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The Independent Mar 7, 1903

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 u3^U&3^Y^>^-<i%-a'��Mvirona5(aia��'  gw*-gB^.UJM^.Hiraafts3,-i*vOu'.*tlv*fX.  ��� o����. it.-- *v..wiu*�� s ers.-s.-'i-'x.-' t==r'JJS2JL'X;!��^"u.  iiscMiaicss  LetfriMlve LRjr'r Mar. I1|M  Bl  THE ROYAL BANK  OF   CANADA,  . . SAVINGS   BANK . .  k Geaenl Banking Buslnasa          Transacted.  OFFICES���Hastings   Street,   XV.,  Westminster Avenue, Vanoouver.  i!. c. mmsm loan am  SAVIfcCS co.  Allllicirl/cd Cii|iltnl   .  fln,(Wl,MKI  .Subscribed Capital -   -   J.&00.000  AtuctsOver  ....     son.O'iO  Head Otl'u o, .t!l Ciiiiilile Street,  Vancouver, I!, (J,  VOL.  Uk  VANCOUVER, B. C, SATURDAY, A1AKCJI 7, 1903.  NO 24.  w  to a  Unionism  STRIKERS'  A Resume of the  Situation ��� Tbe  Unions Go Out  in $ijm|)af hy.  When the Canadian l'.icillc Ituilw.iy  le.iohed the Pacillc coast In lbi>6 It in-  auguiated the system ot paying small  wages lo all classes of employees which  wurc not organized. This system wus  gradually eliminated by the classes  which weie compaiatively stiong in  numbers, namely, .eiiglneeis, llremen,  tialnmen, telcgiaphcrs, machinists, and  Inst but not le.ist. the m<iiiiten,incc-of  way men, 'who always, after u stiuggle  with the company, wete able to foice  -,"thcm t'o agice .to'falr.eondltlons.'.^Tlie  -,  s.    v -.'     n -   ���.   . '-'���.in!, -!  >"-���  b,ittle"of the trackmen in the summer  of 1001 will still be fiesh in the memories of our readers. ' .  Resides the above mentioned olo-sses  theie still lemnined a Luge number.of  , men who were not eligible to membei-  bhlp in any of the above mentioned  organizations, whose numbeis were so  small individually that it made unionism almost impobslble.-and whose posi-  - tlon was gradually getting woise, as  the others who*  Were Organized  weie Improved.  The Hist break away w.is in.idc by  the freight-handlers, wh'o, four years  ago, formed a local union to piotcct  their Inteiests, and the first stand was  made by them on ithe question of increased compensation for c-heckeis,  who, up to this time, 'had been paid the  same wages as' the truckeis, namely,  20 cents an hour. This was conceded by  lhe .company after a sti ike of a few  houis' duuition, and the i.itos of pay  of cheekeis weie Increased to 23 cents  . an hour. The next stand was mude"lu.st  summer, when ithey demanded an Jn-  - ciease of 10 .per cent., which was also  conceded after tho men had been on  sti ike for two days. The conditions of  neaily all the others had meanwhile  been getting worse.   ~ The-Clcrks'-Pay. '���  had Hinged from a general rale, in the  local freight olllce of $5ft a month down  to almost nothing In the general othce's,  with night work unlimited, while the  laborers at the shops were receiving  the magnificent sum of foui teen cents  per h'our. There was lots of lndlvulu.il  kicking iiilwul this state of affaus, but  no concerted action until lhe company  supplied the neccssury stimulus, and it  hnppened In this way: Some genius  among the olIlcinlK eoncel\ed the biil-  lliiut Idea thut by giadually ieducing  the monthly pay he would be able lo  gel cleiks for nothing, uiufut thes,imu  lime boost his own stock up. This was  put inio effect, and when a man who  was di.iwlng the WO a month left nnother man would be put on lu his place  nt $15, and  When He Left,  which undei lhe picv.illlng conditions  wns fiei|iiently the rase, nn attempt  would'bi- made to leplnce him with auothei s at tiO. It did not matter that  while the company was .plugging the  bung hole In this wny, the hoops wero  all loose and the ban el was leaking nt  every btavc by thu handling of the busl-  _ ness with Inexperienced and new men  antagonizing the public. This might  have gone on until the desired end was  accomplished had the clerks not figured  out that while at the best of times tliey  i weie barely getting a living wage as  lt was now they would soon be ipaylng  a premium for the pilvllege of working, ai\jl  Mr.  Estes coming along at  ithls time, com'blnod; with the great general, advance of-unionist Ideas, found  ' the ground ready for thc seed, and the  U.  U. of it. li. came into existeme at  Vancouver on the 21th June, 1002.  Aibout this time  Conceited Action  wus taken leguiding ineieased lumu-  neiatlon, with ,the li'.sult thai the company had to materially alter Its policy  or face the loss of all Its eleiks, and it  choose the Hist couise.  The su'bject   of amalgamation    was  .soon bioachcd  with  thu Height hand  lcis, and after lengthy negotiations was  lln.illy concluded in December, 1002, by  them joining the U. 13. It. K. In a body.  Winnipeg had had an Independent  branch since September, 1"M8, and befoie Piesldent ICstes leached heie they  had decided to join hands with the  unions lo the south, and on April 23,  1002, they weie amalgamated. Since  that time  Divisions Have Been Foimeil  at -Calgary, Nelson and Revelstoke in  the West, and the woik has also been  .stinted iu the East. As this had bean  done eiuletly it was some timo liefoie  the.company weie awaie thnt'anything  was going on, ibut "towards the Utter  pai t of the yeai they found out that  something Was up, and tho union Mas  made, aw are of this iby spotteis. getting  lnto,_the\rankSLnnd��dolng -their dirty  "woik Hist at Nelson where Allaii'vvas  dlsch.uged, and latterly at Vancouvei.  Tlie end of the yeai was "signalized  by illss Coad, a stenographei In the  general superintendent's olllce heie, being given to undei stand that unless she  would drop her membetsh'p in the  union the company would probably  have to dispense with her set vices, but  In the meantime  She Would Be ltemoved  fiom the geneial suipeilntendont's olhce  and put to woik el--ewheie till she le-  cogni/.ed hei position At this same  t me F J Halton, the agent or secietuiy ot the order, had occasion to go  to Seattle and on his letuin vvassum-  mailly dismissed by Mi Miu pole, although he was ony absent one day and  had the permission of his supeiioi, W.  H Faulds, to be absent on account of  sickness and the Iatge amount of night  woik he was doing foi whlcn no pay  wus received.  This, coupled with lnfoimatlon le-  ceived from outside souices gave the  union good reason__to suspect that an  attempt was going to be made to dc-  stloy the U. B of It. 13, and accordingly, the whole union was up in anna  at once in defence   of    the  membership in the U. 11. It. 10. This  culminated in Forrest being hulled be-  loie the bupeilntondent, and without  any explanation being asked or given  he was charged with fraud .ind informed that lie would 'be put Jn jail at  once, then dismissed and changed again  lo suspension, taken befoie the geneial  superintendent, allowed lo give an explanation, and told tlunl this was believed and that he could go right back  to work. Half an hour afterwards he  was informed that he was suspended  indefinitely. All ithls, coupled with  things learned fiom outside .somccs, led  the Brotherhood to believe that the first  of "March would be the signal for  A Slaughter ot the Innocents.  Kvents have abundantly pioved that  this was conect, as witness thcariival  of the Seattle scabs on Satuiday and  the two cailoads from Montieal on  Sunday.  Till* MEN'S SIDI3.  The following stulenient was handed  lo The Independent Thuisday Jiighl:'  UNITED    BltOTIIKRHOOD   OF RAIL  WAY EMPLOTKKS.  Vancouver Division, No. 81.  Vancouver, Maieh Ith, 11KW.  To lhu"rcoplc of 111itish Columbia  The striku ot lailway cmplojces on the  Canadian Pacific Railway at Vancouvei  and RevcIstokoJSj.rapIdly bocomin. i-t  bifch" magnitude, aiid thore lnCve been so  many conflicting statements printed as  thc causes which led up lo the same,  lhat lt seems adv isablc to place the matter* before tlio general public in such a  mannci as to clcaily show thc position  of tho United. Brotherhood of Railway  Dmploj ees  Tho public Is most interested in questions of public policy or such principles  us aro beneficial to Iho great masses,of  thc people  The first oC these to be decided by the  publio In thb controversy ls:  Will tho peoplo of British Columbia  be most benefited by the maintenance  or by the annihilation of wagc-carncrs  unions'  It Is inci edible thai lhe above question can be answered iu any othor waj  except that the public interest will be  best sened bj the muiiitcnincc of the  uniors  Till, question being disposed of, the  next to���bc cinsldcrcd is  \*fha; arc thc demands of the United  Brothcihood of Railway Dinployecs In  t'i' piesti.t controversy?  To thla the U B of R 11 makes answer  Tilt:  RJG11T TO isxisruNCi;  whloh Is Jieaiest to the lalboilng men  ot America, namely.-  'The Right of the Union to Live,"  and n demand was made foi the icin-  stalomont of Halton and a gu.nuntee  that thc union would be left alone iu  the futuie Halton wont to woik aftei  an lifteiview of the committee with the  olilciaLs which lesulted in a nominal  suspension of one-week, and which was  nevcr'enforccd, Hulton going to woik  Immediately Mr Mai pole assuied lhe  committee that no fuithei disci Inihiii-  tlon oi Intimidation would be attempted. * *  Nothing moie was done in this line  nl Viincouvei toi some lime, but tlu-  uigam/ci who was tiavelliiig e.ist wu.-,  hounded and dogged eveiy foot of the  way, and every foul method that could  be devised was utilized to hinder and  stop his iivoik The meinbeis weie also  healing fiom outside souices of pocul-  l.u doings ut places fui lemoved fiom  heie, which aie too niimeious to give  In detail, but of whioh the following  ( *Is a Sample,  namely, a paitv In Vnncouvei iccelvlng  an I'U'iuiiy ft om Monti cal as to what  w.is going on hue, n.s he hid nm  .moss men lln-ie who weie engaged to  come heie and handle fieight  Then the nuthoiilics in Montieal sud-  deny awoke lo the fact lhat thej had  some valuable men in Vancouvei. In  fact they weie Indispensable at heud-  quaiteis, and the road would stop If  they could not ieir.li thcic at ouce, and  on sepaiate ti.ilns, too The comptiol-  lci must consult Faulds and Halton  Thc freight < laims agent found out Unit  Dick was too valuable for the position  on Uio Pacific coast, and the biipoiln-  tendent of lhe iui sei vice n ubt have  Wilson'b valuable assistance In the  meantime the heads of  The Dllteieiit Dopaiitmenls  were summoning their men Ibefoio Iliem  and In vailous ways making them understand that tliey must drop    theli  Nothing incic is asked and nothing less  can be accepted  .The  Brotherhood  claims  the  rlglit   lo  oigam/c such of tlio railway   cmplo-ccs  Diinciple  ot  tilt  t;   jr.   E   illt0  the  u   u   of  R  IJ as desire to affiliate with It, and fui-  thor clulms the privilege of its members  retaining their membership therein  .ifter they have become members thereof  without Intelference on the part ol  the railway management in any way,  shape, manner or form _.  In some caseb our membeis have boon  offeied promotions. Increases of paj and  other concessions in the nature of bribes  condlliomd upon tlielr leaving the U  B of_ lt 13 In others thej have been  given���* iriendly"~advico��� to-sever Uicli  connection with us, and in jet otheis  thej have been plainlj notified to wlth-  dri��  Wi object to all ot the above tonus ot  intimidation and consider tho ono as unjust as the othei. Our Canadian or-  g.uil/ei has been followed between hero  and "Aliinlpcg by detectives ot the C*  V lt nnd subjected lo Intolerable au-  nujauce  Pits'- despatches have been sen I out  which wo believe emanated from tho C  1' It, stating th it tho bctllcniont of  iho seven niontlis' sti Ike of Ihu United  Brotherhood of Itiillwnj llniplosees on  Iho Canadian Noitheru Rnllwnv, at  Winnipeg, Involved lhe withdrawal of  the inciuhcis on that rand from the U  U of R 1*, which wus untrue, as tbe  Hultloniont did not Involve am such iaudition Oui membeis on the C N R  have not wllhdiawn, ami cmplojces of  tho CNR are now rapldlj joining  lhe II II ol II I! ul Winnipeg, nnd  Ihu siimu Coiiitnlllee, headed lij .Machinist A Unhitch, which ninile the oiigliml  deniiinils on lhe O N It, Juno Olh,  l'KU also completed the final settlement,  on January 2Jrd, 11KB  An attempt vvas made to dissipate our  forces in Vancouver b> sending men to  Montreal, and by discharging others,  und men wero being hired in distant  places with the end lu -viow of destroying our organization Members havo  been dlsihaigcd In tho Kootcnajb and  at Revelstoke Tho cntho boiK of  ficlght handlers In Vancouvei, smno  trvciitj men, weie advised to separate  fiom Iho U H of R. E as a condition of their present rates of pay being  continued  An ingenicnls vvcio being inude bv  the C P It In the Sound clticb, Winnipeg and Montreal, lo obtain largo  numbers ot men as striko, breakers or  "scabs," with whom to blush away tho  last vestlgu of our Brotherhood  Thosa things may In part, or hi whu^,  lu denied hy llie C. 1'. lt. olfli-l.iN, but  liny are "line, uud been use nf Iliem the  nieinlirrs of the IJ. 11. nf II.. B. In  Vancouver nnd Revelstolte have ceased  sei vice for that lallvvny, anil villi u-  main out until the C. P. II. grants thu  right ol our organization to exist unmolested, nml tho 'Longshoremen's Union of Vancouver has dce-lileil. common! -  lng this morning, Hint It will handle nu  ���'���"Cili" fieighl, which hn.s piaelieally  tlui up the whole waleifronl ot the Cily  of Vancouver. ,v  The queslluns at Issue* aie thus' made  so .simple that any pel son can quickly  gi.isp thum, and tho slnccilty of the C.  V. It and IJ. IJ. ot 11. K. as quickly  tested by tho public to whom we appeal  loi   Mippoit in oui  jllhl IMUbU  We, us the U. li. of lt. 10, aio  hit Iking for the light to exist only���  nothing else. As pioot of our slnccilty  wo will leturii to work when tho right  to exist is guaranteed us ami lo all who  have struck with us. s  As to the C. P. R., il lb ciulonvoilng  to kill us. As pioof ol lis dcteimina-  tlon so to do we olfer the lollowlng:  We will rc'Siiiue,servh'e upon satisfactory contracts being executed thnt vve nre  to  iemaln  unmolested  If the C. P. It. Is nol ciulc.ivoiiiig to  kill us, what possible objection can thero  be to such un agreement?  To ihow lhe good taith ot our oigan-  irnllon, vve me willing to muko the special cases of all unjustly suspended, discharged oi otherwise aggileved membeis subject for .suhfecqiicut bettleninnt  after llu; muiu question has been ill���  posed ol, namely, tho light at our oi-  ganlzallon to exist unmolested by the  C. P. It.  Upon the execution of a salisfaeluiy  w rill en lonti.ict between the Canadian  Pacific Railway and lhe U. ii. of R.  IS, officially signed bv thn Geneial Sup  ei inlcndent of lite Pacific Division of  the C. P. R, granting the light of the  U. B. ot R E. to organize and exist  among employees of tlie Canadian I'a  clllc Railway unmolested by the officers  of lhat Company, and the oilier coiull-  tlons wliich nre usual and customary in  the settlement of strikes, namelj-, tho  reinstatement of,all stiikcrs, whether of  our orgiinl7.nlIon or of others who-have  como out wllh us, nnd Ihc^understatuling  lhat thej- shall not be icqulreil to uork  with scabs, the sti Iking oniploj-ces ot the  C P R will Immediately lcsumo service loi that Company, and will after-  walils adjust the ctrtes of all aggrieved  Individual membeis on their niculs bv  Inlcllgenl discussion wllh the officials of  lhe Compnij, It being embodied in the  contract that Committees be received bv  tho C   P   K   for that puipose  mil HOARD OF TRADB  We hive also lcceived the following  communication from lhe Vancouver  Boaid of Trade  , <'  Vancouver,  March   ith,  1003  S Gil ilium, Ksq, Dlstiict Agcnl Division SI, U IJ of It 11, OBilen Hall,  Citv  Deni Sh,���Youi letter of Iho 2nd lnsl  addressed to the Secret-irj of this Boaid  having been icid .it the antiu il meeting  held last evening, ,i*Rd the Bond nut  having In inj wav discussed tin contents thereof, ami knowing nothing  whatever of the meills of the cabo, but  being desirous if possible, to offci lis  services bv waj of mediation, If such  would be acceptable to both parlies concerned, It was lcsolved that a Commit-  ti-c bo appointed bv the Pnslilent and  lhelr names submiUcd to vourselt and  Siipciiiiicnilont Mnrpole, C P R, with  this object I am now duci ted bv President Lockjci to submit lo ^u the  n.imcb ot tho general Aibitration Committee appointed bj billot foi the ensu  ing jcai by Iho annuil meeting, as those  fiom the m inner of election, mav be  considei ed as thoioughlj iinpaitial, vl/  R II Alexindei, I" Buscombe, XX m  Gudticv, Wm Murraj, 11 Bell-living,  F F Bums, F C Colton, A B Irsklnc,  W II Koi, W If Malkln, Campbell  Swoons and C 12 Tisdall (Of the abovo  Messrs Bell-living ind Swecnj arc it  present absent ft om Ilio Cilv )  Aw tiling the favoi ot joui  replj,  Youis tiuly,  XV   skuni;  P S���I enclose duplicate of lettei to  hiipcilnlcndont Mnrpole  Wi aie mon than willing lo iccepl lb'  geiieioiislj proposed mediation ot lhe  Boaid ot Tiade and will as lugelv as  posblblc bo gov ei ned bv the d( el-inns  and recommendations of llut honoi ible  both oi ol mv othei medium ttiiiuii.li  which an honoi ibh pe u e mav be oh  (lined ll being undei stood that it inii-l  be a pence tint do's not mean ' nt ith  und 111 it nn iliclslou ul anj minimi oi  bodv enn hi iiupleil 11 llu -ami involves the .iiinlhlliilloii or oui Biolh-  eilioud  Ucspcctfullj,  ci:u  iXii'us  lo llie I'ciplc-of liilllsh Columbia  Tho "Dailv fVews-AdvcilI-ii ' ol till-  illuming- pieseuls an ible cilllolliil with  ii spi cl to bulb sldis of the existing con-  liovoisv between the United lliullu ihooil  of llallnii) l'mplojies ami llu fundi.in  Pacific Rnllwn* Iu llu mil In lhe idl-  toilil is veiy full anil linpiiliul, bill llu  eoni lu��lons lo be diawn fiom It aie Unit  llie United Uiolheihooil of Rnllwin Ihn-  ploiees begun lhe pic-cnl sti Ike us the  icsult of the iliinand on the C P R for  formul "iccogiilllon" ot the Brotherhood,  and as ll ls n gem nil oigaul/atlnn It  bhould havo piesentcd such dem tails to  the General Malinger in Montieal  This prescn(atlon of thu situation Is not  correct noi  Is It fall to lhe Brothcihood  Let lt bo understood elearlv thai the  picsiut cunlroveisj did not develop ns  tlie iisult ot am demands lot "lOiiiis-  slons' or anj kind whnlcvci fi om lhe  Cuifidlan Pacific Railwnv  The emplovues of the C P It a-lc foi  no i Use lu piv, no iliungcs In bonis ol  service or alteration ol existing conditions 'J ho> did not evun ask foi what Is  termed "iccogiilllon ' ot tho lliothethood  Bui lhe m in igemcnl of the Canadian  Pacific Railvvuj at Vancouvei "recognized" the- existence of tha Brotherhood by  commencing a ciinipnlgn of desliiiutiini  ngnhiKl ll which they liave pursued n<-  le'iillcssly mu) wllbout leuiuise wllh Undeliberate liiteiillon nf ilestioying the Bio-  lliciliuad by nny und eveiy means even  I hough It might be neevi-Siiry to sei hiin-  dic'db of faithful nud liulustilnus rm-  ploj'ees, who .uu honored citizens of l!il-  ll-h Columbia, adrlfl ami homeless because of tho -crime" of having joined  lhe union of their choice.  The U. 11. R. B. hns, to Iho exlent ot  attempting lo destroy lt, been -'leeog;-  nUcd" hy the Geneial Superlnleiideiit ot  llie 1'iiclflc Division.  The- niembei.s waited until thu last hour  heroic going on striko nl Vancouver, hoping tgr some oilier adjustment ol th"  impending illffleiillj-, niul none being pos-  -Ible, weio forced to tho last icsort.  11 Is useless to tay that they bhould  have .sent n delegation to Montreal, ns  lhe lliolherliood would have Inesi de���  liojcd be-fine even leave ol iibfrtni-c could  be obtained Uu the dc-lugntlun to loavo  Vanenuver, niul be-hles 11 was not a  question^ for Montieal, but lor Vuncou-  vur.  The fight wns slnik'il by thu C. P. It,  and was .started here, not In Montreal. No  time was ullowcd the luemlicis In which  lo go to Monticnl, lo which point their  was nolhliig lo go alter, as (hu Hinlhoi-  hood was not leaily nor prcpnicd to ask  fur  wage  sehcdules und   "iccogmllon."  In eases of thc other motherhoods, llie  question of "iccogiilllon" has come up  mil has been lontcnilid foi when wage  schedules woiu piosonlcd at Montieal In  the case of the U. B It, lii the C. P. R.  did not permit tlie Brothel hood lo complete Its picllmlnnry work of organizing  and therofoie It was not in a position  tu piesent schedules at Montieal which  would have carried "recognition" with  them.  The C. P. R. dealt blow after blow  ig.iin.st our liiothcihuod with Intent lo  do lt to death speedily and quickly and  there was no otlier course but to pairy  the death-dealing slabs directed against  us by sti Iking, while yet tliero was no  power left to us to strike.   ,  Since tho C. P. ll. management has  "lecogniaed" us to the extent of attempting lo annihilate us, neither It nor ourselves can now escape tin; lesultliig consequence of "recognition" in removing  the I'ontiovotsy between that Company  nnd our Brotherhood.  Having "recognized" us to kill us, Mr.  Mm pole must now- "recognize" us to let  us live, and until that has been done,  no settlement lb possible, and the trouble  having oiigln.itcd hoio cun only bo settled here so far nb thlb Biotherhood Is  concerned.  When we are ready to ask tor geneial  wage schedules, oui Committees will go  to Montieal for that puipose-, but when  we me stabbed to the point of death  wo cannot wait lo travel across a woild  lo plead wllh the supciiois of oui would-  be nsbisblus but must Inslaiillv tic-lend  oui selves with all lhe powei we enn summon and deal is hcavj blowb as possible  (o our assailant  In this wav alone em we ui.iint iln (In  life ol oui union���and it- IHo we shnll  maintain though all tho combined i ipl-  l.U of Iho woild hi  hulled upon us  GLOKGi:   I.STI1S,  1'riMilcnt United Brotherhood uf Rallwa-,  -oBmpIoices  BUILDUPS'  LABORDUS OI'' VANCOUVER, FEDDRAIf UNION NO   32  Vancouver,  March  olh,  1D0J  S  Gnihnni, Agent U  B  of R  11  Deni Sh and Biothei,���Youi letlei of  the 2Sth ult vva- icid nt oui meeting on  luc'Mlaj nlghl We also lcceived jour  Committee the same night, and I was in-  btiuctcd to forw.ud vou the fol'onlng rc-  bolutlon which was enn led unanimou&lj  Wlieiens, wo as unionists being In sjm-  pathj with the bl otliei s of the IJ B of  R 11, now hiving tiouble with the C  P R, owing to tint Compinj dcnjing  them the light to oigini/o in vvhlchevei  waj Jlioy like, and sud Company icsoit-  mg to the usual tvi iiinlcil and cownid-  ]v ladles for which they fTc so noted  In their deillugb with unionists,  Be It lcsolved, that we, tho IJiuldeis  labours Union ot Vnncouvei extend om  deepebl svmpithv and aie lculj lo ���'ivc  oui suppoit, eilhct fininclallj oi oihei-  wlso  ���Wishing jou evciv success, jouis in  unltj,  (Copy )  II   SDbl.DltS  Seciel.uv  Vancouvei, l'eb   olh, 100!  I'd lhe Kvcculhc ul  the IJ   IJ   ot R   1)  Ihe linkers Union do imi-l heaitilj cn-  doisi. vom aetiun mil we do lcsolve th if  we will nut handle anj floui, bulla oi  "invTillii I'.ulicliFsIiipPuI-iivu "llie-CT  11  until Uio sti ike is settled  \ouis fi ueimllv,  (Cops )  J    \\     M ii I,l.AN,   b- e  Tin; \n;s* r,NHeMtsi:u.  VI Uie ugiilai incellng ol the Ti.idch  mil Ifijuii Council 1 isi night a lesolu-  tlon .vi.s pas-ed eiuloishu the action  liken bj the U 1! ol I; i; The meeting was adilicssed bj the Rev W* ,1  llitullci,  liu-hiiss was timpiiiaiily Mi-peiulul  il llu iigului incellng of lhe Tiades  and I,uInn Council on Thuisday night,  win u  I'ltMSIDIINT CillO   1JSTIM  of lhe Unlied Uiolheihooil of Italhvaj  r.niplovu s uddie-ssul tin council bilcf-  lj*. lie sild that the Hal tnuse of tin-  pusenl htilke on the C I" It. was in  attempl by (he coiiipany lo te.u to  pieces the oiganl/atlon ot l.iljoi the  men ot the U B. of R 13 icpiesentc-d  He had had a good deal ot e\peilence  with olllclals Af inilronds, and thoughl  that he knew the men ho dealt wllh,  but he wiib sony lo siv that no did  not know the C P R That company  knew that the bi othei hood was In a  si Ue of completing Its oig inb.itlon  and knew what it meant when ll was  thoioughly organized The olllclals  knew that the union aviis not oigiin-  i/ed well enough lo pul iu a schedule  ' But," Mi. 13stcs went on, "we had'anticipated putting in oui schedule in  June." 'When he aiuved on his thlid  visit to this city on   Junuary   6th he  ' found llieic_wus boine trouble existing  between  lhe  company  and   lhe  union,  and thai a*c>omiulltec of llftcen had Intel viewed  .Mr.  Mnrpole.    Tlie    tiouble  then  wns setiled  niiile-ahly, and as lie*  Ihought penn.iiic-iilly.   But the olllclnls  heie-, It seems, do things different fion;  the  way they aie done on the other  .slde.   Just as boon us he had gone away  the- tiouble started  again.    Mr. Pooie  had stalled over lhe road to complete  the oigunlzatlon of the U. B. of It.  10.  Two detectives were put on his tinll,  and one of  tliem,  McDonald,  tiled   Lo  buy him off_If he would cease his work  of oiganlzutioi,1.   This did not work and  he told Pooie that if he did not quit  organizing  he   \tould- hound' lilm  and  compel hint'to.   Bio. Poorc Is now down  sick  with .scarlet    fever   at Winnipeg  fiom lhe persecution of these C. P. 11.  deleetive.s,    -As   to   tbe  absertion   that  lhe U. li. of It. K. weie not recognized  in the .settlement of the Gieat Northern  .-tilke at Winnipeg, it was not -true.  The .same committee that presented the  seven schedules  when  the * .strike was  'lithi declined weie* the same men who;  had  them signed  up  when  the stiiku  wus ended, some eight months   afterwards.   In Vancouver the work ol intimidation  was commenced  by giving  "friendly" advice to some of the "employees bjr the ollicials,  who also told  the  ti eight-handlers   that   they    must  withdraw lroni the United Brothcihood  of Hallway Employees.   The committees heie tried to stop this tide of annihilation of the union.   The members  had not been ubklng for anything, then  why should they go to iMontieal for ie-"'  dic-bs.   "When we get ready we'll send  to Montreal for recognition,    not befoie," added the   speaker.    He asked  weie a couple of grizzly beais chasing  you  down   the  hill would  you go  to  Montieal  for    recognition?    Wouldn't (>  you  fight hist?    All  the  union asked  was  to leave it alone and  cease dogging the oiganizer fiom pillar to post-  by detectives.    At  the    suggestion  uf  a bi other he  had v wired    to Butte  to  have the miners,' union at Nanaimo lo  stop elevating coal for C. P. R. locomotives, and he was glad to suy that  his ic-quebt.wus complied with.   "I tell  you all," Mr. Kstes said, "that if this  strike is 'not soon brought to a close  lhat no less than JO.OOft men will be involved."    lt vvas a clear case, so 'fur  as   the  company   weied concerned,  of  ,  getting hold of a iooI with a tree on  the end of it     The men in tho Kootenays   weie  called out  and   thoy  ic-  bponded cheeifully.   Negotiations weie-  hi piogiebs   with    Mi     Mai pole,  who~  wanted till noon to-monow (Fnday) to  give anolhei   answu.    Mi    Ubtcs said  he might point out that he did not oidei   thc stiike in the flist place, but  when he had ai lived heie he hen lily  appioved of the action of the local di-  vlbion foi taking the stand that it d,d  It was a fight foi lite    (Applause),  RDV. MR. HINDLDY  was leeeived with applause. He said  that he was in nevv atmospheie. He  thought that a mibtako was otteu  made in applying the name of vvoik-  ingmnii Although It was tiue that he  did not woik with hib hands he worked neveithelebs with hib brains" And  he had ulways held, and it gnevcd him  because It was not so, that men who  walked with thcu_hands bhould have  a due sh ue oi the pioducts of then labels. It was his dutj, therefore, tu"  lend his biains to help them to gel il  lie wab simply appalled at the huge  piopoilions ol the questions which organized laboi as well as all sympathizes had to giapple and deal with  The speakei thought that thc chuiches  -hoiild be of the people and not of the  classes Theiefoie It wab the duty of  eveiy clergyman to study the great  pioblem which Is agitating the best  minds to-daj 'lheic was no com f oi  tiibunal in his chuich to ciiticl/o his  actions legaidmg laboi matteis IC  theie weie he would not belong to it  As a citi/.en he emphatically pioteskd  agaliibl the Rip Van Winkle spirit of .  unpiogiessiveness of the C P. R aflei  its ten jeais of expentnee m the labor '  movement He wanted also to protest  aginisl the C P R in denjing tne  lights to oiganlze to its employees. The'  people of Canada made the mistake of *  luiildln,- lhe" ib id~rioiii~occ'airto"oc('an^  and then making a piesent of it to Lhe  company 11 vvn.s allowed to join with;  the othei loads in making its lates  Was It not .i light loi the men to o*-  ���Min/e' lie held lhat lt was and thnt  In did not i nine hen as an adventi-rei,  but lh il he i ante heie to tluow hh, life  into the building up ot this counliy.  Ileciuibi the Hcaid of Tiade had questioned lhe company's position the Province had vlilually stated that the 0.  P I! would black list the elty, uud  would icfuse lo build the hoic-I or Im-,  piove whail facllllieb He ptolcstc-d  against -sui h Ihieals, nt, ll wns an insult lo the Intelligence of the people.  (Applause) ,  m*U.CJATI3 MOKTIMIJIl  llu u    lose     and     spoke      foi     I-Oliu  ilim  un np-lo-diile unionism  uml culo-  1,1/1 d  lhe Unlbd J li othei hood ol  Itall-"  way l.mplojecs, as theirs was a now  deputuie In lindes unionism, and wnsJ  pleased  that that body vvas allillaled*  wllh the Aincilean Labor Union, whlcli^  Inllei  oigunlzatlon would spiead ovei t  the continent of Ampiiea, because o��J  Its piogiesslveness ovei  all otheis >  THK OUTLOOK.  The oullook as we go lo picss Is fa-JI  vonblo foi a oettlement being lcached J  nl an eaily date The inilwaj .eom-'j|  pain having made advances ton aids a  settlement Thuisday, and this cannot;',!  be loathed too soon, as eveiything! [  leads to the belief that if this Is notM  done al once the woild will be facedi I  [Continued oa Pago 1 wo] THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY.  ���.MARCH 7, 1903  THE INDEPENDENT.  l-l'l!l,I.SIII'.l>   WKI'.KI.Y    IN   THU  I, TKRKSTS OF Till*; .MASSES  TIIK INDKl'liNDBNT rill.NTINil  I'A.N'l",  I1ASBMKNT    OP      KI.ACIC       BLOCK  IIASTIKCS STltKI'.T,   VAN-  COCVKIt,  11. C.  SUBSCKI1-TIONS, IN' ADVAXCK.  A.\vee-k, fi cenls; iminlh, I.*, cenis: Huve  moiitlis,- S3 cenls;  six   mouths, ."<)  veins;'  one year, -fl.oo. -'  I'JNDORSI-JD' UY TIIK  TKADI'IS & LABOR COUNCIL OK VAN-  COUVKI1,  TRADES *   LABOR COUNCIL Ol*' VICTORIA. .  VANCOUVER    HUILDI.VCI   TRADES  COUNCIL.  iz.'iliuu among ciiiployucs for protective  measures eliminated in so fur us pro-  tecllon would affect their rights ns free  nnd mu enslaved individuals.' Were  :be feeling between employers and employees u friendly one, based on similarity or community of interests, a- strike  would be an almost Impossible eventuality.  <UNIONf?  The'Independent can always be had  al Galloway's book store, arcade.  SATURDAY.  ..���M'AltlM-1  1II0.S  THE 11.1 OF 1.1 STRIKE.  [t'oiillihit-d fioin I-ngo Otie.J  wilh one of'the7biggest tie-ups thnt has  ever taken plnce In die west. Reliable  information bus just been received thn I  the next move will.be lhe" refusal - of  coal b.v the unionist miners of Vancouver island to the .railway nnd to come  to our own fair city. Witness the resolution of the Bakers' union last night,  not to use any article received over thc  C. P. R. until tliis strike is settled.  ..OWNED  BODY AND SOUL.  iVIembeis of the Ui 11. of It. E. have  wnt'ehed ''the careers of allempployoes  wilh whom they ore acquainted���and  llicy huve been in Vnncouvcr since it  wns founded���and in each- arid every,  ense the company, hus, when" approached for aiiylhiiig. practically told the  cringing .suppliant Unit they own ilieiu  "body and soul nnd..would give nothing.  ���.M'NICOLL AND  LABOR.  Tliu nctlon of General. Malinger. Mo-  Nicoll in forcing tin- strike.-reminds one  forcibly of  the  action .of "llie  .ostrich  ,:   family, .who, when pursued, hide their  heads and .lliink  because  they.'cannot  ���see -anything themselves, theiefore tliey  ,*;C'aii]iot be seen,    li? is well -known thai  ...he  is  llie sworn  foe.   of lhe    working  liinn,���'and unwittingly by his harassing  IX Indies lie has done inorc I'oi' ihe iinioji-  ?. ist cause*; lii  Lhe-'.'last"century; thnn any  : other single individiial  in Canada:  -������  ? Li I lie i,*n uses often  lead Aiiy grc.it  cf-  l'c-cls,ami in this c-asjuVtho strike/of (as  .he reported to th<i "Winnipeg Free. Press)  : ? liiilf. ti?; dozen  junior, clerks  luis  conn;  .'. 'liearrenlizing what luis been the goal  : ofnll; iiiiibiiisni, hainelj.', the "injury'to  ��� -. 6iic; is -tin;.-concern of ;nil."   This 'slrlkcj  .;." is -purely oile of sympathy." *   *      .,  TIIK  HOYS  IN "LINK.  A.s an liiKI.-iiice ill- lhe genuineness of  llie spirit of unionism Hint prevails lu  Vancouver mny be ineiiloiied the ceasing of work of the telegrapii messengers, who went oiil - in sympathy with  the i;. IS. of It. IC. The hoys,-who .thus  had their llrsl experience In llit;, striking world, were: 11. Hutchinson, i'i.  Cater, Archie ''McAllister, James lleu-  nett, 11. Doliin. Vie Warn in, C. .Senium.  Those" who declined to Join with lhelr  associates were Allan McDonald and  JolnP Jones. .The boys slute that two  of theli" number-1 James Slennett and  Cliff ..Senium���were* oifc-ivd t'u each to  return to tlieir'work. Theresiilt.ot this  matter in all probability will be tlie  forming of n messenger and 'newspaper boys' union?' We might add. that  the boys ure particularly anxious to  have it made known that G. W. Paler  son, the C. *P. It. night clerk, who Is  nlso out, is llieir friend,', und'that tliey  art- Willing to support liini in yetting  nu .increase in his wages, which now  amounts to but $10 n niontli.  One uf the pluckiest little fellows is  Hulchlnseii, whose mother is a widow.  He is, going about with n broken arm  ill a sling, and lie,says as bad as he  needs Work .thai  he. Is no scab.  ���la or 1(1 years, J. D. Turiibiill, 11 yeai'S,  .1. Oiiiand, 5 or ti years, and representatives or the freighthandlers, and infill m .siime. of. thein' thai they would  be proiuoled If Ihey dropped the union,  and others that Ihey would be dismissed if they declined to quit the union.  Similar propositions were made  by llie heads of other departments to their men. Why did  Mr. .Mnrpole allow his olliellils to consult-.* lhe men and malic siieh proposals  to them If the company hud no objection lo its employees belonging to the  union-.' Air. Mnrpole snys that he cannot deal with llie union because it i.s  not recogiii/.ed at-Montreal. He seems,  therefore, to have lhe power lo nllcmpl  to destroy unions, even if ho'cannot recognize them. II would appear that Iho  company's sole nlin and object. Is to  break up the union, not so much-nl-Its  own cost, but "in the great Inconvenience and loss of our business community.  : AS  TO  SCARS.  The inauguration "of the strike was  signalized.by the arrival of the ss.  M.-iinliindcr nn the -Sth ull. of about  :;n scobs, wlioili the C. P. If.'had'engaged down the Sound lo check and  handle, freight at'-$50, $00 and $70 ".u  month, with board for checkers, and 23  ceiits an hour for truckers, and this,  although'the. freight handlers, and  checkers were at work. _They were,, a  sorry, looking' lot. and at, any ' olher  tinie the C. P.17 R. ?would- not have accepted their, services ,at "any ' old price.  Means' were taken- to -combiit ihis by  pulling llie.alien labor law. inio effeel  immediately/'- but on ..studying- tliis-up  it was found'that its practical usefulness was nil.;':"  It can easily ,be .understood how  scabs can be'Induced; to come froni outside sources and ptnke strikers' places  where- they arc .-strangers, bill it pusses  all understanding how/this despicable  tiling can ''by done by'���Tc-llow-wbrkc'i's  who huve been nil 'along: good cuni-  rndes. *-A.mc'n' must beutterly devoid  of all principle, and- even then if llicy  were iiwnre of the unutterable' lon.thiiig  mid'.contempt with which Ihey arc re-  gardcilV by/every person, unionist hnd  nnn-nnionisl ni:kc, "f every race nnd  creed, llicy vvouid hesitate before doing  the..dastardly."acl at. scabbing. On? lhe  othei- hand if. tliey received'some" ian-  gil.ile reward, even in tlie shape of  money, there niiglit; be,found some excuse for? their action, hut even th.m the.  blunted- corporation*.who woulil accept  their belli know- tliem for whntthey  sire'worth���a-,thing, accursed���antl trciil  thein accordingly.  ENDORSED; 11Y TITE SOCIALISTS.  The following resolution was uhani-  niously passed, endorsing .be striko of  the U. R. R."B.:       , '   *';    ' ���  Resolved. That we.ihe members'of  the Vancouver Local of.the B. C. Socialist Parly,'convey'to- the nieiiibers ot  the U. 1\ of It. E��� the FreightTHand-  H'l-s' Union, and tlio -'Longshoremen's  Union,'our best wishes for theii-success  in lhelr struggle witlKthe gang of labor exploiters known "as the C. P. It.  Conipahy, and we further pledge ourselves to any moral and financial aid  we may bo able to render them.  ;  As lhe political -party bf the working  class, vve, warmly appreciate the stand  the.v tire taking" in defence of their victimised comrades, and the right to:bo-  long.'to the'61'gniiisntlon of their choice  without let or hindrance from any man.  Yet vve beg oui; comrades to remember that the tyrannic-til persecution to  which they have been subject-'.Is the  inevitable and? legitimate fruit of the  tree of capitalism, and Is bound to continue as long as the private ownership  of the means ofproduction endures.  We, therefore, urge them not to forget, .when opportunity-.offers!', to follow  up this strike on llie economic field, by  a strike at"thc ballot-box--.for Socinl;  ism and industrial freedom.   .-���  And that copies of this resolution be  forwarded, to the ugenloC Division 81,  U. 1.1.: 11. E��� the "Western? Socialist"  '.'Independent" and  the dally press.  ^<��....,t.^,��>...-��>^<&.*..��<^^.��...  ..*��..��  O  i" 9  v r  ���  ���   ���  ��� oo  000  ��� Our new Suitings for Spring"wearare just to lianil. ThcyVaie impoi led  Tweeds and Worsteds of very" neat designs. The lit and workmanship are  guaranteed.    Union labor employed.  Sl-RINt' STYLES IN HATS���Tlie latest shapes from New York and London are* now on display. The .styles "this season are a little out of the ordinary���ninny of the shapes resembling the71'niinina straw. '     n" ������'  Cume and try some; of these huts aiid see how handsome thev will make  you appear for the .small sum of f'.OO or ?:i,00. ,,       y, ���:.,,,  TuLKi'HONi-: 702.  People' nowadays dread a "scab"' as  much-..-is thej* do one of llie lepers on  D'ArOy Island.,' ;/ "'V:  , 'Tlie.. customs authorities should gel  busy nnd collect ?100 .per head on all  those Chinamen helping, to uhlo;iil_tlie  'Empress.   .'"'��� ~.-.  The C. I'. U. nre working the snine  old blufl-. ihiit llicy will'stop nil con-  le lii id a led iinprnyohieiiis because ''llicy  can't  have  llieir ijwii?. wuy  In  every-  'tiiiiig.,.';���"'--��� -���?,.-.;:    .' :;'..,';.-V.  . The inoriieiu .Mr? .Vl.-iriiolc?wilI, (iver.  bis own :.sigiintiirc, guiiranlce not lo  .1 n'tiirf erc.;,'wl I li ti : liian iieen.use ? In; , boilings '.lo'-'l'lie :U.���������';, 11." of l!i ,E.,..jtisl so  soiinwilllhe'.slrike be settled.?.  UI'XOG'NIZING .TilK   UNION.  .'.''���. V:.AHEN: LABOR; LAW.,.:  ; ..V; lnrge iiuinber have- expressed keenest .dissatisfaction  nt  the    u'sclessness'  .'���iof.l lib :n Heft labor law iii cases'of, eiHC-r-  , gc'iicy,,.such as presented .'during the C.  P. It. strike.7  One-bruthur at tiie U. li.  ? of: It.: ?ltl. ?exipresses , hi nisei 1.1 :,thi'is: ��� A.  'better law could be drnl'leil.in ten inln--  . .'.utes.'by ������ novices. Yet vve. pay .a: lot "of  wooden headed, legislators lo sit.iit Ottawa? and,, look wise? aiid,. dr.'iw tlielr  inileiige, elc' ?Phe.v lni.ve not even what,  ���was said 'of n. famous person .Lo rc-coin-  liiend . tlieni? namely,: that ithey never  suj-.'i foolish Ihlng and ii ever do a wise  "oiie. As they both doniid su>-. foolish  tilings and very few- wise ones, if only  brings out.more clearly and eniphnlic-  ully .thclc'Ssbn of the lasl.c'lc'dioii here,  that working '.men',, must.:' vote as tliey-.  strikeand send their own class lo Ottawa.'.? "-V '���'����� .VV...    ������-.  . '   ?.: UiVKRlliN-J>LY RBLATIONS. ?  A.n-.Old,employee of IheC. T. It." expresses    an   'oiiinipn    tliusly: ���An ein-  Vployee oii;.enteriiig into 'the service of  :".lhe Caiiadiun'��� Paclllc Railway coiiipany  ; docs so With n certain sluiw.of inipor-  liiiice,   inasimicli   as   he   feels   that   he  '.'will at last: have the opporliinily of be-  cojnlng n J.' J.'Hill.      These jlelusions  fai;e~rapidl"y~dlspersQti-by���tliefiTiifgiiili^  cently high and mighty mariner of.'Ills  superior  oillcers..   who are,   invariably,  impressing upon    him,  = through   their  adopted mannerisms,  the fuel of their  .-tremendously . important   pei'soiialllies  and  superiority.- over   everyone   under  them.  . Persoimily,   II. Is.-.: my  thiii were the olliit-rs of Ihis conipnny  ��� imrL! I'cndlnl and nol so condescending  in  lhelr relnilous wilh every employee  under  lhelr  uiithorlty,   the  conduct  nf  lhe affairs ofthe road would be greatly  Improved, und the necessity for orgun-  ...  As we went to  press  lusL  week  the  'announcement   'was    made    that    the  clerksVoftheC? P. *R. in this city had'  gone oul  on   strike.''Tbe    immediate  cause was not one of wages or hours,  but one of great principle and thevital  concern of all  unionists,'���- namely,   the  right    lo... organize.    The- C.   P.   It.   in  waging,, a war of cxlc'rininalioiiof the  United ''Brotherhood   of/Railway   Em-  plo.vees in this city did not reckon .wilh  ils   busts.     It  baffles   us  or  uny   one  of .common.-:sense In tliis Iweullelh'. century, how? any  coriiunitioiV,   no  iniilter  iiow strong niul  powerful.ii���'��� inay. be.  could .have? the  temerity to denj-  inen  Lhe ''right   of    combination,,    the; very  thing   thoy   reserve".themselves    n.s.u  .right lo do to build up.vast e-omnicrcinl  enterprises.   For labor to,light for Its  rights? ns ,aii oi'gnnlzation  is? llie most  lioly'.'and'honorable .of.''all ns fierce ,,bat-  t'les.    As individuals nbw-i;-dnys .wage  etirners tire,helpless niul unarmed, .when  It conies: to reckoning  vvilh  organized  corpora lions.   Uu t collect! veiy they en ii  protect .themselves 'and "maintain  liieir  rights as: fiee  born citizens,    it is*an  old  trick of    employers    to  Irtinip up  charges7 of  niisdomeiiiio'r; lit  Lhe work  of .thoroughly cninpctciU 'ernpliiyecs,.'..!n  order? In dismiss  tbcm for sonic othei  ostensible purpose Ihim  that as .-illcg-  cii. particularly Ibis is lhe well-known  iiict.hiid  resorted: to to?gel  rid of olll  ^WI^nral-TJilwi'S'tivklirs^ffn-Tvctlv'tniitiT  iii    tlie-    union. ".'Apologists,',',..whether  newspiiper or iillieiul,' of tile C. I7'. It. or  nny other corporation,' must admit this  flii'l.    Then, il .kinks  to us In  this case  I Iin I���llie   whole   lilanie   lies  with   the  company. Take  Uio .argument of  the  ,. If The riidepcndehlVpriiited.all.... the  resolutions passed by various bodies In  behalf nf 'tlit! U. I:!?; or 'If.? IS.'/slrikeri  ive wouldn't hayeirooni for much else  The? hearts, of 'tlie,..C'.an'a'dliui::.people are  right.?,-*',..'"'   "."??-?-- ���?- ���;* ������'���.?;:,  170    Cordova     St.,    Vancouver.  We reach .whereverji the mails  reach.,    ��� .'*.?;���  44:���-$^.:-i>-$$-,-c.$^:���-$$i-.--44\  pects '.business mUrallty* to..satisfy the  great' soul of a notion in iis demands  I'or, :tlie. practi.ee of .'goutiness, .grvatness  and nobility in Iho .conduct of its gov-  ernnioiit? iThal vvfe .mny deserve the  credl t: of having good "sense let us cease  to prate a'bout the desirability of business men aiid business methods in {politics. Hvery man is a. business man.  and7 the exercise of lhat .dmtj' is ;the  meanest part of his life. .; Would If not  bo-'ihetler. and iwiser to begin?, talking  about right inen aiid right measures in  politics; subordln.ite the business feature to Its natural position, that... of a  mere incident? Would it not be .well  to hnvo our political practices iiponlhe  natural foundation? of ethics aiid striyc  to ariseifroiii the vice, iind corruption  of<. commercialism, for. the slime/of that  senpent is to-day,.as it ever, has been,  death: to nil;honor.:: ,? MAXINK-:  ��� Vlclorlu,.:iSi-.*J.,'-.'Miircli u,'lim';'"y'''������[������[[  We ;wonder whether'.: .Manager* Mc-  ;Niclioll isnwtire; Ih'nl. there Is-a strike  on. During theV.Tr.-i.ekm'on'.s'.'.'*.strike,  when he ���'stopped oil', the/ Li-aiii hero,' n  reporter- uccostetl < him and' asked him  il'.lherc w-tisf anything new In the"'silrlks  situation?"?;--1 le 'expressed''.'surprise?;nnd  did not know that.? ihere? was n' slrike  bnVnllhougli ihe train oii' which he nr-  riveil iw,-is72.-)?lioiirs: hite. -*  ? It is, llie snine nlil story. The dn fly  press are trying lo foment the Idea;lhat  the sole iiucstiuii at-Issue is?whether'.the  .11. Al. oil It.; .13. must get recognition  here oi- nt Munlretil. The oflicers of the  C. P.:It.? heic,opened the; ball by all  sorts' of thrc-iiIs; nnd intimidation , to  wards llicnieiiiiiers of ,tliis .������brotherhood;?- IfeLjllic'iiT-gun'raiilce to slop this  and : It will? iiot tnke:. long to settle thc  strike.--      '���'',:?' --''??'-.        ?,���? ''.'���.:?  opinion. . News-Ad vert iser, for - Instance, .whon i:  says lhat "llu-eimipniiy hns no ohjec-  tion lo any of its employees���cloiks or  otherwise���joining such an union" in-  the 11. II or l{, K. Then why did II. IO.  Beasley, siipc'i'lntcnilent of lhe tl. P. I!.,  iippiotieh  lt..Rolilnsoii. an employee o'  &+&^-&-&4f-&-G"X>*tKt'+<&/Q>4>'���^"������������^��������������������������> fr<  '���A I'ii  if  II  :��� Iill  '"it  Alii:  The b?ig<i;est Sale  of Sil-ver.weire''.  ever put on in  Vancouver  is now taking place  at Troreys.  ', Tho Daily Papers are  telling  tlm story  ���from?diiy-to day.-  nml  i|iinliii^ I lie ,|ii-i,-es  Ibe JeWiel���jr and  Dfiampiid  Mlcrcbanf  V.?.^;-'';;.V:J;COT.';'ORANvaLE;ANB 'M^STiNos'sTccrrs,. ���':';  Offiolal WatcAlnspoctor of tho C. P. B.  ,; Ji'  " if  -.if  >>  i>'  o  <l  o  -I,  ������if  o.  o  ll  ':<��  [if  "'a  There was ii timeWlien.nieii in lilHces  and those engaged a I liiahun'l laboi: had  iio feeling; of inflin.ll.v.;- It's, different  now.. The nieii witli blackened, fuees  who unload the' coal hulk 'did:liol. hesitate to? come loLthe rescue ofthe whilc-  f-iilTed fellows in .tlie tillices. llut then  these white-cuffed . fellows bnve the  sp'ril or true trades unionism in. thein.  -A inl -Ihis^ciinibiriiftin'n^is^jlisr^vlfri r^tlfe"  corporntioiis dread.  LETTERS TO THE������ I1DIT0B.,  ������������^^���^���^ ���������*����������'�����������������������<�����;  IllISINI'JSK .VS.. IS'PJ-IK.:.**.  'I'i> III" KilllnriifThk Iniiki-kndknt:   .  Kir.���"There is no senllincni' In , liu'sl  ness.    I'lveryone  for liiinself?   :ind   the  devil .take lhe hindmost.   Ctospel of tlie  human      hog." ��� Chicago      American.  Theie Is a cbnllnuiirdemand -tu"place  iiH'iiess men with business .methods In  olllce.    'This cry. wv  hem-.at nil  limes  for mniiy'.veiirs. and  in that cry llu-'ri>  enters all   lhe  element's  of  fraud   niid  deception lhat have cursed lhe politics  of tin- country  for many  '"years.    The  whole Infamy uf .our position lies lii-the  fa.e; thai the cry Is now .fully answered,  nml  vve have Just what, we have 'been  demanding.' lhat Is,  lhe business .spirit  ind  business  inelhods dominating our  iv'iulo political life. -.Umtiiesllonahly lhe  llrst  purpose  In 'business I.s  gain,  niul  should  one' be, surprised  because  men  when In olllce exercise I hose 'lunll.lles  which we -hnve':sol up.us a standard'of  ntness for public ofllee oi' position? The  whole error lies In tlienticmpled amalgamation of two eiilirely? incpinpa.lible  provinces,   (llow ihnpproclutive nf con-  Pt'otis must be'-(he. mind (liaL.iiccepLs  lhe Idea, of union of '/business and clhles,  The-one pi'op<isllinii comprehending lhe  vei-j- meanest ii nil 'mosl'.'su'eii king-, phase  of.liiiniaii iiaLiii-c.-tlieolJiei' Hlirivjug for  tihe Jdeai.? /The lnsl.is Llie prlnie necessity iu the poliLies;or,n lialhin;,a'gov-  eriiineiit; etiii;; live. only.;;up;oii?:the  respect bf lis iiiuny,;inembers.*?;;Wli(>/ex-  ; "AN AL1KN iMANACllClt'S. UNION."-  To the Jiditor of TiinlKiiKrusiiKNT:.?:'  Sir,���'An iirllc-l(.'.'iiippi!:ircd? In: the;Colonist ?of .Fridtiy/. Feb/J'iOth:./.headed  a  -i/oiiicidence'..  Tlie'j.stiiiie'.iduir'luis; agi-  lulc-'d: "liiy niiiiil/for sbiiie:,.year.s;Vbaek,  and when Lhe/writer of that article se-  oiires more"eii.lightenni'c.iitV'tin;ihe.subject of, s. Iri kes-"1 n '..Br I (ish ?i,'oiu in bin;? lie  will   iio, diHibLVMhift':;t.lic^?irespdiislbiiit.v,  froni.Irades-.'unions/onlo /tiio .shoulders  i.pf  those : responsible, /.i/cla Iin 'the  re-  sponsi.bllity. for Vail tlie? niiniiig- troubles  .we have had in  British  Columbia for  the: insl?:live  years:'shouldVbe' laid?;at  the door of alien 'inanagcrs.'' Take-?lhe  strike'..iit  Uossland; nlien'Uarjiard Alc-  Doiuild a.nd iillen'/lildiiioiid QCIrby?were  altogether'to'.blame, l.tdcl:Lhey aiiitigon-  Ized. the- men  to/,such:?ii:/degi-ee V;thul  there-vvas/ho alLeriiatlve/biiL.lo'.asst'rl  ibhelr riinniiood, althbughVl.believx'  Lhi��  sLi-ike vvas. ill-tiiiied .and ' ill-advised?.al  thiil pariiiailur /tiitie,- for/;I   think.-the  nien dropped?inl6?a ���tr'up set for; them.  'I'he iilako' lhe, Iirst?/ slrike :al Fertile:  the trouble"tihere-'canie on' ithe/heel of  .the-appointment  of /iilieri? ToiikiiiV'as  iiianager/.c'V'erj'lthing.'.' going .'.,���'smoothly?  until his.'*'u'rrlyai.'":?!Tlieti-.?ldkc; the/ jires-  enl, trouble-closer iiome at Naiiiiiino: il  ha.s'bec'ii the buaslVif the province?thaL  tlie New .\*aiicouve'.-?,Coal;cdinpiiiij';!iiid  ils; men. under /Manager ;.Itobiiis';cou'd  dwell  togellier  in? harmonjC-'.but  wthai  do vve 'Hnd the nioment iis hiterests are  changed,  so  thiit/ an','.���:. .alien /Vipaiiuger  ?takes com maud; trouble ulinost immediately ensues.'. /NowV/Mir. /Kditor, my  bpinion is thai these "'bumptious alien  : nitiiiager.s.iiia'te up,-* llieir ;-inlnds-that  w'iheii?;.they? are-coming ;irit6?Canada to  boss, ?|Lliey: iire'-goiiig to have  charge  ovei- men' 'of ;a?..servile race '/thiit have  iio,independeii;ce,:aiid.-.ivill 'subnilL to all  klti'dsVbf indignities, intt.    are, greatly  surprised and Irritated .when they don't  find;tilings as they ���espect, and In con-  seri'iiehc'c bring .about;trouble  that effects the* business of oiirWhole province. ,;,Your.suspicion ,that, some power,  is behind these strikes I believe lo be  *CrelrfiDuWeflfTCrd"*^i.^  Hon  you will  find  lhe root of the,evil  originates  from    an    alien"Vmanagers'  union.    The 'resolution .passed. linaniV  inotisly by "Hint very coiisefvatlv'e body,  the ������Kootenay Presbytery,?- in nvhlcli/ll  says: * "As far lis' broaches of 'bad faith  on (lie part of the niiinagersand their  fii.lliii-cs' lonieel lhe inen nntl tlieir re-  presc-ntnllves-ln a 'brotherly spirit..'or lo  iidc-fni.'itelj-  recognize either* Ithelr  feelings or their rights," covers die ground  and Is iln: key to flic sHiiatinii.   Yours  respectfully, " ������.���.���   mt|.|-Qjj_'--  . Vldorla, lii C," Feb. '23,'JDO'l.'     "- "  V309 to'"315 Hastings St. WV  of hurrying about buying Lifo Insurance'so.', many nioii think and say. ?Al  least  two  strong: reasons  aro: Go oil?'health is uncoitaln"': ��� Increased cost Vis :  certain.   What's  the uso of/waiting might bottor bo saldi.    -  '"'?'  ��� ."���:" "���:���. UNION MUTUAL   POLICIES   V,? V, '.'AAA '��� [':  V/'sV'//-'  may bo depended upon to protect throughout tlio varying oxpcriniiccs    ol  htiiiinn life, tofaltlifiillyVguard tlio  interests   7of tho     Insured,Valid; to  bo'  promptly cashed whon tliey bocomopnyablo.'* Values antl privileges abound':'  niul   nro 'conveniently   available* Ilctaiicd facts' gladly furnished. ???...  After threo years tho Union Mutual Tollclos do not hocouiONVoiii by Jailiirc  to pay premiums,; tho Main  Non-Forfeiture '.; Law   without  action /'of Vtliii ?  rolicy-holdor, continuing tho- Insurance for a Spocifleil length of tinip.'      '  I nsu tart ceGo  I^RTLA^D,?7 M MN$f-r iXX "'"��� ^Bv'lNCoiu'oitATKii'Vlsk;:  I'y.y'y'X'    if.: V Call /or -writo; for /particiilars and ; plans?7:; V :-???��� ?? * >:??i  /HEAlfVOi���  0 V V   / iji.i E. EVANS, Provincial Manager.;;   X'XX'i  ?COLINOAMKItON,. Special   AgontV"   V     V -"���'���jX-l :y[  '������?;/"���::���,:���*  XXAA'i:$'[  ������������������� ��� 9.9 9 ����������������������������������<�� .�������<>�����>���'�����*���������� ti-  CORNKR HASTINGS AND OAM Ull;:  /? ? STR11ETS, VANCOUVIOH?: XyAJ  '?: Now, tiiodcrn aiid strictly? first-class;  good samplo rooms; freo'-' 'bus. ? ; \Vcek  days���Uroakfast.7 .to 10 ,'a. m.,," lunch  1.2 m. to 2 p. m., dinner, 6 to 8 p.iii.  .Stindivys--Ilreiikfa.st '���[ 7:80;? to?.sl0:30' I a.  in., lunch 12::)0 to 2 p. in.,'dinner, 5:1101  to 7:30 p. m. : Rates ?2.'niiiUupvvnrdK  poi- day./HAYWOOD?/ ';&y ritlWCOTT:  Proprietors.;/;;"//.;.../?;/" ;?--:?'V' iliVA-'-i'  ���TbeV  310-y 12 . A B11OTT STRP.KT;  VA N CO U-  ;Xyiy..X'ilXyiZtl.i-ifXGXyXiiA'Xiy  ��� Restaui-ant;.aiid?,Bivr. A Ureukfdst?:f>:Lto'.  10,/morchants' lunch 11 :to 2, *25c: iliii-  ner 5/to .,8,'25c.; lunchcs piit' up;? eastern -and; Olynipinn oysters;? short ?:or-  (idrs? ;;.a;:?:spcciiilty V'/iit ??/rkill?*;V IVoii^rn;;  ?moal tickets $'1; ?bost .25c.?.iiie-al,?ln ,_. tho?  city./?*; I). 'HURTON;-; rrnprieidrX:i-X ii  II  ? Meeting. ;v'?-v  F.; O. R���VANCOU V1SH A ER IE, No; ��  ,: meets ./Wednesday:/evenings;;,-visit!h'j':  brethren welcome.-   .Bert "Parsons,   w -  P.: J??O.V?Ure,,,\V."S?;':Arcade.';;./,/?VVV"  THERE'ISV  ; V'of v:Eire:/*V6rV"Iri]6r^;V |V?  'y Health wKen yoii iisi*V  7VtKe?'-V;?;;:vK^^???7Vv:;'V;?V'-/S  VVANCOU-  '���AX-x'X 'AilXJiRXJH'y'  310   SI'lYHOUR: STRI?iS'l'.  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In bvni'woilced labor vve  have one of Uie/seei-els of 'a iidtlpn's  physical decay,-.and of that mental iind  inornl rot. kiiovvn: as iinnrchy.'-, '..���;;: '���'-./" '-.-  CORNER/ CORi36VA AND "CAIIRAbt  ; /.STRRIilTS,? VANCOUVFlillyiXy  '.'./Makes, a./spcciitlty of powar's .-"special  llijiiour,/also?Usjier's-black ? label iiiiUoiir  whiskey./ Largo .'stock? of? -Imported Van il  doinostlcicigo.rs?iV?I?iiiC3t?V?biMiiinrVVani)'  pool?.tablcs?/VV,?R.:V.B,;? MilLLH!AN,;it"  CO.,   Proprietors./?     ;':;VV?V':' ?���?; V~V; V"  '0/5l';HcV-V{^'iceVvVis;Vho^  ;;|sucKV;(hatV'aliiipx( y ewXg:  ;Veiybp^?cah/aTfpi;d?;it.v;VV:  ��0ticcX /tisecii'Vva [ways?;??;/;?  fXifl  /used;  ��� -.- - .'���'.'��'���'���''=  z/ficeVof'-.  mtiiom  :Xa4  Gor-VGarrall/and HastirigsV  AXjXXX&rzttsXXXXXi:  a33030a.t5{JCC3CaO(33(Ji30ff<ia30S  ���  ;lGE0.;-HAYj:lv?|'  Vitncoiiver's    Pioneer    Oibihos".'A  Rcnovnlor, niiikCK ti  Full, now,       j.  -Dyeing and Repairing. 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Vi:  j.-":"- --Wlioii if ill n k I iik, a'" .l'rl |i.! uroiiii <t lhe:.'/  .*.  v. ; ; I'nrk cull ,oii-- ;:-;;,*;..." ??:  WVSt   ftnnoi. ll'miiUoiri'irmlV:  ���T ��� I*. *9OIICS ;^ |.|K|,t|,������se:  O-':,��������� yyy:���"'������ yyy.i,,"''''A"~:..yn:  oo oaoooaoaoaocaoooaotiioaso  i��)i���iric  Pacific Bottling  W'yy^^M&Mxy  Importers and Bottlers  iV/VV?;G6KE:iVE/VV'i.jioNE/783//'V;V*  V"-WV x VVVSOLE *;AG K^Tiliyi. iMX X  yixyy&temMXyXxX  LOWES I KAICS;* lib) SFRVICL  Trnnscoiitlnenlnl l'ltssonRor Train  leaves dully nt II o'clock,  Seattle and AVlintcom R\-press leaver-  dally.'at .B.-C0..-o'clock;    :  STBAMSIIIl'H  TO   JAPAN  NA. VV:.?.-;  BMPllESa * OF CHINA  KHU'ltESS OF INDIA  TARTAR  .../ .?.?.?.   .;.".'  AND   OilI-  ...: DEC,   1  ,  ...DEO.' 20  V...IAN.   12  TO HONOLULU,  FIJI ISLANDS   A N11  ,?:-//AUSTRALIA;; X'ili-xiJ''. v i  S.S.   /AOHANQI   __  S,S.??M0ANA;:UV2._  miowere !��� ������ ;��l ���z.i;.  DE012  i.JAN?   ���9>  ?;iFEB.'V��;;-  /Aridever^^four weeks tljisreaf ter. VfVVV'VV  ?; For/itull?parUcuIars?a��?toUlme.VrateBV7"  -e'tc?i!vapply?:t6 V V;'::??--z';-:-;Vi>-;-; Aiyxyy'Xx  &-J. CGYLBiA AX'i 'AS.: ^CLAimRXXi; 1  ���'AA.:^.V.>Afy:iy:,y ���OxIkBtiAgentiXXiX  Vancouver, B. C.'ft128 HastlngsiSir- ;  Ai  V;V^,?Vancouver,,tB.G.V  --llXHlyi ;  fr fiy��-*<revMi--*>i-��cj J_i.J^-ghA>MW.ga'ai<aFwwwi^iM��>jJ-i��ti^'W^ ,ma��-i��'+-r*~^.i&.n.,laf*~*tit*BMi*a*.  sjs-ffivffiaMi^^i^'^ri^aarxffliaiaw r*:i*A'A^:c��S��5^iLiAl&-23i-b!  SATURDAY .- ..MARCH 7, 1003  THE INDEPENDENT,  Our Victoria Budget.  ;i  By Our Own Correspondent.  -x-  Tlio se-mi-iiionthly meeting of the  Vli-lorin Trades and Labor Council  Wi-i.ht-Kilny night was long-drawn, nd-  j'iu leiu  not being ibnchcd till J1.1G.  The hum linpoi'lnnt action taken was  the- almost iinnnimoii.s endorsement of  llu- use of Hsh traps, after tl heated discussion of nu hour luul n half, In vvhieh  men w ho illshvd on tin- Fru.sor and men  iv ho hml 1! bed on ,1'ugct Sound took  p.nl.  The vlcc'-picsldcnl, Win. McKay, occupied the chair, President Boldon being conllned to his home through illness.  -The icpoits of the standing committees contained nothing of general interest. '  The special committee on llsh trails  lepoilcd ic'i'ominendlng that the council offer no objection to the use of  traps, puise-seines and gill nets of a  greater length than at present In use  for the taking of flsh In Billlsh Colum-  ') bla wateis, piovlding that restrictions  be placed on the granting of licenses  lhat will safeguard the Interests of  white labor. The council Instructed the  committee to draft suitable resolutions  to be forwarded to Ottawa^ containing  the wishes of organized labor as voiced  through lhe central labor body of Victoria.  A icpoit fiom a special committee  contained the lnfoimillion that the nucleus of a building trades council bad  been foi mod wlilch would be composed  of delegates at the Trades Council from  the building tiades.   The object of the  V  foi mors In n gone-ration of activity  falle dlo accomplish. The duly has  been taken off rou!. Will the strike of  tin- coal miners ut I-'e-rnie convince the  people of this piovlnce- of 'the necessity  nf tin- government inking over and op-  uiating the coal mines of the country  for the benellt of tin- whole people. Until such mensuies ure taken It Is useless  to hope thnt any system of arbitration,  whether voluntary or compulsory, will  provenl or settle strikes.  YOTETIS' LIS'1\S.  The average man 'has n revoioiitlnl  iespec-1 for the ipoor while he Is similarly affected. When prosperity favors  him his sympathy vanishes nnd In Ils  place there comes up an honeot con-  scivullvu scorn for a man who is "fool  enough to remain poor In a country of  e<iunl opportunities." lie drops itliem  cntiifly when prospeiity has become a  habit, and frequently remarks that the  possession of money has a ,very i nothing and eonsc-ivntlve effect. The penniless und jobless politician yells for the  n-wkingui.-in, until he becomes fiios-  peious. Then ho visits and knows, ad-  inlies and ic-spects lhe money men, and  li-s tongue changes. The working man  Is a powerful creature Immediately  after. Experience the Intoxicating feeling of power by visiting the lcgistinr's.  olllce and getting on the voteis' list.  SETTLE THE COAL STRIKE.  When people make n determined |ind  liilelllgenl  effort    to  help    themselves  they always succeed.    The opuortunlty  nevv body Is to better the conditions ofi "��� ',re"'n*l���nn -,r,llbi1 Col.mib.iu  ., ._, ,  ,_  .,._ ...,.���.      ..   .,_.   When   great land-owners of  New Zea-  ,\  those employed In the building trade:.  1 \ by the recognition of the community of  interests and securing unity ot action  , to help each other.  j! J. A. Ca; mlehael, of lhe Dawson  g\ Trades and Labor Council, -wrote advis-  "j ing the council that transportation  -.t companies vvere offering Inducements to  , laboi ei s to go to Yukon lo work on the  J -Klondike Mines 'Railway (IC miles In  ) ,length). The repieseiitutlons were  ( misleading, and theie were more labor  eis in tlie countiy than wore needed".  The United Urotlierhood or Railway  Employees ot Vancouver asked the  .sympathetic support of organized labor  in lhelr sti ike against the C. P. R.  Joseph Mai tin, A. E. M'erhllllph, lt.  Ll. Tatlow, iM/]��. P.'s, and Aulay Mor-  >j risen, M. 1>��� wrote Infoimlng the coun-  j\ ell tlmt they would support the reft) cn.it-tmeiil of the anti-Asiatic legislate lion disallowance by the Dominion  Govi'ininenl.  It was brought to the notice of the  council thnt in Seattle men weie being  adveitised for'to come to Hritlsh Columbia, wheie, 11 was repiesentod, work  wns In abundance. The secretary was  instructed to inform the Central Labor  body of lhe Sound city that Lhere was  more Hum biilllclcnl labor In British  Columbia to supply the .present de  niaiid. ' '  Complaints were made regarding the  wnrkiiyjs of lhe Holler Inspection Act,  il being contended,that applicants for  t-citlliaitch  had   paid   their  money six  and four months ago, and had received  ���     no notification to appear for examlna-  {'$,    tlon, and in the meantime persons not  qualified,  according to   the  provisions  ',/    of the act  weie  running engines nnd  boileis.   The legislative committee will  Interview, the government and  repoit  at next mecLlng of the council.  The Finance committee piesenled a  piinted statement of the affairs of the  council for 100.', showing the number  W nf unions, icccipts and expenditure.-,.  A The statement showed the finances of  the council to be in splendid condition.  Several notices ot motion Lo amend  lhe constitution of the council, which  litis been intact since Ils formation in  18!C, weie voted down.  land icfused lo give access to the soil  for the support of those who desned lo  work, the 'government had thc lands  appraised at their fair value, Issued  bonds and compelled the owners to sell  al ihe nppinlscd value. The same piin-  elpleipermlts a railioad to compel property owners to give them the right of  way, when it is for the public good, or  a city to condemn property Mh'ch ls a  menace to the public. The coal lands  can be condemned, .bonds be itsued by  the government and the lauds pin chased at the upprn.lsed value. Theie is coal  land-In British Columbia not yet under  private ovvneislilp. Lei the national  mines be nt once opened, set' the miners  to work, pay tlhem good wages, and sell  the conl ut fair 'prices, thus helping  botli the mineis, ,the people at large,  and averting- any interniptioii to coal  mining. This is the only method of settling strikes in the conl mines, for If  the opcratois succeed lihe miners will  bide lhelr time and try again, and if  the coal operators are compelled to  yield they will soon begin the same  game otwppression and renew 'the difficulty.  \  i.l  TJIIi  LABOR   M'AllKBT.  l'V>i- full particulars as to the londl  tlon of.the labor market call at Jones',  cigar store, lOii Douglas street. Trans-  K ���portiition companies have agents in  this clly' inducing men' to go north,  when at present the market I.s overstocked wilili Idle men. All particulars  .'.-is lo lhe conditions In any city In the  province may be obtained here.  OPERATE THE COAL MINES.  11 must ibe peculiarly gratifying lo  lhe distinguished protectionist statesmen and politicians who have smiled  so sweetly and so tenderly on the labor  "aiarriiorioiToly^tlihr thi**~Jfiiiifwnrkei s'  Union of Amei icu have accomplished  what *the propaganda   of several I rn-  999mft90909ft9ft9%909li909  9 9  ��Vill   UNION  MINFR�� 9  f ALL UNION MINERS  m1  e  jl|,  -���  ���  \f  ���  V  ���  tl  0  u  ���  i  e  ���  f  B  \  9  9  a  SHOULD WEAR THE  o Special "Miners" Ovcr- ��  o alls, Jumpers and ��  0 Smocks. f  iimile of fullwelght denim, double ���  stlti'hed and riveted, high  wnlst- q  ed,' loomy  Made by  seated, lion wear.  -T1I1J-  (I.IM1TED.) ���  The  oldest  Union   Overall  Fnc--J  tory In the West. q  MAW'S BLOCK, WINNIPIG, MAN.       ��  IK If*  W ��  $\X      " '       .  ���Mi  'I'  LET LA'BOR UNIONS CO-OPERATE.  Labor unions nie pre-eminently  adapted to foi in Industrial corporations  for lhe very good reason thai they possess the essentials necessary to sustain  and carry to success th; objects of such  a system. As at present constituted  they are, if anything, competitive,  hence unable to achieve any permanent  success in their efforts for industrial  emancipation. Three methods are piesenled wheieby industrial fieedom may  be obtained, namely, evolutionary right  (strikes and boycotts), Independent political action and industrial co-opeia-  tion. The strike, the weapon used b.v  labor lo demand Its lights, is by* no  means a speclric. 11 Is true that many  I'oncessioiis l.ave- been made under  ipressuie ot the strike, lhe most noteworthy being ieduction in the houis of  labor. This hitherto" nppuieiitly for  inldiiblc weapon has been trained on Ils  oilglnalors by capital for the punpose  of destroying organization nnd how  successful It has been Is a matter of  ioi-oid. The lec-ent decision lu tho  Taff-Viilo case has for ever destioyed  any hopo of its ellli-k-noy as a. means  to an end in England or any British  possession. - Under legal decls.on a successful strike must necessarily contain  the elements of Illegality, hence the  funds of the union are liable to attachment. An unsuccessful strike, while  nol considei ed Illegal, Is useless ai-d destructive.  Political action I.s prohibited by the  union, hence the only couise left to  lhe tiades unionist lo pursue is industrial co-opoiatiou. While tho writer Is  of opinion that Hie only complete le-  incdial agent for piesent unnatural  c't'onolliio-cOndltiolisHs Iiidc-pellilonL-political action, yet the belief in tbo of-  illcnoy of the co-operative ipniiiitlve I.s  strongly engiaftcd and the reasons for  the same may be brlelly slated.  Te serine complete unanimity of  opinion for Independent political action  au alluring prospect rtf a mosl e-xtin-  oidinary character w'ould hnve lo be  piesenled, and in view of pnlllicul  tricking as practiced at present, nothing shoie of Hi bona lido passport to  hen ven would ,1111 lhe bill. Thus will  be seen the nlmost uiisurinmintable dlf-  lleulty In educating Hie Individual. It  is tt uc hiiiue men may be reached  tlniiugli lhelr biuiiiH. others thiough  their henrls or stomachs,, out It Is a  manifest fm-t thai all inen ean lu  leaehed through their pockets. Ry establishing a system whereby any Individual liudc.s unionist may become n  int'iiibcr of a great Industrial rorporii-  tlon, theioby Icirvliig his most vulnerable polnl exposed lo the altaek ol  competitive coiii'crns, jou will place  hlni In a-position wherein he will have  nt'live use for his leasonlng poweis,  and It may (hen dawn on hiin Ihal If  lie requires assistants- lo furl her his  objects, he will, like his ediicilor the  gieat trust magnate, rap nt tho hulls  nf legislation, or If necessary cic-ali-  'legislation to suit lils ie(|ulremi'iils-by  i'o-<ipeiiitlnii wllh his t-n-woi-keis al the  ballot box. This is' lhe only way In  guide lilm to ultima le success. Thi.s  process though potent is slow nnd presents llsolt but once In'Jour years.  It is, however, necessary to maintain  the physical structure by pcrftirming  thrice daily that delightful and neces  sary operation, known a.s eating, if the  individual is lo appear lu form at the  ballot box. Unfoiliiiiuloty or otherwise  In order to cut It Is necessary to wink,  and work being sen ice It Is necessary  to create work, and this can only be  accomplished by Industrial co-operation.  True there will be soine  dlllleulty  encountered  In   Introducing such, a  system,  but it must be remembered  thai  if nil dllllcultics have to be overcome  before uny enterprise- is started, nothing will ever bu accomplished,   ln Ou-.it  Mrltuln the co-operative movement began by the Rochdale pioneers almost a  huir century ago In the humblest way,  has now become one of the most colossal entei prises of the age so prominent  for    gigantic    coiuincielal    operations.  They operate a  large number of factories,  some  of   them  the    lurgest  in  Gieat Britain.   Business was done during  the  past  year  to the amount  of  $100,000,000,  and  the profits distributed  In  cash  to its  meinbeis amounted  to  $ld,OOU,000.    If labor unions   en masse  would   take   up  co-opeiatlve  distribution, out of wbleh co-operative pioduction must necessarily grow,  wc should  soon  witness an  Immense coiuincielal  power In the hands of the woikeis.   If  In  every  city   the unions  would  start  co-operative stores    en  lhe    Rochdale  plan, and follow by co-operative manufacturing and fanning, it vvouid not be  long before the workers vvouid control  the  markets  of  the    wi'ld.    In  some  cities In the United States the affiliated  trades unions are seiiously considei ing  the possibility of co-operative distribution und production, und aliendy some  stores and    mjniifiictuiing    establishments  have   been .stiu ted.    Here  Is  n  golden   opportunity, for   tiades   i nlons  to do in a shot I lime what r. wok similar societies in Gieat Brlla.n many decades lo accomplish.  Theie Is nothing visionaly In this  plan. II has been tried in Great Britain and, on the Continent of Europe,  nnd has proved a great success. A  small amount paid monthly by each  union laborer would'soon make those  workc-is their own pay-nii-.li-i.-i, nidi-  pendent, instead of depemleii:. During  the recent strike In the U-iifcd Stutcs  coal mines many millions of dollars  were collected by the unions for the  ipurpose of helping the sti Iking miners,  and strange as It may appear it is,  nevei Lheless, a, fact lh it nearly every  dullar of lhe money so collected went  Into the lrenisur.v ot ihe veiy coipora-  tlon Ihey weie lighting. Jlnl tli.it  money been used lo buy and opeiate  mines, Instead of lighting the .mine  owners, the mineis and the public  would be better off. If union men In  one section of Iho country will help  their friends In other sections to build  up co-operative enterprises as well as  Ihey have assisted them in lighting the  coal bilious, it will not be long before  we have an ein of peace and prosperity, not for the few, but for the many.  I.I.IWUIL11 inalMiflWllU.IL'ployees,  however,  we.c nllowcl   to ;,se  Rev. C. E. Nylson, of Sjciimoie, il. C  Is man a gei- of a eo-opeiatlve mining  company that owns twenty-two full  claims and has $;,0,000 In the treasury.  He was not in evidence at the convention of the Provincial Mining Association. He is apparently not worrying  about or seeking foreign cu-pital to be  able lo work his claims.' Brain and  muscle, coupled with 'that new scientific  economic known ns co-operation, Is all  the capital nccessairy to run the concern of which he Is the official head.  A. R. Spiague, of Sacramento, Cal.,  has given the Sacramento Building and  Industrial Association a contract for  the erection of a-$3,000 walehouse In  that city. The association is a new- organization ajid is composed of skilled  mechanics and laborers who undertake  coiitiiicts nnd .work for themselves.  Building Trades councils would do weli  to take notice it not example by this  association, ,  The British Columbia. Mining Association has finished its labors and the  convention, the grandest ever assembled in the province, or for that  matter In the dominion, is now a'pleasing recollection of the past. That its  effoits will be pioduclive of good for  the mining interests of, the country  Micro Is no question. Peihaps the most  inleiestlng .fcatuie of the convention  was the announcement mnde by the  premier, the Hon. Col. Prior, th.it lhe  government would defray nil the expenses to send nt once a delegation  chosen by the convention to Fernle in  an attempt lo sollle the- disastrous coal  sti Ike ��t that point. Col. Prior's announcement wus received with the  wildesl enthusiasm. This i.s an omen  of great good, a.s it clearly shows that  the government icalizes tlie necessity  of taking prompt action In lhe settlement of disputes arising bobvvcen .capital and labor.'  I I'-iv wn.i ,i very largo attendance  "f de-legalcs al Tliuisdny nighi's iiiect-  mg ol the- TiiiUes ami UU,,,, c���u,wil  I'K-slileni Lnnnli-k was in ||1P ebair'  and Si'fiel.uy Russell wax also iu lii.s  Piute. The- business liansaetcd was  mosi lni|m. taut rn,<u ti h.boi* .^midpoint. Among lhe visliois prc-.-eiit ,veri-  J. if Tiiinliull, D. L. L.-ivennk, R.'  Bii-'ke, Rc-v. Mr. Ulnilloy m,d !<,������,.  dent George Estes, of the United  llriillicrli.ioil or Rallwuy Employees  the last iwo deliveilng sphlua addles-es on the c. 1'. It. strike.  CREDENTIALS.  Typogiaphlcal Union���Ciooige Wilby,  vice Hurry Cow.in, resigned.  StciuiishLpim-n'* Society���1,. \le\l-  plne, vice T, S, Wilghlinan, resigned.  Shingle-Wenveis' Union,   s. Itainago.  Credentials were ic-celved and delegates seated.  COMMUNICATIONS.  Eiom Building Trades Council, that  the addition of il new boiler shop n,  XV. Thompson .& (jo. wns put up ln-  non-unlon labor. Co-opetiition ol lh"  H.ec'hnmcul and other trades v.heiebv  sui'h a thing may ho entliely prevented  was ,i��ked. Delegates to icpoit to lhelr  unions.  P. M. Draper, .secrelai-y-treasuier ol  1 rades and Labor Congress ot Canada,  acknowledging leceipt ot eircu.s.i letter ie the '-Settlement of Railwuv Labor Disputes." This bill bus boon "withdrawn by Hie minister of,lubor mid u  diaft bill, In which the ' eomuilsoiy  features aie eliminated, substituted in  l.eu  thereof.    Filed.  Rodolphe Uoudie.iu, private secretaiy  to the Prune .Minister, Ottawa, acknowledging loieipl of icsolutlnii ie anll-  Chinc-ho  legislation.    Filed.  It. II. Coats, acting minister of laboi,  wrote*ie the settlement of luilwuy labor disputes.   Filed.  Fiom Victoila Tiades and Labor  Council, enclosing the following icsolu-  tion passed by thiit body on the 21st  Jnnuniy, BO-!: "Wliciens���The Dominion government having disallowed the  British Columbia Immigration act, J UO *  (Natal act), and the acts affecting th-  employir.i-nt of Asiatic lubor In the  mines and on public work.-,. Resolved  ���That the Trades and Labor Council  of Victoria, *H. C, hereby expie.ss their  uiiiiuultneil di.snppiovnl of such uel'ion  by lhe Dominion governuieut, and de-  siie by this petition to urge upon vom  honorable body the wisdom and necessity or le-euuetliig these several measuies at the earliest moment possible  at the coming session of the legisla-  tuie, and especially with legard to the  B. C. Immigration act, which bus been  most c-llective in staying the inllux ot  Japanese into this piovlnce." '  The resolution was endorsed.  Fiom Aulay Moirlson, M. p.. New  Westminster, acknowledging communication anent- lestriction of Oilenlal  Immigration.   Filed.  Fiom Thos. F. McGuigan, cily cleik,  acknowledging receipt of communication re appi oprlntion of -"1,000 in aid of  Labor day celebration. The city council leferred same to the estimates.  Filed.  J. A. Caiiiilehael, secretary Dawson  Trades and Labor Council, that the labor market in the Yukon Teirliory was  overcrowded. Delegates wero Insiiucl-  ed to bilng matter before their respective unions.  Hugh Orr, .secietary lion Molders-  union, wrote lhat the uction of the  council in legnuls Lo Its organizer had  been endorsed by his body.   Filed.  P. M. Diaper,,secretary Trades and  Labor Congiess of Canada, wrote acknowledging lecoip'c of communication  ie the cancelling of the commission of  J. H. Watson, as olllci.il oigar.i/er.  Fui ther particular was asked for. Re-  feried  to  Parliamentary committee.  S. Curnhan, agent Division No. M, U.  H. or It. E., wrote re the .strike now  on with the C. P. -R. Laid over for  new  business.  the label.  The iiui'htion of an nililtratlou boaid  was lefi'iri'il to ilu- exeiullve toinnill-  tec.  Adjoin lied.  BARGAIN CyrNTERS.  Hpeiiklng of baigaln couuli-ii-, lu a  senium on "Buying und S.llliig,-- lu llie  Union ('fiiiKiegntloiiiil Church, liiwli'ii,  the* pastor, Rev. Samuel Lnne l.nulnls,  IJ.  D.^i..ild:  "No doubt thcic nie many mlds nnd  ends sold nn a ba'^aln louuli r���n��>  mains, things that uie- a little bit out  nl' style oi .season���thai It la well  enough to buy II one wants ilieiu. But  If I gol u gin ment veiy cheap and felt  that the cheapness was ptoeiiit'd for  i.n al the cost of a lueakfitsL from tlle  woman who mnde It, or a luul ol e-o.il  tliun her suffering children, I never  would be able lo Hnd In that garment  a I'limriirlfiblc lit.  "Theie Is a pioletllve label Willi li, ill  many classes 'of goods, assures the  buyer Unit the goods were made by  comfortably fed and housed workmen.  God bless tlie woman who seeks to  know and to let others know .something nbout the condition of the "inen  nnd women who make tne things that  go to make up their comfoit nnd hap*  plness."  ,The above shows lhe progiess being  made among thinking people in behalf  of products made under fab conditions. II is one of many similar en-  e-ouiaging expressions of good will ln  support of the union label movement,  wbleh means nuieh to llu- wage-earners of lhe country in jll crafts.  Union Directory.  TUB VANCOUVER TRADES AND  Labor Council meets first nnd tlilnl  Thursday ln each month, nt 7.30 p.m.  President, W. J. Lamrick; vice-president,  Geo. Dobbin; secretnry, F. 3. ttussell; fin-  uncial secretary, J. L. Lllley: treasurer,  .\. N. Harrington; seigeant-nl-ainis, J. C.  Kerr; statistician, J, H. Perkins; trustees, Messrs. Pound, Cross and Thompson; executive committee, Messrs. George  and Civilian!.  PERTINENT QUESTIONS.  An exchange lias pinpiuiiulcd tlle following iiuestlons lo be asked by Mr.  Roosevelt's proposed superintendent of  trusts:  1. Wliere did you gel it, and what  is the difference between a dividend  and a "divvy"? -����  2. What legisl.ttuies do you own?  3. State all sums paid during tho  last year for false witnesses-.'  I., Are your conlubulioiis to both political parties diclaleil by love for  -.iiinklnd or by business considerations?  5. "Wlint should ll piulil n man if he  gain tho whole world and lose his own  soul?"   "  6. How much of lhe total consumption do you contiol, and why can't you  tell?  7. Uo yon believe in socialism or an-  ���jnliy?    '  <i.    llow were the books losl?  1).   Why   don't   youi   directors   know  anything about the business?  JO.   Where do you expect to go when  you die?  Sworn   lo  by Janitor.  (N. I"!.���The typewriters oath will  not be accepted unless she has le.iihed  yeais of discietion.)  TEAM URIVER-S' INTERNATIONAL  CNION, No. WJ-Mt-ots 1st nnd 3rd  Wi dne-Mlny in each niontli lu Union Hall.  I'renldeiil, J. C*. Kerr; vlce-prcqldcnl, H.  Ctiwkci-; .see.-lrens , 1). Mclver; rec. see,  II. lirldge; ciirii'siKinilcni, V. Tophnm;  waiilin, A. K. Soapei; conductor, J. Utile; tiustees, C. li. lllgglnson, R. Bay-  wiMid and A. Robinson: delegates to T. &  I.. Counoil, J, J, Harrison, A. E. Soaper,  Geo. Dimlop, J. C. Kerr and C. M. Ills-  gitibOn.  SHIRT WAIST AND LAUNDRY  WORKERS' UNION, No. 103,-Mcttls  every 2nd nnd 4th Thursday lu aneli  niontli in Union Hull. President, It, N.  Hogg; coriesponding secretary, Wallaco  Sharp, 1119 Richards St.; financial secretaiy, Mr. I.ee; Ireasuier, F. Young; delegates to Tiades and Labor Council,  Messi's. Hargle, Collait, Lee and Hogg.  WAITERS ANII WAITRESSES'UNION  Locnl No. US. Piesidcnt, Cliarlos Over;  iiiL'-pir.MilL'/it, A N. lleiniigton; secro-  taiy-tie-nsiuer, .1. II. Pcikins; recording  si'i'ie'tury, JUibS A. .Scuitto;- Press agent.  W.QEIlenili'r. Meeting every second Friday evening at 8.30 o'clock in Union ���  Ilall. corner llonioi nml Dunsmuir .strecir  INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF BLACKSMITHS, Vancouver Union, No. 1G1.���  fUoets the first and third Monday in each  month* at Is p. m., In Union hull. Homer  stieet. President, A. A. Bigg, vice-president, G. XV. Smart; financial secretary,  Glius-. McAllister; recording secretnry, D  Robinson, box i!7, Vancouver, U. C; delegates lo tlio Tiades and Labor council,  William If.itha.ni, D. Robinson, II. llow- ���  ard. ,  TIIE   CLERKS.  TEAM   DRIVERS'  SMOK'I'Ht.  The Team 'Drivers' liiterjintlonul  union certainly did themselves; pioud  when they held their smoker on Friday  night lust. Theie were some 300 pres-  enl, and nil seemed lo hnve enjoyed  Ihemselves lo the- full. Card'"'games  were indulged lu at n score or more  tables, and iplpes and tobacco vvere  plentiful. Refieshments were solved at  intervals, and together with the splendid pioginninie kept everybody lu Ihu  best of good humor. Piesldent J. l\  K'err presided and llie following pio-  griiiiime was can led thiough to the  satisfaction of nil: Oveitute, nrchos-  Iru; song, Mm. Vivian; inandolln duet.  1 ley wood Bros,; song uud dunce, I'l.  Wilson; selection. ineheHlra; lecllallnn,  S. Mc Dona Id: speech. II. ('���owan; song,  C. J, Hailing; exhibition single slicks,  Prof. Ataln vs. J, Barnwell; selection,  oicheslra; step dunce, I-". Hansom;  speech, XV. J. iLumrlc-k; song. C. Dnlby;  club swinging, J, Spurring; trombone  solo, Mr. Bowyer; step dance, Mr. Gib-  bins; song. XV. Cook; - exhibition  billon swinging, Roland Tlbb; song, T.  W. Morllinore; selection, nrchesliu. At  the close nil went home voting thu  Team Drlveis us splendid hosts.  The Building Trmlcs i.'"uin;il announce that Ihe name of Mr. 11. Miller,  painter and decorator, has 'been removed from the unfair list, lie having  made the amende lioromW*  . STRIKE FUND.  The 'Sti ike Fund comiiiitleo recommended that all unions Joining in the  defence fund would ipuy to the Trades  and Labor council a per capita tax or  23 cenls a nuartor, ij cenls of which  the council would place lo the ���.���redit of  the defence lund. This tund vvouid  be controlled by a committee composed  ot one member or delegate fiom each  union which pays Into the defence fund.  No money; out of this fund would be*  available for any sick or accident benefits or for any union on sti Ike which  dlil not pay Into this account. A niaxi-  lnum-allovviiiieo-oMil-ii.-week-i'or-mni-  lled men and t3 a week fur single men  could be allowed. Iti-roned lo the  unions.  BY-LAWS  AM END K D.  Ariel- a veiy lengthy discussion the  by-luwK weie uinended. The prim ip.il  cl.ilise passed: "All ilelegnlcs must be  wiigu-i'iirnerK niul either actively employed at the Ir.iilc ur culling llicy ,u\  rc'pieseiitliig as delegates, or iieling .is  paid age-ill pulling lu their mil [hue  In lhe service or their respective  unions."  STRIKE   ENDORSED.  The council passed n resolution  uiiiililtunu.sly endorsing Hie ��ic[lnii of  the- Ij 111 t�� tl liintheihtioil of Itulln.ij  Employee", SIcvciIhi'cn' union, Sleiiin-  slilptni-u's Mirlely, Teamster's iiiiluu,  and lhe messenger boys.  On motion of Messrs. R. Todd ami  Murk Litlle. the president uml n'ue-  Inry uf tin- Tinihs and Lalior council  were empowered (o call a meeting 6l  all the- executives of lhe dllYc-ient tiiuh-i  unions in the elty of Vancouver to consider the best .steps lo be taken to help  the locked out men on-the C. P. R,  UNION UABEL. /  The Lnilois drew the attention or tin  touneil Ui the. eonimun'-cntion appearing In The Independent Hint i-eitnln  inei chant tailors appeal lng lu lhe lisl  of union Shops weie nol allowed In use  tne union label. II wm.s polnled .nut  that a muster tailor wus- not permitted  lo use the label himself except he was  a mem ber in good standing in liis  union vvhen he went Into 'business, and  Local No. 27-J, Retail Clerks' Inleina-  tional Association, met in n-guhir meeting on Tuesday evening last. A good  attendance of nieiiibers was present.  Organization among the young lady  clerks of the city has been commenced,  and by the present indications it won't  be very long before all the lady clerks-  will be members of the association.  Several who aic***now members were  present, and a number ofVilhers weie  duly liilioduced nnd Initiated. Tlie  membership i�� glowing stendily, us  eveiy meeting sees new members coming in. It was decided to hold auothei  socinl evening on Tuesday, March 17th.  At the 'last evening of this kind held  every one piesent expressed tlimselyef-  a.s having hud a thoroughly enjoyable  time. So we hope that we will have a  larger attendance on lh!s occasion,  .v. coidliil invitation is extended to all  retail clerks, whethei members or not.  Remember lhe clerks' working card,  and make them show it to you before  Inlying.  TEXADA MINERS' UNION, No. 113. W  F. M., meets every Saturday at 7.30 p  m. ln Forester's Hall, Van Anda. Prt'tl  dent, John D. Fraser; vice-president, J  XV. Austin: secretary, Alfred Raper:  treasurer, A. G. Delghton; conductor,  Wm. A. McKay; warden, Henry Patterson.  CIGARMAKERS' UNION NO. 357 ���  Meets the fiist Tuesday In each month  in Union Hall President, G. Thomas, Jr.;  vice-president, J. Crow, secretaiy, J. C  l'C'iiser, c|o Mainland Cigar Fuctoiy;  treasuier, S. XV. Johnson; scrgcant-iit-  arnis, D. Morrlsey; delegates to Trades  and Labor Council, J. "Crow, G. Thomas  and O. Mattison.  THE RETAIL CLERICS' INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  meets In 0'Brleir.s-II,ill, the first and  Ihlid Tuesdays of each month. J. A.  Munay, piesidcnt; W. 3. Lamrick, secietary, Hib Pilncess street.  CROTHERIIOOD OF. PAINTERS AN 15  DECORATORS, Local Union No.. IM.  Meets iind and 1th Thursday in Labor  Hull Piesldent, E. Holland; vice-president, XV. Halliday; recording secretary,  i'l. Crush, 7U7 Eighth avenue, west; financial secretary, A. * Gothard, 822 Howe  slicet;  tieasurer, II. -McSoilcy.  INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF  Electrical Workers. Vancouver Local,  No. 213���Meets second and fourth Wednesday In each month In O'Brien's Ilall. President, A. McDonald; vice-president, .1  Dubberley: recording secretary, S. W.  Huston; financial secretary, II. V. Rankin.  FARMERS   ORGANIZE   A   UNION.  "Willi, by gum, vve inoul be faimeis.  but 1 don't believe in being farmers  like tiiein city folk means It. And  1 therefore moves ye, Mr. Chairman,  that this heie body hitches up with  the American  Federation  o'  Labor!"  The -motion carried witli a whoop,  and the state assembly nl tbe Illinois  Social and Economic union is now taking steps to affiliate with the A. F. of  L. The order has n me-mbeiship or I,-  00", and Is organized .a long trade union  lines.  Win. Hi oit. II. Toms and A. (5. Cow-  -icy~huve becn-SelccleiLiif -the-thiK- li-  In-r e-iinii ilalet, lo contest Winnipeg al  the forthcoming provincial eontesi.  This Is n slums Uio and would make  I'veellenl  n*pi t-imtuLives.  Cnnlrncl-ors  wauling union  men  can  get   iliem  by applying  to the olllri- of  thi- business ngenl  ill Union hall,  telephone number I.s NIMI.    ���  The  GET ON THE VOTERS' LIST,  Telephone  turn-mil.  Stnbles,  1���2���,"i  for    u   line    livery  ,1. Spm-iiiw, Palace Livery  ...W.  DAVIS...  PAINTING,   I'AI'ERllANGING,  ICALSO.MJNING,    ETC.,    ETC.  All  branches nl-  lhe I'iidc done  In  n  ."-atlsf.icliiry and  woikinanlike manner.  Esllmates ulven.  132 EIGHTH   AVENUE WEST.  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS nnd Joiners���Meets every  second and fourth Wednesday In Union  hnll, room'2. President. A. E. Collin;  vice-president, L. C. DeWolf; recording  secretary, Geo. Dobbin, 533 Hamilton  St.; financial secretaiy, J, McLeod;  treasurer, G. Adams; conductor, II.  Howes; warden, J. F. Gray; delegates  to T. & L. Council, Geo. Dobbin, Geo.  Adams, ��V. E- Coflln, L. C. DeWolf and  S. O'Brien; delegates to the Building  Trades Council, II. Howes and J. McLeod.       ' .  AUXILIARY, NO. 1, LOCAL 213, I. H.  E. W. Telephone Operators���President,  Miss J. Hunter, 812 Homer Street); vico- .  picsldont, Miss F. Livingstone 6f>0  Granville Street; recording-secretary,  Miss .1. Browne, 827 Richards Street:  treasuier, Miss E. llontley, 1121 Soy-  inour Street.  JOURNEYMEN BAKERS'    AND    CON-  FECTTONERS' International Union   of  America.     Local No. 46, Vancouver.   B.  C, meets first and third Thursday In  each month. President, T. A. Baxter;  vice-president, S. Walker; trensurer, j.  Greon; secretaiy, M. MacLean, 21C0 Westminster Avenue.  INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION  of Machinists.���Beaver Lodge, No  182.���Meets second and fourth Mon'  day in each month in Union hall.  President, Geo. P. Downey; pas!  president, J. R. Edwards; vico.ptu,-  ident, II. J. Littler; recording secre���  tary, J. H. McVety; financial ��� secretary, J. Anderson.  JOURNEYMEN TAILORS' UNION OF  America No. ]7S. ��� Meets lst and 3rd  Monda.vs in loom No. ], Union Hall. Piesidcnt. C. L. Whalen; vice-president, J.  T. Mortimer; recording secretary, F, '  Williams, ISH 7th avenue, west; sccretu-  ry-tronsurer, J. Savage; sergeant-at-arms,  II. Bnusenu; delegates to Trades & Labor Council, F. Williams and J. T. Mortimer.  BUILDERS'      LABORERS'    FEDERAL  UNION,  No. 32,  Vnncouvcr.���Meets every 2nd  and   llh  Thursday evening nt s  o'clock, In room No, 1 Union Hnll.   Prcsl- -_  deni, .T^Sillly; vice-president. W. Lyons;  .secietary, II. Sellers; treasurer, J. Cosgrove; warden, fl. Chapmnn; conductor,  R. Harrison; delegates to Tiades & Labor Council, ,T. Sully, G. Payne. J. Cos-  grovo and lt. Harrison; delegates to  Building Trades Council, J. Sully and J.  Cosgrove.  VANCOUVER TYPOGRAPHICAL UN-  ION, No. 220, meets the -llh Monday In  each month at Union Hall. President.  W. J. 'MnoICuy; vice-president. G. F,.  Pierrot; secretary, XV. II. lliinl, P. O.  box Si; tmiHiiror, John Walkliis; scr-  Koniit-at-ninis, Jns. Websier; nxecutlrii  committee, H. XV. King. Robt. Todd,  lliilph Wilson, A. XV. Flinbow: delegnlcs  lo Trades K l/nhor Council, Robt. Todd,  Geo. Bnrtloy, Uany Cowan.  STREET RAILWAY MEN'S'UNION-  Meets second and fourth Wednesday  of ench month In Sutherland Ilall. corner Westminster Avenue nnd Hasting!  Street al S p, in. Piesldent, Jas. McGuigan: vice-president, A. Ci. Elliott;  'ccrclnry. JI. A. Beach; treasurer, W.  IT. Vanderwarker ; conductor, H.  Howes;   Warden,   G.   Martin;  sentinel,  D. Smllh; delegates to Trades and Labor Council, B. Marshall, F. C. O'Brien.  Geo. Lenfesty, A. J. Wilson nnd Jas.  McGuigan.  JOURNEYMEN BARBERS' INTERNATIONAL Union, No. 120���President, IS. Hnrpur; vice-president. J. Oilman; corresponding-financial secretary,  J. A. Stewart, Ai3 Hastings St. E.'; ro- '  eorder, W. L. Ayleswortli; treasurer,  G. Bovver; guide, W. Irishman; guardian. O. E. Jacques; delegates to T. & L.  Council,- E. Harpur and J. A. Dlbden.  Meets first and third Wednesdays* of '  each month in Union Hall. THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY MIAROH 7, 1903  ^���;K*;K**i-.*:*l{*;r>:-l*> !*.���,! ���*. ���,i*<��*:>��-l*��>*!>**- K*;l ���Ht*,t>,r>HC*>  ^ I  Tbe Gurney foundrij Co., of Toronto,% |  Maker* of Oxford Moves and Ranges  Are Unfair fo Organized Labor.  We expect the wurlciiiyiiiHi oi Uie weM to  liclp Uh win tliia light.    Tell your friends.  POSTAL EMPLOYEES DIKE,  IRON .MOLPKKS' UN'ION, NO. 28.  METAL I-OUSIIKIIS' UNION, NO. "21.  STOVK .MOUNTKIIS"   UNION,  NO. 11.  H(***;r:*k*l*;K*;K4-l.4*K**<*;K* 1 ������:^l*>,+>'-k4-l-;*M*>:l*>H*.*:+.*i!->*  MR. BUKTZKX 0i\ PROFIT  SHARIF.  TullieKdllni oflni Imiiikmhst  tali,���ln youi issue oi Feb -.'Mb vo-ji  Victoila coiiespondent uuie-iies '.he  J'i.-.agement of lhe B C lllceliu- lta'1-  ,.iy Cornpanj in its lelatlons io ilie  eomiMiij 's employees This lie Is. ol  ionise, welcome lo do, it lie adlietes lo  lhe tiuth. Bui Lhe statements he makes  .ire so absolutely false that I am somewhat suipiibcd Ihnl he should veiituie  to put tlieni In black and white, evei-  in an anonymous leltei Youi lonei-  pondeut vvntes "Asa in UU" nl fael  Ihe 11 C lCleetiic I'llluny lorn] nnv  pav.s thu least ��,iges to unskilled liboi  in Viotoii.i, except the Vlclo ia (.luni-  Ic.il eompuny, the B C Potloij coiiipany and .1 lew miiioi (oneetns ' Now  I have guiic to sonic tiouble to .imci-  taln lhe wages pill to unskilled liboi  in Victoila, and I Iind lh.it wilh the e\-  eeptlon of the corpoiatlon ot Lhentv  and possibly one machine shop no laige  employer of unskilled laboi pus Inghci  wages than we do, and nnnj nol as  high If s mil coiie-pondoni lclcis io  oui tiackiueii, We paj iliem JO ceiu*- an  houi   the Just jen   they  woik  Loi   us  II cents an hour fo- lhe second and  thlid yeai, and 22 cents .m -loin Lheie-  aftc!', This Is considei ably moie thm  paid lo the tiae-kmen ot anj' olhe-i i.ul-  vvay coinp.inv No doubt j iui coiiespondent will -..iv But the citv pajs  23 cents an houi lot thai kin 1 ol wink  With all dun lespect to ei'v count ils  the wages thev pav out '���[ lhe civic  lieasuij* do not eonstitule stand,nd  wages, and il, foi instance, an aldei-  lUfin pajs 25 lenls an houi foi labia  done foi the ulj, and 17 1-2 coins an  houi loi l.t'bui done foi liniisell in his  piivale- bus.ness, it Is not dilliiult to  guess whnh of tbe two Kit's or ,i.a^es  he believes to be fan and inopei The  city can make any iniie.ise In wages  b.v simplj increasing Ihe ta\alion, but  a pilvate conecin whicli his in- such  lo.val load lo wealth lo follow must tut  Us elolh accoidiiio' lo ils means  As leg.uds Iho wages paid oui mu-  toi men and conduclois, they nie as  follows Flist jcai 20 cenLs an houi  setond >ind Hind vcuis, n eenl-- an  houi, fouith and liflli ye.i's, 2'. cenls  .in houi; aflei live veils, '23 cenls .in  houi.  In addition to whicli we-iiav one-lull  the cost of theli uiiitoims mil give all  iegul.ii emplojees eleiLiie light at a  nominal rale in then houses, and lice  transpoi t.ilion on oui cais, nol onlj  when going lo and coming fiom woik,  but at all bonis Now, it will take join  coi respondent some timo Lo Hnd anj  slieel lfiihvay cornpanj in Canada paying Ils iji men similai wages But lie  will .say "The tost of living* is so  much Inghci heie Hi,in in ICastein Canada." Is it so much litghei lh.ui in  Winnipeg, foi instance' And if llu eosl  of living Is so much highei hen I suppose he will admit thai the io-L ol updating slieel lailWajs is also iniirh  highei heie than In lhe Kisl ami w.ll  he then be eonsislenl and pit mil us to  ehaige six oi seven tents lo nde in  the .street eais' Oi would lit even i.i  vor doing away wllh the Ih'ee cenls  woiking men's ticket, oi the loui-cciil  oidii)aiy liekeL. and have u*> iliug  live cents Miaighf If he I'epiesenl',  the 'Laboieis of Victona ' .is he signs  himself, I Imagine he would have a  stiong: kick coining In lhe event of oui  company .ibolislung cheap tnkels  which vvejiave the nghl lo do, bill  which we don't, because we considei  ���thut besides the emplojees nnd the  shinelioldeis, the public also is entitled  lo eonsleleiatioii.  This complaint lhat we onlv piv  wages once a month is based on a mts-  iindeistanding. While v\( liaveoui piy  ���ri*ty on the 10th~of i-aelimioiitiranv^em-  ployee has tho iighL to be paid twice  a month, It he piefei-, buL vc-tj few  of oui men avail themselves nf ilie  'pnvilege.  As regaids long houis oui li.ickme.ii  have asked tnr nine houis Inslend of  leu, because lhe citv InLioiliiei il tlie  shot Lei woiking dav, and Lliev tan have  JI whenevei they iv,.nt ll at llu houilv  pay abovementlnned, whiih, ns hifoie  staled, is highei than lint paid bv  oilier piovincial i.illvv ijs foi Minllui  �� oi k  The  iiieiloimeii  and  eondiKlnis  have  themselves chosen   the    tcii-hoin   dav  0������������������������������$$��$����  I Tbe Salt  1 of Life  is Imsincs. We want iiuue of (V)  it. We'll cut il if au out anil out ;���)  bargain will fetch il.  How is This  A two-quart  Hot Water Bot lie  <���        Fountain Syringe  f 75c'  . Tiie Mdtonoll, Alkins,    ' ^ |  ,?       Walaon Co., Ud. Liability I  '���_ ���    IP-TO-OATC BRUGMSli-. <���  V$<3����������������<S)������S������<S����  instead of the nine, and 11 is only ii  foilnlffhl suae I w.is requested by oui  Victoila caimeii to endeavoi lo give  them all as neatly as possible ten houis  woik a day, some of them having onlj  eighi c,i nine at lhe piesent time.  Youi coiiespondent In of couise, nol  in the employ of the eonip mj oi lie  conld nol have made the numbui of  misstatements he has. For his Infoi-  nifilon 1 will tlieiefoio slate what all  oui men know that when lhe mtf-inational piosldenl of tin ,tieet lallw i\  emplovers unions Mi W D Manon,  was on the ioisi a lew nioiiLlis ago  he wenl veiy tlioiiiughlv Into ourpies-  enl wages seheilule and stionglj advised otn men to adopt It because he considei cd u not only fall but libcial  And he ceitiimh knows something  about u I will also lell vom cones-  pnndenl th.it with the- exception or S.ui  Fianeiseo mil Seattle, wheie the dailv  tempts aie Iiom ten to foTly times as  luge as those of Vutoi.a, no niy on  the V lellle cu ist p.ns is high wages .us  those paid bj .he l: C nieclne Bail-  way company Lo its motoiiuen and con-  ductoi-  Youi lonespondcnt's views on oui  ptofil sh.iilng sjstem do not inleiest  me Any fool can pull a building lo  pieces but 11 lakes good men lo put it  up What wo .lie living to do at lhe  piesent moment we who woik foi tlie  I'. C lOlectnc H.ulw.iy lompany, is to  build up something thai will stui'J and  be of u��e lo us all If we do not succeed Ihere is no harm done, if vve do  succeed we Lliink we .up enlitled to  eiedil loi h.i'lnf,' made oui lives a little moie pleasant and ioi the good example wc maj  guc otheis  I do not think lh.it oui men ic.illv  icqiilic vom coiicspondcnt's atlvue I  liave an idi.i that no amount of in&in-  u ilons md sums on his pul would  in.iKC Ineni b In-ve lhat a piomlse made  tin in by ine as man igei on behall of  the B C I'lecliie H.ulwav company  would be bioken We do not do business on those lines in out comipanj.  Oui men have unions of theli own who  nio emincnllv c.ipeble of looking aflci  thou own inteiests anil 1 am glad lo  sav, Lhe company s inteiests also  1 apologize Mr I'*dtloi, fin taking up  so much of youi space but ns I am  leaving on an extended lnp in a lew  tins I loll It my diny lo bvpiess my-  seli si, plainlv thai voui conespondeni  and those who have iead and peihaps  believed lus misstatements niighl be-  eunie possessed of Lhe actual facts and  niuili utiuecess.iiy 111 feeling thus, lie  pievenleil    Bespeclfully yotus,  J    BUNTZKN,  Gcnei.il fManagei  13   C   Itflectnc    Itail-  w.iv Company.  VancouVbi, JUich 4, 1!)03  PROFIT SIM JUNG  To the I 'blur nf lm I Mil nviHir  Su,���I icid wilh gieu iitciest  au ,ii tule in lhe last issue of The Independent, fiom lhe- Ifiboicis of V c-  toii.i," aneni "n pi iclieal r.\peiiiiicnt in  piufll sliiiiii���' ' A, 1 was one who favoi ed IhK scheme lioin the siai t, and  being an old employee of the stieet  i.ulwnv eonipain 1 deem it mv licison-  j.1 duty lc make- this icplj. lu the In si  pi ice Lhe w hole thiiK so J".u <u the  employees and (nmpanv wi-ie loneein  ed was putely voluntaiv and' in ex  pcnmeul 1 have .ilwajs been i siiong  bc-ltevei in llie piinciple of cu-epcu*  ion, mil hold thai lo adopt piofit  sh.ulng: is in lliis diiccLiou 'llie employes would be stulcirynig Men own  besL intciesls if they did nol accept the  veiy ]ibu a I olloi nf Mi Bunt/en of ,  sh.ue in the piolits ol Lhe companv  when il eanie lo us the wav it cl d The  employees cliew up then schedule and  submitted it to the management, not  Liking- Into coiisldeiatlon al all what  might ,ili i ue lo them In Lhe wav ol a  sh ue of the piobls The coiii.unj lias  .ilwavs paid llu union i.ite of aages  and ln_.iild|tioiiJ_i>_this_h is_pieprscd_l��  divide tlie caiiilUK.s of the load '.ith llie  men    Now, Mi   I'dltoi, one thln< moie  I would  llki   to aiid, and  that is this  II (huso einphnees lecelving a shaie of  the pi mils would mil lake lhe money,  but uisUad all hands pul then  amounts 'bus obtained together and  pun hive stock In the company, it  would not be veiy inniiv \c..ir.s befoie  Unv (llu euiplovees) would ihave their  sav In electing the- boaid of dliectoih of  tin coiiipiiny Tliat would do i meat  di-il of good In unifying the- Interests  of rinployci and employed, and we  woulil be fiee of thai dlsastious win  fi i known as lhe slilke Again I do  nm Ihlnk It ,s lali lo iitlack a eom-  p.itiv cu anvbnilv e-Ne who ules le woik  lu peace wllh Iheli men of couise, I  known oui soilillstlc filends on op-  pii'nl to Ibis wav of doing tilings. <n  doing ut all aiiyih-ng to li.unic'i^c Uie  lit. lists of iapit.il and laboi As to  the assiiilnu (liit tin men iio iml g,-i  lln-li wa���'is lint mu i* a uniutli I 'iil^lil  evpliln lli.il IL Ins In eu the nili nr the  eonipnny loi -.r-wi.il veils lo pav bimonthly wagis If the men so dislu-d  ruii of seine 1211 nun in llu slieel cni  s(i\lce In lliis (lly, onlj abnul 25 diaw  tin it nionej ftn ttilghtlv The sums  diawn i inge invwhe-ie between $"i and  ti't The men Ibciefoie show llint th-y  pierei the wages in n lump sum once  a month JOHN PEAIlhY.  Vancouvei, B   C, Match  1, J1KM .  J A. Uividson, ccnnei Cnuiblc and  Coidova Sts Is llie phu e wheie vou  gcL join halt (tit In an .utistic iiiaiuiei  GET ON THE VOTERS' LIST.  The seeuhd annual dlniiei <d the  United Biolhe-ilicHid of Postal limplov-  eis was hold at Ohm's ic'stiiui.ml on  Tiiesdaj evening, M.uch 3id. Anions  those piehcni weie J. Clmk <|)ivs|-  lictit), J. Miller (poslinnstei), P. 10  ll.lii'son (iiMslstaiii poslinnstei), J- '">.  .Me-l,ei>d (supeilnlendent of llieii.iHw.ij  postal bt-ivlee), J. 11. Maislmllsay, T.  II. Cioss, LC 11. CiobS, XV. H. Wilton,  S. 10 Cornwall. M 15. Bolton, C. S Hol-  lou, T. C. Kllbank, A. B. Thomp��on, It.  N. Ite-.id, A. J. McKlnnon, XV. S. Ash-  woilh, T. A. Ciulckshank, XV. N.  Siiulics, Ij. i, Cieagh. J. It Physick, I:  O. Atkinson, J Met'onashv, J B. Allan, B O. C.iee-n A M. Bums, C. Ch.ul-  ton, S It Jtobb, Cieo, Baitley, AV. F.  Findlay. K Sands, J. E AV. Sungstei  Follow Ing Is the  MENU.  Queen Olives. Celeiy.  Cistern Oysteis���l!aw en Plate  COUD MEATS.  Sliloin ol Beef.      llam Tongue.  FOWL,  Tut key ,ind Cianbeiiy Sauce  SALAD  ifObsie-i Potato       ,  r>E.si:itr  'Xm is Pudding,  Hi and)  ^niee  Pent Wine- and Sheiiv Jellv,  English Tillies, Chailotteiuse.  FitUlTS.  Apples Oiangcs Ciapes.  Nut.s        lt.iis.ins.       CcniLeetioneiy  Te.u Coffee.  Cheese Fancy Cakes  Altei satisfying Lhe nnei man .ne  meiiy gatheiing pi icceded to cauv out  a good piogi anime "of music, son^s,  speeches and iccltatlons Toast Mastei  Cl.uk opened by piopobiiw the toasl ol  lhe king and queen, which was disposed  of in lhe usual foimal way. The following gave well le.ideied vocal selections, Prof. Hanpur accompanist: S  C Cornwall, XV II. Wilson and A B  Thompson, A. J. McK-nnon, )"'��� II.  Cioss, E O  Atkinson, M  M. Bolton  J. B Allan, J Maishalksay and S U  Robb gave lecltations In theli usual  enteitiilning style  The toasl of "tlie Dominion" was le-  sponded to by J O MeBc-od lie said  that theie was plenty of loom in this  gieat countiy of oms foi young mon  to get along well "When I <ame lo  Canada," he said jokingly, "I had not  a shlit to mj back, but now 1 have  two" (Applause) One gieat thing  thu was dangeious to the piogiess nf  any countiy was sectionalism, and all  must ague thai this was not conducive  to lhe best national Inleitsts ' We do  not want a new Quebec, a ne \ Wales  We want a new Canada, bto', nsl .mil  always.  "The sei vice" w.is ably chauvioncd  by Assistant PnMm.istci Haiuson ,��,,  fai as the diffeienl government clepait-  ments weie coiueinid if tii it of the  posl.il .seivice was nol a money.r lining  dopai tment, H was a woiking one, and  a haul cue at llial (Applause). Mi  Hm i iion nixt paid a high compliment  Lo the lalenied staff of slngeis and musicians ipiosenl. lie went on to suy  that It was e gbt yeais since this post-  oflice wus made a city one Then the  staff compilsed bul fom, now il com-  pnses 17, besides lhe olhei blanches of  the sei vice weie extended  Jonathan Millet, the veteran post-  mastei of this poi t, said he was pleased  beyond me.usuie to lie piesent He  baldly knew his start w.is" so laige till  they weie all togethei. - He vvouid be  glad to do what he could in making  similai futuie ff.ilhei ngs u siucess,  and complimented lhe a-ssociation in  having such a successful affair  II O Atkinson also ic-sponded He  he.ulilv endoised the icinaiks ol the  pi ev ions ipcikei, and added thai  he Imped thov would all iceeive iui  inciease in pay and llial when Hun  Sn .Wllil.un Mulock came bete lhat he  would look into this m.ittci As an old  hand in 'the service of some 12 year-,  he saw a matvellous ineieise in the  woik He supposed Uiat when he went  on the i.ulw.ty mail .seiv.ee a-;nin thai  he would also sec a big inciease in the  amount of malls to handle In the east  they did not leeogni/e lhe laige ]no-  poitloni of lhe foieign mails earned to  this uoi t  T II Cioss icsponcled In an able  maimei lo the toast of lhe evening,  namely The Postal IJinployeis' Union  He vvas pleased to see the heads of the  olllce with tliem th.it evening, and Mas  gl.ul to see that they enjoyed themselves cciitnllj wILh Uieli employees  I'lie Postal employees' Union was htait-  ed In .lununij-, 1901, yvlth eleven mem-  beis. The woik of this little band  giadually atliacteil the attention and  good will or the balance of the stalf,  till now Llicy weie in the lanks of the  union. (Applause) This nuluded those  in the tallw.iy sei vice as well (Applause) And befoie long, the spckei  sulci he was sanguine thai thc -whole  sei vice In the Dominion vvouid be oi-  gnnl/ed (Applause.) They had iccelv-  eil that day fiom Toi onto a petition fin  eiidomitloii nsklng the piistmuslci-fion-  eial for an Inciease In salaries. This  was a stiong Indication of the feeling  existing among- the employees of thc  serviee In lhe east Of course, they hnd  oniluisod It, unci he hoped to make the  leciuest all the Mi linger lhat it would  be siipi>oileil by the newspapeis It  was a notoi Ions fact that the- sPivlce  was wictchedly ipald Those in It In  the west should get bettor compensation than thev did He hoped lhat  wlien lhe Hon Sh William .Mulock gut  thiough with his pol'iy nf ilghl econ-  oniv tluil he- would nun to and help  the men to get some men e ot iho money  tbey hud euine-d foi the countiy Befoie the advent of the union it used  to be "every one for himself and the  devil .take tho hliidinosl." Now ll was  different Thoy had at theli oatk some  45 unions iu lliis elty, and they would  get their assistance the same as the  telephone girls did When It became  known to the- dneclois of the telephone  company that suppoit was coming lo.  the sliiki-is fioin this nuirce, tliey at  oni e teimlnated llie Mi ike Thai's one  of the benellls dotived from* being lu  the union, as it dcmonstiated the fue-t  that "an lujuiy lo one was t'he tonot-ni  of all."   Mo union the speaker knew of  wanted to get into a light, but all  wanted then-lights, which they Intended to pioeme. Tlie postal employees  li.U alicady got some loiieesslons since  the union was blurted, and ho hoped  they would be successful in getting  moie and that Mi. Muloik would do  something In this dlieetion. (Ap  plause )  The toast ol  the ladles was ubly le  .sponde-d lo by J. B. Allen.  After disposing of lhe- piess, .ie-vei.il  otheis ics ponded to uiipiomptu tniiMi,  and lhe end ot the hnppy function was  brought to a close by singing Auld  Ifiine Syne.  The- committee In ih.ugo ol au.inge-  ments were AV. 11. Wilson, S. C Cornwall and M. K Bolton, to whom much  cicdit Is attached for the canying out  of such a splendid r.imiveiNUj  dlnnci.  WANTED TO EXCHANGE ��� Gentleman's open-fate silver English lever  watch, jeweled, good condition for  second-hand sewing machine in good  running order.   K  11, this olllce.  Wall Papers  FOR.  j-tWALL     ,  <%j\   PAPERS  GOTO  It Is a little oarly yet to talk about  Wall Paper, but I want the people to  know that I am now opening up the  finest stock ot AVall Paper that ever  came into this province. Of course ive  have not received our full line, but  have enough to please most anj one,  and we aie going to continue to sell  these beautiful 1901 coloi lng and patterns at the reduced late until the bu-sj  season opens. Anyone wanting Wall  Paper oi woik of Lhat kind it will pav  them to buy now, even if jou hold it  ovei foi a month oi so Cms is  Union Shop, always ims been and ���  wavs will be. Boom moulding to  malth all papeis Agents foi the piovincc for white enamel loiters for  signs. Kalsomining, painting, etc., and  all woik guaranteed  TO OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS ic  is always a pleasutc lo send samples  Drop ,i postal cnid Mating piice, coloi,  which loom or looms, si/e, yvhetlfei 9  or 18 inch boidci, lenuucd. We will do  the rest  ��28 Pendr &Jreef.  mm made  Wc, llie un<l(.|iign<.(l, lhitnllu Iln'  only UNION MAni'I OlfiAKDITKS  made in Canada. ICMiNAC, V C.  anilT.iU;  ti CHAS FORESBERG ^  H. G. MOORE  S. HARCUS  G. W. WEEKS  W.J. McMillan & Co.  Wliolesitli) Agculs lorB. C,  Coiner AlcMiiulor St. mid ( oliunbiii Ave  Vancouver, li C.  1'. 0. MIX, HOC. P1IOM., I7u"  PHONE I230A.  Carpenter and Joiner  516-518 Seymour St.  Between Pender und Dunsmuir Sts.  All kinds or work In this line promptly attended to.  Patronize the  Blue Label  14.'  9  :K*'  ;**K**)-��)*.*:*K*}|->:+>;l*>H*>;K* ���^���^^^������(������^������((������t^*i->;tf^K*)kf  . THE WHEELER & WiLSON li  High-Speed Sewing Machine j\  XVe have Just Installed one of these vvondeiful machines In our   9  stoic, IItied with a small electilc motot.    We Invite anyone interested tn come and inspect the  nrichine,     and    the     extrnoidlnary  speed it can attain���as high ai  1,00(1 stlte-lies a minute.    Uvcryone  Is welcome.  Wm. HAlPi1,l26 Hastings St.  S01-E AUKNT  :K*-!-*;|{*;K*;K*^){*l**^;K*'K#-l^  Loggers' Supplies  SPECIAL     ALL - STBDI.   Willi-' HOPE SNATOII BLOCK.  ALLAN  WIIYTD  & CO 'S  SI'KCIAL AVIRE CORD LOGGING WIItK'|  PLQUGII and CRUCIBLD STKDL WIRE ROPI3 In all sizes and Brndcs j  All kinds of loggers'  tools and  supplies, Camp Utensils, Etc. $     j  MkLenraan,  Mcfecly & Coj  Phone 44.  122 Cordova Street., Vancouvcr.JJ.C. Phone'106J  ^VW<>  DlilNK TJUC JJKST  Cei|lon  Put up in 1 lb. and I lb. lead packets.  For Sale by all first-class (Jrocei'b.  Tea  ^AAi/MW**VV*iAAi*i  !^*^  ���H;*:4***t-:4>l*:**K<^K*:+^H-,*:!;4H*^r:*Ht4:*)->H(  i  9  I  i  ;t;  ���  4asi as Easy fo Hetp  chairs, tables and woodwork a bout the house looking bright and new if you  ustfthe right kind of Varnish cStain.  Stains and Varnishes  with one application.  ���  Anyone can apply it.   ,  Vancouver Hardware Co.,  ���   339 Hastings Street.  f:*;K*;:-:*i->;-K*:*K^-;*;K^^^  "Slur" Cciiimels,  <> Sliir " Bathtub Enamel,  "G" V.irnish Stains,  ����� G " Stovepipe Enamel,  "G" Aluminum Enamel,  ��G" Turniture Polish,  Ash for Alabastine the best  Woll Coaling.  it  Si  ���*���  > .  9-'i  '* I  ti  ���'I  <*A  emeii  Oui new spuiifj elothliiff Is now lOmiiiB tu, and we le.illy want  yuu to see ��hat'Dame Fashion his done foi the "sleiner sex." in  hei fashioning ot Men's and Boys' Clothing. v  Nothing smaitei  has evor left the cutlet's board."  JOHNSTON, KERfOOT ��* CO.  104 and 106 Cordova Street.  ,        Trunli^Slorc 127 Hastings St., Opp. Win. Ralph's.   ~  ��������t3��S������*����5  ��� ���0  ZD������������������^��������������������������������  ��� ������  " The Beer Without a Peer."  ^ Bicwod r'ght heioln Vancouver by men of years and yeais expedience and in a mcweiy whoso plant is the most perfect known to  the art of brewing, is lt any wonder that it has taken' a place m1  'he hearts of the peoplo which no other beer ban supplant?  $1.00 Dozen Pints  $2.00   ��     Quarts   Drewed by ^___  ..-���-���. =���,  Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. \  ~   Vancouver, B. C. ;  (  ��        and for sale at all llrst-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels.      i? j  Cigar Factory  .   VEN WESTMINSTER.  In Justice to  Yourself  ���We would advise yuu lo  gel hi youi oider for having  youi l.AC'IO CURTAINS IfAUN-  Dl-fltl-.l) an ipilckly us possible."  You know how eveiylimlv gelH  busy all at once Intei on nud the-  ilniiKi-i ol delay. Now Ih your  oppoitunity Wu will bind your  curtninn home peifectly siiuaie,  itnrehed Just light and beautifully clean and sweet smelling.  PIONEER  $team Lacindry  010-014 nichards Street. Tel 816  Branch oQk'o In Arcade  '     Tel. 117fi.  Advertise in The Independent  ���������������������������������e*****^ i  I  fkgitmk'j: Young  When  oyes  are  found    to  havo        ��  any  defect, however, slight, tnor�� i I 'J  Ib but ono thing tn do.    Provide '' J|  glasses early.   Havo them examined '��  by our doctor of i optics, Mr.  Al- ' i  Ian, and get a pair   to     fit you I i,t[  properly. All work guaranteed.       < \  DAVIDSON BROS., '\\  tThe Jewelers and* Ofitlclanj,        ,,  l46.Cordov< St. ,. i��  000001*9009 &000000  ���S-,  ;V^1


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