for their patronage in the past, and
can assure them that their custom,
together with new-comers', will continue to receive his careful attention
in the future.
inUji jiiiaHg'aaMBia
The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co*
Notu is the time to get your Stores and Houses
wired for Electric Light. To acoid the rush, call
and see us or drop us a Post Card and toe toill be
pleased to o'we you quotations on wiring or complete
installation of Fittings. We also haoe a large consignment of Fittings which will be here shortly.
Wait and see our Stock before you buy as tee can
saoe you money on your Fittings.
Work Neatly and Promptly Done
We do All-Kinds of Motor and Bicycle Work
Give Us a Fair Trial
MEN'S SUITS OF MERIT       Specials From the Dress Goods
From $15.00 to $30.00
20th CENTURY, New York Styles, cut, designed and finished
"OTIAT TTY"        ky the best Canadian Tailors.
^^*^        side   linings    are   the   best,
Take advantage of these offerings, and remember the Store from whence they come
Clan Tartans,    Good heavy weight, just the thing for Shirtwaist suits or
Children's frocks, 44 inches wide. Regular 75c for 50c yard.
collars, lapels and points, are handmade in Worsteds, Serges and
Tweeds, all the latest and most
nobby patterns and shades, including the bronze and tan effects.
All sizes, and fit guaranteed.
Bring your suit problem  to us and
let us solve it from amongst our
large range, and at a big saving to
yourself.   Prices $15.00 to $20.00
See our new Minto
Overcoats, one of the
newest creations in Coast
The largest and nobbiest
showing of Fancy Vests
ever shown. Knitted
and Fancy Cloths, they
are right up to the minute. Prices $3.50 to 6/<
Wool Panama, All wool fabric of excellent quality, wear guaranteed.
Colors, navy, brown, myrtle, cardinal, wine, black and cream. Veiy
special values at 65c a yard.
New Jerseys and Coat Sweaters from the best
English and Canadian Makers, and are made from
all wool yarn, being warm, comfortable and durable, they appeal to every man who is much out of
doors. To see these garments is to understand
what good values they are at our prices. All
sizes and prices to select from.
The man who requires new shirts will find a
variety here that can hardly fail to satisfy him.
Prices $1.00 to $3.00
This department is fully stocked with Boots and
Shoes for all work and weather. McCready's
reliable make for hard wear, Prices $2.25 to 5.00.
Walk-Overs for the Lady or Gentleman who
wants something of the newest and smartest styles
It is by carrying good. Hosiery and being satisfied
with a moderate profit that has made our Hosiery
business what it is.        These are instances
Women's black Cashmere Hose, seamless feet,
full fashioned legs, excellent value at 30c per pair
Women's rib Cashmere Hose of finest wool and
good weight, values at 40c per pair.
Here the thrifty housewife will
find it to her saving to buy from.
Always fresh goods in stock.
hbshbshs ^ir^sx^^srr^^v^^^^^^^^y^
iK?fi*f K«(H»»|4 J.^.l^i r- *•*, r*J
^jjX.i^.r-J.««^- _
The Orchard City Record
Thursday, Dec. 3
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock of
Electric Light Fittings, Shades, Lamps and
all  necessary  Supplies  for  lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will  guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan :    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair   Prices  and  prompt  attention  to  all  orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  5park Coils,   Spark Plugs,   Oil,
Grease, etc., etc.,
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you  have  an   old   machine,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
Fleur de Lis dry Bailees
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
air<5   VK   SriPrialtv    ^Ur   repa'r   Department   is qualified to  handle   any
ail 5   a   upCUdliy    class of work and  is equipped for repairs of all  descriptions.    Marine   Motors,   Gasoline  Engines,   Steam Engines and  Boilers,  Motors,
Dynamos, Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.    All work done by experienced men.
Mr. S. C. Cosens left on Saturday's
| boat for the Coast.
| Messrs. Builskiii iinil Acland, of
; Okanagan Mission, rcturnu'.l from
j Vonion  last Friday.
; Mr. Martin-Burrcl, member elect for this
j constituency, passed through Kelowna on
I Tuesday.
I Mr. Martin left for England on Tuesday
! for an extended visit.
! Mr. Alex Waters, who is in the employ
i of James Bros., Electricians, left on Tues-
j day's boat for England, where he will
j transact some business for the firm return-
| ing to Kelowna after the early spring.
j Airs. O'Roilly, of Mristol, ling., ar-
| rivi'il in Kelowna last week and is
i staying with Mrs. G. Hassell.
Rev. 1-1. 0. Thorpe returned last.
Friday from Vancouver, where he
had been attending the Baptist conference.
Mrs. 1<\ It. Do I tart and little boy
accompanied Councillor (DcHart as
far as the coast last Saturday, where
they will visit friends for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. B. James
have moved from Gadder Avenue to
the property they recently bought
from Ca.pt. Knight on the lake front.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Colquette of
Golden arrived last Friday. Mr.
Colciuette lias taken the position of
assistant engineer, on the city electrical works.
Mr. A. W. Dalgleish left for a
business visit to Saskatchewan on
| Miss Legitt, of Regina, is visiting
j her sister, Mrs. Gaddes.
|     Mr.   Sturtridgc,   of   Calgary,   ac-
! companied by his wife and daugh-
! ter arrived- on  Wednesdays   boat
and intend locating here.
Mr. Brisbane accompanied by
his wife and daughter arrived on
Wednesday's boat to spend the
winter in Kelowna. They will
occupy Mr. Martin's house while
here. Mrs. and Miss Martin intending to visit friends down east.
Mr. James Trenwith of Winnipeg
i arrived in Kelowna on Monday,
and is engaged in the electrical
works of Messrs. James Bros. Until
recently Mr. Trenwith was engaged
on the C. P. R. electrical staff in
the east.
Mr.   Frank   Mawhinney   is   the
holder of the 2nd. prize  coupon,
issued by the  M. W. Waitt Piano
Co.    This entitles him to a $50.00
[gramaphone.       The   local   agent,
j Mr.   Wilks,   is   jubilent . over   the
! good luck of his customer.
Advertise jour wants in the Record for qirck returns.
Two cents per word, four insertions for price of t'iu'ce
WANTED to purchase, ccnlle driving horse, with* rig and harness.
Adress, Box B, Record Office.
WANT ED— Woman to do  house
work and washing, one or two
days a week.    Address, Box C,
} Record Office.
| FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna
!     properly, a modern seven room
house at Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. Address, Box D, Record
FOR SALE—A secondhand cutter.
Address, Box E, Record Office.
APARTMENTS—Lady has room
for two paying guests, gentlemen.
Address, Box A, Record Office.
Wheji rcnlyintt to advertisements mention that
yon saw it in The Record.
We regret that owing to iack of
space, we have had to postpone
Rutland news till next week.
It is announced that the British
Columbia Legislature will meet on
January 2nd, 1909.
The [account of the lecture on
Fruit Growing by Mr. Heatherwell
will appear next week, owing to
lack of space in this issue.
Mcjannet & Marsden's rig made
things move last night, by running
away, and getting mixed up with
another rig, which unadvisedly got
in its way.
Kelowna   Public  School   Enter
tainment, advertised to take   place
on Dec. 11 th, has been postponed,
pending some alterations   in   Ray
mer's Hall.
The question of a public library
for Kelowna was brought up at
the Council meeting and it was
suggested that the City Clerk should
write Mr. Andrew Carnegie, enquiring on what conditions would
he donate a public library to the
City. No decided steps were
taken in the matter.
A new arrival to our city is Dr. S.
(.!. Richards, V. S., wiio landed here
on Thursday, l!)thinst. This gentleman has been practising his profession for many years in Saskatchewan
and Alberta, and was for ten years
in charge of the veterinary department of the Royal North-West
Mounted Police stationed at Portal,
one of the largest stock importing
stations in the North-West. Graduating at McGill University, Dr. Richards look a post-graduate course in
London, Eng. Me was also for some
time lecturer on veterinary science
at tho Agricultural College, High
River, Alia. Dr. Richards is a valuable addition to our list of professional men, as with the large amount
of stock in this city and vicinity the
services of an experienced veterinary
surgeon arc absolutely imperative.
(Continued from page I)
G. McCurdy,  removing   tree   from
street       I 25
Canadian    Fairbanks    Co.,   Power
House Fittings     46 30
A.S. Cox, rent of Office, Nov     10 00
Canadian Westinghouse  Co.,   Pole
line supplies    198 92
D. Mills, Salary for November     75 00
W. Haug, Cement for Power House  185 25
Hinton Electric Co., Pole line   supplies     92 00
The   meeting    then   adjourned
until Tuesday, December 8th.
Fruit Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
All stock strictly
first-class and home
Catalogue Free
A. E. Boyer
7^7 ~„- itiSTl-7 » ni rr. Mst^f^M^f^^g^
The Leading Store in the Okanagan Valley
Carrying a full Assortment in all the following lines:
In this department we guarantee to
please the most fastidious; always
carrying a complete stock of the
finest and freshest goods on the
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers
In these lines we can certainly suit you to perfection
carrying a full slock of the celebrated Amherst, Ames
Holden and Slater Shoes and the only rubber on the
market, viz:    The Granby.
In this department we certainly carry
the largest and finest stock in the Interior, Suits ranging in prices from
$8.00 to $35.00, ready-to-wear or
Gent's Furnishings
We carry all the latest Novelties in this line, Neckwear
of every description, the celebrated N. G. & R. Collars
and Shirts, Fownes' Gloves, Penmans' Underwear,
Sweaters, Fancy Vest?, Hats, Caps, etc.
In this department we carry everything that is useful
and ornamental. Dress Goods in a large variety of
qualities and prices. Staples comprising, Flannelettes,
Boltons, Sheetings, Tweeds, etc. Christmas Novelties
in Neckwear, Faney Collars, Ties, Motor Scarfs, Fancy
Waists, etc. In Children's wear, we are in the Van.
Everything for the Kiddies that is warm & comfortable
Flour and Feed
A full stock of Ogilvie's Flour, Bran,
Shorts, Chop, etc,, always on hand,
also Feed Oats and Wheat.
Bedding   Department     ^e Carry a^ ^n^ °^ blankets anc^ Comforters, Pillows,
^ ^ etc., in endless variety.
If you are not already a customer of ours give us a trial and we will convince you that this is the best place to deal
p«*'»r.ii>u.y-' ^.aiwisjyi wuui
.-.. i...-y,u..s!ii Lm.u,mii.t,gu i ju..„i jJuuii,.iMuuiwa,:U«j.uiujyj8gis


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