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 t^SfowsTC Ovrt»
I .50   Per Annum
Brigade Concert
To-Morrow Night
rxr^sK^ei-vse    and    Varied Pro-
aamtme   to   l>e~  Rendered
•fc>y      Local     Artistes
e,n.o<.>u*-.t*gem%*nt (fiven to tho firo
»-<J.e Hoys in their efforts to raise
i^^-n-ole funcl. both by artistes who
y»»r*->r*».ise<"i t h« -i 1- iictual asttistancu
.-he concert .     an<i     the   advertisers,
tm.a.'v-e;     hy    taking    ejpeaoib   in   the      ad-
*ir*£r F>age» of        the   programme,
this    f>art    of   the   venture   11  great-
-»_*<L-*L-e»**       t hun     wam    ever   ho|»■ *d      for
&«      voiry    gratifying   indeed   to   the
e>*-** of the>       Brigade,   and   their
t hanks are duo and very read-
r*.«_lere<i t*i all -who have contribu-
t he &*u«."c-e**ei of the venture-
lit ooe<rl that the townspeople of
'««. ^-vill turn out in full force to
ar*<7**r-i on Friday night. A splen
-<r:>cr»-4n. m me has t>e«*n prepared and
is renderetJ bv the following ar-
-^1 -c*a_ -I . >f . Harvey, Miss Pear
xa.«JI Messrs. FI. Tocl Hoyd, Drury
<"3 - S3« McKenzie, Orant Ferrier,
riealo, I-"ric Uart, f.eo. Hayes,
^S^oefTZ uire, and Fireman Browne.
"hjy-IIis* F*itt and Mr. Pedlar, who
s3<z» promised to appear, jwere un-
»-"fcely called airtfy    fronT'town
* he      r»o**r»oned    date   of   the      con-
tKe      Ilrigade     has    been   brought
less      into     t he    limelight   owing
1 *■* effort     t o     raise    funds,   many
r-»en t a,ry remarks,        have       Ijeen
r-elat-i-\.-<* to     the     efficiency    and  •
itude -oaf tlie members in case of
k- striking illustration of this
1 «->r»Iy yesterday       when       an
*£      fir**     was*     turned   in   from      Dr.
ros^idenc-e      on      ffarvey    Avenue.
e-xm     hle-w    a.    few    minutes   after the
w hi a=» t le     fi a< J    gone,   and     most     of
rm       -^-vere     cm     their     way    to    their
*"<~>x-      their     mid-day    meal. Yet
•of      this    fact,     within   one   niin-
* he      '•whisrtle     blowing,    tho   syren
r-e     trucrlc    was    heard   as   themac-
the    high    spots   *^>xx   the  road   to
vvith and    this    fact   should   be
full orerw on board. The roof the Brigade, with the ex-
«r» f t hose men    out   of   town,
* ho     ^*<j:er»o    of   the    (ire   within five
**.n<ri       *: be     combined    efforts    of
ha,<i      the     lire    out    and       the
*.el<. **.t      tho     tire    hall   by    one
"I'ho      blaze     was     a    dangerous
i*~l ha«J it     not    been   for   the
a. r*.t»ear&n.£:e,     the    house   would
certainly have    been    a   total
:*«e oecu rrence of such fires as
=*e«=l merely by a spark from
■■eBjjr being blown under a shin-
t here fanned into a flame by
"v\"ind prv^vailing at the time,
L*tes« us realize to the full the
**. wel I -trained,     w ell -equipped
»-rt TOont „     and     the    oity   of   Kol-
to     he     congratulated   on      the
M       <L>f      such     an    enthusiastic   or-
as     she    has    in    the   Kelowna
Kire      Hritrade.
ra       -%.^-il!      rt.ll     l*e    on    duty   at      the
■ * s*e      OKI     Friday    evening,     and
*^>r»e     t  h/in    pjeaeed    if      thev   find
v-     -t. *o    carry    in    a    further   sup-
■* «.irs»i      to     fill     the    demand      for
seating    capacity   of     the
i«      around     oOO.    the   popu-
Kelowna     oould    fill    it    several
r~-        ar»-rl       tbe     admission    fee       i«*
f"t«     01-    iSO    cents. "Vow,   eitt-
e I .0 -w era a „ wee to it that th-.-re
■cs#». .n t seat s in the house on
rht _ The     Fire    T*rigade,    for
9 "■ m**-      in      its*     history    is    asking
e* u pport . T>o    they   get   it?
ioe-     reeeif^tw    on    Friday  night
this      question.
Institute Crop
rting     of    the    directors   of  the
istitute     held    last     Saturday
|ded     that     the    foil-owing   four
itions      should     be    held   this
[ fix    years    and   over),
■a.n<l      T~w-»tntoew.
1 — T>a.lgli«h,     of    Okanagan
might,    he    mentioned,   has
|;>)><>inted    secretary      of     the
»«-i      attends    at    the   Institute
>v ednesday     and     Saturday
l^ntries    in    the competition
•i<Je<l      in    at    once   to   him or
tors- PAGE TWO  KELOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916  KELOlafNH RECORD  Pnblisked *wy Thurafey nt Kttowna,  Brills* Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  <Upitij  *eji>  8DB80RIPT10M HATES  II.?H)    pe-i    ,i't.r.    76ti..    cii    months.   United  HtaUu. 60 renti additional.  All uiili'icfiiiiitriiii UAvnblv in nrivnnm  SubaiTilteri At Ilia reirulnr r��t�� ran havo  ttxtrn nftiMTK iimilml to Iriaiuli at a dinliwa  nt  OALF RATA,  ���������.. 7B amis Per vmr.  Tlii* snonul prlyUtSa i" irrnnted tor tbti  IIUTDON ol A(lvprt'ir>inir tha rltv nnd district.  ADVERTISING  RATES  LOME NOT1CKS. PROFESSIONAL OARDS,  BTOm ������B rent* pur column Inch nor weak.  LANS AND TIMBER NOTICES-30 davs, ����������  tlD davs 17.  WATER NOTICES-!.) for llv* insertion*.  LEGAL   ADVEnTLSINO-Flrst    Insertion.    12  cent* ner  line: each mbaemiant Inttertlon. S  cents net Hue.  OLABBIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS -2 osnU  per word firm inaertion, 1 cent per word  ea.m ���ubaeouei.t Inaertion.  DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS - TWO inohna  and under. 60 centa ner inoh first inMurtlon  over two Inchea 40 cente Der inoh (ir.it in  atirtion: 20 L-enla ner Inoh eaoh eubaeuuent  Inaertion.  result from the dropping  of auch  mischievous distinctions.  ��� AH changea in contrtict adverti*etnonln muni  be In the bandit of the printer bv Tuesday  eveninu to ensure publication iu tbe next  (seas.  ABOUT OURSELVES  We are not at all (ond of talking  about ourselves and we do sn in  this instance somewhat reluctantly.  It has been brought to our notice  more than once lately that there  are some mistaken notions abroad  respecting the ownership and control of the Kelowna Record. No  doubt some insinuations which  have been made on the public  platform lately have given rise to  these ideus, and perhaps all the  more because we allowed them to  pass unnoticed.  It might be as well, therefore,  for us to make a few statements of  our own which will leave no room  for doubt.  In the first place, then, the Kelowna Record is not and never was  owned by any company or group  of individuals, the sole ownership  and management being in John  Leathley, to whom1, therefore, all  its shortcomings must be directly  attributed.  No other individual locally or in  the wide world than the aforesaid  John Leathley has one five-cent  piece invested in the Kelowna Record.  No political party, Conservative  or Liberal, has any voice or influence in the policy or management  of the Kelowna Record, and never,  on any occasion, has the Kelowna  Record received any money or the  loan of any money from any party  or individual as payment or inducement for political support���neither  directly through the front door  nor left quietly on the back slept  ���and no undue patronage fur ther  than in the ordinary way of business has been given to the Kelowna  Record for any such purpose.  These are plain statements and  we want it to be perfectly clear  that there is no catch or joker in  any of them.  In short, there are no strings on  the Record of any kind, and we are  perfectly at liberty at any time to  give support or not to any movement or political candidate as our  judgment dictates without interference from any quarter.  The above are matters of fact  but there are still some matters of  opinion, especially in connection  with the present political contest,  which we would like to mention.  Although many people have  fallen into the habit of regarding  the Record as a Conservative  paper yet it is a fact that we have  never in our columns claimed direct allegiance to any party. It is  true that we hold the belief and  have freely expressed it, that many  excellent legislative measures which  have been before the provincial  government during the past year  or two, and especially some which  are included in the present government programme, are deserving of  the support of every intelligent and  fair-minded man. It is also true  that while we believe the present  government's actions and personnel  are open to criticism on many  points, we have not joined in the  Liberal hue-and-cry against the  government, a campaign which we  believe to have been largely insincere and pre mpted in a great  measure by rival political ambitions.  In fact, we believe that the country has had enough .of party politics, and that cleaner, saner, and  more efficient government would  But as a local paper we are concerned more with the affairs of our  own district.  We feel tiiat this district is at  present passing through a crisis in  its development wlu.li makes it  imperatively necessary to put fur.h  every energy and marshall eve.y  available force and intelligence if  we are to make any progress at a  towards becoming a prosperous  community on a more sound and  permanent basis than hitherto.  Iir the selection of a representative for this riding this fact slwulcj  be borne in mind, and the ternp'a  tion to go off into, what to us at  least, are side issues, resisted. Our  representative in the provin'ill  house must be a man who has a  close practical knowledge of our  local affairs, the time and energy  and lovalty to the district to devote  himself to the solution of our problems! and business and financial  experierrce which will enable him  to speak with authority when our  problems are presented to the  government.  We have frankly supported the  candidature of Mayor Jones for the  position of our political representative, not because he is a Conservative but because we believe him to  be the most suitable candidate  available.  We may be right in this or we  may be wrong, but in justification  of our position we might say that  we have been for many years now  thrown into very intimate contact  with most of the undertakings and  movements and problems of the  district and have had therefore a  little more than the ordinary opportunity for observation on which to  base conclusions.  We know of nothing in the past  record of Mayor Jones which  should not give us every confidence  that his well recognized ability and  energy will be given faithfully to  our interests here, as thev have  always been in the past to any  movement for the good of the district. His activities in many lines  of useful public service are too well  known to need further comment  here.  At the same time we have refrained from any harsh criticism of  the Liberal candidate, Mr. L. V.  Rogers, for whom we entertain a  real personal regard and respect,  and for many reasons we regret  that we do not feel justified in  as-  An Island of Bones  BAKING-POWDER!  Mission Red CrossSociely  According to a statement hiuulrd lo  i by the treasurers ^lr. It. |��� Dal-  glishi tl��' roooipts o( tho Jumble Sale  held (it Oktum^nn Mission on Thursday, April -7th, in mil nf the funds of  thu Mission branch of tho ltwl CJroi  Society* wore as follows:���  Clothing stall   |3fl.40  Candy unci china atn.11  2U.0O  Plants   and sundries  11.75  Clairvoyant        4.35  Sideshow  "Dwarf"       2*45  Sideshow   "Dwarf"    2.45  Teas       ii.00  Auction   13.86  Donation    (a  friend)     10.00  $116.80  sisting him in what might be under  other circumstances a perfectly  legitimate and laudable ambition,  Well,' we started out to say only  a few words, and as often happens,  we have said a good many. But  it is the plain unvarnished iruth,  and we feel tempted to now conclude by saying to those who are  disposed to cavil at the motives of  the Record, as they used to say in  Yorkshire, after indulging m a  little straight talk, "Put that in  your pipe and smoke it " 1  Alaska turn her skeletons���not mere  reminders of exploitation, but real  bones. They are on the I'ribilof Ih-  lunds over an area of a mile long, a  mile wide, and many feet deep. Secretary of Commerce Kedfield points out  Lhoir valuo as fertilizers, and if grinding and transportation facilities can  bo found, here is an important material that will go a groat way toward  meeting our needs for phoBphorus and  nitrogen for tho noil.  It Booms that many goner at ions of  seals dying on the roast of the I'ribilof Islands have laid up this reserve  of fnilili/.er whioh has been discovered  just at the time when wo need it most  Dospito the many surveys thai have  been made for fertilizing material, a  critical need is still to bo met by the  now discovery. Tho day of our starvation as the result of an Impoverished  and barren soil is thus pushed into  tho moro remote future.���The Country  Gentleman.  DOUKHOBORS TO FIGHT  Ninety Doukhobors of tho Yorktan  district, Saskatchewan, havo joined a  local battalion for service in Europe.  Tho religion of tho sect is against war  and violence in general, and some of  its members have boon persecuted in  tho past for their beliefs. Tho recruits  who have taken up nrnis must be convinced that thoir is a time when lighting is justified and thnt that time has  arrived. The incident also may bo an  indicat ion that the younger people  among the Doukhobors are adopting  Canadian   ways.���'Montreal  Gazette.  Renew for the Record  Expert Automobile Repairs  We have lately secured highly-skilled automobile mechanics, and with our excellent modern  equipment, one of the best in Western Canada,  we are in a position to guarantee satisfactory  - service --=  " Ford " Dealers  Kelowna Garage & Machine Works Co., Ltd.  DO IT WM Jt YEAR  cultivating a dying tree. Examine your orchards and replace  at once with varieties that will stand the winter. I have some  first-class trees, one and two years old, of the following varieties-  Yellow Transparent LivelanrJ Raspberry' Duchess of Oldenburg  Fameuse (Snow) Mcintosh Red Wealthy Canadian Baldwin  Delicious Jonathan Orinco Golden Russett Newtown Pippin  Hyslop Crab Apples   .      Trayiscendant Crab  I have also the following Seed-Dent Corn, Oats, Marquis Wheat,  Radish Ssrr.1, nnd Early Potatoes  THOS. BULMAN (Cloverdale Ranch)  Phones 3206, 306,116  Though a Little Behind Schedule  Brighten your home to conform to external conditions  f< 3B      "���"CT | You will require:  New Wallpaper  New Linoleum  New Draperies  New Rugs  WE HAVE THEM  The quality, the variety and our prices will please you  Kelowna Furniture Company  Chevrolet Four Ninety  "THE PRODUCTION OF EXPERIENCE"  Regular Equipment.     Mohair Tailored Top.     Envelope  and Side Curtains.     Electric Horn.     Clear Vision Ventilating Wind Shield.    Speedometer.   Electric Starting and  Lighting System.     Ammeter and Licence Brackets  We use the Stewart Speedometer. Two-unit "Auto-Lite"  Starting and Lighting System, with Bendix Drive, same  type   and   grade as  used  on  the  highest - priced   cars  SPECIFICATIONS  MOTOR���Four cylinder, valve-in-head, 3  ll-16-in, bore,  4-in. stroke,  CYLINDERS���Cast en bloc, with upper half of crank case.  Head detachable.  VALVES��� I J-in. diameter.  CONNECTING ROD BEARINGS-1 7-8-in. by I 3-8-in.  CRANK SHAFT BEARINGS-Front 2 5-16-in. by I 3-8-in  centre I J-in, by I 21-32-inch; rear. 2 I l-16-in.by I J-in.  Centre bearing it bronze back, babbitt lined.  CAM SHAFT BEARINGS-Front 2 3.8-in. by I 5-16-in.:  centre I  l-8-in. by I 9-32-in.; rear I 7-16-in. by I l-4-in-  OILING SYSTEM���Splash with positive plunger pump,  individual oil pockets.  CARBURETOR���Zenith improved double jet.  IGNITION���Simms' high tension magneto. Where electrically equipped, Connecticut Automatic Ignition is  used.  CLUTCH-Cone.  TRANSMISSION Selective type, sliding gear three speeds  forward and reverse.  COOLING���Thermo.syphon system, cellular radiator of  extra size, with large overhanging tank carrying head  of water over valves at all times.  REAR AXLE���Three-quarter  floating, wheel  bearing is  carried on the wheel hub and  in   axle housing.   The  load is carried on axle housing, and not on axle shaft.  [Patent   pending).     Nickel steel   shafts   and   gears.  Hyatt roller bearings.   Ratio 3J to |,  FRONT AXLE���Drop forged, I-beam with integral yokes  of   special   steel,   double   heat-treated; tie  rod ends,  steering spindles and arms of Chrome Vanadium steel,  heat-treated.    Wheels fitted with cup   and   cone ball  bearings.  BRAKES���Emergency,   internal   expanding;  service, ex-  ternal contracting; 10-in. brake drums (patent pending)  WHEELS���Wood artillery type, clincher rims, large hub  flanges.  TIRES-30-in. by 3ft.in.  DRIVE���Left  side, centre  control, spark and throttle un.  derneath steering wheel.    Foot accelerator.  STEERING GEAR���Compound apur  and   sector-adjustable for wear. [Patent pending). 15-in. steering wheel.  SPRINGS--Front, quadruple, lateral, quarter elliptic shock  absorbing.   Made of Chrome Vanadium steel. (Patent  pending).    Rear, long, Cantilever type.  BODY��� Five-passenger touring type, streamline with deep  cowl  and   dash,   Extra wide  doors  with concealed  hinges.  FINISH-Black. '  .  WHEELBASE���One hundred and two inches.  Price Complete $775, f.o.b. Kelowna  Burbank Motor Com'y  Wanted  Buggies, Democrats  Single Work Wagons, Double Work  Wagons,   Ploughs,  Harrows, Cultivators, Seeders, Single Driving Harness,  Single Work Harness, Sewing Machines, Refrigerators^.,  Dressing Tables, Side Boards, Kitchen Tables, Sets of  Drawers, Kitchen Tables, Chairs of all kinds, Cook  Stoves, Ranges���  Anything you have for sale sold  on commission  If you want to buy or sell anything see  STOCKWELL, the Auctioneer  Printed Butter  Wrappers  According to the new  Dominion Government  regulations all farmers  who sell butter either  to the stores or privately, are required to have  it properly covered in  a wrapper on which  MUST.appear in prominent letters the words  "DAIRY BUTTER."  The tact is also emphasized that all butter  in auch packages must  be of the full net weight  of sixteen ounces, and  in default of same a  fine of from $10 to $30  for each offence it imposed. .Whey butter  must be so labelled  even when mixed with  dairy butter, and dairy  butter retains its label  though it be ' mixed  with the creamery product.  You can be supplied  with neatly - printed  wrappers for your  butter at the Kelowna  Record Office, for the  following prices:  100PAP^upDrNG$l.50  200  500  1000  2.00  275  375  These prices include Both the  Paper, which is the best obtainable  for the purpose, and the Printing  of same.   Please note this.  Kelowna Record THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916  KEfcOWNA  RECORD  PAGE THREE  MM  Rae's Great Sale  ����������  continues to draw the crowd from all  over the valley to take advantage of  the last wonderful money-saving event  Men's  Boots in  odd lines  Regular values  up to $5  Sale Price  $2.65  Come in early and don't be  disappointed by finding those  goods you expected to buy gone  If we have anything in stock you  require don't lose time and money  reading mail order catalogues. The  stock is going out fast and we are  absolutely positive you will never  have such an opportunity again for  years. By comparing our prices  you can recognise the big saving  this sale affords you.   Come early.  Ladies'  Pumps &  Slippers  In small sizes,  up to $5  Sale Price  $1.95  Boots & Shoes, Dry Goods, Gents/Furnishings  Read a Feu) Cut Price Examples:  Embroidery Linen ^Oc    Heavy D"  7ax yd.  Sheeting  30c up  Lawns from.  15  cup  Circular Pillow Cotton..  22^cup  Chintz or Comforter Cloth..  Sheets  Pillow Slips, each.  17iC  ���I7jc  ��p I . 7 J pr.    Denim, Kahlcj Duck and Ticking at���  Wholesale Prices  White Turkish Toweling... 1 7 , r ���n    Canton Flannel, bleached or unbleached    I / jrl/ up        7 and 8-oz. duck /Or Vfl  Ladies' Hose, in silk,. _ . ,   .-. -  Lisle and Cotton. | JCtO$ I .Lj  Per pair from   Glass Cloth | 5r  urtain Muslins 20c  A Few Prices From the Boot and Shoe Department  Prints and Ginghams at... | 9jo \jA  Good Flannelette at 1 9ir  vr]  Ladies' and Misses' Summer. f.  Underwear in great vari- | _)C UD  ety... Per garment  Men's good Working Shirts at... ��>()r  ��� ���  Men's Hals and Caps 11   If  p   ���  in many lines at ... �� ^O-U  I  I ICC  Cream Bar Muslins, White Pique, Middy  Cloth, Striped Ratines, Fancy Cotton-  ads, Pretty Coral Crepe-  All at Sale Prices  Children's Boots, in fan, Black and Red,  Sizes 3 to 7, reg. $1.50, Sale 75c  Misses' Box Calf School Shoef.j-eg. $3,  Sale price is $2.25  Little Girls' Boots in Dongola Kid, reg.  $2 and $2.25, Sale price is $1,65  Men's Fine Boots, in Box Calf and Vici  Kid leather, all Reduced.   Boys'Fine Box Calf, sizes  I  to 5   reg.  $4, Sale price is $2.75  Little  Gents' Box Calf, sizes  II  to   13,  reg. $3, Sale price is $2.25  Men's Kip Bluchers, a good soled leather  working boot, reg. $4 & $4.50..,$2.95  Men's 15-inch Leg  Kip Boots, in large  size, reg. $6 (fine working boot). $3.40  Children's Strap Slippers, sizes 5 to I0J  reg. $2 and $2.25, Sale price $1.50  Misses' Strap  Slippers, sizes   11 to 13,  reg. $2.50, Sale price is $1.75  Littln Gents'School Shoes, sizes 6 to 10.'.  reg. $2.50 and $3, Sale price i8 $|,65  Boys'  Box  Kip,  sizes  I  to 5, reg. $3,  Sale price is    $2.45  Leckie's High Cut Boots. Regular value  $7.   Sale price is $5.25  Leckie's Working Boots for men.   Reg  values $5.   Sale price is $3.45  Ladies' Slippers, up to $2.50. Sale price  >��� $1  Tents  A few small sizes left  One-third Off  Rae's Store  L. RICHMOND - Sales Manager  Trunks  Various shapes & sizes  One-third Off  MAKING A PLATITUDE  CORRECT  AN   EXCEPTION  Tommy was undergoing chastisement  at tho hands of his outraged mother  foe eating the jam.  "Tommy," she said, "this hurtB me  more than it'.does'you;"  And when Tommy was alone he produced a squaro piece of wood which he  had placed where it1 was needed and  murmured reflectively: I thought  that hoard would not do hor hand  any good."  ".Remember, my sou," said the father, "that politeness costs nothing."  "Oh, I don't know," returned his  young hopeful, "Did you ever try putting 'Vory respectfully yours' nt tho  end of a telegram?"  A y_oung reporter who took bis first  check to the b&nk and was asked by  the teller to endorse it on the back,  wrote; "I heartily endorse this .chock."  Toaoher; Name an animal that has  bristly hair, a long nose, tiny eyesi  and is always dirty through ploying  in tho mud.  New pupil (dismally): Please, miss,  that's me.  Guard (to boy passenger) :Now then,  young fellow, do you know you aro  travelling seoond class with a third  cIsbs ticket?  Boy: I paid 2d for that ticket, and  I got into a enrriago with a 2 marked  on it,    What else could 1 do?  ECONOMICAL WIFE  Okanagan Ambulsuce League  i  RK.POUT FOR APRIL  Balance from   March   8189.75  Mr. Mackn^sa        2.00  Salt' of needle protectors       1.75  ���Contribution  basket 25  Mr.  DuMoulin       1.00  Proceed of pony raffle (donated by Mr. Dundfts)       50.00  Leap Year dance        53.05  Sale of badges         .20  Mrs. Drysdale        1.00  Anonymous   '       .50  Total   398.93  Expenses for April    166.02  ltalni.ee in Inuut  1132.01  The following articles Imve been sent  to headquarters during the month:  110 puir of socks, (> pairs of bed  socks, 20 operation stockings, .'10 largo  manytails, 200 small pads 5 hot water  bottl% covers, 50 knitted face cloths,  30 T bandages, 10 suits of pyjamas  ono odd coat, 40 abdominal binders,  180 towels, 14 shirts, 8 personal property bags, 200 surgical dressings, 2  pairs of slippers, 24 slings, and 2(J0  handkerchiefs.  We also wish to acknowledge tlin  following: Miss Storey, pair of socks;  Mrs. Robinson, Okanagan Mission.two  pairs of hospitnl slippers; Okanagan  Mission Working Party, 13 pairs of  socks, t pairs of bed socks, and also  to tliank Mrs. .Veuinun for bheWashing  she does for tho Okanagan Mission  branch; the Westbank branch for 20  binders, 22 slings, 74 surgical wrappers, 8 knitted face cloths, 8 personal  property bags, 8 pairs of socks, suit  of pyjamas, 2 many tailed bandages,  18 mouth wipes.  MARY E. DYKES,  Ron. Sec.  The History of Gasoline  "Henry, dear, tho children ,are needing shoes."  "Needing shoos again. Do*you  think I am made of money? Whew  are the ones [ bought for them just a  few days ago? I suppose you have  given them to some beggar under the  impression that their father's amusement was t6 buy new ones.",  "No, my dear, I havo not givdn  them away. ��� I have put them through  the meat chopper and.will serve them  tomorrow as hash. Co homo early  for dinner, dear."  QftfloUne first compelled public attention in the role of little demon of  the kerosinc or coal-oil lamp. In  this capacity it kept the coroner nnd  thu insurance adjuster working ovor-  timo.  When crude:oil was first discovered  in tho IVnsylvania district the public  received it iisa cure all for disease instead of'as a fuel or as an illuminantj  Then it was discovered that by subjecting it to distillation A 'certain portion of it could be used for lighting  purposes, to supplant candles and  lamps using whale oils and vegetable  oils.  But it was found that a considerable  fraction���about twenty per cent.���of  this oil had so low a boiling point,  was so volatile and explosive, that it  was extremely dangerous in lamps. At  the sign of tho coal-oil lamp of that  pioneer period iires and explosions  were the prevailing programme.  It was soon seen by the refiners that  if kerosine wns to become popular as  an illuminant, the "light boiling fraction" must bo taken off tlie top and  disposed of in some other way. For  a considerable time it was turned into  the nearest streams and allowed to  dispose of (itself by evaporation; but  experienco proved that this wns a decidedly dangerous method of disposal.  The refiners wero forced to recognised  the urgency of the fact that someway  they must find a egitimate commercial outlet for this volatilo lluid.vhich  was so explosive that it could not be  dumped without great peril to life and  property.  Under the pressure of this economic  necessity, about 1875, a man named  Hull, who was in touch with the-  Cleveland rofineries, iuvented a vapor  stove which was the father of thc gas-  olino stove of today. For a time this  furnished a very considerable outlet.  A considerable quantity of gasoline  wns also consumed nt this period in  street lamps and out-of-door lighting  systems.  About 1903 tho motor car with its  internal combustion engine, appeared  on the scone���just in time to rescue  gasoline consumption from a decided  setback, due to the fact that gaa had  come into general use for lighting purposes, nnd was able, on account of its  greater cheapness and safety, to push  gasoline out of competition to a great  extent.  "Gasoline has. in short, pushed King  Kerosine from tin* throne. The Out*  cast, tho infant terror of the oil industry, has now become the czar of  the whole empire of petroleum commerce, and there are few who do not  pause at the sign of the garage pump  to pay him tribute.���Forrest Crisscy  in the Satin-day Evening Post.  Cyclist (knocking nt cottage door):  Can you tell me if thero is a cyclists'  shop around these parts, I have jest  turned turtle and smashed my front  wheel?  Cottager; Thon it's not a cyclists'  shop you want. If you've turned turtle you'd hotter go to Brighton, Thoy  have a largo aquarium thorc.  Save Your  Safety Razor  Blades  You need not throw  them away any more.  Bring them to us and  we will have them sharpened as good as new  at      - -     35c a doz.  P.B.Willits&Co.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowira. B.C.  Let me screen in your door and  window openings.  I am making a Screen Door  that will neither sag or warp,  and is made to last, priced at  $1.90 up.  1 have a few doors of a cheaper line equal to the best factcny  doors, at from $1.50 up.  Manufacturer of Sash Doors, Furniture  Fruit Ladders, &c.  REPAIR WORK AND JOBBING  S. M. Simpson  One doorsouthof Fireball.    Phone 312  Ornamental  Trees & Shrubs  Now is the time to plant  Norway Maples  Horse Chestnut  Lime  Robinia (acacia)  Spiraea  Pyrus japonica  Berberry  Mock Orange  Weigelia  Lilac  White and Purple  Virginia  Creeper  (ampelopsii-)  Orders booked for choice varieties  of annual and perennial flowers from  finest English seed.  Rock & Alpine plants a specially  L. E. Taylor  Bankhead  Kelowna  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All kinds of Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  XELOWM.  i��SJ*5i!8r*.'-"  Now is  the time to advertise  your Eggs. Refertoourcolumns  for the best local breeders m  l'AGIi FOUR  KELOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916  Dainty Lingerie  Blouses, $125  Special values in new and  dainty designs in Blouses Iu  Summer wear. .*n exceptional opportunity to purchase a useful waist at this  modest sum  This week Special Price $1.25  White Nainsool(  WA and Muslin Un-  derskirts^ -_95c  These consist of a large assortment of useful garments,  and are an exceptional bargain at this low price. They  come lace and embroidery  trimmed. Prices up to $2.95  S(i$\   This week Special Price... 95c  JERMAN HUNT  LIMITED  Phone 361 - Kelowna  11���~r"  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  *  a���bbs .���.���*���. -i  KELOWNA  OPERA  HOUSE  PICTURES  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday  Evenings 7.30 and 8.45  MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 3.30  Best Film Service  Attractive Features  Mis. G\!s Anderson and family  returned Monday from a short  stay ut Sumnierland  1 lie Bank oi I Iamiilnn lias eluded  its blanch al PcmlicUrn.  Mr. and Mrs. Drysdale left Mon-  day morning on a visit to Vancouver.  Mr, W; D. Brent received the g-.-.i  intimation ol the death of bis  brother at Minneapolis on Sundays  Mrs, J. Neumeyev left yesterday  morning for Fielding, Sask., on a  visit to l��er son.  Mr. Brian G. Cook, of Weslbank, j  was a passenger to the old country j  Wednesday.  Mr. R. S. rkorripson, accom-J  panied by Mrs. .Thompson, left this  morning for the coast. They will  shprtly return lo Novo Scotia.  Mrs. Malhison went to Vancouver on Monday to attend the  funeral of her sister, Mrs, Geo. R.  Gordon) who died suddenly on  Sunday.  The Ladies' Aid of the Metliod-  j  st church   are   holding   a   sale of  j home-made   cooking  in  the store |  Lately occupied by the Oxford Grill, J  Casorso Block, on Sr>!.urd;iy, May I 3 .  Mrs. Angus MacGregor will re- j  ceive Friday, May 5th, at her home  on DeHart Ave., from 3 till 6 p.m.  Mrs. Campbell Wilson (Mary Big- j  gei) will receive with her- aunt!  informally.  Miss Jessie Find lay, B.A., principal of the . 1 impany Memorial  School for Eurasians situated  in Cocanada, India, arrived in town  an Saturday last on a visit to her  brother, Mr. John Find lay-.  Mr. and Mrs. Keown, from Poit  Haney, arrived in town this week  and will take up residence. Mr.  Keown is on tlie staff of the Bank  of Montreal, taking the position  vacated~by Mr. McCuUough,  Mr. M. H. Chcsboro has been  appointed District Fruit Inspector  tor Kelowna and Westbank. Mr.  Che'sbro, for some time past with  the Bankhead Orchard Company.  ia an experienced horticulturist.  The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet on Thursday, May II tli at 3 p.m. in the  Presbyterian S. S. hall. On account  of the coming convention the  election of officers will be postponed until next month.  Aid. D. W. Sutheiland returned  Saturday from a visit to the (.oast.  \V.is 1 hompson returned Jo  Glemus.-i Saturday nflernoon.  Mr. F. A. Pelton of Penticton  waa it visitor in town over the  weekend.  C  G  OWS LOWS  Arrangements with the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. have been completed and the first carload of young cows will arrive in Kelowna in  about one week. These animals will be sold at'  cost price plus the cost of handling for CASH OR  ON TERMS. Applications may be made to the  Okanagan Loan& Investment Trust Co.  Occidental Fruit Co.  LIMITED  Fruit and Vegetable Shippers  Flour and Feed Merchants Storage Warehousemen  Consult  this  Cor.'pany  regarding  your   1916  crop  of  Fruifs  and  Vegetables.    Our selling agencies are the  most economical and reliable  WE  ARE  CASH BUYERS  A few Seed Potatoes left at $20 per ton  THE LAKEVIEW HOTEL  UNDER NEW FIRST CLASS MANAGEMENT  REASONABLE RATES TO BOARDERS  Mrt. E. J. NEW30N Proprietrefli  A special meeting of the Board  of Trade has been called' for tomorrow (Friday) evening for the'  purpose of discussing the proposal  made by the Farmers Institute to  rent the room and to make certain  alterations. The executive committee will submit a report as to  conditions and terms of the  arrangement.  The service in the Baptist church  next Sunday evening will be of a  Missionary character, An address  will be given by Miss J. Fiudlay,  B.A., a recently returned missionary. On Monday evening the  young ladies ol the church will  bold a reception from 7.30 till 10  at the home of Mrs. P. Harding,  Stralhcona Ave. (next to hospital)  off Pendozi St., in honor of Miss  Findlay.  The local Red Cross Society are  arranging to holoj on Empire Day,  May 24th, a special "Sock Day,"  and appeals to everyone to join in  and help the men fighting in the  trenches by contributing these  most necessary articles. If you can  knit, knit them, if you can't knit  then buy a pair or two and leave  them at the Red Cross rooms (near  the Presbyterian church) on Monday or Tuesday afternoon, May  22nd and 23rd. You will enjoy  your holiday better after you have  made a little sacrifice like this.  AUCTIONEER  1 have had over 21 years' experience in the Auctioneering  business, particularly in the  line of Cattle, Farm Imple.  ments ond Household Furniture; and this experience is  at your disposal, It means  better results from your auction sales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for  an Auction Sale should see or  ' write- to  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Box 195.  Kelowna, B.C.  Residence at  GLENMORE  Mi. C. M. Geen was * passenger  [\iesday to Reston, Man* wheie  ho is paying a visit.  Miss Winnie Jones left on Satur-  dny on a visit to Mrs. J, M. Johnson  at Penticton.  Miss Emma Millie returned to  town on Saturday last from a visit  Lo the south end of the lake.  A number of the boys of the  172nd who had been in town on  furlough last week left for Kamloops on Monday morning's boat.  accompanying them were four new  recruits from Kelowna and district.  Miss P. Pitt left Saturday for  Salmon Aim where she has been  transferred from the Kelowna Exchange of the OkanaganTelephone  Company,  Mrs. C, 111. Willis and family left  By lhe boat on Monday afternoon  lor Greenwood, B. C. where they  will join Mr. Willis and reside irr  future.  Tlie ladies of Knox Presbyterian  church are planning to have a food  sale on Saturday afternoon of May  13lh. Watch for further notice  next week.  The Rev. Thos. Greene left Monday on a visit to Vancouver. Owing to Mr. Greene's absence and  the fact that a new ceiling is being  put into the church there is to be  no services next Sunday.  Word was received last weekend  by Mrs. A. Lefevre that her son,  Pte. Henry Lefevre, had been  severely wounded in the left arm  while fighting with the Canadians  in Fiance. He was with the 29th  Vancouver battalion. i  Mr. H.F. Hill, local agent of the  Dominion Express Co., is at present on a holiday. He* and Mrs.  Hill left Tuesday morning for a  visit to Toronto. Mr. Davis of  Vancouver is relieving Mr. Hill at  tliR Express Office.  Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ashbridge  who have been staying far the past  week or two with Mr. S. D. Col-  quette, left Monday morning on  their return to Toronto. They will  travel via the Kettle Valley line  and will call at Winnipeg and  Chicago.  Mr. Frank Purdy, for some three  or four years on the Record Staff  left Tuesday morning for Edmonton where he will take up residence. Mr. Purdy's departure wil  be regretted by a very large circle  of friends, and his enthusiast!  support of all local athletics and  lately oi the Kelowna Fire Brigade  will be much missed.  The Bishop of Kootenay will  visit Kelowna on Wednesday next.  May 10th. He will address the  junior and senior branches of the  W.A. assembled together at the  parish hall. A large attendance is  hoped for to meet the Bishop. The  meeting will be called to order at  3.30 and tea will be served during  the afternoon. A small sum will  be charged to benefit W.A, funds.  lhe local committee of the Can-  adian Patriotic Fund have made  arrangements to hold a " Musicale"  in the Opera House on Wednesday  May 10th. Messrs. Drury Price  and H. Tod Boyd have arranged  a varied programme of instrumental music, humorous recitals, etc,  The Bishop of Kootenay is to be  present and during the interva  will address the gathering, giving  a brief explaination of the way in  which the funds collected are  handeled for the benefit of the dependents of soldiers. An admission  fee of 25c is to be charged, and  for children 10c.  C. Nicoll  Dray and Transfer Agent  Phone 132  Will jtiovi- you quick and cheap  Glenview Dairy  When ordering MILK, order  the   BEST;  the cost  is just the same  Phono 2302 JAS. B. FISHER  Oven is a wonderful baker. That's because  the heat flues completely encircle it.  MFOaiyS  *$f%nffa>   satisfies  the   most exacting  MygMlyU   coojc on every point. Let the  McClary dealer demonstrate the fact.       M  On Sale at the Morrison-Thompson Hardware Co., Ltd.  Harness Repairs  Spring wqrk will soon be on hand  and every farmer should see that  his harness is overhauled and put in  good shape before starting to work  Repairing done promptly  and at reasonable rost  W. R. GLENN & SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  Printed Butter Wrappers  According to the regulations recently inaugurated  in connection with Dairy Butter it is now compulsory  to have Printed Butter Wrappers showing that the  butter offered for sale is Dairy Butter and by whom  it is made. Call at the Record Office for samples  and prices.   We print with a Special Ink.  Builders' & Masons' Supplies  Hard and Soft Coal  Phone  66  W. HAUG  p;o. Box  166  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Are now completely equipped to supply all  your lumber needs.  We have a  large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND F1N1SHINGLUMBER  of high-grade qiltdity and in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS  AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  Lawn Mowers Sharpened  by special machine and skilled mechanics.   Reasonable charges  Kelowna Garage 6c Machine Works Co., Ltd.     24.7 THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916  KELOWNA   RECORD  0  fiUfltf*  "    PROFESSIONAL AND  **       BUSINESS CARDS     **  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA. :: B.C"  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA, :: B.C,  E. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, and  NOTARY PUBLIC  9, Willit's Bloch   ���   Keloiona, B.C,  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD   TOD   BOYD  has resumed his teaching classes and will  receive  pupils  as  before in his studio-  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. box 374  F. W. GROVES  M. Can. Soc. C. E.  Consulting CIdII and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeyor  Surveys and Report, or, Irrigation Works  Applications for Water Licenses  KELOWNA. B.C.  Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd  i ENTIST  P. 0. Box lift  'Phone 6  Corner Pendozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  JOHN CURTS^  CONTRACTOR St BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  S. W. THAYER,  D.V.S.  VETERINARY SURGEON  (Graduate McGill University)  Residence :  GLENN AVENUE  Menages may be left at the office of Mr,  Williams, above Stockwell's Auction Room  J. A. BIGGER  BUlLbER ANJ? CONTRACTOR  Eatimatei Furnished for all classes  of work  Save 50 p.c.  on your Boots and Shoes  Have them repaired  Promptly,  Properly &  Cheaply  by  up-to-date   machinery  Frank Knapton  Bernard Avenue  JAPAN RICE  6c per lb. (the superior quality)  RICE BRAN  lie   per  lb. (an economical food for  the chickens)  The Japanese Store  Leon Ave., Kelowna  | KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  * in operation as follows:  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m/  ���   Westbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m,  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY  Leaoes Kelowna 11 a.m.  Leaoes Westbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS  CASH  JAMES 1. CAMPBELL  Phone 108 or Phone 100  Orders for  Local  Scouts  ���bc pbeparbd-        KELOWNA  TROOP  Troop First 1    Self Last!  ORDERS  RY COMMAND FOR WEEK  ENDING MAY 13th, 1916.  Duties:  Orderly parade for the week, Curlews  Next for duty, Eagles  PnradeB:  The combined troop will parade at  the Club-room on Tuesday, May 9th at  7 p.m.  The bridgo-huilding squad will parade at the Club-room on .Friday, May  12th, at 7.30 p.m.  The combined troop will parade at  the Club-room on Saturday, May 13th  at 2.30 j).ml. in full uniform.  A Court of Honour will be held at  tho Club-room on Saturday, May 6th,  at 4 p.m1.  The Kelowna Scouts will remember  with pride that Airman K.W.. Leggatt  of the Royal Flying Corps, who recently with the help of another airman  brought down two German aeroplanes  for which deed he received the Military  Cross, was the < Scout Master who  started the present Kelowna troop of  Boy Scouts. <  In 1912 Scout Master Leggatt started a small troop of Boy Scouts in  Kelowna. The troop started with  two Patrols, the Wolf and the Otter.  The two Patrol headers were F. Buok  and A. DuMoulin, and the two Corporals wero R. Keller and H. Burne.  The little troop had its head-quarters  in a good-sized tent in a field behind  the residonce of Mr. DuMoulin. Here  they were instructed and examined by  Scout Master Leggatt, who gave the  troop such a start that it never onoe  slipped back, and it has now grown to  bo ��� the third best troop in the province of British Columbia.  At the out-break of the war Mr. E.  W. LeggaU left Kelowna with the  102nd R. M, R.'s. He transferred  from thero and joined the Royal Flying Corps, where he has certainly done  his bit for the Empire. He is also  the first Kelowna man to gain such a  distinction.  Recent testB have been the ^"Pathfinder" by Patrol Leader A. DuMoulin  und Scout A. DuMoulin, before Mr.  Groves on tho 20th of April last.  This test has to be passed annually.  Patrol Leader .J. Calder and Scout L.  Gaddes passed their Cooking test for  first and socond class badges respectively, on Saturday, April 29th. Scout.  T. Taylor passed his Signalling test  for th�� lirst-claBs badge on Monday,  the 22nd of April, boforo Sergeant  Chaplin. We wish to thank the examiners very much for their interest and  trouble.  We had hoped to hold our concert  during the week of May 24th, but we  find it impossible to obtain the Opera  House on any of the evenings of that  wook, except Monday, which is a- little  too early for us. We shall therefore  have to have the concert a little later  aud cither Wednesday the 31st of May,  or Thursday,: the 1st of June, will, we  oxpect, be tho date. Further announcements will appear later. We have  been fortunate in being able to make  arrangements for a piano with Mrs.R.  Lambly, and in obtaining the services  of MrH. I'alder and Mi's. Gilchrist to  instruct the troop in singing and in a  marching drill for the concert.  One day last week a small hoy named Varney, while throwing stones Into  the lake, slipped and fell in. The  water was ovor hiB hoad and he would  probab.y have drowned had not another young *boy named Wilson courageously waded into the lake up to his  neck and rescued the ohild. This  was n real "good turn" and we hope  that ns soon as younc Wilson is old  enough he will join tho troop, as he  has already shown what he \�� made  of.  Patrol leader; 1 say, cook, this soup  Ib full of sand.  Cook: I've been straining tho beastly stuff for nearly an hour. You  must put up with a little inconvenience while in camp, you know.  Patrol leader: I'm glad enough to  serve my country, but that's no reason why I should have to eat her, too.  Pathfinder: There are at least 2,000  rabbits round and about this wood."  Tenderfoot: That's nothing unusual  ���farmer >)ones owns at least 80,000  hares.  Pathfinder (in amazement): Wherever dooB ho keep thorn all?  Tenderfoot:   On his head, of course.  it your subscription to the  Record paid up?  Spring Prospects of  the European War  (By Lovat Fraser, in the 'Daily Mail')  Spring is hero and the war iB waking up.  It haB not boen slumbering on the  Verdun' front, nor in Armenia, nor on  tho Tigris, these many weeks. The  approach of the thaw in Russia sees  great armies wrestling for new positions in tho north and in Galicia. But  everywhere there aro now signs of  freah movements,_and we are perhapB  about to enter upon the greatest  struggle of the war.  Early last winter I cherished a secret belief that 4he .war might begin to  end noxt .Inly, and actually finish  about tho ond of October. I do not  think so now, for it is clearer than  ever that unless Prussia is invaded  and the Prussians are boaton to thoir  knees, this war in somo form or other  will always bo with us. We had better get on with the war and not think  too much about when it will end.  The battle of Verdun continues to  rage intermittently, but there seems  little doubt about its issue. The Ger-  mnns have done oxaotly what they  were permitted to do, and no more.  They have not won an inch of ground  which the Fronch were not willing to  yield in pursuance of their definite  policy. Tho enemy have organized  against the Verdun front tho most  formidable attack yot witnessed in the  war, ond they have utterly failed to  achieve their purpose. They thus begin the spring with a deep consciousness of discomfiture, which has spread  to their civil population.  We are now entitled to draw from  Verdun A further proof that the western front is probably impregnable, at  any rate for the present. The lesson  is ono which may be found to cut both  ways, until the German numbers are  very much diminished. More than  that it would be unsafe to say, although a shrowd commentator has  pointed out that the western front is  tending to develops a series of rather  ragged salients. The conviction remains as strong as ever that whatever may happen in other theatres,  the war on land will be decided in the  wc&t^jd|herever the Germans lay go  in the^rJeverish search for a decision,  always they must return to the calm  and solid array of troops confronting  them in France and Flanders.  After Verdun the next prominent  factor in the situation is tho internal  condition of Germany. Personally I  have never been much impressed by the  stress laid upon Germany's weakening  financial position. She is contracting  huge liabilities among her misguided  people which sho will probably be unable to meet, and will perhaps eventually be compelled to repudiate; but  shortage of cash is not likely to i affect her attitude for a very long time  to come. The shortage of certain  kinds of food, as well aB of certain  materials needed for her staple industries, is of more immediate importance  and its effect grows steadily less obscure. One who knows more about  Germany's internal condition than  most people said to me: "H we could  only take the lid off Germanyy the  world would be astonished."  Yet we must not count too much  upon Germany's desperate straits.  The Hohenzollerns and military caste  have staked their,all upon the war.  Their baok id to the wall, and they  know it. When they admit, total failure, as they must in the end, the  scales should fall from the eyes of the  German people; but that ������ time is a  long way' off. The Emperor and tho  Groat General Staff are still masters  of the situation, and are likely to remain so. Assuredly they still have  the bulk of the people with them.  Romember that this race of cunning  barbarians havo been i preparing for 40  years to seek the mastery of the  world. If they have to eat the soles  off their boots, they will not yield at  the end of twenty months.  Having once more thrust vainly in  the west, the German military authorities apparently propose to strike at  Russia, Report credits them with  contemplating a movo against Riga  and Petrograd, and this time report  is probably correct. They will havo  to operato in a very difficult country,  especially if they reach the region of  tho Pskov lakes, and they will attaok  under very different conditions from  those obtaining when von Mackensen  began his; inarch aoross Galicia last  year. Two unfavorable factors  should affect them. The first is the  recuperation of Russia, who has recovered her balance and has new well-  munitioned armies in the field. Russia  will not again bo caught unaware as  she was last spring. 'Already she has  begun a preliminary activity, and ia  ondoavoring with considerable success  to regaiil control -of the important  railway line from Vilna to Hvinsk.  She is also preesiug tho Austrians in  eastern Galicia, and is preparing to  wage a campaign on her southern  front which will be largely independent   of   the   struggle in tho nor thorn  jBfflafsasa  roduction aadThr  CANADA'S CALL   .  FOR SERVICE AT HOW  Produce More and Save More  The Empire needs food.    If you ai  ing line you may be in the produ  is limited���all the more reason to c  before.   Grow food for the men who are fighting for you.   The Allies ne'  you can produce.   Every little helps.   You are responsible for your  cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can.    Vvorrv  . ...  spirit.   Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when,-it counts.  you produce the more you can save.   Producing and saving are wav-servici:.  /right  The more  Make Your Labour Efficient  In war-time do not waste Jzmie and energy on unimportant  and unprofitable. ,V'ork.   Economize labour.  Put off unproductive worj  till after the war, and, if  help in producing something needed now.    lit us lot wiaste labour.   Canada  If possible help to feed the Allies.    Mak<- your br -kyard a productive garden.  Make your labour count f.i as muCi as possible.  possible,  needs it all,  Cultivate it with a will  Do Not Waste Materials  There sh'iild be no waste in war-time.    Canada could  pay tl' - annual interest on her war expenditure out  of v\.at we waste on ouT farms, in our factories, in  Every pound of food savea from waste is as good as a pound of increased  The way for a nation \r. save is for every individual to save.    France is strong  Tae men and women of Great Britain are not  our homes.  production,  to-day because of thrift in time of peace.  only " doing " but are lea*ning to " do without."  Spend Your Money Wisely  finance the '..or,  better in' ostment.  Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength  at the Front.     Your savings  will help Canada to  Save your money for the next Dominion War issue.   There can be no  THE   GOVERNMENT  OF  CANADA s  THE  (DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE THE DEPARTMENT OF  FINANCE  The Canadian Patriotic Fund  The local Committee, assisted by the Bishop  of Kootenay and the local Clergy will hold a  MUSICALE  in the OPERA HOUSE on  Wednesday, May 10  commencing at 8 o'clock.  A nominal entrance fee will be fixed and the  gross proceeds of the entertainment given  to the cause. We hope that everyone who  takes an interest in the boys in khaki who  are sacrificing so much in this awful war,  will endeavor to be present and contribute  their mite to so worthy an object.  The Local C. P. F. Committee,  J. W. JONES, Chairman.  area.  Tho second factor is (hat if Germany  rikes at Russia this summer sho will  doubt'esa have to look to horseH in  the west also. The council of the  Allius assuredly did not meat iu Paris  to talk about the weather. The principle of concerted ,aOtion will come into play, and Germany may find that  fighting    on interior linct has disad  vantages as well as advantages.  Should the situation thus hinted at  develope, tho climax of the strugglo on  land nmy be at hand. , But remember  always that though this war began  suddenly it is not at all likely to end  suddenly. Our little South African  war lasted for two years after its  climax, whioh may bo taken to be the  fall of Pretoria,  Ladies   Wishing   to   Order  SPIRELLA   CORSETS  can moct  MRS. -T. H: OAVtES  in Room No. 1. Oak Hall MM, between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 p.m.  on Saturday of each week, or ,�����>���  other day by appointment. 7t! KELOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1916  1TED! J  ULE  prettiest    home   in  sold very obftap and  tpply Boi "E" lie-  MM.  OS'S OK  EARLY  'otatoos.     Apfly  IBti  'AST   DRIVING  'L'P   lor  heavier  lor domocrat.  r lady driver.  value.    Box  IStl  car in good  ���nsh.   Apply  20tl  ..ewstead K..._  owns.  ALE.-Mar-  hoat. Apply  ..none 18211. K��l-  '      20tf.  SAI.E.-1S.IKI0 EXTRA iUltGE  rliann"   tomato   plants. "Wltll be  I'OR  "Ear-li  ready any time alter May Iryth.  Prices on application. Apply CaMSWO  Bros,  or  Anthony  Casorso.        2QH)  FOR SALE.-GOOD HOLSTEIN COlfi,  lour years old, Ireshened ��tx woekr) > -,  ago, also good black bull call,   six  weeks old.     Apply Mrs. Reith, Gadder avenue. 22-4p  FOR SALE. -  THOROUGHBRED  sf  cilian  Buttercup  eggs-  Per  Bel,  Irijt  81.50.  Apply  Mrs  R. J  . Mo  ���c>i m.  22tf.  FOR SALE.���TENT WITH FLY 10  by 12, window and screen door, in  splendid condition, ?20 cash. Apply  Box "B" Record office. x  Fire at the Home  of Dr. Gaddes  The Fire Brigade was called out yesterday immediately after the whistle blew  for noon, to a fire at the home of Dr.  Gaddes on Harvey Avenue. 1 he damage  was confined mostly to the roof, and was  caused, it is supposed, by a spark from  the chimney lodging between the shingles  and bring fanned into flame by the high  wind prevailing at the time.  The house and furniture is the property  of Mis. Cathar, being rented by Dr.  Gaddes, who at present is in California  on a visit, and but fur the timely arrival  of tlie brigade, might have proved the  starting point of a big conflagration.  Pending repairs and renovation of the  house which is well covered by insurance,  Mrs. Gaddes and family have taken up  residence at the home of Mr. I !. D. Riggs  on the corner of Ethel Street ami Borden  Avenue.  Weather Report for April  Compiled    by G. R.    Binger, Government Observer  Temperatures  Max. Mrn.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest TerritorieB, anil in a portion ol  the Province oi British Columbia, may  bo leased for a term ol twenty-one  years at an annual rental of $1 an  acre. Not more than 2,500 acres  will bo leased to one applicant.  Applications for tho letiso muat bo  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Slib-Agent of the district  in whieh the rights' applied lor aro  situated.  In surveyed territory, tho land must  bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvoy-  cd territory the tract applied for  shall be stflked (iut by the applicant  himself.  [?ach    application     must    be accom-  TO RENT  TO LET.���For the summer mouths,  Mrs. Woodmass' house nt Okanac-an  MiBsion. Double sitting room, five  bedrooms, bathroom. Splendid lake-  shore, with whari and boat-house.  Lawn, garden, and stables. Apply  R. L. Dalglish, Okanagan Mission.  Phone 2501. 24-5p  April I...  ��� I .  ��� 3 ..  . 4  .. 5.  .. 6..:  .. 7-  ��� 8...  ,. 9...  ��� 10...  ��� II...  ��� 12..  .. 13-  ., 14..  ��� 15..  ��� 16  ��� 17.  ��� 18.  .. 19..  ��� 20.  ��� 21 .  ��� 22..  ,. 23..  .. 24.,  .. 25  ��� 26.  .. 27.  ��� 28..  .. 29..  ,. 30..  SITUATIONS VACANT  'WA.N'TED.-GENERAL SERVANT, Apply Mrs. M. McLoughry, 610 Bernard avenue. 23-4p  WOMAN WANTED ONE-HALF DAY  a week lor washing. Apply Record  Ollice. x  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED TO EXCHANGE 160 acre  ol land in Saskatchewan. Property  fenced, running water, good transportation, part plowed, lair build  ings, lor small Iruit farm. What ol  lers.    Apply Box 254 Kelowna,    46tf  TO LET.���10 acres orchard, 10 years  old, in good Condition with house,  roothouse, alnd outbuildings. Also 5-  roomed house to rent on Pendozi St.  with stable. Apply H. H. Millie,  Government telegraph office.       llrtf.  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-BUILD-  ing lot situated in the most desir  able residential section oi Point  Grey, Vancouver. Will sell cheap  lor cash, or exchange lor stock or  farm property ia Kolowna. Apply  P.O. Box 448, Kelowna. x  LOST. - IN TOWN FROM RIG, A  soldier's uniform. Reward on return to Record Office. 21tf  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-160  acres at South Okanagan. Have  clear title, free from all encumbrance,  taxes paid up. Would sell cheap lor  cash or exchange for cattle. Apply  P. 0. Box 251. 1-ti.  FOR HIRE. -LARGE KOOMY, FIVE  passenger automobile at current rate.  Apply H. B. Burtch, 'phono ISO.  22tl.  TO LET. -GRAZING.  Harvey avenue.  APPLY    634  22-4p  WANTED���Small   furnished    or sern  furnished    house,    with    water and.  light, preferably south ol Mill Creek.  Apply Box i, Record Office. 24p  ....55...  ...58..  ...51 ..  ....50...  ...53...  ...51 ..  ....58...  ...59...  ...55...  . .58...  ,..5.3,.,  .53..   60..,  ....67...   56..   55..   57...   49..  ....53..   54..   51..   53..  , ...54..  ...55..  ...65..   63..   60..  ..58..   60..   61..   31   30  ...30   41   42  ...30   29   33   39   37  ...40   30   36   41   37  ......26  :....4i   32   30   38   36   32   27  .... 36   37   37   45   34   43   34  Mean.  .56.1    .,  RAINFALL  35.3  April I   ���   II   ���   13   ���   17   ,.   18   ..  21   24   27..  Observations  Morning Evening   R   03  ... .02  ... .10   05   01  .12  panied by a Iee ol 85 whi -h will bo  refunded if the rigti'. applied f0r are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchant*  able output ol the mine at the rate ol  live cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity ol  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights aro not being operated, Buch  returns shall bo furnished at least onoe  a year-  'lire lease will include the Coal mining rights only, but the lessee may  ho permitted to purchase whatever  available fjurfaco rights may be considered necessary for tho working ol  tho mine at the rate of ��10 an acre.  For lull information application  should bo mado to tho secretary ol  the Department of the Interior, Ot-  tnwa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. CORY  Deputy Minister f)f the Interior.  i N. P.. ���Unauthorized publication ol  this advertisement will not be paid lor.  . ���. >*!.."  >>:;v~^^;'^*!r!,:  h��  Kim- m &  tV'j  wm  IS  m  .31  Sums..  .09  The Mistress: My last maid was too  familiar with the policemen. I hope I  can trust you.  The Maid: Oh, yes, ma'am, 1 can't  abear 'em. I've been brought up to  'ate the very sight of 'cm. Pa's a  burglar.  A Photograph of  Yourself or of the  Children Would be  a pleasant surprise  for the old folk.  Your friends can buy anything  you can give them except your  photograph  McEWAN  Vrofeulonal 'Photographer  Studio RowclifTe Block, next door  to Post Office  NOTICE  Persons found taking wood or cutting trees on the properties ol the  South Kelowna Land C0. Ltd., or the  Kelowna Land 44 Orchard Co. Ltd.,  without authority will bo prosecuted.  10-tl W. G. BENSON, Mgr.  We Buy Chickens  and Ducks  BEST PRICES PAID  The City  Park  Restaurant  Abbott Street     -     Kelowna  MONEY TO LOAN  On first mortgage at 8 per cent.,  two sums ol $1,000 eaoh. Security  must be Bound. Apply Mantle os Wilson, adjoining Post ��� Office. 23tf  Don't Buy a Pig in a Bag.     ||,  When you send money to a mail order house, ll ��p&:  you "Buy a pig in a poke." You -may not get  what you send lor, as you are always asked to  make "A Second Choice." If goods are damaged  in transit, tnsjre is trouble and at best, an irritating delay in getting matters straightened out.  If your loca) merchant asked you to pay for an  article before you ever saw it, what would you  say? Yet that is what the mail order heus* insists upon. Read the advertisements, see what  you are buying, and spend your money at home.  Sugar is Going Up  ALL THE TIME  CANNED FRUIT this year will consequently be much higher, but while  our present stock of Canned Fruits  last we will sell them at 15c PER CAN.  This is a Special Price.  Grapes, Red Raspberries, Apricots,  Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches,  Lawtonberries, Plums, Black Raspberries,  and Cherries.  ALL AT 15c. A CAN  You well know what these goods are  worth; we have nothing more to say.  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  Phone 214  Our motto: " Quality and Service'  If�� ror*-  i-'ili.  T'-'Uic sr.JcLt.V5U  '���',',.    '' ~ '     '----������  i ���tl���: ��    J    .    OS! 1.-   .  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  Doors Windows Shingles  Prices right.     Delivery prompt.     Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES - - - Managing-Director  Something Worth Remembering  The Record goes into [practically every home in Kelowna  and district. If vou wish to sell something, insert a Liner  Ad. in the " Wanted " Column. The chances are a hundred  to one if there is any demand you will get into contact  with a perspective customer. If there is no demand, nothing  will sell your article.    We haoe lhe eye of the public  Buff Orpingtons and  White Wyandottes  The famous Barron strain of heavy egg  producers. Eggs for hatching from the  above at reasonable prices.  A. W. COOKE  P.O. Box 663, Kelowna. lit!  Thomas Lawson, Ltd  'Phones: Office 143; Store215        KELOWNA'S GREATEST STORE  Bernard Jlvenue  Spring Styles for Boys  For College For High School For Public School For the Smaller Boys  Boys' Suits Boys' Underwear Boys' Belts and Suspenders  Boys'  Raincoats Boys' Caps Boys' Hosiery  Boys' Shirts and Collars Boys' Knickers and Jerseys  Our Boys' Department is now complete. The showing for spring is, without exception, the best we have ever  shown. No matter ^vjhat vou require in boys' wear we can supply it in the latest and most correct style and at  prices that will surelymeet with your approval.    Bring your boy and see how well we can fit him out for spring  Fine Tweed and Worsted Suits  $6.00, $7.50, $8.00, $10.00  Fancy Norfolks, showing all the latest styles with fancy  pleats, patch pockets, yokes and belt. Neat mixtures in  greys and browns. A complete range of sizes for boys  7 years to 15 years. These are suits that set the pace  j0r style, that any boy would be glad to wear.  Our stock of Scout Goods it Large though not  yet complete.   We have the Regulation  Khaki Shirts (Dome Snap Fasteners)  Blue Flannel Shorts     Khaki Knir.ker Bloomers  Boy Scout Belts Boy Scout Boots  We expect Hats and Scarfs very shortly  Boys' Navy Blue Serge Suits  Extra Special at $6.00 and $7.50  We are very fortunate to be able to offer such value in  Boys' Blue Serge Suits. Good reliable colors, made in  latest style Norfolk. Some with fancy yoke with novelty  pleating and belt and others regulation Norfolk with  double pleat belt.   All have full bloomer knickers.  Boys' Knickers....! ...185c, $1, $1.50  Boys' Raincoats. Special | $5  Boys' Shirts. New patterns..50c, 75c, 85c   i   Boys' wool Jerseys $4.25, 1.35, 1.50, 1.75  Boys' Tweed Caps 25c, 50c, 75c  .Boys' Collars  15c, 2 for 25c  Children's Fancy Hate..50c, 75c. $ 1, 1.25  Boys' Wool Hosiery....35c, 50c and 60c  Boys' Suspenders 15c and 25c  J


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