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Kelowna Record Jun 22, 1916

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 in iiii,'MMBH.  W\oXavffOvv��\  MU0fh  VOL. VIII.   NO. 31.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1916- 4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Company Erecting New  Evaporating Factory  Boards of Trade of B.C.  Form New Association  The question of affiliating with  Associated Boards of Trade   covoring  the whole province, was discussed    at  the meeting held Tuesday evening      A  Causes of Variation in Percentage  of Fat in Hand Separator Cream  By Geo. H. Barr, Chief of Dairy Division Dom. Dept. of Agriculture.  Soldiers Can Assign Only  Twenty Days' Pay  Rector of Kelowna  to be Archdeacon  Patrons    of cream gathering cream- practically the same number of pounds   B ������.��� ^ ���j ovuu.���a      a   orje8 frequently complain of the varia* oi cream, but there'twill be practically  letter from the secretary of the recent-   t,ion8 which occur in the percentage ot one   pound  of fat more in the cream   twenty days pay,  the amount of pay  '    r        ' ' '" ' '   ''    ' ' '        '      fat   as    revealed    by the test of the from the 4 per cent milk, which would which a soldier should b0 permitted-to  cream   delivered   from   time to   time give a correspondingly  higher testing assign.       In  These    variations    have given rise to cream   than   would   be taken Irom the  more or lcsn dissatisfaction on the part   3 per cent milk.  of the patrons,   and   have   been   the  cause   of   unnecessary   friction between  them and the managers of the cream-  Temperature of the Milk.  Large New Two-Storey Brick  Building Will House  Modern P.ant    }ly formed provincial body laid empha-  Work was commenced this week on a sis , on some of the advnneages to be  large new two-storey brick building gained by "such a combination of in-  for the B. C. Evaporators, Limited, torests, and invited the Kelowna Board  the local organization whioh has taken to become a member, with tho privil-  over the interests of the Graham ege of sending delegates to a conven-  Evaporator Co. The building, which tion to be held at the coast.  is being erected on the avenue facing     Owing to the small. number present eries.  the^cannery, ia 50 by 100 feot, and will at tho meeting it was not deemed ad- A, series of tests and experiments  be of briok with concrete basement, visable to take any definite action on bearing on this point have been juBt  The excavation which is being carried the matter but the secretary was completed at the Finch Dairy Station  on by Mr. Geo. Dillon, is already well requested    to  obtain  further informa-   .U1(i    tho    results  advanced, and the contractors for the tion regarding the by-laws and work- with a view to explaining how such  brick and concrete work, MeSBrs Ward  ing of the new organization. variations may be duo to irregularis s  & Baldock, have their mixing plant on In the same communication the in-  the ground. The carpenter work is to formation was conveyed that the B. C.  be done by day labor, under the sup-   Association was approaching the Dom  ervision of Mr. Jack Harris. It is inion Government on the subject of termed a "cream screw." When this  expeoted that the building itself will Daylight giving, asking for the scheme 3Crew or plug is turned towards the ! lhe Imlk inlet on a11 separators ia  be completed towards the end of July to be made general next year, from eentrn of the bowl it contracts the mac*e to ^^ tne separator t,o its full  and that the plant will be moved from May to September. cream line and gives a richer or high- capacity.    If the flow of milk is part  ita    present   position    at the cannery ^ er testing cream.   Turning it outwards ^    shut    off>  The following statement has been  issued by the militia department:���  "Some comment has been oauBed by  a    recent order-in-council limiting   to  New  Dignity is  Conferred at  Yesterday's Diocesan Sj nod  Milk at 70 degrees temperature is  thicker or i more viscous than the aauio  milk would be if .heated to 05 degrees;  it will therefore not run through tho  separator so fast, the cream lino .vill  are published herein be nanwvflrj and the creain will test  higher   from milk at 70 degrees than  from    the same lot ol milk separated  in the running of cream separators.       ftt 0Q degrees.  In nearly all separators tho propor- .  tion of cream is regulated by what is       jriow 0[ Milk into the Separator  At the Diocesan Synod held yeeter-  somo quarters this has day at Nelson, the Bishop of Kootenay  beon criticized and it lias been etuted announced the formation of the Arch-  in the western press that a dcputaVrui doaconry of the Okanagan,'in charge  intonds to go from Winnipeg 'o Ottawa of which, as Archdeacon, would be the  to ask for the rescinding of this order- Rev. Thos. Greene, rector of Kelowna,  in-council. Tt is not at all likely that and for Borne time past head of the  such a deputation would succeed in its liurul Deanery of the district.  purpose.     ... ��� |    Archdeacon   Greene'  is    one    ofthe  "A private soldier is paid ��1 a day,   pioneer churchmen of British Columbia  with an allowance which brings his pay and will receive the congratulations of  up to   $1,111    a day, or $33 a mouth   many friends on his elevation to this  of   thirty    days.     His wife gets *ronl new dignity,  the govei ment a separation allowance  of $20 a month and in addition a portion    of his pay    which ho assigns to  her. Hitherto the soldier 1ms been  allowed to assign as much ;is Ua ob/ise  and many assigned almost all of th( ir  earnings. Inconvenience     followed.  I  DUIKHOBOKS TO ENTER   WHOLE-  i        SALti FRUIT BUSINESS ON  ! THE PRAIRIES ...  buildingto the new premises, and ready  to operate by the ginning ol August. r^oOD TEMPLARS ENTERTAIN  The   plant,   which    has already been  desoribed     is   a   modern   steam   coil  arrangement,    and    these will be fed  from a boiler which is now on its way  from Kamloops.  The basement is being made frostproof for storage purpoBea, and above  this will be two floors for tho processes incidental to preparing and drying  the produce.  This year only onions and carrots  will be handled for war contracts, with  possibly a few potatoes, but it is expected that in future years, apples and  other fruits will be evaporated.  Conversation with Mr. E. L. CroHS,  the manager, elioted the information  that forms of contract for the necessary produce have been prepared and i  the company is prepared at any time  to sign up with growers of onions and  carrots. For the former the price of  $16 per ton is offered, while $8 per ton  has been fixed for carrots.  By the organization of this new com-  uany, tho evaporator plant which was  brought   in   merely    as a temporary  er testing cream.  shut    off,    the cream line will be  idens    the cream line and, therefore, narrower and a richer and higuoi test-  allows a larger proportion of tho skim-' iaS cream will be the result.  THKt W FRIENDS AT SOCIAL milk to .pass out with the fat and thuB ��� s ^ of the s^,arator  und a short time ago it was repicsent  ed by Irhe militia authorities overeat)  that men who had assigned more than  twenty day's pay of their rank did  not leave themselves enough money,  and often got into financial diUiculties,  owing to thoir generosity. /.<��� ord-  ingly, the order-in-council was passu'!  limiting the assignment to twenty  day's pay.  "If a soldier in England assigns  twenty days, this amounts in a month  of thirty days lo $20. This leaves  him $13 and this sum is paid to the  man for himself. While much is provided for him, there are many necessaries which ho must procure out    of  from    the  read   with  | The following clipping  Saskatoon Star, will be  interest.  i "Peter Yeregin, head of the Douk-  hobor community, has purchased a  site for a wholesale fruit warehouse  ,from Dr. Patrick and plans for the  new -building aro now being prepared.  The Doukhobor community will make  Yorkton its Saskatchewan distributing  point for the products of their extensive fruit ranches located near Brilliant,  B. C;  Wilson Landing and  Westside Notes  gives a thinner or lower testing cream  Ice cream nnd lots of fun waB the ...Considering the question of separa- Ail hand separators are manufaotur-  bill of fare at the Hood Templars meet- tion *mm a purely mechanical stand- ed to run at a certain speed and thev  ing last Tuesday evening, when the point, one1 would naturally come to will do.the best work at this speed,  members and thoir friends assembled 'he conclusion that once the cream which is usually indicated on tho  in the lodge room to make merry and Screw is sot at any desired point, the handle of the separator, If tho sliced  enjoy themselves. separator would always deliver croam is    increased, the centrltr.gll proseuio  The main event on the programme containing the same percentage of fat' is increased which has the effect of con-  was a novel progressive competition We must, however, consider several densing the cream so that a srnall-  in which all present wero givn a other factors which very materially er quantity of richsr cream is the  chance   to   try   their   skill al various   afreet the working of a cream separa- result  games,  from   crooinole   to   threading   tor.     The following are the most im-     To    ascertain    to what extern   the  tiny    beads,    which,  notwithstanding portant ones:- .above conditions would affect tho per- his own pocket.     Apart from the buy  the   eye    strain and  m vital exerlio'.s' cent age of fat in the cream,   and   to   uig of common conveniences, such    as.   1!orrv     0l.at(,s   ata,.keil   up   nn    ,������  which the compctitons had to endure, < The PercentaBc of Fnt in thr Milk secure some accurate < data on tlie newspapers, Writing materials, etc., if wnarvea !l>ok as j| something must be  afforded no end of fun. After n close ! Milk from a single herd will varv in subject, the following experiment* were he is left with no money ho can not moving, although thoso of us who havo  race   in    which several ties hadto   lie  'at   content . from day to day, some'  carried out, using a 400-pound   hand "v,lil himself of the;leave which   from  an    intimate acquaintance with them  ayed off   Mrs. 0. T. Armstrong was times to quite an extent.     This varlsj  separator.    ' .      time to time is allowed him   to   visit do ���ot altogether regard them with a  declared   to   be    thc winner and was tion will affect the per cent fat in tho      In    table 1 is given the results    of' Plnws    "!    interest, and so he is con- friendly eve.  nwarded the first prize.     . joream.     For instance, in milk test:ug separating the milk at different temp- finM' to thei barracks or camp   at all | ���j>  Other interesting and enjoyable items '' P01' cent> there arc four pounds    (V eraturos,     all    other conditions being  times.     It is felt that 813 a month is |   jj,., and Mrs. Durant launched down  on the varied programme were organ 'at   in    l"n   pounds of ���uillfi mi njifkftfce   same.     One run was made trim  not  solos by Miss. E. Jones, and a sketch .testing   3    percent fat, lhare a.',; only the    same    milk at each temperature man  entitled    "Caught at Last," in which three pounds of fat in  '"0 ooi.nos   of stated    on three different days.     Hie  two   .brothers   and    two sisters took J nnillt-     If 100 pounds of each lot    of ; figures givon nre the average of    iho  part, ablv   assisted   by   little   Master milk is run through the separator under throe days.    Mixed night and morning  arrangement by the Graham Co., thus BenneU. ' and   aIso sovera, SOBgs and |exactly the same conditi ns mi to time 'milk from the same patrons was used  permanent institution in reoitations        m���   thc    programme speed,  temperature,  cream,   cake    and lemonade were Tabl<  becomes  Kelowna, adding another ta the regular payroll industries upon which the  future prosperity of the town largely  depends.  Orchard City Evaporator  Greatly Enlarges Plant  served which everyone enjoyed to their  heart's content.  Commission lo Invesiigate  Railways of Dominion  etc, tberi will  K- each day.  I -Separating at Different Temperatures  Per Cent. Fat  in Milk  ���'.57  3.57  3.57  3.57  3.57  ���    3:57      ,  Temp, of Milk at  Separating  70 degrees  75 ���  80 ���  85 ���  90 .,  95 ���  Lba. Cream per  100 lba. Milk  Lb.  10  10  II  12  Here we find a variation of 19.0 per  cent fat in tho test of the cream with  except the  Per cent. Fat in  Cream  44.2  40.0  35.5  33.1  32.0  29.3  An announcement will he mado short-  Tho Orchard City Evaporating Co   |jj, ���f   tne   appointment of a commis-  a" the conditions thc same,  under the management of Mr. W.  B.    ;on to ;nvcHtigat��� the whole Canadian 'temperature of the milk.    The pounds  M. ('alder, is just completing an   ex- 'railway   situation,   with   the possible   of cream per one hundred pounds    of  tensive addition to their premises   in nationalization of one or more of the milk   increases as the, temperature   of  Oz.  0  14  0  II  2  2  the skim-milk increases as the temperature of the milk is lowered.  Table II. shows tho effect of changing the speed of the separator.     The  Per Cent. Fat i  Skim-milk  .040  .033  .021  .028  .017  .021  anticipation of increased business dur- railway systems of the country as  ing the coming year. 'result,    the    Ottawa oorresp-jndont ol  Last year, notwithstanding the fact t���e Montreal Gazette says,  that tho plant was completed very | Sir George Paish, editor of tho  late in the season, and the run was g(,atigt) an(] one of the leading finait;-  therefore only a short one, the results ;a] authorities in Great ilntain. it is  were very satisfactory. In all some J stated, will be, ono member of tho com-  150 to 160 tons of apples were trontod 'mjBsion. He will conduct that part,  and it is to tho credit of the manage- 0f tno investigation which will have to  ment that the resulting product was 11|0 wit��� tllc ������anciai position ol the  pronouncedin overy way excellent, and var;ous ���,���������,,. Tho other, membora  far superior to the Californian article. 'm ,���.obably bo prominent Itritish  Consequently   no    trouble was expert-  an(j American railroad men.  enced in disposing of it.     Indeed   the I ^j   output was all Bold long before it had  been packed. ^n ��fi,c'tt' statement says that < om-  In    addition to the inoroased   space mnndor    Shimomura, of tho Japanese  afforded   by   the enlargement of   the,N��vy. perished in the nlnkiii,, ol   ihe  the milk is raised and it must also be  noted    that   tho   percentage of fat in  It is felt that 813 a month is  ,n excessive amount to-allow a to Cotvale Kanch on 3tm*ky last  ...If he is of opinion that his w|lere tnev wer0 tn(! gu09t9 of Mr. and  relatives should have more, ho can Mrs. G. C. Browse. Mrs. Durant is a  save it nnd sent it home. The point novelist of note. She is spending a  of view of the authorities is that a vacation on the West side at her sum-  soldier should be allowed to spend mer nome. Those of us who have  some of his own money." |rearj tne "Raising of the Sugi," and   y^ l"The   Repentance,"    will be glad to  know   that    she is preparing another  ADVER-  treat for us.     We are sorry that her  many interests do not allow !ur permanent location here.     She is of tho    type,    who by her genial personality,  At    a    meeting of the growers   and carries her welcome with l.er, none the  distributors    from the principal applo loss    for her interest in all our small  growing districts of tho Pacific Xorth- doings of ranch life.  west, held in  Seattle recently, a fund | *   ,   "  of 863,000 was pledged for strictly nd  vertising purposes.  WILL   SPEND,  863,000  TO'  TISE THE GREAT NORTHWEST APPLE  From  all reports received at the  figures given are the average of three [ prc3cnt time, says the B. C. Prairie  runs at each speed on three different Markets Commissioner, and after per-  days.  I  sonal     investigation it  apparent that  .the soft fruit crops in Washington and  'Oregon will be 70 per cent, less than  Per Cent. Fat Temperature Speed turned Lba. Cream per Per Cent. Fat Per Cent. Fa1  last    season.        This is due to winter  Table 2-Varialioii iu tlie Speed ol the Separator  .Milk  of Milk per minute  3.63 95 deg. 65  3.63 95   ��� 60  3.63 95   ��� 55  3.63 95   ��� 50  60 is lhe correct ipeed  A motronome was used to count tl:  turns of tho handle, so that the speed j  of    the separator was  absolutely tho j  same    during' the whole run.     It was '  found extromely difficult  to turn   the  100 Lba. Milk  Lba.    Oz,  in Cream      in Skim-milk  9  12  15  18  14  0  7  14  36.6  30.1  23.4  192  .018  .017  .023  .027  do  with   the variations in the cream  tests than any other condition.  Five turns per minute under the proper speed made 6.7 per cent difference  in    the    tost, and ton turns too slow  injury and  frosts in  the early spring,  and in some enses during the past few  I weeks. From alljqunrters it is expeet-  !ed    that    fewer American berries than  usual   will    find their way into    tho  northwest.  Mr. .1. M. Raid has a bumper crop  of early apricots, and with all the  water he needs, should have some fine  shipments.  We regret to hear of Tpr. G. Horner  being wounded agarn.   O  i Tho Hon. John William Eortcscie,  librarian at Windsor Castle, has been  appointed by the government to write  the official history of the war.  Mr. F. R. E. DeHart loft today on a  visit to Enderby.  building, an entire new kiln unit is  being added, including furnace and drying floor, and several new power peeling and coring maohines. This will  increase.the oapacity ofthe plant oon-  sidorably.  Last    year some 22 hands were em-1  ployed at the work, and it is anticip-,  battle cruisor Quoon Mnry.  O-  REID - LEVIEUX  Here we find a difference of 1.2 percent fat in the milk made a difference  of 8.5 per cent in the cream test.ThtTe  will   not  tie so much variation as 1.2  Thc wedding took nluce last Wednesday ovening at the Methodist parsonage    of Robert Colvin Heid to    Miss  ,   ,, .Amelia Marie Lovioux.     "Bobbie" has  ated that at least half as many more & ^.^ ^ ^ K()lowlm for  will be needed thisyear. ^ years, especiallv in connection  The   evaporating    industry   is, one     ;th    th(j    oW Musical and Dramatic  whioh is bound to grow, as people realize    thc advantage of being able to  sell their culls and Wind-falls instead  of allowing them to be entirely wast  ed as heretofore.  Sooiety, of which he was a oroniuont  member, and there aro many friends  wljo will wish him every happineBs in  Wb new state. The happy couple aro  taking up their residence in Vernon.  A. Jones has been accepted for the  Motor Boat Patrol service, and leaves  in a few days for the old country.   O   KELOWNA VOLHNTRER UESERVF.  MARTIN - REICD  The wedding took plaoe laBt Saturday week of George Vincent Martin  to Matilda Floreno? Reed, at the homo  of Mr. Reed on Harvey Avenue. The  A full muster of thc Kelowna Volun- ceremony, nt which tho Rov. J. C.  toer Reserve is earnestly requested for Switzer olliointed, was a very quiet  Monday the 26th of June, on the par- one, only tho immediate relatives of  ade grounds at 8 p. m., as there is'the contracting parties v.ore present.  important business to discuss after The "Record" joins in wishing them  drill. I every happiness.  separator at a uniforn speed through-' ,nal)e ��� difference of 10.9 per cent. The  out nn entire run, and unices the op- difference in tho lest botweon five turns  orator has a reliable indicator, there t()Q j^ mAlm imn3 too 9,ow waa  is likolv to be a considerable variation   ,    , . .   ,  in the'speed of tho separator. Thc j 17-4 Per Mnt' tho l"-'���'^0 "����B per cent fat in the milk from from the  writer is of the opinion thai the speed on'y a '���' tlo ovor half in ono caso same herd from day to day, but there  of thc separator- has probabl;- more to ' what it Was in tho other. j may    be   a difference ol 5.5 por cent,  . - ,,,        t- ,        ,-.        j which    nt the same rate of variation  Table 3-Showmg the effect of Low Speed and Low Temperature Com-1 wou,(, ^ 3g |w con( ,n ^ ^ ^  bined on the Percentage of Fa    in  the Cream and Loss of Fat in the the crenm.  Skim milk.    Three Runs  were  made from the same Milk on Three  Different Days  Per Cent. Fat  in Milk  Speed turned  per minute  Temperature  of Milk.  Per Cent. Fat  in Cream  Par Cent. Fa'  in Skim-milk  3.6  3.6  3.6  50  50  50  70 degrees  80     .,  90     ���  28.5  27.0  21.5  .076  .053  .030  Thero is not as great a variation in speed and having the milk at a toinp-  the percentage lat in the cream as in  BrotVrS of 95 or 96 degrees.  some of the other tables, but the loss  of fat in the skim-milk is very high at  the low temperatures, showing that  tho best results will bo obtained In-  turning the sepnrator   at its   proper  Table 4-Variation in the per rent. Fat in the Cream  containing different percentages of Fat  Two runs were mado from milk tost  ing   3.3 por cent and two from milk 'panied by an excessive loss  testing    4.5 per cent.     Tho following  table shows tho average .results:���  from Milk  Speed of Separator  60  60  Temp, of Milk  95.5  95.5  Per Cent. Fat  in Milk  3.3  4.5    *  Per Cent. Fat  in Cream  27.0  35.5  Per Cent. Fat  in Skim-milk  .017  .015  The foregoing results show very  plainly that (liden-nl conditions in tho  milk and only slight changes in tho  operating of t]-o separator, without  changing the cream screw, will make  wide variations in the percentage of  fat in (he cream. V the temperature  of the milk is too low. or the speed  of the separator is reduced below the  required number of revolution - per  minute, the variations will be aceom-  i fat in  the skim-milk.  A good separator, properly handled, will deliver cream testing anywhere  from 20 to !V> per cent fat, and not  leave over 0.02 , per oent fat in the  skim-milk.  To give the best results in butter-  making cream flhonld test from 30 to  38 per cent fat. ,  MISS THOM HETXEN  With the   Boatonians, at the Opera  House on Tuesday, June 27  ���������civ PAGE TWO  KELOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, ,IUNE 22, 1916  KELOWNH RECORD  Published evwy Th*rtd��y at Kelowna,  Britiaa Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION   BATES  $1.50    per    year;    7.V..    she    months.   United  Stated 60  cents additloaal.  All subscriptions oavable in advanoe  Subscriber!   at   the  regular  rate   can  have  umi'h  pattern  mailed  to  friends at  a distance  at  HALF HATE. i.e.. 714 cents per year.  This  Hpeciitl  uriyilege    is   granted    lor    the  purpose ol  advert, Minn tin  ritv  *\nd distriot.  ADVERTISING  RATES  I.UpGE NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL CARPS.  ETC.. ..fi  cents Der column inch per week.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-30 dava. |.V  60 dava J7.  WATER  NOnCSS-19 (or live insertions.  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By the  terms of the Act the choice of the  diy, whether Saturday or some  other day in the week, is left to be  decided by a vote of the electors.  The I trger coast cities of Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster, have already held their  poll on the subject, their choice  lying between Wednesday afternoon and Saturdayvafternoon. By  overwhelming majorities each of  the three cities decided tQ observe  the Saturday afternoon, in spite of  the strenuous campaign conducted  by an organization of merchants to  observe Wednesday.  The exact figures were as iol-  lotvs:������  I i Vancouver-  For Saturday    5,552  For Wednesday     1,654  In Vicloria-  For Saturday     1,853  ForWednesday    1,183  In New Westminster-  For Saturday     1,036  For Wednesday       191  There is a general impression  abroad locally that the new legislation does not affect Kelowna or  other inland rownp, but that is an  error. It is true that Kelowna already observes a weekly half-holiday on Thursday afternoons, but  it is distinctly Lid down in the Act  that a vote of the people must be  ttken lo determine the day upon  which the holiday must be observed. The Voting is to take place at  the municipal election in January  next, and from July I-t, when the  Act comes into effect, until that  time the present arrangements will  be allowed to" continue.  To make this clear it might be  as well to reproduce the clauses of  the Art governing the point. They  are as follows: -  5. (I) In all other municipalities(oih.  er tlian Vancouver, Victoria and New  Westminster) the weekly half-holiday as  respects anv ihop shall, subject to the  provision in subsection (2) of tliia section, be observed on the day appointed  in that behalf in any by-law heretofore  passed under the provisions of the ' Shops  Regulation Act' and in force in the  municipality; and if theie is no such  by. law, or if there is no agreement for  n weekly half-holiday in any such municipality, then the weekly half-holiday  shall be observed on such day as may  be agreed upon by the employer and  the employees, ��and, in the event of  disagreement, such day aa the employer  may specify in a notice affixed in the  shop, but it shall not'be lawful for the  employer to change the day oftener than  once in any period of three months  withou, the consent of a majority of his  employees.  (2) At the municipal elections  to   be i  held   in   January, 1917, a  vote   of  the'  ' municipal  electors  entitled  to vote for  Mayor or Reeve shall be taken to determine whether the weekly half-holiday  shall be on Saturday or some other day  in the week, and the day approved by  a majority of the municipal electors  shall, on and after the first day of Feb-  niaiy. 1917, be the day fixed for such  half-holiday.  6. The day fixed for a weekly half-  holiday on a referendum to the electors  in any municipality may be altered on  a referendum at any aubsequentelection.  7. In unorganized districts the weekly  half-holiday as respects any shop shall  be such a day as may be agreed upon  by the employer and the employees,  and, in case of disagreement, it shall be  such day as may be fixed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.  Thus it will be seen that in January next Kelowna electors will have  to decide whether the weekly half-  holiday is to continue to be held  on Thursday afternoon or to be  changed to Saturday. It is a little  early yet, perhaps, to begin discussing the question, but it might  be well for people to turn the matter over thoroughly in their minds  in the meantime. The coast papers  have lately contained many arguments on both sides of the question, but the resulting vote shows  that there is very little doubt in the  minds of the public as to which  ihey prefer.  It might be mentioned that where  die choice falls upon Saturday,  storekeepers will have the option  of remaining open on Friday evening until 9.30.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  "BS PREPARED"  Troop First!  KELOWNA  TROOP  Suit Last I  Nervous Breakdown and  "Shell Shock"  ORDERS BY COMMAND FOR WEKK  ENDING JULY 1st, 1916  Duties. Orderly patrol for the wank,  Curlews.     Next for duty, Vt.gles.  Thero will bo no pur .vies during  thia week, but patrol leiier* will keep  in touch with the staff, und will make  every effort to round up a fuU attendance for camp. ...riviy will aldo gee  t hat eacji scout is properly equipped  A list of tho things wMoh each Scout  and patrol must take to camp is  now ready for each le<vbr to distribute to each Scout in his patio!.  ('amp attendance is compulsory; it  should not bo necessary ior us to haw  to state this, but in view of somo of  the reports which have come to us, we  do not wish there to be any doubt on  this point. There are only two reasons which may keep a Scout av.-.y,  and they are sickness, and positive in-  j ability to get away from work. Tn  onnection with the Jatter we fuel ?uro  that wo shall again have ilia active co'  operation of parents and turployers.  We trust too thnt all friends cf th1  scouts will, whenever posible, put in  tho way of the boys the chance in  earn $2 or so in order thnt they way  themselves pay their share of the camp  GILLETT'S LYE  EATS DIRT  To Make a Home ICaniier  from Material at Hand  Many i>eople hesitate to adopt the  cold-pack method of canning because  of thc mistaken impression that it is  necessary to "purchase an expensive  canning outfit. A home canner which  will answer every purpose can be  quickly constructed without expense,  from material available in the average  home.  There are just three things necessary:  a receptacle at* least twelve inches  deep, n close-fitting cover, and some  arrangemen t to keep the jars off the  bottom of the container. A wash  boiler is the receptacle, usually adopted, as it is genera.ly available and of  sufficient size to hold a number of jnrs  but a deep preserving kettle or a pail  But even if the boy fftihot |witn a large bottom can be converted  The returning Bostonians will present for one night only, "Tipperary  [Mary," an offering .that has been  judged in Calgary and other ��;.ties as  one of tho i>eat muscal plays ever pro  duced. It fell to the lot of ao leas au  actor than Mr. Chauncy Alcotl to  create tho popularity ol this pio'io in  the States, and it is the pleasant  privilege of these youthful stars to  present '"Trpportiry Mary" for tho  times in Canada.  The Bostonians have earned their  merited jeputat ion at the hands ol f bo  public in the paBt twelve years, and  tho place of this all-girl company is  secure in the good will of all tho  theatre-goers over half the globe.  "Tipperary Mary" is a rollicking  musical play of "Auld Ireland" having its location in Tipperary itself. It  is replete with "whistley" music,  entertaining dancing, excellent comedy,  talented people, special mounting, new  lighting effects, and withal it is clean.  Of the Bostonians, as evor, .everyone  is an artiste and every artiste is a  girl.  This unique attraction will be seen  at the Opera House on Tuesday, June  27th only. You will be well repaid if  you remember this date and pay this  famous compnny of clever* girls a visit.  Book your seats early at Crawford'B.  A British surgeon who has specially j mir|v cerlain that every boy costs  studied men invalided from the front',, gfi ft montn to ^p �� hia own  because of nervous breakdown, cornea \omb. This ?2 can also be supplied  to tho conclusion that pure nervous j,, the camp in kind; that is in grocer-  shook and horror are in many cases I iefl or produce of the same value. As  the solo causu ol the condition. There t0 this see one of the Scout Masters or  wus no question of cowardice involved Troop Leader Keller, who is to be tho  but rather unusual bravery in the pre- (:amp Quartermaster. Also do not  liuiinary weeks and months of lighting ]0t there be any grouching. This is a  against fear, produced by sights and ' disease which spreads faster than mea-  couditions no human being could look f sles, and one or two grouchers present  upon day after day unmoved. The ' can spoil the whole camp. Let every  sensitive and "high-strung" were of ' SCOut work together to make this  course, the principle victims of this' year's outing one never to be forgot-  ortn of disaster, ��� but even the com- ten. A email party of leaders and  purativoly stolid after some peculiarly Others viewed tho proposed site at the  terrible strain wero occasionally found ' mouth of Cedar Creek, which tho South'  with nerves completely shattered.  ...    I Kelowna   Land   Co., has   been   good  Another medical investigation of un- enough to allow us to uso, on Sunday  usual and general interest, because afternoon last, and it would be indeed  this war has given the lirst chance to hard to find a more suitable site,  make it in any exhaustive way, has to Patrol Leader Godfrey Groves made a  do with what is known technically as ' field sketch of it, which will be used in  "shell-shock." A very considerable ' planning the arrangement of tents, etc.  number of soldiers have been found in I Next week we shall give a few partic-  or near U>- trenches or other positions ulars of the proposed activities for the  subjected to heavy bombardment with ten days. There will be one day for  the enormously powerful high-explosive sports and visitors. We expect this  hells, sometimes unconscious, more !year to try the experiment of a salari-  often dead, upon whose bodies no ex-jed cam]) cook, and if any parents are  expenses,  raise the ?2   himself,   we do   not feel ;"nto ,l home canner without difficulty.  (hat    we are    casting any additional  burden on the parents, because we are  ternal   injuries could be found.     Life  ad simpl| been cut short, as though  a great extinguisher had been clapped  over the victim. Jn a few cases where  autopsies have been made, conditions  ound havo been more or less contradictory qnd furnished very little toward clearing up the mystery.  Another surgeon who has studied tbe  olfects of high explosives on the nervous system, suggested several possible  plunations of these causes of sudden  death without visible injury. The enormous pressure generated near an explosion may cause the air to strike  a sort of general blow over a large  portion of tho body, sufficient to stop  jthe heart and respiration, without  leaving    any    physical    marks on tho  issues themselves. On thu other hand  31. Arnoux was quoted to the effect,  that,tho "decompression" produced by  such an explosion might cause a condition of exaggerated caisson disease,  ust lhe opposite of that duo to direot  ressure, quite sufficient to cause death  from the sudden liberation of bubbles  of air in tho blood. He calculated  from the accidental action of such an  explosion noted on an aneroid baro-  neter that tho pressures generated  more in the neighborhood of eloven tons  per square metre, aro accentuated and  prolonged by a sort of hysterical condition resulting from tho mental strain  f service at tho front.  One   queer   caso   oited   seems to in-  eato that shell-shock may produce    a  condition somewhat closely resembling  omnabiilism.       The officer of a company   that    had "dug themselves in"  in a wood went jaio the road to see if  a convoy was coming.     It waB about  2 a.m., and quite dark.   A large shell  ame tearing in and burst near him���  not    near enough, apparently, to un-  lorso   him.     Tho next thing he knew  t wns half-past four, quite light, and  te was being helpod off his horse   by  wo women in front of a farm house.  The intervening two hours and a half  were a complete blank. He had no idea  what he had done or how he* reached  lino farmhouse.     Tie had received some  1 ort of shock that had submerged his  higher consciousness and memory, but  left his other bodily machinery unharmed. -The Canadian Pictorial.  lesirous of any further information  about anything, please ask them to  consult .one of the Scout Masters.  We regret that it is possiblo that our  Bugler, Patrol Leader Henry Crowley,  may not be able to attend camp this  year, so will all scouts who think they  could learn the calls volunteer at once  and we shall arrange to have some  lessons given to thorn. We -hope that  Patrol Leader Crowley will be able to  get away from i*a work and come, but  in case not, we must "be prepared."  The route march whioh was to have  been held on Saturday of this week  has been postponed, so that there will  be no parade at all on this day.  The first prize for selling tho most  tickets for tho concert goes to Troop  Leader Keller, with $19.25 to his  credit: second to Scout -lack droves,  with 8lfi; and third to Patrol Loader  Calder, with 811. Scout Clair Row-  liffe was a close fourth, with $13.50.  There are still five scouts who havo not  completed, their returns, with either  unsold tickets or money.  Wo recently heard a remark by an  old Kentucky farmer which s-.o-ns  worth entering for the ungrammatioal  sentence prize. To a visitor lie observed' "Them, three Miss Perkins is  throe of as pretty a gnl ns ever I see."  A large milk can, such as is used  shipping milk in large quantities.  makes a good outfit, but is perhaps  too deep for handy work. If none of  these aro available some receptacle of  a similar nature can be substituted. A  largo empty lard ran may be purchased from any grocer for a nominal sum  and makes a splendid canner. When  the receptacle selected does not have a  close fitting cover one can, easily be  mnde of boards half an inch thick,  nailed closely together by moans of  two wooden cross-stripB. Those strips  should be placed on the outside of the  cover in order that they may also be  used as handles. For ha-idy work a  wooden cover of thiB sort should be  slightly larger than tho receptacle.  A platform should be prepared which  will heep the jars off tho bottom of  the container qnd permit free circulation of water under, around and between the jars.. This can be made of  wooden strips one inch wide, nailed  in a criss-cross or lattice-work formation with an inch of space between  each strip. Many home canners find  it nn advantage to place wire handles  upon each end of the platform, or to  have long wire hooks which fit into  holes bored in the platform,, in order  that it may be lifted out of the container for easy handling of the jars.  When this is done it is advisable  that a heavy wire be faBtened around  the platform about four inches abovo  the-base to keep the jars from falling  off. A wire screen can be used for  this purpose if deBired., Hay, excelsior  or towels should not be used as a  false bottom, because they do not  allow sufficient water circulation under  tho jnrs to prevent them from crocking under the increased heat.  Sufficient water should be placed in  this home canner to cover the tops of  the tallest jars by at least one inch,  and this water should be brought to  tho boiling point before the jars of  product are placed in the canner for  sterilization. With this home-made  hot-water-bath outfit nny product may  be canned in a single sterilization period when tho eold-pnek rooipe is used.  IN THE COUNTY COURT OP YALE  holden at Vernon.  IN THE MATTER of the Estate   of  ���Tames Meikle Ritchie, deceased.  I KEL0W1M-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  in operation as follows :  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m.  ���    Westbank 9.30 a.m ,4 p.m.  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY  Leaoen Kelowna II a.m.  l.ciiOBH Westbanh 11.30 a.m.  TERMS (1ASII  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  Phone 108 or Phone'lOO  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all creditors and others having olaims  against the estate of the said James  Meikle Ritchie, deceased, are required,  on or before the 16th day of July,  1016. to send by post or deliver to  Catherine Nielson Ritchie, of Glenmore.  Kolowna, B. C, Administratrix of the  estate, their full names, addresses and  descriptions, with full partioulara ol  their claims, statement of their accounts, and the naturo of the securities, ii any, held by them. AND  FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that after  suoh above mentioned date, the said  Administratrix will proceed to distribute the estate of the deceased among  the parties entitled thereto, having  regard only to the olaims of which  she shall then have notice, and that  she will not be liable for the said  assets or any part thereof to any person or persons of whose olaims notice  shall not have beon received by her at>  the time of such distribution.  Dated at Kelowna, 11.  C, this 18th  day of June, 1916.  CATHERINE NEILSON RITCHIE  Administratrix for the said Estate.  80-84  Bostonians Will Play Here  June 27th  No cheques, etc., can*henceforth be  changed at hotel bars. The penalty  for ovading this regulation will be a  fine of not less than $20 or more  than $100.  Save 50 p.c.  on your Boots and Shoes  Have them repaired  Promptly,  Properly &  Cheaply  by  up-to-date   machinery  Frank Knapton  Bernard Avenue  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS CARDS  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA,  B.C  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA. :: B.C,  E. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, and  NOTARY PUBLIC  9, Willit's Bloch  Keloiona, B.C.  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD  TOD   BOYD  Iras resumed hia teaching classes and will  receive  pupils as before in his studio-  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. box 374  P. W. GROVES  M. Con'. Soc. C. E.  Consulting Cioll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeuor  Survey, and Report, on Irrigation Work.  Application, for Water Lice  KELOWNA. B.C.  Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd  ENTIST  f. 0. Box ine Pbona ss  Corner Pendozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR or BUlLDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for public Build-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  Summer  Drinks  You will enjoy the refreshing  influence of our Grape Juice  and Lime Juice���  Welch's Grape Juice.  Pints 35c;   Quarts 65c  Montserrat Lime Juice  Pints 50c ;   Quarts 85c  P. B. Willits & Co.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  NEW  MADE  Furniture  REPAIRED OLD  Have your Furniture made'to  your own design.   Call and  talk it over  Awnings, Screen Doors  and Windows  I am making a Screen Door that will  neither sag or warp, and is made to  last, priced at $1.90 up.  I have a few doora of a cheaper line  equal to the best factory doors, at from  $1.50 up.  Manufacturer of Sash Doors, Furniture  Fruit Ladders, otc.  REPAIR WORK AND JOBBING  S. M. Simpson  One door south of Fireball.    Phone 312  We Buy Chickens!  and Ducks  BEST PRICES PAID  The City  Park Restaurant >  Abbott Street     -    Kelowna     ���>���':  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All kinds of Repairs  BBRNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all classes  of work  JAPAN RICE  6c per lb. (the superior quality)  RICE BRAN  lie  per  lb. (an economical food for  tne chickens)  The Japanese Store  Leon Ave., Kelowna  NOTICE  Clydesdale Stallion  'ACME KING'  will stand (or service each  Thursday, Friday, and until  Saturday Noon, at  Leslie Dilworth's  Vernon Road  Terms: $20, to insure  J. BOWES        - -        Owner THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1916  KELOWNA  KBCOID  Occidental Fruit Co.. Limited  Fruit and Vegetable Shippers  Consult this Company regarding your 1916 crop of Fruits and  Vegetables. Our selling agencies are the most economical and  reliable. WE ARE CASH BUYERS  No. I Feed Oats, $1.70 per 100.   Ton lots $32.����.  No 1 Wheat, $1.75 per 100.   Ton lots $34.����.  No. I Flour, $3 per 98 lbs.  Wanted  Buggies, Democrats.  Single Work  Wa-    gons, Double Work  Wagons,   Ploughs,  Harrows, Cultivators, Seeders, Single Driving Harness,  Single Work Harness, Sewing Machines, Refrigerators,  Dressing Tables, Side Boards, Kitchen Tables, Sets of  Drawers, Kitchen Tables, Chairs of all kinds, Cook  Stoves, Ranges���  Anything you have for sale sold  on commission  If you want to buy or sell anything see  STOCKWELL, the Auctioneer  Something Worth Remembering  The Record goes into [practically every home in Kelowna  and district. If vou wish to sell something, insert a Liner  Ad. in the " Wanted " Column. The chances are a hundred  to one if there is any demand you will get into contact  with a perspective customer. If there is no demand, nothing  will sell your article.    We have the eye ofthe public.  Ensure the Quality of Your Preserves  By Buying Your Berries Direct  From the Grower  I am offering.to supply the following if  booked before the 5th  of June for cash on delivery���  Strawberries, in S-lb. boxes 10c per lb.  Raspberries, per crate (crate to be returned) $2.  Black Currants 10c per lb.  Delivery in town at door within a few  hours of being picked,  as soon as preserving  season  starts.   Berries can also be supplied earlier in the season at market prices  L. E. TAYLOR     - -      Bankhead  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  Doors Windows Shingles  Prices right.     Delivery prompt.     Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES - - - Managing-Director  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Pte. J. Hoppcnstadt came down  for a weekend visit Saturday.  Mrs. Johnston spent Monday in  town on her return journey to Penticton from the coast.  Pte. Gus. Anderson is home this  week from Vernon on ten days  leave.  Lieut.-Col. Perry spent last weekend in town, returning to Veinon  Tuesday.  Mrs. Colquette and children left  Tuesday morning on a visit to  Toronto.  Mrs. W. E. Adams left on Tuesday on a visit to her home in Ontario.  Sergeants Seeley and Charlie  Hereron were in town for the  weekend.'  Mrs. Frances Culbard left Friday  afternoon for Princeton, where she  will take a position as nurse in the  local hospital.  Saturday, July 1st. being Dominion Day, and a public holiday, the  stores will be open for business  the previous Thursday afternoon  and Friday evening.  A sale of household furniture is  to be held Saturday afternoon at  the residence of Mrs. T. Allen, on  Bernard Avenne. Mr. G. H. Kerr  is the auctioneer.  Miss Grogan, late deaconess of  Ml. Pleasant Presbyterian church,  Vancouver, left Monday for Rossland on a visit to Mrs. W. J.  Lougheed, atfer spending a couple  of weeks as the guest of her aunt,  Mrs. Knight.  The Good Templars are arranging to hold a strawberry and ice  cream festival and lawn social on  the evening of Tuesday, July 4th,  at the home of Mr. W. B. Pearson,  who has kindly offered the use of  his big lawn for the occasion.  There will be a strawberry and  ice cream social in Mr. Holman's  field, Bume Avenue, on Saturday  next, June 24th, under the auspices  of S'. Michael's church W.A. assisted by the junior branch. An  open and cordial invitation is extended to all.  A team belonging to the Kelowna Sawmill Co., had a somewhat  exciting runaway Tuesday afternoon, fortunately without doing  any damage. They started from  the yard scared by the fall of some  lumber and ran up main street,  being stopped near Pridham's orchard.  The members of Orchard City  No. 59,1.O.O.F.. are holding their  annual Decoration Day service on  Sunday, June 25th, at the Kelowna  cemetery. All members and visiting brothers and sisters of the Order are cordially invited to attend,  bringing a small bouquet of flowers  with them if possible, leaving the  lodge room at 1,30 p.m. prompt, to  proceed to the cemetery.  C. Nicoll  Dray and Transfer Agent  Phone 132  Will move you quick and cheap  Hats on Sale This Week, $4.95  A  N interesting assortment of Trimmed Hats for immediate  wear. These wonderful distinctive styles include  models for all���small, medium and large hats. Styles up to  $9.75, going for $4.75  New Palm Beach Suits - $13.75  Fashions Latest Suits for Summer Wear are made of Palm Beach  Washing Material and come trimmed in Self or contrast colours'  Specially Priced at $13.75  Jrf L^^^T  Lit*I TED.  Phone 361  Kelowna  Miss Renwick left for Kamloops  yesterday.  The Rev. T. Greene. left Mon-  ,day on a visit to Nelson.  Dr. and Mrs. Mathiaon returned  from a visit to the coast Tuesday.  Mr. J. Riggs, brother to Mr. H. D.  Riggs, is a visitor this week from  Vancouver.  Mrs. H. A. Burbank and children  returned Saturday after a lengthy  visit east.  Mr. W. R. Trench left Sunday  by car for Kamloops on his way  to the coast to attend a session of  the Masonic Grand Lodge.  Mr. W. M. Edwards, who left  to take up residence in Vernon  some few weeks back, has enlisted  in the " Bantam " regiment at the  coast. x  The renovation of Mr. W. H.  Crawford's house, which was partially destroyed by fire in the winter, haa been proceeding for some  time and is now approaching completion.  Mr. Rossi, of Kelowna, bought  the northeast corner of Bay Avenue and Farwell Street from Mc-  Quarrie & Robertson, and expects  to build an up-to-date bowling  alley on the property.���Trail News  Mr. J. C. Stockwell has two sales  of furniture arranged for the coming week. The first is on Tuesday  afternoon the 27th,at the residence  of Mrs. Knight, Glenn Avenue, and  the second at Rutland on Thursday the 29th, when the farm effects  of Mr. Loosemore will be offered  for sale.  Several names of Kelowna men  appear amongst the lists of wounded this week, though happily in the  recent heavy Canadian losses this  district came off very lightly. The  lists give as wounded, Chas. A.  Winslow, a brother of Mrs. Petman,  Norman Lefevre, John Jardine,  R. P. Menzies, Leonard Seeman  and H. C. Slillmgfleet.  Mr. E. M. Carruthers has just  received the information that his  brother, Brigadier-General R. A.  Carruthers, C.B., has been granted  the distinction of G.M.G. for services rendered at Gallipoli, as a  member of General Birdwood's  staff. The distinguished soldier has  spent some time in Kelowna and  is therefore well known to many  people here.  Floods and washouts on the  main line both east and west of  Sicamous have interfered to some  extent with mail delivery this week.  A bad washout near Golden delayed the west-bound trains for some  time and necessitated a large force  of men' being employed. Near  Kamloops another slide tied up  traffic Tuesday, and mail from the  coast was held up.  A special meeting of the Kelowna Poultry and Pet Stock Association will he held in the Board of  Trade room on Wednesday, June  28th, at 7.30 p.m., for-the purpose  of discussing the new constitution  and by-laws, also various other  matters pertaining to the welfare  of the Association. All members  are earnestly requested to be present.  A very pleasant evening waa  spent on Monday by those who  attended the lawn social at Rev.  Switzer's residence. The threatening aspect of the weather no doubt  was to blame for the small attendance as compared to the crowd it  is customary to 'see on such occasions. Amongst other entertainment for the visitors were selections  from a gramaphone, a machine  which, judging from its delightful  tone, was far removed from common " canned music " type so frequently met with.  AUCTIONEER  1 have had over 21 year*' experience in the Auctioneering  bueineia, particularly in the  Jine of Cattle, Farm Implements and Household Furniture; and thia experience is  at your disposal, It means  better results from your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for  an Auction Sale should see or  write to  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195,  Kelowna, B.C.  Residence at  GLENMORE  PMwtmta*  II'    ISIUIWIII   II   ill  Firebox linings withstand years of use because made of McClary Semi-Steel. See a  M'ClaryS  Kootenay  a good reason-ask the McClary dealer.  On Sale at the Morrison-Thompson Hardware Co., Ltd.  ���Ill IH lllllllillllllllllllM���  McCormick and Deering  Machines give Satisfaction  McCormick Mowers, 4J - 5-ft. cut  Deering Mowers, 4i - 5-ft. cut  One Horse Mowers, 3J-ft. cut  McCormick Rakes, 8 - 9 - 10-ft. cut  Deering Rakes. 8 - 9 - 10-ft. cut  Hay Tedders, 6 - 8-ft. fork  Knife Grinders  s Machine Oil  We have the goods in stock  and can make immediate delivery  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street  Phone 150  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Art now completely equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  We have a large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND F1NISHINGLUMBER  of high-grade quality and in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND  WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  Builders' & Masons' Supplies  Hard and Soft Coal  Phone  66  W. HAUG  P.O. Box  166  Printed Butter Wrappers  According to the regulations recently inaugurated  in connection with Dairy Butter it is now compulsory  to have Printed Butter Wrappers showing that the  butter offered for sale is Dairy Butter and by whom  it is made. Call at the Record Office for samples  and prices.   We print with a Special Ink.  THE LAKEVIEW HOTEL  UNDER NEW FIRST CLASS MANAGEMENT  REASONABLE HATES TO BOARDERS .  Mrs. E. J. NEWSON .. .. .. Proprietn PACE FOUR  KELOWNA   iECCHLD  THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1918  L wanted! l Auction  FOR  SALE  FOR SALE, Piano and Rowing Boat Ap*  ply P.-o. box 257. 29lf  FOR SALE, Five-passenger motor car,  30 horse power, in first-class condition.  Cheap for cash. Apply to W. M- Crawford. 31-2  TO KENT  COTTAGE TO RENT on Abbott Street  facing lake. Commodious, three bed-  rooms.   Apply Mantle fit Wilson,     25tf  TO REN r-The Garth, furnished or un-  furnished. Eight rooms and bathroom.  Apply P..o. box 257. 29tf  TO RENT, one of Kelowna's best homes,  furnished, on Bernard Ave., for $20 per  month. Also 5-roomed house on Wilson  Ave., for $10 per month. Apply W. H.  Fleming. 31tf  SITUATIONS  VACANT  WOMAN WANTED ONE-HALF DAY  a week for washing. Apply Record  Office. x  GIRL WAN TED, to assist with housework  and care of children. Apply T, Record  Office. 27lf  Being instructed by Mrs. T. H.  ALLAN, I will sell at her residence, 537, Bernard Avenue, on  SATURDAY, JUNE 24th, the  following household goods:  Mission China Cabinet (nearly new), set  ot oak Dining Chairs, oak Dining Table,  Gramophone and 35 records, 3 small Tables, Rocking Chairs, Singer Sewing Machine (7 drawers, nearly new), square  Brussells Carpet, a large bevelled glass  Dresser and Stand to match, 3 Bedroom  Sets, Wash Stand, Double Iron Bed, 2  2 Iron Beds, 2 Single Iron Beds, Mattresses  and Springs, large Wardrobe, 5 Bedroom  Linoleums, Kitchen Linoleum, 4 Toilet  Sets, Stair Linoleum, Trunks, Lamps, 2  pair Feather Pillows, Window Shades  Arch Curtain Pole, oak Kitchen Cabinet'  Kootenay Kitchen Range, Gasoline Stove,  2 Heaters, Coal oil Cook Stove, Carpet  Sweeper, Curtains and Poles, Sealers and  Jars, 5-gaI. Butter Crock, Clothes Wringer,  Wash Tubs and Boards, Crockery and  Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, Garden Hoes.  5-foot Step Ladder, Meat Grinder, Carving  Set, Cross-cut Saw and a lot of sundries,  Everything must be sold as the family  are leaving town.    Sale at 1.30 p m,  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  WANTED, dining-room lielp lor July Ut;  $2, board and room, fare pard both  waya. Apply at once to Manager, Hotel  Incola, Henticton. 3ltf  SITUATIONS WANTED  WAN TED, garden or oilier work. Several dayo weekly in town. Apply box  M, Record Office. x  MISCELLANEOUS  FOR HIRE.-LAKGE KOOMY, F1V.G  passenger automobile at current lute.  Apply H. B. Burtoh, 'phono 180.  22tf.  Auction  WANTED TO EXCHANGE 160 acre  ot land in Saskatchewan. Property  fenced, running water, good transportation, part plowed, fair build  ings, for small fruit farm. What of  fers.    Apply Box 251 Kelowna,    46tf  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-160  acres at South Okanagan. Have a  clear title, free from all encumbrance,  taxes paid up. Would sell cheap for  cash or exchange for cattle. Apply  P. 0. Box 251. 1-tf.  TO LET.���10 acres orchard, 10 years  old, in good Condition with house  roothouBe, olnd outbuildings. Also 5-  roomed house to rent on Pendozi St.  with stable. ApFly H. H. Millie.  Government telegraph omce>        1��*''  TENDERS will be received up to the���7th  day of July, for 40 cords of 4-ft. green  cut, split pine or fir, delivered and piled  at the Kelowna Schools before September 1st. The Secretary, Kelowna School  Board, 31-32  Preserving  Strawberries  NEXT WEEK  10c per pound Delivered  Drop a post card to  L. E. TAYLOR, Bankhead  Glenview Dairy  When ordering MILK, order the  BEST;  the cost  is just the fame  Phone 2302 JAS. B. FISHER  A Photograph of  Yourself or of the  Children would be  a pleasant surprise  for the old folk.  Your friends can buy anything  you can give them- except your  photograph  McEWAN  'Professional 'Photographer  Studio Rowcliffe Block, next door  . to Post Office  at the residence of Mrs. KNIGHT  Glenn Avenue, on TUESDAY,  JUNE 27th, at 2 p.m., when the  following will be sold :���  Parlor Velvet Rug, 15 x 15, Quartered oak  Bookcase, 2 Pa'lor Chairs, Oval oak Centre Table, small oak Table, Quartered oak  L-ather Couch, Quartered oak Library  Table, Large Mirror, Music Cabinet, Library Carpet Square, 12 x 16. Library Table  Lamp, Quartered oak Extension Table, 4  x 12, Quarter cut oak Buffet, china cabinet attached, Set oak Dining Chairs, leather  covered, Set oak and leather Library  Chairs (very fine), Set Turkish Dining  Room Rugs, Mars Heater, Hall and Dining  room Linoleum, Hall Rack and Mirror,  Birdseye Maple Dresser and Wash Stand,  4 iron Beds, Springs and Mattresses complete, Large mahogany Dresser and Mirror  (old), cherry Side Table, 2 Bedroom Rugs,  small Box Stove and Pipes, Lot of Curtains, Lot of Silverware and Chinaware,  Lot of Glasses, Kitchenware, Sealers, Jelly  Glasses, Kitchen Table and Chairs, Rock"  ing and Easy Chairs, 6-holed Kitchen  range, Tent, 12 x 14, Wash Tub, 6-day  Clock, and many other articles.  Goods on view any day prior to Sale.  TERMS CASH  J. C. STOCKWELL -  Auctioneer  Rutland News  (From oar ova ComsDoncUai.)  Bugler Wigglesworth came down frou.  ernon this week on a short leave.  ��� ��  ���  We regret to hear of the serious illness of Mrs. Schell. sr., who has been  cmoved to the Kelowna hospital for  thepurpose of undergoing an operation.  ��� ���  Mr. A. C. Loosemore who has been  iiken on to the strength of the 172nd  Battalion, left for Vernon this morning to report for duty.  ��� ��  ���  Mrs. LongstafF and family are raak-  ���g arrangements to move into Mr.  .oosemore's house during his absence.  ��� ���  4  Last Monday evening Mayor .Tones  of Kelowna addressed the Epworth  .eaguo on "Patriotism." Next week  ho    subject    for the evening will be  'The late Earl Kitchener."  ��� *  ���  The Rev. Thos. Griffiths and family  arrived last Friday to take up duties  in charge of the Mount View Church,  and occupied the pulpit for the first  time Sunday evening. A reception wns  held Tuesday evening at which a large  number of the congregation were present to welcome the new minister.  After a short time spent in games and  musementa by the young people, a  gathering waB held in the church. Mr.  Mugford extended a cordial welcome  to Mr. Griffiths and family on behalf  of tho congregation. Mr. Griffiths  suitably    responding.      The  following  rogramme was rendered: Solos by  Mrs. Mugford, Miss Amy Fleming, and  Mr. -lack Hall.     Duets by Miss Ferris  nd MiBs Magee, Mr. Gay and Miss  Annie Gay, and Mr. .lack Hall and  Mr. Gay. leadings by Mr. R. Scho-  field and Mr. Arthur Gray. Refreshments consisting of strawberries and  cream, cake and sand witches, were  served, and concluded a very pleasant  evening.   .. v->  Benvoulin Notes  (Vrooa oar an CorraiDOadaat.i  On Sunday, July 2nd, the services in Benvoulin and Rutland  churches and Glenmore school  will be specially for young people  and their friends and for all patriotic citizens. The subject will  be " Heroes." The children will  take part in the programme and a  large attendance is anticipated.  Auction  at the residence of Mr. A. C.  LOOSEMORE, Rutland, next  THURSDAY. JUNE 29th, at 2  o'clock p.m.,  ot   the   following  farm effects:���  1 pair Grey Mares, 2800 lb8., bred to  .Suffolk Punch; Saddle Mare "Monte"  Kogistered; 1 yearling Filley, "Dazzle"  1 pair Double Heavy Work Harness; 1  set Single Driving Harness,(Collar and  Humes); 1 Rubber Tired Family Rug-  gy; 1 Weber Work Wagon, 3J in. tires;  1 pair 4-ton Springs; 1 Fruit Back; 1  Wood Back; 1 Kimble Cultivator; 1  Deering reversible Disc, 1 Plow, 1  Spring Tooth Harrow; 1 Lever Drag  Harrow; 1 O.K. Potato Digger; Horse  Potato Hoe; 1 Planet .lr. Horse Oult-  vator; Fruit Ladder; 1 Ditcher and  Cultivator; Planet Jr. Seeder and Cul-  ivator; 1 Refrigerator; Lot of Lumber  Scythes, Forks, Scoops, Shovels, Saws  floe, Rake, Lot of Carpenter's Tools,  Empty Sacks, Horse Blankets, Sleigh  Dells, and many other articles.  TERMS;  ('ash on amounts under $25. Over  that amount -1 months credit on furnishing joint and several notes secured  by lean on property with interest at  8 (>er cent.  J. C. STOCKWELL -  Auctioneer  Ladies   Wishing   to   Order  SP1RELLA   CORSETS  can meet  MRS. J. H. 0AVCE3  in Room No. 1. Oak Hall Block, between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 p.m.  on Saturday    of each week, or    *���)'  NOTICE  Having fenced my range property between Mill Creek and Scotty Creek, owners  of stock are warned not in interfere with  the fencei or to allow stock to trespass.  Shooting is strictly prohibited. Any person wishing to ride the range should ap.  ply to the ranch buildings and avoid prose-  cution for trespass. 20-1  T. BULMAN  Death of Peachland Soldier  Mr. Arthur N. Pope received  official notification last week of the  death of his son Norman who went  overseas last year with the 54th  Kootenays. It is known that he was  in the last engagement near Ypres  and probably received his wound  about the 2nd inst., as death ensued at a casualty station on the  4th. The dead soldier was well  known in the valley, having been  prominent in such sports as hockey  and boating. In former years he  was in the Peachland war canoe  crew. Chas. A. Pope of the Prov.  Land Dept, is a brother, and Mrs.  Hamilton Lang, Mrs. R. H. Helrn-  ner, of Summerland, Mrs. F. By-  water, and Mrs. Harold W. Birkett,  of Kelowna, are sisters of the  deceased.  EAST   KELOWNA POUND DISTRICT  Government HouBe,  Victoria, 30th May, 1916  Present; His Honour, the Lieutenant  Governor in Counoil.  Whereas by an Act respecting pound  districts it is enacted that the Liou-  cimnl-Governor in Counoil may by  Order-in-Counoil made public in the  British Columbia Gazette, constitute  |uiy part of the Province of British  Columbia not within the limits of a  municipality into a pound distriot:  And whereas under the provisions of  this Act application has been made to  constitute the following portion oi  Township 26, of Osoyoos Division of  Yale District, viz., the west half of  Section 11, Section 10, east half of  taction '.I, eaBt half of Section 16, that  art of Sertion 15, lying south of  Mission    Creek, and that part ofSeo-  ion    Id, lying west of Mission Creek,  pound distriot:  And whereas notice of intention to  constitute such district a pound dist-  ict was given in accordance with the  requirements of the Act, and following  such notice objection was made by  certain proprietors within the propos-  d pound pistrict:  And whereas a further notice was  published requiring a majority of the  roprietors within tbe proposed pound  listriot to forward a petition request-  ng that the proposed pound district  be constituted:  And1 whereas in response to the latter notice, forty-seven (47) persons of  the total number of sixty-seven (67)  persons qualified to sign the petition  ave   signified    their approval of the  .pplication:  And whereas the Act provides that if  he petition of the majority of the  proprietors be forwarded to the Hon.  The Minister of Finance and Agriculture, then in such case the proposed  pound district may be constituted:  On   tbe   recomendation of the Hon.  'he Minister of Finance and Agriculture, and under the provisions of the  'Pound District Aot."  His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor  .of British Columbia, by and with the  advice of his Executive Council, has  been pleased to order, and it is hereby   ordered,    that the above district  East   Kelowna)    be    constituted  a  ound district.  THOMAS TAYLOR,  Clerk: Executive Counoil,  30-34  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  C0al miniag rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe Northwest Territories, and in a portioa of  the Province of British Columbia, may  be leased for a term of twenty-i  years at an annual rental of $1 aa  acre. Not more than 2,600 aores  will be leased to one applicant.  Applications for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  tke Agent or Sub-Agent of the distriot  in which the rights applied for are  situated.  In surveyed territory, the laid must  be described by sections, pr legal subdivisions of flections, and in unaurvey  ed territory the tract applied for  shall be1 staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 15 which will be  refunded if the right applied for are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of  five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine stall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  acc0unting for the full quantity oi  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal miniag  rights are not being operated, suoh  returns shall be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may  be permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may be considered neoeesary for the working of  Che mine at the rate of $10 an a��ro  For full information application  should be made to the secretory of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to thc Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B. ���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid lor,  IN THE COUNTY COURT OF YALE,  holden at Vernon.  In the matter of the Estate of  Thomas Melville, Junior, Deceased.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  11 creditors and others having olaims  against the estate of;the said Thomas  Melville, deceased, are required on or  before the 2nd day of July, 1916, to  send by post or deliver to George  Archibald Melville, of Glenmore, Kelowna, B.C., Administrator of the  state, their full names, addresses, and  descriptions, with full particulars of  their claims, statement of their accounts, and the nature ot tho securities, if any, held by them. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that after suoh  above-mentioned date, the said Administrator will proceed to distribute  the estate of the deceased among the  persons entitled thereto, having regard  only to the olaims of whioh he shall  then have notice, and that he will not  be liable for tho said assets or any  part thereof to any person or persons  of whose olaims notice shall not have  been received by him at the lime of  suoh distribution.  DATED at Kelowna, B.C., this    1st  day of June, 1916.  GEORGE ARCHIBALD MELVILLE,  Administrator of the said Estate.  27-81  / i Packer of  WILSONS  FLY PADS  x WILL KILL MORE FLIES THAN  V $8��- WORTH OF ANY  /  STICKYTLY CATCHER, '  Clean to handle. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and General Stores.  Do Not Cook Yourself  Over a Fire These  Hot Days  Try some Canned Meats  Boned Chicken, in cans each 50c  Boned Turkey, in cans  each 50c  Boned Duck, in cans        each 50c  Roast Beef, in cans      30c & 55c  Fray Bentos compressed Cooked  Corned Beef        each 40c  Clark's Corned Beef      30c & 55c  Tongue, in glass  50c to $1.30  Tongue, in cans  50c to $1.10  Sardines in oil        2 for 25c  Skipper Sardines in oil        2 for 35c  Skipper Sardines in Tomatoe Sauce    2 for 35c  Nabob Salmon, large cans        each 25c  Horse Shoe Sain.on      I5c& 25c  Heinz Baked Beans       15c to 35c  Cooked Ham, sliced       perlb.40c  The McKenzie Cp., Ld.  Phone 214  Our motto: " Quality and Service '  Furniture Prices are Advancing Week by Week  and when our present stock is exhausted you will have to  pay for your furniture needs at a very much highter rate  WE SHALL SELL AT THE OLD PRICES  until replacement of stock compels us to impose new prices  We are Selling Linoleum  at Less than Present  Wholesale Prices  and this represents only one instance. Buy Now, and get the  advantage.  Kelowna Furniture Company  Opera House - Kelowna  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Tuesday, June 27  This is not a Motion Picture Show  Mr. E. B. Lang  presents lhe famous  "Bostonians"  Sixteen Charming Colleens in  'Tipperary Mary"  A breath of Mirth and Melody Jrom Auld Erin  ALL THE FAVORITE GIRLS  IN MUSICAL COMEDY  Best, Last, Largest Musical Company  This Season  Prices 50c, 75c, $1; Children 25c  Book Seats Now at Crawford's


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