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Kelowna Record Aug 7, 1913

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 I  ^em^fjtf6''  ^  :'x~'  ��� O  . er ; f$9\  VOL V.   NO. 37.  KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY,  AUGUST 7, 1913.  $1.50 Per Annum..  "  i '* T  a '(  Expert to Study Irrigation Conditions Here  Gathering Information for Purposes oi New Irrigation Act  At Mm,instancy of Hon. .V, It. 1 osm,  Minister of IjukIh. JI ,W Grunnky, an  wpert from the United Statci Depart -  ment of Agriculture ha* been visiting  the Okanagan Valley with a view to  solving Home of the knotty problem*  connected with irrigation matters. Mr.  -iruneky arrived in Kelowna on the  4th. leaving .for down the valley on  the 6th., but will return on the 10th.  He is anxious to meet all persons who  are interegted, in the formation ol irrigation districts. In an interview  with the representatives of the Record  Mr. Grunaky explained his visit as  foi Iowa:  "I have been detailed by the Hon.  W. It. Robs, Minister of Lands to  make a atudy of condition., in this  valley with special reference to passage of a public irrigation corporation  bill at thu coming sessions of the provincial parliament.  "The'objoot of such a law is to  enable the farmers to organize and  own and operate their own water-supply systems. A similar bill was introduced hy Minsiter Ross at tlie last  session of the legislature, but in order  to have it meet with the fullest pomri-  blo disoussion and criticism its final  passage was deferred for a year. '  *ThiB bill took middle ground on the  question of how far the government  should go in aid of ���irrigation enterprises. While the government is not  oalled upon to lend, either its money  or its credit outright; it assists the  fanners in getting organized and it  mnkes those preliminary surveys and  investigations which are so difficult for  individuals to undertake, and yet  which are so necessary to have in  forming an intelligent opinion of the  feasibility of any  project.  "It is likely that such a law will  1 give a great impetus to irrigated agriculture and will benefit the whole  province inasmuch as it will , make  possible n closer cooper AtU��. among  water-users."   ���   i   Ietms from Ellison  (From our own ijorraanoiident.)  Now .that haying is over onos more,  1 we can: tako a | look around 'and observe what in Abeing done in the die.  triot. We note with great surprise that  one of our ' well Atnown ranchers had  the unique, if.doubtful, honor of being  abfe to cut two crops of timothy from  tho same land in one week, it wasn't  J the, excellence ol the land',, thut did it,  although it is of i the finest, but owing J,o the hired man having set the  outtor in 'tin* mower too high. iPer-  haps a cojtfse of lessons | on, farming  and farm implements from' a correspondent school would obviate suoh  mistakes in future, what do you  think, J.-? *  One .well knownm, man .broke a section out oi his mower knife and sis hs  foiled to .notioo it, a long thin line of  grass kept on waving in the breeze,  mutely betraying the want of observation by the operator. A oow ball  attached to the mower is a wonderful  antidote tor sleepiness. Try one next  ' year G.���  A harvest, home celebration was kept  at Mr. M. Hereron'. od Tuesday niflit  last when a number of friends gathor-  sd together to enjoy tho hospitality of  Mr. and Mrs M. Hororon. A very pleasant evening was Bpent by the guests  and1 the hope wns expressed that this  would not be the last of suoh functions.   ��� '  LACROSSE  The local lacrosse team meet the  Armstrong team again this afternoon  at lloyoo'ri field in another Okanagan  League fixture. The game will be oalled sharp at 4 o'olock and from present  indications will be ono of the best exhibitions of the national game to be  played> in the interior this year. There  Is a splendid brand of lacrosse being  played by the league this year and  eaoh team are putting up hard fights  to gain possession nf thc valuable cups  whioh are emblematic of the league  championship. Armstrong met do-  feat at the hands of the local team  on their last visit to the Ill-chord  City and they aro coming determined  to "get baok" at the Kelowna boys,  while the .Kelowna boys are just as  determined to add another victory to  their already good-sized string.      _.  Valuable Polo Pony Burned  to Death In Stable Fire  BRIOADE RECEIVED EARLY  SUN-  X-Ai'- MORNINti CALL  A fir ' ' out on Sunday morning in .','. ' able belonging to Mr. L.  Ilulinau,"on Uiohter Street, whioh  ontailod the entire loss of tbo  building   and    also a valuable     polu.  COUNCIL GRANTS LOAN TO BUILD  MATERNITYJJG TO HOSPITAL  PB0P0SED ADDITION  WILL-COST ��8,.H)0 TO 810,000. LOCAL CONCERN  AND AID TO OUTSIDE  INDUSTRIES.  The council met .Friday last  full   attendance.  The principal     matter under  oration was a request from the  1'ang-  Com-  pouy, the property <>f Mr. 11. t.  man, manager of the Bank of  merce. No cause of tho outbreak ib definitely known but the hour of seven  o'clock indicates that sotno person may  have taken shelter thero during, t��.  wet woather of the previous night and  been carelesB in the disposal of match-  is etc., on quitting the premises.  The alarm was turned in by tele,  phone on the intimation of Mr. J. Mo-  Millan who aroused Mr. A. Rjdwatfh.  The door being locked, the latter  brought an axe. and cut a hole in the  side of the building in an attempt to  save the horse, but was prevented from  making further progress by a rueh  of flnmee from within. In the mean-  time a hose reel arrived from the fire  station but owing to them being no  teams about at that hour it. luid to  be pulled by hand; consequently tin*  flumes had secured a good hold before  the water could be turned on. Mr. P.  Brooke'B Livery etnble turned out a  team as promptly as possible, but it  was hitched up to a vehicle too light  to propel the second hoBe reel and by  the time it was transferred to a  stronger vehicle, a oar had arrived and  undertook to act as transport. Some  of the, firemen who reside some distance away, arrived late at the station  owing partly to the undeeided nature  of the .syren which first gave the alarm.  These boarded the car whioh sped  away along Bill Avenue and Richter  Street Lo tho scene of the fire, hut  it was evident on urn wil that the  building could not be saved so the brigade confined their efforts to putting  out the smoking and charred remains  of the building, the wulls of which  were packed with saw dust. When tbe  smoke and steam had been subdued  the soorched and shrivelled body ofthe  unfortunate horse was visible in what  had been the centre of three single  stalls. Its struggles and terror must  have been pitiable in the extreme, for  it-had evidently turned round in ths  stall, probably after the halter shank  had been burned through.  RAND CONCERT  the program    for to-  band concert at   tho  ��� . .  Hall  with a  oonsid>  Kelowna Hospital Sooiety for a loan of $&,-  (100 from the city's sinking fund to*  wards tlie cost of erecting a new maternity wing.  Aid. Sutherland explained, that the  Uospkal Sooiety had found' it necessary to proceed with the extension,  which would cost between eight uud  ton thousand dollars. Tho provincial  government would stand one half of  the oxponse and had undertaken to  give one dollar for every dollar raised locally. In some cities, continued  Aid. Sutherland., debentures had been  floated to,provide tho neccdsury funds  to put up hospitals, but the looal  society was not asking for anything  if the kind. They simply wanted a  (might loan with good security. The  hospital had assets amounting to some  thing like $30,000.  It was mentioned in discussion thnt.  tho city still had power to loan out  it.' sinking fund, although it was quite  probable that that privilege Would  soon be removed by an amendment of  the act us the municipal commission  hnd reported very strongly against  the practise.  A resolution Was eventually passed,  that a five-year loan of 8-1,000 lie made  lo the Hospital Society nt H per cent.  A letter was read from Mr. Geo. L.  Allan, president of the Kelowna Growers' Kxchnnge, in reference to the recent application from u Spokane firm  for assistance from the oity in establishing a cider and vinegar factory in  Kelowna. Mr. Allan pointed out that  associations such as the Growers* Kx-  change, incorporated under the Agricultural Associations Act, were express  ly empowered to employ money loaned by the government for the purpose  of setting up faotoriea I odea] with the  bye products of tlie fruil industry.  Ranchers in other districts and especially in the state of Idaho, had found  that such factories, run on co-operative lines, had done much to make  fruit growing more profitable, and it  was hoped that in the near future the  Kelowna Growers' Exchange, might do  something to realize profits from a  similar source for the growers in tho  district. Tho question of dealing with  by-products was at present under con-1 J)  sideration and    would  be investigated |W  Following is  morrow night's  city park:  March. "Hamlin Rifles'  Overture "The Beautiful Princess   Tuppe  Caprice, "Espagnol" .... Beaumont  Waltz "Kusueno Seductor" . . Rosas  Humoreske No.  7 Dvorak  Dance Parisienne '"Scattering  of the Roses Hager  Selection from  Firefly .   .  . \  Frijme  March "Invincible Eagle" . . b. Sousa  0 Canada.  GOD SAVE THE KING  N. BORNHOLDT, Conductor  more thoroughly when the busy season  wus over.  The directors, concluded the letter,  had no desire to dit.eoi.ruge ooninoti-  tion but wished to lay the above facts  before the council;.  The firo brigade ��sent a request that  the fire hydrants of the city should be  tested    nt    least once a month.    Aid.  (.alder was asked to see that this was  was done.  Tbo election of a delegate io tho Irrigation Convention ut'Lethbridge was  discussed and it was docided to author  ize Dr. Dickson, who was also going  for tho Board of Trade, to represent  the council,  The clerk was instructed to send a  telogmm to the secretary of the Irrigation Association conveying the council's best wishes for a successful" convention.  Mayor -tones made reference to the  visit last week of Superintendent McKay of the C.P.R., and his request  that the city make provision for lighting the car wharf and tracks at night  that the men could see to hnndie.  the car* after dark. The company hud  promised to supply all poles needed.  Mr. McKay had said that his company  were determined to have tho service  satisfactory this year und were milking arrangements to supply nil tho  refrigerator cars needed for the fruit  shipments. They wanttd Uie various  cities to co-opernte with them as far  as possible in  thc matter.  Aid. Sutherland mentioned that during a recent visit to Kamloops he  had made enquiry into the cost of the  cluster .lights which had been installed  in tho main streets there. Several  people won) advocating theso for Kelowna. He found that 157 of these  lamp \standards had been put in ut a  cost of SaM.OOO or $\M each,'complete  und  installed.  The Finance committee recommended  payment ol the following accounts:���  K,  Schmidt, work on pole line 8   0.00  Palmer k Rogerson, park uud  street ncct., for duly   ('has. Stewart, work on streets  II. A. Maidment, work on street  F. Swainson, work on stroet .  J.  Tarvis, work on street .  .  .  G, IL  Dunn,   petty cash for  duly as per  vouchers  ....  H. P.   Horrocks,' supplies for  police department   C.P.R., freight 373.01  G. Whelan, W 10 ft, of lot 1,  block 8, map 431 424,00  Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.  W.   10 ft. of blocks 22 & 24  map 186* 530.00  E. Allen, sewer work ....  G. McPhee, sewer work, . . .  (J. If. Dunn, city clerk, salary  N. Boyle, clerk, salary . .  II. Rennie, clerk, salary .  P. T. Dunn, assessor k collector 100.00  R. Sutherland, Chief constable 126.00  (J. Mnckay, Night constable .  ,1. A. Bigger, building inspector  A. R. Davey, scavenger   (J. F. Teal, waterworks con. . ,  Dr. ILL.A.  Keller, office ront  .  Morrison-Thompson  Hardware  Co.  dune supplies.  . .   .  100.55  69.00  78.00  103.00  54.00  41.40  66.50  3.00  59.80  150.00  90.00  80.00  85.00  15.00  166.66  100.00  . 35.00  405.0:.  NEW EXHIBITION BUILDING CONTRACT LET  FINK MODERN STRUCTURE WILL BE    READY  FALL FAIR.  FOR   THIS    YEAR'S  The Sunshine, Club of thoi junior Bible class of Wholon Methodist church  (in the ElliBon Bohool district) havo  undertaken to provide funds to build  a driving shod and for this purpose  aro holding an ice cream and raspberry social at the ohuroh grounds on  Thursday evening, Aug. 7th.  The Aquatic Association has made  arrangements for the hiring of a number of costur.icB suitable for the carnival on the second night of the Regatta, i.e. Thursday next, and these  may ,be hired at Crawford's store.  Mr. T. Morrison and family left on  Tuesday afternoon for a brief visit  to Harrison Hot Springs. They traveled by auto as far as Ashcroft from  which point the will continue their  journey by rail.  Births  BENMORK-On Monday, Aug. 4th, to  the wife of Geo. C.  Benmore. a son.  MEIKLE-On Tuesday, Aug. Bth,    to  the wife of Geo. Meikle, a eon.  MEtlOENS-On Saturday. July   96th,  to the wife of A. L. Meugens, a son.  The contract for tho new Agricultural and Trades Association exhibition  building has been let to Mr. H. M.  Raymer, and the work is. to be commenced at once and rushed forward to  ns to be ready for the coming fall  fair whioh takes place .Sept. 99 to 24.  The plana have been prepared by  Mr, P. M. dullien, of Vancouver and  show a large and handsome structure  of an inposing design, with a front-  Age on Ellis street1 of 101) feet and a  depth of 61 �� feet. The site chosen is  that at present occupied by the old  building which is 'to l>o moved further north and used entirely for tho  poultry section, which has shown a  remarkable development during the  lasl year or two. The wing whioh  was udded to the old building a oou  pie of yeare ago is to be detaohed and  moved some distance away where it  will be Htted up as a ladies' resting  room.  The new building besides being designed in a more modern and elaborate style, provides greatly increased  accommodation. It is to be built of  heavy timber framing, finished on the  outside with white stucco, which will  give it the nppearanco of mnsnnry.  The roofing will be red.  The principal entrance on Ellie St.  the design. It wilt be 28 feet wide,  projecting 11 feet from the main  building und will be surmounted by a  semi-circular roof supported hy mss-  sive looking columns nnd elaborate  cornice and embellishments. On ono  side of the entrance will' lie an office  for the use of tho officials of the exhibition, and nn ths other a stairway loading to the balcony, which  commands a view of the whole interior. The roof will be lofty, the centre part which rises higher than the  rest being 32 feet from the floor.  The building is tn be set back  distance from Ellis street allowing  room for a semi-circular .carriage drive  nnd the front is also to be laid out  with lawn  and shrubs.  The A. k T. Association are to be  congratulated on this newmove whioh  has been made possible by the generous assistance of the provincial gov*  eminent, and the provision of these  new quartet*, will, it is hoped give a  still greater impetus to the work of  the fall fAir. From tndfcnUoa k> far,  it seems likely that the fair this year  will .be on a larger scale than ever,  and certainly the secretary, Mr. Wash-  hum and various members ol the  committees are working hard to make  Kelowna Ball Team Breaks  Even With Revelstoke  LOCAL TEAM PLAYS FINE BALL  AWAY FROM HOME  On Tuesday afternoon three autos,  carrying tho Kolowna,ball team and  their supporters left (he city for a  drive to Salmon Arm where they took  the truin /or Revelstoke, in which eity  they played two games of ball yee-  terduy, winning the first game by a  score of b to 0 and losing tho second  iu the tenth inning 5 to 4.  The three cars, driven by Alec Purvis, Geo. Bowser nnd Alec McQuarrie  made the trip, both going nnd coming  in their usual, fast, careful and comfortable manner.  The first game at Revelstoke waa  culled at 10.30 in the morning.  The teams took the field with the  sky threatening, but the rain held od  until nearly noon and the game wae  finished. Kingman was in the box for  Kevolstoko whilo Henning worked on  the mound for Kelowna, and it was  surely the Henning of old, for the way  he made "mince.meat of the Revelstoke heavy hitters was good to see.  Ono after another of the opposing  sluggers walked to the plate, took  three healthy swings at the atmos-  phere and then meandered hack to a  seat on the bench. The rest of them  who were fortunate enough to get the  bat in tho right place for Henning to  hit it sent weak efforts to the fust  fielding Kelowna infield. No Iese than  nineteen chances were taken on the  Kelowna infield with a single slip and  that was truly a "slip". This was  credited to Patten at third, who play-  J a steady game, but owing to the  terrible rain storms of the previous  night, leaving (he grounds very sticky  and slippery so thut the players spike  shoes were of but little use " slipped"  on fielding a bunt down the third  buse line und was unable to make a  throw until the runner has reached thc  initial  suck  in snfety.  Casad, at first took throe hard hit  balls in his usual graceful .manner and  tit the plate he secured two home runs  and u nice single out of four timet np.  F. Henning at second accepted seven  chances without a "slip." Purdy took  five and Patten four. The fielding was  fast and clean throughout. The outfield played in tho same manner and  Holgerson's "iiimping-the-fonce" ttunl  and return of a hard drive in tbe  first inning was the most semaiional  feature of tho days piny.. "Slim" oan  sure travel and,as a hurdler, jumping  burbed-wire fenced he proved yesterday  that  fie has fow squall.  Every mun on the Kelowna team  played line ball and Kelly in his  first appearance in a Kelowna uniform  played a steady game behind the bat  and gave the pitchors the confidence  and much-needed support on tho receiving end.  Put ten oame in contact with Dorr's  spikes in the ninth inning and received  injuries which necessitated in his being replaced at ithird by Kinoaid, who  finished the game. Patten, after being  carefully attended by Dr. Hamilton  played  in the sucond game.  Cookram of Revelstoke and Webb of  Kelowna acted as umpires,  Tho scoro by innings.  Kelowna 2 10 0 3 0 10 1���8  Rovolstoko ....00000000 0���0  will be the most striking feature    of it so.  SECOND GAME  Tho second game Btarted in the rain  at 1.30 with Webb on the firing lino  for Revelstoke und Davis working for  Kelowna. Kolowna took the lead  the second inning and hold the home  team in check 1 to 0 until a heavy  downpour of rain in tho sixth when  Dnvis found it impossible to use his  curve ball to any advantage, ns'he  could not grip the ball. In this inning  Revelstoke secured three hits at  critical time and scored four runs,  making the score 4 to 1 in favor of  the homo team. After the rain had  let up enough to permit of play being  resum<xl Henning wub again sent to  tho mound and held the RevelBtoke  team in check while the locals began  a sure and steady climb, gaining one  by one tho runs which they were behind until the ninth inning they secured tho two runs needed to tie tie  score. They were unable to score  tho tenth and with two down in Revel-  stokes half of the tenth White hit  a low Hner to right oontre which bounded over the fence and scored Wright  with the winning run.  Tho score'  Kolowna 0 10 0 0 0 0 12 0-4  Revelstoke ...0 00004000 1-5  Deputation Inspect  Building in District  Experimental Stretch of Road  Near City is Finest in Valley  For    the purpose of inspecting    tbe  experimental stretch of road which Is  being macadamised by the government  under thu direotion of Road Superintendent Hamilton Lang and the looal  '  foreman, Mr. Geo. Hunford, a   party  consisting of  Mayor Weight and Aid-   ' :  erman   T. K.   Smith,    of    Armstrong   ','.  and Mr. Henderson, of the Coldstream' '  Municipality,     accompanied    by   Mr.  Lang, motored down last week .and a ~  representative of   the  "Record"    'waJU."  '  privileged to accompany the,-party on  their tour of the dint 1'iet. '  The new piece of road referred     to,  about a milo in all, from the Kelow- ,  na city limitB along, the main VertKia. ���.  road to near Harlce's plb.ee, is   being  used to test out methods of preparing tho 'road bod which ia moro ambitious and incidentally   more   costly  than has yet been attemptod in    lha  valley.    Instead of the usual     somewhat    ^makeshift     methods of merely  grading  the dirt   road,  and covering  it with   a layer of gravel    or   shale   .   ,  rock,, methods  more closely conform-   ,, ,  ing with tho recognized macadamising;  process are being used.    The i government rock  crushing plant  and steam  roller has been brought into requisition, and I the material is being grad-     ,,  ed into different sizes. After carefully .  levelling a heavy layer of theooarseet  material  is first laid and  well polled. -  over this lis then spread a covering-of   ,  rook of a medium grade and     again  riled. Tho finer gravel is well, work- .  od into this surface with brooms and  after repeated wettings and rollings  u road surface is produoed, which is  a pleasure to see and a still greater  pleasure to travel upon. The Marks-  ncss of the foundation material gives .  that facility for drainage of surface *"  water which has been lacking is road  making methods so far,, and it ,is confidently expected that, the life of the  road will be increased a good many  times. The prooess is expensive oom-  pared with past practices. Cost figures are tnot yot available but Mr.  Lang is confident that the extra oare  used will fully justify itself, and prove  in the long run much more economical. .  The party also paid a visit to South  Okanagan where Mr. Munford has --^  in hand the improvement of a stretch  of road from the tennis court to'.ths  Belle Vue Hotel. ThiB road is -being'  straightened and widened, and'.,'wilti  no doubt prove of groat advantage to  that part of the district. A feature  of this.'undertaking is the construction  of three concrete bridges, whioh ars  a great advance on the old style of  timber structures.  The journey was made on the Lake  Shore- Road, the scenic beauty of whioh  waa much admired1 by the visitors.  Those Kelowna residents who have not  yet travelled along this road have no  idea of the great ashut which' it has  added to Kelowna's attractions as a'  tourist centre.        ,  Mr. Lang.and his party afterwards  crossed the lake by the 'ferry to continue their journey south to Penticton. It was Mr. Lang's intention,' it  might bo mentionod. to move the gov- '  ornment rock crusher and steam roller  to' Pen ticl on as soon as the work here  is-finished, he having undertaken to  carry on some road building work for  that municipality. '  In reference to tbo basobaU gams at  Kamloops last Wednesday afternoon,  tho newspapers of that city ars very  flattering in their praise of thc Kelowna club. The Sentinel goes into a  lengthy report of the game and gives'  each and every member of the local  club due praise for his ability. Tbs  report ia. too long to permit of it's  being reproduced here. They -say,,how- i  ever, "The game was olean and fast  and entirely free from heated arguments; indeed, it would be a matter  for congratulation were all the other  teams of the Interior League'to adopt'  the same' sportsmanlike attitude and  conduot ns did Kolowna yesterday."  The "Standard" aays in part; "With  one or two exceptions Kelowna has at  present an excellent line-up, but the  boys lack team work, which will prob,  ably be overcome with moro nrnotlos.  It renlly waa not briU'r>��' ' n" I i'.  ing that won Kamloops Ihe game, but  simply "horse-shoe luok."  . KEI.OWNA RECORD  HWW  THURSDAY, MJGUST 7, 1913.  meet  KELOWNR RECORD  Published every Thw-jday at Kolowna,  British CghMabia  JOflN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  11,10  llaui  Subscription Kates:  IQl> tit Iltf  Uoik-d  All ���ubiQiiptiuoa pav*..U in advuuw.  fvf��;    7Sg..   mt  S*#\��  ailditu-nul  .SuL.a.j'iinr^ ��t Ul* MtfuUr run cut* tuv��  ���hif�� p��ucj.'. JUtlWd lu IriiDdi at ft di��un .  <ti   UA..K RiTW   I.*..   76  rants  Mr  war.  Un spsuial (rfniUwt ia kfiHuittl fur tliu  pun-'.����  at -uivwiiidiiu   th*  citv   und  (llstrlrl.  Advertising UuUs:  NOTICE8--80 davs, eft:  l.o... .I*   NOTICES.   PHOKUHUIUNAI.   CAHDtf  .    tCTO,,  -.&  mau ur uoluinii  ni.L.   [,.���!���   ��������� -i'  *J AM* AND TIMBER  CU  days. ��?.  KATKH  .SOTJi'LvS   lit fur Ji.t, Inwrtlait*.  J.KUAL AJJVBMTIM1M1- Ktiii Inurtlmi, U  va.Ua per Ua*, ����cli uiiLxmi.,111,)). int^rti.iii, M  CSUU  par  Um.  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Rordtm Navy Dill-  It is m.fo. .mm." that fchll 'luestion  of loyalty or disloyalty iliou'.J ba  brought up in connection wit). I be bill  referred to. No falrmind.d man will  ia his ��*nor moment fl deny that there  are as many staunch tmpt.rW.i-4-*, at  at lu..*. amongst the KngliH,.-.working  peupU of Ciinada. oa one *id�� <��� I ol-  Itirs as on the othor. Tbo chief cause  of difference is the way in wliich this  feeling shall be practically  expressed.  We do tot for a moment' connider  thai lhe ttcnwte or even the.opposition  in the lower House lepras.uts ths Hus  feeling ol the partly for which they are  supposed to speak. Party politics in  Cunftda unfvrtv��nAtely Ms tefcen very  seriously, und to be a good politician  one must aink ones personal feeling?.  even feelings as sacred us love of  country, iu order to further party interests.  It is diSicuU for an old-countryman  to appreciate the point of view of an  ordinary Canadian born Britisher.  We are a people with a profound belief  in the enormous possibilities of our development iu the future. Yet we have  perhaps more than the native bom  Briton, an intense sentimental regard  for the old laud. We revere hir institutions, her laws, ber literature., her  great statesmen, aud her groat nohl-  iert. We are, however, entirely democratic, nnd n duke or an earl ic such  is no more to us than the menauru of  what, he is as * mnn, nnd of vvhnt he  can do.  We are a self-sat lifted people, and  often narrow and provincial in our  view, but with nil our ..tilings, wo  have vision, and we can see that with  our immense and fertile country, we  are destined, even compelled, to become a great, numerous, and influential people. We resent any aspereions  on our loyalty, nnd yet our loyally  is. different from that of Ihe Briton  born. We are loyal to the Empire,  and consider .ourselves ns Inueh a part  of it as n native of Corawnll or of  Cromarty considers himself a Briton.  A Captain Halsey may presume lo defend us against the charge of diuloy-  ally to. Britain, but no is wrong.  We are loyal to that greater Britain  of which we form a part, and in our  eyes, a vory prominent part. Moreover We look forward uuconsciouBly  to the lime when it will be just as  congruous for us to bring .tu ac< ���.....*  tion of disloyalty against U Uftl ive  Knplishman as for htm .o i.ccm.c uh  of that soutiment.  This is the real Kmpire, tl.H fe.-bng  of oneness, and nothing U so Mil ver-  sive of the Empire, idea as any atunipt  to subordinate ono part of th.1 *M.< le  in  order lo elevate  another.  Wolves and Buffalo  Investigations carried ��*n b> tie  forestry branch of the Dominion Gov-  . eminent have proven conclusively that  several  large herds of wild buffalo are  I still to be found iu the hilly country  on  the northern boundary of Alberta.  ��� in tho neighborhood of the SWtve Kiv-  er. A party working under the direction, of Mr. A. .1. Bell, the govern-  I men' agent at Tort .Smith, made a  study of the habits and obtained photographs of these buffalo, which are  identical in appearance with the former buffalo of the plains, the remnants of which were forced to seek  shelter in the timbered failnetscfl <>f  the north.  These  wood-buffalo  when  full  grown  'are Able to defend thems��lvcs again il  their natural enemies,  but in the win-  I ter  before  the young yearl'njs    have  ��� attained, full strength, they frequently  ��� full victims lo the timber wolvft.  Large bauds of these wo Ive* hover  around tlie flunks of the buffalo henl-i  OR Ihey pass in single filo trom one  feeding ground to another, waiting for  the opportunity to cut off a young  animal  and   drive  it  from  the beaten  Itruili into the deep snow, where it i*  unable either lo escape or to defend  itself.  I Pari ly ealen ourcassrs WI re found  by the invest iff a tinir party which clear-  , ly Indicated that the wolves were the  cause. These grey limber wolves an'  of large size and are very strong anl  j very numerous in this region where  they menace the existence, not only of  the wood-buffalo, but of oth r gam.  as well. The Dominion Government  already offors a bounty of twenty dollars apiece for their destruction,    but  , so sparsely Inhabited is the region nnd  so clover are the wntvnfl in avoiding  traps, that the present bounty has bad  little offoct in reducing their numbers.  It is possible that the Dominion fiov-  ernmenl will raise the bounty hero to  forty dollars i" the h<n�� of ridding  the regions of these pests, and of preventing the extinction of the last wild  bison in existence.  A party of Scottish school teachers  have sailed from Glasgow for Canada.  The object of tho visit is to inspect  schools of alt grades iu the Dominion.  Tho company will afterwards proceed  to the United States and visit I hlla-  dulphia, Boston and  New York.  Samuel Itrighom'c, one of the first  aldtirmen of the-'city of Vancouver and  one of the two original owners of the  "old (IrunviUo townsite", which includes what was the original site of  tho city of Vaneouwr has put died  in the Isle of Wight. With William  Hailstone, now living in Knglnnd, he  was in the early'days owner of properly now assessed at over 130.000,000,  FALL SUITS  for men are now beginning to arrive and  amongtlieniares'ime  of  llie  celcliralecl  "Fit RiteM  mnkewliicliarrRuar-  anlcril lo give satisfaction In llie ino.'t  particular person  A particularly strong line of  Nuvy Ulue Serges at  $13, $15, $20 nnd $22  SPECIAL PRICES  still prevail on tliia  season's     stork     nf  COLORED  SUIIS,  an I liey must br clearer! to make room  fill' flltuie shipments  FORD Announcement  1913 PRICES  D  H.F. j  -H-j  Water Street  (I.t Block Norili)  Near Bonk of Montreal  Look for tlie Sign  KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m., 3.30 p.m  Leavei Weitbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  Extra Service on  Wednesdays & Saturdays  Leavei Kelowna 11 a.m.  Leavei Weitbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS CASH  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  'Phone No. 108  NIGHT LETTERGRAM ,,  Kelowna Garage & Machine Works Co.,  Kelowna, B.C.  Effective   August   1st,   1914 prices will be  follows: Touring, $650;   Torpedo, $600;   Town  Car,  $900, f.o.b. Walkerville.  (Signed) FORD MOTOR CO. OF CANADA  Prices f.o.b. Kelowna  TOURING ROADSTER        TOWN CAR.  $763        $713       $1013  There is no reason (or you to wait until next season.  Purchase your car NOW and enjoy the fall driving  Kelowna Garage & Machine Works Co.,  LIMITED  m  Save One Ton of Coal  in Every Six  The EcQtKwuUer will do it ^  While the cost of living has undoubtedly been q  growing greater, at the same time it  is  true  tlwre are some Inventions that  will offset  this 49  Increased cost of living-, and the careful house- <����>  wife takes advantage of these inventions. ^  Oft every Gurney - Oxford range there h. an ^  Economizer which controls not only the drafts ^  but also the   entire  combustion or burning of *9  fual to create  heat. tna|  This Economizer will save 1 ton of coal in *&  ���very 6 that you would use with the ordinary range. ^  The Economizer is a simple device, absolute ^  in its control.   By merely moving the lever you ^j,  can obtain any degree of even heat in the oven.  This insures thc satisfaction of  always  having <S9  light, delicately crusted bread and biscuits. ^  The kitchen fire ceases to be a worry if tke �����}  Economizer is on your stove. q  The  Gurney - Oxford is  the  final result   of fi^  experimental   thought.     Science has  given  it ^  a Divided Flue, a  new Special Grate,  and  a ^  ���roller attachment. (��>#  Thia  Gurney-Oxford   range is   primarily   a <������}  a aaver cf money, time, and energy. aa   Planting Season, 1913-14 ���  "RELIABLE" NURSERY STOCK  1 ni������ offering n limited number nf treet in ���ttindan] varieties, all fcrown in  mv own Nur.vrii.il, and guaranteed true tn name and free from dUeaie or  fniai injury. *1 My treei ure all " Budded Stock on 3-Year Old Root*,"  wliich require I vim to produce from the lime the imported French Seedling  ii planted nut, and a'tould not be confounded with piece root graft* made in  a cellar during winter and sold mm following iraion.  I moat cordially invite all Intending purchaiera and others to inspect my  stock and winter storage tyslem nt " CLOVERDALE. " (located on the road to  Vernon opposite 25 mile post). My experience in growing orchards is that  Ludded trees are oiujuestiouobly superior to those root grafted.  THOMAS BULMAN  THIS is headquarters for all  kinds of inforntation concerning prospective homes.  We can tell you what to avoid���what to look for���  where to look (or it. At this office you will find  lilted the best opportunities in this section of the country  for the right kind of homeseekers.  Before  deciding  it  will pay  you to a.e  what  wa hove to offer snd how w�� can h.lp you.  Call or phon. to-day���Than. 21  E. W. WILKINSON & CO.  Our representative is now in London, Eng.   Send in your  list and get in touch with English  buyers  D. LECKIE,1 keuwna  ,���&<&<&��>:  :O.SsQk��^.������  Four Years of Victory  For the Fourth Successive Year  the annual endurance run of the New Jersey  Motor-Cycle Club, May 30-31, was a sweeping  YALE victory. Four YALES started and all four  finished in good shape, the only machine that had  all starters to finish.  The big team trophy was won by the Yale team,  GsDrge Rtechey, P. W.Stevens and O. W. Stevens.  It was a clean-cut victory with no other machine  able even to give close competition, for no other  team had all three riders to finish the gruelling  two-day, 450-mile grind over towering hills and  primitive roads. The test was so severe that it  brought YALE superiority out prominently.  One winning might be called luck or accident, but when the same machine  wins decisively year after year, as the YALE has in this annual New Jersey  content, it is convincing proof of its superior road ability. The " Big Y " is the  kind of machine YOU want.     Stop at this store and have us show you.  THE KELOWNA GARAGE & MACHINE WORKS CO., Ltd. aft  THOBSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1918.  KELOWNA RECORD  .�� ����� w�� ���� *�� ���� *4 ** ��r��' ti* ���� **  ��� ����� **  *��   PROFESSIONAL AND   **  '�����       BUSINESS CARDS      *.  We   ��� **  BUfeNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors.  Notaries PuMic,  i  Conveyance**,**.  KELOWNA s . ;     fi.��.  R. B. KEflft  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA :: *C  P. EDMUND C0RBY  Architect  Hevntaon Block, Kelowna   ���   'Phona Xt  P.O. Box, 509  C. Hamr.^A. Sc, C.E.. D.L3., B.CXJ.,  and B.C.L.S.  CHARLES   HARVEY,  CAVIL ENGINEER and   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,   B. C  fteoe l��. P.O. Be* Ul  Manoforte  NR. HAROLD TOD BOYD  IfcHiaMilsasi Rani Pill^ W Madi  iit-to.Ar  RECEIVES PUPILS  At la. Stuil.. TraillS Sleek, K.lown..  Muala at mm <��liri*>j��n atulpaW.  .  . .If    .  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR.  CIVIL ENClNEER  |l     KO. BOX 1)7  KELOWNA  Dr. J, VV. Nelson Shepherd  DRNTIST  t.O. Best is* r.o��. si  Corner Peneozi Street ond  Lawrence Avenue.  Mr. B. G. MEYRICK  give. laMons in  PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN snd OROAS  also  French Lessons  ConverMiion.l or otherwiie)  STUDIO -Morriion.Tliomp.on Block  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR * BUILDER  Plains and Specifications Prepared  mi estimates given for publicBuild-  i****,To . n and Country Residences  J��HN CURTS. KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  ��olorte, Organ, Voice Production  Ing, Hsrmong, Counterpoint, &c.  STANLEY HODKINSON  A.R.C.O.  *��MOcl^c,tl��Ro.JO>UwaotOls��laU.L����d.)  'Gin. lessons in ths ��bo��. anbjecta,  Qu.lifiad  by  .lamination.     Many  fflHWMWB  WMassa. st local sxamination. (Trinity  Cotlafs, London)  I* year. sucosStHil Mlaching kxpsHaber  Studio   .   Rayroar Block  S. W. THAYER, D.V.S.  VETBRINARV SUROBOI.  (CaJwaa McGill Uai.araW  Residence :  GLENN AVENUE  fJtsss  n.r b. IVft at tha oBMa of  i. fUtt.ubi.ry Ai William.  Mm PRANCES A. PEARSON,  L.R.A.H. (London)  VOICE PRODlrCtlON, 9IN0I1.0  Box 968, Kstowaa.  Or apply "fUcori-OfSes.  B. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTM, SOLICITOR, and  NOMir PUBLIC  Ooer Royal  Kelowne, B.C.  W.CAITKEN  ���UILDER ��t CONITRAtTOl.  Plan, and Eatrtrmtc.  Finlshint work a specialty  ���fee i No. 6, Cnwlsy Block, K.lown.  P.O. Boi SI I  fraVu L"uuuiJ"ui-��t-fijiiiiii~in r*r.n fir- ���"i~ **  ��rst-C!ass Five-Passenger  Mp AuMofflLV ���"  FOR HIRE  REASONABLE CHARGES  .Hnom Koy*l Hotel*  ���*��� ���  m<c  AA^tAAA'VVVSAAAAAArVwV  How ts Swim in  v SlX 1**801.8  Persistence nod determination, tb-  gother with an intelligent understaiid-  ing ot the strokss, will teaeh any  woman to swim in timo. Somo woof* l*arn mud. SaWiljr than o titers, (or  timHoity hss fll-t te fft ovtBeom.  and Soma sequin oonfidonot to'  ths water more spa*tKly -th**. do  otters. OoafMence, by the way, is  not a thiht ��uft caa ��e acquintd by  bravado, -lava poetess- aad eetsr-  mlnatioa. Kmp on wortiing at the  strokss, and bye art. by* connosnas  will coins. Sooner or 1M*r will arrive ths eoefartto moaMNt wten yon  know you can swim, HUHfcir airy ees  is standing by to anil you out er  BOt; whetnet bottom # under your  'last wten you are ready to put ttem  down or not. Sut do not try to  niirry ths proem , fafcs plenty ot  time aad don't piy any attention to  ths psopls who adviss plunging into  ths dssp water and letting isatinot  show you how to Swim. Inrttaot  somstimas doss teach vety small beys  to swim- and always- dogs ond torsos  but a woman grown trill be much  mors likely to go down lite a stono  ���er worse, to go down after a terri-  Ms, gasping straggle, it ste trusts too  mush to instinct ln tte water.  Ths lint rule in learning to swim  is never to praotios with the baok to  ths shore. If ads out aa tar as you  can go; than turn around and practise tte strokes with the hot to the  shore. When you gat to shallow water  wade out again aad repent ths   pro-  im. '  There ars three strokes sasy enough  in themsslvss: but tte trick is to do  them in unison; that is, with lege and  arms at the same time; and to do  item automatically���whioh is only ao-  oompliihed by practice over and over.  Swimming by tte bead���that is, flunking tte strokes as one mates them���  is all very well while one foot Is on  the bottom; but unless tte strokes can  bs done without thinking, tte least  little thing���a passing rowboat, a sail  irom the bench, tte touch ol another  swimmer's foot, will threw everything  out of gear and iright and a Struggle  in tte water will probably euros.  Now for tte strokss: At tte ooant  of one, tte body i. drawn up like a  frog; legs.bent at the knees and knees  pressed close to thn ���torso; arms  bent at the elbow and palms of thu  hands close togetter. At two oomes  tbs kick, Thrust the lege and leet  out hard, the feet flying widu apart  while tte arms, palms still held close  together, shoot out straight ahead1.  Thia stroke should be done with all  the force one can put into it. It is  the strong kick that sends ths body  ahead through tte water. Directly  tte kick has been mads, bring the  legs sharply together, tho nneee snd  ankles touching, while tte arms sweep  out sideways in a wide ssmi-eircle  until tte fingertips touch the hip.,  This third stroke is taken vsry slowly, tte slow sweep of the arms backward pushing tte body, straight and  compact as a log, through the watsr,  Wten strote three hss been complete-  ly Hni.hed, that is, when tte lingsr-  ttpe tout* the hip*, recover hy tending up knees and elbows again for tte  first or frog stroke. The finder*  throughout tte three strokss are kept  dose togetter.     If they are     spread  3=  Of  apart in tte slightest daring tte strote  three, so ranch speed will te toft.  The hands may bt tent slightly to  form a sort of a scoop as tb water  is pushed backward in tte senri-oiroie  but at strokes one and two the fingers are kept straight and tte palms  are close together. Breath is taken  during tte loner third stroke when tte  head is highest out ol the water, end  expelled during .stroke two. wten the  hand* Shoot forward. Expert swimmers breathe through the open mouth,  the Sir being taken in One good gulp,  filling tte lungs. This is a much aafer  way to breaths than through tte noes  for if a little water is taken into the  mouth wten ths sea ia choppy It sen  easily te sjoctedt but if wntsr is drawn  up into tte noss, strangulation or at  kwit a slight choking is apt to result��� always disconcerting to ths beginner.  Practise tte arm movsmieot first  over and over, counting one, two,  three as tte strokes an dons. Wten  tte strokes oan ru done automatically  taks hold of a board, or ths edge  of a pier and practise tte leg  strokes in tte same way, allowing tte  body to float with tho feet off ths  bottom. Later, praotiss arm end teg  stroke, together, standing, as before  suggested, with tte face alway* towards the shore.  When you are able to do tte  togetter with one foot on tte  torn, get some friend to place a  under your chin and practise with  both ieet off the bottom. As long as  the face if out of tte water one feels  safe, and sooner than you realize  probably, you will te able to dispense with tte helping hand beneath  chin and the blissful moment will  come when you find you sre really  making progress through the water  all alone. After this profioinicy will  be only a matter of timo���and practise.  One more suggestion' Keep tte  neck well bent backward. The fnoe  only needs to be out of tte water.  The shoulders should- be completely  submerged, and ithe higher the chin is  thrust, and tte neck bent book, th*  straighter will tte body lie in tte  water and tte easier and faster will  be tte stroke.   .   Chad Burned to Death While  at Play  Tte little son of Ronald Hewat, tte  provincial assessor at Fairview, suffered a horrible death from fire on  Monday wten te was playing about  tte Hewat -home.'  The little fellow, who wsa only three  years of age, had crawled into a amr-  |X*1, which was being used a* en impromptu dog kennel. This was filled  with straw, snd it i* thought that tte  unfortunate child must hav* bean playing with matches, a* his matter eras  aroused by screams and rusted out to  find tbe barrel in flames and the Kttlo  boy within. Hastily tipping the barrel  over, Mra. Hewat was able to gat tte  little boy out, but be had suffered  suoh horrible burns that it was impossible to savs his Hfe4 in spits of  tte fact that Dr. White, who happened to bo in Fairview, was summoned  immediately. All 'te oould do was to  administer an anaesthetic which mad*  tte child's last suffering easier to bear.  The little boy died in.about 4 hours.  ���Psntioton Herald.  hot-  Bridge Over Trout Creek  Difficulties attending the oomplcAion  of tbe foundations .for false work for  the new eteel bridge over Trout Creek  which is being built by tte Kettle Valley Railway, have now been practically overcome and the wooden structure  which represents the primary portion  of,the bridge work now reaohes from  the bottom of the canyon to tte top,  a height of about two thousand feet.  In this two hundred and fifty tons  of timber have been used. The permanent bridge structure will te commenced immediately and will be completed  about tte latter part of September.  The Trout Creek bridge is considered  to te tte largest bridge of it* type  in western Canada and the steel ,��pan  which links tte banks of Trout Creak  canyon will te over two hundred and  fifty feet, in length. With tte completion of this bridge tte track layer,  will have an 'additional apace of about  forty miles made accessible to them,  a* all the grading up to tte summit  at Oaprey Lake, has teen completed.���  Penticton Herald.  Gaddes-McTavish  REAL ESTATE  LOANS  INSURANCE  'Phone 217     ���     Leckie Block  G. H. E. HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Larfsst Studios ia ths latarier  Portrait, by appoiatBMnt  Pedes* Street,   ���   Kelowna  '.. ,._';   '  mMA 4  || ,          Two tona of automobile juat to  I carry   four  persons?    Ridiculous  i|             weight 1    Unwarranted expense 1  |||            Of all cars, the Ford is the most  |i            economical, because it is lightest  II .        and haa mote power for its weight.  ;|              All pleasure cars of the future will  II            have present Ford lightness.  II j!                 Think what ttess pries, mssn���for the car that           !  J II                  hss Mood ths teat: Runabout $7Mi Touring            1  (II,                  Car $863���f.o.b. Kelowna with all  equipment.  11                  Get catalogue and particular, from tte Kelowna            |  ill                 Carets and Machine Work. Co., Ltd., Kolowna.            i'  aUBBS.  !��   'Phone No. 104  Office Hours: 9to 12a.m.; 2 to5 p.m-  MAIL CONTRACT  Sealed tenders, addressed to the  Postmaster General will fee received at  Ottawa until noon, on Friday, tte  30th, August, 1013, lor tte conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed contract lor four yeara, Una*  time* per week eaoh way, between  East Kelowna and Kelowna, from tte  1st of October next,  ' Printed notices containing further information aa to conditions of proposed contract may be seon abd blank  forms ot tender may te obtained at  tte pott offioes of East Kelowna and  Kelowna and at the office ol tte post  dttios inspector. Poet Offios Inspector's  Olio*, Vancouver, B.C.  JOHN B. OBEIiWFIBiD,  Post Office Inspector.  Post Office Inspeotorje "Office.  Vanoouver, B. C. 38-7  18th July, IMS.  %* aiaSismi  MAKE certain of complete success in your concrete work  by always using  QMDAPurtiand CEMENT  Csaadiae fatfflen'l*** ate hajkltt  auks.  thspriceoK  every purpose.   Itbtbeonr/l  We are i  (or human drill to ���   WeteveieaWlhaprkscaCfcacUPoftltn^  " r bukaae aestssisi that i> t  Be nure to ask for Canada  Cement, in bags.  Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal  U emtSsrvmtreceiveJafrtetety ef"WUt delJkrmtrt*n eh nsM Cemrett, '���n^ems'hr/frlutiln  v Dip,irhmnt <sndist etu.   //'. * tsm^fractu.! cetscriu entyebptJm.  BRICK  AND  TILE  We have an assortment of 2\, 4 and 5-inch Drain Tile  on hand. Weather permitting we will have new brick  on the market by May I st, 1913.  SAND FOR SALE  TheCLEMENT-RIGGS, Ld.  Office in Rsymsr Building.  KELOWNA. B.C.  25=  The Incola Hotel  -   PENTICTON   -  Is a most desirable place to spend the Week End  RATES AS FOLLOWS:  From Friday Night, Including Sunday Dinner - Sis Dollars  Setuidsy Night, Including Sunday Dinner ��� Three Dollar*  Music in  Spacious Rotunda  8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturdays.           iii       i  m  LIME! LIME! LIME!  Quick Lime  Hydrated Lime  Agricultural Lime  The Shell Lime Co. (OK Brand), will be prepared to soil any of  these products  PRICES, etc ON APPLICATION  SHELL LIME CO., Okanagan Falls  CITY TRANSFER  EXPRESS AND DELIVERY  All kinda of Light Hauling  a - ��� ��� -*���  PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS  'Phone 68, ot call at Hoirbck'a Second-Hand Store  W. P. MEREDITH    -    Proprietor  Wten wanting th.  PLUMBERS  for yew repair, phon. up ate  Standard PhuiAing  CO., Richter St.  'Phone 5203.  Residence three door* south  ot new English Chuch.  Wamhouss and Office:  Glean*. Old Place ��� Leea Ave,  20th Century Shoe  Repairing Shop  BERNARD  AVENUE  All Kinda of Boots and  Shoes Repaired Prompdy  Ladle.' aad CfftW i  of tteBstti KELOWNA EECORD  THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1918.  are our leading feature. Our sale is over, but to keep our friends'  attention directed to this store, we are making a leading feature of  specially pricing seasonable merchandise. As a special inducement  we are offering 10 per cent, off all regular lines and on many new  lines a still greater sacrifice will be made, August is generally a quiet  month, but we do not propose to have any quiet months. Our cash  system of doing business does away with much expense entailed in  conducting a credit store. We are naturally able to sell at a very  much finer margin than we should otherwise be able to do. We draw  special attention to the following lines of  Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods and Men's Wear  Dry Goods Department  We Jiave just received a shipment of Lady Overall  Aprons. They are made in pretty stripe Ginghams  and in plain colors oi Navy, Old Rose, Alice, etc.,  suitably trimmed, very full in size. Prices from fi.no  tn ���    ���    ������...',...'.'   ;'   ......'...'.    i.   $1 50  NOVELTY LACK COLLARS  We have some exceptionally pretty designs in Dul-  irarian collars, these are quite the late*':.- Tbe prices  arc quite reasonable. From 9'5'c. to .    .    f   .   $1.50  CORSETS  We are sole agents for the D. & A. Corset Co. and  have just received our fall shipment, every number  and size in stock now.   Prices from 75c. to . . $3.75  SATIN UNDERSKIRTS  A very special line in   fine Duchess Satin     *i-inm  pleating at foot, in colors of Cream, Royal, Alice  I'addv and Tan. Special $2.50  LADIES' DRESSES  All our stock o( Ladies Dresses, in both muslins and  cloth. Styles offered at great reductions. These include a few pretty muslins with pink and blue  spot effects. Reg. values up to'Jij.00. Special prices  fr"M i $5-76  CHILDREN'S WASH. DRESSES  Only a-feW left but they at* good. Sizes are  from six to twelve years. We are prepared to cut  the prices on these goods to the very lowest possible mark. They are in both white with colored  embroidery and in self colors of pink, blue, etc.  That we succeeded in convincing the public that  we were selling good boots and shoes for less than  they can be bought for elsewhere is evidenced by the  enormous quantities that we have disposed of during our sale. If you were not there come in during  Regatta week and let us convince vou.  MEN'S BOOTS  $6 pairs Men's Tan, Leather-lined Boots (Doctors  special). Goodyear welt, two full soles, under heel,  Water proof and Solid in every respect. Reg. price  S7.00 n pair. To clear at 1.5.5" a   pair  30 pairs Men's Water proof Black Box Calf. Leather  lined,    Bluchers,   same   as above. Worth S7.00. To  clearat $5.50  Men's White Canvas. Bluchers, just the thing for  the hot weather. Regular S2.75. Our price . . . Si.qs  Men's Vacation Oxfords, WhiteiDuek uppers, Rubber  soles. Sale Price $1.25  Men's Outing Bals. White Duck $1.25  Men's Red Fox Tennis or Yachting Bluchers. Extra heavy rubber soles. To clear at .    .    .   .   $1,65  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS  We have a great number of Ladies Oxfords and Slippers. Small sizes. Worth $3.00 to $4.50 per pair.  We have dumped them all on the bargain counter  at 11 .-50 a pair.  30 pairs of Ladies   Slippers. Odd sizes.     Clearing  at Il.oo  The Fashion Shoe for Women. Gun Metal, button.  Goodyear welt. Regular $5.00 to clear' at . . $2.95  Black Dongola Blucher. Patent toe. Short Vamp.  Very stylish boot. To clear at 12-75  Ladies-Patent Bluchers. Sizes 3 to 7. Regular $4.50  Sale price I2.75  Infants Boots. Sizes I to 7. Per pair . ,. ' . . 75c.  Children and Girls Boots, all sizes.. Entire line to  be cleared out at greatly reduced prices to make  room for new fall goods, which are arriving by  every boat.  Special Clearance Sale of  Odd Suits  After our great sale of men's suits we have oa hand  38 odd suits. Tp keep our stock clean, we have  decided to sell all these odd suits for less than cost  price. Made up in Scotch and English tweeda in  neat patterns. Regular }i5.oo, $18.00 $25.00 aad  $30,00. Yours1 while they last for f 10.00  MEN'S KHAKI DRILL SHIRTS ��     .  Special line of men's Khaki drill shirts, extra large  body,    double   stitched,   felled   seams,  re-iaforced  throughout. Special    .   fi.35  Men's Black Sateen Shirts, made up of extra strong  sateen, double stitched, large body. Special . . $1.00  OUTING SHIRTS $1.00  Flannelette Outing Shirts, Cream, color ground with  blue, heliotrope and black stripe, workmanship  guaranteed. Special $1.00  MEN'S SORT WOOL SOX 25c.  These are closely knit from a soft wool yarn, snug  fitting, ribbed cuff extra spliced heel aad toe. Special .  25c. per pair  MEN'S CASHMERE SOCKS 35c.  Men's Pen Angle Black Cashmere Sox, spliced heel  and toe.    ,    .    .    .    ..'.:.- 35c.  Men's Silk Lisle Sox hi Black and Tan shades, fast  color. Special '.   .   .   .   .   .   1   35c.  Richmond's Gash Store  KELOWNA, B.C. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1918.  KELOWNA RECORD  We have in atock  McCormick and Deering  Mowers  Rakes and  Hay Tedders  in different sizes  We   invite  you   to   call  and  inspect  our  NEW HARNESS STORE  We have separated it from our Implement  department, and will now be in a better position to carry nothing but first-class stock  You will find our atock of RIDING GOODS complete,  also a good selection of Dusters and Rugs  W. R. GLENN & SON  Dealer, in  Farm and Orchard Implements  Pendozi Street & Lawrence Avenue     -     KELOWNA  'Phone 150.  Here Is An Offer  that can never again be repeated or secured elsewhere  in   Western   Canada:���  Solid Famed Oak Buffet  do.     China Cabinet -  do.     Set of Six Chairs  - $32.00  - 25.00  - 22.00  - 20.00  $99.00  Less 10 per cent, cash discount -    9.90  Total for the complete Dining Suite   - $89.10  This ia not a surface oak imitation, but good solid oak throughout,  of the latest design, and will do  credit to any residence. Arrange  for a set at once as we have only  -   -  -    five sets to offer    -  -  -  -  REMEMBER���Our terma are 10 per cent, for spot cash  with no discount after date of purchase  Kelowna Furniture Company  SAVE  YOUR   PICTURES   BY   HAVING   US   FRAME  THEM  THE GREENHOUSES, Richter Street  (Between Pre.byteri.il snd new Engliah Churches)  FRESH CUT HOT HOUSE  Cucumbers and Tomatoes  st store price.  CUTFLOWERS     Vegetable end Bedding Plsnt.    POT PLANTS  Oder, taken for  Bulbs  Winter Pl.'nlg  ' Late Cabbage and Cauliflower Planta  PW.N        PALMER ft ROGERSON      p.o.b��ii7  Boy Scout  Notes  "ae PREPARED-  BY MAGISTEB  Badges (Continued)  Printer  Must print a handbill set up by himself,,1 ami must know the names of tha  different types and sizes ol paper and  be able'to compose by hand ot maohine, and understand thsfuse of hand  or power printing machines.  Prospector  Must have a general knowledge ol  the various periods of th* formation  of the earth's crust, and whioh an  water bearing rooks. Must understand stratification, dip nnd faults.  Must be able to identify; (1) twenty  different minerals in their natural  state (2) twenty different fossils aad  know to what period they belong.  Besouer  Must perform four methods of rescue and three of release in the water,  tha drowning subject in the rescue  methods being carried at least too  yards. He must be able to demonstrate the Schafer method of resuscitation and the promotion of warmth  and circulation, and if a Sea Scout.  must be able to work tbe rocket apparatus.  Sea Fisherman  Must have a practical knowledge of  the various methods of catching Bearish for the market by mean* of. trawls  nets and lines, and of catching shellfish. He must have had experience ol  at least three of these methods, ��� one of  which shall be by trawl* and must  know the mercantile code of signals.  Signaller  Must pass tests in both sending and  receiving in semaphore end' Morse signalling,, by flag. Minimum rate, twenty-four letters per minute.  Give and read signals by sound;  make correct smoke and flame signals  with fires.  Show the proper method of signalling with the staff as in the hand-book.  Stalker  Must, take a series of twenty photographs of wild animals or birds front  life,'and, develop and print them him-  selr; and must be able to give particulars of their lives, habits and markings.  Starman  Must have a general knowledge of  the nature and movement* of the stars  and be able to point out and name  six principal constellations, lind the  north by means, of other star* than  the Pole star, in cose of that star  being obocured by olouds etc., and  tell the hour of the night by ihe stars  or. moon.  Must also have a general knowledge  of the relative positions and movements of the earth, sun and moon,  and of tides, tocHpsee, meteors, comets',  sun spots and planet*.  Surveyor  Must map oorreotly from th* country itself, the main feature* of half  a mile ol road, with 440 yard* eanh  side, to a scale of two feet to the mile  and afterwards re-draw the nn map  from memory.  Measure the height ol a tree, telegraph pole, and church steeple, describing ths method adopted.  Measure the width of a river and ths  distance apart of two objects, a known  diatanoe away and unapproachable.  Be able to measure a gradient. Understand what is meant by X.I., U.K.,  K.F., contours, conventional signs of  ordnance, survey and scales.  Swimmer  Mutt swim 60 yards with cloths* on  (shirt, trousers and socks as ,n minimum), and be.able to undress in the  water. He must,swim (without oloth**)  100 yards on breast and SO yard* on  the baok with the hands, either clasped  or the arms folded in front of the  body. He must be able to dive and  piok up small object, from th* bottom.  Watchman  Must know every rook and shoal  within the live fathom line on a four-  mile,stretch of coast u'ir hi. bsed-  quorters. Hs must know ihe riie and  fall' of tides, both spring and neap,  and how to ascertain the time of Ugh  and low water. He must know wheu  th* moou risen \or sets, and its quar-  ter.T He must know the set of ths  currents at all times ol tide. He must  know all spots of, danger to bathers  or visitors, suoh as quick sands , and'  places where they are liable to be out  off by the tide, and what to do if  they, get into difficulties. He must  know the best landing plooes for boats  and wliere titty oan find theltsr >in bad  Arguments for  Thinning Fruit  First, the average tin oi th* fruit  left on the tree* i* inoreosed; thit i��  the moat obvious result of thinning.  Trees overburdened with fruit ' produce a greater pwoantag* ol amall-  siaed apples. The , increase in sis*  of the remainder, after the firat or  second pickings of Bartlett pear* is  made, is a striking instant* oi th*  increase in size when th* numbsr' oi  fruit it reduced.  Second, the' fruit borne, it mon  uniform in sue and shape. On /the  overloaded, tree there it much variation in rise, and especially where  two or more fruit* remain on a  ���pur they aro'invariable in shape as  well. The fruit from tha side blo.-  soms of the duster are in many, varieties much different from those frum  the centre blossoms, usually being  flatter in shape and having a considerably longer stem. Uniformity in  aim'and shape ia on important essential oi commercial perfection.  Third, the color is materially bettered, more uniform, and comes earlier. The remarkable inoreat* in odor whioh occurs when a first picking' is made from heavily blaring  tree* oi even th* winter varieties',  such at Jonathan and, Wagner, furnishes a striking confirmation of this  point. While color seems largely related to sunshine, it is a well known  fact that on a heavily loaded tree tbe  fruit ha* less color, less evenly distributed, and more slowly acquired.  Fourth, thinning improve* th* quality. Thi* it especially tbe oase when  the soil is deficient in moisture or  plant food.  Fifth, the fruit is freer of disease*  and inseot peats, because wormy apples, limb.bruised or diseased fluit  of any kind, can be removed at),thinning time. On plum* and peache* in  moist regions, fruit thinned eo ��� thai  no two touch when fully grown ore  much freer of brown rot.  Sixth, the removal of mis-shapen  fruit lowers the percentage of low-  grade fruit.  Seventh, thinning prevent* premature dropping. Premature dropping  is quits largely due to the inability of  the tree to supply moisture to an ��-  cessive crop.  Eighth the load of fruit is more  evenly distributed, and this is a very  important feature in preventing tb*  breaking down of trees.  Ninth, the oost of picking is re-  duoed considerably, and the labor ol  packing is divided more evenly over  the season. TJiat is an,important advantage where the supply of labor is  deficient' in packing time. The ootts  of packing and grading are also much  lessened.  Tenth, less fertility is removed from  the soil. A ton of apples take* out  approximately 1.2 lb- of nitrogen, 1.6  lb. of potash,, and 6 lb., of phosphoric  acid. A ton of pears moves the same  amount of nitrogen, and about twice  ss much of the other elements. The  seeds take the great bulk of these  amounts, the pulp of the fruit taking  but. a small portion. As the number of  seeds is roughly in proportion to ths  number of apples, and not to their  size, the removal of fruit', leaves a  much greater supply of plant food for  tne balanoe of the crop.  On June 28 there were in London  99,258 persons receiving indoor and  outdoor poor relief, a. decree,** of  4,360 in the number for th�� corresponding day last year.  He must know the mans* of Ashing  boats whioh frequent thet coast and  the national flags of shipii whioh pass.  He must know the lighthouse, which  can bs seen from his atrip of coast  and describe the light* they exhibit.  He must know the beacons, storm signals, eoast guard stations, steam tugs,  life boats and rocket, apparatus, the  nearest telegraph office*, telephone*  and addresses of doctors available from  eaoh point, and also the mercantile  code of signals.  Woodman  Must fell a tree properly with a felling axe, land know how, to usu�� saw  for felling a big tree; the different  species of tress by their appenranoo,  and their respective uses as timber;  know a well grown tree, (Le., on* useful for timber) Irom a .bad1 one; know  th* trade names and dimensions of  planks, scantlirtgs, etc., and know how  to measure lumber, know the general  principals of Severing, hauling, stacking timber and bark ,usual in th* locality; sharpen axe on grindstone and  know how t/o urn wedge*.  "SCOUT NOTES  Tests have beon .passed by T. Buck,  B. Keller and A. DeMoulin for "Cyclist" badgas, which have been award1  ed.  Other badges received for issue sr*  tenderfoot badge* and sorvioe start,  which or* waiting to bt Maimed   by  . 4,i,,h-H.,H-H"H I��1 ���M'����H."!-��M I'M! IB! II I.MMSIOS*  IJPRODUCIWE LAND!  ; Wi you are seeking  ::Good Hay Land,  Established Orchards,  Small Holdings,  Fruit Acreage ;;  ��� ��� apply to i!  :: R. L DAIGUSH, Okanagan Mission ii  j [ Telephone   .LI j [  ��� ��� Okanagan Mission it the prettiest lake point adjacent lo Kelowna ���  ��� ��� List of properties for sale on application  ���H.1-.M��M.M-IrH"MM'H"l-H-��' li. WW ITU I .'.������������ M'M  Coal!  Coal!!  Real Pensylvania Hard -  $17.50 per ton  In ttore and nut sizes  Nicola Coal (Lump)     -  $10.00 per ton  Taber Smokeless   -     -  $12.00 per ton  W. HAUG   -    KELOWNA B.C.    -    J+fr��  Rough and Dressed Lumber.  Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,  Mouldings, Etc.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limits.!  WATER NOTICE  For a license to store or pea beak  water,  Notice is hereby given that Cecil  Henry Bond of Bntland, B. C, farmer,  will apply for a license to store or  pen bade 37$a ore feet of water from  Mill Creek, a stream flowing In a westerly direction and emptying into Okanagan Lake, near Kelowna. The water  will   be   stored   in   a   raaarvoir   ol   oapscity   (tt* plan   of  Kelowna Irrigation Company Ltd.,  on file) built, or to bt built at, and  will be used.ior irrigation purposes as  authorized by Water Record No ... .  Water Lioenae No. ... or under a notice of application for a license to take  and use water, posted herewith, on the  land described at port of Lot 34, plan  264, 36 aorta.  This notioe was posted on tht ground  on tb* 16th day of July, 1018. The  application will be filed in the office  of the Water Recorder at Vernon.  Objections may bs filed with tb* said  Water Recorder or with tb* Comptroller of Water Bights, Parliament  Building*, Victoria, B. C.  CECIL HENRY BOND, Applicant.  W. B. Adams, Agent. 84-7  DAVIES & MATHIE  Ladies' and  Gents' Tailors  PENDOZI STREET  Repairing and Pressing  promptly attended ta  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  AU kinds of Repairs  BBRNARD AVENUE,  KBL0W5IA.  WATER NOTICE  For a Ko*n** to take and uso water.  Notio* it hereby given that CtsU  Henry Bond of Rutland, B.C., farms*,  will apply for a Uoana* to tak* aad  ua* 371 aar* feet ol water ont ol 1011  Creek, whioh flows in a westerly direo-  tion through Kelowna Irrigation Co.,  Ltd., Reservoir and empties into Okanagan Lake, near Kolowna. The water  will be diverted at Kelowna Irrigation  Co.'t headgate and will ba used lor  irrigation purposss on th* lend described yes part of Lot 34, plan 264.  Thi* notio* wa* potted on the ground  oa th* 16th day of July, 1918. Th*  application' will be filed in th* onto*  ol the Water Reoordor at Vernon.  Objections may be filed -with ibs said  Water Recorder or with ithe Comptroller of Water Rights PsrHamsot  Buildings, Victoria, B.  C.  CECIL HENRY BOND,  Applicant.  W. E. Adams, Agsnt. 84-7.  -.-w^^-i---  P.O. Bo* 12  E. ENGLAND  BUILDER A COHTRACTOR  Plant,   Specifications   a nd    Evtimat et  Furnished  D^vWWVVwW*/*  CONCRETE  WORK  1 have a complete plant cf power  mixers and all appliaacos foi' concrete  construction of every kind, and am  devoting til my attention lo thit work*  in which I hare had mtny yean*  experience.  AU Kinds of Cement Work,  Concrete Buildings,  Foundations and Sidewalks,  Excavating Contracts  H. WITTER  OFFICE: RESIDENCEi  & Run'oSca. Wrilrilu A..  RutnwSlaak RkEkarSlra  PHONE 104 'PHONE 4104  City of Kelowna  court or unsioir  Notio* ia hereby given that taw lint  sitting of th* annuel Court of Revision  of th* Municipality of the City of Kelowna will bs held in th* oosnwil  chamber, Barnard avenue, Kelowna, B.  C, on Monday, th* Hah day of lug-  uat, 1018, at tea o'clock in th* fore  noon, for th* purpoo of String ooffi-  plaint* againtt th* atsessuaat a* nwdt  by th* assessor, and lor Mrltbaf and  oorrooting th* assessment roll.  Oity Clark's Offiea, ,  Kelown*  B. 0.  Jury 4th, 1*18.  0. H. DITTY  H-7 0%0hrk so  PI  z  2  D  GO  >  a^Z  a  5 Q  2  PI  >  70  ���. V.     I' ". "   ' *i '    .   i, ���������!  KELOWNA RECORD  THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1913.  r  Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.  LIMITED  Nursery Stock for Fall  or Spring Planting  (One year budded on imported French seedlings, three-year  roots)  APPLES  Newtown Pippin  Delicious  Spitzenberg  Wealthy  Mcintosh  Jonathan  King David  Grimes Golden  And other varieties  CRAB APPLES  PEARS  Flemish Beauty  BalliuU  D'Anjou  Boussock  Du Cornice  PLUMS  Bradshaw  Italian Prunes  CHERRIES  Bing  Lambert  Windsor  Royal Anne  Olivette  English Morello  Our  Stock  has  Won  Its  Own   Reputation  Price List on Application  OFFICES :  Belgo-Canadian Building.   'Phone 5  P.O. Box 274  a. ' ^  VmSKi-J! .  WE WILL GIVE A  Special Discount of 20 per cent  OFF ALL CARPENTERS' TOOLS  on Saturday, August 9th  MORRISON - THOMPSON  HARDWARE CO., Ltd.  Phon* 154  P.O. Box 19  /. A. BIGGER  Contractor and Builder  LAWRENCE AVENUE  .����� Furnished on all kinds of buildings.      Residences and Modern  Bungalows a Specialty.  Interior Finishing, House Painting, &  Decorating by Contract  I hart a full line of interior decorations, consisting of the latest and most up-  J 'l wall hangings.    Call and inspect my stock of Wallpapers and get my  eatimate on your apring painting and decorating.  Gty and country patronage solicited  Mr. J. M. Robertson motored over  from Kamloops to spend a brief visit  with friends in the city.  ��� *  ���  ���.list. Wtty Di.l^lei'.h of Kamloops is  spending a few weeks holiday with  her brother, Mr. A. Dalgleish here.  see  Dr. Knox returned on Sunday after  noon from Die const where he .has  spent several Weeks on both business  ami  pleasure.  ��� ��   ���  The foundations have been laid fur  the big new warehouse building un  Lawrence avenue. It bus LOO foet frontage and extends back lo the lane  tho lull  length uf the lot.  Kr.  II.  IS,  liidioy,    roadman of the  Ford Motor Co., wan in town thia  week end; and reports of ibe new car.-,  sold in B.C., this year BO per cent are  Fords .  ��� s   *  liev. 1). J. Welsh, of the Baptist  church and lie.. A. Dunn, uf the Presbyterian church changed pulpits on  Sunday evening last. They addressed  large congregations in each churoh.  ��� ���    4  Tbe first Sunday trip uf thu northbound steamer was mude un Sunday  last aud a great many availed themselves of tlie opportunity oi spending  the day on the water and visiting  \ union.  s   e   s  .*. young   ituftiian employee of   tlio  railway eamps died this week at lhe  Okanagan Mission hospital of whion  he hud been au inmate fur some two  mouths, lie was buried Tuesday al  thc Kelowna cemetery,  ��� *  ���  The    Inland    Motor  Preiy'iUng t o.  have moved  their motor ttU.ltU rc��vn  to  Penticton,  where  they  It i\o   . auen  a contract   to haul  some   U.......'J leeL  of/bridge timbers for thu Kettle Valley KaiUay Co.  A pony whioh Inul broken frum its  hitching post made things li\��l\   along  Main street Monday evening. Ii travelled the whole length uf the atreet ouv  thu sidewalk in front of the stores at  auiuy speed. Nu one-was hurt but  some uf the promunnders had to duck  pretty hastily into doorways to avoid  getting upset.  see  On Thursday last the staff of the  McKenzie Co.'s shore celebrated thu  Orel anniversary of the company's existence by a picnic t,. Gellatly's. The  putty numbering .('��� left on u launch  early in the afternoon aud returned, at  H p.m., having had such 411 enjoyable  time that the event will become an annual all'air.  Tho seerotury of tho Dramatic Society tells us that the following scores  ot "San Toy" have n.ot yet boeu returned him: Nos. i. 7* B, il, 10, 2U,  23, ..7, U2, 33, anil '.iy I In so scores  have to lm forward hJ lu New York,  and if Uot turned in by Saturday  morning, the Society will hold the  members concerned leHp'ousible for  the express charges, etc. If desired,  tlie copies may bo purehasvd for #1.60  Arrangements  have  been   made  with  tho   management  of   l'u  '.'peru   .Uottifc  to show a number of uveraiting moving pictures in the grand H.��ud on  each evening   of  the   liegitta, The  programmes given in the grand atni'd  last year wine particularly good, and  an open-air tontectalnment of ibis kind  cerlainly oi..glit to prove ft very phv  ant feature. Manic will be fuinisl.^d  by the Oitjr  Hand.  see  The ltegatta committee are to be  congratulated Upon securing the services uf a famous acrobat in DeUlnoy,  who it. described as the "human fly."  Ihis gentleman lias made a big ry|.u-  tatlom.for himself during the past few  years in the North West States, performing at many of Ihe bin fairs and  iXhibitiont, and also <m the big time  Vaudeville    olrcuAti. Me is an    all-  round acrobat and gymnast, but hit*  aerial Hying trapeze work is his big  stunt, from which he has boon dubbed  the "human ,fl,y." By special arranige-  mehl with thn manager of the Opera  House. DoOlnuy, in addition to performing in hront of the grand statu!1  each afternoon of the Rugatta, will  give an entjirely different programme  of acrobatic .feats in the Opera House  Bach night. IhiObiey's sensational  fonts will Im only one of the many  new feature* .Introduced at the Kogat-  ta this- ynnf. In fact, v/fl Hun't son  how anvhudy can coax themselves to  stay ^wfty,  ��   ��   ��  Leckie can     supply    van   with     the  famous high*   up baft��ries.    k \  The Missos Reeves of Winnipeg, pjm  guests,of Miss Anna Knighl.  ��   ���>   ���  Tliree of the members of tho new  Okanagan Motor Cycle Club made tbe  trip to Kuderby Sunday.  ��� ' tt,  tt.  Owing to the financial stringency the  otl> of Brandon closed down all inn-.  nicipal work and discharged -400 mon.  ��� ���   ���  Mrs. T. Edwards, of Truro, Nova  Scotia, is in the city visiting her  sister, Mrs. C A. Wnshburn, Pendozi  street.  ��    a    *  Miss -Wilde, stenographer wltb    tbe  firm  of  Burne  &  Temple returned lust  week from a month's holiday,   spent at  the eoast.  a  ���   ���  Mr. (\. !���'.. Nobles, the architect en-  geged upon tho new school premises,  arrived in town on Monday, and expressed himself highly satisfied at the  work being carried on.  ��� ���   ���  Mr. Ben. Skinner, of I'Mi mm ton is in  luwn spending a week's holiday with  friends here, lie expects to leave Kelowna tomorrow morning for California where he will spend a few weeks  before returning lo  Kdmonton.  ��� *   ��  Mr. Thos. Cunningham, provincial1  fruit inspector, was in town the other  day. Mr. Cunningham reports that  the most stringent precautions aro  being used this year to prevent tho  importation af fruit from tho Amori  can side which shows any sign ol pest  or disease. Up to the present there  have been rejected 1069 cases M pears,  I S3 <>f peaches, 13(12 of tomatoes, 117  of apples, and 124 of plums. The  apples, pears, and plums were infected  with Codlin moth, tho poaches with  Ihe peach worm, and tho tomatoes  with the canker rot. The department  is determined to do everything possible to protect, the fruit-grower in  this  all-import ant   matter.  Mr. and Mrs. J, C, BtoeltWaU loft  Ihis week for a lengthy visit to their  old home in tho Province uf Quebec.  Mr. H. ���'. Williams has moved his of  lice over to the fcuotlon room, and he  .will look after affairs there until Mr.  Slockwell's  return.  Monthly Weather Report  JULY, 1013  Compiled by G. R., ninger.Oovernmenl  Observer.  toy n  Month  July  1 .  Maximum  Tr'nip.  . . . .73.   .   .  Minimum  Toinp.  .   .   .   65  0  .  .     67.   .   .  .   .   .   45  .   .   .   3D  1 ,  . ":i   .  ...   55  ...  60  t . .  ..    . . 79.   .   .  ...   51  7 . .  8 . .  ...   .77.   .   .  .... 7(1.   .   .  ...   47  ...   46  ...   62  ...   82  II  ...   47  .... 117.   .   .  45  II  ...  66  18  in  , ... 78.   .  .  44  ...   48  17 . .  . ... m. . .  ...   46  IR  . . . . ni\. . .  ...   48  IB  .... DO:  .  .  ...   52  >n  , ... 91.   .   .  ...   56  31 .  10  .... 91.   .  f  Mil  ...  66  .   89  >Cr  .    99.  . . . .81.   .   .  .   .   .  6fl  '7  . . . .88.   .   .  28 1  M .  II) .  II  ... .71.  . .M  . . . .87.   .   .  .   46  Julv  HA1NFAIX  .00 Inrhra  .08  .24  .14  rnlnl  for .liinr1 .   .   .  .58 incliris  J. B. KNOWLES  Optician  Bernard  Avenue       - -       Kelown.. B.C  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat Daily-  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phone 135  GLENMORE FRUIT LANDS  Situated within one half mile of town, and being  about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town,  ��k�� and surrounding country.  Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.  Close to Town and Market.  There is only one GLENMORE. Don't miss the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable.  property.  If you with s cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will  show you our sub-division  ��   WOODLAWN   ���  Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms eur.  monthly payments if so desired.  Fire Insurance  We represent only tha best board companies.  The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.  KELOWNA, B.C.  First-class Fruit Lands  For Sale on the Hepburn Flats  A large acreage will be planted thit spring  with  standard varieties  Lots from Five Acres and Up.  Easy Terms: One-Fifth Cash, balance to suit purchaser  Absolutely  pure waler.   Domestic supply piped to every lot  The Belgo-Canadian Fruitlands,  LIMITED  O.K. LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Arc now  completely equipped   to supply all   your  lkmber needs.  We have now a large stock of local and coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of  high-grade quality and In apleniiS condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES THURSDAY, JULY 31st, 1913.  KELOWNA RECORD  BROWNE  Make all  i  Outdoors a  ^Playground for  Little Folks & &g  I Brownie  Cameras  Give all the fun of photography without ariy of the  bother. Are so simple a  child can use with good  results. Capable enough  for the experienced amateur.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights oi tha Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North-  went Territories, und in a portion ol  the Provinoe ol British Columbia, may  be leased for a term ol twenty-one  years at an annual rental of SI an  aore. Not more than '2,56(1 eons  will be leased to one applicant.  Applieation for the lease must be  made by the applioant in person to  the Agent or iSub-Anent ol ths distriot  in whioh the rights applied lor are  situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be desoribed by sootions, or lsgtl subdivisions of sootions, and in unsurvsy-  ed territory the traot applied lor  shall be staked out by the applioant  himself.  Eaoh application must be aeoom-  panied by a fee of (6 which will bo  refunded if tha rights applied for  are not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid on ths merchantable output of the mine at tho  rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating tha mine shall  furnish tne Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable ooal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the ooal mining  rights are not being operated, auoh  returns should tie furnished at hast  onoe a year.  The lease will inolude the coal mining rights only, but the leasee may  be permitted to purohare whatever  available surface rights may be oon-  sidered necessary, for the working of  the mine at the rate of S10 an aore.  For full information application  should be made to the secretary oi  tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.'  N. B.���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for.   .  Brownies, $1 to $12  P. B. Willits & Co.  DRUGGISTS nnd STATIONERS  Kelowna,     B. C.  PHONE 19  Loading a Big Gun  As Seen From The Turret if A  Battleship.  Letters of a Self-raised Office Boy  to His Pal  In whichUimm:, tells of Kelowna happening, lo Mr.  Sidney Harper, ol Vanrouver. B.C.  Dear Sid,���Listen, my 1ml, nnd 111  epin you a yarn, a talc of the mighty  deep, and jthe perils of thon'i \\\l.o go  down to the sea in ships.  | Once upon a time the bo�� suys to  me, "Jimmy,, I fain apicnicing would  go."     '"Aye! aye!  sir," says 1,  od  ln a little book, entitled "With the  Fleet," (Grant Richards Is, not), Mr.  Kilson Young describes in a 'ew graphic sentences tho loading of a big  gun on ono of our battleships. I  The order, ho writes, is given to her0 ,right w bo . QL tll, |i[:  load. Someone touches a lover, and m0?��� ���Down ^ ^ ^ t���n ���  with a hiss a mass ol bright steel twe,ve mile8��� ^ ^ ��� ,. a ^  turns and twists back, and the breech ! point of ,and juMing QUt Jnto (ho  ol the gun gape. open. Another touch   ut0) owned ,     a ^ aMmd  on the lover, and from beside you     a   (Jellatly.       lVa h ,ad   we m  hydraulic ram BhootB out like u golden        ,,  tongue into the breech, and immediate-      Qn    th���    appoint(!d   d      the hap  ly shoot, baok again.     All Is    clear. I orowd gatheTO, nt ^ ^^       . ^  Now, at your very feet, a hole gapes   mu djd W(, re(,konj ag we olamlx|rea  in the iloor ol the turret; there is   -  aboard the spacious yacht which was  slat and crash of metal and as you lo ^ u8 t(J o(]r do8titutioIl) of tho  look down into the hole you see,     a   terrible d wWch ^ be bome  small lift travelling up with incredible   be[ore  rapidity, and infernal clatter, bearing  on it the ponderous projectile, weighing moro than 7owt��� and in another |Bteam(dj or ratber j. ahould  compartment,  the two  cartridges    of I calined  cordite.  Up comes the lilt, locks itself with a  crash, and spill, out the projectile on  cast anchor again in    the  1 peaceful harbor ol Kelowna.  The halter was east  loose, and wo  Late  Cabbages  Now Ready  H. LYSONS  Kelowna.  Greenhouse.  C. H. JACKSON  CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT  Room 7     - -     Leckie Block  R. MINNS & CO.  Cabinet Makers,  Undertakers and Embalmers  ELLIS STREET, KELOWNA  Telephone, 91  On call day and  night  a metal troy in lino with the open  breeeh.      Tfie  golden   tongue  of      tho  rammer shoots out again, and pushes  the projectile into the gaping breech,  extending itself apparently indefinitely until the projectile has disappeared.  The lift shifts a little, bringing into  lino with the gun its other compartment, which contains the two half-  charges ��� each a cylinder holding 130  pounds of cordite. Out shoots th�� j j^ b^oubht  ram again,w -ith no more respect for  than that if they, hud been sponges,  and pusheB them steadily home behind  the projectile; andhaving dona its dead  ly1 businesB retires again out of the  way to be ready for another cyole of  the same operations.  Half a turn of the wheel, and tho  breech block swings' home with a sigh  and a click. "Hight gun loaded sir."  Now you wait in suspense, and a voice  from the conning tower rr'ivw the rongo  ] ���eight thousand five hundred yards.  The gun-layer in his quiet corner has  nil this time never taken his eye from  the gloss.    He turns one wheel,     and  j tho whole .turret swings round over  the ship's quarter; he turns another,  and with a littlo hit..-- and. sigh of imprisoned water the whole mighty tonnage of the gun, sweetly balanced on  its trunnions, rises ond tilt? itself to  the push of the hydraulic press. This  range is deci-easing by", some thirty  yards n second, since the target is a  hip approaching us at o speed equal  to'iour own���fifteen ..nolo��� and as thu  I faNing ranges are given the i/un-metal  j wheel is turned an eighth of a quarter  | of on inch and thc muzzle of the gun  ' sinks down a little os gently as a falling leaf. Tho sights are reported "on"  the gun loid, and the word we have  been waiting for ia sharply given ���  "Fire!" The gun-layer pulls a trigger  no bigger than thnt of a pistol, ii.'ti-  the projectile was . dumrn*' mia,  made  of     wood  covered  with leather,  ] and there was no cordite in tho cartridge!   If    it had been   -therwiae.  Vanoouver Street Railweymen's onion have passed a resolution ordering  that all members of the militia among  its members must cither quit the mili-  , tia or leove tho union. Twonty members of tho Highlander's regiment here  ore street railway men.  Thonr 240  P.C, Box 147  Kelowna Machine Shops  Machinist* and Engineers  (Garage in connection)  VT/_ Riar-aQi."   Saw Mill Machinery, Factory  Machinery,  . Steam Engine., Steam Fittinga, Boilers, Gaa  Enginei.Motor Boats, Elevators, Cement Mixers, Road Machinery  Automobiles  We Stock   Coltl  Rolled Snilftin8'  B^"-  Screws,  Nuts,  and Engineers* Supplies  Agonl. for the f.moun  CADILLAC CARS  ���Lo fpr  Dunlop Traction Tread Tires,  Morgan 6c Wright Tires,  and all kinds of MOTOR ACCESSORIES  For REPAIR WORK  we  have  engaged  the  services  of an  automobile expert who has had years of experience in first-class  shops.   We are giving satisfaction to a great many car owners  in the valley and can satisfy you.  Kelowna Machine Shops  A. McQUARRIE, Proprietor.  ABBOTT STREET -  - KELOWNA, B.C.  Summer Jewelry  We .re showing a very fine line of  Enamel Jabot Pins  Waist Sets  Beauty Pins and  Belt Pins  Al.o a number of  Silver Mesh Bags  in the new Dori. Pattern.   A.lc to  He them  We have juat opened   up a .mall  ...ortmont of SUMMER NOVELTIES  in  Gold  Ston.,  Agate   and  Mosaic, compri.ing  Hat Pins,  Crosses,  Tie  Pins, Charms, Brooches  From 25c. up  W. H. PARKER S CO.  THE QUALITY JEWELERS  Crowley Block - KELOWNA. B.C.  "Phone 270  I i.nn.u, majestically out on the heav-  I ing bosom of the vasty deep. The  voyage out went as smoothly as the  first year of married life���not one accident to mar our enjoyment. In due  course ol time we arrived at the picnic ground, which nestles in the mouth  of a canon of. great natural beauty.  We spent the day as our various  fancies dictatod���swimming, playing  quoits, climbing about the rocks, and  last, but far from least, in eating.  Speaking of eating calls to piy mind  ono    particular   cake somo kind lady  Mother in  her   palmiest   days    nevor uiade a cake better  than this one.  As X was saying before lhat cake  interrupted mc, we had one grand'time  and about seven o'clock it was decided  we had better start for home. We  strolled back to the boat in the gathering dusk, got aboard, and started  merrily on our homeward way. After  going about two miles, the starboard  turbine, with the gasp of a lost soul,  quit like a yellow dog. The engineer  made frantic attempts to get the fool  thing going again, but they were of  no avail.  Picture to yourself the scene! The  boat-load of helpless picnicers, drifting  slowly at tho mercy of the waves towards a bleak and rock-bound coast,  while to tho Bouth of ub vast  banks of lowering cloud were gathering, foretelling the coming of the  storm. It was at this point that  "Throw out the Life-ldne" was sung  by special request by the A";on/ Quartette of Kelowna, who were present on  this festive occasion. Suddenly,above  the staccato crash of the thunder, we  hoard -the stentorian voice of the skipper���"Heave, ho! my lads1 AH hands  man the clothes line, take seven reefs  in the flying jib-boom; I think ��e me  due for a squall."  After a look at no.no of the Indies  present, I ,says to the skipp.ir, says I,  "Cap, is this squall going to be outside or inside this boat?"  Tho storm broke with tho iury of tt,  pack of maddened wolves, the thu-Her  roared, the tightening flamed, i-.ndlhe  waves rolled mountains high, So big  were the waves, in fact, that they  swept over our poop deck (whatever  that is). Just then, across the heaving billows, the Captain spied a wharf  "Ah! Hal" he cried, in accents wild,  "Fear not, fair ones, 1 will save you  yet!" With tlhoae brave words, he  grasped a rope firmly im hi* pearly  teeth, sprang overboard in at least  two feet of watar, and swam madly to  the shore. I forgot to '.state that the  Captain was accompanied by another  gentleman in his leap for life, but  he requests that his name be withheld, "becriuse," he said, "I don't  want anyo'oo trying to hand,any medals to me."  Soon we were safely moored to the  wharf, a<id our worst troubles .were  over. The Captain phoned to Kelowna, imd wo wore dragged ignomini-  ourly <it the end ol a halter.  No lane suffered any ill effects from  the trip, although I notioed one sweet  young, debutante who, when it was  roughest, was compelled to find solaos  in a lemon which some one kindly  bunded her.  Next week is Regatta week, and we  are going to have as a special attraction every nlgfct "The Marvellous De  Olney," the human fly. He does aome  of the most dr lath-defying and hair-  raising stunts ���wonderlu.1 heel-drops,  trapeze swings, balancing- leaps, and  break-away drops of 36 fo��'t or more  to the ground below, lie is also to  give a matinee on .Wednesday and  Thursday in front of the grand stand.  We will now eloae this tale of wo*.  Oh! aid, I forgot, we are having the  most, beantiful weatbier in Kelowna  just, now. Better come iind get a slice.  .JIMMY.   4 1   Firo vompletely destroyed the "City  Ffotel" at Revelstoke on Tuesday  night. One body was dnsoovered in  the ruins and it is thou||ht that two  others, -.who arro missing perished in  tho consumed building whioh was a  wooden fran ie building and burned  I very rapidly.  little paint will make a  Big Difference in the  Appearance of your  House  The value of your house���your own  standing in the community���are often  judged by the appearance of your house.  And a few dollars spent in painting your  house at regular intervals will go a long  way towards enhancing the value of .your  property and gaining added standing for  yourself.  Bapco Pure Paint  is no higher in first cost than ordinary  paints���and far more lasting, and durable in  the long run.  Dalgleish & Harding  Corner Pendozi St. and Bernard Ave., KELOWNA  D. H. RATTENBURY  REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE  Office:   Rooms 7 & 8, Leckie Block  Good Stable for Rent, close in  Phone 257  P.O. Bot 191  J  . A. MORRISON & CO.  [Sucuxor. to the Morri.on-Thomp.on Co.]  Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating,  Ventilating Systems, Pumps, Etc.  Pipe Fittings of all kinds.  Coates. Edwards & Gowen Garage KELOWNA, B.C.  WE HAVE FUNDS TO  Purchase Agreements for Sale  AND TO  Loan on First Mortgages  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  Western Canners, Ltd.  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Apply  giving price and particulars to lfoon  lll'oa., Spray Factory, Box 569, Kelowna.  B.O, 82tf  PROPERTY FOR SALE  .'IR SAI.K-'IV, |n,Ml> I ><-'. T.nke  d.ore drive e\L. mis it.I I ug.h of  property. A snap lo a quick pur-  '���hu-ii r. SH.V) eat..., $300 down, bal  nntf in quarterly payments, Apply  A. Kvans, "Mission City News." Mission City, B.C.  FOR SALE��� 30 acres fine fruit and  hny land, six miles from Kelownn on  VYrnon road; aNo 7-roomed house  and two,fine building lots onWil.inn  avenue. All at very attrr.ct.ive figures. Inquire F. P. Coates. T.ake-  vlew hotel. 2;Hf.  FOR SALE��� Thia is for a bargain-  hunter. 20-acres. all under cultivation. 700 two-year-old trees, house,  good water, etc. Price SS..75 p.ir acre.  Will take lots or city property as  part pay ti ent for quick sale. Fo- particulars write to Box. "U". Kelowna  Record. 24tf.  FOR SALE, 10 ACRES le&r'faj orchard at .Rutland. About ��01) tree*  good commercial varieties, also small  fruity, good S-room house and outbuildings. Terma easy. Also a number of colonies Italian btSl. Apply  T.   Barber,,   Rutland. x  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.L.I)., D.C.L.. President  ALEXANDER LAIRD  General Manager  JOHN AIRD  Assistant General Manager  CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000  GOODS FOR SALE  FOR SALE - "Champion" potato  digger, oheap. Apply Geo. W. Schell.  Rutland,  'Phone 3103. 35-8  FOR SALE���Team of horses, about  1400 lbs., harness, wagOBB, also  about twenty young horses. Will be  sold oheap, Apply Oillis Hunjford,  Kelowna. 3(1-9  FOR SAT,.-.���-Horse, single or double  driver. C. W. Dickson. P.O, box 289.  'Phone 128. 35tf  FOR  SALE-   Thoroughbred Holtein  Bull', nt  .Inn-ins'  Ilawkcsdale Ranch.  Apply V.. Marvin, Manager. lOtf  FOR SALE��� Fence posts, Fir. Apply  father. 'Phono B4  22tf.  FOR SALE��� Young pigs; r gi tered  Berkshire first class breeding stock:  ii ho eggs for hatching, Barred Rocks  Bull' Orpingtons* r.-c, Rhode Island  Reds, r.-c. Brown r,eihorns. Apply  .1. Bateman, Vernon Roads Kelowna.  ��8tn  SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNTS  Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and  upwards. Careful attention is given to every account Small accounts  are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.  Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons,  withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. &1  KELOWNA BRANCH  H. G. PANGMAN, Manager  GEO. A. BOWSER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Jobbing and General Repair Work  Contracts taken for Moving Buildings  'Kelowna    -    B.C.  FOK SALE.���Four-hole cost iron cook  stove, good onlor, Slfi. P.O. box -lib"  FOK SALK��� Driving horse, buggy and  harness. All in peridot condition. Rox  ���MH. x  FOR SALE��� Baryain for cash, two il'l- FOR SALE���Hay. Timothy anil clover  fool lota, adjoining, with mater; Wil- and alfalfa, delivered or in stack,  son avnnus. Address Rox "M" Rn-' l'hone or apply nl Central1 Okanagan  cord office. 17 in     Lands Md. or Glenmore Ranch. 37-40  FOR SALE-Fasl driving horse. Hires  years old. Apply P.O. Box 521.   37  FOR SAT.E-Cood sadtHo mnr�� (ilou  bio driver). Any roasonafole oITit accepted. Apply H.M. P.O. box  111   37  FOR SALE- Solid rubier tired buggy  ball bearing bicye'e whe rip, r.nd single sot driving harness in first claBa  condition. EDglish saddle nnd bridle  Apply, F. W. Wilkinson. P. 0. Box  251. 86...  NOTICE  Any  person   wanting a nice  handy FRUIT   WAGON, capacity two tons, and all hand  made, call at  The Kelowna Carriage Works  J.  N.  Cameron,   Prop.  "^  r'HE following are illustrations of some of  tlie popular models for 1913 nnd among  iIkmii will hr Fotin'l 9lyl<-s suitable for the differ-  enl figures, all made with lliat care and precision  wiiicli lias made the name C C a la Grace  f.imniis. - To every pair is given that minute  HrUil of in mufacture necessary lo a perfect  corarl: the best of materials in the construction  anil proper inspection as lo workmanship, so  that each pair is fully guaranteed in every particular. See that the name CC a la Grace is  on every pair.  rlmrTii'r.-"iiarMT-w~T-i iiiiimiii  " Whatin theworldsh  We have for dinner  This question is being asked by  nearly every woman in Kelowna at  the breakfast table. This meat business is a tough proposition during  the hot weather anyway, and we have  anticipated this fact and have ordered  Practically Everything in  Canned & Bottled Meats  that is made  Clark's & Heinz baked Beans, Clark's  Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Roast Mutton, Ready Lunch Beef, English Brawn,  Jellied Veal, Cambridge Sausage, Beefsteak and Onions, Corned Beef Hash,  Stewed Kidney, Pigs Feet, Lunch  Tongue, Ox Tongue and Pastes  for sandwiches innumerable  You  have  only  tried a few of these and they are all  good.    Our pure food laws 'ompel the manufacturers to  put them up that way  In Glass we have a   full  line of St.  Ivel goods, well   known  by  all Old  Country people as the best, cleanest  and purest of Bottled Meats  Don't  kill  yourself  by  the  fire.    Buy   canned   meat.  It's good  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  m*m*m*ma i m<m  Well gowned women are careful to have two or three coneb in  constant wear.  A slight difference in the model will male all the difference in the  set tad drapt of an evening gown���or a tailor-made.  When buying your new gown, it is a good idea to get t C/C a la  Grace to go with it  CORSETS  ���ire made in many styles and many sizes to suit fashion's every possible requirement. Each model gives perfect case and comfort to  the wearer.  Models 693, 575 and 715 arc suitable for (tint, Qirfisli ileum.  For medium ftpurcs wi recommend Models 70.3, I'll an>.! 837  Models 666, 777 and 633 are best for fully developed ficurti  A medium low Lint  model with Ionic ���"''  ��� -.ni, tuitahle for tht  average figure, trimmed  with embroidery and  made of an extra fine  quality coutil, in aiiea  18 to 28  Decado, apecial model  for full and itout figures,  hip-reducing ���traps, medium bust, apecial quality  coutil, wide duplex iteela,  eitra atrong corael, aizea  20 lo 36  Maternity wniat,  in fine coutil,  front, aide and  back lacinga,  aizea   20   to   30  Very popular  tow buat model,  with long skirt,  made in fine qua  litv coutil, ault-  able for average  and full figures,  aizea 18 to 30  THOMAS LAWSON, Ltd.  White Restaurant  50c.   DINNER   50c.  6-8 p.m.  Saturday, August 9lh, 1913  Soup  Creme d'orge  Salmon  Sauce Hollanclaisr  Ronst Fillet of Veal  Curry and Rice  Peach Trifle  Lemon Jelly  Excavating,   Well   Driving,  Septic Tanks Installed  and Repaired  Drains  Pumps Installed & Repaired  C. LANCASTER  Cawston Ave.       P.O. Box 541  DON'T  TRUST  to memory to preserve  the changing likene.'s  of your growing boy  or girl. Memory plays  strange tricks sometimes.  A good PHOTOGRAPH  every year or so will  keep an accurate record of the subtle  changes in their development.  ���and what a satisfaction that little collection will be to you  and to them in after  years.  CALL AT  GRAYS STUDIO  ROWOLIEFE BLOCK  Thursday, Friday and Saturday  10 to 5  Board of School Trustees  WANTED  A Janitor to care for two rooms on  Leon avenue to be used as  school  rooms from August 25th.  For particulars apply,  Secy, of School Board.  Moote Jaw Finances  Moose daw, Sask., duly 39.���Thero  is great indignation in Moose Jaw  Just now over certain attacks which  havo been mado against the credit ol  tho city. Tho city council ho3 passed  a resolution unanimously .<>[.<'tunning  a local: paper. "The Evening 'I mnn",  for its front page editorial nn tho  financial  conditions of the cily.  In part, the resolution rendu sj follows:���"That thii. council desires t*>  place on record its strong disapproval  on tho articlo published recently, owing to ft* gross mit.ntaten.ents of local  conditions, wherein the credit of the  city and its business men is impugned,  and that a copy of this resolution bo  forwarded to the board of trade with  tho request that support be given this  motion with a view to restoring eon-  fidence in the city which has been seriously impaired by the pub.icf.tion  aforesaid."  Mayor Pneooo emphatically denies the  report published in a local paper announcing that the cUv'h bankers (the  Canadian Bank of Commerce,) have refused to accept cheques drawn by the  oity. "Any inconvenience that has been  experienced in connection with ihe  city's financial arrangements has been  caused by our inability to dispose of  the city'a debentures,'* said the mapor.


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