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Kelowna Record Jan 23, 1913

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 ifel0to  f   \rW\MW*  ^rrcp^.'J  VOL. V.   NO. 9.  KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY,  JAN. 23, 1913.  $1.50 Per Annum.  Meeting of  City Council  n New Council Take Hold of the  Work for the year  The old 1912 council met for  the latt time Saturday morning latt  for the purpoie of receiving the  auditor't report for the year and  winding up teveral items of business which remained unfinished.  The following accounts were  patted for payment:  Sewer time checka          ...215 05  Sewer payroll for 15  daya  ending  Jan. 15th, 1913 2281 02  Canavan fit Mitchell, payment  on  act. of auperviaion        ...1500 00  McNaughton, J. typewriting building by-law   3 00  Doyle, J. L... brokerage fee, clearing  drum ah.ft               I 00  C.P.R. freight on power houae apla,   II  16  Bouvette fie Brown, carting  planka  for aidewalka 2 25  Duncan, R. rent of opera house for  public meeting    ...        ...        ...    25 00  McMillan,  D.,  balance of  act. for  digging grave.             15 00  Dom, Ex., express on box           I   10  Imp. Oil Company, gasoline        ...    82 50  Parkinaon, R. 11., additions to  city  map      25 00  Imp. Oil Co., gasoline         152 03  Do. do     II  26  Kelowna Carriage Works, sewer act 111 75  Kelowna Sawmill Co., aewer ect.     748 80  Haug, W., sewer ect     124 09  Lakeview Livery, do     147 00  Leckie. D.. do    212 95  Knox, Dr. W. J      35 00  Otto Caa Engine, drum shaft, etc.      29 00  Dom. Express      I I 30  Simpson. Balkwell & Co., jute pkg.   50 63  O.K. Lumber Co., sewer act     51  77  Morriaon Thompaon. do    56 55  Imp. Oil Co., gasoline            2 58  Canavan Cr Mitchell, express       ...      160  Jamea, Geo , aewer act      6 15  Lawaon. Ltd., do     10 00  Do.      do  40  Collett Bros., sewer act 14100  Crawford fit Co., do  25  Do. do      6 75  Do. do    ...     4 20  Sawer pay roll for 16 daya  ending  Dec. Slat       2751 83  Crehan, Mouat fit Co., auditor's fee 150 00  Aug. G. Moon wrote atatlng that  he and hit brother were propoting  to tet up a chemical tpray factory  in the Okanagan, either at Vernon  Kelowna or Penticton. After due  consideration they had decided to  secuie a suitable tite Kelowna  would tuit them bett as being a  more central point for thipping the  spray. They withed to know the  viewt of the council on the matter  and whether thev would be willing to encourage the induttry which  waa of to much importance in a  fruit growing district. What they  needed wat a site with facilitiet  for a railway tpur, and accett to  ' city water, light and power. They  aaked that should they decide to  locate in Kelowna the city would  assist them at they had attitted  others with a temporary exemption from ratet and other facilitiet.  They felt that the city would be-  eonferring a great benefit on the  important ftuit growing area of  which the city wat the centre. They  detired an immediate anawer in  order to ttart work immediately so  at to manufacture tpray for the  coming apring.  The clerk waa inttructed to inform Mr. Moon that the council  had no objection to the factory  provided a good buildjng was put  up and proper arrangementt made  for carrying off any noxious fumea  which might arite in the procett  of mannfacture, and that they  would be pleated to attitt the pro-  motert in every possible way. It  wat thought very unlikely however  that the ratepavera would content  to any rebate of taxet.  Aid. Sutherland introduced the  following resolution in early fulfilment of hit promise made at the  municipal meeting that the ratet  for electric light would be reduced:  " That the light and water ratet  be cancelled and the following  aubttituted:  Electric light, 15c. per kilowatt  hour.  Electric power, 10c. per kilowatt  hour.   .  Water, firat 4000 gait. $1.50.  Water, 15c. per each additional  1000 gait.  The minimum light charge, $1.25  per month.  The minimum water rate, $1.50  per month.  Power meter rent to be 25c. per  month net.  Waler meature to be in American gallons.  Above ratet to be subject to n  diicount of 20 per cent, if paid en  or before the 15th of the month  tucceeding the reading."  Actually, explained Aid. Sutherland, this was a reduction on light  only, the net rate on which wa,  reduced from l3Jto I2cents. Hie  gross rate for power had been  lowered from 12c. to 10c, but the  discount had been reduced from  33 and one-thud per cent, to 20  per cent., leaving the net rate still  at 8r, 1 his, he taid, was the lowest rate which could be given on  power. It cost the city about $200  to make connection and install  transformer.s for say a 5-h.p. motor.  The interest on this was $12 pci  year and the depreciation $20 per  year.  Aid. Copeland asked if this reduction was the best which could  be done.  Aid. Sutherland said that at present he thought it was. Although  a considerable surplus on the year's  working had been shown it must  be remembered that actually too  small an amount was being figured  for depreciation. This was due to  the fact that the sinking fund on  debentures which stood for depreciation, was smaller than depreciation really should be. The  debentures were twenly-five veai  debentures but some of the plant,  for instance, the pole line, could  not be expected to last that long.  They could not, therefore, put the  rates down below a safe margin.  The financial  statement for the  year was laid upon  the  table  accompanied by (he following auditor's report:���  To His Worship tlie Mayor  and Councli of the City of Kelowna,  Gentlemen,- This is to certify that we  have made a continuous audit of the bonks  for the year ending December 31st, 1912.  We attach hereto;  (a) Statement of Assets and Liabilities.  (b) Statement of Receipts and Disburse  ments.  (c) Electric Light nnd Water Profit and  Loss Statement.  (d) Board of School Trustees Statement  of Receipts end Disbursements.  The audit l.ns been delayed owing totlie  late tlnte set for the receipt of taxes and insufficient office accommodation, ln lhe  latter connection it should be pointed out  that at present the office seems inudcquale  to t'ie use of the cily and the absenc.' -of  a vault entails very great risk to the books  and records.  The work of the city officials has been  executed in a very satisfactory manner.  All our requirements as auditors have  been complied with, and in our opinion  the balance sheet is drawn up as to represent correctly the financial position of the  city as disclosed by the books and vouchers .set Dec. 31st, 1912.  CREHAN, MOUAT & CO.,  Chartered Accountants and  Municipal Auditors.  Aid. Sutherland drew attention  to the fact that the statemen  ahowed the profit on the light and  water department to be $5,551.88.  From thit must be taken n discount  of about $1,600 from December  accounts which were placed al the  grots amount when the statement  wat made up. There wat also a  sum of $1,500 for office expense  to take off.  Aid. Copeland mentioned that  there had been a good deal of  kicking about the light bills for the  latt month, and many people complained of being overcharged.  Aid. Sutherland explained thnt  owing to the preparation of the  yearly statement the meter reading  had to be taken early in December  and instructions had been given  to the meter reader to estimate na  near as possible up to the end of  the month. This was done so as  to avoid having to charge for only  two weeks in December and six  weeks in January, thereby making  the bills very uneven. Light users  would have wondered why they  were charged three times bs much  for January as for December. The  meter reader, however, had in  tome rases over-estimated the  December 'consumption. There  was no need for people who had  been ao overcharged, however, to  worry as tneir bill for January  would be propottionately smnll.  In his own case, said Aid. Sutherland, he hnd noticed that his  meter at the end of December  registered 29 kilowatts less than  he had been charged for. This  difference would be adjusted when  taking the January readings.  The new council consisting of  Mayor Jones and Aldermen Sutherland, Copeland, Thompson,  Cusent, Calder and Taylor, held  their initial meetiig Monday morning. The old council met fora  brief interval to pass the minutes  of the previous meeting, and the  ceremony oftwearing in concluded  the newly-elected members took  their aeatt at the table.  There was very little business,  however, transacted beyond the  appointment by the mayor ol  standing committees for the year  which were as follows :���  FINANCE  Aid. W. B. M. Calder  (chairman),  Taylor and Sutherland.  LIGHT & WATER  Aid. D. W. Sutherland (chairman),  and  1 hompson.  PUBLIC WORKS  Aid. R. A. Copeland,   (chairman),  I hompson and Cosens.  HEALTH & SEWERAGE  Aid. F. A. Taylor (chairman), Sutherland and Calder.  PARKS & CEMETERY  Aid. J.N.    I hompson   (chairman),  and Taylor.  BUILDING fit FIRE  PROTECTION  Aid. S. C. Cosens (chairman), and  Copeland.  Mayor Jones said it had been  lhe policy of the council during  lhe pasl year or two to thrash out  details as much as possible in committee, and to endeavor lo present matters in such shape as not  lo wasle the time of the whole  council in useless discussions.  I hey weie likely to have some very  important matters to deal wilh during lhe coming year and it was lhe  duty of committees to hold meetings as often as necessary. He  himself would always be at lhe  disposal of the committees whenever called upon, and would be  p'eased to help at any time.  He extended a cordial welcome  to lhe new members, and hoped  they would all endeavor lo pull together for lhe good of the city. I le  was well pleased with the personnel of the new council, and believed they would conduct the business of the city wilh judgement  and despatch.  T he only matter up for consideration was n letter from Dr. Boyce  the Police majistrate, in which he.  expressed the opinion that Ik  should now he entitled to a salary  of $1,000 per year. The letier was  handed to the chairman of lhe  finance committee for report.  The meeting then adjourned.  Meeting of Board of  School Trustees  Contract Finally Let for School  Buildings  The 19 12 Board of School Trustee! held a final meeting Friday lasl  Trustees Lawson, Trench and McKenzie being present.  A letter was read from the Supt.  of Education iu reference to the  government grant towatds a school  library.  Mr. G. H. Dunn submitted a letter containinghis formal resignation  of the office of secretary to the  School Board. He explained lhal  he took this step because of the  large increase in the municipal  duties involved in his office of  Cily Clerk, and also to the increase  in the duties of school secretary.  He felt he could not afford lhe  time to do justice lo the position.  Ihe matter was laid on lhe table  for the present.  Ihe following accounts were  ordered paid :  G. H. Dunn, petty cash      9 30  W. Haug, 7100 its. coal   46 15  Morrison-1 hompson Co.. sandpaper        10  City of Kelowna, light,   weler,   and  scavenging  26 93  Willits & Co., stntioneiy     I 05  J.H.Bailey, wood  52 50  Vancouver Province, advt   15 75  Calgary Herald, advt  32 40  Collett Broa., carting     I 00  W. R. Trench, stationery   18 05  G. F. James,  lamps     5 70  G. E.   Nobles,  payment otr act. architect fees 565 00  Kelowna Record, advt 11 48  McKenzie Co., supplies     I 25  Morrison-Thompson Co., auppliea... 65 81  !Y Lawaon, Ltd., supplies            I 00  Lakeview Livery, wood        7 25  Tendert were received for lhe  new school building from George  E. Ritchie, H. W. Raymer, T. E.  Crowell, Vernon, and Alfred Ivey,  now of Kelowna. The lender ol  lhe latter was accepted for $54,764.  This was exclusive of the healing  plant.  Separale tendera for heating  were received from D. leckie,  Morrison-Thompson Co. and J. B,  Wallace nf Vernon, the Inllcr for  $9,846, which was accepted.  Methodist Missionary  Banquet  The Methodist church in Kelowna has always been prominent for  Its zeal in supporting home and  foreign missionary work, and the  success of the fourth annual Mis-  aiuiiary Banquet held Monday evening is another evidence of this.  1 here was a larger attendance than  in any previous year at the banquet  in which for abundance of good  things and lhe excellence of the  arrangements, lhe Ladies' Aid  eclipsed themselves' The tables  were very tastefully and temptingly laid, and the ladies assisted by  the young people of the church attended to the needs of all with  Commennable skill.  ' Alter the dinner which was served at 6.30 p.m., a programme of  music, toasts and speeches was  commenced. Mr. J. A. Bigger presided.  1 he programme opened with an  address of meeting by the paslor  Rev. J. W. Davidson, followed by  the singing of " All 1 I ail lhe Power." The toast of " The King,"  was then proposed, the old veteran Capt. Knight being appropriately selected for lhe office, and  responded to by the gathering with  ill due solemnity,  Ihe nt xt toast was " The New  Day in China," in which the  awakening and development of a  new and more enlightened spiril  among*! the millions in that Empire was interestingly sketched bv  Messrs. Leslie Dilworth and T. E.  Cooper.  Miss Mawhinney contributed a  .solo which was much appreciated  afler which lhe pastor suggested a  loasl lo the absent members of th-  ������.lunch, a proposal which was re-  .ponded to with enthusiasm.  "Our Country : Canada's call to  her sons and daughters," formed  lhe subject of an appeal by Mr. ��.  D. Langille to shoulder the duties  and responsibilities of missionary  work, particularly amongst the  ever increasing thousands who  were peopling lhe Dominion. He  was followed by the Rev. F. W.  Hardy, M.A., B.D., of Summerland  who delivered an eloquent and  stirring patriotic appeal to nil citizens to support the noble cause of  missionary enterprize,  After a hymn, " Our Country's  Voice is Pleading," Mr. J. A. Bigger  and the Rev. A. Henderson of  Peachland spoke on the work  which is being done and waits to  be done by the Methodist Church  in Canada.  A solo was then sung by Mr. T.  E. Coopet, after which Mr. Clarence Jones made his maiden appearance as a public speaker with  a well prepared   address   on "The  I wentioth Century Christian, and  I he Missionary Opportunity,"  followed by the Rev. J. C. Brown,  M.A.. of Enderby, with an inspiring talk on the same subject.  TheWomen's Missionary Sbciely  wns toasted by Wid���no,��� Mr.  Wilson 1 hompson, and the work  of that excellent organization further commented on by Mrs. Leslie  Dilworth.  As earnest of lhe teal enthusiasm  which was felt for the cause, in  support of which the banquet was  held, promises ef subscription to  over $1300 were made nt the  meeting, and this will probably be  raised to $1500 on appeal to several who were unavoidnbtv absent.  Kelowna Garage Company  The Kelownn Garage and Machine Works Co., Ltd., advise that  the storage space in their new  building on Lawrence avenue is  uow completed and satisfactory  arrangements can be made for  storage during winter monlha or  year round.  Mr. Brunette, works manager,  has just returned from lhe cast  where he has been purchasing  machinery, &c. With their equipment and management the best of  service to the public is to be  expected.  Mr. Burbank, who hns charge of  the sales department, repoits a  Hudson " 37 " Demonstrator on  hand and a two-carload shipment  of Buicks in a few weeks.  I he new garage and sales rooms  which the company is opening will  be one of the largest in the interior  and no expense ia being spared  to make it thoroughly modern and  a credit to the city.  Board of Trade     Forwt Protection  Annual Meetingl __|****  A. W. Bowser is Next Year's  President  The annual meeting of the  Board of I rade took place Tuesday last in Raymer's Hall. 1 here  was a large attendance as has been  usual at the meeting for the past  few mouths.  Owing to the long-drawn-out  discussions in the earlier part of  the evening, the principal business of lhe meeting���tha passing  of the financial statement and the  election of officers for another  year���had to be rushed through  quickly at a lale hour.  The newly elected officers were :  President���A. W. Bowser.  Vice-Pres���S. T. Elliott.  Executive Council.���Messrs. P.  DuMoulin, F. S. Coales, J. W. Jones.  D. 11. Rattenbury, W, E. Adams,  W. R. Pooley, H. J. Williams and  D. Leckie.  Mr. G. A. Fisher was nominated  again as secrelsry-ttrnsurer, but  sard he could not possibly think of  accepting the office al the present  trite of remuneration. He read it  statement which he had prepared  giving details of the amount ol  work which had been involved in  the position os secretary during  lhe past year. The wotk of the  Board had increased so much that  at least one-third of his time was  occupied wilh it. He said it would  not be worlh his while to under*  lake il again for less than f 50 per  month.  Mr. Fisher, however, undertook  to carry on the ditties for the present until the mailer could he dealt  with by the executive. The stig-  ���r -stion wns also advanced thai the  Board employ a publicity commissioner, who would combine  with his work the duties of the  secretary's office.  Accompanying the financial  stalement was the following report  frntn the Publicity committee,  which may be given in full :-  Mr. I'resident and Gentlemen,���  Your committee report, as follows on  the .ear's business, ending December 3!.t,  1912. A statement of revenue end expenditure ha. been distributed to-night but a  few explanations may be desired. You  will see that the total expenses in our  dcpailnicnt amount to $1,449.21, and the  gross revenue, apart from the city grant  of $2,I'0U, amounts to $464.24. To balance  off this account, we have charged against  our department for the present year (1913)  the stock of booklets on hand at cost  piice ($614), leaving a balance of $366.97,  which we have charged to Publicity Grant  Account, which reduces the $2,000 to  $1,633.03. To this account .sill be charg.  ed during 1913 the balance of b.oklets  ($614), together with advertisements placed, totalling $765. These last two amounts  combiner! will leave a credit balance to  Publicity Grant Account of $254.03.  1 his amount represents in a sense the  net profit to the committee on the year's  (1912) appropriation, lo which will be  added any sales of booklets. It is the  opinion of your committee lhat money,  volcd for this department should be kept  aeparale from olliel running expenses, and  we have accordingly done so, and by so  doing the committee hits a little more  final cinl scope. We may mention that we  hnve assumed hnlf of the .ecrelai'y salary  and a fair ptoportion of postage and  other charges.  We are pleased to note by the secretary's  statement thai the board l.ns outside of  our operations been able to cany forward  a surplus of $117.  I he advsrtjsemetits placed have apparently borne good fruit, as the sectetaiy  repotls a steady demand fur lilernture and  a number of people hnve stated their intention of coming here thi. apring. It  should be noted as an indication of the  interest in our section that a small advertisement in the B.C Magazine, for which  we have not teceived any account and  which costs only $2 a month, lhat many  inquiries are no coming from the praiiie  provinces where this magazine haa a considerable circulation. We are confident  lhat our exhibition of fruit at Lethbridge  Dry Farming Congress was a splendid  advertisement. The other advertisements  have done good work also, but it is diffi.  cult tu arrive at their exact value,  for the committee  (signed) F. S. COATES,  Chairman.  1 he sessions ol thc annual convention of the Associated Boards  of Irnde of the Okanagan being  fixed for Wednesday and Thursday of this week, a number of important resolutions which were to  be brought up nl lhat convention  oy the Boards of I rade of Vrrnon  nnd Penticton, were submitted to  the Kelownn boaid for cndorsalion  or otherwise, lhese were discussed at considerable length, and instructions given to the appointed  delegates  at  to the feeling of the  Question Discussed  at  Irrigation Convention  The Western Canada Irrigation  Association, meeting in Victoria  last week, took up the matter ot  protection of foreatt around the  headwaters of streams. There was  a strong feeling among the members that the maintenance of a  woodland cover on the mountains  was the only real solution of the  problem of constant water supply,  on which the fruit growing industry depends. Where water is high  in the spring and low in the hot  summer month*', it was urged,  there is no real chance given to  the land to yield the ctopt of  which it is capable. It has been  proven time and again that with  the forest there is a steadiness,in  run-off, and a general increase in  the amount of water. The forest  protects snow from the rayt of the  sun, holds moisture in the soft  mulch cover, and through old  roots and the loosened ground,  transfers water from surface to  sub-surface drainage, and prevents  evaporation.  In the case of the Tennessee  river in the United States, whose  headwater forests have been devastated, it has been found that in  twenty-four years the increase in  floods in proportion to the flood-  producing rainB ia about 19 per  cent.  The damage wrought by ihis  ncrease is greatly out of proportion to the excessive waterflow.  Losses of many millions are  wrought annually by floods, destroying the works of many years  and the tfility of soil which hvs  been carefully preserved through  inigation.  Packing Schools  Mr. J. Gibbs has been appointed  Packing school instructor for this  district, and provided sufficient  applications are made aschool will  be started at the Farner's Exchange building on Monday, February 3rd. The instruction in this  necessary art is giver, as usual under the auspices of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of  Agriculture, and the fee of J$3.00  for twelve lettons it placed much  lest than the actual cost of the  course. Applications should be  sent to the secretary of the Farmer!' Institute, Mr. B. G. Meyrick,  Kelowna, or to Mr. J. Gibbs  himself, who will supply all infoiin-  atton,  Residents in any country dirlrjcl  who can get together not less thai,  twelve pupils, can have a tchor.l  conducted in any tunable building  convenient for them.  nu ml., is on the retolutioni.  Mr. P. DuMoulin, who had been  appointed on a committee lo go  into the question of employing a  publicity commissioner (or the my,  taid he had figured the cost ol  such a man and had approached  the various companies, but so fat  had got no definite replies. I le  himself did not think the scheme  could be handled at the ptesenl  time.  Mr. A. W. Bowser for the committee dealing with the need of  protective work for Ihe banks of  Mission Creek, reported that (he  committee bad gatheted together  a large amount of information  which (hey were prepared to lay  before the government at the pio-  per time.  In connection with this matter a  little dust wat raiaed between  Mettrs. Hereron and R. H. Parkin-  ton, The latter had worked out a  tcheme for diverting the coutse of  the creek to avoid the danger from  spring floods, which was stronglv  ciiticised by Mr. Hereron.  A somewhat irrelevant discussion arose on Sunday observance  in thc disirict, and a remarkable  resolution was passed by a majority of one thnt the Press notify  fatmets who rent out their land lo  Jnps and Chinamen that they  would not be allowed to have  them working on Sundays.  Al  mm  J The Orchard City Record  Thursday, Jariuari) ?3  Tur/-,D/-r/^rir,^rT\/Di7^/-iDri'sI,owfd that it had   been   satisfac-  THE ORCHARD CITY RECORD \, ,h0Ugh hampered by a lack  of working capital.    The secretary  Mr. N. Gleed, had prepared a large  Published wery Thursday at the Office,  Kelownn. B.C.  JQHX LEATHLEY, Editor and-Proprietor.  Suisorptitn $1-SO per annum.  Te United Statu $2.00 per annum.  Adasrttstng rales upon application.  Or\anagan Centre  and Woods Lake  Mrs. M. Wilson of Woods Lake  is staying at the home of Mr. and  Mrs. F. Bell at Ellison.  Mr. E. C. Shankait busy clearing  up the part of his lot on the main  road that is still under brush.  Messrs. Lidstone and Gay are  busy hauling bailed hay down off  the John McClure ranch on Clark's  creek.  W. P. Powley of Long Lake haa  a few Japs at work clearing on his  property south of Woods lake.  The services of Miss M. Smith  have again secured as teacher for  the Woods Like school. This is  particularly gratifying ns Miss  Smith proved a most efficient  teacher during the previous term.  A bunch of horscr, belonging to  the Okanagan Valley Land Co.  were thit week brought down from  near Vernon where they had been  paaturing and taken to the company'! reservoir camp for the balance of the winter.  N. V. Joslyn has taken the contract to haul the Bowker cut of logs  and the logs remaining from the  cut made by G. M. Watt last winter and is now busy hauling same  to Woods Lake.  The north end of the Central  Okanagan Lands Ltd. property on  the Glenmore Valley Road at the  23 mile post is being logged off by  R. Munson, the logs being hauled  to the head of a chute on Okanagan Lake and turned loose into  booms below.  One of the party of nine surveyors staying in the old John McClure house near M. P. Williams  had the misfortune to break his  cheek bone whilst engaged in cutting brush. A bent sapling flew  back and caught him across the  face with the above result. We  are glad to be able to state that he  is now already on the road to  recovery.  J. Davidson haa been buty tending logt down hia new chute over  the bank into Woods Lake the  paat two weeks, the logs entering  the chute at the lower end of John-  son's <5t Carswell'i ground chute.  Mr. Davidson is under contract to  put logs into Woods lake for the  Johnson St Carswell Co., of Vernon.  The government road gang under Mr. Watt have established a  new camp above Woods lake at  the 15-mile post, and are now  engaged in drilling and blasting  some dangerous rock points lhat  project out over the road in thit  vicinity, the loosened rock being  hauled out along the waters edge  at a protection to the road bed  from the wath of the wavet during storms on the lake.  A marked tcene of activity prevails up on the mountain to the  eatt where extensive logging operation! of Johnton At Canwell are  being carried on. Nearly fifty men  are now engaged on the various  phatet of tht work. A remarkably fine bunch of fir timber hat  been tecured by the firm in thit  tection and will enable them to  place a large quantity of high-  grade lumber upon the market for  teveral yean to come.  Good tleighing prevailt everywhere now, which bringt joy to  the heart of the logger. In connection with the weather a rather  startling phenomenon took place  a week ago last Monday night.  As darkness fell that afternoon to  the eye the dark green waters of  Woods lake were free from ice  from end to end. When daylight  broke the lake was frozen from  end to end an area of some eight  square miles, and the ice covered  with a light fall of snow.  The annual general meeting of  the shareholders of the O. K. Canning Co. Ltd. was held at Okanagan Centre on the afternoon of  Saturday, the 11 th inst. The absence of Mr. J. Goldie, president,  was regretted, he being away on  business in the east. Only three  or four share holders were not in  attendance. Mr. N. H, Caesar,  Vice-pres., acted as chairman. He  gave an outline of the work carried  on by the company in   1912,  and  balance sheet in conspicious lettering which showed the present  financial status of lhe company to  be on good footing, the majority  of the shareholders being well satisfied with (he year's showing.  After the secretary's report was  read and adopted, new business  was taken up. This particularly  confined itself,lo evolving a method by which more working capital  could be made available without  working a hardship on a few. 1 he  general opinion was thai all the  shareholders should bear this proportionately, and a motion lo thit  effect waa put and carried, the  further development of the plan  being left in the hands of the director!. The following director!  were elected to office for 1913:  Mesirs. N. H. Caesar, J. Goldie, J.  A. Gray, J, Metcalfe, G. N. Gibson  M. P. Williams and J. W. Fowler.  The meeting was characterized  (hroughout by a feeling that good  showihg had been made and that  the prospects for the ensuing year  were very bright.  Amusements  King Baggot, the world's greatest  photoplayer, will play the leading  part in "John Sterling, Aldeimnn,"  a splendid dramatic feature picture in two reels, to be shown at  Dreamland on Monday next. This  is really a fine picture���one of lhe  worth while kind.  "Stung"  Dear reader, this is not a tale of  woe, nor a story of wilful fraud  and imposition as the lawyers  term it, but only the title of a very  funny and highly amusing comedv  sketch written by Thomas Edge-  low and Herbert Leslie. "Suing"  will be produced for lhe variety  entertainment to be given by (he  Musical ot Dramatic Sociely in the  opera house, on Tuesday, February 4th. The cast includes (he  joint authors, A. H. Lister ar.d  Stella Edgelow. The balance of  the programme will be varied as  before with new songs, new recitations and new music by the  orchestra. Those who were present at the last performance will  take good care not to miss this  one ; but just to avoid any chance  of disappointment jot down the  date���T uesday, February 4tlr and  book your seats early, for you'll  certainly be sorry if you miss this.  Teaching Buyers How to  Test Eggs  Kansas has a college for egg  buyers. It was slatted by Prof.  W. A. Lippincolt-, of lhe Kansas  State Agricultural College in an  endeavor to raise the standard of  eggs marketed. The ��� indents ate  full-grown men -egg-buyers Irom  all over lhe state. The school  moves about from place to place.  It was first opened nt Wichita,  where fotty.seven e;:g-buyers attended.  The eggs are graded to a nicety,  distinction being made between  absolutely fresh eggs, eggs with  black rot, eggs with rings, eggs  with spots, and shrunken eggs.  Professor Lippincolt estimates  that the farmer who can produce  eggs that will stand a strict candling inspection will be able to get  three cents a dozen more than the  farmer whose eggs prove lo be  merely seconds under the candling  test.  Mr. J. T. Mutrie has been elected  Mayor of Vernon by acclamation.  The number of children receiving an education in the province  last year was 50,170, being an increase of 5,045 over the previous  year. In 1907, five years earlier,  the total enrolment was 30,039.  The average daily attendance in  1912 was 37,568, being a percentage of 74*86.  Magistrate Boyce had Iwo cases  of breaking the game laws this  week. One case was fot having  a beaver in possession, and the  other for having a beaver-skin,  contrary to the game groteetion  act. The provincial Game Dept.  prosecuted, and both men were  convicted, the penally being $25  in each case.  PRINTING ?-  RECORD OFFICE-  SATISFACTION  Steamboating  E. E. HANKINSON, Kelowna, B.C.  Residence 'Phone : No. 103  OLD C.P.R. WHARF  I am prepared to undertake all  kinds of  Lake Transportation  Well equipped  with  Steam  and   Gasoline  Boats,  and also Scows  EXCURSION   PARTIES  Cftttred (or  To All Parti of the Lake  20th Century Shoe  Repairing Shop  BERNARD  AVENUE  All Kinds  of  Boots and  Shoes Repaired Promptly  Ladies- and   Gents' Rubber   Heels  of the Best Makes  A. G. McKEOWN  KELOWNA  Agent (or the  PENTICTON STEAM  LAUNDRY  Laundry despatched twice a  week.  Prompt attention and careful  work.  J. A. Bigger  BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Plan, and  Estimates   Furnished  Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave.  PHONE 9J  KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Leaves Kelowna 9 s.m., 3.30 p.m.  Leaves Westbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  Extra Service on  Wednesdays & Saturdays  Leavei Kelowna 11 a.m.  Leaves Westbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS CASH  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  Plions No. 108  G. H. E. HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Largest Studios in the Interior  Portraita by appointment  Pendozi Street,   -   Kelowna  Gaddes-McTavish  Limited  REAL ESTATE  LOANS  INSURANCE  Phone 21 7  Leckie Block  FLOUR  FLOUR  Royal Household  7-lb.     244b.     49-lb,  Sacks            Sacks             Sacks  98-lb.  Sacks  35c.     $1.10     $2.10  $4.10  Pastry  Wholewheat    Glenora  Graham  49-lb.  Sacks  10-lb.       49-lb.  Sacks                   Sacks  10-lb.      49-lb.  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All hinds of Repairs  BBRSIARD AVENUE,  KELOWNA.-  Baptist Church Annual  Congregational Banquet  Business Meeting Decides  to Enlarge Church  The 200 invitations issued to  ��� the members and friends ol the  Baptist church to the goodfellow-  ship banquet on Thursday last,  met with a hearty response the  church being filled wilh guests tit  6.45 p.m., when grace was sung.  The annual business melting of  the church had been held during  the afternoon when officers forth.:  ensuing year had been clecteil  and reports of .last year's work  adopted and passed.  The banquet was a new departure this year from the stereotyped  fotm of social, and ceitainly  proved a great success, lhe generous menu, well prepaied and  seived hy the ladies, receiving a  warm reception at the hands ol  the gu?a!s whose appetites wen:  all the more keen after the walk  through the bracing evening air.  Whether it was with the intention  of advertising Kelowna's potato-  producing abilities, or to impart an  Irish tone to the meal is not known,  but the super - abundance of  escallopped "Murphys" certainly  lent color to the latter thought, and  during the meal led to many  silvery-worded puns.  A long programme was prepared for the evening and supper  having been disposed of nnd the  king toasted with all due ceremony,  the Rev. D. J. Welsh, pastor of the  church, in a brief, lucid speech,  brought before the gathering the  accomplishments, needs and duties  of the church, and called upon  Miss Reekie, the treasurer, for a  report and statement of the finan-  which showed the church to be in  a very sound financial condition,  the returns for 1912 being slightly  in advance of those for the previous year. $350 having been subscribed to missions.  Mr. C Clement, the next speaker,  introduced the budget for 1913,  which proved to be a deeply  interesting and progressive one.  The main feature, he said, of the  yeara work would be the extension  and renovating of the church, an  improvement sorely needed and  long waited for. There had been  a good deal of controversy ae to  whether it would be best to sell  the site and build elsewhere, or to  enlarge and renovate the present  structure, and the latter had been  decided upon. The membership  was growing fast and more convenient accommodation needed to  be provided especially in thc form  of ante-rooms for the pastor and  choir.  Introducing " The Future Policy," Mr. J. B. Knowles sketched  the history of the church since its  establishment in the spring of 1905  incidentally enlarging upon the  scheme outlined by Mr. Clement.  His had been the honor and pleasure of being amongst the handful  of worshippers seven years ago  and he felt like an old-timer when  he saw the present company of  members and adherents. lhe  history of the First Baptist Church  of Kelowna had been one of steady  progress and development, which  showed every prospect of continu-1  ing. Mr. Welsh had been mainlv  responsible and was held in the  highest esteem by his people.  Only this year had thc church become self-supporting.  In his usual sunnv manner Mr.  H. D. Riggs pleaded thc cause of  Missions. It was needless for him  to bring before the company the  great need for same or the demands which our colored brethren  were making on us and rightly so.  The church, considering its size,  had done splendidly in thc way of  raising funds, but such was nol the  only thing needed.  Mr. A. Crowcroft, of Rutland,  was then called upon to say s few  words on the denomination In B.C.  and briefly outlined the vast undertakings of the Baptist Union in  our province.  The speeches were interspersed  with vocal music accompanied by  the organist, Mr. W. Pearson, in his  usual able manner. Messrs. Weeks  and Pedlar drew an encore with  their now time-honored favorite  " Excelsior," whilst Mr. Crowcroft  delighted the audience with"Moun  tains of Mourne." Miss May  Duggan rendered " Darby and  Joan " better than we have ever  heard hor before, and fully deserved the encore accorded. Mrs.  Pslton, a new friend with a sweet  soprano voice sang " Spring Song "  and Mr. and Mrs. Riggs catered  for the more sentimental tr>ste with  a duet, "Just for To-day," which  was much appreciated.  A vote of thanks having been  accorded   to  the ladies  for  their  services in arranging the banquet  the most enjoyable evening closed  lwith the Benediction.  te  A concrete milk-house  makes milk worth more  PEOPLE are willing to pay more  for milk that comes from a clean,  sanitary dairy. In nearly every  ci'y such, dairies charge from 50 per cent, to  lOU per cent, more than others���and even then  they can't supply the demand for pure, high-  ll-adc milk You will get more value out of  your cows it you properly cool and store thc  milk. Such milk is not only more wholesome  ���and therefore can be sold for a better price  ���it is also slower to sour than milk handled by ordinary methods.  WtStW  Ask for the free book,  "What The Farmer Dm Do With Concrete"  T "ill tell you how to build a concrete milk-house, and also describes scores of other uses  for concrete around the home and on the farm. It is not a catalogue, fts 160 handsomely  illustrated pages are devoted entirely to the subject���in which every progressive farmer is  interested.  TO\J do not place yourself under the slightest obligation in asking for the book. We  do not even ask that you agree to use cement. Just sign the coupon attached to this  advertisement, or send your name and address by letter or post card, and the book will  be mailed to you at once.    Address,  Please  send meV  yourbocw  Publicity Manager  CANADA CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED  513 Herald Building, Montreal  W. C. AITKEN  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plans and Estimates  Finishing  work a specialty  Oifice : No. fe, Crowley Block, Kelowna  [P.O. Box 511  NOW  is the time  to list  Your  Property  ith  witn  We have the Buyers  KELOWNA & KAMLOOPS  Raymer Block  Manager :  H. G. DEE  Phone - 231  'Phono 238 P.O. Bos 12  E. ENGLAND  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  I'lam,   Specification,   and    I'.liniale.  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Mr. H. W. Raymer is visiting the  coast this week as delegate to the  Central Farmer's Institute conference.  Miss Currie of the public school  returned from a visit to Victoria  last Sunday and resumed her teaching duties Monday.  Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McKibben of  Cartwright, Man., are the guests ol  Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholl, Bernard Ave.  Beginning with next Sunday the  usual Sunday trip of the s.s. Okanagan will be cancelled. This will  mean that travelling from Kelowna outward on Sunday is at an  end. Connection, however, is still  to be made with the train to bring  travellers down the lake. This  service will be taken by the s. ���  Aberdeen.  Misses Lena and Mabel Wilson  spent the weekend visiting friends  in Peachland, returning by Monday's boat.  The Rev. J. A. Henderson and  daughter, late of Kelowna, are vir-  iting at Mr. J. A. Bigger's this week  from Peachland.  The Shamrocks beat the Beavers  in the first league hockey match  last Monday evening by a score ol  3 goals to  I.  Mr. L. J. Meuser returned Sunday last from Seattle after an absence of about two weeks.  In a hockey match last Saturday  afternoon on Levitt's Rink the  Lower Town Juniors defeated the  Upper Town boys by 4 goals to 2.  In the evening they played a team  from Rutland and won again by a  score of 3 to 0.  The Ladies' Hospital Aid will  meet on Monday, Jan. 27th, at 3  p.m., at the home of Mia. C. Black  wood. All ladies' are invited tr  attend and become members.  An alarm of fire was sent ir  about seven o'clock Sunday morning. It turned out to be a chim  ney at the hospital which had  caught .hold. No damage was  dome, however.  Dr. Gaddes went to the coast  yesterday morning.  Mr. J. Meuser came up from  Penticton Sunday morning and has  accepted a position in Cameron's  blacksmith shop.  Mr. E. L. Ward left Saturday for  Victoria as a delegate to the Provincial Poultry & Pet Stock Association convention. This week over  4,000 birds are on show there,  February 7th, is the anniversary  ol the poet Longfellow, and the  occasion will be marked at the  Presbyterian Church by a "Long,  fellow Evsning,"whsn solos, read,  ings, recitations, and tableau, taken  from tha poet's works will be  given. Further particulars of this  are to ba given next week.  Messrs. Casorso Bros, have purchased 50 feet of the property  where Dr. Knox's house stood for  $10,000. It is their intention to  put up a modern butcher shop, and  a start will be made as soon as the  weather permits. An adjoining  50 feet on the east was purchased  by Mr. D. Leckie for the same  figure.  Messrs. Rattenbury and Williams  have sold the cottage on Bernard  Ave., east of Mr. Story's, to Mr.  Thos. Murray for $3,000 cash. A  lot on Ellis St. belonging to Mr.  W. Ludlow was sold to Lee Lock,  who intends putting up a large  restaurant there in the spring. This  lot was purchased three years ago  for $300 and has now changed  hands for $1,500. The same firm  has sold five lots on Stockwell ave.  Introducing the subject of "Great  Britain," Mr. C. Fulton of the Public School, gave a most .interesting  and forceful address last Sunday  at the Brotherhood meeting in the  Baptist Church arousing a warm  discussion. He treated his subject under three headings, Evolution, Utility, Sentiment, and believed the time would come Svhen  the universal brotherhood of man  would be an established fact. Next  Sunday the Rev. Davidson will  ipeak on " The Right of the State  to Coerce a Man for His Own  Good."  The Chancel Guild of S. Michael  and All Angels church will hold  an apron sale in the Churchman's  Club (old K.LO. office) Keller Blk.  on Saturday Fubruary 1st from 3  to 6.30 p.m. The proceeds will  be given to some special work in  the new church.  ^huradat), January ?8.1  PROFESSIONAL AND  BUSINESS CARDS  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, etc.  KELOWNA. �� B.C  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA. :: B.C  P. EDMUND CORBY  Architect  HeweUon Block. Kelowna    ���    'Phone 206  P.O. Boi, 509  C. Har��.y. B.A.. Sc, C.E., D.L.S.. B.C.L.S.,  and B.C.L.S.  CHARLES   HARVEY,  CIVIL ENGINEER and   LAND  SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,    B. C.  Phon. 147. P.O. Boa 231  PIANOFORTE  MR.  HAROLD   TOD   BOYD  Exhibitioner Hovnl College   of   Music,  and lately  with Kandriak Pyaa,  Mua. Doc., Organut of tha  Cathaanl, Man* better, Eng.,  RECEIVES   PUPILS  Al tae Studio, Tread, Slock. Kelown..  Mu.ic  of  .vwy  description  .upplicd.  P.O aa 4)7.  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR.  CIVIL ENGINEER  P.O. BOX 137 KELOWNA  Dr. J. VI. Nelson Shepherd  DENTIST  l*. O. Bom IS. 'Pfaoaa .0  Corner Peneozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  Mr. B. G. MEYRICK  Racaivaa Pupil, at hia Studio in the MORRISON  BLOCK for Lessons in  PIA1.0P0RTB, VIOLIN, ORGAN,  SINGING and HARMONY  3 y..t.' previous espeiience     Will play for d.acc.  AJd.auBoa 257, Kelowna. B.C.   'Phone(7  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR k BUILDER  Plans and Specification. Prepared  and eatimate. given for publicfiuild-  ing.,Town and Country Residence.  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  PHONE No. M  Pianoforte, Organ, Voice Production  Singing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Ice.  STANLEY  HODKINSON  A.R.C.O.  (Assod.es el Iks ftaral Cotl.f. ol Ortaaists. Load.)  Glvaa laaaona in tha above subjects.  Qualified   by   examination.      Many  PIANOFORTE  succeeeci  ai local  cumination* (Trinity  College. London)  15   years' eucceeeful   leaching  eipeiienea  Stadio    ���    Raymer Block  W. T. ASHBRIDGE  CIVIL ENGINEER  Aa... M~. Caa. 5ac.CE       Grulau. I -..lo  Ualnrskt-  Was.iw.sk. awl Sew^sas S*��., N��*1m aa��t  liabrix Ptui.. Coasras. Caa.  strYMtiMe, St..  KELOWNA. B. C  S. W. THAYBR, D.V.8.  VBTBRINART SURGEON  (CiaJnaM MeCin U.lvsr*.)  Residence :   LAWRENCE AVE.  Maaaagea  may  ba  laft  al  tha  oftte  ef  Meaaia. Rallenbury At Williama  Miss FRANCES A. PEARSON  L.R.A.H. (London)  VOICE PRODUCTION. SINGING  Boa 366. Kaiow,,..  Or apply " Racotol " Office.  CHARLES WALL  BRBNCH   POLISHER  Furniture Repollehed & Renoceted  Boi 545 Kelown., B.C.  Sutton's Seeds  ORDERS TAKEN NOW FOR  Cut Flowera  Carnation*  Chryannthemumi  Violet.  H. LYSONS  Kelown*. Greanhouae.  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat Daily  Full supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phone 13S  Situated within ona half mile of town, and beipg  about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful riew of the town,  QJbq and surrounding country.  Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.  Close to Town and Market.  There ie ouly one GLENMORE. Don't mist the op*  portunity of lelecting a few acree of thi* deeirable  property.  If you wiah a cheap building lot or an acre of land call on ue and wa will  ���how you our eub-diviiion  ��   WOODLAWN  ���  Juat four blocks from tha centra of the town.    Price* low.   Terms easy,  monthly payments if eo daiired.  Fire Insurance  We represent only tha beat board companies.  The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.  GO TO  Elliott & Copeland  When you want a  BARGAIN IN REAL ESTATE  They have the best value* in the  City and District.  " Every Buyer a Boo.t.r"  Come and see u*  and   get  our  price* before purchasing  Elliott & Copeland  Real Eetate and Ineurance Brokers  'Phase 25 KELOWNA. B.C.  O.K. 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In our stock of  Shaving Supplies  we have the necessary  articles to accomplish this  ���razors that will keep  their keen edge, horsehide  strops, lather brushes that  hold their bristles, soaps  that will not irritate the  skin, and a large variety  of lotions, creams, &c.  <e ":-:t.:::������'/r-yi  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Mission Creek and  Benvoulin Notes  Coal mining right! of the Dominion in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, thc  Yukon Territory, the North-wett Territories, and in a portion of the Province of  British Columbia, may be leased for a term  of twenty-one year* at an annua) rental of  $1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will  be leased to one applicant.  Application for the'lease must be mode  by the applicant in person to the Agent or  Sub-Agent of the district in which tlie  rights applied for are situated.  ln surveyed territory the land must be  described by sections, or legal subdivisions  of aectiona, and in unsurveyed territory the  tract applied for shell be staked out by the  applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied  by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if  the rights applied for are not available, but  not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on  the merchantable output of the mine at  the rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable  coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If  the coal mining rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at  least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface  rights may be considered necessary for the  working of the mine at tue rate of $10 an  acre.  For full information application should  be made to the secretary of the Department  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or  Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized publication of this  advertisement will not be paid for.  (I-1mi. our own correapondant)  Mis. Jas. Lylle entertained the  members of the Benvoulin church  Ladies' Aid Society and their hus*  bunds to an "At Home" last Thursday evening. A very enjoyable  time was spent by those present.  1 lie regular weekly meeting of  tin* Benvoulin Literary Society whs  held Inst Friday evening at the  home uf Mr. Munson. Readings  and foci ta tion a wr?re given by the  members, and were criliciserl by  Mrs. Squair in a very able marine..  The next meeting will be held at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Reid.  A cordial invitation is extended lo  va*\\wKsmrna��3jr.iBC.L*i v,rvmriJM��uijrfffijtfgM��gigj��aKa  P. B. Hits & Co.  DRUGGISTS and STATIONERS  Kelowna,     B. C.  PHONE 19  Dr.  MATHISON  Dentist  KELOWNA    :    B.C.  An ad. in the "Record''  is the hall-mark of a progressive  business.     Insist   upon   people  knowing you're there  Have you tried it  yet ?   Tried what ?  Sliptivity  Axle Grease  Good stuff  One pound tins, 15c.  Geo. Thomlinson  Harness Maker  Kelo  Items from Ellison  (From our own correspond,*!,))  Anyone desiring to attend llie  packing school this year, are requested to give their names to Mr.  Hereron as early as possible.  The first load of tobacco grown  in our district was taken down to  the factory in Kelowna yesterday,  and appeared to be a splendid  sample of the soothing weed.  A challenge has been made by  two of our suffragette ladies to Mr.  M. Hereron to meet them in debate on the subjret dear to their  hearts, viz, votes for women.  On Friday last thc members of  the Ellison Literary Society paid a  visit to the East Kelowna Literary  Society when a most interesting  debate took place on the question  " Should Women Have Votes ? "  Eloquent speeches in favor of the  ladies were made by Miss Taylor  and Mr. J. Carney, for the Ellison  society, whilst Mr Gillespie and  Mr. Crowley made equally good  efforts for the East Kelowna society.  The judges finally decided against  the ladies having votes, the result  being East Kelowna 10 points,  Ellison 8. After the debate refreshments of an excellent character were handed round, then  dancing was Indulged in until the  early hours of the morning.  ANGLICAN  St. Michael and AH Angela' Church.  Holy Communion, Hot and third Sumlsys in the  month .1 8 a.m.; second .nd fourth Sundays. .Iter  Morning Prayer.  Litany on the first and third Sundsys.  Morning Preyer st 11   o'clock;   Evening Prayer .1  7:30.  St. Andrew's, Okanngan Mission.  First Sund.y in month, Holy Communion atSa.m.  Matins and Litsny. 11 a.m.  Even.omr 7:30  Second Sundsy, Mstins and Holy Communion .t 11  Evanullg 7:30  ItF-V. THOS. GREENE, B. A.. Rode.  Rev. C. II. MEYRICK, A.sislsnt Priest.  PRESBYTERIAN  Knox Presbyterian Church, Kelowna.  Morning Services at II s.m.ieveniiigsorvic.sat 7:30  P.ai.   Sunday School al 2:30 p.m.  \\ aefcly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at ��� p.m.  Benvoulin Presbyterian Church.  Afternoon eervice at 3 p.m. Sundsy School at 2 p.m.  The Dominion to  Have a Parcels Post  RATTENBURY & WILLIAMS  REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE  Wc have moved our office to  Up-stairs in the Leckie Block  GEO. A. BOWSER  BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR  Jobbing and General Repair Work  Contracts taken for Moving Buildings  Kelowna   -   B.C.  A resolution by the the Hon.  Rudolph Lemieux favoring the establishment of a system of parcels  post in the Dominion was debated  in the House ot Commons last  week. Half-a-dozen members  from different parts of the Dominion, and representing both sides  of the house, spoke in favor of the  resolution, and the postmaster-  general also gave it his endorsement. He said that he was giving  close attention to the working out  of the plan recently adopted by  the United States. He had no intention of taking a leap in the dark  and would follow closely the working out of the American plan, but  he felt that the Canadian postoffice  should make a succees of it. He  intimated that the system would  be by zones, not by a flat rate,  since, with the great distances in  this country, a flat rale would  bankrupt the department. Members who spoke in favor of the  resolution were unanimous in  believing lhat it would have a  salutary effect in reducing express  rates in this country, wliich were  characterised as outrageous. Mr.  Pelletier intimated lhat something  might be done this session.  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -   $76,000  MONEY TO LOAN  On Fint Mortgages,  Agreements for Sale Purchased  FIRE,  LIFE, AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  D. A. CAMERON  I *��   PainUr        Paperhanger  Apply  Above the " Record " Office  THE  RECORD OFFICE  FOR  JOB PRINTING  During the fiscal ye.ir ending  March 31st, 1912, Canada exported 58,809lbs of tobacco, valued  at $25,944.  In making tons of lead pencils,  Europe has depended on the imports of American cedar. A firm  in one German city has made 300-  000,000 lead pencils a year Irom  this cedar.  The usual Anglican church service will be held at Rutland next  Sunday, January 26lh.  As nearly as can be estimated  from the figures receivetl hy the  lailway companies, no fewer than  10,000 people from Western Canada went to Europe for lhe Christmas holidays. The gre.itcr part  of them went to the British Isles.  The annual conventions of the  B.C. Dairymen's and thc Stockbreeders' Association are to be  held next week. January 29th It,  31st, at New Westminster, Reduced rates are given on the railways  to all farmers who wish lo attend  these meetings, where matter ol  the greatest interest to them is  always discussed.  METHODIST  Kelowna Methodist Church.  Ssbhath Service al 11 a.m. and 7:3') p.m.  Sunday School at 2lJ0 p.m.  Midweek service Wednesday .1 fl p.m.  REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. .A.. I1.D , Pastor.  START THE NEW YEAR by win,  STEEL RANGE  All   sizes  in  stock.  Fuel Savers. Labor Savers, and a Large Oven.  Come in and talk it over with us.  BAPTIST  Kelowna Baptist Church, Ellice St.  Sabbalh Services at II a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Sabbath School at 10 a.m.   All welcome.  Wed . 7.30.  Rev. D. J. Welah. Pastor.  Dalgleish & Harding  KELLER BLOCK  IPorMCo.  The Quality Jewelers  We are now selling  our slock of Julian  Sale Leather Goods at  HALF PRICE  to make room for our  next shipment, and  we feel sure you need  something in lealher,  so drop in and see  our line of Julian  Sale real leather Hand  Bags in the newest  designs.  Music Rolls  Cigar Cases  Cigarette Cases  Bill Folds  Card Cases, &c.  Julian Sale Leather  Goods  at  Half Price.  WI Porters Co.  JEWELERS  Crowley Bile.    -    Kelowna, B.C.  TEAMS FOR SALE  APPLY  Belgo - Canadian Fruit   Lands Co.  Uf  ft  Oiitrc Sinn  Rowcliffe Block  Studio open  THURSDAY, FRIDAY  and SATURDAY  10 a.m. till 3 p.m.  We Are Busy  But Not Too Busy  to give you the Best  and Quickest service  in any matter involving  JOB PRINTING  Our plant is modern  and growing all the  time, and we can  well satisfy you and  all your printing  requirements  Office Stationery,  Advertising Booklets,  Posters & Handbills,  Programs & Tickets,  Company and  Legal Forms  'PHONE 94  oi call in at the office  Kelowna  Record  Printing Department  mm The Orchard City Record  Thursday, January 23  Why Hesitate?  When opportunities such as these  present  themselves  to save you money at no sacrifice of quality.  We want your business, and promise you  Courteous Service,   Reliable  Goods,  and  Lowest Prices.  Special Values for Saturday:  Choice Seeded Raisins, new stock,          4 pkgs. 30c.  Best Red Salmon, small size        2 tins 25c.  Choice Mixed Pickles, reg. 40c Saturday 30c.  Gold Dust, 10c. per package.  Domestic Sardines, in oil  3 tins 25c.  Old Brown Windsor Toilet Soap     8 cakes 25c.  Our Bargain Window is  an increasing attraction.  It pays to watch it, on account of the economies it offers.  Reduce your Cost of Living,  And Patronize  THE STORE OFPLEK  'Phone ��� 35  Our Chief Study -Your Satisfaction.  Loyal Order of Moose  Now Forming in City  Director J. C. Monahan, of the  Loya' Order of Moose, nrrived in  town Sunday to install a local lodge  of llie above order.  1 he Loyal Order of Moose was  organized April I2ih 1888. It is  nut a class organization but is open  lo all good white male citizens���  professional, business and working  men, of sound mind and body, in  good standing in the community  and engaged in lawful occupations,  between the ages of 21 and 55  years. No fraternal order in the  world has had tlie rapid growth  realized by the Loyal Ordci of  Moose during the past five years.  1 he order now contains over 500,  000 members, representing 1,600  lodges.  At the last annual Moose convention of the supreme lodge,  held in Kansas City, Mo., the  Moose obligated themselves for  five million dollars for the erection  of a large industrial school and  home for lhe aged Moos<* and  orphans. 1 he province of R.C.  has alone 10,000, and at the end  of the present campaign it is expected that Kelowna will have  over 200 members. The benefits  are $7 per week in sickness or  accident, $100 in case of death,  and free medical attendance to  members nnd their families. The  dues are $2.50 per quarter. Fee  for charter members $5 ; after  charter closes the regular fee will  be charged, $25.  Among the chief characteristics  of tlie Loyal Order of Moose is its  originality and progress,veness.  The Moose does not pattern after  other fraternities, but launches out |  into new fields���establishes col-'  leges, athletic unions, and homes'  for widows and orphans.  Director J. C. Monahan has opened   headquarters at the Lakeview  1 lotel, room 55.  DAVIES & MATHIE  Ladies' and  Gents' Tailors  PENDOZI STREET  Repairing and Pressing  promptly attended to.  Stock-Taking Clearance,  All through the month of January as we proceed  taking of stock our many  counters  will  be  stocked  of all  ODDS and ENDS  that must necessarily accumulate after a season's business  We have not as yet laid these goods on our tables, but, starting  Monday, January 6th,  For   the  whole month,  you  will   find  GOOD SEASONABLE MERCHANDISE  at prices thnt should appeal to the average person.  You may find such goods as  Ladies', Misses, and Children's Coats, Sweaters,  Odd Lines of Hosiery, Blouses, Skirts,  Knitted  Petticoats,  Boots and Shoes,  Remnants of Dress Goods, of Flannelettes,  Silks, Ribbons, Embroideries, Laces, Veilings,  Curtain Materials, Beltings, Blousings,  Art Serges, Cretonnes, etc., etc.  These goods will not be all put on sale at once, but every day through stock-taking  you may expect to see something different.  OUR MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Also will have a genuine clean-up, and, if you need a Shirt, a Hat, an Overcoat,  or anything on these bargain tables, you will surely make a five dollar bill go some.  OI IR    C A\   FNDAF^ for '913 are not Put-uP  in ��u>'able  f��rm  vUn   V^/Al^L-ilNLyrAiAiJ       for   mailing  without  injury, and  we  shall be glad if our patrons will call and get one.  THOMAS LAWSON, LIMITED  Phones :      Dry Goods, 314;    Office, 143.  ROYALTY HOSTS  <   '  Though   Many   SI rive   to   Entertain  Boyalt}    ���   the    Cost    Mniiu  Would Ue Hosts In Addition  to the Social Position.  Kftng George, like the late King  Edward, does everything that lies in  his power to prevent undue UouWc  or expense being Incurred by those  Whom he Visits, and everything that  eavoure of ostentation la moat obnoxious to lilm. At the same time It  U3 necessary that a certain amount of  formaldi.v should be carefully observed  ��ud all tills runs into money. Hia  Majesty, for Instance, lu invariably  accompanied by an Equerry, who, by  reason of !ils position, becomes a  member of the house-party, while if  the Queen travels with His Majesty,  her Lady-ln-Waiting has likewise to  be Included among Lhe guests. It s.  Very rarely that the King is attended  by more than two body servants;  while three maids, as a rule, suffios  tor Queen Mary's requirements.  It le laid down that Ills Majesty  must upon all occasions have a suite  of apartments to himself, and it is  desired that these should be as far  removed from the rooms of the other  membeni of the house-party as possible. A similar suite has to be provided for Queen Mary when she la  present. Not many years ago a well-  known obi email who was entertaining  the present King for the first time  spent over $10,000 in providing a new  suite of roomy for His Majesty's occupation.  An l.xpt'nsiw Luncheon  Hile Majesty lives very simply, so  that in reality very little extra coat  need he Incurred for food und drink  upon his account. Naturally, however, those honoured with his company find it Incumbent upon them to  exert themselves to the utmost to  provide every delicacy ��� In or out  of season ��� that can possibly be  obtained. As much as $0 apiece has  been paid for quails for the Koynl  table before to-day, and as much tor  peaches when not in season,, while  $3 a basket holding considerably less  than a pound of early strawberries  Is regarded as nothing out of the ordinary upon these occasions. A snort  time before his accession It was estimated that one luncheon-table Tor  ten guests, at wliich ills Majesty was  present, hud cost between $1000 and  $1500 to prepare. And then all that  the King ale waa a plate of cold  roast-beef aud some s-alad!  Itoyul Liking for Hits!*?  Both King George and Queen Mary  have a great liking for good music,  io that, those who are their hosts and  hostesses spend almost fabulous sums  to obtain the b< rviu ��� of the most  talented vooalltHa and instrumentalists  of the day. I'pou un-' occasion, some  years ago, Queen Alexandra having  expressed her admiration for the playing of Kube-llk, her host promptly  wired to him aud invited hiiu to name  his own terms for one evening's re-  citnl. Not only was tho lar^e amount  demanded cheerfully paid to the gifted  nnsiolan, but ape lal trains wore provided to convey hip to the hoUEQ and  to take hiin back to London again, a  sumptuous dinner awaited him, and  the smallest wish lie eXpresed was nt  once compiled with. What that  evening's enterta'nment rest It iu almost impossible io scy.  HUSBAND AS PRIZE  In Buny Purls .if Europe Lotteries  Are Held in fflileli Hoilwiidi  An' Offered n* lirsi Prise.  lu tlie Winner.  A lottery has imi been organltet]  fur its women readers by llie Oili����a  'Courier,' the prize being a young mid  handsome member of llie stuff, who  haa undertaken to marry Uie winner,  be she young ur old, fnir or ugly,  rich uv poor. Not only iloi-s the enterprising Journal agree to pay all Ved-  dins oxponeee, but.:i 1 ko promises tlie  oouplo ii sufficient annuity.  Similar wus the offer nuiuV some  yenrs ttgo by :i tlcrnmu newspaper.  The prize, however, by no means came  up to tin1 expectation!) of the winner,  wim declared Mint the puny, bald-  headed Ink' man who protested himself for Uer Acceptance bore no re-  siinlil lino lo the porira'l of the arln-  tocraUc-looklng Individual which had  appeared In line paper.  "Mr. Arinit wns born in Virginia,  January LSU>. 1880. making him  twenty-five years old. lie was edu-  cnti'il In tie' University of Virginia,  and In In business iu Kirnsas City. He  h;is clii'stnut bnlr anil brown eyes:  his h<''glit Is Ti rt. 8 In., uud IiIb weight  is 10 st. 10 Ib. He does not use  narcotlca nor Intoxlcanta, hu�� no bad  li.ib'ls, nnd Is u gentleman *ln every  lente of 6he word. He has a Jovial  disposition, und Is very popular."   (  Husband Wilh flOOO a Year.  Iu the early 'forties the proprietor  of the leading library at one of tin  chief Keialsh watering-places announced u grand ruffle, Uie firat prize  to consist, or a young man, who, In  addition to good luolts, umiubic manners, und unexceptionable family connections, was guaranteed to bo in  possession of property bringing In an  annual Income of $1000. Considerable  excitement prevailed, especially  among spinsters���young, middle-aged  and old ��� several of whom came  from afar to take part In Ihe event.  VVoPflti, than, wns the iMsniuy when,  on the morning of thc day appointed  tor ihe drawing, u couple of con-  .iil'e, arrived from Loudon and arrested bbe much-advwtlaed "prize" on  x charge of fraud.  Agent: "Have you got ths testimonial for L)r. Dosem's Curs-All done  el "  Woman: "I ain't used to writing,  nd can't make any headway, svme-  .���::. All I've got written Is, 'No pen  ui 0 icrlbe my sufferings."  tint!   "That's  al   right!  Now  go  ., . j and describe 'am."  wm mi wm  Wm  |t WANTED il  I    2 Cent* per, word, Fir��t insertion and  I Cent per word each subsequent  insertion, minimum 25 ents.  STOCKTAKING  SPECIALS.  FOUR.  Leard's Canned  Chicken,  fine for salads  or cold meat,  1 lb. tins, 40c. each.  Leard's Chicken  Soup,  good for persons  sick or well,  21b. tins, 25c. each.  Robertson's Scotch  Marmalade,  as good as the  best,  21b. tint, 25c. each.  British Columbia  Salmon,  flavor good, but  color very light,  1 lb flat tins, 2 for 25c  We don't want to  have one can of  above when  we take  stock  the end of  January.  POSTS FOR SALE  Fir,  cedar and  lamarac post.. Price  (delivered) quoted on application. Apply  Bouvette ��t Meuaer, P.O. Box 448. 29  The McKenzie Cu  Limited  FIR WOOD FOR SALE  Also  Cottonwood.     Delivered.    Apply  Bouvette Bi Brown, Box 448. 43tf  DRY WOOD FOR SALE  Apply F.  A.  Taylor or   Lynn  Harvey,  K.L.O. Bench. Stf  WOOD FOR SALE  Cut 24in $4 per rick delivered;   Min. and  I6in. $2.50 delivered. Cather, phone 34.  Stf  ��I0 REWARD  For return of red and white cow, branded  FC on right  hip and  left shoulder.  No  ether mark.   Cather, Phone 34. 5tf  .     LOST  Mooly heifer, 2 year, all dark brindle, no  white, faint brand IA right hip. $5 reward  Record Office or C. H. Leathley, Rutland.  HAY FOR SALE  Clover, $15 ton. Record Office or C. H.  Leathley, Rutland.  BALED HAY  Second crop, delivered anywhere in  the  Valley, $24 per ton.   Apply M.  Hereron,  Kelowna. 6tf  FOR SALE  Set of single driving Harness   in   good  condition;   also   pair  of   chaps.     Apply  Harold DeHart, McKenzie'a atore.        7tf  WANTED  at once, thoroughly capable Electrician.  Capable   of   taking  charge.   No   helpers  need apply,      Write, stating qualifications,  to P.O. Box 90, Kelowna, B.C. Stf    '  $5 REWARD  for   recovery   of   red   cow  (dehorned).  Brand across nose. Alex. Reid, Benvoulin,  Kelowna. 8-9  SCOTCH COUPLE  Want work on ranch, wife to cook.  Apply  Box G, Record Office. 9-2p  FOR SALE or EXCHANGE i  Ten Buff Orpington cockerels (Cook strain) j  Orders takeit now for sittings.   Apply   F.  DeCaquery. 9*2  WANTED  To purchase, yearling White Leghorn hens  F. DeCaquery. 9-2     (  WANTED  Ten cords white poplar,   green,   delivered  Bernard Avenue.   Apply R, Storey,  Kelowna. 9-1 lp  FOR SALE  Cottonwood, $2.25 per rick,  delivered in  town.   Please mail your order to P.O. box  347.   Dr. P. de Pfyffer, Mission R��ich.  9.10  One li  WANTED  ie large, one small incubator.   Address  H. Leathley, Rutland.  Okanagan  Valley  Nursery  Our trees are vigorous,  well rooted, and true lo  name. We have selected  our scions and buds (rom  the best bearing trees in  this valley, (rom the orchards that grow the prize  fruit, that got the highest  prizes at the greatest apple  shows in the world.  We want you to know about  our extra quality one-year-  old trees on two-year-old  roots. We have had 25  years' experience in the  nursery business and know  how.  Come and see our stock.  Okanagan Valley Nursery  KELOWNA, B.C.  J. C. STOCKWELL  -   Mangr.  Frank Mitchell  (from England)  Contractor for Plastering  and  Non-smoking  Fire Places  Apply Royal Hotel


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