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The Independent Apr 11, 1903

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 fceflfislatlve Llbr'y Mar. Ji|ftJ  l-  THE  ROYAL BANK  , OF  CANADA  . . SAVINGS   BANIC . .  A OemersI Banking: Buslntsa  _ Transaoted  OFFICBS-Haatlngs   Streot,   W,  rVMtmlnster Avenue, Vancouver.  F0UKT1I YEAR.  b. c. mmm loan am  SAVINGS CO.  Authorized CapitHl . (10,000,000  Subscribed Capital -  .   1,000,000  Absum Ovor  ....     300,000  Heml Offloo, 3-21 Cambie Btreet,  Vancouver, II. 0.  THE U. B. iu. mu.  The U. ll. of l{. k, milk,. h), ���ul  been developing veiv ninth ...,.s or  laic. Things prui-tleully leinnhi un-  i-hnnged from List week's leptni. Tlio.i>  hun been no negotiations going on between the contending pnilluu, anil both  sides uie us linn |tI dieii st,uuis to-  duy us the day they tool: them.  Neyson .uul Itevelsloke aie standing  Ilim.  VANCOUVER, B. (?., SATURDAY, APRIL tl, 1903.  Tluee non-unionists ipill wo,it at  l'evclstoke, bec.iiisc the machinists  cn.npellud them to use l.'-puund sledges  <iiid sti Ike uiih.ihIk Ciuin the shouldei.  This lh looked upon by the men as a  roi t of fiee/c-out game.  Tne Idling ot the C. J' lt. on Wed-  '"usdiiy by 12 J.ipiiie.se, who ��,.,e en-  a'aged .it tinloidlng the i.nl ship at 3X  lent', on houi, was auothei ease ol a  bodj ol men, though loielgneis, quit-  injf good Jobs mlliei  than scab.  A gland benellt conteit will bu ten-  deied by the Savoy theatie on Thuis-  duy next The pi ngi amine Is the best.  Reseived seats ?1, genei.il admission.  00 cents. Union men and otheis, come  nnd huve a good laugh.  mi Mi ll.e fm tin. iccogiilllon nr the  union of tlit*li clm'ii'. These .wheiso  iiltlclsins mliul jou, n\e miidi- goiui-  ���illv bv peiniiis who nevei lm\i> been  in labor nigiiilfMiiiius In lln-i live-,  mul who ciltiUo othei Inbm unions .is  will It Im tine. ,i|mi th.it soiiip ine\-  lieilLiueil i.nd well-me.uihiB membeis  of one union ,��� iinnilivi ,up always  lciuly to Juiiip on thc at Limit or theli  slslci unloiK hec.uisf Ihey a<e Iuo con-  (native In theli mm uuicnls il inu,l  oo always Inline In mlud Unit no body  of men uin ibn dilvcn und' ciniKit be  uiged to du anything 01 go r.istoi ih.m  .he ninsi i.ndy an,] nensi r.u lion In  thill make-up. U u weie ���0i r<u the  ih.ioi.iuce th.it ccl.sls .inning us the lu-  uoi pioblcin inulil be '���ii.veil ,n a dnv- ���  Com.  WHOLE no. m.  m dUESM OF  A HilXIMUH WAtifi.  coidlng In alillily,  Insteiul ol   il\lu���r lt  maximum,   wlinii   we   would   lon^ldii  ii'liiigiesilini ol  ihe inosi i,|,|, i iionabu  kiiul  'I  ' Ae we go to piess^criuusdny evening)  tlicio Is being held a mnnslei mass  meeting" In'Union Hall, ovei the dismissal by the C.*P. R of 14 men, who  l (.fused to take "the places of stiikeis  Piesident Estes is ,ihe pi Inolpal-spcnk  cr,      * j ��� ,  Winnipeg Is lepoited to bo gaining in  membeiblilp'i.ipidly. .The company lost  the case of damages, bi ought against  the strlkeis. -.The men have opened a  free employment buieau foi the benefit of those brought there undei false  pietense3 lo work foi the C P. It., nnd  who'icruse to take the places ot stiikeis. '  STICK TO YOUR WORD,  'lhe eveeulne council or Ihe Ainc-ii-  1,111 Fcdciiilmn of r���ihoi has .sent oul  i not lee no .ill allilluleil oigiiil/ulions  on Ihe necessity nr Mildly .idhcilng io  igi cements wilh employ eis The icso-  'iili.ui. wlikh w is idoptcd at the locent  mecl'iig or Uhe e\Cc utile council. Is aa  follows.  "It is widely und falsely ilunged by  u hostile ],iL..,s nnd othei opponents of  oi,:inl/.ul l.iboi that li ule unions me  lieciuciitly guilty of v nl'ting iontiiels  enteied Inl0 w th emploveis. Tlieie  have been a, few oases iu which un'ons  huve unwisely violated agicements, but  these .ue e.\teplions and'not the mie,  conti.icts being moie ficiiuenllv no-  luted by the employ ei, and, while we  dcslie lo give Uie sliongest poss ble denial lo the geneial accusations ibut  agieemuils ,ue not lespected by oiganlzed lubor, we do not wish to condone  the exceptions " ,  iAiiangemcnts'lmve been made wheie-  by the U. li. of -lt. E will be enabled  to keep their dliilng-iooni going foi an  indefinite period. Al piesent some 80  p.'aie being fed. So It will'nmdlly be  seen that none ofthe strlkeis will go  hungiy. Among those ln.charge aie S  Gainham, chief stew aid, J. N. Kendall, \V. Thlcke, J. 'ltobcitson* and  through their eftoits the Institution ls  being made a huge success.  The Intei national Brotherhood of El-  ,- -tctneal wotkeis have decided to assess  ;��   then  membeis 3 per centra month ol  " i.thelr> earnings (towards the suppoit,. of  the U. B  or It   li  In Its ll0'ht for justice with the C   P. it.   They also donated lhe sum ol $13 oul of llieh titas-  ury   This is exceedingly geneious when  It Is taken Into consideiation that this  i body not long since passed  thiough a  piotiacted  sti ike und of  necessity incurred very heavy obligations.  ' '     Rather than take stiikeis' places oi  ri     woik  with  scabs,   fom Icon  men  (oai-  j-   ^men and  caipenteis at the C   P._R  ;      shops) quit woik Wednesday.   Till then  ."��    tliero had been no trouble, as the company had studiously .molded untagon-  ,    izing the shopmen by'asking them'to  '. "' take th'e stiikeis' plates, but evidently  thinking that the lesolution placing the  . shops on the .fall, list had time lo souk  in.Mhe company have tried to see just  1 Jiow far they could go *But the lesolu-  V'tlon of;the Tiades .Hid Laboi   council  of Vancouvei   has placed the shops in   r_that_posltlon_w hcic _lhc_men_dn_iiiil  caie to go up against its decision  FINANCE  COMMITEl'l  The   following   committee   weie appointed by the Advls'oiy Jtoaid of the  Tiades and Lnboi Counc'l and .ue cm-  powcied to iccelve moneys In aid or the  U   H.    R.    i'l    sti Ike:      F.    Williams,  Clubb feStcwiul; P. J. Hussell, Uiboi  . hall, 13. W. Hakes; Chus   Wliuleii. Sini-  l ons,   thc   lalior,     II    Coidowi    St;  ti.  Thomas, Kuitss &. Co, Cm dm.i St,;  Hull. 'Savoy bin bvi  shop.  LABOR IN ONTARIO.  ' Offlieis of the Canadian Tiado3 and  Labor confess headed u' dcpulalion  which waited on the Ontaiio government last week al Toi onto jPiesldent  Flett, ot Hamilton, and Seiiet.uy Dim--1  per,' of Ottawa, weie absent, but II  Oiermcyci, of Hamilton, and Joseph T  Maiko, pf London, woreT among those  present. Sum Mooie, vice piesldent,  was spokesman He was intioduced  by Robeit docking, secietuiy of the  Ontaiio buieau of labor. The iesolu-  tlons passed^at the congiess In Btilin  lust Septembei, weie picscntcd, calling  foi the following logislaiiori1 ,  1. Law compelling slieel lallway  companies lo piovlde passage thiough  centie of open cais to avoid the dnngei  to condtietois Tioni use'of side steps  ���2 Bettei^ cnfoicement at factories  Inspection act *  J To pievent companies fiom ic-  ,t lining und tonllscutlng wages foi ln-  fi action of theli special l tiles  1 To biand pioduil of piison 1 iboi  This will ho conceded when piesent  contiael ccplies in IW! . s  ' 3 Law to compel house owneis to  have old papei toin on" befoie lepapei-  ing Lculng on ot old papei Is contended to be a menace to public health,  and hcilth of men employed This lhe  rioUncIal scLietniy- eMieets will be  co\eicd by new legislilion along lines  ahtady  laid down In some states  Jfol lune, ,ig�� ihe uutlool,, hi N. ���  Vuik, sent to u numbii ol lepiesenl.i-  th'e In hoi men and inlleiis of laboi oi-  K.ililsillnii,   the    liillowlng    qiiPHtlou  (I) Do liiKlcs-iinirnis lh- a m.iviiiiuni  w i^'e, so that mole than ,i\eiage> mtilt  ��� .iiiiint e.un  moio than  wains' anil  1,2)   Dn  ihey ll\ a  m.ioiimni qutpul,  so Hint ,i wuge-eatnei of nioi<. thin  all",ige ability Is not peimltlul lo pio-  tliKe moie thun ihe piodmt or the av-  ��� inge wuiUc'i ' We j.i mt below Uio nn-  ��� weis icitiveil.  I.  I'MIOM   JOHN   MWIIF.LL,  liosldi'iit or Ilie'UniUd Mine AVoikeis  of Ainei lea  Tlu  Uniled Mine Winkii-, of Anu-ilci  does not IK a miMiimin lato'-u does  IK a nilmnimu 'i.ilc       ir a woikiinm  ib \tlops nn ii'iiisu.il doRieo or skill, ilio  en.plojui   I,  ,u  peifm  liheitv fo  pay-  bill!  oi   uny   othei   uoi km in  a Inghci  late than  lhe late lived In oui  n,'icements wllh sujli employer     What wc  sick to do is to IK a leasonably r,ih  rite of  wages foi   all  men  who  Mink  in the nunln���- Industiy, ��o ns  to"gi\e  tnem a wage tint will enable them to  liv<^ in a manner eonlorinalile to Am-  eilcan   standaids,   and   put  somclmng  away li,, old nge oi inllimlty ,  In llie ml'ilng industiy fully se\enly  pu eent ofthe noikcis aie employed  on Pieic-woik, and theli earnings .no  or ionise icgulated wholly by the  amount or woik they do, excepting thut  we fi\ a ccit.un price per ton i.i our  .'Sfuuuents wRh the oiieiatois, and the  woikman who pei foi ins tlia most laboi  ���lakes Hit highest wages We do*nol  Place any restiictlons upon the amount  of laboi that shall lie. peifoimed  II.     i ,  -l,ni   v,, |   ,|in si,i,p.   I   .niswei  lh.it   lhe   leplv   In   \o.i   ||,   |   ,|iiistloii  Mlitw-ls whai  mu)   he i.iid |,j ih    see-  unil.     Thiu-   Is   ,in   miiNliiiniii  loiiteuipliilnl   by   inn   1 ihs  o,  "in   ngiei Is.  lm   in isiiuii.1i  ���������ii|iii t  inn   nt  as  mu-  P,  laNORANCH THM DANO.l'llt.  it  is piiiticulurly nnileeuble thai   In  the iniiny-sldcil    dlHtusilons    nr labor  Hint hiiii i ome up since the II. II  or It.  'e. mi Ike hus been ou, Uml the Ignm-  uuce displayed  by  ninny    people���nut  only umong those outside the unions,  , but  by  membeis   themselves���Is  most  deplorable    and    shameful.    Otliei wise  nppaiently^ fall-���minded men ugiee that  the U. B of R  E  and the othei unions  ���   wifStilke aie a band of socialises'and  unfit' to assume the responsibilities of  organized Iaiboi  or even common citizenship.- What' we know ot the bulk ot  . i\l      ���   y     t.   , . - i       1   ~  the C. P. R strikers Is,that they aie us  line a Jot of level-headed and;modeiate  men (hytheir views and aspirations as  t�� you will find anywhere, and aie simply  ANOTIILR COAL STRIKE  An Alton.i, I'a , despatch snys thai  what pi onuses to he one or tho most  bliteily contested stilkes ever known  In the Ccnli.'l l'euiisyhanl.i bitunilu-  ous coal legion, has been inaugiiialed  nLtlie iniucH of tha,l.elilgh_v,illty-Coal  coinpiny nt Snow shoe, I'a The coni-  inny has K-rused toullow eheek-wclghl  men on the tipple, all hough the piesence ol the iheek-welglit men Is compulsoi y, .iccoidlng to state law, ir the  milieus deSTip to pul one theie The  minus' ollklals also sny that the company has disehii'gcd 111tv- mon foi Joining the oigniilzatlon. National liesl-  iteul John .Mitchell has whed Dlslilil  !���*!Liiilt>iiL I'litikk (illduv to conical the  'ili'lke lo a finish, and h i.s assutcil lilm  nl lllu'iul suppoil 11 om the million dnl-  l:ii lieiisui'v of the national oig.inl/n  Hon. , '    ,  FROM HENRY WHITE  Clenei.il Secietary or lhe United G,u-  >* merit Workois of Ameiiea.  (1)^ Tindes-unions do.nm In estaan.-h  i minniiuiii wage, whicli docs not, bow-  e\ei, pievent those having moie than  the ueiage aollity fioin getting an incieased \y.igo.  (C) The maximum output is usually  enfoited foi the puipose of pieienting  lush work.  I dtsne to say, In addition, Ihit the  eftctt of such mips Is to eliminate the  least competent woikman If the employ ci is given the option of choosing  his men, lie will mtuially spleel the  moie (omptleiit, and the olheis'wlll,  m time, leave the tiade lor other occupations moie suited to then abilities Suth is the case in lhe tutting  tiade in this citv, which accounts foi  the eflldenty of the New Yoik cutteis  In compailsou with I hose of othei cities.  IH  FROM JA'MES M LYNCH  Piesident or the Intel national Typo-  v giaplucal  Union  The stiboidinate unions or the Intei-  nilional '1 ypogiuphieal union fl\ n  minimum w ige The liiinniium wage is  believed to be in ucuvd tnee- with the  earning pciweis ot the avei.ige-piu.tei,  .'lid theie Is nothing to picient a flnn  m enijiloyei fiom leiogni/lng moie  than (he .neiage meiil if it oi he de-  fius to do so  The liilpin.ihmii'l Typogiapliip.il union dots not-li\-,i-i,iiniinum oi ma\liii-  i.in output Oui incinheis woiking by  the pieie and nu time, both at hnnd  and nun bine wink, ,ue evpected to pei-  roim a r.iii day's woik foi n fall days  pay  The liiteiniliiin.il Tvpngi.iphii.il union bus been in etisleiue roi line than  lllty \eais, having been oiganUPd In  iMny, I SI J, and lhe lbove has he"n Its  polli V dining all Ih it lime,  IV.  h'ltOM   JAM IN   DUNCAN  Willie i.iu Is'esi ihllslh ,1 upon a minimum, the mine i m ill pmilutc-, the  sslli i eli.inec time Is io, |,m hu leased day-wage iate, and i hi is oniplov-  i-d by life pi. ie, his inueised output  would give lilm in eoiu,iai Isou iiuieas-  d i 'iinpc ns ninn  V  I'ROM  JAM Uo Oi ONNIll.L  liiltinitioii.il Piesultnt ol the Inleina-  tloii.il   Association   o,   Mai hinlsls.  (1)   Olgn i/iilinns do nm \iK   |  ni i\-  iiuum wage    On  Ihe cOMtiun    i iiiui-  iiniini wage Is osiablishul ivhidi -il ie..s  tlu    midi ink    wiui   ihe   gnaiesi   skill  m   nu nl lu   i pc-ilmn to   nh ante liun-  ell   .o  lhe  niglust  w u-ts paid  in  his  li .de oi  (ailing  (-) The in.iMinuni wu���'e is not set  by am tiades oigini/atimi, ln So l,u ,u,  I am ariiii iinieii The insinuation  Jul 1 leint'senl iciiuues ils meinbeis  to pei fm in j. nh day's woik Ioi i fall  day's pay, and wo leiognlze lhat one  man is (apablp oi pi educing mo.o than  'i.othei, bctfiusc we ut not all mtnt-  ���lly a,- physically t-onstmetod alike.  1 (mote rimn the Constitution, ,\tl j.  See   4  lliieh lodge (oi lodges) shall tstibhsh  i mlnlmuni scale ot wages m its locality und no machinist who is i membei  of the ciigami'ition shall woik undei  lnal seale In Unit locality, noi shall an  'ippluant fm iiiembtisliip be cons'dei-  2d eligible unless he icieivcs the min-  iinum stale or vages iu nls loe.ility.  VI.  FROM  1.    ll   CLARK  Oi.i'id Cluol Condueloi ol  [he Ojdt-i of  Railway Conductois of America  % ^tonsldej  the subjett, ol youi   ipies-  tion.s  n  veiy  impoitanl  one     It  does  not, how evei, apply to the class of em  niK mm kktili:mi;i\t.  (Uu of the mod no ible V ilinli.s Inl  "igani/eil lnliui In Ameiiea was nblulu-  'd List Siluiilav nl SI Louis fin the  eiiiployeis nl dm. Wiihash mad Em  Mini inonlhs the (onliuvi is\ between  the lepKseiiiatlves ol ..he union and  the iniiip mv wa.s iiuilnl on An in-  juni lion .invented u siilke which  might have Involved ovei XOpoo men  I'he olllieis ol (In uu on look advantage ol this and 1 Mit the icli butted  umtioveisy  going   mull the lii.du none  ol loniintloi um h   the .uioplaiu c of  tin   levlsnl  mil s  bv   Ihe tunipaiiv  XI nn 1'onils in Scltleinent.  KolloHlng  an.   the   main   points  em-  biaeed in  lhe sttUeinenl  Twelve pel lent imie.i'e f"i londut-  lois bl.tin men and liaggageinen in the  p issengei siivui, ind 1", pel eent loi  (onduetois and Inakenien in the rieirfhl  stiviee, ovei the i.itcs wlikh cvlsiod  J.uui.ny 1, ISO.', wist ol the Mississippi  11 v ei,  l^oi the Hi enii ii uu leases weiegi.int-  ed on the Canadian lines in nceoidinee  with the Ciiiiad.i Soulhein division ot  lhe Michigan Centi.il On the lines In  the United States maleiial intieases  and inipiovcmints in tlie woiking <.0n-  duloiis weie guinted the ilieinen.  Last ol lhe Mississippi ilvei lhe  lates will be biotir;hi U]i to this same  stind.ud when to.npe'tlng lines in the  nut tenitoiy ^i.iiil similai Ineien-.e's  The v.ulous vaidnien leceive a "substantial Inciease, v.nying in dilTeicin  lotabties      i '  kt-v lsion or Rule's  Tlieie  is an  entne  lovision  of mlcs  applying to  ill classes of lialn senlte  This w.us the main bone of contention,  .ind was gi anted In its entnety.  Ever Since the Injunction was ins-  solved, ,on Wednesday moiiiing, the  "lo'insel roi bolh sides have been In ul-  mosL continuous conreience, and eveiy  enoit was put roilh to reach an dilutable settlement.  -All   day   Satuulay-   was   occupied "in  eunfeience, and at 6 o'clock the mallei  Aie lhe Inteiest or cap I till and Inboi  lilenllinl? No (iiiesllon his heen s��  Ihoinughly illseUHHCd lu and oul or  tunic" unloiiK. Piesldent Mitchell says  thut If they aie not Identical, ihey nie  at louHt* iccipiocul . The socialists ton-  lend( thnl thch ���lnlpie"ts are natiii.illy-  oppoficd to eaeh other. One Is buyei  of laboi'*and the othei Is a sellet. Now  conies ii^ wilier In tha_Cig,iiinukeis'  Journal who contends that the Interests ot capital and laboi aie identical,  but that those of labor and monopoly  can nevei- he Identical He gives as an  oxernple ;the light of the Cigarmakeis'  union In behalf of the Individual deal-  eis���and tobacto manufacluieus, as  against, tho tobacto tiust.���Duluth  World.  NiCoimI St'iielaiy of the Oi.mltp Out-  lei's Natlonnl Union.  The Ciunlle ("ntli-it.* N.illiiiiul union  dots not Il.\ a m iNlnnini wage 'What  ll does Is to li\ n tn In lm u in wn^e fo,  those eniploved undei what Is culled  the iliy-wnik system. Thus, In us fui  as dny woik Is concerned, wages nie  guided upwaids, and men of moip than  oidlnniy ability can ipic've the lull  value of theii sei vices, by mutual  agieement with the employ ur, Those  who aie employed by the piece, in that  thev leceive so muih pei fool instead  ot so much pei diem, also ictelve tho  full value of their liboi, In at-coidnufq  with thc scale picpaied; so the whole  tendency of our national union, which  has a flist-cluss system of agieements  with employcis, Is and has been to IK  u minimum, and grade upwards ac-  industnal  tiades oi   in  lna'iufacluilng  lines  The genti.il basis of pay roi our  membeis Is u tcitam iate pei mile  tun oi tiip made This full amount is  paid, uo mallei how ciulckly the ti Ip  oi nm may be made, bijt il they are  delayed beyond a teiUiu maximum  time, they are paid "foi the'.idlditibnal  nouis letiuned of them, as, for in-  slante, if a division of a load is'100  miles _m length, a fi eight eoaluctor  would leceive, say, ti pel tup ovei the  dlslnct, and if on any tilp he is le-  iiuueil to woik longei Ilian ten houis,  he is paid additional at the iate of  ton miles poi houi ioi lhe e\lra ht.uis  On some mads the iate pci mile oi  tilp is dirteient roi difleienl classes ot  li.iius, dppindcul u.ion the inline of  the woik which tlioTiuins aie lequlred  lo do  The only limit ��c puL upon the  aniounl of woik a man shall peiioim  oi Mic aniount or his cam Ings is the  pioviso which' obtains m nil or our  woiking agieonionts, thai .iflei a man  husx been (onlliiuously on duty, siiv,  sixteen houis, he slull be entitled to  eight houis' lest beioie being icquiifd  lo again stait on .i^tiip-il-belng'.uiidei-  slood thai this list is to he t iktn :itn  leinun.il, and I hit the ink does r,ot  pci nut the men to ah union t lie li woik  liitween  leiniluals  Our geneial i ule foi pioinotion of  men i- thai ll ment, .ibllllv and (|iial-  llii.iLiiPiis, nioeciuil. the man-loiige'l in  Iln sei i Ice will have piPleicnce foi  piomolKin, and the nunc ilesh ihh'iuns  hul we in ike no nile wiueii (onlem-  pl lies lhe piomi>lIon ol liiiompeltiil  .ii   liidineienl nien  We nun to giithei Inio nu inlieishlp  the Ihoiouglih compileul nud tellable  li.lln iniidiulois. We alio lo piolci I  (hem niiiilnst Inlusllip, and lo sii uie  the hlghesi mtes or pav, the sIiiiIpml  houis of lahoi, nud the niosl liivoiuble  (Ondillons of employnienl. which ran  he seciiicd within the limits ot justice,  light und icason.  1 have lie.iul (he elnlni made that  pomp tiadcs-unlons did IK a miiM-  nium wage and a minimum output foi  theii liKuiibeis Peisonalh, 1 think such  action is a mistake 1'think that we  should make eveiy elicit to serine foi  all Industi ions men a living minimum  wage, but that, having established the  minimum wage, wc should not"restrict  the ^ability oi the disposition or a man  of inoic than' aveiage ability oi willingness' to eain more'by producing  more.  ���- was puictitally settled and It lemained  Ployment ������ vvhlth tl.e membeis ol ou, only fo, ��.Bnatii,e. to be afllxed ,|o of-  oidei  a,e engaged as It would  in  the  flcally   terminate  the    tiouble.    By ~8  o'clkick the papei s had been signed and  the great Wabash wage tontioversy  was at an end  All Satis-fled.  Acting Piesident Ashley, ot the Wabash system, said  'The settlement is entnely satiifat-  loiy to the company, except in a few  details, but. they'weie not of enough  moment to cuuse a delay in coming to  an agieement Theie is now no icison  wliv the lelations between the Wabash  company and Its employees should not  he perfectly haimonious."  , Giand Alastei Hannahan, of lhe fiie-  men, said  'The lesult ot tins tonlioveisv and  settlement has unquestionably tie*,ated  laboi to a highei plane In the business  woild than any othei contioveisy that  has evei taken place dining the evast-  ente or lailioad oigamznlions T am  glnd we weie able to adjust our duTei-  ences without lesoiting lo foicible  means."  Vice Cluuid Mastei W. G Lee, eil' the  ti.tinmen, said  'This is uniiueslinn.ibly one or the  Kicati'Sl victones that lahoi has e\ei  won���nnd- whlle-oui���committee-hive"  been eompelled lo stay heie sevei.il  niontlis (hey reel fully icpaid. This  srttlenient piovldts conclusively th.it  cool, cilm dellbeint on will accomplish  moie than uullenl action '  B.ild  thill'If those who nie opposed to  mi} puitlciihu thing do tliat'w hlch they  uppiwi", nie not horn-si lu theli opposition.    This   nile  applies  wllh  especial  lone lo .-veiy chin, h member���no mallei the denomination���who oppscs boy-  (olts  liiauguiated  and   piosecuted   by  labor unloiiH    In the Hist plntc, let us,  is  thuiih   people,   ask  nuiselves   this  <liic-stlmi:    -What  Is  u  boycott;'    It Is  nolhi'ig  moie  not   less  than  opposing  those who oppose )ou     It Is liue that  the .Savloi adi-oiated turning the other  cheek,   thai  ll  might  be  smitten,  yet  you know  and I know  that hardly one  I'lnlstlan   In   a  million    emulates    the  inei'lf and lowly  Na/uioiie In this res-  peit.    On  the lontiaiy,  the histoiy of  the chuich Is a histoiy of fighting���of  'bovlotting,' if you please    Hut vve often he.n a well-meaning pel son say, 'I  will admit th il the membeis ot a union  h.ue  lhe  light  to  lefuse  to pationl.se  .nv  institution, but they have no right  to nsk otheis to Join them '   No Clnlsl*-  l.in  c.fii  consistently  i.ilse  this objection, foi  the simple icason tliat, if earned  Lo lis logical conclusion, ll would  elo'c lhe mouth ot eveiy evangelist in  tho  land,   it  would  pievent  pieachers  fiom  preaching lo any pel son  who  is  not a thin eh ineinbei, it would confine  the gospe-1  of Jtsus Chilst  to Christians,   if thuich membeis have a right  ���and thoy ceitainly have���to appeal to  mankind not to pationi/.e the saloon���  lo  -boycott'   It���because  the saloon is  opposed to nil that Is'advocated by the  chuich���then, In all fan ness, I say oi-  gaiiued liboi  also has the'nght to Issue .i detiee against those who aie opposed to oiganlzed labor.   If organized  labor should tontine" its boycott to or- i  ganlzed laboi, then the church should  conliue  ito  woik to  chinch members.   ���  But, one may say. 'Religion helps the  woild,  and unions only helps' working  people'       Let  me say  to  those who  would advance this argument lhat anything that helps the woild helps Chris- ���  tlanity    All  of  us are  boyeotteis  in  one sense  oi   anothei,  and   if we aie  honest with ouiselves we will acknow-  ledge_jt."___ ^         _,_ ���, r   _ _  IN! I ED MINE WORKERS.  "Within the next year Ithe United  Jline Woikeri ot Ameiica will have a  membeishlp of ovei 300,000" This  statement vvn.s made the othei ,day by  Thomas L. Lewis, national vice-president of that organization. "We propose  to go Irtto every field wheie men are  employed In the mines, whether coal  or other mmeials. The mineis of the  far vvest and .south-west are to be  brought into the oiganization, and we  are assured of success almost before we  atait Six national organlzeis will be  sent into the Tennessee dlstiict, foui  Into Colorado, two into Montana, Du-  kota and British Columbiu, foui to dls-  ti ict No. 21, which includes Arkansas  and Texas, and others into various  other distilcts thiougliout the vvest and  south."  INCRIJARH li-pU TKAI.WMBN  ATtii a long toiifni nre In San Fian-  pImo luMween lhe li,iiiin,en of lhe  wislein division nr the Southern |>n-  cllli and the cifliil.iis of lhe eoinpnnv,  i senium ni has li, on leathed ou a basis nl I*, pei nm inciease of w.-ges  lm Iho I ie ght liiiliimeii. and 1"J pei  nut In Ihe wages ot lhe pussengei  linlniiiPii. 'linsc Iiic-iimsc* u||l nffei i  between '1 *,i�� and |,()00 employees In  the division some inlnoi deliills ,iro  to be adjured, Including the ciiipsllons  nf abolishing "double-headei" lnUns  and houis of I ibou'  WAGRS RAISED.     -  Last Monday night the city council  ulopled .i  lesolution  of Aid. Morton's 0  md Wood to l.iise the street sweepers'  wages fiom IS to 20 cents an houi   Aid.  Grant  and   Bethune  opposed  it.  "Aid.  Cook wns absent, and Aiid. Brown did    ��  not vote    Thus the vote stood.  For���  Md   McQueen, Macpheison, 'M'cGuignn,  Wood,   Wilson,   iMniton���(i     Against���     '  Aid���ueihuner Grant: *   Aid Giant then moved that the waid  laboieis be paid 23 cents an hour instead ot 21.  Aid iMoilon seconded the motion, and  it was muled without any opposition.  BOYCOTT Al'l'ROVKU.  Rev. Di loimei 10. Williams, of Balt>  moio, recently in a lecluie on 'The  Chuich ^iiid Oiganlzed Labor," told:  "Nevei within my menioiy and I am  now approaching my seventieth year-  has oiganized labor occupied so,prominent a position in the public eye.  Naliiially, iheie aie^those who are in  favoi of labor unions, and those who  are opposed to such.  All my life I have  MUNICIPAL PRINTING OFFICE.  Municipal owneishlp of ���*��� pnvntp Industi v  took Itsillist definite foi in in New*  Yoik when, at a meeting of ilhe committee <m supplies of the boaid of education,  ,i  u'pml   was  piesented  advocating  'Hit-   ei|Ulpiiient   of   a pi luting  plant to be upended bv  the boiud. The  plan was thoroughly discussed und met  wllh lieiiily uppioval. 'II was psllmated  tluil  a  'Hiving of $10,001)  it  yeai   could ,  he made by the tit}' mniiiifuctuilnir Us  own sdiool supplies    A bulld'ng Is to  be  leiited   In  Fifty-ninth stieet,  near  Thlid av.niup, and a plant established  ait n tost of about WsOOO    Union labor  will be employed    The plan Is the out-  tome or Ihe tiealiiient the ollicIuJs have  sulTeieil at the hands or thc contiac-  lois    Boston hns opeialted a city print-  big plant successfully foi several years  The  delays  due  to  sti ikes,   whlcli  is  always obviated under public ownership, is a stiong featuie In suppoit of  the plan, and membeis of the 'board be-  lieveahey are taking the initiative in a  step that will be followed 'by otlier city  departments. . THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY    APIUL 11, 1903  THE INDEPENDENT.  PUBLISHED   WMBKLY   IN   TIIK    INTERESTS OK Til bl MASSES  BY  THK INDEPENDENT PRINTING COM  TANY.  J piled  up of $400,000 more.    Meanwhile  ' the llnnncc  minister  has    "nil    is  by  '\  nie  ltASI0.Mli.NT    OF      FLACK       ItLOClv  11A ST I NOR STRI'71'71', VANCOUVER,  IJ. C.  SUnsCHlITIONS IN  ADVANCE.  A week, D cents; nionlli, lii cents; tliree  months,  21 cent.s;   six  months, 7*1  renl.-  ono yeur, ifl.OO.  MNDOltSI'liD  11Y THIS  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OK VAN  COUVElt,  TllADKS A I-AHOll COUNCIL OF VIC  TOlllA.  VANCOUVER   LIUILU1NC1   TKADKS  COUNCIL.  The Independent can always be had  nt Galloway's book store, arcade.  SATURDAY     APRIL 11. I00J  CARPENTERS WON.  XVe wish to extend our congratulations to the union carpenters and building contractois of this oily for coming  to a satisfactory* agreement ou "Wednesday nighil and declaring the strike  off pending appeal to arbitration. It I.s  certainly a victory for the journeymen,  though we do not sny* so in a boastful  spiiil. Contractors, like others, are  governed by .trade conditions and It Is  to their credit Unit they have been  amenable to renson and have agreed  to the proposition of the eight-hour  dny. This means a great gain to oiganlzed labor in this city*. XVe remember the big carpentcis' strike, which  involved some -100 men, in 1SSU, for lhe  nine-hour day, which was won by lhe  union, since when theie has been'-'no  trouble. No one can say honestly- then  that the carpenters have been  a troublesome body of men.  The facts are the very revel se, as their record as an organization will show that they have at all  times been mosl mod' st in their demands. The modciale wage of 10 cents  an hour, or ?3.20 a day, is now asked, as  againrf: an offer of t'-> a day by lhe  contractors. The Builcleis 'Exchange  and the Carpenters' union have agreed  lo anbitiate the diffeience. An arbitrator will bu,appointed by each side, and  these two urbltrultors shall be .selected  from men in no way connected with  either side ot the dispute. The two arbitrators so appointed will select a  third, and Ithe three will within a staled  lime limit hand in a linding upon.lhe  point .submitted and nothing more. The  decision is to he linul and binding on all  parties. The good and effective work ol  the representatives of the union and  exc-llange speaks for itself, and these  two bodies hsowed llieir common sense  In leaving the negotiations, which were  carried on through a long series ot joint  meetings, to inoderaite and dispassionate men lo settle.  'iiiis of tax sales sell.ng up the prop-  leilics of iiuile u number of iintortuuiue  inen, who nie in an ears with their  taxes, nnd thus trying to got out of  debts due lo the province, in respei't of  past yeai.'. In cover up as fur us be can  ills present lecord ,-is a giant dellcll  compiler. .Mr. I'lcntloe Is pleased to  tall these aii't'iirs current revenue.  Verily I'li'iiliie Is il Napoleon of  llnnncc,  but  Ills Waterloo Is In slgl'l-  K.MI'I.UYICRS ORtiANI'/.INd.  Kunn Information leeelved we are  lead to believe tlml there' are being  effected In Vn neon ver untl Vileloiia ns-  sociadoiis of employeis hi certain businesses. Of couise, die usual busy-  bodies, whose motives are well known,  uie trying to create the Impression that  the main object of these employer*' organizations is to bleak up the trades  unions of this and the capital elites  It mny be true thut there will be .some  members of these proposed new bodies  who would lake n chance if they got  cuie at trying to disrupt the iinloiiA  Any business man ot any sense knows  full well how- absurd ill would be to try  this game. The unions nre too stiong  In numbers, too deeply giounded in the  piinciples of justice, to be broken up  by any resistance offeied in the munner  ihat Is suggested by enemies, mostly  political, of organized labor, who are  .industriously circulating these  repoits.  No one denies the right of employers  to organize. Labor In particular is desirous that they should, no mutter what  the Intention. If the employers want to  deal fairly with luibor, a more uniform  unci satisfactory system can be established when both sides are organized.  An exchange has pointed out that It  employers want a fight with laboi, It  were better that the ilgh tbe along the  whole line as it wus last year in Peuii-  vvere butter that the light be along the  sylvania and we are agreed upon this  pioposition.  ISmploycis si eking tiouble with their  employees can generally iind it through  oppression, us ihey did In the present  IJ. 11. R. K. strike, and if the employers  of Vancouver and Victoria are oiganlz-  Ing with that end In view, It will not  be long until the screws will begin to  lighten about the employees. Meantime it will do no harm to urge all  members of every craft in the city* to  get in line so that it It becomes necessary to have industrial warfare that  labor will not come out loser. Tlie rallying ory should be "Organize!"  ( A UHIN'BSB BUDGET.  Hon. Mr. Prentice is autlioilLy for  saying that the Chinese are coming Into  the province in such battalions ut the  present time rthat the poll tax receipts,  or ru ther such part of I hem us comes  lo British Columbia, will be found lo  be moie for this hnlf year than the piovincial finance minister had estimated  thut they would be for 12 months. It  (|Ulte encourages him in regard lo his  coming budget. He can at least depend  on the Chinamen If all others foi sake  him in his hour of need.  A   DANDY FINANCE lU'INISTllSR.  Finance Minister Prentice is���if Capt.  Tallow, M. P. P., Is correct in Ills iier-  ures, aiidThc Is generally_pferry~near  the murk���eel t.-i.n now to go down In  fame as the champion deficit compiler  of this continent. 11 seems tlifiit the  Hon. Mr. Turner simply wasn't In H,  as compiued with his more brllliunl  successor In Ihis respect. The captain  tells us, und ciuutcs llgures lu Pi oof,  'Hint the deficit or the province last  your was about NiOV.OOO. and thai tills  ecu!��� I heie I.s a further    clellcll    being  SERIOUS BOOi>HNG OHATWJKS.  A .big sensation has been sprung In  the provincial legislature by John Oliver, JI. P. P. He hus charged the provincial government, and in partieular  C'hlef Commissioner Wells, wilU- deliberate falsehood In stating last session  that no crown land grants had been  made out in connection with the proposed give nway or 1100,000 acres to the  Columbliiii and Western Railroad company. .Mr. Oliver declares that the  grunts weie actually made out, signed  ind sealed, and it was only when the  chief commissioner found out thai the  devil was to pay In the matter that he  in a blue funk sought -to withdraw the  Slants, wiote across them "cancelled,"  and refused to hand them over to the  compuny. iMr. Oliver says that no more  .serious charge of an attempted steal  was ever made against ministers of the  crown in Canada. He has demanded a  commission of investigation, and practically forced the government to griinl  It. Mr. Oliver'd tit-niendous indictment  in effect accuses the government of  being panties to a huge Intended steal  of coal and oil lands in East Kootenay.  Por he says that the slu lutes und proceedings of the house will piovo that  the company has not a shadow of right  to claim any or the lauds attempted to  be-coiiveyed_tb_it~an"cr which- nTusl~be  worth at the very lowest estimate at  least $10,000,000 and piobably very much  inure. If hair or whul Mr. Oliver says  is con eel we are verily a province of  fouls, governed by a very diffcient class  of persons. However, this Is for thc  committee of Inuulry  to  Investigate.  There's noodle on the floor and  boodle in the nlr ut the legislature these  days.  ���.Mr. Prentice bus announced thut be  is prepailng another budget .speech.  The world  waits In dp-toe expectancy.  "They're olf nl Victoria," ana for  some time the heavy tiagedy ��f .strikes  will iiltei'iiati' vvith comedy in the legls-  lutuie.  The union niiin who Is coiisliiully depending upon the other fellow* In do  something, is a thorn in the llesh or thc  labor movement.  Those bothered with Insomnia shoucl  intend the sessions of the leglslntuie.  If they don't send the victim to sleep  his case Is hopeless.  "Merciful Brief" Is the way the "riser  prints a headline ovcr A, W. Smith's,  M. I*. P., speech on the address. This  I.s a merit rather than a demerit.  11 Is ao be hoped the taxpayers of the  city will, when they get an opportunity,  give tholr full uppiovul to the by-law  for the purpose of acquiring certain lots  ou Pulse creek.  A working card is not sufficient to  distinguish a union man from a nonunion man. Be a progressive worker  unil thinker. Progress is the only  growth of the labor movement.  Aid. "Jack" Monlon got our ' civic  lightweights up in the air Monday  night, and helore they caught their reet  again he succeeded in working them  for a raise of pay- for the street sweep-  em and the  ward foremen.  What'unexampled "gull" Aid. Grant  displayed when he spoke of the work  of the street cleaners ns being a sort  of charity. Certainly they give much  better value for the piltunce they receive than a majority of the aldermen.  Our professional politician should  now get another stoek-in-imde campaign Issue other than the Chinese poll  tax Question to unload on a credulous  electorate. The old anti-Chinese one  did good service In its time. AVe are  ii great and progressive people.  Piisident Estes, of the U. B. 11. 15..  Is again ail large, notwithstanding the  r.ltompts of the c. P. It. to put hlni  behind thcbais. The company will now  probably have all work stopped in British Columbia because Magistrate Hall  didn't do the right thing.  Hon. Mr. Borden and sir Wlltrid  Laurier agree on the new .redistribution  bill. But you may be sure that constituencies where workingmen have uny  show of returning their candidates  have been gerrymandered to a fare-  you-well. Vancouver city Itself, for Instance, should ibe a constituency, without a tail to il or some hundreds of  miles, taking in vast unexplored regions.  Joe Murt'n's politic ul lire Is ceilulnly  "Mionuoiis,"  +++++++++++++++++ +0+++0++&++++*9+&+  l Wedding Presents ij  ���  o  n  <>  n  n  O  <>  I)  I)  fi  ll Is dlflii'iilt III a limited spue tn cmimcralp ull the beautiful  uud priii'tli'iil goods lu such u coinpri'lienslve stock as ours, that are  siillulile  for wedding gifts.  We lnm; eisll.v a dozen d liferent clepailiujntK���any one of  which presents a broad scope lor a suitable selection Tor the bride-  to-be. |l  CUTLKIRY, CUT CLASS. PLATIOD WA'RK, STERLINO WAIIK,  BRIC-A-BRIAO,  JEWELRY, LEATHER GOODS, CLOCKS, ETC,  No store in British Columbia gives you such a choice.  t      Tbe  Jeweler and   Diamond  Merchant  COB. OKANVILLE AND HASTINGS STRKT&.  Offiolal Watch Inspector of the C. T. B.  ft+ + + 00+09*0+000+ ���'  CURRENT OPINION���AIL SORTS.  Two lioverninents.  Canada Is In the unfortunate predicament of maintaining two governments; one composed of members of  parliament elected by lhe people and  the otlier consisting of 'the board of di-  leclors appointed by the C. P. R. As  thero is not room within the public welfare for both governments, the -simplest  way out of Uhe dllllculty Is for the  government by thu people to lake over  thc Canadian Pacific Railway.  Sentence the Dead.  A man working tor the C. P. ft. In  Winnipeg went on a .strike. The company .sued for damages nnd for loss of  services, and the man was lined $,-,0.  It he had died without giving notice he  probably would have been sent  to the  4)9..~:94-**.it9-^.-9-t>~������������^���������������������$  See  the Great  Showing  of  Spring  Novelties  at  ii DRYSDALE'S f  170    Cordova     St.,    Vancouver.  f M  We reaoh wherever the  mails  reach.  ����������������������������������-������$���'���-������������������������������<>���������"������������  Wildings bill. This is thc more palpably stupid, as 1C0 uric holdings in  the woods or which probably less than  a fourth of the land is cultivated, have  been the curse of British Columbia.  What is wanted are more holdings or  from flveifti ;>0 or 25 acres. Theie is no  need to give government fueilllies for  160 acre holdings, plenty of which "are  In the market.  MAKING  SHOES.  It was thought interesting lo lime the  quickest possible making or a pair or  shoes. The test was niade witli a slop  watch. ' Fifty-two separate opeiations  were Involved In the making of that  pair of shoes and forty-two machines  were employed in the making. - The  following materials wero put in the  shoes: Twenty-six pieces of leather,  fourteen pieces of cloth, twenty-four  buttons, eighty" tucks, twenty nulls,  two box toes, two steel shanks, two  molded counters, two taps, two heels  and  twenty yaids of thread.  All of theso parts were gathered together and made up into a handsome  pal rof women's shoes in exactly thirteen minutes. Do you wonder that the  American nation, which develops this  machinery surpasses the rest of the  world in  industrial prosperity.���Ex.  Telephono 1���2���5 for a .fine livery  turn-out. J. J. Sparrow, Palace Livery  Stables.  penitentialy for life?  No Parly Lines.  Labor has nothing to gain in U. c,  by division -on parly lines," I. e., liberal and conservative, without In any  way Involving principles nr policy-  more than that of ga'ning ofllee and  power. The men most opposed to lu-  lior'f lnlcrculK have long wished to sec  Hu' parly linos drawn so Umt between  lhe two they could dii'lilc the lnbor  foipp, and choke Its Inllimnce. Among  nil the luimoll and Interest In ithe piovincc II can he .seen thai labor ls strong,  ���mil If milted could pre'liiiiilniitc. It  would be n find-win] to the pmvliice If  lhe luhoiisli could iinl'ie. put fill-Hard  iPDsiiniiblc and moderate men, and become ii -sinpie uml compiled force.  ���Winnipeg Voice.  Auk and Receive.  If there Is any industiy In Camilla  thrt hasn't asked ror more protection,  Hep rlfflr; up and let us hear from you.  Everybody seems to want protection  but the real produceis.���'Winnipeg Tribune.  The latest remarkable discovery made  by n remarkable provincial government  is that 100 itei.es of land arc a "small  holding."    For" which  see their Small  CONVENTION DATES.  April 11. Columbus Ohio. Amalgamated  Association of Iron, Steel anil Tin Workeis.  April 14. IslipumiiiB, Mich. Northern Miu-  end Mine Worker,' I'roxicsMic trniiin ot  Ainciie'ii.  April -.!i. Milwaukee, Wis. Amalgamated  Sheet Melnl Wurkuis' Inlerniitioiinl Association.  May I. WheelliiR.'W. Vn. National Hiothcrhood of Operative Potters, ,  Mny 1.   I'liwluckel, 11. I. Aiiiitlyani'itcit l-ncc  Curtail! Operatives of America,  first week In May.   Sew York City. United  Hatters of North Aniericii.  .Mny.-). Antiunion, Ind. Tin flute Walkers'  Protective Association ef Ainuiicii.  May II. I'liiliulelpliin, Pit Hotel unci llcsluu--  riilil Employes' International Alliance, nnd  Bartenders' International 1 ongue of American  May 11), Iiiiliiiiiapolib, Iml, American rederal  tlon of Mii-iutiiiis.  June 1, Cleveland, Ohio. International  Ladies' IJariiient Workuit,' Union.  June 1. Columbus, Ohio. Cliaitunakcrs'  National Union of the United sulcs of America-  Juuel. I-ouisvllle, K-. National Association  ol Steam mid Hot Water Killers.  June 8. I'hilailelpliln, I'n. luicriuiliuuul  Ceramic, Mosaic and Kncaiistlc Tlle Layers nntl  Helpers' Unlou~ '        "  June IJ- Mlnucapollr, Minn. Iiileriiutlomi|  Union of flour and Cereal Mill lira ploy �����.  .tune 15- Cincinnati, Ohio, liileruidioiiiil  Printing Pressmen's Union.  .Mine 17. t'hiliiilclplilii, I'n. Iiite'iiailiiiiiil  Steel and Copper Plate I'rlnii'iV Union uf North  America.  July I I.J'iui, Miis^. AiiKilynimitcil Leather  Workers' Union of Aincilta  July |:l. Cincinnati, Old >, HMs, Untile  Itlowurs' AsMidiitioiinf the Unlied Sta cs nnd  Canada. ,       >  July II. Illilhtinpnlli, In.I. Stnve Miiuiilcis'  International Union.  July IS. llr ���i|,lyii, X Y. American Wire  Wuiivera' I'riitncihx- A 'socialInn.  .Inly 'JI. Pllll.nl ilp'il.i, I'i, luli'riiritl'Mlnl  Asii.i'lniliiii of Mmlilc Worker.-.  .'uiniil 1". IiuII.iiii1"i:K Iml. ILilii'il I in r-  mcnl Worker" ni Aiiit'ilcn,  Aiiliusl III. W,iiIiIii���'Iii|i, |i. C. I'llciiiiitiiiiial  Sleirot; |ii'rmiihl l.|i'i'Miil)'|ii'i's I'li'minf Nnrlli  America.  AURII.-l I'l.    WtmlllllBlf.il   ll.   ('     lull niillliillnl  Typ grnplili'iil Union.  AukiiiI 17. lllriiiiiiK'iain, .Un. t'nlii'il Assu.  clnilim of I'hiniliers, (lai I'lttor', Steam Tillers  and Steam I'literi' Helpers,  All|ill.��I��� New Yoik Cily. 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B o.    ��8 HMttacs at  fmaeammr, B.C  'ii SATURDAY  APRIL 11, 1903  THE INDEPENDENT.  Our Victoria Budget.  By Our Own Correspondent  J.   <-'.   Mupletoii   ifs   conllned   to   his  hqmc  with nn attack of hi Ki-lppo.  .'/Much delight was 1VI1 iivcr the kiiiikI  vli-toiy won by I'lcsMonl  F.s'.es In  In  IliK  cleared  of  (ho  serious  chiirKvri  or  obstructing bin uiujosty-s imi||��.  On TlHirisilny niirht the Vin.,Ha llull-  llhiB  Trillion    iouiii.||   ��-ns    oi-Kiinlzt.(l,  uud tho outlook Is priinilsliiK io,- i goad  summer's work, und u slroni? iiihMiiizii-  ��� tlon.  HavliiK secured the required number  f'of shareholders .for the fornuitlon of a  co-operative company on the Rochdale  plan, a. meetlns will-, be called next  week for the. purpose of'perfecting organization.  Active npuifitions are lu progresn for  n. monster street parade ot all unions  ,    'on'brhalf or the strlklns steainbo.itmen.  '-' Collections ure belli)? niade and a scries of enteituliiincnls for relief purposes are belne planned.  "- lt is claimed thnt the piesent sitting  ol- the legislature will be very hhort,  nnd by all accounts very Interesting.  We wonder ir our i-epiesenliitlves will  be generous enough lo donnte }2.\000  to the Mine Owners' ussouliillon. Wo  hope not.  The lesldent Celestials arc highly delighted at the action of thc Dominion  government in placing a $50(1 head tax  on new comers. John remarks Unit there  ure loo, many C'hlnanieii In the country  now, anil it- no more come in they will  , soon get $2 a day, same like white man  .Politics aie not permitted to enter labor unions, yet wo and that the "Am  erlean' Federation of Labor and the  Dominion Trades Congress of Canada  have excellent political platforms. Have  cither ol these organizations ever attempted tq use their political platCoims?  If not, why not?  , The great corporate laymen and  workingmun's friend, Bodweli, after  four consecutive houis' haid , fighting  on his corporate calliope, was promptly  silenced by the case at point, Piesldent  Ms-les being dismissed by the presiding  magistrate. We wonder If the C. P. R.  .or one of their hirelings engage himself again'or if he will seek balm for  his lnjuied feelings by running for Parliament at the next elections.  enough not to take the tip, for his job  would hang but on a cob-web. llut  Ihe roektull straw Is not ho much  dreaded ��h the hypocritical straw boss  whir like (loldsmlth's  hltii'l'Kiiillh,  I.och on ,Sunday to tlio church,  And sits iiiuong the choir.  und on Monday drives poor underfed  workmen with fiinillles dependent on  them tn the verge of desperation, nnd  mind you, not for cash or cocktail, bill  simply to mnke a record.  The straw boss evil Id?apparently like  all other supposed necessary evils.   It  ft  cannot  under  the present competitive  system he abolished, biit It should  tulnly  be  controlled,    for    It  The Laboipis' union held a smoker  In Lubor Hall on Saturday evening and  repiesentatlves fiom nearly all the un-  . Ions iri the city weie present. The  management made ample provision for  the occasion, and the entertainment  was most enjoyable." Speeches, songs  and'dancing weie the fealuies of the  evening, and the merry entertainment  closed at Ti o'clock sharp. .Mr. White-  sides, who had just arrived fiom Vancouver,* enlivened the occasion somewhat by a full account of the strike In  thut city. Much disappointment was  caused hy the absence ol Mr. Esles,  who was In : Vancouver.  cer  creates  more��dissatisfaction In the ranks of labor than all other agencies combined.  CHINESE EXCLUSION.  The iMontieal Witness, speaking of  Chinese exclusion, says: " 'lt Is a free  countiy bus always been a pioverblal  phrase, among us. Sir Wilfrid Laurier  hus put a limit to thli boast. It Is now  to read, 'This is u free country to  white men.' How much further it may  yet he limited remains to be seen,' but  wc seem to be, us far as freedom is  concerned, on a retrograde path. We  aie extremely sorry that Sir Wilfrid  Lauder's- name should be associated  .with a step which, however unanimously It may be hulled by the politicians  of today, will yet be a cause of regret  lo Canada, and will stand out In history Willi a. black stigma."  The same paper also adds::. "The  difficulty would seem to be that a ma-  jorlty'of voters in Canada, at all events  a majority of those Interested In this  subject, are not intelligent enough to  tuke the natural positioner white men  towaids the Chinese, that of employers.  The Interests of those who have occasion to employ unskilled labor are in a  precisely opposite direction."  If the foregoing Is the way the Witness would deal with the cheap labor  question confronting Biltlsh Columbians, the laborers of Quebec can expect mighty little sympathy from that  source.  TWENTY THOUSAND IDLE.  A   Lowell   despatch  says  that   there  are now about 20,009   mill   operatives  there out of work.    It  was in preference to illgiiting the textile unions that  the agents of seven big cotton mills on  the  smth., ult.   ordered   an   entire  suspension or work Tor ail Indollnite period.  Secretary Sotilhworth, or the iMnnu-  ructureis' association nt Lowell, Muss.,  snys that ir the mill people think the  shut-down will lie f���|- u. fortnight they  will be greatly 'mistaken." n wil last,  he says, until the agents ure positively  told   lhat  all   the   operatives   want   to  work,  and  when  this  Ihnc comes  the  agents will considei' the mutter .of re-  Mimptloii.  Other mill agents say the strike fevei  nas been brewing ror years und that  while a lew litlle sti ikes have been  won by the mills, the greut principle,of  union dictation has not been fought to  n llnlsh. The agents admit that the  battle will be fouglu how.'  Mr. Conroy, piesldent or the Textile  louncil, who stands as the strike lead-  <������!���, says or the agents' opinion: "The  action or the mill agents simplifies mat  teis. They have simply anticipated us.  ll- they had not declared a shut-down  ivr would have tied them up anyway,  and they know It. This makes it easier  for us to handle thc men. In case of  tiouble at ihe mill gates ihey would  hold us ie.sponslble. ".Now we can'take  care of our men better. I can't .say  wh.it will happen."  horse nm.  Follutving am tliu ilnti's .--ul liy tl.e  North 1'iit'iliu J'air Association for? tho  Imrsu races for lilt).!:  Our Victoria Advertiser*.  The advertising pages of The Independent will reveal to trades unionists  In Victoria the tradesmen who are ln practical touch with them, and they  will naturally govern themselves accordingly.'!!! making purchases.  S'IIIN.1 ,MKi:riMiH.  Vlcii.ii,,, p. (j  tUUVulllgr, II, f   S-siuii., VVtii.li ,".  Viiui'ouver, 11. u   II rami i.'ori;, n. ^   tJl'i'Liuie, Wiiih   Kveri'ti, WiiMi   WluiU-oni, Hash   1,11.1. UHill.s  Seattle, \\h"Ii      Wllali'oiii, IVusli  Kveieii, tvauli   Salem, Orj   Portland, Ore   Nordi Yatliiiu, W..��li:  Spokane, Wiisu.. , .,  Boise, Idaho .',  Walla Walla, Wash ....  Lcwlmou, Idaho ',',  The UaUcs, Ore '.'  I* (iriiude, Ore   New Wesliiilunler, n. t;   Vancouver, B.C..  Victoria, 11 C.  . ���   ilay ;!_��� lo '.3   May 'il io its  June li i, July 1   July I lu 1!  - Jiiiy 1 to .'I  . Jul)  I to (i  July ���.'I  ..Mr i  I  ' lo I  Ant.  ���*!!��.'��� IIO Ull  :|l to Sujil. 6  ���     ...Nu|,i. 7 lu 12  ..Sept. II to 1!)  ...,au|ir -JI io 2U  . .Si'jii. Lti.tu mil. '2  ���    Oct c to III   Oct. 12 lo 17   Oct. PJ |o 34   Oct. 'Jli lo 111  .... Sept. -JH lu Oct. II  .\  .    -Oct. ,*, id 10   ���ft.'p'f-IMuOi.'t.J  Sepl. 7 ami Oct.;) loo   Oct. li to 10  TIIK  MODERN   STRAW BOSS.  With the exception ot the poundkeep-  ,   er and his satalilc majesty, the straw  boss Is the mosl hated individual In the  ,'   country.  While there are some excellent men  -holding the position, the average straw  boss'does not ns a mle posses all the  characteristics necessary: to entitle him  to thc esteem of his fellow-man.   Un-  -   fortunately in these days of keen competition, wheie jobs nre scarce and laborers  numerous,   the   despotic  sli aw  boss has ample oppoitunity to exercise  ��� his-nigger iliiving talents  to  the extreme, and unquestionably there Is method In their procedure.   Like Shylock,  '��� Ihoy-demand-thelr-potmd-of��� flesh- in  fee simple or cocktail for favors, and  woe unto him,, cither foolish or simple  ? ALL UNION MINERS ?  J SHOULD WEAR THE ?  ��� ���  J Special '.-Miners" Over- f  alls, Jumpers and      f  Smocks. ��  made of fullwelght denim, double 9  stitched and riveted, high waist- ft  ed,'roomy seated, iron wear  UNION BARBER SHOPS. ���  John iSlingerlund, 714  Hobson street.  Aimy and Navy, Granville street.  Elite, 617 Hastings street west.,  Bon Ton, 004 Hastings stieet west,  J. A. Miller, 608 Cordova street west.  J. A. Davidson, 307 Cambie street.     -  Fred, Anderson, S20 Cambie street.  J. A. Stewart, Commercial .Hotel,  Cambie street.  Savoy, 137 Cordova street.  G. B. Smith, Atlantic, Cordova street.  Gem, 35 Coidova street.'    -  Boulder, 7 Cordova street.  City  Barber shop. Water street.  Sunnyslde, 7 Water street.  Oyster Bay Barber Shop, 306 Carroll  street.  Union Barber Shop, 31M C.uioll street.  O. K. Barber Shop, 165 Hastings street  east.  J. Gilmaii, 513 Westminster avenue.  O. McCutcheon, Westminster avenue,  Mount,Pleasant,  D. P. Johnson, Barnard Castle, Powell  und Campbell avenue.  Brown and Mulette, 220 Abbot:  street.  J. A. STEWART,  Secretary Union No. 121.  STRIKE BREAKS.  The Duluth World says that'thoro is  a whole lot ot sympathy wasted on  the outside for the strike breaker. No  one recognizes man's right to work better than n tiude unionist. Kvery mail  bus a legal right to work wherever he  can secure It, but .we sometimes wnn-  If the Ottawa dispatches In the daily  press fare lo be relied on another deal  Is on the tapis. This time It Is the lower  end of Pulse cieek tlunt rtiust be given  away. Vancouver .should own and contiol the whole of the cieelk, which  should be controlled by u board of harbor commissioners. To grant the said  lands and water rights to private persons would place Vancouver In the  grip of a second monopoly as bad as  that of the C. P. R. If tilings go on this  way much longer it will be in order for  another ��� exodus .northward towards  Port Simpson.  IIIfAOK l,ISi\  I 'ell yer straight us'on 1 tiin"!  A blooinlii' iviiip'riinuii chap;  Iiloii'iiicrfvksioliaaMiliii  Arouu' tue nater-lup.  Alilio', rainiMline, 1 aim n |,io|.e  AsdrliiksiuuilVii blind;  It aiii'i in> - j le to sli nn v���,i  In limine i,f 111111 v kind,  bill wot I '���I'Mlblllll ll K  lie just 111 \lol yer (In,  Ami pul llie 111,111 'ooilriuks 'i-, li/./  Upon ' lhe lllni-k I.im," iou.  Ii.ui't ni) to Hun;;, "Ynu shall ma .Vn  Todriikiiarils hi yer pub;"  And nil ihe lime jui lets Hi,' mh'II  llel-iieeeliless nl 'Is clut, ���  Funisi tfiiil Hen I bi'iimi,  I ain't un I'enip'riiiiee vluip;  I nails foi jlisllee lo be ttollu  before I'm gjlu' 10 chip.  And ��iii-n I sees upon "lhe list"  Some "nibs" as | could name,  I'll then oh 11 up 1 hat Ihu s e\ist  I'm allui iistiiehniiie,  I'llKD WaI.Ms  THE QUEEN'S HOTEL  J. M.   HUGHES,  PROPRIETOR,  Corner of Johnson  and Store .Streets,  Centrally located    iind   all conveniences.   Terms ti per day and upwards.  free Hus, Telephone.  NATURE'S GIFT  Hair Is nature's gift and there Is  something wrong when It fulls out. I  sell a preparation tliat will remove all  evil causes and make the hair glow  .strong and vigorous.  U. I. MAT1 IIKH'S SliAVIiMJ IMKTOKS  "101 Douglas Street.  ...J. T. JONES...  Empire Cigar Store  Tree Reading Room and Headquarters of the Laborers-  Protective Union.  lOo Douglas Struct, Opposite .Labor Hall  ���     VICTORIA, I!. C.  I^OId Curiosity Shop  Pierce O'Connor, Proprietor.    ''  148 Yates Street, Victoria, B. C.  All kinds   of   furniture   bought and  sold,   Anything you desire and do not  see please ask for It.  Vancouver Union Directory,  TUB VANCOUVlSIt TRADES AND  Labor Council meets first���; and third  Thursday in each ��������� month, at 7..10. p.m.  President, w. J. ifUmrlck; vIee-presUeiit,  Geo. Dobbin; secretary; F. J. Russell; financial secretary, J. Ij.lfUley; treasurer.  A. N. Harrington; sergeant-at-arms, J. C.  Kerr; statistician, J. II. Perkins; trustees, Messrs. Pound, Cross and 'Thompson; executive,conunittee, Messrs. tleorgo  and Oothard.  JOURNEYMEN BAKERS' ANID CONFECTIONERS' International Union of  America. Ixical No. tn, Vancouver, B.  C, meets first and third Thursday in  each month. President, T. A. Baxter;  vice-president, S. Walker; treasurer,. J,  Green; secretary, M. MacLean, Sl(�� Westminster Avenue.  TlOA M '���',. DRIIVW11S' '; INTERNATIONAL,  UNION, No. itB-Meels'l'lst- and 3rd  Wednesday In each month in Union Hall.  President,' J;/C. Kerr; vice-president, S.  Cuwker; sec.-treas.,' D. fMdver; rec. see.,  I'l. "Bridge; - correspondent, F. Topham;  warden, A. B. Soaper; conductor, J; Litlle; trustees; C. B.' lligglnson, ��� Ri' Haywood and A. Robinson; delegates to T. &  I.. Counoil, J. J. Harrison, A.,E. Soaper,'  Geo. Dunlop, ,T. C. Kerr and C. B. His-  ginson.  The Unaed States has so rapidly  passed tlie other nations of the world  that the recitation of cold .stutl-Uics  sounds like the bragging of a drunkard.  A hundred thousand men weie employed on the pyramids. More than a. Pillion men arc employed on our railroads.  Our thirty-nine thousand locomotives  piled up would equal three'gieat pyi.i-  mlds, and our fifteen hundted-thousand  freight cais forty-two gient pyramids.  How would the old Egyptian king stare  to see a young republic that could haul  his gieat pyramid away forty-two  times In one hour, If he would under  take to do the loading.���Examiner.  POEI'S A.VD PltOSI'IiRlTY.  A Chicago poet tHaugeil Ids ljie  I mi.g  Uiusly In a walling dirge tu prosperity:  They raised his Hilary iho> ears ago last May,  T.ie.suiil Iiwreaie amounting t��� (|,|ri} eem.s a  day,  S nee then they've mined the price-:  Of eat nils and uf beets,  Of tlotiraiul ��� f meats  Of com and coal ami fruiis,  Of bitilus'little hoots,  Of potatoes, milk and cheese,  Of the piodun of the bees,  Of hats and soeka and ci tits,  Of all thai sinks or finals,  Of reins, inteiest and prollls,  It makes his eye- jump (rom (hen soekeu..'  He'* pay Ing ont the money that lie mvul bclore  theriilse;  But piwperlt)'* upon 11&, anil his heart is full  of praise.  SHIRT WAIST AND LAUNDRY  WORKERS' UN ION, No. lOOf���Meets  every 2nd and 4th Thursday In each  month In Union Hall. President, It. N.  Hogg; corresponding-secretary, Wallace  Sharp, 1119 Richards St.; financial secretary, Mr. Lee; treasurer, F. Young; delegates to Trades and Labor 'Council,  Messrs. Hargle,, Col tar t,-.-Lee and Hogg.  WAITERS  BROTHERHOOD OF PAINTERS AND  DECORATORS, ''Local Union No. 168.  Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday ; In Labor  Hall. President, B. Holland-; viccrpresl-  (lctvt, W. Halliday; recording secrotary,  IS. Crush, T67 Eighth avenue, west; financial secretary, A. Oothard, 822 Howe  street; treasurer, H. MeSorley.     l    *"  INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF BLACKSMITHS, Vancouver Union, No. 151.-  Meets the first and third Monday In each  month at S p. - m., In Union hall, Homer  street. President, A. A. Bigg, vice-president, G.W. Smart; financial secretary,  Chas. McAllister; recording secretary, D.  Robinson, box 37, Vancouver,' B. C; dele-  ,��.���uu,,. uvfi nt, , unuuu vc., jo. \f.; ueie-  A1TERS AND ��AITUKSSES' UNIO^ gates to tho Trades and Labor council,  Local No.  28. 'President,  Charles Over.   William Latham, D. Robinson,- H. How-  vice-piesidenl,     A.   N.   llenington:  secro    ard.  luiy-treaiuier,    .1. H.  Perkins; recording  secretary,  Wlss  A.  Scuitto;  Press agent  W.  Ellender.     Meeting eiery second  Fri  day    evening    at  8 110 o'clock hi   Unlo  Hall,"corner Homer and Dunsmulr streeU  The Trades and Labor Congress on  Tuesday last presented Ralpb Smith,  M. p., with a beautiful' Illuminated nd-  dress as a token of appreciation ot his  services as pnst president of the Dominion congress.  Made by  ���THE-  , "]._ (LIMITED.)  The  oldest  Union   Overall  Fac- "  ,Vjli-:.*'; tory In the West. '>       *'  ft  ���    ^AW'li BLOCK, WINNIPta, *1\N. '   1  9 9  der about his moral right to do so on  ceitaln occasions. After all "It ls the  moral law tlmt Is the more effective,  ft controls men, even when there ure  plenty of statutes to hold .llieiii." The  strike breaker Is a moral, Industrial  degenerate. He is a clog obstructing  the piogress of labor. It |s uot a  riuestlon of- his right to sell his lnbor  as he chooses,/but when he attempts to  practice his right after his own melli-  ods he becomes Involved In the competition with others endowed wllh equal  rights, and who are hoping to make  tl.ein real Instead of visionary, the ultimate success of which pi'onilses ciiiiiiI  I'OH'iird to lhe strike breaker and the  tin de unionist.  "The race of life has become Intense;  the 'runners are treading upon each  otheis' heels; woe 'to hiin who stops to  tie his shoe."���Carlyle.  A man's ballot xhould be the deepest expression of his generul knowledge of things. A man's ballot should  not be a thing to be. used as prejudice,  custom or some other fellow should dictate.  ���Henry.,'D. Lloyd said before the  anthracite strike commission: "The  best friends the people, have to-day .are  the unions of the workingmen. We  must keep them from being destroyed.  We must leai 11 the lesson they teach.  ���The people must organize If ithey-would  survive."  WOMEN'S     FRANCHISE     IN  ENGLAND.  Tho Shoe Workers' Journal points out  that tlie-organized working women of  (.ireat Britain are making great efforts  to obtain the franchise. '   ��� ���  The North of England Women's Suffrage Society has pledged itself to raise  $3,000 to further the cause. They huve  tin; support of many of thu middle class  and unite 11 number of the aristocracy  even.  JIrs. Mclfiircn, ft sister of the famous  l!riglits,_lias voiitrilmteil *300.to tliu_fniul  and mnny oilier prominent people have  given large sums.  In Yorkshire the women have circulated a petition to purliini'iit which  alreiuly contains 200,000 names.  rutin' Cliteeroe district,' the women  comprise 110 pur cent, of organized, labor  ami it is in this district that tliu women  raise nearly .ill the salary uml expenses  for Mr. Klinukelloii, tlieir member of  l'lirliiiicnt. One good thing about this  agitation is, that whenever Parlimeiit  docs get ready to act, tluil l>f��ly luts llu-  powertogive Ilm wnincn llie ballot ul  one stroke.  Ittil.ES roil MUSHING L'AI10R:b'NIO.sS.  'Kulo 1. As soon as you elect your oilieers begin to Instruct and Iiml fault with them.  Utile'.!. Make tlie most ot eiery llltle difference..that occurs, and blazon it abroad to tlio  world.  Jtulc 3. If jou cannot lime everything your  01111 Ma;- In the union, make aire lhat the  union is going to the dogs-and tell everyone  so^-(tlie last Islinportiint).  itule I. Make niueli uf the litlle mechanical  rulfs by u hlch the union Is to work and keep  ln'tbe background the real inulhc of its exi-t-  enee  l(iilu,~>. Alnays predict falluie for any plan  that i�� adopted unless ll is your plan, of cour.-c,  Kule C. When any plan does fail be sure to remind the membeis that you told thein so���  whether you did or not.  1 Rulo 7. Always take the word of an cueing in  preference to tlmt of a friend.  Itule 8. Always be ready In got jour back up.  Itule ll. Kemeiiiber your Inalienable right to  liud fault.  Itule 10. Nevergiieanj one (but loursell) a  word of pialse.  Iltil-jll. W'iieu \011r iiiiluii has aui printing  to he done be sure and see lhat it don't go to  the labor paper���It niiglil,help ll some.  Kule 12. Observe these fen rules carefully,  and If your union does not fail It. will not be  your fault.  JOURNEYMEN iTAILORS' UNION OF  America No." ITS. ��� Meets lst and 3rd  Mondays in i-oom No. 1, Union Hall. .President, C.iiiii; Whalen; vice-president, J  T. Mortimer; recording secretairy, F  Williams, 1S14 Ith avenue, west; secreta-  ry-itreasurer, J. Savage;', sergeant-at-arms,  H. Brazeau; delegates to Trades & Labor Council,1 F. Williams and J.T. Mortimer.  l^XADA MINERS' UNION, No. 118, W  :.P.'���M.i- meets every Saturday at 7.S0 p  m. In Forester's Hall, ..Van Anda. Presl  dent, John ^D.Frasor;1 vice-president, J'  W. Austin; secretary, Alfred Raper;  troaauror, -'A. ���a.' - UelgrUton;-.,- cbhduotor  Wm. A. McKay; warden, Henry Patter-  soo.  CKJARMAXHRS' UNION NO. 357!���  Meets the first Tuesday ln each month  In Union Hall.���.? President, -G: Thomas,: Jr.,  vice-president, J. Crow, secretary, J. C.  Penser, c|o Mainland Cigar Faotory;  treasurer, S. W. Johnson; sergeant-at-  arms, D. Morrlscy; delegates to Trades  and Laibor. Council, J: Crow, G. Thomas  and-O. Mattlsoh.  JOURNffitMBN BARBEKS' INTERNATIONAL Union, No. 12��-Presi-  dent, E. Harpur; vIce-preBldent, J. Gil-  man; correspondlng-flnanelal secretary,  J. A. Stewart, 44;'. Hastings St. E.; recorder, W. L. Aylesworth; treasurer,  G. Bower; guide, W. Bushman; guardian, O. E. Jacques; delegates to T. & L.  Council, E. Harpur and J. A. Dlbden.  Meets first and third Wednesdays mt  each month In Union Hall.  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CAR-  BU1LDBRS*     LABORERS'     FEDERAL    -  UNION, No. 112, Vancouver.���Meets eveiy other Tuesday evening, at S o'clock,  in the large room, Union Hall. President,  J. Sully; vice-president,.W. Lyons; secretary, 11. Sellers,\Westorn Hotel; treasurer,  J. Cosgro\e; warden, II. Chapman; conductor, J. Gunderson; delegates^) Trades  & Uibor Council, J. Sully, G. Payne, J.  Cosgrove and II. Sellers; delegates to  Building Trades Council,.J. Sully and J.  Cosurove.  VANCOUVER:  TYPOGRAPHICAL . UN-  ION, No. 226, mootB the ��h Monday in  each month at   Union Hall.    President,   -  W.   J.   'MacKay;    vice-president,   G.   E.  Pierrot;    secretary, W.  H.  Huret, P. O.  box  06;    treasurer, John Watkins;    sergeant-at-arms, Jas.  Webster;    executive  committee.    TI.   W  'Kins,    Kobt.OToda,_r-.  Ralph Wilson, A. W.nmbow;* delegates,  to Trades & Labor Council, Robt. Todd,  Geo. Bartley,: Harry .Oowan.  POINTED  PARS.  [I'roin the Slide Workers Journal.)  .Slio "telling the day's labor is lhe reglsler of  tho advauce of clvllly.atio'i.  fjMViijrshipsiirovhOHpur-ltinii uiir,-s,ilda wise  ���When the prlee.of a inerchniit's goods,  clothes,, foods, clc.i Increase In-pi lee  It Is called nn advance, When attempts  are made to raise the wages of working  men why do you ibrund It "1111 outrage'-"���Seattle   Union-Record.  The crimes of era ft und the crimen of  violence me equally dangeixius.  We shall fwln out In the future, not  by seeking to take the course that Is  plcasnntest, but iby finding out?.i the  course that is right and following that.  Unionism Is growing- rapidly Inthe  world, and .with Its growth .better conditions are brought about* for the man  who tolls. This Is .good, let tlie good  work go on."  1111111.   Organi/ittfuii is cheaper than strikes.  Unionists shouM always renioin ber tluil'the  interests of all organized workers arenli'iitii'iil  Don't only biioin your own label but boom all  labels'. -  Trades unionism Is a biiliwuk against industrial crisis, for the very reason that In  raisin  wages and sliorl'Milng   the   hour-,   uf   lab.ir'  vie I'oiiio nearer to consuming ihe production  of lhe nation,  Thomas .luffersuii said ti illy,"lhat lhe govei-  ineiit which governed Icml, gover ed lust,"  Goverineut of all kinds and ill-criplloiis aln ays  was and always will iHMiioru ur lessi'iitriifilaiiil  dOlill.llll'.  One of the very largest ami slriiujest li null ���  daily unions lu the moi Id, Is tlie le\llh' organ-'  iKiilliiiiof (ircal lliltlan, Out of il).-i,;is*i lo\l| ,���  noikers In KiikIiiiuI alone, .:.*>'i,iV.;7, ur ,vi jn>r  a jut., are women,  Tniile iiiiIoiiImii makes for a wider dlstrlbu*  tlon of wealili. They ntliniiliite cmi'.uiii|>tloiil  because with highei wages, the uorkeis becom"  greater coiistiinuis, aud the more ue coii<uime)  llie more proeperlty for the nation,  Trade fun Ions sometimes make the minute  shouting "over-pioductlou 1" There cm never  be to much production of (ho good tilings of  life. There may lie iiiidei--cousiiiii|Ulon, but  trade unionism does nil It can to prevent that.  ' Organization is labor's road.to properlty.  This road Isumlcr.proccss.of construction, and  Is bring completed as rapidly as labor dcslics  to travel 10 prosperity. Operating along the  routo is the trade union drill,'- constantly boring through lhe obstacle ol the unorganized.  This ought to bo the banner year for organization. There never was a time when the? benellts of organization were so plain as rlgh Inow,  and.there neviv was a time when this; country  bad so many workers, organl/ers and educators  among the wage workers, as in tbe year 1033.  second and fourth 1Wednesday In Union  hall,:room 2. President,: A. E.s Cofflh;  vice-president, L. C. DeWolf; rScording  seoretary, Geo? Dobbin, ? 533 Hamilton  St.; financial seoretary, J. MoLeod;  treasurer, G. Adams; conductor, H.  Howes; warden, J. F. Gray; delegates  to' T.'; & I* Council,?Geo. Dobbin, Geo.  Adams, A. E., Coflin, L. C. DeWolf and  S. f O'Brien; delegates to the Building  Trades Council, -H. Howes and J..;Mc-  Leod.  STREET RAILWAY MEN'S UNION.-  Meets second; and,'-.fourth Wednesday  of each; month In Sutherland Hall,.corner Westminster Avenue and .Hastings  Street, at S p.m. President, James McGuigan; vice-president, A G. Elliott;  secretary, A. G-. Perry, 33 Seventh Avenue;  treasurer, W. H. Vanderwarker; conductor, H. Howes; warden, G. Martin; sentinel, D. Smith; delegates' to Trades and  Labor Council, B. Marshall, F. C. 0'iBrIen,  Geo.-Lenfesty, A.; J. f Wilson and James  M'cOulean.  THE RETAIL CLERKS' INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION ���"  meets ln CiBrien's Hall, the first and  third Tuesdays of each month. J. A.  Murray, president; W. J: Lamrick, secretary, 2U5 Princess street.-  INTOBJRNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF  Electrical   Workers. ;- Vancouver. Local,  No. 213���Meots second and fourth Wednesday ln each month In O'Brien's Hall. Pre-  PENTERS and Joiners���Meets every'gldentl   A.   McDonald;  vice-president,   J.  Dubberley; recording ^secretary, S. ��� W.  Huston; financial secretary,1-H. V. Rankin.  INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION  of Machinists.���Beaver Lodge, No  182.���Meets second and fourth Monday in each month in Union hall.  President, Geo. P. Downey; past  president, J. R. Edwards;,vice.pies-  ident, H. J. Littler; recording secretary, J. H. McVety; financial secretary, J. Anderson..  >���$���$���*���$���*  i(^)K��3<<��:��;��H;��^'��)K��;��:��)K��x:��)^��  THE MASTER'S PLAN.  *  Though tlie storms of wav wc have felt before,  Yot tlie worst blow's yet to fall;  It is Money's -fight against the Toiler's right,.,  They are drifting beyond recall.  'Tis the hour at last, they "are gathering fast  Whilo the world thrills with alarm  As the giants wait with hearts of hate  l(,or the signal���the call to arms.  But the time will come when strife will cease,  And together in our land,  Side by side the hosts of Toil snd Gold  Will go marching hand in hand;  Kor the things we see are only pnrt  Of the mighty Master's plan,  JJutthe links that hold when others break,  ls the Brotherhood of Man.  Though   they quarrel  long right   shall    conquer  wrong  And. like sunshine after rain.  When the fight is done they shall work as one  At the problems of life again.  Each will understand that the others hand  Is a friend's in spite of all;  For they both have need of the other's deed*  And together must stand or fall.    ' ��� '  ���R.-A.B.    -  ���  n  ii  n  li  :?  o  ;t  1  9X9X9X9X9:K9X9XM9X9Xm9XM9X9X9X9X9X^  ���^^Ai. THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY   APRIL 11. 1903  I Tbe Gurney foundrij Co., of Toronto,  | Makers of ��x/crd tolovcs and Ranges  | Are Unfair 1o Organized Labor.  '���;  2* We cxpei'l lhe workingmen of the we&t to  $ help us win this fight.    Tell your friends.  | I HON .MULDERS" UNION, NO. 2.S.          $  | METAL I'OLISHKUS' UNION. No. 21.    |  i .STOVE .MOUNTERS'   UNION,  NO. M.    J  ��� *  ^���^������(^���^���^������^{���^������l^*!**-! 9 !-.��� l*>+>-K��V*k��>* .������!���������+.�� *+.*���!-.�����  (���>  oI th0 Ameilcm  Fodei atlon of L.iboi  LET IMtS TO HIL IDITOU.  UNITI-ID    .MINI!     \\'OJtKHI*.S    I-RIJ-  'io lll(    I'llltol  uf 'llll   1MI11IM,   M  Su,���Then- i-. voine I.ilk heie .iboul  ili.ium,;- mil ol (he Western lVdoialion  ol .Mineis .tnil Ruing o\ci to the Unlied  Mine W'niKei'- It seems lo us Hi it lhe  ���heads ol llie Western Fec'ei.il on of  Mineis, ,it Jc.ist uhJt we know ol  them stem to lie moie Inlensled In lhe  .idwneement ol soi uilism than unionism And thev don't cue a up what  the to.iI mineis h.iie to put up with,  so long as the inteiests nl those engaged in (iii.nl/ mining and (he scicl.il-  ,stp.ut\ nie piomotcd The settlement  of tlie sli ihe al Feinle should be an  e\o-openci ,ind put the coil iiiuiei-  wise .is- to Iho methods and actions ol  oui politic ally ambitious le.iclois The  pimcipal one, himself an oig.uu/.ei of  the XV. F of M , novel fails to tell us  poor dupes that he is ,l sou.illst and  thai we nuisl sti Ike al the D.illot bo\  the 4 tine .is we sti Ike il woik, .mil, of  (.muse, elect lnm to pailiamcnl On  tne whole the stnlce al Penile was a  lank falluic, and we hope The Independent will so icfei  to it  MI NiE WO I M\ Kit  JlitliLl, H   C, Apnl 0, 1901  '-'DIShATI-*KI13D   AViITUl    THE   W,   F.  OF M.  'lo the Kditor of 'lm Imu imint  Sir���Youi lOddcis aie no doubt ,iw.ue  eip this that the stnlce of the Crow's  Nesl Pass Coal compani employees is  settled, but we wish lo stale not In ac-  coid.ince wilh the wills of the men  The assent of lhe Feinle mineis w.us  not Jnd ne\ei will be gi\en. We weie  led into the ti.ip so fai, lhat it was impossible to gel out "Why should the  ballol on the lust oftei of the management bt iccoiiMulcietl utftiin and aiaun.  unlets it w.is foi Jie puipose or loicmg  us back to woik' Whs should Geoige  Doughoitj, the lepiosont.itne of the  Western Fedeiation of Minus in Feline allow the lninonlj ol tne distnct  union to iule the majonty, and lake  upon himself the authouu lo call oft  the sti ike-' Although the tol.il \ole in  Hit tlnee camps gives a in.ijotity or no  in lavot ol accepting the lei ins ot lhe  iiiiiifigeinent slill, p.uadoMial though  it innv .���ippeai lhe vote dens not ie,ne-  scnl the tidings 0r the men ror nut  n.ill or them weie pitstnt al the nipel-  lius when .be last \ote was taken  Most or tin men now lecognize timt  lhe pill is pushed so Car down then  tin oats that theie is nothing to do but  swallow It Thev aie dissatisfied wllh  the Western F (.delation oC Minois, pud  belie\e il to exist onlj roi qu.ii tz mineis and not roi coal diggcis. ll Js  finite line tint our membeis or {the  distnct union weto mstiucled to sign  the agieement, because the sli ike w.is  alieady called ore, and the schedule  would ha\e been In fone whelhcr we  signed il oi nol llcfoic we hud been  o,i sluice seven weeks, beloie we h.ul  CM'ii been depnied of one meal or np-  petled for any oulsidi icl.ef at .ill, the  Mnke. was bellied bj liltkeij. We  weie boat, bul not in n Ian light, nnd  wish all thioughoul the vest lo know  ~~of lhis,_niTa~?risTr?5"r-llu:_(l,iinliable ton-"  (lilions ousting in Feinle,  we liuineily inilwil ti't'l a J.ud, wc  now ^i 1 $1. Ilisnlis Ihis, llieic uie  "thu siibsl.iuti.il losses lu llie inen on  tlmbei, ii.k kl.iylng. eti, and wu imiat  gn li.u 1, lu woik with 'siabs." u is  tine >ih,it a few company men h.ne se-  (liicd .1 I.use In theli pay, Michel cunp  tspcilully null, ng ,i substantial gi.ln,  bul on the whole the use does not  i(|unl the deductions, uml we go bai-k  lo woik on lhe sune old -sjstem, nine  hums undiigKiuud, and wmse ull in  pav, bi cause at the sti Ike  I'It USS OC).\l'.\UTTI7If; GLADSTONE  UNION, NO 70  Feinle, 1!   i", Apnl ,1   I'M)I.  I'lni JIAULSTIt \T1*.  To the 1 tl iter of I ill J sm | KSDKM  .Sn ���In S.itnid.is's Issue \uu say edl-  oiiallj We would like to ask oui  win thj m.igisti.ite il he weie silting in  ,i game ol pokei (whldi he wouldn't do  In Iiks position), and i m.in gol a  glimpse ol the fonnei's hand tliniugli  the aid ot a looking-glass, >ind won a  loi of mono, wouldn't oui ningisliale  put linn down .is 10,7110'' .My answei  to join question would be, No. Is ll  not the lule ol the g.une 'to do unto  Uie othei lebci the way he'd like to  do unto iou���an' do ,t rust'" To assume lh.11 oui  wiuiln in.igisliate would  o fir negloi 1 so riiiidainental .11 ule as  lo 1.ul    lo do 11 rust" u 'flat binglu.y "  lhe .same nile wisely adimnisleied In  louil by 1 des,iitlo-,s and lit iuagist*d..e  would ju.stirj the 'stab" In using the  slnke .us .1 looking glas-, lo win the  stilkei's Job. "An two men ndc or a  hoise, 0110 musL mle behind." God's  my lire' Would jou have our m.igls-  ti.iti wnt down ,111 iss, unacquainted  with this nile' He Is a wise rellow;  and, whiih Is moie, on ollicer, and,  which is moie, ,1 liouseliolclei, and,  which is moie, .is pietli ,i piece or llesh  ns is 111 Vanillin ei, .uul one that knows  lhe law. go to, and a ilch feii0,v  enough, go to, and a rellow that hath  nad "losses," and one that hath two  sowns and ciciylhing handsome about  him.   Youis, etc DOGlJiiimtY.  Vamouiei, B   C, A pi II G, 100,1.  Musi ol the  men lull, ol .illlll.iilliig wllh tne United  Mine Woikeis, belieilng no bene-llls nie  to be denied fiom .1 Western Fedei.i-  tion ot Mineis' chfUlei. 11 Is no use  tijiug to detei\e omsclves al all We  luie nol gained the complete iccotrni-  llon of llie union AVe hint lnsi "> tents  .1 ton on No. 1 and No '2 iniius Feinle, 10 cents a ton on Nu  .!, ami wheie  ������������������������������2G-<i��(l��G.  I Tbe Salt  I of Life  I  is busincHf,.   Wo w.int moie of g  it.   YVo'll net it if an out und out ��  bargain will fetch it. ��  How is This  A two-quart  Hot Water Bottle  or  Fountain Syringe      <fj  75c.' I  I Tlie McDowell, Atkins, ,|  I      Watson Co., Ltd. Liability f  �� UP-T0-OAIE DRUGGISTS.    ' <���"  Q������������������������������������������  JlOHTlJIKIl ON WATSON.  r�� tim iiiiioi uf 1 in iMuiiM,f^Tl  SI 1,���In youi list Issue Jli Watson,  in the inuise or sunn, gi.iluitous, advice  lo the wholesale 1 leiks, and wllh a  lei kless disieg.uci roi oidlnaiy \eiatitv  lefeis to iho Ameiitan Uiboi union as  being 'lound by the socialist wing of  lhe liddcs-uiiion nioiement foi the  puipose ot stabbing on the Ameilcan  Fedeiation of Laboi " ijn. Watson oC-  fois no detail of eliiunistance 01 evidence in suppoit of this or any other  fif-stition he makes in his communication This is In ltsell sullltlent to cause  it fo bo legaided with .suspicion, and  when one conies to tompnie it with authentic iccoids it is, stamped as a spui-  ious labneation, gotten up to piejudlee  an issue, the ton<-o,|iicni'o or which Mi.  W.itson seems to re.u. The gonei.illy  ���iccopled dellnition ol .1 "stab" is ",in  individual who takes the place of a  ptison on stilki" Now, can Mi. Wat-  sou make good his allegation b.v showing wheie and when the Ameikan Fedeiation Uiboi Union look, 01 caused  ioJje_t.iki'ii,_ihe_|))uee-oC-.iii-Ainci!eun  FedeiatKin or 1,-iboi stiikei Speak up  Mi. "IWUson, .mil ghe ns a substantiated Tail to suppoit youi pieiious bald  asset lion it you tan To assist 111 dis-  Ipaling the cloud or piejlidicc- au. \vul-  son seeks to in Ise, I beg to submit a  shou S.JHOJISIS of the hMoiy and 011-  gin or the Anicilt'.in Labor Union,  which can be vended bv lefeienco to  .my minus union |n u,||���|, Colunibla.  lu I8DI1, the Wesli'in h't'deiation or  .Mineis (,u that utile .ifllliated with the  ���\. J-1 of IO, wile engaged In ,1 pin-  Hailed sli Ike In U-.uli llie, Coloi ado.  I hell tuiuls buioinlng exhausted, ihey  sought for aid wh��ie llicy had .1 light  lo oM't'i'L it, rimn lhe Aineileun Fulei-  ���itiini of l.itbm Theh delegates utlend-  ed thu Chu'liiiiull (Oiiveiitlon and ap-  pc.iltd foi asslslanee Their eu"oi Is  were riullless, and leiih/.lng the uttei  uselessness or maintaining this aMlHa-  llon, thej withdtcw. Two yeais later  ihuSVcstein Fedeiation ol Mineis, in  lonjuncl.on with othei unions, foi mod  the Western Tj.iboi Union on the line's  or "Indu.stilal" unionism, which pledged Its component pails to sympathetic  Jillon in the eiP'il nl 111d1ibl1l.il lioub-  les In this icspcct, a matked contiust  to the "let-alone" policy of thc American Fedeiutlnn of Lnboi. Slnic that  time the nctlon of the lclgnlng clement  has been anything but lneudly to the  Western Laboi  Lln.on.   In June of last  jeu at Its annual iiunention, the Western Laboi   Union  weie tonfioiued by  a thie.it (di'li\eii'(l b> Seuet.uy M0111-  ton (>r the Anifiiinii Fidel atlon ot La-  b.u  In poison), that ll il did not iniine-  diitolj   coiiie  undei   the Jill Isdlttlon of  the   Anteilif.n   Fidi i.itloii  or   Labiu   lt  would h.i\e lo laic lh" unii'lenting hos-  lllllj    nl   tho   Ami'ile.in   Fedci.illon   ol  l.ilim.    In  finswu   in   this,   the n.uiu  wis   ihangi'd   lo   lhe   Aincilian   Laboi  L'nliin, and al tiie s.unp session the mi-  ilall-,1   p.iitj    wus   ciiikused.   and   Its  pl.iifoim and piliulples adopled. K10111  lhe loiegolng il will b iscen (I) lh.il ll  was mil fm mud by ullhei   soilullsls 01  ���ht.ibs,"  but  by  lh.it  uigunlsMtlon  of  st.ilw.iil unionists known us the West-  em Fedeiation ol iMInois, whose leioid  is well enough known in l.illlsh Coliim-  bn,    (2) that  It had  .111  existence foi  10111  je.ns bcfoio It bctamc soiialistic,  111  this lespect  (ir the yeail>   giowth  or the socialist element Is any mdli.i-  11011)   Its example  is  llkelj   to  be  Tol-  lowcd by  the Ameilian  Fedeiation of  Labni   when ,1 unity will then become  possible.    In   loiiilusion,  pei mil  me  a  woid about the Dominion Tiades ejon-  gii-s,  which oig.ini/.atlon ill. Watson  advises   the   wholesale  ileiks   to   join  I   h.ne some   little  knowledge ol   tins  oigani/.ation,   having  lit en  .1  delegate  to   tluee  ionsetutl\e   annual   sessions,  and held the otilce ot Mcu-pieside.it roi  Manitoba,  and I positively asseit that  the  tongiess   111  compuisun   with   the  Ami 1 Kan  Fedeiation ol Laboi  1.111 lie  oC no serine to an alllllattd union in  time or 1iKlust1i.il tiouble    Iu the ln-.t  place, it (.in enCoiie none or Its 111.111-  d ites on ,1 suboidinite union,   seiond,  it has no funds lo piovlde a sti ike benellt,    Hill el,  Its exetutive has no  pei-  nianent headeiu.uleis,   is  static!ed  all  o^el    the   Dominion,   and   meets   only  onte a yeai.   Its value consists in passing upon Canadian legislathe nulla a,  loi whiih it meets once a jcai     On the  othei  hand, the Anicilt.ui Labor Union  can (IC necessaij) oidei  a slnke o! all  ils afhli.Uetl  bodies in  suppoit of one  ol its membeis    II bus ample funds to  1.111}  on a light    II tontiols the bulk  ol  ingani/cd laboi  in lhe west, including eveiy mineis' union in llntisli Columbia    11 lias a pcimanent headquai-  tc.s 111 Butte, iMonl.111.1, nnd,a hilaiied  c\-iutne, de\oting theli  whole lime to  tne woik of supeiusion and oigam/.a-  tio'i     IC the  wholesale tleiks, 01   any  othei body oC woikeis, give due weight  to   these  tonsidei.itions,   they   will  du  as the cential body oC organized laboi  in  this  city  has  done���they  will  give  Oigani/tei   Watson and his "libeial-la-  boi" biand oC unionism a rest.  JOHN T. MORTIMER  Vancouvei,   Apnl  G,  11)03  countiy we should liaAe to have-4,000,-  0M> members with $10,000,000 in the  hanks and an ycarlj Income ot fcimo-  tliiug like $2:,,000,000  NOW    1U3ADY.  1'iUc  lists Ioi   the llowci  show  m,ij  be li.ul oC the sccielaij. Mi   I, I)  'la>-  loi, al the l'io\liicp ollke.  THE LABOR WORLD.  'Mcmbeislnp in New Yoik slate tiade  unions h.ne iniiensed dining tho past  twehe niontlis by 3,1,000  "  The Cuppntcis' union holds th > liin-  i.ei Cm iniic.i'-e in menilieisliip in 1'IOJ  having added 12,300 mtiiilieis  A bianih oC the Inte11111tlon.il Wmc-  houseincn's assotiut.on has been Coimed  at Montieal, with a membcislup oC M0  Helpcis in Montieal nnn ,ind In ass  foundnes leceive tl -"> l��i 10 houis'  woik The sanitation and \eiitilation  oC tht shops aie ibad  Piessmcn In Chicago who aie em-  plojed in union shops 1 etched %2'130  per week and have signed .1 con ti.itl  with employ eis for tlnee yeais.  'lhe siiit'oiMiy engiiiecis of Montieal  lo  the  nurnbei   oC 100  have  roi mud* a  union?   i'hillip Hall and Abel Ouihcnu  wcic appointed piesldenl and .stcietaii  pio tem.  The hiitklajeis and masons have le-  (cully held  .1 most suciessrul conven-  ���^y  Uuy and wcai union stamp shoes,  and thus piotect the labor movement  igiinst Independent and hostile iactions tlmt ioi ml the iccognl/ed tiade  union.  The union stamp on shoe.s is found  on the sole, Insole 01 lining of all union  made "hops Shoes without the .stamp  ue convlit, non-union 01 unfair.  Pationr/.e the labels oC all ti.ifts  Demand lhe Retail Cltiks' union mid  In all stoies.  Late ib.uliPi   ol the   ITmpiess or India,  has opened up n Haibei Shop in the  New York Block,  662 Granville Street.  The  Welcome  324 Carrall Street  Three doois from Hastings Slieet  Choice lines oC ConCPtlioneiy, Fiuus,  Tobattos, Soit Diinks and Ice Cipam  Open eveiy evening till midnight lte-  fieshnient ipailor in connection Piompl  sei vice.   Fie.s-h Stock.  'Phono 13S8.  GEO. C. HAMILTON.  CLAYTON'S GROCERY  Most reliable Grocers  in Town.  850 WESTMINSTER  AVE.  l.on This gicil oig.inizalion nas in  lound numbeis ,S0,000 meinbeis and  tSUOOOO In funds Thej t'ontnbuted  til.OOO to the gie.it mineis' .stiike. A  iileienduin vote will bt taken on the  piiiposillon to aflillitc with llie A F.  at I,  Austna Ins something like 11(1,000,000  inhabitants, with nbout 120,000 nic'iibcis  in hei oig.inl/.cd laboi bodies. This is  nol suth a bad showing as would at  Hi st bu supposed, Tot two icisons Fns|  1 Luge nunibfi 01" hei best wtulcen Im-  mlgnite lo the Unlied States, and second, Austil.i |s only baicly out oC feudalism.  Their Is m. Fedi'iallon uC Lilinr in  ���lupin i'inh"iclng '100,000 meinbeis This  ciigaiii/.iillun lui'i been stiuggllng fm  Impioved i ondliIons ro. the woiking  class in Japan and Its ciToit.s me being  icwuided by Ihe emulment or 11 r.ictoiy  law regulating houis of laboi, ige of  woikeis, etc , and compelling employ-  pis to be tonslilciule of the health and  safety or theh   employees  Thu Ibltish trades unions have over  S-'O.OOO.OOU invested One bundled liadc  1 "'is ol Cie.il iiiilaln h,i\o in Income of $10,JOO,000 per year. The 1,236  unions In that countiy have a total  lueinbeishlp of 1,922,7M>. To hu\o anj  equally stiong laboi  movement in this I  CIGARETTES  ^WfTW..Hf ��Mom^��   -rf ,.tv^MTf^PfWf^.Wf^W  Wc, llie iiiKlcr-ipm'd, ImikIIc Hip  onlv UMON ?M \J��H (JH.AI.'KITKS  niade in C.inad.i.. K A UNA (J, V (J.  and T. it 15. " j  CHAS. FORESBERG,  H. G. MOORE  -   S. HARCUS- '^ ���  G. W. WEEKS     '  W.J. McMillan & Co.  Wholesale Agents tor B. C,  Corner Aleuuidcr SI. mid Colunibla A\e.  Viincouicr, Ii. C    -    ���    -  P. O. IJOX, 2SC. P1ION11, 173.  PHONE  I220A.  Carpenter and Joiner  516-518 Seymour St.  Between Pender and Dunsmuir Sts.  ���    * 1  All kinds of work ln this line promptly attended to. , \  Patronize the  Blue. Label  BRANDS  Don't be Careless i  t  9  .1:  ��  ���I-'  ���  :K  ti  9  Don't Htait your wheel on   the "new   season's   work   without   a    a  Ihoiough ovei hauling.   It will add much lo your comCoit and uecur  :-i-:  ���  ���I;  Ity .ind will cost you but little,  bicycle icpalr depaitment.  We have a thoroughly up-to-date   ;:  <.]  H*>;  WlTB, RALPH, 126 Hastings St. |  Stoves, Ranges and Kitchen Furniture. |  Loggers' Supplies  SPECIAL     AI-I. - STMIJI,   Willi: TIOPK SNATOH BLOCK.  ALLAN  WirYTE'fi CO.'S   SPFCIAL WIRE CORE LOGGING WIRE.  PLOUGH and CRUCIBLE STI! EL WIRE ROPE In all sizes and grades  All kinds of loggers'  tool-? and  supplies, Camp Utonslle, Etc  McLennan,  McFeely & Co.  Phone 44.  122 Cordova Street., Vancouver, B.C.  Phone 1063  ���a{*5K*3��*;!{*&*;K^*;!^^^  Jcssf as f-iisy to ICee|>  chairs, tables and woodwork about the house looking bright and new if you  use the right kind of Varnish Stain.  Stains and Varnishes  with one application.  Anyone can apply it.'  Vancouver Hardwarer Co.,  339 Hastings Street.  "Stnr" Enamels,  "Star" Bathtub Enamel,  ��G" Varnish Stains,  " G " Stovepipe Enamel,.  "G" Aluminum Enamel,   -  " G " Furniture Polish,  Ask for Alniiastine the best  *   Wall Coaling.  1  I  He*5K^��^5K*>i^at*^^:i{*)l^>|(**^*JK^^>K^K^4;K*5��t^ftW��>  ��������������2������������'';  ��� ������  v������������������?J����������������������������3,  ��� ������.  Fhe Beer Without a Peer."  Biewed light here in Vancouver by men of years and years expel lence and in a brewei y whose plant Is ihe most perfect known to  the nrt of brewing. Is it any wonder that lt has taken a place in  'he heaits of the people which no other beer can supplant?  $1.00 Dozen Pints  $2.00   ����     Quarts  Brewed by  'Ltd.  breweries,  Vancouver, B, C.  and for sale at all (list-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels.  I  ��  ����������������������������^^  'S  XX'e aie veiy pioud of oui stock of HATS just now. Of course we  me always pioud ot it, but Just now we aie?' poi haps, a bit piouder,  because wo do not icniembei when tho Hat merchant was permitted  lo h.ue as m,in\ styles as tlio inannufactuiers have given us for H1I3  seasoji That makes It possible to pleas^all possible tastes. $2 50 and  $3 00 nre-popular~p�� IcesrthouBh-w"o liave"hlsh"er_prlced Hats~if"you  want them.  JOHN&70N, KERFOOT & CO.  10* and 106 Cordova Street.   ~    ,  Trunk Store 127 Hastings St., OJipJ Wm. Ralph's. '      '  Cigar Factory  new Westminster;  The Shirtwaists  and Blouses   Unit   weic_ cniefully   slot oil  ^way last riill'will sunn be In do-  ni.iiicl iiBiiln'"  They'll need I miulc'ilni;,  thouyli.  Now Is Ihu tlnic (bdoie the Inevitable big .spilng lush bemiis)  to liuic tlieifT done.  We  nie  specially  piepaied   to t  do excellent work* In tills line, and  now Is a good time to test lis  Meam Laundry  Ill0-U14.inichards Street. Tel. 846  ..  ,Ui cinch olllco In Arcade  Toi. 1176.  +���+++++49- ++++++++++  Advertise ln The Independent  '   > >'  When eyes ere found to have  any defect, however, slight, inert"''  is but ono thing to do. Provide i'  glasses oarly. Havo thom examined i I  by our doctor ol optics, (Mr. .Al- < 1  Ian, and'get a1 pair to ! fit* you 11  properly. All work guara��ts��d. ,'   11  DAViD&ON BROS.^ \  9 ,   1  The Jewelers and OfiHclaDS.        , 1  ���,    , 4 ���*����� Cerdova 5t.' {(  0<1><Ht9+9990 0 frV�� +i++  t,i  I  %  y  f  1  (81  1  f   '  i  V  i  *  k  t.  n  i  ���ifiv'.*


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