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Kelowna Record Dec 25, 1913

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 wmsmusmswm  VOL VI.   NO. 5.  KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1913.  $1.50 Per Annum.  ' ���  Unknown Suicide at  South Okanagan  FOUND   HANGING   DEAD    IN  DISSEHTED SHACK  Two young Scotchmen coming down  fr6m tho railway bamp last Saturday  to South Okanagan post office (or  their mail, made a gruesome dlsoovery  us they were passing an old deserted  aback, about two miles up tho road  above the hotel. Hanging by the  uook inside the shack they caught Bight  of the body of a man, who proved to  be quite dead.  He had taken tho rope which hud  tied his. blankets and listened it to a  board nailed to tht* wall of the Bhack.  On the other end he had mado u nnoBe  which he had passed around his neok  It was ovidently a moat determined  case of suicide. The shack waB not  high enough to allow of any drop and  to oarry out his awful purpose he had  been obliged to crouch in a kneeling  position, from which a singlo effort on  his part would have released him.  Hastily the two young men completed the I wo mill"' to thc post office and  sent word of their discovery to the  provincial police, when Coroner lv  Weddell, accompanied by Cons-table  Vachon drove out and the body waB  removed to the hotel and efforts made  to find someono to identify it or givo  some clue which would lead to ita  identification but without avail.  It was impossible even with any cur  tainty to deoidt- the man's nationality  He waa a man of about 5 feet 11 in  ches, nnd apparently between .iO and  ���40 years-of age; clean shaven, with  rather sharp featui-oa; dark wavy hair,  whioh had recently been cut and hit.  neeh had also been shaved  There were two old scan  his left knee, and he had been vaoci  ated on the left arm. This* was all���  no letters, paixTi-hor anything to give  the smallest indication as to who he  was or where he had eome from. A  bottle about, a third full of whiskey  'aud'tfltfO in wfch <*-vfc alto found on  him. The -appearance of his complete  little ^cooking outfit showed him to be  a tramp of Bomb qxj>ericnce on tho  road. In his pocket was also found  a stick of dynamite, as though ho had  contemplated another way out of his  earthly troubles.  The body was brought into town,  but although every enquiry was made  no light couhl lie thrown upon tho  man's identity. Tho caso was so obviously one of suicide that no formal  inquest was considered necessary, and  the body was buried Tuesday Rt  cemetery.   0 '   Council Asked for Site  in Park for Armoury  BY-LAW WILL BK SUBMITTED  PEOPLE POR SANCTION  TO  3r,  tho  Ellison News  Mr. C. H. Getm. has returned homo  from the prairie, having had u very  pleasant and successful trip.  Mr. J. Murray haa completed his  contraot at Mr. M. Heroron's for whom  he baled 200 tons of tho finest hay  raiaud in tho valley during tho past  season.  Mr. M. Hororon returned homo on  Saturday lust from Victoria, where he  hud been on business in connection  witli the protection of the bunks of  Mission Oreok.  Mr. M. Conroy has roturned homo  from Dos Moines. Iowa, where he has  beta taking a course in engineering.  Mr. J. Carney has raturnod from  Vancouver whore ho hus been attending the normal school   O   Before Magistrate Boyce yestorday  morning Geo. Lister waa filled $25  and costs for driving an automobilo  while under the influence of liquor. It  appears that Lister was driving hia  car, with several ocoupants, up Ber  nard avenue last Friday evening about  6.30 and overtook two boys going  the same direotion on bicyelos. One of  the boys, Wilfred Bouvette was unable  ' * to,get out of tho way of the car and  was knoeked over and his bicycle  smashed. Evidence was culled to prove  oureleRsness on the purt of tho driver  who was moro or less intoxicated at  the time, tn addition to the fioo his  driver's licence was oancelled and hn  waa ordered to pay for the repair of  the boy's bioyole. In connection with  the case It waa pointed out that H ie  strictly against the law for anyone to  supply liquor to a ohauffeur while in  charge of a car.  Tlie council met last Friday with  Alderman Sutherland in tho chair in  the absence of Mayor .Jones, who was  hw ay at tho coast. '  The principal matter under consideration was a question raised by a deputation, consisting of Messrs. Chas.  Clarke, II. W. Raymer, and G. C  l.oso, who attended in reference to a  proposed now armory in Kelowna.  They reported having .wen informed  that Colonel Sam Hughes, minister of  militia was on 'his way to the coast,  and it was their intontion to invite  him to visit Kolowna for the purposo  ���f considering the construction of an  armory in tho city. Before going further into the matter they thought it  advisable to obtain some assuruncc  from the council that it approved of  submitting a by-law to the ratcpuy-HV  at the coining municipal olection for  the purpose of authorizing them to  deed a site for the armory in the pub-  He park to the federal government. Tho  site suggested waa about one aero on  Abbott atreet at the interidtitiMt of  Kli avonue.  The members of the council expressed  themselves aB being in favor of putting the matter to the vote of the  ratepayers. Aldorman Suthorland  pointing out that it would be necessary for the govornmont engineer to  make a survey nnd furnish u complete  description of the property involved in  order thut some might be incorporated  in tho by-law before it could bo put  before the ratepayers.  'he following    accounts were paBBed  .^payment'���  G. ffE.  Hudson, ^"pictures of  disposal plant ,.  Bankhead  Orchard  Co.,   teaming in park     A.  K. Monseigny, sower work  Kwong   l.cc    Ytrtii,J nrfiiJui <rf  road  tax    .....'   D. K. Gordon, taking down  evidence at court    By-law 117 consolidating certain sewer construction by-lawa was reconsidered and finally passed.  Mr. .1. A. digger, building .inspector,  and also chairman of tho school trustees, addressed tho council on the subject of fire protection at the public  schools. He suid ho had noticed in  the reports of the council meetings  that on several occasions some question had been raiaed as to thc adequacy of the fire esoapes on the new  building. He thought those discus*  sions calculated to cause uneasiness in  the minds of the public, and he would  like to know just whnt tho council's  objections were.  -Jfldermun Taylor replied that he had  brought this matter to tho council's  attention for the reason that he was  of the opinion that h regular fire escape witli steps should have boon provided in ordor thnt it could bo used  for regular fire drill... instead of tho  present ladder arrangement.  Mr, Digger suid that fire esoapes as  outlined by Aldormun Taylor would  cost at least 11000 each, und he did  not think the council was ia u position  to purchase a number nf these just  now. lie considered that the new building especially hud Iwen designed so us  to be perfectly safe, nnd he thought  in both schools ample provision had  been made for the snfoty of tho sehol-  ure jn caso of firo.  Alderman Tnylor asked how it was  tho power house whistle had not beon  blown nt  the oustomuiv hour lately.  Alderman Sutherland slated that at  tho request of tho doctors who had  been ut tending ,i very SOrioUl case in  tho neighborhood of tho power house  the blowing of tho whist Io had lieen  suspended for a time. It was now in  uso again.  Some little discussion arose on tho  payment of trade licences, etc., afte  which  the meeting adjourned.  8*27.75  49.25  6.00  2.00  10.00  Monthly School Reports  REPORT FOR DECEMBER  No on Average  lioll Attendance  Division        1  . ...   87.46  II  . ...  33.80  111  IV  30   . ...  29.6  V  . ...   28.7  *          VI  . ...  31.79  Vll  34    . ...   30.8  VIII  30   . ...  27.2  IX  33   . ...  30.93  X  32   . ...  29.33  XI  29   . ...   28.06  Totulii    f    r  . ...336.17  Percentage Attendanoe:   ....  . ... 91.4  WKKCKKD FRENCH STEAMRI.  BREAKS IN HALF  Notwithstanding the many improvements which have marked modem Bhip  building, 191.'. has been a year filled with ship disasters. While it is true  that the effort of man has produced many safety devices, yet nature seems  to find new ways of combating them. Many times during the year wireless has sent flashing throughout the air tales of terrible sen tragedies. One  of the most recent disasters was when the French Steamer Ville de Temple  ran ashore at Land's Kmi on November 30 'in a fog.  Photographs of the Ville da Temple have just arrived and they depict  her terrible plight us can be Been from the uecompanying illustrntion which  shows the steumer broken in half, from the funnel aft, with heavy seas dash  ing over it.  Canadian Northern Railway will  Start Kelowna Branch in Spring  IS  AXXOl'NCI.MI.XT AT Tl'KSDAY'S  HOARD OK   TRADE  MEWING -  PROPOSAL TO PHKVKST WHOLESAl.l. SUAUOHTT.R OF DEER  (if the resolution wliich  The monthly meeting of tbe     Hoard del  of Trade waB held Tuesday night, Mr. support  S. T. Elliott in the chair. ' heartily endorsed.  An important letter was read   from'    Mayor Jones whi  Mr. Holt    of tho    Canadian Northern the delegation whioh went to Victoria  HONOR UOU,  Entrance: ��� Ewart Fletcher, Frances  Buckland, Mary Wilson.  Senior IV.��� Blossom Buck,   Norman  l.V 11 arl,. l.orna Wilson.  Junior IV. A.���Robert Dykes, Aline-  da Oakes, Bob Thayer.  Junior IV. B.���Albert Keith, Terence  Crowley, Uladys French.  Senior III.���Chas.  Stuart,  Dorothea  Buck, Emma Millie.  Junior IU. A.-Flora Ball,      Nellie  Jones, Bessie Duggan.  Junior    III. B.��� Frank    Sinkinson,  Jas. Anderson, Ramsay Forrest.  Senior II.���Dorothy Morrison, Catherine McQuarrie, Margaret Sanders.  . Junior II.���Robt. Ryder, Nelson Marshall (equal) Mary Woolsey, George  Ryder (equal), Ronald Todd, Eva  Watson (equal.)  Senior   I.���Bessie    Thompson,    Ettie  Clement, Grace Wotherspoon.  Junior I. A.���Alberta Small,     Martha Woolsey, Alma Bawtinheimer.  Junior 1. LI.���Hugh MoKenzie, Mabel  Davies, Rosalie Wilson.  Senior    Primer   II.  A.���Mary     Mo-  Master, Victor Fowler, Leonora Butler  Senior Primer, 11. B.���Jennie l'urvee,  Geo. Newton, Lily Johnson.  Senior Primer 1.���Muriel Dillon,   Sadie Bell, Douglas Buckland.  HIGH SCHOOL REPORT  Number on roll    36  Aggregate attendance   3878  Average daily attendanoe      34.6  Examination results:���  Total  marks  r.OOO, passing marks 600  Matriculation,���Nellie  Hereron     844,  Sullivan was present and spolto in phoebe Brown m> Harold Etta 783>  wl9|Bessio   Thompson 710,    Alma    MoGee  676, Gladys Clower 651, Gordon Whitehall formed one of ^j q^.  Advanced Class. ��� Annie McLennan  Railway in responso to enquiries^to.on the Mission ('reek protection <iuiw-I762j jean Kincaid 707,  Hazel Ritohio  "06, Marjorie Leokio 701, Mary     Hay  whon  that   company  would  commence! tion  reported  that they had obtained 71  construction  on  the   Kamloops-Kelow- a most    courteous    hearing from tho  na line.   Mr. Holt gave it as his    be* j cabinet.    Thev had aaked for three or'  Mr. Clarence .Tones returned from  Columbian Oollogr, New Westminster  to spend the Xmas holidays at homo.  Miss Mary and Mr. Fred Day. who  are attending Columbian College, New  Westminster, aro Bpending the XmnB  holidays in lho eity.  Mr. Shollio Mcloon of Vnncouver,  formerly a renident of Kolowna Is a  visitor lo the oity for Xmas, spending  thc holidays with friends here.  lief that the work would be started in ^ f,  thoapring of 1011. Mr. Elliott confirmed this. He had had a conversation W'ith Mr. Holt at the coast and  had beon assured that the work would  certainly be commenced this noxt  spring.  Another phase of local transportation matters was broached when a letter was read from Mr. Warren, manager of tho Kettle Valley Railway, who  asked that a deputation of members  ot the Hoard of Trade should meal him a  to dismiss the question of impro/ing B)  transportation facilities in lho disirict.  It was decided to leave the matter in  the hands of the transportation eoni-  lllittee.  A delegation from the Okanngan Mission Progress Club asked tho board to  ���take up lho matter of "the atro'lous  telephone service at the Okanngan Mission and try and leOUYS a oall office in  tho post office and further private  'phones". They also introdiicotl a resolution that tho government bo .sked  to extend its telegraph sorvice to tho  Mission. This was endorsed, and it  was also docided lo endeavor to have  Mr. Dobie of tho Okanagan Telephone  Co., down to moel the executive and  representatives from the Mission and  see what  could lie done.  Discussion on thr' mnltor drifted on  to the question of the C.I'.R. .extend  ing their telegraph l'no lo Kelowna to  avoid relaying from the government  line, and it was docided to socum if  possible, an Interview with superintendent MoKay on the matter.  The members from South Okanagan  alsoisent a recommendation respecting  the protection of door. They slatod  that in spite of the unfavorable weather conditions, I hi' amount of deer killed during the past season had lreen  very great. Therefore bo it resolved:  "Thnt the Board request tho prtjvin-  eiol govornmont In put a close s ason  on doer for two yours, nnd prohibit  tho sale of venison at any time  throughout the Okanagan.'! riainjwer-  gomery 5112, Everitt Faulkner 584,  thousand dollars annually so that'AHcc p���rI.v 573> Everiu Fiemillg  tha wort- could be carried on as before. I Preliminary Class.-Dorothy Evans,  They had received a promise that the 930i Gladstone Langillc 765, F. Clif-  matter would bo looked into and werc'[ord 746) Mary Sttn(fcl. 736j jj^j jj   xi   I.,   t    ut..    d:���l..,i i_.        . _  'I       ������    reP!.v '''"'" Sir- Rioh��rdliott 726, Uuby Raymer 724, Dorothy  Forrest  707,  Cecil Dawson 683,     Leo  Sir  McBride within a few days. )  Mr. S. T.  Elliott   read a report     of!Nowby     M7<    Ewart    PlltterBOn   555  lhe proceedings at the annual conven-jHalph Ritchie 652, UKan MoMillan 622,  Lloyd-Jones '616, Diok Taylor  tion of the Associated Boards of Trade  of tin- Okanagan (deal! with in another column.)  Mr. W, Beaver Jones was re-engaged  as secretary and publicity oommission-  for the next four months,  n   Last Wednesday marked the tenth  anniversary of the first flight of a  power driven flying mnchino. To Wilbur and Orville Wright belongs the distinguished honor.  Mr. Switzer will again occupy tho  pulpit at the Methodist churoh Sunday ni'Mt for tho Christmas services.  Special music will bo rendered by the  choir Evening anthems "Ariso, Shine,  for Thy Light is como" (Elvey) and  "Tho Glory of the Lord" (Messiah.)  Lot! ie  683,   lean Murray 512.  509.  TO WATER USERS  Mr. Norrington, District Engineer,  under the Water Aot will be at tho  Lakeviow Hotel, Kelowna, from 0 a.m.  Deoombor HOlh to 4 p.m., Docomber  31st, and will assist record holders in  Ihe neighborhood of Kelowna who have  been required by the Board of Investigation to file plans of the works before the 31st day of Dwomlier, 1013  ��� if called upon.  For lhe Hoard of Investigation,  J. F. ARMSTRONG  6-6 Chairman.  Dan McMillan  MISSION CREEK SCHOOL  Junior IV.���Rhoda Lytlo. Ruby Ly  tic, Sidney Lytic.  Sonior III. ��� Alice    I'fylTor,  III. - Cyril Gillard,  Jack Davy.  IL- Charles Swordy,  Annii  Roxie  Con-  Dan  Delbert  Speor.  Junior  Swordy,  Senior  McCluro.  Junior 11.���Beatrice McClure,  stance Gillard.  I. Reader.��� Michel Mornac.  II. Primer.��� Immune   Scott,  Lytic, Violet Gordon.  1 l'rimor. ��� Matilda Gillard, Murray  Lytle, Edward MoCluro  OKANAGAN SCHOOL  Entrance.���Sylvia Works, Beryl Grum  mett (equal.) ,  Junior II. ��� Edna Bateman, Isabel  Reid, Charlie Weeks.  Junior III.��� Florence Weeks, Reta  Bnteman, Harry Grummett.  er. Render, Fronoes Anderson, Ellen Borard (equal), Leslie Mawhinney,  Jakie Reid.  Ii Reader. ��� Ruthoa Reid, Prank  Grummett.  1. Primer. ��� Earl Batoman, Ralph  Reeves.  Senior Primer I.���Ellen Hardy, Frances Dickson.  Junior    Primer 1. ���  Daisy . Weeks,  Marguerite  Borard, Reggie Dickson.   , o   Miss Hirtlo,' of thc public school stoff  has resigned her position, owing to  ill health.  Eklund Holds Own with  Armenian Wrestler  KEEPS SHOULDERS UP ONE HOUR  AND'WINS CHALLENGE .  The wrestling match arising out of  the challenge issued by Bob Mnnogoft,  the Armenian wrestler) against Eklund  and Sutherland to throw both otthem  within one hour took place Tueeday  evening in tho opera house before a  good crowd.  The first half hour was taken up  with a romic wrestling match between  Crank Grouch (Angus McMillan) and  Dr. Growler (Gordon Kerr) "Almost  thc best wrestlers in the world,"   and  boy's matoh.  At 9.25 ManogoiT and Eklund appeared on thc unit' and a few minutes  later wero hard at work. Ekhind  worked on the defensive (or a short  time, but after a while began to look  for openings and once or twice had  the Armenian in tight places, but the  huge bulk and enormous strength of  the latter saved him. He failed, how-  to throw Eklund, who stayed  with him the hill hour, Sutherland  thus not being called upon.  Harry Small acted as .referee.   0   Successful School Concert  li the Public School Concert held  last Friday night in the Opera House  did nothing else it certainly established a record of attendance at anything  ever held in that building. Probably  enough people were turned away to  have provided a good sized audience  for a second performance, and every  available corner of the building was  filled���packed would describe it better.  But it did more. It provided many  a proud father and mother with an  evening's real pleasure and many who  were not fathers or mothers, tor who  intm not enjoy an ootestainment by  the youngsters? and lastly it achieved  its purpose in providing a goodly sum  ,as the beginning of a achool library  fund. Miss Dutbie and the rest ofthe  school staff are to be congratulated on  the successful outcome of the venture.  Throughout the drilling and marching  showed evidence of careful training and  some of the costumes were particularly  good, t Tne program was provided  mostly by the children themselves, but  solos were given by Miss Duthie, Miss  F. A. Pearson, and Mr. Geo. MoKenzie. Two charming little items were  a song by little Jessie Paisley "Littlo  Black Me" and another by Jean  Swerdfager, "Baby's not for sale". Mr.  Duncan's orchestra furnished selections  at intervals and to that gentleman is  also due thanks for the tree uee of thc  hall. Miss Winnie Jones presided at  the piano during thi children's pieces. '  which were directed by Miss Duthie.  Following is the program rendered:  Chorus, "The Fire Brigade; "Jack <��'  Lantern Drill" Divs. VH and ATI;  "A Mother Goose Reception" Divs IX  and X; Dialogue- "Why Mrs. Gaskell  did not hire a cook"; Song���"The Kerry Dance" by Miss Duthie; Folk Dances  Ribbon Dance, Gathering Peosocod.���  Divs. IV and VI; Tableau���"Midsummer Night's Dream," Divs IV and V;  Club Swinging; "Sir Roger de Ooverly'  Div. VI; Song- "Little Blaok Me" by  Jessie t'aisley.  Boy's and Girls' chorus, Div, 111;  Song���"The Belle of St. Mary's", by  G. S. McKenzie; Tableau���"Challenge  of Miles Standish", Divs. IV and V;  Song��� "Baby's not for sale," .|ean  Swerdfager;"Dairymaid's Drill", Div J;  Tableau���"Hands Across the Sea" Div.  IV and V; Song���"April Song", Miss  Pearson; Musical Drill ��� "Christmas  Dolls" Divs. VII and VIII; "Good  Night" Div XI; Chorus "Tho Norsemen." 40 sohokars.  I'he following program of speoial music will be rendered at the Christmas  services at the Baptist church next  Sunday:  Anthem, "Glad Tidings"   Hugg  Soprano solo, "The Prince of Peace."  A'iolin oliligi    Hauscom  Miss Duggan.  Anthem, "And Thero Wore Shepherds"    Chappol  Address by   Pastor,    "If   Every Day  wore Christmas."  Soprano solo   "The Universal  Kin,',"  A'iolin ohg  Mnruo  Mrs. Pelton.  Malo,Quartet, "Lift   up Your Heads."   ��� '���  Adams  Anthom, "Thc Wondrous Story"    Ahams  /.' KELOWNA- RECOkD  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25.'1913.  ���JBS  ������    PROFESSION  "      BV8INE.W eXROS     ��  ����� M  ����������������� ������ ��* ���*�����*������� ����� e* ����  BURNE & TEMPLE  SoficnOM,  Notaries. Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA. B.C.  -     R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,.  Notary Public.  KELOWNA. rt B.C  P. EDMUND CORBY  Architect  Hewetson Block, Kelowna   .   'Phone 206  P.O. Bes, 909  C. Hexrer. B.A., Sc. Cf, D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,  CHARLES   HARVEY,  CIVIL ENGJNEER and   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelownn,   B. C.  Phone 147. P.O. Boa 2)1  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD  TOD  BOYD  I'al.lkilkw RsmI Callus   ol   Mu.ic,   snd l.laly  will, K.��Jncl. fW.  Mtis   Dor., Orssnisl si Ih.  RECEIVES  PUPILS  At Ids Studio, Trtnch Blsck. Kslowna.  Msiic  ��l   ...Jtr  dsKripllon   supplied.  P.O. Box 437  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR.  CIVIL ENGINEER  P.O. BOX 1)7 KELOWNA  Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd  I EHITIST  f. 0. HriK IU 'PSoi. Si  Comer Peneozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  Mr. B. G. MEYRICK  gives lessons in  I'lANOKORTB, VIOLIN and ORGAN  also  French Lessons  Conversations! or otherwise]  STUDIO-Morrison-Thompson Block  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR Sr BUILDER  Plan* and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for public Build.  irige.Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  PHONE No. 9)  S. W. THAYER, D.V.S.  VBTBR1NARY SURGEON  (Greslatts McGill Unia.r.ii,)  Residence I GLENN AVENUE  Massages may ba left st the office ol  Messrs. Rattenbury * Williams  Hiss PRANCES A. PEARSON  L.R.A.N. (London)  te*cl\��s corrsct  VOICB PRODUCTION, SINGING  Box 368. Kelowna.  Or apply "Record" Office.  E. C. WEDDELL  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, and  VOTARY PUBLIC  9, Willi.'* Block   ���   Xelotsni, B.C  Mr. W.H.PARKER, A. R.C.O.  (Assodsle Ro��.l Collin. >l O.s.m.t,  Orfaaist  oi  St. Michael  ��t   All Angels'  Church, ssceivee Pupils (et  Organ, Pianoforte, Violin, Singing,  Theory, Sc,  at hie own �� pupils' residence.  ) children  P.O. Bes 641. Telephone 120  AeHrsss Abbot: Street  Wood for sal<  Good Dry Fir and Pint;, delivered in tow.  R.de Pfyffer  Boi 347, or 'phone 2206  KELOWNM RECORD  PaMiihwJ ��wry Thurudfty at Kelowuo,  Britfcfc Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  Subscription Ratet:  ���1.50   mt raw;   7Sc. iii    months     United  StkttM 90 ��nts t.dditiorn-1.  All mbMriptkma D��v��bl�� in ndvnnct.  SuWorlhi Rt Ut�� miliar ��t�� can have  ���xtra papori sallod to friends at a dint-we  at HALF RATA. I.e.. 75 cants t��r venr.  This apaoUI prWilsea la frnntad (or the  o! adwrUaiaf tU citv and diitrln.  Advertising Rate*  LODttK NOTICES,  PROFESSIONAL  CAKDS.  ETC., SS cent* bar column  inch  per  week.  LAND AND TIMBER NOTICKS-30 dava. 15;  fO dare. $7.  WATER NOTICES-**** Ior five insertion*..  LEGAL ADVERTISINO-*Fi��t    inMrtion.     lit  caU  par  liar, each  aubaaquent tnii<rtion,  8  centa per  Una.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTIBEMENTS-2 centi pej  word Ilrel  Uuertlon.  1  cent per word  Ohm  ���ubMqnent  in��ertlon.  DISPLAY    ADVBRTISEUENTS-Two    iiirlii***  nnd under, 80 oanta per inch lirat inwrtion  ovar two InnaM 40 conta per Inch lirat in  aertion; 20  oanta  per inoh    each  aubtfeouen.  inaartto*.  All ohuM- tn contract advertiKcni-nt'i mum  th*  I    '- ol  th*. printer  bv    Tueeilrt*.  b*  in  eveninir  iaaua.  to  \ *n* publitation In  th*    next  \  Associated Boards of  Trade at Armstrong  For tho following report ol thu annual convention of tho Associated  Hoards of Trade of th*. Okanngan1  which met in Armstrong Tuesday and I  Wednesday of lasti week we are indebted largely to the Armstrong Ad-1  vort.Ber.  Delegates were prosent from Penticton, Sumuierl.ind, Kelowna, Vernon  Lumby and Armstrong.  Thc delegates representing those  towns were as follows:  Penticton.���E. W. Mutch, ... C. Dufresne and E. W. Dynes.  Summerland. ���It. 11. English and  C. H. Cordy.  Kelowna. ��� S. T* Elliott, P. DuMoulin and VV. E. Adams.  Vernon.��� Scott Allen, W. R. Me-  gaw and 11. Obee.  Lumby.��� J. S. Ward, It. Bennett  und C. Quesnel.  Armstrong.��� J. S. Pringle, F. 0,  Wolfenden and A. E. Sage.  In the absenco, at the coast, of Mr.  E. Folley-Dennett^ president of thc  Associated Boards, Mr. E. Vi. Mutch,  of Penticton was appointed chairman  of thc convention. Mr. E. Cannoll,  secretary of the association filled 'the  position of secretary to the meeting-.  The appointment of committees on  credentials and on resolutions then  took place and Messrs. Cannell, DuMoulin and Wolfenden comprised the  former committee and the latter  committee was mado up of a delegate  from each Board of Trade reprettented.  Theso were Messrs Dynes, Cordy, Obee,  Adams, Bennett and Sage.  No representatives were in attendance from tho Boards of Trade from  Enderby and Westbank.  Application was made and favorably  received from the Lumby Board of  Trade for affiliation with the Associated Boards. 'FhiB acquisition to the  Associated Board was greeted with  remarks of welcome hy Mr.; Mutch and  other delegates.  Mr. Cannell, secretary, submitted  the financial report of the Associated  Board for the past year, whioh showed substantial increase in the balance  on the right side of the books. The  report waB roceivod and adopted.  Election of offioers for thc ensuing  year then took pilace and the unanimous choioc of the convention for  president places Mx. J. F. Pringle,  acting president of the Armstrong  Board, in that position, with Mr. 0.  Creed for secretary.  On motion of Messrs. DuMoulin  and Wolfenden, Mr. Cannell, retiring  seoratary, was nuked to acoept 150.00  as an appreciation of his valued services for the past year to the Associated Board.  A resolution was introduced by Mr.  Obee of Vernon, asking the government for the establishment of a system  of labor bureaas throughout tha Dominion. The end in view is to be able  to secure labor on short notice for  various industries. The resolution had  already 'been endorsfed by many organizations throughout Canada. Mr. Mc-  gaw aaked to have thc resolution  amended so that a bureau or bureaus  wouW be established in the larger cities of the province, thus eliminating  di-lny in getting into touch with labor  through a contral bureau at Ottawa.  The suggestion of Mr. Megaw was  emboaVed in an am.sndraent in accordance -with his view and this was carried by tho convention.  The request for sanction of the  resolution from thc lfornie Board of  Trado re selling of practically worthless pffairb hiiIm]*. i.ti<m proper licit in  the l'Vnit. district and asking for imposition oil a lidiivy tax upon agwita  of suoh Was not passed upon, but  was ro-submifctod m amended form by  Messrs. Obea and Corby. Several  delegates thought the resolution of  Fernio went too far in Borne respects  aad   not (ar enough in* others.     Mr.  Wolfenden was in favor of incorporating in the resolution restrictions on  corrupt operations of irresponsible  trust companies. This suggestion was  hIho favored by the convention and  placed iu  the amended resolution.  Mr. Dyne*., speaking on the same  matter, suggested a rider be added  unking that what is known as a  "Blue Sky Law" bo passed by the  Legislature to curtail such operations. Such a law was opcrutive und  found very effective in Oregon. This  compelled companies to submit plans  und prospectus lo a government board  for approval before selling subdivisions  or stock in companies.  Mr. Obee also submitted a resolu-  I ion respecting the proposal to organize a Central' Executive, comprising  heads of all Hoards of Trade of the  province. Thin body could more expeditiously carry out tho wishes of various districts in preparing requests to  be presented to the legislature.  A resolution asking the Dominion  Express Co., to restore the low rates  on oxpress shipments of fruit during  winter months. The low rate was cancelled by the compnny from October 31  to .June 1 and worked a heavy hardship on anyone desiring to ship small  lots of fruit during the winter. Thn  reduced rate was* 1.60 to Vancouver,  whereas now the rate was ��2,10. About  the same rate prevailed to Calgary.  The high rate charged curtailed to a  great cut ont shipment of IV 0. fruit  to remote points at Christmas.  A   resolution  of considerable  importance to shippers or perishable     goods  from Jhe Okanagan was introduced by  Mr.   Sage and dealt  with  the need for j  tho establishing of a heated way-freight  car service on the,S. & 0. branch    of j  the C. P.  tt,   The company demanded  that a minimum amount of five    tons I  east  and west of Sicamous be guaran-  teed from the valley one day per woek.  Tho  resolution  asking  thut  a(   heated  way   freight   car   be placed  in  service!  once a woek between Docomber lo" and  March  15 was  carried.  Mr. W. E. Adams, read a letter  from Kelowna relative to the destructive work of the English sparrow upon  fruit and asking -the Board to paBB  a resolution to the government looking to the extermination of this pest.  A resolution was drawn up along tho  lines suggested and carried.  Tho Kelowna Board also brought  up the matter of advocating that a  Daylight Saving Bill be passed by the  Legislature. This would be operative  between April 1st nnd Oct. 1st .nud ill  clocks would be sot on one hour in  advance of standard time so thnt the  work day would begin and nd i-nr'ier,  thus securing advantage of all lhe daylight possible. This movement is gaining widespread support throughoit lho  world and such laws are now in force  in other countries. The resolution was  carried ununimously,  A resolution was introduced from  Penticton asking that in view of thc  existing monopoly of the fruit markets of the northwest and Manitoba  hy a ring of commission men, a request be sent by tho Associated Board  to the Dominion government praying  that a commission Ik appointed to  Heal with the matter.  One of tlie supporters of tho resolution stated that Manitoba, Ontario  and other points were pressing for  h commission of enquiry, Ho thought  that there was no other way to get at  the root of tho abuse. This year the  Okanagan growers had felt the effects  of this monopoly through the recently  organized Okanagan United firowers,  who had to pay toll to those monopolists before the association could sell  in certain sections of the northwest  and Manitoba. This fact wns not generally known, but it was the only  means for tho United flrowers to pursue this past year.  Mr. Scott Allen of Vernon,  lho reasons why the Vernon  of Trade wished to shelve the  lut ion was that the B. C.  fi rowers' Association have full details of the matter in thoir hands  regarding this existing monopoly  and were now making efforts to got  after the monopoly. He thought tho  matter was one whioh the fruit growers would have to fight out for themselves and something oould be accomplished by tho B. C. Fruit Growers' Association long before a commission got to work.  Mr. Corby thought that a resolution from the Associated Boards of  Trade to Ottawa would strengthen  tho hands of the Fruit Growers' Association. In this view he was supported by Mr. Mutch and Mr. DuMoulin, the latter thinking that the  heart would be taken out of the monopolists when they heard of the suggested appointment of a commission to  look into their dealings. The resolution paseed.  At the morning session, which met  at 9 o'clock, the first resolution Introduced was one from tho Armstrong  Board of Trade relating to the Oriental question, and was introduced by  Mr. F. C. Wolfenden. Thiw resolution  was that whioh was drawn up and  endorsed at tho protest meeting held in  Armstrong    about    a month    ago. It  slilleii  Board  reso-  Fruit  SECOND HAND  ��� STORE �����  (Continued on Pace 7.)  A. E. COX  Successor to H. Horrocka  Water Street, near Opera House  P.O. Box 671  Phone 65  We Buy Everything Used in the Hume  Call and inspect our stock of  STOVES, BEDS. TABLES,  Singer Sewing  Machines  1913 Model, Rotary Hook  on Eaay Terms, $3 per  month.  Liberal Discount (or Cash.  Parts (or all kinds of Machines  Supplied.  SPECIAL:  I Incubator.     I   White  Sewing  Machine, as good as new.  I 30 U.S. Rifle. 2 Stock Saddles.  2 Kitchen Cabinets.  I Solid Oak. Hand Carved Hall  Stand.      Carpenter's Tools.  J. M. CROFT  Bootmaker.  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The enemies in question are  chiefly, certain Boolytid beetles of the  genus Dendroctonus, commonly called  bark beetles. They burrow under the  bark of the trees and there deposit  their eggs, which hatch into grube  that eat the sappy layer between the  wood and the bark, driving tunnels  in all directions, and finally so interfering with the circulation o! the sap ns  to oause the death of the tree. An  urea affected by them will be indicated  by a clump V>f withered trees, known  as "red tops", conspicuous among the  surrounding evergreens. Another dan-  ger signal1 iB tubes of pitch surmounting holes through the bark, bored by  tho adult insects.  The bark beetle attacks many kinds  of trees. The western white or mountain pine, Pinus monticola, is attacked by Dendroctonua monticolae, which  is giving great trouble in Washington  and Oregon as woll as in British Col-  umbia. A largo body of fine timber has  been killed in the Sugar Lake and  Maple Lake regions in the Shuswap  valley, B. 0��� and outbreaks have been  discovered near Cowichan Lake and  Campbell River in Vancouver Island.  Other specioB attack the Sitka spruce,  the bull pino, the lodgepole pine, the  Douglas 'fir and the balsam Mr.  The only remedy againBt theso ravages is to cut down the infected trees  and strip off and burn the bark. Up  to date, tho foresters and entomologists in Canada havo devoted themselves rather to survey work, locating  infected areas und preparing a report,  which will shortly be published, on tie  remedial measures proposed.  Besides the bark beetles, other seriously destructive pests may be mentioned, Buch as the ambrosia beetles  that attack dying trees and freshly  cut logs, and caterpillars that infest  the cones of the Douglas fir and tho  bull pine, eating the seeds and preventing reproduction, while spruce gall  insects of the genus Chermes are seriously destructive to the Sitka spruce  in Stanloy Park, Vancouver, and in  the parkB of other towns and cities.���  Summarized from a report by Jj M.  Swaine, Iff.So., Asst. Entomologist,  Dept. of Agriculture.  B. C. LAND FOR SETTLERS  That there is a total of 93,000,000  aores of land reserved for pre-emption  within the confines of the province at  the present time, was the statement  made during the course of an address  on "Land Settlement and Some of Hs  Problems" by Hon. W. R. Ross, min*  inter of. lands, at the Vanoouver Progress Club luncheon.  The Provincial Government, he said,  had sometimes been criticised for not  having made any great efiortB to induce settlers to come to this province,  but the government here had a very  good reason for not making the same  efforts that, other provinces had. The  country in many places was not ao-  cesaiblo, and the government felt that  until railway transportation was provided that it would be useleBs to dump  families into the eounlry with no  means to market crops or bring in  supplies. As a matter of fact, during  tho past few yearB between 0000 and  1 l.oni) pre-emptions had been issued by  tho government to settlors, and during  the hii-t. year 3600 had been issued outside of the railway bolt, and about 1,-  200 within that area.  In the railway belt, he Baid, the Dominion Government was expected by  statutory agreement to settle people  on the land, but this agreement for  somo reason had never been lived up  to until the past two or three_ years  This had, of course, been a detriment  to that section of the country, as for  twonty miles on each side of the- only  available transportation line the country was unsettled.  Of the 260,000,000 acreB of ground  estimated to be within the province  only 5,000,000 acres or about 2 per  cent., had been sold to date, he said,  even excluding reserve land, avail'  ablo for settlement.  While the population of the province has increased 50 per cent., in the  last ten years it had not been a rural  population, and this could be expected  without tho operation of rail way��. In  the next year pr so British Columbia,  with tho settlement of the farming  areas, would bo entering upon it real  destiny. The railways would give settlers easy access to the lands and equal  facility in reaching a markot.  While ho was not there to make any  announcement of policy on behalf of  the government he fell safe in intinv  ating that it would not be long before  the government undertook some ample  und strong policy to attract farmers  to the agricultural lands. This would  be when tho railways were completed.  Bachelors  We not only  Wash but  Darn the Socks  For unitary work and cleanly methods  'phone 159 and have our driver call  Kelowna Steam Laundry  Bankhead Orchard Co., Ltd.  ICE  Send your orders in early for ice to be delivered and  packed  in your ice-house.  Farmers in the country may obtain ice ready cut on  the pond.  It will cost you ten times more to have  ice  delivered  in  the  summer so if you have not already got an ice-house consider  if it would not be an economy to build one.  FIRE WOOD  Dry fire-wood for aale in six rick lota, $2.50 per rick. Cash only.  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Opwa Hous. on Tuesday, 'with thu menace to the Valley whieh  January (ith, everything froua the) is found in the Increase of Chinese and  main entrance to ths stag* cot will othar Asiatics and a strong ssntimanl  bt Beaton. "Bunty Falls the Striags" is being aroused against their beiag  will ba th. attraction, and It is, with-allowed to purchase land in the pro-  out doubt, tha graatest theatrical sue-'rises. The following resolution passed  oats that has bean seen in America dur- [by tha Trait Growers' Association is  ing many yeare. Th. first company being endorsed by association, ia til!  was brought over last year for New ferant parts of the Okanagam  York, and played over one year to ua- "That whereas the ownership of ag  paeity biufineae. Thia was one of the ricultural land in this province by  two attractions that played through- Asiatics is increasing, and  out the entire summer. ..."Whereas, owing to the lower stand.  Another "Bunty" company came over ard of living of Aeiatic races, th,  for a Chicago run, openod in .lanuary marketing of crops grown under such  last, and remained thers for six |conditions constitutes unfair oompeti  months. To sntiaty ths olamofings of'tion when sold in the earns markets  msnagsrs throughout ths country a with crops grown by whits owners, and  third oompany was organised in ieot-  laed, rehearsed in London hy tke author, asd sent to America for a tear  of Canada.  "Bunty" is entirely different from all  other plays, and therein, perhaps, lies  the secret of its wonderful success.  Americana like a change in their [Hat,  whether it is food, books or playn, and  Graham Moffat, the author of "Bunty  Pulls the Strings", seems to havs  touched the pslate on the right -ipet,  for "Bunty" appears to bs the most  palatable theatrioal dish served up in  many    a season.  It is just a simple atory of a aiwpl.  folk in lba Highlands of Scotland,  where "Bunty's" father Tammas, is  ths big man of ths villags, stern snd  hard, where hie word is law. But his  sarser is bnilt on a shaky foundation.  Hs is finally eipoeed, and "Bnnty" Widespread famine end distress exist  steps into the breech, end very sue- in Northeastern Japan because) of the  MMsfully arranges matters for every failure of crops end fisheries. Tfcous  body and svsrything. ends of persons ars in e starving con  dition, subsistin? on nuts and roots  SIX APPLES  SOLD TOE BUTJU-N  GUINEAS  Charing Cross hospital will benefit  ta th. extant oi ��18 by an auction  whieh wes held et Covent Garden Mar-  key. The money is ths proceeds of the  sele of the giant apple which arrived  at th. market recently, weighing ;17 \  ounces, end with e girth af 17 inohes,  the spple is declared to be, so far as  is known, the largest aver grown. It  arrived lion Tenterdon, in Kant, with  Ire hefty brothers oi the Gloria M����4i  variety, the smallest af which turns  th. seals et 92 ounces. Collectively  the apples weigh V pounds, Bi ounces.  At thc aaction cabinet end postcard  photograph* ol ths apple, fetched as  muck as Is. each, and the apples themselves wsrs knocked down for 16g.  Whsreas such ownership of land by  Asiatics tends to depreciate tke veins  of surrounding land in the posseeeion  tt white owners, and  "Whereas il is undesirable that" Asia-  lien should be allowed to form a large  and permanent part of ths population:  Be it therefore resolved teat we,  the members of the British Columbia  Fruit (.rowers Association, in annual  meeting assembled, respectfully petition  ths government of British Columbia to  use every means at its command to  prohibit person, of Asiatic race from  owning land within the provinoe, and  that the provincial government endeavor to replace the Asiatics with  white labor."  Tke Celgaiw and aVaie sMhray  Compuy will apply to parliament tor  ea est txtasjding, the time iu tke aaa-  straetioi ef Hs authorised lime, aad  ta change ths kead offices ol the eom-  psny from Feraie to Calgary. The Kettle Valley Railway Company will apply for an extension of lime for construction, also for the right to build  e branch line from Otter Summit by  ths most fsesible route to the Aspen  Grove mineral SBstriot, a distance not  exsesriing thirty miles.  Th* posteSiee department has decided aot to allow the transmission ai  atexieating liquors by parcel post.  WORLD WIDB  Canada's Leading Literary Review.  "World Wide" is a choice weekly ae-  I taction of articles end cartoons reproduced from leading journale and re-  I views reflecting thc current thought ol  the old end new world.  ; Te the busy man who wishes to keep  in touch with thc world's great events  ."World Wide" in invaluable. Trained  experts select for him the really best  articles of the week from the world's  |best publications. Almost every arti-  nl�� you wish to keep or send te a  friend.  World Wide" started twleve years  ago, haa found its place on the study  table. Preachers, touchers, writers and  thinkers generally hail it aa a moat  welcome companion. As a pleasant  bonk aad stimulant te the mind��� "ths  World Wide" has ao pact at the price,  no canal among the ieuraeh af the  day.  Principal Peterson, I.L.D.. McGill University, Montreal says:  "1 aro sure "World Wide" ought to  have e highly prosperous oareer before  It."  Preeident Trotter, D.D.. of Acedia  University, N.B., says:  "I look eagerly for your weekly oel-  lectioa of goodi things, end reoommvnd  tke paper warmly to my friends."  Professor li. Rkodes, West River,  N.B., says:  " 'World Wide' is e delight to me,  reed every word."  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B.C.  Letters of a Self-raised Office Boy  to His Pal  In which Jimmy tells of Kelowna happenioRt  to Mr. Sidney Harper, ol Vaaoouver, B. 0,  Dear Sid.���I can tell you right off  the bat that this letter is ; going to be  short, without the redeeming quality  of sweetnesB.  Real news is scarcer than frogs here  and it's a mortal cinch that I am not  going to break the habit of a lifetime  and tell you any lies, for well you  know that alongside of mc. George  Washington was an Annanias of the  deepest dye.  Last Friday night the boss donated  the opera house to the school! children  for their conoert and believe me it was  some .concert. Crowds! Suffering oatii  that room was packed to the guards.  People were festooned along the gallery rail and every conceivable place  where a foothold could be maintained.  The children did themselves proud,  I'll bet there was many a proud father  and mother in the audience that night.  The boss says to me "Jimmy, I am  going to do my Bhare towards making  thin a happy Xmas week by giving the  people some of the brat pictures they  have ever seen", and if he saya he  will do a thing he'll do it or leave  his mangled remaina on the field of  battle.  Wo got off to a flying start on Monday with a pippin of a picture "The  Wall of Money." If this may be taken  as a criterion of what is to follow the  week bids fair to break all records.  In olbBing Sid, I want to wish you  and all my friends the most joyous  and beautiful holiday reason they have  ever experienced, and it is my earnest  hope, that during the coming year  all will be fairly showerud with prosperity and happiness. I am reminded  at this line of an old toast, whioh  conveys my meaning far better than I  am ablo to express it myself: "In  climbing the ladder of prosperity may  you never meet an old friend coming  down."  Yours for a sober Xmas.  JIMMY.  Following is a short lettor received  by Jimmy from his friend Sid:  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Jimmy.���Here I am again, as  large as life and twice as natural. In  other words I have come back. If I  keep up this rogular writing I'll be liable to dovelope into a real live literary  gent.  Now Jimmy, dear, I must   unburden  myself, for I have something to get  off my cheat, whioh should interest you  I made a business trip over to Seattle  a few days ago and having nothing to  do after supper I hied me to (he theatre. As all theatres look alike to me  I hit for the Metropolitan because it  has the reputation of being a real  "classy House". The bills in the lobby  announced "Bunty Pulls the Strings,"  and on looking at my program after  I got seated I found that "Bunty"  was oalled a -Scotch Comedy. Now,  you know .Jimmy that I never did  have muoh ww for "Scotch" in any  form, and I always had the impression  that nothing short of a surgical operation could put a joke into the head of  a Scotchman. Jimmy the person who  put these foolish notions into my head  is guilty of falsehood, fraud and wilful impositions. Believe me Jimmy  this Scotch comedy is the best play  of the sort I ever saw. It's just as  full of good, wholesome humor as an  egg is full of meat. In fact it's so  good that I'm going to see it sgein  for it's in Vanoouver this week. Whioh  remind me Jimmy, why don't you  come down and spend Xmas with me  and I'll take you to see some real  shows, including "Bunty" at the  "Avenue". I know that you nev-n* clj  anything worth while up in Kolowna  ���that lonesome neck of the woods.  But say���if you come down to Vancouver keep your eyes peeled for the  "Skinny" Blonde��� you know who I  mean���she is still at large���unmarried.  I heard you had an awful mob for  that school oonoert Inul week, well I  was pleased to hear it and I hope  that by this time next yoar the kids  will have the biggest and best library  in B. C. ,  I must conolude now Jimmy by wishing you all the compliments of the season, and you know my opinions���a  sober Xmas meanfj a Happy one and  no regrets. Yours as ever,  ��� SID.  What ib believed to bo the fountain  head of a stream of counterfeit Jmoney  was located last week in the heart of a  forest near Joliet, Quebeo, and five  men, whose identity the secret servioe  men refuse to reveal are under arrest.  The counterfeit era and their den were  found after a chase extending over  several months and leading tho secret  service men from thc Atlantic to the  Paoific.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  ���B EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O.. 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Limited  PHONE   .   104  We have funds to invest in  FIRST MORTGAGE  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  ���'-���  mam  We Wish You All  A Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year  RICHMOND, successors to Lequime Bros., KELOWNA  wlfl-V"-.!'  ���MMhfMttMM** KELOWNA RECORD  THIIRSIJAY, DECEMBER 26. 1913  Kelowna Land k Orchard Co.  LIMITED  Nursery Stock for Fall  or Spring Planting  (One year budded on imported French seedlings, three-year  roots)  APPLES  Newtown Pippin  Dal.ci.rat  Spitzenberg  Wealthy  Mcintosh  Jonathan  King David  Grimes Golden  And other varieties  CRAB APPLES  PEARS  Flemish Beauty  Bartlett  Du Cornice  Bing  D'Anjou  PLUMS  Bradshaw  Italian Prunes  CHERRIES  Lambert  Windsor  Royal Anne  Olivette  English Morello  Our Slock has  Won ��� Its Own  Reputation  Price List on Application  OFFICES :  Belgo-Canadian Building.   'Phone 5  P.O. 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Extra Service on  Wednesdays & Saturdays  Leaves Kelowaa 11 s.m.  Learn Wertksak 11.30 s.b.  P.O. Box 12  E.ENGLAND  BUILDER. * CONTRACTOR  PUm,   Specificaliom    and    Estimate*  Furniihad  Miss Ethel Hull is baok from her  school near Vernon for the Christum.*  holiday!.  ��� ���   *  ��  The Smith Brothers, of the K.L.O.,  bench left Monday for a visit to Victoria.  ��� *   t   ��  Church of England murning Berviuo  will be held in the East Kelowna  Bchool house on Sunday next at 11  a.m.  m    tt    tt    tt  The stork depositod a Christmas gift  at the home of Mr. and Mrs VV. K.  Adams last Thursday in the shape of  a little baby girl.  ��� ��  t  ���  Mr. A. A. Anderson, of the Hollor  Kink left for his homo in Kamloops  Tuesday morning to look after business  interests there.  a  ���  ���  ���  Ur. and Mrs. Mathison left on Saturday to spend the holidays at Van-  couver. Dr. Mathison will bo out of  tho city until January fith.  ��� *   ���   ���  The Baptist churoh choir will rendci  special Christmas musii at both morning and evening services on Sunday.  The Rov. D. J. Welsh will occupy tho  pulpit.  ft    ft    ft    ft  The regular monthly meeting of the  Ladies' Hospital Aid will be held on  Monday afternoon next, December 30th  in the Board of Trade rooms. A large  attendance is  requostod.  ��� a    ���    ���  Mrs. Capt. Knight returned Sunday  from Winnipeg, where she has been  staying for some months. She was accompanied by the boys, Archie nnd  Mack.  ��� ���   a   ���  Messrs. Armstrong and Hayman, who  have leased the now Morrison hall for  th�� season are holding weekly dances  "Young People's Social Hops."      The  next    will take    place on New  Year's  Eve.  ��� ���      ���      ���  Mr. W. Sauter noes up the lake to  Kulowna this week-end, and intends to  reside in the Orchard City for some  months, returning to Summerland in  the course of the coming tummer.���  Summerland Review,  sets  Tho Christmas services at St. Michael und All Angel's Church will commence at 8 a.m., with Holy Communion, Matins and Haly Communion will I  ht�� hold at 11 a.m., the special preacher  being lhc Rev. H. A. Solly, frector of  Summerland. Evensong at 3.30 p.m.  ��� ���   ���   a  In accordance with custom the City  Band will parade through lhe streets'  on Christmas morning and will play*  the old favorite carols as well as new  ones. Tho purpose is to raise funds  for equipment.  The drop in ihe temperature and the  slight fall of snow has given a little  more Christmassy look to things this  week. If this keeps up skating will  probably bo in order for a while.  a    a    a    a  Mrs. Heim will be in Kelowna trom  December 27th to 31st, to give person-  ul' information to those interested in  the Commercial course in shorthand,  typewriting, eto., commencing January 5th. All desiring full particulars  are requested to write her to General  Delivery, Kelowna.  ���    *    *    ���  Messrs. Mclntyre and Washburn are  are busy this week getting ready for  the ice skating season. The arrangements ure completed and now it is up  to the weather man to send suitable  weather to make ice. Il the present  temperature prevails for a weak or so  all will be well. The rink wi'l ie, as  usual at the tennis courts, ;ili avenue.  a    a    a    a  Mr. G. G. Woods arrived from Kamloops Monday afternoon to take  charge of the looal roller rink, owing  to Mr. Anderson having been oalled to  Kamloops on account of business. Mr.  Woods is an experienced rink man, having beon connected with roller rinks  at Hamilton, Ont., Calgary, Alberta,  and for the past couple years in  charge of the Kamloops rink, which  wns operated by Mr. Anderson.  ts    ti    tt    *  In the vicinity of the local brickyard  one morning last week a resident no  ticed great confusion among his poul  try and upon investigation discovered  that u large eagle was the cause of the  disturbance. By some method the  eagle waa captured alive and is now  held prisoner in a wire cage. It ie said  the bird measured ten feet from tip  to tip.  a    *    a    a  In the absence of Rev. D. J. Welsh  who is spending the ChristmaB holidays at Vernon, the pulpit at the  Baptist church was occupied by Mr.  Armstrong, a student from Summer-  land last Sunday. Next Sunday, the  Christmas services will be hold and tho  pastor will preach in the morning on  "The Doctrine of the Incarnation, its  spiritual significance"; while in the  evening his subject will be "If every  day wera Christmas." Special music  will be rendered by the choir.  EKLUND BEATS CLAPHAM AT  VEENON  Arrangements afe now completed for  the Tacking School which will open  on Monday January fith in the building of the Kelowna Growers' Exchange.  Mr. J. Gibb has been engaged as instructor. All those who intend to  tako ndvuntage ol the courso should  apply at once to Mr. J, W. Woolsey,  manager of the Exchange, or to Mr.  Gibb. (Phono 60.)  The wrestling match at Vernon last  Friday evening proved one of the  most stubbornly contest od matches ever  witnessed in the interior. Clarence  Eklund, the local wrestler, and champion middleweight of Canada won, but  not until the two men had wrestled  desperately for 1 hour, 23 minutes and  35 seconds, when Eklund gained the  only fall of the evening. The fall was  socured on a too hold in which Clap-  ham's ankle was badly wrenched and  some of the liginaentts so badly torn as  to necessitate his retiring, thus riving  tho victory to the local man. Clapham  outweighed Eklund, but the latter1  experience and speed gave hin the well  earned victory. Bob Suthorland acted  as roferee to tho satisfaction of both  wrestlers and the lapgo orowd who  witnessed   the  match.  MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN SAYS PORTRAIT PAINTEU  Miss Vera Maxwell, the actress, who Paul Helieu, the famoiss French  paint, r of beautiful women, now says ib the most beautiful woman in the  United States. Helieu has frequently said that Mrs. Leonard M. Thomas  was tho greatest beauty of America, but evidently he has changed hit opinion since seeing Miss Maxwell, or perhaps he means that they are to share  tytween. them the honors.  .mas suggestions  For the Hurried Purchaser  We would suggest  STRAP WATCHES  CAMEO Rings  ���       Brooches  ���       Earrings  INDIAN IVORY Brushes, Combs and Manicure Sets  We engrave Initials or Monograms on these articles in  Blue. Red or Black Enamel  BRACELETS, in Silver, Gold Filled and Solid Gold  BABY Mugs, Rings and Bracelets  JEWEL CASES, in Leather. Silver and Blue Plush  STERLING SILVER Pencils, Cologne Bottles, Cigarette Cases, Match Safes, and Variety Boxes  Engraving done et shortest notice  J. B. KNOWLES, Jeweler and Optician  iSiSES ..'"siBfe     -"-'-"���jIT���5S_-'.iri-iL'~'"'���*f-rf-|,-r;-  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat Daily  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phone 135  OK. 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DRUGGISTS and STATIONERS  PHONE 19  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING  BEGULATIONS,  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and in a portion oi  the Provinoe of British Colombia, may  be leased for a term of twenty-one  years at an annual rental of .1 as  acre. Not more than 2,600 aores  will be leased to one applioant.  Application for the lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the distriot  in whioh Lire rights iipplieil for are  situated.  ln surveyed territory the land must  be described by seotions, or legal subdivisions of seotions, and in unsurvsy-  ed territory ths traot applied for  shall be atakeo out by the applioant  himself.  Each applioation must be aooom*  panied by a fee of 95 whioh will be  refunded if the righlH applied (or  are not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid on the nior-  cbantablo output of the mine at ihe  rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable ooal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are. not being operated, suoh [  returns should bs furnished at least i  once a year.  The leave will include the coal mining rights only,   but   tho leasee may !  be pormitfod to    purohase     whatever  available surface rights muy be   considered necessary  'for   tho working of'  the mine nt lho rate of $10 an aore.  For    full     information    applioation  Bhould bo made to tho   secretary    of j  the    Department of thn Interior,    Ot- |  tawa. or to nny Agent or   Sub-Agent  of Dominion lands.  W, V.. CORY.  Doputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.��� Unauthorized publication ol  this advertisement will not be paid  for.  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Columbia Graphophones  Prices $32.50 to $130  $125  Payable in Twelve Monthly Instalments  Nothing makes a better New Yeara Gift  For sale, with records, at the  Kelowna Furniture Company  Associated Boards of Trade  Meet at .Armstrong  (Continued from Page 2)  uHkittl far thu exclusion of all Orient-  uls frum tlie province fur .. period of  five years uud also was accompunied  by a similar request from the Fruil  f J rowers'  Association.  Mr. Wolfenden, in speaking on the  resolution, said that it meant ex (idly what it ^titled and emphasized hid  rem."kt* by adding (hat the Asiatic  question, wus ti very MliOUl one here.  In early days tin* .vtfWfat) government Inul repeatedly aimed legisUi-  tiun  against  the admission     of     (ti'  entail but each     i i     the    Dominion  authorities had diM.lluw.il the pro*1'  vincial act. California had panned  prohibition legislation in spite of  Tederal opposition and 11. C, would  yet have tu lake the mutter into its  own hands unless relief cume from  Ottawa.  Mr. Dynes, of Penticton, supported  the resolution und further stated the  Chinamen were trying at the present  time to lease land at Penticton.  Mr. Mutch did not think thi. resolu  tion any too drastic and in addition  to erely [musing upon it und usk-  ing government support would advise  the calling of public meetings through  out the valley and indeed, through'  out the province, and arouse the peo  pie to tlie full realization uf the menace at their doors. The apparent apathy of the people was due, he thought,  to ignorance of the facts, and they  should be given timely warning of the  ultimate results.  Mr. Adams, af Kelowna, wae not in  favor of prohibiting of leasing to Orientals, to which Mr. Mutch replied by  muking reference to the case of a ore-  viously prosperous town in California, where ten years ago Japs were  allowed .to rent a few acres of land.  They had proven so aggressive there  that at present they not only made  it ulmo.it compulsory for white owners to sell out to them, but ulso eon-  trolled every industry in thut oity.  This proved very conclusively the results of non resistance in the beginning  He was against the allowance of the  Orientals holding land of any description.  Mr. Scott Allen favored-allowing the  Orientals admission under a system  of indenture und sending them home  at oxpiry of that term, Puch had  worked well in South Africa. He would'  remove the headtax entirely and put  rest notions on wuge and class of labor  ut which they would be employed. This  would keep them in their place.  Mr. Scott All?n introduced a resolution to tho government favoring granting of assistance to the Okanagan  Telephone Co., in laying u cable across  Okanagan Lake to accommodate a  rapidly growing settlement on the west  side. This assistance would only be  temporary and would be returned to  the government by the company when  tho line began to give substantial evidence of paying its way.  Messrs. Corby and Dufresne fathered p. Summerland resolution to ask  the government to enact some law  whereby telephone companies would  be compelled to connect up with competing lines in order to got messages  through a district not covered by  both lines.  Under new business, Mr. Dynes introduced the question which Is agitnt-  ing     thc    Penticton    Board  of Trade,  Rutland News  (From our own Correipondant.)  The regular Church of England service will be held Sunday next in the  Itutland school house at 3 p.m,  A farewell banquet wm given on Friday evening at the Cowney and Loose-  mure ranch house in honor of Mr. E.  Kelly, who is leaving on Friday for a  visit tu England. Covers were laid  for about two dozen members of the  Rutland Olub and then friende. The  eul.nury arrangements were in the capable hands of Mr. W. Whiteway, whose  successful efforts were greatly appreciated by all present, especially the  "batchers", who went diligently  through the lengthy menu. Tho ancestral halls were tastefully and completef  ly draped withjin immense Union Jack  After the banquet, Mr. Loosemore an  toast-master, presented Mr. Kelly, on  behalf of the club members, with a  pair of binoculars, and wished him a  pleasant voyage, ��nd safe "eturn to  Mb sorrowing brethren. Mr. Kelly,  who was much affected by this unexpected evidence of good-will, made a  suitable reply in his usual breezy  style. After numerous toasts and other  liquids hail been disposed of the party  adjournal a short distance (about a  mile and a half) to the Kelly residence  where the musical portion of the  evening's enjoyment was commenced,  finishing up to the joyous strains of  "Fur Re's a -lol.y Good Fellow" at  ���well���never mind���they didn't go  home till morning.   O  t  In days of old, when knights wero  bold, it didn't cost as much to run  a horse as it now costs to run a buzz  wagons  .wi  NOT TOO  LATE  FOR  AS  NEW YEARS  GIFTS  GRAY'S  STUDIO  is open (or sittings  EVERY DAY  From 10 to 3.  Rowcliffe Block, near Port Office  -  namely, the request of the Kettle.Valley Railway for an extension of time  to make connection of their line between Proctor and Kootenay Landing on Kootenay Lake. To get thiB  link connected up would give a line  through from Wcyburn, Sask., to Vancouver on completion of the other portion of the road now building.  Mr, Wolfenden wus appointed audi-  tor for the Associated Hoards of  Trade for 1914.  Bids were then made for the convention meeting place next year, Vernon, Summerland and Kelowna each  giving an invitation, the final decision  favoring Kelowna, however.  It was also decided, that thc president and secretary get into touch with  Knderby and try to induce the Board  of Trade of that town to get into  touch with the  Associated Board.  Mr. DuMoulin brought up the matter of misleading advertising literature  being sent out from the valley. This  Bort of stuff had always re-acted  against the interests of the valley  und something should be done to put  a stop to it. Tt was finally decided to  ask agents that all advertising literature be first submitted to thc local  Board of Trade for its stamp of approval.  Messrs. DuMoulin and Scott Allen  moved a hearty vote of thanks to the  city of Armstrong and the local Board  of Trade for the enjoyable time given  the visitors while in the city.  On Tuesday evening the visitors were  entertained at a banquet in the Okanagan Hotel, a large number of Armstrong citizens being present.  A Merry Xmas  and a Bright  and Prosperous  New Year  TO ALL  eem*mmsssssssmsisssmmmmmmm*semm0  New Year  Gifts  Put up ih neal,"f��ncy  boxes.  Knit tie* - - - .75  Armbands- .35 to .85  Suspenders .60 to 1.25  Suspender sets $ I to 1.50  I dozen fine linen  handkerchiefs ��� 2.00  Mufflers    -   -   -    1.00  H. F. HICKS  Pioneer Cash Store  WILLITS BLOCK  Purchase    your    Xmas    gilts    from  KnowVss, ths jswsller.  '*  ttfv:  Tlie only building material that has not increased  in price is  CANADAPortiand cement  k Makes connate thai jroe caa depend upon (os satisfactory resuk  or a garden walk..  High quality aad low pries are made possible by stcisal at|  economies due to a large aad growing demand.  See that ererjr bag ol cement yon bay bean tbs "Canada'  of titwfiftwn  wimbmv jren wm r tor a ttsw  label-it is {rear UsaiWaa  Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal  ���Trite fer m fr�� cefy efthe test '' What Use F*n*er Co* De Wilt Cncrete. " ���"~  ������  KELOWNA RECORD  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25. 1913  GREETING  WE wish you all a Very Merry  Christmas and a Happy and  Prosperous New Year  We also wish to Thank You for your confidence and support during the past year, and  trust that by close attention to your needs in  the lines that we carry we shall merit your  patronage during the coming year  THOMAS LAWSON  JJMITED, AND STAFF  WANTED!  J  Prepaid Rates: 2 cents per wprd  first insertion and i oent per word for  each subsequent insertion. j\o ad., inserted for less than 26 centa.  All classified advertisements must be  paid for in advance owing to the cost  attending Jbo booking and oharging of  small items.  Copy may be received for these ads  up to 10 a.m., Thursday morning.  PROPERTY FOR SALE  FOB BALE- 20 acres fine fruit and  hay land, six miles from Ki'lowua on  Vernon road; also "roomed house  and two fine building lots onWHson  avenue. Al] at very altraotive figure.:. Inquire F. S. Coates, Lake-  view hotel. 23ti.  FARM FOR SALE  Splendid furm property elose to Ke-  lownu, comprising 21 aon s (���'> acres in  orchard, | i-j.i ���-. plums and primer., 1ml  aut'e in meadow). Finest noil, free irrigation. Splendid local ion, good house  with good well Team, implements,  und lioiiBi>holil effoots, with quantity of  loed can also be included in sale. The  terms spread over three years. Further information can bo given at Record office. x  HOODS FOR SALE  FOR SALE��� Ono l'oteluina 240 ogg  incubator. The most expensive D.a-  nhine made. Several patent labor-  saving devices, with patent-flame control, using about one-third amount  oil usually required. Also large sua  Peerless hot-water brooder. $36.00  for both. Apply. C. If. l.oathley,  Rutland. . x  FOR SALE - Alfalfa, Timothy and  Clover, and second out Clover. Delivered or in staok. Apply Central  Okanagan Lands. Co , or Glenmore  Ranch. 44 tl.  HAY FOR SALE - .18.00 psr ton  in the stack. 0. A. I'earse, Creek-  side. 46lf.  POULTRY FOB SALE. - American  Fawn and White Indian Runner  duok". t6.00 per pair. Soma very fine  While Wyandotte Cockerels, Begal  strain, $.1 to 16 each. Apply Mrs.  E. A. Day. 3-6  FOR SALE.���Dry oord wood, p'ne and  fir, guaranteed dry, 12.50 per rick  delivered. P. 0. Box 449. 'Phone  2206. 3tf.  SITUATIONS WANTED  LADY WANTS  Situation as    home  help.   Apply Box *H" Beoord       6  HOUSES ETC., FOB BENT  HOUSE FOR RENT - On Pendozi  street 8 rooms, furnace, eleotrio light  and water. Very convenient and  warm. Has one acre land and stables, shed and ice houae. Apply G.A.  Fisher, Crowley Block. ltf  WANTED  WANTED.-Two seat democrat, spring  tooth harrow, 10-inch plow, and  stock feed cooker, all first olass  condition, Btate price. Lewis Bros.,  Glenmore. 64  WANTED-To trade, a nice little driv  ing home, weighing about 1000 lbs.  and .<i;ii cash for farm horse 1200  lbs. or over. A. II. Johnston, Rutland. 5-7  WANTED.- Qualified toaohor for Bear  Creek sohool. Salary 166 per month.  Apply H. C. Childers, Box 211, Kelowna. 6-7  WANTED- Young man to work on  ranch, during winler months for  board. Address '"P.M". Wilaon Land  ing 6  BOARD AMD ROOMS  TO LET. - Furnished or unfurnished  rooms (or house keeping. Apply opposite Telephone exchange, after 6  p.m. 2-6  MISCELLANEOUS  TEACHEB WANTED  Qualified    Protestant    teacher     for  Glenrosa Schook    Duties to commence  soon as possible.   Salary 166   psr  Inonth.    Female preferred. Apply     to  THOS. H. HOCKEY, Ssoy.  lenrosa P.O., Westbank, B.C.       81tl.  FOB SALE���Good roomy cutter,  ply, 0. H. Leathley, Ratland.  Ap-  NOTICE  Fence |K>sts for sale on the ground  .delivered. Apply  A. STIRLING, or the  OKANAGAN LOAN k INVEST-  ltf MENT CO. LTD.  ;  COOD PASTURE  Cood pasturage et M union Ranch.  three miles from town, S. K. L., Co,  Apply to R. S. HALL     '    42tf.  SHORTHAND       ~  Simplified Pitman's Shorthand. Four  mouths course given at Kelowna by the  late principal of the "Royal Shorthand Bchool". Victoria, B.C., on Monday and Tuesday of each week, both  mornings, afternoons and evenings,  commencing January 6th. The touch  system of typewriting taught, also  English composition and punctuation.  For full particulars write Mrs. ITriiii,  General Delivery,  Kelowna.  KELOWNA SCHOOL BOARD  Janitor required for high school. For  further particulars apply to Mr. N. D.  McTavish, secretary sohool board, Kelowna. - 5-tf.  MAIL CONTRACT  Sealed Tenders, addressed to the  Postmaster General, will be received at  Ottawa, until noon, on Friday, tha  30th January, 1914, for the conveyance  of His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed  Contract for four yeare, threo times  per woek each way, between Kelowna  and Rural Route No. 1., from the  Postmaster General's pleasure.  Printed notices containing further information ns to conditions of proposed  Contract, may be seen and blank forms  of Tender" may be obtained at the Post  Office of Kolowna aud at tho office of  the Post OITiop Inspector.  Post Offioo Inspector's Office,  Vancouver B. 0.  19th December,  1913  JOHN R.  GREENFIELD.  M. PoBt office Inspector.  DryCordWood  $2.25 per rick  Delivered  Pine and Fir, guaranteed dry  F. HEATHER  P.O. Box 449  Phone 2206  M


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