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Kelowna Record Oct 2, 1919

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 mm  M"-""  ftctotb  VOL XL  NO. 46  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY. OCTOBER 2, I9I9.-6 PACES  ��� 1.50 Per Annum  Kelowna's Twenty-fourth Annual  fall Fair and Exhibition  Soulier Entry is Compensated for by High Quality of all  Exhibits���Revival of Interest in Poultry Department  Fjat twenty-four yeara in succession Kelowna has held lie annual  Fall Fair, and though this yew's  display lacked something in  t  Ot quantity, in quality ot exhibits  and aitractivaBeSB , itt reputation  was fully maintained, and great  admiration was expressed by visitors, some from other fruit districts  for the fine quality of Kelowna's  fruit product in one department.  that of poultry, a great increase  was noted, fully thirty per cent  more birds being shown thsn in  any previous vear.  The Fair was opened Wednesday evening et 8 o'clock, by Mayor  Sutherland. In laentioning that  this was the twenty-fourth annual  event of the kind in Kelowna he  aaid he w-ll remembered attending the first one, when he believed  there was a bigger exhibit and  greater enthusiasm. He regretted  the smsUness of the entry this year.  Tke number of entries had not  grown in the same ratio as tbe advancement of the district, and he  did not think tke farmers realized  tbe great benefit to be derived  from a lair of this kind. Its great  educational value meant much  more than the few dollars to be  gain from prises. He referred to  the great interest taken in all agricultural matters by the president,  Mr. Bailey, who hall worked actively for the Association ever  since its formation.  Prof. Sadler, of the EC. University, delivered en address on the  work of the University and its value to the fanner aaid dairyman.  The staff was working under great  difficulties due to unsuitable temporary buildings and lack of proper  f acuities, aad be hoped that the  government would soon sale its  way to provide them with arJeqasse  permanent quarters at Point Grev.  Vice-president L. Dilworth occupied the chair, while the Kelowns  Band provided musical selections  at intervals. ''���V*"  The people of Glenmore had a  most effective display of applet  which well deserved the special  prize awarded foi the mott attractive display in the Fair. The Benvoulin United Farm Women had a  corner well filled with garden produce, jams, jellies, cooked meats,  needlework, etc and they were  also awarded a special prise. The  Ellison district waa also represented with a fine exhibit of fruit and  vegetables, grain, bottled fruits and  miscellaneous {arm produce.  A very attractive corner wat that  devoted to achoU work, tbe Manual Training and Domestic Science  classes having on display some very  fine examples of pupils work.  The Summerland Experimental  Farm Exhibit was again an interesting feature, ahowing models of  buildings and appliances ss well  as grain, gramas, and other educational matter. Adjoining this wss  a fine display from the Entomological Branch of the Department of  Agriculture, in charge of Mr. Max  ftuhtnan of Vernon.  . H. Trenwith had a display of  jlco-Ligbt" and various electrical supplies, while a new departure  was made in a displsj of automobiles. B. McDonald had two fine  McLaughlin cars, S. T. Elliott show*  ed "Maxwells", and M. A Atsgsrd  a "Studebsker" which showed few  signs of having made e trip from  the coast s few days ago. Outside  the building, Mr. Elliott had ��� some  "Maxwell" trucks. Messrs. Glenn &  Son their new "Avery" tractor, end  Morrison-Thompson a "Fordson"  tractor. A "Bean" spray mofor  was also in operation.  Mr. Boucher was there, of course  with his rundabeuts, ferns wheel  and other attractions.  The clouds, which had threatened the afternoon's sports, cleared  away, and a good crowd was in attendance -at the races, the results  of which sre given elsewhere. The  City Band also added much to ths  afternoon's enjoyment with a number of well-played selections.  Following is a list of the prise  winners:���  DIV. I-HORSES  Judge-John A Turner, Victoria  HEAVY HORSES  Stallion  l.ARDavy  Agricultural Team  1, Bankhead  Heavy Draft Team  I. A R Davy; 2, Casorso Bras  General Purpose Team  I, Casorso Bros  Heavy Draft Mare, with foal st foot  I aad 2, Douglat Cameron   ,  General Purpose Filly or Gelding,  2-year-old  I, L Dilworth  General Purpose Yearling  I, L Dilworth  Heavy Draft Foal of 1919  I, Douglas Cameron; 2, L Dilworth  General Purpose Foal of 1919  I and 2, L Dilworth; ). W Price  LIGHT HORSES  Stallion  I, I Chamber!in  Mare with Foal at foot  I, I Chemberlin  Foal of 1919  1.1 Chemberlin  Saddle Horse, over 15 hands  I, J Bowes; 2, Casorso Bros  Saddle Pony, ridden by boy or  girl under 15 yeara  I, J Whittingham; 2, A R Davy  Shetland Pony, ridden  by boy or  girl, 12 yeara or under'  I, Donald Loane  Shetland  Pony, in harness, driven  by boy or girl, 12 yeart or under  I.Donald Loane  DIV. 2-CATTUE  Pedigreed Bull  I.J Spall; 2, L Dilworth  Pee*.'* raw* Csws  Red PoUed  I aad 2. L Dilworth  Holstein  I and 2, A W Cooke  Guernsey , ��� ,  I. WR Powley  Aberdeen-Angus  I. W Price: 1. G H Feldtmann      ,i  PttHfttti Htifer, 2 wm  Holstein  I; Lloyd Dav; 2. Graybanks Ranch  PtiUnti Htrfu. I tear  Guernsey  I. WR Powley  Ptiitnti Httftt Ctlf  RedPoUed  I, L Dilworth  Holstein  1, Lloyd Day; 2. A W Cook*  Aberdeen-Angus !  2, W Price  PtJltrttJ Bull Coif  Red Polled  I, L Dilworth  Holstein  I, G F Coventry  Grade Collie for Dabt) Purttutt  I. Bankhead; 2, S M Gore  Grtde CaUlt f.r Bttf  Cow  I. Douglas Cameron; 2, W Price  Heifer, one year  I.AWCooke  Beat Beef Animal in Show  1. W Price; 2, Douglas Cameron  DIV. 3-PIGS  Berkshire Boar, registered ���  I.Bankhead  Berkshire Sow, registered  I.Bankhead  Any other breed sow, resist, red  2, V R Powley  Berkshire Spring Pigs  DIV. 4 -SHEEP  Ram, any breed  I and 2. M Her  2,TRen.  Ewe, any breed  I, W Prior, 2, M Hereron  Pair Mutton Sheep  I, HOI <c Elcoat; 2, Douglas Cameron  Pair Spring Lambs  !. M Hereron; 2. Hill ��c Elcoat  DIV J.-POl/LTRY  Judges-H E Waby and Alf Notley  AMERICAN  Barred Rock  Cock. I. J Spall. Hen. I. C S McKenzie; 2, S J Weeks; 3, G SMcKaa-  rie. Cockerel, I and 2.GS McKenrie.  Pullet. I and 2. G S MeKeniie; 3. J  Spall  White Rock  Cock. I, A 1 Dawson. Han. 1,2 and  3, A I Dawson. Cockerel, I and 2,  Pullet, I and 2, A I Dawson  White Wyandottes  Cock, I. Sybil Gage-Brown.   Hen.1.2,  White Leghorn, s.-r.  Cock. I. D Ennia. Haa, I, D Ennia;  2, F M Keevil; 3, H J Day. Cockerel.  I, H J Day; 2. D Ennis; 3. C B Lartta.  Pullet, I. W Riggs; 2. D Ennis: 3, H  I Day  Anconat  Cockerel. I. SM Gore  Black Minoicas, t.-c.  Cock, I. W FalHerd  Any other standard varieties  Pullet I. E Mills  Buff Orpingtons  Cock, I, R1 Johnston. Hen, I.R  Johnaton. Cockerel. I. D Ennia. Pul-  let. 1.2 and i, R Johnston.  Silver Campines  Cock. I, AU Notley.   Haa. I, F M  KeeviL   PuUet, I, F M Keevil.  GEESE  Toulouse  Old Goose. I, E A Day.   Old Gander,  l.**��ADay.   Young Goose,  I, E A  Day; 2, Billy Knowles.   Young Can.  der, I, E A Day, 2,Frank Latta  DUCKS  Pekins  Drake, I, G F Coventry ; 2. E Fowler.  Bull Orpingtons  Duck, I, E Fowler, 2.G F Coventry  UTILITY  Buff Orpingtons  "**,Young Pan, I, R Johnston;  -  wick  White Wyandottes  Old Pen, I, Sybil Gage-Brown. Young  Pen, 1, W M.Todd ; 2. D Ennis ; 3,  Mrs Aitken  Barred Rocks  Young Pan, 1 ,'.G S McKenrie  White Rocks  Young Pea, I, A 1 Da aoa  White Leghorna  Old Pen. I. AU Notley. Young Pan.  I.CBLatta;2. DEnnie  Anconas  Young Pen, I, S M Gore ; 2. W M  Todd  RABBITS  Belgian Hares  Buck, I, F M KeeviL Doe, 1, Ivy  Ashworth  Flemish Giants  Buck, I, F NUoo; 2.S J Weeks) 3, Ed  Loftus. Doe, I. F Nixon; 2, S | Weeks  Black Siberian .  Buck (old), I, Ed Loftus.   Doe (old),  I and 2,Ed Loftus.   Buck (young), I,  Ivy  Ashworth;   2, Ed  Loftus.   Doe  (young), I, Ed Loftus  EGGS  Hens (brown), I, D Ennis ;  2 and 3,  AlfNotley.  Hen.   (white).  I.  AH  Notley;   2, D  Ennis; 3, Mn J Fletcher  BOO  TYPE  White Leghorn  Old Pen, I, D Ennia;  2, H J Day.  Young Pen, I, H J Day; 2. W Riggs  Buff Orpingtons  Young Pen, I, R Johnston; 2, D Ennis  White Wyandotte  Old Pan, I, D Ennia. Young Pen, I,  F M Keevil; 2, W M Todd ; 3, A W  Cooke  DIV. 6-FARM   PRODUCE  Judge���Mrs E A Day  Dairy Butter in prints  I, Mrs G Monford; 2, Mrs C Pitt  Dairy Butter in tub or crock  I, Mrs C Pitt: 2, Mrs A C Anderson  DIV. 7-VEGETABLES  Judge���EC Hunt  Beana, Scarlet Runner  I. J Birch; 2, Mrs S Cray  Beets, Globe  I.FMKecvil; 2, E B Powell  Egg Plant  I, CE Weeka; 2, WRLawee  Carrots, Oxheart  l.FM Keevil;  2, Bankhead Orchard  Co.  Carrots. Scarlet Nantes  I.TWStirling  Carrots, Danvers  I, W R Lawes; 2, Douglas Cameron  Cabbage, red  I.TWStirling; 2, W R Lawoe  Canteloupea, salmon flesh  I.Bankhead; 2. LE Taylor.  Canteloupea, green flesh  Z.CE Weeks  CanteloupeS, Hpodoos  I. Bankhead; 2, LE Taylor  Celery, white  I, WR Lewes; 2.CE Weeks  Celery, yellow  I.CEWeehe  Corn, Golden Bantam  I. A H Gill  Corn, table, any other variety  I,AHGU1|  Cucumber, any other variety  l.EADar 2, WRLawee  Cucumber, pickling  I, WRLawee; 2, C E Weeks  Water Melon  I, Douglas Cameron  Onions, Yellow Globe Dsnvers  I, Douglas Cameron; 2. W R Lawes  Onions, Yellow Globe, any other  varieties  1, WRLawee  Parsnips  I.TW  Pumpkins  LEAD  Squash, Boston marrow  I. C E Week.  Squash, green Hubbard   .  I. Bankhead; 2. WRLawee  Vegetable Marrow  I.CE Weeks; 2. EB Powell  Tomatoea, Earliana  I, S J Weeks; 2, Bankhead  Tomatoea. Bonny Beat  I, EB Powell ,  Tomatoes, any other variety  I. S J Powell  Tomstoes, collection  I. S J Weeks  DIV. S-FIELD  PRODUCE  Judge���EC Hunt  Field Corn, North-west Dent  I.Bankhead  Field Corn, Flint  I.CE Weeka  Sugar Beets, long  I, C McCarthy  Sugar Mangold  I, Douglas Cameron ; 2, Bankhead  Field Beans, white Navy  I. AH Gill; 2, W Lansdowne  Field Beans, any other variety  I.AHCin  Spring Wheat  I, A W Cooke; 2, Douglas Cameron  Oata  I, Graybanke Ranch  Barley  I, Bankhead; 2, Graybanke Ranch  Rye  I.Bankhead  Sunflower  1, AH Gill; 2. RE Hunt  Tobacco, Spanish  I, Col J Perry  DIV. 9-FRUITS  Judge����� C Hunt  Wealthy  1, R Smith; 2. H J Day; 3. Bankhead  Mcintosh  I. R Smith  Chaplin  Wagner  1, R Smith  downe  Jonathan  I, R Smith; 2, H K Todd;   3, R L  Dalglish  Northern Spy  I,   A   H  GUI; 2, Bankhead; 3, W R  Lawes  Grimes Golden  I,HV Chaplin;  2, H Atkjneon ; 3,  RLDalgliah  Delicious  I. CTucker; 2,  H  V Chaplin ; 3, R  Smith .  Yellow Newtown  I.R Smith; 2, WRLawee; 3, Bank.  head  Winter Banana  I, R Smith ;   2. G H Fcldtmeon, Pen.  ticton; 3. W E Chappie  Spitzenberg  |. HV Chaplin;  2. R L Dalglish ; 3. HV  2, P Sanda ,  Visiting Heir to BriHsb Throne  Leaves Favorable Impression  Cheering Crowds Give Him Enthusiastic Reception in  Kelowna���Memorable Scene in Park  2. Bankhead ; 3, R  Smith  Collection of five varieties  1, R Smith; 2, HV Chaplin  Alexander  1;   2,PS.nd.  Canada Baldwin  I, Graybanke Ranch  Gravenstein  I. Bankhead; 2, R Leckie Ewing  King  I, Col J Perry; 2, H V Chaplin  Ooatinaad on oars six.  O  Will Op�� Medical Practice  in Kelowna  D Ennia. Cockerel. I, 2 and 3, Sybil  Gage-Brown. Pullet, I, Sybil Gage-  Brown; 2 and 3,D Ennis  Wyandottes, any other variety  He*. I. AB Notley  Stirling; 2. C E Weeka  Peppers, green  CCE Weeks, 2. WRLawee  Peppers, red  l,CEWeeks;2, W R Law*.  Potatoea, Early Rote  I, John Symonda  Potatoes, Netted Gem  I. ACAndenom; 2. W Price  Potatoes, any other variety  I, A C Aasirssi 2, E B Powell  Dr. R. G. Stevenson, who for thi  past eighteen months has been  superintendent of the General Hospital at Golden, has rented the  office formerly occupied by Dr,  Huycke beside Dr. Shepherd and  has begun the practice of medicine  here. While at Golden the Doctor  held the office of C.P.R. surgeon  for the district between Beaver-  mouth and Lake Louise. He was  health officer for Golden and Field  and medical inspector of schools.  Last year he was appointed coroner.  Dr. Stevenson has tsken half a  dozen post graduate courses in the  large hospitals of New York, Chicago and Baltimore. He spent nearly one year in' the eye, ear, note  and throat institutions, snd it should  prove interesting to any one with  defective sight to learn that the  Doctor purpoaes furnishing hia  office with the best instruments for  testing the sight and fitting of  spectacles or eyeglasses.  The party of coast business men  who hsve been arranging a tour of  the Okanagan are expected to arrive in Kslowna next Wednesday  morning from Vernon. No specisl  arrangements have been made for  their entertainment but their time  until the arrival of the boat south  will likely be spent ia visiting the  various packing plants and other  places of interest  With a crowd such Iks has probably never been seen in tbe city  before, Kelowna welcomed the  visiting Prince of Wales Tuesdsy  evening. In accordance with the  altered schedule the royal party  arrived from| Vernon by car at  6.30, their arrival at the city boundary .being signalled by blasts from  all available syrena and whistles,  snd later by the cheering of the  people as the cars passed on to  the gates of the park, preceded by  Chief of Police Thomas, who had  motored out to meet the party.  The traffic arrangements were perfect and nothing interfered with  the progress of the procession.  At the park tbe Prince and party  were received by the Mayor and  council and after a little preliminary hand-shaking, were conducted  to the platform, decorated for the  occasion. Here the city clerk read  the following addreaa, which was  afterwards presented to His Royal  Highness in a handsome little casket, the work of some of the Boy  Scouts under the direction of Mr.  Mitchell, of the manual training  school." The casket wss made of  juniper wood with beaten silver  hinges and was much admired by  the royal recipient.  "To Hia Royal Highness Edward  Albert Christian George Andrew  Patrick David, Prince of Wales and  Earl of Chester, in the Peerage of  the United Kingdom; Duke of  '���"tf ���-���������"���'I Cornwall, in the Peerage of Eng  land; Duke of Rothesay, Earl of  Carrick, and Baron Renfrew, in the  Peerage of Scotland; Lord of the  Isles and Great Steward of Scotland  K.G., G.M.M.G, M.C. etc.etc. May  it please your Royrl Highness to  accent from the.citizens of Kelowna  the most sincere and cordial welcome whieh it ia possible for loyal  hearts to offer. It is our most- car-  neat desire and prayer that your  visit to Canada may be productive  of great good in binding by cloaer  ties the people of this wide and  fair Dominion to the Mother Country and to the glorious Britiah  Empire. When we learned that  your western itinerary included the  Valley of tbe Okanagan, we were  delighted.  Kelowna, known throughout thia  Western land aa the Orchard City  of British Columbia, is the centre  of sn agricultural diatrict of which  we believe we have just cause to  be extremely proud. We venture  to believe that you will be interested to know that our fruit goes into  many of the World's greatest mar-  kets, not only to China, South  America, South Africa, Australia  and New'Zealand, but to the cities  of the British Isles, where,- in London, our fruit has, on different occasions, been awarded the highest  poaaible diplomas.  lt is with greet pleasure that we  recall the kindly and almost intimate  feelings which existed between  your Royal Highness snd the  Canadian troops who took part in  the great war. Over seventeen  hundred men from the Kelowna  District joined Hia Majesty's forces  to fight for right and freedom  against the Empire's enemies.  Assuring you with no little pride  of our loyalty and attachment to  the British Throne and Empire,  and to His Most Gracious Msjesty,  King George the Fifth, we hsve  the honour to be. Sir, your Royal  Highness' most obedient servants,  D. W. SUTHERLAND. Mayor.  G. H. DUNN, Clerk.  Kelowna, B.C.,  September 30th,'1919."  Ih axlear voice the Prince read  his reply as follows:���  "Mr. Mayor: You hsve welcomed me most kindly and I beg to  convey my sincere appreciation  and good wishes to all the citizens  of Kelowna.  I have heard much of the agricultural wealth of this district, snd 1  also know of your splendid services  during the great war. I congratulate you. most heartily on your fine  record, and 1 trust that vou will be  able ta develops the great promise  of thia region in full measure now  that the Empire is once more st  father, the King, of your warm expression of loyalty to hia throne, .  end in his  nsme I  wish  you  all  prosperity and success."  Following the formal addresses  tbe Prince chatted for a few minutes with Msyor Sutherland and  others on the platform. He spoke  of the pleasure of his trip through  the valley and made many inquiries as to tbe city snd its industries.  He received very gratefully a present of seversl boxes of spples  hich, the 'Msyor informed him,  hsd ��� been specially prepared (for  him by the various packing houses,  and gave instructions that th-y be  forwarded to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  The War Veterans were drawn  up under the command of CoL  Belson and naturally received much  attention from the Prince who walked through their lines chatting with  one or another of them in a most  friendly manner.  The Boy Scouts and Cubs were  also inspected snd Scoutmaster  Weddell complimented upon their  appearance.  A touching incident waa witnessed when the Prince paaaed along  a little line of those women whom  the war had bereaved .of husband,  brother oi son. To every one he  gsve a sympathetic shake of the  hand.  Lined up to one side of the platform were the school children, who  sang lustily "God Bless the Prince  of Wales" as the roval visitor ascended the platform. Later the  Prince expressed Lis pleasure at  the singing and asked for the principals of the schools' to be presented to him. As they could not be  found at the time. Mr. A. G. WiL  liams, of the Broder Canning Co.,  who hsd trained the children, was  presented, and raarivrd from the  Prince a message to thn ink it sis  asking for a holiday for the scholars  to commemorate his visit. Friday  waa afterwards chosen as the holiday.  To conduct the Prince to the  waiting s.s. Sicamous, which wss  to convey him to Penticton, sn escort wss formed of war veterans  and boy scouts, and the short walk  to the wharf was made amid renewed cheering. Before boarding  the boat the Prince made a brief  address to the veterans. He wss  pleased to see the good turnout  they had made, - Now they were  back home again he hoped they  would be happy and prosperous.  They had been accustomed to regard him as s comrade in France  and he hoped they would always  think of him ss auch.  The cheering wss taken up  again and again aa the boat pulled  out from the wharf, and continued  enthusiastically until the boyish  figure of the Prince waving his  farewell to the people of Kelowna  could no longer be distinguished.  RESULTS OF FAIR RACES  peace.  It will be  re to tell  my  Free-lor-All  J. Cameron won' first three hears  against I. Chamberlin.  Boys' Pony Race  I, Smithers* "Maid Marion;" 2, "Mid.  die;" 3, W Kruger.  M.2 Pony Race  I, Victor Borae's "Maud S;" 2, Whittingham'a "Scamper ;" 3, F. Brent's  "Paeco."  Qusrter Mile Open  I, T. O. Stewart's -Merry Maid;" 2,  Newby's "Gilroy ;" 3, Whittingham's  "Scamper."  Half Mile Open  ��� I. "Maud S r" 2. "Blue Ribbon ;" 3.  "Merry Maid."  Girls' Race  I, Misa Brent: 2, Misa Barlee; 3, Miaa  Denison.  Cowboy Race  I. Saul Alec; 2. F. Brent; 3, Smithers.  Farmers' Race  I, Felix Casoreo's "Beauty ;" 2, Pet  Cameron's "So*."  Lieut. Trim had al miahap last  week while flying at Nelson, falling  into the lake and damaging hia  machine.   He himself was unhurt.  City clerk G. H. Dunn left today  to attend a convention of the  Union of B. C Municipalities at  North Vancouver. PAGE TWO  KELOWNA   RECORD  Thursday, October 2,.*!  SYNOPSIS OF OOAL  BONING  REGULATIONS  Coal in ining rights of tbe Dominion  In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories, and In portion of the Province of British Columbia may be leaa-  ,ed for a term of twenty-one years at  an annual rental of fl an acre. Not  more than 2,600 acreB will be leased to  "in*  applicant.  Applications for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-agent of the district In  which the rights applied for are situated.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of jr., which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  In surveyed territories the land must  be described by sections or legal subdivisions ot sections, and In unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall he  stuked out by the applicant himself.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for Lao full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns shall be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the leasee may be  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of |10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to the Agent or sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.  W. W. COBY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior  (N.B.��� Unauthorized   publication   of  this advertisement will not be paid for)  The Fish Market  Nearly opposite wharf  We sell all kinds of Fresh Fhh in  season and Shell Fish  Phone 243 Delivery  G. W. CUNNINGHAM  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merchant  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next to the C.P.R. wharf,  Kelowna  The London Times  History of the War  20 VOLS.  Price, Terms and Sample  Copy on application to  GEO. LANE  Bernard Avenue, Kelowna  Phone 202 . P.O. Box 489  J.   M.   CROFT  Bootmaker.  All Rinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE.  KELOWNA.  Plastering  BY   SKILLED  WORKMEN  J. ROSSI  P.O.Box 110  St. Paul Street    Kelowna  KELOJlfNH RECORD  PnUiskad svary Thai is*say at Katownn,  British Cohttabaa  JOIN LEAT1LEY  BdHse and FstprtsSSI  SUBSCRIPTION  BATES  H.50    par   .sar:    7Sa..    sis    month..   DaivsS  States 10 rant, addltloaal.  Subscribers   at   tbs  rsealar rats   paa  bavs  .stra paissrs mailed to friends at a itistaans  st   ilALF RATE.  La..  76 rants per  .ear.  This  special  privitsis    Is   naaled   lor    lbs  imruoee ol advertislaa tbs nit.  ud district.  All sabsortDttoaa parable ia advance  ADVERT1NINU  RATES  IOUQR NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  ETC.. '..r, osnts per colasna Incb ner wash.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICES-SO dars. Ili-I  SO ^|avs ST.  WATER  NOTICES-ID  lor livs  insertions.  r.KHAI. ADVERTISINO-Flrst ineertion. IS  esnts nsr lias:-saoh sabaaauent Inssrtloa. A  cents  per line.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - T��o raakas  and un.ler. 60 esata par Incb lirst insertion  over two inches 40 osnts per iooa first insertion: 20 cents ner inch each sabeeoeeat  insertion.  CLASSIFIED   ADVERTISEMENTS -S cente  per word    lirst Insertion.  1  eaat ner word  eavh subsequent Insertioa. (  All (rim,ires in contract advertisements mast  be  in  the  bands of  the  printer   by   TnesdaT  evening   to   ensure    publication   ie   taa   uoxt  iSBOS.  Fire Pevention Day is  to be Observed  The tremendous increase in the  property loss in Canada from preventable (ires, in addition to the  appalling destruction of valuable  timber and denuding of watershed  areas from forest fires, is a matter  for serious thought and vigorous  action. Abundant evidence has  been gathered to show that carelessness and want of sensible pre  caution are at the bottom of most  of this great economic waste. Only  a wide slirring of public interest  and an awakening of the public  conscience can avail against such  a condition. With this end in view  a Dominion proclamation has been  issued appointing October 9th as  "Fire Prevention Day" throughout  Canada. The idea is to concentrate attention on an educative  campaign, and to inform the public  and especially the children as to  the proper measures which should  be taken to prevent fire. Every  individual is expected on that day  to carefully inspect his own immediate surroundings, and to sre to  it that sources of fire danger are removed.  What is the Matter  With the Fall Fair?  Though successful in many waya  it must be admitted that the number of entries at this year's Fall  Fair was disappointing and unsatisfactory, especially in view of the  the bountiful production which  has characterized this year's harvest throughout the district. Why  should this br? One hears many  reasons given, but although thry  may account for some of the falling  off they do not afford a real ex  planation. Too small prize monev  and lingering soreness about certain failure to pay all the prize  money, which happened aome five  or six yearn ago when the Associa-  was in bad straits trom overexpan-  sion, are mentioned to explain why  more people do not bring in their  exhibits We do not believe  this has much to do with it, and besides is rather insulting to the average citizen, who is generally too  good a sport to let such considerations influence him. A more serious reason given is "lack of time,"  the Fair happening when everyone  is up to the eyes in work. What  ever it may be there certainly is a  cause, and it should be one of the  first duties of the board of directors to find out and suggest a new  line of action.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  "%f PREPARED' Kalowna   Troop.  Troop Firat;  Self Lout  Edited by "Wolf."   Sept. 30, 1919  ORDERS by command for week  ending October II. 1919.  DUTIES: Orderly patrol for  week, Beavers, and also for the  week following; next for duty,  Wolves.  PARADES: The combined troop  will parade at the  clubroom  on  MOTOR EXPRESS  and Heavy Hauling  D. CHAPMAN  Phone 267  P.O. Boa 351  Saturday, Oct. 11, at 2 p.m., in uniform  A Court of Honor was held on  Wednesday last after the regular  meeting, and as an outcome of this  a new patrol has been formed, with  Leonard DuMoulin as patrol leader and Teddy Groves as second.  The following have been transfer-  ed from the Cubs to the Ttoop:  Howard Leathley, William Akeroyd  Elwyn Williams, Jas. Laidlaw, Harold Cunningham, and Ellis Todd.  Of these, Ellis Todd haa been attached to the Eagles, Harold Cunningham to the Owls, and the rest  to lhe new patrol. Five stouts  have left the roll, and of these three  have left town, and the remaining  two left us of their own accord.  a        a  a  Wr were to have been honored  by a visit from the Chief Scout for  Canada on Thursday the 9th of  October, but it seems this date may  be altered as he intends to be present at the New Westminster Exhibition and thia makes it necessary  to readjust his schedule. When he  does come the troop will have to  parade in full strength, as bring the  Chief Scout he will naturally wish  to see Scouts wherever he goes,  provided of course the time of his  arrival makes a parade possible.  Short Pieces for the  Wolf Cubs  By Ihe Old Silver Woll  The Cubs again took a hike to  the turtle back on Saturday, and  this time more boys were able to  go which made the scouting game  a great success. The "German  army" was also met on the way  only this time looked fiercer than  last week. There is a great lesson  to be learned here���the things that  look or appear hard or fierce are  not always really so. Many hard  tasks seem quite easy when tackled  and the Cub who keeps thinking  he can't do things will never do  very much.  Another great lesson can be got  from the visit of the Prince, and  lhat is Unity. I noticed a thing  that often happens when there is a  crowd of people���the line of boys  got broken. A man who had no  thought for the Cubs walked  right  through their line with the result  they got scattered a little in the  crowd's rush. This we cannot foresee, but should you ever be in a  crowd again you must get a firm  hold of the boy in front and Hang  On. We shsll play a game like  thia one afternoon when on a hike.  There will be no parade tomorrow night as just for the present  we have no room for meeting in.  Watch the paper for announcements, and then tell one another.  The Best Quality  of Meat  at the Lowest Possible  Prices  This is what we aim to give the people  of Kelow.ia, and  increasing   buiineM  ���how* that we are doing it.  Veteran Meat Market  J. E. Jamea   -   Prop.  Phone 163 Bernard Avenue  Caah and Carry  Banko Berkshires  We exhibited Ten of our Pedigree  Berkshires at Vaucouver Exhibition  . and won First and Second Prizes in  every available class for this breed  and CHAMPIONSHIP in both  boar and sow classes.  Aa this herd is being exhibited at  New Westminster Show (Sept. 29th  to Oct 4th), we shall be unable to  have any of them at the Kelowna  Fall Fair, but after October I Oth we  shall be pleased to show what are  undoubtedly the BEST BERK-  SHIRES in B.C. to any hog enthu-  aiast who cares to call at the ranch.  KELOWNA  Highest Cash Prices paid for, all Culls  and Sound Windfalls. The apples can be  delivered in sacks or boxes which will be  returned without delay. For particulars  phone 131 or write  Orchard City Evaporating Co., Cawston Ave.  miiiiJfiii'yiitiii,i.v/i.i.liii.i.i,,iii,M  n  The  Smartly-Attired Man  is invariably particular about his overcoat. Hs wants it  cut after a certain model that appeals to him; he wants  it to fit properly; he wonts a material that suits hia tssts  and that will give him satisfactory service.  L AILEY-TRIMBLE, Limited  MASTER CLOTHES BUILDERS  '   TORONTO ====:  have a thoroughly skilled organization who  know how to make you the kind of overcoat  you will be proud to wear.  Their ranga of new woolens is of tba high quality that particular  man Insist on, in a fine assortment of weaves and colors.  Whether you need a new overcoat, a suit, or both, you wilt do  wall to pay us a visit and let us know what tha foremost Canadian  designors have prcduced for your approval.  Oak Hall Clothing Company  KELOWNA *  imiiiMiiinuii.iMi Ji..r...,.i...i.iir. , ��i;,,,il,.,:  TAKE A TIRE REPAIR KIT  with  you.    You   may not need  it  at all.    But if you  should it will be worth  many times its cost.   Our tire  kits contain everything requisite  to  repairing ordinary  accidents.    With   the aid of its contents you can drive j  your car to a garage where more permanent repairs*  can be made.   Takes but little room and, but little cash  GOODYEAR Tires service station]  Coal Oil Gas Lubricating Oils*  THE OIL SHOP  Corner of  Pendozi   <St  Lawrence  J.  W. B. BROWNE. Proprietor  DAY and NIGHT  . SERVICE  Telephones  Day 287  Night 76  HARNESS and  Harness Repairf  We are now fully equipped] for all kinds of Repairs to Hams]  and Leather Work and will give PROMPT SERVICE   }  SECOND-HAND HARNESS BOUGHT AND SOLD fl  New Stock of both Heavy and Light Harness on hai]  At rock bottom prices  . Everything here for the horseman  C. RUTHERFORD, Water St., Kelownl  Kelowna Theatre   -   October  To commence at 8.30 p.m.  VIOLIN RECITAL  8th  ISOLDE MENGES  At the Piano:  EILEEN BEATTIE  Tickets, $1.10 at Crawford's  Admission Mel  Your Friends in the Old  Country are short of Fruit  SEND   THEM A BOX  OF  Occidental  Apples for Xmas  We have a car of choice No. 1 Cox's Orange   j  Pippins rolling for London. Send us your orders,  this week if possible.  Price $5.50 per box  Delivered to any address in the United Kingdom  Occidental Fruit Co., Ltd.  PHONE 24 Thursday, October 2.1919  The KELOWNA THEATRE  Friday A Saturday-Mary  Pickford   in "How   Could   You,  Jean ? M ���  Monday ft Tuesday���"Everybody's Girl," featuring Alice Joyce.  COMING-The Squawman.  KBLOwVA  RECOBJ)  PAOKTHBH  Eveaiiig, 7.30 ft 9.  Matinee Saturday it 3 p.m.  WM. HAUG  Phone 66  Get your order in EARLY for your winter's  supply of  COAL COAL  WATER NOTICE  DIVERSION AND USE  TAKE NOTICE that Robert Story Hall.  wkoae addreaa ta Kelowna, B.C, trill apply for a licenae to take and uae one cubit  foot per aecond of waate water flowing  down public road from Eaat Kelowna to  Mission Creek, which flows westerly near  the N.W. corner .Sec. 9, Tp. 26, and drains  into Mission Creek. The water will be  diverted from the atream at a point about  the centre of die north line of Sec 9, Tp.  26* end will be used for irrigation purpose  upon the land described aa part Sub-lot 3,  Map 187, put sec. 16, Tp. 26. This notice  was posted on the ground on the let day  of September, 1919. A copy of thia  notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the -Watar Act, 1914," will be  filed in the office of the Weter Recorder  at Vemon, B.C. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water  Recorder or with tbe Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Vic-  oria, B.C., within fifty days after the  firat appearance of this notice in a local  newapaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is September 4th, 1919.  424 R. S. HALL. Applica.nl.  ���ad fet-b. u*n  Let others seek for empty joys  At ball or concert, rout or play:  Whilst far from Fashion's idle noise.  Her guilded domes and trappings gay,  I while the winter ere away  Twist book and lute the houra divide  And marvel how I e'er could stray  From thee, my own fireside.  The frosty tang in the air and the pal.  bably shortening daya, brings sharply  home to us the approach of winter with  its peculiar joys and opportunities. Don't  you think now ia the time to organize an  exclusively .Scottish Society for the diatrict As 1 ventured to remark before, the  want of such where there are ao many  Scotch people constitutes a reproach which  I humbly submit, should be removed. If  this meets the eye of any interested, send  in your ideas and a get-together meeting  could surely easily be arranged.  I like reading poetry���sometimes���but  you know some of those poetical Johnnies  make some awful breaks. Take those  lilies for instance: "An infant crying in the  night; an infant crying for the light** In  this the poet displays an ignorance which  The Why? of Anothe  Victory Loan  "fJCZHEN, on the morning of November 11th, 1918, the guns were hushed and  "* glad tidings flashed across the world, there followed with the Nation's  Prayer of Thanksgiving, one yearning query, which found echo in the faster beating hearts of wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and sweethearts. That  query was, "How soon will our boy be home?" And, from France and Flanders,  from Italy and Egypt, from Palestine and from far-off Siberia, there came an  answering echo, " How soon, how soon, may we go home?"  /"''ANADA caught the spirit of these longings, and at once resolved to satisfy  J**"** them. It was an appalling task. Shipping was tragically scarce. The composition of the Army of Occupation had not then been settled. And other parts of  the Empire as well as Canada were looking for the speedy return of their men.  '���pHE problem was this. The half-million men that Canada had overseas had  ���*���"*��� taken more than four years to transport to the field of battle. To bring  them home in a few months was a gigantic undertaking���nna to tax all Canada's  ingenuity and resources. Canada solved the problem, but it meant crowding into  a few short months, an expense for demobilization which it was impossible to foresee.  HTHEN, too, besides the sentimental aspect of the necessity for bringing the men  ***    home quickly the economic side could not be overlooked.   That was, to transform efficiently and speedily the nation's army of fighters into a national army of  workers.  .*      ���      ���     ���     ���  Need  Divides  Itself in  Two Parts  The answer to the question "Why  does Canada need another Victory  Loan?" divides itself into two parts.  (a) To finish paying the expenses  of demobilization, and the obligations we still owe to our soldiers.  (b) To provide national working capital.  Obligations    ^he  obligations   to   soldiers   ia-  ,     o   i j. dude:  tO !>OlUie*r8      That   already   incurred   cost   of  bringing home troops from overseas.  The payment of all soldiers still undemobilized.   This  includes more than 20,000 sick and wounded who are  still in hospital, and who of course remain on the Army  payroll till discharged.  The upkeep of hospitals, and their medical and nursing  staffs, until the need for them is ended.  These three items alone will use up at least $200,000,000  of the Victory Loan 1919.  Clrattiititta There is also the gratuity which  U141U1UCB        g^ been authorired> and ,������ be,.,,  and is being paid to assist soldiers to tide over the period  between discharge and their re-adjustment to civil life.  For this purpose alone, $61,000,000 must be provided  out of the Victory Loan 1919, in addition to the  $59,000,000 already paid out of the proceeds of the  Victory Loan 1918.  Land Furthermore, soldiers who desire  J*"tT, ,       to become  farmers  may,  under  Settlement the Soldiers' Land Settlement  Act, be loaned money by Canada with which to purchase land, stock and implements. The money so  advanced will be paid back; meantime each loan is  secured by a first mortgage. Up to August 15th,  29,495 soldiers had applied for land under the terms  of this Act; and 22,281 applications had been investigated, and the qualifications of the applicant approved.  For this purpose Canada this year requires $24,000,000.  Vs-irat-is-inal For this work which, with the  YUWtiuu<ti Vocational Training and Soldiers'  1 raining Service   Departments,   embraces  the major activities of the Department of Soldiers'  Civil Re-establishment, an appropriation of $57,000,000  is necessary.  These national expenditures are war expenses. They  will be accepted readily by every citizen who gives  thought to the task which Canada faced following the  Armistice, and to the success with which she has met it.  National  Working  Capital  The "Why"  of Credit  Loans  Canada needs national working  capital, so that she may be able  to sell on credit to Great Britain  and our Allies the products of  our farms, forests, fisheries,  mines and factories.  Vou may ask "Why sell to them if they can't pay cash?"  The answer is, "Their orders are absolutely essential  to the continuance of our agricultural and industrial  prosperity."  The magnitude of these orders and the amount.of employment thus created, will depend upon the success  of the Victory Loan 1919.  Farmers and manufacturers (and  that includes the workers on these  orders) must be paid cash for  their products. Therefore, Canada  must borrow money from her  citizens to give credit, temporarily, to Great Britain and  our Allies. Actually, no money will pass out of Canada.  If Canada does not give credit, other countries will;  and they will get the trade, and have the employment  that should be ours, to distribute amongst their workers.  And remember, we absolutely need these orders to maintain employment. If we don't finance them business  will feel the depression, employment will not be as  plentiful, and conditions everywhere will be adversely  affected.  Pop "Trans-       Money must also be available to  f  ti   n Carry on t*ie nat*on'8 shipbuilding  portaiuOn programme, and other transport  ation development work.  For loans to Provincial Housing Commissions who are  building moderate priced houses.  These, then, are some of the things for which Canada  needs national working capital. She is in the position  of a great trading company, and her citizens who buy  Victory Bonds are the shareholders.  Those who jjlve thought to our outstanding obligations to soldiers, and to our need for  national working capital, cannot fail to be impressed with the absolute necessity for the  Victory Loan 1919  "Every Dollar Spent in Cana4a"  Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee  in oo-operstloo with the Minister ol Finance  ot the Dominion ol Canada.  ��  \  1HJU.II.  ���in   ���   i ���  would do a bachelor proud". When a b*by  wails in tke night tbe light wiU no* pacify  it by e long shot. It if more likely to 'bo  crying for an application to the maternal  foot, aa Mica w ber would ��jy, or perchance  the trouble might be allayed by a few  dropa of dill water.  1 wonder if you noticed, aa I did* the  account of the man aomewhere in tbe  U.S.A. who, on hia reecue from drowning  offered hie reacuer a chew of tobacco ?  Thia would suggest that individual* do  not always verv greatly eKceejl in estimat-  ing their own worth.  The farooua ���mil* of the Prince of  Walee is genuine and being ao ie pleating.  Being one of a big crowd in the park I  St a good view of H.R.H. and I don't  ink a more pleasing personality than he  is often met with. His quiet and unassuming bearing with its mixture of dignity  ���and boyishness endeared him (1 am sure  you will agree with me) to all. 1 always  consider a smile a valuable asset to any  one, but it must be a genuine expression  of the inward condition, if you understand  what 1 mean, and it seemed to me we had  a perfect example of this in the Prince.  But you know that artificial smirk. It  is too horrid for anything and tha im  grin which is too often mistaken for a  sign of good nature. Then there is the  fat smile of a Chadband or the sneering  smile of a Carter. Theae are an abomination aa all spurious things are.  lt ia easy enough to be pleasant  When things go along like a song.  But the man worth while  la the man with a smile  When everything goes dead wrong.  The rivalry between two makers of  bird cages had become intense until at  last one went to the other and aaid : "See  here Smith, I don't see how you can sell  your cages for Is 6d each. 1 can't possibly  afford to aell mine for less than Is IQd  a piece and at that I steal all tha material  of which they are made.** "Well." said  the others "since you are so candid I will  tell you  my secret, I steal  mine  ready  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Jobbing and Repairs  Phones: Business 164;Residence91  P.O. Box 22  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all classes  of work  ****^,r***\s*^s^s*^*i>s^'^^-^^,*^^\s*^s'^^^s  Ward i Baldock  CONTRACTORS  Brickwork and  Concrete  The trae meaning oi  TAILORING  r: may tske a little  longer time to hand-  tailcr ��� garment, bot it  h worth while, and for  psrfect satisfaction, wa  endorse  MADB-TO-MaASUM  CLOTHES FOB   MEN  Wa honestly believe that  tor all essson aarrics, aa wall  aa for economy in dollars  and cents, yon most order  Individually- tailored clothae  ���and are off ar yon the very  highest type oi assetM that le  possible from human bands  Ton wO andacstend tha  true meaning of "Tailoring"  whan yon order your neat  salt or overcoat here.  H. F. HICKS >  Auction  Ta be held at the  Old English Church  Back of the Keller Block  Saturday, October 11  Commencing at I p.m.  Property of Mrs. DUNDAS  Upright Piano, Parlor Pictures, Morris  Chair. Japeneae Corner Cupboard, Chippendale Chair. Mahogany Chair. Gilt  Chair, Writing Dealt. Small Tables, Indian  Rug, 17 x 24,3 oil Paintings. 5 Water Col.  ore, Aladdin Lamp, Grandfather's Clock.  10 framed Pictures, Spinning Wheel, Per.  eian Rug. Mahogany Dining Table, 6 oak  Dining Chain, Mahogany Cupboard, Lea*  ther Morris Chair, Butler's Tray and Stand  Large Mahogany Bookcase, Book Caaea.  oak Writing Table, Cun Rack, pair old  Engravinga, Cheat of Drawers, 4 Mahogany  Dressing Tables, 3 Mahogany Framed  Mirrors, Clothe* Basket, 2 Small Mirrors,  Medicine Cheat, Bed, Mettress and Springe  Mahogany Waahatand, Flower Stand, 3  Single Bade complete. 2 Seta of Drawer*,  Shaving Mirror, 3 Chinese Pictures, old  and valuable. Oil Stove, Oil Heater. 8  Golf Clube and Caae, Mahogany Leather  covered Chair, 2 Bedroom Chain, aolid  Leather Trunk, Curtains, 2 Kitchen Teblee  6 Kitchen Chain, Monarch 6-bole Range,  Lot of Lino, Glass Decanters and Glaaeee,  Kitchen Utensils, Lamps, Grindstone,  30-30 Rifle, Diekaon Double-barrelled  Shot Gun, coat $150, 22 Rifle, Mauser Revolver, 2 Lawn Mowers, Cultivator, wheel,  barr.w, Garden Tools, Carpenter's Tools,  Tent, 2 Baggies, Cutter, English Saddle,  2 Sets Driving Harness, Weighing Machine  3 Horse*. I Mara and Foal, alao a very  large nember of books, and many other  article.. TERMS CASH  Stockwell*, Ltd. - Auctioneers  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repairs  Now is the time to have  your Furniture overhauled.  re-covered or repaired. I  can re-upholster your auto.  or buggy aeat and make it  like new.  Mattresses Pianos, flee.  Re-made Polished  Cose-f  Corners  Made and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Late with Kelowna  Furniture Co.  Professional Cards  BURNE Sr .VEDDELL  Banister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  B. G. Weddell.    -   John P. Burne.  KBLOWNA  B.G.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA  B.C  JOHN CURTS  COrVTRACTOR a BUILDER'  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  P. W. GROVES  M. Cui.SocC.E.  Consulting Cioll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroegor  KELOWNA. D.C  Dr. J. W. NELSON SHEPHERD  DENTIST  Pendozi Street  aad   Lawrence   Avenue  R. C DUTHIE, VS., D.V&.  Veterinary Surgeon  Office Phone 443  Reaidence      313  Vemon. B.C  Cells left with Dr. J. E. Wright, Dentist.  Willits Block, will ke promptly attended to.  H. H. B. ABBOTT  (Ut. 2*1, But.)  B. G Land Surveyor  Hewetson or Mantle Block    .     Kelowna  Moving in in October. Addmee ISWwhiU  REVELSTOKE. B.C ���X  PAGE FOUB  KELOWNA   HECQED  Thursday, October 2.191  Announcement  Having purchased  Alsgard's   Confectionery,  Ice Cream & Tea Parlors  we wish to solicit your patronage, and we  can   assure you   will   use   every   endeavor to warrant your confidence.  Mr. Winter comes from Souris. Manitoba, having  conducted (or thirteen years a large store such as  Alsgatd's. Mr. Chapin comes from Vancouver, B.C.  where he ha i carried on business during the last ten  * yeara. With our combined experience���and with  our motto SERVICE FIRST, we hope to prove  worthy successors to Mr. Alsgard.  WINTER & CHAPIN  CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP  Messrs. F. POWICK (late with Casorso Bros.)  and F. NEWMAN  beg to announce that they have purchased the Butchering business known as the  Independent Meat Market  ELLIS   STREET  A full line of the Best Quality Meats will be carried at  prices which will enable you to Save Money.  \      In turning over the business Mr. Davy begs to thank his numerous customers  ')        for their patronage, nnd liopes th-i ajrne will be extended to bis successors.  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO LIGHT UP YOUR HOUSE  Tungsten Lamp Special  IN ALL SIZES.  REGULAR PRICE $1.55  75-watl Nitrogen Lamps, frosted.  Will sell 100 only at  $1 each  A. E. COX  Water Street  Premises on Lawrence Ao.  Woodcraft  Manufacturing Co. n*.���  ?oc Furniture of all kinds made  to order, Store and  Office Fittings. Good storage to rent.  Building Contractors' Estimates Furnished  jecond   I I mil   nnd   Antique1   Furniture and Goods of ail kinds  bought or sold  on commission.  Sewing machines cleaned, repaired and overhauled.  Upholstering done on the premises.  Items From Rutland  (From our own  ndent).  Miss Rr*n Ii.ts sold h.r ht.us*:  ml miti- r f Iniid   to A. C.  Loose  A, J. CI. v. i Irt e nn tqf d lo move  i tire- Gni&liwtsck district, having  urcrtHHrd   rrr. ntly   a   twprtty.five  cte hum at tli.it point  Miss L.ucv Craig led Saturday  for Kamloops taking with her the  two children ol Mr��. Blenkarn, who  have been staying in Rutland (or  some time past.  The Women'a Institute wi.l meet  in the schoolhouse on Thursday,  Oct, 9th at 3 p.m. Included in the  pn gramme will be a talk on "Th  care nf house plants during the  winter" "Garden reminders ior  October," and a "Manicure Demonstration" by Mra. J. W. B.  Browne.  On Friday evening last the Young  Peoples' Society held their regular  fortnightly meeting in the school-  house. The Rev. Mr. Connal gave  an interesting and instructive address upon the subject of "Socialism". The next meeting of the  Y.P.S. will be held on Oct. I Oth at  8 p.m. The Rev. Mr. C. A. Camp  bell is to address the meeting. In  addition there will be a solo by  Miss Dalzell. All young people of  the district are cordially invited to  attend.  There is to be a meeting of tin  R.A.C. in the schoolhouse on Mon  day,'Oct. 6th, at 8 p.m. All those  interested are invited to attend. At  the last meeting of the club (Sept.  23rd) it was decided to order uniforms for the football team. This  has been done and the uniforms  are expected to arrive in a week  or so. A deputation was also ap  pointed to interview the trustees  with the view of obtaining a portion  of the school basement as a club  room and possibly erecting a gymnasium there also. The deputation  are to present their report to the  forthcoming meeting.  NOTICE  The store of Wing Chong, on Eli Avenue, has been purchased (or the use of the  Chee Kung Tong (Chinese Free Masons),  and is being refitted as a meeting hall.  43-6p  LAND REGISTRY ACT  Re Lot I, Map 506. Osoyoos Division of  Yale District.  NOTICE is hereby given that I shall at  the expiration of one month from the date  of the first publication hereof issue a Cer  tificate of Indefeasible Title to the above-  mentioned lands in the, name of Alfred  George Harrison Carruthers, unless in the  meantime valid objection is made to me  in writing.  The holder of the following documents  relating to said lands, namely :���  Deed dated 15th November 1604, The  Okanagan Fruit and Land Company,  Limited, to R. Aldam Pease of 26.2  acres  of District Lot 2)9   (Lot  7,  Map 362)'  Partial Release of Mortgage dated 17 th  October  1904, Arthur B. Knox  to  Okanagan Fruit and Land Company  Limited,  of 26.2  acres  of  District  Lot 210,  is required  to  deliver  the  same  to  forthwith.  Dated at the Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B.C, this 6th day of September,  1919.  C. H. DUNBAR,  43-7 District Registrar of Titles.  HERUA MOSS?  Lessons in Voice, Piano, Monologues  ���HIGHEST REFERENCES  i       ���'  MAXWELL  Touring Cars  and ..Trucks  ^TT ANNOUNCEMENT is made hereby that Mi.  m S. T. Elliott has been appointed general agent  || and distributor for this famous line of automobile over the following territory : South Okanagan (to Peachland), North Okanagan, Lillooet, Cariboo, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Yale, east of Thompson  River, north of Hope and to Fort George. As a local ]  sales centre the showroom of the Kelowna Garage Co.,  Lawrence Avenue, has been leased, and a carload of  Trucks and Touring Cars is now on display.  Maxwell Uton Trucks  Are Used in ALL  Commercial Fields  Their flexibility makes them readily adaptable to varied  service and especially to the needs of the farmer and  orchardist. Thousands of these trucks have been tested  under all haulage conditions and have proved their  durability and economy. '������*  The Same Qualities Distinguish  the Touring Cars  A Maxwell Car was in Kelowna last week which had  travelled over 120,000 miles. A Maxwell Truck made  the phenomenal run with a 2,200-lb. load from San  Francisco to New York in 17 days���3,428.7 miles.  ALSO AGENT FOR  NASH Touring Cars & Trucks, PICKARD Touring Cars & Trucks  Cockshutt Plow Company's  Agricultural Machinery  Gasoline Engines        Separators  Frost & Wood Farm Implements  S. T. Elliott  Kelowna, B.C.  Showroom at the Kelowna Garage Co.  Lawrence Avenue Thursday. October 2,1919  KBM>W��A  RECORD  PAGE RVE  )'  /T^^^^c^^) &��*****��*  mf ����� Lir-ti reo   --.,-.  PHONE   361  New  Underskirts  JERSEY Silk Un-  derakirts in a new  assortment of excellent colors, have  been. delivered .this  week. These are necessary for the latest  fashion in dresses.  Price from $7.50 to $12  KELOWNA  Winter Coats, $25.75  . Coats ait this price feature materials'that will surprise  you with their quality. Materials are soft Cheviot-finished  Tweeds, in colors of Browns, Greys, Greens and Heather  mixtures-.  Peace-Time Fair  AT:: PENTICTON :: B.C.  The Southern Okanagan town invites  you to visit it OCTOBER 15th & 16th  ,       for its first Exhibition since 1913.  ' BABY - SHOW - A ��� FEATURE  To Exhibitors: We have $2,000 in Prizes for you���  Dairy Stock, Fruit, Poultty, Pure Seed, Woman's Work  Write for prize lift and blanks to T. H.-Boothe, Penticton.  Apples Wanted  We are prepared to buy Windfalls  r   i I  and Cull Apples in any quantity and  will, pay $20 to $25 per ton if in  reasonable-condition for Canning or  Drying  Boxes Supplied  Turn ALL Your Apples Into Money.  Canners B.C  - LIMITED-  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Mr. and Mn. R. T. Power of  Vancouver were arrivals yesterday.  J. J. Gibson of Okanagan Landing wa* in town Tueaday.  Nursing Sister Howard waa a  visitor from Vancouver Tueaday.  ' Mrs. R. E. Paget and Miss Currie  were down from Armstrong Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Clugston were  visitors from Vernon this week.  Mrs. Sulivan left today on a visit  of several months to Vancouver.  Mrs. Ford left today for Vancouver.  E. W. Wilkinson went down to  the coast over the weekend to attend the Conservative convention  R. H. Whittaker. O McCowley,  W. A. Shaw and G. F. Hinchesman  were a party of Penticton visitors  arriving yesterday.  H. E. Wabv, a well known poultry man of Enderby, came down  Tueaday for the Fall Fair.  Lieut. H. M. Foote and wife from  Winnipeg were visitor* lust weekend.  Miss Emma Millie returned Wednesday from a visit to Oregon.  Mr. and Mrs. P. Cotton, of Grand  Prairie, motored down from Vernon Friday last;  G. W. Carr, of Glacier, B.C., was  a visitor last weekend. . ,.  F. J. McKinney, E. P. Knight, Mrs  McKinney and Mrs. McEwan were  a party of Winnipeg visitors Friday. ,  Mias Isolde Menges is playing  the "Preludium," Pugnani-Kreisler  at the Knox United Church  Sunday evening next.  The Misses Cooper, who have  been very popular young ladies in  town for the past eighteen months,  left Wednesday for the coast. A  large number of their friends gathered at the wharf to bid them farewell.  District engineer W. K. Gwyer  has been in town several times this  week. A party of surveyors is to  start work thit week laying out the  new road, through the Christian  place.at Ellison.  Next Sundav morning in the  Baptist Church the Rev. vV. R  Price will preach on "God a Guidance for Man'a Life." In the even  ing his topic will be "How a Nobleman Found Christ."  "The Colonel's Lady and Jennie  O'Grady are sitters . under their  skins," The cloak of a scullery  maid covers the heart of a member of the "Upper Crust" in "How  Could You, Jean**" at the local  picture theatre to-morrow and  Saturday aighta. She cooks dyspepsia right out of a grouchy old  millionaire and finds a warm spot  in hia heart. Nol You're wrong!  She doesn't marry him. Guess  you'll have to come down to see  us if you want to find out whom  she does marry. -  Car For Hire  (McLaughlin Six)  Day Phono 116  J.  Night Phone 5502  GRANT  Dark Gets First  For Fairness  ���and by public acclaim is  named at a friend of the  working man. See my win-  ' dow to prove this for yourself. If that doesn't convince you come inside and  INSPECT AND HANDLE  the stock.  Chas. Dark  Tha Fair Shasman  Mrs. G. Morgan ia a visitor from  Summerland this week.  E. E. Grant, D. W. Bush, and R.  M. Large were Enderby visitors last  weekend.  F. E. Simpson and son, with J.  M. Van Butke, mbtored in Saturday  from Kamloops.  J. W. B. Browne was a visitor to  the coast'last weekend.  T. Nelson of Armstrong was a  visitor this week.  Fred Snary, of Kamloops came  down yesterday on a short vitit.  Mrs. Hay, a visitor from Vancouver, is staying at the Lakeview  thia week.  Amongst the visitors to the Kelowna Fair were Lionel and J. E.  Quesnel, from Lumby.  H. T. Swimme, J. Vernon and  Misses Hunnable and Weir were a  party motoring from Penticton yesterday,  Isolde Menges will give a violin  recital in the Kelowna Theatre on  Wednesda) nett, October 8th1  Her program on this occasion consists largely of request pieces. Any'  further requests should reach her  by mail not later than the end of  the week.  Clarence Jones left this week for  Toronto.. *  Mr; and Mrs. J. W. Jones left  Friday for the Coatt, Mr. Jones tb  attend the Conservative convention  and Mrs. Jones to undergo medical  treatment.  Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rolston of  Vancouver were in town this week.  Mr. Rolston is manager for Western Canada of the Imperial Oii Co.  The C.P.R. are to be congratulated upon the architectural beauty,  the graceful decoration, and gener-  impressiveness of the arch erected  at the gateway of the depot in  honor of the Prince. But why  hops)  Mist Edna Bateman, of Vancouver, it the guett thia week of Mrs.  G. Barrel.  Mra. W. D. Brent left Saturday  for Memphis, Ten.," (6 join 'her  husband who has recently returned  from France. Mrt. Brent haa been  camping through the summer at  Manhattan Beach. .  Mrs. W. McEwan returned yetterday from Armstrong, where the  has been visiting friends.  M. A. Alsgard returned Saturday  from the coaat, making the trip in  one of the new Studebakers for  which he has taken the agency.  Mr. Raymond Corner, who has  until recently been overseas with  the Imperial Flying Corps, came in  last week, and is staying with, his  sister, Mrs. Geo. Barrat.  Mr. McRobbie, who has visiting  Mr. G. Schofield of' Rutland, returned to Vancouver Saturday. He  wea greatly surprised and delighted with the wonderful fruit output  of the Kelo>vna district.  Automobile  For Hire  H. B. BURTCH   ���   Phone 180  Special Sale of  BOOKS  From the Library of the late  R. N. DUNDAS  computing  Fiction, Science, History,  Travel, Poetry  and Children's Books  These books wili be open for examination end eele et exceptionally  reasonable prices until Oct 11th* at  P. B. WILLITS & CO.  CHRISTMAS Presentation APPLES  ��� FOR THE OLD COUNTRY  We will deliver, all chargea paid, to any part of  England, Scotland and  Wales, a box of FANCY EXPORT APPLES for $3.50*  Ordera muat  be received by us not Later than OCTOBER 15, and accompanied by  Expreaa money ordeia or marked cheque, with exchange  added.   WRITE  THE ADDRESS PLAINLY ao at to avoid mistakes.  OKANAGAN UNITED GRQW-ERS   -  VEJtNON  AVERY 5-10 Model B TRACTOR  Price $825, f.o.b. New Westminster  THIS it an ideal Tractor for the fruit farmer. Designed  to pull;the load of three horaes, and will accomplish  aa much at four hortet in a day. Selective Gear  Transmission���three speeds, I and one-half, 2 and one-  eighth, and 4 and one-quarter miles per hour. Rear wheel  38 inches high, 10-inch face. Turns in lOJ-foot radius.  Total length 135 inches; wheel base 76 inchea; weight  2,600 pounds.  Anyone interested may have a demonstration.  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  THE CANTEEN'  Every man in Kelowna and district should  know that "The Canteen" it now open ih the '  old bowling alley on Water Street. We nave!  Soft Drinks (ice cold), Freah Tobacco and  ���   -'.' Cigars,and tlj* :-.^ '   ���  BEST OF BILUA^%BLES     :  Give ut a trial one of these hot days and you will not regret it  Bernard H. Raymer and Ian MacRae Props.  ��*  The Jenkins Co.,\j$.  Service Day or Night Phone 20  Up-to-date o\Fe% 1|i  Auto Trucks  OVERLAND /CA|f  (FIVE,-PASSENGER)  ji   '*">Tl  Ripe Peaches and  ie Plums    '  FOR CANNING  Three cents (3c) per pound   ���  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Packing House  CHEVROLET  ^.Eccnoinic^^  *f- PAGE SIX  BatLOWNA   KECOSO  . FaU Fair Prize list  Ontario  1, WRLawee; 2. Bankhead  Snow  I, RE Hunt: 2. R L Dalglish  Akin Red  I, W Lansdowne; 1,WR Lawas  Baldwin  I. W R Lawee; 2, Bankhead  Ban Davie  I. W R Lawee; 2. Bankhaad  Blue Pearmain  1. Bankhead  Canada Red  I, W E Chappie  Wolf River  I, HV Chaplin  Golden Riitaett  I, RLambly ,  Rhode itland Greening  I. A E Hill  Rome Beauty  * I, Graybanke Ranch ; 2, R Lambly  Salome  I, R Leckie Ewins; 2, Bankhead  Sutton Beauty  I. W R Lawae; 2, Bankh.sd  Wineaap  I, RE Hunt; 2, J Duncan  Cox's Orange Pippin  I. HV Chaplin; 2, Bankhaad  Any other varieties ���      .  I.AU*Cow��;2.H*Day  CRABAPPLES  Hyslop  I. H V ChapUn; 2, Mn Rowclifie  Transcendent  I, H V ChapUn; 2. E B Powell  PEARS  Bartlett v V,\ '.  I, WRUwes; 2,Bankha��d  Beurre d'Anjou  1. Bankhead  Beurre Bouatock  I. WRLawee; 2. Bankhead  Clairgeau  .  I. W R Lawerr. 2, Bankbead  Flemish Beauty  I. HV Chaplin; 2. R Smith  Louise Bonne da jertev  I. Bankhaad    5%  Vicar of Wakefield  I. Bankhead  Winter Nelit  I. Bankhaad; 2. H VChapUn  Any other vaiiely, fall  I, Bankhaad; 2.RS Hell  Any other variety, winter  I.Bankhead; 2, WRUwee  '������J -  PLUMS  Bradshaw  1. Bankhead  Columbia  2, Bankhead  Greengage  I, R E Hunt  Grand Duke  I. H V Chaplin .  Pond'a Seedling  I, R L Dalglish; 2, R E Hunt  Black Diamond  I.Bankhead  PRUNES!  Italian  I. R Smith; 2. W Lanadowne  PEACHES  Any variety  I, C H Feldtmann; 2, Mra S Cray  GRAPES  Niagara  I.  Bankhead  Brighton  I.Bankhead  Moor's Early  1,LE Taylor; 2. Bankhead  Campbell'a Early  l.LE Taylor; 2. Bankhead  Collection  I.Bankhead  DIV. 10-FLORAL  Judge-W J Palmer  Rotes, collection  I.C McCarthy  Collection of Annuals  I. FM Keevil; 2, Mrt J Aitken  Attert  I. W It Lawee; 2. FM Keevil  Gladioli  I, Mi. P B Willita  Dahliat  I.C McCarthy  Sweet Peas  \ Alf Notley; 2, C McCarthy  Carnationa  I, Mn Aitken  Stocks  I.Mrs Aitken  Verbena  I, C McCarthy  DIV. 11-FANCY WORK  Judgce-Mra J B Robinson. Peachland, aoal  Mra Ceo. Robertson, Penticton  Luncheon Set  1, Mro Gordon Scot!  Day Slips  I, Mra Rowclifie  Crochet-trimmed Camisole  I. Mra W Loane \  Knitted Sweater  I, Mre J Pringle; 2, Mrt John Leans  Lady's Nightgown, crocket trim'd  I. Mra A Bradley ; 2, Miss G Sutherland  Lady's Nightgown, embroidery  trimmed  I, Miaa G Sutherland; 2, Miaa E Haug  Sofa Cuthion  I, Mn Doyle; 2, Mra Rowcliffe  E. W. Wilkinson & Co.  Established !f��3  '  . Reef Eatate and laaurance  Phone 254 Deal door w Poet Office  STRATHCON A AVENUE-Three-etorey  houae, I) roomt, with baaament, fully  modem. $4,000 I 11.000 cash, balance  to ba arranged.  CAWSTON AVENUE-Why pay rent  whan you can buy a nice fine Bungalow  for J85acash.  ST. PAUL STREET-Two-atorey Houae,  fully modem, c|os�� in. $2,900, on terma.  Will consider a cash offer.  PENDOZI STREET-Two-atorey houae,  8 rooma, bath room, hot and cold water,  barn and abed, root cellar. $3,000.  $1,000 cash, balance to be arranged.  LAWRENCE  AVENUE - Bungalow. 5  rooma, pantry, wood shed,  io.   $2,500,1  We have some exceptionally good bar.  gaina in city property.   Call aad taa our  listings if yon ara interested.  Luting, wanted of Farm at City properties  DELCO-LIGHT  Tf   :*!��,  and   Power Plc\rvty  fifm  Lig'nts  Home  Pximps  1>>1  % HY one bf over 75,000 \ttters will  /\4ell you* that Delto-Light -flays  for itself.  ;. In money. ���      ,'���:' -\   W&5  They will telKyou that,the plea*��i^|  anijitipwort of tfekq-Ught cost *$6u  "' Delco-Light doea wSikoh the farm.  Saves time for mbre prbductive'things.  Its electric power will, in most cases,  save enough timetto pay for the completed I^cc-Liilj**!. plant in three years.  ���fc-he electric light yon.getfree.*.-.  CH^ ��e  non-productive       A ROUND,the bpuse there  tfork.'Cift-dowh chore tifl�� i :/^. **j J^ftsat tiig saving *>f  ,^c\.<*fw;\citt   do   tWngs;vi .. xttoflEfctfr-wbrkfor, VdUfr'  wor^Wimey toyou, W^Scr^i,^^^^.^ ^ w^j  fcloth say, to^ftrstr from; b*jgg$Epfe^ 0jf itf  his I^fccrXiKbt p ant saves htm   * 'WR ,��,OT SSg *f*J7.    , *-  gepajitor** twd W^Un? auaxirine;  aloner-ovei* 40 :w*srking days In a  year Think of the money he can  make irftklose forty days;  "A.. #;^ tells us  Ah;at jifl^ight  saves, his  wife'il6 h��ta*:oi housework  .'a'*^'I^ys^^ting'an,elec-  -:.  Or^-^HJbnaf��m at *-*el*eville     triri ir(>hS'l\^ur*il; sweeper  thpvJUafrBefco-LiRht power for the ���.-;.; A n  iStlfWr %4, feeding    au^wa^ pachme, -J*  . stot^tt-iMWiiping *rv*ter, in ironing ���    sides-^XO tafhps to dtaa, JIO y,vj&' Kt���*  man's ���**>* irt,the year. Here's a*  hired natn'fworlf for threeOTonyis..  whiob^elco-tight does. .The; cost -  of opera��tfgBeIcf>-Light wlessthgn.  the colit'of-t-oj W*fi lamp*:, " * * ������  -  But operating the small machinery  around the farm is only a part of  the work which Delco-Light does  for you.    Take the question of  pumping water; with. Delce-light  you can have water under pressure  at taps anywhere on tlie farm. You  can water stock easily and quickly.  You can have hot and cold water in  the house.   S. W. Cooke & Son,  of Maytjvillfi, have a big herd of  Holstein*. Delco-Light has pumped  the water and done the milking for  three years.   They figure that their  saving is not less than $1,800.  As  Mr. Cooke says,  they could  pretty nearlyafford anew Delco-  Lightplanteveryyear.   Andre-  member this saving does not  include the convenience and  comfort and saving of electric lights.  J. H. Lackey raises Polled  Jerseys and Poland China  Hogs. He, also, needs a lot  of water. His Delco-Light  outfit enables him to get  along without two men be  formerly hired.  PELCO-l*IGHT.to acomplete  dectrfc"'* light "and power  plant, easy to install and  easy to care for. It will; give  twenty - foul^hour - a- day else-  trie light at^ l^ter^ser^lfce, .  Defco-Light ^"tiire^ oaijBaeted.  Ther* are n*.l^to;slip,;hi��tk ��r  ���be 'replaced.,   v^,/. :fe"l\MvS^.-J ���;'���-  a ^er stttrtjitte engine. j  ;ft '*a>'air-cfls^titt.,   There is iw  water to tat^��:t^*eze, or to. boll  <w"��yV-''V  There is  S.  lf-f-'.. ~'-C .*��� - ,  fife^Jp'  C. P.frel^n adds in ihe,'dme'-  saved  from>iMeajifiig lamij.s  and .  Jnakes a ]Wtatbi W hours.a year.'  Think of' alt the things your wife ���*���'  could do with that extra seven  weeks.   And then you have electric light.   You can't know the joy  and comfort of electric light till you  have  experienced  it., Just ��� press  a button and release a flood   of  bright,   clean,   safe   Hght.     .No  matches.   No lamps.   No danger.  Delco-Light gives four times  as  much Hght from a gallon of coal oil  as a lamp gives.  A' simple mixing vajve regulates -  -' the-rudsupom There*nq[coinplK  \eatMcarbu|Sbr.:^;.   ;_'  -',    '���"'',',-''���'  Ball and roHer Wrings cut down ���  friction to aWnimum.   .  You need to know more about  Delco-Light. We have fuUy iUus-.  trated literature showing Delco-  Lightinoperation. Write your newest distributor fwit.  Throughout this' advertisement  we have quoted from letters re-  ceivea* from Delco-Light' users.  Each of these letters is accompanied  by an affidavit. We have prepared  a folder reproducing some of these  letters, and with photographs of  some farms where Delco-Light Is  used. Your nearest distributor will  be glad to send this book to you.  J. H. Trenwith  The Electric Shop,  KELOWNA, B. C.  Modern Utilities, Ltd.,  915 Georgia Street, W��� Vancou.  var. B.C. Distributors.  Tbs  Domestic Engiaeering Co.  Maker, of Detco-L*��ht Products  Dayton, Ohio  Thtiwday, October 2.1919   ssasilVtL.gipSai-���ri.s.is I ..lslii [i   ItmS-Si  Want Ads. I  The Corporation  of The City of Kelowna  FIREMAN WANTED  Application, will ba received by the  undersigned up to twelve o'clock noon on  Saturday, I Ith October, (or a poaition a.  Fireman at the City's Power Houae. Ap.  plicante ara requeated lo etate aalary required and their qualifications lor thia  poaition.  G.H.DUNN.  Kelowna, B.C.. City Clerk.  October 1st. 1919.    . 46.7  Centre-Piece in white  1. Mr. Rowcliffe ; 2, Mra W T Patter.  ..ten  tea Cloth  I, Mr. Doyle; 2, Misa E Haug  Tatted Yoke  Miaa F Cartridge  Cotton Quilt  I, Mra McKinlay ���  Hooked Rug  I, Mn J Fletcher  Embroidered Combinations  1. Mr. W Loan.  Baby'a Bonnet, crocheted  '     1, Mro W Loanej 2, Mrs Gordon Scott  Plate Doilies, lace trimmed  "���'Mra I  -  THE  -  Okanagan Brokerage  JAMES INCUS PHONE lit  We handle Real Estate exclusively. Rates of commission ��s follows:  5 par eaat. up to $5,000, and 2}  per eaat over that amount  WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE SALE of J  eeveral ten-acre bloclu la the Ellieoaj  at a very  Throe af theae lota are io bearing or-  chaird, the balance batog in  Tenxuover tea yeara.  meat will handle.  This property la good for aaa weak eojy*'  atpnaani price.  Full particulara at thii offiea  Mi*. M. E. WEBSTER  Public Stenographer  ,   Ternumodente  - THt -  Okanagan Brokerage  OPPOSITE THE WHARF  .   ,   KELOWNA  Phono 116 Boa lit  IOK BALI  Fancv Bag  1, Misa F Cartridge-, 2, Mra Loane  Fancy Boudoir Cap  I, Mre Gordon Scott; 2, Mr. Loane  Fancy Handkerchief  ' I, Mn Loane; 2, Mis. F Cartridge  Fancy Apron  I, Winnie Andrew. ; 2,  Mn Cordon  Scott  Initial or Monogram on Linen  I, Miss G Sutherland  PillowCa.es  I, Min E Haug, 2, Mia. G Sutherland  Tray doth  C    1, Mis.FCartridge; 2. Mr. Low.  Centre'Piece in colors  I.Mr. A Bradley; 2. MnWTPat  FOR SALE, 5-paaeenger Car, la good  condition, three new tjraa, two spares,  five inner tubes, spare boat spring aad  tool aet, four relinen and other accessories.   Apply H. Burtch. 43tf    I  FOR SALE. 100 good grade Oxford and  Shropshire Ewea, suitable let breeding.  Alao about 25 Ewe Lamb.. Theae wOl  make a good foundation for anyone  wanting to go into sheep raising. Thou.  Bulman, Vemon road (opposite 25-mile  port).   Phone 3206. 44.7  GOATS FOR SALE.   Four grede Nan.  nie. aad one Billy, well-bred Saanane,  three milking. Would trade cow la part  payment. Apply S. C Gowns, Kelowna.  *44-6p  FOR SALE, aura brad, 2.yoar-eld Hoi- ,  ���rein Bull, faultleaa aad hpm a got  militias strain. Thoa. Bulman, Vernon  wad- (opposite 25-mile peat). Phono  3206.    ^^ .!    44J  FOR.SALE. Ford cm, in goo,  condition, two new tiree.  Ward, Kelowna.    ���  Apply Geo.  45tf  Pair Fancy Towels  I. Mis. G Sutherland  Sideboard Scarf  I, MnD McMillan  Croas Stitch  I, Mra Loane  Prawn Work  ,  I, Mra Loane  Set Crocheted Dinner Mat*  I, Mn GordorvScolt  Knitted Mitts  I, Mn John Fletcher  Bedroom Slippers  1, Mr, McKiniey  Bed Spread  1 and 2. Mn D McMillan  Button Holes  I.MraWTPattenon  ���I, Mrs John Leasg  DIV. 12-MISCELLANEOUS  Honey, in comb  1. P T Dana  Honey, extracted  I.S.J. Weeks; 2. P T Dunn  Honey, observation nucleus  l.PT Dunn  Collection Jams and Jellies  I, Mr. S J Week.  Collection Canned Fruita  I. Mrs A H Gill; 2. Mr. S Gray  ;    DIV. 1,-s-GIRLS' WORK  Pair Socks  1. Winnie Andrew.  Fancy Apron  2, Myrtle Swerdfager I  Domestic Science Apron antj Cap  I, Gertrude Chopin  Best Dressed DeJl*  I, Thelma Dillon  DIV; 14-SCHOOLS  Baal Handwriting  I, Francis Anderson  DIV. 13-DOMESTIC SCIENCE  AND HOUSEHOLD ARTS  (Girl, under It)  Homemade Lost, white flour '  1, Myrtle Swerdfager;   2, Sybil Mo  Kerurie  Canned Fruit  I, Myrtle Swerdfager  Standard Cake  I. Bath Davie; 2. Kathlaaa GsmpbeU  Candy  I. Ruth Roweliff.; 2, Belh Davi.    .  Gingerbread  ".Mm Weak.  Baking Powder Biacuita  I.Brth Davis, 2, Sybil McKetaie  Canned Vegetablea  I. Myrtle Swerdfeger  Tomato Catsup  I, Francia Anderson; 2, Myrtle Sward,  lager  HAY FOR SALE. About 15 ton. Clover  Hay at 125 per ton in stack. Apply J.  Wallace. Rotland. 454'  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE for fan*  property with own irrigation, Howe and  lot, Muth.wasS corner Richter aad Har.  . voy avenue. Urge lot. PHea 12,000,  caah or term.. George Fletcher, Gadoby,  Alta: 46-7p  3  FOR SALE, Chevrolet Car (Four-runety)  only used 2J months, eaceflent runaiag  order, with ai��re rim and tyn complete, ,.'  $1000 caah.   Wi-aajboaa Command  ar Ullingston. Box 614. Phone 2201.  46tf  SITUATIONS VACANT  WANTED, a young lady Clerk ia ear  Dry Good. Dept, Apply tej. F.Fumer.  tonotCo. -43tf  LOOT  LOST, Saturday, fawn MaeWaaw Coat,  between comer Barnard avenue aad  Occidental Fruit Co. Finder return  Miaa to tha Oil Shop-   Reward.    46-7  LOST, Cold Snake Necklace.   _.  te be loot oa KJ.O. or Belgo.   Finder  pleas, return to Record Omca. Reward.  HOUBIS WA1TOB  '���  SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE wsutfed in  Kalowna, lat December te March 3lat.  P. A. Lewis, Glenmore. 45-tp  HOUSE WANTED. House or Bungalow  waated to purchase. Madam ii poeei-  ���ibla. Oom in. Prioe homtiOOO to  13^00. Prinaipls. daak with only.  Write Box R. Record Oa5oe. 4W  USOILL.-JICOD8  STRAYED, irom vacant lot in town. Dark  BayMare.4y.wr.oM.   No *  clipped  1  all round, clipped mane aad foretop.  Weight about 950 to 1000 lba. Reward  ior information leading to recovery.  Anyone unlawfully doUuoing same will  ba proeecuted. W. H. Fleming. Vernon  Road. 42tf  STRAYED, on to ray property, one two.  year-old HolMein steer, no viable brand  or mark. ��� W. Price, Vemon Road.  43tf  TWO COTrAGES. eUw f* quiek -le.  Apply Box 254. 454  WANTED,  AN ltu, onaortwi  Apply 540 Onnt  or two load, ol Cornstalks.  FOUND. Gold Ear-ring. Owner can havo  asm. at Record Office la payment for  thi* ad. x  WANTED, ta rait, m  acre* of orchard  What ofen)  will buy. J ta 15  or good truck laad.  Charlaa  Twk*r,   Esut  J


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