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The Hedley Gazette Sep 12, 1907

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 !  ���������!  ������R SliULKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. III.  No." 35.  HEDLEY, B. C., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1907.  $2.00, in Advance.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  APOLOGIA   RECORDIS.  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager  A.' H. IRELAND, Superintendent of  Branches  ESTABLISHED 1867  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Rest,   -   -   -       5,000,000,  Total Assets, -  113,000,000r  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED  COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS' PARER DISCOUNTED!  84  The B. C. Mining Record Attempts an  ''   Excuse but Makes Bad Worse.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and. interest allowed at,  current rates. The depositor is subjeci',to no.delay,whatever faith* withdrawal, of-the whole or any p'ortion-of the deposit.  Penticton Branch;.X.;M;de Gex, .Manager.  WILLIAM E. BURRITT;  .     BARRISTER,, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Offices :  141 Seymour St.  VANCOUVER, ,B;C.  CHARLES M.  SHAW  PROCEEDS FROM PLAY.  ThejDramatic,r Club Render an Account  of,, Their, .Stewardship.  CiAaL Engineer,  Dominion   and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders may be left at Gazette office.  MEDLEY,  B. G.  |ai;.H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  . BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  HORACE F. EVANS  ���������.'���������''' GEOLOGIST  (College of Liberal Arts)  ' Will report on geologic conditions in the  1 vicinity of Nickel Plate Mine, and Similkameen country generally.::.:  *.   Dependable  ;, and.  disinterested reports furnished.  HEDLEY,  B, C'.'V  jjrand Union  HEDLEY, B. C.  I ERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  The Hedley -Dramatic Cluh are not  only to be congratulated on the success  of their play, "That Family Affair,"  so admirably put on on the evening of  Labor Day, but are to be commended  in their action of rendering to the public ihe following statement of receipts  and expenditures, accounting fully for  all money taken in and the disposal  thereof. This openness, together with  the laudable purpose in view, and the  merit in the entertainments, should,  secure and retain for them the hearty,  support of our : tOAvnspepple .in any  further entertainments which they  may be pleased to give:  1 , receipts.  Total door receipts and tickets -  *'   sold:..... ....'!............:$ 75 75  ������������������'   ��������� EXPENDITURES.  Shatfords Limited.account $ 9 40  Hedley Gazette          "         5 00  Drug Store                  "       ..... 1 00  Paid for cleaning.school room.. 1 00  "     tAvo curtain pulleys.... 25  "     5 doz. curtain rings..... . 25  "     stamps and post cards.._ 35  "     Avriting tablet and .envelopes  60  $ 17 85  Net Proceeds     57 90  J A. MEG RAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Itoal Estate.  Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under ��������� Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Firo Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C.  $,-75 75  Net proceeds, $57.90, are deposited  in the bank at Hedley, B.C., subject to  order of the president and:secretary of  the Dramatic. Club. The ...purpose.; of.  the club is to add to this fund the net  proceeds of each entertainment given,  and when sufficient funds are obtained,  to furnish one of the wards in the  Hedley Hospital.  Respectfully submitted,  Mrs. T. H." Rotherham, Pres.  Mrs. S. E; Hamilton, Sec.-Treas..  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be in  Hedley about,the 20th inst. Further  notice will he given of probable length  of stay.  OLIVER &. GLADDEN  Civil & Mining Engineers  Marcus Daly, president of the Daly  Reduction Co., came iu. on Tuesday's  stage. As this is about the time of  the year Avhen the annual meeting of  the company is held, it is probable  that other. directors or. shareholders  may be in shortly. .'  L. W. Shatford, M. P. P. left on  Friday morning for Penticton, where  he Avill likely spend the greater part  of the fall. His brother, W. T. who  has taken the greater part of the Avork  of local management of the S. 0. L Co.  will take a couple of months off and.  enjoy a well-earned rest and holiday.  I     MINES and  kBAL    ESTATE  I HEDLEY, B. C.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  ���������   Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  M. K. Rodgers has the Gazette's  thanks for a copy of volume 1. No. 1  ol" the Katalla Herald, and also several  interesting local vieAVS, among Avhich  wns the ill-fated crossing Avhere the  fight took place on July 3rd. It was a  level cuossing on a trestle, the tracks,  of the Katalla Co. being laid and the  Brunei1 trestle being shown Avith piles  and caps but no stringers, cross ties  nor tracks. One advantage in the  situation is that the crossing is over  some arm of Avater, making it convenient to give contestants an involuntary bath and thus cool them off.  Unlike a certain divine who in writing his folloAvers,  told thein that he  would "nothing extenuate nor aught  set dpAvn in malice," the editor of the  British Columbia Mining Record, in  publishing the letter of remonstrance  of the Hedley Board of Trade, for the  FAUX pas which he made in the June  issue of that publication, has both undeniably sought to extenuate and a  great deal more set down  in  malice.  When his drive at the Similkameen  appeared in the June issue of the Record,  in which it was made to appear  that all the lode gold  produced in the  Similkameen  in 1906 Avas six ounces,  valued at $124, there were some of the  Record   editor's  personal  friends   in  Hedley (and the editor-of the Gazette  was among them) who Avere not prepared  to construe it as the result of  any desire on his part to deal unfairly  by the,district,  even if the Record in  the past has been noted for a painful  dearth of mining intelligence from this  district in comparison Avith Avhat Avas  appearing in other mining magazines  in Canada and the United States. They  noted, that the stab appeared in connection Avith a personal  attack of the  Record editor upon " Windy " Young,  against Avhom he is known to entertain  a  personal1 grudge of  several   years'  standing; ;a'nd  knowing his petulance  and   vindictiveness,   for  Avhich   they  made due allowance; -they Avere disposed to,treat it lightly.    But the general tenor of the article in  the July  number of the Record changed all that  and left little doubt as to the real attitude, of its,editor-tOAvards the Similka-.  ineen.-.' Neither is this the first occasion  upoli which the Siuiilkameeri has come  under his displeasure, for it is not very  long ago that -in his  meddling, strictures upon the Vermillion; Forks Mining .Co, of Princeton, his remarks could  be construed in no other way than in  disparagement, of the coaLiueasures of  Princeton  and   other   mining claims  held by the. Vermillion Forks Mining  Co., and .as for courtesy oi* fairness,  ask Ernest Waterman,   the resident  monager of it-he,company at Princeton.  Avhether   he  received  either   at   the  hands of the.editorof the Record when  he. .wrote that, paper in remonstrance.  , But; to, return: to the .subject upon  which the complaint of the   Hedley  Boardof Trade, against the Record Avas  based, it will he interesting to examine  and .partially analyze a few of the more  remarkable contentions adA-anced, by  the Record editor iu that extraordinary  apology. .The first thing in connection  with the article which will strike the  reader is the injured tone assumed by  the offending editor and the combat-  iveness so liberally mixed in Avith his  penitence. The .Hedley Board of Trade  appear to him very unreasonable creatures  in  thinking that he had done  Camp, Hedley any harm by wreaking  his vengeance upon " Windy " in such  a Avay.as  to convey the idea to the  public that all the lode gold produced  in the Similkameen in  1906 was six  ounces, valued at $124*, and Avhile he  is laboring to impress them with a due  sense   of   that  unreasonableness,    he  turns about like a Aveather-vane and  takes them to task for their tardiness  in proclaiming the injustice done this  camp and the Similkameen generally,  by grouping  the returns of Osoyoos  mining division Avith those of Green-  Avood and  Grand Forks.    In fact,  he  considered  "Windy" his own legitimate prey and he was merely resenting  interference in any way on the part of  the Hedley  Board of Trade Avith his  inalienable  right to grab out handfuls  of " Windy's" sunny locks every time  an opportunity presented itself.    But  the paragraph in Avhich  the Record  editor defends the system of grouping  mining divisions is remarkable for several  extraordinary viewy.    He represents  the Hedley Board of Trade as  wanting to have the returns for Camp  Hedley published sepaiately.    What  authority had he for this mis-statement   ( because mis-statement it undoubtedly is, although he tries to make  believe that the Record is a paragon of  reliability)?   No such request is made  in the letter of the secretary which he.  publishes, and no other communication  Avas sent him by the Board.     It is  WINDING  UP  SEASON'S WORK.  Camsell's   Party   Break Up Camp This  Week���������A Faithful Season's Work.  Continued on Page Four.  After about four months of steady  Avork in Camp Hedley, the party of  the Canadian Geological Survey under  the charge of Charles Camsell, haye  brought their.field Avork in this camp  to an end for this season. '  About ten days ago they were visited by Mr. A. P. Low, the director of  the survey, who, in addition to the  duties of his new post as Deputy Minister of Mines, keeps in close touch  with the parties in the field, .and he  has some thirty of them out this season. It was of course impossible for  him to visit them all personally, as  some of them aie on the farthest outposts of civilization and the time that  Avould be consumed in reaching them  could not be spared. Besides, Mr.  Low's health is not Avhat it used to be,  the serious illness of last Avinter sapping some of the extraordinary vigor  which marked his exploring days; and  notwithstanding the extraordinary recovery Avhich he made, he is not yet  up to his old form.  During the season Mr. Camsell has  had valuable assistance from Messrs.  Allen and Hayes, the former being a  graduate of McGill and the latter an  undergraduate, Avho Avent back to  Montreal a couple of Aveeks ago to resume his Avork for the coming college  year.  The Avork in this camp this season  was carried on with a degree of dilli-  gence that could only be born of enthusiasm and pure love of the Avork.  From 7 o'clock in the morning until  often late in the, evening, they were at  it day after,day,, caring nothing for  the hours put, in, and only on Sundays  and an. occasional wet day could they  be.fourid at their camp. , Early in' the  season triangulation stilt ions were laid,  out and the survey of the camp began  in earnest. The difficult character of  the surface made it impossible for them  to coyer in -detail-all. the ground that  they expected to do, and the amount  done will embrace about tAvelve square  miles or ah area three miles north and  south by foiir miles east and west, with  the mouth of Eighteen-mile creek as  itti. south-west corner.  The thorough manner in Avhich this  area has been done can only be duly  appreciated by a look at the map (1,000,  ft. to the inch) in course .of preparation, on Avhich it is shown that the  whole surface is marked out in 100 foot  contours, and the tramways, glory  holes, shafts, prospect holes &c, all  accurately shown thereon.  In this area the geology has been  carefully worked out; and this has  been a pretty difficult task, OAving to  the numerous periods of eruption each  having a different effect on the sedimentaries, which are the oldest in the  camp.  To determine fully the rock constituents, Mr. Camsell has taken between  70 and 80 rock sections to be made into  thin sections or slides for microscopic  petrographical examination. Most of  these, sections Avere taken in close, relation to the ore bodies. The slides  Avill be made in Germany where that  sort of Avork is done uniformly and  cheaply���������two features that are most  important.  After leaving here Mr. Camsell will  go to Victoria and make a tracing in  the Lands and Works department of  the surveyed claims in the camp, for  plotting on his map, he being unable  to procure these locally. This shows  how far the province of British Columbia is behind that of Ontario, where  not only information of that kind  Avould he supplied to him at once, free  of charge, but a topographical and geological .map as well furnished, for the  Ontario government has its oavii geologists and topographers, Avho have  Avorked. out these points instead of  leaving the Avhole thing to be done by  the various parties of the Canadian  Geological Survey, and thus retarding  their Avork.  In all probability Mr. Camsell will  prepare, two reports of the season's  Avork, one dealing with general features, to be out about the beginning of  next year, and a fuller and more detailed report later on, when he has had  time to make full examination of the  rock sections after they come back  from Germany,  and after he has had  V. V. & E. CONSTRUCTION.  Contractor Welch Tells of His Plans for  Pushing the Work.  (Grand Forks Gazette.)  Pat Welch,- of Stewart '& Welch,  contractors, arrived in town Thursday  night on his return"-'from a trip over  the country Avhich the G.N. wjll' travel se from Keremeos to Princeton.  The contract for grading the 45 miles  betAveen these two places has been let  to J. H. Stewart, and Mr. Welch states  that they will have grading outfits on ,  the ground immediately, probably  starting with 500 men. ��������� Three miles  above Keremeos the road Avill cross  the Siniilkameen river to the south  side then back again by Ashnola creek  folloAving the north bank to just above .  Hedley where it recrosses to the south  side and keeping there till Princeton  is reached.  There will be a considerable portion  of rock work near Hedley and also  near the Princeton end. " I do not  anticipate much difficulty in securing  men," said Mr. Welch, "and we shall ������������������  be able to push Avork during the Avinter even Avith the pick and shovel men.  With good luck Ave should complete-  the grading of the whole section by  next fall and probably reach' Hedley  by May."  FULL OF TRAGEDY.  The Past Week Has Been an Eventful  One at Princeton.  On Thursd.vy last, a half-breed avo-  rnan-named Finlay, who lived near  Bromley's upper ranch nve miles from  Princeton, died very suddenly on the  road to Copper Mountain. The circumstances did not warrant the holding.of an inquest, and Dr. Schon, who  knew, her physical condition and Avho  made an examination after death, was  satisfied that death resulted from a  hemorrhage of the brain, and gave a  certificate for buria 1. Her husband,  who had been committed to the insane  asylum some time ago, died there  about three Aveeks ago. Three children  are left, but as neighbors Avill take  them in and the property is becoming  valuable they Avill be tolerably Avell-  provided for.  Suicide at McAuley Cakp.  On Monday night about midnight,  word came to the government office  that a man named McDonald who lived  at McAuley's camp  to the  south  of  Copper Mountain, had blown his head  off.   The man Avasin Princeton a short  time before.    He had been  drinking  heavily and Avas partially in delirium  tremens, and had seA*eral times talked  of. taking .his. own life.    GoA'ernment  Agent Hunter, after hearing the story-  brought in by the  men Avho had notified him of the  occurrence,   and after  consulting-Avith Dr. Schon Avhom  he  knew to.have been attending the unfortunate man a short time before, requested the doctor to go up and make  an investigation, if he Avas not prepared, to make out a certificate for burial  without it.    Mr. Hunter also arranged  Avith parties to go out and attend   the  burial of the remains.   No lumber Avas  aATailahle  for  nmking  a coffin   there,  and the corpse had to be packed about  6,000 feet up the mountain to gel clear  of staked claims.    In lieu  of a coffin,  he  directed  the. burial   party to Avrap  the remains in canvas and place poles  above and   below it in   thi>.  graA*e,   a  method  that is  frequently employed  in frontier life.  time to complete the mapping of all  the data Avhich he has Avorked out in  the field and Avhich is now contained  in his field notes.  To those of us on the ground who  are interested in these matters and  who have had an opportunity to observe the character of the work done,  the season's operations in this camp  haye been most gratifying. That the  party Avere unable to cover the amount  of ground Avhich they intended was  certainly no fault of theirs, but was  due Avholly to the magnitude of the  task imposed upon them and the absence of such assistance as the Geological Survey might expect to receive.  It is understood that the party will  return next year and Avork out the  balance uncompleted this year.  ! THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   SEPTEMBER 12,    1907.  fibe Ifcesffe MnW  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  ���������  Issued on Thursdays, by the IIkou'v- G.v/.kra  PlUNTt.VCi AM) I'irlil.lSlllNT. CO.MI'A.W.      '  Limitkii.   lit  Medley.  B. C.  KEREMEOS NOTES.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year '.' f...'.  --32.00  Six Months. ..-������������������;  I.WJ  ,   Advertising Rate5  ' Measurement, 12 linos to the inch.  Land Notices���������Certificates of mi provcinent. etc.  $7.00 for 00-duy notices, and $;->.00 for 30-day  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. ���������?!.()() for one insertion, '25 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one inch.  Hi cents per lino for lirst insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  $l.l!.-)* over 1 inohand up to 1 inches, $1.00  per inch pcriuonth. To constant advertisers  talcing larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will be given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  A. MEGRAAA', ManugJng fc'ditor.  Full Moon  ���������itst  Last quar.  ,  SJth.  1907  SEPT.  N'ow Moon  7th  First quar.  ���������.    nth.  1907  Sun. Moii. Tnes. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  i  ' s  15  22  29  9  10  23  30  3  10  17  21  i  11  ���������18  12  19  26  6  13  20  27  7,  14  21  2S  EDITORIAL  COMMENTS  The visit last  week, to  this riding,  of Hon. F. J. Fulton   and  Prof.  Carpenter, avIio  came in  to   investigate  the matter of irrigation, was regarded  with satisfaction by land-owners with  " whom irrigation  is  the all-important  question:    In fact there are few const ituencies in the province that would  be inore benefitted than   the  Similkameen, by any move on the part of the  provincial government  to inaugurate  a system   of irrigation   which   Avould  reclaim the large acreage of land, now  lying waste for want of means to  provide  it  with  an  adequate supply   of  Avater.     While  the   lmver Okanagan  valley has been fortunate'in having a  large poition of its land, fall  into the'  hands of a corporation like the Southern Okanagan  Land   Co.   which   has  grappled with the question in so effective a manner, there are nevertheless  many small ranche.ts whose means are  not sufficient to permit them to undertake the expenditure  necessary to put  water on their land.     In   the Siniilkameen A-alley too, the Keremeos  Land  Co. have done a great deal and have  under A\Tay   a   great  deal   more, but  there are many others who have broad  acres that could be made to yield large  returns  if   given   the   productiveness  that Avould   result   from   a  thorough  system of irrigation.    To  do  this the  government could obtain money cheaper and could   make arrangements* by.  which they could   get   it   back   from  land-owners   who would  thus   enjoy  the  advantage   of   the   better   terms  "Which the provincial government can  secure in the money markets.     "While  it is  not known just   Avhat   form the  contemplated   legislation  of the  government will take in reference   to  the  matter of irrigation, it is undoubtedly  encouraging   to   note   that   tht'A'   aie  going about it carefully and methodically,  and  Avhen   the  time   comes  to  crystallize into  legislation  the  result  of their researches, they  Avill   be  prepared to furnish parliament with  the  fullest possible! information as to acreage, cost of installing system, revenue  resulting therefrom,  and present legal  status uneler the; "Water Clause.-;  Consolidation Act, Avhich has been  found  in many instances to bo a A-ery  imperfect measure*, and a veritable bottomless pit  in regard to the complications  that may arise from it.  Win. Armstrong of Ollalla hits purchased Geo. Riddell's ranch near Sum-  nierside. -  The hist run of Royer's stage from  Oroville to Keremeos will be on  Sept.  loth. ,.'��������� ;  Report says that the first passenger  train by the V..V. <fc. E.' will be here  (in Sept.. loth.  Mr. Moves, of the LoAver Similkameen stage house has rented the house  ���������it Olalla formerly occupied by Mr.  Watson. He will take possession of  it next .week.  When Avill there be a .telephone office at the V. V. & E. station? Government work should not drag.  The Rev. Mr. Hibbert of Penticton  gave his Keremeos friends a pleasant  surprise on Monday and Tuesday .by  calling on'them. On Wednesday he  returned via. White Lake and Okanagan Falls to Penticton.  Mr. A. F. McDonald R. R. contractor came down from Princeton on  Monday and spent the Aveek at Keremeos.  Mr. Hugh Walker, by telegram received the sad news of the death of his  father in Goderich, Ontario. He was  S9 years of age. ,  Mr. Ewait, Provincial constable,  asked the residents of Keremeos and  district to meet at the Court House on  Sept.-5th at 8:00 p.m. to discuss measures to he taken to put the district in  a more sanitary condition. For Avant  of a quorum nothing could be done.  Are the property holders and other  citizens not interested .in this matter?  Another meeting will be called. Attend, or forever after hold your peace!  Mr. Kennedy, V. V. & E. Engineer,  Mr. Porter, contractor and Superin-  dent Morgan were in town on Thins-'  day.  Mr. Bain of the LiA*ery and Sale  stable, Oroville made a business trip  to Keremeos on Thursday.  ROyer's stage made the last trip from  Oroville via Fairview.  Barber Saunders is noAV prepared to  do business at Kirby's new hotel.  Mr. Cameron, foreman for the Keremeos Land Co. on the big water ditch  went south to-day. He intends to reside in Spokane.  Mr. Forbes of Hedley and \V. D. McMillan of Olalla," visited their mine,  .the. Apex, on Thursday, and Mr.  Forbes returned to Hedley on Saturday.  The P. O. department was, a little  out of line on Friday. The assistant  Avas absent of his own SAveet Avill, and  that sort of thing. His absence followed a somewhat disturbed state of  the atmosphere, and an over supply of  some things not consistent Avith. good  order.  Last Aveek some miscreant piled  planks and poles on the V. V. & E.  track about two miles below the bridge  over.the Similkameen river at Man-  ery's for the. purpose of wrecking a  train. There was some damage done  to a car but no person was injured.  It is impossible to fully characterize  such diabolical conduct,  Notice, of Forfeiture  i.  THE BANK OF  1907  To Joseph McDcrmott and any 'person or persons to whom ho may have transferred his  interest in the Edwin Fractional Mineral  Claim, situated on Nickel Plate mountain,  in the Osoyoos Divisibn-of Yale District.  YOU are hereby required to take notice that  I have expended for assessment and for recording certilicate of work on the above named  claim, S10-J.50, being the.expenditure necessary  to enable me to hold said claim, and you are  hereby required to contribute your share or  proportion of such expenditure together-with  all costs of advertising. If you fail or refuse to  contribute such amount, including advertising;  within SMI days of lirst publication of this notice  in the Hedley Gazette, your interest will become vested in me, your co-owner, under the  provisions of the "Mineral Act and Amending  Acts." -  Bated this 5th day of Sept., 1!W7. ,  3i-U GEORGE II. CAHILL.  ONE   OF   THE    OLDEST    BANKS   DOING    BUSINESS   IN   THIS  COUNTRY-5(5 BRANCHES IN CANADA AND THE U.S.  NOTICE.  Simii.ka.meknt Land Distkict. .  District ok Yai.k.  TAKE NOTICE that the Southern Okanagan  Land Company, Limited, of Penticton,  occupation���������la id dealers, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following described  land:��������� > ,  Commencing at a post planted at the middle  of the east- boundary of Section 21, Tp. 55, Similkameen ; thence south 20 chains; thence west  20 chains; thence north 20 chains; thence cast  20 chains to point of commencement, and containing forty acres, more or. less.  The Sol'tuek.n- Okanagan Land  Comi'anv, Limited.  per R. H. Parkinson, Agent.  Dated July 17th, 1907. SfiMO,  NOTICE.  H. STIKEMAN, General Manager  J. ELM SLY,   Supt. of Branches  Paid-Up Capital,  Reserve,       - .    -  $4,866,666  $2,238,666  BANKING   BY   MAIL  If Accounts of parties living at. a distance receive every attention.     II Deposit* can be  made through the mail, and suins added thereto and withdrawn at iiny'timc.  H Drafts issued, pnyitble at all points in Canada and abroad.  Hedley   Branch,   ���������   -   L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  Certificate of Improvements.  "APEX" Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale District. Where  located :   On Pearson Mountain.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Chas. deB. Green, as  agent for O. H. Cornell,'Free Miner's Certificate No. B59578. intend, sixty days from date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certilicate of Improvements, for the.purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the .above claim.  And Further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of July, A. I). 1007.  31-10 O. deB. GREEN.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  MASCOT FRACTIONAL, SKIPPER FRACTIONAL, BLUE GROUSE FRACTIONAL  mineral claims, and CALIFORNIA and  SPECULATOR Mineral Claims, situate in  the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale-District.   Whore located: Ln Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Duncan \\roods. of  . Hedley B. C, Free Miner's Certilicate No.  B 5532, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of .the above claims. '  And further, take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of August A. D. 1807  32-10  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN    HEDLEY, B. 6.  '���������   NOTICE.  METEOROLOGICAL.  Vancouver has disgraced herself  Avitli a riot. The most regrettable  feature of the incident Avas the insult  offered to the Lieut-governor. That  rash act will stand as a blot on the  fair name of the city for many decades to come.  The following are the readings sIioav-  ing temperature, etc., for the Aveek  ending Sept. 7th :  . AT THE JUNE.  Maximum        Minimum  Sep    1           '..          50 .. 40  2           ..          53 .. -12  8           ..52 .. 10  .  -1           ...          -I!) .. 44  5           ..          50 .. -15  C>           ..          50 47  7           ..02 .. 43  Average maximum temperature 51.12  Average, minimum do 43.  Mean temperature 4S.71  Rainfall for the Aveek    .7-1 inches.  Snowfall        "  COJ'KKSJ'O.MllNC'   AVKKli OK  LAST VKAK  Highest maximum temperature 02  Certificate ofImprovements.  "AVIXDFALL." "MORNING." "BIG HORN':  and "WINCHESTER FRACTION" Mii.i:  oral Claims, situate i n the Osoyoos Mining  Division of Yale, District. Where located:  In Camp Hedloy.'  TAKE NOTICE that we, F. T-I. French, F. M.  C. No. BouSD, and Geo. I-I. Caliill, F. M. C.  No. B , intend, sixty days from date hereof,  to apply to tho Mining Recorder for Certificates  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of tho above claims.  And Further take notice that action, under  Section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 17th day of August, A.D. 11)07.  31-10  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  THE LEADING flOTEL OF THE SIMILKAMEEN -MtOXlY  ��������� .    This house, is neAV and strictly first class -���������  in every respect, being equipped with all  modern conveniences ���������electric 'light, telephone, baths, etc.       : :       Rates moderate.  W. T. ATHERTON,  Proprietor.  MMflfflWIrMMBMM  1mijmM^u.ni.^Yrm-rfmVm  miiwvuiarnkMmiiuHirrifiWj&jSiNmiVMiTam  ^^^^^���������sw*-^^  *  x  K  x  K  K  *������  x  x  X  X  X  X   - AVHEN YOU HANKER'FOB  -Pork-or-Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poultry  CALL UP PHON.E; INo. S  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  BL, X EBMOWffi),  15 Efeaftcinr  I  s  I  X  X  X  rjpjpji)tow*wjpjw^j^  "AViiitf. G Koirsi-;" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located: Independence mountain.  TAKE NOTICE that I. William Dalrymplc,  Free Miners Certilicate No. B5(i(>S, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Coitilleateof Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  suction 37, must be commenced before issuance  of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated July Kith, li)07. 27-10  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  Average maximum  do  57.57  Lowest minimum  do  81  Average  minimum  do  ���������10.71  Mean  do  -ID.l-l  AT  Till  3 MILL.  Maximum  M  minium  Sep    1  74  40  2  01  47  3  4 ���������  71  78  47  40  o  V-l  -Jo  (i  70  40  7  81  ,  .  47  Average maximum temperature 73.57  A Average minimum do.        47.14  Mean ' do 00.30  Rainfall for the Aveek   .85   inches  COK'KKSI*ON.DIN(������ AVKEIv  OK I,AST YKAli  Highest maximum temperature SO.  Average do do       ^ 75.14  LoAvesb minimum do 40.  Average do do 40.14  Mean do 00.04  "COPPER CHUCK" Mineral Claim, situate in  the Osoyoos .Alining Division of Vale District.    Where located :   In Camp Hedley,  TAKE NOTICE that I. Charles E. Oliver,  Free Miner's Cortilinto No. UfASU, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tho  Mining Recorder f'ora Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  .Section 37. must he commenced before the issuance of such ('ertillcato of Improvements.  Dated this thirtieth day of .1 line. A.D. 1907.  20-Y0 ('HAS.  10. OblVlOR.  eremeos  STOP AT  ral Hotel  TWEDDLE <Sb REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "BEAVER," "BADGER" and "ORO PLATA"  Mineral Claims, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale District. Where  Located:   Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTfCIO that, Ave. I. L. Denrdorfl', F.  M. ('. Xo. M5r-73. L. W. Shatford. F. M. C.  No. BfloUO, and T. D. Pickard. F.M.C. Xo.B ,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a (.'ertillcato of  Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a.  Crown Grant of f he above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before (he issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 11th day of July, 1007. M>-10  V THE   HEDLEY. GAZETTE,., SEPTEMBER, 12,; 1907.  3  REVELYS  STABLE  Headquarters for all Stage Lines  Express Office in Connection  Your Avmite for Livery or Team  Work will bo attended to  by culling Phone 12.  W.   F.   REVELY,   Proprietor  Town and District.  I HOTEL  f HEDLEY  Established 11)00  I  Quiet and Convenient.  Special Attention Given  to the Traa'elijng Pumlic.  tar Rates  Modkkate. *ts*  D. G. HACKNEY  Prop, and Manager  I  ���������^*������������������������^^���������^f*^l^^?^fl^������'*^^^������**^������D"*^^^^*E'*^^f������^*S  COAL  When buying your heater- or range for Avintor  . be sure and get a coal  burner, to ensure com-1  fort and economy. ���������  -, VERMILLION   FORKS  MINING   COMPANY  W.   F.  Eevet.v,  Agent.  COAL  HOLLAND, FRENCH. AND JAPAN*  bulbs for fall planting!  Seed s-Trees- Pla nts  for the farm,. garden,  lawn or -  conservatory.  Reliable approved varieties,  at  reasonable prices.  Please bear in mind in placing your order  that our fruit trees arc not grown from  . cheap imported piece root grafts, but arc  budded on whole root seedling grown on  our.own grounds and from bearing trees  Bee Supplies,-Spray -Pumps and  Spraying Material, Cut Flowers,  etc.    CATALOGUE FREE.  Oldest established nursery on the main-  ''���������      land of B. C.       '   ���������'  .', Interesting cox-resporidence from  Fairview and .. McKinney is- unavoidably held oyer.        ' .'-?. ������.-'  ,_  M. J. Henry lias an important announcement to those planting out new  orchards. See his, ad. , in' another  column.  Mr. George M. Gilbert returned from  England last Aveek. Mining stocks, be  says, have declined very much in the  London market.  The seats were moved on Saturday  last from the old school building to  the neAv premises at the corner of  Kingston and Daly avenues.  ' Miss'Butler and Miss Henry, who  have been engaged in the Hotel Similkameen, left on Friday morning  for their homes in the East, Miss Butler going' to* Kent county, Ontario, and  Miss -Henry to Fredericton, N. B.  L. G. MacHaffie, local manager of  the Bank of B.;N. A. left on Friday  morning for the coast, on his holidays.  He intended, lioweA*.er, to spend the  greater portion'of his time at Winnipeg, Avhich woiild shorten his stay at  the coast.  '  Word comes.from Camp McKinney  .that Hughy' Cameron is removing to  Victoria, and that W. McKay, of Rock  Creek, is taking over the hotel at  McKinney. To former residents of  that camp it seems difficult to imagine  Camp McKinney Avitbout its old standby, Hughy Cameron.  Rev. Mr. Cameron's field* is so large  that he was nimble to hold service in  Hedley on Sunday evening. His field  takes in Okanagan Falls, Fairview,  Lower Similkameen and Keremeos,  and Avlien a trip is made to Hedley  some, of the other points are obliged  to lose a service.     '    ' -  Mrs. G. P. Jones and children spent  a.few days last Aveek 'with friends in  Hedley. The stoppage of the tramway  compelled her to remain longer than  she had intended, and  Avhatshe   re-  ' i  gretted most was in not getting back  in time to see her friend Mrs. Stone  before she left for Rossland.  The diamond' drilling Avhich has been  carried on uninterruptedly since April  on the Nickel Plate ^and other claims  of the group, Avas, finished, last ..week.  For a considerable part of the time  three diamond drills AA*ere in operation  and during the Avhole of the time two  Avere at Avork"! Mr. Stone, who has  had charge of the Avork left with his  assistants-last Aveek.  , Hiram Ihglee brought in  a load of  fruit'this Aveek from his-fine ranch in  White Valley, The A-jsitAvas thoroughly appreciated by sundry house-keepers in town.  ���������    ,       '...���������'  ���������H-'  i The commercial travellers are agitating to have Thanksgiving Day  changed from Thursday to Monday.  Next thing they'll be asking to have  the hangings changed from Friday to  Sunday.  Mrs. W. J. Forbes, Kingston Aye.  gave an At Home on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock, in honor of  her sister, Mrs. D. J. Innes of Keremeos, \vho, Avith her little son, is  spending a few days in Hedley.  Mr H. A. Hincks, of Vancouver  branch arrived a. Aveek ago to take  Mr. Irwin's place in the hank here.  The change is token advantage of to  give Mr, MacHaffie his holidays, Mr.  Irwin taking his place meanwhile,  and on his return will go to his new  post in Vancouver.  Mr. A. H. Kelly, of Nelson, B. C.  returned on Saturday's stage from  Princeton, and that afternoon took a  ride up the tramway to see the Nickel  Plate, which never fails to impress .the  mining man, and Mr. Kelly Avas no  exception to the rule, for he declared  that he Avould have been A'eiy sorry  to haA*e missed -seeing it. He Avent  out on Sunday morning, hut announced his intention of returning shortly.  The gravity tramway was out of  commission for a few days last week  to permit the installation of neAV head  gear at the central station. From  the A'cry first tho old gear at the central gave trouble, and every once in a  while the shaft was snapping in two!  This Avas generally believed to be due  to a defect in tha bearing of the bull.  Avheel which had not been bored out  truly.' The new bearing, it is-hoped,  Avill have no such defect, and being  much stronger and heavier than the  old one, will doubtless permit of handling a larger quantity of ore daily,  Avith a greater degree of safety.    '  IS  You Require  *  *  A REFRIGERATOR, an  ICE CREAM FREEZER  FRUIT JARS and  PRESERVING KETTLES  - r- ��������� The BEST place to get them is at ���������  "The Big* Store"  We have just received a new  stock of the . above goods.  Also ENAMELED WARE  of All Kinds.   =  gHATFORDS, LIMITED  X  FAI RV I EW   and  HEDLEY.  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  M. J. HENRY,, ,  3010 Westminster Road,      Vancouver.  Notice to the Public!  OWING to a rapid decrease in tho water  supply, it is necessary to begin economizing water to the fullest extent in oi-dcr that the  AVorlcs may be kept running throughout the  season. The Company requests, therefore, that  each user see to it that taps ai*6 kept closed  and that as little as possible is wasted on  sprinkling or irrigation.  SIMILKAMEEN AY. W. CO..  2fl-tf by F. A. Ross, Manager.  ~-%M<Xi>"!,?!\  srrs1?  ^S������������<f^'-V  m  it  m-  era  m  V  ^^^",A"rt'^^^"*J8*������^^k^"-*t^'J������it"<������l^������������i������5l9^i������"rt  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ! I  iiSliMf^l  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  K  X  K  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  K  X  K  X  *z  X  X  X  X  X  X  H  x  3*^-sjs&*35?  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing more bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Tabic and  bar   first - class.    Rates  moderate.  I'ETKRSON BROS & LINI),  Proprietors.  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ��������� Final arrangements were made last  Aveek between D. J. Innis and W. Hopkins for taking over the stables on  Webster street, and .Tas. Innis ig now  in charge. More driving horses and  rigs will be up from Keremeos this  week. ( S.ey.eral,working teams have  been oh hand for local teaming, and  part of their Avork has been that of  drawing fodder to the' barn.  Up-country papers report a very  successful meeting of the Okanagan  Rifle Associatiott' at Armstrong' on  Sept. 2hcl.:and 3rd. Individual prizes  were distributed'*among competitors  ancLS.unimerland,Avon, the team match.  Visiting marksmen Were entertained  at a smoker by the Armstrong riflemen, and a pleasing feature of the occasion was the presentation of a purse  to F..C., Wolfenden, the energetic sec-  re tary of the Association.  Many have been AA*ondering Avhat  effect the running of regular trains to  Keremeos, Avill luwo on the teaming  between here and'Pen'ticton... The Gazette avus. talking'tiki-other day to  Dougald Gillespie who is of the impression that for a. time it will disorganize matters for the teamsters. He  expects, however, that there will still  be sufficient freight forwarded by the  C. P. R. to warrant- the .continuance  of a. certain number'.of teams. Mr.  Gillespie has for many years been  hauling freight out of Penticton and  has numerous friends among business  men whose freight ho has been handling.  A novel match is proposed for  Thanksgiving Day, and if the members of the local ]{ifk> Association and  the Gun Club think well of it, the  alV'air may bo pulled oil", it is to h.-iA-*e  a match between the J{iflu Association  and the Gun Club, using both rifles  and shot guns. Avith eight or ten men  on a side. As a. number belong to  both, it is proposed to distribute these  ambi-gunsterons L'elloAVs over both  sides, allowing the secretaries of each  club to choose from them turn about-,  and toss up for first choice. The result of tho shooting it is proposed to  determine on the basis of percentages.  The match would furnish some aiiius-  ing features, as there is a possibility  that the gun club might beat the 11 fie  men in rifle shooting, and the rille association down the gun club at trap-  shooting.  This is to certify that I have-carefully examined the nurseries and stock  of-the Okanagan Nursery Co.. and find  the following results. The land is specially-adapted for the production of a  good root system, and by careful management this result has been obtained.  The several, blocks of' peaches I  found, to be Avell grown and exceptionally healthy, having a vigorous growth  and excellent foliage. These trees are  iioav of such size that they may be  safely transplanted to the places'  Avhich they are to occupy 'permanently, any time after the leaves fall.  The same remarks apply to*the varieties of pears and plums. I may say  that I have also looked particularly  for any sign of .disease either insect or  fungoid, and failed to find, anything  Avorth making note of.  In conclusion I may say they are  the healthiest lot of trees Avhich it has  been my goocl fortune to look over for  a very long time, and I take great  pleasure in recommending them to  any one AA'ho.'AA-ants local groAvn trees  for planting in this immediate neighborhood.  Mr. Curtis is, I believe, Arery good in  g'lAnng advice as  to  the pruning and  formation of the heads of young trees  Toar Wilson.  Keremeos New Townsite  Now Oh the Market. =  The V. V. & E. Railway Station Avill be in the  centre of the town.   .   -.  Now ,is the time to get your lots', before the first  train comes.up the  valley.       ...-���������'.... >   ..-*..  Choice 1,2 and 3 a,cre.lots all around toAVn site.  The 10 acre Fruit.lots are going fast,   Just it feAv  \left.   Noav is the time tp double your money.  For' Full Particulars Apply to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  J. J. Armstrong, Manager ; "    ��������� ���������  Toitvn Lots  f 100, $200  and $250  1, 2 and 3'Acre  Lots $300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  ������������������.. $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  CI*. Cummingfs  Hprse "Shoeing' A Specialty  11  WHEELWRIGHT  and REPAIR SHOP  Stand opposite  Central Hotel, Keremeos  County Court of Yale.  SITTINGS of the County Court of Vale will  he hold as follows, viz.: At Fraternity  Hall, Medley, on Thursday. October 17th, 11)07;  and nt the Court House. Princeton, 011 Saturday.. October I!Jlh. 1007: at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of ench day. By Command.  HUGH HUNTIOR,  35-til Registrar County Court.  THE  NEW-  ZEALAND  HOTEL  # # ������ ������- K  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  &*������4***������A*������****W*yi*WM������4a****W*������4*  TO HORSE BREEDERS:  AN YON K interested in fine horse flesh should  ' not fail to take advantage of tho " Fall  Season"���������from Sept. loth to Oct. 30th���������of the  Mbwilkivnieen A'allcy Coach Horse Association's  fancy Stallion,  "Diplpmat������e"  at greatly reduced rates (S3 leap. S8 season, or  ������1-' to insure). Owners are requested to bring  or send their mares to AV. J. Manery or arrange  to meet him at  Keremeos.  3-5-7 THE SKCRETARY.  Everiitliincj New and First-Class-  Bar supplied Avith the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the    Table.  *������  X  X  X  K  x  *>:  X  *:  X  K  x  X  K  x  *  K  x  K  H  x  H  x  K  *  x  K  i  THE  GpeatNortliern  flOUl'  Princeton  Is noted over the entire district for excellence of hoth tnhle  :   :   :   :       and bar.       :   :   :   :  All the wants of the travelling  public    carefully   attended    to.  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  St  X  %  X  %  X  X  I  i  NOTICE.  Simii.ka.mhk.n' Land Distkict.  District oi-* Yat.k.  TAKK NOTICK that I, .loscph Marsol, of  Olalla, occupation���������-rancher, intend to. apply for permission to purchase tho following  described land :��������� .   -  Comiiieiii'iiignt a post planted-at N.F. ebrn'er  of reservation, Keremeos Creek: thence west  10 ohi-fns. thence north SO chains, thence uast-10  chains) thenee south SO chains to plaeeof commencement. ��������� ''.    ,-'���������  :    ! .TOSKPH MARS Kb.  Dated Sept. 7th. 1!H)7. 35-10 THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   'SEPTEMBER? 12, ,',19(0.   .  Apologia recordis. r-'  Continued from First Pago.  merely an  unwarranted  inference on  his part, because the'secretary happened  to add  in  his letter that "every  ounce of lode gold  (of the Osoyoos cli-  vision ) caii be credited to Camp  Hedley,"  but in no case asks that Camp.  Hedley returns be published separately.  To do otherwise with the leturns from  Osoyoos division than that followed in  the present system of grouping would  not meet the. approval of the  Record,  and the reason he gives for Avith-hold-  ing approval   is  that  "when   there is  only one producing mine in that local-  -   ity"  it Avould   in his  opinion "violate  the spirit of the law which while making compulsory the.sending in periodically to the department sworn returns  as to mineral, production etc.,  forbids  the'publication of the information thus,  obtained."   Will the Record therefore  tell us whether  there Avere in the spr  called Similkanieen. Nicola.or Vernon  mining   divisions  in  19013 ' any   other  producing  lode   mines  than the little  prospect on the arm of Okanagan lake,  worked by "Windy," over������Avhic*h the  editor of the Record claps his hands iii'  glee because it only produced 0 ounces  ���������     of lodej. gold valued ut;'$124i  andi thus  enabled  him  to  display  more bf his  rietty   vindictiveness  towards  his old  victims'   It is a poor rule.that will.hot  .work   both  ways.    And  who around  the Mines department, pray, authorizes  the Record to state that " if it! (the  Hedley Board of Trade) apply for particulars  it  Avishes made  public,  they  .will not be  supplied by thegovernment?"   This seems a piece of- presumption on the. part of the Record  which demands calling down. .-  The   concluding   paragraph of   the  Record  article is 'devoted' to an overhauling of the Hedley Gazette, and in,  this partienhir portion;  the fit of bad  temper into Avhich the highly irascible  editor had Avorked himself was very,  apparent; but that did not justify the  dirty little personality altogether foreign to the subject, Avhich was dragged  into gratify' his A'indictivenesSi   The  first broadside for the Gazette Avas the  accusation of a mis-statement on our  part in saying that Avhile the Record  had taken one part of the mines-report  to show that Similkameen, Nicola and  Vernon1 had prodned only 6 ounces of  lode gold,  worth $124,  it ignored another Avhich showed  that the Nickel  Plate at Hedley had produced 35,000  tons in 1906.  The Record says it didn't  ignore it,'becausg the information:was  in  type for ��������� the June issue hut Avith  other matter had  been   unavoidably  held over for next month.    Well, next  month's issue was not out until the  last Aveek in August, and the Gazette's  charge of ignoring appeared on August  8th;   but of course  the editor of the  Gazette,  being omniscient,  should be  expected to knoAv aboutamonth ahead  Avhat the Record is going tb publish-;  thanks for the delicate  compliment.  The next is the assertion that the Record  " is too careful of its reputation  for reliability to descend to such  tactics as the Gazette."   Will the Record  be good enough to point out a single  instance in which the Gazette has overstated'or misrepresented the condition  of any. mining  property in the'whole  Similkameen electoral district?    Neither,  of course,  could the Record be  accused  of giying unreliable mining  news of the Similkameen, for it rarely,  if ever,  publishes anything.   But the  crowning offence of which the Gazette  has been guilty, is in saying that Rock  Creek and Camp McKinney are in the  Similkameen electoral district.    Well,  are they not? We undoubtedly thought  so at the time of the last election.    In  that article in  which the mining properties of Similkameen electoral district,  and what they  had produced,  was given,   avc were careful to explain  clearly the difference between the Similkameen   electoral   district  and   the  Similkameen  Valley;    No rogue nor  loose,  use Avas made of geographical  names, and Avhere the electoral district  Avas meant it invariably said so, using  the Avord   "electoral" no less than six  times in the article.   Yet this in the  jaundiced vision of the head-achy, dyspeptic editor of the Record was done  with deliberate intent to deceive.   Deceive  whom?   Was the editor of the  Record deceived thereby?   And if he  survived  the fancied snare surely he  doesn't imagime  that there is anyone  else dull-witted enough to fall into any  trap over it.    Why doesn't the Record  reproduce  the  article Avhich it finds  fault Avith and let its readers judge for  themselves, instead of being asked to  see it through the bilious-colored spectacles of the Record.   Had  this been  done,  its  readers would have had for  once a lucid, reliable picture of mines  and   mining   operations   within   the  bounds of the Similkameen  electoral  And  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is .situated the famous, "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and.business  centre of the  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Make  ikameen  the iiOAV mining district Avhich has already been proven, by a  small amount of deA'elopnient Avork, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of      .      .    ; ' .       .  HEDLEY is the chief .toAvn on the route of the-'proposed/;  <Coast-Kootenay Raihvay;   and Avith the advent of this roiid,  Avhich is assured in the near future, -it will unquestionably  become a large and important city, and toAvn Tots aa-IU bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ^hwmii-w^^  Scott Ave. (main st.) ....  ............. $400 to $600  Other Streets'... '.;."...,''."."..  . .' ..-i:";. ..; v.$260 to $400.  .������������������;';I fciI\lY125;... ���������  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at;  the rate of ft per cent;  For  Purchase a few l������ts before the Railway Comes  For Full F*������ii-tioi4l������irs, Maps Etc.*  ��������� fllF������f=l--V   TO-  L. W; SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  district,- Avhich they hiive never yet  had.  The niean personality dragged into  the discussion, Ave had intended to deal  with but halve been advised by former  friends of Mr. Jacobs to ignore, on the  ground that they believed he had des-  cended-to that in a spirit of anger and  pique itnd was  now himself ashamed  of it.   Before consenting to iet that  feature of his attack'^ pass; ��������� Ave Avishi  hoAvever. to knowhow much he wishes  to convey bv it.    If he thinks that because the   expenditure  of  a  limited  amount of money on a property in the  manner directed by the officers of the  company owning it,  has not resulted  in making it a producing mine, that is  sufficient reason" why he should  endeavor to hold up to public derision  the person in charge, who has merely  done to the best of his ability Avhat he  Avas told to do, then there Avere several  proteges of his in the Boundary and  elseAvhere in the province Avbo should  have been treated in like manner. But  if he has any charges, either of dishonesty" or incompetency,  to make concerning the writer's connection A\rith  mine management iii Camp McKinney,  now is the time to make them. At the  same time also it Avould be well 'for  him to specify anything of which'he  himself has  made a conspicuous success,  since coming to this  province.  When the character and capabilities  of the editor of the Gazette are ta"ken  alongside of those of the editor of the  Record, it will he seen whether personalities such as he has  indulged  in  are  in order, for the record of his attitude  towards  the mining industry in  the  Boundary at a time Avhen  the  Boundary needed stout-hearted optimistic  friends instead of pessimistic .sneering  knockers,   is   well   knoAvn;    and   no  amount of slobbering over the mines  of the Boundary noAV,  will wipe out  the memory of those times although  he may think he has lived it all down.  If this straight talk is  unpalatable  to  him he can thank himself for  it, and  know that it > is only part  of   what  is com ing: to him.-  Do your Boots and Harness  NEED   REPAIRING  If so, take, them  to ShatfbuVs  Store, to be sent every Monday   to ���������  C. V. PROSSER  HARNESSMAKER  and SHOEMAKER  Keremeos,  =  -   B. C.  Special and  Prompt xVttcntion  given-,  to Hedley and Princeton Towns.     33-4  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that all parties are  forbidden to enter upon or shoot game ' on  these premises.  31-10  GEORGE H. CAHILL  NOTICE.  *  if".  X  '���������&  x,,  K"  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   MINING   MEN.  TABLE and BAR FIRST-CLASS.  RATES MODERATE.  Prank  B.McArthur,   -   -   Manager    .  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  DlSTltlCT OK Yajjs.  'TAKE NOTICK that I, Frank Reynolds, of  ���������*       Keremeos, occupation surveying, intend  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���������  Commencing at a post planted about 500 feet  cast of Ashnola creek about 2i miles south of  Indian Reserve No 10, thence south 10 chains;  thence east 20 chains; thence north 10 chains;  thence west 20 chains to the point of commenco-  mont.and containing SO acres more .or less.  GEO. KIRBY, flanager.  Aug. 12th, 1S107.  FRANK REYNOLDS.  31���������10  Try  .^vs-vx-txvtK*.  First Class in Every Respect.     Commercial and Mining  Headquarters of the. Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Prihceton  Stage  Line. ���������  KEREMEOS,  B. C.  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  Okanaaan? Goileae  ==*===������= SUMIHERLflrHD, B. G.  ^ CHRISTIAN SCHOOL for young  men and -women, situated amid  surroundings beautiful and inspiring; and in a community of  exceptional- moral strength. Regular  course for University Entrance. Thorough Commercial' Course. Special  advantages for Music. Competent In-  . structors. Well appointed building,  tastefully furnished, heated with hot  water; provided with bath rooms ond  improA-ed sanitary arrangements.  Terms Moderate Fall term opens on  October 1st. For further particulars,  addrosH the Prinoipal at Summerland.  fe. Wi SAWyER;J^incipal  TO THE.  Travelling FoOlic;  If you want a  good stable  and prime feed  for your horse  : : call on  : :  SAM'L D.HINE  Livery & Feed Stable  FAIRVIEW,   -   -   B. C.  r  PENTICTON LIVERY  FEED and STAGE STABLE  ���������ESTABLISHED 1903:  J  Fine New  Covered ��������� Stage  Carrying:  Royal Mail, Passengers & Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton  Special Rigs for Travellers, and Every  Attention Paid to Wants of the Public  W. E. WELBY  PROPRIETOR


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