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Kelowna Record Oct 26, 1916

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 ffcfototrc  ttVfb  VOL. VIII.  NO. 49.  KELOWNA BklTISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1916.-4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Fire Brigade Submits  Suggestions to Council  Offers Submitted to City For  Purchase of Real Estate  The city council held a meeting  last Friday morning with a full attendance of members.  In dealing with the correspondence, which was the first business  taken up, a letter was read from  Lieut. Chas. Harvey in reference  to an application he had made to  purchase certain properly for Mra.  Margaret Clements which had  been forfeited to the city at the  tax sale. The property comprised  ten lots of a subdivision on the  north side of the city between  Ethel street and the government  road. The price offered was  $1519.93, and by resolution this  was accepted.  Mr. M. G. Gorrie wrote drawing  the council's attention to the dumping of rubbish in the slough in  Park Avenue, which he declared  might become a serious menace to  the health of people living in th;  vicinity. The matter wa�� referred  to the Health Committee.  Mr. E. G Weddell wrote stating  that he waa prepared to pay on  behalf of clients $283.60 for certain lots which had fallen to the  city for taxes when the city was in  a position to give hia clients a title  to the property whiah they could  register.  The clerk was instructed to reply that though the city would be  willing to accept the sum named  and issue titles, they could not enter into any covenant to guarantee  titles in any way.  Mr. J. Pettigrtw waited upon the  council to lay certain suggestions  before them on behalf ot the Fire  Brigade. He stated that the Brigade was at present composed of  twenty men who were quite willing to do all in their power to give  "-���- ���- -the city adequate fire protection,  There were a few matters which  he thought the council should take  into consideration in the near future. The first was a suggestion  that the. city defray the cost of  cleaning all clothes of the members soiled during attendance at  fires. He pointed out that it was  a frequent occurrence for a mem-  - ber to have to rush to a fare with  good clothes on and that they  were often badly damaged. The  matter had often been mentioned,  but then times were good and the  members had been content to bear  the expenses themselves. It was  now felt, however, that the city  should assist in the matter. In this  the council agreed.  Another suggestion referred to  the.tying of horses and placing of  automobiles near fire hydrants,  often resulting in considerable delay in case of fire. He requested  that the.police be asked to prevent  this. He also asked that spot lights  be placed over certain of the hydrants to assist in locating them at  night.  Additional hydrants were required as follows: at the intersection  of St. Paul Street and Clement  Avenue, of Long Street and Cad-  der Avenue, of Cawston Avenue  and Richter Street, and of Stock-  well Avenue and Richter Street.  Mr. Pettigrew also pointed out  the necessity of having a fire signal  card placed upon every telephone  in town. It was not possible at  present to go to the expense of  installing a fire alarm system, and  they would have to rely upon telephone calls for the present. Every  means should therefore be taken  to acquaint the public with the  proper calls. He also urged that  in sending in fire calls the information should be given to the opera  tor at the telephone exchange, who  would see that the proper alarm  was given. It was not necessary  to call up the power house or the  fire hall.  It was also advisable that the  council should make arrangements  as soon as possible for the purchase of an up-to-date combined  chemical and hose fire truck.  Mr. Pettigrew was thanked for  his suggestions and was informed  that some of the members of the  council would attend a meeting of  the brigade and go more fully into  the questions raised.  Aid. Harvey informed the council that he had arranged with Mr.  Rutland News  firms Mr owe OorrssDoudNit.l  The Women's Institute have decided to hold a sale of work and  concert about the third week in  November. The exact date will  be announced later. The proceeds  are to be divided between the  Red Cross Fund and the Canadian  Patriotic Fund. This- early announcement ia  made with a view  Sir Herbert Ames Scores Kelowna  For Lack of Interest in Patriotic Food  ���I   Subscriptions Out of All Proportion to Benefit Received  By Local Families  governing the Canadian people. When  the father brings his little son to  Ottawa he will tell the boy the story  | of how Canada took her part in   the  make up for what they had not1 raised during the pastyear.  As they travelled over the province,  said    Mr.    Nation, they realized that  great war', and the lesson inpatriotism conditions had greatly improved, and  will not be lost. And amongst tho that people were beginning to be bet-  records in this great institution, ac- ter off and to accumulate savings. So  count will be kopt ofall t^ose who far; as the war was concerned he did  contributed dirertly and indirectly to- not thi|qk the people of B.C. had mad*  wards winning the war. Today com- any sacrifice at all. The only one*  uiuuitios and individuals are writ inn. who had made any sacrifice were those  that record. Some have by their who had gone to the front ready to  won a high place in the lay down their lives for those behind,  roll of honor.    Others may yet do so. |   He had heard that one reason   why  Those   who    were absent from   ,the of floating timbers rising to the sur-  ��������>������������ -  ���  -    meeting held on behalf of the Patriotic lace    with here and there a head ap- .,  to  giving members   time   to   gc t Fund last Friday eveiung (and aa only poahing;   and    when he saw wounded JjTL jj^  something: readv for the sale ,* V8ry 8m0" percentage ol the seats im and dying men pulled into boats and t�� _.,, __ TV"'���__' ��� ������-���_���:      . , ���   .   .    .v . >��� ��� .     ���-  something ready       the ,      ^ ^ jg ^^ ^ ^ g^ ^P o^oa* ivna j      ��� be ,_stmg Bhomeof .^ of       ^^ ^ rf ^^  A collection  was  taken  up for'wa8 certainly a large number absent) sunk   forever, he   could not feel that *olowna'   lf' wfen.   (th(e"ar ls   �����r'  ����� not o^seabmg to th. Fund was  the British  Red  Cross  Society at'       t have felt their ears burn under the    bonus was    unjustifiable    They ,they_m      ""mit''hatthe ��PPurtumty,���������� ��>��? of the soldier, had gone  the Methodist church Sunday even-'th. 86vere c_Btigation   givon   by   tte muBt remomber m t   , J. '�� helping has .passed, and that they .��.,, owing.debts.   Suppo*, they had.  ing amounting to $4.95.    The col- p^^   ipeaker, air Herbert Ames, dierS) that th     are J�� ^ ��. ,aav. not adequately participated in it. What was the total amount"   $6,000  lect.on was made in response to a      d   the Britilm    Colimbi& aeoret trn hazardous undertaking, that the   I    �� f- Nation, sectary of the pro-,h. had heard.     When spread over .U  request from  the Lieut-Governor, h..    r   KatioD< w Kei0WBft ,._   it��� fa 8' ^   vmcal branch of the fund  next spoke, the merchants in the town, what was  made to the Women slnsl.tvte   A'veiy.lttk8Wanil t of   the   j,w tho  moflt  nJ.aBarv  and most hnpor      ��   "* ���"'   dur'ngthe la9t twd���.">��'���������� compared with that   of  ��� i        ���i "V" "   ���     ~" "    ���r"   months he had addressed upwards of a. j the men who had laid down tbeirlives?  a    j .UP     u iri ��� GrBttt 8mPha8i" was laid oa tnB   faot tant    8ervioe    Canadian can render. hundred   meetillg_    on this important I   Mr. Nation read a statement   show,  next Sunday  at  the rresoyienan that the record of subscriptions   torn and, while they ore so engaged,   "  similar collection   will  next Su  church.  ^^^^^^^^^ then ___(,___  0[ the Patriotic Fund���second ing the operation of the Fund up  wives anu children had a right to live only in importance to the army itself. | thy present time, and the increase  lielowna was exceedingly low in 6dm.  The Pumpkin  Pie   social which P"���011 *W�� tne ZeD<**[ ��vera��e   a��  d"ceuU>' ��nd comfortably even il they Ind'eed ithe'Patriotic Fund had'largely requirements with the growth   ol  was announced   to   take place on(Over.the Dominion, and an eanest.ap- had never done so before.    Thero was assisted in creating the atmy by mak \Vlstmmtt   until   H was probable  that  Tuesday, October 31st, in the Rut- Poa' was made to alter whut amount- an ocoasional soldier's wife who made -lag   ;t    u-i- ������ ��- '  land schoolhouse, has ' been_post- ��* '*> nothing short ofa local disgrace,  extravagant    use of the money, but, mlist  oossible '-v so many men to during the coming year British Colum-  poned until bthe2 following Thurs-1 ^'he    mating was presided overly where there is one^uoh there ,wi.i be a  ~ ^l ��**�� '$*��*�� I ^J^    "^ ** ^ ^^  thYt\Tood%CammTi: bZg\ro^  arranged.     Everybody   welcome, of the worlung of the Fund miielowna The Fund endeavored to restrain the on��� ���._.,,, u Bn_.nm��i .��� .���,.   ������,    ( ,, atlo*��   .   ��    ��� a ", 0,l80m��  A J    ���    ���      tc        i n                         ������j ���j ,l          ��� ,         ,   ,. ,              , ...              .                 ,   .   ,, on" ItaSM oe engaged in. And   not of the points in B. C. and   he irener-  Admission 25c and 15c.                    rand of the receipts and disbursements extravagant woman, but the percent- mBroiv    h,^.,���    fi������������i���i ������^j:,i^,J             V.     ��� J         ,v       \. 7    ���  ��� ������ ,; !_,���___; j !������. _������    *i"ii         jij         ������ merely    Because    nnancial conditions  ous   subsonptions    they    had    uiven.                    up to the present date. age;   that'   need?d    caution was very wouy '                                                        B  <> I   On   September   30th there were I li small indeed.  Mr. Pete McArra,   a   prominent  families with 246 dependents on   ihe ;   I. had been suggested that the Fedor human -life which was going.on  improve after tbe war, but in [There were many plaoes whioh'hod reorder to stop tho terrible wastage   of {turned during the past twelve months  twenty-five, fifty, and in some    .nsos,  citizen of Regina, was in town for  a few days this week.  books of the local branchy Of   this 0i government should either takeover j    __,.    Nation ^ tbat ~ere[y ^l^ ^^ ^^  ^^ Am ^  enTb*    6!r'ttt!ieB ^^ ?*$*���,**��   Patrioti��    Faad   0I    tonisb;*�� ftee be made to provide the necessary ! had promised at thebeginning.  ...        u.v, t   i7TfcTf",llT      for   m0ney    iot the   continuaUon    of rts fund8.     He recalled his visit to   Kel      A collecting camaaign would .Wtlv  Father  Verbeke is away at the,th�� month of September, the total ol WOrk.       He doubted whether, if that  owna   ,Mt   V(m_ _._ _ _���_.    . ... '.     ,��   j/-   i-, , ' ,  . -i ��� 1       j r     .l- Luj,  ���������������.���! ,    .i un on        mu ,,,,,,,���-��� yGar wh6n a sum ��' *10' be startcd;m Kelowna, and be appeal-  coast this week, and for this reason , which amounted JoWW*      The course were adopted and the Patriotic ann   wa8   ^ ior durin   fc.    ^     . t_ e      ^ -J*��  her^swill no services in tl.e Catlio-^hiirs wouU aU probacy receive     an Fund became a government department months from October 1st, 191S to Oct-   generously,    and    consider,    not bow  he church on Sunday. allowance for the month of OotoM      operated  ��� by    paid officials, its work  obe8    lst>  1916.     ^ tooal    returM \* ^      mM ; how ^  The   local   committee    of    the 'J^uZ'JrS, t^dZ^Jt "^ *" "led��fa ^ same ^ made    during that period had      only could    make some actual sacrifice   to  Canadian Patriotic Fund would be Q0t^Zn   t     ttT     1 Z eMy' TT^' ^    .T^ " St��? ^^^ to ,1'm    h WM ���^ ���* U��� the utmost * thrir *>���-  'Sslimtf' 'IWt 71 'Hat the governmen was already very proporly ptpi ri on, He wa8 ^.e' thB evening bv musical selection, by  make 79 famUies with 270 dependents heavily burdened. It- was paying out M*MM that the. people tore w*e Mr. Drury Pryce and Mf. H. Tod  I looking to the Kelowna branoh for two million dollars monthly, by way an__,atcd by ju8t the same spirit as'Boy'  assistance. of gop^r .tion aUowanoe   to    soldiers   ^ 0ther psrts^ of the country.  The first prize has been awarded | The amount received from the pro- families. This money was being for Th_ pre8ent campaign throughout  to Mr. Gordon's class of the public vincial branoh to date and paid out the most part borrowed. Suooeeding British Columbia was for the purpose  school in the competition for Phy- to local dependents had been$10,832.98 generations, inoluding the returned 0; raising 81,000,000 or only 'a' trifle  sical Training under the Strathcona The total amount collected in the Kel- soldiers, would have to assume that ov_r half of what would be disbursed  Trust. A third of the amount ($7) owna distriot to date was only debt. It would be rather a poor com- in the prQV_noc. The balance would  is to bo expended in some picture S2,664.26, of whioh 92,641.06 had been pliment to pay the soldier to say to have to oome from Eastern Canada '  orpiecB or apparatus for the room forwarded to* tha provincial -braiftih.-him    when he enlists^ "You fight   fori   nB   WOuM   ask Kelowna acain   to  greatly obliged il those subscribers  who are in arrear would kindly  get in touch with Mr. J. R. Beale,  of Kelowna, as soon as possible.  in which it was won.  At  the  special   meeting of the  directors of the Kelowna  Hospital  Society held last evening the ques-. ���      ,  ? i i i i i      .   �� Canada,  tion ol the second annual Hospital.  Saturday  was gone into carefully  and the board decided to hold lhe  jumble   sale   in   November   IStli  next.    It  is   understood   that the  merchants will have something  importance  to  announce   for th  date.    This event was a great sue  the balance of $13.20 having been ex- us and we will care for your depend-  pended for stationery, etc. ents while you ore/gone," and then to  Sir Herbert Ames, who is the gener- 'return and find that1 we had borrowed  ol secretary of the Patriotio Fund in the money by a promissary note and  pleasing and foroeiul that to was obliged to pay that note  spoaker.and    he   made   it abundantly the   same   as   the rest of us.    "No,"  plain that the Bhowing made by Kel- said Sir Herbert, "we. prefer. to main-  owna so for reflected anything      but tain the original spirit ofthe Fund. In  credit upon tbe district.    The average the early days of the war our motto  c of contributions from this branch waa was 'Fight.or Pay.'     Every man.had  less    than one-quarter oi the average   the option, but to should do one    or  for British Columbia, and was   more- the other. II ha were young and strong  raise  $10,000,   and   they   should   not  only do 'qfct but an added amount to  There will be no strike on the  C.P.R. At a joinr conference of  the officials and the men's representatives an agreement has been  arrived at which will avert what  might have been almost a national  disaster at the present time.  way.  Urrrc. Ills   tvtlll   *v,,n   a   _igol  cm.- SBSMlS.SBS.B.ailS.S.SB.SBSA��lHISl.lHltBSBBBBSlBBSSBBBBSSBSBBBBSSBn  cess last year and it is anticipated ovar out of aU Proportion to the b��n- andnot so bound by ties as to rend-  that the hearty support pjvep last eflts whiohwe beia�� received from the er his going a national loss, his place  year will be reated this for such a Fund- "UnW n�� ����W. "W6 oan w<w ^ tie rankB, but if he were old  worthy cause. Announcement will *et "^ Proof that you pec��,ie *f or unfit, or compelledto remoin for  be made later  in   a   more general "��lowna appreciate the Patriotio Fund  valid, reasons, then his duty was     to  -'and are willing to lend your support give and give generously thatothers  and to play the game fairly, we can might represent him in the'field."  Private H. Matthews, of the Kel- scarcely be expected to go all over the j Another feature was that the govern-  owna boys who left with the first Dominion raising money for you while ment could not discriminate between  contingent arrived ^<"e Tuesday you sit still and do nothing." There those who needed the money and those  from the front, and will enjoy a wero many small towns invarious parts w_0 did not. It would have to pay  short leave before returning over- 0f Canada which were paying in al. aUko. irrespective of private means.  seas. Pte. Matthews who wns many times what they were reoeiving, Thus the wealthy familv who did not  formerly a resident of the' K.U?. and, he wanttsd|to be able to assure necd assistance would \havo to share  bench, was one 61 the old K.M.R.S these people that Kelowna was doing equally with the poorer soldier's wife.  He was wounded m r ranee early aU it COuld. He oould not do so at i_;t_i8 way something like three and  in the war and has spent some present. Compared with the real sac- a half millions o! dollars would be  time in hospital in .England. He _ifices some towns were making, Kel- wasted every year. The aim of the  was so lar recovered that   he .has owna wa8 not ^gi^iing to roolizeits Fund    was to go into every soldior's  been sent over to Canada with an  obligations.       It   almost   looked   as home in Canada, and by means of   a  escort  party  which accompanied u_ough ther6 w0��� aome ���_ objw. thetio    committee    of enquirers  a detachment of wounded, arriving tion here to tho Fum,      d th     B    JJ wa9 needcd to  in Vancouver a few days ago.,  He ���__,    __   , , ,,        . .      .,   .      .       ,  .' , . ,  .  ���   ,.l:_       j       , fuis.ii    owntt people were of the opinion that  raise   their   pay from a bare subsist-  18 taking  advantage ot   his trip to ,u,. _   ��� *    _ ,       j ,     ,rtT ^ .   . j j .    ,- '  ___,_,     _t���s.'       ���    tr I lne sssistanfle was not needed.      ,Not  anco to what was needed to live oom-  spent a short time in K.elowna.      Ipeeded by whom?��� h. ^^     -'Don't ,ortably.     He le't it to the judgment  _ Ithe soldiers' wives need it?" lot his hearers whether the\government  T. Hemming to dig graves at the |   There were many people, he oontmu- could handle the money in that way.  cemetery   during   the   winter for d,   who   did not .want to give,   and|   During    the   oourse   of his present  which he was to receive   five  dol- wh0    therefor sought any exouse   for itinerary he had reaohed British Col-  "aij' r?��    g|_,Ve' not    subscribing.       In answer to tho  umbia two weeks ago and had visited  Aid. Rattenbury reported that the criticisms of suoh, to would deal some twelve or fourteen plaoes. F.very  he had inspected the local eva-' ^th a few of the things they say. where, theyhad been received with en-  poratmg plants, and had found Sometimes a man remarks:"These sol- thusiasm and splendid support. He  they were operated under satis- diers' wives are getting too much, it  factory sanitary conditions. 'tends to extravagance now and  tore-  A request from the hospital com- ���__���_,.. WeU, to would oossider this  mittee to widen the entrance to^^ ilom tw0 aDglea; firBtj whether  the hospital grounds  on Pendozi |W1 tn paying ^o muoh for the ser-  Street was referred to the Board of  Works.  By-law 225'fixing the rate of lax-  care the customary rebate for pay.  ment of taxes was given a first.  second and third reading.  wasanxioUB to know what Kelowna  would do. 4  "Sometimes," he said, "there comes  to me a vision, a dream whioh    may  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   oome true.    I jmagine that in the days  vice the soldier renders.ond, secondly, I that willlfollow the war  there will, be  whether we are giving the dependents erected    at the Dominion's capital    a  . -        _���     ...      -    -     .. , more than is good lor them. One can great national memorial.'   It will con-  Tk   I        797T ��� uPB5n L budly ��tim��to tn�� M���*0" of the sol- ;tain in some durable form the histor-  ana   by-law  III   hxing  the >Ulh!,,___ from what he doee k dal,y _^l ical xwolii o[ Canada.8  participation  uponiwWcl���ax's" ij   *V <** ****>    We oHentimss forget  the jin    this   great war.    From its waUs  - "      ���     co-u     "lelement ol danger .in the soldier's life,  will hang tablets in memory of     the  Recently to waB present at tne QueVjeo 'brave men who fell fighting our battles  bridge disaster. He was told that! Its corridors will be hung with battle  the men detailed t'o work on the bridgo flags of famous reg'ments, and with  had,    the    day before asked a bonus embfems    and i   trophies won at (great  cost. When our legislators are inclined to think lightly of the liberties  wo enjoy, an hour spent in such sur  roundings will lend to make them appreciate more dseply the privileges oi  WANTED-Educted, experienced Csns. from ,��, company alleging that it was  (USB, fond of children, desires full re. L hazardous undertaking. Pome had  ���pon.ib.lny of cring for home. Refer, thought that they were holding an tto  ��.��. e��h.n_ed. S.l.ry ��30 monthly, ^company, but whm he BaWj lbe span  Box R. R.eord. 49p     _rop i,*,, tho riv8r ,���. th< ^ mM|p  ������ EL-������'*���' -^m'-  '���   MkiJL            ' i  ' ��� >'   ^s^JWaM             igtW.     ���    , :>-  HK^js^sH       BK^B   n^ -.   '���*��&*  ��  -  THE LATE SERGEANT    JACK McMILLAN  (The above photograph unfortunately arrived too lato for!last week's issue).  Letter Gives News of Kelowna Boys at the front  In a letter from France to Mr. G.  McKenzie, Billy Pettigrew gives  news of many of the boys from  Kelowna. He refers sympathetically to the death of Jack McMillan  to whom he was speaking not ten  minutes before. It was a German  shell which burst near Jack, and  though not a scratch of a wound  was on him the concussion killed  him instantly. He was buried in  a cemetery near by the chaplain  conducting an impressive burial  service. His two brothers Colin  and Len were theie, and everyone  of the company who could be, for  he was very popular with both  officers and men.  Regarding some of the other  Kelowna boys, Geo. Kennedy has  been wounded, Ernie Hoy is in  England recovering from fever, R.  Whillis is in hospital in France, recovering from a sprained ankle, G,  Hill, Milton Wilson and Charlie  Kirkby are all in Hospital in England. Ian and Pete MacRae were  together in the trenches until recently, when Ian was wounded  (thus finally disposing of the rumor  that he had been killed some time  ago). Harvey Brown is still at the  front and doing fine, as also is Ben  Smith. Frank Brown (formerly in  Oak Hall) is in England in hospital.  [It is good to get news of the bovs  in this way, and we should be  glad to hear from anybody who  has received letters like this one.  -Ed.l PAGE TWO  KELOWNA  RECOM  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 96th, IM  KELOltf NH RECORD  lSbliihed tvwy Tkanfey at K��town*.  Britt* Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION  BATES  ll.no   per   year.    7fio..   ill   moathi. UolUd  st,*i!"i SO t'oiitH additional.  All lubicriDtioiu oavabU Id advance  Subicriben    at   th* mrular rat*   ran  have  ���stra pawn, mnilod  to trland* at a dintance  at HALF KATE. i.e.. 76 centi per year.  Thia iDeclul priyilese ia BTanted for the  dutdom of odvertitiln.. the cltv ind district.  ADVERTISING  RATES  LOME  NOTICES.   PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  ETC., ..& cents per column Inch per ��wk.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-SO dan. infill davn t7.  WATER NOTICES-SO for five Insertions.  LEGAL ADVERTISINO-Flret lowr lion, 12  oents per line; each ���ubMauant insertion. S  centi per line.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -2 cenlf  oer word firat Iniertlon, 1 cent per word  each nulituuiuoiit inaartion.  DISPLAY ADVEUTISEMENTS - Two innhce  and under, BO cente per inoh firat Inaertion  over two inches 40 cents per inoh first ineertion: 20 cents Per inch eaoh subsequent  insertion.  AU chance* in contract advertisements mint  be in the handa of the printer bv Tueedav  evening to ensure publication la th* next  issue.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  "��* prcparco-     Kelowna Troop  Troop First;   Sell Lost  Edited by Pioneer.  October 94th.  News of Near  Neighbours  A boys' winter athletic club is  being organized at Fernie.  Grand Forks dairies have boosted the price of milk to I2_ cents a  quart.  Penticton birbers have increased the price of shaving to 25c.  Naramata held its first fall fair  last Thursday.  J. Hyde, of Penticton, suffered  a broken jaw last week while unloading a car of lumber.  The Star* claims Golden requires  a grist mill and a creamery.  The Indians of Salmon river held  a big potlatch last week in memory  of a chief who died a couple of  years ago.  A crew of men arc at present  engaged in constructing a new telephone line between Penticton and  Keremeous.  Last month the orders sent  through the Keremeus post office  to mail order houses totalled over  $2,000.  T. A. Smith, of Armstrong and  C. W. Haddock, of West Summei-  land, are included amongst the  wounded this week.  Monday was payday at the mine  and mill at Hedley, and about  $15,000 was paid in wages, exclusive of board at the mine.  By a special bylaw of the Revelstoke city council, wives of soldiers may become voters by registering only and without payment  of the $2 poll tax required of all  other householders.  The Penticton council is being  asked to remove all dangerous  trees from roads or vacant lots.  This ia owing to the damage done  during the recent wind storm.  Serg. F. A. C. Wright, of Summerland, returned last week from  the front, having been invalided  home on account of rheumatism.  There was a rush in Summerland  last week for lamps and candles  when the municipal electric light  plant suffered a temporary breakdown.  Two Revelstoke boys figure in  the casualties this week���Pte. J.  H. Hay, who is believed to be  killed, and Serg. C. A. Procunier,  who is seriously wounded. The  lattar is a son of the Rev. C. A.  Procunier.  Two Americans, fully equipped  for gaffing kickaninies in quantities  irrespective of any regulations that  might be as to using lights, &c,  made a good haul at Deep and  Trepanier Creeks at Peachland  last week. They narrowly escaped  the clutches of Dominion Fisheries  inspectors who arrived but a day  too late. It is said that they brought  their outfit including a small motor  boat up the valley by road until  Dog Lake was reached when they  floated the boat and continued by  it. About 800 lbs. of fish were  taken. Electric lights were used  to attract the fish.  ���Summerland Review  Orders by command lor week ending  Dctobcr 24th, 1916.  DUTIKS:-Ordorly Patrol ior week,  Wood Pigeons;   next for duty, [leavers  PARADES: - The Wolves, Otters,  Kangaroos, and Beavers will parade  at the Club Room on Tuesday, th��  31��t inst. at 7.15. The Curluws, fugles, and Wood Pigeons will parade at  the same time and place on Wednesday,. November 1st. The combined  Troop will parade at the same place  nn .Saturday, November 4th, at 2.30  p.m.  The Troop is being privileged to  welcome the Reverend and Honourable  T. R. Heneage, Aoting Commissioner  lor i British Columbia, th s week, on  annual tour of inspection, and a combined parade of the old Troop is being hold this evening for hiB inspection  Further arrangements will be made as  soon as we are able to consult Mr.  Heneage.  Last week we published a farewell  message from His Royal Highness the  Duke of Connaught, Chief Scout foi  Canada, to the Boy Scouts of Montreal. He has also addressed the following farewell letter to , the officers  and members ol the Boy Scouts Association throughout Canada,, dated th��  20th ol September, 1916, as lollows..-  As the time draws near for my intended departure from Canada, I de-  siro as Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts'  Association of Canada, to express mv  best wishes for the continued hucccbb  of (the movement which is doing so  much lor Canadian boyhood, and the  highest ideals ol Dominion citizenship.  It has been a groat pleasure to me to  meet so many of those connected with  thework in the different provinces of  the Dominion, and as president of tho  parent Association in the United Kingdom, I shall always continue to follow with the greatest interest tho lut-  ure ol the, Canadian Boy Scouts'Association. I wish to thank all those  who have so liberally contributed their  time and means towards tha orgtnizar  tion and maintenance of Troops and  local    associations,    and    also <o the  NO  lALUMlul  BAKING-POWDER'  Honduras, St. Helena, and the   Falkland Islands. \  The following foreign countries also  have troops:���France, Russia, BcSginm,  Spain (there were 23,000 Spanish  Scouts in Hay, 1515, and ,we aright  add that the King of Spain himself is  a Scout officer and wears a Soout uniform), Norway,' the United States of  America, Brazil, Panama. Chili, and  Argentina,   besides   our   arch   enemy,  Canadian General and the nevernl provincial councils. The one outst indlag  ne,d of the movement ait this stage is Jpierm_ny  increased adult support. There If no This gives us some idea ol the won-  nlnokening ol interest amongst th. !(1(,rfui wsv in which the Boy gcout  boys, but owing to the departure of' ovmiont hM grown in the few short  many Scoutmasters *o the front, \ymn sin(,6 itB birU)  U the ond of tho war the annivers-  tlir>re haB been a serious depMior.   of  qualified officers throughout the D<in.|8rv of tho lormatll_n of tho movement  inion.     Any individual  willing t<   assist in this worthy cause sh.rulrl com  municate with the local officers ol iho  Association who will be glad to make  all possible use of their service. In  bidding forev/ell to the Bov Scouts of  i Canada I cannot too strongly imprest.  upon them their watchword, 'Bo pre*  porod'���Ior the future us yov have Iretn  for the present and past. KestiifRur-  ml of my continued and warm iuterept  . in your future welfare, and believe r;��.  yours very sincerely, ARTHUR, Chief  Scout for Canada."  I Wq have received a copy of the Second Annual Report of lh> Canadian  General Council nf the Boy Scouts'  Association, whioh makes vi.ry .ntfres*  ting reading. In this report 'ib inolud  ed a portion of.the last annual report  ,of the Boy Scouts' Association in 1 on-  don, IDngland, covering tbe your ending September, 1915. Tha following  British possessions have troops of  Boy Scouts:���Canada, of oourse, with  �� total membership of 16,343 Scouts  and 1,067 officers, comprising in all  597 TroopB, scattered from ocean to  ocean, and northward from the International Boundary to the far north;  South Africa, Australia, New (Zealand,  India, Ceylon, Wei Hei Wei, Shanghai  and Hong Kong Troops in China, Malta, Gibralter, Fiji Islands, the British  West Indies, including the Islands of  Barbados, Bahamas, Trinidad, and Tobago. St. Vincent, Jamaica, and Antigua, Egypt, the Gold Coast (including Ashanti���the movement is very  flopular in this colony, and there are  1311 Soouts there), the Malay Po-  ���olar (including Singapore andPenang).  Newfoundland, Sierra Leone, Nairobi  British East Afrion, Mauritius, British  A unique piece of good fortune  has been encountered by the Summerland Baptist Church, of a nature  which cannot fail to have a heartening effect on the members in  these times of difficult financing.  The holder of a three thousand  dollar mortgage on the church property has signified his willingness  to relinquish it, desiring the extinction of the mortgage. This announcement was made to a meeting of the chureh lately, and the  necessary steps are being taken to  have the wishes of the mortgagor  put into effect. The man who is  undertaking this charitable deed  ia a Mr. Dennison of New Jersey  State. Strangely enough he is not  a member of the denomination  but he is known to cherish strong  Christian missionary ideals in his  heart, and probably regarding the  Canadian west aa a territory rich in  missionary opportunity, is taking  this means of proving up his faith,  not in words only but by deeds.  ���Summerland Review  is to be celebrated by a big ".larrtbo-  ree" in England, and ScoutB all over  nre already looking forward to this  happy event.  Broken Windows  Are Expensive  Now thtt the cold weather ia coming  on it it real economy to havo all broken panes made good. It means leu  fuel to burn, greater comfort, and  (ewer doctor's bills.  We carry a large stock of glass and  can mend windows on short notice.  Storm Sash  will add much to the comfort of v ,ur  home during the winter months.  Furniture, Fruit Ladders,  Sash and Doors  REPAIR WORK AND JOBBING  S. M. Simpson  One door south of Firehall.   Phone 312  Peelers  Wanted  B.C. Evaporators, Ld.  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Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free  of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at thc rate of five per cent  per annum from the date of purchaso.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and  accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment  made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of  Treasury Bills or other like short, date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications  for this stock which bear their stamp.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCS, OTTAWA,  OCTOBr.H 7th.  1916.  ��V!fl*P;  I TNTIL you have seen and tried our new Fall an  ^ Winter garments you cannot appreciate how hanc  some they are and what Big Values we give you. 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There will be a sale of work and  tea at the Joyce Hostel next Saturday, October 28th, for the benefit of Miss Cummings.  Workmen have been busy this  week re-planking the bridge on  Richter street and repairing the  sidewalk which was fast becoming  too dangerous to traverse.  The W.A. of the'Church of  England are arranging a " white  elephant tea," to be held at the  home of Mrs. Crawford on Saturday, November 4th. This is a  new departure entirely and some  further details will appear next  week.  . The Hon. and Rev. 1. R. Heneage, acting commissioner of the  Boy Scouts of B.C., is here this  week on his annual tour of inspection. He arrived Tuesday evening  and will be here for about a week.  Tuesday evening the troop was  inspected as a whole and the Hon.  Mr. Heneage delivered an address  to the boys. Each evening some  section of the troop is undergoing  examination in their work.  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Aged Reshnt Passes Away  Mr. F. W. Groves was a visitor  to the coast last week.  Mr. W. E. Adam? returned  last week-end from a visit to Oi -  tario.  Mayor Jones is officiating to-day  at the opening of the Summerlend  fall fair.  The Ladies' Aid of the united  churches are giving a Halloween  social on the evening of Tuesday  next, October 21 st. Refreshments  will be served. Everybody welcome. A charge of 25c is to be  made.  The regular monthly meeting of  the Kelowna Women's Institute  will be held Saturday afternoon,  November 4th, at 3 o'clock sharp,  in Morrison's Hall. By request  Mrs. B. McDonald will give a demonstration of candy making.  The Rev. David Lister, now of  the Army Medical Corps at Vernon, is one ol a draft to go overseas shortly. He was formerly in  practise as a chemist and this knowledge should be of assistance to  him in his new sphere.  Mrs, W. Haug and Mrs. G,  Fletcher left by Mondav's boat for  Elnora, Sask, they having received  a telegram conveying the sad news  of the death of their brother there  A son of the deceased, J. Wood  will probably be remembered as  having been employed in Oxley's  store a year or two ago.  The annual meeting of the Lad.  ies' Hospital Aid will be held in  the Board of Trade room on Mon  day, O'.'.ober 30th, at 3 p.m. It is  earnestly (hoped that all members  will make a special effort to attend  The officers for the following year  will be elected and several important matters decided.  Last Friday morning after a  lengthy and somewhat painful illness, Mr. Murdock Campbell, an  old gentleman of 77 years of age,  passed away at the residence ol  his son Mr. D.;'D. Campbell. Deceased had been in failing health  for some time past, but his death  was no doubt hastened a great  deal by an unfortunate accident  which happened last November.  He was staying for a while at the  residence of his son-in-law, Mr.  Price, and in descending the stairs  one day he fell,- breaking his thigh  and injuring the hip. To a man  of his advanced years the shock  of such an injury was most serious,  and he never recovered from its  effects. He was found Friday morn-  g dead in his bed having passed  away quietly some time during the  night from heart failure.  Deceased was one of the old  pioneer farmers from Ontario,  settling not far from what is now  the town of Goderich. As an instance of the primitive state of  things in that country then he used  to tell how he possessed the first  real stove in that district, bringing  it many miles on a wheelbarrow  from Goderich.  Four or five years ago he came  to the more genial climate of Kelowna to spend his declining years.  He leaves two sons and a daughter in Kelowna���Dan, J. J., and  Mrs. Price, while oth'r two sons  are in Chicago and another in Atchison, Kansas.  The funeral took place Saturday  afternoon, service being held at  the house bv the Rev. E. D. Braden.  ' C. Nicoll  Dray and Transfer Agent  Phone 132  SHARER-PETERSON  The first khaki wedding in Golden, B.C., took place on Tuesday,  October I 7th, at St. Paul's church,  the contracting parties being Rifleman Charles F. Sharer, of Kelowna. of the 102nd R.M.R.'s, and  Miss Annie Ada Peterson, of Sua  derland, Eng. The ceremony was  performed by Rev. F. Yolland  The bride was given awav by Mr.  W. Wenman, snr., whilst Mr. W.  Wenman, jnr., acted as best man,  the bridesmaids being Miss E. M.  Wenman and Miss Maud Maxwell.  Mr. and Mrs! Sharer will reside at  Dona|d for a time, the groom be.  ing on bridge guard. The bride  arrived in Golden from England  on the 12th.  &  AFE  0APS  have a simple  function to per-  f o rm. They  should cleanse  thoroughly and keep the skin  smooth and soft.  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Apply G. A. Fisher, Box  129, City.     49tf  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED TO EXCHANGE 160 acre  of land in Saskatchewan. Property  fenced, running water, good Irani-  port nt ion, pint plowed, fair build  inga, for sin aU fruit farm. What of  fern.    Apply Box 254 Kelowna,    4flU  STRAYED on to my place Sunday last, a  Brown Pony. Owner can hnve same by  proving property and paying cost of advertising. C. L. Birch, Vernon Road. 49p  WANTED���Men and women, canvassing  experience preferred, to retail Rawleigh's  Medicines - Toilet Articles, Extracts,  Spices, Stock Remedies. Poultry Sup  plies, for city and town trade. Largesi  line, greatest variety, lowest prices  known anywhere. Terms cash or time  Backed by four million dollar concern  Address the W. T. Rawleigh Co.. Ltd.,  1025, Gunnell Street, Winnipeg, Man.,  giving age, occupation, references.    49p  Peelers and Trimmers  ��� anted at once at the Apple Evaporator. Men, women, boys or  girls.   Apply NOW.  W. B. M, CALDER, Mngr.  Glenview Dairy  When ordering MILK, order  the   BEST;  the cost  is just the same  Phone 2302 JAS. B. FISHER  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All hinds of Repairs  .BERNARD  AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal roiniig right, of the Do)  in Manitoba, Sa.katcb.w_a _nd AUar-  ta, tho Yukon Territory, tha Northwest Territories, and in _ portion ol  tbe Provinoe of British Columbia, may  be leased for ,. term ol twenty-OM  year, at an annual rental of ��i aa  acre. Not more than 2,600 nana  will be leased to one applicant.  Applications for the lease mu.t b.  made by the applioant in person to  tbe Agent or Sub-Agent ol tke distriot  in which the rights applied (or ar*  situated.  In surveyed territory, the li  be described by sections, or legal sub'  divisions ol sections, and in uunurvey-  ed territory the tract applied Ior  ahull be' sl_ked out by th. _pplloaat  himself.  ICach application must be aooom-  panied by a foe of |5 which will be  refunded if the right applied for are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rata of  five cente per ton.  The person operating the mine  furnish the agent with sworn return.  aoc0unting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. II the coal mining  rights are not boin^ operated, such  returns shall be furnished at leant  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may  be permitted to purchase whatevw  available surfaoe rights may be  sidered necessary for the worki'Mg of  the mine at the rate of 916 an _ore.  For full information application  should be made to the secretary ol  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agrnt or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B. ��� Unauthorized publication ol  this advertisement will not be paid for.  | KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  in operation as follows :  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m.  ���    Westbank 9.30 a.m ,4 p.m.  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY 8c SATURDAY  Leaoes Kelowna 11 a.m.  Leaoes Weetbanh 11.30 a.m.  TERMS CASH  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  Phone 108 or Phone 100  .i.Si S   S   S   S'iSi'S'iSiSi Si SuS   S.iS iSiiSiiS'iSnS   S"J'  �����    PROFESSIONAL AND   ���*  ������       BUSINESS CARDS      �����  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA. :: B.C  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA,  B.C  E. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, and  NOTARY PUBLIC  9, Willie's Bloch   ���   Kelotcna, B.C  PIANOFORTE  MR. HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  h.s re.umed his teaching cU.ses ��nd will  ��� eceive  pupil. ..  before in his studio-  Trench Block, Kelown..  P.O. box 374  P. W. GROVES  M. C.n. Soc. C. E.  Consulting Cloll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeyor  Surveys and Reports on Irrigation Works  Applications for Wsrei License.  KELOWNA. B.C.  Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd  DENTIST  P. 0. Bon It. Prions <i  Corner Pendozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR ��r BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given (or publicBuild-  ing8,Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  1  :P0STERMQ0H..��<O>>> OSTERMOOR^  ARgal  Economy  ;. ji  I  p  $!  m  m  !��  I  a  g  M  U  ��  ONLY $18 FOR 50 YEARS  OF RESTFUL SLEEP  That's only 36c a year; who can't afford that?  No other mattress compares with the OSTERMOOR  for rest, comfort, healthfumess and true economy.  When you pay less, you get infinitely less���every  time.   Moreover, the first cost is the only cost of  _1t    ���   THE FAMOUS ^^  OSTERMOOR  MATTRESS  look for the ntrne woven in tlie Binding as on this .dvertise-  ment It', there for your protection. AA your dealer for the  Ostermoor or write to us for the name of nearest agent  The Alaska Bedding Co. Limited  I Makers nf Bedsteads and Bedding   MW  *��i??5JJZ��, WINNIPEG:negina:Calgary:VANCOUVER  ** ALASKA on aa ���rtlclt nuu High Grade Every Partklt."  $��> OSTERMOOR. <��9_>>>. .OSTERMOOR <  Kelowna Furniture Company, Agents    -    Kelowna  Opera House    - -    Kelowna  ONE DAY ONLY, MATINEE and NIGHT  Tuesday, Nov. 7th  Basil S. Courtney presents D. W. Griffith's  8th Wonder  of the World  18,000 People      3,000 Horses  COST $500,000  Big Symphony Orchestra of 20  Pri  Matinee $1, 75c, 50c. Seat Sale opens Oct. 27  CeS "    Night $ 1.50, $ 1, 75c.      Mail orders now  ^s/mDC-TO-MIMURI TMlOMNf  You are cordially  Invited  to inspect our new  Fall and Winter fabrics lor suits and overcoats.  Wegtveyouawider    j  choice of weights,  patterns, styles and     I  colors than any ordinary tailor offer's, and     '  the garments made to  your individual taste,  will give you splendid  satisfaction.  The prices are surprisingly low. Why  not drop in today?  LH.1  WI1  F. HICKS  WILLITS BLOCK  THUBS��AY, OCTOBER 96th, 1916  i'   n 11   n      ...   m  LAND REGISTRY  ACT  Section 24  In the matter of an application for duplicate certificates of title number 8972a  and 8973a issued to John H. East and Andrea G. Bjorn respectively each for an  undivided half interest in Lot Two Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty-Seven  (2337), Croup One (I), Osoyoos Division  of Yale. District.  Notice i. hereby given that it ia my intention at the expiration of one month  from the date of firat publication hereof  to issue duplicate certificates of title covering the above land to John H. East and  Andres C, Bjorn respectively, union in  the meantime 1 .hall receive valid objection thereto in writing.  Dated at the Land Registry Office, Kern-  loop., B.C., this 4th day of October, A.D.  1916.  C. H. DUNBAR,  47-5I Dutrict Registrar.  J. GALBRAITH  Plumljer ancj Steam Fitter  P.O. Box 81      Phone 5705  Kelowna, B.C.  Ladle.   VTkhtog   lo   Order  SP1BKLLA   00B8BTB  oaa meet  MBS. J. H. OAVIBS  on Saturday    ol each week, or   $Mfh  in Boom No. 1. Oak Hall Block, be-]  tween the boon ol *80 and M0 p.m.,']  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all elates.  .    of work  WAMMWWMSMVWWAASAWASM|  Auction Sale  on Saturday, November 4th, at  the  First Cottage on   Gtaham  Street, just off Bernard Ave., at 2  A   lot   of   Household   Goods,   including  Cook Stove and Franklin Heater.    All  nice and clean. TERMS CASH  J. C. STOCKWELL, Auctioneer  FRANCES A. PEARSON  L.R.x.m.  Give, lesion, in  Voice Production & Singing  100, Graham Street, N., Kelotcna  Do You Like Good  Tea and Coffee?  ' We can give you almost any old kind of Tea and  Coffee, but there are two kinds of each which we take a  peculiar pride in.  McKenzie's Blue Tea, put up in l-lb. paper packages,  is the best Tea value we have in the house.  50c per pound  McKenzie's   Kenzetta  Tea, put up in three-pound  paper packages, is an excellent second value.  3-pound package for $1  Our own whole roast Coffee, freshly ground in our  electric mill, is a hard coffee to beat.  50c per pound  Our own blend Coffee makes a good second. Freshly  ground. 40c per pound  We take great care in our selection of these Teas and  Coffees and when you use them you.will like them.  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  Phone 214 Our motto: " Quality and Service "  A Big Offering of Women s Latest  Handsome Tailored Coats  nnHIS has been one of the biggest seasons in Women's  A Suit Selling we have ever known and we are stil  showing new models. This week we ate ready with a  lot of the biggest values and the best styles we have yet  shown. Absolutely new styles very cleverly designed.  Some with fur trimming on  collar and cuffs and other  novelty effects. We ask  every lady within reach of  this store to inspect these  special lines before buying.  Tint it a Good Time  to Buy Your Suit  THE styles are absolutely correct, the trimmings are new  and the styles in most cases are exclusive and will not  be found in any other store. Made of high grade English  Serges, Poplinii and Gabardines, in navy blue, brown, black  and other leading shades, in sizes for misses and women.  Women's Coats, Special $13.50  Women's Coats, Special $15.00  Women's Coats, Special $22.50  Women's Coats, Special.$20  Women's Coats, Special $25  Women's Coats, Special $30  Thos. Lawson, Limited  The large itore on th* corner With a larger reputation  ii ii ii   i ui.     ��i    i i   i.  rum  P"P


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