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 VOL V.  NO. 19.  i       ���', i.' -ii   i.:  KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY.  APRIL 3, 1913.  $1.50 Per Annum.  Dramatic Society in  "Charley^ Aunt"  Successful Production of  Popular Comedy  Ths authorities of ths Kelowna Musical aad Dramatic Society may well  congratulate themselves upon thi auo-  oeaa ai "(Jherli.'a Aunt" ths world  fumouu comedy oil Brecdcu Thomas,  fur tho awing whioh carried tbe play  through last Saturday from start to  trniah was fully deserving oi the applause whioh it received from'the well-  filled Opera House.  At the rising oi' ths curtain, Ur. A.  L. Soames. as Jaok Chesnsy, was discovered grappling with the difficult  problem; of writing a love-letter to  Kitty Verdun, ward oi Stephen Spet-  tigue, u solicitor, when Charlie  Wyckham, known in private life as  Mr. }>. \i. Corby, enters the some in  a aimilar difficulty, the object oi his  affection being Amy Spettigue, niece of  thesolieitor.  The amoroua swains settle the matter fay mutual assistance. . A small,  but select partyia urranged, but. complications arise through the failure of  the ohaperons, Charlie'a Aunt, to put  in an appearance. A chaperone is a  sine qua non to ths little party, and  in this oase of extreme necessity, Lord  Faaoourt Babberly (portrayed by Mr.  It. C. Kesd) ia prevailed upon to uue  a disguise nnd pose ua the expected  aunt. Donna Lucia D'Alvadorei. The  temporary mioofwa of thia aoheinu lends  propriety to the occasion, and mutt era  mend, although macy difficulties irop  up when Stephen Spettigue and Sir  Frauds Cheaney, father of Jack, pay  anient attention to the supposed  Donna Luoia in the college grounds.  Acliniux ia reached in the arrival of  the real Donua I.uchr, who, detecting  >the ruse takes shelter nndtr a temporarily assumed name, until towards  the olose, whan the deception can bo  kept up no loafer. Babberly thankfully disposes at his eambeeeeae (era-  iniuo ganaeats, and haviag disclosed  ni��, f*r^^M^SK>9SmSi.  Donna Lucia, receives"'at once tne' let  tor's forgiveness and her nleoe. Tho  other couples sre happily brought together, and all ends satisfactorily.  There is little toom for comment on  the merits of the players individually;  the cast as a whole;waa beyond praise  and any adverse criticism would be  nothing less than unkind. To laud  Mr. Soames would be superfluous, for  to him, both in ths clover way in  whioh he Pilled his part, and in his  capacity as Btage manager, the whole  success of the evening was largely due.  Mr. Ferrier, as Sir Francis Chesncy,  was a surprise to many; it would be  difficult to- find anyone better fitted  for the prut in physique or histrionic  capabilities. M. BobWe Bead was  sorely men in the best role ho has  portrayed yet, and carried off tho  many humorous situations ia a man-  Mr which kept the audisnoe convulsed.  Mr. P. K. Corby, as Charlie Wyckham, seemed absolutely at. hem*, hia  voioe earrying to ths back oi the hall  with Uie. clear onunoiatioa el every  syllable. Mr. L. B. Taylor waa as  usual most energetic, md entered into  hia pert with characteristic enthusiasm. The College Scout, e 'vanity  same for, the factotum or butler in  outlet in auch institutions, waa ably  representor) by Mr. 0. C. Biamore in  a dignified aad quite ideal manner.  01 ahe ladies it is hard to say who  waa beet, but we think perhaps the  laurels ahould go to Miss Binger tor  portrayal ol Kitty Verdun, the {sank  charming maatr in which Ae aoovpted  Jaok, Chcsuey'" proposal being quite  her Met aoeoe.  Misa Hill, as Amy Spettigue, and  Mrs.' Corby as Bla Dalahay, ware  entirely satisfactory, while Mrs. L. E.  Taylor played the reel Donna Lucia  a grace "nd dignity which would be  hard to equl anywhere.  The soenery was not a whit behind  the players in point of excellence, the  aeoond soene, "college grounds," calling forth onthiurioitio applause from  the auditorium. The Saolety is fortunate in pospeesingsuoh an accomplished 1081110 artist as Mr. 0. B. Mc  Kie; we are eagerly anticipating more  of Mr. MoKio'a work in the forthcoming production oi "Sap Toy" by the  Society. The furniture used waa very  kindly tent by the Kelowna Furniture  Company.  Any account oi tbe enterUinmeni  wouM be incomplete without reference to the orchestra, whioh (ave  pleasing selections be/ore each act,  under the leadership of Mr. N. Bern-  odt, as Wlewsj-  Meeting of  City Council  At the meeting of the City Council  on Friday last Aldermen Calder, Copeland, Sutherland, and Thompson were  present.  A certificate was received'from the  Returning Officer of the result of the  plebiscite taken on March 28th in reference to the grant of IfiOOO to the  Board of Trade for publicity purposes.  The result, whioh haa already been  published, was 86 in favor, and 46  against.  A letter was received from Mr. Bor-  nuie, complaining of water irom the  promises of the British North America  Tobuceo Co. flooding his lot next to  the -factory. Aid. Copeland said he  had exumimd the matter and supported the complaint. The chief constable  waa instructed to request the manager  of the Company, Mr. Bowser, to havt  the cause removed.  A report waa received irom the  chief of the Fire Brigade with reference to his inspection of the fire appliances in the local hotels. Those oi  the l'alace and the Boyal were found  satisfactory, but complaints were made  concerning the Lakeview.  It was stated that the council ha  been endeavoring for two years to get  matters put right in the latter, but  had been unable to do so. It was decided that the lessee be notified that  tho licence would be euspended unless  the variiui deficiencies be made good  before  April  16th.  A letter was read from Mr. J. B.  Whitehead, local secretary of the S.l'.  C.A., nuking what steps the council  had taken ��*-to a by-law regulating  the prevention of cruel tyto animals.  It was stated that Mr. Kerr had  been asked to draft a suitable bV-law  and Mr. Whitehead was asked to submit any suggestions whioh the Society  might wish to make.  Tho ohief constable reported that a  prosecution had bean ejected 'recently  to a horse, ^but in , ?!te oi;  co, the osee had been dis-  and the costs ordered to be  paid by the Society or the dry. Mr.  Kerr, on behalf of tha Society, contended that the duty oi paying tlie  oeets should fall to the oity.  Aid. Sutherland stated that theOov-  ernment Agent had notified him that  in the ease ef any person becoming in-  sane, hs must have resided in the city  for one month before the eity could be  considered responsible for the oeet of  removing him to an asylum, or for  any other oharges in connection with  the oase.  The question of appointing an auditor for the city's books for the year  was dismissed at some length. Some  question was raised as to the rate of  remuneration to be paid ior the work  which, the eity olerk pointed out was  rapidly increasing, and had during the  paat year taken np more time than  had been paid ior. He thought it  would take at least three months of  an auditor's time to check up the account books and vouchers ior the  current year.  The following accounts were pasnod  for payment:���  Kelowna Sawmill Co 1166 00  Palace   Hotel  89 06  Max Jenkins Co     �� 00  Sewer Geo. F. James  I 26  Sower Time Checques   11 SO  Dominion Express Co     2 98  Dalgioieh & Hording     6 46  Morriaon-Thompso*Co  1640  F. E. R. Wollaston  10 70  E. C. Weddell    10 00  Okanagan Telephone Co  11 90  The meeting was adjourned until the  following Friday.  for the purpoae of orer.ni.ing and thought ,,>Afeer ,he pM|ing of ^ ^^    ^  .-they should wail until he waa heard from. P��..���; ���;��� %, l. . '...i.l   _-i L ._  Plerpont Morgan Dead  Pierpont Morgan, the famous American  financier, died Monday at the Crand Hotel  st Rome. The announcement of hia death  waa withheld from the newapapere until  private cablea had been eent to the Morgan banking houses at London and New  York. The end wae peaceful snd came  while the great financier waa unconscious.  1. March "Old Faithful."  2. Overture "Zampa."  3. March "Entry of the Gladiators"  4. Selection... "II Trovatore"  During Ihe evening it  waa  announced  lhat another performance of " Charlev'a  Aunt" would be produced on the evening  of Friday, April 4th at B.J0.  ONLY  TWO MORE  DAYS  TO GET ON THE VOTERS' LIST  If you are entitled to a vote and have not registered  since March I st, do so before Saturday or you will be  too late.  Registration forms can be'secured and filled in at  the " Record " office during any hour of the business  day from now until April 6th when the list closes.  Rutland News  (From our own correspondent)  The   friends  of   Mr.  SutcliiTe   will   be  sorry to K*ar that he it seriously ill at the  Kamloops ���anitorium.  Mr. J. Plowman arrived,from Vancouver  last Friday. He has bought the Siitcliffe  propet ty on the Rutland road and his  family will now take up llietr permanent  residence there.  The meeting held last night to organize  a Fruit Growers' Union was well attended  over 40 representative owners being in  attendance. Mr. A. Crowcroft was in the  hair, with Mr. C. H. Leathley secretary,  pro. tern. Moved by Mr. Leathley, seconded by M. Bird," That* Fruit Growers'  Union be Formed in Rutland." In speaking  on the motion Mr. W. Gay said that the  government was sending a  man  arouud  Mf. Hodder thought tho reason why their  fruit was not to be had at the coast was  because of lack of organisation, Mr. Car-  nac said he did not think organizing would  do much good unless they could dispose  of their own fruit. Mr. Loosemore point-  ed out that the organization was not being  formed to buck any shipping or selling  house, but that eventually the whole  valley would be organized and good must  surely be the outcome.  Mr. Barber said that the government  were advocating a selling union for the  whole valley, and he thought that was the  best way to get good prices for our fruit.  Mr. R. Spyuil thought that the union  would not tie a member down to one  buyer but would tend to regulate prices.  A number of others took part in ttio discussion, which, on being put to the meeting was carried.  Mr. S. Gray suggested the election of a  president and secretary, and on motion of  Mr. Hodder, seconned by Mr. Johnson,  Mr. A. Crowcroft was elected president.  On motion of.C. H. Leathley, seconded by  Mr. Loosemore, Mr. S. Gray was elected  secretary. Mr. Cownac moved, seconded  by Mr. Hartley, that an executive committee of five be appointed. After nominations the following gentlemen were appointed : Messrs. Loosemore, W. Craig,  A. E. Harrison, C. H. Leathley and T.  Barber. The secretary was instructed to  gat into communication with the government re the organizing of Fruit Unions.  SCHOOLS'  Following are the names of pupi  e who  have for the past month gained percentages  worthy   of  mentioi  .    The  finuics  given  jelow are for study, regularity and  punc  tuality, and conduct  !  Division I.  Jllian Sproul  95  100  78  Dora Peaae  95  100  77  Amy Fleming  93  100  79  Margery Lanadowne 93  94  78  Earls McDmald  90  100  75  Blanche Ford  91  100  72  Mildred Ford  91  100  72  Elwood Fleming  91  100  71  Bert Dalgleiah  71  98  69  Merriam Woolsey  90  90  78  Billy Plowman  85  100  71  George McCormick  88  100  68  Minnie Campbell  88  94  73  Division 11.  Hazel Beaett  87  100  90  Leslie Richards  90  95  88  Jeanie Warden  Ruth Woolsey  86  95  90  80  100  88  Mary- Peaaa  85  100  82  Verna Ford  86  97  83  Elsie Brown  83  97  86  Wm. Lansdown  80  .95  90  lean McDonald  tlva Fleming  86  97  78  8!  100  79  Marjorie Johnston  Olive Whits  82  90  79  84  88  86  Melville Leathley  76  100  87  Items from Ellison  (From our own coneiponcient)  Potato planting has already commenced  and "John Frederick " intends to be  first  in the market again.  A base ball match was played in Mr.  M. Hereron's meadow on Saturday last  between Rutland and Ellison, and resulted  in a win for our boys, the score being 29  to 10. We understand that the Rutland  boys will use cricket bats in the return  match at Rutland next Saturday.  School Trustees Meeting  The School Trustees met on Tuesday  last for the weekly transaction of business  in connection with the local scholastic  (rears.  grani was brought up with reference to  the date of the building inspector's ability  to be present, and a report in connection  with the new buildings wa* submitted but  discussion had to be deferred until several  details were adjusted. This will be effected before the next meeting-  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rowcliffe returned on  Wednesday from Victoria where they have  been spending the winter.  On Easter Day the stork visited Mrs.  Julian Smith with a daughter. _ This is  the first colored baby to be born in this  locality to our knowledge.  With the Boy Scouts  The local troop of Boy Scout* had an  enjoyable day on Easter Monday, parad.  ing at two o'clock at their camp head  quarters and proceeding to Knox Moun  tain where tha afternoon wa* profitably  spent in scouting, games and exercises, the  two patrols competing against each other,  It i* hoped that thit year all troop* ' in  the valley may be enabled to combine in a  camp at some suitable spot on the lake.  The idea need* development and should  prove a great benefit to the participants.  For the propagation of the movement's  aims nnd objects, portions of the matter  contained in the official hand-book will be  reproduced from time to time in these columns, in order that those who are interested may learn more about the value of  this training, both physical and moral,  which has been taken up ao keenly by  boys throughout the whole world.  On Saturday afternoon, March 29th, the  local troop of B. P. Scouts had a splendid  afternoon's scouting. Two cyclists, Francis  Buck and Fred Whitehead, were supposed  to be carrying important messages to headquarters. They had been seen by the  enemy, and an ambush laid for them,  while rumors of the ambush were received  at headquarters. A patrol was promptly  sent out to try and discover where the  ambush wa* and to warn the cyclists, and  afterwards if possible to capture soma or  all of the ambushing party.  The patrol under Dick Parkinson laid a  splendid ambush, although they made one  or two mistakes while lying in wait. Two  scout* by a fer.ee and alao two icouta at a  bridge stood up on the rails and exposed  themselves and their position, and gave  themselves away completely to the search  party, who, under Rodney Keller, did  splendid work, going rapidly across country, spotting the ambush and going full  speed ahead in order to warn the cyclist*.  They juat failed to do thia, however. One  of the cyclists. Fred Whitehead, was unfortunately captured while the other,  Franci* Buck, twisted hi* machine around  and rode away for dear life, made across  country, in order to gat safely back to  headquarter *.  The ambushing patrol tore after., hirr  spreading across country in fine style  while Rodney Keller and hia patrol shadow  ed thorn, stalked them, and tried to cap  ture them.  Finally, Francis Buck, by splendid scouting got home and later ail the scout* did  the same���all the scouts ? No. Two of  them, if you please, want home to get  something to eat I That wasn't very scout-  like, as all the boy* were as hungry a*  hunter* and enjoyod themselves immensely  as did alao the scoutmaster.  The boy* showed great keenness and  did excellent work. The ground covered  wa* fairly large. The cyclist* want round  by Benvolin and came  back  by  the  old  curly road into Pendozi atreet opposite  The W. C. T. U. Will meet next Tues-1 the sawmill. The ambush was laid by  day. April 6th, at the home of Mr*. Curts. j the bridge on that road and afterwards  The superintendent* of the juvenile de-! the chase of the other cyclist wa* carried  partmenta will speak of their work. Mem-I over country on the east side of Richter  bers and friends are cordially invited. | street.��� E. W. LEGGATT.  Lequime Bros.' Business  Changes Hands  A business change of great importance  hat taken place during the week in tha  transfer of the old-established store of  Messrs. Lequime Bros. flc Co., to L. Richmond, of Uie Richmond Ready-to-Wear  Co., of Vancouver. The new proprietor  ha* already taken hold and is buay preparing for a big aale which open* tomorrow. The grocery department ia to be  cleared out entirely a* thit branch will not  be continued, The advertisement appear*  upon another page.  The business of Lequime Bros,, at the  pioneer store of Kelowna. having been  established nearly twenty-five yeara ago,  long before Kelowna aa a city waathought  of. It waa started by Messrs. Lequime.  Weddell and Atwood, and the customers  were the few large ranchers of the district  and the Indiana.  Qrigary Will Preaent  Aeroplane to Britain  Calgary haa opened a war aeroplane  fund and already $1,200 haa been pledged  by prominent citizens toward the construction of an air-craft. When completed the  aeroplane will be handed over to the  British government aa a gift from the citizens of Calgary, to be uaed in the defense  of the empire.  It ia understood that the coat of the proposed "dreadnaught of the air " will be  in the neighborhood of $5,000, and the  promoters of the echeme are confident that  the aum can be obtained with ease. Tha  plan haa awakened great interest and it ia  not unlikely that other Canadian citiea will  open funde for .similar purpoae.  In line with the propoaed fund, it ia  possible that a achool for instruction in  air navagation will be opened in Calgary.  The open prairie oilers excellent opportunities for flights, and an ideal aviation  field could be found within easy reach of  the city.  Tlie large Britiah shipbuilding firm  wWcV hki^.-VJeen considering plana (or  Starting Canadian shipyards for the construction of tig ships, have, after fullest  deliberation,, abandoned the idea as impracticable. They intend to confine themselves to the construction of commercial  and smaller war vessels.  With the complex nature of large warships of the latest types dependent as they  are upon an old group of elaborately  organized trades, it haa been found impossible, except by the assumption of  large state subventions over a long series  of years.  Eugenics " will be tha subject for dii-  cuaaion at the Brotherhood meeting in tbe  Baptist Church next Sunday afternoon at  four o'clock. The public generally are  invited.  SCENE FROM THE DURBAR  To ie shown In Kmemacolour 'Pictures at tht Optra House, Wednesday and Thursday, April 9 and 10  IkL KELOWNA RECORD  THE ORCHARD CITY RECORD  PlskHshad every Thursday at lhe Ojfict,  Kelowna. B.C.  JONS LEATHLEY, Editor and Proprietor.  Subscription $1.50 ptr annum.  To United States $2.00 ptr annum.  AsUtrtwtng rates upon application.  New Hostel for Girls  A reboot Isiueol the *Kv��riog Sum-  dard uml St. Janag' Guzetto" (l.oud.j  contains nu appeal frum the president  and aecivtary of the Britiah Womeu'ti  ' Km.trillion Ahmoi'imi inn for help iu  inning funds for the new Ildttel for  Iflrla which the Anttaciutiou propots io  lllWt in Kfluwriii. J{��-it-i ring to thc  L'enl need of such an iuulitutiou, the  let tor tayt:���  "The tide of migration from thi*  country to the Kingj Dominions over  neat is growing stronger eaoh year,  nml uuinborii of educuteil woineu ure  availing tluMiisulvi'H of the many oppor-  tunities; lying open to them in tlm-v  lands.  "Formerly the woman migrant wvut  for the mom part to live with a tain  il\ and attaint in the general domestic  work; she wat. nl ouce provided wilb  board anil lodging, there wus no hnus-  iug problem tn l-o sH '. At the  present time the eduruttxi worl.er,  with her special training iu teaching,  ���."'���n'tiirinl work, dispensing, nursing,  fie, can gut excellent noo-reaident  posts, but is continually hampered by  I In- difficulty ��>f finding suitable iicconi-  inoilntion.  "To meet thi* great und inci'cusing  need, nnd at the imme time to com*  tncmorate tho lion. Mrs. JoyQo#sJtbirty  yeara of work, the council of thin Aa-  iociiition hat* decided to oj>en ft hostel  ill Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, ItritUh  Cohiuibin. It will be known i\n iho  'Moyoo Uotrtel" nnd steps are now  U��iog taken In secure, if possible, a  ivmiy-lniill house. It is hoped that in  n very sh'ort time the "Joyce Hostel"  will materialize into a successful and  Half ���supporting institution, which will  luuid dowu to posterity the name of  one to whom, above nil others, is owed the success of tho valuable work of  protecting tlie girls who leave our  shores.  "The ".Joyce Hostel" will servo not  only ns a boarding house for latlics  who are working in the town, but as  a t waiving home where our travellers  may stay on arrival (and, if Ihey wish  take a few weeks training under local  condition!, i before facing placed in tuit-  ublu potts by the honorary correspondent. It will also provide) a meeting  place for Knglish girls, aud be u  home-like spot to which they can return for rest or holiday.  "Kelowna is ln the heart of a fruitgrowing district, and is rupidly becoming a towu of importance; it ie  iu thin locality that u large number of  pout* are held by educated wouieuwho  have gone out under ths auspict-s of  the Association, and we are very for  tuuate iu having Mrs. Cameron ns  honorary correspondent for tin- district. Thi* lady haa for the past  twelve years taken the deepest interest iu our work, first at Qu'Appelle,  and for over six yeats at Kelowna.  Sin- haa (he girls' welfare very much  al heart, and will be ofthe greatest  assistance iu forming a local committee for the management of the  hostel.  "In order to forward the scheme.  a gentleman has ottered u loan of  ��9000 at reasonable interest., und we  are anxious to raise funds as quiokly  as possible to furnish the hause aud  provide a matron's salary, as well as  to pay off the loan. There cau be no  doubt that, once established, -the hostel will pay its own way, but in the  meantime certain expenses are inevitable."  Teachers' Institute Meeting  PRINTING ?  Yes, we do all kinds of it.  It's no idle boast when we say  our up-to-date machines are  continuously running off jobs  both neat in design and  -    -   excellent in finish   -   -  1  'I'he biennial meeting of the Yale*  Kootenay Teachers' Institute was held  in Vernon on March i!!Hh to 97th, A  very representative gathering of teachers wns preaentj and much interest! fcvna  manifested in tho subjects under discussion. A number of totoellcn. addresses were givi-n, among which  special mention mighl be midooftho&a  by IC. II. Murphy and I). M. Kobinson  of the Provincial Normal stall, and by  the Kev. Alex. Dunn of Kelowna. /The  matter nf a teachers' NUuerannuatiou  scheme was taken up, mid it was de  aided t > unite with the other educational bodies of the province in presenting this matter to the attention  of thc Legislature.  The following ollicers  were e'ected���  President, .1. W. foody, Vernon.  Vice-T'res., Tt.   Smillie, Nelson.  Sec.-Treas., R. D. C'olpitts, Rovels'e.  Executive, X. Morrison, Ashcroft,  A. R. Lord, Kelowna, Inspector Don-  ton, Revelstoke, Inspector Burne,  Pernio.  OPERA HOUSE  TWO NIGHTS  WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY  April 9 and 10  Special Matinee Thursday  First time in Kelowna.    The world's  greatest spectacle   -THE���   DURBAR  in Kii  olour  WITH TRAVELOGUE  by the Soldier and Raconteur  HAROLD  B.   MEADE  Prices 25c, 50c, 75c  ���urn ��'"    in in       n.ai  , April 8  >  'Phone 240  R0.*oxl47  Kelowna Machine Shops  Mxtbroiitt Em) FwMisi#tra  (Garage in connection)  VTf- Rownir   ^*'" ^*" Machinery, Factory  Machinery,  " Steam Engines, Steam Fitting!,;Boilers, Gas  Enginea.Motor Boala, Elevators, Cement Mixers, Roaci Machinery  Automobiles  We Stock   C��'d  R0"e<1  Snaftin��v Bplt��.!^ciws,  Nuts,  and Engineers' Supplies  LAWN MOWERS  Repaired and Sharpened  Gat your mower in shape for the spring  It will soon be needed  Kelowna Maclrine-Shops  A. McQUARRIE, Proprietor.  ABBOTT STREET '      -  - KELOWNA, B.C  Phone 154  P.O; Box 19  /. A. BIGGER  Contractor and Builder  LAWRENCE AVENUE  Estimates Fumwteal on all kinds of building*.      RtMtdencea and Modern  Bungalows e Specialty.  Interior Finishing, House Painting, &  Decorating by Contract  1 have a (ull line of interior decoration* consisting ofthe latest aad moat up-  to-dato wall kaaginc*.    Call aad inapoct ray atock of Waltpapera and got my  estimate on your spring painstnt and docofatiag.  City aad country patronage solicited  i    r .i ..        r��*  ��� '       I     ll.ll    S.ll       IIII  jMl     U Ssee\eeeemtre\7  ... JH 5  We are Distributing Agents for  ���I 'I' ;   V-  Lambert Delivery Cars & Tracks  in British Columbia  PRICES ON APPLICATION  CARTERCAR  Th  e car wi  th the  Noiseless Transmission  and Simplicity of Control  There are two types of men who knock the Carter-  car, namely, the dealer who ia handling another  line, and the man who knows nothing about it.  TOURING CAR  32-h.p.  $2,300  ROADSTER  32-h.p.  $2,200  Price* f.o.b. Kelowna  FORD  THE UNIVERSAL CAR  Ligjit in weight,  Strong in construction,  Popular in Price,  Efficient in Service.  TOURING CAR  $863  ROADSTER  $788  Pricea f.o.b. Kelowna  SERVICE  HUDSON  COMFORT  37, 4-Cylinder    ���  54, 6-Cylinder    -  ELECTRIC STARTER  $2,600  $3,400  ELECTRICALLY LIGHTED-  Twelva-ineh Upholsteiy-Speedomelei -Clock-Demountable Rima-36 X 4-inch I ires  -Extra Rim-Spare Tire-Tiro Holder-Rain-viaion Windahield-Top Cuitains  Complete Sot ol Tools Portable Electric Lamp- Daahlif lit  Prices f.o.b. Kelowna  We are prepared to  Store, Overhaul or Paint Your Car  H. A. BURBANK.  SALES MANGR.  _���_ A. O. BURNETTE.  I' rista WORKS MANGR.  Kelowna Garage & Machine  Works Go., Ltd.  SHOWROOMS AND CARACE  ON LAWRENCE  AVENUE  KELOWNA, B.C.  ���s  ��*pMr-W��*I��lT'F��T��Tf<  BUICK  Farsight in Car Selection  THE measure of your pleasure in motoring  depends on tbe discrimination you use in  purchasing your car. Not alone should you investigate to worth of the car itteH, you should be  particular about the firm that make* the ear. Look  a little ahead. Ask yourself whether the car you're  about to purchase, ie lifeoly to have a factory at all  behind il eta months fiance. '  There's, sura satisfaction in tho choice of a  McLaughlin Car. Not only ar* MeLafogWiwCar*  trustworthy in themselves, bat they come, from a  factory that ha; been producing high-grade cats  for five vears, and waa maktnc high-erad* casrtagn  ' nearly half atCMttuy before, that^a factory that is  tha keystone of a big organisation witke  equipped sales depots all i  Model 24 Roadaler], fully equipped, ��,iM  " 2S I��*i!!!L  "     ������    um  ���   30 RoadttarJ   .��� ���      $J  ���   31 Tomiagl    ' ���  u   40[Touria|J     ���        ���  The above pricea are f Ah. K��|owo��  We have received our first shipment of McLaughlin, wm  and CARTERCAR8, and' have  demonstrators in our shownoonw  t.nd are prepared to back up alt  we have said as, to aW merits ol  1913 models.  .'.' M ill 'UU  !i I     IN' w ,��� Thursday, April 3  KELOWNA RECORD  We're Ready  With the Spring Lines in Men's Suitings. There are  nearly 500 patterns to choose from, many of them exclusive in design, and cannot be obtained elsewhere. Come  in and have a good look even if you don't buy. Its great  to see all these different cloths to pick your spring suit  from. We won't coax you to buy. Just come and have  a look in the meantime.  Pricea start at $20, and go up to $40  FIT REFORM TAILORING  Coma and investigate our  Special Order Department  Wa   keep our own   tailor  on  the   premises and can guarantee you  satisfaction.  Spring Leaders  Fan T  an  New Blue  Dixie Gray  Theae are some of the new  color tones (or Spring Suitings.  They CoAie in the worsteds  and tweed effects. Some are  twills.in fine and coarse weaves  Thia is what the stylish dressers in large cities are wearing.  We're showing a large variety  of these popular weaves. Made  to measure by The House of  Hobberlin, Limited. We return every dollar if not satisfactory.  COME IN AND HAVE A LOOK  LIMITED  Communications  Uadar fchio beading ooaitnnnl.ailone iclll  bo reunited spoa aaa eabiect ol lateroet.  Lettsr�� muat ba aimed, be trial, eooid  paraoaallUaa. Tbe Miter does not oaa  caaarllii eadorea oplaloao alflen belou>  The Churches  The Oak Hall Clothing Co.,  Mission Creek  To the Editor of  " The Kelowna Record."  Dear Sir,���Please allow me further space to refer once more to  a subject which all thinking people  who know the danger, can call  nothing else than a menace to the  prosperity of this city and district.���  I allude to the criminal neglect of  our provincial authorities in refusing to provide funds for both the  temporary and permanent work,  aaked for, and needed, for the  proper control of Mission Creek.  The fact that for the last quarter  of a century temporary work has  been done almost annually proves  the necessity foi the expenditure  and 1 have heard no valid reason  why it should.be discontinued now.  The subject has been debated by  the Board of Trade, voluminous  correspondence with the Public  Works Department and delegations to Victoria, urging action  have so far brought no results, and  I would appeal to the citizens to  wake up to the danger, keep up  the agitation, and do something to  impress the government with the  imperative necessity for immediate  action.  1 would suggest that the Mayor  call a public meeting to discuss the  situation, which meeting might be  addressed by some of the prominent " old timers " who know what  the creek can do when neglected  and left to its own sweet will.  With a late spring and the certainty of a heavv rush of water, and  the creek bed full of gravel deposits and fallen timber, the conditions are ideal for a flood, nnd it  may be a very disastrous one. If  it comes we may blame ourselves  for sitting still and chewing the  cud of contentment.  Yours truly,  ROBERT S. HALL.  [Since the above letter has been  put into type a telegram has been  received by Mayor Jones from the  Depaitment of Public \Vorks lo  the effect that Superintendent Hamilton Lang has been instructed to  remove logs from Mission Creek  as soon as possible.]  ANGLICAN  St. Michael and All Angela' Churoh.  Hslr Communion, first and third Sunday, in tha  month at S a.m.; sacend and fourth Sundays, aftsr  Moraia* Prayer.  Litany on tha first and third Sundays.  Moraine Prayer at 11  o'clock:  Evsrina Prayer at  7i30.  St. Andrew's, Okanagan Mission.  First Sunday in month, Holy Communion atOa.m.  Matin, and Litany, II a.m.  Evanaena 7r30  Sacond Sunday, Matins and Holy Communion at 11  Even.one 7:30  REV. THOS. GREENE. B. A.. Raster.  Rsv. C. H. MEYRICK, Asaiatsnl Prieat.  PRESBYTERIAN  Knox Presbyterian Churoh, Kelowna.  MornincService, at 11 a.m.;...run.servieeeat 7,90      p.m.   Sunday School at 2iW p.m.  Wa.kly ftayer MaeSni on Wodnaedaya at ��� p.m.  Benvoulia Preebyterien Churoh.  Aftemeee esrvioe et 3 p.m. Sunday School at 2 am.  Fruitgrowers Must Combine  Editor, Kelowna Beoord,  Sir,���Will you kindly allow mo tha  privilege ol addreseing a few words to  the fruit-growers of your district  through the medium of yput valuablo  paper.  The experience of the past year has  ehown very forcibly and dearly that if  the fruit-growers oi the Okanagan Valley are to receive the pricea for thou  fruits which they shauld secure, and to  which they are entitled, it is necessary  that some immediate steps be taken  towards the formation of a central  Belling organization, which would arrange for tbe distribution and marketing of the output.  The grade nnd quality of Okanagan  fruit, as is well known, cannot be ox-  celled, but so long as thc different  shipping organizations are marketing  thoir prodnce independently, and without mutual co-operation, the best results cannot be obtained.  The Department of Agriculture realizes that this is a matter which must  be decided upon by th* growers themselves, but in order to give the growers in the different producing centres  an opportunity to thoroughly investigate and rUeCussthaqusstion, so that a  satisfactory solution if possible may  be arrived at. the servioes of Mr. It.  Robertson, of Vancouver, who possesses an intimate knowledge of the marketing and diatribution of fruit and  also the principles of co-operation,  have been secured.  Ur. Robertson will hold a publio  meeting in your district and due  notice will be given aa to time and  place very shortly. At this meeting,  after a full discussion of the subject,  your district will be asked to appoint  a fully accredited delegate, who will  attend a subsequent mooting, composed of delegates from all the other producing centres, who will lake in hand  and arrango details for tho formation  of a centre! soiling agency for the  Valley, if this line of action meats  with the approval of Ihe fruit irrow-  sra.  I would like it to lie distinctly understood that this action is being  taken by the Department, not with  any idea of dictating a policy, but in  response to numerous requests which  have been made that we should send  someone through tne district with a  knowledge of oo-operative methods and1  marketing of fruit. The line of notion  lo be pursued in ttii�� connection must  be decided upon by the growers themselves.  That the principles of oo-operatlon  and united sotton are oorreot oannot  METHODIST  Kelowna Methodist Church.  Ssbhslh Sendee at 11 a.m. end 7:50 p.m.  Sunday School at 2|30 p.m.  Midweek aenrrce Wednesday at S p.m.  REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. M.A., B.D., Paator  BAPTIST  Kelowna Baptist Church, Eilice St.  Sabbath Service, at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.     All welcome.  Wed. 7.30. Rev.D. J. Welsh, Paator  Steamboating  E. E. HANKINSON, Kelowna, B.C.  Residence 'Phone: No. 105  OLD C.P.R. WHARF  I am prepared to undertake all  kinds of  Lake Transportation  Well equipped with  Steam  and  Gasoline   Boats,  and also Scows  EXCURSION   PARTIES  Catered for  To All Parte of the Lake  5V.OU) Open    ���   -������"  CITY PARK  RESTAURANT  AND BAKERY  Comsr Abbott Street and Eli Avenue  First-Class Meals, Chop Suez ot  Noodles (good cooking)  Maal Tickets. KM;   Sinilr  Meals. 23c. up  Furnished Rooms to Rent  QUON TAPE   .   Proprietor  bo gainsaid.     Let us therefore nil get  together   and   with a little give, and  take,   and with the sinking of   local  rivalries, effect a suitable arrangement  whereby the fruit Industry of the province may be placed on a basis of pro-  greasiveness and lasting prosperity.  I am, Sir,  Your obedient servant,  ���WM. E. SCOTT,  Deputy Minister.  I  We Are Busy  But Not Too Busy  to give you the Beat  and Quickest service  in any matter involving  JOB PRINTING  Our plant is modern  and growing all the  time, and we can  well satisfy you and  all your printing  requirements  Office Stationery,  Advertising Booklets,  Posters & Handbills,  Programs & Tickets,  Company and  '    Legal Forms  ���PHONE 94  or call in at the office  Kelowna  Record  Printing Department  Model No. K. ��U  Single-breasted three-  quarter length Chesterfield, silk-lined to  edge, shoving tilk  on lapels. -Made in  tht soft Vicuna, and  Venetians���in black.  Oxford gre\>, light  tans, etc  Novel  Fabrics  NEVER before have fashion experts selected such beautiful  colorings  and  such splendid  weaves as are shown in the new   Fit-rite" Spring  Overcoats.  Never before have the mister-designers who produce the Fit-rite models, succeeded so well in  evolving clothes of distinction.  Marked by unusual originality, thaw high-grade  li retain, nevertheless, last certain dignity ���  men'i  ferments retain, nevertheless, tnet certain atgniry which  the well-dressed Canadian demands in his clothes.  We're delighted just to thow these  realty superior garments, whether  loe'rs ressrto pur. bm or not Toe ae nM  p'scs voarl.ll under ear ebUflatlae. la Balds,  lu ����tae mw stale* ot  THOS. LAWSON, Kelowna KELOWNA RECOBD  Thursday,  The Kelotona Land  and Orchard Co.,  LIMITED.  Nursery Stock  For Sale  WEALTHY  COX'S OHANaE PIPPIN  MclNTOSH RED  N'ORTHERN BPV  WINES*!'  ���10VATI1AN'  SPITZENBERO  WW.'S'RH  THANC.r.NUANT CRABS  FLEMISH BRAUTY  BARTI.fcTT  BOUSSOCK  COMICE    *  D'ANJOU  CALL OR WRITE  K. L 0. Co/s OFFICE  ���Beige* Block - Kelotona, B.C.  *W-��a*''��t��W*e^ei^^V'W^��4'^*^lvW#^V?'*aK^��'<^*V' '  Town and Country  WHEN yorti plant your  garden, good tools help you both  in enjoyment and the' success of the  work. Come in here to-day and have a look  ���round thia store���we have all the latest ���  garden tools at the right pricea;  Here are a few)  Get-den Barrows Potato Planters  Planet Jr. Goods  Hoes  Rakea  Shoveli fit Spade*  MORRISON - THOMPSON  HARDWARE CO., Ltd.  HAY LAND  Very attractive Hay Meadow of 15  acres, adjacent to the Lake, and about  3 miles from Kelowna on the main  road to Okanagan Mission  Thi* would make an ideal DAIRY FARM  Low price for quick sale  ^m^rmmBmrnrnt^mmmrmmm^      I         ���'' im^mmm  R. L. DALGLISH, Okanagan Mission  T��leph��n��   -   LI  m*^ss*-ms*emasmi"  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS'CARDS  > Mr. Hugh Jenkins went to Peachland last week-end for a stay.  ' Rev: Father Verbeke' conducled  services at Penticton Sunday last.  Mr. Vaohon has been appointed  provincial constable in view of the  resignation of Mil M. Cameron.  Butterflies have already put in  an appearance by way of heralding  approaching spring.  Mr. W. E. Tait was a passenger  to Kamloops Monday morning on  s business trip.  Mr. Bernard Lequime arrived in  [own Monday morning. He was  met with a hearty greeting from  nuny of the old-time residents.  Mrs. Baldwin arrived Tuesday  >n an extended visit to her son,  St. George Baldwin, of Okanagan  Mission.  Pat Connolly, champion wies-  ler ol Great Britain and Ireland,  irrived Tuesday afternoon and is  ooking for a match with the winter of the Eklund-Sutherland bout.  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. I larvey, snr,  vlr. and Mrs. Chas'. Harvey, and  the Misses Harvey, who have been  spending the winter in California  ���returned Tuesday.  Saturday'* gale did considerable  damage to the telephone and telegraph trunk lines. Communication  witli Vernon was cut off entirely  for a time until repairs could be  made.  Thr Aqualic Association's build  ing will soon be in running oraVr  again. Mr. F. Foote, who proved  auch an efficient manager last year,  commenced his duties on Tuesday  last.  On Monday last, at 3 p.m., Mr.  Robert Smith Aikman and Mi  {Agnes Dobbie were united in holy  matrimony by the Rev: A Dunn  The biide arrived from Scotland  laat week for the ceremony. Mr.  Matthews acted as best man and  a reception was held afterwards at  the residence of Mt. Pringle.  Charlei Richards was brought  'before Magistrate Boyce on Wed.  nesday charged with stealing some  [blankets from the Palace Hotel  'and selling them to the Second  Hand Store. On being found  guilty a sentnee of one month wa*  tendered him.  ' An unfortunate accident occurred  on April l*t when Tom Walsh, an  employee of one of the railroad  campa waa run over by Mr. Jim  Harvey'a car, sustaining a broken  leg and a sprained ankle. The  injured man hail* from Spokane  and it ia thought he could not have  been in a condition of sobriety at  the time of the occurrence.  The chorus practices for "San  Toy," the forthcoming musical  comedy of the Musical & Dramatic  Society, are now in full swing.  From this week onwards they will  be held in the premises lately vac.  ated by the Tobacco Company.  All members are reminded that  better punctuality i* indispensible.  There is (till room for more singers, especially in tenors and basses.  Some excitement waa caused  just before noon on Monday by a  runaway four-horse team, which  Started from the lane beside Messrs. Lequime Bro*.' store and  careered in a xig-zag fashion along  Bernard Avenue as far as Richter  street. The fugitives, which were  the property of Mr. W. Paisley,  were drawing a heavy load of  hardware destined for Mr. George  Chew, an engineer on the Kettle  Valley conatruction work. It is  little short of marvellous that the  damage done was limited to a  broken rein, aa the street was  crowded with rig* and cars. Many  auch occurrences might be prevented if teamster* exercised greater  care in the matter of leaving horses  standing {intended in streets and  lanes.  J. B; KNOWLES  Otficfan  Bernard Avaifus      . .      Kalewa*. B.C  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public:  KELOWNA.  B.C  P. EDMUND CORBY  Architect  Heweleon Block, Kelowna   .   'Phone 206  P.O. Bos. 509  C. Harvey. B.A., Sc.. C.E.. D.L.3., B.C.L.S.,  snd B.C.L.S.  CHARLES  HARVEY.'  CIVIL ENGINEER and   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,   B, C.  Phone 147. P.O. B�� 231  PIANOFORTE  MR. HAROLD TOD  BOYD  Ealnbtfeaer Reeal CeUpe  ef  Musis, ead Ul.lv  with Keedrtek Pync. Mas. Doc.. Onanist ef tha  Catlseiat. Maasessur, Cat.,  RECEIVES PUPILS  Al lira SluJi.. Tieoch Black, Kelewaa.  Mu*is   ef   every   deeeriaaie*   auppliaa.   '  P.O. ea497.  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR.  CIVIL ENClNEER  P.O. BOX 137  KELOWNA  Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd  DBNTIST  P. 0. Boa ISS Tkeae SS  Comer Peneoii Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  Nr. B. 0. MEYRICK  Receivea Pupilc al kie Sludio in the MORRISON  BLOCK fer Leasees in  PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN, ORGAN,  SINGING and HARMONY  3 yun' pr����io��i ���erperience   Will play for duct*  Address Bo* 257, Kelowna, B.C.   'Phone 67  JOHts'CUHTS'-  coimtAfcroR * BUM***.  PllrWamd SpeciflcWionh Pupated  iT       UiTTfM     afaMai     y ', ill 11 elsfa fliM 1*1  lit' afPlittfr  ���IIU UOniaRWS gl VcirrOr pu DuCDUIIu-  injfSjTdwit and Country RMndetoce*  JOfltfcilKts. KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  Pianoforte, Orflari, Voice Production  Singing; llennony,Counterpoint, &c.  STANLEY  H0BKIN80N  A.H.C.O. '  (A.wtiale-n. ih.'Rbv.lCllaltlef CellW. Lonrl;)  Glass leeeW In I the tboVS1 suBWcnC  Qualified  br esemitmtfon.    Many  PIANOFORTE  'successes   al local  examinatione (Trinity  Collage, London)  15   yeara" succeekTul' teaching experience  Studio   -   Raymer Block  W. T. ASHBRIDGE  CIVIL ENClNEER  A..a.. Mam. Can. SecjC. E       Graduate TefasUe  it'ekd  ��.c  iCEfcOWNAv  S. W, THAYEK, D.V.8.  VETERINARY SURflBON  (Craelaasa McClllUnl.ar.il,)  Residence I   LAWRENCE  AVE.  Messagw may  be lair at lha office of  Meeers. RaUeobniy * WiiWii  !*��*�� FRANCES A. PEAItSO*  L.R.A.M. (LbtirMi) '  teacriae corred  VOICE  PRODUCTION, SINOINd  BdV 36*. Keloid*.  Or  arrply "RetoVdv Office.  MadameJ,. E, BfeLLlVEAU  will leke pupils for  MNOfOrfTB AltD SINGING  Special attention given lo baginnera i  \pply co. Mra. R. S. HALL Glenn Ann  i    '     . I.  "    '   "    si hail  ii  150,000  Tomato Plant*  FOR SALE bealdea.  BeJnW��& Cabbage Pl.rrtS  tic  H. LYSONS  Kelowna. Greenhouse.  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS*  Fresh Meat  Daily  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phon* 135  GLENMORE FRUIT LANDS  Situated within one half mils of town, aad being  about loo fast above ths laka, it coromande a beautiful view of tha town, alw aad surrounding country.  Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.  Close to Town and Market.  Than ia only on* GLENMORE. Don't miaa lh�� ep.  portunilyof selecting a few acrea of true desirable  propS rty.  If you wish a cheap building lot or an sera of land call oa us snd ws will  ahow you our aub-diviaion  ��  WOODLAWN  ���  Just four blocks from th* centra of th* town.    Prleee lew.   Tanas aaey,  monthly payments if a* desired.  Fire Insurance'  Wa represent only th* baft beeid aompanlee  The Central Okanagan Lands. Ltd.  KELOWNA. IX.  leS(SAi��AMM  GOTO  Elliott & Copel-and  tisaei' li l  WHEN YOU WANT A  BARGAIN IN REAL ESTATE  ��� ��� ��� ���  THEY   HAVE THE REST VALUES  IN THE CITY AND MSTJOOT  "EVERY BUYER A BOOSTER'  C0EE AND SEE US AND GET OUR  PRICES BEFORE PURCHASING  Elliott & Copeland  'Phone 25  Real Estate snd Inaurance Broken  KELOWNA, B.C.  ������'������    "'������'        ,.,.���.���������  O.K. LUMBER CO., Ltd  ii     i r i' i  Art now completely equipped to aupply al your  lumber needs.  We have now a large stock o# local end ceaat  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of high-grade quality aad fa  condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGJifife Thursdali, April 8  KBM>WNA RECORD  1913 STYLES  I Top Buggies,  \Diiving andRoad Wagons,  Democrats,  Light Express, and  Deli&ery Wagons  The particular style you like is here  Glenmore Notes  Mr- J| Barter, of Buiy, Qua,, who  owns property In Kelovma, ia making  a prolong*! visit with Mr. Kerr at iris  ranch.  Mr. John Clark* spent a f*r, days  in the valley inspecting hi* ranoh.  Er. Barrat left last week to spend  time visiting Us son in    Van-  Kelowna Public School  Report (or Month Ending  March 31st  Div.  some  couver  ;  Ask 1�� See our No. 257  Your* for      ""  HIGH-GRADE VEHICLES  W. R. GLENN & SON  Dealers in  Farm end Orchard Implements  Pendozi Street 6c Lawrence Avenue     -     KELOWNA  'Phone 150  His* M. E. Railton was at home to  few freirtda at the tea hour .in Fri-  day.  Mr. Blackwood is digging a wall on  his property. He is going rather extensively into poultry aad is raising  only the best stock in ohlokcus, turkeys, geese, and ducks. Mr. Blackwood carried off several prises at the  Kelowna poultry show.  A vary jolly crowd assembled On*  evening last weak at th* home of Mr*.  Qeo. H. Kerr for a real old-fashioned  taffy-pull and dance. Tb* charming  hostess of laat sununsr was greatly  ruiamxl, but we ar* glad to baas teat  Mra. Kerr contemplates a trip to the  coast this summer, and will be with us  for a short time. Mr. Kerr, assisted  by Mrs. Andrews, received hia guest*  in his usual cordial manner, and when  the party broke up it waa the unanimous opiuun of all that it had bean  one of tbe most enjoyable gatherings  of the season. Among thos* present  were Mr. ami Mrs. Andrews,' Mr. and  Mrs. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Thos.  llyaU, Mr. and Mra. W. J. ltankiu,  and Mia* Edith Bankin, Mr. and Mrs.  Baker, Mr. and Mrs. It. Hunt, Mr.  land Mrs. Wake, Mra. Bellivoau, and  Messrs. Johnstone, J. F. Barter, Geo.  Hume, Gordon Kerr, J. Green, and J.  | Patterson.  A number of teams belonging to the  Central Okanagan Lands Co. have  started cultivating, some of the lots  under their cars.  Misa Charlotte Prows* guv* a delightful little birthday party to her  small frieuda in the valley on Tuesday  when the little hostess wa* five year*  old.  No. on roll  1.-27  II.-40  III.-35  IV.-38  V.-34  VI.-4I  VII.-42  VIII.-47  Average  2560  3590  3233  3370  3106  3473  3330  4462  Coal!   Coal!!  Real Pensylvania Hard  In store and nut sizes  Nicola Coal (Lump)  Taber Smokeless   -  $17.50 per ton  $10.00 per ton  $12.00 per ton  W. HAUG   -   KELOWN. B.C.    -   T-v~  l^Wtdtatrzk^  ftmMwiAaM  O&L thvnad.  Mr. W. J. Bankin and Mr. Jack  Ureen have bean busy for the past few  weeks sawing Mr. McDougall's wood,  with Mr. Kerr's gasoline sawing; outfit.  Mr. McDougall, accompanied by hia  two aisters, arrived on Monday. They  visited th* principal Canadian cities  ou their way west.  Mr. Lewis h. Marshall has ereoted a  new tent on his ranoh, and moved up  on Monday.  Messrs. McKenzie and Marshall have  purchased a new barrel spray, and are  now at work on their own orchards  and those under their care.  Total   304 27l'24  Attendance percentage, 89'2  Honor Holl H^  Entrance Class.��� Dorothy Evans,  Lottie Lloy d-Jones, (equal); Clifford Buck; Ruby Raymer.  Sr. IV., (a)���Frances Buck, Nettie  Harvey, Ewart Fletcher,  (b.)���Lawrence Marshall, Edna  Clarke, Roy Haug.  jr. IV.���Blossom Buck, Norman  DeHart, Judson Copeland.  Sr. III.���Alma Wilson, Henry Crowley, Almeda Oakes, Marion Hin-  sley.  |Jr. Ill���Chas Stuart, Lloyd Day,  (equal); Jacob Krimmer, Eileen  Fowler.  Sr. II. (a)-Ralph Weddell,  Willie  Marshall, Bessie Duggan.  (b.)-Nellie Jones, Flora Ball,  Leonard Gaddes.  Jr. II.���Dorothy Morrison, Bessie  Haug, Margaret Sanders.  Sr. I,���Stanley Whitehead, Laird  Cameron, Gladys Hall, Iris Webster.  I Jr. I.���Mary Woolsey, Donald Balsillie, Nelson Marshall, Ronald  Todd.  Sr. 11. Primer.���Evelyn Lancaster,  Willie Sanders, Arthur Ludlow,  Agnes McMaster.  II. Primer, (a) ��� Dorothy  Cramp,  Stanley Duggan.  (b.)���Alberta Small, John  Buck-  land.  (c.)���Martha Woolsey, Mary McMaster, Mildred Cameron.  Receding Room  'A" Class-Ralph Ball, Earl Wilson, Howard Leathley, Hugh  McKenzie, Gordon Wilson.  ' B " Class. ��� Geo.  Newton,  Carl  Burnette, Chas. McMillan.  C " Class. ��� Douglas  Buckland,  Bert   Adams,   Thelma   Dillon,  Muriel Dillon.  Rough *and Dressed Lumber.  Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows.  Mouldings, Etc.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  Provincial Elections Act  NOTICE ii hereby given that the List of Voters for the Okanagan Electoral District haa been caneelled and that applications  to be placed on the Voters' List will be received at my office at  the Court Houee, Vernon, where printed forma of affidavit to be  uaed in support of an application to vote will be supplied. Tha  Hat of peraona claiming to vote will be auapended from and after  the 7th day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be held  on the 19th day of May following. Notice of objections to the  insertion of any namea on the register of voters muat be given  to me thiriy clear daya before the holding of the Court of Revision.  Dated at Vernon, B.C., thia 3rd day of March, 1913.  L. NORRIS.  Registrar of Votera for ths Okanagan Electoral District.  Clever Lad  Dr. tiaddeg is putting the lower hall  of his ranoh in hay this year.  "OUihlrjoS.  \m\. totft%:~   I   I        ' .;      *  home fawhete uou get uou\ eon*-  j(M and kaj^lnrU^ and #4*oy the  lftutid'OfuOUh,habdWOkfc.      fo&Hrtift  it uj^make ti Ut to c%w m and  wtrjou. a IwUu home maktb a  SUelonf infpUi^Uon on, thc ndncU  oi uoul ehifoJfotn. eome to u&. vw  rtiUfwe uou hiyk fiadc ju^nikAe  fab the tort- frtiee.  KELOWNA FURNITURE CO.  *  " Wt Mak* Home, Happy."  f*N  THE GREENHOUSES, Richter Street  (Between Preehylerian and new English Churoh**)  QKTI^Q   Carter's (England), 10 cents a package:  i0.C��Eji/>J   Simmer's (Toronto) 5  Valuable; pruee wilt be ��iven at the Fall Fair for collection, of Vegetables and Flowers  from Med* aneTplante eupplied by t��.    Particular* on price liet later.  Tomato, Cabbage & Bedding Plants  Cutflowers, Ferns and Easter Flower*.  English Rose Trees and Climbers.  twee PALMER a ROGERSON      p.o.b��ii,  Durbar in Kinemacolour  The greatest sensation that has been  known in the amusement held inmany  years inNew York has bean created by  the oihibition of th* wonderful Kine-  maoolor motion pictures in natural  color, of the grand Durbar oeremonies  in India, when King George and Queen  Mary of England wera raooleiroed  Emperor and -Empress amid soenes of  urajrnialled pomp and grandeur that  marked the pageant as the most gor-  'geon* in the world's history. Theatrical managers stand amazed at the  (success of these Durbar replioas, which  are crowding the Now York theatre*.  It would be quite futile to attempt  to describe the glories of the Durbar  in Kimunaoolor; thay must be seen  to be.appreciated. .Pageant after pageant reveals itself before one-s davled  eye*, seintilating with n thousand tones  of scarlet and blue, purple and gold.  Some of the soenes are like th* unfolding of a jewelled banner, so wonderful is their mognifioetioe. Th* wonderful tales that havs been told oi the  barbaric splendor of the Orient had  never before been realized in their full  gorgeousness until ths advent of Kin-  omaoolor. The glittering and thrilling  pomp and panoply of the Darbar, tho  most pretentious ooremonjal in the  world's history, is reproduced, teaming with life and action, and pulsating with glowing colon, just as did  tbe original soenes. Kvon the Indian  sky is one pure sheet of palpitating  light, blu* with a blueneHs whioh can  only be imagined by us who dwell in  America.  These superb Kinemaoolor pictures  have been secured lor exhibition ot tho  Kelowna Optra House, for two nights,  Wednesday and Thursday, April 9th  and 10th, with a matine Thursday,  and by special arrangements, tbe eoala  | of prices will be 35o and 80c, with a  , few ohoice seats at 76o. Theexhibition  "ill b* given hers exactly na at the  New York Theatre, and appropriate  meiio and effects, together with an explanatory lecture will be utilized.  The programme of the Kinamaoolor  ,��?r��� bw�� *��U include the following:  |Th. Royal viH�� e^ Bombay; preparing  A school-teacher bad amongst his  cholars one very clever lad whose  peculiarity was that he could not  Jpronounce the letter "r," and at last  | the teacher concocted a couplet which  he enjoined should be read out before  the whole class:  Robert gave Richard a rap in tharibs  For roasting the rabbit so rare,  make an exhibition of himself, and  when the time cam* he boldly stood  up and delivered himself of th* following:  Bobby gave Dicky a thump in tbe Bide  For cooking the bunny so little.  City of Kelowna  NEW SIDEWALKS  NOTICE is hereby given that applications for the conatruction of sidewalks  under the Local Improvement By-Law  muat be received by the undersigned on  or before April 15th, otherwise it will be  impoeaible for the Council to consider  same this year.  G. H. DUNN,  City Clerk.  Kelowna, B.C..  March 17th, 1913. 17-0  The Breeding of Goats  During the past few months th* Live  Stock Branch of the Dominion Department of Agriculture haa been in receipt of numerous enquiries as to  where it might be possible to purchase  ! either Angora or Miloh goats. It  would appear that in many parts of  .the Dominion the demand for these  [nautili and profitable SBtStsje is rapidly developing, and that those who at  present have any surplus stock, osn  find a ready sale for them ii a channel  of communication between supply and  demand is established. Accordingly,  as a mean* of starting a convenient  directory of Canadian breeders ot Angora and Milch goats, the Live Stock  Commissioner will be pleased to receive from such breeders information  regarding their respective Book*, covering tne following points:���  1   Kind and number of goats kept.  2.   Usual number for sale each year.  8,   Approximately the prices asked.  4. If possible a brief statement regarding expsnoes found necessary and  the returns whioh may bs expected by  one engaging in raising this class of  stock.  Conununications supplying the above  information should be addressed to the  Live Stock Commissianer, Ottawa.Ont.  Such .otters do not require postage.  Ior the Durbar; the arrival ol tho King  and Queen; tho state entry into Delhi;  reheartiing the. Calcutta Pageant; ths  Grand Coronation Durbar *t Delhi;  the King's camp and reception* by the  Indian Princes; the state garden party;  the point to point horse racoa; thc  polo tournament at Delhi; ths olophant  stockade; preparing the Royal elephants for the pageant *~   *v'  cuv .���.  _ ,���,, , In   the  Durbar camp and the grand review by  the King-Emperor of fifty thousand  troops of British and native regiments, th* most thrilling scene of the  Durbar.  Your   ..  Spring Suit  should be ordered early  to Ret the best choice of  materials. There is always a risk if left too late  of the pattern you moat  desire being sold out  You can get a  Made to Measure  Suit  Made to Fit  at Ready - Made Prices  Call and See for Yourself  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All -kinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  H.F.  ���w ��� t ������  Water Street  (let Block North)  Near Bank of Montreal  Hatching Eggs  White  Wyandotte*,  Rose-  Combed  Rhode Island Red*,  Barred  Rock*,  White Orpingtons, Red Caps  I have mated up my breeding pena of  the above prize-winning birds and will  sell egge for eitting this season  12 far 13;   $5 for SO  J. C. STOCKWELL  Kelowna, B.C.  CONCRETE  WORK  Thia ia to announce that I have pur.  chased the contracting plant and busi-  neaa of Clement.Riggs and ahall devote  all attention to concrete work, in which  I have had many year'a experience. I  have a full equipment of power mbtere,  Ate, and will give good work.  All Kind* of Cement Work,  Concrete Buildings,  Foundationa end Sidewalks  Excavating Contract*  H. WITTER  omqti  dement!* Ran.' lata oatee.  RESIDENCE,  Weelaalejr Ae.  Richter Street  Telephone 27 P.O. Box 315  ELLISON, MEUGENS & CO.  REAL ESTATE BROKERS  Officesl ROYAL BLOCK, opposite C.P.R. station. KELOWNA, B.C.  Five Lots on Cawston Ave.  for $300 each  Terms:   One-Third Cash KELOWNA RECORD  Thursday, April 8  V  LEQUIME Bros. SOLD OUT  Grocery Department  to be  Cleared Out  Root and Branch  We quote you a few  prices which will compel you to admit that  this is the greatest  money-saving event  on high-class reliable  merchandize ever    known   Cut down the high cost of living for the  next year by laying in a supply now at the  Lowest Prices on Record  to  L RICHMOND  of Vancouver, who ia clearing out entire grocery stock  to make room for one of the Finest and most Up-to-Date  Ready-to-Wear end Dry Goods stores in the province  Richmond's will be known as the store  From the Factory to the People  saving you all middlemen's profits.  SALE  to clear out present stock  will open  FRIDAY. APRIL 4th  SALE OPENS  FRIDAY, APRIL 4th  Every Department  will give you, an  opportunity of saving money  This sale will be of direct interest to every family in the valley  Men's & Boys' Clothing  Boots and Shoes  Ladies' Ready to Wear  Notions & Dry Goods  Fancy Goods & Staples  Every line will add lustre to this sale  by the sheer force of cut prices  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, of this gigantic slaughter of reliable merchandize  Boots and Shoes  Good   Working   Boots,  reg. $2.75  and   $3,  Box Calf, Vici kid boot.    Good material and  workmanship, reg. $3.50 and   $4,   aale  price               $2.75  Box Kip, bin., reg. $4.50 and $5, sale price $3.75  Gun   Melal    Bin.,   reg.    $5   and     $5.50,  Walkover   Boots,   reg.   $6   and   $6.50,  r^is r.aMM:A:MM  Grocery Section  1001b sack Granulated Sugar                      $6.25  20 lb sack          do.                    $1.25  Beans                                 ���        ���           25c  51b pail Wagstaff Jam, Raspberry or Strawberry.. 75c  Laundry Soap, White Swan, reg. 5c     3c bar  Tea.    Anv 50c Ib. line, including Ridgway's  Blue Ribbon, Nabob, Goldsworlh, Clial-  uents furnishing  A line line of Overalls                $1  Shirts, hundreds to choose from, $1.25, $1.50  and $1.75, sale price $1 and $1.25  Odd and broken lines at your own price.  Men's Collars to clear' at 10c each  Clothing  The 20th Century Brand and W. R. Johnson's  The clothing with a guarantee.  Walkover   Boots,   reg.   $7   and   $7.50,  $12 and $15 suits $ 7.50  Boys and Girls school bhoes  $2 boots for. $1.50  $3 boots for $2.25  Cheaper Brands in proportion  Coffee.     Braid's    Pure,   Empress,   Nabob,  Ridgway's, in 31b tins...            $1  The thrifty housewife saves dollars  by buying now:  Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour, 501b sack,  $15 to $17.50  10.00  $20 to $22.50 15.00  Boys' Clothing and  Knicker pants.    Men's  Odd Pants, fine and heavy.  Ladies' House Slippers  Ladies' Wear  Ladies Coats                     Ladies Hose                  -  Good and comfortable, reg. 4)1.75 and  $2, sale $1.25  Robertson's Old Country Jam, 51b pail, reg.  85c 60c  Ladies' Strap Slippers  Fine Kid. reg. $2 to $2.50 $1.50  Skirts                          ���     Waists  White Wear             ���    Fancy Collars  Canned Salmon, A1 quality, two tins 25c  ���     Corsets                    ���    Belts  All the above lines will be sold regardless of cost  Ladies' Oxford's  Black or Tan, Button or Laced, reg. $4  Sardines, domestic per tin 5c  New Prints      New Ginghams       New Muslins  ���   Zephyrs      ���   Galateas            ���   Sheeting  ���   Flannelettes ���   Laces                ���   Ribbons  ���   Linens          ���   Underwear        ���   Towels  Worcester Sauce, Rowat's          2 bottles 25c  Sale price                         $3  New Embroideries  Store closes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Stocktaking.   Remember opening date of sale  FRIDAY, APRIL 4th.   Be on time.  Sale will continue during April  At RICHMOND'S Ready-to-Wear and Dry Goods House.   From the Factory to the People  Successors to  LEQUIME BROS. & CO.  Bernard Avenue, KELOWNA, B.C.  m*s*s*n*��*mmU  nil radau, April 3  KELOWNA RECORD  omizers  aen a thing is best  winot be improved  ftr  Atomizers  are  J lythe best we  can buy.  f are made of the  It   material    and  [a the most exact-  ' workmanship,  they, therefore,  : the very best ser-  s and longest wear.  guarantee them  Ject in every way,  I if you need a new  i come and ezam-  f ine our stock.  us show you  quality at lowest prices.  SYNOPSIS OP COsAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the  Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories, and in a portion of the Province of  British Columbin, may be leased for a term  of twenty-one yean at an annual rental of  $1 an acr*. Not more than 2,560 acres will  be leased to one applicant.  Application for the lean must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent or  Sub-Agent of the district in which the  rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory tha lnr.d must be  described by sections, or legal subdivisions  of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the  tract applied for shall be staked out by the  applicant himself.'  Each application must be accompanied  by a fee of $5 which will ba refunded if  the rights applied for are not available, but  not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on  the merchantable output of the mine at  the rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine ahall furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable  coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If  the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns should ba furnished ai  least once a year.  The leaee will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface  rights may be considered necessary for the  working of the mine at the rate of $10 an  acre.  ' For full information application  should  be made to the secretary ofthe Department  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or  Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized publication ot this  advertisement will not be paid fer.  Willits lb.  ISTS and STATIONERS  Kelowna,    B. C  19  . MATHISON  Dentist  OWNA    :     B.C.  A. G. McKEOWN  KELOWNA  Agent for the  PENTICTON STEAM  LAUNDRY  Laundry despatched twice a  week.  Prompt attention and careful  work.  G. H. E. HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Lar��aal Studios ia th. Interior  Poitraita bjr appointment  Forest Fires and  Their Cause  In the part year, according to the  stnMmout of the Chief Forester, over  twenty per oent. of the fire, whioh the  forest rangers hnd to Bght were oaus-  by dampers.  The Hut whioh appears in the annual  report of the forest branoh shows that  fires originated as follows:���  Campers   ��� 39  Railway Locomotives  34  Lightning      23  Donkey Engines  ]\  Railway Construction, 11  Publie Road Construction     9  Uncontrolled Permit Fires ......... 8  Smokers ���.   7  Aoeidents gg  Logging Railways     8  Prospectors       3  Indians  '���..;    3  How many of the 188 fires of which  the causes are still unknown were tho  result of an untended oamp fire in  open to surmise, but ae in moat ol the  other risks, such as railway and road  construction and logging operations,  the existence of the fire is at once  known, the camper may be Justly  held to account for a very large proportion of the season's conflagrations.  Stringent regulations havs been  passed by the Board of Railway Commissioners of Canada to cover the  risk of new railroads under construction in tbe provinoe, the patrol has  been doubled on the rights of way,  and isvory possible precaution urged  upon logging operations. Th. Forest  Branoh is endeavoring to oo-oparAtc  in every way with those who have  work to perform which is attend*!  with danger to tho forest. But the  greatost danger- of all,���that ol the  man who ia careless with his camp  fire, still remains open, and it can be  removed only by increased watchful,  ness. on the part of every individual  who uses the woods for pleasure or  profit.  This year the officers of tho Forest  Branch expect.' a harder season than  over before. The very conditions of  dampness and consequent heavy growth  of grass and weeds, which made tho  year 1912 ono of the best in the hisrt  ori of th. Province, from th. stand  poiot of fire proteotion, will eombine  to make a groat fire hazard thin  spring.  The rangers now appointed by the  Branch are being given particular instructions with regard to warning  campers, and securing their oo-opera-  . tion in keeping down the danger to the  forest. ...  Pendozi Street,   -   Kalowna  1WWWJ%A^  R RATTENBURY  REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE  lteX ; Rooms 7 & 8, Leckie Block  GE0. A. BOWSER  '���''..;^builder and contractor  " >v - .���-.������. '..     " ��� ���'��� ��� ���   "������     ��� . ���  obbmg and General Repair Work  antracts taken for Moving Buildings  Kelowna   -   B.C.  The Trapping of Beaver  . Chiel Game Warden Bryan -  Williams has reported to the  Attorney General's Department  that, owing to the season for  beaver being open last year and  the number oi pelts placed on  the market very large, it was  deemed advisable to declare another close season until November 15th next. An exception  of the Indians on the Stikine,  Liard, and Peace rivers. While  it was as well to be on the safe  side, it appears that the number  of beaver trapped last season  was by no means larger' than  the supply warranted. Numerous complaints have been received of damage done by beaver to farm land. In some cases  these have, been simply excuses  of those who wished to trap,  but in a majority of instances,  ed, and trapping permits accordingly issued, the invariable  condition being that one-third  of the price realized from, the  sale of the skins should go to  the government. As the provincial stock of beaver is now  larger than necessary, it is intended that trapping shall be  allowed again when Uie present  order in council expires on November 15th next.  11  ' You art cordially inaitcd to coil and Inspect the new  spring Styles  in Millinery,  Gogis, Suits,  Dresses, &c.  Walters' Ladies' & Children's Wear  Lawrence Jmue   ,-' KELOWNA, RC  ���;:���! f ,..:,, ...   .  W.C.AITKEN  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plans and Estimates  Finishing work a specialty  Office : No. 6, Crowley Block, Kelown*  P.O. Box 511  NOTICE ii hereby given that meetings  of tho Procincia) Labour Commission will  be held in the following places v���  Enderby-Monday, April 28th, 8 p.m.  Armstrong-Tuesday, April 29th, 2 p.m.  Vernon-Wednesday, April 30th, 2 p.m.  Kelowna-Fritlay, May 2nd, 8 p.m.  Summer land-Monday, May 5th, 10.30 a.m.  Penticton-Tuesday, May 6th, 10 a.m.  Other meetings will be announced later.  The Commission will hear evidence on  all matters affecting labour conditions in  the Province. All persons interested are  invited to be present.  H. G. PARSON,  Chairman.  F. R. McNAMARA,  Secretary. 16-3  'Phone 4801  P.O. Box 12  E. ENGLAND  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plana,   Specifications   and    Eatimatea  Furnished  Building ot every description   under,  taken in Town or country.  None but the BEST work done  Plastering, Masonry  ���Sc Brickwork  Non-Smoking and  Good Draught Fireplaces  of any design, a specialty  All work given personal  supervision  Promptness   and   satisfaction  guaranteed  ManlyByrns  Auctioneer  Kelowna, B.C.     'Phone AI  KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m., 3.30 p.m.  Leavei We.tbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  Extra Service on  Wednesdays & Saturdays  Leavei Kelowna 11 a.m.  Leavei Weitbank 11.30 a.m.  DAVIES & MATHIE  Ladies' and  Gents" Tailors  PENDOZI STREET  Repairing and Pressing  promptly attended to.  D. A. CAMERON  Painter       Paperhanger  Apply  Above the " Record '  Office  TO RENT  One large, office,  in new and up-to-  date building  APPLY  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  PAINT��\^NISHES,  OILS,BRUSHEk&c.  PUT IT  7SAVE      &&1  f  YOUR  HOUSE  BRIGHTEN VP YOUR HOUSE. WHAT'S THE USE  OF  LIVING   UNLESS YOU ENJOY  LIFE 7  " B A P C O" PURE PAINT WILL KEEP YOUR HOUSE  FROM ROTTING. IT IS AN INVESTMENT, AS WELL  AS A  LUXURY.  ASK YOUR GOOD WIFE IF SHE DOESN'T WANT THE  HOUSE NEWLY PAINTED. YOU OWE SOMETHING TO  HER, REALLY. DON'T YOU 7  OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE - SHINGLE STAINS.  ENAMELS. VARNISH AND OIL STAINS FOR INTERIOR  USE. FLOOR PAINTS. DRYERS. SHELLACS-EVERY-  THING YOU NEED IN A PERFECTLY FINISHED JOB.  DALGLEISH & HARDING  REA & MALLET  CONTRACTORS  for nil kinds of .  Plastering, Rough Casting,  Fireplace & Chimney Building; j  Cement and Concrete I  i  Having bought* out the business of Joseph Rossi,  we are prepared to do all kind* of  _  General Mason Work  MODERATE PRICES  RELIABLE   WORKMANSHIP  Call and see us  KELOWNA OPERA HOUSE  FRIDAY, APRIL 4th  (ONE NIGHT ONLY)  Kelowna Dramatic Society presents  Charleys Aunt  The world famous farce by Brandon Thome*  Presenting A. L. SOAMES  Late of Comedy Theatre, London, supported by ��� powerful cast  Reserved Seats $1  at Crawford's KELOWNA RECORD  Thursday, April 8  'Phone No. 260 Office Hours: 9to 12a.m.; 2 to5 p.m  BRICK  AND  TILE  We have an assortment of 2j, 4 and 5-inch Drain Tile  on hand. Weather permitting we will have new brick  on the market by May Ist, 1913.  SAND FOR SALE  TheCLEMENT-RIGGS.Ld.  Office in Raymer Building.  KELOWNA. B.C.  W. C. AITKEN  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plana and Estimates  Finishing woik a apacialty  Ofhce : No. 6. Crawl*)1 Block, Kalewna  P.O. Boa 511  LAND REGISTRY ACT  What Billy the Bootblack has  to say : ���  Vliat loula soma of ua morula ba���  I liere'a a fool bom every day.  I iv..s at tlie wharf to meet the  I ��dy on Tuesday nighl, with linga  < ),| my fingere and bells on my toes.  Hilly the Bootblack got it right on the nose  I > >n't do that���Chop Suey,  I Ip and down the lake.  Ot me "Steve,"  Cat lhe money���  <*h, joy I  Believe me  Go Where the Crowd Goes  Billy the Bootblack,  At Dave Barnes Pool Hall  I Ko N'.W. (Jumu-i Swiioii 10, tbs S.  Half Section 14, and S.E. Quarter-  Stcllou 15, all ia Township 27, O��o-  'vooa Division ot Y��l* Distriot, Province of British Columbia,  NOTICE it hereby given that I ahull  ut thu expiration of ona month from  date of firat publication hereof, issue  Certificate of liiilofcimMo Title to the  ubove-uamsti lands in the name ol  TflK BHL00-CANADIAN FBUIT-  l..l\l).S CO., unleSH iu the inrnntim.:  valid objection be madti to me in  writing. The holder of the following  lined of oouveyanos of said lunds, vh.,  Tin nun h Kills lo Benjamin de Furlong  Hoyce, dated the ilUth day of Ootobir,  I'Jii:), ia raipiii'i'd lo deliver irimt tome  forthwith.  i: H. UUNBAK,  District Bagiadai'.  Dated  at  tho  Land   Registry Office,  Kamloops,    B.C.,    Ihis    14th   day   of  March, A.D.,  1013, li-l'J  Okanagan  Valley  Nursery  can aupply tha following  Apple Traea:  Transcendent Crab  Yellow Newtown  Delicious  Grimes Golden  Wagner  Northern Spy  Spitzenberg  Mcintosh Red  Wealthy  Hyslop Crab  Jonathan  Also Roses, Lilac, Hydrangeas,  Red and Pink Honeysuckle,  Carolina Poplars, Russian Poplars, Manitoba Maples, Golden  Willows. Alaoafew Pears.Small  Fruits and Hedge Plants.  C. STOCKWELL   -   Mangr.  KELOWNA. B.C.  Notice  All grower* of Tobacco, or those wlio  think they hnve suitable lands and would  like to experiment in this branch of Agriculture, are invited to meet our Mr. A. W.  BOWSER and discuss the subject and  plans proposed for the srason of 1913.  ('all at Manager's Office, new Factory  Building, Ellis Street, Kelowna.  British North American  Tobacco Company, Ltd.  = Spring and-  Summer Jewelry  You should have a new  Waist Set,  Jabot Pin,  Brooch,  Bracelet  Necklet  or a pair ot  Ear Rings  lo go with your new  spring gowns. Let ua  show you our extensive  lines of Summer Jewelry.  Your new spring suit doe*  not look complete without one of our nice new,  dressy  Tie Pins,    Fobs.  Chains,   Lockets,  Cuff Links, &c.  W. M. PARKER  & CO., Jewelers  Crowley Blk. - Kelowna, B.C.  The April Birthstone is the Diamond  E. C. WEDDELL  HAHUISTKH, SOLICITOR, and  NOTARY PUBLIC  Oi-i'.r Royal Bank   ���   rielmoiia, B.C.  20th Century Shoe  Repairing Shop  BERNARD  AVENUE  All Kinds  of  Boots and  Shoes Repaired Promptly  Ladies' and   Genta'  Rubber   Heals  of the Best Makes  A good front is the best baching a man can  haue. Good clothes help ��� man to succeed. Besides, it is worth a whole lot to one's self to haoe  that comfortable, well-dressed feeling. You owe  it to yourself to appear well.  To be sure that you haoe the proper clothes  come to the store that has made it's good name  by always selling reliable clothes for men. You  cannot buy poor clothes for r.ny price from us,  eoen our $5.00 suits are reliable.  It's the BOYS AGAIN  Our Boys'Clothing  We have selected our fashions to meet  the requirements in cuteness, nattiness,  durability and swagger; designing to conform with the " cute " age, the '.' roughr  house"' age,and the" ait-up-ancl-take-notice "  age.  Our " Lion " Brand  Suits for Boys  this season are better than ever and combine  all the essentials and reinforcements necessary for the boy who is hard on clothes. A  boy wears his coat out first at the elbow.  Lion brand has double elbows of cloth there  and it lasts longer. A boy wears knickers  out at the at the seat and knees. Lion brand  have an extra piece of cloth right where they  wear out first, and the seams are stitched  twice and the linings are the best we have  ever seen in boys suits. This makes a good  reason why you should ask for this make ;  and the price is no higher���that's anotfer  good thing about it.  A suit at $5, $6 and $7.50 is fully guaranteed  and cut in the very newest style  Men's Pyjamas in Every  Wanted Fabric  Try Lawion'i |o gjv* you what you will like  be��l in pyjamat and fit your ourte aa well. A finer  stock was never collected before by thia store. Vou  can have :  Neat Striped Flannelette at - $1.50  Plain Outing Flannel at - $2.00  Fancy Striped Outing Flannel  with silk braiding at $2.50 fit $22.75  Colored Cambric Pyjamas' in  self shades of white, fawn,  helio, grey, &c -       -       -   $2.75  White Sateen Pyjamas at      -   $3.00  Plain White Silk and  Plain  Pongee Silk, with military  silk braiding, at-       -       -   $4.75  Fancy Spun Silk Pyjamas al $5, $8.75  Men's Nightshirts  Theae extra good numbers  in   men's nightshitta  have juat walked onto the floor:  Neal Striped Flannelette at  $75c.,$I.OO and $1.25  White Twill Nightshirts with collars at  $1.00 and $1.25  White Twill  Nightshirts  with   fancy  stitching and no collar at        -   $1.25  White Lawn Nightshirts  of superior  quality ....   $2.00  A  THOMAS LAWSON, Limited  TRY  UF  AL  KO  EU  RR  i  T  S  G  O  O  D  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  -  ( WANTED.' }  2 tanis par ward, first insertion and  t Cut par word each subsequent  insertion, minimum 25 enta.  LOST  Mooly heifer, 2 year, all dark brindle. na  white, faint brand IA right hip. $5 reward  Record Office or C. H. Leathley, Rntland.  CORD WOOD AND FENCE POSTS  Thoroughly dry pine, $2.50 rick, deliver.  ed i  alao fir fence posts.    Apply Cather,  'phone B4. 10(1  FOR SERVICE  Thoroughbred Holatein Bull, al Harriaa'  Hawkeedale Ranch.   Apply  E.   Marvin,  Manager. lOtf  FOR SALE  Horse, buggy, and harneaa.   Price $175.  Apply P.O. Bos 12. IStf  FOR SALE  Standard bred stallion, one of the fastest  bred horeee in B.C. Good looker and aura  foal getter, and kind lo handle. For further  particulars apply to J. Phillips, Armatrong,  B.C. 15.22  FOR RENT  Five-roomed cottage with outbuildinga.  vary close in.   Apply Box 546. I5tf.  FOR SALE  Saddle  horse, in  splendid   condili  w*i|ht 1,000 lbs.   Price $150: or will  change for driver of asms weight.   Ap  Bos R, " Record " Office, or 'phone C4j  FOR SALE  3 polo ponies.   Apply R. S. Hall. M  agar, Mission Ranch. |9t  EGGS FOR SALE  Barred Rocks and While Leghorns.  sitting.   Apply Box 474. 194  _     , FOR SALE  Bicycle in good condition. Apply Han  DeHart, McKenrie'. Store. I9t  WANTED  Firat.class Painter, one who undaratanda  paper-hanging   preferred.   Apply  J.   A.  Bigger. I6tf  FOR SALE  Two tenia, 8  x   10,  wilh flooring and  fiamas. Apply C. Marly, Kelowna.     17-9  RANCH TO LET  32 acrea. Good houae and alable. Clot  lo town.   Apply T. C. Kerr. 17-9  FOR SALE  Team of sorrel geldings, weight  2850  lbs., quiel in all klnda of work, single or  double.   Box 380 or W. H. Paisley, Royal  Hotel. I7.Q  POSITION WANTED  by young lady, wilh experience in ateno.  graphy and bookkeeping.     Apply Box F,  "Record "Office. 17.9  FOR RENT  10 acrea improved land with water, at  Rutland.    Apply Robert Hughea, Box 82,  Karrisdala, Vancouver, B.C.  FOR SALE  Fresh milk cows.   Apply Cather. Kelowna.   'Phone B4. IStf  TENDERS  will ba received by the undersigned for  Glowing aeventeen acrea of newly.stumped  ind   near  lhe   K.L.O.  Bridge,   Mission  Creek.   R.S.Hall. 18-9  FOR SALE  Lady a bicycle, second-hand, firat-cli  condition.   Apply at Mra. Reekie'e corr  Water and EH atresia, I94J  EGGS FOR SALE  from  S.-c. Black Minorcaa, White Wya  dottes,  Buff   Leghorna,  Buff   C  pingtons and Pekin Duck*; all  chequered Homer Pigeons.  Apply H. D. RIGGS  Brown Leghorns  Egg lor Hatching  $1.50 per setting, special terms fc  quantities.  Also a few good cockerels for sal  Apply  W. A. SCOTT, Benvoulin.   i  Barred Rock Eggs.  Prize bred, best laying strain. '  $ 1.00 per setting.  Also first cross Houdan-Barred j  Rock, record layers j  $1.00 per setting.  CHAS. H. LEATHLEY      i  Rutland  Gadde$-McTavish  REAL ESTATE  LOANS  INSURANCE  Phone 217  Leckie Block


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