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Kelowna Record Aug 27, 1914

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 ^w^.ram'fm^:^^0mmmrr- .  VOL. VI.. NO. 40.  .1  KELOWNA. BRITISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th. 1914.���8 PAGES  $1.50 Per Annum  War Will Be Heavy Strain  on the Empire's Resources  Vastly Greater British Forces Needed to Combat German  Armies���British Lose 2,000 in Great Battle���Allies  Fall Back on French Frontier  BELGIUM BUGLERS ANNOUNCING  THE  COMING   OF  THE GEKMANS  FIRST ACTUAL PICTURE FROM THE SEAT OF WAB  When the news oame to Brussels tnat the Kaisor, aiming at his French  enemies was pushing through peaceful Belgium, thousands of oavalry buglers like those in the pioture were sent out by King Albert to proclaim mobilization and. rouse his subjects to the defence of their independence.  Regular Meeting of  ��� City CooDCil  Milk By-Law is Approved by  Lieut.-Govenor  Entomological Society  Meets io Kelowna  Valuable and Interesting Addresses on Insect Life  There was a full attendance at last  Friday's meeting oi tha oounoil al  though little business of importune*  was transacted except tha passing of a  long list of aocounta.   'm*y ���  The correspondence inoluded a certificate of approval from the Lieutem  ant Govornor-in-council 'of ths city's  "Milk Vendor's Bylaw, No. 163."  Chief Thomas was appointed Sanitary Inspector and will undertake the  duties oalled for under the bylaw.  Br. Boyos waited on ths council  with a suggestion that the oity call  a public mooting to discuss the idvis-  ability of forming a local oorps ol  "Home Guards". He said that in  view of the present situation it might  be a wise precaution to see that every  one capable of bearing arms had a  ohanee to receive some kind of military training.  Mayor Jones assured Br. Bbyoethat  if a petition were presented to the  council bearing at least fifty signatures the council would be willing to  call the masting.  While he was before the council Br.  Boyos asked for permission to purchase a milk tester, which he would  need as Medical Health Officer under  the provisions of the Milk Bylaw. Tho  cost .would be approximately 15. Tho  purchaao was authorized. .1  A question touching upon the trades  lioenoe bylaw of the city wasf raised  when Mr. C. Bark asked ths council  whether one trado lioenoe should not  bs sufficient for himself and another  man, who wars transacting business in  the same room, he as a shoemaker,  and the other as a tailor.  Mr. Dark was informed that sopar.it  Usances would be raquirod unless a  legal partnership were formed between  them.  Mr. R. E. Denison appeared on behalf of Messrs. Stirling ft PUoairn to  ask that afire hydrant bs plsoed in  front of their premises, his firm being  of the opinion that their property was  not sufficiently proteoted against fire.  Alderman Adams said the packing  house district had been fairly well flavored with fire hydrants, aa four lines  of hose could be laid in oase. of fire.  The Fire Protection committee however undertook to confer with ths lire  chief in reference to the application.  Mr. W. D. Brent, manager of ths Kelowna Growers' Union, asked the eoun  oil to gravel tho lane at the rear of  their properly in order to facilitate  hauling of fruit, and also to put  Haynes avenue in good condition.  The mayor informed Hr. Brent that  the council were only too well aware  of the conditions of tho roads in  question, but Owing to laok of fund*  On Thursday lust the Entomological  Society of British Columbia hold a  very successful semi-annual meeting in  the Kelowna Board ol Trade haX  The meeting was Open' to the public  and, a number of up-to-date fruit grow  ors availed themselves of the opportunity of hearing some of thc interesting papers which were read.  Tho meeting was opened shortly lie-  fore 11 a.m., by Mr. Lionel Taylor  1st vice president with an address on  titled "Problems Entomological i.nd  Pathological requiring solution in our  orchards;" Mr. Taylor touched!! upon  many of the vexing questions whic.i  exorcise local orohardists today and  his remarks gnvo lise to much valuable  discussion of the various problems  treated upon; amongBt other thing-  Mr. Taylor urged upop the aunt inn;  tho desirability of the periodical distribution of information to growrrs as  the prevalent pests and warnings as t  approaching timo to spray for Certain diseases etc., through the milium ot the local press or by the Distribution of'oircular letters. Many of  Mr. Taylors suggestions will no doubt  receive mature consideration in the  future.  Following this address a paper by  the sooioty'a secretary, Mr. R. C. Trc-  horno of tho Dominion division of  Entomology dealing with the "Mulur- paign.  nl Methods of Inseot Control under  Orchard Conditions," Mr. Trobirno,  oalled the attention ol the meeting to  tho growing interest which is holug  evinced in tho matter of natural te-  pistonce of individual plants ao tho  attacks and depredations ol insools,  and to tho correlation ol insect attack to soil conditions suitable    and  strain the forces of the Empire and  enlnil big sacrifices. He laid emphasis on the fact that his position  in the cabinot involved adherence to  neither party.    He said:  "The terms on whieh I am serving  are the samo as those under whioh  some ol the finest portions of our  manhood, now so willingly stepping  forward to join the colors, are engaging. That is to say, my term ol offico  is lor the duration of the war, or for  throe years if the war should last  longer than that. It has been asked  why this period has been limited. It  is because if this disastrous war bo  prolonged, and no one oan foretell for  a certainty its duration, that after  three years of war, others will take  our plaoes and see this matter through  "There will bo serious conflicts which  undoubtedly will strain the forces of  our Empire, and undoubtedly considerable sacrifices to our people will bs  entailed. These will be willingly borne  for our honor and for the preservation of our position in the world, and  they will be shared by our dominions,  who arc now sending contingents and  giving assistance of every kind to the  Mother Country.  "Our expeditionary force has taken  the field on the French northw?st  frontier and advanced in the neighborhood of Mons, in Belgium. Our troops  already have been for thirty-six hours  in contact with the superior forces of  German invaders. During that time  they maintained the best traditions of  the British soldier and behaved with  the utmost gallantry. The movements  they have boen called on to execute  have been those which demand the  greatest steadiness of a soldier and  skill in the commanders."  The condition of Emperor Franz J osef hourly grows worse snd death is  npeoted at any time.  The Canadian Cruiser Niobe is to be in commission by Sept. 1st, petroling the Gulf of St. Lawrence!  Official estimates of the English 1 oss in Sunday and Monday's battle  place tho killed at 2000.  Canada's first army of 22,000 men will be on tho Atlantio by the middle  oi next month.    The mobilization ol another foroe is prooeeding rapidly.  The French ministry has resigned und a. new one is to be formed at  once.  Reports have been reoeived of the intentions of the Germans to attack  Ostend, which is only 65 miles from England, and to use it, as a base of  attack on England. >  The Russian army continues to advance through Prussian territory, and  it is believed that unless the Germans can win a decisive battle at once  over the allies they will be obliged to withdraw some of their forces.  German roports claim that thc Ja panose bombardment of Kiao Chou,  tho German naval base in China, has tailed, but the Japanese announce  the intention to prepare for a long siege.  The Poles have set up an independent government wjth Warsaw as thoir  capital. Russian soldiers have been withdrawn to join the march on Germany.  Thc British Premier told the House oi Commons that it was foolish to  suppose that 100,000 besides the regular army would suffice for the cam-  At least six times that numb er would bo needed.  Premier Asquith made the announcement today in the Houss of Cum-  mons that the German colony ol Tog oland in east Africa had offered to  surrender ou terms. The terms had been refused and an unconditional  surrender was to be made.  Tho fortified Uulglan stronghold ol Namiir has fallen to the Germans after a hIh art struggle.    The official c nu mimical ion says this necessitates the  withdrawal of a portion of tho Allied  troops from ths line of ths Sanibre  to,thoir original defensive position cn   thc French frontier.  What scraps of war news concerning  tho operations ol tho fighting in Belgium whioh havo filtered through thi*  j wook have not bean of a very enoour-  aging character, and the grim fact iB  bning forood home to the minds of  evoryone that the allies are oonfront-  i'il with a stupendous task before they  oan hope to beat down tho strength  of Germany.  After the comparative quiet of last  week tho news that tho Germans had  taken possession of Brussels, compelling tho Belgians to withdraw their  neat of government to Antwerp, that  Namur, a strongly fortified town upon the holding of which the stand in  Belgium largely depended and that'  the Allies had beon obliged to fall  baok upon tho French frontier, produced a deep impression, and the  greatest anxioty was evidenced. Too  much dependence however, should not  bo plnoerl upon reports of detaohed  victories or defeats as they may'count  for but little in the main campaign.  To offset the advantages gained by  tho German army to the' north the  Frenoh have undoubtedly mado Bome  progress 1n Alsace Lorraine, though  the unexpected treachery of some of  the inhabitants is forming a hindrance  The Austrians ' too 'have practically  had to abandon their attack on Servia, having been beaten back with  heavy losses. Added1 to which the  gradual progress of the Russians into  German territory may alter the tone  of things ip a Bhort' time.  Moanwhilo the British government is  united in a determination to see the  thing through.        '  Lord Kitchener made his first speech  Tuesday an minister of war in the  House of Lords. He told his hearers  that,  this   war   would    ttndoubtedlv  unsuitable to    the healthy growth ol ���  tbe plant and   suitahlo  or unsuitable' SONS OF KNOLANB LODGK  to the   normal   development ol    the! INSURE MEMBERS AT  insect pest, and observod that "There | THE FRONT     ''  are   two points that   requite   closed    observation, one, whether the soli   so  influences the    numbers ol tho insects  that breeding is facilitated or whether  the trees growing on Boil not      |uite  euited to their requirements are thero  fore not quite so virile and thus mora  liable to injury.   We   should,    therefore, be thoroughly conversant  the favorable   habitats   of our  pests    ��nd  WILL  Tho Sons of England Benefit Society  in convention    in Windsor, Ont., on  August 13th    decided by a vote, carried by acclamation to insure the lives'  ol aU members called to servo    under  the flag during tho war, for lho sum  vita'of tl,000.   Also to keep such members  snot Iin B00<1   standing, by    paying thoir  know the suitable condi- .sontribution   by means of   oapitation  i TO  ...    for our crops so ss   lo   avoidUx' durme the time���tnal they    "��  any fallaoy in regard to   determining' Mrvin�� the King and empire,  disease resistant stocks." |    Soverl��1 ��* our ,ocaI S0E' ^^ wiU  Mr. Treherne also pointed out that ��mt,t ��y thls generous act of    tho  inseots introduced into a country teir convention.  ded to become more injurious in the Vt- J- R' ffaKe, Rtrivwl on Tuc*-  eountry of their ado'ptioo than In *&*- **>**��� ,rom Windsor, Ont., whore  thoir original homes, perhaps owing h�� h�� ****> attending the convention  lo the lack of thoir natural enemies, M ��� �� legate from Vancouver. He  and again, possibly to the natural!*'11 ��u<IBd ln�� ,00��t lo,18c mw,Wne W'  ___________________ night and leave tomorrow for Pentic-  (Olallaul aa rose 1) **��������  KING WHO HEADED HIS ARMY,  King Albert ol Belgium, who, at the head of his army, put up a bravt  defense against the advancing Germans who had invaded Belgium.  Until the present crisis King Albert was but little known. Before hs  ascended the throne of Belgium he spent much time in traveling, having visited the United States several years ago and having made a tour of tha  world.  He is a keen student, an author, engineer and aviator. At one time  he acted as a regular reporter on a Belgium newsfiiper, taking his assignments the same as tho other men and covering all suits ol stories.  . The young king is not yet 40 years of age. He was a nephew of King  Leopold who diod in December 1909. He married Duchess Elisabeth of Bavaria in-1900 and they have two sons. Prince Leopold, born in 1901, and  Prince Charles, born in 1903, and ons daughter, Princess Manic Jobs, bora  in 1906.  King Albert's father was Prince Fhillipe, Count of Flanders, and hit  mother was Princess Marie of llohensollcrn. Thus King Albert is related  to the Kaisor, whose army he has been fighting.  Proposed Formation  Movement to Drill Citizens for  Home Defence  Between 150 and 200 people were  packed into the Board of Trade room  Tuesday night in response to tbe announcement made by the oity   counoil  Chinese Opium  Raided by Police  A raid was made last Saturday  night by the polios on a, Chinese opium den kept by one. Quon Tai in  the Abbott street section of Chinatown. Two of the Chinks who were  on the look-out shouted an alarm as  they saw the police coming, but the  latter got into the room in time to  see an attempt being made to destroy  evidences    of     the illegal    traffic by"  that a meeting would be held to con- throwing th��� ,,������, MBlumtm the  aider a project which was bang ��J-1 ium out Q, fa window g wMtoo  vocated ol forming a home guard [^ how6v(|rj u ^ q| ^ &ag  in view of the war with Germany. In' .^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ Q, ^  addition to,the orowd in the hall a'���j|rr''0atM 0[  large number remained in the street I  unable to gain admission.  The discussion of the    matter  Knowles returned    this  visit to friends     across  Mrs. J. B.  weok from a  the line.  Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fleming and  family returned home this week from  a visit to Kamloops.  Mr. Richardson, the new principal  of the public school arrived last  Thursday. He was accompanied by*  Mrs. Richardson and th.'ir littlo son.  Tho Rev. A. V. Despard will officiate  at both sorvices in the parish church  Sunday, whilst tho rector will conduct the services at Okanagan Mission.  s  A meeting of    tho Poultry Assoola-  had  .been arranged to follow the regular  Board of Trade meeting, but it was  evident that the orowd was in no  mood for such prosaic business, and  ths affairs of the Board were rushed  through as hastily as possible. The  minutes ol the previous meeting were  read but the correspondence was left  over to the ttext meeting,  President S. T. Elliott reported  briefly on behalf of the special tele-  phono committee appointed to investigate the possibility of securing a "-on-  tinuoua telephone servioe that ths  Okanagan Telephone Company had  agreed to grant thia. (Applause.)  Mention was also mads of the visit  of ths delegates to tbe Irrigation Convention at Pentioton, and it was resolved to send a messsgs ol thanks  to C.P.R. Superintendent Brodie of  Vanoouver for allowing-the boat conveying the visitors up the lake to stop  over at Kelowna while they were  driven on a tour of inspection ol the  district, and also to secretary N.  Rankino, and Mr, Dynes, of Penticton  for their efforts in securing the favor.  It was stated that word had    been  ceived from tho militia headquarters  at Ottawa asking as to the possibility of purchssing remounts in the Ke-  the curious vice, who  were settling themselves down lo enjoy the blissful dreams which ere  said to oome to those who smoke.  They had a rude awakening, however,  for tho proprietor, and four of the  men were at once arrested, and after  being charged with the offence were  let out on bail, the proprietor of  f 100 and eaoh of tbe others of $20.  The eash was deposited promptly, but  on Monday morning only one of ths  men showed up for trial, tho rest  electing to forfeit their bail rather  than face ' tho magistrate.. Tht  one who did oome out, York Lang  was found guilty and fined 120.  This York Lang, it was stated haa  a white wife, an American lady ot  undesirable reputation, the pair having only recently arrived in town.  Mr. J. E. Reekie, president nf the  'United Growers,    Ltd., left yesterday  for Ottawa to attend the Dominion  Fruit Growers'     Convention, which is  to be held at Grimsby, September 3,  3, and 4.  For the first time since its installation, nearly a year ago, the Imhoff  tank, the most important unit in tha  j city's sewerage system was "blown off*  .last Friday afternoon���that is to Say  ment price. *  The Board    meeting was   then  adjourned and Mayor Jones took charge  ot the gathering which fell to a   dis  tion will be held in the Sons of Eng- fnssion of the real object for   - which  lowna district. Mr. Elliott said a'the accumulation ot sediment at the  wire had been Bent to the.effect that bottom of the tank was forced out  anywhere from 500 to 1000 horses into a shallow concrete filter-bed. The  oould be brought   wRhin the govern- operation was a simple manipulation  Und room, Keller Block on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 8 o'olock to make  arrangements for the winter show to  ba' held November 25, 36 and 97. All  they had assembled  His Worship regretted that in view  of thc large number of people wht  were iinahlo to got in   that arrange-  of valves and took only a few minutes  Sinoe the system has been in operation everything has worked with en-  tiro satisfaction, and the only regret  of the party, consisting ot the Mayor,  tbe chairman of the sewerage oommittee, Alderman Taylor, members of  he counoil, the city clerk and others,  who visited the plant last Friday i  interested in poultry aro invited to at-] mml* had not been made lor a largor|th,t tn( wholeerty was not rnaeWs  tend.  (Oeatlssss sa Fas* S.��  sd up with the system  ft. J���   .  7"  pao:  �������  W  KELOWNA RBCOBJD  LOHtWK ��BCORD  Published svsry Itkarstkty at faiajtrna,  tvMOmjmmio     JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  ���IJO  ststaa  AU  Subscription Raise:  sar rear:   71*.. aii   swaths.   Ualud  affable la advance.  AdvsrtJsiaf Betas:  LOOOI MOT10I8. raorcsstoNAL CARDS.  ���TO.. 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The meeting which wns held in the  Board ol Trade room and presided  ovor by the president ol the association, Mr. F. R. E. DeHart, was well  attended.  There had been considerable talk on  the street lately, ��aid the chairman  as to whether in view ol present conditions thc association would be justified in holding the fair thie year, and  the directors had called the members  together to get an expression of opinion before taking upon themselves the  responsibility ol incurring further expense,  Reviewing the present financial  standing of the association it was  stated that the present indebtedness  amounted to $2370, including a sum  of 81950 due the bank on the new  building and debts carried over from  last year. The annual government  grant of about SHOO would have lo bo  applied in reducing this debt and  would not therefore be available as in  previous years, towards the expenses  of the fair. It would be necessary to  raise this 8800 in somo other way to  ensure the success of the fair. Fears  were also expressed by several speakers that thc revenue from gate receipts, etc.. might be less than usual.  Mr. M. Hereron with his usual optimism was strongly opposed to the  idea ol allowing the fair to be dropped  and believed if an appeal was made  to the larmers of the distriot for support there would be no difficulty in  holding a bigger and better fair than  ever, and coming out ahead financial-  ���y.  Mr. J. II. Davies was also enthusiastically in lavor ol holding the lair  and some form of sports  The great success of the "Stampede"  which took the place of the usual races last year was mentioned and the  idea of having a similar program this  year had many supporters.  The urgent need ol cutting down expenses to the lowest point without  impairing tho attractiveness ol the  fair was fully realized, and it waa  upon that understanding that the ultimate decision to go on with the-  undertaking was reached.  The great increase in exhibits ol  Jive stock was one of the features of  Inst years show, and the present prise  list, whieh was already printed had  been drawn up with a view to further  encoursge this branch.  Mr. Dolfart said he had already had  a promise from ths Hon. Minister ol  Agriculture to officiate at tbe opening  nf the fair, and Mr. Ellison had also  signilied his intention of entering a  number of his-splendid herd of Uol-  steins.  But little interest was manifested in  the auction sale of lands for taxes  held on Tuesday the 18th inst., at  Summerland. With ths exception of  one five aore lot which was bid in by  a private citizen the properties were  purchased by the municipality.  According to messages from llerlin,  the German press is indignant at  Great Britain's acceptance of .lupao-  i* support. ' The leading papers declare that Germany will retaliate by  stirring up an lalnmit'c revolution in  India, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria and the  Soudan which will quickly bring England and France to terms.  Methods of Modern  Fighting  ihe glory and romanoe ol war is  dead. It has become chiefly a matter  of cold calculation, ��i bloody business ol long distance slaughter, with'  no longer an opportunity for >iash-  ing personal heroism. e  Nover again can a Napoleon, lacking down from a hill top, direct the  movements ol his army ol 30,000 men  as it manoeuvres under his eye on  the plain below.  The modern gonoral, directing a  battle line 150 miles long ���will nover  be within sight of his troops. Oyama  the Japanese ohief of staff, was 15  miles to the rear whon' that great-  battle wns fought at Mukdon.  Nover again will a courier bearing  orders from headquarters to division  and corps commanders have two  horses shot under him as he .lashes  across the battle front. Orders go out.  today from headquarters over tho  field telephone wires, which real')'  every brigade commander as lie too  sits in safety far baok ol the line of  lire. -  Never again will a' battery ol field  guns gallop madly into action, with  the gunners sitting with cross arms  on the caissons and the infautiy  cheering thc rescuers.  Modem field guns are located out of  sight over tho shoulder of a hill throe  miles or more oway. The gunners  never even get a sight ol the army  they are fireing at. Their fire is guided  by calculations carefully made by an  expert mathematician who sits down  in a hole in tho ground and aiirui'0.4  trajectories and curves 'and' makes ail  allowances for wind pressure.  No Close Fighting  "Hold your lire until you, see the  whites ol the onemy's eyes" is a heroic command that will never be given  in a modern battle. Modern infantry  dig themselves a nice deep ditch in  the ground about two miles away  from tho fire of the enemy's lines. To  the present day soldier the spade is  almost as important as the gun. He  gets down into his ditoh so that only  his eyes and tho top of hiB head are  in sight at all. And he looks across  an apparently empty plain to where  in the dim distance, he is told the  hostile entronchments lie.  Nover in a modern battle picture  will a solid column aof oharging men  be shown, rallying round their cherished battle flag, which can be seen  but dimly through the clouds ol blank  smoke. ,  Flags Nover Carried  There aro no battle flags, no smiik-  and no charging columns op modern  battlefields. Tho presence ot a flag  on thc battle line would instantly reveal its location to the enemy.  Smokeless powder has taken the  place of the old oloud-belcbing explosive, and one may look over a modern battlefield, with 100 field guns in  action, and not be able to locate a  single one of them. As for solid columns ol charging men, a modern in  fantry attack is a far different affair,  On almost any modern battlefield is  will bo found that each of the cc  tending parties will have in its possession maps showing every most  minute variation ol the ground. It  is likely that each commander will  have copies ol his enemie'e field maps,  as well as his own. One of the delightful leatures ol modern warfare is  the creation of an international spy  system, through whioh the various  nations attempt to obtain by bribery  and theft the maps and war secrets  of each other.  Methods ol Procedure  On these maps there may be shown  300 or more yards in advance ef ths  first trench occupied by the infantry  a small brook running through a  shallow ditoh. The immediate object  ol the infantry is to move torwaitV  and'occupy thut now cover,  . First the field guns���and nowadays  a whole regiment of such guns, each  of whioh can fire ten shrapnel shots  minute is the recognized artillairy  unit���do their best to smother ths  enemy's artillery (ire and to drown  his trenches in a Hood of bullets.  Shrapnel Shells  Each shrapnel shell bursts into  from 100 to 200 projectiles. Then,  while this fire is at its height, tn*  infantry gets up���a squad of two at a  time���and runs, dodging and bent  over, to the ditoh through whloh  flows the little stream. They take advantage ol every little hillock. A  rise of a single foot will afford fairly good protection for a man who  lies flat on the ground. So, by lite  and starts, they run and they drop  behind quickly dug and shallow embank lines. All the time the field,  guns are firing a rain of shrapnel  over their heads. It is this delicate  task ol the gunners to so etirpe their  shells that they shall burst when they  reach the enemy's lines and not b*>  | fore, else th* bullets may   kill    their  A  ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY  MEETS AT KELOWNA  (Continued Irom Pan 1.)  susceptibility ol the host plants they  adopt   in their new'surroundings, those! aaasaaaaaaaaaaaas.  being.more susceptible to injury than unable to be present  tho lood plant ol the insect in ilsj Aata was presented,  own country whioh havo been subject iUB0 ol orucie'   distillate and othor oil  presence" tbe writers claimed do** not  necessarily infer the existence of malaria, as in eastern Canada Anopheles  Maculiphennis is comparatively r.o -  mon, though malaria according to reports is now of rare occurrence, while  hi England, in certain malarial districts the disease has disappears  whilst the mosquitos show no corresponding decrease in numbers.  A paper was next read by the seoretary, entitled "Sprays ol up-to-date  Interest" contributed by Mr. L. L.  Palmer, horticulturalist of the Coldstream Estate Co., Vernon, who ws*  ^^^^^^^^^ Muoh valuable  data was presented, largely upon   tt  to its attack lor many generations  ind have become in same degree immune or resistant. It was .also shown  that plants introduced into a country  fall an easier prey to Insects attack  than do allied forms native to the  country which by constant attack ot  the insects have i/ttained some vigor  to reBist attack. Mr. Trehcrne Impressed on his hearers the desirability  the oo-operotion between entomologists  and propagators, nurserymen and  plant breeders that tho question of dis-  ease rcsiBtanoe might enter more largely into the mako up ol the many new  varieties of plants which aro being  bred for greater size hardiness and  perfection of color, etc.  Mr. Max Ruhman next presented- a  review of "The Comparative Prevalence of Insect Pests in various parts  of the Okanagan," giving a comprehensive account of the depredatiiins, in  different sections of many of our commoner . insect pests.  Mr. Thos. Cunningham, provincial  fruit inspector then addressed the meet  ing on "Conditions Relative to thc  Codling Moth" givingGa history oi tho  outbreak of this disease at sworut  points in tho province of recent yean  and the manner in which tho pest was  introduced, impressing the meeting  with the full seriousness and value of  the careful inspection and searching  of all possible sources of infection  from this disease owing to thc trivial  and unsuspected manner in which the  disease has sometimes proved itself to  be introduced. Mr. Cunningham touch  cd upon thc success which had so far  attended his efforts in the eradication  of the disense and concluded with a  ploa for the hearty co-operation o' all  who,can assist in the prevention and  eradication of thc disease.  This paper was follow.*! by its  complement, "The Control ol Incipient  Infection of Codling Moth," by Mr.  IV. H. Lyne, assistant provincial fruit  inspector, embracing a Gomnreh.aus.vo  programme of tho various measuies  which havo been and arc being -ised i-i  fighting this diseaso to cradicatim.  Mr. Lyne also drow the attention ot  tho meeting lo the necessity for the  most exacting care and thoroughness  being used in the eradication of this  disease and mentioned a number of  ways by which thc insects in various  stages may avoid destruction during  a campaign if vigilanco is relaxed in  any way. Mr. Lyne also called for  thc co-operation of interested parties.  Mr. II. II. Creese, Assistant Fruit  Pest Inspeotor then followed with  some notes anh samples, illustrating  thc "Practical Farm Manufacture of  Combined Insecticides." Mr. Cn-.ee  showed a number ol interesting sum  pies of new combination sprays whioh  alter furthir trial under field cona!.-  tions would promise to .be of considerable value in the spray calendar.  The next paper on "The Oocurr.uicc  ol the Malarial Mosquito in the Okanagan" by Drs. R. 11. White and KoyV  mour Hadwen, was read  in their ab��  senco by thc   secretary, and recoided  tho capture in the southern Oknnag*  of tho mosquito Anopheles Maculipon-  nis, which is well known to    transmit!  tho   bacilli   ol   malaria   lover.     It  own infantry.  Perhaps by the time the infantry is  within olose striking (listunco of ths)  enemy its field guns may hnve ���ilene-  cd his artillery. Then it may be por  siblc to order a charge with bayonets  over the last lew 'yarda, which will  finally drive the foe from his trenches.  On the other hand the enemy's guns  fire may prove superior and the infantry may be driven baok across the  field it has crossed. Rut the skillful  commander will have figured out the  ohanoes and weighed the cost hefors>  hand.  Coats are Weighed  At Mukden, Oyama, th* chief, who  was never closer than fifteen miles to  the battlefield, telephoned to Kuroki  commanding tho lirst corps of .the  Japanese army, who also was nover  under fire, and asked how many men  it would cost to capture a certain  line  ol entrenchments,  "Three thousand," was the Instant  answer,  "Too much," said the (ield inar-  shall, as if refusing the offer of a  certain bill ol goods. The iittaak  was not ordered. War is a matter  of business nowadays and. the price  asked for this particular bargain  was not nttrai'tlvo to the purchasing  THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1914  11 I ������!' III laMsaWMBBBMBM  sprnys, and formulae were given for  their manufacture, coupled with a low  timely warnings ol pitfalls for tho' unwary in the obtaining and handling of  the various ingredients. Oil sprays  are advaneing in use in western Amer  ioa during recent years and Mr. Pal  mer's address, should prove of good  value to many prospective users of oil  sprays in this valley.  Mr. Tom Wilson of /the Dominion  Fruit Inspection Department next ud-  dressed tbe mooting on the subject of  "Insect Pollination ol Plants," giving  the results ol a series of experiments,  extending over several years, v\h  apple blossom under cover of muslin  bags, proving the almost invariable  infertility and unproductiveness of  blossoms not visited by insects.  Prolessor Wilson of the Oregon Agricultural College, Cornwallis, Oregon,  though unable to be present kindly  contributed a series of notes on "B.C.  Aphida," including descriptions of a  species newOto science and one new to  North Amerioa which Professor Wilson  collected on a visit to British Columbia in the summer of last year.  The evening session was taken    up  with an interesting address by Mr. J,  W. Eastham, recently appointed    provincial    plant pathologist.     In     the  course    of his address.   Mr. Eastham  discussed the part played by insects in  the dissemination of disease, with . especial reference to the part they pay  in the spread of fire blight, and    led  the meeting towards    its final    business, u general disouseion of the v/h'ile  subject of fire blight led by Hr. Thos,  Cunningham,    Mr, Max Ruhman    an  Mr. Ben Hoy, and entered into     with  enthusiasm by many of the members  present and by local fruit growers.  Tne meeting was honored in the afternoon by a visit from Mayor Jones  who, in a brief and cordial way     expressed his great interest in the work  of the society, and offered the City's  welcome to the visiting members, and]  oonoluded in   wishing tho sooiety    a[  very successful    meeting, and     future  welfare.  During tho course ol the mooting it  was announced that Mr. Trehcrne was  about to relinquish tho secret aryanip  ol the society,, nnd Mr. Tom Wilson  proposed' that a sincere vote of thanks  be passed to Mr. Trehcrne for lhe good  services he had rendered to the sooiety  which when Mr. Treherne first oame  to British Columbia was Buffering from  suspended animation. Mr. Trehei  pieced together the remains of lho old  Entomological Society and largely by  ��� by his efforts it hns grown to bo the  strong, active and vigorous institutio  it is today.  The resolution w*s seconded by Mr.  Cunningham, who expressed his hope  that Mr. Treherne would still find himself able to take active interest in the  doings ol the society, even should he  be removed from the immediate sphere,  of its activities.  Tho resolution was carried unanimously by a standing vote and suit  ably acknowledged by Mr. Treherne.  Alter a vote had been proposed b  Mr. Cunningham and seconded by Mr,  Creese, and carried, thanking Mr. I.  E. Taylor for presiding at the meet  ing, the assembly broke up after  very successful day, at 11 p.m.   =b         '  In British Columbia last "ear bounties were paid on 58 golden eagles,  332 cougars, 277 wolves and 1618 -coyotes. '  . Nails are not used in construction of  Japanese houses. The parts ar* joined together by an ingonious system ol  mortising.  The Toronto expresses are the main  line trains to be discontinued according to an official announcement made  by Mr. Peters. Ths trains will be  dropped from tho regular schedule on  Sept. 27th, when the new time table  comes into lorce.  The Bear Creek Hotel, at Revelstoke  owned by J. B. Cresflman and Miles  Custer, was burned to tbe ground last  Wednesday morning. With the '.lotol  wero consumed the contents including  two pool tables and a stock of gro-  ocrioa. Tile only article saved *as tho  cash register. Several people were  asleep in ths hotel at the time and  all got out safely although they had  not time to finish dressing. It is believed that tho fire was of inosndiary  origin.'  In the best society the  luncheon goodies used  are the kinds we sell.  That means that when you wish  to give your family or friends a  treat you show wisdom in choosing from our extensive stock. Our luncheon  goodies add to your reputation as a hostess and  give increased delight to your family. A selec-  of all the best and most delicious is carried. You  can pick delicacies here to please all tastes.  Big Cash Special for Saturday  Pickles, sweet, sour, tke, &c, Reg. 40c and 45c  Saturday, 30c bottle  THESTQREOFPLENj  "FRUIT SALT  The Household Remedy  LWAYS   keep a bottle  of  Eno's in  the houss in readiness for an emergency.  ' There is not the least danger of any ill  ef act or improper use in any oase, a* its actios  ia entirely in accord with Nature.  Eno'a "Fruit Salt" contains th* .valuable  constituents oi ripe fruit in a portable, agreeable  and simple form, and la in every respect ss  harmless aa tk* hiisss oi tk* fruits from which  it ia obtained.  Sold in all ths principal town* and ciliaa ef  Canada.  Prepared only by  J. C IHO, Hi, "Fruit Salt" WerMtwaas, too.  KNAMltt  I   I.  Tremendous Possibilities.  Do you, Mr. Merchsnt, realise the potency of  advertising? It is like gunpowder. If it if your  own it may open up .si gold mine for you. If it is  your competitor's, it may result disastrously to  you, unless you have cut the fuse with the sharp  scissors of your own publicity. If your competitor is advertising, you cannot afford to neglect it;  if he ia not, you have a beautiful opportunity of  which you should take full advantage.  ��**!j��jp i ^'.c^y^'Sift^1'! THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1914  KELOWNA  RECORD  pimxnu  Single and Double  Driving and Work Harness  TRUNKS  SUIT CASES  CLUB BAGS  Large stock to select from  All' Repair parts for same  This department is in charge of Mr.  W. R. Birtch, who will give you prompt  and efficient service  FEED  DEPARTMENT  Wheat     Flat Oats     Bran     Shorts  Whole Oats        Crushed Bone  Oyster Shell   Beef Scraps  FIVE ROSES FLOUR  W. R. Glenn & Son  Dealera in  Farm and Orchard Implements  Pendozi street or. Lawrence Avenue   -   KELOWNA  PHONE 150  42  Moth Proof Cedar Chiffoniers  Size, 4-ft. wide, 5 drawers, $7.75  ��� 38-ins. ��� 3      ���      $6.00  These goods were purchaser] at 50c un the dollar and are sold  ��� at half price  201      ���    -  Discount on Baby  Carriages, Go-Carts,  Grass Chairs, Upholstered Goods, Musical Instruments, &c.  Restmore Felt Mattresses    -    $7.50  Guaranteed for 10 years, full size, reduced from $10  Kelowna Furniture Co.  Rough and Dressed Lumber.  Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,  Mouldings, Etc.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  We Have Funds to Invest  on First Mortgages  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  A war tax of 140,000,000 has been  levied on the Oity of Brussels by the  German general,  ��� * !  Great Britain and France hav*  agreed to advance to Belgium 150,000,-  000 eaoh to enable the nation to meet  the necessities of the war.  a   a   a  Count Okuma the Japanese premier  declares that it is Japan's intention  to eliminate from China the route of  German influence.  ��� a   *  The Daily Express estimates that  200 G?rman vossols, valued at 1300,-  000,000 have boen captured by tba  British, Frenoh and Russian warships,  and 500 remain liable to capture.  a   a   a  If this war continues for any length  of time there is a big possibility that  British Columbia will experience a  famine in some of the drugs which are  used a great deal for common ail'  monts and whioh are manufactured on'  ly in Germany.  9    9     9  The new i that six British ironclads  aro now gat-Hiug tho eastern ooast  of Canada, with" a view to protecting  Canadian commerce is such as will  give a feeling of relief to both Canada  and the United States.  a   a   a  Col. Hughes stated than an independent offer of men by the province of  Manitoba was not acceptable at present juncture, but informed the premier  that he would advise ,ater as to  how best assistance could be giveo.  A similar answer has been given to  the province of New Brunswick, whioh  offered an independent regiment.  a   ���   ���  The executive council has dedlcl  that all pre-emptora who are member*  of the militia, naval volunteers, reservists or who have volunteered for  active service may be given leave ol  absence from their pre-emptions upon  application for the time they may remain in active service providing, however, that suoh leave of absence shall  not be extended for a greater   period  than one year.  a  a  a  All the morning papers in London  denounce the German attempt to 'evy  940,000,000 in Brussels. Tho Germans  also ask Jl 0,000,000 from the city of  .Liiege. The papers declare that such  an assessment is opposed to all ideas  of modern warfare and is worthy of  the robber barons of the middle ages.  It is supposed that the demand was  accompanied by threats to destroy the  beautiful publio buildings of the oities.  ���  ��  ���  The government is investigating tha  question of possible confiscation of  German investments belonging to combatants in the present war which havs  been made in Canada, and which aggregate over 8100,000,000. It was announced two years ago that the Kai-  himself had invested largely in  British Columbia timber and mining  property. His agent in Canada ia  Baron Alvo von Alvensleben, Lieutenant of the German army, and it is  stated that the latter, who maintains extensive offices in Vancouver  and other provincial centres, has invested during tbe last three years considerable German capital in British  Columbia timber limits to the extent  of (39,000,000. No definite confirmation of this is available from ths Dominion department of the Interior, bnt  officials are now probing the matter.  Possibly part of Canada's war budget  may be financed by the simpls process of confiscation of German money  now in Canada. That has already  been done in Germany in the case of  British investments there. Cancellation of all German and Austrian patents held in Canada is another likely  step.   0   GERMANS IN CANADA WOULD  AVOID FRICTION  Theodore Sohmidt, president of the  German-Canadian Provincial Alliance,  has written a message to his countrymen In Saskatenewan, calling upon  them to avoid all causes of friction in  order that the Canadian government  may not suffer embarassment during  the continuance of the war.  "All Germans will agree with mo,"  he says, "that it is almost/ unbelievable that two nations so olosely related as Great Britain and Germany  should bs at war with one another.  I think they will alao agree that we  should pray for a speedy end to tho  animosity whioh exists between th?  two greatest states in the world. Bitter indeed it ia for us who love our  new home, to see this war, tor our  hearts still continue to ding to our  old home land where our eradlss stood  But this country is our adopted home  and there oan be no doubt that all  our German friends sincerely wish ths  best for Canada."  An official statement was made a  few days ago that deliberate attempts  were being made by the enemy to  spread abroad false reports of defeats  and disasters to the allies, hoping to  profit by the resulting panic.  9    9.  The Standard Oil Company, the  United States Steel Corporation and  the Unitod Fruit Company have notified the Amorioan government .that  all the vessels of their fleet will bs  put under the American flag.  a   a   a  Official sourcos confirm the reports  that the Austrians lost 20,000 men in  the three days' fighting on the River  Drina and that General Leman, the  Belgian commander of the forts at  Liege is a prisoner of ths Germans  and en route for Cologne. General  Lehman was, until recently, the bead  of the Belgian military school and is  considered an authority on military  engineering. He is known as a determined and resourceful commander. He  is 62 years of age.  Orates are extra durable. Goal grate is duplex. Wood grate is the most modem type.  McOaiy&  ^iandt? w�� ta*ce extra ^e p-^��8 ��*  M SmB**yKm'  Wood���just remove back end  lining. Ask the McClary dealer to show yon.  On Sale at the Morrison-Thompson Hardware Co., Ltd.  WAR GLORY  What a thin veneer is our oiviliza'  tion. All in a minute Christendom is  shouting over an opportunity tb  smash every tiring that has been so  laboriously achieved, and to kill peo  pie who but now were peaoablo neigh  bors. We do not glorify the hangman,  however necessary - the task. It may  be necessary to send men forth to  slay, if so let us not do it with joy,  and pride, but with grief. It is glorious, we are in the habit of saying,  to be willing to die for one's country,  Let it be granted. But we do not go  forth with any suoh intention. We  go to kill as many of the opposing  force as we can���to sweep regiments  with sharpnels and to sink ships loaded with human life; and we hope t0  boast of the same. Whatever is to  be said of tne necessity of war, it is  barbarpus���it is oanine to delight in  H.���Witness.  OLD COUNTRY CROPS GOOD  The harvesting of wheat is finished  in some sections of England, and the  yield is well above the average. The  potato crop is very large, being sufficient, -without any addition from imports, to supply the demand lor a  year. Advices are to the effeot that  the cargoes of wheat in American vel-  sels which, sailing Monday for United  Kingdom ports total 1,544,000 bushels.  Information as to the harvests in  Germany and Austria-Hungary Indicate that these countries will not have  a sufficient production of. wheat, barley, oats and corn to supply their  own needs, and that they will have  to make large importations to prevent suffering. The question arises as  to whore they will obtain the required  supplies. Grain being a contraband  of war when sent to hostile countries,  it will not be permitted to enter Germany.  -THE-  "WIGWAM" TEA ROOMS  (Three doors north ef Bank of Montreal)  English Cooking. Tasty, daintily-served meals et moderate rates  AFTERNOON TEA  15 cents  Orders taken for Crumpets, Home-made Cakes, otc.  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The Water Aot of 1909, an attempt  to overeaime this InelTeotivenesB wus  good so Eur ns it went but the diafi-  culties llmt arose from year to year  necossitated annual amendment until,  D am told, thc Water Act boenmo ths  joke of tlio session. Those, however,  who hnve mndo a close study of wator  administration, consider the amendments ol 1913 and 1914 of far reaching importance for tnoy not only provide that which tho Aot was lacking  in, namely, administrative machinery,  but crentod such order in tho arrangement that now tho procedure can  be easily followed.  Tho Act of 1913 came in for much  criticism, a great deal ol it unmerited.  Tnlk, however, is chenp, and the opinions expressed would fill volumes.  Improvement only comes through experience and the Act. of 1914 as it  t'anris may bo said to represent tho  effort ol not only experience in British  Columbia, not only the experience of  many who have given a liletimc to  wnter administration in America, but  nlso the investigation of wator laws  of the Umpire. Wo do not oloim that  the Act is now perfect; conditions la.-u-o  arisen nnd will Continue to ariso that  will, from time to timo require addition nnd possibly amendment to meet  them. ,  The purposes for whioh water rivals  may be acquired aro 14 in number as  set out in the beginning of tne Act,  nnd, if you will rend through the Ait  you will find that of these three purposes stand out with prominence.  Irrigation by Individual Community,  Company, Municipality or Corporation ��� Power and Waterworks.  Around these the administration machinery is being built, such machinery  being capable ol taking oare ol I ho  remaining purposes which arc .'.lsp  important. A broad distinction in  purposes howevor may be said to exist; purposes that affect tho publio interest and   purposes that affect     tho  have in many districts proven of assistance to water applicants aod users  and that there mignt bo uniformity of  effort, and order nf work was adopted  comprising eight different lines.  Systematic and Continuous work in  Stream Gauging ��� Study of the  proper duty on water ��� The prevention of wasteful use of water ~  l'olioing tho Streams ��� Economic  distribution and delivery ol water  ��� Inspecting water systems to determine their efficiency and safety  ��� Determination of storage possi-  biMtica ��� Investigation of water  powers.  As already stated,  practically nine-  tenths ol the timo ol the distriot   sn-  gineers nnd field foroes have boen taken up with investigation ol old     records and in the circumstances     the  administration ot    water under     the  several heads could not bo carried out  during 1913 in the manner we would  havo   liked.     Now that this    special  work is about finished, the main work  is gradually being taken up and   already considerable haB beon done     in  one or other of tho lines mentioned!  You will note that this order     of  work involves    tho throe groat     purposes referred to, whioh aro of greater  or loss importance according to     the  district.     In this district that    which  is of greatest importance is irrigation,  although   other   purposes   havo their  place.  IRRIGATION  Administration of wator for irriga  tian iB undoubtedly    tho   most   Com*  plicated.     Prior to the Act of    1914  there was no provision that would enable the officers   to copo with conditions that existed, and in the eircum  stancos    thoir hands   woro practically  tied.   Tho A*ot ol    1914   inoluded now'  Boctions which comprise tho basic pria*  ciploB that make administration possible.   Theso are as follows;  Limiting the quantity to heneficrit  ubo, that is to soy: tho quantity ol  water used por acre shall bo limitod to  such quantity as oxporionco may from  time to time indicate to be necessary  for tho production of crops in the ex-  oroiso of good husbandry.  Rotation in use,���when a number of  water users arrange a Systran of rotation that will best meet the requiro-  indlvidual.     In    the light of this wo   ments' of growing    crops and at  have the Wator Rights Branch in  process of organization to effectually  administer theso great purposes - in  particular. Beginning March 1st, 1913,  each step taken has been retained but  it will roquire time to jomploto il  tbe best results aro to obtain.  Investigation ol    conditions    during  same time secure an economic use ol  water.  Consideration ol the particular crop  grown,���A provision whioh opens tho  way for adjustment that is in the interest ot a community as a wholn.  It is not the intention to take up  your time    here in an argument  1912 showed conclusively thut lifn.vj what kind of crops should be grown;  water rights throughout tho province for example whether a man should  inoluding the railway belt could be grow timothy and attempt a second  administered with any totUluction,' crop, or grow allalla securing several  old records, ol which there wore ubout crops and with greater economy o<  8000, would rcipiire investigation and, wator, I do not consider myso'f  adjudication thereon. Although a rnialilicd to discuss such an important  board ol investigation was provided subject, but as respects these princt-  under thc Act ol 1909, offeotive work pies and their administration. I em  was not accomplished until alter tho' reminded ol a statemeot of - Sir Will-  amendments of 1913, and the accept-1 iam Wilcock'H in reference to control  anco nf tho amended Railway Bolt of ubo of water in the prevention of  Wator Aco of the samo year. II any deterioration of the land, as follows:  success has resulted from tho   efforts'   "In thia report the government    U  nf thoir tribunal during the last tw autocratic, and can and must enforce  seasons, it is aa much as anything due the regulations devised by its oxpori-  lo tha fact that before a hearing was raced advisors. It need not await  hold lho board was in possession    of the slow education of the great body  engineers' roparts and maps thnt set' of water users before adopting those  out the facts. Those hearings woro' practices which experience has shown  vory different from, those formerly held are necessary lor the general pr- pe,-  ithoiit such information. This work  of mnking reports for tho board since  April 1st, 1913 hns tnkon fully nine-  tenths of the time of our district on*  giniiTs. This season will sea it complete, so thnt now our staff is gradually working into the duties ol administration in its sovernl phases.  Before f leave Hum matter ol engineor*  ing investigation, I would like to men-  on thnt it means the preparation aif  8080 plans of various sizes of which  2000 aro complete, and as respects the  season ol 1913, out of a budget lor  that year of ��14C,000,000 nn oxDadi-  tiiro af   190,000.00    the balance 950.-  Ily.'  Por tho administration of thoso principles, thc powers ol tne district   on  gineers woro enlarged, and in oairylng  nut    any     rotation   '   ol       wator,  they may arrange, whon necessary, 'or  the     appointment    nf water   hailifs  whose duties and authority are oioar-  ly set out in the aot that thero may  be no misunderstanding.  Than them are other important features that permit of effective administration and enable organisation that  will mean not only development, but  co-operation among farmers. These  are;  000.00 less a surplus at the end     nf  tho year of 12.75 representing cost   of Water usors communities with or wii.h-  odministrotion  Concurrent with the timo tho botrd  was re-organizod and its powers on-  largod by tho amending act ol 1913,  tho office of Water Commissioner or  Comptroller was confirmed with enlarged powers and to assist him, provision made for the creation of districts and tho appointment of engineers with special powers.  With this basis established, what  remained then was n system lor administration that would bo effioiont  nnd at tho same timo pffoctivo. Considerable progress has boen made at  the head office with a system particularly adapted for ths business of administration. Distriot offices love  been opened, which with tho Bpccllio  Dowers conferred on district engineers.  out limited liability ��� Mutual water companies ��� Public Irrigation  corporations.  Time will not permit ol reference tu  these, other than to stale that with  thoso basic principles that make administration of water for irrigation  possible, thsy an ths reply of the  government to the resolutions passed  at previous conventions of this association hold in British Columbia.  POWER  The administration ol power.    This  purpose and its administration requirements has received quite as muoh consideration as the purpose of Irrigation.  tOostUasd oa Fsts 6.1  Ths Kelowns Machine Shops (Abbott Street), announce  that they have juat secured the services of Mr. W. J.  GIBBON, of Vancouver, to take entire charge of their  sutomobile repairing department. Mr. Gibbon haa had  many yesrs factory and workshop experience both in the  old country snd on this side. Being a thorouhhly trained  automobile engineer we are in a position to guarantee  that sny work plsced with him will be handled in a  satiafactory manner  Kelowna Machine Shops  PHONE 240  Abbott Street (facing park)  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat Daily  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA, B.C.  Phone 135  SaUhyatt  drugfists in  50c cV $1 tiros.  Burhtrsgm  IQe. affikaluns  tf Amman-  ADONIS HED RUB  ���is a most delightful hair dressing. 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HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Largest Studios in ths Interior  Portraits by appointment  Pendoti Street,   ���   Kelowna  ma��mr^m<imm^mfmmm*mmsr^m*mmu  CONCRETE  WORK  I havs a complete plant of power  mixers and all appliances for concrete  construction of every kind, snd am  devoting all my attention to this work,  ia which I havs had many years'  experience.  AU Kinds of Cement Work,  Concrete Buildings,  Foundations and Sidewalks,  Excavating Contracts  H. WITTER  OFFICE: RESIDENCE,  Clemeat <a Rials' office, Wa  Raynaar Hfocs  PHONE 104 'PHONE 4304  Jar At.  iter Street  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  AU kinds of Repairs  BBRNARD AVENUE,.  KELOWNA.  Phone 3302 Box 493  Ward & Baldock  CONTRACTORS  Brickwork and Masonry  ^r*m*im*m*m*m*m*\/SS^*IS^m'^^f^^m'^^m'\l'^m*m*m*US^m.  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all classes  of work  Recent amendments to tha act in Hua  respect were few, but of great' importance. It is no longer possible for a  company to organise with the minimum of capital permissible in tlio  Companies' Act for an undertaking requiring several millions of dollars foe  construction. Administration in the  long run is now simplified by making  it impossible for a speculative clement to secure and hold a valuable  franchise. And since the purpose ol  "power" is governed by the rules und  regulations that provide not only for  construction within a reasonable time  but regulation during, the time of operation.  The chief work of power administra-  ! tion begins with the operation period.  For the present the determination   nf  fees to be charged is occupying     o-jr  attention.   Under the rules and regulations they may be based on reasonable station output.    This year    wo  are taking this as the average    daily  horse power arrived at from the iot.-il  annual output in kilowatt hours    r.t  the power house switchboard.   ���  Hydro-elootrio powor, however    is a  specialty    and wc ' will is due course  have a section of   our staff devoting  its wholo time    to its administration  and study.   As respects the latter, tho  problem that is of economic importance is "to what extent should    tho  Crown   have interested?"    We     havo  the example of tho Ontario hydro-electric, the progress of whioh we    much  follow,   analyzing   reports and   criticisms pro and con.   And there is   iho  other side, tha principle that alt publio utilities ns natural monopolies ho  placed under regulation by tho Crown  Tho work of investigation of witer  powers will include all streams tint  promise power, be they small or \atge,  Tho value of the small power oannoi  bo overestimated; thoir investigation  will be thorough, as reliable data on a  small power may mean to some community in its vicinity, tho establishment of an important industry.  WATER WORKS  Tho third groat purpose to which 1  havo referred as being of public ntor-  p��t is waterworks.6 Thoro are BOmo  Iiero who havo _ lived in eaBtorn cities  and come through a scourge or two  of typhoid. To you the importance  ot proper administration cannot be  overestimated. Aside from tile general  office work in the issue of licences, us"  have kept an engineer and party ' investigating watersheds from which domestic water is drawn by centres ol  population. The order of wark is:  Determination of drainage area ��� Kx-  to��t of run-off or / systematic  - stream gauging, ��� Timber cruising  to determine how much is merchantable and whether or not the umber sb a whole is a factor in the  regulation of stream flow ��� Alienated timber ��� Alienated land, the  purpose for which it is held ���  Other rights whether water oi  mineral and the use to which such  are being put.  The value ol the results to obtain  from this, work must become of gi cater importance from year to year, and  with the co-operation of an active  provincial board of health there should  be available for tbo various centres of  population, data that will be a gn do  in securing and -guarding sources ' cl  purs domestic water. fl  CONCLUSION  I havo referred I <j the duties of the  district engineers ns covering - those  great purposes. It must be obvious  to you that it will ba impoBsiblo lor  thorn to give evory lino of work laid  down the attention it merits. For eff-  amplo,- toko "Duty ol Water", ����� wrrk  that will demand ilia whole time u(  one man who must specialize in 'l  It is not the intention that the <l;f  triot engineers will bo relieved of responsibility here, on tha contrary thoir  oo operation ia essentia]. Then s.^ain  there is special work arising in lhe  formation of irrigation corporations.  a work on whioh tbo board ol investigation and tho comptroller and staff  have a joint responsibility and although the prospective corporations  now before us are being dealt with,  a qualified man must be placed In  charge of some phases of it. The administration, ol power and waterworks  require similar treatment. And what  about stream gauging?  Whon tho province took ovor from  the Dominion the administration ot  wator rights in the, railway unit, the  latter decided to oontinuo on with its  hydrographio survey. It wns considered that it would bo advantageous (o  the province if it could co-operate  with ths Dominion along linos similar  to those in operation in the United  States. An agreement was accordingly arrived at and so we have tbe P.  0. hydrographers who are now gaug  ing all the important streams sooth ol  the railway belt. These men nave no  administrative powers in respect of  water rights, they are simply observers and recorders of stream flow nnd  run off from year to year over periods  that will give complete cycles for each  stream. Our district engineers are to  an extent relieved of this work, except in sections where irrigation is  practiced and administration diroctb  depends on it.  ,Now it may appear to some that  since the procedure in acquiring water  rights is lixed by law, officers empowered to issue and administer rules and  regulations approved of by tht Lieutenant Governor in .council for carrying out tis spirit, Intent, meaning  and purpose of the act, 'an ordsr of  work laid down, all that is expeotsd  ol the offioials is that they carry on  the work of systematizing. There is  however, a larger sphere thai can' only be appreciated by a vision of what  British Columbia might be if its population was 4 million instead of 400,-  000. If the administration1 of wa'ir  rights is to count for anything, the  requirements of the different sections  of the country must be anticipate! If  this valley is to develop, hydrographio and topographio surveys are as necessary as land surveys. It will ��� �� cf  interest to some of you to know that  within two years there will be a complete topographic surveys of this valley for the determination of watersheds the work now being well advanced. It is hoped that by that  time every creek in the valley will be  traversed and every reservoir possibilities investigated, stream gauging al-  tho whilo being carried- on. ,  Just another instance ol the importance of anticipation. In the rcom*.  report of the agricultural commission  reference is made to, woll drilling and  in all probability1 it will be consider-  ed when parliament again meets. If  the problem is to be intelligently  dealt with, then tho honorable the  minister should hove a report of what  has already been accomplished in the  province. By December it will be complete and will comprise ana analysis  tho attempt of 15 years ago in the  railway bolt and complete information  ol some 200 wells in the Fraser River  delta. Also general information oi  how this work is handled in other  tail. Well drilling means large expenditure oi mono}' and far that reason,  countries with figures of costs in detail. Well drilling means largo ex  pandituro of money and for that reason. If any policy is formulated it  must be upon lines tnat will ensure  tho greatest success possible.  The success of any administration depends upon the principles laid down  In the case ol water rights, a know  lodge of business, engineering and somo  branches of law is involved. Ileoiu-ia  of this, the principles enunciated by a  recent writer particularly apply. There  are: Decision, initiative, preliminary  planning, suborhination of detail, discipline and concentration to pi euro  success.  Notwithstanding what may be your  opinion of how tar wo have upplicd  the first five of theso, we havo lived  up to the last one in respect of tho  old records. As already stated this  special field work will be practically  completed this year. The success  that has attended the board ot investigation in its adjudication is encouraging. Out of 3000 decisions to date,  but three appeals have boen made and  two of theso are now in default. Wa  are hopeful this measure of siiccee.-,  will continue, and as respects administration a beginning has been raadi.fi  Frank Knaptoo  NEXT TO TAITS  SHOE STORE, ON  BERNARD AVNE.  REPAIRS RETURNED  PROMPTLY  Wood     Coal  Bee Keepers' Supplies  Pine, Fir and While Poplar  2 ricka-      -      .   $2.73 par rick  5 ricka or upwsrds- $2.50 per rick-  Dry Slabs (cut stove length)  Per rick    .      .      .      .   $2.00  Fir Fence Posts   - 20c each  Merritt Coal -  $11 per ton  Whitehead & Co.  Office: Leon Ave.      Phone307  THE MORATORIUM   '  Moratorium, a word much in evidence today, is little knows (or ths  simple reason that it has never hitherto beon required. It is derived from  the Latin aad in law means a legal  title to delay Iho making of a due  payment���hence ie has been extended  lo include any act of a legislature  which suspends payment- ot legal  debts. Britain���rosily London��� baa  been Jong the great international exchange, the clearing house where ths  debts and credits ot the world trndo  are balanced and settled.  This war leaves London in a position which'prevents Germany, for example for paying its accepted bills  of exchange, which usually amount to  ���70,000,000 or $3.10,000,000. These rep  resent imports and art discounted  London and the course of trade requires a regular and uninterrupted  movement of credit which leaves only  a comparatively small sum to bo  squarred by (aotual gold remnVfaanccsl  But so intricate and Interdependent is  the, course ot trade that when any  large avenue is dosed it spells ruin  to all in the direct line ol movement,  Honoe the moratorium, which In effect  is an extension of the days of grnco  for nn indefinite period. No bills ol  exchange become payable and tho result Is relief to every one with the  minimum amount of hardship to each  and of danger to the general fabric of  credit.���Toronto World.  nupcur  uTALk  ENGRAVING-  ETCHINGS AND HALFTONES  ARE NOW BEING MADE IN  WESTERN CANADA BY THE  MOST SATISFACTORY PROCESS KNOWN TO the WORLD  THE "ACID BLAST" PROCESS  MAKES. YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS   LITERALLY TALK   M��NUFACTU��tD IN WESTERN CANAO*  Bv THiftllAND-DlrJnlliNcC-l  AGENTS  THE KELOWNA RECORD  nl.il   III.  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Newby and Leo re-  turned Sunday from the coast.  a  a  a  Hiss Anna Knight left on Monday's  boat for the coast.  I a   a   a  Some new local films will be shown  at the Opera House on Friday, including thc departure of tho local troops.  a   a   a  Hrs. C. A. Wilson will not receive  until the second Wednesday in October  and only on the second Wednesday ol  each month.  a   .   .  Hr. J. Heuser arrived in town Friday from Edmonton to spend n brief  visit with friends. He left again on  Sunday morning for Vancouver.  .  .  .  Eev. W. T. Beattie will preaoh at  Benvoulin on Sunday evening next at  7.30, taking as his subject "Glorying  in the cross." A hearty welcome is  extended to all.  ��� .  ���  A motor party, consisting of Hr.  and Hrs. Anderson and son, and Mr.  and Hrs. Teal and Hiss Gladys Teal  paid a visit to Vernon and Lumby  last Sunday.  a   a   a  In tho Baptist ohuroh next Sunday  morning tho pastor, Rov. D. J, Welsh  will speak on "Big Business'. Tho  evening theme will bo "Unconscious  loss."  ��� .     9  The marriage took place yesterday  at tho Baptist church of Hr. Thomas  Barrett to Hiss Alice .lano Hamer,  both of Kelowna. Rev. D. J. Welsl,  officiated.  as*  Valley contributions to the 8100,000  Hospital Ship fund being raised by tha  Imperial Order of the Daughters of ths  Empire in Canada, havo boen announc  ed as Armstrong 1260; Pentioton J900  Kolowna S210, Vernon 19153.90.  9     9     9  Two Gorman travellers are said to  have tempted' with a BB.00 bill the  captain ol one of the Okanagan Lako  Boat Company's boats if he would fly  the German flag from Penticton to  Naramata. While the money was  good Canadian currency needless to  say this offer was not aooepted.  Thos. Buchanan, son of Dr. Buchanan of Peachland was fatally injured  last week as he attempted to board  a moving engine on the Kettle Valley  railway where he was employed. Ho  died shortly after his arrival at Penticton hospital, whither he was convoyed. The unfortunate young man  was well known throughout the valley for his connection with aquatic  sports, he having taken a prominent  part on several oroasions in the Kalowna regatta. Ho was recently made  captain of the Penticton war cano  crew.  False Economy of  Cheap Spectacles.  Sight Is too precious to trifle with.  When buying spectacles buy s good  pur.  We use perfect lenses.  They cost a little more than the  commoner kinds, but the difference  ta comfort is worth many times thi  difference ta price.  s     .        .*.      a���  War will be declared in a few   days  upon grouse and deer.  a   a   a  Through an error the name of Hrs.  L. V. Rogers' sister, who is on a visit from North Bay, was given as  Whitehead.   It should have been Mrs.  J.'B, Stewart.  .  .   ���  The Women'B Missionary Sooiety ol  the Presbyterian churoh will hold their  first regular auxiliary meeting on Wednesday next in the S. S. Hall at 8  p.m. All ladies of the congregation  are cordially invited to join the auxiliary' and help on the missionary  work. Tho regular day of meeting  is lho first Wednesday of eaoh month.  . . .  Tho Opera House is the scene of  many stirring encounters these days,  whero anxious mothers meet to discuss the possible results of the voting  in the popular baby contest. The en-  trios havo been numerous and the voting gets keener every day. So far  none of the contestants have a big  lead the tally being almost equal  amongst the ten leaders, whose pictures are shown in Hr. Hudson's show  case on Bernard avenue every day. All  those receiving 100 votes by tonight,  (Thursday) are to have their pictures  taken in tho "movies" and they will  bo shown on the screen on Monday  night. The contest closes on Wednesday night when the final count will  bo made at the Opera House by the  judges, three well known local gentlemen.  Rutland News  (Fnsb oar own CorrasDOBdsat.1  Hrs.  F.  B. Harrison has purchased  Lot No. 22. of the second subdivision  from    Messrs.    Duncan, Wallace     and  Patterson.  . . .  The annual Harvest Thanksgiving  servico will be held in the Methodist  church on Sunday, Sept. 6th, at 7.30  p.m. Tne church will be suitably decorated with fruit and flowers in season and special musio will be rendered.  \ . .  .  Mr. and Mrs. ,S. Bromage and family, lately of Cornwall, England arrived in Rutland last week and intend  making an extended visit with Mr.  Cownie.  .  .  .  On Monday evening the Ladies' Aid  have in hand a supper and program  to be given in the sohool house on  which they are expending a considerable amount of energy and which they  hope will provide a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.  a   a   a  A most successful and enjoyable ico  cream social was held on the evening  of Tuesday last week under the auspices of the young ladies of the Presbyterian ohuroh, at the home of Mr.  and Mrs. A. W. Dalgleish. The ground  in front of the house was decorated  with flags, bunting and Chinese lanterns, while in the background a huge  Union J aok, kindly lent for tne occasion gave quite a martial appearance  to the festivities. After tea, cake and  sandwiches had been partaken of, the  following most enjoyable program was  rendered:  Pianoforte and violin selection  Misses Dalgleish and Mrs. Leithoad  Vocal solo Mrs. Thompson  Piano solo        Mr. Etter  Recitation   Mr. Coventry  s��'��   Mr.     Beattie  Speech  Hav. Tanner  Solo     Mr. G. Fuller  Piano solo   Miss E. Jonos  Solo   Miss Griffiths  Piano solo   Mr. Jackson  Solo       Mr. Maguirs  The evenings proceedings closed with  three cheers for Mr. and Mrs. Dalgleish and the singing of "God Save  the King."  DON'T YOU NEED  A    NEW  TIMEPIECE?  "ACCURACY" IS THE FIRST. QUALITY THE WATCHES  AND CLOCKS WE HANDLE MUST POSSESS. " PUNCTUALITY"  IS THE ONE BEST LESSON TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN. OUR  ACCURATE TIMEPIECES WILL GET THEM TO SCHOOL ON  TIME.- GIVE YOUR LITTLE BOY OR GIRL A NEW WATCH.  NO PRESENT CAN PLEASE THEM SO MUCH. DON'T YOU  REMEMBER HOW PROUD YOU WERE OF "YOUR" FIRST  WATCH? WE HAVE MANY MODELS WHICH, THOUGH SOLD  FOR LITTLE MONEY, WILL KEEP THE RIGHT TIME.  WM PARKER & CO.  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A  big stock of clean, eatable Groceries constantly on hand.  SANDWICH MATERIAL  Cold Boiled Ham...50c lb.  Peanut Butter....25c & 45c  Jelly Veal, per tin 35c  Veal and Ham Loaf... 20c  Lunch Tongue.,...50c���$1  Potted and Deviled  Meats 10c  Canadian Cheese 25c  When Pickling let us supply the Spices, the Vinegar,  and the Vegetables  FRESH VEGETABLES  Tomatoes, Onions, silver skins for pickling, Celery, Cauliflower,  Cucumbers, Carrots, Beets, &c.   Phone us your wants in thees.  Pure Spices, whole or ground; quality guaranteed the best  Crab Apples for jelly 20-lb., 75c  Thsy are at thair Laat bow.   Don't wait too long.  Also Peaches, Plums, Pears, Prunes, &c.  THIRST QUENCHERS  Lime Juice, Crape Juice, Raspberry Vinegar, Lemonade and  Sherbert���cool and delicioue  SUNBEAM TEA  Although Tea hae advanced 10c per pound, our prices are  ���till the same.   Sunbeam Tee, per Ib 50c  D. D. Campbell  Phone Three Oh I Phone Three Oh!  Wilson Avenue  n.:rt, D. MIDDLETON  UaUTY   -       Proprietor  *J All our cows have been  tested by Dr. Ilsley, government veterinary inspector, and certified free from  bovine tuberculosis.       n  ' <��^��^��^S*>��a^��**a*.*^>>***ai*��srNs*^A>*B��**As��-a*>^tAs*VVW'e*>��Sl  Firewood  For Sale, Dry Poplar Wood  $2 per rick  delivered in five rick lots  Orders may be left at the  Reoord Office.  K>^M��iVVWWwVtAr>AAAMrVU��iV*VWsiW THUBSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1��U  KELOWHA  aUtCOU)  iNAXAND  CARDS  BURNS & TEMPLE  Soliciton,  Notaries Public  Conveyancers, etc.  MELOWNA, a B.C  R. B. KERR  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  HELOWNA :: B.C,  WEDDELL & 0R1BBLE  BARRISTER, SOLICITORS, and  NOTARIES PUBLIC  o, Wllllt's Block   -   Kelowne, B.C.  P. EDMUND CORBY  Architect  Hswetson Block, Kelowna   -   'Phons 206  <P.O. Bos, 309"  C. Harvay. BA, Se., CE, D.US, B.CXJ,  CHARLES  HARVEY,  OV1L ENGINEER snd   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,   B. C  Phons 147. P.O. Box 231  PIANOFORTE  MR. 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VETERINARY SUR0B0N  (CraSuass MaCill Unhwsjta)  Residence : GLENN AVENUE  Meccano may be left at tha office ef  Messrs. Rattenbury tt Williams  Mr. W. H. PARKER, A.R.C.0.  (Asaodats Rose) Csllyaaf Oisanists  Orsaniat of St. Michael ot All Angels'  Church, receive* Pupils for  Orgsn, Pianoforte, Violin, Singing,  .Theory, &c.  at his owa or pupils' residence.  Speoaal attention to children  P.O. Bex 641. Telephone 12  ' Address Abbott Strsst  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING)  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of ths Dominion  is Manitoba, Saskatchewan sad Alberta, ths Yukon Territory, ths Northwest Tsrritoriss, aad in a portion ol  ths Provisos oi British Columbia, may  be leased for a term of twsnty-oas  ysars at an annual rental of 11 an  sos. Not more than 2,600 acres  will bs leased to ons appUoaat.  Applications for ths Isase ovist bs  mode by tha applicant in person to  ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the .district  ia which the rights applied lor ore  situated.  In surveyed territory tbe laud must  be dssorifbed by sections, or legal subdivisions ef stjotions, and in unaurvsy-  ed territory the tract applied ior  ahall be stoked  out  by tbe appUoaat  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  MEETING OF CITY COUNCIL  (Cnrltaaad froas Tigs 1.1  1872.00  5.00  6.IN  .    ?,7.M  10.00  I 3.H8  18.00  86.40  '.10.75  filOO  78,00  CHINESE CONTRACTOR  MEE WAH LUNG CO.  Chinees Merchants ma Employment OSace  Cnajrarts of arena hind eaSsrteksa  Saasrartntr wars eaaraaawrl  '^imm^mmuXmT'       T'^C^  Booh application must bs  panisd by a fss of 15 which will be  refunded if ths rights applied for  ore not available, but not otberwiss.  A royalty shall bs paid on ths mar  ohentabis output of the mine at Ike  rate of five cents per ton.  The parson operating ths miss ahall  furnish ths agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable ooal mined and/pay the  royalty thereon. If the eoal mining  rights sis not being operated, mch  returns shall bs furnished at lsast  Once a year.  The lease will include ths ooal mining rights only, but the leases may  be permitted to purchase whatever  available surface rights nay be considered necessary for the working of  the mine et the rate of flO an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the seoretary of  the Department of ths Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Bab-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W. W. COBY.  Deputy Minister of ths Interior.  N.B.��� Unauthorised publication of  this adVsrUssceent will not be paid for.  it was impossible for the oounoil to  promise any improvements this year.  The Publio Works oommittee hod laid  off all their teams, and any farther  work upon the streets this year would  depend upon payment of taxes.  t Alderman Rattenbury said tl at realizing the need for economy in every  direction, several people had spoken  to him ,is respect to the building Inspector's salary. Tbe question bad  been asked whether in view of the  cessation of building operates, such  an oflioial was neosssary, or at any  rate, whether the salary attached ' to  the position should not be reduced for  a time. As the matter had been mentioned to him he felt obliged to bring  it before the council,  The question was referred to the  Building committee to investigate and  report at neat meeting.  Alderman Taylor, chairman of the  Sewerage committee invited ths members ol the council to visit the sewerage disposal works that afternoon at  3.30, when the; "Imhoff" tank would  be blown off for the first time.   *  Mayor .Jones reported that be htd  been informed by Mr. Crawford that  the cost of the, special war news furnished by him since the comuumoo-  ment of hostilities was too heavy for  him to bear alone and that ths ter  vice would be discontinued unless he  received some monetary assistance.  The council after some discussion decided to contribute a, sum, not exceeding one dollar per day until the next  regular meeting.  The following accounts were passed  for payment:  W. Haug, cement    G.  K. Ritchie, auto at fire ...  H. Maidment street work  C. P. H., freight    Dalgleish tl Harding, auto at  lire (2 times)    H.  Herbert, waterworks     .1. I.. Wilson, power house ....  Kelowna   Implement Co. supplies      Robertson-Godson    Co. sewer  supplies    Robertson-Godson  Co.  waterworks  .supplies     Can. Westinghouse Co., supplies  Office Specialty Mfg. Co       0,20  Maysmith & Lowe, powerhouse  aupulies        0.65  Crane Co., supplies     84.33  Crane Co. W.W. supplies      26.7fi  McColl Bros. Co. supplies       12.50  0. C. Snowdon,    potato scale,  powder   ... ��� 81.80  Can. Consolidated Rubber Co.  500 feet fire hose     525.00  Oarlock Packing Co., suppUes 17.03  Can. Gen. Eleo. Co. supplies L50M9  International Engineering Wks.  '  supplies   .'    115.00  Fleck Bros. Ltd. power house  supplies        17.14  Weddell & Gribble, legal fees 3.80  T. Lawson Ltd., supplies for fire  department         E'1.00  Drs. Knox & Campbell, services    17.00  A. J. Jones, power house      47.80  Kelowna Carriage Works., work  and supplies      55.05  Kelowna Courier, printing, advertising and stationery ...  Kelowna   Growers'   Exchange  waterworks supplies ...!   W. Haug, general supplies    Crawford it Co.   stationery ...  W. R, Trench, stationery    (J. Markham .cleaning    Kings Printer, prov. acta      2.00  P. B. Willits & Co. stationery 32.75  Etter 4c    Simpson,    sewerage  'supplies        2,00  D. D. Campbell, suppUes       4.10  Morrison- Thompson Hardware  Co., supplies    1. S. Chamberlin,   work   and  supplies     Kclowna    Garage It   Machine  Works, gen. acct <.....  Gen. Thomlinson, supplies    Max Jenkins it Co., teaming  0. K. Lumber Co., Lumber ...I  Kelowna Machine Shops, work  and supplies    Dalgleish at Harding, supplies .  T. Treadgold,   work   tor  (Ire  department   James k Trenwith, supplies ...  W. M. Parkor,   water    meter  repairs    H. G. Blair, gen. aoot   Dr. A. H. Huyoke, services       SO.!  D. Look's, supplies         (3.16  Kelowna Sawmill Co., lumber  and hauling fuel     301.03  McColl Bros. Co, supplies      67.50  Fleck Bros. Ltd., supplies        6.40  Bigger b McGregor, sidewalk  construction     -I'll .05  552.00  12.60  227.72  Sl.fl)  42.05  19.J5  3.65  .    05.31  .    5.80  .65  226.00  113.20  40.10  32.45  2.50  iw.��i  ,68  5.15  a ��  mmmWm  ���''���'���'���".  m RECORD  CUSSIFJED  ADVERTISEMENTS  Big Results for  Little Cost  A host of satisfied advertisers attest the power of  these little advertisements^  to get results  A telephone lineman fell asleep on  top of a pole in Oregon recently  Passersby seeing the motionless figure of a man lying across tbe cross-  arm with arms and legs dangling in  the air, th<��jght he had been electro"  cuted. When assistance arrived it  was found that the man had merely  been lulled to sleep by the warm sun.  His belt hod pretested Us falling.  One advertiser, who had inserted an ad. for two weeks,  called in to-day to cancel the  second one as one issue had  brought him more replies that,  he knew what to do with  ���n.  *  Try On  e an  dbe  I  CONVINCED  Tilie rate is Two Cents per  word for first issue and  One Cent per week after  juasiiS PAGE EIGHT  KELOWNA   RECORD  [ WANTED! )  Prepaid Rates: 2 cents per word  first insertion and 1 ssnt par word for  sach subsequent insertion. No ad., In-  ssrtsd for less thaa 35 csnU.  All eleasifisd advertisements most be  paid ior in advance owing to tbe cost  attending ths booking and charging ol  assail Items.  Copy may bs rsosivsd ior these ads  np to 10 a.m., Thursday morning.  PROPOSED FORMATION  OF HOME GUARDS  (Continued irom Pale 1.)  FOR  SALE  HAY . FOR SALE. -Alfalfa, Timothy  and Clover. Also Mixed. Central  Okanagan Lands Ltd. or Glenmore  Ranoh. Mtf  FOX SALE VERY CHEAP.- House  aad lot, 11250, doss in. Apply Boa  US Kelowna. 10tf.  TEAMS FOR SALE.-Heavy draft and  general purpose. Apply J. Morrison  R. R. I. Phons 3410. 28tl.  FOB SALE.- Furs Bred young Berk-  shirs pigs. Abo two seated surrey in  good condition. Apply Leslie Dil-  werth. - 30tl.  FOR SALE.���Canning plant and equipment. 310.00 Apply J. Cather, Kelowna Machine Shops.     Phone 340.  ' i ���   , 37-40  FOR SALE.-About 70 yearling Whits  Leghorn hens, Solly strain. Best  offer to F. DeCaqueray, Kelowna.  38-41  FOR SALE.-Pair of new double bar  relied gunB, highly finished, 12 bore  hammer and hammerless.    Apply P  0. Box 424, Kelowna. 39-40  OR SALE CHEAP.-Six-hole Jewel  range, chairs, table, bedstead, etc.,  Apply Griffiths, 209 Riohter St.   40p  FOR SALE.-Airedale pups. Price 15  each. Apply H. C. Childers, Kclowna. 40-3p  TO RENT  FOR RENT.-Oae ol the best ten room  houses on Bernard avenue, furnished  for $26.00 per month. Apply W. H.  Fleming. 37tf.  FOR RENT.-8-roomed house with all  modern conveniences on Bernard avenue, just ssst of Presbyterian church.  Rsnt very rsasonable. Apply H. J.  Williams, or P.O. Box 516. 34tf.  TO RENT. -Furnished rooms on Lake  ,   shore.   Apply P.O. Box 185.        litf.  TO BENT.��� Seven room house on  Wilson avenue. Rent '812.00 per mo  Apply W. H. Flaming, Kelowna. Mtf  TO RENT.- Brick house, all moderr  conveniences, or would exchange for  fruit land. Apply P.O. Box 94, Kelowna. 40-3p  SITUATIONS WANTED  MAN  WISHES TO LIVE OUT ON A  ranch, would work, chores for 1>oard  this fall and pay reasonable sum for  winter's board.   Apply P.O. Boa 479  Kelowna. 40p  hall, but the matter had evidently  aroused greataar enthusiasm than they  had anticipated. He was sure they  all realized the great peril in which  the empire was placed at the present  moment from the war which was proceeding in Europe, Kelowna had already given many men to help in the  defence of their country, and it was  a matter for pride.to see the readiness and enthusiasm with whioh they  had responded to thc call for rolun-  teers. The latest war despatches wore  more serious than they had imagined  and ho wns Buro each one .wanted to  da, his uttuost to help. He had noticed that in Vancouver there was i  movement on foot to form the basic  of a volunteer "home ,guard" and lhe  suggestion had been made to form a  similar body here. He would call  upon Dr. Boyce, who had approached  thc council on tho matter to explain  his ideas.  Dr. Boyce, said he had talked with  lew of the citizens about taking steps  for home defence in case of need, and  they had thought it advisable to call  a public meeting to discuss the matter. Accordingly he had, along with  Mr. McLaren, got up n petition signed by some sixty citizens asking the  council to call a meeting. He thought  it would be a good idea to get wire  one taa act as drill master and drill  all who were willing, so that if a  second call for volunteers was male  they would have some material icily  and so save time.  Messrs. Pooley, Dart, Stone, James,  Dennison, Rogers, DeHart, Dr. Thayer,  Copt. Brush and Major Perry took  part in the subsequent discussion, but  it was evident that it was impossible  without further information to formulate any definite plan of organisation.  Numerous, more or less conflicting  suggestions were made, the concensus  of opinion being in favor of some ba aly  not attached to the regular militia,  which, however could act as a feeder  to the militia if more men were called  lor.  Ultimately a committee was appointed on the suggestion of the Mayor, consisting of Capt. Brush, Mr.  Dennison, Dr. Boyce, W. H. Crawford,  G. F. James, A. R. Pooley and E. M.  Carruthers, to make enquiries as to  a practicable scheme and report to a  meeting which would be announced  later.  The committee remained in consultation for some time after the public  had dispersed and drew up a letter to  Major Snyder, the acting commissioner of the H.N.W.M.P., at Vancouver,  who was endoavoring to organize  home guard there.  Major Snyder was informed that the  meeting had been in favor of forming  n semi-military body of special constables, much on the same standing as'  the Mounted Police for service in Kelowna and thc immediate vicinity.  Many citizens whose health or home  ties would prevent them from volunteering for active service might thus  givo excellent help in .effecting thd  security of thoir own country. The  letter also asked for information aa  to the steps necessary to procure drill  manuals and rifles.  DRESSMAKING WANTED.-ljy Mrs.  R. Lancaster, (experienced), late of  Calgary, or would be willing to go  out by day or accept situation. Apply C. Lancaster, Cawston avenue,  or P. 0. Box 541. 40-3p  WASHING AND HOUSEWORK-Want  ed by hour or day. Apply Miss Berg  or Miss Nelson, Ellis St. x  MISCELLANEOUS  CALVES WANTED.-M. Hereron will  pay the highest market pries tor  hsifsr or bull calves of anv age. 31tf  TWEED SANITARY CLOSETS.-Con-  venient and satisfactory for real'  dences without sewer or water. Call  and inspect. Dark the shoenwn opposite    Board of Trade office 3740  SPIRILLA CORSETS  Mrs. J. H. Davies will be at Mr.  Metkie s (over tailor shop, Peadosi  street) bstwesn ths hours ef 1.80 and  ��� p.m., Ssturdav oi each week to meat  ladies wishing to order corssts. F. 0.  ���es *M, Kstewaa. 30U.  IHEOSOPH1C AL SOCIETY  "KELOWNA LODGE"  Meeting* every Tuesday sveainf.at8p.rn.,  in Soas et England loom, Keller BJeck.  Public invited.   Lending library.  W.B. PEASE.  S.M. GOME. Sec.  P.O. Boa 3*2  The Gazette announces the decision  of the British government to put into  force the Declaration ot London as  though it had been ratified. This decision was taken in view of the fact  that British, French and Russian navies are acting jointly and France nnd  Russia had given notice of their intention to act in accordance with the  provisions' during the present hostilities. This means that neutral goods  are not subject to seizure on'the sea.  Dominion Fruit Inspector Jonason,  of Ottawa was in Kelowna for a short  time last- week. In company with Mr.  J. E. Reekie he visited many of the  orchards of the district,, expressing  very great pleasure and satisfaction  with the condition of things in general.  The Kaiser's levy on Brussels means  355 per head for every woman, boy  and girl in the city. "*'iat is an average ol nearly 8250 foa every family, in  the place.  Lieutenant Pyman was in town this  week taking leave of friends before  leaving for Valcartier, he having left  the local squadron of B. C. Horse, to  volunteer for active service.' He and  Lieut. Mathieson of Vernon, and 25  others from various points in the valley took train yesterday, and will in  all likelihood be included in tbe next  contingent for the front.  Houses to Rent  7-roomsd house on St. Paul street, all  modern oonvsnlenoes. Bent 130.00  psr month.  4-roomed Bungalow, Richter street,  sleotric light end city water. Rent  130.00 per month.  4-roomed houss, good location. Beat  #13.00 per month.  Okanagan Loan ft Investment  Co., Lid.  Launch for Hire  (or Picnics, otc.  Apply to  Kelowns Machine Shops.  J3il  Dt n't You Let the Opportunity Slip  You profit by our loss  Below are some of the most astounding values ever  offered in Kelowna  Children's Dresses, each.. 15c  Boys' Suits, per garment. 15c  Tea Aprons, each 15c  Gingham Aprons, each... 15c  Ladies'Vests, each 15c  Quids' Vests, each 15c  Kimonas, each ISc  Ladies' White Gloves, pr. 15c  Scrim and Cretonne, yd. 15c  Gents' Neckties, each;.....15c  School Scribblers...3 for 10c  'CENT  TO  25CENT STORE  BE PATRIOTIC!  When you send us your  work   you   are  helping Kelowna and Canada, as we only  circulate our money at home.  It is not  wise these days to enrich any foreign  power the way you have been doing.   You will  also find our work sanitary, clean, and well got  up, aid our service admirable  KELOWNA STEAM LAUNDRY  Off Pendozi Street South   ' Phone 159  i 1  THURSDAY, AUGUST IT, Ml*  in .. 'J I     .     .   . n  MORE ABOUT THE  MARKETS  The refiners have again  raised the price of sugar  making a total advance since the first  of the month of $1.30 per 100 pounds  This, however, is not going to affect our present  selling price, which will continue to be $7.25 for a  hundred pound sack, and $1.50 for a twenty  pound sack. We have a carload on hand and will  continue at these prices indefinitely. We advertise  this fact as we do not wish you to jeopardise your  bank account bv unnecessarily over-buying  Our Carload of Ogilvie's  Royal Household Flour  comes to hand this week after considerable delay,  caused by the mills being over rushed with orders.  Anyone having flour on order please call and take  delivery of same. There will not be any change in  flour prices for some time either our prices being  for 49-lb. sacks $2.10, and 981b. sacks, $4.15  We advise in Sugar and Flour  to buy only your present needs  The  McKenzie Co., Ltd.  QuJity ft Service oar smHs.  5 per cent. Discount for Cash  Monthly accounts Belt  Style, Speed and  Satisfaction  Special Measurement  Clothing  Within the neat few wee'ts  you're going to buy a. new Fall  Suit, that's certain. Perhaps  to-day, perhaps to-morrow, perhaps in a month; but you're  going to buy it.  We think you ought to know  why it's wise to "Do it now."  The best reason is that our stocks  are complete :  that everything is ready; that no style is lacking.  You're bound to get more style satisfaction out ot a broad choice than a narrow one.   You get the broad choice now; you may not get it later.  And it's the broadest choice we've ever invited you to: broad in patterns,  in value, in prices, in sizes. ,    ,  We'd be disappointed* if you didn't grasp the opportunity: it really means as  much to us as it means to you.   Why not come in to-morrow ?  Thomas Lawson, Limited  ���H  ������  i


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