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The Independent Aug 24, 1901

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The "oldest ami -Urgent interim-" .-•   .     v\- .
tloiml"C{iiU|miiy in llie world. .    . Mi-v
':  -    Supervised by s^goveriiiiieuls.   \ \  \
■> >'5vVes '■'■■■■    v •>;-,, :-.--.yy.j i\\\s
Fred Cpckburri -" District Mgr.'   ^
Flack'Block, VAKcocvkn'.v.     '.   ...  ,.,7    -. ..i\    . V. .-»•■%,.;.-,.   •.*;•■
•■'l.'Vffl. *>■■''*>-(■•"- V.'M*-*       ■?■■■•   '•'-    •Jj'i ■:".--> -■-■'  -.
■ ' -■        ■ ''-■■■-■- ■'.■••.:j.     . ,:■■■ '.,:■■ f '',--- A
t:i'-'lji\':i\<H~Alf.i.T\ •■jtt-JH'-ti' -'Jn
...... .,0,-::   ■■■:    -',..•*:,..,.-,..,„...;....,-...   -v.-,•,- .,,i.*-4^
ii/t. PERMIT L0A.\ AM
'   ^'i'MViiYGSM.     '
■'"'  Authorized Cupltul   -   (.10,000.0011.  '-;•
/SuHerilicil Capital   •  ... 1,500.000,.,,•: ■
' "-"Awifelil over- '■-' '*'   •'"-"c    ■•tUO.UOO:'
■' Head Olllce "21 CaniUio Street, Vancouver, H. C.  .      '■.'-''■
VOL. 3.
>:-. \ ■
J -il
The men out onstrlko here have the
fullest confidence'in their•■-'committee
nt Montreal. The men all over Canada nre loyal to their representatives
at Montreal. The men are'as llrm im
ever. The/trains are arriving' over I'l
houis <belilnd 'time.
'.' Aic-pecla! dlsp-itcli, from Wlnnlveg
states /that 'an 'iiiiporta'iit meeting /of
railroad mien was hold there early In
tlie•Sveetlc.'-jiiiii.'-.that ithe'different rail*
iv!a>- orders/had ;dee!ded to giye't.he ,G:
•P.It..but,four days to settle thestrike.'
Tilts...stat'eirien't.'lias:. not•;been-/.denied
or confirmed bythe ;i-aiiway.!me,ri-'heriv
so we print- itforwh-at it-Is; wclrtih.'    '
'-.• Headquarters.Joiiit.Pi'o'tectlive. Board.
■ *;!','iw. Maintenaiire-of-.Way.;■■,-'X.iDepartnieint
/'•,! iI:>,Emi>ioyees,:vCanad'lrin Pacific Rail-,
■'■yy^wayXiy:",:./. ■■■ .:■.:■•■  /.-i/, ,i:■'7-   '*"■'..-X)-
iy:y: --77'7 AGrairdl Un.oii iHotsl,; 77,;i
■ii ' ■:. 'y'iii: iiiii /-Montreal; -' AngJ[ K; '-MM. ,''••
'.' .j,Peaii;,:Si:rs.:a.i'_(i; Brothers,—The -general
: chairmen' of i tliepother", orders - on 'ithe
.; • <"., P.- railway haive Ibec-ni'ln/' Montreal,
';-/ _r6r'soh^.tiin'&-.'1I_'ast,.__,i'ddii.y;Vthey.wer'e
accepted ::by,i'the president/of 'tho Can-
■_.'. adlan .'■' .Paciflo * .Railway*; compainy and.
,,., myself .'to -act/as ;a; "ConcHiatl'on eoth-
;*• jntttee.''.:.'ir_stea.d of;their trying to ccn-
caiate .'and effet-t a settleiiieinit throug1!!
'■!' Ibhe .president*, of ;the',C.;P.!.R. . conipajiy'
•'!. jairidl; myself they (took the•■ "matter.'.uijjr
r-'/vvltii the^^g«rie.ral,.m:anaEer.',: After con-.
;^.!.-."'i^Ha.tlhB;for-'ib'(mt:'a;,.w^|{,itlie,' follow-;
:•'.;, tag ;ik,ai.copy ot'a .messag-ew.hloh.sihoivs
y.■'■, tlie.''basis;.of,; -trie../settlement .proposed
'■'J:i "by.ithe-general m&'nageiycoinnieritiupori
:^;SvMeli-::_/consider! unnecessary!' '■[yX. •<+'
H;i:..X!:y-Xil:,,X;iyi.y /Copy. lix. iXy i'X:\ yX'yX
>'■",:■ .-,-;•■ ;xii ciioivtreair;:i2lfli/,Aiig;i.ist,*:196li.*:
;:,.*:;Tlie,:seeond: 'VIce-pieEldent. anti'.geii-;
/•;:era1'iiia'jiager will approve circular set'-
- ttng/out: he jpay for, ti'a"ck.men,  in ac-
/•/ooi'daince.'iwitli' liisilei'tei--ofiJune;'litliV
.,; and.also irecitirig..rules aind regulations
..Ssoiveiliiiiig/the 'eriiploym-ent'andrservlce
/■■' -otitlie',' trocjlitneh/ and; at "the enfl; of one
.;. year; from; .this "date; ■ (if:" tiie .'tracicmeh
,./. <o£;tlie; Cariadian; Baciific:;RaihTOyi com-;
■;■■■ .jwiny haive;eff.eoted:;a;-ro'?pbnsible;,vaind
""/syoifciblej: ^
;-.tiwBi,imeets"a'\«omiiilttM.;ai_-d gra-ht': tiieni
;, euoli.schedule', sli'a'i only; apply',,to fore-'
[I men ;«ik1 ifiratfaiid^second/nienpof'.one
:■■' 5'ear's'; staivd lng iri C:the" compiiiny'a ser-;
•.Vice,, nnd neithej'^ 't!ie'sclieclule;,>hor;ii.riy.
'?af.'-'its J'comlitloiis^shall' apply,.; to.; otiriers
,y ;e'mpioyed.'ieicher.;on. section/work.ior-'.o-ri]
■/.'.exti-aj-gangs,*-nor;shall/ ariy/commlttee*
-." -with;*heji;elatiqris^^ /between,:;;the^com-.
'•;*•;_?a.ny,"'arid*;;employee's :• inr'.i'ts ;. mainte-.
■[•[. narice'-bf.w.ay depai'timeiit,.;to iw.hoin/tihe,
;eaidiscliedule^/i\rl.ll.;iriot;^apply ias above
'■i'^t;fortli./.;The icompa.ny.•\vlll 're
/. oil ;;meii;lh; thelr/'.resiiectjve i.oos.itlorisH
: prm-ided ;sucih:ipositiohte .ha\,e*,ri'>t*.been
/./(filledi/'Uiider prom lie*: of .^/penniiriency;
/;' 'during the'.rnll>seiicel;of.strikersi   Iin .'the.
'case of .ppsitions' h'alv'lhg beein'tfllled/the.
;,i;cpmpa.ii'y, will give such remaining iiieri
i; preference..iln "'tilling other __in_Ilai*-'pp;,
.'. sitlqns las 'near ito/'their. old,'looatlon;as
vr'ppMible.j T.iils;clause-npt'applliMble to
:;ijifh<we,;Vwhp.i;ihla,>'iB.■■ Tjeen '; guilty of yloT
/■^eri^ged'0ln?ihe"strilt.e ';;>hialL;-n6t.'preJ[u-.
/ idl<*e-/t-iieI'i';ij»sitipiis,';oni_«^
-;' stored •/to,';. the;"service''t',The,"icdmpahy*
• .will -alway3/.jbe; gla'd. ito'imerfvlaln:y-'cb_n-
,- iniitfee* of^^i'teyeinplbyees,-;.iwii^ilher'.:_en-;
'.I .jr_^_d'^lii>.-iihe-;i_naiintenmriv:frof-,iy^'.--<>r
any o.ther departinent, for.the ipuHpbse
■■'.' ot discussing^'suggestions, oalcula'ted. to
=s=remoVe/-any-d Isad v.in tag-es^u nder-whlcli.
1 tlie..men. (may ilaibor,, or to promote'thei
."Interests' of tiie ..company.   (Signed),
-yyiyixiy: X.yi":'Xxi.x,[ ireNXCObL. : '■-.-.
we were ..'holding conferences hoping to
•«IVect,'h'n  ninleable-settlement  of all
dlllVreivces,. your  sujioi-diinate  olllclals
were., golns pver .the ,road\ti'ylns  to
'lirea'k u i»*oiir. oi gs'ftlza tion'. * A Uou tone
week ngo the general chairmen.of. the
other orders'! which liave lieen established' on the C.. P." R.'arrived ln;.Mon-
treul.   On Prlitoy of last    week they
.(■Wie's gcneriilf chajriuen)') jverej acoeuled
by the president,of the C. P. R. company,* and by. the'the president of. the
I3rothei'hood' of .Railway Ti"ae!<imeri, as
a "cbnclllaflon committee."   According
to advicesiieelved^your 'siibordlriate of-
I'.clals-.are'.'.'still' making- strenuous ei-
fc:;ts.to ibreaik the strtke:.:-We-(believe
■the. co-ntest;,betiween "the C.P.- R. oSl-'
cia'is'^. aml'Jtilje;liiialntenlxnce-of-.wa^ ^ieri.
lias;lasted, too long.'-. Had tt se'ttlenient
lest 'mlgii.t. 'have 'been saved, ."/and men
who liave; been malmeill and crippled
forft'llfe Tnlffh't '-be".w^llviamd hearty^tof;
day. ,We .bel^ye ehe   maln'tenaricefof-
;way; men,are en'titled'.to. an .agreement'
AVI'tih:; tlie/Jcompany   setting!': fort'lii/the
terms."amd.:icondltlons Cf .their, eniploy-
iiierit,: whtclv would'be considered a.fair
setWeiment; by    experlanced, yi'.'clionest,
capalbie. 'and honorable; men,> therefore,'
.we'propose to accept the genera"'cihair-
meri.of t'lie other brdlersias-arlbitra'tbrs.
\yith!. the..uiiiderstandlng', that, they,,will
arrange'1 -what' 'tliejr' consider^ to; be,a
fair", settiemerit for 'bbth*pai*tles ito;the
controversy . under, -t'he ciroumsitances.
If/the comapamy-.will allowjt'hem io"de-
'teiiiiiihe./what as fair ,and be governed
■by,/tiieir decision, as.soOT'iiis'we/.veoe'lvc,
a/Avrttteii 'agreement.:from'■ybuito'ithe
effect that the coinpanylwill accept,the
generali/chali-inen   as'aiibitra.tors,,;_the;
'strike . will  be  declared, off,, aindi  they
Can' iarrange -the"'details ofitlie-setM'e'-:
...., -'.. . -, -.  , ...       .:   .., ,. ,.,,.■ ...   •-.-.;■()•,.
mentsvafterwards.;;:   (Signed.-)'/■Yours
tally.; ■.vH'K/./jqS^
■XXl.ym:X:■';'':.., •Gliairman'Corifiiii'ittee:''",
: SNo" answer has, -been i"e'ceil\*ed • to -the
'abpive.i!;*yi/- x■:■/,.; .'yyiX]lx'yilyyyy;K'y!X-y
,*\Ve'*a.ve requested ,-the general chair?
/men of tilieotlier. cnters'/to ;-recoiiimend
to'the; icbmpany;/aridoybu.r'/'repr'esenui,-"
/ti.yes,' ;,'t'h'at;i,: the, ,dirtei'ences,t'be;.settled
.by; a. board "bf ;ai;b*.ti:atibn^t
■tbrs:; to ;bei; selected ^'irivthej/usualiwasrr
yb'ur'case. '.jls'-.'lri-.a'«oriditloriHb,b,e/.pre^
spiked) 'tb.'"the.!'.ipiiil1c':iii'-.a':itra'e;':light/
If ybu^wili ,b'e-true; 'tb/iyourselyes/'tihe.
honest', peopie of,;Canad'aii:A\*hp';(beiieye
•in'/uphb-id-ing.Tight amd "crushing Avrpn'g,;
.willi;a__siE'ti;iypu/in-securing an 'honoii'-;
able"and; fair.'seHlementi;.* Sonie of > the
men, wlio -were deceiv.edi amd trafl.uenced
to';return to; .work, .-;Siisperi:led/;/work
;i.gairi;.! arid/Wave motlfled-ybur.cpiiimit-
tee ;tli at, tihey .willstandfirm .'until ma'tv
ters.'/are' settled right, ;;oi-", seven;tlieir,
cbnnectlonxw.ith.theicbiiipany: forei"ver.
//.Peter;; Rlghter;;/tlie ;.plonee:\ engineer,
.amputated,'haWng-had it'ibadly crush-,
ed ■ in /.'the,-,'ti'aln..'accident;on * Monday,
hear Hppe./XHe is:ait 'St./Paul's .and
wlli.come:arou.iid.';-;No dpupt .find-there'
been.;mo strike.; liien/.-who/iknaw their:
business'would•havef.pfeverited this)big
smash.up. illyX'vy-'x , [■X'y:yyy;;yyXy-:. // o
The "Retail Clerks'  Association . are
doing  good   work.   Last  spring   they
circulated a petition among the clothing,   furnishing any  t'hoe    merchants
(wWcli was (almost unanimously, signed), jii-aying the city council to pa^-3, a
by-law to compel the, aforesaid places
of liusii-iess to close at six o'cioolc each
evening,      excepting,   Saturday  ,'jind
nigh^i"previous to /public holMays;'.- „lt
cfiaie -before the council, u^nd t'l-.e,,'.<ilty
Rollc'ltor, jn looking over tUie. ichiirter,,
dIsccivei-ed";that the counoil'hud not;the
itioweiyuntJei- the Shops Regulation diet
tb ...piss /such ' a 'lby-law.r.'I'!ie ; clerks,
-wrote, to ithe'different.meni!bers,at.Vic-
ic-ila, at'lclng t'he govermnient to amioiid
iplaure' -sjxteien of the act  to;, give':tiie
coiiriclI{'Ppw^v;'to'en-act -a 'by-la^.; {Thy
aic't/:\yas;Uuiieh(ii;d '{nn.;V : s'liprtly: afiter-
;wardl? XiKepbiicliipasjedstlmjl.'^anL
TOliloh'cahie-'jnio'fbi-ce  O'li'/Thuiisday.
Amgijj lhth.; ;o-,he:; ■ clerks'; appointed v H.
L.j.iM...Stewart -and- Gr Cathral':' to;see;
•tha^tlhe shops were closediiaccordlng-ito
the ./by-law. :';.In , mi-icing.; tlieiri.'■; ound;.'
these    gentlemen ; (found ,: two ' SihopS
■violating* the':law.; .'Ohe,7,a'; Mr./iGold-
'berg,- eltuateii; ,on. .Water  st recti// was
ccinvicted.a.n.d^let go on^suspenaedrseri.
.tence.;.wi-thy.ai,.warji'lng.,-:T>he- other, :a
Mi'./Gpiaberg, sltuaitedi on the, corner of
Powell., and" Carrall ,j.streets   wasi-riot
only ,found/;guilty,/of;(being,operi";for
-business,; but'•threatened : these, -gentle-,
men-, he -would, tatoi  a . revolver; arid
split   them; open,* -besides-using- •; dirty
and .abusiVe language.''. --Mr., Stewart at
once swore/c.U:t,a;.sum.mons,;'a.n'ci!;t.he
aJTalr .was threshed;,puit.-a'tt.the'i'police
(coiirt,';,;wIHiithe; result -' that;'Mr. 'Golil-
hery;\vas yidned iapd;. w-Wed.; v^Mr.
Grant,, of. Hall;.'&';;Gi*aih't;vrivasi cbu^risel
foi'i'tlie Clei'lc's'. Association.,-/,'J \;i:>S:-
:",';..,''. SecblidJVIee-Bres. anil Gen. ijtanugeir.
;. 'MivChai'l'.s Pp]Ve,/Cliali-man, Cbncllla-
-': " tion CdmiiiitteeViMontrea'l.;
..■'   To be.Eni'bodletl .in the Rules and Reg-
."'.'■":• ulatlons.V-'
13.   Employees /Btispended .or   dls-
chn'rsed will liave the lighUof, appeal
Jrom 'the decision of their 'immediate
• Bupeijors.J (Signed),'5 -';:r-.-':iI>.JIcN.t
7 Your, committee'declined i/ i.b imwopt
:;; the: prbjioseil terms of settlement,:,and
-,seiit the following let tbr_ to the general
/ ■ nianager: )■:<■■ ',';•    /' '■ -  ,'.:: ,,;,'"'"/':'
'.'..'-'   :,7../Cbpy;;7'"- X-ry:XX.     ■:
".Grand  Union ..'Hotel;..      >
■'■.      i■"■'"'      -"; .Montreiii, Aug.   li,"1901.
■51r..iD._iIciN.lcoll,* Second Vice-Pres.*and
Genei-a'l (Manager C.  P.  R..  Windsor" Street Station,■•Montreal,:.',...':,-'■_
'■'•': Deatv .Sir.—We, 'the committee i;epre-
.;■' renting.'the .malnteriarice-of-way  men
, on; tiie Canadinn .Pa^lUc Raihyay;sys-'
:■; tem,''"liaive been 'in.' Montre'al tlie great-
,   .est' part of 'the tiinp 'sirice Aprll,13thi
.!'■', JJurlng; the month of June, arid while
;,'/7-iy*::/ j-'ON';DESPATCHES.; \7 liiifXi
: There '.its'-, one;- man livlbhe/iomploy,; of
theiCanudiajrivPacinc; Railway Corii-
ipany'/wi'th whom •every, news editor in
•Bri.tish7Co!;Uirilbla would ibe delighted
■to' haive. a. aniet:'. taik. for, j-ustitl've'm.iri-
iii'tes,' I'JHe/ii^ ^the IIridiyiidiual • yittio': isv en-
itrusted .^wltih 'the iy work; of selecMrig
frdm'the' ma'ss of associated,ipress.-de.-'
iivterestlng itp'theipiiibllcpf .Canada. ,'fA;
big strike is igoliig on In San ■Plrancisco,'
bu t i for, days ">not a-, word ■'• has 'been.' received aver'tlie, wires abcut it -by either
morning/or evening' papers,' and1 like
our, conteiiiporary we. Have 'bpen obliged; to reprint tlie telegrams published
dn Ithe United; StaitesV/ffaipers... While,-
howeiv.er, the C. P.',Ri* initn:,takes no
Interest In '.tlio//San/tfranclsco' ii.fta.lra,-
lie conslderH "a- trotting mia.tCh nt Now
Yorik so Imixtrtiuit; that the other lilit'lu
■he sent a despatch _.o£.ubouit a, thousand words on the subject 'through to
the. coast.' He In -strpiig, tdo, on lynch-
•liigsi liuleetl. ho: seenis to fairly revel
In itliem. It would be almost possible
to (keep a dally lyiiphing news column
from the despatches which' arethrown
on'the (floor of the edltonlu-1 rooms of
the .'.British ; Columbia papoi-s every
night:;; Other', lnstlinces. of'the inapti;
tiide' of 'the,ofllclal .question might be
given; /by itiie doneri, but enough' has
been' 'saild to explain • Just ■ w-iliy the
Canadian,','news' editor wishes to have
a:.little .conversation .wdtli' lilm.—Nanalmo; Herald.;.'' .■      ■;    ':-i-y\ii[ x' ;i"'.' -y,' •'.,.'■
' 7AaroNG the;woodworkers.7,
../In.ithe wpbdwoiik'ingitraiii'ss,; all/lines
are filled.; .T-lie;..wages:/;;paiici7are 'not
governed iby the aiiiibn.:'The: meiicla;im
thjaii'thejr'.avoU'iS'ibe ftetteripff •employed at 20 cents; a-n; hour. in.the.; eaist,;'in-,
.stead of/at■'30;ceiksriiri7i_l7c7tiheVcost
ofiliving (maikirig'more thorn';the, differ-
■enee:-'.3Bachine;"riien arid'-bench.hands
'mechanics'; tb:;; receive/.'/the.,,.followj'iig:
rates-.of^^yva'ges!;fo.iv■■5.5;hours ai.weefli—:
>ip -hours; foi'.Wye "days; arid' oiliours/ori
Saturday: ^Millwrights,;;30, tioVso;cents
ari;.,hpurV'.(caiiy'ers, ;35;;;caiblnet-anaJceis,*
^iKai.tb; 30.-7 polishers; and'i'fiiiishers^
27/1:2 'to; 30;; tiirriei-s.^SOr^taii-'biiilders,;
35; i/doonniialkeiis,' i20y to; ,30;7'sash : and'
blind .'malkers,';.20 -to' 30;: .frame makers,
22 il-2';:to:','!0;7bench/ftandsS22 i-'l to 20;;
ghaper i (hands, -. -30 to, 32 v 1-2; " sticker
iiandsi, 32 1J2; band aind' jig saiw* Hands,';
30; circular saw hands, -20;, matclher and:
.piairiei.;: hands,; *G0, (hours ,i a.7;week/ 25
cents an ihour.';:i,:':r. ' :' ■ 7 -' ■'-■'■'ii:
7 i-Regai'ding1 draughtsmen,": tneni.work
direwtflirom plans. //Laborers—Japs do
;the -wbrjk arid receive; 60 Cents ito .ti a
daV/.;-,:'-.r'i>>i:; ^■X:lX:yy,;y'yy--y:l;X';.:--."" -.'' ':
;.;;inter_*atiqna_i_,7^longshore- '
i"7;C;/7";7-.777V^M®N7'7;:';7':;-:':*:7^..:: i'i
To.i/iiriteresited" .-membere;: of,:'i.trades'
'/"//union':brgan._zat!oris:;;7:/7'77■■''■"';"' l{
'.rAt/the last';coniyeritlon-of"t'he:-Inter?.
national i'Longshpreiiven's : Association
It.was decided ;to oi'ganize'airid/afliM'ate/
the V.warehbuses and'/ipabkage _ 'f reigh t
handlers employed -by' the';'; /different:
railroad -, companlles :.of itlilisiv country;-
Our- .organization -being /composed of
.men: wiho are, ierigaiged/iri. iiiar'ine and
transport ilndustry, ilt'is essential that_/
the'iralhyay ._iaOkage'';fr'eigiilt i.haiidlei'S
and'.tlh'e niartne;ipaiciknge frelght.li.a.nc'i'-
lere 's'hould/jbe; part."arid.'/ipaii'cel of one
oi-ganizaitlon. /.The, Interests of~each~
'are ildentllcal.'. The wages'paid for this
work are small,, arid the conditions "sur;
rounding the men engaged. In 'it-are
•very, iiniiesiraible; /For ..this '/purpose;
the.I. 'L..A-. (has .taken up . the, worlc
to assist-"these Workers by organizing
■them. We appeal, to members of trade
•unions to, interest: t'hemseh-^s., In this
cause/'tp a 'sniali'',extenti_;;A.:-IItt-le Interest'; .may .encourage! these..hitherto
neglected Woilkers,;.nnd: Cause, thein tb
see the bciifi'iits Vif organisation.' Kind-;
•ly'-comniun'lciiitc v.ilth us if there/..ls,aii
opportunity to orgiinl'/.e railway freight
handlers in yotir vlt'lnlty. •
, HENRY C-BAllTER. Sec.-Tivas.,
Colonial Building, Detroit, .Mich.
.-.Detroit,''Mich.,-. Aug. 1), 190.I-. .,.-■'
The Independeri't wants a report of
each union ihedtlirg aiid news concerning .tl^o members of every organization.
Such reports and news will do much to
sustain and .create Interest in the organizations. . Secretaries:are especially
urgWd to; senid'-* in these i. re-poiUs, but
news •frpni any. member' of an organization wiilterefceived with pleasure. •'.;
The' mdss meeting held at .Metropol-
Itnii hull Thursday' night by the union
men of San Fi'nelsco' was a-trcinsn-'
dous siteci'311 from evcnQpolht of '.'lev.*.
Long before the hour announced ''or
opening the .programme the place wc.i
lucked with cyery seat occupied and
every- aisle, nnd odd corner; lilled. At
7:30 o'clock policemen wore, s'atloir-il
outside to .turn .away 'th-e iivui.tiludos
that;, could- not be, accoiniiioiiated.;•' A'-
nunibea,'''of.i>rbmineiiLcItizens'spi-ke for
the.iunions./.but the;chief-s'pseph was
made by;Hc-v. Father Ypriie, .wlio spoke,
in pai't as-follows:..,     <• ■■:'. :y'n'-;y
'; I .liave spoken;.many- times iri uliis
hall, but nevei; with such, reluctance,
and. with such a sense of responsibility
as this lilght."' We:;-a're face "itb "fa'c'e
With; t>. great-'.crisis.' '.The. buestibn' tie-!
tvveen the employers and the employees
is 'iio"; longer a "ciuesiloii-'flf i'hburs.br
'wage's, but 'It Is a question:'of:liburs'o.r
ijiiionlsiii.' .■"■:;■. ''"■'' \s" "-*" iv'" :.'/'"?;
■, i-A, Strike.Isa War.,";.., ,-:'.'
It; is the, last, recourse.!; i-Kke every!
other !,war,; It.,entails suffering.''^Both.:
sides!suffer,,;bu.t;,the burden,,perhaps,
falls,,heavier upon! the,,third.,parties,
the', innocent third /parties that./are
caught .(between the upper arid .neithr
er millstone.'.'. I should, not like! to -be
the man to stand, in the way■■'-. bf/tuii
amicable' arrangeiu'ent ,,'between..,-■,the;
foi-ces of capital: and labor, but "at the'!
sariie time he -.would' be, no. friend; of
labor!.and;'..-lie would be rip;;irearfriend'
of/caipital.ihe would do'rip good:to this
city arid /'to "this: state - Who/would icon-.'
cealthe: real issue that faces j'b-u,; and
who- would not;,-war.iv: yoiii'/that white:
you.' desire,', peace,/"you cannot((afford
to .accept any-pSa'cebutipeace wltih hon-,
or. '■': When'men are Im earnest; \v'hen_- the;
iiiatter';lbetweeni,theiii:ls: of - supremo
iiiiipo'rta!ri.ce,: even as:the niatterJis, ex-'
liortatibn; tire useless. -1'will aiieaktp;
you," first on" tlie question; or the'rights
aria'dutles c.f labor,in general;.secorid-
ly.-ori the/.'naiiire^or*the.present;.crisis/,
'aiid'tiiirdiy, ori'you'ri'duty.'iii-t'lie: prefn-.i
'lsts.'-'i -.VisH* toicali; your'-attention -toi. a
decision delivered here-recen-tly-by one
pf 'the;tiigiiei-i;courts' !!of;.;t"lils:;city iupori'
7y-!Questioiiiof Lalior!arid Capital.,'-"/rt
Therefore,iin;speaikings.io.f the,decis;;
ion'/glyeri;ibyiJudge,'Sloss;;i■ wisii. to/
apeak as"respectfully as jjdsslble of-hlriv
In: ills ofllclal capacity,  il'have' 'lioth-;
iiigtb say w-i'thi-egai-d itoithe subst'aiice'
ofifne decision, which ;se;ems'. ito !; be;
Imerely a .quantityof:;,words, but/I.wish
;to call attention, to -.the'.reasoning iwhich
preceded .theisuibstarice.of-,the..decis-;
lori., If, you.;take. .the-trpuibleAyou:.; will
iirid: that theiearned judge lays . it down
as a: theory that the, present,.cpndition
of!'labor iarlses  froiri,'these.,..twpi-.'prln;.,
■,ciples:7.-First, -that ithe ieinplbyer;';.trl.es,-;
to; get as/niuch as he!■ can'-jOU.t ;of .tlie:
laborer for, as ,little,,as .ipossible.:,;and,i
secbndly,;t.hat,the .laborer;:i. tries, to. get
as.muohputiof 'the employeyiashe,!.cam
a.nd.fori.as little work /as ipossible.;..He;
lays down thisiprlnciple,;bot^as/a/mat-..
tet-;;of'!'fact,:,but,as a! matterpf phllo-
sopliy, as a .matter to decide how-wag-:
es, are:.to. hei- earned, i'and .what /Is'i.the
value of,ia;man's time.7He;,saysithat.
it !is, right/ for the, employer, to /try; to;
make,the/ein'Plpye sell,his lahpr in;,tlie:-
(Sen market: at the smallest/priceiat,
wUkclr he: can get,,it.. I say thatsuch;
ai doctrine;as.;tiiiat Is not only,,...! ■
7:7,. .777i7':'Unchristian;,:,,': y\::-%'.:: Hi
Is not determined In open market-arid
with i unlimited  competition.y.There ..Is;
such a thing as a just price./',There Is
such a/thing as a; fair, wage. ,A man
wlio tries: by, competition, or, by -throw-;
irigdustrtnyour eyes, or 'by any: other
means.' to get your-.work for.less than
your work is worth, commits one of the
sins that Christ Inveighs against, for
die; defrauds the labprer   of   'his hire.
Aniy.-employer of men, who offers less
tha n i tiiaC; minimum.;., wage 'hi oneiwha
defrauds* the lalioreiy -It ;ma>v, he -.that,
through  the-stress of compet'Itlon, or
for other reasons,men will work for
lesstlmn ei. just nnd irilnliiium wage; yet
wilmt   Is   Uiat 'but    slavery?   .Suppose
the learned Judge's philosophy were  Invoked In Sail Francisco to-day, name-,
ly, tlwit.lt ds the .right of the 'employer
to get nil lie can out of the employee
for  the  least wages. What    limit   is
there to his right, what certainty that
he will not force the laborer: to work
for  hlnv for  the   wages  the    negroes
worked  for Ini'the! southV The    man
.who Is  strong enough under, such  a
philosophy,,.the man who can hire all
'the'clerks to'work for him and think
for him.Who etui '  ' '	
Hire the Papers
tb s.peak for hlni, the man who can
pay the pollceiniijyto shoot for lilm, the"
man of that class which la strong localise It has the sinews of war, can,
If sucli iii philosophy huld,."even In our
free 'country, force the wcrklngman into  a ■'condition  of  far  worse    slavery
than that in which the 'condition of the
negroes Was freedom',Itself.   The second   branch  of  my', discussion    deals
with the most cflicAciouH cry that, has
been made,against you, which is. thin:.
That, they have -the night to r.tin their,
own -business as they please:: Xo'iinn
ll'kes 'to^beylntei-feiedi' Avi'._i.',I do"not
;care \yho*he.;la.. jvhether he isihigh or
low.   So this cry-.Is taking,; arid that
is a  thing you  must,-.,reiiiember'.i The
..wise  man  never,: underestimates ,; the
Strength: of: liisenemyi'iind that' isone
of.,: their,'strongest'. claiurs7'.-',_..';\vlsii;;.io
say emphatically,; that! rib 'man-has- a
right to run- his- business as; he .pleases..
There' was' never fiut one   man : 'who
could;do just as' he pieasefl!,,and- that
was.'Adam; ;aiid;he',cdiild not do it.for
long—only until Eye; was icreated; i tn'
asniall village there are certain.regulations,, in, a large,: town/those,regulations/ become;,more; and,,more .onerous,;
arid the: more advantage I get;put of,
society the more liberty I must give up.
While, . when I was on the '.mountain,
I could ..do ,'as I-pleased,, now!; that il
-am In ithe cltj*,; I. must.thi n'k of what
iny neighbor pleases.'. So;I say'.that.it
is perfectly plain that'a manhasi not
a right! to ruii his business as he pleas-;
es./aii'd iwlieii employers Insist'.'that tliey
iiiai\"e"ai right lib ruii tlieir.' business ab-',
'aolutely as tliey please;' they aire like
ithe.mole .when  he/icomes ioutiof: the
ground and blinks,at tlie; sun and says:
'777'; 7"i ."There Is;.inp;;Suri."., ::_::;!,;,
;; 'Another;point;, which'*:the '/employers
tiyitoj'make is that, thej'/Willi not deal
\v.l th the.; u n ioir'il I rec tly;' i tha t: tli ey:: \vi II
deal ioiiiy!':with:.indlvjaual.employees.!
If John Brown or.,.Tom Robinson lias,
a .■'grievance'/ against -the, firm,  let, him
come -up "promptly) and-: let; hiiii'iiia'ka'
His' complaint ito-- the /firm", Ihieyl say;
-we/iwill /not liitveiaiiything-;tb.-do v.-itiv.
waikirig'.delegates,- lor".;.': presidents",''or,
.'secretaries.i/c'r.'.aiiyt'Klng 'eise:''of i'tha't
'ikirid.";siay ■tiiey.:"''\'\'e \yIIl-:-not.:"recbsf
ii»izeitiie!ui'iibn77The,.uniori can exist in
.TeiHui/deliiFuego, for all wei care,, but
/wewllliinpt-ailow- It to encroach/iipbri.,,
ioiiimust/li^venbttiiiig at all-to dp '\yitli.;
.us.''ii,This; is,;',perlia]),s; tlie'.iiiostifunda-
•.neiital/pbint'In!.the;\yprkingmen's con-::.
tentibri; '77 :'7/:7"7' •"7'i' i !■',!/■' -:---::7v7-t- ':■■
•ii,Reachiiiigithe/tliii'd; branch;: of /the;
discussion:/*;■ What; is, iypur. duty, in'the,
present;circumstances?' In,:;; the•;,first:
place letiiiieisayithat:it;is 'my-cpnvic-,
;tipn,'-i'th'at':.-ypu'r..■,,■,■!;.;■.'..•'; "yXXXyyyi.yiiyXiSX
!!:7:-:v:7-7-(3i_arrel is'iust;iXXX yi.-y:}y.
thatithis/tiiiiig ;lvas been ;forced/uppri/
you;:;;ai-i(iVthat: wliat'; is!i.'at',-th.^!:lJOtt6mf
of- it.isinptiai;desire!to 'resist!injustice;
',oi. interference, 'but; that'li/Js-UW.-.dej*
sii-e to '-.so .cripple arid hurti.-the .unions,
tliatitheiempioyersiriiay^d'b'what they;
!please;in!the! days'to;cpine^/anid/that
tliey^areiwillin^ to,siiffer'a; iittlejriow,
in order;! that! in the-future: time, they!
may-reap'tiiei benefits ibfi'the!i*'.ictlon'.'..
Tiiey/mightias"well gp,'out, the three
or; ibi-v hundred' of tlieriiV, ariued /and!
jacketed'iwithibi'ooiiis.'i'and try -to'keep'
:the!iPaciitic;fi-oni coming!Into/tlie,Gbl1:
deiS:Gate:.-: If tlie men ..cannot form; a
corporate: body and -appoint their! de-
putles'vto speak;!for/them/to/any-'em-
ipibyer. whatsoever," then they iiilgiit"as
What 'Is,theigobdof a* union?     The
good of a' unlori'ls In: its strength. 1n
that'a large! number cf lueriare l>arided_
together,,,ami .where  there   -is".-' unity
there; is  strength.   The employer who
will turn his brick on man" will think
ten ■■.'.'lime's before he offends Ave huii-
dred.   Therefore  t'heire'   Is/more   of;'a
chance of a man getting his,rights, if
It Is the voice of tiie/uiilon that siie-.vlis
Instead "of, tliovolcc of a: f'ingU,, inaii.
And 1 say itiiat/It is the 'cryi'of. shame
that; while the worlraien   ,/   ,    ,;■,   ,
Been  Orderly,       ,;.
lieve'the strike would have! been ended'before this tline.
I believe In the cause of the working liiehy-'l'believe In a fair wage.   I
believe In fair hours.   I believe In oiift ,'
reBt duy in the seven.   I believe in enforcing those things    by'unionism.':. I
believe In putting them Into the! law*
whenever you can.'I believe that those:
things are n't strike In' this   city, to-,,
day; thut'it is" not a question' of 'wages
or of hours,  that It; Is "riot a 'question
of teamsters or lonsshoremcn,  that It
is not a questloriwliiether you w-'Ill haul
lids freight or /Whether that steamer v
will go to sea; but It Is the gr&lit ques-i: -
tibri:7 Shitll riien ,'foi-,w'hoiii ChHs't dled>;
to teach-them/that they::,were free-men;--/:
with free, men's-riglits; ;.oe cd-ushed be-.-,'
noath. the fooit.of theileast;bright!of iall :!
tliei angels - that -ifell,., from!,-!.Heaven,.,
Mammon,.;.fhe spirit;of Greed? :,/.Tre7]i
mendous applause.■'.'     ;;.!;, ."-.-;••'■';:*:.'i'':7i-'''V'
'   '. /' THE! iREFEREXDU*iI.-;7 * V;/;//;-
To' tlie Editor of ThkISi'iki'^nifXiil:!'•!'-'.":'-'.;'!;;/
! -iSiiv—'Beliig mbre or less;'I'literested/'ln,-!'
t'he ATOlfare pfiybu.r'blty,;arid!also-''b'e-iS
"snobderaicy" 'both Ihefe -oirid :in7the;;bid,,!
cburiiitry;- I' would /il!ke;"tb' "know!/ why/,;;
tlie /question -whether, or 'mot '-'tlh.e.'!•oity.!'."
should'isnend' '$5,000/ to' entertain-a'ititted/j
'■nobody 'arid, those /irisoine/mimics/'whib'/
will: crowd 'ai-bu'ivd/hlrii "'i'n"'the;. hope, atMisiyiiyiii,}1
toucirig Ih'is'most sacred,'garments,iwa's'." * ■•■'■-■ *-''■ I
riat;'put;tb the Tefereridurii.'vote"along;/:/
with :the;'other niatte;rs,;th'e''lpMpteii|^•«I■e^>.|•;
!vbting,bri:!t.he'otlier"day,?;;'Are' 'iHeiypf-yy
Tbwnley-'iarid, 'his"; Clique : afraid;• that!;';;
the people of'(this city/have arrived /at!;;./
^hat:1 staite->.bf7 iritelllgenee;;th.at;,;they*!:;!!:i
wpitld (vPte'sucih uripai'dtmaible/extravr-!.ii.
■myself; Itiicertainly: seems,,;iil<e /It^WThe -iy
city, fathers "cry- but' tri 'theirTjlindness, /■!:,!
''poyertj'liipbvierty! <arii;is/polverty.!'^;aiiia'/;7,! ,;,,,,-,;,,.
yet; they/ !ca n "iafford !■'/ jtoy throw- away/iN!-!:'! v/iiii&B
'about-!t3.500;;bn/-i_. istreet,;falr*ariid'?5,tt00,i;'"'"'      '"
moro-.ori ■a/t'itled'i.parasite iaritVa'liandv!
flii -of snobs. - But .''there.*-il■.,ihwe:'said!r
hhoughiyi;:-:; ;j#- THE^mi^pi^fts;
-7H£iiy-e"yprir/ say/at /the' ;unipri!.meeting77 7
'an<l -aibideiiby! the;-n*ijbylty./;;:T^ve:!:side7!7:':
'■':-■* |
ii/Tlielastmeeting of tbei/seaspriiwill:be,!!;!':'
iieldioiiiSatiirtiay,Augnstiilst^ian'l :3Ipn-/7-!
day';(,Lab6r Dayj'/Septen,rwr.;2ria;^i^__'r6m7i-^
ii'l-irgeiniinbc.'of iiorses/iri/iniiiiiiigi''at';:"'fi;-ts;.;-.r.}:
ceiyed  daily/ifrpmViiitending^/visitm
hbrseineii and the: fields: for/ tlie '.various '.i'X
events will be-large 'brie.s.7:Tlit'i, Jockey-;:/-
Club ■liave.; speiit.*bver7four- tlib'usarid!'',,'■
dojlars in.:.'improvenieiits ■ this year,:aiid7/7-77;.
;desei'yei/the iiliberal i-patrbbage/'6f7tlie ift!:!;77^;
people/STlie ful^iprbgraniuiei-ibriHlie^^/^^
varibus eyerits.;isias;follows:7'i:;:,.i!K,7'!!7!i;'.'!7.!.7^te
'; i;!/;i*ikst'day—satukday, xvocsrSlST.:''7i:;s,7?!7:i7'!5^J|
'/.First race—Free-for-all; trot^'i-orlptU'e;r,mile*_. '■ '•'':■.; -i'l
heats,ithriiejin!iive;.piiirse; f350//!! /i'i./'/-i!7ii;il'
!• .Second riice^lli'lf-m
■'■'. Third mee--Tliree-quarter,mile diisli; .weight /S7¥:'7:i7 ?
tor ago: 'ptirse,; $150..,:,/;/, 7;i :'-i/'/-i-;i ;*./'■'-. ^JA&J-i^ll
i/iFpurthrWcci-'Tliree-qua-teriiiiiedashiivei^ "
lor- age;/;1;torX noiiAviniicrs;;!;;ihis.';-ybar;*/iii;7;M
imiiilens , and.proyiiieitil-bred' Iiorses. HUo'wed^'i;!}!;;'
seveii pouiuis; puriie,;?15U, *
and whatever shooting has been done
luis been , from those who have been
trying w take your places—It Is it crying shame, 1 ray, under such circumstances, that! the police force of this
city, paid tor by■ your, tuxes, should lie
turned into guardian angels i of tlie
draymen. If, when this:strike began,
the government of .this c-Jty had -held
even justice between employer and cm-;-,
ployed, and1 had;not thrown-the .whole,
force of.'this.city's prestige .and power;
Into thediands !of.;:tlhe-,:eimpl6yees,-iI-...l)e,-:
purse;'**;oo./7i:: *':•:-;'':-'!;: .-!:"■!!;! '7'7 "H'-^-ilyrixiiii y'
;.'■•   KECO.SD DAY—5I0XIUY, SEITHMBER 2Xl>;i'iK'»f;i!ii "7:
i: :/,;„:,!   ■/:/labor, day.   ■ yy-ii'-ii^\i"ii'-''--fi-'xyx
;,Sixth7 Kiieo—Thruo-miuute bliiss.-trbt7br!77;i-
piicej-reeorUsVinaile iilterJulyiistli/iiiibiibar';';!':;/!1,?'
purso,:$200.../■!:/'! ■;'-'... . . ,.;••/,7777/-i-i-K^i--/
iSoventh; race^Fiveelghtlis| iiiiie;i'hi_h'j!pre-i:-77i;7:_
vipus winners'at the lrieetiiig/toiiearry/seveii:;:!.;;iy-yh
poiiiidsoxtra; iiion-wiiriiers7tiiis!7yearf-aiid!;!^.;7v:'1-:
maidens allowed tt've,'pouiids!;pfi_so,',,|f_a5;'^
—Eiglitli-rBee^Si^^iiia^i^aiilfffii'rloi^ ,!, ■:.-;,-
nieefwelght forage;'winner to/ he -entered !tb:
be sold lor ?o00| Ifontcreil tb; hc'solii for $400.:
allowed threeipoiinds,-aud three pounds for'-
every $100 less,"down lu f io.i; i/,n-s.:,i?15u/ , -.,'.!!,.
.N'ii'ith raee—Labor buy, l>aiKito,p, iiille-aiiil- .
iliiiirier7purse,;.fiWO. ,'•. Welglii»'iinii6iii_ei!d'.oiil'v
Saturday,' August 81, at 11 p. in/ 7' !*i!" /::;!.
.Tentll riieer-Tliree-quarier liiilecoiisolaliou-
raec; post entries; open,to. hor^e, not wlniilng
first or second .moneys lit this uieetliig; purse,
fwo.[. • 7....■'.-:•■ v -:•,:, ..'■
liin.-niicefoos lb nil races except Xos.'l and 0,X
w poMd'in.    ! :'":,,!';-,•!,:'   !/,/'/,--,-;--
Ktitrance fees to Xos, 1 ami f.,t, jier,cent, and i
riperount. tulilltloiial from.money winners!/
.Money 01yKiii.il 70, ,-'d niul lii per cent, hi'.iiii ,
events exeepi luiul ij, .-.
Ilnriiess raeen—I'ni.-u divided 60,'i'i, J5 ami io
perct'iit.'' / /''.;', '".''. :/■■!
Entries   to: nil   eveius   eloseWeiliiesilay,':
AiigusfiSlli.. .. ■...■■'■!,,''ii"':'•■
-Tlie nniiiycrsury eociulidance of tlio,J/7.77:/
Un iior.ni Hank of trio Knights of I'y tliias / i 'i
will lie held at the ravillion,';English'!"\*7'7*:;
bay,;on Wednesday,- August /28tii,/;_it::':/.7:-i7;:
8:30ip.ni.i:,Tlic affair prbiiiises!tq/.be7a77Ji-77S
big success. ! The comluittce; has-left^no777wH/;i
stoiio/unturned, and .luivoi-already-clisVr./*;/7'i7j
posed of a large!number of tickets.;!?.'..*777>i"-i'-v^i
'. jfejggpEfe ^sMgtB^^^i^^^-i^ji.^ '.jj/iS. ga/i V*��Jv-\\-  ~p'W  THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY. AUGUST ��,' 1001  THE INDEPENDENT.  3EX3. HARTLEY.  Editor  HARttY CXDWAN Business Mtti��i��er  PUBLIBHED   WEEKLY   IN    flHE   INTEREST  OK"   ORGANISBU f_ABOB  BY  Tilm INDEPENDENT PR^MTING COMPANY.  AT   112   HOMER   STREET,  VER,   B.  C.  VANCOU-  d-'USCIUPTlONS  LN  ADVANCE.  a week, S cents;  nionthB, l*> cents:  one year, ��.23.  month, 16 centa; three  six  months, K cents;  ENDORSED BY THE TRADES AND  1.AUOR COUNCIL'. THU VANCOUVER LABOR PARTY AND TIIK  BUILDING  TRADES COUNCIL.  SATURDAY.. AUCrUST 24,  1901  THE INDEPENDENT.  There -are quite a number of union  memlbers Who have not yet subscribed  Cor (this paper, 'but who should do so.  The   Independent   Us   'their   paper, It  stands for them all the time and It Is  the only 'paper on Ithe coast 'tihat will  stand  for them In (time    of    trouble.  Some of the dally (papers are more or  ���less (friendly ito  organized  labor,  and  show their interest iin the workingmen  toy tlie attention g'lven to labor news  in their columns.   'But .when it comes  to a stand-up (light tietween labor and  capital  in   this   community   you   will  find that 'they are .not wlt'h you any  further /than to, maybe, give the mews  In! an Impai'tlar manner, and after all  that Is about as much as can be expected' of  them   to  do.   It    ihas 'been  found,  itihough,   in   many    cases   they  .������haive not done (this, .'but on the contrary  rv' liave dished  up  their news in such a  j- ivay a,s: to favor eapltul and niaike labor appear in a wrong and sometimes  ���ridiculous light.   Especially lis ithls true  of the C. P. R.-trackmen's strike.  .      It/may fbe. depended on that The Independent will    not  do' tills.   It will  I'i give (the.news as it is, and maike as  good a 'light for labor as It can.   We  i  again: appeal   to  all   union- men   who  liave not yet subscribed to do.so now.  A -union.labor paper ds a real ���necessity  iii.- a community   composed    of  wage-  ;; earners  as ithls   is,   but   In   order   to  ���keep  one alive   it /must" be: fed. ��� The  ,; oinion /riien  arc 'the .people  .who  un-  i doubtedly should  see -.(that it! is iprop-  , erly 'taken care of.;  It Is for' their in-  , wrests (that it' should be 'healthy and  rip.cjperous, and possessed of: sullicieri't  ! :viB'jr   to  make  a  square fight   when  necessary. /Not tha't i\ve are look!ng foi;  :: a; new Jfight or expect one, but such a  /thing-cannot long be foretold, and: the  unexpected is often the ithing that .happens.   Therefore it is well to be at all  ,' (times prepared with all tlie ordinances  / and (paraphernalia  of war, and 'be in  ���'Biidh -a. 'position as not 'to 'be caught in  -ambush.: Remember, union men, ,.T.he  Independent is .working-, for you.   Don't  iyou think .you ought to do a little wonk  cfor it?... Send In .'your names and your  subscriptions and ibe ��� (placed': on  the  lhonor roll. . The editor aind devil can't  stand ithe. wind diet much. longer.  the Amalgamated Association's organization should tie crushed. Andi this is  the question in dispute:�� Shall the steel  trust be permitted 'to crush the Aimal;  gamaited Association of Iron, Steel and  Tin Workers? President Shaffer ordered a general stiike, which took  place Saturday night Jn all the mills  conducted by the combine. There can  be no question about the outcome of  the strike If the mien stund (linn. The  struggle will be a hard ono, 'but (thousands of men can nlTord to lose a few  dollars In wages cull, ln-tter than a  few men can ulTord to ouch lose mil-  lions. And the aidi that wIJI come to  the men from the millions of working-  men throughout 'the country will make  It possible for (the jioorcst of them to  'remain out indefinitely. Taken altogether the men have a liui'd light on  their hands, but they can win If they  will It so.  perannuatlon   fund,    leaving    ��E7!),3S6  for beneftt and trade purposes.  The Inland Sentinel now carries the  union laibel at the head of its editorial  columns.  A man got called down the other day  for calling a fellow wonker MoNicol.  He got off easy for such a crime!  The steel trust Is to remove some of  Its mills to places where the people aie  friendly to It. Such places are not to  be found' on the map.  John Phillips, secretary of the United HtiMem of America, says there Is  no union of straw hn't make���, in consequence of which there is no label to  be found in straw hats.  Go to Victoria ]_<-l)or Day.  Don't miss a union  meeting.  Trust   the  olllcera    of  your  union.  But be careful In selecting them.  There Is talk of organizing an editorial association among interior papers.  A stomach full of 'bread is of more  practical .'benefit to a .man on strike  than a brain full of 'theories.  Tlie way some of our aldermen pump  air Into their bicycle tires demonstrates ithe fact that their long suit  is wind'.  An ejcehninge says that u girl who  doesn't like to kiss ought to be treated  to lots of Ice cream nmV (taffy for lt.  But then, are fhcie any girls in Vancouver who don't Hike both?  The "street railway men are evidently up against It hard. President Mn-  hon a. lew days ago said that he had  received 14 (telegrams within two days  telling him of as imany strikes. It  looks as if the street rail!ways had  agreed upon concerted action against  the unions.  The Newest Assortment in  Wash Dress Fabrics  are here In great array. And it la a  grand sight, for gathered here are the  best and most stylish products of the  looms ot England, Scotland, Prance  and Switzerland. TO these are added  the wash goods beauty' of our own  land nnd the United States.  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It Is a sure sign that lalbor unions  ire ibeneifleial to workingmen when organized capital becomes so bitter  against them.  XVe have filled all the strikers places  ���(the roadbed is.In excellent condition  ���a smash-up dally only lets the public iknow 'that 'the company i is allive  and don't Just give 'a 'darn how many  of. Ithe'm it kills.���C. P. ��� It.���Toronto  Toiler."  The local barbers haive decided to petition the city cotnicll to enact an early  cdloslng by-law. Those In the trade  are practically unanimously In favor  of It, and we don't see why there  should, be any objection iby our city  fathers to oppose the request.  The late frlotlon between Union No.  G1S of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the management of 'the Ironsides mine, Phoenix, J3. C, Was been  happily removed, and ii settlement,  honorable to both ipai'tles concerned',  has been obtained through the mediation of the Phoenix Trn'des and Labor  council.  The truth has been lirought home to  organized labor t'hat;as long as it is  without a creditable labor (press It can  look ifor neither/advocacy nor dtefense  In iprlnt tram any quarter, whatever,  even while It! Is .fighting-���__ -fight to the  dentil.���Union Record.  The Fort AVorth (Texas) .News'says:  Our merahniits have .begun to insist  that i cleita .must he members of; the  union and! keep their dues 'paid up.  This is 'the result, of customers asking  for union cards V'lrid refusing to buy  goods, in stores whenever '-a', clerk is  f ou nd. wi't'liou t i a cuni-en t /work-injf card.  The labor men of the. province, will  get up a monster petition to the Duke  of Cornwall and /.York, protesting  against the influx ol Mongolian labor.  Victoria has resolved,to that effect already. The other-councils will ln due  course ,be in line. No doubt this big  iproposed :antl-Mongolian demonstration will be, popular with the .people  and be appreciated (by the Dook���we  don't .think.      .  J 70 Cordova, Cor. Cambie.  , .THE i WOMiirNGMAN'S,/, HOLIDAY.  Every store in Vancouver.ought to  'be closed ori -La'bor /Day.-It is the  worklngman's especial (holiday,; and no  employer should depiflve him of the  privilege of enjoying lit; /It (is his by  the law,,of .the land, and!-. every ..employer of labor, who compels his employees to work on that day takes iiid-  Mantage of the fact th'ait they are to  ���a certain extent in his power, to, rob  tihemof that which the law gives Ihem.  The (parliament of Canada has given  to every laborer this day as his own,  'to do with it as he sees fit, and no man  31. ___. Ingalls, ,president of the Big  Pour railroad system,, says:/ "My observation in the last tweiity.tive years  has. been.that lalbor has steadily won  and!capital lost iln'the struggle .which'  always exists ..more, or less.",, 3Ir. Ingalls lis undoubtedly correct.'For whatever the temporary reverses may be,  organized ! labor ,.; usually-, emergies  stronger  than before. ,  "Kasthe'Tigirt^he may~Qia.re the power,  hut ..he. has not the right���to deprive  him of lit. lEvery (merchant or store-  keper of any kind -that tallces advantage of his employees .to rob them of  ���this! day of recreation should be remembered 'by, overy man who i is a  ���member or organized laibor. -  THE STEEL STRIKE.  There Is practically no change in tlie  situation since the 'abandonment of ail  '/means of 'conciliation, whlcli Was caused Iby the proposition ana* -'by *Mr.  ���Morgan ns an", ultimatum being such  as the Amalgamated olllclals could not  lacicept witli ihonbr. Every , evidence  wns given that the Amalgninruted men  were desirous 'of., n. .settlement, and  were oven .willing to make concessions  Ito the combine rather than prolong the  strike, Ibut llessrs. .Morgan and  Sohwab, thinking the Amalgamated officials were weakening, mia'die a bluff  .with-a Tiroposltlon   that could   not be  ��� ncc-��|Vted, by!' the 'men. 'Mr. Morgan  liocrime/hot at their effrontery in re-  ' fusing to.be bluffed, arid declared that  The. report of the .prosy (proceedings  of the, city council were irnlssed from  the columns of the News-Advertiser on  Tuesday morning. Upon enquiry at  police headquoirters the,;.-officer spoke  In-a. whisper: that he thought some of  the aldermen had gone flshin' with the  editor of The Independent, who was  thought to be tin anarchist whose: sole  amusement -was 'throwing (bombs, -and  consequently were liable to go tip  in a baloon, and that! some, had  gone over to Tacoma to attend  the=^stxeett^a|r;==^also-=/t!ie=_citizei_s,  were 'liable to pi-otest. Not so; they  all felt reliolvied on Tuesday morning,  and are now tallcing of getting up a  petition, praying tliem to take summer holidays till January at least.  "For which relief much thanks," says  Shakespeare.  The seiiles of articles, or lessons, on  economics, iby "PJiiz," appearing in The  Independent for /some time!past, fare  concluded.ijn Ithls' Issue. 'Though,some  of ourireaders may disagree with! him  on .someipoints���and the grea-test minds  sometimes, differ���yet all agree ;; that-  tiiey at once stamp the 'author as being, one of the, biilghtest and atithe  sarnie time iimost ipractical writers in  Caiiada ,'to-day. *; AVe all -appreciate! the  efforts of "Phiz" very much, and; were  well (repaid -for the study of his writings.- ;!"!!7 ��� ���-:���  :  Strathcona specials will be on strike  themselves or seekilng the ikindly shade  of some dark alley. Magnates with  colossal fortunes Will have less Influence than the walking delegate and all  the power and might of a plutocratic  government will not (Induce men to return to work for less than they are  worth���'the full product of their labor.  Then will come the great trust of the  people. 'Men will no longer toll for a  tithe of what they .produce. The machine will no longer impoverish the  worker to eixrioh the owner. The  great railway systems will no longer  pay millions on water and stailve the  trackmen. Smeltenmcn will not be  placed umder sunvclllence and: treated  as criminals (for demanding what they  consider their due. The labor struggle  Is going on and on until some day It  reaches 'final victory. .No .power can  avert the end.���Sandon Paystreak.  ���. Angel Cake.  bo called because it it lit for the uiikoIb.  Leave an order tho day before yen  want it, and tr�� will notdlnaiMioliityou.  Two Sizes���25c and 50c.  And  "IF IT'S OIIKN'S'-It's jmrc-  tliat's mire."  Baker and  Confectioner,  413 HamliiKB Street. Telephone SO".  IIIUMCIIKS: Bench Ilouce, S'o. 4 Areado.  Fruit Season!  This is the time of the year you  need Preserving Kettles, Fruit  Tresses, etc.. so you would do  well to call and see our prices  before buying.  R. G. BUCHANAN & CO.  Crockery and Housefurnishings,  406 anil  408 Westminster Avenue, Vancouver  A. M. TYSON,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN  Fish, Game, Fruit,  and  vegetables.  112 Coedova St.  'Phone 442  Union Directory.  VANCOUVER TRlAOES AND LABOJt  CODNClIy���President, John Crow; vice-  president, W. J. Lamrlck; secretary, T. H.  Cross; tlnanclal secretary, XV. 3: Beer;  treasurer, C. Crowder; atatlstlolan, W.  McKlDKOck; sergcniit-at-anns, Q. F. Lcn-  l'<Bly. Meetings���First and third Friday in  each month, ut 7.30 p.m., In Union hall,  corner DiniBmuir and Homer streets.  Li OKS. WAITERS AND 'WAITROBSSKO'  Union; Local No. 2S. President, Chan.  Over; vice-president. W. W. Nelson; re-,  cording secretary, Jas. H. Perkins; financial secretary, R. J. Loundes; treasurer, Wm, Kllender. Meeting every Friday  at 8.30 p. m. In Union Hall, corner Homer  and Dunsmulr streets.  VANCOU'R TYPOGKAPHICAl. UNION.  No 226 meet the last Sunday In each  month at Union hall. President, C. 8.  Campbell; vlce-prealdcut, GcorRe Wilby;  secretory, s. J. Gothard, P. O. box tt;  treasurer, XV. Brand; sergeant-at-arm��,  Andrew Stuart; executive committee, B.  ti. lVooilTud, 8. It. RoM>, J. H. Browne.  N. Williams; delegates to Trades ana  Labor council, J. C. Marshall, Robt. Todd,  J.  H.  Browne.  STREET RAILWAY MEN'S UNION-  Meets second and fourth Wednesday of  each month, In Sutherland Hall, corner  Westminster avenue and Hastings street  at 8 p. m. President, G. Dickie; vice-president, C. Bennett; secretary, A. G,  Perry; treasurer, H. Vanderwalker; conductor, G. Lenfesty; warden, J. Marshall;  sentinel, F. C.: CBrien; delegates to  Trades and Labor Council: John-Pearey,  Jas. Barton, Geo. Lenfesty, G. Dickie and  J.  Howes.  CURRENT OPINION-ALL SORTS.  A (kind, of; connterfeltlnj.'' that (has  become popular*in England of,late is  tiie'lmanufacture of spunious; shilling's  out of genuine silver. As the, amount  of silver contained in: a. slilllingr Is  wonth' only about half of that sum  the. .coiners reap excellent 'profl-ts.. AH  of the.false shillings detected heretofore, 'have 'been cast In a mold1,' but it  is pointed out that were (the^counter-  felters ito-'enlist 'the services of, an expert engraver, and' die sinker, deteotion  would be almost ImpossllJle, and: the  only obvious remedy would toe to Increase the size aiid;wels_it'bf tlie coins.  The Iji'ltlsh Amalgamated Society of  Kiiglneers. t'he 'most powerful and  wealthiest trades'union In the world,  .recently issued its report for , 1000,  tfliott'lnjj. .a', iiiciiibcrslilp,- of .57,072 and  over .E.100,000 In funilis. The, report  makes a volume of about 1100 iiiiges,  mnl It Is learned: that ''the society has  now coinplcted .fifty years of existence," and that "nn organization  vrJverlng nearly"lOtt.000 men must necessarily have Teflected with more or less  accuracy the wenlkness ns well as the  strength of Industrial democracy."  The Income of the society Inst year  was i.';i;i;i,5rw, and1 the expenditures  .CIKI'MOl, dliowlng asavlng of ��99,361,  which brings the* funds up to ��100,529  In exact (figures. Of that balance'  ��217,M3 stands (to the credit of the su  it Is (very significant how labor papers all over the continent are being  'patronized !by leading Aims. Men of  business are beginning 'to* .realize the  necessity there exists of 'co-operating  wit!h (the 'labor class In (helping their  ]>aper. They ; are getting on to the  fact that the (battle of labor is their  fight also. The (big departmental stores  and_tiie_trus:ts_ ai*e_running.'thedr_ln-_  stiltutions to .the wall, '."besides, as a  rule,"the readers of ii. laibor paper have  full confidence In Its utterances, and  are mostly always suspicious of panty  organs. One .prominent business man  told us that (hehoped -we would have a  daily lahor paper soon, because he  \vn.s so well satisifled with the results  obtained'through'Hils nilvertilsemcnt In  The Independent. If labor papers were  patronized us Ihey ought to be by business communities und worltmen II  would, not lie so very long (before there  would be hundreds of dally labor papers.  ...Different in America. 7  ���������..;A banker,-: cashier, or other : man  prominent In. (financial, -affairs In ,Ger.-  .maiiy; 'Tdlls (himself. after;perfoi-riiirig" a"  disgraceful acit.���^jpungstow.n Laborite.'  l":x .. Misery. Loves "Compainy. :,iyyX..  We aire., not. glad -to.hear that oiir  Canadian 'friends arei-snifferlng ,from  corrupt judiciaries, tout .somehow or  other, we can't: get over: .the fact that  ���'misery'-'--loves company," nind. ��is;we  on this -side of the line7afe,, suffering  from a similarIcause, Uhe lonesomeness  of'the feeling Is a 'tHifle.ameliorated "toy  ���knowing that "there���' are 'others,1'���  Poiitlandi,La/boi-.yPrcss.  ��� ';���:,,.-:  ���.-���'���.-"We'il.-IBeit.'oh.,- Vancouver.:    *:  .  Pipestone, 'Mainitoba, an alkali if own  with, -a horrible,; nerivc,; has .-.offered: to  play any old 'Wind:. ofv,-a game: wdMi  any town in Manitoba or fche.2sT. W. T.  for any (kind of money up 'to, S10.000,"  Maybe those Pipestone jays would like  to open up.a city council'contest. AVe  have 'a'bunoh of aldermen ithat we will  match against any tiling In the municipal line'tihat ever chewed a rag; and  a mayor tliat can���oh! ibutwhat'sithe  use. Simple words.,andi told :metallic  type ;:fail ..when it coiiies to describing;  Sandon's mayor. He's a peach.,, Give  him a 10-bore-saiwedofC atfid':Jie-:._ivlil.-  hiake"a,stand-off .with the universe.���  Sandon Paystreak. .;.'. '.-���''",,:  Ice Cream,    Iced Drinks,  G. B. Chocolates,  English and Canadian Confectionery;  MONTREAL BAKERY  ��� WESTMINSTER AVENUE.  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS and Joiners���Meets every second and fourth Thursday in Union Hall,  room No. 3. President, Wm. F. MoKen-  zle,- 4S7 Ninth avenue; vlco-priesldent,  Hugh Wilson; recording secretary, A. B.  Coflln, 730 Nelson street; financial secretary, H. S.' Falconer; treasurer, Georgw  Walker; conductor, Joe. Ferguson; warden, Jos. Dixon; delegates to T. and L.  council, Jos; * Dixon, Robt. Macpherson,  H. Wilson.  . . MAKES A SPRCIALTY OF . .  o    Dewor's special Liqueur, also ��� ���  o    ustier's Black Label Liqueur wnisky  -LARGE STOCK OF-  IMPORTISD AND DOMESTIC  . Ctyars.  R. B. Mulligan & Co., Props.  Cobnek Coiidova and Cabrall.  THK RETA1L ODHRICS' INT13RNA-  TiONAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  meets In'.O'Brien's Hall, the first and  third 'lluesdnys of each month. ;T. A.  Phillip, president; XV. 3. Lamrlck, .secretary, . 2IS , Princess street.  TEXADA MINERS', UNION, No. U3, W.  F. iM., meets every Saturday at 7.30 p.m.  In Foresters' hall, Van Anda. President,  R. Altkcn; vice-president, C. A. Melville;  secretary, A. Rni>or, Van Anda, :B. C;  treasurer, H. V. Price; conductor, jP.  Burt; warden, John: Llnklater.  INTBR'NATIONAIi' : ASSOCrATION . OF'  MAOHINIBTS-Bcaver. DodBO, No. 1S3-  Mcels second '���. and fourth :Wodnesday In  each month InfUnlon Hall. President,  Wm. Beer; .corresponding ���' secretary; - B.  Tlir.mlns,- 726 Hamilton streot;'- financial  secretary, J. H. MeVoty, : 1211 Seymour  street. '���  VANCOUVER FISHERMEN'S -.UNION,  No. 2. Meets in Labor Hall, Homer  street, every first arid third Saturday In  each month at S p. m.'Ernfest Burn, president; Chas. Durham, secretary,'; S47 Harris street.  , Pay up your subsorlptlon to the. Independent, dt does not cost you much  and you should not hesitate about giv-  ing=ryoui'ssupport-i'eadl!y=to=a=labor=pa-*  per.: ..'..'������������'.',.���.'  Arlington  Hotel  Cordova St. West.  IIctidquArters for the engineering trade  in Vancouver.  CHOICEST^�����^=-  Liquors and Cigars  First-class roomB from 50 cents up.  ROBT. HINTLY,   -   -'   PROP  The"  JOURNKYMlaN BAKERS' AN'D CONFECTIONERS' INTERNA'!. Union of  America; Local, No. 10;'Vancouvor, B. C.  President, .Jas.: Wobstcr:. ��� vice-president,  R. F. McDonald;, recording secretary,  .Wm.'.-H. Barnes; corresponding secretary,  F. Rawlhifr. i;|(i Granville street, room 10;  financial secretary, C. J. Salter, 413 Powell  streot;: treasurer, W. Wood; master-at-  arms, F. Moylcs; delegates to Trades and  Labor Council, C. J.' Salter and F. Raw-  Ilng.   ".   CIGARMAKERS ' UNION, NO. 357���  Meets the first Tuesday in each month  in Union:hall. President, A.'Kochel;. vice-  picsident,- C. ,- Crowder; 'secretary, G.  Thomas, Jr., 14S Cordova street west;  trcasiurer, S. AV. Johnson; sergeant-at-  nrms. J. W. Brat; delegates to Tradea  and Labor Council, J. Crow,,.F. Jost, Ai  Kochel.      * '.  BROTH'ERHOOD OF PAINTERS AND  * DECORATORS, Local Union No. 13&  Meets' evco- Thursday In Lahor hall.  President,;W.Pavier; vice-president, E.  Crush; ' recording-secretary, C. Plnder.  17D9 Eiphth avenue. Falrvlew; tlnanclal  secretary, W. Stanley, 413 Keefer street;  treasurer, H. MeSorley: trustees, :C. Irwin, B. Cross and XV. Cole.  The grciut Industrial wtruggleH which  arc taking place In all parW of the  United States and CiiikkIil arc hut the  ripples .which foretell the storm. The  llioiiKiindM of steel workers, the inn-  (���lilnl.sts, the dockmen, .the trackmen,  the MiiicKermoir and a hundred other  trades will some day federate in one  grand union and strike for the eni.in-  cipaltlon of la.bor. -Wlhen that day  comes Judge Ilanford Injunctions will  he    impotent    and    Pinkertons    and  The striking', garment "woiikera -xiiit  New York (have decided to call out the  cutters employed1 by .several manufacturers, partly to force those who have  not compiled already with the demands  of the strikers 'to do so at once, and  partly to force the ninnu.neturer.s lo  accede to t'he demands of the contractors In order that the strikers may return to work ns soon jis possible. Thu  attitude of the contrnutors I.s unchanged. Tliey .lia.ve Issued a letter or jiroc-  l.'iiiuitloii, alleging'that for the last few  .veins the clothing trades Iiilvc been  agitated each year by the strike of the  workers, who have won .ill tlielr demands, and a lot more capitalistic  bombast, The extremely low wages  and long hours that are enforced on  the workers nre almost .intolerable.  JOURNEYMEN TAILORS' UNION Of  AMERICA. No. 17S���Meets alternate;"  Mondays In room 1, Union Hall.', President, F. Williams; Ivlce-tpresldtenti.-MIss  Graham; recording secretary, II.' O.  Burritt: (financial secretary, Walfred  Larson; treasurer,. C.E. Neilson;:sergeant-at-arms, A. J. Kennedy.  PARIS GREEN, HELLEBORE  AND WHALE OIL SOAP for the extermination of the CUT WORM and  other Insects���for sale by the McDowell, Atkins, Watson Company, The  Druggists, Vancouver.  Seymour Strceet,  ��AVOY  THEATRE  P. Si.Mr.iiiN.... ..General Monaster.  .1  Tmi'NSKxn... i Sliigo Miuingcr.  Week Commencing  Monday, August 26  A Show for the People.  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[CONl'I.UDISd AliTICLK ]'  q  'I have for many weeks been reviewing  ibriofly, but, I hope, intelligently, the  1main features of thegreat struggle which  i.all friends of lubor lmve been engaged in  ifor nearly one hundred years; and 1  i lmve noted the various reverses sustained, ami points gained during that  .time.  Now, let us see where we stand, and  (let us see what the past has to sny, lxith  ito the prcHcnt anil tho future. Well in  ��� tho llrst plnctf wo arc in a far better posi-  ; tion to-duy thnn ever before. It is better  ito bo optimistic thim pessimistic, rknne  .are apt to think that lnbor is in a worse  plight today than ever it was. Hut the  ,_ni:ts nre against those who think uo.  ..Bear in mind I do not mean to say that  ���,wo aro entirely delivered from all our  /troubles. Xo, no, wo have these to-day,  .more pcrlmps thiui we should liave, but.  ,tho grand fact remains that tlie laborer  ���ought to realize thnt, in spite of the  .dilHcnlties which lie in.the path of  .lubor, he ought to rejoice at what bus  been accomplished.  In these days���now  happily  gone���  .the world you might bay was iigainst  him,  und   his  aspirations.   He  wns a  .thing of scorn, and his demands and  needs were laughed ut and treated with  derision.   Now, while he may not yet  have reached the proud pedestal to which  _{he hits been aiming and working���still  ,he is recognized as nn important faction  .in lift���and his needs ure now recognized ns legitimate.  Formerly it wus unlawful for him to  be a member of a trade union, nnd, if he  , dared, the strong arm of the law was  ��� against him.   Now his right to associate  has been almost universally recognized.  , In those days, the condition of the  .lahorcr was truly revolting, and in order  to perpetuate what was a disgrace to our  .common  humanity,  the rich and the  , powerful declared and acted on  their  . declaration, that the state liud no right  to interfere.  A'ow the state declares not only that  .it has n right to interfere, but that it  .will interfere, and it has interfered to  the benefit of the laborer every time. I  need not go over again what has been  .done, but. the laborer iu the mine, the  workshop und the factory are all enjoying the benefit!, derived from State interference, and beneficial legislation.  The luborer has some pleasures in life  to-day, though not as ninny ns he should  .have.   This   change  is perhaps   more  apparent in the ranks of skilled lubor  'ttthcr than in unskilled lubor, and their  juproved condition is largely due to the  /elpfulness derived from trade unions.  In those days the individual was everything.   He was given tlio right, no matter whether ho was able to use it wisely  again, but to-day as we look back, we are  amazed at what 1ms been done.  AVe cannot go back, we cannot stand  still, but to move forward the body politic must ever be slow work. We have  the same seeming ground for impatience  ns all earnest men havehad, but remember tlie advice of tho poet.:  Let un then be up nnd doing,  With ii heart for nny lute:  Still achieving, ntlll persuing,  Learn to lubor nml to wnlt.  There is sublime wisdom in that lino  " learn to lnbor and to wait! " That is  one of tlie hardest things in life to learn.  Iiut it will bo bettor both for ourselves,  und the cause for which wo labor, if wo  li'iirn lo wait, for tlie victory is Biiro to  come, if only we are faithful to it, und  wise in thu use of menus.  Another lesson which this history  teaches is: that whnt has been accomplished has been through nil kinds of  agents and instrumentalities. When n  victory has been obtained the selfish  man is apt to say, 1 huve done it; and  labor men are apt to claim for themselves, all the honor of whnt has been  achieved, Let us be fair; and let us.  above nil things be just in our recogni-  tion of tlm unrvil'iiu A. ntlin^o /.��    /in��    l.ft    I  far us hi_ goes. Perhaps by the time he  gets what he wants he will be ready to  go further.  Anyway lot us have unity amid de-  versity. Wo need the pull, the long  pull, and the pull ultogothcr. As each  working man realizes the strength of the  forces arruyed against his class, then I  think he will feel that tlie (nan is a  traitor who attotnpts in any way to sow  SAUAGUM.  The Toronto Star says that in a rural  newspaper office in Ontario the editor  who writes a bad fist used the expres-  a-*>-  The Favorite Smoke  ���*t��AW  dissensions among those who should be a'on "from Dan to Jleersheha," and the  tion of tlio services of others on our be  hall. I_et us always be willing to give  honor where'honor is due.  There are some enthusiastic labor men  who say to-day, Let us have 'a' labor  party'; let us cut ourselves udrift��from  this one nnd that one; let us depend entirely upon our own initiative and what  we can accomplish ourselves. While I  huve the deepest sym]iathy"for a labor  party, yfct, if Ihis policy should be  carried'out, the effects' that would follow would be disastrous.  There are good men and true to be  found in every walk of life, and if ever  the cause ot labor is to attain that success which we fondly desire, it must and  will come only through the help of every  man who is willing nnd able to enroll  himself under the banner which labor  proudly unfurls to-day. This is the lesson of tlio'past.   ^  I give the first place in the battle and  in the triumph to labor men. Tliey deserve far more credit than what tliey  have received, or, perhaps, ever will receive. They fought nobly. In season  and out of season they stood by what  they thought was right. They were the  sufferers, and it is but just to say that  if it hud not been for the fight which  thoy put up .these reforms would not  have been carried out.  JJtit could they have done it all alone ?  1 think not. Anyway history shows  us that they did not do it all alone.  They h.ul able helpers working out with  them their salvation. Cnrlyle, Ruskin,  Hurl of Shaftesbury, Owen, Kingsley,  Maurice, all had their work to do, and  they did it well. The assistance of such  men was simply invaluable when thej  united  These then arc some of tho lessons of  the past. As I said, I am an optimist.  1 think, the' prospects are bright, in fact,  sunny, I sue a roseate hue across tho  sky. The good time is coming and; is  not far off either, if we be wise.  Let us havo faith in our cause, in our  leaders, and in our brethren. Let us  extend tho glad baud to every man; be  ho peer or peasant, rich man or poor  man who wants to help us. Let us  marshail our ^forces. Let us teach,  tench, teach everywhere and, everyone,  and then let our ballots be so sacred in  in our sight, as that they will even bo  cast, not for money, but for the men  and the truth by means of which oiir  redemption is to be accomplished.  In concluding 1 have to thank you,  Mr, Editor, lor giving ine your valuable  columns for this .-cries of articles. And  I have to thank my readers for tlieir  interest in the same. Thoy have  covered so much space und time, that I  fear many of you have not derived the  benefit you would derive if you had them  now in some handy form. Were I rich  I would issue them in plmmplet form,  but as I am hot I would like you to read  them more continuously. If I have  caused anyone to take a deeper interest  in labor matters by means of these  fragmentary sketches, I am more than  compensated for tlie time and laoor bestowed in their preparation.  Nor doom the irrevocable past  .\s wholly .wanted, wholly vain,  II, rlbing on It= wrecks nt lmt  .To something nobler we uttiiin.  PHIZ.  apprentice set it up from " Darn to  Bejubers." He knew the lust word wns  not right, but from what he could make  of the context that wns tho best he could  make of it.  It is said tlint President McKinley hns  bought a mountain of chalk. 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Ellis.  --   . ...u.,      iii-..     umijsij     iilll'llll-ulU      .* HVill    vitxjy  ,or not to sell his labor in any way it spoke  as  speak  they  did; whon they  seemed right in'his own eyes. I need  ,not tell you again how ruinous this was  to others.  To-duy the individual is made to feel  that  his industrial   freedom   is to be  .attained not by setting himself against  all   others,   but  in   subordinating   his  interests to thu interests of the whole of  ' his brethren.   In those days a sort of  tin god wns set up Jor men to worship  ;in the shape of ^competition.  We have' shewed again and again that  ' ,competition as an industrial system is  ruinous and demoralizing that in short  it is a vicious form of suvagery.   To-  , day us the result of the nttacks made  against il, the god is less powerful, has  fewer worshippers than ever, and the  hopeful reformer sees the time not far  .distant  when   this  awful  monstrosity  will be swept away.  Yes, we have made   progress,  grout  .progress and the man who realizes this,  '���   will become the most hopeful ns regards  , the future. \ Do not whine my brother.  "To you  is given the privilege of taking  , up the work brave souls by death have  .laid down.   Instead of grumbling that  .all your troubles havo not  been cleared  .away, rather rejoice that to you is given  .the chance to do some service, if not for  yourself at least for those coining after  "yon:   ThTTmessuge of the pusTto you is.  wrote ns write thoy did; nnd when thoy  worked and labored as they did in the  interest of labor, the effect was to hasten  the reforms for which tho laborers were  striving for.  Let us avoid ull nurrowness. Refuse  the help of'no good man. Take all and  welcome all, and then reforms of the  future will ue accelerated.  Another lesson which this history  tenches is, tlio value of labor organizations. It was a great day for lubor and  for reform whenlabor unions were recognized by law. Before that workingmen  wero so many units, nnd tlieir atomic  condition was tho symbol both of their  weakness und helplessness before the  strength and power'of capital. It's  otherwise now.  I almost feel ashamed when I hear a  supposed workingman flout and jeer at  trade unions. They may not have done  anything expected of them, but without  them what would have been tho condition of the working man today. In spite  of all hostile criticism such unions are a  power in the land today, and that hotly  of workingmen today is.the hest off  thnt has tlie largest and strongest union  both numerically iind financially.  When I consider the terrific light our  brethren made in the p_ast_to.get_those  Telephone  turn-out. .1.  stables.  1���2���5  for a fine  livery  J. 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F..Waldo, the,newly, .elected'coroner  of the cityVol' .London. ��� "Thci totalaho-  iitioii of these places,'' .said Dr. Waldo,  "is the, only means,' of insuring '.the production of:; bread under.: healthy'/'conditions.' 7 A /year's, investigation in the  capacity of "heal th 'officer'' of .South wark  convinced me*that the'government must  take most.stringent measures; otherwise  trade opposition,'''.backed. by the suppi-  ness of the local authorities, will, reiider  powerless all effortsto remove this public /scandal which constitutes.a grave  menace'to'the health of tlie community.",  If you want a really good rye whisky  at a low price, our oOc rye is it. Gold  Seal Liquor Company, 746 Pender street.  Convalescents need Eisen Port���"the  builder tip of the weuk"���SOc bottle.  Gold Seal Liquor Co., 74G Pender street.  In the world's broad Held uf biittlu,  In tlio bivouac of IK.,,  lie uot liko dumb, driven cattle;  llu a hero In the strife.  Another lesson which this history impresses upon us, thut tho onward inarini  . of progress or reform is slow. It is well  for us lo realize this. We think oi'ten-  , times that this thing and that thing  should ho done, and done at once. And  because they are not done when wo  (think they ought lobe done, we lose  hope in both men and things. This is'  very foolish.  The  impatient  man,   tho impatient ^ ,_.,.     ..���*   .,...,  word and net have often retardedgenuine opposed to each other  reform. The most progressive govern- Ibclievo in socialism  .incuts in the old laud nuvo been thoso  which have been delcated at the polls.  Those tvho thought they did not go far  enough and those who thought they had  gone too fur united together to put in  power those who would not do anything.  Waiting or patience is over un element  .In true progress.  Man's life is short, and often he thinks  no progress is being made at all.   Some  .of the brave impetuous'spirits of the  unions, and when I reflect on the good  which they have done, I am amazed beyond measure .when I read that out of  every ten working ihcn one only is in a  union. This is a lamentable state of  ulf.iirs, because it makes the cause of  labor so much tlie weaker, and the  work of unions so much the more difficult. II every working man'did his duty  us he ought to do it, then hc'jvoiild with  the least possible delay become an aclive  member of sonic labor organization.  What we need today  is unity aiming  the forces of labor.   We have What we  call single  taxurs, trade unionists und  socialists.     But  why  should   they be  1 nm a socialist.  but when  I rend  in   a socialist   paper  suvugo   attacks  against this man and that mun bcciiii.se  he ain't see eye to eye with me, thereby  dividing the ranks of labor, 1 get out of  patience with this soii'-eless tomfoolery.  Legislation conies bit by bit, nnd every  bit is a distinct gain, if not for our isms,  at least for tho cause of labor.   In the  ranks of labor there will bo difference of  opinion, but let tlie advanced thinker  join i hands   with   his  less   advanced  Gold Seal Canadian Rye is Seagram's  Grand Old Rye.   Only, 50c bottle. .Gold  Seal Liquor Company.  Try a bottle of Eisen Port, .the sun  shine of California, 50e bottle, at.. Gold  Seal Liquor Co., 7-10 Pender street.  The Mint  Is the now saloon at tho .corner  of Carrall nnd Hustings streets. Cnse  goods arc the best, und the prices 0. K.  Seattle Rainier beer, 5 cents.  - .-----   ���  j���.. .......Uj    ,uni    mo   H.OD   .mvuuceii  past may have thought so over and over  brother, and let him pull with him as  When you want to hire a flrBt-dass  horse and buggy, go to the Palace  livery stables.  Telephone 125.  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SATURDAY AUGUST. 24,  1991  ���MMM THE LABOR WORLD  Canadian.  :.Half i.f the members ���f Painter's  Uuioii, Xo. 1-3. liosslund. iuive left for  pastures new.  Tlio UoiKlon, Out., Trades nnd Labor  Council Ihis nirpolulcil a eoiiiinitteo to  consider iho forma tion'of an nidopend-  onl labor body.  '���Another powerful syndicate'of'American and Canadian capitalists' bus bpen  formed to enrry on the wood pulp industry on [.ho north .shore of the Gulf  of St.  l.nwp'iiee.  l.nbor day win be observed at Kere-  iiicn:'. H. (.'.. In proper style. A eom-  miltce ,of cltlzon.i and inneheis has  been ajipoiuicd to prepare a programme  and Colloet siibsciintioris for tlie prizes.  The celebration-win last both 'Monday  and Tuesday.  Al a special mooting' ol* tlie .Marin.  Firemen's union, of Vietoiin. resclu-  ��� (lens of condoloncc with the relatives  of, the la lo Messrs. Burke and Hatch,  drowned in the Islander disaster, were  passed. Pen dins- the arrival .of the.  ���bodies, definite arrangements! I01' at-  tendinsr tho funerals of the deceased  members were left over, to a. further  meeting..''The union decided to atfiiiata  itself with the International Seamen's  .Union of America. Messrs. Alex. .Mc-  I_eod and XV. H. Shade.were selected to  represent the .firemen at the Victoria  Trades and Labor Council.  The following resolution, lias been  uiiaiiiiiiiously adopted by the Siocan T.  & L. Council, viz;: ������Tha't. .whereas, it is  provided liy tlle general statutes that  fair wages shall be paid by the city under any contract: and tiiat ivhereas  the union label is a badge'of honest  Workmanship an'tl fair wages; .therefore.  be it resolved, that this ' council In  nic-etinir assembled do endorse the principle'of* a fairwag-e clause, and do.  hereby order that the..union'label shall  be*affixed to all printed stationery and  other Supplies procured by any and all  departments or .tiie civic government  and service.",  . An organizer, of, brewers' .workmen  'has .been..n" Victoria, for some time en-  dcnvorinij to fpniv-ifih association. He  was successful in . enlisting most of  the men. and had' collected the ordinary fees, when a complaint was made  to the police that a stranger .from tiie  other.side' was collecting moneys 'and  should be; aiipreliertded. Last'evening  he was met by an ollicer, who took him.  ,.to. tlie police 'station-.- where the man  says he was searched., and bis credentials taken from' him: OLater in the  evening 'the. members of the;.Trades  and "Labor Council1- interested themselves in.the matter, when he was at  once released.   ,;,  will decided in a few days whether to  order it strike. ���  The   �� il Is   who  have   been   on  strike  MACHINISTS' PICNIC.  One of  thu  most: unique outings of  the season was held by .the members  for iwo mouths ut the National Shirt   of Machinists' union. No. 1S2, hist Sat-  Waist factory in, New York have won  their ba'tnle. They earned tihe victory  w..-��.  The strike of the eoal miners of  Bridges, .Ment., lias been settled on a  basis of SO tents a ton.of We.m-.-irreeiied  co.il fi'oni iong-u'CU wordings a.nd" |if.l  cents a ton for mining from room mil  llller workings. House rent Is induced  ami discrimination against union men  I'Mino'VCtl.  ('hle.igo sle.-'ping car. porters aie  loinilng'an oig.inizatlou for "mutual  lienor!t" to be iv.lied 'the Railway  men's   Mei'cant-.ie   league.  Sti iking ice wagon drivers of Columbus, unio. being giau'.el a uii-hour  day a'lid pay .'for. overtime, haive resinned   work.  The mineisof tiie United Verde mine  at Jerome, Ariz., haive struck for :in  eigiit-liour day. A'baur 1.200, men aie  lnvu-lved. ������   "  Negro ni-inl.-t.iis a'l Dlrmliighaiii, Ala.,  lui.ve issued circular;, -addre.-sing the  member.-* of their race against going  north ni'vd east to twice the place of  atriiii-nir ���workmen. ������-...  "Tlie striking iron molders at Chicago have ��� refused llie offer of t'i.& per  day ifor bench molders and iJn.Sii per  day for Iloor inokk-rs. 'llhey .have voted to Jiold out for $:t flail per day.  The 535 ���mailers nml.paokeis empioy-  ed-in the -'- Hour mills,  of   irinneapol-  who haive been granited. an increase  of wages, have   voted   to   insist   upon  their demand for a year's icon'trac't.  An effort is being made in St. Louis.  Mo., to form a building material 'trades  council. , It' successful, a rule will be  made ithat only union .material will be  used in the 'coming world's fair buildings. - ..'.'.'..     ....    '  Of all the conventions to be held in  the Dominion during the, full, .probably  none will attract the same amount of  attention and Interest as 'that of the  Trades and Labor Congress, ql Canada, which .will convene for the seventeenth : time 'on the: third Tuesday of  September.. Jt.has been decided to publish for tlie llrst time a ���souvenir book,  containing a greeting to tlie delegates,  directory "of oilieers, names and ad-  dresses of affiliated^ trades and labor  unions, history of: the Congress, por-  7 traits and biographies of the officers,  and a treatise on technical education,  edited by the 'secretary-treasurer. P.  IU. Draper, of Ottawa.  American.  ;���;��� Machinists* blacksmiths * and other  employees in the Port Richmond repair  Bltop of. the Reading .railway,.-at Phil-  7 adeipfria, ihave rejected  ah offer of ii  .   .per cent, advance in wages, demanding  an increase of 12. per cent.  7 It is reported U>y. the .settlement committee of the striking East Side tailors  of New York, that over 101) of the lai-g-  " 'est manufacturers  have .settled,  and.  their contractors having also signed an  ��� fitfreieriintf=-lo;000=of���the=sti-ikers-=havc  returned to work.. -  The girls employed' at Stone Brothers  shirt-waist factory, New York, liave  gone on strlike. A ihundred girls em-  "_>loyed 'in ma'Wing .cigarettes for the  American Tobacco Company, New  York, .h'aive also struok for an advance.'.  Labor organizations of Scuttle are  considering :,ia general ; isynipajt'hetie  b'trike In aid of the Iron woi-kers.  The Port Costa. Cal.. strikers' Jiiivo  .returned. to work unload ing rseliodiicrs  nnd ibarges, but refuse to load: .--'hips.  In the matter of .hours and pay, a com-  promise hns been agreed upon. Formerly men-.worked iten hours a day  . tor t'i-tiO. They struck for nine -hours  a day at $:���., and halve gone to work  on a ai'ine-liour day for''?2.7"i a diiy;  Tlie Fall River cotton manufacturers  luuve voted' to impose u reduction 'of  11 per cent, in' wages.of nil mill operatives," to. take effect .September S. The  .-wages Sire already n-eiy near to the  Starvation* point"'and 1t is the general  ifeeling- of..the operatives that, the reduction imustibe. resisted. TPlie unions  THE EOILBR'IIA'KER'S.'  :' The iBoilermakers aiid Ii'onship  Builders' union .���'hcus held'a'very, successful .conveii'tiori at Buffalo, _\T. Y..  at which several very Important alterations ito Uie.conatltut'ion stud rules of  the order were made, amongst others  being the following: "Any boilermnk-  er or shipbuilder irrrllvling at any city  looking for work, ���without a traveling  or woi'king card, will have to go back  to where .'lie started from, ito get-his  card, ibefore lie will be allowed to  start.' work'. Boilermakers and shipbuilders aire ifonbidden , to work-v.with  men .without'a ciii'd."  A sick and -health benefit has been  added to 'the list . of benefits! Any  boliermaker. getting sic* or 'hurl,  through no fault of his own will .be  entitled to $5 iv week siok, 'pay, and  SoO alt death. .This fills a greatly needed want. o ',,  No boilermaiker, will be allowed' in  futui-e Ia> buy goods without the union  label oi. .them wit'hout being liable to  a fine ot $5-.'tor^each offenee.  The a'aes ot^ the 'brotherhood, ii.ro in-  crenseoi' .to meet the 'demand for. the  Kick; b-.iellt ifund  and  other.things.  The** and niany-ofther alterations  have b;en made Ito meet tlie growing  need.! jf the union which, during the  last ������ __aiv!.has.'liad an .unprecedented  Incrense lh ilts meimbershlp. To meet  t'he ceni'ands of. its ;grow.th 'the convention,' 'at the suggestion of i'tsgrahd  presiden't, ���', ihas dhllded ,the , con ti lien t  into nine iiiistiticts. so ...that each district will be governed'Dy Its own council, subject .to tiie .grand.lodge. This,  it is thought,', will 'regulate tlie "prices  better ithan''ithe -past system. Altogether .'the; convention;just closed .was  the .most successful one held. A marked impro'.-ement In aitt'end-ance and  unanimity of .opiiiiion 'amongst its members lieing amongst Its chief features.  Every subject was discussed in an intelligent andi manly .manner with a  view ito better the condition of its  meniliers and t'he cause of trade union-  '.ism-TfoheralljT^Bro^M  Giltln-op  wore unanimously elected  to  fill. the offices of president .-ami secretary-treasurer .respectively, which positions Ithey ....have held so long, the  brotherhood having full 'confidence In  their ability to fill these offices of trust.  The French National ���Miners' Fed-,  erallon has Issued a circular .proposing  a general strike, of miners o�� November :l��t, unless the government and tlie  mining companies grant an ijlght-hour  day niul a .pensloir'of two francs per  day after ar, years' service....  Jt lis reported that 1.0110 .lapanes-e la-  boreis will iirrlve at Honolulu during  t'he nexit three or four months.  It lias 'been announced that $.l'a.'){iO. of  the $100,001) needed for the new L ibor  Lyceum of Brooklyn bus been raised,  it is hoped to complete the building by  January 1st.  .unlay, at North Vancouver, when  composed! the loivg-to-be-reiiienvbeittd  T.oheniian paitty. The committee certainly know how to get up a slag ipie-  ulc, uud deserve full credit for its efforts. It .comprised: Messrs. W. llae,  Ceo. 1". Downey, "Is. G. Maxwell." F.  Cotighlan. F. Vendell, N. Prescoit, ,R.  Arundell, Geo.  l.'owcs. "  The baseball gamie was between the  journeymen and apprentices, und  was  a different, article from lhat put up by  either    the,   Vancouver,     Victoria    or  American tennis, Inasmuch as the batting   was    stiong    and     heavy,   Yen-  dell, on a bali'.ois hit. ran   the   b'ases  twice,   and   never  lei   up   till   he   ran  nlS'ht   Inio   the   refieslinieiit   pavillion.  if i.s ro-iiorled by n .pollceiiiau 'that lie  caught his second wind on the second  round, and his third wind nt  the pa-  vijIMan.   This  was  a  niprt  marvellous  bit of Play on 'the..diamond, the scorer  registering a, double run.:  P.rescott and  Hastings  made  star, 'plays.   The  batteries were whirlwinds.   "Hilly" Myles'  boomerang  curves    and    Ted  Clark's  dead-oyneh   caitc.lws  gave  tlie  apprentices  the, best  of  the  game,  although  Pitcher Littler and Catcher Rogers did  good   work  for  flie. journeymen.   The  policeman   said  ithat  'he   thought   tho  best  runs  were, ina-de    from   the" flrst  base ,to .the pavillion.   The great match  was   never ireally    iflrilshed���but   if is  known 'that 'the' score was   large���as  along   about   the   middle   the   players  were summoned    to . 'tlie   pavilion by  their   admiring   fans,    when   in    the  hearty,'reception or "scniinniage" boith  ynipire and  scorer    were    lost.   They  were la.st seen  ea-oh  with  a glass of  lomonnde    or    something    else.   Wm.  Rne,  ithe   master  of  cereinonies.. was  kept busy at .the paviillion.   The game  over, all settled down, and listened to  well-rendered songs  by  W.  Winslckle.  Mr.  Quinn,  and  a quartette of C.  P.  R..imen.   H. Tegg performed on.a trapeze.   Theaioliceman says 'he was fine,  as was also the unknown 'contortionist  from, tlie C.  P. -R. shop...   XV. Fowler  played  the  piano,  wliic'i   fact  speaks  voiumes   for., the  concert ipart'. of.; the  airograrame.  The. speeehes were, mostly delivered  ���as-choruses', an'd) all first-class. There  .were about SO,"the sul.jedlB discussed  being 'principaliy hot-air���furnaces,  nobleness of character, unionism and  other heavy and intere.'.t'ing ��� picnic  ���topics. The .pollceina.n says, that 'dur-*  ing .(the nfternon , ithere. were several  engines and 'boilers erected', 'but were  all ��� iin visible. ...    7 ���        :.    .  M'he refreshmeii't paivillion was presided over by Fred. Cougiilan and' G. P.  Downey. The only sign of aiiyUhing  left in the sandwich line was the map  of the, world,.' with, the Sandwich islands on it, but as usual .very indistinct,  and the supply of liquid refreshments,  saved ..would . have.: been even dlsap-  ipolntlng to Carrie Nation: All 'had good  Appetites. Whioli were miore ithan 'satisfied'.long ere'S o'clock 'annived, the  /time of departing. Thte' a'tm'osphere  was hot,Jn more ways 'than one, but a  feature of tilie day was Jn the evening,  when a procession wns formed by the  jolly picknlckers from the boat to the  tram ears. G. Goad, official photographer, .took two .fine negatives, befoie  and 'after , 'the picnic.; .They wiil no  doubt -ibe on exhibtlon : at "ithe New  Westminster fair, wliere, all the ladles  can gaze adunlriiigly on the . members  of the most progressive union in Vancouver.-  ���rai's;   consequently   the   studen't   has  ���been roWbed of his money and derived  no  benefit from  It.   I have visited' -a.  few barber schools In my   time   ami  know   whereof, I  speak.   There  Is  an  old saying, which Is a true one,  that  water   ndver  rises    higher    'than   tlie  fountain; so, with this saying In 'inlnd.  permit me to pl'oture .to your mind the  dlf.'eienco between a'barber school student and a regular apprentice as authorized  by  the Journeymen   Barbers'  International   Union  of  America.      A  barber school Is strictly a, cold-bfooded  business    proposition.      They     throw  lhelr t!6ors open to anyone that comes  along, regardless of ithelr adaptability,  and pat them oil theibnek and tell fhem  tihey  will Ibe able to  hold  a. good  job  in any shop or run a shop for Mi'mi-  selves.   When you 'first go lu a school  they put you on one. of the .batik chairs,  wlieie  you wrestle  with ,iiolhlng  but  t.-.e genuine ibuni. and get nothing fiom  your  senvlce   but the  odor   from  th-'  .bum,  whlcli he  gives' off very .freely,  and  after you a.r'e  there".ii  few  days  the  bum idoes not have    tlie  student  bested but little.   Please,don't, ask me  about the towels, and  how  long they  use one. without washing it.   I  don't  like to tell the tnutli about It, and 1 am  like   Washington,. I   won't   lie.   1   will  say this.   It Is an out rag* on -lunnaii-  'ity.   As"'time.'goes    on    tire    student  'liiovt's  up  along   tihe line toward   the  front uhalirs. in ithe shop, where In most  of the colleges they get 5 cents a shave.  As  the 'fftudent  gets along about  the  ���last of his'term (which is In'most -ail  colleges from'six to eight weeks) he Is  told very .confidently ,1'ilie  would be  a  fi-od ..man' to manage a shop for himself,  and   the    professor   .knowing he  could .not command a good ipi'ice for his  lallinr,  usually; advises him  to start a  5-ceiit shave  shop,   10-cent    hair cut.  What more could you expect of a person  who is that  easily: duped  out of  his money? T  think am  Institullion of  that kiiKlcis nothing short of.*a bunco  game.   But as  they ��� are , still   able to  sell,gold IbrlOks.  it is no wonder they  are able to,'fill their'schools." ,.���-.'  I BICYCLES  ^  ���  ���  ���  Among this lot arc some Cleveland.--, Trihunos and Columhias.  <��'  4\f All are in jjood condition,   a   few  aro almost new.    Vcrv low  A  ^ iiriccs to clear thom out. X  9 J 26 Hastings St. <��*  SOLK AOENT ^  CLEVELAND AND TRflRUNE BIC1LES.     t  vLmmn9  McFeely . & Co.*  WHOLESALE AN D   RETAIL ' DEALERS   LN*  iSklf and Heavy  MAIL   ORDERS   RECISIVK PROMPT AT1TENTION.  ,|KELL-Yt.-'...P0IJ><6LAS:- .���?:. CO.  7;: :-\VHdLESALK:GR6cEl_S,.:  Cordova and Water Streets.; - * Vancouver, B.C.  Headquarters for  Domestic and 8m-  jjorted Cigars and Smoking Sundries.  Flint's Dyspepsia Tablets are guaranteed to restore failing appetite and  correcV any kind of. stomach trouble.  50 c,  box.   McDowell, Atkins,  Watson  CO.    7    ��� .'    '-'       ���    ��� ������'���.:'������:���-.:���.  BUM BARBE31S.  The barber colleges located in several  cities, -where tliey .turn out a "jour"  barber in from six (to eighiL weeks-'who  either gets a job in some cheap sflioji  or starts: one .himself, must he very  damaging to the banbers' unions all  over the ��� country. Hundreds, of these  ^collcge^baiibers���are^ieiitig���graduoteil  weekly, and tli rued loose to prey upon  the public, while an "'apprentice to tlie  regular trade is required to senve three  years. It Is but natural to infer that  the young man who serves n- ii-cguhir  inpprenilceshlp will dtoubtless lie an  lionor to'the iifofesslon, -while the cob  lege bred "barber" will be n disgrace  to It. The following letter written by  President M. 11. Faucett of the Hioux  City Trades Astembiy. will give un  Idea of what the lumber colleges produce; "i 'have been asked to write a  tew lines In regard fo tlie 'barber  wihools, and give some of tlie tendencies and effects. 'When .vou : come tn  handle n .subject nf tills kind yon must  look at It just sis It Is, not as it 'could  be or Khoulil be. In the llrst 'Place, tho  tendencies are to drag the profession  down. As a.'bare assertion Is .no argument, I will proceed to give you a  few of. the .reasons why. In ihe-first  place, a barber school gRiilunte .ds 1111  more..of a barberat the exph'a'Uon of  his allotted time, .nor stands; 'any more  show -among., the up-to-date ibarbers  than a draft horse would In a trot'thig.  RALPH  SMITH'AND  THE  TRA.CK-  MEN'S. STRIKE. '������.;'��� 77-"- ���'"  AVe are gonry to iiate-a,teiidency on  the ..part  of  some  provincial  .newspapers to cast rellections on Ralph ��� Smith I  M.   P.,  .president    of    the'   Domihion  Trades   and   Labor   Council,   for   not  taking a more active ipart- in settling  the   tra'ckmeii's  strike... These; papers  seeiir to think.it is Mr.  Smith's, duty  to 'push, lihiiself In  whereTier there  is"  trouble .between capital and1.labor and  trnke -a,��� hahd' in' udiiusltlng imatters iii*  the   ihterst  of  laiboring  men.1 In   the  past Mr.  Smith:-lias' always sJiow-ii'-.-'a'  willingness .to iict -as arbitrator in ia-  bor disiiutes, but wisely refraliis'-'from  doing so until asked. ..In the niat'ter of  the  trackmen's strike, 'Mir. Smithihas  never 'been : requested  to use ihis good  ollices as an arbitrator.   He, however,"  promptly, took  up   the: matter of  importation, of  allien   laborers.and' lias  done everything in ibis .power;'to"iiave  tlie act-, enforced.   For years past: Mr.  Smith has acted'as arbitrator in.labor  disputes'  on   tlie' island,     particularly  between the coal .barons and 'their employees, and in .nearly every, case,Ms  efforts  have ibeen; more  or  less  successful. . , ��  Woi-king men have not so 'many re-  presentatllres In parliament that, they,  can arford to lose a ,ina.n of Mr. Smith's  undoubted a1)IMty.j and 'inlluence. He  is much respected iin Ottawa and his  advice is always, sought.!by the government in matters" affedbing. the interests of labor." Moreover, he has a  clean Tecoi-di and none: of his enemies  can point to a single instance where  lie has betrayed 'his trust.���Golden Era.  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U   Mailers and Hens's furnishers; VANCOUVER7 7  M '"      '���������:i>      -    l  '  ���������;'.���������- ������'������:..'.,-' . .,;. -,.'.:--":;.:"'-/- .'.'-:.-  , ���;..'. ��� y.y, ;-,y y.,y ���;...'���. ,-  ly: Trunk SI ore 12? flastiiigs St., Ohh. >Vm. Ralph's.  ^��3B!E3E5Hae5BBais_^Bl_^^  .'*;fl|  ' ... FROM STEVESTON. . .  The trouble reported in a daily  newapaiper us taking place at the A'an-  conver'cannery on the North Arm of  the Fraser rilver last week was <is fol-  =lows:���It^^iaippears^'t-hait^a^ehliiainiinf  being overworked,'complained that he  wanlted rest, .when the net !boss hit  him In the face with a club. The other  Crtlnaimen protested in -a body by stopping work, and talking up tlieir knives  chased the white unan out of the cannery. .Manager Itussell. who was In  the Japanese quarters, called on the  Japs -for' assistance, who chased the  Chinese tn their qtiuiters, and proceeded to bulltl fires and burn' up tlielr baggage. The Chinese villi refused to  work, and consequently no 'llsh' were'  packed until Saturday. 'Before they  resumed operations they were guairnn-  teed by Ceneral Manager Hii.'-sell. tlint  (ill damage done tn tlielr property  would lie srittled for. ��� The cannery  could not: take llnh Fnlday or Saturday, promising lo take them Tuesday  morning.  Q���!$  *  TENNIS, CRlGKETy; CROQUET,  HAMMOCKS, ^FISHING TAGKLE>7  ;   BASEBALL; LACROSSE> 7  7 BOXING-GLOVES    ?  AND PUNCHING BAGS,: ETC.    7  521   Hastings  7 Street.;  AT V1CTOKBA.   SEPT 2.  .Unilw._tlu:_pa_troiiaKC_o_f_His_AV_orsliip__^  I' Victoria, tluFYnncouver-.Trades  arid Lahor  Couticil  iind   the*  of  the  clly  of  Nanaimo Trades and Lahor Council.  Kor the next 80 ilnys  you  end .got .'a salt nt  your own price nt      ,.-  :"the.;acee;-'  To In (rod uc�� bur new. syslem of tailoring ..be-  (org our Full Stock arrives'.    ......  21 Georgia St. C. L. Holland, Cutter. I  Big Trades Processioo  Tn tlie fori'itiiiin, in which   tlm 'combined labor  forces of Vancouver, Nana inio  Victoria,   South Wellington   aiid   Kxtonsioii ,wi!i   taku   part.     Liberal   prize-'  offered for IloiUs.  At I.ISO p. in.  Sports and Genres.       j  a  ver.y  lengthy  programino.of Alhletic.Sports will com  inence, at Caledonia 1'nrlc,. includiii|J  Baseball   Match���Nanaimo vs. Victoria.  Races for Men. N Races for Boys.  Races for Women/ 7   Races for Girls.  Special Races for Union Hen. ,,-.-  ����?"  (Sl'li I'ltOUIIAMllfi  I'OIl  I'AU'I'IC'UI.AIIS.) '���''���"  ..:    MASS MEETINO IN THE CVCNINO     ��� ' V'7 '  At which thu followini! gentlemen will deliver addrosssus:  ward; 0. U. Jlnswell, Jl. i'.; H. Dallas Helmeken, Jf. I'. 1'.;  31. l\ ; Itev. 13. S. Kowu; J{obt. Macpherson, ex-M. I'. P., and others.  Tho Fifth Regiment nnd City Bands' will furnishiniisic.'during, theday.  JOHN.LOGG, ';���.:���;������   . 'x -J."D.:;M'NIVEN,77-:  ' Chairman Committee.       7        Secretary Committee; -  Jlnvor Ha\-  Kitlph Smith  t*��P>-fflll<U."Ml&W*IMi:iUlltS'IIM*Wllll&KiK*>*K**  :XX-M


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