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Kelowna Record May 27, 1920

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a*aaaaj^H fc l_ •*
VOL XII.  NO, 26*
Importanf New Industry
Will Locate io Kelowna
$1.50 Per Annum
American (Company WiU Erect
Branch Factory to Operate
Patented Process
That a new factory devoted to
a branch of the fruit induitry hitherto unknown in thia district, it to
be erected immediately in Kelowna ii the announcement made aa
the result of the viait during the
patt week of two business men
from the other aide of the line,
Measrs 0. A. Gate and J. E Brad'
ford, representing the Shepherd
Fruit Product* Co., a concern already operating a factory at Wenatchee, Wash, The company
operates a patented process for the
manufacture of "Fruit Flakes" by
which the fruit is reduced to a
dried crumbly substance requiring
only the addition of water to restore to it all the delicious flavour
of the original fruit. This product
has been on the market for some
time and het already attained a
great degree of popularity, the
increasing demand rendering nee
essary the extension of manufacturing facilities. -
It waa with this end in view that
the company decided to invest*,
gate the possibilities of the Okanagan valley aaa suitable place to
erect a factory. Thay are not seeking any bonus, exemption from
taxes, or to sell stock, but desired
only to ba au:» of obtaining sufficient fruit, principally apples, to
warrant their going to the expense
of putting up a plant here.
A meeting was arranged for Friday evening at the Lakeview Hotel
at which a number of fruit shippers
aad business men were present on
the. invitation of the Board of
Trade. It was there announced
that though favorably. impressed
with Kelowna as a suitable location, a guarantee of at least 2500
tons of cull apples for the present
season was required, and a committee was appointed to consult
with shippers to tee if this could
be secured. The following day,
however, Messrs. - Bradford and
Case were motored around the
district, and so impressed were
they with the extent of the orchards
and the possibilities of future development that they decided at
once to waive any guarantee and
to go ahead without delay with the
installation of their plant. A site
is being secured near the' new
C.N.R. lina and the apecial machinery required for the process is to
be shipped in in . time for. this
year'a fruit crop.
Test Public Opinion
Regarding Grant of
Park Land for Hotel
D       Rutland News
 I Own flnrrr^nonoTsntl.
Mrt. Percy Bird hat been viaiting
this week with Mrt. W. F. Sehell.
Tha football team played Glenmore last Thursday evening on
the school groundt, the result being a tie of 1—1. On Saturday a
somewhat better game wat put up
against Ellison, who were defeated
by I—0. The return game at
t Glenmore is being played today.
The Women's Institute is arranging for a health exhibit, and public
meeting on "Health Centres' and
Nursing in the Rural Districts," to
be held in the Rutland school on
Tuesday, June 8th, full particulars
of which will be announced later.
In connection with thi* a clinic will
be held for children under five
years of age, and parents wishing
to take advantage of thia opportunity should register their names with
Mra. Hardie at the ttore, or any
other member of the committee
not later than Friday, June 4th.
Thi* is not a baby show, and in
the worda of a leading worker for
the betterment of health conditions
"its aim is, not to find out who has
the beat baby—nobody knows—
but to find out how we can help
every baby to a batter and i more
virile life,"
There it a weelth of wonderful
scenery of the mow wastes of the
frozen northland in the picture,
"The River's End," by James Oliver
Curwood, a Marahair^Neilan production, that will be shown at the
Empress Theatre on Friday and
and Saturday, May 28th and 29th.
Will Submit Referendum Embodying Proposals   - Must
Erect $100,000 Hotel
Discussing the recent develop
ments of the tourist hotel scheme
in Kelowna at Tuesday's council
meeting, Mayor Sutherland said it
m'ght be to the advantage of all
concerned if an expression of opinion was obtained from the ratepayers relative to converting a
portion of the park for hotel purposes and submitting a rough
sketch setting forth a proposal that
the city should give not more than
one-filth ot an acre adjoining the
hotel syndicate lot, the syndicate
returning in exchange that portion
of their property covered by the
present sidewalk entrance to the
tt was decided to submit a referendum en June I Oth covering this
suggestion, with the condition that
a hotel be erected on the land
costing not less than $100,000 ex-
elusive of furniture.
Aid. Lloyd-Jones informed the
council that the committee in
charge of the Better Housing
Scheme were doing all in their
power to facilitate the erection of
the houses, and that tenders for
the erection of several would be
up'for consideration at the next
The tender for hauling crushed
rock from the Leithead ranch had
been given to the Jenkins Co. at
$1.50 per cubic yard.
Aid. Meikle stated that nothing
had been done yet regarding the
installing of silent policemen as it
was difficult to see how it could be
financed out of the Public Works
department in view of the heavy
expenditures which were being
made on Bernard avenue. They
would give ihe matter further consideration, however.
Aid. Duggan aaid that the pow-
er house had offered $7.50 per
cord for wood which was the
equivalent of the present price of
coal, but as the vendors had asked
$9 no purchases had been authorized.
Aid. Shepherd reported that at
a recent meeting of the G.W.V.A.
the statement had been made that
someone who had intended to
open a business in Kelowna had
decided not to do so when hp
learned that a $500 bond would
be required before he could commence. It waa apparently the
general impression that this bond
consisted of putting up the cash,
but he had explained that'thia wa*
not the case. He had been requested by the meeting to ask the
council to use discretion in! demanding a bond from any returned
soldier.   •
Mayor Sutherland pointed out
that no discrimination could be
■hown in the matter, but a reliable
man ahould not be put to any inconvenience bv the requirement*
of thi* bond, as he could obtain
one from a bond company or if a
resident could arrange with two
responsible citizens to sign the
necessary bond.
A number of applications were
received for the purchase of tax
sale lots, and also in connection
with the Better Housing scheme.
An application from the chief
conttable for an increate of salary
wat laid on the table pending a
possible petition for the appointment of a night watchman,
The practice of daylight taving
hat been abandoned at Summer-
land by thote merchant! and others
who adopted the plan on May 3rd.
The new lime led to confusion
and several who attempted it could
not maintain the summer time
without serious inconvenience and
in tome cataa financial lott. Latt
week the ttoret, banks and all other
place* reverted to standard time.
Plunging to earth from a height
of fully 1,000 feet in a Curtis* J N-4
airplane owned by the Pacific
Aviation Company of Vancouver
and operated by Major H. C. Baker, Mr. E. H. Beazley, managing
director of the Uoion Steamship
Co. of British Columbia, waa almost instantly killed near Minora
Park shorty after 4 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Impressive Ceremony Marks
Unveiling oi Rutland War Memorial
Large Crowds Attend Special Service to Dedicate Granite
Monument to Fallen Heroes from Rutland and
Ellison District
No more appropriate dav than
Empire Day, May the 24th, could
have been chosen for the unveiling
of the handrome granite memorial
erected .by the residents of Rutland
and Ellison districts to those who
went from their midst at thecal! of
war, and made the supreme- sacrifice . for Empire and home. The
monument, as will be seen from
the accompanying photograph," is
a rectangular shaft of grey granite,
surmounted by an obelisk of the
same material and enclosed by
granite posts and iron rail*, and
standing in all about fourteen feet
high. Carved on the sides are the
names of those whose memory it
is intended to perpetuate.
Some three or four hundred
people had gathered for the service,
including a large party of veterans
who were assembled in ranks by
Sergt. Peters and Col. Belson, and
a number of Scouts from the 'Kelowna Troop. The buglers among
st the latter opened the proceeding
by sounding "Fall In," when the
gathering joined in tinging "O
Canada," the Rev. P. Connal then
introducing Mr. J. W. Jones, M.P.P.,
as the firat speaker.
In a very ttirring and appropriate
address Mr. Jones recalled that five
years ago he had been present oc
that very spot to assist in the raising of the school flag, the flag which
symbolized empire, and stood for
that British spirit which had been
behind the many glorious achievements of the Great War. Town-
send at Kut-el-Amara, Allenby at
the taking of Jerusalem, and many
ther instances were given of this
indominable British spirit which
formed a "barrage" against the
forces of barbarism. It waa thit
same British spirit which had inspired the brave men of Rutland
and Ellison to go and give their
lives for their native land. From
the quiet mounds of the flat fields
of Flanders where they lay there
flows forth a stream 'of perpetual
inspiration which the paasage of
time can only deepen in our hearts.
Nor had they died in vain. They
had died that Canadt might live,
might have a ''new birth unto freedom." He hoped that their memory would never be allowed to
fade, but that the teachers on the
anniversary of the battles in which
they fell would recall the circumstances to mind and see that the
monument was decorated with
The actual unveiling ceremony
was performed by Lieut,-Colonel
Moodie, D.S.O., president of the
G.W.V.A., who expressed his deep
appreciation of the honor conferred
upon him.
More important than the monument itself was the memory of
those heroes whose name* were
inscribed    thereon,  and    whose
names would live longer than any
granite, He hoped the school
children would learn to aalute the
monument aa they paaaed in and
out of achool.
'■Before removing the flag which
covered the monument, he read
the names of those who fell: from
Rutland, Serg. Frank Cownie, Lc,
Corp, A. Wigglesworth, Ptes. Geo.
Longstaff, George Monford, Fred
Plowman, E. Schofield,C.Edwards
Gordon Fazan and Lloyd McDonald, and to be added, Major C. K,
Pyman and Lieut. Bull. From
Ellison: Lieut. C. Hereron, Ptes.
Harry Clower, Erneet Hereron,
Clarence Whitaker and James Eastwood.
The ven. Archdeacon Greene
solemnly and reverently dedicated
the monument: "In the faith ot
Jesus Christ we dedicate this memorial to the glory of God and in
memory of the men of Rutland
and Ellison who'gave their lives in
the Great War in the service of
their countiy. In the name of the
Father, and of the Son, and of the
Holy Ghost. Amen." The dedicatory prayera followed.
The "Laat Poat" wat then sounded by the scout buglers, and Mrs.
Braden aang the 'Recessional."
. The Rev. T. Griffiths then spoke
briefly emphaaizing the fact that
these men had performed the highest duty in giving their lives for
their country. It waa the duty of
those who were left not to die but
to live for the tervice of others,
and to teek out the truett and
noblett thingt of life.
The ceremony concluded with
the tinging of the National Anthem.
Old-Timers Pot Up
Good Football Game
The Kelowna football team played the old-timera of the town on
Thuraday laat and won an enjoyable game by 3-1. The game wat
fairly fatt from the start and the
old timert certainly set the pace,
which, however, waa not too fast
for the Kelowna tide.
Harry Whittingham mined a
penalty and half time came with
ihe tcore nil. On the resumption,
the old timett again aet the pace
and played quite good football, the
Kelowna team tcoring three goalt
to the old timert' one, and the
game ended at ttated.
Jerry O'Brien had a good day't
fun on the 24th, but he overdid it.
He imbibed too freely of the flowing bowl—or the modern equivalent for it—and fell into the handt
of the police on a charge of "d tnd
d." He had to pay a fine Tuesday
of $10 and costs.
Victoria Day Sports
Drew Record Crowds
to Kelowna Park
Vernon Strongly Represented
in League Games and Fire
Brigade Contests
lhe Victoria Dav sports,arranged under the joint auapicee of the
Fir. "rigade, the Athletic Club and
the /eterans, were favored with
ideal weather condition*, and in
consequence the largest crowd
that ever gathered here assembled
in the city park to take in the long
programme of races and other athletic contests, Fire Brigade sports
and the three league matches in
which, teams (rom Vernon competed with the locr.l boya.
Viaitora were present from all
parts of the valley, out ch.efly
from Vernon. A atriking feature
waa the large number of automobiles, emphaaizing the great strides
made during the past year or two
in this method of transportation.
One perton estimated that not lett
than 400 cara were assembled in
the park and adjacent alreett, of
which something like fifty came
from the north.
It waa a great day, commencing al 9 a.m. with the school children'a aporta. These were followed
by the adults when an adjuurn-
ment waa made for lunch, the
hotelt and restaurants being all
crowded. The Ladiea' Hoapital
Aid did a great buaineaa in providing meals in the old Royal
Hotel premises. Soon after I p.m.
the firemen commenced their series of contests along Water atreet,
exhibiting many clever feats in
competition with the Vernon Brigade. Out ot five contettt the
Kelowna boya won four, carrying
oil betides individual prizea the
J. W. Jonea trophy for the team
winning the majority of the contests, the Merchants' Shield and
the J. C. Taylor shield.
In the park on the new athletic
ground the football match, Vernon
versus Kelowna was in progress,
Kelowna proving victort after an
interesting game. In the baseball
match, which came next, Kelowna
suffered defeat though putting up
a good game, and were fairly outclassed by the visitors who ran up
a score of 12-4 against them. A
fine lacrosse game in which Kelowna again proved victorious,
brought the day's sport to a close,
but did not end all the events, for
largely attended dances were held
later in Morrison Hall and the
Aquatic pavilion.
The committees in charge of
arrangements are to be congratulated upon the successful carrying
out of the affair.
Ladder Test. The Vernon team
executed this somewhat spectacular feat, which consists of four
men holding a ladder upright while
a fifth climbt it and descends the
other tide, in a very tmart manner
in 12 3-10 seconds, Kelowna's best
time after two attempts being
13 1-5 seconds.
Make and break. Five lengths
of hose to couple and uncouple
again. Two teams on each side
competed, Kelowna winning both,
McCubbin and Glenn in I min. 20
sec. and Anderson ard Urquhart
in I min. 13 sec.
Wet test.! Three lengths to couple and get water from hydrant.
Vernon's best attempt wa* 27 aee,
Kelowna beating them by 5 1-3 aee.
Siameae and. wet teat. Similar
to the former but with a Y coupling
included. Kelowna 35 4-5 sec,
including a penalty of 3 seconds
for a loose coupling, and Vernon
45 sec.
Five Lengths wet ^tes'. Uncoupling and taking out centre length,
Kelowna 53 sec, including!penaltv
of 5 sec, Vernon, I min. 10 4-5
sec. "
Aid. Br. adpn, of Vernon and
D. Chapman of Kelowna, acted a*
judge* and Aid. M.rikle as umpire
and starter.
No proper record was kept, unto:'', lately, of the juvenile sports,
which created a good deal of fun
and excitement for the school children. The winners in the adult
events were as follows:—
200-yd. Dash. I Redgrave ; 2
Max Berard; 3 Colander.
/oadjump. I Caldwell (I6J
ft.; 2 Fowler. (15 ft., 2i in).
Relay Race (100 yda). I Caldwell, Fowler, Duggan, Day; 2, Ryder, Urquhart, McLennan, Anderson.
High Jump,   1 Caldwell, 4ft. 10;
2 Robertson, 4ft. 6in.
Quarter-mile Dash. I, Redgrave
(Vernon) ;   2  Bengough ;   3 Max
Potato Race.    I Fowler; 2 Day;
3 Mazzato.
Sack Race. I A. Wooda; 2
3-Legged Race. I, Leo Caaorao;
Max Berard; 2 Hunter and Latta.
Ladies 50-yd. Race. I Eileen
Fowler; 2 Alice Brown.
In the tug-o'-war two teams of
nine men each, representing the
Veterans and the Fire Brigade,
met in a tough struggle, the veterans proving winners.
The football match which was
one of the best games ever played
in Kelowna, resulted in a win for
the home team by 2 goala to U
Sadler, the Kelowna centre forward, wa* responsible for both
scores, the winning goal being put
through only a few minutes before
the finish. Harry Lee, of the Kelowna team, had the misfortune to
badly twist hia foot in the second
half and badly handicapped the
team by his absence.
The local baseball team were
less fortunate being tnowed under
to the tune of 12-4. It muat be
confessed that the Vernon team
played a much superior game, their
fielding being particularly tmart.
Mumford, Kelowna't first baseman
did tome brilliant work in thit line
however, and had the pitcher't
support been at good all round,
the remit might have differed.
It wat getting late when the Lacrosse teamr took the field, but it
waa a good game nevertheless, and
though Kelowna won by 3 to 2
they had no easy task, the Vernon
players being well up to their
The committee of tha Rutland
Memorial desire to thank all who
lent cars to transport visitors on
The boys and girls of Kelowna
will be glad to know that a circus
it due in town Monday. Buller't
thow of trained animalt will interett young and old.
"TELEPHONE owners are asked before calling any
number to make ture that it it the correct num-.
ber for the party they require, ln the latt issue of tV.e
telephone book an unusual number of changes were
made necessary by the rearrangement of Fire Brigade
numbers so as to get them all together on the board
and so make tor greater promptness and efficiency in
case of fire. Therefore, look at the book before calling.
-4 mm    ���  KBLOWNA   RECORD  Thursday,! May 27,1920  City Dairy  Early morning delivery of pure fresh  Milk,Cream, Butter  milk, Skim Milk.&c  PHONE 4709  Murdock i Shelder  Proprietor*  Burne Avenue Kelowna  WOOD  DRY GREEN  Fence Posts  Also Heavy Hauling  and Orchard Spraying  Wid Thompson  Phone 5002  P.O. Uoi 418  G.W.  AUCTIONEER  and  General Commission  Merchant  Second - Hand Goods  Bought or Sold on  Commission  Flour and Feed Always  in Stock  Next to the C.P.R. wharf,  Kelowna  Ward & Baldock  CONTRACTORS  Brickwork and  Concrete  Motor  Express  Heavy Hauling  D. CHAPMAN  Phone 287.    P.O. Box 351  CIDER  FOR SALE  In Large or Small Quantities  DOMINION CANNERS B.C.  LIMITED 27-t  KELO--NH RECORD  PaMitsasl snay Thursday ai -stwwna,  JOHN LEATHLEI  Editor and Proprietor  ADVERTISING  BATES  LODGE   NOTICES.   PBOFE8SIONAL  CABDf)  ETC.. 25 rents osr column lash osr weak.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICE8-80 dan. Sir  60 dars 17.  WATER NOTICES-IS lot llvs lassruoas.  I.KI1AI. 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The manager of the  sales agencv in Toronto was quite  annoyed over thia and indulged in  abuse of the G.W.V.A., but the  veterans think it is about time that  Hearst's pernicious anti-British publications were barred (rom Canada.  The re-establishment question  ceme up again and a scheme on  the, lines of the Australian plan  was submitted from Victoria and  endorsed, lt briefly asks lhe government to issue interest bearing  non - transferable, non,-negotiable  bonds to all.relurned soldiers, the  amount of same being based on  length of service, the capital only  to be used when the recipient can  piove to a local board that he desires to invest the money in some  sound method of re-establishment.  A typical example of the need is  the case of a man in this district  who had purchased tools for shoe  and harness repairing out of his  gratuity. He then got the opportunity to buy a small place where  he could start in business, but  hadn't the means. The SCR.  could have made him a loan up to  $500 to purchase tools but under  the regulations could not assist him  in any other way. There are many  cases of this kind and the G.W.V.A.  will continue to fight for a mure  equitable aystem of re-establishment. At present the onl> men  to receive government assistance  are thoae trained by the S.C.R.  who are physically incapable of  following their former occupation,  and men going on the land.  A correspondent at the Mission  did well to call the attention ol  local returned soldiers to the  necessity of joining the G.W.V.A.  and helping to obtain a square  deal for ell returned citizena and  for the widowa and dependents of  those who will not return. Difficulties of any kind that confront  the ex-service man are looked after  by the G.W.V.A. and the aim of  the Aasociation since its inception  nearly three yeara ago has been to  give genuine service.  m        e  We have to acknowledge the  practical help the B. C. Returned  Soldier Commission have always  been ready to give. The refreshing absence of red take and the  dispatch exhibited by this government organization is a splendid  example to the Dominion Government of the good that can be accomplished when the right men  are put in charge and given a  chance to use judgment and com-  mon-sence. This Commission have  assisted us in half a dozen cases  this vear already.  John   Porter   left   Tueaday  for  Vancouver.  Kryptok Lenses  Make Comfortable Reading  When you are obliged to look  upward from your reading dis-  tent object! ate clear and distinct,  thua eliminating the removal of  glasses from time to time.  Let your next glasses be  KRYPTOKS  SYNOPSIS  OF  OOAIj  MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rifftaU of the Dominion  In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories, and in portion of the Province of Britiah Columbia may bo leased for a term of twenty-one years at  nn annual rental of |1 an acre. Not  more than 2,BOO aores will be leased to  one  applioant.  Applications for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-agent of the district ln  which tha rights applied for are situated.  Each application muat ba accompanied by a fee of |6, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  In surveyed territories the land must  be described by sections or legal subdivisions of sections, and ln unsurveyed  terrltot-y the tract applied for shall be  staked out by the applicant himself.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for tha full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, suoh returns shall be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will Include the ooal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10 an aore.  For full information applioation  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to the Agent or sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.  W. W. CORY.  (N.B.��� Unauthorised publication of  UUs advertisement will not be paid for).  Professional Cards  BURNE ?��� .VEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. G. Weddell.    ���   John P. Burne.  KBLOWNA  B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C.  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PARADES: The combined troop  will parade at the club room on  Friday, May 28th at 7.15 p m. in  full dress for final inspection before  the concert and for the investiture  ceremony, when all recruits who  have passed their their tenderfoot  tests will make their promise. The  combined troop will alao parade at  the clubroom on Tueaday the 1st  and Wedneaday the 2nd of June  at 7.15 p.m. The progress of the  new members of the bugle band  haa not been very fast and it is  possible thereforr that they will be  unable to furnish any items for the  concert. They will be advised as  to this at their parade on Thursday  of this week and as to what additional practices they will have, if  any, before the concert, which as  advertised is to be held on Friday,  the 4th at 8.15 p.m., and Saturday,  the 5th of June at 2.45 p.m.  We hope that it will not be necessary to rehearse any of the i ems  on the Thursday before, but theie  will be a full dress rehearsal at the  Theatre on Friday afternoon of the  concert day, the exact time of  which will be announced at the  parade on Friday of this week.  With the kind peimission of the  trustees an-I school principals we  hope to obtain our annual half-  holiday for the final afternoon rehearsal, but that permission wi|l of  course depend upon the manner  in which the school studies are attended to in the meantime.  ��� e  e  After the concert there will be  no further regular parades until  after the school closing examinationa are over. Then we ahall go  to camp and we \ iah the patrol  leaders to let ua know at once  whether there are any expressed  intentions from any of their scouts  of not attending camp. 1 he Court  of Honour wi.l then decide whether  such intention will permit of the  further membership of the proposed absentee in the troop.  e e  e  Our thanka are due to Provincial  Constable Graham for taking the  tests of aome applicanta for the  Marksman's Badge on Saturday  last, only one of whom, however,  Second H. Mantle, succeeded in  passing. Those who failed together  with any further applicants may  try on Saturday morning next.  a e  A scout's honour is to be trusted;  yes, and a scout on his honour haa  made the three-fold promise, the  third of which is that he will obey  the Scout Law. lhe second law  is that he is to be loyal. This in.  eludes loyaltv to the troop. To be  loyal to the troop you must be  loyal to the officers of the troop,  whether scoutmaster, assistant  scoutmaster, patrol leader or second, however distasteful it may be  to you as far as any one or more  of these indiv duals are concerned.  These officers in their turn must  be loyal to the troop, and the higher the office the greater the responsibility. The rehearsals for the  concert furnish some very striking  instances of faithful loyalty, and  careless, heedless disloyalty. What  we have to decide is aa to how far  the latter is thoughtless. We ask  you now to think and act acenrd-  ingly.  ��� ��  ���  All intending witnesses of our  concert who wish to have reserved  seats on Friday evening should  book the same at Willits' drug store  immediately because there is only  a limited number of then), twelve  rows to be exact. Any general  admission tickets purchased from  scouts may be exchanged for reserved seat tickets according to  the value of the former. Scouts  who aell general admission tickets  for reserved seats must keep track  of. and report aa to the number of  aame at each parade.  Ill Wil AHflS-**  Lessons in Voice, Piano, Monologues  HIGHEST REFERENCES  VERNA E. DALGLEISH  Piansforts Tsschsr  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Jobbing and Repairs  Phones: Business 164; Residence 91  P.O. Box 22  Mrs. P. C. A. ANDERSON  TEACHER OF DANCING  Classes Forming (or tha New Year  Phone for an .appointment  Studio���Knox Hall Class Room  For information phone 3105  J. Ae BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all classes  of work  (gmpAeaa  FRIDAY  AND SATURDAY    .  MARSHALL NEILAN'S firat produotion from  his own studio  "The River's End"  By James Oliver Curwood  A smashing new atory ot tha Northwest Mounted Police. Thay take you  to the edge of civilisation where men meat Ufa with all the stiength of soill  within them.  Also a Chester Outing and a Christie Comedy,  e*  Evening ���ne show only, 8.15, 25c'and 55c  Matinee at 3.30, 20c and 35c  MONDAY   AND  TUESDAY  EXTRA SPECIAL ATTRACTION ���  The only Talking Picture in the world  Serg. ATHERTON in  "SHELL SHOCKED"  Alto BERT LYTELL  in *  " One-Thing-at-a-Timew  Tangling the thre.ds of destiny by coneentrating on but one thing at a time  results in a series of the most laughable events you have ever seen offered  by Bert Lytell.   Also serial and comedy "A Million Dollars Reward.**  Evening one show only, 8.15, 25c and 55c  Special Matinee Tueaday at 3.30, 20c and 35c  Come one, come all, and hear Serg. Atherton.  WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY  That great spectacular production of feminine loveliness  "Every woman"  A carnival of beauty; a festival of loveliness  with the moat beautiful women, gorgeous  gowns and elaborate settings  The lavishnesa of thia production is incomparable I  Evening, one show only, 8.15, 25c and 55c  Matinee at 3.30, 20c and 3Jo  CREAM PRICES  from May 15th, 1920  Kelowna prices: No. 1 ���  70c per lb. butter fat  No. 2 - 68c '    ���'       ���  KELOWNA CREAMERY, LTD.  THE OIL SHOP  GASOLINE  Accessories and Tires  J, W. B. Browns, Proprietor -  COAL OIL  Lubricating Oils  BATTgRY SERVICE STATION  FREE AIR  VULCANIZING  DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE  CHEVROLET  You will be eurprised how little it coets to operate the Chevrolet ear. Twenty  five to thirty miles on ��� gallon of tfaiolene ie not an unusual rocord. The  cere-free, regular performance ie the Chevrolet rule.  Chevrolet "Four-Ninety" Touring Car >��� * handeome, roomy, comfortable car  ���a eat you can be proud to own.  490 Touring, $995 f.o.b. Q-hawa, Ont.  M. A. ALSGiCkD  m LOCAL DEALER    . .  New Show Rooms and.. J       .  Lawrenee AfeBua  Service Station Thuwday, May 27,1920  KBLOWNA  RRCOM  PAGE THREE  If ������  trMlNCO i.  PHONE   361 KELOWNA  New Embroideries and  Insertions  EXCELLENT  Values are  here in new embroideries made  of Fine Lawn,  Muslin & Long-  cloth. For' usefulness and long  wear these embroideries can  not be surpassed  Prices from 25c yard to 65c yard  Fine designs in 27-inch  Flouncing, whiclvare juat  suitable for babies' dresses $1.50 yard  A new assortment of  Valenciennes laces; these  are priced from 15c a  yard to 25c a yard.  New Skirts of Exceptional Merit  a,j .���     ~   Many new skirts are here in Tweeds, Plaids,  Silks and-Serges.' The styles are exceptionally  good at prices that are very reasonable.  Patent Pumps at $5.75  Two new styles are here in Black Patent Pumpa at this  low price. One style comes with lo*W heel while the  other style has a high heel. Both are made on the  colonial style witb. buckle.   Note the price  $5.75  Phone 40  P.O. Bos 613  PEMBERTON & SON  BROKERS  We   have clients for- 5   to  20 Also at  -acres Improved Farms VICTORIA  and Orchards VANCOUVER  and urcnards. CLOVERDALE  Listings of every description, solicited. CHILL1WACK  aad MISSION  A. B. BARRAT.  Near CP.R. Wharf.  Barnard Avenue,  Kelowna, B.C.  The Jenkins, Co., Ltd.  Livery and Transfer Stables  WAREHOUSING CARTAGE DISTRIBUTING  Touring Cars always on hand, day or night (all new)  Excursion Tally>Ho  Capacity 25 passengers.    Special rates.  m .'  Contracts taken for Heavy or Light Freighting  Furniture and Pianos moved with care  Our Trucks are all new and up-to-date  PHONE 30 DAY OR NIGHT  For Sale by Private Contract  Fifteen or Twenty Teams of  First-Class  Percheron Horses  (Mares and Geldings)  Age 4 to 8 years. Weight 1200 to 1400 lbs.  For further information apply  G. H. KERR, Auctioneer,  Kelowna  or at tha office of Harvey, Duggan and Dana.  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  R. Gray of Okanagan Mission  was a passenger to Vancouver  yesterday.  H. E. LeCain waa a passenger  Tuesday to Grenfell, Saak.  Mrs. Leslie Dilworth was a paasenger Tuesday to Brandon.  J. F. Burne is a viaitor this week  to the coast.  Mrs. Peter Dayman left venter-  day for Meyronne.  A dance will be held on Friday  June 4th, in the Ellison school-  house.   Admission 75c.  Pans and dishes left with the  Ladies' Hospital Aid on the 24th  can be had by calling at the Royal  Hotel.  Miss Almeda Oalces was a visitor last Saturday to Enderby.  Swan Olsen and family who have  been resident in town for some  months, left laat Saturday on their  return to Provost, Saak.  The regular monthly meeting of  the Ladies' Horpital Aid will be  held in the Board of Trade room  on Monday, the 31st at 3.30 p.m.  when reports of the various com-  mitteea of the 24th will be received.  This will Be the last meeting for  the summer months.  R. W. Ramsay of Okanagan  Mission in- his anxiety lo reach  town Saturday with hia car, drove  over the legal speed limit, and was  fined $5 and costs Tuesday tor the  offence.  Quong Tape, the proprietor, of  the City Park restaurant, has the  reputation of being a very genial  and law-abiding Chinaman and it  is therefore regrettable to find him  charged Tuesday with supplying  intoxicants to Indians. At his re  quest the case was adjourned until  Monday to allow him to engage  counsel.  I  Benvoulin Notes  Miss Lucy Brock of Oyama spent  the week-end visiting Miss D. Day,  Mr. Horace Chamberlain arrived  home on Saturday from Vancouver.  The Ladies' Aid of Bethel Church  met| at Miss Day's on Wednesday  last,  Fred Munson has let his place io  Mr Stanley and family from the  prairie.  The Benvoulin Auxiliary of the  W.M.S. will meet at the home of  Mrs. J. B. Fisher on Wednesday  nexl, June 2nd, the roll call word  to be "power."  The big wind storm of last week  did considerable damage in Benvoulin and vicinity. A lot of the  onions were blown out of the  ground snd much damage was  done to tomato plants  Several matters of importance  are'to be taken up rt the regular  monthly meeting of the U.F.B.C:  on Tuesday next, June 1st, and it  is hoped all members and others  interested will attend. The U.F.B.C.  and Dairymen are holding a banquet and it ia necessary that this  local commence on its part of the  work in getting it up. We will  have to try to do our share in  making the Benvoulin diatrict a  success, and the matter of exhibits,  etc, will be discussed at thia meeting.  COLUMBIA  STORAGE  BATTERY  SPRING. 1920  Your car haa been all tuned up  ready lor the road. How about  your Storage Battery ? la it in top  notch condition���full of pep and  ready for action ? We will teat it  for you FREE OF CHARGE. If  required, we will recharge, repair  or overhaul it at reasonable ratea.  In caae it needa replacement we are  the official station for the   famous  COLUMBIA  STORAGE   BATTERY  That marvellous little box of nerves  ready at ell times like a coiled  apring to apin your engine, light  your Tights and blow your hom.  Drive in today and become ac-  q uainted with our Free Service Dep.  Service on All Batteries  Don't tske it to "George." lot Bsrney do it I  Alfred A. Newstrand  Automobile Electrician  Tha Situ ol the Pyramid  Lawrence Ave.    Eaat of Pendon St.  *K*-*m��8*>"*8X*8-^^  Mr. and Mrs. Calderbauk were  up to Sicamous laat Friday.  Mias A. Macfarlane was a visitor  from Penticton last Saturday.  Miss Marjory Leckie returned  last weekend from Penticton where  she had been, visiting her sister.  Mrs. C. L. Lynch was a visitor  from Penticton last weekend.  Mrs. O. King snd Mrs. L. Smith  were visitors from Vernon Friday.  A quiet wedding was solemnized  in St. John's Church, Victoria, on  May 18th, when Miss Dorothy  GilUngham of Victoria, became  thebride ot Mr. Harold A. Renwick  of Vernon, formerly of Kelowna.  Mra. F. W. Simmons desires to  announce the marriage of her  daughter, Emma Lillian Millie, to  Joseph Patrick McGarrity, on Saturday, September 6th, 1919, by  Father Verbeke at the vestry of the  Church of the Immaculate Conception, Kelowna.  ���  Talking-Moving Pictures Here Next Week  Ever ready to secure the very  lateat in photoplaya for patrons ol  the Empress Theatre, the management'has secured for Monday and  Tueaday next, in addition to the  advertised program, a great novelty  which will appeal to all lovers of  the silent drama. This is a "talking"  or, to be more specific, a synchronizing photoplay, in which ex-Sergt.  J.J. Atherton, a recent arrival in  Kelowna, with his family, is the  screen artist.  This picture is a gigantic success,  and wherever shown has played  to capacity houses. There have  been previous attempts at "talking"  pictures in the past, but this lateat  innovation is pronounced by lhe  entire press of Western Canada as  marvellous, and recently the Free  Press of Winnipeg classified it aa  "a miracle of the hitherto silent  drama."  It is not a war story, in which  the audience might expect a series  of explosions, hut an episode in  the home-coming of a Canadian  soldier, in which a domestic tragedy  is narrowly averted. -It is a dramatic gem and bo full of startling surprises that the audience is kept  guessing until thehappy fade-away.  This special feature wiil be  shown on Monday and Tuesday  next at the matinee performances  and also on both evenings, and on  account of the length of the.program there will be but one show  each evening. The price of admiaaion will be 55c and 25c for children. There will be a special  matinee tor the children on Tuesday, when Sergt. Atherton wHl  deliver a apecial addreas to them.  Two of his children, Teddv and  Winnifred, pupils of the Kelowna  school, also appear in the film, as  does also Mrs. J. ���$. Atherton and  "Paddy the Dog."  HAVE YOU HAD A LOOK AT THE NEW  1920 Gray Dort Models  ^TT Don't neglect to drop into our show  ^n room and see the most snappy and  Ji attractive little car in town ��� lower  in price than most of the cars in their class.  We are prepared to give first-class service  with every car sold. Don't listen to criticism ; come and see (or yourself and we  will guarantee that Gray Dort will fight its  own battles. We also have some good buys  in Second-Hand Cars.  W.R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone  150  ���Mftsts-aooaticmooch^  The Corporation of   the City  of  Kelowna  TENDERS  FOR  ERECTION  OF HOUSES  , Tendera will be received by the under,  signed up to 12 o'clock noon on Monday,  June 7th, for the erection of a number of  Houses under the Better Housing Scheme.  Plana and specifications may be seen at  the office of the City Cleric. The lowest,  or eny, tender not necessarily accepted.  G. H. DUNN,  Kelowna, B.C., City Clerk.  May 26th, 1920. 28-9  Vulcanizing  Gto. Lane, Prop.  Corner Ellis St. and Bernar Av.  Dark Exploded!  He argued I  He protested I  He expostulated I  He even stamped his foot!  and that reminded him to set hit  store window out with the Shoei  that will stand tho ���tamp of jutt  criticitm. The Footwear placed  in the window it PRICED and  po patron is aent out of the atore  with a costly 'prize-packet.*  Chas. Dark  Tk* Fair Shoeman  THE KELOWNA BOY SCOUTS'  Tth Annual Entertainment  (ASSISTED BY   THE   WOLF CUBS)  TO BE HELD IN EMPRESS THEATRE, KELOWNA  Friday Evening, June 4th, at 8.1 5 p.m.  Saturday Matinee, June 5th, at 2.45  Programme includes troop songs: "The Lads of the Old  Old Brigade," "Frecklei" and "Have a Smile," Exhibition on Parallel Bars, Pyramids, Swinging Clubs, Signalling, &c, and Presentation of Badges.  Admission on Fridav  for everyone, 55c, with  252   Reserved  Seats on sale at Willita Drug Store, for SOc.  Admissior Saturday for Adults, 55c; Children, 35c (no reserve)  Now is the Time to Plant  the Garden I  d have better Vegetables 6 Flowers  GET CARTER'S TESTED SEEDS  Also 'Vegetable Plants and Bedding Plants and Hardy Perennials  We shall have on sale shortly a fine assortment of the celebrated  PORTLAND  ROSES  PALMER & ROGERSON  RICHTER STREET GREENHOUSES  PHONE 88 P.O. BOX 117  RICE BRAN  Onion Worms  SPRAYS  FERTILIZERS  SEEDS  ���   Try our No. 1 Chop  Better than Bran or Shorts (or Stock, Hogs or Poultry.  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Phone. :  Feed Store 29 ;  Office 37  Free City Delivery  AN EVERY DAY NECESSITY���  Conklin and Waterman  Self-filling Fountain Pens  A point to suit every hand,'and the price to  suit every pocket���  FROM   THREE  DOLLARS   UP  W.  M.  PARKER & CO.  jewelers'  w. w. pettigrew      .     -      -     manager PAGE FOUR  KELOWNA   SECOU3  Thursday, May 27,1920  Dr. SCHOLL'S  Foot Comfort  Appliances  Insure you against pain and loss  of time. Tired, aching (eet, weak  instep, broken down arch, flat  foot and rheumatism immediately  relieved and permanently corrected by wearing  TheScholl Tri-spring Arch Support  for men and women, endorsed by physicians, worn in  any shoe.   Price per pair $3.50 to $4.5|)  Dr. Scholl's Heel Cushion stops the jar on the heels,  relieves the nerves Price per pair, 50c  Bunion Reducers, Corn Plasters and Pads, Grip Heel  Liners, Toe Flex, for crowded toes and ingrowing nails  JUNE I Ith and 12th are the dates that Dr. Scholl's  foot experi will he at our store to give free consultation  on treatment and care of the feel.  BRING YOUR FOOT TROUBLES AND GET RELIEF  J. F. FUMERTON S CO.  THE CASH STORE , " It Paya to Pay Caah."  Dry Goods phone 58 ;   Grocery phone 35  Regular Delivery Hours :  Morning-9.30 and   I I        Afternoon-3 and 5  IN KELOWNA ON    Ol  Monday Next, May J*  Afternoon at 4 o'clock ;   Evening at 8.15  Buller's Show  rame  d  ofT  Animals  A clean, moral, refined show for young and old.    Well  spoken of wherever shown.  100 ANIMALS 100  s'-MM--W--B-��--��-W-��_-__fl__^M--M-M-**__^M-��-M-^-���_^-^-M-��_M-_i--���  Trained Dogs, Horses,  Monkeys, Ponies  Lady Clown Wire Acts Trapeze Acts  Flying Ladder Acrobatic Acts  Boiler's Returned Sorters' Concert Band  Every child entitled to a FREE Pony Ride under the  mammoth tent.  THE  Okanagan Brokerage  Phone 116  Bos 116  Opposite the CP.R. wharf  FOR SALE  43 acres on Vernon Road  adjoining School and Church.  5.roomed houie, Urge barn,  chicken houae. hog pen, two  wells cloae to house, root cellar  and wagon ahed.  Three acrea in Potatoes, five in  Tomatoea. ten acres in Alfalfa,  acre in carrola, 3 acres Timothy  and Clover, five acres in Macintosh Reds and two acres in  pasture.  Also 10J acrea rented for $65  per acre, which ia now in  Onions.  Estimated crop this year, $5,300  If aold before June lat crop to  go to the purchaser.  Price $16,000 cash.  Okanagan Brokerage  Phone 116]  KELOTNA CLUB  Until further notice, the t-nnie  courts and bowling greens will be  cloaed for play on Wednesdays,  commencing 2nd June.  Automobile  For Hire  H. B. BURTCH   -   Phone 180  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repairs  Now is the time to have  your Furniture overhauled,  re-covered or repaired. I  can re-upholster your auto,  or buggy aeat and make it  like new.  Mattresiea Pianos, 6cc.  Re-made Polished  Cosey  Corners  Made and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Lat* with Kelowna  Furniture Co.  PIANO TUNING  with a reputation and on merit  ALVIN E. PERKINS  has been delayed several  months owing to a long illness but will be in Kelowna  Delco Light  Electric Light and Power  for the Farm  WILLARD   BATTERY  SERVICE STATION  Batteries Sold, Repaired & Charged  CENERAL WIRING CONTRACTOR  W. JR. Thomson  Phone 342  Canadian centa of the new size  were struck at the mint for the  first time laat week. The first two  coins minted were presented by  the master of the mint to Sir Thos.  White, who, as minister of finance  brought in the necessary legislation latt year.  Want Ads.  FOB  SAL'S  FOR SALE, $13,000, the house oi G. E.  Seon, Harvev Avenue, Kelowna, Apply  Messrs. Mantle Ac Wilson or other agenta  or owner. 6ti*  $2,200. Well ��� built Cottage, Manhattan  Beach. Concrete foundation, cellar,  roomy attic. Houae 32 x 28. Chicken,  house and workshop. Apply P.O. Box  29. 2ltf  FOR SALE, few good Jeraey Cowa.   A.  W. Dalgleish, Rutland. EC. 2III  FOR SALE, high-grade Ayrshire Cows,  (rash ; thoroughbred Holstein Bulls.  B. F. Boyee. 23tf  FOR SALE, two second-hand   Automo.  biles, in good condition,   H. B. Burtch.  23ll  FOR SALE. Seed Beans, 8c to IOc pound  Apply W. T. Barber, Rutland.        24tf  FOR SALE, Saddle Horae. cheap. Apply  Seon Jnr., Kelowna. 25tf  FOR SALE, Team, Harneaa and Wagon.  Apply John Sutherland. 26tf  FOR SALE, thick Caipeta and Curtains  from O E. Seon, on sale at Stockwell's,  Ud. 27th  FOR SALE, good Horse, rider or driver.  Apply Mra. H. G. M. Wilson, Royal  Avenue.  27tf  TEAM, mates, aged, registered imported  Clyde and grade Percheron. $450.  A. W. Cooke, Kelowna Field. Box 126,  Kelowna. 27-8  FOR SALE, Houses. Bearing Orchards,  Cattle Ranches, City Property. Pem-  berton At Son, Bernard Ave. 27tf  FOR SALE, 1918 Model Chalmera Car in  good condition,mileage run 14600 miles,  self starter and electric lighting, on inspection Vemon, B.C., apply P.O. Box  220, Vernon. Highest or any tender not  necessarily accepted. 27-8  FOR SALE, good dining room Suite, 8  pieces, almost new. Atkinson, Manhat.  tan Beach. 28p  *lOUNG PIGS for sale.    Apply Caaorao  Broa.'Office, Kelowna. 28.1  arriMTioNs wanted  WINDOW, Office and House Cleaning,  and other odd joba wanted. Arthur  Gardiner, Box 482. j  SITUATIONS VACANT  HELP WANTED. Wanted, capable man  (married preferred), for ranch work.  Must be good milker and able to handle  dairy herd and live atock. Apply Dr.  C. W. Dickson, Vernon Road, phone  3203. 28-9  MISCELLANEOUS  VACUUM  CLEANER for tent.   Apply  W. R. Thompson, phone 342.       I8tf  WANTED, good Mare, about 1,500 lba.  to work single.   Apply Norris, Ellison.  22tf  HAVE YOU ENROLLED for your I.CS.  Kcourse yet )   Free  booklet  on   request  n to International Correspondence Schools  Canadian, Ltd., 6 Leckie  Block, Kelowna.  25tf  FOUND, young Colt, black. Owner apply  Campbell, near Brick Yard  26  pp':  >.9c  LOST, a Lady's Gold Watch and Long  Chain. Good reward for return to Re.  cord Office. 274  LOST, a Stirling ailver Puree with a Canadian Pacific pass enclosed. Mra. S. C.  Graham, (27-8  LOST, on the night of the 24 th, amall  suitcase containing suit, between Kelowna and Vernon. Finder please communicate with W. E. Adams, Kalowna.    28  NOTICE. All persons are warned againat  Eurchasing the property at Benvoulin  nown aa the Lytic place (north 20  acrea), on which is a canning factory,  from anyone save the undersigned, who  ia in possession of the same. H. J.  Turner. ' 28tl  Misa Dillon will be pleated to meet  ladiea requiring Spirella Corsets at Room  5, Oak Hall Block, on Saturdays, from 2.30  to 5.   Phone 115 for special appointment,  The Corporation of the City  of  Kelowna  TENDERS FOR HAULING ROCK  Tenders will be received by tha under,  signed up to 5 p.m. on Monday, June 7th,  for hauling 100 cubic yards mora or leaa  of Shale Rock from Dilworth Mountain to  the City Park. The lowest, or any, tender  not necessarily accepted.  G. H. DUNN,  Kelowns, B.C, City Clerk.  May 26th, 1820. 28  Orchard for Sale  53 acrea. 26 acrea in treea, all good  variatiea of Applea, 8 to 10 yeara  old. Balance or 27 acrea ia good  orchard land, at present uaed for  paature. Water for domeatic purposes on property all the year round.  Alao connected with good ayatem  for irrigation.  THOS. BULMAN  Cloverdale Ranch  Vernon Road      Phone 3206  PAISLEY'S  General Motor Delivery, -c  Ready ior Anywhere at Any Time  PHONE 3102  I, guarantee prompt service  and satisfaction  Auction  Saturday, June 5th  at the reaidenea of  W. W. Grummett  Hanrey At., opposite Palmer's greenhouse  at 2 p.m.  Driving Mare Cutter      Top Buggy  2 seta Single Driving Harneaa  Stock Saddle and Bridle        2.hone Plow  (���horse flow     Cultivator    Wheelbarrow  Set Moulding Planea, Stanley Mills  Set iron Bench Planea       2-inch Augur  Lot of Carpenter'a Tools Buggy Jack  Hay Fork and Pulley Crowbar  Iron Pump and Piping complete  Hay Knife Porks, Shovels, Chaine  And various other articles.  HOUSEHOLD  FURNISHINGS  Dining room Table Kitchen Table  Large Mirror       Stretcher and Mattress  Bedstead, Springe and Mattress  Sideboard Writing Deak  Oak Centra Table Rattan Rocker  Lounges, one Leather        Cook Stove  Sewing Machine, Raymond  Wood Heater Coal Heater  Washing Machine and Wringer  Copper Boiler       Waehtuband Board  Stone Churn Bread Mixer  Cream Separator, one or two cow lixe  Steam Cooker Parlor Lamp  Hanging Lamp Angle Lamp  Diahea and Glassware 4 Lamps  Quantity Sealera Quantity Books  Set   Practical   Reference   Library in  aix  volumes  Clock 3 Toilet Seta  Many other articlea  TERMS  CASH  E. W. Wilkinson & Co.  Established 1893  Real Eatate and Insurance  Phona 2M Next door to Post Office  LARGE BUNGALOW, fully modern, 6  rooms, hot and cold water, built-in buffet  | |in duiing room, open fire place ia sitting  room, entrance hall, cupboards in three  bedrooms, lot 50 x 120. Tha nicest '  bungalow in town, juat finished. Only  $5,500.  TWO-STOREY Frame House. 3 bad.  rooms, dining and sitting room, kitchen  fitted up with cupboards and bins, bathroom fully modem, hot and cold water,  verandah back and front, woodshed,  house practically new. $3300 on terms.  Ready for immediate possession.  TWO-STOREY Frame House, fully mod.  em, bath, hot and cold water, cement  basement, let 120 a 100, large stable and  garage. A snap, only $4,500. Half cash  balance to arrange.  I WO.STOREY Frame House, bath, hot  and cold watar, 6 rooms, stable, wood"  shed, including two largo lots. $3,200  $1,500 cash, balance to arrange.  BUNGALOW, 5 rooms, bathroom, fully  modern, verandah bask and front, woodshed, chickenhouae. $4,400, half cash,  including two lots.  TWO-STOREY Frame House, 0 rooms,  kitchen, woodshed, chickenhouae, stable  large cement basement $2,200 cash,  worth $3,509. Don't mias this chance  to pick up a snap.  BUNGALOW, 5 rooms, bathroom, fully  modern, large verandah on front, woodshed, lot 60 x 120, ready for immediate  possession.   $3,500 on terms.  TWO-STOREY Brick House, 7 rooms,  fully modern, with furnace heating, full  basement, 'garage, chickenhouae, largo  lot. 70 x 150. Only $4,500, Ine than  what it cost to build.  We have oome choice Lake Shore Property for sale situated at Okanagan  Mission.  Office hours, 9 to 6 p.m., Saturdays V to  10 p.m.  Stockwell's, Ltd., Auctioneers  Auction  At the reaidence of  S. W. RICE  Water Street and Willow Avenue  Thursday, June 10th  Commencing at 2 p.m.  Oak Centre Table 2 aea grass Chaira  2 Children'a Rockers Oak Hall Mirror  9x12 Persian Carpet 4 Round Hall Mats  Willis Upright Grand Piano  Oak extension Dining Table  Set oak Dining Chaira       3 Bedroom Mate  6x9 Congoleum Rug   Golden oak Dreaaer  White irom Bed, Mattreaa and Springe  Jap Rug. 9x12      3 Bedroom Mate  3 white enamel Chaira       9x9 Jap Mat  2 white iron Bed, Mattreaa and Si  Fumed oak Dreaaer Kitchen Tab!  A Kitchen Chaira        Pota and Pans  Pair crimson rep Curtains and Braaa Roda  Crockery           Glassware Sealers  Lawn Mower        50 ft Rubber Hose  Garden Tools            Many other articlea  TERMS  CASH  Spring  ~ible  Stockwell's, Ltd., Auctioneers  -AN-  Importan! Auction Sale  of 150 Head o! Cattle  will be held by T. J. Trapn h Co., Ltd.,  Auctioneers, for Messrs, McAllister It Co.,  on the premiaea  Half-mile (rom Vedder Sub-Station  Sumes Prairie,  Tueiday, June  lat.  1920, at 11.30  Terma .caah  Where cattle are ahipped by rail Messrs.  McAllister & Co. will attend to ahipping.  Write the auctioneer for further particulara  Car For Hire  (McLaughlin Six)  Day Phone 116 Night Phone 5502  J.  GRANT  Plastering  BY   SKILLED  WORKMEN  J. ROSSI  P.O.Box 110  St. Paul Street    Kelowna  ELZCTKIC  WAeWl  This Washer  Pays for Itself  In One Year  The Time Saver Electric Washer  saves enough money to pay for  itself the first vest. It saves the  washer woman i wages; it saves  laundry bills: it uvet the clothes,  for they last four times at long  when washed in this machine. It  saves doctor's  bills, for it  cuts out back-  breaIti ng  drudgery.  Time Saver -  Electric  Washer  Costi lets to tun than the washer  women cats. It operates for 2c. an  hour, and it easier to rim than a  tewing machine.  It is moderate in  price. We have  a Time Saver  ready to show  you. Let us i  demonstrate it ip  vow own home.  **Phoas or call  si ws Stars.  W. W. LOANE  Phone  349  Opposite Sa-vmill Office  WM. HAUG & SON, Phone 66  Get your order in EARLY for your winter's  supply of  COAL COAL  ���������  IH


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