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Kelowna Record Jun 12, 1919

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 ^5  Utcfivb  VOL XI.   NO. 30  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY. JUNE 12. 1919.-4 PAGES  $.50 Per Annum  War Veterans Seek  Aid offlly Council  Revenue Falls Short of Monthly Expenditures   '  A deputation from the local  branch of the Great War Veterana  . waited upon the council Monday  evening to solicit financial assist-  ance, their preaent income from  subscriptions and other sources  having proved inadequate to meet  current expenaea.  The deputation conaiated of Col.  Belson, Dr. Shepherd and Mr. J. L.  Macready, the former acting aa  spokesman. He pointed out that  the preaent income irom membership fees waa about $70 per month,  at 50c per man. They had to pay  $60 per month for caretaking, $25  for tent, and $25 for-a aecretary.  In consequence they were rather  hard preaaed to meet their obligations. Certain entertainmenta had  been given for their benefit, but aa  theae would not be available in the  future, it waa felt that the proceeds  of theae ahould be invested and a  amall permanent income built up.  Thev were at preaent running behind about $40 per month. It waa  of courae a bad time to aeek money  from the city, but other municipalities were giving assiatance to their  local branchea.  In reply to the deputation Mayor  Sutherland aaid it waa not ao much  a queation of the willingness or  ability of the council to make a  grant, but of the legal aapect of it.  The Municipal Act definitely stated what a council could give money for and thia waa apparently not  included. If they could get authority they would not hesitate to  make a grant, but it would be  necessary to obtain legal opinion  on the point.  The deputation retired on a  promise that thia would be done  and a report presented at the next  meeting.  Wilson Landing and  Westside Notes  A rather extensive flume haa juat  been completed aupplying water to  the Cotvale Ranch. M *ssrs. Graham  and Berry who were working upon  it, returned to Okanagan Centre on  Friday evening last.  Mr. M. B. Ellis has purchased the  Hanson property here and although  they have only recently mqved onto  it, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis have already  made many improvements, especially in the addition to the houae.  Mr. Simon Perdue, ot Peterboro,  Ont, haa joined hia brother on the  Big Horn Ranch, With vouth and  enthusiasm and a lev) other necessary qualifications, they have success ahead of them.  Mr. Steele of Westbank wss here  for some days last week, having  the road, which was badly in need  of it, put under the necessary  repairs. When finished il will  certainly be appreciated, a* in some  parts it has been more like a rock  pile than a road for a considerable  time-  Mr. and Mra. Spence of Oroville,  Wash., came up the Westside in a  "prairie schooner" drawn by a stalwart four-horse team, having all the  necessary fittings for their comfort  on the long trip which is to take  them two months, their destination  being the Peace River country.  At the conclusion of the assizes  at Vernon this week the court  awarded $2500 and $550 medical  expenses to a Penticton boy named Armstrong, who waa aueing-the  City of Penticton for damagea due  to being hit by the fire truck in  November, 1917  The suit of the Central Okanagan  Land Co., against Wm. Rae of Rut  land, for an unpaid balance of  $1000 and interest on property  purchased five years ago, was sett!  ed out of court, by arbitration, de-  fendent withdrawing all counter  charges against the company, and  agreeing-to pay the principal in  full. 'At the same time Mr. Wallace  owner of the adjoining laud agreed  to purchase the place from Mr.  Rae.  and Expenditures Considered  Council Fixes Tax Rste for Current Year - Lowered Assessment Makes Necessary Rate, of Thirty-Six Mills  -  Must Provide Surplus Against Unpaid Taxes  The financial budget for the year  waa the |chief matter under con-  aideiation by the city council laat  Monday evening. This was introduced by a formal report from  Aid. Rattenbury, chairman of the  Finance committee, embodying  the estimates submitted some time  ago by . the various committees.  For the first time a levy is to be  made on improvements, though  only on 25 per cent, of their assessed value.'  Referring to the estimates as  presented Aid. Rattenbury aaid it  would be noted that the amount  required waa $60,912, and in order to raiae thia on the reduced  assessment a rate of 36 mills waa  neceaaary. To meet requirements  of the new Municipal Act amendment, the amount mentioned would  have to be aupplemented by a aum  equal to the amount of unpaid  taxea of the preaent year. At the  end of 1918, 30 per cent, of the  1916 levy remained unpaid. Owing to improved financial conditions and the penalty of 15 per  cent, imposed on unpaid taxea,  which becomes effective this year,  the committee were assuming that  60 per cent, of the taxea would be  paid. Thia would leave a shortage  of $12,000. which they adviaed be  raised by a levy on 25 per cent, of  the value of improvements.  Reviewing some of the increases  of expenditure this year as compared with last, Aid. Rattenbury  pointed out that school estimates  were up about $4,000; porks  $1,200, and public works $1,450.  Since the depression following  the war, the assessment on land  values on which the tax levies were  baaed, had been reduced from  $2,729,225 in 1914, to $1,631,460  in 1919. Thia waa a reduction of  slightly over 40 per cent., and necessitated an increaae in the tax  levy from 24 mills in 1914 to 36  in 1919.  The report waa adopted with  very little diacuaaion, all (he details having been previously threshed out in committee, and a by-law  fixing the rate at 36 mills given  three readings.  On behalf of the Light committee Aid. Duggan reported .that the  Kelowna Sawmill Co., from whom  the power house was obtaining its  sawdust for fuel, had pointed out  that this year the plant was using  from 25 to 50 per cent, more sawdust per day than last vear. In  view of this the Sawmill Co. requested an increaae in the rate  paid for the aawduat and hauling  to the boiler, from $ 16 to $20 per  day. Thia waa granted by reaolution, Aid. Duggan remarking that  even with the 25 per cent, addition  the sawdust was by far the cheap-  eat fuel obtainable.'  SUNDRIES  Trade Licenses   i  $2300.00  Police Court Fines  700.00  Interest on Unpaid Taxea   2,500.00  Sundry Itema       300.00  Office SaUriea J    $5,250.00  , Printing and Stationary      1.100.00  Office Sundries       1,000.00  Revenue    Expenditure  $6,000.00  7.3M.0O  3.000.00  4,350X10  Leaa charged to Light Department  Interest and Exchange    ,  1,500.00  Legal Expense     500.00  Council's Indemnity        1,200.00  Grants   800.00  Allowance for Interest on Sinking fund Deficit .. 2,000.00  General and Contingent Expenaea  1,000.00  ADMINISTRATJON OF JUSTICE..   PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE  Street Sprinkling    1,200.00  Expenditure as per estimates    7335.00  Debenture Expense   1378.49  HEALTH   COMMITTEE  Scavenging Feet   Expenditure aa per ettimatee  4375.00  Debenture Expense   7,521.18  PARKS AND BOULEVARDS COMMITTEE-  Expenditure as per estimates   3,250.00  Debenture Expense   3,352.25  FIRE PROTECTION AND BUILDING COMMITTEE  Expenditure aa per estimates  2,900.00  Grant to Brigade      750.00  Debenture Expense  66270  $11330.00  ..   3,400.00  880.00  1.475.00  LIGHT AND WATER COMMITTEE  Revenue as per estimates   Expenditure as per estimates         ;     26,625,00  Debenture Expense    12,121.87  KELOWNA BOARD OF SCHOOL  TRUSTEES  Govt. Grant for Teachera'SaUriea      Expenditure at per estimates    26,470.00  Debenture Expense      4,925.51  3/.000.00  7,650.00  10,113.49  12.096.18  6,602.26  4312.70  38,746.87  31,395.51  Penalty of 15 per cent, on 20 percent, of taxea unpaid    Special Reserve      General Levy  12.1 Milk      24,016.06  Debenture Levy  15.2 Mills     30,168.94  School Levy (City)    8.7 Mills      17,267.73  School Levy (Diatrict)       1,639.14  55,005.00  2,100.00  118,017.01  12,199.88  Total   36.0 Mills  73,111.89  $130,216.89   $130,216.89  Returned Men Arriving Almost Every Day  The Mission Circle of the United  Church is holding an "Apron Sale"  in Wesley Hall, Saturday, June 21 st.  Afternoon taa will bs served.  Every day during the pant week  has increased the number of the  returned men. Last week Lt. G. W.  Strang, one of the old B. C. Horse  men who left during the first few  weeks of war arrived, and. was  congratulated upon his promotion,  which he had richly deserved.  W. MeTavish was also an arrival Thursday last.  On Monday Arthur and Lome  Lemon, who have been in France  with the Medical Corps, came  home. Frank K. Akroyd alao came  in, atill uaing crutchee and with leg  bandaged from the effect of a  ahrapnel wound. Capt. Ford, of  the Mission, waa alao received by  a party of friends.  On'Tueaday arrived Ewan Mc-  kssefisn. a  I7jnd boy who   Ims  been in France tor a couple of  yeara and only left Belgium a few  weeka ago. Although be haa aeen  much aervice he haa escaped with  only a alight flesh wound.  Serg. Harvey Brown was one of  the earlieat to enliat from Kelowna  joining the 30th batt. He reached  France in May, 1915 and later  tranaferred to the 48th Highlanders. He carries the Military Medal,  service star and a wound stripe.  Returning- the same day were  Ed. Weeks, A. Mitchell and Alf.  Adams.  Yesterday Corp. W. Woods  came in while to-day's boat brought  Serg. R. Peters, formerly messenger ot the Bank of Montreal and a  member of the old B.C, Horse.  Rutland News  dress I  Mr. J. Wallace has purchased  the orchard of W. D. Rae. .  The St. Andrew's Ladies' Guild  are arranging a social to be held  in the church grounds on June 24.  Candy, ice cream, strawberries,  cake and tea, will be on sale. No  charge will be made at the gate.  Mrs. Lvnch from Port Haney is  visiting Mrs. E. Mugford.  The subscription list for the War  Memorial Fund now totals $646.40.  Mr. J. Wallace and Mr. S. Gray  motored to Vernon on Tuesday.  Don't forget to keep Saturday  the 28th open for the big sports  day at Rutland. Further particulars  are to be given later.  On Saturday evening last the  Lumby football team played a return game with the Rutland-Ellison  combination, at the Rutland School  grounds. The game was fast but  clean, and for a while the visitors  looked like sure winners, but the  home team succeeded in recovering the lead toward the close of  the laat half, the final acore being  4���3 in'their favor. It is regrettable  that certain members of the Kelow-1  na team could not have been preaent, as it would have been an  education for them in the proper  manner and spirit in which to play  a game of football. Rough plays,  offsides and "sore-heads" were  conspicuous by their absence. The  victors refrained from "cr*Swing,"  and the losers took their beating  like the good sports that they were.  After the game a supper was served in the school-houae to the membera of both teams, by the young  ladies of Rutland and Ellison.  There ia a proapect of another  game at Lumby in the near future.  Vernon ia also reported to be trying to arrange a match.  The* fortnightly meeting of the  Young Peoples' Society took place  in the achool-houae last Friday  evening. There was an interesting  address by Rev. Mr. Connal upon  the subject of "Personal Influence."  Miss W. Homuth contributed a  pianoforte solo to the programme.  On the next regular meeting  night, Friday, June 20th, there is to  be an open concert for the purpose  of raiaing funds to purchase equipment for a tennis court, which the  society hopes lo establish in the  school grounds. The programme  will be given almost entirely by the  young people of the district, and  in addition to the usual program of  solos, duets and instrumental selections there is to be a "camp-fire"  scene by six returned soldiers, who  will sing a number of the songs  and choruses that were popular  "over there." An interesting  dialogue is also being prepared. It  is hoped that there will be a large  audience, as the admission fee is  to be the reasonable sum of 25c  only.  The Y.P.S. deserves the support  of everyone in its efforts to promote the social and athletic side of  the community's life. It is to the  Y.P.S., in the first instance, that we  owe the series of interesting football games of the paat two months.  The latest song craze in the U.S  bears this somewhat in-elegant title:  "How are vou gonna keep 'em down  on the' farm, after they've seen  'Paree'?"   That question is a very  fiertinent one, and the best solution  ies in taking full advantage of the  long summer evenings lor the promotion of athletics, etc., and try to  dispell, in that way, the popular  idea that it is the young people of  the towns and cities who have all  the fun.  .   ��� o���   Mrs. Temple left Saturday on a  visit to England.  Miss Jessie Adams of Vancouver  is visiting her cousin, Mr. W. E.  Adams.  The Revds. J. R. Gretton (Rural  Dean), H. A. Solly. C. H. Shortt. R.  Alderson and G. Stewart came in  on Monday toe-attend a Chapter  meeting of the Rural Deanery ol  Okanagan. They left on Wednesday, by the morning boat, for their  respective parishes.  Rev. Dr. Fraser, principal of the  Presbyterian Theological College,  Montreal, will preach at both services in the United church on Sunday next. Dr. Fraser is one of the  most distinguished Presbyterian  ministers in Canada and is recognized as a leading educationist in  tho Dominion.  New Association Will  Market Seed Crops  Open  to Make Contracts for  Beet and Sugar Beet Seed  The seed growing industry of  the province was advanced another  step this week by the organization  at Penticton of the-"United Seed  Growers' Association," which will  have a warehouse at Penticton for  the purpose of cleaning, grading  and marketing the product of the  valley. The convection of seed  growers which aaaembled there  Tuesday discussed the- prospects  of the business from many angles  and from the interest and enthusiasm shown it is likely that rapid  strides will be made in the near  future.  Although shares in the new concern are to ba offered for subscription to the general public, all the  officers and directors eppointed  must be seed producers. In view  of the generous assistance being  given by both federal and provincial governments to the project,  the amount ot stock to be sold is  not large. Of the $7,500 required  the Dominion government will contribute $2,500, the province $2,500;  leaving fa like amount for public  subscription.  It might be mentioned th:.. .Ire  Association has already arranged  to enter into contracts with seed  growers for sugar beet and beet  aeeda, guaranteeing therefor a minimum price of 19c and 10c respectively, cleaned and graded.  These are to be delivered in 1920,  as of course it takes two years to  raise a crop of root seeds. The  stock seed is to be provided. The  Association will also handle all  stock seeds of standard varieties  for growers.  a  Saturday's Baby Contest  The Better Babies Contest is going K, be the great attraction at the  CartWal 9i> Saturday. Last week  a report gained circulation that the  contest had been dropped owing  to the sudden illness of Dr. Telford.  This was not correct, however, and  arrangements will be carried out  aa planned, and give promiae of a  very successful affair.  Thia contest is open to all children from one to thirty-six months  of age. An entrance fee of one  dollar will be charged and prizes  are offered for the best boy and  best girl baby as well aa a apecial  prize for the beat baby in the  ahow.  The different classes are aa follows: I ���6 months, 7��� 12 months,  13���24 months, 25���36 months.  The committeeJias arranged to  have three outside doctors to assist  the local physicians in judging the  babies, and also have secured the  services of several nurses.  Kelowna Wants Storage  Facilities  How about a froat-proof storage  building for Kelowna ? Juat a little  one for a start, to hold say, a hundred carloads of fruit and vegetablea, such as the Kelowna Storage  Co.' hope to build. Wouldn't it  help if a strike was on, or cars were  short or glut of fruit coming in too  faat to be packed and ahipped, to  know we had atorage ) Much better than having to atop picking till  further ordera. More satisfactory  than pitting the spuds or storing  onions at the coast.  Another thing. Who gets the  spring pricea on produce ? The  party who bbught it from us in the  fall and stored it. Will be furnish  capital for Us to build storage? No  :hance. He wants us to raise the  tuff and hand it over.  We have applied the principle  in our canneries and in the creamery ; the time has come to build  storage, in fact it should be ready  novi. Vernon has completed storage for two hundred and. fifty carloads ; just a measure of insurance.  $35,000 is required (the price" of  five and twenty autos). Shares are  $ 10 each, pay able $ I on application  and the balance in the fall. Eight  per cent, interest on your money is  guaranteed by the terms of the  lease. Can you find anything safer  than this public utility. There's  no use saying "Let George do it"  because he may not. It will require  a little help from everyone to put a  storage building on the map of  Kelowna.  Benooulin Notes  The Benvoulin Auxiliary of the  W.M.S. met at the home of Mra. E.  A. Day on Wednesday, June 4th,  Mr. Donald McEachern arrived  on Wednesday afternoon's boat  from tbe prairie. He expects to  spend the greater part of the summer with his parents, Mr. and Mra.  D. Mtflfcitt. I    .,���  Pte. E. Weeks arrived home on  Tuesday from overseas. Welcome  home "Teddy."  Mr. E. A. Day received ��vord this  week that his son Fred had arrived  in Montreal, and expects to be  home shortly.  Mrs. Johnson from Vernon is  spending the week with her brother  Mr. DeMara.  Miss K. Conlin arrived home a  short time ago from Prince Rupert  to spend her holidays with her  parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Conlin.  A new comer in town last week  was Mr. E. Dennis, who has rented  Mrs. Morrison's house on Ethel  street. Mr. Dennis returned to the  coast a few days ago and will be  back shortly, with his family.  YOU  CANT  .&/;  .";'-  NECESSITY may sometime compel you to surrender your investment in War Savings  Stamps, but should this happen you g;t all your  money back, with a good rate of interest in addition  for the time in which you have lent it to the  Government  Sixteen 25-cent Thrift Stamps  will buy, a $4.00 War Savings  Stamp worth $5.00  in  1924.  NATIONAL  WAR  RAVINOS   ( OMM1TTKS  (BrlllBh ColirniMa Divlklon)  Vancouver, B. 0.  Bvy Thrift Stamm  L* PAGE TWO  KELOWNA  RECORD  Thuraday, June 12,1919]  SYNOPSIS  OP  OOAL   MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories, and in portion of the Province of British Columbia may be leased for a term of twenty-one yearB at  an annual rental of |1 an acre. Not  more than 2,500 acres will be leased to  one  applicant. e��  Applications for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be.refunded If the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  In surveyed territories the land must  be described by actions or legal subdivisions of seetir i, and In unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  utaked  out by  the applicant himself.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights ars not being operated, such re  turns shall be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee mar be  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rightB may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to the Agent or sub-Agent of Dominion  LandS W.W.CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior  (N.B.��� Unauthorized   publication   of  this advertisement will not be paid for)  The Fish Market  Nearly opposite wharf  We sell all kinds of Fresh Fish in  season and Shell Fish  Phone 243 Delivery  GJ.CDNNHHJlM  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merchant  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next  to  the C.P.R. wharf,  Kelowna  KELOlaiNH RECORD  Published iwy Thurafey at Keiowna,  British CohimbU  JOHN LEATHLEY  B&tor and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION  RATES  J 1.60   per   rear;    lba..   til   montht.   United  Htatw 10 centa stddiiional.  Subtcriben at ib* rtffolar rat* can have  -���urn pencil mailed to friendi at a distant*  tt HALF RATE. U.. 76 mate ner rear.  Thii  nr.K-.ria!   uriyikff*   is   granted   lor    tbe  odtdom of advertising **be eitv tad diatrtet.  ill ���ubtcriDtlon* Mrable la advanoa  ADVERTISING RATES  LODGE  NOTICES.   PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  ETC.. V.B  oents oer  column inofc ner weak.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-*) dare. Ml  RO dava ST.  WATHR NOTICES-SB lor (iva inaartlona.  LEGAL   ADVERTISINQ-FlMt    inai-rtion.     12  canti per Una, eaeb anbaaauant Inwrtioa. *  i.'i'titB per line.  DISPLAY.    ADVERTISEMENTS- lwo   inchea  and under. 60 eanta par Inoh  firm  inaertion  over two Inohea  40 centa per inah llrat   in-  iertion:   20  oent*  oer Inch  aaoh  anbeeauent  i insertion.  [.I.MSIFIBD    ADVERTISEMENTS  -t  centi  oer word    lint Inaerttoa. 1 aent per word  each iiibieauent insertioa.  All changes In contract advertlsemt-nta maat  tie iu tha hands of the printer bv Tuesday  Bvening   to   ensor*    publication   ie   th*   asst  leant,  VINOL REMOVES  THE CAUSE Of  A   Constitutional    Remedy  That We Guarantee  Lagrange, N. C<���"For years I  suffered with a chronic cough, so I  could not sleep nights and continued  to lose flesh. My druggist asked me  to try Vinol. It cured my cough, I  can sleep nights and have gained  twelve pounds. Vinol is the best  tonic and tissue builder I have ever  taken."���W. D. Ren, Lagrange, N. C.  We guarantee Vinol {or chronic  coughs, colds and bronchitis. Not a  patent medicine. Formula on every  bottle.   Your money back ii it fails.  P. B. WILLITS & CO.      Kelowna  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All Rinds, of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  AUCTIONEER  Having concluded aatisfactory  arrangamente with Harvey.  Duggan & Davie* to look after  my intereata in Kelowna and  district, 1 am now prepared to  place at the diepoaal of the  public my 27 yearaexperience  in the auctioneering business.  This experience haa covered  auction of every description  but more particularly in the  line of Cattle, Farm, Implements and Household Furniture. 1 am also prepared to  make an offer of purchase on  all movables such as Farm  Stock, Implements and Household effects. Arrangements for  sales and any information required can be obtained at the  office* of Harvey, Duggan 6c  Davie*.  G. H. KERR  KELOWNA   NEEDS   LONGER  LIST OF TAXPAYERS  The high cost of municipal government is becoming a source of  worry to our city fathers just as  much as the high cost of living is  troubling the thrifty housewife.  This week the council had the  somewhat unpleasant task of fixing  the highest tax rate which has ever  obtained in Kelowna. In this case  however, the higher cost is more  apparent than real. Thirty - six  mills does indeed sound pretty  steep, especially when we remenv  ber that at   the  war in 1914 the rate was only  twenty-four. In that happy past,  too, we were able to spend up to  fifteen thousand dollars on public  works, where now a mere fraction  of this has to suffice. But though  the rate is so much higher, the actual taxes payable are only slightly  so. In feet, had it not been for two  special financial requirementawhich  have been rendered necessary by  amendments to the Municipal Act,  the amount asked from the ratepayers this year would be much  less than in 1914 -$6000 less.  The mill rate is misleading.  The special requirements referred to are $2000 for interest on the  Sinking Fund deficit, and $12,199  to be raised in excess of actual  needs to provide a surplus against  taxes which may not be paid when  due. These two amounts have  never been levied before, and make  the whole levy thia year $8,248 more  than in 1914. This amount compared with the total levy is only a  small amount and does not explain  the difference between 24 mills  and 36 mills.  * The reason for this is to be look,  ed for in the reduced assessment  Since the money needed to run  the city must be found somewhere  it is inevitable that when the assessment comes down the tax rate  goes up. This reducing of the assessment in order to make the  taxes less leminds one of the Irishman in the lumber camp who in  his bunk at night found that while  he always had plenty of blanket to  cover his shoulders his feet would  persistently stick out into the cold.  He tried to remedy this by cutting a couple of feet off the top  and sewing it on to the bottom,  with poor success. He needed bigger blankets and Kelowna needs a  bigger list of taxpayers. Whatever  value is placed upon the properly  taxed it has to bear its share of the  cost of the city's expenses. Since  1914 the assessment on land values has been gradually reduced by  about 40 per cent, and in consequence the mill rate has risen.  Whatever may be the sins of the  city council, one can certainly not  accuse them of extravagance. Certain fixed expenses have to be met  chief of which are thirty thousand  dollars for debenture expense and  eighteen thousand odd for schools.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  I PREPARED"  Kelowna Troop  Troop First; Self Last  Edited by Pioneer. June I Oth, 1919  Plastering  BY   SKILLED  WORKMEN  h ROSSI  P.O.Box 110  St. Paul Street    Kelowna  ORDERS by command for week  ending June 21st, 1919.  DUTIES : Orderly Patrol for  week Owls; next for duty. Cougars.  PARADES: The combined troop  will parade at the clubroom on  beginning of the 'Wednesday, June 18th, 1919, at  7.15 p.m. There will probably  only be two more parades before  camp, and it is necessary for us to  know whether any members of the  troop are going to find it impossible  to attend through absence from  town or inability to get away from  work. We shall be able to announce  the exact dates for camp next week.  We are much indebted to the  assistance of Mr. W. B. M. Calder,  who happened to be in Vancouver when  we tent along our order for leveti. bell  tents. Six of theae tenti have already arrived and are in splendid shape, the seventh will be along shortly. We were able to  get them from the War Purchasing Com.  mission at $10 each including poles, pegs  and mallets, with sacks to contain the tents  etc, which is very cheap. We note that  the same tents are being advertised by a  concern in England for ��5 each. Ihe  tents were also sent to us with the freight  paid, so that is one camp problem already  settled very nicely. Other years we have  been fortunate enough to be able to borrow  them from the camp at Vernon, but of  course there are no more military tents at  Vernon, and if we had not been able to  buy the tents, we should have been very  much embarrassed in finding the necessary  number for camp. With all tents of the  same size and kind it is possible to keep a  much neater camp and also to make the  daily tent inspection more easily.  We have to thank Dr. and Mrs. Boyee  who have kindly lent the use of their lawn  to the scouts for playing tennis.  ���        ���  ���  We print the following from the Editor's  Notes from the May issue of the Headquarters Gazette. He is discussing a  meeting of a Pack of Wolf Cubs he had  just been attending and writes:���  "As I travelled home that night 1 could  not help thinking of another keen young  cub who twelve months ago stood before  me making the cub promise. He was a  tremendously keen but rather shy and  nervous boy. He seemed to know this,  and to determine he would practice small  acts to become brave, and so he went  resolutely into the river whenever he got  the chance, and always ran about in camp  with bare legs and no hat, and seemed as  healthy and as jolly as a cub could be.  Then a few weeks ago he realized he was  attacked with pneumonia. He quite realized he was going to die. In fact, so clearly did he realize it, that he begged he  might be buried in his cub uniform, and  that the troop and pack should parade at  his funeral. But he wasn't in the least  afraid. Hia one anxiety, as his doctor told  me, was lest he should not be brave, and  after a long spasm of pain he would  whisper to the doctor, 'Oh, doctor, do tell  me if I have been brave?' and the doctor  assured me afterwards that ofthe hundreds  of people whose deaths-beds he had attended, never had he seen one braver than this  little cub."  The Entrance Class (Division I.)  has developed mumps just at the  time of examinations. We are out  of luck this year. Still we muBt be  thankful that the school has come  through this trying vear without  any serious sickness developing.  All the teachers are agreed that  this has been a most trying year  both on teachers and pupils alike.  The parents too have felt the many  inconveniences forced upon them,  but on the whole they have borne  them willingly.  The children who are taking out  Thrift Stamps must now get them  at   the   Banks or  Post Office or  wherever they are sold.    We hope  that  the  effort put  forth   by  the  school has been fruitful of a spirit  of thrift.    This summer will be a  great season for laying in a store  .of stamps  for  High   School  and  University days.  ���        s  '   ���  Mr. W. R. Trench was a visitor  to the school last week.  ���      <**  *  Miss Mildred Renwick substituted for Miss Hunter last week.  lt is estimated that the first Got  don Head (Vancouver Island)  strawberries will be on the market  between the 15th and 20th of June.  During the month of May, 2,578  crates   of   California   strawberries  and 164 cases of California cherries  were imported into Vancouver.  Mr. Henry B. Thomson, of the  Canadian Trade Commission, now  in London, says there is practically  an'unlimited market for Canadian  farm produce in Great Britain  alone.  WATER  NOTICE  USE AND STORAGE  The Corpoiation  of The City of Kelowna  The Collector for the Corporation of the  City of Kelowna desires to inform all persons whose taxes have become delinquent  that, under the Municipal Act, he is required to forward by registered mail on  before the first day of July next a notice  to all persons shown by the records of the  Land Registry Office as having a registered interest in the property against which  there are delinquent taxes, advising them  that on the first day of September next  the said property will be sold, unless the  taxes delinquent thereon are sooner paid*  P. D. DUNN,  Collector for fhe Corporation  of the City of Kelowna.  Kelowna, B.C.,  Juno 10th. 1919. 30-2  Take notice that Henry McDougal, whose  address ib Kelowna, B.C.. will apply for a  lisence to take and use 150 acre feet and  to atore 150 acre feet of water out of  Spring rising in Rose Valley, whiph flows  South-easterly and drains into Okanagan  Lake. The storage dam will be located  in Rose Valley juat north of the northeast corner of diatrict lot 2168. The capa  city of the reservoir to be created is about  80 acre feet, and it will flood about six  acres of land. The water will be diverted  from the stream at the south-east corner  of district lot 2168, and will be used for  irrigation purpose upon the land described  as district lot 503. This notice was posted on the 3rd day of June, 1919. A copy  of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914'  will be filed in the office of the Water  Recorder at Vernon. Objections to the  application may be filed with the said  Water Recorder or with : the Comptroller  of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after the  first appearance of thia notice in a local  newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is June 5, 1919.  HENRY McDOUGAL,  Applicant.  29-3p By Arthur Johnson, Agent  We are sending away for two more bugles  for the band.  If Canada could supply Great  Britain wit-Ji only the eggs which  were formerly obtained in Russia,  the prosperity of small fanners  would continue for years, according  to the Canadian Trade Commission's information in London.  NURSE M. BENT  P.O. Box 396  Phona Mrs. Windsor's residence. Harvay  Avenue, Kalowna  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  B. G. Weddell.    ���   John P.. Burne  KBLOWNA  B.C.  R. B. KERR  ��� Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA, ::  B.C,  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR er BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  Vancouver Daily  Provmce  Saoe money by subscribing  or renewing���With  Crawford & Company  P. W. GROVES  M. Csn.Soc.CE.  Consulting Ctoll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.G. Land Suroeyor  Surveys and Reports on Imanrion Work.  Application, for Water Licenses  KELOWNA. B. C  Dr. J. W, NELSON SHEPHERD  DENTIST  Pendoii Street and  Lawrence   Avenue  Motor Car Owners!  Now is the time to get your car overhauled ready ft]  the line weather. "A stitch in time saves nine," ai"  a small adjustment may save you a big bill later  The SMITH & McCUBBIl  GARAGE  All kinds of Accessories Agents  Dodge Bros. Touring and  Business Cars  The beat car on the market to-day  The Famous Chalmers Car<  With the "Victory" motor  Republic Trucks and Tractdi]  For all hauling and (arm work  Agents for COODYEAR   TIRES  LAWRENCE AVE.    Phone 232. Night phone I\  CREAM PRICES  from May 15th, 1919  Kelowna prices: No. 1 - 63c per lb. butter fat  1 No. 2- 61c       ..  KELOWNA CREAMERY, LTD.  I  To Our Customers:  Commencing June 1 st and continuing  through our shipping season, our city  delivery will be made at 9 a.m. instead  of 2 p.m. as formerly.  Our customers will oblige and help us greatly by keeping this  in mind.   Thanking you  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Feed Store phone 29 * Office phone 37  CARTER'S TESTED SEEDS  Can be obtained at the RICHTER STREET GREENHOUSES  In 10c and 15c sealed packets or in bulk  Also Vegetable and Flower Plants in all Varieties  at reasonable prices  PALMER  &  ROGERSON  Phone I  Box 117  Goodyear  Tire Prices Drop  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY  the following prices:  Plain  All-Ksetns!  Tab..  H��evjrTor��iat  Tub..  20 70  22.25  3.25  4.00  22.40  24.65  4.30  5.25  31. P5  34.25  5.35  6.50  32.95  36.25  5.55  6.75  34.80  38.30  5.70  7.00  36.05  39.70  6.00  7.25  Rule  30x3}  32x3}  31 x4  32 tt 4  33 s 4  34x4  Cord Tire Prices are similarly lowered  Don't wait until your tires blow out, see BROWNE  the tire man, NOW, and order your  requirements ahead  Goodyear Tire Service ia FREE.   Avail yourself ef Its privileges  Vulcanising        Gas Coal Oil Lubricating Oils  THE OIL SHOP  J. W. B. 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HAUG  Phone 66  COAL OIL GAS FUEL  "Ellsworth Burner"  Gin be Installed in your Range, Stove or Heater���tke (ire is economical;  aavea labour i nf waste of heat; does the cooking more evenly than wood  or ccaL ���  DEMONSTRATION - O.K. LUMBER OFFICE, KELOWNA  Mrs. Higgins was a passenger to  Win. ipeg Tuesday.  Mrs. McKay left Saturday on a  viait to Winnipeg.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clugston, of  Victoria, were visitors in town  Sunday.  Major and Mrs. Hardisty .were  visitors from Peachland last weekend.  The usual monthly Church of  England service will-be held at  the East Kelowna schoolhouse on  Sunday next, at 3 p.m.  The Salvation Army is continuing its services this week-end in the  Morrison Hall. Services will be  conducted Saturday evening and  all day Sunday by Capt. Bailey of  Vernon.  A. H. Fenwick, editor of the  Kamloops Telegram, was in town  Monday on his way to Penticton  where he will attend the seed  growers' meeting, in which subject he is interested.  Strike matters seem to be easing  up a little east, at least as regards  the operations of the'express companies. The local office has received word this week that the  men are back at work on certain  sections and that express can now  be accepted for points on the  main line as far as'Brandon, and  on the Edmonton-Saskatoon line  aa far as Bradenbiiry.  W. J. Brown who was here last  week from the coaat, returned Saturday to Vancouver. During his  stay Here he has made arrangements to rent the Bertram houae  on Harvey avenue, and will motor  up at once from the coast with his  family.  The new road which ia to be  opened up to afford access to the  Christian ranch property, which is  being developed by the Land Settlement Board, will eventually  form a part of the main road to  Vemon, shortening the distance  by two miles and cutting out some  bad hills. It continues in a straight  line the road from the Rutland  store north.  Air. Chas. McCarthy has given  notice to the city that he will ap.  peal before Judge Swanson against  his assessment on the old Paul  place. The assessed value of the  land is placed at $16,000 and improvements $7,200. He appeared  before the Court of Revision last  week with his case but failed to  convince that body. He is claiming reduction in the land value to  a quarter of its present figure, viz,,  to $4,000.  At a recent meeting of Baptist  church members it was decided  to invite the. Rev. W. M. Armstrong  B.A., to fill the position of acting  pastor for the summer months,  Mr. Armstrong expressing his wil-  , lingness to do so. To many Kelowna people Mr. Armstrong ia no  stranger, having visited the city  several times in his student days,  and the large congregation of the  past Sundays bespeak for him a  welcome to the church. Next  Sunday he will take as his subject  "The Poor in Spirit," and in the  evening "The Master's Loyalty to  His Cause."  Bills will be out this week-end  announcing a garden fete, which  is to be held on July 1st, at the  residence of Mr. W. D. Walker, at  the Mission. The object is to raise  funds for the Kelowna War Memorial, although $50 of the proceeds are to go towaids the purchase of the library for Okanagan  Mission school. The chief attraction will be a concert, one performance at 3 p.m. and another at  8.30 p.m. There will also be a  jumble sale, fancy work, children's  clothes, flower and sweet stalls,  besides tea, ice cream, ex., on sale.  WHY?-  "Go to Dark."  "Well, 1 must get a'pair of  boots," said a just-returned .  man, the other day,   " GO  TO DARK," said a friend  who met him.  Men I why goto Dark ?  ���I'll be modest and say  nothing. Ask your neighbour or chum.  Chas. Dark  The Fair Shoeman  On Saturday the babies will  contest I >  Tenders are being called by the  government for a new wjrarf at  Naramata.  Mrs. Morrison, sr., and her sister Miss Frank, left Tuesday on a  visit to Gull Lake, Sask. Mrs. D.  D. Campbell accompanied them aa  far as Sicamous.  Dr. and Mrs. Giles and child  with Mrs. Aylmer, Mrs. Giles mother, arrived Saturday from Montreal  to take up their residence in Glenmore where Dr. Giles owns a fine  orchard.  Mr. H. Francis is advertising an  auction of hia household effects  for June 28th, prior to returning  with his sister to the old country.  We are pleased to learn that Dr.  Telford, who was incapacitated  last week by a partial stroke of  paralysis is recovering somewhat.  R. C. Bennett formerly of Kelowna, is a visitor from the coast  this week representing the Sun  Life Assurance Co.  The School Board is advertising  for three new teachers to fill vacancies on the school staff following the holiday.  Mrs. Bowser is leaving the school  staff at the end of the present  term. She intends going east te  Halifaz. Her busband is still .overseas in Belgiumt  Mr. Geo. Meikle left Monday  for the coast from where he and  Mrs. Meikle will take in the excursion to Skagway.  Chas. Shayler left his duties this  week at the C.P.R. telegraph office  for a brief holiday. Relieving  operator Berry is taking his place  in the meantime.  Messrs. J. W. Stirling and W. C.  Benson were passengers to Victor  ia Monday.  H. Richards' and family moved  out** last week to Oyama where  they have purchased a farm.  H. Slater and family who have  been staying at Halcyon, are to  return Friday.  The heavy rain of Monday has  had a wonderfully beneficial effect  on the growing crops which were  beginning to suffer from the con.  tinued dry weather. Notwithstanding that the frost hss hovered  around in an unusually threatening  way this year, so far very little  damage has been done, and indications afe for a bountiful year for  the farmers and fruitgrowers.  Son Confesses to  Murder of Father  Nurse Grummett, who has been  staying in Kelowna for some time  past, left a tew days ago for her  home at Pettapiece, near Brandon.  She was the recipient this week of  terrible news. Last November the  mysterious disappearance of her  father caused considerable sensation in the neighbourhood. Though  diligent search waa made no trace  could be found of him. The police continued to work on the caae  and a few days ago Reuben Grummett, her brother, confessed to  having shot his father dead in a  quarrel over the lease of the farm,  and buried him near by. To conceal hia crime and to set the police  ���n a wrong scent, the unhappy  young man bitched up a hoise in a  buggy and aent it loose along the  road, where tke next day it was  found some miles away, as if the  missing man had apparently deserted it. The self-confessed murderer who it a young fellow and married about a yesi ago, now lies in  gaol facing the consequences of  hia awful deed. The dead man  was a brother of W. W. Grummett,  of Benvoulin, and possessed considerable wealth.  Dr. MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  Co-operate With US  and be assured of GOOD RETURNS on  your 1919 Fruit and Vegetable Crops.  Our organization is the most economical  and reliable. High prices. Quick payments  Special Offer: 5,000 sacks, 12c each  I Sole agents for the famous Quaker products  Flour $5.60 per 100; Bran $2.50;  Shorts $2.75.    Also ,  .   Potatoes, Sugar, Jams, Canned Goods  A Limited Quantity of Cider.,50 centa gallon  Occidental Fruit Co., Ltd.  Vy OOuCfSrsXt   I  Prem'ses on Lawrence Av.  Manufacturing Co.  Phone 267  For Furniture of all kinds made to order, Store and  Office Fittings. Good storage to rent.  ���*  Building Contractors' Estimates Furnished .     ,  Second  Hand and Antique Furniture and Gooda of all kinds  bought or sold on commission.  Sewing machines cleaned, repaired and overhauled.  Upholstering done on the premises.  Call   in  and  see the car for  yourself  and  let us demon  strate its  ad-  vantages.  You can run your Gray-Dort���  ���fifty miles for the price of a modest luncheon  for yourself.  ���-fifteen miles for tbe cost of a good cigar.  Thousands of owners are proving it by actual  erery-dayin-sernce experience and will tell you  so. ; j  They will also tell you that our methods  before and after the sale cements satisfaction in  Gray-Dort ownership  Join the Gray-Dort Thrift Legion.   Starts  by getting acquainted with us today.  GLENN & SON  .  (riLs.'���.***"        AGENTS PACE TOOT  KBLOWNA   SECOKD  Thursday, June 12,1919J  8 per cent.  Guaranteed Investment  The Kelowna Storage. Ltd., offers  for sale its Shares of $10 each  (926 shares already applied for) .   .  payable 10 per cent, with application, to purchase site and construct a  Frost-proof Storage  OUlldin2f ^n Water Street  "O (172 feet of trackage)  The first Lessees will be the Kelowna Growers'  Exchange which has the right to purchase the  shares at par.    The .rent will be equivalent to 8 ''���  per cent, interest on capital, plus depreciation  * and all other fixed charges.  DIRECTORS i , ,  E. M. CARRUTHES      G. A. BARRAT      GROTE STIRLING  J. C. ANDERSON RUSSELL FORDHAM  Security of capital: No trading risks. 8 per cent, guaranteed.  Prospectus and Application Forms are with  MANTLE & WILSON  ��� KELOWNA STORAGE, LTD.  (next door to post office) J. L. Macready, Secretary,  LEAGUE  STANDINGS  BASEBALL  Game. Runs  Turn         Played Won Lost Foi Af'nst  Kelowna:    1 2 0 26       13  Enderby    2        I I 28      24  Vernon    2 0 2 12      27  LACROSSE      .  G times Goals  T..m         Playfet  Won    Losr For Af'ost  Armstrong....   2,      2        0 18        6  Kelowna     110 7         3  Vernon........   3        0        3 9      25  The Kelowna Baseball boys  journeyed up to Enderby laat Tliurc-  day morning to meet that team in a  league match, the local boya again  proving victorious on this the r  second game of the series. The  final score stood Kelowna 14,  Enderby 13.  ei  Dr. S. F. Tolmie of Victoria is  mentioned as a likely successor to  Hon. T. A. Crerar aa Dominion  Minister of Agriculture,.  WantActe  Assure Yourself  of Good Prices  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH  COLUMBIA  Not only for this year but for succeeding  years, by increasing the power of the Growers' Organization to establish markets on a  sound and permanent basis.  The most eflicient sales force and widest  distribution are at your service through the  Go-operative channel.  Before placing your crop see the local manager, Mr. Slater.  Flour and Feed  j j       We carry only the Best Brands and highest  I       grades at Right Prices.  New Vegetable Sacks, 12c  J!       Let us have your reservation.  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Phones: Office 37; Feed Store 29  LOOK    FOR    BETTER   BABIES   ON   SATURDAY,   JUNE   14  HARNESS and  Harness Repairs  We are now fully equipped for all kinds of Repairs to Harness  and Leather Work and will give PROMPT SERVICE  SECOND-HAND HARNESS BOUGHT AND SOLD  New Stock of both Heavy and Light Harness on hand  At rook bottom pricee  Everything here for the horseman  C. RUTHERFORD, Water St., Kelowna  In the matter of Central Okanagan Landa  Limited and The Kelowna Irrigation  Company Limited  Between Thomas H, Milne (on behalf of  himself and all other of the holders of  Debentures entitled to the benefit of the  Indenture mentioned in -the endorsement  on the Writ of Summons in this action),  Plaintiff  and  Central Okanagan Lands. Limited, and  Dominion Trust Companv (added by order  dated 28th day of May: 1915) and the Kel-  owna Irrigation Company Limited (added  by order dated 22nd November, 1915),  Defendants.  Pursuant to an order of the Honourable  Mr, Justice Murphy made herein on the  5th day of June, 1919, Tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of Lot 6, Block 17, according to Map  462, City of Kelowna, on which is erected  a wooden building. Persons tendering  will please state the terms offered.  All tender must be accompanied by a  certified cheque for an amount equal to  10 per cent of the purchase price.  The sale will be subject to the approval  of the Court.  Dated at Vancouver, B.C., this I Oth day  of June, 1919.  W. M. MACLACHLAN,  Receiver and Manager,  Central Okanagan Lands Limited, and  Kelowna Irrigation Company, Limited  30.2  Bankhead Orchard Co,  Limit..!  We are prepared to  contract for  Ploughing,  Discing or Grading  with a Cleveland Tractor  Power Belt Work up to  Twenty horse-power  Bankhead Orchard Co., Ltd.,  Kelowna  Prof. Boving is visiting in Kelowna thia week.  Lt.-Col. Mcintosh, soldier member of the Legislature, has been  visiting the district today.  Mr. and Mrs. W. LeGrand and  baby arrived yesterday from Saskatoon. Mr. LeGrand is a jeweler  and has taken a position in  Knowles' store.  THE OKANAGAN  BROKERAGE  E. W. Wilkinson Jaa. Inglis  ELLISON  35 ACRES on Vernon road, close to  church and school, all under cultivation.  Price lor quick sale $8,750, on terms.  RUTLAND  10 ACRES, all in orchard, 8-year-old.  Varieties, Prunes, Pears, Mace, Spys,  Jonathans. Good house, two storey, 5  rooms, cement basement. Stable holds  4 horses and three cows. Chicken houae  Buildinga estimated $1,500. Price $5,000.  Cash $3,000, balance to be arranged at  7 per cent.   Clear title.  Full particulara apply to  THE OKANAGAN BROKERAGE  "Opposite the wharf"  Kelowna  Phone 116 Box 116  SEALED TENDERS addressed ro the  undersigned, and endorsed '* Tender for  wharf at Naramata, B.C.," will be received  at thia office until 12 o'clock noon, Wednesday, July 9,1919, for the construction  of a wharf at Naramata, Diatrict of Yale,  British Columbia.  Plana and forma of contract can be aeen  I and specifications and forms of tender obtained at thia Department, at the office of  the District Engineer at Chase, B.C., and  at the Post Offices, Vancouver, B.C. and  Naramata, B.C.  Tendera will not be considered unless  made on printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with conditions contained therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  payable to the order of the Miniater of  Public Works, equal to 10 p.c. of the  amount of the tender. War Loan Bonds  of the Dominion will alao be accepted as  security, or war bonda and cheques if  required to make up an odd amount.  Note���Blue prints can be obtained at  this Department by depositing an accepted bank cheque for the aum of $10, pay"  able to the order of the Minister of Public  Works, which will be returned if tha intending bidder submit a regular bid.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa. June 5, 1919. 30-1  FOB  SALE  FOR SALE, Horse, Buggy and Harness ;  also   General   Purpose   Team,   Apply  Jenner, 533 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna,  30p  YOUNG  PIGS for aale,  6   weeks  old  Apply R. J. Sproule, Rutland.        30-lp  SHARPLES SEPARATOR, aa good aa  new, only uaed eight months. 400 lbs.  capacity. A. W, Cooke, Kelowna Field.  Box 126, Kelowna. 30-lp  FOR SALE, three Cocker Spaniel Pups,  pure bred. Real ladies' pets. Apply  Blacksmith, L & A Ranch, Rutland.  30-lp  PIGS FOR SALE, Purebred Berkohires, 8  to 18 weeks old. Apply Thomas Bul.  man, Vernon Road.   Phone 3206,   30-1  SITUATIONS VACANT  WANTED, smart Young Lady Clerk. Ap.  ply Alsgard's Confectionery. 2Stf  YOUTH WANTED for general farm work  Write or phone Goodacre fit Browse,  Wilson's Landing. x  WANTED. Youth about 16, at the steam  laundry. Good opportunity for bright  boy to learn the business and steam  engineering.   Apply evenings. 30tf  SMART GIRL WANTED aa Telephone  Operator. Apply Head Operator, phone  213, Kelowna Exchange. 30tf  WANTED, Men to construct aeveral miles  of barbed wire fence by contract. Apply  Thomas Bulman, Vernon Road. Phone  3206 30-1  SITUATIONS WANTED  EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER with  knowledge of bookkeeping, desires position in Kelowna or vicinity.  Record Office.  Box S,  29-Op  MISCELLANEOUS  BLANKET SPECIAL, During June only.  Blankets at the old price, 50c per pair,  and dried out-doors. Kelowna Steam  Laundry. 28-lp  OWING TO SICKNESS I will sell my  City Delivery Business, including delivery car and one touring car. Good investment for right party. Apply E. J.  Pettigrew, Box 316. 30p  BURROUGHS  Adding Machines,  Free Trial  Easy Terms  R. T. ROBERTSON  402, Pender Street, Vancouver  29-2p  MOTOR EXPRESS  and Heavy Hauling  ���      D. CHAPMAN  Phone 287 P.O. Box 351  *VVS*N/"WV  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Jobbing and Repaira  Phones: Butineta 164;Residence1?)  P.O. Box 22  ���***t^s*t'S/t\*itts^t^i^t^&*ltit*fit,ftittttl,tt^lstt/t,^^^^rttf>*  RIDE   THE   Veteran Meat Market!  Special Oiaplay oi Choice  BEEF  Sirloin Steak  35c  Round Steak  SOc  Rump Roaat i  30c  Nice Oven Roast  25c  Brisket  22e  Boneless Stewing Beef  25c  Shin Beef  IOc  J. E. JAMES  Phone 183 Bernard Avenue  Cash and Carry  WF^l  HW  MjUi.'r.jiJ.  f t|**- '  '-^f**       '���'���SrV'T  _�����:. .*T  Ss^SSj*"**"*  bF|  Bicycle Snppliei  Electric Wiring  and Supplies     I   J. R. CAMPBELL  Abbott Street, corner of Park Ave.  Phone 347  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repaira'  Now ia the time to* have  your Furniture overhauled,  re-covered or repaired. I  can fe-upholeter your auto,  or buggy aeat and make it  like new.  Mattresses Pianos, -Sec.  Re-made Polished  Cosey  Corners  Made and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Late with Kelowna Furniture Co.  BIG AUCTION SAL!  At residence of H. Francis, Park AvenueJ  SATURDAY, JUNE 28th, at 1 o'clocl  Pieno Stool  Lot of Framed Pictures    '  Bric-a-brac  Tea Table  Hand-carved Monk'a Seat  Mahogany Collarette  Folding Card Table.  Good old country Piano  2 Upholstered Easy Chairs  Brackets  Copper Coal Scuttle  6 Dining Chairs  Hand-carved Smokers' Cabinet  Baby's Chair .  White Bed Room Set  Pots  Set Dinner China  Copper Tea Kettle  Bath Tub (child'a)  Kitchen Cupboard  Step Ladder  Mahogany Cheat of Drawere  Vacuum Cleaner  4-ft. Iron Bed and Mattreaa  Mahogany Cheat ol Drawers  Walnut Wash Stand  Bolsters and Blankets (  .  Wellbunk's Boilerette (steam cooker) Refrigerator  Bookcase and Desk 2 Screens  Brass Lamp on Standard Verandah Sun Blinds  Carpets and Curtains Large Double Beda  Ruga  Heater  Cushions  Dining Table  Writing Deskf  Window Seat  White Wardrobe  2 Single Beds and Mattresses Kitchen Utensils\  Pans       Diahea  Linen Baaket  Washing Machine  Wringer  Garden and other Toola  Bedroom Crockery  Coal Oil Heater  Adjustable Table  Mahogany Framed Mirror  Bedroom Carpets  Household Linen  Kettles  Mirror  Camp Bed  Sealere  Flour Bin  Bedroom Set  Bedroom Chaira  Invalid's Chair  Mahogany Tablr  Towel Rack  Pillowa  Hot water Bottle rt  Books  Ski,  3 Deck Chaira  Dinner Wagon .jjl  - 3  ,i.1  This will be a good opportunity to secure some Old Country,  Household Effects and Rarieties. Terms Cash ?|  No other goods will be sold at thia sale  STOCKWELLS. LTD.   -   AUCTIONEERS  I  FRUIT PICKERS  Free transportation for the accommodation of pickers on the  Orchards of the  Kelowna Land & Orchard Company, Limited  During the Cherry Season a motor bui will leave the corner of Bernard  avenue & Pendoti street daily, except Sunday, at 6.30 a.m., returning 5 JO p.m.  ddiitc pa in   I    Sweet Cherries, per lb. \% cents  PRlCtS PAID  j-    S(jur cherrieii per lb. t^ cenh|  The company would like pickers to send in their names to the office  aa soon sa poaaible.  Goddard & Son  614, Pender Street, W., Vancouver  Request property owners who wish to  dispose of their ranches to forward full  particulars (with photographs if possible), as their lists of eligible properties  are depleted and immediate sales can be  effected���generally upon a cash basis.  Possession arrangements and crop adjustments   will   prove   no   drawback.  DECIDE NOW,   WHILE THE DEMAND IS BRISK  i


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