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Kelowna Record Feb 4, 1915

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 ^���M^W.-^^  PPP  vol. vu. NO. II.  KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4. 1915.���6 PACES  $1,50 Per Annum  Tax Arrears Cause  Anxiety for Council  Will Hold Tax Sale - Ameiid  Dog Licence By-law  At latt Friday morning's iwiing ol  the oitv oounoil tone considerable du-  outtioo took plate at to tha advi*��b'l-  Ity oi holding a tax salt. Tha araomt  outstanding of ihe <ity taxes, und the  number of delinquents had lately in-  ofeated to tuoh proportion! in to Ht-  ioutly interfere with th�� carryiag   ou  Public Gathering of  Local  Visit of Grand Organizer for  British Columbia  The local branoh oi tht L.O.I.. belt'  a luooessful meetinr in Bevmor't small  hall on Thunday latt, he oevition  being a vitit from Mr. J. W. Whiteh  Grand Organizer of the OratMt '.edge  in Britith Columbia, who wat hero in  the interests of the order. Mr. Leslie  Dilworth presided and introduood the  tpeaker in a lew appronriate n.roaiU.  ... Mr. Whitely   spoke of the nccetsity  of the oitv'i butinett, and il wat felt (or the existence of 'he Orange Order  ia the near future, tht counoil would, and the principle* for whioh it stood,  however unwillingly be compelled to which were equal rights ior all and  take tome mora vigorout measures to special1 privileges for none. Parit'sh  rather in the monty. - Columbia, he pointed out waa thi only  The   discussion   arose .'rom certain1 province in the Dominion where    the  communications   from   the Rank    of Roman Catholiot had uo special   Hi  Montreal. Alderman Sutherland pa int  cd out that' the attitude of the bank  at the present time wat that the  loans against taxes mutt be induced,  sale or no tale.  Alderman Raymer doubted whether  even a tax sale would do verv much  eood at tiie pretent time owfag to  conditions. He thought it would be  a oity to enforco a tax (ale if it co,  possibly be avoided, and suggested  that a riat of delinquents be thoroughly gone over by a oommittee, who  could then report to the whole council  and take instructions as to the course  to he pursued from them, if it wub  found impossible to colleot tho money  in any other way, a tw tale could be  held after that. ���  It wat pointed out that the amount  of taxee to far in arrears at to be  subject to ��� tax sale had inereated  bom about $3000 latt vear lo about  $16,000 thii.  Mayor Jonas esprcstsd the view that  a miitake had been made in not having the tale last year when the  amount waa small. He did not like  the idea of a tale U it oould be avoided, but it might have been a good  thing for the oitv if one had been held  latt year. It would probably hHvo had  very good effect upon tax payments  thit vear. He believed there were  tome owners who were allowing the  oitv to finanoe them a. 8 per oent., in-  ttead of paying higher intoreet elsewhere.  Alderman Sutherland laid he thought  the list of delimiuentt wat forgery  made up of outsiders, that wat people  living elttwhere who held lot* in town  for speculation.  Alderman Raymer thought tnat in  that case the]* should certainly have  tne talt.  Alderman Sutherland alto r.ointed  out that the sale oould not he held  before September and owners would  after that have twelve month* in  whioh theyl could redeem tha'ix property if they desired. Bo .hat they  would really have until September,  1916 in whioh to pay their 19i3 and  previous taxes.  .Enquiry wat alto made 1-om tbe  bank regarding the 1914 looal improvement debenture*. Tbe clerk iufcimed  the oounoil that theee were st pretent  under consideration by the Munioip  Inspeotor at Victoria, and upon their  return a' Court of Revision would be  held and ttens taken to dispose of tbe  bonds.  Reference wat made to tbe VI) v lav  orable report on tamnlet of oitv v-nter  whioh had been tent to the government  analyst. Thit report bae already been  nubliihed in tne columnt oil! the  Reoord.  The following acoount* were passed  for ntvment:  Gohitt dt MoCullooh Co, nay  ment on new machinery .. 11940.75  7. Ii. Vosper  aswtrag* work 1.90  W. Marshall, waterworkt . , '1.90  M. Diok, inatalling machinery 19.70  J. Iv. Wilton, power house . . 37.00  J. h. Wilson, nower house . . 40.50  E. Ungille, power houae . . 80.00  J. Berger. power house . . , 90.40  H. Holes, leweraga work . . 1.90  E. Boniean. water workt ... 0.00  R. W. Thomat, witneei feet . 10.00  Harry Jam**, interpreters tee 8.00  G. Markham. cleaning  19.50  Dominion Exprett Co.,   1.90  Okanagan Telentione Co. January rente. Dee. tout . ... 21.36  iloges and the order vas working to  prevent them getting them. Mr. whit-  elv ennhnsized the faot that '.'ii.nzism  stood for complete sep-rat'on  ohuroh and state. He spoke of the  movement at the coatt on the pa'tof  the Roman Catholiot to unite-to fight  (or privileges as they hud in other  parte of the Dominion,, and maintained that there wat more need for the  Orange order tbdav than cvjr there  was before, on* account of the .ixiat-  ence of tuoh vital questions as sen-r-  ate schools and ohuroh exemptions  Every  should.   ... _  _   Order. Through the effort's of thia  order government inspection of convents and other Roman Catholic institution! had been introduood in  British Columbia.  Mr. J. McLennan also spoke 'ind a  hearty vote of thanks was ncnorded  Mr. Whitely on tbe motion of Worshipful Master, R. A. Copeland aud Mr.  W. H. Fleming.  H. M. CRUISER COLLINGWOOD  The Coilingwood hae been reported to have been in the engagement with  true   Protestant,    lie claimed German vessels in the North Ssa.   Thii it tbe vessel on whioh Prince Albert  be a member of the    Orange, ^ receiving hit war baptism is rn'c   ipman,   shown   firing a '.waive    faach  broadside. ��  General Sam Wants to Know  Fpl Franchise League  The subject of "Military Ser/ioe and  Maternal Servioe compared" wai treat-'  ed by Mr*. Whitehead last week) in a'  paper given at the Equal Franchise'  League meeting.    After touching    on'  Baptist Young People's  Society  "An evening with tome of tie leng  th's oldest division ��f lar��7bolweon' ?* eo-nposera,   was the ��.ib]oct ol an  the weapon-man (man) and the  wife- mterotting   paper ret/Tat the.wesUy  man (woman) the showed that,   both ���?S? <* ^^f^Jomg Pcplet  kinds   of servioe, in modern complex  sooiety,   tend   to  become  Society on   Monday evening by Mrs  ���A. F. Pelton.    Mrs. Pelton said .hat  Tbe Ottawa correspondent ot   'The and should be voluntarily under  Winnipeg Free Press" says:   "One   of j The man   who is a soldier by choice,'  omriaJiwd 'A* *��� reiion.     ���"��� "on saio .nat  T�� fit���   EngRtb    musical life   was (ar behind  miu.iiaaen.; .,   .    , ,.    ,��������.,--,���  u..t   u ��,..,,  la  titat oi tbe continent, but  Klinck Speaks  of New University  Address by Hon. Price Ellison  at Meeting Tuesday  for Month of January  Kelowna Public School  the mu-.aio loving publio wat improving  in   knowledge   and literary   quality.  it was be-  the millions of General Hughes' trip! and serves (or a number of yean, bat wmiaB "^ ���"J .vt,����� TiwenWtt��  to the Paoifio coatt, whence h. it r��V more efficiency and endurance .lien the W& ���fiJ"ltfe.*S *2^BKJd  turning thit week, was to endeavor to; oontoript who is compelled to serve (or Uwte **����� more *ood ��"hMt���> ��"��  find oat whether it wat neees-jary to a ihort period. In like manner, vol-  spend to muoh of the Dominhm'i m- n- unitary maternity it oertainlv the most  ey in continuing to keep under arms tapnient. The eyatem of adding the  on aotive lervioe betie, praotionUy cv- occupations of boutekeeper, oook, gen-  erv nriHtia unit in Britith Columbia, eral servant, laundress and aemntrees  General Hughes also wanted to find  out whv the orders repeatedly *ent out  from militia headquarters for tho demobilization of tha Paorfio ooist troops  had not been carried out after the  scares of attaok from Germvii eithar  by eta or land from across the American boundary had comparatively subsided.  ���  A cable from London tayi:  "Alfred Arnold ��� New York  Herald and London Daily Express correspondent, who ha*  J" iitt returned from a tour of  'iankfort-on-main, Duueldorf,  BremSn, Hamburg and Munich,  writes that the most significant  symptom he observed wat ths  organisation or peace meetings  and placarding to atop the war.  Potters at Dusseldorf wsire discovered and led to ths arrest of  persons who attended a peace  mealing. On the whole the prevalent sentiment in Germany is  one of depression snd anxiety.  Stories of great victories, especi-  slly over the hated flritish,.sre  no longer credited. War newa  is scanty and has lost its power  to cheer."  Mr. A. P. MoKenzie baa been selected to act at secretary of tho Kclowna  hotpital at a Sglarv of S30 oer month.  Newt hat iust been reoeived of the  death at Carman, Man., of Mrt. Selena McDonnell, mother of Mrt. Capt.  Knight of Kelowna. The ciecoatod  lady will be interred betide hor "husband in the family grave at Brooko'de  osmetery. *>  An announcement is made by the  pott offioe authorities that all letters  addressee to Britith and Canadian  troops in England or Franoe will be  carried (or 9 oents an oUnoe instead  of tbe regular five.  Tbe Women's Christian Temper .pre  Union meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 17th. and as thii it tht anniversary ol Franoit Willard, a tuit-  able program is being prepared (or  the occasion.  An interesting timo is being spent at  the ahort course school in ihe Board  of Trade rooms, 39 nupili being present. Valuable information it being  ined whloh will be of muoh bmeflt  thit ooming season. An overin" claea  will be held tonight at 8 o'olook whtn  Prof. Klinck will tp*a|i on Held nv  aad mixed (arming.  Th* annual meeting of the Rutland  liberal Attooiation wa* hold in tbe  tohool houte Tuetday. and look tht  form of a "tmoker". The folio ring of-  fioeri were tleottd: Prosidjnt, Tom  Morrison; vioe-preeident, W. Schell,  tecy.-treai., W'Hit SoiiiU, executive  Meson: J. Hereron, Lattia tiueit, Earl  Clever, H. Elder, Fittpatriok, Keen  J. Bowes and G. Caspell. .'ddrettes  were given by F. R. E. DeHart, L. T.  Hcweri and Tom Morrison. Ihe music  consisted of songs by Mr. tl. S. Mo-  Kenat aad an instrumental tiio. Ths  attendance wat about 80.  to that of child-beating nni child-  rearing hat, however, tbe effect of reducing the voluntary undertaking oi  thit servioe.  A somewhat pathetic Parallel may be  observed between th* two oasts. 'J he  recruit is tempted to enlist by the  glamour of war by the fighting iri-  ttinot, the expectation .of comradeship,  and sometime* by the pressure of unemployment. The young woman is lured into marriage by tbe glamour of  love, the response to^matexnil instinct, the hope of companionship an  often bv tbe hope of escaoing i-overt  Both may be doomed to disappoint-  inont in each and all oi these hopes.  The alternating contempt nnd honor  meted out to Tommy Atkins, so inimitably Bet forth by Rudvurd Kiplinx  hsve alto a parallel in the treatment  of women- But the mother .** ns .yet  without tho tests and training for her  special work which are acoonbd to the  soldier for his. In the British military system, the recruit mutt be over  18 yean of age, mutt bt sound in  wind and limb, of good nht-shnio and  good moral character, and must have  never been convicted for theft; must  have a cheat girth of at least 31 inches  a height not Ion than S ft. *).' inches,  and not nave lost moro than '2 teeth.  For parent-hood, nuaUfioatiout are  entirely neglected, with .the <.xooption  of a movement in some of die I'nited  States to insist on testt >f heal'.h for  men before marriage. And the training of parent! is still ignored 'n.n;-'  Herbert Spencer eloquently pleaded the  need for it in his book in "Education."  Yet the demands on the mother's on-  durance, varied skill and effio'.jn-y ere  greater than in any other occupation  Tbe monev remuneration the oan ,-vaot  it even leu than that of tbe soldier,  (or H oovert only her food nnd clothes  and titer long tervioe the may Hnd  herself in a considerably wont 11 ii  tion than the oU soldier.  A future, wiser, patriotism will ture-  ly aocord honor and due recompense  to both thete tervioe* to" the state  and certainly maternity will not be  considered tbe fester ol the two.  Have plenty of good reading. It  doe* not pay to permit good mmdi,  any more than good soil, to grow dp  with  Jai. Patterson, fireman's talary, Deo. 9 ta 81, tnoluiivt    4S.M  Govt. Analvet, (citv water) .      10.00  E. Blenkarn, boKco oourt -, a        4.40  n Dunoan,   rent of Opera  out* for pubHo meeting .      25.00  RelM work payroll, Jan 18th  and 19th  , ...      21.87  Relief work payroll, Jan 18th  to 3M      111.00  Ettfdjt*1 had always be��n a music lov  ing- country, but the hurtly .Iniinded  recognition at a music producin t country.  Mrt. Pelton went on to mention the  work of Elgar, Bantoi>k, i'a'nidge,  Taylor and Edward, German and other olever composers whose work is  well known io England and gave short  sketches of the lives and wo.'o of  Joseph Eaton Fanning, Frederick Croon, the well known Philharmonic a���*  ductor, whose works in opera ani other phases of music are so popular  across tbe . Atlantio,. Dr. Taos. A.  Arne, tne composer of "Rule ItiHum-  ma," Henry Stuart and Sir Arthur  Sullivan, that prolific composer of operas whioh will always be favoritais so  long as English music lasts. The ''il-  bert & Sullivan's operas nre Inown  too well to do else but mn'ioi '.hem.  The last composer spoken of was Sir  John Stainer, whose musio was of an  entirely different order (rom tl-nt of  Sullivan's. His oratorios, "Crucifixion" and "Daughter of Jairus" are  full of musical gems and he aIso coin-  nosed manv anthems, church services,  hymns, eto. Mrs. Pelton did as fa.il  juitioe to ber subject at the time permitted. The"---- wis illustrated with  example! from the composers alluded  to, those contribut'nir to the pro-  aram being Mrs. Dorothy Evans, (Irs,  Harding, Mr. Pelton, Mr. Weeks' who  rendered jolos and Mrs. Harding nnd  Mrs. Wilson and Mr. and Mrt. Pelton.  duett,  In   connection   with the two weeks  course of lectures in agricultural   mm I Hazel Williams.  horticultural   science    which is Le n       ])jVt IV.���  given in Kelowna this week and next ]<;orm 'Vvnn  bv instructors   under the Department    rj;v, y _ BeBBie  of Agrioulture, a special meeting   wa's  held Tuesday in Haymor's hail    nhen  Addresses    were   given by the    lion.  Price ��11 son, minister of agriculture,  and Prof. L. S. Klinck, Dean of agri-  vulture in the new B. C. university.  The. chair was taken by Mr. lionel  E. Taylor who spoke of lhe la.cturos  which were being held in the Board of  Trade rooms each dav and their value  to all engaged in farming or fruit  arrowing. They were highly indebted  to the Hon. Price Ellison for his help  in getting these lectures started.  Pr0f. Klinck Bpoke of the progress  which was being made with the new  university project, and dealt in an  entertaining way with the aims and  objects which the authorities had in  view in connection with it. Tlnir policy, he said, was not yet very definitely outlined,, but some step* had already been taken which might possibly  interest his hearers.  Of the 250 acres which had beeu set  aside at Point Grey for the university  100 acres would be reserved lor agricultural purposes. This was considered inadequate, and efforts wore ueinL'  out forward to increase it, and ho believed this would foe done.-t Two hundred acres had already been cleared  and levelled end the contractors were  at work on the steel and concrete [or  the science building. Three hundred  student* in the HcGill college would  possibly be taken over this (all bv the  university. There was a great deal  of preparatory work to do however in  netting    the    neoessary buildiags     in  snaPe   even   for a   start   ou .1 small  scale.  The work which it waB proposed   to  pursue   in the   College of Agrioulture  might be placed under three Ui-aiiings:  (1) teaching, 12) investigation, i.nl (3)  extension.    There was no dangsr   in  the first two of encroaching unon the  work of any other deoartment,     but  tbt thi-d- was more diSjult.   A|n:tdy  considerable work had been ik.LO   by  the department of agriculture and   it  would be   tne polioy of tbe university  to assist them as far as possible, end  much work would be done in conjunction.  It wai probable that the teaching of  agriculture would be divided into two  courses,   tlio first extending ovor   two  vears.     This was for the benefit     of  those not able to take .-i longer o' a,rte  but anxious to get a good knowledge  of agriculture bearing upon tneir work.  This oourse would carry with it    an  "associate diploma."   The aim would  be in the two years to combine science  with practical work in such a wav  as  to   give a   better understanding    of  Div. 1.���Harry James, Russell Led ie,  Terence Crowley.  Div. II.'���Clifton Ferguson, Dorothea  Buck, Charlie Stuart, Gerald -v.vitzi.r.  Div. Hl.-Flora   Ball, Nellie Joiii't,  Haug, Oca. Ryder,  Thompson. Cic ly  Tutt, Ethel Hilliard.  Div. VI: -Hugh MoKenzie, Ralph  Ball, Gordon Wilson, Chris Ferguson.  Div. Vll.���Charlie Riohards, He; nis  Gore, Wallace Meikle.  Div. VIII.- Lily Hoare, Willi* Akeroyd, Marie Kincaid, Alice Cloment.  Div. I.X.��� RdV Dugimn, Franxss 1'ia.v-  liss, Jack MoKenzie.  Div. X.���Lillian Webster, I'milv Tuolt;-  Ellison School Report  The following is the report oi  Ellison school f0r the month of  uary:  Average attendance    Number enrolled     Senior IV.���Lois Homuth,  Silke, Elizabeth Conroy.  Junior IV. A nnie    Conroy, Eunice  Teather.  Third Reader.���Arthur Geen,  Guest.  Second Reader.���Aaj-nes Conro-  Bell. Percy Geen.  First Reader.��� Robert Mclnnes.  First Primer���Stanley Teather. Th  Spencer.  tho  Jb'i-  ...   21.1  ....   28  Stnn'ey  Fi. n'i  l.ily  The C. P. R. St. Croix briduc, �� ar  St. Croix, N. B. was blown up Monday.  The Turkish government has (r ns-  ferred all of its archives and Pipers  of state to Broussa in Asia *.'ino.-.  Great    Britain notified the     Un.'led  Staees    Tuesday   thouah n>it o.tcially *  that foodstuffs    of any kind destined  for Germany. Austria or Turkey wo aid  be regarded aB contraband.  The fourth brigade of the Canadian  expeditionary forces will he kept at a  reserve for the three other brigndes,  and will forward men to -he fir.ng  line as thev are needed to till in ffiioa.  Men who are not yet ready for active  servico, in the first, second nnd third  brigades are being tr'ngferred lo lhe  fourth, and fit men being put in their  placet. ���'  it was most unsuitable. It would  cost too much to put such land into  shape and would not be worth it when  done. He thought the college should  be placed in the interior where it  would do some good.  He dealt with the money Btriuciicv  in tho Okanagan, but believed tint the  farm practice. The practioal w-rkj fruit business would justify itsa'if and  would be especially emphasized in deal be profitable vet though it ��-ou!d need  ing with live stook, demonstrating the all thc skill and science thov coild  different breeds of dairy cattle, skiep, bring to bear on it to make it so.  swine, etc. Chemistry, tiivsics, bucler-JThoy would have to have more ��n ini-  iologv and biology would ilso formj mitv nmonrat shinninT and abolish the  Part   of    the course.    The four    Mar ruinous cutting of orioes.    It was not  absolutely essential  for   all to helcnr  fOatinnal aa Ma S.i  Under an a<rreement reached ,,t Worn-  ington thii weok the Canadian government will1 tottlo olaimi growing out oi  tho recent shooting of two American  duok hunters by Canadian militiamen  b - Paying 810,000 to the parents of  Walter Smith, who was killed nnd IS,-  000 to Charles Dorsch, who was wounded, in addition to tho legal cxprnttt.  . A special despatch from Berlin, dated January 30 says that although her  dinlomatie agents are still working  night and day to presorve loalinn and  Roumanian neutrality, the Gernran  government has abendoneh ?lt hope  of keeping these two countries out of  the war.  London'! Zeppelin scan of Monday  now appears to bave been in tlo nature of a rehearsal. No foundation is  discoverable (or tht rumors that German aircraft were travelling over Dover. The firing by tbe Dover forts is  said to have been a'warning '<> shipB  whioh bad omitted to oomnlv with  port regulations.  A public meeting will be hold ;n lti.v-  mer't small hall on Tuetday, Feb. 9th  at 4 p.m., in tne interests nf lhe Liberal party. An address will no deliv  ered by Mr. John Oliver. ox-M.P.P., of  in August latt of Louis Bianoi, will New Westminster. In tho wening a  not pay the extreme nenalty of the' mass meeting will be held in the Rut-  law. Cetare'i tentenoe hat teen com- land tohool at 8 o'clock, at which ad-  muted from hanging to Ufa iuiptitoa-j dresses will be delivered by Mr. Oliver  meat. I nnd othsr loss! sseaasr*.  A. German lubmarine made em un-  suooetsful attempt on Monday tr. torpedo the British hotpital ship Asturlat,  aocordintr to a oommunioation given  out by tiie ministry of marine.  The Ron. rifle faotory at Quebec has  contracted to furnish the Russian <- overnment with three million rifle* during the next two yean. It will alio,  supply England nnd Canada with five  hundred rifle* per dav timultau��itsly.  Guiseppe di Cetera, sentenced at the  (all assizes last year bv Mr. Justice  Macdonald to hen" in Norton last  Thursday (or tht murdei in Rowland  course would be a continuation nf th  two years,   the third year being   de  voted largely to science, and (be fourth  to the   application of   thc uriuc.ples  inherent in agriculture.  The chief difficulty was in the wide  rantre of conditions in the province  somo parts needing irrigation and others having abundance of rairifUl. and  tho closest study would be n��)Ja!d to  deal with all sections effectively.  Prof. Klinok, unon request ilso s"-'-  on the subject of "mixed furming."  This he sard was engaging a good  doal of attention in the nrnainco at  the Drcsent moment, but ho lliouehl  tome word of caution 'was noca'ssnry,  ns districts were boin? advised to go  in for mixed farming which ,vi-ro not  suitable.  Th? euentials t��� successful dairy in'  country wore tho ability to grow iroo'  corn, roots, and alfetfa -and aluiiad-  anoo of water. Whilo mixed tarrmWi  was the type of farming lending iHelf  best to successful agriculture, it was  impossible to issue a blanket order to1  anv distriot to go in (or it.  Prof. Klinck answered many met-,  tions regarding the suitability of the,  Kelowna' district for mixed farming.!  We hnd here, he said, all the essa-ntials  for mixed farming, ho had Indicated.  We had also here developed ono or two  industries for which the soil und eli-|  mate wore admirably nd��nted. If these  had been over emphasized a little end  we found it neoessary to aihan/e a-ver1  a little to moro diversified Traduction  we woro initially justified, hut the  change should be mado nfadttftHv,       j  The Hon- Prioe Ellison, "ho wnB  next called mia-n gave a characteristic  address full of entertaining and humorous reminiscence of fanning in the  vallev during the past twenty veers.  He commenced his remarks with ���n on-  fhusinKtic ('"���'rocialion of Prof. Kli��r' j  who he thought was the right man for  the notilio" he held in the now university. Tbe Hon. irontlemnn. however,  hnd some strong criticisms i o mako ol  the selection of Point Gray for an agricultural    college (ot which ho   laid  to one union, but eomt price niraiire-  ment would havo to be mado between  competing firms.  He believed too that the prioi ol  labor in tho province would have to  come down. He was nol afraid to  make thie assertion, as ne believoil  thnt the high cost of labor was thiot-  tl'nr industrial nrogross :n lbt rro-  vinoo: the margin of industry wns so  amnll and labor cut into it so Qtoub'  that it was hardly worth while konp-  iro* industries goin^.  Cmiiiiw back to tho Iruit Inisin-'ti he  said he honeal lo saw a neafiihr niprkot  ��� ���"oncal un for B. C. fruit bv way' of  the Panama Canal. Thev had lh<  liest fruit in tho world -,n 1 nn l-nd  faith that it would tell st a pr-afit  if Ihe right means a-nuld be t-unl.  The view that Cennsny Ins  entered definitely on a policy of  destroying' England's maritin.e  commerce by lhe use of tub-  marines is corroborated by German newspapers, wfiia li ipn k  of the linking of Biilith me  chantmen duiing the past few  daya at a new course of sction  which it it hoped will produce  striking results. Five vettelt  have been torpedoed,, three in  the Irish Sea and two in the  English Channel.  The London report of lit  German submarine activity  the Irish See, followed by ll:  ���inking Saturday of three British  merchant stesmen by the Qr r  mo-' submsrine U-21, baa created a deep impression in Belfast  shipping circlet. Nine ttetmers  which ply across the Norll  Channel have been held in port  and fourteen collier* are re.  mail ing at anchor. PAGE TWO.  KELOWNA  RECORD  ���j       TPURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1915  KELOlBiNH RECORD  PnblisWd ��v��y Thnrtday at Kelowna,  British Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION RATES  *).;"���   pir   year;   76c..   six   months. United  tttates #0 csnti additional.  All aubscriptiona payable In advance  Hubauribertt at tbe reirular rate cau have  oxtra paper.* mailed to friends at a distance  nt HALF RATE. i.e., 7S centa per vear.  This special privilege U ..runted (or the  purpose of advertisinic the city and diritrlct.  ADVERTISING RATES  LODGE NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL CARDS  ETC.. 25 cents per column Inch per week.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-30 days. $.Y  60 days 17.  WATER NOTICES-S9 for live Insertions.  LEGAL ADVEnTlSlNQ-Flrst   insertion.    12  cents per line; each Rubsequent insertion. S  cents per line.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -2 cent*  per word lirst Inaertion, 1 cent per word  each subsequent insertion.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - Two inches  and under, SO cents per inch first insertion  over two inches 40 cents per inch lirat in-  aertion: 20 cents por inch eaoh subsequent  insertion.  in a 'H Per cent., issue of eovorninent  stock, and this is only on one loan.  Thia information is published by Mr.  McBiarmid in view of the ra3oluiion  passed bv the convention nt Kamloops  and submitted to the governnitnt,  which reads as follows: "Resolved that  the Union of B. 0. MuhicipiUtius recommend the p-overnment to create u  ���U ner cent., issue of.provincial stock;  with dates of repayment suitable, go  that the municipalities c��n havo an  issue in which they can invest their  sinking funds. This is to no optional  with each municipality."  The idea, he says, has much to commend it. It would help the larger cities only (o tho extent of a h-df per  cent., but undoubtedly it would reduce the taxation of the ivonle ol the  province in a most marked mi inner,  GILLETT'S LYE  EATS DIRT  All ohannes in contract advertisements must  be tn tbe bauds of the printer by Tuesdav  evening to   ensure   publication   in   tbe   next  Municipal Sinking Funds  V. A. McDiarmid, solicitor for the  L'nion of B. C. Municipalities, in a  communication n the Victoria Colon*  iat, shows what the municipalities of  the province are losing under the present system of handling" municipal sinking funds. The aggregate indebtedness of the municipalities lie places at  893,400,573. Assuming the average  ol loans at -���"> years, the annual sum  which is necessary to be Paid, by taxation from the inhabitants of the municipalities, if the sinking fund is calculated as bearing interest at *1 per  cent., would bo $318,494 less than if  the municipalities only obtained 3 per  cent., for tho sinking funds (."nd his  contention is that 3 nor cent., is ail-  that most of the rural municipalities  are receiving for the sinking funds),  He argues that if these sinking tunda  could be invested in Government' trraa  urv n'*tes bearing the nrevailin - rate  of int'-rest���U per cent.���-the municipal  ities of tne province would save the  magnificent sum of 3500,000 each year.  He cites a paving loan of Saaniflh municipality, just as n concrete case, and  shows that tho whole of Shimon will  pay to the persons from who.n they  borrowed this monev, $53,703 more  money by depositing their sinking  funds in a chartered bank, than thev  would if they could have deposited it  The New Classification  The London correspondent of the  Toronto Mt-il and Empire lolls an in  teres ting und amusing incident of two  gentlemen wno woro partners in a bi*  business In one of the largest cities in  (.'i.nada who enlisted at the samo time.  One of theso had the rank ot majorat  lho time, aud Was given it in tl*0*nuw  servico; tho other without 0X1 oj'ienco  entered as a private From the time  they joined they were i,ocid��mla!ly  separated. They crossed on different  boats and even on Salisbury lJUi*i  they failed to meet each other diring  the early camping days. One fine day  however, a staff officer ho-d occasion  to make a tour round the ground in  the company of this Canadian major.  They had gone some distance and bt/d  roaehod a particular quarter v-l'.en suddenly the voice of a private Was heard  with all the viwor of a strong Canadian masculine t0ne addressing tho  major. "Hallo. Harry, where the devil  havo you been all the time-?" Tiie  staff officer looked atrhast. Such un  impertinence of camaraderie he had  never hoard before. With difficulty the  major explained tno circumstances .to  mitigate thc offence. What ever the  circumstances, such familiaritv . *��)iar-  ed intolerable. Friends of lhe partners will be mightily amused when  they learn of the incident. In other  cases 1 have been told of a different  situation thu I affords its striking contrast in Kitchener's army. 1 have  heard of several instances of clerks  who have obtained commissions receiving the respectful salute of their  former young employers. The war has  brought about many upheavals of old  fixed ideas of superiority and inferiority. When it is over tho fit men ��ho  stayed behind and did not enlist will  nrobably��� recognize how classificat ion  has been remade.  The Churches  ANGLICAN  St. Michael and All Angels' Church.  Holy Communion, first end third Sundays in the  month at 8 a.m., second and fourth Sundays, slier  Morning Prayer.  Litany on the first and third Sundays.  Morning Prayer at 11   o'clock *   Evening Prayer at  7:30.  St, Andrew's, Okanagan Mission.  Firat and third Sunday in month. Matins and Litany  at 11 a.m.  Second Sunday, Holy Communion at 8 a.m.  REV. THOS. CREENE. . A��� Rector.  PRESBYTERIAN  Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.  Morning Services at II n.m.: evening services at 7:30  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m,  Weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesday! at S p.m  Rev. A. DUNN, B.D., Pastor  BENVOULIN PRESBYTERIAN  THEL CHURCH  Service 7.30 p.m,   Sunday School 2.30p.m.  RUTLAND  Service II a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m.  GLENMORE  Service 3.30 p.m.  Rev. W. T. BEATTIE, Pastor.  Mrs. Henpeck.���Is there any difference, Theodore, do you know, between  a fort and a fortress?  Mr. Henpeck.��� I should Imagine a  fortress, my love, would be harder to  silence.  METHODIST  Kelowna Methodist Church.  Sabbath Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Sunday School at 2-.30 p.m.  Midweek service Wednesday at 8 p.m.  BAPTIST  Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellis St,  Sabbath Services at II a.m. and 7,30 p.m.  Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.      All welcome  RAE, the Shoe Man  Sends instructions to close out the Richmond  Stock for what it will bring, and  Quit the Business  in Kelowna  As Mr. Rae has bought out another stock on Grandville  Street, Vancouver, since taking over this store, he desires to close out this business at once and give all  attention to his city business  A Sale will Begin Tuesday,  February 9th  continuing until everything is cleared, lock, stock & barrel  REMEMBER���This is the First and Last Sale we ever expect to hold in Kelowna'  and everything goes without reserve nt sensational prices.   Further announcements  and price list will be out in a few days  RAE  selling out at Richmond's  Old Stand. Kelowna, B.C.  Communications  Editor Kelowna Record,  Dear Sir.���I would like, through tho  medium of your columns to endorse  the action of the Farmers' Institute in  the proposed establishment of a cieam-  ery.  This is undoubtedly one of the best  means of disposing of milk and butter  and so providing the farmer wilb_-a.  steady monthly income instead of an  uncertain yearly ono. As tho creamery would be managed by ihe local  farmers themselves they will bo, able to  keep down the extravagance in salaries which often occurs where tho man  agement iB carried on in some oilier  town. Furthermore the benefits will  not end with tho monthly income;  there is the added income cauied by  tho increase of stock, the raising of  h gs and chickens. The fertility which  would be added to the soil inu.il be  considered. A creamery ,-vould also  co a long way toward solving the  labor question by providing mqy\ all  the vear round for farm hands instead  of during summor only.  Then tho man with ten acres of land  can sow it down to alfalfa or clover  and sell his crop to his cows' instead  of trying to grow onions or uotaloes  on shares with Orientals -nd vfionr.oti  pulling out even at tho end of tho  mason.  Should anyone not receive a circular  from the Farmers' Institute re this  matter, he should apply for >nu at  once.  Thia is of immense importance to  every individual farmer in the valle-*  as fortune is knockino* at eaoh mnn's  door and the man who is 1.00 deRf to  hear will certainly be behind.  Now Mr. Farmer wake up! Fortune  calls.  Thanking    vou    for     vour valuable  space, Mr. Editor, I am,  Yours trulyi  MICHAEL HBBT4RON.  Tells of Lite on the  North Sea  The following extracts from n letter  written by Gunner T. L. l'onnoll, on  board H.M.S., "forwent," to hid faster, resident in Kelowna and dated  Saturday, Jan. SKh, 11)15, serve to  show in a very graphic wav aho hardships which are being endured by the  British navy io the North Sea at the  present time in pursuance of the policy  of keeping the German fleet Dottled up:  "About twelve weeks ago w? were  patrolling a certain section of the  North Sea, at about 5.30 in the morning, when we were nearly cut in two  by a trawler. I had just come oaf  watch, (having been' on since 1 a.m.,  secured to an eyebolt on account of  the rough sea) and was fast asleep.  However we were soon up, out of tbe  lower file mess deck,' and getting the  collision mat over to choke up the  bulkhead dividing the engine raoin  from the stokehold, gnd cutting adrift  our two boats we waited until our  wireless was picked up, when wo had  the order to jump aboard. Tiie water  was just awash with our de-k and we  were giving up hope (for we ahould  never have lived in the sea then running, and such bitter cold) v hen the  "Eitchen" a sister ship, came along at  full speed, as it wa* too rough for  her to lower a boat, the strongest  swimmers eon board jumped overboard  with a line and after secur jig us she  started towing, whilst on the 'Der-  went" as one' man - drooped from  exhaustion at the hand pumps another  took his place . . . . .At -1.30 that  evening we reaohed the Tees ind were  dry-docked.  All were absolutely exhausted, and  civilian doctors came aboard lo treat  us. Am glad to say that a'l recovered except two poor fellows who were  badly frost bitten .... Alter being  patched up I was at the fore gain one  morning at 8.10, when we sighted four  big ships steaming ut full speed on the  horizon and flying white onsigna, but  I recognized the "Von Tier Ta.n" the  German Dreadnought that wus cbwn  at the Spithead Review, 1911, her sister ship the "Von Moltke" nnd three  other large cruisers, i Well, we started  at 6,000 yards range and for twenty  minutes it was "hell let loose". We  fired our torpedoes and they thtnt 10-  inch guns. Our boat waB like a pepper box from their shrapnel, i.e., shells  with about 30 bullets inside then. Owing to the mist we lost them. Our  boat, I am glad to say esoapod with  no casualties, which was really marvellous, as shells dropped liko rain all  about us. The other boats ai.d our  leader, a light oruiser, the "I'utrol"  were not so fortunate. Wh.m 1 wrut  over them afterward they wore in a  terrible state.  If tha Germans had had Rriti ih blue-  iaoket gunners aboard instead of wt--'  thev had, not one of us fellows would  have been alive today, ,nl tf vou ask  wnv the main fleet didn't leave ITclio-  o-oland and attack them it was be-  onuse, had they done so, the Ijormin  fleet would have got into the Atlantic  and played havoc with our, f iftd supplies and it   would take months    to  catch them I lost n '->t of  chums on the Formidable, saft out of  827 iolly lads who left tho "Afrion"  (his Inst ship) last April only 4'.1() are  alive today Such vo    the  fortunes of war."  To remove old putty from wit-alow*,'  run a hot iron over it. This softens  the putty and it oan be then lcndily  removed.  Trade returns for 1914, prepared bv  the Vanoouver branch of the American  consular service, shows that ihn exports from British Columbia to the  United States last year aixcwdod by  considerably more tKRn 15,0)0,009 the  produots sent during the previous 13  months.  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There ia a different Bend  Remedy for nearly every ordinary human ill���  EtamaSatt *��� ���"���"V  1** Rsxall Stent an Aamta-'s dnstatt  Brail Stores  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  BEGULATIONS  Coal raining rights of the Lbmihion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan andAlttor-  ta, the Yukon Territory, the Koitu-  west Territories, and in a portion of  the Province of British Columbia), may  be leased for a term of i weiiy-one  years at an annual rental of **1 an  acre. Not more than 2,500 acres  will be leased to one applioant.  Applications for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the distriot  in whioh the rights applied for are  situated. <  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal sub  divisions oi sections, snd in unsurvay-  ed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applioant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fa* of 15 whioh wilt be  refunded if the rights applied for  are not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of. the mine at the  rate of five oent* per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity oi  merchantable ooal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the ooal mining  right* are not being operated, such  return* shall be furnished at least  ones a year.  The lease will inolude the ooal mining right* only, but the liaise may  bs permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may be considered necessary {or the working oi  the mine at the rate of $10 an aore. ���  For full information application  should be made to tha secretary ol  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. COEY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B.���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not-be paid tor.  WATEB NOTICE *  (Diversion and Use.)  Take notice that Colin Campbell Fuller, whose address is Kelowna, B. C,  will apply for a lioenoe to take and  use three-tenths of a oubio foot (0.3)  of water out oi a spring rising on lots  6 and 0, Registered plan No. 177, 30  ohains west of the north-east comer of  lot 5, which flow* wast and drains into Okanagan Lake, through lots 6 aad  6, registered plan No. 477, about 90  chains south of the north-west ooinor  of Seotion 25, Township 28.  ' The water wili.be diverted from the  stream at a point about the spring  30 ohains west of the north-east corner of lot 5, registered plan No, 477,  and will be used for irrigation purposes upon the land desoribed as the  west seven acres ot lot 5, and the west  seven acres of lot 6, both in registered  plan No. 477.  This notioe waB posted on the ground  on the 16th dav of January, '1015. A  oooy oi this notice and nn application  pursuant thereto    and to tlio "Water  > Aot, 1914," will be filed in the offioe  ���of the Water Beoorder at Verna>n, B.  C. Objections to tbe application may  be filed with the said Water Recorder  or with the Comptroller ol Water  Bights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria  ; B. (!., within thirty days after ,tbe  first appearance of this notioe is a lo  cat news���-er. The date oi the first  publication of this notioe is-January  91it, 1915.  COLIN OAMPBBLL FUI.LEB  Applicant.  By. F. W. Groves, Agent.  ZUD0RA  will follow the " Million  Dollar Mystery " at the !  Opera House  Every Saturday  Every episode a com-  plete story  Thanhouser's  Greatest  Serial  The   most   fascinating  play ever produced  Featuring the   Leading '  Actors . that   made  the :  "Million Dollar Mystery"  world famous  Briefihemsnof  War News  MAIL CONTBACT  Sealed tenders, addressed to thc  Postmaster General, will lie received, ot  Ottawa until Noon, on Friday, the  19th, February, 1916, for the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a Proposed Contract for four years, Twelve  times per week each way 'wtwjen Kelowna and Wharf, from, the '.st April  next.  Printed notices containing t'irther information as to conditions of proposed Contraot may be seen   nnd   blank  forms of Tender may be obtained   nt  the Post Office of Kelowna, and at the  office of the Post Offioe Inspector.  JOHN B. GBEENFIELD  Post Office Inspector.  Post Office Inspector's Office,  Vancouver, B. 0.  8th January, 1915.  The Canadian militia department has  sent out orders to all oommanding offioers .tirou-bouto the eDU����try.-,that any  recruit,found -under the, influence of liquor must to,! summarily .dismissed.  Two Russian Monitors have destroyed the hull of a 2,500 ton vessel and  sunk it in. the mouth of,, the ltonube  near. Sulima withnths ���object',of n preventing the navigation oi the liver toward Seryia. .���������'.��� a.  *' *  *  For eight hours a h-aavy p< tiliety  fire .was directed-, oy the-a'SennaM on  the Lorraine .foontuer iigainst a .barrel  of .liquid on a farmer's cart ���whifh an  observer.' in ��.,b*jlpon ��� nt-ad,��iAPW>sed  to be a heavv,niun. rj0uti,of,4��i)��J!tlls  only one hit-the barrel.  .  .  .  Private advices 'rom Vienna staje  that Emperor Franz Josef will send  Baron Rajecz, the, new, Austrian (foreign minister to Germany to confer  with .the , Kaiser with {hetvieW,to  bringing the,war to,an end.  er ,.   ���  The Turks are working feverishly to  obstruct the Bardanelles, .. ��bkin�����  stone,filled hulls in .the-channel. /.'-von,  tv (ienrnan hybrographers Bent to Constantinople for the purpose,> are. sup-  erintend'ng the work, which is intended to prevent the.entry, of nubmarines..  Monawhile the forts are being, .strength  oned and additional guns are being  mounted.        ���   .,   ,  ���   e   e  The status in Canadian courts of  alien enemies resident. in. the Dominion  is a matter which may be the, eubjeot  of legislation at the approaching session of parliament. Since the out;  brottk of the war several judicial decisions have been tendered <va'h reiriird  to the rights of alien, enemies resident  in Canada. .In a number .of n>sos  whero citizens of countries at w*r with  Great Britain, resident, in Canada-have  appeared, as plaintiffs in litigation, the  defence has been set up thit Iwin-r  alien enemies in Canada they are incn-  Pncilatod from enforcing, anv rights  in Canadian courts.  e   e   a  Il is probable that trans-Ml. ratio  liners ulvintr between Canada and England will, be advised at an early date  to ascertain from passengers to the  British Isles whether thev are on definite business nf ,not��� and if not to inform them that their nresence is r>"' ���  required".,nt present in Enarlnnl. Private nalviees front England circulated  in official circles advance ��� viow t'.nt  tourists are out, of fashion there at  oresont. and that unless thoy have  some definite obieot in view thoy had  hotter st��� at home until condition",  improve  Auction Sale  1 have been instructed to sell by  Public Auction on  Tuesday, February 9th  At I. 30 p.m.  AT CORRAL (opposite fire hall)  Kelowna, B.C.  20 Milk Cows  1 Pure-bred Holstein Bull  Not regiatered, 3 year, old  J Grade Hereford Bull  2 -years old  The cows are all due to calve within  the next two months. I will guarantee  them all in calf.  Anyone purchasing a cow can have  her fed for the next month, or two for  Four Dollars pet month.  TERMS���Cash, or good approved Joint  Notes at three months, bearing interest  at 6 per cent.  W. LUDLOW ot CO.  Owners       J. C. STOCKWELL!  .Auctioneer   ;  Well Cured  Clover   and  Timothy  $15 per ton  Baled or Loom  Delivered  THOS. BULMAN   ���  Phone 306  Much Land Pre-empted  Over 100,000 Acres Thrown Open- 1'ro-  Emptions ior, 1914 Over Twice as  -     Great as for .1910.  During the vear 1914 there v ere  opened to settlement by pre-emption  114.410 aores of reserved and. Of  this, area 90,700 aore* represcntod  Crown lands on the south fork of the  Fraser river and lands in the vioiuity  of Kennedy Lako, Clnyoquot district,  whioh ��� were withdrawn from settlement pending survey. The irmaining  23,710 acres- were trtede up oi logged  off lands which were jtubdividoal  throughout the vear. The major portion oi these lands ware distributed  through East and West. Kootenay, but  expensive areas were aho opraaxt on  the Salmon river in the Saywurd district and,near the Powell rl...- aad  Lund, in the New Westminster aliM-iot.  As certain of the lands were >ul> divid-  ecl into small holdings, there vtro (altered altogether in these reserved u>'eas  979 pre-emptions, and with tho exception of a tew specially favored  localities there. were more ptu*0rop  tions ollering than wore scttleri lo  take them.  During tho year 1914 thonj were  upwards of 4,000 pri-nntplion records  ��� issued from the several caanmii'.iionere  ofnoes throMchptit the nrovln.to. This  shows substantial "tin over tie pie-  vious vear. The figures havo ilouljod  since' 1910, and have inereaise* |pur-  fnld sinoe 1907, when the tntnl Wat  returned av"M6,  Dr.JgAXNMPN     j  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   8.C.  *- - - ���*��� -rii~ii~>rt^rirrii"s~ - ~i"*vvinri"eOnrtr *'  Save 50 p.c.3  on your Boots and Shoes!  Have them repaired  Promptly ^  Properly &  Cheaply;  by up-to-date  machinery;  Frank^pjon   |;  . Bernard Avenue i:  The Hedley Mining Co., at n oust  of 0900,000 has eompleted ita |aaawer  plant at Hedley. Last year I his. company paid a dividend of 3D per oent.  In his report to the nhnreh ,lal���rs ol  the Canadian Bank- of Contmeroe this  'year, Jfr. V. C. -thrown, superintondent  of central western branches, lavs: "An  organised movement to r.iaonrago all  branehes of stook raising by hffoicjing  fiaanoial-assistance in the form oi long  term loans to enable industrious farmers to aoquiro live stock, is more than  over needed."  Orders may be left at; the  Record Office.  W^s-VVa*>��s>��t��a��.**VS>^��*��*'��>��^%��VV��arVV*��'  Weather Reports  Compiled by G. B. Binger, observer.  DECEMBER  Temporuture  Date  Max.   Min.  Deo.    1 ,   , 40        30  "    *.������   ,M        26  "    3 ..     41        33*  "    4 ..  "    5 ..   r ., S6     29  "    6, ..         .'.'..   36        28  "    7 ..   36        25  "    8 ..      33        22  ' "    9 ..    ,28        25  "10,..       26        22  "   11 ..  *,  12 ..      26        10  "   13 ..      26         12  "   14 ..   :�����        16  *   15 ..   .?.   22        15  "��� 16 ..      ?1         14  "  17 ..      24        15  "   18, ..   '25        18  "  19 ..      27         18  "  20 ,.     21          6  "21;..      24         10  "  22 ..     23        22  "i 23 ..      28        15  "r. 24 ..      29         15  **   25. ..   .    31         18  "  26 ..     35        30  "   27 ..      34        25  "  28 ..   ; ?5      27  "  29      35        28  "  30 ..     Jo        30  "  31 ...   :.  38        28  Highest temperature for month; 41 deg.  Lowest temperature for., mu nth 6. deg.  Total snowfall  <    3.23  Total melted snow      16  Total precipitation   4.63  , (10, inches snow equals 1 inch iviu)  Jan.  i JANUABY '  .   1    28  2       36  18  3 .,   28  4     ,36  13  5       30'  12  6        34  .22  7 ,.,      36  24  s8        37  31  9  -....      38  25  10        83  30  11    i  38  30  12     '40  29  13        33  10  14        36  25  15  ,        36  19  16        28  12  17        30  11  is :       30  15  19        29  11  20       30  17  21      >2i)  23  22        24  10'  -23  i       24  14  24       28  11  25        23  12  26     ,     25  12  27      -a  5  28        2��  12  29        29  18  30        30  12  31        39  24  Highest temperature for month 40 deg.  ; Lowest temperature for month 5 deg.  Total.snowfall     7f25  Total melted snow  28  Total rainfall  14  Total, precipitation      1.14  (10 inches snow equals 1 inch rainl  New Rajlwuy Map  A, recent addition of an elevator  map just issued from the department  ol the interior, shows some very interesting information with respeot to the  storage and transportation facilities,  for the handling of the annual   grain  production of the. tnree western       vinces. The map shows the ., levator  capacity at each station on the different lines of railway, and, in ora'er to  sirapUfy the location of the various  plaoes, each railway svstom has been  shown in a separate eolor.  In addition to complete information  regarding elevators the publication includes' valuable railway,, informal ion  witb respect to lines in operation, under Construction, and locuteiT.  Copies of the publication mav lie obtained froe of charge upon anpliontiaan  to F. C. CLvooh, Supt., of the Railway .Lands Branch, Dept. of the-Interior, Ottawa.  P AM THSM  un���ti.i ii ai  BEVHLST0KE'SBIG*8N0W MAK  A bug* now man is being constructed on the bench near, tho at-ilion at  ]lsv*lstoke, end it i*,*xpeqted that the-  statue in snow will: be eompleted this  week.  Tbo snow man will stand on a t-ed-  estal 16 feet square and four feet high  while tho figure itself wil) be 27' leet  in height.  Tho official unveiling of the snowman will bo attended by appropriate  oeremonies which will, inu.rJo a big  snow battle and the distribulon of'  eand.v and peanuts among the sohool.  children.  A. splendid view of the snow man  will be .obtained from the. station'  platform. Tho figure will bo represented nolding a huge staff on which  will be *n eleotrio torch ar.d it will  lie a conspicuous feature of lho landscape to, all arriving in the city by,  train. The idea is that, it will be a  unique advertisement for, the oity, as  it will attraot the attention ol all  travellers on the main line.  j. M. CROFT  /Bootmaker.  All hinds of Repairs.  BERNARD AVENUB,  KBLOWJHA.  TWI'i W'l  m/vrd  Lower Prices on Ford Cars  Effective August 1st, 1914, to Auguat lit, 1915, and  guaranteed against any reduction during that time.  All cars fully equipped f.o.b. Ford, Ont.  Runabout -  Touring Car  Town Cer -  $540  $590  $840  - (In th* Dominion of Canad* only)  Buyers to Share* in Profits  All retail buyers of new Ford care from August 1st,  1914, to August 1st, 1915, will share in the profits of  the company to the extent of $40 to $60 per car, on  each car they buy, PROVIDED: we sell and deliver  39,000 new Ford care during that period. urZ  jAek for particulars :'J  Ford Motor Company,  OF CANADA, LIMITED.  BURBANK MOTOR CO.   .   .   KELOWNA. rLC  COAL  COAL  PER TON  Famous Taber Lump - $10.50  Pensylvania Egg -    17.00  Pensylvania Stove      -   17.00  Pensylvania Nut -   J 7.00  Phone  66  CASH MUST ACCOMPANY ORDERS  W.HAUG  P.O. Box  166  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Are now complstaly equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  We have a large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of high-grade quality and in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  te"*  Accurate.  The Advertising Men's League of New York  has a Vigilance Committee, whose duty it is to  ferret out and hunt down fraudulent advertisers.  It has been fpund that the most successful advertisers are the truthful ones; that sharpers and  knaves are not permanently successful.  Look at the advertising columns for yourself.  You will find that every article advertised regularly and consistently over a period of years is an  article of real merit. The fact that the advertising is continuous is proof of this.  It is safer to buy advertised goods.  mmiii  iiito^--  ������:^a..^.j.<:. , PAOE TOCB  KELOWNA   RECORD  TBUBSDAY, FEBBtJAIit 4, 1*15  The Kelowna Land &  Orchard Co., Ltd.  (lncorporaud 1904)       Proprietors of the Priests' Orchard  NURSERY  STOCK  We are now taking orders for  all Commercial Varieties  THE RANCH  Blackamithinf done.     Weighbridge.    Oate crushed.    Fence poste, Milk,  Potatoes, Applee, Sec, for Sale.  Apply to th* Ranch Manager or Ranch Office.      Phone 5; P.O. Box 209  OFFICE HOURS:  Head Office i 9 to 12; 1.30 to 5.30 throughout the week.  Ranch Office: 9 to 12 i I to 5.30, excepting Thureday, closing at 12 noon.  P.O. BOX 274  Belgo-Canadian Block  PHONE 5  Opening of Pictorial ReviewPatterns  10 and 15 Centa���None Higher  So many requests have been received during the past  from the patrons of our store for  Pictorial Review  Patterns  that, after thorough investigation of their malts, we   ,  have decided to aell  Pictorial Review  Patterns  from now on in our  eiubliahmente  TWmw  Redingote  ae.tat  Basque  Dress  for Serge, Satin and  Velvet are the latut  word from Paris.  February Patterns  are on aale now,  alao, the  WinlerFasWonBook  or  Pictorial Review  Patterns  RedaaiiMt 5919���ISc  Skill S125-I5c  We recommend to ell weencn wko ere not yet acquainted with the aupener m?rata of  these petteina ta try one���JUST ONE. It will convince item that Pictorial Review  Patteme fully aieerrve the reputation they are enjoying ell over tho country.  New Spring Wash Goods  Now in.   A Large Stock  JERMAN HUNT, DiyGeotUStere  Sale Prices Will Be  Continued Through  FEBRUARY *    ::  This is the time to select your  Wall Paper  20 per cent. Discount  will be given on all orders placed  this month  i  Kelowna Furniture Co.  ,  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Mr, and Mrs. Jack Reid return,*!  last week from the prairie.  *   e   e  Mr. Fallis, of Elbow S��~' is visit-  ins; Mr. L.. V. Rogers for a few days  this    week on    his     return fr-tn. the  coast.  eeo  Messrs. J. Forsytho Smith und R.  M. Winalow will lecture on Marketing  and Horticulture at Rutland school on  Friday, February UStli at 8 am.  e   e   e  A special general meeting (,{ the  Kelowna Hospital -Society will be held  in the Board of Trade room* on Tuesday, February 9th, at 3.30 p.ji to  amend, repeal or add to the society's  rules and regulations.  e   e   e  Rifleman J. B. Whitehead beg* to  acknowledge with thanks the receipt  of a large parcel of magazines and  papers from "A.N.H." for distribution  among the guards on the lines ot communications.  e   e    e  A "Charity Bridge" was held at the  residence of Mrs. Geo. F. James  Monday evening in aid of the local  branch of the Red CroBS Society  Cards were played at seven table*, the  proceeds to be devoted to the Red  Cross work.  eeo  The superintendent of Juvenile Tem  pie, Kelowna regrets the omission ol  the name of the chaplain (Carrie Batt)  from the list of officers published lust  week and takes this means of rectifying same.  e    e    e  Frank Carlisle, well-known in Kelow  na aB a member of the lacrosse team  last year fiamred.in one of the war  pictures in the "Province" last week.  Carlisle, who is now a driver ou the  mounted section of the First Canadian  Engineers, who are at present stationed at Salisbury Plain  shown seated on the hood cf hts cur  driving a team of horses which are  pulling it out of a flooded road.  e   e' e  The County Loval1 Orange i'.aadge  held its meetinc here on Tuesday, l'eb.  2nd, when the following officers . wore  elected lor the ensuing vear: Worshipful County Muster, H. H. Millie;  Deputy Countv Master, F. J. Pauve,  Vernon; Chaplain, D. M. Ers'cino, Kelowna; Fin. Secy., Kenneth McLaren,  Kelowna, ��� Trees., L. D. MoCill, l'mch-  land; Lecturer, C. N. Borton, Summer-  land;' C.D.O.C, Chas Garden, Enderby.  Past Countv Masters Bros. McCall unci  Fleming were presented with Past  County Master's Jewels by Past County Master, Bro. Rice of Vernon. An  enjoyable banquet was held nfta-rwardB  followed by n toast list in raaonnso to  whioh several interesting sneeches were  made. The noxt place of meeting is  Vernon.  e   e   e  Last Fridav evening n sleighing party numbering about 50 journeyed out  to Mr. Crawford's of Crawford's falls  The bunk house was beautifully decorated with evergreens, and mottos wore  hung round the walls, boaring some  old Scotch savinirs, as follows: "G'an  ier nile," "Friendship mak'a us aw  sae aoov" "At hame frae hame," and.  "Scotland forever". Dancing was enjoyed with great spirit, the mua.ic be-  inc supplied bv Messrs. Murray tend  McLeod. Refreshments wore served at  intervals. Mr. G. Reith noted as  toa8tmaBter. Mr. Crawford, sr.,' who  celebrated his 71st birthday the previous day was wished many happy  returns of the day. The ovntan-  thanked him and his family for all  their I kindness that evening, after  ' which the singing of Auld Lanjr Syne  brought a most enjoyable raveiiinp to  a close.  The   service*     io the    1'resbytairian  church next Sunday will be conducted  Kev. 0. 0. Main of Vernon.  e   e   e,'  The Packing Sohool starts on Monday February 15th at the Urower*'  Exchange. Intending pupils should  send their names to E..L. Ward. )  410, Kelowna.  e   e   e  The topics    to bo discussed in    thi  Methodist church by   the pastor   on  Sundav are    11 a.m., "The Gl'M last  problem of   the age"    and ".SO p.m  "Is there any relief?"  e   e   e  On Thursday evening next at V.ast  Kelowna school house at 8 -t'oloc'  Messrs. J. Forsythe Smith, market  commissioner, and R. M. Winslow will  lecture on Fruit Marketing and horticulture.     AH growers are invited   to  attend.  e . e   e  The Rutland Epworth L*.-ie.' --id  a visit Monday evening to the Kelowna League, when a combined mavting  was held in the Methodist ohuroh. The  chair was taken by the Rev. J. 0.  Switzer. The first part of the even-  inu was taken up by an interesting  paper from Mr. Seeley on \'Ciirist'an  Servioe." This was followed bv a musical program which was muoh enjoyed!  This included a solo by Mrs. Mugford, duet *��� Miss Pearson and" Mr.  Pedlar, pianoforte duet bv Miss Winnie Jones and Mr. Brunt, and recitations by Miss Artnie G��v and Mr. P.  B. Snashall. A short address was also given by the Rev. Gordon Tanner.  The sleigh-ride to and from town was  not the leaBt pprt of the evening's enjoyment.   '.  . .  .  The Methodist church was packed to  the doors on Friday evening last when  the Rev. Professor Geo. D. Pigeon, D.  D., of Vancouver p-ave an addrojs under the auspices of the W.C.T.U. and  Good Templars.  Dr. Pigeon, who is a fascinating  speaker completely captured lain audience by his lucid exposition of certain vital questions that were facing  the people of British Columbia at the  present time. His three themes were  111 workman's compensatioo, (2) the  temperance question and (3) the 1-inJ  question. These subjects uffairded1  plenty of scope for a rousing a.ddress  in which the evils attendant on the  lack of provision for the depjnaients of  workmen injured through no fault of  their own, the local option question  and the ever present land quaastion-  with the manv abuses connected therewith were fully dealt with. Inning  the evening Miss Phyllis Pitt sang,  "The Lost Chord". Dr. Pigean was  heartily thanV, d for his address.  SECOND SHIPMENT OF SUPPLIES  FOR SOLDIERS  SONS OF ENGLAND  A very enjoyable whist drive and social wa* held on 'lhursdav evening latt  under th* auspices of the "Son* of  England Benefit Sooiety," when about  60 guest* wen entortained. Alter the  whist drive the guest* were invited to  partake of refreshments in the ' form  ol tea, ooffee, cake and fruit.  The final part of the -migrant was  givon up to long and recitation, the  guests muoh appreciating tho etlorti of  the artists, who were m follows: Accompanist, Mr*. R. C. H. Mathie;  songs by Mrs. Blair rnd Mesirs E. h.  Ward, D. Macfarlane, F. Mai tin, E.  liadford. Each and all .earned lobe  in thoir very belt form, ,nd were deservedly encored.  Everyone aeemed to )<��� n the very  best of humor, and. were unanimous in  their appreciation of thai entulvn nont  provided for them and anxiously enquired when the next oocasion of a  Ilk* nature would take plaoe. After a  vote of thaoks by the chairman, Mr.  C. Grove, to those who rendered their  valuable assistance and made thr. evening a suooass, tb* entertainment was  brought to a close by singing the National Anthem.  ��� e  White Rose member* will kindly remember meeting after next regular  lodge meeting February title.  The Kelowna Branch of the lied  Cross Society have shipped a second  bale of comforts for the soldier* to  the Red Cross headquarter* in Toronto  consisting of the following articles: 22  pairs socks, 16 pairs wristlets, 6 peirs  half mitts, 1 pair gloves, 1 pairs mitts,  2 Balgolava helmetB, 1 sweater coat,  2 mufflers, i abdominal liindtirn, 1  bed jaokets, 14 suits pyjamas, 2 packages tobacco, 1 package bandages.  The following ladies have very kindly  contributed: Mrs. G. C. Allen, Mrs.  Douglas Hamilton, Mrs. Paul, Okanagan Missian; Mra. John Sutherland,  Mrs. J. Thompson, Okanagan Mission;  Mr*. Robinson, The Misses Robinson,  Okanagan Mission; Mrs. Spenoer Palmer, Mrs. Horeley, Mrs. Knight, Mrs.  Adams, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. McTavish,  Mr*. Boyce, Mrs. J. Harvey, Mrs.  Groves, Miss Mathers, Mrs. Mathieson,  Mrs. Cather, Miss D-'kes, Mr*. Cameron, Mrs. Gore, Mis* Levieux, Mr*.  Ford, Mrs. RoUen-Mrs. Rutherfoid,  Mrs. MoMillan.  Sewing meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon at the residence of MrB.  Geo. V. James, Abbott street. All  materials are provided and garmeiats  out out. Ladies are very cordially invited to attend.    \Ti.  ZUDORA  "Zudora" is the next big ferial to  follow the "Million Dollar Mystery"  and whioh will be shown at tho tipera  House every Saturday. The li0ding  aotors who made the "Mystery" v,crld  famous will again play, the lead* in  this stupendously staged lerial. This  greatest oi aU Thanhouser picduotion  is something entirely new, torn thing  never attempted before. It it not an  ordinary serial story. It will be pio-  duoed in twenty episodes of two reels  each, but each episode will be complete in itself.  Zudora is a beautiful young girl who  developes into a keen detective through  a severe penalty imposed upon her lay)  her guardian, a mystic Hindoo Setr.  In the plot *re Worked out the twenty  bafflin? oase* which she muat solve.  The solution of theee mean* a fortune  to Zudnra. She set* out to solve  them and the manner in whioh 'he intricate details are unravelled provides  a trulv sensational motion pioture,  HAY  No. I Baled, at $15.00 per ton.  lena.  MANGOLDS 66J-    75c per 100 lbt,  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Phona   -29  OUR FEED  DEPARTMENT  Oats  Crush Bar ey  Wheat  Oyster Shell  Crush Bone  Bran  Beef Scrap  Shorts  IMPLEMENT &  HARNESS DEPT.  Sleighs  Cutters  Robes  Harness  Blankets  Bells  Gloves  Mitts1  W. R. Glenn & Son  Dealers'in  Farm and Orchard Implements  Pendozi street & Lawrence Avenue   -   KELOWNA  PHONE 150  We Have Funds to Invest  on First Mortgages  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  CASH SPECIALS  ATTRACTIVE PRICES FOR CASH AT CAMPBELL'S  Canned Peache*, Okanagan brand, 2-lb. tina 2 (or 25c  Canned Plum*       ��� ��� ���        2 for 25c  Canned String Beam, Quaker or Orchard City brand*..1 (or 25c  5-lb. pail* Jam,Okanagan and Mission brand*, 5-lb.pail...75c  Wagitarfe English Jam, any variety.., 90c  Sweet Orange*. California naval*, per doz. 25c.  Royal Crown Cleanser, cheap and useful, 2 pkt* ISc  Oatmeal Toilet Soap, 6 bare ..25c  French Caatile Soap, 3-U>. bar..... 40c  Engliih Mak Vinegar, quart boltle    25c  Tickler'* Marmalade.   4-lb. glass jar 75c  K. C. brand Raspberry and Strawberry Jam, Mb. gla** ...25c  Gipay Stove Polith, 2 tina ��� |5c  Cate Egg*, good cooker*, per doz 30c  .  PHONE US YOUR WANTS IN GROCERIES  D. D. CAMPBELL  Phone Three Oh I Phone Three Oh I eeeeeveveeeee-eeave-e  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4. 1918  Jt��tt5WWA  IBCOKD  PiSBHTX  Made in the  Iritish Empire  You will notice we  are featuring goods  of Canadian manufacture first, and  then those of other  parts of the British  Empire  You can do your  share towards helping to bring the war  to a satisfactory  termination by insisting on getting  these goods  *.B. Willits & Co.  DRUGGISTS AND  STATIONERS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  G. H. E. HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Largest Studios in the Interior  Portraits by appointment  Pendozi Street,   -   Kelowna  ������ s\l<VSm~m*m*m*m*m*l  W. EASTON  Picture Framer and Cabinet Maker  I General Jobbing  Furniture Repair*  Shop Fitting  Picture Framing  LAWRENCE AVENUE  Oppoeite the Burberak Motor Gere*e  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS CARDS  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitor*,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancer*, etc.  KELOWNA,  B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C  WEDDELL & GRIBBLE  BARRISTER,' SOLICITORS, and  NOTARIES PUBLIC  9, Wlllit'a Bloch   ���   Kelowna, B.C.  High Class Tailoring  Now is th*  time to think  , about your Fall and Winter  Suit or Overcoat.  We are Practical Tailors  with high-class old country  Bond Street experience, and  can eetiely th* most fastidious.  Suits to your own measure  at little more than " ready -  made" cost NEW PATTERNS JUST IN.  DYEING. CLEANING. PRESSING  AND REPAIRING  "MY VALET"  J.E.THRUSSELL,Prop.  Oppoeite Boerd of Trade Oftace, Kelowne  i J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  .Estimate* Furnished for all clai  of work  KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM  FERRY  Leaves Kelowaa 9'a.n., 3.30 p.*  tares Westbaak 9.30 ..���., 4 p.*  Extra Service on  Wednesdays & Saturdays  , Leaves Kelowaa 11 a.*.  j Uavas WesAeak 11.30 a.��.  P. EDMUND CORBY  Member of the B.C. Society of Archileela  Architect  Kelowna, B.C.  P.O. Box, 509  ARTHUR F. PELTON  ARCHITECT  P.O. box 531 Phone 4602  t)    Kelowna, B.C.  C. Harvey. BA., Se, CE, D.L.S, B.C.US..  CHARLES   HARVEY,  CIVIL ENGINEER and   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,   B. C.  Phone 147.  P.O. Box 231  PIANOFORTE  MR. HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  has resumed his teaching classes and will  leceive pupils as before in his studio-  Trench B'ock, Kelowna.  P.O. box 374  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITiSH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR.  OWL ENGINEER  P.O. BOX 137  KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Cera.Soc.CE  Consulting Cioil and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Surveyor  Surveya end Reporte on Irraeetion Worka  Applaceoona for Waaler Liceneee  KELOWNA. B.C.  The bowline; in the Dreamland league  this week furnished a good deal of excitement as usual. On Monday cifrht  the Pastimes strengthened their bold  on first place by taking all three contests from the Bean who seem unable  to shako off the hoodoo, howwr the  Pastimes were in eood form and piled  tin a very good total of 3392 pins for  their three games.  On Tuesday tbe Beavers went into  second plaoe by taking- tbe* entire aeries from the Dreamlands who ta*ebrut-  ed an off rnVht.  Last night's games resulted in a two  came win for the Shamrocks.  Below are the soorea for the week:  \  BEARS  Dowsley 133 161 138-482  Loney 149 ISO 154  453  Willi** ..        160 144 ia>-414  Healey  142 143 W-420  Hallauer 143 130 181-423  Total*    ... 716 728 698-2142  PASTIMES  Soresby 186  131 13V-402  Gibb 182  190 127-449  Mills 134  1S9 179-479  MoCubbin 182 160 154���496  Purdy  218   195 560-578  Totals 802 P35  7552392  e   e   e  On Tuesday night the Dreamlands  were in poor form and dropped tbiee  straight to the Beavers.  DREAMLANDS  T. Treadgold .... 109 118   115 -342  Davenport Ill   160   127-398  Parker   114  135   12fi-374  J. MoMillan .... 142  135  112-369  H. Treadgold .... 166   |S4   ,9:-812  Totals  642 702 671-2016  BEAVERS  Shiedel .. ..'  168  166 *'21-458  C   McMillan 172   158 lf.0-469  MoKay   91   ���]�� ��� }��-��*��  Watt 138   132 13>-402  O'Veil 163   165 lfl-697  Totals 732 7-| 710.2196  e   e   e  The Shamrooks took the odd   gamo  Irom the Shiners last night, fts follows  SHINERS  Marquett   192    97 92-311  Trench 191   129 i39-*'82  B. Treadgold .... 134   181 150-465  Panton .    "3   157 190-520  "                     176   184 163-548  H G.ROWLEY F. REYNOUM  A:M.ln*c!E.A.M.CM.Soc.C.E.       B.C.L.S.  ROWLEY & REYNOLDS  Cloil Enpjineera and Land Suroeuora  Water Supply. Irriserion. Subdivaaaoaae. Jac.  , r.     i     mi. P.O. Box 261  3, Crowley Block phone ,3,  Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd  DENTIST  P. 0. Box l��e Tbone IS  Corner Peneozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR a BUILDER  Plana and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given (or publicBuild-  ings,Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. '      KELOWNA  '.PHONE No. 93  S. W. THAYER, D.V.S.  VETERINARY SURGEON  (Graduate McCill Univeraity)  Residence : GLENN AVENUE  Mei  ���esses m  Meters,  may be left at the office of  Rattenbury it Williams  Totals 796  .741   759-2226  SHAMROCKS  Hedges "0  124   169-463  Kenedy  MI. 128   146-401  Mclennan 141   128 168-447  SoaET. 177   154  199-530  SUgrew 199.  177   174-480  Totals    744 711  8462301  e   e   e  LEAGUE STANDING  Pastimes .. ..' ..  ... 12 10 2-830  Beavers 12 J ��-.580  Dreamlands 19 6 6-fiOO  Shamrooks   19 6 6-.5O0  Shiners 12 5 7-415  Bear.     19 9 10-166  e   e   e  NEXT WEEK'S GAMES  Feb. 8.���Bears vs. Shiner*.  Feb. 9.���Shamrocks vs. Beavers.  Feb. 10.���Dreamlands vs. Pastim.s.  P.O. Box 12  E. ENGLAND  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Platu,  Specificntiona   and   EttiowtM  Furniihed  THEOSOPHIC AL SOCIETY  "KELOWNA LODGE"  Meetinp every Tuesday .vening, at S p.m.,  ���t the retidence of 3. M. Goi*, Pattwsnn At.  Public invited.    Undine, library.  W. B. PEASE.  S. M. GORIi, Sec.  P.O. Box 382  o��  ENGRAVING-,  ETCHINGS AND HALFTONES  ARE NOW BEING MADE IN  WESTERN CANADA BY THE  MOST SATISFACTORY PRO-  CESS KNOWN TO THE WORLD  THE "ACID BLAST" PROCESS  MAKES YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS   LITERALLY TALK   UANUFACTURLD IN WESTERN CANADA  BvTHtQ'lANDDlBairfJcC-l  OtJIt   WOULD   111 c  A0BNT5  THE KELOWNA RECORD  THE SCALES OF JUSTICE  The paramount feature irjduoiion  now being shown at the Opera IL use  every Thursday continue to diuw increasing- patronage eaoh week. The  Famous Players and Jesse L. Laskv  films are oertainly something laetter  than mere moving pioture*, they are  photo plava of great merit produced  bv finished artist*. "Th* Scab" of  Justice" is the next big production  booked to plav at the Opera l'ouso on  Thursday, Feb. 11th. Thi* famous  emotional drama had a most successful and lengthy run in New York and  has been highly commended by the  pre** everywhere.  "Tb* Scales of Justice" is best described *s a terrific arraignment of  oircumstanoial evidenoe, * dynnmic  drama that keep* th* interest unbeld  until the final flash, a Pictorial ciiti-  oism of the undependeblo influanoe of  circumstantial evidenoe.  Picture fans who are looking for  plays of superior merit will do wed to  give theThursday apecial features thu  onoe over.  The Tweed'  Sanitary Closet  Is odorless  whan in  use  Sanitary at  all times  Call and  inspect  them  DARK, the Shoeman  Opposite Board sf Trad* Office  Printed Butter  w  rappers  TT-IE new Dominion regulations require all farmers who sell butter  to the stores or privately, to have it  properly covered with a printed  wrapper with the words "DAIRY  BUTTER " appearing in prominent  letters upon it.  Read the following:  BUTTER REGULATIONS  The "Canadian Grocer" oalled the  attention of those interested in the  butter trade to the legislation which  went into effect on the 1st of Ootober,  1914 regarding the necessity for all  butter in packages or wrapped in  parchment being labelled "Dairy Butter." Another word may n~,t be  amiss. This means that no dairy butter can be bought or sold in plain  wrappers or unbranded paokagos. No  butter can be bought or sold under  brand of separator. The words ''Dairy  Butter" must anpear on the v. miner  or package in letters at least n quarter or an inch square. It might ega'n  be emphasized also that all butter in  prints must be of the full net weight  of 16 ounces. The penalty undor the  act is a fine of from S10 to $3<l for  each offence.  This new legislation it will lie noted  applies aB well to the person buying  as the person selling and therefore affects everybody engaged in all branches of the trade. Grocers will do very  well to bring the matter to the attention of any butter makers who may  still be bringing in their product in  plain wrappings. Whey butter must  be bo. labelled even when united with  dairy butter and dairv butter retains  its "labol" though it be mixed with  the creamery product.  You Can Be Supplied  at the Record Office  with neatly-printed wrappers (paper  included ��� good quality vegetable  parchment, specially made for butter  wrapping), for the following prices:  100   -   Paper and Printing Included    -   $1.50  200 - - $2.00  500 - ���        ,,    - $2.75  1U00 -     ��� ��� ,,     - $3.75  Here is a sample wrapper label  CHOICE  DAIRY BUTTER  CLEANCOW RANCH  KELOWNA, B.C.  The Record Job Dept.  PHONE   ��� 94  wm  ^���.���jaay^Wa.. ..uaXLt*.**., ���'"^���~ ��� " '"��� "~t-~- r-*~  PAGE SIX  '������       ��� 1 ��������������������"������������ imi'mmpm:!.        a    ,    ,    . a. . i   ,            .      '        '     '   .��� . ���    ���    .  KELOWNA   RECORD  :^.nar:" vi.i-ar-.'"i'a '��� ���; j.1 '������������������?.  ^'.; ��� 'i'.1. '   v- , '��� .-7  THTJBSDAY, EBBETJABY 4, 1015  WANTED!  J  Prepaid Bates: 2 oents per word  first insertion and 1 cent per word for  each subsequent insertion. No, ad., inserted (or less than 26 cents.  All classified advertisements must be  paid for in advance owing to the cost  attending the booking and charging of  small items.  Copy may be reoeived for these ads  up to 10 a.m., Thursday morning.  FOB   SALE  FOB SALE. Lefevre estate. Now is  vour chance for a nood improved  ranch, the bust buy in the Okanagan  Ono hundred and forty-three acres,  all fenced, a fine creek runs through  the property, best of land, with its  own irrigation system, in the heart  of tho Orchard district, on the main  rond, onlv three miles from Kolowna  mail delivered at door every din'  Must ho sold to wind up estate.. Address  P.O.  ttox  ir>7,  Kolowna, B.C.  HAY FOB SALK-Clover anl ulfaltr  delivered. Price on opolicfition t.  Box  195, Kelowna. 9tf.  FOB SALE.���Pony broken to ride  drive, cheap.    Apply  P.O.  Box 453,  Kelowna. Pt-f  FOB SALE.���25 laying j ullets, nine  months old, also covered portable  chioken run. Apply P.O. box 168  Kelowna. 10 11  20 MILK COWS FOR SAl.tf.-One  fresh calved, and three to ealvo very  Bhortly. Apply H. B. Burtch, cr -ias.  Bowes. Sunset Banch. Htf.  SITUATIONS VACANT  WANTED.��� Secretary for tha Ktiowna hospital. Duties t, ,. n mi n/w at  once. Apply statins: vIu.y v tinted  to President Kelowna H-.'-pitftl Society. 1011  SITUATIONS WANTED  WANTED.-Position to take charge of  farm or ranch. Anply W. S. Munis,  P.O. Box 406, Kelowna. &tf.  YOUNG LADY SEEKS POSITION us  lady's help. Phone 3404, or write  Box "R" Becord. 10-12  TO RENT  FOB BENT.-Ono of the best ion room  houses on Bernard avenue, furnished  for ��25 per month.    A*Hv,     W, H.  Fleming. .10-12��  MISCELLANEOUS  STRAYED. ��� Bay mare, two block  front feet, white on front of bind  feet, white forehead nnd whito spot  on nose, blotch brnnd nn left shoulder. This mare wintered at my  ranch last year nnd is again with  my band. Owner oan have s ..mo by  proving ownership and pnyin-r expenses. Thos. Bulman. Clover-lalo  Banch, 'phone 306. 811  The PENTICTON  STEAM LAUNDRY  WE  Wasli Everything thoroughly  Return EverythingPr.mptiy  Tear Nothing .t ��u  Agent���  The Smokers' Store  J. B. WHITEHEAD    -   Prop.  Next to the PoBt-Office  THE CORPORATION OF THE CITV  OF KELOWNA  A�� ������lii'jitioiiH for the position of city  scavenger will be received by the un  dei's,Lrned up to five o'clock in tho afternoon on Tuesday,  lfith February.  Por further particulars upplv ��o the  city clerk.  G. IT. DUN'S,  Kelowna, B. C. Citv Clerk  February 1, 1915. Vt-12  FOR EXCHANGE  Good movincr pioture theatre. Pmser  streot. South Mancouvcr, for i-nproved  fruit   farm in  Kelowna  district.   .V-  B. 0. Martin, 0315 Fruser s'.reet, Vancouver, B. C. .1-13  SPIRELLA CORSETS  Mrs. J. II. Davies will be at Mr.  Mathie's (ovor tailor shop. Pendoz  streot between the hours of 1-30 and  6 p.tn.i Saturdav of each week to meet  ladies wishing to order corsets. P. 0.  Box- 62fi, Kelowna. 20tf.  NOTICE  Mr. T. Duggan will arrive  in Kelowna next week with  50 head of  Choice Dairy Cows  for Sale  SHORTHAND,���A class is .letou formed for the study of Pitman's aalacrt-  lianal Tueadnv nnal Thursd���- evaan-  inars from 8 to 10 p.m. f'a,m,ivnrinir  February 2nd. Personal inst aiction.  Fidl nnrticulnrs Uox 219, city.     Otf  It's EGGS'that   Pay  And the " Barron " Strain Produces 'em  White Wyandottes & Buff Orpingtons  I have a few Cockerels ol the above breeds  for stock birds. They are direct from the  celebrated Barron strain, of Lancashire,  England, and are of good egg-laying type  I will take a reasonable  price for CASH  A. W. COOKE  Benvoulin  P.O. Box 663, Kelowna  Edward's Cash Grocery  Bernard Avenue  Opposite Post Office  Times are Hard,but we are helping  you by selling at Cut Prices.  Taking small profits, and reaping quick returns.  We only have one price, that is for CASH, and so  avoid adding a percentage on to our goods for money  lying idle in credit accounts.  Specials for Friday and Saturday  New Laid Eggs, per dan 35c  New South Walee Creamery Butter  21b. 75c  New Zealand Butter, Defiance brand  per Ib eJOc  .Corn Flake* lOe  Choice Sweet Orangea, per doz.,20c  Fresh Ginger Snape, per lb 10c  Japan Tea, per Ib ....25c  Eggo  Baking   Powder,  16-ot. tine,  2 for 35c  Royal Crown Cleaneer, 4 pits.. 25c  Blue Label Catsup, per bot 20c  Spuds, per sack $1.25  We guarantee attention and aatiefaction to all customers   Phone your  orders to 39 and they will receive our prompt attention  W: M. EDWARDS  I Want to Say  that when we intimate that we Repair Leather Goods, we mean  EVERYTHING made  of  Leather���including .Harness, Boots  and Shoes, Grips, Leggings, Belts, &c.  If it is made of Leather we can repair it  THOMLINSON, Harnessmaker  Next door to 25c Store        Phone - 347  WATER STREET  KELOWNA  ASK FOR  FIVE ROSESJFLOUR  The World's Best  Send for Five Roses  Cook Book���  BEING A MANUAL OF GOOD RECIPES carefully  chosen from the contributions of over two thousand  ���uccettTuI users of Five Roses Flour throughout Canada.  Alio Useful Notea on the various classes of good thing*  to eat, all of which have been carefully checked and  re-checked by competent authority.  Address year Envelope to Ujfj Of THE WOODS MH.LIN6 CO. tlMITEO. WINHIPEf*  W. R. GLENN & SON, Agents    -    Kelowna, B.C.  *.������������: of nr.-if n ,  There is no Healthier Food  There is no more Economic Food  There is no more Nutritious Food  THAN  HONEY  Pure Okanagiri Honey, in 12-oz. jars ! 25c  Pure Eastern ��� ��� , 90c  Cl-oicest Local Honey, with Comb, pint jars.' 50c  Choicest Local Honey, Strained, pint jar 5 0c  Pure Kelowna Comb Honey   25c  Best Kelowna Honey ^Strained, quart jars   90c  Best Kelowna Honey, with Comb, quart jars 90c  Eastern Honey, 5-lb. pails, strained <t | QQ  Local Honey, 5-lb. pails, strained <fc 1  ?5  Eat Honey;   Eat Lots of It; Its Good for Yoa  -^-THE���  McKENZlE CO., Ltd.  Our SiXotto: " Quality and Service "  MEETING OF CITY COUNCIL  (Continued from  Puuo   1.)  Helicf work payroll, Jan. '2oth  to .Wnd         33 UO  lloo- BaUillic, care of nQiinuls  in park          4.60  Questions were asked regarding the  progress of the relief work. Aidiiin n  l)ui_- '���{... stated thut some ll or 15  men were engaged cutting wood in  Glenmore, and tho same number tn the  park. So far us tho wood waB concerned he suid the city ��Vus getting  some cheap fuel, which the engineer  said waB the best they had hid yet.  Thu cost laid down at Lhe jower house  was only ubout $2.75 per oord. The  men cutting were paid $1.00 per cord,  tho hauling cost $1.50 per Cord; one  muti wus paid $1.76 per dav for measuring. and another man #3.00 "cr day  fur taking the men baok aad fjithto  their work. This man brought tack  half u cord of wood on his rot urn  trip. About five teams wore rUiM.ged  in hauling. Up lo Jan. *J3rd &-._'4.82  had been expended on relief work of  which $6G7.77 would bo uhtiiged  against 1015 revenue  Alderman ('opo'aiid g.,vo notice of a  motion to amend tho Dog Tit hv law,  removing the olatiBe exempting pedigreed dogs.  Alderman Ituymer pointed r>vt that  an error had been mndo in rct\>rding  (he last council mooting, lie had  made the snt/gention I hut money bo!  hon owed from the .-unking find to*  nrovide for relief work, Alderman  .Sutherland who had reallv iMV-Wd the  suggestion wub crcditod ������ th it in tho  account of the meeting. .-Udeiman  Ituvmor Huid ho did not wunt Alderman Sutherland to be responsible (or  his remarks.  Alderman Raymer also broiohed tiie  Muestion of making n out in tho city  salary list. He was strongly in fnvnr  of something being dono but ho Hid  nnt know exactly how tho mutter  should be approached.  It was arranged    that tho     matter,  should bo dismissed in committoo.  Mayor Jones announced I hat the  finance committoo had made finul arrangement h for the loan of 91.000 for  relief work and asked tho council to  ratify thoir action.   This w,\s done.  Good Dry Wood  Pine, in stove length  $1.75  PER RICK  Order* may be left at  RECORD OFFICE  Phone .94  Odds & Ends  While the taking of inventory progresses we find many  SHORT ENDS���lines discontinued of which only a  small percentage of the original remains; and until the  end of the month Sweeping Reductions on Oddments  ��� will be the orde ========  i  See our "Hot Shot" for $1 in Men's Underwear  Tables of Boots  and Shoes  Ladies', Children's, Misses', Men's  and an exceptional line of  Boys' at    $2  Boys' Sweaters, Men's SUnfield'i  Underwear See Window  Remnants  of Silks,   Velveteens,   Tweeds,  Serges, Linings, Prints, Ginghams  Muslins, Curtain Goods,  Laces  and Ribbons  Exceptional offerfor  SATURDAY  ONLY  Every   Women's,   Misses'   and  Child's Coat at HALF PRICE  Bring the Cath  We are daily receiving invoices  of New Goods for Spring and  hope to have many staple New  Materials for the woman who  wisely sews before the warm  weather.  Thomas Lawson. limited


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