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The Independent Oct 26, 1901

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 6  SUBSCRIPTION $1.25 A YEAR  Wage-earners should sub-  uoribe, becauso this .paper  o  is published ias theln organ.  VOL. 4.  6  I!. C. PEI131.1i\l'!tT WAX AA0  ������ mm co.  Authorized Capital    -   ?10,0O0,00O  biiliM-nliL'il Ciiintul   -   -    l,6JU,uoo  Assulk uvur    ...      ���        3UO,ro?  Head Office. Kit Cambie Street, Vau ���  couver, 11. C.  VANCOUVER, B. C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1901.  " IT GUILTY."  In accordiuioe with the change of  venue In the inahermen's trial asked  lor by 'the-prosecuting lawyer and  Bxanted. by Judge Drake the case of  Ilex vs. Opeaga et oil. was dlsposed; of  ' oi New "Westminster oit Thursday.  !Hio crown had sought in vain for a  conviction of the prisoners, but failed  - to accomplish Its purpose.    The jury  ���    flKinel -were:   lt. Mllburn, Jas. Mounce,  KSeo. McCallum, Joseph Marshall, Hazel  MciGar, Duncan McRne, "William Murray; Joseph Mills, Doniild' McKay, M.  J>.. Morrison,   Reoderldk,  McCrimjmon  and Jas. Mluhaud.   Ewen Martin was  chbscn foreman.'' Mr. 'Macdonell, counsel (or the aooused, iitade a brilliant  Bpeetih to the jury, and pointed out that  the question  for  tlielr  determination  ���was whether there had been a con-  ,.    splrtucy on the part of tlie   accused,  wHilcSi prevented, the Jap complainants  : from fishing.  He said that a man was  tetter tried in the place where he was  ���'taiown, as the jury there was in a better position to fairly weiglh the testi-  /mony of the ilccuseidi.  He had not placed the two Philippines    in    the box.  "Taylor on Evidence" laid it down ex-  - ipllcitly that the evidence of. foreigners  was to be weighed -with' considerable  discretion; and as he refrained from  asking tliem to hearken to the Phillp-  p&no accused', so would he ask them to  ibear a like disposition In considering  iihe evidence of, the complainant Japs.  Taylor also put lt as a pteceipt that the  testimbny of. police oilieers was open  na the closest scrutiny,' their anxiety  to secure a conviction leading;them  into an exaggerated exposition of those  tpolnts wihlch worked to','the disadvantage of the prisoners. The only duniag-  ung evidence against the accused was  that of Johnson  and Campbell,  who  said that Forrest pulled a reivoKer.   If  that were true Forrest wis subject to  ni iflne under tha statute.    The Japs,  ibowever, were not afraid.  One of them  .so stated.in the.box.   They were not  afraid] of white men.   In fact, he said,  (they -went out (that night    to catch  Trhlte men.  He held that the only ver-  jfitet which they could Iind]under��� the  .evidence was; one of not guilty.  Accordingly the jury returned, a verdict of "not guilty," after * quite' a  lengthy  deliberation.  It Is expected tihat IMr. Bowser will  ask for another dhange of venue,, and  In tho meantime ihav-e the prisoners  sent back to jail till tihe next assizes,.  The sympathy of the public seems to  Ibe .entirely against the tactics of the  .(prosecution.:     '  th't every effort should  bo made to  nuiiitaln unlblemlshed.    Yet, if condl-  tlo.is are 'to be , penpetr.tted! whereby  certain classes of the community have  just grounds to believe that they cannot look for Justice from the law officers of the Crown, frequent and disastrous breaches of the 'law-may 'be anticipated.  The invarialble result of unjust administration of tl\e law. Is tlie  creation of contempt for, ana isolation  of, the law iby those unjustly treated.  ���Nothing more fatal to the well-being of  this   province  can   be   Imagined   than  the (perpetuation of conditions ���which  maike manifest to a large proportion of  our population that, under certain circumstances,    they   cannot   hope   for  a just and impartial enforcement of the  law of the lan'd.   XVe ihave only to turn  to the United  States  for    convincing  proof of the tiutli cf our contention.���  Inland .Sentinel.  NO.  o.  [MRATIOtf DISCUSSED.  A SERIOUS MZHNAJOE.  _A. serious menace to the peace and  'Good, order of. society ln BrltlsQi Colum-  Wa Is occasioned by the inequitable  .  administration ot justice    which  has  tana ell too common of late.   The chief  'bSame for tliis condition of affairs: must  ot course toe placed- upon Attorney-  <Jemeral (Eberts, but the apathy dlsplny-  , ��d by the public is a contfibutary factor..' Instances of- this failure to en-  force impartial administration of the  law of the land'wiere noted1 iby us during1 the strike of the C. P. R. track-  ���  men.   Further instances of a flagrant  character were made public at'Rossland in the course, af.proceedings'arising out of 'the miners', strike.   Again,  ���during the strike of the Fraser river  _SS!iernien.gross.albus<is_on,the_part_of  cannerymen and-.; their Japanese  employees .were permitted by the authorities, though/the slightest Infraction of  tiie law:iby a white fisherman was visited with the utmost severity prciviided  9>y the law.; We havo.been reminded  F1RIEST A*S. ARCHBISHOP.  JFatiier McGrady, at the present time  the most valiant ecclesiastical champion; of popular rights in this United  States, has issued the (following chal-  lence to the Arohlblshop of New Toi*.  It' is to bo hoped that the challenge  will be accepted1, because- the question  at issue between these hlglh' officers > of  the Catholic church is one that Is badly In need*of a little elucidation:  An Open Letter.  .To; tlie   Most' Rev. M.  A. Corrigan,  Archblsihop of New Yoric.  Your Grace:   While sincerely grieving over the murder of President McKlnley with the great body of socialists in America,  I cannot, In justice  to the truth, pass by the unfair inference of your letter of the 14th inst.,  which is, in a sense, a public document  by reason of its wide diffusion in the  dally: paper.   To the average reader of  that letter"you seem to implicate socialism in the crime against the1 president when you request your clergy "to  ���impress on the faithful   the constant  teachings of bur holy father,Leo'XIII.,  against    the errors   of socialism."  .1,  therefore respectfullj*''Challenge your  grace to show wherein socialism errs.  The Catholic church championed socialism for' four hunkired years���"', until  capitalism succeeded: in winning; the  high ipl__S"airid~poured its; corrupting  gold, into her coffers.   The Pope's encyclical has no dogmatic value in view  of the faot that it Is not the (work of  Leo XIII,, proclaiming a doctrine of  faith and morals, ibut merely the opinion of Joachim iPeccl as a writer on  social economics.    iMy   love    for the  Catholic church is too profound to allow me'toIkeep,silent when sudh a distinguished representative as the lowly  Nazareno condemns a righteous movement for the liberation of the tolling  masses from tbe bondage of industrial  serfdom.   I -will go to New York and  pay rent ot the hall on any date it may  suit your grace's convenience to debate  this vital question." Trusting*, that your  grace will not dhirk the issue, I am,  respectlflu'lly yours,      T. MoGRADY,  Pastor of St. Anthony's church, Bele-  Ivue, Ivy.  ;'; Mr. R. Smith, M. P., at the request of  the Miners' Union at Extension, met  them in their hall Tuesday nigfat. He  said,that so far as Nanaimo men were  concerned eveiything had been  done  that could be reasonably exipetoted1 to  bring this about, .but: for some time It  hadbeen the opinion of Nturialmo: men  that; the pioper,course to pursue'.was  that; any/ disposition    for ������:��� a general  union ought to'spring frbnv the. South  Wellington amd Exten-aion: mlnere, as  So; inuch^'had.,been 'dote;:to ;help .tliem  organiize'.and the Nanalino' nidners all  the;'time:���were'charged with trying tb  ma'ketrou'ble -for" -the, ,.coni_>any7;7 He  tliougiht that 'this ;wasthe^ proper way,-  but-did not wish to, pusri; the "matter.  [ Of course,- after- -their unanimous/ feeling .haki been ex-pressed.'iii,favor of,the  nioveiiierit,; he' 'was willing, to, help in  any:.' way ; thaf; -the   :Nariaimb;/union  thoiiglht he should. ���*Mr. "Sinlth1 'blamed  them tor not 'taking adyanta^re; of!; the  proyisloh in the. cool mines act for miirie  Inspection.   Eor many yeara/they had  done nothing in ttiisrespeot, wihilst the  management had declared to readiness  to '.lianre..' this; inspection ; carried .:but.  The' first thing.to do was to;exercise  the./power ,'they: already,: had,; .and ;if  tihey were.not disposed to do so, they  could,.not reasonably .complain/about  the" companies.;;; The7;wlhole;  of>'M<r.  Smith's :speecih was. a- strong, aippeal to  the ^Extension - men/to -exercise :"great  care:in,their business, .no't; to';;be-'.car-:  ried away by loud-mouthed statements  of.opinions, ��� but to- so: act that :if; a  struggle : came/; they.;.would1'. have ���, the^  support of ��� the public; in /'the, matter.  After every talr method .'had; been -tried,  If any tyaianny ;or/unfairness still existed, .then .he /himself 7vas/ready' to  mete out what they-were. compelled to  receive 'without:.reason.;iii-. i'l  ; :Mr.;SmittiTvent to South'. WeHiiigton,  where . he /again discussed'; the ^federation/' question;��� by: invitation, .of;/'.the'  Alexandra.' Miners' ;union.V��� There was a  yeiy'iS^e'atteM  wasimostsatisfaotory..^:1'.   yyiy'lX  ���G-uigan and Ed. Cozens, of the street  railway men, and Messrs. Tltflfell and  Watts, two old Winnipeg friends, and  J. XV. Cole.  of this growing evil by the recent trial  ���'  ut Vancoulver of certain.wliite llsher-  anen charged, with the pcrpetrallon of  Illegal acts during the strike.    These  men, innocent until proved guilty, were  stigmatized lis thieves and bad. ohur-  ncter-H ���-��� generally,   Iby    tlie   presiding  'iudge,  who Is. also reiwrted  to  have  indulged In wholesale denunciation of  tmdes   unions. ; Though , found "not  .eruilty" of the,principal cliarges pref'ii-  red against them, these men were held  for trial on nil nor counts, 'bail being recused, und to add to the injustice of  tholr treatment.iby 'the; lavir ofllcers,  they were remo<ved from Vancouver to  the Jail at New Westminster In a puib-  ik*    conveyance    heavily;;. manacled.  British Columbians are an exceptionally laiw-aWding people.   Lawless   con-  t  duct on the part of strikers Is practlc-  nlly unQcnown, except wihere men have  been aggravated beyond endurance by  the lawless conduct of their employers.  ^TOa reputation Is a proud one, and1 one  LETTER' CARRIERS' GRIEVANCE.  Tlie executive conunitte of the Winnipeg Trades.,an*_f :La'bor council reported at its last meeting, recommending the following resolution in connection with the post ofllee trouble: "That  the Winnipeg Trades and Labor council desires to bring to the notice of  the postmaster-geiiei-al_that_Witinipeg  letter carriers halve been asked to do  work outside'thlr own department in  addition to their regular duties, without receiving extra remuneration therefor, this council placed itself on record  as favoring a system of payment of  overtime for all woilk executed by letter carriers outside of their prescribed  NO USE FOR SCABS.      .,  ���Among the oldest miners'. ,unions';6n  the Pacific coast are those of Virginia  and Gold Hill, Nevada.   Tliey, were organized away. bacQc in the sixties.; The  rate of wages paid over twenty yeais  oso is still paid'<there, and the'Nelson  Tribune  Is still of  the opinion   that  there has ibeen no ohange of ivages in  Virginia or Gold Hill for over a quar-  ,ter, of a century.  There are no "scabs"  employed in the many mines on the famous Conistock lode, .and'.there never  has been any."..This, is entirely contrary to the vaponngs of some of the  mine managers in Kootenay, who profess to believe that no maitter what  the wages paid, union mine workers  would nelver cease   making-  fresh demands.    The trouble  with  too many  mine managers in Kootenay is that  they taiow little albout mines and nothing whatever albout mine workers' organizations, says an .exaKange.  LAID AT REST.  OPPOSED TO PARTYISM.  Mr. J.  H.  Kerr, in  addressing the  Liberal .association :In   this city the  other night,.opposed the introduction of  party lines into local politics.    What  was wanted, was an ideal form of government, and this was not to be had  from a party/government,, because it  savored too much'of machine politics.  It was quite, moticealble, that whenever  a great question came up, affecting the  standing, of the nation, the question of  partylsm was generally, ignored by tlis;  ���leaders.';-; '���'And this was what, was want-,  edalso.iri questions of lesser im.port-  ance. -;;Mea.sures not -men, shbulil be, the  only; prevailing issues with our, legis-.  lators,' and this could not b�� affected  by s'tloklng everlastingly to.party.; For  instance .the present -war:-in, South Africa/7 so/disasti-ous to the greatest, nation ��� on- earth, was:not a:party: issue.  The':' reputation /arid prestige   of, the  whole. Empire;.was- at stalce* and party-  ism ���was 'buried.  .Could "anyone in/the  -past hiave imagined -men. who/held pb-  ' litlcal; principles , so: diametrically:. opr  posed to one another as Salisbury/and  Chamberlain/working so harmoniously  ;ln a cbimuon/causeas they were doing  to-day?* if partyiism   prevailed, //this  cbuld/iiot be.^;'���;'-Again if pS.rtt'.poliitiics  ihaidi toeeh the order of'-the day,;where  .would,:bur;gr��ind,'federation of provinces ;hiave been.:at'the*present.,time?  Wiha't is wanted Is a:gbvernment of the  people,./for .the people,"by -the -people,  aiid not a government of the party, for  :the" party,, hy, the"'party.; /.If -we, were  'to/cbnitliiue/to .he*a prosperous;prov7  ince, the "'best and only; good government niust.be obtained'by picking/good  men, /lirrespectii've'/of 'party.- :Hisitory  showed:,tiiat;/the";iiiost prosperous eras  in every, country were those,w.)ien/party :differencesZ-were sunk for/the', com- j  ���mon good. .and,-'factions, .united/in.the  interests of the country/;;We inust'jias-  ;ten.7sIpwly,,;.for:,.we;i:iiad,/th^graHdest  [opportunity', any "country .ever,;3iad7qf.  forming, an [ ideal ..andi .ihonest ."govern-  'iiient.:' -.'7/./���;;.'.���--'.'���"������ ���"���.'���;-���:.���":��� '.���'���'���;'���-'".' '���'.'���'~-:'-'''��� ������'���''���  TRADES AJ\�� LiBOIl COUACIL  duties, and ulso'that"the time of car  riors 'be taken from the time they enter olllce in morning and leave at night,  thus showing the actual time of employment of said letter carriers." There  was n good deal of discussion on this  resolution, and It was decided to hold lt  over till the rules Just .Issued had.been  examined by the carriers. It is Interesting to knoWthat on the very evening that the extra/men refused to go  Into the inside department to assist  with the mull a robbery took plaoe.  The street railway men held a meeting of the union on Wednesday night.  President-Dickie presided, and Secretary A. G. Perry .was in his place.  There was a large attendance jot members. It wus decided to 'get up a  "box" social, wfhioh will take place in  the oity hall on November 12th. A  Dumber of new memlbers .were- made.  All that was mortal of the late Mis  ���Elizabeth G., beloved wife of Mr. A. G.  Perry, the-esteemed secretary of the  street railway mfen's union; .word laid  to rest on Monday last.- The burial  ceremonies-were canducted_at her"late  residence, 33 Seventh avenue, by Rov\  Mr. Bishop, and at St Michael's church  by Rev. Mr. Elliott. At the church a.  sihort address was given, followed 1iy  tlie singing of the (hymn, Nearer' My  God! to. Thee.. The "senvUccs were attended; by a large number of fellow  employees of the deoeased's iliusband,  and floral tokens of sympathy were  sent as follows:   Wreath, employees B.  C. E. R. CD.;: wreath, J. Buntzen;  spray, Mr. andi Mrs. Cole: cross, Mrs.  H. Wilson; wreath, .Mr. and Mrs. IR.  Perry; spray, Miss L. Cole; spray,  Grace Powell; spray, Mrs. J. Kerr:  bouquet, Miss Flo. Baxter; spray, Mr.  and 'Mrs. Taynton; wreath, Mr. und  Mrs. Fred..MJlls; cross, Mr. and -Mrs.  D. MoLeod; wreath, Mr. and'ill's. Mc-  Cann; spray, Mrs. iHarrls; sickle,' Mr.  and Mrs. J.* Rannie; cross, Mrs. Daviesf  btouiquet, Mr. and Mrs. B. Cross; bou-  qoiet,, Mrs, Green, wreath, Hattie  Watts; violets, Harold Watts; cross,  Ladies* Aid of St Michael's; wreath,  Mr. and Mrs. J. Clode; spray, Mrs.  Moulds; -bouquet, Nellie Moran; spray,  Vera S.,Gordon Moulds; bouquet, Ruby  Olla; cross, (Mr. and 'Mrs. H. Leaney;  wreaUh, Mrs. and Miss Irvine. The  pall-*earere   were J. Raimle^ J. Mo-  LflORSE SHOW.  Considei-alble has 'been said'in certain  quarters   about   getting   up a horse  show.   This would mean the outlay of  considerable money and time, but anyone can see that those Who would be  willing to take the matter tip would be  douhly repaid1 for their services, inas-  muoh as it would he one of the best  advertisements this city could possibly  have; Ibesides it would provide work for  not a few in erecting proper structures  Ifor the proposed exhibition of equlnes.  In Vancouver there are enough of line  horses to ibe seen .daily on. the streets  :-td; alone guarantee Ithe.: success of the  (venture, and there are as many more  flue,specimens in the surrounding .district.   Everyone knows that tlie num-  ���ber of varieties  for  domestic use  is  veiy great,  almost every   country or  provincial distinct having one or more  of its own, and distinct breeds being  valued on account of their ifltness for  particular purposes.   And It would not  be uninteresting to/us all to ibecomeac-  qifalnted1 with the ivarietles prevailing  in ;our. province,- seeing that; this is a  now country and that the toreeUs are  being? continually varied iby crossing.  Great  imprdvements have  thus been  "affected-This way,  and   .What is the  <best stamp of a ihorae for British Co-  lumlbia remains yet to Ibe decided upon.  We have many opinions on this question,   aror instance, among 'the stable  ���varJetle's..we ihave in our midst and in  the -Fraser valley is ithat of the Suffolk P.u noli.   This ibrecd has Ibeen the  origin of many of the most useful kinds  of draught horses employed 'extensively in Britain (for ordinary farm work,  and Is said to ibe Just the kind wanted  hero.   -There are scores of other varieties too numerous to mention at present, but nevertheless we have the nou-  clus of a ilne exhibition.   Will a move  be made .'by our entcnprlslng citizens  towards starting it.  ��� President  Crow occupied  the ..chair  at the.last regular   meeting   of the  Trades and Labor Council, held Friday,  October ISth!' Secretary Cress was.also In his .Place. ?  .   After neaidllng minutes   of -previous  meeting 'the following delegates  pre-  :sented credentials and took their Seats:  C. Prlastland, of the Moulders;!.' M.  Slntalair, of the. United Carpenters; G.  Isaacs, Journeymen Barters Intemn-  tlonai union; 'aind'W. W. Nelson,. Wait-  eis'./union.. *       ",         ; V .*..". '���'������������,v7.'  .;;*,;       .:' ,Connjnuh.cations. /,������/ '.'���.;������  .   From Messrs. Asliwell &/Sons, CMlli-  : track.   Referred to Bri-i-klayei-s' union.  7:. From  Iron , Trades Council,   of '/San  ;FVahte_sco,;._.: requesting,'! ���that'.-..dealers  .tondillng the products of certain San  ;Franelsco. ,_firms .be persuaded . to  discontinue de'alling., in/saime.    Laid over  'till 'next .meeting' of /council. :,.,,:/   'S-  From H. Glover, sr.ecordi.nig secretary  .Uinlted Brotherhood of Railwayfreight-  Handlers,". Fedieiated' union No. 4, proposing .'that a. meeting, of shareholders  of thehall be caHed-.. Secretary; to reply tiat.the constitution would;be 6b-  'served.in this';'matter.-7-'    .'./'7':::��� -:7i'ii  :   From' Internation'ai " Broom. Makers'  .union, LooaH No. 'T, Berlin, Ont., asking  that: oiiiion label brooans ibe1 patronised  instead of. prisan-made article...,-' The  niiembeiis of' unlions were requ-eBtecl/to  maite.a/note of ;this. ;[y-ix      7,7:7 ":7;  ���From i.Jos.; Magee,*secretai-y: ICam-/  loops Federated Labor/union, No. IS,  re laibor "''convention./: 'Referred to Par-  ;liaanentary comimittee7 /;'         ���:;������'-���,,  /; From W. R.-G. Baker, seoretary Carpenters' and Joiners/ unions, regarding  funds to defray legal exipenses /of fishermen now.:on:itrlai7;;Filed./; "'��� ,7-'/:'../.;  ;   From/Jos. J5ar'tin,:M; P. P.,. acknowr  ledglng commiunllcatibn iregar'dingmat-  ;ters at Rosslanid./; Filed.:,' 7/7    /'7i,/ '���������  i'i From ��� W.; -H,; "iBradbury,/-,;seoretarj'7  ti-easuref..Phoenix-.Trades andi7Labor'  cbu nci 1,^-enclosing.; $10 , for : .legai/ ex-,  penses.of flsheimnan'; now on: trial,- and  .regarding oi proposed tabor,; convention.  Referred i^PaiiiajAratary/wmhui^  ��� .Froin .Aifr^ ;Roper,7secretary7 Texada Miners',/union, enclosing $25 for the'  fishermen's, trial' fund;'7Asknowiedg'ed  with "thanks'/;./; . 7.7;7'; '77'; v'���/::'.777 ���  VFrombW;!/ J. /fKlrfcwood; ^.secretary  Uinlltedi Biotiherliood'-'f-'/dari. enters": aWi  Joiners,'-of Greenwood,/ enciosl-ng/$5; for  'fishermen's, Mai funds../-Asknowledged  'wit!h;tihain-ks.'-,7 "7/77 ''iyy-'iy'iiy. iy-iy  ��� -From .-A;;.' Ct."; Perry,.   secretary;: local  Street Railway Men's .'111110117 re, .dale-  gates attending; council.  Secretaiy /to  acknowledge. :'-7 777 7/ ''-ii"' XyiiyXxiX  :������ 'From local Cigar/iSIaJcers' union, bVo-  nating/Jo towards fisheiimen's.trial/ex7  pehses;;.'"'-.'';7:'.        i'H-xX-ixl 7'-7/77777  -  iParilainentaiy Committee's^.Repbrt.7;-1  '   The 7conunittee ; met;���: orgalnizeil -arid;'  mapped out .some,, ivonk, for. future'frer  ports..: In 'looWh^.-.ilntoiihpw'/'jsomei/pf;  the.recent ilegislation of the.Prowin.ciai  house /has woi'lced out/in .actual practices-taken from ithe government's, own,  reports, ithe first/question,to 'bevjdealt:  :witlh ,%vas ihow .the /royalty, on. coai/af-  'fects 'tlie 'masses,: and .who is; benefitted  by the ohange; thus .malde in; the. law!  Your, commil'ttee expttets to be ready to  give; !a.' detailed rejiort on said /actJ at  the/nexit.meeting..' The seconldrrepb'rt  wHl deal .with royalty.on/the,precious  metals'..;Tlie ��� eominllttee "isb./i'.reconi-  mendedf ithat 'tlie /secretary" ;.iof /'the  couj^lllibe^istruotedxjtojvrlte-t6/-t'lie.  as being an infringement on the rights  aiid liberties of the .people, an'd a men-,,  ace to British Justice and fair play,:  and in the opinion of this coumoll, savors of an endeavor to squelch trades  unionism rather than serve. the ends of7  Justlee.v    -<;-.. ���;:;'-'.      ���''.-.Xi'yX-,!7;7::.  .Recreation Grounds.  ,.r,-���,-���-,  On imotlon of Messrs. John  Pearey  and Ernest Burns the pr6p?s_tlon was .  unanimously .carried that' tha .school  :  trustees -be', asked to open .the/sichool,  play   grounds,, ; as. free v .recreation/.,.:  grounds, or ibreathirig,.places, ithrough-*';  out the cIMy. ���.;:,//:;.:;7.7/..7:;"v:, i"ixgryyyxxy  .  The:, bakers/.'reportsdi���������;cases7:where:-'.  ;ur.ian liien^ werc;vioiating.,theli^^^ oMlga-7  tioh .by: .'purth'asiay.v tlielr .-/bread ..;.anii ���:.'{.,-  calces from a non-union-concem;; 7/Xil.Xyy  The Paiii-a-meiita-ry ico-mniitteV'eh irio;;>;:���<  ICcn was,instructed to ���mike, a.n/iiiquiry;{;;  into tlie, wbrWng/of the: departiiWiit;of.;./':  lalbor, es-pec-iallj*.' the commission 'and,//,  dismissal of'" ex-Labor.. Ctominissiotier/ ���;/-  Bremne1^, arid report'at /tlie next/meet-/ "-,  ing..:;;'77"''7/7/".77''7/;' ���: :/.-t7777;77-;;'  , The ;;interestlng 'and; ;busiriess7like,,:;::  proceedings taihihated at 10.30~af ter iiyy  motion lhad .'been carried to, 'tfe.effect,; /:,;  that the: night/of ���meeting -be. ohatigediX-  from FrSday to/Thursday./,7    '77 ':/.;:*��� ���'-  1MUST HAVE BEEN BAD.  In a northern town .In England a  cycling club engaged a brass iband' to  play at-tholr sports last July. The  band consisted' of 28 performers, who  played for three (hours and a half, for  wihich ithey. received 15s. A careful  calculation reveals the startling fact  that. eaoh man was; paid - lat the rate  of 2d or 4 cents per hour. If that Is  all this .band thinlk they are worth,  says a (bandsman's paper,/they ougtht  to disband and -taite to shovelling coke.  city council asking for a copy of the  ngreement .between the city and the  Streot Railway company, concerning  the consolidation of the various leases.  Report received.  The 'Fisheries Cases.  The following*"(resolution was unanimously carried, and the secretary was  instructed to forward a copy of same  to the attorney-general at    Victoria,  and also to the minister of Justice,' with1  nn explanation to the 'latter that the  attorney-general ilind wilred ;to counsel  for iflshcrin>>n awaiting trial thnt  the  Hherllt mt New Westminster would be  Instructed to let .them have n copy of  the Jury ipUnel, but that when application .hod been made for'snme the deputy sheriff,' would  not grunt this  request, because, he said, the sheriff was  absent:  "Whereas���We have -learned with  surprise .that the sheriff of New Westminster, acting, as iho says, under instructions -from the attorney-general,  at Victoria, has refused a copy of the  Jury panel for the forthcoming assizes  to the counsel (for.the fishermen now  awaiting.trial; and, Whereas���We consider suoh action hlgh-lhianded, unjust  and unprecedented; therefore be it  ���'Resolved*���We  condemn  the   same  ;- GET: WHAT .THEY  VOTE -,FOR. 7;  ;.-The 'public: is.getting'exiactly: wlhat '���'  they .'voted- foi^Tsojfar ;as 7��ie "street "y  railn-ay; serviceTis .. concerneij, .and*Tt':"'.;  ;is:;aniusing;to"s'_e.':irien/iand7joi_rnS^  ;n*ho /vote, and;-work/'/to" co_itlniie7it_ie7  :Pres^t/conipetitlve-/proflt-inokiiig sys^  .tem ��� of private' ownership ikickliig^'vig- >.:  <"-��usly against7the/sj^ein;estaW.shea7':  by. their /yotes.v,r:a_n7injfbrnied:;'by.Ms;;  eye-witness; that;the man; who was^ii-7s  jured. on'-'Saturday ;afternoonUn/frojitfe  ��y ',tf_*'^'inston;.Hbtel7wiis^;;thiwii-7  froina.^-i'tlyniovlng'oar/^i^w^^  npt;8top:iongeiibugh'toaethim^7^77  ���broken/ihip-is the:;result/;Md>:this'/isK  only .one ;bf ;the :many/accldents/wjiicjr"-/  will/result' from7the7p6licy7*irece__tlyi7  adopted ^Oby'the' company, "y They street!/'1  I'allway. eiiipioyees'/shouid^hbt1 be*lieldt7i  ���;esponsll)ie/:for; .the/accldents,7<^;lhey:;7  axey<torcediito-. Obey ythe'orders! *bi); the*/!  :^ffi.^f1^7^'pioJ'eis';1n*;OTa^.t^rel^  :t-hel^9-a-iv��k*j(ybs7|Then^es&  ^e-^^e/also^iielngshattered ,lby;t_ieir:/:7  endearvors/tb nmke:,their;:runs''bn-tli^||  i-.Mthout7;accldent7;:7the;/;e^enses��;if;77  which ;/ai;e7usuaIly7shpuIde!'edi;:^biv7//i  }��?}?,$Zi.t\i<i. .cpinpany.^ You'ney^ ihea**77  of;^*eat;i-Mlivay/acolderitsHii cities'prip  countrieswliibb'ha^^doptediih^pS  .ciple 'of: public-owrierahip/^/The;greed/:;7  ;f��r.:"p_'(.ttt'Van^  ..stoak:,is ''I'espp'nsibleTfbr; the 7great;elec-;;/;'  ;trlc and steam railway.;iaccidents:w__ictf7)/  are constantly occutrlnglh banadaand//:?:  ;tlie;XJnited:Stktes/1,GlSgowo^iafe/i.s7|;  .street,; railway/in* Uhe7lnterest/of7the;-;3  piVblic,; ancl/the ^mplbyees/'Va.ther ;tlian7:7  ^97;?1;?/it''[**& New/Zealand^vAljstra-^/;"  ^i41?;^ btlier''clyillz^d/couritrles7bper-^p  Me?:.tlieir/steani-:'railways;7Lupon  .same; princapie;/;,'Hie,;cure7:;therefoi^-.^,;77  tp/abolisli;; .the77competitlve7system/:_'7B  Jwhlch; 'iplacOT,:,';pi.oflts;;;Zand!/'proiiar0Xy  ���^^���^���^of^  ^^on�� ���ll,y Noting;for;sbpMisV;caiidi'7!;/-7i  dates7who sUnd/for^Uiese/.prink^^'ilT'-;  ayy 'd?'/n<>t/rit]e,mi:paraes/'^s:iti^aipiyy  Ital-ist,-party politiciansC<io;'7NotConjy?^  is'/;:'a /ma^7'W^'eii7^'*/^  ;''me^';are':>vinteld;,i_salder'me^  long; asothe/piriiple/eontin^  servile^tpois/ofycorpoiaUpiu'^i^  men falded.,bj.: bur.;ward: system),/they*/ ������%  .will; ;be ;forad' to;/"stew. in '''their;omi:|l  ^'^���"-Q- ^sfe_7_yrig.ey7iii:Toro_it^^  'Star. '-y-i'X-'X:'- HX ,: ;������'.' :: * ���;.-.: ypiiy^yy-, ���, y^p-  Though  the discussion on  "How to  Choose a Husband" still goes on In cer-.  tain ed'iiciiitional circles in this city, the  editor has  met several eligible ladies  who appear to he still in doubt',concerning' the method thereof, arid( considers that in selecting a husband the  best .way Is not to answer-advertisements of woman-struck men   looking  fora.wlfe.  Apropos, there I.s a story in  the  French   albout  la   certain     pretty  servlng-mald who was so 'anxious to  get married that her mistress gnve her  ten crowns 11s a dot.   By und by;> the  girl 'brought to the chateau her fiance  ���11 man exceptionally old and exceptionally ugly, whereupon ithe.mistress  expressed surprise that a young girl  should  marry suoh    a'-imih.     "Alas,  madame," replied: the maid amid bee  tears; "but wihnt could one expect fOB  ten crowns?"  : -W :  In Albany, N. Y., a new brewery was  recently started.   An indignant parson  publicly prayed thatva judgment mdg3_.t'  fall on it.   Shortly afterwajds It was ���  struck iby lightning1���and the brewen;  h'as now brought an action (for damages against  the parson!    The  casdr  certainly raises la very nice (legal ques- -  tlon���Was   the parson''Ian ,aooessoi7J  before the X\act?" .  i  Ifl  ipp  iX^^^^^^^^M THE INDEPENDENT.  0ATUHDAY......��..OCrPOB]__R 26, 190*  THE INDEPENDENT.  PUBLISHED    WF.EKIA*   IN*   TIIK  IN-  .     TEKESTS OF THE ilASSKS  THE 1'XDBriSXDBNT PRINTING COM-  l'.\NY.  BASEMENT      OF      F1.ACK     .'BLOCK,  HASTINGS STREET,   VAN-  COL'VKK,  H. C.    ,.  SUBSCRIPTIONS  IN   ADVANCH.  A wei-U. ."> cents; mouth, 'IT, cents; throe  ���months, 'iii cents; six months, Im cents;  one year, $1.23.  ENDORSED  BY THE    TRADES    AND  UA-BOR  COUNCIL,   TIIK   VAiNCOU  VER    LABOR   PARTY    AND   THE  .BUILDING TRADES COUNCIL.  SATURDAY.  ..OCTOBER 26, 1301  TUE LABOR DEPARTMENT.  -We   are pleased,   to  note   that, the  .Trades aind Labor Council, of Vancouver, has taken up the laibor commissioner question.   Its action will meet with  'general    approval    iiml    its    example  should''be-'followed 'by.other labor organizations,    care   'being   observed in  proceeding    discreetly, .. as    this    will  largely   govern    any   good     resulting  therefrom.    In connection with' this it  anight  be  well  to--bear  In   mind   that  we wish to show our  disapproval  of)  the course taken.'by the Ottawa government  in  doing: away  with, a, labor  ������commissioner in this province, and ithat  is all.    The question.. Is a---broad one,  and met .personal, as some  would try  .to .make; out.   For,-a great number of  years organized labor 'throughout Canada had ibeen advocating, spending time  ...and money,; for a u"el'l-er_ui]>ped labor  department.   Consequently we want to  /.'know why .the oflice of commissioner  /   for this, province lias been done away  ;���   iwitli. ���''.Moreover;  we.intend   to-  have  .some   explanation    iin   "this     regard.  . Whether  merited   or  unmerited,  labor,  .bears, an unenviable reputation" for Its  ;   readiness to condemn; on the least pro-  .-���-/ vocation, and' wiithout 'Investigatingtho  '    matter at all, those who '.have been its  7   friends.    Let us ibe.sure' that no such  mistake will ibe.. ina'd'e ;in. the  present  ;;* instance.. No faiir-ininded .man has 'had  ' .-reason  to. do other, than commend Mr.  /'.'. -Bremner's-course "when in .theemploy of  ���    .he government,  and :^representations  7/ 'v.J the contrary, 'especially at tills junc-  ;,: -Ure, .would  give . the. 'government  an  ;   ';_-Cuse. for .not.'tilling' the1 oflice.     As  7  labor "'men, ail. that we halve, contended  :  : for is justice, ami, moie thnn. this, we  -.trust our dignity  will ,not.'par-mit"us  ..;'to/expect.    Because.,  therefore, /some  :   delegates could not see eye to eye with  .' Ithe";  ex-commissioner   does    not   pronounce 'them as iright and   (lie wrong.  .7 Rather -let. us give full-.credit, to the  .man who, with -unflinching courage of  . /Mis7convictions, , can: say  no  when  it  .: / might haive .been easier for 'lilm to', say  -.'-.  yes/;'���' Itiimay-. call for, a display of our  .: finer; feelings to" reconcile; d-isappoinl-  "���'./onent, but .then; this, is the measure of  -;;!i>ur,;inanihood.:   :..    ;/.  7 /When asked   'by Tihe- 'Independent  ���.;,  -wliy the. government -had abolished! the  ��� y.-: office of .labor coiiimissioneiyMr. Briini-  ���'[ . ner said itlhat owing to.the amendments  .   to .the; Alien: Labor; act,'_ by  which a  V/prosecutlon.icould be instituted by any-  one: 'making   cotn-plaint,. it   -was   not  thought necessary ../to any -longer, ihaive  al representative of .the department in  iihe province.    It would seem- by this  statement that the  government considered ,; the ... alien  labor   law  as   the  reason for 'having the' 'department- re-  I ^ presented --.i n^Brlitiglil-.Coilmnbla.- Im-.  portant as" .the enforcement of th is law  " u  may appear,  we  were led'  to believe  toy the "candidates- of  the government  :   throughout the-length and1 'breadth*of  Ithe 'land at the last election, that- the  prolvlisions of 'the new conciliation act  was the administration's ���flrst care. In-  .deed, why was it passed at all If there  ���;-; wa sto ibe no use made of:It, and was  y it 'because it was ibelng put to use that  .-,��� 4be /government cancel-led' '.Mr.   Urein-  :   ner's...commission?    We 'cam only n.r-  ..-..itiive at,the latter conclusion,. mid the  '..deduction  Infers  that the government  -ve only solicitous of  the wclfnre of  .-���Interests during election times.  ���;;otest  against  hucIi   hypocrncy,  , ;   ' ;���. ���': tint ask., that the administration  .."..,:;,��� out Its promises.    The day has  . ;:/,.���.'.  and ' gone; forener  In   Canada  ;:i the 'people will itolernte'oi' accept  ���a; matter of course any Indifference  .���-.-;���  members of-the  party  in,power  /" .'lay assume, to theh-'pre-election, de-  .claniatlons; ./Having /once, put..tlielr  hand to the plow there can ibe no tum-  ' ingbaok If ithoj^ientertailn. that respect  - ,w!hicli' is, due'to themsislvies "and su-p-  poifters. :���, It Is hot as; if trie government  .iwereTaskied', to embark im.;a doubtful'  ; mndertaiking of ,'wlhlch, it was not clear  the people would approive. But the  facts are the very reverse of this. For  everyone, except a few: of the least progressive, agreed that unless the growing differences between labor and; capital are to be adjusted by means more  in keeping with tlie progress of the  limes than brute force, unhappy days  await us In no distant future.  The alarming manner in which industrial affairs have ,'become complicated within the past few months in  the United Slates should be a warning  w our legislators to avoid .the errors  of thai country. Having, therefore,  once had ���machinery created 'by which  disputes may be overcome, there Is no  reason why Its usefulness should not  :be made available. Even now we have  many hundreds of'mien'-in one section  of our.ipnn'iuee engaged in a struggle  with their former employees. All  classes criticize and 'assert that our labor disputes are ruining indtistria'l progress. Then why does not the government grapple with the 'situation?  Echo answers, why? The brief reason  given by Mr. Bremner for the government's, action regarding- himself contains a whole ���history of that institution's intentions when placed, under, a  microscope. His answer, however, does  not suggest any of ihis opinions of the:  department of -labor. ... AVe think- that  he owes it to the lalior and general  interests of this iprovlnte-to give tlieni  the benefit of ihis0 experience.  ���,.''As a-man, eateth so. Hie thinkcth,"  says Dr. Kellogg.r. The Province, man  must eat pork.  If Ohauncey Depew iweds again he  may remain a post-prandial orator, Ibut  he'll Ihave to give tip the last word.  The average .politician cares more for  deals than Ideals, philosophizes the  Hon.-'Mr. aicllrid'e. But fhen.i'Dick" is  no greenhorn at politics.-  it is said that Horn Mr. .Martin has  new designs upon the H-berull Party,  but then "Joe" always lias a few .'designs lot one kind or other lying around  loose. '���  Ya-U/Vlho are ashamed of your poverty, and .blush for-your calling, area  snob; as are you who iboast of your  pedigree, or are proud of your wealth.  ���Thackeray.  Laibor does not want "wild men" to'  represent', it anywhere. It; wants .the.  representation of sensible, clear-headed  men .who" caii* state a case 'Without ex^  aggei'ation:,;'or -undue, heat.        '���'..;������'  '. Our suspicion that 'civilization is more  or less of a'hollow nioekery is '.(strengthened'Iby the '.police-magistrate's declaration that respectable people sometimes steal'iumlbrellas.  Next -.year's.'-elv-lc rovenueis.: expect-^  ed to'be $25,0OC>; greater than this year's,  ���but you needn't .be afraid that next  year's ib'oard of aldermen won't ibe able  to spend all it gets;'."���;.'���  Talk ifbout the!World; and Province  scntpin', you.should' see;'how the Nanaimo Herald andi Ladysmlth Leader  maul each other. Last accounts the  Herald was on top. Little'birds in their  nest should agree. .  I shall elver remember that the basis  of ipatries Is justice���that the 'basis of  all .constitutions, is the -sovereignty of  the people���.that ifrom the. people alone  kings, parliaments, judges/and magistrates derive their* authbrity.���Charles  Jaiiies Fox, in 1799.;/   :'//;:  "A -temple is to be 'bulltin Paris.in  :wh ich to place all the ibeautlf UI women.  If that were proposed in Canada,; the  jwihole dominion -would have to ibe roofed in." remarks that gay old gallant,  iSir (Mackenzie Bowell, in.'hispaper, the  Bellev.lle-IntelHgencer.  The serum discovered by Dr.; Cal-  ;iiietlerof-Parlsr-to-pi-e.veiit=dea;th=f-roiiv  snalkeJbite is said to liave proved a sue-,  cess. -An exchange a'dds that If Dr.  Calmette would discdver a serum to  prevent the effects of snakes.that don't  bite, the.-benefit'to mankind .would be  greater.  The Province snys of 'Mr. Bourassa's,  M;- P., utterances criticizing the stand  Great Britain's governiiient took with  the Boer war: "They are .slniply the  utterances of a demagogue who Is  seeking to mnikeipolklcnl capital -bywp-  peallng to the passions of the mob, und  to the race prejudices of. the least enlightened of Oils own countrymen." Of  course, the Province iiejver panders to  the mob���only .when 'there's something  In  it.  gold and silver. Somo 5ft years ago a  rich gold pocket mas found on tlie  islnind, anld more or less worked out.  The find was not, iiowever, followed up  by the old-time settlers of British  Columbia, who afterwards found more  to attract them in the then wonderfully tilth placer gold lield-s of Yale-  Cariboo.  A correspondent writes from the interior that the tlmejs ripe to call a  provincial labor convention of delegates lo lake steps towards an tietlve  political 'campaign In the next election.  At u.recent meeting of Kamloops  Federal Labor Union, No. IS, a resolution was passed to tlie effect that the  time had arrived when the unions of  Bi-illsih Columbia, should* appoint delegates to attend a convention to be Jiold  at dva-nloops for "the; -purpose of nominating a party leader, said leader to  bo thoroughly conversant with the  many much-needed reforms of British  Columbia, ami' whose sterling worth Is  a. .thoroughly.practical,' fearless and  honest ipoIiblcfla.ii, cannot be questioned  -<i leader. who��e motto would he: 'A-  government for the people .with equal  rights to all and special privileges to  none." The Parliamentary committee of  the lacol Trades .and Labor Council  ���has this proposition now under consideration, aiid will report thereon at  the next meeting.    ' - y-  Bad weather has probably caused a  loss to -tlhe.Manitoba farmer of atleast  $2,000,000, on the value of ihis wheat,  though the crop -will,-fortunately,.still  range above tlie average ;of recent  years. An official, who should know,  Mr.' C. C. Castle, Warehouse-Commissioner under the Manitoba Grain Act,,  now estimates that Manitoba and .the  adjoining -North-West will -be able to  export 40,000,000 bushels of wheat, of  wlilch, 'however, owing ito -uinfaivo-raible  weatiher since harvest, considerable ot  it will not grade as of No. 1 quality.  The .careful.and. farseeing man- will  usually be found to have suffered least  as he will have reduced the 'detriment  to 'his crop, 'by careful stacking and by  Ingathering as'/linutih of it as possible  without delay, as a result of paying  good wages a-nd: -getting a -first, choice  of workers. ' ������ :  The compulsory limitation of ithe  undeiigi'ound 'miners' working, day, to  eight.hours, -whidh'is such a bete noire  wiith. certain of our own; mining, companies, "lias not yet, -been.adopted  ,by the Ohaiiiber of; Deputies of .Republican France. There the:;.Government successfu.ly; opposed ; such ' a  measure tlie other day, fearing: that  were it passed, it. inlgih't' interfere,  detrimentally 'With Fra-nee's competi-.  tloh, -in coal - and/otlier inlineral: pro-:  duction \i-ith; other European-'mining  lands.,.; The; French .Government has.  also opposed"'/wi'tii success a. proposal  t'hat the State.'sliall' pension' with two  francs, or about S6-'cents.Pa- day,/all  miners ot 2a years' service./The Socialist ahuiithe otlier veiy advanced'; members of the French Chamlier'suce'eoded  however, in enlisting a.veiy large minority vote in favor of both the proposal  to limit'.the miner's working day and  that to/grant him a pension after considerably less than/a full average term  of product-live life."������ The pension proposal was very drastic, as it might easily confer pensions upon .miners /of not  more than"44. or/45 years, of. age.'as  many an underground worker enters  upon his -'employment,; .in France, as  elsewhere/ when-not -more -than IS or .19  years of ago.,,:  -The founder of the Sloyd. system of  manual training, first tested. In Swed-;  en, afterwards in Germany and -England, and now being tried in our own  and other Provinces of Canada, was a  very able, if somewhat eccentric .Swedish nobleman, Baron d'August Abtu-:  _luiiiison,_wiliose__iia.me_.eyid_eiitly__.imp_lj_es_  . Tliere Is in; all probability a great  future���It 'may be deferred for some  years yet-^before; the, districts on the  Queen - Charlotte' Islands. The , northern' end of the'ciiief island is evidently  more or less rich in'coal, and Mr. Oar-  miohael,' .tlie/ Provincial Assayer,; concludes as a result of a recent Mslt, that .; Flint's Dyspepsia Tablets are guar.  the southern part of the Island may  nnuod to restore falling appetite and  eorrecr any. kind of. stomsch trouble,  well repay cai-eful prospecting, as tlhe in c;: ^ McDowell,, Aitkin's/ Watadn  geographical formation Is favora.ble toi Co.*''1'^"    ''������/. ',!- .*/' '. ' 1,;     :i'7'i  .'.  that he was one of the many famous  nien of the Jewish race, who have In  modern, us iii ancient times, left n  most decided impress on the progress  of tihe world. The Baron left the 'bulk  of 'his wealth as an endowment for the  furtherance "of the Sloyd syptem in  Sweden, the 'land into which lie introduced it. The Baron lived in a  castle oh a hill, whence a grand view  of the surrounding country at Nans, In  .Sweden, Is obtained. By the terms of  his will, everything proceeds In tlie  castle as though the owner were.olive,  Food is piepnred' and spread on the  tnble and beds are made every day  ns though'slept in at night. Horses are  kept In the stable and driven and ridden dally. In the Winter the furniture  is covei-ed nnd in the Summer revealed to gaze again. Even the calendar  In the office Is moved daily.; For these  things, provision Is'made/In the Baron's will, most of the other' provisions  of which provided for a; Sloyd normal  school.���News-Advertiser.       "i 'y-t,���'���  A rich and beautiful showing of the  latest Dress Fabrics for Fall, 1901.  Every wantablo kind of material Is  Included in this showing of ours. XVe  do\note(l considerable time to the picking of these" goods, which fashion has  decreed ns correct. The result Is seen  In the unapproachable assortment,  from which we mention a few of the  weaves we have In the latest designs  and shades. /       ���   .*..  ZHBOLINE, VENETIANS,   '.''.  HOMESPUNS, CHEVIOTS, "  ISUITINGS, BROADCLOTHS,  FBENCH FIJ/VNNELS, Etc., Etc.,  We aski you ��� to call and see them.  We iknow the price ���will do the rest.  170 Cordova, Cor.-Cambie.  We reach wherever the malls reach.  JQBIN&ON. if*  mmiHh  TasblonabEe TaHors.  E havo just opened a fresh stock of gooils  purchased by Mr. Johnson, who recently  returned from Glasgow.'  WE  Scotch Tweeds,  Irish Serges and  EragBish Worsteds  105 Cordova Street, Vancouver.  CURRENT OPiNION���ALL SORTS.  CURRENT OPINION���ALL. SORTS. c  7 Or "Worse Thau That.--  If itever comes to a scrap,,we hope  Russia gets, tihorous'hly -,-Japanned*?���.  Toionto 'Star.   . ������  '���.-���' .   -.,  ..:���:. ;,.Socialism. Coming.  ;. The new Li'beraul".movement' is adopting socialism, i recognizing'- It:,-;as"- the  coming force��� Sloca-h Duill.   '"-.;"���'":-".".  "'.-���'"'��� '���-,���'��������� XX;' IRefuse. ,.-,;..-.���,'. .-,.;:; iy.',..-.  ..'.-British; Columbia:- Socialists/ have  formed a provincial .party, and-./ announce tihati.tliey'wiil.not .fuse.. They  will refuse.���Toronto Star.    -7 7  7/ ( .Too/Piactical?7:  Laibor 'Commissioner. Breiiiner's-re-  coiiiiiiendationsihaive Ibeen ,a -little 'too  practical arid Insistent to. suit the-powers that be ���at"Ottawa.-JNelson Economist.':     '..''      '���'���;".��� ���������:���*���'. ���- ���-' : -:-';';.  J: Do/^i:ihey Control It?. ..'.- "������:  , The control of .the food supply gives'  the United States /a/unique jjiositioii  among.:the..natid'ns of the world, and  makes t'hemia power 'that must be considered in international ipolltics.���Ana-  eondii Standard. '���/������ ' ', '"ly   "."���'.-'-,���������  W*k-0&u,MSint/  ���    ft  5r. ���umi/&$c&v^  9 ������������������������� ������������������<��'����� �������������� ��������<���������  <>  <>  o  ���������'ii'i  "O.i  ���"< ������  .< ii  i > -.-  ':< >::  i >7  ���<>l  .'o.  ;. i  '<��/  -o  :<>'  '.i ������:  ���'.<���:���  o  <>  .o:  "o.-  ,o7  a > ,.  i lynx  is the motto of the management of :the Union  Mutual. To serve all interests impartially.  To treat, all parties with, consistent candor. To  issue policies of pronounced liberality^ To  make all death payments; with"'i the utmost  Tpromptness.   To be fair,in all dealings.  ,     '" .     "   '��� '*./'��� 7" 7/ xy..A :'y; '/���;-;.; x . ;/. [-yy: -X. , '���;���; 'i  Honest, capable Agents can always have em-   .'  :;   ployment with us."./.- >// .-��� 7*-;7-.' .'777/ /  PORTLAND, MAINE. Incoeporated 1848.  iCall'or write for particulars and plans --7        77:  ���.Head Office .:��� 419; Hastings St. 'iW., yancouver, B.G.  J. E7EVANS, ProvinciarManagcr/^"^7    7 77  by divine right and the. old Hudson's  Bay coiiipany.���Fort "Steele Prospector.  '���'-     :':y.  ils.So-Nonsensical.   .  The Colonist devotes a, long article  to combating the views of the.Van-  coimer Province on the effects of railway competition.. .Tihe,,position of our  Vancouer. conteniiKirairy is so 'nonsensical and the reasoiisi why-it, occupies  that position are so well known that it  isthe lirst'time anyone:has ever, though  is -the./ first -time anyone ..-has,: ever  thought ���worth while to take any notice  of it.-^**ictoiia,.Tlmes.'    ////i/'iS  7/7  'Australia Sympathizes."'.' y-7 :  ; There lis a;melancholy/ pettlcoated  procession of .1,0S2,6I!��.-women-.l-ni";Great  -.-.-���'        . "     -..'   ,.     .- - --'?)'   .���   .''���-' :-:.  '���Britain-who can mever ihope'to ;be*conie.  brid.es. There/ are .not/enough i hus-;  ���bands ito go* round I.' The only apparent  remedy i.s ''polygamy;: Who will refuse  to/drop a. syinipathetlc/tear over this  monstrous iproces-slon ofEngllBh maid-  eris, pre-'dobmed iby nature itself to tiie  'doom of lean and i-iinfruiltful'- splhster-  hpodl���Jlelbourne Argus.;   -.;  Hardie & Thompson  Marine and Gcneral-  Ensinccrs  520 Cordova St. W.,V/uiccuvK_t,B. C,;Ii_i 7C  Patentees nnd designers of tho Hardlc-  -   Thompson water tube boiler, now. Uiph     ::  ' y  speed- reversing ongines,' und special;   :.  ��� machinery in light sections lor mines.   ;,;  PRorKLtBBS Designed.:i. engines Indicated and"  y.yy.yy.-. :-Adjdbted.  , "':'.-���-;..:".  Solo agents in B. C. nnd N.W. Territories tor  the United Flexible Srctallie Tubing Co., Ltd  London,Kiir.,.; lyi-lx" ���;yi:.-y:--H-,xX':-'���y--X-  ; HAKESA SrRCIAI.Ty;0F .. .  Dewors SDiioi'LieiS oi  ushers Black uibei Liaueur  / : .,77 Hard 'to Eradicate.X[  ��� There are;many abuses: to'.bo swept  away. The '.evil of a system, that has  grown up under a corrupt administration/spread oiver many years,, will need  a 'strong' iiand .to eradicate.���Fort  Steele, B. C, Prospector.        ;,.;.7:;  .;  ..' -i'.'xiTbey: Haive a Place...; *��� -;7  ; ;IJabor organizations ought to/have a  plnce of usefulness In.industry.'-Wisely  managed, :with doie; respect to rights of  eniployei-s to 'manage their own: property, they niay /be/ of great, service to  workmen.���N." Y.  Tribune. .   . '/.  Liked To Be a Laibor Organ.  : We have ,profound,respect for labor;  anil should be proud to be 'known as  tplSb"o"rip;apei',-4iruf*we"hWe**iielther  ability or 'the courage, so we have to  worthy along catering to the wants of  a general public thatgets'blgger every  day.���Ladysmlth Leader. .    .;  "���  "������': Same Old Story.  ���'Phe pinident citizen; should, in cl-vic  electoral matters, take no chances, as  he has far too generally In the past.  lie shoiiKl be glrdlnir h!s armor on  nnd casting about for men to represent  I1I111 In the next city: council, nien as to  whose ability. and ilntegiity , there .can  be no doubt.���Ottawa Free Press.  General Satisfaction.  The ucfiulttal of tlie striking lishernien by the juries who tried 'them In  Vancouver hus given general satisfaction. Popular sympathy has -been with  the white llsherinen all along.^ and, It  Is generally lioped,that at the coming  trials : in New , Westminster they will  also ibe acquitted.���Victoria Outlooki  :;, : Change: Needed. '���.-'.'  ���What; this province has long'heeded  Is a government of and for the people,  one that 'will' pay strict' attention to  business, anM' nbt "'curry- favors with  the ;clafis''6f: -ix>litlc.l_ins!: thait'' Imagine'  tliait 'they':aiie.7rulers'"i'of'/ tiie''.universe'-'  '-.':' .Ohlnks "and Japs. ;;.;;: '���...  If Biitish Coliiirebia inustisuffer from  the yellow/and Ibrown plague, because  it suits the,British government, 'we fail  to see the/Justice'.;, bur country -is a  grand, glorious an'd wealthy one, -but if  pur.workinen'iii'usticoniipete -with Japanese, then we miust'begin tollgure on  paupers, and .pooriiouses.,*- If legislation  cannot Ibe 'passed /to stop-the'.Chinese  and. Japanese immigration, - tlien, the  boycott system -will surely be. employed, /and!.that 'means/quarreling among  ourselves.���Grand Forks >-Ne\vs.���-/���-. i-������'  ^//���AVHAiL'/AiLS/ TRK; ,CHUH0iU?.77:  i;; Central ;Congrcgatioinii' churcli, . 0'-  l_ricii'S;;..liali,:,*coi'ner: of; Iloiuer /aiul  HasUtigsi'sfrccis.; On .Suiuiiiy evening  Itev. ,51 ri Vrooiiiaii will preach on tho  subject:. .."U'iiat Ails" The ."Church?"  This is ��;suggestive qiicsiioii'iind will  no (iiuibt'receive." d very-; suggestive  answer..      '-���',.  7^Mattei's-In-e6niieet'l6ivfwlth--:the=miii^  ei's in this province are ibeglnning to  look extremely-ugly. "The imported labor ''.problem'', is growing a;more and  hiore difficult one to handle.   : .       .-;  While our local arts and 'historical  society are gathering ancient relics to  store away In Its archives, why doesn't  It .secure a few of the wigs anld gowns  worn, n't TI. M.'s supreme court In this  ���prdvince? ;.i; '.';  News cbniesfroiii that sulntlyolty of  Toronto that because' a ipfisser-by. In  the healing, of a. pollcemun, gave expression to disloyal utterances hc.was  promptly arrested nnd sent up for 10  days. He got off easy. il-Iuil he lived  In the good old times of the Georges  ilie'd been hanged. If people won't  holler for royalty they,-must be made  to���ciren lf.lt costs a' leg���we don't  thln'lc*   '='-,-.. y"-"y\l yi-  -". .' .-:    '/./  '-" ���" :  /'Halifax' dallies are discussing 'the  merits .'and demerits of compulssory  ���voting. The .difficulty about compulsory voting would ibe to imaike Itcom-  .pulsbry.,. The. old -ada^i7that you. can'  dii've1 a tiors'e 'to' the" "water,;: btit"- yoli  can't make 'him drink,' applies ;to. the  Intelligent .elector. -You/ might force  hlni.toi so _tp, ithe .polls^-biit-'he.enters  !tlie booth/alone andi the .'ballot';___ ise-  icret.���Ex7-''''';;" x^yy-yiiyiiX-: "yxyi  :.;,:. o *  7 iX.'l.X    -LARGE STOCK OF��� -X���'���'������.  I'l    ;/   IMTORTKDAND DOMESTIC v  f,/7/;/;^;;:;:;i/.:^'Ci^ar*;v/77i;;;  E. B. MulH^aiiTtfe Go.-  .     : Corner Cordova and Carrau,.  Arlington Hoftel  / 7 Cordova St. West^'  Headquarters for tho engineering trade ; ''���'."  '.._.,. .;'"���'.- -y in Vancouvor.      ;  GHOICEST^-'^ig  First-class rooms from SO cents up.  ROBT. KINTLY,  PROP  ��AV��YvTMCATRE;-7/7  ; i 8. Sisirsos.............General Manager.'  J. TowssESD...........:.Stago;Man��ger.;  -   Week Cotamcdcing77/  :Mond^;;dci";28j  A Show fortha People;  ''Quantity and Quality Combined.'  ��_i  From Tholr Nanalmo, fcouthfleld and  Protection Island ''ollleries,  ���    ��� \  Steam, ��as and  ��� ������" -. -'-i-x'-x-y "��� ��� -.,:'.-    '������ :.���*,;���','���:������'.���.*   ������'  ilouscCpaB  OI the Following Grades: 7 i  Double Screened l^ump, .  >.', '*'-'."Run'of tbo Mine,... "      ",  "'  ;: -Woiitiea ntxtaaKt'l'- ���  *���;..;- GcreenlnftA*'-  SAMUEL M. ROBINS, BnperinteadenC  ,' /  i KVAN8,'COLEMAN'A WAire.'-'Agcnti.:'/;  ! *"!:���' f":'-_--Vtnconypi.Cltr,;B.'0'.v! wiVv;;;,;.::r.-:'.. SATURDAY OCTOBER SB, ISO! -  THE INDEPENDENT.  I  NEWS OF THE LABOR WORLD  Canadian.  The street railway employees at Victoria are now well organized.  Unionists of 03rantrord are moving  to put up labor and socialistic candidates.  Thirty yardmen nnd trackmen on the  Cape llreton division of the Intercolonial railway went on strike lust week.  They are getting ?1._!J per day nnd nsk  for $1X0.  The United Brothoiliood of Carpenters and Joiners nre organizing a new  local In tho city of atontre.il, to meet  llie convenience of men living away  from near the centre of the city.  There Is great dissatisfaction, over  the fact that the dominion government  has docked the Wages" of printers who  were ordered to Toronto with the corps  to which they belong for tho royal review.  Carpenters  of Stratford,  Ont.,  suc-  ['     .ceeded ln securing a HO iper cent, afl-  >J      vnnce in wages recently.   New unions  of this eraift will proibtvbly 'be organized In 'Mitchell, St. Mary's, and other  western towns.  i     The     Amalgamated     Woodworkers'  unions In Toionto are working along  ���the lines cf securing    the    nine-hour  -day.   These Include the piano and cabinet-makers, woodworking machinists,  and varnlsihers and polishers.  The Edmonton Bulletin figures', from  ���sales of binder twine In that 'district,  that there ���will Ibe 3,r.00,000 bushels of  wheat in that region and 4,300,000 bush-  ���cls in Northern Alberta. Tho Increase  ���over last year is  nbout one-third.  Coke made from Crow's Nest Pass,  B. C, coal .has been made which contains D1.97 per cent, carbon, and S.02  per cent, ash, as compared with Con-  ri'elsvllle, Pn., coke, containing Sl'.SS  per cent, carbon and 11.31 per cent. ash.  The presence at Ottawa of Ci. It.  Maxwell, at. .P., 'and the delegation  along w.ilh him i.s said to 'be connected! with the .iitestioir of granting licenses for trap 'lUlilng. So fur the department Insists that It has no Inten-*  tion of Issuing any traip licenses. However, there nre those wlio say that  the question is tiirler consideration, and  that the present policy may be changed.  The Ilou-X'woi'kers' union (domestic  servants' union) or Ottawa 'liave decided to'issue i.t circular to distribute  in nil the cities of Canada, protesting  against the action of Hon. A. G. Blair,  minister   of   railways,   In   Introducing  ��� Ohinese .servants into 'his (household.  Tlie union Intends to try to work up  an agitation, which .will arouse a public opinion against .the innovation and  (prevent others from following tlie ex-  .ample set iby the minister.  The independent Labor party ot Nel-  .6on, B. C, held a meeting last, week,  when the following oillcers and committee pro teni were- elected; President,  AV. 11. Kee; .vice-president, J. iMyer;  .secretary, 'Max 'McSwaln; treasurer, ,T.  Knauft. Executive committee���'Messrs.  Pen code, Ebbs, Payne, Hancock,  .Sohalm, Roberts, Devoro, Philip and  Woolaver. It iwas decided that the  question of further meetings and' organization should be left In the 'hnnds  ��� of the officers nnd committee named.  'Mr. 'Robert Glockllng, of the Ontario  aabor 'bureau, says that la'bor men In  that province 'have an entirely .wrong  conception of the the abject of the bureau. The majority of them regard It  as a part of the ipolitlcal machinery of  -the province and object to giving the  Information sought for. "The only way  to get the statistics desired Is to sen'd  out apeeln'l agents, the same as the  state 'bureaus Uo across the line," says  Mr. Glodklng; "You might write until  jou were 'black In the face and you  to the laws of .the land, take the oath  of allegiance, and have the English  language taught their children. The  Finn leaders seem quite pleased with  the iprospect of settlement.  There Is a proposition in Halifax to  assess all church properties, and Hall-  fax clergymen are up ln arms against  the proposal.  The big .steel Industries In Sydney,  C. 1!., cannot, it Is snld, get enough  nrtlrtms to keep the works going to  their lull capacity.  American.  The Chinese laundry workers of New  York city ihave formed a union to Improve the wages scale.  The carpenters of the United Brotherhood are having the union label  copyilffhteid' 'at .Washington, in order  to ma'ke It effective nnd .secure. The  lalbel 'Will Ibe shortly issued.  St. Louis Trades Assembly, by a vote  of 114 to 54, again called upon its president to resign 'because he invited  'deinoci'ntlc 'politicians to malke  speeches on 'Laibor Day.  The 21st tinnunl convention of the  American Federation of Labor will be  held'at'St. Thomas.' college hall, Scran-  ton, Pa., 'beginning December .ith next.  Those requiring full particulars will  write Frank _ilonlIsonvseeretnry, 423-23  G. street, N. W., Washington, D. C.  A Chicago judge has declared blacklisting on the part of nn employer to  ibe legal and told a woman who appeared ifor redress that she could not  ���work .for anyone unless her former  omiployer gave his consent, because he  has 'blacklisted her, and In doing so  did. perfectly right.  Js viewed with alarm 'by the French  authorities, an'd It Is thought that a  general strike would lead toi serious  trouble.  Another British trade union has been  attacked Hinder the recent decision of  the house of lords In the Tafft Vale  case. This time the Amalgamated Car-  penteis are In for trouble. The union  Is sued for dnmiige.s because a strike  was ordered nnd seven cf the members were arrested. The British unionists are "becoming panicky, us at least  half u dozen cases 'lmve 'been flle'J under the .house of loid.s' ruling, and there  la talk of removing headquarters o��  organizations to Switzerland or abandoning strikes 'altogether. Hundreds  of the .unionists nre rallying to the  support of the socialist parties as the  quickest and most sensible way out of  the difficulty.  In 1S71, the Aberdeen Land Association bought 40 'acres'on tlle south side  of the'Dee for .CIIO.OOO. or .C730 an acre.  This   year   the  harbor   commissioners  ���We miay expect a few more platforms,  each one conveying the Intimation that  After careful meditation  And profound deliberation,  On the various pretty projects whioh  have just .been shown, l  Not a scheme In agitation  For the world's amelioration  Has a grain of common sense in lt, except my own.  As ..ung iby O'Trlllo    ln  the Crotchet  Castle, an opera long forgotten.  ni  . would never get what you wanted."  The Victoria Trades and La'bor.council has given power to a committee to  Jense a series of 'halls for live years,  .and to 'furnish them In a way suitable  foriholding meetings. At present there  .aire .In the neighborhood of 20 unions  in that city, and the want of a place  where all may meet has been felt for  ���some time. The Idea Is to lease a large  Hat���.perhaps In the Porter 'building���  and have It divided off .Into about three  halls, one large nnd two smaller, with  several committee rooms. The council  will, no doubt, 'become Incorporated.���  Colonist.  IMr. 11. E. Gcsnell, ."pecln'l commissioner for the /provincial government,  met the Finnish people on Tuesday nt  jNanalmo, regarding the colony for  .Malcolm Island. Mr. Goalless collected  considerable data regarding the matter to lny before the government, which  win materially assist in reaching 'a conclusion. The Finns consent to wait for  seven years for a clear deed of th3  lan'd. dn case It Is given to them. They  would, lit lssald, alsoiperform all public ilmiprovements'uipon condition of bc-  ing/reTieved'ifr'oin taxes except ipoll tax.  'They��� will��� also'oohform iln''every��� way.  iA St. Louis dispatch says that the  Order of 'Railroad Telegraphers have  elected olllcera as follows: President,  II. B. 'PerWam, St. Louis; secretary-  treasurer,'L. XV. Quick, St. Louis; first  vice-president; John A. Newman.  Wir-hlta, Kan.; second vice-president,  T. Of. Pletson, St. Lculs; third vice-  president, D. Campbell, Drayton, Ont.;  C. Layman an'd .A. O. Sinks were elected to the 'board of directors  Harry Thompson, of Cincinnati, O.,  nominated b.v the socialists of Ohio  for governor, h.is lost his 'position as  ca.'hler ot the Cincinnati agency of the  Union 'Mutual Life Insurance company  because he Is the .socialist nominee.  The firm. In a letter dismissing falm,  sald/in part: "We cannot retain in our  employ a .pen-on holding the views of  a socialist, an organization which aims  to destroy the conditions un'der which  only It Is possible for Institutions like  ours to prosper."  Keiv Yoi'k printers declare that certain school teachers advised their  scholars to turn against trade unions  because of the 'boycott on the Sun.  New York unionists are also denouncing a school book Issued by A. S.  Barnes & Co., whioh Is meant as a  guide for teachers, and which contains  objectionable theological matter and  tills passage: "Obedience Is the cardinal 'Virtue in this life or the life to  come. * ��� * The obedient student  will not In after-life ibe among rioters,  strikers or luw-bien'kers."  In extending the Injunction against  the printing trades upon the plea of  the Coiikey Publishing company, of  Hammond, Intl.. United States Judge  Baker made the 'astonishing assertion,  ���during the delivery of his opinion, that  the steel trust "fought for the fiee-  dopi of the men who did not think It  .practical to join a union," and also that  "our revolutionary fathers 'battled for  the right of men to work." Now will  you be good! The trusts .will 'hereafter  defend the -workingmen.���ClevelanU  Citizen.  foreign.  Herr Bernstein, the eminent socialist.  says that freetrade versus protection Is  .becoming a burning question at German elections.  The 'Russian government Is reported  to be 'preparing the Siberian coast on  Belliings sen with war vessels to keep  out Ameilciin  miners.  The Tn lion-sues' union, of Sydney,  X. S. \V., 'has now over 400 members,  and the labor council I.s .petitioning the  premier for the establishment of a government clothing factory.  ���A Melbourne photographer sent In a  bill to the Duke of York and reel veil  a reply, It Is said, that royalty does  not pay for photographs, lt is nl-o  said that the Duke ot York sold for  ��3G.0OO 'Ills collection ot postages���  mostly cadged.  Press reports state that nil the  unions ot France are to strike November '1st, unlei-.s the government enacts  laws to enforce nii*"elg.i_-hour,day, to  grant old-age pensions and1 to 4ix a  minimum wage scale.    The movement  PARIS GREEN, - HELLEBORE  'AND WHALE OIL SOAP for the extermination of,the CUT-WORM.'and  other Inseota���for sale by the McDowell, Atkins, Watson Company, The  Drueffiate, Vancouver. .        -- ��� ���  paid ��53,000 for(7 1-2 acres of the area,  or ��7,260 an acre���an incr.tse of nearly  900 per cent.  Premier Seddon shows a surplus of  ��u3_!,364, as against a surplus last year  of ��C0o,3ol���a New Zealand record. He  proposes to transfer ��.'00,000 to the  public works account fer reproductive  uses. He ipropose's to borrow ��1,000���000  and Ibuy a coal mine.  The proposed Queensland electoral  act provides .women's 'franchise, voting  thiougih the post, 'simplifies registration, permits transfer, forbids  plumping, 'perpetuates the contingent  vote, and gives two votes to every man  the father of two children iborn in  Queensland In lawful wedlock, whether  allive or dead, .and no matter where  resident.  We learn fiom the latest balance  sheet of the New South Wales Branch  of the Federated Seamen's union of  Australasia that this body has a fixed  deposit in the City Bank .C-J.mo, and  in the Bank of New South Wales, ��_!.-  "00. In addition to these sums, the  Branch ihns ��313 at current account,  an'd about .Oil in .hand, or a total of  about .Cii.OOil.    Good business!  H. M. Ciill, a miner and prospector  In Colombia, .sends Information that he  Sintl discovered the bed of an ancient  waterway, from ocean to ocean, lying  between Panama and Nicaragua canal  routes. Tills alleged 'line runs through  a gap In the mountains, which has a  perfectly level 'bottom, and In .which a  ship canal could .be built with little  difficulty. It'Is thought that, once upon  a time here was a great natural waterway.  The Lemberg papers report ibrea'1  riots at TaraSkovu, Eastern Russia, ln  Samara the starving .peasants stormed  the municipal 'buildings, and the residences ot' wealthy .persons, setting  some on lire. Troops- were summoned,  and 14 peasants were 'killed. Similar  riots, in M-htch several persons were  'killed, occurred ut Andc-nweslca, where  two landowners ha'd ibeen murdered,  and also at Pestrawka and elsewhere  In the same district.  -Belgium is advancing along the lines  of labor 'legislation. A new law for  compensation for Injuries to .workmen  is very radical in Its character. The  old law'provided tor compensation only  when the'injured'person can show that  the Injury was Idue to negligence on  tlie part of the employer. Tho new  law goes further than that. An employee who receives injury which incapacitates him for more than a fortnight shall ibe paid 'by the employer,  even should the accident be the fault  of the claimant. The measure provides for the employer insuring himself in the national or a private company.  The startling shrinkage In the values  of-German-electrleal-concerns-lins been  brought to light by statistics showing  the price of shares of Ihe leading iiuin-  ufacttuing companies compared with  their value in January, 1SD9. Twenty-  one companies, .whose capital two years  ngo represented a market value of  $1111,000,000, are worth on present quotations only $G7,73O,O00, a decrease ot  01 per cent. The Chudkcr .company  heads the list, 'With a loss of $1'J,230,000.  followed .by the 'Allegemelne company,  with $12,300,001, the Siemens & 'Halskc,  $1,300,000. The Union, .which Is the  German connection hIth tlie General  Electric company of America, has depreciated $3,300,000. The abnormal extension of the In.lustry In advance of  the country's needs Is given us tlie  cause of the unparalleled dwindling of  stocks. 'More than 130,000 men and  women dependent on the electric trade  ure said to be unemployed at this moment.  The case of destitution announced in  the local press tills wee-k Is a reflection  upon this city and province. Aid. Mc-  Gulgan Is to .be commended for drawing the public's attention to the need  of providing for these needy coses.  The different charitable Institutions of  religious persuasions do a lot of good,  ���but then their ileld of operations are  circumscribed, the same may ibe said  of the attention given to members of  benefit* societies arid labor organizations. It is too much to expect of these  bodies to look after every deserving  case that may happen to come before  them. Therefore we hold that the city  should make 'prolvlslon for Its homeless  and destitute in the same manner as  the hospital Is maintained. Everyone  then will be responsible for its keeping.  The favorite Smoke  Union men smoke the Earl of Minto Cigar.  "Why? Because it is Union Made.  c*.-  Turner, Beeton if* Co.  *Wliote��a_o Assent*  ^^aun  VANCOUVER, VICTORIA, NEtBON,  Canada Is no second-'hand theatrical  attraction, and the country isr cheapened hy the hunger and thirst of certain journals for good press notices  from the 'English journalists who accompany the Duk'e of York, says the  Toronto Telegram. English recognition  of our national greatness and' merit  Is not the 'bread of life in Canada.  Canada Is no ignoramus nation, which  cultivates a spirit of churlish indifference to praise or blame from England.  The wise nation strives to deserve the  praise of every country, and the praise  of other communities under the British  flag is especially precious to Canada.  Canada Is no infant that can be do-  ���per.dcd on to howl If benevolent relatives do not pat us on the head. Canada is the architect of her own fortunes. The wisdom, virtues and industries of her own people are stronger  forces in the upbuilding of this nation  than all the praise that visiting correspondents can .pour into the dull, coll  ear of English newspaper readers.  P. O. BOX Me.  'PHONE 179.  top  w. j. McMillan & Co,  ���Wholesale Agents for  TUCKET CIGAR CO. UNION LABEL CIGARS  Brands:  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOUQUET,  OUR SPECIAL, EL JUSTILLO,  EL CONDOR, SARANTIZADOS, SCHILLER,  Corner Aloinndcr Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.  BSSBBHHHBBa  Union Directory.  VANCOUVER TRlAiDES AND LABOR  COUNCIL���President, John Crow; vice-  president, XV. 3. Lamrick; secretary, T. H.  Cross: financial secretary, W. J. Beer;  treasurer, C. Crowder; statistician. XV.  McKissock: sergeant-at-arms, G. F. Lenfesty. Meetings���First and third Friday ln  each month, ;it 7.30 p.m., ln Union hall,  corner Dunsmulr and Homer streets.  JOURNEYMEN* BARBERS' INTERNATIONAL UNION, -No. 120���President,  G. X\'. Isaacs; vice-president, A. 11. Leg--  gatt; corresponding- financial secretary,  D. P. Johnson, Iln Hastings St. East;  recording secretary, C. D, Morgan;  treasurer, J. A. Davidson; guide. J. A.  Stewart; guardian. E. Morgan; delegates  to T. & L. Council. Messrs. Dilxlcn and  G. XV. Isaacs. Meets P.rst nnd third  Wednesdays ot each month in Union  Hall.  - The growth of the Chinese lumber  trade for 1901 is remarkable. Oregon,  Washington and British Columbia, nre  of course the largest shippers, California only sending an occasional cargo  of re'd'wood. The total shipments of  lumber into China for 1900 were 2G.7S1,-  0CO feet; of this amount 'Washington  contributed 17,815,057, and Oregon 7,-  SJ!),;!S3. For the first six months of lfOl  Portland1, Oregon, lias shipped to China l'4,u'Sl���")2o feet, as against 5,S2'l,S22  feet covering the same period of 1900.  Washington's China shipments for the  first six months of 190.1 aggregated 10,-  324,000, as against 7,072,719 feet for 1900,  an increase of 2.052,251. British Columbia shipments to China for the first  six months of '1901 were 1,9S5,I11 feel,  making a grand total of '20,790.903 feet  of lumber shipped to the Flowery  llvingdom during the 'first half of the  current year, as against 20,781,000' for  twelve months in 1900.  COOKS", WAITERS AND WAITRESSES'  Union, Local- No. 28. President, Chn��  Over: vice-president. XV. XV. Nelson; recording secretary, Jas. H. Perkins; financial secretarv, R. J. Loundes; treasurer, Wm. Ellender. Meeting every Friday  ai S.30 p. m. In Union Hall, corner Homer  and Dunsmulr streets.  Why Not Lighten  the Labor  of house cleaning time by  ! sending your curtains here?  Wu have special  facilities  for  handling the very  linest of eur-  ^ tains and guarantee that the most  ^delicate will suffer no injury.  We stretcli   every  curtain   by  , liiiml.     Yon can count on your  ���J curtains poimt home in first class  I; aiiapu���better looking anil nicer to  handle than when they were new.  VANCOU'R TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION,  No 22G meet the lust Sunday in each  month at Union hall. President, C. S.  Campbell; vice-president, Georsre Wllbv:  secretary, S. J. Gothard, P. O. box US;  treasurer. W. Brand; sergeant-at-arms.  Andrew 'Stuart; executive committee, E  U Woodruff, S. R. Itobb, J. II. Browne  N. Williams; delegates to Tr.iJea and  Labor council, J. C. Marshall, Robt. Todd,  ���I.  H.   Browne.  STREET RAILWAY -MIEN'S UNION���  Meets second and fourth Wednesdav ot  each month, in Sutherland Hall, corner  Westminster Avenuo and Hast'ngs Street  at S p. m. President, G. Dickie; vice-president. John Frizzell: secretarv, A. G.  Perry: treasurer, H. Vn.ndenvalkcr: conductor, Ed. Manning; warden, D. Smith:  sentinel, T. Dubberley; delegates lo  Trades anil Labor Council: John Pearey,  Jas. Barlon. Geo. Lenfesty, G. Dickie  and H.  A.  McDonald.  1; Phone 346. 910 - 914 Rich.usds St  9; WHITE  LABOR  ONLY.  ���nnd  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS and Joiners���Meets every  second and fourth Thursdav in Union  Hall, room No. 3. President. G. Dobbin:  vice-president, J."M. Sinclair; recording  secretary, W. T. MacMullen; financial  secretary. H. S. Falconer: treasurer. 3.  Feiguson: conductor. R. MacKenzIe; warden, J. 'McLeod: delegates to T. and L.  council. Robt. Macpherson, G. Dobbin, J.  31.   Sinclair.  THE RETAIL CLERKS' INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  meets In O'Brien's Hall, the first and  thlid Tuesdays of each month. T. A.  Phillip, president; W. J. Lamilck, secretary. 24S Princess street.  The"  OOOOOQQCOOOC  O Having the Only Uli'to-Dato Grill Room  (5 ln B. C. which In ltneli is a guarantee  Q  of aFirst-Cla&H Hotel autlfiesttiurttut . .  oooooooooooooooc  Seymour Streeet,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEAI.EE IX  Fish, Game, Fruit, and  vegetables.  112 Cordova St.  'Phone 412  TEXADA MINERS' UNION, No. 113, W.  F. M., meets overy Saturday at 7.30 p.m.  in Foresters' hall, Van Anda. President.  R. Aitken: vice-president, C. A. Melville:  secretary, A. Rnper. Van Anda, B. C.:  treasurer, TI. V. Price: conductor, P.  Burt; -warden, John Llnklater.  INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF  MACHINISTS���Beaver Lodge, No. 1S2���  Meets second and fourth Wednesday In  each month in Union Hall. President,  Wm. Beer: corresponding secretary, E  Tlmmlns, 726 Hamilton street; financial  secretary, J. H. McVoty, 1211 Seymour  street.  VANCOUVER FISHERMEN'S UNION.  No. 2. Meets In Labor Hall, Homer  street, every first and third Saturday in  oach month nt S p. m. Ernest Burn, president: Chas. Durham, secretary, S47 Harris street.  And this Is how the .Kaffirs pray for  rain: "I ya wu; ia wu; o ye I ye���1 y.i  wo!" Of course, we may be told that  these are extreme cases; but, my good  reader, Isn't there much of the same  spirit In'modern prayer? Just think it  oiver! '.'���*"'  To the members of the Mainland  Stenmslilpnien's Protective and Benevolent Association of British Columbia:  Talte notice that the above association proposes to change its corporate  name to that of the British Columbl.i  Steamslilpnicii's Society, and thnt a  special meeting of the members of the  said association 'Is hereby called for  Monday tho fourth day of November,  nineteen hundred and one. In the city  of Vancouver, nt the K. of P. hall, at  I'D, m., to decide ns to the advisability  of making above change.  In witness whereof we have hereunto signed our names and allixed the  seal of the association.  This fourth day of October, ln the  year of our Lord one thousand! nine  hundred and one.   (Signed.)  CHAS. HAMILTON THOMPSON,  President.  GEORGE NOONAN, ' *r '  -' ������    ' Secretary.  [Seal.]     - .:.  JCUREY.MEN BAKERS' AN�� CON-  .FECTIONERS' lntornatlonnlJUnlon; ot  "America, fiocal No. 46, Vancouver, B.  C. President, James Webster; vtce-prcsi-  dent, J. XV. Wilkinson; recording secretary. Murdo MncLean, 2721 Westminster  Avenue; financial secretary, II. MoMullin  Toronto Candv Co.; treasurer, XV. A.  Wcods, 35i Ninth Avo, Mt. Pleasant;  corresponding secretary. IF. Rawllngs,  Eninwell Bros.. Granville street: masters-at-arms, F. Moyles and Fred Bar-  tie: delegates to T. it L. Council, F.  Rawllngs and J. W. Wilkinson.  PACIFIC  LBNE  World's  Scenic  Route  LOWEST RATES. BEST SERVICE.  To all points in Canada and the United States.  THE FASTEST AND BEST EQUIPPED TBADS  CEOSSING THE CONTINENT.  SAILINGS FOH JAPAN AND CHINA.  Empress ol India Oct 7  Athenian Oct. 13  Empress ol Japan Nor. 4  nnd every lour weeks thereafter.  SAILING FOR HONOLULU AND AUSTRALIA.  Aorangi '. Oct. 1��  Moana Nov. IS  Mlowera Dec 13  and evory lour weekfi thereafter.  For further particulars as to time rates etc.,  apply to ,  E. J.COYLE,  A.G.P.A.  Vancouver. B. C.  JAMES SCLATEB,  Ticket Agent,  428 Hastings St.,  Vancouver, B. C.  THERE IS  CICrABIMAKERS' UNION \NK>. 3T.7���  Meets the 'ilrst Tuesday In each month  In Union Hnll. President, A. Koehel;  vice-president, P. Crowder; secretary,  G. Thomas, Jr.. 14S Cordova street west;  treasurer, S. W. Johnson; sergcant-at-  nrms. J. XV. Brat; delegates to Trades  and Labor Council, J. Crow, C. Crowder,  c. Nelson.  BROTH KRI100D OI'* PA1NTFJRS AND  D13COK'ATOKS, Local Union No. 13S,  Meets every Thursday in l_n.bor Hnll.  President W. Pavler: vice-president. E.  Crcsh: secretary,. C. Plnder, 17iVJ lOighth  nvmue, Fall-view; treasurer, II. MeSorley.  JOURNEYMEN TAILORS' UNION OF  AMERICA, No. ITS-lfeots alternate  Mondays In room 1, Union Hall. President. F. Wllllnms, vlco-presldent. Miss  Graham: recording secretary, II. O.  Rurrltt: financial secretary, Walfrcd  Larson; treasurer, C. E. Nellson; ser-  Keimt-at-nrms,  A., J.   Kennedy.  For Ihe next SO days yon can get a suit at  your own price at  THE   ACME  To introduce our new < cystem of ttHailLg �������  foro our Fall Stock aitiTtt.   ���   . ���  21 Georgia St CL Holland, Otter.  of Fire or Injury to  Health when you use  the  The price is now.  such that almost everybody can afford it.  Once used, always  used. Apply at Office of  .flic SUA.  LTD.  Cor. Can-all and Hastings  Streets.  \.  t  i >*"*.*, i *.i ,7,' '< v. ���,.���  ���Mil n I        m  I ' -V-K j:'>??i. .-��� .;,���   * ;' .*.  _. ���    1 (. THE INDEPENDENT.  SATE1HIDAY OCTOBER 2G, 1901  r  SALMAGUNDI.  New National Hymn.  tTho.se most excellent verses just  jiu&dlslKKl' tit Sydney, N. S. XV., were  *tt to music by Nicholas .1. Ciehdo und  suiiK throuwliout the new stale.during  ���lie commonwealth i-elebra'tions. "One  Is troJil to rend it national hymn which  is neltiher gory nor jjn.velliiiK.���Sydney  ^Worker.] '[ ���;  Cml keep ns pure and strong,  Guide Thou our infant stnte,  aCetip Thou our steps from wrong,  God teach us to ifot? great.  God! Let. our nation hood  For over be Tliy cure;  Not only great���ibut good.'  Hoai'kttii Thy-people's prayer...  ���Hod of-tiie ages.-fled,  God of our sires ot old, -'  God of tilie .Qiiic-kr aii'd dead,  ;      God of our 'history told,  G<xl: of the days to be.  Hearken, our humble plaint,  CKeej. us, as-iiye, wiioli Thee���  ��� ���   .Warrior, hero, saint!  '!.   '       ' ��� '������'���*'  Guant. 'mong sons,of men, ,  As in grand sunrise days;  I   J_biil6 or the sword and .pen-,  ���.". ;"Fashioned to. do Thee praise;  (Sustain ais an foremost lilabe,  In the front ranks of fame,  King's of our conqueror race,  Mighty dniThy great name.  (Bold us from, wayside fears,  From terrors of the night;  TVSpe from our eyes..the tears.  Dimming our.faith's .firm sight;  Zaxud' us tli rough every trial,  Stronger by purging Are;  Cleanse Thou our hearts from guile,  Lead Thou our footsteps higher.  God! in our 'heart of pride,  Teach ais our'need .of Thee;  Ever with us abide. '  .-' Teaoh us humility.  Make us Thy constant care,  Hearken a" nation's jirayer.  Gloria!  :.' Gloria!  ' ������'    God- eui've Australia!  ���Fred. J. Brbomlield.  TMieaitrica1. Agenit���Ever been on the  .Singe? Young fljakly���Oh, yes. I spent  jsix months on a ballyhoo stage.  ,..-. tlliie time thait a nia.n is, most in love  witlli a woman' In iill tlieir li'ves'is five  minutes before lie proposes to 'her.,-. ���'  Tlie -first thing tlie. woman .who  means to get into society does is to tall  ���Km? cariter of llie kitohen the butler's  .���'jiantiy,'/.','���'*'���'���'7: ���.'���'.  si.: "-A-1-,-'John wrl tea thai  "initouliited at,' college.  Some  epidemic mought.  ��� MW York Journal.  Iie'ri .been nia-  Tiiet's . good,  break out."���  NJxon���AVihat.a well, jnforined man  your friertil' Wederly Is? He. can,talk  Intelligently, on any subject.: Hixin���  Naturally. His twin sons have just  :graduated i'roin'college.  A. --woman's baby can fall down and  buimp itself hard without: it's being a  ''.'.calamity, but it s.he (hears another woman lias called that Ibaby ugly, that's  a national disaster.���New York Press.  Hie Mint.  Is located at the corner of Carrall and  Hastings streets.   The bottled goods aro  iill first-class and tlio prices right for  every ono.   Seattle Rainier beer, 5 cents.  Try a bottlo of Eisen Port, tliu sunshine of California, SOc bottle, at Gold  Sual Liquor Co., 7-40 l'cnder street.  Telephone 1���*!������ 0 .for n line  turn-out. J. J. Sparrow, I'uluuu  atablea.  livery  livery  Ulne Kibbon Ton "is packed in Vancouver by wliito men���are you drinking it ?  Gold Seal Canadian Kye ia Seagram's  Grand Old Kye. Only, SOc bottle. Gold  Soul Liquor Company.  No\Y, gentlemen, here is tin. shop to  got-your linir cut to suit you: Corner  Cainuio and Cordova.   C. Ellis.  THE INDEPENDENT.  To anyone sending in the names of  five new yearly, subscribers to The Independent a copy will be sent free-.for  one year. Anyone can do this without  very much trouble, and lit will not only  help the paper but the cause of reform. Reforms only can be brought  about through education���and The Independent is an educator of the  masses.  LOGGERS ORGANIZE.  A" meeting of the local loggers was  held ait ithe Bodega, on Tuesday morning, to consider a proposition to form  a proteatliive Association, in the .interests of 'the,,'industry. Mr. "William  Higgins occupied 'the chair. ���  AGter some 'discussion, It was resolved 'that ithe good of ithe trade could be  subserved, 'by .the organisation of suoh  an associot'ion, and the following otfi-  aers were-'elected: William .Higgins,  President; A. Eraser, Vice-President;  J. L. Pratt, .Secretary; J. McQuiiittie,  Treasurer; A. Hamilton, Corresponding  Secretary.  , The Secretary, Mr.-James Pratt, was  requested to write the Loggers' Association ofthe 'Stale of Washiiigion, and  secure from t'hat body a co��** of its  rules and regulations, and' It was also  moved itihait the- Secretary, notify, by  personal letter all the log producers of  this,Province itihat <a, general meeting  of, the Association:-would be held in  this .city on.November -ttli, to transact  funt'lier business iin connection with the  .movement, . ,' X\ -.���:.;*.;���.;   ���;��� 7 :'���  :.. Itha temple of honor ought , to be-  (seated1 on an eminence. If it be opened  through virtue, let it Ibe '.remembered,  too, .that Mlr.tue is never' tired out by  same difficulty and some, struggle-  Burke.' ���.-���������      . - -i-  Dakota Judge���Broncho Bill, I decide ye killed the Chinaman in . cold'  Mood- and fines ye tl. Broncho Bill���  .Wot, fine me a, dollar fer er Oliin'k?  Dakota Judge���Yes, Xtanow it's a little  toUgh, t>ut the court needs the 'money.  Ex.  IA Mississippi coroner's 'jury recently  made the following iverdtat: "We, the  Jury, find that Iflecensed- came to, his  fleatli by a strota of an east-bound  tnain, No. 2W, on 1. C. railroad, at Fen-  - tress,���Hiss.���in-Ohoc taw���county���he  being in a, reasonable state of intoxication." AVlhat Is "a reasonable state  of intoxication?"  1 "'*" (Misplaced Confldeiicc.  Smith���I've got a good joke on Short.  Jones���Is that so? Smith���Yes. He  ciMlced me to exchange dliecks with lilm  lor a few days. I did so, and his  chock turned out to lie no good. Jones  ���Why,; according to that, the joke Is  on you. Smilth���Oli, no, It Isn't. You  nee, my check wiui also worthless.���  Clulcago News.  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.  :*.!-��� i::ENGLISH MINERS; ,;  "The Miners'., I'ederatdon. of Great  Britain 'held1 its annual conference at  Birmingham at the coiiiiinenceinent of  tlie .present month, * B. Picard, M. P.,  presiding. In bis., annual address the  president"-'-congratulated the delegates  upon the success of the. federation  ���movement. 'Every effort to obtalin same  results outride .tlie federation had ibeen  a coiii'parati've failure. No one Qia'd  ener attempted -to establish a'minini'uim  living wage and a. maximum wage until he, did so in connection! with the  feaerailiion.* In ithe federation,they were  secureot a minimum, wage until 1904.  They.now had.:345.C00 union .members,  and there was only a small percentage  of actual working' miners outside. As  to tlie eight-hour bill they must strenuously support the measure next session. Tliey would go on .ftgthtlng until  they won, aind ihe was personally ofthe  opinion -that if ithe' House"of Commons  would not ipass. the Iblll, .they should  give fourteen days' notice and demand  it'., Mr. Picard Anally advocated ' a  strong representation of labor In. the  House- of Commons.. The success of  the federation dependent upon local organization.. Among other matters discussed at the.conference were the importation of foreign workmen who did  not understand the English.language,  IjTd^h^ifipi^sehce^ln-theTni'iiies^made'  it dangerous to woiik there; a representation of the federation at all inquiries 'into serious accidents at tlie  mines; the standard wage at the different districts and the employment of  unsklllled men in the mines. The president and other ofllbers wore re-elected  at the close of the .confernco., E. Edwards, treasurer of the federation, was  appointed! a delegate to attend tho  American Congress of Miners.  MR. TURNER SPEAKS.  To the Editor of The Ikdei'KXDest :.  Sir,���The people' ot this vicinity,  neighbors an'd acquaintances of Henry  Judd and his family, express the utmost indignation for the utterly unwarranted and most outrageous attack  made upon tliem through the Vuncou-  iver World In its issue of 19th Inst, Until legal action can lie taken against  the 'publishers for criminal libel It Is  desired that some refutation of the  scandal ibe given to the public. There  Is nothing "unique" or "extraordinary"  albout tho>case so far as Helen Judd  and iher family are concerned. The  young lady In question has .'been suffering more or less for years, and haul  previously 'been under treatment by one  of the 'best physicians in Vancouver,  and, during 'her present illness, was  ���in no respect Ill-treated or deprived of  medical assltance. Henry Judd makes  no public parage of religious opinions,  but his life has been such that all who  iknow ihlm respect him as being a gentleman and an honest man, and most  deeply regret the sad misfortune to  his family; and I am sure tihat many  who ralue the sacred '.privilege of pray-  er iwil'l In . their Oieaits join with, this  afflicted family for the speedy recovery of one, .who, in her deepest need,  could: 'fluid no language of reproach,  but the burden, of whose song was always praise of the Jove and power of  ���Him who doeth all things well, who  even on her way to Westminster could  so forget .the troubles that beset herself as to 'find time to comfort and  console another's pain. 'Such an'embodiment of courage, fa-it'h, gentleness  and lolve was never born, of unworthy  parents. And the scandalous, and unwarranted reflections conveyed-in tiie  article a'bove referred! to. can only re-  iboundupon the. moral prostitute that  gave it lutteranee. I ihave seen Henry  Judd's home, and can rrouch for it that  It is superior to nine-tenths of the  homestealds dn the woods and, though  tlie house is 'built of timber,*, it is more  .comfortable than tlie dwelling of thou-  BaiAlsf who live" In.'- Hi* cities and .pay  rent. Henry Judd' owns his fionie, Citu  thet scandal monger iWho ..writes the  scare lines'for the World say as much  for himself? The parents of Abraham  Lincoln raised a family. (lln a poorer  dwelling. And the hardy iploneers, who  reclaim stho homes of British' Columbia  from ;��� tho forest���aiid only too well  know of Its ���" hardship's���;can"'���������"���respect  Henry Judd for his manly, struggle for  ���independence. Nearly "every child in  the country has had the .measles and it  is safe to say , that not one'in ten  lias 7 had; a doctor. And as for  checking a :case of .measles, no person, who knows enough to pound sand  in a; rat hole would think 6f7suoha  thing. It is well known that the dis-  _ease once : contracted ;: must; run its  course, an'd the greatest.possible dan-,  iger conies .of checiklng it in any way.  All that any doctor can do Is to assist  ���nature���not to check, but to throw off  .the disease. That the parents of Helen  Judd did all that was in their power  for iher comifort and 'Welfare I ihave not  the Slightest doubt, and scores of his  neighbors are ready to ; declare their  respect and sincere sympathy, lor them;  and, at the same time, regret that a  .putolisher can Ibe .'harbored in British  Columlbla so cruel and regardless of  justice as to heap, wanton'insult upon  honest, well-meaning people' already so  ���afflictekl. Yours faithfully, 7 7 J.i'--���';'...  .  i.���   7   HiGtEO. H. TUKiNiER.;^  '.Mission City, B.C, Oct. 22, 1901.  THE WIDE WORLD.  The milkmen, small farmers, and  peddlers of Belgium use more than fifty  thousand dogs for draft purposes.  The smallest book in the world, a  copy of the Fitzgerald edition of the  Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, is one-,  fourth the size of a two-cent stamp,  and is printed on plates of solid silver.  A miseroscope is necessury for reading. Fifty-live copies compose the cdi-  tio;-7  The American Tea company lias  bought six thousand acres near Charleston, S. C, and planted It in part,  the land- not being quite in condition.  Next year it will be wholly planted  and the yield expected! is three hundred thousand 'poundis annually. Other  lands will be added, being justified by  experiments already made.  Emperor William is Qinvlng plans  made for 'Improvements of Enter den  Linden in Berlin, by removing the  mansions close to 'the celebrated Brandenburg gate aiid1'erecting a monument to the late Empress. Frederick  in that ���vicinity, says a- London dls-  patcDi.. He lias expressed the hope that  in time ihe will be lable to make Berlin  the handsomest' city in the world.  The highest railroad bridge in the  world���the Goktelt ivladuct���Is two  thousand, two ihundred and- sixty feet  long, with a maximum ilieight of 'three  ���hundred and twenty feet.. It Is just  completed 'by the Pennsylvania Steel  company as part of ithe .new Burmese  railway from Mandelai, is four.liun-  dred liniles from Rangoon, and four  thousand miles ���above the sea level.  At the old-fashionedi inns and restaurants jn Sweden It is customary to.  charge less for women than for men!'  on the theory that they do not eat so  niiuch'.;. At some . hotels in Sweden a  man and a wife are charged as one  and one-half .persons If they, occupy  the -same room. A husband' and wile  may travel as one and one-half persons by railway, and' also, by the post  routes, 'furnishing their own carriage.  For stomach trouble of any kind take  Flint's Dyspepsia Tablets. They cure  or you get your money back. 5tte box.  McDowell, Atkins, Watson Co.'  ���������������������*��������� �����������������  If you want a really good rye whisky  at a low price, our 50c ryo is it. Gold  SealXiquor Company, 7'fi render street.  rOP.HKAI.TII'FOODS, NUT BUTTER, T  hltO.MO.SK, GKANOLA, CAKAMKl. ���  CUItHAL, tlltANOSE BISCUIT, MALT- A  EI) CKItEAL, UTC, ETC v  GROCERY, ���  25 Hastings St. t.   *  ��� TORD'S  T   Tel* *28��   Aa iiuoiiiiys <^i�� ���-���   a  ���<��������������������������� ���������������������  U U   llllb:;  .<>���  <>:  o.  ���ii  n.  i>  <���'  i>  T     C. THOURET      -     -      Manaoeh    i.  GRILL ROOM.  HEADHUAIITKItS FOB A I.I. KINDS Op  ill >-^^ Fffl  iy    Giuuo of flll. kinds ;: Clam  Chowder:  Beefsteak I'uildings aud all short or-  i r dors a .specialty.  '      Open day and night.  Spcclnl  attcn-  9 tion given to bauttuels and dinners.  Only When He Talked.  Jim Hopkins was in town one day  recently and Inaldontally told a slory  nlxmt Bill Sawyer, who lives. In his  cojiununlty. Bill Is a good natured fellow and has a strong vein of humor In  Iila composition, but 'he stammers so  that lit is almost painful to hear him  attempt to say anything. ��� Bill _was  talking to a woman the other day with  wtiom he was onily slightly ajcqualnted,  and, being -somewhat embarrassed, he  stammered more tham' iisuail, whereupon the lady' exolalmed: "My goodness,  Mr. Sawyer, do you always stutter like  tbat?" "N-n-n-n-nx>," replied Sawyer,  fenly wh-wh-wfaem I t-t-t-t-t-talk."  Drink Bed Cross Heer, the beer that's  Sure, 75c pints, fl.50 doz. quarts. Gold  peal Liquor Co., 740 Pender street.  When you want to hire a first-class  horse and buggy, go to the Palace  livery stables.  Telephone 126.  Convalescents need Eisen Port���"tho  builder up  of tho .weak"���50c bottle.  Gold Seal Liquor Co., 74(> Pender street.  The Mint  Is    the   new    saloon   at   the   corner  ot Carrall nnd Hustings streets.   Case  goods nre tliu best, and thu prices 0. K.  Seattle Kninier beer, 0 cents.  The color of the working card for  October, November and December of  the Retail Clerk's International! Protective association is BLUE. .Purolhias-  ers of goods in union stores will be  srtiown this certificate of membership  by the attending clerk when naked to  do so. So ���wlhen you 'buy anything be  sure and (have & look at it, raid see  the countenance of the uniibn clerk  lighten up, for lit pieases him to efliow  bis cord.  The labor organizations of'Phoenix,  B. C, are strongly aoclallstlo in their  opinions and practices. The Eagle of  a recent date seems to voice the Bont'l-  nient-s of the unions of that district,  writes a corraspondeiit.' It says Mint  tlie movement nt Revelstoke to organize'a. .laibor panty Is an excellent  one, but the Eagle I.s not quite sure  whether it has been gone about rightly or not. "This lis the day of the  grafter," it continues, "and1 any new  popular organlssatlon ils certain to have  these hangers-on Join their forces,  simply and! solely for what ithere is In  it for tliem. These old party grannies  and dlsaippotated offlce-seekers, whose  'sympathies are with labor/; must be  piit through tihelr fataings." Tlhe Eagle  holds that he unembenE. of labor* organizations atone should constitute the  labor pairty, land thus tihe "grafter" element and tSn'^uonn, politfolana would be  kept out.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������  | YOU'LL NEED HEAT  ���  ��� ii  A  Before long now. The best heaters made  ������the cheapest to buy and the most economical to use are the  J*   AIR-TIGHTS AND  BASE   BUHNERS.  mado by the McClary Mfg. Co.  , 126 Hastings St.  SOLE AGENT  ��� *  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������*  McLennan,  Mcf ecly & Co*  ���TOHOIil*  Shelf and Heavy  ���TCHOriBSALE AND  BETW.IL1 DEALERS, EST  MAIL  ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT ATOIBNITION.  KELLY, DOLOLAS & CO.  WHOLESALE GROCERS,  Cordova and Water Streets,   -. Vancouver, B. C.  UE^ Headquarters for Domestic and Imported Ci^ar* and Smoking Sandrie*.  $3.50 5  This lino is a wonder, G. W.   Leather  lined, latest styles, light or heavv sole.  UNION MADE  Wc are ."peaking now of the very latest in Soft fell Mats. One  lineis a beautiful Oxford Gray that "sells for $3.00. Another is a Cobalt shade, bound or raw edgi), $2.50. But why attempt ��oenumerate  tliem���you'd tire of tliu great list of lints we could print here, without  oven then beginning to do the stock justic.  Suffice it to sny we have nil the English and American makes and  styles, at prices from $2,SO to $8.50.  JOHNSTON, KERFOOT if* CO.  101 and 106 Cordova Street.  Trunk Store 137 Hastings St., 0|i|>. Wm. Ralph's.  Of Evcrij Description and Quality at  C. Tisdall, sa,s^aft.n,s"  BUSINESS  demands a large nuiriber of our graduates in March. A oourue takes 6 or 7  imonths, so you should begin NOW, or  wc .will llie short. We are running  short mow! We can iplace between 75  and -1*0 - iboy3 - every- year. ---To-d a y- iwe  ���have none. No Klimoutty to place all  ���the girts you, send us. Remember we  ikeep them till they are In a situation.  The II.IU. Yogel C'oiiiiiii.itiiil College  P. O. Box 347. Vancouver, B. C.  Alexandria Lager  Is a pure, wholesome lievurnge,  and contmns no luirmful ingredients, lt is highly recommended as n tonic for weuk und  debilitated pooplu.  Doering & Marstrand  TELEPHONE 429.  Pastry and Cakes  FRESH  DAILY  MONTREAL BAKERY  WK8TM1NSTKB AVSNCB.  ro9Qaaooooeoaocaoooeo393g  ���    DELICIOUS WINE  MAI1B KXCLVDIVELY FROM II. C. FRUIT.  FKKSII CUT FI.OWKKS   IJN10.N-MAI)E  DOMESTIC CIGAHS.  When liinkliiK' 11 trip nround tlio  l'nrlt cull'on  PANC1"  Tel. 945-  ' Wc hnve just opened up tlio Itnost an-  sortmfiit o(   Funcy,   1'nrlor,   Dining-  rooiii7"Iilbntry~tiud~Hiill���Lumps -over   scon In tills city; with prices to suit nil  pockets Just fancy���a line decorated  Parlor Lump, wllh SUftdu lo matuh, lor  only $1.50.  R. G; BUCHANAN & CO.-  Crockery and Housefurnishings,  406 and  403 Westminster Avenue, Vancouver"-  I W. D. Jones  aoaoooooooaaoooaoooaoooaai  Drncklon Point  LI|_litliou��e  Old  -AT-  GALLOWAYS..  BOOK EXCHANGE,  14 Arcade    ���  Subscribe  for  Tbe  independent  $8.23 a Year.  GEO. HAY  Vancouver'a   Pioneer .' Clothea  Ronovator,���:���: makes a suit new.  Dyeing and Repairing  216 Cavbie St., V^nooum.   ,  ii**^:'>����~.  ""~":" ���'""'���<��� ������"'-"' '"  |.  ;"il'"��iii ^���������^liP7'''"1-^^-?'-


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