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Kelowna Record Jan 30, 1919

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 XXo^outfOwivA  ^CcimmwwAyi  lielutoua  nctoria. B.C.  ^..i���- iw '-�����  Z  VOL. XI.   NO. 11  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY. JAi    ARY 30. 1919.���4 PAGES  "7  $1.50 Per Annum  Hospital Has Had  Successful Year  Directors Elected in Future for  Three Year Term  The annual general meeting of  tne Kelowna Hospital Society wai  held last Fridav afternoon, after  considerable difficulty, it might be  mentioned, in securing a quotum.  In his report, the retiring president, Mr. D. Leckie, pointed out  that not only had the aervices rendered at the Hospital been satisfactory, but there was cause for  congratulation in the financial  statement, which' showed the revenue had exceeded the expenditure by $1,516.13, though this  amount had been more than absorbed by the $1,790.45 written  off as depreciation on linen, furniture add buildings, and also on  uncollectable accounts formerly  carried as suets,  The cash in hand and in bank  amounted to $1,199.58, while current liabilities were $882.94. The  directors had refrained as much as  possible from writing patients' accounts, aome of them of long  standing, as they believed that in  the better timea which appeared  to be now due, most of thai decent  delinquent patients would desire  to pay their bills for treatment at  an institution of this kind. There  were some delinquents who appeared to be able to pay who  should be made to do so. If. this  were done the Hospital would  more nearly carry itself and con-  aequently not require to depend  so much as at present on charitable contributions.'  Mr. Leckie read the following  comparative statement between  1917 and 1918���being very .much  in favor of the latter year:���  1917        1918  Number of "patient daya"...2396        3357  Cost per "patient day"  $3.00       $2.32  No. ol patients treated .'    170 250  Ant of**.'neat...... $1977.26 $2678.66  City grant (light and  water accounts). ..$317.18    $376.12  Ami. of deficit  $983.48   $208.02  Cash in hand $356.75 $1159.58  Subscriptions in cash ... $623.94    $420.75  Subsciip. in kind (value) $ 130.00    $490.95  The directors wished to express  hearty thanks to the Ladies' Hosi  Red Cross Drive Went  Beyond Objective  Subscriptions Reach Handsome Sum of $2176  The officers ih charge of the recent Red Cross Drive in the city  and district desire to present the.|  following .statement of the various  amounts received. In view of the  short notice given and the lack of  opportunity for publicity work ow<  ing to "flu" conditions the results  of the campaign are most gratifying. The amount asked for was  $2,000. As usual, Kelowna has  gone beyond her objective. The  total collected is $2176.75, the result of esch cshvasser's efforts being shown. The committee desire  to express their appreciation of the  work of the canvassers and of the  ready co-operation of the people  of the district. The ststement is  signed by E. D. Broden, chairman ;  Leslie V. Rogers, secretary ; J. A.  Forster, treasurer :���  Miss A. Hunter $21 ; Mesdames  Knowles and Perry $73.25 ; Mes  dames Cameron & Temple $91.40;  Benvoulin Red Cross $150; Miss  D. Day $24; Miss E. Glenn $ 139.85  Mesdames Richards and Butler  $117.30; Misses McMillan and  Raymer $140.15; Mias I. E. Hewetson $63.26 ; Mrs. J. N. Thompson  $18.90 ; Misses Vernier and Geen  $67 ; Mrs. Davies $45.50 ; Misses  Whitehead $31.75; Miss Dykes  snd Mrs. Hewetson $72.50 ; Miss  M: Cooper $26 90 ; Mrs. S Cray  $104 ; Rutland School Concert  Mrs. B. Hardie $5 7.14; Misa Ferrier  $23.50 ; Okanagan Mission (Mrs.  W. Renfiew) $112; Miss Zella  Monford $79.25 ; Misses Moubray'  and Caldwell $64.05; East Kelowna Red Cross $500; A. H. Caesar,  (Victory Loan commissions) $101.-  25 ; Miss Lucy Macfarlane (Ok.  Centre) $18.  St. Michael's Church  Annual Vestry Meeting  The annual general vestry meeting of St. Michael and All Angels'  Parish, was held in the psrish  room on Monday, January 27th, at  8 p.m. The rector, Archdeacon  T. Greene, presided. In his report  he referred to the active co-operation of the church committee", with  special mention of Mr. Fisher's  work as people's warden. He  gratefully acknowledged the generous support given to the parish  funds" by the senior and junior  branches of the W. A. and the  Chancel Guild.  The choir, now vested in cassocks and surplices, occupying the  new choir stalls, added dignity and  beauty to the service. During the  absence of Miss Edged, on her  holidays, Mrs. Bent, who is on a  visit here, had kindly taken charge  of the organ and choir.  The Sunday-Bchool, though much  affected bv the summer holidavs,  fruit picking and influenza epidemic, was again making good progress under the able superintendence of Mr. Beale, who, in his report,'asked for additional teachers.  Mr. Fisher's report showed improvement in various branches.  The debts to the Saw Mill Co. and  the Bank of Montreal were being  steadily reduced, Altogether he  was hopeful as regarda the coming  year, and reported a balance in  hand from the current .expense  account.  The meeting then proceeded to  the election of officers for the coming year. Messrs L. E. and F. A.  Taylor, and G. C. R. Harvey were  elected lay delegates, with Messrs.  F. W. Groves, G. A. Fisher and  J. R. Beale, as substitutes. The  rector appointed Mr. F. W. Groves  as his warden ; lhe meeting unanimously electing 'Mr. G. A. Fisher  people's warden. Sidesmen: Messrs. A. A. Ballard, F. A. Taylor, A.  Whiffin, L. E. Taylor, H Waldron,  G. C. R. Harvey, Grote Stirling, J.  Ablest and A. Poole.- ���  Votes of thanks were' heartily  accorded* to the retiring wardens,  the church committee, the committee of the Presbyterian cohgrega  tion, Rutland; the W.A. and Chancel Guild ; the organist and choir;  and to Mr. Whiffin for the continued use of his pipe organ.  The rector then pronounced the  blessing bringing a very successful  meeting to a close.  Prominent Evangelist  Will Visit Kelowna  A convention of a special nature  has been arranged and will be  held in the Baptist church. Kelowna people are moat fortunate in  being able to secure the services of  the Rev. Howard W. Kellogg, MA,  D.D., of Los Angeles, Cal., who  will open two weeks series of  Bible Conference meetings on Sunday morning next, Feb. 2nd, by  preaching morning and evening in  the Baptist Church.  Rev. Dr. Kellogg for aome years  conducted the Bureau of Bible  Teaching al the Green Lake Bible  Institute in Wisconsin, also serving  aa pastor in two churchea in that  State. For the paat eight years he  has occupied the Chair of Biblical  Literature in the Occidental College  Los Angeles. He is now giving his  time to Bible Conference work in  British Columbia.  Of an appealing personality, and  with a strong, forceful platform as  Bible teacher and evangelist, clear  on the dispensations and fundamentals, Rev. Dr. Kellogg ranka  with Dr. Torrey and Dr. Leon  Tucker of New York, with whom  he haa been associated in ' paat  yeara.  Meetinga have been arranged for  every afternoon at 3 p.m., and every  evening at 8 p.m., the conference  beginning on Sunday next, morning service at 11 a.m., and evening  aervice at- 7.30 p.m.  Rev W. Arnold Bennett, pastor  of the Baptiat church, appeals to  all people desirous of knowing  more of Bible truth concerning the  daya we live in, and the approaching the daya we live in, and the approaching end of the age, to make  certain that they secure a aeat in  the conference. Seata are free, and  there ia a welcome for all.  W. A. Pitcairn Elected  President nf Board  nf Trade  Prospects Good for Successful  and Busy Year       i  The adjourned meeting of the  Board of Trade Tuesday attracted  an unusually large attendance. The  matter of election of officers which  waa left undecided at the previoua  meeting waa firat taken up. The  names of Mesara. P. DuMoulin and  W. A. Pitcairn were nomineea for  the poaition of preaident, but as  the former waa not present, and  was stated to have again declined  the poaition, hia name waa withdrawn, and Mr. Pitcairn unanimously and enthusiastically elected.  Mr. B. McDonald was chosen vice-  president, with Messrs. DuMoulin,  Groves, Meikle, Hewetson, Rogers,  Hereron, Knowles, Woodbridge,  Ruffell, Buckland and Rees as a  council.  Mr. N. D. McTayish was reelected secretary, with many expressions of appreciation of his  valuable services and a auggeation  that hisjremuneration be increased.  This latter waa left with the executive.  In a few brief remarka the preaident' recalled that aeveral yeara  ago he had occupied the aame  poaition, but that an absence of  some six years had placed him a  little out of touch with the Board's  work. He personally believed that  the smaller matters which came  before the Board were often of  greater importance than the larger  onea. It. waa all very well to wait  for governments and corporationa  to take action but much could be  done amungat ourselves to make  the diatrict a better place to live in.  He invited everyone to take part in  lhe discussions and thus make the  meetings more interesting.- .  The following new members  were elected to the Board : Messrs.  D. Rattenbury, R. E. Denison, C.  H. Jackson, J. W. B. Browne, J.  Rowcliffe, A. E. Hill and J. Inglis.  A n.otion of thanka waa given to  Mr. W. Crawford, who had been  very aucceaaful during lhe week in  collecting a large amount of outstanding aubacriptiona.  Aid. J. B. Knowlea gave notice of  a notion for next meeting to provide for the appointment of a nomination committee to nominate a  alate of officers to be preaented at  each annual meeting.  Mayor D. W. Sutherland drew the at  tention of the Board to a letter which had  been received from Mr. Pattullo, the miniater of landa, regarding the Dominion  government's housing schema under which  a sum of twenty-live million dollar ia to  set aside and apportioned to* the various  provinces to assist in building houses for  returned soldiers, their widows or dependents. British Columbia waa to get one  and a quarter millions, and this amount  would be divided amongst the different  municipalities according to population.  Under this arrangementKelowna would be  entitled to $7,500 as a loan to tbe city  which would have to guarantee repayment. The mayor pcinted out that the  system  of  dividing the fund according to  fropulation was productive of much un.  airness, and when the number of aoldiera  who had gone from this district waa taken  into consideration, Kelowna's portion  aeemed absurdly amall. Twenty-live millions in the whole of Canada was at the  rate of $50 per soldier, while this district's  share worked out at about $5 per soldier.  The city waa recommending that the division of the fund be not according to population, but that it be loaned to returned  men with tha privilege of building where-  ever they desired.  The matter was discussed for some  time, several auggeations being advanced,  one of which was that the money be used  to build a clubhouse for the returned men.  Mr. W. Pryce draw attention to the lack  of watering accommodation at the C. P. R,  cattle correal, and the transportation committee was instructed to approach the  company with a view to obtaining this  convenience.  The meeting expressed itself as in favor of a suggestion from the Automobile  Association that work on the roads be  commenced at once and paid for later  when the appropriations for the year had  been made.  Mr. Grote Stirling urged that an endeavor be made to secure the completion of  the highway connection between Kelowna  and Carmi, affording a road through to the  boundary country, and connection with  several other important roads. It was decided to prepare a resolution to this effect  and to seek the support of the boundary  towns.  The board will also urge forward the  building of the new post office, and aaak  further details concerning the proposed  new wharf.  Many Soldiers Arrive  Home This Week  Further Party Expected By  End of This Week  As demobilization proceeds the  numbers of men. returning from  overaeaa ia increasing. On three  separate daya during the past week  the whistles have announced the  arrival of parties of aoldiera who  were welcomed enthusiastically by  lhe crowds gathered on the wharf.  On Tueaday aix men came in:  J. C. McCready, R, Campbell, J.  Haynea, Patteraon, Gladatone  Langille and Brown.  On Tueaday the party which had  travelled via the "Empress of Asia"  through the Panama Canal io Vancouver arrived���a day later than  expected owing to a breakdown on  the line near Spences Bridge, They  had been given a great ovation at  every post at which they had  touched, and Kelowna citizens had  assembled in full force to do them  honor as they reached home. Those  arriving were Roy Haug, A. Fazan,  R. F. Minna, A. J. Clarke, B. Con-  roy, and C. Grant. R. Smith, of  Eaat Kelowna, also came in the  same day.'  On Wedneaday, Roberts, formerly of the Bank of Commerce  staff came in. Since leaving Kelowna about a year ago, to join the  artillery, he had been on fortification duty on the Atlantic seaboard.  H C. Mallam came in on the aame  boat on his return from Vancouver where he had been to get his  discharge.  Serg. A. J. Clarke started his active aervice career three months  after war waa declared by joining  the old 102nd. Dental trouble  prevented him going overseas until  the following year, when he trans  ferred to the 54th, crossing to  France aa a corporal in that battalion. He went all through the  famoua Somme battle, remaining  with the front line troopa right  along till Vimy Ridge waa taken,  in one of the preliminary attacka  on which his company charged  together with 360 men, out of  which only 32 came back  Gassed once, buried twice by  high explosive and knocked unconscious by a trench bomb, Serg.  Clarke savs he waa one of tne lucky onea who never really got hutt I  He waa granted a furlough to Canada just before the armistice was  signed.  Roy Haug and A. Fazan, both  172nd boys, have kept together  most of lhe time, and were in the  big fight around Paachendale in  October of 1917. Roy waa wounded at Amiena laat August. Fazan,  although in aome of the heavy  fighting escaped unhurt, but was  laid up Inst June with a serious  attack of diphtheria.  Clifford Scott and T. Ackroyd,  alao returned on the Empress ol  Asia, stayed behind at the coast  visiting friends, and will bis along  shortly.  Corp. R. F. Mtnna was another  another 172nd man, leaving his  wood-working business here to  enlist with the local company. He  waa tranaferred to the 47th in Can  ada afid again in England before  finally reaching France in May of  1917. Here in addition to experience in the trenches he acted' as  bombing inatructor for a time. He  was wounded, not by lhe enemy,  but by the bursting of a neighbour's  rifle, a portion of the bolt entering  his-right arm. This not healing aa  il ahould eventually aent him back  to England.  Robert Campbell alao went away  with the 172nd and in all has had  about two yeara in France. Luckily he escaped any serious wound,  but waa troubled a good deal  throughout with rheumatism. Since  laat August indeed he has been  completely incapitated from aervice on that account and was in  convalescent home when peace  cam*.  FISHER-On  Thursday, January  23rd, to the wife of G. A. Fisher  The Kelowna Women'a Institute  will meet Saturday, February lat,  at 3 p.m., in the achool domeatic  acience kitchen, when Mra. Cartridge will demonstrate the making  I of Biscuits and Jellied Tongues.  Volunteer Fire Brigade  Annual Meeting  The Kelowna Volunteer Fire  Brigade held their regular annual  meeting on Monday, Jan. 20th, for  the purpose of receiving financial  statements and reports for the past  year, and the election of officers for  1919.  During the year ending January  20th, 1919. the brigade held 40  meetinga with an average attendance of 11.95. Thia figure is considerably lower thsn the average  haa been in past years, but is accounted for chiefly through the  requirements of the Military Service  Act, and to a certain extent through  the shortage of labor during the  busy season when all membera  were working to the limit of their  ability.  During the twelve months there  were eleven alarms turned in���one  being a false alarm. There was  an estimated loss of $3010, the  greater part of which was covered  by insurance. Altogether 5650 ft.  of hose was laid, being an average  of 565 (t. per fire the greatest length  laid being 1200 feet at the fire in  the chicken house near the Catholic  Church.  The election of officers for the  coming year resulted aa follows:���  M. A. Alsgard, re-elected Chief;  J. Pettigrew, re-elected Deputy  Chief; J. M. Jennens, sec.-treas. in  place of J. W. B. Browne; directora,  F. M. Buckland, re-elected, and R.  Mathie, in place of E. Beahan.  On the following Monday, Jan.  27th, the brigade met to complete  the election of the officers which,  resulted as follows: Captain of No.  I Company, H. Glenn; Captain of  No. 2 Company, W. Kirkby ; Lieut,  of No I Company, H. Welsh;  Lieut of No. 2 Company, D. Chapman. Mr. D. Crowley was appointed auditor for the year 1910.  B.C. Fruitgrowers  Elect Officers  Following a convention last week  at Penticton, of the B.C. Fruitgrowers' Association, probably twice as  large ss any previous one, the following officers were elected for  1919: President C. E.Barnes. Wal-  lachin; vice-pres. L. E. Taylor,  Kelowna ; secretary, F. Clement,  with Thos. Abriel, Nakaup; R.  Palmer, Cowichan; W. E. Chappie  Armatrong and W. F. Laidman of  Vernon, forming the executive. E.  M. Carruthers wss elected director  for the South Kelowna diviaion.  Vernon waa choaen as the next  point at which the annual conven-  Automobile Assn.  Elects New Officers  Urge Commencement of Road  Work At Once  The Automobile and Good  Roads Association re-organized  Saturday for the coming year with  Mr. J. Dayion Williams as president, Mr. D. H. Rattenbury vice-  president, and Mr. L. V. Rogers  secretary, with a board of directors  consisting of Meaara. F. Buckland,  DuMoulin, Hereron, Carruthers,  Soames, Sweny and Graham.  The Association has already  done much towards bettering highway conditions lor the local motorist and the viaiting touriat, and is  enthusiastically taking up aeveral  other reforma in that direction.  In hia report the retiring preaident referred to the fact that a  large part of the work of the firat  year had been in organizing and  getting into ahape for effective  operation. Great good had been  accomplished in providing aigna  to mark the more difficult lurna in  the roada both north and south,  and correspondence had been  conducted regarding a free ferry  and the opening up of the road to  Carmi.  Several important resolutions  had been passed. In one of these  the government waa urged to make  arrangementa to have the road  work atari up immediately, when  moat good could be accompliahed  and teama were available. The  work could be paid for by notes  redeemable when the next road  appropriations were made.  The government was also asked,,  to take steps to improve the dangerous curvea on tbe Vernon road  and alao on the road to Penticton.  A reaolution aaking that non-  glare lenaea be made compulsory  on all cars -was submitted. The  much'desired "free ferry" was also  the subject of another resolution.  It was decided to meet in two  weeks time to consider sending ���  delegate to Victoria if necessary to  urge the mailers of toads and  ferry.  Mr. E. C. Weddell left last weekend on a trip to the cosst.  Mr. C. W. Little, of Verno., paid  a visit to Kelowna last week-end.  tion will be held.  The Aaaociation decided to strenuously oppose the increai > in  express rates before the Railways  Commission, ond will alao appoint  a committee to prepare a report  upon the inroads of Aaistics into  B.C.  SOLD WHERE YOU  SEE THIS SIGN  The Dominion of Canada  offers  War-Savings Stamps  at $4.00 each  during this foonth  And will redeem them for $5 each  on Jan. 1st, 1924  Every dollar will be worth more.  W-S.S. can be registered    '  against loss  THRIFT STAMPS  28   cents    each  16 THRIFT STAMPS  exchangeable ior one W-S.S. PAGfe TWO  KBtOfoNA ftfcCdftD  Thursday, January id, 81$  Bicycle Repairs  Also repairs to Baby Carriages,  Gramophone*,   and     Electrical  Appliances of all kinds.  Wc have a Very Complete Equipment  for general machine shop work,  including an  Improved Welding Plant  (or Brass, Aluminum, Cast Iron  and Steel. Save broken castings  Electric Wiring and Supplies  J. R. Campbell  Ajjrnt for "Massry'' Bicycles  Abbott Street, corner of  Park Ave.  Phone 347  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repairs  Now is the time to have  your Furniture overhauled,  re-covered or repaired. 1  can re-upholster your auto,  or buggy seat and make it  like new.  Mattresses Piano?, fitc.  Re-made Polished  Cosey  Corners  Made and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Late with  Kelowna   Furniture Co.  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Prompt and personal attention paid lo  jobbing work  A   TRIAL SOLICITED  Pliones: Business 164; Residence 91  P.O. Box 22  8.11  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  AU Kinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  e. C. Weddell.    ���   John P. Burne  KBLOWNA   B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA. :: B.C.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR & BUILDER!  I'Una and Specifications Prepared  ���nd estimates given for publicBuild-  nus.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Can.Soc.C.E.  ( oiiMiiltinq Cioil and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeijor  Surveys snd Reports on Irritation Work.  Applications lot Wster License.  KELOWNA. B.n  CLIFFORD G. BUCK  INSURANCE BROKER  I ..le, Accident, Sickness, Fto, Automobile,  Burglary,  Fidelity Guarantee  V<-�� ializing in Insurance, therefore service  to the Assured  Phones 217 and 216  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all clai  of work  KELOJafNH RECORD  Published avwy Thur*d��y ��t Kalowna,  Britidi Colombia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  .SUB8CRIPT10N   RATES  month*  UniUd  |1.AO    per   year.   Tla..   4  Hint*! 10  e��U 4wMHtOM>l,  HabacrlbsM* at tbe nwrolar irnfw cab ht��ve  titra tnwmr* mailed to friends nt a diHtuw*  at  HALF RATE. Ut. TS caaU oer raar.  Thii  iD-Mial  nrivlW**    to   irutod    lor    Um  uotiMiM ol advirtltiat *be rit��  mad ditvtet.  All nbaarlntlow o*w*bU Is advaBM  ADVRRTlHINtt  RATES  I UIKJK NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL CARDS  RTC..- '.A ��nu dm colama ladk mr vatk.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-*�� dan. W  AO davi IT.  WATRR NOTICRS-19 lor live .neertitmi.  U0QA1. ADVERTISINQ-Flrit lAMrtloa. 12  cent* oar Um: each subsequent later lion. ��  fenu  Mr   lino.  CLASSIFIED ADVRKTI8E1IBNT8 -I <wi.u  Der word tint Insertion. 1 cent ptr word  "iti'h   ���iilmoinient insertion. /  DISPLAY AlWEUTISEMENTS-Two InohM  and andar, 60 cents psr Inch llrat insertion  over two inches 40 centa oar inch lint insertion: 20 caota ner Inch ��aoh eubeeuueut  tnwrtion.  All cbausei In contract advertieementa mut  df   in  the  lmndu  of tha  i.riiiter    by   TnaadAv  evening   io   ntiHurs   publication   la   tba   aait  tKBUa.  C.P.F. Subscriptions  For Past Four Months  Kelowna during the paat year  hus done much better than the  committee expected. $2934 less  has been disbursed than in the  previous year, while $419 more  has been subscribed. The total  amount collected during 1918 was  $55 13.05, which creates a new record for this district. In 1915,  $421 28 was raised by public subscriptions; in 1916, $31 70.58; and  in 1917. $5094.11. To date Kelowna has received from the Provincial Branch $43,742 86 and has  .,ul scribed $14,199.02.  The number of beneficiaries has  decreased and now stands at 136,  94 of whom are minors. The  average grant per family of 3.24  units ia now $28.19.  It is hoped that public support  will be maintained until the end of  Murch and, if this be the case, that  sufficient money will then be in  hand to preserve the voluntary  character of the Fund until its  services cease.  Following are subscriptions, do-  notions, 6tc, received by the Kelowna branch during the four  months ending December 31,1918:  KELOWNA   CITY  Alsgard, M A  Andison, 11  Arbuckle, H W  Bailey, fc. R  Baldock, A L  Ball, J  Bartholomew, H  Benson, W G  Binger, G R  Ballard, Mr and Mra  Black, Mrs A H  Braden, Rev E D  Brown, J W B  Brown, L O  Brown, R II  Brown, Miss Z D  B ckland, F M  Burne, J F  Butt, D K  Butler, Mrs C A V  Campbell. D D  Campbell, Miss B M  Carney, Miss C  Casorso Bros.  Chapman, D  Collett. Mrs. IICS  Cooke, A W  Cooper, Miss F  Cox, A E  Cross, E I.  Dalglish. R L  Dain, H F  DeHart, N E  Denison, R E  Dibb, F  Dirk, C E  Duggan, Aid W C  Dunn, C H  DuMoulin, P  Dykes. R  Edgell, Nurae  Faulkner.C W  Fisher, G A  Fisher, Mrs J  Forster, J A  Flack, Mrs G  Foord, W  Fowlar, E  Fumerton, IF  Fumerton, J  Caddes, Dr W H  Gall. J  Gill, A H  Glenn, H  Gordon, D K  Gorrie, M G  Graham, E C  Greene, Ven Arch T  Greene, Miss M  Harris, J H  Harvey, J M  Marvey, Miss E  Harvey, W  Haug. W  Hayes, Leo  Hayman, I. A  Hemming, T O  Hereron, Miss N  Hewetson, Misa  Hicks. H F  Hilt, F H  Hill. A E  Holman, L  Hunt. Mra J  Hunt. J  Jackson, C H  jennins, J N  $ l.oo  l2.oo  2.oo  B.oo  - 4.oo  . l2.co  4.oo  8.oo  9.oo  .     7.50  . 7.50  4.oo  . l2.oo  4.oo  5.oo  1.50  4.oo  .     9.,  8.00  4.oo  .     2.1  .50  I.,  .    10..  4.oo  .     5.<  .       4.!  4.oo  .       4.r  .    10.,  4.oo  .    10.  .     2.  6.oo  .     4.  4.oo  4.oo  .    12.  .   20.  1.25  .     I.i  2.oo  .     6.  ..      .50  4.oo  .     2.r  6.oo  8.0O  B.oo  4.oo  .    lO.oo  I l.oo  4.oo  .      6.r  .      4.r  l2.oo  . 7.50  .     1.50  l.oo  .       10.00  1.50  .    . .75  4.oo  .   24.  ..   12.  .       10.00  "'/���' -  4.oo  l.oo  4.oo  .      .75  .     6.  ��� 5o  .      4.r  .    8.i  7.oo  .    4.  Johnson, Archie  onaa, J W, MPP  Kelly. L J  Kerr, R B  Knowles, Aid J B  Know, Dr W J  Langille, E D  Langille. Miss E  Laws. W R  Leathley, J  Leckie, D  Lloyd-Jones, D  Lloyd-Jonas, AU W  Louden, Miss | W  Mackenzie, J.5  Malhie, R C H  Manila. W J  Martin, V  Maxwell, A M  McCarthy, C  McEwan, W  McEwan, Mrs W  McGibbon, Mra M J  McGorman, Misa F M  McKay, C A  McKenzie, G S  McMillan, John  McTavish. N 0  Mearns, Miss  Meikle, G A  Millie, Mrs and Misa  Monford, Geo  Morrison, R F  Morrison, T N  Moubray, Mra L A  Neumeyer, Joa  Okan. Loan tt Invest. Trust  Old. H S  Packham, C J  Parker, W M  Pavle, J  Pease, R A  Preston, H  Pryce, D  Push, Miss B  Quinn, C  Reed, WR  Rees. H F  Rennie, W H  Renwick, H A  Rowcliffe, Geo  Royle. F V  Ruftell. T S  Schmidt, A ,  Shayler, C  Simpson, S M  Slater, H  Smith fit McCubbin  Snowsell, E  Snowsell, H  Stevens. R W  Stirling, Grote  Stockwell, J C  Sutherland, Mayor D W     '  Swerdfager, H W  Taylor, F A  Taylor, L E  Thayer, J R  The McKenzie Co, Ltd  Thomas, R W  Thompson, Miss B  Thrtrssell, J E  Todd, A G  Trench. W R  Trenwith, J H  Trodden,G J  Vamey, F  Verbeke, Rev Father  Waldron, H  Weddell, E  Weddell, E C  Willis, HA    .  Willits, P B  , Wilson, C A  Wilson. H G M  Wilson, Miss L  Wilson, Miss M  Wilson. B  Windsor, Mr and Mra  Woodd, W C  Co.  BENVOULIN  Conlin, J    Peterman, W J  Watson, EH  Watson, WD  ELLISON  4.oo  I0.oo  4.oo  12.00  20.oo  20.oo  lO.oo  3.oo  2.oo  4.oo  l2.oo  50.oo  9.50  2.50  4.00  4.oo  B.oo  5.oo  2.oo  5.oo  2,oo  2oo  l.oo  1.50  6,oo  4.00  10.00  5.oo  2.oo  8.00  3.oo  lO.oo  4.oo  4.oo  4.oo  4.oo  78.oo  2.oo  6.oo  2.oo  l.oo  I5.oo  1.50  8,oo  3.oo  4.50  15.00  8.00  4.oo  8.oo  12.00  8.oo  4.oo  1.25  9.o��  8.oo  4.oo  l.oo  2.oo  2.00  4.00  20.oo  2.oo  6.oo  4.oo  I6.00  40.oo  .25  4.oo  2.oo  lO.oo  8.oo  4.oo  5.oo  2.oo  2.oo  lO.oo  8,oo  4.oo  l2.oo  20.oo  2.oo  6.oo  3.oo  4.oo  l.oo  3.oo  l.oo  8,oo  6.oo  3.oo  2.oo  2.50  2.50  EAST KELOWNA  Newbold, A  GLENMORE  Aitken. C E                             15.00  25.oo  IO.00  I5.oo  IO.00  4.00  20.oo  l.oo  3.90  2.50  l.oo  4.oo  I.00  1.50  2.50  4.oo  2.oo  1.50  2.00  2.oo  2.oo  1.50  2.oo  IO.00  IO.00  l2.oo  Lewis, P A                             Rush, Mr and Mra C F            Scott PA                                Silver, JR  Todd, HK                              Ward, CW                               Whilham, D                                OKANAGAN   MISSION  ZZ                                      Stubbs. Mra MK                 RUTLAND  Barber, W                               Beale, J R                              IO.00  Campbell, Rev C A             IO.00  20.00  4.00  1.95  Dalziel, Miss A B                 1  Dunn.J U                                 Elliott, S T                       Fleming, Mra. W H  Cray. Mrs PS                       IO.00  25.0O  IO.00  2.oo  I.00  20.oo  .2,00  Hardie, Mr and Mra B             Leithead, W J          - 4.oo  1.50  Leigh, MrsN  L                McDonald, Mra W               IO.00  McDonald, Mra D                 Russell, Mrs C T D                2.00  3.00  Schofield, Mra                           1.00  Sehell, Mra W                     Sehell, Mrs G                            .75  Stonehouse, Mr and Mre W H   ...  Wallace. Mrs. J                 1.25  2.oo  Orders for]  Local  Scouts  "*S prepabcd*     Kelowna Troop  ���   - Troop First: Self Last  Edited by Pioneer.   Jan.. 28 1919  ORDERS bv command for week  ending Feb. 8. 1919.  DUTIES: Orderly patrol for  week, Beavers, and also for week  following; next for duty, the  Wolves.  PARADES: Thecbmbined trdbp  will parade at the club-room on  Wednesday, Feb., 5 at 7.15 p.m.  The usual basket-ball practices  will be held on Monday and Fri  day.  The following appeared as a  leading article in a recent issue of  the "Winnipeg Tribune" :���  "The Boy Scout Movement. In  the matter of the moven ent for a  unified effort toward a higher Can  adian citizenship, many factors inevitably enter, the school in particular. No extensive success in  developing a better type of citizenship and a unified Canadian sentiment can be obtained unless we  operate through the institutions  and movements having to do with  joung people.  Given certain publicity and prominent personnel almost any pro.  paganda can be started, but unless  it has a lively interest in and cooperation with the youth of our  land it cannot long exist or be a  permanent benefit. Some of these  things are like comets, which are  very attractive while they fill the  heavens with their brilliance, but  neither their heat nor their light  influence the growth of the oak.  Of the permanent influences few  are more important than the Boy  Scout movement, and we trust  that the Canadian National Congress on Education in Citizenship  through the schools in formulating  its programme will not overlook  this organization. After the home  and the school there ia probably  no factor in the budding citizen's  life so full of postibilitiet as the  Boy Scout movement and kindred  organizations for girls, such as Cirl  Guides. These institutions and  organizationa unite in forming that  very complex environment which  influences the growing boy.. Some  of them aim to develop the physical side of his life, some the religious,  some this phase and others that,  but the Boy Scout movement is  peculiar in having as its aim the  development of the "whole boy"  at a most vital period of his life;  having especial bearing upon such  youthful propensities as play companionship, and thoroughly con.  trolling and using the "gang spirit'  of the 'teen age.  The movement is perfect in its  attitude toward the boy, perfect in  its ethics, perfect in its social organization, perfect in ita physical, lt  affords an opportunity for adult  wisdom, experience and enthusiasm  to co-operate and that quite effect-  vely, with the exuberant freedom  of boyhood ; it affords occasion for  moral and religious instruction and  influence that is real and vital; real  because part and parcel of the  boy's life and activity, and vital  because of its unifying powers;  and it affords an opportunity for  self-development, and self-expres-  $1,480.20  -4-  The rainfall in Prince Rupert in  1918 totalled 86.06 inches, according to official records.  The IDEAL  RANGE  For Coal or Wood  Easy on Fuel Good Baker  All our Rangea have Polished  Steel Tops  COME IN AND SEE  OUR  RANGES <a HEATERS  We can take your old on* insert payment  StockwelPs Limited  It gives one a fine sensation to  feel, that the school is growing  more and more towards an ideal.  Each year sees some new part of  the edifice placed in position. Last  year saw some improvement in the  library and museum. Thia year  the School Board is paying more  attention to the playground, and  already a start has been made in  providing more suitable apparatus  for games. Swings are to be erected for the primary pupils. Basketball for the girla and football for  the. boys'Will complete the equipment for this year. A shed for  bicyejes is being constructed.  There is one part of our achool,  however, that has been aadlv neglected during the war and that is  our assembly hall. We can seldom  use it. It costs us about aeven dollars to rent chairs and pay for  draying ; and we have to go to no  end of fuss and trouble for even  the simplest public entertainment  such  as a  lecture.   There  is  no  sion so essential to the evolution of  the voung citizen���the adult citizen  in embyro. At present, for some  reason or other, the movement is  suffering a partial eclipse in certain,  parts of the west. So much of our  energy was devoted tp war effort,  so pressing are the military and  commercial needs of our times, that  we have b-en in danger of neglecting the physical and social environment of our bqys at an age when  they are in greatest need of it and  at a time when our national history  is most vital. With the return of  peace there should be no trouble  in getting men in every part of the  province who have done some  training in service abroad, and  whose experience and natural aptitude would qualify them to work  with our boys. In our plans for a  wider better Canadian citizenship  we can make good use of this truly  wonderful movement, the Boy  Scouts.  doubt that trie assembly hail coulo,  be mad* a fine educational institution in Kelowna if it were properly fitted up arid the floor made  sound-proof. We want a roomj  stage for drills, &c, and a" first  class projectoscope. I would sug  gest to the citizena of Kelowni  that the fitting up of that assemblj  hall as a  Memorial Hall for thi  Mi  brave men who have fallen in.  entire!]' worthy and suitable obje'c/|  and would  be ...continually berortfi  the mind* of the riling generatir  I wish th* ladies of Kelowna wou  consider tuch'a scheme.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING   ���}  sUDGCLATIONb  l,iff^^..^PW?��'  oruiTit X ^.V&tAm^iiSuS  wv ba kesssl tai a.��*as al twsal.-oa. nan  assHsaUwa lat Iks leaae aaast tt atalt br  s�� aoDUaant ka osrsoa te aaa Asasst em 3er>  lied lor sn allaata*.  Uatabls oattat ai Ita sstas a* taa tait  ol  ������TtaWtaaWs     ajT^i    a     7"  rmliwuat Mass*.  ftJlftia^gaa*    ��  inina  rlnSU ars"ao* taiaa owrstsa.   aa3  staras    skall   ha husrtsairl .1 Wast oaaa   s  1 at tks  altUaai  The British government has decided to release the Irish priaoners  who are now interned in England.  The prisoners are mainly thote  arrested last year in connection  with an alleged revolutionary conspiracy by the Sinn Fein. They  include a number of Sinn Fein  members of parliament.  The   ,.  Fish Market  AU kinds of Fresh Fish  in season-Salmon, Halibut, Herrings, Codfish,  Smelt, &c. Crabs, Oysters and Shell Fish.  Nearly opposite  the Wharf   ?UmU3  Fat Ml htonsaWrst atoUox  ���ads to tks Bisrslanr ai tks _ .  tiSSft 8SBS.1A * *-��� -  V. w.  ^^^^^^^^^        tl tks salaries  i!Lt=r?3l^srt.���tapaa-���* -  Do you know that the  Veterans'  Bowling  Alleys  ARE OPEN  Bernard H. Raymtr   -   Mngr!  B.W,f MM  AUCTIONEER  and  General Committion  Merchant  (Successor to J. C. Stockwell)  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next to the CP.R. wharf,  Kelowna  Removal Notice  I beg to announce to the motorists  or the district that with a view to  increasing my accommodation for  their convenience  THE OIL SHOP  HAS BEEN  REMOVED  TO   THE  Prisoners of War Tea Rooms  Corner Pendozi Street and Lawrence Avenue  GASOLINE LUBRICATING  OILS GREASES  GOODYEAR TIRES     ACCESSORIES     TVBES  of all descriptions carried in atock  COAL   OIL  VULCANISING rhursday, January 30,1919  KBLOWKA KBCOB9  PAGE TSBSX  ever before has Pictorial Review's $a-  nremacy at style-arbiter of America been to  jtandidiy exemplified at in these designs  w Spring.  {The really expensive dress  i the one you make and  never wear, because you  pre disappointed in its ap-  perrance or because you  ie others wearing more  shionable or better-fitting  irments. You can avoid  (these costly mistakes by  consulting the  Spring Fashion  Book   ;  nUinn . costume   design*   for  very phate of th* Spring Sea- ,  on.   Sixteen Plates Illustrating the new styles in the latent and most fashion*  nble colouis.   We cell particular attention to the wide variety of chic, -fweetly  ���eimple frocks so dear to the heart of any woman,.   Our  designers  have sur-  Ipaused all previous efforts  in  this  Spring issue.   Before you buy any other  I Fashion Book aee the  \SpringNumberofthe PICTORIAL REVIEW Fashion Book  FEBRUARY   PATTERNS  NOW oft SALE  PHONE   361  KELOWNA  !  TOWN AND, COUNTRY NOTES  -  The KELOWNA THEATRE  TO-NIGHT-"The Light Within," with Madame Petrova.  Saturday ���Kitty Cordon in " Diamonds aud Pearls,"  Tuesday���"The  Lion's Claws," chapter   I T, and other good  pictures  COMING���" My Four Year* in Germany."  Evening, 7.31 Ac 9. Mstinee Saturday at 3 p.m.  Mr. E. L. Cross was a viaitor to  Vancouver thia week.  Miss A. McLennan left yetterday  for Calgary.  Mr. A. R. Davy it a visitor to  the coast thit week.  Mr. and Mrs. Jenner, of Calgary,  were visitors to Kelowna yesterday.  Mr. Geo. Ritchie returned Tuesday from the coatt.  Mits Cooper, who hat been on  a vitit to Sacramento for the patt  week or two, returned Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrt. Lionel E. Taylor  were pattengert thit week to Victoria.  T. Treadgold hat rented the old  Hudton studio on Pendozi ttreet,  and it fitting it up at a paint and  tign-writing shop.  Mr. Ralph Berry arrived Tuesday from Kitscoby, Alberta, and is  taking up residence with a view to  settling permanently in the district. <  Mr. Geo. Fraser, once a well-  known resident of Kelowna, and  now located south of Penticton,  waa in town for a few days this  week.  Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Latta and  family were arrivals last Friday  from Govan, Sask., on a visit to  relatives here.  Mr. Geo. Thomlinson is renting  from the city a atore in the Man-  nion block, next to Messrs. Harvey  Duggan & Davies' new offices.    .  Bernard H. Raymer, himself one  of our returned soldiers, is reopening the bowling alley under  the title of the "Veterana* Bowling  Alley." At the alleys repretent a  really up-to-date and expentive  equipment, it thould, especially in  the absence of the regular winter  ���.porta, have a new leaae of life.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  The ladiet atk that the Valentine Dance on February ,14th, in  aid of the Kelowna hotpital, be  borne in mind. Four prizet will  be offered for costumes.  A military whist drive in aid of  th* G.W.V.A. will be held in the  Board of Trade room on Wednesday, February 5th. Come and  fight for the flags. Prizes will be  awarded.  Next Sunday in the Baptist church  both tervicea will be conducted  by the Rev. Howard W. Kellogg,  M.A., D.D., of Los Angeles, Cal.  In the morning his topic will be  "The 'Life in the Blood." The  evening service will be evangelistic. The Breaking of Bread will  be observed at the morning service.  KELOWNA IS FORTUNATE!  Rev. Howard W.  Kellogg, M.A., D.D.  of Los Angeles, Gal., will be Speaker in  SPECIAL BIBLE  CONFERENCE  Beginning SUNDAY, Feb. 2nd, at 11 and 7.30  and Every afternoon and Evening for Two Weeks,  at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.  In the BAPTIST CHURCH  COME!   There's a Welcome for YOU  J. S. Gillespie, a v former well  known resident of Naramata, has  died at Battle Creek, Michigan.  Mr." J. R. Robinson, of Port  Hammond, is a visitor in town this  week'.  Mrs. M. R. Thick, from Prelates,  Sask., arrived Thuraday last on a  visit to her brother, Mr. A. Patterson.  Miss Haz -1 Wharrie, of Montreal  is at present spending a few weeks  vititing her titter, Mrt. Geo. Crots.  She returned Tuesday from a visit  to the coast.  The school authorities are providing in the school' grounds a  much.needed shed for the bicycles  of pupils. The groundt are also  to be put into better shape for  games, and swings are to be erected far the youngsters.  The local boyt who were welcomed home Tuesday, would have  arrived Monday but for a mishap  to the No. 2 eastbound, which was  derailed jutt thit tide of Spence't  Bridge, the engine and first two  coaches' overturning. Luckily the  boys who hsd patted through the  danger! of the war zone, came out  of thia all right, no one on board  the train being injured. .  The Canada Food Board hat  been informed that field and garden seeds have been removed from  the restricted export list of the  United States, and that American  shippers in future do not require  licenses for shipments of seeds  coming into the Dominion. The  removal of United States restrictions  on flour alto will extend to Canada.  Rutland News  fltttm ear on ausiasaaaasttl.  Mrs. Armstrong who has been  visiting Mrt. B. Hardie, returned to  her home latt Friday.  The Ladiet Aid of the Methoditt  church intend to hold a Valentine  Social in the tchool on Feb. 14.  An additional sum of four dollars  hat been given to the collectors of  lhe Red X Drive, which thould be  added to the amount raited by the  tchool concert.  Mrs. W. rj. Fleming it progressing very favourably after undergoing an operation in the Kelowna  Hospital.  Yes, it is Great  Weather, all Right!  The sunny Okanagan in  certainly the place to live  in. And you can live cheaply, too, so far as footwear  is concerned if you go to  the right place to buy.  Dark's store cats out all unnecessary expense and YOU  get the benefit. See window.  DARK, the Shoeman  Quick Repairs, Good Work  Opposite Royal Baok  We May Now Expect  Some real Cold Weather  -   Sleighs in 24-inch and 3-inch  Light Bobs Jumpers Cutters  Robes Woollen Rugs  Auto Rugs Horse Blankets  Also large assortment of Bells, Trunks. Suit Cases  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street AGENTS Phone 150  Frail, Sickly Children  Improve Rapidly on Vinol  The reason we so strongly recommend Vinol for  frail, sickly children is because it is a non-secret  remedy which contains Beef and Cod Liver Peptones, Iron and Manganese Peptonates and Glycerophosphates ��� but no oil ��� the very elements  needed to build them up. It is delicious to the  taste, and children love it  These Two Mothers Have Proved This.  "My UtUedug&ter, 18* years old.  overworked and was run-down, tired  all the time, nervous, had headaches,  couldn't sat and haa to stay out of  school. VinoUias built her up. She  has a good appetite, no more headaches and has returned to school  again. "���Mrs. Lester Andrews.  Williamson, W. Ve.  "My little boy was weak, pony,  and tired all tha time, did not ws nt  to do anything. Vinol was recommended and it built up his strength  and made him healthy. Nowheromps  and plays like other children. We  certainly believe In Vinol for children,"  ���Harley Clay.  P. B. WILLITS & CO.,  KELOWNA  CREAM PRICES  from Jan. 1st, 1919  Kelowna prices : No. 1 -  60c per lb. butter fat  .   No. 2 - 58c      ���        .,  KELOWNA CREAMERY, LTD.  The CHEVROLET  The light, reliable car, fully equipped, electric starter  and lights, economical to operate (w 11 average  up to 30 miles per gallon of gasolene),  easy to start, easy to drive.  THE   CAR BEST SUITED   FOR THIS   COUNTRY  Model 490, 27 h.p v  $1,085  Model F.A., 37 h.p  $1,585  F.O.B. KELOWNA  M. A. ALSGARD  Chevrolet Agent  Kelowna, B.C.  Woodcraft C  Premises on Lawrence Ao.  Manufacturing Co.  For Furniture of all kinds made to order, Store and  Office Fittings. Good storage to rent.  Building Contractor' Ettimatet Furnished  Second  Hand  and  Antique  Furniture and Goods of all kinds  bought or sold on commission.  Sewing machines cleaned, repaired and overhauled.  Upholstering done on the premises.  StMB PAGE FOUB  KBLOWNA  HECOM  Thursday, January 30,1919  LARGE  Auction  To be held on THURSDAY,  FEBRUARY 6th. at W. N,  KINNEAR'S Place, corner of  K L. O. and Benvoulin roads.  Sale to commence at 12 sharp  Miniature Grand Piano (co*t (900), oak  Davenport (fumed), oak Morru Chair  (fumed), oak Rocker (fumed), oak writing Deik (fumed), oak extension Dining  Table (fumed), 6 oak Chain (fumed),  oak Buffet (fumed), Axminaler Carpet,  9x12, Wilton Carpet 5 x 10. bran Bedatead  and Springt, Reatmore Maltrcti, iron Bed  and Mattrcu, Dreaaer and Dreiiing Table  (whit* enamel), oak Drener, pair heavy  white Blanket!, 4 Quilt*, Eiderdown Comforter, 6Pillowa, 2 bedroom Carpeti, quantity Linoleum, ateel Range, 2 coal Heater*,  kitchen Cabinet, 2 toilet Sell, Refrigerator,  ���et china dinner Diahea, aet dinner and  tea Diahea, 12 doz. fruit Jara, 3 Lampa,  Wringer and 2 waah Tuba and other  kitchen utensil*. Gramophone and Recorda,  Clyde Mare 9 yra. old, Clyde Gelding  6 yra. old, Gelding 9 yra. old, laddie Pony,  Cow 5 yra. old fresh March lit, jeraey  Heifer 2 yra. old freah April lit, Deering  Mower, huy Tedder, 2 heavy Wagons,  BuBgy> Cutter, aet heavy Bob Sleighi, hay  Fork. Pulleys and Polea, heavy team I Ior-  neaa, aet light driving Harneaa, Wagon  Springe 3J tona, fruit and hay Racks, Planet  jr. Cultivator, Eureka Planter, Plow, Myera  Pump, Cultivator, aet iron Harrow*, Cold  Frames and cotton, 300 Sack*, Nail Stripper  and Hatchet, lawn Mower, wheel Barrow,  Chaine, Shovelt, Hoei, Forks, Rakea and  Scythes, 2 pr. Ice Tongi, camp Bed and 2  screen Doors, cross cut Saw, quantity  carpenters Tools, cream Cans, many articles  not mentioned.  TERMS CASH  Piano and Ranch will be sold at 3 p.m.  G. W. CUNNINGHAM. Auctioneer  WATER NOTICE  STORAGE  Take notice that J. M. J. Dobbin, whose  address is Westbank, B.C.. v/ill apply for  a licence for the storage of five (5) acre  feet of water out of Spear Lake, which  flows Southerly and drains into District  Lot 2683. The storage dam will be located  at North and South ends of .Spear Lake,  The capacity of the reservoir to be created  is about five (5) acre feet, nnd it will flood  about �� acre of land. The water will be  diverted from the atream at a point about  S.E. corner, and will be used for Irriga  tion purpose upon the land described aa  Distriot Lot 3683, Osoyoos Division. Th<  licence applied for ia to supplement a  right to take and use water aa per Condi  tional Licenced Nos. 656 and 633. Thia  notice was posted on the ground on the  23rd day of January, 1919. A copy of thia  notice and an application pursuant there  to and to the "Water Act, 1914," will be  filed in tha office of the Water Recorder  at Vernon, B.C. Objections to the appli-  ca'ion may be filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the Comptroller of  Watar Righto, Parliament Buildings, Vic  oria, B. G, within thirty days after the  first appearance of this notice in a local  newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is Thursday, January 23,  1919.  M. J. DOBBIN,  IO-4p Applicant.  The Corporation of the  City o( Kelowna  TENDERS FOR FIKE BRIGADE  INSURANCE  Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to Friday, the 31st day of January, for insuring the members of the  Kelowna Fire Brigade, The lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted.  For further particulars apply to Mr. M  A. Alsgard, Chief, Kalowna Volunteer  Fire Brigade.  G. H. DUNN,  Kelowna, B.C., City Clerk.  January 16th. 1919. 9-0  Automobile  For Hire  H. B BURTCH   -   Phone 160  ICE!  Farmers  book   you    orders  early   and   save   disappointment.    Ordrrs will   be filled  in rotation.  Price $2 per load  of   I �� tons loaded  at pond.  BANKHEAD ORCHARD  COMPANY. LTD.  Phone 8  ( WANTED! )  JOB   SALE  FOR SALE. Coal-oil Heater and Belle Oak  Heater. Apply Mra. Boyer.Glen Avenue,  alter 6 o'clock. 46tf  FOR SALE, Young Pigs, two months old  Apply Henry Burtch. lOtf  FOR SALE, first-class Alfalfa Hay.   C. F.  Rush, Glenmore. IO-3p  FOR SALE OR TRADE-160 acres good  land in Saskatchewan. Would trade  for land in Kelowna diatrict or for stock.  Apply J. Swanson, Lawson Ave.   9-2p  LOST  LOST, Dark bay gelding. White star and  white off hind sock. Branded "u on  quarter, 15} hands. Rewn.nl. Write  Boa 210, Kelowna. B.C. 11-3p  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED, More knowledge ol the Bible  b> everyone. Come to the Bible Conference in the Baptist Church, beginning on  Sunday next, morning and evening; and  for two weeks each ofternoon and even,  ing; speaker. Rev. Howard W- Kellogg,  M.A., D.D., of Los Angeles.  11-2  THE GREAT WAR VETERANS  ASSOCIATION  Fifteen   Acres of  Meadow  Land at South Okanagan  Tenders will be received (or the renting  of the above for the coming year by  the  Secretary of the G.W.V.A.   Tenders mils'  he in not later than the 12th of February  Signed, G. N. KENNEDY,  Pres. G.W.V.A  THE RUTLAND DRAINAGE COM  MISSIONERS require Tenders lor the  digging and hack filling of 2900 lineal feel  of drainage ditches from 3 to Mr} ft. deep ;  the digging of 1930 lin. ft. of open ditches;  the laying of 2100 lineal feel of 14 incl.  concrete pipe ; the laying of 800 lineal lt.  ol 6 inch concrete pipe and other works in  connection with the Rutland Drainage  District.  Plans and specifications may be aaen at  tha office of Mr. F. W. Groves, District  Engineer, Kelowna.  Tenders to be received not later than the  10th of February, 1919, addressed to Willis  F. Sehell, Rutland, B. C��� and to be endorsed "Tendera for Drainage Works."  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A. L. CROSS,  W. F. SCHELL.  J. MclVOR,  Kelowna, B.C. Commissioners.  January 28th. 1919. 11-2  Our Meat is  Good  And Prices Low  You can't make any  mistake   by   trading  with us  COME AND SEE US  i  Boding Beef    /0c fi.  Foi Roa.t      20c Ib.  Home Made Sauiage,   25c Ib.  Vaal, Roaat Leg  29c  Veal, Roast Loin  29c  Veal, Roast Shoulder  25c  Veal, Stew   22c  Veal Chops, Rib   29c  -Veal Chopa, Shoulder    25c  Beef, Roast  22c  Rump Roaat  22a  Round Steak   25c  Loin Steak  39c  Beef Suet  18c  Corned   Pork   30c  Dry Salt Pork  38c  Pork Chop   30c  Pork Steak  29c  Pork, Roast  30c  Side Pork ?..  30c  Leg Pork  30c  Fish  25c  Canada Food Board License No. 221  Davy & Mills  INDEPENDENT MARKET  Ellis Street      Phone 268  (Next to Waldron's Grocery)  Correspondence  Readers are reminded Ural opinions expressed  in letter, inserted under thi. headine are not necessarily endorsed by ua. Letter, should be a. brief aa  poaaible and to the point.  To the Editor of  The Kelowna Record.  Dear Sir: Will you kindly allow  me a little apace in your popular  weekly for the following:���  About the time that Nurse Caville  wss ao brutally murdered bv lhe  beastly Bosch, the Kelowna City  criuncil received a suggestion from  the Local Orange Lodge that we  name the city park the "Caville  Park," in memory of that brave  woman. The council thought it  very appropriate but would have  to submit it to the people for approval, but nothing waa done.  Some weeks ago you had a very  timely editorial in the Record,  suggesting the placing of amemoi-  ial in the park to those brave bovs  who gave their lives tor us. I am  afraid the suggestion is following  in the steps of the "Caville Park"  suggestion, and for that reason I  am writing so that we may make a  start "lest we forget."  Now we don't want to lose any  time, bul get busy right away. The  Rutland people have already applied to the government'for two  captured German cannon to place  in lhe school grounds as a memorial, with perhap a suitable monument as well.  Now, Sir, would it not be betlei  il Kelowna and the surrounding  districts unite and make one grand  monument in Kelowna, rather than  have several small ones in the district ? 1 would suggest that at the  nexl meeting of the city council the  mayor and aldermen take the initiative in the matter, for if no one  slnrla the suggestion mav (nil  through. I would suggest that the  city council appoint two members  to work in conjunction wilh two  members of the Board of Trade  two membera representing lhe re  turned soldiers ; and two represent  ing the church. The Boy Scouts  and each of the surrounding dis  tricts could also be represented  for I take it that everybody would  be willing lo help on such a com.  mittee, That the committee meet  ns early aa possible to formulate  ,oinc plan by which money can be  raised for the memorial���it may  take a couple of years to complete.  Bul now is the time to start; while  the facts are so forcibly before us,  i would suggest that every one in  the city and surrounding country  be canvassed; that each diatrict  give a number of concerts 8cc; the  churches could hold sales of work  or bazaars; the Fire Laddies could  give a dance or two; the Athletic  Club could also help in the same  line.  Let our watchword be "A Memorial for our Heroes." Let ua keep  lhat aim in view, and it wont be  long before we can let the contract  and have a monument that will be  a credit to our town and do justice  as far as possible to those who  made it possible by their blood for  us to enjoy the blessing of liberty,  enjoy a free Canada, free from  rape and rapine bv a beastly Bosch.  In conclusion, I would lay : "Wake  up, Kelowna I Look up I The sun  i* shining again, Carry on and  Heaven will help you if you only  help yourselves I  GEO. SCHOFIELD.  Lone Pine Ranch,  .     Rutland.  Suggest Memorial Hall  A further suggestion as to a memorial to Kelowna's fallen soldiers  was made last Friday at an informal meeting in the Great War Veterans' rooms, at which Mayor D.  W. Sutherland, Archdeacon Greene,  Rev. E. D. Braden, Mrs. Telford,  Lt. Hewetson, T. Anderson and J.  Englis were present. The idea as  outlined waa for a building to be  erected in the park which could  be used aa a place of public assembly, club room for the Veterans,  and also the I.O.D.E., and possibly  as a gymnasium. It was decided  to-lay the matter before a large  meeting at an early date.  Hospital Has Had  Successful Year  Continued (rose oata am.  pita! Aid which in the put year at  in former years, had assisted the  Hospital so liberally with finance  and personal aervice.  Thanks were also due to the  Kelowna SchooPClub, the Masonic  and Oddfellow Orders, and to all  other friends of the Hospital who  had contributed to its support.  An ong these might be specially  mentioned Mr. Osterbauer. who  presented the institution with a  $50 Liberty Bond.  Many changes had taken place  in the staff during 1918. Miss Millar, matron for a number of years,  resigned on account of health  much to the Board's regret, and  nearly all the other members of  the nursing staff are of recent engagement. He was pleased to itate  however, they had again been fortunate as all reports received showed that the present staff was all  that could be desired.  The many changes mentioned  together with other causes, had  greatly increased the work of the  secretary, Mr. G. R. Binger, who  had spent much extra time and effort in  the endeavor to keep the institution a  success.  On the whole he believed that in 1918  the object for which the Society existed,  viz., the medical relief of the sick, was  attained in a capable and efficient manner,  and the public would be pleased with the  financial reault, and with the administrator  of the affairs of the Society during the  past year.  Following the adoption of the financial  statement, Mr. Leckie statad that some  thing had been said lately regarding the  control of the Hospital property. At present the currant board of directors had  full power to sell or diapose of it as they  wished, and it was felt that it should be  tied up in some way so as to safeguard  the Society better in this respect. It had  been suggested that the property be handed over to the city, but the objection to  this was that a vote of the ratepayers  would be needed before any change could  be made. An alternative proposal had  been put forward that the directors be appointed for overlapping terms in the same  way as the school board, a portion only of  the directorate retiring each year. Thia  would ensure greater continuity in the  work, and prevent sudden changes of  policy.  This idea was favorably received, and  it was finally decided to elect directors for  three years, five to retire annually.  It was also resolved to abolish for tha  sake of convenience the separate office of  treasurer, combining the duties with those  of the secretary.  It was arranged that the by-laws be redrafted to include tha and other' changes  which had been made from time to time  The election of directora resulted in the  following being selected : Messrs. D. Leckie, P. DuMoulin, A. A. Ballard, M. Hereron, E. Murdock, J. Ball, H. J. Hewetton,  W. I. Mantle, C. McKenzie, j. W. Jones,  W. Haug, G. A. Fisher, H. B. Burtch. N.  D. McTavish, and Rev. E. D. Bradtn.  At a directors' meeting later Mr. P. Du  Moulin was elected president, C. MeKeniie vice-president, and W. J. Mantle sod  A. A. Ballard as the other members of the  executive committee. Mr. G. R. Binger  waa re-elected as secretary-treasurer.  Wilson Landing and  Westside Notes  Miss Gertie Hanna went to Vernon on Monday latt, where, the  will vitit her titter, Mrt. McMatter.  When last heard from Lieut. P.  Y. Atkinson had crossed the Rhine.  He wat one of the fust to join the  colourt from our dittrict.  The Sunny Okanagan it surpassing itself this winter. There is no  need lo go to California for soft air  and sunny tkiet.  Mr. Brixton hat returned from  the Vernon Hotpital. He it slowly  recovering from the painful attack  of sciatica which took him there  tome time before Christmas, and is  now at Okanagan Centre We are  also glad to hear that Mr. G. M.  Reid is improving in health.  Mr. Maurice Chaplin, who leaves  very shortly to attend college in  Edmonton, paid a visit up the lake  during last week. He has spent  some time in trapping and haa almost been as successful in it at he  has been during the hunting season.  Some of us are glad and hear that  he has accounted for a number of  coyotes at these have made serious  havoc mmongst stock running on  this range during the laat season.  Maurice was also within camera,  distance of several large cougar, of I  which he obtained a very good]  AUCTIONEER  I have had over 21 years' experience in the Auctioneering business,  particularly in the lime of Cattle,  Farm Implements and Household  Furniture; and this experience is  at your disposal. It means better  results from your auction aales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for an/'  Auction Sale should see  or  write  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195 Residence at  Kelowna. B.C. GLENMORE  Mr. C. G. BUCK  Room   1, Leckie   Block,  is  acting  as  agent  in  Kelowna, and will make al  arrangements for conducting of sales  Phone 217  Evaporator  Needs Women  Help for Trimming Vegetables  $2 per day  GUARANTEED  and 10 cents per box  over twenty boxes  FREE TRIAL  We will aend thia new EDISON  DIAMOND AMBEROLA and a  selection from out 4,000 unwearabla  Blue Atnbarol Records to yoai  home (or Five Days' FREE TRIM  Particulars and Plica Us) Flee  The Hood Stationery Co.  Edison Distributors for tha Okanaaan  VERNON, B.C.  FOR SALE  Pour Registered HOLSTEIN  COWS, two fresh, others du<  in April. Heavy milkers  backed by government re  cords for milk and (at.   Bee  of breeding  Also HERD BULL.  Thia .tuff i  young and choice. Write lor  photos  and pedigrees  Burton Fruit and Stock Fan  Penticton, B.C.   S. J. Kinney, owns  ��3*1  Caveat Emptor.  (Let the Buyer Beware.)  "Caveat Emptor" or "Let the Buyer Beware"  was the motto of the old time merchant. Hit  business was to get all he could and give as little  as possible in return. ,  That was dishonest, of course, and experience  has shown that it was not even profitable. The  successful merchant or manufacturer to-day Is  the one who gives real value. The dealer to-day  who wants to establish a permanent business  knows that Honesty is the best policy and to  prove that he is there to stay, he advertises.  You can depend on getting a square deal from  the regular and persistent advertiser.  WM. HAUG  Masons' Supplies  HARD AND SOFT COAL  Phone No. 66  Rennie's Seeds  Always Qrow  ���nd  Produce the Beet  Sold Everywhere'  Writ* to-day for Catalogue���Now Ready  THI  WILLIAM  RENNIE  COMPANY  LIMITED  872 GRANVILLE St., VANCOUVER, B.G.  ALSO AT TORONTO MONTREAL WINNlRK.  m


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