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Kelowna Record Aug 12, 1920

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 ifefototm  ����v. .l��a>Mr !  ���'steria. B.C.  VOL. XII.   NO. 39  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY. AUGUST 12, 1920.-4 PAGES  $..30 Pe�� Ar.-nrm  Kelowna's Fourteenth Annuol Regatta  Brilliant Weather Favors Aquatic Association's Big Event -  Was Successful and Enjoyable Affair - Large Entry  and Keen Competition Displayed  Ideal weather and many other  favourable conditions made Kelowna's fourteenth annual regatta  possibly the most successful and  enjoyable ever held. Not since  the war broke out'to interfere with  the progress of this big annual  event, held under the auspices of  the Kelowna Aquatic Association,  has there been such large entries  and keen competition in the various events. Had it been possible  to arrange excursion facilities as in  former yeatS, it is certain the num  ber of outside visitors would have  been still greater, but as it was the  grandstand and enlarged pavilion  were crowded lo their limits with  gayly-dressed spectators.  The programme of aquatic events  was a long one covering Wednes  day and Thursday afternoons,  while Thursday morning was devoted to running, jumping, and  other field events.  On Thursday afternoon also  took place a lacrosse match between Penticton and Kelowna, the  home team winning by 6 to 2, and  a league baseball mr.tch between  Vernon and Kelowna, 'Kelowna  also winning in this by 4 to 3. The  ball game was delayed somewhat  by the lacrosse game and had to  finish at the seventh inning.  The Kelowna City Band gave  enjoyable band concerts each evening and also enlivened the afternoon sports with selections at  intervals. ,'  Dances were held, of course, and  each evening the pavilion was  turned into a fairy like scene by  numerous colored lanterns whose  reflections danced in the rippling  lake beneath.  The Association is to be' congratulated upon the successful outcome of their efforts.  Following is a list of the different events and prize winners.  '       FIRST   DAY  Boys'   Swimming,  under   14   (30  yards)  1. Gordon Haug  2. Alwyn William.  3. Howard McCarthy  Boys' Diving, under 14  1. Alwyn William.  2. Harold Cunningham  3. Henry Murdoch  Girls' Swimming, under   15  (30  yards)  1. Joyce Hayman  2. H. Welsh  Bovs'   Swimming, under   12   (30  yards)  1. Howard McCarthy  2. Henry Murdoch  Men's Breast Stroke  1. A. DuMoulin  2. J. F. Burne  3. F. J. Foote*  Ladies' Diving  1. Miss B. Buck  2. Miss G. Posten  Men's Single Canoes  1. R. DeRfy0er  2. Major Workman  Long Distance Plunge  1. J. F. Burne, 58 ft. 7 in.  2. J. R. Beale, 54 ft. 5 in.  300 yards Swim, boys under 16  1. A. Stewart  2. J. Ryder  Members'60 yards Handicap Swim  1. W.R. Foster  2. R. Keller. C. Weddell and li, DuMoulin (tied)  Diving, boys under 16  1. Alwyn Williama .  2. H.Tardoff  3. Harry Mantle  Mixed Canoes  1. Mr. and Mrs. Edward.  2. R. DePfyffer and Miss Raymer  One Mile Swim  1. Ian Weddell (30 minute.)  2. Capt. Maude-Roxby (32) min.)  Boy Scouts' Swim in shirts, pants  and shoes  1. Gordon Haug  2. Harry Mantle  Men's Double Carioes  1. R. DePfyffer and N. DeHart  2. Major Workman and Jack Thayer  Ladies' Single Canoes  Five entries, but only one .tarter, Mr..  Edwards, who paddled the courae  for firat prize.  Mixed Double Sculls  R. Parkinson and Miaa M. Burne  Robert.on and Mra. Edwarda  |. Thompson and Mia. Dundaa  R. DePfyffer and Miaa Winter  Respective  winners of the four heats  to row in finals on second day.  Back Stroke Swimming  1. A' DuMoulin  2. W. R. Foster  ��� 3.   R. DePfyffer  Ladies 60 yards Swimming Handicap  Mrs. Edwarda finished firat but having atarted two seconds before time  waa disqualified, Joyee Hayman being  given firat and Mary Burne aecond.  Crab Canoes  1. George Day  2. E.C. Weddell  Canoe Tilting  Large number of entries.  A. Edwards and Cyril Weddell matched against Alister   Cameron and  George Day in the finals on aecond  day.  SECOND   DAY  FIELD SPORTS  50 Yards Sprint, boys under 13  1. Pal Taylor  2. Gordon Meikle  50 yards Sprint, girla under 13  1. Marion Brown  2. Nelda Nacon /  50 yards Sprint, girls under 16  1. Marion Brown  2. Mabel Dore  50 yards Sprint, Ladies  1. Mabel Dore  2. Marion Brown  100 yards Sprint, boys under 16  1. Ralph Ball  2. Arthur Clarence  ���100 yards Sprint, open  1. Fred Fowler  2. ,G. R. Felker  Running  Broad Jump, boys under  13       ;*  1. Pat Taylor, 11 fl. 10 in.  2. Wm. Longley, 11 ft. 8 in.  Running Broad Jump, boys under  16  1. C. Cunningham, 13 ft. 3 in.  .   2.    R. Ball. 13 ft.  Running Broad Jump, open  I.' F. Fowler, 16 ft. I in.  2. K. Hislop. 15 ft. 6 in.  Hop, Step 6t Jump, boys under 16  1. C. Cunningham, 31 ft. 10 in.  2. E Groves, 30 ft. 5 J in.  Hop, Step and Jump, open  1. F. Fowler, 35 ft. 10 in.  2. E. Caldwell, 35 ft. 8} in.  Relay Race, 50 yards, boys under  16, teams of four  I.   Ball, Clarence, Latta, Cunningham  Relay Race, 100 yards, teama of  four, open  1. E. Caldwell, F. Fowler, L. Dey,  T. Duggan  2. C. R. Felker, H. Crowley, Reid,  Lewis.  Three-legged Race, 50 vards, open  1. E. Caldwell and E. C. Weddell  2. C. Cunningham and.F.'Latta  Sack Race, 50 yards, open  1. A. Wooda  2. Harry Mantle  Victoria Cross Race,25 yards, open  1. J. Thayer and Morris Meikle  2. K. Hislop and Jack Packham  Running High Jump, boys under  16  .    I.   Ted Grove., 4 ft. I in.  2.   Harry Mantle, 4 ft.  Running High Jump, open  1. J. Caldwell, 5 ft. 8j in..  2. K. Hislop, 5 ft. 71 ins.  Mile Race, open  1. Fred Fowler, 5 min. 40 aee.  2. J. Lang  AQUATICS  Single Sculls, final  1. R. DePfyffer  2. Major Workman  50 yards Swim, girls under 15  1. |oyce Hayman  2. Winnie Day  50 yards Swim, boys under 16  1. W. Stewart  2. J. Ryderj  Ladies' 50 yards Swim  1. Joyce Hayman  2. Sybil McKenzie  3. Mary Burn*  Rutland News  ilftom oar sn sornsrhiilrlMt).  The final game of the Kelowna  and diatrict league was played in  the park on Saturday last and resulted in an overwhelming victory  for Rutland by a score of 20 to 5.  The game must have brought back  memories to old ball players, of  the days whin thev used to play  a somewhat similar brand of bail  on the old vacant lot on the corner.  The announcement in the papei  stated that there would be a game  of baseball in the park at 5 o'clock.  The notice was doubly wrong, the  game did not start until 6 p.m.,  and it wasn't baseball anyway ; it  bore a closer resemblance to the  old English game of "rounders," at  least during the time the Rutland  boys were at the bat. The game  was a slugging bee on their part.  They hit 'em hitjh, they hit 'em low,  and everybody hit 'em. They appeared to have no respect for the  feelings of the Glenmore pitcheis  at all. Rutland fans were there in  force and their "rooting" undoubtedly had a lot to do with the result.  The Glenmore supporters succeeded in making themselves heard  once or twice during the earlier  part of the game, but lapsed into a  pained silence about the fourth  inning.  'Slim" Kraft, for the victors,  pitched a good game, but his sup.  port, at times, left much to be de.  sired. Two pitchers operated on  the mound for the Dry Valley team,  both with equal lack of- success;  Clark lasted three innings and was  then replaced by O'Leary.  The beat hit of the game was  Max Berard's big homer in the  third frame. The way Mac made  the circuit of the bases was not  slow.  The two teams lined up as follows :������  Rutland : Abbott, C.F.; Monford  1st B.; Fleming, 2nd B.; Kraft, P.;  Logan, 3rd B.; Berard,S.S.j Heslip,  R.F.; Quigley, L.F.; Wanless, C.  Glenmore : Benson, G, C.F.;  Clark. P.. 3rd  B.; Seath,   1st  E;  Gasoline Launch Handicap  1. Capt. Laing *  2. H. Leckie-Ewing  Men's 50 yarda Swim  1. Ian Weddell  2. Cyril Weddell  3. R. Keller  Men's Rowing Fours  1. Robettaon,   Mas,  Ralph and   A.  DePfyffer  2. Boucher, Parkinson, Buck, Thayer  Open Standing Dive  1. A. Edwards  2. J. F. Burne  3. Ian Weddell  Swimming Under Water  1. apt. Maude-Rozby, 198 ft.  2. Dan McMillan. 170 ft. 4 in.  Running Spring Board Dive  1. Ian Weddell  2. F. J. Foote  3. E. Small  War Canoe Race  This wa. a race between the Kelowna  Fire Brigade and the Kelowna Amateur Athletic Club, the latter winning  the Willi. Piano trophy and the medals by a good margin.  Ladies' Double Canoes  1. Mr.. Edward, and MissM. Leckie  2. Mias Raymer and Miss Mantle  Greasy Pole  1. W. Slater  2. Alwyn Williams  Fastest Gasoline Launch  1. H. Leckie-Ewing ("Otter")  2. Capt. Laing  Mixed Rowing Fours  1. ��� A. H. DeMara, I. Smeet, Miss H.  Williama and Mias Burne  2. R. Robertson, M. DePfyffer, rMi.s  M. Leckie, Mra. Wilson.  300 Yards Open Swim  1. Un] Weddell  2. Capt. Maude-Rosby  3. W. R. Foeter  Men's Relay Race  I.   R. -Keller, P.   DuMoulin, W. R.  Foater, W. Stewart  .    2.   C. Weddell. L. DuMoulin, A. Edwards. R. Weddell  Boys' Relay Race  1. W. Day, W. Stewart, C. Haug. H  Tardoff  2. Reg. Weddell, G. Handlin, J. Ryder, L. Cunningham  Ladies' War Canoe  Ralph DePfyffer'a crew beat   A.   Edward's crew  Canoe Tilting  1. Day and Cameron  2. Weddell and Edward.  Mixed Double Sculls  1. Robertson and Mra. Edwarda  2. R. DePfyff sr aad Miss Winter  O'Leary, 2nd B��� P.; Walt. 3rd B���  C; Alexander, S.S.; Conroy, R. F.;  Kerr, C.F., 2nd B.| Wataon L.F.  The score by innings was aa  follows:���  Rutland-4 I 5 7 3 : 20  Glenmore��� 3 10 10:   5  The  umpires  were  Clark   and  Kincaide.  The Rutland baseball team, accompanied by a large number of  their supporters, journeyed down  to Peachland in motor launches  on Thursday last, Auguat 5th, to  meet the baseball team of that district in friendly combat. The game  proved a very close and exciting  contest, full of thrills from start to  finish, the final score being 9 to fl  in favor of Peachland. Quiglev  did the hurling for the visitors and  pitched a steady game until the  ninth, when he weakened a little  and hia cupport proving wobbily  also, Peachland secured four runs  and turned what looked like a sure  win for Rutland into a victory for  the home team. The Rutland team  waa weakened by the absence of  three of the regular players and  the boys are confident that with a  full team they can take the measure of their opponents. The Rutland team lined up as follows: Abbott, 3rd B., Quigley, P., Fleming,  2nd B., Kraft, 1st B., Wanless. G,  Heslip. S.S., Dalgleish, R.F., Gray,  C.F., Campbell, L.F. The scere by  innings was:  Peachland-2 0 0 0 0  12 0 4-9  Rutland-0 I 10 2 0 4 0 0-6  A feature of the game waa a  home run by Kraft in the fifth inning, with a runner on second.  The hit was a long drive to left  field which almost landed lhe ball  in the lake.  In the evening the majority of  the party attended a very enjoyable  dance, the music for which was  supplied by the Summerland orchestra���when thev got there. The  return trip, made bv moonlight in  the "wee sma' 'ours" was  not the  Irish "Republic"  Threatens More Trouble  The military authorities in Ireland claim to have received information of the intention of the  republicans to inaugurate within  the next three months a war  against the "invaders" on a much  larger scale than heretofore. This  information is declared to indicate  that recruiting for the republican  brotherhood, supposedly the brains  of the republican army, and which  cairies on its activities much more  secretly than the latter, has been  more active lately, resulting in the  enrollment of a large number who  have heretofore kept apart from  the movement.  There is no hope of defeating  the British army, which is much  better equipped, but. the leaders  are expected to create auch a atate  of affairs as to bring about international intervention.  Bolsheviki troops reached the  Warsaw-Danzig railway Tuesday  and are advancing along it towards Warsaw, according to for  eign office despatches. The Russian  tropps have captured Ostrolenka,  the message alao said. Warsaw  is girdeo by many newly-made  trenches, and fields of barbed wire  entanglements, advicea state.  least enjoyable part of the trip.  We have to note, with regret, the  departure of "Slim" Kraft and  Geo. Abbott, who left this week  for Edmonton. They have proved  valuable membera of the baseball  team this summer and will certainly be missed in athletic circles.  The capture of the Morrison cup  by Rutland is due in no small measure to "Slim's" pitching ability.  We wiah them the best of luck.  Makes Escape From  City Lock-up  Prisoner was awaiting Trial on  Burglary Charge  A. K. Roberts the prisoner awaiting trial on a charge of breaking  into Leckie's store on the night of  the fire, and possibly of arson,'  made an escape from the city lock  up Wednesday evening and got  clear away without leaving any  clue as to the direction he had  taken. The crowd of strangers in  town attending the regatta no  doubt would make hia chancea of  getting away much easier.  The city police office has been  roughly converted from an old residence, the cells being in what  waa once the basement. It must  be admitted they are anything but  aecure, at least where a determined  priaoner ia concerned, and apparently Roberts had little difficulty  in forcing his way out, which he  did by forcing one of the planks  which had been used to cover the  opening of the old stairway, and  climbing up through the aperture.  The cells are only make-shift  affairs, pending the erection of a  city hall and police offices, and  would need the expenditure of  considerable money to put them  into proper condition  Before his departure Roberts  wrote a long letter which he left in  the cellar, declarirg his innocence  of the charges againat him.  Two of the local milkmen have  fallen foul of the city by-law this  week and have had to pay fines  for selling milk below the cream  standard fixed by the council, viz.,  3.5 per cent. Geo. Brown, of the  Kelowna Dairy Co., had to pay  $7.50, including coats, and J. Birch,  $2.50 coata.  **aa*j at eat garage aa* f*g the creek ease wit*  Jwenat Polarine Heavy. The Imperial Polarine  Ckratt of Recommendationj tpecifies this grade,  and we have found it to be the best lubricant for  trucks. Fill the tank with Imperial Premier  while you're tksre."  A Grade for Every Type of Motor  IMPERIAL Marfea atovato good tebrication for all types of  Motors aad al motor parts.   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This is the r>nlv wav lo  ensure satisfaclion.  City Dairy  Murdoch & Shelder  Proprietors  Burne Avenue Kelowna  PHONE 4709 ���  WOOD  DRY GREEN  Fence Posts  Also Heavy Hauling  and Orchard Spraying  Wid Thompson  Phone 5002  P.O. I Sox 418  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merclinnt  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next to the C.P.R.  Kelowna  rf,  PAISLEY'S  General Motor Delivery, &c  Ready for Anywhere at Any Time  PHONE  5102.  I guarantee prompt  m-rvirc  and aatisfaction  COLUMBIA  STORAGE   BATTERY  SPRING, 1920  Your car has- been all tuned up  ready for the road. How about  your Storage Battery ? Ii it in top  notch condition -full of pep and  ready for nclion ? We will test it  for you FREE OF CHARGE. If  required, we will recharge, repair  or overhaul it at reasonable ratea.  In caie it needs replacement we are  the official station for  the   famous,  COLUMBIA  STORAGE   BATTERY  That marvellous little box of nerves  ready at all times like a roiled  ���pring to spin your engine, light  your light-* and blow your horn.  Drive in today and become acquainted with our Free Service Dep.  Service on All Be. 11 cries  Don't take it to 'George," Ut Barney do it I  Alfred A. Newfttrand  Automobile  Electrician  .The Sign of the Pyramid  Lawrence Ave.    East of Pendo/i St.  KELOitfNH RECORD  L''ubli��h*d every  1 bweeWy at Kttc-wiiA,  ������Utah  JOHN  LEATSLST  Heritor and Proprietor  AllVKHTlHimi  RATB8  MI1X1B   NOTICE*!    PROKRHHIONAL  CA��I>H  KTf\.  '.Ti  cente ner  column iMk mr streak  LAND  AND TIMIIEH  NnTICES-SO dare. 15;  t'.u  davs 17.  WATKR  NOTH'KN. I!) lor live toeerttoae.  UBGAIi ADVKRTIHINQ-rirst Inaertiua. 19  rents uer 11m: each labeeqoeBt luswllon. ���  MUltl   [mr   Una.  DISPLAY AtWKItT!NRHBNT8-Two liirhas  and under. SO cents ner lucfc first itmarllon  DVH two Inohaa 40 rents tmr look first le  ���ertlou 20 trill- oar Inch mMk ���ubeeousat  ItiMartlon.  ri.AH.SIKlKD   ADVERTISEMENTS -I nut.  D��r  word     first  InM-rilon.   I   eset par  word  fla-'h  ���nlmatmant Insertioa.  All t-hnnirea In oontract advartlaamente mast  tie  in   lhe  1,-Miilrt  of  ths  DriDter    br   T'leedav  n\ �� n   lu    ensure    nublleatlon    la    the    east  (������na.  Pest Investigators to  Convene at Vernon  A meeting of the Western Horticulturists, wilh whom are associated the Western Entomologists and  Plant Pathologists, will be held in  Vernon on August 18th, 19th and  20th.  This organization had its origin  on the west coast about three years  ago as a result of a feeling that  closer co-operation in investigational studies was necessary between investigators and field inspectors, ft was felt lhat the investigator often lost sight of the  practical "touch" and the field inspector did not fully avail himself  uf lhe results of the investigational  studies that were being pursued,  hence this Association was born.  Three years ago the first meeting  was held at Corvallis, Oregon.  The second meeting last year was  held at Pullman, Wash., and the  third meeting is now to be held  al Veinou. The British Columbia  delegation which attended the  meeting at Pullman last year were  successful in persuading lhe meeting that Vernon would be the most  desirable point for the 1920 convention.  There are no definite officers in  the Association, the horticulture  and entomological officers of the  Department in the state or province in which the meetings are  field automatically anange the details ol the meetings. The programme is being arranged this  year by Messrs. E. W. White, A.  F. Barrs and R. C. Treherne, and  a committee consi ling of Messrs.  W. T. Hunter, H. H. Evans and  R. C. 1'rehei lie, are arranging the  details of the entertainment in the  Okanagan Valley.  Delegates which will doubtless  number about fifty will arrive by  motoi from Oroville, and by train  from Vancouver. Arrangements  are being made to despatch a number of motor cars to Oroville on  August I7lh and to meet those  who are without means of transportation. 1 hey will be met and  conducted to Penticton, Summer-  land, Kelowna nnd Vernon. Lunch  is being arranged at Summerland  Experimental Farm, and orchards  in the vicinity of each of the fruit  centres will be visited en route.  The meetings will start at 10  a.m. on Wednesday, the 18th at  the Court House, Vernon. Thi  first day will be a joint meeting for  all delegates interested in general  phases of orchard problems. Discussions will take place on drought  spot, apple mildew, strawberry  root weevil, codling moth, soil  fertility arid cover crops.. On the  19th the delegates will divide up  into their respective groups to dis-  cuss peculiar problems on a more  technical basis. The committee  have arranged to provide a bathing  party and a light supper at the  Country Club for the evening of  the 18th and it is possible that  arrangements will be made to have  a special lecture giver, on a subject  of interest to all fruit growers.  Fruit growers are welcome to all  thc meetings provided it is realized  that the discussions are fundamentally "round table" talks. Delegates  are not coming prepared at all  times to give results of finished  work, but to discuss problems  which really still ..wait solution.  New Directory Issued  The third issue of Wrigley's  British Columbin Directory is just  being delivered. The 1920 issue  comprises 1,262 pnges, the first 70  pages containing an early history  of the province, the personnel of  the British Columbia government,  together with a list of all officials  ol the various departments of the  government, both at Victoria and  throughout the province, with short  articles giving the jurisdiction of  the various departments, and indicating the great resources of the  province; the names of all Dominion government officials throughout the province are also given in  this section, and the book contains  scenes and views throughout the  province and also maps covering  all automobile routes in the pro-  vince.  The gazetteer portion of the  book deals with 2,149 separate and  distinct cities, towns, villages and  settlements in the province of  British Columbia. This is an increase of 107 places over the 1919  Professional Cards  BURNE S> .VEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. C. Weddell.    ���   John F. Burne.  KELOWNA   B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR tt BUILDLH  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  F. W. GROVES  M. Can. Soc. CE.  i.iiiiriHltiiiu, Cioll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeijor  Surveys and Report, on lrri..t)or, Work,  Application, [or Water License.  KFXOWNA. B. C  Dr. J. W. NELSON SHEPHERD  DENTIST  Pendozi  Street   and   Lawrence   Avenue  R. C. DUTHIE, V.S., D.V.Sc.  Veterinary Surgeon  Office Plione 443 Vernon   B c  Residence      i\i  Calls left with Dr. J. E. Wright, Dentist,  Willits Block, will be promptly attended to.  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Jobbing and Repairs  Phones: Business 164; Residence91  P.O. Box 22  Mrs. P. C. A. ANDERSON  TEACHER OF DANCING  Classes Forming for the New Year  Phone for an appointment  Car- For Hire  (McLaughlin Six)  Day Phone 116  J.  Night Phone 5502  GRANT  Picnic to Experimental Farm  A picnic to the Experimental  Farm at Summerland has been  arranged for all members of the  U. F. of B. C. on Saturday, August  14th. Those attending it must  make their own arrangements for  transportation and food and arrange to catch the 9 a.m. ferry  from Kelowna.  F. WIGGLESWORTH  PIANOFORTE - SINGING  STUDIO  over the Msson Ar RUch stole  Phone 1462  T. R. GRAINGER  CHIROPRACTOR  Graduate of the Palmer School of Chiropractic!  Office Houra, 1.30 to 5 p.m.  Examination and cuniultation Tree  Office in Hewetson -l\Jantle Block  Local Boy Scouts  Edited by Pioneer.   Aug. 10. 1920  With regard to the Rescuers  Badge we would again point out  that the bathing season will not  last a great deal longer, and we  are sorry that to date only two  scouts have handed in their names  na wishing to try for thia badge.  We propose firat to have the requirements demonstrated and then  the tests taken a few dava later. A  little more energy and ambition it  required of those who are so backward in coming forward. Again  we say, lose no time in handing in  your names. Patrol Leaders (or  seconds where the leaders'are absent from town) should be able to  give the reason alleged for any  scout in their palrol not trying for  this badge.  We have probably all seen an  old bird feeding its young in their  nest with a fat worm or some other  dainty titbit, and we have heard  the young birds, all mouth and  stpmach that they are, each trying  to open its mouth wider and  squawk louder than the others in  order that the old bird may notice  it before the others and award the  worm accordingly. Well, this  spectacle, not only with birds, can  be noticed at the C.P.R. wharf  daily when the boat calls, aud cneB  of "Throw in a nickle old fellow 1"  or "Away out here I" or "A nickle  or a dime rvill do," from many  bathing suits filled with swimmers,  small and large, are heard over  everything else. Scouts and Cubs  who take part in this daily solicitation fiom the over-burdened travelling public, and thev certainly  need all their nickles if they are  travelling these days, will please  consider (and act accordingly)  Section 5 I of the Canadian Boy  Scout Rules, which is as lollows :  "Section 51 ��� ' Begging.' Scouts  are now allowed to solicit money  either for their troop funds or any  other purpose. It is bad for lhe  boy and lends itself to fraud by  outsiders."  The Camp Diary by "Wolf"  Friday���After a wash, at which  P.L. Shatlord of Vernon took the  liberty of snapping the S M. and  A.S.M. and ex-P.L. Taylor at iheir  morning ablutions, we prepared for  breakfast. Tent inspection wns  this morning won by the Owls'and  Cougars' tent with the Otters  close second. A semaphore sending competition was held at which  P.L. Shatford was required to  signal n sentence to the effect that  Vernon had a punk lacrosse team,  after il was known that Vernon  had beaten Kelowna yeaterday 3  to 0. The competition resulted in  a win bv the Otters, with a patrol  of five scouts, who made a percentage of 90.9, a very creditable show  ing.  After a swim and supper v>e  were ready for a strenuous football game. At the end of the first  half the score stood at I to 0 an '  it looked aa if we were to have an  exciting finish. During the second  half A.S.M. Parkinson drove in in  a Ford with a lot of grub and  "Fatty Grub" (Mr. Robert Stillingfleet). They stayed long enough  to enjoy our concert and camp fire  and after telling us all the latest  newa of our home town, departed  for home. In a foolish moment I  jumped in the car with them, intending to go as far aa the foot of  the big hill. When we got there  the Ford took one look at it���and  stopped. Being cranky, we had to  crank her and coax her along  gently by shoving from behind.  After stalling again once or twice  to show there was no hard feeling,  she went gaily up the hill on "low"  and I returned to camp satisfied  that if one could not af-fotd a Ford  one was for(d)lunale. By this time  it was dark and we turned in for  a good night's rest. During the  day we were delighted to have  with us a distinguished visitor in  the peraon of Mr. Allen Harris,  Assistant Scoutmaster of the Summerland Troop. He haa consented to stay with ua until Sunday  when we expect to see our brother  scouts from Summerland for the  day.  (.Xo be continued)  A new national park to be known  as the Mount Revelstoke Paik haa  been established in British Columbia by the Dominion Government.  It is located in the Britiah Columbia  railway belt, in the diatrict where  the belt is traversed by the Illecille.  waet, and lies approximaely between the fifth and sixth meridians  During the first four months of  this year there have been 564 new  industries established in British  Columbia according to. report.  Thia creates a provincial record.  Many of the new concerna are  returned aoldiera' organizations.!  (��1?lpA��<M  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY  in  WILL ROGERS  "JUBILO"  Intensely human Will Roger*, homely to the degree of attracttvenew,  boyishly real in his characterization*, finds himself very much at home as a  young hobo, Jubilo, so named from an old darkey song of the civil war. A  very highly amusing story.  Also the comedy attraction, "Bumping Intt Broadway."  Evening, 7.30 and 9 Admiaaion 20c and 35c  Saturday Matinee at 3.30, 10c and 25c  MONDAY   AND  TUESDAY  Jule and J. J. Allen present the stirring British photoplay  "Comradeship"  A story that is built around the comradeship of the boya on active service in the trenches. Not the usual war atory, but the life they lead. The  endurance and the gallant work of the Red Cross. A story that should deeply interest everyone.  Also "Balling Over the Bailing Blue," Chester Outing, and "Four of a  Kind,1' Chriatie comedy.  Evening 7.30 and 9  Admission 20c and 35c  WEDNESDAY  AND  THURSDAY  DOUGLAS MacLEAN & DORIS MAY  in  Whats Your Husband Doing?  He had been called away on business I But when wide floated into  "Honeysuckle" on a little toot of her own���ye gods, what a night I MacLean  and May's big hit was "2 U Hours Leave." This is a greater laugh. By all  means see it.  Also Pathe Review and "Back to the Wooda."  Evening, 7.30 and 9  Admission, 20c and 35c  COMING-"Huckleberry Finn"  WHY WALK TO VERNON  WHEN THE  OVERLAND STAGE  LEAVES KELOWNA DAILY AT 12 A.M., RETURNING LEAVES  VERNON S A.M. SINGLE $5 i   RETURN $5.  PHONE 298  BOX Vil  D. CHAPMAN  MOTOR  HAULAGE  CONTRACTOR  Motor Truck* for every  kind of hauling.  Speedy, comfortable Pneumatic  Truck for Picnics, &c.  Furniture and Pianos  Moved with care.  CHALMERS CAR FOR HIRE  DAY OR NIGHT  LIVERY  AND FEED   STABLES  AT  THE  Johnson Barn, Lawrence Avenue  CREAM PRICES  from August 2nd, 1920  Kelowna prices: No. 1 -  70c per lb. butter fat  No. 2 -  68c       ��� ���  KELOWNA CREAMERY, LTD. Thursday, August 12,1920  KRLOWVA  IBCOKO  PAGE THREE  PHONE   361 KELOWNA  EARLY FALL  MILLINERY  Just a sprinkling of smartly-designed Millinery  for fall wear is now being shown here. These  are the earliest models and we find they are generally the season's smartest styles. Their very  simplicity will place these Hats among those  favoured for stylish fall wear.  NEW RAINCOATS  Many smart Raincoats have been placed into  stock this week.   These include the newest mat-  ' erials and colourings of Tweed Mixture.  Useful Coata for every season of the year.  See these now on display.  The Celebrated Randell Patent  Fruit Picking Bag  *U This bag waa used last season in  some of the largest orchards and recommended over all others.  <J Orders for this yeai specify the Randell patent when requiring a further  supply.  ��J   Thev are made of Metal and Canvas,  the metal part conforming to the bodv, ���  and the canvas is so arranged it makes a  ' further protection to the fruit and allows  for emptying into boxes.  *\ Perfect fruit without a bruise brings  profit. Expense saved in gathering fruit  ���more profit.  Q Get a Randell Patent and save theae  profits. Sold only by  W. W. LOANE  Opposite the Kelowna Sawmill Co.'t Office  The Jenkins, Co., Ltd.  Livary and Transfer Stables  WAREHOUSING CARTAGE DISTRIBUTING  Touring Cars always on hand, day or night (all new)  Excursion Tally-Ho  Capacity 25 paasengera.    Special rates.  Contracts taken for Heavy or Light Freighting  Furniture and Pianos moved with care  Our Trucka are all new and up-to-date  PHONE 20 DAY OR NIGHT  The Premier Position in the  Shoe Business  Gradually, from a small beginning, we have  attained to. this proud poaition, and we  have now an assortment of  Ladies' and Mens', Girls' and Boys' Shoes  which wili supply every need. This week  we have atill further added to our atock by  purchasing  the  entire new Shoe stock* of  angus McMillan, who is dropping  thia line in order to devote his entire attention to Men's Furnishings. Thia atock,  which comprises aome really first-class  goods, will be aold out at attractive pricea.  CHAS. DARK - 'The Fair Shoeman'  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Mrs. H. Hopkins waa a passenger  Monday for Edmonton.  Miss McLennan left Monday on  a visit to Calgarv.  Mrs. O. Hill left last Friday for  the coast.  Mr. and Mrs. Langille are leaving in a few daya for a few weeks'  visit to the coatt.  Mra. E. C, Graham and children  have been spending a few daya  with Mrs. Geo. Graham at Summerland.  Foctory Inapector R. J. Stewart  waa in town thia week.  W. M. Crawford haa purchased  the sailing yacht "Onoway" from  R. V. Agur, of Summerland. The  "Onoway" is auppoaed lo be the  fastest tailing boat on the lake. It  not correct, however, aa has  been reported, that Bill ia entering  a challenge for the American cup.  Kamloops is making a atrenuoua  effort to have stockyarda established there instead of at New Westminster, as ia propoaed by the  U. F. of B. C. in conjunction with  a New Westminster syndicate.  The CP.R. ia having the usual  trouble with freight handlers thia  year on the lake boata. Laat week  the whole of the gang quit in a  strike for higher pay, the authorization for the increase coming a  little late. The men were not reinstated.  A number of complainta have  been made to the police during the  past week of articlea of clothing  having been stolen from clotheslines in different parts of the city.  From the character of the thefta it  is evident that a more or less  systematic robbery is being carried  on and householders are warned  to be on the look-out.  Mr. Grote Stirling was appointed  to the executive of the Weatern  Canada Irrigation Association at  the' convention recently held at  Lethbridge. The convention passed one resolution urging both the  provincial and Dominion governments to get together on a definite  policy of financing irrigation projects.  A special meeting of the U. F. of  B. C. local will be held at 8 p.m.  on Wedneaday, Auguat 18th, in  the Ellison achool houae, when two  very special matters will come up  for discussion. Everybody interested in the Ellison district is invited to attend.  D. Reeves waa a paasenger Monday to Ashcroft.  Mrt. B. Petch left Saturday for  Vancouver.  W. E. Mcintosh was a passenger  laat Thuriday to Thorn Hill, Man.  Mra. Anderton and child were  passengers to Vancouver Tuesday.  R. P. Hughea left thia week on a  vitit to Calgary.  D. McPhee left laat weekend for  Saakatoon.  Mitt L. Campbell waa a passenger to Vancouver latt Thuriday.  Mrt. J. Wallace and ion John  went Monday for a viait to Banff.  Min Hewetion waa a vititor to  Victoria last weekend.  Mra. R. G. Edwards, 526 Harvey  Avenue, will be at home Tuetdav,  the 17th, from three to six.  Dal Col went up to Sicamous  Tuesday to meet hia wife who wai  to arrive from Italy.  The diatrict engineer is taking  action to destroy all advertising  signs placed upon the public  highway, that is not on private  propert).  Next Sunday at 7.30 p.m. in the  Baptist church, the Rev. R. G.  Edwards will preach on "Thi  Failure of Prohibition."  The postponed Baptist Sunday-  School picnic will be held on  Thuraday next, the 19th, starting1  from the church at I p.m. All  wishing to attend, other than the  scholars, are asked to notify the  officers so that accommodation can  be provided.  VETERAN VULCANIZING  Comer   Ellis   UfflDlfQ  and Bernard  Street flUliliU        Avenue  NET PRICE LIST  Complete repair,one vulcanizing operation  Puncture*. Blowout*, Rim Cuts  from $3  Tread Cuts, Sand Blitten, Loose Tread*  from $1.25  Casing Repair, navr section, from   $2  Bicycle Tire, from 50c  For quick and correct repaira  ship your tires to us  Reinforcements Vulcanized  3-inch Tires   $1.50  3i-inch Tires  $2.00  4-inch Tires  '..fy.SO  44-inch Tires   $3.00  5-inch Tires   $3.50  5f-inch Tires  $4.00  Reliners from $6 to $8, according to size  30 per cent, off above cemented���  your option  Service and Satisfaction  Tubs Repairs while you wait:  Small Puncture  20c  Blowout, 2-inch   30c  Blowout, 4-inch   40c  Blowout, 6-inch  50c  Valve Seats  SOe  Valve Inaides -  I0t  Material and workmanship guaranteed  UNIVERSAL TIRE  FILLER  Geo. Lane - Prop.  ADAMSON'S   VULCANIZES  w��sc8��K9��c83eeec^^  New Movie Stars  Here Next Week  Doris May and Douglas Mac-  Lean, recent acquiaitions to the  ranks of motion picture stars, are  "the life of the party" out al the  big Ince studio thete tumultuous  dayi. Mins May is only aeventeen  years old, and Mr. MacLean is a  youth in his early twenties. Happiness is their middle names. They  fairly radiate the joy of life and  old timert on the Ince lot lay their  pretence is at good ai a youth-  bringing injection of Dr. Voronoff't  famous "monkey serum."  Mr. MacLean insisted upon hii  dreasing room being papered with  a blue bird deaign and amuses  himself and others between acenes  by playing the ukelele and ainging  popular art in a moatjazzful manner. He waa once a member of a  college glee club and poatetses a  pleasant voice. Butterflies adorn  the walls of Min May't private  room at the Ince atudio. She breezes  in every morning with a big bouquet of beautiful California flowers  and presents everybody with one  for their buttonholes.  High tpiritt and wholesome fun  are the chief ingredienti of "What's  Your Husband Doing?" th* new  screen farce in which this delightful paii are featured. It is a pictur-  ization of a well known Broadway  farce and will be shown at the  Empress Theatre on Wednesday  and Thursday, August 18th and  19th. The film waa produced bv  Thomaa H. Ince for Paramount-  Artcraft.  Waltham and Elgin  WRIST   WATCHES  Watches that will keep accurate  time���Watches that ara sure to  pleaae.  STANDARD PRICES  KELOWNA  HAVE YOU HAD A LOOK AT THE NEW  1920 Gray Dort Models  a9J[ Don't neglect to drop into our show  Wh room and see the most snappy and  JJ attractive Utile .car in town ��� lower  in price than most of the cars in their class.  We are prepared to give first-class service  with every car sold. Don't listen to criticism ; come and see for yourself and we  will guarantee that Gray Dort will fight its  own battles. We also have some good buys  in Second-Hand Cars.  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  ina to the Public  The 1920 Fire Underwriters Report gives Kelowna  a very bad name on account of defective electric  wiring.  The provincial electrical inspector when here this  week demanded that some recent electric installations be improved and brought up to conform with  standard requirements.  The local electrical inspector has refused to pass  several jobs and even had to bring a case into the  police court to enforce the by-law.  Why run the risk and danger of improperly installed electric work or the annoyance and inconvenience of having your wiring condemned and done  all over again ?  HAVE YOUR ELECTRIC WORK DONE BY  RESPONSIBLE ELECTRIC FIRMS  J. R. CAMPBELL    JAMES H. TRENWITH  Pendozi Street  Kelowna, B.C.  "The Electric Shop,"  Kelowna, B.C.  Phone 40 P.O. Box 613  PEMBERTON & SON  FOR SALE:  Farms  BROKERS  INSURANCE!  Automobile  Orchards Life  Houses Fire  Listings Solicited  ALSO  AT  VANCOUVER.  VICTORIA, CHILLIWACK.  CLOVERDALE, MISSION, PENTICTON, tec.  A. B. BARRAT,  Manager.  Bernard Ave., Kelowna, B.C,  Elgin Watches  ���J    See  our pricea   on   the seven, fiileen  and aeventeen jewel models.  <|    We  can    aliow   you   a   conaiderable  saving.  <I    Higher grades at standard prices.  W. M.  PARKER & CO.  JEWELERS  W. W. PETTICREW -        -        -       MANAGER PAGE FOUR  KM.flWNA   IKGOM  Thursday, August 12,1920  Kelowna Young Lady Weds  A clipping from a Dartmouth  paper handed ut this week recoids  the inarringe, on July I 5th, ol Miss  Ethel Mother Langille, daughter  of Mr. and Mra. E. Langille ol Kel-  owna, to Charles Harold MacGreg-  or, son of the late Rev. Arthur  MacGregnr of Wnllville, ol the  stall ol lhe First N.itionnl Bank nt  Boston. I he wedding took place  at the residence ol Councillor nnd  Mr.. H. McElmnn, King Street,  Dartmouth.    Rey. A.   B,   Higgina,  REVISION  OF  PROVINCIAL   VOTERS'  LIST  Notice ih hereby given that on  Monday, the 13th day of September, 1920, at ten o'clock in the  forenoon, at the Provincial Court  House, Kelowna, B.C., n silting of  the Court of Revision will be held  for the purpose of revising the list  of votera lor the above-named  Electoral District, pursuant to the  provisions of the "Provincial Elections Act."  And notice is further given dial urry  person claiming to be-entitled to he regis-  tered as a voter in the above-named  Electoral District may apply in person to  have his name errtered on lire list ol voters (or the said Electoral Distnict at the  said sitting of the Court of Revision, not.  withstanding the fact that his name has  been omitted from the list of applicants  for registration, or that he has ornitted to  apply for registration at the time or in the  manner otherwise provided by the "Provincial Elections Act."  The list of applicants for registration is  now posted and may be inspected at the  office of the undersigned Registrar of  Voters.  S. GRAY,  Registrar of Voters.  South Okanagan Electoral District.  August 2nd. 1920.  B.A., of Grace Methodist church,  was officiating clergyman. The  pretty drawing rooms had been  transformed into a bower oi��Mar-  v.nri ites and ferns, and the ceremony took place beneath an arch  ol flowers  Miss Langille grnduated in Mav  fnrm the nursing school ol the  Victoria General Hospitnl and her  clnlimatet were present in a body  at lhe ceremony'. Misa Langille,  given in marriage by Councillor  MacElmon, looked charming nnd  girlish in a wedding dress nf white  silk trimmed with pearls. Hei  veil was of white net cuught with  n coronet of ornnge blossoms nnd  her bouquet was of white sweet  peas and carnations. Mias Nolti  MacElmon was bridesmaid, nnd  little Miss Fay MacElmon made a  winsome (lower girl.  Aftei the ceremony a buffet luncheon wai lerved, followed by an  informal reception.  Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor left on  a honeymoon trip for two weeka,  and on their return will remain for  a time in Dartmouth before taking  up residence in Boston.  The groom's gift lo his bride  was a piano and a cheque; to the  bridesmaid a Wedgewood brooch;  t" the flowi-r girl, gold ; to Mian  Catherine, who played the wedding marches, a pearl brooch,  n  d to Mr. Thompson, cuff "links.  THE  J. W. Jones returned this week  Irom a visit to the coast.  Nelson Haynes was fined $300  and costs at Penticton last week  for selling liquor.  Miss Marguerite Budden returned this week from a visit to Seattle.  One of the worst squalls noticed  here for a long time made things  pretty lively^ on both land and  water Tuesday evening.  Mr. White ��ay,-"��at one time a  Rutland resident, returned this  week with his wife (rom England,  intending to settle here.  HOG CHOP   FEED FLOUR  BRAN  PICKING   BAGS  VEGETABLE  SACKS  PICKING  LADDERS  GRAIN   SACKS  LARGE   STOCK   ON   HAND  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Phones:   Feed Store 29 ;  Office 37 Free Cily Delivery  WM. HAUG & SON, Phone 66  Get your order  in  EARLY for your winter's  supply of  COAL COAL  OVERLAND  LIGHT  A new consignment just unloaded. The moit popular  Light Car of the year.  100-inch Wheel Base  Turns in the narrowest road  -    130-inch Spring Base  Rides like a big "Six."  Powerful, snappy,  economical  motor,    fhe lightest  car on tires and gas at present on the market.  Price f.o.b. Kelowna, $1475  - For demonstration see the car itself at  THE OIL SHOP  OR  RHONE J. W. B. BROWNE AT 287  Several Second-hand Cars for sale at right prices.   Ask for particulars.  Okanagan Brokerage  Real Estate and Farm Lairds  Opposite the CP.R. wharf  WANTED  Lilting! ol Houte Property within the  city Hiniti. Must be modern, with  hath, toilet, city water and electric  light, Cement cellar not necessary,  unlets guaranteed free from water in  the apring  of  the   year.    A few fruit  tree! for family uae desirable.  Write or call*givin|t be!t price  an/1 pa ���ir at terma.  FARM LANDS  Wanted,   listings   of   amall   holdings  with good building!, within the four-  mile radiu! of Kelowna.  K.LO. BENCH-FOR SALE  Several  bearing orcharda, with first-  claia buildinga and  modern conveniences.  Full particulara at thia office  Okanagan Brokerage  Phone 116 Box 116  KELOWNA  Want Ads.  FOK  SALE  FOR SALE, $13,000, the houae of G. E.  Seon, Harvev Avenue,'Kelowna. Apply  Messrs. Mantle & Wilton or other agenta  or owner. 29tf  $2,200. Well-built Cottage, Manhattan  Beach. Concrete foundation, cellar,  |oomy attic. Houae 32 x 26. Chicken  Iiouse and workshop. Apply P.O. Box  25. 2Itf  FOR SALE, Houses, Bearing Orchards,  Cattle Ranches, City Property. Pem-  berton -5c Son, Bernard Ave. 27tl  FOR SALE, a snap, 6-roomed House and  large lot, garage, woodshed, cellar and  good chicken house, $2,200. Half ensh,  balance on easy terms. Apply J. A.  James, Lawson Avenue.  Box. 69.  31 -2tf  AYRSHIRE COW for sale, good milker,  very gentle. Apply P. Harding, Bernard  Avenue. 38tf   9   FOR SALE, first-class Alfalfa Hay for  immediate delivery at Glenmore Ranch.  Phone 3305. 38-1  RIPE PEACHES for   tale after the 9th ;  3c on trees.    R. W. Ramsay, Okanagan  Mission. 39p  SOME  GOOD  MILK  COWS for   sale.  Craig Bros., Rutland.  Phone 3506.    38tf  COW FOR SALE.   Good milker.   Apply  11. Lock, Wilson Avenue. 39.0p  SITUATIONS WANTED  MAN AND WIFE  desires   work.     Fruit  farm preferred.   Wife good cook.    Ap-  Sply Box M, Record Office. 39p  LOST AND FOUND  LOST, on Vernon road, between Vernon  and Kelowna, Ansco camera. Will  finder retutn to Box 209, Kelowna. 38-9p  LOST, gold   bracelet    Watch.     Finder  pltasa return to P.O. Box 375.    Reward    38-9P  LOST, Leather Case (Standard Bank of  Canada), containing cheques. Finder  rewarded on return to Bank of Montreal, Kelowna. 39p  LOST, on Sunday last, Ladies' Elgin  Bracelet Cold Watch, on Bernard Avenue or Pendozi Street. Finderrewarded.  Apply Kelowna Garage. 39p  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED, good Mare, about 1,500 lbs.,  to work single.    Apply Norris, Ellison.  22tf  HAVE YOU ENROLLED for your I.C.S.  course yet ? Free booklet on request  to International Correspondent:* Schools  Canadian, Ltd., 6 Leckie Block, Kalowna. 25tf  NOTICE. Alf persons are warned againat  purchasing the" property at Benvoulin  known as the Lytle place (north 20  Acres), on which is a canning factory,  from anyone save the undersigned, who  is in posaeasion oi the aame. H. J.  Turner. 28tf  Miss Dillon will be pleased to meet  ladies requiring Spirella Carters at Room  5, Oak Hall Block,on Saturdays, from 2.30  to 5.   Phone 115 for apecial appointment.  FOR SALE  CEDAR POSTS  Inquire NELSON H. SMITH  Okanagan Centre, B.C.     36.9  Automobile  For Hire  H. B. BURTCH -   Phone 180  G.W.V.A. Notes  We huve just passed the anniversary ol the start uf the Battle of  Amiens, for it was on the 6th of  August, 1916, that the Canadian  Corps made the greatest advance  in one day that allied troops had  accomplished during the war. At  the close of the first day's operations the corps had penetrrted the  Boche line lo a depth of between  six nnd sevrn miles and captured  over 13,000 prisoners and between  300 and 400 guns. It is noteworthy  that this was the first successful  attack by Britiah troopa aince the  Canadian Corps captured Pass-  chendalle in November, 1917. We  badly need a flag pole ao that  these glorious anniversaries could  be marked by the display of the  national flag at the club.  The deduction of the pension  bonus from the gratuity to dependents is causing a good deal of  criticism, and it would also have  seemed fairer to have paid this  gratuity to the dependents of Im-  perial veterans who were living in  Canada when war broke out.  We are glad to see that lhe  Housing Act is at laat bearing fruit  locally. We believe that the Housing Act should be greatly extended and veterans allowed to purchase existing houses under the  Act. Then also the Soldier Settlement Board are not permitted to  consider loans on less than five  acres and we think thia could be  reduced to one acre with great  advantage. It would help out the  disability men enormously and increase production round the urban  centres. What the average vetetan  of several years' service needs  more than anything else is a home  and given thejjmeans of possessing  this, intK'h of the existing unrest  would disappear.  There is a meeting next Saturday at 8.30 p.m.  SYNOPSIS OP OOAL  MINING  KHGULAI'IONS  Coul mining rlghtrr of the Dominion  It, Manitoba, Haskatahewan and Alberta, the V nkon Territory, the Northwest  TYrrltoriefl, and In portion ot tbe Province of British Columbia may be leaser) for a term of twenty-one years at  un annual rental of $1 an aore. Not  more than 2,1,110 acrea will be leased to  ono applicant.  Applications for the lease muat be  marie hy the applicant In peraon to the  Agent or .Sub-agent of the distriot ln  which Dm rlghta applied for are'situated.  Qaoh application must be accompanied l,y a fee of $6. which will be refunded If the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty .shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of flva  Ormta per ton.  In mirveyed territories the land muat  be described by sections or legal aub-  rlivlHionu of tractions, and In unaurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  striked out by the applioant himself.  Tire person operating the mine ahall  furnish the agent with eworn returns  accounting for the full Quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royally thereon. If tbe coal mining  right* are not being operated, euch returns ahall be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will Include the ooal mln-  'ing rights only, but the leasee may be  permitted to purohaae whatever available surface rlghta may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10 an acre.  For full Information application  ahould be made to tbe Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to the Agent or sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.  W. W. CORY.  WATER NOTICE  DIVERSION AND USE  Take notice that Lee Brown, whose address is Kelowna,' B.C'., will apply (or a  licence to take and use 200 acre (eet o(  water out of Dowley Creek, which flows  south-east and drains into north fork of  Mission Creek near the south-east corner  of D.L. 1306. The water will be diverted  from the stream at a point about 300 feet  south-east of-the north-west corner of Lot  1306, and will be used for irrigation purpose upon the land described as District  Lot 1306, Oaoyooa. This notice waa posted on the ground on the 5th day of August, 1920. A copy of this notice and an  application purauant thereto and to the  "Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the  office of the Water Recorder at Vernon.  Objections to the application may be filed  with the said Water Recorder or with the  Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria, B.C, within thirty days  ���iftor the first appearance of this notice in  a local newspaper. The date of the first  publication of this notice is Thursday,  August 5th. 1920. 38-2  Delco Light  Electric Light and Power  for the Farm  WILLARD   BATTERY  SERVICE STATION  Batteries Sold, Repaired 6c Charged  GENERAL WIRING CONTRACTOR  W. R. Thomson  Phone 342  Plastering  BY   SKILLED  WORKMEN.  J. ROSSI  P.O.Box 110  St. Paul Street    Kelowna  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repairs  Now is the time to have  your Furniture overhauled,  re-covered or repaired. I  can re-upholster your auto,  or buggy seat and make it  like new.  Mattresses Pianos, Ace.  Re-made Polished  Cosey  Corners  Made and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Late with Kelowna  Furniture Co.  Phone 388  $125  PER ACRE  Good OftCHARD LAND  under a good irrigation aystem  Also orchards in full bearing  Easy Terms  THOS.  BULMAN  Phone 3206  Kelo  E. W. Wilkinson & Co.  Established 1893  Real Estate and Insurance  Phone 254 Next door to Post Office  BUNGALOW, 5 rooms, bathroom, fully  modern, cement baaement, in first-class  condition, large lot, cloae in, only $3,000  on terms. Couldn't be built to day for  the money.  TWO-STOREY Frame House, with two  large lota, 6 rooma with baaement. Cloae  in.   $3,800 on terma.  BUNGALOW, 5 rooms, good outbuild,  ings, with one acre of choice land. A  snap, only $3,500 on terms.  TWO-STOREY Frame Houae, 8 rooms,  large cement baaement, fully modern,  ���table hold four horses, garage, wood-  ahed, including two Iota. $5,000 on  terms. Immediate poaaesaion can be  given,  LARGE BUNGALOW, fully modem. 7  room, bathroom, one acre of choice land  12 bearing fruit treea.   $5,500 on terms.  FOUR.ROOM COTTAGE, woodsWed and  chickenhouae.   $1,400 on terma.  TWO-STOREY Frame Houte, 6 rooma,  good outbuildings, ono acre of choice  soil.    $3,000 on terms.  TWO-STOREY cement bloek House, 6  rooma. kitchen end pantry, entrance hall  cement cellar outside. Stable. $4,750  on terma.  HOUSE, 3 rooms, including four lota,  ���teble hold four horses, two chicken  houses, pig pen, 9 bearing fruit trees,  small fruiti. $2,000. Half cash balance  to arrange.  We have a large selection of city property  for aale. Call and aee ua. Pricea and  terma to suit.  Office houra, 9 to 6 p.m., Saturslasy 9 to  10 p.m.  The Corporation of the City  of  Kelowna  TAX   SALE  NOTICE  Netice is hereby given that I ahall on  the First day of September, 1920, at the  Council Chamber, Kelowna, B.C., at ten  o'clock in the forenoon, offer for aale by  public auction all and every parcel of  land and improvements thereon within  the City of Kelowna and the Kelowna  City School District, the taxea upon which  are delinquent. I  All property heretofore protected by  the War Relief Aet and amending acta  will he included in this tax sale unlets the  taxes are sooner paid or further relief ia  granted by the courts.  P. T. DUNN,  Collector for the Municipality of The  37-1    Corporation of the City of Kelowna.  NOTICE  Users of irrigation water in my neighbourhood thould take notice that turning  their waste water through my property  (Lota 3 and 6, Block 16, Belgo Sub-division) are rendering themselves liable to  legal proceedings for damages.  34tf DUNCAN M. MORTON.  Mrs. A. J. PRITCHARD  L.R.A.M.   A.R.C.M.  Silver  Medallist   (London,  England),   is  prepared  to  give   Advanced   Pianoforte  Lessons.    Reasonable terms.    Apply care  of Record Office. 35-8p  JUST ISSUED  Wrigley's B. C. Directory  ���     for 1920  Year Book of British Columbia  Official data covering agriculture, landa, timber, mining, fishing and public work,,  Gazetteer and Alphabetical Directory  Describing 2149 cities, towns, villages and settlements within  the Province, giving location, distances and directions (rom  larger points, how reacned, with a synopsis of local resources  populations, &c, followed by an alphabetical directory of all  business and professional men, employees, farmers, stock  raisers, fruit growera, 6tc.  Classified Business Section  The business interests of the'province, including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, Hating all producta from the  raw material to the finished article, are classified under 369  headings, alphabetically arranged according to towns.  Trade Names, Brands, and Trade Marks  A list of popular trade names, brands and trade mark gooda,  either manufactured or represented in British Columbia,  alphabetically arranged.  Patronize B. C. Industries  Almost anything which ai.yone desires can be purchased in  British Columbia. Everv dollar spent in B.C. assists the Pro-  . vince. You can assist B.C. bv trading with B.C. merchants.  If you are unable to purchase what you desire in your local  town or community, then consult Wrigley's Classified Business  Directory, a copy of which can be secured at all first-class  drug stores, confectionery stores, hotels, automobile garages,  in fact, most of the live business concerns have a copy of  Wrigley's 1920 British Columbia Directory.  s \  Subscription $10 prepaid to any address  Wrigley's Directories Limited  198, Hastings St., West, Vancouver, B.C.  Phone Seymour 2876


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