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The Hedley Gazette May 19, 1910

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 ?/-..<���������/! :.*.rn::-.  "^.KiaH '51.H1I  AND SIMILItAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VI.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY,  MAY la, 1910.  Number 19.  Dr. C. A JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in VancoiiA-er.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -���������     -      B. C.  W. H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,  Solicitor,  .  Notary Public, Etc.    .  Murk Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C.  Geo. H. Broughton  B.C. & D.L.S., Graduate S.P.S.  Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor  Now at Princeton   ���������': .  IA/_*tct*ime*I<_e>-r  HEDLEY.B.C.  , Clocks and Watches for Sale.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.     ,  Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop.       Pr-Nxrerox, B.C.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  ;Cohvcyancer,.-Real-Estate.. Mine*.    -,'  Crown   Grants   Applied   For     ;  ��������� ���������  Under  Land  Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for: ��������� <-  Mutual Lifc-of.CaBada.  Hudson Baylrisuranco Co.   -���������      '  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  Alliance Insurance Co.  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  . United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.C.  GrandUnion  /WEbLEYv-B.^.:;;;;;  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars. '  A; WINKLER; Proprietor  liMEr BlfBER SHOP  Two Doors North of Bank of B. N. A.  HAIR   CUTTING   A   SPECIALTY  Razors Honed;  Hot and Cold Baths in Connection  W. T. BUTLER.  l  Mi'.  IB  A. F. & A. M.  KKGULAU monthly meetings of  Hcdloy Lodge No. 43. A. I<*. & A. M..  are held on the.second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hcdloy. Visiting  brethren are cordially iuvitcd to attend.  r<*_  AV. X FORBES  AV. M  H. D. BARNES,  Secretary  k. a. o. STunn  IIAKOI.D  MAVXK  I)ALV  STUDD & DALY,  Members Vancouver Stock Exchange  Real Estate,  Insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  728 Hastings Street AV.  Opposite New Post Office  p. o. box yew  Vancouver, - - B. C.  It. IT. KOGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  MAlMtlSTKK, SOLICITOR,  NOTAKY riJIUJC, ETC  'VjiliNON,   B. C.  VISIT OF D. D. G. M.  Hediey Lodge A. F. & A. M.   Have official Visit From the Grand Master's  Representative  On Friday lirst Right Worshipful  Brp. B. F.Boyce, of KeloAvna, District  Deputy Grand Master of No. 9 Masonic District; of the Grand Lodge of  British Cohnnhia arrived in Hediey to  pay his official visit to Hediey lodge,  and Was accompanied on the trip by  Mrs, Boyce. '  During the afternoon  they   took si  trip up the tramway, uric1 next morning paid a visit to  the stamp mill, in  each of which trips they were accompanied  hy hieiutiers. of the   craft in  Hediey Avrio were   anxious to   make  their visit as enjoyable as they couldi;  In the evening the D. D. G. M. met  with the members in  the lodge room  together' with visiting brethern from  Kereme bs and Princeton.   The lodgie  room for the occasion  Avas draped in  mourning in memory of the late king,'  who had been Grand Master of the  Sovereign Grand-Lodge of Great Britain until  his accession to the throne,  when  he htid aside, the gavel for the  sceptre. Hediey lodee during the past  two years has been in a prosperous  condition   and   the   Grand   Master's  representative expressed his pleasure  thereat  as well as with the work done  in  the :lodge  roonL    In meeting the  members of Hediey lodge.he was renewing Jiiany old friendships for the  Doctor is tin  old-timer in the district  having thrown in litis lob with Camp  FairvieAV  in  the early   days of  that  cariip,   and afterAyards : took; up   his  abode at, Kelowna where he has prosr';  pered.Ayliile lending- a helping hand to  all laudable  movements for  the   advancement of the place,  and.- has al-  ;ways beeii'bhefbf tlie.pillarsof Masonry  there, his  brethern in   the craft doing  him  the honor of making him  their  first master.  His official visit to "Hed ley   lodge  .Avas given  additional interest, by the  .visit of seven brethern from Princeton  whorifi he requested to nieet   him preparatory.'  to forAvarding their application to Grand Lodge for a new dispensation to form a lodge, the former dis-  peiisation   under   Avhieh    their lodge  had been instituted a year ago having  ;been recalled by Grand Lodge.    These  ibrethern having demonstrated   their  zeal arid fitness Avil| be recornmended  for a dispensation under Avhieh Avhen  granted; it is hoped they  may prosper  sufficiently' to   warrant   the ��������� Grand  lodge in'giving thein a charter at the  end of the probationary period.  -   At 'the close of proceedings in the  ;]odge . room the ' brethern surrounded  the festive jboard and after.partaking  bf.^a   dainty    collation'   a- toast   list  .abridged  to suit the lateness  of-the  hour,  was presented by the W.  M.  W. Bro. Forbes, the toasts Avere "The  King and Craf t,"-'Membry of the Late  King",   "Grand Lodge of British Columbia" "Sister Jurisdictions", "Visiting   Brethern",   "Officers   of Hediey  Lodge",  "Pioneer Masons", and   the  .Tuhibr. Warden's toast.  P  Transition Period in Full Swing���������lylarvellbus Progress  of Past Five Years Only a Suggestion of What  Next Five will Bring  A .-few'.-"day's ago the editor of the  Gazette paid ii visit to Keremeos to  note the prograss being made, for the  spring time is always a'very; important season with the agriculturist and  fruit-grower,, 'and to say that Ibe evidences of expansion in the fruit-growing industry to be seen 011 .-ill sides  Avas a 1 evelatiori, is putting it mildly.  Areas !l"'e being brought under cultivation in localities where we'were:hot  aware of any land being available,  and tlie large number of new residents  Avho li-iye conie in, bought fruit lots  and begun to ...improve.i'heni, showed ���������������  degree of progress and expansion altogether unexpected on our part; but  much as Ave were impressed with this  and the extent to which the great  change in the irulu-trial status of the  valley had gone forward, we cannot  say that it surprised us any more than  the advance made in the first fruit lots  Richter in   planting out  what is now  known as the old orchard on the-.Low?  ranch arid   by the Hudson Bay Co. on  the Coulthard place,  and later on the  orchards    of   Manuel     Barcello   and  Mrs; Daly   and *E.' Bullock-Webster  while..lii   the lo-wervalley Mr. Ricliter  also set the pace and showed the way  by. setting out  his  fine  orchard   on  what is  known  as his  lower  place in  Ricliter  Pass leading from   the Lower  Similkameen   into  tlm  Lower   Okanagan,.to hi:'shortly followed by Messrs  MeCurdy  ami   Maiiery,   who  planted  tiers and  provided  themselves   with  the nucleus of profitable orchards.  '   These   beginnings of over a score of  years ago were, however, for the most  part tentative, for in those days cattle  raising   was    the only   industry   that  could be turned to account, the lowing  herds  that hail  feet of  their  own   to  take   them to   market being the   only  A WORD FOR SIMILKAMEEN  R. W.   NortPey Writes of Opportunities  for Mining-Capital  planted out Avhen  the Keremeos Land | species of farm  produce  upon   which  KEREAtEOS LAND CO S. IRRIGATION DITCH  Co. began their operations. The first  is an evidence of what man can do;  the second shows what the soil can do,  and it/would appear that Avhen these  two are considered  side by  side,   the  ORCHARD AND GARDEN IN MAY  Planting raspberries, cost of growing grapes, cranberry culture, selection of nursery stock, lime-sulphur vs.  Bordeaux for spraying, co-operative  buying of supplies, spraying peaches  and controling broAvn-tail moth are  among the many topics for fruit grenv-  ers that are discussed in the May issue  of the Canadian Horticulturist, published at Peterhoro, Ontario. A A-alu-  able article is contributed also by Mr.  J. A. Roddick, Dairy and Cold Storage Commissioner, Ottawa, on "'The  Construction of Cold Storage Warehouses.' For vogetable growers there  are articles on onions, potatoes, asparagus, celery,' tomatoes peppers,  and starting seedlings. Amateur gardeners are given special attention in  articles on sweet peas, asters, dahlias,  lilacs, and so ��������� forth. Horticultural  notes from all the provinces constitute a strong feature of the issue.  The  British  Columbia contributors  are C. F. Sprott,  Burnabv  Lake; W.  J.   L.   Hamilton,   South  Salt Spring.  and ���������'Cerasus," Kelowna.    Among the  prairie  province   writers   are  F.   VV.  Hack, Norwood,   Manitoba, T. Albert  Scholes, Killarney, Manitoba   George  Batho and Mr. Itublee, Winnipeg. The  issue is Avell illustrati'd. Sample cop;-?s ,  of the Canadian U'-rti'-uitiu-st may l.o ;  had on   request to the above mer.tion- J  ed address. '  soil'rcalhr has the best best of it.  In company .with' the Gazette's representative, at Keremeos, Mr. J. A.  Brown, we had the privilege.of making the roiind of rnost of the fruit lots,  and.noting \vhiit had been done and  in doing so had to cover a sweep of  country that in .five or six years hence  AVill make Keremeos and the'Similkameen famed for the quantity and superior quality'of its fruit.  Before  entering on any detailed description of present conditions a paragraph or  two to connect  the  present  AA'ith the past may not he inopportune,  and  as   fruit-growing   is   to   be   our  theme Ave will endeavor to confine any  references to the  past to matters that  will   have   soirie   hearing   along    this  line.    The  Gazette   has before  at different times had clesciipti\-e write-ups  of   Keremeos  ami   the   lower   valley  dealing   with    the  early   history   anil  Avith   the   cattle  industry  as   well  as  Avriteups  of the older  orchards- and a  little later on, with the division of the  Coulthard  e.-tate and the  early plantings of some of  these  fruit lots,   that  may  be   said   to  form   the   advance-  guard of the new order.  The  lirst atteinps at    fruit-growing  in    the    Similkaiiieeii    were   hv    Mr.  they could realize. With Mr. Richter  it Avas not altogether tentative for he  appears to have had' a firm conviction  that it was the land industry of the  future for this valley, and he had the  courage to tackle it under varied con-:  ditions. His first planting on the  ���������Lowe ranch .was on sub-irrigated bottom la:nd; his.nextpn land somewhat  of tlie sarrie character but at a higher  altitude, and his third and final triumph was on the much despised, arid,  cactus and grease-wood covered bench  land of the Surprise place, his present  'splendid orchard and home.  The 'circumstances under which his  first trees were planted, the difficulties  which he had to overcome and the  lessons he learnt therefrom have he-  fore been told in these columns and  need not be repeated here. Each of  his three orchards taught its own  lesson in its own way, The main  point to be kept in view is that they  demonstrated the fact that all three  classes of land will grow good fruit.  Another ciretiiiistaiice which ripened the district for the changn which is  taking place, was the evidence of how  tlie land will respond to cultivation  and irrigation. That magnificent  stretch of Alfalfa which for about  twelve years delighted the eyes of all  visitors and put them in love with the  valley was Siinilkaineen's full page ad.  kept running year after year and  Continued on Supplement  "Professional boomers arid legitimate prospectors have overlooked a  good thing in the Similkameen mining  district," 'according to R. W.'Nortliey",'  Avho says the district has ample ore  aiid .conveniences to make a great  mining country. Writing froiiti Ohilla  Mr. Northey says:  "lii the daily papers I see numerous  statements 7 concerriihg the sale or  bonding of some copper properties in  the 'northwest,- more particularly in  the Portland Canal district on the  north coast of British Columbia. Here  vast sums are being paid for undeveloped mineral claims situated some-.,  where in the neighborhood of a rich  strike. All this reminds riie of the  Rossland boom of .'05, '96 and '07, and  in that boom I dare say some investors  will be lucky enough to put -theii*  money on a winner, Avhile others' will  content themselves Avith the reaping  of an abundant crop of experience.  "Here's  another instance of the old  saying    that   distant   pastures   look  greener  than the fields close at hand.  This section,   the Similkameen, might  have  had  a  boom  in  '97-'98 if it had  been accessible at that time, when the  boom   microbe   Avas   travelling   Avest-  ward from Rossland through the Boundary, but Avas diverted southward'" to"  Republic camp.    There were not even  .Avagon roads in this district then, the  trails often   being  the creek  beds at  low water, and the only entrance from  east or west  being  by  the Dewdney  trail; '"while    north  and   south   there  Avere only deer tracks leading noAvhere  in particular.  "Here steadily at work grinding  out dividends is the richest gold mine  ��������� with the busiest stamp mill in Canada.  The Nickel Plate stands first on the  list of Canada's gold mines, and there  are others just as good in the immediate vicinity, notably the Kingston. Then the gold copper propositions are many. Some of these are low  down and close to the railway; all of  them are easy of access, easy to Avork  and easy to buy or bond, while 1 have  no doubt that most of them are capable of placing their owners on easy  street if worked under proper conditions. Such conditions include the installing of machinery, Avhieh is beyond the present OAvners, who are  prospectors and poor men.  "Last Aveek I saAv an assay certificate of a sample of ore from a claim  situated four- miles north of Keremeos  on the Great Northern railway, ft  Avent 17.2 per cent, copper. About  $8000 Avorth of work has been done on  this claim by the owner, avIio has held  onto it for 10 years but is asking quite,  a moderate price for it. The ledge is  Avell established and disclosed in three-  or four places for about 2000 feet Avith  an average Avidth of from 8 to 10 feet.  On another claim, close by, the copper  contents Avent $76.50  "Here, then is a mining district that  has neA*er. had a boom, it has been  OA'er-looked by the professional hoom-  sters. Yet Ave have every facility and  every feature necessary to the making  of a rich mining country, -high-grade  ore bodies of fair size, 00 per cent, of  the ores self-fluxing, casv of access,  timber and water on the spot, coal  close- at hand, easy terms of purchase,  and situated on the main line of tin-  Great Northern railway from Spokane  to Vancouver Avhen the Hope Mountain section is completed.  GOLFERS ATTENTION  Both in the ladder competition and  in the foursome matches it is most desirable that all the' score cards be  handed in to the secretary in order-  that a, proper handic-apstanding be obtained, as the present handicaps are  merely tentative and cannot be considered to give anything like the degree of accuracy that might be obtained by extending it over series of  two or three dozen rounds of the links  ;it various intervals.  John Redmond demands a change  in-the Accession^oath before George V  is .crowned, The demand and the  terms in Avhieh it. was made ghas now  aroused.protestnnt Britain and bitter-  discussion prevails. THE   HEDLEYs GAZETTE,'! MAY 10,- 1910.  .ii*.  ���������few,   m$Kfim%.W *iP&&<&tfl^  end ���������; :���������:,  Similkameen Advertiser. !  usual on '1'hurndu.vs. liy the HicoU'V GA'/.ic-rri-:  I'KlN'I't.Va A.N'i) I'Clll.lS'lll.N'O Comi-anv.  LlMITKI).   n.t   Iledlev.  H. ('.  NQUgE  ���������^,-SlMtL^vAJlKK.y'���������IJiV"^lp,���������nlSTHICT..  i)isTUicr oif 'Vale."  ���������;')U  uwes. inure or !es".  Swfascriptions in Advance  Per Y(iiir  ���������   "   (I'nited States I.'..'   Advertising Rate*  .Mo.'i.-iiU'einont. VI lines to the ineh  Land Notices���������Oci'tilU'ules of improvement, etc. j  $7.00 for (iO-duy notices, and S'.UO for .'iO-day   ^lai-eh Kith. 111111  notiees. ,������������������'.-'  Advertisements will be qlini.tjed once every  month if advertiser tic-ires,' wi'fiout any extra  chai'K'e. Kor oliaiifces oftener tin Vi'oiicoii month  the price of composition will ,\> charged at  regular rates. "  Changes for contract ad vertiseiiicnts should  he in tho olliee by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue.  A. MEGRAW. Managing Editor.  I TAKK notice that John I'. TMeCuddy of ���������F;i!r-  i J . view, occupation, f'ai-iiicr, intends to  I apply for permission to lease tlie-Iollowiag iks-  : eribed [and:��������� .  f-'J.C. j ('oiniu'enelng at, a post pliintcd at the south'  east, cornel- of Lot ('lift, Group 1.' Osoyoos, thence  south ti) churns; thence west SO chains; thence  north 10 chains, thence easth'O chains lo tho  jioint of connncnceinont. anil uunt'iiuiag-  .'1-0  ^������������������>.:'v'%''^g^a-;;..&Hv-  _~_f  '���������ftp  .   &  |j���������.j     *ji,  D  Full Moon  New Moon  Kirsr. .qunr.  15.  1910  MAY  1910.  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  JOHN P. MeCUDDY  l'-'-KI  JOHN JACKSON, Propriet.br  NOTICE  Certificate of improvements.  -.verijtlilng New and i First-'Class  . Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, -and' Special  Attention   paid   to! the,"-Table.*  74 Years in Businesi  Every ESa-nlcing.  J\ c o o m m od ett i o n  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000  offered to Farmers  Cattlemen, Miners  and Lumbermen.  Sales Notes handled on most favorable terms. Checks  on any bank cashed. Money advanced to reliable men at  reasonable rates  -,..' Money sent to any point  by Money Order. Draft or  Telegraph Transfere.  1  2  H  -1  0  (i  s  9  10  11  .i-"  i:-i  15  10  17  IS  19  .20  22  2-3  21  25  26  27  29>  30  1-1  2S  C/.AK FRACTIONAL Mineral Claim, situate j  in tlie Osoyoos Mining   Division of Yale District.   AV'lieie located: Camp Hediey  TAi'K NOTICIS that I,  Ainsley ?.legraw, F.  1    M. C. BiifilK'J. agent for F. M. French, F. M.  C. 13"(il.S<; and (Icoi-go l-ahill.  F.M.C. Biiiilill.  intend, sixty (lays from date hereof, to apply  to tlie Mining 1'eeordur for a (!ort!ficiit'o of j  li'nproveiiicnts,  for the purpose of diitaihiugii |  (ipuwii Ui-iuit of the above claim. .  And further fake notice that action, .-.under  .-���������.:.'ctl'o������ 37, must he commenced before tho issuance of such Ccrtillcate of Improvements.  Dated this twenty-seventh day of April A.D.  HMO.' l(i-10  ,       AINSLK-Y MFGKAAV  Try  nv.VNKftSS*S*9k.  agent for F..1-I. French and Geo. Cahill-  WANTED  ���������piR TIES and  LAGGING.  r       Oflice.  Particulars  Dai.v Kku cci'ion Co.  it I  57-*^'-'^-���������'  FRUIT GROWERS ASSOCIATION  The re-organization of the Provincial Fruit Growers' Association,   during  the conference of representative fruit  growers  recently  held at Kamloops,  Avill   result  iri    benefit   to   the   fruitgrowers of the proA'ince.    It is essential to the success of the industry that  there should in: a common   ground on  which  fi nit' growers,  can   meet  each  other and   Avork  out   the great problems involved, in..producing a uniformly high grade of fruit, properly packed  and distributed by efficient transportation." facilities. ..to..- the   best   market'  This Association is   intended to   bring  fruitgrowers together'un such a  coin-  111011 basis, for mutual aid  aud assistance along tho lines involved in better-  marketing   of   our   fruit.    It  is  thus  re.iiiy an educational   force,   hut  it  is  to be valuable also in,securing supplies  at lowest prices (send for price  list  to  fiie  seeret.aiy)   and   in   bringing    the  gr'-.-:l'-st force  to   bear  in   transportation  problems.  Tiie. work of the Association for the  present season will be along the following lines :-  1. ' A price list of supplies will be  sent, to members. This can be used to  ���������secure, good .supplies at the lowest  prices.  2. A list of wholesale and retail  distributors of our fruit is being prepared for distribution in the next few  weeks.  o Crop reports of the province and  of our competitors,- especially Oregon  Washington and Ontario, avi'II be distributed monthly, or oftener if deemed  advisable, The Association is issuing  a. list of shippers and shipping associations of the province for distribution  among the wholesalers. If you are  not included kindly Avrite, stating  amount of fruit available.  4. The. board of Horticulture has  kindly consented to give the Association the use of the Aveekly reports of  Market Commissioner, J. C. Metcalfe,  and these will be sent by wire or letter-  to affiliated associations and individual members.  5 A monthly crop and market report of the Avorld's fruit Avill be published.  (J ' Any Fruit Growers' Associations  in the province, may affiliate on payment of a small fee, and thus secure  the benefits mentioned above. If  your district has no local association  and needs one, the officer of the association will be glad to help you start  one on the best basis for success.  7 An annual conference will beheld next year at Victoria, to which  all members are Avelcoine. This eon?  forenco will be of great value to all  fruitgrowers.  ���������;..*' ���������������' ^J t  BUSHED  V/ebsta-'r. UEW-INTERNATIONAL Dictionary,  (G. & C. Mcrr'am Co., Springfield, Mass.)  surpasses the old International cs much as that  book exceeded its predecessor. On the old  foundation a new superstructure has bees built.  The reconstruction Las'been carried on through  many years by a l.-.rge force of trained workers,  under the supervision of Dr. W. T. Harris,  former United States Commissioner of Education, and reenforced Ly many eminent specialists. Tie deftaitioss Lev? been rearranged and  amplified. The number of terms defined ha*  been more than doubled.; The etymology,  synonyms, pronunciation, have received unsparing, scholarly labor. The language of j  English literature for over seven centuries, the  terminology of the arts and sciences, and the  every-day speech of street, shop, and household, are presented v/itu fullness and clearness.  In size of. vocabulary, in richness of general  information, and in convenience of consultation, the book sets a new mark in lexicography.  400,000 words and phrases.  6000 illustrations.  2700 pages.  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  PflLflGE,  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ������������������HEDLEY   B. C."- -.  If A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  lland. , If Orders,for-Teaming  promptly attended to.  Hediey  Branch,      H. A. Hincks, Acting Manager  Offict; of Dominion Express Com pan u.:  W O O D   F O R   S A L E!',  ; Phone U.        INNIS  BROS. I'ropiiotors.  A Large Assortment of Silks and Embroidered  Linens just in at very Moderate Prices  He!  m'& GO.  The Butchers, Hediey  Write to lie publiibers for Specimen Pages.  !    Wc do not  belong to the  [    Beef Trust  nor  are - we  wholly'opposed to Vegetarianism,   consequent!}*,,  we keep on hand  CHoice* /Vl^eits  of all kinds  and tho" nee-,  X- :.:���������- ' . V '. ���������      _f-''  K  X  x  X  X  X  X  I  I  s.  I.  ������:  x  ���������K  x  K  x  s-  I  X  K  x  I  i  I  a  St      :        ' -      S  X ���������'������������������  X:  JVaturalancl Dyed Pongee  Minora  Shantung Suitings in -beMufciful shades.  Satin Foulards, very fashionable.  Silk and Grepe Kimontis.  Striped Messaline Silks '  Plain and Polka Dot Jap Taireta  Silks Scarves in Newest Designs.  Tea Cloths, Runners and Table 'Centres'in' Japa-  ���������   nese Drawn Thread and Embroidery.    ���������  J. A. SGHUBERT, hei>lev  vGf*yM+*������**w**ttW4������+w*WAyfo������4^  essary  with them  Vegetables- to go  GIVE US YOUR. ORDERS  Phone No. 4.  fl..J. KING.*GO.  ���������t  X  X  X  H  I  t  X  X  X  X  ALWAYS    GOOD    AND    FRESH  THE MEAT YOU GET FROM  EDMONDS, THE BUTCHER  I  1  X  X  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, and |  Poultry,  x Also Vegetables and Other Accessories  x -������  *" .-���������������������������.,-������  5  "H-* ^tersV0^  Any one interested in fruit growing  can secure the above advantages by  sending one dollar, tlie animal fee, to  the secretai-v.  Hecaiise of the putjiose and aim of  this association, it is the privilege ;ind  duty of every fruit groAver to associate  himself with it, and do his part in  making it a success. The advantages  of membership outAveigh immensely  the cost of the same. Every fruitgrower should use his influence to  make the association a valuable one.  R. M. Palmer, R. M. Winslow  President, Sec'y-Ti-eas.  Kamloops. Victoria.  'lit  ill  I  One of these bills sent to us each month, will, in  a little over a year pay for tlie most perfect, the most  lasting, and the most satisfactory typewriter that  money can buy���������the Light Touch,'long wearing Monarch���������the typewriter your best stenographer deserves  and your poorest stenographer needs The Monthly  Payment Plan Makes It Easy For The Buyer.  1       Tlie Monarch Typewriter Company, Ltd.  89 King Street West, Toronto.  J5J        A. MEGRAW, local Agent  \A/E HAVE MONEY ���������  %  %  t  to invest in any sound proposition.  Timber, Coal or  MgriculturaLl l^ett-idis  Make a clear sketch and write fully in your first letter if you  want a definite answer.  l/l/estern Canada Investment Co.  Suites -45 F'lctcR. St  Vancouver, B. C  We may be able to still further improve Victor Records���������though  we hardly know where.  They are noAV absolutely uniform in tone and quality, Avhcrevcr  you buy them���������so smooth you can scarcely hear the needle���������more  durable than ever���������and double faced���������tAvo records for the one price.  NEW DOUBLE SIDED RECORDS���������80c. for the two.  Send 90c. and 10c. postage for sample Record. i  Write for catalogue of over 3,000 Records and watch  the papers for list of new ones every month.  Berliner Gram-o-phone Co., Limited  Montreal.  -fenti Waalcd Everywhere.  For Sale by 1  LOUIS  C  ROLL������ &  CO.  Hediey B. C /  No F^reigrHt - No Express?  You can buy from us at Montreal Prices. j!    |j  Western Distributors 1  DYKE, EVANS (3b CALLAGHAN  -36 Hastings St., Vancouver. THE SEEDE.EYGr-AZEUTdQE, MiAK 19, 1910.  Town Snfd Distritf.  .,   Bert HarrisJeaYes to-  hdrtie on the coast;-'.'  davi'ttv visit bis"  J. Corrigan  Avho has been attending  , business college in  Spokane returned  ,on Saturday. ���������   . '���������,'-���������.  Dr. Jackson, dentssr, will be in  Hediey on Wednesday next and to-  main for a few days.  ��������� Jno. Lind, Joe Rotlierhatn and Gen  Walker have  all gone up t" the Portland Canal country.  To anyone looking for a good in vestment,,and appreciating a good smoke,  Estirno Cigars will .surely appeal.  Geo. A. Wilson, supeiintendent of  Presbyterian missions Avent up to  Princeton yesterday and will return  to-day.  G. Beebee representing tlie Canadian Westinghouse, is in town, figuring on some further electrical equip-  nient for the Daly Reduction Co.  J. A. BroAA'n, customs broker, wbo  represents the Gazette at Kx-iemcos  Avas in toAvn on Tuesday, and Avas  initiated into the mysteries of golf.  To-morrow, (Friday) has been proclaimed a public holiday, and all business houses are expected to close, in  recognition of the funeral of the late  King.  Mrs. L. A. Clarke, of Green Mountain Avas in toAvn last Aveek for a  couple of days visiting her daughter,  Mrs. W. J. Forbes, and returned horne  on Saturday.  The flags Avhieh have been flying at  half mast since news of King Edward's  death was received, Avill be lowered  to-morroAv (20th) when the remains of  the late King Avill be laid at rest.  There have also been half a dozen  other more or less pretentious houses  that have gone up dm ing the past  tAvo yeaisthat help to give a good impression by the air of comfort they  impart.  A. Creelman and Avife arrived from  Ncjav Yor.k on Monday accompanied  by Geo. F. Milliken, mining engineer  who will make an examination of the  Golden Zone upon Avhichthey hold an  option. The work of umvatering the  mine is now in progress.  Mrs. R. S. Collin, went to Keremeos  ���������on Saturday to meet Dr.'Tweddle' of  Winnipeg, Avho Avill spend a few days  in the Similkameen and Avhile visiting  his brother there, afford an opportunity for some who .may-require treatment in his specialty, which is that of  cases of paralysis or partial paraiysis.  Miss Bond, matron of the Hediey  hospital, is at present suffering from  a case of blood poisoning in one of her  hands, Avhieh she had. evidently contracted in dressing the Avound of a  patient containing, septic, poisoning.!  The hand required severe surgical  treatment but is now' getting all right  again. ���������  Saturday was the first mail to reach  Hediey after the injury to the raihvay  bridges Which took place on Tuesday  night. This is altogether too long to  be without .mail and it shoAvs a woeful  lack of elasticity in the post office de:  partment Avhieh seems unable to  grapple Ayith a little disarrangement  in the mail; routes Avithout putting the  public to' so much inconA-enience and  loss.  The ladies' Auxiliary to the Hediey  Hospital are holding aDonation Party  in Union. Hall, Friday next, at 8 p. in.  for the purpose of supplying the kitchen with some necessary articles.  The public are cordially invited to attend, the price of admission being  "something- for the kitchen." Tea  and coffee Avill be served, but the ladies  arc asked to bring lunch, cups, saucers  and spoons for tAvo, or more.  The Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary held  their business meeting on Friday last  and decided to hold a donation party,  next month in lieu of the regular-  monthly teas. A list of articles Avhieh  the hospital is in need of will be posted  up and intending contributors will select one or more of these to make up  the amount of their contribution, purchase same and take to the place  where the party will be held.  G. P. Jones holds the record for No  4 hole on the Hediey Golf links, otherwise known as "Pons Asinorum", getting it in tAvo strokes. Some one will  have to do it in one to beat that.  When that is done and the performance thereof duly authenticated the  Gazette will wire Mr. Merrill of file  fact, for Mr. Merrill doesn't think it  will eA'er be done. "Primrose Way"  hole Avas made by S. E. Hamilton in a.  single mashie shot from a point which  Avas a considerable distance back on  the bench above, and the- getting of  "Pons Asinorum" in a cinglo. stroke  would be very little more unlikely or  more of a chance than that.  V. GOES TO $������o PER-SHARE  A; ;���������-,- -v- .T^/O'iJ1'} "���������''���������'  -United Wireless GetsTAnother* Sharp Ad.  ' '$$.  vance���������Its Ear'yi:Wi.ihdrawal  ''.;     '..���������'���������' ',-. also Intimated;-'':',-..-  Notice has been'issued to all agents  j that on;��������� and "'after June 1st.  United  Wireless stock will  be;$50  per share.  Since the��������� 10th of April the  price has  been  $42.50 and   this sharp advance  together with the  intimation that the  stock  may be' withdrawn- from   sale,  Avithout notice, is  evidence that those  who  may   want  to be  in on  it   have  little time  to lose and Avaiting doesn't  pay.    It is only about IS  months ago'  that considerable' of, the stock   here  was bought at $20.00 per share.   Great  as the  expansion of  the business   was  in  1909 it is a  moat significant fact  that thoy have  made  as   many contracts   tt) equip new  ships since  the  first of January last as they did during  the whole tit 1909,,  Six'rnonths ago it  Avas given.out that the company Avere  in position  to discontinue  the sale of  Mock  and   complete  their   enormous  programme of expansion in five years  more.solely from the, profits and retain  balance of stock  in'tho treasury, or iu  two years by disposing of it.    The tremendous success met Avith-since then  has, however,  enabled them  to revise  these figures.   De Foriest's defection  from ,the company a short  time ago  and  his attempts to make use "of patents that he had formerly disposed of>  to the company is occasioning only  good-natured   amusement   for   them,  especially in  vieA-/ of the 'fact   that  some ofthe.se have since  been superceded by improved devices Avorked out  by their own electrical experts in their  own laboratories.    The  Avireless telephone is  not yet commercially  Avoik-  able and Avhile United Wireless owns  some of the best patents on it they  will manufacture nothing until its success is proven beyord a doubt.  Ground has been purchased at Liverpool for their English factory, Avhieh  they find it imperative to complete at  once owing to the rate at Avhieh contracts for British ships arc; coming in  and the delay caused by. having to  equip froni their factory at Jersey  City, the Seattle factory haying all it  can do to look after the work-on the  Pacific coast.  p-*���������-----      iiri i ri  -'     ��������� ���������     i1 "~~"|||f_ fl  >    ��������� ��������� |ill Tt  1 lii I  i.i   :������������������- ���������111���������I  METEOROLOGICAL.  The fOlloAving are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending May hi, 1910 :  Wire Wound and Continuous  WOOD STAVE   PIPE  For Irrigation, Power, and Water Systems  Write for Catalogue  THE DOMINION WOOD PIPE CO., Limited  New Westminster, B. C.  E. E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hediey, B.C.  AT-THE MINE.  Maximum  Minimum  May 8  62        ..  29.  ���������9  .. ���������;���������'������������������ 53"".".  34  10  .:          30        ..  23  .     11  37  2b'  12  ���������    ..-        38 .' '.'.  .28  13  3o     ....  . .  -.    27  14  38  19  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Come in and look at our  ���������  Average maximum temperature 42.57  Average minimum do        26.57  Moan temperature 34.57  Rainfall for the AA'eek   9.     inches.  Snowfall       "       " .       1.1  CORKESI'ONDING AVEEK OK LAST A'EAK      -  Highest maximum temperature 49  Average maximum do 41.  LoAvest minimum do  Average minimum do  Mean do  41.42  20.  21.71  31.56  AT THE MILT..  . Maximum        Minimum  MayS .. 72 .. 43  9      ...     .80 . . 41  10 -.. 58 ���������      ... 43  11 -.-.-        62 -.-.       -41  12 ,..-        67 .. 41  13 .. 65 ..      .  37  14 ..56 .'.' 36  Average maximum .temperature 05.71  Average minimum          do 40.28  Mean                                  do          52.99  Rainfall for the Aveek   .00   inches  Snowfall         "'     "   1.06  COitUKSPONniNO AVKEK OK LAST A'EAK  Highest maximum temperature 08  Average do do 63.14  Lowest minimum do 33.  Average do dp 38.28  Mean do 50.71  BOW KEE  "laundry  Washing called for and delivered. Satisfaction' Guaranteed  t  T Imported Linoleums,   Tapestry Carpet   Squares and?  Linoleums t  ��������� ���������  ---������������������-���������--- ���������-----     -=���������  ���������  We have just opened a Complete jSTew Stock of ���������  Hediey,  B C  fLiK'f1 ~s -* ^rfti*  aSSPr* B   \  tin ��������� ^ ._  **"*1  i *n  LU  WATER NOTICE  1011  atcr  "VTO'I'IOB is hereby given that an npplicnti  ���������*���������*    will bo made under Fart V of the "Wa  Act. lM'iil" to obtain a licence in tho Osoyoos  Division of Yalo District  (a)   Tho name of the applicant is the Princeton AV titer Works Company, Ltd.  Approximately the number of inhabitants  three Hundred.  (oi The name of the lake, stream or source  is tlie Tulainecn Hiver,  (ti) Tho point of diversion about one mile  above Its junction with the Similkameen river.  (<i) The number of cubic feet applied for is  four cubic feet per second.  (e) Tho character of tho proposed works,  pumping station placed on river bank, water  will, bo pumped from a well or -tump holes  situated above llfty feet from river and elevated ii/uout 180 foot into a reservoir or tanks and  from f.lieir distributed through the muins.  (I'.i The premises on which the water is  to be used is tho Town of Princeton or any portion of ���������District Lot 700 Group I. Osoyoos Division of Yalo District in tho Province of Hritish  CotUii'.bin, and tho neighborhood thereof, and  tiv iiKiiility within a radius of two miles from  northerly end of Vermillion Avenue.  (g)' The water is required for supplying an  unincorporated locality with water for domestic ourposes.  (j) Area of Crown land intended to ho occupied by the proposed works���������none.   .  (k) ThiR notice avus posted on the.twenty-  eighth day of April 1010 mid application will lie  made to the commissioner on the twenty  eighth day of May, 1010.  The Princeton AVater AVorks Co. Ltd  Per E. Waterman  P. O. Address, Princeton. B. (.'.  j  x  X'  X  X  X  X  X  X  I  5  X  X  I  X  X  X  X  X  X.  X  X  X  X  X  X  I  X  X  X  %  X  I  X  I  i  ������  s  X  X  X  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing more bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Table and  bar   first - clas,-*.    Kates   moderate.  THOS. BRADSHAW, Proprietor  g  + Axminster and Velvet Rugs.  + AIL we ask is that you come in aud look at them  .��������� the Excellent Designs and Colorings will sell them.  ��������� ���������m^^.,r^^^^  ������������������  ���������"������������������'  ���������  ���������  Shatfords, Ltd.|  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  I HOTEL SIMILKAHEEN !  ��������� HEDLEY, B.C. X  ���������   ���������:���������.���������___.^���������______________ ,    ���������  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  HUMMING BIRD FRACTIONAL. LOOKOUT  SNOWFLAKK. GOLPMAX, MOUNTAIN  V1KW,    TOUTY-NINK   and     MOTIIEU  LODK,   jVfinural   Claims,    situate  in   tlie  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Where lt>c::t<:(i: 'Camp Hediey.  T-AKK NOTrCK that I, Ainsley Megraw,   V.  x    M. C. U-jOlM, agent for L. H.,Patten F. M.  C. No. flfilnl datod May 2fith. 1!������������J and Frederick  Stone F. M. C.  No. li,  2101'), dated May 3lst,  l!K)i). intend, Kitty days from date hereof, to  applo to the Mining Recorder for a Ccrtilieato  oi Impi-ovoutttitii, for tho purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, in not be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated thissoc-ond day of May A. D. 191o.  17-10 AINSlEY MEGRAW  agent for !,."_. Patten and Frederick Stone.  ADVERTISK   IN   THE    GAZETTE  ���������  ���������  ���������  Bgfe$r*S*-V;  JL   .  JO *K'  - / ''������s2������S'*������v  t-/* ,*fcHTv.*������!  t'i  THE   LEADING    HOTEL   OF    THE   SIMILKAMEEN   VALLEY  This house is new and strictly first-class in  everv respect; being equipped with all modern conveniences���������electric light, telephone  Baths, etc. : : Rates Moderate.  Frank Dollemore  Proprietor  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  ^38|������ ^THE, ���������Ifl&pLjgtf������������������GAZETTE.; .JjLA$y;it),1910.  'I  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen----Fa for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  0  Frank Ricliter is a visitor at the  coast this  week.  0. J. Wilson, of the"P. Burns Co.  'was in town last week on his way  through   to   Princeton.  Supt Morgan of. the G. N. R. spent a  few days in the valley during the  trouble with the freshets last Aveek.  Mrs. W. J. Stover, of California, arrived on Friday last on a brief visit to  her husband, returning bv tlie first  train.'    ' .        f  The Jessie MacLachlin concert announced for Saturday eA-ehiiig last  in Richter's Hall a\-'us cancelled, owing  to the uncertainty as "to train service  from Orovilltv  -..'��������� ......  On Sunday next at 3;00 p. in., Rev.  Mr; Ransonie will conduct memorial  service for his late Majesty, the King,  in the school house. All arc" cordially"  invited to attend.  Mr and Mrs. J. A. McAlpine and  children were in town on Fridny cven-  ing on their Avay to Spokane, where  they will spend a Aveek, and Mr. Me-  Alpine Avill consult an eye speci.dist.  We understand  that J. R. Sliaw  is  contemplating opening up a  business  in Hediey, and  will divide  his stock  between the two   towns,   leaving. I<\.,  , .-i  Sauve in charge at Kereineos. '  Prairie schooners and settlers still  continue to pass up.the Similkameen.  I.)r Jei'iiiyn, governinent veterinary  inspector was in town again this Aveek  passing .another buiicb of.horses.  Mr. Grant of the local bank staff has  been transferred to Vancouver. At  present- Manager Lawson is Avithout  an assistant, but is daily expecting  one from the Vancouver office to arrive.  The adjourned suit of Thornton vs.  Coleman Avhieh Avas to have been  heard at Penticton last'week before  Judge Swanson has been again postponed with costs:against the, plaintiff'  owing to the non-appearance of the  latter.  Hermann' Ulrich lost a valuable  horse during the high AA'aterlast week.  The animal, though impeded bv a set  af hobbles, sAvarn across to the island  opposite Mr. Ulrich, but is thought to  have been lost in attempting the return trip.  Mr. G. G. Keeler is building an addition to his store. The new portion  Avill be used as a restaurant and the  whole, of the remainder used as general store, increased business and a  larger stock has made the change  necessary.  A gentle flutter of excitement was  occasioned in toAvn on Saturday by a  team belonging to C. A. IS. Shaw,  which so far departed from their usual  decorous habits as to dp a run-n-way  stunt around several blocks. No damage was done unless it be to tin-estimation in Avhieh those same equities  were held bv their owner.  For a time last week-' Ave had no  trains, then 'for a day or two trains at  any old time.Now they appear to have  got down to a schedule, which' will  likely hold good till the damage to the  bridgeis repaired and the usual routine resumed. At present the train  for Orovjlle leaves here at 8 a. m.. and  for Hediey at op. in: Passengers and  express are transferred'a-t' the second  bridge. '  Hon, Thos. Taylor, minister of agriculture was in Keremeos on Thursday  of last Aveek. Mr. Taylor had been  making a.personal tour of inspection  in reference to the wagon and automobile road: which his department  purposes building from Vancouver to  Nelson through the southern part of  the province. The Avashouts'on this  line made it necessary for him to driA-e  from Oroville here and abandon' his  trip over the route west of here. He  Avas .joined here by Mr. Shotfordand  together they drove ovei' to-PdritibtPn!.  Dr. arid' Mrs. Boj-ce, of Kelowna,  were visitors in town durihgithe week  Tlie Dr. is ori oldtimer ih-Sputherri  B. C. and knew the Sirriilkameeii in  the early days. He was nibst favorably impressed with the changes  Avhieh have taken place here. On Friday they drove to Hediey Avhere the  Dr. paid the Masonic Lodge an'official  visit |n his capacity of D. D. G. MV A  number of ���������.members of the craft from  Keremeos also made it the occasion of  a visit to the rieighboi-ing; lodge/  Among these Avere Rev-. Mr. Cameron;  F. H. Parsons, H. B. Meausst't'e and  Mr. Lavvsori.  THE TRANSCONTINENTAL  It   will   Cost   $350,000,000���������Enormous  Burden in Fixed Charges  VICTORIA    DAY    CELEARATION  Everything is in readiness for the  21th of May celebration at Kereniebs:  Centre, and if the trains arerunning  as at present it will be convenient for  all up the valley to spend; the day  there, as the train now leaves Hediey  at 0.30, iii the rri'orniivg'returning after  7 in the evening. There is every reason to believe that this schedule Avill  be maintained for seA-eral Weeks as it  will take sometime to repair the injuries to the bridge and do away with  the necessity of transferring. A splendid day's sport is promised. ���������  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT  CO-OWNERS  To D. .1. 1'tirdy, Robert Wisely, and VV. A.  Chesley, or to any person or persons to whom  they may have transferred their interests in  the Hordon. Hope and Laurier mineral chums  situate at the mouth of Tenas Creek in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  .You and each of you are hereby notified that  we have expended three hundred and seven  dollars and fifty cents In labor and inipro\-c-  monts on tho above mentioned claims in order  to hold tlie said claims.under, the provisions of  the Mineral Act, the said labor being done for  the year ending 5th of August. 1JKM), and if.  within !K) days from the date of this notice, you  fail or refuse to contribute your poi-portion of  such expenditures together 'with all costs of  advertising, your interest in said mineral  claims will be the property of the undersigned,  under Section I of "Mineral Act Amendment  Act moo.  Dated this 1st day of April, 1������10.  GEO. ST'KKI)  .1. AV. SINCLAIR  Ottawa April 0.���������M. J. Butler, former Deputy Minister of Railways probably knoAVS as much about the Transcontinental Railway as anyone outside  of the Commission. He was for a Avhile  Assistant Chief Engineer of the Commission, and took an early opportunity to move out. Then he left tlie  Government service altogether and  novv is General Manager of the Dominion Coal and Steel Works at  Sydney.  Noav unmuzzled, Mr. Butler hirs  been '-mentioning a few things. He  addressed the Boston City Club recently, and told the club that the new  Transcontinental line will cost $350,  000,000 when completed. This is about  $75,000,000 .more' than Mr. Borden's  estimate of 1008. Mr. Borden figured  that the cost of the eastern section,  arid the guarantee on the Western portions would amount to $250,000,000^  The cost of the Mountain and Prarrie  section above the guarantee Avould be  $25^000,000. Mr. Butler's additional  $75,00.0,000 Avould: probably include  rolling stock and other equipment.  According to the last government  statement the Dominion government  Avill be responsible for some $45,000^  OOO interest paid Avithout recourse,  and some $],7.00(),000 for the Quebec  Bridge, making $62,000,000. This is  quite a raise from the $13,000,000 which  the. government, undertook in 1904  Avould be the maximum cost. But if  Ave subtract'this $62,000,000 Ave find  tlie1 sum of $88,000,000 left as" the cost;  to be charged against the company.  ThuS'Avhile the total cost of the road  will be, according to Mr. Butler, fully  100,000 per iiiile, the cost which will be  a basis of the fixed charges Avill be $80,.  000 per mile. On part of this the annual interest Avill be only three per*  cent. This is Avhat the government is  to receiA'e. On the part to be paid for  by,the issue of bonds guaranteed by  the government, the charge Avill exceed three per cent, for the bonds are  not sold at par. The money raised on  the Grand Trunk guarantee 'will cost  four to six percent. The annual charge  Avillnot be less than three and a half  per cent, or $2,800 per mile.  No trunk railway on this continent  is loaded with fixed charges nearly  so large as this. They are much more  than double the fixed charges of either  the Canadian Pacific or Canadian  Northern. On the other, hand compare the earning capacity, of the  Canadian Pacific per uiilfe with that of  the Grand TrUiikv Pacific betAveen  Winnipeg and Mbnctbh;  NEARLY 1,200,000 IN USE  DELAVAL  FIRST���������ALWAYS BEST���������CHEAPEST  ��������� The Wofld-s Stahdard  Ten years ahead of all others in every feature of  separator practicability  Beautiful In De>|glg;Ti������ Perfect In Construction, E verlastlng In Dally Use  Send for handsome catalogue illustrating arid describing the  latest styles and sizes of machinesin details, to be had for the asking  FRANK RICHTER & CO.  KEREMEOS, - - B.C.  -���������. 1  When in Keremeos; stop at the  HARRY TWEDDLE, Proprietor.  f  I ,       ..,: ---���������---:   ..  Jf Sole Agents for Princeton Coal  Free Bus to all trains  B.C. Fruit Lands Office  Headquarters for all stage lines.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CONVEYAXCIMJ, CUSTOMS BROKEHAGI",  FIRE INSURANCE  AGENCY HEDLEY GAZETTE  OFFICE - KEREMEOS, B.C.  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  REAL, ESTATE MTNEH  Agent for:   ���������  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.   '  Ocean Accident and'Guarantee Co.  Keremeos, B. C.  TOMMY SING  Contracts for Work  Land scrubbed or any kind of Avork by  contract at reasonable rates.  Silk Handkerchiefs sold cheap, imported direct from China.  Kcremeos-Peiiticion Mail Stag-e.  Leaves Keremeos for Penticton ori -Mori-'  days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noorf. ;  Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., arriving in"  Keremeos at noon.  W. E. Weluv, Proprietor.  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  m  *  m  m  w  m  ������  ������  m  4*1*.  *������  What a few Acre of keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are iii bearing  .savings by  Can you do hotter with your  sending them outside to in vest in soine specula  tive scheme, more or less hazardous, than by investing them at home in something that is as  safe as the bank and at the sanie time offers such  big returns on tlie capital invested.  We  offer no  REMEMBER  land but   what has   the  ready on it  water al-  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^������^^^^^������  "VTOTICK is horcpy glA-cn that tlie partner-  ���������*���������) sliip, forwcrly existiiig- between Halliburton Tvvoedlo ahef Jaines Ji.liririirstlias been  dissolved. All ciaiins.'a'gftuist the firm must be  jircKentc'd'to the nndoreignedfahd all accounts  owing the firm must bepiii'd oh or before the  first day ���������fllay next. . ,     . '  H^.TW'KpDLH:  FCoreuieos CinU't. April 3th.1910.'  OSOYOOS DAND DISTKICT  DISTRICrr OK .SIMILKAMBKN  *]*AKK N'OTICK tnat I, Kroderick f:iiarie.s  -1- Wilson of Vancouver, li. C, .occupation  school teacher, intend to apply for permission  to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted beside the  south east post of Lot 23(is tnonco north twenty  chains; thence Avest about five chairs to tho  east boundary of the One Homo Mineral  Claim; thence south twenty chains; thence  cast about live-chains to point of commencement.  Ki-KiiKKiCK Cii.vklks Wilson  Vincent O. Wilson. Agent.  March8th, I!)I0. 11-10  P. BROMLEY,  GENERAL BLACKSMITH  SING LEE  LAUNDRY  Work called for and delivered.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Keremeos, B.C.  For a Luxurious. Shave,  Hair-Cut or Bath go to  BOOSTER'S  TONSORIAL    PARLOR  Box Trade in Cigars a" specialty  A fine line of Cigars   and  Tobaccos, Frurt rind'    '  Confectionery  Horse-Shoeing- a Specialty  KEREMEOS,        ~~- -  B. C.  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N.'K;'Station  GEO.  KIRBY,  Manager.  *?rB������������*^������^^iM?������^������������������Mv^^wt������������>w*t  POOL TABLE IN CONNECTION  A. J. SAUNDERS  Keremeos.  PLUMBING  WARM AIR  HEATING  NOTICE  Certificate of improvements.  WKSTMORDAXD Mineral Claim situate in  the Osoyoos mining division of Yale-District. Where located :Susap Creek, Simil-  kaiucen.  'PA ICK NOTICK that I. U. 11. I'arkinson Free  x Miner's Certificate No. B1928S, intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice thut action, under  section '", must be commenced before tho is-  siitnco of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 29th day of March, A. I). V.HO.  13-10 R. 11. PARKINSON*  D. Braithwaite. Agent.  When   writing    Advertisers  Mention the Gazette.  Please  KEREflEOS  MEAT   MARKET  n. C. McAULEY  Successor to  E. M. CROOKER  Formerly Geo. Cawston  ^0rf^^^������*^^"rfi?^a<'i*:S8'W^'tei9'i8������S'i������*8'^-������'*^  Keremeos Trading  Retail   and   Wholesale  of General Merchandise  flLWiiyS FLEflcSED TO SilOW GOOD   AND   GENERAL  TINSMITHING  Orders  by Mail  will receive  Prompt Attention  ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON  APPLICATION  H. B. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos.  Keremeos Hardware  Stoves and Ranges  Shelf & Heavy Hardware  Paints and Oils  i:-s:-3-S-r-:S  G.  G.   KEELER.  Keremeos, ������������. C.  TVT  'I  m  W  iiii  -'il  ���������r.eremeos, B. C. SUPPLEMENT TO THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, MAY, 19, 1910  changed four times a vear or with  each cutting of the crop. After running six years it bore its fruit and outside capital AA-tis attracted thereby,  for in the fall of 1904 W.. H. Ann-  strong obtained an option on the  Coulthard property of 2000 acres, interested  his associates in it and form-  more generous water supply.  The problem of supply Avater for the  greater area of these hinds was no  easy matter and involved a heavy expenditure of money. The water from  Keremeos    Creek    Avhieh    could    be  The most interesting part of it is the  old Webster homestead itself���������the  cattle-yards and the old orchard���������  Avhile the thick lofty fringe of Avillows  I the creek was far short in quantity of  what was  required, and a .more am hi  tious scheme was undertaken Avhieh  was no less than that of bringing the  water from Aslinola Creek a distance  of eight miles by a  huge conduit capable of delivering 1000   miner's inches  or a cubic foot per second for every  100 acres,  an amount which is  far in  excess of what is required.    The engineering of this huge scheme was done  by C. A. Stoess and   the  work   completed under tin- efficient supervision  of J. W. Armstrong.    Tin- cost is said  to   have  exceeded  $100,000.     Ground  w.is broken for the ditch in the spring  of 1007 and early summer of 1909 siiAV  it delivering Aslinola   water   on   the  fruit lots  at Keremeos.    With enterprise such as this  and a soil  of such  wondeiful  capability,   Avhat  can  prevent Keremeos from taking its place  ed tin- Kercmeo.s Land Company. That fat the.  very top of  the list among the  was  practically- thebeginning of the. j fruit-growing sections  of British Co-  new era and hei aided the early .id vi nt j hunbia''  of the day when the pastoral Arcady j Four years ago the Gazette spent a  of a score of years ago was' to liecon e I few days at Keremeos going Over the  a hive of industry with its. wide < x- first planted fruit lots of this sub-divi-  nanse of orchards anil vitieVaiils uu.ic- sion and also the older orchards al-  ing trade for the railways and money ready mentioned. From J. J. Arin-  for those engaged in it. strong's fine holdings adjoining Frank  The subdivision- of the. Coulthard I Ricliter's orchard a range of fruit lots  .property was merely the beginning had been planted out extending east-  and is being and will be followed byl ward- on the noi tliside of the road as  inatiy more in the near future. Al- i far ea.-t almost as Mrs. Daly's orchard  ready the   Price and   Webster pi oper-   and westward  again from Mrs. Daly's  strong's lot the tiny trees of four years  ago are now big lusty trees   coA-ered  Avith fruit and throwing a large cool  refreshing shade.   The same also may  be said of other orchards of equal age, I along the old irrigation ditch acting  and notably, those of John Mattice now as a most effective wind break,  brought on the land at comparatively I and G. B. Clarke, the latter having bears evidence to the age of the im-  light cost owing tp the rapid fall in  acquired the lots set out by Richard   provements and   the taste, industry  Elmhirst and well  taken  care of by J and good judgment of its original lo-  Fkatn-k Richter's Residence, Keeemeos  J. .1.  AHMS'l'liil.Vlf's Hesidi<:nc"e, ICerkmkos  ties have been subdivided and sold  and others may be expected to follow  from time, to time.  The one great essential in making  the land produce is a supply of water,  for the natural rainfall, of the district  Avould come very far-short of giving  the trees sufficient moisture, but it  has been ascertained that abundant  cultivation also goes a long Avay to-  Avards making a much smaller supply  of Ava.ter.dp than some are disposed to  use, and better results are obtained  Avitli cultivation and a moderate supply of  water than   by relying   upon a  westerly boundary along another  range, of land farther south and lower-  lying. These trees although looking  healthy and giving every promise of  doing well, suggested the usual long  wait before they Avould come into  biaring, but to-day we find them  covered, at the end of the blooming  period, Avith an enormous crop of  young fruit newly formed, and the  only care on the part of the owners is  how they are going to get them thinned out sufficiently to keep from  breaking the trees down Avith the  weight  of  the crop.     OnJ. J.-Aim-  hini until today they are a beautiful  sight indeed and constitute a tine setting for the handsome comfortable up-  to-date..-residence he is erecting.  A new section of tin- Keremeos Land  Company's holding to be brought under cultivation is that lying to the  west and south of the new townsite at  the station, and -occupying...the space  bet wein that and the river and westward to the boundary of the Price estate. In this portion'are the fine new  lots of T. .S. Dietitian. J. A. Brown,  \V. M. Frith. E. M. Crooker, T, C.  Brooke, J. A. Knowling and his  brother G. H. Knowling, G. Milburn,  Mrs. Scott, F. B. Gibson and otlieis.  The Price estate and the improvement.- thereon were also a revelation.  From the lane, its eastern boundary,  westward to the old Webster ferry  the whole flat ha.s been ploughed up  fenced and comfortable dwellings  erected. Avhile the water for irrigation  is supplied from the Keremeos Land  Company's big ditch. Among those  owning a.nd improving fruit lots in  this part are W. Diuidas, W. H. Cameron, Rev. A. H.Cameron. G. W. Cooper who planted last year and has a  handsome bungalow on the river bank  in a pretty grove. A. H. Harrison.  D. J. Innis; Mr. Moody and Mr. il. B.  Parsons whose lot is right up at the  ferry and who has made a most excellent showing in the few weeks he has  been at work on his lot this spring.  tHe odd avkbster place  But a section which interested the  writer, perhaps more than any other  Avas that of the old Webster ranch  Avhieh Ave never had the pleasure of  reaching before because iif its isolated  position across the river and the difficulty of getting across, although Ave  have ahvays been most anxious to get  there. Now, however-, thanks to the  efforts of Mr. Shatford, the government have bridged the Siuiilkameen  at tiy hme und the residents across  the river are no longer marooned.  cator, for in spite ofafeAV disadvantages the greatest of which is now a  thing of the past, the locality possesses  certain' advantages which from a fruitgrowing point of vit-AV are hard to  equal.  This subdivision was made by the  B.C. Fruitlands Go. who purchased  the land from Mr. Webster. Of the  new lots planted.'but.the location of  that owned by W. Bre.dner is a-most  desirable one in almost every respect.  His  holding is 20 acres, well-watered  W. H. Armstrong.  and sloping gently south and east and  the trees in healthy condition. The  tenant of the old homestead is A.  Robertson who is looking after the  old orchard besides tilling his OAvn lots  on the division further up the river.  Leaving the old homestead a. drive  up the river finds the river and mountain coming close together and thus  cutting off the upper and lower places,  but here again the government came  to the rescue and built a road along  the shore to join the tAvo portions. On SUPPLEMENT TO THE HEDLEY GAZETTE; MAY 19, 1910  the upper is found a regular new set  tlemcnt of prosperous fruit-growers.  One. disability, aiid a serious one. is  that,, unlike the. case of the Keiemeos-  Land Co., the..Price" estate or even the  lower Webster.estate, Avhere Webster  creek supplies irrigation, the. vendors  in the case of the upper place supplied  men like Quant -Bros.,' Pedy,; Robertson, Ulrich and others have "-'accomplished.'' The former in particular are  building and .have already built a long  stretch of flume (doing the work themselves) that represents both labor and  cash, and the number of trees they  have  planted and   condition; of- their  APPLE TREE IN RICHTER'S ORCHARD  no water with the land purchases and  the buyers an-left to shift for themselves in the matter of water; but they  arc grappling with the situation nobly  and no more credit is due to owners of  lots anywhere in the district than to  these,   for-it is  really wonderful  what  J. J. ARMSTRONG  lots   is most  creditable   and leaves no  room for doubt of early and complete  success rewarding their enterprise, and  industry.  In addition to those already  mentioned   on this  division   there are  Messrs. Schnerder, Young and others.  Of  the  older  oicha'ds   \vc   had no  time  to take any of them  in  except  that of Frank Ricliter and it is looking  in fine condition for an enormous crop.  He has t iken   out a good inany.of. his  peaches and replaced them with other-  trees of which winter apples form the  greater   number  these   being in  his  opinion   the most  profitable  planting  and  giving  year  by  year  the surest  crop.     His   vineyard   which  suffered  most during  the  hard seige   of tAvo  winters ago has been renewed but this  time  many of  the more  tender varieties    which   he    had  reared   and in  which he took special pride and reaped  good  returns year  by year until they  ��������� uccumbed  to the  stress of that hard  winter, arc now replaced Avith hardier-  varieties, 500 Niagaras, 50 Salems and  50 Ham-burgs.     Apples,   hoAvever,   is  what he  banks on for  profitable fruit  culture  and largo  as the   old orchard  was, he has young trichords coming on  in which the   Yellow Bellfiower, Spit-  zenbergs,  Northern  Spies and Wine-  saps  are  well  represented.    Many of  the Ben.Dayis trees in the old orchard  were" decapitated and Winesaps grafted on them. .., ;  '". ,';.. EXTENT OK TH[E. INDUSTRY  ; A better idi.-ii perhaps of the extent  of .the .industry may be obtained by a  statement of the; number of trees in  bearing and that have been planted  out and avU1 be in bearing in four  years more. These figures have been  obtained by careful enumeration of  each man's holdings, but it would take  up top much space to give them in detail sir we merely give the totals which  are,- apples 18810 trees, peaches7470,  other trees 6575. This does not include  small fruits or grapes.  ESTIMATE.OF THIS YEAR'S CROP '  An estimate of this year's crop from  Keremeos has been made liy Mr. J. J.  Armstrong as follows: apples 25 carloads; peaches -5000 boxes; cherries  1000 boxes,, plums 1000 boxes, pears  1000 boxes; Now that the fruit is here  steps are being taken to provide for  saving the surplus" crop and thus re.-"  diicing the chance- of loss from 'waste,  by going in for canning, and already  arrangements are on foot for canning  on a large scale.  CHARACTER OF THE RESIDENCES:V ,  That Keremeiis  is soon   to  become  noted as a. place of beautiful homes is  already quite apparent.    A   fine   example in  that direction Avas set  by  Frank Ricliter who ten years ago when  the   cor in try    had  still very limited  means,   of   transportation,    provided  himself Avith a beautiful dwelling, and  Manuel Barcello about the same time  put up a  house Avhieh  Avas much better than  might be expected for the  country in   the condition it  their Avas.  After  the railway  reached  the "town  there   Avas   more   encouragement to  build and  already the result is '-'.being  seen. The handsome commodious residence of J. J. Armstrong erected last  year was-a marked feature in that direction and this year the splendid residence of Geo,B. Clarke. nmv'ne.aring  completion, is to he followed by another  Avhieh Jps.:W. Armstrong is erecting,  the material  for which' is already on  the ground.    These  houses are of the  latest  design   and  Avill   have   all  the  modern  conveniences:   the   materials  are specially  prepared  on,, thecoast  and partly put together   before-being  shipped in.  WM. DALRW^  j,c>,  GENERAL  BLACKSMITH  ���������������.-"l.:.  Your Patronage Solicited.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Gumming's Old Stand  (Keremeos Centre)  When answering . ads.   plesae  mention this paper,    ;.  &  ������  ������  '.������  .������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  .������  ������  ������  ������  ������  Grand Annual  CELEBRATION  ���������   ���������   ���������   Ql. ���������   ���������   ���������  Keremeos Centre  ... on . . ���������.  TUESDAY, MA Y 24th  HORSE RACING, ATHLETIC SPORTS  ANDIOTHER SENSATIONAL  :     ^AMUSEMENTS  GRAND BALL IN THE EVENING  Music Furnished by the Oroville Orchestra  Tickets $2.00 including Supper at  the Central Hotel  COMMITTEE IN CHARGE  H. Tweddle G. S. Loudon        O. H. Carle Max Ewart  Hans Richter ' H. A. Barcello  &������s&@@@������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������]  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������


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