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The Independent Nov 1, 1902

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 p7I*��W*UTelJbr'y  Hor. Ufa  THE  ROYAL  BANK  OF  CANADA  . . SAVINGS   BANK . .  A General Banking Budneea          Transacted. ���  OFFICBB-Hastinss   Btreet, :W���  HF��Btmlnater Avenue, Vanoouver.  vol; 6.  B. C. PERMJMT L0M m  8AMGS CO.  Authorized Capital ��� 510,000,000  Subscribed Capital -   -   l,SO0,000  Assets Over -   -������- -     800,000  , Head Office, 321 Cambie Street,  Vancouver, B. C.  OiJfECTS OF TRADES UHI0H&  Writing. to tho Independent from Detroit. Mr. W. ]>. Mahon, president of  tho International Street Hallway Men's  Union, says regarding the labor situation:  The persecutions that trades unionism  Is passing through, both from the capitalists and  the politicians, as tho refining Ure,  and  tho  substantial  gain  that  is being inndo overy day  by tho movo-  qacnt     under    such    persecution demonstrates that wo aro correct and founded  ipon a foundation that no can      stand  'Jupon  for timo to  connl.'   I: havo, ofton  ��aid, this;*   As trades unionists  . wo ��� do  jiot claim  that wo havo  circumnavigated ovorything and have- ''discovered tho  ; iill in all, but wo do claim     that     our  jnovoment is  advancing,' lifting/ up  and  lettering the condition- of mankind.  Wc  4iro not" making chants for/our. children,  but aro breaking the fetters our'fathers  .  znadc' for'us,.and wo will leave tho people; free  to act,  to   legislate from  hour  to hour, from day to day, m their own  "behalf.       Past    reforms,   while  good  in  their'day,/havo'left us bound hand and  foot v by constitutions  and   -laws    that  havo tied us from ever going on and accomplishing  more--Tho: trades  unionist  idocs not look  to  imaginary    congresses  and legislatures,  but it legislates  daily,  if you please, hourly,  in behalf of     his  rights and tho rights of labor.    Wo are  living   today     and     legislating   for   today, and, ns stated beforo, breaking tlio  ���chains   nnd   leaving   tho   futuro     genera-  VANCOUVER, B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBEll 1,  1902.  to raise the fallen and endeavor to banish poverty, as might bo dono by wise  rulers and careful legislation. Ono of tho  causes of tho present, unsatisfactory condition of society was tho universal snob**  bism that prevailed over the wliolo Anglo-Saxon raco.  Tlio other duy, anya tlio Whitehall Be-  vicw, u contemporary announced aa  fro.sli nuiVB that tlio king luul the statue  of John Urown remove^ from Iinlinor.il.  This wan dono oil thu very first occasion  his majesty visited his newly-acquired  Scotch scut after the death of Queen  Victoria. Ilia;majesty concluded that  his mother being dead, there was no  reason for perpetuating further the  memory of Urown, just us lie reopened  and redecorated Brown's room ut Windsor Castle, wliich had always remained  locked since liis death, as stated by all  iitiirepnperti at the time.  THE LAID SYSTEM  of m Mm.  (Continued from Lust Week)  tions to legislate along such lines and  iin such manner as they may see fit to  Jcgiblate, That policy is, in my opiu-  ���ion, tho coriect one, and the strength  Uiat we aie gaining every moment  'shows it to bo true.  OUIl CIVIC BOTCHES.  Some   of : the .aldermen   feci"', sore/that  tho  control    of  hospital     affairs     havo  passed out of  their hands,   and;    won't  have  any   thing     more  to   do  with  tho  .ambulance.     If  they  had   been  alive   to  the occasion and remedied thc grievances  -which existed at thc human     slaughter  Jiouec  at  tho proper  time the     enraged  ,,   electorate would havo  never passed  the  iiospital   by-law.     When  it 'comes to  - big matleis the aggregation in control  .at tho^city hall don't amount to much.  But they aie long on 'cheeseparing ��� nnd  chcapjohn methods, such as ~ tinkering1,  with the discipline of, the police, patching up holes in thc pavement just to  aavo 'expense, raising tho dickens in  general with helpless employee!:, regulating the whiskey trnlllc, or rather attempting to, showing favoritism in "giving out the city advertising and other  .such  like  work. ,  ft  CIIINKSK MADE TENTS.  There is one industry In this city that  badly needs protection : from"-the   Chinese  evil of cheap labor, und that is sail and  tent making..   A' largo' number.of -Chinese-made1 tents  aro7 used  in the  different  parts/of the province by     workingmen.  "We     understand;   tliat   there 'is " a local  firm  who  scads  travelers  all  ovcr  British  Columbia soliciting orders for theso  tents.     If a label  wcic~attached  to  tho  canvas sa>ing whether or not  they arc  jnadc'by  Chinese.'--'or    white labor,     it  would  go "a long way towards protcct-  i1  ing the white sail and tent makers.  Wo  would especially, request that tho miners as well as otheis, give this matter  serious attention and* try to abato this  evil. It would cost them nothing to do  this, and "by so doing they would help  white home industry.   WINNIPEG LABOR PARTY.  The Winnipeg Labor Purty is now in :i  prosperous condition. Tiie party holds  weekly meetings and Wm. Scott is president.   Following is its platform:  1. Education .of. all children, under fifteen to boj compulsory, free and accessible to all.   .  2. A legal"working day of eight hours  and reduction of the hours of labor in  proportion to tho progress of production.  3. A minimum wage, state employment for the^uneniployed, and old age  pensions.  4. Compulsory] arbitration of labor  disputes.  5. Adult ��� suffrage. Equal civil and  political rights for men and women, and.  thc abolition o. all laws discriminating I  against women.  li. Proportional Representation, and  tliu adoption of the Hare-Spenee system  of voting.  7. Abolition of tho Senate and the  substitution therefor of the Initiative  and Ileferenduiu.  8. Abolition of property .qualification  for all public offices.  9. Abolition of the patronage system  and the placing of the civil service under  the control of an independent commission.  10. The removal of taxation from 'industry and placing it on land values  with a graduated inheritance tax.  11. Thc issue of non-ijitrinsic currency  by the govcrnnient'excliisively.  12. Public ownership and operation  of mines, -railways, telegraphs, tele,  phones, lighting, waterworks, all producing or distributing undertakings aud  public utilities, which, from tlieir  nature tend lo become monopolies.  13. Abolition of assisted immigration  and the withdrawal from abroad of all  paid immigration agents.  14. Thu .exclusion of all classes of  immigration whose pretence would tend  to lower the standard' of life of our.  Canadian citizen.  Mode of Acquiring Crown Lands.  Crown  binds may  be  acquired as follows:  (1.)   By auction, after survey, .11 which  case    one-fifth  of  the  purchuso  price Is  paid down at tho tinie'of sale,, the balance within thirty dnys.  o  (2.) By application, after the lands  have been notified as .open /-lor  selection, in which caso the' applicant  fills '.up a form (to-bo.i.obtainod-.at any  of tho land offices) and makes tho declaration and undertaking rcqluircd by  tho particular system ho wishes to:-. select under, '  NO. 6.  parents,  and  in  a  few  othor  tag-  with  cases.  Jtesideneo implies -the erection of a  hal.Uul.le house to be approved l��y thc  board.  Improvements which must ho made ureas  follows���  (1) Freehold-tenure lands must bo improved within seven yearn to an amount  uf ��1 un acre /or first-class land, and  10n. nn acre for Arst-cluss land.  j (2) Lands hold on louse with right of  (Wcliii^e, or on lease iu perpetuity, nius^  Ue improved to an amount equal to 10  per cent, of tlie value of tho land with-  it ono year from the date of license or  Ipiise;   within   two   yea us   must     bo   im-  bo seized or sold for  riiptcy.  debt    or  bank-'excepting  in   tho  caso     of    rubbit-proof  fence,1 which  is  to bo valued separately*  The colonial .treasurer is empowered in |Jf tho run ia not again leased, the vuluo  'All applications, whether for surveyed  or unsurvcyed lands; 'nro' doomed lo' be  simultaneous if made on the same day,  and, if there bo more than one applicant  for tho ��umo land, thc right of belcctiou  is determined  by  ballot.  Lauds thrown open for application  may be either surveyed or unsurvcyed,  aud thoso not selected tho first day remain open.  The   Optional   System     of  Selection.  Lands  for  selection   arc   notified     ' as  open  for application   ou   and     after     a  stated   day,   and,   at  thc  option   of  thc  applicant,   may  bo obtained on any    of  the    thice    following tenures.   .a)   Trochoid;   (b)   Occupation  with  tho right  of  pui chase,   (c)  Lease in perpetuity,  (a) Freehold.  If tho land is surveyed, one-fifth of tho  price is to bo paid: down when the    application   is   granted,   and   thc    "balance  within   thirty days;   or,   if  tho  land     is  not  completely  surveyed,   tho survey-fee  is deposited    when    thc    application    is  agreed to, and goes towards,   tho ..purchase -of -the land;   the balance must be  paid  wilhin  thirty  days  of notice  that  the survey is completed. *  A  certificate of occupation will  to the    purchaser    on    final    payment  whicn  will  ' be    exchanged  for a crowi  roved to tho amount of another 10 per  cbnt.; within six years must ho improv-  ecl.to tho valucof another 10 per cent.,1  ijmking SO per cent in nil within the nix  j/ears. .l In ��� addition . to; the  above, -the  liind  must  bo  further  improved  to.   an  amount-of ��1 an r aero'. for: .first-class,  land,  and  on  second-class  land  to     an  amount  equal   to-the,"net   price   of' the  | land, but not^moro than 10s. an acre.   '  v i'linprovemcnts.'inay, consist  of  reclamation .'; from  swamps,   clearing V. of   bush,  planting ;with threes.or hedges,  cultivation ..of gardens, fencing,' draining,' making' roads,   wells,, water-tanks,;; water-  races,   slieep-dips, ; embankments ' or: protective works, or in any way improving  the-, character ;or fertility of the; soil; ;or.  tho erection' of any, building,:;ctc.;v'.- and. n       part Qi  cultivation includes the clearing ofvland-  .for . cropping, '.or clearing and, ploughing j  for, laying  down  with artificial  grasses,  obi X if     :_,"*��� .":Vi'"'-' ���:���������"������'^���������"'.v'^ :'X: "-:!.���.--���:-  certain cases to advance small sums for  the purposu of cmiblfug selectors to profitably occupy their allotments.  Small Orazliig-runs.  Small grazing-runs ate divided iuto  two classes: First-class, not exceeding  0,000 acres; second-class, not exceeding  UO,000' acres in area.' Tho rental in  both cases is not less than 2J per ceni.  on thu cupitul value per acre, but such  capital value cannot be less than 5s. per  acre. Small grazing-runs arc leased for  terms of twenty-one years, with light  of renewal for other twenty-one years,  at'a"rent, of UJ per cent.,on tho then  valuo of tho.. land., The runs arc declared, open: for selection,    and    applica-  of tho rutfbit-proof fencing is paid by tha  crown,, but the tenant lias no . clutia  against thu crown beyond tbo valuo ot  the rabbit-proof fence; he may, however,  within three months of sale, romovtf  fences, buildings, etc. Huns may also*  be divided with the approval of tha  board.  Survey Charges on      Unsurvcyed. Lands*  Tliu  following  is   the  swale  of  charged  for surveys of unsurvcyed   lands:  Not  exceeding ,*10  acies,   ��6.  Kxceediiig 80 and up to  50 ucrcs  Od. per acre; but not less ���thnn ��(i.  ���Exceeding 50 and up to 100 acres  per acre, but not less than' X8 15s.  Exceeding 100 and up, to      200 acres/  33,  3sa  lions', and'declarations on the forms pro-7 2s' fic,i I>er acre, but not less than ��,15.  vided have to, ;bei filled in'and, left..U.ut  tho laud olllce,' together7 withi the. deposit of one-half year's rent, which represents that duo' on the first day of March  or September following the selection.,  .No ..holder-of. a pastoral run, and no  holder of freehold', or lease-hold lund of  any kind whatever, over 1,000: acres ill  area;'7 exclusive of : the small' grazing-run  applied for, may be a'Selector under this  systenijaiid only 'one grdzihg-run can ho j  held . by any. one-person.:    ,/i      :���  The"lease : entitles   the   holder   to' the  ..���������    :*    '.'    ���    ':    .'-��� ' '    ��� ..'���  '.      ' ���(���.������--. .*'.   �����'���  grazing, rights and .to the cultivation of  the run,  aud to tho/reser-  Exceodiiig 200 . and up: to  300  .:- acres*  2s.' per;acre, ,'but not less than. ��25.  Exceeding 300; and up. to  1300 /, acres*  ls./Sd./por acre, >but not less than ��30./  ��� Exceediug.iiOd.aiHl up to the 1,000 acres ���  Is. "4d," per 'acre/butiiot: less ' ihiin i iiiii 1  iosA-':'    ���������������'������'".' ���;���-  ;;-yAX'A'X:'-'''A"i  '*'     ���    ��� .-   '    -<i- '    IV-,���::''������ ������'���������''���   ���' "  Exceeding 1,000 and up to -C.  acres,' ls. per acre, but not less'  ��GtiV.10s. !>  For,: the .  land,  2,000  than'  (stead  through  which, no >oadc; niay   lie  ,' taken;, biit  tho runis: aro  subject .to  tlio  1  issue  soon   as  tho board', is' satisfied  WOMICN  'l'ATJlOMZK      CHINESE  TAH.OHS.  Tliero are n. large number of women in  this city who send'to Victoria for thcir  tailor-niiide  cloaks  and   jackets,    which  jirumade by Clilucso tailors, Tholr hus-  lmndii get their money hero from whito  people  und   aro  paid  union  wages.    Wo  know    of    certain    cases    of* this sort,  which,  lo  sny  the least,  nro    discreditable  to  thu  pnrtlcH, concerned,  owing to  the fact of their positions.  STRIKE OF BUM) WORKMEN.  A atriko lias occurred at Sunderland,  Eng., in connection with tho Institute  for the Blind, which, though founded on  philanthropic lines, practically supports  itself by the sale of articles manufactured  by "the inmates.   The committee gave  notice lo thu men in tlie department in  which ships' coik fenders are made of a  reduction of wages from lis. to 10s. per  week.  Theso men appealed to the National League of tin* Blind,'the general  secretary of which has failed to induce  the committee to withdraw tho reduction.   As a   consequence,   thc   fender  makers struck work and the employees  in other departments threaten to follow  suit.  title  that  the  improvements   have  been  completed. '  (b)   Occupation  with   tho Iiight of rur-  chase.  Lands selected on this tenure are held  under a license for twenty-five years. At  any   time  subsequent   to   thc   first     ten  years,  and  beforo the expiration o'  the  license,   after   having   lcsided   and   made  tho improvorucntsshcrcinatter     described*  the license can,   on  payment of the  upset prico  of  the  land,   acquiro  the  fiec-  hold. yltl, the land be :nut; purchased, tho  license may be exchanged for a lcuse in  perpetuity.  Tho rent is 5 por cent, on the cisii  prico of the land; a half-year's rent has  to be paid at thc time the application  is approved, if 'Surveyed land, whicli represents tho ���; half-year's rent duo in ail-  vanco on the first day of January or  July following tho selection. Hi the  land is unsurvoyed, tho cost of suivey  is to bo paid, and is cicdi*cd to thc selector, as so much rent .paid in. advance,  counted fiom the first day of Januaiy  or July following the thirty duys' notice* i  of" the completion of survey.  ���y   :"���������:, liy.:. ' i"iyi-'-,y- X:.i mining ^laws.;^~^'. yyy.y:-i,i AiX::'.   ���;/.','';  kj  ;.:SpeWal-Settleinent ���Associations.;;.V :!'r^^'< coinpUiSOry, ',, 7V busli V ;or  jUnder :tlie existing- ���   regulations -any swa.nip land, within three years; if.open,  number of persons,1 not less.vthan twelve,, within;one year; and must    be cbntinii-  muy select, and apply for it block of. land; bus* to the end/of ^.the pterin, but nrtiy -in  of noteless than.. 1,0.00. acres  or    more ti. few ^ases ba relaxed.'Xi Improvements  thnii  li.OOO vaeres iii; extent,:! "but    the necessary , nro, as    follow: -Within n. the  number  of members' must', bo' such..that first year to!;the"'��� amount;- of- one: year's  there.; shfiU. be  one ^for every ^200. acres rent;* within the second.   , year,- io'.)'.; an-  in the bloclc,: and/no; one can hold more other, year's rent;  and .within'six.  survey  of  any  area  of  rural'  being  open  land,   tho  scale    'of  charges shall be two-thirds the foregoingj  rates.  The chief surveyor may vary, tho', anove  charges by substituting a rate per mile  or'- per 'day Sov such* work1 as may not  come  under  the  foiegomg scale.  SEaHLE NOiES.  Coloill-  .illi-.ed   at  lJuna-  tliaiii'USO acres,: except in* swainp lands,-  where the area may,7.bo;500 'acres.:,.7 ' ���'���:;  j Tlie    ^capital value "of;: lands witiiin! a  special sottidment is fixed after the survey, by7; special  valuation, .but  may'not  be less than 10s., an',!acrc;: the' rental is  iiot less/than' 4: per,' cent on' the* capital  value,; and:: thb I tenure'; is7 a 'lease [ ia per-  pi.ulty;';',-^.V;';' iXiiAxAiiiAAil. lXl:.A''ilA  -'/Itesideiice,',occupation','; and'*' .improvements   are 'generally ,tho * same7' i'-las:al-  :reddy   described,' and.:,applications , have  to7 be  made Ja ��� manner prescribed 7 by  regulations/:.*-;';;,;7:X'iJyJ���'���JA'Ai..������"���':;*���';.,; 'i'yi'.i  /..Applicants: /should  :'apply*to: a 7c6iii-  missione;* l'or/av copy, of Athe/vcgulations,  as'./.they ;aro"liable/to /change-1 at--���:any;  time.'   / ','*:,; yA-iy'JA'X; AJyiXiyAyiJi 1  /Suitable .land 'for/: small: settlement1 'of  this kind;is:hpWi'scarccV",; .-.' J.yXJ  i-'-yyi Improved-farm7: Sotticnieiits. ���:. ���,/  ..Special .-.'regulations are ;V hi. force vffor  tliis/clnss  of .settlonieiit,: which :���"should  be. applied for,;but briefly .the; terms are  as!folloivs:'-/;,Applicants 'are; selected,', by  tho   commissioner   of  crown  lands,   'pre-  ferciice'-being/given to''married/men. The  areas  of; the farms may vary, from /10  acres  to   200 .acres,   according.to  locality; no /settler; can select;,more: than ,:bne  farm.     Contracts 'aro inadei''wlthV:tlie settler to fell,'. the. .forest,/burn it/ and/sow  lyith  grass-seed; up  tb/ipO-.-Vacres,  'tlie  cost being paid by the/governmbnt, aiid  i years,  to,, the /value of two years' :ront:mak ng  in/all a sum equal:to. four years'/.rental;;  whicli/must; be /expended ;:;withiu; /six:  :yeai-s;:;::In;:additio'ii.';���;.to .those'/iniprover  moiits/busli-covered  and .first-class  runs  must bo ��� improved:,to' an/dmouiit of; lbs.  an.'; acre";'' and -; second-class' bush-clad; runs  to;ari'"ambunt/6f'5s.*an*acreJl/:///V*-, Jy ���'���',  //Theso/rtiiis; mayViio. diyidoilV dftez' three  years*/compliance; with ; the./'/conditions',  amongst /tho.members V/of/ the', selector's  family.//.7: / ;:'/���////���;: :iyy:iyAii;:.-,JC:��i'AA.  % iyiAX-ii- '���'���'���' Pastoral  Runs; V',:  :;/���/���/,'i  Kcsldcncc and improvement of the land' \ ��1��   m"y    bo advanced     to help build  HISTORY REPEATS ITSFLF.  NEW l'AUTY NKKUKD.  At n meeting In Cilnagow recently, llrs  Kobert Illatdtford presiding, Jlr. It. 11.  tlrnhain spoko of the need of a new political party, distinct from the two old  parties. What could they expect from  members of parties that had been do-  'Vng nothing but supplant ono another  for ,thc last- 3.50 yenrs .without placing  to tho credit side nioro than 20 laws  which wero a credit to tno nation or an  advantage to the population? In Scotland they must have a national parlia-  nEOKOETllR THIRD.  1775.  "The rights nnil'dii.  tcrestsuf the American colonists will bo  looked utter and eared  for, not by the nulla-  tors ami rebels, but by  thu kind Christian  gentlemen who I, m  the direct representative of find, lmve appointed to look nfter  my litnda in llie weal-  om World,"���King  Georgo III,  OKOHOK Till! FI (Til,  1902.  "Tho rights and In-  teresta of tlio laboring  inuii will be luoked  afier iind cured for,  not by the iigltntora,  but by tho llhrlatlnn  mon to whom God ln  HIh Iniinite wisdom  tana glvon the control  ol thu property in-  toreata of thla country."��� I'roiildent llaer,  to the coul inlnura.  -Slocktou Kodornllat.  nre compulsory,   as herliiattor  described,  * /*  (c) :��� Leases   in : Perpetuity.  Lands selected 'ou this, tenuro are leased for 91)9 years, subject: to the conditions of residence and improveniciits dc-  jcrlbcdbolow. The_rontol-is-i-pcr-cent  on tho ensh price of tho land, and applications are*'dealt with, in the same  way as under the iirevious'tenuro (b),  but thero is at no tino a right to pui-  chaso tho freehold.  ; Two or moro: persons may make a  joint application to hold as tenants ia  common under either of tho two last-i  named tenures. I  a house. The rates allowed'for felling  nre'thoso current in the! district.;, -The  laud'is then leased for'99!) year's; at  rental' of '-i per ceiit. 'on7' tho- uniiu-  proved capital "value, plus the V actual  cost j^tho^f^ngjy^_g^g|i^__i_s.  '/.Pastoral, ,coun try^is:: let liy /auction lor  varying...terms "not exceeding ;tw'eiity-one  ,.���''������' .- ��� ' ,."'���: "��� -:-'"'  : r'"fi: ��� . ,���''-. ' ,   ',',"' .'   '*"y-.:   :���'���  years; yand, /.excepting:, in .'extraordinary  circumstances/: runs; niii'st *'iiot; b'e/'ofi*V a  grcater-'extcnt than will; carry ;'T/20,000  sheep; or/*l;,000 head ,of 'cattle. Ituiis are  classified from' time ��� to :��� .time,. by ���. special  commissioners'; into: / (]^ /Pastoral ..lauds,  which- aro, suitable;,only/for,^depasturing  mbro/tiian ,5i000, sheep;/(2)i.pastoral-agricultural lands/ suitable for-siib-diyisioii  into ;areas;'of under,'5',000, acres';' which  may.be' either,let/as;pastoral;.riins, geii-  crally. for/short,: terms;, or ; cut,.up::,; for  settloment, in; some ;othor iforiu./'iXeases  of .pastoral;. lands may- not be- resumed;  leases^ of /pastoral-agricultural lands:niay  be rosiiuied, at ;aiiy; tinie ,/ after > twelve  months'/.notico /without';'coiupeiisatIon';/  , "No/'.one can' hold -more ;thah.,oiie/riiii;/  but, /in case .of, any/one ��� holding. aVrun of  a carrying ;:;capacfty;of,;less .tluin.lO.OOO  sheep,; ho may take * up additional - country ;to"that limit.������-:X--i:-'-f::.-������'��� .>'.'.-���JJ-.-l'''���'���,.!*.-'.���  /Runs are blTered dt auction',.from'.'t'inii*  to time., nnd ,; half,a; yearns rent, has :to  , The Sunset Vllnomcn/are/stilion strike^7.  The  Cutch,   now': known; as/the 'iSoga-y  to, having been transformed .into a'!gun-'/  bout/ diid.', recently; solil :'to/ the;  ;bian7 government,-' has/  maV ��� V7���;: yy ,' 'yi'yX''' lAlyvV        V    i V.\; -y  /Two detectives in, Seattle kidnapped a'  colored .woman ;natiied;Inez" Perry, /who;  Pis wanted'in/Helena,  Montana,  for������ rob-J  ! bery;:,and,: turned  her ove!^ to  the -'chief '  jo'f 'i.police;;oi'/Heieiia, ;,who has 'been ..hero ';  after,; hcr:!,' The! police; of .Seattle,; being":  ballled, by'/.'numerous:.' loops  in   ti;o;;lawi;.'  took/tho matter in their,own hands,; piitj.;  Xhe: wbiiiau/iutb;; a/hnck, /drove but/- to -  :a;poiiit:ori/the ,N;/P/,It/sU//and handed//  her; oyer; fo'V; tho law:,'to*;.take/its/course^';:;,.  ;Chiei/:,6f'/'i,biico./,Trayis:/bf'1/IIelen  ed.at/bncei/for:,:Hcjenai;:7;V'y/;'/:://VvV;;/:/;;///  ;; Holdups ':���--. dre/^uito/the /fashion/ hore^:/;  us-;usi:fli; ;���/ - ;V.; AxyxiX'iyxylAAi'iXXJyxyy  ,-'''/Counterfeit;..: (i*u'iirtcrs',/;'balii /dollars"/and//  dollars 'are in circulaUpn Jiere.'/Thp''SeaV*;l,):/  tlo/Electric,Company": turned .in''to. Capt.-.'/,/  ���Dell i.'of /the'-United/; States; -/Secret .'.'Scr-///  vice/'f 30 worths/ Jt/ was/a/ collection' of JX  ;thirty7dnys/bn /street 'railways: 'JAlAAiyyJy.JAy  //Jipbos; are-being lliiedup'foi*; the ;coyi-/V  iiig/eloction.../:::;::///./''./v //.-://; "AAA- iyiJiAJAJi  /'���Af ter / Dec-., 1 - people/; coining ;to/ S^ialf-/ /  tie/will get/no free rides /jti/iiolei/'iiusos.'"/;/-  AO'contract; has : been .signed : by /ail 'ihir-'fi-::  tol/proiirietors to /let 'the. Seattle,.Trans-//,  fcr//Cbmpaiiy / handlo ail;; passengers; /'.' to yy  and .'.'froni';* tlieir hotels/ .'.'"So ii 3;��'i/'loii"t://  tt*ni.t,:tb..pay. 25 ;cents,  ybu- had; bettor,-lA  Walki��;;/'^;;",'///://;,-:':':':,'/. ������ Xi-. '.>'.:.:'������.'���.*���':;. ' "O-i-''  :��� The;  ruii  SPECIAL OPFEll.  From now until the end of 1903 The  Independent may bo had for $1.25. We  hopo that this offer will be takon advantage, of and that each subscriber will  see to ft: that* at least ono , new , namo  Will, bo added to the list. If tho workingman don't exert themselves to push  their paper* how is it, possible to mako  its  usefulness as    far reaching in thcir  jnont and a Scottish house,of commons  causo as any on tlie continent?  ttosidciico  and   Improvements.  Under the two last-iiiontloncd tenures,  the conditions ns to residence and Improvements  are:  llosldcncc���  (1) Must commence on bush or swamp  lands within four years, und In open or  partly open land within one year, from  the  dato of selection:  (2) Must be continuous for six years  on bush or swamp land, nnd for soven  years on open or partly open land, 011  lands occupied with a right of,purchase'  (11) Jlust bo continuous for *u,term 01'  ten years on lonse-in-pcrpotuity lands.  The board has power to dispense with  residence in certalp cases, such as where  the "selector is residing on adjacent lauds  or is a youtb or unmarried woman li\-.  1 '  this.  Itesidenco for tho llrst ten years. Is  compulsory, nml 'Improvements must be  made In tonus of. Part III. of "Tho  Land Act, 1902." (Seo ante.)  Village Setlleinents.  Villngo settlements are disposed  of under regulations made from time    to time  by the governor, hut  thomnlii feature's  are us follow:  Such settlements nuiy bo divided into:  (1) Village allotments not exceeding  one acre ench, which nre disposed of  either;by auction ninong thu applicants  or by application, as'already described,  with option of tenuro, tlio cash price being not less than  .Cl per allotment  (2) Homestead allotments not exceeding! 100 acres ench, which.nre leased  iu perpetuity, at a ���i-pcr-cent. rental on  a capital value'of not less than ,10s.  per,: acre.  Residence,.'improvements,' and applications are the same as already described.  Thc lenses, arc exempt from  liability,to  be , paid down  at thc time  of sale,, be-  a   ing_the_umouiit-duc_in-adv.ince-on���the  the settlors can get employ ment on   lst  duy of March  or September  follow-  the road-works In the neighborhood, but   ing the sale,  and  tho purchaser has    to  the government     does    not     guarantee   mako  the  doelaratlon   required  by      thc  act. All leases begin, on, tlio first day  of March, and,thoy cntitlo tho holdor .toi  nil grazing rights, but not to the soil,  timber, or 'minerals; and the leuso terminates over any part of the;ruii which  may bo , leased for some other purpiim*.  puichnscd, or rc>*or\cd. The tenant hns  to prevent the burning of timber 01  bii*.li: iu open country to pn*ii*ut the  growth of.gorsu, liroout or Hwi'i'thriur;  and to destroy the rulibltK on his run.  With the consent, of the laud bimrd,' ilie  Inlercat In a run may bu transferred 01  mortgaged,, hut power of sale under 11  mortgago must bu exercised, within lu'u  years.  . in ease it Is determinerl again to lease  any run on expiry of the lease, the new  least must be olTorod by niictiou twehi  moliths before the.end of the term.'unr  if, 011 leasing,; it shall be purchased b.\  .some otlier than the previous lessee, valuations for improvements, to be made.b.v  an appraiser, shell bo paid by the incoming tenant; but to a value not greater than  three times  the nnnuul      rent-  police closed 1I12 Green Light  g.i-mbling house. A "brace" .'.mo box  ivas don \p.ul, and thi.s end. d the  pl.i'.e i\��*   gunibiing.  Fryer-Bruhu have: oflered to'���afbitrato,  bat will not consent to discharge men  now ir, tin!.." employ. The Western 1,'on-  li'aLLa!"ii* Union .sa.vs Krye-lli'irr.ii u.mBf  unioni/e their place. And there you arc.  Tl*. "Seattle liar*' docs in-jro li-j.siiiess  than all the other saloons put together  in ,tho city.  ���-"Uilly���Quunu,���uf���Vancouver,-- was"av~  re*'*iu %Nircj   in  Sea*tie.  Politics   a.c  boiling.  '.'.ii s ni Seattle are  only  1. iil.-*-ej*.cncd  by., the totem-pole.  -tie new , arcade builill'ig  Is:.me  i.'ock  la lerglh'i  Tho prldo  of Pike  street  Is   the  beau-  Ui'il   Hon  .Mnrclio  building.  The, meeting of the city coiiinil called  for Thursday night ; to,/considei*  proposed    charter     amendments  did   not como  on*.     There   wart  a   riuorum./of  aldermen  present,   und     the  rensim  for  tholr noM  iiuetlhg  Ih  one" of'conjecture.   It    looks.  like,  however,  that any attempt at  lin-  pruvenient: ��� of .lhat; liningrel/iloi'iiinent..'  ivil!  bu hurketl  by siuue Uf t.ho barnacle  Uilermen.   Three1 uiuendiuent.s   are   badly  needed  lo it.  nninuly:   (.1) That tho people  elect  a  board   of  three   police .coiti-  nilsKiiiners:   (2)  That  a  license board, or  ibree commissioners should, bc^ elected by/  the people;   (3) That  three water    com-  .  uiissioners   with   full   powei*  should      bo',  elected;  (.IJ'.And  tlint  the/ward '.system ;.  bo  ubolished.This; city   is  plenty /'Wg  /  enough /for. these  coiltcinpliitu<l   reforms,'/ /  nnrl ,/lhc/sooner/ they, arc tackled /by, tho ./,  council7 the beUcrVfor/allVco'iicerricdj'.-.'...".-'.  II  IU  .-mx  iyAil.  1 tiis;  -mi  [m  1 j  ?m T  >����� ^> �� 0-6-"Vr-���*>���-��� 2-1*  O'CLOCK  !-,>��� Jainm V. Wliltv  Uy ihu S. A MiX'liiro l'inu;i;niy  It was Sir William Culvillo of Oil-  villo Manor who llrsl. discovered Si  Kiwi* Alba no. Sir William prilled himself on being the patron of struggling  genius nnd bo gave liini tin* imimuiIkk'.oii  to perpetuate lu mui-hlc Hit* lit'iuit}' of  bis only daughter, tin* l.iuiy Margaret.  Tlio sculptor was it man of twenty-  eight, willr n fait* face and an urlslo-  emtio hearing. There could bo no  question I lint ho was u real artist with  thi! chisel. Ills enthusiasm promised  n masterpiece. It was arranged that  ho sliould slay nt tlio unuior while hi.s  woll; was hi progress.  lt proved a lengthy task, but lhe sit*  tings woro anything but tiresome to  tho yount; luily. Signoi* Albnno w;is  both well traveled nml woll read, mnl,  while ho know how to keep, the moments from drug gin)., he yot preserved  his attitude of deepest respect. Lndy  Margaret looked upon him with reverence ns n genius. Perhaps his youth  and good looks contributed somewhat  to her enjoyment in tlie sittings, but  this pride forbade hor to acknowledge.  The bust when finished wns nil that he  had promised. If either of the two  young people sighed that the long  mornings iu tho studio would be no  more, tliey gave no sign.  Three months afterward the futher  and daughter were passengers on a  steamer for the orient. They had been  out three days beforo they discovered  that the sculptor was ou board. He  explained that through tbo death of a  relative he had come into a fortune  and had set out on a tour around the  world. Sir: William was rather chagrined to find his protege so I'm* beyond  tho need of his help. While lie congratulated him on his good fortune,  therefore,-his manner yot conveyed the  fact that be did not consider that his  change in prospects entitled him to  treatment as an equal. The Lady Margaret was n most well brought up  young woman, and she unhesitatingly  followed her father's cue.  Two days later, as she sat alone on  deck. Signoi* Albnno approached' her  with the assurance of an old friend nnd  entered Into conversation.' In vain hor  manner showed him that the old days  .  of happy Intercom**.*' t:i;isi  be forgot*  T  ivell: if l do not. wo will all go to tho.  iiiftmn together lit exactly i) o'clock."  Tin ie was n hurried scuttling of the  lookers. Tho whole ship was soon in  iiiimiotion. discussing plans for his  capture. Hut he was armed and ovl-  soiiily mini and lionco must be cajoled  ���.liber than forced.  At quarter to ll ho called to the whispering group outside the saloon door:  ������Gentlemen, we have fifteen minutes  'eft. 1 warn every oue uot'to hasten  the calamity by tampering with my  stateroom door. If you open thut door,  yon will explode thirty pounds of dynamite at once."  Thero was something theatrical libit nil. and yet the menace In tho I.  bin's voice brought a shiver. The cap.  lain iiiaile a sign to the ship's carpenter, and they silently went below.  Avoiding the filial dour, the carpenter  feverishly begun work on the room  partition, lt scorned hours before he  had cut n hole large enough to allow  lils body to slip through. Just clear of  the door was the signer's steamer  trunk. Two wires ran from the door  to tlie trim.;, nud from the interior  came a noise like the ticking of a  clock. When the wires hnd been cut,  the captain suid:  "Softly, uow. Up with the cover.  Ah! Here ls tho clockwork, nnd a  handkerchief among tho wheels docs  the business."  At the same moment the report of a  revolver rang out. Up in the saloon  the clock was pointing to 0. The mad  lover hnd pressed; the weapon to his  temple, ;pulled the trigger and fallen  back n corpse. The white faced passengers walled tremblingly for another report, but instead thoy heard a wouinn's cry. Tbo Lady Margaret had  fallen, fainting. In the doorway.  Wns there dynamite in the trunk?  Truly ninety pounds of it But for the  coolness of the captain 400 lives Would  have been sacrificed to the disappointment of a madman.  And did tho Lndy Margaret yield at  the last.moment? That is the secret  locked ln her own proud heart.  BuptlHni  ot  llells.  Bells wore solemnly baptized like  children, a custom which is still extant in the Itoinan church. This Is  probably not n primitive practice and  cannot be traced further back than the  reign of Charlemagne. It Is Iirst distinctly mentioned in thc time of Popo  .lolin Xlll. (9SS), when he gave his  own name to the great bell of the Lateral! church. Sleidan gives nn account  of the ceremonial to be observed: "First  of all the bells must be so hung thnt  the bishop may be able to walk round  them. When he has chanted a few  psalms in a low voice, he mingles water and salt and consecrates them, diligently sprinkling the bell with the mixture both inside and out. Then be  wipes It clean and with holy oil' describes on it the Qgui'c . of' the cross,  prnyingthe while that when the bell Is  swung up und'sounded faith and charity may abound among men. all the  snares of the devil ��� hail, lightning,  Winds, storms���may be rendered vain  and all unseasonable weather be softened, v After ho has wiped off that  cross of oil from the rim ho forms sev-  eu otlier crosses on it, but only one,of  thorn within. The bell is censed, more  psalms are sung and prayers are put  up for Its welfare.    After; this feasts  and banqueting.? are celebrated Just .ns  at a  wedding." ��� Gentleman's  Magazine.  Word*  find- Their  Origin.  The dictionary tells us of the origin  of things familiar, and In Its pages  we may learn tbat the bayonet was  Iirst mado at Bayonne, In France; that  'damask and the damson came originally from Damascus, that.coffee first  ��� came to Europe from Kaffa and copper  I took/Its name froni Cypress, that cun-  "did yon not luscBiYK payment in vuiiL , dy was first exported from Candla and  Foil youk woiikV" j tliat tobacco was so called from the Is-  ten. The Italian was Imperturbable".'-. land of Tobacco, the home of De Foe's  Whon sbe rose to go. he even dared to . imaginary horo; that gin was either Inlay n hand upon her arm us he said: [ vented at Geneva or early ln its history  "Lndy Margaret. I am hero on lliis ( beenme an Important factor In the  steamer today because I knew you ; commerce of that city, thut tarantula  :c/to sail on it.    I ntu here to sny j was once a notorious pest In the region  BROTHER GARDNER.  >ouii' I'lillo.sopliy by tho X'rekldcni oi  ('it* l.hiu-Ulltl Club. .  [Copyright. 10;):!, by C. B. Lewis.)  fUKCKON dat people will; keep on  luvln' an' mnrryin'  fur do next  mlllynn y'ars, an'  I  reckon dey  will  nlso  keep  on  wishin'   dey  '.niiln't iloiie it.  I ain't carryln' no rabbit's footaronn'  fur luck. I>e one I had got mo into jail  an' it was a crowbar instead dat go  iuo out itg'lti.  It appears to me dat do only man  who expects to he strictly Inmost am  tlo foller who lo calculntl:i' to git de  bi'st of me.  He pusson who starts out in dls world  wid do idea ilnl he uln't gwine to  make a fool of hlssolf about once In  ebery six months has got heaps of surprise parties waltlu' long de road fur  him.  I hain't got no sort of use fur a liar,  but 1 nebber sit down an' hev a good  think b.v myself wiilout comln' to dc  conclusion dat half my trubblcs hev  come from speakin' do truth too often.  1 hev tried to Ugger out how an al*  dennnn on a salary of $230 n y'ar klu  save $5,000 In twelve months, while 1  aim $520 a y'nr and don't come out  oven, but it's beyond me. Dar seems to  be some things nntur' didn't Intend fur  us to Und out.  1 left my church bokase none of de  rest of de congregation believed as I  did 'bout Dan'l iu de lions' den, and I  j'ined up wid another to diskivor dnt I  didn't agree wid none of de rest of 'em  'bout Moses ln de bulrushes.  I long ago diskivored dat de man who  thinks as I do am a good foller an'  ought to be mo' fully appreciated by de  world ut large, while de man who differs wid nie am a crunk uu' de world  would be better rid of him.  1 used to bo guided n good deal by  dreams, but as time went on I found  dat gittln' to work at seben o'clock In  de mawnin' brought in uio' tutors an'  bacon dun dretimin' all night 'bout  whito cats bein' chased around by  black dawgs. I hold dut one peck of  turnips will go furder dan two nightmares, v M. QUAD.  N THE"'��    '  GHOST'S PATH  By Lester Grey  Copyright, 1!XB, by the  S. S. lleCluro Company  3  it  I  i.  X 3t  r.^b"��^^4V��'f��^iV<tiV;Mlt^<)c��i3ViM  Mary Manners was at warwith herself and with all the world. Will  .Voight found that this was not n case  where "present company Is excepted."  "No," she said and shook her head so  decidedly Hint certain rebellious curls  bobbed iu her eyes. "No, I don't want  to go lo the theater. I wnnt to be  alone and to think. Who could think  In ii hot. stuffy theater? Wc will go  to the park."  lie ventured to hint that even his  presence might be n bar to the How  of thought.  "I could not go nlono, stupid! It  would not be proper."  "Or interesting."  She Unshod blm a look, and he sub  sided.  Tbe park looked cold and rnthei  gloomy, but her sigh of satisfaction  He  PrononneeiS   It  Dutter.  Senator Depow .contributes n' butter  story to the guyoty of nations.  ������A friend of mine wont into a''high  class restaurant," he says, "and ills  covered oleomargarine upon the table.  'Come here,' he said to the waiter.  ���Iiow do you pronounce p-l-e-o-m-u-r-g-a-  r-i-n-c?'' And : the Intelligent''servitor  of the magnificent palace of pleasure  at once responded,,'I pronounce it butter, sir, or else I lose my job.' "���Wash-  ington Post.  ��� y^M  ^IW/'*"^.**''*  ���^WXXlrf  ^(M/^'v.; y.  (w X?$*&.  After the Clreim.  "Did you see the trained animal exhibition V"  "l did." answered Miss Cayenne.  "Did you enjoy it?"  "No. Such things always give me a  certain Impression of sadness. Whon 1  see what can bo done in educating  dumb brutes, I cannot understand why  ���.more human beings cannot be moved  to a display of intelligence."���Washington Star.  'OU,  IT'S GOINO   IKTO TllK  it!   save   it!  WATEltl:  SAVK  . we: i  something to you, and you cannot go  until.Phnve spoken."  The girl had snatched,'uwuy her arm  and'faced him proudly ub shodrawlcd  wllh slow Insolence:  "Did you not receive payment In full  I'or your work?"  A look of such poignant suffering  crossed his mobile face thut n Bush of  shiuue rose to her own cheeks.  His voice was full of reproach as he  replied:  "is it kind to taunt me with the fact  --thutJ_liud_to_seU_jny_genius_for shillings ami  pence?    Vou  werc"5ot���bo"  whon you were my model.   Vou were  . not only pleased with my work us un  nrtist, but I fondly hoped thai I had  found favor in your eyes as it man."  Perhaps her heart 'responded to bis  words, but only pride of race showed  In her voice us she answered hotly,  "Sir, have you lost your senses?" and  walked away like nn Injured queen.  1-3ti 1 f an hour Inter the wrutliy Sir  William hunted up the sculptor und  said:  "Should yon speak lo my daughter  ngain while this voyage lasts I will up  poul lo lhe'cnptnln to him* you locked  up In your stateroom."  "Sir Wllllnm.",..replied Slgnor Athsino  respectfully, hut Imploringly, "do not  drive ine to desperation."  Hut Sir William refused to Union.  For tin* next few dnys Lndy Margaret  often fell his snd, Imploring eyes fixed  upon.her. but he did not again venture  to npprori'h her.  The fifth evening a note was delivered nl her door. Almost Immediately  following Signer Albnno made his appearance In the smoking room. Ho carried a revolver In his band. .iQIs* face  wns pale and his eyes blazing.  " "Gentlemen," he snld to the dozen  loungers in the room.."l. must trouble  yoii to go out. In the next hair hour 1  mav receive a note.   If 1 do, nil will be  about Tarantn, that the .'magnetic property was first noticed In irou ore dug  In the neighborhood of Magnesia, that  parchment was flrst made at Perga-  mus, cambric at Cambrny, muslin at  Mousseline, calico at.Calicut, gauze at  Gaza, dimity at Damietta, that milliners tlrst plied tbeir trade in Milan and  that mautuasw-ere invented Iq the Italian city of the same name.  Japanese Theater*.  The theaters of .lapuu are generally  wood and Inexpensive buildings. Their  interior- arrangements-are-somewhat  similar to ours, but not nearly so elaborately finished. There are no seats  provided for the auditors; consequently they sit on the floor. The stages revolve like a locomotive'turntnble, bave  no drop curtains, but use sliding ones  Instead. Their musical Instruments  consist principally of n kind of cross  between a mandolin nnd a banjo, with  a metal drum nnd some other unpronounceable Instruments for accompaniment. The music hns a kind of humdrum nlr und but very little variation.  Their entertainments are of long duration and are generally during the duy.  The plnys nre nlmost invariably tragedy.   The admission fee is small.  Seventeenth Century Nniiklne,  About 1 (tr.O Pierre David pnhllshi'd  the "Maisire d'llostel," "which teaehes  how to wait on a table properly and  how to fold all kinds of table nnpkius  lu all kinds of sbnpes."  Tho shapes were: "Square, twisted,  folded In bunds nnd In the forms of a  double and twisted shell, single shell,  double melon, single melon, cock, hen  and chickens, two chickens, pigeon in  u basket, partridge,* phsusnnt, two capons In. a pie. bare, two rabbits, sucking pig, dog with a collar., pike, eurp,  tnrbot, miter, turkey, tortoise, the holy  cross and the Lorraine cross."  Fnpn.  "When my father was your  nge." she complained, "he  ivasdruwiug  nearly twice as  large a salary  ns you get."  ������Well." he answered, "you  must remember  Hint Iu those  days your fa-  , her wasn't  working forthe  ���iilmry old curmudgeon who  Is employing  inc. That was  before he had  gone Into business for himself."-Chicago  Record-Herald.  Excunnlile.  Hobo (to lady who  gave him pie' - Vou  will pardon inc. uium.  for returning thi* plate  in this damaged condition, but in eating  the pie I accidentally  hit n piece out of the  plate. ���New Vorfe  Journal.  Not Quite Mobile.  "1 came lu to see you nbout my automobile."   "Isn't It all right?"  "Oh7~yesrburl"thought-rd-liko-io  nsk you nbout how many weeks after  1 hnd begun to mnke repairs ou it ll  would begin to move."���Detroit Fret*  Press.  at  Pervcrelty of the Sex.  "Do  you   have  your own   way  home?"  "Yes."  "How do you manage It?"  "Uy making iny wife think I'don't  want what I'do want."��� Chicago Post.  Mnry ami the Mem Triiat.  Mnry hod n little luinli.  With mint siuice on lhe plil<>;  When Mnry saw Un* mcnl irjnl'B bill,  lt shocked ln*r so flu* crlcil  Mury hnd u little venl-  A cutlet, nicely hrolh* I  Her pupa, lo pny for Hint veal.  All iiionilun hon:Iy tolled,  Mary had a Utile siruU-  A porterhouse, qulu* Ki'inll-  And when llie bill ciii:** tu t->i.; clghid.  "No dress for me iiom lud "  Mary had a little roast-  As Juicy as conld bo���  And Mnry'n papti simply went  Right into bankruptcy  Mary Isn't 'eating'mvnt;  She has a heller.plan:  She'vowM It's luilyllkivlo he  A vegetarian.  * ���Ilaltimuiv Air.fiieau.  was quite ecstatic us she cried,,"Oh. I  do love the park!"  ��� "So do I in summer."  "But now. when the breath of spring  is ln the air,"  "More winter than spring : in this  air,'" he retorted grimly. "There is n  lot of Ice still in these sheltered walks,  so $o let me help you."  But she refused his proffered hand  uud stepped daintily along. She even  hummed7 a /fragment of a guy dance  tune. Evidently her spirits/were rising in proportion as his fell. Overhead  the bare branches creaked and sighed  Underfoot the walk looked treacherous  enough iu the fitful glimmer of the  gas lumps.  Now came a bit of Incline., She started down recklessly, with a challenging  look at her silent escort. "Let's see  Who gets to the bottom first."  /���: But on the instant her foot caught on  a, bit of gravel. She swayed and would  have fallen if bis ready hand bud uoi  steadied her. The effort, however, destroyed his own 'equilibrium. Down,  'down rolled the dignitied Mr. Voight to  the bottom of the slide. His7high silk  hut rolled evou faster ln an .exploring  expedition towurd the little brook that  runnlongslde.the .path. ',  The girl clasped her hands tragically.  "Oh, It is going Into the water! Save  It! Save it!" Then she burBt out laughing.  Mr. Voight raised himself stiffly and  weut in chase of the bat.  When he brought It back, she wns  still laughing.  "1 um glad that I afforded you so  much amusement." His tone wus very  freezing. "And 1 am hnppy to tell you  that the hut has escaped Injury. Vour  anxiety about It. was quite remarkable.  As for my Injuries-oh.' that Is a mutter of no consequence to you evidently."  _H_cr_hiughter had died nway, and she  bent toward hlnuTcoinfiteTy: "Forgive  my laughing! if you could only have  seen how funny you looked!" Another  paroxysm was threatened, but she'  steadied her voice as she caught sight  of IiIb face. "But you are not hurt,  are you? .lust lei me brush you off,  and you will be ull righi. Will."  "Will" refused lo In* placnled. He  hud been laughed ai. uud ridicule  pierces to the Innermost coro of u  man's being,  "Don't pretend an Interest you have  Just shown conclusively you do not  feel. 1 nm quite rendy to resume our  wnlk-hoiuewurd," And he turned uml  begun to ascend the Incline.  The girl was glnd Unit the friendly  dnrkness hid her Involuntary expres  slot) of pained surprise. Wllllnm the  meek, Wllllnm the long suffering, hud  rebelled. She had tensed him nml  played with him. This, then, wus the  lust straw.  Then a wnve of indignation tlnndci}  ovcr her. How rude he was., how un  kind! She stood still und gnzed at the  tall llgure hurrying up the slope. How  could he treat her so? She would go  home alone. But the purl; wns very  dark and sllent.r* A cold tremor seized  her.   She wus afraid.  With niost undignified haste she hurried after and caught up wilii him,  panting. A glance at him brought back  her courage. His bearing wus anything but victorious.  Her tone matched his own ns she  snld: "1 eauhot go home alone. We  need not have miy further conversation, however, nnd I won't troublo you  again."  Voight winced visibly at hor words  There were signs of yielding as he ro-j  plied. "You know that 1 nm always  glad to do things for you."  Miss Manners laughed bitterly. "And  yot you were going to 'leave me alone  just uow. It wasn't a kind, wasn't a  gentlemanly, thing to do."  His anger tlnmcd up again. "1 could  not endure your mockery. It simply  showed Hint I liud been mistaken nil  along; tlmt you did not care for mo;  hud been only phiyiug with me."  Her voice wns low nnd vibrant as  she retorted: "Thut Is why I wns restless tonight, why 1 hnve been restless  for many dnys. I wus trying to muko  up my mind whether I ronlly loved  you. Von havo.helped me to solve the  question. I can give you the nnswer  now.   It Is 'No.' "  He was too stunned to .speak, nnd bo  they hurried on ln silence. An angry  spot of color burned in the girl's checks,  but tbe darkness hid this as well as  the glint of tears in her eyes and the  pallor of the man's fnce.  Suddenly he caught her to him nl-  must rudely. She struggled, but he  lifted her bodily and then set her  down, trembling. Even'as her cry of  Indignation rung out there was a blaze  of white light, a whir of wheels, and  the automobile was out of sight  Volgbt's voice trembled as he whispered, "That Is the White Ghost, but  It might huvo been the White, Death  for both of us."  He held her In bis arms, though she  struggled. She was yet too ..indignant  and too startled to realize her narrow  escape.  After u moment: "What wus It to  you if 1 had been killed? What right  have you to interfere?"  There was a traitorous tremble lu  her voice that gave blm courage.  "The right of cloving you. Had the  last ten minutes made life seem so  worthless for you too?"  He tried to see her face, but sbe bnd  hidden it on bis shoulder. < He bent his  head till.his lips almost touched her  hair. "Can't you Iind it In your heart  to change your n nswer?"  Her face was still hidden, and only a  lover's car could have caught the faint  reply.  Orleln  of Old  Glory.  In the reminiscences of I.ord Ronald  Gower Is found a story of tbe origin of  the stars and stripes.  The "star spangled banner" of; the  American republic has Its origin from  nu old brass on the floor of Brington  church, y\n ' Northamptonshire.- /The  brass covers the tomb .of-'one Kobert  '���Washington and is dated 1022.'/On It  appears the Washington7;eout of arms,  consisting of three stars, with burs or  stripes beneath them. Ou the first day  of the now yeur. 1770. tho thirteen  united colonies raised a standard ut  Washington's headquarters.  Tills introduced tho stripes of fbe  present, but retained tho crosses of St.  George and St; Andrew, on a blue  ground in the corner. In 1777 the crosses were replaced by stars, ns the Declaration of Independence'rendcred the  retention of the English element unnecessary and Inconvenient. In thus adopting the arms of his ancestors ns his  own distinctive badge Washington no  doubt Intended the flag merely as a  private signal for his own personal following, but it was nt once adopted ns  a national emblem. Probably there is  not another case in the;world's history  In which tlie private arms of an obscure family have attained;such worldwide eminence and repute.  COMPLETELY LAID DP  A CONTRACTOR   CONFINED    TO  HIS BED WITH KIDNEY TROUBLE.  He Is Butter Now und .Writes an Inturost-  ��� lag  Letter  Tolling   of Ills   H��covi>ry  and How lt Cutne About,  Toronto, Ont., Sept. 22nd.���(Special).���There uro low men in the west  cud of this city who are more widely  and more favorably known than Mr.  W. J. Keauc,'/86 iiippincott street,  who far yours has conducted a business as builder and contractor.  Homo live years ago Mr. Iveano wus  n vory sick man. He had' Kidney  Troublo, which doveloped until ho  was absolutely unable to leave his  bed.  Mr. Kcano found a cure where so  many sjck nnd suffering ones' huve  found it, in Dodd's Kidney I'ills, und  bus given for publication the following  written  statement:���  "I doom it a great pleasure to givo  my oxperionco of Dodd's Kidney Pills  nnd the good thoy have dono mo. I  wns a grout-'sufferer^with pains in  my back, and used to be often so laid  up ns to he unable to. do ..my work.  "A friend advised Dodd's Kidnoy  Pills,' but ns I hnd used so many  other ..medicines without any .good  results,'; I had llttlo faith in anything. However, I got some; of tho  pills and ; commenced thc rjtreutment.  1 had only used part of the first box  whon I wus able to rcsumo my work.  "1 used altogether seven boxes, and  I can say that I was completely cured, and as this Was over four years  ago, and the trouble has not returned in any form, I feel safe in saying  that my cure was porfect and permanent.  "I believe Dodd's Kidney Pills saved me from death. Thoy are certainly worth ,thcir weight In gold to a  'sick man." (  What has done so much   for   Mr.  Keane and many others is certainly'  worth a trial by thoso who may bo,  suffering from Kidney Disease or any  of its consequences.  Cnpttnl I,ettern.  Tiio systematic use or capital letters  In writing and.printing'.was .not common until about tlie year 1430.  . Venetian Mlrrorn.  Tho.Venotiuii mirrors of the sixteenth  century nre the most celebrated ones.  These were of the finest glass, with  settings of silver nnd gold richly  chased und set with jewels.  llnrned  Crenm  Snuce^  You can mako burned cream situce ln  this way: Put quarter cup granulated  sugar In saucepan nud stir over the  fire until n dnrk brown color. Pour in  slowly cup thin sweet crenm and continue to stir until sauce is bot. Serve  with custard or batter puddiug.  Ther* ar��er was,' snd never wilt lie, a  universal pan��ooa, iu ono ronody, for ait  ills, to which flesh io heir���tho vory ��a-  ture ot many, curatives being nut* tfcat  woro the RermB of other and differently  seated disoases;'rooted In/the system, ot  tho patient���what would :.:rollovo.one. ill  in: turn .would, ogftravato; the othor. V-We  havo, however/', in -Quinino '���Wins,'.', .whets  obtainable in sound, unadulterated state,  a remedy for many and erlovous ills. By  Ub gradual and Judicious use tli�� frailest ATMi'itif, nn1 ltd Into convale*em*e  and strength by tlio iitfluouce which Quinine oxerts on nature's own roAtoratlvoa.  it relieve* the drooping spirits of .-'thane  with :'whom a chronic ��� stato/or morbid  despondency, and lack of ��� lntorost In; life  Is a disease, and, by tranqullizing tlio  nerves,- disposes: to' sound and refreshing  sleep���imparts vlcor to the action ot tbo  blood, which, beinc stimulated, courses  through tho veins, strengthening the  healthy: animal functions of tho system,  thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening the trame, and giving  life to the dlgsstivo orcane, which naturally demand increased su'jstanc�����result,  improved auuetitOj Northrop & Lvraan,  ot Toronto, have given to the public  their superior Quinino Wine at the usual  rate, and, guaesd by tho opinion' of  scientists, this wine. apDrouchwi nearest  perfection of any in the market. All  druggists soil lt.  Intelligent  Koblns.  The following Incident seems too remarkable to be true, uud yet it Is vouched for by a writer whose word should  not be doubted: Two robins were trying to teach their little one to Hy. It  attempted.to cover too great a distance  and foil to the ground. My little boy  caught It, and I told him to put It on  the roof of our side porch.  Then ho and 1 watched to see what  the old birds: would do. They fluttered  about the; yard for awhile and then  flow off. We waited for them to return, but they did not./und I bad just  made up my mind that they hud deserted the young one whon 1 saw tbem  coming, accompanied by a third one.  They flew directly to the roof of tho  porch, and I saw tlint one of them bad  u piece of twine In its bill.  And what do you suppose, they did  nest?���If--l-hadinot_seenJt,_l_ne_ver^  would have believed It. Two of them  cnugut hold of the twine, one at ench  end. and the little one cnught tb��nuld-  dle of It In his bill. Then the.v flew off  the porch, the third robin Hying under  the little one and 'supporting it on his  buck,���Minneapolis JournnI.  They   Were Olncrpct.  Ib the course of nn Interview Cardinal Manning, a short time before Ills  death, referred to his boyhood duys'us  follows: "Well, if you want me to talk  nonsense I will say that It Is a long  way buck to remember, for lnm eighty-  three, hut I spent my childhood nt Tot-  terldge. A boy nt Coombe Hank, Christopher Wndsworrh, late bishop of Lincoln, and Charles Wadsworth, bishop  of St. Andrews.' were my playfellows.  I frankly admit Iwas very mischievous.  "The two Wadsworths nnd I conceived the wicked Intention of robbing  thc vinery. The door was always kept  locked, and there was nothing for It but  to enter through the roof. There was ri  dinner pnrty that day, but there were  no grapes. ThlB Is probably tbe only  case on record where three future bishops were guilty of larceny. Were we  punished? No, we,were discreet We  gave oursclvea up and were forgiven."  Misinformed.  ' Smith (angrilyiTl understand you  said' my face was enough to stop an  automobile?   ���  Jones���I   certainly  never said any-, (g  thing of thc kind.  ���  Smith���Then I must have been misinformed?  .loncs-That's what you have. .Instead of stopping nt sight of your tnus,  nny reputable automobile would Increase its speed.   Ho  family  living in  a bilious coaniry  should  be without Parmeleo's Vegetable.  Pills    A fow doses taken now and then   ,  will keep  thejiveraetive.^^eanse^tho  have tried' .* uma v. *...  _  Ind them the best medicine for Fever and  Ague I have ever used."  The i..idilii(t Moth. ��j  ���Tbe.codllng_nnub,_the chief ravager  of the apple nml pear crops, destroys  everv year iu this country fruit vuluod  ut from SfKMHXMiuU to S40.IKHI.000  Sliced  Lcnione.  In all .preparations culling for sliced  lemons it Is���"Important to remove ull  the seeds. Only u few ullowed to remain will iniiko the sirup bitter ut'tcr  boiling. The best strainer Is a bug of  ehei'M'clolh.  Mlt- Mud.  The Nile mud. which renders Egypt  a bublutble country. Is said lo bear u  striking resemblance to that which  every seusoii Is Uoughi down by tlio  Missouri. ,  One Men I n Hay.  Tbe majority of tlie natives of India  out ouly one mcnl u day.  II  The NCcmii  Kniflnc.  The original  lilcu of the steam en-  glue Is commonly said to hnve been  suggested by the marquis of; Worcester in his "Century of Inventions," A.'  D. 1003.  Children In India.  The cost of mnlutaiuing a child ln  li'.-la Is onlv C cents a day.   ,  ,  \  islife (A FRUIT EVAPORATOR.  K. L. Kvnmr.v, Mioliliruti, In  Omns:�� .Iiiild  runner, f*ivt*t. JTttllA ��f Une Tluu  Hill  ���tsillil ill* T��f��t.  Tho illustrations show ofl*" .nt ion  nml general plan for a fruit farm  evaporator tlml will stund.the test.  It will remain on the farm us u permanent 11.Mure and monoy maker if  rightly constructed ; und intelligently  bundled. 'The drier represents but  one section of u large commercial  .imichini*. We huvo handled over .17  of these, all in kone row and ull fed  frnm ouo source of hcut and that  drhen its entire length by hot nir  blasts.' Jn this '/section we .".-how-a  brick wall nicely luid up, anil the lire  KXTICHIOR OFKItUIT   KV.\I*0KATOIi.  door is simply tho end of a common  old box stove; in size, ahout 3 feet  long, 2 foet high and 10 or 18 inches  broad. Tho logs should bo removed  nnd thc stovo placed Hat on the  ground. The pipe should rim straight  back and come out at rear''of wall,  low enough down of course to prevent dungcr of fire to the wooden  parts. It should then extend fur  enough up to give good draft.  The large cut shows the drier ns it  sliould look when ready for business.  Tho. wnll is 6 foot, square and 2_ feet  in height- The upper stiuctui-c! is  also GxO, with posts 4 feet high. Tbe  door should bo double,.that is two  doors instead of ono, und .should be  made so that crowding will be necessary in closing. They should be built  so that when opened a clear entrance  of 4x4" feet is exposed.  A car  lilled with trays is shown .n  wmaller cut. This car is n I nriect  cube, dimensions 3 foot and ii indies  nil round. It is opon ut tho '.ottoin,  top'and sides, thus allowing free circulation of heat. This car is not absolutely necessary, but is \ ery ci n-  vonient. If the car is used, an iion  frame running from'tho front door of  drier to rout* of sumo will have to be  supplied to servo' as truck for car.  The trays as seen in thc car uro interchangeable, nnd necessarily so, as  fruit will often dry faster at,tho bottom of car than ut the top,so that  it wiil be seen thai u change'of position cun be easily innde, thus semiring a uniform lot-of fruit.  AVe favor thc segment, or rounded  roof on account of lightness. The  economy in running the drier i.s in  being able to confine the heat ; thus  the entire chamber must he air-tight.  In -place of the car* one can construct frames inside thc drier to hold  the trays and get just as good results. Somo will wonder how this  The   F/Xchnnge     Telegraph Compuny  "car is to be handled when out^ofthc  drier. Wc purposely loft off the platform that should be built just oyer  the fire box door, to better show the  building. It will be noticed in Tig  1 that1 a ventilator is marked.  Sometimes odors from scorched fruits  will gather in the chamber and if  confined for a time' the entire butch  will he damaged thereby. The trays  urc  made by    either    mortising    or  cai: stuiwtxo >;urn'_,TiuYS i.v rosmox.  halving the corners, dire should be  taken in this work' as a sticking tray  i.s u poor thing when ono i.s in a  hurry..���Cover these frames with wiic  gauze or tru'y netting. Wire i.s best.  Common-2x*I stuff is sufr.cieni for  the frame of drier, but the covering  should be of the best dry timber tbnt  cun bo found. Jt sliould be nicely  mulched, and \vhen__ put_on .should  ~lie*I>niiTlo"d-_at���~once. Now, we Miy  well know -that all farmers Tire'not  mechanics, und we ulso know how  often they get hung up on some seemingly simple job. 1 um u rurpcnicr  by trade ami um a little cautious  about, naming the cost of. tilings ;  but this little drier is mount fur  bin-lues* nnd, of course, ull pt��i,t!  J. businoi-s rosts money. So I can  only say thnt it will depend enliiely  on who coiistiucts the diier, in'id in  wlint; locution the innloriuls nre  boughl. I believe, however, tl.nt it  cun he built for nbout S70.���K. L.  Keu.-ily, c:ln  Orange .Iiiild   Farmer.  JllNI  ii   llnl'.n.  A  farm  lmnd  wus looking ovei''. a'  'horse which   u  neighbor had broiig'H  in,* uml in commenting on him said :  " Whut- kind .of a'.'.horse i.s lie'.'    He  isn't big enough  for u  tliuft    hoise.  he husn't stylo enough   for n driier,  , uud he i.s too light to pull much i;f u  ' loud.   He's nothing but u hoi.s.*, aud  i .ho isn't worth very ninth of n   price  /either."   Tbnt man  wns not  n  homo  breeder, but lie sized things up much  '/ better thnn many a mun who prcijnds  to    breed   horses does."       The horse  was  inst as he    snid,  nnd  he     wus  bought   for   a   S50   bill   l_cam.se   he  wns" just u horse."*  There i.s n field of usefulness for all  horses, but Ihe man who raises* ."just  tt horse " does not make any ��� money  { out pf him. 'I he mnn who buys him  nt S..0 may be getting a bargain, ns  he did in this case, but we ure not  breeding to mako the buyer money  but to'make It for ourselves. The  only wny is to breed some kind of a  horso. " Just a horse " woil't do in  the twentieth century.���JournnI of  Agriculture. .   >,  Cr.03y-BREC�� AS MlLKIRS.  Clal'iiff >llule bv ii   Writer in   Fni*iil*-r untl  "I..*'. - .i-f.. ft* *>.'  London. l-.i'U.  A writer in' the Farmer nnd Stockbreeder; .of J.ojiih/ii, Eiiglun.!, writing  on the nbove subject, snys : ������"���.'Tis  strunge, but u fuel, thut the most  copious milkers are found among  crossis. uml, singularly enough, a  strain between u middling 'milking  breed, ami a good one may givo vory  pro .nude iiuimuls. The mosl,/\ulu-  abloull-ioiind milking cows 1 huve  over "bred huve been produced by  muting .IciM'v bulls with .Shorthorn  cows. This excellently cross is not  nearly suflioienily known. There appears to In.* more mingling of the  blood in the .South Midlands uud in  Cornwall, though, than ���.anywhere  else. Along tlio southern counties  niost dairy folks appear to use one  or two puro Channel Island cows in  the herds to improve the whole tale  of milk, or else give the main herd  just n light strain of tho blood. Hut  I huvo 'proved over and over 'again  thut in crossing for milk it is the  .belter plan to mukc a clean cro&t-',  as then you know what you uie doing ; otherwise, you do not. And  it: is only where such absolute'.crosses ure mnde that I will guarantee  huppy results.  "Un a typical .iersey-Hlioriborii  dairy cow you got the following slcr-  ling qualities: She is sure to no un  caily lucedcr, n deep milker, and  pietty ture to give milk of more than  n\orage quality, although not, perhaps, i-o good us the purebred untie of lhe .sunny isles. She wil! I.",  as a i ule, Iiml thy, hearty, nml tolerably 1111111/ lo stand our severe  winters. Further, she will he docile  and free Irom that troublesome habit  of kicking. .which; reaches a vice in  sohio '��� breeds,- and �� hlch'.. cnuscs tho  milkman to lose hi.s temper undubu-e  hi.s tharges. Sucli distui buncos never ought to occur tinimi;; dairy cows,  tth.re gentleness and kindncs is not  only so grently appreciated, bin woll  lomiid. 'I hon the cross-bred under  discussion holds up her How.of milk  for a prolonged period, filling the  rail most of the time, for she milks  deeper than .any purc-.'jred. un I yet  .she 5*oon picks up condition when  dried olf. even in tho fow weeks' rest  she gets nnd so well deserves. Her  milk :s good for either cheese or butter making. She is notoriously a  freo ���breeder,���'ris./well as an early one,  ns I have "-aid. .seldom going barren  so as (o kite time, 'his counts _<>>��� ti  gocvl deal. Lastly .she makes u .substantial .sum wh"n ber days of milk-  in.; h.ivc terminated, for she soils  readily to the neighboring grnzier. or  she may, Ic fattened up for lb_*  butcher by the dairyman to' miwc a  good carcass, and is not long about  il. SIi-j has, however, two draw-  hacks. She i.s not. quite the sort to  bleed progtnv for rem ing for Ijeef-  nitikjng, although she may throw*  some'good dairy stock; arid sho is  just n litlle moie subject -to mill  fever than route sorts-of cows, but  this is, thc case with nearly ull free  milkers,"  Itornl Duke 75500,  Shorthorn .'.bull;': Ilbyal'Duke;7.r>,50{>.  Fiist uml champion, Koyal Show.  Carlisle. Thc property of His 'Majesty the King, lioyul Farms, Windsor.  urotiiithiir ilm MurK.  The real benefits to be derived from  careful grooming of hoises are , apt  to be lost sight of these days, whon  labor i.s so scarce on the average  furm. As a rule, tho principal object  aimed nt is to remove tho dirt und  give the animal u passable appearance as he goes out from the  stable on*his daily round of labor.  This, however, should be a mere  secondary consideration : regular  grooming has mnny other nnd more  important advantages. It stimulates  tbo secietivc organs of the skin, tones  up its muscular structures, and removes much : of the soreness .caused,  by-.sevcre-exorcist" 1'roper grooming  is u process thut reqitiics practice,  and, sometimes: even patience,/ but'  tho neglect to perform this duty,. to  our noble fi lends menus tin* encouragement .of skin discuses, both  parasitic nud eruptive. Whole hoises  ur.e worki-ig steadily, the prin ipnl  grooming should he done in the evening, becntisi' ut that time the work  is needed most, will he most of-orLive  nnd the horso will, afterwiirils rest  better.���Fnfillers'   Advocate.  CONSIDER THE CALVES.  Kwp the.  Yikiit est**!*'  Time    I'rumlse   to  Crow Into O Mid. AiilMiul..  From the market reports one might  conclude thut there has been; an  enormous wave of calves sweeping  over the country. The'markets, . especially those of the west, have been  overstocked, so that even iu the fuce  of record breaking beef prices tho  prlcos of calves ure lower thun a your  ago. Jt iu UillVmlt to believe thut  thero is un overproduction of calves,  and the rushing of them to market  at what appears to bo a sacrillce  prico cannot be anything but business  shortsightedness. The beef supply  of the country must bo short, else  ���such high prices would not rule. It  Is a plain proposition that thc mule  calf is fattier, to .tho steer, and if the  calves are sacrificed there is no possibility of cheaper beef for���sovornl  years. We'farmers, breeders and feeders, do not want cheuper beef, for  .woseo no more profit in theinuking  of tho beef than;the maker of it deserves. As for the customers iu tho  cities and towns, they will have to  make the best of'it,' for tho nation  tliat spends nearly $400,000,000 yearly for beverage liquors can cut  down the drink bill to keep up with  tho, bu tchpr. llu tit would appear to  bo good business for the raisers of  calves to kcop on the farms' such  'calves as have promise of growing  into good beef animals. The present  .scarcity of feeds will not nlwnys'  continue, and when the new. crops are'  available for feeding those who aro  desirous of making homo consumption of home productions arc likely  to find a shortage of,mouths to do  the eating.���XV. F. McSparran in  National Stockman.  Ilim* in lure iliilri-r.'.'iillin*-.  Almost, every one who has had  much to do with horses has had one  or more animals who would pull nt  tho halter. Sometimes tbey are so  bad that no ordinary h.ilter will  hold thorn. If you can find a��� halter  strong enough, it is a pretty good  remedy to hitch a young horse who  bus this; fault to: a strong post and  lot him hnng himsolf up till he gets  tired of it.  Ono _ horseman ' recommends for a  halter pulling horso tbnt a long  halter strap be buckled or tied  around the horse's fore leg just  above   the   knee,     pass     the    strap,  fjg^mpi  \i   >  W$f^%��2i{i��k  11  ~  CUIiE '1'OK'Tl.tLTKII I'liU.IXO.  through one ring of the bridle and  tie the other end to a hitching post.  Another method, and the one wo have*  had illustrated, is to make a crupper out of a strong piece of rope and  pass the other end through tho ting  of the bridle or through the hulter  and then tie. A few good .strong  pulls on the part of the horso usually discourages it in hnllcr pulling.  We recommend this method, says  Farm, Field and Fireside.    ,  Iri,|iii'i*il l���� -iiniyii*.*.  We bnve received quite n niini''e'iil  fruit loaves thi.s senson whit It are  badly p.w'tui'od und apparently diseased. Must of them are from trees  that were well spruyrd. Tho lesults  were enough lo discourage un i pu.v/le  any man who hns been (might lo believe thul .spraying will pic*cii( disease. In somi*: of Hjeso cases we feci  quite .sure thut- .spraying caused the  injury. Impure samples of copper  have been used, nnd this-wet seli.son  hus made'the leaves-vory liabln.'.to.he  injured by the spray. II Is discouraging to kill with what wu expected would ci.ro. yet the puro  medicine" is -still reliable��� Itural Now  Y.orker.  1      l'iiiiltr.v'l'iirtiirri��ii'"��.  If laving hens uie confined they  should huve meal or milk.  Allow us much exercise as possible  to oil classes of poultry.  Unless n. fowl i.s very valiiuhle lt  does not puy to doctor it.  Sorghum and broom-corn seeds are  excellent as a variety feed.  Give   your   house;plenty  of ,'fro.-h  air evory 'day, winter ,nnd summer. .  ���Milk may be profitably* fed in any  form���sweet, sour or buttermilki ' ���  <,  'h.* Kull-lltiil��.ii ��� ifiiwbi-ri'.v Itoi*.-.  Probably three-i'ouilhs of all .struw-  beri ies ure grown in this wuy, but  progressive fruit, growers are lust  finding out thut it is a mistake. It  is only jiistiliuble when the lund is  too poor to grow them in other ways.  .Muko rows lour feet apart, and set  plants 18 lo 24 inches in the low. Let  the culti utor go in the same direction eveiy time, so us to throw the  runners around without tungiing  I hem, nnd ns thoy root, narrow up  tho cultivator.  Tho objections to the full-matted  low are thut when the row is full, a  -strip of ground some twenty indies  wide i.s left around the plants which  ennnot   be   cultivated. The crust  forms over ihis, excluding the ,iir  from the roots uud soil, and the  water druws up to the surface so iho  roots nre dried out and injured. If  the top of the ground is dry, tho  runners will not; send ' down their  shoots, but continue to live on the  mother plant, foi tiling several pi.nils  on the same runner, which blow  around iii the wind and do iiot take  root until the full rains come, and  thonJLlui.vJiiive_no_Tjttie_lc>_niit��>i;_iiiiiL  "perfect the fruit biitls*aiid roots, mill  so tlie nexI season cannot b'ing their  berries lo full -size anil .maturity.  If the ground i.s rich the H*.nls viM  mat so thickly tbut sunlighl is excluded from the lower t'oliugc ii"d the  crowns! h'l'uit buds v.-|:i;*!i will not  form in dense shade, will be lucking.  Many of.the berries nre loo .small.to  [dek und rot on the \iues uud sup the  vitality of.-tho'plum, thus preventing the better beirlcs from glowing  to full si/i*.���IS. 31. KVMogg.  in'iii-'iiii'ii Vni r it'iii'f cum  At the Illinois .experiment Sluiion  it record of the food consumed utul  the milk uud buttcr-ful proibucd by  two iirdiiiiiry-looMng dairy cows h.is  been kepi for. the past, yeur, They  were fell the xniue ration und treated ulike in every respect. One consumed (!,*17S lbs. digestible dry mutter mid produced. 11 ..'iij'.l lb>*. mil'v  nnd f>il.ri Ih.i. butler; Ibe other con-  ���ufnii'd'tl.'IK!' lbs. dry iiuiMc* nnd pro-  d iced 7,")'.�� lbs. milk mid 211!) lb*-,  butter, (hi the same feed basis, .the  difference in the value'of lhe bul'cr  produced was SIT.O!'. This shoeltl be  a strong suggestion Io every dairyman .to look cnrefully into,'his herd  und induce him lo weed out the  " puiipcts " ut the eurlitsl opportunity.  : Troll.'* In  l--tt��*dlii*.'iClruln.  Two profits nre derived from the  grain by fots-l'nj,* it on tho form���the  feeding vuluc* :.nd the'mmiuriul mi1-  uo. When the grain is sold, the irn-  niirlal vuluc is completely lost uii.-l  tho farm begins to, run down in ler-  tility. Ihere is nnother profit connected with feeding, which is n saving, of labor, horseflesh and equipment. . v '.  THE APPLE C-OP.  r��<llllliC r.iiil   Ka'lill UK -V|ii>Ik ' .iii-i.i.nil  l��.v lll<- A|t)il4?    li!|iii.-rti* Cfifiii'ii.  IJ'ili HI  Uochi'Ml^r.  N, V.  0.  It.  Tierce, Michigan, at ihe   li.-  ternntionnl      Convention     of     Ap; le  Shippers at liochostcr. N.Y.,' the eth  or wcok. said in the course of nn nd  dress on 'Tucking und liiiiid'ing Ai-  p!cs":  "I believe iho buyers are to blame  to a large extent for having so many  poor apples on the market, by icing  loo greedy, to purchii.se nil apples  that grow. After we have bought u  lot. of io.union and poor stock we  plan to gather all wecun from lhe  orchard.'and luck what is calle.I ie-  (h;uU piicliing, that means, fnce ih*  end wilh No. ��� 1, stock and Thn Jill  the l.'iiliiuco with poor (ruck. If I  could huve my wuy, I would n;*vcr  allow n No. 2 apple to be packed, for  if ever n buyer has trouble it is  from poor stock nnd small .barrels.  It costs tho same to transfer a small  barrel ns it would one that is full  size, and tho satito*apples to storage  ���ivhen, we want to hold through tho  winter.  "I feel a littic proud of a i-miiil  ibronxo medal I received from Iho Pnris oxposilion as a rewind for i.ndci-  stnnding how* to puck apples and  h.ivc thein come out good. My way  of pac'vinir is to fiist hay good stock.  I go inio the orihurd after the apples aro picked, pack us soon as possible, and get I hem under cover. Jn  packint; apjdos or pears 1 always  commence by taking out tho best  head of the barrel, turn it anil clean  the cooper's chips from it.' 'I hen I  do what mnny of the 'dealers do  not like, that is, place a ne.tt paper  in the bottom head with my name  nnd address on it. ,; The nunie goes  only on No. 1 barrels. After placing tho paper, I -select an even-s-iz-  ecl lot of-apples to fnce it. When the  barrel has'. only one bushel it-should  be'gently shaken, not loo hnrd to  displace tho facings, nn.'l ropv.it Iho  .same aftor each basket is emptied until filled to about one inch nbniethe  chine. Press in the head with a  screw or lever press und ^ou will  neier have slnck or,shaky apples.  Tliere arc scvcr.il ways of Handling  apples from the I roes. Some puckers  ute a sort-r where lh'.* apples nre  pl.ictd and rolled along, the smaller  ones dropping throiieh the slat!' and  the lui*ger m baskets. ()lli.*rs mound to soit from tho trees Thn 1  li**lievt* to be a poor wuy. as you will  always have more or l*"-".s tw!gs und  lruici, Ihit go in with (he apples. I  bohiNO ilia I.est way to get a lnieht,  clean I .irrel of apples when packet! is  Lo |ick fiom ihe trees iiikI j ul the  apples in small piles on ihe grout.*.!.  Tlu n'you h.no tlvni before yo.i in  good l-'ght und tun re.idily see ine  imi.erfect apples. Do nol he iit-lnim-  id io have your name on every bairel of Xo. 1 apples, and do nol disgrace your name by having,it in a  barrel of No. 2's."  Farmer* lu (llllef.  .-A writer in a rcctnL issue of the  Vrairie Farmer bus the lollowing to  suy of farmurs wlio hivomu affected  with tho oflice ria'c:  "Tho man who gets !o running for  oflice habitually, is not fit for much  of an.i thing else after u while. Wu  huvo had two close neighbors who  were ciu*c coinparnlivciy well fixed,1  and who, through thi.s torriblo oflice  disease, are now out of farms, nnd  also out of odicc. A good larm. well  tukon Cute of. b?.ils uny toi-nly nfllte  all to pieces, nnd it may be kept us  long as you live if you will stay by  it and take care of ' t ��� I would ia-  thcr i-eo a young man working foiva  farm any time than for an olliie."  AVe in Canada cm quite agree with  lh3 statement, "a. good, furm woll  niaiiuged bents nny county ollice,"  but then I lure is no reason why a  successful farmer should not. become  a useful public official ul the saniu  time. In fact, many such tun be  pointed to iu thi.s counlry. Numerous pjacticul uud thorough agriculturists puss through the municipal  co'inrils and on to the I'lovin.-iu!  Legislatures or Pominion l'urlin-  mint. where, distinguished by pru-  d'nt sagacity :.nd intelligence, they  liecome nn oruuiiii.nl to tht ir profes-  sii n uikI mi honor to their country.  Nevertheless, theie is truth in Hie  nintiTitinn th.u theie is a type of  thionic ollice-soeii'crs, who, upon rn-  tering public life, begin nt once to  neglect thair farms, and such men  should Iio quietly loft nt home by  tl'O'ightful taxpayers, ljociiibo if Ihey  ni'jj'ec l_lhl*ir_o\vn-private-allnii's-i hoy  are u'so very likely lo neulict  liiiblic  hii-iri's-s.���Formeis'   Adtocr.li*.  WHAT Kb" LING FORGOT.  *loiU'|-n   I'i  l'riidiKitlitii.  In "nn ''interesting'paper on the  .ihiiVi* -'.I'ject befoie lhe J own Swine  l!r< e;li*,s" A: social ion. J'rofc-Kor C  V. fui I iss s.ud thut nn othei (!(iiu:s-  lic i'ii uml i.s rupuble of coini*i:*u^  Lhu fo'idsluffs' of the ftirjir into linisli-  i d mall iirodiicts so ecouiimicully us  ihe hog. 'lh!s ability h.is-*wo!". for  him Ihe woll deserved appellation of  "niorlgng'J liflor." The inc.d.'in hog  is riii'u'ilu nf imiMng fnuu twelve to  llflc-.n 'poitiids of pork from one Umbel nf coin, the i'IioIui* purls of wb'Ii  are worth from tw.ni.v lo Ihii-  t.v cuiis in* pmiiid rami.  Owing to its - . naluri*. tlie hog  is. very, sensitive to climatic changes,  nnd lliis should be rci'OKiilzoil iu it-  treatment. I nder doniesi feu lion Ibe  ili.*.e-;liio organs of lh.' lio,r lin'-e b'cn  iiilm*;pd? whim iii tutu give gn*u:i.r  niliicily us well ii'i deii'h uml Iciglh  (if body. "Ill" in rruMul (lige.-"tiM.'"n-  I u:il.v gives earlier ii��tilurily.-uu:i u  gir.tlcr rrop:n*-ii.\  io intlin.  Tho list of .liritish sports to which  Mr. Kipling made suth giateful allusions i> ii,:foriiiui*.tv!y inci'inplotc.  The folh-wing line will (possibly) he  inse.toil  in futuie editions.  Tlio rttMicr.sltotl itui.ch Willi u nien'ii'*: lhe  :u;s on ilie ie-!iiinlti'd suitli:  The luill'v.Ilteil liiirlei* of li.ini.'uei'S, llie lul>-  iH-r tli.'it iciqiK nt ,*i lutli:  Tlie rcrilnii rl Iln;: In reil, mid.tlie ptby In  ^'ithi ts ttuii st.oitls:  The f.i:nuib> i'.:i|i|.i*i* uf lllrs. and the s* nsn-  ih'cl iIiiii s>:m��'-i en hl�� I'O'ts:  The lout thnt ln.'ifs on tin* lliiss, with Ills  llie.*n of "l.i*K",iinil "tlio .like":  The 111itii'lerhig, lxiit-li:i<���::<��� J   linutiilei* Hint  hiield'ts. iiliuis on a lilKei  Tin*  liaie !ii*:-|;i*d   hn'-lilus    In    bolts,   isioli  lien! im liociur.liig ti "lilue'':  The (-ruKs.lKa.leiI croeloi  ti!:i*-,Ti'4 er-rrii't:  -. tin* cniiJiiliiiis cud wllli u' ciii*:  The minibus mounted on motors Unit murder' a intui every mile  (And I V'.'.nk vou nIII freely nluilt ttnt I've  lielteiTd'niy curlier style).  ���WeslmlDCtcr Uazette.  MANNERS IN PARLIAMENT::   ::���--'  .'tout t'ouri(*i>i!>t >lufi tie Alrti> tb�� luvuriiH-  '  ,ii��ii ��f. lucilff" ri'iicr.. ,   . ���: il,:;,.  'V;Nobody can visit the Houso'.-'���', of  Commons without coming away with  the g.-iieral improssion that the poo-  pie who -possess in the mqst:.vulid de-'  'gree-.the;."riidiiiients": ol manners-are  lhe Irish nnd.I-abor nieiiibers'. There  is i'soi'u'e thing exq-iisitoly entertain big  ;.*i.hoi'.t the ."solemn'. Tory discussions ns  to whether,.workingmen can. behave  ���themselves in ihe -.House when wc'.'re-'*  mehibor, ���!hatV,.Jolm .'Burns'-"wiis iin:e  vigoi;oiii5ly employed in -try ing- to prevent, i Conservative hobli* lords and  Liberal J. honorable'.;, lne.mbi'rs -: from  blacking, ono. 'unotlier's... eyes* But, 1  should, desire to bo '���-.correctly understood i'n; theiphrtise T use; I say that  the J-^nbor nieiiibers .alone .have,, tho  rudiinorits of.mnniidrs.''i'hey.'bave tho  rudiments',, of ���mnrihers,-' ..but'' not, it  mny,; be, The*/ f!ow;cr and crowii '.*; ,of  them,'."i- , 'Jhe;V'::.;ordinar,\:...;..',Goii.spr>:a-  ���'tive'-'member'of: Parliament,'jiqasessos,;  it may lie, the croivn" and'l.iow;oi*, .b'iit  .ho.'.doc's, riot- possess Th.' riVtlimonls.'of  :niri.nners;. ;;NoVone,7 can listen..to', an  1 i-isli. iifeniher:'.'i or' a f.akor inomber  w'ithout feeling that' ho is 'doing his  ���best;';.he. is utter|iig.the nibst'genuiiie  ^opinions , ;in ;; thair:... inost a'dettuato'  l'onn. Nb\y,tp do. one's best is '.tho  one and soli tary .and shprcnio compli-  ., men I; "-These.speakers are, puy ing the  onu and solitary, and supreme coiiipli-1  inent to; thel-louKcof Comnion.s.;Thq  art cultivated by. the ;young Conservative country (.gentleman." is" lliii'f Virt  of doiiighis Worst .elegantly.',c iind:to  dp one's ivorstihoivever elegantly, i'o-  Tnains;whatViti;is,;:tlio' ono and,;soli7  Taryiahd .supreme: insult. If a.: man  .throws ,liisv.:worst.���o'rV^his.Vtciiih^test'  to7 aiiy.thiiig.ii'it'lnaitors: nothing; '>if  -'ihiV-thing:'he.;..'t.hrowsJ-'bo--'the--,'"JIind''-  ci*;ii:cusket,of: sapphires, it..still,,l'd-  niuiii.s an in.siiit.;;,;.,,And 'this7 insult to;  i'the''aiVciciit.:Knglish' r'ni'liunicnt-isex-  : pressed ; iii every. 1 i no of "the. figures o'  ;tho:.'well-dressed'.'. ;menibers:.,:;76f ��� : thb.  !,ilbiJK0.^;;Th_;;ncW;.;]?reinicr,';.; a,;.;man  ::wii.li;;a-.million genuine, n'.oral.-and-in-,  ; toiloctual' ch'ariiis'V7 is,���'::.'by this'::./.' Tts-  toitiid'ng ;-peri'crsionv' of :;,:.lnnguage,  'Sii'pi'ioscd,-.,-. to: v be.*j,a'..*nui ii ".'-with'.'.good  jnanncrs.,: .This simply, means that: he  oxhibits;7an ,; 1'hv^snl idegrec;.ofVphysi-:  ;cal; gf ace "in:. thoVact;ofV putting';; his,  ���boots;.,within aAobtJor: two; of ;";tho  Mace, of /the _ICingV of /Enj-land.V-Pucii  an act7 isVsufli.cientVproof - that /tho  ,real;*;.Conservatism:;,;\vas: dead .long  ago,;;i, ���.,.Dut\j t/;'is "a i'terribleV; thing-that  while trite 'courtesy is a "traiiscenUshtf  al virtue: and involves admiration;  ,the/:niost,'coiirleoiis:-:7m  politics;is also/the;'incarnation of iii-'  diffeionce.���rLonclon Daily, News.     / ;::;  UNCLE ELI'S FAELES.  A nrinliifltfr ��ir Aflnort.  The popular receptions given to  J-ord Kitchener when he apjwars in  theaties and other popular places of  resort in London,' recall thoso.which  Lord Nelson experienced n century  ago. l>ut there was ihis difference,  that Lord Kilchcner always'appears  as tho type of tho military hero who  has "married his sword." whereas  l.oid Nelson appeared in tho midst of  ii group of persons including th2 woman lie most loved. Under the head  ing of "Covent Harden." a newspaper of 1800 records:���"Lord. Nelson  of the Nile visited this theatre lust  burn and* Lndy Ifamilton and h'.s  night with Lady Nelson, Sir A\il-  loidship's father,, tho Hev. Jb*. Nelson, to seo a 'pleasant comedy of  Life.' " 'Ihe voids recall for the  moment tho cynical-modern r.cliuition  o1 marriage as a tragedy ior two and  a come:l>��� though hardly a pleasant comedy of life���for three. A fow  d;i.vs'-l,itcr-ihc-'nme_pu'por���niliKes're-  coid���"Thc liight lion, r.pril Nelson,  uccotiipauicd by Sir William and  Lndy Hamilton, and the mother of  J^aily Hamilton, arrived at J''onthill,  ou a visit io Mr. neckford." Lady  Nehon. b.v lh * way. is ascribed as  "diessed in white, with a violet satin headdress mi.l a very pleasing ap-  |i(.*ii':ii:co."  Tlie Si.;;., nml tin- t'eddler M'lio Loot  nil. I'otcc.  rCcpyrlsht, 150:'. b.v C. B. Lewis.]  Traveling along the highway one  day. the tinge cume,upon u Dejected  Mnn who was making preparations to  bung himself from tbe limb of a tree.  "I know you,, not," said the Sage,  "but you must be in a great distress  of mind to drive you to this."  "I surely am." replied the Dejected.  "I nm called 'John the Iiotirer.' I um  In.the street peddling business, and  strawberries are my specialty. When  I yell 'Strawberries!' I can be heard a  mile nway."  "But hast the strawberry crop for  1002 been declared h failure?" ���  On the contrary. ,0 sage, It promises  to bo the best for the last ten years."  "And hast the bones'of thy horse  finally, fallen apart or the wheels of  thy wagonwabbled away beyond recovery?"  "Nay, kind sir. The bones and the  wheels inay.be a little shaky, but they  are still doing business at the old  stand."  "And then why these grim preparations?"  "Por tbe reason that my voice has  gone back on.me.and J can no longer  roar.: The loudest yell I can now utter  falls to awaken a sleeping babe a hundred foot away. Without a voice to  yell what will become of my strawberry trade? How can I bring customers  from their domiciles?"  "It looketh a hard case, Friend Roarer," mused the sage as he softly caressed his ear; "but, like all diseases,  it hatb Its own remedy. You must turn  from strawberries to. string beans."  "But why, 0 consoler?"  "That they may climb up into the  windows and find their own customers,  .while you simply make change and  take care not to heap the measure."  Moral.���Nothing Is so bad tbat it cannot be mended. M. QUAD.  Hi* Believed  In Rotation.  , Ono day mamma told Milton that be  was older than the baby and must let  tho bnby bave bis toys if ho wanted  tbem, because the baby was tbe littlest.  Milton was very good and went in  search of other -amusements nil day.  The next morning we beard a cry  from the children, and going to find tbo  cause Milton wus found endeavoring  to, collect "all the. tOys in the room and  at the same time keep the baby away  from them. Upon inquiring Hie trouble, Milton said:  "I let him have iny toys and bo the  littlest yesterday, and now I'm going  to be littlest today."���Little Chronicle.  Prlfcllln'B  i'lond  Daut.-'.itcrs.  Edilb���I'm afraid Frank doesn't love  mo uny longer. Mantle.  Maude-Why not. Edith?' He was  with you last evening, and Undo  George said tills morning ho thought  he never would go.  Edith���I know, dear. I certainly did  bave u delightful evening with Frank,,  bv.t here It is almost uonu and' I.  haven't had any letter from blm. Ei-'  ther his love has giown cold or some-'  thing awful has'happened to him.���  Hoston Transcript.  Another Outrage.  "Small Spurts, the grocer, has been  forced out of business by the meat  trust."  "1 didn't know bo sold meat."  "De didn't, but be put In so much  time dlscutsing the price of meat and  denouncing    industrial    combinations  that he couldn't sell his potatoes aud  ���starcl*."���Baltimore News.  Wmii��$&��&:��t!(-k  iism%m>  Iiiiulitlii^: flu'  Mi ri.*.:��*ii l.i (.mm  Experiments ut tho Sto'is. station  for inci easing protein *-ho\,* thai by  the uso of nitrogenous 'orlili'eis one  cannot onlv get un incici.se in uii.in-  tily, but nn inci case in t'-c piopor-  lion of nitrogen iii gr.i-.-i"-. wheat,  outs und corn. Thi.s is very important' to ( duirymen and hull's to  solve, the, problem of how to produce  the protein which they need. The  use of 2.10 to ilOO pounds nitrate ol  soda per acre on grass lund has boon  found to nlmost-double tlio amoi.nl  of nitrogen in. the plant.���American  Agriculturist.  ���I'  ti*&WfcwJ��^. - - s'Llti*ML�� A ���,-,r.��-W,��i��Sv  .Mill i hev  t'lilli'l <i"l   I'litlitix-..  Uenernl Sir William Olpherts. recently 'deceased,-" otherwise known  us "Hell Kite .lack," n i*i>l.*i>iu,led  Uritish soldier, was fninous for his  blunt language. Ihiring a critical  period in the Indian mutiny ouo of  the Irish .regiments complained be-  cuiiho .it had no potatoes. Olpherts,  who wns in command of the district,  heard of the trouble nnd ordered tlie  regiment oui on pnrntlu. "Now. my  nien." lie shouted us ho rode in front  of the lilies, "1 hour you wnnt potatoes! Js that no?" "Wo do, wo  do!" howled lhe regiment wilh Its  thousand Throats. "Then you won't  get 'em." replied Olpherts. "You're  good enough soldiers/"'I'll '-admit, but  if you think. that lYovidenco is  willing to grow potatoes for, your  benefit on tho dry plains of India  you're blanker fools thnn I take you  for." The demand for potatoes  ceased.  Tlie Fly In the Ointment.  As the calliope roiled by and tbe  circus procession came to an end the  man with the two babies in his arms  turned to his tired wife.  "By gum." he said in n disconsolate  tone, "tbey didn't have uo hay wagon  band.'!���Cleveland Plain; Dealer.  Loved.  Manhattan-Insjiite of all, you think  that Gayboy really ��� loved bis wife?  Broadway-WbyVeertuiniy.  He lived  a most careful double lift* for years '  rather than cause ber the pain of a divorce suit��� To jvnToplcsr--   An Ear Por Harmony.  Mr. Simpson���Is your musical director n man of ability?  Miss Jenkins-6h. yes; at our concerts he places all tho prettiest girls in  the front row,���Detroit Free Press  Kept Her Word.  Dolly���I promised mother tbat I  wouldn't become nn actress.  llnmlct���Well, you kept your word  all right.���Boston Herald.  Hor Uleal.  ���?\r." Ilnl rnn'r'a*.It'll.  A friend tells mo,that,he met Mr.  Balfour one evening at a dinner party, when the conversation turned on  the importance,in'life of self-confidence. Ify friend repeated the suying,  "(lod gie us a guid 'conceit o' oor-  sels." Mr. Balfour heurd.it, and,  bending across, added: "And that,  sir���is the only prayer the gods always answer I"���From. M.A.P.  "Tcs. 1 know George ls a little wild,  but nevertheless-lie is ,the flower of  my heart."  ^"Ypu nlwnys were fond of wild floW"  ers. dear."���Chlfoco Au.ericab.-.tjiwi' "  ��� w~*��J.\: AV..^g_5_*__h^SSi"^____L_^'*L:  '   ������;. THE JLNDEl'fclMJEJSl.  SATunDAY..���.....NOVEimEIt    1,  1902  THl. 4.,urJt-ENDENT.  �����������* industry  succcccds   or  not.   Work- ' when   it  is  known   Uat  lh.  track  runs   ������*.  ' luginon should not forget this !.�� when   .ig/ag  along  thut  ...uiS.nary   street     it   *  <t  PUBLlS.n.L)     WivKKLY   IN   THK  JN-i"lklnK   tlu:ir  l''"'clmse*.  .'MiKUs'l'S Oi*' 'I'tlfcl MASSgS ,111110.  THE INDlil l*'.M1!0NT PU1NT1NO COM*  I'ASW  BASKMU.VT     Ol'     FLACK    .BLOCK,  HASTINGS STltbJliT.   VAN-  UUUVl'.U, IS. C.  buksokiptions in advance.  A week, ft cenis: month, lfi cents; three  months. 33 cents; six months, 05 cents;  one year, i\.'J3.  KNDORKKfJ UY THIS TRADES AND  LAHOK COUNCIL. THE VANCOUVER LA POX I'AHTY AND THE  BU1I.D1NO THADES COUNCIL.  The Independent etui always be had  at Galloway's book store, arcade.  SATUUUAY.  und  at  election   will readily be seen what a mess things  re in for tlio wnnt of a proper survey.  No doubt the wiseacres ot the city coun-  I gnteresting I  Vnitcriial orHanUutiunH urc Hclng xiseil \cn wm look upon this, as all other big  mure or ,uss by thv politicians to climb  into olllco. Tho iirofowKiomil otlicu-sockor  usually flaunts a number of society buttons on  tho  lapel  of his coat.  Tho old parties as usual, .vide Tartu  uml Honlt'j., aro trying to nuike turifl  tiio issuo in tho politics, o( tho dominion. How many worUin^inon tako any  Mock in tariff rot? .Tho issue with tho  work in gnion is tlio trust. What arc  you ��oing to tlo about it, mister politician?  AVorkiiigiuon must be gonoroun, enterprising, broad and liboral-minded if tkuy  tvunt the organization of thoir craft to  grow aud prosper. Members with one-  cent souls novor can build up 'l�� organization. They aro ovon to 'miserable to  subscribe for a ^lnbor paper, and heaven  .X0VKM11HU 1, l00aj|lrtlj) th(; lllstitution depending on such  support.  questions, us a trivial matter and   let it  go at that.  Chief Justice Hunter should bo con*  gratuluted on his hor^e sense in appearing on Wednesday at tho civil as-  Mw-'N in this city without his wig. Almost tho onliro bar were preKent" and  they doffed, their wigs m deierence,: to  Iuo chief justice.  Why all this daily newspaper silence  on the olTect of Jlr. Tarte's resignation  upon the political outlook of tho liberal  party?-   Israel  must have knocked     tho  A general meeting of the  Provincial Progressive Purty  will be held in Union Hall  on Friday evening, Nov. 7th,;wim! oui of thc I,lirly or��,ins- for they  *~~ lure   speechless.   With . the '"independent"'  support of Mr. Tarte in tho cast and  that of Mr. ��1 osoph^ Martin in the west,  the grit leuders will have a hot old  time of it.  next.    All   supporters   welcome.  It   i:  breed  > cheaper   to   rear .men   than  iriininals. ''-'  The private,.fortunes will soon  become  public rcsponsibiltUes.  Ask    the  little  merchant if  tioa is tho life of trade?"  "coinpdtt-  ,Tho   laboring   man   i.s   gonei^,yy   homesick, for a home he nover had.,..  Labor clothes and feeds the world, yet  labor. begs  for  crumbs  and  rags.  A pure white dear with pink eyes wus  recently shot near Grant's l'ass, Oregon.  According to the Ledge an horse-power is the force required to lift 33,000  pounds  one foot a minute.  Tho pavement has , woru away along  t\\t0 tramcat* track on Hastings "street  so bad that the rut/now serves'as a  gutter. One of. those days a rig or a  bicycle trying to got out of the way of  the street car will be caught an accident  the street our s will be caught and an accident happwi serious enough for damages.  Then the Kips at tho city hall will wake  up to thu fact that something should tfa  'done to  iix   up  thc pavement.  Ashcroft  is   out  with  Uup.thcr   potato  yarn,, but this time it. is a lish- story.  Dr. .Reynolds has licit, yet published it  in tho Vancouver Ledger,^.but he says  he believes every word .....Stagei(3)riyer  Mctnness,^ay_s. .,11 is -occupation i*h in,itself  a,.g}(ar/jJ}fe0vOf vsobriety. integrity,tand;  voracity.' ..'i)he. -(itago driver., says: "In  ���crossing thc Eraser river, with   the stage  ,;.,;.,..;���_ .-- ���  .t-- -���       r;. . i   coining from Chih-oten 1 saw the biggest,  Down .'at Uie r'Antipddes; they ."are-pray-   fish I over saw in iny .lire, and I toll you  ing for raiin���hero it's diiTerent^ And the* 1  have  soon   some   prct(y   big ones,      I  ���think it must have been a. sea serpent  { for-, it was * at the .least.; calculation -00  feet long. Miss llopth.and Miss. Payis,,  who were passengers^ also saw it. They,  can vouch  for my statements.";   v'  Christmas is now not 'far off; and .tho i  heels of our socks are  out." (-..'Delinquent  subscribers, should  bear  this, in.inind.    |  world -goes   on just "the : same.  .There's mighty little of the union spirit in a union inrin who won't subscribe  for his,; local  labor paper. :' And  this  is  no josh./, '���'..;  ..;-     -X- '���' -''XU-- ,r ;.X;'<:--:'.  It's time something was dono about  about forming a ticket of progressive, men for thc .municipal elections.  Among those mentioned for mayor are  Hobt. Kelly, lt. 13. Maephcrt-un, A. 11.  Ut. Macgowan, F. Buscombe and Harry,  .Senkter. tieo. .Macdonald is talked of  as being a possible ior alderman in No.  1. ward.  CURREN6 uHN.o.N���ALL S0R1S.  Vottt for Union Men.  Union men should vote for union men'  preference to anybody else at tho  coming election. Don't ask -whether a  candidate is a republican, & democrat,  a socialist, prohibitionist or any other  ist; if he's a unionist and his opponent  is not, your duty is to * voto for him.  That's thc only partisanship a union  man should observe in thiu election.������  Seattle  Union  llecord.   l  Had for the 'Peg.  "Nor thieves, nor covetous/nor  drunkards, nor extortioners shall inherit thc kingdom." That's a pretty tough  outlook for . iv lot of-us. ��� Winnipeg  Voice.  Au important consignment of 6  Linens consisting ot Seconds, in t  in Tablecloths, Table Napkins, ^  and Table Linens by tho yard, T  from one of the lending numu- \  fucturcrs in Europe, These Lin-.X  cnu were purchased at great ro- T  duetiou, and will be ottered to t  the ladies of Vancouver at Fifty ��  Per Cent, llclow llcgular Stock  Pricos.  Although these linens arc Seconds/., the imperfections are  scarcely apparent.  The choice of designs is very  elaborate.  t  i  ���  ���  ���  i  ���  i  i  t  i  ^     We reach wherever the mails I  ��� reach. I  \ t  4)4),. ,;4)$: -<f4)4)--"4)4)-* "99"~*9*-  170    Cordova     St.,    Vancouver.  Trunks and Valises.  If you intend to truvcl with a certain degrco of comfort and -respectnr  bility, you will jirocuro ono of our handsome littcd valines or a trunk. Vie  ucver liird sui'h a, beautiful raiiReas wo have today.  MKNS SUIT CASKS from $11.50 to ��32. Some of theso nro leather lined  ami lilted wilh thu bent littinus.  GLADSTONK HAGS in al) urudeu, from 83.25 to 822.  THUNKS u.etnl;covered, cunvus covered, leather bound. Leather and  wicker trunks in nil qualities.  Telesco|**c8 in two or three qualities.   Soo'our window.  ���LUBB   e>   STEWART,  Telephone 702. 309 to 315 Hastings St. W.  " TWELVE O'CLOCK AT  ELEVEN."  Or Jump in  IJimsclf.  The workingman who votes for cither  of  the  old'''politicul, parties   might      us  well  throw  his,   ballot     in  the .canal.���  Winnipeg  Voice.  Our Growing Time.-  Tlier birth rate in' Siocan is probably  greater; .than in uny other part of tOaii7.  ada. Th'e purity of the ozone is largely accountable* for this remarkable record.���The: Ledge.  - -v.AU * w.ili',���;join_('iu" exj>fessiag!;sinco're"sor-"  row at ;,thc;dangerous- condition; in/,wh.iclv  :XAr. Maxwell is,in. We uaR-oii\y lioi>e!for  'the-NbesU'V'"'':-''. ,V- y'-'X i 'V':^<'  :Every dollar'you spend at Kalph's'en-  titlCH you to, one guess at the bottle of  beans. Theprize is a trip to New York  ojid return.  Until the labor .problem is solved the  ethics of statesmanship,: science- and religion will fall on' barren giound, says  the Duluth   World.  A few men can'"-meet in Wall street  and 85,000,000 people arc on tlio anxious ; bench awaiting .developments. Thoso  men rule, und not the majority of tlie  people. { ,  The black: man knew he Was a slave,  but hundreds of thousands of 'working  Jiioh who call themselves "'free" citizens  have failed to realize, as yet, that they  are slaves.  Capital'holds in its grasp the happiness and honor of men ami women. A  united ballot on  the.part of labor will  restore  this  pawned   heritage  keeping of society.  into   the  Thc Independent does more work in  season and out of season advocating  home industry in all callings, than nny  other paper in the city, and yet a large  A lot*.'of-disgruntled liberals, or .may  we add. disappointed ollice seekers, do  not rei'ftgni/e ���Toe Mai tin us their leader, thoy suy.'This is good for the lion,  doseph. Imt'bad'for tho other part'ics.  Mr. Mni'tiii is undoubtedly the recognifr-1  edoleuder of the liberal forces ih this  province. Wc believe were a referendum  vote taken of the party that it would  show'.thnt, he would poll 10 to 1 votes  on the maiuljiud uud perhaps ft to 1 on  the island in his favor. Though, as a  matter of fact, it's none of our busioess,  yet when a lot of sore-head grits, or far  that matter, tories , either, say that  they will not follow their leader hut,will  join the .progressive party first tho  matter concerns all .thinking progress  sives.  Aldormnn Woods has given notice that  he will move on Monday 'night1, to have  a re-survey made,of lot 'JO-la. This is  one-of. the most important matters confronting tho city todny.: It means that  if tlm; survey of this lot is not confirmed sooner or.'later', by .the provincial legislature that the city will be liable to  thousands   of dollars   damages   when   it  irit'H-to-j un-its-btrcct-lincs The-real  estate sharks uru mute as mice over this  survey for fear of spoiling the sale of a  few lots nnd .the: city council is responsible for this state of affairs. We know  of one firm of reliable engineers who  have for years refused to. survey lots for  number of merchants, as well.us the people in th:s district because the pros*  city council, aro so cheap in the matter ' eut survey is nil out. The tramcar  O' advertising that they pasu up the lit- track running through Grand View at  tie sheet and help support concerns the head of Kalse Creek hns been used  that    don't     give   two   straws   whether (by many people to strike a line by and  ^ooo^^^o^^o^. ������^������^��������.��-��^��^*������**����:  Our window xliows . hoiihi <if llie Hniflixh wilvei* plate*! ware we  spoke "f a few 'lays auo.  Tln'so are Hurry liowls ami in a pini:li could lie used for bonbons nr'liuly finuei'D <>''   fancy biscuits or for fruit, cle.  Tlio liar's an* of very haul nickel, ".pli'iiilully silver-plutcd. and  thc l.i-sv.Is uie of delicately liiilid i>l;i*-s in blue and pink with llulod  edges.  We have thein in two sizes.  and '$3.-5��.  Of Local. Interest. .  Havo you been watching the proceedings of the city council? Have you  noted any outward, und visible signs, of  an approaching election? Is it a "fact  that some of the members of .'.the board  do,little in uny year but devise.schemes  for making their election sum <- in thc  next. If there are such,' they are useless,  and the ratepayers, should tell' them so.  ���Victoria Times.,*,,,.,  , Taxi:Land  Values.  ��A   definite'1 movement  led  by   the   cor-  ii ,       '���) .���"  poration   of   the  city   of   (!lasgo,w   is   on  foot:, in*'! the- United  Kingdom   to  secure  legislation by which municipalities    will  be' enabled   to  tax  land   values  for  the  purpose    of     civic   improvements   which  ciilitimre"'these values.���Victoria Colonist  NEWSPAPtWS iiiii THE BLIND.  A remarkable, invention lias just been  patented by Jlr. J. W. JlcLiiren,, 207  Dalkeith road, Edinburgh, which will  bring gladness to the hearts of thousands  of blind men and women.'.;. By a -method  which, of course, is Mr. McLaren's secret,  a specimen twenty-page newspaper has  been produced by lhe inventor, whicli is  as far ahead of the present system of  Braille printing for tlie blind as is the  ��ork of a Hoe machine besides that  turned out from Caxtou's press. By the  Bailie system, the punching .of urass  plates ib both laborious and cosily. Mr.  McLaren has entirely abolished the old  method aud by bis process a blind man's  liibleoreveinrblindinan's daily-paper  could he produced by any ordinary  printing machine. As the .number of  blind persons in llie British Isles is  nearly 70,000 it can be well imagined  that u thirty-two page newspaper, siuji  as Mr. McLaren contemplates immediately starting, will come as a boon  and a ble^ing.  '$2;oi>  f      Ibe oJew^Ser and   diamond  Merchant     j  | COR, GKANV3E.Lt AND HASTINGS STREETS. I  X      OfTictal Watch Inspector of the C. P. R. I  AT.TIIK SAVOY.  Kollowing is thc list of artistes who  will perform nt tlie finest equipped vaudeville house in the 'northwest, comincuc-i  ing -Mnudii.v, November li: The chumpion  rifle shots of the world, Coleman nnd  Mo.\Ls, tiro numbered among the llrst-  class entertainers. Miss Heat rice Lome,  iho .Scotch hulludjst, uud tlio Sisters  llrowning, tins peerless duetisls, also  will take part. The laughing farce, The  (Jreen-eyed iMonster, will bu put on by  tho famous 1'ost, Ashley und Mackay,  Lyndon mid Wrenn will present the Colored Lady from Dixie's Lund. Miss Kate  Koekwell is '��, young comedienne who  ��ings nud dunces most charmingly. The  great Carrall, a male soprano, will render a ao it pie of popular songs. Among  thc balance are.*. l*ert Croix, the little  in ascot, and tllolu Kller, : the burleM^ue  t>ueen, Tho entertainment will close  with; a laughing comedy entitled, A  Alidniph-t  Affair.     Admission   two-bits.  H; M. llyndmun, one of the most  advanced socialists of Great Britain, i^  a' lengthy iirticle in the London Justice,  says in part: i The Knglish language  fails to convey the full measure of hatred and disgust which the. impossibillsts  of the extreme school feel for .those who  do not share their opinions aud desire  to take some littlfi account of thc plain  fuels. Why this imposibilism in thought  should so < commonly iind expression in  blackguardism - of diction and wholosalu  aiiiscnipulousness .. in . misropreseutatiouy  'at any rate on the other side of the A t-  ���Iuntic, Z. am unuble. to understand'. Hut  'certain it is that "the exquisite; runcon  lof the theological historian, -'J��f curious-'  'ly reproduced' in those whom wo call  thu Tertullians of socialism. Like that  :fiery father of the church, ; they bulteve  [because what they accept is impossible;  -and all who do not conform to this singular; creed '> topple over in the bottoiu-  ��� less jiit wherein wallow "fiikirs,.' "trai-  |tprst" Vsycophunts," and: "scoundrels'*  who ; do not : share the o])inions which  this minority, of, .whole-souled fuluiinii-  tors believes to bo necessaiy io social-  democratic salvation.  ���Not the least funny:purt of; all this  is thut Karl Itarx is called, in: tO' justify tho ferocity of these infuriate men of  the day after to ���morrow. How ,foolish  is this, llarx was a revolutionist...; undoubtedly. Hut uo mun less thuu he desired to make twelve o'clock at 'eleven.  Uo was always, preaching ..patience,.' impatient as ho might feel himself.Vlloth  he . and Engcls, 'also, attached far too  much importance*to the trade, unions of  I'higland, lacing quite opposed in this  rosjiect to V what have proved to be; the  sounder . forecasts of JJrouterrc O'Brien  nnd Kmest ���Jones. More thnn Lhis, Man? j  favored tho advocacy of palliatives and  advised the socialists of his day to kcop  as far us possible with the mass of the  working class movement. ISvcn thc or-  ignnl .communist inanifesto of ,1817,: -sn  often referred to as the very gospel of  irreconcilability,:, contains' a number !: of  suggestive palliatives. The factory acts  and every reduction in tbe regular hours?  of toil represented to him a distinct gain  to workers, steps upward towards, emancipation, / gains small in themselves,  but valuable as vantage posts for great-  er~6IYorts. ~ = ���~ ���  WHAT'S TIIC USE {  of hurrying about buying Life Insurance no many men think and day. At JJ  least two   strong   rontons  are: Good   health Is uncertain;   increased cost   is T  certain.  What's the use of waiting might botter be.said 1 J  UNION MUTUAL v POLICIES    >           ��� 9  may. bo depended' upon to' protect throughout tho varying experiences    ot V  human life, to faithfully guard tUo interests    of the     insured, and to be w  ..promptly cashed when they become payable.    Values and privileges abound ^  and ���:' are   conyenicntly   available;   Detailed ,facts gladly furnished.  After throe years tho Union Mutual Policies do not tiocome void, by failure  *  to jiay premiums,  the Main  Non-Forfeiture     Law   without action  of the  l'olicy-hoUler,* continuing tlu? Insurance for ��, Specilled length of time.  i  Union Mutual Life InsuranceCo  PORTLAND, MAINE.                Incorporated 1848.' ��  Call or write for particulars and plana        J               -.. y  Head Office : 419 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, BiCV X  J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager. J  COLIN CAMEHON, Special  Agent. i  ������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������^���V  PHONE I220A.  Carpenter and Joiner  516-518 Seymour St.  Between Pender and Dunsmuir Sts.  All kinds of work In tills line promptly, attended to.  Meeting..  F. O. EI.���VANCOUVER AERIE, So. *  meets Wednesday evenings; visiting  brethren welcome.    Bert Parsons, W.  P.: J. G. Ure, W. S.,'Arcade.  THERE IS  ���������������������������������������  %:,-;   GEO. HAY   : I  A     Vancouver'a    Pioneer   Clothes ,-,A  ^     Renovator, makes a salt new.     JT  % Dyeing and Repairing. ^  A 216 CiMBIK bt., Vakoodvsb. A  SNIDERY SHOE SIOKE  632   GRANVUiLB   BTREET,   ''  Carries a full line of  UNION LABEL SHOES.  Tbe   Union, Label   guarantees   fair  wages and good workmanship.  No soab labor.       ���  ' ���'������>  ii m iiiii  HELP Y01RSELVES.  When a capiUllHt rei'unus to employ union  labor, labororKtinUutionts uro veiy imliuntuii,  aud thocapiulisL ft* Uuiiounceil nml his gooi.lu  In ,< ted, ami yot li ia a rciiiiirkuble fnot tlmt  t >��� i> einborsof labor unions, when ispumltiiK  mm1 n Wildes for tlio tiuooHr<arioK of lifo, frequently do oxneily nimi thoy contU'iun thc  capitalist for (toliiK, iitunuly, tliey rofiiFO to  employ union labor, m fiiHioiut of domtiudiui;  goods beiirltiK the utilou label Ihey purcbaso  tlie product nf non*uuhni {ntttltullous nnd wan  of ponlteiitUrleH Tnuy refu-e to employ  thulr fellow unlnulstH nuil ilioyf{kc.>u:>luuuncc  ami ^U| poi t to thus j Institutions thatareaiiiti^-  vniHth'totho union c��u%u. Ho\y omi h union  man rou^iMtuutly object (n tin* caplialiht for  refusing to eiuploy uukhi labor MuisoU'' Ti e  wage earner hpeinliu^ bit u'a^iji Is mi fiiiplnw i  of labor lu tl.e tur^Ufl isuu^t* of tlmvvotil mnl  �� n,nhl bo ttiiL'ii'l Jiin wh^uh it- lu prouiuii. in  ot't'-r rrafts comlillout* uiilen he tlesir^s in hi>  own. Tills he <:<ui do by duinniidiiiK t;<>ott-  beariUK tbe union label���Limits Cily I.nt.oi  K co.d.  ,VU^0;\i;LAa0K;7:.  Thrmigli the use uf (I e uuiuu .label,; wlilth  lias been made a powerful etnnpetltive faetoi,  'fa large market lias bi_eu opened aud cons ;rml  to tlio iniimifat-turur t.i' tmiuu Htuinped goo dial id employer of uni-m labor, and , a ���. largt'  marltui lias..been clu.-vd to tlie niaiiui'aolnrerol  g'io'il Mi.it'bearing Uie. union stamp mid oui ploy.'  iiiii* iti-unlon lab ��r.-��Kx        , \y.  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The chuich  .Has its  sycophants  and  hypocrites,   tho  ,l|ar its^pplicq* justice i'hop shyhter.' ,* fcur-  . g)ery deplofcs thciactivity-of'.quacks..". Und  charlatans.     j      Journalism       is      the  . profession"!,', ijjlj\ -.'human beings. On  tho ' -ithiilo,' *' candor will force  tho tribute that tlio press of these up-  to-dato tuues are true,to their, opportu-  uitics. Tho people who.^turii up tlieir  heavenly ' nobes   and  cry   "yellow   joui-  .nal" these days, arc tlio,first ones to'  want to-.gr9bj.lt Iron), tlio carrier,! as a  .rule. The flrst funutior. of ,tho press is  to cbr&liiclo ' passing. ovcutS.'' Th'��? fuller  its record tho truer it is ttyitVjijipoint-  . od function. Homebody hus said that  the; press of, today has .taken the p.aco  -clitho old xuongeis of gossip. This statement is an. exaggeration. Hut nt the  root of gossip lies interest in our lol-  ]ow-maii. Without knowledge of what  our  neighbor   doc,   without  interest  in  -what..other "people experience, our own  humanity  shiivcls up.   Sympathy  is  the  eprnue condition of genuinely hiiimtn existence. The pt ess, .forcing * through the  bastions  of our selfishness,; enlorgeb our  -horizon, and'thus multiplies our huinau-  -itics.   Objections   havo   been 'made  that  ���in its'.zeal; to'.chronicle-.abundantly . the  ���.-happenings of the clay,  or the wcok,  n.s  -fin ,  'the   ca.su  might j be,   the   doings  of   men  and a newspaper conducted. by sensible  minds will ncvetf.'jiry into affairs that;  nro not legitimately tho concerns of the  public. Dear in mind tho public is a complex entity. The newspaper must chronicle for all. ' It ,is impossible to edit,a newspaper for one  class alone. ; If we would remember this  much of. our criticism would .die-before  birth. ' But what about the registration  of crime, vice, and brutality, some pco-  pic will say. Well, if the thesis be true  that the newspaper i.s bound to chronicle happenings uud to mirror life as it  is, the daiker phases of human doings  nnd sulicnngs cannot be suppressed.,  They aie a chapter of the_*,day or week  history. Their neglect would  falsify the  legistci.  Objection .nughfliA against un-  *'   ' * '** t *   1'' * *       fi*.  dye  cihphasis.   Biit' with   icW   cxccptirfnjr  iaptho,i'^WlUmns''/of'Vsolf-rosjyectiog,'! newspapers'the attempt is ;clcurly to . tone  down- rather!'.that'*1 to * accentuate too  strongly the seamy sides of life. Publicity is the coirective of ninny evils We  accuse our own* selves by1 indicting our  newspapcis. If they aro .so far beneath  oup-nibrul! insistences! wlijf -do'' we- sup-  poi t them?. The Pharisee's prayer is  too often recalled in the diutiihcs  against our newspapeis.  and thefr, Bnyijigs, the pi ess fails, to  itiistmiruiih'sufficiently between tho -vi-:  "t��l 'and the tiivial, and is apt to efface  -tho lines  marking of! the good and no-  blo^ from tho wicked and degraded. It  .cannot^, bo denied that, modern journalism'has.* had   a  tendency  to   iirwulc   tlio  sffjaorc of private life with too gieat an  -unconcern. Yet, oven so,   it hns not lla-  , .grnntly  violated   tho  fundamental  justi-  _.:flCttl,ous of-its-own-nppolntiiienl.���1'ioiu-  ..inence    entails    compensatory  snciifkes.  e**��*����*����o��������o<Be��e��o��o,  ���  -�����  -���  <���  ���  -0  ��  -��  ��  9  ��� 9  Overall Clothing,  i&  o  Standi Every lest.  .The.'real  test of    Overalls   Is *  wenr, ax  Those tlint    last    longest and 9  'J   never rip ai*o    the   cheapest  to ft  �����J   buy nnd the bent to wear. , ���  0       UNION    BItAND  OVERALLS ft  ~   nre the most durable,' therefore ���  the 'most' economical.   They are 0  mnde of the best material, cut, 5  0  e  9  9  9  9  , M   sewed, nnd leintorccil by cxperl-  0... enced Union Labor.  -�� LOOIOFOR OUR BRAND  �� ON THE TICKET.  *��  -THE-  nn  g (LIMITED.) ,����  ���      MAW'S BLOCK, WINNIPtO, HAN.      0  ��* ���  1'"    Seattle's' Sporting'Districts.  ,*i     "i.'ill  I.'I .;,! 1  Talk about Whilcchttpel,* of London,  and the Bowery of New Yoik, worldwide   known   -sporting   count's,   yet      a  I    ���   i' )  . 1' 1   Ul     *'*"*  town   like    Seattle ,wn,K),only   a.-'-ghost-  like  shadow   of  such   cities' as   logards  population, hus a sporting district  that  would    shame    either    Loudon  or  New  Yoik   as  legaids   its   doings' or   its   inhabitants. Ji is seldom  that one is two,  or"two'j'is  ooe,  Iiut  Seattle Js now  being taught  this  \ciy  kind  01   mathematics. Foi,  111 spcnking'ol Seattle's "tenderloin"  district a raiilc stranger woultl  supposo that  thu niuch-talked-of and advertised  city  of  Seattle  would   only  allow _thts  spoi ting  element *ono   place  in  the coiporation, but, instead, as a matter of fact, we expect changing, coming  and* going of   the motley 'Tow nt     vice  anil crime occupy iuo dilTcicnt parts oi  the cily, yet in speaking of thoir nllot-  ed part 01  Seattle it is always icfeiicd  to  as  "Ulackchapel,"  or  the  tenderloin.  Washington   stieet,   in   Seattle,   has   for  yeais past been iocogni/ed us the street  ivhoio the (lemi nioiide and low   men   uoic  then* holiday clothes and reigned in     a  iPitpreiiiu-nnd_roy.-il~"niiinnei\    lt~"i��r~"itlic~  street when you aie avuy  iro>n Sean I."  that SL'rngcis  will   nik  vou   11  you  im*  net  uli aid   to   walk    11   altn   dark.  II  15  the   s*,r*^*1    wheie   the   toilii*a   ami   i-uL-  o.'-HiHii       citizen   thinks   ml   tin*   * I nld-  up.s"  lukn place.     Wuihii'jUmi  Mieot,  in  Seiitll.; I.s as well-known  by  tin* n 111111-  al.'.'ijfss as Is the. Bowery  in New  \ oik.  I'll I Idea of anyone .vHit'iig Si-uliIc uud  ni*-. seeing-Washington slfu't���why It is  ns piofound as uKsiird.       And uou    you  don't  know  I', nil. The  CJiiivu   l.ll.v   hns  yet  tiiiother  part  of spui'tMig   loan  for  the   \i*-itm*.   It   I.s  si�����iii.t,.,:   (>n   .)ikU..iii  an 1  King nail   Ih a  uiwn and   place  .'hi*  tho scum of creation. l*'or somu tliiio the  piLii*'* liavi: biu'ii tryiuii  10 iiit.o all  'he  gamblers,   spurts   and _ their   belongings  lo   tin:   i.fiv   llluckcliap.'l   <i:���r. i.-t        1 ut  while enougo of the old-timer.s, auguuieut-  ed  by new  coiners, havo located 'in *. thu  new-addition   to. mako a fair sized   iownl  the half of thum still' remain 011. orInear  Washington   stieet.. So -you   see  Seattle  Is the only  town  in  the  United'States,  If not in  tlio  world,   that has  two  distinct  plnt'tfs  foi   the  sporting fraterntty  tb   roam   in.   In   going .down   to  Black-  chapel one is lucky ir ho ariivce in good  order right  side up.   For between  Fifth  and   Sixth   streets  it  is   almost   totally |  up if not murderer to get in his * oik.  But taking chanees ono may arrive safely. And so wo find burs-elves in lUnck-  chapel. New frame buildings arc being  erected, iuurthe district is fast becoming!  settled. Crowds throng the streets and  the painful noiso that is supposed to bo  music grates on one's eurs is enough to  cause thu stoutest man to turn i>ale._  Ilure is a "dance hall"'and us we cntor  a-short skirted  woman with  kalsomineil  i  face asks us if wo will dance with her.  Not caring to "sliako our foot" ve positively decline. Perhaps there are 10(to  20  old   women   who'for  yeurs, -judging  from  their faces and  manners, have Icon  following  this  line  of  amusement    und  drinking and  robbing the poor,  deluded  follow   who   has  worked  hard  for    his  money   aud   who, dazzled biy   the electric  lights, so-culled music, painted faces dud,  short   skirts 01        the    tough       looking  old   :   women,:  ������ in-/   most cases ': caine  to      Seattle     'to buy himself    a    suit  of     clothes     and  things   that  he  really  needs. "Let her go, boys" the prompter  yells  to   the  musicians   (heavca  forgivo  1110 for lying)   and the  discordant,  ear-  | splitting  groans  commence  to   ooze out  from;   three  or .four instruments  in   the  hands  of. big, strong^ men,-who..really  ought to. be! employed as' section .men.  Someone "says this noise is    a    walti(?)  "Everybody- waltz," roars tho prompter  and a sailor, who is three sheets in tho  wind   ,a big  burly,       witb    a.       "Jag"  on, and a morphine fiend begin to mbvb  around 'tho '.room. 'After n few<'moments  of groans and squeaks .tha noise ceases,  beg pardon,  the waltz,   and up  to  tlie  bar tha three  couple stagger and  tumble.- The men. take .beer,', as also do tiio  grandinns,.    for   they      arc    roally old  enough 'to'be   grand-mothers...The. .-bartender,  who, from, his'action-aud<manner  you  would   imagine' thc ���proprietor,  roughly throws  the ladies  with  painted  faces a five-cent check���their pcrcentago  ior enticing thc  tluco drunken  men    t,o  dance   with   them,     "Let  her   go,   two-  step," yells tho prompter as we emerge  from the vile den and'step, but .into tho  healthful    air  of  thc    beautiful    night.  Hero aro two girls. One of them is*pU.yr  mt; the pi��ino and her companion :s   sing,  ing. "Annio Laurio" is the song. "Here  Klo," tsuys the piopiictor 01 the saloon,  "this  fellow .iwill  buy  you   a   drink     if  you'll singi.tlio "Bird in. a (Jildod Cn|ge.';  The singer started ,tlio song and flnish-  ed it. Up to the bar sho ran. drankf 'a  glass of beer and a percentage check for  five cents was gi\en her. Wc stepped in-,  to a gambling house. A man was. play-,  ing at one of tho games of chance.  Hei  started    to ' run.    One of tho employes  started after him*.    The 1 unaway     waa  taught and brought back to the saloon,  whero ho returned a dollar that ke had  picked  up  oil the table. 'He  was  gi\en  a slap 111 tho fnce'hnd  ordeied out    of  tho*place.     Dance halls  aie plentiful  111  DlackchnpGl."<So   aie  places' for     gambling. A  shooting gallery is  one of    the  attractions: of..tho district. The- most of  all notoiious places in  the now  district  is the "St. Paul House:" While it ttoui-  i.shed on  South   Second  street  it    gave  tho polico much  trouble.   "No  use talking." said  the piopriutor of  one 01  tlie  saloons   m   BLuckth'apel,   "the   spoitingf  clement ou   Washington  stioet liaxe got  .to. move down here soonorj .'or.later,    ami  they might us well do so without    any  kick.  Vie had  to  mo^e  down  heie    ana  are glad .we ' did - for wc have secured a  gtiod location. Those that want to light  tne polite and city are only loosing tune  and periinps a location, for    eieiy   day  ���saloon men uie down here tiyiug to get  a    place.     Another   thing,   . Washington  stieet  must  ho  given  uo  to  thc  wholesale     business,     for  Seattle  is   growing  rapidly   and   what   benellts   the  business  of Seattle-will  benefit -us fellows tlown  here, l'ei-haps a business'muu from east  of  the. niountains, may come  to. Seattle  10 buy u stock of goods, lie may want  praying,   and    something  that sounded"  like this was tho result:  "Our Saviour"  ���"Let    her    go."    "We : pray thee���"  "Two    moro    couple." ' "Look at these  poor    sin���"   VYou aro  a liar."   "Thoy  know not what they���" "Old Liz is    a  fat  old���"  "Salvation  is  free���"   "Freo  dance  to.night."   "Let us  sing���"  "The  hulla     hulla     dance  Just   commencing."  "Amen." "Vp    to the     b'ar.".    But we  wulk away.    Tho  "hurry-up*!  wagon is  coining.   A   policeman  with  a  poor old  drunk i.s pluced in  tho wagon tuid away  they go to givo him a free bed and   a  placo iu tho chain gung. But what matters  it?  Mauy more trips   will  tlio wagon     mako  before Luna  retires to  rest  and,  well, if it were not for tho drunks  the drivor of the patrol.would not have  Ills job;     so     thero you  aro.  When you  como    to     Seattle     don't    be.afraid  of  Washington : street.'  .or      Blnckchapol.  There    are    other   streets in tho, Queen  City    that     should   bo   removed     along  with-  .,tho     sports down into tho' new  sporting town.  PROVIMM PROGRESSIVE  PARTY.  Union Directory;  The sun can't shine through a lorpid  livtr.  If Cupid would drop his bow nnd arrows and get a gun -wc .might hear of  more marriages.  to Bee tho sights, while here iu the city!  Pei haps he might drop in heie, in my  place, unci spend a few .dollars. I wish  every building on Washington street was  a'-wholesale house: Tlioso fellows ������ who  11111 dunco halls up town, on and near  Washington street, along with the con  cert hall proprietors may ;as well make  up: their minds to move down hero-where*  they belong, for it is coming and no  mistake.  Havo  a cigar?"  A peculiar thing attracted iny 'attention on Washington street.1 There is a  saloon known us the"Union Lnbcl,"  situated on this street, that lu��s to at-  trait the attention of passer*.-b.v an  vlix.triu piano. Wonder if union men like  to patroni>�� a union saloon Uiat thnnvs*  a union���<; musician vout- of: work.v >t's a  wontler that this siilobn. isv net "lK��y-  cottcd." Friends of all kinds, both men  and women, old and young arc to bo  found around ,, the .''joints" in Whito-  ehiijiel lib well ns on Washington stieet  Seattle has hor shaie of cripple beggars, and home of the unfortunate ercii-  tures vhould be kept off !.thc street , for  thc iiecunty and saf��ty of the fulun  generation. AU kinds of tales nre told  as to how tkey met with thc accident.  MR. SWAB'S PALACE CAR.  we rend of the worry and cure a millionaire  has lo undergo, to invest hie money, to keep  from being murdered, etc., etc. Ue litis no time  forvnmuions, like the wage earner, tliey xtcll  you.   Now, this may be true of the millionaire.  Never having, ut one timo, that   amount1 of  woilth, will not say anything about the worry,  but will say that when some of tho world'B  millionaires go on a trip that they,do not have  to ride ln a box car, nor ask tbe section man for  a "lift" on the "baud car.". Charles M. Schwab,  the many times millionaire, is having completed, a private car, by tho Pullman Car Company  In the States, that is to be tho finest thing on  wheels.   Whether ho played the '-wheel"  at  Monto Carlo or not, is none of my business, but  ray friend Schwab, ahem!   is certainly going  to ho on   velvet���excuse tho slang���when bo  travels.  The interior in to be Louis Fifteenth  style. Two brass.bedsteads which are to cost  $1,000  each,    and   are;, handsomely    chased.  Mr. Schwab's room ls in rod, his wife's In blue  and the diuing:room in green. .This isprobably  the time to take a littlo breath and consider  carefully this noblo picture. : Does ono sleep  any more or less soundly In u bedstead tlmt cost  a thousand dollar)*?  Is it any satisfaction if a  .spreading rail shoots you Into eternity, to know  that you have Just loft a Louis.Fifteenth inter,-,  lor?  And who shall explain ,thc  triplicate,  mystery of the colors of ttose rooms?  Ked is'  .the color of gold, and perhaps tluilt is why Mr.  Schwab ohoosea it lor his special tint.   As to  ,thocolor ot his wife's room, let us not even  whisper any suggestion tonchlnc the tone of  her hosiery; let us rather suggest that it Is her  romantic way of expressing gratitude: for; the  fbluy steel thiit:his gone so far to: put, her into  ithls palace cur.   The diniug-room is in green.  A eynical old painter of.no repute was' in the  ;habit of culling all landscapes "salads".' The  color' scheme   of   the   Schwab   dining-room  suggests sulads.  Let us hopo the Schwabs'can  mix u good salad.; It is a thing that is a ,crime  to delegate to another.. Kven u billlonairo may  mix a very bad suluuV   An ordinary   citizen  with debts and frayed cuffs 'cua walk around  the millionaire, as likely as not, when It comei,  to composing a salad.   Who shall say but that  tbe sahul is as important ns the,syndicate?  Both nourish on young; greon things, but there  ail coinpiiriscin;ends.; Tlie decoration'^for the  ceiling of this car have been done by a lloston  woman named Friable.- Tliero ls no dangeriof  bean-eating Boston getting left on this car, as  Schwab himself is a slippery bean, ns thc courts  of tlie United States well know.: But where ib  Whistler nil this time? , Is he shuddering in  tho old nge of his fame, ono wonders, lest the  glory of tho peacock room bo eclipsed?   Well,  he will have to wait und see.   But one finds for  such splurglngs as this Schwab car anything  except envy.  A man, rugged or iu millions,  has but one appotite, one body to"-, comfort, one  set of senses to satisfy.  The feast of Lucullus,  dished in surroundings smacking of thc Louvre,  will matter nothing to the man  who 'has no  appetite.  Nor red rooms, nor blue rooms, nor  green rooms can secure a peueful mind or sound  slumber.   When Mr. Schwab has passed   the  stage of building himself palaces on wheels, or  on land let him take a leaf from "the book of a  man'wh'o had desires and ambitions that.' went  beyond personal ease, John Cecil Ubodcti.  ���Liis Vkr.von.  a zig-zag ur.  Would you  write a.  that-*  ^rhymo  could scale  Or climb  up and  down the  Tn   front    of    one  dance haCl   a    small  dark and is an ideal, place' Ior the hold- I crowd of evangelists woro sing��g    and  down and  pago like  iipnud  this;  Hiss?  uot a  Would you  like to'.;  learn the  wny  how to  Lay?  zlg.<ag.  all you  have to  write a  tnke  fit the  Following U tbe platform adopted at  the Kamloops convention of tbe Pro-;  vinclal Progressive Party:  That this party lays lt down a's a  flrst principle that they will nominate,  endorse or support only such man as  will place their signed, undated, resignation In the hando of the convention  which nominates or endorses them;  that this resignation be sworn to; that  this resignation may be handed ln to  the lieutenant-governor In council  whenever a majority of the convention  shall consider suoh action advisable.  1. That we gradually abolish all taxes  on the producer and the products of  the producer, shifting them on laud  values.  2. Government ownership of railways  and all means of communication.  : 3. That the government establish and  operate smelters and refineries to treat  all kinds of minerals.  4. That the franchise be extended to  women.  B. The abolition of property qualifications for all public offices.  6. Farm Improvements; implements  and stodk not to be taxed, and wild  lands to be assessed ai the price asked  for,them by speculative holders.  7. No land or cash subsidies. Lands  to be held for the actual settler.  8. Ten per cent, of all public landd  to be immediately set aside for educational purposes and' education of all  children up to the^ age of 16 years to  be free, secular and compulsory, text  books, meals and clothing to be supplied out of the public -funds where  necessary.  9. Compulsory arbitration of labor  disputes.  10. -Restriction ���. ot Oriental immigration by-a law on the lines of the Natal  act, and if said law be disallowed, it  be, repeatedly re-enacted until the end  sought is attained.  It: That to protect us from Asiatics  already in the province the government  Insert a clause in ill private acts to  this effect: "This act shall be null and  v;6id"if the company fails to enter into  l'an agreement with the government as  to conditions of construction arid operation,"' and that the house pass a  resolution to ^.prohibit the employment  of Asiatics on all franchises granted  by the provincial house.  12. Conservation of our forest riches,  pulp land : leases ���'-. to ^contain - a provision for re-foresting so as to"produce  a perennial revenue ��� and make pulp  manufacture a growing* and permanent  industry.  13. That the act compelling the scaling of iogs by government scalers be  enforced.  14. Absolute reservation from sale or  lease ^f a certain part, of each known  coal area, so that, state owned- mines,  if necessary, ��� may be easily possible in  the future. All coal leases or grants  hereafter made to 'contain" a provision  enabling the government, to fix the  price of coal loaded on cars or vessels  for shipments to B.C. consumers.  15. -Municipalization and public control of the liquor: traffic.  16. The Tight;to a referendum where  a valuable subsidy or franchise is to  be conferred.  17.i Tliat all transportation companies  be ^impelled to-give free transportation to memlbers of the legislative assembly and ^supreme,court and county  judges.  "18. Election day to be a public holiday, and provision made that every  employer shall be free from service at  least four consecutive hours during  polling time.  THE ' VANCOUVER TRADES ANW  Labor Council meets first and third  Thursday ln each month, at 7:M p. ,BL  President, W. J. Lamrick; vice-president,  F. 3. Russell; secretary, T. H. Cross;'financial secretary, J. T. Lllley; treasurer,  C. Crowder; sergeant-at-arms,' C. J.  Salter; statistician, J. H. Browne.  SHIRT WAIST AND LAUNDRT  WORKERS UNION. No. 105-MeetS  every 2nd and 4th Thursday ln each  month ln Union Hall. President, G. W.  Rowlands; corresponding' secretary'; H.  Alltree, 1027 Richards Street; financial  secretary. Miss M. Whitman; treasurer.  Miss Jeolousc; delegates to Trades and  labor Council. G. XV: Rowlands, J. Har-  gle, W. MeDermott and I. J. Colthart.  JOURNEYMEN BARBERS' INTERNATIONAL UNION, No. 120-Prcsldent,  Fred Hawe; vice-president, J. A. Dlbden;  corresponding-financial; secretary, J. A.  Stewart, 61 Cordova St.; recorder, B. H.  Goodmurphy; treasurer,-, G. - Bower;  guide. A.. H. Legatt; guardian, G. Bowers;, delegatca to T. & L. Council, J. A.  Dlbden and Fred Hawe. Meets flrat and  third Wednesdays,.-. of each month Is  Union Hall.  i\ ,v ITISRS AND WAITRESSES UNION,  Local No. 28. President, Charles Over;  vlci-pi'fsldent. A. 'N. Herrington; secre-  tary-tieasurer, J. H. - Perkins. Meeting  every -Friday-' evening at 8.30 o'clock In  Union Hall, corner Homer aind. Dunsmulr  streets.  STREET RAILWAY MEN'S UNION"-:  'Meets second and fourth Wednesday of  each month , in Sutherland. Hall, corner  Westminster Avenue and' Hastings Street  at 8 p.m. President, Robt. Brunt; vice-  president, Chas. Bennett; secretary,: A.  G. Perry, 83 7th Avenue; treasurer, F; C  O'Brien; conductor, Ed.: Manning; warden, A. J. Wilson; sentinel, J. Howes;  delegates to Trades and Labor Council:  C; Bennett, Robt. Brant, Geo. Lenfesty,  A, J; Wilson and J. Howes.   UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS; and Joiners���Meets every  second and fourth Wednesday in -Union  hall, room No. 2. President, A. E. Coffin;  vice-president, Joseph Dixon; recording  secretary, Geo. Dobbin;; financial secretary, J. M. Sinclair; treasurer, J. Ferguson; conductor,; G. Fingley;;warden,,,C  H. Blair; delegates to tho Trades an*  Labor council, It. Macpherson, J. M.  Sinclair, Geo. Dobbin.: Jos. Dixon, Geo.  Adams; delegates to tlie Building Trades  Council. ,M. McMullen. Levi C. DeWolfe.  When you want to hire a flrst-clasn  -horsfl-an<!-busgy,���go-to-tite���Palace  11 very stables. -Telephone 126.  INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF BLACKSMITHS, Vancouver Union, No. 151���  Meets the first and -third'Monday In eaeli  month at 8 p. m., in Union liall. Homer  street. President, Robert Gray; financial  secretary, George NeSbltt, 1207 - Homer  street; recording secretary, D. Robinson,  box 37, Vancouver, B. C; delegates to  the Trades and Labor council, William  Latham, D. Robinson, R. Edwards.   TEXADA MINERS' UNION, No.' 113, W.  F. M.. meets every Saturday at 7.30, p.  m. in Forester's Hall, Van;Anda. President, John D. Fraser; vice-president, J.  XV. Austin; secretary. Alfred* Raper;  treasurer. A..G.7 Deighton: .-conductor,  Wm. A. McKay; warden; Henry Patterson.   INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OV  Electrical Workers, , Vancouver ; Local,  No. 213���Meets second and fourth Tuesday  in each month in Union hall, room No. ��.  President, Geo.; Cowling; vice-president,  R. P. Irwin; recording secretary,. A."D.  Hotson, 635 Richards street; financial  secretary, John Dubberley.   CI<3ARMAKRRS��� UNION NO. * 357���  Meets the first Tuesday, ln each; month  in Union Hall. President, C.'L.'Kuhii;  vice-president, C Parsons:.',secretary,[.J.  C.v*:penser," c|o. Mainland' Cigar.- Factory;  treasurer, S. 'W.'* Johnson; sergeant-ot-  arms, J. Schuylmcyer; -delegates - t��  Trades and Labor Council, J. Crow, C. Ij.  Kuhn and John Mlllan.  THE RETAIL CLERKS', INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  meets in O'Brien's Hall, tho first ami  third Tuesdays ��� of each ���' month. D. McLean, president; XV. 3. Lamrick.  tary, 248 PrlncesB street.   BROTHERHOOD: OF PAINTERS.AND  DECORATORS. Loca 1 Union No.7i:It*.  Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday in Labor Halt.  President,:W. Pavier;.vice-president,* W.  Halliday; >recording secretary,! E. Crush,  767 Eighth avenue, west; financial secretary, t'A,;'Gothard,* 822 Howe street: .treasurer, H. MeSorley,   INTERNATIONAL,' ASSOCIATION:,-OF  Machinists.���Beaver Lodge, No. ^te.���  Meets second and fourth Monday la  each month ln Union hnll President., I  R. Edwards; vice-president, Fred Knight;  recording secretary, Geo. Downey; financial secretary, H. J. Littler. 573 Hastings;  street east; treasurer, ; E. Tlmmins;  iruard. F. Coughlin.   VANCOUVER FISHER MEN'S  Union, No. 2���Meets in Union hall.  Homer street, every Saturday,; at 8 p.m.  Steve Dames, president; -Chas. Durham,  '.secretary pro tem.   ���JOURNEYMEN BAKERS' ANID CON-  FBCnONBRS' International Union;, of  America, Local No. ;46, Vancouver,*,'B.C.  President, T. Baxter; vlce-ipresldent,: J.  'Ingles; recording secretary, F. W. Barbie;' financial secretary,'M. MacLean, 2100  ���Westminster ,v Avenue, Mount * Pleasant:  corresponding secretary, J, Webster,'284*  ���Westminster 'Aivcue, Mount Pleasant;  treasurer, J: Wilkinson.  JOURNEYMEN TAILOHS' l.\ ON OF  America, No. 178���Meets hist and  third Mondays in rooii/'No 1 Union  hall. President, C." Whnlm, vice-prcsi-*  dent, F. Logg; recording secretary, F.  Williams, 1814 Seventh avenue XV.; financial secretary, T. Wood, tieasurer,  W. W. Toombs, sergcant-at-arms, T.  Mathews.  NOTICE.  words that  Break  pnge and  up the  aonls to  rhyme���  Jean  Tims  any  ���I.UE Vkbkon.  Fivo cents and a ticket will get a  package of "Force" at Tlie City (ir-o-  ccny. . ,  NOTICE IS HBItKBY OIVKN, that application will be made to tiie I'arliament of Canada,  ar the next sitting thereof, for an Act incoporii-  tlng a Company, under the name of the "Vancouver and Coast Kootenay Kaihvay Company,"  to construct nnd opi>rme n lino of Railway,  from a point nt or near tho City of Vancouver;  thence south easterly to the City nf Now Westminster and Herons, the Fraser Kiver; thence  easterly by the most feasible route, lo a point  al or near .Midway, in tlle llouiidarv Creek  District; from a point on the main line of the  railway s.iulli of the Fiaser, totiiiolnt atnr near  the niontli of the Kntser Kiver; from a point on  the mainline oust ol Hope, to a point at or near  Nicola I.Hlce; and from a pninloti the malnlino  nf the railway til or near llie Cily of Vancouver,  northerly across Jliirrard Inlet, at the most  tea-Ihlepoint, to North Vnnenuver Municipal!-  iv, th**nie wo-fleny lo a point at or near the  innlinl of the Capiiano Creek.  WITH l'OWKH lo eonstruct nnd operate  branch lines, fiom any point nn the mainline  ofthe proposed railway;or 'tranches thereof,  uoi exceeding lu nnv one case thirty (SO) niilf  in length; and with powcr'to construct, own  and operate wharves, docks, elevators and  warehouse!* in coiinectinii tliercwith; and to  construct,own, iiml operate ateain and o'her  vessels, on any navigable waters; nmi With  powi'r to construct, own, maintain, and operate  a suitable ferry, from the most convenient  point on the Mainland of British Columbia, to the mosl convenient point  on Vancouver Island, io as to make uun-  nectlon with the City if -Victoria, or to  connect therewith by the same; to construct,  operate aud miilntaiu telegraph ami telephone  lines, along tho route of the proposed ruilway  or its branches, and; to transmit messages for  commercial purposes, and to collect tolls thore*  for. to generate electricity 7 for power ; and  lighting purposes, and for all rights, powers  aiid prevlicges ; uecCBsary usual, or incidental  to all or uuy ot the aforcraid purposes.  . Dated at Vancouver, this lst day of October,  A. V. 19C2.  D. O. MACPON15IJL  Solicitor for Applicants.  BUILB13US'.'���'-.���.LAUORER'S'- FEDERAL  Union, No. 32, Vancouvcr^Mcets  every-Thiirsriay-cvcniiig-at_&-��i't.Io(.k���m_  room-:No. 1,; Union . - hn.ll.- . President,  Fred Collins: secretary, H. Sellers, Western' Hotel; delegates ,,to liuildiiig Tradai  Council, H. Sellers,;*, Chris Foley- and  John Sully.  VANCOUVER TyPOlfUAl'lllOAL UNION, No. 'J26, meets the fourth Monday in each ���':month, at Union Hall.  President, C. S. Campbell: vice-president, II. W. King: secretary, S. .T.  Gothnrd; T. O. box (lfi; tieasurer, Geo.  Wilby; scrgcant-at-arniH. A. ��� K. Arnold;  uxecutlvo committee, XV, 11. Hunt; G. K.  Plerrott. W. Urand, Uobt. 'Podd; delegates to Trades and Labor Council, W.  llraml. S. .1. Ootlnml. F. AV. Fowler.  J. D. Murray, Baker, has  broken his agreement with  the Bakers' Union and his  shop is no\v non-union.  Union men will govern,  themselves accordingly.  F. BARTLE, /  Secretary. ENGLISH  SWIMMERS  LONG DISTANCES ARE LIKED BY AND  OFTEN TRIED BY THEM.  Holblon's Novel Preparation for His At.  tempt to Crots tlio ChanDel--Sora�� Rule*  tlio Oroat Lonff Dlataneo Swlmmar Lnj-i  Down far Protlclancy and Comfort iu  the Art��� KooJIiurtllneii l,oits Live*.  Long distance swimming is an art  in whicli few on thig side ot the big  pond lnwo attained n pronounced degree of accomplishment, and this is  naturally a disappointment to natatorial enthusiasts who would like to  see this brunch of the great sport developed, Aside from the very evident utility of llie pastime from a  life saving viewpoint, long distance  swimming is a'superb developer of  tlie body and of tlio lungs, giving a  ninn hardihood th'at will prove of in-  noi.nii;x, thi: grkat i:v<ii.i��h  long iiis-  TANCi: SWIMVIhll.  estimnble benelit throughout his   entire life.  Knglish swimmers aie very fund of  going long distances, and thoy have  placed on rcroiil some rcniiirkiilile re-  cortls. Tlio channel swim is always  a dangerous ami tempting lure to the  Biitishc-rs, und the recenl detenuiiii'd  btit unsuccessful iitlciii|it to cross the  strait by Cyclist llolbien again  brought prominently In-fore tho public eye Ihis daring till around athlete.  llolbien attempted the swim last  year and was unsuccessful: consequently his latest elloil wns pioeluc-  ed liy an eu'ii stronger nmhinnn to  ii-iii-h the rovctod goal. lie started  fium 1'upe llri/->iv, l-'riiiico, in swim  to Dover, England, lli-tween these  points tho tliiiiinel is thirty miles  \v;do. llolbien covered all imt six  miles 'of the distance, when, to save  him from being curried into the North  Kelt, he was picked up hy a lug"'  llolbien was in the water, which  was at a ti'ippcratiire nt t\'2 degrees,  more than siMct-u bonis, and yet he  had plenty oi" i*c>crve stiength when  taken on boaid tho tug. His preparation was hugely responsible for  his condition. Befoie entering thc  water be covered himself thoroughly  with a mixture of oil and iodine,  serving to nullify somewhat the effect of prolonged submersion.' lie  uses this preparation before all of  bis long swims. Other swimmers fre-  <|iiuiitly resort to the use of a liberal  coating of vaseline, which, tliey say,  is tt wonderful aid.  llolbien has thc following to say  about swimming:  "Foolhnrdiness is a prevailing fault  with those considering themselves  swimmers of more than the ordinary  ability, and it is a well known fact  that more so called 'good swimmeis'  are lost every year than performers  of mediocre power.  "And right here. I desire to give a  few words of advice, regardless of  age. sex or experience, ilon't go into deep water within tin hour after a  heavy meal, for cramps invariably  arc had when undigested food is in  the stomach. However, there is little use in staying out of the water  for two or three hours after eating,  as is frequently suggested. A single  hour will usually be found to answer the purpose. Ilon't go into the  water when the temperature is below  lioi.niKN- covnni.vn iiimski.k wnii on. ,vvi.  loniNi:.  Hii degrees. Excessive cold will give  cramps to the li.n-diest nf alhlclc*.  Don't try to swim across a body of  water unless you know the exact distance, for uppciii'iiui'i-s an* very deceptive. Don't lake long swims cui-  ly in the senson unless you have lnvif  practicing mi- a week or two. for  swimming muscles are seldom used in  other  exercises  "Ilon't venture  into unknown    tide  watets  without companions. Cur  rents arc very tieacherous and deceiving, especially in rivei.s, and  many a man has lost his life through  carelessness. Don't dive into unfamiliar waters. Hocks and slumps often lurk below the surface, and eveiy  year broken necks result because of  them "  RT   HCN   C^T. RITCHIE.  A  Cnutlimiltilely \1Mll1u   If Mil for 111* t ml.  unit   I onitliiii,, I'l*   Hits lli*.n|i,i il ���  *SeH th itirHl-tr of I X( lli*(|ll��*l  Right Hon Chat Ics 'I Ii-ji,.shh  Ritchie, the new Ch.uicelloi of Ik-*  E.-uhoqiiei in thc Ibilish Cabinet w is  mado Scueiui.v of state for Dome  Affans, on the leconstiuction of the  Setlisbuiy .Mmistiv m I "X) lu- is  compaiali\el> \oung lm tlu eminent  positions he has oLCiipu .1 **im< his  entiy into political 1. e >n I..71 llo  was foimeilj Societal} to tin Ad-  miialty, Piesident of the I.t ntlun  Boaid of 'liade, and he is i ow the  rcpicsentnlivc oi ' loulon in I'.nli.i-  mont Hi Ritchie is not in .inv  sense ol tho woid a univusitv man  His only class tuning was lli.it  which he iceeiud at the OU ot London School  Of the lit   Don   Chai l-'s'I    Kilchie,  Chancelloi   of the lfXthecpie*    in    Mi  Balfoin s      Cabinet IN-Attadie '  writes  Of all the changes made 'ii tho Cabinet lhe most impoi' ml is the tinns-  fer of Chailes Ritchie fiom the Scc-  iclanship of State of the Dome lle-  pnitinctit lo the Ch.mi.Uloi of the  KxilKquei Chinks limine In.e  Joseph Chamheilain wth whom he  has ni.uij points in common mhicv-  e;l siuic-s in business befoie cmb.nl>-  ing on a political laicei His pie-  deccsor Sn Jlieh.iel Hicks-Pcuh  .ippioiuhed tho (manual issues ol the  (Ia> as a sticntisl and as ,i mattci  of polling! ccoiiomv, wlu'icas tliailis  llitehn will deal with th'in Jtkcl.oid  l!o��-th..n���lh it is to s,i\, lorn the  .s'.andiioint of t siicec-sful business  man who is tlelciimti d to tieal the  business .ifT.uis of the j,n*ish I-iu-  piri ac coi ding to business methods  nnd on a thoioughlv busings basis  Thanks to his tiaining, he >s able lo  reali/e that theie ,ne tpit.nn outlavs  which .lie indispensable to the welfare ot the nation and which, if  withheld, nn likclj lo involve m ich  grealei c\ponditui( and i\m losses  of lhe heaviest (h.u.utei, i.ttci on  Thus tl. ie is no t-oubt ih.it had the  'J'l'e.isuiy shown itself moie liljei.il m  connection with the Mai Pepuitminl  eltnin,' the poind imnicdi.i'ely pie-  cecling and following the ciutbi"ak of  thu eonllicl in South \fiic.i the  struggle would h.ne btrji luini^hi lo  a fat spceclioi end, and lhe loss ol  much blood ll'l and tit.isuic a.cited.    Ihe South  Aii lean wni   fuinish-  11T HON 0 i miriliF  ed onlv one of mniiv illus'i uions of  tho unbusinesslike (manual policv of  the lluneilloi of the- I-\che *uci who  has nisi iL'signed, and with Thai les  Kilihiu ns its Mitu.il head, the Bi it-  i-h 'Pi easui j ma\ now come lo be i e-  gitrdod as a means of development  and of pi ogress to the British Empire, instead of constituting, as in  the past, a blighting an I wi.hjnng  nllutn.e on e\eiv Government de-  I urtiiirnt nnd on even fiovei ninuit  official, both nt home and abioad  Chailes Ritchie is a Seo1 chin n by  birth though a I.ondonci bj ecluea-  tiori and business tunning Like his  broth'i, tlio Aldeiman, Sn dames  liiuhie. who, n he Pies will become  Lord \ltcveii of London n ecuiplc of  yeais hen.e, he bails fi mil Poif.ii-  shire but was educate-1 .it the Citv  of 1 ondon Scnnol, on lenv mg i Inch  he unit sti.light into busin"-s as a  inenibci of his faihei's lnm which is  now Miidei the iln eel ion of Sir  ���lames Yel ho lnol s neithei u Scot  nor jet a <;_tv of London minhant,  but with Ins s\\,ut|i\ complexion, Ins  fla. li ng bl.ick im1, and lurn-d up  moustache suggests ia h*i a Span-  i*-li don ot, as Ills political fens declare, lhe- old-lnue pn.ue of the  Spanish Mum Huh lh.it he is ( \-  tieni('ly"iiggiosslw'-ti n~to~s,iy piifna"  clous does mil hesitate 'o sjnakciil  his mind cnu I e i \u* i'iiuIi 11 p-  | erj when ainuseil mil is ninti* as  reach ns .Inspil) ( li.im I k*i I i t) lo ns-  si-i t himself wh n ho iin-idis thu  ilii'ie- is a lis|iiisitum tn ij_-uoi<��� h *u  Yet le is | ossi-t.f.|. | nf ii u-i 1 in de  I'liitim nf iliiinn*!, and wlilli I'n--  ili-ul nf th' Pna ll nf 'I Hide displ.iv-  "I Du- n.(Kt i t'liui 11 tiiile uul 'ii d nl-  in: with Inl in d spuio., which he  man g d in n>ttli* In a *n l-fi'tn v  iiiuunui   bv  binuing  In  lie.tr   en  th*  isslll'l     illVdlMll   Ills    KM 111    ( (lllllltCICIllI  ���*s|>i i lend- mnl i illinium huhi Ihii.Iu ss  licit ens lit-     lule<iui(u  NlM.uli  lisplimd   quilt   u   Iciii.itl.uhli'   lit mg  for I.I ill. and     li *i      siicmimii   -,i|,ins  Illl-Sl-   'I'llHllll'lllS       tllUllMl'l    tin*     n   w  ( h in i-l'oi of lh- I'm lioqinr, who  wltll' lm Inn;, pi'ilmps lh- clii>sii, il  grin.*s mill i n 11 in <��� nf tliii**e nf Ins  colli a jilt's whn Iiim* uiadiinti d with  hniiins f i tit il (Kfnitl uml fiom ( iim-  lirld^.11 ni'ii'i 'ln-li '������< Is ii title intul-  ler, In III it he lintn* hint tn ii'ind  iu Inn di'iililii" wllh hlu SiiMieliii  i'ltlii'1 Inn glial Hlli'i i i li'nc \ in i v  rc"*siv( Indei i iiilctiK* nf d im mm His  nillnllllM inllon nf 111 llniiu- |li'|n*t-  incill has liciu ii k iispki nus slide"-,  an I ilioioii{hl\ Iiim lib ������ hi* up| n nl-  ment to lli< | nsl of Ministi i oi I i-  nnliM' of the Mint lliitlsh I'-ini'lie,  and few of lh- holdeis nr llint ollin*  have gnen tl*.e lo -��� litlle pnpiilur  criticism.  SAXI)IlKliST(JUl/Lh<iK  THIS ROYAL  MIU'TARY SCHOOL HAS  A HISTORY OF OVER 100 YEARS.  lu >bw O.ud U I.loul.-Lol, Ivltson, I'or  ncer l oinuiaiidaiit of Klncltoa llllltiiri  Collcc*>���Oue of tlle Muel lmiliirlt nl  rokitlinii in iht* llrlllili Aiuii-lh,  ( ollccn It *e|f.Mip|���,| Hub i*11*! ^lirphiK  Ketriiii. 1%  I ii III ll\rr lo (,o\t*l liiucot  The Royal Slililuiy College, Snnd-  huist, to which 1 iLiit-Col ICitson,  Bntish "Militaij Altaihe at Wnsh-  i-ig'on and foimc-i Ccuimiuudant of  Rojal "Milstdt\ College, King-ton  has just been appointed Commandant one of tbe mnsi unpen t.nil positions in the lliitish Aim\ his a  histoiv of o\ei ,i bundled v'**is It  was fount1!d lusl nt High 'UKOiiihe  in lTO'i, linioiid to Uii.it Mnilow  in  1*02, and to Siuidhui*-t  in  181 a  m- Cr.\>-   '-"v-V  ,���L ��� J'4$zf"-*(i,  SAMllIIII.SI  Sandhuist lies to the light ot the  famous old eoath load to l.sctvi,  tlnoiigl btaincs and liasnigsloke on  tlie edge of Bagshot-hiatli_ llie soiuc-  wlnit foi nun lai^o oi college buildings being a conspiu.ous lean ie of  the landscape In lSfaS a wing o,  the college was destio.td bj Ine, but  was le-eieeled in aceoidante with the  oiiginal design 'lhe buildings consist of a st.tfl college and a tadcts'  college and con'ain, besides studies,  dotmitoiies, dining halls, and ehape-1,  a line libi.uy of some 11,000 m>1-  umes, smailci Iibiancs and leading  loot is foi each cornpanj, a model  museum, a nding school two hospitals, a baltciy, ine-eoints <.^c  'Iho allaiis of the college aie legul-  ated bj a. Bond of Comiiii*-sioiHis  with the Comm indei-in-Cbief .it ll.e-n  head H is undei the coiitinl of a  go\etnoi, lieutcii.iiil-goM iiim , and a  slaiT of siiboidinalo oibci.ils \s le-  gnds its (inaniial at langements the  (ollcge is nol oi lv sclf-siippotting  but itah/es an .mnn il suiplus win h  is paid oii<i lo liO*.einment Com-  pctttiie e\fini.nation foi enUanco into the Cadets' College bigaii in IS'iS  pi ioi to wlu'h time theio was a scale  of ices iani>ing Horn L'10 to L.1.0  pel annum, the Inst sum foi tlie  sons oi ollieeis undei tht Link of  In Itl cifliceis, the l.ittci foi thu sons  of pmato genilemen and noblemen  The life of ,i cadet is essentially a  b.iiiaek ono, with constant dulls,  sniveling, field woik, i onlooning,  and imlil.li> sketching in addition  to oidmaiy cdue mon  KING EDWARD'S NURSE.  Oiinid 1 xpm l-*ii(e ill Ilrcsftlns ^oundR in  -oulli   I filt tn w ar  Impoi tiint as weie the seiuccs of  the titled smgeons who opiintcd on  King Ldiwiid, theii woik was oi  si.nct'ly gieatei \alue in icsloinif  th1 io\,il patient to conip.iiutne  health than lhat of Nuise l'.ni,  whose constant and skillnil .it t ml ion  has supplemcnt.pl the edoils oi the  iov.il  doclois  NuiSi Pun  is a Devonshire woman  llnnifftllr   Mlunt  AtDoealts of the- "nn-liu'.ikfasl  cure" me mulllphing in the I'nited  Kingdom  A child who cries much is coitiun-  ly not well, and is tpiitc likely to be  ono which is n\oi-fld.  m i.si ru I.  .She was bom at Teignmoi'th She  did ,v linna'jli* wo \ in tb South Af-  i iitin wm wluu *-h^ adpirid \ ilu-  u lie IikmIiiI;1 enni'inri- th clic-s-  int* ol wo uli * ll i. dcseiili I .i'nn a lie* stiom '���ens.ble and kind  uud is lh* insi |iinii>>si( nil nn-i  thai llu'  Kin; c\ci   had  hull in (. iniliini.-  \ihlle men jmi iblp with o.nds but  lii 'nili.in ii'ts gnvlv loloiod sticks  wi ll which lo woo e.ipieious foi-  n u I h - '1 Inn' ei't;*' d-t " ton  slsts of llintv slit Is which lbe\  nm it*      i.i1 *-, '      inc. s "  etc I In  s*ie s mc sliull'td nnl sjven tne In,i  in a tint ol glass 'lhe lemniu'ei  mc eoinied 'Ih game consists in  .jicssiiu in wliidi piles aie ccii.imi  e f tin- uu mills u iMiul Vhe Indian-  will s*a c all lh v posvss including  wi\(s and ehildim on the game  Similaih ihull.iidnhspl.iv odd and  inn wilh sliel,s the wmnei lung  Ik who gels all the sticks I lie game  of thi (olullcs is called -alkolloek"  u> (I Is idnjcd wih sieais east  th oimh nn,'s Vein lv all the Sei  ish lilies o' the Bulisli noilhvest  teiiiloues *-(Oi n the oidmaiv foi 111=  of (.ambling an 1 bet onlj on hoise  i.iemg  ^^^^  Thev who ha\e no desire for   holiness will find no delight in Heaven.  HE WhOTE FU-Ji   h.  \,l  It I'nlil  I'.lclifl J 11  liiiiilr.-.!     linn  ��aml  lltilltiri. a \.Hr��� l  li    I       lilti.l  11 I 111 1II1    1,1     iiiii      1 mint*  llnnle Rithi'lioing, the gua* feul'le-  tonisle of 'lhe i'etlt loin mil was  the one wulei who knew with moiling ci-itaiiilj i-\aitl> what sent 01  stouts tin* mas*.e** vvuiileil In tintl  lie eould wnli down to the loul of  the mnsl igiiniaiil witliiiui iiliiniiciiig  the iiilelliguiu nl tin bell01 infoini-  ed, I'aik -tones of invhciv aid  iriiue wen* his s| i'iiall.\, uud he  wicilc 'In in as casilv as n I id\ nui-  nalist 1 (implies a desciipti 111 cl a  nousseau lu hut he wns genu lllv  iiigitgicl upon seveial stones sn nil-  tiinioiislv, keeping sols ol lubilcd  pu|i|u-l> lepiisiuting his ihaiaelirs  111 sepntitc diuwois so tbat he  might be sine in iciiii-inbii lug ihe-n  11 lines and  the enlni   nf llu ii   hair  'Iheie was no dungci wbulcvci ol  his oveiwiiting his niinkel How-  evu much he wiote celilois bought  it and nsked fot moie Once indi'id,  the editoi of The Petit .loinmil. nils-  lid bv his own ciiliial nidgn cut 01  nspmnc to elevate the publu tasle  slielvtd one of Itiihohcieii g s stoius  and pii'iled .lulcs Vei 11c s "Michael  stnigolT" insu'.K1 of it lie iitcivcel  SO.OdO indignant letteis in n week  and had to nnploie the 1 ejected e 011-  l lbuloi to icluin to hiin So Hi he-  lioing w 1 o te a nd wiote with a'l-'d ite-  li unchecked suinss until his 1 e.tth  He imt logolher on a*i nve ,'ge* live  senal stones a Mat, and he was n-  gulaih paid 520,000 a ve.n fm cmiIi  of iliem 'lh.it is lo t.i> he i.iined  5,100 000 ,1 veai bv wuting iiilibisb  a feat absolutely without pauillel in  lilt'iinj   annals ���Aigon.iiit  NEW STORY ABOUT MAP.K TWAIN  An   Ini blent   llint   11. mm   llurini 11m   n.   1  ^lot v  lev   Mlm-. If  Richaid Ttippei, the eoncspi nd *n:,  tells th s n 'w si ni \ .ilioiit  M,nk Iwaini On^ eli\ wlu'e  the ntilhoi was eo* n cted wi h  a ptiblisliing housi lie winl  into a 1 oo'^ stoic 111 Nevv \ o k  One ('av wh lc th* iiillini vvas connected w.th a pulii|s|iiu.i li iiise* h-  wen into a look stoic 111 \i vv Ynu,  and, picl ing up a \0l1111c*   asked the  THE PARIS STUNTS  CHARACTERISTIC FRENCH SIGHTS TO  BE SEEN THEREIN.  dis-  thc  THE CI.IKK Ill-OAN' TO HtH'ltk.  price     He lh n sin-gcstol  th il as  a  ptiblishci  he was entitled to .'ill   pet  cent discoi nl      'Jo  Ihis the tlcis us-  si-ntcd  'As   I  am  an  aulhoi,"     piocecdt-il  Ma'k.    'il  would appeal   tlint I    am  again  entitled   to  .10   pel   cent  count "  Again the clei k bowed  /nd as a pi'iscnal fuend of  proptic o ,' the humoiist mod sllv  coiit'iiuecl 1 piicumc that vou will  allotv me the usual 23 pei cent disco ml "  Cn.e  more    th*  sulisimiu   n-iinigeii  to pioduee an impit ssjv c I ow  J   Well,"    diawled    ih.*   1 n I'ushliig  sneaker        I n I-i    ihcsj   *-ondilion  1 thtiiv T inaj as well tale the bnol.  What's the pi ice'"  'lhe clei s calmly look up his nineil  and    I cgan    to  liguie    indiisti louslv  Ihe-n   hi   unneiii-c d the- icsult with  the gi eatest      obsMpmnisnt'ss As  nun a. I can ealuditc" said he  'we owe ypu lh* book ard al out  yj_ cents   "C.ill_ii_tiiin "  A NEW FLUID LENS  Product* 1 xrillim I Itotojfrnn'i'. Willi I %-  tri.tnrli   -hiic   I X)ii iitir^M  The usc of a fluid lens is a veiv  old iilea, hut when it bee nine pos'i'ilo  to make good glass lenses and th-  successful combination of uown and  flint glas v as made the Hind luis  soon fell into disuse At a icuit  meeting of tbe London Cumeia Club  Di 10 F (Dun tlcsciibutl .1 nevv fluid  lens with which he has le^ently bee-i  e\pciimenling  1 lis idea 111 tism0 such a lens is to  ineicusc the liipidity of at lion of the  eaineia He has been so successful  that he can pioduee \ei> excellent  photogiaphs wul shoit c\|)Os.iies  and ordin.'ij aililiuil illumination,  his lens woikin; ut 1 1 I' anil oven  1 V He showed snapshots of thcii-  tie scenes laki 11 al 111.lit with only  the niclin.i'^  t'lealie illumination, no  ll.isli-lighls ' bung used, which weie  icinaikablj shaiji und clear and in  which the gieat depth of focus of the  lens was well shown, both the pei-  founers at the nont of the stage  and the secncij at the back being  purfecily shaip  and  distinel  He also showed some lemurkahle  cmematogiaph pictuies of stage pei-  founances, which indicated that wilh  a little moie expeiinitnting just us  good night scene moMiig pictures enn  be obtained as nie now seemed by  dttvlight Thctc seems little doubt  thit thc new lens hns gicut possibilities and thnt mnny scenes which  photography hns not hithcito been  able to lepioduce, owing to lack of  sufficient illumination, will soon bo  biou^ht   within its  icarb.  v t*rr3, < oraelr Outdoor 1 railef pi-opli* Him  llieir llnrrt-The Aigclublt* \ ^ml^r���  Mi&ilHllla VM|�� l\e^|i< tlio ( nflfi* -lull ���  ^ llo Jlfiular of ItrtiUen I Mini mill 111,  lift 1 limit of I o(o��.  Ill a foieign land if you wish to  le.iui the vv.tjs ot the 1e.1l people  lake- long walks thiough stieets 111-  (|iii-ntul by the pooiei tins es. In the  Latin (piaitu of I'm is and the u-iiion  iiilioniing iliaiiu tc-i istic* I luieh \ja\s  still abiile 'Iheie is this dilTcienie  between e\ploiing the- humblei dis-  tucts of l'.uis and those of olhet  gieat cities���heie thc task is moie  iiRiteable.' The Kiench, high and low  bathe less freepiently    than   Knglish  viucciivm nl  iin-  Mil 1. -I .v-nss  people, but ncvci thclcsg otilwuidlv  the pool, of J'aus look neatei and  tidiee   than  those of J emdou 'ihu  I'lerch man 01 woiiuin vvho has censed to caie about appealing on the-  stieet 111 clean, whole uud even fashionable ilolhing has sunk veiv low  indeed, ll is lhe niilionu! lempcia-  iiiLia of the 1 1 inch to desne to  please.  I',iiis lias nlmost ns 111.m\ stieet  mu chants and oiitelooi sliops nud  stalls  as un  niiuilal   eiu Along  both sides of the Seine in the* ne-igli-  boiliood 01 tliu J.oiiviu and 'iinleiies  gaidens ine Imniliecls 01 sceemdhand  book cluile s 'Ihe walls of llic-Suno  cu b.inkmi'iit .111 f.mlv lined with  them One men hunt will spiend Ills  wans siicLhtcl 111 ,1 ion 01 hue  twenty to lenlv ficl upon mill  ugitinst the stone wall. Theie aio old  bonks wiiiiili-ss en woith then  weight in gold, ace ending as one  fancies thum, engiiiv ings n bundled  jeais old, anuent l.ishion plates,  niemnii-, piavei books, hisioi ics, nil  going   but seldom gone 1     hnvo  vv.ilelied these secondhand book dis-  Iilivs inanv a tniie, sais a I'.ius colli spoiiduit >i*t nivci have seen u  volume sold  You might tut"*el fm unci 1101 seo  a Uueiici, ple.isitnlet soul than madame vvho keeps the collet- booth  Night and nay it is open penning  stunning fiiigiitnie upon the 1111 In  l'.nis booths and small iislau ants  (OITcu is nol sold by lhe cuplul, as in  Ihe Stales Miscd with boiling milk  it is pom eel 111I0 11 guiciiius bowl,  uud you sip 11 with a huge spoon,  like soup Client tin (.ins of the  mill stand upon the giound hcfuiu  the 1 ttle white scouted wooden coun-  tci wheie imidnmu dispenses he'i coffee  I'li-mh people-, like most Latin  ruees, aio fond of di Inking chocolate,  and unotlici of Ihe stieet familiars in  I'm is is the 'iiicichnnt of tocoa."  He Inc.nits especially the pinks and  Ihe Tmli'i it's guldens where chlldi un  pl.M.  watched  bv their muses In  Muiiniei his pails of cocoa arc- iced, ill  (old we'll thu   tliey ule stunning hoi  \'o se'f 11 spelling siicet fnkii in 1111  Knglish citv would nuiy vegetables  upon his back, peddling lliun fiom  hoise lo lioi'se lie would have ut  the least somo soit of beast to haul  iliem. If no moie thun 11 biol-e'i down  government inuii*. l^vcn the Italian  has a pushcail Uul iu I'm is Ihe  vcgctnbli- ileulei beups 11 gieal pini-  nlu with c Isp, blight giem things,  stiups it to Ills buck und slcps In isk-  Iv fiom dooi lo dooi. calling nut his  Willi's us he goes. 'Ihu iitillve I'lenili  sense of the aitistlc is now hue-moie  miiiiilest thiili In tin- inukeiip of tliu  guon gioeei mun and his goods Poetic uh-he-culls���hlnist'lf-scunetlmis  lhe meiiliiint of the foui seasons,"  because in then Win be* peddles the  things thai conic- and go vvilh llu-  ���i.isoii His     basket    nf   vigclithle  -villi lniiiseli bciii'ith, ileal, h idling  and politi, iniilvis 11 phasing pliluie  let iinolliei iiiuihniil 1,nlies lus  shop  upon  hit  huck Mc ulso  slls  upon it at his convenience II1.1L Is  the mendei   of  bin.tcn     (lii nn lie*  pi*-sesfiom window to window,--liig-  ing as ho goes a ehioiy snug 111 vvhleb  he announces himself nble' In mend  eveiything except n bioken hem I  Ono of the oddest shows of all Is tbu  wnm'c-iing matniss iiiukei al woik  in the slieel Huve vou an undent  muttiess vou desne madeovu nnv'  hi this loimliv vou would send It to  a shop 1 li'ie ,vou huve oul.v to wnlt  11 litlle, nud in a fcv. du.vs nl must  the le-palling e\|e'il will uppeiii llo  will nuiy vom dilapidated nmllif's  into the slieel, set up 11 fiiinie and  before- join eve., if .vou mu' lo  watch "evisLcitile it. pull It lo ph-us  and letuin it to >ou iu cMi-llent  oidei  HlK Srrkii.  'lhe Mai(:ms of Sulisbuiv vvcnis llie  b'ggest, eoiltir In I'm linnient. it Is  esaetlj nineteen und a half 111 lies In  uruimieroncc The- biggest lollni in  the House of Commons inch lies llie  neck of Sii William 1 lat com t nnd Is  eighteen in h-*s aiound Sn William  designed his own collni, mid if it Is  not, a thing of beauty it is expansive and toinfoitable 'lhe highest  collni evei worn in raillamenl was  that whith grntod the nock of Bob-  b- Spencer, it was four ami a hall  in* he's in depth.  NEW MONKEY FACTS.  J-xporf (imiit-r Kei!|ii>r}irHl>rfiai tlir Jitiicla  .    With   11   lull   NotflitinU��� llo   1h  ��tilo  illlll.llh   tl.tw 11  1 ii'isitiic-o  Professor It. L (lainei, who made  a sen��ntion several *e-.us ago by us-  stiting Hint monki-vs hae1 a language  vvhieh hj could und-islnnd is n",ain  alliaclnig the- atlcnl-on of scientists.  Pioc-stn Cu nu lias nist letuiucd  fiom lis 'econd tup to Allien and is  now 111 Lonnon wliuc his woudeiful  accpiam nnee with the habit-, ol our  so Killed pio-jrnitois su-ms to bear  out his claim that moiitcvs have a  languiig" capable of eonvevinc; ideas  It was in 1M00 that he disuppeiued  foi iho second time, and aftei ,111 nb-  scn 0 of two Mais is nqiiin in civilization Ho has been living in a jungle in Ihj I'lench Kongo some twen-  iv miles lioin th- roast and -he -c-  sult of his iceenl invest mat ions mc  qicn moie intciesting than v^ete, his  expciiences on his lust visit to the  lund of the monkey  Mi Gaui'i savs th it monk-'vs usually tiavel in bunds of fiftv 01 sixty.  His study 01 then habits hits convinced him that llu. follow a lender, apparently selected bv the companv.  'Iins Icadei is in supiunc command  nnd ismiuj 01 lus foi each and eveiy  occasion  Ioi inst. nee m tune of tiouble  .Mi (imn 1 .sseits that llu duel  monkey by a spec ml woid designates  un individual to perioim a loi hun  dutv l'eih.ips it is an 01 del to  change the Io"ation of the outlook or  sentinel, two of wlrch aie always on  dutv with a band  (- Mi Cm net savs thai thc definite-  ness of th3 lendeis' command vvas unmistakable 'lliev may not have a  specific woid loi banana 01 apple,  hut hate foi fnnt 01 other food  lie hns noticed n hand enling palm  nuts, .ill except one fellow vvho had  w untie'ed awav and found some  choice delicacy in the wav 01 insects.  \t lus cell with .1 jVituului sound  they would all  'i'iiij   o\ei   in his di-  1-llOFFSeOl: 11   I    CAIINKR  teetion. Hut if he nin\es nppioxi-  mntcly tho same sound when he. too,  is cat Ing palm nuts, his neighbors  will nol even take thu double to  look up.  Aga'n, the chief of the bnnd mnde  n curious sound, vvith the result that  ono of his followers, iiminfcsUv a  sentiy, posted oil in oil" direction,  vvoulci post off in nnother diicction,  then a slightly difTu'nt oidei, and  evei.v one of the niotheis und childicn  would ii'tii'at. Anollici word of  rouunnnil, nnd lhe half giown ones  would fall back. Finally the adults  would be sent awny one liv one, und  Inst of till the old man himself  vvo Id dlsnppiui Usualli it was  sou.e 1 artli-ii'ai ��tt.ll exutlly as if he  hnl bi'in s ngb'd out bv name Th?  olli'i's would nol puy the- slightest  ailenllon 1 nlil theii   tuin nunc  Mouke.vs mav be ti nincd to do  manual Inl 011 sa.vs this close observ-  ei. In tomit of Iln- native- villages in  Afiie-a apes pel form icitnln woik  llul theie Is one diiiwhack A thim-  panve- hail been ti allied to bung  vvaleTTrniniiew'ood 110 ti d-it well-  enougli, but sonic- one hud to go  wilh him eveiy lime If lu went  alone- to llu- spiing, hf'il bung back  onl.v, suv, nn c-ightli of 11 bucket of  wulei, 01 ll lliev seal hiin foi wood  he'd (nine limb with 11 few III llo  lwi'('i 11I10UL us llili-it as a pin il  Wluu lhe ililldi.u wuil with htm,  bnwuvei, and 'bnssid" lnm, he wns  nil light  So ll scums 1 bat oui alleged pio-  genilois, while* lluy mav have a  lungiinge, seem to be without the  lutinoiv 01 1 lie- I1111I11 to ix-iison and  think (01   Uii-msel\i'K.  l-nlll    llliiliclll     Mlkr.  .hine-s and Smith weie two old  biiiheluiH who lived on the most in-  tlmale Li'i 111s, eoiisinullv dined lo-  getliLi und smoked the peaceful plpo  nnd oiciisloiinlh went oil togethei  foi a week's holiday bv thc sen Hut  a ihinige tunic* ovei the spint of  Siiilth's dieam Well on in tho fifths lu- gut mun led, and on his ic-  titui fiom the honevuioon invited  .lours lo come nnd dine with hint  and be 11 witness of his happiness.  The dlnnei ovei, the old fi lends snt  down lu fiont of the flic lifter M\s.  Smith hud gone npstalis  "Well, my dear .Tones," snld Uene-  dlct, ' now tell 1110 quito mndldlv  what do    you   think   of   my   denr  Wlfl'>"  .louts hesitated for n moment, then  icpllid'  "Well, Smith; II I must speak  quite candidly. I don't think much  of her,"  ���Smith patted him on his Khoe   as  he replied confidentially:  ��� ��� "Neither do I, my dear Jones." THE INDEPENDENT   NEURALGIC PAINS.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  e  I ARE A CRY OF THE NERVES  BETTER BLOOD.  FOR  One of Milton's Dlograpbcrs says  th'at nearly twenty years elapsed between,-the time he sketched out the  plan of "Paradise Lost" and tho  completion of that work. Tho actual  labor of composition was condensed  iuto two or three years.  Lover's Y-Z (Wine Head) Disinfectant  Soup Powdor is better than other sonp  powders, as it alBO acts as a disinfectant.  I)r. Williams* rink I'llls Make* nidi. Hod  ltlooil uud Drive Theio ruins from tliu  Syntom���Koitd thu I-i-oof.  Over a million  persons  die yearly  ia Europe of consumption.  Fivo hundred and eighty-seven distinct languages aro spoken in Europe.  Messrs. C. C. Richards & Co.,  Gentlemen���In Juae '98 I had my  hand and wrist badly bitten by a  vicious horso.   I suffered greatly for  several days, and the tooth cuts re-' punter in Buffalo I  fused to heal, until your agent gave not think it worth  me a bottlo of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which 1 began using, and the  effect was magical. In five hours the  pain had ceased, and in two weeks  the wound had completely healed  and my hand and arm were as well  as ever. Yours truly,  A. E. ROY.  Carriage Maker,  St. Antoine, P.Q.  A high medical authority hus defined neuralgia us -'a cry of the  nerves for botter blood," and to effectually drivo it from tho system tho  biood must bo mudo rich, red aud  pure. For this purposo thero is no  other medicine so prompt und suro iu  result as Ur. Williams' I'ink I'llls.  These pills make now, rich, red blood  with overy dose, und impurt now iifo  and new vigor to tho person using  them. Mr. John McUormott, Bond  Houd, Out., odorH strong proof of tho  certain results obtained from the uso  of Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills in cases  of this kind. lis Bays : " A few  years ago whilo working as a car-  (fot wot. I did  whilo changing  my clothos nt tho timo, but 1 soon  began to suller for my noglcct. I  ,'awoko next morning with cramps and  pains throughout my body. 1 was  unable to go to work and called in a  doctor, who left mo some medicine. I  used it faithfully for somo time, but  it did not help mo. In fact 1 was  growing steadily worse and had be  come so  reduced    in    flesh    that    I  Forty-live hours constitute a week's j weighed only 138 pounds.   As I waa  work for women and girls,   in   New , not able to work I returned to my  Zealand.     j homo at Bond Head.   Hore I placed  myself,under the care of a local doc-  sharing (tor who said tho trouble was neuralgia, whicli had" takon a thorough  hold upon my entire system. Misfortune seemed to follow me for the doctor's treatment did not help me, and  I think my neighbors at least did not    ' believe I was going to get better." I  Madame Isacescu, tho Vienese lady had not used moro than three boxes  swimmer, Is training for another at- before I felt that the pills wore help-  tempt to swim tho English channel.   '      ������ ������   ���        -       -  Seventy-eight profit  schemes, affecting 53,526 workpoeplo  wore in operation last yoar in this  country.  Minard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.  ing me.   From that on 1 gained day  by day,  and after I had  used some  The longest . railway    run   in   the  ten or twolvo boxes, I had fully re-  world    without-'changing  is  on  the, covered   my   old-time   strength, and  ���nnndian  Pacific,   from   Halifax   to   have since been able to work at my  Vancouver,  3,602 miles.  The biggest orchnid in the world  ie near Santa Barbara, Cal. It covers 1,700 acres and contains 31,000  fruit and  nut trees, '  ho*ivs -n-Jis?  it,-u,    uttvu   itiiutvu   i- ,   tl .     -��� ������--     "-�� ���  st  15 years,   und   be-, despondent  honorable In all busi-   ������ti������   ������j  mil   flnnnrlnllv   nhln   If,    OCUV 0    alia  trade as a carpenter '' without any  trouble. I have no pains or aches,  .und 1 now weigh 156 pounds. I  think Dr. Williams* Pink Pills un invaluable medicino and .shall always  have a good word to say for them."  Whon the nerves are unstrung, when  tho blood is poor or watery, or vvhen  the system is out of order, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the medicine to  lake. Thoy cure all troubles arising  from these causes, and make" weak,  men and women bright,  strong.. Protect yourself  Wo oiTor One Hundred Dollars Reward  for nny. caso of Catarrh that cannot bo  cured  bv Hull's   Catarrh  Curo. ,  >'. .7.  Cheney & Co.. Props . Toledo.  O.  Wo the unelorsigncd, havo known F, 3.  Cheney  for   tho   last  licvo him perfectly  ne&s transactions and financially able to  cairv out any obligations niiiclo bv thoir   against imitations by seeing that the  Wholesale Druccists, To-  Wholesale  firm.  West .1 Truax,  Icelo,  O.  Wnlclliiir.   Rinnan    &   Marvin,  Diiipglsts,  Toledo,  O.  Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood nnd  ���menus am faces of tho svstem. Trice,  75c pet; bottle. Sold bv all Drugmsts  Testimonials freo.  Hull's Family  Pills  are  tho best.  A man or woman without benevolence is not a perfect being; they aro  ���niy a deformed personality of true  manhood  or womanhood.���Lamb. -  llie man  who    cun    drink  or  stop  generally stops���at  the first saloon.  Amiabl6 old lady, blind .in one eye  and vory deaf, wants to serve as a"  chaperonne for young ladies. Satisfaction assured.���bctrolt Free Press.  THE PARADISE FISH.  One  of   the   Wonderful    IMsi-ntorlnl  Rarities   round   In   China.  The oddest of nil piscatorial rarities  is thc paradise flsh of China. Liko the  German enniiry ittiil one or two othei  species of bird und lish, this little finny  beauty is the product of cultivation  only, there being no plnee In the world  where lt is round in it. wild state, iu  the land of the dragon they are kept  and cultivated in ornamental aquariums, each succeeding generation of the  'little oddities exhibiting more diversified colors. The male is the larger of  the two sexes, measuring when full  grown three and a' half inches. The  . body Is shaped very much like that of  a common pumpkin seed sunflsh. its  color surpassing In brilliancy any tisb  heretofore cultivated for the aquarium.  Tbe, head of uiucropodus (that's Ills  generic name) Is ashy gray, mottled  with irregular dark spots. The gills  are azurine blue, bordered with brilliant crimson.  The eyes are yellow and red, with a  black pupil. The sides of the body and  the crescent shaped caudal flu are deep  crimson, the former having from ten  to twelve vertical blue stripes, while  ���the~Iattcr~Is~lroiMered"wltirbliT-5r~Tlie  upper surface of the body is continually changing color���sometimes It is  white, nt others gray, black or blue.  The dorsal and anal iins ure romnt-kn-  bly lnrge, hence Its generic name ���  macro, large; podus, Sn or foot. Both  Iins nre shaped alike and are striped  with brown nnd bordered with a bright  blue. Thc* dull colored ventral tins nre  protected by n brilliant scarlet colored  spine, extending three-fourths of an  Inch behind the body of the Iin. The  pectoral fins are well shaped, but transparent aud colorless.  Mexico's Inlands.  Mexico's Jurisdiction extends to more  than thirty Islands. .  Why Tenk Wood Is Durable.  The tenk, which has passed Into  proverb as the best material for ship  building. Is superior to nil other wood:  from the fact that It contains an cs  BCiitial oil which prevents splices and  nails driven into It from rusting. This  property Is not possessed by any other  wood In the world and furnishes an  explanation of the fact that ships built  of teak are practlcully Indestructible.  Sumo have been known to last for 130  years, and when broken up their beams  were us sound as when first put together.  full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  for Pale People," is on the wrapper  around every box. Sold by all modi-  cine dealers or mailed post paid at  SOc por box or t,ix boxes for $2.50  by writing to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,  Ont.  Geraniums bloom most satisfactorily when grown in comparatively  small pots and soil which is termed  rich, but not rank vvith excessive  manure.  Minard's Liniment is the best.  In Portugal if the wifo publishes  literary works without tho husband's  consent, tho law frees him at once'  fiom all further matrimonial obligations.  HE TOOK THE SHOWER BATH  And It Drove Ulm From tbe Vwseni-  ite Back to Mew England.  After a week of little journeys, strik*.  lng here ami tliere u few miles to absorb tiie Yost-mltc vjillpy from a dozen  colgnes of vantage, we were whipping  the lllilouette one- afternoon for mountain trout, says the World's Work. '  "Tomorrow," said u voice. "I .shall  take a shower l.utb under the seventeen hundred foot fall."  "You," suid another voice, "are a  fool."  "Not at ull," came back nrguitieuta-  tivcly. "The river's very low, Whut  there is of It turns to spray In the  llrst hundred feet; tt wkll simply come  down like rain. Wby, you'd go under  tho Bridal Veil yourself. Only that's  prosaic. This is something big. Come  on."  "Not I."  But I was there to see. The water.  as he hnd snld, cume down, a considerable part or it, ln rain and spray  that flew out on tbo wind Incredible  distances. But to crawl down, dressed  ln a bathing suit, closer to the main  stream that falls to thc pool and upon  tbo rocks with a murderous swish in  tbo air and a roar like a railway train  when lt strikes *,vas daring to fool-  Imrdlness. At nny moment n'veering  wind might BWlng tbo whole mass upon  the tall, slim Ugure backing tentatively on all fours down the Jagged talus  slope, bis eyeglass pebbles glinting  cheerfully. A steady breeze kept the  fall swung out a little the other wuy,  and the spray burgeoned out far up  the other Blope. The roar was deafening. !  All at once tbe wind shifted, the  water swung back, and In a flash the  human figure was blotted out in a deluge that turned me sick. For a second���that seemed an hour���it played  on the spot fiendishly, lt seemed to  me, standing horrified there, and then  slowly it swept nwny.  And then there was a movement, a  painful, crawliig movement, down there  on the slope, and I scrambled down the  slippery rocks to help a blinking, creeping, much surprised youth, bleeding  from a hundred cuts, up to where his  clothes lay. He was still too dazed to  speak. When his breath returned and  his extra glasses were perched again  on his nose, he snid:  "Tbe oceans fell upon me! For God's  sake, come back to New Englund!"  And we went.  "Just a Little"  Pain neglected, may produce chronic  Rheumatism or Gout. -Just a little  Backache may create Lumbago. Just  a little Sprain sometimes'makes a  Cripple. Just a little Bruise may do  a lot of damage. Just a little Headache may be the forerunner of Neuralgia. Just a little St. Jacobs Oil,  applied in timo cures promptly and  permanently Aches and Pains. Just  a little caution; just a little cost.  Years of Pleasure against years ot  Pain.  Happy  nio   tbey   who   don't  the things thoy can't get.  Spoaking of gloves, three of u hind  niQii't In  it with two pairs.  The  lucky  man   is  the  plucky  one  v.ho .sees und grasps un opportunity  ask ;p-or  s  :/  Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Pure.  Put  up   in  all   sized  packages.  Ogilvie's Hungarian  Aa now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.  Insist ou getting "OGILVIE'S,"  aa they ars better than th* Beat.  HAVE   NO   EQUAL.  THY IT.���It would bo a cross Injustice  to confound that standard healing agent  ���Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil���with the ordinary unguents, lotions anil salves.  Tliey nro oftentimes inflammatory and  nstrlniteiit. This oil Is, on tho contrary,  eiiiiiieiitlv roolinc nnel soothlncr when nn-  lilkil c-xteruallv <��� to rcllovo pain, and  powerfully remedial when swallowed.  Jluny a woman who makes a man  a mighty poor wife makes him a rich  husband.  Do a mnn a favor and he will' consider you under everlasting obligations  to him. t    '  Girls should nover flirt in public  until aftor they have a strangle hold  on  tho  art.  NATURAL HISTORY.  During tho past ten years immigration to America from Germany, Ireland and England has decreased,  while thnt from Italy, Austria and  Russia has increased.  Thero are 0,000 monka on the  piomontory of Athos. Thoy pny to  tho sultan 2,000 pounds a year for  the privilege of boing allowed to govern themselves.  Ostriches live to -Uie age of about  sixty yoars.  The mandarin duck ls one of thc  most beautiful of aquatic birds,  So voracious is the cod that lt will  swallow anything it sees in motion.   ,  An eel hns two separate hearts. One  beats CO, the other 1C0, times a minute.  A ladybird can travel 20,000.000,000  times its own length in an hour. In  that time a sloth can only travel fifty  times its'own length.'  There is no country in the world in  which the raven is not found to be native; lt Is also the only bird known to  ornithologists which is of such cosmopolitan character.  Only one existing reptile can sustain  itself in the air. This-is the flying  dragon of the East Indies. It has no  real wings, but can glide from tree to  tree like a flying squirrel.  Thc common house fly usually produces thc note F in flying. To do so  it must vibrate its wings 335 times a  second.' The honey bee sounds A,  which means thnt its wing vibrations  are 440 to the second.  Making Them All One.  An elderly minister Is fond of telling  of a "break" he once made at u double  wedding of two sisters. It was arranged that the two couples should be  married vvith one ceremony, the two  brides responding ut the same time  and the two bridegrooms doing the  same. There had not been any previous rehearsal, as the minister had  come a long distance and had reached  the church but u few minutes before  the time for the ceremony.  All went well until it came timo for  the minister lo sny, "And uow 1 pronounce you man and wife."  lt siii'deiily became obvious lo the  minister that the usual formula would  not do In the caso of two men and two  wives, anel he could not think of any  way of making "man" and "wife"  plural In the sentence.' In his desperation and confusion be lifted his hands  anil said solemnly:  "And now I pronounce you. one and  all, husband and wife!"  /ame^fluM^7tycfeay.  THE WORLD'S MEDICINE.  Every man    is   a   fortune hunter,  otherwise he wouldn't be in business.  It takes a strong-minded woman to  keep her calendar torn off up to date.  Some men don't know they are  beaten until long after other people  make the discovery-  FOR ALL  BILIOUS and NERVOUS DISORDERS,  Sick Headache, Constipation, Wind,  Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion,  Disordered Liver & Female Ailments.  Proparcd only hy tho Proprietor, Tuomas Beecham, St. Helens, Eng.  Sold Everywhere iu Canada and U. S. America.   In boxes, 25 cents.  WILSONS FLY PADS  WILL   RID   YOUR   HOUSE   OF  FLIES   IN   A   FEW   HOURS.  The amount of heat generated by  a man's body in a day's work is  sufficient to raise 63 pounds of water  from freezing to boiling point.  Tho number of ships in tho American whaling fleet hns fallen off in the  last twelve years from 97 to 10. and  much the same i* the case with the  Scotch whaling industry.  First Analysis ��*t Aerolites.  In 179G a stone weighing tifty-slx  pounds was exhibited in London. It  was said to have fallen from the sky  In Yorkshire In the previous December,  but this statement wus received with  great Incredulity. At that time Sir Joseph Banks was president of the Itoyal  society, >and he noticed a strong resemblance between the Yorkshire stone  and one sent to him from Siena, In It  aly, which was said to have fallen  from the sky. Two or three years later be received an account of a fall of  ���tones near Benares, ln Hindustan. A  chemical analysis of the stones from  all three sources proved them to be  Identical in composition, and Incredulity as to their meteoric origin began  to give way.  Lord Kulvin, who is now 78 years  of age, is entitled to place no less  than 20 letters, indicating various  titles of honor,  after his name.  "JCELPiOr'ST  Indorsed by best English medlosljournals.  Supplied to British soldlorsln South Africa,  For all Throat and Olsnd Troublss, Lumps,  Absoosses, Old Sores, Uleors, Felons, Skin  Diseases. Eoisma. Pimples, Stiff Joints,  Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Bruises,  Piles, Cuts, Sore Feet, Pleurisy.  Sold by Druggists, loo.   Try It ones.  ItJaaifs I hem a IJ.  Wi&M  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS  SANITARIUM  Arrow Lake, B- O.  ACTS GENTLY  ON  AND . .��  BOWE1&  CLEANS EFFECTUALLY;  OVERCOMES ^.oat,^  permanently:  BUY THE GENUINE-MAN'F'D BY  Eccentricities of Engrllsh.  There Is n nevv maid in the family,  a Swedish girl, who has many things  besides language to learn, snys an exchange. Her new mistress, who is a  young_wlfe_ wlth_ n_hnsbiind_many_  years her senior, is trying to instruct  her. One of the lessons was upon  bread, thc girl being told thnt she  should speak of bread which hnd lost  its freshness as stale, and not old. Thc  girl was sure to remember this, for  sbe was quick to learn, and she did.  So the young wife knew when a few  days later the maid remarked to her  confidentially:  "it Is too bad, Isn't It thnt your  husband is so much more stale than  you arc!"  Mr. Norther���I'v�� often' wondered  why so many colored men are lynched down this way. Co. South���Well,  suh, I reckon it's becaose thoy don't  start runnin' quick enough..  Minard's Liniment Cures LaOrippe.  Mi-. Marryat���I ace old Roxloy has  left mu eatats worth $3,000,000 at  least. Would you lite to be'his widow? Mrs. Marryat (ambiguously)���  No, dear; I'd rather be yours.  Situated midst scenery unrivalled for  gruntleur. The most comploto health resort on the continent of North America.  Its bnths curo all Nervous and BIusou-  lor diseases. Its waters heal all Kidney,  Liver and Stomach ailments.  They are a never-failing remedy foi all  Itheuniatic troubles.  TERM-, $15 to $18  to residence ill Hotel or  per week.  Villas.  according  BMPERIAL HAPLE SYRUP  The quality standnrd from  Ocean   tt  * Ocean. - Your money back If not sat  lsfaotory. ^       - -  ROSE A LAFLABfHE,Asts.', MONTREAL  PERSONAL.  Matrimony���(view to.) 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Harness   Milkers,   of  Fresno, ,'havc  "Jivon   tlieir strike.  ..     : " ;' ~"  A   musicians'   union  at Abei'ileen,  Wash.  will  be  organized  Spain lues  ordered  the eight-hour day  for  government   work:     X, "���  Forty thousand workmen are out    on  lElrike at Florence, Italy. -.'���������.  'In Knglund nil  brunches of  lalior i|iiit  work at  noon  on  Saturdays.  The'druggists of Oakland have agreed  /���to close  their stores-at 0 o'clock.  Tlio estimated7 cost    of    tho     miners'  .-���strike up  to '.'daleis  ?j.*2:),2*2n,000.  ���The   Knoxville,   Tenn.,   metal   workers  Jiavo been granted a nine-hour dny.  '..There are'said  to  be more, tliiiu  ,'..00,-  000  trado,, unionist's in Pennsylvania.  Tlie, latest'union-rill',Cleveland  is 'that  of the pin-setters iiv bowling alleys.  ". . Cosiioctoii,' O.,   city - councili now   recognize the Teamsters': union; in  all city  'work;       -'     ' . ��� .;. ���  ..Thu* trades unionists ol Louisvilfe,  Ky.,;  havea7 ticket in .the field for the coining . 1,200, were initiated.  ���"���'-.,..'.  , election.".'.. '.'.'. .......-' . A  thirty-six hour, strike   .! settled    the  "The. plow .uicrger.nt     Chicago,: has   matter of tlio Baker  City, .Ore, waiters,.  ,; .again7 been   taken  up With  a. capital  of : having .to work: vvith/ Chinese:'The lion-  ���gnlians wore dumped.-,-. ,,  The "flght     is     "still    oh   between the  Watch. Cose Engravers' 'International, as-  this company decides to pay fair wages  in   its  printing  department. ,* ...  Tlio new carpenters' schedule for7 nn  increase, of 30 cents a clay has been  signed by 300 -contractors iu New York  city."-; ������' ���'--/���  Jlucli nssistaiico is anticipated for the  laboi*) party in Nevv South Wales' from  tho many new unions now being formed  there;    . ���'.','���-.'..'  Tlie Trades Assembly of Schenectady,  N. Y., have decided that all members. of  the militia shall bo , expelled from the  unions. - ,,: ;  Melbourne, Australia, printers are contemplating a 12 cents per member per  year tax for organizing and political  purposes. :   -.  The Colorado Fuel and Iron company,-  of Denver, have voluntarily made ci.10  per.cent, increase in the wages of their,  employees. //���.,  -  .The city council of Oakland are considering, an ordinance.^providing for' an  eight-hour day and thc employment,' of  union labor.    ; ill:'"' .  Ono of. the largest unions oyer organized iwas that7 of the S. 1?. DockVlVork-  ers of Galveston, Tex., last month,'whc^I,  ���'been'-;  ��� :S75,0.J0,G00;:   '-   A:.--   ������������ yAy'-yy;. ���'/>���   i  The      total  in'eniliersiiip, of   the Typographical  unitm   of Ncnv   .South       Wales,  Australia,   is   "il;"i.  :-.-..���-' -A   meeting, lias   been   called     of ;   tlie.  : JStablciiion's/union-.of   Oakland   to   coiw  ; fidcr. political mutters. _ ..,.i. :.i X:.U.  ;;Oiio; hundred and twenty-five machine  /shops/in. Chicago have adopted the nino-J  i-. .houi*/ day- for/their, machinists.,  ���/;. The unionsJpf Portland,-; Ore.,.,have  ;- raised oyer :$5 70p0.:,foi* tho benefit of tne  : anthracite miii.crsMii Pennsylvania; "���":,-.y  - The ;;���- Shearers'-union,. of :Ncw; South  Wales,: havo;given up the attempt to get  '���; thei' rate; of.. 23,;-.sliillings a hundred. '���'������'���',  Til- Ilollnnd/a/'iiumbcr'of: mines,     arc  -owned  and  worked -.:... by..the state,   and  ;return an -aiiiiual prolit'of '35  per cent.  .Tlio   milk   drivers   have   organized     in  ..Stockton, bii t" it is 'found that there are  ��� .several-.'employers   among  their   mini bor.  :[ly In ..Portugal...the. movement favoring a  ���': general "strike, to; remedy   existing "evils  Jits] gaining  iii, 'all 'sections' of  the :coun-  iiiryApAijyijAi ".:-���";��� Jyyy -aaxA;;  .���;���' :.*Tlio.-;jewelry workers'7 strike at Toron-  ;.to;.bas been declared off and the���-..., men  lliave, returned to work.' Tliey*wore coii-  .Vcedcd all the demands for which. they  ..went on. strike. ,'i  V/Tho: printers of Toronto have not called .off tlie strike at Eaton's departmental   store.     They   are  still  fighting   this  ������store, and rockiest that all their - friends  still refrain  from .purchasing thero until  sociation of America- and the Keystone  Watch: Case  company;- -  Tlie general' movement for increase of  wages* on all; railroads west of the Mississippi,- is."- confirmed/From 1,000,000  to 1,500,000 nien are involved.  An agricultural strike, has broken-but  in.the district of Syracuse, Sicily. Riots  liave benn the result in;:- which several  have been killed and others, wounded."  The Stontreal despatch announcing the  collapse : of the Montreal Cigar-makers  strike is not ;authentic. The strike has  neither, collapsed nor. yet is .it: declared  off.'.-'-''      "':���"'Ay ":':i..;ii'-';'AAJ"  Tho laboring men of Chicago will organize a Trades Union Co-operative Prq-(  tectivo Association1 to. fight. capital with  capital. ;Thoy expect to. raise a. fund of  52,000|000. - V : V *</. . .V';-, -V.' ���-.  Tho marine engineers'������ strike at .'-Portland" has reached out to tho deepwater  service. The O./Il.; & N. Ca.'is'getting  even ' by attacking the licenses : of striking engineers. '  Gradually throughout tho lund, Car-  ncgio libraries are rising. In the caso  of somo the walls aro bardy complete.  In tho case of utlicis the taxpayers are  still saving up to meet tho conditions,  "gifts" being such expensive luxuries.  In tho caso of a. majority, however, substantial progress is reported, so tho  outlook as a whole, is not. disheartening. The truck driver whoso higher cul-  tui-u financial dlltlculties havo retarded,  need only wait.,a littlo longer and the  treasures ol literature vvill bo his for  nothing. The subway niortnr mixer at  the  same  time  may satisfy his  Craving Ior llelles Lotties,  while he whoso task keeps him all day  at a desk vvill be able to givo up his  Saturday night variety show ^and substitute, a reading course in ethical, development���freo of all cost to the consumer. After the truck driver and mortar  mixer'* have become sulliciently advanced  in Jlr. Ctirncigio's library, 3i r. Rockefeller's university wilt be ready to instruct*'  them further. Their, children? Ah, to  ho sure, wc had forgotten. Truck drivers *and mortar mixers tlo have children,'  it is, true. Well, even so, their place is  in the public school. Is it? Xot in New  1'ork. The right to education nuiy lie  inalienable hut the place is lacking. And  yet,   notwithstanding-the  deplorably  lnailcquato School: Accommodations,.,  wliich doom poor children to the street  or to child labor, New York City is  pledged to -expend largo sums annually,  for fancy education. Where, meanwhile,  is tlie modern philnntrciphist! Right in  front of the grand stand. With enough  money at liis disposal to make -philanthropy a reality instead of. a fad, he  gives marblo dormitories ; to already rich  colleges, burdens them with -memorial  windows or adds to their curriculum,  with .a burst of. liberality, a chair -of  Thibetan philosophy. -, Thus, -publicly  niid privately, the top rungs of the education ladder.arc .reinforced, while those  of tlie bottom rouiuls go to splinters.  As for tlici nian'whose sole conception  of a' "public need centers "iii7 ~ the word  library," a course of practical observar  tioti is recommended to him among the  poor of any largo ,city. There consider  able ' .-..y y'i  '��� : ^Enlightenment is ;Wniti]ig. .  for. him aiiir'othcrs of his ilk. Free, libraries and free universities are excellent  institutions, beyond - doubt,;..but/ those,  who need most, a helping ; hand, they  benefit least, if at all. Books,; likewise,  aro blessings in bindings, but a building  full   of -books, 7   with      fno       teachers-  ��� -��� -,.-..������     '.I     ���-:������������   ������    ./!   ���  to explain, aclviso or to guide tlio uhtrained mind in study, will be: just about as  useful as .'a school .of pupils, only.: /Tiie  person wlio distributes ii thousand dollars judiciously, taking care that every  dollar-brings its face valuo to some one  in need,: is far.- lhorc of "a pliilantrophist  In tho Public Estimation Af'.  tlian"'iiii; who gives .recklessly froni -his  surplus to "them that hath." For a. beV  ginner ^in tlie pliilauthropist. (business,  tha'prinio rocpiisito-is norse sense. Money  of course, is nnotlicr ..rerjuisite. but .it is  bettor to give .avvay horse senso. without  money than money/without horse sense.  Tho late Peter, Cooper- had liotli-and before tlieir" certified; checks -go,-merrily,"  forth - foi* a .college : dormitory, a .memorial whitlow, ."a chair of .advanced ' as-  sinology or a marblo library, would-be  liliilaiithropists: shoulci consult his'���:..- example. And they will find ; no strings  on. Cooper's ' philanthropy, /either.���  Puck. .'���;/;��� '7;,:'':    .-:":'/  Ail -���'.''   .' -V,!'V:'  and a half for ' overtime.; Manager  Kruttschnitt shows a disinclinatio��i . to  grant it.1 ���:  WOULD SEIZE THE MINES. "  A few years ago the conditions of thc  liritish miners,"were so intolerable that  tliey went on strike. Tlio British operators resisted tho miners and coal bc-  c'dnio so scarce that, u. fuel famine was  seriously threatened. Prime Minister  lllaclstono informed tho operators.,- that  unless thoy opened their mines, and that  at once, tho government would seize tho  mint's and operate them. Tho operators  settled  at,: ouce.  Tho miners of Germany 'went on a  stiiko tliree years ngo and a fuel famine  was threatened. Tho kaiser informed  thu operators that ho would operate unless they did and'thoy suddenly got a  move on.  Wlint kind of an argument President  Roosevelt got oil.to".the coal barons is  only conjecture,-'but'in all probability  it was .pointed enough.���Tlio stilf-ncckcd  presidents of the coal : roads came , oil  the perch and were willing to: arbitrate,  which was in itself recognition of tho  union."   . /��� y ������[.  9}<i9&9*9^ii9m'Wi9$i9?lx9M9&,  *������-   ������"'���  I  i  I  I  - :!  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I'rolecllvc  Association is boycotting firms who nro  buying goods of tho Growers' Co-operative agency.  Tho executive committee of the California Miners' Association has issued a  call for a stato convention of miners to  bo held on November 17, 18 and 10.  Tho employees ot the four groat howling alleys have been locked out and other men .employed, their demand for nn  increase  of .wages  bolng  denied.  The executive connnitteo of the Tanners' union has been advised of, the failure, of ngents of the California Tnniicrs'  association'to. secure men in tho cast to  take the plnces of striking tanners hero.  The boiler niakcrs of tho Southern Pacific have demanded an increase of wages'  from 35 to 40_cents -iin hour with time  CORNER   HASTINGS   AND    ; CAM13IE  ���    STREETS;/VANCOUVER.   .,;.  New./iiioclorn-- and strictly V first-class;  good;'sample rooms;' free / 'bus. : Week  days���Breakfast 7 .to -io a..: in., lunch.  12 m, to 2 p. m.-, dinner, G to S p. m..  Sundiiys���Itrenkfast *7:30 to.''������'��� ib'f8'0 i a.  in:', lunch 12:30 to: 2 p. mi', ;cliiiner^5:30l!  to';- 7:30 p. in.. ' Rates ?2 and upwards  per day.7 HAYWOOD. ���/; & PllESCOTT,'  Proprietors.; ;' ::. .,-'���'. "-.v..  yunja^y  A.'X' '���'["        ::/V WHOLESALE ;GR0CER3,;V/ '���'.- 'Xx.X'yXXiii  Cordova and Water .Streets, /'-VVVancouyer^i tL/  X. - B^* VHeadqviartersf for /Domestic vandvlm^:  ijprfed Cigars and Smoking Sundries.  ?$;"  '         -iii. ���  it  ixx.yxXf9UiiMymxixXRtA^mm  i!' fillDPI  CONTIliCTOKS'SUPPLIES,  $ BLACKSMITHS^ SllITMES,  \fif . - ' '; V'-''"'.*"   -   ������'- -  CORNER ;.CORDOVA AND'. CAURALL  7 /��� "STREETS,/ VANCOUVER; VV-  '-' Makes ,a; specialty Lofbqwar's .-. special  licjucur,' also /Usher's black label: liqueur':  whiskey. //Large stock of imported and  domestic.';1 cigars. /Finest. billianr'Vancl7  pool tables./". "��� R,:: B. ." M0LL1GAN :&  CO., 'Proprietors.  :���������* ���-���'���       A'iii  ;$*;  I"S.;'  m  SAW MILL: SUPPLIES,|ETC.  ^anGOuveri.......  XXiiA'iXXiXX33��ii Hastings/{!Street.  ���; Beoatise/ we;:7hayeifthe::!;stbelt5; to"/ -g^  / /supply:ypu the-best/v:'/J vC/c;-/*1  ; Because our ^attention vvili-assuro;"'.  -;; 'best service.7.,^ yXy iiJy':A-AHA:" J  Because ive can:;save; you;time;  ':':.'; and :money';;'V/*; 1 JAy, ''lyXyyAi. /.SV  /Beeaupe 'one or'aer Is-a.step-to-;  17';wards /a' permanent -.customer.-;;. ���;  iXiii  ; ^-V  ':*':'".  ..4*~y  m  m  m  -I'K  1��@��������S����$^^  999  9 9 9  T^Doagall House  310-312 ABBOTT STREET,  VANCOU-  V ���:-���'"���:;.'���'"  VER,,B.;C.',V   Ai" iii  ��� Restaurant and Bar. V Breakfast 0' to  10,  merchants' lunch  11 to 2,  25c; din-  nor-=;5xto-=S,=2oc.;=lunclics=iiut=i!j>:=east-:  era. . and. Olympian; oysters; short : or*  clers . ; a ..specialty ���.. .at all - hours;  meal-tickets-.��<_;- best 25c. meal1 in-, the  city.,  ,:d. BURTON,. Proprietor.7     V  310  SIOYJIOUR   STRHET,  :���;.-.   ,.,..,..:   "* yjj^ ;-;-;."*,  VANCOU-  Ilavlng tho only up-to-date grill room.  In British Columbia, which In Itself is a  guarantee of a first-class hotel and restaurant. Business Men's LUNCH, from  12 m. to 2:30 p. in., only 25'cents..  HOTEL NORTH VANCOUVER.  A delightful summer resort; strictly  llrst-class and up-to-date ln overy respect.  Terms, $2 per day, J10 per week; special  rates for families, Saddle ponies, horses  and rigs always on hand for visiting the  Capllano, well known for, its excellent  fishing and'shooting. Boats for hire any  time.* Band every Sunday afternoon. :,  x.'y'X      J x yyiyP: LARSON .Prop, i  yyi, 'XxiitMiQMrt&jFpi^ffoetiyyxyyi  |<vi^^  V/.;lf yqufde^  1-yartGOuveKi^^  y|/   .";���;��� _.;.- '     ,'���.::���,.:���".'.���'���;'.'.'-.',: vv,: "(a- "���''';'.'> .--���":'���-���'-'��� :''L:.-.\ V'"        v.;V ,",. i: :< . "���; ;..',,*',.; *. . W,  ' V"';; - Vv':;-' ;V i/^^ncouverjV: B. - G.'7/^'       V - ���;' vv VV: vvv*: -/V;  ���decide to send, youi* laundry,  ���to us and act at once upon youi*  :decision.'i/V.'-V.V-, ii-     .*.---������,  .,:,(������:-'*::������ ���  There -; can be: hut one reshlt  . nil  around���satisfaction. VVV;V;  Steam Laoudry  Phone 3-16. 910 - 914IlicnARps' St'^'  Dow.niovvn Office,- ito.'.i:,Aiicade'V  *:   . . ,wmite/hup'::onlyVV'V/,/  I /.Parcels,, called/f or and '.delivered./';  Advertise in The' Independent.  t  .<���  <��  ii  o  n.  \i'  if  if  u  ii  it:                                              . -     -   ,  . .:.:e...,We,iiial<e l/otii Tif, iiirlit.Coiuto  < ���  ��� -and/let/'oiir: optician;. Jlr.VThcis. 9  ~,Allan,' ntteiid  to' your     require^  nients'; AJf''work,��� suui'iinteed :���:'  ���DAVIDSON BROS.,7  The Jewelers and Opticians,  146 Cordova St.  <*"������^���������� �������������.��  GLASSESlAlD  Not only tlio vision* but     tlio  nppearnnco.    Different'  faces, ro- k.��*',  q��|iV0'(liirci-cnt_;fi-aincs..ni}tr;BittS8**:*'O';~;;  H ywiwt.tfW��wMyja��tfnBWOTMCaysHp^


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