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Kelowna Record Jun 7, 1917

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 -!"���  ************************  VOL. IX.   NO. 29.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY. JUNE 7, 1917.-4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Cheap Rates For  Harvest Help  From tlie Coast  Dominion Government Makes  Arrangements With C.P.R.  Duliinie Uuiuilu uL'e now aviiiiublo us  lu Uio uiTuuguuientti wiiljb hu\u bueu  luudtt uy the Dopui'tiuoia oi Agiiuui-  luru wilh iho l. r. li. ior  .bu   fuim-  ffivaie IK. tfaymer Killsu  I'rivate Waller liaymar lv;lluu  iviflod in action, May 'Jitu, was tin;  brio! iniorination conveyed in a ite-  graiu IVixinesduy morning to Ut. ueo,  Kayjiuir,. coniMrning his son Walter,  who left Kolowna soma nrjntns a,;o,  oager and enthusiastic us iiuy or thein,  'with the Kelownu contingent ol Hie  172nd. No other partiouiiu'B Wlio  I given.'  The young iellow was only twenty  years ol uge,' and has lived in Kelowna more than hall ol nia chart,  lite, attending school here, iurl is lor  puliation oi harvest nelpere Uuu tne^v- uart & ^ managemen(, ol tba  coast cities to the UauBagan >uiiej at Upeta HoMti Ho WM 0M ol ^^  oheap rates. I brothers who havo gone overseas, ono  second class tickets will be resuui at'of whom ia vet m upland, wnUe the  all stations west oi bpeuce's Uri^e, I other a m th, Uea(iim. He was a  on the main line and branoh uues, a.'ao ;nepi18W oi &��� lat, 414. Eaymer.,  Irom V iotoria, on present.ition ol' icr-'  tuicatee signed on behall ut ihe guv-  erament by one or other ol the iolluw  ing:���W. hi. tjeott, deputy uiirustoi oi  agriculture, Yiotoria; It. Al. Winslow,  provincial horticulturist, VI lona; It,  U Abbott, coasts raarkot commission- The deuth took place lust Saturday  er, 306, lionk oi Ottawa Budding, evening!niter a long and trying iluoss,  Vancouver; Mrs. J. 0. Kemp, li. (J.'oi Mis. A. I'. MoKenzie, for some  Fruit Harvesters' Bureau, Cm let-Dot- time it had been apparent that the  ton 1'uilding, Vanoouver. dread disease oi luberoulobiB had got  The tickets will not be issued to ia- too strong a hold to'yield to any cure  dividuttlu, but only to parties oi live or treatment, and though every ettorl  or mora travelling together on ihe go- was made to alleviate her suiiering,  ing journey. The rate oi tare .will bt tkeru was nothing ior it but to acoept  one and a hali oents a mile in euih'tliu inevitable with Christian resigna-  direetion, ticket to be purchased ior tion. The end came Saturday evening  the round-trip and to be limited ior about nine o'clock,  return to sixty days irom date 0: is-1 The itinera! took place Moiiduyi a��ter-  sue, but not later than November 30. noon,    the   Kev. A. Dunn olhciating.  sJuulIl UI MS. A. t. MUWUiui.  Tickets will be good to all noiila  between Tentielon aud .Salmon Arm inclusive,    the dates oi sale to be July  The pail-bearers were the iour menibers|  oi the Tresbyterian session, Mobsts. J.  Ball, A. Tooid, Jas. Harvey, sr., and  Uth to 16th, 31st to 25th, August 1st ID. McMUlan, and Messrs. H. D, Mo  to 5th, 11th to 15th, 21st 10 2)th,!Tavish and J. W. Currie, and a large  September 1st to 5th. 11th 4o 15IU, number oi irionds and sympathisers  21st to 25th, Ootober 1st to 5m, Uth | were present at the service,  to 15th, 21st to 25th.    Tickets   Irom  Hope and stations west will apply via  the Kettle Valley Hallway mil l'entis-  ton as well as via t&comous.  These favorable rates should groutiy  facilitate quits) an exodus of useful  helpers irom the coast cities to the  fruit dislriots where help is short.  Similar arrangements are being male  ior berry pickers to go to Hammond,  Honey, Mission, and Hatzlo, where  conditions are excellent for a heavy  crop oi berries, and it is expected Unit  from 1500 to 2000 pickers will l-o required. In their oase, however, the  rate is fixed at a fare und a third.  It seems that owing to tho publioity  given to the agitation regarding a  possible shortage oi labor in ths distriot, many strangers have already  oome into town during the pist wrek  or two, and frequent applications  being made to the secretary   ol  Mr. and Mrs. A. 1'. MoKenzie oame  to Kelowna with their iour children  about three yearB ago, and have made  a wide circle oi irionds, though Mrs.  MoKenzie has been in pdor health ior  the most part oi that time) A iew  weeks ago, realising that, the snd was  approaching, the ohildxen who are' all  young, were sent to visit relatives in  Vernon, Edmonton, and Ontario, und  they aro still away. Beep sympathy  iB expressed on all sides with tho lie-  Ireeved husband in his great loss. Mr.  McKenzie is a brother oi G. S. Mo  ken/in, ol the McKenzie Co., Ltd., uud  is secretary oi the Kelowna Hospital.  Beceused,    whose maiden name was  Kdith !���'.. Hawthorne,    was    bom  Milton, Ont., in 1878, moving in early  Bfe   to    liupid City, Man., where her  I parents both died. She was married  ere'ito Mr. A. 1'. McKenzie in Phoenix, B.  the C., in 1902. One of her brothers is  Farmers' Institute lor jobs. Through tin England with the Canadian forces;  tho medium of the Institute labor bur-' otherB are in Toronto, Miniota, Man.,  eau, somo half-dozen ol these havo! Alberta, and Son Diego, Cal., respeot-  been found situations on farms. Some ivoly, the five being now the only sur-  difficulty arises, howevor, from the faot I viving members oi a family ot fourteen  that farmers do not make known their' of whion deooaBed waB tha youngest,  wants to ths seoretory. II tbir,. is  a shortage oi labor, no steps oan be  taken to supply the demand until the  requirements oi the farmers are mftde  known, and it is possible that men  may be coming into town and leaving  again without getting a job from inability ol anyone to tell him where to  look. v  O  Mr. 1'urcy    Harding corns is   today  lor a few days visit! from Neluon.  HARDIE-On Friday, May 25th,  to Mr. fit Mrs. W. Hardie, a son.  PATTERSON���On Monday, June  4th, to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Patterson, Benvoulin, a son.  Mrs. D. A. Cameron, of Penticton, has just undergone a serious  operation in the Kelowna Hospital, but ia now happily recovering  and will soon be well enough to  return to her home. She wishes  to express her grateful thanks to  the doctor and nursing staff at the  Church ol England service is to U  held Sunday next at St. Andrews,  Okanagan Mission.  At Knox Churoh Sunday next in the  morning there will ba a ���roildrtyi's rally  and in the evening a speeial musical  servioe.  Two British airmen have been rescued by a destroyer from their wrecked  machine to whioh they had been lUng,  ing lor Ave days and tlo nights, with  a piece oi ohoeolate aa their only I >od.  The Poultry Association is to form  itself into a joint stock oompuny lor  the cooperative purchase ot poultry  supplies,    flour,   feed,   and household  hosp)taT"and"al.o"'to'many'/rienfis issues' generally, il the recommends-  for their sympathy and assistance.  Mrs. Cameron is the wife of fylr.  Duncan Cameron and was resident in Kelowna a few years ago.  The arrest of Grand Duke Nicho-  tiion of a recent directors' rneotii.ti  accepted.      The   proposed capital  placed at *3000.  The    government,    it is stutirfl, If,  finally deoided upon the question  Hod. J. Oliver Will  Speak^Convention  Revised List of Speakers For  Dairymen's Convention  The Hon. John Oliver, Minister  of Agriculture, is to speak at the  forthcoming convention of the B.C.  Dairymen's Association, lo be held  in Kelowna the 22nd and 23rd of  this month. Though railways and  railroad matters are at present absorbing a large part of the hon.  minister's attention, it must not be  forgotten that he is a practical agriculturist of many years'experience  in the province, and in addition he  will no doubt have much to say  regarding the government's plans  to encourage and assist the farming industry. The deputy minister,  Mr. W. E. Scott, will also be present. Dr. S. F. Tolinie.the B.C. representative of the Dominion Live  Stock Branch, W. T. McDonald,  provincial live stock commissioner,  Prof. L. Stevenson, superintendent  of the Dominion Experimental  Farm at Sidney, Vancouver Island,  Prof. J A. McLean, animal husbandry department, and Prof. P.  A, Boving, of the field husbandry  department, University of B.C.  In addilionlo these'well known  agricultural experts there will be  the president of the B.C. Dairymen's Association, vice-president,  secretery and other officers.  The full detailed programme will  be available in the course of a few  days.   o   Hospital Egg Day  The Kelowna Poultry Association lias decided to hold a "Hospital Egg Day" on Saturday, June 16,  when contributions oi eggs will be  received for the Kelowna Hospital.  Farmers and poultry keepers generally are asked to bring in eggs,  in large or small quantities, anrl  leave them at the boot repairing  store of Mr. C. S. Dark.   O   Rutland News  {From our own oorreaponrlsntl.  Quite a lot of spraying has been  done in the district recently.  An ice creaii. social is to be held  at St.Andrew's Presbyterian church  Rutland, on Thursday, June 28th,  when ice cream, strawberries, tea,  ake and candy will be on sale. A  programme will be rendered.  The Girls Enterprise Club met al  the house of Mrs. S. Elliot on Tuesday evening. There waa a good  attendance and final arrangrments  were made for the ice cream social  which will be held on the lawn at  the schoolhouse on Friday evening, June 8th.  The service held at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. Wilson last Sunday  was well attended thirty-four people being present. Many friends  came out from Kelowna. It is expected that the arrangement will  be repeated at a future date.  The Young People's Society of  the Methodist church held a meeting last Friday evening when Mr.  Gorman, a returned soldier, was  to have given a talk on the war,  but unfortunately he waa unable  to attend. The evening was spent  in singing patriotic songs and an  impromptu debate on Prohibition.  It is hoped that Mr. Gorman's address can be arranged for at a later  dale and further announcements  will be made accordingly.  The Rutland Womans' Insfiltilr  will luvld ihrir meeting in llir  school h"iise on   Thursday   J"'"'  !4it3v,.   loon l^a wdl ba serv-d at  Seeking Fruit Markets  i     Id Orient  The decision of the United States  department of agriculture to send a  special commissioner to Japan,  China' Australia, the Philippines  and Siberia for the purpose of  seeking new markets in those  countries for the fruit crops of the  Northwestern States, has aroused  considerable interest among Okanagan orchardists, who are faced  with the same poor outlook as  their American competitors, owing  to the British embargo against  North American apples.  Transpacific markets as possible  outlets for the surplus output of  British Columbia orchards have  received compaiatiyely little attention in the past axcept Australia  and New Zealand, wilh which a  satisfactory trade is being developed. As far as known the first practical effort to sell British Columbia  apples in the Orient was made  last year when the B. C. Growers  Limited of Kelowna shipped a  Carload to China.  Fruit growers of the Okanagan  Valley are discussing the possibility  of the Dominion Government appointing a trade commissioner to  look into the possibilities of the  markets. Quick action would he  necessary to ensure success in the  face of the strong competition  which United States fruit will undoubtedly provide. It has been  suggested that this matter be taken  up with the Otta��va authorities by  Messrs. Barnes and Palmer of the  B. C. Fruit Growers' Association  while on their visit to the capital  in the effort to secure an embargo  against import of United States apples into Canada.  News of Near  Neighbours  The Summerland Hospital Society has recently received a grant  from the provincial government  toward the cost of finishing the up.  per floor. The society now hopes  to be able to have these additional  rooms ready for use at an early  date.  Principal Thos. Runkine of the  Armstrong public school, who a  year ago was given leave of ab  sence to enlist in the University  Battalion, has died of wounds received at Vimy Ridge.  The tabulating of the names ol  applicanta for inclusion on the vot-|  era' list has been completed at the  registrar's office at Vernon. It  evident from the results that a large  proportion of the women of the  districts of both South and North  Okanagan have availed themselves  of their first opportunity to become  voters as the additions to the lists  are almost entirely names of women. In South Okanagan 970 new  names were added bringing the  total up to 2,855. In North Okanagan there were added 1,398  names, making the total voting  strength of that constituency 4,844,  k.     Red   Ciofs   alter  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     _^ ,_.__. I  las, former commander-in-chief of maximum and minimum ajjos ol those  the Russian armies, in consequence'(,��� w;n be, oaiigd upon tn register lor  of royalist riots at liflis, is report-1 OOMomption. The ages are-between  ed in a despatch auoting advices J0 and 45 It is slated that ten clrtne-  received from Petrograd. |0, oro 8pecified in the bill.  Seven   hundred   and     thirteen]   For   ^^^   wh,oh yn���,   ttnJ  aeroplanes were brought down on. ^^ ^ ���,���,, tla.  the western  front   in   Msy-only ^ w    fa ^   ^^  four less   than   April,   when   tho V AoKiio .,��� ,v)|..  struggle fcr supremacy m  the  air:" ��� o{       ._,��� ��� lho  reached   >ts   maximum   intensity. t"u* "'     * B        ,       ^.    _,  During May the German, lost 442 ��� Ml *���* olo,1K the 1^JT? ��  macnine. and Allies, according to d-* in,P������ on e��on R^ *�� "T  the claims of the enemy. 271. If"   ��'  <M���������0   "1��tloM "h  pr- -  *le puceR by M h. .A, Cr��,ti  reecUlar our Red Gro** M N'nV  Fund M ���rn'tera ai** r* q^eslt tl !���  brinji- ir nn or brfui'r ll.in d��t<-  ��ny rock 1 0** otlfr R��*d Cr< t-�� w.ml  iliry h.Hve finished, Visitvts wil-  come.   o   Mr J. II   Putnef, foi ��*vral yi��T*  ap nl-cmerat ft.? RritUil CJnmM;-  *n L'Muloti und who Wh* *u ifjr��;-ri-  cd InM v��"ar in Uvour "I Si.i Ru h-  prd McBiidt", is once innic in  charge of Ms old office. Hfl officially took over the direction o!  affiai.B in accordance with a  rcqucet from Premier Brewater.  Public School  Report For Nay  Press**  Enrolment  every session  I'crcBiiUge  I.  25  14  94.20  11.  32  15  95.00  III.  39  15  92.30  IV.  ii   35  19  91.28  V.  39  22  .95.25  VI.  33  16  90.37  VII.  30  13  94.16  VIII.  31  14  91.25  IX.  34  23  93.82  X.  34  13  87.09  Total enrolment 332.  Number present every session 164.  Average percentsge of attendance  92.27.    ���  The Nelson Shield for best attendance ia awarded to Mias Page's  (Div. V.).  The following pupils have donated books to the school library:  James   Laidlaw, Stanley  Duggan,  Cecil Duggan, Bertie Adams, Ron-  Id Weeks, Willie Akeroyd, Denis  Gore, Teddy Groves.  Division 3.  1 Ralph Ball  2 Dorothy Morrison  3 Rosalie Wilson  Honorable mention-Willie Birch  Winifred  Andrews, Ruthea Ried,  Arthur Ludlow.  Division 5.  1 Maude Kincaid  2 Elwyn Williams '  3 Frances Baylis  Honorable mention-Mabel Graham, BerthaThompson, Lily Hoare  Frances Treadgold, Florence Ryder, Alice Palmer, Louise Cunningham.  Division 6  1 Frances Peterson  2 Lloyd Cunningham  3 May Birch  Honorable mention-Irene Parkinson, Harry Millar. Annie Curts.  Division 7 Second Reader A  1 Roy Duggan  2 Agnes Thomlinson  3 John Williams  Honorable mention-Murray McKenzie, Cordon Haug. Jean Row-  cliffe, Irene Cooper.  Second Reader B  1 Harry Gorman  2 Dorothy Thomas  3 Dora Wilson   I   c  Daisy Birch      f   Even  Honorable mention-Robert Ritchie, Margaret Gore, Erna Knippel  Bill) Knbwles.Hedley Craze, Frank  Fumerton.  Division 8 First Readers  1 Claire Brunette  2 Kathleen Crichton  3 Jean Morrison  Honorable   mention    -    Bessie  Hawes, Beatrice Harrison.  Second Primer.  1 Katherine Black  '  2 Alan MacGibbon  3 Earl Swerdfager  Honourable mention - Margaret  Corbett, Martin Akeroyd.  Division 9-First Primer (Sec. A).  I Grsce McMaster  Advantage of Keeping  Dairy Records  One remarkably satisfactory result of keeping simple dairy records, yields of milk ant) cost ol  food, is the knowledge gained that  cows of good dairy type do repay  the cost of extra feed.  One example may be given. Not  far from St. Hjacinthc, Quebec,  one hundred cows produced 104,-  854 pounds of milk more during  1916 than one hundred did in 1915.  The 1915 records showed that ten  were not paying so they weie beefed, and again in 1916 eleven were  sent to the block, being replaced  by better milkers. Better feeding  contributed largely to the above  noted big increase in milk yield :  more corn was fed, more clover  and a little higher meal ration.  The value of the extra feed was  $605.00 ; this produced more milk  to the value of $1,677.66, so that  the extra clear return was $1,072.-  66, and the cows were in much  better condition.  Dairy records help to select  good cows and to ensure larger  profit. Write the Dairy Commissioner., Ottawa, for free wiilk said  feed record form.  A hen owned by a New Westminster man has laid an egg weighing 6 3-4 ounces, a record weight  in hens' eggs for fhat district.  Rowland E. Prothero, president  of the British Board of Agriculture,  in an address said that under a  plan devised by the government,  the success of which he belirved  to be assured, Great Britain would  grow sufficient wheat in 1918 for  all the needs of the population,  with a liberal supply left over for  the livestock.  Thursday was the anniversary of  the battle of Jutland, the most considerable naval fight of the war.  In memory of those who fell on  that occasion, services were held  in London, largely attended by officials and by officers and men of  navy.  Premier Brewster IsXJo assume  the position of acting commissioner  of fisheries during the absence of  the attorney-general, and it is announced that in view of the fact  that the new attorney-general will  also be the minister of labor, the  Premier may retain the commis-  sionership, being a practical man  in that department.  2 Madeline Poole  4 Lloyd Williams  Honourable mention-Eva Blackwood, Ethel Duggan, Jessie Dunn,  (Section B).  1 Kelowna Lee  2 Bob Lloyd-Jonee  3 Gordon Cooper  Honourable   mention - Walter  Sinkinson,   Kiyomatsu   Yamaoka,  Leslie Lanfear.  Division 10-Receiving CIsss.  - . I Flora Sewellasj  &RI Doris McKiniey  j^Sr3iKate_Avende��.  Seen* from the Great Film Spectaole, "Intolerance," at the Theatre, Wed. PAGE TWO  KELOWNA  HBCOfcD  THDBSDAY, JUNE 7th, 1017.   ������"���  "    PROFESSIONAL, AND    ������  ������       BUSINESS CARDS     �����  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barriater,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. C. Weddell.    -   John P. Burne.  KBLOWNA, B.G.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C  PIANOFORTE  MK.  HAROLD   TOD   BOYD  has resumed his teaching classes end will  teceive pupils as belore in his studio-  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. box 374  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR & BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Can.Soe.C.E.  Consulting Cloll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Su jeyor  Surveys and Reports on Irrigation Works  Applications for Water Licenses  KELOWNA. B.C.  CLIFFORD G. BUCK  INSURANCE BROKER  Life, Accident, Sickness, Fire, Automobile,  Burglary,  Fidelity Guarantee  Specializing in Insurance, therelore service  to the Assured  Phones 217 & 216 Room I, Ucltie Blh.  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished lor ell classes  ol work  J. GALBRAITH  Plumber and Steam Fitter  P.O. Box 81 Kelowna, B.C..'  Kelowna Dairy  is supplying a high-grade  quality of  Milk and Cream  Having   gone  into the  dairy  buiinen we want your trade,  and are prepared to give you  good service  NORMAN DAY - Prop.  A s an ideal food Rice can  not be surpassed, and in  times like these especially,  when the cost of living is so  high, it will profit you to use  this highly - nutritious food  more extensively. **  1 ry our newly-arrived,clean  highly-polished Rice.  The Japanese Store  Phone  112  U.W. CLINN1NUH.AM  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merchant  (Successor to J. C. Stockwell)  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next lo the CP.R. wharf,  Kelowna  KELOWNH RECORD  Published eiwy Thanslsy at Katowna,  Mtta. CahunUa  JOHN LEATsTIJtY  Boater and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION  RATBS  psr   rear;   76c.   sti   months.  Unite*  I1.S0   _     .     .  States 10 osats additional.  All subscriptions Datable la advenes  Subscribers at tbs rerrular rare raa have  ixtra natrers mailed to friend, at a dlstanos  at HALF RATE. i.e.. 71 cente ear Tear.  This sosolal orivllem Is wonted lot the  Durooes ol advsrtislne ths ruW and district.  ADVERTISING RATES  LODGE NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  ETC., 2fi osats oer column Inch osr sresk.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTIOES-SO dars. SSr  60 davs S7.  WATER  NOTICES-S9  lor  live   Insertions.  LKIIAL ADVERTISING-Flrst Inssrtlon. IS  osnts osr tins: sach subsequeot lassrtioa. S  oents  osr  linn.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -1 cent,  osr word lirst insertion, t cent psr word  each subsequent insertion.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - Two inches  and under. 60 osnts psr inch lirst inssrtlon  over two inches 40 cents psr inch tirst insertion: 20 routs per Inch sach subssqusnt  inssrtlon.  All chanrrss in contract advertiesmsnta must  bs in ths hands ol ths printer br Tuesday  evenins to   ensure   publication  la   tbs   eszt  Issue.  Westbank News  (From our own enrrcvvirondent),  Mr. and Mrs. J. Faulkner have  returned to the Dundas ranch and  are busy spraying, &c.  Miss Grace Lake and Ben were  the guests of Mrs. L. Hitchner, of  Clencoe, for the week-end.  Miss Geraldine Campbell was a  visitor to Glenrosa this week as  the guest of Mrs. Greive Elliott.  The C.P.R. engineers are at Gellatly surveying a site for a carslip  near Gellatly wharf.  Mr. and Mra. Henry Drought  and Mrs. Clarke were visitors to  Westbank this week.  Mr. J. W. Jones and T. McAl-  pine, road superintendent, were  the guests of Mr. D. E. Gellatly on  Friday evening.  Mr. Weeks came up from Penticton Friday and took his daughter  Miss F. E. Weeks back with him  to stay till Monday.  Mr. Bughman, of Penticton, is on  his ranch again here doing a little  irrigating and a lot of sprsying  and cultivating.  The alfalfa crop is ready for the  first cutting and is rapidly being  turned into hay. This should have  a tendency to bring the price of  hay down a little.  Miss Weeks was down to her  home in Pentic'on for the weekend going by autJ Friday night  and back by boat Monday.  Mr. Washington Brown had a  serious loss on Saturday. One of  his cows had either eaten or drunken something that did not agree  with it for it suddenly expired.  Mr. A. W. Joslyn during the  discussion on Friday stated he  shipped 250 boxes by express  last year but bv the look of his or  chard it will have to be by the car  hii year.  Miss Clarke, Red Cross secretary, reports sending 25 pairs of  socks to the Kelowna branch of  the society on May 26th. Some  folks can spin a yarn while others  knit it I  Mr. H. Hirosawa is having quite  a time with his Sersgsttim flume.  It broke down in about one of the  worst places washing out tons of  earth and will now have to be carried on high trestles over the excavation it made.  The following were visitors to  Kelowna this week : Mrs. Linstrom  and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Strib-  ling and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.  Blackwood, Mr. and Mrs. Alec,  Nicol, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Joslyn,  Mr. and Mrs. Gore and Willie, and  Mr. J. H. Campbell.  On Friday evening"- quite a few  people were at the wharf to meet  the member for South Okanagan-  but, what caused more surprise,  was a man in khaki by the side of  him who had been up to Vernon  this week and enlisted in C.M.R.'s,  and was returning to put his house  and things in order. It was Billy  Ball and always will be Billy Ball 1  It was Billy while he collected for  Red Cross, Patriotic and Y.M.C.A.  He has worked hard for the boys  who have preceded him, now he  goes to join them. Billy, we hope  to give you a welcome home again :  adieu.  Mr. J. W. Jones, M.L.A., came  over by Friday's boat to address a  meeting on the subject of boat and  car service. As Mr. Jones said he  was not fully acquainted with what  Increasing Okanagan  Fruit Production  Fruit Production of Province Increases 150 per cent, in Four Years  In four years the fruit production  of the province has increased by  150 per cent., according to returns  recently prepared by Statistician  Tweedale of the provincial department of agriculture, the increase  being from 1290 cars in 1913, to  3178 last year. The estimation (or  the coming season is 4,000 cars.  By virture of its heavy production the Okanagan and Boundary  district leads the province, having  produced last year, according to  the records, over 2,500 cars of the  total of nearly 3,200. The balance  of about 700 cars was distributed  through the remaining fruit areas  of Britsh Columbia. The Okanagan and Boundary districts are  placed together in the department  tables, bul of the total represented  by the two sections the Okanagan  contributes about 90 per cent, and  the Boundary about 10 per cent.  In small fruits the Lower Mainland is the banner producing district with 8? cars out of 190 for the  whole province last year. The  Islands, including Vancouver and  the Gulf Islands produced nearly  50 cars, and the Kootenays 37.  In tree fruits alone the Okanagan  and Boundary are long way ahead  of the other districts, with 2540  cars out of a total of 2989 for the  whole province. That district,  therefore, grew last year about five-  sixths of the tree fruits of British  Columbia. The Islands produced  162 cars, the Kootenays 132, and  the Lower Mainland 110. The  Thompson watershed 44 cars.  Production Figures  In the production figures given  below are included the fruit shipped, the fruit going into canneries  and some local sales. In addition  to the totals given there is, of  course, a quantity of fruit consumed  on the farms of the fruitgrowers  themselves.   The figures are :  Apples-1913, including crabs,  647 cars; 1914, including crabs,  1141 cars; 1915 not including crabs,  1529 cars; 1916 2312 cars, comprising is ands 125, Lower Mainland  57, Thompson watershed 43,  Kootenays 110, and Okanagan and  Boundary 1,977 cars.  Crab apples-1915, 109 cars; 1916,  183 cars, comprising Kootenays 2  cars, Okanagan 181.  Peara-1913, 25 cars; 1914. 48;  1915, 71; 1916, 78, comprising  Islands, 14 cars, Lower Mainland  14, Thompson watershed I, Kootenays 4, Okanagan 45.  Peaches-1913, 120 cars; 1914, 113;  1915, 142; 1916, 109, comprising  Kootenays 1 car, Okanagan 106.  Plums and prunea-1913,139 cars;  1914, 200 cars; 1915, 238; 1916, 249,  comprising Islands 16, Lower  Mainland 39, Thompson watershed  half car, Kootenays 10, Okanagan  184.  Apricots-1913, 15 cars; 1914, 41;  1915,67; 1916,23, comprising Kootenays one-tenth car, Okanagan  22.09 cars.  Cherries 1913,   16 cars; 1914,   32;  1915, 36; 1916, 34, comprising  Islands 7 cars. Lower Mainland I,  Kootenays 4 Okanagan 22.  Total tree fruits-1913, 1162.5 cars;  1914, 1575.3 cars; 1915, 2194.3   cars;  1916, 2988.9 cars, comprising  Islands 162 cars,   Lower Mainland  Movie Masterpiece to Be  Shown Wednesday  "Intolerance," D. W. Griffith's  latest masterpiece will be the attraction at the Kelowna Theatre  on Wednesday June 13th.  Never within the memory of theatregoers hu anything approaching the splendor and magnificence  of this attraction been presented on  the American stage. Nothing  short of a master mind could conceive the story and produce it as  Griffith has done Those who have  been of the opinion that Griffith  had reached the limit in his production of "The Birth of a Nation,"  simply gasp at the magnitude and  splendor of "Intolerance." As one  New York critic said: "The Birth of  a Nation" is to "Intolerance" what  the old one-reeler is to the feature  of to-dav."  The musical score is interpreted  by a large symphony orchestra  carried by the company and many  realistic effects add greatly to the  enjoyment of the attraction.  Patrons are earnestly requested  to buy their seats early and so  avoid standing in lineand possibly  missing  the  impressive  opening  Saskatchewan elections to the  Legislature are to be held June 27.  The government has granted  $10,000 towards rebuilding the  Salmon Arm school lately destroyed by fire.  A delegation trom Vancovuer is  at present in Ottawa seeking to  bring about the nationalization of  the harbour of Vancouver. The  suggestion is made that the port  of Vancouver should be administered along the lines of Montreal,  which borrows money for development from the Dominion Government at a low rate of interest.  Women's boots are to be lower  this summer but this has no reference to prices. It is announced  that the British government proposes to economise leather by prohibiting the manufacture of boots  exceeding seven inches in height,  Trade journals say manufacturers  will gladly com ly, though hoping  they will be permitted to make tall  boots with tops of other material  than leather. This permission is  not likely to be given. Fabrics appropriate for such uses also are  scarce.  Ill, Thompson watershed 44,  Kootenays 132, Okanagan and  Boundary 2450 cars.  Carloads of Berries  Strawberries-1913,66 cars; 1914  136; 1915, 92; 1916, 103, comprising Islands, 38, Lower Mainland   30,   Thompson   watershed  we had done the chairman called  on Mr. Russell to explain to him  what had taken place already in  respect to the meeting of Mr. McNab, &c, which he fully explained  to Mr. Jones who then addressed  the meeting and seemed to be in  favor of, at present, the enlargement of the wharf with a storehouse in the centre so that it would  be possible to drive around it, but  he believed that if a carslip was  put in some of the packing firms  in Kelowna would build/packing  houses beside it.  After the meeting had thoroughly discussed the subject with him  and Mr. McAlpine, a delegation  was appointed to meet Mr. Stuart  the engineer, and explain to him  just what was wanted, and further,  to make an application to the Dominion Government for the right  to build a carslip on the lake  shore. The delegates were Messrs.  Russell, Blackwood, Last and Lake.  A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Jones for his visit  coupled with what he had done  in regard to the boat service brought  the meeting to $ close.  half car, Kootenays 29 cars, Okanagan 6.  Raspberries-1913, 44 cars; 1914  37; 1915,46; 1916. 53, comprising Islands one car, Lower Mainland 39, Kootenays 6, Okanagan  and Boundary 7.  Loganberries-1914,2 cars; 1915  3; 1916,5, principally from Islands  and Lower Mainland.  Bush fruits-1913, 41 cars; 1914,  12; 1915, 13; 1916, 16. compris  ing Islands 4, Lower Mainland 7,  Okanagan 3, Kootenay 2.  Total small fruits-1913,128 cars;  1914, 199 cars; 1915, 166; 1916,  190; comprising Islands 4 7, Lower  Mainland 89, Thompson watershed  half car, Kootenays 37, Okanagan  and Boundary 16.  The total fruits of the province  run year by year as follows i~  1913-Islands 66 cars, Lower  Mainland 961, Thompson watershed 70, Kootenays 102, Okanagan and Boundary 956. Total  1290.  1914-Islands 112, Lower Mainland 173, Thompaon watershed 39,  Kootenays 156, Okanagan and  Boundary 1304.   Total 1774.  1915-lslands 109 cars, Lower  Mainland 173, Thompson watershed 39, Kootenays 156, Okanagan and Boundary 18831. Total  2360 cars.  1916-IsIands 209, Lower Mainland 200, Thompson watershed 44,  Kootenays 169; Okanagan and  Boundary 2556 cars.   Total 3178  AUCTIONEER  11 have had over 21 years' experience in the Auctioneering buirineas,  particularly in the line of Cattle,  Farm Implements end Household  Furniture; and this experience ie  ���t rour disposal. It mesne better  results from your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for an  Auction Sale should see or write  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195 Residence et  Kelowna, B.C. GLENMORE  Mr. C. G. BUCK  Room  I, Leckie Block, is ectin�� as  agent in Kelowna, snd will make all  arrangements for conducting of sales  Phone 217  lie ford Is Economical  THE average man can  easily afford a Ford  car.   It ia the most  inexpensive car to drive.  20 to 25 miles on a gallon  of gasoline is. an every-day  occurence. 33 miles is frequently reported by Ford  owners. Yearly repair expenses of less than one dollar  are not unusual. The car is  light in weight, and tires give  more mileage on a Ford than  on any other car.  You can buy a Ford for  -yourself and one for your wife  for the price of one car at  $1000. You can run both  Fords at about the same expense as for one large, heavier car.  You can always sell a 'used'  Ford at a good price. You  have to accept a big reduction for a " used " larger car.  Go and take a ride in the  1917 model. See how comfortable it is. And stylish,  too���stream line effect, tapered hood, crown fenders, beautiful finish. You need one  for business. Your wife and  children need one for pleasure and health.  Ford Motor Company of Canada,  Limited. Ford, Ontario  Over 700 Ford Service Stations in Canada  THE MORRISON-THOMPSON HDWE. CO., LTD., Leal Dealers  Printed Butter  Wrappers  According to the new  Dominion Government  regulations all fanners  who sell butter either  to the stores or privately, ere required to have  it properly covered in  a wrapper oa which  MUST appear in prominent letters the words  "DAIRY BUTTER."  Tha last ia also emphasised that all butter  in such passages, must  be ofthe lull net weight  of sixteen ounces, sad  in default ef same a  fino ef from ��I0 to $30  for each offence is imposed. Whey butter  mast be eo labelled  even when mined with  dairy butter, sad dairy  butter retains its label  though it be mixed  with the creamery pro-  duet.  You can be supplied  with neatly - printed  wrappers for your  butter at the Kelowna  Record Office, for the  following prices:  100PAn3ctSa��nNG$1.50  200  500  1000  ����  2.00  3.15  4.50  , These prices include Both the  Paper, which is the best obtainable  for the purpose, and the Printing  of same.   Please note this.  Owing to the extraordinary rise in the price of butter  parchment (which has gone up over 100 per cent) we  have been reluctantly obliged to raise our prices slightly.  Nearly all this paper was previously manufactured in Belgium, and needless to say this supply has been entirely  cut off. Unfortunately there is no guarantee against fur-  that increases, indeed, they are more than likely.  Kelowna Record  The KELOWNA THEATRE  t  Friday, June 8th, "The Battle Cry of Peace"  Tke picture which aroused the United States to the menace of  the Hun.    As this picture is a long one there will be one  performance only, starting 7.30 sharp. Prices 20c tt 35c  Coining June 16th, Mary Pickford in "Madame Butterfly"  " The Iron Claw " every Thursday  Twe Shows, 7.30 & 9, Matinte Saturday.  Admission, 20c & 10c  Pictures Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  ______^__a  _���_eaas_  _____ .'���'    ���'  THUBSDAY,  JUNE  7th,  1917.  KBLOWNA   1BCOO  tsatrtOW  <%&+*��*  House Dresses on Sale $1.25  SPECIAL attention is called this week to our display  of House Dresses at this exceptional price. These  are made of Prints, Chambrays and Ginghams of the  latest designs. Many to choose from        - -    $1.25  Trimmed Millinery   -    $3.50  1V4ANY models in Trimmed Hats are being shown this week  and ate exceptional value at this remarkable price. Large  assortments of different shapes and stvles.   Mske selection  early - . - -' -   $3.50  New Sport  Suits  Many styles are being  shown in new. Middy  Sport Suits, made of  good washing material.  Prices from    ���    $4.75  Shoes for Pie-  sent Wear  Many styles in Shoes  and Pumps for present  wear are now in stock-  White Canvas Running  shoes & pumps-all sizes  Phone 361  Kelowna  BANKQFMQNTREAL  ESTABLISHED IM YEABS (1S1T-1M7)  Capital PaM up      .      (16,000,000  Rest      .... 16,000,000  Total Assets (Oct 1916) 365,215,541  "Saving for Victory"  is facilitated by the  Bank of Montreal, which  will receive your deposits at  Interest and convert them,  as they accumulate, into  Dominion Government War  Savings Certificates,  HEAD  OrFICC.MQNTHEAL.  D. R. CLARKE, P.  DuMoulin,   Massfer,  Kslowns Branca.  Sept., British Columbia Branches. BUNCHES IN OKANACAN DISTnlCT  VANCOUVER.  ArsulrsBf,  E.fcrbr.  Pestletss,  Prfacetsa,  SuarescUe*.  V.rs...  GREASE AND OILS PREST-O-UTE Exchange  ���e CHAS. E. SMITH m*  QUICK AND SATISFACTORY  FREE AIR SERVICE ���ES' *<���  Phones i Office 232; House 236  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  Doors Windows Shingles  Prices right.      Delivery prompt      Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES - . ��� Managing-Director  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  !  G. H. Mohr district fire warden  was in town this week.  Mr. D. Leckie returned Saturday  from a trip east.  Mrs. J. Macdonald of Vancouver,  is the guest this week of Mrs. G.  Barrat, Glen Avenue.  The Occidental Fruit Co. have  just received settlement through  Messrs. Burne 8cWeddell of their  claim in the action against G. Vipond & Co., of Winnipeg.  The junior lodge ol the I.O.G.T.  is to attend the Baptist church on  Sunday evening next in a body,  and will parade from the lodge  room on Richter street. Visitors  will be welcomed.  The Rev. J. Knox Wright, D.D.  was a visitor in town this week  soliciting subscriptions for the  Canadian Bible Society, of which  he is district secretary. He occupied the pulpit' in Knox church  on Sunday evening.  The Occidental Fruit Co. have  rented the packing house at Okanagan Mission and will operate it  this sesson. They have also just  completed the erection of a packing house at Penticton.  The Women's Missionary  Society of Knox church will hold  a sale of home cooking on Saturday June 16th in the store next to  Crofts Boot shop, from 2 o'clock  until 6 o'clock.  Friends of Mrs. Swayne and her  sister Mrs. Hamilton, will regret to  will regret to learn that the latter  has recently been bereaved of her  husband at Calgary. Mrs. Hamilton has spent considerable time in  Kelowna, and was well-known to  many. Mr. and Mrs. Swayne. are  at present on a visit to Calgary.  We have been asked to slate in  connection with the Boys' and  Girls' Club, that Professor W. T.  McDonald, superintendent of Boys'  and Girls' Clubs has arranged to be  in Kelowna on Fridav June 22nd  and has promised to give a talk to  boys and girls on the evening of  that day. The list of extra club  competitions is being dra n up  and one of the most interesting is  for collections of weeds, mounted.  This competition is mentioned now  ���s many weeds must be gathered  now before they are out of flower.  An illustrated lecture on South  Africa was given in the Knox  church Monday evening by 'Dr. J.  Knox Wright, in the interests of  the Canadian Bible Society. Some  fine views of the Victoria Falls and  Rainbow Island, the diamond  mines at Kimberly, the gold mines  on the Witwatersrand, and Cape  Town were thrown on the screen,  together with some pathetic pictures illustrating the conditions  prevailing among the natives at  some of the mission stations Interesting slides were those showing  different languages into which the  Bible has been translated.  Miss Jean Kincaid returned from  the coast Saturday.  Miss D Eyana returned from  Normal School Monday.  Mrs. S. V. Bray will not receive  again formally.  ' Eugene Neumeyer left for Victoria Friday morning to enlist in  theCA.M.C.  Miss Morgan, who has been at  the Palace hotel for some months,  left this week for Bear Creek  where ahe will reside with relatives.  A baseball team from Peachland  are coming up to-day and will  meet a Kelowna team in lhe City  Park.  The Occidental Fruit Co. are  again operating the tomato cannery  at Okanagan Centre, and are looking forward to an extensive pack.  They have also made arrangements  for a fruit packing shed at the  same place.  The' Orchard City Evaporator of  which Mr. W. B. M. Calder is the  manager, is having a large extension built to its premises for storage  and warehouse purposes. Owing,  to greater strictness as to the pual-  ity of apples which will be shipped  out this year' it is anticipated that  there will be a much larger amount  available for evaporating purposes.  The Kelowna Rebekah and  Oddfellows' Lodges are holding a  picnic down the lake Thursday  June 28th. A hearty invitation is  extended to all members their families also visiting brothers and sisters. Will the ladies please bring  their baskets. Kindly be at the  Ferry wharf ?at 12.30 p.m. punc-  tual-  On Friday morning June 8th  Miss Buchanan will begin her aale  of summer millinery There are a  few hats of best style and quality  still in stock, and first buyers will  get the choice. Prices will certainly please you, because all goods  must be sold. Flowers, ornaments,  ribbons���everything reduced.  EVERYTHING points to a bumper first crop of hay  in the valley this year, and its up to the farmers to be  prepared to cut and atack it. Look over your equipment,  and don't " hope your mower will cut if you think it won't."  We have an assortment of implements, which can be  delivered to you immediately.  McCormick Mowers, in 3 A-ft., 4-ft. and 5-ft. cuts  Deering Mowers, in 4A-ft. and 5-ft. cuts  Rakes in 8-fr.., 9-ft. and 10-ft. lengths  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  %Ms\,t\ysw}ssO<30.&.A}jtjfi&,n,,^^  Okanagan Ambulance League  The Okanagan Ambulance League report for May shown receipts  to the amount of $44.40, which together with a balance of $109.35  from April made $153.75 ; the expenses for the month were $131.13,  leaving a balance in hand of $22.62.  The following articles, worth  $501.05 have been sent to "headquarters :  One hundred and seventy four  psirs of socks, 39 shirts and 35  ties, 82 pyjamas, 3 odd coats, 36  vermin proof suits, 12 hot bottle  covers, 3 safety razors and strop  and 80 bandages.  We wish to thank the following  for donations :  Okanagan Mission for 10 dty  shirts, 16 suits of pyjamas, 13. hot  bottle covers, 79 various bandages,  20 pairs of socks. Benvoulin 10  suits of pyjamas and 3 paira of  socks. Miss Story ope pair of  socks, Mrs. Taylor a bundle of old  linen and an unknown donater for  the razors and strop.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  AU kinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  Nr. and Mrs. Harvey Celebrate Golden Wedding  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Harvey were  recipients, Tuesday, of many congratulations on the occasion of  their golden wedding, they having  been married in Ontario that day  fifty years ago. The day was made  the occasion of an interesting family reunion, and all the eight children were present except Jack, who  is away at Kingston, and unable  to get here. Two daughters and a  son had travelled -frcm Indian  Head in order to be present on the  memorable occasion, Mrs. W. J.  Harrop, Mrs. Geo. Lang (who was  accompanied by her own daughter), and Mr. G. C. Harvey who was  accompanied by hia wife. Those  residing ia Kelowna were Misses  Molly and Peggy Harvey, Lieut. C,  Harvey and Mr. Jas. Harvey, jr  It was a happy feature of the celebration to reflect that during all ihe  years there had been no break in  the family, and that all were <ili>e  and well.  A present from the children tn  their parents was s purse ol gold,  while many other tokens of respect and esteem and conjraiu'a-  tions telegrams were received fiom  friends both here and in the  Indian Head district, where the  family resided for many yesr.  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey have been  resident'in Kelowna sirire 1906.  ing  Come now and pick out the  SWIM CAP  that will suit your fancy or  your bathing costume. The  caps have just arrived and.  are all made from new material  Prices to suit everyone  50c, 75c, $1 and $1.50  P. B. Willits & Co.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  We Manufacture  on Our Premises  AU Kinds of Furniture and Store Fittings  having  recently installed special machinery for this  purpose.   This department is in experienced hands  and we can give you satisfaction  Wallpapers, Burlaps, &c.  For the spring house-cleaning and decorating sea  We have a large stock of the newest designs  season.  Kelowna Furniture Co.  COAL  COAL  Pennsylvania Hard, $17.50       Taber Smokeless, $11.00  Princeton Lump $8.00 Princeton Nut $7.00  TERMS CASH  Phone  66  W. HAUG  P.O. Box  166  KELOWNA THEATRE  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13th  WM. CRANSTON Presents  D.W.GRIFFITHS  COLOSSAL   SPECTACLE  INTOLERANCE  LOVES    STRUGGLE  THROUGHOUT THE AGES  Life's Mighty Drama, Down the Centuries, Seen as from  a Pinnacle in one Sweeping Glance   '  COST MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH  AS ALL THE COMBINED $2 ATTRACTIONS  NOW PLAYING on the AMERICAN STAGE  ACCOMPANIED BY A  BIG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AND HR  The First and Onhj Production by D. W. Griffith since  "The Birth of a Nation"  ADMISSION: $1.00 and $1.50  Seat sale opens June 9th Mail orders now PAGE FOUR  KBLOWMA   UCOiO  THURSDAY,   JUNE  7th,   1917.  ( WANTED! )  FOR SALE, light McLaughlin car, thor  oughly overhauled and newly painted  New tirea.    Apply Jonei' Boathouae.  2ltf  fOR SALE. 22-ft. Motor Boat, in good  running order. Apply H. Burtch, Kel  owna. 22tf  MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN wanted at  once to aaiiat with store and homework  Work (airly light. Reference will be  required. $20 to atari. W. L. Chapman,  Box 124, or Phone 2102, East Kelowna  22tf   27tf  TO LET--Houae on Stockwell avenue, 7  rooma, including bathroom and pantry.  Good ahed and garage. Apply P.O.  Box 201. 23t(  FOR SALE, two Jeraey cowi, one 9-year  old calved one month, other 5-y����r-old,  due firat week in Auguat. Apply j. C  Anderson, Eaat Kelowna, 24tf  FOR SALE, Top Buggy in good condition  new last summer. Coat $110, will ae'  for $75.    Box R, Record Office.   26tf  FOUND, on Rutland range, a valuable  blanket. Apply D. A. Dobba, Rutland  Road. 28-30P  PIANO FOR SALE, $200.    Apply Box  B, Record Office. 29.0p  WANTED, to purchase, amall orchard  Give full particulars, with terms, to P.O  Box 529, Kelowna, B.C. 29P  FOR SALE, pere-bred Jeraey   Heifer, 16  months old, at 526, Glenn Ave.   29-0p  CAR I'ER'S "TESTED" SEEDS, on aale  at the Greenhouaes, RichterStreet. Also  perennial plants, early cabbage, cauli  flower and rose bushes. 17-19   20tf  Have a Few Thousand Dollars  to Invest  in snaps. What have you to offer ? Give  all particular*- in firat letter to Box C  Record. 23tf-27tf  NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF LICENCE  Notice ia hereby given, that at the next  statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing  Commissioners for the City of Kelowna,  B.C., I, Arthur Peabody, intend to apply  for a renewal of my licence to sell liquor  by retail in the premises known as the  Palace Hotel, situated on the north side nf  Bernard Avenue, between Water Stree1  and Pendozi Street, in the City of Kelowna,  B.C. 26-0  CAR FOR HIRE  Apply Henry Burtch  Phone 180  Kelowna  27tf  ICE  Delivered for the season by contract or by the pound.    Apply  HENRY BURTCH  Phone 170  Kelowna  26tf  Automobile For Hire  O. D. CAMPBELL  Phone 219  City Park Restaurant  WANTED TO BUY  Chickens,       Ducks        Eggs  QUON   TAPE  P.O.Box 13 m Phone 60  Corner Abbott Street and Eli Avenue  27tf  SYNOPSIS 0? COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal minim: rights ol tba Dominion la Man  itoba,  yaukAtebewa.it  and  AlU-rta,   the   Yuko  Territory,   the  Northwest  Territorial,  aad    tt  ortion of the Provisos ol  Itijtlah  Columbia  ftiav ba leased lor a tarn of twenty-one vettr*  t on annual rental ol tl  an aer*.        Not  ore than 2,600 acres  wiU bs  leased  to urn-  aDnlicant,  Application lor tha lease must ba made bv  lie Apoljoant in Dorson to tba Awnt or Sub-  wot ol the dtrtriot ia which thfrielS Tt  lied for ora situated.  In siiryeved territory ths laad Mart at eV  ���5fjt'9M of Itfll .sabdlviiioDi    of  cribed   by    actions,    aoa    in  root Applied for shall bs staked  tmlicant  himself.  territory  sd ont by  the  Each application must l����iu'oomDnnied bv a  fea of SB which will be refunded il the rights  pplied for are not available,  bat aot other-  i��e, A royalty shall ba paid on the rosr-  hftotable output of tha mine at tha raw   of  ve centa  por  ton.  The peraon operating tha mice shnll farniah  he oirt-nt with sworn returns trooountintr for  he full quantity of marchantabts ooal mined  nd    pay   tha royalty thereon.    If the    coal  iiung rights are aot beinc, operated, such  eturns     shnll    ba  furnished  nt  least onos    a  The lease will ioelade tba eoal mining riarhta  nlv. but the lessee mav be penafttad to our*  hose whatever available surface rlrhta   mav  Im   considered   necesaary   for   tat  worklar     of  he mine at the rata of BIO aa aara,  For full Information n milieu lion should be  jti.-lu to the Seoretary of tha DapartaHiit of  he Interior, Ottawa, or to tat Awnt or  ul>-A(��ot of Dominion laadt.  Drpatr  KlaWar of the  Interior.  War Tends to Increase  ��� B.C. Fur Industry  The fur crop of the provinoe for this  year ib expected to exceed $1,500,000,  the reportB received so far having been.  even more encouraging than last ytar"  when tho fur exportation.) touched the  $1,500,000 mark.  The advance in automobiiing til a  pastime is Baid to bo one of the cuiih-  t's for tho heavy demand for fury,  though the war has made a Wnuiul  for lhe cheaper warm furs as liuingi  for winter coats. At the other e'jd of  the scale, the war profiteer! have I e-  come buyers of expensive furs, ao that  for all kinds of tute, from ooyotaskint  to thu expensive foxes, there ig ;i good  tlomand ut high pricoa.  Qame Warden WillUma, who hut taken a great interest in the growth of  tho fur outoh in the provinoe, it of the  opinSon that there are too many uu-  primed fox und beaver furt finding  their way to the market, and that it  would be better not to start trapping  each seaton till the unimala art* in  their prime. In vi��w of tho diminution of the world's fur supplies, tho  possibilities of making tha fur Industry of British Columbia a very great  industry are of moment, us their if��  not an acre in the province tint ... not  capable of sustaining fur-htmiing am-  mnls of some sort.  As a result of tho nix yeara close  season for boavor theso nnimu.s >ia\e  beon restored in many districts und  afforded heavy trapping last jcar. in  the Southern Okanugin Valley the  close season ie being continued owing  to the good work the animals do in  irrigating tho lund through duminitg  up the pools nnd streams.  Thero uro twenty foX*breadWg fuiJBI  in the province, with about 'JlHI fn.Hs  in captivity for breeding purposes.  ROYAL  YEAST CAKES  HAS BEEN  CANADA'S  FAVORITE  YEAST FOR  MORE THAN  30 YEARS  MAKE PERFECT  BREAD  MADE IN CANADA  Orders for  Local  Scouts  *BC PREPARED"  Kelowna Troop  Troop First;  Self Last  active servioe and has had plenty of  Adventures. "Be was nineteen month*  in the Hnditerranean, and waa all  through tha Dardanelles campaign, in  whioh he did good work. At tne landing oi the Australians at Gaba Tape  he was woundad twice, but not serf  ousiy. He is now in a hospital in  England recovering irom the wound ha  received in the last fight. In John  Travers Cornwell and MidskipmanGUes  wo have two boy heroes who will go  down to all history as suoh. We have  taken the above particulars Irom the  Headquarters Gazette lot stay.  The report that Soout Master Pitman  of the Naramata Troop had lost his  arm has turned out to be incorrect.  He has lost tho use oi his left hand,  but possibly in time it may be all  right again. He Is having it treated  at the present time in Ramsgate Con'  vulosceut homo. Ve are sorry to hear  that the Naramata Troop has temporarily disbanded owing to lack ol officers, but hope that it will soon be  flourishing again.  Edited by Pioneer.   June 6th, 1917  Orders by Command for week   ending  June 16th, 1917.  The Corporation of the City  of Kelowna  TENDERS   FOB HAULING   .KAVl'L  Tenders will lie received ny thu  ilrrsigned, up to Ut tt. in. nn Mondny,  Uth June, for hauling ono thousand  cubic, yards of gravel (moro or less',  from Cameron's pit. The said gravel  to lie delivered on l'endozi Street., be  tween the City Limits and Bernard  Avenue, as and where directed hy the  Public Works Committee of the Muni  eipal Council.  The lowest or any tender not neoes.  Barily accepted.  (i  DUNN,  Oity Clerk.  Kelowna, B, 0.,  Juno 5th, 1917.  Auction  Being instructed by Mr. G. W.S.  WEATHERLY, I will sell, with-  out reserve, on MONDAY, June  11 tli, at 2 o'clock p.m., all liia  new household goods, consisting  of-  Newcombe Piano and Stool, cost $500  (new), Victrola, 25 record*. Velvet Pile  Bruiseli Square. 9x12 (new), Fumed oak  Dining Table, leathered oak KocLer, oak  jardiniere atand and Jardiniere to match,  Electric Reading Lamp, Kayo Reading  Lamp, Gasoline Iron, Pictures, Cedar  Wardrobe, Cedar Cheat, Regal open fireplace Heater, solid braaa Bed (new), spiral  springs, Mattress, Ruga, Oilcloth,Linoleum,  Window screens, Blinds and Rods, new  Gurney Oxford (6-hole) Range, with hot  water fixtures, Kitchen Table ad Chairs,  Crockery, Glassware and Craniteware.  Lawn Mower and Garden Tools, Carpenter Tools, Flour, Sugar, Potatoes, Meat  Safe, Sealers, and a lot of other articles too  numerous to mention.  Special attention is called to this sals as  everything is new and no reserve  G. H. KERR, Auctioneer  20,000 Tomato Plants  Earliana,"   for   immediate   tale,  Apply to  H. B. D. LYSONS  Ladies Wishing to Order  SPIRELLA CORSETS  can mast  Mra. J. H. DAVIES  in Boom No. 1, Oak Hall Block, between tha hours of 2:30 and 6:30 p.m.  on Saturday of eaoh week, or at any  other time by appointment.  il. B.-Unauthoriasd nabVeslta si Ms aeV I  artlasssent will sot la nsM sstj  Dr. MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  Orderly Parade lor week: Wolves;  next for duty, Otters.  Parades���Tha combined troop will  parade at the Club-room on Wednesday, tho 13th inst., at 7.15 p.m., and  on Saturday, tho 16th inst., at 2.30  p.m. i  As a Troop we do not have muoh  opportunity in Kolowna oi doing any  war service work and bo obtaining lhe  special badges given for this work.  Any work givon to sooieties in con-  nuution with the war, suoh as the Hod  Cross, counts as work in this connection. A Scout ia entitled to tho  War tiorvioo Badge for 84 hours of  work. We huvo Uotod our services to  tho local company of Foresters to bo  recruited in Kolowaa, in whatever way  we might bo able io give ilmn any  assistance, and we are glad thut wo  ore being given Ju opportunity of  looking after their bugle cuts lor  them. We havo ouly ono '.nigla In the  Troop at present, but rt la proposed  to buy another, i.nd ii wa eoul'l only  got enough of you iuUltMteil, no  tvould be able to start a bugle bond.  Ure. Whitehead haa given us some  particulars whist) she received in a  letter from her husband of our first  Scout Master, Mr, Leggatt. In his  letter Mr. Whitehead writes:-''This  afternoon Whillis and I oyoled into a  neighboring town and on our wuy  called at a place where l.e/galt's  r��Iiindrou uaed to he to make rn.|Ul'ics,  Well, you will all lie glad to loam that  he ie not dead, but a prisoner in (lor  many. It seems ho ����ns attacked  .WilHI foot up, and male i none Cc,  j but just managed to flatten out he  fore ho struck. They sh >wed me tho  tail of a-Bosche aerip onj stick out  river thc orderly room door with Ihe  black cross on it. It was the one belonging to the plane he brought down  und for which ho got the M. 0. It  wns a delightful surprise. I saw Log-  iratt'a brother on Monday and had a  long talk with him. Ho told mo Wil-  mer was attaoked by two llnsehs  machines, nnd driven down in their  lines. He nose dived to escape thorn  Irom 3000 feel, and was fortunate  enough to flatten out just beforo he  nearer] the earth, and so socKod a  good landing. He was seen Co welk  away between two other men. It wns  thriMs weeks aftor before they inrw ho  waa a prisoner. He was put in loll  tary confinement lor a weak bnouuKc  'ho was nut alter ,'��n luge balloons"  ' anil had bombs on board. Me ia a  prisoner at Ormabruok, Oormnny.  Another Boy Scout has brought has  brought credit and fame to Boy Scouts  the world ovor by his recent heroism  ia the battle you have all been reading about lately between two British  und six Herman destroyers in the i'ng-  lish Channel. Thia is Midahipmuii  Donald A. Cites. While badly wou Jed  himself ovor the eye, Irr mot single-  handed with, an automatio revolve'', a  rush of frenzied Commas from one of  thoir deatroyere who had boarded hia  ship, H. M. S. "BrVio," otior l*ing  rammed by the British boat. He held,  them at bay until he rtoeived ulp.  This was certainly n lea light idler  the style of the hr��>d old rlrjs no  have all read about. Midshipman  (/ilea ia nineteen years old, aril when  a Scoot was a n<eaibir af the JJl'.it  Muswoll Hill Company, I r udon, i.'ng-  land. He waa one of the tirst boys to  join this troop whon it was foruicd  eight or nino yeirs ago, nnd was a  keen and entlinnia die .-MMut. He began his aoa career with the While Star  Line us a cadet on the training ship  "Mersey." In hia second year at aoa  he wns nominated to the Navy for a  year's training, and had just beon  post oil to a battleship when the war  broke out.   Sinea then he has been on  Many tons of bombs have been dropped by British aircraft on the Belgian  towns of Ostend snd Zeebruggs, the  war department announces.  The Alberta government has dericed  lo insist that no fuel be shipped out  oi the province until all ndustrios and  citi/oua are equipped (or the winter,  'British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and  Manitoba oan not hope to secure western ooal from these mines thia fall.  From information rewired by the  education department it is Apparent  that comparatively few school boards  throughout the provinoe are favorably  considering the offer ot the department  ' to allow 'he closing ol schools so that  pupils on, vt assist in harvua.ing the  11917 unit crop. The dopatiment ottered to agree to the cloaiug ol schools  I in fruit-grdwing distriots lit a period  of five weeks if soventy-tive [rer rent,  of the scholars would pick truit, uith  the consent of theirp urents. Up Co  ) the present most, of the school boards  have reaohed the conclusion that tha  plan is not feasible.  OK. LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Are now completely equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  We have a large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of high-grade quality and in splendid condition.  A complete line of      *  DOORS AND  WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  - *+$i*sii*m3m*!***��t**i1*m*st*s0sV'**i  job  Printing  JHE RECORD Office is  well equipped for the  production of every kind  of Job Printing from the  smallest handbill to large  posters or illustrated booklets, &c.  Commercial Stationery  produced in a neat, clean  and up-to-date style.  Let lis help you at any  time in the production of  " copy " or in the development of your own ideas.  Letter and Billheads  Business Girds  Handbills  Circulars, Notices  Loose Leaf Supplies  Record  .*���


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