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Kelowna Record Nov 6, 1913

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 Kelotona o  VOL. V.   NO. 50.  ^��.AT!W��A,  KELOWNA. BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1913  Council Meeting  Friday Morning  PRIZES   SUGGESTED   FOR   FIRST  TWO AUTOS TO REACH I1AI.I.  AFTEIt .ALARM OF FIRE  Motor Car Plunges  ,, into Woods Lake  OCCUPANTS   IIAVK   NARROW  CAI'K FROM DROWNING IN  DBttP    WATKR  I5S  To be   overturned   intx. the icy wut-  ors of( Wood's Lake, and very    nearly  Tim proceedings at. i''riday's   council  mooting wore of n more or less formal ( ^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmmmmmmm���  nature, regular routine business occupy drowned Was the unploasant ixperienoe  ing most of the time of tho session. of a party ol* motorists from Vernon  included amongst the correspondence |tb Kolowna Inst Sunday ovoning. F.  was a suggestion from the secretary of Midler, (Dutch) ot the Kolowna Garths Fire Brigade that in order to en-'age & Maohiue Co., loft Saturday  courage owners of automobiles helping night for Vernon taking u pitHSonger  the firo brigade in ease of fire, tho,"1 ono of the company'.* big oars. Re-  council should offer a prize to tho first fuming Sunday evening with two lady  two cars reoching the firo hull after |friends he had reached tho neighborhood of Wood's Lake, when with a  sudden twist tho car wont over the  bank and into thc water, being  completely submerged. Thn occupants were thrown out, and as the  beach at this point slopes quickly  away found themselves in deep  water. Mullor, however recovered himself quickly and managed to pull out  ono    of the girls    who  was close in  an alarm aud assisting in the conveying of the members und their apparu  tus to the scene of the fire.  Tho  suggestion   was   referred   to  tho ' almost  fire  committee  and   they  will  consider  it and report to the next meeting.  Several formal resolutions respecting  the construction  of the sewor    system i  were passed.  Alderman    Sutherland   reported hav  ing been requested by Mr. T. Murray , *hbre. Looking around for her eom-  to obtain the council's consent to his |l>"��>��n '��' noticed her splashing some  moving his building on Water Street |-n ��r M ^'^ 0��l >" tn" lake und im-  forward.to tho edge of tho sidewalk, mediately plunged in again to her aid.  The council consented to this mov Huller is fortunately a good swim-  ing to tho street line. I m,'r' but bt,,h �� liml *��� Kirl    were  Mr. 8. T.    Elliott    applied  for per-   hampered by their heaw clothing they  mission to remove a portion of     the|hftd wo,'�� I" the w> nnd '* wafl 0|,1.v  with great difficulty that he managed  to got her safely to land.  Leaving the lady unconscious on the  bank Midler, almost played out himself with his exertion mado for the  nearest house, where he obtained help  with a ritf, atid Ihe ladies were conveyed to a doctor's house not far  iff, where with care (hey were revived  and a day or two later came down to  Kelowna. .  The car Wan very little damaged although it took considerable labor to  pull it out of the water. Midler states  that thc refusal of the steering tfeju  I to aet, was the cause of the accident".  W.S0  17.8&  .   56.67  .   33.40  22.75  ,     1.00  I2C.10  21.00  1.40  1.00  12.50  51.75  sidewalk on i'ondo/i Street iu ordor  to faoilitato the removal of the remaining portion of the old Willi ts  building to his property.  Permission was granted  upon  condition  that   the  sidewalk   would  uot  bo  obstruetod during Saturday  and Sunday; that the building bo kept off the  street during these days, and that the,  sidewalk be replaced in the correct position and in good condition. ���  Two roans of WOOO and 96000 * for !  three yearn, and ono of 810(H) for two  years' from    the uHy's sinking     fund  'were granted ppon recommendation of  tho Finance Committee.  The    following    acoouuts were reoommended for payment:  I.,         II. G.  I.lair,   waterworks   ...  Jjs       J. A. Morrison & Co. W.W. acct  S^         U. Leckie, Waterworks aud electric  pliant  supplies      Dalgleish At ilurding, |Geu. acct  Max .loi.kjn-), Gen, acct   Lakeview I .ivory, W.W, accf,   Kelowna Courier, Printing and  advertising for  July &   Aug.  I,  S.  Chamberlin, Gen.  Acct. ...  C. F.  dames, electric supplies...  Crawford it Co. Stationery    Q. F. Budden, fuel for police ..,  The Mikado Cafe, meals    K. T, W.  Pearts. Govt. Agent,  maintenance   of prisoner    in*  provincial gaol      14.50  Elter it. Simpson, repairs to gaol 8.55  Mnx >finikin* (c Co. Police acct. .50  .Northern   Klietiie A;   Manufac.  luring Co,  ('.lot-trio supplies ....570,40  Canadian  Fairbanks    Morse  Co   13.20  Crane Co.   Fleet ric supplies     12.71  A, J. Jones, power titmse acct.     3.20  U. K. Lumber Co, Lumber     72.30  Kolowna Oarago and Machine  Works  Co.   power   House acct.  Kelowna  Sawmill ('o      "  Morrison-Thompson  Co. ���  Waterworks  supplies   Office  I'owerhouso        "    W. Haug, powerhouse supplies  H. G. Dunn, salary  ,  l'\ W.   Royle, salary    W. If. LVnnie, salary    P. T. Dunn, salary  $1 JO Ptsr Araum.  School Reports forOctober  KELOWNA PUBLIC SCHOOL  No. on Roll  Rutland News  Division       I  "       n  III  VI  V  VI  vn  "      VIII  IX  "        x  XI  Total  27  38  41  ao  82  32  37  2��  29  387  IFxms eer m Oomswadsn..!  Mr.  and  Mm.   Blenkarn  and  family  Aver ap  ���, now Kviag m Kelowna. Mr. Ulan-  ...  27.fi  I ^am imv in(, ofataioad a pooUion  with  ...  83.88 tn(1 Kolowna Groweri Exchange.  ..  87.38  ...  27.27 I   Mr. Reals and family are staying In  28.68 Kolowna for the winter, and are bav-  .. 28.66  ��� 83.48  .. 26.89  . 80.67  .. 28.87  .. 27.78  329.61  .... 92.3  LATEST HOYAI. WEDDING ATTRACTS  THOUSANDS  This photr^rapli show, the oarriuge bearing Prince Arthur of Connaught and Princess Aloxumlra Victoria, Duchess of Kile, on their way  to the historic little Chapel Koyal of ihe Palace of St. .I.-,r,i ���.. London,  to be married,  It wan a family affair, and London's mothers and daughter,, made up  nine-tenths of the thousand, of persons who assembled in every    street  and road along which tint royal couple passed to give thorn a welcome.  Thero was room for less illian three hundred in the simple, 'I hough  daintily doobrated Chapel* of St James, but not since the coronation of  King George has there been such n gathering of royalties and notable  parsonages as on this occasion. ,  Ladies' Hospital Aid  Hold Annual Meeting  Preparing for Annual  Fire  Ball  The Fire Brigade boys will he holding Ih-mr fifth annual hull on Thursday November 5t7th. and judging by  Lhe <>nthutaiusm (hey ure, putting ii_to  preparations for it, it will lie a -tollable event. The new "Morrison Hall"  over tho stores in the new block on  Lawrence uvenue has beon engaged.  The hall is not yet finished, but it  will bo by that lima and the Fire l.ri- j  gad., bell will bo the firs, event to  be hold in ft, This hall will have the  lurgust floor space in town for 1-inc-  ii.g. and it is boing fitted up with o  view lo providing every possible convenience. A Hpeuiu) dancing floor, <..o  material for whioh is being nlii|.|Mxl  from the poait will bo put in.    There  The Ladies'  Hospital Aid sixth   un-  iual    meeting was held on     Monday,  I '.'ovember ..rtl in the Koanl of    Trade  'building.  The president. Mrs. (luin.Ton. road  an earnest and interesting address,  urging the members, to continue their  work on Ix'half of the nid end to uso  [greater effort to Increase, tha membership, which is lamentably small for a  Three Interesting Local  Weddings this Week  23.2..  10-1.28  . 6.78  .38  . 6.68  302.86  180.00  90,00  80.00  100.00  Kobt. .Sutherland, salary     128.00  R,   Mnokny. salary     .1. A. Bigger, building ins|>cctoi  A.  R.  Dnvy, salary    Dr.   Keller,  office rent     A. R. Davy, work on stroots ...  Knnls A-MeDonoll, street work..  Power TTouflo pay roll, Oct. ...  0.   H.  Dunn,  petty cash, Oct....  Mrs. .1. D. Knox, west 10 (net  of Lot  !l. Block 10,  Map :.lf>  ('.   I'hlin, sewer work   A. B. Davy, watering slreels ...  A. B. Davy, Oon. noot   fl. Rldtedge, sewer work,   ���lack Wilson, \V,W, construction  H. Sutherlanii, refnnil, express ...  Wm. Notley, W.W. construction  86.00  16.00  166.68  27.80  48.80  82.00  097.00  48.30  212.00  38.00  164.80  8.50  24.00  1.67  1.90  8.88  town of this size.  Mrs. Cameron though! if lire ladies  of Iveluwiiii would visit the Vancouver  General Hospital mill sre the work  the Lndfer Auxiliary'were doing thero  it would he an .impetus Lownnl greater interest  in our Collage Hospital.  Tho seerotaryjs report showed a  ereilil'nlile year of work, anil tin, treasurer's report, a flourishing fintiiieiul  condition,  A   letter  from   Mr.   Fisher,  secretary  of the   hospital    board was r.'iid  part of it  is given   "Your society gave  the hospital a practically new operating room, in that it was made thoroughly sanitary ley floor anil wall til-  will be a gentlemen's smoke room uiul jinK> ��"'1 *��� diroolois "'I I'tibUo owe  oompleto lavatory accommodations for;ymlr "ul'iHv  *���<��** "' gratitude  for  both    ladies    and gentlemen.  Smaller \t,,is very generous work mil no    less  rooms will nlso In fitted up on     his  Ior WOT continuous nippl)   of     linen  occasion    for curds    and    games    for |�� _  rllicers for die ensuing year arc:  C.P.R., freight       3'2I  Miss J. Wilde, Duty & broker-"  age fee (water meters)     30.70  Canada oapturod nearly every first  prize for Individual entrlos on wheat,  oats and flax, both threshed snd in  the sheaf in the International Dry  -forming Congress at Tulsa, Okla.  those who do not dance  Ono of the stores below has also  been taken for n supper room and  will  be suitably decorated.  That the Fire Brigade is deserving  of every support in ihis, their annual  event goes without saying. Not only  their energetic elforts in saving property from firo (for which they Individ'  nally got nothing, ull donations going  into tho general fund), but the splendid reputation thoy have attainod  through the war canoe races and other  sports, should prompt evnrynno to try  to make this the big danco of the  year, as no doubt it wilt bo. Since  the firo brigade took over the war  ennoe three years ago it mav be mentioned that they have never lost a  single cup race, and Ihis year olonned  up praelieallv everything on the lake  with  tho result  that   Ihey  have     six  ps and a shield at present in (heir  possession.  The Chinese government hns decided  to appoint a British naval advisor to  tho Chinese Admiralty. Tho officer  chosen is Rear Admiral Arthur Henry  Christian, attached to the home floot  at Davenport.  Mr. Dalzicl, a thoroughly experienced optioian has boon ongaged by- Mr.  >X. B. Knovles, to oonduot that ond  of his busin ss.'.Mr. Dalziol hr,s hnd a  wido exporie ice in eastern Canada, his  training being originally roorived In  Edinburgh, tfootland.     President, Mrs. M. (', Cameron; Soc  rotary. Mrs. Vrederirk Armstrong;  Treasurer, Mrs. P, B, Willits, Firat  Vice President, Mrs. 0, A. McKay;  Second Vic, President, Mri. A. W.  Bowser: Kxtoutive , Mrs. .1. W. .loncs.  Mrs. C. Blackwood; Mrs. (!. Dillon;  Mrs. Harold iVewbyj Mrs. Corby; Mrs.  .I..B. Knowles. Mrs. 0. A. Robison.  A hospital shower was arranged at  the homo of Mrs. .1. W. .lonos,  next Wednesday,' Nov. 12th at 3 p.m.  Votes of thanks were tendered thc  board of trade for the use of their  room and Mr. A. I.. Meugens who had  kindly audited tho books.  This ended tho business and the meet  ing adjourned.  HON.  I'ltlCH  I'll.l.lSON  MAY HO TO  SENATK  I'hore Is n rumor nroiind thegovton-  men! building offices nt Victoria, says  tin, Province, that Hon. I'rice RHIson's  nppointmont lo tho senate is liiiniin  out nnd Thomos Taylor will gel fi  nnnco and agriculture and that W. W.  Foster, his doputy, who is lo run in  the Islands, will be taken into tho  cabinet as head ot the works deportment.  WINDSOR-GRACE  At tho Catholic Churoh Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, by the Rev.  Father Verboke, Chas. Windsor, form-  irly of Camsask,'Sask., now of Kelowna, was married'to Miss May ,Gor-  Irude Grace of the K. L. 0. office  staff.  SCHKT.I.-niRD  Tho marriage took place last evening of Willis F. Schell, of Rutland to  Miss Lilian    Beatrice    Bird, youngest  daughter of Mr. T.    Bird of Rutland.  The ceremony was performed at    tho  home of Mrs, .1.  W.  .loans,  (sister   of  the bride) by lho Rov.  W. Vance     of  ihe lllnck Mountain Churoh.  SHIELD-AMES  A    pretty    wedding   ceremony took  place    this    morning at SI. Miohael's  Church, Ihe   Rev. Thos. Groono, officiating, when Mr. Norman Ridley Shield  was married to Miss Vivienno    Duppa  Ames, who arrived    only on Tuesday  last from tho old country. Mr. Shields  is  well  known  aud  popular iu  town,  and  the  church  was well  filled     with  friends.    Tho brido who was very prettily attirod was given away by    Mrs.  L. I']. Taylor, Miss Sylvia Taylor acting as bridesmaid, whilo little Totnmv  I'atrick, and Marie Taylor wero pages.  Tho best mnn was Mr. G. Soon.  The service was a choral ono. Mrs.  Soames giving ns a solo, "Tho Voifle  that Breathed o'er Eden." Tho organist . Mr, Driscoll played tho wedding  march  An informal reception took placo  later at Bankhead, the homo of Mr.  nd Mrs. L. E. Taylor, after which  I lu- happy pair left by motor for Van-  i-ouvor, whore thoy will take up residence.   o   CANADA TO HAVE BIGGEST TELB-  Attcnilnnco percentage  HONOR ROLL  Entrance   class.���Frances    Buckland,  Ewart Fletcher, Nettie Harvey.  Division II.  Senior IV.���Abbie Wilson,    Norman  DeHart, Jean Brown.  Junior   IV.���Robert Sykes,    Almedu  Oakes, Jack Thayer.  Division III  Junior IV.���Terence Crowley, Beatrice  Wilson. Marion Hiasley.  Senior III.���Charlie    Stuart,    Lloyd  Day, Dorothea Buck.  Division IV  Junior III.���Nellie Jones, Flora Ball,  Harry Bawtinheimer.  Division V  Junior Icl.r-Cilbert    Clarke,    John  Marshall, Willie Marshall.  Senior IL���Myrtle Swerdfager,  Bessie  Haug, Margaret Sanders.  Division VI  ^Junior IL���Ronald   Todd,     Stanley  Whitehead, Reta Thompson.  Division VII  Senior I.���Grace Wotherspoon, Bessie  Thompson, Willie Sanders.  Junior    L���Willie   Anderson.    Alma  Rawtinlioimor, Cicely Tutt.  Division VITI  Junior I.���Howard  Leathley,     Carl  Wilson, Hugh MaoKenzie.  Senior   Primer   IL���Victor     Fowler.  Lydia Jones, Heotor Duggan.  Division IX  Junior Printer II.��� Geo.     Newton,  Jonnic Purves, Doris Hunstone.  Senior    Primer. ��� Wallace    Meikle,  Sadio Bell, Muriel Dillon  Division X  Class  A.���William Robison.     Elwyn  Williams, Willie Akerdrd.  Class    B. ���Una De Hart, Margarot  Sutherland, Marguerite Millie.  (i        Division XI  Class A.���Muriel Cox  Class B.���James Sutherland.  Class C.-Lyaj MoKinley.  ing    their   horn* redecorated   during  their absence.  The young men of Rutland have  formed a club, and will occupy the  rooms over the siore. Mr. E. Kelly  has been appointed secretary.  Mr. T. Davis our local blacksmith,  has purchased an acre of land from  Mr. D. V.. McDonald, jsst east of his  present site, and will move into hie  new quarters as soon as possible.  The packing staff at the local branch  of the Kelowna Growers Exchangs finished their work in this district yesterday, and have gone to South Kelownn to round up the crop, and expect to bo through in about 10 days.  Mr. Willis Sehsllr and Hiss lily Bird,  two well known residents were married yestorday in Kelowna, by Rev. W.  Vanoe. On their arrival at, Rutland  they were greeted by about fifty ol  their young friends who expressed their  joyousness snd good wishes by a vigorous tin-tin-abulatioo which oaused  some of the residents from the old  country to recall, the "sounds of rev-  olry by night," which usually finished  up Guy Fawkos Day on'Nov, (8th. The  young couple have the best wishes ol  I the whole district for their future happiness.  CANADIAN ORDER OF FORESTERS  MISSION  CREEK SCHOOL  Junior IV.���Rhoda Lytle, Ruby Lytle, Charlie Pfyffor.  Senior 111.���Alices Pfyffer, Delbert  Speer.  Junior III.���Jack Davy, Cyril Gillard, Thomas Davy.  Senior IL���Roxie  McClure.  Junior IL��� Constance Gillard, Beatrice MoClure.  Second Primer. ��� Lorraine Scott,  Thomas Swordy, Alirk Gordon.  Receiving Class.���Matilda Gillerd.  Court Kelowna, No. 1080 Canadian  Order of Foresters taking advantage  of the visit of Bro. 0. D. Rand, eleo-  ted and installed their officers for  1014. Mr. S. T. Elliott was re-elected  Chief Hunger for the third time and  Mr. Noil Gregory Finance?! Secretary  for the fourth. The nnt regular  meeting will be held an Thursday, ths  13th inst., at 8 p.m., in Raymer's Hall.  Mr. Rand, who installed the.officers  was assisted by Mr. Marsh, who acted  as High Marshall, conducting the following to their various stations.  C.R. S. T. Elloitt; V.C.R., R. W.  Butler; Fin. See., Nail Gregory; Ree.  Sec., Wm. A. Evans; Trass., J. J.  Taylor; S.W., Geo. Fryer; T.W., Noel  Fryer; Chap., W. S. Hunter; S.B. Stan  ley Blaok; J.B., Jas Johnstone.  Mr. R. n, Angus has resigned as  president of the Bank of Montrcnl but  will continuo on tho board of directors  Mr. H. V. Meredith wilt take his place.  SCOPE IN THE WORLD  Within two yoars Canada will   havo  toleflco[ie larger than that now possessed by any observatory in the   en-  lire world. Tho government has docid-  I I o uooede to tho roquest of the chief  stronomer of tho commission, baoked  up by recommendations of the   Royal  Astronomical Society of Canada,   tho  Aslronomical  Rocioty of tho     United  <latos and other infliiniitinl scientists  and  scientific bodies,  with tho result  thai contracts have beon nwarded for  a telescope nnd equipment to coBt over  $90,000,  While the looation of thiB new and  powerful telescope hns not been derided upon thero is every probability that  it will be mounted in Ottawa in the  vicinity of tho present observatory.   o   "Tho Barrier" will bo the attraction  at tho Opera Houso on Saturday evening, November 18th.  OKANAGAN SCHOOL  Entrance.��� Beryl Grummett,   Sylvia  Weeks,  Junior IV.��� Charley Weeks, Isabel  Reid, George Grummett.  Junior III.��� Florence Weeks and  Earnest Rust (tie). Harry Grummett.  Reta Bateman.  Second Reader.��� Frances Anderson  Ellen Borard, Ruth Hardy.  Firat Roader.��� Mary Haynes, Frank  Grummett (tio). Ruth Reid.  Second Primer.���Earl Batsman.  Sonior First Primer.���Ellen Hardy,  Frances Diokson.  Junior First Trimer.��� Daisy Weeks,  Alphonse Berard, Marguerite Borard.  Mr. N. Thompson of the N. Thompson Co., contractors, of Vancouvor,  spent a few days in town last week  ond.  BLACK MOUNTAIN SCHOOL  First Division  Con-  duot  96  90  92  93  Vornn  Dalgleish  Lillian Sproule  Margery Lansdown  Morriam Woolsey  Beth Dalgleish 93  ("onsuelo Woolsey 98  I����lio Richards 86  Blanoho Ford         \ 88  Earla MoDonnld 189  Elwood Floming 88  Second Division  Jesnie Warden 87  Hazel Besett 80  Elvo Fleming 78  Mona Ruth Woolsey 78  Atten- 8tu  dance  100  100  98  100  100  100  98  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  MISS MAY ROBERTS  At the Opera House Friday and Saturday  Carson Dalgleish  Elsie Brown  Verna Ford  Netta Monford  Wm. Lansdown  Elmer Rice  Clifford Renfrew  79  78  80  78  83  78  72  100  100  90  90  88  100  100  76  76  80  80  76  70  71 K.EI.OWNA RECORD
*« .. ........  «* ..  ».* .. *. ».
as, st
"       BTJSISTESS CARDS      *•
•» ••
.. er* .. .. .. .. *»  t» .. .. .* »*
Notaries Public,
Conveyancers, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
HsweUon Block, Kelowna    ■    'Phone 206
P.O. Box. 509
C. Harvsy, B.A.. Sc., C.E., D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phon. 147. P.O. Box 231
p. a vrrpp'^j?
F.ihiW.tit.i.G. Royal Collate   of   Muiic,   ana1 lately
**   iJnok Pyn«.   Mui, Doc., prj
Cathedral. Mtncli«iter,  Em
witfi KinJriak
,  Doc, pnaniil uf ihi
.Al lho Sludio, Trend.  Block, Kelowna.
Muiic   of   i-vrii    description   supplied.
P.O. Box 4117
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
r.O. Boat IDS Then, ss
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Hives lessons in
French Lessons
Conversational or otherwise'
STUD^-Morrison.Thompson Block
Plans and Specifications Frepured
and estimates given for publicBuild-
iiigj.Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
Pianoforte, Orqan, Voice Production
Singing, Harmony, Counterpoint, &c.
< AnocUte of the Royal Coltegr of O.Biniili. Lond )
Given leisona  in  the  above  subjects.
Qualified   by  examination.     Many
successes at local examinationi (1 unity
College, London)
IS   years' successful  teaching experience
{[Studio   -   Raymer Block
(Csdrote McCUl Univsr.il,)
Residence :   GLENN  AVENUE
Messages  may  be  left at  the  office  of
Maui**. Rattenbury At William*
1..11.A.H. (London)
icsctiei onset
Box 366, Kelowns.
Or spply " Record " Office.
», Willi.'a Bloch   -   Kelowna, B.C.
I have a Complete plant cf power
mixera and all appliance* for concrete
construction of every kind, and am
devoting all my attention to this work,
in which I have had many years'
All Kinds of ement Work,
Concrete Buildings,
Foundations and Sidewalks.
Excavating Contracts
Clement & Rim' office.
Raymer Blotk
Woolieley Av,
Richter Street
Published evsry Thursday at Kelownn.
British Columbia
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription Kates:
11.60   psr year:    7fio.. six    mouths     Unite,)
Stnl... SO osnts uddrtioanl.
Ail subscriptions nsvnbls in oilvuiMO.
Kubscrlbsrs ai ths rouulnr rate enn bava
•sue peper, mnilfil to Inenils nt n dUtunofl
nt IIA1.K RATH), l.s..  7« rents i*r vrar.
This n.vi.1 iirivilBirs Is irrnnled Inr tha
liurpo.. ol euvirrti.lin,  th.  rrlv  nml district.
Advertising Kates:
KTC, 211 osnts p., column inch pit week.
LAND AND TIMUEU Ntl'l ll'HS-an rjovs, »•■
r'.n dsvs, IT.
WATER N0TIUES-IU lor llvs i.r«,.rlic,n».
I.UUAL AI)VEK'ITSIM!-I''ir«l   Insertion,    18
..■uu psr lin.. stsh iiibiiqtieDi laserlion
liTsbiITed ABVKim8HlllENT8-ll oents i»r
word first  Inssrtion.   I   cent iwr Won)  "»■
Mubwausnt  insertli.ir. .,.,„„„,,,   _ .    .
nnd  undsr.lSO rant,  in   inch  firm  "Ir"'."""
ov.r  two Inches  40 cents  per  inch Irrril  insertion: 20 cent, per inch    eech s„l«. nieiii
All ch«MM In oonlrncl »'!>■'/"'""'•",.■'„ '"'.'"i
,.. in ths hnnds ol the printer bv ruoMBV
svenlnl to ensure imblicntion In the nnt
That Car of
Re-labelled Apples
CoMiderable Intoro-t hut. lif-on i»'"li-
tested In an artiole BOmewhat damaging to tho reputation of a local firm
of fruit shippers, via., Messrs. MoDon
,iUl & Bulman, wliich appeared in a
reoent issue «f the Vancouver "Sun."
"Detected «h falsely marked" says
ihe article, "a oarload of apples ship*
ped from West Sunimerli.wl, B.C, to
iho Australian market, i« being held
by Hr. It, G. Clark, chief fruit* .n«pet>
tor for H. 0.. and fur. A. tt. Mack,
Dominion fruit Inspector, Btatlonod nt
Vanoouver. Out of tho 600 boxes,
whioh the oat contained, about throe
hundred and fifty wore labelled as No.
1 Jonathan apples, while the balance
aro properly labelled ns Nn. 2s, according to the fruit inspectors,
"According to a statement made by
the officials, who mado the discovery
yesterday, the apples were originally
packed by Stirling & Pitcairn, of
Kelowna, and labelled by them as
.Jonathan Nn- 2. The labelling was
done with rubber stamps and the
lettering still remains on the    boxes
The apples wero then sold to the B,
('. Growers, Ltd., of Kelowna, Messrs.
McDonald & Bulman, who act, it is
said, as the agents <>t A. II. k ■'.
Stevens, of Kelownn, tbo latter firm
being located at West Summerland,
After receiving a shipment from
Stirling & Pitcairn, McDonald k Bulman then pasted colored lithographs
bearing the name of A. H. and J.
Stevens over tho labelling ol thc firm
which packed the apples. The difference was that, whereas Stirling &
Pitcairn stated the contents of the
boxes to bo No. '2 •lonathans, the labels of A. If 1 J. Stevens declared the
ontents l<> I*1 No. I. .Jonathans.
"In some way Stirling A- Pitcairn
learned ol the change In labels, and
they protested tho matter to Mr. Bulman, of the It. C Growers, Ltd. Mr.
Bulman promised to ohftngo the label-
big back to the original marking.
When the fruit inspector entered the
car they found that only the boxes
on the face of the pile hnd been properly re-marked. When they delved
into the boxoc behind they found that
the false labelH were still on tho boXQS.
"What will eventually be done with
lhe fruit is still a matter of doubt.
The fruit inspectors have no power
to detain the shipment altogether.
The oidy thing which they enn do under the eircumslunces is to mark all
the boxes "Falsely labelled" and id-
low them to proceed. It is staled on
good authority, however, that Mr.
Martin, the fruil inspector al Sydney,
is Vety strict in cases of this nature
and will not allow lho fruit to enter
Australia which has been marked by
tho Canadian inspectors "falsely la-
belli-d." "hen again, it is quite possible that tho case may be token to
tho courts, when a fine of ISO and
casts is the statutory punishment- for
an offence of this  nature."
No Intention to Misrepresent
Interviewed on tho question Mr. T.
Bulman, president of tho TV ('. Grow*
ers Ltd,, indignantly repudiates any
intention on the part of his firm tn
misrepresent tho goods. Ho maintains
that, in acting as agents for Moists A.
H. At J, Stevens and putting their
label on the boxes they were not  doing
anything contrary to the Sale and
Fruit Marks Act, Tho apples in question wore marked Xo. 2 on account
of their small size. The fixing of the
grade is n matter for the opinion of
each packer, and as the size of the
apples was perfectly satisfactory for
MesarR Stevens' trade it. seemed perfectly legitimate to put thoir label
on if tnoy wished it. Mr. Bulman
claims that apples quite'as small have
been sold this year by all the othor
firms in town as No. 1, and that it
is unreasonable to make any exception
in the present' case.
Hr.  Kidman's  Ueply to tho "Sun"
The following is the reply which Mr.
Bulman  baa forwarded to  tho  "Sun"
which explains his view of tho case:
To the Editor of thu Sun,
...   Vanoouver, B, 0,
Dear Sir:—My attention being directed to an article appearing in your issue of the 20th ol October with the
caption, "Boxes of Apples Falsely
Marked", 1 request the privilege ol
having this letter printed in your columns In explanation nml defence of
the British Columbia Growers, limit-
ed and my connection with the carload
of apples in question. As president of
the company, 1 was telephoned lo by
Messrs. Stirling & Pitcairn about 11
o'clock on thi' day the car had to
leave to catch the boat at VanCOttvor
and Informed that they objected to
our placing Messrs A. II. A. if. elevens' labels over their name and also
to raising the grade which they had
marked No. '2., to No. 1. As I understand lhe Snle und Fruit Marks
Art does not delegate to any particular firm tho right to establish a grade
in fruit, each firm has a right to
their own opinion as to what conforms
to the ad, relative to grades, and the
firm whose label is on tho box is tho
party responsible to tho government
whether he has packed it or not. However, on receiving the telephone mes-
Buge 1 got In touch with tho manager
of the company, Mr. li. McDonald, who
was about to leave for Vernon, on his
way to tin1 coast; asking him to make
arrangements with Messrs. Stirling A.
Visiting the warehouse after lunch
and finding that nothing definite had
been dune, as Mr. McDonald had .*..{
the matter in the hands of Mr. f.ee,
Vire-president of the company, and
manager of our warehouse, to see Stir-
lint: A; Pitcairn and report to him over
the 'phone at Vernon. It was then
decided that our purchaser who was
fully conversant with what was being
done, could not expect us to do anything that could be construed In any
way, as n violation of the spirit, even
if it was within the letter of the,law,
and we would make the grade No. '2,
but we could BOO no justification in
the objection to our plaoing A. H. k.
.1. Stevens' label over Stirling A: Pit-
calm's name if Messrs' Stevens were
willing to assume the responsibility of
Stirling -v Pitoalrn's pack. Mr. T.ee
went at once to see that the boxes
were re-marked, No. 2., and T myself
to call on Messrs. Stirling A: Pitcairn
and advise them that we could not
refuse to place thu labels, which we
hnd agreed to place on the boxes, but
would mark the fruit  No. 2. .
Car Pulled Dili  Before Labelling
Returning to the warehouse I
found    that    the    c. P. It. Company
had    taken    the    car    to  the    barge,
it being necessary to go on that particular trip, up the lake, in order to
make connections with tho boat at
Vancouver, and I ulso found that time
had not permitted marking mon! than
about a third of the ear No. 2. 1
wrote Mr. McDonald al Vancouver nd-
\ ising him to take the inspector to
the car and have the desired grade
marked on the packages, and further
if exception was taken by them to the
label being placed over Stirling &
Pitcairn's name to have it soaked
off, not wishing to have our firm connected with anything that could bo
thought in the slightest irregular.How
ever, the inspector being advised in
reference io the transaction Inspected
the car before Mr. MoDonald know it
was in Vancouver, aud it will now
havo to bo proven whether the fruit
was improperly marked or not, and
whioh can he done as the fruit is still
in Vanoouver,
As alroadv stated the grade mark of
a packer does not establish a grade
beyond dispute, aad these apples being graded for home eonsumption as
No. 2,, no doubt on account of their
si/e, ilhoy being small and not suitable
for our Canadian markets, but for Ihe
Australian trade, which requires small
si/ed apples, they would be prefered to
large ones.
Tho apples were bought from Stirling
(c Pvtcaim at $1.30 per box, this prion
being pnid on aceount of their good
quality and Bold again lo Messrs. A.
if. k J. Stevens at $1.40 pet box. The
price js higher than could be paid for
ordinary No, 2 apples of that size
and would, if handled direct from -the
orchards by the British Colombia
Growers, net the growers 21c. per
pound, which is over a cent u pound
more than t he average price received
by thn growers last, year in tho     Ke-
Muticrn living ia linrd
on tlie eyes
We do nol charge for
Poor eyesight means
poor work
Perlcc.-fittinn glasses
are  well  worth their
Our  glasses  ore  becomingly fitted
We   use    Ioric   and
Kryptok Lenses
WE wish to announce that we have greatly extended our OPTICAL
facilities, having added many New Instruments to assist us in discovering more expeditiously and accurately the many erros that
confront the modern optician.
Our NEW DARK ROOM which has just been completed enables us lo
1 est lnclependant of the natural light. This will be of great assistance to
patients not finding it convenient for mid-day Testing. We are proud of our
equipment knowinp that there is none better in the Interior, and fffl assured
that we are in a position to meet all demands.
Mr. W. Dalziel, opthmetrist (late of Glasgow, Scotland, is in charge of
this department. Mr. Dalziel has practised optics for upwards of 15 years, so
you need have no hesitancy in consulting him however complicated or difficult
your case might be.    His methods are thorough and of the most modern.
Appointments made for Evening Testing
lowna district for their fanny and No.
I apples taken together, and will be
at least equal to the average received
by the growers in tVis district for tho
average of No. I and fancy apples
this year, ami considerably more than
some of the growers will receive who
sold the products of their orchards
early in the season. I state this to
show that there is nothing in the suggestion that Interior or cheap fruit,
was purehasod and a profit made out
of altering the gradu marks. 1 have
every reason lo believe that the fruit
if carefully examined without prejudice
will grade No. I. if lho sizo is accepted as satisfactory and it si-otas most
unfortunate if the government is going
to put an [mpedimetri in the way or
our fruil growers disposing of their
smaller si/ed apples al good prices, a
product of the orchards that will in
most years be absolutely wasted if not
exported  to Australia.
In regard to tho statement in tho
artiole in question lhat only tho boxes on the face of the pile were properly remarked, it is, lo say, the leaBt,
a mean insinuation. Naturally thoso
most available were re-inarked first,
but as I fit. or more bokos, about a
third of the contents of the car wore
re-marked No. 2, it is proof ol its
incorrectnws and also of, its unfairness. The apples being unloaded and
Iranaforred to tho boat, the last \J)ox
out of Ihe car is as likely to bn inspected its the first and there is nothing lo be gained in loading a car in
any particular manner. The statement
Boeins to mo as much a suggestion of
tho probability of very inefficient inns it is unfair and contemptible in its
speotion lining done by our inspectors
insinuation as lo my integrity.
Thanking you In anticipation of this
letter being given as prominent n position and heading in your pa|wr as
the article in cpieslion, T remain
Yours sincerely,
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SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION  WOMEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY  The sixth annual convention of the  Woraon's MiBBiunnry Sorioty of the  Okanagun District was hold in the  Methodist churoh, Vornon, oa October  28th. '  Thc aftornoon session opened at V  p.m., with the Distriot Organizer, Mrs.  .1. W. Jones in the chair.  The Dintrict Organizer report, yi scim  auxiliaries in the valloy with a mem-  horship of 113, also three urssion  bands.  During tho afternoon tho regular  business of the convention wob trans-  noted, oxcolloTit papers woro also given  ono by Mrs. Coldron of I'entioton,  '''What tho Auxiliary means to tho  Homo Church," ono by Mrs. Cairns of  Vernon on "New China and Ito  Needs," and ono by Mrs. 11. II. Millio  of Kolowna on "Choorfulness."  A Bolo by Mist, Hunt, and a recitation hy Mastor Harold Cailbraith were  much onjoyod.  Mrs, ,1. W. Jones of Kelowna was  again mentioned as District Organizer,  and Mrs. B. A. Moorhouso of l'ontio-  ton wns elected Socy.-Troos. The convention then adjourned.  The evening session oponsd at 8.15  p.m., with the Rov. W. Elliott of Vornon in tho ohalr.  Tho addresB of tho evening was given  by Mrs. Botts, president of thn B. 0.  branch of the W.M.S. Kho gave an  oxcolh'nt report of tho convention of  tho board of manngors whioh sho had  recently attendorl in Toronto.  During the ovoning Miss Kathleon  Onlbraith gnvo a recitation entitled  "Two Offerings," Mrs. Charles Whiten  of Vernon gave a beautiful rendering  of the "Holy City", and Mrs. Bichnrd-  Bon delighted her audience with, hor  rondering of the solo, entitled. *Tho  Beautiful Hills of the Bye nnd Byo."  Tho convention noxt year will meet  at Penticton.  MONTHLY WEATHER li SPORT  OCTOBER 1913  Compiled by G. R. BINGER, Government Observer.  COST OF LIVING GONK UP SIXTY  PER CENT.  An interesting investigation carried  on for tho I'nitod States Bureau of  Labor Las resulted in showing that  tho eosl of living in 1918 is approximately liO per cent., higher than it was  botween  1893 and I WTO.  October 1       68  " in  " 11  " 12  " 13  " 14  " 1.1  * 16  " 17  " 18  " 19  " 20  " 21  " 22  " 23  " 24  " 28  " 26  " 27  " 28  " 29  " 30 .  " 31  Octobu  4  "      8  " 10  " 11  " 13 .  " 18  " 18 ,  " 23 .  " 31 .    66 .    54 ,    54 .    64 .    50 .    54 ,    48 .    49 .    41 .    86 .    60 ..    54 .    52 .    44 .    47 .    48 ,    48 .    48 .    83 .    86 .    55 .    81 .    62 .    46 .    49 ,    83 .    48 .    46 .    43 ..    34 ,  RAINFAI.I  .12 inches  .21 inches  .73 inches  .10 inches  .30 inches  .31 inches  .10 inches  .02 inches  .08 inches  Total  2.27 inchoa  ANOTHER ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION PLANNED  Sir Earnest Shackleton slates that  noxt year, ho hopos to start another  Antarctic expedition going via South  America,' to Now Zealand. He expect?  to be accompanied by thc snmo men  na wero with him on his last et, edition. Lieut. Adams, meteorologist;  Eric Marshall, surgeon; Frank Wild,  Sir Philip Brocklehurst, Messrs. Joyce  Miirslon. Armitage and Priestly,  PATHETIC   CONDITION OF CHINAMEN IN CANADA  The Chinese board of trade of Victoria is issuing 1,000,000 circulars for  distribution in China, calling attention  to the alleged pathetic condition of  Chinamen now in Canada. The circulars state that 20,000 Chinamen in the  Dominion are unemployed, without permanent home and begging for food  and clothing to save themselves from  cold and starvation. The circular declares that Canada has plenty of waste  land, but practically not ono inch of  land that a Chinaman oan with freedom stand on.  CHAS. DEAN NOT GUILTY  f  Chas. Dean was found not guilty by  a jury in the New Westminster assize  court laut Thursday of the charge of  robbery of the Bank ol Montreal on  the night of September, 14, 1911, when  S271.000 was stolen. Tho verdiot appeared to bo a popular one and a few  moments after the return of the jury  Dean walked out ol the court room  a free man followed by an admiring  throng who seized svery opportunity  to shake his hand.  NEW DREADNAUGHT MAKIW GOOD IN HER SPEED TRIALS  The new Dreadnaught, Texas, tbe newest and largest addition to tne  American navy, had her recent speed trials during the battle practice of  the Atlantic Fleet oil the Virginia Capes and came up to the requisite  teats in good shape. Sho will be manned by a picked crew from tho Idaho, thus doing away with the tedious job of training a green crew.  Not only is,the Texas tho largest vessel in the navy, but sho is also  tho most powerful in both offence and defence. 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Josselyn*  ��� *   ���   *  The regular Churoh ol England services willibo held in tho East Kolowna school house Sunday afternoon nt  .'. o'clock.  ��� ���   *   #  Mr, J. I.. Stuart, packing foreman  for the Farmers' Exohango left for hia  home at Hood River. Oregon on Saturday last, tho fruit packing season  being  practically  over.'  The pastor will conduct the services  in tho MutKodisI church on Sunday.  Tho morn ing topic is "The Universal  Father" and the evening "A Genuine  Man."  The W.C.T.l',, will meet, on Tuesday,  Nov.,'11th at 2 p.m., at the home of  Mrs, \V. S. Fuller when a large gathering is evpooled. Old and new mem.'  Ih'I'.s cord tall v welcome. A social half-  hour will take place at (he close of  the business  nun-ling,  ���   *   ���   ���  A Hospital Shower will be held at  Mrs. .1. W. Jones' home mr\t Wednesday, Nov. 12th at 3 p.m., which all  the ladies of the eity are invited to  attend, The .hospital needs many  small furnishings for dining room anil  kitchen and for patients' trays, viz.,���  small cream jugs, Ball .ind pepper  shakers, tumblers, loa pots (large).  etc.  ���     t>     ��     a  The Chess Club is being organized  (or tho winter-months, tho first meeting being oalled tor Monday   evening  next   in   Mr. J,   Levitt's   olfleo   in     the  Crowley Block, when all1 arrangements  will bo made for the season. A series  of tournnments will be arranged later.  About twenty members havo enrolled  themselves so far. The club is,open to  all, beginners included. The membership  fee is 81, and all furl her information  will lie given by the secretary. Mr.  .1.  Levitt.  Come to Knowles' and have Mr. Dal  del, optician test your eyes.  Mr. M. G. Gorrie returned Sunday  after a lengthy stay ae Victoria.  Mr. Ernest Wilkinson left last week  end for a visit to the coast.  Mr. R. H.  Stubbs returned from the  Old Country Sunday lust.  ��� ���   *   i  Mr, A. K, Mitchell, of Canavan k  Mitchell     was in town    for a     short  time this week.  * ���   *   ���  The f.oyul Orange Lodge will meet  next Monday evening in tho Moose  Mall, (over   Msgard's store.)  Mr. Arthur Henning will lead tho  discussion at tho Kpworlh League of  Ihe Methodist Church on Monday with  tt paper on "Our Citizens of Non-English Speech."  Eighty-five per cent., of headaches  aro caused through eyestrain, and if  you are troubled that way do not fail  to consult Dr. Taube at Trench's drug  store on Thursday, November 20th.  A suggestion is being considered by  tho Firo Committee to offer prizes  for the first, two automobiles arriving  at 'lho fire hall to assist the boys in  o of a fire. It would sertainly bo a  great thing if sufficient public spirited  motor owneis oould be got to interest  thomsolvos in  the idea.  The Mission band of the Baptist,  churoh are giving their annual entertainment tomorrow (Friday) night at  7.30, when a collection will bo taken  up in aid of missions. This branoh of  the church work has been in tho hands  Of Miss J, Rookie, who for some time  past hns been training tho children  far  tho event.  Three tr Hlers who had been endeavoring to enliven the tedium of a  chilly trip down I lie lake yesterday by  too Copious libations of whiskey found  themselves ou arrival at Kelowna���or  rather the C.I'.R.   officials  found  them  -unable    to make a    landing.     Thoy  wore removed on trucks and locked up  in a freight  shed to cool off.  ���   ���   ���   ���  "Fifteen Years Mission Work in Bolivia, South Americai its Lights and  Shadows/1 will be the subject of an  address to be given by the ReV, A.  It. Reekie in the Baptist church next  Sunday evening. Mr. li.-ekie is thn pioneer Baptist missionary in that country nnd will be able to give much  valuable information about the land  and the people. A cordial welcome to  all.  DIl.TII  I'OOLL.-Born  |o the.wife of  Mr.    A.  C.  I'oole. on  November 5th, a son.  Remember the date of Dr.    Taube's  visit to Trench's drug store on 'ITiurs-  day, November 'JOlh, and if there is  anything wrong with your eyesight do  not  fail to consult him.  DRESSMAKING  High-Class, by  experienced  Dressmaker;   3  yean wilh  Drysdales,  Vancouver.  Best Work    Moderate Prices  Mn. GRIFFITHS  RICHTER ST., opposite Nurseries  Mrs. M. E. Farrell  FASHIONABLE  DRESSMAKER  Ellis Streat KELOWNA, B.C.  Evening Gown* a Specialty  Fall Suits and Coats  And  is now  ready  to  take  orders   for  made*to.measure garments (or the Crown  Tailoring Co.  SECOND HAND  = STORE =  A. E. COX  Successor to II. Hot rocks  Water Street, near Opera House  P.O. Box 671  Phone 65  We Buy Everything Uied in the I louse  Call nnd inspect our stock of  STOVES, BEDS, TABLES,  SPECIAL:  I Folding Bed       4 Oil Heater..  2 Extension Tables  ! Side Board      1 Mission Desk  96-piece Dinner Sets  Only $10.75  Whibe Vitrified Dishes  always  in stock  DBPOSBD GOVBBNOeQ PCH'UI.AJt WITH PKOPLB  Photograph of Kx-tlovernor Sulzer of Nmv York, {oentral figure), &d*  dr.MHing n large and cuthimiatrtio meeting lu an eant sido hall in Now  York Oity in the distriot in which he in running for AHNomblymnn. Thorn  wat. no doubt as to the deposed executive's pergonal popularity with tho  crowd to which he gpoko, as they cheered him wildly, and (liter, tho meeting rushed to the platform to nhake his hand, many of litem iugj,dng at  his OO&tj grasping bts arms, and even stroking hie hair.  Tho running <>j' Sulzer for Assembly has nwakenod his homo distriefr  as it Iihh never before boon awakened. A stranger passing through tho  district atv night would think that it was New Year's Eve. Kvnrywhero  are crowds. On every corner group., nro collected, and if you draw near  you hear tho convincing argument, "Sulzer was not impeached becauoe  he did wrong, hut bmcauHp he retimed to do wrong." ProBent indications  arc that he will drajw about  4,000 of the 5,500 votes in thc district.  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat Daily  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phone 135  GLENMORE FRUIT LANDS  Situnted within one half mile of town, and being  ���bout loo feet above the lake, it commands n beautiful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.  Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.  Close to Town and Market.  There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the op-  portunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable  property.  The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.  KELOWNA. B.C.  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Are now  completely equipped   to supply all  your  lkmber needs.  We have now a large stock of local and coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of  high-grade quality tad In  splenAd  condition.  A complete line of  DOORS  AND  WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  First-class Fruit Lands  For Sale on the Hepburn Flats  A 1  large acreage will  be  planted  this  spring   with  standard varieties  Lots from Five Acres and Up.  Easy Terms: One-Fifth Cash, oalance to suit purchaser  Absolutely  pure wafer.   Domestic supply piped to every lot  The Belgo-Canadian Fruitlands,  LIMITED  Gaddes-McTavish  United  FOR RENT  I small new house at $15   per  month.  Also 2 large new houses with all mod  ern conveniences.  'Phone 217  Leckie Block  Excavating,   Well   Driving,  Septic Tanks Installed  and Repaired  Drains  Pumps Installed 6. Repaired  C. LANCASTER  Cawston Ave.      P.O. Box 541 THUBSDAY, NOVEMBER, 6, 1913  KELOWNA RECORD  A Big Cut  in Freight Rates  LIKE other dealers in Grass Furniture we used to buy in small  lots, paying a freight rate of three timee first class or $4.71  per 100 lbs., from Vancouver to Kelowna. With us this is  a thing of the past, we now buy in car lots direct from Hong Kong.  Our car rate from Vancouver is only 78c. per 100 lbs., getting in  six chairs for what we used to pay for one, besides getting the  advantage of direct buying and of large quantities.  Of the 300 chairs in this car 200 chairs will be sold  at practically cost price for advertising purposes  Just think of it I  Great big easy Arm Chairs. Cut from $7 & $8 to $4 & $5  Nice Grass Tables - ��� ��� 8.50 ,, 4 & 5  Cake Stands       -       -       ���      ���        2.50   ,,    1.50  Reduced Bed Prices  Brass Beds, 2-inch posts, any size - - 1 3.50  2 inch continuous post Brass Bed, any size      - 18  And don't forget the nice white fleecy felt Mattress that goes with these beds at   - - 7.50  If you are doubtful as to the quality we will open the  mattress and show you the inside  Children's Cribs  Strong, safe and with drop sides, $6.75  New  Dining Room Furniture  in the most up-to-date designs and finishes  SAMPLE PRICES:  Buffet, Pedestal  Extension - Table, Set of .Six Diners,  Upholstered in No.   I   leather.   This suite  is   made   of   the  best selected   quartered  oak,   in   either   fumed   or   golden   finish.  Cut Price of Suite complete  $75.00  Sold in the regular way the price would be :  Buffet. $40; Table, $35 ; Set of Chairs, $30.    Total $105.00  While the HIGHER GRADES of goods SUFFERED MOST by way of reductions still we have made very  Substantial Cuts in all Staple Lines  Iron Beds, brass trimmed, full  size ; $3,00  Combination Felt Mattress, full  size ���  4/0  Bed Spring, full size  2.15  Floor Oilcloths, per yard 30  Mats, 3-ft. x 6-ft  1.35  Window Blinds 35  Kitchen Chairs 65  Elm Diners 85 and $1.00  Child's High Chairs  1.00  Boston Rockers  2.00  4-ft. Kitchen Tables  2.80  Camp Beds  2.50  Camp Mattress (felt)  2.50  Toilet Sets  2.00  Kelowna Furniture  Company  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers,  Items from Ellison  (From our own Corresponds!,!.)  Mr. M". Hereron returned home    on  Tuesday lust from tho Sohool Trustees  Convention   in Victoria,    and reports  the convention was most successful.  On Sunday last IE) Rr.. W. Vanoa,  baptized the infant son of Mr. and  Mra. T. Bulman at the Whelan Methodist .Church.  Mr. and Mra. T. Bulman and family  on Tuesday last removed to town,  whore Ihey have rented Ur. Gaddes1  house for the winter months.  The Hev. W. 8iuith of Okanagan Centre, will hold a Church of England  service in tho schoolroom ut Allison  at 7 p.m., on Sunday the Uth inst. A  heurty invitation is extended to all.  All who take au interest in singing  and particularly those who delight in  encouraging tho children to sing together harmoniously, should be  sure to attend tbe children',, concert  in the Ellison sohoolhouse on Friday  the Mtli inst., when a most interesting  program will be rendered by .be singing class whioh has been conducted by  Mrs. li. Whitaker, and Miss Cotting-  1mm. The prioe of admission will be  -'5 cents, the proceeds being devoted  to 'the purchase of muBio etc., used  by the members of the class. All come  everybody welcome.  The first' meeting of the Literary Society in,,ii place oa Friday lust, whon  a highly sucoessful social evening was  enjoyed by the large number of people  present. Songs, recitations, violin so-  Iob and games i oaused a pleasant evening to pass all too rapidly and was a  splendid beginning to what is hoped.  will be a profitable season.  The following program was rendered:  Song.���Simon the Cellarer,  Mr, Keeling  Song.���Ora Pro Nobis - - Miss Pineo  Ilooitation.���Casey at tho Bat,  Mr. Tom Carney  Song.���My Ain Folk, Mrs. G. Bo*jar.  Violin Solo.��� Scotch Airs,  Mr. F. De Caqueray  Song.���The Heart Bowed Down.  Mr. U. Whitaker  Heading.���Tho Inchcupe Hook,  Master W. Uoreron  Song.���Metalling a l'ieco of Lace.  Mr. Kelly  Humorous Story.���The Meanest Man.  Mr. J. Carney  The vocalists were accompanied oa  the piano by Miss Cottiughum in a  very ublo inuiinor, and the committoe  desire to heartily thank everyone,who  took piart in tho evening's entertainment.  Friday next the 7th inst., will  be Hiagazino night, commenoing at  8 o'clock sharp.  Wrist Watch��*  HOW shall a Woman wears watch >  This has   long   been   a veXecl  question.    Some  have   carried  watches in handbags; some l(ii^: m  chatelaine pins; others have employe  neck chains.    The  Wrist Watch  solves the problem of how a womah  should wear a watch.   It's decorative,     "  convenient, practical end stylish.  The smallest watch made in America, thc  Elgin, in a solid gold case $55.00  Waltham wrist wat ?h at    57.50  Elgin ���'     ���     is from  12.00 up  Swiss ���       ���        ���           4.00 up  W. M. PARKER & CO.  JEWELERS  Crowley Block, Kelowna, B.C.      -      'Phone 270  ���. i  t**M*mas**msm****m*Mmmmm*m*Mmm*mm**mm^  Rough and Dressed Lumber.  Shingles, Siding, Doors, Window*,  Mouldings, Etc.  WHY. lNSUKANCl! HATES ABE  HIGH  Phone 257  P.O. Box 191  J  . A. MORRISON & CO.  [Successors to the Morrison-Thompson Co.]  Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water, Heating,  Ventilating Systems, Pumps, Etc.  Pipe Fittings of all kinds.  Office and Shop i i^rai ,-stvrxi x    n r.  Coates, Edwards & Gowen Garage        KELOWNA, B.C.  Cities  report  Population  ing loss  Canada       8  967,372  United States 300  32,326,633  England ... .    12  7,161,849  Franoe        6  4,425,696  Germany ... .     y  2,669,676  Ireland ...       2  699,802  Scotland ...     2  488,091  Italy       3  282,082  Kussia      2  3,485,683  Austria ...     4  2,668,978  Now comers to Canada, nml especially those from the old country, havo  often been puzzled to account for Uie  extraordinary difference between the  rates of premiums on fire, insurance  here and there. Compared. with English rates Canadian rates seen like an  unnecessary, extortion. Thoy probably  aro much, higher than thoy should be  but that there is somo justification  for the difference, the following statistics willr ahow, insurance rates bang  based upon a percentage of losses,  Comparative Firo Losses for 1919  (Cities over 20.000)  No. ol  Fer  capita  loss  13:88  2.65  0.64  0.84  0.20  0.57  0.49  0.90  0.84  *************BBM.BBBB****mL. <0M  The above tablo shows that Canada's  firo loss per capita is higher than in  any other country from whioh record's  aro available. Tho United States ia  not a bad second. The North Amerioan  continent, us a whole, has an unenviable preeminence over Europo in this  respect. Kven 'Italy, whioh hias the  greatest loss of any of tho Old World  oountrios, lm:, loss than ono-tJhird of  Canada's rate to her credit.  Unless then, is loss of life,   our Canadian  public regards deal ruotl ion     by  fire with altogether tot, much   compla-  oonoy.  We nro apt, unthinkinj ;ly,     to  assuinw thai, the loss is imiilo  good by  tho iusuranoe, companios, and   to   give  the matter too littlo thought       unless  it concerns us i directly. A littk I reflection will irhow that, in the last    analysis, tho cost of insnranco is bo. ine by  tho general publio. Numerous iiret    mean  high insurance    rates, and thee  e     in  turn mean higher    oost of produ   otion,  which in paid for by tho consult, er   in  the form of higher prices for goa   Is. In  addition    to this, we    must rpme   mber  that  fires  iu  mills,  factories,     i   varo-  housos and offices, usually throw        ��  number of peoplo out of work, and    disturb business in various ways, e.g.   , sn  the cancelling of many orders or   j protracted delay ia their fulfilment, j  FURNISHED & UNFURNISHED  HOUSES TO RENT  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  CITY TRANSFER  EXPRESS AND DELIVERY  All kinds of Light Hauling'  PROMPT ATTENTION  GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS  'Phone 65, or call at A. E. Coz't Second-Hand Store  W. P. Mi EDITH    -    Proprietor  WE HAVE ON HAND A SPLENDID STOCK OF  Brick, Hollow Brick, Building Blocks,  Agricultural Drain Tile  IN VARIOUS  SIZES  SAND FOR SALE  THE CLEMENT - RIGGS, Limited  PHONE   -   104  GEO. A. BOWSER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Jobbing and General Repair Work  Contracts taken for Moving Buildings  Kelowna   -   B.C. KELOWNA RECORD  THintSllAY, NOVrCMBKn fi, 1013  You Ever  Here are a few more Examples  How Prices have been Cut All Over the Store  Ladies' Dresses & Suits        Children's Dresses  have an opportunity to get more REAL VALUE for  your money than this Sale offers ? Now, honestly, did  you ever ? Of course, the answer is, No. Every person  who has attended thk Sale realizes that this is  A Rare Money-Saving  Opportunity  very  Thit neason's latest    models all go al  those  small prices:  Kegular Prioe Sale Price  *..����� l.adiea' Dresses     $4.95  $10.00 anh |lI.SO Ladies' Dress        ��..H��  fl'i.M Ladies' Dresses       ,18.9*  Dill.SO ami $14.SO l.aditV Dresses       (19.75  ��I6.��0 Ladies' Dresses      $11.T8  ��M.SO Udloa' lire a a      (H',95  Ladies' Suits  $�����.�����  Ladies'   Suits      $10.00  $���(1.1* " "                IN.85  M..00      "      "         ao.rs  $!!..(��� ind $:IS.*0 Ladies' Suits         3J.8T  Misses' and Children's  Warm Winter Coats  Compare pur   pricea and goods   with any competi-  lion including .Mail Order Houses and you will find  I hut you can savs money by taking  advantage    of  I lirs-e pries reductions:  tl.tO Misses und Children's Coats 98c.  ��'4..S ' "     J      $l.8��  ��0�� " " ��             1.S8  MSO       "           ,.,��  M SO     "        " " "             S.1S  �������������      " " " "             S.S9  $S.S0      "        " " "            3.95  Vt.ee, $��.S0 and $0.5 "          4.89  *..e0 ��nd $r..S "           sin  ������������� "              6.S9  $9.00. $9.50 and $9.75 "          6 SO  ��I0.S0 nml $11.00 "         8.45  Ladies' and Children's  Sweaters  $1.90 Sweaters  $1'.5  #1.50  $���1.00  *��.50  $:i.oo      *'    ...  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S.V  Ladies'Fall & Winter  Coats and Skirts  Tin latest creatione of man-tailored garments     ��l  prices lhat spell "Money Saved" to every pnrOnaser,  ��10.J5 Ladies' Fall and Winler C'oatB    $0.50  �������*���      " "      " "'       "          8.89  ��'*��������� '        "         9.05  ��"���*���      " '         "           1��.ST  ����������*���     "        "     "        "       "         I3.SS  $19 50, $.0.00, and $,1.00"        " 14.89  *!J2,50 and $23.00 "        "         I5.8T  #��4.50 and $,5.00 "        "      16.89  Mo.OO "        "          |9.6S  MS.00 "       "        M.R,  Ladies' Skirts  #:i.S0 Ladies' Skirts    $2.48  $4.50      ��� " "           $5.00        " "        ;,   $6.��0        " "         #��.S0 nnd sMS.TS "             3.39  ��� ��� .".  3.88    4.48    4.88  $T.0�� and $..���� ���        S.4T  $8.00 "      ���|   $10.80 ��         Regular Price  $1.00 Children's Dresses  $1.25        " "<  #1.50  #11.00  #3.25 und $3.5��  $4.00  #4.50 *  #4.15 nml #5.00  #5.50  #0.50 anil #6..5  #T.50 and #1.75  #2.50 nml #2.75 Skirts ...  Sale  Prico  69c.  89c.  98c.  $1.98  $2.43  #3.K5  $3.19  $3.48  $3.87  #I.HS  #5.79  . $1.85  where the  value of a dollar is stretched to the  limit in order to move the goods quick.  Read over these prices then come and see for  yourself that every item is fully up to description,  and usually surpassing it.  Ladies' Waiss  In a beautiful rango ol newest designs and color shuiles in Silk. Linen, Wool and Cotton fabrics,  lingular Price Sulo Price  11,00  Ladies  Waists  11.85  81.50  82.1)0  82.25 " "  $2.50        " "     .  83.25 " "     .  83.75 " "     .  81.50 " "     .  85.00  8-5.50  86.50 " "    .  $8.75 " "    .  .. fi��c.  SOc.  .. 98c.  11.89  81.<W  II, s*  82.37  $2.'vl  83.IS  (0..9  $3.98  . 84.79  . 15.48  Reduced  Reductions  Blankets,    Flannelette  Sheets and Comforters  Price  $2.89  3.39  Kegular Price Sale  83.50 Wool ltlnnkets, per pair    81.50 Wool Blankets, per pair    85.00 Pure White Wool Blankets, Dine or  Pink Border, tier pair   83.89  87.00 Pure White Wool lilankols, per pair   84.09  $8.00  Pure While Wool Dlnnkots, per pair   $5.98  $2.25 Flannelette   Sheets,   White or Grey  12-4, per pair   $1.79  81.75 Snmo ns above, only 11-4, per pair     $1.43  82.25 lied Comforters, each    $1.09  82.75 Red Comforters, each   $1.9S  83.50 Ded Comforters, each   $2.68  87.50 Pure Down Comforted, onch   $5.23  $9.00 Puro Down Comforters, onch   $6.48  815.00 Pure Down Conforters, ouch   $9.87  is what these advertised Bargain Specials reallv  are. A strange term, perhaps, but no other quite  expresses their actual value to you. And they are  reductions on honest merchandise. You can trade  here with all the confidence and satisfaction that  go with the best goods and perfect service.  We guarantee entire  Satisfaction or Money Back  Boys' Clothing        for Any Reason or No Reason  In n nico a'l.'ortmont of two nnd throe-pioce suite  in double breasted and Norfolk styles, with knickers  or Btraight knee pants.    Sines 3 to 15 years.  Regular Price gale Price  84.00 Boys Suits   m 9S  $4.50   " ��        $5.00   " " .    ���" ', "  $6.00   "  $6.50   ������ "     .,..",    $7.00 ��  $7.75 ���*  $8.50   " "     '.���"    $io.eo ������    " '.!.,���",','.',,,'!!!".!!,  $12.0t, $12.75 ���n,| 8KL5o" ,'u'its"  3.19  3.87  4.39  4.95  4.95  5.69  6.95  7.25  8.95  Men's Warm  Flannel  Shirts  SWKATKRS AND WOU   tilllHTS  Kegular Price Sale  81.50 Flannel Shirts and Sweaters    $1.75      "  $2.00      ��  $2.50      " "  83.00      " " �� '���  83,50 Men'R Swentora    8t.O0      " "        84.50      " "   v '    85.00      �� ��  Prioe'  . 98c.  $1.19  , 1.39  1.69  1.98  2.35  2.85  3.23  3.68  5.1(1  T.25  Great Price Reductions on  WARM UNDERWEAR  for Men, Women and Children  To give the best values for your money has  always been our ambition; yet, unless your satisfaction is complete, we have really achieved nothing. Our energy may be tireless, yet it is wasted  if we fall short of meeting your approval. YOU  are the one to be satisfied here. Therefore we  give what we advertise, and Economy and Prudence should direct you to this store.  Yours for better service,  Richmond's  KELOWNA  B.C. THIH.SDAT, N0VT.WBI5H 6, 1913  KELOWNA RECORD  SUPERIOR FALL  = GOODS =  For the Automobile :  All Wool Rugs  Rubber Lined Rugs  Fur Robes  Amusements  We have for this season a  Splendid Stock of  HORSE BI ANKETS  which you should inspect  TRUNKS      SUIT CASES      CLUB BAGS     TELESCOPES  W. R. GLENN & SON  Dealers in  Farm and Orchard  Implements  Pendozi treet & Lawrence Avenue      -     KELOWNA  'Phone 150.  Advertise and  the world stands with you, Quit, and you Btand alone.  In tomorrow night's bill "The Sweet  est Girl In Dixie," wc have an American type of play, one that will doubtless be of tremendous interest to tho  audience of the northwest. It portrays in a most faithful picture, country life in the southern states of North  .America. Dixie is the popular name  given to tbat part of the. United  States lying south of the Mason and  Dixon lino, the imaginary boundary  separating the norlhorn and southern  stales of tho union.  Contrary to a popular belief, foster-  id hy literature of the "Uncle Tom'B  <:abiu" type, cruelty of tho southern  gontleman to to their slaves was very  rare and after the war of secession  many of the old slavo* prefnrrod to  remain with their masters.  Vo kinder-hearted, faithh.1, God-fearing people exist than these slaves, ihe  romance of the south is. bound up in  thorn, and when the last old slave  ihall have passed away, the world  vill indeed be poorer.  In private life Miss Roberts is tho  daughter of a gentleman of the south,  who owned beforo the war many hundred negroes., nnd her childhood memories aro rich in romance, as aro the  children of the south, Miss Roberts  was cared for by an old mammy, who  remained with the family for years after the war freed her from  slavery.  Tt is seldom that a leading lady  stoops to play a character role, but  all who seo Miss Roberts in the character of Aunt Caroline, a "Nigger  Mammy" appreciate the rare opportun  ity of witnessing a fine actress in ao  perfect a piece of' character drawing.  I.. Victor Gillard, though an Englishman has spent some years in the  southern states, embracing the opportunity offered by studying the numerous hrterestinir types, .lis portrayal 06  the old southern gentleman, impoverished by tho war is considered nn excellent piece of work.  Many types and characters of oston*  ishing interest aro included in this  beautiful play, the plot of'which never  looses interest. It would be dufficult  to find a company of actors hotter  suited to bring 1r.1t tho finer details  of character delination required for  The Sweetest Girl in Dixie, than the  Roberts oompany.  On Saturday night' the oompany will  play "Baby Mine" a comedy hit that  has made millions laugh in London  nnd New Yorv.  SEALED   TENDERS  addressed   to  the undersigned and endorsed "Tender  for Conatruction of Wharfs at Victoria,  Harbour, B. 0.," will be received at  this office until 4.00 p.m., on Tuesday,  Deo. 0, 1013, for the construction of  WharfB at Victoria Harbour, B.C.  Plans, specification and form ol contract oan be seen and forms of tender  obtained at thin Department aad at  the Distriot Engineers' offices ai f New  Westminster, B.C., Victoria, B.C., Confederation Life Building, Toronto, Ont.  l'ost Office Building, Montreal, F.Q.,  and un application to the Postmaster  at Vanoouver, B.C.  IVrsons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on tho printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures  stating their occupations and places of  residence. In the case of firms, tbe  actual signature, the nature of the  Occupation, and place of rosidenoe of  each member of the firm must be given  Eaoh tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered  haiil<, payable to tho order of the Honourable the Minister of Publio Works,  equal to five per cent., (5 p.o.) of the  amount of the tender, whioh will be  forfeited if tho person 1 tendering deolnhe  to enter into a contract, when called  upon to do so, or t'ail to complete the  work contracted for. If the tender be  not accepted tho cheque will be returned.  Tho department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order  R. C. DESKOCHERS  Secretary.  Deportment of Public Works.  Ottawa, October 27, 1913.  Newspapers will not bo paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from tho Department.      66-1  COAL  COAL  WARNING  There is every prospect for a  COAL FAMINE  for the coming winter owing  to labor troubles at the mines.  Consequently it is to your advantage to lay up a plentiful  supply of coal.   Order NOW.  W. HAUG  'Phone - 66  MEETING OF WORLD IMPORTANCE  AT GHENT.  PURCHASE ONE-THIBD OF   THB  WORLD'S RAMUM  The supreme court of the United  States haa been called on to decide  whether owners of the ill-fated steam*  or Titanic must face suit for more  than 816,000,000 for Idus of life and  properly when the ship went down or  whether liability for tho tragedy  should be limited to 391,000, the passage money plus the value of the few  lifeboats wrecked.  See Knowles' optical add.  It is good news to hear thet a  meeting of French and German journalists lias beon convened at Ghent  to discuss the stepB that should be  tak��n to improve relations between  their two countries. The meetings of  the Anglo-German Peace Society,  which took plucc in London a ffw  months ago removed many prejudices  and misunderstandings, and the jhont  meeting cannot fail to have similar  rosults. Several committees for i,he  same purpose already exist in France  and Germany, the most famous of  theBe being the committee for a Franco-German rapprochement whizh was  founded by Baron d'EBtournelles de  Constant in 1908, and the time would  seem to have come for an amalgamation of all those separate efforts. But  it is perhaps important that the journalists of thc two countries should  como together, and should pledge them  selves to work for the improvement of  international relations. Both countries  desire peace but there is a section of  the press in France and Germany that  adopts a Chauvinist tone and evidently considers the anticipation of war  to bo good business. It is for the responsible journalist on both sides to  counteract this influence, for the encouragement of such anticipation may  lead to a dangerous state of feeling.  What is declared to be the largest  purchase of radium ever made in any  country has been completed by th*  Radio-Active Oxygen Institute which  has acquired two thousand milligrams,  being almost one-third of the world's  supply, for 1300,000. Th�� purchase rep*  resents practically the entire output  of the two Paris factories whiah him  out the mineral under ths supervision  of Mme. Cnrie.  NOTICE  Owing to unavoidable circumstances,  the proprietors of the White Restaurant have decided to discontinue business.  The Okanagan Loan & Investment  Company Ltd., has been asked to  handle all the accounts.  Any person having an account  against us will please send in particulars to the Okanagan Loan & Investment Company Ltd., on or before the  30th, November, 1913.  All accounts owing to us should be  paid to the same company who will  grant full discharge.  THE WHITE RESTAURANT  November 1st-. 1913.  by purchasing  a GOOD  Heater  McCLARY HEATERS  lead the market in these goods to-day���-you can't go wrong.   See our big assortment  Heater Prices  McClary's Airtight  Hotblast  Belle Oak  Sunbeam Oak  Herald Box  Fairy Queen  $ 2.25 to $ 3.85  17.50,,   19.00  16.00,  8.00  6.50  16.00  20.00  13.00  16.00  20.50  >>  ��>  Range Prices  Regina, complete with high closet   $35.00  Kootenay, 14-in. oven  '-   50.00  ��� 18-in. oven  -   63.50  Our Piano Contest  There is still time to get in on the  game and win this handsome Piano  Many Other Prizes Given  See our window Saturday  If you are Not Saving Votes  help someone who is  Don't forget to ask for a vote with every purchase  Morrison - Thompson Hardware Company, Ltd. KELOWNA RECORD
NOTICE ia hereby uivuii that I,
UtXlHtlK E. HITCHIE. of Kelowoa,
b. C, Contruotor, intend to apply for
a Homo* to prospect for Coal and I'o-
IrolsMm over th. following desuribexi
Uncle: — ('omm.nuing at a post plant-
Mi 'JIM churn North and 80 chain.
East of tke North-east corner of Lot
S*. ttm, thenee North 80 chaini,
iluau* Kail 31) uaaina, tliouoe South
Hi uhauii, and thenc. W«at BO ohains
to th. point of commencement, oon*
taiuing HAH aor«i mors or lese.
DatMl 7th, Outohar, 1918,
4S-S1 Ptr .1. H. Christ,., Agtnt
NOTICE ii hereby Ki'ven that 1,
I. O.i Iferohant mtetott to apply for
a lions* t. protpttt far Coal and I'.
lr.lsr.Bi arar ths following described
lands: — Commanving at * poat plant-
-rl 180 ils.iirs North and SO ahaina
I'.n-i s>f tha North-Mil aomar af Lot
\",i. ttK. thenn North SO ohaina.
ikenoe Eaat SO shares, thanaa South
•■ft ahariaa. and ths.ni--" Wast mi ohaina
to tha paiai of uuiuiuaucaiuaul, aon
i ailing #40 aaraa mm. or leaa.
DattH 7th, Ootober, IHIB.
4R-S1 Par. J. H. Ohrlatie, Agent
NOTICE ia 1,,-jeby givao thut I,
HUBERT laoDONNELI,, of Kelowna,
B. C, Miner, intend to apply for
a licanoa to prospect for Coal and l'e-
iiolsiiii, ovar tha following deaoribed
lands: —•('onitnatiuiiiir at ti post planted 3 milea North of tha North-east
corner of Lot No. -I-'.'-, fhenca North
SO ohaina, thence West 80 ohaina,
lb.ik-s South St) chain*, and thenca
Raet 80 ohaina to the point of commencement, containing fill) acres mora
•r less.
Dated 6th October, 1913.
it. McDonnell.
48-il Par. .1. 11. Ohrlatie, Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that I,
10BERT A. COPELAND, of Kelowna,
8. C. Baal Eartata Agent, intend to apply for a licanoa to prospect for Coal
and Petroleum over tha following described lands:— Commencing at a post
planted 800 chains North ot tha Northeast comer- of Lot 4238, thence North
SO chaini, thanaa Eaat 80 chains,
thenca South 80 chains, and thenoe
Wast 80 ohaina to tha point of commencement, containing 610 acres more
er leas.
Datad 6th Ootober, 1913.
48-51 Per. .1. H. Christie, Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that I,
A. MaQDAKRIE. ol Kelowna, B. C,
Merchant, intend to apply for a
licence lo prospect for Coal and Petroleum n,er the Iollowing described
laada: —■ Commencing at a poet planted 8 miles North of the North-eaat
corner of Lot No. 'WI, thenca North
Si, chaias, thanaa Weat ell chain,,,
thenca South 80 chains, and thence
Kaat 80 ohains to tn" point of commencement, containing 611) acres more
or leas.
Dated 6th October, 11118.
48-61 Per. J. n. Christie, Agent
NOTICE is hereby "given that I,
HENRY B. BDRTOH, of Kelowna,
B. 0,i Farmer, intend to apply for
a licence te prospect for Coal and Petroleum over th* following deaoribed
lands:— Commencing at n point 180
chains North of the North-east oorner
of Lot No. 4288, thenoe North
chains, thence East' 80 chains, thonco
South 80 ohains, and thenc* Weat 80
chains to th* point of commencement,
containing 640 acre* more or lesa.
Dated 6th October. 1913.
48T)1 Per. .1. H. Christie, Agent
to memory to preserve
the changing likeness
of your growing boy
or girl. Memory plays
strange tricks sometimes.
every year or so will
keep an accurate record of the subtle
changes in their development.
—and what a satisfaction that little collection will be to you
and to them in after
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10 lo s
Second Hand
If you have any to tiell or if you
want to buy, see
Harness Maker
about il.
If you want your harness properly and quickly REPAIRED,
Altered or Cleaned, Thonrhnaon is
your ni.in.    He specialises in
Harness Repairing
and puts hand sewing into all work
First store bryond Bank of Montreal, WATER ST., KELOWNA
NOTICE ia   hereby   given   that   I,
HENTIY H. MILLIE, of Kelowna ,B.C.
W. f. A1TKEN
Plans and Est.mates
Finishing work a specialty
Olfice : No. 6. Crowley Blade, Krlowna
P.O.Box 511
i iwiiltmnii, In1 ent i o apply for a
Heme* to proiptot 1W Ooftl unci Po-
trolium over the Iollowing deaoribed
landa: —OojnmenoiDg ul tt poet planted at tlit North-eai-l corner of Lot
No, 4933, .hem» North 80 cttaias,
thenca Wm. 80 chains, thenc* South
SO chain.., and thenc* I'.nsl 80 ohaini
to Lhe point ol comment.wmen., containing 640 acrea more or lona.
Dated 6th October, 1913,
48-51 Per. J. H. Christie, Agent
NOTIOE ie hereby given thai I,
SIMON T. K1.L10TT, of Kelownn.
IV 0.| Renl Eltftte Agent, intend to
apply for a licence In prospect for
Coal and Petroleum over the follow
ing deaoribed hinds:— Commencing fit
a pout plant I'd nt tho North-Went earner of Lot No. 4222, thenoe North R0
ohaina, thencn Knst R0 chains, thence
South 80 chaini, and thence Went 80
chains to the point ol commencement,
containing 640 acroa more or leas.
Dated 6th October, 1918.
48-M Per J. H. Christie. Agent
Plans for tho holding of the provincial show of the B. C Poultry Association at Grand Porks on Dec. 9, 10,
11 and 12, an- rapidly assuming simp.;
und Inert) is every indication that both
in the. number of cups and prizes offered for competition and in this entry
list tho annual show this year will surpass its predecessors, '['he prize money
amounts to over 93,500, and in addition 4215 handsome silver cups will bo
put up for competition in the different
"It is somewhat difficult at proeonl
to estimate the number of entries thai
will  bo  shown  at   Grand   Forks1'  said
Mr. -I. R, Terry, ChM Poultry Inttruo
tor of the Department of Agriculture,
recently, "but Mr. M. Hm^en ul
Grand Forks, tho show seoretary, estr
mates Ilia I nt least 2,800 birds will bo
COOpedi Tina number Will easily create
ii record for a provincial show, and
already we have n request from tho
executive to ship al least '2,IMri) coops
to Grand Forks at onco, A largo number of birds have beon entered from
the prairie provinces, Alberta having
«n especially strong representation,
Woslern Washington "ill also send a
number of birds, especially from tho
city of Spokane and surrounding territory,"
Then1 will bo throe judges al tho
show, two of whom, Mr, C, ti. Hinds,
of Oakland. CMlif., ami Mr. R. \. Harker of Cards ton, AHn.. have already
consented io aot, while negotiations
with one of the most prominent poultry breeders in tho west to occupy tho
oilier place are already under way.
While many cups and pri/es are offered
for pure bred stock, the utility classes
are the most prominent feature of tho
show, whilo special prizes are offered
for dressed poultry and eggs. In addition to till breeds ot poultry, the show-
is open to Waterfowl, pigeons, ducks,
and geese.
Tho annual convent ion of the B, 0,
Poultry Association will be held at
Grand Porks on thn afternoon and
evening nl Dec. II, in connection with
the annual show. In addition to the
business connected with tho general
welfare oi the association, lectures and
addresses will le given by leading poultry experts both in woslern Canada
and from the neighboring states
across the lino.
Six Crops a Year nt Cost of 'Jf".
Cents per Dushel
A Welsh chemist named Williams, is
maturing an idea of growing wheat in
factories, thereby reducing the cost of
a loaf of broad to one quarter the pic-
sent price. Wdlinms asserts that ho
has discovered a method of specialty
11eating the soil1 he will use in the
plant by electricity and r secret solution forcing growth. The Daily News
says that Williams proposes a factory
of several floors covered with sand
and gravel, inpreguatcd with a nitrate
"lution. Wires and tubes will supply
radiated' electricity, alTordihg heat and
light and it is expected lo harvest six
crops n year nt a cost of n shilling u
Much of the cork used throughout
thn world comes from Portugal, which
harvests about 60.000 tons a your.
NOTICE is hereby given that I.
HERBERT I. JOHNSTON, of Kelowna, p. 0., Hotel-Keeper, intend to apply for a licence to prospect foi Oonl
and Petroleum over the following des-
cribed hinds:— Commencing at n post
planted at the North-east corner of
Lot No. 4323, thence North 80 chains,
thence West SO chains, thence South
SO chains, and thonce East fiO chains
to thc point of commencement, containing 6.0 acres, more or less.
Dated 4th October, 1913,
48-51 Per J. H. Christie, Agent
A Market for
Canned Goods
Tho following'letter received by Mr.
W. IS, Scott, deputy minister of agri.
culture from Amator I'uu.'hmnus, president of the L'uyullup & Sumner Fruit
11 rowers' Association lias been sent to
us with a request for its publication.
Mr. Scott beHoving that tho information and advice contained therein will
bo of benefit to the different oannor-
ios operating in the province:
l'uynllup, Wash, Oct.  18, 1918
W. E. Scott, Esq., i
Deputy Minister of Agriculture,
Victoria, R. C.
Dear Mr. Scott-
Mr. Winslow oalled upon mo this
morning, and in talking ovor tho
fruil Industry hq advised me that some
of your fruit canners aro experiencing
some difficulty in finding markets for
their 1019 puck of apples, rhubarb,
l.oans and such other products ns were
put up in tho canneries. Jt occurs to
me that if those gentlemen can handle
Ihem -themselves a little while longer-
they will experience very little difficulty in finding a market, for their surplus stocVe
lu our own case we inventoried
glflf.s000.0Q worth mostly Dlackberries,
apples, squash, beans and similar products, January 1st, 1918. but I am
pleased to advise at the present lime
every single can of this stock has been
Last year the apple crop was so
extremely heavy in every apple growing community in the world that the
prioe of fresh apples, as you know,
continued extremely low for the entire
season, with the result that pies were
made of fresh apples instead of any
kind of canned products. In addition
to ihis apple sauce and everything
else that apples could be used for was
used as a substitute for canned goods.
As you aro aware tho apple orop is
just as much short as the spple crop
of 1912 was long. This will entirely
reverse conditions. Inst end of buying
fresh applea for plo making and similar uses, it will Ibe necessary for the
bakers and hotel people and other
people who use this class of fruits, to
depend upon the canned goods instead
of  the fresh.
I believe that your friends in British
Columbia will experience no difficulty
in unloading every enn of fruit or vegetables that they aro now currying,
providod it was put up in good shape
and will continue in marketing condition for six months longer* 1 know
thai this is the experience with all
of our canners except iu rare instances  where the     goods  were  not' packed
If there are any of your fruit growers' associations who need your help
or encouragement. I believe it would
bo a good idea to write to them such
information as this letter contains. In
some Instances you will find that such
organisations have borrowed money
from some of the banks, and if the
bankers understood the "siluntion as
il really exists I am satisfied that
thoy would extend such credit ns is
required to tide things along.
Sliould any of your friends dosiro
to offer their canned goods on this
side of the line it occurs to me that
Ihe .1. 1.1. Paver Company of Chicago,
111., who are extensive dealers, might
be able lo post you as to the probability of marketing in that territory,
aud   post   you  as   to .prices.
With kind personal regards,
Signed.. —W. 11. I'aulhamus.
This photograph was tnkon on board tho Wyoming, during the ro-
nent battle practice, off the Virginia Capes, during which tho Battleship
Wyoming smashed the target record for tho Atlantic fleet find shows Admiral Badger and Secretnry of Navy -losoph Daniols, watching tho fleet
at practice.
Secretary Daniols waH'much impressed with the fine marksmanship
displayed by tho entire fleot and the record rpade by the Wyoming in
particular. After his return to Washington he said:
"As far as accuraoy in gun firing is concerned, it Bhows that the
American navy is ready for any emergency."
penticton; b.c.
Tlie most modern  and  up-to-date hotel in the Okanagan, commanding nn uninterrupted view of Okanagan
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Now is the time to plant
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TFLOWERS      Vegetable and Bedding PUt
Bulbs now ready
CUTFLOWERS      Vegetable and Bedding Plant.     POT  PLANTS
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Juicy retMs retain
their natural Havoc—
puddings, brad tad
cslc.es are alwsys light
and sweet when
cooked or baked In
Kootenay steel range.
The reason is that s
scientific system ot
oven ventilation hu
been perfected. You
should know aN
about ih is and numerous other excluiive
features before stlcct-
Sold in Kelowna by Morriion-Thompson Hardware Co. THUBSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1913  KELOWNA EECOHD  At last!  A chocolate that'8 different and to tell tho  truth, Eome\vh:it abovo  the common. Willard'o  is the name, and it put;  the accent on fine  candy. The fruit juices  in  Wi/krds  (^hocohtes  are made from ripe,  fresh fruits. You can  tell that by the taste.  Therichchocolate coating is pure���you can tell  that by the crisp' 'snap''  when you bite it���a  sure sign of purity.  For the extra occasion  that demands sonietliine  out of the ordinary, you'll  find Willard's to be ex.  actly what you need.  Packed in handsome boxes  tied with ribbon,  P. B. WILLITS & CO-  Phone 19   -KELOWNA, B.C.  Letters of a Self-raised Office Boy  to His Pal  In which .Jimmy tells of Kelowna happenings  to Mr. Sidney Harper, of Vancouver, B. 0.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All hinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  Dear Sid.���Tho boss roturned lait  Monday und take it from mo, he was  mighty glad to get buck under his  own vine and fig tree. He says to  mo, "Jimmy, these other towns may  havo their oil and real estate booms,  but give mo Kolowna with her steady  substantial growth. It1 may be slower,  but it'B a blamed sight surer.'*  Speaking ol tho growth und prosperity ol our town, reminds1 tne ol what  u travelling muu said to me the other  day! "Of alii the towns" he said'"that  1 visit in B, C. thoro is none in which  the now buildings and various othor  improvements e(\unl those of Kolowna;  moro that give one the impression of  permanency and solidity like those of  jour town." It is my opinion that  thoro is no class of men better able  to judge tho prosperity of a community than commercial travelers, and if  this be true, tho foregoing remark  from one of them is decidedly encouraging.  As usual the boss returned filled to  the brim with new ideas nnd schemes  to improve tho opera house, so thc  people of Kelowna may expect quite a  few {novations in tho near future.  Our handsome and talent ed pianist  Mr. duck Smith, roturned tho first of  the week from' an extended tour of  eastern Canada. While away he secured g large assortment of thu very latest music, and while his playing for  the pictures has always been above  reproach, he promises to sot a mark  fur ahead of any of his previous efforts.  On Friday and Saturday noxt we  hnve tbo gifted actress, Miss "May Roberts at the Opera House. Fridny night  she will present "Tho Sweetest,girl in  Dixie." I happen lo know that thoro  nro a whole lot of mighty sweet girls  in Dixie ond I huvo mot several from  there who were unusually sweut, so it  naturally follows that if anyone ean  show us the sweetest one of all, she  would be worth traveling n long way  to see. On Saturday night the bill is  ono of the best comedies wliich has  ever appeared on the American stage.  The worth of these two bills, and the  established reputation of attss Roberts  cannot fnil to attract n large patronage.  November Ifith brings "The Rnrrier"  "Baby Mine" one of the brightest and  a dramatization of Rex Beach's novel  of the same name. This play portrays,  as very few have done, human emotions under stress of great excitement.  Some of the soenes are Intensely dra-  D0I.LAR A DAY FOR SETTLERS ON  LAND  In order to encourage prospective  farmers coming to British Columbia in  their desire to got on 'ihe land,'Doug  !br McLeod, a witness before the labor  commission at Victoria urged that the  provincial government be requested to  provide land for settlement and give  tho settlers 91.00 per day eai.Ii *ov  three years, tho money to lie mpatd  within a given time. The witness proposed 'that the government sot .rPtdn  n tract of land 20 miles square, fiu.  roads through.it and give each prospective settler '20 or,30 acres in addition to th" financial aid mentioned. In  this way, lm said, the. farm immigration would be solved.  BKi PRICES FOR OIL CLAIMS.  There is no abatement in tho oil ex  eitcrnent at Calgary, Alia. The Domin  lot] land office force is working overtime taking care of those who would  file, and the area entered is expanding  daily. Many deals are being made iu  leaseholds, the most spectacular ono  being the sale of a leasehold adjacent  to the Dominion well. The lease was  taken over by a Calgary syndicate, the  price being $39,000.  malic while others stir tho breast with  their pathos. Tuke il as a whole, it  is ono of tho most powerful plays of  recent  years.  Say, young fellow, do you realize  that you owe mo a letter? Got nex  to yourself and answer this right away  or something unpleasant is liable to  happen to you. If an answer to this  is not received immediately, tho verdict  of the court is that you spend the rest  of your natural lifo in Vancouver.  Imugino what an awful fate that  would; be.  By the way Sid, you don't seem to  bo having any now love affair... since  Hortenoe loft you waiting at the  church. What's the matter? Are the  fair ones of Vancouver gotting wiso  to you, or have you made up your  mind to bo a cynical old batchelor?  Never mind, Sid, keep away from them  They are dear sweet things,'- but they  Cause lots of trouble. Whon the sweet  poison of love enters one's heart the  imp of unrest comes in by tho samo  door. It's cheaper to buy a cat and a  canary bird nnd spend the rest of  but  as a rule quite pleasant.  The weather is hWII quite pleasant  here, an occasional bad day, of course,  pit as n rule quite pleasant.  Lot me hear from you soon and send  mo all the news from duck kind.  Yours ns ever,  JIMMY.  KELOWNA OPERA HOUSE  FOR TWO NIGHTS, commencing  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th  MAY ROBERTS, and her company  Supported by L. VICTOR GILLARD  Direct from touring the Orient  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th  The Sweetest  Girl in Dixie  Bubbling with  Comedy  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8th  BABY MIME  The Comedy that made London and New York .au gh more than any other  Prices :   50c., 75c. and $1.00  Plan and Reserved Seat Sale at Crawford's Store  WATER ACT AND AMENDING ACTS  Before Tho Board of Investigation.  In the mutter of Bald llange Creek,  Bear Crook, Big Horn Croek, Bold  Creek, Bouohor Garden Creek, Cedar  Creek, Clover Creek, Cranberry Creek,  Davidson Creok, Dnep Croek, Deer  Crook, Esparron Lake, Fern Creok,  Bill Crook, .Tnok Creek, Keofo Creok,  Millor Creek, McDougall Creok, Power  Crook, I'ignon Grade, Uaahdale Creok  Shannon Creok, Smith Crook, Spoor  I.ako, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek,  Tamarack Lake, Trepannier Creek,  Vormin Creek, Vennor Creek, tributaries of Okanagan I.ako in tho Neighborhood of Peachland, and of all unnamed streams tributary io or in the vicinity of any of tho Baid streams.  NOTICE is heroby given that a  meeting of the Board of Investigation  will bo held at Peachland on the 21st  day of November, 1IU3, at nine o'clock  in 111,' forenoon when all claims which  have been filed, all objections thereto,  and the pluns prepared for the uso of  the Board will be opon for inspection.  All persona intorostcd are entitled to  examine lliese and to file objections  therein in writing if tliey doom fit.  At this meeting claimants shall prove  their titlo to lands to which their  wotor records are appurtenant. This  may bo done by producing in case of  Crown Granted Lands, the title deeds,  or the certificates of title, or a certificate of incumbrance, or in case of  lands not held under Crown Grant, by  producing tbe pre-emption record or  the ugrcomunt of sale, etc.  Objections will bo hoard forthwith  if tho party objected to haB received  sufficient notice of tho objection.  Tho Board, at tho said meeting, will  determtno the quantity of water which  may bo used under each record, tho  further works which aro necessary for  such uso, and will set dates for the  filing of planB of such works, and for  the commencomont and complotion of  Hnch works.  Dated at Viotoria, B.C., t'-o 7th day  of October,  1913.  For tho Hoard ol Investigation.  .1. F. ARMSTRONG.  ���19-52 Chairman.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Torritorios,, and in a portion of  the Province of British Columbia, may  be loaBed for a term of twenty-one  years at an annual1 rental of $1 an  acre. Not moro than 2,500 acreB  will be loased  to one applioant.  Application for the lease must be  made by tho applicant in person to  tho Agent or Sub-Agent of tho distriot  in which tho rights applied lor en,  situated.  In surveyed territory tho land muat  be described by sections, nr legal subdivisions of sections, and in unaurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for  shall bo staked out by tho applicant  himsolf.  Each application must be accompanied by a foe of SB which will be  refundod if the rights applied for  aro not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty shall bo paid on tho merchantable output of the mine at ths  rate of five cents per ton.  The person oiierating tho mine shall  furnish tho agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity ol  merchantable con! mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the ooal mining  rights are. not being operated, Buoh  returns should be furnished at loest  once a year.  The loaBo will include tho coal raining rights only, bul tho leasee may  be permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may bo considered necessary vfor tho working ol  the mino at tho rate of S10 an aore.  For lull information applioation  Bhould bo mado to tho seoretary ol  tho Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agont or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. CORY.-  Deputy Minister ol tho Intorlor.  N.B.��� Unauthorized publication ol  this advertisement will not be paid  lor.  "  P.O. Bos 12  E. ENGLAND  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plsns,   Specificntions   ond    Estimates I  Furnished  'THERE is big money in chicken  ��    raising if you want to go into  it for profit. But there is also a lot of money in it if  you desire to raise them for your own table or to sell them  to your neighbours. You can have a chicken dinner every  day for ' next to nothing ' if you will take our advice.  We have much land suitable for chicken  raiting from a back yard space to a large  tract. Call and see our list and let iu alto  give you tome Money-Making Pointers   '  E. W. WILKINSON & CO.  Our represent...ive ia now in London, Eng.   Send in your  Hat and get in touch with Engliah buyers  21  20  19  Meal Ticket  GREEN TEA ROOM  Misses Mearns & Smith, Props.  LAWRENCE AVE., opposite Methodist Ch.  9  10  II  18      17       16      15       14      13      12  Oak Hall Clothing Co.  LIMITED  The 10 per cent, discount for Cash  has been such a success with us,  having doubled our cash takings,  that we have decided to continue  giving the  10 per cent. Discount  for Cash  Until the end of November  except on Jaeger goods and Rubbers, on which we allow 5 per cent.  Are You getting Your Share of  this Discount ?  We are selling Fit Reform and  House of Hobberlin Suits and Overcoats below Toronto prices.  We specialize in Men's wearables.  Everything from Hats to Shoes.  SATURDAY SPECIAL  Men's Heavy Wool Shirts and Drawers, all sizes  Regular $2.00 the suit  V $1.50 suit  OakHallClothingCo.  LIMITED  Bernard Avenue -  - KELOWNA KELOWNA RECORD  THUBSDAY, OCTOBER .0, 101.!  [ WANTED! )  Prepaid Kates: 2 cents per word  first insertion and 1 cent per word for  Mak subsequent insertion. No ad., In-  aaitsd for less than 25 cents.  All classified advertisements must be  paid for in advance owing to the oost  attending the booking and charging of  small items.  Copy rimy be received for these ads  up to IU a.m., Thursday morning.  PROPERTY FOR SALE  FOR SALE��� 20 acres fiue fruit and  hay laud, six miles from Kelowna on  Vernon road; also 7 roomed house  and two fine building lots onWilsoti  avenue. All at very attractive figures. Inquire F. S. Coates, Lake-  viow hotel. S3tl,  FOR SALE, 10 ACRFS liourng or  ehsrd at Rutland. About UOU treea  geod commercial varieties, nlfo biiuiII  fruits, good H-room house ami outbuildings. Terms ensy. Also a mini-  l��r ef colonies Italian bees, Apply  T.  Barber,   Rutland. x  FOR SALE��� This is for a liargain-  Ininler. 20-acrr's. all under ailtivu-  tios, TOO twb year-old trees, house,  ynuil water, etc, I'rico -,....'> put' ttrre.  Will take lots or city property as  part payment for quick sale. For particulars write to Rox. "U". Kelowna  Record. 24tf.  FOR SA1.F  One house on the Marty subdivision  Irehind hospital, 14 rooms, hot ami  roll! waler, W.C, on large corner Int.  Alee one bungalow, H room--, hot and  eeld water, W.C. Also one in Abbott  Street, 7 rooms, hot nml cold waler.  prtvatl W.C. Easy terms. Apply R.  !., Butler, P.O. Rox 185. .Ilitf.  FARM FOR SAI.F.  Splendid farm property close to Kelowna. eomprlslng '-! aores {5 aores in  ��� rnhanl. pears, plums niirt prunes, bill  sues is meadow). Finest soil, free Irrigation, Splviidid location, good house  with gooil wull. Team, implements,  and household effects, with quantity of  feed ean also be included in Bale. Tlie  lenns spread over three years. Further information can lie givon at liners] .flics, x  FOR SALE- Young pigs; registered  Berkshire first class breeding stook;  also eggs for hatohing. Barred Rocks  Bull Orpingtons, r.-c. Rhode Island  Reds, r.-c. Brown Leghorns. Apply  .1. Bateman, Vernon Road, Kelowna.  ���J2tff  HOODS FOI! SALE  FOR SALE��� Fence posts, Fir. Apply  Cather. 'Phone B4. 22tf.  FOR SALE - Alfalfa, Timothy and  Clover, and second cut (Mover. Delivered or in stuck. Apply Central  Okanagan Lands, Co., or Clenmore  Ranch. 41 tf.  IAV FOR SALE - S1S.0II per Ion  in llio slack. (I. A. Pearse, Creek-  side. 45tf.  FOR SALE- Second hand Ladies' side  saddle. Also stock saddle in perfect  condition. Thomllnsou's Harness  Shop. 48tf  FOR SALE��� Horse Blankets at Thoiri  linsnu's Harness Shop, Writer street.  First store beyond Hank gf Montreal. 4��tf  FOR SALE- Puro bred Poultry, Prize  winners. Trio White Orpingtons, 2 W.  Orpington cockerels, 2 cooks, 8 hens  White Wyandoites, several pullets and  cockerels, in White Wyandoites, Rose  Combed Rhode [aland Red nookorols,  Auction room, Kelowna. .1. ('. Stock  well. 10.50  FOI! SALE - I havo plaoed in my  hands, for sale al half what it cost  a lady's long fur coat. No. 38, Sold  because it is too small for owner. It  is as good as new, jusl llie tiling  for a lady who has to drive to town.  Auction room, Kelowna. .1. 0. Stock  well. '     40-50  FOR SALE.��� Horse, harness anil buggy. X75. Apply'!'. II. Leathley, Rutland, x  HOUSES ETC., FOR RENT  FOR RENT.��� Old telephone office,  Modern conveniences. Apply Telephone Co.. office St.  Paul St.   Mil.  HOUSE TO RENT.- On Richter street  close lo Bernard avenue, 5 rooms,  electric light and telephone, fruit  trees, excellent rool house. Rent, including light mei 'phono S22.00 per  month if taken for not less ihnn six  months. Apply '!��� A, Fisher, Crowley Block. 4Stf  TO RENT.��� Good five roomed house,  three minutes walk from P.O.. Alls  wor P. li. Boi   Ml. 50 I  HOI SI'. TO RENT - Six r is. bath.  cle. lily wnler ami light, with Stable and one acre garden. Apply P.O.  Bos 2:!.rr. 502  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED- fiood fresh or near fresh  milk cow, part Jersey preferred, must  be godd milker. \ppl> .1. I.eatlil.v.  Record office.  LOST.���Small brown leather purse in  lown, containing small amount of  money, imltii' inside. Small reward if  lefl at Telegraph office, Keller  Blook, 50  WANTED 'I'll 111 V Small acreage  wilh full bearing orchard, Will give  21) acres cultivated young orchard,  house and meadow, eel. us part payment,   Vpply box "P M", Record   :m  LUST.���Will Ihi' person who look Ihe  gold bunded unbrolln (engraved D)  in mistake Oct. ML, from Raymer's  Hall, please return lo Record official  once. 50  EVENIN'll   CLASS-TUITION IN  A (-COUNTING.  Term commences October, lsl. Foi  terms and full particulars of course,  apply box "M" Record,  SITUATIONS WANTED  SITUATION WANTED-- As cool  housekeeper  by  experienced lady.   Apply Box "S" Ris'orrl.  OOOD PAST! RE  flood pnstiirn e rlo'i  Itnnch  three miles  from  town.   S. K. I .. Co  Apply io        II. s. IIAI I. Uif.  50.     S2ll   REWARD     for  reliii  of     lu  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN  Tako notice that from this date I  am not responsible fur any debts contracted by my wife, Mrs. W. H. Stock-  well, in the Cily of Kelowna or elsewhere. Dated this 11th day of October,  [913. ��-B0  SP lit EL LA       CORSETS  Including waists  for   children    from  I lo II years.     Mrs. -I. II. Davies will  he nl   home    each Monday  to receive  ordera between the I * nf t��   a.m.,  and li p.m.    New Lakeview subdivision  (near lluiil.lieaill.  P.O, Boi 0.5. -IK-57  WANTED��� Servant, experienced wishes engagement, Kelowna district. Apply Box "B" Record. 50  horse, 5 years Old, while spot nn  forehead. I black feet, branded J^Oil  lefi shoulder,    Borl Robinson. West-  bank. 4H-52  MASSAGE TREATMENT  Fur rheumatism ami nervous patients  I ml)  will visit patients' home.  Terms moderate. Apply Box "R" Re-  cord office.  Auction Sale  at D. R. SQUAIR'S Ranch  Benvoulin, north of Presbyteiioii ('hm eh  ON  THURSDAY, November .13  Al I o'clock prompt  No   roflorvo:��� FTeavy   lean,    mares,  Yearling Colt, Genera. Purpose Horee,  I'tva  IMgii Ten    Thoroughbred  Wynn-  ilolto  I'ulI.'K Three Cockorols,    Farm  Wagon, Box nnd Fruit Ruck, NVw Sel J  . ingle Driving  Harness,. Set    Wagon  Springs', Two Sets Team Harness, Os-,  bnrue Single Horse Cultivator, Oener-  al l-'uriu Tools, ffnmmerless Sho! gun  (12 bore),    Solid Oak    Dining Room  Suite,   Solid (ink    Couch,   Columbia  (inum.phono, 50 Records,  Music Cabi-  inot, mahogany; Empress Dro^sor, large  oval  bevel   pinto  mirror; Two     while  enamel  brass   beds, mattresses     and'  springs. Oak Medicine Cabinet,    Old  Country Dining Room Timepiece, Solid Mahogany Parlor Table, Small Bam  boo Table,     Scotch Green    A \ minster I  i ne. il' \!>,. Wilton Den  Rug, Oft. fin. '  b\   '.I ft.. Wool  Rug  12 \   13,    Severn! I  A xm inn tor    runnora    and small rugs, ]  Steel Range,  Airtight  Heater, Kitoh- i  on Cabinets, Zinc Tubs, Copper Roller  china Tea Set.. Wool Blankets,, Bis- \  sell  Carpet   Sweeper ami  other articles  Ion numerous to mention.  TERMS OASTT.-Goods dajivornd froe  lo tho eity.  M.WLf 1.YRNS, Auctioneer1  R WASH DAY  \  PEOPLE sometimes get into peculiar  habits, and one of the most peculiar  is when they get accustomed to using  ,a certain article they cannot see the good  points of another article. We are all  alike on this point to a great extent.  We wish this week to point out a few  good points for wash dny in favor of  ROYAL CROWN SOAP.  We have had several people make  trials before making a stiiteinetit, but now  we feel we can say and say fairly that  ROYAL CROWN SOAP is as good a  Laundry Soap as we have in lhe house.  It is two ounces lo the quarter's worth  heavier than some other soaps which are  being constantly used, and our humble  opinion is that ROYAL CROWN has the  preference in quality. We wish you  ' would make a trial of it at any rate and  prove to your own satisfaction whether  lliis is the case.  5 bars of Royal Crown Soap in  a carton       - - -    25c.  140 bars to the case    - - $5.25  Royal  Crown Washing  Powder  is another good  friend on wash day and  is good quality and good value.  3-lb.  packages   Royal  Crown  Washing Powder     - -    25c.  Royal   Crown   Naptha   Soap,.  4 bars for     - - -    25c.  Is Good, is Effeciiv,-, is Profitable  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  When People Travel  il.ey s.irely want something miail and uurablr, We have  jtlct placed in stock a most comprehensive range of Suit  Cases, Cub Bags, Trunks, 11 it I, links, Telescopes, and  K:t Bags, Attaches^for any of ihem separate.   Note values.  Our Shoes und .Hoso for ypung  folks rci!l stand the strain of their  bust) little feet. Those for Men toil)  resist long, hard tifse; and those for  Misses and Ladies possess stijle as  tuell as pood toeur.  We carry a large stock of Shoes,  all roidths us well as all sizes. We  can fit ant) shaped foot. We uie exclusive agents for many foell-linoirn  brands of shoes. We make, good on  eoertj pair roe sell.  Bench Made Shoes for Men and Boys Economically Priced shoes for dress & evening wear  Our boots for boys arc Style Starters..  Comfortable from the start. Madt on  neientific lasts, that help the foet to  grow right. Smart and Individual in  appearance and beet of all ihey wear  like Raw ilide. Priced thc lowest  consistent with good Workn.nns.hip. A  special lino with us ia our Roy Scout  line, as well as Terault, Amhurst,  Leckie, Jetty & Scott's Classic, and  Knglish "K".  OUR MEN'S SECTION in this depart-  ment is always rlghl and at prices  ihey defy compel it [on comprising such  reputable makers ub, Hi-i-it, Dells, Leckie. Dunfor.l Kilt, K. City Kurdish,  Dr. Jaeger, min I many others.  Our stock of Rubber Moccasins, etc.,  were never no complete as now. We  ore exclusivft agents for. Tho funtoUl  (iranby Rubber, sold with :i guarantee  and guaranteed.  Tho  nolo  ���tit  >n .  >/ a pa  r  if shoes     for  dress or  P\  'nil  f mi ir  i  always a de-  ligh  iful  m.  iness for o  ur  lady custom-  era  hem  ise  (iu  stock  is  always  up to  the  min  lie  in  every  es  leOt,  We    are  sho  vii.p  III  lhe  10 lines  11  great variety  of  I'nin  is.  C  ilouials  f��  ntins. Suedes,  Natty  Patents. Vici Kids and many  Mats wilh Hem! toes, hand worked  wilh Krencli heels, Cuban and Medium  heels at prices from 82.50 to $5.50.  Our staples in Women's and Misses aw.  well worth consideration, in sizeB from  II to 2s for Missus with that medium  heel and sensible receding toes aro  certainly creating favor whenever Been.  Women's real sensible aud comfortable  cushion soles at. from $..,75 to 95.50,  are all that ean bo desired. We have  them in aM the well known makes  which we iiandle exclusively, Smar-  dons, ReHea, KmpreBS, Kingsbury,  Jetty and Scott's Classic, also 'K'  shoes for women.  THOMAS LAWSON, LA  FIIU.I'. SUITCASE.  A strong) handsome looking cnBe,  has the appearance and wearing qua!  ilies nf leather, good handle and  lock, outside sirups and inside shirt  pocket. Si/e 2-1  Inches.  I'rioe ... $3.75  MATTIKG OASES,  These are Btrong. light cases,    inade  of tough fibre matting} neatly strimmed; gfsod locks, handle and catches,  a strong, light, ladies' ease. Riz-e 2-1  inch. $1.75. 20 Inch   S2.00  Same case with outside leather  Straps, 25 cenlR extra.  FIP.ItK TRUNKS.  Those requiring nn i\tra strong  trunk in either steamer or square  styles will be pleased with the values  we show in fibre trunks. Made in all  sizes. 1'rices from R1I..HI to ... $27.50  i-KOWN LEATHER CASK.  A brown leather case, tanned to    a  good, smooth surface; shirt fold and  outside strap; si/e 21 inch $fi.O0, size  26 inch   80.50  l.KATIIKI. SUITCASE,  in a good quality dark brown leather;    Knglish swing   handle;     outside  leather straps and shirt fold.     Size  24 inch, $0.75, size 20 inch   $7.50  RUSSIA LEATHER CASE.  A handsome leathor naBc; outsido  slrapB; sewn awing handle/; inBide  shirt fold and straps; large corner  pieces with bell-headed rivets; size  24 inch, $8.00; 20 inch   $8.75  SPEOIAL CLUB BAG.  A neat leather club bag, grained to  look like real walrus; strong frame,  leather lining. A wry special value,  blaok only; size H inch ��3.75; IB  inch, $4.25; 18 inch   $4.76  DEEP FIBER CASE.  ThiB is a dresBy looking ease, extra  deep, with heavy outsids straps and  inside shirt fold, sewn ring handle;  extra heavy corner pioces. Size 24  inch $1.75;'20 .inch   $5.00


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