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The Independent Jun 8, 1901

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 r  '>2-'0<^.^*V-V^^C  <f*~ps*'  SEW VOKK LIFE IASUIIAACE CO  The oldest and largest Inleri.u-  lional company in the world.  Supervised by 82 governments.  Fred Cockburn - District Mgr.  Flack Block, Vancouver.  VOL. 3.  OTTAWA PIKE IffSlRAXCE CO  Authorized Cunital - $1,800,000  Subscribed Cupltal - - 500,003  Government Deposit -        hl.uuo  H. J. Moorhouse,  General Agent lor IJ. C. and Alberta.  30 und 31 Flack Block, Vancouver.  VANCOUVER, B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1901.  POLITICS IX TIIE  Before dealing with the subject at  tills ' article it will bo bettor to Introduce to my readers the man who  has given us 'Ills views on what politics will be this century, and, aa It Is  his views more particularly that I  ���want to give this week, I cannot bring  ���my readers easier or better In touch  with Mr. Sydney Webb than by1" reproducing a short sketch of Wm as It  appeared in the Toronto Globe the  other day:  Mr. Sidney Webb,  Lh.  B.. |  Is a member of London County Council  and chairman of the Technical Education Board.   Ait one time Mr. Webb was  lecturer  on   political  economy at  the  City of London College amd Working-  men's  College, ��� and   now  holds   that  post at t'he London School of Economics  amd  Political  Science.   He Is also  a barrister of Gray's Inn.   Still comparatively a young man, born in 1853,  Mr. Webb received 'his early training  ln private schools in London,  ln the  Birkbeok  Institute  aind    the   City  of  London College, beside spending some  time In  schools   In   Switzerland   and  Mecklenburg-Sehwerin.   In open .competition he secured a post ln ithe War  Office  ln  187S,   became  a surveyor of  taxes ln 1879-81 In the same w'ay, and  still again obtained a post in <the Colonial  Office,   which  he 'held  lor   ten  yea,rs, resigning in 1831 to enter the  X��ondon  County  Council   and    'devote  bis time to authorship.   Hits time has  evidently    been    fully occupied,    for  he has  written   "Socialism   in    England";   "The   Eight   Hours'   Day," in  conjunction   ivith   Mr.     Harold  ,Cox;  "The  London   Programme";   "History  of Trades Unionism,"  in conjunction  with his wife, who herself had writ-  ���ten  the   "Co-operaltlive  Movlem'enlt  in  Great   Britain";   "Industrial     Democ-  , raicy"' (two volumes);  "Labor in the  Longest Reign;" "Problems of Modern  ..Industry;",besides contributing to Mr.  Charles , Booth's   "Life "and  Lalbor of  'the People." , ,  This is thle man of many activities  *h&.t has seriously given his opinion as  to what will 'be 'the dominant issues In  ' politics this century, ana as they are  both radical and interesting I have  much .pleasure in elaborating them to  the readers of The Independent who  desire ito be "kept ln touch with the  ,     living thought of living men.  Home  Politics.  _  It will be as well for my readers  to remember thait .Mr. Webb Is dealing with .political life in .the Old Country. In that country, of which we  form no mean pant, .there are two "policies���a home and a foreign policy. In  the' old days statesmen made more  of the foreign than they did of the  home policy���the change coming will  he significant In ithls respect that the  home policy ���will be the policy which  ���will absorb the attention of our .poli-  ���ticlans. So he says: "The Heading  feature of -the home politics of the  nineteenth century, particularly between 1820 and 1873, was Khe liberation of the indilvild'uajl from artificial  restraints, whether feudal or fiscal,  legal or religious, social or intellectual.  That process of liberation is not yet  complete, and many old-faishloned politicians  still  fondly  imagine lit to .be  the .riomlmu.t  issue of  to-day. But  somehow or another, during the jfcwt  twenty  years or  so,  all  life  has  departed out of thnt iphu.oe of political  thought.   For good or for evil,  It has  become a past Issue.   We inre now in  a dull period of Intellectual transition,  will eh has already lasted some years,  and  ls( likely still to continue.   Pi-o-i-  ontly we shall  11ml .ourselves ]>,u��..lnir  Imperceptibly Into a new era.   Statesmen on both sides will be heard  talking  In   new  language a.bout  fresh   l.s-  kucs.   ri.il>.ilily   before   the   MrsL   .lc-  cado   of   the   century   has   p:u<sed   the  Ideas   and   tnntii>vi>s-.<li><i   of  1SI!0,   1S70  and ISM) will win n.s remote anil oli-  colote  us   do   thij.-i'  of   1700,   1770  anil  17S0."   Whn.t   will    llie.'c   fiw.h   Jyisuca  lh1?   W'lnt   pliimju     will   we     make?  Whither will the spirit of the age lead  us?   The��e   are  deep   vital   questions.  Mr.  Webb  thinks,   nnd   thinks   truly,  that  the  chief aim   will  lie   the  compulsory  maintenance  of .the  standard  of  life.   He holds  that  it is  (he first  object and purpose of .the state that  Its  people should live and  live well.  Not   only so,   but   twentieth, century  politics will bo made up, for the most  lng ihe standard of life,  he works out his views:  This Is how  Had leal Changes ln Ideas.  "My own  impression is that twen  tleih'contury politics, so far as con  corns home affairs, will he dominated  by the Idea of the compulsory main-  ten anco of the standard of life.   The  first object and purpose of the State  Is that Its people should live, and live  well.   We   shall   tafce   It  i-Jmply   Ifor  granted that the whole force and influence  of   the  community,   organised  ln its ioual and national government,  must be .used in defence of every Individual  member of it.   The  most lm-  I portant  national  campaigns,  and   the  most  glorious,   will  be  those against  disease  and   demoralisation  aind  premature death.   A rise in ithe rate ot  ilckness or mortality will lead to the  dismissal! of  the    ministry.      Such  o  glaring failure  in social organisation  as an  Indian  famine  would  be  followed  .by  an  impeachment.   But   the  mere    preservation    of    life    is   not  enough.   Twenty century  ipolitlcs will  be  made .up,_ for the  most pant,   of  plans   and   proposals   for  raising   the  standard of life, especially as regairds  all   those   sections  of   the  community  which fall below the common average  This principal duty of the government  will,   in   fact,   be  deliberately,   consciously,    purposely    and  persistently  to   raise   thi   sstan'daird   at  one   point  after   another.      The    ministry    will  bring forward proposals for its elevation  here  and there.   The opposition  will criticise these proposals,   alleging  that they will not he sufficiently effective,   or   that  the. standard should  llrst be   raised at   some other point.  No one   will  be   so old-fashioned   as  even to hint that it Is not the business  of  the  government to Interfere  with  the  matter  at  all.   What  else   does  it   exist  for?"   These   Ideas  one   can  hardly  help  noticing    clash  with  the  views   entertained    by    the    leading  statesmen    in   'the   old country.     No  -t'Ste  interference was their   shibbo  leth.   Let  tbe  Individual    alone.   Let  him do what seems right .and goodiln  his own eyes.   Give him liberty, "and  let him be free.   One 'bishop declared  In the house of lords some years ago  that   they   would  i-ather have  drunk  free men  than sober slaves; ithat is,  he   would   rather ' see    England    go  drunk with  liberty than made sober  thiough acts of parliament.   All .these  .things   sound   nice,   but. the  proof  of  the   pudding  is  the   pneelng  o'.t.   We  have come to see .through the hollow-  ness and heartlessness of all such high  sounding  phrases,   and   .the  startling  foots of our national life   haive compelled us over and over again .to push  them roughly aside in spite of theory  or party creeds.   Very suggestive are  Mr. Webb's words.   No one will be so  old-fashioned as even to hint that It  ���s not the 'business of the government  to   Interfere  .With  ithe  matter at  all.  What  else   does    _t  exist    for?  Mr.  Wehb declares for what he calls a  NO.* 11.  elected members by others apiK>lnt-_d  by the local government hoard, with  the levy of a special rate. Within a  generation of the adoption of suoh n  line of policy the average death rate  will be brought down by at least S  per thousand, and the slokness experience by ii third. The equivalent  money gain to the community would  be many million sterling. The Ancient  Order of Foresters alone would save  a quarter of a'million annually."  Our friend preaches a much needed  gospel-^the  gospel  of' sanitation.,   the  TIUDESilHDUBOKGOIllVOJL  I'rcMdent Joseph Dixon occupied the  chair at last night',, meeting of the  Vancouver Trades and Labor council  oi er a good attendance. Secretary  Crowj was also in his place.  Uco. Xooiian, of tho Mainland Stoam-  .-lii|>nien's union, und K. Morris, of the  Uigarmakori.1 union, wero admitted us  delegates to tlio council.  Tlie Cigarmakers contributed $5, the  ���Street Kailwaymen $10, of the ?151 collected for the locked-out miners at Alex-  Grand Trunk railway? An American!  "What architects get the work for  our lnige.it and "llnest buildings?  Americans!  "Who ���are quickest to appreciate and  emj.loy our smartest young men?  Americans!"  gospel  of   henlth.   Except  in  one  or  two  centres In Canada we have not lander.   Other unions will rep'ort later.  the same burden laid upon us as In         Merrle   England   or   Bonnie   Sootland.  This  Is  not a new gospel, hut it re  quires to be preached ag-adn and again.  The only surprise we feel is that disease and dirt should 'haive reigned so  ���long   without   let   or  hindrance,   bu,t  that was due largely to the .prevailing  idea  that a  man  could  do  what  he  liked   with   their own,   and men for  money stuffed human beings into pens  and  ���piggeries   that  rich   men  would  no   Shave   put   their  dogs  Into.   With  proper drainage, pure water, and comfortable dwellings much can be done  towards not only maintaining, but elevating tlie standard of life.   The duty  ���the  responsibility  which    the    new  century will lay upon all men of light  and leading in every community will  be to compel through state powers or  authorities that such will be the possession of the poorest in every place.  Air. Webb's second idea is  Education.  TIIE POWER OF US.  O.VTAUIO SWEATSHOPS.  The terrible effects of the sweat-shop  system were brought out at the police  court at Toronto recently during the  hearing of a case of theft brought by  Mrs. Laura Simpson ugainht S. B. Fine,  sweat-shop contractor, ol'Queeii street  Tho Retail Clerks wero requested to  look into the matter of union-made  brooms.    There  is  ti   Canadian-made Iwas not w��" doue' ���lnJ "Ultle a heavy  west.   Mrs. Simpson had been working  for Fine, wlio claimed that her work  National Minimum,  And says: "There will,, ito begin  with, be a .national minimum of sanitation. The nation will .find it preposterous that any locality, merely out  of stupidity, or incapacity, or parsimony, Should foster disease, or bring  up Its quota of citizens ln a condition  of impaired vitality. The local government board will ibe always harrying the backward dlstriats, compelling  .them  to   Improve  then-  drainage,   lay  on pure water, and .build such a supply ot healthy houses thait no family  in tha land hns less than 'three icorns  and a scullery.'     These improvements  would   be  stimulated  by  large  grants  In aid. made conditionally on the work  done.   Moreover,   the  utmost  possible  competition will be set on foot .anion..  I lie various localities as to which can  make   the  greatest   advance  In   sanitation.   'riu>   king  will   give  a  '.shield  ni'  hmioi'  eaoli  year  to  the  local  nu-  lliuiily  which  li.nl  made the givaU-st  progress,  together with  a 'knighthood  to Ihe mayor, and si L\ 11. to .the local  medical   officer.   On   the   other   lrnul,  the fix or eight districts which ��lnnd  I'm on the ll't In' each year's cmiipe-  tilio-a���inking   together   thalr    marks  for   drainage,   water   supply,   housing  ami   hospital  accommodation,   medlc.il  M-rvlrc, rlckno'-s, experience and mortality���Mill be .pilloried In a black list,  their grants in aid  withheld  and   replaced   by   an   extra  local   rate,   and  their   elected   bodies   summarily   dissolved, so as to enable the inhabitants  to   choose   better  administrators.   Re-  There will be a national minimum of  education. Every district will be required to have an adequate provision,  not only of elementary schools far superior to anything dreamt of ait present, but also of trade schools, 'science  schools and 'university colleges. Every  district will have to maintain an adequate "scholarship ladder," securing  aijJiLtenance as well as* free tuition  ior every scholar proving himself or  herself fitted for amy 'kind of education above the primary school,, so as  to ensure, not only "the"'promotion'of  Infant .prodigies, but .she provision for  every oh'ild, without exception, of all  the education it may be oaipaible of  utilising. Tlie district standing at the  head of the year's list for the excellence and efficiency of its educational  organisation will be visited in state  by the king, who will confer upon'It  a laurel crown, whilst the nearest university will give Its principal .educational officer an honorary degree. On  the other hand, any district' lagging  behind the lavlerage .will run the risk  not only of being held up ito public opprobrium, but also of losing the whole  or part of its educational grant in aid,  of being compelled to 'replace this loss  by an extra, rate, and, in the last resource, of haivdng Its elected authorities dismissed and replaced by government nominees, with unlimited power  to bring the educational machinery of  tho locality up to the mark of Its own  expanse. What right has any part or  the kingdom to rear its quota of citizens in ignorance, or to suffer even  community?  In   educational    matters    the   poor  have      never      had     a     chance���not  even   yet   with   all our boasted advances.   At the same time we are free  to confess that things are better than  they  were.   Still   in   days  of  old  the  capitalist   acted   so   ��__���   to  'keep  ithe  worker"lgnorant,-beIng~the"ibe'st~condi~  tion to maike a slave of hlin.   Vlstigjs  of   thait  policy  remniln ito-dny.     The  new century will change -all old sore.,  and  deprivations.   Tlio government of  Llie day will give'.trade schools, domestic    economy    schools,     art    schools,  science   schools,   and   university colleges all   thoroughly equipped   for ,tlu>  children of the workers as well ns for  thu children of the cuplliill.it.   As our  friend rightly says, what rlght has any  part i>f tln�� kingdom In rear i(s quiit'i  of elllzen.s  In   Ignorance,  or to suffer  oven one potential genius to bo lost tn  the   cootiiiiiilly.   Xo   right,   whatever.  1'IIIZ.  (To  be  continued.)  article of this kind, and tlie council believes that it bhould be patronized.  The Plumbers, Tailors and Street  Railwaymen wrote re Labor Day funds.  Tlie delegates wero instructed to report  at tho next meeting on the matter of  tho Labor Day levy.  The executive committee was instructed to bring in a financial statement, the  secretary assisting.  The matter of the janitor employing a  Chinaman at the V. 0. building was  brought up, when it was decided to  lodge a protest with Mr. Maxwell.  A delegate asked if the council had  made a ruling regarding a member belonging to more than ono union. The  council decided that it had no jurisdiction in the matter.  Tho Painters reported that non-union  men   were working  for less than the  union rate of wages at the Wallace shipbuilding yard.  Adjourned.  deduction on the agreed-upon price  The articles wero boys' knicker pants  and she was only allowed 25 cents for a  dozen pairs. The complainant swore  that she could not, working at her best  speed, make over eight dozen pairs a  week, or $2 in wages. In this case CO  cents was taken off. The magistrate  said he could not convict for theftj and  he was sorry, for he would have punished Fine with pleasure had the law  allowed.  GALICIAXS REFUSED TO WORK.  Some of the Galicians who were expelled from the Dominion Immigration  hall recently at Winnipeg went to the  country, or accepted work offered them  while others remained in the city.   From  In a previous article I spoke of the  wisdom of workmen uniting to ensure  justice from the huge monopolists,  who .".peak and think that they own  the wealth, and I was nearly saying  the very soul of their fellows. The  editor of the New Yoilc Journal, In  a late issue of his paper asks the  question: "Who Is the real head, the  permanent head of ithe steel trust."  and replies to his question as follows:  "Not Morgan, or Rockefeller or all  the power ot all tlie banks and of all  the great fortunes controls the steel  trust,   now  that  It is  born.  "THE RULER OF THE STEEL  J'RUST IS THE MAN , WHO CAN  CONTROL THE TENS OF THOUSANDS AND HUNDREDS * OF  THOUSANDS OF HUMAN BEINGS  ENGAGED IN THE PRODUCTION ���  OF  STEEL.  "The great financiers have congratulated themselves on putting all their  eggs in one basket. They view with  delight a situation which puts at their  mercy all industries dependent on  steel.  "But .they deceive themselves, and  an awakening is ahead of them.  "They have staked ELEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS on ONE  S1NCLE   SET  OF  WORKINGMEN.  "To .pay Interest on -their vast0 cap-  AMERICAN CAPITAL Il\  CANADA.  enquiries made it appears that a lumber of the Ualicians have been staying   LtlU tney must ea��� more than SEV-  at the hall for some weeks past, and tlie  BNTY MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  In view of the bitter criticism of the  United States and of things American  which comes so freqeuntly from the  Canadian press, It should be noted  that the part played by American enterprise-and-capital In-tho Dominion  Is generally recognized by the more  thoughtful Journals of Canada. The  Canadian Manufacturer, Toronto, declares that Canada must more and  more turn to her southern neighbor  for the capital she needs. SpeaMng  of the resources of the Dominion in  tlie .way of wood for paper pulp, this  Journal says that the promoters in this  industry are all looking to the United  States for capital. It is the same in  other industries, continues The Manufacturer: i  "It was in the United States that  most of the Dominion Iron & Steel  company's issue of $15,000,000 was underwritten last year. It is in New  Yor'k and Philadelphia that a million  dcllai's us being obtained for the new  steel works at ColIIngwood, Ont. To  the United States Mr. Olergue, .president of the new Algoma Central railroad, has hitherto looked for the iviast  sums required for his undertaking,  though he is now in England, presumably to sell the bonds of his road.  If we are ever to get the power developed at Niagara Falls, it must be  by the aid of American enterprise. If  not actual American capital." >���  When you come to thln'k of lt, says  The Herald, also of Montreal, Americans have had a good deal to do and  to say In the development of our resources ;���and -It���i>roceeas-_o-put_the  case as follows:  "Who bought the claims for mines  of our prospectors in British Columbia?  afterward, pocketing fat profits? The  The Americans I  "Who sold them to the Canadians  nfterwaid, pocketing fat profits? The  Americans!  authorities having been unsuccessful in  procuriug work for them with a railroad  company, insisted upon accepting what  had been offered them. They replied  that they would consider the matter.  They were then informod that they  would either have to take the work and  leave the city or be turned out of the  hall. As they still refued to work they  were turned out.  UNION BARBER SHOPS.  The following ia a complete list of  union barber shops In Vancouver.   Is  your barber on the list?  Elite barber shop. Hastings street.,  Bon   Ton'   barber   shop, ��� Hastings  street.  Porcelain Baths, Cambie street.  Harvie & Ellis, Cambie street.  Savoy Barber Shop, Cordiva street.  Smalley's    Barber    Shop,    Cordova  street.  The Whlttier Barber Shop,  Carrall  street..  Oyster   Bay   Barber   Shop,   Carrall  street.  Union Barber Shop, Carrall street.  O. K. Barber Shop, Hastings Btreet,  east. '  Army and Navy (Oscar Heylandt)���  Granville street, under Trorey's.  J. H. Stevens, Mount Pleasant.  UNION BAKERIES  W. D. Mulr, Mount Pleasant.  XV. Murray, Prior street.  Montreal Bakery, Westminster avenue.  F. Adams, Scotch Bakery, Hastings  street.  W. D. Kent, f.6 Cordova street.  J. Oben, Hastings street.  'MInchen Co., Granville street.  Barnwell Bros., Granville street.  Largen & Tupper, Granville street.  The fact that but 00 Chinese domestics are employed nt Seattle gives a flat  denial to the assertion thnt white girls  cannot be secured to do house work on  the-coast.���In���the-Queen- City - saw  mills white labor is exclusively used,  the minimum wages paid mime from  $l.7o to *F- a day, and yet the owners  manage to worry along.  Pay up your subst<rlpilon tn the Independent, dt (Hies not cost you much  and you should not hesitate about giving your support readily lo a labor paper.  "Who have devnlopod our wood-pulp  tiadeV   The   AiiuM-lciuis!  peated appearance  in   this black list  part, of plans and proposals for rats-1 would lead to the suppression of the  All members of the International  Union of Bricklayers aro requested to  attend a Joint meeting of building  trades   next   Thursday  evening.   Also  "Who sold us the wonderful Stanley   nilnr'.'   The   Americans!  "Who siarli'd llie lion Imlustiy lu  flyiltii'y, IV'U' Hieton? Tlie Americans!  "Who pocket the millions Uii'ivl'min?  The Americans!  "Who Is the movhiir .spirit at Siult  Ste.   Marie?   An  American!  "Who has obtained elevator pri\ i-  Icges from our harbor commlsxionerci'."  Americans!  "Who falls to build elevators, .and  thereby   helps   Buffalo?   Americans!  "Wlio will gobble our meat export  trade?   The Americans!  "Who have bought all our petroleum  wells?   The  Americans!  The city of Si-nlllo has a labor bureau,  where laM week fOiiie .">li0 servant girls-  were placed, of whom a liirite number  Were from tin's province. A number applying for plncc.s were recently from  Scotland and Sweden.  the painters arc aslced to be present I    "Wlio was called to reorganize our  The Labor Oa/.ctti's.iy.-, thai the reports .-limv that there has been a dwid-  i'ii iiiiprnvi'Siii'iii in the labor market  during llu- pa-l month. This incrca'-cd  activity, il sny. hn* 1h-i>ii ^ciieral, and,  in ���.dine trades. t-|iiitt> exceptional.  I'liiildiiiu' operation*, have been started  nn an extensive n-alc in all parts of the  Dniiiiniiiii. L:iri;i> niimbi'r.-i have found  emplin ment in coiinecti.-ii with .shipping mid inland navigation. The traffic by rail ���"uilinui-. ;;nod .Muniiipali-  lics have well in hand extensive im-  provi'incnts. There have been a number of trade dif-pntc? during the month,  but in most cases wore adjusted lo the  satisfaction of employer and employed.  A large number of now unions have been  formed. ' i  "Their trust can only exist, they can  only pay those dividends, SO LONG  AS THEIR ARMY OF WORKAIEN  CONSENT TO  MAKE   STEEL.  "They put all' the steel. PLANTS  into one organization.  "They have also, put all the steel  WORKMEN into one organization.  "The capable leade'r of that vast  army of men may not be visible today.   But he is bound to appear.  "GREAT OPPORTUNITY ALWAYS  FINDS THE GREAT MAN.  "When the man shall appear capable of acting as leader of the steel'  makeis, you will SEE THE HEAD OF  TIIE STEEL TRUST, and .not before.  "When one hundred concerns made  steel, a strike in one concern 'meant  little. Ninety-nine concerns were at'  work.  "But Rockefeller's genius has forced,  every able steel-maker into one great  organization.  "How will Rockefeller's genius reply when he shall .And himself confronted by a leader able to say:_  " 'Mr.  Rockefeller,  I. represent, ALL  THE MEN IN AMERICA CAPABLE  OF   MAKING   STEEL.   I   am,   there.  fore,  as you   will  easily    understand  the HEAD  OF THE STEEL TRUST,  and,  hereafter, unless you  want your  eleven hundred million dollars to melt,  unless   you   want   your  dividends   to   *  stop,   unless  you  want sruch  aj  panic '  as  this country has never seen,  YOU '  WILL     PLEASE    TAKE      MY    INSTRUCTIONS   AS   TO   THE   STEEL  TRUST   MANAGEMENT.  'My  orders  are those of the REAL steel trust, of  the men who make the steel.'  "The manufacturers of truts have  manufactured, without iknowing dt, a  giant.  "A vast power of la'bor monopoly,  and one that may be ais dangerous,  more dangerous, than, all the monopolies of finance.  ���"It" is'to be-hoped"thaf wnsi~Ieaders  '���Mil be found by the great armies  brought together by trust formation?  "His to be hoped that stoolt speculators may not succeed In manipulating these forces, and that private  ambition or conceit may not misuse  tliem.  "fire.it newt.problems confront tho  people In this trust age.  "The greatest of those I.s not tlie  Iinib.eni of lln-incial cdiitrol.  "*t is iv problem piv-ented by the  I'ot'Ibllltles of a Utbor trust more ag-  gii-A-lvc than any other."  1 have no fear that slock speculators  win be able to "manipulate" or con-  l'"l lh.- labor union, for If .such a  Iblni; wi>ro po'-slble then .sudden death  would follow to I.ilwr organization.  Honest workmen cannot* bo bought by  tlielr greatest enemy, tho stock Jobber.  SOUTHERN  CROSS.  Information rteanling the whereabouts of 'George Patterson, who wa= in  this Province 20 years ago. when his  relatives last heard of him, is wanted,by  Detective Palmer. Albert Patterson, of  272 Adelaide street, Toronto, requested,  that the search be made. .   ''"  I  M  '������'���i'l  M  si  i\  'ill  'I  f  ���i  i  M  "i  -I  ����� -..���j-sj^i-saii-^ijij^i.i..  THE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY  JUNE 8. 1901  THE INDEPENDENT.  3BO. BARTLBY ....  HARRY COWAN...  ,  Editor  Business Manager  PUBLISHED "WEEKLY   IN   THE   INTEREST   OF  ORGANISED  LABOR  BY  THE INDEPENDENT PRINTING COMPANY.  AT   312   HOMER   STREET,  VBU,   B.  C.  VANCOU-  SUBSCRIPTIONS   IN   ADVANCE.  A week, 6 cents; month, lii cents; three  months, l*. cents; six months, 1*5 cents;  one year, $1.25. L  1SXDOKS1.D IIV TIIE TRADKS AND  l.AUOIt CIH'.Nl'IL. TIIK VANCOl*-  Vl'.l'l l/.VHOK I'AltTY AND Till:  lil'll.MINOTRADES  COUNCIL.  ^ipi^x  CA'TI  .IIDAY    JUNE  S  1101  .'LETTERS. TO TISL EfiiTOR.  /..TvIHTE   LABOR  'DEGRADED.'   ; .  ; To.the 1-Mit.ir oi'Tni. I.si.ki'CNimcnt:  Sir.���There  is-a limit   to  all "luiman  .'endurance  and  .a  point at  which  patience ceases- to be  a virtue.   With  a  storm brewing ?wo-are fast drifting tq-  . w.&rds 'thait   dancroroti!-     point    where  ".���?'aor.t-to-k;iH"   o:.in'lo_iPi';s,     v.lh.o   iuc-  pent1,   upon     cheap     MoriR'alian   help.  mur.t go 'under, v.ilU their whole out-  .'ifit.  'Oii'traged'  while   citizen   la__or   is  fully aware, of' the "groat danger that  confronts its member...   Shot-gun capitalists'on ithe one sii!? and"''the' u:,-ly  ���..���wide-open  mouth of the oriental  dra-  ,fVon?CMi  the: other,?are vc-stly to swallow .n-hite labor.   The .dragon  has al-  ;' mo?!:? completed its dev.lij- work at the  canneries,while at the saw mills, the  ��� mine.*,   and   in   memy other  industries,  reptile-like, it hee with tlioassistance  . of? disloyal   eaipitalists ���' weakened  into  it f i.ite 'of careless ���Indifference its intended  -iiicCim,  which  .sooner  or later  '���: must phare.'the .same fate.as did white  ? .labor in  the.; canneries.''if  this  is   to  r-Je a white: man's country, a. blow must  soon. bo  struck that   will   decide   the  ..'   question.   Is Bi'it..?>h -Columbia to.be. a  ��� ':���.Mongolian   and   capitalist   paradise  or  ���;��� the. ha.ppy hoina'.of? millions of'native  born  Canadians.-'and, a-.good   class, of  v.'hite "emigr_iiiits?.,from'; .other .countries?   'We have room enoiigli in Can-  ad   for: all the  surplus population . of  Gretit: Britain, : even ?Lord.   Salsbury's  .���-' hostile.������Irish..  We ca:ri very-well spare:  :?:o"ui-   surplus   population   of ;.Taips- and  .'   Chinamen iiv?e>:e.hn;nge for his hostile  Tvis'n.; XVewould, be glad: to throw in  :   99 per cent. of. our. capitalists into, the  bargain.   It /would, be  a pity ito .''operate   such   a  happy   combination..  If  my noble lord should And, the '.Mon'go-  .   Hans a? little bashful at .first he. need  ?} not worry about it, for as soon /tb they  : get the lay :.of ���: the -.' land and,   find  "::. their capitalist friends with them they  would soon be bold: enough to  niaike  :',,.mildnighit  visits'' to jfnelr    neighbors'  hen-houses  and   anything     moveable,  from a cihiukento an Irish,porker, will  ? be ��� considered common ipa-operty.   The  : murder of Chief? of. Police Alex. Slain  at  Steveston wais aoiother. object  lesson. :The?public sa.w the .hanging of  hut one of the, many- who must of necessity   hiuve   been   interested   in   .this  crime..  It"would probably be too .much  loss to capitalists .to'-'hang too many  cheap workers, iso we must strenuously  ';��� S'ltard   against   any   flhanoiail-.: loss '.to  'the   capitalists,   even  if : iit '.taikes  all  /oilr army and navy to prevent it.   The  would-be     capitalist     tragedy ���   never  reached beyond tlie first or second act.  In   the   calling out. of the   Canadian  militia,  in  case,   impudent    Canadian  citizens would interfere with their peculiar  business  methods,  a disgusted  his hands clean of such ��i precious  combination, still this individual held  a. high and important position long  enough to .make an everlasting record  for himself, and it Is this fact that  makes him one of tlie greatest enemies to Canadian white labor that  ever net foot in Canada. Nor is he  alone in his boat. There Is at least  .i.nother wiio can almost claim with  him ir.e full lionoru and qualifications  of that class of capitalists who  ikhly (lc?!ro a public 'horsewhipping  r.t the h.-.iuls of outraged white labor.  Vet such i'!."iiig mon��tci*s have ..some  inlluence with the repivvonlativcs of  nir people au'l lnlluen'ce to have their  tools nppo.'nted to important positions.  What 'must the people expect from  ���n.-h inl'.c.'iu-o? Is It a'iiy wonder that  we ::in HI) per cent, ol the resources  ..-���' t!;..' country controlled by capital-  is IA :.n<i for the other 1 .per cent, they  ts;-"!ct .-II ihe civil and military pro-  _eti'o:i .eC ihe empire, and what.'do  thoy s'l-vo In rftm-.ii? They are disloyal  to the Canadian citizen thoy expect  i,;i pi'Oii.-c; them; creating; a.' hostile  r'.-c-i;'.i;.; '.u'ween employer and employ-'  ���tl. and thoro.'.ghly degrhding C.'ima-  <!ln,n whito labor'by-.'the encourage-  .-.-.���;-;:; ;.ml employment of '���low'-gra'.lo  M0!i_.-d_nn   liibn:-.. WORKJIAX.  iit'.veitcn,' y.a.y  31,  1901.   ':  ���'-.'  pTTblic put a stop : to Tlio-'wKoieTsnovv  at the third act. The Royal commission now Investigating tills Mongolian  immigration question, did not, as..was  expected, give the people of Stevos-  lon a chance to give public, ovldonce  respeatlng tlielr views on thin important matter, but ^enough has ljcen  made public, through' The Independent  .���ind the names of men given who Kccm  to glory iri'the distress caused to Canadian white labor by the wholesale  employment of .Tups and Chinese. Mr.  C. Todd; canner, etc.. In his insane desire to uphold 'jlongolliui cheap labor,  ���dld Insult.a much respected class of  our native-born Canadian citizen���the  French-Canadian. The premier ofthe  Dominion and the governor of this  province are both French-Canadians.  Disloyal, wicked and dangerous to the  state, as we may consider Mr. Todd's  evidence to be, there are others In the  cannery business whose names we will  not give at .present,: one of whom at  the present time is making special efforts tb . show .the. .public he is no  longer actually connected with the  canning business. : "VVhlle, we are? not  .TO  CARPENTERS.       ,"   ;  ....  To tilt' JMilur oi '.I'll.: I.SDni'KSiniNT:  Sir.���i   should' like  to  speak  a'few-  words   to, our   follow--'tradesman���th.?'  .������or'-iir.ionlst���miw that I .haive-'" tho   op-  .'i-or!.im;ty.-..You lmve'oil Iiearfiof union's!  and'what they aro doing towards helping the wage-earners of the country to  better their condition,' by reducing the  ntt'.r.hor of v.'tirlving hours and :3'nisins  the wiises accordingly to the "demand  of--the  locality.   I  want to  draw  the  attention of tho non-union man to the  benefit lie would receive in .addition to  tlie wage nnd hour question.   You all  know thnt, if a man wants to.sail anything ho will lirst. gather "a crowd by.  some novel device,'such-as. blowing a  Un .horn   or. by  posting    a  few   bills  around  town,: announcing his coming,  and the .people will takO notice of. the  event. "Now.we   have   something   to  offer, you, our. fellow iworkers, not exactly   to  sell  yon,  but to    show  you  where .you  can belter your  livelihood  ���vm! make your _io.:n�� life    worth livin_r.;  ix ::; Ijy-b-jIong.'hK to hri"orsjanlze'd union  oicyour. own trade that has stood the  test for the past .15 years;?a union that  hii_i fought for the.interest of the'wage-  earners'-' and. Was been crowned with a  victory,?! .might  say,? 89  times out of-  100.   This is what I; would llke.toillus-  trate-^wlifitl twill .do for .you, as it has  done .for .others:   First,:. I must tell its  name,* and   then  you will  know  just  what   you   are   reading? about;.; .I   am  proud to  call  it  by its full   title,? the  Ama'Igamaled.iSociety '���'���: of   Carpenters  and Joiners.   Let me tell you what its  membership is}?'It has the grand total  of Co.lO-;, distributed over the. world, in  almost every ri'lllage and 'town.. It has  cash  balance, to. its  credit  of  oyer  one million dollars, and in*vested security.'. Although, I say it, I am iproud;  Now,'that  *Why  should  you- stand ".alone,   in   this   big  crowd   of ?fellow" workers    who    are  guarding not only their interests in the  trade,   but  lighting :for. yours, at the  same time? : Wake'up arid, reason'with'-  youi'self.   Are you, helping yoiir fellow  workman  as..you, ought    to  do?   Are  you making your'life worth living for?  I say no.   Ypu are??'in ? a fog and  behind, the times.,: You  might say, that  you earn all you  get.   I acknowledge  ihe fact, .but can you  say  that you  Cough t for It.. Youcan not.  It Was the  for it.   No,  ypu  cannot.   It was the  union man that fought your battle and  you stooped to piok up the laurels that  lie  won for you.   Now,  that is not a  square  deal    at ''aill.   Remember,   help  those   that  are  helping  you,   and   by  your acts you shall be knowji.   I would  lIK^if^aiSlTifOTrd^pcrml^To33^!^  out the benefits'you would receive, and  ask you the question:   Can you .afford  to be out of such a union.   How much  would you save in the course of your  life towards your old age if you were  left to youi  own way of thinking?   I  might venture to say that you would  bo it long way behind the union num.  Still, remember, when you are helping  yourself you are helping other;'.   Then  you  will have  fought  the battle and  rt'st on your laurels won.������ T'conclude,  thanking you, Mr. Editor, In anticipation, and hoping T may have left .some  trace In thcmlnd of our fellow-worker.  A MEMBER OF A. S. OF C. & J.  Vancouver, June -I, 3901.  intended by some contractors as a  movement to lower wages and Increase hours; as there will be no  world's fair work for painters for  nearly" two years, and there is positively no more work for painters In  St. Louis now than can be done by  resident workmen. >Ye therefore  warn all painters not to pay any attention to above-mentioned advertisement, as Ihey would surely be .disappointed, and likely to be stranded by  coming to St. Louis now. Hy order  of the district council.  II. C.  DeLANCEY.  Secretary.  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  -May .".lr 1901.  RE  NEW SCHOOLS.  To thu K.litor of Tin: lN|.i:i'KXni:xr.  Sir,���Tn your Issue of "May 23th a  committee of the Trades and Labor  council, reporting on the Lord Roberts school, .Insinuate that tho Board  of School Trustees did not publish the  report of tho Kohoql building Inspector.  This report .wcs read nt the. same  mooting ns the. other reports ot the  new schools and It was no fault of the  board .'f the nre?? did not give publicity to siiik. Explanation w;..s glv-  -���n Unit "where 'details.'were' altered additional 'Improvements- were, substituted as tin oftect for the work. ;I  rt?y 'fiu-tiiei''state thnt in the published report an" uhniiallfiod invitation  v.m.s extended: to all taxpayers to visit  the office anil, look .'over all papers in  connection with the two now schools  and to  visit  the  buildings.  J. J. WOODS,  .''  Secretary ofj Sohool Board.  Vancouver,  June 1,  .1001.   .���'���-.  The Amalgamated Society of Car-  "-���u;��r.. nnd. Joiners held their regular  ineet'ng. lost'��� .Tuesday night, with  President. Davidson' presiding. Two  '>-w mem.bcrs"were .matle, a.nd officers  were elected as follows: President,: J.  G. ��� DnivMson: ���vlco-presldentv? Ed1.,  "Tiint; "secretary,-: .T.-;T.. Bruc.c; treit's.  urer, Thomas Wise:.doorkeeper, John  *d.le.h'!*?l; check steward, A. J. Hn.ii  fori., .ir.; sick stewards. A. J. Han-'  cock, sr.,: John Greniveil. All. mem-,  hers, nro-'requested to "attend.the: joint  meet ins ? of the building trades , next.  Thursday evening, 13th.  ���-.'Siipt. Duiin, of the Electric Tram  Company,- is .pushing his big: work oh  IheFati-viewline, and 'expects,.to'-have  !l coriipleled? in 10 days' time. The  tvacjc-froni the Granville sti'eet..bridge  oh Granville street and Ninth avenue  to Westminster, aiven'ue is ? being qver-  h.-'.ulctl and .pu't-'.in A'.i!;sh'aip'e.."by ahout  150 men.i.who receive.s"2 -a day. :Man-  .ager"-, Biintzen ?is ;a strong believer in  day labor, and,' of course, ? this work  is riot in .theiiarids of contractors.' The  trae'k bridge: over?: False Creek: at  Granville street is also being rebuilt  under .similar   conditions.  Three Things of  8m|>ortairiee  6>rice, Quality and  Assortment  Enter more largely into tlio  art of .buying, than anything  else. If the Price is right.  thonQuality good, and the assortment complete, buying it-  easy. That's what makes-  buying goods easy here. The  past year has been a busy ono  for us; this year we Avant to  excel even our past efforts, to  make this store tlio headquarters of Dry Goods; Fashion and Economy We  '.want to make it so pleasant  a nd ecdnomical_ for you to  trade with us that you'll not  want to go, any place else.  We shall sta-ive to give you  the. best we can for your  money and we ..shall do exactly as we advertise.?? ??  J 70 Cordova, Cor. Cambie.  m  ".::AS POPULAR' AS?EVJ__R.:?  Ti.uHKACIt-IIOtlSK tills,yenr will bo :  u.miluclud liy .1. Oben its u b_ancliof Ids ? .  iiji-iown .store; - - . -  't'he Miinli jn-it'es,' the same kind  of  . jtoi.du, llui _niiiis coiirlepy.anil- itttcntioii  will   provnil   til tlie   Hfituii llntiso us -  lmve iiutiU?ilic suecL'ss of tlie.llnsliiigs  .-.It-eel stove. ,.        '������-''���������.-''?  ICE CliKAM;:,I.UXCilES,' JSOl'T1 DRINKS, .'.V  U.VIiEKV   GOODS ������.-'DANDIES,- Hl'0.,.llt ���'.-'.  ;. -:       .   popnlnr iiriues.  i.akor and   ;: vTi?' -raSffi^B^r^a  Confectioner, WO ,W.ISi3l��-l ^,  ���US Hustings Street:      ������,'-"���'.  i '���   Telephone SO".  nilANCIIES: lieiiuh House, No. -I Arcndo. '?; ,  to belong to Sucb a union.  ��� (v        ,���-������'  : ���  union is yours .as .well, as mine..  The'Banbers held their .regular meeting? |Wednesday ?e\iening,'; President  Tsaacs .presiding. Nominations ��f:o(-  _leer's?\\*ere anade, the election takiiiR  place: nest meeting..:Impoi-tant?,business ::was, transacted.. ��� The. affairs of  the union are in a. .robust: state, '.prac-  :tically? all ithe...ba.rl>ers ?'in/ithe . city  being union.-     :?���-,?;??:'������:,'i[H{.'��� ���, ���'���-''?'���'���'.  : -The Brotherhood ?of,?Carpenters and  the. Plumbers are requested ������to: attend  the ;��� joint ��� meeting ?' of '.the building  trades next Thursday, night. :*  (Hunt'���'&'��� Foster, Hastings street, ?;.  A.? Murray,. Westminster avenue. ?������,  Morgan, -Thec Tailor,''Granville street.  ? Dan Stewart, Oondoyastreet;.?;.?'?':���::���*  ::Clubb^Stewart, Cordova street. ?,y;  .;" W. Murpliy, Cordova street.?.?;.,  ���\M<_Eae.& 'McDonald',-Hastings street,  east.?,. ���'���'������'.;;: vV??;'*'?--?:":,'??'; ;?':?v'::Hi' [lii'iii-  ���'��� J. B. Sheering,?Ca.mble street.?? J;:?  ?,E? Lai'sen, .Hastings:Street; ���:?????:?:  ??*J,''CarreHI, :Ctordova street;.;;?:;*.?\?/'::};;,  ?.Sirrion.& Co.,-Cordova.street;:. ?;S:?;.  ;.''::;?.::.?.MARKET,:QUpi_A.TiqNS. ??? ; '-i;.-.  ??;���?;?,;. .'.'���   ? .? Vaxcouvek, Juiie*8?l90_.?  .? [Corrected by Foran-Bros., grocers,  3-I4?  Cnrrallstreet.];    ?   ? ;??;;;  Folilowiing Is o. list of .'the Union cigar factories in/Brinish :,C<).lumlbila \vfho  use .the blu^ ialbel:  W. TIetjen, Nto. 1���I>lvlsllon No. 3S,  Vancouver.  Kuiitz & Co. No. 2���Division,No; 88.  Vancouver. /,,..;  ���I n Jand _Qisar__._ Mlanu faot'UirIng__C<>m__:  TO  PAINTERS.  'fOlllO lillllOrofTlIK  INIIKI'KNIIKST.  Sir.-'Tbe following adverllsemenit  appears ln ninny of .'the/daily papers  of  the United  States:    [  WANTKD-600 HOUSE   PAINTERS-WORLD'S  Kalr work 1ms commenced.   Painters' hcad-  quartirs at St. Louis.  '.We,would respectfully and  em'pha't-  ieally;.state, that;the  said, advertise-  surprised:'at any���man"trying'.to:.: wash I ment .'Is "-misleading, and aindoulrteaiy  pany, No. 3���Division No. 38, ICamlooais.  13. TOiltoerg & Co., No. 4--Myislon No.  3S,'New Westminster.  T.', WloxatOok, No. 6���Division No. 38,  Vancouvor.        -  KotoH-niu iShlppel'S' Union Company,  No. S���Division No, 3S,' Ketownai'..,  Wrls'Iit Bros, No. 9���Division No. 3S,  Kcsaland.  Kootenay OIga.r JRinufacturing Ooni-  l.any, No. 10���Division No. 38, Nelson.  .Mollis & Johnson, No. 2���Division No.  37, Victoria.  .M.   Bantiloy, No.  G���Dl\tlslon  No.  37,  ���Vlotoria.   ,  Inland Clgiur Factory, S. Norman, No.  G-Di\i!Rlon No. 37, Vlotoria.  l*ro\iJnc�� Oigar Co.,  No. 7���Division  No. 37, Vlctotla. '.��'������'  A. Seflvnoter & Sons, No. 8���Division  No. 37, Victoria.  P. Gabde; No. 9���Division No. 37, Nanalmo.'  J. Lory. No. U-^Division No. 37, Victoria.  EM. J. Booth, No. 14���Ddvtolon No. 37,  Nanalmo. ?  C. G. Betasen���Dlvtiaion No. W, Vdc-  'torla. ?,,; '?;.,//::.: ���  ?T.: F.  Gold,' Capitol Cigar Factory,'  No. 12, Victoria, B.,C.   /  Flour���;.  Manllobn Iluiigariiin, sack,  ���60 lbs.......?..'....  Grain��� ������.?,,?  Chicken Wheat, 100lbs;,  Oats,ton...;.'.... ,    : .,  11 mu,. ton................  Shorts, 1 ton..........;.'.  ���/Feed���?   ' ?. '���*���-.;.,:/;;  Hay, ton.?;;.���;'.".;...._';;'.';  /���Sugar��� ,.?,;::,./;??;,;://,/;/  Sugar, Sack.... .^... ?.';;.....; :  :? Vegetables���;*//;?//?*: ?/;*;  I'otaioc's, old, 100 lbs....;.;_ ':  Turnips, 100 lbs.....;.;.."..;.;  Onions; lb;./;.;;.���'..?........'.  Cabbage, lb.;.......;.'....;,.:  Celery, 32 bunelis............  ;������'��� Farm rroduco���    ���/  Eggs, doz. fresh..............  l_ggs Case, Manitoba, doz..  Butter, Creamery, prints....  Butter, Creamery, in tubs lb  =Butter,-Dairy,=prlntS:-. ���.-?.____*=  Butter, Dairy, iu tubs,lb..'..  Cheese, Ontario, lb   Choose, .Manitoba, lb. old...  r.anl. 11 ;...............  I.ardWb. pails... ..;...  Lard 5-1 b; pulls   Lard 10-lb. palls   LardlM-lb pails   Fruit-  Pears, I-vapora ted   Apples, local, box   Oregon Apples, Box   Vernon Apples, box   Oranges, doz.......   Lemons, doz..............  BlIllllllllS, iloz   ? 1 25  ;    175  25 00  ;i2*oo  i.S 60.;  '."i'75  ;:-., ,05 :  ������������:., 7?  25  20  27  I f.l 35  ): 2 00  ,20 110  ? 22 00  .   20 00;  @. 14 00-  ?.?:??'5"00i.  @:/?oo/  "���;;'d:7i  '���:.'-���: ;.'.!,-a''  ./?;?/S0-  @ I/25;  -=i20_=i____  22      ?  - 15 ..."  15  15  45  70  1 4?  2 75  10  . 75  2 1)0  175  ��� is  3D  ==s25=i  *%&> /it/no* dr+TtJUsfcd; if' r  ?& w  ^ - /m'  mn  Tbe Oil FlelOs of Witshlurton iiroofTerlug bpporlimlilesfor liivesliiient thai  cannot be surpasseil.- A-  i-i^        ? Tlie WEST COAST OIL AND MININ'ti COMPANY, of Seattle,'is?tlio  ownerof 1,5011 nines of approved OIL LANDS In Jefferson county, Wash.  _������������..��� Cnpitnl. stock, 1,000,01)0 shares,  par viiluojl,   fully paid and lion  ���  '��� iisscssiible.  .   ? .,, ",?       *: .-,     i;  Mticliiuery has been ordered nml nctivo work will soon be stiirioil..:??;  .Few shares left at l'-JsJ cents; when sold price will advance to 25ii.   -*: ?  Fieid Johnson Agent,  r      417 Cordova St-  ��� IVJaRag6_'s"f6rB.'C.::--  ifcA^BlfN  Cifar  ���- ti  v. ::We'make;a. specialty of? UNioN-MAbE.<3igars/aiid:;?  ���Tobaccos, ���/consequeii.tly/.we; always1, giye.'goodsiifcis-.,  factiori." 0Your pati'oniige solicited.?.iii^^i^yfiM-i^'i  iii:     :I?p^  Union :;'Hatsy On36n;MadeOvera_is,' Jiimpe^aiid:St'sjpeiideSf?  also a .first cliiss. {Tailoring ;Pepaxtmerit/-w^ lluion  Labor;:i's'::einplbyed.?????:' ^ii*.\i?:'i': ^ii^^A-i^^M^i,  '���;::}ye>guaraiitee;;ji(perfect  1!  -.TELEPHONE 702.:  ; 1G0 C0K DO VA; STREET?  P ATRONlZE;;;UNiON|CLERKS.;  All members of (be K, C. 1. P. A, can sbW this card.  :,;. Asklorlt when making your'tmrciiascs. :.;%.  /CNoonsco'DY tMc a   f. or l.  Hotels..  m  ���  ONE-THIRD ACTUAL SIZE.  COLOR IS CHANGED EACH QUARTER.  ���Qood only during months immod on right  hand corner nnd when properly sipnod aud  stamped with the number of the Local. "������',,';  f or Set ting,f$ B ,'iS.O^or j 3>  .-Stock took Fifst Prize ?at :1000 Poultry?;?  .-,���?'������������  /?Sliow at Vancouver. / ;???  /   Brockton Poliit  /W i TX ,_; TnvwQ ���"'���  ;;,IilKlllllOll_C.   /    v";���'.'���.����� ; J OjSES   ,,.  ./The best.CdughXure is v��BIG4!?  _iaye'yoii;:tried .it ?':5???:';'/:/??:a? '.ii?Hii;  15  ���15  70  1 ��  2 90  '���',?.?��  1 Jo  2 20  i ;.���>  ���io  20  [Corrected   by   Wiilu Awnko.  lliitohcr  Shop,'  Corner llaiiillton ami GcorKln SlrcclH.  .MealR-  Ileel, HolliiiK, Hi...  ;,,,'.?,,..'  8.  r<*  "   Cornell, ll>....     8  10  " .Steaks, Mi.....  10  IS  "   Itoints, Hi    .,  10  18  I'ork, Itoa.t, lb,...  vm  "   Chops, 11   12I*  .Mutton, Letts, 111...  ..........  18  "     I.oln, lb....  15  "      Chops, lb..  15  SatisagcK, lb '..  Vi<(  liyj  Hams, lb      Ham, Sliced, lb....  18  llacon, Sliced, lb...  20,  20  "    Side, lb.   18  "    lloll.lb      n'A  Veal, lb   .........  8  is  Flstt-  Ilallbnt, lb..   10  Cod, lb   10  Herring, lb....   ��� ? 5   ���  Salmon, lb   15  Smoked Fish, lb.'...  .ViH  .Why do you  cough when  ,.  BIG 4  COUGH GURE"  will cure  you.  ?:���'/??������  :, and you have that inan for a cttstonier" has  ,'been my practice In doing business and' bv  that rule has built up n large business.   For  . ^thonextJuontli lamor_i_rin_r.GUEAT_.UAK-  ^"GAIN'S in BOOTS amrSHOES. ;   ."~  EASTERN PRSCE SHOE STORE  ������'���'���������'.'  : :?���    142 Hastings Street Emit. ���      ��� , :, ?  Tlm qutility of our jiooils Joes not  need advertising; it is well known.  PRICES AREMODERATE.  ./?/,///;;/?^:MAKEH-A:SP11C1ALTV.;OF??:;//,'-://.;:?.:  ?^:�� ? ;��� ���!:^ UsW!s J'PCK,L(iiiei Uqueur/Wliisky|  ���'.- '������::%.' ;?-?:5?i;-LARG__': STOCK -,OF-'- [iii0i��-&i  ���'.���:;..-;??: mporti!!-; and; domestic J*??//?:/;^  ���yyyiy&<^&yy'y':i  ir.:/i:?CpaNEB- COHDOVA AND CAKBALLi / ?  I  /?/;/?? -;/CordoV-a Sti:-:.Wesrt.:*?^^;  .?/:Hoad(juarier��forthecnglrieerlug trade?:  '-���:"'���"'.''. ?-_' "?in:^'lluco.uv01'' ?���??.?   ?'���'������ '.'���''  iiprS  :;iv First-class rooms from CO coiitP up,,������ ���'.;  ROBTiHUNTLY,  PROP  Seymour Sl-roeet,  \vi:.sT.MiN.s'n:it *.\vi:xui;.  &AV��Y   TElEATREi  SAM Nksuitt.,  Big Show  ........;..Manager.  ' t.i  3-NEW STARS���3  Jeanette   '-:':.:'^:;'/-  Lottie Tolbert  :'i'in 'Va? Dounette /?;-*;?  Together?witli our' mammoth  Company of VAUDEVILLE: STARS.; ? /  ��� cviif  m  ���iii-"i:  W  iJgWtfUck^^HU^WJig  -^.r--���*- ;^!y^^j ^i-":-^i; ^u:^-%c>^ ':!/''':;  SATURDAY  JUNE? 8, 1S01  THE IN D Kl'EN DENT.  I.;;?:;?  ii t'h  Union Directory.  VANCOIIVER TRADES AND LABOR  " Council, President, Jos. Dixon; vice-  president, John Craw: secretary, J. C.  ' Marshall, P. O. Box 159; financial secretary, W. J. Beer; treasurer; J. Pearey;  statistician, G. White; sergeant-at-arms,  ~C. J. Salter. Parliamentary committee���  ��� Chairman, John Pearey; secrotary, J.  Morton. Meetlns���First and third Friday  ln each month, at 7.30 p. m., In Union  Hall, cor. Dunsmulr and Homer streets.  TEXADA MINERS' UNION, No. IU XV,  F. iM., meets every Saturday at 1.30 p.m.  .in Foresters' hall,  Van Anda...President,  R. Ailken; vice-president, C. A..Melville;  secretary, A. Rapor, Van Anda, B. C.;  ..treasurer,  H.,V.  Price;     conductor,  P.  Burt; warden, John Hlnklater.  COOKS, WAITERS AND WAITRBSS13S'  Union, Local No. 2$. President, (Jims.  Over, vlco-presldent, \V. W. Nelson; recording secretary, Jas. 11. Perkins; financial secretary, R. J. Louudes; treasurer, Wm. Ellentlcr..Meeting every Friday  at 8.30 p. in., In. Union. Hull, corner.Homer  .-.and-Dunsmuir,streets.-.. ,'���' '.���.-���'���'���'!'���  ���'.'��� VANCOU'R TYPOGRAPHICAL UNlONi'  -'���-> No 223 meet  the lust  Sunday  In each  month at Union hall. President, C. S.  -L'iiiii|ilicll;   vice-president,    Mcurgv   Wllliy;  secretary, S.  J. Gothard, P. (J.  box M;  treasurer,  AV. :��� Brand;   sergeant-at-arms.  Andrew.-Stuart; executive committee, E.  L.-Wonilfiil'f, S. K.r.Kulili, J.'. 11.: ISrowiiu.  .'. N. 'Williams; .delegates to Traces Mini)  ..labor council, J. C.:Marshull,.Kobt.?Toild,  ,,-'J.*-.II,:������ llrowne.?  "..,:    -v //:������'-���'���'���?,?.: v;l.?/???  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the City of Vancouver, we shall apply for a renewal of  the Hotel Licence for the premises situated on iLot 5, Blook 6, Subdivision of District Lot O. G ." T.. known as the Royal  Hotel, ln the said City of Vancouver.  ___..      HOPKIRK, SPENCE & CO.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  tho next meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the City of Vancouver. I shall apply for a renewal of the  Hotel Licence for the premises, situated  on Lot 32, Block 41, Subdivision of District Lot ItKl, known as the Sunnvslde  Hotel in tlie snld City ot Vancouver.  J. R. SMITH.  STREET-RAILWAY MEN.'S//UN10NV  -���������:���?. Meetis'second'and fourtli.Wednesday ot  'each- month, in Sutherland /Hall,-, corner  ���Westminster nvenuo and Hastings street.  ? at S.p. m.'-President? G.��pickie; ylce-pre--  ? sldeiit,   C.Z-.Bennett;  secretary;//A?.  ,.G.  Perry;? treasurer," H./Vanderwulker;'con-'  -'dlictor, G.- Lenfesty;? warden,' J., Marshall;?  sentinel, ;F.? C. '���; O'Brien; /delegates ? to  ���'! Trades: and "Labor Council: John Pearey.  ,Jas?.Barton,/Geo*. Xenfcsty, G; /pickle and  ?:J;/H6wes.:/;/:'-/-//.:?. ;.;:'':,' ���?'.':. ??;/:/?������/:;?  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next meeting of the Hoard of LI  cence Commissioners for the City of Van  couver, I shall apply for a renewal ot tlm  Hotel Licence for the promises situated  on Lot 1. Hlock'10, Sub-division of District  Lot fill, known ns the Queen's Hotel, In  tlie said City ot Vancouver. '    :  .������������.Oi SCHMIDT.?������:  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT,AT  the,next .meeting-.of. the Board of! Licence Commissioners for tho City of Vancouver, ,1 -, shall apply for a-renewal of  my Licence for the promises situated on  Lot 2, Block a, Subdivision of District  Lot," O.; G. T., known as the Granville  Hotel, in the said City of Vancouver. /.  .:������'"��� ������������'.���������".-,���"       -'THOS. J.?ROBERTS.:  ? ?? ' UNITED ���; BROTHERHOOD    OF ' CAH-  Z.PENTERS and-Joiners���.Meets every.sec-  '   vondnnd fourth Thursday 'Iii-'Union .Hiill,  .-���'''--.-room No...3. '..President,?Wm.:F.McKen-.  1? ":zle,;. -187    Ninth?, avenue;    vlce.-pr'esldent,  . ���''". "Hush Wilson'; recording- secretary ,?A.' E.-  ? ' CbfllnZ-ISO.Nelson stieet; -_iimi_i_lal seerc--  ; ���": tarv,?H.?S:'--Falconer;', treasurer,-'.Georgr.  ;.' Walker; conductor, Jas.vFerg'Uson; .war-,  ���don,'Jos.- Dixon; delegates' to T.;and ',1,;  '���'���-"?. council,  Jos; * Dixon,  Robt.: .Macpherson,  ������;.;;���-.Hi? Wilson./:;; ,/���;//.?/ /??//??;?:"/:/-?':,/; ??/,:?;  ���THE ��� PACIFIC ���, COAST,' SHINGLE  ///. WEAVERS'? UNION? meets, every .third-  ',??'Sunday lh each .month' at .11 p.y.m.: ih-.-Ui_-_  .". ion; hall, corner :Dmi��2.uiir aiid: Homer,  ?-   streets.'- J. * Stohoy, vice-president;   R.;; J.  /: Nearv. secretary,. Cedar Cove, T. 0.,/Vari-  ;-��� !".:couver../Visiting/���brethren. Inylled/to.at-  '//���tend. :/;���/ ;,;/'/// ?a?;'///'//h/������/?//?'���-,���':���;���''?;  ���/?INTERNATIONAl.i..?ASSOClA.'.t'li.tN ur  ���'������;.;:' .'MAGHINrSTSr-Bcavcr Lodge;? No.; 1S_-  ������-, /Meets/ second/and Vfourth. Wednesday... In  ��� / each iniinth 'in Union /Hall;: president,:  Win/ Heer;; corresponding'. secrotary,' E.',  "Timmins; "20 Hamilton street; ��� Ilnancial;  '���!.���:secretan-,' J.> H."MeVoty, :,32U���;Seymour.  //street//,"/// ?:/:-//..V//: ���/? ?���:;���;-���/??,?//:''.;???':'':?  '������'������' JOi;reRNY'*;rEN.,T*AlLORS';'UNION,;OF  //AMERICA,-   No.    ITS���Meets    alternate:  ?">Mondays..In room .1; Union: Hall, y.Presl-  *:<lent,?F.?1 Williams:..' vice-president./'Mits.  :?Gra.liam; recording:secretary, .H..O.;Bur-;  :; rlttt/flnaiiclal-secretary,- Tromitino.Best;  //treasurer,?, C. :;E.?   Neilson;    sergeant-at-.  /'.arms, . J./Daotist. /??'?-'-,/?.;? .':/'-?:;/;?':'? :/??,,:?  NOTICE .IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  /-..the .next- meeting of Iho Board of Licence Commissioners: for the City of Van-;  cpuycr,/1, shall /apply,; for a , renewal '- of  .���Hift Hotel 'Licence-.for., tlm premJeos?situated on Lots ll.iin_l.-l2,- Block "3. Su'b-dlv-  Ision of.; District' Lot. 5-U,, known-ns? the  Delmpnico Hotel In Hie'said Citv of Vnn-  ;eoiwer.,:-.:;?;���..:::'     , ,C,:XV. IIELMER./ /  NOTICEIS'HEReSy GIVEN -THAT AT  :/the,.ivext,.,ineet!ns lit*, the Hoard of, Licence. Commissioners for tho City of Vancouver,-1 shall; apply for a renewal ofmv  ;Llcence, for:the imperial. Hotel, situated  pmLot lSr.Block B. 0..G. T..-to the said  City- of Vancouver.        BM1TA/GOLD   ������  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT'AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  License Commissioners for 'the City of  Vancouver, I shall apply for a renewal  of the Hotel License for the premises  situated on Lot 10, Block 2, Subdivision  of District Lot 196, known as the City  Hotel, in the said City of Vancouver.  (Signed.) ".-������:,. JOHN SCUITTO.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  License Commissioners for the City of  Vancouver, I shall apply for a renowal  of the Hotel License for the premises  situated on Lot...., Block.'.....Subdivision  of District Lot  known as the King's  Hotel, In tho suld City of Vancouver.  (Signed.) FRANK TAMBUIUNO.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  Licence Commissioners for the City of  Vancouver. I shall apply for a renewal  of the Hotel Licence for the premises  situated on Lots 4 and 5, Block 10, Subdivision of District Lot 196, known as the  Blackburn House, in the said City of  Vnncouver. A.E.BLACKBURN.  NOTICE IS.HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  License Commissioners for the City ot  Vancouver, we shall npply for a renewal  of the-Shop License for the premises situated on Lot  Block..'.., Subdivision of  District Lot...., at No. BB Granville St  ln the said City of Vancouver.  (Signed.) STREET & CO.  NOTICE IS'.HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of Ihe. Board of  License  Commissioners  for the  City  of  Vancouver, we shall apply, for a renewal  of the Shop r.Icense for tho premises situated on Lot...., Block.....Subdivision of  District 1/it.....  known us the  Hudson's  Bay Warehouse,'-In. tlie said City of Vancouver. ������ ' ���        : "���.'  ..���'���;.,. -  (Signed.) ;���:::.,"; HUDSON'S BAY; CO.  Per H,- T.. Lockyer, Manager. .  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  Licence Commissioners for the Citv of  Vnncouvcr, I shall apply for a renewal  of the the Licence for the premises situated on Lot 12, Block 2, Subdivision of  District Lot O. G. T.. known ns tho New  Fountain Hotel, In the snld Cltv-otVan-  couver./ CHARLES SCHWAHN.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  Licence Commissioners for the Citv of  Vancouver, 1 shall apply for a renewal  of the Htoel Licence for the premises  situated on Lot 10, Block S3, Subdivision  of District Lot'fill,-known-us the Wnver-  Iy.House, In the said City of Vancouver.  ���fi HUNGERIi*ORD.  NOTICE IS rtrr.BEHY GIVEN THAT AT  Hie next regular silting of the Board of  Licence Commissioners for. the City of  Vancouver, I shall apply for a renewal  of (he Hotel Licence for the premises  slluntcd on Lot. 7,-Block 2,''Subdivision of  District Lot .-541, known as the Hotel  Dominion, In Uie said-City-of Vancouver.  '  ���'��� F,-BAYNI3S.'  N OTICE IS. HKHEHY GIVEN: THAT. AT  the next regular -sitting of the Board of  License Commissioners for the City of  Vancouver, we shall apply for a .renewal of. tlie Hotel License for the promises situated ,on Lot S.; Bloek-:!,-Subdivision of District Lot O. G. T., known: as  the Doiiffall/Hcruse, In/the: sald;,City/of  Vancouver./;, '- ���/������: ..'_;���������.���-���-,������. v;���1''  -:(S'igiicd.) /SURTON &,ELACKSTONE.  .NOTICE IS/HEREBYV'GIVEN^HAT^_\T  ,;/ the . next- meetlii"' of. tlio-. Board -of'-LI-"  cence Commissionersfor the C'itv'of Van-'  J0*Jver,"T.shall apply for aHotel Licence  tfor. the. promises known as .the St. Law-  lY'iic*/fiotel: situated on Lots; fi-and,;,��,  ���BJook .-63,- Sub-division 541. inthe.said Cltv  of Vancouver.  .    C'Sald Cltv  J;.-I-I. JIcLEAN  ,r*OTICE;3S IIBREIRY-Gn-raN THAT?.\'r  --theiiext rcBular. sitting of the? Board of  License Commissioners for' tho���"Citv'-'ot  ynncojiyer.-I slinil Apply ;for :a.irenewal  of.-tne.-Hotel License for? the': premises  ?.. **?!*-?������?" -y-^t.n.- Blook C. Subtllvlsionot'  '5'f���rMt������';?^P���.������0���.Jl^.knmvrli������aS'���the'TJnl6ri  Hole! in^tho: .said,City of, Vancduver.'/;*  ;/(Slgncd.); ���;,;.:     ,,,-: ..-;��������� /:-.;/;/,A?GARD;;;"  /the?:?vancouvkr; ?labor;/:party:  ;' 'meets'everj-/second andrt'oufthAVednes-  ���day/in each month in! Union -Hnll.;.Presl-  deitt,. Goo.-Bartlev;: .first; yioe-'presldent.*  ? Geo./Wilby;,'second-vice-president.'1 T;/H;  Cross; recording secretary,: L. :D. Taylor;  [- _ln:i.'ncial secretary,?'John/ Pearey;:: statls-  tlelan??H. ^Williamson.? ;?/:/*;/; ::-;.;t'//i i.-.���:,.!  NOTIOE.IS;I);l'U':,EBY G'lVEN-TI-rAT AT  :T.J,ho:next'regular sitting.of.the BonmLaf  License ,,.COmmi_;sioncrs?:f6r,: the .Citv. .of  ^ran:eou ver. 1 -. slu, 11? ,19uiy:, for ?a ? renewal  PI:.-.the /Hotel License. for. the -'nremlsei  situated 'OirLot :l:!, Block 2, Subdivision of  .District Lot ,->ll, konv.-n'as-the Hotel Nor-  -P.en./ln.ithe'.said'City of Vancouver.?;/; .  //(Sighed.)?:?        :/..:::,:/:/'P;:,l__A)RSEN./  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT'AT  /the next'rcgular sittlii,',- of, the Board of  License .Commissioners,-for- the Cltytof  Van'couver,*'we shall apply.for-ri/renewal  of; ihe'Saloon; License, for tho-nremlses  situated .on Lot 1, Block ;i, SuMivisionof  District 'Lot O.- G.- T./' known as the; Balmoral, in'thb: said Citv of.Vancbuvcr..:."-,'  ./(Signed.)   ?;.B:,C. MULLIGAN &,CO.;  N03TCE I'S.HEREBY GIVEN .THAT AT  / the next regular sitting of tlie??Board',of  License: Commissioners ' for the City? of  Vanciuyeiv. I'shall-apply;for a. renewal-of  the Shop License for the ���prc-mlscs-sltimt-  ed'on Lot 14, Block 2, Subdivision of;District Loto-ll., known as the Shop, 37*Cor-  dova'St..-; in?thfc' saiid'Clty ot Vancouver.  (Signed.)/:; :?/   *  V*M.,URQUI-rART.  NOTICE. IS HEREBY.'- G-WENTt-lAT AT  ���_ tho next regular sitting of?the?Board of  License , CommIssioners?, tor.-.-.the ?'Citv .of  Vaneoiiver, ���-].. shall/apply: for .a ron'owa;!  of;, the,Hotel:,License'for;^the /premises  situated/on Lot.3, Block-a/Subdivlslbn ot  District Lot;0. G.'T/./known/aii the Central Hotel, in (he said City; of. Vancouver.  ?  (Signed.) / ARTHUR.NBWLiA'ND.':  ./:���'/;/,;/'-.,.?/./:?/ -, ���;::/?/;v?'.l-??//;::.R?/Bryce;  -"VANCOUVER/FISHERMEN'S/..UNION;  :?':*;?No:?.2.;?Meet_.;in ; LabOr;-Hall/:? Homer  ��� ���/street, every first: and third Saturday .in  : :,Veaeh- month ntSp./m.. Ernest;Burn,presi-  ?/:'dent;;:Chas.:-DUrliami?/.;seorptary,,;S'17::Har-  ?'/ris;street??/?:/���?/ :://���/'���'/? '���??/���?���;.-://-;:fe/::-/'??/  ���:.'JCURNEYMBN-BAICERS'-;AN'D/*CON-  ? /- v.FEGTIONERS' INTERNA'!.,/Union- of  .-/America, Local,-No. ;46; -Vancouver,; B.C.  President,; Jas.-Webster; .vice-president;?  ''��� R. - F.T'McDonaId;;'recordIns?, secretary,  ���TVm./H..Barnes; corresponding secretary,  ��� F.'Rawling.?BO Granville:street,;room 10;  / ,firianclal secretary, C. -J./Saltor,:413 Powell  "������ street;-treasurer,:. XV:��� Wood; master-at-  it/arms, F.'Moyles;-delegates to,Trades and  :������ Labor?Couneil,,.:c.'J.? Salter and:F.; Raiv-  /���������linK./'v??:/'5:?/?:''/;'i?;--<;:: ���/;'''?*���://'���*'/?*-?.;/.?/?  /: BROTHERHOOD ��� OF, PAINTERS /AND  /-DECORATOR'S, ?? Local Union  No.  18S.  ���   -.Meets every ..Thursday: in Labor hall. Pre-  : , ceptor, W. Davis; president, .AV. Pavler;  ?/wlce-presldent, ?E. Crush; ��� reeording-sccre-  ,','tary,C.: Plnder, ;i759:Elghth:avenue,"Fair-  :���: .view;  financial .secretary, ��.\V.- Halliday,  ���J3les_hcre? House;?treasurer, -I-I./MoSor-  'ley: .-'trustees, :C. .Irwin,' B,*/ Cross 'and W.'  ;������ :Cole.   '��� :././'./; .;:'/?'".,>/.'*//:-/:;-/::=:?:/.':'/.;/;  ..AMALGAM'ATED SOCIETY-, Ul'/'CAK?'  ? .PENTERS&!JOINERS, 'Vancouver, 1st  ,. 'branch, .:meot3/ every alternate /Tuesday,'  .In room;': No. ,2,' Labor Hall, .president. J.-'  Davidson; secretary, J. T.;Bruce,?5_J,Har'  : rls.istreet.���'?;':/:.?'?'??:.,/'//��:??.;'; ;/.?���/?-??/  NOTICE IS HEREBY: GIVEN-.THATMT  /; the nextvregnlar sitUng-of tho'Board of  License - Commissioners ' for. 'the." Citv '?ot-  ?\aneouver���' n.sliall :;apply/for?a-renewal  of 'the Saloon License; for? the..::r)reihlsos  situated; on Lot: 15,?Block?2,/Subdivision  ^of/Distrlct Lot,;0. G;.a\,:.known??a's the  Boulder'Saloon.:'In; the'said'Citv. of Vancouvor. ������'���.'���':'.-->���-/'jv:H-:';/://?- ������f'":-i:.:/,:-.:.-;;,;���:':;?,  /:;.(S!gned.),':/;./,A;RmiJR^?i;AiNGL^^  NOTIO.E IS .HEREBY GIVEN "THAT: AT  (ho next'rcgular'sitUhg of the Boardof  License?Commi:--sloners: Tor the Clty'of  Vanco'tirer.' I shall aiiiply-.-for- a "renewal  of the'; Hotel Llee.nse for the 'promises-situated-'.oh-. Lots .(; and .7,..-Block-IO, Subdivision of .'District?- Lot; ;.>!l; / known;'-' as  the ?Sliermaii,/iii;; tlie "said City /of .Vancouver;.:/ /- /���������."--������':,'. //:;-���' . :;?'/,���?,:;???',:''.?:-.  /(signed.) ::;/;;?:���/���:: ;:/jajies;canno;n?  NOTICE: IS HEREBY GIVEN-THAT AT  the next: regular sitting of the Board of  Licence , Commissioners -for the City of  Vancnuver. 1 shall apply for a renewal  of; my* Hotel .Licence .for- (he premises  stttinted on I��ots Hand 4.-Bloek .2;!. Subdivision of District Lot fill, known as the  Hotel* Leland,-in the said Cltv.'of Vancouver./.;/, , v?    ROBERT D0W9WEILL, :  NOTICE.IS WE-REBY.GIVEN THAT AT  llifl'..next regular:sitting-pr-the Board of  T.icenee/Oorr-inlssIejicrs f6r'-:theCitv/of  V.'ineo'uvcr. ,'J -shall apply for a renewal  of ..the' Hotel .Licence' for ..the premises  situated, on/Lots ������!. -r and. 5, Block ,2.  Sub-dlvMon. of .District- Lot'lHS; known 'as  Hie Hotel. Europe,: In, the -said /City of  Vancouver.? .       -'-. ANGELO CALORI;  Union men smoke the Earl of Minto Cigar.  Why? Because it is Union Made.  Turner, Beeton ���* Co.  Wlioleuulo A(zenti��  -^>a>  ^T^SHHBa  VANCOUVBH, VICTOIilA, NELSON, Bi C.  ^���^IMl1MIJ__UmW^_iaMti_ll'mUM^ffP_^  Telephone Gsr.  ;���arta,ge|C0  /:*/;;.:':*-:/��� ::.?;:W./i\;;jrcPp>;At.*.'/:?//?'/;:>;/  ���';'?/Trucks, Drays  and Express:;/??:  ''/���lAVogoiis/fior^'aH /Purposes;;///:  ��>E��f_E& TAKEN/pOEWOiftANu*' .'"COAL  ...:;'';/?'3';'Ollice: .31-1 C��mbio:Street.'; 'i:.i::-'i':i\:.  .���NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT:AT  ���'���. t!ie.;.next'regular,sitting of the Board/of  License -'..Cdmnilssioriers /for;,;' the/City ho  Varicouver.,?I: shall apply;,for/a/rcriewal  of the J tote! License for. the premises-situated onj-ots0 &.I0..Elk..:-l,'Subdivision of  District Lot O; .05T.,:known-as tlie Coin-  nierclal/intlie said City of Vancouver.?  /(Signed.)/.HAV'iVqOD.&lPRBSCOTT.':  NOTICE IS HEREBY, GIVEN-THAT-AT  /.tlio liext regular sitting:.of the Board of  License Commissioners', for: /the .City/oi  Vancouver; Il sliall: apply for a':<renewal  of the.HotefLicense:for:tho:preiriises.:sit-  nafed on Lots��� 7,:S and !). BloekU, Siilxli-  vislon'? of/District /Lot; 0-11, -known ;as'!-the  ArllnKtoh/Hoter,-ln.-.the Said/City of Vancouver. : '���;:/ ,���/?���-::���?;/?:,������;.���/: -;:/'//:'/:;/:;.?-'';'?:'/':  / ISIsned.)/;,;?/,;/?;/:?.iROBT.;?HLr_s:TLY/  ���NO'lTC'E; 1 S'lIEIRERY,' GftVEN THAT 'AT  .'the next rcfrular si'ttitig- of the Board of  ���License /Commissioners /for/, the 'City -'���' of  . Vancouver.; I -��� shall ���; apply .for/a; rene:val  of the. Saloon License /for. -tho.'premises'  situated on Lots :24,;and-25,:.Blook 7;?.Sub-  divlsioii; of /District Lot? 00, known:, as .the  ,Crpwn:sitld6n; to?the',sald-Oity;of yancbu-  ,?'?,*s^Kncd.'.?i:?;i;;?;';?:/::?;/;jjNa/bircK^  :NOTIOE ISH.EiREBYnGl'VEN.THAT^AT  ; sthe next rcirular si'ttinff of tho'Board of  License* Commissioriers/for'the City of  Vancouver.?:I .shall apply for. a renewal  .of,;the;-Saloon:Licohso;f6r tho?premises  situated on Ixits 1 and 2, /Block ..;' Subdivision of District Lot O. G-. T.; known as the  Alhamibra, in'the'sald City of Vancouver.  .(Signed.) ,.*\V. SASIUBL'THOAIPSON./;  h*;/;://;-?'?';::,;;?'?,;?/,/:?????^iljmes "Thompson;  ���":��� c'/?'?^ J-:?vERS'?/.:UNION.;?/NO.?/357���  Meets the first'Tuesday in ��� each month  ,/ln??Unlori hall. President, A. Kochel; vice-  . piesident, C-? ��� Crowder; .'secretary;; G.  ���Thomas,' Jr.,?14S'Cordova street west;  './.treasurer',5 S. W.T-' Johnson; sergeant-at-  /arms; J. XV. Brat; /delegates to /Trades  /.-and Labor Council, ,J.-Crow, P. Jost,/A.  -; Kochel.???; /' ������:.:'.j./z/v:?:--:.'?-^-'."'/?:;?'/?'/���-.:'* -/  ���THE RETAIIJ/CLERKS'/ INTERNAT-  ? IONAL (/PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION  /meets?in /O'Brien's;Hall,'V ;the;first and  third Tucsdays.'of 'each; month.//T. A.  Phillip,' president; ;N..;: J... Orr,./secretary,:  2,022, Westminster Avenue.    ���.?.;���.-,:   ;   -  Applications /for Licenses.://  ?-=NOTieEJSJ-IEREBY=GIV-EN^lfAT-=A*l*.  ,   tho next meeting of the Board of Li-  ; .ccnee Comimisslone.rs for the City of Vancouver,  1: shall apply for a  renewal of  the Saloon Licence for the premises sltu-  tated.on .Lot ���, Block ���, Sulb-dlvlslon ot  /.."District Lot ���, known as Ihe Mining Ex-  ? chancre in the said City of Vancouver.  ,.    I-l. E. HISSETI'.       '  'NOTICE,IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  tho next meeting .of tho Hoard ot Licence Commissioners for the City of Vun-  * couver,', wc shall apply for a renewal of  our. Licence tor the promises, situated on  . Lot ���,  Block ���.Subdivision of District  Lot -v?known n.s the Gold  Seal  l.liiuor  Co., in the said City of Vancouver..  EULK���& HOSE.  NOTICIO IS ll.EHEBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next iin'ellng of .tliu .Hoard of Licence Coiii'mlssloners for the City of Vancouver, ] sliall:apply for a rnnownl of  the Hotel Lleenee for the premises situated on Lois 11 and 7,Hlock II, Subdivision  of District Lot Ml, known as tho Grand  Hotel, ln the. said Cits- of Vancouver.  -.0. , AMIERT AUSTIN.  NOTOCEISVHiEiraEBY GIVEN THAT 'AT  '���'��� the next regular slittlnsr of the 'Board of  -License/Commissioners for the'-. City of  .ynneouver.,/I. shall, /npply, for: a-renewnl  of/the: Saloon/License /for? the 'promises  situated/on Lot...'l./BIock.??.',;-Subdivision  ot.DIstnlct Lot....; known as the Bodegn,  In* tho/sald/Clity of 'Vancouver.';?: ���:,/  :?,(Slgned;).'-/McTNTOS,H'&/M'AlCIvLEY.  _s'OTIC.E-.IS. HEREBY': GIVEN. Tl-IATfAT  :'.-��� the.next:regular:sltti'ng;of the Board or  License? Commissioners," for., the :City?of-  Vancouver." I shall - apply for," a renewal  of-the Hotel; License for, the -premises? sit-,  ua ted/ on ? Lot: 12, :Block 5., Siiibdlvlslon of  District -iiOtiSAl, kiiownasHliO'Savoy I-Io/  tel.in.t.he';sald City of Vancouver. ,.��� ������:���:  //(Signed.) '��������� ?;:::'. ;;?/,;��. D.;N'ESBITT.v:  NOTrOEIS HEREfBY GIVEN? THAT AT  - thenext regtilar: sit ting o"t: the,Board of  'License-'- Commissioners.*for ', the?; City of  Vancouver, '���I?shall apply? for/.a? renewal  of the Hotel-Llcehse'-for: the promises ;sit-  iiated, on Lot :G./Block.2, 'Subdivision, of  District-Lot 0.?G..T., known/as: theGold  House,:in' the said City, of Vancouver.. '  *: (Signed.);?!?:;?/? :;? :;:'::;:/:/P.:H;:CLEJI.  .'���;./���.;;VHpiESitE-.ASD ltBTAH/PEALKRIN   ,?/)?;  vFishi/^-imbi'/'Fraity'/an  ���::;?;?:z.;?M:Vyegeta^  I*. O. BOX 296.  'PHONE 179.  ?,;/>���' . ���"    ;:���- WlIOM_SALI_*:AGi_NTS FOR/?.    :-??/?.?���"?.;''?:?,'?  TUGKET GIGAR CO. UNION LABEL CIGARS  JrONOGRAM;     v /  JtARGUERITA,   "?,   BOUQUET,  ?/   '-/":?OUR SPECIAL,? ?:.   / 'EL JUSTILLO/ /?;?//"iJ  EL CONDOR?/ ;; ? SARAXTIZADOS,^- -: :- SCHILLER^  -: I-  Corner Alexaiider? Street nnd Colunibiii-; Avenue,' Vnncouvcr, B.C.: ;, ?;  -<ssn__i_H-^**''ra^  The Unibri Label Scores  .uceess.;'B:';''/;;I^NG(  ��� ^^^^ ��� Tha/V-iKinjr'-Quali^^  :''P~T^^~r;': i���lha highest award at, the Paris Exposition. All goods stampid wjafe  UNION LABEIi Be; BuretiiBti "King Quality*,,i�� branded on your ��ho8��,:wh��S  moans perfectfl_at_8faotio___,/. ., / ?:'??���'/''??''"/? /'?������?.",' -':���?:  ;?/:;:/?_V1ade,by;THS;;j./D.,-klNCS:CO;^  ��3re<en_ee-s ?��� Brdf bers v/  a  mM  VW^-Bw  ii2/G)0RD0VAVST;?/^HbNE^42  yyy^mMiyyyy  Times are hard'and cash.'ls scarce,'and  Js lllcely.'.to be.-till"���after:,the..flshln's'.season.':: On 'the other /hand .we are. placing  our: students?,Into;-positions'-so fast,(3!)'In'  seven- weeeks).'that we will be short?'of  grtiduatgs for;the1 fall-business.:. For.this  reason we-__rc* .prepared:.'tb make arrange-  ments.fwlth responsible parties); for'aifull  commercial .course'Jn such'a'wtiy that the  ���'.full'fee: is?not payable till the end of .the  six 'months'.; course.. Offer open tillz-June  lGth,?:l��0i;/:ii���-;'���:^v//���'..':'/&/;.:./."/'-"���:;   5-���';:/-:'  '  >lA.^clC()iiti!iftj'tialCollft_!;c|  '..';���'/v.Vancouve^'B.;/C.  /^refno^y?;^  /:fo;;;ari^/:dther/brand;://;'./. V, -,;if|v;-;:;'||/y  ii: J;/?;Ki;MEeREp Y,///Sole��;. Agejn^?;?;?;  >Teleplione   8gpi  Ai-cade'Vaults,-; Carribie ���!Street.-  ���Tli(i-]  P. O. .-Box 3-f  NOTICE.TS HEREIBY?G'iVEN THAT; AT.  the next regular, sitting of: the,.Board. of  License Commissioners for-the City "of  Vancouver, I shall apply for a renewal  of the.Shop License for the-premiscssituated on Lot l'.: Block 24, Subdivision of  Distric-t'LottHI.'.'known, as S50 .Hastings  street, in the said City of Vancouver. ...'������  -(Signed.)  r,/,,,.?;   ;'GEO. AV/AVEIEKS,  NOTICE IS.'.HiEIR'EIBY'GIVENTHuVT AT  ������ the next regular sitting of the -Board of  License Commissioners for?tho? City of  Vahcouver?.'. I ? shall; apply.: for a "renewal  of .the Hotel License for the premises  situated on:Lot.;.., Block;.*..; Subdivision  of. District -Lot/; .;���;:��� known as the- Mint, in  the'said;CItyof Vancouver.. /'  , ..(Signed.),.;/,//:;_.../>:_-   J./S./IVOOD.?;;  NOTICE IS IIEfBEBY*; GIVEN THAT AT  - the next regular sitting of. the Board of  License /Commissioners for the City of  ynncouver, ���:) shall 'apply for a '-'renown I  of-..the Hotel; License:: for. the premises  situated on Lot 192, Hlock 16, 'Subdivision  of District Lot 11)6, known lis the Glasgow  House,; lii the said City of Vancouver.  ;3 (Signed.) /:--;///?: COLIN DAWSON.,',  NOTlCR'-l'S HEttEHY GIVEN THAT AT  the noxt meeting of the Board of Licence Connmlssioiiers for Ihe City ot Vancouver, 1 sliall apply for a renewal of mv  Saloon Licence for the premises, situated  on Lot 1). Block 11, Subdivision of District  Lot O. G. T. known us the Terminus  Hill in the said City of Vancouver.  AV. R. JONES.  NOTICE IS IIEIREBY GIVEN THAT AT  / the next meeting: of tlio Board of Licence Commissioners for the City of. Vancouver, I shall, aipiply for a renewal of the  ���Hotel Licence for the premises situated  '��������� on, Ijot _B.-iB|I)oolc 10, Subdivision tiff Dis-  ���,., tricttXolt 541, known as the Reglna Hotel,  ���In the said CUty; of Vancouver.    :  ;/;:?'���"'���"/-'.'/?:? ??ADAM BEAINSAKA./O  NOTICE IS HHJ3RDBY GIVEN THAT AT  ��� the next regular sitting of the Board,of  sLlceiise=Commlssloners^for?=the-Citj*=of  Vancouver, I shall applyfor a renewal  of the Hotel License for the premises  situated on -Lot...'./ -Block:... .Subdivision  of-District Lot..'.'., known ns*the Strand  Hotel,/ln the said City of Vancouver.  (Signed.)../;//;;:/?   .; XV. D.. WOOD.  NOTICE 'iS-'IPloiniBBY, GIVEN Til AT AT  - the.next/regular sitting of the Board of  License'.Commissioners for the City nt  Vancouver. I shall; apply for (l. renewal  of iho Saloon License for the urenilses  situated on Lots 11 and 12, Hloek'H, Subdivision of District Lot Rll. known ns the  Merclianls' Exchange, In the said City of  Vnucouver,  (Signed.)   / W. H. QUANN.  NO'rrOE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT A.T  ihe next regulnr silting nt Ihe Hoard of  License --Commissioners for the City of  A'lincouver, I shall apply for a renewal  of   the   Hotel   License   for, the  promises  situated on T/it  Block...., Sulxllvlslon  of District ,T_ot....,' known  as the  Badminton Hotel, In the said City of Vaneoii-  (S'lsnod.) .'/.'.". J. G. CLARE.  .NOTTCE.IS'HEREBY/GIVBN/THAT at  /.the next regular,sitting of the.,Board of  License Comimission'ers';for?:the City of  Vancouver,'.! shall/apply.for.arehewal of  'the: Hotel 'License for -the:-premises situated . on Lot 10. 'Block;A,'. Suibdlvlsion of  District L'ot',0.sG..'T..?kn6wn?as the Cos-  ;mo.polltan,in:the said City.;.of."Vancouver.  ^:'(Si^ed;).'/:/:/;,;s/;;i-?/:?;?;j;;'T./ABRAY./  .NOTIC'E IsTlEREBY GIVEN/THAT AT  ���,-��� the next-regular: sitting of the .Board of  Ltecrise'Comimlssloners :-for- the? City of  .Vancouver,?!'shall applyifor a renewal of  the' Hotel (Licenso"' for /the premises' slt-  -uated on I_ot....,.Block.;.".,:Subdivision of  DIstrtct/Lot.'.;.,  known;as  the: Windsor.  Hotel, in the said?City.of Vancouver, .v.-  ;   (Signed.) ,"���' :?///?  JOHN HORNELU?'  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AT  the;hext regular sitting of the.Board of  License. Cbmimissloners .for. the. City ot  Vancouver, 1 shall apply for a renewal of  the Hotel License for the premises situated on Lot;7.' Block 5,, Subdivision of  District Lot O.G.T., known as the Carter  Hous'e,- in the said City of Vancouver. �����  (Signed.)       .' -MRS. 3.-.L.- CARTER./,  NOTICE IS HHRERY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular stttlng of thu Board or  License Commissioners for tho City of  Vnncouvcr, I shall apply for: a renowal  of tlio Hotel License Tor the premises  situated on Lot 10, Block 33, Subdivision  of District Lot .'Ml, known n.s the Clarence  Hotel, In tho said City of Vancouver. -  (Signed.)     : ,W. H. JACKSON.  NOTICE IS HEREBY ��IVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  License Commissioners -.for;', the City of  Vancouver, I shall apply .for a renewal  of? the; Hotel  License  for/the  premises  situated on TJot  Block./...Subdivision  of District Lot....; known, as the Secord  Hotel,; in the said City of Va;ncotiver."  / (Signed.)���������-;.���*��-.?;??/':/;;/C.;H. BROWN;;;!  /NO/aCE_IS/HEiREBY_?GIiV.ENiTJL:V'_ij'J:=  -the next regular sitting of: the .Board of  Dicense���: Commissioners' for. the. City of  Vancbuver.I shall apply for a renewal of  the Hotel .License for ���: tho premises sit-,  unted on Lot 20,- Block' 7,, Subdivision of  ���District Lot,-IM, known as the Klotidyke  Hotel. In the satd City of Vancouver.  - (Signed.) /";:. .Cl^iMPRlF/rHO.  lln^iJsilKNTERs;?;;/':  ?2S*nast!ngs St. 'Hii Union Labor Only  , 945  JhingJn?SheiMarket  ^PSolid Copper;Te(i /ai'icl ;'Coffee?Pots; /?  *?W/;;?'/:Tea Kettles m:ali;'Sizes?'?;/  ;,.������'/;:���'" ;?."���!/��� .'.:.- (Nickle Plnted)?;;;/'/ /?::;  -;;;:??; These goods 'willjaatailife time.;;  ??/;N6 scburihg.to keep:clean;':;:. /..'���'������!���  ///J?;Always;look bright;?://;:;/?.;?;:/ ...o?  /; Crockery, and Housefurnishings, ; ?  406 and  408/Westminster 'Avenue;;Vancoiiver  NOTICE.;..  i'Wii -1  :;���'/;?'?/; jj I  :,;.;;.;Vil  MQriship Lacrps^ef Baseball^ Bicplev  :|:|ia;n^|i?Hprse| Ra^  '���'-v;''''    ;-''.:"''. ���''���'���;"   ;    ���'    .*-''.'      -: :'.:: ���'"'- -��� .���"���,���������*"',���"   j*1 "���.'���'"=': :''v:     .. ��� -' ','>'.��/��� ;'������'���.���   ��� ���,-:���' ,'���'. '���,'���.-���':'���' -.^^-v  ::;?|: "H^ M.'s' Warsfi J0';>yjir^^^seng||l|  -ic*2-��   :;:S?'1'G0D''SAVE/THE?K^  MAYOR T0WNLEY, ehairmaii^      S. J. GOTHARD^; Sec|  ::m  W  II!  if  ;''/'-?S|  NOTICE IS HETtEBY GIVEN THAT-AT  Hie next regular sitting of the Hoard of  License Connnlssloners for the City of  Vancouver,.! shall apply for a renewal of  the Hotel License for the premises situated on Lots 1 and 2. Block I. Subdivision  of District ,Lot fill, known as the Hotel  Molropolc. Ill the said City ot Vancouver.  (Signed.) *\VH<LIAM   HODSON.  'NOTICE IS TIERE13V GIVEN .THAT AT  Ihe ne\M regular sitting of the Board of  License  Commissioners  for   the City  of  Vancouver, I shall apply for a reiiewal of  the  Shop  License "for  Ihe premises  situated on Lot :!. Block 111, Subdivision W.l.  District 'Lot Ni,  known us the Ivy Lear  Llouor Company.  Llnilled.  (Signed.)   1-V.Y ���I.iWAI'* L1QUOH CO., ��� I-cl.  John J. Tulk, Manager.  NOTICK IS II'IHIEIIY OIVK'N THAT AT  Iho next regular, sitting of the Hoard of  Licence Commissioners for the Clly of  Vancouver, 1 shall apply for u renewal or  the Saloon Licence ror the premises situated on Lot 0, Block 2, Subdivision ot  District Lot O. G. T., known as the Atlantic Saloon: In the snild .CUty.'of Vancouver.   : , /?:,;.,, /.AUGUST SCHWA'HN.  .  NOTICE IS HIEIRBBY GIVEN THAT AT  the next regular sitting of the Board of  Licence Commissioners for the City of  Vancouver, we shall apply, for, a renewal  of the. Wholesale Licence forthe premises, situated on Cordova/Street, in tho  said City?of Vancouver.': -���?;?;,  :���-",    "i/TUPNEIR, iBEIIiyrON & CO.,:  ?:?/���/. :?;-1'-;;-.?/?? iPerKB./B./praper,?Mgr.:/:  To Those;in the Building':Trades:?;,;/;/  Vlt has been resolved-by the Vancouver iSuildlng Trades-Council, that the  working/card system shall go into .ef.  fwtrdh-June-ist^next^  demonstrated the fact.that it is necessary to bring about a closer amalgama--  tion of the -workers for the betterment  of their condition, seeing that the  trades are now being invaded by cheap  Orientals and to a large extent by  oilier foreigners to the detriment of all  concerned. XVe therefore tender- all  those outside tho unions a hearty wel-  cenie to become members, without furtherpersuasion. It Is a duty all honorable tradesmen owe to themselves  ami .-their craft to be In. the union. .  A. J. MORTrMORE,  Sec. V. B. "T.  C.  Vancouver, May..!), 1001.  iyy:AW&^tt&  _ahd_  %i ' Iho Mint  Is the now saloon ( nt the corner  of Carrall and Hastings streets. Case  gootls are the hest, and the prices 0. K.  Seattle Kninier beer, 5 cents;  Convalescents iiQpd Eiseii Tort���" the  builder up of the weak''���50c bottle.  Gold Seal tiqnor Co., 746 Pender street.  For stomach trouble of any.Wnd take  Flint's /Dyspepsia Tablets. They cure  oryou get;your: money;barik. ;5ttc box;  McDowell, :At_dns,;*V^tsooa:;Co./;;:/ ///  PAcifie  yyyy^y^oufe]  LOWEST RATES. BEST SERVICE.  To nil points in Cnnndn nnd tho United States.  THE FASTEST AXD BEST EQUIPPED TRA1>*  CROSSING Till* COOTIXEiyf.  SAIL1X09 KOll J.irAN ANP CHINA.  Empress of China.......... JulySth  Empress of India.......................July Mill  Empress of Japan..................,..June 17th.  and every four weeks thereafter.    ���,���-������������  I. V. ;'/,,.      ������-.,, . ';���';��� ���-."  8A1UNO FOR llONOLUttJ AND AUSIKALU.    ?  .Moanii............ May 31st,  Jliowera............"....;.'.;..... ;���.';-..; June 28th;  Aorangl.......'...........;.;.:....;.... .July Mth  and every four weeks thereafter. ���/ /  .;:.;??/,:  For turther particulars aa to time rates"eto:,-  Bpply to    -/;,';-/'/-/ ,"  :/;:,-.::���/������   ??;/??/: '?/,>/;  E. J. COYLE,/?/;.; ??;?::'?/. JAMESSCIATBEiV;  -?/A.Q;;P.'A.:;.;/'?::,-?;,TIcket,Agent,-:?'/:/;  Vancouver, B.C.. ?'* ijii 428 Hastiriga St.;/:/  ���'''??;;:M'/!(;;!?;/''; ;'''i.,i:;;;'"::'?*;Vancouyerl,'B;'b;  The Shirtwaist  ���Season  ���: Is hero aud if there isa,?shirtwaist?,  , exftnt that wc caunot niake beautiful by '  our. system of washing and  ironinc,  then   that shirtwaist   is-beyond rail:  huniiin help.     , ''!/?:���:/://:  '���'Wo have patent machines for doing  SliirtwaNts and a distinct process in?  Ihe hands of skilled  operators  which  .retains all the original appeiiranco. of  nctt'goods direct (roni the makers.'.?-'���'  All iiiformatlon checrlully given by  ourdrlverslu uniforms. ������       '"  Steam laundry  ;       D.M. STEWART, Piior.;  ���-','���/  Phone 340. 910 - 914 Riciiakds St;  ?. Tho laundry ot the dark red wagons? ;'  ?:/.r  ,''.f;i  ��� './/-Vancouver's   Pioneer /''ciothoB/'  ?:,;,', Bcnovator,.makes. a,;suit;new.'/s  X'" Dyeing and Repairing;  '���jm^'riiiaio Cambis'St.: V-tkbocvEB:'-.^??  $?{""���"       *   im.  <:!;?  W: *-^Ts��>V-fc ��**-�������., ^_S_.  TIIE INDEPENDENT.  SATURDAY       JUNE S,  1301  m  SALMAGUJSDI.  Cap l'iis Whom.  Give mc an e>e lo oilier.-' failing- blind  (Miss Smith's new   bonnet's  quite   u  fright  behind).  Wake me in charlt} (or llie suffering poor  (There comei the contribution box once more)!  Take from my -mil all feelings covetous  (I'll have a shanl like thai or make a fuss)!  let love for all inj kind my spirit btlr  (Save Mis. Joitus.   I'll never speak lo her)l  Let me in truth's fair pages take delight  (I'll read that other novel thiough to-night)!  Make ine contented with my earthly slate  (1 wisli I'd married rich; but it's too hue)I  Give me a heart of faith iu all my kind  (Miss Urowu's as big a hypocrite as you'll iind)!  Let saintly visions be my daily food  (I wonder what they'll have for dinner good)!  In this world tench me to deserve the next  (Church oui 1 Charles, do you recollect the text)?  There are irrigated ditches ut Las  Cruces, N. M., that have been in continuous service for three centuries.  A wise guy siiysthut if everyone would  carry an umbrella that it would stop  ruining. The umbrella combine should  look into this.  King Edward says positively that he  will not belong to any club. If he could  flee the good ivork of our baseball team  lie might change his mind.  The Prime Minister of France has  been pelted with eggs and oranges.  With a little milk and some butter and  sugar, he would make a splendid pudding.���Toronto Star.  'Twere bolter to buy a cheap boquet,  And on the alter of living friendship lay���  Than a costly wreath of roses white and red  On the soon forgotten grave, when it is dead.  Paper was invented in China about  the commencement of the second century of the Christian era, being made  from the barks of trees, from bamboo,  old rags, silk, hemp or cotton reduced  to pulp.  Sing a song o' sixpence,  The heavens arc in a flood.  Lacrosse Club is swearing,  Playing in the mud.  Tommy (aged 5)���What's a fictitious  character, Aunt Em ?  Aunt Em���One that is made up.  Tommy���Oh, then you're a ficititious  character, ain't you, Aunt Em ?  "How pretty and clever you are,  mamma," exclaimed little Edith.  "Do you really think so, dear?" rc-  joinedlier mother.  "Course 1 do," replied Edith, "and  I'm awful, glad you married into our  family." "   '  Euphorbia," he said���"that is, you  must have siii-pecled, from the lontrtli of  time I have been coming here, that 1���1  say it must have been apparent to you  fur sume time that 1 could have had but  one object in view in���although, of  coiir.-e, I can't claim that you have  given me any cause to lie cimfulont.  Still, you may have asked yourself what  other motiu', if any, I could have had,  when it must  have been evident���ami  yet"-  ".Mr. Hillmoiv," she interrupted,  "please be more direct and explicit, if  you can.   Yuii wabble painfully."  Papa���Who is tlie smartest boy in  your class at school, Johnny ?  Johnny���Well, Willie Jones says lie  is.  Papa���Iiut who do you think is ?  Johnny���I'd rather not say. You see,  I'm not as conceited as Willie Jones is.  Her Illy hand, how toft and white;  A fairy's, thoughtl, maybe.  But, gracious I in later years  How strong it spanked the baby.  A Story of Meissonier's Vanity.  To make himself look more manly  and robust Meissonier frequently incased  his diminutive logs in huge cavalry  boots. He prinked daily before the  mirror and -was never -weary of comparing himself with other small men to  show that he was really not so very  little. To the end he confided to his  friends the pangs ho ever suffered on  account of his small size. Occasionally,  but only occasionally, did Meiasonier  find the consolation lie sought for  fromhisacquaiutances. Oneafternoon as  the sculptor Dubois entered his studio  Meissonier exclaimed joyfully: "What  do you think! The corn doctor was  -just-here,-and-what do-you suppose -he  says ? A six foot grenadier cannot get  any bigger corns than mine."  I bought a little ticket  And yet my hopes were dashed  For, though I paid a dollar  The ticket wasn't cashed.  It couldn't take me homewards  Il wasn't worth two shakes,  For the ticket was a long-shot  In Hob I.eigiiton's Derby sweapstakes.  His Lack of Directness.  The young man was on)bartti.-..ed, but  he began bravely.  "It cannot be a surprise to you. Miss  A Chinese Joke.  A rich man, living between the forces  of two blacksmith!-, was continually annoyed by the noise of tlieir hammers  anil was iu despair at not being able lo  rest either by day or by night. At tint  he tried to" induce them to hammer  more quietly; then he made them all  kinds of promises ii they would only  change their abode. The two blacksmiths at last fell in with his proposals,'  and he, transported ������ ith joy at the prospect of tlieir departure, entertained  them regardless ot expense, at a farewell banquet. At the end ofthe feast  he asked them when, they intended to  set up their smithies. " Well," said one  of them, " he who lived on your left will  go to the smithy on your right, and he  who lived on your right will go to that  on your left."���Translated.  Kitty Miles Krom a Needle.  The idea of the loss of a darning  needle becoming a public calamity  seems to be strange to us of the present  generation, for it is difficult for us to  realize the privations of the pioneers  who first went to Canada, the straits to  which they were at times reduced from  .ack of articles now as common as water  and air, and the preposterous value they  often set upon them. According to the  story of an aged resident of Kitzroy,  Ontario, he well remembers the time  when there was but one darning needle  in that county, and the only mill was a  day's journey distant. One day a Mrs.  Dickson, who chanced to have temporary possession of the darning needle,  and had it carefully stuck in hor apron  in a holder, set oft for the mill with a  bag of grain laid on the back of a horse.  The good lady had a rough road to  travel, and unfortunately lost the darning needle. This was a public calamity  in Kitzroy. Nearly 20 housewives depended upon .that darning needle for  repairing socks and other coarse mending. It passed from ono log house to  another, by special messenger, and every  woman had the use of it one day in  three weeks. Another darning needle  could not then be procured nearer than  _.'erth, a matter of fifty miles away.  Tidings of the disaster which had befallen Mrs. DicKson soon spread, and on  the following morning a dozen women,  some of them accompanied by their  children, and some of them by their  husbands, turned out to search three  miles ot forest path. It seemed a hopeless task, but keen eyes were- bent upon  every portion of tho* highway, and at  length one little girl espied it. A great  shout was raised, and* the good news  was carried along the line of searchers.  The party returned home, and the rejoicing in newly settled Kiteroy that day  was great.  NEW PUBLICATIONS.  POEMS OF THE TIMES. By Miles Meander  Dawson, New York. The Alliance Jfubllihing  Company, 1901.   Cloth; 170pages.   Price,tl.  The world is _nine,to,livo in and enjoy,  Is mine io love in aud to weep,  Is mine to build upon but not destroy,  Is mine to labor ln and sleep.  The world is mine, my heritage it is;  it is not mine alone;  Who's bom of woman, lt is also his,  His title is my own.  The    above  is    from    " Solidarity,"  which, in our opinion, is the best in the  volume.   But after all poetry is a mere  matter of taste.   Tho author's sympathies and ideas are broad and we believe could have been better expressed  in pro.se.   It will   well  repay anyone  interested" inihelabor qiiustion-to read  the book.  The enormous edition of 15S pages of  GL'5,0U0 copies of the July number of the  Delineator has been printed. This is  one of the most remarkable numbers  ever i.-Mied by the lltitterick Publishing  L'ompimy, who deserve the highest  praise for their big  undertaking.    The  letterpress and the illustrations* are  llrst-class, especially the color work as  applied to the buildings ut tlie Pan-  American expn.-il'uin ICvery girl and  woman should nut fail to gel a copy, tho  price being but 15 cents. After J line  20th there is no guarantee of any being  pnrchasoable.  The special committee of the Trades  and Labor Council on the building of  the new schools wi-h to slate in reply lo  the correspondent, re.-trength of beams,  in last weeks issue lhat the only instructions il had were to sou if the plans anil  specifications were carried out.  During the nionlh of May the IJ. C.  Permanent Loan and Savings Co. paid  out on account of loans the .sum of  f'i'2 111*..i.s or an average of more than one  thousand dollars per day.  The Independent wants a report of  each union medtlns and news concerning itho members of every organization.  Such reports and news will do much to  sustain and create interest'in the organizations. Secretaries are especially  ui-gyd to send in these reports, bult  news from any member ot an organization will be received with pleasure.  Drink Red Cross Beer, the beer that's  Sure, 75e pints, $1.50 do/., quarts. Gold  peal Liquor Co., 74b* Pender street.  The permanent " class A " stock of the  B. C. Permanent Loan and Savings company is selling fast at one hundred and  eighteen dollars per share. The price  will soon advance to one hundred and  twenty dollars per share.  For years The City Grocery has been  noted as the great bargain store. Of the  many bargains offered there, perhaps  none ever compared with the offer it is  now making. Think of it! Pork and  beans, FIVE TINS for two bits.  Gold Seal Canadian Rye is Seagram's  Grand Old Rye. Only, SOc bottle. Gold  Seal Liquor Company.  Now, gentlemen, here is the shop to  get your hair cut to suit you: Corner  Cambie and Cordova.   C. Ellis.  Telephone 1���2���5 for a fine livery  turn-out. J. J. Sparrow, Palace livery  stables.  Blue Ribbon Tea is packed in Vancouver by white men���are you drinking it ?  Two hundred dozen choice pork and  beans selling at the astonishing low-  price of FIVE TINS for 25 cents. At  The City Grocery.  The Mint.  Is located at the corner of Carrall and  Hastings streets.   The bottled goods are  all first-class and the prices right for  every one.   Seattle Rainier beer,5cents.  FLINTS HUOMO HI'IITIS CUIUS,  neve- fails to completely cure a cold  within HI hours. GIv-t- Instant relief���  ffuaraiiKed, your money back. "5c  box at McDowell, Atkins. "Watson  Co.  HSNTS THAT P@SNT THE WAY TO  PROFSTABLE BUYING.  Uony Suls, 7 I'iccc-s, Iiulliiliou Cut filas*.    50c a set  Water Sol.'-, Engraved Plural Designs '"> Ti.mblor*-, .lnij und Trily.$l.25 i svt  Individual 1'riiii llitlic-., Imitatii.ui Cut I'lat.      <��c ��"'���  Olnsk Tiible hets-SIv ricce-    BOciiScl  Lemon .Inlec XxtractoM     iocL.u'Ii  Gluts lliitter Dishes     15c ljieh  Walk in and look around.  FREDERICK BUSCOMBE & CO.  ���       China IIai/l, 319 Hastings Sthi:i:t.  BOILERMAKERS   MEET.  The  .regular  meeting  of   th'e  Boiler  Malkers' union vras held in Labor Hall  on Friday last,  with, a large attendance.   Four new .brothers put their international   cards dn   and   took itheir  seats.   A long list ot communications  were read by the secretary, received  from aill  over  the    country,    one  of  which wa__ from the grand president,  giving details of the methods   (being  adopted  by unscrupulous    employers,  who employed PinToerton detectives to  get members to give away the 'business done at the union meetings, and  thus found out who took the most active   pant   and  so  on.   Proof   of  this  was given, and every union man was  warned   against   these >_olnd  of  decoy  ducks, and advised to be on the lookout for tihcm.   There was a long discussion   by   the   members   as   to   the  nos-ltion of tlie boilermakers in the late  arrival  of  the steamship  Garonne   to  Victoria   for     repairs.   A    tre-solutjion  of approval of their conduct was passed unanimously, nnd a similar one to  the  effect   that     the     Boiler   llntars'  union  of  Vancouver  would   not  touch  any   work   on     boats    arriving   from  Amoilcan roast, ports whilst the strike  was in  prog!ess.   Money was donated  lo   Ihe   Alexander    miners    in    their  nuiiUe.    I!ri>.   Stoll.   from   Sen(lie  nnd  VIcKrilii, spoke ns lo  the -jnoil fellnw-  slil|> !����� luul  found existing .uiionf,  llie  boiler ni'ikci" In Vancouver,    lie wished   tliem   evt-i-y  success   lu   tlK-Ir   cn-  dca.vo!-- lo upllli th.- downtrodden and  mala' tliem men.    It  was a luuil  lank,  hut   lt   u.is   iiurcly    H.iliiiiii.     ground.  Several   other   IipiiIumm   spoke,   when  the   meetlnir  adjourned,  well  satis-liel  with  ii .'.nod  evening spent.  PEOPLE'S POPULAR PRICE  PHARMACY  lou'll not find fault wilh any-qnallty you  ml in llie Peoples IVpulur l'ricc I'liarmacy.  tin iinv Is of Mipicme impui lance.  You'll not Iiml fault with the prices���Ihev  an always fail and lower than olliei Mole's  prices.  OUR   PRICCS   NOT   CONTROLUD   BT   ANV  COMBINE.  I'nstorla, Ki'ttular Price :i.V, our juice 25c  l unci's Pills, "        "    2M-,   "     ������        ���  ISC  Iii.iillisnnS Kldncv Cure, ItcKiilur Price  $1.50, our price    SI  Sl'OXllE-s ASH SOARS AT __.\l_r PRICE.  I'llKSCl'll'TIONS: ,V) per cent, loner limn  ntluTMores.   STORES:  Gerald Deyell   druggists  W. D.Wylle  Successors to J. A. L. MeAlpliiiie.  When you want to hire a llrst-class  horse and buggy, go to the Palace  livery stables.   Telephone 125.  Flint's Dyspepsia Tablets are guaranteed to restore failing appetite and  correct any kind of stomach trouble.  60 c. box. McDowell, Atkin3, Watson  Co.  OSd Books  Wanted  -AT-  GALLOWAYS..  BOOK EXCHANGE,  ���        139 Hastings and  "14 Arcade  $uj)|)iy  From Their Kanalmo, Soutlifiold and  Protection Island Collieries,  Steam,  Gas  and  House Coal  OI the Following Grades:  Double Screened L*ump,  Run. of the Mine.  Washed Nut and  Screening*.  SAMUEL M. ROBINS, Superintendent.  EVANS, COLEMAN A EVANS, AgentB,  Vancouver City, B. C.  Mason & KSscb  May be bought by monthly instalments from  Gideon Hicks & Co.  23 Hastings street, 88 Government st.  Vancouver, Victoria.  Hardie & Thompson  Marine and General =���*.  Consulting Mechanical Engineers  820 Cordova 8r. W., Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 76  Patentees aud designers ol the Hardie-  Thompson water tube boiler, new high  'speed reversing engines, und special  machinery In light sections lor mines.  Propellers Desioked.  Engines Indicated and  Adjusted. '   ���  Solo agents in B. G. and N. \V. Territories for  tho United Flexible Metallic Tubing Co., Ltd  London, Eng.  THERE'IS  Come in and let lis tell vow about our new A  Easi} Payment Plan. You'll own a high-grade ^  wheel before you realize it ia costing you anything. A,-  ASM ABOUT BT. ���  Bicycle Store -p  24 Cordova St. *p  SOLE AGENT ���  CLEVELAND AND TRIBUNE BICYLES. t  McLennan,  McfecSy & Co.-  WHOLESALE AND   RETAIL  DEALERS   IN  Shelf and Heavy  ardware  MAIL  ORDERS  RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION.  KELLY, DOUGLAS & CO.  WHOLESALE GROCERS,  Cordova and Water Streets,   -   Vancouver, B. C.  jjgg3 Headquarters for Domestic and Imported Cigars and Smoking Sundries.  Is now on.   All goods at Half Price for  ONE WEEK.  B. MILLS,   ift Cordova St  | Summer Clothing  Tlie man-folks have found tliis clothing store a mighty attractive placo the past few warm days.  We've tried to, make it so, of course.   So many men to be  -fitted out with  | Summer Clothing,  $5 and upward the suit*.  And there are still many more who are to be fitted out in the  next few days. " "'  JOHNSTON, KEREOOT ��* CO.  Vancouver's Big Clothiers, 104-6 COBDOVA STREET,  Hatters and Wens's furnishers, VANCOUVER.  Wade and Butcher Razors  Rodgers Table and Pocket  Cutlery at  Tisdall's Can Store ^^?ng*  Delays Are Dangerous  Nobby designs in Scotch, Irish and English tweeds arc fast  disappearing. Make up your mind soon to purchase your summer suit. Flannel suitings, also coats and trousers, the very  latest now on view at the : : : : : :        : :       : :  Eit-Refocm Watdtobe:  of Fire or Injury to  Health when you use  the  The price is now  such that almost everybody can afford it.  Once used, always  used. Apply at Office of  l. i [ii | ft  LTD.  Cor. Carrall and Hastings  Streets.  334 Hastings St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Mull order;, promptly uttemlcd to.   Pelt mciisiireinent.ljliiiiks and wimples  bent on tipplictitioti.  3O0OO00Q0OOOO000OCO0000SO0OOCO0OOOC9OO0O0OC0OCOOCX}OOO  \   REMOVAL SALE,^^^-  ...I�� REDUCE STOCK*...  344 Carrall St. 8  0 8 Tel. I'OI. R  6 6  OOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOCOCSOOOOCOCOOCOOO'XSOOtMCCO&'JOOOCOOCC)  fiassey-Harris and Steams  ALl STYLES  ALL PKICC5  KENDALL'S, 328 Cordova St,  Tlio best plnco lu B. C. to havo your  Blcyclo repaired.   .  A rcccnl cough or cold that " BIG  4 COUGH CURE" will not cure is not-  worth, curing.'  ?i)I  tn  ���* <J


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