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The Hedley Gazette May 22, 1913

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume IX.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, MAY 22. 1913.  Number 21.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,       -       -       B. C"  NAVAL BILL PASSES  It Is Now Up to The Senate   to Show  What They Are Made Of  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines, -Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C  N. TlIO.Ml'SO.V 1'IIONE SBVMOUlt o'.)i'i  MGH. WKBWK.V OAN.ADA       ���������  Cammeii Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield; Eng.  Offices iiiul Warehouse, 8I7-(K Jleatty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Grand Union  Hotel   HEDLEY, B. C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  Hediey    fliners'    and    Hill men's  Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.  Regular meetings of the Ilcdlev Local, No.  Kil are held on the lirst and third Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at the N. P. jYIiiie  O. M. Stevkns' T, R. Wii.i.ev  President Fin-Secretary.  A. F. & A. M.  REGULAR monthly .meetings <bf  Hedloy Lodge No. IX A. F. & A. M.,  are hold on ,tho second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall. Hediey. '< Visiting-  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HA/1ILTON,  W. M  -H.-D. BARNES  Secretary  MODERN .WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hcdloy Local -Camp -incut-sani  Fraternity Hall the 'first Thui-s-'  day only in the month.  It. J. Cokkig'a.v  Counsel  H.-G. Fhke.ma.v   :  Clerk.  L. O. L.  Regular monthly meetings of  Hediey Lodge 17^1 are held on  ^      the   third   Monday   iii    every  V*c.eaB>fii.^@nionth in Fraternity Hall.  Visit"  ing brethern are cordially invited to attend.  H. J. JONES. AV. M.  .    G. H. TURNER. Sec't.  DR. J. L. MASTERS  DENTIST  I! Will be at Home office in Oroville, 1st  !j to 20th: of each month.  (Office  on North   Main   Street.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL K.VGIN.KKR a.nd BRITISH  COLUMBIA 'LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building: Princeton  HILLIARD'S  BARBER     S FI O F������  FOR AN UASV SHAVK .  HOT & GOLD BATHS   ,,  Next door north of Cirand Union Hotel  lA/alterGlatyton  Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.  MONEY TO   LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  Otlawn, May 15.���������The great Parliamentary struggle over the Naval Bill  reached a finality shortly before mid-"  night, when the third reading of the  measure was adopted after a comparatively quiet division on a vote of 100  to 68, a government majority of 32.  The six mopths' "hoist which was  moved early in the e'vening by Sir  Wilfrid Laurier had 'previously been  rejected on a vote of 103 to 70, a government majority of 83.  The differences in the two votes was  due to the fact that one Conservative  and two Liberal members who missed  the first division arrived in time to record their vote on the main motion.  HOW NATIONALISTS  VOTED  The divisions were not on strictly  party lines. Five Nationalists, Achim,  Boulay, Bareette, Behnere and Guil-  bault, stood up with the Opposition on  both occasions, while Col. H. H. McLean of Qiiuens-Siinbury was counted  on the side of the Government:  During the first division the Nationalists who stood by the government  were greeted with ironical -Liberal  cheers when they rose to vote, while  Colonel McLean got a salvo of Conservative cheers when he registered  his vote in favor of the government's  policy.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier spoke against  ���������the bill again on the debate of the  third reading in addition to his speech  in favor of his six months' hoist  amendment hut he brought out no  new point or anything except to reiterate his hostility to any effective aid  on Canada's part. At no time during*  consideration of the question has lie'  lost aii"'opportunity to eiiibarass the  government unci spoke as long as the  rules would allow him and sometimes  when they would not lie was on .his  feet trying to impose upon the speaker's indulgence.  Mr. Borden also spoke with force  and at considerable length. He said  his idea of Canada's duty to the Empire .differed radically from that of Sir,  Wilfrid Laurier. ���������  He said that with the Opposition  .leader in .control, .Canada could not)  render1 ���������������������������effective aid to the -Empire;  He ,believed that when half of the  naval force's of the 'Empire have been  withdrawn to protect the heart of the  Empire, the time had come when'  Canadians should not quibble but  should have come forward and done  something worthy of themselves.  -During.the day severaliarne,ndmon,ts  offered by.the opposition.were.discuss-  ed.and rejected on minorities ranging  i'rom 39 to 45.  Hon. Martin Burrell also contributed to the debate at this point, He  said: "That this bill had been introduced into.the House five months ago  and that now in the course of a few  hours the members would have to give  their final vote. There rested upon  them a deep imd grave responsibility.  It was a regrettable fact.that a matter  affecting the defence of tho Empire  and world relationship -would be ilia'de  a subject of party politics.  Mr. Biirrell desired to deprecate  statements,to the effect that the state-  men in Great Britain are not actuated  by a desire to work out the problem  of defence without interfering with  the Overseas Dominions.  Mr. Borden stands out as a sincere  and consistent supporter of his own  views iis well as of the views of tlie  people. - He;believes that Sir Wilfrid  .Laurier would have played the better-  part had he decided to give his support  to these proposals.  In conclusion, Mr. Burrell declared  that the government's proposal would  meet with the approval of the great  majority of the people of British Columbia.  WESTERN CROP PROSPECTS  General  Outlook Good  But Season Two  Weeks Later Than Usual  Winnipeg, May 17th.���������According to  reports received from 200 points in the  Canadian prairie west, seeding is practically completed. About sixty percent, of the wheat is up. A few "points  report three inches high, but the majority says that it is just through the  "ground. A few points report "wheat  "as having been frozen by severe  weather. The average of the reports  show the condition 'of the wheat to-be  two weeks later than in -1912, but seed'  to have gone in on a better seed bed  and with more moisture. About half-  a-dozen points report too much moisture. Four report an actual need of  rain and the balance report sufficient  moisture to start the'ero'p and carry  it well along into June and soine even  to July.  About 50  percent,   of the oats and  A HAZARDOUS LOAN  European  Financiers To Supply Money  for- Repairing Mexican Railway.  London, May 17,.���������-A Mexican Government loan of .$35,000,000 for the  restoration of the railroads in that  country is understood to have been  practically arranged here and in Paris  The term's have not yet become available, but it is stated that the'v are  high. The Mexican agents aie endeavoring to secure fifty million dollars  mor:e to be utilized for governmental  purposes.  Lord pojy.d'ray has been .active in  the negotiations, but not through  Coutts Bank as previously reported.'  LOCAL NEWS  25 percent, of tlie barley, is seeded,  but a great many points report that  plowing is still to be done for these  grains, , and quite a number of points  state that plowing has actually been  retarded by the heavy frost's at night.  In spite of the fact,that the season  is two weeks later than in 1912, the  reports indicate that the general condition is very fail, but the need fur-  warm, bright weather is imperative.  HEDLEY'S FIRST  CRICKET MATCH  WOULD  RE-ADJUST BOUNDARY  Joint  Resolution  Introduced in House of  Representatives at Washington  Washington, May 17th.���������A proposal  to cede to Canada the coast strip of  Southeastern Alaska, 536 miles long,  and in some places eight or- ten iniles  wide, was made in a joint resolution  introduced by Representative Stevens  of -Texas," at the request of the Universal. Peace Union .a t'iPhiladelphia.  The resolution requires President  Wilson .to negotiate with Great Britain for a commission to investigate  :,the possibility .of rectifying the boundary of Southeastern Alaska, "for the  benefit of both parties."  The preamble sets, forth that the  border should be adjusted to remove  the .unnatural boundary by which the  Yukon Territory^ tlie northern half of  .British .Columbia .and almost the entire MacKenzie Basin, an eggregate  area nearly as large as the states east  of the Mississippi River, are shut off  by the coast strip from free use of the  niost.'direct.route^to the Pacific.  The resolution suggests that such a  move would set an example in the policy of mutual cqric'iission that would  constitute "a glorious achievement in  history."  GOLF TOURNAMENT  E. E. Btiri:   General   Blacksmith  Hediey, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  NEW FIELD  FOR NICKEL  Britain Still :Has It���������Tasmania Is Latest  Discovered'Field  Sydney, N. S. W��������� May 17. ��������� The  world's supply of nickel is likely to be  largely augriient'-d as the result of the  discovery of a lode of ore which has  just been discovered in Tasmania. The  lode reaches for a mile and a half and  seenis to be exceptionally rich. So far  it has been only partially sampled.  The first series/of matches in Hediey  fin- the golfing season between teams  captained by President and Vice-president wits wound up last week and ended in a rather pronounced verdict for  .the vice-president's forces. Although  the president hud tho first choice he  was not as successful as the viee president in gauging the play of the other  mernbeis of the club Out of liine  single matches which made up the  series the vice-prei-'dent's side won  seven and a half of them and the  president's fine and a half.  The draw match .which gave a half  to each side was that between the  two leaders who .played to a tie on  each of the two rounds, but the scores  made by each tin the occasion were de-  cidely punk and showed that neither  of them owed his position in the club  to the character of his play. The one  game .which went to the president's  side was a defaulted game  The swap match which has been  talked of for some time between the  cricket club andthe baseball club has  been pulled off���������-at least the cricket end  of it. What remains to be told when  the baseball installment comes off,  only the fates can .tell.  The pitch was simply awful and until a little  improvement can   be made  in it the chances for maining arc too  great.     Capt. J.  Howe won  the toss  and  sent   the   baseballers   to the bat.  The  cricket  bowlers were  Howe and  Barrett and  they were merciful and  bowled   some full pitch balls  and easy  lobs to  get the baseballers  started  at  slugging before they began to tighten  down.     The side   was disposed  offer  thirty runs   a,   liberal   percentage  of  which   were byes  due to  ragged fielding and  bad  pegging on the  part of  the cricket players, very few of whom  had  handled' a .ball for years.    It was  ftinny all  the way through   for  the  baseballers   didn't   know    the   rules;  there was bnl.y.oh'e umpire.and he had  too  much  to do to  kei-p track of the  overs  and discharge the other duties  of the office  and all the while conduct  a cricketkindergarten.    The baseballers   had  no bowler   to help  them   out  and  they tried overhand  bowling as  being  most closely  allied to  the baseball throw.     So closely allied did they  keep it that  the biggest percentage of  their offerings  were   throws   at   the  wicket  pure arid  simple, but all .were  out for a good  time and  everything  went.     Neither did   the scorer understand  how to  keep the cricket   tally  and  hence   the   baseballers'   first  attempt  was not recorded  in due shape  to go down in history.    Not until the  cricketers went to bat and had time, to,  instruct the scorer- on the keeping of  the -tally.was   there any accurate attempt further than to get the  total  number of  runs  made   by   the   side.  Only one inning was  played and  the  baseballers were all but for 30 runs  while the cricketers  had 55 rims for  six .wickets  with  some of their best  bats to the good.    The  scorer claims  to have lost his  tally and individual  scores are not'available.  The slaughter of the innocents will  begin when the baseball end of the  swap is pulled off.  There was a stabbing case at Princeton last week when Orr who figured  in the Labor Day money case here as  the loser of the wad, is now in trouble  as-the one Avho did the stabbing. The  mair who was stabbed was A. Phelps  and reports say that he brought it on  himself by his pugnacity and bullying.  He had followed Orr around for some  time and struck hiiii at different times  and finally he had Orr down when the  latter used his knife. He received a  hearing before magistrates Thomas  and Waterman, and, electing to be  tried summarily, was given a week  in gaol.  A little excursion party from Pen-,  Lie ton came through last week in  A. Thompson's car���������the machine that  went through the barbed fence a few  weeks ago The party consisted of T.  IS. Naish. A. E. Kay, P. Cresswell aud  H. Richardson, with 'A. Thompson  driving. They went through to Tulameen stopping at Hediey both going  and returning. One of the party, Mr.  Cresswell, was a golfer and had an  early morning round of the links while  here. He expressed the hope that lie  might be able to induce some more of  the golfers from Penticton to come  over and try their hand on the Hediey  links. His partner in the early morning round was Dick .Tames, secretary  of the Hediey club.  Charles E. Prior of Denver arrived  in Hediey last week and will take  charge of the diamond drilling in prospecting the new propei ties which Mr.  Beam has under option. Mr. Prior is  from the. Colorado School of Mines  and will have an opportunity here of  getting unique -experience in field  geology for he will run up against a  problem or series of problems here  that geological students rarely meet  and he will have the advantage of a  lot of valuable data which had to be  worked out bit by bit by those who  had first to do with the opening up of  properties in the camp. While Mr.  Beam will take the general supervision and direction himself the detail  and technique of operations will fall  .to Mr. Prior.  Mr. T..Walter Beam has been a. busy  ;inan for several weeks past getting  things in readiness to begin tearing  lip the ground in prospecting the  Bradshaw and Duffy groups and other  properties he has under bond. Roads  and trails have had to be cut and they  now have a trail a considerable distance down the canyon. Part of the  pieparations is the. laying of 11000 feet  of .pipe line which represents 5500 feet  of air line and 5500 feet of water line  from the Nickel Plate working over to  the points where drilling will be commenced, within the next few days.  The weather has been very .much  against them and a fresh supply of  snow is on hand each morning with  unfailing regularity. Mr. Beam expects to start for Denver the beginning of the week and will bring back  Mrs. Beam and daughter who will  spend a couple of months or so in the  Siuiilkameen during the summer.  CLAIMS HALF A MILLION  Canada Holds United States Responsible  as Holder of Stolen Timber  METEOROLOGICAL.  Washington. May 10.���������Whether the  United States, as the receiver of stolen  property, is responsible for the value  thereof, is a question that the International Arbitral Tribunal, which is  passing upon British-American claims,  is asked to decide.  The Canadian Government demands  about $500,000, the value of 68,500 feet  of lumber used in 1900 to construct  the military barracks at Eagle City,  Kan.  Canada alleges that the United  The indi-1 States bought this lumber from How-  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending May 17. 1913:  AT THK  MINK.  Maximum  Muvll ��������� 42  '12 .. 41  13 .. 45  14 .. 42  15 .. 44  10 .. -13  17            .. 47  Average maximum temperature43.42  Average minimum do        27.57  Mean temperature 35.49.  Rainfall for the week    0.00 inches.  Snowfall        "        " _. 00  COUHKSI-O.VDINO   WKRK OK  LAST VEAK  Highest maximum temperature 59.  Minimum  29  2S  27  ���������2S-  ������/  25)  vidual games were as follows:  President Vicc-presiden t  G. P. Jones  ,i  A. Megraw  A  B. W. Knowles  0  R. James  1  Barnes  0  McKenzie  1  Rnitbr  0  Martin  1  Hill  0  French  1  Sproule  0  Rev. Cameror  1  S. Knowles  0  Dalton  1  Mrs. Rotherhan  0  Miss Jackson  1  Mrs. Jones-  1  Mrs. Sproule  0  Miss Corrigan  0  Miss Daly  0  aid Mountain, who cut it from Cana  dian domains without a permit and  without payment. He is alleged to  have left the country later.  ANGLICAN SERVICES  u  74  The Rector of the parish will be in  Hediey on Sunday for the services :-  11 a. m., morning prayer, holy communion and sermon ; evening service  7:30 p. m.  An important announcement will  be made to those interested at the  evening service. It would be good if  all could attend.  W. Herbert Mayers  Average maximum  do  50.42  Lowest minimum  do  2S.  Average  minimum  do  32.2S  Mean  do  41.35  AT THE MILL.  Maxim  nu  Minimum  Mav 11  00  , ,  42  12  oo  40  13  58  40  14  5(5  37  15  5(5  t t  42  10  05  , t  45  17  62  44  Average maximum temperature 58.S5.  Average minimum do 41.42  Mean do 50.13  Rainfall for the week    .27   inches  Snowfall       "       "        .00  COKKESPO.VDI.VG WEEK OK LAST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 80.  Average do do 71.42  Lowest minimum do 37.  Average do ido 42.42  Mean do 56.92 THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,  MAY 22.  1913.  S:rfBeie_)  and  -  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued mi Thursdays, liy tlie Iluni.KY Ga'/.k.tti-:  PlllNTI.Vl'1 AND I'l'III.ISIII.Ni: ('O.MJV.N'V,  Li.\m'i-:i>.  ill. Ilcdlev.  H. <'.  V. Ill     IK  i. Win.  endorsed by  Pati'i-Min,  s i-eciigni/.-  in:  Per  . -J. 5(1  Subscriptions in Ad vane  '���������   ( United Slates I   0.   Advertising Rates  Measurement.T- lines to tlie inch.  Land Noticcs^CerUllc.itos of improvement, "etc.  37.(10 for (id-day notices, and So.lKI for 30-duy  notices.' , ,, i  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  incli. -Sl.OO for one insertion, --'3 cents for  each 'subsequent insertion.   Oyer one inch,  10 cents per line for lirst insertion and 5  cunts per line for each subsequent, insertion. :  Transients payable in advance.  Changes for coil tract advertisements should ,  be in the olliee by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue  ���������Vdvortisomonts will bo changed Once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftener than once a month  the price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  Contract Advertisements���������One incli per month  $1.:!">; over I inch and up to I inches. Sl.OO  per inch per month.. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  ��������� application, rates will be given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  o.f time.''  A. MEGRAW. Managing b'ditor.  sion   of tin-  i u'i  the   people.��������� I Ii  l'lilR.  The iniiinrity have.ahvay  eil that the view nf I li  pri-\ ail.- linn.  "W*iii.  Let t lie govern incut  Mart in at  to.i-liangi- lii.- iiil.-s  iif lite Mouse,  takes -1111111! lis' ti i   <!<>   il,    ill   oidei  adopt   the i-ln'sui <���������.-- F. H.   Onrvrll  V.) IS.  in  aj.u-ity si.aii; Synopsis of Coal Mining. Regulations  'ugsley. in lilll  Mart in  "lice  if it  ��������� to  ,  in  J pOAIi inining  ! v"'    ' ."Manitoba.  07TI&  Full-Moon  20  . Last (| uar.  1913  Now Moon  (i  First, quia-.'  VI.  1913  Sun. Mon. Tues.'Wed. Tim. f ri. Sat.  4  ii  is  12  19  2(3  13  20  27  14  21  2S  ..S  15  22  25)  ''16  2H  30  3  10  17  21  31.  JD-  >p������*p  Trie -J%2  rMde-  mmm  It's the CLEANEST, SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME  DYE, one can buy���������Why you don't even have to  know what KIND of Cloth your Goods arc made  of.--So Mistakes arc Impossible.  Send for Free Color Card, Story  Booklet, and  Booklet (riving results of Dycinff over other colors.  The JOHNSON-RICHARDSON CO.. Limited.  Montreal. Canada.  '       0  IN  THE SUPREME COURT OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  AVhether  the provisions   of the new  Underwood   'tariff' bill   are   wise    or  otherwise,' President   Wilson   and his  .' cabinet have proved true to the pledges  they gave  to the people Jot" the United  States befoie their election.    They did  not  promise.' free trade,   nor yet   to do  away with protection but they declared that the present tariff' was burdensome and had gone beyond the bounds  required   for honest or  necessary protection of industries, and they promised a revision of  the tariff down wards.  It was of course useless to-expect that  the changes  deemed necessary   would  be accepted by all, and particularly by  the  interests   affected,   and   there has  been    vigorous   protest   from   mariy  quarters.     Contrast their attitude in  the   matter  with  that of the Liberal  party in this country, which from 187S  until they found a better  vote catcher  in the  race and   religion issue of 189(5,  never   failed   for   a 'moment   to  rail  against anything-.in the tariff which  had even the semblance of protection,  but  who on   their accession   to power  in 1890,   left the tariff practically as it  was   and in   some cases  increased  it,  any reductions that were made, in the  1897 revision being of  the most trivial  and unimportant character.  Men who  have the  courage of their convictions  and   will  practise   what  they  preach  must    comniard   respect   from   those  who prize sincerity and whether he is  wrong  or  right in   what   the   Underwood bill is meant to accomplish President  Wilson lias  given evidence  that  he is of the right stamp.  IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF  AY.UjL.IAM' TRE-ADWELL jVTHERTON.  DECEASED : >  -NTOTICE IS-HEREBY GIVEN that all per-.  J-'��������� sons having claims against the estate  of the above William Treadwell Atlierton,  deceased, who died on or about the third day  of.April. 1911. at Hcdloy. B. C. are required to  send or deliver to 'Ainsley Megraw, of Hediey,  11. i.'.. tlie executor of tlie estate, on or before  the 10th day of.) uly I'M;-", tlfoir names, addresses and descriptions, and a full statement of  particulars of their claims and the nature of  the security, if any. held uy them, duly proved  by allidavit. or statutory declaration; and that  after the said day the Kxccutoi- will'proceed to  distribute the assets of tho deceased among the  parties' entitled thereto having regard only to  the claims of which he then shall have notice.  All accounts owing to the estate are to be paid  forthwith.  Hated this loth day of May A.D., 1!)13.  20-4 v,-j.  A. Megraw. Executor.  NOTICE  ���������*O"0TICE is hereby given   that meetings of  -1-' the Provincial Agriculture Commission  will be held at the following places:  Salmon Ann���������Slivv 27th, 10 a.m.  Endorby-May iSth. 11.HO a.m.  Armstrong���������May 2!'th, 10 a.m.  Vernon���������May .''0th and 31st. 10 a.m.  Kelowna���������June- 2nd and 3rd, 10a.m.  Summerland���������Juno 'th, 10 a.m.  Peiiticton- Juno nth, II) a.m.   ���������  Keremeos���������.June lith. 11a.m.  Rock Creek���������Juno 7th, il.30 a.m.  Midway������������������June 7th. 2.3(1 p.m.  Grand Forks���������June 9th. 2.30 p.m.  The Commission will hear evidence on all  matter affecting agricultural conditions in the  Province. All persons interested are invited  to be present.  AV. If. Hay ward, MX. A.  . Chairman  C. H. Christenscn.  Secretary. '  " 20-1  WATER NOTICE  INCONVENIENT RECORD  Liberals who are declaiming against  closure should not forget that when it  suited them to do so, they held different view, and their party was committed to closure. Here are some instances:  "I give my pledge that the rules of  the House will be changed. ��������� Hon.  Sydney Fisher, in 1911.  Obstruction is a vice and must l:e  extirpated from our political life.���������  Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux, in 1011.  The closure must come to Canada.���������  Hon. Charles Murphy, in 1911.  J am prepared to vote closure and  to put closure through, no matter how  long that may take.���������Sir Allen Aylesworth, in 1911.  Every  member of  this  House   litis  just as much right as the majority accord to   them and no more.���������Hon. W.  S. Fielding, in 1908.  The  party which  will favor a revi-  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  *W*OTICE is hereby given that Barbara Mc-  -L> Curdy of Similkameen will apply for a  licence to take unci use 1U0 inches of water out  of Deer creek which flows in a southerly direction through S. E. corner of Lot 2092 and empties into Trout Creek near south boundary of  Lot 2092. The water will be diverted about 500  yards east of east boundary of Lot 2092 and will  be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as Lot 201������.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  17th day of May 1913. The application will be  tiled in the oflicc of tho Water Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be-filed with the said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights,  Parliament Buildings. Victoria, B. C.  20-1 Barbara McCurdy  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  Form F  Cuow.v Point No. 2 Mineral Claim, situate in  the Similkameen  Mining Division   of Yale  District.    Where located': In .Pollock Camp.  TAKK  Notice   that I,   Frank  Bailey,   Free  Miners   Cortilicatc -No.   58I03B  intends sixty  days from date hereof to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certillcate of  Improvements.  for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And  further take notice that action,  under  section 37,   must he   commenced  before   the  issuance of such Cortilicatc of   Improvements,  FRANK UAILEV  Dated February 8th, 1913 ���������    IM0  NOTICE  SIMILKjYMKI'.V LAND DISTRICT  niSTHICT OK VAI.K  'PAKE XOTICK that 1, Val C. Haynes. of  -"- Fairview, occupation Stockman, intends  to apply for permission to purchae the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about 10 chains  north of the N.VV. Corner of Lot 3108. Thence  south 80 chains thence west 20 chains thence  north 80 chains thence east 20 chains to point  of commencement, containing 100 acres more  or less.  VAL. C. HAYNES  Date April 21th, 11)12. 18-10  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  rights of the Dominion, iii  Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a -portion of the Province of British Columbia, may bo leased for a term of  twenty-one years atan annual rental of 51 an  acre. Not more than 2..*iC'l acres will be leased  to one applicant.-.  I    Application  for a lease must, bo madeby the  I applicant, in person to tho Agent or Sub-Agent  I of the district in  which the rights applied for,  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land  must bo described  by sections, or  legal sub-divisions  of  sections, and in unsui-veyed territory tho tract i  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must ho accompanied bv a  ; fee of ������;*> which will bo refunded if the rights  , applied for are not available, but nobothor-  ' wise. , A royalty shall be paid on the nierchant.-  ! able output of the mine at the rate of live cents  I per ton ;  '���������. The person operating the mine shall furnish  : tlio j\gont with sworn returns accounting for  ���������i. tlie full quantity of merchantable coal mined  ' and nay the royalty thereon. If the coal mill-  j ing rights are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a. year.  ..Thc.loase will include the coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available) surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of tho  initio at the rate of ������10.00 an acre.  . For full information application should be  made to the Secretary of the Department; of  the Interior. Ottawa, or to any j\gent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lauds.  i W. W.CORY.  r Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unautiiorized publication of this advertisement; will not be paid for. SMjm  WATER NOTICE  77 Years in Business.    Capital and Surplus Over S7,600,000.  An Aid to Business-Like Farming  In the financial end of your fanning operations  the Bank of Britith North America wants to be of  definite service to you, just as it is to. the financial  men in the largest firms and corporations. Open  both current and .saving accounts, and avail yourself fully of our services.  Hediey  Branch,  C. P. Dalton, Acting Manager  .For a Licence to  Take and   Use Water  INTotice is hereby given that Anton Winkler of  -L> Hediey. B.C., will apply for a licence to  take and use 20 miner's inches per second of  water out of Bald Hill Creek which Mows in a  southerly direction through Indian reservation  and empties into the Similkameen river about  two and one half miles west of Hediey. The  water will be diverted at the south lino of T.  Sirois preemption and will bo used for irriga-'  tion and domestic purposes on the land described as A. Winkler's ranch, Lot No. BISs.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  21st day of April 1913. Tlie application will  be filed in the oftice of the Water Recorder at  Fairyiow, B. C. ���������   .  Objections may be filed with tho said Water  Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water  Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.  17-1 ANTON WINKLER  -\T0TICK is hereby given that meetings of the  "-^ Provincial Labor Commission will be  held at the following places:���������  Penticton���������Tuesday, May (itli, 10 a.m.  Hediey���������Wednesday, May 7th, 2-p.m.  Princeton���������Thursday, May 8th. 8 p.m.  Greenwood���������Saturday, .May 10th, 2 p.m.  Phoenix���������Tuesday, May 13th, 2 p.m.  Grand Forks���������Thursday, May loth.8 p.m.  Other meetings will bo announced later.  The Commission will hear evidence on all  matters affecting labor conditions in the Province. jVll persons interested are invited to be  pre-out.  H. G. PARSON  Chairman.  F. P. MC.N.IMAKA  Secretary 12-8  NOTICE  SIMILKjVMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DISTKICT OK VALK  TRY-THE  Hediey Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing  'Pake notice thnt 1, Sam Danoll", of the City of  L    Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant, intends  to apply for permission to purchase tlio following described land.  Commencing at a post planted about 10 feeb  in a northerly direction from the north-east  corner of Section 22, Tp. lili, being the initial  post the South West Corner, thence north JO  chains, thence east 10 chains, thence south 10-  chains, thence west -10 chains to point of commencement and containing 100 acres more or  less.  SAM DANOFF    '  March 10th, 1913 11-10  PALACE,  Wveru, Feed & Sale Stables    HKDLEY   B. O.    If A good stock of Horses-mid Rigs on  Hand.    *[ Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanij.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phone II. INNIS   BROS. Proprietors.  pjfjllfj^  m  m  Be Suspicious  DE suspicious of that of which nobody is  '-*-* proud. Be suspicious of the mere low-  price argument offered in favor of an article  with no reputation, no backer, no guarantor.  Better buy the thing you know and can  trust, than an article unbranded and uri-  vouched for.  m  pi  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  The branded shoe, made by a maker  with a reputation, is a safer shoe to  buy than the one made in an unknown  factory by an unknown maker.  The underwear made by a firm whose  name is as familiar to you as your own,  is worth more to you than underwear  nameless or labelled by a maker of  whom you have never heard.  Tea sealed in a packet bearing the  name of a reputable firm is to be preferred to tea of which the packer is not  sufficiently proud to advertise its  quality.  < That in which much money has been  invested to make or keep it good is  worth more than that on which nothing  or but little has been spent.  Peace of mind is worth something,  just as quality is.    Buy peace of mind.  When you buy anything worth while  buying, buy that of which you know���������  from advertisements, or from other  dependable acquaintance. Buy the  article with tlie "money back" guarantee���������with the pledge of a known  name behind it.  Ei  I  11  i  w  Put your faith in the advertisements appearing in good newspapers. Beware of the  article that cannot stand the spot-light of publicity. The commodity an advertiser backs  with his own money is something worth  your buying.  Advice   regarding   your   advertising   problems   is   available ���������          r&  through any good, advertising agency or the Secretary of the f=  Canadian Press Association, Room 503 Lumsden Building. [=:  Enquiry involves no obligation on your fart���������so write, if in- li  terested. Of  I  I  GllilililiiJ^^ THE HEDLEY GAZETTE MAY 22. 1A13.   -  Town and Distrk-L  Constable Sprmile went to Pr-rnco-  ton on Monday.  Tim Griffin is doing development  work on his proper-Lies cm Cedar- creek.  J. Priteliard oi" Vancouver, formerly  oi' Phoenix has hi-en in town for-a. few  days in th������ insurance line.  Mrs. Frank Lugsden Of Princeton  anil Miss Holmes of Granite Creek  were visitors to Hediey last Thursday.  Tim treasurer of the Golf Chili requests members to pay up dues as the  treasury'is in need oi'.-l little .stiffening  up at the present time.  There is a demand for autos to carry  Hediey eelel'iiuits to Keremeos for the  sports on Saturday. The train service  is no good for the occasion at all.  Autoists find they have a lot more  stones to dodge on the road since the  bands of cattle started to go up tlrje  river the beginning of the week.  ���������" A demented person who was being  taken from Penticton to the asylum,  suicided by jumping from the steamer  Okanagan into the lake, last week.  . It is an ill wind that blows nobody  good and Princeton coal miners are  getting lots of coal to take out as the  result of the coal strike on the coast,  J. McCreath jr. of Greenwood was  in town on Tuesday taking the round  for his father who has always taken  this route in the interests of the Greenwood Liquor Co.  Jack Young's road gang is working  on a, piece of new road between Sixteen Mile Creek and Bradshaw's. It  is'    part  of  tlie    traiisprovincial  auto  Large droves of cattle went up the  river about the beginning of the week.  Some cattle i'r-oiii almost every herd in  the lower valley were .to be found  among them. Many of them were  rounded up at Osoyoos and driven  over to be joined by others from the  lower valley. Richter's, Daly's, Similkameen Fruit Land Co's, Biircello's  Terrebasket's and others wen- among  theni, and they will spend the biimiuer  on tlie ranges up tlie river where the  grass will not burn up so ,quickly under the summer- heat.  A. J. Huneke, '.inining engineer, of  .Los Angeles was a visitor to Camp  Hediey hist week and went out again  on Monday. British Columbia is not  new to Mr. Huneke, but this is the  first time lie has been in this portion  of the province and on this occasion  he was very favorably impressed. He  was fortunate in having both the  pleasure and the advantage in meeting  here an old friend in Mr-. T. Walter  Beam who showed him around and  gave'him an opportunity of seeing  what there is of interest here. He  thought the camp was not as well advertised on the outside as it should be  and this is a point that resident'- of  the camp should take to heart and endeavor to remedy. Having found his  way here he wants to see more of the'  camp and in the future he will doubtless be back again.  |W^^^  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAN*! DISTRICT  mSTKICT OK VALE  road and is being made to conform to  standards required for that Highway.  The Hediey Trading Co. opened out  in the Shatford building on Monday  morning and already their customers  have had evidence of the good intentions of the new concern in sundry  material reductions which will help to  , cheapen the cost of living.  Hediey baseballers are going down  to Keremeos on the 24th to help celebrate and incidentally to have a whack  at that prize money, which rumor-  says is ti foregone conclusion- must be  fought out between Penticton and  Oroville. However, we'll see what  we'll see.  Mike Costello was up the valley a  week ago and reports somethiug very  like,a mining boom in the dipper- valley and at other- Tulameen points.  Some, silver lead propositions in Summit Camp, now called Leadville, have  been attracting outside capital and  ' hopes are entertained for another  Coeur d' Alenes in that vicinity.  Hediey is to have moving pictures,  not by one night irresponsible itinerants as before, but a regular establish-  '. :cd thing.    J. K. Fraser has obtained a  ' machine and is going to, give weekly  or twice a week exhibitions in Fraternity hall. It is expected that the first  maybe either Friday or-Saturday of  '.'this week.  A serious runaway was caused in  Penticton by a horse taking fright at  i\, wildly thrown ball by some ballplayers who were practicing in the  street and the chief of police has put  ��������� a summary stop to all ball-playing in  the streets. In Hediey the ball-tossers  still have the right-of-way but they  should exercise some care and consideration for- the liberty allowed them.  The song service given in the church  on Sunday evening last in the ab-  . sence of any church service anywhere  in the town, was .much enjoyed, Mrs.  A. Creelinan presided and the sacred  numbers consisted of congregational  singing and selections by the choir,  B with a male quartette and solos, by  ���������- Mrs. Bysouth and Mr. Farr. The  building was filled with an appreciative congregation and all appeared to  enjoy the exercises.  Dr. Jackson, dentist, of Penticton  came down from Princeton orr Thursday last and remained a couple of  days, leaving for home on Saturday.  i Owing to ti hitch in the publicity arrangements no notice was given the  Gazette to announce his coming and  no notices were put up until after he  reached here. As a result he was gone  again before a good many in town  knew he was here mid there was disappointment all round, both for himself-and fur others.  E. D. Boeing and his men came  down from Granite Creek last week  where they had been building a bridge  over the Tulameen for the B. C. government. The job is not yet completed but they had done all that they  can do with safety at the present time  and deemed it prudent to defer putting in any falsework for the erection  of the superstructure .until after high  water. All the framing is done and  as soon as the high water is over it  will not take long to finish up.  "TAKE Notice that W. li. Haynes. of Fair-  -"- view, B.C., occupation Fire Warden, intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted at the southwest corner of LotOHSs thence eighty chains  west, thence twenty chains north, thence eighty chains cast, thence twenty chains south to  place of commencement containing about KiO  acres.  19-10 ;       W. li. Haynes  .  May oth. 1013  Is what everybody wants in all the good  things that* are going. That* is what is  to be given the customer in the amalgamation of the leading stores in Hediey.  c  -"j^HE OBJECT of t>he consolidation is to eliminat-e unneces-  * sary expense and carry ai larger, fresher and better assorted stock of general merchandise under one roof, and by doing  this The Hediey Trading Company will be able to give their customers more prompt and efficient service.  All the benefits to be gained by the consolidation are to be  divided with our customers and in addition to the better service offered we shall shortly announce some reduction in prices  of staple groceries.  Wat>ch this Space.   Prices will  be quoted latter.  We are at  present doing1 business in the premises lately  occupied as Schubert's Supply Stores, but on Monday, May  19th will open^the doors of the Shatford building which will  be our permanent place of business.  COUNTY COURT, YALE  A sitting of the County Court of Yale will be  held at the Court House, Princeton, Thursday  26th day of June, 1913, at the hour of 2 o'clock  in the afternoon.  HUGH HUNTER,  20-6 Registrar County Court.  mftany  , Successors to  (J. A. Schubert and F. H. French)  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  "W-otice is hereby given that Barbara McCurdy  J> of Similkameen will apply for a licence  to take and use 100 inches of water out of Camp  Creek which flows in a southerly direction  through Lot 2091 and empties in Trout creek on  Lot 2091. -The water will be diverted at 100  yards north of north of boundary of Lot 2091  and will be used for irrigation purposes on the  land described as Lot 2091.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  17th day of May. 1913. The application will  be filed in the oltice of the Water Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water  Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.  20-1 Barbara McCurdy  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN,  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  ������r.*-*-*������^**'*--'rD*--;t-?i--,i--;t^  Plumbing* and Keating', Sheet  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to store or pen  back water  Notice is hereby given that The Daly Reduction Co., Limited, of Hediey B. C. will  apply for a licence to store or pen back 1H.S  acres by 5 ft. deep acre-feet of water from the  Similkameen River, a .stream Mowing in a  southerly direction and emptying into to Okan  agan River near Oroville. Wash, The water  will be stored in a reservoir of 3,000,000 cubic  ft capacity, built or to be built at Hcdloy, B.C.  and will be used for power for inining purposes  as authorized by Water Record No. . Water  License No. , or under a notice of application  for a license to take and use water, posted  herewith, on tho land described as being near  the northwest cornet- of Reserve No. 2.  This notice was posted on the ground on tho  19th day of May, 191H. Tho application will  be (lied in the olliee of the Water Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be (lied with the said Water  Recorder  or  with   the  Controller  of   Water  Rights Parliament Buildings; Victoria, 11. C.  Tho Duly Reduction Co. Limited  20-1 G. P. Jones  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate.  Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For     ���������  Under Land  Act and  Mineral Act.  X  X  I  X  I  %  ���������������������������*���������������������������  S.  X  %  X  Utty&tKVifaz&ftifoWtw  I      Metal "Work Tinsmithing  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge  St.,  in 'JVIurdoek's' blacksmith shop.'  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  h. dignan       :  Practical Workmen Proprietors  PRINCETON, B. C.  WATER NOTICE  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Maryland Casualty Co  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMKI'N LAND DISTKICT  niSTltlCT <)F  VA'l'E  'PAKE Notice that I, Amos Charles Kennedy,  -1- of Keremeos Centre, B.C.. rancher  intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands.  Commencing at a post'planted on tho north  boundary of Lot 2988 (being also the south  boundary of Lot 2!)!)) at a point about twenty  chains west of the north-east corner of Lob29S8  and being at an angle of said lot 29!); thence  westerly following the north boundary of Lot  2988. a distance of 1;') chains more or less to a  point true south of tho south-west <corner of  said Lot 299; thence north to said corner of Lot  299; thence north-easterly following the southern boundary of Lot 299, a distance of S chaius  more or less to an angle in said southern boundary of lot 299; thence south-easterly following  the said southern boundary of Lot 299 to a  point true noi;th of the point of commencement; thence south to tho point, of commencement, containing 15 acres more or less.  Amos Charles Kennedy  March 31st, 1913. 1J-I  Similkameen Poultry Farm  HEDLEY, B. C.  Quality Barred.Rooks, (Ltitlian Strain)  S.C. \V. Leghorn:- hretl fin-winter eggs  Mammoth     Bronze     Tin keys,    prize  winners  .-it Spokane  Shows  in lilll  and 1912.  EGGS  FOR   HATCHING  Prize  winning  pen   Barred   Rocky,  ,$H.O0, 15 eggs.    Day-old chicks -KJe.  S. C. AV.   Leghorn's,   $2.00,   lo  eggs.  Day-old chicks SO cents.  M. B. Turkeys Eggs 85 cents.     Day-  old pullets 50 cents.  MRS. H. B. BRO \VN.  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  "M-oticc is hereby given that The Daly Rcduo-  -L> tion Co.. Ltd. Hediey, B.C.. will apply for a  licence to take and use 300 cubic feet per second  ofwatorout of Similkameen river, which flows  in a southerly direction through Hediey, B. C.  and empties in the Okanagan river near Oroville.' The water will be diverted near the  north west corner of Indian reserve No. '2 and  will be used for power purposes,on tho land  described as Indian reserve (Chu-Chu-Way Ha  I. R.I or on Lot 2900.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  28th day of April 1913. The application will  be tiled in the olliee of the Water Recorder at  Fairview, H. C. 1  Objections may be tiled with the said Water  .Recorder,     or    the    Controller    of     Water  Rights  Parliament Buildings.   Victoria, B. C.  The Daly Reduction Co., Ltd  G. P. .lonos. Agent  FOR SALE  T OTS, Block 15. Hediey. for 8100.00   Apply to  J-' William  Hutcheon.   lhunswiek Hotel  Victoria.  Great Northern Hotel  Hediey, B. C.  CITY and DISTRICT INVESTMENTS  "Only Good Buys Offered."  HASTINGS ST.,   Vancouver���������'S feet, on  carline.   Lob 21. Block I",  price $2,350;  cash ������SO0, balance ti, 12, IS months.  A LBF.RT ST.. Vancouver���������SI feet carline,  -"���������*- block opposite schools: Lot 29, block  ���������17. Price $1,150, cash S.'iSO. balance (i. 12, 18  months.  T-TAUDWAUl' BCSINK-SS-About S'JOOO  '���������'��������� required. Doing trade of over ������1,000  monthly.  "IJ-KITH ROAD and St, David's Avenue.  J-v North Vancouver -Double corner, 10(1  feet to lane. Price ������1.500. cash S 1.500. balance over IS months.  -pW]*NTY THIRD ST.. North V11  x        -One block from   Lonsdale  ancott voile carline.  Price ������900 dollars; one-third cash,  balance  (i, 12 months.  'PWKNTY-NINTH .ST.. North Vancouver  ���������"��������� ���������Southerly view, overlooking Hurrard  Inlet: If) foot lot. Price ������500: cash ������170, balance easy terms.  M1  NOTICE  S1MILKAMKKN LAND DISTRICT  DISTltlCT OK YAMS  When   writing Advertisers    Please  Mention the Gazette.  rPAICK Notice that Theodore .T. Krugcr, of  ���������*- .. Kairview, B.C., occupation Provincial  constable, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of Lot. Ii98s and thenco twenty  chains south, thence twenty chains.west,  thence twenty chains north, thenco twenty  chains east, to plneo of commencement containing about 10 acres.  19-10 r T.'J. Kvugev  May lith, 1913.  Has more accommodation than any  other house in the town.  It ii   the only three storey building  and has good rooms  The table and other appointments are  first-class.    Board by the day  or month.  RATES MODERATE  JOHN   JACKSON,  Prop.  ISSION CITY���������Lots centre of town,  adjoining (..'. P. R. and Northern Pact-  tie Railway track. Price S.'iOtl: ������75 cash,  balance ������15 monthly, or client would trade  for good acreage.  POINT GRKY��������� I'oautiful vcsiiloutul lots,  J- near car, in Lot -I. Block I, D. U 139.  ������850. cash 200, balance quarterly over IS  mouths.  -].j"ULL commission to agents  ���������'-    once invited.  Correspond-,  The Industrial Trust Co., Ltd.  JAMES   MclLVVAINE,    LABOR   TEMPLE,  Manager  Telegrams: Industrial,   405 Dunsmulr St.  Phone Sey. 3187.   Vancouver  TRY THE  Hediey   Gazette  FOR  Fin 2 ��������� J j> b  Printing THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. MAY 22. 1913.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  24th OF MAY  CELEBRATION  AT KEREMEOS  Spend the Holiday at Keremeos  where a good program of sports  is being arranged comprising  Baseball, Cowboy Race, Trap-  Shooting etc. Oroville Band in  attendance  GRAND  BALL on Evening  of Friday, May 23rd in  Richter's Hall  For Further Particulars See Small Bills.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CO.VVKYANCINl.', CUSTOMS BUOICI-KAGI*  FIUK  INSUHANCK  OFFICE  KEREMEOS. B.C.  C.   JE.   SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office of J. A. Brown  KEREMEOS  B. C.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  AS ^YOU SOW  So Shall You Reap  Sow Only the Best Field and Garden  Seeds.    We have them.  And  everything else for the rancher  and orchardist  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite Or. N. R. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  SILK������  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  ,  for sale at right prices  TOHMY SING, Keremeos  Town and Lower Valley.  . .[ George Allison paid Medley a visit  Monday 19th.  Ed. Lee is working on W. H. Ann-  strong's new Imngrlow.  Miss Brett of Similkameen spent the  ���������week end as .the guest of Mrs. James  ���������Innis.  County Court Assizes to be held at  Vernon -..will be postponed until Monday, May' 20th.  Mrs. Sproule of Hediey was the  guest of Mrs. Thos. Daly for a couple  of days last week.  B. W. Knowles of Hediey was a  visitor at the "Willows" Wednesday  and.Thursday of hist week.  O. H. Carle is fixing up Innis' empty store  and will put  in a.line of con-  * fectionery, fruit, cigars, ice cream etc.  Mrs. Willard Young is having the  pleasure of a visit from her mother,  Mrs. Leiser, of Tonasket, Wash., and  her sister, Mrs. Robb, of Tacoma,  Wash.  ���������Fruit and Vegetable Growers', meeting will Lake place in the town hall on  Monday evening at 7.80. It will be to  tlie interest of every grower to attend  this meeting.  W. H. Armstrong and wife left on  Tuesday afternoon for the coast after  spending a very pleasant time of business and pleasure combined. They  both hope to be back in the valley for  another- stay.next month.  Everybody is coming to Keremeos  on the 24th. The sec-trctis. of the  celebration committee was over in  Penticton on Friday night and reports  that all automobiles, stages, rigs and  backboards are booked for the banana  belt.  Mrs. P. Bromley, who is at present  visiting in Ontario, wrote home that  she had the misfortune to lose all her  belongings as well as money in a hotel  fire at Westmeath and only just escap  ing from the burning building in the  nick of time. She expects to be back  in Keremeos about .Tune the 10th.  ��������� A meeting was held in the Reading  room on Thursday the loth by the W.  C. T. U. Mrs. D. J. Innis gave a very  pleasing and satisfactory report of the  district convention which she attended in Vernon last month. Election of  officers was as follows: president, Mrs.  (t. T. MacKenzie; vice president, Mrs.  A. H. Harrison; treasurer, Mrs. G. G.  Keeler; secretary, Mrs. D. J. Innis.  On Wednesday evening the 14th  over sixty people were present at the  "At Horne" given by Mr. and Mrs.-Ii.  C. Clarke as a farewell to the Rev. A.  H. Cameron. A very fine musical  programme was provided, and Mrs. L.  A. Keeler- had a school of "dear- little  tots" who went through some wonderful classical pieces. Refreshments were  delightfully served by the hostess and  altogether the evening was a splendid  success in every respect. Mr. Cameron left for Grand Forks on Monday  evening's train, where be will connect  with the C. P. R. for Toronto. We  join along with his many friends in  hoping .that, he will have a pleasant  journey and safe return.  On Sunday  last a number   of young  people  undertook a  rather  strenuous  mountain, climb.     Starting   at   noon  the party commenced to climb towards  the Barcello  range  at a point a few  yards  behind W. G. Mattice's  house,  and did'not stop for lunch   until  two  o'clock   when the  ladies turned  out a  fine spread  for the  hungry climbers  with them.     After  lunch   the  party  struck  back farther in the   hills until  the   basaltic   columns   were  reached.  Here we  would like to  add that these  columns are a very  interesting sight.  How   this peculiar  volcanic substance  was formed as  it is, would be hard to  say, for dozens of these columns standing  side  by  side are of a.-five  sided  formation,  while 'within a. short distance dozens  more are  six sided.    It  would he an interesting study as well  as a bracing   rnoimtain  climb for any  who have not had the opportunity, to  make .the   trip.   After-   many   photographs were taken of the party around  the columns, they started back on the  old  trail   towards  the  Richter  ranch  arriving  in Keremeos at seven in the  evening all a little  tired but delighted  with the trip.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  F.   RICHTER  ESTATE  f  KBREMEOS-PENT CTOiY  TWEDDLE'S  AUTO STAGE SERVICE  >  'Tweddle's  ears  are   comfort- \  \        able.    Tweddle's drivers \  are experts. ^  No delays.            No accidents  Autos leave l'cnfcicton every morning to connect with brains to Hediey.  Princeton, Coalmont. Oroville and  all Boundary points.  Leave Keremeos for 1'entieton on  arrival of Great Northern trains  Fa-he���������'sing lk.-$0.00  ']tI"TUB*N* $11.00  lliiggnfgc carried. Commercial trunks  arranged for  Break the monotony of train and  boat travel and take an auto trip.  mi  ������  ������  ������  @  Its  iiore  Than  That  brains  and asking  AVhen you arrive at Penticton or  Keremeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  After ransacking  their  the public  to ransack   theirs  for a suitable slogan one  town on the coast hit on the  capital  caption  IT'S THE CLIMATE  . Now in Keremeos we don't give any edge  on any other place in the matter of climate for  we have the simon pure 'brand right here. But  while we have the climate we have more.  Its not only the climate but the money you  will make  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd,  KEREMEOS, B. C.  *8*  @  @  @  @  ������  @  @  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  :������  j������  w  '������  ������  :������  H.C.N. ETCHES  is Agent for the Hediey 'Gazette in  Keremeos and authorized to book  ���������Subscriptions and take orders for  job work and advertising.  KcremeosPenticton  Royal Mail Horse an_ Auto. Stage.  Establish 1895  Leaves Penticton for Keremeos  on Tuesday, Thursday and .Saturday returning alternative days  FARE ��������� Auto  Stage,   $6.00.      Horse  Stage, $4.   Horse Stage, 2nd class, $3.  Special  trips to any point with  horses or auto made at any time  by arrangement.  W. E. WELBY, Prop., Penticton, B.C.  ff-^OR    SERVICE  POST OFFICE,  KEREMEOS,  B. C.  IN THE   COUNTY COURT  OF  YALE, PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA      ���������  IN  PROBATE  IN* THK MATTKU OK THOMAS SIK0.1S  nUPLKSSIS. DKCKASKD  AND  IN' THK MATTKU'OK THK "OFFICIAL  ADMINISTRATORS' ACT."  "IVTOTICK is hereby given that by an Order  x> made by his Honor J. K. Brown, Judge  of this Honourable Court, dated the 13th day of  March A.D. 1013. the undersigned was appointed Administrator of all and singular the estate  and efl'ects of tho above named Thomas Strois  Dttplessis, late of Hcdloy, in the County of  Yale, in tho Province of British Columbia,  deceased. Rancher, who Hied intestate on or  about the 3rd day of Soptcnibor, A.D. 1912.  All persons having claims 'against tho estate  of the said deceased arc required to send, tho  same with tho particulars thereof duly verified  to tho undersigned on or beforo the 30th day of  Juno, A.D. 1913, and all persons indebted to  tho said doccascd arc required to pay the  amount of such indebtedness to the undersigned forthwith.  Dated this lith day of May, A,D., 1913.  20-2 JOSEPH A. BROWN,  Official Administrator for tho County Court.  District of Similkameen. Keremeos, B.C  The Thro ugh bred Running  Stallion  FRUIT    TREES  Buy Healthy Home Grown Trees  No Danger of Importing Posts       No Injury from Fumigation  No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself toy Buying Our Trees  Write for catalogue and Price List to  THE    RIVERSIDE   NURSERIES]  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  Established in 1900   . 125 ACRES  Representatii/e���������\/. Dynes, Penticton  N. B.���������We have Dwarf stock in���������Mcintosh Red, 'Wealthy,'Jonathan, Cox's'  Orange, Ontario, Northern Spy and Wagener.  -Beautiful and Best"  (Canadian Stud Book No. 237)  Will stand  for public service at,"the  Willows," Keremeos, B.C., for  the season of 1013  Fee for service of  mares $10 to insure.  Mares may be pastured  E. M.DALi".  it fluflys rays best  There are Two Kinds of Printing  Tlie one is turned out by the man who believes that  anything goes, hut the other by the one who values  the reputation of his establishment too highly to  allow any work to go out which will not do him  credit.  ttURSERY STOCK  "OUR AGENTS MAKE MONEY"  selling our hardy, guaranteed stock.  Experience unnecessary.  YAKIMA VALLEY NURSERY" CO.  Toppenish, Wash.  There is just as good work being done in country  offices as in the cities, and often as poor work in the cities  as in the worst country shops  In Prices the country office can do just as well for  you and you save the express. The city printer may get  his stock a trifle cheaper by saving the local freight, but  his rent and other overhead expenses are higher, and in  the end he is obliged to charge as much or more than the  country printer will charge for the same class of work.  I  I  4  I,  4:  <  <  4  4  ���������4  4.  <  4!  i:  i  4  4  4,  4  iii.  <'!  <'l  is prepared to  do any kind of work that may come along.   <  No order too small and none too large. :i  <������^������<������������������������<������������0������������<h������M������<������.������������^><������<������������������0������.������������������1������


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