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The Orchard City Record Feb 11, 1909

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/\    _     c     *
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._...\       -, -      « .\-
lokBrintiflg ,„ I
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General  Letterpress
r    Work.
V 7 I- _,-  *
'   *
TiTeOrch-,r-j Qrty  ©-j
_3r-iti5h C$>lum
VOL.1.   NO. 11.
. <■    > '       - ■> -
4 !
y '*<<•■'
i '-\
And   the ' world ' is
^ with you;  Quit and
you stand alone.    „,
Circulation Highest,
Rates Lowest.   ~ f
i    t
Report ,o_, Committee oh the; Matter of. Scavenging -
Discuss Fire Brigade - School Estimates -
.Police Report..   '
■:   The Councl "mef"'i_l"*the' Chamr
-  bers on- Monday  evening; Mayor
DeHart in the"chair," .present; AI-
rdermen    Ball,'  Rowcliffe," Elliott,
* Bailey and Cox.
,■   The minutes of the last meeting
were read and adopted.
The'' following"' correspondence
was read:— _     /
A letter from W. C. Brent,  Tor-
.onto, enquiring if the city intended
marketing any further debentures
this year, and if so furnish him with
. information as he would like to do
fuither^busineis.'with the city. '
-' A? letter from Mussens Ltdi, Van-
'couye\7drawing_/the 'attention of
- the'council to-their municipal -machinery, in case the council wished
'at «_y time to purchase. -
A letter .from R. J. Paul, giving
estimate for which he would attend to the municipal work on
Streets, etc. 7
,• A letter 'from the Gartehore-
Thomson Co., in connection with a
lost pipe, for the city .water works,
giving date of shipment. ^
. A letter from : the - secretary-
treasurer of the city band, "asking
for the half yearly grant of $150.00
as voted for the band by the council of 1908,and asking if the present council intended to repeat this
grant ' \\ -;-o      ': \
7'A letter from'trie ' clerk of, die
..municipal council at" Penticton,
asking for information-.'regarding
the street lamps fori sale by this
A letter from the Bank of Mon-
•treal stating that in order to borrow
money to meet current expenses it
would be necessary to pass an
order in Council authorizing the
Mayor? and .Treasurer j to" borrow
such sums as they -.deem -necessary
to meet the estimated current expenditure ofthe^corporation.
' The following accounts were
submitted, and referred to the finance committee, to be <paid if
found correct:—
Water Works 'time sheet to Feb. 5,$   16 89
Inland Revenue Deptartment, Light
meters, Inspection fees    61 75
J; R. Campbell, wiring Fire Hall...   2^90
J. R. Campbell, Power House sup-  (.,
16 70
James Bros., Power House supplies    8 82
James Bros., office fixtures     14 95
Morrison-Thompson, office supplies 23 95
Morrison-Thompson,    Light   and
Water supplies    61 98
C. R. Trussler, 8 loads of manure
to Power Houre :    6 00
T. Lawson Ltd., gasoline      2 00
Kelowna Saw Mill,  Lumber'* for        ,°
'.   Ught*'p|mt;..f!..,7...(...,.,.::.i    14 20
Kelowna' Saw. Mill,   Lumber for
Office .":      2 45
Orchard Gty Record, printing.'..'.'..   47 40
W. R. Trench, Office  supplies      8 70
A-Kcroiret Marks,' Light account.'.'   775
Ashcroft & Marks, water works ac.    8.-20
D, Leckie, water works account    29.10
Collet Bros,  teaming ,-.,,,.:     6 25
Rom &;How.Vd'Iron Works Co,... 71 04
Canadian "* Ge„er_ r*Electric "Co.,   *• '*'"'
trMsformersj.......-...., ,..-..._ 135 00
Canadian   General   Electric   Co.,
:   Uansformera .' , 207 00
Canadian   General   Electric   Co.,
meters    25 00
Canadian   General   Electric   Co.,
7   Electrical supplies...., 1297 13
Canadian ^Fairbanks <- Co., - water     -    '
works'supplies..". 7.       I 38
Canadian   Fairbanks   Co.,   water ■
i  works'supplies 7.,.'.,.'-.     16 51
Canadian Fairbanks Co., Electrical
work as" easy as"po_sible by having
outhouses so located, as to be readily accessible and with boxes easily
handled. 7
They are "of the opinion that his
^ork is worth the sum of $125.00
per month, the scavenger to provided all necessary appliances,
team, and any extra labour-required.' Mr.'D. Mills being willingto
undertake this work for the current
year at this salary, and on these
conditions, your committee ie-
commend that he be employed,
and that ah agreement be entered
into between the city council and
D. Mills accordingly.' *
This report was under discussion
for some tijne, and the present neglect of some citizens in complying with the sanitary by-laws mentioned.,; The sanitary service of the
city has been before the council
for some past, and as the only way
out of the .difficulty will be to enforced-by Jaw referring to these
matters, the scavenger will be instructed to report all cases where
the law1 is not complied with, and
steps taken accordingly.
-The report of the committee appointed to enquire into the  matter
of raising the salary, of Chief Hidson was submitted and passed.
' ; '.'We, the!' committee appointed
to enquire Jnto  a -'communication
from Chief of-Police  Hidson, beg
leave to report "as  follows:—fhat
wefind chief Hidson to be a painstaking officer, and  that  his renu-
meration for said work is not on a
par with the cities  of Vernon  or
coast cities, the chief in those cities
receiving   from   $90   to  '$125   a
month and two uniforms per year,
therefore   we   the. "committee recommend that Chief" Hidson receive  for    his   services   $80   per
month and uniform.
>' The following estimates of the
necessary expenditure above the
government grant, for school  purposes for 1909, as passed by the
Board of School,Trustees   at their
last meeting, was submitted to the
council.        .   . •
Final payment on'School lots $ 118 72
Overdraft on City funds." 1908  153 57
Salaries: <   '
High School, Miss McNaughton 575 00
Principal   Puplic School, J. R.
Brown .* '.  515 00
1st assistant, Miss Messenger... 335 00
2nd assistant, Miss Wade  215 00
3rd assistant, Miss Hunter.  155 00
did. *
Jan. 15—Received two summons
from Vernon to. serve. Duly
served antl and originals returned.
• Jan.—1"6 Took horse into stable,
left on' street 16 hours." Owner
Jan. 20—About 9.45 p.m., watched several boys going in the 'direction of Chinatown. I followed
them and saw them enter a Chinese
house, and on\ my arrival they
were all sitting in the room smoking "cigarettes. Sent them away,
and severely warned the chinamen
for supply these boys with them.
I received manyr complaints
about the city scavenger, but owing
to the frost it was impossible for
him to attend to his duties
thoroughly. I believe he is doing
his work to the best of his ability^
as I see him out nearly every night
during my patrols. I am confident
that as the nuisance ground is soj
far away, and he •, being "single
handed, it is very hard for one
man'to-keep up with the increasing;
$1.50 Per Annum.
The Advertising of the City is
Discussed—The Future of the
Prize Washington Orchard.
work. As sanitary inspector ' I
would like to meet the health committee and explain my views _o_
improvement in this" important
I am Sirs, "
Your obedient servant,
With regard to the communication from the secretary of the city
band), a committee was appointed
to confer with the band/ and report at a future council meeting.
A resolution was passed," that the
Mayor and city Treasurer be authorized to borrow such sums as
they deem necessary to meet the
estimated current expenditure of
the Corporation of the City, of
Kelowna. - ', ,f
The city clerk was instructed f6
write the Penticton council; offering them the street lamps lately
used by this' city and everything
pertaining to them for the sum of
$25.00 each."
The estimate of the school trustees for the current year, amounting to $3332,29' over and above
the Government grant was accepted.
The council adjourned early in
the evening, to attend the fire brigade meeting, resuming the council business again, later in the evening.
No new business being dealt
with, the council 7 adjourned
till next Monday.
_•!-*_ T^_-.U_.- £•._   A..-.,__
Janitor, Neil Gregory.....'  275 00
Secretary-Treasurer, G.H.Dunn 75 00
"Fuel for 1909.'. >. ,.. 200 00
Insurance on new buildings ft 100 00
Repairs on buildings, etc.,  150 00
Rent for room High School  150 00
Desks, seats, etc  100 00
School supplies  100 00
Possible New Source of Revenue
for Growers of Prize Fruit.
J- supplies,.. ■>....*. .„ .^..i-,5^69
Hinton Electrical Co.,1. :,.'. 189 25
1 Hinton Electrical Co.,...'       33..00
The report of the committee eri-
- quiring into the scavenging service
was submitted to the Council, and
the   recommendations    adopted
Report-L-"Your   committee   have
' made enquires into the scavenging
service and beg to, report as follows :—They found that the scavenger ia considerably handicapped
during the winter months owing to
the unusually cold weather, and
that he has encountered jtrjiaC dif-*
ficulty in very" manjT cases of re-
moving refuse. They would urge
the public to make the scavenger's
*'•*;  J    r.
,(      . ' $3332 29
The police report for the month
ending 31st/January, was submitted:—— "
Police Commissioners   7 '
I beg leave to report the following duties performed by me during
the month ending.
Arrests^—four.   '
■ Vagrancyr-Two^.    \,:' ]
Assault-^One. v       " ""
Disorderly, conduct—One.
Summons served—Two.
Small debt—Four!
" ^Number, of' persons assisted to
their homes-7-Three.
' Jan.19th.—Received call at 3:30
a.rrh,   to   Chinatown,   disturbance
over   game   of   cards.     Advised
ringleaders to disperse, and left all
Jan. 13—Took horse in stable,
left on street over limited time.
xjanv 14—Attended call in company with Dr. Huycke to Lake
View "Hotel,' and "their found in
room 49 a lady "had committed
suicide" j Investigated this case and
advised coroner, Dr. Norris of the
circumstances, A. was instructed
by him to summons a jury/which I
One of the many effects of the
Spokane success is to make nurserymen anxious to obtain cuttings
from the trees which bore Kelowna's prize fruit.
In a letter from a nursery company in Kansas to Mayor DeHart
the company enquires what number of scions can be cut from each
variety that was used at the show,
and at what price per thousand
can scions be furnished them.
The company believe that an
agreement should be entered into
by nurserymen to give greater care
in selecting individuals of each one
of the old varieties that are worthy
of propogation, in order that a perfect breeding up system could be
introduced, and as a matter of
course, first-class fruit cultivated.
A remarkable case of attempted
theft is reported this week by-John
Carsarao. ' During the early hours
.on Monday morning, the inmates
of Caraarso- ranch were disturbed
by'the the barking of dogs, and a
noise iri'the yard." Dressing"* hurriedly, they- went out to see what
was„wrong, dnd.found' that some
quarters of-beef that-had been left
hangingin the yard, had been cut
down. The' thieves however having
disturbed the dogs, decamped
without taking the beef. An attempt was made to track uthe parties, but beyond discovering that a
man and woman Were the culprits,
nothing definite was founds A
reward is Jbeing7 offered for information' leading to the discovery of
the parties.,
The monthly meeting of the
Kelowna Board of Trade was held
on Wednesday evening, president
Pitcairn in the chair.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
A large amount of routine business was transacted,-.and considerable correspondence was laid before the board.
The matter of advertising the
Valley in the Old Country and
United States was discussed at
length. It was felt that the Okanagan Valley should be more widely
advertised than it is at present, and
the matter was left for the publicity committee to deal with.
The report of the delegates to
the Associated Board of Trade
meeting at Armstrong, was submitted by Mr. DuMoulin, and adopted.
The question of what was to be
done with the land won at the
Spokane fair, created a "long debate. The deeds of the property
were handed over to the Board by
Mayor DeHart during the evening.
It was proposed that' the land be
kept and* donated as prizes at any
future National Apple Show.' This
was however, over-ruled, and ra
recommendation made that if" any
land was offered as prizes at all!
by the Kelowna Board of Trade, it
should be Okanagan land. The
members'of-the Board /finally' de^
cided to leave the Spokane property'in the hand's of Mayor DeHart
and Mr.' Kerr to convert into'cash,
and turn over to the Board.
All the cups, diplomas and.medals won at Spokane were turned
over to the Board, and will be arranged in a case for permanent
display. -
Mr. Pitcairn was appointed as a
delegate to' the railway commission
at Victoria, with Mr. Raymer as
alternative. 7 .\
A number of members were appointed as delegates to accompany
Mr.-Lang, Superintendent of roads
and bridges for this district, to inspect the Government work on the
Mission Ctgek.'-and a vote of
thanks to the government passed,
for the work done.       "       -
Treasurers' Financial Statement -   Stock-judging Demonstration for Kelowna - Hunt for Railway Commission.
The annual meeting of the Farmer's Institute was held in Raymer's Hall on Wednesday afternoon at which the election of officers took place for the ensuing
year and the appointment of a
delegate to-attend the Central Farmers Institute at Victoria, on the
27th of this month.
Mr. Dilworth,, president of the
Institute for the past year, took the
. The minutes of the last annual
meeting, Feb. 10, 1908, were read
and adopted.
In commenting on the past
year's work, Mr. Dilworth stated
that during that period, , several
fruit speakers on subjects of interest to farmers and fruit grower's
had visited Kelowna, but the"
meetings, were not as well attended
as they should be. He urged that
members should take an active interest in the proceedings of the
Institute, in order that it might be
of material benefit to the farming
community.' , ,
The Treasurer's financial  state
ment was submitted and passed.
Cash on hand. Feb. 10th 1908. J 69    -   *
Members fees    ..   .. ^  17 75
Legislative grant 55 50    '
farmers generally, and it was urged
that the meeting pass a resolution
m favor of Mr. Hunt.
A committee of Messrs. Dilworth,
Raymer and Wilks were appointed
to write tp .the Hon. Minister of
Railways submitting the following
recommendation :—"We,' of the
Osoyoos Farmers' Institute, of Kelowna,-learn that there is a vacancy
on the Railway Commission owing
to the death of. the Hon/ Thos.
Greenway, and whereas we believe
that the vacancy will be filled by a
western'man, we would" therefore
recommend that Mr. J. D. Hunt be
appointed Jo the vacancy." <
80 93
k'ii-d-k -EXPENDITURE    - .
Return fares" Summerland.7.   4 60
Postage, stationery, etc     5 75
Printing '   2 00
Secretary's   Salary  25 00
37 35
Balance on hand 43 58
The annual meeting of the Kelowna Retail Clerks' Association,
was held in Lequime's Hall, on
Thursday evening last.
E. Wilkinson took the chair, and
the Secretary read the minutes of
the last meeting and also gave the
financial statement.
The business of the evening,
which was the election of officers
for the ensuing year took place,
and it was decided that a deputation composed of Messrs. Goodwin,-Dick, Budden and Currie,
should wait on the merchants of
the city, in respect to the closing of
the Stores on Thursday afternoons,
as was done last year. It was further decided to ask for the early
closing to be extended a, month
longer than last year, making it
from the first Thursday in April to
the last in jDctober.
The following officers were
Presidentr-G. Meikle.
Vice-President—S, J. Currie. *
Secretary—S. Eastman.
^Executive Committee—H. Prior,
T. Treadgold,   J.   McMillan   and
D. Campbell.
The Royal Bank pf Canada have
purchased the corner lot no.l5, next
to the'Rowcliffe Block where they
will shortly erect a new home for
their Kelowna branch. This is an?
other evidence of the rapid growth
of the City as the Kelowna branch
of the Bank has only been established since September, 1907.
Several members complained of
not receiving the usual Government reports and'bulletins in connection with the Institute work, to
which they were entitled. The
Secretary-had taken this matter 'up
with Mr. Hobson, Deputy Minister
of Agriculture, and it was expected
that all members would be supplied
in due course.
It was decided that in future all
members should be notified of Institute meetings by having a notice
mailed to them, as the poster that
have hitherto been used, had not
proved satisfactoey, on account of
some members living out in the
The election of officers took
place, and was characterized by a
strongrdeaire on the part of nom-
inees to give the honor to someone
A letter from the Department of
Agriculture in connection with a
stock-judging demonstration to be
held at Kelowna was read and was
approved of by most, although
there was some objection on the
ground that there was not much
stock-raising here". These objections
were, however, over-ruled by' the
majority, who felt the need of being
instructed in stock-judging. It was
claimed that the last meeting of a
similar nature was invaluable to
stock-breeders, and a resolution was
finally passed asking the'Depart-
to send Mr. Macrae here. Messrs.
were appointed as a committee to
find a suitablcbuilding to hold the
demonstration" ini'
A matter of general interest, and
which is receiving the' attention of
practically all the> fruit-growers in
this part of British Columbia, and
of grain-growers in the Eastern
provinces, was broached by Mr.
D. McLean,- in'- reference to the
appointment of Mr. John D. Hunt
to the Board of Railway Commissioners.- Mr. McLean stated that
recommendations are being made
throughout Manitoba and the
Northwest that Mr. Hunt .be appointed to the Board, and' this
movement isreceiving the endorsement of fruit growers in this district, where Mr.' Hunt holds considerable fruit land.'"< It was urged
that being interes1_d' in- fruit culture,'he would be in a position, to
act for the-best interests of fruit
The Honor Roll for- January.
1909, is as follows:
First Primer Class—B..Davis, S.
Stiff, D. Francis: R. Hall, R. Down!
ing, R. Dahlbery, "'R. Elliott,
I. Copeland! 'A. Bawtinh'eimer.   '  '
Second Primer Class—N., Dahlbery, C. Fraser, T. Crowley, E.
Fletcher.     " *.',•<.    ir  ~
-, Jr. I Class—F. Plaskett, ,G. De-
Hart, D. Forrest, H. Herdman, P.
Marks, G. Pettigrew.'A. Wilson, F.'
Wheeler. '  "\* '     L '>'"'7~"
- Sr.-1 Class—A. StinVV.:Jo'hes, R.1
Leckiec-R Buckland}vB.iGaddes:
R.' Wrik_t,^^allace:i>r' ZU*^
Jr. II- Class—T.7.McMilIan.^M.
Budden. «        <, , -£
Sr. II Class-G. Day, W. Rayme^
E. Fletcher. - -~\
Jr. Ill Class—R. Ritchie, G: Lan-'
gille, G. Silke. <■-,   j    „  ?- <
Sr. Ill Class—O. Pettigrew,-,S.
Cox, H. Marks, J. Kincaid.
Jr. IV Clals-B. Thompson; B!
Fletcher, W. Philps.   " ,v*" • " ' -
Sr. IVClass—W.' ThoVnpsonrF.*
Day, 2. Monford, E. Hall, E. Jones,"
E. McLennan, C. Jones, A. Lemon,-
M. Leckie.
h I
*-7 cf\
a y|
'       "    '.\<-|
"     \r> ,1.
•   ■_
The Summerland .Choral Club,
treated Kelowna to a_^ delightful
musical evening on Saturday last,
and the many expressions of approval from those present, shows1 -
that they made a decided, hit-here... _
llie S.S. Aberdeen brought up-
the members' of the  Club with  a.
good number of visitors from Sum-' '
merland, returning with them after   -
the concert. '• ■'-' -^
Of the many pieces rendered, it^  •;
would  be  difficult to say which;
took most, as in nearly every - inst-;,* '
ance the pieces were rapturously*-
encored, to' which' the  principals"
and chorus graciously responded,":,7
Mrs. Van Spanckeren's readings >
were well received, and this; talen-;'
ted elocutionist held' her' hearers" v
enthralled, in  rendering'of "The   •
going of the White;Swan,''.'as>1weIl   l-
as moving them to laughter, in her "7-51
droll rendering of *The:Yale-Hur-" '<'^
vard Boat-race."'   '   *\;' "7; \:A*' $M
The.most criti'cali(cqi_d]findf no ,  ri^J
fault with the singing, and Miss M.-7- i^l
H. Bartholomew and^Miss.tDavi8on
partiularly good
by   Miss
merited encores... <.,.'••■ •> scin|j.vvrj»ff  _
During the evening Miss7Batfc"-■ - "Vfyl
olbmew, Miss Davison, Miss1 Haines A' \\£
and Mrs. Van Spanckeren^ere re-4,, "i r
cipients of floral tributes^frorn some< "^
admirers of grace and talent? J\ 7=7   ,
The Chorns. was! perfectC in "thV --7»_
harmonious   blending   of: \rbice_, f^:r;->i
>t*--j-J     l***vt-l*»   «Ma_ _I*1..- L.I j.   1 h_17   _       * 1 ^ "V-^8 fjjp_y_#M-_^^
The Orchard City Reeord
11   1   I !!____»_■
r,^;f Hursdauv Feb., lO
We aire particularly well fixed
to execute all your orders for
printing. With new type, new
machinery, skilled mechanics
and every labor saving device
we can do your work quick,
well and at reasonable prices.
Call up 94, we'll wait upon you
The Record Job Print Dept.
Under this heading communications will
be receioed upon nntj subject of interest.
Letters must be signed, bo brief, aooid
personalities. The Editor; does not nee-
essarilly endorse opinions gioen beloio.
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna, B.C.
CHAS. H. LEATHLEY, Business Monager.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising rates upon application.
Cruelty is inborn in every member of the human race, and it is
one of those persistent-relics of our
barbarous ancestors which makes
itself felt whenever the watchfulness of our more civilized nature is
relaxed. A healthy ten-year-old
schoolboy is usually a cruel little
fellow to anything and everything
within his power, but to allow him
to harness, or rather rope up the
household canine to his little sleigh
or cart and then drag it and choke
it along the sidewalks is to say the
least of it not very kind to " man's
faithful friend." Kelowna boys
are no worse and no better than
others"" in this respect, but it is a
practice which should either be
stopped or be well looked after by
the parents and the authorities.
The meeting called for last Monday when the Council was to meet
the public to discuss ways and
means of organizing a fire brigade
came very near to being a mere
farce.. Not one of our many storekeepers put in ari appearance to
help along this business, although
many were loud in claiming the
need of one. Here we have a
lumber yard, furniture store, hardware stores, general stores, besides
many others, and their respective
owners were evidently too lethargic
to turn out to arrange for the protection of their own property. Do
these gentlemen think that the
young men employed around town
are so overflowing with public
spirit as to band themselves together
to protect property when the owners themselves do not care a rap
whether it goes to blazes or not?
Do they expect a brigade formed
and maintained without offering
any inducement? The lack of
interest is a disgrace to the town,
although we can see one or other
of these gentlemen dancing around
in a great state one of these days
in smoke. The interest he will
evince then will be a little too late.
But who will he blame ? Every
business man in the city will be
directly and individually responsible for not having an efficient
brigade after they have had the
chance of discussing this important
matter with the City Council and
have simply ignored it.
The Editor, Orchard City Record,
Dear Sir,—I read in the. Daily. Province
a  short  time  ago the report of a speech
made by an English gentleman at Spokane,
either while the great  Apple   Show  was
being held, or directly after it closed.    I am
sorry that I  mislaid the paper containing
the report, so that I cannot now give the
name of the speaker.   However, he was
the representative of an English fruit salesman, attending the show.   After the show
some  of  the   fruit-growers in the disirict
held a conference with the English fruit
men with the object of firming out what
apples would be likely to find favour with
English  buyers.   This   particular speaker
was reported to have said that a red apple
would not sell in  England.    He   said   the
English taste was peculiar.    The apple in
demand  there  would  be  a  hard   green
apple with a very acid or tart flavor, and
that the British public would not buy the
nicely  colored apple.   Now Sir,   some of
the growers in this valley may have read
the report of this speech, and I believe it is
expected that after the wonderful success
of the  Kelowna  exhibits at Spokane, the
English fruit buyers will endeavour to obtain  supplies  from  this  district.       It   is
possible that some of our growers will purpose planting varieties that  would   be  in
demand by these buyers   for   the   English
market.     Supposing  they   had  read   the
report of speech   referred   to above, they
might conclude that it would be of no use
to plant the red varieties.    Now I am quite
sure that the speaker at  that  meeting  of
Washington fruit growers did not correctly
state the true taste of the British public in
apples.   I have been a grower in England,
and also a retailer.    I was in the business
either as grower or seller for oVer twenty
years, and I think I know something of the
class of fruit in demand there.:   It is true
that neither the Snow, or Fameuse.nor the
Mcintosh Red  would  never  be  popular
there as here.    They would be too soft and
sweet.   The apple for the English market
must be firm, juicy, and of a brisk flavor,
but  of  as  good   a  color  as  possible.    I
always found that a   good   looking  bright
colored fruit sold best.    As for flavor, to
my mind the apple that approaches nearest
to the English taste  of  any  that  I   have
found in this  country  is Grimes' Golden.
I feel sure that if that variety would ship
alright, it  would  become  a,vfavouri^ -I
will mention a few  of  the .varieties 'that
were most in demand on the market.there
three years ago when I left England. .First
and foremost  was  the Blenheim Orange,
always   commanding   the   highest   price,
Ribston  Pippin, Wellington, Cox, Orange
Pippin,  Peasgood's Nonsuch, and Golden
Russett.     These   were   the  leaders  and
always good sellers.     I believe Blenheim
Orang to be one of, if not the best apple
ever raised.,- How it succeeds here I cannot
say, although I have  bought  some grown
in this province;. Certain it is they would
always make a good price if they could be
grown here.    I have grown a large quantity,
of  them,  and   there is nothing to beat it.
It is not a quick bearer though, requiring
three  or  four  more  years   to   come7to
maturity  than  some  others,   but ^ if .the
Okanagan growers really desire or intend
to cater for the English trade, they could
not make any mistake in planting some of
this  grand  variety.    The  varieties  more
generally grown here that I feel sure would
suit the  English   taste  are Northern Spy,
Grimes'   Golden,   Spitzenberg,   Jonathan,
Wine   Sap,  and  Winter Banana.    I hope
these few remarks .will be of interest to
apple growers here,_and, perhaps lead to;a_
By a Kelowna Expert.
The Wife and Her Husband.
There are men and women who seem
to be lacking in an ability to be grateful,
but generally speaking the weakness lies
rather in the expression of that gratitude.
We are all of us thankful for health, and
yet how seldom do we ever mention our
gratitude to God. We are grateful for a
home and friends and yet how often we
forget to mention it. It may be said that
the important thing is the feeling that God
knows our hearts and knows we are thankful and that it is unnecessary for us to be
constantly telling Him about it. Is' that a
satisfactory answer?
Suppose a wife knows that her husband
loves her, is she satisfied with that, fact
and indifferent as to whether he ever
mentions it or shows it > The tragedy of
thousands of homes is that the wives are
yearning for those little expressions of love
discussion  in  your columns which would
be profitable as well as interesting.
I remain, Sir, yours faithfully,
Apples and Insomia.       >
A medical writer declares that the apple
is such a common fruit that very few
persons become familiar with its medicinal
properties. The best thing just before
going to bed, he says, is to eat an. apple.
"Persons uninitiated in the mysteries of the
fruit," he continues, "are likely to throw
up their hands in horror at the visions of
dyspepsia which such a suggestion may
summon up, but no harm carr come even
to a delicate system by the eating of a ripe
and juicy apple before going to bed. The
apple is excellent brain food, because it
has more phosphoric acid in easily digested shape than any other fruit. It excites
the action of the liver, promotes sound
and healthy sleep, and thoroughly disinfects the mouth. This is not all; the
apple prevents indigestion and throat
No less than 1,000 million of cubic feet
of timber are annually cut from the Swed<<
tsh forest,
V c »ri
v  ' \
1ST. y
of showing it, those little ways of appre
ciation, the trifling gifts that mean so much
to every woman,—"The Baptist Commonwealth."
On Saturday, November 7, there were
126,868 paupers in London, of whom 80-
120 were in the work-houses and 48,768
' Emperor William is said" to be effacing
himself. The world-Ways knewjhat he
could do almost everything else, and this
establishes his place as a universal genius.
To the fruit-grower, the most
important operation at present
claiming his attention is the winter
pruning of his trees. There is a
considerable difference of opinion
amongst growers in this district as
to the best time to prune. Some
hold that it is not safe to prune
until March. Others say any time
convenient. My own experience
extending over twenty' years leads
me to support the latter view. I
believe that provided it is not done
during a very severe spell of frost,
it does not really matter whether it
is done in January, February, or
early in March, before the sap
begins to flow much. It is well,
therefore, to take advantage of the
mild weather to get the work forward.
My own practice- is to get the
older trees finished first, leaving the
youngest and newly planted tree3
till the last. If there is any danger
in early pruning at all, it would be
to the newer plantations, so that
perhaps it is .well to leave those
till last. x
There has  been   much  written
about pruning in the various works
on gardening,  and many  illustrations and diagrams have been published showing, or rather attempting to show the   amateur   how to
prune.    It is true of this as of all
other skilled work, that one ounce
of practice is  worth   a   pound   of
theory.    It is one thing to read in
book how a thing should be done,
but it is quite another thing to do
it.    It   is   evident to the practiced
eye that there, has been a lot of
inexperience  shown  in   the ~ way
this important work has been done
in this valley.   Some growers seem
to think that pruning means just to
cut  off every  shodf to   a certain
length, regardless of the position of
the shoot.    Others think that it is
good   to   cut  out  all   the  weaker
growths and retain all the stronger
ones, no  matter   how many there
be.    The most common mistake is
to allow the trees to become too
crowded   with    ill-placed   shoots.
These in time grow into branches,-'
which later on have to be removed,
the result being an ill-shaped tree,
and much waste of growth, which
might have been directed into its
proper channels.     Very few men
seem to pay any attention to what
bud   they  cut  back to.    They do
not consider that according to the
position of the top bud they leave,
so the twig which is produced from
that  bud  will  grow in either the
right direction or the wrong.   Certain it is that this most important
branch of a* fruit-grower's work is
very imperfectly understood.   It is
not  to  be wondered at, perhaps,
when    one   remembers   that   the
majority of the growers have been
new to the work, and have had no
practical knowledge of the calling
before taking it up  here.    I have
seen  orchards in  some  parts   of
England  where the farmer, when
he was short of firewood, could go
and get his winter supply of wood
from his apple trees, and still leave
plenty of wood in the tree.    Needless to say that was not the  man
who was making apple growing a
paying proposition.
You may be. sure that it is a
mistake to practice on young trees
if you are not'acquainted with the
wdrkT^'Therfbundarion ~of -a~good
well-grown profitable tree is laid in
its youth. The most skilful pruner
cannot make an ugly ill-balanced
tree into-a well-grown specimen.
Several new growers have said to
me this winter :.•■" Oh, I guess I will
try to do my own pruning. I don't
know much about it, but I will
learn." They are more likely to
spoil their trees in learning, unless
they employ a skilled hand, and
take notice. The art of pruning
has to be acquired by an apprenticeship, and is not learnt in a
season. There is much that could
be written about this subject.
Different species require special
treatment. What is right for the
apple would be wrong for the
plum, and the peach needs a different method from either. I purpose
dealing with peach growing in a
future article.
In conclusion I would impress
upon the grower who .wants to get
the best results to see to it that his
trees are properly and intelligently
pruned. He wjll be well repaid
for a little outlay. '
Old Country News
The Mad Mullah.
The Somali Mullah is reported to have
killed a large number of friendlies, and
has recently looted more than 20,000
camels. The British force in the Protectorate is being strengthened in view of a
possible attack by the Mullah.
Lost or Stolen.
A new type of torpedo, the construction
of which has been kept secret, has been
mysteriously lost in the English Channel,
and divers are searching the sea-bottom
off Portland in an eflort to recover it. The
torpedo is the invention of Engineer-
Lieutenant S. Hardcastle. It is of the
21-inch type, with the enormous range of
7000 yards—2000 yards more than any
other torpedo in existence—and it has an
average speed of 31 knots, which is sufficient to upset all ordinary gunnery calculations and practically revolutionise naval
_0,000 Words an Hour.
The Post Office has sanctioned a series
of experiments in high-speed telegraphy
between London and Paris on the Pobak-
Virag system, by which it io possible to
transmit 40,000 words her pour, and for a
short period 50,000 per hour. Under the
present Wheatston system the maxium
speed is about 400 words per minute.
The Barbaric Hatpin.
All last year managers and aggrieved
playgoers of the male sex waged war upon
the matinee hat. Some successes the
campaigners achieved, but the oppressor
was never decisively routed. The Auster-
litz or the Marengo of the matinee hat has
yet to be recorded. The thing is with us
in all its terror of threatening brim and
soaring plume again this year. But its
opposite, the small, close-fitting "toque," is
making headway, so that the evil" at the
theatres is a little less rampant than it was.
But if the hat tends to shrink, the hatpin
is bigger and brighter and more murderous
than ever. It has a steel blade like that of
a small baynet; and the hilt or head of
this lethal weapon is sometimes a great
disc of silver, sometimes a huge cameo or
adornment in horn or ivory, sometimes an
iridescent ball of enamel and jeweller's
work. To have an object of this sort bar-
barically twinkling between the eye and
the stage is another and a real grievance of
the man in the back rows of the stalls.
Where next, he wonders, will feminine.ingenuity break out ?
Woman's Superiority.
We believe that a referendum of the
women of Great Britain would show that
the suffragettes are in a small, if noisy,
minority. Women generally get their way
in the long run; but the clever women realize that in getting what is called political
equality with men, they would soon enough
be surrendering something much more important—their charming superiority over
the other sex—"Times of Natal.''
A certain man had a disastrous experience in gold mine speculations. One day
a number of colleagues" were discussing
the subject of speculation, when one of
them said to this speculator:
"Old chap, as an expert," give us a definition of the term 'bonanza'." • ■
, "A 'bonanza'." replied the * experienced
man, with emphasis,'.' "is' a hole* In the
ground owned by a'champion liarr—>
Pick-Me-Upl     ,    ir..    ■    '       .   . .     '
Canadian Partners to Tour England.
The Canadian Government, following
the precedent set by it in former years, has
arranged for the visit by a number of Canadian farmers of British extraction to various parts of the United Kingdom. About
thirty farmers have been selected, of whom
twelve have arrived in London. They will
be followed by the rest of the delegates.
The duty of these farmers is to make a
tour of the agricultural districts of Great
Britain and Ireland, explaining to persons
interested in the subject the conditions of
life in Canada and the opportunities for
settlement on the land, not only in the
Westrbut aiso iiraii'the provinces-in~the"
Dominion. Their ohject is to enlighten
those engaged in agricultural pursuits on
the possibilities offered by the pursuit of
agriculture in Canada.
Lord Aoebumj on Suffragettes.
"Virages who disturb public meetings,
and who bawl in the House of Commons,
bite stewards and kick policemen have no
claim to represent, nor are they entitled to
speak in the name of the women of England," are the sentiments expressed by
Lord Avebury in a letter to a correspondent. In addition he says, "I am not satisfied that the majority of Englishwomen
wish for the franchise."
■ ' >
Neto Prjson at Isle of Wight. ^
The erection of the proposed new prison
for habitual criminals, decided upon last _
year, in Parliament will comme"hce shortly
in Parkhurst Forest. Over 30 acres of
forest'will be appropriated for the purpose
of the new prison; which will be in the
nature of an experiment.
Figs, Dates and Candies, of all kinds
Grapes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Lemons, Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes, etc."
Local and Foreign Grown Onions.
Baker and Confectioner
Fresh Buns, Cakes, Scones, etc., daily.        ^
Car Lake of Woods Flour due this week.
PHONE 39.-    -    ?'
TOTAL ASSETS-$49,000,6o0.6o  "'      >   ,
£ B. DANIEL, Manager
» .B.C.
Orchard City Realty Mart
Small House on a 50 ft. by 120 ft. lot, close in,
rent well. ~ Price, cash, $# 1,050; on time,'
$1,150. -       * .     \     *.,      .'
Cottage on one acre, in good locality, $2,100,
easy terms.
Stable for rent.
Empty Your Lamps
•*.»<>' . _■
Geo. E. Ritchie
::   :BUILDER '.•;,
i      ► ■• t «
Plans and Estimates
on application.   .
Box 106 -' '- Kelprona. ,
Put in New Wicks, and fill;,up
with the New High Test Coal
■ '     ■__.    'i
Oil. ~ This will; vastly improve
-I .',
. ti- >, i
i-< «_    u
.* * ' .   1 _ I'
'   .      1       ''I ( l!
I    I t      <.„
(> >•
Hardware Store
* i—»vi
.v. yhursday, ,Feb. 16
'The Orchard City, -tecord.
Did You Ever Think Of It
-    .        A Well Furnished /House will give  you
more pleasure and solid comfort for the
y>A,-Aamount 'ofil money • expendecl"' than   any-        "   '
^. :7:  ,-thihg else in:which you-can invest.   .: ..
Is cheap, all else is dear  at  any  price.
We only keep the best, and sell it at  a
* reasonably, low price.     Think   this over,
then inspect the' stock, at the   .. *.. .. .:
How   the  Treasury  Vaults  at
Washington Are Protected.
Kelowna. Saw-Mill .Company, Limited
'   ""/    '        Manufacturers' bf all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
.   . ,     . .r Dealers in all kinds|-_
Orders filled in Short notice
Always on Duty and Always Prepared
|    to Shoot to Kill—Never Has a Dollar    Been    Taken ■ From   Them   by
Force—One Daring Scheme.
Not u dollar bus ever been taken
from the United States treasury by
tone " %  -•
Perhaps the nearest approach to looting the vaults of the treasury was the
time Martiu Ut midfoot bad-his plans
alum i perfected 'I'hls was back In the
eighties, and the plan was to get Into
the building li.\ means of the great
sewer which runs under and neur the
treasury nud I* known as the Fifteenth
Btreet sewer mid which grows larger
as It enters the Potomac about three-
quarters of t\ mile'from the White
Bouse  ' -' '
Broudfoot's plan, as developed after
( his arrest, was to get into the building,
crack,tbe safes nud'place the money
in large rubber bags and flout them
down the sewer to th® Potomac, where
his pals would be, in waiting ^ These
bagrf were found in tjis room when be
■was arrested.'tiiru secret service men
.had often seen lilm walking along the
shores of the Potomac near where the
big sewer empties. This sewer is
about nine feet~in'dlameter where it
passes the ti«iMiry. ^A*nian could
easily Mint !r Ii!- way, up the hewer
thiniigh a -in-im of water.;\vbicb un
\ dei   normal  n i    <|<ins ln'-only  about
>    ttte'\e    l"l l|.'r   (
R. A. McGee. of Wolsely. Sask.. was a
visitor to Kelowna last Friday. -
H.   Murrell,  of   Short's' Creek Range,  trie Lighting and  Power   Service'Mains
Short's Point, visited Kelowna last Friday. Wfor'the inspectipn'of fa interior wir-
Mr. Hamilton, of Peachland'spent  last  ing will be received at the City Offices'on
Manufacturers' of '-"> -' ** ^
Builders',. Brick Drain
„ Tile and Hollow Brick
■PHQNE 96, .1   ...•■:, 7 KELOWNA
portrait and Landscape
: Photographer
Portraits by appointment only.    ' "v
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Come and make your appointment!
fi"  tty entering the
tuuiii-i ii-    "••,!•    * the river,the Jour
_<•>  m il.i -i   -       v could lip"'_ade by
kei-iu i«  ,i    i|.n     jiokotit     When  the
tiiiin ..I  i.i.i n<     i* sewer reached the
FiMei-iiili mii-,-,    ,.wer nothing would
sepii,He iiu'iii i    ni the gold coin mid
bullion I'ut'ii'  .,   mt eighteen feet of
eiii-ili nud  !)■ t   i>.) secure stone wall
It u:is Broiitl; imt's scheme to dig his
wa>   through" tins" obstruction and to
let the earth rln.it or wash down-the
sewer    It would not have taken one
man  more than  two weeks,  working
only ut night, to have made an opening
large   enough   for   a   man   to' crawl I
through     Of course Broadfoot  knew
the exact, location of the vaults.-and
when he once reached them he would
have hud "no tronMe in getting the gold
coin niid bullion    It was evideutly hi*
-puipose to Allelic robber bags with
the precious stuff and float them down
the  sewer  to  ilu>   river,   where  they
would be looke' after by his confederates' This wits the only really well
laid" plot e>er'inmle>to"loot the treasury    and    lust   why   Broadfoot   wis
ne\ ei   given   n   trial  has .never  been
known to the pulilic.   He was an intPl
ligent   mini,  am]  suspicion   was   first
aroused iiguinsi   lilm 'by his frequent
vl-slts fii'ilie money rooms and vaults
and h\  the i|iiej-rions he asked watchmen and  mrxM'ii .'crs as to the hours
of dnty^wheti .ihe time\locks closed
and  what'time'ihey opened, and all
such ijneMloii*.     That he could have
FiicM'f«fi|||y earned'out  his plans so'
faf  as getting  Into the  building and
the  vaults ate mncerned there is no,
question,   for  men   have  been  In  the
sewer and  conduits  who say  that It
wouldhave l-ren easy work.   The most
difficult  part  or  the Job would  have
been in getM:ig away with the nionej
and bullion  for l» would have required'
hard nvork u\ se< nre it and get away
About   theJ only   chance   would   have
been to bury it somewhere in Virginia,
foi   it it had bee;i. placed on boats It
would ijave been easy to recover it.
It Is die opinio!) of the secret service.'
men  Hint inaiiy celebrated cracksmen
hiiM- frtipi. time to time contemplated
tl) inversion of a few million treat.
nn note-! to their own use, but aftei
careful snulj - they have decided that
the iindertakiii-1 was too colossal In
eb.ii icter     Set rer.iry Folgt>r when he
Friday and Saturday in' town
W. Gay left for Vancouver on Saturday,
where he will stay two or three weeks.    '
C. C. Keeley left for Penticton on Monday for a business visit.
Mr. Jos. Glenn of Indian Head, Sask.,
left on Tuesday for his home, after visiting
his brother here.
Mr. Chas. Henderson and wife, of Oxbow
Sask., are staying in town on a visit to their
daughter, Mrs. S. C. King.
Rev. H. P. Thorpe left Wedneoday for
Victoria, to attend a meeting of the Grand
Loyal Orange Lodge.
Mr. Sutherland, Inspector of Public
Schools in this district, was in town this
week inspecting the schools.
F. M. Buckland returned on Saturday
from Penticton, where he spent the most
of last week, disposing of his business.
J. F. Watkins, Manager of the Summer-
land Review, was in Kelowna on Saturday
with his wife. ''
A surprise party  visited  the  ranch  of
Mr. S. Sproule last ^Thursday,  and  spent ,
an evening with music and dancing.''
/jC_hie >toO':'
Hectric: Light Notice   M___L_2_N
j /J        hi. , . ,   .    .
, av        —  >,-'■   ' ,tor;a.{
Applications for connection with'the Elec- I     /^<-v J   ^I^^*,
-. • i..       .■__.,.            uooa, viean
1  j    *    *
Fresh Candies, Fruit and
Tobacco  ,
and after Nov. 20th..       \
■ City Clerk.
Advertise in The Record
It Pays
It Will Pay You
To have T. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
Paperhanging a Specialty
Prices    reasonable   and    satisfaction gnaranteed
Address, Lake View Hotel
Call arid see us
Get your name on
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
. City Record, j; „•
A. McGEfi:
neatly done".
All toorh guaranteed first-class.
All,kinds-0- Furniture
• Repaired.
' >      , I       ■   .'t     f",-r;
Address, Post; Q._ice"- /
or Shop, cor. West of K.V.O!office..
Geo. James left on Saturday for Sicamous
to meet his wife who is returning from the
Mrs. L. Hayman returned on Monday
from the Coast, where she < has been
spending the last three weeks.
A. J. Clarence, of Peachland, passed
through on Friday's boat, on his return
from Revelsloke, where he had been attending a meeting of fruit growers.
Geo. James returned from Sicamous on
Monday, accompanied by .'his'wife who
has been visiting in the east during the,
winter. .     "•     rf -
Jack'White was'in town for a few days
last week, after having' been a stranger ror
some time. He was accompanied by his
aide-de-camp Frank Bird.
i r
Mr. Jas. A. Ramplin has been visiting in
Kelowna during the past week, in the interests of the Canadian, -Order,' of jhe
Woodmen of the World, which was planted in Canada in 1890 by Mr. Ramplin. He
was, we regret to say, advised of the serious illness of his wife, and had to hurry
home, leaving on Tuesday.     ,    -
Send me your tree bill for my estimate.
KELOMNH, B.C.     A     P.O. BOX/364
• I furnish the oeru finest grade off'CENUINE
responsible-firms furnish inferior" grades.
Yearling Apples on 3 Year-Old Roots
.      PIPPIN, Etc.. ,   *":.'
All First-class Trees, 3f£'to'_ft. Grade'7' nI '-Jl1 'J
Price, $22.50 per 100, 500, 19c. each.
R.T.HESELW00D, Agent for   -"->■■ '
aitianp Mvxtvit&, lire, Sltomp,-©re.'
To the wife of f;red Marcelay, on Monday morning, a girl.   ~ l'-
To  the  wife  of Mr. Henry Buntch, on
Tuesday, a girl.   ^ "'l
as>«iiiiii.il Ii|m (iiiiics was not slow In
aVtilliiK   tli.ti   tin'   treasury   was  not
pioiuTly  anil  f,'!.>ly  guarded.    T_w
w.is nut mi piiTiric alarm In the build
Iipj   tlio wiitchitifii were Isolated nnd
hint nn fni-mtlc.-. for calling holp. ntul
tin- -iifcs wen- or the old time lock and
k<«> sort w-Mtti'ij-d almost nil over the
lily  IhiIIiIIi'ij:    'I he secretary went to
work to lirltMj nlimit a proper coudltlon
or iiflrnlrM    He hud the watch system
coinpli'tely  l-luii'ri'd  and  reorganized,
puttlnu tin-in iiii.Ut tbe strictest discipline    Klnlioriit*' and extensive alarm
Bynfeiiw wm> Installed.   The old safes
*"»•«'replm'wl -by modern steel affairs'
with tlun- locks mid Intricate combinations.   Tbe gold and sliver vaults were
fitted   wltb   stet^  casings, and   time
locks, different parts of the combinations being distributed among various
.officials, so'thni .the vaults could be
opened only wltb th© concerted action
of all of thetft. and then only at the
stroke, ofLthe. hour .for which, the time
look* had Inyij net.   But without a per-
fe<-rsystem of wntchmeu to guard tb«
puffs the tivusurv could be easily rob-
JkhI.   for the most perfect safe ever
nimUv Is not'proof against the profes
■.Tljj'.wiitfh, lone of, the treasury Is
pertt'ctl)  oi'gnnin'ii, and the least In-
fi'iietloifi-nr iiiiev means a layoff or dls-
clmige    The ii'ci seem to realize tho
heavy    res|ioii><|i|l||ties   resting    upon
them, mill tlie.v n ^'"careful almost to a
fault..   The wutclt,;Js*,divided Into three
.reliefs., ^thetf tdiii -off duty (instlug  for
.elglii ln>iiri^- llowovcr, the;wutcb does
_oi>iiutlci|iiiieviur attack  by  robbers,
but they are pi'ejured for any emergen
cy. and they will not be caught napping should one ever lie made either iu
flight or by day    Rncb watchnrm i-i i>
regular walking nrsenn). nnd  tii<> hi
■tructtoiM are to shoot ,and aho.r te
klU. .    Av      '  \     .
\ ^Grenfell News:,
The first • wedding in • Weldon Union
Church was solemnized on : Wednesday,
Jan. - 24th at 3' p.m.,-when Miss M. May
Perry; daughter of- Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Perry, was united to, John H. Hodge hy
the Rev. W. P. Adam.^ Miss Gladys
Hodge, usterof the groom was bridesmaid,
while Clarence Hodge acted as best man.
Mr. Isaac Jones, jun., officiated at the organ.
After the ceremony a reception was held
the home of the bride's father. After the'
usual toasts had been given, a most enjoyable evening was spent The bride was
the recipient ofrmany handsome presents.
The King's Hotel has recently undergone
I iiu
v t
'•. '>  ,_f.'ft
new management
"' '
The Minister of Militia and defence has
authorized  the  formation  of a mounted
cadet corps, known as "The Grenfell 16th
Light Horse Cadet  Corps," with .head-
quarters at GrenfeJI, Sask.   The following
officers were appointed:  Cadet Captain
Miles W. Brown, Cadet Lieutenant G. W.
Baker, Cadet Lieutenant J, McLeod, Acting
Cadet Lieutenant Supernumerary Arthur
King, ,and to be Cadet Squadron Sergeant
Major, Andrew,Patterson. i.
Weyburn Notes.
iJ l      11 ,    »        ,,
; > Mr. Arthur Colwell of 5-18, was brought
intotown tq the General Hospital early this
month suffering from typhoid fever.
Mr; John Armfield is a patient at Dr.
Eaglesham'a hospital suffering 'from a
broken arm and jaw. >
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. I.
Thorsen died at the home of Peter Thorsen
on the 2nd inst,      v
Is hot only an art, it is also ,._
a business, which to ;}ex-
ecute prpnipdy''j3_Qd^.a!t''a*.t^
reasonably"price,^^ requires"","'
a complete modern plant,
nanaiea Dy-experts. ,"'    .7"
."AS I
i-i,' $i
-  'Al
AH this is at your* ser-
1        wil of ."/'ir:'.
vice, and we can promise ,-.
you a pleasant surprise?
when you place your riextf
orderwithtis. if
- vv
.., Hallrume—I really got a good square
rdeal at our boarding-house today.
,Doutter,-.Oh I come now— -i
Hallrume—Fact. You see, Starboard
and I tossed up to see-who'd take both
our positions, and I won.—Catholic Standard.and Times.
' Parson—Do yo' take dia man  fo' better
or,fo'worse>        '   '   >l        •"    •■■
vi Bride-elect—Lan sakes, pahson.-how kin
Ahv_U so'soonI—Qrcle. ■"  >  •■
job pimp
->■. c
77     /  )V}U
7 v _
ri   -Cc*tf 1
■ ,,.'f'_l
>' -
#„_; :_JTQ^d;|^|lt^rtv
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A.Sc.,C. E., D. L.S., B. C. L.S,
Kelowna,    B. C.
Assoc. Mem. Can. SocC E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137 " ■ KELOWNA
Office:    Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Glub
Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd
P.O. Box 118 'Phone 66
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.,
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets  all  C.P.R.
boats.   All kinds  of heavy  team
work. 'Phone. 20.
Orchard Work.
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.
JOHN CURTS .,.;..;■:
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
Fire, Life, and Accident
Insurance.    7
Money to Loan.
Rutland News. \
7 (Contributed) .',..." .77
■ '.       ■' '   ' L . > -< . 'J   i. '   ■ '.■■ v   fi
'"'  Mr. Wm.  Gay   left   for  Vancouver  on.
business on Saturday last.
An interesting,gathering. tflpk,,;pl.a.ce on
Friday last at the home of Mrs, D,,E, McDonald, under the auspices of' the Adultj
Bible Class of Mount View Methodist
Church. After the business : part ■ of the
program was gone through'with, many of
those present participated in Vocal and.
Instrumental music. A few new, members
were enrolled. A light lunch and coffee
concluded a very pleasant evening.
The Quarterly Official Board Meeting of
Mount View Methodist Church , was held
on Thursday last at the Church arid much
important busineas gone through. Among
other items, a Trustee Board was   formed.
The weather in Rutland district has been
beautiful for the past week and preparations in the way of buildings are; being
made for the. spring opening. May an
abundant crop be the reward of a diligent
sowing this year.
What is the matter with calling the .Dry;
Valley School the Simonian Institute ?
Very appropriate. No.other.in the Valley
of the same name.
Snoring and Cioilisatjon.
It is a truism that no one ever heard of a
snoring savage. In fact, if the wild man
of the woods and plains does not sleep
quietly he runs the risk of being discovered
by his enemy, and'the scalp of the 's'norer
would soon adorn the, belt of his crafty
and more quietly sleeping adversary.
With civilisation, however, 'we have
changed all this. The impureT air of our
sleeping rooms induces all mariner of catarrhal affections. The nasal passages afe
the first to become affected. Instead of
warming the inspired air on its way to the
lungs, and remjpving from it the dangerous
impurities with which it is loaded, the
nose becomes obstructed.. * A' part of the
air enters and escapes by the mouth. The
veil of their, palate, vibrates between the
two currents—that through the mouth and
the one still passing.through; the partially
closed nostrils—like a torn sail in, the wind.
The snore, then, means thatthe sleeper_
mouth is partially open, - that ;his. nose is.
partially closed, and; that hisJ lungs are ini
clanger from the. air* hot being properly
warmed and purified. From the continued
operations of these causes—the increase
of impure air in sleeping rooms and permitting-habitual snorers to' escape:killing
and scalping—some scientist has predicted
that in the future all men (and, all women,
too) will snore. It goes;along:with, decay
of the teeth and baldness.—"Health;"      \
Some of Earth's Failures. |
For one wishing to. study "the ways of the
lowest dregs of- this earth, I wojild advise
him to give the slums of London a rest,
.and watch the^throngs.;who^;besiege .the
offices of the agents who undertake/to
supply the cattle-boats; with;. "help"^ at
Montreal. German^and ARuwian Jews,
Dukhobors7ltalianst negrojss. broken-down
"Sharks" and "confidence men" from jthe
large cities of' the -'nited* States,' - one-time
monied youths from the larger English,
towns, who in a single, month (or less) in
New; York;. Montreal or Toronto have run
through the capital given.them to start gup
in business, and are ^returning on the >off
chance of getting more.^AU bustling and;
hustling each other after, the same prize--,
a free passage to London, the home, and,
often the grave, of the: desperate. ;,
,-..,. "■'•    .•;..-: "The Captain
; "1want to get a: mitten, please," said the
little girl, "if.it don't cost too, much." 7 ,
Oh'I: you mean; a pair,?>f ; mirtins, don't
~ '"    tKe^ho; '
you, my child ?f^hed-the-8hopkeeper.--
"No; just only one ;'one that's suitable
for a boy that's goin' to], propose and be
rejected."—The Catholjc Standard arid
Timea. i   *   , ;■
■ Our Optical Department was 1 n,ey<e£
as complete as now, and the success •we^ar.e;
having with our work both in and o$7io|
town is evidence of our competency.
All sizes of lenses kept in stock, and.
almost any 'style,' of mounting i^ginab^ 7-7
We!make a Specialty of.   , *•«&*«£
High-class Rimless Glasses.
The Jeweler and Optical
Kelowna, B. C.   -
: ,K-*ii7'^-i,-i^*t^«
&■;/#,{ ^KSKJT^X*::^"^^
■■•a :■■ ::■ £& ■K^fedfe.^^^^
—: —_ i __ j__ £«»_' ■';li^_''"^____-v"i_U_'w*':£^^
.,...;   ■::■■■ ANGLICAN ;7,-. :■:
St. Michael an_ All Angels' Church.
! Holy. Communion, first and .third. Sundays ih-the   |
second and fourth Sundaj
'-'■ Morning:' Prayer.
month at 8 a.m.; second and' fourth Sundays, after ?j
; Litany, on the,first and.third Sundays.
Morning Prayer si 11 ".'.■o'clock1;   Evening Prayer at.;
.'        .,;..• : : 7-77:30.. „.;:-.  ;:.  -v>.^!; l-.i'H
REV. THOS. GREENE. B, A,', Rector;." 7
WmmmmmmSmmill 11
!; PRESBYTERJAN 7.-   ;    ;
Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna. '
Morning Services at 11 a.m.;evenine8ervicesat7:30
'"    P.m."- Sunday School at 2:30 p.nV.       •
Weekly Prayer Meeting on "Wednesdays atiBj p.m.
Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.
Afternoon service at 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 p.m.
REV. A.-W.'K. HERDMAN, Pastor.1      .'
* no~
^S;j':hop|f :i;an|l^eile^d. iWj^
ef_dirt_r in; .lie coming ^eair
for seliiite the BEST __)-liWsf 7
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m,
■   Sunday Sch'bolat 2:30 p.m._      '
Midweek service "Wednesday at 8 p.m,..,
REV. J. H. WRIGHT, Pastor.
BAPTIST - ■     -
Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice- St. '
Sabbath Services at' 11 _m; and -7:30 p.m. :
Sabbath School at 12:15 p.m.', All welcome./
REV. H. P. THORPE, Pastor. '.''•'-•
:■'%:■- ■
we mean to
Conducted by the Ladies of the Kelowna branch •
of the W. C. T. U. .'„;.
Otoen Sound Sustains .he;Bu-Lati);5
and Nineteen Other Plaices 7 ,';;_'
; ;r.;     Carry it.   'y,.^AAA;A.
Toronto;Will Cub .Off Forty ^Bars;;
This has been a great week for the closet
ing of bars, in .pntarip.^by^^'opul^-'.v^li.
On. New, Year.V Pay.the electoialof.Torgrfto „
by a (majority.ofnearly a, thousand, fV!qted7
to reduce the 1^0 liquor bars.. of: j thatj:city';
to-100. On Monday at the Municipal ele^c-i
tions there were 'local option-;contests }inv-
one hundred'and sixty-five; municipalities,:
and- the result over the field, as a;*wholeV *
was very 'satisfactory to the ' opponents'' of;
!the licensing.system. '•'■■ '.'. ■•''■ ;•;' -1 ;'" |7.:
■ Special interest attaches to, those , places:
inwhich the questions of: issue wm the"
maintenance of' local >prohibition,' which:-
had been adopted three years ago. 'There;'
were contests> in?" thirty-one / places, and.
from many of the more important returns
-ame.early^to'hand.'v7:' .•■/•.':- A^'AA'
Of twenty-two places, only"bne,:the -village of Hepworthi. voted. to.,repeal the by-,,
law, and the vote there'had, been' adverse i-
when it formed part of the adjoining town- .
places as the cities'; of. Owen" Sound »n^
Collingwood,1 and the' towns and villages of;
Southampton, Grimsby, Beamsvillei Stouff-
ville, Richmond; HiHi artdi Tara-'i 77;,
i - In:' several, important.centres .the;, local
option-byilaws;were'defeated  hyi straight
majorities, and;in;SOme, where there iwejre ■
majorities, there wasiai failureto obtain the
necessary,'three-firths.   The- unfairness; of
ithis. handicap ia.tooK glaring^ to;; need:; ern^.
.pha8_ing.-:;^;.; '■:;.--.',.->77-'""•;.•■'''';' >»'.;'7*^-''::! •'
,; .■ Naturallyf public interest-was wrought up
to high pitch in,all the  contests,:"but all
.'eyes .were,turned, on Owen Sound, .where.
the-liquor party had. concentrated)all-their
forces in.ah endeavor to gain a spectacular
victory, rTheydismally.failed.ilqcal.optiqn1
not only being triumphantly sustained by.a
majority of 193,' but every' candidate who
_-i_.!-j_«.i.- i-^-i __.:_^ __).-.-.._.-i__».J	
—CtOpLCU -in-"lOCai"OptlwlI'Wl.^cv w„5_.wyi-
At no point in the province had there been
such a dead set made upon' local-option.
•The campaign for its defeat  had ■• been* in
progress actively for the past  six .months.;
The anti-optioniita first got to work on the
voters' lists, and made a strenuous effort to
cut off 'a large number of' women V voters
and- others' who 'are on" the assessment roll,
which had been prepared by the aasewiqr
directly appointed J by the antioptionist-
Council.     The local  optionists met th^s
move by having nearly five hundred names,
added to the list that had been left  off by.
the assessor.  ,Following?thi8 campaign, on
the refusa^yof the 5^^0,5 local pp|iqn news- *
papers of the town to accept the literaturp
of the anti-optipnists a  sheet ,called  The
_fei_Mh%a.s envorved,'and'forjf-ur weekly^
town;;put:!forth'-eyeo^effort to'__re_t''thp^
rpe^«rei7 Thejaniw^.tQ/ThQ,^
given in Mphdayf- VPta.yT^e lo«J °ptipni8ta
su_;e8-7y_Ji7unque8Upnabt/^due> toythev
= _rj
'*-  ;0,q
all tKe^ time5i_-fe|liei
_ p;
..UJ;7'""'"'^ '" "'"-""" —    ^L
AAA ^l-^^iX^/^^-y-^s&fo.^
i25G7paGl_ages for 1 Se
■y ■:■■■:: '•'7^'-.:-''-•'■ ":-v'v--'"i"r ':"^*™---^Fy..-:x:;:V-:/^
C.: *i"> - .'-w" \ .'*>•* V"^>*"
;I^re;;Ga^tile \ Sc^'^S-^J^^'
2 lbs^iGmg^^
■ ••-■■■: '',rA /-.-.'s yr■:>
success.- !H»_J'vot« WMonday, was ,21465,
as compased with>2,025, [tot.I'th'e vmajbnty"
contest la8t-year,r'an^2,064':;bn the local
option ;nieasure three^yeara, ago. |
'T^A'rTotKer ■ notable jvictory forftKe tetnberj.".
i_ce cause'WMM^
theresult :'p^'^\^^YW-^tji^i^-h<iM«^\
iince  council nnd;: the ;'yotef-Va^'in'^the :
^rrna^iye77_7;|7,^;7-;v;^; ;^ ■... ■,■;;{7:s. ■
7 At Smith's^Falls 'the| by.laiw to increase
'■ wi;;»*■•".k,-'--',"^..■■>>:\j:<'-i'..i:::f'^■■'"''< •:■■;.'■■;■•■•■- , • •.■.'.:Vij'
-,  J".-.-.jf-.- .r.   s.;"..   ""' .  ;■   . V' ; 7.
'. 7: ;'•.">   V
i-i^_ vv
*  ■-- -.; *vf»f!:i,'.-»_»ih
!yj;tl   ;
M Air!
■'■::!<-*>■ ^-'
. U-ij.iH
!• '    »■        -■ "
;    41bs;lW25c
.xA^A A^^^A^>i^^i^A
; i^J.
and hundredp^Lbtke^ article
;7r'>7!7''5V77 ^'!?'7-
ii:': \\:}!* '^y ''I-*-!?! '-'"-■'' ■'"'y-
.._,... , .-, .... ' .
■ * -.,;
,%y ■■' ■■■ • ~y\- '■ ^A^AyAyy-'^Ayy
/-!<>■ ;!.:'■';i';
"%>■''-■.•; vW?'--"': ;"'iL->'„;' il*■^.^S'.'-C;$-"^;^^■•;•^,^"^''' v'■""■.'■:
;.'„.'„,'.-"" i!'.--..-'iJrtU"'',-^'-5''.^ii-U;'^.>'f .'".7i^>'^^^
;■ ,."i -.rwy
A'.'7:'; "
fR7-;.:777:...;.77,7:'*   " 	
H~AAA-A<t -777'vi
_ _         #>.^.v;TJt^t"Vi:V-'^'^__»*_>"
•y<K>''}■■ rV-'? iA'''^^^yy\'^A'\^[ii^\7^ A;r>VV^HT-'*~:''-\v■;;:.£,^V?«'^ V'.'W'-rVv'W'W
            -^ „ -.--..,-   ,r ___■_,-.
vSII_ «M«__hQ
'_ *-*i /-
'W     ,>'■>
/" ,
-teq__-_tay t «|fii__rAl-i*
rfh- Or-hatd-Citu tt_cor_
fnlT _■*-»/      „.   ;*     "      lUtPI***    -£_,'
f_--tw kll ij J-\ -t-^-t,***'^
WC,"-    ■*■
Provincial and: General, fflews
i:   ... .*
Is an  antiseptic
:;, J^d^clea^er.; which
jdofes .much; rhotie
thansoap' will do.
It»removes grease*
dirt, acia?, an_ qilS
of all1 kinds,, and
does it thoroughly.
,v> < <
Is indispehsible, to
surgeons,.* > dentists*
/mechanics, black-
' smiths; electricians,
carpenters,.* rarni--
er;s,and in any place
where dirt is found.
i> ,"-j ■►•
Price'25c-large tin.'A
,:<!•- \       .    "Vi    1~"'  '   'fi' -'"J
iiv   oM.   ','! ^'    '    •-    *">
!''.•'-'<    i',t •     '< ;('.ij^    ■!> . '- _
(->,-        ...  .j .-.'-'n ■>« S       >■
P. Oils 8
►v"Jj_  _■"
j _ *.V *
i * _ *^ 'Kelowna,' f. B. C
•_-«?i*^ *        .».*.-
\   .
Lj _' J1 .   H -
%    Wholesale «»d RetaU,7
Butcher.'' , "- ," "*
j  C^I>Siefp«ind>J6r»«t j, f},:
nV  W"_.£ ;*,-< 7>r   .   ,-y
AUK   **:>**• wi^^t   %.»j #.»* rP ffct*r»/f      ■»<• *r*-   » •**-! p **C t *■,*
■v   ^ O -.
IKEXOWNA.a '-a.    B.C
Ladies' and
ente  lailqrs.
.** l_iJ£U-'/7-   -•>
J R'e|__-ing.and:Pr_88ing '
prorjuptly attended to,
»«■_ avuaH
':'Blacb »Hafld \0utrage at Fertile.
• 7. ■»!' 4     i .< .?''.*>     ' ,   .      -*."-
• j I he   attempted  assassination, or, Louis'
A 11 * i    i'-^       .''"'"•^Jl   .      '.      tJK1    ,3
Carosella last week at, Femie, is another,
example of the _ nefarious work of the
Black-Hand Society. The would be assassin attacked,. his intended victim in the
early hours of Sunday morning, firing
several shots, which however,' missed their
Libel Charges at Montreal.
7 Suit i has" been entered against E. W.
Villoneuve by Chairman Proulx of the
police committee, fori [libel, andf $5,000 is
claimed. Villeneuve has been most persistent in bringing charges against that department with' regard to its administration.
Another suit fbr $10,000 has been entered
against' La Patrie, for editorial'' comments
in which it is alleged'to have said the police'department was, rotten 'to^ the core.
Chief of Police Campeau has also entered
a libel suit against La Patrie1 for a similar
editoral utterance,, -,
• - '/■ i   ,     ij      '. -      -'    >
Challenges Mayor Kearg of filet.,
,,r      r_ u Westminster.
It has been-charged by J.''At Lee, a
member of a'conimittee appointed to confer with the New Westminster council' on
the Coquitlan dam question, that Mayor
Keary is id collusion'with'the' British Columbia Electric Railway'Co.,' in the matter,'
accusing him of being a paid" director of
the Company. He also challenges the
Mayor "to resign his seat on  the  question.
In regard to' these charges, Mayor Keary
stated that he was not a director of the
British Columbia Electric , Railway ' company, but that he was merely a member
of the* British Columbia, advisory board.
He also stated that he was willing r to resign his seat'when it' .was.'shown",to him
that lie had in any way neglected his duty
to tKe city., . * *"       ; *- :      ...
-„.' « .'.' ,<,""•   ;•.    , - * >. i i* ■••>■
,,   Nearly ^Killed by Train/.   ^
' Postmaster Whvte of Port Kells narrow.
ly missed death last week]   and  was only
saved by^the promptness of a^'bystander,
who pulled him aside. .,.',(
.. Mr. Whyte^was ^ standing on the  track
waitmgjjfor the  train, with  the. evening
mail, but it came around the curve before
he haa hme to move  away.     But for the'
assistance of "a Kystander, he would cerUun-
lyj have been killed,' but lie was  merely!
•tr_ik a glancing blow and .tunned.
_b Dir4denrj8 one Account o. Fernie
>  •     .-  ' >Fire..	
i mi   d'Im 'I
In vjewjof the heavy losses i in the recent
Fernie'fire,^ well as general depression,
no dividend wil^ be paid!to the shareholders by. the) Crow'a Neat Coal Co., on the
last h_f of 1908, the profits not warranting
this. ■     l     ■ '    -A
.. "}"     A[Shpuier 'b-,'Shakes.,
J 'Superintendent McLaren, of Golden Gatei
^jq-^^hn^ Franci8co,,reBorts^.a,. shojver, of
thousands of,little snakes!-during- a -atorm
there recently. He is supported 'in this
a_tement;'byy his park'asiatants^wljoclaim
thafc'fofiseveral hours the.walks'of<the big
pleasure-ground" were^ covered -with a
wrigglingrma_- of - snakes,—three to-seven
inches long, which fell from a dark cloud.
After the downpour, the snakeadisappear-
ed in the slush and mud/
. - *f
Calif ornian8,Alarriied. Ooer Volcano?,
.   ,    7Tr «        *
Rumblings   and   ominqus   noises   are
■alanriihjjf the residents oPLake country in
thTvicinirj; of Grizzly mountain,, and ap-
pear, as though J, the 'extinct volcano was
threatening an eruption.' - *   -
Noises comingv, from.' the. heart* of the
mountain have continued for several'days.
The top and sides of the jinountain,contain
bottomlew caves, _ad>th'ese are believed to
riave been vent' holes'for lava'in prehistoric
rjnvestigation parties have visited the
mountain, but have failed to find any pre-
lirj^nary evidences of'an'eruption.
I-earlV^Bfllibri'Fe.t of-TimbQr, in
i   •■!}. ,,0ne D-ell '
Mr. C..S. Battle of Vancouver, has just
aoq_fa_b)r. purchase," forty-eight square
^ilMofjtimber^rnitsjin-the Harrison lake
-fstrfct;' wruch-'is estimated to contain eight
hundred Jnijlio^jfeet of «^aiu|ingfti,mber.
, The figures have been" kept secret, although; it i_rumpu^ed'tha',*hpBelling price
yw b^fien/$is6,000 and $2,000,000 '•   •
Ver'non C6rt8.rbatlces(El.ct Officers
Cables' F&nmj'-a-'Word.
' At a meeting in, Londgij last Saturday of
the Anglo-American iCable Company, Mr.
R. H. Benson, who. waaj presiding, said
that people could have penny-a-word
cablegrams now by purchasing- a general
code book.    ' '      " I4        '
No Licenses, No Hotels at Grimsby
The local optionista at Grimsby, Ont., in
their endeavours to stop the' liquorr business, have succeeded in- closing up the
hotels, and there will' now be no place for
a traveller to get a meal or a bed.
On Jan.„4th, when, the result of a vote
on the repeal of locali option was made*
known, the Lincoln. ,Hotise was closed up
by the proprietor, leaving* thei business in
the hands of the Village Inn. The owner
of the latter,'intimated to the'local optionista that if he could not supply his1 guests
with everything in the line" of ' accomodation that they wished, he' w.ould close the
house up, and this he has now done.   ,,
The local,option)people,,have now .the
opportunity to make good their < ante-ejection'promises of a temperance'house conducted on the joint .tock plan!: ; -'- ' ■ '
Ice Palace Creats-Bad''Impression.
>   /      *   i   -   *     - c.1 r:     -i
The ice palace feature of Montreal's
proposed winter carnivalf Las been i condemned as an undesirable "enterprise,-;-y
the Eastern Canadian Passenger*! Association, which speaka for all rkilways enter?
ing Montreal and they' will grant, 'no
special,or reduced rates to induce ^people
to visit the city in connectionjwith the affair^ The; ground,, on which the railway
companies, base'their objections, is thatthe
wide publicity given'to all •connected1 with
such erections, creates the impression
abroad that Canada's winters are, more
severe than Is actually the case, and deters
people in other lands, from selecting this
countitf as a hoine',,,' f >t     r i"  .,   ^ , „ -
G. T.-P., Bliild- Winnipeg Office.',,
A large twelve-story block near the corner of Portage avenue and Main street will
,        ■   i    "*       ~w ~    .K JU    *        T\ J*     -« .*-iS
be under construction next month, in which
the G. T. P.^Co,, wilLhave its'ticket, .telegraph, and freight offices, .the .property
having bse% acquired) for^ .the company
under the name ofsJilD..McArthur.v •.,- <
' i r j.. </'.,.    t,      ' i .''•. ,<
^Chinese C6rp8-»!_aiI-to'Flot.ergr^
No less than' fiveAitho'usand Chinese
corpses left New->Y6rk> on Wednesday of
this weekin-the the steamer Shiniosa bound
for China!. The bodies of the dead Celestials were disinterred from burying grounds
all over the United States, and placed in
sealed caskets, which were enclosed in pine
boxes, each .labelledi with the' name and
history of the deceased.
■     7   1-      »''
Lady Sues Victoria Tramicay Co.
Mrs."Wilson is suing the' B.' C. Electric
Railway Go.,-claiming heavy damages for
injuries sustained by her'about a year ago.
The*plaintiff 'complains that on a' dark
night as she~was trying to'catch a .car, she
fell into an open ditch, sustaining injuries
'which have lamed) her permanently. The
ditch, it is alleged, was dug"fcy the company
and left unguarded.' The tramway claims
that it did not§build the ditch. -The case
is proceeding before Chief Justice Hunter
and a special jury.'
. f.,_
i i
■" ■*   '      ^^¥^yi«*. *r ?%'*,
A'rf *"* <       v.' "s    < "■      £?•   **""'-.
t  AS        >
. r it   .
Ai       -      '
mmir _■ Kfj"<s
C     \_/^^i Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit
x .'   "j, ! '"^,sEj__bitions,thi8 district will receive considerable attentionjirom
1"'  homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United" States and
-   - Great Britain. "•..";.     ..       .   -   .
--* *S"     »y*^
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready forv planting
nest spring, in the centre of a beautiful; valley."; A 7 {'AAl ■   .
In our4 Woocllawn Sub-division,, between, Richter;
and Ethel Streets.    Prices,  $250  and upwards,
1 >;on7eaiy?terrhsi   .    "V<;^/
.' i,
Ml    i
■i^  ,   ^*v \-* •   *•     ■*•
:   Facing thft .Wharfe. s *
T'T^ ■'■•■'
Rate. i$l. per <clai^
<J. S. WHEBLBRr-P-Op..
I     I     I ['I. I    I   I   |ll  I    '
I5-    *.i* '
»v.   * ^ ^«*.
.^  1  .*\   1+.   ^v.i*^^
The annual meeting of the Vernon Central "Conservative" Association' was' held
last Saturday and the following officers for
the ensuimj year Wire* elected'! 'Honorary
presidents, Price Ellison, W. T. Shatford,
C. Okefe, J. Stoddardti7andr-W. H. Smith;
president, j.jA. Mejrjehtiefifirst vicoipposi.
dent, A.' 0^ Cochrane;.third vic«*prot_;ent
J. G. Edwards; sectary. .3. A^Shatfo^d;
treasurer, W. p. C^swrpn i' executive,^,
V. AU_»jft^.jimu^^G^wtt,]^.
F. I%oW WtitfSgff. Ckj^fy,
J. Cummiskey, W. Lacey, M, J. O'Brien
fii-d j."^^tCIa•ke^,     "7" ^" "",''c"
* ' Shrubb Collapses in 26th Mile;
' .    , •        -i   -
Tom Longboat, the Canadian Indian,
race last Friday at Madison Square Gar-
dens, New York, his competitor, Shrubb,
"collapsing in the 25th' mile.' Thousands of
spectators cheered the contestants continually, and Shrubb" kept well ahead of his
dusky rival, who ran with a, steady even
stride. When nearing the 25th mile Shrubb
became visibly, distressed, and finally, collapsed, leavingjthe Indian to, complete ithe
26 miles, 305, yards • alone. • Longboat's
time for the rrace was two hours; 53 minutes, 40 2-5 seconds, nearly eight minutes
behind Dorando's record. l' '  '
For The Spring Trade.
,v   Tested1-toch, seeds for   '
"" 'Sarin,, garden)" or con' "
", (   sen^i^Qry, from the best
-,     grbtqer-in England, ^
;i." Prance, Holland, United
- - States and Canada.   .
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Smalkfruits; home grotcn
- Fertili-ere, Bee Supplies '
; ' ' .  r  V-prying Materials
CutFIoio'ers, etc.',
140 Page Cataioguet'Free.
'. Office prasunoaae and Seodhouso .
8010, Westminster Rd.
1   \'  VAIilCOUVBR,' B.G.
Branob Nurasru - South Vancouoer
v?r.- .7w' iU iO. rJ Si'l iw ^ i>
i«'{tiJt. '   '    _    '.,-_*■•■■■-«__ .i-t  --*•    j?   .* .   .V.   tt.) 'iVWMSWKMOBWSWt^
^   ^r~nr«^_--*'i*   ... ^<. ^-*/*i*V—     .»v«^"'
Spraying ana Pruning
'-*,»>*   'iv**    H_,>^
Wje ,are carrying a full Hne of"
Spfayrriotor Spray Pumps ^
t     ' " 3 '.    f    »
,.__<■-^   -;v   .-'.
Spi$/ Hose, Nozzles, Rods, &c.
Pruning Knives,  Shears,   and
Saws, of all kinds ^,,,. , , v ..
.. 7i(^ jw'/H vVlui
hi i>y
i. __ _ ' ■«__
Hardware Co,
">. v ci(r< \
rXf    'S-'^ ' !-*\ p! fi'f
•«-ii7s.:-ir.; IvjiH
v,,r --^)  ,-l Importer and Dealer, in. all kinds ol* f»/{
MP   -Tirffif  JV"'    »Jt*i
'3 _fbl 03
Agneul-Uirar Impl -'f-ieri-S,7 Wagons;' ana\
t i
Headquarters for
i "£f' /llso.i'oulfcfy Supplies including;Beet 7   "
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell     '
'i *
1 .<
V-   1  i" * J    '
'Warehouse on Barnard Aoenue, Kelowna, B/SC.;
^Vf-*« »*M_    <J   <
+*   1^ T \
t v,
'♦■■■   -ciii
r -1"
 "■"" ——-1 .1 mx,iimmmmml*imm»mml**immmkimmmi*Jl^    '„■ ^ »'
-      *    •   ' • .  > "77V">^"^,^;^ -«: v^ 6
The Orchard City Record
_■»__■■_»__>_»_in innmninrriTii»ii_i
fhur^daui r^e-,/.10
and Orchard Go.
Haoe for sale the following oarieties:
Jonathan,    Northern Spy,
Wagner,     Mcintosh Red,
Wealthy,     Yellott) Newton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,
Glean, Well-grown Stock.
Buy at Home and Saoe Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K.L.O. Office, Leon St., or
Managers Office, at Orchard.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.
PHONE 95 ;
Belleoue Hotel
Rates,   two  dollars : per   day.
Beautiful situation on the lalce 7
front, close to the new wharf.
Fishing, shooting and boating.;
Boats for hire.
Gilberi Hassell, Prop.
Kelowna Shaving
HAIR-CUT.       ::
•• .»
J. BOUCH, Proprietor
D. W. Crowley & Co.
Kelowna and Penticton
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part-of
the City; '•.
* - v y   A
We give our  prompt attention
to mail orders
'Phone 12
Seeds that Grow
for  1909.
LIAVING sold Seeds in Kelowna for four seasons, we
\ i
have been able to order seeds that are   best
adapted to local conditions.
This year we have the largest and best assorted
varieties in bulk and packages.
With our orders we have seeds for growing vegetables for cannery and pickling purposes.
Make up your orders, and leave them with us early,
so that we can give them our best attention, and order
any special variety you may wish in goodNtime.	
'   !        E  • '   _" '['
i1 • ,(
'l.-y to Concentrate Your Mind on Or.
Theme For Five Minutes
\ St Louis physician who h.i -n<."
•niicli attention, to the study oi ni.i,
•Jisfiisi' In its:various phaeeh. ummihu
ns lie Hays himself, not enough to <iu:ii
U'y ns uu, alienist, has a curious tliuoo
with regard to concentration of thought
on nny particular subject
His Idea is that no human can m»
fix his mind on any special topic Me
to ii void even for a moment the errant
'thoughts that come and go, not onl.\
without our volition, but In spite ot
.iii' most earnest efforts at mental up
Ho goes so far as to maintain tint
nobody but a monomaniac cau think
of oue subject continuously for live
minutes and even believes ythnt tin-
ability to do so is one evidence ot
something wrong in the upper story
"1 once heard the subject di -tisscd
by u party of intelligent men. anil one
of the number was so confident of hN
ability^ to think of one subject an in
-.finite length, of time that he roused
his opponents to tbe point of making n
test. .• ; >
" 'If you can repeat the Lord's Pra.\ <"
and then . declare. upon your word ol
honor that you have not thought oi
imytliiug else while doing it, I'll insiM
you a present of a horse and smlill"
and bridle.'  7 7
•'The confident one took up the eli.u
leuge and in ; order to fix hip' niltii'
i .quested the company to keep still im
til he got through. Then, with frown
ing brows and tightly drawn face, lie
began a loud /'and. went slowly^aud up
parentiy with the most determined at
ten tion straight through the prayer
"After, he said'amen'and opened hi:,
eyeft he was asked how he had got
along with his task. --    „
'•' 'It's a failure, gentlemen I dldu :
get to the end of 'hallowed be lli.\
name' before I wondered what kind m
a horse it was going to be, and befoic
I reached 'thy will be done' I thought
about black saddles and white saddle
and about the horse again; then of the
bridle and the rein, whether the>
would be of light or dark lenthei;
then of, old Pete, a horse my fathei
lud and how he threw me over his
head when I switched him with a Io
ciist thorn branch; then of a mare that
kicked old Pete in the ribs while thc>
wore in the pasture together and lett
the Imprint of both shoes:on bis side
•aid before I reached 'amea',1 thought
of a drove of wild horses that used to
be out on the plains and what a pile in
money a man would make by round
ing them all' up and selling them for
farm horses.
" '1 did think I could fix my miud on
one thing for ' awhile, but ■ when 1 ■
tried my brains seemed to scatter like
an'old fashioned,shotgun.'"
An Eccentric Will.
In the year 173(i a gentleman liviD;;
in England named Samuel Baldwyn
died, after a somewhat unhappy married life By his will Mr. Baldwyn
left his property to his yo_ng wife on
tbe condition that she should from lime
to time dance upon bis grave
The motive for this strange request
was evident when the Instructions for
his interment were read Mr. Baldwyn
desired that his remains should be taken by boat to the Needles 'and Hieti
cast in the sea. This singular wish
enahled him to revenge himself on his
wife for past disagreements, and the
widow lost the property, as she could
not fulfill the conditions of ber husband's bequest
The Word "Ogre."
Old fashioned etymologists used to
say that the word "ogre" commemorated the sufferings of Europe during the
ninth and tenth centuries at the bands
of the ravaging "Olgours." or Huns
This derivation, however, is now abandoned. "Ogre.'.' which reached the
French language by way of Italian und
Spanish. Is really Orcus. the Latin bell,
afterward the god of the underworld
,ln Romanesque folklore this god be-
monster, with n particular taste for
lost babeR in the wood.    . <
One View of the Kiss.
The olfactory kiss"Is Mongolian The
nutritive affair Is European The Mongolian kiss Is with the nose. The European kiss Is with the mouth
The Mongolian kiss Indicates that
the party sniffed would be an agreeable prey. The European variety hull*
cates that the party.embraced would
make a delectable meal.
They are but the different forms of
the same Instinct of preservation-the
give  and  take  of, wild,-beasts.-Ex-,
chan_e.'-r.w».._",.'    ■?  %.tf*v, »'!>,.*
,  ,    .
Art of the 8uperior 8mile.
,The superior smile Is a useful accomplishment, for tiny young/man';jjIt Is
much in vogue at' the universities,
where it may be, studied at Its best on
.young Don. .Many, men who. learn
nothing else at, the universities learn
this art and fln'd it uncommonly useful
la after life It Is an'excellent'cover
for n naked mind and should be sought
after by parliamentary candidates.—
Oxford Vnrsiry *    ,
J.   < •j>-7 Flooring1 Pap*, ■
J Five-year-old Toipmjv;was' being put
through ,a (eat in numbers before tho
admiring famMy "one"'day at dinner.
PJnally pnpn1'iiskt- hihi' the*question
that had,proved the (V\-terloo of the
older children "in past years!'
^'Now. Tommy." said' papa, '"how
miiny are two applet* nu_,three pears?"
• '"Five   friilt<,!'7 |)romptly - answered
iToinmy -Delli.ejiior.' ''   '7' '
\ i / • ', i'
\Y.e j>"»i.'4':i''"_e iMlsfo/Juue nnd nnp-
l>lniK'vitytyV1}'^'"'v'fiiWer.eithor bo
'WiSkVJj''^ £.7 iVyfiP?- '»?,-'w«,!,-_yAWi
are   I i'._-.
A carload of buggies; of various
kinds arrived last week from the
Canadian Carriage Co., "for S.* _]•
Elliott, in anticipation of the spiring
The Kelowna Branch of- the
Bank of Montreal, have now started business in their new building,
moving from the old place last
It was reported this week, that a
lady residing in the south ' side of
the town, was bitten on the arm by
a mosquito, resulting in a painful
swelling. •    ■        -       "    '     ' ' ' '
Kelowna is getting free advertising throughout Georgia, U.S.A.,
by a real > estate firm, who publish
pictures of the Spokane show, and
mentioning that Kelowna, B.C.,
came second to the winner of the
most first prizes.
The stage in Raymer's Hall has
been raised and enlarged for the
presenting of the "Pirates of Penzance" next ^ week. ' ' The stage
electrical lighting.has been installed by Campbell Bros.fland is, very
complete., ., <
In the last billiard .handicap held
at the pool room, the final was
played last Saturday, resulting in
H. Frame winning the first prize
with 200 points, G. Black man .with
187 points, taking second:
Johnson & Bcwers ose new comfortably installed in ' their new
quarters in the Rowcliffe Block.
They have now a fine, up-to-date
pool and billiard room, 60 feet by
25, and well lighted by electricity'.
The front part is "to be separated
from the billiard room by" a partition, and will be used as a candy
and cigar store. * These'new quarters will be a decided attraction,
and are very creditable to the , go-
ahead proprietors.  " ■*...[
A painful accident happened to
Jack Harvey on Tuesday. ' While
practising' hockey on Whitttrp's
pond he fell, breaking his ankle!'  '
1 Revs. Thorpe and Herdman ex-_
changed pulpits last Sunday even
,,. A   reception, ^service j ,for,. new
members will be held in'the Meth-'
odist Church  in connection. with
the evening service next Sunday.
- All the, diplomas. taken( by the
Kelowna^exhibits at Spokane, have
been framed, and are on exhibition
in Knowles window. . ,,'
1/ l   i"    : *   i        '* l;*^V
' A drunk and-di.prderly case was
tried-before Magistrate; Burne.- on
Wednesday, and a fine of $25 and
costs*was imposed, i   \     .^",7,
An American naif-breed was
charged on Wednesday with
vagrancy. The man was found to
be suffering from tuberculosis and
was given .twelve hours to clear
out. ~ r r'
The Summerland, hockey boys
played Kelowna "oh' Sathfday "at
Whittup's pond, but did not show
to the same advantage as when
they played at Summerland. 'The
game resulted in a score of 2-0-in'
favbx/o. Kelowna. "Uh!»77- r' '.
-A. stabbing affray, ovccurred,- on
the west "side of the "lake this" week
among some • halfrbreed_.;,, - One
ma*h' was badly cut up ancl now
lies , in f the hospital Uhere% ■,-, 1 he
policeare witholding full patticulf-rs"
pending, investigation.• ■- ^r ^ % t. <
If cry la^.-iier in^ Kelowna cr
district -has ' any' questions- to^'Le
submitted to the meeting of the
Central Farmers' Institute atVictoria
will he communicate as early as
possible with Mr. John Dilworth,
the appointed delegate. ,-7f
In mentioning the names of the
fruit-growers .who...contributed to
the Spokane exhibit, and whose"
fruit was in the prize lots, we find
we ^omitted to mention Mr. John
Conlin, who furnished the majority
of the ' -Spitzenburg.'" and £ some
onathans and some or the plate
varieties. Mr. McGee also furnished fruit. , - ".,,..,
r. _         -■ • c  ; -.'■• k.   -. ,i _ .u
^Estimates GiDen. on Heaoy Wooen Wire, and Barb Wire Fencing.
;      \  "    "   A. E. CLARKE, KELOWNA.
,,rire,_ Accident
Hbif e,: Sicknessr"
II     /'■.if \?   {■ Oh
'-•''Li.-r1 . ic-
i i;1 \'t    l
,. J la    f _- A.
We only represent the;    ^ Plate'GlaSS.'
Strongest Companies;    • r
/.oval, Guardian, Sun, Layr Union, Atlas,   %
< . c.-'/U-} t.    J-'ipV/
London & Lancashire,    Confederation" Life.
hewet^soN rasr™m!
!       '?
The Kelowna ManiifacturingX6.
'■ If you want -1   ._...-.    ..-.-
Strong Children s Sleighs^: '7.;jl;;
Window Sashes. ,    VHotrKed fSajsrieiP
Ureenhouses   , ^^ardmleres^^^^s^
,',.   '-''..". Picture,Frames
, •; Office and Sta^^Fitii^nf "^
in short, ANY OLD THING, corae a»d" see US.
'   '"' SIGN WRITING''AND1 LETTERING vp'i all tykctlftipM
'',>-.. ..> h    -   •.   window 'Frosting^etc.! 4> • ■*■ * ?■* *
Corner of Lawrence,and Pendozi Streeta.
t>"    T(ll
•Wopa'and Coal ,f :iW__"'l___U(S
s>    "I      /'      Vi'iU
.   ,   J   J I
I Masons Supplies
Dunn Hollow Cement Blocks!
J' _ox 166
Phone 66
iMt   i   -V   /►    -
»*     ^   7'    '    4 "_*_t.*.«•.>    **r*» *-f*«. -i^J
■ -\ v -^
'■* , \   .. / i
.'.»'" tl.
fhe Orchard, _itu' Record.
will present
On Thursday and Friday.
:-*>: Fib. 18th & 19th:
''a'-     " , ■'.        - :
Plan'open>t P. B.'Willits & Co., on Thursday, Feb. 11th.
Reserved Seats, $1.00. Rush Seats, 75c.
j ,.- ,
>   The;New Edison Phonographs
Playing the 2 and A minute Records. -Also a full laiejof Attachments
for same. - 'Anyone wishing to^haoe the 4> minute attachment'put on to
f} 7_i old machine can _ove this aone Free of Charged
Also;. Agents, for the Columbia and all other Disc
_  ..    ~    .    .   Machines7   ^   "-        " *<\\
* FULT-UNEl-F records kept in stock
 -,     . ; r__
Subscriptions4qI(en/or all Magazines
Copies of the Latest Novels can be obtained here
"* -The New 1909 Diaries can nowbe had in all sizes
, r? Stationery and Office^StipplieT~^^~
:. f;. Choice Chocolates constantly kept on hand
Are You i-ooking for a Building Site?
_' 'If _o why not get' the best?    '
I have a number of half -aqre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears,' Plums,* Cherries arid .Peaches,
some in bearing. v:
> Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear, next year.
One fine new-brick house" Comer ^ Ethel and
Laurier Avenue. „    s    * ' s    '."77 '     7
v ^ One fine new brick-Cottage, corner Ethel and,
. ,     i-_     -    Sutherland Avenue.'   .■ / -\   , i\ -      ", **\\
(     -   ^       ^ Also a few choice lake shore lots and a'quarter
Section of, heavy timber dlose to the City.
r       '   ' "7   ^ilKsel] any of the above ©ri good terms.
I curry the largest stock of Ornamental Tree, and Shrubs in the Valley.
1 t * * *
- Call and see them (
F:^ ^l-er^JRT
Corporation of tj»e City
BY-LAW,No. 53.
: If you' Want Xour J^11?8 to. keep, they
7. C ^miist be put iip with
5 _"    x   '-'    ' ' '    -    ' - <
Cane:-Sugar= ■ Only
'tit - ' <■'• ~        •     ' v    ' ^
All B._ C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
, 7:.;:   Consist Solely df-Pure CANE SUGAR.     ,
!__. British Columbia Sugar Refining
A By-law for raising the sum of Two
Thousand Dollars, ($2,000.00) to pay for
the consrructian and" improvement of
streets and side-walks in.the City of Kelowna which construction and improvements were carried out during the year
A.D. 1908.
WHEREAS it was found expedient in
the interests of the Gty of Kelowna during
the year 1908 to construct and improve
certain streets and sidewalks in the said
City,. , '       "
AND WHEREAS the Council for -the
said year A.D. 1908 had not sufficient
funds to pay for the whole of _uch construction and improvements of streets and
side-walks done by them.
sufficient sum to complete the payment for
AND WHEREAS it is necessary'for the
said purpose to raise by way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum of Two
thousand dollars, payable on the first day
of March, 19)4, bearing interest in'the
meantime payable half yearly at the' rate
of six per cent per annum ;' the principal
of such loan when_ raised to' be applied for
the purpose aforesaid. . '  •
AND WHEREAS for-the. payment of
principal and interest it is necessary to
raise the sum of $489.25 in each and every
year. - -  .
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
property of the City of Kelowna according
to the last revised assessment roll is
$755,240.00. " \   ,
" AND WHEREAS the amount of the
existing Debenture debt of the said Gty is
$65,.00.  - -    -
NOW THEREFORE, the Mayor and
City Council of the Gty of Kelowna in
open, meeting assembled enact as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna to raise
by way of loan from any^ person or persons, body or bodies corporate,' who 'may
be willing to advance the same on the
credit of the said City, by-way of the Debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum of
money not exceeding in the whole the sum
of $2,000.00 and to cause all such sums to
raised and received to be paid into the
hands of the City Treasurer, for the purpose and with' the objects hereinbefore
recited.*    ■* .
Corporation of the City
BY-LAW^No. 55.    ''
A By-law for raising the sum of Seventeen Thousand Dollars to complete the
construction of the works for' supplying
water and water power, electric light, and
electric power to the inhabitants of the City
of Kelowna. _' '
WHgJREAS it has been found necessary t&
raise sufficient money to complete the construction of the works for supplying water,
water power, electric light, and electric
power. '
AND WHEREAS it is necessary for the
said purpose to raiee by way of loan upon
the credit of the said City the sum of
$17,000.00 payable on the first day of
March 1929 bearing interest in the meantime payable half yearly at the rate of six
per cent per annum; the principal of such
loan when raised to be applied for the purposes aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the principal and interest it is necessary to
raise the sum of $1,590,69 in each and
every year. '
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
property of the City of Kelowna according
to the last revised assessment roll is
$755,240. -
AND WHEREAS the amount of the existing Debenture debt of the said City .is
$65,500.       '-"''.       -=->'-
NOW THEREFORE,   the  Mayor and
Council of the City of Kelowna  in open
meeting assembled enact as follows :
I.   It shall be' lawful for the Mayor and
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause any number of the said debentures to be made for the sum of $1,000.00,
bearing interest at the rate of six per cent
per annum." not exceeding in th _- whole
the sum of $2,000.00, and all such debentures shall be sealed with the Seal of the
City of Kelowna, signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the Treasurer of the
said City.
~" 3. The said debentures shall bear date
the first day of March 1909, and shall be
made payable in five year from date hereinafter named for this By-Law to take
effect at the Bank of,Montreal in the City
of Kelowna. •
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of interest at the rate of six per cent per annum on the amount of the said debentures
and such interest shall be- payable half
yearly on the first day of September and
and March in each and every year, and
the signatures to such coupons may be
either stamped, printed or lithographed.
5. A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates on the taxable property of
the Gty sufficient to pay interest on the
debt hereby created during the currency
of the said debentures and to" provide for
the payment of such debt when due.
6. The sum $120.00 "shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
rateable property in the' Gty- of "Kelowna
in addition to all other rates for the purpose of paying the interest on the said
7. The sum of $369.25 shall be raised
and levied annually by _a rate on all the
rotabferpropertyln the" Gtyof Keiowna~in
addition to all other rates for the payment
of the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the Gty of
Kelowna from time to time to repurchase
any of the debentures at such price oij
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all such debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and no reissue
of any such debenture or debentures shall
be made in consequence of such repurchase.
9. This By-Law- shall before the
final passage thereof •. receive
the assent of the electors of the City of
Kelowna in the manner provided for in
the 'Municipal Clauses Act' 18%, and
amending Acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the first day of March,
1909.      ...       - ,   .
11. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes as the Street and Sidewalk Improvement By-Law, 1909.
Read a first time by the Municipal
Council this 29th day of January, 1909.
Read a second time by the Municipal
Council this first day of February, 1909.
Read a third time by the Municipal
Council this first day of February, 1909.
Received the assent of the Electors of
the Gty of Kelowna this . day
of V     1909.    .
-,»    . i* *■ *.       *
Reconsidered and finally passed by the
Municipal Council this ' 'A day of
' 1909.        "     '   v '
Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice that the above ' is a true
copy of, the brooosed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Clerk's Office in Kelowna on Wednesday, the Seventeenth day of February,
1909, between   tho   hours of 9 a.m. and
Council of the City of Kelowna to raise by
way of loan from any person or persons
body or bodies corporate, who may be
willing to advance the same on the credit
of the said City, by way of the Debentures
hereinafter mentioned a sum of money not
exceeding in the whole the sum of $17,000
and to cause all such sums so raised and
received to be paid into jhe hands of the
City Treasurer for the purpose and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor to
cause any number of the said debentures
to be made for the sum of $1,000.00, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per
annum, not exceeding in ,the whole the
sum of $17,000.00, and all such debentures
shall be sealed with Seal of the City of
Kelowna, signed by'the Mayor and countersigned by Treasurer of the said City.
3. The said debentures shall bear date
the first day of March 1909, and shall be
made payable in twenty, years from the
date hereinafter named for this By-Law to
take effect at the Bank o Montreal in the
City of Kelowna.
4. The said debentures shall have coupons
attached for the payment of interest at the
rate of six per cent per annum on the
amount of the said debentures, and such
interest shall be payable half yearly on the
first day of September and March in each
and every year, and the signatures to such
coupons may be either stamped, printed or
5. A rate on the dollar shall be levied
and .shall be raised annually in addition to
all other rates on the taxable properly of
the City sufficient to pay interest on the
debt hereby created during the currency
of the said debentures and to provide for
the payment of such debt when^due.   i ' ,
6. The sum-of $1,020.89 shall be raised
and levied annually by a rate on all the
rateable property in .the pity of Kelowna
in addition to all other rates for the purpose of paying the interest on the said
7. The sum of $570.89 shall be raised and
levied annually by a rate on all the rateable property in the .Gty of Kelowna in
addition to all other rates for the payment
of the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the Gty of Kelowna from time to time to repurchase any
of the debentures at such price or prices
as may be mutually agreed upon, and all
such debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and no" reissue of
any such debenture or debentures shall be
made in consequence of such   repurchase.
9. This By-Law shall before the final
passage thereof receive the assent of the
electors of the City of Kelowna in the
manner provided for in the 'Municipal
Clauses Act' 18%, and amending Acts.
10. This By-Law shall come into force
and take effect on the first day of March,
1909. -
11. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes as the Electric Light and Water
Works By-Law, 1909.   '
Read   a   first  time   by   the  Municipal
Council this 27th day of January, 1909.
Read a second time  by  the   Municipal
Council this 1st day of February, 1909.
Read  a  Third   time   by the Municipal
Council this 1st day of February,* 1909.
Received the assent of  the  Electors  of
the City of Kelowna this      ~ day of
1909.     '
Re-cons!Hered and finally passed by the'
Municipal Council this day of
Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
at the Clerk's Office in-Kelowna on Wednesday the Seventeenth day of February,
1909,between the hours of 9 a.m., and
City Clerk.
Why pay
$400 for 50 ft. B_.l_mg'_.ti
when you can buy 'Half-acre , ]
Lota on Glen Avenue for only ,
&     These lots are planted in fruit
^tfeel which should be bearing nicely
this year.
Have . a look at these before
buying elsewhere.
Apply to E. L. CLEMENT
A WANT AD. in the
Record will bring speedy
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting.Shaving orShampoo
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Everything disinfected. ,
A newspaper is an index of the community in which it is published." When it is
filled with bright, local ads*, the world at a
distance is liable to come in with its money
for generosity and progression attract
those with simiiar ideas. When a paper
has a lean array of ads. within its columns
the world sighs and exclaims: "That poor
town'is-ead or dying. Let us send a
bunch of flowers for the funeral."—Ex.
Fruilb Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
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first-class and home
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sell the best Hams
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Faultless Canned Goods
Kelowna Tomatoes,   2's
and 3 s      \ '".k-
Honey in ComB
Honey in Glass Bottles
Ontario Pure Honey, in
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:. Wagstaf. s Jams arid Marmalade
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Irish Twist
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TBI Myrtle Cut *
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In  Cigarettes,  we 'sell   the Pall Mall, T. & R-
Dardenelles, Sweet. CaporalM -Three* Castles,
Capstan Cigarettes.
to particular. That Is what ma
him such a force In the world. It is
that same particularity that enables
u to offer youths
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
In the World     ,7
Every Pipe Guaranteed.*
Just remember
Congou Tea, 25c. lb.  ,    Whole Roast Coffee,?25ciAh.
Established 1850
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M-   3}
-    i
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Mr 8
The Orchard--Citu Record.
Thursday, $eb;:i0
P.O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
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Fleur de Lis dry Batteries
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FOR SALE, or trade for Kelowna acreage
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D, Record Office.'
FOR SALE—18 inch level, cloth covered,
new, made by Wittshab, Berlin. Apply
F. W. Jones, Okanagan Centre. 8-9p
FOR SALE—An Orchard -Plough, by
Gardner, also a set of strong team harness nearly new, cheap. David Mills,
Kelowna. 9-1 Op.
FOR SALE—20 acres of lake shore property, within a mile and a half of Bernard
Avenue, Kelowna, with seven-roomed
bungalqw, chicken house, wharfe, etc.
Good land for peaches, sheltered position,
suitable for early crops. Rtdiculously
low price for quick 3ale. Apply P.O.
box 285, Kelowna, B.C. 8-1 lp
WANTED—to purchase, ten to thirty
acres fruit land, improved preferred
within five miles of city. Give lowest
price and full particulars in first place to
Box C Orchard City Record. lOtf
A PARTY has several thousand dollars to
lend on improved farm lands. Apply to
R. B. Kerr, Barrister, Kelowna, B. C.
FOUND—pair silver-rimmed spectacles,
left at Royal Bank. Can have same by
applying at Record office and paying for
this ad. 11 tf
A meeting - for the purpose ' of
organizing a volunteer fire brigade
was held in Raymer's Hall, on
Monday evening, and was very
poorly attended.
The chair was taken by Mayor
DeHart, and all the aldermen were
present, in addition to a number of
young men employed around
No definite arrangements were
made, but a committee appointed
to obtain the names of those willing
to join the brigade, when the council would meet them and state how
far the city would go in providing
the necessary paraphernalia. ,t ,
WANTED—to rent by first of April, house
furnished or unfurnished. Address,
Box 234, Kelowna. 11 p
FOR SALE—Twenty acres, two miles from
Kelowna, eight - roomed house, good
stables, four acres orchard, bearing, all
irrigated. ■ Apply Box 53, Kelowna.
C Il-I4p
SPECIAL OFFER—Overseas Daily Mail,
one year for 75c (regular price $1.25).
"Box 17, Kelowna. Il-14p
$200 REWARD.
The above reward will be paid to anyone
giving information leading to the arrest of
the person or persons attempting to  steal
beef from my premises on Monday, Feb.8.
On to my place one red heifer, about 3
years old. Has right' ear split, and cut
under left ear. Has been around about two
months.  Apply A. W. Dalgleish. Kelowna
The Social Tea given by the
Ladies' Hospital Aid Society last
Saturday afternoon was a complete
The talent money which amounted to $62.40 was earned by many
amusing and  ingenious  methods.
Mrs. Boyce and Mrs. Willets
were the most successful moneymakers, the dainty^ vase donated
by Mr. Crawford going to Mrs.
Boyce who had earned the sum of
The afternoon tea served
brought in $10.25 and $6.20 was
realized by an auction sale of cakes
at the close, making a satisfactory
total of $78.85 to be added to the
funds of the Society.
Mr. Mcjannett, of Mcjannett,
Marsden & Hall left for thes Coast
on Monday for a few days visit.
A party of Japs, working on the
property of A. Muirhead, took
after that gentleman with axes
when ordered to do the work' in a
certain way. "The police are taking
the matter up.
British Columbia is a white man's
country alright.
Advertise in The Record
It Pays
White Lawn,
White Mull Muslin
Fancy Cambrics
Ginghams, etc.
..Dr.  Mathison,  dentist, "next to
Post Office. - Phone 89.
We-have just-received
from the manufacturers
2,75 Sample
—    Blouses
No two alike.
We bought these goods,at
a great reduction and will
give our many customers the
benefit of pur, close,.buying.
These Blouses are beautifully
made, some with all-over
Embroidery ' fronts, }i_ace
Collars and Cuffs, and others
insert with - fine insertions
and lace trimmings..?. . ,.
Every one fresh and good
in every way.   '. ',; ; 7x:74
Come early and ^"secure 'first
The Kelotona-.-
O.M. Calder, prop.
- I       ». -* «t--»      l>,MW t
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days,after date
I P. R. Brown of Peachland, occupation,
mason, intend to apply for the following
described land. Commencing at a post
planted at South East corner of lot No. 1360.
Thence South 20 chains, thence West 20
chains, thence North 20 chains, thence Eas^
20 chains, to point of commencement and
containing 4. acres, more or less.
Dated January 19th., 1909 10-17p
Get your name on
the honor roll.
Subscribe for the Orchard
City Record.
\n A
houses,  and as soon as we finish stocktaking will open
up the finest line ever shown in Kelowna, of all the
most up-to-date goods in all lines.
HBOOTS &_smoes
In this line we have Getty & Scott's "CLASSIC," the
only shoe for the Children.   J.  & T.  Bell's; Famous
Shoes for Ladies and Gents.
We have all our samples in for Spring -and Summer
Clothing.    When in need of a good  tailor-made suit,
call in and see our patterns and styles.
A letter has been received by
Mr. J. W. Wilks from the Depart-
the Government had secured the
services of Mr. Macrae for a short
time, for the spring Farmers' Institute v^ork.
Mr. Macrae is employed By the
Dominion Government as expert
live stock judge, and lecturer on
live stock judging.
Arrangements will be made for
Mr. Macrae to come to ' __eIowna
about 22nd March, and hold some
stock judging classes.
People who have good livestock
for him to hold demonstrations
with, are requested to communicate
with Mr. Wilks early, in order that
he may supply the Department
with necessary information.
He: "But I tell you what it is, Maude;
if your father is at all unreasonable, I shall
put my back to the wall and er-.-er—"
She:' "And keep it there. That will tys
the safest position." > i
Boat Builder
. ■ ■" i
Launches, Sail Boats
Skiffs, Canoes and Scotos
Roto Boats and Canoes
for hire.
Do you want Help ? :: :
Do you want a Situation?
wish to dispose of ?.; y>  :<
Is there anything you want
to buy ?
We can tell it to everyone
in the district ior uyou _ at"
the   following,  insignificant figure: ;
i    •  i     i    j
PER word;
.. /<
Four Insertions for the price
Minimum charge, 15 cents.
'   Vjl


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