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Kelowna Record Nov 16, 1916

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 IteliflrytA  fietofoma tictotb  VOL VOL  NO. $2.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1916.-4 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  Agriculfaral Society's  Annual Meeting  Next Saturday  Will Discuss Proposed Changes  in Constitution end By-laws  The annual general meeting of  the A. tt H. Society will be held  . on Saturday, November 25th, at  2.30. in the Board of Trade room.  The accounts of the Fall Fair  will be presented to the_msmbers  of the Association and various alterations to the Constitution, By-  Laws and'Rules and Regulations  will be suggested, of which notice  of morion will be given for the  neat general meeting, the date being fixed by the members present.  The directors hope that all members will endeavor to be at tbe  meeting on November 25th.  The alterations suggested ate  given below in order to afford time  for consideration :-  CONSTITIITION-Arlicle 3. "Th.  officer, of the Society shell lie a Pre.  saint. Vice '. President, Secretary.  Treosurer, sis Director, (instead of  14), aad one Auditor (instead ot 2)."  BV.LAWS-[4| "Shall elect ana  auditor" (instead of 2), "end eight  director. " (instead of 14).  (9) " Whenever any vacancy .hell  occur in the Board of Directors of  ths Society, it shall be filled by tha  Directors, who shall report st the  next general meeting." Change to  "The Board of Dir.ctoi. shall have  power to fill up vacancies during their  year of office, to appoint Committee.  from their number, and to co-opt  other suitable persons to these Com-  �����'��i  [ll|."The currant year shall mean  from Jan. 1st to December 31st" (instead of July 1st to June 30th).  [14] "The Im of each member  shad ba $1 for each yeer (instead of  *2J0).  [15] "Aay person paying $15 (instead of $25) .hall be entitled to tha  privilege of life membership."  |I7| "Neither the Constitution nor  the By-Laws shell be changed except  by a two-thirds vote of all members  present when at a regular meeting of  the Society, due notice of the proposed change having been giv. i'. ..  at a previous general meeting "change  to "in writing to the Secretary 30days  previous to the annual general meeting."  Rules [I] "Theannual fee of mem.  bership of $1 (instead of $2.50) entitles the member (not 'members of  his family ') to compete for the Society's prizes free of charge, also free  access to the Exhibition."  [2| Entries. AB members' entries  for competition must be made to the  secretary one week before the opening day, or non-member', tee. must  be made." Previou. rule���entries  taken till day before opening day.  [5) " Four members (instead of 5)  shall form a quorum ... of Director.."  - [6| To allow livs stock sad cut  flower oshihits to be brought oa first  day of show.  |7| New rule���" Unless then are  three or mora sntrie. the first prize  will ba witheld, second prize money  to go to the first prize exhibit, second  a card."  [14] To ba entirely done ewey with  " Any exhibitor winning $5 or over ia  prises shall have $2.50 deducted as  membership for the ensuing year."  (23) " The grounds will be open to  the public et I p.m. on each day of  the Exhibition (instead of 9 a.m. on  the first day. Add "member, to  have access at all times."  Ths secretary of the A. & H.  # Society (Mr. R. L Dalgleish) will  be glad to discuss any of these  suggested alterations at the Board  of Trade office.  Following the precedent set by  the British government, the French  government has deprived Wm.  Randolph Heatat and the International News Service of the use of  cable sereice between Paris and  America. The order applies to all  the news channels under Hearst's  control. The order was issued  Tuesday and yesterday all Hearst  employees in Paris received notice  to look for other positions.  Scarcity of Grouse  Doe to Disease  Devastating Effect of Epidemic  May Mean Closed Season  A great fatting off in grouse and  ptarmigan thia year similar to that  which prevailed in tha province eight  ytars ago has resulted ia showing thnli  tha birds are victims to a serious  disease whioh haa so depleted the  (locks tint a oloee season for groass  and ptarmigan is certain to be or-  dared.  Kisminavion by experts shows that  tha birds have ulcers and are infeotted  with ticks, and that many of them are  affliotod with a form of tapeworm. It  la said that it is the aftermath of an  epajermo of tapeworm which seams  periodically to attack the haras. The  haras dying, permit the germs of the  tapeworm to sink into the ground,  where they survive in\an altered form  in certain vegetation'and in turn' are  taken into the intestines of the birds.  The extent of the visitation is shown  by a .report from Stewarts' Badge on  the CarrHjoo road. Last year at thia  time a thousand blue grouse could be  seen any day. Now there are only a  score of the birds visible. Not only  the birds, bat coyotes and foxes suffer  in the| train of the visitation which  begins with an attack on the hares.  Tha last attack eight years ago so  devastated the grouse isnd prairie  chicken in most districts I that a close  season had to be ordered.  HOSPITAL  Cow Sold at Auction  Oets Man into Trouble  Animal Waa Found to be in a  Diseased Condition  A cow which waa sold at the auction  sale of .Mr. C. W. Jonas on Saturday  afternoon, tha 4th hut., has been the  source of muoh trouble for!'all parties  concerned. The price paid win* #90,  aad the purchaser, Mr W.L. Chapman  of the K.' L. 0. bench, olaims that  before before he paid over his cheque  ths animal was guaranteed to be in  sound condition. He had known ths  oow previous to Mrj Jones owning her  aad did not examiner bar olosely atthe  sale. On arrival home with the animal, howevsr, he waa surprised to find  that aba -was unaWa to eat or drink,  aad closer examination revealed a  seriously rfisssssrt condition ot the  throat, great lumps being formed  which prevented food passing down.  Believing that ha .had been swindled,  ha brought the oow baok to Mr. Jones'  stable Monday morning, and gave  notice to his bank, the 'Bank of Commerce, to atop, payment of -the cheque.  Before this notice took effect, however,  Mr. Jonas had eaehed the oheque at  the Bank of Montreal, and,had left  on ths boat tn aooordanoo'with his  previous arrangements to visit his son  in' Summerland, prior to going on to  Oregon.  A' warrant was at onoe issued for  Mr. Joaas on a charge of "obtaining  money by false pretenses," and be was  brought baok to Kelowna and placed  in the lock-up.  On Monday morning of thia week he!  waa brought before Magistrate rWeddell  and after a preliminary hearing waa  eonunitted tor trial. The trial is to  take place1 tomorrow (Friday) in Kai'  owna, when Judge Swanson will hold  a County Court/ at 10 o'olook.  Tha Gosden perjury trial arising out  of the plugging scandals I at the Vancouver bjyo-eloctions has Jgr .the second  time'besn dismissed owing to the,din'  agreement ofthe jury. Ths court has  deolared that there,ia to be ^C further  trial.  Within a few hours after hia  arrival on Saturday from England  on a British warship, the Duke of  Devonshire was installed and took  the oath of office as Canada's Coventor - General. The ceremony  took place in the Executive Council chambers before a great assemblage of government, military and  naval officers and invited guests.  JUMBLE SALE  SATURDAY AFTERNOON  THIS is to remind you of the effort which is bein  made this week to raise funds for that most  necessary of local institutions���the Hospital. A circular letter has been sent outdufing the week appealing for articles for the sale, and it is hoped that  everyone will make some little sacrifice for this cause.  If you cannot bring in the goods yourself phone the  Max Jenkins Co. Saturday, morning and they will  have their dray call. The sale will be held in the  same place as last year, viz., the store north of the  Kelowna Furniture Co , on Pendozi street, and you  will miss a good deal of fun if you are not there.  Arrangements are also being made to serve afternoon  tea in the Furniture Co.'s store in a little room specially fitted up.  A Horse for 25c  IN order to help on the Hospital campaign tor funds,  Messrs. Casorso Bros, have again generously pre.  sented a Horse to be disposed of in the same manner  as last year, that is, if you make a donation of 25c to  the Hospital you will get a .ticket entitling you to a  change in the drawing for the horse, which will take  place Saturday evening. The horse is a good one  and there should be a big demand for the tickets.  See that you get one or more.  M ��  MERCHANTS'  DOLLAR DAY"  Result of Schools  Showcard Contest  Merchants Buy Girds for their  Store Windows  The competition inaugurated by the  Merchants' Association, for the beft  window Bhov.'c&rd advertising "Dollar  Day" and the "Jumble Sale" waB  taken up enthusiastically at the Public Schools, and a large number of  cards were sent in. The original, intention was to givu three prizes to tbe  High School and three to the Publio  Schools, but aB none of the High  Sohool pupils entered, and about etqual  numbers of entries came from two  classes only in the Publio Sohool, thjese  classes were awarded the separate  groups of prizes.       \  The cards were prepared in a great  variety of designs, and much ingenuity  had been displayed in the arrangement  of some of them. ��� On the whole ehe  drawing and coloring were good, the  weakness which disqualified many of  them; for prizeB being the lettering of  the- announcement, whioh'apparently  had been regjarded ay a great niofanoe  and put in undeD protest, ��� all the oare  being bestowed upon the cleaign and  decoration.) .  Prizes were awarded aB follows: Mr  Gordon's tlass���lst, Hazel Graham,  2nd, Bessie Duggan, 3rd, Jessie * He  Millan; Miss Caldwell's class��� 1st,  Dorothy) Graham, 2nd, Nelson Marshall, 3rd, Iris Webster.  After the prizes had been awarded,  the merchants met in the office,of the'  hospital secretary and the cards were  sold to the highest bidders for the  store windows, inthis' way. realizing a  small sum over the expenses for the  hospital | fund.  SATURDAY is also Dollar Day, and some of  the  7" bargains  being   offered   vviII draw  the   dollars  from your pocket like a magnet.  [ggB^gresjgjg  Advise Soldiers' Wives Not  to Go to Old Country  Information has been received  hy the government pointing to the  terious position in which in all  probability the women arid  families of Canadian soldiers who  hive gone to live in England during the war may find  themsnlves.  The transportation prblem is  already sufficiently acute, and  when it is considered what a large  amount of shipping will be needed  to bring the troops back to Can-  ada.the difficulty of providing for  the return of the wives nnd llieir  families may be appreciated  It is strongly urged by the  government that all who may be  contemplating going to England  should seriously consider the  question as it may well prove to be  one of great embarrassment to  them.  How to Estimate Weight  of Hay in a Stack  The Russians have crossed the  Danube into Dobrudja at two  points south of Tchernavoda, and  the Russian fleet has renewed the  bombardment of Constanza, according to Petrograd advices received by the' wireless from  Rome.  fl  Field-Marshal'vbn Mackensen is  reported continuing his retreat  with demoralized forces and with  one-third of his effectives lost.  The ravages of disease and the  military rever.es sustained are declared in the Petrograd advices to  have seriously affected the morale  of von Mackensen's army, while  the reinforcements he requested  to make good his losses are said  not to have been provided. His  retreat, therefore, is being conducted under dissatrous conditions.  The mines in Fernie have been  thrown idle for the last few days  by disturbances which the miners  call " bumbs," believed to be due  to seismic movements of the earth.  One miner has been entombed  and seversl rescue parties have  had narrow escapes.  Estimating the number of {tons  of hay in a stack by measuiing. is  often resorted to when it is inconvenient or impractical to weigh it.  It is impossible to give a rule for  measuring hay which is entirely  satisfactory. The following one has  often been, used, states Professor  E. G. Schafer of the Washington  Experiment Station at Pulman, and  and approximates the correct  weight:  "Width plus over, divided by four  and squared.then mutiplied by the  length and divided by 512."  The above rule assumes that the  cross section of a stack may be  obtained by dividing the width  plus over measurement by four  and squaring it. Stacka vary so  much in shape that thia cannot be  absolutely true with all stacks. The  above rule also asumes that there  are 512 cubic feet in a ton.  lhe length of time a stack has  been built, the size of a stack or  the amount it has settled, 'also the  kind of hay���all influence the  weight of a certain volume of hay  The' above or other rules  should not be relied upon unless  it is impossible to weigh hay when  it is sold.  Problem-Assume that a hay stack  measures 18 feet wide, 26 feet  over (distance from ground on one  side up over the stack and to the  ground on other side) and 30 feet  long.  The solution would be:  18 plus 26 equals 44; 44 divided  by 4 equals II; 11 squared equals  121; 121 times 30 equals 3630  cubic feet in stack; 3630 divided  by 521 equals 7.09 tons.  Mr. W. Crawford returned from  a trip to the coast Tuesday.  Mr. George Fraser  is  back in  town.  Death of Rutland  Reeiden.  Rutland has lost one of its most  respected residents in the death of  Mr. Peter Fitzpatrick, which took  place last Thursday. Deceased,  who had reached the age of 63  yeara, came to Rutland about  three years ago with his family,  taking up residence on the Burrows place. He was born in Adelaide. Middlesex Co., Ontario, and  for twenty years he waa engaged  in business there as a livery stable  proprietor. He afterwards moved  to Saskatchewan, and after a ten  years' residence in that province  came out to settle in Rutland.  The funeral was held Sunday  afternoon, service being held in  the Rutland Presbyterian church.  There was a large attendance, including members of the local Ma-  sonic fraternity, of which the deceased was a member.  He is survived bv a widow and  family of five sons and one daughter. The latter is Mrs. J. Fleming,  of Kelowna, while of the sons,  three are at home, one living in  Regina, and a fifth left recently  with the 172nd regiment for overseas service. *"  Wilson Landing and  Westside Notes  Sir Sam Hughes Resigns  ��General Sir Sam Hughes haB resigned his' portfolio as minister of militia.  Tho exact reasons will be given when  the. official correaponcjsice between Sir  Sam and the premier is published, but  it has been freely intimated that the  gallanU General's1 desire to take the  whole ' Allied cause upon , his own  shoulders has been the reason for his  removal. fiHo is an example of a man  with a superabundant fund of energy  and organizing ability but little wisdom. '  Cold Weather on Prairies  Early last week there was a heavy  fall of snow in the Calgary district,  followed by zero weather, the temperature falling Saturday night to IS  below. The situation was aggravated  in Calgary, Lethbridge, I and other  towns by the failure of the natural  gas supply, the sudden cold breaking  the main pips line.  The world's record for lofty aeroplane flight of 23,500 feat, held by the  British sinoe April last has been beaten at Turin by an Italian flyer, who  attained a height of 25,800 feet in a  flight which occupied I one hour and 57  minutes. After ascending 19,750 feet,  his thermometer registered 89 degrees  below zero.; 7  Formation of a new kingdom of  Arabia with Grand Shereef Hussein  Ben AH aa monarch, and Masse as its  capital, has lr_en mported to the) state  department' at Washington, with a  rexmest for recognition.  The Dominion Live Stock Branoh  will pay reasonable travelling expenses of a farmer or the authorized  agent of a number, of farmers from  any section of Canada desiring to  purchase one or more carloads of  breeding stock or of feeding and stock -  sr'cattle in any part of tbe country.  The .Revelstoke council will sat aside  a sum of money each year to provide  for the erection of a monument to the  soldiers from that city who .have died  in thai war.  Mr. Critchley has been here for  a short visit and left on Tuesday  for Kamloops. He looks very fit  now, though lately in hospital. He  intends to go afterwards to New  Westminster where he will consult  a specialist about his foot which  has caused him some trouble. He  hopes to join another regiment  later.  From Bear Creek to Killiney the  residents'' all contributed to tha  sale at Mrs. H. Leney's on Mori-  day last, with most successful results. By work, time and money  combined, the sum of $70 was  realized for the Fund for the Prisoners of War, a most enjoyable  time being spent, although only  fourteen people were able to be  present. Those who could not attend in person did not forget the  cause of the brave men who ere  doing their bit under semi-starvation. A vote of thanks was tendered to the thoughtful host and  hostess, who spared no efforts in  caring for the comfort of their  guests, also to those who had  braved the elementa and driven a  matter i f twelve miles or so, including Mrs. Kenyon and the small  son Robin, and Mr. and Mrs.  Colquhoun.  Nine people lost their lives on  Saturday evening when a motor-  stage from the Ladner ferry plunged through the open draw of the  bridge at the foot of Fraaer street  at the crossing of the North Arm  ofthe Fraser River. Three of lhe  occupants of the automobile v. ere  rescued. Among the drowned was  the driver, George Smith, who ap-  parently did not realize where he  was until he struck the gate which  marked the opening of the draw  about ten feet beyond.  The Fire Brigade will hold a  Cinderella dance to-night in the  Morrison Hall. A good turnout ia  hoped for.  The special express rates on  fruit shipments will end for the  season with this month.  Mr. Arthur Muirhead left Saturday on a visit to Toronto.  A splendid meeting of tha  W.C.T.U. waa held last Thursday  when Mr. Braden gave an excellent  address on " After Prohibition���  What)" Mrs. Dilworth s solo  was enjoyed by all. Next meeting  will be held at Mrs. Millie's on the  second Thursday in December,  at which all members or visitors  will be welcome. NOTE CAREFULLY THE CONTENTS' OF THESE PAGES.   THEY OFFER BARGAINS.  PAGE TWO  KBLOWNA   RECOED  THTJESDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 1916  StflO!  ,ook!  Listen!  Let those who run read what  a DOLLAR BILL will buy at  Lot No. 1.  1 lb. Raisins    15c  I Ib. Dates     ,.. 20c  Tin of Spice, any kind     10c  Bottle Extract lemon(Nahob) 25c  5 bars Soap (Naplha)      25c  I lb. Peanut Butter    25c  1 lb. Silver Gloss Starch ...   15c  $1.35  Sl.oo  Lot No. II.  4 Tins Sardines  25c  2 Tins Salmon      30c  Bottle of Grape Juice   40c  I pkg. McCoi mack's Sodas 30c  I Extract, Lemon  25  $1.50  $1.00  Lot No. HI.  10-lb. sack Corn Meal   50c  Bottle of Grape Juice     40c  1 Arab Dates    20c  3 lbs. Siam Rice          25c  $1.35  $.1 .00  Lot No. IV.  Box of Jonathan Apples ... 75c  I lb. Freshly ground Coffee 40c  5 Bars Soap (Naplha)     25c  $1.00  $1.40  Lot No. V.  4-lb.tin Keiler.s Straw'y Jam 90c  3 Cans Salmon    25c  2 Cans of Lye  25c  $1.40  $l.oo  Lot No. VI.  Pail of Soda Biscuits  50c  I pound of Economy Tea.. 40c  Bottle Lemon Extract  25c  _-lb. of Fry's Cocoa  35c  I can Lye      15c  $1.55  $1.00  Lot No. VII.  Pail of Wagstaffe's Jam  any variety 90c  1 tin of Eggo or Magic  Baking Powder  25c  2 pkgs. Wethey Mincemeat   25c  $1.00  $1.40  Lot No. VIII.  3 lbs. freshly ground Coffee,  or 3 lbs. Ceylon Tea....  $1.40  .$1.00  Lot No. IX.  Barrington Hall Coffee  60c  Bottle of Vinegar ._25c  I Tin Pork and Beans ."20c  1 pkg. Silver Gloss Starch..  15c  2 cans Sardines   15c  $1.oo  $1.35  KELOJtfNH RECORD  JOHN LEaTsTLKT  Editor aad Preprint*.  Crop Rotation Increases  JDuty ot Water  In these days when the slogan of  every farmer should bo greater production per. acre rather.than au increase in acreage, on account of tn.  shortage of help and the inability of  water companies and miaicipaUtuw to  raiso capital to enable them ta t?u��ie  more water, the SuuoriuiBuutul of the  Experimental Farm ut .-u.jiner!iai'l  points out the necessity of t.u.tibg irrigated farms under a ruction.  Experience has shown thut alfalfa iu  moats soils responds iu yield up ti J  ft. 6 ins. or I ft. of wat.tr. C'< ver  and pasture follow tins very closely  during a period lasting Irom tha uiid-  le of April to tha middle of Septus-  ber. Grain, on the other hand, re  quires muoh less water, varying ac  cording to. soil from 1 ft. tl ins* to 2  ft., and spread ovor n, much shorter  period, say from April lath to July  15th. So that it is quite ovr-Uit teal  with a rotation, including some grain,  the maximum amount of water would  be needed during llood water rime,  and thus reserve tlie diiuiroxl vater  for the alfalfa, ilover crops, and pa.  ture. Hoed crops 1tf4u.n1 .ess water  than other crops as moisture may be  conserved by good tillage. 1  Further, by following a rotation,  each part oi the farm has a chance of  getting its fair proportion of manure  at regular intervals. Vegetable mat-  'ter is. turned in, thus getting the soil  into better tilth, and, at the same  time, increasing the duty of watar. ��  Besides thia, weed control under irrigation can be accomplished only by a  rotation of' crops. However careful a  farmer may ber,with weeds, unless the  ditches und the whole community served by . those ditches are controlling  weeds, the water coming through the  ditches will seed the land it serves  eaoh year. The hoed orop year la, of  course, the best year ior weed control,  and the cultivator should ba used  often and well during ,the season, and  after each .irnj_a tion as soon as the  laud is mellow enough.  Tbe rotation suggested as best suited   to    irrigation forming in British  Columbia is as follows:���  1st year���Grain.'  ���2nd year���Seedsd   to    clover   and  timothy, or alfalfa and orchard  grass.  3rd yeai>-Hay.  4th year���Hay, one orop�� manured  in   summer   and   second crop  turned under.  5th year���llood orop.  Thus 20 acres oi arable land would  be cut up as follows; 4 ao.es gr.in,  12 acres hay, 4 acres hosd crop. To  examine -Una irons a water standpoint  it would give 8 acres oi crops reqeir-  ing a small amount and 4 aires ot  hay which would be plougood under,  and would: no> seed so much as If  growing. ' .  ���   O---  CAB SHORTAGE  Railway offiolals a Winnipeg in rljs  cussing ths' car shortage declare that  they are doing their very bait.to relieve the situation, in ths Okanagan  Valley. They point out that eppla  shipments must' wait their tiros until  ths orders ot the army and. navy have  been obeyed. En the service ol one  of the biggest Canadian meat peelers  there are several hundred refrigerator  cars whioh ars being used to haul  frozen meat from tha western packing  houses ta ths Atlantic neeboard.where  fast steamers wait at the dooka to be  loaded, and then to ply, their way to  the Old Country ports wheats tha.  meat is| transported by the Army Servioe Carps to the men fighting in the  trenches.  The railway officials say further tha.  we in B. C. must put up wjtb, conditions. They are abnormal, they know,  but still we must do the best possible  and use paper lined box ears.  Across the line a similar situation  prevails.. Tne shippers. there have  taken the matter up with the Interstate Commerce Commission, bat still  no relief .is iry night. Paper lined box  cars ore being put Into ssrvioe there  as well. One railroad absolutely refuses to allow any of its refrigerator  cars to be loaded with apples for a  destination not on its own lines.  ers for  Local  Scouts  I PREPABCD*  Kelowna Troop  Troop First; Self L..t  Edited by Pioneer. November 14th  Orders by command for week ending  November 25th, 1918.  DUTIES:-The Otters, Eagles, Wood  Pigeons, and Beavers will parade'' at  the Club-room on Tuesday, the 21st of  November, at 7.30 p.m. The Wolves,  Curlews, and Kangaroos will,parade  at the same time) and pVaco on Wednesday, the 22nd of November. Tho  combined Troop will parade at thc  same place'on Saturday, the 2Bth   of  November, at 2.30;p.m.  .      *  WOLF CUBS. We fans asked by Mr.  Gordon to state that the first parade  of (all. those boys who are anxious lo  join the new Pack of Wolf Cubs, will  meet, st the room in the old wooden,  school-house on Richter street, forraer-  ly used by"C" Company of the 172sd  Battalion as an orderly boom, on  Friday next, the 17th inst., at 7 p.m.  All I Soouts are requested to bring this  notioe to the1 attention of their younger brothers, who,' they know are  anxious to join the pack.  .  A meeting of) Petrol Leaders only is  to   be held on Friday,,* the 17th inst.,  at the Club-room, at 7.30 p.m.  .  A very business-like session of the  Court of Honour, was held,on Saturday last, the 11th inst. | The prurdag  shears have already commenced their  work,land the Troop, by the deoision  of the Court of Honour is already reduced in strength by 1 three, with more  to follow.  .  Scout Dykes, |of tho Wolves, passed  his Tenderfoot test on Saturday'.last,  the 11th Inst., and.also Troop Leader  Keller, and Patrol Leaders CaHer,  Parkinson, and DuMoulin. All Seconds | and Acting-Seconds will be called  I KEL0WR1A-WEST BANK j  STEAM FERRY  Regular scheduled service now  in operation as follows:  Leaves Kelowna 9 a.m. 3.30 p.m.  ���   Westbank 9.30 s.m, 4 p.m.  EXTRA SERVICE ON  WEDNESDAY * SATURDAY  Losses Kelotcna 11 a.m.  Leaoes Westbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS GASH  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  Phone 108 or Phone 100  upon at anytime now to re-pass their  Tenderfoot test, and attention is again  drawn to the faetithat every Scout iu  the Troop imottt re-pass this teat before the end ofthe, year. There is not  muoh time left now. ,  .  We have obtained two splendid books  from headquarters at London, which  every Patrol Leader and Second in the  Troop should read. They are: "How  to Run a Patrol," and "Letters Do  Patrol leaders on the Scout Law," by  the late Captain the Hon. Roland E.  Philippe. |n connection with the latter book the publishers have written  tho following "Foreword":���"CaUed to  Higher Servioe. On July 6th, 1916,  the author of this book, Captain the  Hon. Roland E. Philippe, when gallantly leading, his 'men of tho 'Jth Battalion Royal Fusiliers in a charge  against a German trench, wns.killed,  or, sb we like to call it in'the Ercout  movement, 'Called to Higher Service.'  Shortly before this time Captain Philippe had sent the Ifollowing dedication  fon this, book: 'Dedicated to those  Patrol Leaders, young and old, in all  parts of the world, who are toying  daily to he loyal to thein; Scout r rom-  ise, and to uphold'the honour of thoir  ten Scout Laws.' We are sure these  letters will now be read by Patrol  Leaders with a douUle interest, and  will pnobab.y have a double influence  throughout Hie whole Scout movement!  by the fact that .Captain Philipps has  proved by his own Kfe thst he was  loyal to the Promise and the Laws  upon which he has written for the  Leaders whom (he loved so much."'  The Chief Scout has also written Ms  "Foreword" as follows: "Foreword.  What I said to tbe Patrol Leaders at  their great conference at Manohes'er I  repeat   now    to   you who rend this.  namely, that you ha vet a great power  to do,good or to do harm to the  Scouts placed under your oharge. It  largely depends on your character and  your example to them whioh way they  go. Here are the three stops you  should .take: First, win your boys by  making yourself their friend and helper; secondly, influence them by your  example' in conduct and in doing  things; thirdly, -control them by your  good sense, and by keeping them up  to * the teachings, of the Soout Law.  Your key to success .is thoroughly to  understand the inner meaning 'of the  Scout Law, to carry it out ill all that  you,'do,'and thereby give the lead to  your boys. The value of the Scout  training hinges on the Scout Law.  Therefore you will find the foUowiur;  delightful letters from Captain ftolnnd  Philipps of the highest value, and of  the greatest help to you If you read  them carefully. Then,���all success to  you!     Robert Baden-Powell."  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of reading, marking, ft'id l.-arn-  Apple Market and Car Shortage  Jobbers and retailors alike are complaining at the slow movement of  apples from B. C. points. Country  points aro not overly well .applied  with apples, and wut they have are  all B.C.'s. It is regrettable lhat mi.ro  cars oould not have been pi ioe 1 hKore  this, beoauoe tne cold spell viU affect  the movement 'o "oiru extent. Jobjben  however, are waiting iiitiently f. r  their cars.  This year has afforded British Columbia an excellent ��� opportunity to  properly show her wares. From Winnipeg s��Bt British Columbia applet) are  to be seen and there will be a good  many more rolling to prairie towns.  People are being persuaded by the retailers to purohlase boxed apples' because "Ontario has a poor orop this  year!" This argument is being used  in hundreds of; towns by enorgntio  retailers.  ing    the contents of theso most excellent handbooks  Dr. MATH1SON  Dentist  KELOWNA   ::   B.C.  Broken Windows  Are Expensive  Now that the cold weather i. coming  on it i. real economy to have all broken pane, made good. It mean, leu  fuel to burn, greater comfort, and  fewer doctor*, bill..  We carry a large .took of glass and  can mend window, on short notice.  Storm Sash  will add much to the comfort of your  home during the winter months.  Furniture, Fruit Ladders,  Sash and Doors  REPAIR WORK AND JOBBING  S. M. Simpson  OncdoorsoulhofFireh.il.    Phone 31Z  THE ROYAL NAVY  WANTS  CANADIANS  f For irrrri restate oversea, ser vice.  Pay $1..10 a day and upwards.  Free Kit' Separation allow-  anoe, $20.00 monthly.  Apply nearest Naval Recruit.  ing Station or Dept. of the  Nav�� I Service, OTTAWA  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  Doors Windows                       Shingles  Price, right. Delivery prompt.      Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES ���             ���              ���            Managing-Director  The manager of the Apple Evaporator is now reedy to  buy all good culled apples/fallen, bruised, scabby or  otherwise.  This is an industry which means money found for the  rancher, and as every industry is an asset to the city, it  is up to you Mr, Rancher to say whether these home  industries shall thrive or have to close up for lack of  material.   Rush in your culls���any quantity.  The Orchard City Evaporating Co.  Corner Ellis Street and Cawiton Avenue.  WANTED  Three Ton* of White Potatoes; and  Five Tons of Small Pickling Onions,  well cured  Cash on delivery for sound stock  Occidental Fruit Compy., Ltd. - Ellis Street  Great Values for Next  Saturday��� Kelowna s  Dollar Day  '  Dry Goods  4 pairs Ladies', Misses' and  Children's 35c hose for $ |  Ladies' Fall Waists in assorted colors, also in white.  Reg. $1.50 up to $3 values  for    $|  An assortment of Wash Dress  Goods in light and dark  colors ; 35c values. Four  yards for $1  20c Hair Ribbons. Seven  yards for.....' $1  A nice assortment of Men's  Ties, values 35c up to 50c  in the lot 4 (or $1  15c White or colored border-  i    ed   Handkerchiefs.     Ten  for $1  18c Linen Toweling.    Sev.  yards for    Fine Turkish and Huckaback  Towels, size 20 x 36. Three  pairs for $1  Men's   Heavy   Sox,   regular  ' 35c values. Four pairs...$1  Ladies' Fancy Lace Mull and  Embroidered Collars in the  very latest styles.   Values  up to 50c. 4 for$l  Crockery Bargains  $1.50 and  $1.75   Jardiniers        Assorted Bowls, Jugs, Vege-  ' for $1 table Dishes, 30c and 35c  Platters. 8-inch size.,6 for $1 V'1uM  4 f��r $1  I doz. of fine glass Tumblers        An   assortment   of    Brown  for  $1 Bakers.-r. 4 for $1  Our Grocery Department  will be replete with bargains  3 lbs. of our regular 40c Tea $|  3 lbs. of our regular 40c Coffee $1  17 lbs. of Rice .-..$1  14 lbs. Choice Beans $1  I lb. Blue Ribbon Tea... 50c  I bottle Malkers Vanilla 25c  1       ���        ���       Lemon 25c  I tin Victoria Cross Salmon 25c  I lb. Coffee   40c  I lb. Tea  40c  1 tin Eggo Bak'g Powder 25c  2 Dutch Cleanser   20c  For $1  $1.25  For $1  $1.25  I lb. Great West Tea  50c  3 Maple Corn Flakes ... 25c  3 lbs. Best Rice  25c  I lb. Mixed Candy  25c  I tin Fry's Cocoa  30c  I tin Salmon   15c  I lb.Tea>  40c  I lb. Coffee  40c  For $1  $1.25  For $1  $1.25  Above are only a few of the Bargains we will offer.  Come in and look them over. You will be welcome  whether you buy or not.  J. F. FUMERTON & CO.  THE CASH STORE  "It Pays to Pay Cash " m MERCHANTS ARE DOING THEIR UTMOST TO PLEASE FOR DOLLAR DAY.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 1916  KELOWNA   K.ECQ1U)  PAGE THREE  1/ ���-   Llf^ftED      IN the Millinery Section there will     vf,  be some exceptional values in   '  '  Winter Hats that will be excel-  i lent values at the price of   -      $ I  ; Corsets at  Useful' styles in new  Corsets   made  in  best   quality   White  Coutil       - -       $ I  SI  . Flannelette Gowns at  $1  Ladies'  White Flannelette Nightgowns in  slipover and button  - , front style       - -       $1  Special Values in Merchandise   -  $1  Exceptional values in new and charming Waists will be offered  here on Saturday at the remarkable price of One Dollar. These  Waists  are even  better  than we had on Dollar Day last year.  Prices up to $4,95 for      - -      $1 ���  Other Dollar  Bargains  Children's Coats   $1  Children's Bonnets ...fl  Children's Heavy  . Vests 4for$l  Ladies' Black Cashmere  Hose ...5 pairs for $1  Sjj^een. Moire and Nainsook Underskirts....fl  3  Muslin  or  Organdie  Collars ......$1  Special Bargains at $ 1  Natural Pongee  4 yards for  White Flannelette  9 yards for  Striped Flannelette  8 yards for  White Msrcella  Quilts...   2 Pairs Turkish  Towels   Store" Open at 8.15 a.m. Saturday  Phone 361  Kelowna  Silks, Fancy Chinas,  c  unos an  d Toys  Select your pretty and inexpensive Christmas Gifts from  our newly imported stock of these artistic Japanese goods  THE JAPANESE STORE  Leon Avenue Kelowna  Do Not  Procrastinate!  P      ���  ��  Buy your winter  stock of     ::     ::  Blankets, Eiderdown  Qyilts and Bedding  Requirements NOW  We have a large stock purchased before the war which we are selling at the  old prices.  Kelowna Furniture Company  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  There will be no Mass at the  Catholic church Sunday.  Miss Annie McMillan is at present on a visit to her sister in Bel-  lingham, Wash.  Mrs. J. G. Simpson, who was for  a short time teacher at the Benvoulin school, left this week for Trail  with her little child, to join her  husband who has secured a situation there.  Serg. Chaplain went down to the  coast this week and will take an  officer's training course prior to  entering the Foresters battalion.  He was accompanied by Mr. John  Willougham who is also taking a  course.  An auction sale of furnirure is  to be held at the home of Mr. C.  Hawes, Harvey Avenue, Saturday,  November 25th. Mr. Hawes, who  has a ranch in Glenmore, is leaving for the prairie with his family.  News has been received of the  death in France of Herbert Stubbs,  a former employee of P. B. Willits  and Co. He was a son of Mr. J. J.  Stubbs, at one time resident in  Kelowna, but afterwards proprie'or  of a laundry in Vernon. The family moved to Vancouver some time  ago.  Mr. Fred Pedlar arrived in town  last Saturday.  Mrs. Henry Burtch went down  the lake last week-end visiting  friends at Peachland.  Messrs. G. S. Schon and A. R.  Smith, of Vernon, are reported as  killed in action in last week's lists.  The s-rvice at St. Andrew's, Ok.  Mission, will be held on Sunday  next (19th) at 3 p.m. The official-  ing clergyman will be the Rev. H.  King, of Armstrong.  Last night at 5 o'clock Mr. Reid  Johnston was married to Miss Ber-  nice Helen Baker, at St. Saviour's  church, r Penticton, by the Rev.  J. A. Cleland. The bride was  wearing a travelling suit of cream  broadcloth, the couple leaving for  a three weeks trip to the Sound  and California. On their return  they will take up residence at  Brookmere. Reid, who at one  time resided in Kelowna, has many  friends here, who will read this  announcement with no little sur  prise (though we often suspected  him !). Miss Baker's genial demean,  or we can personally testify to, and  heartily join in wishing the couple  a happy and prosperous future.  Kelowna's Milk Business  To Change Hands  An important change is to be  made in the handling of the local  milk business next week, which  should result in putting it upon a  much better basis than has been  the case for some considerable  time. Mr. A. McQuarrie has made  arrangements to take over the entire output of the three principal  local dairies, viz., W. H. Barlee V  J. B. Fisher's and C. Duggan's  Mr. McQuarrie is leasing the Har-  riss ranch near the Five Bridges  and here the milk along with that  from his own cows will be gathered and properly standardized be.  fore being delivered to the public,  who can thus be assured of a uni  form product.  Mr. McQuarrie's experience in  the dairying business extends over  a period of many years. Before  coming to reside' in Kelowna he  had control of most of the milk  sold in Armstrong and Enderby,  and his barns and dairy buildings  were amongst the finest in the province. On several occasions he  carried off much coveted honors  granted by the Department of Agriculture for his equipment end  methods of handling milk and  cream. We wish him every success in Ms new venture.  Just opening  up Christmas toys  at Trenwith's " Electric Shop."  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimate. Furnished for sll classes  of work  Our'Dollar Day'  r:  Six Portrait  Postcards  For $1  PLEASE COME EARLY  Hudson, Stocks & Co.  Phone 199  Rutland News  (Fses. oar own GorrsBDODdmt.)  The unusually cold snap of the  past week has frozen the Rutland  " lakes" and many parties of  skaters have already been seen on  the ice.  Mrs. Fitzpatrick and family desire to thank all friends for the  many kindnesses and sympathy  shown during their recent bereavement.  Messrs. John Woolsey, Clarence  Duncan and the Sehell brothers,  were out on a hunting trip lost  week and met with good luck,  bringing in tour deer and a coyote,  At the Women's Institute meeting last; Thursday Mrs. B. McDonald gave a mo6t interesting demonstration of candy making. There  was a very good attendance. At  the close of the meeting the candy  was sold for the benefit of the  Rutland Red Cross, realizing $2.05  after paying for materials.  Next Thursday, November 23rd,  a bazaar and concert are to be  held in the schoolhouse by the  Women's Institute in aid of the  Red Cross and Patriotic Fund,  There will be a large array of useful and fancy articles suitable for  Christmas gifts, homemade bread,  pickles, fruit, candies, 8tc, and  reasonable prices will be asked  Aftereoon tea will be served. The  concert in the evening will commence at 8 o'clock. The artistes  will include Messrs. Drury Pryce,  H. Todd Boyd, G. S. McKenzie,  Mrs. Braden, Miss Winnie Jones,  Mrs. L. Dilworth and others.  C. Nicoll  Dray and Transfer Agent  Phone 132  Will move you quick and cheap  J. GALBRAITH  Plumber and Steam Fitter  P.O. Box 81       Phone 5705  Kelowna, B.C.  Special Offer of  Palm Olive Goods  For the month of November  VV/ITH each purchase of a package  "   of Cold Cream, Vanishing Cream  or Face Powder at the regular price of  50c, we will give  Three Cakes of  Palm Olive Soap  We will alto give the men one cake of  Palm Olive Soap with each stick of  Shaving Soap for  25c  /  P. B. Willits &C6.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna, B.C.  W. M. Parker  & Co.  The Jewelers  $  Casorso Block  Phone 270  For Saturday, November 18  'DOLLAR DAY7  We will give 10 per cent, off  everything except team harness  Car of Buggies Just Placed in Stock  W. R. GLENN 6c SON  Pendozi Street Phone 150  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd  Are now completely equipped to supply all   -  your lumber needs.'  We have a large stock of local and  coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  of high-grade quality and in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  COAL  COAL  Pennsylvania Hard, $17.50       Taber Smokeless, $10.50  Princeton Lump $8.00 Princeton Nut $7.00  TERMS CASH  Phone  66  W. HAUG  P.O. Box  166  Wanted  Buggies, Democrats  Single Work Wagons, Double Work  Wagons,   Ploughs,  Harrows, Cultivators, Seeders, Single Driving Harness,  Single Work Harness, Sewing Machines, Refrigerator*,  Dressing Tables, Side Boards, Kitchen Tables, Sets of  Drawers, Kitchen Tables, Chairs of all kinds, Cook  Stoves, Ranges���  a  Anything you have for sale sold  on commission  lj ���\-rx~z���: ���-" * '��� i������-���'���' ���-' ".":.'   ^E^^*a*m*mmmswm*m*Mmm*$*m*sWSS.  If, you want to buy or sell anything see  STOCKWELL, the Auctioneer PAGE FOUR  KBLOWNA   KBCOAO  THURSDAY, NOVHaTflBB loti, 1K18 '  ( WANTED! )  FOR SALE-Ford car, $300. Everything  ih good running order. Apply D.  Leckie. 44tf  FOR SALE, about 70 Berkshire pedigreed  young sows and boars, from 3 to 5  months old, and brood tows, also three  mares and one horse. Apply J. L. Pridham, Box 49, Kelowna. 48tf  FOR SALE-Second-hand democrat in  first-class condition. Only $25. Apply  Kelowna Implement Co. 49tf  ���ana *������*<���*-������ >.s��.n ��m�� ���n��i#ii> $t w***b*9*w$i  "    PROFESSIONAL AND   �����  ������        BUSINESS CARDS      "���  ���s>�����.������Wi��..��li.><g^.��i��>il��n��.S   ���   S   S   I   Hffll  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA, B.O  FOR SALE, cheap, 2 safes, 1 typewriter,  2 ribbon cases, I small wares case, 1  high desk, 8-day clock, vinegar barrels,  Indian Motor cycle, almost new. J. F.  Fumerton & Co. 50tf  WAN 1'ED, middle-aged Woman for general housework.   Small family.    Apply  Mrs. J. Morrison, R. R. No. I, Kelowna.  44tf  GIRL WANTED for light housework. Apply Mrs. A. Wigglesworth, Rutland.  50-2p  MOUSE TO RENT, Furnished, eight  rooms with bath, on Bernard Avenue.  $15 per month. Apply Harvey 8c Dug-  48tf  gan.  WANTED, fresh milk Cow. Will pay  cash. Apply W. L. Chapman, East Kelowna Store, or phone 2102. P.O. Box  124. 5ltf  WANTED, Bicycle in good condition.  Cheap for cash. Write particulars B.  Record Office. 52p  FOR SALE, 15 young pigs, ready to wean,  $2.25 each : also 10 brood sows. Apply  Henry Burtch, Kelowna. 52tf  WANTED, industrious men who can earn  $100 per month and expenses selling  our products to farmers. Must have  some means for starting expenses and  furnish contract, signed by two responsible men. Address the W. T. Raw-  leigh Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Man., giving  age, occupation and references.        52p  R. B. KERR  Barrister.  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA. :: B.C  Private SdeluainiMi  tesiYEdi  E. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, and  NOTARY PUBLIC  9, Willit's Block   ���   Kelowns, B.C  at the residence of Mr. S. D  COLQUETTE 520. Glean Ave.,  of Household Effects, as follows;  Piano, Mahojaay Parlor Suite, 3 pieces,  mahogany Parlor Table and Rocker, 2  Carpet squares, large plate aha. Mirror,  28 i 30-ins., chin. Dinner set.setin walnut  Dining room Suite, Meatle Clock, airtight  Heeter, Picture., large bras, bed. coil  '.springs. Rostmore meltreM, 2 iron beds,  spring, end mattresses, I cot mettreos. 2  quertef cut oak Dresser, and on. commode  I oek Dresner. I Kooteney range, 2 Kitchen  Table., 1 folding ironing Board, I clothe.  Wringer, I .top ladder, canned fruit, cooking utensils, common dishes, flour can,  garden tools, large oak refrigerator end  numerous other article..  Sale to commence November 15th, to  November 30th. Good, mey be aeon between the hour, of 10 a.m. end 4 p.m. any  day.  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  ha. resumed his leeching cl.as.s end will  teceive  pupil,  e.  before in hi. stndio-  Trench Block, Kelown..  P.O. box 374  F. W. GROVES  M. Can. Soc.C.E.  Consulting Cioll and Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeijor  Surveys and Reports un Irrigation Works  Applications for Water Licensw*  KELOWNA. B.C.  OVERCROWDED-Will sell a few good  R. I. Red  pullets   for   $1    each to make  room.    |. M. Harvey. 52tf  FOR SALE, Shetland Pony, thoroughly  broken, and saddle pony, very quiet.  Would exchange for cows, or would  give use of saddle pony in exchange for  winter feed. Apply J. S. Mackenzie,  Ban'* of Montreal. 52-lp  FQUND-Purae containing sum of money.  Owner can have same by describing  contents. Applv Ira Brisbin, Glenn Avenue. 52-3  WANTED, Youth or Boy to work on  ranch. Must be milker, $20 and board.  Apply P.O. box 172, 52-lp  TO REN I", Bix-rooined house, with half-  acre of good ground. Apply S. D. Colquette, 520, Glenn Avenue. 52-2tf  NOTICE TO VISITORS  1 wish to inform the person that is swiping chickens in the Woodlawn district that  there has been a lock placed on the chicken house door so that if he needs any  more I would like him to call at my house  and get the keys. 52p  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given, that at the next  statutory meeting of the Board of Licensing  Commissioners for the City of Kelowna, I,  Arthur Peabody, intend to apply for a renewal of my licence to sell liquor by retail  in the premises known as the Palace Hotel,  situated on the North side of Bernard  Avenue, between Water Street and Pen-  dozi Street, in the City of Kelowna. B.C.  Dated November 15th, 1916. 52-4  Dr. J, W. Nelson Shepherd  DENTIST  V, O. Bo* l��6 Thos* IA  Corner Pendozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR l< BUILDER  Plane and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings,Town and Country Residences  |OHN CURTS, KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  Auction Sale  Being instructed by Mr. CHAS.  HAWES. i will sell st his resid.  ence, Hsrvay Avenue, near the  Mission road, on Saturday, November   25th, all  his movables,1  comprising  Pair Gelding., weight 2400 1b... 7 and ��  yc.rs of age, good worker, and drivers  .extra good team), Pig weighing 400 lb..,  60 Chickens, Double Wagon, Three.seated  Demoarat, Buggy  Wagon, Light Traverse  Sl.d.. New Wheelbarrow, Ladders, Three  Water Barrel., Thirty bag. of Wheat and  Oats, Four ton. ef Hay, Platform for Wagon  Spring,  for  7000  lb... Platform for  Wagon, Sat Dray Harrow., Planet Junior  Cultivator, sat Double Work Harness, single Driving Harness, Spraying ontfit, complete, Pung Sleigh, Eight load, of Straw,  Te'n ton. Potatoes (if not sold before), lot  of   Household   Furniture,  Neck   Yoke.,  Whipple Tr.as, Chains, Shovel., Fork..  Everything  must be sold ..'Mr. Hawe.  i. leaving for the prairie.   Sale at 1.30.  TERMS CASH  C, H. KERR, Auctioneer  FRANCES A. PEARSON  L.K.K.K.  Gives lesson, in  Voice Production & Singing  100, Graham  Strest,   Kelotons, N.  Ladies   Wishing   to   Order  SP1RELLA   CORSETS  can meet  MRS. J. H. DA VIES  on Saturday    ef each weak, er   ��S2r  in Room No. 1. Oak Hall block, between the bourn of 2:30 and 5:90 p.m.  Peelers  Wanted  B.C. Evaporators, Ld.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS  R�� Henry William Raymer, deceased,  8JN��tic�� ii hereby given that all creditors  end persona having any claims or demands  egeinat the estate of Henry William Raymer. late of the City ot Kelowna, ih the  Province el British Columbia, deceased,  who died on or about the 6th day of April,  1916, and whose will was proved by Mary  Shaw Raymer, the executrix therein named on the 19th day of August, 1916, in the  Supreme Court of British Columbia, are  hereby required to send in the particulars  of their claims and demands to the said  executrix on or before the 15th day of  December, 1916. Particulars of auch claims  and demands may be effectually given by  by being delivered to Mary Shew Raymer,  tne above-named executrix, whoee address is Kelowna, B.C.  AH claims must be duly verified by  statutory   declaration.  And aotice is hereby further given that,  after the aeid 13th day of December, the  executrix will proceed to distribute the  eaeete of the deceased among the persons  entitled thereto, having regard only to the  claims of which she shall have then had  notice, and that she will not be liable for  the assets or any pert thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim  she shall not then have had notice.  Dated et Kelowna, B.C., this 6th day of  November, 1916.  52-1 MARY S. RAYMER.  DOLLAR DAY i  The ELECTRIC SHOP  Come and see how far your money will go Saturday next.   We  only announce a few of the bargains; you should see our windows  15, 25 and 40 watt Tungsten Lamps,  regular 35c and 40c.     Saturday next  only 3 for $1  2-light Clusters. Just the thing when  you want to use the electric iron at  night and need a light at the same  time. Regular $1.25, Saturday next  only, at $|  10-ft. Extension Cord. Handy when  you want to take an electric light into  a corner or to read in bed. Regular  $1.25, Saturday next only $ ]  Flashlights (or the pocket, regular $1.35,  complete set only $ j  Tumblers, g'ass, regular  10c each, Saturday next, per dozen $ J  Cups and Saucers, turquoise.   Saturday  only, half dozen for $]  Cups and Saucers, white and gold. Saturday only, Four for <jj|  Cheese Dishes.   Regular $1.25.   Saturday only    $1   $1  SOUP TOUREENSfor $| TEAPOTS for   Best of all see our windows for assortments at ONE DOLLAR  Saturday only :  $ I  Discount on Aladdin Mantle Lamps  Buy a Gramaphone for $ 1 deposit  JAMES H. TRENWITH  "THE ELECTRIC SHOP"  Auction  Sale  of Salvage Goods  Commencing Wednesday, Nov. 22nd,  at 2 o'clock p.m.  I hsve been instructed by Tksaal  Lawns, LiaiUa to offer for Sale  Entire Stock/slightly damaged  by water. Ladies' Dresses, Underwear, Blouses, Gloves, ox.,  Children's and Misses' Dresses,  Men's Trousers, Underwear,  Tweed Caps, Felt Hats. Shirts,  Sweaters, Boys' Suits & Knickers, Tweed Caps. Also a quantity of Silks. Wool Blankets and  Rugs, Fianntlettes and Dress  Goods, Cottons, &x.  Sale will open at 2 p.m. sharp  and 7.30 Wednesday night.  Here is your chance for bargains.   Don't miss it.  Sale will continue until entire  salvage is sold.  G. H. KERR, Auctioneer  RECRUITS WANTED  by the 30th Regiment of British Columbia  Horse for Home Service, The rete of pay  is $1 per day end 10c per day Field Allowance, also e subsistence allowance of 45e  per day to the dependent  of those enlist-  This is e splendid opportunity for any.  one not medically fit tor oversees service  and wanting to do their bit Three squares  a day, good clothes nnd very little work.  For further particulars apply to Lieut  C. G. WARWICK, Adjutant 30th Regt.  ment B.C Horse, Vernon, B.C.  Wholesale Storage  facilities for farmer. ��t  IJc p.r bos, or  sack per month,  Apply to W. G. Brawn or J. R. Baale,  Kelowna Sltt  Peelers and Trimmers  ��anted at once at the Apple Evaporator. Men, women, boys or  girls.   Apply NOW.  W. B. M. CALDER, Mngr,  SYNOPSIS OF COAL BN06  REGULATIONS  Coal miniag rights ol ths Donuaiea  ia Maaitoba, Saslutohsws* aad Altar  ta. ths Yukon Territory, ths North-  wert Territories, sad in a portioa oi  ths Froviaoe oi British Columbia, may  be Wed (or a tena ol twe����y-��s����  year, at aa aaiiual rental ol f 1 aa  acre. Not more thaa 3>M0 a  will be leaned to on. applicant.  Applications for   ths has* must   ba  rade by the applicant ia penoa to  tha Agent or Sub-Agent ol tha district  ia which the right, applied lor  situated.  Ib .urveyed territory, ths laad I  be described by sections, or legal tub-  divisions ot ���notion., sad ia unsurrsy  sd territory the traot applied lor  shell   be' it.ked out by the  Eaeh application must be  paaied by a fee of $3 whieh will be  refunded ii tin right applied lor are  aot available, but not ulhsnilas, A  royalty shall be paid oa ths uenhi  able output oi tha mine at ths ratsei  live seats par tea.  Ths person operating ths Bias sSall  furnish ths agent with sworn r*tta_��  accounting lor ths hill quantity al  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. Ii ths coal  rights are not being operated, sMh  returns shall be furnished at lssst oaa,  a year.  The lease will include the ooal  ing rights only, but ths lessee  be permitted to purohase iiBatsisr  available surface rights m_y be considered accessary ior the workhsg al  the miae at the rate oi $10 an ���_**���.  For fall information ipplioattoo  should be made to the secretary ��i  the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Ageat or Sub-Agent  oi Dominion laads.  w. w. con,  Deputy Miai.tcr ol tbe Interior.  N. B. ���Unauthorized publication ol  thtod'waiSsjisat will tfdt be rt.M tee  Ten  DOLLAR  Ten  SPECIALS  ASK FOR THEM BY NUMBER  No. I   Special   }.lb. pail WageteaVe Jem    85c  Tin Sugar Drips Syrup          SOs  *w��� SI.''  No. 2 Special   I pound McKeeo.'s Blue Tea    50s  Tin Lownev'e or Cowan Cocoa     90s  Pkg. Lowney's or Cowan. Chocolate ..   30c  2-lb. pkg. Lump Sugar     30c  ���    $1.40  No. 3  Special  6tinaQanm.reToniatoc*-3-lb. Has at  20c each     $1.20  No. 4  Special   I Bottle Heinz TomatoC.t.up  35c  I      ���   Hein/. Apple Butter  13c  I      ���   Heine India Relish  35c  I   * ���   Heinr Mustard Dressing    23c  1 ���   Heini Cm Chile      33c      $1.43  No. 5   Special   I  Urge bottle  Liquid Veneer, with  mep complete     $IJ0  No. 6  Special   I bar pure Cttil. Soap     30c  2 pkg.. Cowan's Icing. -. 25c  I tin Eggo Baking Pewder       23c  I battle Furniture Polish  10s      $1.30 ���  No. 7   Special   I 10-ounce battle Olives    35c  I quart bot. Lemon or Vanilla Extract    $1   $135  No. 8   Special    I pound Freshly Ground Coffee    50c  1 tin Peanut Butter    30s  2 pkgs. Wether'. Mincemeat    25c  ,      2 tin. K.A.G. Disinfectant..../     25c     $130  No. 9  Special   4 tin. Three Nun. Tobacco, at SOc ��. $1.20  No. 10 Special   I half-pound tin Calabash Tobaebo ...    ��l  4 pkg.. Player'. Cigarette.    40c  ���-   $1.40  Everybody should have at least five of the above  specials neat Saturday at ONE DOLLAR. We have endeavored not to duplicate so that you could buy them all  and have nothing at all the same. We can't afford to sell  goods like this every day, so buy when you have the  chance and make Hospital Satnrdsy sad Merchants' Dellar  Day a success from the standpoint of your own pocket.  The McKenzie Co., Ld.  i  j  i  Phone 2 W  Our motto: "Quality and Service'  gkfSeD  <3oQimf  Ton bounce out of bed with, hraia alert  sad bodyrcfreihed by a good night's rest ��  if youVc slapt oa an  ALAS  wns IBS CUaBAnTESO ROR.BI  1 KtUVEL rtirtBB    .    r-agoanali  ���J Its steel-reinforced adjustable comer castings (patent applied f<  ensure sUengtu.rigidi^aadaccuatefitonanTbed, 41 Yoardialerse   for)  itrengtli.rigidity.aadaccurate fitonany ��ed,'4JYoBr dealer sells  SSbs___     thissprlng���eewiUgetitUyaasakiteilhyaaass.  THE ALASKA BEDDING CO, limited  aa*srs��r��i<ias<iea��na�� 5Tw  ���r Mill. Cr^Sssr/lirsUs'  "ALASKA oa .. siSsU men* Bin  Thos. Lawson  - LIMITED   Temporary Premises in the  Hewetson - Mantle Block  PhoM 215  We are too busy these days to figure out  bargains for  Dollar Day  but we shall be there with the goods Saturday  New stock is arriving daily  and is being put on our shelves  as fast as we can get it checked  and priced.  All goods are being marked at Net CASH  Prieu.


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