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Kelowna Record Jan 24, 1918

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 ���$e.\icrya\  Mfltoroa Mttfith  VOL. X.   NO. 10  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1918.-4 PAGES  City Affairs Transferred  to New Council  Standing Committees Appointed - WiU Purchase Chemical  Fire Truck  On Monday evening was held  the first statutory meeting of the  new council for the year, and the  meeting at which the retiring body  formally turns over the city's business to its successor.  The old council first met for the  purpose of reading and confirming the minutes of the previous  meeting.  Aid. Harvey was the only retiring member present, and His  Worship the Mayor assured him  that all the members of the council  appreciated the work he had been  doing during the previous two  years and the energy and enthusiasm which he had put into it,  regretting he had found it necessary to retire from office.  Aid. Harvey in reply thanked  the Mayor for his good opinion.  He had himself taken a great deal  of pleasure in the work which he  had been called upon to do and  for many reasons regretted to lay  it down. He had found, however,  that with both his partner, Aid.  Duggan and himself on the council, the city work had begun to  seriouslylconflict with their own  business and it had been deemed  expedient that he should retire ;  otherwise it would have been a  great pleasure to him to run another year.  Mr. Harvey then vacated his  seat and the newly-elected members, Aid. Mantle and Meikle having duly taken the necessary oath  of office, took their seats. They  were cordially welcomed by the  Mayor. Four of the members with  , *#hich thev had started the past  year had left them he said. One  was dead, another had gone overseas, one was sick and the fourth  had just retired. While they did  not like to lose old members yet it  was a good thing sometimes to  have new members, introducing  new blood and new ideas. He felt  that they would speedily settle  down into their appointed places  and assured them of every possible assistance from the rest of the  council.  STANDING COMMITTEES ARE  APPOINTED FOR YEAR  The first business was the appointment of the standing committees for the year, and Mayor  Sutherland announced the following selection which had been made  FINANCE COMMITTEE-  Ald.   Rattenbury (chairman).  Mantle and Duggan.  LIGHT AND WATER-  Ald. Duggan (chairman), Meikle and Knowles.  HEALTH ANB SEWERAGE-  _Ald.  W. Lloyd-Jones (chairman), end Rattenbury.  FIRE PROTECTION AND  BUILDINGS-  Ald. Meikle (chairman),  and  Lloyd-Jones.  PARKS AND CEMETERY-  Ald. Knowles (chairman) and  Meikle.  BOARD OF WORKS-  Ald. Mantle (chairman),  Rat  tenbury and Duggan.  In making the announcement  Mayor Sutherland said that while  it waa to be expected that a chairman in charge of a department  would take more interest in it than  }'s\ie rest of the council, yet when  matters relating to that department  were before the whole council  each member had equal responsibility in the acts of the committee.  A latter waa read from the provincial  department of Public Works following up  previous correspondence in reference to  the level of the lake. Plans and profile*  of the city'a sewerage system had been  sent to the department aa requested, and  it wm now desired to have the levels  marked oa these with reference to the  lake level. It waa arranged that the aervice* of Mr. Grove* ahould be retained to  furnish the necessary information.  A matter of some interest waa contained  in a letter from the Military Department  aaking for complete meteorological report.  of the Kelown* diatrict Thia information  wa* desired in order ts aasaruin the suit-  r    ability ef the district fcr the ..Isbliahmsnt  With startling suddenness death  came Tuesday evening to Miss  Mary Atkin, a well'known Kelowna young lady and daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Atkin, of Glenmore. Miss Atkin who was only  twenty-two years of age, was engaged as stenographer in the office  of the Kelowna Growers' Exchange. About a week ago net  feeling very .well, she was advised  to take a rest and decided to spend  it at Mrs. Macdonald's, a former  friend, in Kamloops. While there  she contracted a chill which  brought on an acute Rright's disease, She was seriously ill when  she returned on Saturday's boat  and was driven up to her home in  Glenmore at once. On Tuesday  she had reached a dangerous condition but still no thought was entertained of her death until later  in the day when she seemed to  suddenly collapse, and quickly  expired.  The funeral ia announced to lake place  to-morrow (Friday). After a ahort aervice  at the houae the procession will leave for  Ithe cemetery at 2 o'clock.  The Atkina family came to reside in  Glenmore aome five or six yeara ago, and  for the past year or two Mary had boarded in Kelowna, while engaged firat at  Crawford'a store and later at the Growers'  Exchange. She ha* ��� brother serving in  France and a sister taking a business  courae in Vancouver. The latter ia expected home to-day. The greatest sympathy ia felt for the parent* in their great  loss.  Kelowna Young Lady  Dies After Brief Illness  of a sanatorium for returned soldiers suffer,  ing from tuberculosis.  A copy of an order-in-council was received from the federal department ot  finance dealing with the issue of bonds,  debentures, or other securities, which  must now have the approval of the Minister of Finance.  A resolution was read from the city of  North Vancouver, urging upon the government the establishment of a steel plant in  British Columbia, either as a subsidized  private industry or as a government enterprise. Such a plant wasdoubly necessary  now in view of the growth of the shipbuilding industry. The resolution was  endorsed.  A letter from the Farmers' Institute in  reference to the inspection of Mission Creek  with a view to the prevention of floods,  was laid over in order to ascertain the result of the Board of Trade's action in the  same matter.  Mrs. Raymer wrote making application  for a reduction of the license on the  moving picture theatre in consequence of  the heavy tax demsnd made upon her by  the provincial government. The clerk was  instructed to reply that the license of $25  toer half year was the minimum fee per-  fmitted under the bye-law.  FIRE BRIGADE WANT CHEMICAL  TRUCK  A deputation from the Kelowna Fire  Brigade consisting of Messrs. Buckland,  Alsgard, and Browne appeared to urge  upon the council ths need for the purchase  of a chemical truck as an addition to their  fire fighting appliances. Considerable information had been secured by the brigade  on the subject and a recommendation was  made that a locally owned automobile be  purchased and converted into a chemical  truck by the addition of chemical tanks  and other equipment. The -whole w.ould  involve an outlay of about $1600 and an  appropriation of that amount was asked  for.  The delegation in urging the need of  this chemical equipment said that ninety-  nine per cent of the fires occurring in  Kelowna could be handled better by a  chemical extinguisher. It could be got  into action quicker, and would be capable  of stopping a fire at the outse) before it  had time to get hold, and would also  largely eliminate the damage caused by  water.  The matter had been the subject of  careful enquiry by the brigade, both as to  the cost and operation of the equipment,  and they felt sure that what they were  asking would be good value for the money  and a great advantage to the city.  Later after discussion, the council announced their intention of falling in with  the brigade's proposal and a resolution  was carried to that effect.  It was agreed that in view of several  applications which had been received for  increase of salary, the whole question of a  revision of the salary lint should be taken  up in committee and a recommendation  made to the council.  Aid. Knowles introduced an already  much debated question by asking if there  was any regulation dealing with the measurement of firewood sold in the city. He  said there had been continual complaints  of short measure, and the practice seemed  to be growing worse.  The feasibility of imposing aome regulation was discussed but not considered  practicable.  The clearing of snow from the sidewalks  was also discussed, it being pointed out  that during the heavy snowfalls which  have been the rule this winter the walks  have been almost impassable, especially  to elderly people. The use of a small  snowplough along the sidewalks was suggested but it was feared that some of the  wooden walk* would not be atrong  enough to boar the weight of a horse.  Okanagan Ambulance League  Below appears the statement of  the receipts and disbursements of  the Okanagan Ambulance League  for the year ending 31 st December, 1917. It will be noted that  the receipts exceed expenditures  by only $7.60. Fortunately, however, there was a balance of $ 131  carried forward from the previous  year which still gives the League  a small margin to work on.  The figures, which represent  only cash receipts and actual money paid for materials, give but  little idea of the splendid assistance rendered by the local organization in connection with th- grea*  work of the Red Cross Society.  During the year the League forwarded from Kelowna through  the Red Cross headquarters over  1600 pairs of socks, 350 day shirts  and more than 500 suits of pyjamas, In addition, large quantities  of underwear, bandages and other  necessaries and comforts badly  needed for the wounded soldiers  were also despatched during the  same period. In all over 3500  articles were forwarded. These  articles at a conservative valuation,  were worth over $4,000; and it is  doubtful that articles of the same  number and quality could be purchased in the ordinaiy way for the  amount mentioned.  It is interesting to note that the  regular subscriptions to the League  amount to but a few dollars monthly and that up to the present no  organized effort has been made to  solicit funds or assistance tor the  Red Cross. The voluntary subscriptions which have come (rom  a large variety of sources have  been acknowledged from time to  time through the press but the  League again desires to express  its thanks to the many contributors  of both money and valuable and  practical assistance as a result of  which it has been possible for the  Kelowna organization to forward  for the use of the wounded the  large number of much needed  articles referred to above.  Annual Statement, December  31st. 1917  Cash Contributions���  January - $102.32  February - 108.25  March - 78.20  April   - - 119.51  May - - 91.85  June- - 173.80  July -      - 156.75  August    - 143.25  September 192.35  October    - 126.33  November 144.82  December 111.15  Total for year   $1,548.57  Amt. paid for materials    1,540.97  Balance  7.60  Balance from 1916        131.16  Total balance       $138.76  F. Nation Will Address  Patriotic Meeting  The local branch ot the Canadian Patriotic Fund will hold a  meeting in. the Opera House, at  8 p.m., on Friday, February I st.  The provincial secretary, Mr. F.  Nation, ol Victoria, Mr. J. W. Jones,  M.P.P., and others will address the  public.  It is hoped that all those interested in the war will make a point of  coming to hear the report of the  great work already accomplished.  The policy decided upon by the  National Executive at the general  meeting held at Ottawa on the  26th* of October, will be fully explained.  At no time since the war began  has it been so necessary that everyone should use his or her utmost  endeavor to assist the country and  the empire in this colossal struggle  for liberty. Every man and woman  should come to this meeting and  hear what is being done by Canada's greatest patriotic organization. There will be no admission  fee, collection or subscription  usked for.  Mary Ferrier left last week for  Victoria where she will train as a  nurse at the Jubilee Hospital.  Chinatown is Startled  by Shooting Affair  Row Over Dishes Lands Two  Orientals in Gaol  There was trouble in Chinatown  last Thursday night, and as a result Lee Sing and Lee Tuey, two  young Orientals, are lying in the  lock-up charged with the serious  offence of shooting with intent to  kill Long Sam and Long Gin of  the Hop Sin Lung Co.  It is not the first time that the  preparations of a lady for a journey have beeSi the cause of trouble, and it happened so in this  case. The lady in question was  Wo, the widow of the late Quon  Lee Yuen. Now the widow Wo  Yuen after her husband's death  some time ago had sold out the  store and stock owned by him to  the Hop Sing Lung Co., and had  continued to live in a room back  of the store until the present time.  Last Thursday evening, having decided  to depart for Chyia the following morning  she was packing up her belonginga and  those of her children. Lee Sing and Lee  Tuey were young friends who had volunteered to help her, aad in their zeal were  including some dishes from the kitchen.  Long Sam, one of the proprietor!, is a  very solemn Chinaman and likely to resent  any intrusion upon his'rights. Accordingly  he told Messrs. Sing and Tuey that they  had better drop the dishes which belonged to the establishment, and the Chinese  equivalent for "beat it" or he would have  the police srrest them.       ���  Like hot headed young men Lee Sing  and Lee Tuey immediately started in to  create a disturbance, and in short to paint  the town red and being supplied with  revolvers they fired these weapons, one  shot each. Long Sam and Long Gin  maintain that they being in the doorway  were fired at, but the desperadoea either  did not intend to hit them or were very  poor shots for one bullet went through  the window over the door and the other  through the wall and into the electric  light meter.  The police were hastily phoned for and  Chief Thomas arrested Lee Sing and Lee  Tuey, in a store nearby whither they had  aaar1  After being charged with the offense  they were remanded until Wednesday to  secure the presence of counsel-  Wednesday morning the case was  heard in the city court before Magistrate  Weddell, Mr. A. D. Mclntyre, ef Kam.  loops, appearing for the prosecution, while  Mr. W. D. Ladner, of Vernon, defended.  As it was too serious a matter to conclude  in the local court, defense was reserved,  and the prisoners committed for trial at  the next assizes.   1-0   Next Fruit Growers'  Convention Penticton  Messrs. J. E. Reekie and L. E.  Taylor have both been elected  vice-presidents of the B. C. Fruitgrowers' Association for the coming year. An invitation was sent  to hold the next convention in  Kelowna. Invitations were also  considered from Vernon and Penticton. The matter was decided  by ballot at the last session Friday,  and resulted as follows: Vernon,  11, Kelowna, 12. and Penticton, 13.  At the close of the convention Mr.  Taylor and Mr. Reekie formed  part of a delegation which waited  upon representatives of the B. C.  Federation of Labor in order to  ascertain the attitude of the labor  men to the proposal to bring in  Chinese under indenture to supply  the shortage of labor in the ngn-  cultural industry this yetr. It is  understood that the labor unions  do not look with a very favorable  eye upon the scheme.  Nurse Edgell left yesterday on a  visit to Victoria.  Several piotests have been made  lately against the number of dogs  which are allowed to roam over  the main street during the day. As  many as a dozen in a bunch have  been counted apparently under no  sort of control. No real dog lover  would be willing to countenance  this kind of thing. *  The Kelowna Women's Institute  will meet at 3 p.m., on Saturday,  February 2nd, in the Pri loners of  War room. Members are asked  to make suggestions at this meeting for 1918 programme and alao  endeavor to double the enrolment  by each one bring ��� new member.  News of Neighbours  The Cranbrook Farmers' Institute will buy $200 worth of gopher  poison for the use of its members  this year.  A 3,000-ton oil flotation plant is  to be erected by the Canada Copper  Corporation to handle the concentrates from its Copper mountain  properties near Princeton.  Nearly forty miles of the location  survey of the Spokane ot British Columbia railroad line nas been completed along the Spokane river  since the work began last fall.  The total loss from fire in Kamloops during 1917, according to  the report of the fire chief, was  $5,078, slightly larger than the loss  for the vear preceeding.  The Hedley Gold Mining Company is now paid by the Tacoma  Smelter for the arsenic in its concentrates instead of being penalized  as formerly on this constituent of  the ore. The company received  close on $20,000 from this source  during the year.  In Kamlooks, unlike mosl other  places, there was a super-abundance of candidates for the council.  For the six seats on the aldermanic  bench, eleven citizens presented  themselves. The mayor (H. M.  Miller), school trustees, and police  commissioners were elected by acclamation.  Summerland is still short one  alderman to make its council up to  full strength. No nominations  were received for police commissioners. On the other hend four  nominations were received for the  three vacancies on the school  board.  F. M. Smith, a member of the  1917 Penticton council, was elected reeve by acclamation on Monday, succeeding W. McKenzie,  aow Conservative candidate for  the Similkameen.  The Municipality of Penticton  has a bonded indebtedness of  $495,500 as compared with Kelowna's $433,309. If the by-laws  now before the ratepayers are approved, this amount will be increased by $55,000.  W. Douglas has been elected  reeve of Peachland, with T. Powell, R. E. Taylor and R. J. Hogg  as councillors. This leaves one  councillor short, who will have to  be appointed by the new body.  A. Town and H E. McCall are the  police commissioners.  Under plans prepared by the  University of B:C. in co-operation  with the Dominion Department of  Agriculture it ia probable thatti  Dominion seed warehouse will be  located in the Okanagan. Commissioner Clark has recommended  to the federal department that in  future British Columbia be the  centre for the Dominion's seed  work as the province is particularly well adapted for seed production by reason of its climatic conditions and the variety which its  different districts provide.  Mayor S. A. Shatford and Aldermen C. F. Costerton, L. J. Ball, N.  L. Bell and J. S. Galbraith were  elected by acclamation as members  of the Vernon City Council for  1918. This leaves one vacancy on  the board of aldermen. No nominations were received for Police  Commissioners, Hamilton Lang  and Joseph Harwood were re-elected members of the board of school  trustees to fill the vacancies caused  by the expiration of their terms of  office.  Thirty invalid soldieis from  military hospitals at the coast have  been accommodated in two wings  of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital.  They are patients suffering from  asthma, bronchitis, and kindred  troubles, for the treatment of which  this climate is well adapted.  The British House' of Commons  by a vote of 136 to 48, rejected an  amendment to the " Man-Power "  bill which proposed to apply r-on-  scription to Ireland.  Thirty-eight German officers  were killed in a recent mutiny  among the naval forces at Kiel.  Main Will  Go On Food Rains  Every Individual Must Have  Food Card  England ia to go on rations Feb.  25th. Individual food cards will  issued to everyone, children below  a fixed age receiving cards of a  different color. Each card will  contain four sets of spaces for cancellation by the shop-keeper. The  first set is to be used for the purchase of butter and margarine, and  the other sets for the purchase of  other foodstuffs which it may be  found desirable to ration.  Counterfoils will be attached to  each card for deposit with the  shop-keeper chosen by each consumer to supply him with each  article of food brought under the  scheme.  Food control committees will  issue cards to persons resident  within their jurisdiction. The  householder will fill out a simple  form of application which will be  retained by the food office and a  food card issued to every member of the household.  The customer must produce his  food card for every purchase. In  the case of meat and other articles  the ration of which must differ according to the requirements of the  different sections .of the population,  the following special considerations a'apply: The normal ration  will be obtainable on the production of a normal card. Persons  entitled to additional rations will  have to make a special claim and  support it with suitable evidence.  The card of such persons will be  so stamped by the food office.  Special provisions will probabl)  be made for persons taking meals  in restaurants. Meal coupons, probably in the form of books of  stamps, may be issued for this  purpose.  Less Sugar for Candy  Preliminary steps have been  taken to curtail the use of cane  sugar in the manufacture of candies  Manufacturers have been informed  of the necessity for saving such  sugar and are now endeavoring to  adjust their business the requirements of the situation.  The money .pent for candy in  the United States and Canada in  the past'year is double the amount  of money needed to keep Belgium  supplied with food for a year.  ���   ��� o  Mr. Fallis, of Elbow, Sask., is the  guest of Mr. L. V. Rogers.  Victor DeHart and Pte. Sinkin-  son returned Tuesday from the  zone of war activity. Vic. has to  report at the coast in two weeks  for further medical treatment  The Kelowna Sawmill Co. have  now seven or eight teams at work  getting out the logs which were  cut some time ago in the Bear  Creek district. Every effort is being  made to take advantage of the  snow, and it is to be hoped that  the sleighing will last for a little  while longer, as there will be a  heavy demand for logs this year  for boxmaking purposes.  Miss Isolde Menges, the clever  lady violinist, deserves well of the  people of Kelowna if only for the  delightful free children's corcert  which she gave yesterday afternoon. The theatre was crowded  to doors with the young folks.  Miss Menges had not only some  good and appropriate music to  give them but her delightfully entertaining way kept the children  interested and amused throughout.  The efforts of the Board of  Trade to get the government's attention to the Mission creek danger have as yet produced very  little result. The wire sent to the  Minister of Lands asking that the  water engineers who were in town  a few days ago be permitted to  make an examinarion of the situation drew the reply that the matter  was being laid before the Public  Works department, but the engineers departed aome few day* ago  without receiving any instructions.  No doubt the pending bye-elections are considered of more interest just now. PACK TWO  KELOW1CA ERCOM)  Thursday. Jan. 24th, 1918  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS CARDS  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  8. G. Weddell.    -   John P. Burne.  KELOWNA   B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA RECORD  PahUaM tvacy Thsnfcy at aUsnna,  KELOWNA,  B.C  PIANOFORTE  MR.   HAROLD   TOD   BOYD  has resumed  his teaching classes and will  receive   pupils   as   before  in  his   studio  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. ku 374  J0H\ CURTS  CONTRACTOR Ir BUILDER  Plan* and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Tewn and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Caa.Soc.CE.  Consulting Cioil and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Surceyor  Surveys and Report, oa Imsarioo Wars.  Aaalicarien. for Water Lie.nM.  KELOWNA. B.C.  CLIFFORD G. BUCK  INSURANCE BROKER  Lite, Accident, Sickness, Fire, Automobile.  Burglary,  Fidelity Guarantee  Specializine in Insurance, therefore service  te the Assured  Phonert 217 and 216  Dr.  MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All Kind* of Rtpairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  AUCTIONEER  I have Ktd over 21 years' experi-  ence in the Auctioneering business.  pertieuUrly in the line of Cattle,  F��rm Implement* end Household  Furniture; end thit experience in  et your disposal. It means better  reault* (rom your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for an  Auction Sale ahould tee  or  write  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Bex 193 Residence at  Kelown*. B.C. CLENMORF.  Mr. C. G. BUCK  Room   1, Lecki* Block, is  acting  as  agent  in  Kelown*. and will make all  arrangement* for conducting of sales  Phone 217  JOHN LEATaTLET  Btftor awl PraprUMr  SUBSCRIPTIOH   HATES  ���1.H   nsr   nr:   Tie.,   ali   saealks. rjalwsl  Suva. I�� sas   Automobile For Hire  O. D. CAMPBELL  Phone 219  ICE  Dairy Farmers should make arrangements now (or putting up up ice  and enaur* No. I Cream next sum-  mar.  Owing to abnormal snowfall thia  winter we are being put to great ex-  pense in keeping our pond clear  and shall be obliged to raise tba  price to  $2 PER LOAD  (epproximataly |g tone)  loaded on pond  AH ordera will be executed in  rotation, *o phone your order* early  to avoid disappointment.  Bankhead Orchard  Company. Ltd.  PHONE 8  AU sabsarlBlloaa nanbla ia adraaoa  Sabearibers   at  the neater rata   oaa sar.  .itra natters mailed to Meads at a castaass  at HALF BATH. !.��.. TS esats pat tsar.  This soseUvl wi.ll*. is mats*) lot Iks  aarpoas ol adrarlislsaT ��ha aitr tad district.  ADVaWrlSnO BITM  LODOI N0TICS8. PBOrBbWIONAa, C1BD0.  BTC. 45 osats oar coltuaa btek ass wask.  LAND AND TIMnSB NOTICaTAV-M dan. U  ���0 dan (T.  WATOI NOTICatV-W lot Hy. hwstjiea  I.B1UI.   ADVIBTISIKO-nrst    laaartioa.    IS  ssats par Una: eaoh sabasqaeat laaarsloa. *  Mate par Lute,  CU88iniil   AjVKHTISEMNTa -f ��.���.  nar word    firat laaartioa.   1   snl sar  word  aeoa aabesottsat laaartioa.  niSPLAT    ADVMTISBMNT8 - Two  iaekaa  aad under. SO seats nsr Isob first taeerlton  o��.r  two lachaa 40  oonta  psr last first   la-  wrtloa:   20 Mats par look eaeh sabeaussss  roeartiea.  All abaasaa la aoetract adrartbtesssat* mast  b. Id th. hands ol tbs prlater br Tased*.  arsnia* to   snsara   pabltaatioB   ie   the   east  iases.  Judging by a discussion which  took place at the city council meeting last Monday evening it would  seem that the dealers in stove  wood have none too good a reputation in Kelowna. In fact, the  idea seems to be pretty general  that the giving of short measure  is the rule rather than the exception. That there have been several glaring and well-established instances of this it is no use denying,  but to make too sweeping an indictment of all and sundry would  bs a gross injustice to many who  are not only anxious to be honest  but actually generous in thc amouut  of wood which they deliver to the  rick. It was stated that tha police  would be instructed to keep an  eye open tor the regular offenders,  and no doubt if some of these  cauld be shown up more good  would be done than by any attempt to impose awkward and im  practicable regulations.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  11W PRCPAMO*  Kelo  Troop  Troop Firat;   Self Laat  The sugar situation in the old  country as well as in Canada and  the States has been the subject of  much anxieua discussion lately ia  nearly all the newspapers, more  especially in view of the fact that  every ton of available shipping is  being diverted lo the purpose of  transporting men and supplies of  our American allies over to France.  Sugar is a distinct necessity up to  a certain point, but after that it becomes a luxury and muat be classed as such. It is one of those  commodities which have to be  moved around the world a good  deal from plantation, factory, and  refinery before it reaches the table  of the consumer, and it is claimed  that the shipment of sugar and  other luxuries ia delaying the forwarding of men and munitions.  Someone in fact has figured out  that if everyone in Canada was to  use a spoonful of sugar where two  had been used, the saving in ships  would enable 110,000 American  soldiers axtra to be transported.  It is difficult to fix the normal  consumption of sugar per capita in  the Dominion in peace times. It  has been estimated by Mr. Hanna  at 90 pounds, and there has no  doubt been a alight increase since  the beginning of the war. The  British government has now reduced the allowance to 24 pounds  per head, while iheFrench are only  allowed 13.2 pounds. Unless there  is a drastic economy in th* consumption  of auger in the United Stetee and Canada  the Allies will have to sand to Java for  250,000 ton* in order that the consumption  overseas may be kept up to the bare minimum for health. Such transport would  diminish the ability of the United States  to send 200,000 men to France.  In order to secure the rail* requir.  ed to keep the main arteries of  traffic in good condition, it was decided at a meeting of the Canadian  railway war board held at Montreal  to petition the government to take  up the metal on the lines that are  not vital. This work will entail the  removal of 1,500 to 2,000 miles of  rails, and the government will be  asked to hold over certain classes  of 1*W t^ntUMJa^yjajlijec through  Edited by Pioneer. Jan. 22, 1918  ORDERS by command for week  ending January 22, 1918.  DUTIES: Orderly patrol for  week Eagles ; next for duty, the  Otters.  PARADES : Combined troop  will parade at tha clubroom on  Tuesday, the 29th inst., and Saturday, Feb. 2nd, at 7.15 and 2.30  respectively.  Scout Robert J. Duncan, of the  1st Calgary Troop, but formerly of  Kelowna, whom we are very pleased to welcome back again, is attached to our strength and posted  to the Otter Patrol.  Recruits Frank Hewetson and  Edward Groves are attached to  the troop for instruction, and temporarily posted to the Eagle patrol.  The following provincial order  and correspondence speaks for  itself :T  Provincial Order-The challenge  shield presented by T. W. Patter  son, Esq., during his term of office  as Lieut.-Cov. of B.C., and generally known as tbe Lieut.-Govern-  or's Shield, has been awarded to  the First Kelowna Troop, who will  hold it during the year 1916.  This shield is awarded to the  troop that has made the best possible progress during the year;  the conditions under which the  troop is working being taken into  acconnt.  The almost equally praiseworthy  efforts of many other troops in the  province, under unusually trying  warconditions, h ve been carefully  noted, and will r A be forgotten.  (Sd.)T.R. HENEAGE, AC.  Jan. 15th, 1918.  With a copy of the above order  enclosed the scoutmaster received  the following letter from Commissioner Heneage :���  "After very careful consideration,  we have decided to award the  Challenge Shield presented by T.  W. Patterson Esq., during his term  of office as Lieutenant-Governor,  and commonly known as ihe Lieutenant Governor's Shield, to your  troop ,to hold during the year 1918.  Some time must necessarily  elapse between the receiving of  the census returns and the awarding of the ahield.  Much has been taken into consideration owing to the widely divergent conditions under which  the troops in the province are  working. >  In awarding the Shield to the  Kelowna troop, we wish it to be  understood that we are not casting  any reflection on the work of the  late holders of the shield, or the  praiseworthy efforts of so many  other troops during the year of  1916-1917; and we would further  impress upon the members of the  Kelowna Troop that in adding the  name of their troop to thoae already  inscribed upon the shield, they will  realize that this honour calls for a  still grearer effort on their part to  uphold the honour and all round  efficiency of their troop.  With  hearty congratulations to  you personally and to your troop,  yours sincerely,  (Sd.)T.R. HENEAGE, A.C.  P.S.���The shield will be sent to  you in due courae, when you will  acknowledge its safe receipt to Provincial Headquarters.  To which we haye replied as  follows:���  " I beg to acknowledge receipt  of your favour of the 15th instant,  enclosing copy of Provincial Order  awarding the Lieutenant-Governor's Shield to the I st Kelowna  Troop, to be held for the year 1918.  Needless to say we appreciate  the honour very much indeed and  have noted ca.efully what you  say. We shall make every effort  to live up to the additional responsibility we have assumed in being  awarded this shield, and shall endeavor to carry on in a manner  fitting to all that is represented by  the award.  We wish to thank you very much  for your hearty congratulations,  yours sincasely,  (Sd.)E.C. WEDDELL, S.M.  All we say here is that we earnestly trust that every individual  scout in the troop will feel a personal responsibility upon himself  to uphold the honour ofthe shield,  while the troop is privileged to hold  it, and in no way can we do this  better than by keeping our motto,  "Troop first, self laat I" a living reality.  We wish to thank " Billycan  in the "Province," for Me very  MEN - LISTEN!  Save Five to Ten Dollars on a  Suit of Clothes      FOR  For TEN DAYS  you can buy any  suit in our stock  NO MORE, WO LESS  Our clothing fits and holds its shape. The materials  are Navy Serge, Worsteds and Canadian Tweeds.  Many of these Suits are good value at $25, so come  to-day and buy yourself a brand new suit at money-  saving prices  What about a pair of Geo. A. Slaters " In-vic-tus " Shoes ?     We have all  styles in this "best good shoe" at prices that will appeal to you  J. F. FUMERTON & CO.  THE CASH STORE  KELOWNA  Correspondence  The Editor, Kelowna Record,  Sir,���Referring to the leading  article in your issue of January 17.  I was present at the meeting of  farmers you refer to and was given the impression that it was the  desire of the storekeepers generally to discontinue the delivery of  goods, thus following the example  of many other towns, and that they  would feel that they would be  warranted in taking this step if  the majority of their customet*  intimated that they favoured the  proposition.  Tbe laat paragraph but one in  the article, I think, calls for some  comment. It reads: "The total  cost for the upkeep of thc city, the  maintenance of its streets and  roads, its sidewalks, street lighting,  its park, &c, falls solely upon the  dweller in the city; the farmer  contributes not one cent." It is  hardly necessary to point out that  it is sound business for a community of progressive storekeepers  like we have in Kelowna to improve their stores and their surroundings. Sidewalks, lighting, &c.  are provided for the convenient  and profitable disposal of their  wares, and these resources of civilization are duly appreciated by  farmer and citizen alike, but do  not forget, sir, that the storekeep  era and the city authorities are not  solely philanthropists, consecjuent-  I) sidewalks, &c, are made when  the state of business warranto it,  All thia really goes without saying ; the point I wish to make is:  has not the farmer made Kelowna  what it is ) Take him away and  three-fourths of the stores would  very soon close down. If Kelowna  was a town of tumble-down stores  and muddy sidewalks and roads,  &c, how many dollars would be  spent here and how many sent to  the mail order houses ?  I am, yours faithfully,  P. A. LEWIS.  The KELOWNA THEATRE  Saturday (Jan. 26th)-"The Mediator," with George Walsh;  " The Film Spoilers," a Fox comedy.  Tuesday���A World-Brady drama, in five parts.  0  Thursday���Billie Burke, in " Gloria'a Romance" ;   a Mutual  drama and a comedy.  Two Shows, 7.30 ft 9.  AdmiMioB, 25c ft 10c  CREAM PRICES  from Jan. 15th, 1918  Kelowna prices: No. I -  47c per Ib, butter fat  No. 2 - 45c      ���        ���  KELOWNA CREAMERY, LTD.  kind congratulations contained in  last Saturday's issue.  P.L. Richard Parkinson is appointed troop librarian and all  scouts holding any books belonging  to the troop will please return same  at once to him. The library book-  ease now completed, and one  which aome of the troop put in  such good work, is a credit to  them���our thanks to you I  MNKWMtjflML  Never Mail Cash  Money Orders, issues! by  The Bank oi Montreal, are  a safe, convenient and economical means of forwarding  money to all parts of Canada  and abroad. Never send  money in a letter���use Bank  Money Orders instead.  HEAD OrrlCt.HONTKIAL.  O. R. CLARKE,  SopL. British Columbia  VANCOUVER.  r. 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Some with yokes of  fine lace and others trimmed with embroidery  25c, 35c, 50c, 95c  COTTON NIGHTDRESSES,  made of good quality muslin and Nainsook,  75c. 95c. and $1.95  Flannelette Nightdresses  ,       $1, $1,25 and $1.50  styies  in  Drawers of Fine Lawn    40c, 65c and 95c  Royal Worcester Corsets, $1.95  A limited number of odd. sizes in Royal Worcester  Corsets on Sale. These are high-grade qualities in which  we have not all sizes.   Reg. up to $3.95, for -     -   $1.95  Embroideries at Special Prices  The selection consists of a large stock of Embroideries,  the values of which are remarkable inasmuch as they  are below pre-war prices.  Embroideries and Insertions in many designs, 2 yds. 25c  SPECIAL AT 55c-A large  large selection of flouncing  Embroidery up to 18 inches  wide.  EMBROIDERY* Voile Dress  Length, r.-g. $9.95,  Sale price...$7.95  SPECIAL AT l5c-AUover  ' and Corset Cover Embroideries.  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White Linen Table Cloths $2.50, $2.95, $3.50, $3.95  /*  t^Or^^'  Phone 361  Kelowna  GREASE AND OILS PREST-O-UTE Earhaa*.  ���CHAS. E. SMITH��*��  QUICK AND SATISFACTORY  ���WE AIR SERVICE TIRES, fei  Phones: Office 232; Hows 236  *n*Wmm0rtMmmmmwmmvMms^u*mswsmmkMmms^mmMmwm^mkss^mmms  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Miss Rose Weddell is this week  visiting friends in Armstrong.  The Kelowna Hospital Society  holds its annual meeting Friday  afternoon in the Board of Trade  room, and in view of the importance of this institution to the city  and district it is hoped there will  be a good turn-out.  The Kelowna Women's Institute  will meet at 3 p.m. on Saturday,  February 4th, in the Prisoners of  War rooms. Members are asked  to make suggestions at this t teeting  for the 1918 programme, and also  to endeavor to double the enrolment by each'cne bringing a new  member.  The Prisoners of War committee are arranging an evening for  bridge and court whist on Monday, January 28th.  Mr. Hunt, of the Broder Canning  Co., of New Westminster, is in  town this week soliciting the farmers of the district for tomatoes for  the coming season. He is offering  to make contracts for $20 per ton.  Messrs. T. Watson and J. Barbour, representing the C.N.R.,  were in town Fridav last in consultation with the members of the  council in connection with the recent decision of the courts in regard to the outstanding taxes due  to the city on the lands held by  the company in Kelowna.  Miss Lock, of Winnipeg, came  in on Tuesday's boat on a brief  visit to her aunt and uncle Mr. and  Mrs. Fumerton. She will proceed  to the coast from Kelowna.  In common with other points in  the Okanagan the Kelowna Board  of Trade is continuing to press  upon the railway company, the  post office authorities and others  concerned, the great inconvenience  and disturbance of business which  is being caused by the present disorganized state of the transpoita-  tion and mail services. The infrequent and irregular mail is  causing much irritation and commercial men who find all their  arrangements knocked sky high  by the long delays, are amongst  the most vigorous kickers.  **Next Sunday morning in the  Baptist church the Rev. W. Arnold  Bennett will preach on "Settlement  in the Doctrines ot Faith." In the  evening his topic will be "The Appeal of Love." After the evening  service the supper of the Lord will  be observed.  In a brief letter from the attend,  ing chaplain, Mrs. C. E. Adams  was this week informed that her  eldest son Charles had been so  badly wounded as to necessitate  the amputation of one leg. Charles  was the eldest of four brothers, all  in khaki, and enlisted with the  172nd. The father is also in uniform.  Will returned soldiers, residing  in Kelowna, get in touch with the  secretary of the local branch of the  Canadian Patriotic Fund if possible on the afternoon of Saturday,  January 26, when he will be in his  office in Willits Block, between  one and six o'clock.  Messrs. Fumraerton & Co. for  the second year in succession have  been successful in winning the first  prize in the "Canadian Grocer's"  Christmas window dressing competition. As this contest is a very  popular one and covers the whole  of Canada for cities under 10,000  inhabitants, this is no mean feat.  Mr. E. Lawley, who did the dressing, is to be congratulated upon  this evidence of his skill and taste.  Beginners will be enrolled in the  receiving class ofthe public school  on Monday, February 4th ; but no  beginners will be enrolled after  February 18th for this term. All  pupils must have attained the age  of six on entering school.  Mr. C. H. Gurnsey left Monday  on a visit to New York.  Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Kerr left  yesterday bn a visit to the coast.  Mr. and Mrs. H. Kitson were  passengers to Vancouver yesterday.  The local post office has been  notified of a new regulation in regard to the mailing of newspapers  to the United Kingdom. Newspapers must in future be mailed  singly. The post office will refuse  fo accept packages of two or more  enclosed in the same wrapper.  The annual general meeting of  the Agricultural Association is to  be held Saturday afternoon at 2  o'clock in the Board of Trade  room.  - THE ���  High Price of Shoes  NEED NOT WORRY YOU  SAY. MEN-  I have nome Good Shoes that  will live you dollars.  You need not ���end your money  ���way, as you can tee and get what  you want here.  RUBBERS At$1.25.  Don't forget���  QUICK Shoe Repairing  C. 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The ice carnival given by the  Young Peoples' Society was a great  success. The bright moonlight  sho lived up the varied costumes  making a pretty picture. A sleigh  load came out from Kelowna.  The Red Cross committee of the  Womens Trust gratefully acknowledge the gift of nine pairs of socks  and five vermin proof suits, from  the Girls Enterprise Club. x.  Ewart Hardie returned from Vancouver Monday.  Mrs. W. McDonald, who has  been visiting friends in the East,  for several months, returned home  on Saturday.  On Monday evening over forty  of our young people went for a  sleigh-ride to the home of Mr. and  Mrs. Guest at Ellison. On the return trip, when turning a corner,  the rack broke and the entire company were dumped into the snow.  Fortunately no one was seriously  hurt. |  A meeting of the Rutland Local  U. F. of B. C, was held in the  schoolhouse on Monday evening,  when the election of officers took  place, Mr. J. Reid being elected  president, with Mr. W. R. Reed  vice, and Mr. T. Maxwell, secretary. Directors were Messrs. J.  Duncan, G. Schofield and W. G.  Sehell. Mr. Reed was appointed  auditor. Some discussion took  p ace on the seizure of onions in  Vancouver. Mr.   Sehell    gave  notice that at the next meeting he  would move that a socii?l evening  be held in the near future. It was  decided to hold meetings twice a  month, on 1st and 3rd Mondays,  the next to be held on Feb. 4th. It  is hoped that ali farmers in the  district will join the Association.  SEED CORN  Owing to failure of crop* in Ontario this year Seed Corn i  very scarce and  local farmers are advised to book their orders with us without delay as we  can dispose of our entire output in other districts, but would prefer to  supply local demands first,  Selected North West Dent, price 15c per lb.  BANKHEAD ORCHARD CO., Ltd.  OK LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Are now completely equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  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Write Bos B,  Record. x  WHITE Porcelain Lined Bathtub for  bathroom, at half price. A. H. Johnston,  Rutland. 10-Ip  SITUATIONS VACANT  HELP WANTED. Any person, male or  female, wishing for work, should apply  at the office of the B.C. Evaporators,  Ltd., Cawston Avenue. 34tf  WANTED, Man for teaming and work on  fruit   ranch,  with    experience.     Stete  wages, without board. Rush, Glemmore,  9-IOp  MISCELLANEOUS  BULBS���Roman Hyacinths, Paper White  Narcissus, Daffodils, Lilies (Hyacinths,  Tulips, &c, arriving soon), also Pot  Plants, Cut Flowers, et the Richter  Street Greenhouses. 5ltf  PRACTICAL Farmer, with 20 years B.C.  and prairie experience, would take pay*  ing proposition on shares, or would  take charge of ranch in Kelowna district. Apply in first instance to Box F,  Record Office. _      10-2  IN VIEW of the large acreage which will  be planted to Tomatoes this year, farmers would do well to order their seedlings or plents early. Orders may be  left at the offices of Okanagan Loan At  Investment Trust Co., or at Mr. Stirling's  Greenhouse, Pendozi Street.  NOTICE  Anyone found taking wood or cutting  trees on my property (quarter section 34,  township 29), between South Kelowna  and Saucier properties, without my written .authority, will be prosecuted.  7-0p DR. KELLER  To Fruit Growers  If you intend buying a new Sprav  outfit let me give you particulars  of  a good, medium-priced power  machine.  J. SEWELL       -       -   Box 311  City Park Restaurant  WANTED TO BUY  Chickens        Ducks        Eggs  QUON  TAPE  P.O. Bar 13 Phone 60  Corner Abbott Street and Eli Avenue  27tf  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  UOULaVriONB  Coal taiaiae n*tu el tke Deesiaiea la Uu  lloba. He.kaws.van aad Alb.ru. tk. Yuko  tannery, tke Hwtawset taastterias. east    a  actio* el tke Provias* oi  Mitlab Colaasbia.  ta. tt* asaasS Isr a tens ol tw**tv-��a* .ears  t ea eaieal nasal ol SI aa aero. Not  "   i 8.100 same will be baas* ������ oa.  ���  taa has* asset ke esaa* by  IM be an ailaata*.  Is. aarrsrsa ksjelten see leal spa* fc* ��v  ���rioaibr asettos* ee tsisTnoXilsiosa) ol  sea)   as assesses***  laoteae* ska  jETjm *m be stakes ���t W tbs  kaatabk sates* el Ha  re seats sac taa.  Ike satsoa oeexetla* ths mias skell iansiab  '      T��fa rsteros aesosaHuur lor  .  et avarduuuabla eoal miwd  B    d��v   tba roraltr tkateoa.    U taa    aoel  '"IS  V.   V. GOBI.  ra. ��.-rje.��lkork��4 eetHlsllla. al tat* ad  .rtlMassal -Ul eet ke east BetaS  Utttss Wishlac to Ortlar  SPIRBLLA CORSETS  Mrs. J. H. DAVIES  Boost No. 1, Oak BaD lloek  b��  bourn oi B.80 tnd 2.30 n.m  *Mm ,Hi ��� \ rm^jm*. or at aav  VINOL REMOVES  THE CAUSE OF  A    Constitutional    Remedy  That We Guarantee  Lagrange,   N.   C "For   years   I  -.u.'Tcred with s chronic cough, so I  ;ould not sleep nights and continued  o lose flesh. 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The bar-rooms are treat-less,  My coffee is sweetless,  Each day I get poorer and wiser.  My stockings are feetless.  My trousers are seatleas,  Je-roosh   how   I'm   hating   the  Kaiser I  A drastic step has been taken by  the United States government for  the purpose of saving coal in the  enforced closing of all but a few  industries east of the Mississippi  river. Henceforth for ten weeks  every Monday will be a holiday,  and all plants closed down on that  day.  Berlin reports that Ukrania has  entered into an agreement with  Germany on a separate peace  basis.  FOR  Come and select (rom our  new lines of  Curios, Silks  and  Fancy Chinas, &c.  The Japanese Store  Phone   112  G.W.CUNNINGHAM  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merchant  (Successor to J. C. Stockwell)  Second ��� Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next to the C.P.R. wharf,  Kelowna  CIDER  PURE     FRESH     CLEAN  Leave your order, et the  Orchard City Evaporating Co.  Corner of Ellis Street snd Cawston Av.  5lti  A general election is predicted  in Great Britain as soon as a new  register can be prepared.  Wilson Landing and  Westside Notes  (From on own oorr#9DOD<i��nti.  Mr. Phillips it  having cordwood  got  ready to be loaded up for Vernon���tha  ���cow to haul it it expected in any day.  Messrs. Dawe and Fletcher returned to  Vernon on Friday last.  We are sorry to hear that little Hilda  Raymer has had another fall. She will  not be able to attend school for some time  though she is progressing favourably.  Mr. G. C. Browse is busy hauling his  stacks of hay from Lieut. Seeley s ranch.  WATER NOTICE  Application for a Licence to take and  use water will be made under the "Water  Act" of British Columbia, as follows: The  names of the applicants are Alexander  McLennan and George Whelan; The ad>  dress of the applicants is Kelowna, B.C.;  The name of the stream ia Mill Creek ;  lhe stream flown in a Westerly direction,  and empties into Okanagan Lake about at  Kelowna; The water is to be diverted  from the stream on the south aide, through  the Guisichan irrigation ditch ; the purpose for which the water will be used is  irrigation : the land on which the water  is to be used is described as follows; registered plan No. 413, part of S.E, quarter  section 24, Tp. 25, comprising ten acres;  the quantity of water applied for is as  follows: 2g acre feet per acre or 25 acre  feet. This notice was posted on the ground  on the 6th day of January, 1918. A copy  of this notice and an application pursuant  thereto and to the requirements of the  "Water Act'* will be filed in the office of  the Water Recorder at Vernon. Objections may be filed with the aaid Water  Recorder, or with the Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Vic  toria, B.C.  -ALEXANDER McLENNAN.  9-13 Applicant and Agent.  The Piano Tuner who  Keeps Faith With  The People  Mr. Alvin E. Parkins, Export Piano  Taner and Regulator,  Intends being in Kelowna in February or  March, and comes strongly endorsed by  Haintaman Ie Co., Morris & Kam Co.,  Gourlay Piano Co., Newcombe Piano Co.,  Fletcher Bras., Gerhard Heintzman House'  Vancouver, Prof. J. D. A. Tripp, Vancou-  ver, Mason & Risch Co.  Sample of Piano Manufacturers' Letters  Mr. Alvin E. Perkins, Toronto, Ont.  Dear Sir,���We hereby authorize you to  tune any piano of ours in any part of tha  Dominion, and wa have great pleasure in  recommending you to all our patrons as  being a first-dees tuner and a man of  splendid reputation. We find a great deal  of harm being dene by inexperienced tun.  era undertaking to tune pianos, who should  never be allowed to do to, aa tha instru.  mentt invariably suffer in their hands, and  the public sometimes blame the instruments instead of putting the fault on the  man without experience whom they often  mploy. We, therefore, have great pl<  sure in asking you to impress upon all  parties having pianos of our make to request you to do the necessary tuning.  Yours truly,  DOMINION ORGAN & PIANO'CO..  Bowmanville, Mar. 22nd, 1696. 9tt  Buff Orpington and  White Wyandotte  Cockerels  These birds are bred and carefully select-  ed for egg type and utility and are big  strong vigorous birds.  Prices $5, $3 and $2 each, according to their egg type  A. W. COOKE  Kelown* Field.  Box 663, Kelowna,  5ltf  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  DOORS WINDOWS SHINGLES  Prices right.      Delivery Prompt.        Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Co., Ltd.  D. LLOYD-JONES, iM.n.ging.Diractor.  ,v>a*��*V��*'>w��*yvw*��*<��><'**wvvvvi*>iw%ivsj*  The brick building formerly used by the  Kelowna Implement Co., hae been purchased this week from tha Rembler Paul estate  by Mr, D. Leckie,, and by him leased to  Messrs. Rowcliffe Bros.  All the barroom fittings of the Palace  Hotel have been removed during tha past  few days, and the room is being divided  by' partitions into sample rooms for the  convenience of commercial men.  Several attempts have bean made this  year to convert the tennis courtt on Harvey  Avenue into a skating-rink, but fate aeemt  againtt the tcheme. A fair sheet of ice  was secured during the cold spell of the  past few days, but now the thaw has coma  again, and undone all the work.  Sixteen German airplanes were  brought down Sunday in France  by French and British airmen. Entente warships have bombarded  Oatend.  A Few of Many Lines  Which Have Not Advanced  Peaches, Plums & Apricots  24 pound tins, in heavy syrup 35c, 3 cans $1  These prices have so far remained unchanged  McKenzie's Blue Tea  The quality is the same as it always was and the  price is the - same, too. Practically every other  Tea on the market has advanced in retail price  to conform to the wholesale advance.  McKenzie's Blue Tea still sells for 50c per pound  Fresh Ground Coffee  Our best brand at 50c a pound, quality and flavor  same as always, and ground while you wait. ���  We also have another one at 3 pomai at $1, which  is splendid value.  Dominion and Krinkle Brand Corn Flakes at  the old price, viz. 2 pkgi. for 25c  WE   GIVE   YOU   VALUE  FOR   YOUR  MONEY  The McKenzie Co., Ltd.  I  The Canadian  Patriotic Fund  NEEDS YOUR  ASSISTANCE  His Excellency, the Governor-General, has been pleased to continue the policy of  his predecessor, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, in  issuing a New Year appeal to the people of Canada to ���  continue during the year 1918 the voluntary  system of support so generously  accorded during the past  3i} years to the Fund  " After giving most careful consideration to various suggestions,  the Executive Committee of the Canadian Patriotic Fund, consisting of men representing all parts of the Dominion, unanimously  decided to appeal again to the public for voluntary support,  rather than to ask that the burden be borne by the public  treasury. This conclusion was reached only after all other  alternatives had been exhaustively considered. As President of  the Fund, I again ask the people of Canada to continue their  generous effort to help the families of the gallant men who, on  land and sea, are so nobly defending the empire and maintaining  the principles of liberty and justice. .We at home know the  sacrifices they are making, and the very least we can do is to give  them the fullest assurance that those whom they left behind are  well and adequately provided for. For over three years the Fund,  thanks to the support which it has invariably received, has dealt  in a thoroughly satisfactory manner with the ever-increasing  demands upon it, and I am confident that, in the future as in the  past, we shall regard it, not merely as a duty, but as a privilege,  to render all the assistance which lies in our power to, the cause  which we all have ao deeply at heart."  DEVONSHIRE.  YOU are cordially invited to attend a Public Meeting to  be held in the Kelowna Theatre, on Friday, February 1 st,  at 8 p.m.,'at which Mr. F. Nation, provincial secretary,  Mr. J. W. Jones, M.P.P., and others, will speak.


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