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Kelowna Record Mar 29, 1917

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 yCcftivmutoiy;\  Mtffema &mvb  >> te  t)  VOL. IX.   NO. 19.  KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1917.-4 PAGES  11.50 Per Annum  Serve  Save  Produce  E  VERY ONE CAN do  something for his  country  Some can bear arms  Some can produce food  Some can make munitions  Some can give money  It is the privilege of all to help.  Y  OU CAN SERVE by  Fighting���Working-  Saving���Giving  This is NATIONAL SERVICE  Are YOU doing your part ?  A LL EYES turn now to  ��\^ the Canadian Farmer,  for he can render the  Empire Special Service  in this sternest year of the  war.  But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on  the land.  With insufficient help, the Man on  the Land fights an uphill fight to  meet the pressing need for Food.  CITY and TOWN  can help.  Municipal Councils, Churches and  Schools, and other organizations,  both of men and women, can render  National Service by directing all  available labour to the Land.  Farmers themselves can exchange  labour.   School boys can assist.  Were you raised on a farm? Can you  drive a team? . Can you handle fork  or hoe? If you can't fight, you can  produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.  Let every man, woman and child in  the Dominion who has access to  Land, no matter how small the plot,  make it produce Food in 1917.  For Information on any subject relating to  the Farm and Garden write:���  INFORMATION BUREAU  DEPARTMENT   OF AGRICULTURE  OTTAWA  DOMINION  DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE  OTTAWA,   CANADA.  HON. MARTIN  BURRELL, MINISTER.  Tbe Other Side of  Japanese Immigration  Interesting Lecture by Mr. K.  Iwashita  Before a ior too   meagre    audience,  Seek to Cbauge Laws  UUJUSI IU WlMlilJll  IL*) Kalowna Equal i'iuuoliir-u i etgus  bus decoded to again maks) represent*  'nations.   British officers assisted     in  'tbe building ol the navy;   frenchmen  'codified their law;     Hermans   trained  'their army and assisted in developing  then higher medieal instruction; wtule  Americans rearranged their educational  system.  U'lnaily the suoeesslul outcome ol the ^^^^^^^  wars with Uuna and ivuseia euaolr.ii tions to the government regarding  Japan to assert her national indepeu- ana    oi   those inequitable laws which  dance, and to claim recognition in tne nave    com*   down to us bom a more  (journals of international diplomacy. borbario age ilisuriminatiiuj moat uu  Mr. iwosuita was especially unoiest- mercifully against women in favor oi  considering the importance ot, the sub* ing when he dealt with the burning the "lords oi creation."  ject and the ability oi the Uxturer question oi Japanese immigration. I -���* British Columbia at the present  hiniseli, Mr. li. iwashita, a prominent ui this great problem oi the ag* re- --aw' -' u pointed out in a resolution  figure amongst tha looal .Japanese, suiting irom the contact Between the wl"oh -* ���>�����--�� forwarded to premier  gave a striking and illumiuiiting lee- liust and the West, the Japanese im- Bwrier and Mr. J. W. Jones, M.1M'.,  ture Monday evening iu the Hoard oi migration in America was but a Biwili ���' * t-������"* -<w �� ��-��-�� 1* disinherit  Trade room on "Japan and Western iragment. The oomplete solution . his w-& and *hiidren entireuy and to  (Jivilization." The wonaerful awasan- tms question seemed havuly iioasubio leave oil his propeity to Btrungers  ing oi that energetic race whioh has without the complete loaliustraont ot -u nowhere else in tha world, it is  almost at a bound taken its place the relations between the Eastern uud stated, does Bueh a power exist except  amongst the powerful nations oi the the Western worlds. It required, 'lit m England, Ireland, and certain oi  earth, was entertainingly described.' removal oi mutual miiconoeptions, not the British colonise.  Mr. Iwashita possesses not only an only with regard to poli.ioal und bom-| 'lhe evils oi such a Byatem, it is de-  eloquence oi a high order, and ii meroial ailairs, but also m uiuujrtim clared, ore so manliest that it would  scholarly command of English Ian-'with the deeper problem ot the spin., be an insult to those to whom the  guage, but has a wide knowledge oi it required on each Bide abetter under- petition is addressed to maks mention  history and international affairs whion standing and a higher appreciation,by oi them. Thereioro the Equal l<run-  was a revelation to many. Ha, has a'each oi the culture and civilization ol ebisa Leaguo is requesting the legisla-  keen sense oi huiuor.too, and tha deli- the other. Most oi all it required on tura oi British Columbia to passwith-  oate irony with which he assailed tne ihe part of the stronger West a strict-1 out delay on act abolishing such pow-  vaunted superiority oi western nations er observance .oi all principles oi just- or entirely, and suggesting that the  held his hearers close attention,   and'ice and humanity in dealing with   tbe'law oi British Columbia on this point  could not iuil to produce a telling  elfect.  | With characteristic Japanese politeness he began by expressing tha great  honor which he ielt in having the opportunity oi addressing suoh on audience on the subject oi his country and  race.  weaker East. ^^^^^^^^^^^  He would be the last man to deo  that every country had the eight to  decide who should be admitted tnd  who barred. Jupun had never challenged that right fiom a legal point ot  view.   But what would this world   be  should be made the some as that., oi  'Scotland    and   tha   other     countries  which are under ithe Boman law.  Tha law oi Scotland ia aa follows:���  1.  When a man leaves both wile and  children he mult leave one third oi his  estate to his wife and one third to iris  if   all    nations were to strain   every' ebildron, and may dispose oi the   rest  The present war whioh was raging in nerve to assert their legal rights with-1 a* he pleases.  Europe, he said, with so many duter- out mitigating tnem with magnanimity    2. Where a man leaves a wife but no  ent nations involved, had taught   the ftn<- --"- common dictates oi courtesy.' children, he must leave half   to  people that race distinction does   not A mun Uut- lha "S-"- to   lorbid     bis  wiie, and may leave the   rest   aa  form such an important iaotor in  in-1 neighbor entering his gates, even when pleases,  ternational   relations as it was   once!t-10 neighbor had never interfered witn I   3  Where he leavet children but  Annual Meeting of W,A. of  St. Michael's Church  The      Womans'    Auxiliary   of  St. Michaels' church held their 13th  annual  meeting   on   Friday   16th,    .  March.     Corporate    communion  was   celebrated   by   Archdeacon  Greene in the morning, who   gave  a very helpful and earnest address..  A most successful business meeting "  was held in the parish hall, in. .the ,"'  afternoon   when     36     members  gathered together to  hear  the're-  ports read and   were all   gratified  to learn the year's woik  had been  most encouraging in spite of many  difficulties arising fiom the' departure of many old members on '-*��>,,..  count of the war. ,,��� v..  The   following   list   of   officers' ..  were elected for   1917:   President .  Mrs. DuMoulin, 1st Vice President  Mrs. W. M.   Crawford,  2nd  Vice   President Mrs. W. G. Benson,  Sec -Treas., Mrs. D. W. Crowley,  Corres.-Sec. Mrs, Ellis* Miirdodk,  Dorcas Sec. Mrs. Poole, Leaflet  Sec, Mrs. J. W. Ferguson, Thank-  offering Sec , Miss Edgehill. ������'.".-"  his wejiiare, and hod observed every !"*��� h�� mus- ieave noli to his child  canon oi genuemaniy conduct. but ron, and may leave the rest as he  was such an injunction justifiable from pleases.  the point of view oi expediency, social I The League, in submitting the reso  u.iquette, and above ail the goodwill tution, takes for granted that We  which ia the loundation oi human testamentary power oi a woman will  i.ociety'/ As with the individual so bo limited in a similar manner,  with the nation. The restriction ot I The League has also ior warded to  immigration waa no doubt one oi tba Viotoria a resolution sap.io'.viuj the  sovereign rights oi every country, but movement to grant tho franohiaa  presumed to do. It hod, moreover,  done much to dispel the bogey of r tne  "yellow peril," an idea which was  originated by the ambitious Kaiser ol  (jermony with the Object oi fostering  the race prejudices ot Jiuwipoan peoples  against the nations oi the East, lhe  new era which waa dawning was impressing upon -the peoples oi this and  other countries the necessity oi gaining a thorough knowledge of tuck  neighbors across the .Pacific, and was  one oi tha happy signs oi the day.  In sneiching tne history of   Japan  during    the    last    hall   oentury,  touched first upon  changes whioh had tanen .         .. , ,   .     ...    world at large.   Tne J-renoh revolution, *��*"** *"����. "f "^^"T^^ eTOatu��lly die here, be expected to  upon  her national pride in this very j��na ***�����������/ .  question,   m  Hindoos and naturalized Japanese.  The resolution points out that though  they  have never been given the Iran-  The hospital staff have beer?*-  kept prettv busy lately, necessitating the services of extra helpers.  Among the present inmates are  Mrs. Galbraith and Mr. W. Crawford (of the falls), both ol whom  are progressing favorably.  Miss Buchanan %lms this week  received another shipment of  smart hats for Easter,  The dance at the new school at  the O.K. Mission in aid of the  Red X, has been fixed for April  12th at 8.30. Mr. H.Todd Boyd  has kindly consented to help with  the music and a good attendance  is hoped for in view of the   cause.  The local   merchants  have decided to close their stores in observance of Easter Monday.   This, is -  a  departure   from   the   custom' inr  Kelowna and shoppers are asked,  to take note of it.  in exercising such a right it was neither justuiable nor sensible to single ���.  as the object oi discrimination a *������^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_.^^__  nation,, a civilized and progressive ohise in British Columbia, they have it  nation, whioh had won ita way to   a elsewhere in Canada.    How, the piti-  of the" ureal'i"-"* m tne ����mly oivhe 8rea- PBWets Uon Mk*' ��a�� the" m6n' ��! Wl>C"r'  plaoe in tno an<- vbulh naiioa WM Pnuosopfiiwtliy, there are a greot number in the prov  ���; i..,._    beorisuz insults and indumities  neauou!��noe,    a"0 wno wiU "P61"1 tneir  A report stated to oome irom confidential German sources states that a  great German offensive is due to begin  April 5th. Huge preparations are le-1  ing made behind the front. Ammunition and stores of all kinds for an offensive are stored behind (ha (rout on  rails ready to be rushed to any required point.  hud terminated the arbitrary rule ot  the aristocraoy, and had declared all  men equal in the eyes oi the law. The  political tempesta aad bean tollowed by  another revolution in whioh the modern inventions oi steam and eieotricity  had brought about great ohanges in  industrial systems. The expansion of  trade and commerce had also brought  the nations of the East and West  nearer together. From the four winds  of heaven cams representatives of the  dillerent nations to Japan with merchandise and gold seeking to establish  commercial relations.  Japan's first suspicions oi tha foreigners who invaded her shores hs attributed to the machinations oi the;  Dutch, who desiring a monopoly of  Japanese trade, poisoned the minds of  his people against tha other western  raoes, and to the greed and overbearing manner of ths early merchant settlers, who, while they sought to fill  their purses at tha expense of tha Japanese; insisted upon treating thsni as  an inferior raoe. Later they had oome  to learn that these men wet* aot altogether typical oi their notions, but  that there were other men oi honor  and integrity and greater breadth ol  mind.  Japan's own politioal revolution ho  dated from the visit to the country of  United States warships under Commodore Perry in 1853. This display ol  western power had given an Impetus  tothe overthrow ol the ancient feudal  'system and the adoption oi a form of  'democracy. This was followed by another revolution oi adifferent kind,  which was not confined to industrial  affairs alone, but embraoed new ideas  in philosophy and adence, Japan's  ablest sons were sent abroad as amis-1  snries to study in the universities and I;  become good oitizons and follow the  Canadian mode of living, unless they  are given the rights of Canadians'!  The government is therefore asked to  give the franchise on the same terms  as to white men and women.  Another resolution from the League  deals with the rights oi a mother to  her own children. As the law stands  at present tbe mother of a legitimate  child has no right over him or her  during; the lifetime of the father. As  the experience of many American  states has proven that the mother is  as capable of guarding the child as  the father, the-League requests that  legislation bs passed making fathers  and mothers joint guardians of the  persons and propety of their children.  O   Mr. Ckswford, sr., uf Crawford's  Vails, is seriously ill in Hospital irom  the elTeota of a fall in his house about  ��� couple oi weeks ago, when he struck  the baok of hisuiead.   .-     ��������   Tne Consumers' League of Vanoouver  is taking up the problem of the possible labour uhortaij* at picking time ir  the iruit (UstriotB, isriucipntly in tho  Okanagan, and Ita* set to work to  orgaarze a body of 3000 women   and  ��irU who will be conveyed to the ' in-j This often   happeded  itoriior at spcoial Hate* to help gather  '.the ��ropa.   *  ,.0  Under the provision*" ai a new   im- rvirirpijo  law   oi tha  United States MRTHS  German newspapers beliive (hot Get- factories of Europe and America, and: in**?    ^T"*1 tadole"ce ��'  many will declare war on the United on    their    return were placed at th* f* m^r*n J *  States when the first armed American hcad.0' "������"���    Th�� JaPan' havh��  acquired a sufficient knowledge of  im could not agree with the favorite  argument advanced by the advocates  of Japanese exclusion that ii Europeans were .to immigrate to Japan, the  Japanese government would set up  barriers against them jn.it oa the  people oi this country have elected n  wall against the Japanese, lie preferred to believe that Japan wouU  welcome such European unmigrutiou if  Jupun tad suoh a vast .rear ol undo  veloped land, and suoh enormous net-  Ural resources yet little exploited as  were iound in this country.  "Vou must do what is right and  avoid what is wrong, no matter what  your neighbors may say, think, or do.  la it not this souse oi justice which  has mad* Kngland great in ehe concourse oi nations? Was it not this  very sense of fair play which impe. ed  Ureat Britain to declare war against  Uermany in 1U14V Ii Japan should ex-  dude without plausible reason such  European immigrants, it would no  your duty to oppose suoh uu arbitrary  measure. To acquiesce would b* to  run counter to the traditions) of your  nation which have been your life and  (aspiration in the past."  In conclusion he aaid that tha more  Ithe West studied Japan the less formidable would become the racial dibV-  iinces. The trouble with most of the  'western critics oi Japan was that they  came to the East without sympathy,  and criticism without sympathy    wa*  seldom just. Ii they came aoross some- migration      thing they did not understand they dirt all Canadians crossing tiw border  not take the trouble to invontigate, order to take up residence in the  but dismissed the matter as inoompre- States will be subjeot to n ��**d tax  hensible to ths western mind. The olot whioh has been increased irora *1;"  wom phrase that the Japanese    wereJito 18.00.   Under the old Uw Canadian  nscrutableond mysterious  simply"   be-! immigrants were aot oloasifi*! ���>��� ,or  *   :tivc-  Hon. M. A. Macdonald brought  in an amendment Tuesday lo the  Provincial Elections Act, repealing,  the Bowser woman suffrage act  passed last year. It gives wome'n  'he same rights as men. It extends  the court of revision until the third  Monday in June and extends the  lime for applications Is get on the  voters' list until the fifth Monday  in April.  Says a German despatch : " The  Kaiser has been advised to take a  complete test, owing to the return  of his old throat trouble, through  exposure and overwotk. Otherwise an operation on lhe larynx  will be necessary. It is reported  that the Kaiser is seriously ill;  An army of 150,000, made up  entirely of Germans, is being.t-oim-  ed in Mexico to seize the Mexican  government, confiscate American  and British properly and make  war on the United- Stales, according to what is believed to be trustworthy information.  ' Rumors which have been in circulation for several days of the  landing of Germans in Scotland or  at a place on the English coast,  were contradicted in the House of  Commons by Chancellor Bonar  Law who said lhat so far as it was  possible to give any.reason for lhe  origin of the rumors, they probably were due to the fact that'the  home defense troops had been told  to be ready for an emergency,  "but in the  present instance it created an unusual commotion.  who-  =.�����.     The   new law beoonus offc  on May 1st next.   I'ecsons only  eign  submarine.  merchantman fires at   o   Thero are thirty-thousand oases    ol  small-pox   In Germany, and the   dis-  tlie  arts and soiences and Industrial moth- jsion ��' hi* address,  ods ol Europe and Amerioa, cast aside I The meeting was held under the ous*  the cloak of merHoevaliBm and boldly jpioes of the Politioal EouaHty LeagU',  stepped into the arena of strenuous, the ohair being occupied by Mayor  spreading, aooordlng to   the competition. Sutherland.   A ooUeotion in a��! ol th.i  ol Herr Hoffman, a Sooialist|   The    development    ol    Japan was' Prisoners ol War fund reali/edttht sum  mooVtod   upon   that   ol tho western ol .J6V70 over ih* expense ol the toomt  Mr. Iwashita was aooorded   a   very | trip will have their money reranoeo v  hearty vote ol thanks at the ormolu- j| them on their return  speech   member of th* BaMuttg,  Thirty-nine ate known to be dead  and nearly a hundred and fifty injured  with t property loa* ol two mU'ions,  as the result ol a tornado which  swept, onw Souther* Indiana last Fn-  dsy. .       ���  Tij f ill > v'm\ Virthi hiv e taken  place at the hospital during the  present month :���  GOLDIE-On the 28th, to tlie wife  of James Goldie, a son.  McKENZIE-On the  19th, to the  wife of G. S. McKenzie, a son.  SIMPSON-On the 17th.  to the  wife of S. M. Simpson, a son.  SCOTT���On the 29th. to the wife  of   P.   H.    Scott, Glenmork a  daughter.  WILLIS-On the 23rd, to the wife.  of H. A. Willi*, a. daughter. o  PAGE TWO  KEIvOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, MARCH 89th, 1017.  "    PROFESSIONAL AND    *���  ������       BUSINESS CARDS      ������  I'OMM  I ��.|r4i.|n��i>f�� �������������� ���������!>��� >���.>!>���  BURNE & WEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  B. C. Weddell.    -   John P. Burne.  KELOWNA, B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  has resumed his teaching classes and will  receive  pupils  ss  before in his studio-  Trench Block, Kelowna.  P.O. bos 374  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTON ft BUIIJJEK  Plana and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given (or public Build-  ings,Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  F. VI. GROVES  M. Csn.Soc. C.E.  Oonmi'.tliig Cioll and Hydraulic  Engineer  U.C. Land Suroeyur  Surveys snd Report* on Irrisation Works  Applications for Water Licenses  KELOWNH RECORD  Published svery Thursday at Ksiowne,  British Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  SUBSCRIPTION RATES  year:    76c.    six    month*.  KF.LOWNA. B.C.  Mrs.  FRANCES A. PEDLAR  L.R.H.M.  Civet leisons in  Voice Production & Singing  11.50    _,_    .      .  Stnt��B 10 oeati additional.  AU ���ubiOT.Dtioru  mvuble  in advanoe  Huhnrrlben   at   tbe  ramilar  ra*��   can  havo  extrn  pacera  malted  to friends at a diitnnc*  *l HALF RATE.  i.e.. 7H mdU per Tear.  Thin   loeciat  privilege   ie   granted    lor    tbe  nurpone of advertielns the rltr nnd din trict.  Now is the Time to Fight  Fire Blight  The following timely remindef* regarding Uie oontrol of the dreaded  'orohatd diawase of "Fire-blight" 1..10  been handed in by Mr. Ben Hoy, the  provincial horticulturist for th* 'district, in the hope of mousing growers  lo more encrgetio efforts towards its  eradication in the neighborhood.  The blossoming season is rapidly  approaching, and for oUicient v,ork in  controlling Fire-blight all blight infections must be out out luring the  next three weeUs. This is most cssen-  ' tial in order to guard against u .were  ! outbreak of the disease. A fow canker  ! left may result in the infection ci the  entire neighborhood. It is the riuiv of  every orchardist to make a tree to  tree inspection of his orohard and te  movo all blight infections. Any glow  cr neglecting this work is listinctly in  enemy to the welfare jf th* ttBsV  growing community.  and amount oi water to nee to make  up a mixture of one part corrosive  sublimate to 1000 ports of water.  This  aries with the s��e oi the tablets.  The solution should never be carried  in metal containers; always nn n.  glass one. One of tbe handiest ways  of oarrying this solution is to carry It  in a smallflask In the hip pocket. A  small sponge can be curried In the left  hand attached to a string on the  wriBt, no that when necesBary to use  the hand it can lie let hang from the  wrist in easy reach when needed again.  Keep the sponge thoroughly soaked in  tho solution, nnd swab over the tool  nd cut nfter each out. The solution  is poison and should be kept put o  the reaoh of children and animals.  IM), Graham  Street,   Keloiona, N.  SPUING CUTTING BEF0BE IlLDb  HAVE STARTED  PI IPC��nOil   r    RMfW I   In W��QVi��[ small twigs and branch  liLiirruitu u. DutiiY       ieSj cut at iBast ���,]!������ inches b���|ow the  INSURANCE BROKER I line   of   demarkation Intwoon healthy  Life, Accident, Sickness, Fire, Automobile, and diseased area.    DisinfeJt all cub  | with corrosive sublimits, 1 to 1000.  Burglary,  Fidelity Guarantee  Socializing in Insurance, therefore service  to the Assured  Phones 217 & 816 Room l,t>cltie Bill  J. A. BIGGER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Estimates Furnished for all cla  of work  A new camp of Canad ans has been  established in Kent.  It is stated that President Wilson is  at work on a plan for a sepuia'.e  peaoo with Austria.  The F. C. Bantams have established  reoord in overseas transportation,  taking only eighteen days irom the  time of breaking camp in Victoria to  ��� the time of taking up oamp inPurfleet,  Essex, England, including a this* day  lay at Halifax. The troopship on  whioh they sailed was only four hour*  behind the liner l.aconia when she wan  sunk by a German submarine, and  when news roaohed them by wireless,  there was great manoeuvring of tho  ship by the oflicerB, who brought her  into port in safety.  rol leaders and seconds must be  at least second class scouts, and  must pass annually a qualifying  examination in second class and  lender loot work.  Annual Camp. No boy must be  allowedto go to the annual camp  unless he is an enrolled and registered scout.  Examinations. All' applications  Im' examinations must be made  through the patrol leaders, who  will make the necessary arrangements.  Ci ilificati :��� of passing must be  s gned by the examined, and endorsed by lhe scoutmaster These  eei (ideates must then be handed  .�� the troop secretary.  All orders for badges sent to  Provincial Headquarters must be  endorsed by the Hon. Secretary  el die local  Association.  Atliindance. A scout should  always obtain leave ol absence  iie.ni his patrol leader, when for  any leason he is, or was, unable lo  re present with his patrol.  When leave o( absence is rrquir-  1 lor an extended period, the  enve should be endorsed by the  - -nulmasler.  Boys who do not consider il their  Inly to be present with their patrol, or who put their own wishes  lirst nnd their duly it) their pnlrol  Inst, nre not wanted in any patrol  or in any troop.  Wairant officers and non-  ii ai rant officers who tolerate such  boys will never make a success  of troop or patrol.  Orders for  Local  Scouts  "BE PREPARED"  Kelowna Troop  Tioop First;   Self Last  J. GALBRAITH  Plumber and Steam Fitter  P.O. Box 81  Kelowna, B.C.  Furniture, Doors  and Sash  KEPAIR   WORK AND JOBBING  Saws Filed and Set, Skates  Hollow Ground  S. M. SIMPSON  One door tooth Fireball. Phone 312  Immmmmmmmmmssmssmsswsmmmsmm>mh��������>������o��n�����^.^�� . Q* i��j> E  KELOWMA-WEST BANK || canker.  STEAM FERRY   Regular scheduled service rvnw  in operation as follows:  Leaves Kelowna 9 tv.ni. 3.3"/ pjn.  ���    Westb.��ik9..S0 a.m., 4 p.m.  EXTRA SBRVICB ON  WRDNGJMMY & SATURDAY  k,oacea Keloicna 11 ejus.  Leaoes Westbank U.30 a.m.  TERMS -J/NSK  U U&YMaN  Where cankers are on brauehes up to  three-quarters or one inch in iliamolcr.  'it is usually best to oat off the  branches, especially on ;r mi ovor i hree  I years old. In ordor to cut the bar  far enough away trom the dead area  in branohes oi this r��ie, it is almost  necessary to girdle the Usaja, and so  render it useless. Cankers on !��rgu  limbs can be taken nut and the i.'mbs  saved by cutting the l.arli away to the  sap-wood. Always out the bark away  at least two inches above nnd Lelow  lhe infection, and at least on inch  from the sides, making sure yua axe  baok to healthy sound tissue, iliath-  infect the wound with corrosive, sublimate and paint it w th whit* lead.  In painting have ths paint thiol:  enough so that it will not run down  Ithe tree.  In cutting away diseased water  sprouts and suckers from the root, always dig down and ssa that there is  no infection at th* loot. In case of  any twigs, suokers, water sprouts, etc.  coming ftrom big limbs, being iu!e;tod  all the way to-the base ol the .wig,  but apparently not into the limb, it  is tylways well to out sway the bark  around the base and disinfect well, so  tjhat there is no dang*1 ol leaving any  oi the germs to carry the duuuse over  on the roots ar* treated the  sams as thos* on the branohes above  tho ground. Wherever there ha* been  any diseased suokers or water sprouts  at the, base oi the tree, the soil should  1 be dug away and ths roots examine  for hold-over cankers.  1 Iu cutting out branohes in tbs-top of  the trea every effort should be made to  gvoid leaving iarge stubs. Even ii it  is necessary to out baok another foot  or so it is better to bring the tree  to a lateral branch. This will' tend to  stop Bunker growth and make a better  flhnpcd tree.  C0RB0SIVE SUBLIMATE  Corrosive snblimats. may be bought  in tablet form from any drug store  and th* druggist will give directions  as to the necessary number of tablets  Edited by Pioneer.   Mar. 27, 1917  Orders by command for week  ending 7th April, 1917.  DUTIES: Orderly patrol for  week, Curlews; next for duty, Wo]  3ai ades:  11 parade  Seed  Good seed corn is very  scarce this year. We have the  only large quantity of B.C.  grown NORTH WEST DENT  CORN, from specially selected seed. Local growers of  ensilage corn should order  now before outside districts  secure all our seed.  Winners of First Prizes Provincial Seed  Fair Armstrong District Corn compet'tion  Help the  NAVY  WintWWur-^     It need* moye men.   Get overseas at once by joining the  overseas division of  The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve  and serve in the vifiodous fleet   Experience not necessary.  Canadian* on joining ane sent to England at once for training.  P A V ?*���"* * 4*y *nl' upwards���Free- Kit���  �� A I Separation allowance ss in O. E. F.  Csjididsti-s must be sans oi natural bom British  subjects- A,.. 18 lo 38.  !.  Mmmsjltsmndtsfm htm M I* 45 may enlist r>r ssroice in  rt* Cmmiitn NsphsI fsttreU to granf Canadian Co���ts.  Apply 10 ths  Nearest Naval Recruiting Station  ���f ������th* Naval Recruiting Secretary, Ottawa,        Si  The combined troop  at the club room on  Wednesday the 4th oI April, at  7,15 p.m., rehearsal of signalling  uid staff physical drill etc. On  Saturday of this week there will be  a parade of the combined troop al  the club room at 2.30 p.m., when  every scout in the troop will have  to try to do the mile at scouts  h-acc in the prescribed 12 minutes.  We would ask each scout to lei  his patrol leader know immediately whelhei he wishes lo take advantage ofthe Easter holidays in  enrlravouring to pass his "hike"  t��.st (or the first-class badge, or  whether he would preler to go on  a troop picnic. Let your leader  know immediately and can we  then decide what we shall dr.  ihe. Easter holiday gives a splendid chance though of trying the  "hike" test and doubtless several  of the troop will take advantage of  lhe holiday to try. A scout must  go on foot, row a boat or paddle  a canoe, alone or with another  scout, to a point 7 miles away and  return again, or if conveyed by  any vehicle (railway and automobiles not allowed) or animal,  must go a distance of 15 miles and  back (mileage in a city not counted). He must wiilea short report  (not essay) of lhe journey, showing observation, self-reliance and  initiative, and should take two days  lor the journey.  A great many people have been  wondering as to the reason for the  great retreat of the Geririans on  the Somme Front. Wc, at any rale,  Save no doubts as to the real  reason for all of this! Scout  Robert Stillingfleet has enlisted in  the B.C. Horse, with the intention  of learning to play the bugle and  then becoming bugler for the detachment of 2nd CM.R.'s at Ver.  non. We are only sorry that  Scout Stillingfleet is not close  enough to the Germane at the present time to enable them to hear  his blasts on the bugle, which we  are sure would make them run  faster than ever. We shall miss  our "Bob" very much indeed,  especially at camp, bul perhaps he  will be able to get leave this year  for sufficient time to be able to join  us again. He made puite a reputation last year in scaling rocky  slopes, and as rear guard of the  mountain squad.  On Friday of this week at 7.15  the smaller members of the troop  will have a basket ball match, and  at 8 o'clock the bigger boys. If  you want to play you must be there  on time.  Below are the remaining Supple-  mentary rules for British Columbia.  Leaders and Seconds.  All pat-  ALSO  Sunnybrook  Earliana Tomatoes  Specially selected hand cleaned seed  Parsnip Onion  Strawberry Plants  Raspberry   Canes  Bankhead  Orchard  Company, Ltd.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  REGULATIONS  lj0al miniag rights ol the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and in a portion ol  the Provinoe of British Columbia, may  be leased Ior a term of twenty-oae  years at an annual rental ol II as  acre. Not more than 2,600 aores  will be leased to one applioaat.  Applications for the lease must bs  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent oi the distriot  which the rights applied ior are  situated.  In surveyed territory, the load mi  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ol sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the traot applied ior  shnll bo' slaked out by the aPplieaat  himself.  Each application must be aoootn-  panied by a fee of $5 whioh will be  refunded if the right applied for are  not available, but not othorwiss. A  royalty Bhall be paid on the morohast-  able output ol the mine at the raUoi  five oents per ton.  The person operating the mine sVall  furnish the agent with sworn retinas  [accounting for the hill quantity oi  merchantable coal mined and pay th*  royalty thereon. If the ooal miniag  rights are not being operated, sash  returns shall be furnished at least oa**  a year.  The lease will inolude the ooal saining rights only, but ths lessee may  be permitted to purohase whatever  availabls surface rightB mtty be <  lidered necessary ior the working of  the mine at the rats of tlO an aer*.  For full information application  should be made to the seoretary oi  lhe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Af*Bt  of Dominion lands.  W. W. COBY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. II. ���Unauthorized publicatioa ol  this advertisement will not bs paid lor.  we show you OUR  SPRING GARMENTS  LET us show you our new Spring Coats.   See  how " smart" they are.   The new style ideas  are tailored  right into them and the good  fabrics they are made of and . sensible lines, make  them just what you will desire.  Ladies'Sport Coats, in fancy Checks and assorted  Stripes, from $9.75 up  Ladies' | length CoatB, in Plain colored Broadcloth, and  fancy satin lining.  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Thev are in a class by them-  rselves���nothing just like them.  P. E. CAMPBELL  Tomato and Cabbage Plants our specialty  I Corner St. Paul Street and Cnwston Avenue Kelowna  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Chief Thomas returned Saturday  from a trip to the coast,  Mr. and Mrs. H. Elder and  family left yesterday morning for  Lang, Sask.  Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gourlay left  Tuesday for Winnipeg after a visit  to Kelowna. Mra. Gourley is a  dughter of Mr. S. V. Bray.  Mr. E. J. Cochran, who is in  temporary charge at the Bank of  Montreal during the absence of  Mr. P. DuMoulin, was a visitor to  Vancouver yerterday.  George Swordy, Jas. Favelle,  and Tom Davy have joined up this  week with the 2nd C.M.R. Re-  cruiting officer E. W. Wilkinson  has opened a temporary recruiting  office in the Crowley block.  A new travelling library has just  been received by the Farmers'  Institute, and gifts of books to form  a permanent library have been  received from Messrs, G. A.  Melville, G. A. Fisher and W. G.  Bennett. Will friends note that  there is still plenty of room on the  shelves for other gift books.  In an effort to secure accurate  information regarding the labour  required in the district during the  coming season, so as to make provision against a possible shortage,  the United Farmers have issued  printed forms to the farmers of the  district which they are requested  to fill in and return to the secretary  Mr. R. L. Dalglish. The form provides space for stating the probable  labour required for the different  months from April to October  The circular is also designed to  secure a reliable estimate of the  crop of fruit and vegetables which  may be looked for, so that arrangements can be made with the C.P.R  to provide cars sufficient for moving it and obviate the tie-up which  has caused much loss to growers  in the past.  Mr  town  this  'Fisher is an  arrival  week from Sask.  Evening of Good Music Promised tor Good Friday  After many long evenings of  practising under that very able  wielder of the baton, Mrs. F. A,  Pedl..r, L.R.A.M., the local choir  organ zed for the occasion, are  announcing their intention of rendering a generouspart of Handel's  famous oratorio, " The Messiah  in the Methodist church (kindly  loaned by the United Churches  committee), on the evening of  Good Friday, at 8 o'clock.  The programme, now in the  hands of the printer, is a long one  and contains inter alia, such favorite choruses as " Hallelujah "Who  is the King of Glory ? " " Worthy  is the Lamb," and ''Behold the  Lamb of God"; whilst the many  solo parts will be sustained by  Mrs. F. A. Pedlar, Mrs. J. H. Tren-  with and Miss H. Ellis, sopranos,  Miss D. C. Caldwell, 'alto, Mr. F,  Pedlar, tenor, and Mr. E. C. Radford, bass. Miss E. Jones will be  at the piano, Mr. H. Tod Boyd at  the organ, and Mr. Drury Pryce at  the violin.  A short interval will be called  at the close of the " Messiah," after which the soloists and musicians  will render a short miscellaneous  programme. Tickets (25c) are now  on sale.  SPRAY TALK  BY  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  PHONES 29 and 37  ORDER NOW-  Lime-Sulphur, Per Gal, 22c  Manufactured by us in Kelowna from the best of materials and guaranteed!  Black Leaf Forty Arsenate of Lead Blue Stone Paris Green  Soluble Sulphur Whale Oil Soap Quassia Chips  Wanted, Empty Spray Barrels, in good condition  Mr. J. E. Reekie left Monday on  a visit to Victoria.  F. R. E. DeHart was a visitor to  Vernon yesterday.  Mr. R. Munson left yesterday  morning on a visit to Old, Alta.  Miss Hayward, of Summerland,  has been on a visit this week to  Mrs. Fumerton, returning Tuesday.*  Recruits for the Foresters Battalion this week are Eugene  Neumeyer, Claude Osterbauer,  and John McGarrity.  Rutland News  (Htm set m OosrssnoadsaM  The Girls' Enterprise Club are  busy these days with Red Cross  work. The last meeting waa held  at the home of Mrs. Fleming.  Private Elwood Fleming, of the  Army Medical Corps, returned to  Victoria Tuesday, his period of  leave having expired.  In view of the approaching departure of the Clever family for  Saskatchewan a surprise party met  at the home of Mr. and Mra. W. G.  Sehell to take leave of Mr. and  Mrs. Earl Clever. The members  of 'he Women's Institute presented Mrs. Clever with a brass jardiniere as a token of appreciation  of the good work she has done  as president of that organization,  while on Saturday Earl Clever was  the recipient of a handsome briar  pipe in a case, given by some  friends who gathered at Clarence  Duncan's. There were many expressions of regret at their leaving  the district, and hopes for their  success in the new home to which  they were going. Mr. and Mrs.  Clever left by Wednesday morn,  ing's boat. .  ELLISON BOY KILLED  The news which fcame in last  Saturday morning that Clarence  Whittaker had been killed in the  trenches came as ��a great shock,  especially to Ellison and Rutland  people, to whom he was well  known. Only a few days before  word had been received that he  had been slightly wounded in the  wrist, and apparently the wound  had been of such a nature as to  permit of his returning almost immediately to his duty in the trenches. .  The young man whose name  has thus been added to the lengthening roll of those who have given  their lives in their country's service  was the only son of Mr, and Mrs.  Geo. Whittaker, who have been  resident in Ellison for a number of  years. He was only nineten years  of age, having joined the local  contingent about a year ago. He  had been a pupil of Kelowna  High School and was well liked  by his fellow students. Always to  the fore in the games and sports  of the boys he look a keen interest  in the school baseball league.  The keenest sympathy is felt  with Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker in  their great loss.  Preserve  Eggs Now  You will need them badly next  winter. You will enjoy using  eggs which cost you 25c a doz.,  when others are paying at least  50c.  Water Glass  25c a tin  will keep them fresh for one year  P. B. Willits & Co.  REXALL DRUGGISTS  Phone 19 Kelowna. B.C.  THE 'DeLAVAL'  IS TESTED & TIME PROVED  Why experiment���what's the use of taking chances with a  machine you know very liitle about ? You know that a  DeLaval is recognised everywhere as the world's standard  We can sell you a DeLaval  Cream Separator  on such terms that it will pay for itself while you use it  W. R. 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I8-9P  GIRL   wanted   for  light   housework   at  East Kelowna.   Phone 2109. I9p  LOST ��� Small brown Spaniel Birch.  Information will be appreciated hy  M. Lloyd, Clenmore,  Phone 3305.   I9p  WANTED��� Job on farm or dairy, by  experienced man. Jaa. Fisher, Kelowna (inquire at Record office).       I9p  WANTED, Girl  or  woman as  general.  Apply Box 152, Kelowna. 19.0,,  CARTER'S "TESTED" SEEDS, on sale  st the Greenhouses, Richter Street.  17tl  Ladles   Wishing   to   Order  8P1BELI.A    CORSETS  eaa meet  KBS. J. H. OAVIES  aa 8,torder    ef eocfc week, or   ajtr  in Beam No. 1. Oak Ball Bloek, between tke Hours of 2:30 and B:S0 p.m.  Automobile For Hire  O. D. CAMPBELL  Phone 219  The Corporation of the City  of Kelowna  Tenders (or Street Watering,  May Effect Removal of Sir  Richard McBride  It is understood, on what appears  to be excellent authority, that the  goveanment has planned to bring  down a special act to dismiss Sir  Richard McBride, agent-general  for British Columbia in Londc n. It  is presumed that some man already  on the ground in London will be  appointed to act in the meantime,  or until a permanent policy le-  garding the London offices is defied upon by the government.  This permanent policy will possibly include a sale or lease of the  new British Columbia building in  the Empire's metropolis. In the  coming spring a permanent ap  pointment may be made.  NO ALUM  Some light urems tn be brral ���  ing into the mystery rf th* G-r-  many retirement. Their strategy  seemed to consist of a desire to  find a safer spot���which is is the  explanation of most retreats.  A   Zeppelin returning from Euglun  where it had been taUng part   in  raid, was brought down in France ol  Saturday.      Tho   airship fell from  groat height a blazing mass of Haines  and the crow were burned to death.  Sir Robert Borden and his colleagues lunched with King George  at Buckingham palace yesterday.  Tenders will be received by the under,  signed up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday,  31st March, for a team and driver for the  city's street sprinkler, for the months of  April, May, June, July, August and Sep.  tember of the current year. Forms of  tender may be obtained at the office of  the City Clerk, The lowest or any tender  not necessarily accepted.  Kelowna. B.C.,  March 20th, 1917.      G. Hi DUNN.  City Clerk.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  All Rinds ofi Repairs  BERNARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.  AUCTIONEER  I have had over 2i year*' experience in the Auctioneering businew,  particularly in the line of Cattle,  Farm Implement* end Household  Furniture ; and thia experience ia  at your ditpoaal. It mean* better  reaulia Irom your auction tales.  Anyone wishing to arrange for an  Auction Sale should eee  or  write  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  P.O. Bos 195 Residence at  Kelowna. B.C. CLENMORE  Mr. C. G. BUCK  Room   I. Leckie Block, ie acting as  agent in Kelowna, and will make all  arrangements for conducting of sales  Phone 217  lower mmm  AUIAU    tSrm HIGH GRADE TE8TED ONION SFSD  I IN    hi" Ml AT   ONE   DOLLAR A   POUM)LESS  Will Wil   VkhU than LAST YEAR. COW 5 t Co. �� EED  PER AORE.     AVERAGE CROP COO BU8HEL8 FLR ACHE.  Yellow Globe Danvers Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. ?2.10,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Oiant Yellow Prizetaker Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.10  5 lbs. $9.25.  Large Red Wethersfield Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.00,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Market Maker Golden Globe Onion oz. 25c, lb. $2.10, 5 lbs. $9.20  Early Yellow Danvers Onion, black seed. .oz. 20c, lb. $1.90,  5 lba. $8.25.  Southport White Globe Onion, black seed. .oz. 40c, lb. $100  Red Globe Prizewinner Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.10,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Select Yellow Dutch Onion Setts . .lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.70  XXX Guernsey Parsnip, fine smooth roots. .Pkg, 10c, oz. 20c,  4 oz. 50c.  Detroit Dark Red Table Beet (round) Pkg. 5c, oz. 20c, 4 oz. 00c  Ohantenay Red Table Carrot Pkg. 5c, oz. 25c, 4 oz. 65c  Rust Proof Dwarf Black War Butter Beans lb. 50c, r. lbs. $2.25  Early White Cory Sweet Table' Corn.. lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.50  London Long Green Cucumber (great cropper) Pkg. 5c,  oz. 15c. 4 ozs. 40c.  XXX Solid Head Lettuce Pkg. 10c, oz. 25c, 4 ozs. 75c  Improved Beefsteak Tomato Pkg. 10c, V2 oz. 35c, oz. eOc  XXX Scarlet Oval Radish (mild, crisp) Pkg. ioe oz. 20c, 4 oz. 50c  Little Marvel Garden Bush Peas, very early. 4 oz. 15c, lb. 40c  Early Branching Asters,Crimson, Pink, White or Mixed.Pkg. 10c  Mammoth Fringed Cosmos, mixed colors Pkg. 10c  XXX Mammoth Verbenas, superb mixture of colors.Pkg. 10c  XXX Spencer Giant Sweet Peas, all shades mixed. .Pkg. 15c,  oz. 36c.    "Pakro" Seedtape.   "You plant it by the yard."  2 pkts. for 25c.   Ask for descriptive list.  Ronnie's Seed Annual free to All. Delivery Free in Canada.  Order through your LOCAL DEALER or direct from  DrUIIIFQ QEFDC Wm.RENNIE Co.,Llmlted  ULIWIC. O wUCUu   I 138, Homer Street, Vancr  ALSO  AT  TORONTO       -       MONTREAL      -      WINNIPEG  We have what you want in both Common and Finished  LUMBER  Doors Windows Shingles  Prices ritfht.       Delivery prompt.       Satisfaction guaranteed.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  D. LLOYD-JONES - . Managing-Director  French Pressing on Heels of  German Retreat ;  Military experts express their  admiration (or the marvellous  speed with which General Nivelle  lias moved in following up every  advantage of the German retreat,  and in forcing the enen.y, in spite  of his carefully laid plans, to give  way before the tremendous pressure of the French forces. In the  meantime, on the British front, the  fighting is still ofthe open variety,  as opposed to the masses of men  now coming to grips in the French  sectors. The British are still forging  ahead, cavalry and armored cars  incessantly harassing the retreating  Germans. Weather conditions  continue the main obstacle to  swifter progress.  Pauline Paul Parlhene, the  world's champion Holstein cow,  owned by R. J. Schaefer of  Wisconsin, is dead.  A postmortem examination  showed that a darning needle had  pierced the heart. Two years ago  the animal gave 2666 pounds of  butter. She was thirteen years old  and won every prize for which she  had been entered for some  years.  Auction  On SATURDAY, MARCH 31st,  at 2 o'clock, at COL. BLACK-  WOOD'S LIVERY STABLE,  the property of H. C. Childers���  Red Spotted cow, due May 19th, Hoi.  stein cow, just fresh, Fawn cow, due May  16th, White cow, due June 5th, Fawn cow  due April 31st, Black Heifer, due June 5th  Red and White cow. due May 25th, Red  cow and red calf, Thoroughbred Jersey  Bul], 2-year old Steer, 2 I-year old Steers,  2 I-year old Heifers, Black and White  Calf.  TERMS  CASH  J. C  STOCKWELL, Auctioneer  EGGS lor Hatching from   pen   of   White  Wyandottes.     Good laying strain, $1.50  per sitting.    A. Ashworth, Bay Avenue  18-Op  DO  NOT  FORGET  THE  LARGE  Auction Sale  at Glenmore Ranch, on Thursday, April 5  Pair Geldings, prize winners, weight 3300 lbs, seven years old ; Matched pair Geldings, weight 3250 lbs. extra workers; bay Gelding, good  driver or worker, 6-year old, weight 1350 lbs; Bay Gelding, eight-  year old, 1600 lbs. ; Black Gelding, weight 1600lbs.; Bay Gelding,  four-year old, good driver, Saddle Horse or Worker.  Grey Gelding, weight 1600 lbs  3 Shorthorn cowt, prize winners  3 pure-bred Ayrshire cowt, extra milkers. 4 Yearling Heifers  2 three-year old Durham   Heifere, due  to freshen, pr*ze winners  3 Holstein cow*  5 Durham cowi, due to freshen  jersey cow, due to freihen  5 new Milch cowi  3 Holstein  and Durham cows, due to  freshen  Extra Young Bull  2 3-year old Steers  5 Yearling Steers  3 2-year-old Heifers  2 2-year old Steers  and  some  Young  Calves 7 tons Seed Oats  Double Wagon Buggy Wagon  30 Pigs, from 125 to 150 lbs.  2 Sows, due to farrow in May  2 young Sows, served  7 three-month old Pigs  6 ten-week old Pigs  1 pure-bred Boar, registered  (These are all from pure-bred  Berkshires)  100 pure-bred Leghorn Hens  2 pure.bred Cockerels, prize winners  3 sets Double Work Harness  Set Single Driving Harness  3 tons Seed Potatoes  Ton Seed Wheat  2 tons hull-less Barley  25 dozen Empty Sealers  Let of good Timothy and Alfalfa Hay  A   large   lot  of Crockery, Glassware,  Graniteware, Butter Crocks, Ate.  The property of Mr. M. LLOYD, to be sold without reserve  Sale on Movables at 10 a.m.; on Horses and Cattle at I p.m.  Special attention is called to this sale as the stock is good  G. H. KERR  Auctioneer  Eggs for Hatching  From Single-Comb and Roie-Comb Rhode  Island Reds.    Utility and exhibition stock  Two to Five Dollars per setting.  J, M. HARVEY  Box 122, Kelowna.  15-3  Buff Orpingtons and  White Wyandottes  Eggs lor hatching from strong, healthy,  vigorous stock, specially selected for  Egg Production and good WINTER layers.  Special pen, $5 per 15  1st pen, $3 per   15;   $7 per 50;  $11 per 100  2nd and 3rd pens, $2 per 15;  $6 per 50; $10 per 100  A lew White Wyandotte Cockerels left  $2, $3 and $5 each  A. W. COOKE  Kelo  I Field.  Box 663, Kelowna  Eggs For Hatching  Barred Rocks & Single-comb Reds  Hogan tested, imported males  $2 per sitting  S.J WEEKS  City  17-20  White Leghorn  Eggs For Sale  Erom birds of finest utility strain  $1   per sitting  J. M. CROFT  Shoe Store  te-Op  SEED FOR SALE  Barley  and  Spring Rye  Okanagan Loan  or.  Investment  Trust Company  March Winds & House-  cleaning go hand in hand  WHEN "the south winds blow softly "the housewife  gets the housecleaning fever, and insists on making a thorough clean up from garret to cellar. We wish  to help along the good work by supplying the housewife with the house-cleaning necessaries-Brooms, Mops,  Brushes, Washboards, Baskets, Soap, Soap Powders,  Cleansers, Lye and Soda. We have everything needed.  Clothes Baskets, good, light and strong, at   $ 1.25. $ 1.50, $ 1.75, $2 and $2.25 each  White Swan and Royal Crown Soaps  6 Dara for 25c  Par case of 144 bars. $5.25  Pure Castile Soap, in big bars  30c each  Sapolio, Hand Sapolio and Bon Ami in cakes and in powder ... 15c  Old Dutch Claanser |0C per tin  Ly�� 10c and 15c per tin  These are only a few of the many things we have to  'help the busy housewile in her Spring Cleaning.  The McKenzie Co., Ltd.  Phone 214  Our motto: " Quality and Service "  Notice to Car Owners  CHANGE OF  BUSINESS  The stock and epuipment of the Burbank Motor  Co., Ltd., has been taken over by Chas. E. Smith  who  will  carry business on in the old stand.  OUR REPAIRING is the kind which gives your car a new leaaa  of life.   HAVE   YOUR  CAR  LOOKED AFTER HERE, we  shall look for you back, but not so often.  The Chas. E. Smith Garage  PLANET JUNIOR  Seeders and Cultivators  Our shipment is expected to arrive any day. The Planet  Junior seeders are the best, being easy to operate, never  miss, and always accurate.   If you require anything in  this line, call at once.  We are also agents for  The Massey Harriss Co.  and can supply you with Harrows, Cultivators, Seeders,  Wagons, Mowers, Plows, and, in fact anything you require in Farm Machinery.  Don't forget the Massey Cream Separators, Rakes, Hoes  Shovels, &c, now in stock  Morrison-Thompson Hdwe. Co. Ld.  OUR DRAPERY  Depmt. Offers Splendid Opportunities  HEAVY QUALITY TAPESTRIES in verdure, (W.I and Oriental design.,  suitable for covering your favorite easy chair or couch. Buy a length  and we will offer you suggestion, how to do the work.   Prices, per  Y��i  $2, $2.50 and $4  CASK AFTER CASE of theio goods are arriving all tha time, and vou  can always find a great range of pattern!���and valuea just a little bet-  ber than the beet,   Supply your curtain needs hare���you can't do any  better.   We are showing an extra special line at, per yd    25c  Other lines at, par yard 25c, 30c, 40c, 50c.60c  THE NEW EFFECTS are dacidly handsome, showing filit styles and all-  over patterns aa a marked feature, and the values this season, despite  advanced coats, are better than ever���white, ivory, Arab and ecru  shades to choose from at, per yard       25cto$1.50  THIS POPULAR DRAPERY FABRIC is shown here in wide variety of  colors and designs, and we would particularly like everyone to see the  new importations. We are making a special showing during the weak.  Special values at, per yard    $|  to ^.50  THE GREATEST VARIETY of patterns and finest and most artistic  color combinations will be found here. Description on paper is impossible, the goods must be seen to be appreciated, and we invite  inspection and comparison���English and American goods, the choicest  of the choice.   Specially priced at, per yard...3Qc   40c   50c   65c  NEW STOCK  Awning, Green and Blue Stripes, painted,  White Ducks rr. 7,8,9,  at             55c  10 and 12-oz.    40c  Thos. Lawson, Ltd.  'S^Sf^i0tslssst\*sf>sl^sysmpltt1sg^s*mf^sm1*0'W^  ^V>a<^k^>V>*^Sr^��>^>^^*iAMAAAA^AAAAA^MAAi^^AAAAi^.'^^V>^AiAMi%Vli*^^  I


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