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The Hedley Gazette Sep 15, 1910

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 [)  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VI:  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1910.  Number 86.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  .'.'   DENTIST  [IS years' practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -    -B..C-  K. C. BROWN  DAKRISTKR and SOLICITOR  NOTARY PUBLIC, F/rc.  PRINCETON,  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist .Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Barnes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate,  Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of .Canada.  ���������  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Columbia Firo Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  ..'��������� Alliance Insurance Co.  London & Lancashire Firo Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C.  Grand Union  Hotel  HEDLEY, B. G.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  HEDLEY BARBER SHOP  Two Doors North of Bank of B. N. A.  HAIR   CUTTING   A   SPECIALTY  Razors Honed.  Hot and Cold Baths in Connection  W. T. BUTLER.  A. F. & A. M.  frGt-y KICGULAR monthly meetings of  *--*** Hedley Lodge No. Hi, A. K. & A. M.,  aro held on tho second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting-  brethren aro cordially invited to attend.  W.  H. T.  GAHAN  Barrister,   Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  Murk  , PENTICTON,  Block  -      -       B. C.  ���������s  Comprehensive and Accurate  Write-up of the Nickel Plate  Mine and Works  AROUND THE WORKS  Machinery Coming In   and Installation  Going Forward��������� Busy Getting  Ready for Winter  HE LIKES THE TOWN  STATXWTS  ALL WITHIN FACTS  Mine and Works Both Dealt With By  Competent Writer ��������� Improvements  Under Way are Also Noted ;  W. J. FORBES  W. M  H. D. BARNES,  Secretary  K. A. C. STU>������  HAROLD  MAYNE DALY  STUDD & DALY,  Members Vancouver Stock Exchange  Real Estate,   Insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  72S Hastings Street W  Opposite New Post Olllce  P. O. BOX llOli  Vancouver, - - B. C.  11. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  11AItllLSTEE, SOLICJTOli,  NOTARY I'UJJLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  (Mining and Scientific Press)  (Continued from last week.)  The ore passes from the lower trani-  way tipple  to two jaw crushers  by  which it is reduced to li inch size,.and  is conveyed then to the mill bins, having  the capacity  of 1000 tons.     The  crushed ore ,passes   automatically to  the four 10-stamp batteries made up of  1050 lb stamps.    Formerly each stamp  dropped 6 in, and 106 per inin. Within  the  last three months such  changes  were made as to give the stamp a 1\  inch drop and 90 per inin.     The result  is said to have been an  increase in the  crushing   capacity   of 600    tons per  month   for the  40  stamps,   without  making any change   in   the   screens  which are 20-mesh.    Certain  installations of new equipment in the mill are  being made without interrupting the  regular operations.     When  the new  equipment is ready the batteries will  crush to only 16 mesh, the pulp wili,be  classified 'by 8 Bunker Hill   screens,  the coarse  product to be concentrated  over 8 corrugated belt vanners; the  vanner tailing will be pulverized to  100 mesh  in a 100 ton Gates tube-mill,  haying Montana-Tonopah lining.  The  tube-mill product will  unite with the  fine'.'from  the  Bunker   Hill   screens  (which  runs  less  than  60 mesh), and  after   being   rcground   will   pass   to  classifiers   and hydraulic   si/.ers;   the  coarse from  the latter is to be concentrated on  16 smooth-belt vanners, the  fine from    the/'steers   passing  to   10  Deister tables.     The middling   from  these  tables is to  be reconcentrated  over  two other similar tables.     The  tailings   from the   smooth-belt    machines  will pass to the sand vats; the  tailing from the Deister tables to the  slime vats.    This shows the method of  separating the sand from the slime.  No part of the sand will reach  the  leaching vats coarser than 60-mesh.  The cyanide plant, as formerly constituted,  provided for leaching the sand  12 days in the upper vats and 14 in the  lower,   but when   the   new   methods  shall be in use, by the time this is iir  print,  there  will  be only  the single  treatment of the sand, and the proportion of sand will be but 25 per cent  of the whole.   The plan is to collect  the slime in four 200-ton settlers, from  which it is  to be pumped into six 200-  ton agitating tanks, wherein mechanical agitators aro to be used.   The gold  solution  is to be decanted from   the  agitating  tanks and  treated  by  two  Merrill precipitation presses, in which  zinc dust is  used.    The slime residue  in the agitating tanks���������that remaining after   decantation���������will   pass   to  two  Oliver1 Milter presses, the solution  to  pass  to  the precipitation presses,  and   the  caked "slime  into  the river.  There is  no crushing  in cyanide solution, the first cyanide, being introduced   into   the sand  vats  and   into  the  agitating tanks.    Under  old arrangement and  methods  from   15 to 20 percent of the total saving has been made  on  the  amalgamating plates,  55  percent  by  concentration,  and   the  balj  airce by cyanidatiou.     Since January  1,   1010,   the  total  extraction reached  98 per cent.    Discarding  the amalgamating    plates  is   being   considered,  though   this  may not be done.    The  concentrate product, the base of which  is arseno-pyrite,  amounts to 200 tons  per- month and li'iis high in gold.    By  coarse-crushing in the stamp batteries  followed by regrinding, it is estimated  that   the   capacity  of the   mill  can be  increased from 160 to 200 tons per day.  The  consumption of cyanide   per ton  of sand and  slime treated amounts to  !, lb., a.nd  costs l()c per ton.    The cost  of  mining and  nulling,  as shown by  the last   three months  operating, was  a little   less that .$5.00  per ton  of ore  treated.     Recent experiments  led  to  Continued on 1'nge l''uor  A carload of motors and other electrical equipment from  the Westing-  house Co. for the Hedley Gold Mining  Co. came  in last week.    The building  over the Oliver filter presses has been  all closed in and the new corliss engine  is almost set up and  ready for the  steam.     This  week! they, are getting  ready to raise the  big smoke stack for  the new boilers.     This is no light job  as the smpkestaek is 80 feet:long"and 5  | feet in diameter and is set upon breeching supported by masonry.   All possible .speed-'..-is'- being made   with  the  work of installation to get everything  housed rind in  working order- before  winter sets,in, but the delay in getting  the machinery sent forward  by the  manufacturers' is"'"proving' a   serious  draw  back.   Most of this machinery  was contracted for early in the spring  but'some of it has  not yet been shipped.  Editor of the Oroville Gazette Tells of  .      His Labor Day Visit  K. V. OPERATIONS  TO IMPORT GAME BIRDS  Prairie Chickens   to  be Secured  From  Manitoba to Stock Districts  Taking advantage of the provisions  of the Manitoba Game Act in this respect Hon. Dr. Young has communicated with  the  responsiblt!  minister .of  the sister province requesting permission  for   the  securih.s-,   through  the  chief game warden of Manitoba, of a  number b/f thebirds^ jfiiiid)inimals indigenous to the prairie province.   It is  expected that this step is preliminary  to the introduction  of a considerable  number of prairie chickens   for   the  purpose of  stocking   those   areas of  British Columbia  favorable for their  development in numbers and strength  The Columbia grouse,' more generally  known  as the prairie chicken, shares  with the grey goose the honor of being the great game  bird of Manitoba  and there are many districts of this  province in which  undoubtedly it can  be acclimatized successfully, to prove  o. valuable addition  to the great game  asset of British Columbia.  HONOR THE FLAG  In Future the British  Ensign Must Have  First Place in Procession.  In Winnipeg hereafter there will be  no processions in which people; can  display all kinds of notional flags  either excluding or relegating to the  background the British flag.  A recent bylaw states that iir every  procession or parade in which the applicant for any such license shall display any national flag or flags, the  said applicant shall display the British  national flag unfurled of not less than  four arrd one-half feet by nine feet in  size at the head of such procession or  parade. If any flags of other nations  are displayed in such procession or  parade, the. same shall be unfurled  under or- behind the British national  flag, and for every flag of any other  nation so unfurled or displayed at  least two British national flags of the  same size and dimensions.  ON   THE GOLF LINKS  There was a. smaller turnout on Saturday last for the golf foursomes, but  those who took part in the afternoon's  play had a good time. In the first set  L. C. Rolls and Mrs. Rotherham were  opposed by A. Megraw and Mrs. Jones  the former couple winning on a. score  of 35 to 37 with handicaps deducted.  Tn the next set It. James and Miss  Bond beat H. A. Hincks and Mrs.  Janrieson, score -ID to -12. The greens  since the last work wa.s done on them,  are in better shape by far than they  ever were before and as a result we  may soon look for some lowering of  J.he records.  The secretary reports responses to  the call for- payment of dues as fairly  good. ft is expected that another  game of foursomes will be played orr  Saturday coming.   -Or-   Tim Kootenay-Boundary fruit crop  has doubled during the past year-.  Ffty-eight car-loads of apples is the  estimate made.  The 'following" generous' tribute to  the camp by editor Dallam of the Oroville Gazette is but another.evidence  of the neighborly spirit which has always actuated his newspaper work  and shows that no sectional prejudice  ever prevents him advocating the  claims of the whole district regardless  of boundary lines.; Of this first trip to  Hedley he says: \ ,      ;  "When our Canadian cousins take a  holiday they enter into the spirit of  the occasion and make it a holiday in  fact as well as in name. Moreover these  gatherings are pleasing to visitors  from this side of the line, because our  neighbor's are hospitable people aiid  no matter how large the crowds they  are always Orderly and good riatured.  The weather was at times .-showery,'  but a little water did not dampen the  ardor of the participants, and the programme of sports was carried through  from start to fiinish and were, very interesting. These consisted of horse,  races, foot races, gun club -.shoots,- base  ball game, etc. Tlie crowd was not as  large as might have been expected,  but that did not detract from either  the success or pleasure of the occasion.  "Hedley is a mini tig camp, and owes  its existence to the Nickel Plate mine,  one of the richest mining projects in  British Columbia. Unfortunately when  the town was established the table  hinds were included in Indian reservations, and the founders had to do the  best they could under.the;'circumstances, selecting a narrow canyon, in real-  itv the bed of Twenty-mile creek for  a site. The site is grandly picturesque,  as close at hand, oh both sides of the  gulch, the mountains shoot up precipitously to a great height. To a timid  stranger: the town looks as though it  invited destruction, both from flood  and avalanche, but the residents evidently entertain no such fears, as the  town, what there is of it, is substantially built, and there are a number of  cosy and substantial homes. The various stores carry large and well selected stocks, a bout every branch of business is represented, and the people  seenr happy, contented and prosper^  ous.  "The chief  resource  behind Hedley  is the mineral wealth in the surrounding mountains,  and if rich  mines will  build up a city Hedley in time will become one. of the most important places  in British Columbia. The Nickel Plate  mine is a wonder,  and its fame has  spread far and wide.    An  enormous  amount of money has been spent in  mills and equipments, but the product  of the  mine has repaid  the  expenditures over and oyer again.     There is  an immense  reserve of high grade .ore  in the  mine that will pay heavy dividends for years  to come.     Time prevents any detailed description of the  property.  It is one of the best eqippod  properties along the border-, the stamps  are   constantly  falling,   and   the.  ore  yields a large and steady income.   But  the rich deposits of the neighbor-hood  are not confined to a single property.  There are a number of other holdings  in tbe  vicinity that have just as good  evidence of riches as  were apparent  on the  Nickel Plate when   that group  was   first opened  up,  anil  several of  them   will   he   under   active  development before many months.   Out.' property right above the town,   the Kingston, has  recently  been   bonded   by a  company   represented  on   the ground  by A. ('reelnran, formerly of this place,  and   he expects   to   commence  work  this fall,   Considering its hacking, few  towns iir   the northwest has  brighter  prospects ad head than Hedley.  Work Actively  Progressing at Merritt���������  Material Laid  Down at Midway  Survey Work at Penticton  The Kettle Valley people were a bit  slow about getting to work,  but recently   matters    have   been   moving  more satisfactorily.     Work has been  underway at Merritt   for a couple  of  months or "more, and  recently further  contracts were let on the Merritt end.  At Midway ''material is being assembled and'-..work is  likely  to begin any  day.     At Penticton  also   things are  commencing  to   move.     The   Herald  tells of the arrival there of the surveyors and  outlines  the   work   they   are  undertaking.    The Enderby Press also  gives  the  substance  of  an   interview  with President Warren.    It says:  ',:' "Mr. J. J. Warren, president of the  Kettle Valley  railroad,  passed down  the Valley to Penticton on Monday.  Mr.   Warren goes  to Penticton   to go  over the work of locating fire line into Penticton  with   Mr.   McCullough,  tngineer of the system who  has just-  come over the  proposed  route from  Merritt.    "We have surveys into Penticton  from both   the south-east and  north  west,"  said Mr.  Warren  in  a  recent interview.  "But we have never-  linked  them together,   and this work  will now be done."   "If we can get  the necessary  heavy timbers and crib  work   into   Penticton    this   fall." he  continued,  "we will  commence work  ���������on. the   building of our  wharf," Regarding , the   construction    of yards  and, roundhouses   in   Penticton,  Mr.  Warren  stated  that these  would  be  built to  take care of locomotives and  cars as soon as construction work was  far enough advanced.  ENORMOUS INCREASE  Extent to Which the Fruit G jwing Industry has Developed in the  Okanagan  (Enderby Press)  Okanagan J^ake is a very  busy locality this month.     The fruit crop is a  mammoth one compared with former  years:  prices  are high,  demand firm'  and the quality of the fruit  the best.  Canneries are  running   full   time   at  Kelowna, Peachhmd and Summer-land  taking care of the over ripe fruit.    As  an indication of the. enormous increase  in the  yield over former years,  the  record of Summer-land may be quoted.  Last year but few trees,   comparatively speaking,  had come into  bearing,  and the output was 10-caiioads.     This  year it is estimated that the   output  will run near the 100-carload mark.  The Railway  Commission   has  approved a four cents a mile passenger  rate   for the  Great Northern  lines in B. C.  METEOROLOGICAL.  on  its  The following tiro the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending  Sept 10, 1910 :  AT  THE MINE.  Maximum  "Minimum  72  33  19  36  19  30  17  34  55  2(i  ���������14  28  IS  3M  GENERAL NEWS  The provincial government have offered .$500 reward for information  loading to the arrest and conviction  of (-Jeo. .11. Reitl who is believed to  have brutally murdered his wife at  Oinyburn, near Abbotsfort'l.  The Railway Commission is sitting  at Nelson this week.  British Columbia, packers have secured all the orders for Australian  salmon shipments.  The new institution at Tranquille  erected lately by the anti-tuberculosis society is being opened this week.  Sep 4  5  li  7  8  9  10  Average maximum temperature 52.42  Average minimum do 31.  Mean temperature 11.71  Rainfall for the week   0.15 inches.  Snowfall       "        "        1.0  CORRESl"0.\T>I.VG week ok- last year  Highest maximum temperature .���������  Average maximum do ���������.  Lowest minimum do ���������.  Average minimum do ���������.  Mean do ���������.  AT THE MILL.  Maximum  72  (JS  (54  57  5S  57  GO  Average maximum temperature 62.(IS  Average minimum do 41.57  Mean do 51.92  Rainfall for the week 1.       inches  COHKESPOXm.N'G WEEK OK LAST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 92  Average do do 79.85  Lowest minimum do 45  Average do do 50.71  Mean do 65,2S  Sep     I  ������������������)  15  7  8  n  10  Minimum  19  4(3  -14  37  34  37  44 L-HE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,    SEP 15,   1910.  and  Similkameen. Advertiser.  .���������ii en 'l'hi'.:-(!;iy>. hy the Hi-nu-v.fiAzwrTE   the'brilliant'vouug premier  of Biitish  that the outstanding danger- to Liberalism in the west .-ill centres in the  towering personality of Dick McBride  Columbia.  I.I.V!Thli.    .0     lil'llU'V.    1'. ('  Subscriptions in Advance  IV." Vi-iir b2AH.  ������������������   ( 1'iiitcil .-'tale-1..     '-'������������������"'"  Advertising Rates  IMettSiirr-iucnl, \2 lines In the inch.  Lund Notices- t'ei'.;ili(.;iies(if iiiijiiiivemelil. etc.  ST.iitl for Cii.Mlii.v not iets. and S;"i.fiit for3!i-day  i'lii.nges't'or.'oninu-t advurtiseiito.its shniild ; p.���������.|i..,iueiitarian   who ehainpioned the  The cau.-e of while labor   ill   British  (Yiiiimhia received   valuable assistance  : a \'r\v days  ago   from   an   unexpected  j source.    Sir  (!eo. Doughty, a   British  flflr. p'K  i<o  BANK -0  he in tlie oilice hy noun on Tuesday to socirro  attention for llmt week's issue.  Advertisements will be ehnnged once every  month if advertiser do--ires. without anyexti'a  charge. I'or changes ol'tetier than once a month  he   price of composition  will  be charged-at  regular rales. ,  A. MEGRAW. Managing bditor.  Full "Moon  IS  (Sh  N'e .��������������� Moon  Last (|liar.  A"  1&-*  l''irst. ouar.  11.  |   1910  SEP  1910  Sun. Mon.  T lies'. Wed. Tlui  . fri. Sat.  4       5  - 1  0       7       8  2       3  9    10  11    12  .13     14     15  1(5     17  IS     19  20     21     22  23     24  25     26  27     28     29  30  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  The ancient  order of ' Hibernians  in  solemn conclave, at Spokane, last week  passed' a resolution demanding the  immediate and entire indpeiideiiee of  Ireland. -Like I lie three tailors of  Tooley street they evidently imagined that they were clothed with  some authority.  cause of the lishcrnien of (Jreat Britain in the. British House of Commons  has been paying a visit to the coast  and at the request of Earl Grey ��������� he  has been looking into the status of  the fishing industry in this province.  He sees in it great possibilities for  adding to (he wealth of the province  and proyiding employment for a large  population, but he expressed also his  alarm at the prospect of the industry  in this province passing out of the  control of whites altogether and being  monopolized by yellow labor from  the Orient. A prosperous fishing industry on the west coast of British  Columbia manned by white fishermen he regarded as an ideal recruiting ground for the. Canadian navy*.  He is president of the leading fishing  industry of England and thoroughly  understands the' subject he was discussing.-  Teddy Roosevelt, the uncrowned  King of the United States, is setting  a'lively pace'for all the other rulers  ���������whether hereditary, elective or merely ex-oflicio like Teddy himself. Last  week he refused to break bread with  a prominent senator whose supposed  standard of political morality did not  come up to Tddy's ideal, and siircc  then a jury has acquitted the senator  of the charge of which Teddy thus  socially pie-judged him guilty. With  Teddy snubbing the senators and the  Mayor of Milwaukee snubbing Teddy  the world is learning a few new wrinkles   nit   social   and   official   etiquette.  PflLAGE,  Wvery, Feed & Sale Stables  More expert .thinking  has gone into the making  of tlie Monarch than miy  typewriter sold. That is  why it demands little ov  no thought from the owner, or the user. That is  why it is the typewriter  your best stenographer  deserves and your poorest  stenographer needs.  The Monarch Typewriter  Company, Li.  98 King Street West, Toronto.  A. MEGRAW, local Agent  Water Notice  H HOLEY   B. O.  "<] A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    11 Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  WO OD   FOB   SALE!  Pliou .11. I N NIS  BROS. Proprietors.  It is pleasing to know   that the  differences arising out of the Newfoundland   fisheries    have  been  finally settled hy the Hague Tribunal  to which  body  it had   been   referred, and   it is  still more pleasing   to  note that  this  time everybody appears  to  be satisfied,     each--  side    claiming     victory.  There were in all   some seven points  up for adjudication   and  out  of   the  seven two   weie  decided   in   favor  of  Britain's contention   and five for  the  United-States.    Britain   find  Canada  are disposed to regard the contention  involved in the points decided in Britain's favor   as  of far greater importance than all the others put together.  Altogether, there is an entirely different feeling   concerning   the decision  than that which  prevailed after the  Alaskan   boundary   award    of   seven  years ago.  Tiiu London- Directory  (Published Annually)  Enables traders throughout the world  to communicate direct  with English  M A NUFACTURERS & DEALERS  in each class of goods. Besides being  a complete commercial guide to London and its suburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Goods they ship, and the  Colonial and Foreign Markets they  supply;  STEAMSHIP  LINES  arranged  under the Ports  to which  they sail,  and indicating the approximate Sailings;  PROVINCIALTRADE NOTICES  of leading manufacturers, merchant-sett.., in the principal provincial towns  and industrial centres of the United  Kingdom.  A copy of the current addition will  be forwarded , freight paid, on receipt  of Postal Order for 20s.  Dealers seeking Agencies can adver-  their trade cards for ������1, or larger advertisements from ������'H.  "W'OTU'Kis hereby given that an application  ���������*���������* (\vill ho nuulounder Part V of tho "Water  Act. 1!)0!'.'' to obtain a-licence in I he Siinilkaineen Division of Vale District.  (a) Tho name, nddrcss and occupation of the  applicant, E. L. Steves. Kock Creek, contractor. - -      '���������:���������, : r ��������� ��������� \ ��������� ''���������  (b) The 'name of the lake, stream or source  (if unnamed, the description is) bo������.t Horse  Creek, ICettlc River.    '���������  (c)' The point of. diversion about-30 chains  from the confluence of Lost Horse Creek with  tho Kettle lii ver.. ������������������'���������,���������'->:'���������'���������;'.  (d). The. quantity of water applied-for-.(in  cubic feet per second) ���������_' cubic foot.  (e) The character of the proposed works,  dam.and ditch. ..... ...  ���������.���������,���������;���������;,���������   ���������'/���������   :   ���������    :������������������  ..  (f| The premises on which the water is to be  used (describe sa'ine) Lot 107!ls containing 120  acres.    .   ���������/'������������������;- .-;- " "''��������� : ������������������,:.":   '-.���������'.  (g) The purposes for which the water is to  bettsed Domestic itnd Agricultural^ ' ������������������"'.'���������������������������  ���������(h). If forirrigittion describe the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage 120 acres.  (j) Area of Groivn land intended to' be occupied by the proposed works���������none.        ;���������  (k) This notice was posted 011 the Kith clay  of Aug, 1SU0 arid-application will be made to  the Commissionor'bn the Kith day of Sept.; 1910.  (1) Give the unnrcs and addresses of-any  riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose  lands are likely to be effected by the proposed  works, either above or below tho outlet.  K L. STKVKS'  .'{.'H Hock Creek, B. C.  NOTICE  ST"M1LKAMKKNT LAXD DISTRICT.  ���������DrsTiiiox ok Vai.k.  TAKK notice that K. L. Steves, of Kock  x Creek. District of Yale. U. C. intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described land :���������  Commencing at a post planted at the east  side of the Kettle lliveroppositc the north east  corner of Lot .'llo'2. marked "K. L. .Steves, north  cast corner pose";thence 2il chains: east: thence  (10 chains south; thence SI chains, more or less,  west to river boundary: containing 120 acres,  more or less,  K L. STKVKS  Rock,Crock, JJ. 0. Aug. 2,*>th. 1SI1U :'1-H'i  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKEN LAND DLSTKIC'l  Drs-riiicT or Yai.k.  TH6 London Directory 60. Ltd.  2"), Abchurch    I.cnr. London. E. C.  The latest canard on the question of  the   CJonservative   leadership   is   that  sprung   by   United  Canada,   which   is  published    at   Ottawa.     Tliat    paper  stales that Premier  McBride has been  approached   by   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier  through the medium   of .John Hendry  and offered his choice of any portfolio  in the Laurier cabinet with the agreement of accession   to the  Liberal leadership if he will abandon the Conservative  party before the next election.  United   Ua.nada. in   making  the. statement claims to   have  obtained  its  information from a  prominent resident  ol Victoria and   to  have  had  it confirmed by one  of Sir AVilfrid's  most  intimate   friends   in   Quebec.    United  Canada  goes on to say that "after examining   the   political    situation    at  close   range   personally    in   Alberta,  Saskatchewan  and British Columbia,  has intimated   to  confidential  friends  COPPER  The Xew Kdition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK.  Vol. VIII. issued May, HI0I), contains loOil  pages, with nearly nO pur cent, more matter  than the preceding edition. The chapters  with mine descriptions and on statistics  have been carefully revised and the bulk of  the matter therein is  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapter.  COVKI'I.NC' : Copper History, Geology.  Geography. Chemistry. Mineralogy, Mining,  Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Refining, Brands,  Grades, Impurities. Alloys, Uses. Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits hy Districts, States,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail.  Statistics of Production. Consumption, Imports. Kxports. I'inanoos, Dividends, etc.  Tlie Copper Handbook is concededly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK ON COPPER.  The Copper Handbook contains, in this new  and greatly enlarged edition, about til) percent, more matter than the Bible���������though  not necessarily a belter book because of its  greater bulk. It is tilled with KACTS of vital  importance to  THK INVESTOR  TIIK SPECULATOR  THK METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  THK MINER  PRICK:   So.00 in buckram  with  gilt top, or  $"..")() in full library morocco.  TKRMS: The most liberal. Send no money,  but order the book sent you, all carriage charges  prepaid, on one week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not. to see tlie book and judge for  yourself of its value to you 1  WRJTK NOW to the editor and publisher,  HORACE I. STEVENS  (JOI   SHKLDEN   BUILDING. HOUGHTON,  MICH., U. S. A. 15  ���������"���������PAIvK notice that K. K. Burr,  agent for W.  ���������*���������   A. Burr, of Hedley, occupation blacksmith,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands-  Commencing at'a post planted at the northwest corner of Lot No. Mi; thence south 10  chains; thence west 20 chains; thence north 10  chains: thence cast 20 chains to point of commencement, containing 80 acres more or less.  WILLIAM ASA BURR  per Kdgar Elmer Burr.  Juno With. I'.IIO 20-10  j  TENDERS WANTED  [ "T" I ������ K Daly Reduction Co. Ltd. will receive  j ���������*��������� bids up to October 1st for the supplying of  12 tons of Potatoes, I ton of Cabbage, 11*00 lbs of  Turnips. 1200 lbs ol' Parsnips, 1200 lbs of Carrots  1 ton of Onions. 'lOO lbs of Red Cabbage, 700 Ib-i  of Beets, 150 Boxes of Apples.  All to be good, first elnsM  winter stock anc to  lie delivered at the foot of the tramway.  NOTICE  Water-users are requested to exercise all  possible care to prevent waste of Water at  their taps. Carelessness in this matter may be  the means of depriving the hospital of a continuous supply.  Tin-: Sr.MtriKAMEK.v Watkrwoiiks Co, Ltd.  per G. l\ .(ones.  County Court of Yale  OITTINGS of tho County Court of Yale will  V-J be held as follows, vi������ : At Fraternity  Hall, Hadley, on Thursday 13th day of October 11*10 : and at the Court House, Princeton,  Sat'd'y 15th day of October, I!)I0, at tho hour of  eleven oclock in the forenoon of each day.  By Command  HUGH HUNTKR  ISO-Id Registrar County Court  When answering   ads.   t'lksae  mention* this paper.  74 Years in Busines: Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000  BANKI.NCBY MAIL  threat conveni-  is  .*t  enee  to   those  who  live some distance from town.  Deposits may be sent in, 'cash dra wii,  or "other business transacted by Mail, without any trouble or delay.   '  Write or ask our Local Manager to explain our system to you.  Hedley  Branch,      H. A. Hincks, Acting Manager  ���������������*������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  WE HAVE MONEY  to invest-in any sound proposition.  Timber, Coalor  Ag^rict4ltural Lands  Mitki' a clear sketch and write fully in yum- iirt-t letter if you  want a definite answer.  Western Canada Investment Co.  Suite 4-S Flock. St  Wai-icou-v/ei-, B. C  ���������  u,  ���������  li  ���������  n  ���������  !']  ���������  ���������  19  ,'���������]  u   '1  ���������.  ���������'  * *l  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4  I  The Victor and Berliner Gramophones  I Stand Alop  \Vith a Victor or Berliner Gramophone you will have    ^1  the world's best music, interpreted by the world's  greatest artists, always at your command.  Sold on easy payments if desired.  NEW DOUBLE SIDED RECORDS-90c. for the two.  Send 90c. and 10c. postage for sample Record.  Berliner Gram-o-phone Co., Limited  Montreal. ' ��������� ^  Agents Wanted Everywhere.  109  i///wiiiiiii\i\l  For Sale by  LOUIS  O.  ROLL������  &  GO.  Hedley B. C  INo F^reigfnt - No Express  You can buy from vis at Montreal Prices.  Western Distributors  DYKE, EVANS (& CALLAGHAN  536 Hastings St., Vancouver.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  ~*M  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  * # # * x  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Okanagan College  Summerland, B. C.  kvcrijtliing New and  First-Glass.  Bar supplied with tho Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table.  Courses for 1910-11  Preparatory; High School; two years  University; Business including Typewriting and Stenography, Piano and  Vocal.  Separate Residences for young men  and young women. Well equipped  gymnasium.  Fall Term opens Sept. 21st.  For Calendar and further particulars  address the Principal.  EVERETT W. SAWYER. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,  SEP 15,   1910.  Tpwa and Distrkft.  G; H.  Whitenran  of the Bank of B.  N. A. stair spent Sunday atKereiueos.  .       Geo.   E.   Garcrell,  of   Sumnierland,  spent Sunday in Hedley with his brot-  '   her-in-law.-F. H. French.  Messrs. Boeing "& Brass have laid  down ft "new side walk onVVeb.ster  St. leading to tho hospital.  Mrs.   W.  J.  Forbes was   called  to  Kereineos tin   Friday last'-'bociiusi' of  'the death of the infant daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Tunis.  .    Mr.   Rolls'  flock of half ft   hundred  .beautiful canaries is well worth seeing  He  is selling   them off now at   five  dollars a pair.  The   Ladies'  Hospital auxiliary will  give a tea in the   Union  hall on Fri-  ,: dfiy afternoon at 2.30 p. in. which they  "invite the people of Hedley to attend.  Dr. MeEwen purposes going shortly  ; on a hunting trip  up the   West Fork  of Kettle River-.    His practice will be  ; looked after in his; absence by Dr. Mc-  ���������'���������;.':CafTrcy of Princeton.  ':    Three Si washes from tlowrr the valley imbibed too freely on the first day  of the  sports  and were  required   to  .contribute $15 a piece to  the pr^vui-  .���������i.ci'al revenue in fines.  John  Jackson  of the New Zealand  Hotel,  has  been  quite ill during the  past week.    Heart trouble and ade-  ; ji-angemerit of the nervous system  is  the cause of the illness.   >;   ;  .-,;    A moving picture show struck town  last week , and showed one night toa  very small house and frqrn all reports  "the show  was: not ^deserving of any'  more patronage than it received.  y   L.  W.  Shatford,  M. P, P. went to  the coast a week ago and on  his return  will pay a visit to the eastern  /part of the riding when he rnay gaas  far north as Beaverdell and Garini.- '  '';������������������ Mrs. Jackson  left for  Spokane.last  '���������week taking her daughter lAnn re .to  school.    She was summoned back d\v-  ;';ing to the illness of her hasbanfl arid-  ��������� krrived back on Tuesday of this week.  ���������Mrs:; Wrnr-Sahipson] * of the Nickel  ' Plate, left oir Thursday last" for a' visit"  .to Ireivhome in,SaltXake.City, accompanied by her little dtiughtef.   She expects to  be gone about a  couple of  months.  A new cable was put in on the gravity tram last week, the former one  which had only been on a short time  showing signs of weakness. No chance  is ever taken with cables th.it show  any signs of weakness.  Chiirlie Held, who is well known  over in the eastern portion of the riding and who was the original discoverer of the Portland Canal cauip at  Stewart, is in the sanatorium atTran-  ���������qnille, a victim of tuberculosis.  L. H. Patten is trying to recover his  brown horse which was driven off  About a month ago by some parties  who passed through with a band of  About 50 horses, but so far he has not  had much success in locating the beast  nor the par-ties who drove him off.  W. Graham, one of the mill-hands,  had a stroke of paralysis on Thursday  morning last and was taken to the  hospital. The attack occurred at the  Grand Union where he was boarding  find came on as he was about to start  oft" for his day's work,  The Kettle River and South Okanogan Pioneers' Society' tire meeting  to-day at the Pacific Hotel, Greenwood. The lay-over at Oroville which  would entail loss of time both going  and coming, is responsible for the  small representation from the Siinilkaineen.  A short time ago Mr. "W. T. Shatford, on behalf of the S. 0. Land Coin-  pand, signed a deed bequeathing to  the Municipality of Penticton one of  the most beautiful lake shore frontages  in the Okanagan Valley. It is proposed to call the new resort Shatford  Park.  Mr. .1. R. Brown, Indian agent, was  in town on Tuesday. Since the division of the district and the apportionment of the Okanagan and Similkameen reservations to Mr. Brown he is  able to give closer attention and hence  the visits of the agent to this valley  are likely to he more frequent than  heretofore.  O. H. Carle, fruit jobber, is keeping  the stores well supplied with Keremeos fruit, and just now the Crawford peaches which are in fine, condition, are very much in demand. The  apple crop is enormous this year, and  those who have large orchards in bearing stand to make a heap of money  this year.  Frank has gone and done it. The  Siinilkaineen Star has the following  notice which will prove of interest to  Gazette readers all over the district.  "in St. James' church, "Vancouver, on  the 1st. inst., Frank Bailey to Miss  Hilda R. VV. Scott. The honeymoon  will be spent in England. The Gazette  joins in extending congratulations.  .@^@@@.@.#@@.������^  0  0  .0  0  0  0  4&>  0  9  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  m  0  Ever  artment*  Ladies' Waists, Skirts,  White ware  Hosiery, etc.  Men's  Clothing,  Shirts Underwear  Hats and Caps  Boots and Shoes, Mens9, Women's and Children's  Furniture, Carpets and Linoleums  We are making Sweeping Reductiens in all of the above goods many things being marked away  down below cost.    It is the Greatest Bargain Sale ever put on in the Country.  SALE COMMENCES MONDAY, AUGUST 22nd  ~        SHATFORD'S   LTD.  ���������0  0  Jo*1  0  ���������0  ������  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  Igt  0  0  0  ������  0  0  0  0  0  @  ���������&  r@as  General superintendent-' G. P. Jones  is well pleased with the way in which  the, new corliss engine has gone together and is looking forward to the  pleasure there will lie in operating  with it. The corning winter will dottbt-  lessrseeall; former records in the way  :of-production sink 'into insignificance.  It always pays .to have efficient equip  merit."  f - -..���������  ��������� 'Nick Pickard \vfts the first to tally in  the deer hunting line this year. The  ���������'deerVeason^ a  short  'time before'hebagge'd a big buck that  some other N'nirods who wore less  successful were ungenerous enough to  think that Nick must have caught this  one sonie;tiihe before* arid had him  tied up in the, woods ready to shoot  when the season opened.  , The. appointment" of J. P. McLeod as  'deputy attorney-generar will have the  approval of alt who know him. Mr.  McLeod had a brilliant university-career and litis practised la.w in British  Columbia for'about fifteen years. He  doesn't plav to the galleries. Few men  with more than average'brains do, but  he may safely be classed among that  almost extinct species���������an honest  lawyer.���������Slocan Record.  . Hunters in this vicinity see very few  prairie chickens and are of impression  that the close season should have been  retained here as well as in Okanagan,  Kainloops and Kootenay electoral districts. It will be noted that the government tire importing prairie chicken from Manitoba to stock certain  districts where there are none, which  would imply a scarcity that would  scarcely warrant their slaughter in  other portions of the province.  There was it vigorous snowfall at  the Nickel Plate for a while last week,  which was a forcible reminder of what  is in store. Altogether the past summer has been a cold one in comparison with former .summers. A glance  tit the weather report for the week  just past will show the mean temperature here in Hedley to he 20 degrees  lower than the same week of last year.  To some epicures hogs may be all  right in the pan but to others they  would look much better in the pen  than parading on the sidewalks on the  front street. Neither is it an edifying  sight to see a couple of hogs stern to  stern on the. sidewalk fighting oil: a  band of yelping clogs that are trying  to outflank them while dogs and hogs  are each trying to outdo the other in  noise and discord.  The idea that the mountains around  Hedley are too high for agricultural  purposes received a vigorous jolt from  the disphiy of apples grown by Anton  Winkler on his ranch adjoining the  town on ground about 2500 feet higher  than Hedley. The apples are of the  Alexander variety and are large,  shapely and highly colored. Those  who took up this land were not counting on it for fruit growing and were  well enough satisfied if it should produce grasses, grains and the. hardier  vegetables, but here is evidence that  even in a season which was thought  earlier on to have beerr rather trying  owing to spring frosts, it is seen that  these tipples have come through in  this shape. Land in these valleys is  bound to become a valuable asset even  if located on the mountain side.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  CAMP HEDELY-  WATCH IT GROW  It is destined to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp in Canada.  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  HEDLEY  TOWNSITE CQMPAPY, Ltd  H-f  F.H. French, Secretary and Manager  HEDLEY, B.C.  ���������"{���������S*R*S*!*t*6 *?'*?'^^>?^>l>?^J?^'^^^^^>l>l*?S?*l*l*?^^^^^^^^^^^^*?*l>,J>5>?>'5S,5t?*,S>lJI?  WATER ACT 1909  B  Y direction of tho Board of Investigation  notice is hereby given that, tholloard  will proceed to adjudicate upon claims to water  on the followinf streams and tributaries thereto in the Similkamoen and Osoyoos Water Districts, under authority of Part three of the  Water Act, ISO!).  I'ine Creek  Spring on Pre-emption Xo. 2USU  Spring on Kcks Pre-emption  Shoot Creek  ICllis or Xanishoen Crook  .lames Creek  Penticton Creek  Spring on Pre-emption Xo. 2."5I  Cannon Lake  .Second Creek  Cedar Creek  Little Penticton Creek  Slieep Creek  I Mile Creek, south on Dog Lake  ���������I Mile Crock on   Kast side Okanagan Luke  I'ivo-Milo Creek  .Johnson ('reek  Spring on Pre-emption Xo. 1507  Spring near Pre-emption near 1-Mile Creek  Spring near 1st creek near Pre-emption l.'lSs  Spring on Sub-lot 111, L. -'711  Alder Creek  Maple Creel-  Creek .'t miles south on Dog Luke  McLean creel-  Lake near Ivelowna���������-Penticton trail  Spring. Penticton  Stewards Dam !  Crock. Lot'-'������! i  7 Mllo creek. (Lots 2\<) and ���������.'(Kil  Camp. Old Camp. U-milc ov Arawana creel-  Crock on Lot ���������ill  Spring near south east, corner ol  Lot 5Si  South branch of K11N Creek  Spring, Lot -"ail  Meeting for the purpose of adjudication will  be held at Penticton on or about October 20tli,  l'llO: Okanagan Falls on or about October 25th,  IillO, and Xaramataonor about October 2Sth;  11)10.  W. S. DRKWRY.  Chief Water Commissioner  Lands Department. (Water Branch)  Victoria. .Inly 15th, 1910 12  X  K  x  X  X  X  X  f-  *-  X  X  X  K  x  X  X  K  x  x  X  K  x  K  x  \  s  GOOD PRINTING  Such as You should use when you want  to make an  impression  on   customers.  Is Only Ofoteiirie-cl  By using modern type faces on good stock  The  Gazette  Job   Department  is prepared to turn it out for you  Patronize the Home Shop  You Want Morne Trade.  x  X  %  X  X  %  X  X  X  X  I?  :?  X  X  ;  X  X  X  X  i  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  When   writing    Advert sers  Mention the Gazette.  Please  *  K  x  ������  x  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  &  X  X  X  X  X  K  X  K  X  X  K  x  X  X  X  X  X  H  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  K  X  X  X  TOILET SETS  Now is the Time to Buy a Toilet set.  J. A. SCHUBERT  has in a large consignment and is selling very  cheap to reduce his stock  Call in and price them  J. A. SCHUBERT, hedley.  x  x  K  x  X  X  X  K  x  x  X  X  X  X  I  K  X  K  x  at  x  x  K  x  %  x  &  A"  X  %  K  *���������  *���������"  x  X  ;r*<������a^4**ia*&aa*i^^^ THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE.    SEP   15,   1910.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen----Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  husband  and  liicinbers of tho family  \vu    extend   our   greatest  sympathy.  Miss   Mvrtle   McLean,   of   lledlev, j The  funeral was held on  Wednesday  spent the  weekend  in Olalla  visiting I afternoon, service being conducted by  friends. ! tll(- Hev.  Mr.  Cleland   of  Penticton,  deceased being a devout member of  the Anglican Church. Miss Violet  Kirby arrived from Vancouver on  ���������Wednesday morning in response to a  telegram sent as soon as the serious  nature of her sister's illness wa.s ascer-  0. A. McDonald of the B. C. Fruit- i  land Company is spending a few days j  in the valley. ���������  George AVoolgar left last week for j  Alberta to look after his interests on ,  the Prairie. !  Mr. and Mrs. Moody are comfortably  settled in their new bungalow, on tin-  lot recently purchased from Mr. Geo.  Cooper.  Mrs. Forbes, of Hedley, was in Kere-  . rueos over Sunday-attending the funeral of her little neice, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Innis.  .T. li. Brown, Indian Agent, of Snin-  rnerland arrived in town on Saturday  and is adjusting some matters among  the  Indians here this week.  William and John Gillander left on  Wednesday for Natmimo where they  will join their mother and take up  their residence. We are sorry to see  the boys leave the valley.  Sterling Nortbrup, who used to  handle the ribbons on Welby's stage  and has been spending the summer  with Billy Gillespie on the prairie, arrived in Keremeos hist Tuesday and is  spending a tew days  with old friends.  Died���������At 'Kereineos, on Saturday  morning, the 10th inst., the infant  daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. D. J. Innis.  The funeral took place to the Keremeos cemetery on Sunday afternoon,  11th inst., Rev. Mr. Kinney officiating.  William Courtnay who came to  Keremeos direct from the Ould Soda  little over a year ago and was associatedwith his cousin George Cooper  on his ranch West of town, left last  week for Calgary where he litis a  brother residing.  Mr. and Mrs. AV H. Armstrong, Mr.  G rahani, divisional superintendent of  the C. P. R., and wife and Miss Emily  AVoodrow, of Vancouver -and the  Misses Vincent, of Victoria, arrived  in Keremeos last Saturday and will  remain till next nionday.  J. R. Shaw returned Tuesday from  his trip through the Kootenay country  and Alberta, whither he had gone in  'search of tin opening in the mercantile  business. We understand that Mr.  Shaw has decided to engage in business at Clive a new town on the La-  comhe-Castor branch of the Canadian  Pacific Ry. about 1+ miles from La-  combe. Mr. Shaw says that the prairie  country looks good to him. He will  either sell out his entire 'took here or  hold a. reduction sale and take the balance with him.  We are  in receipt of a  copy of  the  Sheridan  (Wyoming.)  Post of recent  date which   contains si two-column interview,  under   big  black   headlines,  from our old friend W. J. Stover.   W.  .J. has  reached  his old  home,  and as  usual has gone direct to the newspaper-  office and   unburdened   himself  of a.  heap  of  tommy rot to the unsuspecting  editor.    The article  from start to  finish is a deliberate  mis-statement of  facts  regarding  the fruit-growing industry  in the  piovinceof British Columbia and the States of Washington  and Oregon,  and calculated  to knock  the districts named,  at least among  those  who  are  not acquainted    with  the vagaries of our old friend.    In the  two  columns  of vaporings  on his experiences  in Canada and the Western  States  he does not even hint at  what  we  should   consider  his nost interesting experience;    It is too bad because  without blasting  his   reputation   for  veracity   he   could    have   given   the  readers  of the  Post a few  columns of  intensely  interesting  reading matter.  It is our painful duty this week to  record the death of Ada Louise May,  beloved wife of Mr. H. A. Barcelo,  which occurred at o.-lo o'clock on Monday morning the 12th inst., at the  home of her parents, Mi', and Mrs.  George Kirby. Though she had complained for some time past of not feeling well the. serious nature of her illness was not known either to her  physician or friends until a few days  before her death, the disease making  rapid progress as it neai-etl the end.  She had only attained the tender age  of nineteen years and ten months and  besides a grief stricken husband, pa-rats: sisters and little brother, she  .eaves behind two small sons, aged  two and one half years and three  months respectively.  To the bereaved  tained.  Having decided to return  east the  undersigned   will   oiler   for   sale   the  following list of stock'aikl effects,.   1  brown   mare  with foal at side (Clyde)  1 good  cow due to calve in  October,  I heifer  calf,  S months old; 15 Pure  bred  barred  rock  hens,  50 pure bred  barred rock chickens,  1 heavy wagon  gear suitable  for I horse, 1 set  team  harness,    1   Peerless   Incubator   and  brooder,  nearly new; 1 .Wheelbarrow  new; 1 scythe,  cross-cut saw, shovels^  hoes and a number of tools,  1 ton of  good oats, 2 water barrels, wash tubs,  Dairy utensils   including  milk pails,  cans,  churn,  S gal bowl and print, 1  grand Jewel coal or wood stove together with pipes, kettles and pans, 1 new  wash  boiler,   1 glass front cupboard,  1  extension  table 8 feet,  rrew; 1 standard sewing  machine,  nearly new, 8  kitchen  chairs, 2 rockers,  1 iron  bed  spring and mattress, 4A ft.; 2 iron   bed  spriuir,  Si ft; 1 yds  inlaid linoleum, 2  yds wide,  A quantity of dishes, jars  and. crocks.    John  Breadner, Lot 19,  Sub-division 457. ���������    .  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CO X V IS YA NCI NO, CUSTOMfS UKOlCKl' A012,  .FlUK INSURANCE  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFF TO ti        - KERB MEOS, B.C.  P. BROMLEY,  GENERAL BLACKSMITH  Horse-Shoeing a Specialty  KEREMEOS, -  B. C.  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. R. Station  GEO.  KIRBY,  Manager.  *rD^*������^'^������e*������^i?^������*R^^������*niM,i������?^������t������t������t������*i������wt  CARD OF THANKS  Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Innis wish to express their kind appreciation to their  friends in -Keremeos for the many evidences of kindly sympathy and good  will during their recent bereavement.  HEDLEY'S GREAT MINE  made.  Continued from Page One  the modifications now being  Roscoe Wheeler is the company's  metallurgist, with C. .AV. Merrill consulting. The present force of 140 men  is larger than usual, due to the construction work. Ordinarily the force  amounts to 75 men. The report for  the quarter ended June 30, showed a  net profit of $90,154, equal to three  times present dividend requirements.  The dividend rate is 3 per cent quarterly.  The   power-plant is hydro-electric,  with steam auxilliary equipment. The  flume by which water is diverted from  Twentymile creek and delivered at the  power-plant,   is 13,000 ft long,  coming  through the pen stock at a pressure of  187 lb.   per square  inch.   The electric  machinery consists of a 100-kw. A. 0-  Westinghouse   generator,   direct-connected to a Cassel water motor;  there  is being  installed a 360 kw. AVesting-  house A. C. generator, direct connected  at one end  to  a 400 horse-power  Goldie  ������fc  McCulloch  Corliss condensing steam engine,  and connected at  the opposite  end of the shaft to a 400  horsepower Doble  water-wheel,   thus  permitting the plant to be operated by  steam   or waterpower,  or both     The  plant   contains   six   return     tubular-  boilers, aggregating 325 hp.     The air-  compressor, a cross-compound, 2-stage  machine,   is  direct-connected  to, and  driven by,"-an lS-ft. .Pulton wheel. Formerly the mill machinery was operated  by  water-power direct,   but  now  electric    motors   are  being   installed  throughout the  mill to supplant  the  water-power-,    the water    motors are  being  retained,  however,   as auxiliaries.  KEREriE05  MEAT   MARKET  Fresh Fish  Every Thursday  E. M. CROOK ER  ^mmAAAAAMAAW������WAytMAMMym������AAyi  40 Great Tears  And 1909 Best of All  AVith over Eight Millions of new  business written  alone in 1909.  in   Canada.  Began business in 1870 with assets $6,216, turd now the assets  are over $14,000,000.  Canada's Big Popular Company  Chosen alike by rich and poor.  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  A. ItEGRAW, Local Agent.  WM. DALRYMPLE  GENERAL  BLACKSMITH  Your Patronage Solicited.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Cumming's Old Stand  (Keremeos Centre)  FIVE ROSES FLOUR  .. Is sold on its merits'only.  Some dealers sell inferior flour claming it as good as  Five Roses. The reason why they do this is because they receive scheme presents, prizes, etc.  FIVE ROSES FLOUR  Is used by first-class families and housekeepers who  do not care for premiums but prefer quality.  And to go   with the  Bread it' -makes we  have  nice  fresh creamery butter, 3 lbs for $1.00  FRANK RICHTER & CO,  KEREMEOS, - - B. C.  ������     . -v.v-. ��������� ������������������-���������������������������-;���������.: ������������������'���������.$.  at      "When in Keremeos stop at the 5  I  HARRY TWEDDLE, Proprietor.  I  $  I  I  I  I  x    . ��������� -  K  ���������*���������.  Sole Agents for Princeton Coal  Free Bus to all trains  B. C. Fruit Lands Office  Headquarters for ail stage lines.  ft  ������  ft  ������  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ft  ft  &  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  FIGUREOUT  What a few Acre of Keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are in bearing  Can you do better Avith your sayings by  sending them outside to invest in some specula-.  tiAe scheme, more or less hazardous, than by in  vesting  them at home in  something  that is as  safe as the bank and at. the same time offers such  big returns on the capital invested.  We  REMEMBER  offer no  land but Avhat has  the  Avater already on it  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ������������������������  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ���������0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  -:?:-  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  r������i0  PLUMBING  WARM AIR   HEATING  Try  cv\VAK������f*i&  CEYLON TEA.  Pure   and   Invigorating.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeo.s, B.C.  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  HEAL ESTATK MINES  Agent for:  London & Lancashire  l'*ire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Kekkmhos, 13. (J.  Korcmcos-Pcnticton Mail Stage.  Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at fioon.  Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. in., arriving in  Keremeos at noon.  W. E. Wkli'V. Proprietor.  LAND NOTICE  SIM1LKAMKKN LAND DISTKICT  DrsTuiOTOK Yai.k  TAKK XOTICK tlmt John I'.  MoCuddy. of  ���������*���������        Kairview, occupation Kuril 1 or, intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:���������  Commencing lit a post planted 20 chains  south of the S. 10. Corner of Lot (if''): thence  west 80 chains, thence south 20 chains; thence  cast SO chains; thence north 20 chains to point  of commencement.   Containing 1(10 acres.  JOHN 1'. McCUDDY  August ISOtli, 1010.  ADVERTISE   IN   THE    GAZETTE  ��������� AND  GENERAL  TINSMITHING  ������������������safe������  Orders  by Mail Avill receive  Prompt Attention  ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON  APPLICATION  H. B. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT  CO-OWNERS  To II. K. Cleland or- to any person or persons  to whom he may have transferred his interest  in the Dolphin and Spalir Fraction mineral  claims situate at Olalla on ICeromeos Crock ii>  the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  You aro horehy notified that 1 have expended  two hundred and live dollars in labor and improvements on the above mentioned claims in  order to hold the said claims under the provisions of the Mineral Act, the said labor being  done for tho year ending 17th of August, 1010,  and if within 00 days from tlie date of this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your pnl-  portion of such expenditures together with all  costs of advertising, your interest in said mineral claims will bo the property of the undersigned under Section I of'Mineral Act Amendment  Act 1000.  Dated this 'Aith day of August, 1010.  3'i-ll C. W..Jordan.  Keremeos  Trading Company  Have a good lino of Groceries, Flour,  Tobacco, Clothing, Boods and Shoes,  Etc., which they invito yon to call and  sec hi-fore buving elsewhere.  Prices, reasonable  G.  G.   KEELER,  Keremeos, B. C.  TOMMY SING  Contracts for Work  Land scrubbed or any kind of work by  contract at reasonable rates.  Silk Handkerchiefs sold cheap, imported direct from China.  KXAMIXATIOX     KOl'     IXSPKCTOU     OK  STKaM HOlLl'liS AXI) MACHINERY  ���������'"xaminatio.vs for tlie position of Inspector of Steam Boilers and "Machinery, under the  ".Steam Hoilers Inspection Act. 1001," will be  held at the Parliament Ihiildings, Victoria  commencing November 7th. If.10. Application  and instruction forms can be lind on application to Hie undersigned to whom the former  must be returned correctly tilled in not Inter  than*1 October tilth. 1010. Salary ������t:-:0.0O per  month increasing at the rate of $,'.00per mouth  each year to a maximum of SISO.OO.  JOHN PUCK  Chief inspector of Machinery,  New Westminster, li.  C  ( k  ii  i-'l  4r


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