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Kelowna Record Feb 8, 1917

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 tfcloUma Kccor.)  VOL. IX.   NO. 12.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 8, 1917.-4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Will Give Me Time  te Patriotic Fund  Mr. J. R. Beale Appointed at'  Secretary - Treaaurer to      j  Relieve City Cleric  That ths work ol looking after the  collodion and distribution of theCan-  adien\ Patriotio Fund lor the district  was becoming too extensive and too  burdensome for the City Clerk in conjunction, with the duties of the city  office had been reoognuod for some  Bmall beginnings the duties of looal  time past by all concerned. From vary  secretary of the Fund have increased  bo that a large part of each day in  now taken up with one phase or an  other of its affairs. This lias b"t-n  seriously interfering with tho efficiencv  of the city office, and in spite of oon  tinunl overtime byl, the staff work was  falling behind.  As a reault of tho growing realization of this both by .he :ity council  and the Patriotio Fund committee, a  deputation consisting of ex-mnyor  W. Jonas, Dr. Gaddes, ,1. It. Beare, E.  M. Carruthers. ;and 0. B. Windsor,  representing the latter committee  waited on the oity co'in ill at Mondays  meeting.  Mr, J. W. Jones, who as chairman  of tho committee, noted as spokesman,  stated that they had come to explain  the difficulty in whioh they wore  placed and to ask the advioe and cooperation of the council. Tha am  mittee in charge of the local brunch ol  the Fund had been organized about u  year and a half ago, and huJ represented the variuuB chhrchos in tomn.  In the beginning the work of management had been small, and it had brcn  decided that the oity dark should act  as secretary-treasurer of the Fund.  With further enlistments, however, tbe  wotk had gradually piled up, uiuil  now there were over 60 tnmdies, with  240 to 370 dependents receiving pay  from the Fund. During tVa year and  a half the oommittee had r used $4,200  though requested to raise ,110.000 a  year. During the same period Ihoro  had been paid out some fourteen or  fifteen thousand dollars. The committee had bean aware that all this  had involved a great deal ol -vork on  the oity clerk, and though they wen  anxious to retain hia serviced, yet  they had not been surprised when they  had heard that the cou.mil folt tbae  his time should be reserved fur morn  important city duties. But lhe lerision  had placed the oommittee in a position of great difficulty.  From the lirst thoy did not seam to  have been able to enlist the hexixy  cooperation of the business man , of  the oity as in other places. Their  meetings were not well -tHo-.i led, *o  that the work and collection bid fall-  on, upon two or three individuals, and  even these were being further rultiioj  by absence from the oity, until praoti-  tically tho whole work seemed likely to  fall upon Mr. Beale.  If the oounoil had deoided, continued  Mr. Jones, that the oity olork mu.it  give his timo to oity affairs, ths 'om-  mittee would havo to look for anothor  man to aot as seoretary-tr.suiurMr. It  had been deoned advisable that a paid  secretary should be employed, vho  would devote the wh.no of his lime  to the work, and endeavor to stimu  lus great interest. The object of  the deputation was to asesrlaln to  what extent, the oity could help. The  matter waa a very important one 'or  the city, for il the commit.* "aa nat  in existenos, the oounoi) would have to  take ohnrgo. Many municipalities, he  pointed out, levied a lifc'sl tsX for  Patriotio Fund purposes, while in som0  oases debentures had been issued to  raise the money. The committee had  thought it well perhaps, if the Kolowna counoil would consider levying a  tax to supplement tho voluntary subscriptions to the Fund. However, Mr.  Jones concluded, it was possible Ire  council had some scheme to su,;gea>,  and ho hud 'endeavored to put l-.e  facta before them  Mr. J. II. Beale, being asked lor a.i  expression of his views on the n,alter,  said he did not'wish ,o a,id rrytnir.g  to what Mr. Jones hoi tviJ oxiept to  remind them ol the remarks of Sir  Herbert Ames, the general secretary ol  the Fund for Canada, ^during his visit  hero, that if Kelowna did not make it  hotter attempt to grapple with tha  situation, it might be necessary to reduce tho amount of the allowances In  soldiers' wives and dependents. The  collections in Kolowna had o far Ijoen  very disappointing, and the wot* ha I  fallen upon very few ohonl Icrs. lie  must say, however, that 1 hr. prrliik-nt  and treasurer had given a great d-al  of tjme to tho performance of their  duties, and had set a splendid example  to tho rest.  Mayor Sutherland, replying to thc  doletgntion, Mated that the council.had  met in committee on Friday last to  consider the mutter. They had fully  realized that something must be lone,  and had decided that the best plan  was to appoint someone to ��*ive Iris  whole time to the correction of Mib-  ncriptiniis und the general working of  the Fund. Assuming that the city  represented half of tho district, and  that half of the subscriptions here  coming from the oity, it seemed n fair  arrangement that the city should ray  half of the expenses of maintaining a  paid secretary.  After some discussion thiB plan wis  | linally accepted as probably offering  the beet solution of the difficulty, end  tho delegation withdrew with tno understanding that they would hold a  meeting immediately, and after ooiifri t  ering the proposal, communicate heir  decision to the council oefore the end  of thu lat'ter's session.  About an hour later Mr.Jones again  appeared beforo the oounoil', una rial-  ed that the committee, with no many  of Ub members as could be got together, had held a conference, and had  decided to aooept the council's offer.  They had also induced Mr. J. It.  lioaJo to accept the position at a salary of 880 per month. Of this the  counoil, according to its promise,  would pay 140. As some fear had  beon expressed as to the offset upon  public sentiment if the balance of the  Balary had to be taken from the subscriptions, it had been decided to endeavor to raise the amount by separate subscriptions from a few of the  citizens.  Considerable satisfaction was expressed at the selection of Mr Ileal.) 'or  the work to whioh he had already do-  voted a groat deal of enthusiastic  effort, and as ' he must In tho time  beings be regarded as a city nil', i;:l,  a formal resolution was out through  confirming the appointment, and  authorizing the payment of the city's  share of (40 per month.  United States Breaks  With Germany  Can Not Submit to Teuton Dictation Any Longer���Any New  Outrage Means War  A new turn has been given during  the past week to the uspest oi tho  war by the break in the relations be.  tween the United States und normally  New System of Fire  Signals Adopted  Various  Matters  Concerning  Fire Brigade Occupy Attention  at Council Meeting Monday  Questions noncurriing the lire Brigade  and civic fire proeection generally occupied    a    good denl ol the oouneil's  with   the consequent imminent danger ,tlention    al tn, ^^ ������ Mondov  of war being declared at any moment. .   ,       ���,,                                       .  ...      .L          .j_.,     ,   i     ., morning),       lhe   moat   -mp..etiint   r��!  After the president s declaration some *                                '  time go to regard damago to All �������� ���*"��� wft" ��� rcoommondation from tho  can ahlpa and loss of Ameriaui lives BriSa(Jo made through Aid. Buck, the  aa distinctly'hostile aots, there see-mod obairman of the Fire l'roteotion coin-  to be no other courae than a d.��ii'.e mittee- r��8��ding ���� improved .>Btom  rupture when Germany's latest nolo ��' llru "'a���'"- Bv ��"thsr subdivision  was sent announcing her intention ol ��< tho "'V into maMm *����� diatricta it  putting into effect on February 1st a *" "i**1 to ,nftl", the l00"^" "' an  policy of unrestricted submarine war- outbreak easier. Thero hss been much  fare. The terms of tho note -vers lit h discussion lately aa to tho unaulialao-  as America oould not possibly submit t��r>' n��ture of tha o����^S system, it  to. It was announced that American bein�� oorxtendod that several of tho  passenger traffic might go m. one "Fire D"'"4" ��"> bo large as to  steomor boing allowed to nin eaeh D,ako H dim��ll1 f> ' 'di<"lt-> ��'"�� '">  way per week, Falmouth boing lie ��V*> ��[ oreamoss the location of a  English port of oaU. Tho atenmer % and on Bev6ral occasions muoh  must follow a prescribed ro lie, . and )��'����"��� *����� aa<i "sen lost by the  display signals dictated by the Ci-r- BriKado havme" *�� "��k tn0 Rn ov��  man admiralty, and the United S'aiea a "**!' �����<����** area. Tho suggest-  givernment must give a guarantee ���* improvements, which were rale.njd  that it bears no contraband. Cther- b����1' to *�� oommittoe, and linally ap-  (jtr, proved by them, aim at obviating  some o'f this difficulty by further (no  wise all neutral vessels entering  litany's bloeado area would 'ie sunk en  sight.  dividing   two   oiNho larger d'u'.i'lJn,  Severance    of   diplomatic   relations |hu_8 .5i,���*J"ix <Hv>lrioM in,u,��d ��'  with flormany was annuunced by President Wilson at a joint session ol  Congress'Saturday last, and passports  were handed to Ambassador Henri i-urll'  and his staff.  Aa the position 'now it anils nay attempt on the part of Germany tn oar  ry put her threat of submarine nttnk  resulting in the loss of Ame lean lives  must bring about an inimnli.ite declaration of war..  The close proamity of the States to  war has thrown tho country int. a  great slate of excitement. Thero is  eonswierable apprehension as to, "naUjl/j(  courso whioh will be taken by thetorgir '  population of Germans unl German  sympathizers, and elaborato i.'ocau-  tions are being taken to guard agatpst  trouble.  It ia apparent that war is anticipated hy Germany, for the enginea ol  every German and AuBtrinn ship imprisoned in Now York harbor by the  British navy have been deliberately  wrecked. Officors of Gorman blood who  know the truth estimate that $30,000,  000 worth of irreplaceable machinery  was smashed or made perfeoely uBe-  lesB in the few hours before Count von  Bornatorff delivered to the government  of the United States the defiant mesa-  age from Germany, as a result of a  cipher message relayed from Washington to nil parts of the World where  German ships wero interned.  The United States is inviting ths  oooperation of all neutrals in its attitude, nnd the opinion haa beon expressed that the additional pressure  from nil sideB will undpubtedly lend  to shortnn the period of the war.  That all applicants for government positions should first qualify  hv cival service examinations anrl  that such appointments should be  marie irrisnecti ve of the applicant's  political affiliation, waa the subject  of a resolution unanimously adopted by the B C. Federation of Labor  convention at Revelstoke.  THE     MINISTER    OF    FINANCE  REQUESTS  THE  PEOPLE   OF   CANADA   TO  BEGIN NOW  TO  SAVE   MONEY   FOR   THE  NEXT WAR LOAN  mm. a. ran  omtmsMsn or muma  OTTAWA   ��                                                     ��  e"1  Honor  Roll for January  Enrol-   Present       Per-  ment      every     rentage,  session  I.  H.  III.  IV.  V.  VI.  VII.  VIII.  IX.  X.  33  35  43  38  40  33  84  96  36  34  10  33  30  33  35  13  31  19  14  13  93.80  98.00  91.04  91.11  9C35  sn.33  95,83  89.11  87.95  98.01  Total enrolment, 350.  Present every session, 189.  Average percentage of attendance,  93.40.  The Nelson Shield go* to Miss Caldwell's division.  Division I.���  1.   Charles Gaddes and ila.-d  Williams  3.   Flora Ball  3.   William Thomlinson  Honourable mention. ��� N -i ie   .1' i>ca,  Dick Parkinson, Hugh Brunette, Evelyn  Flutchor, Gilbert Clarke, (juintin rnllis  four as hitherto       ^^^^^^^^^^  The six districts as laid down in lhe  recommendation are given below:���  Block 1.���That suction bounded by Abbott St., Bernard avc, Ellis st., and  Mill Creek.���Fire siguiU ayren only.  Block    2.���That section North of iter  nurd    ave.,   und    West pf Ellis ft.���  Fire signal: syren and one ordinary  whistle.  Block   3.���That seotion North ol Bernard ave. and East of Ellis st.-Firo  Signal;     syron    and    two ordinary  Bwhistlea.  Block 4.���That    seotion Goat of Ellis  and    South of Bernard eve. iu  Mill   Crook.���Fire' liuuil: syren   und  three ordinary whistles.  Block 5.���That    seotion South of Mill  Creek and to Cadder ave.���Kiro   signal:     syren    and     four     ordinary  whistles.  Block 6.���That section south ol Cadder ave.,   to   the   city   limits.���Fire  signal:    syron    and   live     ordinary  whistles, .fi  It was deoided to have new cards  printed for attaching to all tho telephones in the oity, so that the public  might at all times be fully informed  as to the mode of proeedure in oasc  of a fire.  It waa also deoided to add a note  requesting the publio to refrain from  using the telephone for a short period  following the turning in of an alarm,  except in urgent cases.  The Fire Brigade also made a recommendation whioh had for ita object  the prevention of the turning in of  false alarms," and also the calling  out of the Brigade to trivial chiromy  fires. They asked that the oounoil  make it a puniahable offense to turn  in a false alarm.  ThiB proposal, however, did not nice  with muoh favor with the oounoil. It  was conteaded that such notion might  make people afraid to tura In an  alarm, with tho result that time would  be wasted, and a small fire possibly  suffered to get a good hold, and muoh  damage dono before the Brigade wore  summoned.  AM. Bunk himself declared thnt be  was not in sympathy with ths proposal. The system of fire oalls here was  through a publio telephone office, and  it should be easy to trace any false  alarms. He thought il the public were  advised to use a little more care to  investigate before turning in an alarm  and to be sum they had good cause,  it would be sufficient.  Mayor Sutherland suggested ihat it  would be well to oonsidor a by-law  compelling people to keep their chimneys olean. '  As a result of the rUmders which had  been oalled for a policy of Insurance  oovering the members of the Brigade  a letter was read from the latter ro-  oommending that the tender of Mr. G.  A. Fisher be accepted, and a resolution  was passed to that effect.  Another recommendation from the  Brigade which received the council's  approval was one giving Fireman  Nash, who was in charge ot the Firo  Hall, one day's holiday every two  weeks, on condition that ha provide a  substitute dur ng his absence at   his  Division II.���  1. Bessio Haug  2. Theodore Noish  8.   Myrtle Swerdfaeijer  Honourable mention.���Donald  lio, Ivy Laws, Dorothy Graoan,  garet Snnders, Nellie  iVhiteheil,  aid Todd, Alberta Small, J\<M li  Winnie Longley.  /  fcal6il-  Mar-  lion-  Division III.���  1. Ralph Ball  2. Hugh MoKenzie  3. Willie Birch  Honourable   mention.-ylin ne Curts,  Willie Stewart, Mabel !''iihor, Wibio  Sanders, Robert Stillingfleet, Arthur  Ludlow, Arthur Bruuette.  jDivisian IV.--  1.   Charlie Richards  3.   Winnifred Dibb S  3.   Margaret Fumerton  Honourable   mention.���Jack    Ryder,  Stanley Duggan, William Allan. Twoy  Andrews. _  Division V.���  1.   Maude  Ixinc.iiJ  3.   Lily Hoare  9.  Frances Treadg lid  Honourable      msntiM.  ��� Kathleen  Campbell,     Elwyn  Williams,    Flncnce  Ryder, Dorothy Marty, Hn>l :jh.,itt.  Division VI.���  1. Harry Millar  2. May Birch  3. Lloyd Cunningham  Honourable   mention.���Agues Marty,  May Hill, Robert Ennis, Bernice  Blackwood.  Division VII. Junior Second Reader.  1. Harry Gorman  2. Dora Wilson.  3. William Knowles  Honourable       mention. ���   Dorothy  Thomas, Erna Knippel, Frank Fumerton, Hedley Craze, Margaret Gore.  Robert Ritchie.  Division VII.   Senior Second Reader.  1. Hoy Duggan  2. dean liowclille  3. -lack MoKenzie  Honourable mention.���Murray Ho  Kenzie, Agnes Thomlinson, Irene  Cooper, Gordon Haug, Helen Campbell, Gordon Meikle. '  4  Division VIII.���  1.  Douglas Eraser  3.   James Dunn  3.   Alfred Alsgard  Honourable    mention.���Violet Mortimer, Arohie Hyandleu, Jean Morrison,  Alma Cooper.  Division IX.    Section A.  1. Grace Mr-Master  2. Jessie Dunn  3. Madeline Poole  Honourable    mention.���Ida     Wihon,  Isobel Stewart, Eva Blaokwood, I loyd  Williams.      ,  a*  Division IX.    Seotion B.  ���l,  Robert Dick  2. Edney iiVaoker  3. Abel Gagnon.  Honourable    mention. ���    Georgian  Stuart,   SidtVy Hill, Gordon   Cooper,  Iilliaa Oltrsr,  v  Further Reduction of  Assessment Proposed  Believe Can Be Cut Ten Per  Cent. This Year  What will be no doubt welcome news  tho tax-puyers of the itity was contained in a recommendation from tbe  Finanoe oommittee of the council . on  Monday that a further reduction of If)  per oent. be made from the city assess,  ment during the present year  Aid. Rattcnbury stated lhat, ths  committee believed that by economy,  and caro this reduction .ould be mails'  without having to increase tne rite.  He also dreww attcati.ni to a recent  amendment to tho Aot which provided  that where 10 per cent, reduction had  been made in the assessment of anv  property, no appeal oould lie mat.,  against such assessment until one year  after the war.  The agitation for a moro Attractivo-  rebate for prompt payment of taxes,  which tho council has been making for  some years past, was ogain mentbnid  by Mayor Sutherland, and it was up n  his suggestion, and in view of tire' approaching session of '.he le.fis'.Uuve,  that the followiug resol-itid:i vena  passed, and arrangements mads for  bringing it before the attention of the  government: "Whereas tne tenr.to on  taxes as provided for in Sec. 34 of  Chop. 46 of tho 1915 Statutes of Prit-  ish Columbia, ia insuilieient rind no.,  inducement,for the prompt ia1 tnontVof.  taxes; therefore tho Municipal ( nuncl*  of the City of Keliwna rocoii'irinds.  tho Provincial'Government to intro .  duoo and pass an amendme.it lhat will  givo power to muuicip .liiuie to allow  a large rebate for prompt pnyuent ivl  taxeB on the full tax lev>."     ,  Tho present arrangement, Mayor  Sutherland said, allowed a rebate to  be given only on the genoral tax. Thus  Inst year only 3.8 mills of the taxes  were subject to a rebate, and this vtur  it would pcohebly ba leas. The acturvl  advantage to be gained by payirij  taxes promptly was therefore very  small.  Amongst the corr-c.i-i.ndence was a  claim' for five dollars plumber's j8>'  penses on behalf of the owner ot it  houae, and who, it appeared, had a  real grievance against the city. *Xr.e  houso in question, after . '.-eirijt oni1 ty  for somo time had been rented, nnd r-n  application made :or the turvrg on of  the water, for which the necessary feo  was paid. The oity hreinan nent to  the place and proceeded lu turn on :lie-  water at tho stop tap. But the water,  would not come and naturally t.. rivd-  ing that the pipes inside the house  were frozen, he advised 'he nerv'ncs of  a plumber. But in spile of strenuous  efforts the plumbor was equally unsuccessful in inducing the water io  flow. It was then discovered that, a  former employee of the city had lurn--  ��1 off the water furth * back at the  main.   Thc claim was  illo,v,��i. ,  Letters were read from Messrs, t.'ie-  han, Martin, * Co., and from Mr. C,  H. Jackaon, in reply to tho call lor  tenders for the city auditing, and were  turned over to the commi.tee for fur  ther consideration.  A letter from a farmer i#.lrj��ai near  Letbbridge, who wished to rent n  dairy farm in the Kelowna distriot.  and to bring with him a snuOl herd  of pure-fbred Holsteins, was turned over  to the Board of Train, .ith the ro  commendation lhat tho diffnient real  estate firms, in the city ha'c access lo  it.  The uaunl list of acJjunts was sui,  mitted by the Finance .ommittee a'.id  passed for payment.  Plot to Poison Lloyd-George  Some sensation has been caused in  England by the unearthing cf a plot  to murder Premier Lloyd-George ami  Mr. Arthur Henderson of the ��ar  council. The method to bo employed  was by shooting darts tipped with a  powerful poison. Mrs. Alice Wheeldon,  her two daughters, and the husbaud  of one of them, a chemist named  Maon. are on trial in connection with  the affair.  Mrs. Wheeldon, according to thc  attorney geoeral, said the suffragettes  had spent ��300 in attempts to noitw-n  Mr. David Lloyd-George, nnd dint an  attempt had also'been made on Mr.  Reginald MoKenna, former cnruvsl.or  of the grxohsxjusr* PAGE TWO  KELOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, FEB. 8th, 1917  KELOWNH RECORD  NMtsM evwy Thaniay at Kaiowna,  JOHN LEATHLEY  HUr mwM Pt��pri#ter  subscription rates  psr   jser:   76c,   ill   month*.  11.tin    per    Teir;    7flc.    aii    month*.   United  Statei 10 osats additional.  All labicrlutioiu nfivnlile  in advancs  Stibitribeti at th* regular ra'a can have  ���itra wiper��� mailed to Iriendt at a distance  at HALF RATE. I.e.. 7ft cente oer rear.  Tliin loeoial priyilece ii granted lor tbe  ourDoae ot advertieimr the ritv ind district.  ADVERTISING HATES  LODUK NOTICES.  PROFESSIONAL  CARDS.  ETC.. Us r��nte oer column Inch ner week.  LAND AM) TIMBER NOTICES-30 dan. I-V  80 dan 17.  WATKH  NOTICE8-I9 tor live tneerttone.  LEGAL   ADVERTISING-Klrrt    ineertion.    12  cente  per  line; each  etibeeauent  imiertion    A  cente per  Un*.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -2 0��nts  per word first initrlion, 1 cent per word  each aubieauent Ineertion.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS-Two laahrt  ami tinder. SO cente per Inch first insertion  over two inchee 40 centa per Inch first ineertion: 20 cente oer Inch each eubeeqiient  Ineertion.  AM changee in contract advertisements must  be In the hands ol the printer bv T>ieedav  evenlntr  to   ensure   publication   in    the   next  Westbank News  tttrnm ear ova Corr.anondaDt.1  Mrs. Russell was suddenly called away from home this week,  this time over the lake to Mission.  Messrs. Williams, Crawford'  Copeland and Morrison, of Kelowna, were visitors to Westbank  last week, being guests at the  Lakeview.  Mr. T. McAlpine, the newly-appointed road superintendent was  in the diatrict thiB week looking  over the wharfs with a view to  putting them in repair. Hia greatest difficulty seems to be in getting  an engineer to operate the pile-  driver. It is said the C.P.R, has  consented to loan him a man for  a time.  Mrs. Hewlett, who has three  boys overseas, reports having  heard from them all thia week.  William hu sent his watch and  other valuables home for safe  keeping, While Stewart who has  been in the trenches eighteen  months, has had a well-earned  leave of absence from duty, and  went over to England to spend it.  After visiting several relatives he  went to Bramshott to see George  his brother. It must be real joy for  brothers to meet after being so  long under fire -non sibi sed patriae  Ameetinst was held in the school  Friday afternoon under the banner  of the United Farmers of B.C., this  being the firat to be held Two  gentlemen were over from Kelowna to give some idea as to what  ita aims were. Mr, R. A. Copeland, chairman of the Okanagan  Diatrict Union, was the first speaker. After referring briefly to the  objects of the Association, which  he aaid would be more fully dealt  with by the next speaker, Mr. Morrison, he went on to say they had  only been organized in Kelowna  one vear, but they already had  ���even locals and had d.erived great  benefit. They met together as  often as possible, sometimes once  a week, to discuss their local problems.  One of their difficulties had been  labor,.but they had framed a scale  of wagea which the members had  agreed to, with the result that a  laborer could not leave one man  and just go over the fence and get  more money and so become dissatisfied with things in general  besides causing illfeeling among  neighbours. Now they lived on  better terms one with the other ;  the laborer was satisfied and tliey  had better results all round. In  1916 they took up the question of  buying seeds collectively. They  sent to various seed houses for  prices in bulk. The merchants of  Kelowna hearing of this fact asked  them not to buy until they quoted  them prices.and they finally bought  from the Kelowna merchants at n  rduction of aoout 23 per cent.  One of the objects of forming  this Association was to connect up  with the prairie provinces. They  were all organized except B.C,  ,ind after paying a splendid rribute  to that li ,111 leader of men, Mr.  Edward Partridge, of St.Eliita, told  of the difficulties they had down  east, and how they had overcome  many of them such as lowering  of freight, getting provincial owned  ���levators, and one great benefit  tliey had derived this last season  was thaf. the farmers of the provinces had saved themselves an  enormous sum on binder twine  alone. Organize, friends, and get  what you want I  Mr. Morrison said he had been  in the valley twenty-one years, but  bad never been to Weslbank before. He had rro idea of what the  (ilace was like, as it could not be  seen from the lake, but he was tie-  lighted with the location and surroundings now he had s en it. Me  went on to stale the objects of lhe  Association, viz., tu study and  leach the principles of co-operation ; to promote social intercourse  and a higher standard of community life ; to further the interest of  farmers in all branches; to settle  disputes between members without  recourse to law ; to defend members as far as it was possible and  just. He had examined the various  Associations that existed in B.C.  and found that none of them were  broad enough in their ideas.  Co-operation was the thing of  the future and without it they  would be left out in the cold, there-  l fore they should connect up with  | the provinces east of them who  I had done auch a great amount of  good for themselves in the way of  buying and the selling of their  products. They were all organized and reaping untold benefits  as could be gathered from the remarks of Mr. Copeland who told  of the time when wheat Was 25c  per bushel. One thing, he said,  might be the outcome of co-operation, which, of course, is only a  local matter, and that was the free  ferry. It would be biought up at  their locals the members of which  would do all in their power to assist them in getting it.  He then asked the meeting to  pass a resolution to the effect that  they would organize themselves  into a local of the United Farmers  of B.C. This being carried a vote  of thanks was tendered to the  visitors which brought a very enjoyable meeting to a close.  The board of arbitration which  sat for twenty-two days to decide  the value of the Kitsilano Indian  Reserve has decided that the Vancouver harbor commissioners must  pay the Dominion Government  $666,200 for the seventy acres. Il  is understood that the arbitrators'  costs are $7,500. The property  was originally purchased from the  Indians by the provincial government for $300,000.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  "W prepared'     Kelowna Troop  Troop Firat;   Self Last  Edited by Pioneer.     ^Feb. 6, 1917  Orders by command for week  ending 17th of February, 1917.  DUTIES: Orderly patiol for  week, Eagles; next for duty, Otters.  PARADES: ihe combined  Troop '��� ill parade at the club room  on Wednesday, the 14th of February at 7.15p.m. The combined  I roop will also parade at lhe club  room on Friday,'he 16th of February at 7.1 5 p.m., after which ihey  will parade to the Kelowna Public  School,where the entertainment in  aid of the Canadian Patriotic Fund  is to be given. Full dress uniform  must be worn at both of these  parades. For the entertainment  our leaders, seconds and ambulance badge holders will demonstrate some first aid work, and we  shall also put on our collapsible  pyramid,  We are in receipt of the following letter from Major H. A. Duff,  A.D.C. to our late Chief Seoul,  His Royal Highness, the Duke of  Connaught: "Sir, 1 am desired hy  H.R.H. lhe Duke of Connaught to  request you to thank the Troop of  Kelowna Boy Scouts for the very  interesting book of photographs  they so kindly sent him at Christmas, and further to request you to  convey to the Kelowna Boy Scouts  Troop His Royal Highness' best  wishes for the comimg year. Yours  truly, R. A. Duff, Major, A.D.C.  to H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught."  An important Court of Honour  is being held on Wednesday of this  week. A great many scouts did  not attempt to pass llieir Second  Class tests untill lhe lasl few days of  January, and consequently the  Scout Masters did not have time  to examine everyone, and several  of those they did examine did not  obtain the necessary percentage to  pass. 1 he Court of Honour will  probably decide however to give  all those who made a bona fide attempt to parts their tests, a further  extenlion. Those who did not  report at all cease to be members  of the Troop, with the opportunity  of applying to be re-taken on the  strength within the next six months,  bul if thev wish to nttend this year's  Troop camp they must apply to  he retaken on the strength during  this month. We are extending tbe  time1 for passing the "Mile at scouts  pace "and the"cooking test". Below is a list of those who have passed all the other tests:- Troop Leader A DuMoulin. Patrol leaders-  Thomas Snashall, Dick Parkinson,  Godfrey Groves, H. Crowley and  J. Calder. Seconds - L. Gaddes,  B. Davis, L. DuMoulin, p. Gaddes,  and L. Day. Scouts - T. Taylor, R.  Dykes. R. Stillingfleet, F. White-  head, and C. Rowcliffe. Also R.  Keller, now unattached. Those  who reported and passed aon.e  of the tests are scouts - G. Mantle,  N. Marshall, C. Copeland, Ralph  Weddell, E. Small, J. Groves, S.  Whitehead, S. Sinkinson, E. Hunter and F. Duggan. Also F. Buck  and 1. Weddell. unattached.  It sounds like old times to hear  the balls going down the alleys  again. The Fire Brigade boys have  the place rentedjfor a few��months  s^^^^^^^^  |HOSE WHO, FROM TIME TO TIME, HAVE FUNDS REQUIRING  INVESTMENT MAY PURCHASE  \ i AT PAR  DOMINION OF CANADA DEBENTURE STOCK  IN SUMS OF $500 OR ANY MULTIPLE THEREOF. v  Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.  Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at  any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five 'per cent per annum from tha date of  purchase.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued Interest,  as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment njgrje under any future war loan Issue  in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.        u  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and  stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for thia stock which bear thoir1  stamp.  '.For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finanoe, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER 7th, 1916. /  I ROYALS  YEAST  MAKES PERFECT BREAD  31  Combination Aeroplane  and Yacht  One very valuablo rosult ol the groat  stimulus (riven to aeroplane construction has boon a very praetioal combination of the aeroplane nnd fast  cruising plonaure yaobt.  Mr. Curliss has built a large oora-  binntion Hying yacht huving a boat  body about fifty foot long with a cabin top over tlie cockpit to keep ths  pnnsengera dry In rough waul her. It  haa a wing spread of 76 feet, and is  capable ol starting from or alighting  n cither rough or smooth water. The  rqulpmagt of this nir yaoht, aside  from the self-atrirtor, muffler, electric  lights, search light, regulation lights  for night flying, anchor, and other  yacht equipment, includes the Sperry  iiutomrttio pilot which controls the  air cruiser in flight���doing automatically the greater part of ths work of  the pilot?  In the boat body very comfortable  and roomy accommodation I* provided  lor five people, very mush as in the  most luxurious touring oara.  With    a full liont and eleven people  n board it is capable ol 60 miles per  hour, nnd hus a cruising radius of 300  miles. With a load of live people its  'raising radiui is 500 milei. Such a  ,-esscl, of course, can always take tho  shortest route either by air or watsr,  and travel at a very high speed.  There seema to be a great future lor  this new type of conveyanca.  A British steamer whioh left Halifas  for Liverpool with 18,000 barrels of  Xova Scotia apples is reported sunk.  She was tho fourth from that port  th apple cargoes to be Bent to the  bottom by the Germans. The fact  that ��o many of thoao sleam^'B luivrj  l>oen destroyed hue caused coniHerible  anxiety amongst tho Nova Scotia fruit  growers, who still have over 100,'n 0  harrels awaiting shipment. There are  also ferns that tho British government  ay place an embargo on apples, and  mfino shipments from Halifax to  grain, lumlier, munitions, and ether  essentials,.  and  Labor Saving  Office Supplies  When you need Office Supplies you  will find HERE just the kind that will  make the office work easy, and economise time.  Besides a complete line of the best  grade of Miscellaneous Supplies we  specialize in :���  Synoptic and Columnar Books,  Blank Books, Legal Blanks,  Typewriter and Carbon Papers,  Manuscript Covers, &c.t ckc.  P. B. Willits & Co.  REXAIX DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  Furniture, Doors  and Sash  REPAIR   WORK AND JOBBING  Sawa Filed and Set, Skates  Hollow Ground  S. M. SIMPSON  One door south Fireball. Phone 312  AUCTIONEER  1 have had over 21 years' experience in the Auctioneering  business, particularly in the  line of Cattle, Farm Implements and Household Furniture ; and this experience is  at your disposal, It means  better results from your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for  an Auction Sale obould see or  write to  G. H. K��RR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195,  Kelowna, B.C.  Residence at  GLENMORE  Mr. G. W. CUNNINGHAM  Pepdozi Street, is acting  as  agent in  Kelowna and will make   all  arrangements for the conducting oi sales  i I  i        ��� i)  Printing  JVE RECORD Office is  well equipped for the  production of every kind  of Job Printing from the  smallest handbill to large  posters or illustrated booklets, &c  Commercial Stationery  produced in a neat, clean  and up-to-date style.v  Let us help you at any  time in the produqtion of  " copy " or in the development of your own ideas.  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St. Valentine's day, Wednesday,  the 14th, is to be celebrated in  the city, by a bridge drive, which is  to be held in the Board of Trade  room, commencing at 8 p.m. An  admission of 25c is being charged,  and the proceeds given to the  Prisoners of War Fund. PrizeB  will be given, generously donated  by the local tradesmen, and refreshments served.  The entertainment to be given  in the hall of the public school on  Friday, the 16th, in aid of the  Patriotic Fund is now arranged  and an elaborate and very original  programme is being rehearsed.  The ladies who have the arrangements in hand promise an interesting evening for all who attend,  and desire to extend their thanks  to those who have heiped in the  matter, especially to the teachers  at the school for their assistance.  Four Penticton followers of the  Roarin' Game," Messrs. Chambers, Finch, Clark and Keys, came  np to Kelowna last Thursday and  met successively two rinks of Kelowna players. W. Harvey's rink,  in which were H. Lee, C. A. McKay and J. W. Currie. met the visitors in the morning and were  beaten by 13 to 6. In the afternoon Jim Harvey's (skip), W. R.  Trench, L. Haye3and H.Johnston,  were more successful and put it  over the down-the-lake boys by I I  to 6. In the evening the visitors  were entertained at the Lakeview.  On Monday morning the two Kelowna rinks, with the exception of  J. W. Currie, whose place was taken by W. D. Morgan, went up to  Vernon to take part in the five  days bonspeil which is in progress  there this week.  \  Mr. W. E. Adams left Saturday  for Vancouver in consequence of  a decision to move the books and  records of the Central Okanagan  Lands, Ltd., and the Kelowna Irrigation Co., to the office of the receiver, W. M. Maclachlan, of Vancouver. Mr. Adams will still continue in charge of the company's  affairs, and will therefore reside in  Vancouver, Mrs. Adams and the  children joining him at that point.  During his ten years' residence in  Kelowna, Mr. Adams has made a  large circle of friends who will  regret the necessity of his departure. He has been active in public  work of various kinds, having served on the city council, the Board  of Trade, and other organizations.  He has also taken a foremost part  in the work of the Methodist  church, and by the /oung people  especially he will be much missed.  Phone  66  W. HAUG  /  P.O. Box  166  Mr. John Hill was a passenger  to Calgary last Tuesday.  A wild cat measuring three feet  eight inches when stretched out  was shot near Summerland last  week.  The monthly meeting of the  Country Girls' Hospital Aid will  be held at Mrs. Moubray's, on  Abbott Street, Saturday, February  I Oh. at 3 o'clock.  Mr- C. B. Woodruff, who for the  paat two years has led a lonely  life just above the grade on Canyon Creek, left this week for his  home in Seattle. Mr. Woodruff's  gonial smile and oft-told experi'  ences will be greatly missed by  the boys who were in the habit of  calling in to see him on hunting  expeditions.  An inquiry has been received  from Glasgow, Scotland, respecting the whereabouts of a young  man named William Kirkwood,  who worked for a couple of fruitgrowers about two years ago in  this vicinity. His mother makes  the inquiry and any information  left at this office will be gladly received.  The loss sustained in the destruction of the Salmon Arm public school is estimated at '$6,500.  The. fire started in the basement at  about 10 o'clock in the morning  when all the children were busy  with their studies. Owing to the  coolness of the staff, however, the  scholars were all marched out with  out mishap, many of them even  gathering their books and utensils.  Several hundred dollars worth of  books belonging to the school  were destroyed, and only part of  the school records were saved.  i Penticton is anxious to arrange  for a Basket Ball Match between  their team and Kelowna. This is a  game which should take on very  well in Kelowna, particularly in the  winter when we have so little  hockey and what we do have ia  so uncertain. Basket ball is a splendid game to watch and very fast  and exciting if well played between even teams. Penticton has  also a girls' team and they wish to  arrange a match with a team of  Kelowna girls. ' A meeting will be  held of all those interested at the  office of Burne & Weddell, on  Tuesday, the 13th inst., at 8 p.m.  The Kelowna Red Cross Society's  financial statement for last month  shows contributions amounting to  $91.2. This together with a balance  of $ 131.16 from December, made  $222.18. January's expenses were  $1 17.07, leaving in hand the sum  of $ 105.11. The following articles  have be forwarded to headquarters���26 day shirts, 35 pairs pyjamas, 132 pairs sox, 17 ties, 4  scarves, I sheet, 6 vermin quilts, 3  pairs bed sox, 12 hot water covers,  20 many-tailed bandages, 10 T  bandages, 10 abdomen bandages.  We wish to thank Benvoulin for  14 pairs sox, 2 scarves, also Okanagan Mission for 40 bandagea, I  day shirt, 10 pairs sox, 15 hotwater  covers, 3 pairs bed socks and 5  pyjamas; also Mra. Swerdfaeger  I pair aox. The ladies are very  grateful for the money they have  received this month, but add they  still need more to help in this  great work.  MAKE YOUR DOLLARS  FIGHT  AT   THE   FRONT.  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PAGE FOUR  KBLOWNA   IBCOU  THURSDAY, FEB. 8th, 1917  ( WANTED! )  FOR SALE OR TRADE, Wlo aia-cylin-  der McLaughlin, known aa the " Bahy  Sis." Will take good Foid in part payment. Thia car ia in perfect shape and  owner haa good reason for aelling. Apply Janice 1. Campbell. 5tf  WORK WANTED. Man. or man and  wife, experienced in farm work, aeek  aituation.   Apply box S, Record Office.  WANTED, to rent, bearing orchard. Apply with full particulars in Brat inatance,  to Box Y, Record Office. 7tf  BERKSHIRE and Yorkahire Boara and  two Berkahird brood Sowa, all regiater-  ed atock, for aale. Ice in any quantity.  Bankhead Orchard Co., Ltd. 9>  STENOGRAPHER   wi.hea    poaition   in  Kelowna.    Apply Box S, Record Office.  I l-2p  WANTED, to rent, amall  cultivated acreage,  with   bearing   orchard  and email  houae.   Apply Box Z, Record Office,  lit!  FOR SALE���A few Barred Rock rooaler.  E. B. Thompaon alrain. Price $2.50  each.   D. M. Morriaon. Rutland.    I l-2p  TO RENT OR FOR SALE���42 acie��,  part of the B. N. A. Tobacco Co., Ltd.,  plantation. The liquidator of the British  North America Tobacco Company, Ltd.,  ia prepared to receive offera for the pur-  cheae of thia property, or to leaae It fot  the aeaaon of 1917. Apply to Okanagan  Loan & Inveatmenl Truit Company.  Auction  at the residence of Mrs. CAR-  BERY, on Abbott Street, on  SATURDAY, February 24th, at  1.30 p.m.  Roiewood Parlor Suite, comprising two  easy chair and four ordinary charrs. Rosewood Folding Card Table, Burnt Walnut  Tea Table, Large plate glasa Mirror, gilt  frame, Brasi Fender, copper coal Scuttle,  Box Settee, Rosewood Couch, solid Mahogany Extension Dining Table, six Mahogany Dining Chairs, Circassion Walnut  Buffet, with mirror and marble top. Bookcase, Rocking Chair, 2 mahogany Side  Tables, Brass Bed, Box Spring Mattress,  mahogany Dresser, with large oval mirror,  marble top Washstand, Wardrobe, with  plate glass mirror, cheval Glass, 3 mahogany Chests Drawers, Camp Bed, Medicine  Chest. Step Ladder, Meat Safe, Kitchen  Ulensils. Kitchen Table, Large Chicken  House, 8 x 10, Small Chicken House, portable, Garden Tools, Electric Light Fixtures, and many other articles.  England Ready For the  Submarine Blockade  Bargains  TERMS  CASH  TO RENT-On weat aide of lake. 420  acrea, fenced. 20 acrea in cultivation,  Good irrigation ayatem. Modem aix-  roomed dwelling, atablea.iic. Telephone  connection. Three yeara' leaae, wilh oi  without live atock and furniture. Apply  P.O. Box 274. Kelowna, B.C.        I2tf  FOR SALE���Magnet Cream Separator.  Will alao trade colt for working harnes,.  W. Turnbull. 534. Harvey Avenue.  I2.4p  PRIVATE TUITION in Stenography and  Typewriting. Claaaea commence March  let in Kelowna. Moderate charges.  Anyone intereated write Box 433, Pen.  ticton.  12  WANTED, to rent, about 10 acrea ot good  garden land, auitable for tomatoes.  Near town preferred. Apply Box C,  Record Office. . <2-3p  WANTED, to exchange for mixed farm  land in Okanagan, one quarter.aection,  thtea mile, from town, fair building.,  good land, rolling, alao another quarter,  about 2J milee from Sown, in central  Aberta,- beat mixed farming eection.  Addteae C. H. Leathley. Ba-haw, Alia  STOCKWELL, Auctioneer  12-14  TO RENT  Warm, cheery Offices and SiuJios.  Building steam  heated, clean and  bright,   Prices very moderate,  P. B. WILLITS & CO.  White Wyandottes  EgR8 for setting, $1.50 per setting from two  pens carefully selected for laying and tabic  H. C. RICHARDS  Winner over 150 prizes  on   White Wyandottes in prairie  provinces  12-5P  The throut uf unrestricted subm.irin  warfare has not produced the Benaa-  tion in England which Germany expected. Apparently The belief is gen-  ral thut she ht\B already been doing  her worst, and oan not enforce lhe  blockade she threatens. More tinkftijj  of unarmed passenger boats and oi  neutral vesarta is possible, but the  much advertised submurino blockade is  largely looked upon as an exaggeftv  tion. At the same timo it is hinted  thai enormous preparations have been  made to co]>o with any possible in-j  crease of submarines  Agents  of British   lines   declare  that  the admiralty now has a fleet of -UKHI  vessels available to keep the sea lanes |  clear of raiders  and  submarines,    and!  to act as convoys.  Officers think it quite possible thai  Great Britain may assemble iloets of  merchantmen and take them through  the danger /ones under a heavy guard  of light submarine destroyers.  It is claimed that Germany .s now  Losing two submarines a day -.s the,  result of British measures, and thai  for every ton of sh ppihg destroyed,  Great Britain is now building two,  Ah Wing, a local Oriental, fell  nto the hands of lhe police Saturday afternoon on a chaige of being  in possession of opium. He was  let out on bail of $50. On his reappearance Monday he pleaden  guilty and was fined $25 and cosls.  STOCKWELL  The Auctioneer  has (or sale the following  100   rods   Pig   Tight   Wire  Fence  Large plate glass Mirror. 3x5  Pen Wliite Leghorns  Pen Rhode Island Reds  Single Driving Buggy  Roll Top Desk  Heintzmann Piano  Wilton Carpet Square  Oak Dining Set  Chippendale China Cahinet  Pair Double Work Harness  Pair Democrat Harness  Farm Wagon  Cnal and Wood  Heaters  Cook Stoves  BIG DROP IN FLOUR  Flour, Bran, Shorts, Middlings  Oats and Flat Oits  White Wyandotte  Cockerels  for   atock   purpoaea,  apecially   bred   (or  Eg|l. Tested out under the Hogan ayatem,  range from 138 to 205 egga capacity  Prices   range   from  $2  to  $7.50  A. W. COOKE  Kelowna Field. Box 663, Kelowna  I.   LILII.,!.-.,.....',.".".".     .".'   .II..,."."."."^**'  ���* PROFESSIONAL AND "  BUSINESS CARDS  "   ne i. �� "��� ��"."����������  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. C. Weddell.    ���   John F. Burne.  KELOWNA, B.C.  R. B. MRR  Banister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOV'I  B.C  PIANOFORTE  MK.  HAROLD   TOU   BOYD  ���aa returned hia teaching clnaaea and wil  receive  pupila  a*  before ill  Iris studio-  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. bo* 374  JOHN CURTS  OONTRACTOR & BUIIDER  I ..isand Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  inga,Town ana Country R<  'dences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  P. W. GROVES  M. Cen.8oc.CE.  Consulting Cioil and HudraulU  Engineer  B.C. Land Surceyor  Survey, and Report, on Irritation Work.  Application, for Water License.  KELOWNA. B.C.  Mrs. FRANCES A. PEDLAR  L.H.H.M.  Give, leaeona in  Voice Production & Singing  ���00, Graham  Street.   Kelotona, . N.  CLIFFORD G. BUCK  INSURANCE BROKER  Life, Accident, Sickneaa, Fire, Automobile,  Burglary, Fidelity Guarantee  Specializing in Insurance, therefore service  to tha Aaaured  Phone* th & 810 Room l,UcWe Bib.  Reward of $100  For information that will lead  to conviction of anybody stealing or killing any of my stock  LOST - FOUR 3.YEAR.OLD STEERS  practically all red, branded \ on led  Lip, and round hole in left ear ; V also  branded U6F on right ribs. Reward of  $5 per head for their return to my ranch  THOS. BULMAN  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for  of work  all cla  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  C0a,l miniag right! ol the Uoi  in Manitoba, .Saskatchewan and AUitr  ta, tha Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, aad in a portion ol  the Province ol British Columbia, may  be leased for a term ol twenty-oae  years at an annual rental of $1 aa  aere. Not more than 2,600 acres  will be leased to one applicaat.  Applications for the lease must ba  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the distriot  in which the rights applied for are  situated.  In surveyed territory, the laad must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of seotions, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for  shall be' slakod out by the applieaat  himaelf.  Eaoh application must be accompanied by a fee of IS which will be  refunded if the right applied for ale  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rata of  five osnU per ton.  The person operating tha mine stall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity oi  merchantable ooal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the ooal miniag  rights are not being operated,  returns shall be furnished at leant  a year.  The lease will include the ooal  ing rights only, but the lessee may  be permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of  the mine at the rate of $10 an awe.  For full information application  should be made to the secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. COBY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B. ��� Unauthorised publication] of  thia advertisement will not be paid lor.  Ladies    Wishing   to   Order  SPIRELLA   CORSETS  can meet  MRS. J. H. DAVIKS  in  Saturday    of each week, or    *���>���  ,n Room No.  1, Oak  Hall  Llook,  be  tween the hours of 2:30 and o:30 p.m.  Auction  Being instructed I will sell tlie  following at the residence of  C. J. B. ANDERSON, on Pendozi Street South, near Okanagan  Lumber Co.'s place, on SATURDAY, February 17th���  Extension Table, Oak Wi iting Desk'  Chiffonier, Oak Roll Top Desk, Two Bed-  steads. Two Sheet Iron Heaters, Kitchen  Range, Lawn Mower, Tubs, Gasolene  Tank with Pump, Writing lable. Granite-  ware, Kitchenware of all Kinds, Sewing  Machine, Kitchen Table, 64 Yards Linoleum, Parlor Table, Oak Sideboard, Office  Chair, two Rocking Chairs, eight Kitchen  Chairs, three Bed Springs, two Mattresses,  Couch, and many more small articles.  Every article must be sold. Absclutely  no reserve, as Mr. Anderson has already  left the city. TERMS CASH  When the Children  Grow Up  one of your most prized  possessions will be the  Photographs you had of  them  in   their young days  Don't Neglect This  McEWAN  Photographer  j Rowcliffe Block  Kelowna  G. H. KERR, Auctioneer  Nursery Stock  I have a limited quantity of First  Class Trees, two and three years  old, in the following varieties:���  APPLES  Mcintosh Red, Jonathan,       Delicious,  Wagner Linland Raspberry  also  Suuthport   Yellow   Globe Danvers Onion  Seed from carefully selected bulbs  Northwestern Dent Corn  Daniel Baldhead Cabbage Seed  Hollow Crown Parsnip Seed  English Breatfast Radish Seed  Thos. Bulman  Cloverdale Ranch    Kelowna, B.C.  PHONES  Office 306;   Ranch 3206:   Residence 116  | KEL0WNA-WEST BANK |  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  in operation aa follows :  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m.  ���   Westbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY  Leaoes Kelotcna 11 a.m.  Leaoes Westbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS CASH  L. HAYMAN  Seed  Good seed corn is very  scarce this year. We have the  only   large quantity   of   B.C.  grown NORTH WEST DENT  CORN, from specially selected seed. Local growers of  ensilage corn should order  now before outside districts  secure all our seed.  Winners of First Prizes Provincial Seed  Fair Armstrong District Corn competition  ALSO  Sunnybrook  Earliana Tomatoes  Specially selected hand cleaned aeed  Parsnip Onion  Strawberry Plants  Raspberry   Canes  Bankhead  Orchard  Company, Ltd.  Rutland News'  (from oar owl OomaDoadaat.)  Elmer McDonald returned thia  week from a visit to Vancouver.  There was a surprise birthday  party at the Wilson home yester-  day honoring Misses Annie Wilson  and Earla McDonald.  We hear that Everett Fleming  who went to Kamloops last week  was unsuccessful in passing for the  Army Medical Corps.  The annual meeting of the Liberal Association of Rutland and  district is to be held next Monday,  February 12th, in the Rutland  schoolhouse.  The Mount View Methodist  Ladies' Aid intend holding a Valentine social on Wednesday, the  14th, and are arranging a good  programme for the enteftainjnent  of their friends.  Three sleigh loads of merry makers from the Presbyterian church  went down to the home of Mr. S. T.  Elliott a few davs ago where they  spent a pleasant evening with songs  and music. Looks as though that  wil! be the last sleigh ride of the  season.  Dr. MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  J. GALBRAITH  Plumber and Steam Fitter  P.O. Box 81        Kelowna, BC.  Somewhat drastic action is being taken to stop the wives and  families of Canadian soldiers from  flocking over lo the old country,  and it is reported that the government is shutting down altogether  on the issue of passports Unless  exceedingly good reasons arc  given.  In a speech a fe at days ago to  his constituents, former Premier  Asquith said that the naval and  military economic resources of the  Entente Allies assure them inevitable victory. " A notion that the  struggle is about to come to a  squalid end���to result in a atale-  mate���is a mere dream," he said,  "The fortunes of battle may fluctuate and shift, but if all the influences at work are taken into cc mpre-  hensive account, every month of  the conflict becomes mote unequal  and the balance ot success more  and more in favour of the Allies."  MOTOR GO., LTD.  Under new management  We are now in shape to  handle your repairing, and.  our work will stand the  closest inapection. Ask  those who have tried it.  Come in and talk over  your winter overhauling.  We specialize in Electrical troubles. Don't leave  your starting systems to  take care of themselves  this time of year, aB a battery in a partly discharged  condition will freeze very  easily. We tell you in a  few minutes if they are  aafe.  Our card system leaves  little chance of mistakes or  over charges.  A few good bargains  in used cars.  Tho Hon. T. D. Patullo, minister ol  lands, nnd his deputy, are at present  bWly engaged ponsidering a scheme of  irrigation suitable for different parts  of the province. (  Barred Rocks  Cockerels and Pullets For Sale  Apply M. Copeland or the Secretary of Kelowna Poultry Asan.  Automobile For Hire  O. D. CAMPBELL  Phone 219  J. Ii CROFT  Bootmaker.  All Hinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  ~t,���9m9..9.+..9���[  1MH�����.��������#" H '��'r|n| ������!���.��������������  .��wtw��iHia��.atw��..a^.ai.^.H>.��i>ii��.itli��.i��H��Hii��.H  Orange Week!  Thursday, Feb. 8, - Wednesday, Feb. 14  ! 5 Oranges for 25 cents. Regularly 30c per doz.  19 Oranges for 50 cent*.  Regularly 50c per doz.  10 Lemons for 25 cents.  Regularly 40c per doz.  4 Grape Fruit 30 cents. Regularly  3 for 25c.  Marmalade Oranges now in stock and  more coming this week  Some people make Marmalade from the bitter or marmalade oranges alone. Some use Bitter or Marmalade  Oranges, Sweet Oranges and Lemons; while others  use Grape Fruit to give a tang to their marmalade. We  have evetything necessary for any kind and have two  splendid r.cipes which we can thoroughly recommend  and of which we will gladly give you a copy. Make  our Orange week your Marmalade week. It will pay you  Next week's Special will surely interest you, too  The McKenzie Co., Ltd.  Phone 214  Our motto r -" Quality and Service "  iii.i..i.a.n..a...i..i......n.1,.,1. inninniiiiisniiisii i i Ml 11 i l I i I i I l ill I I  "Produce more in 1917"���Hon. Martin Burrell, Dominion Minuter of Finance.  ROYAL STANDARD  FIELD SEEDS  WE are extending our already extensive field teed business (or 1917. It  is the desire of the Canadian Government that the people produce  as much as possible during the ensuing year, and we are arranging  with the leading dealers throughout British Columbia and Alberta to carry  a complete line of ROYAL STANDARD FIELD SEEDS. These seeds are  the choicest it is possible t > secure in the World's Market. They are Government inspected and carefully selected for purity.  Seeds should be purchased early as prices inevitably advance aa the  Season progresses. In all probability the narket will ba short and it will be  difficult later in the year to make purchases.  Order ROYAL STANDARD Field Seeds NOW. If your dealer cannot supply you write us and we will ship to you direct  WRITE  TODAY  FOR FULL INFORMATION  AND PRICE LIST  Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B.C


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