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The Independent Mar 29, 1902

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 •Legislative Lttxr'y Mar. 31|W
A GenerrJ Banking (Business
OFFICES—Hastings  Street,   W.,
SlTeotmlnster Avenue, Vancouver.
VOL. 5.
Ant'iorl.i'il Cai'Iml    -   KIO.IOO.OW
bniM rll.cil taiuitl   -   -    LutO/ant
Anscis (ivcr    -    •    -
11. Hit Olllco .?>1 Ciiiiit>!«
couver, H. (J.
Street, Vi -i-
1 don't think my last note hurriedly
written  win* a. fair fulfilment of  my
■promise to semi you a letter, and 1 will
now endeavor to help tho lust one out.
I. am the more inclined  to do so as
now our long Journey .Is ovcr and-we
haive smelt tlhe salt water again at St.
John, the eastern terminal; and1 a "fs.T
-cry from  Vancouver,"  as wc ^ Scotch
say.    I forget where I waa wlii-Hl
wrote my last, but thlnlc It -was North
Bay.    A<t any rate  we-.'had"'splendid
meetings   at   almost   every point we
■were Wiled at.   Hat Portage was ono
•exception, and ns we'were 15 or rather
more liours going from' Winnipeg to
thiit place, and took two hours to crawl
over ionise bridge, I could  not help
wondering If all these delays were for
our'benefit.   Any way, It .got us into
the home of  Messrs.'. Pope und  Shaw
after 11  o'clock at  night,  and  so  the
goodjieople of that stirring burg did
not hear, the 'address, "'Wilson' on  the
lEdicts of the Pupe," e;tc.   However
NO 1
a; I all the noise, but I 4*211 -you when
tl-«"j(S maritime provlnoe people talte
bi .1 they are second to none. And so
I f«\;l that now Uhe Journeying Is dune,
tliere is nothing to regret, and from
St. John to Vancouver tlhe bund of
steel of the <_.■' P. Ut. is not «o strong
as the bund of Jove connecting our
C. IV R. muintcnanue-of-way-men with
.each other and with their chief. And
for all the weary work done by ine in
trying to bring this about. «nd to realize for our .good girls and boys their
deslre for improved conditions oC service and 'increased comforts for the
home, the trials of the organizing in
two long 'trips uover/ Iho system from
Atlantic ito Paclillc are .more tilia.ii rewarded. If riot boring .you too union
Y tuns, very truly,
A. P.. LOW I-:.
Montreal, March Hi, .1002.
mini  involved    shall  receive  full  pti.i
for the time he litis liecri idle.
Food and oilier supplies fur scctiiin
men .shall lie carricil from tiny point
on tlie Ii'.ti.tcolouitil uf onu-iiulf uf tiu<
rctjtiliir rate, and a pu-s shall lie furnished twice a month Id any point un
the system tu uiiulili: nny mcmlji'r of
the    triicliuiuii's    l'tiinily ,tir piireliusu
Slll'll  SllpJlltl'S.
If a U'licluuiiii lie Inl'cii from liis regular *-.cctiuu uu a siiuw pluueli ur
giavcl truin, Hie eoinptiny ■.hull licnr
all expenses tliu* incin led.
I will writo again
The Main Object    ,
of our trip was accomplished, and  we
met our own ibrave fellows and 'hud a
good time.    Then on .to Fort "Wlllia'.i,
and all our other stopping points, and
there   was  no  mistaking  tl_e  pleas.iiigj_,
fact that everywhere Uie public gave
our. chief  a  most    cordial/' welcome.
Should we ever lie In a contest with,
the C. P. R. again, we will have a pub-,'
He who can't be prejudiced against the
ibrave  boys because of any  lies  published about a leader wliom. the people
ji "have met and respect.   Pembroke was
■a memoraible.'meeting,  becaiuse of t'he
pulblic turn-out    to    welcome  us,  tiie
brass band being bi ought into requisition, tlhree M. P.'sion the prograinmu,
a. doctor In the chair andi a doctor of
divinity  (13r.  Boyne.  one of Onttiiio's
most prominent and able ministers) and
another  preacher,   and  a  few  of : the
town's   pu'bllc  nifn  on   t'he    platform.
This was my old division, where IS of
my  best,  and    happiest    years    were
spent, and we Had a line turn-out of
.old  comrades.    The  chief    was    very
much gratllled witlh the reception.   Indeed his gieeliiig fiom the public all
Klong was of tlie '
Most '.Cordial Character.
Ottawa was our next stop off. Here
we met Mr. Puttee, M. P., ot Winnipeg, already stirring in lalior Inlcresis,-
Wr.X«ga.ii,1 a .'supporter of the government, but a strong man and a. good
friend of ouis,-and who has placed a
notice of motion on the docket ,IJj.-it
trackmen on tlit\I. -C. K. shall receive
a minimum of ,$1.30 n day; Mr. I). J.
O'Donoghue, fair wage olllcer and father of trades uuioutsm in Canada, and
many otlier good friends of labor, as
well as our own boys. Wo jjad 'our
usual crowd of our own good men mid
true,. an dtheti .off tor Montreal.   Here
a. downpour of rain kept most men at
*   •
wortk,   but  enough    were    detailed  to
meet tihe chief, and give him, as thiy
said? "Welcome homo." And so without a .single unpleasant incident ended
our trip. Wo weie glad to go to bed
without any thought but gratitude for
all the kindness leceived and all the
good men met, and all the hopes of the
future. Tihe next few days weie veiy
busy ones iind then camo a call to t'he
I. C. railway to help the joint protective boaid of thiit system
Present Their Case	
The minister of labor'has laid upon
Writable a return -ot all coi'ie&puiidt'.'i'C
In: ^connection : with  the   alleged violations  of the alien lalior law. by the;
C. P.  It. during the trackmen's .stn'c.!
last year.    The diu-.i(.:"n includes. Istt?, i
and   telegrams  fiom    .1.    T.    Wilson,'
.Trackmen's president; Messrs. Kliau.^f.-
nessy and  Leon.-ud. of t'ho   C.   P.   H.,
'A.   W.   Pultee.  M.   P.;    J.  ]_.   .Mai,_iei.|
mayor of Port  Aithur;   P. W. De.itie,
Kamloops;  ]{n"ph   Siuitih,     M.   P.,-     D.'
Stamper, Moose Jaw.   The depiutm.-n'i,
of labor sent Mr. Khaughncssy a -coiy
of  the  law and  told    hiin  complain t.-
were being made ot' his company,    lie
aoknowlcdg(d the icceipt of tame and
tendered 'liis itlvan'lis.
J. 01>ed Smith, Winnipeg, notified J.
W. Leonard, C P. It. suiierlnlendent.'
Winnipeg, Ui.it men were passing
thiough Iho city who had been iniptnt-
ed In violation of the law. Hei* iscthe
reply: "I have to acknowledge rccehit
o£ your letter of 6th July, calling my
attention to certain provisions offUie
alien labor .law, with wliich I'am.al-
re.uly ^fully familiar. Yours truly, -J.
XV. Leonard."
- The position tlie labor department
took was that* the'..amended! act relieved it of responsibility.   It is developed
'1'wickmcn  -.iuill  iceeive'n (inv >.  ,in
■..     ...
fur  piitiulling   llicir  trcllun   (iiuc     (in
Sunday. j
'J'rai-Kincii sliull iv ifi\i'ii a pa-, unie
a .niontli to tiny point un the .sy-tcni
u'iicic the mcmlx-i.-. of their iinioit
meet, provided tliey can .absent, llicin-
wlves without juopnidi'/ini; the mm-
,|iuny'h inteecsts. ,
Trackmen shall not be discriminated
uiriiinst by the coiiipany hecau-c tliey
hold inembei'sliip iu the orguni/aliun.
Kate of Wages Asked.
Thu foicniaii uf e.\lra yjanys tliadl
ii-H'ivi' S:i n day; section foremen, *.2
a day; --I'clioii men, .^l.-IO a d.\y; foremen of snow ploughs and ilun_<ci'S, tvi
n (luy; section mun employed on the
same «ork, ft_! a day: and foremen of
truck carpenters. £__.73, \iliile tlio car-
penlci-K aitf tu lie paid 8*2, a day.
The.rate of wayes whicli ubluius at
present is un tlio l.n^is of SI.(>•"> a day
fur section foiemcn nud {SK*20 a duy
for M'ction lfien.
"Mr. llussell has tilteuily accorded
recogniliun to om ure-uni/.alion,'' -^aid
Mr. Wilson, "and lie lias expressed a
ivillinifiicss lo grunt us other of the
concessions n-.l_c(l for. Our schedule
will be sent to the mini.ster of uiil-
uays, anil Me aie cuiilidcnt that it
iiill meet  with  full'  Ueiitinenf.''
The curieni issue of the Wiiinipes;
Voice says the truckmen of the Canadian Kolthcin have had tlieir pielim-
inary skirmish with Uie corpointkni
w lh tin; usual lesults. j\*o one acquainted with the' lii-du-y uf such
stflife'tjlcs will be uiueli sitrpii^ed lu
I Icurii, that  the  piotecike  boaid    was
in the following.-' A. AV. Puttee wired
the department: "Am informed ithat
Canadian Pacific contemplate impelling labor from Boston. Would suggest
that/alien labor ofllccr prevent infractions of law1."
The department replied:. "Alien
labor act as amended last session
mates provisions for enforcement of
law in cases of:Infringement."
The mayor of Port Arthur got .the
same answer at great length.
D. Stamper lodged a complaint witli
full particulars, and In replying to'him
the department more fully explains
how it Interprets the law. It holds'
tihat private parties have to prove in
the courts that the law' has been
violated, and then the department,
with the consent ot the attorney-general, may deport the men proved ito
have bee nl illegally .imported.
This interpretation is not considered
by labor mea to be warranted.
refused: even: an .aiidienec,'aiiil   731 rV
■to Manager'Kussell. That wise, shre.vil
ofllclal  met our president and  myself
along with the tuoard'and seemed nev»r
to have a thought of refusing,, and so
in a very few hourg n. fair set of rules
were practically-agreed upon, and tlhe
matter nf rates got .a, good old discussion, you may be sure.   Finally, he told
us he won Id get all the data, possible
to enable hlui to nia>kc an Intelligent
recoiniiienilatiolii    to  the    minister of
railways tit CHtaiva, who 4iu_.t9ie._lii.il
disposer of the rate iiucstlon.   And so,
in a few- hoiirm,   without any  frlrlliin,
.■the I. C. It. masiitKOitieiit anil nien we're
brought  Into  better business  iviiiliniis
\ than ever befoie, tu elm benellt.nf both,
you may  lie sure.    On our way  Iin,.*
or "lionio," -a-n the Montreal boys sny.
we stopped at McAdam Junction, am'-
thus gave our boys from SI. John Wc.-i
.and North''tin.opportunity to moot the
man we all honor, as a wise, linn leader.   Our meeting at McAdam was a llt-
tlng (finish to. all Uhe rest and was a
•.rouscr.   McAilnm turned out almost.to
a man and woman to; see? and   hear,
and gave ' /
A Most Enthusiastic Welcome. , /'
Some people think you' western talk
tinve all the breeze, and.all the nerve,
John T.    Wilson,    president of the
Brotherhood -oi Railway Trackmen of
America, and A. ]'. Lowe, vicc-presi-,
dent,    hus  returned  to   the  city  fiom
Monctoit,    N.B.,   says   tho    llonticttl
Iloralcl— of-a-i cccnt—issue.—Uo th-""of
them  wero much  encouraged  by    an
interview they luul with  Mr.  lius^cll,
manager- of the Intercolonial Kailwny,
with  le-jpect  to  a  schedule  pic-entcil
to the company liy a committee    ie-
presentiiitr the trackmen employed   on
that system.    The    most    important
concessions sought by the section men
are :
That  ten houis shall  coifililittc    a
duy7s work
Hauhti'. ■'■ .insists   that    liis. curt'.-reply
must be regarded us final, .j llr. Jlan-
jnv' is dealing' with-cworking, lucii; not
•in this, case'with; politieiniis,;capi till-'
;ists_ or    soiuobqdy7V_-ec6uimen(lej,lj.'l,i,v
siich:,for a'vjob, ■ancl7so' liccoriliii^' ii>
current codo;:.coiirtos.y. nnd even,' coiii-
moh, c; vi lily is" suspended. : Act 1'; in
the' oft-repented'.industrial   drama   is
coiicliidetl.*    So * much; fi-ir. eqiiul citi-.
y.eiisliip    nmorigst *■ .Ciiiimlinns,.■■ ."'In;,
.members of':'tho..;;pr6tectivo'. Iiuard liave,:
gone   back.••'.to  their: lioincsvnnd-wtlic
.business':.is 7no\v7traiisfct'i'i'(l;'-to vI'resi-T
eciitive. now . in: negotiation wiili- tlie
C. P. R. in Jlont'roal.': The cxperieaci)
of the last two "weeks lias done, much
.to''Strengthen' and. inspire the- Cl i\T.
.trncknieu andy'our 'Vcadcrs   may ■■ rely
■oh: it: thoy will -be heard froiipagaiti.
at. a .very early date..    Following.^ is
the wage 8chqdiile^as7rc(|t!cstcd' by-tlie
,U'nckmeiu:7..i'.'..7.v>:;7i'V..'.7'.'    :'■'';"'.- -..:■■•'/■■:'■
Yard * foremen 7 at, teruiiinil ..points
shall lie; paid S(i5 ii:'moiith.   ' ;7::::77 '
Vard "tracl;meii shall be paid - j'l .00;a
•day.■'*..''. 77' -7:.''7 " l''':i"':li', ■'■ ■ ■■■i'iI'i'xy
.Extra .gaiigs. foroiiicn'.'slttill  be   paid
'87i_ .iieinbhlli. 7'77- 77 -  ■;'":■■
/Section, foreinen- shall . he  paid    J'oo
ar=moiitliT~~~^~7^7J.'. ■"■ ■i ~~~   '  l'-^y
Section  men sliall [ he  paid  SI .50   a
day. ■ ..■■'■": "':■.•■''
On Mimday Capt. Tatlow, .M. i'. P.,
In the provincial assembly at Victoria,
debating the  lledlstril.utlon bill, sjioke
as  follows:    "Mr.  Speaker:    I  cannot
help admitting a feeling of disappointment in rending this act after heating
bhe repeated ass-iiranco of the lion, attorney-general    that     the,. <bill  whsn
brought" down'"will 'be satisfactory to
everybody."   To commence with, I Hit 1
bhe bouse is to ;be Increased from .IS to
42 members.   1 do not see how this eai
be justified,;as our house to-day is, if
anything, too large in proportion to our'
population and resources and there Is
no reason to add a direct-increase pf
over'.10 .per cent, to' the. cost of legislation. Loolklng over tliepastten yeaivi
.we And that Uhe cost of ■legislation lias
■been steadily Increasing,    as follows;
1S02, $29,50.6;; ISM,  $30,675;  1S94,  $4S,Ulll;
1S.15,  $39,419;  lS9fi,  «30,SS4;  1S97,   $3t,r.Ui;
1S98,   $39,132'; "1899,   $43,603;  1900,   $47,91)1.
It shows a steady Increase'in the'cosi
of legislation. wil'iieh' is', to-day. propor-
tlonately too high for/our, population
and revenue, and yet it is proposed to
inci'.ease t'he:same by .over 10 iper cent.
It simply appears to 'be.;■'.:
ii'i   '.'■'.', '■ A! Loop-Hole ,       ■ ,.. •
for a .temporary escape from facing this
question' on a broad and fall- .basis, as
must 'be donei sooner;of later.:; Accord-'
ing totiiie.'latest returns there are some'
.44,000:registered ■votersiii the.proviii'ie.
-.This.'proposed, bill .increases the house
to albout ; one  mein/bei-'for each ; 1,100
voters.   The cost of legislation- will be
increased ■' so*: tihri t:; each Vof : thai 44,000
.voters'..' wtlli.': pay." $1.50 to' the .cost :of
legislation, or, if we: take the. return of
.votes .oastvin the, last general election,
we "find therblllwill give.; one member
forew-y. 647 of;silcli: vbtersafacoili
of over, $2:jiei-..ihe'a.d[tor .every, such
via ter.  :.I sbo u Id . ra the r . have; seen til e
house reduced to siiy 36 than^Increased
as, proposed. [In such'ii measure,as'iiils
the. government lhad .ah opportunity' of
once' foi7 all obliterating the uhhappy
sootionalTfeelihg ■Miliielii for a tlmerpre-;
vaUed.7'"''Tli '.e'eouiitfy :c6uul(l,7;for. p-jr-j
poses, of .'redistribution,' iiaye'.ibeetf.dl
vliled Into its7v-''"" .7:'7~:7:7    '7:''".VA-".
... Section lioardiiig, lionsn keepers shall
iiot exceed a, maximum of SI n week
for'board.;''.'.■■-'.■:7'.',';'■'.■•••'•'. 7   7'
..All inaiiileiiaiipe-of-way eni|iIo.vi,'cs
shall be paid, not- Inter than tlie -Ollr
of each month,
J. A, Stewart, secretary of lite Van-
If truckmen  aro called I courur a™b"« »»lo»- '« "> •*'"' ''''J- '»
upon for spei'inl duty at the end.of a
regular day tliey ilinll receive pay til
llie rate of time nml one-liiilf. I'm'
Sunilny work they shall reccivu iloit-
blc dine. ,
\\ lien
vaciincic.- occur, piefeicnce
sliall he fiven, in filling such positions
lo the men longvti jn the cdiitiiiinnit
•-ervici! uf llie conipniiy. piovided lie
pusscssi-i llie (|llillilielllions, leipli'-ite
,u properly peifurni'ilic dulic nltm-li-
ji-d  tlit'i'i'to!
If a sccliun inaii bo disjilinrged.
and he believes unjustly, he shall be
pet milted to appeal* to his superiors,
not a party to, the controversy, and
may select any man employed in the
niainleiiance-of-wny department to defend him.      ' '
If it  ho   subsequently  proved  thai
such discharge was unjust, the track-
llie Inleiesis of ,i inem-tiie which lh !.v
iIcmIiv passed   through  the legK-lntnie.
It   provides for  the    exaiiilnntlon    nf
bnt'bers along sanitary llnei, In be conducted tlii'^uvlinttt tin- piovlnrc b.v an
exaiiiliilng liiiaril of three.   The hill his
been placed In the hands of llitgli (!!!-
tiKiur, JI. I'., I'.;: The .Victoria union, ll
Is uudeistond, Is nut In .<.vni|iii|ili.v with
the bill, holding that It  is too radical
for the present.   Thoy tirm-il the Vancouver union lo .wait the result uf the
system wlilch   In'".now  being tiled In
some  portions  of   tlie  United    States,
whensa more    satisfactory    measure
could be drawn up.—Victoria. Times.
If labor unlon«/do not prevent workingmen from being underpaid and Ill-
treated, Imagine, If you can, the condition of laboi If tliere noiv no unions.
T-hi'ee ^Natural Geographical: Divisions:
l.'The countiy totlie east* of: the' Cascade Mouptalns,.con tained in"the federal- constituencies  of. :Yale7and ' Cari-
booJ •;2.,*Tiie"country to the.west:6f.the
Cascades, comprising Burra.!'-. and Xe-.i-
.Westmlnster icohstituerioies. • 3.:The;
land of Vaiieoitver.!-'. The population,;of
the pfovjiice'ris 177,272, which is. on. my
basis divided as follows: ..East of Cascades, ,61,SS9;:'west of ..Cascades,; G5.26D:
■Vancouver Island, 50,154. :*Thls bill prb-
pi>ses;;.to. give"" Arancouyer'■'.Island 12
nieiiibers; weist, of, the Cascades" (Van-
couver.'is'ew.AVestiiiinster city arid district and Casslar),'12 meiinbers/and the
interior IS? members!'' ^Considering tlie
ini.inense area .of the Interior,-it. might
bewise to iiicrease its representation.to
ll'tinil, by •taking, a''member from Lillooet, as proposed'in this bill,, we'wouid
thus.be able to give: three'.: additional
representatives, to  tlhe  country;:.south'
of7tlie C. Pi ;K. 71  tiiin'k*: the';Burrai-d
and New, AVesliiiinster, districts,;;'fqi'7tihe
present,.".": jii-.S-.-XX'' X   ■ lX..„/..l:iyl'- X
Xyiiix.y. .Would:Be;Content ':fi-'i;
with , theli-^ .present .number, of ■■ representatives, especially, as the:decrease' in
tiie : size  or  the house: would; propoi--'
This I think "woti'it be a fair a lid Just
proposition, iind as;such I  would ask
for; It the.grave,'consideration' of this
governuieut  and 'tills  house.    Xow,   I
will "ask you to, look Into a few,of :t'h2
Incongrttllies of tills proposeil measure.'
whicli I claim1 Is an unjust and unfair
bill In inany respects, and which 1 can
only support  In. the hope  that. It will
undergo  great  changes  in  coi;inihi.3e.
On two occaslmis In this house—in l!)W
and In-.1901—a resolution • wits brought
in-asking fur a redistribution bill.1'Tills
resolution was, lu each case, defeated
by the guvoinnieiit on tlio ground thai
It was not expedient to frame such a
niensure until Ihe census returns wei-o
at hand,   \\'e now have these return.'*;
but i.s tills 'bill in any Way framed on
tliem?'   Whatever niay tie the basis nf
the bill, ll Is certainly     •"'.''■.:,■''
'.,■"''. Sin nn the Census..
r tlml that some: 30 constituencies are
represented b.v one member each, with
wry'disproportionate, populations; for
instance, the islands, with a; population of 1,260, and Simllknmeeri, with a
population of ,'1,359—In Iwth of .wiilcli
are: Included' Indians—have the'samel
represen tn tlon as N'.-i na lino a rid:" Ross-:
land cities :of over 6,000; or Uiehinoiid j
nothing of their ngrlcultiirul. lishitig
and other Industries In which laige
capital is invested. 1 Hnd there are
three new constituencies' with a population of between 1.000 and 2,000 each,
represented by oncnieiiiber; seven con-
.stitueiicles^botween 2.00D ami 3.C00 population, each haying one member; nine
constituencies, between 3,900 and.4,0.0
pcpuliition, each one meniilier; five constituencies, 'between l.CDO anil ii.COD population, each one n-.em'ber;-ifour constituencies, ibetwetn 5,000. and CCHI population, each one.;member;'three constituencies each over'6,000, with one
member 'each.
Is There Any Fairness in Tills?
I find 'the New Westminster  dislri^t
with  a  population  of 1S.S51,   with .'Its
.wealth;of lumber, llsh and agriculture,
has, four nieiiibers,.while  the; Islands,
Columbia and Similkaineen, with '4,557
people,between them, have three members—less^than tlie population of either
Delta or  Richmond.    While   the  nine
constituencies of the islands,: Similkaineen, '/^Columbia,     Esquimalti    Atlln!
Cranbrook,*i  IlevelstOke,      Kaslo    and
Grand Porks, with a total  population
of119.U92,vliave'nine nieiiibers.    Hut, 1
um told,. I need not complain because
Vancouver has another member.   I do
not think the'clty of Vancouver wanes
to see;any injustice done.'" \Ve only ask
a. good fair'bill.    Of course, if tliis is
a game, of polltlc'il.grab we; iiiust take
all \ve can get in "order" to protect"oui;-"
selves, ;ii>iit In;ii fair:,measiirt—^a ingas-,
ure tlint" does, not unduly increase'."the
size of .this house—r'b'elieve the city of
yaricouvei-'ivoiiid ..iie .(jiiitewell.'satis-.
'fled,, to .'remain, as _(lie'js now., .We/want
■ i'edIstrIbutIpnV''tiot;.';tp";>Eain'.iiioi'e seats
for ourselves, but to.:glve,'other.s their,
fair siiare.'JThis bill,,iibelleve! is based
on t'he'nuhilbar.of votes cast lii the last
general ■ eleetiori; qidle .irrespective'iiot
the: .population of ■ the : respective cori-
stituencies", arid.wliile it;may*be fail-;ip
.'tiie-'ii'umber of :• voters, :;Hie'.*capita!-iii-
yested: arid ,the':.'oMi'e'i' interests involved
—I do not siijv:tihat 'it; is—but,.'-w_ill'p';:Il';
may .lie, so, there''Is.one. Interest "not
fairly represented,; that/ls,;;-the womjri
and:;ohildreii-^i77'77i77777777''7'*^'.' '*"
■;■':   TheiHouie Ilife;pf the:Province.'**.
i;fliid7thatjpiit ;,6f;the;61,SS9; people; in
'd'ale .and. Cariboo :*oniy 720,049,: or", less
than one-, third;: are*\vomen7 vWliilst oh
yaricoiiver isjand,; out: of 5OJ00O','people,
over l2p,00ii,;oi':40"'pei''cerit., ar'ewoineii;
and in ■Ne\y;\"\'estiiiiiister and 'Burrard.
out bf;'li5,d007p6'pulatibn, there are.near-'
■ly'25,000 woiiieri.  "Has this;view been
taken;'■: into; consideration? 7: Iit-t'' Yaie-
Cai-iboo there^are 29.110 single' and-11.-
SC0:.married men;: oh.Vancouver. Isinnil,
JS,4S4;'single".' a nd ;12,0OO; iiiairrleil;i men; I
in ;"\Vestniinstei' .and 'Burrard, "26,6:9
single and 13,500 marneci men. .So that
an .•injustice is.: dorieto; the 'other more
settled'.-.parts'' wliere';the  voters—In'.-', a
rriiioh', larger   proportion—are: married
men with families .settled in; the country, whilst in the former, bachelors pr?-
dominate,' and liiany. of: them"tire .drily
transitbry residents.. .This alone, I sayl^
proves trie: bil 1; Is not' a. fair. one."
John Peter AitgcMJms. Joined Abro-
ham Lincoln in the-'if alms..of the Immortals.    His career wus  leinpestuou's
ami heroic, and the eiid'lragic and,sub-''
lime.. The gods must have set ihe stage,
for the last earthly act of this intrepid
,v.-.irrior and most nobly did lie 1111 the;
leading  role.    When  the  last  word of ;
his   Impassioned,'plea  for, liberty  died:
upon tliis'elcqp'cnt lips tlhe iliiuax ca.ine,,
un'd.tlie,.curtain fell upon.another mur-c
tyr in the great drama.of huriianity.., 8
f John Altgeld was.born in the.tliroes.
of revolt.   A thousand'years of feiidal ,.
tyranny ..-were culminating.   The: fate-"'
fui year of 1S4S had a violent temper.
It rocked the cradle of the "babe; that'■'';■
was destined to become the-'trlbuneof :
tlie:people. ."•       ,77
..Tlie leader, now fallen, never \iooii y
"a backward step, never subordiinated! :
principle to, policy,. never;,,,sacriflo'id1 '.
conviction to attain his end, He was ;
fearless, tie -was ,determined,'and .li<l.
was .incorruptible.. .■.;_• 7-'*'''
John P.: Altgeld was in thehiglisst';
sense a statesman,  he was'a daning' '
leader aiid,.a; fiery .'and' interiseVoratoi..
whose eloquent and lofty: apjleals inspired the multitude.''".?:';r-.'..-;.■.:,,'''.:.-.
His.noblest and therefore greatest of-:,;
flcial act' was the opening., of dungeon.; .'•
doors to iiberate innocent yictims7of7X.
corporate;;tyranny.;',;'-If the gods'-haysT'.'
to do'wit'h politics they ordalna'd,:'t'lie: ■„
election tit John7P. Altgeld for this in- '77
coiHparablei'strvice: to'"-humanity.  ;' "-7Jf ;;
;: '.[through .the rain .of. fire he ."wali_edl7'.7;
with" steady step;: to the' -.hideous ,bas^ :77
tile's dcors, nor; faltered?, orice7uiitil7'7;
the, captives, walked forth, men-his of- ' 7
flcial robes.turried to ashes iivthe or-;.."■.'y-
deal,.'but Ibl. tlietlame .ofcaluniriy,:,--to 7-7
-which cur"iiero:bai-ed;his.lisa(_ is eveii"'77'
iiow; become; Wie'aureole of .'his fame"" ■iy;y(.
The ;■: robbers:X6t ; ;the7;R^ile77the777
sliinglei's'; of liberty;; the7foes7|pf "hii-7
matiity;, feareil .[arid;.''hatea:^iiinj'7the7
:■;.. CURTIS; BAC.KGD-BY'OIkKli*" 77
."lihe. bill to,"aniend tiie,_law.relating
to  trade  unions," ..inlrodiiced inio  the
British'; parliament: in view of the (ie-
clsibnof the. house of lords in the Taff
■;   - ■ ■ ; -.. .-; '.,:,■'■ -' ■ ;.s
Vale railway*case, ,'has now been printed,: says .t!i<7 Colonist.:   Its short; tie'e
is  given- as. the' "Trades Unions; Act,
"Joiieiv"-llr. Abraham,Thomas  Biillcy,
lIr7'Bell,',T/ Burt,  Mr.  Chaiining,   Sii'
yiiai-lcs-Dilicc, "\ti\ FeiiwIrft,;Sir George
Newiies,' Mr. :;Plckaril,   D. -? Av i'Tliorn is
rind John  Wilson.    Tfte.'foliowing ' ;irf;
the operative'.clauses:   .  ., -.'_',.
. 1. "Xo action ur pl'her' proceeding, at
law or in ciiuity shall bo maintainable
iigaltiHt any  .trnde'.union,' or   agaliV^t'
any periion In their .res-wel lee. ciip'di'ity |
tin . ollli-era   or   truste.;s   of ,;iiny   ti'.ile.:
i.inloii.   fui-: any. .wrungftil. act   iu\.»et:i'|
coinmliUHl- by -any olllcer; ''trustee"''iii''!
servant; agent, or any iii.'nili;-!- uf n-j.-'i I
union  In  furtherance    of    any  slrl!;i.;
lockout or trade dispute'ibetween.;.;...'-!
pljyers:. and , workteen,    unless  It^'tie'
proved  that1 the council,  cumin It tee oi-j
other.; sov'-'rnliig   hoily.of  such   tr.ide'
union  expre.-isly    autlioih'.ed    tivivw
privy to;such .wrongful, net or acts
fawnlng7sycophants>f ;riyealth;^h'e;time7
serving /mercenaries; of;powei'; slander- 7
ed; him; ;t his v^vas/tliei .measure; of/his 7
■'S. TheiiTew:^ionbst" inbii;tyho:;krie.w7Johs7
P. .Atigeld lov-edliim. . He/w-its-^
,iiian';-sti-aight;.in'the7eye.;;7'777-77:;-' ■/-;
;.,;';In^'tlie-'railrbad'Strikes. in lSbi.lie;6x-'v,'j
panded to Ills true";proportions.'''.There;',
he ip roved;' to; be v the 'fearless* eh arnpionTJ};'
or /the* people./;He/-..stopitfi'^upori[. tlheiyi
boundary line of :Iliiriois.;arid7protestea7::
against'the mllitarjV'U^rpatiorirpf'the;.;
president;'"aiid though oyerwheinied.'iifc ;:?
proudly vindicated histiiglv^hpnbr^arit!'X;y
he, more than any- ;othcr;riiaii7; re tired' "-0
.drover-,Cleveland and^his/pirate/ci-'a'ivirJ
froiiiAmcricaripoliiios. 77:77';'S77jft.;i'
/Aitgeld■.;was;,too: ^great-,/.to>.beeoriie7;7
president; he;will be, remembered lorigil','.
after most presidents ai-e7foi-gotten;7;77i;
■;■;■■''How glorious7 the': final; scene! 7 S«BXx
him 'suiriiiipiV all .iliis;(wasted st:-engt.:77*'
Note;.the tran&figiii-ation'■■'in tiie. last sit-:';S:;
perhiiiiian effort-^-the" light..qf iiberty/io ix[
his.eye,, the ,flush7pf. dawnoupon7hls77;:
'bi-owas lie defiaritly;exc,Iaiiiicd::;:7"77.'7:/7
"Again ; to thu' battle/'Achaiansl/k/' /. 7"
pur'.'-'1iea"rts,,blfi clie'tyrants/deilarice!,;/"^;i
Our land, the first: garderr'of: liberty's.:,;,
,.-.,-tree,"-■:-.-„i.y   'XiXy-i^'iyi'l-yXi-yiX-yX:"I.
It luis.beeri, and sliall yet. be, the;land '7
■of the free."*: / :.; 7;:'/^/7*';■  I'iXiy
AVorklng , men- and   wc-..ki:ig.'. woriien
see   them   happy,  and ciinsecratedall
■he"had.' to; make, them' tree. '■';.,.,■■.
He  paid  tlie; penalty  of;' the:, earth's
rcdeoiners.     Soerate:?     was     pplfoned,
Christ ci'iicifled,'.John.Bt'owti.strangled,:
>| Lincoln a^iisplnated and; Altgeld. stab-/
'bed .by.:n  nillllon  vent-nlotis Uiiigues.',"";'■'.
The grandchildren.of'his,slayers will,
sesk his; works for knowledge 'rind in-:
splrnMori, ;aml  to . coining..generations
lie will speak forever.—Eugene \'. Debs.T
.,      -. . .\TMN.1»N-'.J\_1_.\IS.:. :   r      *.
liullgn itlon hiift/lieeii' Ktroiig In, At- :
Iln on, the contiimi'tlon of tlie report
.Hint, the' Atlin Mining''', company had-
ontitrucied fur tho oiiiployinent of, ni
mitubxr uf Japanese miners.' »\Inss
iiiei-tlng.s havo been' hold in 'both Atlln niul ' I.ll?('Overy, to discitss the matter, cuid. at these'meetings strong op-
Aid ' Society ofi Vancouver,will ibe ..-held
In the city lull on' Thursday eveninc
next, Apiil 3rd, at S o'clock. It may lie
Interesting to know that no less thru
.21 children have'lie?n mode over to the
and Delta, with over o.OOfl piirfi: lo say   sodetv by older of the court.
2. "For the |.urpo«e of this act, .y l>«"l:ion was cxpreSsednml a decision
term Irndo union means a tt'ade iittiod! »'i"1'1 •■"'■•» "" "os-ilble ,0 .--lOPthe^pn-
as dettWd by section 16 of the tf'iules! f'»l>""^, introduction,of. Oriental la--
Union Auiendniciit- act, 1S90." ".:,.:-:      ! hor-   At .'.'^ #''effu!H.r.;niqntlU,v;.hieetln^;,
the Atlln Board of Trade eiHlpi-std.thp,'
j .sentlnients- expi-essed at ; thej.piBblie/;
meetings referred, to/, .'ind. theVsec're'tii'ry.';/
is ''iiow.;. euntei'i'lng with'- the'varlO'is;;
:'boards ofytrade," arid i laboi-./organiza-J.-'■'-.
tlons on ; tbe; coast; arid'.'elsewhere .iii;;
Brltlsh'CpiUiiibla,: tp7enlis,t::;theii-/:co--/S
A  public  meeting of  Ihe  Children'!
a.icnitlim in ihe-matter. 'TO THE GLORY OF GOD  IMPORTAMCE   OF  RELIGION   IN   THE  DAILY AFFAIRS OF LIFE.  IN  ALL THINGS CONFESS   KIM.  Ki'lliriui.   II-, ll  l.U'lie.'  ('lllileuf ].;:������  .Uilliei.  tii.< il��!iu'i> i.hui   u.uv iu I'm i;.'i.|:u>ii  ixtll     I'l'iUTilt'tJ - I ll,,       tl  .���!..       .V.'..l'l^t.     .11  ISuikI-tliu'iifliuii.n'ur l..vl']'ilii}    l.lle  "(��uti'>   viilulil   it   Iin ������-li,ws  _._ll_ete<l .\r<','l>Un,'. l".\''l o.l'.ll-.i .'.lli'lll of Owl-  l.ilil. Ill in* .viiir t'.ltj. Ity A lim. ,. II iny, ut' Toluol u, m till; l''-'j"\ ef ,\;.ri, uniue, ��.'tl,iu.l.  VViishiiigiuU', l'"eb Id.���In this discourse Ur. 'i'silniiiU'.- advises us lu llu  our t.est ill llie .spheres whore we  lire placed ami nut. wail i.o serve  Hull in ri'.suiiii.ii.i;;-'i u.atiua; lexi,  1. . ('iiriiithiami a. Hi, "Vilietlier,  Ihei'eiufe, ye cat or drink ur whatsoever yo do, do all  in  tiie glory of  tlllll."        ,: ' ' ��  When' the uposUo in  this  text, sots  forth tho iiicu  Una so conitK'.ui     an  action    as  the  r.'.Uing of  fund      und  " drink is to Lo loiuiucieil to tiio glory  of Hod,  ho proci.iitns the  iui'ioi'litiu'o  of religion, in tile." uiiliuary 'uii.iirs. uf  our lit,;,    in ill! 'ages oi' t.lie     world  th. re lias      boon a. tendency to     sol  .apart certain days,��� places nml occasions    ..for  worship,   and   lo      think  those wero the clii-.-f realms in which  religion, was to  na    .Now.  holy  days  mill holy,    places  have'their  uiipui l-  (inco.    They gl'.e uppoi'tiinil;.' f��i' special, perforiiHii.ee  i.| ��� I iiii.su.iti     duty  uml for rcgnliii',' of  the roligiuiis ap-  .pb'tito,     Inn   tli.y  cannot     take    tho  place of emitiiiuuus exercise of faith  and  prayer.'. In other words,  a man  cniiiiut I io so much fA a Christian on  Sunday  thai  he cun nlioi*d,lo  b��    a  ���worldling all  the rest of  the    week.  If a steamer put out for Southampton and go one day in that direction  and  ilio otlier six days in other,  tji-  rcciions,- how .long'before iho steamer  .will  get  to Southampton?      lt   will  never got, there.   And,  though a man  may.   seem to  bo voyaging    huaven-  war'd during, the. holy Wiibbtilh    day,  if during tlio 'following six days     of  tho    week lie    i.s     going' toward the  world and toward the' bosh mill    to-  :   ward tlio .devil how long will it tako  ���him to roach  the peaceful .harbor of  ���heaven'.''   Vou  cannot  eat  so     much  at the SabtiiiUi banquet that ypu can  afford  religious abstinence tlie other,  six days.'.ili'.Toisiii and princely    behavior  on'great  occasions    aro    no  apology  for  lack  of  right 'demeanor  in circumstances iiisignilicaiil and inconspicuous.   '.Iho genuine    Christian  lifo i.s not spasmodic; docs not go by  fits and siar.l.s.    it tojls on  through  heat    ami cold,  up-sleep.-mountains'  and along dangerous-.declivities,    its  eye on the! everlasting������ hill's  crowned  with  tlio castles of. the blessed.       I  propose  to  plead ."for; everyday      religion.       ��� XX  .hi tlio first place \vo want to bring  tho religion  of Christ into  our conversation.  When a .(.linn, breaks  " and  two 'or; tli rep villages are pvcrwlielni-  cd or an eai'lliqiiiikii in .South. America "swnl!ow:_ a. whole city, then   people begin    to talk about the    uncertainly.of life, iind Ihey imagine that  thoy aro engaged/in positively religious ���'''Conversation:'' Xo,   You    may  talk about these things, and'have'no.  grace of (Jod  n.t.all  in your    heart.;  We  ought every  (Iny   to   lie     talking  religion,;. If there  in  anything    glad  about; 7 i.t, .," : anything :     beautiful  about       it;       anything-     important  about,       .it,; . ...wc-     ought       to  be     courteously.-      discussing.   ' ,    L';.  have noticed  that:,111011: just  in    pro- T  portion as their 'Christian cxpocienco  is shallow; talk about, .funerals     and.;  graveyards     and     tombstones  ./and -j  deathbeds.    The  real,  genuine  Gin-is- ���  tinn   man   talks  chiefly   about.,    this '���  life ���and,'tlie grout/eternity 7'.beyond ]  and not so much: about the insignia- ,  cant pass"bcl.woi 11  these-two-     resi-J  donees..    : And yot Iiow few      circles '  thoro are where tlio. religion of .lesas .  Christ is welcome.    Go into a circle  even of Christian : people, where thoy  ore"full of joy and hilarity, and.lalk  about  Christ  orheaven; aiid    everything is immediately silciiretl.   As on  tt/summer.day ,when the forests    are  full  of, life,  chatter, chirrup ami carol���a mighty chorus of bird 'harmony,  every tree ''branch 1111 orchestra���if    a  hawk appear in the'shy,  every voice  stops and .the forests arc still,  .lust  so .1/have seen'a lively religious circle     .silcnci.d  on  the appearance'    of  anything 'like,.religious conversation.'  Mu one : had anything to say . save  perhaps .'sonic old  patriarch .in    the  corner of the room, wlio really thinks  ^iiatrs1!m^liiTTg=r)irglit=tp:ilii^siiiil=un���  der the circumstances; so lie puts ono  font over tiio     other and heaves   "a  long sigh nnd,says,  "Oh, yes; .Unit's  go,  that's so!"  ���My. frkntis, Uie religion of .Jesus  Christ.'is something to talk about  with a glad heart. It is".brighter than  the waters; it is more cheerful tliun  tho .''sunshine. Unknot'go around  groaning about, your religion when  you ought to lie singing il or talking it in cheerful loncsof voice. How  often it is that, ive find iiion whose  lives are utterly inconsistent wiui attempt, fo talk religion and always  make n failure uf It! My friends, wc  must livo religion or wo cituiiot talk  it. if a man is cranky niul cross  and uncongenial nnd liuril. in liis  dealings and then begins l.o Inlli  about Christ nnd lienvoii, ovcrybody  is repelled by it. Yet I. hnve heard  such men sny in Whining limes, "We  are miserable sinners," '"Iho Lord  bless .villi," '"1 lie Lord have mercy  on yo'.i," thoir conversation interim-ot! witli such expressions, whirl',  i'on.", nothing lint, canting, ami i".uil-  in.; i" i.ho worst form'of hypocrisy.  If we havo really folt the religion nf  Chr's'' in our hearts! let us talk it;  uir' li '.'.< it witli.an illuminate;! eoitn-  Uii'Mi'-:,' remembering (hot when two  C'hrilinn people talk C./odgives special f.l.tciiliun and writes down v.-'i.il.  t'.ey soy: iUnlachi iii, 1(5,"Then thoy.  that feared'the. Lord spake dflt'.noi-o  ,1,ii another, ,and, the.Lord hcui'ker.ed  end heard "it, and a book of: rcnictiir,  li.anco was written.'.'     ,   /;  Again, I remark wo.must brirlrj the  religion of Christ.; into, our empli.y-1  m<3iits!  "Oh," you say;  "that is very  well if a man handle large sums of  money of if lie have an 'extensive  irtiliii'. but in the humble work in  iife lint 1 am called to the .sphere is  too small fin' the action of such  gram!, heavenly prineiples.". Who  told yon so. Ho you eel. know th.11  t.'od watches 1.10 f.ulod leaf on .the  brook's surface as cot'luinly as: , h ��  dues 111' path of o blazing sun'.1 Alii  Uin moss that, creeps u|i the side of  tlie rock makes as iiitu-h iiiipr-.'Ssiuu  itpeli lloil's Mii'iil as tho waving tops  of 'in: ^011 pine .11.J I .nltnm-.ii. eetlur.  anil   the  nlil. r.   I't'ai-kliiig   i.ndi-r     Lie  eviw'.S   llU'.if,   SO'lltt:;i  I'.S   lollll   ill      tit'.ll'.S  eur us the' simp of 11 wot l.l's coiuhig-  re.lioti. When ymi have tuyihiitg in  do in life. Itouuwr liiiinH'' .���(... may  Kent io be, Cod is nlwa.v-. i.,":'e lo  help ymi to do it. If your wurk Is  tluil, i,f a li.sliei'maii, tli-'ti Cull will  lielp you. as lie helped Simon when  h" ili'iigi'.ed (;. > 111,, s'.iret. If yuitr work  is drawing wui.T. ihiti 'he will help  you, as when he talked at Ule we'll  curb lo tiie Snmi-.i'iian Woman. ..If  .���'(ill are etiee^eil i:i the eustuin house,  In- will load you. us ho led Matthew  sitting at. I hi- receipt, of oiisl.uins. A  re'i!i'ii.'ii' lhat is nol good in one  pl.'i'e is nil wurlli .''liythin^'in :ui-  ulhi.'i' place. The iiian wli.i ims only  ,1 iliiy's wages in his pocket, :is eer-  liiinly needs tin" gtiiilauce uf i-elie,i>in  us In: \1I10-ruliies the keys of ;i bunk'  and could abscond Willi n liiiinlrial  lltottsuntl  ilolltirs.  'I'lieri- are Uiusi.. proinincil in tho  e.'ii.i-ehes who seem to le .11 1 ulilic  ur. iisiuns \'ery devout win' eu not  ptil llie principles of ( heist's n.'ligioii  into practice, 'ihey are 11 ������ must, inexorable of creditors. Tia-,v mu the'  tnosl Kfiisp;ii..j of 'dealers, 'liny nro  known as sharpers mi tlie. siroct.  They lle-eco every sheep thoy, can  catch. A cnuiiLry meiliii'iit conies  in lo bti.v.fjpt-in.n or fall f'.uods, and  lie nets into tin.' store of one of those  professed Christian nien who havo  really 110 jyi-ucc ui tlieir hearts,'and  he is completely' swindled, llo is so  ovorcunio Uiat. he i-aniiut Kot., out of  town ditriuir the week. He stays in  I own over Siuulav, lines into some  tlinrch to get Christian eouKoliition,  when what is liis amazement to Iii"*.l  Unit i.liu.. very inan who 'hands him  tlio poor box iii the church'is the 0110  who relieved hiin of his money! But.  never,'mind; tlie deacon litis.his black'-  coal on now; lie looks solemn.'.-mid  fines homo, tnlkiiii;- about "iho bloss-  id sermon.'" If tlio wheat 111 tho  churches should ho put into u,"hopper.0  the first, turn "of; tho crank .would  mako.tlio clnilT lly, 1 loll you.. .Some  of these men are groat sticklers for  0,'O.spol proachiiijr. Tliey say: "You  stand there in bands and surplico  und i,'oivii .anil preach���preach like an  angel-���and wo.slum! out. horo and attend to business. Don't mix-things'.  Don't gel religion nnd business ..in  tho. sumo bucket. You attend 10 your  matters, and; wc will atlpnd ,,to  ours." Tliey do.not. know..thiit Ood  sees every theat they have practiced  in/.the Inst six years; that he .can  look through the iron wall of their  fireproof safe; thai l-.e. itns.��� 'counted,  every dishonest dollar they have : in  thinr. pockel.7niid that a day of judgment will,.conic.  There are many Olii'istituis.whosay:  "Wo nro willing' to serve Hod, but  wc do not wiuil, lo iio it in these  spheres''nbout-which-wc arc talking,  and it. seems so in.sipid,and monotonous. Ifivo hnd some great becasion,  if wo had lived in tlio tinicof IJith-  er, if \vo had' boon I'aul's traveling  coiiipaiiioii. if ivo: could /serve God on  a .great scale, wo would -do it, but  wc can't in this everyday lifo." " 1  admit Uiat; a .groutdeal of the i'o-  matico and knig-jit errantry of life  li.-ivo disappeared : bofot'o I lie advance,  -of; this'practical ago. There' is,'however, a Hold of onduranci! and great  .achievement, hut it. is in everyday-  lifi-. There "arc Alps .th. scale, tliero  iii-e llollosiionls to swim, there are.  fires to ' liriivo, but .ihey tire till  iiroiind us now. This is Uie hardest  kind of 'martyrdom to bear...  Do Hot think that'-any work' Clod  gives you to tlo in the world is oit  too/small a scale for yoii to do. The  whole universe is not. ashamed to  take care of one little (lower, l'lato  luid.il fable wliich. I havo now "nearly  forgotten, hut it ran something.! like-  tliis: Ho said spirits of tho oilier  world como tiack,. to. this wbi'ld to  find "a body and find a sphoro ; .of  work. One spirit, ciitiie niitl took tho  .body of a king aiid did his.'wprl;;',' 1111-  other spirit camo! tintl look tlio body  of a poet and did his work; .after  awhile. Ulysses cuino.aiidj-io ' suid:  "Why,nil the fine botlicsare tukon,  ri'nd' all the grand work is lakon  There is nothing left for/1110." And  some one replied, "Ah, tlio best cue  lias boon loft for you." Ulysses snid.  ~Wl-,u Us^tliaU'-i^A nt Ut!ui=rep!y^w.usp  "Tho body of a common mun, doing  a common work 'nntl for 11 Coniiunii  reward." A good fable for thu  world and.just, as good a fable for  the church. Whether wc cat or drink  or whatsoever wo do, lot us do it to  tlm.glory, of Clod.  1 Again, we need to bring the religion of Christ into our commonest  trials. For severe losses, for bereavement, for trouble thnt shocks  like an oartlKpiuko iind that blasts  liko a storm, "wo prescribe religious  consolation; but, business man, for  tlio small annoyances of last., week  how much of tho grace ot Cod did  you apply? "Oh," you. say "these  trials are too small for such tipplk'u-  tlon." idy brother, they are shaping your character, they are souring  your temper,..tliey',are wearing, out  your patience and they are making  you less and loss of a num. 1 go  into a sculptor's studio and seo him  shaping a statue. llo has a chisel  in one hand nml. a mallet in tho  otlier, and Iio gives a very gentle  stroke���clink, click, click I I say.  "Why don't,you strike, harder ? "  "Oh," he replies, "that would .shatter the statue. I can't do it. that  way. I must do it this way." So  ho works on, anil nflir iiwhilc the  features come out, and everybody  that ..enters tlio studio is charmed  and fascinated. Well/Cod has your  soul under process of de.vcloun.cnt,  and it is littjo, nnnoyi,"<,csfund vexations . of; life that are ��� 'scling "��� ������ out.  your immortal nature '.It. is flick,  click, click! .Iv.-ondoi- why' ro'-e  'gretit firoyidencc.docs net com? nntl  with1 ono stroke prepare you        '-*"  for  Heaven. All. no, Ond says that Is  noi   the way. Am', mi he Koej.s ou  uy stioixv. ol" little i.nnoyar.ce.s, iit-  lle sol lows, iitile vexatious, i.nlil  al last ynu .-hall he a ;;lad special lo  for .-niseis and fur men.  \ow, be I'iirofnl to let mine of  those iimmyuiiM's po iluoiioh . your  soul iin.irraigiiei!, I'oiupel them lo  iKtinh.i- li 1 !������ youi- ipirilmil immUIi.  The scran h of ii six;. nny ti.-il Bome-  limes   i'lndiiees   lo.-i. 1'.���..',   ami ih:  clip of a la.'Si ititioit-'Siimii niiiiny-  ii'ii-e niiiy (l.H-.ut ,0 vii.i fnrever. !��.���  not lei at-y, aiiimyisntv ul' periilexily  cuiiio ii'i'ins your so.11 witi'.oitt ils  anil.ing you   lictli-i'.  Again, we must bring'Ihe re!i;i'iii  Uf t'lirisi int.: o'.tr .i'i":ini''t'.esl lie-sings. Win 11 1 lie iiuiM.ii inyii's an 1  tile lull-Vests aie in anil llu- v.uv-  ornors niiii.e pru.-l.ii' i"i lis, we assemble in iliiii'ilie.s s��� 1 .tl we lire very  ihiinkfiil. Ilnl eiery day ought to  lie fi tliaiiknniviiia day. -We do not  is-i'iigiii/.i' thu comiiiiin mercies of life.  Wc liuve to see u hiinil mau h il by  his dog before wo bigin lo bethink  oiirsehcK of' what, a grand thing il  i.s to l'.ave li'tuinnii eyesigli!. We  have to see some wounded man hobbling on his' crutch nr witli "Ids  enipiy eo.il sleeie pinte'd up before  we learn lo lliink what 11 grand  tiling (Iml did (or lis wlien he gave  us healthy use' uf. our limbs. ������ ; Wo  are so stupid tlint. nothing but the  misl'oi"!lines of others can rouse us1  up to, our blessings. As ihe ��� ox-  grazes in the pasture up lo i'<s eye  ill clover, yet never thinking ' wlio  makes the clover, inid as the bird  picks up tlio worm from the furrow  not thinking lliil't it is Cod who  makes evoryl lung, from I lie animalcule in ihe sod tu llie seraph un the  throne, so wc go on online,, drinking 1111'ti enjoying, but never llieiik-  ing, or seldom thniikuig, or, if  1 hanking at all, witli only half a  heart.  I compared our iiidilTei'ur.e to the  brute, but perhaps I wronged the  brute. I.   do   not   know .lint,, that,  among its oilier instincts,-:, it... may  have 1111 instinct by which it. re:bg-  nizes tho divine hand thai feeds iI.  1 do not. know hut Unit God is,  through it, holding .communication  with what we call "irrational .'..creation." j Who tliuiiks Cod for the  air,, tlie fountain of life, tho bridge  of sunbeams, the path of sound, the  groat, fan on a liot suminor's'. day'.'  Who tliaiikK God for this wohdirful,  pliysiearorgaiiisiii. this sweep of tho  vision, tliis chime, of. Iiarmoiiv struck  into the ear, this soft Ircud of- a  myriad delights over tlio nervous  tissue, . . this rolling of the crimson  tide through, artery and .vein,  this driiniiiiing of 'the. heart on outmarch lo immortality? We lake till  lliesi! things us a; matter of course.'  Hut suppose Cloii should...withdraw  theso -common blessings!' Your body  would become an iiiuuisition of tor-:  Hire, the cloud would refuse,: rain,  everv green thing would; crumple up,  niul tile earth would crack.opcn un-;  der voiir foot. Tlie air would 'cease  ils "healthful'circulation; pestilence  would swoop, and, every house would  become a place: of .skulls. .Streams  would first swim with vermin . and  then dry up, nnd thirst, and .hunger  and;, anguish and/despair would lift;  their scepters. Oh, compare 'such-  a lifo as that with the life you live  with yoii i" fa mi lies! / is it not time,  that, with every word, of.'' our'-, lips  and with .every .action of our life  we began/ to acknowledge those  I'Vcrydily, mercies'.' '.'Wliethorye cat  or, driiiK or whatsoever yo do, do-all  to the glory of 'God.':' : Mo 1-address  a inan or a woman who; lias; not;  rendered ���to. God one single offering  of-'thanks?" 7 !.',���/  1 was preaching/oiie .Thanksgiving  Day ond /amioitiicod ��� my text ���,  "Oh, give Uiahks.uiiio the Lord,  for he is gpod',' for. I lis; mercy cn-  (lii'reth forever.-,". i/do not. know  whether' there, was any blessing on  tlie sermon .or not,, but/the ���:. .text  went straight to. a young':'; /man's  heart. He said/to himself, , as . T  read tho. text: " 'Oh, give, thanks  unto; the Lord, for ho is good', -r  Why', T hnvo never rendered,hiin any  thiinks! :0h, what tin ingrate !'���  have boon!" Can it be, my brother,  that you have, been fed liy the good,  hand of God;all those days,, .that  you have had clothing: and sholtor  and all. tho .beneficent surroundings,  iind yet have never offered your heart  to God? Oh, let/a sense of tho, divine goodness -shown you in everyday  blessings melt youi" heart, nnd if  you have nover beforo uttered one  earnest note of thanksgiving let this  .���hu. the,-'tiny which shall hear your  song! What, I say to one 'I.sny to  all. Tako Ihis practical religion I  have .recommended into your cvory-  day life Make every day a Sa!:-  djath.^^aiuUivN-er-i^niea.La^^ii^raiaaiL  and;every rooin._you enter a holy of  holies. Wo'all have work to do;  let. us be willing to do it. XXc all  have sorrows to bear; let us cheerfully boar thorn. X\'c all have, 'battles to fight; let. us courageously  fight them. If you-want to. .die  right; yoii must live right. Negligence and .indolence'.will..win the hiss  of everlasting scorn, while'faithfulness will gather its giii'lands and  wave Its scepter and sit upon its  throne long afler this oai'lh has put  on ashes and eternal ages have bo-  gun tlieir march. You go homo to-  dnv'. and .attend to youi-'Utile sphere  of duties.' 1 will go home inid al-  lend to my littlo sphere of (Lilies,  l'jvory one in liis own nlnco. So our  every step in lifo'lshall Iio a triumphal march, and the humblest  footstool on which we 'lire railed to  sit will bo 11 coii(|tioror's throne.  Itilllwiiy 'I Iri.  Kgypt has now over "1,000 "miles ol  railways.    .,--'��� '���'</���  Three new railway lines are projected in Turkcyi.  Tho employes of the Michigan Centra! have voted against tlio pension  plan proposed by the niiiiiagciiioiit of  ihat' road. /  An automobile"inspection cur for  the use of fond overseers and track  inspectors hns been put,into uso by  a ���'number .of. railroads...  In many respects the. Canadian I'n-  c.i lie. Hail way'' is ;i he 'most rcntark-  a' lo-r'ot'.'criv;in tlie world. ��� W'il.hout  ;!ii'ii;?ii)g c-iirs, it is poss-ililo to travel! frol',1,! ii'l'ftix'.to Viincoiivcr,'.which  is ' a' di:,tr.licJ. of Ai,ii.0'2 inilbji,  IS  ^�����.^.c^t>9*��*^*��-0'**^O-'**^'*'^-'*'^***^***4>***$>  I IL DUE TO fl PAIR 1  Y  "Ilow- is it you have never married.  Major Henderson7" asked my wifo.  "Oli. 1 was born a bachelor," replied  tlle major, and"���  "Don't he so foolish! I want to know  the real reason."  '"The rail reason," said Major lleinler-  son slowly, "is that my feet ine so sinnll."  |    "Vi'ltat do ynu moan?"  Tlie major leaned Intel; in liis chair niul  ! nulled round tlie table. Jano���if that idi'l  ! luul been born a man, she would' have  i keen bailor to an arehliii.lio|i���lilled Ilia  j glass witli port, and after a sip at it ho  I'begun his slory:  |    It was a good many years ago that It  nil happened  ihe stud  slowly)���a good  many mure years, in fact, thnn I care to  ] count.   1 was a 'ynhtig siibaltern nntl over  head anil ears in love with Kittie Marsh-  I mount.    Twas it'timid youth  in  those  l days and altlmtiijh I thought'that'Kittie  \ rather liked me than otherwise, I hud  I never dared to tell hor of my own feol-  | ings.    I had often tried, hut whenever I  I'liCKiin something wns sure to 'happen to  make Kiltie luugli, and then all nty cour-  i age ouzei) out of my linger tips.  One evening: in June tliero was a dinner  party at the Miirshinotiiits, anil I wns  there I,was off to Gib. to join.my battery next morning curly, and I had made  up iny mind to speak to Kittie that snnie  evening after dinner. Vou can imagine  how 1 enjoyed the .'mcnl. I' felt like a  nervous 111:111 must feel who is going to he  hanged ns soon as day breaks, and to add  to my misery 1 had on a pair ot new patent leather boots, which were too tiyht  r.ud gave mc awful pain.  As dinner worn on .my feelings anil my  boots 'combined bcciiijtc too much for me,  and I dropped my fork, on purpose, stooped down, unbuttoned-- the right boot,  which hurt 1110 most, anil kicked it off.  Tlie relief was wonderful, and for a little  while 1 actually contrived to talk to Kit-  tie.'  She wns charming thnt evening. There  was something about her thnt showed mc  sire wns sorry thai 1 .was leaving England,, iind slie wore some lout-uses I had  sent her in the bosoiniif lier dress.  ,   /,  "Miss Miirshiiiouiit," 1 said, whije dessert was being handed round,' "I want to  talk to you very .particularly"after dialler."   ':'"'  "Come up and sing duets instead of  'Smoking, those horrid/cigars you are, so  fond of, then,": was Kiltie's.-'reply. And  1 felt as though, I. hnd suddenly, been  'translated into a .seventh lieaven.. o  ��� A few minutes later I bent down under  the tnlilo and ��� felt -about .for iny boot.-! I.,  couldn't find it. I dropped another fork,  stooped down and looked for my property  under tho table lt, wasn't there���at  least. 1 couldn't Iind ifiiiiywhe're;'.. I came  up again,-' purple in the face, and when  the Indies loft tlie; room 1 couldn't open  the door for them. ..;  Kittie \yns'. very "naturally/nnnoyod-'nt:-  this. uii'iKl.'.wus.'tlio youngest man nt;tbe  tabic, too. "But how ,could''l1iop" around:  thut' t-ooiii, in Croat of everybody, with  one botit oh?   ;'���,;':;.//-. ���>,;:*:' !-"..!;��  "I shall expect you: np stairs in five  minutes," whispered Kit lie. 'And'1 think,  ��� although, of course, 1.cau't ho certain,  thnt she returned.the squeeze of the hitiitl  .which 1 gave her.      .;.,���'.;;,.;���'���.;'���   ���'::,,!'."  .Directly ..the ;women were out.of. the  room I Wetit down'on all .tours under the  tabic ami .-���.searched-everywhere for thut  confounded boot of mine; :It had vanished as! completely 11s last mouth's moon!'  "What the dickens are you doing, Henderson''", asked. Tom Mni'shiiioimt.; It  might havcboeii better if I hud told hiin  at. once, .but lie wns one of those,.incorrigible jokcrswho would have bothered me  n bout til}, tight boots,nil the evening it h'e:  ���hnd known, so I told him it was nothing.  Then- Kittie cnnie back into the room  to. speak to I lier brother, for a few moments. ; She'sat there, 'darting.(luggers',  thrusts at mo out of those gentian blue  eyes of hers.. ;I, forgot to say thnt 1, hnd  lit a lii��:cigar, lb give myself countenance/  unci think tip a plan for finding iny'- hoot  agaiii.; /'//. ,/ '":f y[  "���Well,". said Kittie presently, "I, am'  going up to.tiie drnwiiig: room iigaiii.ibut  ] can't make my entry ninnhg all .the dowagers tvithoiit tlie 'support of a tntiiily;  ariii." And she looked struightattne. :  I felt the 'perspiration pouring.down my  cheeks and. foreliead, and I know that I  blushed scarlet, hut" I. didn't!move.' How  couldl? I! couldn't lead Kittie. Marsh-  momit into lier mother's drawing room  witli "one hoot off nnd.the other hoot on,".  like the hoy in tlie nursery., rhyme.   .  Then (leorge IIeseltitie; cume 1111.' smiling fatuously, as he always did. nnd offered liis 11 rm to Kittie. !;;   .   ,  _7Shp_tunk M. of course, iiiid aftcrward,  'nf^irkn'oii'rsht^toTik-George-Heseltine-  ns well, the Unite!             .  :-."'  Directly she luul goue I crawled down  under, the! table ncain nnd right over in  tlie far corner, near the head of the tnhie,  I saw'the point of the boot whicli had  pinyed nie such a nasty trick. It's ex-  ti'iiordiiiiir.v, 1 Ihoiight, how these inaiii-  niate objects 'travel.. I reached out for i_7  Iml it liud stuck, somehow.; I gave it a  good pull. There was a crash, a yell, nnd  when I came nut from iintli'riie.illitlie table f fiiinid old Miit'slimoiint on Ills buck  in the fireplace with nil the other men  standing round him trying not to laugh.  Old Miiislmiouiit was n choleric old  chap, ami the" language he used was  frightful. He thought I hnd been playing off it practical joke 611 him. nnd he  wns furious. 1 tried to explain, but every word I snid was drowned, either by  old Marsliniount's htngungo or by the  laughter of the other fellows, nnd 1  couldn't  get 11 won! of (���xpluiiiUion in.  Luckily the old ninn wasn't really hurt,  bill only (iliuken, ami presently he got up  nnd led,tlio way to the drawing room.  I followed Inst, hobbling along ns best  1 could nnd trying to hide my bootless  foot l.ehiiiil the ullier one.  "Young elinp must lie going Hindi" wero  the words I lieiiril in old Marslinioniit'u  Uiowl as I mnde my way into the room,  .lust as my hick would have It, Klttio  was silting on tiie fur side of tlie room,  nnd I didn't dure cross over under the lire  of the dowager's eye* with only mm boot  nu and the other foot In a blue silk stocking. It wns horribly tuutitlis'.iiig. for Kit-  tie was on n little sofa nenr the .piano nnd  tliere wtis lots of room for two.  I remained standing liy the door, hidden���lit least, my ritdtt foot hidden���behind a large standard lump aud spent a  miserable ten minutes watching Kittle,  .whom lleseltine had joined upon the sofa,  I'ri'si'ittly leu caiue in. and behind the  footman with tiie liisi-uil's trotted 1'ido.  Kidn was Kittie's spaniel���a nasty littlo  King Charles 1. beast, with more curs  than sense. Tlie little brute had my boot  in his' silly, .mouth and was pretending  thai'it was 11 rut ami worrying it.-' If it j  luul been. 11 rut. ho would have squealed !  and hidden awny iimle'.'iiealh a ehnir. I  was furious. I made a bolt forward to  eiitcli hold of Fido, my .foot slipped, I  caught nt the iteares! thing 1 could fetich  nnd down cnnie the footman witli the tea  on top.of nie. -'. .. ",  1 have never seeii anybody so absolutely  furious as old Mnrsliiiioiuit was.  "This sort of tiling limy be very funny  ilia sergeant's inessiooin!" he thundered,  "but I'm���I'm���I'm! hanged"���it was a  terrible .exertion 1'iir tlie old ninn to  change llie word ho meant to say���"I'm  hanged, if��� I'll hnve it in my drawing  nioni!"'    ".*    .',"',' /  "And he's taken one of his hoots off,  too." said Trim. "Whatever is the matter  'with you this evening, old mini���a touch  of .Miistroko, or wliatV" ./"       .  : "Sunstroke! Sunstroke be���ho stroked!"  shouted his - father.' "It's port���that's  what it is. He's drunk, sir! Yes, sir,  you're drunk,'.and,if your father wasu't  one of iny oldest.friends, I'd"���  I don't know tvhat old: Marsiimoimt  would have done if lite governor;had not  ���been' one of his oldest, friends, for. just at  that ir.oincnt Fido," with my boot iii his  mouth, came within kicking range, and I,'  let-ily witli the foot that Iind n boot on.  Fido.dropped llie hoot and Hew across  the room like a piiiited fuotball, dropping,  wilh a yu|i", just"iit Kittie's feet. ..:  : 1 .snatched up "my hoof, but didn't stop  to put it 011. and left tliehouse hurriedly,  without saying goodliy to anybody./.:. ';���/'  I spent most of tlio night composing a .  note to Kittie with a full explanation, but  it read so absurdly that, nflcr having'  written eighteen or twenty, different,'ver-.  sions, I :;gave It up anil: sent, lily man,  'round at 7 next-morning witli a few lines"  til her, ��� begging her. to/see tue for two  f.iimites .before I left at 10 for Gib., so  .thnt'-.I might explain.,.; ;// ������-'���:'<:'.:'" i-ii'li  ���[. - Myown inessengcr brought the^answer  back to:me.:-;!;.'; .-'!.-*. /-*'.'/../  ,"Dear Mr. .Ileiiderson,". she tvrote���we  hart.been.brought up.-together, nnd she  bad never iii her life called .hie anything  but .liick���"A'liiaiiiwlio.eun so far.forget,  .himself ..is you did last night nntl who can"  ill .treat a! prior! dirndl' beast',il)/m liud dono  voihiiiii ,10 iiic'nr-iimtr tiniicr'-'���tlie italics,,  nre mine not Kiltie's���"can have 116 explanation1* to. mnke to which it would be  woi t h iny while',to' lisl en.'.'..-' ���/ ���    .   ,7  ,"I lim lenvihg town" i':r-'y this morning  myself  for a-'; fori night's /stay/with ;my  .friend . Gladys  Ileseltiiie,  so aiiyliiiw, it'  would lie dilliciilt to find time to see.you./  Kesiiles.V father snys he will never have,;  you' iti the;house again.;   Yoii have of-,  fended liiiii:ilre:i(lfii:iy." ./../!;-;'//:  .; So, yoii see (said llie iiiajor),.if-Iiin(lu't,  hceii sii-jVain of my, small ��� feet;und had  woi'ii.-iiiy  hoots just  one siiio larger  I;  might have beeii n Betiedict by this time//  ! Acdtlio inajor liniked.ilowii nt his''well!  Tarnished bunts, smiled into his niustiiche  and 'didn't look altogether .miserable,.,!;  thought.���Answers." /; .  :7: ^7/ . !/ -/  with vegetation, nearly every'kind of tree  growing there. The scenery, too, i.s very  grand, but the islands 11 ro imlienlthy\,nnd"  on this account tire uot thickly populated.  In Iiict, the natives are gradually, dying  off. Tliey nre iiuilc uncivilized and once  had au evil name for cniinibniisiii,* but  live uow chiefly on" lish. Siuiatting on  rocks or standing'oh'rudoly shaped lionts,  they shoot nt the fishes with 'arrows, although some employ long spears.  The'Islands nre used by the Indian government its'11 sett'.i'iiieiil for prisoners i.f  tlie worst type, and It wus while engaged  iii^a tour of inspection in liST'J that Lord  Mayo, tlie.goveinor geueiul of India, was  elnlilied to dentil by a desperate couvict.  ���London" Opinion.  Incorrect   DIiikho. l.i.  Ho posed ns n roi'tittie teller nnd mind  render, niul wlien he wiis arrested nml  taken into 11 New York court tor posting  handbills on the street'In-explained his  vocation 10 llie presiding judge,  "And so you nro 11 mind render." snid  the iiitt'rprcti'r or tlio luw. "I wonder If  you cun rend my niiml."  "Oh. yes,".replied tlie prisoner.' apparently'believing lhat a "bluff" would servo  liis cause ns well ns anything. "You are  nt' a bright nml cheerful disposition, and  I enn see hy tlie merry twinkle in your  mind tlint you lire about to tell me to go  Inane." ���  "Your ditir tosis la-not .correct." snid  the  judge    "1 was   merely   meditating/  tiiiellier 1 should' make the line five (loi-  bus ur ton .dollars.  I think wo will call it  live dollars this timo."  -'I  .Mother Wna to  Blame.'  Jock aud Annie were to get married, nnd .  she had eonliiled to him tluil her age/was  twenty. . After tlie cereinon.v and festivities were over tliey both went home:and  retired for the night. Annie's mother resided next,door aad. being up early'the  following nioriiiiig. thought she would  give llie huppy collide n���rnp up."  On the wny to their i!unr site suddenly  renieinhereil ! it. wus Annie's liirilidiiy.  Knocking loudly at the door, she bawied  out:  "Coine nwny, Annie, get' up.   Ye ken  ye'ie thirty tlle i',a,v."  '/lock,   who  was the first  to hear the  voice  astonished  liis  moilicr-in-law . by  slmming:, 7       ���.'_'���'���.'������  "l-'or "guidness' Rtlke get; up, Annie for  we've,   sleepit   ten   years." ��� i'earsca'l  weekly. 7.7  . /.���:��� /./:,;7 ,.  The Judge Kne^v'lilm.'. ,,  Magistrate���You have been behind the  bars sevcrnl-tinies. huven't you?  , /,- .-,"'������������'  rrisonet���Well���er���1 hnve been���'  '���Magistrate���1 thought so.    Your face  is very; fiiniilinr.   "���'���     "��"-.���'��� ,    "  rrisouer���As i' was sayin', I nm a  btrtciidur.���i'liilaili'iphia 'Press..' ���/  WINTRY WRINKLES.  7; il  ������ ���, m  yPersian: UnKsi 1 :���-���";'.::  A square foot of tlie. host'Persian, rug la  worth about' '$10, und if takes a,'single  weaver ' twenty-tlireo days, to -complete  tliis portion. Tliis; n'llows the/weaver  'about ;-i-l cents per day for her.wogland  her. lalior,''. but throe-fourths ./of; this  ianionut goestopay for the'.: wool; Only:  11: cents per day- is'.ieft for..!tlie weaver.  Tlie;, wage of the,producer of the inferior  article is 'somewhat' better. A sritiare toot  of iin . inferiof, ritg is sold /for about CO.  cents, nnd iliotimu required for weaving  it; is, but two days, .thus ������ alioiving the  weaver KOceii'spoi: dtiy for hei- \yool and  hi hor. Slio iises'iuferior wool, washes hut  little of it and pays only a ..uoinintil ;s'niii  /'or a: cheap dye The traniework of-lier.  loom costscoinparatively little, as tlie,rug  tt-|)i'Od::eesdsifrbin;fvveutyitOit.liiij,yitj-in_i_.s_-  tli0 sis-.e, of the superior.,rug.;' Thus if np-  penrs thut in the! long' run the inferior  weaver is better paid than the;one who  fatigues hei- brain .with Iter efforts to pro-  ��� liice; n rug of the: best quality.���Hosa  r.t'lie Holt in "lings, Oriental nud Occi-  detitnl."    ..';��� .7/7'- '���    ���'���''���' : . .   "i'ii:  Tlie  Anilnmnn  Inlnniln.  Ill Ihe cn'sl01-11 part of the buy of Bengal  !* a group"of, is.nnds called the Andaman  Islands. ���.'���They   '!"?   pt'ofitsely   covered  : Oh, tlm liajipy boy is flopping ��� ���.  Down ilic'ltlll with his new sled,.  While (lie liumblj tramp is clioppinj  Kindling wood out in llie slutl,;'  ;    And the lulllcil,  /':'.:  Mullled, stullled/:   ���';"'       "    :   !J  Chioklet pcelts the" frozen corn,   .  .';  ; ,/ And the golden,  *   '";"     :    '.'" "���'  '���f'iyX Molden, oldeii //* / ::   '/;  ..'Brindy'i" looked tor cv'ry inornl;  /The fragile niald'is skating ��� : ;   .��� :,7.7.: /  :���: On* the!pond .behind .llie mill; .:.   :; /';  '��� The sparrow's��� iiiasticalinj; '- -'��� / ;'.; .;;  ���,: Frozeir ennnbs upon the 6ill,d;,-;,-; :/;;.;.  ../': -.     , And tliebawlifiK.. ���.'.-.':������������', 7.'!7  /!/.'/; "Sprawling, crawling! / ;''/,//  "Infant's wrapped in flannels hot^.j'  .    ,,.  While the zealingr,    '       !.:,7:./  !/-,:    ;  Ever heailiig/-' ,;":'.;:��� !���:";:'/ "*-;:;  : Goose grease stands beside the cot.".,;  The.suburbanitL'ts skipping. ;,: -.;.;..,  .;; To his snow hecoveretl lair,;',.,1! ': ;;   \  : And Old, lloiea's is Hipping,- ���; -���';/ ;'.,..    -'���'���.  ;. Merry, siiowtlakes througli thc.alr,;;,, : /  :/     /��� And the erecping;-:;"';!!: 7 !:!.";, 7  ,'/;;.: Leaping, sleeping   //;/://./7'.  ! Trolley car hops through the mush,;;;',  ';':���: /;.While llie rosy, /./:-//,;':;-.;  ,.: /   ''Always dozy; /',/////   .*;//;./i  ^Butcher's boy slops'through the Blusb.    :  These \v_ntry scenes I fancy '.; -     .;;.,���,; / .  y-'As I'm snugs ljid In iny bed,'.::  . /7  , Concealed so that you can't see.-,   ���. ���*.  ',/ E'en the baldness ot my,head, :: ;/  "'���'X::X Arid.tliedasliing,'.; .-:-..  *yXyX Clashing, smashing/;/ '/   /-.*���     .  nallstbncs'rhyine'upon my pane, ,;;:' .  '::::;/While Icpolly,.::;";:;/:/;.;/;.. -,  ;  :;.-'iX ;/"Iloncsttruly, ..;���;,Xyy:-yy-,::.  Dream that sum'mer.'s'here again./';/:,.;'  ' ���;; :���::;*���-//';';;;,:.'.  ;���/���New: York-.Worlo/  ;!��� ; I !  /::,(':  ///���'���7   -'7 Tatlerdon, naKKeH.:*;7; ::';!!  .!!. He  npiiroiiched:: the   front 'door ;':��� and f-  knocked.  .An ancient temnle poked; her/  head out; nhd.Tnttcrdoii Uugges caught  his breath :.liai-d nnd nliri.ost suecumbed;:  to the impulse to lice from, the,horrible  sight./ However; he:.braced:up and he-  "gah:/-".://'/-::,''/-'"':"'''''7:-;/:'-;������:''-:/"-''-'��� ������ I:.:: lx  . ."Kind lndy," ho snid; "I came here wit'  de' idee; of kidiinpiu'; youse/an' bearin'  ���'yoiise/n\viiy-'to.._nc'7nioiiritnln':.!ciiy'ern''';'o��!.  Bullyghry.biit since I'vosocn dat' beauteous eouutbiiniice uie heart isasworter,  .nu- I resolved to, become,".a '^better man.  Lovely female, kin youse forgivetne?" ;  . Tlib sour visage. relaxed a trille,' but,  tlio aged woman looked nwny from the  wonderful ugliness of Tutterdon'sftiee.   /  ^J'Go/m .pence,   poor 'ninii!"  she said  ^ftly7~"l~synrirdthize-with-yourforfl-kin=  ! imderstnud, after lobkiu' at your features, how you have been driven to such  desp'rit expejieuts." "And she slammed  'llie door.   ���  "Tiuloy," said Tatterdon when he met  his hiiugry friend down the road, "I failed to allow for de well known-words ot  do poiek: ;''���;/./"<���<���/  "������'���'���   "When youro leads a bluff at a womlng,  ���������;    Youse always catches her wit" �� royal fluthl" '  Then they wandered Bbrrowfullyaway.  Vro lining Cuiitructed Evuiy tluy���Tlio Ticiitment Prcsorlbod lly An limlnoiit .Medical Author uud l'hyslcliiu���Xlinely Action  tlio All Important Point In Treating Colds. -.   !        ,  "Colds that will novcr bo cured." A startling sentence but'you know it to bo true. Scarcely a day  passes but somo death from consumption, pneumonia or similar ailment emphasizes tho truth of this statement. It is well to remember that a nowly-contractcd cold can, in almost every case, be cured, lt is ihe  neglected cold that loads lo death���tho cold that runs on un on���tho cold that ia added to by fresh coids  from timo to time. > 1  But what treatment is to bo chosen from tliu great number of remedies that aro recommended ? You en 11  uso common .sense in buying modicine, jusl us you can in the purchase of a^piano, a bicycle or a sowing inn-  chine. Kind out what treatment has tho best record in the post, apply the test of timo and get tho opinion  ol people who know from experience.  If you apply this test to medicines for coughs, colds and similar ailments, you will select Dr. Chase's  Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, becauso of tho extraordinary merits which it possesses, and which havo be-  como known to tho public generally through years of trial. Tho sales of this remedy tiro'far in excess of,any,  similar preparation, and havo nc\er teen so largo as during tho present season. These two facts aro, :we believe the strongest evidence that can bo produced in verifying tho merits of any remedy that has been thoroughly tested for years.  Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd Turpentino is prized especially qecauso of its far-reaching effects, even in  tho most serious cases of bronchitis, whooping cough, croup and asthma. It is not a mcro relief for coughs,  but acts on tho whole system thoroughly curing tho cold and removing chest pains, soreness of the lungs  and bronchial tubes, and all inflammation of the respiratory organs.  Just a word of warning. Tliere are other preparations of turpentine and linseed put up in imitation of  "Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. To bo sure you are getting tho genuine, see portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase on the wrapper. Twenty-five cents a bottle, family size, three times as much, 60  cents.   At all dealers, or Edtnanson,  Bates & Co., Toronto.. MME. CALVE'S WARD.  The Lob Anerelex Ulrl Adopted b7 tlio  Orent   Stumer.  ��� Few great singers have hegnn their careers wilh n bitter chance to liceoine f.t-  moils tliun has t_diia Pinch, a little I.us  Angeles girl. Not only does she posses-'  n iiiarvi'loiis voice, hut no less a celebrity  in the musical world tliun Mine. Cnlvo  has adopted her nnd will provide for Iter  the best musical nud dramatic training  America nud I-htropo can furnish. It was  while the fatuous diva wus staying' In  southern California for lier health that  she liciird Ivhui sing, and front that moment tlie littic one's future wai assured.  The protegee of Mine. Cnlve is only  tliiileen yetlis of uge uud I'nr m'Uio thnt'  hits been the uitirvel of inusicul people it  Los Angeles.    Her puroitls,  liein  cently; "She tirirt: been tnld often cnotigu  thut the natural Aitiericnn voice is not uiu-  sioal���is, in fact, decidedly nasal and Is  apt'to U loud ami shrill. This she recognizes to be a fact, and yet makes no effort to overcome the defect.  "A couple of decades ago, when society  wns more or less angloinuiiinc in its tendency, voices were .improved by imitation  our transatlantic cousins, but now that  even society people are ultra American  and feel their independence of i.id world  traditions there is no criterion but our  own, wliich, so fur as the voice and accent arc concerned, is decidedly n bud  one. That voice culture has suffered in  coiisc'i)itcnco is very evident, nud nt present in neither our schools nor our homes  is any decided effort being inndc to correct wlint is distinctly u national defect.  ".Musical voices such as nre'heard hi  every class in Knglund we probably can  never attain to. but If modulated .tones  and clear enunciation ivore Insisted upon  in school and futility nnd tlie impoituiicc  of ii pIciiMiut voice Hindi' apparenL to the  pupils nud children ugreciililv voices  would lie the rule, not the exception."���  Now York Tribune.  THE WOMAN  DID IT.  __P_iA DAItCU.    : /"���   !  despaired ot ever giving tlieir daughter  the musical, training she deserved, but  ninnnged,with the help of. friends in providing her.witli fairly good local instrno-  : tion. Hearing recently'.that .Mine. Cnlvo  was in the city,'tliey arranged for Kilna  ': to sing for her. So. surprised and delighted was tlio song queen witli the  child's voice aiid Appearance.that she decided to'take full charge of her traiuing  and give lier every opportuuilyof becoming ,u celebrity.   She will clothe dud-care  - for lier ns for her own; child.  Edna's illusion! education will begin in  New  York city," wliere she has just ar-  '..   rived witli Mine. Calve.   She will study  ,I'-tiglisli, French, Italian and German nnd  .at the end of two yenrs will go to I'rn-js to  '-finish', hcr.etltientioii.   It is,planned that  - the child trill make, her. debut n't the cud  -"of four years. -Mine.-Calve says her pro-  ,/tegee's voice is one iii n million nnd predicts the'child will beoneof the greatest  .���.singers in the whole* world.:   '/;. 7'-! :77  The musical ability of Edna is not inherited from cither of hor. parents.   Her  father, Kthvard A. Dnrch, is an Knglish-  maii,.,forty years of ngo,- Since lie. was  ten years old! lie has worked;ns a lumber  shovcr'nnd isnt present/foreman .of., a  small lumber yard in.Lbs Angeles. .Mrs.  Dnrch wns-horn! ia Germany, and. like  ;. her husband, is comparatively.uncultured  aiiil.used to a.life of:toil.    Edna takes  : racist _ lifter, her. mother,-- having some -of  the characteristics ofthe Germans in her  flguro; und  nitinner of; expression. ..'-For  one so 'ybiing:'slic'iS''r(!mnrkably.::wcH'dc-  ,! vclopcd niiiKis.very bright hnd vivacious  ;.in conversation.- 'It/ is,predicted: that 'this  -little girl.iidib.wiis foiitid iii: A-iiiericn's  garden of-flowers.by! Mine. Calve;will be  ������.the Carmen of the twentieth,century. '��� ~-l.  A Slip: ���f ithe "Pen.-"  "A recent experience has taught me  that people shc-.ild avoid carelessness in  their linndirritlnii*" remarked tlie society  girl witli the troubled brow. "Lnst week  1 gave a little informal ten, to whlch',,1 invited tl number of my. intimate friends.  Among others were it brother mid, sister. |  1 wasn't sure thut both of thein would  cuine, so I wrote, or intended to write, 'if  liotli of you cannot cuine, either of you  will do.' Iiut somehow or otlier my pen  played tricks on nie (perhaps it was ah-  se;itiiiinile(liiess"Dii iny part), nnd the latter part of the invitation read, 'neither of  yon will do.' '  "AVell, neither one appeared at my little function, nud when I met tlieni on the  struct a' fe��;'days afterward I was surprised nt tlieir coldness. The sister didn't  speak toihe iit'nll, andthe brother raised  liis lint slillly and was about to pnss oh.  I, saw that- snniothiilg wns wrong and  asked for rill explanation. Tlio brother  showed iuo the .unfortunately word(_<. in-  vilntion.'with the remark that ho nnd his  'sister.'hud ('(included I wus! frying to be  funny lit t'loir expense. I inaniiged to  convince them Unit it.was purely ^clerical-mistake, ami hereafter I-uni-going to  use a typewriter."~-Detroit Free I'ress.  A   Pointed   Conversation , That  Wna  Overliehrd In a Street Car.  Since the time of Adriniiribn have beoii  laying the blame for all the ills in thu  world to women. Do they fail in business, the women of the family did it. Do  tliey become inebriates, tliey were driven  to driuk by the frivolity of their wives  nnd daughters. Do they wear shabby  clothes ond become careless about the cut  of tlieir hair, the extravagance of those  who nre dependent on them hns divorced  them from their pride and left them nothing but rugs to wear.  Even those of tho sterner sex who admit tlint their forefather of the garden  of Kilen wns hit til ly gallant and wns ��  hit nf ii coward nre prune themselves to  put the Illume Wliere it/doesn't belong  sometimes. There was u ninn in the cur  who wus nppiiretitly of this class. lie  wore the cniiveiitioiial nfternoon dress of  frock cunt, striped trousers and tall lint,  ami every time ho leaned toward Ids companion tlie pile of Iiiii iniinnciilnti1 liehd-  gear, came in contact with the: prow-like  brim of her lint und wns; rubbed the  wrong way:  TIIEMODEMMOTHER!  PAYING SOCIAL DEBTS.  ADVANTAGES  WE   HAVE  OVER  OUR  GRANDMOTHERS' DAYS.  Time Saving; Mctliodi Have Increased (he Opportunities of Women For  Self Adviuicemi'iit nnd For Training Their Children,  :-//77   !'!/    Mnst; Hnvo. Recreation. .'.7...-.  ���yi'--:;. "Women-plod; too/ m uch.-it' theirtasks  7 -and; bike" too little time  for recreation  :tvhent tliey.:becoiiit'' brejitlwinners;/; Ask'  .',.! aiiy business; liiaiiager-'."of a/firm- which-,'.  ! '.' .chiploysbpth! sexes, and -lie: will te/1; you'  ; , '..thnt-wotncii arerby far more conscientious.  ^/aiidtiirii piit nioVe ivoi-k hi a,given tune.;,  !"., 7\ The "sensitive,: iicrvbus-teniperuineiitsi  7; /whicli': hrpf'tliosp/tliat ."-.certainly;" do'hlio  V.; best! work;'are very.isnsily influenced by,  ! :their, surroundings, itndittunkes nil the  '.���/difference, iu tlie! wbrld'.to; them if uttiie,  -/end' of: a; hard day's/work sii me, -one/or  ./,; something-.awaitsi-tlicin 'thnt.!will: tnke  them out of .the'business world iii. which!  .''.'/tliey have been ti nil -give tliem something  .')   entirely'dilTercnt:tii think'.nbout.'/  v':'���:"...'Soiofton one tenrsn.,business womnn  7  say that slio is tod tired to/go tii the then-  ;   tor orto road' when; ns a mat ter! of fact,;  -once;the actual���'-.effort of getting;tliere'  wus accomplished she woulil iind ii n real  -   rest.; for it. \votilJ<- change her thoughts,  get lier nw.'iy; from her little; home wnr-  '���J ries and arouse her.interest in.'-the.lives  'of those who spoin ..to-htivoea little in  ,: common.with, her own.y / '7//;,7/'���'" I  7;:������-: Lack of7recrenvioii not only ruins llie  ''health nud -.turns'- girls into old women,  -but it takes from tliem all individuality,"  : nil freshness,-nil power/of sympathy,'had  ���;- tiiTHsftliem-iiitb! thiit "awful: [ii-oiluct;:: of  1 this; twentieth /century���a7wornnn   wlio  i.ha-i! but ono idea lh life and Hint the par-'.  V.ticnlai- branch of work-iii which she. it  eiignged.���I'ittsbtirg Dispatijli.'//  :.;.'.  . Mviinlu.; In   I?('n(l(lrCHHt--5i,  Mrs. Bingen, in .in article in Cnssell's  Mngtizine on "Hair and Headdresses,"  says: "It miist itot ho overlooked, thnt  m'niiy tmeivili;:eil people ex press "uge, position and married or single state liy tlie  wny they dress tlieir, locks. After iill,  .when one comes to think of it, the idea  is jtisf^iis". practical .as. tliewoiirinj; of a  golden *>ati(l on :one tiiigor.:- The wedding  ring is! not ...always in evidence'here, for a  lady/_s ofitimes gloved, inid 'while some,  married men wear' tlie circlet in" England  nnd on' llie continent others do hot, nnd,  again, ninny bachelors sport the very  ring tlint should only lie used to proclaim  the weiMed state, l-lut tlie-Ztthi woman  is really more 'practical, for a Iirst -glance  at iter .coiffure"' assures-',the observer  whether she is maid, or wife.! The cone  shaped erection is:the:-legitimate symbol  of her state of wifehood, and, indeed,  enniiot: bo legnlly v.'oi'ii till the -marriage  rites; lire duly /completed. Sa ve.. for, this  all: important cone, tiie ���; bride's', hend'is  closely ''shaved..an. assagni being used to  perform tins (lolicato:oi>i.'r.'ltioii.'!:..-.-  After the mnn hnd repaired the damage  twice his patience...gave out. "You'll  never get nie to wear a silk hut again  when ynu arc wearing th.it thing on your j  head!' so'you needn't ask nie to." ho ex- "  ploded. His tone was the irritated one  of a relative.,,  "I didn't nsk you to wear it this time,  did I'i" answered the woman.  : "Thnt :doesn't7'make   any   dilTeroiico.  You'll nover get tne to do It again.    I'm  not going lo. spoil nn eight dollar hut for  your pleasure." growled the man, nnd,  disregarding   the  surprised   loid;   of   his  companion, he sunk iafo a gloomy siieiice.  Directly.,-a, fuse  blew  out  of  the car  'wheel, nnd the vehicle cnnie to a  hull.  .Tlio! mail  .reused-himself  from   his  abstraction.    "Don't you  over ask  mo to  ride out in the -suburbs \vith.you"'hgiiin,"  lie. said with much .'concentrated energy.  "Here wo nre. two miles,from homo, nnd  I'll be lute ht the meeting of my society.  I was to rend n paper loo."  ��� "("loudness.gracious!" replied flic womnn. using0!! favorite feminine .ejaculation  In-her impatience.    "I did: not ask you  to   conic;   you.  nsked   nie.     You   said,  'Let's go  somewhere  wliere we enn  ho  peaceful   nud-quiet  and   happy,'' and'I  caine.    Doii't you n.sk mc to come any  more, with you, I'or I won't do it.    If the  skies fell. I believe you'd blnme uie for  it.'"  ' .-''''  The man opened his lips to reply, hut  his case must have seemed weak even to  himself, for ho shut .litem again, nnd n  silence profound, and unbroken: fell over  the car.���Baltimore,News./  y, i ���     Tlie Clerk CiiKped;   7; -  !,/  "When"does .the/next'train".that/stops!  'at -iloiitroseleavotu're^'./nskedthorcso-.  ilu'te widow,-ittlie'bpokiiig.biliec window.  //"You'll// ha ve.:/ to ���'"'���-wait'.', live/ hoursC  nia'am.";-;;;''//:/.'-;."..-;;;.;,,.'; '.7'7;:,:.:'//77.:/7  ���yl"\-don'tthink!!so." /:7777,7';7:7/77:!!!:/:7:  : ."\\'(.'!l.:perliii'|is:you kriowibottertlian I  ''ih3?"77!7'':.-,-.,77;;'/'r'/:'':!77'''':7;:;'/../-:-.v'��/'7--7  /''Yos.-sir! /And, perhaps 'yoii. know: bet-,  'ler tlinnd/do. wlie!tlii'i- I, ntiie.vp.eetiiig.to  travel-by-that .t'faiii uiyself qr-whetlier..T  iim-iii(]'uii'iiig:l'or. u /relative.that's..visit-;  ingat tny liquso!. .Aitil nitiylio:yoii tln'iik.  .itVyoitr.'btisiit'ess tb-stand hehiiiii tliere  and try to, instruct '-people about things  ;tltey know ns. well as'yoii do.il' not better! Ahd-perbaps you'll loiv'rn some day  to give: people; civil 'answers when they  ask yoii civil,questions, young man, but  my opinion..is you won't!", 7-7,7:/!:'   '���""  ��� "Y'os,   iiia'niii!": gasp'ed..the'   bppkiiig  clerk.-���London. Answers.',;///   ,:  ';"/'-/://,:;',/'.:���-Hospltallly? -. .'���  Tlio  old; custom! al dispensing."liospi-.  lality, by serving u cup of ton. and a. wn-\  for.or' somo other dainty refreslinieut to,,  callers  is  one that  hostesses  would  do  well to cultivate, for if you will stop n  moment to think you wilTremember that  the most popular hoitses oil 'j-niir.'calling  -.list':arc those;in 'which tlio;fuir mistress  welcomes you  witli a sinilo niid u tiny  citp of ton.or chocolnto in wiiiter hnd a'  deiieioiis: cooling drink in the '.summer.  ;- Y'ott  are  nlwti.v'sstire  of.'- finding-' the ���  choicest' spirits! of   your /set 'gathered  ���round;this popular hostess, n:id if,there'  ���re- any plans lor; charitable' affairs or social doings to be/discussed .whnt is tnorc J  iintiii'.'il than-that little 'iinp'ro.ni'ptiyiiciit-  ings- should/resolve -themselves"' out  of  theso calling! occasions with, the, hostess  as..the. recognized liciid?/Yoiiiig women  who .arc; seeking  to'.'' establish'* n  social  footing iiniong strangers will -"find tho. ton  caddy nntl/kittle inost:-in valuable;, aad  tlie girl who caii produce .-i'plate of .lionio-  niutle'caady or, siimc, other titlliit nrtlie  inost: natural inaiiiierv.-iicn ciitertainiag  her friends,  be;they.-men  or girls, ..will  liayo solved tlio prohlelii-.of how to/be  popular.!.���', :7/,//:. /'���/'//'  ...;,/:,/Ail Antonintie/Kettle I,ld.'',"!:*!;  7 "Among/the; kitrhoii novelties is n, tea-  kottleof iiliiniiuiiiin. provided with it very  attractive,feature ia.ajiie'thod of raising  the/lid for fillin'gr tlto ���kettle without the  Cenlnii   nt   Uari-nln   Salon.  One must be a born genius at buying  to be able to mnke successful purchases  at biirgnin sales, but. alas, we me all so   prona-to'-imitgiuc-oiirsplvps-iiti^M-isi'ii-uf  the ability to take in nt a glancu the n'ttl  vnlup of nn ''article and its usefulness Hint  we elbow our way lo those renters of attraction, the bargain counters, and giow  fairly.hysterical in our od'o'rts to possess  tho objects that nre iiinrked down lo one-  linlf the cost nntl which in nine enscs out  of ten are consigned to oblivion as skiu  as we have reached home and had time to  examine then) calmly and critically,   iiut  this is uot saying tlint litirgnins uie mi) to  be had, for ninny n home tlint Is furnished in the most perfect taste is tlie result  of keeping an eye out for special sulci,  and a list in the; purse of really needful  article*, the pioper size niul color and  oilier necessary detnlls.   To know exactly  wlint you want at the right moment is  where the talent conii's In.    Isn't It wonderful wlint till intensely human tiling it  Is to try to get something for nothing?  . And even though we mny be woefully sold  time nfler time the inost .pessimistic ones  will confidently expect lo-secure a prize  the  next   time.     One   clever  girl  spoke  truly when slip snid, "It is only the very  rich wlio cnniilToril to buy .bargains, for  .'after, you. do get tliem you have to spend  unconscionable sums in getting mnicriuls  to mutch in order to make any' use of  tliem."���Exchange.  Pnrepn  ItOHn a Coquette.  r.irepa Kos-a was an acsomplished coquette witli hor niidietic'c. nml site understood the public thoroughly. Good n;i-  : tilled, vivacious and warm hearted when  befoie the footlights, she wns nlso shrewd  nml 'methodical in her business transactions. a> combination that is seldom seen  in an artist, and this fact was of material advniitngo later in dealing with her  manager. Almost invariably upon her  first appearance in nn opera she would  furtively "size up" tlie audience, indicating, ni u Cleveland paper once snid,  that "she: was counting theliouso before  beginning her performance."���Cosmopolitan.  Wedding, Anniversaries.  First yetu���Cotton.  Second youi���I'a per.  Tliiidjyear���Leather. -_  "Fifth year���Wooden.  Seventh year���Woolen.  Tenth year���Tin. s  Twelfth yeni���Silk or fine linen.  Fifteenth year���Crystal.  Twentieth yeur���China.  Twenty-fifth year���Silver.  Tliirtielh year��� Pen tl.  Foitietli year���Ittiby.  Fiftieth "year���Golden.  Seventy-fifth your��� I...inland.  .'";       ,/;;///' WD ItAlSED.   7  necessity of .touching it.'..Oh'one side of  tlio lid, is. a; projecting: a'mi. so tha t n  downward pressure, of the bundle"raises',  the.lid. :. When!'the handle is raised, the'  lid falls bnck of its!owu/!veiglit.���riiila-..  dclpliia-liecord. ,. /���_/:.;  A simple and itiexpcii.sivp'wny of musing a work or card basket is to take an  old straw sailor lint nnd lino it with  pongee silk. Form liniullci of wire covered witli silk and put n silk frill nround  the lititii. .Trim with; lace and ribbon,  niul If Intended for u worklnisket add a  tiny pincushion atid.pncki'l.  Culture of Children's' Voices,  "Again and.again.have;American women been urged to attend to the: voice'cul-  tme of their clnldien. and jet the average  mother entnelj ncgleds what might bv  either n gieat elinim or n gient defect la  hor daughter Inter on." said a ma tion re-  , Steaming veils by winding them evenly  around n broom handle or roiler and laying tliem across n boiler or smicepan of  boiling waicr to slenm for tliree-qtiartem  of an hour is snid to be tin effective method of ri'itiivtition. Leave the veils ou the  wood until dry.    ���  If ynu want toidrnw thread for hemstitching, make a good lather of soup nml  water and brush this over, the linen  ���where Ihreiids nre to be drawn with n  shaving or, other soft 'brush; Let dry  and they will pull quite casilj.  Olio of l-.nginiid'_i Foremost Farmers.  Otic. of.England s- foremost fanners is  a woman, the Hon. Mrs. .Murray Smith'  On !hor estate, (iiirnley Htill.  I.eieestor-  shirc, slie raises soiiR/of thi'jinesl_.li_rsi't  "Calllo-tliat-ar^lu^d-auylvlreiv:    Slie-is"  nu early riser niul is up anil abinii iiniuiig".  lier.iiieuns soon as thu,sun is iu sigiit,  She attends to all the.detnlls of the ilian-  ngi'inent of her esiute.    All of- the improvements which can ''contribute to tlie  ��� well- being 'of the nnimals nre uiiule nl  her discretion.    She sees thnt Ihey have  the best of food and the must oniiii'ihta  :-bio'quarters,    As the result   tjie.v  lmve  taken niiniy prizes.    One cow,  l.orinn.  wliich carried off llio milking  prized nl.  Tring and  the  Iniller (.'ertilieale at  tiie  Hath nnd west of hhiglaml slinw. glees  IW gallons of tiiilk/venrly,   M is. .Smith's  rule is not to keep nny cow which yields  less than (100 gulloiiH of will; n yeur,    She  herself attends to till (if her eorrespoiul-  once hnd-tho reeorj keepiu;.- in einuec;  tion with the nuiiiinl.-i.���Chicago lii.nr.l  Ilernld.    *   " :-"^,-:  A glance down tlie century will convince us of the niiniy advantages mothers  have toduy thnt were 'unheard of less  than n hundred ��� yes, fifty ��� years ago.  Wc hold in veneration the dnys of homespun cloth and patchwork quilt, and so  we tihould. They were a necessary and  important step iu our evolution, but I  rtmiict help thinking nt times Hint women  developed more slowly thnn men iu methods of work. ���    "  We hold In reverence the way mother  used to do the work, regardless of mod-  ("ii and time saving methods, not taking  Into consideration tht days in which wo  I've. We do not take kindly to "the survival of the fittest." In these rushing  times the chief hindrance to mankind  necnis to be the lack of time. Anything  to save lime Is by men, and should be by  women, hailed with delight.. It will astonish one who has never tried it to keep  nn account of the ..minutes, sometimes  hours, that may be saved in one day.  Let nie mention a few suggestive "time  savers,"'or. to use a more high sounding  term,   methods   of   domestic   economy,  about whicli  we are hearing so much.  Understand that I am not asking you to  lower your, standard of housekeeping.    1  only ask for n little more time for home-  keeping.   Be clean nnd orderly and teach  your .children to,be clean and orderly (its  you can), hut don't be orderly for them.  -Cook plenty'of-good, nourishing' food,  mid cook it just ns'well ns you ciin learn  how, hut don't serve n sample of everything the pantry and cellar contain every  meal in the week.    Itatlier n small vttri-  ,.cty  than  too  great  .Tone.    1   hoard  a  physician sny, nfter having prescribed for  three eases of.indigestion iu rapid succession,   "More   people   eat   themselves   to  denththaii starve to death."  Next to the food question comes tlint of  clothing for tlie children. - I nm not certain, though, hut thut some people put the  care of the furniture and the door before  cither. Clothe the children sensibly, use  modern styles I remember, 1 said sensibly,  first), but don't tack on useless frills,  rallies.' etc., foi- the sake of putting about  so much'oh. each garment. Kntlior:see  lli'a't: the ends: of threads are neatly-fastened tiiid .trimmed.,.- Do well, butdo not  overdo./- ���'.;���' ���'.'.-���  : Kocill soihoof- the methods nnd inventions of the century, ns sowing machines,  (hen think of the time thus saved. /The  factory is tlie greatest time saver to, woman.    Think wlint time is saved,bythe  cheese factory,  tlie b.-ikoi-y, the* canning  factory,   tlie   woolen .-mills,   the'! cotton  mills, ready made clothing of nil kinds,  etc.,  work our grandmothers .We're coin-'  pellod to perform.     ../  ,'Kow that ive have time, how should the  mod'irn mother use it 7'^My plan is, first,',  personnl: improvement.-, Uouth'   Keep up  witli. current   events; -/'Learn   something,  of. loading  political 'issues  of ithe/day.:  Who was elected ..United Stntes senator  this wt-'i'h?..,How would we have voted?/  Learn-something of the; lending men--  tlieir work and their characters. -'/;!;.-    '!---  7'1'nko..time to;-sympathize"with citizens  jjf sister -'nation's and of bur owii lis,well,  , whom the fortunes; of wiir may litive bereft.: !:II6w,c!iii: we instill better methods  for: settling.national dilllciilties .into the,  minds:of oiir children?. Surely we do not;  wnnt to offer thorn tip,' sonic years hence.'  ns moans to settle n national 'difference.  If end,, think, nnil-give your children���yea;  tlie;world--the lu.nelit of your.thpuglit. ,-  /Most great-inon "havj; had great moth-  er��.:  Tliey inny not have, been known to  fanie,,bitt in tlieir modest:way they have  done n great mid noble. work, / Note the  power! behind the tlironeitiGarfield's life;  What.; tenderness we felt, for bur -pi-csi-  deiit. -lyheii.' "Gnuidniother, -McKinley",  went home!;'//   ,���-.'..;���/  . "'���.!'���' ;7. - ���.. / ."���������  //These are a few of the'privilegcs of'onr'  own dny..   Do we.use tliotriy-/ Voti cnii't  find tiino to read?:  Let mc suggest n few  more "ivnys -of, ocoiiomizing' yoiirtiuic.:  Don't iron, every/old rng-in the washing.:,  I once heard a XV i C. T.U. sislersny: "I  used to scrub every -waik on the1'premises  once a: week. - Now I sweep .thein, and  instead  of. ironiiig'e.'icli and every, dish  towel I fold tliein.ali:neatly, lay!thein on  a chair, sit on them nnd rend, my Union  Signal." : She,  however,; weighed  more  ".tliari.I'do;.".'.   ,- -''���'-,-'"tyiX-'Xy' :.  ��� I Sot aside n time.for'yourself, stiy./nfter  slipper, tuck the babies: in .bed nnd :put  your.:work aside '.promptly nt 7 or,:. 7:30  o'clock.-then rend. 'A glance nt the head-!  lines or features of each page will.snve  you time. Don't try to rend everything  in a paper. That' would be almost ns hnd  ris not * to rciid nt a II. Dailies done, -you  have time fin- study.!/Too tired to study?/  Try taking a few pages of some standard  bonk to rest you. If: you have nothing  more important, read the school library  books so you can talk .about tliem with  =thit(!liil(ln'iii==As'.vnii=gfi-nboiit-"your-daiIy^  tasks your mind can-assimilate whnt you  have rend tlio preceding dny. ��� Louise1  Wales Bennett in Housekeeper.  |.People WJio  Huve Smnll Houses or  'tloiu'd Can Do Their Share.  Some people say they tiro not situated  so they can entertain. 'Certainly their  situation must be peculiar. Entertaining  i.s hard work aiid to some extent inisel-  lish. Now, human nature is inclined to  shirk wlien it can. Almost anybody can  do something,   lt need not cost much.  Your house is too small? Givcsmtill  things. Society is very lenient and grows  good ualttred over a sandwich and a cup  of teii. It is '"entertaining" to bund lemonade to a caller now and then. It is odd  how such tilings urc remeinbvred. A  matinee ticket does not cost u fortune,  or when you meet a friend up town how  hospitable you can be by simply inviting  tlint friend into wliere you can rest, get  nu ice nud smell (lowers���ull for a trille.  lie ashamed to receive forever and  give nothing. And don't Imagine for n  moment that your selfishness is not noticed, snys the I'liiladclphlit Press.  How much uicumii'.Mi ami laziness hide  behind the "Oh, I am honrdiiiK, poor me!  I can do nothing." Indeed! It is ever so  much easier nud cheaper for you limn for  those who keep house. You can ask n  friend to your hotel. The dinner will he  nt most a dollar mid n half, and you hare  neither trouble nor "responsibility, while  your guest will enjoy the change just ns  you do ''tliis good home cooking" when  somebody spends $3 to get up a meal especially for yon.  Another thing. Don't be offended when  you nre left out of small affairs. In a  busy place most women in society know  several hundred people, nnd possibly like  n hundred very much.' It is n grent puz-  ���zle'sometimes to know how to choose  twenty out ot tlint hundred. Even un intimate opposite neighbor can't expect to  lie asked every time.  Of course if you never chtcrtnin nt all  ymi should ho doubly tolerant. And  never ask invitations for strangers unless they arc visiting you or tbe circumstances'' are exceptional. Do something  for (hem yourself, and don't use your  friends to amuse' your acquaintances.  These friends pei Imps prefer their own.  Does this sound sharp'.  These tilings nnd worse happen ever}  dny, and every oue of us is more or less  guilty.  CnJtlrnte Rendlns Hnbit.  Heading should form'a'considerable etc-,  ment inn young womnn's recreation, for  not only is it a pleasure while one is at it,  but there is, nothing thnt will'educate.one  so quickly.    One or two hours a dny is  none too much to/spend'with substantial  literature���essays, history, poetry, political economy or historical romance���and  the reading hnbit, ouce formed, is a joy  forever.   "Possessing it, one need never  know a lonely hour; one's books become  one's friends, and. from the: hour, or two  sptiit in rending, one' unconsciously nc-;  quires astudioiis disposition. 7  /-Reading l.iii/essay, 'foi'!: instance,  you'  come across,: a inline ora/word tlint. is  either,entirely,' unfamiliar or isfeuiciri-!  bered diiiily.!.The iinineor. word'perhaps,  appears, frequently,   nnd   you   iit!.;.:tl!y. |  .'-Irish to read imderstniidingly.-_   Your only  course to acquire your end is to spend a  few moments  with  the encyclopedia  or  the dictionary;  -Iri those' few moments  llie searcher is certainly richer in knowledge by, niore than; the 'information-she'  startedottt to find.   Siicli.reitdiiig.caiinot  help but bo "educational, and ii self search  for''information' is a  dozoii' tiiiies .iiidre.  Jienelieinl   than 'knowledge; sought- and  gained without personal effort.:"     "' -!' i'i  A TABLE TRICK.  How to Make Wider nnd Claret Ei-  clmiiffc  GlnNHC-a.  Here is n trick that is nlways effective, and, while it is very simple indeed,  still it is bound to appear just n wee bit  mysterious, and .many, especially your  little brothers and sisters, will be una bio  to explain it.  Take two o.-diitary claret glasses.   Fill  ono to the brim with clutet aud the other  equally full with clear water.   Cover tho  top of the glass containing water with an  ordinary visiting card so that thero are  no places around the edge uncovered by  the card.    Turn the glass upside down  aud place It on the top of the glass containing claret and adjust the glasses so  that their edges meet exactly nil the way  ui-ound.   Now move the card slightly to  one side so Hint there will bo a littlo  space nt onu side of the glasses Inside uncovered  by tho card.    At once a thin  stream   of   claret   will   begin   to   riso  through this space, "not mixing with the  water nt all, but witli its edges clear aud  sharply defined.   The water, too, will begin to descend into tho glass containing  claret, a pure, glistening white stream  against the ruddy red.    The stream of  claret, too, rising through tho. sparkling  white of the water, presents a! beautiful  effect, and in-it moment the claret will  begin lo spread about the top of the upper glass liki; the unfolding of a red rose,  and the water will spread in the bottom  of the lower glass.   The two fluids contrast of red and white, with sharply defined edges.  In n very short time the elnret nud  water will have changed places, the claret being in the upper glass nud the wnter  iu tliu lower. This is due to the'differ-  once in weight of the liquids. Tlie water, being the heavier, forces itself iuto  Hie lower glass, .and a portion 'of tho  claret is moved up to take the place ot  lite descending water.  A Trni.   Story.  /".//Appreciation.:';,"  ./How.-often   we 7ucarz-tliese;: words:  "Well, what'sthe use.?! I'.dp the -very best  and yet never hoar a, word.of eiicoiirage--  ������iiich't.",   They tire''.echoed aiid re-echoed'  in every; walk of life... How, manywives  tliere; are in the world who* have; hung  over;* hot1 stoves', until /they * wore   half  cooked in;preparing, something nice for  John,: who gobbled it/down in n/silence  that wits the only proof of Iiow well it  ploiised him.   'Tliere'".'are nien who -liave;  liceh toiling, for years'.that those honored  and. beloved beings," .their/wives,1 might:  enjoy every, possible luxury, nud yet in re-,  turn they -hear,' nothing, but complainings  about the hardness of the life to;which  thoy are condemned..."' And so it is on ev-:  cry hand,-men and 'women louging for  one  kindly"!expression  from a  grateful  heart that would .incan new/life arid redoubled  effort /to   tlie ������ :striigglcrs.:-:/ Too  often wo forget to speak our feelings.mi-,  til it is too late niid the cars that .have  been, listening so-long for.Wc little word .  of.praise nre deaf to all; earthly sounds.1  Hotter one "'appreciative sentence in life  thitii:a whole volume of eulogies.���Pitts-  btll-g DiSpiltcll. ;./;::/���/:.:"' .-'.'���*���'���'  Mr.,,.Potato. Bug' (in great surprise)���  Thiit story,'aboiit the world being found ;  is certainly true.���Brooklyn Eagle.        ' i  "When: I.f Ayns-n Bo?,:;  It is told.of Li! Iluiig"Chang.the'great-:'.'  Chinese statesman,, that' when a, boy. he>;/'  was very strong and tall .for! his years.  As is tlie custom among the, wealthier; of*  the Chinese,'-Li-., wore a biittoiionjhis cap/,'  which meant that the wearerisauotuciat:  or ������person* of high "rank.   Li was, a very".  bright scholar: and showed great -ability/;:  in; committing, thef40,000,., verses that/aro-1.  required tof /Chinese scholars.   Ho, whs'.-'.;  nearly 'always at the head of his clnss. xyx:.  //After:completing tiiciow-er studies, Ll,/,:.  nt. the/age! of -"seventeen','!; tooli,'/together.'/  with: huiidredS'of.otiier boys, the public,V  '��� exam iiia tion .at tiie ./capital of _ the. proy-7;  -ince.in whieh.lie made-ltis home.  Pnblie/;  ofilcc'rs''.wcre;'.tliei''e.'tb!seo.,tlintynoTdishb'n-'.! ������  -est workwould be done-by the pupils. ''At;;7  : the firing of.!a*cniiiion;!the^boys gathered���'-;  in .the" halls," .where :for several-days'they ;,!  were tested hithe! writiiig qf-poeiiis.ahd',!.:.;;  ;cssays.  Li was among.the;vcry-few!;w!io':i  passed.". From tlicre'soon..afterward/lie'//  .went to Peking to he testeiLforahighcr:,  fai!l.,.nnd.ngnin lie/enmc- off. wi.lrhpuOrsv'y1  Wlicii,,he. is heard/of ngaih,'..i_5i_i',nt'i.tlie;,'L7''!  time; of.. grndiuition : from tiie./Irii'perialS;.:  nendemy nt; I'ekiiig.'nnd thus he coiitin7/"JV  ued in life, winning  oilier.//  one victory after. an:  A' vegetable strainer of enamel' ware  -that mny easily be clamped to the side ni  the sink  ii one of the genuine tuuvci-  jenccB for the housewife.  Ten nml Tooth.  For yenrs past n Oormnntown wimiun  linsendonrcd herself to ull t: e cliil kvu  in her neighborhood by "plumping" out  their troublesome teeth* witli her lingi;rs,  and by long prnet ice she lias beco::'e sn  adept tluil Iho teeth of adults yield readily to tlie pressure of her digits. I. al  fume has long been hers, but the i-.'n.iax  cnnie '\yhen twoCliinhinen iippi.-ii-e I ut  her door and begged her to piill.d-i th fur:  them. |The poor, felloivs were ��ii:'i"erlug  intense pnih. . Their plaintive pli-iis wo:i  ovcr, hei- prejudices, nn'il.'.willimil -iflniit-  tiug the -men, to, her! house, t In-, tvomiin  twisted out their troublesome tei'th. Later sho received ii Inrge ca.-:e '���!" ti-ii that  the,1 corner... grocer uppraiseJ ..t.S'id.���i  Philadelphia Ilecoid.  Veiled   lVonicn  In  EKj-pt.  The tnsnink, or veil, may he black or  whito, long or short, plain oi iliellislied  will) rows of diuHtiwnrk or tucks an ! of  any'Kort of line, soft innteriul. The wo.  nien of the middle (aiid lower elnsr.es  "ear foi the most purt i,|n,.|. n,;i.. r,.(II11  one lo three feel long:'ihom. highi-r in the  social grade wear white ones, uud oeeu-  sionnlly they reneh to the hem of the  i'i ess Those are held iu plnce hv ��  iii'lnl tithe (hat Is rn.siened over the nose  nud lower pa it or the forehead bv cords  ��eeurel> lied behind. When woi'u with  l!l> linbitrn in tlie ortliodox fii'hlou.  there I" nolhiiig visible but the uninnu's  liright, biael; eyes, wlilrli sec everything  going on.���Clevelittnl Leader.  Be AfTcctlonnte nnd Don't Mind.  Charlotte Bronte's word.of advice to  'women, niatrinioninl wise; is every bit ns  applicable today as it was when it wns  first written:  "I know that if women wish to escape  the stigma of'husbnnd. hunting they must  act nnd look like marble or clay, cold, expressionless, bloodless: for every appearance! of feeling of joy, sorrow, friendliness, antipathy, admiration, disgust, is  alike construed by the world into an nt-  JeinptJo.hook a Inn-hand.���Never mind!���  "Well meaning women havo their own  consciences to comfort tliem. nfter all.  Do not, therefore, be too much afraid of  showing yourself ns you nre, nfi'ectionnto  and good hearted: do not too harshly repress sentiments and feelings excellent in  themselves because you fear that some  puppy may fancy thnt you arc lei ling  them nut to fnscinnto him: do not condemn yourself to live only by halves.' because if you showed too much nninintion  some prngmutienl thing In breeches  might tnke it into his pntc to imagine  thnt you designed to devote your life to  his inanity."  niepbant, Lcnrns Addition.  Tlle  intelligence displayed   by an ele-    >  pliant has been a source of much amusement to the oliicets nt one of tlie English army posts in India.   The huge uni-  tunl  wns accustomed to receiving pennies, which it would drop into a slot for  a biscuit.   If given n halfpcnii}-; the elephant  would  throw it hack contemptuously, but one dny a boy gave it two  'halfpennies nt tlio same/time.    For several minutes the animal held them in his *  trunk, as ; though  pondering over their  value.    At last he dtopped the two together into the slot, Willi the result that  lie got the biscuit.   He appeared to know  that he had made nn unusual discovery  nnd frisked nround in tlie -greatest: delight.   To the onlookers it almost seemed  as though the principle of addition had  penetrated .tho   elephant's   brain.���Es-  chunger '  Johnny YTiih Concerned.  Johnny (on Christians eve)���Mamma,  can't you give the baby something to  make him sleep tonight?  Mamma���Why, Johnny ?  'Johnny���Because if Simla Clans hears  him yelling he might think we're all just  as bad.  ...      WiniU'ii   fit Golf,..  ".Tito fact that the golf tournament sys  item promotes healthy, noriiinl exercise,  whlrli.koc.ps the women in the open air  iillsitmiiu'r and Iran-forms the frail ones  iuni rnliiisl. happy cri'nlures', seems to nr-  I'liein lls.fni-iir. provided tlle stiiiiuliition  of'-encounter is needful, -v' A��(ertlotis,  however, lmve boon mnde,'tli'tii,: tottrhn-  ;''!'iil,s provoke jealousies, enmities! and  c'lcailng, that tliey harden a woi-uin-im-/  7.i:l.v nnd that they nre1 breaking up tlio  '. I'liisi'-liiild gods in our hoines. Ifwomao!  ';//.-h^ninless crentui'e. without rcspottsi-  :/''t,v. ot- acciinntaliility, without the pow-,;  ."������"'r: "*'"' Ifiin.'atice. all this may be true.'  ���i'lslpiy dues not so pictuie her.  riniitii "ctxiil riowcm.  No motlerti home is ciiiupleto without  ils quota of tropical foliage plants nud  (lowers  for ,decora(loa,  and,  while  the  grunt majority may not be nble to slock  n*conscrrnloiy for tlieir imliiidttal uso,  yet no womitn whose desire Is lo make  liiinie tlm most at tract ive place on enrth  te the iiiemliers of her own family should  neglect lo add the diiinty touch lo the  dinner table thut it centerpiece of ferns  will give if site cnntiot nfTord to purchase  (lowers   in   inidwinlcr. '���'���' I'nlnis.   rubber  plints   and   otlier  .speciineni   from   the  tropics are not so expensive if purchased  when  the  plants  are  littic moie  tliun  shoots, and It is surprising how rapidly  they grow if properly cared for, and since  we have taken to 'camping on our own  doorsteps in such n/wholesale fashion in  summer'.wo.'cannot have: too many of  these decorative plants to. make the pi-  nzzas a trifle less public.:, A beautiful  plant in n pietty jatdinieic makes an admirable' sift for the mistress of �� hom��.  The I.Idle Ilrou-n Sparrow,  A little brown ipirrotr, contented and my,'.'..'���"'���'.  U'cnt hopping nliout on a cold wintry dny .."  In Bcareli of a dinner of porridge or bread ���  Or, It not to be bail, tlicn polutora Itiktrail.  Huf never an anr.i of food eoulU'fclietiinl    "  Sam inursels ot ice, vvtileli:wei'i�� not to tier mind. ���  Hut. wliat did uhe <eef  Only tlilnl:���the ol.-l cal,-  So OTiuirly nt rest on tlio kitcliei^Uocr mat, -..''' !  Anil clew by Mies I'usiy a lauci-r'of food,  Ami, oil, ll was tciii|ittng. so sweet and _o lioodl:  "Well, now," thought (lie,sparrow,." *tla really  j vexatious  Tlint llie wicked cat should. liavo food and to  spare     .  While I'm so lmiif.-r.v; Pin venieliiiis.  And iipllittiir around me but itiutiv cver.vwlicrel  :  I tlthlk I'll Just venture n little lilt nearer /    / * :  ('llie horrid old thins I feel.sure Is asleep), ,.  And really I'd like Jtml to ire somewhat clcirer "  That food in llie saucer; 1 mint have npeep."  So sayhiR, she Hew from llie left tothe right ..  And gazed at the saucer with htinE-ry dellsht . /,:'  Till,'grown really hold, she advanced with a hop, .���/  Bellevhij; the cat tul he "eound as a top,".  but here.let ine whisper a secret to you���  .Puss heard her quite- wclfandwas watch  tool  watclilns; her  Tliat niKht.our brown sparrow hat! promised to tro:  Wlth a Iriend of.licr.o'wii. on aecotint of tlie'snow,,-  Intcndlng together to rest-.on a tree, ���:':...;./;....,:;.,:',.  But iho never appeared; ao.Vnow; wlicra could 'thai  ;;���;:��� ;.U.;'' :X:i"yi-'i--.'::ixxyx yxx  ������  iftiiiisiii  liilBiiil' vh-i 7*  :'��� /  THE INDEPENDENT.  SAfTCTKDAT.,  i. ..3IAECIH S9, 1903  THE INDEPENDENT.  PUBLISHED    WEEKLY IX  THE  IN*.  T13HHSTS OK THE "MASSES  THE INDEPENDENT PRINTING COM-  1'ANY.  BASKMICNT      OF      FLACK      BLOCK,  ifASTlNCIS STltEET.   VAN-  CO LV lilt, 11. U.  subscriptions in advance.  A wiil;, ,"> cents; month, _.*��� cents; tluv.  months. ;:,-, etuis; six mouths, 03 eeut:?  one year, ?l.:'"j.  man "not in any way connected with  ihe ad:iiinistr::tion" has asked him if  lie would take the position.  The Terra. Haute Toiler has Issu.d  a very rrediiahle Easter number. The  Tidier   Is  progressive  iind  advanced.  ���Plain north and .���oinh are generally  '.'���Hsignii'.eil ns being ei'.irangeil and  suiiiewhii.l '-old and dl-iam. but t-..|iiiro  ('. .1. South and i*i11������ r" North mv dif-  iVti'tii. Tliey ;;o cinirtltig nearly every  day.  CURRENT OPINION-ALL SOSTS.  EVDOnsWD HY THE TTSAUBS AND  LAliOIi COUNCIL, THE VA.NCfl"-  VI'.!: LA HOP. l'AUTY AND TIIE  liUILDING TJtADES COUNCIL.  m.'1'DAV..  ..'JlAl'iOH  'III, l!i02  Have ynu. selected, your delegate'.'    If  not, why not?  It liRiks-as if Dunsiiuili-'s Cood Fri-  ilay,.,w,:i.-.-  the   .Martin  party.  An   advertisement   -,r  this  paper   I.-  upp;-oi.i.,ited -toy union wage-eai-ntr.?,  The Irgisltittire Is. now severally e:<-  '.plaJniiiif  to  their constituents    during  the recess.  ���Tihe burning issues just now arc redistribution and ihe Canada Northern  ���and  Hun. Joseph  .Martin./  The various legislature situations will  iiow assume new and puzzling aspects  ���till the house liieeis again.  That political farce comedy callcJ ihe  provincial pnrliainent t'Ein'S high���bill  the ndiiiinteirniion must have it.  Tbo diifeiv'.-n labor und reform bodies'  . throughout the province are showing  siglis of life. The lalior i.-pnvolition  meets nt Kiuuloops on the Uth. '. ..  "'Billy"   Wood  in   live    city    council  -baits and  irritates Aid: "Wylie'for the  purpose of producing explosions.of his  'Wylie*!--) temper'nnd- bail ibrenks.'.  Cri-iils'ni and Toryism snarled at each  other and showed their teeth at, last  Monday nig'in's meeting of the .city  council when "Joe" .Martin's! bill re  aliens voting was tip for discussion  Tho only good; thing' the lcglskitu.ro  does occasionally... is to take a holiday.  WJien   tiiey  are homo   this time / tor.  '.Easier   they  should    stay    there   till,  -"Joe". -Mai-tlii: tells thein to come back  :/;o .Victoria.'' 7.   / ..���.!.'.      '"������'  TIIK STUEET ItAll.WAY  .MEN.  Widiiesday was a gala night for tl.e  Street Hallway Men's union. The  members wore, nut In large numbers to  ii'ielve a I'rateriial visit t'ruiii their  New Westminster brethren. About  .S'llO the scutim.'l announced the fact  that: tln-y wete in waiting. Then an  eager ail; of expeeiumy swept over tlie  lodge room, nil ihe members, presein  wondering how , many ���hail collie over.  There was no disappointment,'for th.';,'  Were on hand in full force. A. right  royal time/ eiisiiedi when the visitors  entered thi.' room, inniil 'applause.  Speeches wore, the order of.the (lay an 1  eaeli division vied with one another for  Iirst. Iionoix ir. oratorical abilities. Ie.it  conclusion.'' .-bowed that they all were  e. bo ut evenly matched. The 'humorous  ilniber-'-foi- every g.illieilng of ihis.  kind has ils humorists���was pretty w->ll  balanced by Iiro. McArUiur. ol ihe  Itoyal City, ami liro. Geo. Lenfesty. of  the home division. These two .f-po-aul-  ists "kepi thi- table in a'roar," as it  were, ,'i'iioy also told many funny  stories���stories thai yen never see the  like in prim. About lo::i) the president  called the intention, of the gatherhiy'  to tin- faei that ihe time for "i-is-  c-h'owlns;" was up*, and that siiiiielhins  moro Mibstiiiiiinl must be indulged in  Xoi-.a while. All had brought their appetites u Ion's; with them.-whlcli were  thon fully gratified.'.'. This splendid repast was provided by the refreshment  e'liir.ui'.'.lee,. under the leadership of that  oid it-liable, eoniioiseiir "Bo'b" Brunt.  After .supper a few speeches were again  in order, when a, promise was. made  that the Vancouver boys would return  tiio visit of New, Westminster. Proceedings terminated about 'midnight,  when every one wended, tlieir wny  homeward well sialslieii iliat a .pleasant and prohiable.'evening; 'hud been  siient.../-        ��� "' . '/  ' Lo,  the I'oor  Printer.  Outside the craft there has prevailed  an opinion quite .m-uerally that there  i.s all kinds at money in tiio newspaper  business. The average man seems to  think thai publishers as a rule were  simply rolling in wealth, which apparently c.iiiie to them easily. Of hue.  however, the .eyes of the dear public  are helm,- opened, and ll Is cumins to  realize that publishers are the hnrde.il  worked and roine of the poorest p.ild  people in the world. They realise" also  I here Is more truth than poetry In the  stnli'Uienl.���I'hdonlx  Pioneer.  ���   A  t  i  ���  The styles iir costumes this  season arc eNceedingly cliiirininsj  niul the materials were never so  I'eaiitii'ul���elinyy fiiluies ure predominant- ami nowhere in 11. C.  can lie seen a innro varied ami  assortment    of   those  no p/vtftt  tn/  m\   extrusive   assort men  ���    bountiful t'tdiries.  I       i: i..... i... ..,!..  ,/In the current issue of the ���'Blacksmith's' Journal appeal's on v'ae initial  page a.: very fine photo "engraving- of  1 tho .''Oflicers of Vancouver- Union, Xo.  ID!; I., 1!. of B. Themen of iron look  familiar. '.'���'-"'���  .'Among the interior/newspaper men  visiting the coast this week were.Dave  Carley 'of. the Nelson Economist, and  Louis Ball, ol* the Vernon News.; Bo-.h  .ure printers as well as editors, and  their--papers:are ci'e'dltnbie.iproduclions.  ��� Aid., Mc.Qiieeii strucac'flhe!nail on the  head when he said that "becauso the  citizens' provisional hospital committee  objected., to "a," clause' im the. new act  ���making it.���binding, upon-! them to look  -after ���poor .patients,'.it. .was'all-the'more  , reason - why -the objectionable clause  should, remain/there."      .;    -yyy'Xy  Political Chaos Pieferred.  lt is asserted thut the recent .itovern-  iiH-iit success In the cleeiion of Col.  Prior .averts the danger of a smash-up  and tin.' attendant political chaos. It  seems, 'however,'thai there arc a large  number who believe lhat the so-called  political chaos would bo preferable to  the present style of government thai Is  being served tip to tip.���Phoenix Pioneer.'"'" ��� '    '   ,  ��� 0.  Let 'Er  Now that ..r'tbih l.'oltimbia hns ;i  minister of mines who does,not know  a. mine from a gravel pit. the" government only needs' a,.sal'e majority" and  tho work of altering the milling laws  will go merrily on.���Sandon'Payslren'lt.  : .Conductor das. McKimmie has taken  unto:' himself, a wife mid will heiice-  l'ottli lion true lienedicl. Jlcre'power  to.hiui.  "! '-'���['.'" ������'  Mrs.: l'axuiun/ tvife. of* J us.. 1'iiMiiun  oi t'he. 15. 0. ICioc-iiit: llii'ilwuy-Ciuur.  pan.v, leaves i'or California on Saturday. The esteemed lady has not been  in tiny best/of health of lulu.  7.1*. "Howes,Hi" llie'B. U- 'Electric Hail-  way Company,: is'a' happy mnn these  sprintf ilays. ..A iiowdiuiLdiTcr arriveil  m his houio,/ -1? Prior'.1'.' street; the  otlier (!:w.     CoiiLt'rultilaiioits./  ';:"���; LABOil TJXION .FOP.-MED.: .'���'���';  Last: wc:elt a union/of-the .Western.  Federation, of Labor was organized in  Cl l and. Fqrics.7 J ph'h" Ttiordri'n, "secretary,  of ���Phoenix. Jliniirs'.Union.. Xo. S, AV. F.  o��..\L," district organizer for the AVost-  ern Labor. Federation,1 was the 'Installing offlcer. Sixty-eight' names were  enrolled, and by the next meeting It is  expected -that the number,/will reach  lv.0. This. brganij-Utlph itilkes as iiieiii-'  bera all hiborers,. such., as .teainslers,  S'hoyelers; wood choppers, barbers, and  clerks, anil in fact all classes of labor.  Card Up His Sleeve.  Jim.''���Dunsmuir '-old the opposition  Wie oilier,tiny that he knew he- had a  card up his sleeve when lie'had vhe  Martin party's support. Jim must be an  awful dub. If Joe Martin supports.him  for three minutes after the redistribution bill goes through, we.will eat his  hat, sweat band and all.���Sandon Paystreak. _ ��� .'.  Public Ollice for Private Gain.  T-he action of the Dunsmuir govern-,  mail tin regard to', the Canada Northshi  'railway farce is.lieki in1 esteemed'contempt by the people, and.every day but  adds fuel to the flame which "will, ultimately cpnsume the whole scheme. ;.The  only fear is, that, before the flani.s  reach tiie government "trash heap, the  province will be llnanically. ruired. by  the Incompetent legislation of riven who  use public oflice .'���". i'or private gain,  .Victoria Ppsit-Outloo'k,,.;,   .!  .... ���  US  A  I!-      f  i'or ilmsi'(,wlio wish the henv  ior sluli for Tailor Coslumes wo ^  show u eompleie stock of thih  class of woollen Hoods���inclild  inir the liuiiilsoiiie und ever po  piilui' 'I'weeiis. (lelieline Cloths, t  Vencliaiis, Hrotulcloths, ICtc ill J  llle.liewesl   similes. x  Our    ilisplny  of nil  wool  niul   *  siik     (Iretui'liiios   is   aitotliev  ex-,.J  'llent   feature.     X\\\ olTer von n ' ���  "w~-"      'u�� ��� ,, ��� ,v ,.' y*  *$>��' <U0-US ^W^W  if P    ;  <h^ nxLAffrn^  a  i >���������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������'  I eellent   leature.     We. oiler you a  T  % splemliil  selection  of these,   rich   1  i summer  fabriis. in  nil  soris   of ^  ��� desis>ns- stripes,       cheeks     anil  ���  9 I'litiils, '''rnnainy   in   price   from   $  ��� ���**!.in) to f.i.:>0 vil. T  C0R1IECT   DK15SS KOR  WOMEN.  ��� 170    Cordova     St.,,  Vancouver.   ���  ��� ���'��� ���  *),<$.~:4yf}-������$$���-44}-���-49������"9-b  WANTED ��� A.REXTS ��� Don't forget,  ("The early bird eatcJies the flrst  worm")'Ave give you advance information.about" t'he liost to npiioar, F.K15H,  Send your address Immediately. J. M.  .MacGregor Publishing Co., Box tl",  Vancouver. /  '.'.Chinese Must1 Go.  ".Tl.'-'ls.'conceded' that the Chinese  "must.... go\'H>u.t "hc-ii'? .ll depends  u.-Don% the.extent to which .they: are patronized by the Avhite. : man.���Grand  Forks.Xews. y-a  -yi--"::  :; tAld'f JlcQueen deserves credit for his  rrianiy actat last Ulonday night's meeting.of the city council for defending in  'no!uncertain sounds the action of the  .police committee for reinstating an olll-,  ���'cer Who took, a glass -too niuch. The  worthy   .alderman    said:.  ."Though  I  'may  be  considered straightlaced,  yet  =x^ath-"at���all-tlmes-viMlllr.g^to/sstrol'eli^a.  point of principle : to   .help along any  /young man!" Mr. "MeQuVeti has b;en  liberal/and we-hope the young oilic'i-  .will show his 'gratitude.  ���'     It"iritis been decided lo'continue.' tho  7.issue of the British Columbia llccor.1.  :', Between- one-fourth and one-fifth, of  the population of the province of British Golunitilii, according' to tho census,  'is C'athO'lIc. The paper Is approved by  Tlielr Lordships,  tlio  Bishops of.New  ., ,\Vestiiilnslc!'!!tL!id ..Vancouver Islanl,  and. will 'bo the ri-piesorittillve orgnn  tyl this largo portlnu (if the population.  '."���ri Phllllppb, of the Vancouver L'd-  ;.:;7i' Job Printing Oflloo, Is advertising  ....'..:���:i. nntl A. C, Unsworth, of- New  -.'���;"(.'-iiiiltister, is editor.   Sucee>:s to the  :. -.i,-;v .venture. /*   7 : .  7 A dispatch says thut Frank It. K:ir-  nci'ilt, chief ot the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, who has lieen mentioned: as the. successor of T. V. .Vow-.  f,aerly as commissioner of immigratloi.  is .in  St.  Louis.  . lie  denied that  the  'position had been offered to him "officially," but. admitted he has talked  ���with .President: Roosevelt on Ihe general subject of 'inimlgralion, and that a  -UNSCRUPULOUS JIBTHODS.  . Edward Boyco, president of the Western Federation: of .Jlih'eVs, has in his  I'CFScssion, a stalorneiit froni a .mine  owner.. whc-.sympathises strongly with  organised labor, and who, although a  ..member of iho Mine Owners' Association, does not approve of the. attempts  iT^TTrlf^iraTig'^m-fdeln'g^dcst  crsraisations. . "1 can inform you," tlio  mine owner writes to Boyce, "that your  Villous are honeycombed' with, spies  who will liy lo inake/llicni.the"scapegoat of'other pubple's si'homes, claiming thiit tiie shut-downs.iii Butte, Itoss-  lund and ..elsewhere nro on account ot  slock-Jobbing, but'the real Intent is the  suppression of your unions. The Mine  Owners' ���''Association, / whicli, exleiids  over the conilnent -wherever mining ls  carried��� im, as woll -.is In Ithigland, and  other! ptirts/of .,:Europo,""rcallHes"iliii.t.  your organisation ..Is getting far too  eUon'." nml will have to be eliecked,  t.nd it ii'iiK outlined arid, is r.itlling.ln  operation a system to nwoinpllsh this  cViJecl. ll tonuses that It cannot-cripple the federation hy making the tight  In one place, such as Itosslnnd, but will  wcrk all other localities In sympathy  wherever possible." Boyce's friend says  tho working forces are to be reduced  and every effort made to create a Innge  surplus of-unemployed miners. When  Iho idle nien become restless, It will  he an easy matter to create confusion  inid discord," force, strikes a.nd lockouts  and brealc the union.���Seattle Union'  Record/.        ���">.'������: /'!  iy'i '//PLATINUM.;, .;���',/  'Phe discovery;of 'plntiniim in paying  quantities in. Similkameen ores. 'is an  event/of great..importance''.to the district. -This rare ahd/iiiueh"sought for  metal. lias but very seldom been found  in lodes,'iind on account of/the increasing demand for, it /'in the 'mechanical  sciences, it has rapidly! ���advanced':  value.:. The. principal source of supply  in the ipnst has been from /placer workings, and Instances .'of', it being found  "in place" were Heralded as, new. a-.id  strange in mining annals. "/,';���'.  Small (Hiantities: are. said to;;be obtained froni' theiilckel-coppei- ores (if  the1; Su'dbury district, and more recent  iinds ihave'been reported inWyoinlng  and Oregon. In Wyoming the platinum  was ,found In a vein carrying value;  in gold, silver and copper, the platinum -appearing' to increase with the ;in-  crease-'ot ihe copper 'toritents of the  ore.,. It. will 'be-noted that tihe plat-.  iiiuni in this country is found'in combination with the! same'!minerals as  that ofthe Wyomirig platinum.���Simil-  kameen Star. ���"'���.; .���".,-  .���, ...WIDE WOP'J.D.  A. San Francisco woriinn .tar, mads  collection''of-'more than   7(1(1   to'baceo  .__U____l.___iuil-yotiShtt_.ls__jiijii)tlng..;iKi, sniQike  MISTAKES AV1LL HAPPEN.  To say -tbat the creator is greater  than the created is well enough as a  generalization, ���but.we should bo ca.re-  ful not to u-se that saying in justif!ca.-  tion *of 'conditions the tendencies1 of  which are in tlieir iialure uncontrollable. For instance, we should not  say, that the creator of a fire in a .powder magazine is greater than the thing  actually created, i. e., the explosion  that follows as il natural sequence. . Sn,  in industrial affairs a body of freo and  intelligent men may .easily/ enough  create a condition of affairs that will  inevitably reduce them to a state or  helplessness,���Coast Seamen's Journal.  -     / UNION BAKBBR SHOPS,  The following ia a complete list of  union;.barber shops in Vancouver; Is  your barber on the list?  Elite barber shop, Hastings street. -  Bori   Ton   barber   shop", t Hastings  street.1 :/;/-���'/;:://. ;���'-.'//'.;';/"; ;'/"-'/'7;..:  ���"' Vorcclaln Batlisi- Cambie street.   ",/  ���'-Harvie. & EHIs, Cambie street.-,.  Savoy Barber/Shop, Cordiva street..  Smalley's; Biirber Shop, Cordova  3treet.'' ������ ';.-,.' '//���       : '���:  Oyster   Bay   Barber   Shop,   Ctirrall  street..'.:- :///-: 7      ;>/;'-'���-  Union. Barber Shop, Carrall street.  /Army and /Navy (Oscar' Heylandt)���  Grinvllle, s'ti-eef,' tinder Troi-e'y's.     ���;/  ' "A. O. 'McCutoheon, Mount ��� Pleasant.  Boulder Barher Shop, Cordova Street  ! -MAKF; A.MOTION AT THE NEXT  MEETING OF-YOUR UNION TO INSTRUCT THe',-SECRTAR.Y TO COM-  MUNICATE"THE NEWS CONCERNING YOUR ./CRAFT TO THE .INDEPENDENT. -   /,/'.'���: '-7':.'  ��� The .Independent.-wants! a report of  each union meeting, and news concerning the members of-every.oi'ganlzatiori.  Such reports, and news will-do muoh to  .-sustain anil.ore'ate interest in.the organizations., Secretaries are especially  urgcJd .'to'; send' In ..theua. reports, bun;  rows'/from any, member of an organisation will be received with pleasure.  worth watching  A. Washington' despatch 'says*thiit. tho  iin.iinniU zoo . has ncquired ii splendid  speclinen of the.Kiulia.k bear. 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Oigar , Manufacturing, Company, No. 3���Diyiision No. 38, ICamlqotiis.  /!. R- !Wil_berg;& Co., No. 4���Division No..  3S, New "Wefitminster.; .7;1 /,.7'x.-'i-:-'- '��� /  :.t'. \\*lo's!Stioi3lt, No."C���Division No. .38;  .Vancouver./ ������;���.- /:*/'--'''���../".;!//:  '.-'Kislttivna,; Shippers"''Uiiton.'.' Company,  No. S���Division No. 38,'Kelowna.:!/!���/  "Wright Bros, N'o, D-'Dlvlslon1 No. 38,  Rossland.";';-!      -,'��� ."7!.''''::"'-/'":���;/:  "-y-^:, /  'Kootenay Oigar iraniffachiring Company, -N'o;, 10���Division No.!38, Nelson.  : .Moire >t JohnJon, No.:24-Dlvision No.1  !37, Victoria.' 7  ^IT^lfffljl'By^N3_i5=Dii'iiSlOn=No;��� Sir  Victoria.. '������,." :' ���/'/  Island .Olirar' FiioWry, S. Norman, No.  C���Division No., 37, ;Viotor1a.,.  ���'��� Province Olg'ar Co., No. 7���Division  No. 37,,Vk'tOTja.'���*. 7/7  A, Kv-li'iicter & Sons," No. 8���Division  No. 37,  Vl'ctorla, ,/ 7 ���  1'. Gable, No. tt���Division -Nm. 37, Nanalmo.  .I.I.ory, No.Ji���Dhilalon No. 37, yic-  loria. ' 'y'"l"iiy:\  '..M..I. Booth, No. 14���Division No. 37,  Nanalmo!,;/  ,"C. 0. Bi.hn.ion���Divlalon No, 37, Victoria. /  T.' R .Ooltl, Capitol Clttar Factory,  Nn. 12, Victoria. 11. C.  Harris & ^.tnart, No. C���Division No.  38, Revelstoke. '/ -  J. Martin, No. 7���Division No. 38,  Sandon.  Fhelln & McDonough, No. 1^-Divis-  lon 38, Nelson.  THERE IS!  of Fire ;7.br Injury to  -Healthywhen you use  'the/77:!777''7,'7'7/';:-/7'7::!'''  ������i-'Jm  7The:/ price 771s now ?  ��� such/that'almost ev-:  ���; erybody can ^afford it. 7  -Price///used; /always;  ���tused/^A^Iy^j-'Pik;  '���; fice. b�� yiy'i; yi ;������ 'i;' i. y-yi  yiyiy^.yiyyurD':i  Gor..Carrall and Hastings!;  77u/77-7/;'Stfeets;'7/i77,"  :7kl  'PARIS GREEN. HBIiEBORB  AND "WHALE OIL SOAP for the extermination of the CUT WORM and  other insects���for (sale 'liy t_fc_e Mcf>ow-  ell, Atlchis, . 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McGuigait ivas absent nt Monday night's meetliiir of.,,t.he city council.   All1 the.other nieiiibers were pres-  -''ent; ��� ���'" : *! " -..  v The .Barbers, wrote thanhlng;." the  , council Ior its promptness.' hi passing  lihe eui-ly-closiiiff'by-lnw.  ;  '���"When .the police committee's report  ���'. was read 'Aid. Brown rose and . said  that he must put himself on record as  being opposed to the re-enstatement of  ��� a,police.olllcer charged with drinking.  ...A iveek ago Aid. McQueen! not /only  wanted, to  catch  the  police  drih'king,  - but. wanted1 to catch those, who soil  them the liquor. '-.What did'it matter  "whether the olllcer met friends from  Africa or not? -7 y c,  ���Aid. McQuen said that under, the circumstances he wanted to be:-lenient  with the. youngest officeron the force.  "I. am at all times prep'ri'reil to.sacrifice  a point of, principle-In favor of a young  '���.'.niiin, though: 1-. am considered'" to ibe a  stntlght-iaoed   individual,"    said "the  . worthy .alderman.���. (A pplauso.)    lie is  .. a gopd and elllcleht, ofilcer, continued  Add." McQueen, and "I foeF:better.today for, the ste]i I liave taken.'.' / .  1    llbport! adopted.  I'i>-  . -Aid., Blac'lcmore inquired a.bour. a w.t-  . tei- main crossing the corner of "a  lot  . at "the" junction of Georgia. ami* Cliilc.-.:tt  . streets. '/Tlio mfl iter,; was 'referred, to  the water and light committee and the  city solicitor.'xl:X��y..: /:;. ,/'  .'./  City. Engineer Tracy said that he had  -advised a previous council to purchase  ...the. samo. --������-:/'. "/  m  /,/;! A. long; letter' was received from' the  citizens..' ip'roylsionnl/ hospital--' committee'containing/an 'objection'to a ela'itse  ! - in.the /proposed' new 'bill, that/poor pa-'  :',:'.'ti'eii.l'sshould he 'admitted -Tree/when'  '���'...not able to pay. / . '������.������? Xii;'���������"��� ."������..       :.;/������  ,   "Aid.  Cook  thought /that  the council  ;.should .leave  the matter to "the/ho.;-  . j)italvcominittee,';'and moved tlint/the  clause relating /'to the/ '.admission of  ;iion-paying pa lien ts,'"be '.'strucjlc put, and  tliisiiiatterbe left to the discretion of  ;the:'hospitaI iboard. ;: Tills was seconded  iXiiy 'Ald^:;WllOTri.7,;77!!;:/.;;7 ..; 7:!//;71.'!:/. ���/  ./:.'.Aid;;,.McQueen/'opposed;.this/motion.  ���-/Tlie". council'. ivere/.the' ciistodiuns."fo;-  I'Che.pooi-/people, and should; insist upon  /the. clause, being, inserted ill/the, act.  . ".The.very fact tliat'eitceptioii was taken  /to/the clause showed! the: necessity for  !, -its'/insertion. /'X'iJX ';:././'/::/; 'yy. iyixx-.  'After;; some    further/.discussion/ the  -..motion  was!'.put and lost; /only../ the  ..mover a nd seed h d er; vo ti ng! for. It;! 7  .!";.:, Xlie/innyoiv then; drdered1 .the* letter  '1:_iied;'7//;'lV!/i:7';1.;7*7:77''//v!'/1'^ .777777  ��1':  ���-..;;. .A/deputation ,of: the7V\7*C.;T.:!U7pre-  "..seiited a .petition;t'67the coliiieil risking  "that tihe law,,'be "carried, out/regarding  ���_/ houses'; 6l'7lll-fanie and .Sunday liciuor  ;7fi^iiiiig7.7'/;-.j.7'-'!/777/77'7:';;77;7'77!  "x. /JIrs.'.S'/H": Brown said "we were not  ...asking for nnyneivUaws./only:the enforcement; of/.the present ones."; Tlie  ...petition was largely signed =_bi__.t_io7"olilW.  ~~��ers of: the various churches,"the.'mln-  .j'storla I association,the trades.'aiid' 'in-;  , Itior council and others.////;~:///!:  In ���'. answer... to A'ld./iForem.-iii,., Mrs.  //[Brown said that the/ petition wns'sot-  -.iteii tip last-year.   It'was1 to have been  "���.���presented : theii,, but  for '".well-known  . ri-o.'tso>i.5 It was"deferred till this year.  .The, mayor .'asked if any oilier lady  -wished to say any thing, 'whereupon one  -ot tlie deputation said that she would  1 /"advise the gentlemen of the council in,  ���; gi: I Jim I, their! iciiecs!! beforo . X! oil, ench  /.night and pray for'wisdom."   The ile-  ���jiutatlon then withdrew niul Mil- petition was referred to the police coniinit-  itCe.  '."���       ' "'���/   "'���;���'   -" .   '"'  /������ The niiiyor said: Die hnd received n  letter, from one of the nieiiibers in the  legislature (Captain Tallow., calling  ���attiailion to the proposed amendment to the civic charter In respect of  the rlght'of aliens voting on municipal  .mutters. ' '/.!'/���/7/"77!./!'/-7-/,/-;, '  The bill mentioned had been introduced 'by Mr. Mortlii. ///,/��� -; 7',;7,:.:/  , Aid. Brown said that all1ratepayers  /bud a right to vote,  aiid /there7wer(_  many Americans in this city. "Joseph  might have eo'nsulufed the council before taking nny such action."  Tho 'mayor���Mr.' ilurtin had said he  wns..-'not a rubber stamp.to impress  the opinions oi' the council.  Aid. Brown���iHo must know'what a  rubber staiup is' pretty well. Joseph  is running the thing either wide open  or closed up, I've been told he had a  bet on. thatjie would carry, this bili."  , Aid. Wylie said he Riought the bill  was fall-.;, What's .good for the Anierl-  cans is. good for the Brltlsiiers. "If  Joseph Martin /has made that/bet, yoii  can .bet, your boots he'll get there,"  said Mr/Wylie. ' A certain member was  opposed to "the amendment and tihat  was enough'for liiiii (the speaker).  . A'Jd. Brown���If that is the way-Aid.  .Wylie loota nt things, 'he should not  speak; "You seem to'go one: way if  you ihinli^jjthers will go the "other.  That's ubout.the extent of your argu-  ineiii."    ������, , '���'' .;.- ,  Aid.., Wood thought that -tlie matter  shouldbe laid over till tlie charter was  amended.*     ;/,..,       / !r.  Aid. Foreman didn't see why Americans should he, barred,'-ninny'of v.-jmni  wore; hero ibofo're Aid. Wylie. "I gur.ss  tlie reason why Aid. Wylie is ploadiug.  so /hard, for M..irtin|s. bill :'is that he'll  be a candidate at the next election,'"  ���milled: Aid. Iforenian. He did not feel  like- linsslng a ''resolution to,encourage  the liill of Mr- .Martin |U-i'dcr'"the cit--.  .'cuniHtitiiccs.- ._'; '"���  Aid. "McQueen/ said that; ho "did, not  .suppose lliere was another town in  Ca.nii'da wherer any .but,,;ciri2eiis; were  iiilowed' to vote, and while sympathizing/with the principle that all .vawpiy-  ers should, be;represented,' he thought'  thiit"-those' people, if1 they desired to  have' citizens' /privileges 'here, had the  sa nie;recourse, that a Canadian would  have. If he weiit; to live in .a' town on  the Aniei'iciin '.side..: ITe thought, however,"that .the, responslbllity.ot*. sot tiing  this/ question /Should ,7 be,left ^.to .the  ���leirlslature.;';; ;;;;/;// ,,'7'..:/" ; ���:'���;���'��� ../'7  7o!n:! motion .It was decided tbodefer  action on dheviiiatter./', 7 7/ /   .77:7  .. .Alii. /il'cQiieeh./gave: notice:'that/-'at;  tlie' next meeting.:he would ;introduce  a by-law/to eiiable, the. eouncii to (in-,  ei-eiiso'.oi-.'ex'lerid/t'iie iiuiiiber of.yvards,;  as iiilght'"'ibe"Tdeehietl .necessary!'-'or e  iiedleiit. ;.���;.' // :��� 7-/.!^"-/"' /"/; HI;-:'  Adjournment.,!,/'/7. '��� yi-xljxi:  m LIBOR  "/SYMPATHY FOIt'BAnTENDlJKS/  ������'���'.;','1' left-my j-everend /title/- aiid niy  cliurcli coat ilianging togethei-.. oii the  back of a chair at home,"_ declared .Key.  A. !F.'*at'(-rger,!of Trinity Evangelichl  Liutiiei'uh chiii'cli,:.of. Baltiiiiore, /.lid.,  w'heii Hie. steppediuipoii .the'platform.to  deliver an1address on''"Temperance"; to  the Betiijl Jjiouor.'/Dealers' Beiien.cial  association.; . llc-v. ���,:Mr.:7Sterger.;';spoke  iii/prirt' as follows: ..''I;, have;'brought  .with nie only ^..'sympathetic ���heart!, of  man; for his, friend!! ; I do .not. like to,  see/you1 trodden 'down.'. I ���hai\-ei.spent  muny Jioiirs with 'saloon. people,'listening to theli- troubles, .and I1 know- that  tlieir. lives Ure hai'd. "Wihenl go into a  salouti' and:st"i[.\/tiie!re^foi---an7hourT__i___--_  niiiylie : take! tl; glass of ./beer oi-.wine  i/ciiino. oilt! as good a. man-'ii's, I ivas  wlien 1* went/In; :1.will not .'iiibsci-iba  to /temperance,'1 for1 i lilt e ri. gla^s!1 of  wine or beer/iiiyself. . [I would,: if 7 f  could, go-to'the,people who are agaiiiMt  your 'liiislness and tell tliem to go a.nd  fice It before they condemn it. It Is as  hmiorablc! as tiny .other business,* anil  the ,d:iy;will yet come when people will  respect Jt,"/11'/'/!'���,���/,''" '7/7':.  A liiiivcmciithas boon tilurtcd ill/Km..-;  land for the iiilslng of a'fiind.by..popii-  la,r suliscrlptbti to promote Inquiry. Into  tho causes of cancer, !An appcnl 'has  been iiiiidc, lo the public tihroiigii the  press, with ll-nl object,'in view, nnd  -iiiggestloiis -t'ODci-rnlng the best pliic'is  fo i" 11 nd lng civcs for scrutiny, are occasionally made In the same 'manner.  The sum of *.100,MO Is'iia'meil as the  least that would udeqi/iitelyendow the  scheme, nnd inasmuch as the work!  would probably not be conducted under  iihe auspices of any single existing Institution, tl Is proposed to have an advisory committee of medical men and  laymen, to superintend it. .: 7,  Following: is the circular-letter addressed to the various labor and reform organizations of the .-province:  . Foilowliig ciroular-letter was received' from the oflice of the Distri-it  Association, No. 6, W. >. of Miners:  Greeting,���The question of v political action, being taken on the part of  organized labor with a view "to securing  a more substiintinl and satisfactory representation of la'bor Interests, in the  legislative assembly of our province,  nnd the piirlhuiient of Canada, ls a principle that hit;, received careful consld  eratlon an dthorough discussion at"the  hands of local unions aillliated with  our district association. The decision  has been arrived at, that before any  such step so Important in its nature,  and so far reaching in Ita effect/can  be taken with any degree of confidence  and '.propriety, lit Is absolutelyessential  that the various labor unions and reform organizations' throughout the province, should be toy some means  brought together in the closest1 possible  touch, both in sentiment and action. It  Is self evident that the only effective  means ire can adopt, in order to ascertain the views of those Interested, and  to reach sound1 conclusions upon tbe  subject, is/through, the medium, of a.  General Provincial Convention, ;'���  at some suitable and centrally located  point. The "executive officers of diis  association . have l-eceived instructions  from the local unions "affiliated therewith, to,assume the initiative* in tliis  matter, and.-'WE THEREFORE DO  HBR'EBY ISSUE /��� A CALL FOR A  COX VEMTION " (FOR.. POLITICAL  PURPOSES) OF DELEGATES FP.O.Mi  ALt,.TRADES AND" DABOR UNIONS,  SINGLE TAX. ASSOCIATIONS,1 SO-  SIALIST BODIES AND OTHER RE-  FORM ORGANIZATIONS !lN /THE  PROArINCE -whose aim1 Is to' improre  the social condition of the people1 of  Canada 'by, tlie ballot. SAID/CONVENTION "AVIEL, BE.' PIELD AT  .KAMLOOPS, B. C, AND AVILL BE  -CALLED TO ORDER AT 10_A. M. ON  MONDAY, APRIL 14,1001'. '���"'���      !-',/  ; The Basis of Representation .-:  will beas follows: Central bodies, such  as: trades .and . labor, councils, "district  or prov.incial/associationsof single tux,  socialist labor, or_ other reform :bodies,  composed of. 109 delegates or less," shall  be entitled to. two. delegates, -and/one  additional delegate for each additional  majority fractional part thereof. .!���Subordinate :or /local trades and, labor  unioiis, single/tax," socialist oi.otlier reform organizations with. a,smembers'h:ip  'of .lOO'.mfeiiii.e're./dr less,, shall.be entitled' tp!" oiie; delegate,; and "one ;:iddi-  tional delegatefor.each.additional majority . fractional part : thereof. /Each  delegate shall:,'be/,eut'tled to .one! vote  In'tiie convention, and Iii_no case shall  aiiy. delegate havethe. rigM, or be, allowed to .vote any proxy! votes. -Two* or  more,.: organizations '.entitled 'to :a-epr;;-  sentation at thisconveiition,, whose ag-  gregatb'meiii'ership \does1:.. not /exceed  100 members,/'may.'.combine . together  and'hiW'e the right to:be represented by  one delegate who "shall, han'e but one  vote.; Delegates must exercise; care' and  -see thiit their credentials are; properly  drawn up, and in .such manner as to  show the membership of the'organization or organizations! they represent.  '���:"���/������:. Objects -of .tile/Convention:.-.'.  x 1. To unite and1 hai'inonize ali labor  organizations .'and Preform bodies in tlie  province .together/,for. purposes:of.political! action; ������'���...'.,'    :/:,/ ;.:"./.;.  //2. To/ adopt /a prbvincltil '������'' platform  aiid .promulgate;.'"a.-'p6__cy! for tlio guid -  ahee'of organized /labor1 and. 'Other reform/bodies in : future, political! cam-'  paigiis.7":/;//   //'*���;,'   ',:;"/.;;7-;';7:/   .  ,: 3. To do any or all other things whlcn  in the; judgment of the convention will  In; any way ���protect- or promote the interests! of those "l-cpresented  labor,,and otlier reformers. We- cari  only add in conclusion, we trust that  every organization will assist in every  way possible to make this convention  a success in every particular/and that  its deliberations may result; in the  adoption of a policy, which, when carried into practical effect, will produce  muoh benefit and bring prosperity and  happiness to the -working people of our  belovefi province.   Fraternally yours,  "���'JAMES W1LKS, President, Nelson.  R. BULMER," Vice-Pres., Rossland.  ADFRED PARRr Sec.-Trea3., Yinlr.  Yuilr, 11. C, March 17, 1302. '  (AH reform, bodies who may not receive Uie foregoing circular-letter  through tlie inuii will-kindly ctmslder  this as .an ..invitation to join in tho  movemnot. The addresses of all organizations entitled to recognition cannot be obtained!���Ed.)./;'//  SALMM.  An upshot .iuay.be a. downfall.  Pei-haos  the, worst vice is bad advice.'.   '" ��.'..':''' ���'."   -  The hiirol- working cobbler   will  through at last,'���.-���,  get  In your conversation .the gist should  bo more than jest.     ,������'"'���'     .._.  P. O. BOX29e.     :'!"'-"/'"'��� "- 7/!*v "'J- /.''-:'PHONE 17S.-'.  ; w. j.;McMillan/^^>i-  ���:'���'.���'-Wholkbalb Agents toe /-'  TUCKET CIGAR CO. UNION LABEt CIGARS  MOXOGnAM,     .      MARGUJEKITA, BOUCIUET,  OUR SPECIAL, EL JPSTILLO,  EL CONDOR, SARANTIZADOS, SCHILLER^  Corner Alexander Street and Colombia Avenne, Vancouver,. B. C.:  am  n  Try a bottle of Eisen Fort, the sunshine of California, 50c bo_'.)e, nt Gold  Seal Liquor Co., 746 Pender street.  When' you want to Wife a flrst-claaa  horse and buggy, go 7 to the 'Palace  livery stables.  Telephone 126.  Pay up your s-ubst_rlpti6__ 'to .the In-  dep.enden*.. Oit does, noteost yoii much  and you should not hesitate about giving your support readily to adabor paper. ������' ';/'"/!/! '"������';���,.'".'���." '*''"/'  The aiicieiit wrote scrolls, and most  moderns'write1 scrawls.-       ��� .       -"'���!������  It you-have' married in haste don't  waste-time In.���repenting'-..'7.!  ���'When a man dozes over,his business  failure follows in his-wake.  eif a.  man doesn't  stand up for his  rights he will certainly get left.   .  : A-boon  coniptinion  is generally, one  that, it would be a boon to get rid of..;  , It goes tigainst  the. grain  with any.  father to have his son sowing wild bats;  ... "With, all, their, ingenuity, '..t-he/'peoyle  who claim that Shakespeare diaano't  'v.i'ite..his own. works, are uiia'ole to  ftave thoir Bacon.'���'������   :/ -���///,;!/  '"'   '        "*:"    '.    ';      '/'"'('.    .'  The-  mail  who   thinks '������. himself, inost  ��� ������.  v��'iso, :;, ' .''  /Finds''himself.laid  low,">",������.-.        7.-  Whcii Ills small boy attention''" calls  To things die'd like'- to know���Ex.  "In Poleiitial,McKid.;:; , .,,7;/  An excharige says    that. a.southern  ciirnetis't named Burst, has three chikl-  V(-n���Alice ;7M'ay7; Burst,1  James   Wood.  Burst and Henry Will Burst.1" ,7   /;:.  "Our delusions iii-e the .sweetest.things  in life,'.' said the gentle optimist. ;"How  riboul, the man . who... thinks; he caii  sing?" asked, tho.'"cynic.���Washington'"  St^r.: '' /��� 7 '        ;/!������!-./:"���������.  .'--������7:''  XHNIOiM' BAKERTES.'.,  XV. D. Muir,' Mount Pleasant.  W. Murray, 'Ertor street.       .,  : Montreal Bakery, Westminster avenue.' ",/// '/ '!,; '':"���'  ���   F. Adams, Scotch BaJtery, Hastings  street.     ' '7 :"//':/:."'���!"  W. D. Kent, 56 Cordova street.    '������"'. "7  J. Oben, Hastings1.street. ''���';������  ���Minchen Co., Granville'.street. . v  ' -i  Barnwell Bros., Granville street,  liargen &..Tupper,1 Granville s:rw*-;,  C. Ellis, corner "Gambia and Cordova streets, is the place you can got  your hair cut in an artistic manner.  ';'.'    Tho Mint./  Is located at the corner of Carrall and  Hastings streets.   The bottled goods are  all first-class and the;prices .right for  Union Directory.  THE. VANCOUVER TR.1DES" ..��M_r  Labor Council meets firsi and third  Thursday in each month, at 1:30 p. m.  President, XV. J. Lamrick: vlra-president,  F. .1. Russell; secretary, T. H. Cross; financial secretary. J. T. Lilley; treasurer,  C. Crcwdcr; sergeant-at-arms, Ci J;  Salter; siatisticlan, J. H. Browne., .,:������.. " ���  lOVniSlOYMFJS BAIU3BRS' 1NTBRKA-  . TiONAL   UNION,   No.   120-FresIdeot,-  G. AV. Isaacs; vtce-presidem, Ifred Haw,,  corresponding - financial  secretary,-J.. A;/  Stewart, 51 Cordova St; recorder, C. UK-  .Morgan; treasurer, E. Morgan; guIde,ZN.  A.   Bradley;   guardian,   P.   J.   Bennett;/  delegates    to; T. & L.  Council:   G.->W.������  Isaacs and .Fred. Jfaw/" Meets' first anct'  third Wednesdays   of-* each    month In  'Jnfon Hall. ���/   .,..,.    , !  ���yyitfx  COO'KS, WAITERS AND WAITRESSES  Union,'-Locail-'- No. 2S. President, W*  Ellor.der; vict-presldent, W... -W. Nelson;-  recording, secretary, Miss Adella Con-  nant; .I'ina;nelt6l secretary, J. H. Porfclns;  treasurer,.,Wm." Bllender. Meeting every.  Friday at S.30 31- mi lit Union' Hall, oorncr;  Homer and Dunsmuir streets. .���".      ���:,-,'-���* ,  VA-NCOa'R TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION.:  ,. Xo." 225. meets' the last Sunday in each "  month at. Union Hall.i- President. C* &'..'���  Campbell;, vice-president; W. J.'1 McKay; ."  secretary, S. JI; Gothard." P. .0. Box.,66; -  tveasuror,. Geo. Wilby;. serge.-int-at-arms,",:  .V. I*. vVrnold; executive committee.;:F.:.  W. Fowler. J. H. Browne. W. Brand.' /  Robt. Todd; delegates to Trades uni :?  Labor Council,; W.. Brand...Robb. Todd, *  J. H. Browne; delegates to Allied Tradea.-./  Council, F..A. Fowler, XV. J. McKay'and';  C. J. Marshall; ���.': :'-.- ."/'���������'���';/'"'  STREET RAIDWA-r "JIEN'S UNION���"  Jlec-ts second an* fourth Wednesday ot'.  ���ach month; In ��� Sutherland. Hall, corner;  Westminster Avcimo.ami Hastings Street;  at S p.m. PresfiU'iir. 11. A. McDonald;  vice-president. John .Gardiner: 'Secretary,;  A.-'G. Pcrrv: treasurer, H. .\*anderwalker;/,  c'ondiieior." Geo.    I-cn.esty:    warden.- D.  every one;/, Seattle Rainier bMM^-^&eTlK ���/���  ; Donald. J.  C.  I'larroii. C., Bennett, Robt-:  iltruni ;md A. Vi.  Pi?m.y. ���"'. ; ".-;-d.-   /',-   '���' ���;:-"'  r. ^<1'   -U.vr_._iU   .usuinMnwi'    �����  ���Uflr��ri 1.''-'      PENTERS   niul   Joiners-Meets  OVIIC I;    I second and- fourth.   Thursday -Ir  r^-<^Jl !,  " j Mall, room No. 3.   President. G.  :. Hunt, Canibie;street. .''���':.'-.���   /':,;.::������  ���.';. Morgan;/The Tailor,'Granville!street.  Dan .Stewart, Cordova":street. . -''���  ;. XI  Clubb & Stewart! Cordova street. 7  XV. Murphy,;Cordova.street.  McRae:& McDonald', Hastings, street,  east.;.' - "/���;';;/ -\:iiyi ���  ..'���E,'',I*irse!n;-Hastings Street./ ',-.-  J. Carrelll,;Cordova street/;.; ;/;;;:./;;  : Simon ,"& Co., Cordova street..  ! Johnson'.'.&'!'Higgins,  Cordova/street.  7S;/McPherson, "Cordova street.. ; ������!':!  ITN-ITBD   BROTHERHOOD   OF ;;CAR-  "���          ���   -----   Meets    every.  in  Union '  ..         .Dobbin;  vice-president;*.;!.''' 51. Sinclair:, recording ���"  secretarv, AV. T. /Mac.Mulleii;;.-.��� financial  'secretary, H. ,S. Falconer:��� treasurer;-.'-J;'.'"-.  Ferguson: conductor; R.-'MacKenzie; war-./  den, J. -McLeod: delegates to:/l\ and JD...  council, Roht./Macpherson,.G..Dobbin, J..  M.  Sinclair..   ���"���' ������������������ -":-/./ -:������-��� ....���;:���.���".';-:��� .".  l'lr.'.^LUA Ml.N'ERS'. UNION, No. 113,: W.;.  - F. -M.. meets' every. Saturday nt 7.J0p.m.-;  In Foresters' hall. Van Anda. President,  R. Aitkon; vice-president, C. A. Melylllo;  secretarv, A. Raper. Van Anda; B. C;  treasurer, IT. V. Price: ;- conductor, P.,  Burt: warden, John���.Llnklater. //,���;/;,.; /'-..  INTERNATIONATj ^ASSOCIATION OF',1/  ; JIACinNISTS���Beaver Lodge,';.No. 1St���',  Meats second and fourth Wednesday in ,,'  each month in Union Hall. ..President, / ,  Wm.A Beer; corresponding : secretary, B._;.,  Timmlns,: 720 Hamilton street;, financial.,,,  secretary, J..H. . McVety, .3211 Seymour; ,  street...,..-   ��������� -xyxy:" .:���-���-:   ' '.'.'  Teast���.Swiirimliig aiidskatihg aro two  Ihings a /follow " never:, forgets,/ I believe. ./:' Crimson beak���Yes,i and sometimes, afellowlias to ,i'eme.nibei-;. to do  both ;at "about the" same tlmoJr-Vpnkers  Statesman. 77:'/?'/7;77 - ' '���'��� '"���'"'-���''il '���'-���'��� ":*  ^,-���'! 7 ."���..;',Reduced Railway, Rates. /  '���-:: By, special .irrangeiiieiit with _ the, C.  P. IX. conipii!iy/we have/liecri.able'to  secure "the following reduced; rates Co;-  the return;trip. If fifteen delegate:! attend ���the:convention, ONE AND p.N'E-  THIKD.(1,1-3)'-PARK ���will.-be. charged  for 'the round ^.rlp.' If fifty delegates  oi-! more! are ir. attendance a. SING LE  FAIUO/!will..be allowed for/the round  trip. Delegates must not fall io take a  receipt from .the: local, ticket agent of  tlie C. P. 11. company,'-Whtii:' leavliig  tliolr lioines to attend the convention  at Kamloops, Ii. C. If delegates fail  to present this receipt to the secretary  of the convention'they are liable to lose  the benefits of the spocial rates. We  have selected;Kamloops on account of  its central locution, In order that all  organizations might have an equal opportunity lo be'represented, and we  trust that this Will be appreciated In  it/'practical, manner, I.; e., that all 01-  gahlzatloiifl will send the 'full quota of  delegates to whioh tlhey are entitled.  It is unnecessary; for us to dwell at  any further length upon the Importance' of this- convention to /organized  Mi-s.." Nexdore���My";,' daughter,;/;you  l;rio\y;;,is quite a.. lover, of:music. :!i\Irs.  Newcomt'/Peppery���Foil!/ don't'.':'���'say?  Then that: constant drumming on !;the  piano in yoiir/liouse! must: annby7 her  di-eadfiilly.���Philadeljihia:, Press.. ���  '/ A! MaidenVPraver..        . -' :  /���'":;/ .;-.-.- r- '"-/"-'  '." .'.':������������ li---'--'--     ".X'X;.  ,.: We are..rntlier inclined 'to think that  It was:astui-dy.American lad11vii0 pyt-  iip the following petition before retiring  lo /rest:" ."Lord make ,me strong like  lions an' tigers:an' things^L'cos I'.\v> got,  to lick a boy, in the morning." A.writer iii the! New Zealand Tabiet told a  few years ago how ai small New Zea-  4PUBLIC; NOTICE -is hereby'given'tha!t  tile Mainland Steamshipmen's. Protective and Benevolent Association, of British Columbia, Intend 'applying to-the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council: for "a  change of.: name to that/of the British  Columbia; SLeanishlpmeii's, Society,: and  that a -general.;meeting; of the members  of the above association Is hereby called  for Tuesday,-/April Ist, 1W2, at:-3:p. 111., to  determine tlie action to be ../taken.'. /.  T"        "���'������������Ci :H.":THOMPSOX.".;���;..���-.  (Signed)       ../GEORGE NOOXAN;/  HENRY-HOOPER; .;:/',  ;';-/''"'-..: ������ ,yy,::.-;,������:<������'- v.Trustees. ���/  land maiden-put an end to the distractions at prayer lliat/were. caused by  lier.lit'tle brother, tickling- her feet. She'  bore the- tortures as long as she!!could.'-  Then without moving her head, she said  quietly: "!"0 Lord, .'scuse/ine- while I  iioek-the7stilIHn'^b"ut^f^l!Ti-lJilTr'��^=(r  forthwith slic smote hor tormentor"until, lie' was glad to sue for.peace at any  1 i-ice. Theii she pursued the,"interrupted course'.'of;, her orisons as,;if,!nothlng  hud happened.  ,'.! . ''.���'.Teach Tloys Order.. 7.7  "It Is a, remarkable fact," commented a man recently, "that not one woman  iti a hundred .'tenches'her boys to be  ordcrl:.-."! Slit'.is careful to inipresH on  her >;lrls. fi-qiu the time thoy are nble  iiirci'okiil'^i'!! ilit'Ir . ie.-i|..onshillliy,. tlie  absolute necessity of./ keeping tlielr  roiinis tidy nml persons nent, and of  Icoklhg urtor and Inking care of their  own properl y. The hoys of ihe fa njily  iiro, liowevor, not only cxi'inpl from the  rule of tidiness iii their own rooms,  hut thoy iiro equally unrestrained in the  house generally. A hoy lounges on the  sofa reading a paper, then as sooiiiis  tho inood.iakes hint he flings the paper  aside on the lloor.br a chnlr, leaves the  sofa cushions all untidy and ruslieiTon:  to school, icayliig bis mother or sisters  to clear up after1 him. Yet there is no'  calling- that the boy in after life can  embank; In: which order Is not (in important qualification."   ;,  Oa999OO09Obeie03C3G90e03S90  Made Excuft'ivni.Y, rr.o>t B. C. Fruit.  5   FKESH CUT FLOWERS. 'UXIOS-MADE  O       ,.'-���    .DOMESTIC CIGAKS..  9  u  O  Q  When iniiltinK W- trip around the  ��� ,://'..'; .Park,call 011 ������'���,  g'mD.iJon^s^^ilf':  S) ���  CJ0033030033030033003000000  CANADIAN  ���and  J:^.;^..;..:���...;.:;::^;.:RfQqt���  LOWEST RATES. BEST SERVICE.  To nil polutii In CaniuU and the United fiuliro  THK KABTK8T AND HKST KQUIPI'EIl TRA^  CKOSS1.NO TIIK CO.NT1NKNT.'  ,    8AIUNOB FOB JAPAN ANII CHINA.  Empress of India.  ,March 21  Alla'lllinl .  KmpreuB of jApau .  'A   ...A...April.7   .April 11  HUd ovury lour weeks tliorculter,  ;/ SAILINO TOR HONOtULD AND. ACITRALIA. ,  Aorangl....;..............'���.......'.........April -I  Moann .Mh>- 2  Miowera... .................May 30  nnd evory four weoiR tboroKllor.  For f urthor paxticulars as to time rates ct  apply to'-"-'     "..  E. J.COYUB,  ':���!;'., ������'���,'x'G.''P.''Ai!'���-'������.  ,, VanconTer, B.O,  JAMES SCLATB   ;,,  : Ticket Agent,  ���128 Hae tings 8t.,  /; Vancouver, B,,0;  VAN'COUVreK /PISHBRMBN'S   UNION.  1 >No. "2..   Jleets   in   Labor* Hall/Homer  street tho last Saturday. In eaclimonth at '  S. p. m:' Svdney Hni-ris./.secretatn-,: care ot  water works shops, Powell  street.;/ .,    .  JOURNEY.MEN, 'BAKERS-'A'ND-. CON-1-/-;'"  FBCT.lONERS' .international /tnlon/ot   ...  America.   Local   No. 'AO.y.Vancouver.  B.: .  C   - Prcsiden.t,  AVm.. H.:. Barnes; ; vice- : -.���.  president. Fred. Jay: recording,secretary, ;  Sam  AYalkeiv.St.. George."St.; '7th .Ave.;;./.'.  financial secretary,-N., McJIulIln;  treas-,..:  urer,'."\V. A..Woods.;y. ���:���:-:��� y  yXyrtyli '���'... Qyll  ': CIGARcSicERS' ://UNION./! ^',NO;::!a6��-/./; /  :��� Meets the llrst,1 Tuesday.In each monfli..;;  In.' Union Hall. President,. A;- Jkoehea; .-y  vice-president. .-/P.-Crowder: ...secretary,.,: .  G'Thomas, Jr.; 14S Cordova street west; ,;;  treasurer.- ���S.'-'W. Johnson:: sergeant-at-;/  arms,- J."'W. ^Brat; delegates,��� to .'-Tr^les;..;���.;,,  and Labor Council, J.;Crow,,C. Crowder;yy  a.iNelsonJiiiXy-yX^.-iixiy'iyi-yX :,X:i..l ",/ ..-.  BROTlii^HOOD'.OP./PAlNTKRS !'AMp-*..;  " DECORATORS,'Local: Union /No.   133.,-.,  Meets   every -Thursday/ in. vljabor. Hall.    .  President, "W./PavU'i-;. vice-president. Wl   "y  Halllday; recording' secretnry, K. Crush./.  /  '21 Georgia street: financial secretary, A.  Gothard, S22 Howe streotp treasurer, H.    :/  MeSorley. ..-'     -"'"      ���"���'���-��� '.y'-X.-AXX.:���2L���. /,  JOURN EYMI3N /TAILORS':'/ UKIOK .��� OF. /  /AMERICA. .'No. ITS ��� Meets' alternate, r  Moudiiv-s In. room 1, Lnlon-Hall. .Resident. F.-.'Williams; vice-president.,,Chas. ...  Whaleii; recordins secretary..H. O. Bur-.,.  rltt: financial secretary. AVairreil.Larson; r,  treasurer, XV. XV. Toombs;; sergcant-at-.,  arms. J.  JloPherson. v/t/: ;;:/:'-.1  THE TtEI-AlL"! . CLEliKS' /INrpBR^-/.  . iNATIONAi; ; PROTECTIVE "UASSO^, ,.���,:  CIATION: meets in 0'Brien's'!'l;Iali,; the. ���  first arid t'hird Tuesdays of,each,month.,;/  p7MeiL��aii.: president; W./J/Liuhric^/;  secre'tiiry. /-^S. Princess! street.  Su  Kiion Thvlr Sniliitmo.fconthfliiMaua  I'rmcctloii lidanil Oolllsrlek,;  Steam, 6as  and  tfiou&eCoaj  OI the Following Grades: ;���/, .7  Double! Screened _L,ump,       ;'       " '  !.... /;...  Run of the Mliafc; ;.'!������!;'���! ";',;,! '���.'  /:\yo��hedSut>o(J/--;  ''':7/;7.7,7- /':'S*3*^��^*11***/  SAMUEL M.EOBIN8, Superluteiideiiti;1;  1 'BVAKS,'COLEMAN & 'EVANS^'AgeiiW,.:!'  ;/:',/; ������'���.:���. / Vancouver City,'B.;C.'::;:;;;/,/;:/.//  m  S&MM0^MxM&'i:y0X  mxyy-:  '';SWil'3-5  ill,  !:/777��7  y  yiffyiil  Y;  7\- \;iPr  ':0M  'HI  ;p|;S|;  Xll  yXyitii  y.':.;t^:yj:. -pg  t^if^fo;-,  hilly  hixii  m  If'-X ������  l! '"'������'  ii v ���  ���AAAAAAAAAAAA4.AAAAJiAAA.lAA���  V....Y-...-|--...V....i-...i-...-i-....-i-....-i-....-��  MFDWmTERl  FASH70NS ��� s  By MATE   LEROY    |  .-.i.."..i.--.i.-..i.."..i..-.t.-..t,-..i..->  ��� �����VT''VvT>7T��T*Vy'',,,f7TVTVTo  One may say without fear of contradiction that tlie different garments made  of ami trimmed witli fur nre liner and  better than over before. Formerly tliey  Were fashioned nil more or loss after one  design, nnd women were expected lo follow tlio style whatever it wns, but now  there is n wide choice, and all the different designs nre in fashion. Furs nre  mnde up into so many forms and shapes  that no one can tell about one-tenth ot  thein. Boas nnd small neck pieces with  ns ninny heads nnd tails as can well be  fastened ou them are extremely well  liked, and tliey nre so easy to slip on  and off that it is not surprising llicy lire  the favorites, particularly when tliey  nre so very becoming.  Tlio ail fur boas arc made in various  lengths, some of them reaching tlio feet  aud others scarcely covering the front ot  the waist. This week there wiis shown  n decided novelty in .[ho way of boas.  This wns niade in form of a stole collar,  and tlie collar laid Hut around the accl;,  though it could be raised in case of very  cold weather. Tlio fronts'readied quite  to the bottom of the dross!"in the regulation stole design, hut it was niiulo'of  rich black moire and bordered with a two  'inch.bnnd of Alaska sable. The moir.a.  was six inches wide, inid 'the bordering  of the fur brought it to eight. Tliere  wns a nmff to match. Tlie whole was  lined with tlie same moire, so lhat it  would have looked the samo with cither  side out. Alaska sable is the nretticsi-  and inost durnbl" fur there is, and it  seems to be adapted to any kind of garment. The short jackets in bolero and  E'on shape make the fur boa all that is  needed not only for wariutli. but nppenr-  "nneo. Nearly all the muffs are largo  find entirolv  luitriinmed,  though a ��cf  ; ;   1ACE EMP IBE, EVENING OOWS.'.���'  nre arranged with ruffles at the ends nntl  an occasional, bpw; of rich black ribbon.  But these nre more for wearing with  some special costume'and nt some very  dressy day function.        '.  Speaking" of dressy day; functions reminds me to tell of an .exquisite tea  gown shown to a select few recently.  The gown in question wns of the daintiest and most delicate eolionne in a faint  nplnkfsoifniiit=lliaPl't-=wns-nutiine,.s4in|i6sv  Bible to believe that it was not white.  The inner gown was of taffeta n shade or  to darker and wus cut to fit tlie figure in  princess shape, while the eolitmiio was  shirred nl the neck and gathered into a  French waist with a silver and pink  belt. The skirt was gathered and fell in  'natural folds to nbout twelve inches  from the bottom of it, whore ii wns set  in the form oC it flounce wilh shirred  heading. Over this wns n long and  loose surtout of the oolionni', whicli foil  from the shoulders lo wliere It formed ;0  part of the skirt anil was. slightly .gathered at the. waist niul hung over the under  porliou. All ttlotig tlio edge of tills surtout was n row of Irish point applique.  The effect of this rich lace over the pink  eoliimno wits exquisite. The sleeves  were shirred nt the top and then hung to  the elbows, uliero-dhoy ended in a deep  rullle or Iho lnce. By the way. the sm-'  tout wiisarranged so I lint tlie gown had  a square neck in pompadour stylo.  The Knni'Miiodiste showed mo n beautiful cvifiiing govvil of black luce nm!  white chiffon which is wort li nn extended  description, us it is ono of the real successes of the. season. The uiidfrdrcss is  ivory white siitiu nnd made in close princess shape wish a train. Over this is  another dross mnde of chiffon, pure  white. The front and. in fact, nil of this  skirt are of chiffon plisse. At the edge  of the bottom of the skirt tliere is a  very full double ruchittg of. the.''chiffon,  which causes the .desired flare. Over the  whole is a tunic of fine black elinntilly  lnce, the front portion being 'shorter than  the back, which roi'ins tlie train. Tlie  lnce iu the hack reaches to the top of tha  wnlst ��nd falls from there in wutteau  style. A rich satin drapery extends  around the front and back of the wnisl  in n crossed arrangement easy to comprehend hy regarding the illustration. It  fastens both in the back and front with  handsome imitation diamonds, and the  black lace is draped in on both sides.  The sleeves arc pieces of point lace, thus  making it a costly as well as elegant costume.  Lace dresses will be so often,seen this  season that you should be told ns much  nbout them as possible. I saw another  lnce gown worthy of spwinl mention.  Tliis was for a young lady, while  the otlier was for a young matron. It  is high in the neck nnd is intended more  for a theater gown than anything else,  though it is, quite as suitable for any  evening function except a bull. The underdrew is of dark blue taffeta, and there  EOLIENNE TEA C10WK.  is a (lcen, full flounce of this nt the bottom. Over tliis is n black tullo or lino  brussels net dress simply hemmed nt the  bottom. Around the bottom of the waist  is a drapery of blue velvet, and nbovo  that tho lnce is draped full in surplice design, nnd the fullness is drawn down to  the point in front, whore it-fastens under  six rosettes, set' three on each side.  Above these and drawn directly around  the shoulders nnd to a sharp point itl  front at the waist line is a bnnd of white  Irish point Insertion-three .inches wide.  This is laid ou lint. Tlie stock collar and  n small V point are 'also'of the lnce.  Thero are inner sleeves fitting snugly,  nnd these are of white Irish point, nail  over them are loose sleeves in bishop  form of black/ doited lace. The whole  effect is elegant nnd dressy, yet maidenly.  There was another lace .dross for it  yoiing lndy, but this was all white, tlie  whole beiiig niade of Valenciennes, wilh  tiny fuellings down tlio .skirt "between  narrow tucks. These only.'reached to.the  knees, however, and ended under an applique made of the tiny cachings of chit'-"'  fqti. They!were.put on in tlio "whirling  wheel" pattern and formed tlni outline,  of a deep 'flounce.'" At llie .bottom there  woro three lines of niching,/ivitli ono double edged rullle, each edge or which'in  turn iind another fuelling. All this  caused the skirl to sot out quite widely.,  The waist was low on thebust, but high;  at tlie shoulders, and finished witli a  double niching and: rosettes of the chiffon. Tho sleeves reached the elbows aiid  wore trimmed liko the rest. This was a  girlish and dainty dress., There was no  color. '���;.'"   ,'���;���'��� '.������''"'' '���'"' ��� ;: ���. ���'.  Oho thing new is worth notice, aiid  that is tlint several of the evening dresses arc so arranged..'thut .''they "mny Indrawn up ton sort of puff in; lite bnck.  like the drosses were some twenty-five o-  twenty-six years ago. nnd let down its,  will to form, a short,-train. Two wotc  shown/to ine wherc'there, was a row of  buttons along the skirt under a tunic drn-  FOR ORDINARYkWEAR.  \VnIs<��   of   Flannel,   Cashmere   and  Corduroy Are Fashionable.  For a schoolgirl nothing Is prettier  in the wny of waists than one of dotted  velvet. Such a waist can be made with  stitched plaits niul strappings or, if desired, trimmed with little pipings of  plain satin the color of the waist or  black.   With,a waist of plain velvet a  BTYblBIl BTIIIiirr costume.  pory, nnd this lirrnngoniont is made to  hut ton. ti trniti to." The skirt is niiiile to  just touch the Iloor for ordinary use. but  the trniti. is to be fasti-hod to the skirt  wlicii desired. Tliis train is made of  some material to match the skirt, nnd  there urn so many'..chiffon,''rallies tinil  riichiiiKs that it serves allpiirposos for n  handsome ...train. It reaches about two-  thirds iiioitnd the skirt. They used to  rail tliei-'ii adjustable trains, and I sup  uose tlint will be the name now.  FASHIONABLE MATERIALS.  WHITE SILK WAIST.  wide lace collar is pretty. Cliatigof.ble  velvets make charming blouses _for  dressy and orilliinry occasions.  White lltimicl. which has boon .heretofore so popular. Is being discarded  by people who liave to cqusiiler tlie,  cost of tilings, lt is really most'unpractical, as it soils nlmost immediately,  uml when washed it either grows yellow or shrinks.  Cashmere and silk and wool fabrics  aro superseding flannel because of their  superior cleaning qualities. I>ox plaits  form a popular way of making these  unliticil tailor made waists.  The wnist in today's Illustration is of  white silk laid In alternate tucks and  shirriiigs. The sleeves are elbow  length nml-nre finished: by wide ruf-  fliug's of chiffon. Above these millings  are wide and narrow bands of black  velvet, terminating iu .rosettes. The  waist has a short yoke of tucks, bordered by n curved medallion applique.  Tlie waist is collarless. lint about the  throat is worn it pr��Uy neck ornament  consisting of .three' narrow bands'' of  volvot'ribbon held together'by a white  lnce butterfly. Junto Chollet."  ELABORATE SKIRTS.  Triple     Flounces,     Aimllqncn     >ni  TucIch on All llie Nev.'oiit Models.  '. Skirls nro 'becoming more a nil more  ornate. Triple effects; are especially  stylish, and one of the newest skirts  boasts of throe, gored,"flounces laid in  clusters of live.tucks und, edged witli a  rich passementerie..! In net mid! thin  goods a favorite model for tall people  fftfc  1 EliliOW IiACE GOWN. ';''*-  consists in a yoke with two rows of  shirring further down, from which  fulls a full rullle edged wilh a wide  patterning of lnce. ',������/���  Skirts of velvet nro handsomest  inado perfectly plain. tvltli n clinging  effect around the hips and n long train.  One large gored .flounce is rich when  added on Invisibly or by menus ..of'it  single heavily stitched fold. A pretty  stylo for a clolh gown consists In ornamenting it nt Intervals with wavy  bands of inch wide velvet ribbon of li  llllle darker shade thnn the cloth.  Today's picture shows a gown of yellow lace of n rutin.'!' plain design. The  waist Is blousod Into a bolt of turquoise silk. The sleeves arc elbow  length. ...witli n wide frill. The sole  trimming of the waist consists of narrow black velvet ribbons brought  across the shoulders nntl front fichu  fashion niid held together with a turquoise brooch. ���  ,     ,'���.  Tbe'skirt has a graduatedflounce sot  on Invisibly. There Is n very long train.  Jcmc Chollet.;  Veronese  Red  tlie  Latest  Tint' For  ..  Street  Gowiih.  The fashionable materials for street  wear tire many. First we must count  for morning wear the homespuns, zibe-  lines and all the long hair goods on  tlio Scotch aud English order., These  homespuns and friezes nre very stylish  In the palo colors and especially in the  fawns, cadet blues and grays. However, for. more practical purposes green is  much used, nml'there is a new shade  of red called "Veronese" which is not  llltOWN STKEET COSTUME.  a thick. bi-ickliUo, rod. but litis In Its  composition rosy tints nud is very lie-  coming both to'blonds .nml lirmii'tU'S.  Corded aiid ribbed.goods'are considered'very-smart, especially for young  girls.  The brown tailor made lu the Illustration'shows one of. i lie most fashionable effects by way Uf. ti wide collar.  This extends well over the shoulder's  nud is trimmed with n wide bttiiil or  handsome sable. This bund is continued down the front.'" passing -through  the belt -so as to give, the waist and  skirt the effect of being in one piece.  There are Wide' sleeves banded, with  the sable..iml having a. chic.trimming  In the 'shape of two. sable tal'.'.i. .Tlio  suit Is further- enrichi'd by bunds . of  velvet applique on '.ilie waist and skin.  The bolt Isof tht'oloth. stitched." Tlio  hat is of sable tiinl coffee onlnioil laco.  with a lingo clirysaiiiliciniiiti tis tritil-  niillg. ���:���'''-.      .ItlDIO Cllpl.LET.'  THE NEW.YEAR  MILL!NERY.  Flat StiniicH Arc CivtiiK VVny ��(> Jloi-e  KuiiVy' KI!��>i'IM..  , The' plateau'loqui' tilted to oue side  Is beginning, to. pall " upon tlio fashionable taste/An tttteiiipl ntu change lias  been inatlc b.v 7 liuildiiig Uie cciilci',  which stands lor the crown, of heavy  lace and the outer circle of fur. One of  the new shapes is a flat, round toque,  witli '.upturned brim/- a sort of improved  turban. This Is;very smart' and:,promises lo supersede the pa iienki' hit t..This  titi'lian shape Is iu'tirly always trimmed  on /its tiiiiler/brini with a w-reiuli'Pf  crushed roses, cameliins or.sliadcd (lali-  lins. :.-'/;.,/ "iiiiiiiil. 7;' 77. 7/,'/!7. .7/  For young girls there is a/wealth  of in'otty  felt- sliapi's.   r^fge.:,floppy  .felt.������hats'.''arc crushed  here and;.:tliere  or threaded will) ribbon and so drawn  THE DEAREST RENTS  ONE ROOM  IN OLD LONDON COSTS  OVER ��10,000 A YEAR.;        7;  '". A, III.ACK AND WHITE. EFFECT  Into quaint Untos.. Talc blue; foils arc  charming trimmed in tills manner,"witli  soft white ribbon and buiiclii's of vlo  lots, while pale pink ndtipls Itself to  autumn  foliage uud  knots of brown  velvet. '''''���    ri '" ���"'���  Hats of rough white felt nro tHmnicd  WilliWi'Paths of holly, wilh lis red berries, and a squari' bow of black velvet  drooping over the hair in the back._  A very odd and yet at llie same time  simple hat, Is showu In the picture. It  Is of .black'velvet, and the trimming Is.  of spotted black nnd white piuinc. It  is drawn.around Ihe crown softly Into  a big knot; In front On the loft side  the brim-is tilted, and there Is also nn  irregular i bow of the panne,; on Uip  hand. This simple!hat enn easily be  made at'home.       .:';. Juriio Cuollht.  .AltliousH ihey Aru* Not tlle lliglieat on  Kiirtti, They Are liicrev��lns; on Syatem  Whlcli I.owei*Dwnur'tt Slml-e���-,Ilops  ami Itiisemeliu In llotitl Street 1'roillice  Ori-uter Ueuttf Tliun Thoke ou Any  Ollier'l'htiruiiiililiir^..  -���'A gencruiioi/ngo London wus one  of the lowest rented of the great  ciipitiils of llie world. To-day it is,  in parts'at least, one of the .highest. ' " '���''.������'���������  ,'lu thirty years the total ratable  '���'lliie (if I-diiiion litis more limn  doubled. After deducting llie increase 'caused by growth of popuiu-  . .. T*?--" *i rv...u ui" now ' buildings,  tliero. bus been a rise of 40 per cent,  'i'his increuiie litis been by no 'means  uniform. Soiiio parts lmve degenerated. For instance, tliero are lints  in Victoria street which some time  ago fetched iiUOO a year, and now  can be. had for, ��200. The outer  circle of inner London has sunk at. a  rapid rale, but tlicre arc.,parts, especially around the busier' thoroughfares iii the city, that have trebled  in value iii little more than a decade. Ltirge'sections of slum property iu' Kast London have doubled  their 'returns in four years.  The district around' Cornliill is  nuw iho most highly ran toil, spot on.  eiirth. Not long since one room near  tjio Royal Exchange let for between  ��2,O0Ci" uiid"��8,o00-a year. Within  tlleu past few weeks a houso agent  advertised certain properties in  Tlii'ogiiiorton streot to' let? For  seven telephone." boxes on iho ground  floor 222iii) a year of rent was asked  for each. For a suite of three rooms,  on the. mezzanine floor ��1.000 ii year  was risked. Six rooms on llie first-  floor."wore1 "offered at. ��l!,000 a. yctir.;  'For shops iSond street is tlie dearest thoroughfare in the world."  Broadway, in Now York comes next,  nnd ii. limited radius near llie Place  do l'Opera in Paris ranks .third.. A  small shop in Bond street'fetches  readily . from > ��7f>0 to '.121,.'500 -a  year. . This includes the shop and  basement, but not, of course, the remainder of the house. Thu. shops in  Itcgcnt street cost even more, but"  their.' they nre larger, thus- making  tlie rent-per' square foot work out.  less.'  ���'.In Cockspur street values have  gono up. of) per cent., in a very short  lime, and acute agents now rcgard.it  as one of tlie best selling situations  tn London, lliisiness premises there  fetch from ��000 to ��4,000 a/year..  The demand foi* property'-round villi'  Trafalgar..Square district is exceed-;  ingly keen, liecenily dn agent for  certain corona tion business wanted  ono ollice in the neighborhood' of. St.  J nines', for wliich lie offered. ��300.  lie could not obtain it. .���/,/���''  - The- rise of yait'ics in .London ''.'.'Ayii-s  very plainly* shown in sonic of / the  conipeiisation ' cases that: arose  through' the iiew llolliorn ������! Strand'  street:���. -improvement.' scheme:'.- -Tims  in "-Holywell/--- street valuers "'.declared;  that 'shops' rented at .;�����!.(i'O a* year  oil .lease',: were .. now ''Woi'tli, quite.  ��2o0;a;yoar.:!; A rent:hnd/beempaid'  for."a .house, in the Stratid at;;��:l/7''>.  u year. . lt'was /arranged thiit!; the  noiv leiisc was to be at the-rate (if  ��flTo ii.yctii;.., ,l''or; proiuisc's on .-the  other side of -tljc ;slrcat.v almost o;:-  liosiic, the .ejected, person-'-Iind;';been  asked ���'"��� payment : oi" ��5,000,.; /and a  rentnl Jof ;��l)0ft.' '-Another.;, hcife .'lot,  on--lt;nse at �� ITo a :yoai',"ahd! was  partly sublet as follows:--/Shops,.  ��1,85; -rooms, ��-107. ���' , /"/ ;/// :;./  In nearly all London buildings rent:,  is not iiii inclusive item! The..toiiiiiit  litis to pay his own rates,'nnd:;.taxes,  aiid to provide for his own' cleaning;  lightine;. and.'hentiiiE.'/:. In' some; newer ���'��� buildings',. Iiowovor. tlio, American;  jiluu-'is: being adoplodP/Tliiis/in^he  Bii'kbc.ck Hunk Chaiiibcrs,: tlicciioi*-'  nioiispilo facing' llolborniuid./i-iin-,  niiig: toward; Fleet/Street; ;the .; one,  rent ��� charged '���'includes !. rate's j "/taxes,'  and bllicc. cleaiiingi '/Newer buildings  v.'iil go uvoii beyondiitliis./'Jii;the  propiised.' skyscraper/in /tlieS.Strtiiii'!,  nt. tiie bottom .. of -tlio new--central  /London avenue; rents, are tii, include,  as'.thcy,,./'!tl6:7-..7iii''':Aiiior'ica;'f';li'iJaling,.  lighting, cleiiniiig,;'rates, nnd. taxes.  ;ln short, tho!.one;clia!i'go!;will! "/coyer  everything.;;. ������     /,:!/-: "."';7-- "-'���:������ -..-���"���-*."-."���:V..!"!-V  In .estimating' reiits, London owners  make considerable reductions for top  floors. 'I'lio/iiiglicr-:!.youvgo,': the less  !yoil .pay, even . though; there Js" a lift 7  Thus in-oiie' building'a/set/ of / 13  rooms'6n.the iirst floor realizes ��1,-  200 a year. / A sot ol two rooms, on  the sixtli-iloor islet for ��3S.//   ;/;   /  Tlio .family,!;Solicitor. who wishes a  nice suite of ��� rooms nctir;-Lincoln's  =]niriFiolds=iiiay^couitt^hii-iisdJ.Li=fofc  tunnto if he gels tliem for ��300 a  year.-/."Reasonably /rented ofllces can  often bo olitiiinod;off Queen;Victoria  'street;,-'- a set of two going /sometimes for ��G0 nnd ��70, There nre  nearly always odd rooms. ,/whicli  have some drawbacks, such as a dark  outlook, oi"a tiring approach, to lie  had.ut alow rental.       ../";:./  Turning" from business promises to  private '.hotisus, tlie increase- iii rent  takes! iv somewhat 'different form.*'The'  people ''Who are highest rciilod in proportion to thoir incomes; nre undoubtedly the slum dwellers around  Spitallields. There ypu caii find people earning Id shilliiigs'n. week who  puy 0 shillings' of that for the rent  of one room. We find there tliat^ the  worse the house the inorc in .proportion llie rent. Thus n respectable family witli a ��� littlo furniture can get two- or threo  rooms , for a; rent / woi-klit;  out from' .Is. (id.'to lis. a room.  Tho mnn on the verge of'destitution,  witli no furniture, has .difficulty, in  finding iv'room ut.'.Od. .;        ���  finding n room tit Gs.,., ,  From Spitnlficl'ds.'tp Jfayfuir is n  groat ,��� .iuinp.: May fair i to-day shows  in.", some ' parts a .great i'is'c. tintl in  ���I iher .:parts   ;'��� rat her.1 a.; decrease ;   in  aire:    It is/   difl'icult. tu state    lite  ,   -it.! here Jii .yearly.!figures,! because,  ��� '.' "���/general/rule.: tlio /occupiers buy  ilie leases.' pay so mhiiy/thoiisnpd  :;i'a.s   "for ; the ..'lease;  an amiual  ground rent,' usually ol from ��150  to ��300 a year, and have certain '  expenses in repairing their properly  to meet. 'A nice house in Belgravia.  con be had for 6,000 guineas, and  a /ground rent of ��150 a year.  Many, however, will run very much  higher than this.: Thus,, for 30,  years' leaso of a house in 0 rent  Cumberland Place 7,500 guineas arc  nsked, and a ground rent of ��1(50 a  year. There is now .being offered a  delightful mansion in Kensington, on  a 42 years' lease/for 27,5007 guiii-  eas, and a ground rent approiuhing  ��200 a year. But even in Kensington and '������: Mayfuir there are side-  streets, 'unfashionable, where vou. ���  can obtain a whole house for ��60 or  iiSO a year.  .  To bring the cost of rent homo to  the individual let us suppose that he  wants to take a house soniewhero in:  ihe four-mile radius. On its circumference lie can be accommodated with  a charming littic residence of tho  bijou order for from ��33 to ��75 a  year. If this is loo fur out, a mile  nearer Charing Cross will add about  100 per cent. " to his house agent's  bill, iTfamily houso in the neighborhood of Chelsea and the further,. eml,"  of South -'.Kensington! being obtainable for from ��70 upward. Supposing he rcmii ,,; liero for a. few years  and prospers, ho,will want to "nii-  gratu'.-to a more select street, Probably such a desirable milieu may bo-  found inone or other or'both of tbu  streets between wliich his present one  lies. It will havo the nanic'of Something Onrdens as likely as not, niid  for the .privilege of .'moving from tho  one place to the other ho will lie able  to'add the..satisfaction; of ..paying a  rent which will run .from ��130    to,  ��200../ ,.;��� -.'/"'..��� '!.:   '77  If the. genteel, atinosphci'c prompts  longings for   further experiments, lm  ���limy move another mile hearer Picca-,  dilly on trial.    In the 'neighborhood/'  of   ,-Broiiipton    and.   Kniglitsliridge  muiiy,  excellent    and .elegant peoplo ;  will'be delighted  to"allow him    the'.',  temporary  use  of  their  homos .   for"  sucli nominal sums as from ��300 ",a  year up: to ��000.    If ho approves of  the experiment lie will  be able     to  save  at least    half tliis  amount by  taking a similar house  for  himself.  Ambition now having a. freo rein, bis,  next    move    will: belo one. of  /the  sctuarcs wliere horses stand before the  doors in pairs.    Six hundred pounds  a year would be a reasonable    sum  to'exchange for this digii'ity, and ns  betler houses full vacant, this could .  bd increased.until: one  of  the grand  houses, permits the transfer  of anj'-,;  tiling / bcl.wo?n".��1,000 and,.��1,500..";,  In the latter    case .the actual' ' rent  .  might not     exceed  ��50  or; ��75. ,a-  ycar,'."the,difference being paid as   a  prciniuni.,   ,/riierc arc causes' for the  heavy    amount7  of such  rents, the'.,  chief of...those  being/tho competition  for tlio    houses," and  the mi'ddleinen  through whom the .transactions lmve"';  to be made. ,.A, denier ofteii rents'a/,  sure; house  from  the  agents,  and hay  is not  modest/in/tliL- 'matter ,of pro-,  lit1 ihatdio requires. ./  ,-     !  Improved /houses   -in     the    best  T'.loomsliiiry   soutucs    whicli   fetched .  ��iri()a few    years /back mo w, fetch" ;  ��25o:'!'7-:'::"7,/;/-!���'���'���'������'/":!"������r-iy.y-iiiy-,; x  !;;7:/7;/;;THEY;PUT ON-STYLE. ;/;'/:;  Hmv    J.oril     no I    l.iiil'j-,';<:iir��oii   ;Trnvcl  :'l'lir...i^liouc'IlKlio./    ,// 7 /,/  '-  When tlie Viceroy/-of'-I.iidiii": travels  allllie1 rest of, liidia,. looks, on. /lie  has'.-vtiV!liiigiv'-stalT-'.,o'f:*ol!icialsi;.niid.''./is';.  usually accompanied by :Lady.-.'... Cur-.;:  zdn.: anda liitiuli'oil aiid; t.wcnty/at-.  tciidaiits.7 -Tlie ;inost',''el'nbi)riite."'.'prc-;'-.  .cautions,aro taken to ihsuro his safe-,  :ty;/ Every. iiiilo7 of 7tlio! railway/is/  Iirst :!:7cxaiiiincd by -oll'icials, on./irol-.  '"leys,1: aiid in the southern Punjab';'the,  ;!iiie is'-watcrcd/lo/Jay the dust./ He/  1lias.:'ii''':po^e>pf.'''six.';'nrni6(l.',inuu.>.;!'.pii.>  the, train".to guard .him, an'd;at..eveix,  'stiitiou 7 through whiclrlic passos,';;  ; wimillei-, lie stops ..or not, armedvpo*7;  lice/arc drawn/lip on-either s.idc .-as :  tiioM.i'iiin goes by!' ..At every station;:  aii iiririy of.coolies; are at work, sonic  time .before :tho .great occasion, clc.an-  iiig7amlZgarnishing,;!,while,.nil along  Ihe 'line eng iiics are "forbidden. to '  ;,WliI"stl.fa"'hii'fl,:-bolls "to! ring: *-;At; Wlnit.-/  evei/lioui'/the: train: passes/the,;stti.-.  aiiiiiTmaster bus. orders to bii du- tluty^  hiniself to/give theci/line/cleai'"!! and/  lock!;*/ the"���-���: points aiid see "that'!all'  shunting lias.been stopped./! With ex-!  tiiiordiiiury: cereinony, is .-.tlio /Viceroy..;  received./TheJNawab;of Juhiigtii'h/  last.vein" received him: in; a sol id ysii-i  ver!. ciir,/ /.",' preceded by: painted,/. ele-:.  phahtsi/*1/prancing horses, and//two1;.  !r!iiiiocei'oses harnessed and; nibmited.;  -^London.Answers.7"���.������ //,./; v       7,,/;!7  ���-/llrltlHli. Hislury ofNlltlll.       :.;/; ;  ���'���'".On/Jiiiniary 8, 1S06,"Cape: Coipny/  cainti under thcayUiority.iif Britain,  and' ''luis '.ritihaincd.. so. ever, since,.;���  though the- final niid! formal, iict of  cession- ' .by'/lhc. King of thc,Netlier-  danrisr=wns1=(lcla-yed=tintil=13ir'.,^iAs_  .thus defined.'tlie'coloiiy' consisted; of-  120,000 sii'uiirc miles of, tciytory',  inhabited by .a'-.-populiitioii of about  60,000.: The series of events which  thus ended in British possession may  bo snid to have begun iii171)5 when  tho1 Dutch colonists, catching tlicre-  'voltitionary !'fq\-,er, /which* then; - prevailed in Eiirope,": became restive under tlie yoke! of Holland ,nnd revolted. The liritish. sent a'fleet to the  support of tlie Prince of Orange, but  as Holland wns;-manifestly';unable to;  maintain! her restored '������authority, tho  colony //remained practically under  ir.nglisli rule until the Poticu of, A in-,  lens iii 1.R02. Tho -continued Instability of tlio Dutch rule in 1800 led  to- tbo: second occupation by 'Sir;  'David llaird, witli the result, ; us  Hinted, thnt .the Capo hus since ro-  imiliii'd one of Hie premier colonies of ,  the Hritlsh Empire.  Gmiil  >llt|itiltl1ilii:(; Yeur.  According to u London correspondent lust year wus a good shipbuilding year in llr'cat lli-ituin, but thcra  bus boon a noteworthy (liininiilioii In  the iiumlior of warships built for  foreign powers. .The /vessels includ-,:  ed in tliis year's return .nro principnl-  ly for Japan, and nt'tlicVesent moment there are prnrtically ho large  ships;building,for forcign'mtvics: Tim  falling ofl in orders-is attributed to  Dolilical cniisiderations.*    7,!;. THE INDEPENDENT  VAXCOL'VEP., B. C.  Di'imrtiacnt Store fteimrtcc.  "WLvjt are these things'?" usked tho  ciistouAi'.  "Blackboard erasers," said the shopgirl.  ��� "1 don't wnnt anything that- will  ���erase it blackboard. I want a chalk  murk eraser."  "That's what 1 meant These nre  chalk mark erasers. Anything else?"  "Yes. I want some lead pencils."  "We haven't any lead pencils. We  have some woiden cylinders with  graphite on the Inside of tliem. Will  ���they Uo us well?''  If You Could Look  into the future an<J see the  condition to which your  cough, if neglected, will  tring you, you would seek  relief at once���and that  naturally would he through  A STORY OF LINCOLN.  Slinlclnur llniiilii.  At a duel the comhatiinis discharged  tholr jilslols without clioct. whereupon  one of the seconds Interfered and proposed that the duelists should shako  hands. '  To this the other second objected as  unnecessary. '  "Their hands." said he, "have been  shaking this half hour."  Macedonia has a population of about  4.Ulil).(!(iO. Tlircc-I'oiirths are .Christian  and one-fourth Turks. Nearly half aio  of Bulgarian ancestry.  Deafness Cannot Be Cured  by locil application:;, as thoy cannut ronch tho  diooaicd portion at tho our, Tlicio ii onlj- (���uu  way to curo Doublets, and tlmtii by con&lilti.  tioual remedies. Deal'ti��?�� is caused by uu in-  llaiiiL'dcondition of tlio mucous liniiii,'! 1' tiio  llustucliiiiii Tube. Whentlii** lubo geln iatl.ua*  cd you luivo a ruinbliiiff sound or imperfect  hearing, and whou it is entirely closed deafness  is tho losult, and unless tiio iiillaiiiaiiition cun  ho taken out nud this tube restored to it^ normal condition, honring will bo destroyed for  over; nino cased out ot ten tiro ciiu'-'kI by catarrh, wliich is notiiiiiK I.nt aa iiiiluiucd condition of tlio niucoui fitirfiici's.  Mo will irlvo Ono Hundred Dollnra for nny  cusoof Deafness (caused hy catarrh) tlt::tc:'ii��  not bo cured hy Hall's Catarrh Curo. bead for,  circulars, freo.  Address. J'. J. CIIKNEY & CO, Tolodo, O  Sold by Druggists, 7iic.  Hall's Family 'fills aro tho best.  -  n s  SHILOH cures Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,  and all Lung; Troubles.  Cures Coughs and Colds  in a day.. 25 cents.  Guaranteed.   .....  Writs to S. C. Wltixs & Co., Toronto,  Can., for frc-c- trial bottle.  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AJVtV.S LINIMENT in a severe iattick  bl-LnG-vippe, nnd 1 lmve frequently  proveov .it to .be. .very effective iii  cases of Iiillummatibn. v.,  ��� ;���.',��� .. '"��� .'-Yours..: '���;. -'������  ',.: "Hi'liix. ;w. a; iiutchinsoN:  ,.C: Surnioimted;'obstacles^1 not : = only  ;, teiicli, biit; heartcti lis in our'^future  ..struggles; for. virtue must be leiinit;-  , ; thoiigli.'uiifqi'tiiniitely,' : sonic '-[ot". the.  ,;.-';-vicesj'coiho'ns if by: inspiration;:-.������;..���������-I  CANADIAN  SHORT ROUTE    FASTTIME  :>^i^^.^'-;;rtO'^s^;r.-;-i^  yyy^ismm trains y:i'"-.  ���:;Throiig'h;,ilinin��"aJidi"slcepinff,. carsV  to;  :,:, With.:close;connection for Chicago .  '"''lyi. "y. ''I: :'on-a,"/ ctli:.-.'. points^ ' jiiiili.  .Ontario, CJuebcc, Maritime Provinces  iXXyy 'Eastern and V.'esterii'States';"X  lii; ;,'x���".;.:��� unci rPncilic^Coast.���'���;.: il"Xy,  For-Further--.^jiiiorinatioir. apply, toi  any.Canadian Northern Agent:.  V/iniiiposrCity Tickot," TeleBrnph nnd. Freight  olllco, 131 Main. St.   . GEO, H.'SHAW,  ���^���^Tralllo Manacer'r  ly^teLMLXU^iXxiy,*  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  ���'iiilXX.;;[TmVAm��yl;%:S[l  CAUSED    HI-   AN    IMI'UIIE    CONDITION OF THE BLOOD.  Liniments nnd Other Old Fashioned  Hi'iiiedies Will Not Cure���Tho  lilieiiinatic Taint Must He l.'e-  moveil From the lilood.'  The lingering tortures of riieinmi-  lism arc to^i well known to, need descriptions .'but. it is not so well known  thiit luoiiiciil science now -reedynixes,  thai the primary cause .of,rheum.i-  tism is 'impure .or.impoverished liluoil.  Tin; result is that hundreds��� of.'siiiTcr-  ers ajiply external ��� remedies which  cannot possibly;cure tlie trouble. The  only thing that, will really, ciireiheu-  nintism is an iiileriuil .medicine' that  will cnriclrthe blood and free it from  .rheumatic taint. 1.1 The surest, quickest anil mdst.elTective \ytiy. to (lo tliis  is -'to take Ur.: Williams' I'ink I'ills,'  whic.'i nro proved to have cured Iliou-  stitids'of,cases til', rhgiimatism, nniiiy  of them after;all otlier'liiedicines had  failed. : The ciise 'of iU'iv Philip Fer-.  ri.s,v;oiio of. the.,pioneers1of��� South 'Essex, ...Ont., is:-proof, of .'this..' Although  Mr. "Ferris, is .70 .vears' of ;age'-.ho is  as;;Siiiart.as liiaiiy.'iiienof 50. But lie  has not .always enjoyed such good  hc'tillli.;':,JIi-.: Ferris :lias ';the followingto sny, about his illness and cure:  ?'For; fifteen Jy'ciirs:T stin'ot'ed. greatly  from rheumatism:'\ At. times ;1 would,  have severe, pains in theknee's; while  at others thefyuiiv would spread to  my .hips .and shoulders.r 1: tried sev-  oral reniedies" whicli .were of ho 'avail:,  until ;.l> begunusing';, Br.;:Williaiii.s',  I'ink Piils>;'i:ytook: eight ..or; ten;; boxes'  aiid... they;,;" coiii|iletcly;:: eurecK tlie:  trouble,and, I; aiu liowya-SiSiiiart as  many liieninucii younger/pi::-have iv  groat* deal of faitli iii-thp pills for 1  kiiow of other cases where.tliey have,  been :';coually as ;; successful ;';;as ylAn.  liiinii." ��� "'.:.' .i':'X:ii::'yy;:  "Ia)i-.;.Wi 11 imus' IMnk -Pil Is ;makc;new,  ricli,:..'rod blood aiid strengthen:; 'the'  nerves.with'.every- dose.' Tt;isvin tliis  way; thdt}tlioy, cure: such; troiiblcs iis  I'lieiimatisni.: sciatica,' neuralgia"/.. kid-:  ney tiritl liver troubles, .partial paralysis;-; St/ Vitus',:.dance and/crysipehis.  Tlirbugii^'tiieir;:action pnl tlie ;; blood  thiiy restore"'the color to.: pale; ::.'iiid  saU'ow?cheeks: iiiul: cui'o the' ailihoiits  thiit; make::' the i; 1 iycs.Tiv.ofiso'.;;.; inany:  woiiic'i miserable. The genuine.always  have": the vfull :namb '.lllr.? ���Williams'"  Pink Pills, for;Pule'.,People':, on every;  box." Sold by till'dealers, or sent, post;  paid: at ��0 .cents a box or six boxes  for. S12.50 by;ad-dressing the llr. Wil-  liains: Jleilicinc Co..: Brockville,  Out;  The Letter Tlint V.'ns Stolen and tbe  ItiiKca: tYIio Slole It.  Benojat G. .Tayne during most of the  civil yar was tho personal assistant of  Edwin M. Slanton, the famous war  secrciary. One day Lincoln sent'tor  .laync to como to the White House,  "."lly boy," said he, "(here is a letter 1  would like to have you look at."  Jnync picked up the letter and round  ll was from General Dix. It conveyed  the info:minion Unit several Federal  prisoners had escaped from I.lbby prison with the aid ol' Alible Green, a woman famous during tlie war. The letter also said thai, as the fact of Alt-  bie's assistance was well known, she  hml been obliged to lleo from Kleh-  mond and even then was on her way  to Washington ou tho lltig of truce  beat.  "Nuw, my boy," said the president,  "I don't know what I should say lo  any rascal who woulil steal that letter  and have a bill passed through congress to grant tflu.000 to the relief of  Abide Green." Mr. d.'iyne "stele tlie  letter," and the next day both brunches  of congress passed the bill to grant  $10.1)!)!) to Alible Green. Tho following  morning "Honest Abe" sent, for Jayue  again.  "I told you I didn't know what I  should sny," lie said, wilh a twinkle In  his eye. "to the rascal who would steal  Uml letter anil have congress act on it.  Now, I've made np my mind what to  say.    Vou go down to No.   ���  street, get Alibie Green, lake her down  to Chase at the treasury, and don't you  let her go until she get" 'hut money."  COULDiTT WALK  FOR MRS.  Ciuelty lo Lolmtcr.-!.  It is singular Iiow tlu cruel practice  of boiling lobsters alive continues. Our  forefathers ���und Indeed onr parents  ���ict calves bleed slowly to death, ou  tlio theory that In no other way could  while meat be secured, and later on  calves were bled one day and killed the  next. Now, every one knows that a  calf can he killed In a humane manner  iiniMhe veal made Just as good, and,  generally speaking, animals killed for  food liave been put out of the way In  a much more Immune manner than formerly. Hut lobsters nre still tortured  ont of existence, the only difference being that, while formerly they were.exclusively boiled to death, now some are  boiled and somo ure broiled. Whicli  process causes the most ngouy no. ono  can,say.���Exchange.'���'���/'���-'.   ���'.  . MoiioloniuiN Toiipa. ..:.: -. '  If voices were cultivated townrd'.orij  pi'ossioii in speaking as:-weil:as Iii singing.'the" variety of. tone..,Woulil be'very  agreeable to the listener..;Mniiy people  lliiil tlio monotonous tone used iii everyday conversation very ^irritating  rind woiildiinil with delight any method \vhich would tend toward breaking  this, tiresome, sameness.; Even beauty  of lone does uot save this monotony  froni condemnation.. It is like striking  one key of ii nnislear Instrument over,  iind ".over:.1 again;'',' The teaching of elocution should be of aid iii tills direct  tioii or the,practice of. reading, aloud,  striving to give", proper "expression to  each.sentence.y.       "lyXyXyXi.l.X  iyi.  AN AliXMilOR MAN IS THANKFUL  THAT NOV,' HE IS ABLE  TO WORK.  Often Found Himself Unable to Lie  Down Without the Create.st Pain  ���Cured by Dodd's Kidney I'ills.  Arnprior, Out., I?eb. 3.���(Special )-  A very remarkable cure of Backuchu  and Kidney Trouble has just been  brought, to notice ut Basin Depot,  near here.  Wr. .1. ][. Mtirliii suffered for o\er  eighteen years witli Lame Back so  that lie actually couldn't walk or  lie down without enduring tiie most  dreadful pain. He tried many inedi-  ciifs without getting relief, iind was  very much discouraged.  Dodd's Kidney I'ills were recoiu-  iii'Wdid In. him ami he I'oniiiieiiceil a  trciitineiil, and improved \ery fast  from tlie first. As llie treatment  continued the improvement increased  until he was able to go about his  work as well as ever.  Tho theory so often advanced tiint  (lie kidneys are tlie most important  organs of the body and that a large  percentage of the sickness and pain  wliich humanity suffers, is ,lue to  imperfect kidney act ion seems lo lie  nniplv nroven in this particular (use,  for as soon as Dodd's Kidney I'ills  regulated and restored the natural  action of Ihe kidneys all Mr. Martin's troubles left him at once.  -Many rcnmrknblc cures by Hodd's  Kidney I'ills liave been published,  but certainly none as wonderful as  that of Sir. Martin.  lb' has written a long letter giving tlie facts of liis case, and his nn-  iioiinciuient. tlint he was aide to  work- comfortably one'.', moie after  such a prolonged period -of suffering,  lias started people wondering il" there  is any case of Lame Back, Rhciinin-;  tlsra or other Kidney Trouble that  Dodd's Kidney Pills will not cure.  lG2S&��5S>l|  I  X     -��� , i .,.'..j ...u  t  Ct.*>merf1.  HARPiNC  again on our old subject of price.  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An: ignorant,  critic'.    : "���:���.������  man., is a    liiereiless  If   some   men .went as far  pay.;, they, wouldn't:-get far. ���.���;  as' tliey  :: It is iin easy vmattei-   foi-. a police  justice to' get: a lino reputation. ;,.  : Jt. takes a; womnnjs' dearest: friend  to. tell: her; the :. things = :she. doesn't  wnnt to hear; ������ -.���.:,.';���,'���.-.'  ���'���".The."secret' of success  is  coiistiincy  of: lmrposo.���Disraeli. ' ii":V:  Sault Sto. Jlurlo, Owon Sound, Toronto and Hast via Lakes, ]ivn-  day, Tlmrsilay niul Saturday,;...  Tuos,, l'ri., and Sun    .....  'Kontroal, Tomato. iN'ow Vori: and  :  Hast, via all rail, daily.   ...,-.,..  ; Rat l'ortagouudintermodiato points  daily ..".   Uolson, Laodu Ilonnotund lntormo-  '���������'.��� dlalopoints. Tliurs.only .....;..  Porta/ra la l'riilrlcUrfndoii.Culsaiy,  .Nolson and all Kootenay nud  all const points, daily,...........  Portaiio la l'ralno, lliuuilou ami in-  lurmodiiito poiulj daily ascent  ��� biindiiy   Qlmlstono, Kvopaiva, MInucilosii niul  iiitoruiodliito poiata, daily oxcopi  Sunday.......;; .,   Slioiil Lnko, Yorklon and inteiiiieil-  iiilo poinb, Mou.. Wed., uud Fri.  ���������������'. 'J uo3.,'l.'liiirs., ana Sut   Bap il City, llninlota. Jliniota.Tucs.  dny,Thur. anil Sat   -  ��� Won.. Wod.. and Fri. ...-.   Uonloii, lloloraiiio and intormodlato  iio nta daily oxco|,t Sundny  Napiukii, Aliiiiieila and luioriiailiiito  imiiit'i.Uiiilyoicoiit eiuiiliiy iin  liriiudoa ......    ............ .  'lues. Thur., and Sat. .....  Oloniniro, Souils and intormodlato  points, daily oxcopt Sunday , ...  Flpctiono. llostflii, Areola nud lutor  nieiliiite points, Mou., Wod.  ��ud  In. vn IJraiKlon:"..........  Tuoj .Tliur,.aii(l Sat, vin Braudoj  Frobj-,lilro, Ilirsch, llionfuit. Esto  \.in,Tuos���Tliurs.,Sat., viaBranJ  on     ;���.....'...      .. )  '      Tiio*  Thur.. Sat,., via Brandon..  gratiin.bt I'aul ChiCaito,daily ....  West Selkirk, Jion., Wod. and Fri. .  Tuos , Tutirs, and Sat. ....  Btonoftall. Toulon. Tuo-,, Thnr., Sat.  En^wou, Mon ,_Wed���aiidlM,..     .  i, W liUONAIll).  LV  10.00  10.00  .00  ,30  10.30  ', ao  7.S0  7.80  ���I.!0  r.30  oo:  7,C0  !��0  1110  IS so  12 30  0  All,  10.15  10.15  16.00  1S.CC  ll.Sr  '22.00  ^.30  ::.so  .iii  13,11  IS.13  10 OC  18 K  nu  tion Supt,  C. Tf. AlcI'HDHsON.  Uuu Pass, Aft  :; Every licai-t, lias,, its .secret which'  the world knows not; and ofttiines:  we call: a.nni'ii.coldAvlien lie is only;  sad.���Lbngfollowi ''������"���''.":: .'������>���  Minard's Liiiiment Cares Jiplitlicria.  Thomas Hood, the prince of punsters, on being shown a -'portrait, of  himself���": that but faintly resembled  liini,: declared ': that: the iirtist had  perpetrated ii false-Hood.    '  Peevishness :ancl- Sleeplessness: a Sure"  ���)i i- Sign'~:Tliut- I)dby;is: yiiwe'll.'  ���: When babies'.'are restless/cross, or'  peevish: it is- tlie Surest possible sign  of illness.: : Well. babies' sleciLsiiundiy  and are' clieerful:"and playful:''when  awnko.V When baby is "cross too  inany mothers 'gi^o so-called."soothing'-liiedicines, wliic-h,contain opiates' that deaden but\do:not. remove  the /trouble. :w,hnt:. is' ��� wanted is a  medicine "that. will: go.riglit" to ��� the  root.of ::the:'.'trdiible-'aricl''.''iiitiUo,; baby,  sleep well, eat well and be. cheerful.  inva iiaturiil: way.- :,Sucli :.a; liiodiciiie  is Baby's .Own, ��� Tablets,'������''.which"are  sold.under ���.an ���^absbliito, ..Vgunrantce'  "thiit they .contain rieitiier opiates'nor  other.'hai'mfii! drugs.1 J;All ���������"mothers  >yho liave. used tlieni foivtlicir'^.little  ones speak of:thein in terms of;wurni-  est;,;'praise.���'-, JIrs. -"Albert-\ Young,  Stratford; says-;. "Jly'baby,; \vho is  howj.five niontlis,   old," lias 'always  beenvery cross niid.' peevish. She. wus  -ver viscous tip-ivte^^tad^sleepless.^She^  delicate 'lookiiig.'chilil,  1  did  ,1  did  .The greatest pleasure: of life is love:  tlie greatest trensiire, contentiiicnt ;  Uie greatest possession health ; the  greatest ease, sleep ; and the best  medicine, a true friend.  SmiictlifnK.  ."ho Millionaire��� After nil, my money  hnsn t In ought us li ipplness  His Wife���lint It h.is mnde us ob-  JeUs of em ^ ���Life.  Ciimllet. ,  Such cntid'es n^ pi mint litlitlo nre far  less liijuilons lli.'iu f-iiiey inKtuies, ns  they nie mnde b\ slnplj melting sugar  nnd nie without ntuls Aeld In the  piesonee of heitt spills oidmiiiy sugar  Into two forms, de\t oso nnd levuloso.  These aie both ile.ullj sweets nnd much  moie piono to fenueiitatlon than real  sugar. This Is the leason why so many Col,rtsIllp 1S a ffame ln which ft  housewives <annot make good cranber- , p]avs hei hcart agninst d mall s  ryor other Jellj. .     diamond  was a  thin  and ci'ied nenrly nil .the"time  not;know what to do with lier  tried several nibdici nes, but they  her nogood: A friend who had used  Baby's Own Tablets advised' nie to  try tliem. I hid so, and..since using  them baby lias been quite, well, lier  bowels 'arc regular, anil she hns  grown plump and good.nntureil. 1  am,delighted with the Tablets and  keep them on hand all tlie time, and  whenever- baby gets cross and feverish I give her a tablet and she is all  right.'-'   .-���" ��������� \ :���.������'  "���-Tliesii 'Tablets are the best liicili-  cinu in the world for simple fevers,  colic,diarrhoea, all stomach, troubles,  constipation nnd other minor uil-  nients of littlo'ones. . They'.'ure for  children of all ages, iind dissolved in  water, or crushed to a powder mny  be given with absolute safety to the  yoiingest iiifunt. Mothers .who once  ti\ tin in will neiei aflei-wnrds use  nny othei medicine loi then little  one-, bold In all dealei s in muli-  nne oi suit post pnid at '2r> lents a  |io\ h\ addiessing the Ul William-,  Mi'iliunt Co, UiotkMlIc,  Ont  ��� .Tlie'chains.;: of habit -are. generally  toil small ;to bo,feit: till they are too  strong to be,1 lirokcn.���Dr/ .Tolnisonl'  ,  Man hns within him .'capacities'-"of  growth which deserve:.aiid willjCre^:  warrrintense, iinreliixing toil.���Clidii-  ning.:_ ���.-." [iii,."i.yi:    ':'''y;ii:  :Words that burn should be insured.  This suggestion is gratuitously hand-  ccl:.to-spring pools.  -  ���..;���>��� -x    .;  port of u just pride ;  er of elevated opinions ; it i.s a shield  against the tyranny of all the petty  passions; it is tlie repeller of tlie  fool's scoff iind tlie knave's poison.  Six Oils.���Tho mo��t conclusivo tostlmony  repeatedly laid beforo tho public iu tlio coluums  of tho daily pros3, proves that i)r. Thomas' Ec-  loctricOil���an absolutely pure combination of  six of tlio iincst roniedia I oi is in oiisteaco���rera-  ecliosrliouinaticpain, craclicatos nfTectious of  tlio throat and luui^i.aiKi enrol Hies, wouuds,  pore,, lamone-'s, Mires, tumora, burua, und in*  iurioj of horses uud catllo.  Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator becauso thoy know it is a sofo medicine for  thoir : children and aa; effectual expellor of  Worms.'      ���',- -��� iv.   Of  the soldiers  in     the    American  Ciiii war 4S per cent, were farmers.  Tlie average woman speaks her  mind, but she changes lier mind so  often that it keeps her tongue working overtime.  :���'; Tt. is not till after "a niii'n-'-lias' married a. woman that, he hcai-s-her express ;.dny. fears .of:; ''losing; hei' individuality.".    .;':':��� '[y.XX. \;,y. ���;  i    No fi'iniiy liviimiii a bilious country should  bo without Parnieleo's Veijetiiiilo I'ills.  A few  do.-,cs taken now and thou will keen tho liver  ; active clcanso tlio stomach nnflbowols from all  ! bilious matter and prevent Afzne,   Mr. <!. L.  ......���; : :. . :.������������r-'X',iX Price, Shoals, Martin Co., Ind, writes: "I^havo  Where can I pet some of Holloway's Corn   tried a box of Panneico's Pills mid Hnd them  Cure 7 ��� I was entirely cured of my corns by this   tho bo-t medieitio for fever and au tie I havo  reniody and I wish somo moro of it for my   over used."                       .    .  frioads.   So writasilr, J. 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'_'���_���" tury.  : .Tliere :is; this '.difference between  happiness'', and ;wisdom������';����� 'lie. . that  thinks. ;'hi nisei f tlie--happiest mail  really: is' so.': : liiit.hc ..'��������� who'i;.������ thinks  himselftiiq; wisest man, is generally:,  tlie greatest Idol.;,,,-..: ,;::;���;. :.:  If the ai ei age man isn't boi n gieat  oi is unable to ailneve gieatness lie  tues to tin list himself upon it  Minarfl's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc,  is  &: BeardleDc Barley  la prodiRHlly. |irolil!o, jlcld- .  , ing ia lUOlfor .Mr. 'H'elli, i  ' Orleani Co., NcwYorh, 103  : iuslieldpcr tcre. roco well  orcf,nrbcrfl.'; Tliufc paye.  , 20th Century Oats.  Thooat niarrel, proJuoln?.  . fro'n 200 to SIX) bu*. jior ncru.  ' Sulser'rt   Oats   aro . t.*ar- Ia7 ,.   ,..  . muted to j-roilucs cren* B?* fit  ,,_-_jicIJa. The U. S. Af. Ucpt.-fo /&  if/y-cail!i"ihehriL6~veo"~bcitr*^c v*?  '" Thnt puyn."  Three Eared Corn.  .; i'tw toi'JUMi*. lierucre, U i  exu?mclj'pru!lt:tLiitf otpr��- j  tutiirtocspfconi. SnUcr'it |  . lieJjiircdiPoevtirj-wiiera. ���  Marvel Wheat  Jlclilcil Iii 'JO i'taU-6 limycnr  over-10 ^ji, crracie. ll*o alio  ��� lino itiocclebniteit Mnuca*  runl^VJientiWhlchjloldftd  on our Uxcim {yi Ijui, po- not*,  TJiut ruyn.  _   .-:,  '  ���   *���       Spoltr   t.  Oreatcil ct'rual f��nl on  carili���N) bus. grain wjd 4  tout iiinzulllct'iii liaj yer  MIV.   'i'liutpnyj. -; -  Victoria Rape  tnalt-i ft jmjmIMo to grow  - tingi, uliecpnudcitlle at a  . fiostotbuWialb. M&rvct*  oiitlr prollili.'. d.tcd well  everywum'. 'I'hat paj��.  Eromua Inormle.  Jioa won Jt fui crai* of  tbf <\ uturr, l'roduc'*ti(oDi  uflmy nml lot* aud lull of  nmiura��.i twiLic* ))��racrv.  , tlrowit wtiercvcp ion 1$  I fui ml, Hulxt*r*A ttV'l it  T-artanti'l.   'I'lmt puja.  810.00 for 16c.  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Timvai-e,      ;"������  (ini nil enure, Cnlltrv and  (ii'iicral lIiiiiseFnniisliiii��s  Trice  elves.  glit.'' Cull iiml see for your-  JlAI.b OR DEW? receive]" prompt  attention. ."������...���'  iOFTIIEUIIORWORLD  llrculiir  A.MKUICAiV.   ;"  111.,  is to have a  Carnegie  liiliiteil in striking.    There, were 1,S00  painters  com-ernt.il   in  the  strike   nml  in force in I'ilts-  1.-0 a dav in tluil  library anil it will be built' by "scab"  .lubor.       ,''���'     n ���", ',  The union nien .11 .IIoii';i,on ; '.i'c.vas,  have starieil a movement,.Tor' reform'  in municipal nfi'nirs.  Monday of hist week Detroit.. 'I'viio-.  graphical Union 'No. IS celebrated its  golden  aiiniversnry. '  A liill is before, the legislature of  "Kentucky to require the union label  on ull  state printing.    ;  .The Typographical union of l.os Angeles lias exposed a city .printing  scandal through the eonrIs of tluil'  city.;- ���������-".    ������<������;. .;,,..  ,. The.union carpenters, of Duliitli have  given notice that: ou and after May 1  wages for that craft will be :|7i cents  nu hour,.V ..���! "W&ffiS  :.  'J'lie - lauuclry   worker.-yiif,   I'orllaiid.  ; Ore.; ,liqv;;'prepared   a   new    and   improved   wa-jri,'    Ji-al;}   (O  So. in j (J   elTiict  ���Ajiril  !&!-,   ������������' " ���'-;. / v  (?lv*    ' -- " ���'.'    i" ..-'"-'". ��� '.    - ������' ��� _  ���"������ "'I'lie  ilaeknieii's union  oi San   I-rinK  ciseo celebrated ilssccond anniversary  lust,.Saturday night, wilh a .very sue-  cf-sWfut"'ii'iiii. , , ������:  Tl'li<;  bo'dcrnnikers  of   Portland   liayiS  .   been .out ;oii   a   uiuc-hour  sirifse     for  nine months (ind say tliey propose; to  :' stay;unlil they wiu.v  ; .  ,'.'���''��� A���"'.beet'   sugar ��� trust     representing.  Sl'JU.OtKi.OOO   of  capital   is , said   to. be  ��; organized ;to   light ;the  American' Sugar  licl'iiiing Company. "  Organized labor iii St. Joseph, llo.,  lias  nominated  a  city.; tickel: and  on-:  lered this political field iiiideivtlieiiauic  'of the. .United 'Labor party../.        ������������'_}'..  ,1'lie union, woodworkers of Port hind  X are reported to be in excellent eondi-  -Uon and arc working- hard for a uiem-  .-; iicrsliip of 200 by May  1st.   '���,;  ; ; ,,/rhc  lti-nver Ministerial  Alliance1   is  /said to have gone on record as favor-  Vi.iirig; the  freehand '������'unrestrictedndmis-;  .; sion of Chinese to .America. ���  ��  ;       Tiie  Carpenters'    anion of  I'ortlaiid  ���'���'������' lias added ;.dl    new members  recently  ��� . 'iiml. adopted  nvfine, of -?5  for patron  izing any liomnnioii'-biisin'ess.  .' ..;.  --,'.'������ A New.Vork-'court has declared, the  . ciglitrhour law of that    slate.''uncoil-,  siitiitional on tlie ground that a day's  work cannot be limited by law.  ; 1're .ideal  Daniel    llellonuld  of    the  ^^WcJ^ffi^radjOT-iTiTioTi-i^  . ! Ijcmii  in  conference   recently  with  the  ���"Jalior. lenders, in  Sail; l''iiincisco.  The Sailors' union of the "Pacific  has eelcbraied its l.7tn anniversary in  San .l-'ranciseii. Nearly a thousand  men were in line and (lie celebration  \Y)is a great su-jcess,  'J'lic   ���"I'-'Operalivc   cpinniitiee oi  the  Lus Angeles Council of-Liilior' has. nr-  , l-aiiged for .'ill'open liieeling to be held  ,; March 21th  at  which tinu'.  the oivan-  izotion. wiii.jhe. formed. 1.  The I'liiuibi-i's and (ins and Hleaiiv  li'itlers' of .Sun l-'i'aiuiseo recently eel-.  olirnted the yiltli.annivei-snry of their  benevolent  fnileriiiil soi-i.-ty by a Imii;  ��� <|uel  attended by 'J.Vi iiieinln'r-'.  The"' liphols-lerers' union of Sun  IVuin-isi'iv . hns . sent ���their', biisiiiess  agent through I'orl.land, where lie or-  gunized a new union of thai craft  with thirty members. -I'liey expect to  run  Iho membership np to 1(10.  The painters' strike in Tittsbiu-g  'was. settled last Saturday, a. complete  .victory for the painters, who are at  work now on a '10-cont schedule.- The  painters struck for this and upon the  .: 'accession of tlie ���bosses to , the ;':de-.  luaiids, liicy returned to work 'villi  Ihe ' same   unanimity   tliey   had  ex-:  The jury rendered a verdict of guilty,  with a strong recommendation to  mercy.  The ship carpenters of Slontreal  have iisked for ihe abolition of Sunday work and an increase of pny.  JloiUrcai stonemasons have niade a  demand for a minimum wane of "0  emus an hour lo go into effect mi liny  as the S-lioui- day i  burg, painters get S  city.  The Supreme Court uf the. Slide of  California has sustained tin.1' lower  court in the nun ter of the right of  the board of supervisors to. let the  city priniinu lo a union firm, 'although  ii. wns  not   the  lowest bidder.  The I'ortlaiid 'council of lnbor is  taking' the initiative in* thei formation  of a stale**lalior federation: for Oregon. It is ciinsiilering a propositioii  to donate SilO to defray the e.\|ienses  of au organizer,to canvass the state.  The J.aboi-. Clarion, the new_oilicial  organ of the San i'i'aiiciKco"ebuncil  of labor, is in charge of W, ,1. I)  MaeUay. a well-known triules unioni.-  who i- a member of tlie Sailors' i -  ion nnd was for- many yours edito/ .if  I ho Coast Seaman's ���.lournal.  It i,3' said that- all .the. Chineso in  Los ,4;icele,s have liecn assessed SI >"  help.swell the fund Ji.eing raised to  light the exclusioii law; ajjcl thai all  i.vlH>"hiive. not .paid by {he close .of  feliviui's on Qliim.iss fe' V'-nt' .'.>n'c!'c  requii-eii lo pay 81 .iiO',eaeli.,',::('������ ���:������  The bakers of .Taconia recently re-;,  organizeii and sciJiired a; new: scale  though'! it required ii vei-ysliort strike  tfiulo it. Foremen now, receive ��25  per week, in the larger'! plnees.. and  S'2'2 and g20 in the others; sei-md  liancls, Sisr.and bench hands Slti.i,���  .t. P. Grimes, oi the executive coiu-  miltee of the I'.rothei'hood of .'C'arpen-  iers and ���luinersof America, has been  in:Ran J-'rancisco so.'ie lime adjusting  ihexlillicidly: L^yocii the Building  Trades- Coi/r-il and the local, union of  the eiii.-enters, fWhich has'"��� petitioned  j itgii.::.ist its^ treat ment. ������'."',���".;.'.'  '!.The.-Congress Gold .Mining Company  of Congress,' Ariz... .has locked out a  number of men foi' joining the new  union of miners, formed at- that, place.  It is altogether likely the . Western  Federation-of lliners will uiako il exceedingly" int cresting: for this company  before it * gets through With its attempt u: "suspend the rights of eilizcn-  "ship in. Arizona.,'���'"���',:'���,.  The Western Labor Union has sent  out circulars*; warning the people of  the: Western and lliddle Stales that  working people who emigrate to 31 milium',' Idaho, .Washington and ,- oilier  western states will, find! the pleusant  tales of the Iranspiirtution company  =to-be-piire--fabi-icatiiiiis.=4l.'liei-eirc.iiUui  says; that the entire eniintry has in. all  I'Hii-U of it hundreils of nble-bodied  niid indust.rioiis' people begging for a  chance to earn  a  living.  The iron 'trades of Quebec Cily are  very nciive. The refilling of passenger and tug boats being the chief  cause.  '.The building trades,,of St. .lolin. N.  I'.., continue busy, the mild weather  enabling bricklayers to carry on their  work  successfully. ;��� -  The weavers of . .Slierbrouk, tjue..  have had tlieir wages increased 10 per  cent; This was accomplished on a  threaleiied  strike.  The cignrinakers of Montreal state  that tlie demand for labels is increasing, owing In the extensive" advertising-done liy the union.  The shingle sawyers nnd buneliers of  St. John, N.H.. have organized vu  union uml contemplate aliiliation with  the American Vcderution of Labor in  the near future.  The Labor Gazette for Mai-cli says  thai niilwiiy nien al Ottawa liave had  all they conld do, and no objections  liave been heard on account of hick  of work from ihis-quarter.  ���lolin IV- Coiililiard, of Clearwater.  Man., who was. refused reinstatement  afier the C. I'. IL traeknien's slrike  last summer, has been tnkeii on again  and is now at work as pumper.  -Tho-coppers"'in several eilics in Or.-  I'nrio are' complaining pi (he falling-  nli-.-in the demand for barrels. Thoy  claim tlie cause is due to the prohibition agitation now going oil-tliere.  fie painters of Quebee have oi'giin-  i d and have intimated to the bosses  ' .7itt.:nn increase of from 10 to 15 per  eni. will be expected;.of them for the  coming season's work. There; is liable, to be trouble.;  Al Kingston, OiiL, potatoes are SI  a bag. eggs "MO cents a dozen, pork 11  and 12 cents a pound, butter 22 to 25  cents a pound, coal ��(i.25 a ton. Laborers' wages are 1)0 cents to 81.10 a  day of .10 hour's.    No .union.  .The Amalgamated Sliced 3lelul  Workers' union has submitted a new  schedule to the master plumbers aiid  roofers of Jlontrcnl. ,'I'liey ask for a  ininiiniim scule of ivages of 20 cents,  ill! IiO!!!',  wilh  li I'fiy l!.a,v ;every.-;Sat-  urday. ,..";. Xl-i "y .'���  : Street railway ��� employees of Wniillt'  ion.- Out-, .receive 15 eeiils ail hour,  and soiiic hundred . men find over a i'ii  steadily employcc-i'l.',-. Tlie vt>K-iil ,irou-  lile over the- dismissal of two nien has  beeii adjns.led Satisfactorily to all  coiicei'iied.:::- :,..'.'���������':... ;,:;-'!  '��� The .llinoi-s' union, of Nanaiino, re  the Kiuiiloops' labor coiiveniion decided thai ; the iihioil should not participate in the, proposed ..assembly.' as lo.  go inknpolitics. it- holds -would not be  conducive.: to llie bes{'interests "of the  organizatioi:.'    '"������,'  At North Sydney, N.S.,' the- Cape  I'lreton!I'rick Coiiipany,'wilh'a ��50,000  plant; lhat :wilL turn out .1,000 !bricks  an hour, is spoken of ns an enterprise  whicli will be unilerlaken shortly.:. A  biusi: furnace is -also projected, says  the Labor Gazette. . r : ...  ." A iiicoting of the ilirectors of the  Sliei-brooli . , (Que.) Cigar ��� Gompniiy.  wliich was started, two. years ago by  union "i'riiiiii was 'held ; recently. The  directors were, all re-elected. . The af-:  fuirs of: the colii|iany are in -a most  satisfactory condiiioii.: ���-;  -The union bakers of, Ottawa have  been���''protesting against a proposed  change in the Ontario Inw whicli pro-  hi-l.iltjSiinda^J^ork. The muster,bak-  were cinjiloycd. Fourteen unions nre  represented in the council, several of  them have made or contemplate making demands for increased wages or  reduction of hours, including the  piiiutors, carpenters, bricklayers and  lathers, consequently this may prove  to lie a very important step.  At the most repi-esentalive meeting  of carpenters ever held at London,  Out., recently, it wns resolved to iu-  aiigiiruie ihe eight-hour day this  spring, nnd nsk for an inerense in  wages, 'llie bricklayers-ami masons  and the builders' laborers already  lmve the.��� eight-hour day  in  that city.  The Winnipeg Lnbor party has resolved, thoiiL'h disapproving of the  action oi the provincial government  in referring the liquor iu-'l to a vote  of the people after it had received the  assent of the lieutenant-governor, to  urge tlie voters to east their ballots  as conscience directs, on April 2jid.    .  The net prol'us of the Crow's Nest  Coul Coiiipany last year, after paying  all operating expenses and other  charges amounted to ?270,S1S, paying  dividends at the rule of 10 per cent,  per milium."and leaving n balance of  ���yS.I-12 to carry forwanl. The number of men employed during llie year  was  i:H2.    '.'... '���'.      �� ,  TO GO INTO 1'OLITICS.  ��� ���The miners of Great IVitnin hnve  voted to go into politics.1' They will  levy an assessment that will bring, in  nearly SI00.000 a year for such purpose. They will iioiuiuale ciuididiues  for parliament iu JIT districts, where  they stand un excellent 'opportunity  of el.-cling their men.  The 'carpenters, machinists, general  laborers; railway employees and other  large organizations have also, voteil.  lo assess themselves and accumulate  funds to fight- for representation in  piii'Sinnicnt'i ,  The movement.- is spreading all over  the linited Kingdom. The ililTerent  trades will perfect- alliances with the  socialist parlies iind all .bear their  proportion of expenses.' Literature  bearing on tlie laboi quesiion will be  scattered broadcii's! and uicclinus in-  ranged everywhere... .-, -  The recent- t'.ecisiou of: the house of  lords, according, to which capitalists  are given the right to obtain damages! from unions : for losses ,incurred  in strikes and boycotts, and' the surprising' gains made by" the.: unipii-so-  cialist" combine in the Dewsbiiry/dis-  'Iriiitiaas well as o'tKer imporlniit..developments, are spurring;, the;.'stiirdy  .Knglish: woi'lierspuwnrd as nothing  t'lse luis for years,     .--.-;.   sAi-i, '.'���  YOU'LL NEED MEAT ,|:  Before Ions now.   The best heaters^nig^e ���',.  * 66  M^  ���the cheapest tQ buy and the most economical to iise are the  ^I^S^i l"% W<jVIR-TIGHTS AND  ^rBlF-��je7 BASE   BURNERS.  made by the McClary Mfg. Co.  1,126 Hastings St.  SOJ.E AGENT     .  A.  A  ��� '  M-u-r-a-i-6.  This hlffh Brado WALiL FINISH .is ln-  jfi-eater demnnil tllils yeur than evor.  BECAUSH   lt  mixes   easier,   works  easier, looks bottoi-   nnd   lasts loiifiw-  than any other llnlsh iiuinufibctured.  Ask for the l>est and the best is MUIIT.L.O.  'aiudc hi twoiay-four shades and white.  .-'-'-.-. . Sole Agents,  MlcLenoan,  McFeely & C��^.  Phone 44.  ��� 122 Cordova Street., Vancouver, U.C.  Phone 3063.  SPRING   CLOTHING   FOR  MEN'AND YOUTHS^^>  He .will lie a \vell dressed man or youth'''who wears our CLOTHING  this spring.:' ��� \ ���  l^X I'X -j  -Well dressed in every sense of the word���excellent  materials-  excellent colors and patterns���excellent workmanship���excellent fit.  That is as near Tiert'eetion ia Clothlns' as lt is possible to get.  ���MEN'S -SUITS RANGE FROM $G.50 to S20.  .r'TOUTHS'.'SUITS RANGE   FROM $0. to 51U.30.  ���SOHN&TON, KERfO��T i* CO.  || 10+ and 106 Cordova SI rcct.  a Trunk Slorc 127 Maslinjs St., 0|i|i. Wm. Ral|)h's.  KELLY, WUGLAS & CO.  ������ :D: in iji I   WHOLESALE;GROCERS,  Cordova and "Water Streets,; -   Vancouver, B. C.  J: ^W Headquarters for  Domestic and Bni-  JiortcdCJ^ar* and Smoking Sundries.  CutSe;iisa'S^vcr ���c'aEE-  \  CANADIAN.  ���'I'Iip������Jloiiclini- (N.li.), molders' strilie  is  not yet  settled.     ' . ...   '  , Tin! C.T.It. shops nl StVatford, Out.,  work M hours a" weelt. ���' '"'-'.,- '��� "'��� %:'  The Sinn of S'iOO'lias been voted liy  the Xiiuaiiiio .miners for..tlio. relief of  the loeKerl out riiiiuei's at Alnxandria.  ���' Tlio I'ninters'-''.union, of T.oud.'in.  Out., hnve asked for 2i}e, per hour as  (he senle of wimes for this yen'r. to  'j-o into "IVeet. April  1st.       '������/���'  ���Carpenters who do not liiive a union enrd had Letter Keep nwny from  Saiille Ste. Alnrie; that is the Iirst  Ihinu" demanded tliere'Of 'a enrpenler  seeking-a .'joli.  At- the. Kiiuf-ton. Oiit., sprine; i-s-  sizes, Imiiitr .jili-t held, the first ease  was that, of'the King'vs. John llay.-s  of Arilen;,''\vho\\vns eliarged with Inter-,  ferine: with and intimidating trucli-  incn nt At-flendnlc,,station,'.; on June  2S, IIIOI, during' the Canadian I'acilie  Railway strilie, A day and a half  was spent in    considering   the   ease.  Niiulays, 1ml  oi-s want flic Inw amended to perniil.  them to employ men on  the journeymen .objected;  ' The Carpenters' and .Joiners' union  of .Halifax, N.S., lias demanded of the  Jlnster Guilders' association nn.: increase, of,three cenls an hour on the  pi'OMMit rule oft. ��2 cents ihinimnm.io.  the wuei's of earpenters and jiiiuers,  the suiue  to  tnlic el'feel on  June .1st.  next. ."'.-.������".  ..Alex. Cniiipliell, of I'einhrolie. luis  been eleeleil n, iniiuber oT ihe protective board for the -eii'-tern division  of t'he C-. .1". M-; a mnn of whom..Mr.  Lowe spcalis in terms of high ei'.whi,  foiinilod upon a ^0 years' ncpiiint-  nni'esliip inrond work nud I'lTorts to  help  liis  fellows...  The Tailors' union, of Lomlon. Onl.,  hns presented a new senle of prices to  the bosses, wliich hns been signed, It  iiieiins an increase of from Ml to i���i  per rent.-nil "round..' Kvery union tailor in'thai .city is receiving tlie union  scale; n number' of non-union tailors  wurlt below  it  in  in ii-iou.i'i slmiis.-.--  The Building Trades'Council of. Toronto*'has resolved thai afier May I-  members of the unions belonging to  the building trades .'would-refuse' to  work on  jobs   where   non-union   men  'y.ii" ., Til 10 ilACllINiSTS.tJV .  'Ve are rei|iiested to aiiiioiince, that'  "ilie' daily newspaper reports io'-' the of-'  feel, that llie���maeiiiuests'Vslrike al Sail  I'rniiciseo :anil in aiie: Allis;Chaluiers  Works, Chieago, are;off are absolutely:  false. , Jl iiehinesls: are. .also "Urged .to  purchase no tools liianiifaeliired by. the  Urown it Sharp: Tool '&>���, of i'i'ovi-.  deuce, U. I...and to reinain awny, from  l-liiP foi lowing, pinccs: San.: l-'riihciseo,  Denver. Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, ,;St-.;  Lilians, Vi-: Rock i'alls. 111.:.U'iisliing-  ton, Ind.; Southern .Itailway System^  Alexandria, , ���', Rielimonil, :.'..: Salisbury,;  Knoxville, Colunibiis. Ch.nrleston; l>ir-  minghaiii, ilemphis, Selnia,';-Atlanta;  Jli-ircon. Alsosstiiy away':Trom Cle-  buriie, 'I'ex.;; S|iringficld, : jMo. ;'aiicl  rrankliii, Pa. JJespile all .obstacles,:  the nien of the uincliihcsis-":H'riii'le:.'ui:e'  enforcing the shorter workdayf ,  i  '  :.: . Just!! now ,we:Jiave!^ some; special of-,  terings in TableCutlery ol'all kinds, ";  pinner:;-  and'^Dessert'.-.Knives ������  and  Forik3.s;.::;';; ���: ���"���y:Xi.;,  ''"yiyxyy.. ���  Tea.^Dliiner'aiul Dessert Spoons, ana  a 'full iine'oC.CARVERS.;:y-iy-yy- iyii  :i!TJiis:is:a retoi-OuUerysnaTi..;   iiiy-.x-:  r< g."bijcsianaK1^ c��.  ���I' "yi ciiocKEiiv axu uoesE rriisisiiixosr   .';;  Teloi>lioiie i)iti.X:i.. .','"''-.;��� ���.:'MHastings Street.  yi -���;���' TH 1'i.GAltJi liNT;TRA 1)E. yi ,  Since (lie introduction of. the Clar-  inenl Workers' Union in- Wiiihipeg.: the.  manufacture .of "garments with the la-.  bel.-"pf. fair, conditions .thereon -has'  grown gradually until, iiow it is one  of the leading manufacturing,, indus-,  tries in the city. The Hoover !JIanii-  :l'ac,tiifi!igi=Company--=liavo==iiicreasecb  froni lime to time their stnl'f So us to  'keep..up with the demand* for the  goods,- and lioiv.'they have: secured the  second Iloor of, Ihe illnlv bliicl;. giving  lliciiicj two" largo Hats, ,'l'lie presenl  lloor will be- turned into a; miiiiiifiu.-  tiiving Hat, and 'JO ..more; machines  added ;-4,v.-!i:ch-v.-il!-gi,v:eiiu!!|'.'lo,\u;!.e,!!ldo,i;i  70 hands. The second .'hit .Will cony  lain the olliees, siiniple rop.l.ii. stoelc  and shipping depnrtnieiits. The company manufacture. ! oyernllsi piiiils,  shirts and Miioeks.���Winnif eg Voice. .  ^ �� 0 ����� ����������<��������-��<�� O"*t"&&0&'&-  '  "ylyJl    '.nyyiiiiil'^XiyyiiyiyX:^  :wi^tig\<hyyiyyixt.  ;Citizens:of Yancduveri^'  >-^Prosperous;;;;--i ;:x^  :':New, Year^>;:;;' iy yM*  ���--wo-iigain :'Wiint!it;;known;- thnt 9  we lire still doing; businessyaV.the 9  old stiind aiid invito:you;;to':niiike J  '���us:a'e:ill.::v,::;;::;'Y.--;.,;-,-;-.v'-^:/;:;v:/.v ���;;���.;:;���?:  yGciprices, noto;n"ality;;aiid:,bc Q  linppy fordu02  ��� ":  9  JIcDonkli. A Simi-son Pioprictors.  AI.K. 1'. J.1MCO BlllgL Milliliter  iji": Week-Commencing-  Monday, Next  Artistic and Refined Vaudeville.'  ;       EVERY ACT A FEATURE.  . . MASK.'' A M'111'l.ll.TY Or . .  "���y   Dewor's specid liw jiso ���.-  iyO;   lisncr's-BiOGk Lonei Liqueur wnisK^^  iy'liy;     . -large btock of���  y    IMPOHTED ANIi IidliKbTIO  ��� Cigars..  R/B. Mullilgan it Co.," Props.-.  ;  .;     C'obnzk Cordova and CARHAtL.  FORD'S  Tel. T25.   25 Mastiiig5  Sl.:.C.'-v'-.t  ^^���^������<m��^^*o- ��X>&&*<9:9>  Till. further notice w6  ;.:.:'��� will sell    ".���...������:  I Watches at  ���.  Per Cent."\  ���\5.  I  ������ .-���.���:...      .-,1  .-"Less.than any advertised.price;^  $,"ot any otlier store in the elty;       ^  |:��avi��&��n BR��&.,;';|  '4 'Tbe Jewelers.    ' "^j-  :\i ; 9  ,-'   mi:, .mawdslkv hKA\).  The Kiiglish innils arr'ving lliis week  brought news of the i{enlh of .liinies  !Ma\vdsley, for iiiiiny years one of the  forenio.-'l labor lenders ��� of: ��� l-Inglaiid,  sharing eipuil honors in that 'respect  with John Hums' niul Keir llnnlie.'  The intelligence..,'*** received with regret among tredes unionists here, 31 r.  Mawdslcy made his repiilnfion as general seeret-wiry of the Aninlganiiitod  Soeiley of flperalivn Cotton Spinners.  .'���',;:���--;���'-..,���'-;.;'..'���.'; The Hint  Is    the   new . saloon   at! the   corner  of Carrall and Hastings, streets.   Case  goods are Uie begt, and  the prices 0. K.  Seattle Rainier beer, 5 cents.   ! ,;     ; ,  The"  000���)OCX300000f3COOOOCX300000g  5 Havlug Die Only Uti-io-Dalo Orlll Kooin o  X In 11. 0. which in itself is u"guarantee g  fl   of a Firnt-Claan Hotel anil Rentiiurant ��� ���   0  gooo<x>oo(X>ooooooooooooooo5  ���  ;  : Seymour Streeet,  ,--; VanconvcrS    Pioneer    Clothes      <&-  :':���. Kcnovuior, makes a  suit nuv.      jZx~  X Dyeing and Kcpfliiiiig. ^,  210 Camuib St., Vaxxu'vkk. JtK  Tel. MO���Lnundiy.  Tel. llTli���Blanch.  The Launderi.ig;  of CoSIafsS  tVo hnve lilio most perfect  -'! CQUipnicnt for _L,ui.ndcrlii!r Col-  "lars���the    latest    known    oollai-  niaelilne oper.ite-tl by an ex',1011  .laundering collars that havo  l-beou   proi'loualy     w-i.siie.l   iili'o-  lutely clean "and   mm chid just  rlulit.  Flint's Dyspepsia Tablet! are: guar-,  nnued to restore failing appetite and  correct any kind ot" stomach trouble.  SO: c. boir:   McDowell, AtklnB.. Watson  5i_S35  Steam Laundry  Phon-k 3-1(1. 010- fll^RiCH.Mins St;  DOM'.NTO\V.V Ol'I'ICE,  Nl). -I AlICAIlB.  WHITt   IIUP'-ONLY. . ������<  For tho next 30 days you .can got a suit af  your own price at  \;.   .,���:.;:  ���'..���: ,-XHE'?;';,^GTs4E^;.^;.  To introduce out new syntem ol UiUtlLt ��"*-���!  lore our Fall Stock anlves:;:        :. I  1 Cooroi* St.  C t. Holland, Cutter


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