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Kelowna Record Apr 5, 1917

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 lir^osfatttOvrft'\  (^rvrsssxsissy\  cloUma Hccavt*  VOL. IX.   NO. 20.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1917.-4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Council Asked to  Provide Watchman  Complaint That Fire Syren is  Not Loud Enough  Tho advisability oi engaging a night  watchman to patrol the oity stream  during tha night, ohieily as u preoau  tion against nocturnal outortaka ���<!  lire, was iho subject oi ui��oujmon_. at  Monday mornings council uie it. ugi  when i hid Jenkins, oi the tfiru IMig-  ude, united upon the alderman cou-  QsjBgmtt ths matter.  Mr. Jeiutins pointed out that I ha  Brigade oould scarcely be expeotea >o  keep tiro losses down to a nunuaiiai a  they were not called out until tu. no.'  had gained a oomplete hold oi lliti  buildings involved, lie also drew at  tention to the vary unsatuuactory  nonunion of the fir. syren, which oio  not mane sound enough to be propiriy  heard ail over ihe oity. The lirignc  felt that if the present one oond i ot  be fixed a new one should be purchased.  It was stated that on several occasions lately the syran had been ouitu  inaudible to residents south of the  creek. This was all the mors struuge  aB when the syren was lirst lnstaded  it was loud enough, as the Chief put  it, to "wuue the dead."  It waa decided to have tbe syren  taken apart to see ii thsrs was anything wrong  with it.  Regarding the question of a night  watchman. Aid. Burnt said ha had been  present at a meeting oi the hire ling-  ade when it had been disoussed. ine  Brigade loll thut heavy lire losses weru  a reneouon upon their ethoienco, out  this could not be prevented ii the discovery of tires at night were iett iu  chanoe as at present.  Aid. Buck waa authorized to inform  tba Brigade chat the oounoil was m  sympathy wiih Iheir request, and  would consider the appointmi'it oi "  returned soldier to the position ut u  future data.  The cultivation ol vacant lots was  brougut to the notioe of the oounoil uy  a letter irom the Single lax Association of Ottawa, who saw in it u  means of swelling the revenue oi ths  1'atriotio Fund. Tha soheme outlined  was lor the oity to provide ..ecu���pot  atoes uhieliy���the citizens to be calico  upon to volunteer their services lu  plant and cultivate the land. 'hit  proceeds of the sale uf the crop, uitur  deducting expenses incurred by ire  city, were to be devoted to ths 1'ntl'i'  otic Fund or some other object connected with the war. The result -a ould  be a greatly increased prediction in  the country, as wail as a cuu.ideiuLle  source of revenue ior ths Full.  Something along the same i no, the  provincial Department oi Arjtioultuic  forwarded rules and rtyuUtinos governing competitions proposed to be  held for the bast home gardous, in 'ho  hops of enoouragiog individtul traduction in this way. The oontests  were to be arranged by soma looal or  gardzation, the government, supplying  135 out of the tU to be offered in  cash prizes.  It was deoided to hand the letter lo  the Farmers' Instituto.  Tenders were received for street  watering during the coining season,  and that oi Dillon & Son,lor 50o per  hour for the supply o( man, team, and  harness, was accepted.  Messrs. M Cameron, C. Micoll, and  D. McMillan waited on the council with  a request to replace the old irrigation  oulverts on Ethel street, Bernard ave.,  and Riohtos street, so as to enable  them to get water on to tb*..i u.spec-  live properties.  The request, however, did not seem  to mast with general approval amongst  the aldermen. Mayor Sutherland  pointed out that ths counoil disclaim  ed all liability for keeping the old irrigation system in repair, and any  concession the oounoil might make  must be regarded as a donation for  the purpose of encouraging the cultivation oi land which was at the pro  sent time unproductive.  Finally an offer was made that the  oity would supply the necessary lumber if tiie owners of property interest'  ed would do aU the work under tbe  supervision of ths road foreman..  The delegation, however, considered  that they were already doing a ipNi  deal of work on other parts of the  system, and should not be required to  put Is ths oulvsfto.  Directors and Managers  Appointed by Okanagan  United Growers  The total sales of fruit and vegetables handled by the Okanagan  United Growers during 1916  amounted to $886,120, not including sales ii.ade for Kootenay grow,  era, in.my of  through the U. G.  this   $163,977   in  New Irrigation Bill.  Creates Discussion  J. W. Jones Contributes to  Parliamentary Uebttte  utiu hud been put into what was not  u gamble but a legitimate inieatineni  uu which iney sought and war. entitled to, a legiiiinuu) return. Bond is  sues had been iluatod on the Old  Country market, and at that time  were highly regarded by investors.  Where before liWi little produce had  be.n shipped out irom that section,  last year the value oi the produce had  The government's nsw bill for pro- U"n ovor WsOrJtt,0W, and tbousunda ol  iding leiupurary. relief and protection Jr** were ***** OtvVUvatioB, 1'en  hom operated foc *** ��' "Ration water against ��� *">�� ttK" the companies were in ex-.  In addition to POSsUsj collapse oi some ol t!.e >vi>- vaUmt UD1"����1 condition, but when  supplies were tcms is oaiuing considerable discussion tlui oraah <��** the sinking funds ...  handled. There were 1697 cars both in and out ol the House at Vic- **�� of them were lost, while other*  shipped from Okanagan points tonu. The purpose of the bill to give * tha pomt of iioatmg Lond issues tu  during the season, and 105 Irom authority for the borrowing of money extend ��P��"��lions were unable to do  Kootenay and Grand Forks,   mak-  lur    maintenance and repairs on    ths ,0-  ing a total of 1800 cars of fruit j security of the seasonal revenues i.as Tha Present bill. Hr. Jones believed,  vegetables and hay. This shows already been noticed. As ioiporlii.it whu�� conceived with ths idea oi h.., j  an increase from the unions over new section, however, provides that mH ibe ownsr, contained some drastic  1915 of 158 1-3 cars, and including in the event oi companies being unaule actions whioh made it appear that  Kootenay shipments a total in- to furnish an adequate supply of water oonfiseation was intended, that the increase in the year's business of lhe systems may be taken ovar by iho ���***��*" of the shareholders am 11 ue>  263 1-3 cars. The increase in ex-1 land holders without compensation ,0 I'olders might be imperilled.  pense due to this larger volume of tne companies. I   Mr- Jones    puinted eo the fact that  business was only $5,539, or 4.5 j Spewing during the debate on lUti additional storage facilities were re-  percent, on the sales, while in 1915 |t.ji; last ''hursdey, Mr. J. W. Jones, I"'���"', and the owners could not pro-  it come to 5.36 per cent. ThelM. L. A. for South Okanagan, stro-ig- vide il; a complete repair of some of  total business for the year amount-! t,- advocated that the goverument take tlw B5'stemB would have to be provid-  k more comprehensive view of the sit ?d '��r' and the paralleling of some ol  uation, and plan for government own- th6 competing Bystems eliminated.  tramp of th. storage and main dis Tho present great production must he  tribution systems. encouraged,    but    he believed the bill  There wero four interests affected by before the House H approved as iJ  Ihe bill, he pointed out: the share stood, would have the effect of r.��.->p |  holders of the water eompanies, tV P���g private enterprise in develo^ne  bend holders, the water users, .,,.J the dry section. The oblignlipi to the  liicse private invwtors who had '.���'��� bond-holders was not being dealt mi.1i  mrced monev to the land ownere or "> ��n honourable maauor, lfc> ipM  mortgages. He believed the preset��ortgagss of private owners wee l-a  ��� -.editions had been brought about '. 5 "><? relegated to sesond place, ��". 1 on  Th- first company started additional mortgage plaoal ipon If id  operations in 1S101. Tt was a wa'e- whether the owners consented or not.  nnd land n.n.Dony. Up to that time T1" *��'��� contained no provisiio Ut  little hgd been done in regard to tho *���* l"vvine "' * ,air wat�� ni* <* '~':  irrigation problem in tho dry belt.   It �����' enforcement of ratu levied by -he  "Tbe Minister's Bride"  Amusing Sketch   Given by  Cast of Local Young People  d to   $1,035,467,   not   including  that from Kootenay.  The following directors have  been appointed for the ensuing  year:  Vernon : Capt J. T. Mutrie, E.  Trask.  Kelowna : L. Dilworth, George  L. Allan.  Armstrong :    W.   A.  Cuthbert,  R. Skelton.  ' Enderby : Chas. Little.  Salmon Arm : F. D.   Nicholson. |rj,. war.  Tappen : H. Calhoun.  Summerland : E. R.  Simpson.  Peachland : T. Powell.  Penticton : J Anderson.  Capt. J. T. Mutrie is appointed  as president, G. L. Allan as vice-  president, and Thos. Powel as secretary of the board of directors.  A couipuny oi young people oi the  cniied luurchis lust Ihursauy evening  gave a very pleasing character aitetcu,  ' ihe Aliuwiei's bride." it was well  put on and a very pleasant evening  was enjoyed by all who attended.  Mr. Lrabbo was the only uuaractet  fur whose ideality one had to consult  lhe prugramme, and Mr. Thompson is  to be congratulated upon his moKe-up  both he and Mrs. Crabbe acted very  well indeed..  Mr. Amus Kight had a heavy port lo  play with Molly Charity, a >oung lady  who very carefully avoided his importunate und persistent attentions, which  so worked on his mind that when   on  lhe night of thesocial at the minister's1     No report: class   reviewing  house he was called upon to recite, he Eister examinations,  chose that very   beautiiul   but     very Divi,ion 2-Junior Fourth A  worn piece of sentinientalism, "Curlew,  shall not ring to-night!" i '  Theodore Neish  A better person could not have bee I  chosen to nil the port of the Minister,'  and thut gentleman seemed eo much at  home in the clerical garb that he per-  Honor Roll of Public  School For March  Enrolment  Present  every session  Percent* ��  I.  26  II  97.18  11.  34  22  92.00  III.  41  25  91.13  IV.  42  24  89.39  V.  39  28  95.76  VI.  34  17  90.56  VII.  33  18   '  93.90  VIII.  33  13  88.76  IX.  35  19  92.00  X.  38  19  86.24  When the appointment of a successor as manager to the late F. T.  Jackson was under discussion it  wa ��� decided to effect a change in  the system hitherto in vogue which  placed the whole business under  one official. Previous to Mr. Jackson's death it had become apparent  that no single man could efficiently look after all the varied details  of management, including board  meetings, &c, and the same time  devote the necessary attention to  the marketing end of the business.  was not until 1903 that any development to speak of was undertaken,  and between that year and 1907 investors came in from the eastern prov  inces and undertook development. Every consideration, Mr. Jones urged,  should be shnwn to those piineim  whose   monev had made the dry sec-  Viai*ors to trii* "Messrnh" tomorrow ��vpninr�� nr* reflpTtfulIv  r*all*stpr! bv tl**�� rl-inir In rnmi-  *er'v nnrl so pvnirl nl-v diimmf^rt-  rfi ine> rmnie*"C inn sincere whilst  tion so productive..    Probably ���2,590;'the mneir in Kr-in? ren<Wf*d.  Mr. Ben Hoy Talks on Proper  Spraying Methods  Continuing his talks on seasonable sprays to make one operation do the  Under the new arrangement orohaKl operation,, Mr. Ben Hoy, tne work of two or three. Lime-sulphur,  now adopted, Mr. W. J. McDowell ^Ovinoiel horticulturist for this die- arsenate oi lead, and Bin* Leaf 40  the secretary-treesurer of the or- lriBt ^ (hia ^ ^th BDravin���  gamzation, will also be the general  manager of the company, while a  sales manager will be appointed  to take full charge of the marketing, part of the work.  trict, deals this week with spraying.      will all mix readily without impairing  No one orchard operation, he   says, the   ellioienoy   of    any    one of U'Ui.  pays better than spraying, but   large Soap, however, must never be used in  sums   of    money are sometimes   lust any spray containing lime-sulphur,  both from spraying too much and Irom  not spraying enough.    Somo   of   the Tia�� to Apply Sprays.   0 ^-              causes   for loss are: (a) Not knowing    For Scala m,^, Paaoh Twig birer  M      R   ,��� t      t   r     . ���    What th8 "P���*"* * loI>     M     Not and Pear Blister Mite, apply liuie   .ml  Mrs. Robinson, wife of   Captain having , thorough underst*ndmg    ol ^ h        ���������    33 degrees l.eaurr.c.  ��fZnpe0n,il.oen^na,aOUv:;i,Wto8 ** ��"�� * " **?**   (��>   ^ **S** *��*#*�� Z L 3  Kelowna �����teX & "* "* ""* "H   'd)   **"*?* lon��   oi   wat"' ****** ��- ^  Netowna yesterday. ^^   the    wrong mixture, or mixing open  Visitors are cordially invited to ��Pr��y�� that do not combine with each I For Appk Soabi &nt aprayj am w)d  attend the Baptist church Easter other; (e). discarding old sprays lor'8uIphul.# ,.30, when the bloston clus  Sunday evening. There Will be o��w. untried mixtures; (1) Use of im-1^^ ^ expanded and th�� blossoro  special music rendered under the proper outfits, wrong kinds of nozzles, ^ lowing pink; second spov, IU, e-  direction of Mr. W. B. Pearson; eto.; (g) Laok of thoroughness. | 8Ulphur, 1-35, just after the' petal  the soloist for the evening will be There is not any single spray or any have fallen; third spray, lirne-sii.ji r,  Mrs J. HvTrenwith. one time of ths year for spraying that 1^ two to threo weeks lets*. II    will oontrol all oi our orchard   insects' Bphi, axe present. Black Leaf 40, t bite  Finally it was deoided to lsave   tlie and iungus diseasas.   The kind uf spray quarters of ��� pint to 100 gallons   ol  offer    open, and to defer any furth'ir to use, the number of times to Bpruy, the above mixture may be ndiid.   i'i 1  notion until the next meeting. and the oorreot time to    apply      tho in��i.rance   against    Codlin Moib, add  Aid.    Buck   reported that an order spray   is   governed by the type,    life arsenate of lead, two pounls 10 forty  had been sent in on behalf of the i'ure history, and habits of the pest to   be gallons, when putting on tha second 01  Brigade for a supply of couplings aud destroyed, and to some extent by   the calyx spray.  Total enrolment, 357.  Number preaent every session, 196  Average percentage, 92.  The Nelson shield is Awarded this  month to Mies Page's class.  Division l-Entrance  for  2 Bessie Haug  3 Donald Balsillie..  Honourable   mention - Ronald  Todd,   Winnie  Lonfilry,   Dorothy  haps could do worse than adopt    the'Graham, Ivy Laws, Alberta   Smell,  role in real life.   Not so, however, his! Margaret Sanders. Mary Ritchie,  poor    nervous    bride       The sensitive Divliion 3-Senior 3 (A)  creature who allowed her tears to lull  on the nice pile carpet on account   oi '   "alph Ball  the    gossip of the parishioners would j 2 Dorothy Morrison  find the position oi the modern   mis- 3 Hugh McKenzie.  tress of the manse a very onerous one.! Honourable mention-Catharine  The pair were very typical of hie as it McQuarrie, Howard Leathley, Ed-  is,    as were Miranda Monk and poor'ward Small, Alma Snashall.-  Jim    Curtis,    who, much against his  p..  . -       .    c Tl.   . n ..  ... '. ��� , j ��� . 1 Division 4���Senior I hird lb)  will, was being cajoled into marriage  with    a somewhat light-headed young I I   Charlie Richards  lady.    This passage in the play    was | 2 Wallace Meikle  full    of humor, and earned much ap- j 3 Reha Willits  plause.    A harder part was oalled for!     Honourable   mention ��� Mollie  in    tha    role    of Ephraim Snelgrove, Millar, Kate Krimmer, John  Buck-  w-hose    frequent brow moppings made land.  one feel quite hot.   Ephraim was oer-  , Tr   .,..  1 ��� 1        ..t> l.  >.    u'v    iZTii.       1 j Junior IhirdlAI  tainly a    Eube.'    Who but hie oould ' v   '  have resisted the honeyed phrases, endearing glances, and inviting manner  of tke beautiful olive-skinned, dimple-  cheeked Miss Jones?  Robert Spenoe also had a difficult  part, and had one's eyes not been so  strained with the glow from his vivid  socks, more attention could have been  paid to the argument he put up to  the Minister against Prohibition! !  Meidames Sharpe, Charity, Better*  days, and Seegood were typical of the Graham, Lois Copeland  country village folk even still to be j Mantle.  met with in some parts, and proved  themselves to be possessors of his-  trionio abilities little dreamed oi by  many frends. The whole cast did very  well, and commanded the interest and  attention of the large audience until  the end. 7  The play was in tha interests of the  Y.M.C.A. "Cocoa Fund," and a sum  of 163.50 was handed over. By request it is to bo repented for the lied  Cross.  hose straps.   He also submittal 0 list species of tree attacked, and the proof repairs and fixtures req deed for the vailing weather conditions,  fire    truck.      These were approved by     Lime Sulphur, Arsenate oi Loud, und  the council. a    forty    per oent.  Aid. Duggan reported that the Light  (Black    Leaf    40),  For   Peach   Leaf Curl, lime-sulphur,  1-9, two weeks before the buds swell.  For    lied Spider, lime-sulpbnr, 1-80,  Nicotine Sulphate when the insects become numerous,  and soap are the,   For Uud Molh, arsenate of lead, two  'and    Water    canunittee had arranged ohiei sprays used in this district, un I pounds   to    40 gallons ol water just  I with the Kelowna Sawmill Co. to take wil. oontrol praotically all the orchard after the petals fall.  [over their total output of sawdust and insects and diseases existing her*   I...1 j   For pear and Cherry Slug, arsenate  pay for same at the rate of WHO   per can be controlled by spraying. I of   lead,    one pound to 40 gallons ol  month for the time it  vas used in t'r       Lime sulphur is useful in controlling water when the insects first appear.  power house, and also to pnrrbaso the the' following posts found hers:���Sosle    _        , ...      ���.   .   T    ...     .,  ii, ..        j       ,. . ..ot..       .    1    .        I   For    Aphides, Black Leaf 40,   throe  output of slabs, estimated at between insects, Apple Scab, Peer  leaf 1.. stir   .       .-,        . ,       .     .  1500 and 2000 cord, at W,r,���,d. Mite.    Peach   Leal Curl, Pesah   ** ^T*    S&    to^lM  This arrangement was to apply to the Borer (found in aprioots, peaches, and  mill's    output for the current season prunes), and Bed Spider.  only. Arsenate of Lead is useful in control-  |    The oounoil approved the action    'ling Hud Moth, Pear and Cherry Slug,  the committee in this matter, and in- Codlin Motn, and praotioally all other  jstruoted    the    clerk    to writs to the leaf eating caterpillars. ,  Company oonfirming the-arrangement.     Forty per cant.    Nicotine    Sulphate *�� w811 tltrW out and reliable sprays,  In connection with the Pendozi street (Blaok Leaf 40)  and soap is eJitrths but    ,or    8ood    "suit* high pres-vm  *    t_    ���j   ���i    11 ��_    , ...  water.    When Aphides first appear, usually with most species just as     the  buds are oriening, is the most effect.  ive time to spray for them.  All   the sprays l-ecommended above  ���__,, .���  __r      in the control of Aphis, and snmmn must    be   used, and all parts of n.e  Groves    had submitted' certain recom- spraying for Soale and otae- ��.icV.ng tree   thoroughly    covered    with    lie  bridge Aid. Harvey reported that Mr.  mendations regarding the repairing of insects.  mm spray,  tho bridge, and it had been deoided to1   Mixing Sprays.    It frequently    hap!   Anyone   wishing further ii lo T.uitio-i  have the work done under the super- p?no that the time to spray lor lome about    any   of    the above-u n-'oned  ��� vision of the oity foreman.   It was the biting or suoking insect coincides with pests, or any that are not nieininn -1  intention    to drive somo sixteen piles that for a fungus disease.   It is there- should sea Mr. Hoy at his o'lV in tue  [into tho bed of the oresk, |fore    possible   by   combining oertain(Boud of Trade building  1 William Akeroyd  2 Bertie Adams  3 Winriifred Dibb  Honourable mention���Mary Mo  Master, Cecil Duggan.  Division 5-Junior Third (A)  1 Maude Kincaid  2 Lily Hoars  3 Bertha Thompson  Honourable   mention  Mrs. S. N. Simpson  Passes Away  From complications arising out  of confinement Mrs. Bertha Elizabeth the wife of S. M. Simpson of  Kelowna passed away this morning at the Hospital. Deceased  (who was formerly Miss Birch) was  very well known in the city, and  the sad event has awakened  nuch sympathy for the bereaved  husband. The funeral takes place  tomorrow upon the arrival of the  boat from the north, by which is  expected Mr. Simpson's mother  and sitter who are coming from  the prairie. Service it to be held  in Knoz church.  Mr. and Mrs. B. McDonald are  visitors to the coast this week.  Mrs. P. F. Harding came in on a  visit from Nelton this morning.  A bridge and five hundred drive  is to be held in aid ofthe Prisoners  of War fund in the corner store  next to the Furniture Co. (loaned  by Mr. Leckie), on Wednesday,  April 11th.  Mr. M. L. Bright left yesterday  with hia car of three Percheon  stallions which he had brought in  from the prairie. Two of them he  has told in Kamloops and the  other in Vancouver.  Mabel  Harry  Junior Third (B)  I  Florence Ryder  ���  2 Frances Bay lis  3 Frances Treadgohd.  Houorable  mention ��� Thelitis  Dillon,   Douglas   Buckland,   Jack  Butler.  Division 6���  1 Lloyd Cunningham  2 John Powick  3 Annie Curts  Honourable   Mention ���   Alice  Clement, Bessie Anderson, Ber-  nice Blackwood, Irene Paikinson,  Frances Paterson.  Division 7���Second Reader (A)  1 Roy Duggan  2 John Williams  3 Jean Rowcliffe  Honourable mention���Lyle McKiniey, Gordon   Haug,   Jack   McKenzie,   lien 1-     Cooper,    Murray  McKenzie, Gordon Meikle,  Second Reader(B)  1 William Knowles  2 Margaret Gore  3 Dora Wilson  Honourable mention ��� Dorothy  Thomas, Winifred Mohr, Harry  Gorman, Erna Knippel, Robert  Ritchie, Alexander Corbett.  Division 8���First Reader  1 Claire Brunette  2 James Dunn  3 Alfred Alsgard       '  Honourable mention-Lilian Marshall,   Beatrice   Harrison,   Bessie  Hawes.  Second Primer���  1 Alan McGibbon  2 Iwamatsu Yafnaska  3 Earl Swerdfager  -Honourable mention ��� Audrey  Oliver, James Campbell, David  Mertv.  Division 10-Receiving Class  1 Ivan Munay  2 Doris McKiniey  3 Alice Band PAGE TWO  KE%  WNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, APRIL 5th, M17.  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS CARDS  ���S' sss   BURNE & WEDDELL  Banister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. C. Weddell.    -   John P. Burne.  KBLOWNA, B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA,  B.C  PIANOFORTE  MR. HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  has resumed his teaching classes and will  teceive  pupils  as  before in his studio-  Trcnch Block, Kelowna.  P.O. bos 374  KELOWNH RECORD  PaUiakai .very Tsiaissaiy at Katowna,  Mttsft Chunks.  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  SDBSCBIPT10N BATES  year:    76c.    six    montli..  CnitoS  II .SO  States 10 osats additional.  All subsortptioas Durable ia advaaos  Subscribers ai the refi-ular rale eaa have  extra pawir. mailed to trrenti. at a dtstaBOS  at HALF BATE. I.e.. TI osats osr rear.  This .nodal uriyiras. is sTaavsd lor Ihe  Durtxrse of advertising ths ritv  uid distriot.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR a BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given (or publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Cart Soc. C.E.  Consulting jCioil and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeuor  Surveys and Reports on Initiation Works  .Application, (oi Water Licenses  KELOWNA. B.C.  Mrs. FRANCES A. PEDLAR  L.a.H.r*.  Give, lessons in  Voice Production & Singing  100, Graham  Street,   Kelotcna, N.  CLIFFORD G. BUCK  INSURANCE BROKER  Life, Accident, Sickness, Fire, Automobife,  Burglary,  Fidelity Guarantee  Specializing in Insurance, therefore service  to the Assured  Phones217 & 216*Room l.Lcchie Blk.  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all classes  of work  J. GALBRAITH  Plumber and Steam Fitter!  P.O. Box 81 Kelowna. BC.  Furniture, Doors  and Sash  REPAIR  WORK AND JOBBING  Saw. Filed and Set, Skates  Hollow Ground  S. M. SIMPSON  One door aouth Firehall. Phone3l2  | KELOWNA-WEST BANK I  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  in operation as follows:  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m.  ���   Westbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY  Leaoea Kelowna 11 a.m.  Usees Westbanb 11.30 a.m.  ���������   1TERHS CASH  L. HAYMAN  AUCTIONEER  ������  1 have had over 2i years' experi*  ence in tha Auctioneering business,  particularly in the line of Cattle,  Farm Implements and Household  Furniture; and this experience is  at your disposal. It means better  results from your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for an  Auction Sal* should see  or  write  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195 Residence at  Kelowna, B.C. GLENMORE  Mr. C. G. BUCK  Room   I, Leckie  Block,  is  acting  as  agent  io  Kelowna, and will make al!  arrangements for conducting of sales  Phone 217  ADVERTISING  BATES  LODGE  NOTICES.  PROFESSIONAL  CARDS.  ETC.. ..&  oents oar column inch per ������ssk.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-30 dars. tS  60 davs $7.  HATER N0TICES-S9  (or five insertions.  LEGAL ADVERTISING-First   insertion.    12  ���oents Der line: each  subsequent  Insertion.  *  coats per line.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -2 oeuu  Der wuni first insertion, 1 oent per word  each aubseaaeot insertion.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - Two inches  end under. SO cents per inch tirst insertion  over two inches 40 cents per inch liret Insertion: 20 cents Der inch each subsequent  insertion.  All chanties in contract advertisements must  be in the hands of the printer by T'lesdnv  evening to ensure publication ia tbs next  issue.  Westbank. Afeitfs  IWnm oar ova CofrMDoadsat.l  Mr. J. Linstrum left on Saturday's  boat for his Tiome at Brownlea,  Sask.  S. Shoji and M. Taneda were  passengers to Okanagan Centre  on Saturdays boat to spend a few  days there.  Mr. J. H.Campbell, Mrs. Moftatt,  J. Dubbin and Mr. and Mrs. G. Elliott of Glenrosa were passengers  to Kelowna on Saturday's boat.  Mr. Gellately complains of a  shortage of cars as he has 7 or 8  cars ol potatoes still in his cellar  and cannot get them away.  Mr. J. McKinnon of Peachland  was a guest at the Lakeview this  week while making arrangements  to rent the O.O. & L. Cos' property  at Westbank.  Mr. J. Sewell of Kelowna, apple  packing instructer, is a guest at  the Lakeview while conducting a  packing school here this week.  Messrs Brown and Michael of  Peachland were in the district this  week canvassing for growers of  tomatoes, to be delivered at the  Peachland cannery at $14 a ton.  Mrs. Faulkner must have kept  the needles going pretty steady  this last month. She knitted eight  pairs of socks for the hoys during  March, and by the way it iynot a  year since she first learned how.  Mr. Brown, Indian Agent, Mr.  Groves, Civil Engineer, and Mr.  McAlpine, Contractor of Summer-  land, were all looking over the  Indian Reserve this week with a  view to' putting in an irrigation  system for the Indians in the very  near future.      "  The McDougals have answered  the call of the Empire to don the  khaki, go over seas, and do their  bit. One has already been wounded, which does not deter another  from having a desire to, viz. Albert,  who.it will be remr mberd.was convicted about 6 years ago to the  penitentiary. The Attorney General has already been approached  with a view to his release and seems  to he in favour of it, it sufficient  evidence is forth coming to justify  him in releasing him. Would it  not be a good thing to release all  prisoners who are willing, and  able to serve at the front or work  on the the land, instead of having  to be provided for under the present circumstances.  jgThe packing school was a success after all the bother there had  been over postponement, etc. Mr.  J. Sewell was the instructor. A  full school of 12 pupils spent a  busy week while Mr, H. Hirosawa  acted as judge in the packing  competition which was held on the  last day. The following is the  standing of the class for the weeks  work and competition:  Name        Week's Work Competition  J. Dobbin 93  G.Brown 94 100  it Brown 97 99  Mrs. Brindle        97* 95  Mrs. Russell 85 87  Miss Hewlett      93 87  J. Basham 90  Miss Clarke 65 99  Mrs. Drought      66 100  Mr. Smith 80  Willie Gore        89 95  Rob Hewlett      68 98  Certiled by J. Sewell  Handel's " Messiah," to-morrow  evening at the Methodist church.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  I PREPARED*      Kelowna  Troop    Troop First;   Sell Last  Edited by Pioneer.    April 3, 1917  Orders by command for week  ending 14th of April.  1917.  DUTIES: Orderly patrol for  week.Wolves; next for duty Eagles.  PARADES: The combined  troop will parade at the club room  on Wednesday the I Ith of April at  7.15 p.m. On Friday the 13th instant, all those who wish to play  basket ball will parade at the exhibition building, the small boys at  7.15. and the bigger boys at 8  o'clock. On Saturday the 14th instant, the combined troop will  parade at the club room at  2.30 p.m.  On Saturday of this week, all  patrol leaders who are not trying  their "hike" test for the first class  badge, will have a patrol meeting.  We have to record another  severe loss suffered by our troop;  this time in the departure of our  troop leader Anthony DuMoulin,  who left to attend Port Hope  school, Ontario, on Saturday last.  He was one of the original members of the troop, having joined  on the 4th of April 1912, when he  was 11 years old. He passed his  tenderfoot test on the I Oth of May  following, and passed as a second  class scout on the 15th ol December of that year. He passed as a  first class scout on the 24th of  March 1913, and in addition to  this was the holder of 13 proficiency badges, all round cords  grade "A" and "B", and on the  24th of August 1914 had passed  as a king's scout Prior to being  appointed troop leader some  few months ago. he was patrol  leader of the Curlews, which patrol  had the honour of winning the  shield presented by the Aquatic  Association for last year. In our  standing amongst the troops of the  province we shall miss him very  much on account of the number  of badges which go away with him,  quite apart from our personal loss.  He was a most regular attendant  of all troop parades and always a  loyal and active member of the  troop, continuing his work right up  to the time he left. The troop  ishes him the best of luck and  success in his new sphere of work,  and training.  Our troop membership i9 now  down to 28, including two members unattached at the present  lime.  We had a poor turn out at the  troop parade on both Wednesday  and Saturday of last week; on Saturday there were only 14 present,  but we congratulate the Beavers  on having a perfect attendance.  We refer all those who were absent to the provincial rule which  we quoted last week under the  heading of attendance. All those  who were present on Saturday,  competed for the mile at scouts  pace but only two were successful  in passing���scout F. Whitehead of  the Beavers, and second L. Gaddes  of the Eagles. All scouts in any  patrol who are unable to be present at a patrol meeting must notify  their patrol leader, and patrol leaders in turn who are unable to be  present must notify the scoutmast  er  in   plenty   of   time   before   a  parade.  We are very anxious to hold our  concert earliei this year than last,  but if we have such erratic attendances it is doubtful whether we  shall be able to have a concert at  all. We are quite aware that the  school Easter exams have been on  lately, but they would not effect  Saturday afternoon.  The Cunard Steamship Com-  pauyjis planning to place orders  in the United States for 114 pas-  smger steamers at a cost of  $120,000,000.  The total casualties suffered by  the Turks in the battle of Gaza,  in Palestine, were 8,000. The total  number of British killed was less  than 400.  Seed  Good seed corn is very  scarce this year. We have the  only large quantity of B.C.  grown NORTH WEST DENT  CORN, from specially selected seed. Local growers of  ensilage corn should order  now before outside districts  secure all our seed.  Winners of First Prizes Provincial Seed  Fair Armstrong District Corn competition  ALSO  Sunnybrook  Earliana Tomatoes  Specially selected hand cleaned seed  Parsnip Onion  Strawberry Plants  Raspberry   Canes  Bankhead  Orchard  Company, Ltd.  SYN0PSI8 OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  , Coal milling rights ol ths Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon  Territory, the Northwest Territories, and i  portion of the Province ol Ifi itieb Olumbia.  niuv be leased for a term ot twentv-one vear*  ut  an  annual  rental of  fl   &��� acre. Not  more than 2,600 acre* will be leased to one  applicant.  Application for tlie lease most be made bv  tlie applicant in perBon to the Aeent or Sub-  Agt'nt of the district in which tbe risrhts   applied for are situated.  In surveved territory the land most  bt  de-  . scribed bv sections or leetil subdivisions of  sections,    and    In ussurtyed  territory    tbe  I tract  applied  for shall be staked  out br the  niiTilicunt  himself.  Each application must be nccompnmed bv a  ��� fee of S6 whioh will be refunded if the ntrhts  'nppbed for ore not available, but sot otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the mer-  fli.inti.ihit.! output of ths mine nt ths rate   ol  ! five cents per ton.  !   Tlie person operating the mine shall furnish  I the agent with sworn returnB jrceonntinp; for  the full quantity of merchantable ooal mined  und pay the royalty thereon. If the coal  ruining- rights are nut benvj operated, such  returns Bhall bs furnished r>t least once a  vR&r.  The lease will include the ooal mining risbts  only, but the lessee mav be permitted to par-  ! chase whatever available surface rights mav  l>e considered necessary for tha working of  thc mine at the rate of 110 an acre.  For full information application should be  made to the Secretary of tha Department <>?  tbe Interior. Ottawa, or to tha Atrent or  Sub-Agent of Dominion lands.  W    W   CORY  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  (N. B.���Unauthorized publication of tins advertisement will not be paid for.)  Warfare in the Clouds  Actual Pictures of Britain's Air Defences   Both   on   Sea   and Land  TUESDAY, APRIL 10th, 1917  The Second Edition of Canada's Fighting Forces  Is the First Picture to Show  the Part Canadians Took  A picture that is a living history of our forces. It shows  the wounded in hospitals, the convalescent soldiers  learning new crafts and trades to enable them to again  enter civil life. See the Battle of Jutland and the part  our boys play in the  Motor Boat Patrol  Showing at the Theatre, starting at 7.30 and 9 p.m.  Children 25c;     --    Adults 50c  Job  Printing  THE RECORD Office is  well equipped for the  production of every kind  of Job Printing from the  smallest handbill to large  posters or illustrated booklets, &c.  Commercial Stationery  produced in a neat, clean  and up-to-date style.  Let us help you at any  time in the production of  " copy " or in the development of your own ideas.  Letter and Billheads  Business Cards  Handbills  Circulars, Notices  Loose Leaf Supplies  Record  Office  Phone 94 *****  THCBSDAY, APRIL Stk. ��17.  KftixrtrwA ucoft*  that TBBCE  mf ������ u*et rco   ������ -~  Garments for Easter Wear  THOSE who anticipate making selection at this time  should make it a point to view the exceptionally  complete and interesting assortments in  Suits, Coats, Dresses, Blouses  and Millinery  These  ready-to-wear  garments are now being shown in the  smartest and most corredt styles for immediate wear.   The display   throughout  will  interest  intending purchasers.    Easter  requirements have been well anticipated  We also direct attention to important displays of Gloves,  Neckwear, Veilings, Hosiery, Corsets and Underwear  Phone 361  Kelowna  PERSISTENCY  A TRUE sportsman does not stop hunting because he  missed the first shot. Quite the contrary���he is more  determined than ever. Same with a TOMATO GROWER���  he must persist until he succeeds. Anything worth doing  at all is worth trying again. The foundation of good Tomatoes  is Campbell's Quality of Plants. Thev are in a class by themselves���nothing just like them.  P. E. CAMPBELL  Tomato and Cabbage Plants our specialty  Corner St. Paul Street and Cawtfon Avenue Kelowna  RENNIE'S S��  Canada's Best Seeds  Rennie's Prize Swede Turnip, for table or stoclt,4 ozs. 20c, Ib. 65c  Rennie's Derby Swede Turnip, biggest cropper, 4 oz. 20c, lb. 70c  Perfection Mammoth Red Mangel, for stock 4 ozs. 15c,  J-lb. 25c, lb. 45c.  Yellow Leviathan Mangel.good keeper, 4 oz. 15c, J-lb. 25c,lb. 45c  Rennie's Jumbo Sugar Beet, for feeding ...A ozs. 15c,  i-lb. 25c lb. 45c  Improved Early Ohio Seed Potatoes 100 lbs. $6  High Grade Longfellow Yellow Flint Seed Corn 10 lbs. 90c  100 lbs. $8.  High Grade Compton's Early Yellow Flint Seed Corn, 10 lb. 90c.  100 lbs. $8.  High Grade White Cap Yellow Dent Seed Corn 10 lbs. 85c  100 lbs. $7.50.  High Grade Wisconsin No. 7 White Dent Seed Corn, 10 lbs. 85c  100 lb*. $7.50.  Select Yellow Dutch Onion Sett I lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.70  English Multiplier Potato Onion Setts lb. 30c, 5 lbs. $1.40  Gold Medal Gladioli Bulbs (no two alike), 10 for 85c, 100 for $6  Rennie's Mammoth Squash, specimens 403 lb. weight...Pkg 25c  XXX Scarlet Round White Tip Radish, Pkg. 1 Oc.oz. 20c,4 oz.50c  XXX Melting Marrow Table Peas (dwarf)  4 oz. 15c,  lb. 40c. 5 lbs. $1.90.  Round Pod Kidney Burh Butter Beans 4 oz. 15c, lb. 55c,'  5 lbs. $2.40.  Cool and Crisp Table Cucumber Pkg. 5c, oz. 15c, 4 ozs. 40c  XXX Early Table Sugar Corrv(very fine) Pkg. 10c, lb. 40c,  5 lbs. $1.90.  Rennie's Fireball Round Table Beet.Pkg. 10c, oz. 20c, 4 oz. 50 c  XXX Early Summer Cabbage (heads 12 lbs. each), Pkg 10c,oz.30c  Rennie's Market Garden Table Carrot, Pkg. 10c, oz. 25c, 4 oz. 75c  Early Yellow Danvers Onion, black seed Pkg. 5c, oz. 20c,  4 ozs. 65c. lb. $1.90.  Seed Corn and Potato Prices do NOT include freight charges.  " Pakro" Seedtape.   " You plant it by the yard."  2 pkts. for 25c.    Ask for descriptive list.  Rennie's Seed Annual Free to All        j  Order through your LOCAL DEALER or direct from  DCMNICC  CETnC Wra RONNIE Co., Limited  lYaUmllE.   0    OsULUO       MM. Homer  Street Vancouver  Also at Toronto, Montreal. Win'peg  Notice to Car Owners  CHANGE OF BUSINESS  The stock and epuipment of the Burbank Motor  Co., Ltd., has been taken over by Chat. E. Smith  who will carry business oh in the old stand.  OUR REPAIRING is the lund which give, your car a new leaae  of life.   HAVE  YOUR  CAR  LOOKED AFTER HERE, we  .hall look for you back, but not so often.  The Chas. E. Smith Garage  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  ������  A new roof is being placed upon  the Oak Hall building this week.  Dr. Boyee was down from Vernon for a few days this week.  Mra. Renfrew and child went on  a visit to Vancouver Monday.  Mra. Mortimer was a passenger  yesterday for Falder, on the K.V.  Nine pupils attended the recent  pruning school held by Mr. Ches-  bro, and made a very satisfactory  showing.  Mr. S. Bray went up the lake on  a visit to Vernon yesterday.  A successful course in fruit  packing at the school, arranged  by the Farmers' Institute, was taken by thirteen pupils in a day class,  and sixteen in an evening class.  Mr. Castner, of Vernon, being the  instructor.  The fire brigade were called out  last Saturday afternoon to an outbreak of fire in the dry grass of a  field on Richter atreet nc rth, and  which threatened to involve the  fences and some small buildings.  The brigade turned out in record  time and the danger   was quickly  Two more local boys have enlisted this week in the 2nd C.M.R.  overseas force : Fred B. Small of  South Okanagan, and F. E. Rob-  bins of Kelowna. The former has  already two brothers in the forces,  while the latter's father and brother  are already overseas. The 2nd  C.M.R., it might be mentioned,  have now been supplied with horses, and are training as a regular  cavalry unit.  The contract has been let this  week for the rebuilding of the  Raymer block to Mr. J. A. Bigger,  and considerable work has already  been done in the preliminary  clearing of the ruins left by the  fire. Mr. Geo E. Ward has undertaken the sub-contract for the brickwork, and Mr. Galbraith for the  plumbing and heating. The work  is to be pushed forward as rapidly  as possible.  Word was received this morning  by Mr. F. Bouvette that his son  Wilfred had been dangerously  wounded. No other particulars  were given. Wilfred (or as he was  better known, " Sunshine") was,  as his nick-name would imply, always of a cheerful and sunny disposition, and well known and liked  about town. It is to be hoped that  later reports will prove to be more  favorable.  The Kelowna Sawmill started  operations this week, and the buzzing of the saws gives a welcome  air of activity to things again.  Plans have been laid for an extensive cut of lumber this year, a large  portion of it for export purposes.  A good supply of logs is already  at the chute, and some two million  feet are piled up across the lake as  the result of the logging operations  of the Max Jenkins Co. These  are to be hauled down to the lake  by wagons, the snowfall not having  been favorable to sleighing during  the winter. It is anticipated, too,  that a large output of fruit boxes  will demand the attention of the  mill this year.  Mr. J. E. Reekie returned Monday from Victoria.  Manager Dobieof the Okanagan  Telephone Co., was in town laat  week-end.  Mr. E. Newby is now out of the  hospital and progressing favorably  after his recent operation.  Mr. and Mra. Geo. Whiuker  desire to express their deep appreciation of the many expressions  of sympathy which have reached  them in connection with the loss  of their only son in the war.  The Kelowna Womans' Institute  will hold an apron sale in connection with the regular meeting  to be held on Saturday, April 7th  in Morrison Hall, the proceeds  of which will be given to the Patriotic Fund.  Mr. J. W. Jones, M.L.A.J is to be  home to-morrow (Friday) for a  brief stay over the Easter vacation  of the House. Mr. Jones is now  verv much improved in health and  is throwing all his energies into  his work.  Mr. P. Dunn, of the citv offices,  was operated on last week by Dr.  Arnott for an internal abdominal  affection from which he has suffered for a considerable time. Mr.  Dunn is reported to be making  very satisfactry progress and hopes  to be out of the hospital early  next week.  A meeting is called bv the Farmers' Institute for Saturday April  7th, at 2.30 p.m., in the Board of  Trade building for the purpose of  arranging details for the formation  of a junior institute boys' and girls'  club for the district. All interested  in the movement and particularly  school trustees are cordially invited to attend.  Mr. Wm. Crawford sr. of Craw-  fords Falls who recently sustained  an injury to his head by a tall and  was brought to the Kelowna  hospital in a serious state of concussion is reported to be doing  quite well and was able to sit up  yesterday. Owing to Mr.Crawford's  advanced age Dr. Arnott considered an operation unwise, and the  patient has responded quite well  to medical treatment.  Mr. E. C. Weddell is paying a  visit to the coast this week in connection with the appeal of the  Geo. Vipond Co. against the decision given in favor of the Occidental Fruit Co., in the Kelowna county  court recently, when the latter  were awarded the amount of their  claim against the Winnipeg wholesalers for a shipment of tomatoes.J  With the idea of raising funds  for the Home for Friendless Women, at Victoria, the ladies of the  W.C.T.U. are arranging to hold a  sale of home cooking on Saturday  in the store of Mr. Trenwith, who  has kindly loaned a window for  the occasion. All members of the  W.C.T.U. are asked to make an  effort to supply a contribution of  some sort on Saturday morning,  to be left at the above store. The  sale will commence about 2 p.m.  and continue during the day. The  ladies are cordially invited to patronize the sale for their Easter  shopping and so aid less fortunate  sistera.  Rutland News  IFrom oer own txirrespondset).  ' Mrs.  Frank Bird and daughter  lett on Saturday for Vancouver.  Mrs. Gordon Caspall and son  arrived from Cayley, Alta., on Saturday.  There will be a Church of England service, consisting of Holy  Communion, in the Presbyterian  church, Rutland, on Tuesday, the  I Oth, at 10.30 a.m.  The Rutland Women's Institute  will hold their regular meeting on  7 hursday, April 12th, at 3 p.m. in  the schoolhouse. Programme:  Cookie demonstration, reading,  "The Ideal Wife and Mother."  music, roll call - housecleaning  hints.  On Wednesday, April 4th. the  members of the Methodist church  choir presented Mrs. G. Whitaker  with a dainty silver flower holder  as a slight recognition of her services. Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker are  leaving to-day for their farm in  Laahburn, Sask. They will be  greatly missed in the district, especially in musical circles.  Preserve  Eggs Now  You will need them badly next  winter. You will enjoy using  eggs which cost you 25c a doz.,  when others are paying at least  50c.  Water Glass  25c a tin  will keep them fresh for one year  P. B. Willits & Co.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  Dr. MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  *��^^^^A^^A^(��*<s��at^.l��^s>>V����TVVvlVVV.^'..e��^  THE'DeLAVAL'  IS TESTED & TIME PROVED  Why experiment���what's the use of taking chances with a  machine you know very liitle about ? You know that a  DeLaval is recognised everywhere as the world's standard  We can sell you a DeLaval  Cream Separator  on such terms that it will pay for itself while you use it  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  StSmfs\Yisft^ti*OfsVC^estfi^  Br*MMMM}>{MMM)MJUBs*M  CINGILEDI RUGS  are SANITARY,  ARTISTIC.  DURABLE and  INEXPENSIVE  Made  in  two  qualities-"Art" and "Utility" Rugs  Approximate {    " Art" Rugs, $ 1.20 per sq. yd.  Price       |    "Utility" ���       90c   ���    ���  Sizes 3x6 ft., 4i x 4J ft., 6 x 6 ft., 6 x 9 ft., 9x9 ft..  9xlOJft,9x 12 ft.  Congoleum, per sq. yd. -   75c  For Sale by  Kelowna Furniture Co.  COAL  COAL  Pennsylvania Hard, $17.50       Taber Smokeless, $11.00  Princeton Lump $8.00 Princeton Nut $7.00  TERMS CASH  Phone  66  W. HAUG  P.O. Box  166  O.K. LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Are now completely equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  We have a large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of high-grade quality and in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS  AND  WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  KELOWNA THEATRE  Saturday (April 7th)���" The Man from Nowhere."   A Bluebird  feature, with Franklyn Farnum and Agnes Vernon.  Tuesday���Special ���" Canada's Fighting Forces, with a lecturer.  Thursday " The Iron Claw," and other Pathe pictures.  Two Shows, 7.30 4 9, Mstiaee Sataday.   Adraiw, 20c & 10c  W  ^rmj$m^sr^^*m��+^*^'m^m^^^Tr��� PAGE TOUR  KELOWNA   BJECOBD  THUBSDAf, APEIL 8th, 1��1T.  Okanagan Ambulance League  The subscriptions for the past  month amounted to $78.20, which  together with a balance from February of $116.11, made $194.31;  the expenses for March amounted  to $ 131.26. leaving $63.05 on hand.  The following articles have been  sent to headquarters-198 pairs of  sox, 36 day shirts, 28 ties, 40 suits  pyiamas, 28 vermin proof underwear, 30 T bandages, 10 many-  tailed bandages, 3 face wipes, I  scrap book. The ladies iir.ink Mrs.  Geen for old linen and 3 race  cloths, also Mis. G. Ritchie for I  dny shut.  Benvoulin hat kindly sent in 20  pairs sox, 5 pairs pj jamas, 4 vermin-proof suits, and Okanagan  Mission has alsn sent 10 many-  tailed bandages, 30 T Bandages,  5 day shirts, 5 suits pyjamas, I pr.  sox. Miss Walt's young ladies'  class is also doing good work, having made 24 vermin-proof suits  and 28 silk ties.  The League is sorry to report  that "Sox Day" did not bring in as  many sox as they could wish, only  41 pairs being received. They aie  very grateful, however, to those  who kindlv had the school concert  repeated and a vote of thanks was  passed to this effect at their meeting Tuesday.  The League trusts that everyone  wil! put an Easter Offering in the  box the young ladies will present  to them Saturday. The money is  much needed.  GILLETTS  eats lye ^  CLEANS-DISINFECTS  Plant Clean Potatoe Seed  A warning of great interest to all  who are planting potatoes thiB year is  contained in a circular just issued by  j Mr. R. M. WiubIow, of the Department  of Agriculture. Mr. Winslow reminds  piosjhetive growers that the l$lt> crop  bad more disease in it than any previous crop. Much lets than one-hali  the crop was clean Mnough for export,  and thousands of tons were condemned  by our inspectors.  | Uow about this year's soed? asks  j Mr. Winslow. Gotd teed is BCurce th*}  yeas, nnd the high price will tempt all  ti> plant poor stuff. If this ib done  the next crop will be worse affected  ithan even last years.  | F'lantini; diseased seed on diseased  ! diseased land can bring just one result. Every potato-growing section in  the world learaa the lesson by sad ex*  [jerience sooner or later.  f WANTED! )  WANTED, to rent, bearing orchard. Apply with full particulars in first instance,  to Box Y, Record Office. 7tf  TO RENT-On west side of lake. 420  acres, fenced, 20 acres in cultivation,  Good irrigation system. Modern six-  roomed dwelling, stables, flic. Telephone  connection. Three years* lease, with or  without live stock and furniture. Apply  P.O. Box 274, Kelowna. B.C. '       I2tf  WANTED, to exchange for mixed farm  land in Okanagan, one quarter-section,  three miles from town, fair buildings,  good Und, rolling, also another quarter,  about 2J miles from town, in central  Aberta, beat mixed farming section.  Address C. H. Leathley. Ba:h��w, Alta  BALED HAY for sale. Timothy and  mixed. T. W. S. Taylor, Creek Side  Ranch, corner Vernon and Black Mountain roads. 16tf  WANTED,  Girl   or   woman as   general.  Apply Box 152, Keiowna. I9-0P  GIRL OR WOMAN wanted for house.  work. Apply Mrs. Dunn, East Kelowna or phone 2109. 20?  BOY wants work on farm.    Apply Box E,  Record Office. 20p  CARTER'S "TESTED" SEEDS, on sate  at the Greenhouses, Richter Street. Also  perennial plants, early cabbage, cauliflower and rose bushes. 17-19   20tf  TENDERS FOR WOOD  Wanted, for 20 cords 4-ft. wood, fir or  pine, cut green, delivered and piled at  Knox church, Kelowna, by September I,  1917. Address Secretary. Box 446, Kelowna. 30tf  South Okanagan School  The new school at Okanagan Mifeion  will be opened on Tuesday, April I Oth, at  2.30 p.m. j. W. Jones, Esq., M.P.P., has  promised to attend. All interested are  cordially invited.  Ladies Wishing to Order  SPIRELLA CORSETS  caa Meat  Mra. J. H. DAVIES  in Hoom No. 1, Oak Hall Block, between tbe hour* of 2:30 and 5:30 p.m.  on Saturday of eaeh week, or at any  other time by appointment.  Dr. MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All ftinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  More War Films  While men and women reading the  war despatches thril at Uie magnificent work done by the infantry in tlie  trenches, the sailors on the sea, and  the Uviators in the uir, few step ta  think of the marvellous work being accomplished by a little advertised  branoh of the army, the Medical Corps.  There have been 12,000 Canadian casualties since the war. and by far th  most of the Canadian wounded have  beL>n handled by Canadian modicu!  stall. Thcrt) are four or five thousand  wounded Canadians in hospitals in  Kuglund at the present time, all of  whom ure receiving the best poBsiblo  medical attention.  Some idea of the great work aooom  plished in this direction is given in  tliii notable war film, "Canada's Fight-  ing Forces," series two, which is being  shown ut the Kelowna Theatre on  Tuesday, April 10th. A remarkable  serial <>f aviation pictures, some of  them taken from a Canadian aeroplane over 7000 feet in the air, is also  Included. The Hat tie of Jutland, the  fat* of Zeppelin L 21, the Canadian  army in attack and trench war-fur  the motor boat patrol service, aad  other subjects are dealt with most tn*  stnietively in this valuable oontribu  tion to the lint of war pictures.  Be Prepared.  The motto of the Boy Scouts is a good one for  the whole family. Be prepared for emergencies  as well as for the every day tasks of life.  When going shopping, being prepared means  knowing what you want, the price you must pay  ���and the best place to obtain it. Be prepared to  refuse substitutes and insist on what you KNOW  will suit your purpose.  Prepare to do the best for your own interests,  by reading the advertising columns and learning  what the merchant and manufacturer have to  offer you.  If:1   JtJSf  I   roPYR'GHTen leuriWaBW   *W*i    tt  Jtiiiiii^-^US^Sjlj ill' ii.iiau.iii.!ijiiililliiiiiu;ijii.j^uki !Trt>sA^.?,"^-i4���^^ Jt\  W  Printed Butter  Wrappers  According to the new  Dominion Government  regulations all farmers  who sell butter either  to the stores or privately, are required to have  it properly covered in  a wrapper on which  MUST appear in prominent letters the words  "DAIRY BUTTER."  The fact is also emphasized that all butter  in such packagea must  be of the full net weight  of sixteen ounces, and  in default of same a  fine of from $10 to $30  for each offence is imposed. Whey butter  must be so labelled  even when mixed with  dairy butter, and dairy  butter retains its label  though it be mixed  with the creamery product.  You can be supplied  with neatly - printed  wrappers for your  butter atthe Kelowna  Record Office, for the  following prices:  100PAP^;TNG$1.50  200   ���    ���     2.00  500   ���    ���     3.15  1000   ���    ���     4.50  These prices include Both the  Paper, which is the best obtainable  for the purpose, and the Printing  of same.    Please note this.  Owing to the extraordinary rise in the price of butter  parchment (which has gqne up over 100 per cent) we  have been reluctantly obliged to raise our prices slightly.  Nearly all this paper was previously manufactured in Belgium, and needless to say this supply has been entirely  cut off. Unfortunately there is no guarantee against further increases, indeed, they are more than likely.  Kelowna Record  Auction  of Dairy Stock nnd Horses, at  Creek Side Ranch, near corner  Vernon and Rutland Road, the  property of T. W. S. TAYLOR,  on THURSDAY. APRIL 12, at  2 p.m.  I Gr.de cow, 8 yearsold, fresh in I month  1  Si-  ..    3   .,  1  Si  ..    3   .,  1  5  ..    4   ..  1     ..    ..  5  -.    1    ..  1 Hereford  �� .  ,.    4   ,.  1 Jeisey     ���  31  due June 1  1  yrade       ,,  8  due June 1  1  8  due July 1  1 Holstein Heifer, due in June  I       ..        ... ..      July  1 grade Heifer, 18 months old  4 Calves, 8 months old  2 Light Horses, broken to drve and ride  I Light Filly. 2 years old  I Gelding, rising 3, broken  Mare and Colt Set Work Hamess  Lijiht Huggy -  Many other articlca  1ERMS   CASH  J. C STOCKWELL, Auctioneer  Automobile For Hire  O. D. CAMPBELL  Phone 219  h ���} a8r*tPrw.  Advertise your Poultry Wants and  Requirements in this Column  EGGS for Hatching from   pen   of   White  Wynudottes.     Good Ia>ing strain, $1.50  per sitting.    A. Ashworth, Bay Avenue,  18-0p  Eggs for Hatching  From Single-Comb and Rose-Comb Rhode  Island Reds.    Utility and exhibition stock  Two to Five Dollars per setting.  J, M. HARVEY  Box 122, Kelowna.  15.3  Buff Orpingtons and  White Wyandottes  Eggs for hatching from strong, healthy,  vigorous stock, specially selected for  Egg Production and good WINTER layers.  Special pen, $5 per 15  1st pen, $3 per   15;   $7 per 50;  $11  per 100  2nd   and   3rd   pens,  $2   per   15;  $6 per 50; $10 per 100  A few White Wyandotte Cockerels left  $2, $3 and $5 each  A. W. COOKE  Kelowna Field.  Box 663, Kelowna  Eggs For Hatching  Barred Rocks & Single-comb Redi  / Hogan tested, imported males  $2 per sitting  S.J WEEKS  City  17-20  White Leghorn  Eggs For Sale  From birds of  finest utility strain  $1   per sitting  J. M. CROFT  Shoe Store  IB-0p  SEED FOR SALE  Barley  and  Spring Rye  Okanagan Loan  &  Investment  Trust Company  March Winds & House-  cleaning go hand in hand  WHEN "the south winds blow softly "the housewife  gets the'housecleaning fever, and insists on making a thorough clean up from garret to cellar. We wish  to help along the good work by supplying the housewife; with the house-cleaning necessaries-Brooms, Mops,  Brushes, Washboards, Baskets, Soap, Soap Powders,  Cleansers, Lye and Soda. We have everything needed.  Clothes Baskets, good, light and strong, at   $1.25. $1.50, $1.75, $2 and $2.25 each  White Swan and Royal Crown Soaps    (y bars for 25c  Per case of 144 bars, $5.25  ��� Pure Gidtile  Soap, in big bars  30c each  Sapolio, Hand Sapolio and Bon Ami in cakes and in powder ... 1 5c  OU Dutch Cleanser    ."     | Qc prr tin  Lye 10c and 15c per tin  These are only a few of the many things we have* lo  help the busy housewile in her Spring Cleaning.  The McKenzie Co., Ltd.  Phone 214 Our motto: "Quality and Service "  Doors Windows                          Shingles  Price, right. Delivery prompt.      Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company. Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES .              .               .             Managing-Director  PLANET JUNIOR  Seeders and Cultivators  Our shipment is expected to arrive any day. The Planet .  Junior seeders are the best, being easy to operate, never  miss, and always accurate.    If you require anything in  this line, call at once.  We are also agents for  The Massey Harriss Co.  and can supply you with Harrows, Cultivators, Seeders,  Wagons, Mowers, Plows, and, in fact anything  you require in Farm Machinery.  Don't forget the Massey Cream Separators, Rakes, Hoes  Shovels, Arc, now in stock  Morrison-Thompson Hdwe. Co. Ld.  __  _


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