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 ?ljl��X&J��2&��t3iM  UtltMlvm Ubr'r Mar. ��1|��.  THE ROYAL BANK  OF  CANADA  . . SAVINGS   BANK . -.  4 OtaMcal WwWnf BusbMaa  TYuiMuitod.  OFFICEB-Hantlngi   Btreet,   W���  fftatmlaster Aveous, Vancouver.  b. c. mmm im aid  SAVINGS CO.  Authorized C��plt��l - ?10,OCO,ttX).  Subscribed Capital -   -   1,500,000 >  Amcii Over ���   ���   ��� -     500,000  Head Office, 321 Cambie Btreet,  Vancouver, B. C.  ! ���>  VOL./H I  VANCOUVER, 3. C, SATURDAY, AIAKCJF 21, 1903.  NO 2G.  Pres. Estes in Court  Rousing  Reception  at  Victoria���The  Teamsters Make a  Statement���Merchants Endorse Their Stand���'  The Situation Unchanged���Notes  Regarding the Strike.  The local strike situation Is praetic  ally unchanged fiom last week.  , There vvas some silk ���  In the    local  sheds on Thursday.  Last Sunday tfo. 2 express stopped  for 15 minutes at Grlfllri Lake to get up  steam.   Unsuitable coal vvas t'he cause.  W. H. Darcy,, claims agent, is working with a'few Italians In the fre'ght  sheds at Winnipeg. He himself is  checking.  The hulk Japan from Union, V. I.,  loaded vvith about 600 tons of coal, has  gone to iPort Moody to discharge her  cargo. Thinss In the eoal l"ne aie getting desperate.  Goods shipped by Vancouver merchants two weeks ago to points on tlie  main line of Lhe C. P. 11. in the Interior Have not yet reached their destination. They nre probably still In  the freight sheds.  Advices from Revelstoke state thnt  30 machinists are out, ami tl)at only  three are at work, llie men are very  sanguine of success. Also Hint suits  for damages have been entered against  some of the strikers for quitting their  work.  It ls reported at union headquarters  that men are'belng.hired'at Seattle to  come to Vancouver to tnke the strikers'  iplnces, but In order to procure the men  they are told that thS strike Is settled.  The place where the men,are thus engaged Is In room No. :,(>4, Stevens block.  ,   Following    additional    strike  have-been'.recejved: ���  Amalgamated Carpen ters..'   McRae &���McDonald, tailors...,  , A   Union   ..' ."..?...'...'.".'.',  United, Brotherhood of-Cnrpeiit-  ers and friend  ' :.,  City  Firemen '..': ...*...;.,  J.H.  Atkins  ..-   Plumbers'  Utilon   .'. .'.'...".,  Cigarmakers' Union    ".,  United' Brotherhood Leather-  workers,   bi-monthly   }...'.   Boilermakers'  Unioii      '    Wm.-Hunt,  tailor   ,-   Stationary  firemen   J. W. Allan   '.,.   SMngleweavers': Union '.'.   A 'friend- : '.".   Pressmen's  Union <   Printer's Union   ..."   .Tailor's Union    Street Rallwaymen's  Union     .Typographical Union   *.   Subscribed, per R.-Todd (vvkly),  George Walker  ., '..  .  Dominion Steam Laundry (col.).  Builders' Laborers Union    - Eookblnders' Union    Barbers'  Unioii      Laundry Workeis' Union   A Federal union,.." '..',  Civic Employees Union  (col.)..,  F. Tambourlno,' King's Hotel..  Oakland', Cal.,  Dlv.' No. tt2   Portland, Dlv. No. 4 j ....  Sacramento, Div. No. 6   Dunsmulr, Dlv. No. if.   Roseburg. Dlv. No.  1    ..  Previously acknowledged   ...'   verting Ills '"Majesty's malls from lite  city ot Victoria to the city of Vancouver, to wilfully delay the passing or  progress of the said vessel while so em  ployed In conveying His .Majesty's  majs fioin the said clly of Victoria to  the s.iIri city of Vancouver.  ' , "ROBERT BULLICK.  "Sworn  before me  the day and  year  above mentioned nt the city of Victoila.  "II.- G. HALL. Police Magistrate."  , After tlie charge had- been laid, Mr.  13 .V..Bodweli, K. <'., for the prosecution stated that It had heen brought  under' section 9."i of tlie Postal Service  Act, Victoria, 1SS6, chapter 3,' in conjunction with section MO of the Criminal Code. . ' X     >  When the clinige was read Mr. Robertson asked for further paitieulnis of  tlle offence. He claimed that the defence had in light to this. The charge  should specify the lime and place and  details of the alleged offence. Mr. Bodweli held it was unnecessary to have  I'he particulars given in a preliminary  hearing. It wus not the practice. The  magistrate ruled unordlng, and after  n brief session, ihe case was adjourned  lo give lhe prosecution time to ��� got  their witnesses  for  the ense.  funds  t 2.V0O  5 OO  '"20-00  S3 00  2,1 00  1 00  10 00  ���10 00  30 80  -    B 00  6 00  2 50  2 00  ,   25 00  10 00  5 00  10 00  25 00  100 00  100 00  ''   2 00  5 00  5 10  50 00  10 00  33 00  20 00  25 00  55 70  5 00  $   8 CO  34 00  125 00  25 Oil  30 00  ?2G6 00  I  $1,180 50  ESTI^S I'N COURT.  President Estes appeared'in response  :o a summons In the police court of  Victoria on Thursday. He was charged  with conspiracy' to dela'y the mails.  There was a~tT-emendous",cfovvd~present  when Magistrate Hall took the bench.  The workingmen at lhe_ capital are  aioused over the affair.  The accused sat with his counsel, H.  B. .Robertson, nnd .Messis. F��� V. Bodweli and E. P. Davis, 'K..C, appealed  for the prosecution. The'charge against  Estes Is laid under a section 'of the  ' Postal Service act of 188G, which holds  anyone attempting to cause the delay  of the malls at) guilty of misdemeanor,  for which a term--of one year's Imprisonment nin'y be imposed.  iThe Information on which President  Estes, who arrived at Victoria on Mon-  day last, is based, Is as follows;  "Thc Informat'on and complaint of  _Robt. Buillck. of the city or Victoria,  taken thlB 18th day of Maich, In the  year of our Lord one thousand, nine  hundred ani^three, before me, the undersigned police magistrate, In und, for  the city of Victoria, vvho says he li-is  reasonable grounds, for, believing and  does believe that George Estes, at present of the city of Victoria, ,bn the 16lh  day of March Instant, at thc city of  Victoria aforesaid,.did attempt to Incite  the crew of the steamer Charmer, a  vessel operated 'by t'he Canadian Paclllc Navigation Company, limited, and  employed, among other things, ln con-  . **  .-On tlie evening ofSt. Patrick's day,  at the I-lagles' hall at Victoria, there  was a packed house, and' many turned away unable lo get Into the'building.  The great gathering had, assembled to  hear Piesldent Geo. Estes of ihe U. B.  nf II. VI. give an account ot the strike  in-Vancouver. -.-.Tracing,'the 'history 'of  the IT. H. of ll.'K'movenient the speaker fiimI that at llrst It proceeded slowly..  Lately, particularly- since last fall, its  oigunlzatlon was vigorously pushed  forward.' In the last part ot January  .Mr. Marpole went to Mo'n'treal.- It has  been suggested that he planned with  Mr. Nichol. tlie 'mean's for crushing the  IJ. 13. of It. Ii. After his return men  weie called aside' and advised to leave  the U .B. of R. E. Mr. Robinson vvas  taken aside and Mr. Beasley advised  him to sepal-ale from the"U. B. of R.  E��� as the C. P. R. vvas determined to  kill that organization. Twenty-two  men -were so advised.' The freight  clerks, to the number of 70, were' ordered to cut off affiliation if they.hoped  to hold their present pay.' The attempt  was made. Men were sent ' to other  places on the line. Five men vvere discharged.* The organizer, who vvas to  unite all the employees \  From Vancouver to Halifax,  ��� C*  was hounded  wherever    he    went by  seven detectives, nt the head ot which  was Macdonald. At .Revelstoke he was  told by Macdonald that they wanted  him to cease his work. He wns told  that he would be given any'concession  in_reason. A lucrative place in Montreal would be given him. Otherwise  they vvouid hound him acijgps the continent.   It vvas found by. their ofllcers  that -   nt Montreal       nn -   nmplny-  ment -��� agency: was- opened -'- by  the- C. P. - R. Men had stated  in Vancouver since coming here that  they had been employed for a -month  previous to tlie strike. The .llrst car-  loud of these left Montreal on February 23rd and arrived In, Vancouver on  February 28th. The strike iwns not declared until February 27th. In Seattle,  Mr. Blake, manager of the Postal Telegraph Company, wh"cli was ' closely  connected with the C. P. It., oiiened an  einploynieiit agency for freight clerks  and others for the C..P. iR. Those on  strike were not dictated to by people  from thc United States. They did their  own dictation. The speaker was the  only ofilcer south of the line that they  knew anything of.,  The Canadian'Organization  hud its own officers. Committees-were  sent "to Mr. Mai pole when things became * unbearable, When men were being? discharged, suspended and" reprimanded for?'belonging-to a'union. It  vva'sii reputable comm'tlce composed of  men like J. W. Tuinbull. They showed  due respect to, the olllce ' which Mr.  Marpole lilled. No red! ess was., granted. ' A1 meeting vvas held at which' all  the membeis of the union were present, and thc riiutter fully gone Into, on  the 2Clh. It was decided to issue an  ultimatum -stating that the C. P. It.  must cense to d'seilmlnatc against the  U. U. of It. IC, and must reinstate Forest, tiie last man discharged. The  Bpeukcr received a message asking him  to come us trouble was brewing. Before lie reached Vancouver he heard  the men had struck. He wns surprised,  and expressed such surprise, thinking  tliey should have waited until he arrived ln the evening. Tie was told that  the C. P. It. had tried lo kill tlie organization and hence they had n right  to strike. _ "The men ure striking to  perpetuate their union, nothing else,"  he saild. They weie not striking for  better -pay, though they' needed It.  Men were receiving JLliO for ten hours  a day. Upon his arrival In'Vancouver  he advised striking out this demand fo'r  Forrest's Re-lnstatement. "  It vvas then decided that the life of  the organization j. should 'be nil lhat  should be usked ror. All they asked for  was thai an employee should not be  discriminated against, because ho was  a member ot the union. Could anything less be s'ked than the life of their  orgaiilznt'on? lie leferred to the ,offer  of mediation on the part ot the Board  of Trade, file counselled the acceptance of this. When Mr. Tisdall, who  lepi'e.'oiited the Hoard of Trade, asked  the terms upon whlcli they would settle their differences, he stated that it  would he an agreement that they  should not be discriminated against because they weie members of the union.  Finnlly, an agreement was uriived nt  Willi the Hoard nf Trade, wh.cli that  body ceitllkd to as perfectly reasonable. Yet Mr. Mnrpole refused to accept liTr.it offer of mediation. Tho cily  coi-iiL'll, the heads or the pther labor  oiguri zutlon.s and Premier Prior, on behalf of the government, were ah"0.accepted by the ,-dtlkers -.vss mediators.  Vet Mr. Mui-pcrfe ihud refused these.  The sti-lkeis were prepared to abide  by any  lteiisoiuilile Arbitration Body.  They would-tak'e'Piemiei- Prior'alone,  or the Mayor of Victoria alone, to settle tlils.inatftci'. The men were willing  to incept them because they were satisfied of tne Justice of their cause,  vvh'ch was simply that of life for tlieir  union. He went into the chain of  events by which the -longshoremen and  Hie lin.oii teamsters In turn refused to"  handle what wns regarded (is "scab"  freight. An attempt vvas made to replace the teamsters, but only lour, he  believed, had been found 'to take the  places of the lOl'iinioii teamsters. The  Steamship Unioii tiheu look the matter  up, and they refused to handle "scab"  business. Even the passengers coming  over on the Charmer vvas "scab"  freight. No live union man jivill handle  "scab" business, and hence 'they had  to ,go out. A verbal agreement vvas  mnde with Capt. Troup, a. man whom  the- members of the Steamship Union  respected, and he was regai-ded as hon-  oi.itile. Circumstances over vvhieh, he  bcl,eved. Capt. Troup had no contiol  foieed this agieement to be bioken, and  the men, without reeling.against Capt.  Troup, were forced 'to go out. He instanced the Princess May trouble. The  vessel came to Vancouver, where  iliorses, baggage and otlier freight was  to be taken on, all of which, from a  union standpoint, was  "Scab" Freight.  The-men-on-tiie-Pi-lncess-May-vvere-ll-  able to imprisonment for desertion 1f  tliey left the vessel. They .were piepar-  ed to-do so rather than violate the principles of the union. A meeting vvith  them wns arranged In, Vancouver. Men  of Ihe crow of the vessel said It vvas  their duty to go to'jail rather than  -handle this "scab" freight. The speaker himself udvlsed them to go to the  lioat, and not to jnil. The men objected. They, however, compromised the  matter, and Capt. Gosse agreed to leave  behind the horses, but the men were  forced to take the "scab" liuggage.  Asking for an expiess'lon of opinion,  he called upon those who sympathized  with lhe action of the Vancouver men  to rise. Practically all present responded.  'Mr. Thompson, ot the B. C. Steamboat Union, said that his society was  entirely British. He refuted the Idea  that all the walking delegates came  from ithe United States. He was ono  and was no American." Mr. .Bates had  used his Influence to keep men from  going out on strike. Lies were circulated by thc C. P. III., who reported  lhat the meir were going to work. But  of 200 men on the wharf only about 38  were workers. The remainder vvere the  detectives and specials.    Capt Troup  was nol moie to blame for the "scab"  I'i eight being loaded' thun he. He attacked such a unionism as wus evidenced in the engineers leaving a vessel and going as deck hands on another.  Mr. dlulley, secretary of the B. C.  Steamboat Union, also spoke brlclly,  after which the meeting closed with  cheers foi- the strikers.  THE TEAMSTERS.  VANCOUVER, B. C,  March 14,  1I10X  To the Wholesale and Hetall Merchants  of Vancouver:  Gentlemen,���A petition w.is circulated  among youiseives asking you to support thc mnstei draymen In obtaining  help from non-union men to do your  hauling of goods, baggage, etc. Now,  we beg to ask your signature to this  petition in support of .us In the action  we liave taken. We consider as union  men it was impossible for us to take  freight, baggage, etc., from the men  Imported from all directions to take the  place of the union men on sti ike. We  assure you that we aie prepared at a  moment's notice to resume work vvhen  conditions are such that wc do not  come in contact with unfair labor.  Signed���Caldwell Stationery Co., C.  M. Hawley, G. E. James, L. D. Barclay,  Square Deal, Chas. Gross, Fnran Bros.,  It. J. Mills, Win. -C. Schmehl, Ed. Clayton, T. B. 'Wyatt, G. A. Aldied, Mary  Aldred, J. F. Brown, II. J. Franklin.  C. II. Wright, It. F. McDonald, F. B.  Stephens, J. li. Jackson, Geo. Uuchen-  rnth, J. Main & Co", W. J. Orr, G. W.  Iliilchlngs, Geo. Hobson, Stanley White  & Co., Vancouver Grocery Company,  Ford's Grocery, M. Gibson, Dlokson's.  ���Importing Tea 'Company, H. A. Urqu-  hai-t',<A. Urquhart, iR. Coasclman, J. M.  Charbcrs, A. H, Bradibury (Montreal),  Itobert Mackay, C. M'uddell, A. G. Main,  F. XV. Tyrrell, McCulloch Bl others,- A.  L'alorl (Hotel Europe), H. Crltch &  Sons (blacksmiths), Howe '& Henry, F.  Wright, W. J. Klrkpatrick, W.-Shoe  Company, "Lyttleton -Brothers, J. XV.  MorrOvvJ II. R. 'Blssett. R. Hurry, C. F.  Penvvlll, The Paterson Shoe Company,  Peters & Pottinger, Russell & JIurray,  Burrard Hotel,-" Johnston, 'Kcrtoot &  Co., F. XV. Wetzel, T. Sudman, Robt.  Itobertson, Robt. Clark, XV. Goldstein,  F. Fillon, S.OAlbert, H. G. Moore, R:  Porter &, Sons, R.,S. Rice, J. D. McGregor, S. Murchle, Schmehl ���& Muller,  JT. IL. Walworth & Co., S. F. Mclntyre,  Thomas Murphy, R. Thorburn, Colin  Dawson, W. F. Murphy,'.R. Mitchell &  Co., E. S. Knovvlton, all subscribers to  union draymen.  Labor's Parliament  Resolutions Re J. H. Watson���American Labor Union���A  Waterfront  Federation ��� Voters' List ��� Fair  and  Unfair  Tailors ��� Abbott   Street   Wharf  ���A New  Transfer   Company.  TEAMSTERS' STATEMENT.  To the Public of British Columbia:  We wish to place ibefore the public a  tew of thc facts that led up to the present trouble between the union teamsters and the master dravmen.  On March 4,1903, at our regular meeting two communications were received  from tlie United Brotherhood of Railway Employees, stating that the Cana-  'dlim Pacific railway clerks and freight-  handlers vv;ere out on strike. They  asked us to support them, and being so  closely connected with them and being  union men, vve could not-sec our way  clear to handle "scab" freight. After a  lengthy discussion on the question we  decided not to handle C P. It. freight  or baggage.  So as events transpired one tiling  brought on another. The wholesalers  held a joint meeting vvith the master  draymen, when the wholesalers  agreed to stand liy the masters should  they proceed to draw their goods to and  from tlie C. P. R. premises, and eventually a iietltlon was circulated by ihe  wholesalers to that effect.  Then on March lllh, wc held n special  meeting, to wh'oh vvere admitted President Estes and a U. B. ot lt.:E��� also a  delegation from the wholesalers, consisting of I.Messrs. Let.son, Lockyer and  Burns, who presented their petition und  nlso cited to uu the present distress of  the business men. We discussed thc  whole question In every detail, Then  In turn vve made them the following  proposition:       **' ,0  "That should we consent to draw-  freight for a limited time to .clear up  the present lot and that which had been  shipped previous to the strike, vvouid  they give us an agreement that they  vvouid not ship'over,the C. P. Rt|only  to such points as could not be reached  by other roads and boats until this  strike vvas settled."  This they flutly refused to even consider.  Wc then took a vote as to whether or  nol vve stand as we were.   The result  [Continual on Vage Four.]  There was a large attendance of delegates present when Piesldent Lanuick  pulled the regular., meeting of the  Trades and Lalior Council io order on  Thursday night. ,  CREDENTIALS.  Builders' Laborei-s-41. Sellers.  Stationary Firemen���James Healey,  J. W. Morgan.  Journeymen   Barbers���A.  Lavalley.  Delegates took lhelr seats:  COMMUNICATIONS.  From Union Label Committee of  Trades and Labor Congress of Canada  and Toronto Trades Council ie union  label legislation.    Filed.  FVom Musicians Mutual Protective  Union legarding the'erection of band  stands on city parks. Thc proposition  was endorsed by the Council.  Fiom Hon. Sir William Mulock, acknowledging receipt of letter with ref-  eience to letter carriers' boots bearing  union label. The matter was brought  to the attention of the department. He  enclosed topy of memorandum which  was forwarded to Mr. Kennedy, together vvith copy ot the anti-sweating  regulations and form of declaration required from contractors. Referred tn  Postal Employees' Union.  From T. J. Coughlin, secretary joint  committee Order Brotherhood Conductors nnd Brotherhood Railroad Trainmen, protesting against the proposed  new 'Railway Labor act. Dealt with In  parliamentary committee's report.  D. W. Kennedy, secretary Toronto  District Labor Council, wrote re Fenson  Elevator company. ��� Filed.  Fiom United Garment Workers, Montreal, appealing to the Canadian workmen to support them in theiri efforts  and to buy only waterproof clothing  hearing the union label, which is the  only guarantee of clothing being made  in a sanitary workshop^ Delegates lo  report to their unions.  From Hamilton Trades and Labor  Council, making - a strong protest  against -.he proposal tliat the government assist workers 'to come to  Canada.   The protest was endorsed.    ���  PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE.  "Regarding bhe letter from P. M.  Draper, secretary Dominion Trades and  Labor Congress and one from Hugh  Orr, secretary Iron Moulders, re J. II.  Watson, organizer:  '"Resolved���That J. II. WaUon is not  a .fit person to act as organizer for the  Dominion Trades and Labor Congress.  First���That because he is a government official it is not in the inteiests  of llie wage-earners he should act In  the capacity of organizer to the Congress. Second���That according to a resolution adopted by the Montreal Con-  ffi-ess In 189!) and confirmed nt the next  following meeting of the congress and  not repealed since, part or which resolution Is as follows: 'That hereafter,  all members of. labor organizations  found on tlie platform and advocating  'HiC~Interest8*of"llib_olil"pblltlcal_iiSflle3  be regarded with suspicion .is decoys  to the vvnge-cairners and as. opponents  of the advanced labor movement'���he  is not eligible to fill the said office.  Thli-d���That he is a disrupter, In proof  of which vve refer to his report to the  lust congress held at Berlin, In whicli  ho advocates the gi anting of charters  to locals, which refuse to join Internationals; and, second, lo invidious comparisons between Canadian and American labor bodies; nnd, third, to the fact  that he hus Indiued the Boilermakers'  ���union, to withdraw from the council.  Fourth���Thut he has been an active  political partisan In the last by-clcc-  llon  for Burrard.  "That In our opinion the congress be  nicmoriilizcd to appoint their own organizers from year to year.  "Thut the railway arbitration bill be  referred to the railway unions, and  thut In our opinion it is indefinite In  its provisions, and~valueless as legislation, as no penalties are attached.    *  "That the council ,be strongly urged  to oppose any land grant by tlie provincial government to the propose-d C.  N. R.; that the Dominion government  be urged to build and operate the road  as'a government railway, and that no  candidate for either 'house be endorsed  wlio does not assent tu these proposals.  "In connection with the charges  against J. ,H. Watson, It Is lecommend-  ed that his letter lo the Woild of the  10th March, 1903, re strike In C. P. R���  be submitted."  A delegate read letters lie received  from Mr. Watson.  The report was then adopted.  ORGANIZATION   COMMHTTEE  reported that the wholesale employees  wished to organize.   That as they exist  al present (hey are compelled lo handle  scab  fi eight.  The organization committee was Instructed thut In future it communicate  with the American Labor Union, with  licadqunrters ut Butte, Mont., when it  was proposed to form local unions not  eligible to affiliate,-with International  unions.  A long discussion ensued on thc A.-  F. of L. vs. A. L. U.  It was stated that a  WATE KFRONT FEDERATION  would he formed lu the near future.  The municipal committee reported on  labor matters.  The committee on school teapher  Dougan's coi-e submitted a long re-  Iiort oC the affair .which on "motion was  Hied, and committee discharged with a  vote ot thanks.  t VOTERS' LISTS.  It was decided that secretary procure  blank forms for applications of voters  to get on the lists.  The delegates ot the Barbers' union  asked' that the    delegates   bring   the  matter of  patronizing unioii'shops to?  the attention of the different unions.-;^-  FAIR AND UNFAIR TAILORS.  It was leported tliat thc following  Hrins were unfair because'they patronized the 42. P. R. by bringing their  goods from the freight sheds: Morgan,*'  Granville street; McPherson, Cordova  stieet; McCallum, ., Hastings street;  Morrison, Hustings stieet. Following  firms are fair, refusing to patronize the  C. P. R.: McRae & McDonald, Hastings street east; Carelli, Carrall street;  Simons, Cordova street; Hunt, Hastings.street.  ABBOTT  STREET. r  The mattci- of the C. P. 11. patrolling  the Abbott street waterfront vvith their  special constables vvas commented on,  and the mayor's action commended,  and il wns hoped that the city would  take a hand to protect its citizens  against C. P. It. encroachments.  The teamsters delegates ' explained;,  lhe strike situation. Already, the"big  transfer Ulrms were put on the unfair  list, In jjie ruse of retail firms employing union clerks but patronizing the C.  P. R. it would be taken up later. Already steps had been taken to incor-  lioiatc a transfer company on the equitable basis, the prospectus ot which  would be out immediately, and active  operations commenced in handling  ti eight for the city. '  ���Adjourned; ���-. -  ---..-���  .,- - v  ORGANIZERS   GATHER   AT   MONTREAL.  1 A great gathering of organizers vvas  lield the other day at Montreal, In the  Grand Union hotel.   Among those present weie President Flett of tlle T.'ades  and ijabor Congress  of Canada;   Mr.  Merrick, president International Association ot Plumbers; Mr. O'Dell, Shoe-    '  workers;  Air.  Howe and  Mr. Holmes,  of thc Machinists;  Mr.  Dory and Mr.    .  Campbell, of the Trackmen; Mr. Tobln "  and  Mr. Skllllngton, of the Boot and  Shoe Workers;  Mr. Todd,  Toronto, of  the  Clgiininnkors;   Mrs.  Brooks,  Garment   Workeis;   Mr.   II.   Orr,   Detroit,  General     Secretary    Street    Railway  Men's   union,  and   several  others.    As  a result il lii looked furwaid that Eastern Canada will be thoroughly organ-    ���  Izod,   all   mutually  agreeing   to'help  each other In"their grand woik,  MIG-HT   BE  WORSE.  ' The Chief leported at   last Monday  night's council meeting a list of lights   '  that   were   out   during!   the   previous  week.  Aid Macpherson���lt vvouid be .easier'  to roport the lights burning than those  not burning.  Mayor Neelands���Not quite so bad as  they might be.        , THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY MARCH 21, 1903  THE INDEPENDENT.  PUBLISHED   WEEKLY   IN   TIIK    IN*  THRUSTS OF THE MASSES  BV  TIIK INDBPUNDENT PRINl'I.VG COMPANY.  BASr..Ml*NT     OP      FLACK       BLOCK-  HASTINGS STHi:UT, VAN-  CO IIVI OR,   B   C.  Sl)BSC'ltII"TIONS IN ADVANCI".  A week, 0 cenls; month, 15 cents, tlnee  iiiiinllis,  15 cents;   six  inontlis, So  cenls,  one year, fl 00.  l'NDOUSRD BY TIIE  TltADKS & LAUOR COfNCIL OF VAN  couvun,  TRADES &  LA1IOU COUNCIL OF VICTORIA.  VAXCOUVI.il   BUILDING   TItADBS  COUNCIL.  The Independent can always be had  it  Gallon ay's book store, arcade.  SATURDAY  .MARCH JI,  IUO!  Tiie most dl.ilhjlw.il piece of tjianny  evei pei peti.ited in vvcstuin Cinud.i is  that of cx-l'ieinier Diiiisiniiii in doming  Ins mine*, ,U EMeusioii, theiehj cu'ting  off lhe livelihood of a thousand people  simply liec-.iuse some al lils i-mplovoes  decided to Join the Western I'Vdei.ilion  of Mineis. Heie is an insl.ime wheie,  if tho piovlnce had -i legitimate government at Victoria, "Ins cold-blooded  despot would be put upon llie gnddle  and toasted foi his action. The time Is  fast appi0,1 clung when a piovincial political campaign will have to lie fought  upon one issue���lhe e\lei mliu'iou ol  Dunsmulr. For jeais tlie inteiests he  icpicsents have been the gieat blight  on the othcivvisc fun piospeits or this  piovmce If thii pool man 'h.nks that  he can defeat oigaiuzcd I.iboi he Is mistaken Its inmlfic.itions aie ten times  gicatci than .ill his millions, li will  land hi in soonci oi l.i toi If .i benign  piovidcnce would but kindlj leniove  him .though, we have no doubt that a  veiv Luge piopni-tioii of out people  Would slug pitns of pi.use .ind oigan-  i/ed I.iboi would be s.ived iimMclt'i ible  liouble in getting Ills Mtilp  Tlle n holes, ileis li.ive been tin nod  down hud bv lhe C I' ll ll weh.nl.i  decern gineii.iiienl .it V'ctoii.i llicy  LOiild mighty quickly change that Not  that tliey have i-unfiol ol i.ites But.  then, tlieie is sevi-i.il w.ivs in sKin a  cat  So It mined out that Mi Mai pole was  just Mulling when he olteicd in submit  the sti ike settlement io the othei uil-  uay bi othei hcods This "blurt" should  have been called long befoie lt  was.  The C. P. It n.ive evei j thing 1 mining  smooth]}���n!<l Nor they won't this  t ine ne\t ye.u, unless thej come down  on- then- high hoise Oiganlzed l.ilioi  can't be beaten  in Biltlsh Columbia.  Theie have been many men hung who  have nol been guilty of half us senous  ci lines as some of those who have been  in.ule ilch b.v the people's p.itiiimuiv  Theie ls only one moie contc-mpliljle  being than .1 "scab,' and lh.it is .1 spoi-  lei and "sc.ib" pmcuiei fiocincis uie  ulw.iv.s looked upon with loathing  The Intei national Typogi aplilcnl  union has gi anted a chattel toi Nome  Thc punters aie getting up -n the  woild.  ���McKa.v, the C   P  the pioper oinclul  bets with the C. P  R fly cop, is now  thiough whom all  R. must be made.  City Cleik McGuigan now* we.u.-,     a  -Cm rie-Nation-badge���.1-l1tllu-hfi.t1.hel7  by the way.   He's nn admliei orGeoige  Washington, loo, he savs.  "Chinese IJiinsmiili" will soon lie .1  name that mothers will use to fiighteii  then   babes with. '  You might Just us well liy to m rve  Ihe devil as the committees of tin- 101111-  1 il Aid. Hnnwi said lust Monday night  on the (enii-ti-iy <|iicslion thai the brads  aie ic-spoiisible foi the woik of theli  lcxspc-c-iive depaitmeiits, and that thej  are never interfc-ied1 with. When did  tins change of fiont take place.' In the  voi j- le.solution of the eoinin tlee au-  thoiUing the i Itv Millcltoi 10 .see that  the title In the .10 acres weie In oidei.  Aid liiuiii was auihoii/.ed to idenlifj  the hind Had the lesolutlou heen propoi, the clt.v solicitor would have seen  to It that not onlj the tllles weie good,  but ul.��j that the englnei-i .suivej and  Identify lhe land.  Neill. of Albeinl, has seen the -'light"  and will suppint PiUh's I1yhr.1l govein-  iiienl  LINUS  To .  \. .Matthews, Whose I-ifliisioii.s Have  Appealed 111 the Daily Picss.  A. Matthews declaies he's Canadian lu  spuit,  Although he's .1 "cousin" in soul.  So, wilting and sei aping, to Ills satisfaction,  He makes of a mountain .1 mole.  He  wiltcs  lo the   Piovlnce    in   lound-  aliom fashion  Of duties or bosses to men,  And  how tlml  the mon  to  the bosses  should knuckle,  Just wheie and    just  whj    and Jusi  when  I vtiiline to think lhat A   Matthews Is  bughouse,"  And owns veiy 1 it tlu good scum',  Ile.llouiideicd   about  like ,1  tiog  In  a  nuidhole���  lies  lenllilv, ut.eilj   dense  What bus.ness has he with his oar to  be poking  In ni.itleis quite out of his waj?  lie's ovei hi-, head and he uiiiiiot touch  bottom���  His lelleis emit not ,1 ia>  Some fools will rusii Inio all m innei  o"  couiscs  Wheie angels are feaiful to Head;  Hut this joung A   Matthews cues nothing foi pi ovei bs  So awfully stale thej'ie neai dead  Pifiy   ,e]|   us,   Oh,   Matthews  (peihaps  '    jou can ansvvei  Befoie  I  qulle rui.sh  this bout),  If people with money should all stand  united.  Why shouldn't Iho people w'lhoul-  II jou  aie a   man   not a  mouse 01   ,1  monkej.  And this is a land ��,r the fiee.  Whv is  11   die classes should  nile 0V1  the  masses,  And dnve litem ,i]i ii|, In ,1 tiee  Oh   Al.itihews.    oh,     Milihews.     vom  1 helmh- s laultv,  Yum aigi-mi ill's tic 11 .it,,, tog,  You build on ideas thai li.ne no foundation.  Yinire hniiiblv slink  In ,1 bog'  .IIMPSY.  Maich 19   ViO!  l'AHHI 13 IS COMING  C.iiue Nation i.s coming,  Shout, shout for joy,  Tom McGu'gan's huiiiiiung���  He'll be her Willie boy.  Tommy we.ns hot hatchet,  Tell it f.11 and wide,  No one else can match it���  Tom alone'h supplied  WE'LL OWN TiriD EARTH.  Let us cuiinei  up lhe sunbeams  ffjingall aiound oui  path;  Get a tiust on wheat anil loses,  Give the puoi  the thorns and ch.ifl.  Let us ifmd om  (hiefesi pleasuie  Ilo.inllng l)ountic-s of to-day,  So the poor will have scant mciiuic  And  two pnecs have  lo pay  Yes, we'll leseivolr the uveis  And  we'll levj   on  the lakes,  And  well lay a tuning to I ta\  On Path   pooi   man  who pm takes.  We will bland his imnibei  on hun  Thai he'll canj  thiough his life,  Well appi en tue all Ins ihlldien,  Get .1 moi Lgage on his wife.  We will (.ipuue e'en the �� md-god  And confine lilm  in a cave,  And  then, through oui   patent piocess,  We the atmospheie will save  Thus we'll squeeze our little biother  _\Vhen_hP_tilcs_hls lungs.to fill,   Put a. metei on his windpipe  And piesent our little bill.  We will SMiduilte Lhe sunlight  And monopolize the moon'  Claim a mv.illv  on lenl-dajs.  A   piopi.et.uy noon;  Fiji  ughi of way ihiiiugh ocean's .spiaj  We'll  pav   just what   it's  worth,  We'll   clilve  oui     stakes    around  lakes.  In fuel  we'll own ihe earth.  ���B  C.  Workman  the  ���������������>��������������������������������������� '  *    WE-HAYE  BEEN  LCXPECTFNO A    ,  BIG PARCEL,  OF DIAMONDS  . they may bt- bote beioie tins iippm , m m ,,(.,    \v,. |���im.r|,[  them dliecl fiom A'nstoiiUni���tliu git-.ile.sl  diiiuond   mail    In    Vim  w01 111���thc place wheie neaily all the diamonds nio cut  Wouldn't It be 11 good  th'ng to lome In ,in<| see the show���pick  out a stone and let us make It up inio a ilng  GEO. E. TROREY,  Tbe Jeweler and  Diamond  Merchant  COR. GRANVILLE AND HASTINGS STRITTS.  Official Watch Inspector of the C. P. R. s  4  O  o  it  H  H  n  <��  if  il  h  h  .'  n  <'  n  LEnERS TO THE EDITOR.  Pl'BLlC  SCHOOL GKOGRAl'llY.  To the Editor of Tin IndkpuiNnt:  Sir,���It may be aigued bj a tew of  jour many leadets that the following  iLiu.uks uie 1 at her out of plate 111 a  labor paper, and should Instead be addressed to the Superintendent of Education or other high oflic.nl. I maintain, hovvcvei, that us the children of  all classes, whethei- ilch or poor, aie  compelled to utiviKl a school of some  deseilptlon, und tlici-efoie ure expected  to show a ceitalu degiee of pi ollelenej  In the study of lhe vuilous subjects  compiised ln lhe ciiiiltuluin. theie I.s no  vulld icason whj my oIn>c<iviitlous on  such an linpoi lunt brunch of education  us geogiuphy .should not uppeur lu the  columns of The Independent.  A few days ago d had occasion to  consult un atlas fm something 1 wished lo dlnd, nnd a.s the neaiest appioacu  to an atlas at hand at the moment was  .1 public' school geogiaphy, issued 111  1SS7 by the Canadian 1'ublisliiiig Coni-  11.111}-, 1 tiiiuc-d to that. The infoi million sought wus of such a natuie that  jou may Judge ot my astonishment at  lindlng only n juil ot It. 1 mined ovei  .1 tew pages of the book, and prosentlj  sti lick sevcial snags tlml doubtless  have caught inuiij pupils since llie  veai In which the geography was published. At the loot of page GH, In the  -ectlon devoted to Biitsh Columbia, Is  a. senes of e.\eielso.s to which school-  ehlldien aie (or weie) expected lo le-  plj-, in oider to show how much thej  knew, or had learned, it-spec tug this-  IKiitlon of the Dominion  The sentence nuinbeied ��� 2" In lhe 1 si  just lefeiied to says: "Trace on the  map the ship-passage along the coast."  This Is manifestly an iinib guitj', as  everybody knows that theie Is no passage for ships, so-called, along the  eoast. II by ship Is meant steamship,  It might be an easy thing to tiaee the  loute of such on the map; othei wise a  sailing vessel, oidinaillj termed 11 ship,  would be towed to C.i]ie Fl.ilteij', and  proceed thence on the bio.id suiface ol  the Noith Piicidi and if the winds happened to bt- pioplliunis, It might be a  thousand 01 two thousand mile-, oil hind  eie It leached Its destlnil on anjwheie  ilong the coasl.  "���entente '3" in the list of exenlses  sij-s: "Ac-toimt fm the pti 11ll.11 It es 0'  lhe i-liniate of Bnt'sh Columbia." I  make bold to state, 111 legaid to this  lequest, thnt, ap.ui fiom the b.ihl n>  in.uk that the atmosphcie nf all mast  legions is moie lnim dillian thai of the  mleiloi pails of a touiitis, the oldest  Inhabitant here or elsewheie could not  ic'count for the pectili.inl es ol" the climate In this piovmce. moie especl.illj  on the lower levels.  And jet another little thing lhat is a  glanng absuiditj-. Neai the end of the  p.iraginph proceeding the exoicises le-  feiied lo _I obseive the following  "Poit Rssinglon and Port Simpson aie  the most impoi tant places on tlio 1101 Ilieiu coast." Now as Bi t'sli Columbia  has not otlier than a west to ist. obviously It cannot have a noithein eoast  VI] Islands of couise have noilh, .south,  east nnd west coasts, but a section of  mainland has ony a coast line on so  much of It as is washed b.v the wateis  ���"-r old ocean Thoio maj be a nnilhern  ind a southern portion 01 the west  coast within the conllnes of Ihis piovlnce; but that is just whe'e the Inde-  teimlnateness lie's. '  Some people���piobably schoolteatheis  among the numbei���may contend thut  the foiegoing ls meie quibbling I  naintaln that "information ' such ns I  nave quoted should nevei have a place  In a schoolbook Doubtless there are  many dominces who will cont-ui In the  statement that It ,s often a hard  enough-job-to- Impai t-lnsti-uctlon-at  all; therefoie why teach children anj-  thlng out of which it is possible, to i*,kc  two or more mennlngs without due explanation?  Thanking jou In until l|���ition of llie  spate att-oided A  PAItKNT.  Vnncouvei,   llnrc-h ^1S,   l'10'l  ^9-'"^99*-*"9^ '" 99"  ���99+-~99  9  See  the Great  Showing  of  Spring  Novelties  at  17(1    Cordova     St.,    Vancouver.  We reach wherever  the malls  reaoh.  �����������������������-�����'������������� .rt)4)���.99*-<-9<)  '"TOWN KILlfl'lltS"  An editor who seems lo know- wheie-  of he .speaks is responsible foi  the following-  Town kllleis aie il.isiHIi-il into eight  bunches as follows:  1.   Those who send or go out of town  'n do their shopping. '  '2.   Those who nre   opposed    to Im-  pioveiiients.  .1.   Those who pieR'1 ,1 quiet town to  one of push and business.  4.   Those who Imagine they own the  town.  3.   Those who deilde publ'c splilted  men.  G.   Those who oppose   every   movement  that  does  not   'originate    with  them.  7. Those who oppose any niovenitnl  that does not appear to benellt them.  8. Those who seek to Injure the < 1 cd ���  It or reputation ot individuals.  mtOTiii-*itiioor>    of    railroad  FREIGHT AND "BAGGAGE  HANDLERS OF  AMERICA.  Sh,���Since I stalled organizing Eastern Ciin.idu I have met with splendid  success and .1111 pleased to state that  the li eight elciks, height checker*.,  shlpiieis, foienieii, sealcis, y.ud eleiks,  pnitcis, tar chet-keis, baggage mus-  .eis and poiteis on tlie C. P R., G. T.,  H C. and 1. C. It huve given me their  ncaity co-opeiatlon As u ie.sult'1 have  jeen able since J.muaiy 10, 11103, to or-  r.'ini/.e and Institute divisions of the  i:iolli;ihond ol Ilnllio.nl, Pielght and  I'ugguge II ileis of Amenta at London, il,million. Toionto, Picscott,  .-"niith's Falls, illt.iw.i, .Mnulio.il, Oue-  hei, F.-u iihnm, Shepliiooke, Levis uud  .Mi-Xdiini JiiilC-linn, and fiom pit-sent  liiilii-nllini-y expect li�� clean up 'and  enlte the few Easleiu Atlantic points  this niontli end. As ,1 lesull ol theli eight and baggage euiplnvees taking  mild Willi .1 guild will, the C. P. It and  O. T. It. have, since Febi 11.11 j 1 In-  t.eased the wages of all classes of employee-, eligible fm meiiilieislilp 111 0111  ISiothcihi-dd���cltiks lunn $*, in $10 a  month, foiemcn $10 to tlO, shlppcis and  fheckeis, elt, l.i lo JOt- a day, poi lei s,  Uli a day. And oui membeis claim,  especiallj tlie shed men, that Ihey aie  leetivlng bettei tit-almenl than foi 111-  tilj fiom the under bosses. If the  fieighl clerks, ehei-keis, ihiiIc-is and  baggigemeu al Vuinouvei, Winnipeg  and Calgaiy weie in line with us and  united with the I-lastei 11 men, ll would  be possible to obtiln lecognllion as a  biotheihood and obtain a contiact on  sn11Il.11 lines to those gunned othei  oigiimzed t-niploj ees, guaiuiitt-eing  our w.igts, teims and conditions of  employment, without,having to resoit  to slilkes. Undei oui system or 01-  g.iiu/.utioii vve woik in haiiuonj with  the othei Intel national mganl'/.utipns,  as we do not ilium iniKdlilion over  .nenibeis at othei oigunuutions, or expect or jsld othtil oiganizatlciis lo  bie.ik theli contiucts 01 go out on  -ymputhetic st'Ike to assist us" Youis  fiateinally  D   STAMPER,  Vlte piesldent B. R   F. & li. H. of A.  Oianil Union Hotel, Montieal, March  11,   IUO I  THE HLSTUNQ BOY.  The avenge boy Is arhustlcr. At meal time he hustles to got outside ot  everything In*reaoli, until Hie buttons on his pants aie attained;'In the plaj--  ground he hustles Into all sorts of fun, and It becomes a question of how long  the seams of his pants vvill st.ind. He hustles over fences, and up and down  tiees, and by the time be ls hustled to bed at night it makes the average pair  or boy's pants look sick. THE LION BRAND is made tor Just such boys;  they have double knees and double scats, made fiom all-wool cloth, sewn with  linen thieud, and got up in u manner not equaled by any other on the maiket. Once 11 customer, always n customer. Prices 00c, 7Ge, $1, $1.25, $1.50. XVe  arc sole agents for this celebiated brand.  CLU&R   &   STEWART,  Telephone 702. ' 309 to 315 Hastings St. W.  11 ������������������������ �����������������������<>��������������������,����������������+  o  o  <>  <>  tl  i>  o  II  of hurrying about buying Life Insuranca so many men think and say- At  least two strong reasons aro: Qo od health is uncertain; Increased cost It  certain    What's  tho use of waiting might better be satdl-  o UNION MUTUAL   POLICIES  may bo depended upon to protect throughout the varying experiences of  human hfo, to faithfully guard tho interests of thn �� Insured, and to be  promptly cashed when they become payable. Values ana privileges abound  and   are   conveniently   available.   Dotallod facts gladly furnished.  After threo yeara the Union Mutual Policies do not become void by failure  to pay premiums, the Main Non-Forfeiture saw without action of tbe  Policy-holder,-continuing the Insurance for a Specified length of time  Union Mutual Life InsuranceCo  PORTLAND, MAINE. Incorporated 1848  i t Call or write for particulars and plans  J [ Head Office : 419 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B 0.  it        -     J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager.  ' *    COLIN CAMERON,  Special  Agent. "  �� ft  0090000 ���������������������*��<���������������������������<>��������>��<  i  ���>  I  il  I  "  "_  H  H  H  ll-  li  ('  H  o  (I  li  CORNER HASTINGS AND CAM11IE  STREETS, VANCOUVER.  New, modern and strictly first-class;  good sample rooms; free 'bus. Week  days���Breakfast 7 to 10 a in., lunch  12 m. to 3 p. m , dinner, 0 to 8 p m.  Sundays���Breakfast 7.30 to 10 30 a.  ui., lunch 12:30 to 2 p. tn., dinner, 5:301  to 7:30 p. m. Rates $2 and upwards  per day. HAYWOOD & PRESCOTT,  Proprietor!.  Th�� Dougall House  310-312 ABBOTT STREET, VANCOUVER, B. C.  Restaurant and Bar. Breakfast 6 to  10, merchants' lunch 11 to 2, 25c, dinner S to 8, 25c ; lunches put up; eastern and Olympian oysters; short orders . a specialty at 'all houis,  meals tickets $4; bost 25c. meal In the  city.     D. BURTON, Proprietor.  The"  819   SEYMOUR   STREET,  VER.  VANCOU-  Meeting.  P. O. E.���VANCOUVER AERIE, No. 6,  meets Wednesday evenings; visiting  brethren  welcome.    Bert- Parsons,  W.  P.: J. G. Ure, W. 8., Arcade.  THERE IS  of Fire or Injurv-  Health when you usp  the     "  ~-  Having the only up-to-dato grill room  in British Columbia, which ln Itself is a  guarantee of a first-class hotel and restaurant Business Men's LUNCH, frou  12 m. to 2-30 p. m., only 25 conts.  GET ON THE VOTERS' WOT.  WANT MASTJ5KS.  A banker of New Yoik wiote to a  darse-manufnctuicr������ asking���lilm-his  opinion of the outcome of the present  I.iboi iigllntoii. The mniiufac-tuiei ie-  lihed. -A willing sln\e Is no moie ull-  llnir to li.iw the shackles stiuck lioin  his limbs I ban the woiking people .in  lo 111i n h.inil in boh.ilf of theii tights  rion-c of I hell le.'ideis howl and lis to  uoii'-e them. It's all wind. Notli ng  will comi- of 11 One-half deilde tiniest, and heme \, II lemaiii helpless  IfOok nt tlu-li votes; that tells the tale.  I'lii-i want inastt'is, ihey don't df-lu-  to be fiee. All ��o have to do ls lo  smile on out- and kick the othei. The  rait of the ninttui Is Ihey think tliey  aie helpless, ill's oui duty 'to make  them believe It, \n empty --loiniieh n  iiak-'il hack, '-. uu- .iigiiment. Thu 1?  all we need lo |-|ua!n niasieis. ~t\'llh  all theli glow lings dui-'ng theli seciet  meetings, in-xt dny they nie the lit st  to diseicdil their leadens, who work/foi  pilnclplc, and without ienumeration  The whole thing In a, nutshell Is, they  are so cowardly ihey,aie Unwilling even  to vote for themselves. They realize  they nfe out slaves. Let them believe  It���It pays us We would bu fools not  to Ufae them in every way to coin  money out of them. Have no fear of  the woiklngmcn, they'll never dlstuib  our mubteiy, for whole cowmdlce Is  added to Ignorance, resistance to power  * Is Impossible."  Tbe Balmoral  CORNER  CORDOVA   AND   CARRALL  STREETS,. VANCOUVER  Makes a specialty of Dowar's special  liqueur, also Usher's black label liqueur  whiskey. Largo stock of Imported and  domestic cigars. Finest billiard - and  pool tables. R.     B.    MULLIOAN A.  CO., Proprietors.  ���������������������������������������  | :   GEO. HAY   :  ^k     Vancouver's    Pioneer    Clothes  Y      Renovator, makes a still uew.  A  X Dyeing and Repairing.  A      _ 216 Cambie St., Vanoqovjii.    , _  The- price is no;w  such that almost everybody can afford it.-  Once used, always  used. Apply at. Office of  LTD.  Cor. Carrall and Hastings  Streets. ,   '  gooeooooraooooooe  DELICIOUS WINE  ' Madr Exclusively, from a. C. Fkuit.  FKE8H CUT F.LOWER8   UNION-MADE  DOMESTIC CIGARS.,  When making a trip around the  Park call on  Brocklon Point  Lighthouse  W. D. Jones  oooeeooooeeooooMoei  ������������������������#������������  CANADIAN  ������v^Xiii&A&iimci  - luid--���  Pacific Bottling  Works  Importers end Bottlers  " GOKB AVE.   'PHONE 783. -  '��� SOLE A0BNIB.  SOO  PACIPIC  LINE  Worlds     ;  Scenic  LOWEST RATES.  BLS1 SERVICE  Train  Transcontinental     Passenger  leaves dnlly at 14 o'clock.  Soattlo nnd Whatcom Exprcsa leaves  dally at 8:00 o'clock.  STEAMShlPS  TO   JAl'AN   AND  CHINA.     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E.;  Thompson, inesldciu of the Biltlsli Columbia Steumshlpnien's Union, and the  piesldent ot thc local Steiiiiislilpiuen'H  Union,  Mr. Burl). '   ^  President JUolden occupied the chair,  and about titty delegates weie present,  lepreaentlng* twenty-seven unions. , ;  Ciedentluls.   *  iCiedentiiils weie leielved as follows-  Walter Bailey, foi Pulnteis' and Decoi-  utors'  Union, August Heibeizei,   Mj-  thlnlsts' Union; Thos, McLaien, Joui-  neymen  Plumbeis; Geo   C. Andeihon,  Street Railway Employees' Un on.  Flsh Tinps.  The special committee on llsh  tiaps  leported that they ihad Coi wauled  Iho  following lo lhe illsheiy  umiin,.s^loiiei.s  and otheis ut Ottawa.  "The Victoila Tunics nnd Lulioi Counoil in legulur session on Muith A, IHIM,  upon lcconiniend.itioii of a committee  appointed nt the iiiovloii3_sesslon to in-  quhe into th'e niitic-i ot the Intioduc-  tlon of llsh naps, pu'tse seines and gill  nets (of u gieutei length than ut piesent allowed by law) unanimously agteed  that objeet'ons to the use ol Jisli tiaps,  purse selnes_and gill nets, 'of gieutei  length, weie based entliely on seotionul  grounds, und thut the leusons advanced  ngainbt theli use cannot 'be sustu ned  by actual Tacts Moieover, that the  .ishlng industiy as ut piesent can led  on on the Fni'er ilvei Is degiading to  white laboi, because of the advuiilage  taken ot -tlienp -Asiatic vind U.iiisient  foieign laboi. lt was, llierefoic- it-solved  tliat the conunittee be liistiiitlcct to  di'dft a memoi in'l to Sit Wllfi Id 1. iill lei".  llrof.-ErE. Prince, All"-Uco. It ley, M  P., Mr. Ralph Smith, M"l'., Hon. Rnj-  mond Piefontalne anil Senatoi Teinple-  ni.ui, embodying the views ol the Victoria Tiades and. Liboi round, m-ai-'  fai as provisions being made in tlie Interests of the wliile llslieiineu and  white vvoikeis of Rnllsli (Jolumbi.i.  ���     .       Meinor.ul." ,,    * * '  the Laboi ei.s"  Union   wus  the    piopci  Romce to wh th It should be sent  Turple's   Ways  TJie executive committee lepoited  t thut theli effoils tow aids having Turple's shipyard plated on the fair list  wen- meeting with .success, and It was  expected Mint in the neai futuie the  niattei would be stiaglitened out. Mi  Tin pie was \oiy nn-cloiis to employ  union .labor only.  The seci-ctiuy of u Joint committee O.  13. C. and JJ. It. Y��� Vancouver asked  the council to protest to the Dominion  government ngulnst'the pioposed initiation bill of Hon. Mr. Mulock. The le-  <iuest will be gi anted.  Hon. 10 G. Prior tit-know lodged llie le-  ceipt of petition ri-om the touiu.il piny-  Ing for the le-ennctment of thc dlsnl-  lowtd Oilent.il legislation. The iPie-  nilei went ruii) Into the in.utei, g.ving  a resume of the eonfeiencc held at Ottawa wilh Sir Wild Id and his confides other membeis of the piovincial legislature alho vv lote n>ioml3ing,to  give suppoit to the i(-adoption of Oriental leglslfiton disallow til by the Dominion government.  A proposition to call a tunventioii^foi  the foimutioii.of a Pi oi"lnel..l Fedeivi-  ,tion_ of. Labor went ovei to the executive forjepoit ut next meeting.  The council w.ll meet weekly here-  aftei, adjournment of the piesent session being taken 111 nest Thursday.  tlon of greed. To keep the people divided seems to hu\e been the studied  imlicy of the money power in all uses  in all counti le.s. /'Divide und caiiijuei"  bus invnrlabl) been tlie slogan of  wealih. A line lllustiutlon of this fact  ls uffoided in the Knglish uilslotiucy  In ils tientineiit of Ii eland. It has en-  couii-.ged divisions simply foi tonven-  lence of robbei) uml extoition, and generally on rel'glon When lhe Catholics  uie pulling the cms of the Piotesutnls  befoie, there Is a cause for the action  taken by Mr. Dunsmulr, and -while h's  leasons have not been made public, the  woiklngmen and mineis ot 'the province .ue well awaie of the direction in  which ithe coloi ed feline I-, Jumping. Ii  Is up to thi'iii to take a hand in <thu  opeiafon, now oi never. Let the coal  miners of IO-ctenslon and Feinle join  hands, -take piellinlnary steps to foi tiling nn Industiinl co-opcintlve assoelu-  tlon  foi   the puiimse    of  mining coal  mmw trades mcil  Opeiations In the building li ilis continue bilsk, tin- demand foi eiiponieis  mill efieccllng the suppl);   but   as le-  Union Directory.  THE VANCOUVER TRADES AND  Labor Council meets first and third  Thursday In each month, at 7 30 p m  President, XV. 3 Lamilck, vice-president,  Geo Dobbin: secretary, F J Russell; fin-  anclul secretarv, J L Lllley; treasurer,  A   N   llariington. sergeaiit-.it-auns. J   C.  1. That no licenses   for    lish  imps,  j -     i i        ,,* *  purse seines oi  gill  iiels-be' issued  u>  Chinese or Japanese.,    .s        i    \    '  2. That no Chinese or Japanese be  allowed to.vvoik on llsh tmps oi with  puise seines oi gill nets  3. Thut Chinese und Jiipunese be excluded from woiking upon oi taking  any pait In the constitution oi maintenance of iflsh ll .{(IS  4. That no Chinese oi Japanese be  employed on any boat, scow oi conveyance used in  the tiansfei of IWh fioin'  i  the traps to the plate wheie Uie flsh  aie canned or cuied. j __   r  3. That pei sons securing illsh tiap  licenses shall opeiute same within'a  leusonable time aftei sa d licenses nave  been granted. f. -���  6. And also that the Do mm ion government shall cndeavoi In some inannei  to encourage the" employment of vvnite  labor moie extensively in the canner-  ies.       -' i^,rX y  A communication was received fiom  Secretaiy Diapei,    of    the    Dominion  Trades and Laboi Congiess,-giving in^  i  foi mat Ion  us  to  the  position  of  the  council under the new charter.  The Street "Rallwnymen's Union complained of the council's action in turning ovei the mattei of prolit shaiing  of tho B U. Electilc Rallwa) to the  Laborers' Union, instead of sending it  to the Stieet Rullvvaimen's Union.   The  council 6uppoitcd  the contention that  f ALL UNION MINERS ,,     f  ft  9  9  ft  ���  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9 Special VMiners" Over- f  9 alls, Jumpers and ���  ���       ;���*. -Smocks. ?  9   made of fullweight dentin, double 9  A   stitched and riveted, high waist- A  s     .,    .���'.'._...._.  'i  _. I     i  ed, roomy seated, Iron' wear.  9      Made by  9  0    ���  ' -THE-*  .9  '9  9  9 , ��� (LiMiTun.)     "      ��� - a  ?  The oldest- Union  Overall  Fac- *  j|"      Ai   tory In'the "vVest."_(  -^. ft  9      MAVt'S BLOCK, WINNIPtO.HiN.     2  ft - - _ ft  t>ft9ft9&9ft*ftQft9ft9ft9Q9Q9G  SHIPWRIGHTS.  The Shipwrights' Union held Its annual meeting the other evening, vvhen  the election of olllteis took place, le-  sultlng ns follows. Piesldent,"- D. L  Kellv, vlce-|iiesldent, Ale\ Monteith;  secietary, T.-H.* Piper, tieasuiei, IM  Keininde, tiustees, p. Nlsbett, K. Sea  and I'll Andiews .a'hls,executive is  empoweied to tt.in-.aoL all business  When the association is nol in its-don,  and foi lhe ti'ril of oriendeis against  the laws of thVunion, subjjct^to an appeal lo the'executive boaid of the  Trades nnd I.iboi Congiess a l Ot taw a.  15 t'10 k and Wm' Thompson weie -ip-  polnteil win den nnd londiutoi lt-spet-  tlvc-Iy .Messis .M'cNutt. McRinil'e und  I-' i-ookson, bl the Shlpw lights' Union,  weie elected impioveis, and Messis  Mag-tuff,jAv'.'lll.inis-and Stewait weie  ...iccfcpti-d is appiciiiUes of the assocla-  'tloir* Piesidcnt iICvll.v ami Tieasu'iei  Keimodc weie elected delegates to the  Victoila   Ti.ult-s  and   Liboi  Council.  .tin:  puwicit of monicy.'  To tilt Kllllorof Iill I.MIIPUNDKKT. '  Sli,���Piesent "conillllons1 aie a libel  upon Livlli/at on, a slandei on eveiy  school, college and un voislty the woild  over If ihoie Is one law supiemo in  the infeinal irgions It imwt 1* tlie law  01 tfipltlillsni'- as applied to-day. Is  theie JustlJlcaton. necessity, or apology foi piesent conditions' rs theie  nnj justice 01 lull ness a the right 01  pnvule monopolv of anj ualuial pio-  duet or-netessity of'liie'' Why should  not the public ti.in.sutt the public business' Why should almost,eveiy in-  dustij be controlled by monopolies and  combines' Why should theie be unv  sm h thing as nione> monopoly iu a  .countiy where the people aie suppo6ed  to^huve the .right ,of self-rule? The  money powei has ben allowed to hold  undisputed sway'so long that the nation Is at last beginning to feel the  fence of its soulless giasp The question  is shall we allow the money power to  moitgage the euith, while vve stand  supinely by defending the piesent oidei  of, things until the damnable powei  even mortgages the bli tin ight of oui  childicn. The iii gent need of the da>  ls_unselllsh��� nien of courage und~cdiivic-  tloh Men who dure face depraved pub-  I c opinion, nnd w ho vv ill not bow at the  shiln'e of m money gud���men Intelligent  und p.Uilotlc enough to piotest against  the growing powei and coriupting Influence of exte-ssive wealth One of the  chai ge.s ngulnst -Chniles I. wus Mint  he Iind i-iemteil und fostvied monopolies. Ills head went to the block. Oui  law-making bodies huve been do'ng  this thing so long that the people have  glow 11 liidlfteient to (his ontiuge  agalnft "common honest}. Wehstei  said. The llnest government cannot  long cnduie when the tendency of the  law Is 'to ci elite a i.ipd iietuinulatlon  of piopeit.\ In the hands of u few and  lendei lhe musses of lhe people poor  and depcndenl. The veiy thing Webster vvaincd us ngulnst hns been stiftt-  ly can ied out until vve now'have on  the one side 11 few inlllionalies and on  the othei hundieds of thou-sands who  are loosing or have already lost their  homes, and other hundieds of thousands who'nre-actually'dcstltute. Unquestionably It is Hit- people veisus the  mbney power, although thousands of  partisan's 'do not Teall/e it now as they  vvill later on" Nearly eveiy gieat struggle of the English race has Imn caused  by the exaction of tiibutu���the extoi-  "j   (.n,,.    ,       ���    ���     . '.  ously pii king the pockets of both. Iu  this tommy political Issues have well  sei v ed 11 similar pin pose. We know absolutely that neatly nil lhe vvaiii, misery nud wielcheilness we see on .eveiy  hand to-uay lome from uillllolul tondl-  t'ons���not Iiom natural causes���>et vve  have not thc couiuge tu suy so and  vote a change. We go moneyless and  slubblly ilii-sst'd, ��md woik long lioum,  see wife and thildicn In vvuint, then  vote to keep the mono power und politicians ustride our neck. But do vve de-  set ve anything better so long as vve  leniulii the dupes and1 seifs of sclllsh  and um basoning conservatism? I.s not  an empty stomach good enough foi any  voter who wall not put aside paity  Ujejud-ite in the ions dei.il.on of |>ollt-  Ital questions Let us not foi get thut  p.uil>lsni is oftentimes iiiiicnsnnalilc  and ai luiillj il.uigeious Koine fell  thiough thc quant-Is of the plebr-ans  and the pitiliians Wealth 111 ivei> age  and tomtity has attempted to divide  tlie people und keep them divided.  Paity blckeilngs and inncoi alvvoys de-  tinci attention fioin the Impoi tant issues in uny campaign. Th's Is Invai-  iably to the advantage of wealth. The  Lcntiulizatlon of capital Is auothei dan-  gei our piesent sjstem has done  Bvt-i)thing to Intenslf) and nothing to  amelioiate One per tent ot our population no w, con ti ols moie piopoity than  the ii'inalnlng 11 nety-n no per cent ���  (lie classes becoming iichei, lhe masse,  pooiei. The piesent sjstem Is powerless to i.fthL these condltinns. In fad,  the niijoili> ol those who delend the  intent f.vslcm, and aie leaping tlit  .iduinlmc lion) Its 1t10r111.1t t> nlllim  thai 1 is ns God ordained Skiveij was,  ll'o (Ind 01 da ned, and eveiy foi,11 01  oppiesslon miuc'tho woild Jjegan li is  lound Its defend, is anlrmg the ilch, and  theli lackles. Again Is 0111 piesent system ellli it-til foi the contiol 01 monopolies, tiusts, combines and coipoiatlons  wlm li ait- all eaily iiiisiei,s In nlmost  evi-iv nnpoit.nt lndu%tiy''^ Ts ll not n  tul Hi.11 ihose intlu-lilal v.uuplics  weie mn lined Into life undei thc fos-  (eiuig cue of '0111 dominant political  pai tits' What Is to he done' Shall  we wile In lontlnue the" piesent sjstem  when theie is eveij Indicat on that .1  11 Isis must come soonei or latci ? Why  tlclny when millions of our iiunibei .lie  alieadj disiouiaged, disheartened, liun-  giy and wietched' Have vve not been  In ,the Infeinal icmoiis long enough'  Sliall we wait t'll the bondage of novel tv dines fiom lhe homes of 0111  woiking men lhe last vestige of hope,  and ilvets ihe actuised chains of debt  upon 0111 iliildic-n s chlldien. Let us get  leady for the change now���it may be  too late to-moirow.  WORKING   MAN  V'lloila, 1!   C   M.ucli 1C,~1M!  poited  last   week,  the miiiket  In   this   Kt-rr, statlstltlan,  J.   li    l'irklns.  trus-  .espett  being .somew-liut  mil.,..I.  ton-   te.* Messrs   *"��*.,*���"^ ��������:  the landlords and ollltials aie Industil- ,Sfiul   out    petitions   to   be   signed by  the t-Itl/ens or the provlnte, teiiuesting  Unit a poi lion of the leseivo i-o.il lund  he sold to the Iniliisnliil mint-is to ik-  velup and opeiute foi the publ'c good  The funds foi developing nnd woiking  such pioiieity would and could be sub-1  scilhed by the l.i'boi unloulsts of the  piovlnte. The Inteinationul hojs would  be only too willing to lend a hand in  suth a comnjendable eiiteipilse. If  they vvill help us to light the coal bai-  ons they will ceitalnlj help us to bu'lil  up 0111 own Industiy, theieby making  us our ovvn ninsteis. MAXI'NJ-".  Viiloila, B, C. Muith lfi, l'JOi  WORSE THAN TIIIII4VKS.  Theie aie cliaiucteustlus of the animal natuie not cusilj ovei come In the  life of man. The cunning of ilie fox.  the instincts of the Jackal nnd the \ul-  tuie aie onlj too nppaient in what Is  called I'lul.stian civilization. Thai  wlilch Is h.udly commendable in the  animal Is Inllnitely less edifying m the  man. Scandal mongeis, slandcicis and  Inquisition busybodies ,11 e the pioto-  tjpes of tlie lowest instlm-ts of the  animal lace, and aie moie of a menace  to the vvelfaie of a commun'ty than  thieves.  CO-OPliitATlVK COAL MINING.,  1. llie l.ililor of 'J 111 Itniki-rsiiKST:  Sli,���The Feinle 111 neis .ue on stnke  and the Kxtenslon to-.il mineis oulei-ed  closed down. Whj ' We aie nware of  thc t'iituinstanees that caused the  sti ike at Feinie, but we cun onlj ton-  Jectuie the leasons fot the closing down  of the Extension m'ne. Ut may lie a pei -  tinent question lo ask If Uie toal opci-  atois of Btltish Columbia aie in combination with the gieut coal tiust of  the United States'' It may lie pertinent  also to ask If the action of closing down  of Extension is .not a diiect effoit to  ARBITRATION A FAILURR  Atdent advocates of aibitration.  wheihei voluntnij or compuKoiy, will  pi-obablv see that It vvoiks In a one-  sldtd waj only, as witness following  illspatt-h lu dullj pi ess.  'l^omlon, M.iich 6���A dispatch fiom  Wellington, Nevv Zealand, 'to the Times  says tliat all the cib.net makeis of  Auckland huve been locked out In t-on-  'equence of a decision of Ihe'aibltia-  tlon lomt inislng theii wages to ls 3d.  pei houi. The masteis will In futuie  Impoil all the furnituie leqniied"  Theie is onlj- one possible solution of  the dllllcult) between capital and labor,  and that Is foi working men to go into  business foi themselves by foiming .11,  industil.il  co-opeiatlon.  biCak up the Western Federation of  Mineis' If the foiegoing questions nie  ansvvei ed in the ueg.itiver what can  possibly be the cause that has led Mr.  .kimes Dunsmuir 10 close down'' In  view of the fact thai duty' has been  tuken olf eo.il enteiing the United  States, one would nit mall) think tun I  Ihe Unit- Inopportune foi the ioal billons of Biltlsh Columbia to reap a ilch  bin vest Piobably llieir deslie to .10-  uimiil.itc money hns foisiiken them,  ..ml ilu-j aie now' sUuljIng thc interests or the pooi mini is and mine op-  erutois ncioss the water. It cannot be  ulged tint cnial ni'n ng Is unpiontable  undei existing, conditions. It cannot  be denied that the time has ai lived foi  the piollluble sale'of Immense quantities of toul, Theiefoie. If a coiporution  owning extensive coal deposits, which  are public utilities, stop operations  meiely foi run, It is high time the gov-  einmon stepped In and mnde iin alteration If the strike continues at Fernle,  It the Extension mine Is closed Indefinitely, vC'hut nie the people of British  Columbia to do foi coal foi heating and  m-anufaetuiUng pui poses.' Will thej  have to Impoi t It from the United  States, pajjing exoibltunt^pj-lces for it,  while unlimited quantities of-coal lies  within their, own territoryZ> As I said  RETAIL CLERKS  On Tuesday evening last a laige and  Jollj gathering of lhe retail clerks and  lhelr fi lends took place 111 the Association Rooms in O'Biien's Hall, In ie-  sponse to the inv Unllon issued by that  issoci.itioiv foi a box social and danc\  Pi ior to the sale of boxes a veiy enjoyable inusiuil piogiamme vvas len-  deied Mi XV. 3. Lamiiek, piesident  Tiades and Laboi Council and secie-  t.ny ot the R. C. I P. A., occupied the  chair and made a short addiess of welcome, and explained some of the alms  and objects of thnt oiganization. This  was followed by an instrumental* solo  by Mr. W. J. Aubln, and songs by  Messrs. Cotlu-ea, Simpson and Blndon.  A humoious letlintion was given, in���  tioduclng some local hits, by Miss A.  G. Veige, and was heaitily eneoied. A  leading by Ml. AV. J. White was also  uppieciated veiy much. Piesidcnt J.  A. Muiray took the stand as auctioneer, nnd commenced the sale of tastefully decorated boxes, all ot which  bi ought high pi ices, the lowest one lie-  lug sold foi $1 23. 'Dancing ivoa tom-  nienoed nt ten o'clock, and nbout 11.30  all it-Hied upstahs to the suppei 100m  to exploie the contents of the boxes  Aftei s.itlsfvlng the inner man, darning  was lesumed and kept up until an early  hour, when everj-one expiessed  them-  tiuctois  with  un  eye  lo  ecoi.omy   nre  endenvoiing to get nil tht- wink done  ns far as possible on  the old mi ale.  We ine plenstd to lepoit lli.it t\  F.  Mills, toiili.ittoi, Davie stii-tl, has  .signed up wllh the council lo use only  union laboi. illls uuiiie Is, tlieie'iiie,  nowiiemoved fiom the list or unfair  contructois, as, also, aie [hose of  Monlson Bros., plumbets, ol .Mount  Pleasant, and 'Henry Mullei, in.istei  palnlei, of Cordova stieet.  Some delay has bten caused to the  niusoiiM by the teamster's sli Ike, but  Hit- bojs aie doing their best tn nv-ei-  i'ouio, this d.llliull) Contiactois who  aie expeilent'lng any dllllcult) an- le-  quesled to tall up the teamslei.s' executive at Union (Hull, vvho will use theli  best endeavois to give them teams  I'l-oposilloiis to join the vai ious  unions of the building trades toullnue  to flow in, newcomers to the city 011 applying on buildings foi woik being in-  vailably asked by the eontiattoi if  they have the cud, 11 the) have not,  they aie promptly told wheie to go to  gel fixed up. We heai some tontiac-  tois say that ihey believe In the union  all light, but they don't like the caul  system. Good leason ivvh) ic Is too  Ihoiough foi them, it is the only system that tould evei thoroughly oig.in-  isse the tiade in Vancouver, and in this  it has succeeded even beyond oui most  sanguine-nil clpallons. Bj Its thorough  methods the new .scales aie enabled to  go Into ellecl without the necessity ol  lesoitiug to .1 sli Ike, which would have  caused seilous loss to tonti.ittois unci  men alike���lo say nothing ol the city  as a whole  On and after Apt il 1st, the S-houi day  vvill be 111 efleet iu all blanches oL lhe  building trades, extepl tlie lalheis who  woik by the pieic fiom daylight to  dark.  Caipeuteis who aie not woiking, ais  it-quested to lepoit promptly lo the  business agent, C. T. Hilton, whose ofllee Is at Union hall,   Phone No  1.IS0  son, executive committee, Messrs  Georga  and Uothard  TUAM D1MVWRS' INTERNATIONAL  UNION, No 40!��-Meols 1st and 3rd  Wednesday In eaeh mouth In Union Hall  ".'resident, J. C Kerr, vice-president, S  Cawkt-i, sec.-tru.is, 1). Molver; rec see,  li Bridge: coiiespondeiit, F. Tophami  wurdvn, A 11 Soaper; conductor, J. Llt-  llu, tiustees, C B lllggln-'oii, R. Haywood and A Robinson, d.-h gates to T. A  L Counnll, J. J Harrison, A 15 Soaper,  Geo. Dunlop, J. C. Kerr and C. B. His-  glnson  SHIRT WAIST AND LAUNDRY  W<JHICWRS' UNION, No MB��� Meets  every 2nd and -Ith Thuisday In each  month In Union H.ill. President, R N.  Hogg; toues|K)ndlng secretaiy, Wallaco  Sharp, 1119 Richards St , financial secretaiy, Mr Leo. treasurer, F Young; delegates to Trndes and Ifabor Council,  Messrs. Hargle, Coltart, Leo and Hogg.  ���VAiri'lltS   A.ND  WMTIULSSKS' UNION  Loial  No   -38.  Piesuleiit,  Chailes Over,  vitc-picsiilt'iil,     A    N    llviiiiigton;   secro-  tuiy-tieusiii I    JI   Km kins, recoidlng  secietary, Wiss A Scultlo, Picss agent,  W Ellender Meeting ciciy second Fri  duy evening ul 8.10 o'clock in Unioii  Hull, coinei Homer and Dunsmuir streets  INTERNATIONAL ORDBR OF BLAOK-  SMITUS, Vancouver Union, No 101.-  Meets the flist and thlid Monday ln each  month at fe p in , lu Union hall, Horner  street Piesldent, A A Bigg, vice-president, O VV Small, financial secretary,  Chas McAUlsttr, recording secretary, D  Iloblnson, box iM, Vancouver, B C ; delegates to tho Trndes and I.ilior council,  William Latham, D. Robinson, H Howard.  TEXADA MINEBS' UNION, No. 113, *W  F. M, meets every Saturday at 7 30 p  m. In Forester's Hall, Van Anda President, John D. Frasei, vice-president, J  W. Austin; secretary, Alfred Raper,  treasurer, A. G. Delghton; conductor,  Wm A McKay, warden, Henry Patterson.  ClGARMAKiaRS' UNION NO 307 ���  Meets the flist Tuesday In each month  In Union Hull Prisldcnt, G Thomas, Jr ;  vice-president, J. Ciow, secietary, J. C  I'enser, t|o Mainland Cigar Faotory.  treasurer, S W Johnson, serjeant-at-  arms, D Mori 1st y; delegates to Trades  and Labor Count 11, J Ciow, G. Thomas  and O   Mattlson.  selves as having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. This association Intends to ��iiiange some enjoyable outings duiing tlie coming summei. Re-  tall i-leiks, give Ihis association youi  attention, and by becoming allllialed  with It bettei your own condition, and  help others to do the same.  To all union men���remember nnd ask  foi the iptnil i-leiks' oai-d.  The cotifoiento, projected between tho  CaimerH' Assnolutlon nnd the whito and  Japanese flsheiinen. In regaid to the pi Ice  or risk ror the coming season, has nut yet  materialised. The ilelnv Is said to bo  due lo tho death ot the Secretnry of the  Jupiinese Union, and the resignation of  Mr. Charles Durham, vvho, for the past  three years, has acted ns Secretary ot tho  British Columbia Fishermen's Union  , A lepiosenlutlve of thc Canners' Association said yesteiduy thnt lt was not  known when the conference vvouid tike  p'ate, nlthough such a meeting was considered to be highly desirable, as quickly  is possible, Unit prices may be settled  .without delay so that both canners anil  fishermen ,0,111 moke sullablo m range-  meats for the season's operations, anil  avoid a recunencu of difficulties which  militated  against success in  the past.  J. A. Davidson, corner Cambie and  Cordova Sts., is tlie place where.you  get your hair cut la sin artistic mutate  BUILDERS'   LVB015ERS  Tlio Buildeis Luboieis' union held a  veiy mteiestlug and businesslike inet-l-  ing 011 Tuesday evening Piesident  Sully occupied the chin and theie was  a~good turnout 01 membeis When  Hit older of initiations was .11 lived at  no less than seven new membeis weie  made, and seveial applications weie  1eteived  The U. B. R. F. sti ike wus discussed  and on motion the sum of t'tO was  voted to the slnkeis lunds, and .111  assessment ot tl pei lnenibei eveiy  two weeks was lev ed until the sli Ike  has been  lei initiated  Nine iboss plasteieis have signed llu-  schedule ot the Inboicis, width provides a wage ol fl"i(l a day 01 eifcht  houis foi plasteieis laboi eis Tlieie  aie only a couple vet lo be seen te-  gaiding the new  schedule  AH laboieis aie lepoited to be at  w 01 k.  lt was decided lo i.tise the initiation  lee to the Liboieis union lo $5, to go  Into cfteet Apul 1.  RE BX'BRWSSMEN'S STAND  Following lettei to city* coiini 11 explains Itself:  "Vancouvei, Muich 14, 1901.  "T. McGuigan, Esq, City Cleik, City  "Deai.Sli:���In reply lo youis of the  ljlh Inst,, 1-elu.tlng to lequesl of tlle  nlneexpiessmen,  "Am of opinion thai the council cannot giant any i>oi lion of Can all mi eel  for lhe extlusive u.se-or-.iny-pai tlmilai  expiessnicn, but they cun set aside a  poi Hon of the -street for the list ot a  stand foi expit-sses kept foi hiie bill  cannot legislate so that tlu t poi tion of  the street mil only be used b.v ceitaln  individuals.  "As lo theli proposition that they will  keep down nil rowdyism, I tun ot opinion the council taunut entei into such  an aiiangenient, ns that Is pait ot lhe  IMillce dutj* to keep down rowdyism, and  cannot be delegated to nnv Individuals  Thev should, without any niiauge-  ments being 111 ule, assist In keeping  down any rowdyism that might exist  "l leiiialn, jour faithfully.  ���A    St. G.  HAMERSLEY."  THE RETATL CLERKS' INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  meets in OVBiien s Hall, tho first nnd  third Tuesdays of each month J A.  Muriay, president, XV 3. Lamrick, secretary, IMS Princess street  BROTHERHOOD OF PAINTERS AND  DECORATORS, Local Union No 1B3  .Meets 2nd and 4lh Thuisday in Labor  Hall Piesldent, 13 Holland, vice-president, XV Halliday; recording secretary,  10 Ci 11 sh, Wi Eighth avonue, west, financial secietary, A Gothard, ��2 Howe  stieet, titasurer, II   MeSorley.  INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF  Elttlrical Workers. Vancouver Local.  No Sli���Meets second and fourth Wednesday In each month ln O'Brien's Hall President, A McDonald, 1 Ice-president, J  Dubberley; recording secietary, S W.  Huston, financial secretary, II. V. Rankin  AUXILIARY, NO. 1, LOCAL 218, LB.  II W Telephone Operators���President,  Miss J Hunter, 812 Uomer Streot, vie*-  president, "Miss F. Livingstone, 660  (Iranvillc Street- recording-secretary,  Miss .1. Browne, 827 Richards Street,  treasurer, Miss E. Uentley, 1121 Seymour Street  JOURNEYMEN BA.KE1RS' AMD CON-  FECTIONERS' International Union of  America Local ,No 40, Vancouver, B.  C, meets first and third Thursday ln  each month President, T A Baxter;  vice-president, S. Walker, treasurer, J.  Green, secretary, M MacLean, 3100 Westminster Avenue.  INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION  of Machinists.���Beaver Lodge, No.  182.���Meets second and fourth Monday in each month in Union ball.  President, Geo. P. Downey; past  president, J. R. Edwards; vice piesident, H J Littler; recording secretary, J H McVety; financial secretary, J. Anderson.  .ItHlRNiaYMKN TAILORS' UNION OF  \nioriiai No 178 ��� Meets lst and 3rd  Mondays In room No 1, Union IISill President, C L Whalon; vlcc-prosldent, J.  T. Mortimer; recording secretary, F.  Williams, 1814 7th avenue, west; secretary-treasurer, J. Savage, sergeant-at-arms,  H Braaeau, delegates to Trades & Labor Council, F. Williams and J T Mortimer  Telephone 1���2���li for a fine livery  tuiii-out. J J. Sparrow-, Palace Llveiy  Stables.'  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS and Joiners���Meets every  second and fourth Wednesday ln Union  hall, room 2. President, A. E. Coffin,  vice-president, L. C. DeWolf; recording  secretary, Geo. Dobbin, 633 Hamilton  St.; financial secretary, J. McLeod;  treasurer, G. Adams; conductor, H.  Howes; warden, 3. F. Gray; delegates  to T. & Ik Council, Geo. Dobbin, Geo.  Adams, A. E. Coffln, L. C. DeWolf and  S. O'Brien; delegates to the Building  Trades Council, H. Howes and 3. Mc-  RUILDl'RR LABORDRS' f PEJDERAL  UNION' No 33, Vancouver ���Mteets everv 2nd and 4th Thursday evening at t>  0 clock, In room No 1 Union Hall_ Presl-_  dent, J Suih , vice-president, W Lyons,  seoipl.ir) II Sellers, treasurer, J. Cosgrove, n.ndcii, H. Chapman, conduotor,  R IIaiii-,i)ii; delegates to Trades & Labor Council, J Sully, G Pavne J. Cos-  grovo nnd Tt Harrison, delegates to  Building Trades Council, J. Sully and J.  Cosgrove  VANOOUV1-R TYPOGRAPHICAL UN-  ION, No 220, meets tho 4th.Monday ln  each month at Union Hall President,  "W J. 'MnoKav; vice-president, G. E  Pierrot; secretary, XV. II Hunt, P. O  box 60, treasurer, John Watkins; scr-  Reanl-at-nims, Jns Wolwter, executive  committee, H W King, Robt. Todd,  Ralph Wil-^in, A. XV Flniliow, delegates  to Trades S. Ixtbor Council, Robt Todd,  Geo  Bartloy, Harry Cowan.  STRE10T RAILWAY MEN'S UNION���  Meets second and fouith Wednesday  or each month In Sutheiland Hnll, corner Westminster Avenue and Hastings  Street nt S p ni. President, Jns. Mc-  Ciulg.111; vice-president, A. G. Elliott;  secretaiy, M. A Beach; treasuier, W,  H. Vnndci warkei ; conductor, H.  Howes; waulen, G. Martin; sentinel,  D. Sfliith; delegates to Trades and Labor Council, 11 Marshall, P. C. O'Brien,  Geo Lenfesty, A. J Wilson and Jas.  McGuigan.  JOURNEYMEN BARBERS' INTERNATIONA I, Union, No. 120���President, E. Harpur; vice-president, J. Gil-  man; corresponding-financial secretary,  J. A. Stewart, 44,! Hastings St. E ; recorder, W L. Ayleswoith; treasurer,  G. Bower; guide, W. Bushman; guard-  Ian, O E. Jacques, delegates to T. & L.  Council, E. Harpur and J. A. Dlbden.  Meets first and third Wednesdays ���(  each month ln Union Hall, THE INT DEPENDENT.  SATURDAY MARCH 81, 1903  **��**��*#3i��*��^^ ll��",,<>w WnB attempte<i at Fern;e by  n  $  9  ii  iv  )i  n  )i  n  I  *:  <���  Ibe Gurney foundrq Co., of Toronto,  Makers of Oxford Stove* and Ranges  Are Unfair to Organized Labor.  We expect the workingmen ofthe west to  help us win this fight.   Tell your friends.  IRON MOLDERS' UNION, NO. 28.  METAL POLISHERS' UNION, NO. 21.  STOVE MOUNTERS'  UNION, NO. 1*1.  PRE8. EM h\ COURT.  ���Continued Irom I'sgo One.]  of the vote decided it in the iilllnniillve.  So on the following day lhe master  draymi-n proceeded to draw- C. P. R.  freight, hence their men were all called  oil-and ii general .strike resulted.  We concluded before taking our llnnl  vote that lt was no longer a U. B. of R.  E. struggle, but was one of labor versus  capital.  "VVe might say in conclusion that the  unioii men are all standing firm with a  grim detenuir.ution lo -light It to a finish.    (Signed.)  D. M. M'lVEIt,  Secretin)*   Executive,   Local   No.   409,  Team Drivers' Union.  Vancouver, 11. C, March 21, 1003.  DAMAGES CLAIMED.  The C. P. 11. Compiury yesterday,  through its solicitors, seived writs on  several of its former employees, who  are on strike, for damages for leaving  Its employ without notice. The strikers have engaged Messre. Wilson, Senk'-  ler & Bloomfield to defend the suits.  Those served with writs and the ani-  ounl of damages claimed were us follows:  James D. Tunibull, chief wharfinger,  $1,000. c  Richard Robinson, baggage muster.  SKO.  Robert Brooke, day receiver and uc-  countant in the telegiaph department,  ��50.  F. J. Walker, night receiver nnd accountant in the telegraph department,  $230.  David Lnlrock, checker for the plaln-  ' tiff company, $250.  'Peicival George Dcnnison, chief billing clonic In the freight department,  $250.  'LONGSHOREMEN'S UNION.  Sir.���It Is the iw-ish of the "Longshoremen's union, local 227, of Victoria, lo  Inform the publio through the medium  of your paper of the action taken by  the above mentioned local, regarding  ithe trouble existing between the <1. P.  R. and U. B. of It. E. Having been requested to strike In sympathy we have  lutopled the following resolution to the  satisfaction of (Jn.pt. Troup, inanager  of the C. P. N. company: "That the  members of local 227, I. L. <M. and T.  A., agree to load and discharge all tl.  1'. N. boats (no crew to be employed  handling freight), pending further instruction from the executive council of  tlie I. L. M. and T. A., Detroit. Due  notice to be given by cither parties of  any change."  RIlUKAiKD TAYLOR,  Secrotary Local 227,  I. L, M. and T. A.  Victoria, B.C., March IS, 11103.  STEA'MSHIPfM'EN.  The steanisliipmen are out because of  the agreement entered into with dipt.  Troup being bioken at the Instigation  of the C. P. R. olllclals, they knowing  that the crew on the Princess May was  -articled-for-llif-v-oyiiBe-nurtli���nnd-lf  they quit Ihe vessel were liable to Im-  prltionmcnt. It was known also to the  olUcials that even if the agreement wilh  Capt. Troup and the union hud been  broken it could not effect the artleles  signed by the crew of the Princess Mny.  i-elpl of my letter re alien lubor being  utilized by the C. P. R., would like to  say that every speed must; be taken or  the utility of your efforts vvill piove  abortive. If theie is an alien lnbor law  which Is worth the paper upon which  It is written, it should be evoked nl  once.   Yours, very truly,  "S.  GARN'llAM,  Acting Agent.  Vnncouvei Division No. 81, U.R.R.10."  "Vancouver, H. C March 11, 1901  ���T. McGuigan, City Clerk, City:  "Dear Sir:���'In answer to yours of  llie 10th inst.���If there has been an Infraction of the provision of the alien  labor hi.vv, the Information should belaid against the offending parties by  those who aie aware of the acts, and  ���the case would lake the oidlnary course  of all quasi criminal cases in the police  court.  "I do not see how the city can undertake to act us pioseeutor or to obtain  evidence in cases of this nature. The  machinery of the law* is at the services  of the person who wishes -to put il In  motion, and lay an inforniution that  there Jios beeii 11 violation of the piovi-  sion of the not. I sec no dillicully myself, in case of any person wishing to  put lhe alien labor law In force, lo  pievent lilm fiom doing so 111 the same  name as other quasi criminal law i.s  enforced In this country. 1 ismnlii.  yours lespeeifully,  "A. SI. O. IIAMIillSLEY,  "City Solicitor."  Aid. Cook���As nil labor organizations  advocate biinglng inio Canada alien lu  lx>r���at least ihulC of  them,  anyway���  I don't see why the council should be  expected lo move In -this matter.  Aid. Morton���Labor organizations  ilon't bring in aliens, but it was well-  known to everybody that big coipora-  tions and contractors bring them In on  ���the least pretext to crush workingmen  vvho want their rights. Instance the  bringing In ot hordes of Japanese and  Chinese and "scabs."  Aid. McGuigan���1 think Aid. Cook relets to President Estes.  Aid. Cook���I know what 1 say. I am  us opposed lo aliens us well us anyone.  The unions advocate Intcrnnlional  unions.  Aid. Miicpherson���Aid. Cook asks why  unions advocate international unionism.  Wihy should lie bUiine Iliem when lhe  Government of the count!)' refuse to  protect our workingmen by enforcing  the alien labor law vvhen it should be  put In force. 'International unions do  their besf-ln time of need to help the  unions in this regard. A gieat deal  needs lo be learned about Canada for  Iho "Canadians. This muter should be  referied back to 'the solicitor. I would  like 10 know what it would cost to carry the alien labor law out, and if the  unions vvouid bear the costs of the  court. He moved a motion on those  lines.  Aid. Wood said the city solicitor  .should be Instructed lo go ahead immediately with the c.iftes, and moved a  motion to that effort. The -costs could  be borne b.v the cily.  Aid. Urown emphallraly opposed any  sucn proposition. We .should know"  -vvhnt-ll-vvould-coat;   ,T, the Provincial Mining Association has  T. 1 been undertaken with the .consent anil  & I backing of the goveriiiiienl, and it has  *ulso offered its services to the waning  elements in Vancouver. The powers of  government in such mutters arc very  much circumscribed,'and It has nul .vet  been shown that attempts to extend  Ihem huvo been productive of good re-'  suits. The effects of labor disputes cannot be -removed unless Hit- cause of  labor disputes Is also removed, ls It In  the power or uny government to do  that? Frequently, however,' labor disputes may be niillgaled and brought  to 1111 earlier termination by ihe Intervention of governnr-nl and Us good of-  liees.���Victoria Colonist.  BOTES WILL REFUND $2,400.  Mr. Estes wns asked by the Victoria  Colonist on Wednesday night regarding  the engineers, conductors and trainmen  of the C. 1*. R.. as to why thoy were  not out on slrike 111 connection with  the movement of the U. �����. R. IS��� It  having been slated that they vvere not  in sympathy with the movement? and  he suid that the men belonged to unions  which vvere under contract vvith the  road, and the men were liable to imprisonment if they broke the contiaiis  for certain lengths of time they hud  made witli the road. He said he Is not  drawing a large salary, as had been  stated. It was true that some $2,400 was  clue -him from the union, but he would  refund this If it was not paid. He had  given up a railway position worth $3M  a month to take the pos'tion of president of the V. B. R. E.     .  ...J. T. JONES...  Empire Cigar Store  Free Reading Room and Headquarters? of the Laborers'  Protective Union.  105 Douglas Street, Opposite Labor' Hall  VICTORIA, B.C.  WANTED TO EXCHANGE ��� Gentle  man's open-face silver English lever  watch,   jeweled,   good   condition   for  second-hand sewing machine ln good  running order.   K. B., this olllce.  ll  ll  ;(  n  ���}{'  n  ii-  n  ii  <i  ii  n  Don't be Careless  Don't start your wheel on the new season's work"? without 11  thorough overhauling, it vvill add much, to-your comfort und security nnd will cost you 'but little. We have a thoroughly up-to-date  bicycle repair department.  Wall Papers  FOB.  *#    PAPERS  ^ GOTO  , 126 Hastings St.  Stoves, Ranges and Kitchen Furniture.  *    Loggers' Supplies  SPECIAL    ALL - STBDL   WIRE ROPE SNATOH BLOCK.  ALLAN  WHYTE & CO.'S  SPECIAL WIRE CORE 1XJGOINQ WIRE.  PLOUGH nnd CRUCIBLE STE EL WIRE ROPE ln all slues and grades.  All kinds of loggers' tools and  supplies, Camp Utensils, Etc 1  McLennan,  McFeely & Co.  Phone 44.  122 Cordova Street., Vancouver, B.C.  Phone 1063  ALIEN LABOR LAW.  The following letters to the city council were dealt vvith Inst Monday night:  '���Vancouver,   March  10, 1003,  "Thos. F. McGuigan, Esq.. City Clerk:  "Dear Sir���In  connection  with  your  letter dated  to-day, acknowledge    re  $������������������������������������������  f Tbe Salt  I of Life  S      is business.   XVe want morn of ��  ii) it.   We'll gel it il nn out aml^out  �� bargain will fetch it.  @ How Is This  j>       A two-quart  f;      Hot Water Bottle  J. . or  <-'       Fountain Syringe'  I 75c' '  I The McDowell, Atkins,  g       Wiitson IX, Ltd. Liability;  Aid. .Moiton agreed with Aid. Muc-  pherson, and said lhat It would be the  uppeul that would cost so much.  Getting no .seconder 10 his niolion,  A-ld. Wood seconded the motion of Aid.  Macpherson, which wns t-nnied.  FIRST IJ. U. OF R. 10. STRIKE.  The flist strike under the li. R of R.  E. was June .lOtli, 1902, ut Winnipeg,  ngulnst the Canadian Northern rail-  rout!. ' For seven months the meii remained out of work. Mr. Mackenzie  thieulcned he would spend $1,00/1,000 to  deslioy the II. 'I!, or ll. E., The Trndes  and LiiIhu' Council In Winnipeg iccog-  nlzi-il II, and in conseipiciiie ull the material brought over the Ciiiindlnn  Not (hern vyas regarded as "scab." A  sctllemeiit wus effected on the terms  .submitted seven months privimisiy.  False telegrams were soul to the effeti  that the terms were not iigiecuble to  the members of the U. U. of R. li., and  that the men wero glad to return to  work without recognition of their  unlon. This was fulse.���President Estes  of the U. II. of R. E.  THE U. B. OF R. E.  The United Urotlierhood of Railway  Employees came into ex.stence In  Winnipeg In 1S9S. It vvas, therefore, a  Canadian organization, while all the  other organizations on the C. H. It. vvere  American. It was started In Oregon  separately vvilh the same 11,1111c, nlnu-  and objects. The two iimlm-iilly Joined  linnds. The principle or the oigunlzatlon was not new. lt hud u prototype  n England founded in 1S72. That one  had GS.ttOO members and a resei ve Tund  of about $2,000,000, wheie'.is the largest  in America had only 55,000, and had  not more than $300,000 In funds. The  essence of the English organization w.is  lhat It embraced nny person employed  on a railway. The same was alined at  in the foundation of the IJ. IJ. ot.R. IS.  It endeavored to do away with the class  iHMinction in labor unions which existed in America. This splitting up ot  the laborers weakened the fiuct- of theii  unionism. The contracts between each  of the unions nnd the company expiied  at separate times. This divided theii  .11 tlons, and the men v,ct.e handled in  such a way as to "scab." The U. B.  uf R. E. vvas founded to do away with  Ihis. Instead of having the men work  against one another il piov.ded n  means by vvlilch they could join  together for the mutual lienclit nl each  other. It sought to do ii-vv-.iy w*th the  division of the 'men under their''��liferent departments.���President Estes ol  lhe U. B. of R. E.  It Is a little early yet to talk about  Wall Paper, but I want the people to  know that I am now opening up the  finest stock of Wall Paper that ever  came into this province. Of course we  have not received our full line, but  have enough to please most anyone,  and we are going to continue to sell  these beautiful 1903 coloring and patterns at the reduced rate until the busy  season opens. Anyone wanting Wall  Paper or work of that kind lt will pay  them to buy now, even If you hold It  over for a month or so. Ours Is a  Union Shop, always has been and always will be. Room moulding to  match all papers. Agents for the province for white enamel letters for  signs. Kalsomining, painting, etc., and  all work guaranteed.  TO OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS It  is always a pleasure to send samples.  Drop a postal card stating price, color,  which room or rooms, size, whether 9  or 18 inch border, required. We will do  the rest.  F. P. BSSHOP,  726 Pendr Street.  ...W.    DAVIS-  PAINTING, PAPERHANGING,  KALSOMINING,    ETC.,    ETC.  All branches of the (-"-ade done in 'a  satisfactory and vvoikmanllke manner.  Estimates given.*  432 EIGHTH AVENUE WEST.  UP-TO-DATE DRUGGISTS.  ^GOVERNMENT* INTERFERENCE.  .Both in icgard to thc strike at Fernle  and the C. P. R. strike, the Provincial  government lias done eveiything In Its  power to bring about a settlement   of  INTERNATIONAL UNIONS.  There vvere about 21 unions rcpiesent-  ed on the C. P. R. All were hilei national except the Unlte:l Brotherhood  of Railway Employees. It vv.is more  Canadian than any of the others. The  ,-idministration of this one wns In the  hands of Canadians. The ollieis were  ���ill administered from the United.  States. A union lo be of any forte must  >ie international. 11 takes funds to con-  luct a strike. Those not working can-  .10I furnish the funds lo do Ill's. Those  must come from those who are working. They uie now getting $1,000 a  month from lhe United States, iir it  continues-for���two��� weeks- longer��� this  will be increased to $5,000. But .calls  had gone to other unions -which vvouid  lsslst In this. In the cuse of the anthracite strike the union went Inio the  strike vvith about $f,00.000 uml came out  wllh $2,000,000. A Canadian oigunizu-  Llon pure ��nd simple would ibe whipped In a short time. In nn International union the funds -Increased from  week to week Instead of getting less.  The International union ulso pit-vented  tho objects of the strike being destroyed by laborers being drawn upon from  the nearest point available across lhe  boundary line, to take the places of the  strikers. Ten men were employed lo  watch thc bouts und railroads leaving  Seattle so us to prevent men being sent  lo "scab" uiikifown to themselves. A  few days ago 33 men were Ihus turned  buuk who wero going to Vancouver,  not understanding the conditions. An  International union gave lhe employees  In seeking work a chance to be received in a harmonlus union.���President  Estes of tne U. B. of II. IS.  GET ON THE VOTERS' LIST.  FOR SALE.  Sewing machine, washer, cooker lu flr&t  class condition; two latter practically  Q��Q������������������������@������������' these   disastrous disputes.  The media-  new. The lot for $20.  867 -Keefer Street.  Wc, tbe unilcrMgnud, handle tbe  only UNIOK MADE CIGAHErTES  imiile in Canada.".. KAHNAC, V. C.  imdT.&li.  ' CHAS. FORESBERG  H. G. MOORE  S. HARCUS  G. W. WEEKS  W.J. McMillan & Co.  Wholesale Agents tar B. C,  Coiner Alexander St. and Columbia Ave-  ir Vancouver, H. C.  1'. O. BOX, M0, I'HONE, 179.  ,PHONE I220A.  Carpenter and Joiner  516-518 Seymour St.  Between Pender and Dunsmuir Sts.  All kinds of work tn this line promptly attended to.  Patronize the"*  Blue Label  BRANDS"  B. C.  Cigar Factory  NEW WESTMINSTER.  t  9  Just as Easy f o Kee|>  chairs, tables and woodwork about the house looking bright and new if you  use the right kind of Varnish Stain.  Stains and Varnishes  with one application. .  Anyone can apply it.  Vancouver Hardware Co.,  339 Hastings Street.  "Star" Enamels,  ������Star"Bathtub Enamel,  " 6 " Varnish Stains,  �� G " Stovepipe Enamel,  ��'G" Aluminum Enamel,  ������ G " Furniture Polish,  Ask for Alabastine the best  Wall Coating.  5:  1  n  IS  I  ���  THIS ADVERTISEMENT  ilS WRITTEN  -  ���right ut the mother who has a boy vvho needs'a nc*.v. suit of  clothes. We want her' to come in here and look over our' BOYS'  TWO-PIECE SUITS, BOYS' THREE - PIECE , SUITS (Fancy),  YOUTHS' THUEB-PIECE SUITS (Knlcker Pants).' We, have a  good assortment of materials, colors and prices���also sizes. Bring  the boy with you���we'll help you to make Mm real proud and smart'  looking In no time.       ���  '    ,y  JOHNSTON, KERFOOT ��> CO.  104 and 106 Cordova Street.  '" <  Trunk.Store 12? Hastings St., 0|i|j. Wm. Ralph's.  ������������������HiBHqBBDHnH  ����<s>������������<^^  900  900  " Jhe Beer Without a Peer."  I  Brewed right here ln Vancouver by men of years and years experience and ln a brewery whose plant ls the most perfect known to  the art of brewing, Is lt any wonder' that lt has taken a place in  the hearts of the people which no other beer,can supplant?   -  $1.00 Dozen Pints  $2.00   ������     Quarts  Brewed by  '. -- ,   '      -   -  Vancouver Breweries, Ltd; |  .  Vancouver, B. C.  and for sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels.  The  Methods  We employ  Tho  Machinery  We operate  The  Soup  . I'i  We use���  Thc skill ot  Our  'Operatives  iniikc forthi! beautiful    results  .vve alwiiyti get  in  the  I.AI'ND-'  EKING     OF      GENTLEMEN'S  LINEN.'  PBONEER  Steam Laundry  910-914 Richards Streot. Tel. 846  Branch office la Araito  Tel. 1176.  Advertise ln The Independent  ' 1  Beginning* Young   |'  Whon eyes are found to'have  any defect, howovor, alight, tner* ' '  Is but one thing to do. Provide ( '  (luM early. Havo them examined < *  by bur. doctor'of optica, llr. Al- i 1  Ian, and get a-palr to fit you I 1  properly.  All work guaraatjeed. ���     1 1'  ��AYIOSON BROS., I  The Jewelers and Opticians,        A  *'..- v* ���.;. ������' if ����������� Cordova St.-' \) 1 -in " '.' Z  09900^999'9 0'099000\-  1;  ���ft


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