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The Hedley Gazette Sep 16, 1915

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 V��   Wa*H5*Ci
Volume XI.      Number^.
52.00, In Adva5
��� '  U/atchmaker
GIOGks and Watches for Sale.
N.Thompson ' phon-e-sevmour 591'*
'   mow. western canada
, Cam'mell Laird & Co. Ltd.
Steel Manufacturers
Sheffield, .Eng.
Ofllces and Warehouse, S'7-63 JBcatty Street
Vancouver, -B. C.
.   A. F. & A. M.
REGULAR, monthly meetings of
Ilcdlcy Lodge No. J3," A. F. & A. M.,
aro held on the second Fiiday in
each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting-,
brethren are cordially invited to attend.
.   . W. JVl .. Secretary
L. O. L.
The Kegular    meetings of
Hedley Lodge 1711 are held on
the  first and third Monday in'
every month in the Orange Hull
Ladies meet 2nd and i Mondays
Visiting bi-ethern are cordially invited
A. .T. KING, W. M
; C. P. DALTON, Sec't.
British Columbia Land Surveyor
Tel. No. 27
P. 0. Dkaw-'i- 100
B. C.
Z.      t    it .?.* *** w    *,   -      ���.
Sees Future
For B. C. Mining
P. A, O'FarrclI, whose authority on
mining matters is considered to he that
of an expert, and who is in Spokane
on business, in au'interview regarding
the* mining- outlook in British Colum-
hiaappears unusually optimistic as to
the future, and has tin's to s;iy :
"British Columbia mines will boom
as never before.
"Canada is determined to foster
every branch of the metal mining in-
el ustry.
"Great Biitain has given the; Trail
smelter contracts for all the zinc, lead
and copper it can proeluce in two years
at eminently satisfactory prices.
."The Canadian Pacific railway, has
decided to make the Trail smelter the
equal of tbe greatest reduction works
on the Ameiican continent."
Mr.' O'Farrell has just completed a
tour of tbe Kootenay mining camps in
the inteiest of the Canadian Pacific,
whose plans i'or thequick development
of the metal mining industry he is engaged in advancing.���Phoenix Pioneer
Hedley People Fay
. Visit to Verjion Camp
Healing that the njen of the 51th,
Battalion were slated .to leave Vei nbn
in the near future, snu'-'u of our Hedley
people decided to go up and see them,
pei haps for the* hist time till the 'war-
is over. Two auto-load|. were- made up.
G.P.Jones   taking eight   people and
Prank French five.       *
Tho party consisted iof Mr. and jNIrs."
G. P. Jones and Gomejr. Mr. and Mrs.
Beit Jones and 'Henry, *Mi'.-. Knowles
and Miss Miller, Prank Fiench. Paddv
Murray, Grant Knowles. Tommy
Bother ham anel Billy McDougail,
The trip was made- in about eight
hours running time, a Stop being made
at Peachland for lunch.
Nortliport's Boom.
Continues to Groiv
6 *"!.-"
".l/L/a'lt-er<Glaytom ���
B. C.
J. HOWE, flanager
Roller Skating on Tuesday and Thursday
each week, from 8���10:30 p.m.; admission
25c, skates supplied.    Mondays from 2:30
to 5 p.m. for ladies only, free.
Also open for Dances and Other Engagements.
Bar and Table the Best.   Rates Moderate
First Class Accommodation
JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor
I Grand Union f
I HEDLEY,  British Columbia %
���^  Bar Stocked with Best Brands
of Liquor and Cigars
X' Rates���$1.50 a Day and Up
X  First-Class Accommodation.
ft. A.   WINKLER,     Proprietor
&'" '
x ���
All kinds of fresh and
cured meats always oh
hand. Fresh Fish on
sale   every   Thursday.
I R. J. EDMOND, Prop. I]
Northport-is a husy place these days.'
The big lead'strilce anclthe rcconstru-
trori work going on at the ,olel   North-'
Roy Young, one of the owners of the
Electric Point, near Northport, the
mine where the big 40-foot ledge was
discovered in July, on which work
was started last month, says that the
showing is looking better th:*n over.
Seven miners are employed and they
have opened the big shoot to a depth
of 2-f- feet, incidentally taking out 800
tons of ore.
The carbonates, which constitute
about half the ore extracted, run from
H4 to 41 per cent in lead, and the galena around 79 per cent, it is reported.
As soon as Hie wagon road Mr. Young
is now, building to the mine from the
country road along Silver creek is
completed, he says, he will be able to
ship a large tonnage to the smelter.
He; has posted "Not for sale*' notices
at the mine to try to get rid of would-
be purchasers.
Jerome Day, of Moscow, Idaho, is at
Northport, directing the work of restoration at the smelter. Work is progressing with a force of about 90 men.
No more will be put on until the
material and machinery oelered begin
to arrive. '
Most of the vacant business houses
in Northport are being occupied, and
one grocery, one drug store, one pool
hall anel two restaurants and lodging-
houses have been added. Meist of the
long vacant cottages have been occu-
by families, attracted by either the
opening of the high school or the resumption of the work at the smelter.
The Broderius' block anel the North
port Drug company's building arts be
ing repaired and repainted, and the
business section generally is assuming
a prosperous air.
The entire pilrty visited the camp
and have some intei es'ting news to tell
ns. The 5+tb Battalion is without
doubt the finest bunch of men iu Vernon anel the Hedley hoys, arc amongst
the best in the Battalion."
The inon aie all conleaitefl and happy despite   the fact..that   they have to
��� .  . ���   1
sleep   on blankets, laid   on   the   bare
giound, mattresses or straw to make
thorn, not having been issueel to them,
hut as they hope scon to leave for the
Old Country, theyaie not kicking at
all at their pi (-sent lot, and', indeed in
the waim weather, they feel it is not
at all had. All are eager for the front
anil the expei iences that lie. just before them.      ., ''J;   'V ""**'' '���-&"��� ���-���i-*"
* .   ,      .    j.      ^    .   ..uP.fin..vj
Vernon, is the busiest   place in" tire
���*��� 1  ,     -i.-"*. Yi "*"���*'   s    ,''���  -.v*.--*7   ���   .
interior at present.1'' Tlie He'tlley'.par.ty
saw the men at werk. They.are housed in wooden buildings, are well feel
and have nothing whatever to complain of, in fact seem to be well contented and happy.
Among Hedleys old time fellows
who were seen at Vernon are Dicky
James, Tripod Harry, George Pierce,
Mark Donnelly and Bobby Bartlett,
the latter is the drummer in one band
anel bugler in another.
During the time that the party weie
at Vernon the men were engaged in
practicing for the grand leview which
was held yesterday for the Governor-
General of Canada, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Connaught. In this
review the 54th took a prominent
The impression given to the Gazette
in conversation with members of the
party, was, that they are very proud
of our boys and of the* Battalion aud
are sure that they will make a name
for themselves at the front.
��� 1
Billion dollar loan for Allies in United States is said to
be. near completion. German-American opposition has little
effect.    Issue to pay 5 per cent.      * '"        ,
Balfour says British air service and defense against aero-
plane, attack are being built up more rapidly and can uoav'
compete with enemies air service. ���
Three million men   have enlisted in army  and 8,000,000
I   ** ��/ t i
. * *' "���  . " ���
are at'work on munition  says Ascjtiitli.
'Kitchener-says Germans have almost shot last bolt.
Russians   rout two towns . iiv Galacia menacing   enemy
****- .*
Hanks.    Austrians hurled back with loss of 33,000.
Von Hindenburg's advance in north is blocked.
Austrians open attack on some parts-of Italian line.
British aviators carry battle into air above German lines
and,inflict heavy losses.
An Open Letter
To Women of Canada
Ten of Penticton's finest sports' passed through last night on the way to
Aspen Grove for a hunting excursion.
They came in two autos and had
on board all kinds of airuinition and
shooting irons besides baggage. The
party consisted of Messrs Jos. Markle,
D. J. Mclntyre, J. Plaskett, Dr. H.
McGregor, H. M. Ramsey, Chas Burt-
ch, Art Thompson and Mr. Nicholson.
Divine-Service' will be conducted in
the church on Sunday, Sept. 19th at
7.30 p.m. Subject:���Christian Science
or' Mental Assassination, a Physical,
Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual Peril.
A hearty invitation is extended to all.
^J   Preacher R. G. Stewart
Under the direction of the Hon. the
Minister of Lands, an attractive
pamphlet entitled "British Columbia
Timber" has been prepared for distribution among the buyer's in overseas
markets. It is intended to draw the
attention of importers overseas to the
forest products ot the province, and
especially to the facilities for exporting British Cslumbia lumber. Consisting of nearly forty pages, and containing nearly thirty illustrations, the
pamphlet treats of the principal exportable woods, their equalities and
uses, together with information concerning their strene-th values, and
suitability for various uses.
The following letter concerning the
need for fighting men, is andressed to
the women of Canada, hy the National
Committee of Women for Patriotic
Service, Toronto.
A year ago the thunderbolt* of war-
fell 'upon us out of a clear sky!: After-
tlie first' moment--,of sin-prise and con--.
1 *. * j    ' *' -- ' ���        ' ���
fusion;' had passed. ,��� we asked, /'How.
'can we help?"   '-. ,'V  ���,
u-jw^t-'j. i-frg-^rifc ���: y\rrir^ltkirlttsr~x*?i
that question has found many answeis.
The trained nurse quickly proved her
value. Other women weie* called upon
to organize and direct Red Cross and
St. John Ambulance work or Patriotic
Societies, while all gave time or money
or personal service in prepai ing supplies.
To comparatively few came the need
for the supreme sacrifice���the sending
forth of husband, son or brother to
the fight. The first appeal for volunteers was limited anel did not appear
very urgent. All honor to those who
hear and obey the earliest call of Empire and whose women sent them
forth with pride to fight in the front
rank of the Canadian forces.
Today the situation has changed.
We have learnt, after a year of war,
that our task is harder', our danger
more real, than we thought a year ago.
We have "given" gladly, now we are
called to "give-up," and service'must
fulfil itself in sacrifice. Most'.. urgent
of all today is the call to give up ungrudgingly our -husbands, sons and
brothers. We are called to create in
our homes such an atmosphere of self-
devotion that our.' men and boys may
feel their resolution' to offer themselves in their country's service is simply
what we expect of them.
This does not mean that women
should be constantly urging their men
to enlist, for it is doubtful, if the patriotic persistence of a wife or mother-
would proeluce anything but a reluctant and resentful recruit. The men
of Canada have not shown themselves
less patriotic than their women; but it
is for us, the women of Canada, to ask
ourselves whether our self-sacrifice is
falling short of tho supreme test.
Are we making it hard or easy for
our men to obey their country's call to
service ?
Why is the call so urgent now ?
The answer is simple:   it is because
our existence as an Empire is at stake.
We went   into the war   to keep our
solemn pledges to our Allies ; and this
reason still   holds good.
But there are now other reasons -
Which did not exist a year ago. Belgium with her ravaged land .-uid,exiled
people ciies aloud for jin-tice. What
do Canadian women say to the appeals'
of her outraged women and mutilated
children? They have sulTered i'or us:
what are we willing to sufiVrfor them?
The women of Fiance and Russia
and the* United Kingdom have long
ago hejud .the appeal to  give up, their
-men,", "inel,'' havev   lcspondedl   nobly.'5
What* will'Cuuadian'.women elo ?, ''    * -
;';.J3eyon,d. the keeping" of our pledgeel
���~     '"J""-word,\"Ulie.woe;> of- Belgium,  and the
example ot our ATVie'sj tlTeTcTcomes' To
us today the knowledge that we are
called on to fight our own battle; not
to send help to Belgium or France or
even England, but to fight for our own
national existence. <���
We are told by the men who know
that we cannot win in this war without more men.
If we hold back our men we are
courting defeat: and defeat means, not
a vague misfortune to the Empire at
large, but the very practical result of
a Canada governed by Germans.
Do we want to. know what that
would mean ? Then let us look at Belgium, and learn how the yoke- of the
conqueror galls the neck of a freedom-
loving people. Defeat would mean for
us a period of bitterest shame and discontent and then���another war. Can
we risk it? We are risking it if we elo
not make the path of service easy for
our men.
But 'the'-most' compelling call for"
sacrifice rings out from the graves of
those who on the fields of Flanders, at,
Langemarck, and Ypres, and Festu-
bert, have blazed the trail to glory
with their life blood.
Can we make their self-surrender of
no avail by holding back the men who
would take up and complete their
splendid task?
Theie is a saving which is losing: is
it worth "saving" our men from death
if we lose their respect? There is a- loss
which is gain: evs-n though we learn to
face "Despeiate tides of the whole
great world's anguish, Forced through
the channels of a single heart."
We are called to scale the gleaming
peaks of self-sacrifice,   in the company
of our   brave sisters   of the Allied, natrons.
What will .the women of Canada do?
R. J. McDougail, of the Penticton
Herald, came over with H. A.'
-Inrner Sunday, the former took Monday's train to Princeton and returned
by rail to Penticton, The latter ic-
turned Tuesday by auto.
*'U*; -St-i- ,5^1
.-*,.-; THE HEDIEY GAZETTE. SEPT.  10. 1915  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in Advance  ���������"or Yew  .S-'.OO  . -ioO  "   ( United Stales)   Advertising Rates  Measurement. 1- lines to the inc-li.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. SI.(XI fo-.' one insertion. 25 cent* for  each Mibsequent insertion. Over one Inch,  10 cents per lino for first insertion and a  cent- *"i-r line I'or ciieh subscqucnt'lnsert ion.  Transients nayiible in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  SI.25: over I inch and up lo I inches, SI.(Ill  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches on  application, rates will lie [riven of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  C'crtillciito of Improvements '.SIO.OO  (Where more than one claim appears  in notice. Si.,10 for each additional  claim.)  A. B. S. STANLEY, Editor  La.-t.'Mi.-ir.  1  New Moon  (I  First (mar.  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And it is  the   spirit  against   which   the  Prussian war lords must vainly  struggle   with  waning   powers'  till their inevitable doom."  Singular unanimity exists in  the religious press of the Dominion and the United States  upon the duty of the British  people to "wage this war ��������� until  the horrors of Prussia nisni have  been rendered impossible of repetition.���������Colonist  Whiles all parts or" the British  Empire arc vicing with each  other in the matter of sending  the greatest number oL; troops  to the defense of the sacred  cause of the Allies, Ireland's  showing in this (���������'���������*"mection is  particularly noteworthy.  "When the comparatively  small population of Ireland is  considered tho statement that  120.7-i-l of the young men have  volunteered for the great European war .must be considered a  fairly good showing.  According to the census of  1911 Erin's population, which  has been steadily declining for  three-quarters'of a century, was  then-4,381,951 and it is possibly  even less now. Of this total it  is doubtful, because of the emigration of workers, if more  2,000,000 are males, and of this  number it is safe to say that  one half are too young or too  old for army service. There are  then left 1,000,000 men, roundly  calculating, of the proper age,  and of these one in every eight  has gone to the front.  If Canada had done as well,  relatively as Ireland has, we  "would have more than a quarter of million men. with the colors.���������Creston Review.  A   NOBLE TRIBUTE  "Recently an American woman writer published a powerful denunciation of Prussianism  and the ' Catholic Record thus  commented upon it: .  And the words of this free  American woman admirably  typify the spirit of the whole  British race towards the German menace. This is the spirit  that fires the hearts of the millions of brave men and women  from Land's End to John  O'Groats; the spirit that animates Ireland and her dauntless  sons, and Scotland from the  Lowlands to the Highlands. It  is the spirit of liberty and modern progress, as opposed to barbaric, despotism and the customs  MINING NOTES     \  Manager A. IT. Perkins, of the To-  roehi Development Oo. came in from  Spokane JMonday evening, going over  to the camp that night. Mr. Perkins  is doing things at old Bodie and will  he ready for publicity soon.��������� Cliesaw  News.  The mining industry in this section  is on the upward ti end, especially so,  since thu purchase of the Northport  smelter has been confirmed. The re-  snmptipn.of ni.in ing ..will,und oil hi edly,  bring about better conditions for everybody.���������Marcus Messenger.  With a laudable effort to afford assistance to prospectors, the Dominion  department of mines now offer lo conduct ore tests free eif charge. The  samples, however: must be sent carriage paid anel care must be-tnken to  forward the parcels to Ottawa aiid not  Victoria.���������Phoenix Pioneer.  It is thought by quite a number* of old  time prospectors and others that Kaslo  will some clay rank among the big copper camps of British Columbia. The  indications on True'Blue mountain, to  the south of the town, give grounds  for this belief. A large iron capping  cuts across the mountain and it is said  to have all the earmarks of a copper  vein. It is thought that this is the lead,  or a piece of it from which a quantity  of high grade copper ore was glory-  holed out on the True Blue claim in  1S9S, but the main vein appears to be  difficult to locate on that side. It is  much -more clearly defined on the  south side of the hill, where the Kane  claims are located. The surface rock  is all iron, anel the opinion is that development upon it will open up a big  copper de-posit. Another hill close to  town showing indications of mineral  possibilities, is Kaslb Mountain, just  across the lake. Upon this bill is located the huge Leviathan lead; which is  also iron cupped, but carrying gold  values neai'tbe surface. Near the summit some early day prospecting was  done and another big iron leael exposed assay of some of the rock being reported as carrying gooel values in gold.  None of these are poor men's propositions, but they might repay some investigation by capital.���������Kaslo liooten-  aian.  The following notes are taken from  the Grand Forks Gazette:  One of the eight; furnaces at Gran by  smelter which was down for a fortnight was blown in again on Wednesday.  Shipments of ore from  the Gran by  mines at Phoenix to the Grand Forks  smelter during August were 103,002  tons, making a total of G0S,4-10 .tons  shipped during the first seven months  of the year. ,  Four teams have started hauling ore  from the Western Slur mine, near  Ghi'saw, Wash, to tho. railroad for  shipment to theB. (J. Copper Co. smelter at Greenwood. A crew are sinking on tin* ore on this property.  F. M. Sylvester, assistant general  manager of the Gran by Consolidated,  a'nel O. B. Smith, general mine superintendent, arrived from Vancouver  Wednesday on short visit to their  Grand Forks and Phoenix properties.  It is expected they will visit the Gloucester group at Franklin camp, which  Lbe ("ranby recently bonded, before  their return to   the coast.  Gran by Co. have lot the work of  driving the 'tunnel on the Gloucester  group in Franklin camp to Contractor  Black, who has taken his outfit in and  is now preparing to push the development, along. It is expected that, work  will start shortly on the construction  of a wagon road from the main highway to the Gloucester.  A quarterly dividend of 3 percent,  and an adelitional dividend of two percent has been declareil on tbe outstanding capital stock of The Hedley  Gold Mining Company, -12 Broadway,  New York, payable Thursday, September 30, 1015, to stockholders of record  at 12 o'clock noon, Saturday, September IS, 1915. Transfer books will not  be closed.  The Convenience of a  Joint Account  A JOINT Account may be opened" in the  names of two or more. persons. Whichever one can most conveniently reach the bank  can then deposit the joint funds or withdraw,  the cash needed.    It saves time and trouble.  78 Years in Business.   Canitaf and Surplus $7,884,000.  Hedley.Branch       -       -       C. P. DALTON, Manager,  HEDLEY GAZETTE  JOB DEPARTMENT  pritmiimiMig^jwiaig^WRiiqpAMUKBfjiMij  t'mMlJMWMMMlM.  WHEN YOU ARE IN NEED OF-  William Stevenson, placer miner- on  the SimilkameeMi river, about a mile  above Princeton, .was found deael in  bed in his tent last Sunday Sept. -I.  The body was some'whnt decomposed  and showed no mar!- of violence*, the  arms being Folded across the breast as  if iu peaceful slumber, when death  came*. He was well known in Kaslo,  Spokane and Pent ic-ton. Among his  effects we're found bank books' show-  ng deposits in the* Bank of Montreal  at Spokane and Penticton and in the  Royal bank at Grand Forks the trital  being about $1,000, besides cash of  $75'.and $10 in gold dusLand platinum.  Constable* Pritchard had charge, of the  body, which was given burial, Rev.  Griffiths officiating. Coroner McCaffry  did not hold an inquest,'tlie' deceased  evidently having died from natural  causes. Stevenson had been here since May mining-, is said to be a, native  of Ulster, Ireland, and about 51) years  old. .       .   The Spokane Interstate Fair   is on  thin week.  Letterheads  Billheads  Envelopes  Statements  Meal Tickets  Milk Tickets  Ball Programs  Posters  Dodgers, Dates  Circulars  Invitations'  Business Cards  Bills'of Fare  Memo Heads  Butter Wrappers  Visiting Cards  TRY US == WE GIVE SATISFACTION  UNDER   NEW   MANAGEMENT  Rooms   all  Thoroughly  Renovated.  Cuisine under direct control of the  Manager, who has had twelve years'  experience in the Old Country.  None but the best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.  Your patronage respectfully solicited  GOOD    SAMPLE    ROOM  NOTICE  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  QEALKI1T1"NDKKS, superscribed "Tender  for Hedley School," will be l-ceoivcd by the  Honourable the Minister of Public Works up  to 12 o'clock noon ot Tuesday, the 21st day ot  September, 11)15. forthe election and completion of a one-room addition to the school-house  at Hedley. in the Similkameen Electoral District. B. C.  Plans, specifications, contract, and forms of  tender may be seen on and'after the 1st. day of  September. 11)15. at the offices of Mr. .1. li.  Hrown, Government A Kent. Fairview; Mr. .1.  Mahony. Government Agent, Vancouver; Mr.  L. Xori'is, Government AKont, Vernon; Mr.  S. L. Smith, .Secretary to tho School Hoard,  Hedley, I!. I'.; or the Department of l'ublio"  Works. Victoria. J! U.  IntendiiiK tenderers can obtain one copy of  plans and spocillcutimis of the above school  by applyinp to the tmdorsiKned with a deposit  of ten dollars (S.KH. which will be refunded on  their return in good order.  Kach proposal must be accompanied by an  accepted bank cheque or certilicate of deposit  on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable  to the Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, for a sum equal to 2U per cent, of tender, which shall bo forfeited if the party ten-  derinK decline to enter into contract when  called upon to do so. or if ho fail to complete  the work contracted for. The cheques or certificates of deposit, of unsuccessful tenderers  -will be rrturned to them upon tho execution of  tho contract.  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  District of Yale  TAKE NOTICE that George Edward  Tennant, of Vancouver, B.C., occupation  Broker, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following* described lands:���������  Commencing at .a post planted forty (40)  chains north of the*, southwest corner of  Indian Reserve No. 2S99, about four miles  south ol" the confluence of Stirling Crook  and Similknineen River, thence eighty (SO)  chains south, thenco twenty (20) chains  west, thence eighty (SO) chains north,  thence twenty (20) chains cast to point  of commencement, and eontainiug One  Hundred and Sixly Acres.  Gkoroe Edward Tenxant.  Dated 15th day of June, 1915. 25-10  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing lana, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  NOTICE  Certilicate of Improvements  Orecox,' St. Bkrxard, YVixciikstkr and  Savacjk Mineral Claims, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. Where located: On Sixteen  Mile Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that L.W. Shatford, I-I.  A. Turner, T. D. Pickard and F. I-I.  French, Free Miners' Certificates No. 93,-  216B, 93226B, 90777B, and 93217B, intend  sixty clays from date hereof,  to apply to  Tenders will not be considered unless made I the   Mining   Recorder  for   Certificates of  out on the forms supplied, signed with the ac- i Improvements, for the purpose of obl.ain-  tnal signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in  the envelopes furnished.  The lowest or  any tender  nor necessarily  accepted.  .7. K. GRIFFITH,  Deputy Minister and Public Works Engineer  Public Works Department,  Victoria, B.C., August 2(ith, 1915. 34-35  ing Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 11th clay of June, A. D. 1915.  22-9 F. H. FRENCH, Agenl.  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations  COAL mining rights of tho Dominion, it  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  tho Yukon Territory, tho North-west Territories and in a portion of tho Province of .British Columbia, may bo leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of St an  acre. Not nioro than 2.500 acres wi bo leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be nmdo by tho  applicant in person to tho Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must bo described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in imsurvcyed territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out y the applicant  himself.  Kach application must be accompanied by  fee of ������5 which will be refunded if the rights  applied for aro not available, but nob otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchant  able output of tho initio at the rate of five cents  per ton.  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting forthe full quantity of merchantable mined  and pay tbe royalty thereon. I ��������� coal mining rights are not being operated su returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include tho coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for tbe working of tho  mine at the rate of ������10.00 an aero  For full information application should bo  made to tho Secretary of tho Department of  tho Interior. Ottawa, or o any Agent'or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. AV. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-L'nauthori/.ed publication of this advo  tisoineiit will not be paid for. (16m  A L>  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, SEPT. 16. 1915  TOWN AND DISTRI6T  O. H.   Carle was a visitor   to   town  Monday and Tuesday.  0. A.   Thompson and   wife left   for  Oroville Monday for a short* visit.  Mr. Bronton, who has been here for  some time tuning pianos, left Monday  for Keremeos.  .- Notice, was posted Tuesday that the  Great Northern Bail way Company  would inaugurate the thrice-a-week  service* again ��������� for the rest of the year  and until the coast connection was  complete. The demand for service to  take care of the fruit shipping was the  excuse for putting on the daily service  and the company claims to have oper  ateel it at a loss.  The editor and his wife were the  guests of Mr. and Mrs. Winkler for  ���������Sunday dinner.  Roy Porritt, a miner of Sal mo, came  into town Monelay.anel promptly laiiel-  ���������ed a job at the mine.  W. Slattery.a miner.-from the Brrt-  tania mine is in town renewing olel acquaintances among the miners of this  camp. ,  'Joe Goodwin passed through Hedley  ��������� 'Tuesday, with a   brand new Ford machine   which he   was delivering   to   a  ���������purchaser at Greenwood.  John Cosgrove was in town Monday.  ���������John says he has emit betting on the  horses, till the next time. But he'll  pick a winner next time.  II. G. Freeman was a visitor to Penticton Tuesday for the purpose oC  meeting and bringing home Mrs. Freeman,.'who has been in Moosejaw for  some,time,;. getting over an attack of  appendicitis. -JThey arriveel home yesterday morning. George Riddle's auto  service was the mode, of transportation  used, a service which is becoming  more popular every elay.,  *"���������      THE   FORUM       i  ���������ii,;   m  if, ��������� n\  if, ���������    A Column,For All the People      /ii  \K '        -*?>  **.i'-2:-2'2.-2-2'2--2:-2'*5-3'-2-3 -������.*2-25'5'2.-5 B's.-"!.**^'  The Gazette will be pleased (o publish letters  from it-, readers on all questions of public interest, provided tlie writer gives full name  and address. Tlie letter may be nubli-licd  under a' noni do plume if so desired. In no  case will the editor bo responsible for the  opinions expressed and does not necessarily  endorse them. ,  Nat Darling an old timer, and now  cigar salesman out of Vanvouvcr, anel  Al Campbell,. liquor salesman from  the same .little hamlet, paid our big  city a business call Monday, but met  so many old friends in this metropolis  that they were induced to stay over  for Tuesday also. The olel boys all  like to get back to little Hedlc-y for-a  visit.  Grand Forks Annual. Fall Fair will  be held on September 28 and 29, and a  very fine program of events and prize  list has been prepared.  ��������� George French is confineel to the  house suffering' from an attack of  rheumatism, bub under the eloctor's  ���������care hopes to be* around in a few days.  H. S. Votaw. was a passenger to  ���������Spokane, Monday, where he expects  to visit for about a week. Charlie  will have charge of the ollice in his  absence.  Frank Sophy, an- old timer of this  ���������district returned Monday, anel made  provision for the winter by landing a  job on the ranch, of Mine Ho.-**t Wink:  ler, a snug berth.  J. A. Schubert, of Tulameen, passed  through Monday on his way to Vernon to visit his son Bert, one' of the  boys who enlisted from, Heelley. It  was the decision of Bertie Schubert  which seoineel to break the ice and  make it easier for some of the other  boys who wanted to. go, but-didn't  have the courage to bo the first'one to  start, and Bertie was the starter.  Neil Houston, a placer miner, well  known in this elistricfc, is shaking  hands with his numerous friends in  Hedley. He says Hedley looks as good  to him as any place he has eeen.  Mrs, Meirhofer and nephew left  Monthly for a visit to heroic! home in  St. Paul, Minn, from which she has  been absent for about twelve years-.  She will visit her sister and numerous  -friends, anel does not expect to return  for about six weeks.-  Old Joe, the German', had the misfortune to fall off the sidewalk and  bruise his right arm, he tried home  treatment, applications of hot water,  very hot, but the result was nil, so he  finally went to Dr. McEwen, who now  has him iixed up and well on the road  to recovery. But Joe does not like tin*  ielea of going to the hospital. There is  no canteen at that institution, anel  Unit"his Teutorric~soul sorely "craves.  *  Last Thursday Keremeos,held its  annual flower show. Owing to the  change of schedule on the Great Northern line our Keremeos correspondence  was delayed and we are unable to announce the winners of the various  prizes in the show. We are able to  state, however, that the show was a  greater success than ever, the attendance well up to record anel the returns a very satisfactory quantity.  Little Marguerite Jones met with a  very painful accielent Saturday when  she fell on a rock near the house and  broke her wrist. Dr. McEwen was at  once called, and set the injured member, anel little Margeiirite is getting  along well  towards recovery.  Subscribers to the gun fund are requested to hand in the amount of  their subscription to the secretary of  the Patriotic Funds- Committee, 0. P.  Dalton, in order that the amount may  be made up and the* books balanced as  far as this fund is concerned.  Tommy Melville, who fell from his  horse Labor Day and broke his.collar  bone, gamely stayed by the races to  the end and won the turns-take race,  was finally persuaeleel to go to the hospital where he was attended by Dr.  McEwen anel left the next day for his  home at Keremeos.  The announcement is maile that the  recruiting offices aro now accepting  men of the class who cannot qualify  for overseas service, for the purpose of  'home defence. A considerable number of men will be used for this service  uneler present conditions and if the  United States becomes involved in the  war, it is more than likely Canada  would need quite a few men to protect  her borders from the ravages of the  Germans who are now held in check  across the line.  S. E. Hamilton returned home Monday, having spent some months in the  New Manitoba   gold fields,   so called.  The trip   certainly elid   him good  in a  physical sense, as he is now 25 pounds  heavier than when he went'away. His  report on the location up there is nothing to go  wild about,  although he a limits that there is gold there, in places  and in quantities   where,   to his mind,  eleve'lopment would  be difficult, if not  unprofitable.    There are fellows there  who   make   bigger   claims   anel  who  show some wonderful samples, but the  interests   who would do   the development work   are not   taking  them   up  very rapidly.  The Pas Board of Trade  is spending   good money to   boost the  place, but   what little good   mineral is  there would   not offer very   much inducement to a big company to elo anything   with it.    There is   a section   of  the country he would like to look over  again when oonelitioris were more favorable for prospecting  work, a section  which so far has been practically overlooked.    So -many   claims  are   staked  but not recorded   that it is  discouraging to a. new comer.  NOTICE  Church Services are  changed to the  winter season hours  7.30 p.m.  Notice!  Having made arrangements to take  over the Hotel Similkameen, all accounts owing by the late manager  will be paid by me, and all accounts  elue to him will be collected by me.  (Sgd.)  William Bryant.  Editor, Hedley Gazette,  Hedley, B.C.,  Sir:���������Still floundering in a, morass of  unproven statements, the Rev!   R.  CI.  Stewart renews his attack on Cht istian  Science in last   week's  issue.     Surely  he must know that the intelligent public will demand   more   than  his  mere  dictum   or   slanderous   aspersions   to  convince thenr.    His criticisms utterly  fail when analyzeel jind in face  of  the  fact that those people whom  he  characterizes as fools and being   fooled   by  Chi istian Science,   embrace  ministers  of all denominations who have accepted the teachings of this world wide re-  ligionj   farmers,   doctors,   merchants,  army officers,   working  men,   college  professors, journalists,   senators,   judges, nurses, lawyers,- etc.,   have  found  the truth as expouneled and  practised  by Jesus,   through  Christian  Science.  When a minister is so bumptious   and  bigoted as to elenounce these as   being  fooled, there' is danger,  of" his  pride  taking the deserved fall.'  The reyerenel, gentleman, as with  many.unscientific critics, takes a few  words from Science anel Health, as  follows: "Evil is nothing, page 330,"  "the unreality and.^jiothingness of  evil," and from these oases a tirade of  illogical denunciation.  The Bible states that God made all  and all that He made was good. He  could not make evil. Anything that  He did not make is not real, is nothing. What is-evil or devil ? Jesus  said elevil or evil, personalizing it for  illustration, is a liar and the father of  lies. Thus only truth is real. A lie  can have no real existence because  God made all and all He made was  good. "A lie lias its origrnin ��������� the c.-ir-  iinl, human, mind, not in the Divine  mind. God is Spirit and He made  man in His own image aiid likeness,  therefore man i-* spiritual. The carnal, matter mind is at enmity with  God and the flesh man or dust .man, in  which it.is active is subject to sin,  sickness and death, but the believing  man, made in God's image, is immortal. "It is the Spirit that quickeneth,  the flesh profiteth nothing."  Reading Science and Health prayerfully and  carefully is  not enough,  it  must be read intelligently.     Its spiritual interpretation of the scriptures has  caused an unparalleled demandfor the  book,  four  hundred 'thousand' copies  being sold in a short time after  publication   in'- 1876.      Christian   Science  churches are rising rapidly in this and  every land anel when  built   are   filled.  Its practice of primitive  Christianity  as Jesus taught, will end   wars,   bring  in the* true  brotherhooel  of -man  an!  hasten the coining of   everlasting joy.  Jesus   proved   the    nothingness    of  matte when the stone  t-olleel  away  at  tho grave, when he feel the*   multitude,  when he fasted forty days in   the  wilderness, wln-ii'bis body vanished while  the disciples gazed.     Even some of our  present day   natural  scientists  affirm  the nothingness of matter.      Spiritual  things cannot be discerned   by a  man  steeped in matcrialiMii, who   worships  other gods anil puts faith   in   material  remedies.    Jesus nevei   used 'medicine  and His command was to heal the sick  as He (lid���������through   I he   power  of divine mind.    The historian Gibbon and  contemporaneous writers of the second  and third centuries  record   that  heal^  ing was performed as  Jesus  did   until  the teachings of Hippocrates and Acs-  culapius gained the ailboience of those  who fell away fiom the Christ method.  Every known disease   has. been   cureel  WITH the present increased cost of living it is <$  really a serious question.    Ii; you can get n, J  few more loaves each bake day, would you not be a  prepared to ac least try tlie flour which guarantees ������  this result----OUR BEST.    So why not order a sack J  next time?  and if you don't like it���������if it does not a.  suit  yon���������we   will   cheerfully   refund you   tlie  full ���������$  purchase price. J'  ��������� v  CREEL MAN & LYALL   l  "STORE OF QUALITY" ���������'���������  ADVERTISE  IN THE  GAZETTE  mighty work where it existed, and  so  it is today.  . Concluding let me quote: I Cor. 2:14,'  '���������But the natural "man receiveth not  the things of the Spirit of God; for  they are foolishness unto him, neither  can he know them because they are  spititually'discerned." Those ministers pretending to teach the scriptru es  are thus referred to: Luke 11:52���������Woe  unto you, lawyers, for ye have taken  away the key of knowledge;' ye will  not enter in yourselves and thenr that  were entering in ye hindered."  J. M. Wright.  ',  PAINTING  PflPER-fiflNGING  KflLSOMINING  TERMS MODERATE,  DALY AVE.  uwu������mi������MB.yi.uinj������iji  tlEDLEY, B.C.  jBMk-riBST-CWajfiUWfla'BIBI  What Will Happen  in the Near Future  Reunion of the Kootenry Old-Timers  Association at Nelson, September 23rd.  Nelson Annual Fall Fair, at Nelson,  September 23 and 2-1.  Grand Forks Fall Fair, at Grand  Forks Septenber 2S and 29.  Patriotic Smoker in the Opera  House, Hedley, probably on Saturday,  September 25-. Watch for surer announcement.  The convention eif the Western Canada Irrigation Association will be held  at Bassiino, November 23 to 25.  TUg Nickel Plate  5arDer_SH0D'  SATISFACTORY, SANITARY.  TONS0RIAL SERVICE.  This shop it equipped with  Baths and all the latest  Electrical   Appliances.  W.T.BUTLER, -  Prop.  SUNDAY DINNER  ������������������ at the ���������  Similkameen Hotel  Soup  Poulette n, la Renie  Fish  Boiled Halibut, a la Victoria,  Entrees  Boiled  Sugar-  Cureel  Ham,   Chouvert  Cream Salad  Strawberry Jam Tarts  Clam Chowder an Crotons  Roast  Leg of Pork, Apple Puree  Loin of Beef, an Jus '  Spring Chicken with Dressing  Vegetables  Puree  of Potatoe a la Palouse  Baked Navy Beans  Dessert  Apple Pie Lemon Pie  Mince Pie  Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce  Tea Coffee Cocoa  American Cheese  KEIiEMEOS-PENTlCTOI\T    ^  ROYALMAIL STAGE  Auto Leaves  on  arrival  of 9.30  and 4 o clock trains.  Baggage arranged for.  TWEDDLE'S   AUTO     STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  ST. JOHN'S CHURCH  ���������ANGLICAN���������  Services 2nd (Morning) and 4th (Evening) Sundays in the month  Additional Services as  per announcements.  G. D. GRIFFITHS, B. A., Vicar  PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Services   every   alternate Sunday   at  8 p.m.  Pastor, R. G. STEWART  NOTICE  Notice!  Notice is hereby given that it is forbidden to trespass with firearms on  the following- property: Lots 3-167,  3.I0S, 4SS, 370, 2G7S, known as the Camp  Rest ranch. This notice is final, and  hereafter- trespassers will be prosecuted. G. II. CAHILL.  through the ministrations of Christian  Science   practitioners. Where    the  Christ method of healing is faithfully  applied there! can be no failure. Because of unbelief   Jesus   could   do   no  REWARD!  ������  Liquor Act, 1910.  (Section 49.)  A reward of one; hundred dollars,  ($100.00), will be paid to any person  giving information that will lead to  the airest and conviction of the party  who shot in the windows of my house  onLot207S. Shooting was elone between A o'clock Monelay, September  (Ith, 1915 and Friday, September 10,  1915.  Bullet holes in table and other fixtures shows the ride used to be of  large calibre.  Signed, G. H. CAHILL,  Hedley, B. C, Sept. 11, 1915 35-36  NOTICE is hereby given that, on the  6th day of September next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the transfer of the licence for: the sale of lieiuor  by retail in anel upon the piemises  known as the Stinilkameeii Hotel,  situated at Hedley British Columbia,  from Frank Dolleinore to Willainr  Bryant of British Columbia.  Dated this 6th elay of August 1915.  FRANK DOLLEMORE,  Holder of Licence.  WILLIAM BRYANT  Appicantfor transfer.  Travel by Auto  Call up Phone No. 12  IT A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    IT Orelers for Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  PAlflCE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables   ���������- HKDLEY   B, C.  Phono 12. D.J.   INNIS Proprietor THE HEDLMY GAZETTE. SEPT.    16. 1915  KEREMEOS  Owing to the culling oil" of the train  service our correspondent-/ failed to  connect anil we arc com pel led to hold  over the report of the llnwi-r shorn and  Other news items.  Tribute to 'British  Columbia Timber  W. C. Ditnui.is, of Vancouver,  is visiting* with W. H. Ariu-  sti ong- at his splendid residence  Hnoiendn.  W. LaRoso has opened the  barber shop here and is already  ���������working np quite a business.  He is going to improve the  place and will he in a position  to give you the very best service in tonsorial work, baths,  etc.  A. Morrison is   worthy of the  highest   commendation for the  splendid   example he has* set in  the matter of fencing and beautifying of lu's property.   He has  made a.ll tho  posts of   his fence  of concrete to which the wire is  attached and then the posts are  whitewashed.      Besides     being-  most   durable and   in the  long-  run cheaper, they certainly look  good.    Tho   approach     to    his  house he has   built up  and em-  banked,   the   face   on the  embankment   being-, finished with  inumerable round   faced stones  which give  it a .very  beautiful  effect.  TEN  YEARS  AGO  (From the Hedley Gazelle of Sept.    \  1-lth, 1905.) \  The Nicola Herald announces that  Otter Flat will be a Great Northern  divisional point.  .      The V. V. & E. have cleared off con  siderable right of  way a.t Midway and  are 'grading,'but lack of men is retarding the work rather seriously.  Dr. Whillans is putting up a new  house on Scott Avenue across the  street.and a little further east than his  present resilience  Miss McQuarrie   is the new   teacher  ; for the Nickel   Plate school.    She was  expected in this week.  W. J. Manery, of. the lower Similkameen was in town last week. He had  no insurance on his out buildings, and  the loss in buildings stock and grain  would amount to fully $2,000.  The Vermillion Forks Mining Co.  are calling for tenders for hauling 500  tons of coal from Princeton to Hedley.  The bids are to be sent to Mr. Waterman at Princeton by the 30th.  Extra labor is coming to the assistance of the contractors on the Midway  end of the V. V. & E. and work is going ahead faster. Laborers are coining  in at the rate of about fifty per elay.  Work has been going on steadily for  the past week in putting in the telephone exchange. New poles that are  considerably higher have been put in,  in place of the olel. The exchange is  expecteel to be in operation in about a  week or ten days more.  Don't forget the hospital meeting on  Saturday night in Fraser's hall. The  committee will have full information  to lay before the meeting and the  work e>f organization and thus finally  launching the institution will in all  probability be gone through with.  There should be a large attendance.  The following bulletin has been sent  out by the Forest Bi .inch of the Department of Lauds:  The central part of the greatest forest iu the world is in Btiti-di Columbia.  This forest, which extends from California to the Bel ing Sea, and from the  Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains,  eoniains the* largest trees known, and  the epuility of their wood is unsurpas-  seel. British'Columbia's chief industry  is the mannfactine   of I'oi est products.  The timber of Eastern Canada, while.,  varit'el and valuable, is not suitable for  all purposes.  It is British Columbia's place to supply the rest of Canada with any lumber that cannot be produced locally.  The Eastern Provinces each year  purchase many million feet of Southern Yellow Pine and other lumber  from the States, yet Biitish Columbia  Douglas Fir is better for any purpose,  anel Mountain Western Pine, Western  Larch, and Western Hemlock are particularly suited for many purposes.  Western Reel Cedar shingles, siding  and linish fear no comparison.  Instead of buying imported material,  buy Canadian lumber.  Instead of using hnporteil material,  specif}* British Columbia lumber when  ordering fioni your elealer.  British Columbia has a wood for  everv use.  Royal Victorias  Nyal, Patterson  --and some splendid  Gliocolates in bulk.  fiedleu Drue & Book Store  |" Hedley, O. C  AtuMua*  A!l'Our. Women's and  Huren &  SEE THAT IT IS  -���������������������'&''*-2''3>^20S^  | OF   INTEREST  TO |  |  ft  Poultry Raisers |  ft  The Southern States are entirely on  the side of the Allies in their sentiment." declared Mr. F. G. Tabh, director of the -American National Bank of  Richmond. Va. Mr. Tabh is one of the  party of New Vork bankers who arrived in the city last evening by  special train on their way to the- convention of the American Bankers Association at Seattle. "'We are more,  perhaps,, closely in sympathy with  Great Britain and her Allies in their  struggle for human liberty than 'other  sections of the United States. Our  forefathers came of the Cavaliers of  England and the people have never  forgotten the stock from which they  sprung.���������News Aelvertiser.  I  a  Clip this advertisement from  the tied ley Gazette and mail  it to us totlay. In return we  will send you, without charge  generous samples eif our famous Chick Food and Growing  Food in order that you m-iy  test their wonderful values.  State name and address aud  nearest post ollice, also name  and  address of vour elealer.  The VANCOUVER  MILLING. ������  <\NY. Ltd.* H  H and GRAIN COMPANY, Ltd.  ,���������  b ft  sj Vancouver, B_ C.             9  b '                h  rnving  fiiBBi-----sCT*-----ai**aa^^  wwmiilmwriayjjrm������amiiimmCTtmmvaiallj������h  <o  NOTICE  LAND ACT  ifc'orm Xo. 11)  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DlSTIUCT OK YALE  TAKE NOTICE that Haliburton Tweddlc,  of tho town of Keremeos Centre, B. C��������� occupation fanner, intends to apply for permission to  lease tho following described lands near Ashnola Crock:  Commencing at a post planted about two  miles South of tho South-east angle of 33. A.  Hargravo's pre-emption. Record No. 671S,  thonce West forty chains, thence South forty  chains, thence East forty chains, thence North  forty chains to the place of commencement,  containing ono hundred and sixty acres more  or less.���������-Located August 17th, 1915.  H ALLIBURTON TWEDDLE,  Applicant  Dated September 8th. 101;"'. 35  NOTICE  LAND  ACT  (Form No. 11)  SLM.IL1CAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DisTitrcr ov vale  IS A SPECIALTY WITH US  "Rough on Rats" clears out Rats,  Mice, etc. Don't die in the House. 15c.  and 25c. at Drug and Country Stores.  Keremeos Fruit and Vegetables  BARLOW &��������� CO.,  Growers  Are handling a full lino of Fruits   and  Vegetables in Hedley  lA/atch For Our iRig:  TAKE NOTICE that Ilaliburton Tweddlc,  of the town of Keremeos Centre. 13. C, occupation farmer, intends to apply for poi-mission to  lease tho following described lands near Ashnola Creek.  Commencing at a post planted about three  miles South of the .South-cast angle of E. A.  Hargrcave's 'pre-emption, Record. No. (!71S,  thence West eighty chains, thence South  twenty chains, thence East eighty chains,  thonce North twenty chains to the place of  commencement, containing one hundred and  sixty acres, more or less.���������Located August  J7th, lillf).  IIAL1 BURTON TWEDDLE,  Applicant.  Dated September Sth, lfllf' .'!3  ���������$  <*������  4^  AVE You ever considered  the quality of your -work  from the standpoint of careful  type composition and efficient  proofreading ? The reputation  of this house for good printing  has been established through  accuracy and attention to the  little details. Send your printing here and we will do it right.  For a Good Haircut  and Shave  BATHS  IN CONNECTION  R. MILLIARD   =   Prop.  B. C.  ���������A


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