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The Hedley Gazette May 27, 1909

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 ���������������-���������*} re v; ���������������������������  v vi1 yr-f.'i"!'11:   '���������'>">  .   J "5     "117  VJJ  ( ���������_!?!    ->f'"  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER  Volume V.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY,  MAY 27, 1909.  Number 20.  Dr. G. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  j -  [18 years' practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C.  W. H. TV G AH AN  Barrister,  Solicitor, ���������_  Notary Public, Etc.  Mukk Block   ,  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C  J. W. EDMONDS  -   Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for Tiik Great West Life In-  - sukance Company.  PENTICTON,  R H. ROGERS,  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist.Travel.  Rates Moderate.  ; A. Baknes, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  A. F. & A. M.  ��������� REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hediey Lodge No. 43, A. F. & A. M.,  are- held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hediey. Visiting  brethren arc cordially invitcd to attend. -  ARTHUR CLARE H. D. BARNES,  .W. M.    ��������� Secretary  Henry's Nurseries  For the  SPRING TRADE  Tostcd.stock, seeds for farm, garden  or conservatory, from best growers in  England, ;��������� Holland, France, United  States and Canada.  HOME  GROWN  FRUIT   AND  ORNAMENTAL   TREES  SMALL   FRUITS.  Fertilizer's. Bee Supplies, Spray  "���������urn ps, Spraying Materials, Wire  Fencing- and Gates, Cut Flowers etc.  140 page catalog free.  0F_G00D ORE  Now Shows Up in the Station  Cut Out on Golden  Zone.  ELECTRIC  RY.   FOR OKANAGAN  Earl of Aberdeen ��������� Said to be Backing the  Scheme���������Expect ito Start Shortly.  Vernon, B. C.  PROPERTY NEVER.LOOKED BETTER  Drifting- to Begin on Vein as Soon as  Station is Timbered. Value improves  with Quantity.  This week the Gazette paid a. visit  to the Golden Zone and found matters  progressing- satisfactorily and everybody in good humor. In fact the  success or otherwise of a mining enterprise generally manages to communicate itself to the management and,the  crew and effects the spirits.  A new interest is lent to the property  at the' present time by the recent appearance of Camsell's contribution on  this camp to the summary report  of the Geological Survey branch  of the Department of Mines in which  the geology of the Golden Zone group  is,briefly dealt with.  At the time of his brief examination  of the Golden Zone camp the deepest  development work that had been done  was over in the western portion of the  claim where a shaft nearly 50 feet in  depth was put down. Little had been  done farther east where the fissure  cuts the sedimentaries and where  most of the surface prospecting had  been done. Yet it'is here that work  has been centred during the past  winter with results that must settle  any doubts as to what the vein is likely to do with depth.  Close tab has been kept on the  values in this shaft as it was being  sunk, but little could be known as to  the strength of the vein inasmuch as  both walls were out of sight nrost of  the time.  . The new shaft has now been completed to a depth of 100 feet with a  sump at the bottom 15 feet in depth,  and the station cutout.     This station  Vancouver Province)  Construction of a 100-mile electric  railway tapping the principal fruitgrowing centres on both sides of  Okanagan lake is to be started shortly. It will be completed within eighteen months. The enterprise, started  by local capitalists, is said to have secured the financial support of the Earl  of Aberdeen, viceroy of Ireland, who  is the owner of the famous Coldstream  ranch near Vernon. The new company was incorporated by special act  at the last session of the provincial  legislature.  According to Mr. John F. Langan  of Chicago, who has just returned  from a tour through Alberta and the  Okanagan, the proposed line will  greatly aid in the rapid collection of  fruit at Vernon, which it is proposed  to make the seat of a large fruit exchange. From Vernon the main line  will run down the, west side of the  lake as far as Summerland, an important fruitgrowing point. Another  branch will extend down the east side  of the same lake as far as Kelowna, a  distance of nearly forty miles. A  waterpower in the district will be harnessed in order to furnish the necessary energy for developing electricity.  TUNNEL I STROM  ORE BODY.  VICTORIA   DAY   CELEBRATION.  Metropolitan   Claim   Passes  Out of List of Prospects  and Takes Bank  as a Mine.  Keremeos  and   Merritt   Honor the   day  With  Sports.  PROVEN BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT  The High Grade Ore Carries Down  Strong���������Large Body of Good Shipping Grade Opened Up.  WIRELESS  AND  THE NEWSPAPERS  Big American Dailies Getting Ready for  the Wireless News Service.  Office, Greenhouses and Seedhouse:  3010 Westminster Road,  VANCOUVER,   -   B. 6.  ^M^^itra^^fefefe^rtftitftftftftia  x  X  *i  x  *Z  x  X  K  x  *  X  X  X  K  X  X  _-  H OT E L  HEDLEY  Under   New   Management  Q UIE T A X D  OON'VEXIKX T  SrEciAi. Attention- Given-  to the Travelling Puisne   Kates Moderate   VANDER J. ROSE  Proprietor  is 12x12 and about eight feet' or more  in height to allow plenty of head room.  This station is   being   timbered   for  safety as the ground is rather badly  shaken up.   About half this timbering  was done   and   the   balance   of   the  timbers framed ready to go in. On the  occasion of our last visit mention was  made of the dyke which is spoken of  by Mr.  Camsell as  "later in age than  all of the rocks," which he had referred to   in   a  previous  paragraph.  Then the dyke matter took up a considerable portion of the shaft and the  ore was showing all across. the  east  end.   Since then the dyke has swung  across the shaft and is going out at  the east end .of the station,  while all  the west end of the station, a distance  of 12 feet, appears  to be in ore and  much of it of that high  grade character with which Hedleyites are becoming familiar from seeing the huge  chunks of it brought down from time  to time as the shaft was being sunk.  Mr. Camsell with little to go on except the showing in shallow surface  cuts said of the vein :  "It is a true fissure vein, and, in the  granite���������when not much oxidized and  well  exposed���������shows a. well   marked  banded structure due probably to the  filling of an open space.     In the sediments,  and in the contact zone where  oxidation goes deeper, the. true nature  of the vein is not so apparent.    The  gangue. is a hard, Avhite quartz and the  ore minerals found irr it are  pryite,  arsenopyrite,  zinc  blende   and   chal-  copyrite.      Besides    the  minerals due to oxidation  alteration, a later fracturing of the  vein has  taken place and these fractures filled with secondary sulphides.  The walls of the vein are clean  and  often show slickensided faces.     The  values are in gold and are said to be  lower in the granite than in either the  contact zone or the sediments.     On  jj:'nning some of the oxidized ore of  the surface,   a number of very fine  colours  of gold  are obtained among  the arsenopyrite  concentrates  in the  bottom of the pan.     The value of the  property will depend to a. large extent  on   the   size   and   persistence of the  veins where tliey lie in the sediments,  but  sufficient work has not yet been  done to demonstrate  either of these  factors."  Continued on Page Two.  Wireless telegraphy, as a conveyor  of news has been placed on a practical  basis and the big eastern newspapers  are fast hiakirig arrangements far the  use of this invention. This condition  has come about since the inauguration  of President Taft, when with the use  of the wireless the biggest newspaper  beat ever made, was consummated in  Philadelphia and Baltimore.  When eyery wire leading from  Washington city to the outside world  went down on the night of March 3rd,  the management of the Munsey  papers, secured the use of the United  Wireless station on the roof of the  New Williard hotel. From there the  Washington Times filed the details of  the inauguration to its sister papers  in the chain,���������the Philadelphia Times  and Baltimore News. As a result that  evening no other papers outside  Washington city had the details of  the inauguration ceremonies.  "Hereafter hurricanes may level  telegraph poles and ice storms may  load the telegraph and telephone  wires until they are torn down like  spider's gossamer in a hailstorm, but  the Buffalo News will. be able to  receive the news of the world uninterruptedly through its own wireless  telegraph plant," is the way Edwin  H. Butler, the millionaire proprietor  of the Buffalo News, explains the situation.  Work already has been  started by  the United wireless   concern  on the  erection of the station on the roof of  the News building.   The Boston Daily  Herald   also   has   contracted   for   a  similar station on its building.    Since  the   establishment  of  wireless   communication  between  New York and  Chicago,  the New York Tribune has  made   arrangements   for   a   wireless  news service between the two cities,  secondary  The New York Herald has equipped  aud surface  its ocean-going,  news-gathering tugboat with a set of United wireless instruments  and  this   paper   makes   a  feature of gathering news from the  ships at sea.  It was because of the wireless equipment aboard this tugboat that the  Herard was enable to score a big news  beat at the time of the Republic disaster-.  Negotiations are tinder way between  the United Wireless Telegraph Company and several other big daily newspapers for plants on the newspaper  buildings. As yet no Pacific Coast  newspaper has a. wireless plant of its  own, but several dailies receive a news  report by wireless, as well as order a  large number of specials from points  easily reached by wireless.  Reports of $300 ore and the examination of' hand specimens spotted  over with- yellow gold shown us by  a party who visited the property  about the middle of the week, was  the magnet which drew the Gazette  up the hill for a personal examination  on Friday last.  Ever since work was, started by  superintendent Pollock on the Metropolitan m November last, the Gazette  has kept pretty close track of the progress of development both there and  in the underground workings of the  Kingston, and it was therefore with  particular interest that we went to  examine where $300 rock and rock  showing such a4 generous supply of  visible gold was coming out of the  Metropolitan tunnel. High grade ore  was something that we fully expected  the. tunnel to encounter tfor it was a  body of known high grade ore that  the. tunnel was being driven in to  catch, but we didn't-expect ore running into three figures or ore peppered through with minute particles of  visible free gold.  When work w-ts first started on the  Metropolitan it was being done-by Mr.  Pollock off his own  bat,  and from a  "hunch" which he obtained from observations of P. M. Wells' prospecting  operations   on   Metropolitan ground,  and it was being done as a side issue  to operations on  the Kingston.   Now  it is the main issue and operations on  the Kingston are taking a secondary  place to the big rich mine being skilfully opened^ rip on the Metropolitan,  which a year ago, (so far as the public  are concerned) was regarded as being  of no consequence, a mere pawn  on  board,   with . the   Kingston as king.  This is not meant in any way in disparagement   of the   Kingston  claim  for on it also Mr.  Pollock has done  what he set out to do and shown the  location of very considerable bodies of  medium and low grade ore.  THE METROPOLITAN WORK  The story of the Metropolitan find  was given in  these columns several  months ago  and need not be repeated  here. . The story of the work has also  been told at various times, butin fragmentary form,  step by step, as it progressed. When superintendent Pollock  started in to show up an ore body on  the Metropolitan,  he chose one of the  surface   outcrops   located   by   F. M.  Wells where good values could always  be obtained from more or less altered  and decomposed rock in place. On this  he sank for about IS or 20 feet in ore  for the most part low grade,  after the  gossan had been cut through,  but not  too low  to class as pay ore.     Then an  andesrte body was met with.deflecting  the ore body.     Taking the andesite as  his foot wall he followed down on the  ore for 47 feet making a cross-cut out  into  the ore body at 29 feet,  for a  distance of about ten feet which proved that it was there in mass. Between  that cross cut and the 47 foot bottom  of his small prospect shaft there was  ore all the way,  but some of it so low  in value that many would have been  discouraged and would have abandoned the quest, especially when the rock  was  so hard  that progress  by hand  steel was difficult.  At the bottom of the shaft, however,  a horizontal seam was met itrimediately under which highly decomposed  material was found. Along this seam  a drift was started westward and  followed for 25 feet at the end of  which the seam was as persistent as  ever, and no one can tell how far it  may go. The 25 feet of drift on it  showed that the blanket seam was  not exactly horizontal, but tended to  work up towards the top of his drift.  Going back to a point near the middle  Continued on Page Throe. '  Victoria Day was a quiet- clay in  Hediey. Work went orr in the mines  as usual, and those on holiday bent  who could secure transportation went  to Keremeos, while some others went  fishing.  The only places in the. district that  had sports were Keremeos and Merritt,  and as the latter was. too far away,  Keremeos took the crowd from this  portion of the valley. Those who  went reported a pleasant outing and  successful sports, the weather being  much more favorable than it was a  year ago.  The baseball match between Oroville '  and Keremeos was won by the former  on a score of 8 to 2, although it was  necessary for them to import a league  pitcher to do it. Keremeos played  particularly good ball, except at one  or two critical moments when costly  error-s gave away the game.  The ladies' horse-race was a particularly exciting affair, and was Avon  by Mrs Daly's pony ridden by Florence  Daly, while Miss Lowe's pony, ridden  by Ella Innis was a close second.  , The road race for J. A. Brown's  special " prize was won by Marcelle  against several others who had been  training for it. Later���������Geo. Hurtell  was declared winner owning to Marcelle cutting off corners  The'Oroville band furnished good  music during the day.  The dance in the evening was well  attended, and a good time is reported.  The music was supplied by the Oroville orchestra.  Next day the leading event was the  trap shoot between Hediey and Keremeos for the Shatford trophy which  was won easily by the former the  score being 76 to 63. The individual  prize was won by Ed. Richter with F.  H. French second.  THE MUG WILL STAY.  Regina's All-Canada Team of Individual  Stars Fail to Capture Minto  Cup.  ; The Minto Cup won fairly and  squarely by the Westminster Lacrosse  team last year will still remain in  Westminister. Regina's stellar aggregation have come and gone.  The first match was played on  Thursday last which was Avon by  Westminister 6 goals to 4. The second  match Avas played on Monday the 24th  and Westminister did them up 12 to 2.  The invaders brought Avith them a  star goal keeper Avho Avas kept busy  fishing goal shots out of the nets that  Avere being rained in by the Westminster home players, and but for him  the number of goals to Westminster's  credit would have been much larger.  BEFORE OR AFTER ?  Difference of Opinion as to When Track-  layiug Will Begin  The majority of people have made  up then- minds that no track-laying  nor Avork of any kind in the Avay of  extending the track up tire valley Avill  be undertaken before high Avater.  The Oroville Gazette has reason for  believing that it will begin at once.  The Gazette has been intervieAving  D. M. SteAvart and as a result says :  "It is hardly an abuse of confidence  to make public the fe.AV morsels of information that Mr. Stewart let drop,  as he did not insist upon silence and  conversed freely upon a subject close  to the hearts of the people of Oroville,  and in Avhieh the entire country is  deeply interested. He did not hesitate  to say that his going to the front Avas  stimulated by the prospect of early  track-laying on from Keremeos to  Hediey and Princeton, and according  to his knowledge the tip is out that the  road will be speedily pushed on over  the Hope mountains to VancouA-er,  or  such sea port as the poAvers that be  may elect to select. His oral hints to  that effect Avere strengthened by the  character of the material that was  part of the load that the Keremeos  limited curried out Tuesday morning.  Two freight cars were loaded with the-  heaviest bridge timbers that have so.  far been used to the west, evidence  that Avork on extension is a sure promise, of the immediate coming. THE   HEDLEY GAZETTE, MAY 27, 1900.
'"^ ^/-�� V <~'  ^*> �����"?������?--���'���/-.���     ! decide for  purposes of defence
&X$!��$. ^UMU%: ��� \ to limit the  use,of nickel  steel
end -V
Similkameen Advertiser.
ssiieit on Thursdays, by tlio Hedi.evGax.ktti-
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the. price of composition  will  be charged at
regular rates.
Changes for contract advertisements should
be in the oflicc by noon on Tuesday to secure
attention for that week's issue.
A. MEGRAW, Manajrinjj Hditor.
; to her own ships and to prevent
i the export of nickel out of
! Canada. Even our neighbors,
; the United States, have to get
j the nickel for their .ship armor
'. from us.
j Imperial policy may require
!im immediate investigation into
j this matter, and Canada ought
to know, seeing that the British
flag controls the nickel supply,
how that nickel supply can be
best conserved and made to
strengthen the defence of the
empire. It should not be employed to build ships to destroy
h t^tsr3KSKSArs^Ta9xr*^xaP9,i -��ff c_k_x__-i
Full Moon
Last quar.
New Moon
���"irsfc quar.
Sun. 'MonvTues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
And now it is the new American settlers in the Canadian
northwest that are urging the
immediate donation of assistance by Canada towards the
maintenance of the British
Ontario is up "in arms at
several invasions of provincial
rights wherein that province is
being wronged. The Ontario
government purpose carrying
to the .courts the several questions in dispute between them
and the Federal Government.
Continued from Page One
If he were able to see.it now, with
the evidence of persistence .and improvement both in size and A-alues, lie
Avould be still more favorably impressed.
It is the intention to drift on the
vein both east and west with occassional crosscuts to the walls to fully
determine the extent arid \-alue of the
deposit. r
J. J. Marks under whose direction
the? Avork has been done' and this fine
showing made, expects to go east in
a week or two and will doubtless place
several large blocks of the stock Avith
investors there.
It is not often that the public have
fin opportunity of securing stock at
first price in a property of such merit;
and neither is it often 'that'a' company
is organized'on lines .to give the small.
investor as square a. deal as 'in this
case, Avhere eighty'per cent, of the
stock has been put in the treasury for
development purposes and all tlie
balance of the stock placed in escrow
or otherwise tied up so as to prevent
it ever coming in .competition 'av it'll the
treasury stock. Last.'Aveek two of
the miners requested the issue of stock
to them in lieu of cash for their
month's pay and this is a pretty safe
tip for the outside  buyer.
73 Years in Business.
lave You A
Bank Account?
Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000
The  money is safer in
the  Bank than in your
house ot" pocket.
A Checking: Account pro-
vides a safe and convenient way of paying your bills,  as
each check issued returns to you, as a receipt.
A Savings Account keeps '"growing all the time,  with
Interest compounded at highest current rates.
Hediey Branch,    -   -   L. G. Mac Hafire,
Some of the Attractions arid  Their Educative Values.
(Toronto World.)    ..-.'.-... -.'J
The World has not any doubt
of the fact that the Province of
Ontario' contains three-fourths
of the nickel supply of the
world and probably a much
larger percentage. France is
supposed to contribute a lot
through the mines in New
Caledonia, but this is a .most
uncertain quantity, and-the fact
that our nickel mines are being
so extensively  worked goes to
The announcement by the C.
P. R. of its. intention to lower
the rates on the transportation
of fruit Avill be welcome news
for tlie. .fruit-growers', and the
extra-profit-which' the groAver
can make because of the reduction, he will doubtless share
with the consumer.
The action of the clergyman
who behaved so arbitrarily
when officiating at the funeral
of Algernon Swinburne, and
the refusal of the Dean of
Westminster to allow the ashes
of George Meredith to be deposited  in  the Abbey, Avill do
,        .  .    J   .            . .          more to spread infidelity than
show  that the  mam supply is          ,, .        . i    j.     -j.i           c" ^i
.    _         . u -         anything that either  or. these
here m Ontario.                                         ,   '.,                   -,., ���,     .-,   ���
Nickel, as we all know is the
resisting base of steel plates for
armored ships, especially those
of the new Dreadnought pattern.
The nickel 'supply  from Ontario is at present  controlled by
a company'in the United States,
who mine and roast the ore tit
Sudbury and  export it for refining purposes to Jersey City.
Various  reasons have been put
forward  in support of the contention that this refining should
be done in  Canada, but whenever this has been proposed the
company has been able to raise
objections  sufficient  to head it
off.      Recent events,   however,
seem to explain  the conduct of
the company in this respect, inasmuch as the American company has never let this province
or   the Dominion  or  anybody
else for that matter,know what
the   exact output  of the nickel
product is.    Great Britain has
not been able to get any idea as
to  where  it  was  going.     But
everybody thinks that Germany
is  the great purchaser of the
nickel from Ontario mines, and
that   she   has   accumulated  a
great   store   of   it   for   use  in
armor plates.
It can thus be seen why the
American company is anxious
not to expose the extent of its
production of nickel as it would
have to do if the refining were
done here; it wishes to be free
to supply every nation in the
world with nickel at a high
price. One can easily imagine,
however, that Great Britain or
Canada or even  Ontario might
great writers  ever did by their
The Payne tariff bill will
prove a temporary knock to
the zinc mining industry in this
province. If, however, the restrictions placed- on marketing
in the United States the zinc
ores mined in this province,
stimulates, as it is bound to do,
the industries of smelting and
refining zinc, and the manufacture of zinc products, it will be
a veritable blessing  in disguise.
Westminster should be more
proud of its lacrosse team than
ever. To go across the continent with a genuine team of
their own players and win the
Minto cup fairly was a great
honor; but to defend it successfully against a composite team
such as that brought out by
Regina was a still greater honor, and it adds lustre to the
former victory by furnishing
additional proof that skill and
not chance enabled them to.
capture it from the Shamrocks
of Montreal, last year.
If the editor of the Phoenix Pioneer
is anxious to pursue the subject of
"affidavits and testimonials" any
further it might interest him to know
that there is still some testimony in
reserve that might make him feel a
trifle sick, even if it should be the
means of dragging in other parties
���who would not thank him for it. The
verdict of the general public;, however,
would be that it served him right for
sticking in his oar Avheie it Avas not
required. It takes some people a long
time to learn when and hoAV to leave
Avell enough alone.
Seattle, Wash., May 25th.���Probably the most notable characteristic
of the Pay Streak of the Alaska-Yukon
Pacific Exposition" is the -'-unusual
number of "sIioavs" having high educational value.
As a usual thing the amusement
Avay of an exposition is all straight
fun, souu^of it, at times of questionable character, but; fit Seattle it is a
different proposition. Absolute cleanliness has been insisted, upon a.nd Ihe
directors have accepted attractions of
only the highest class. '
At the St. Louis Exposition the
���'Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack", took the gold medal for excellence over all .. other amusement
features exhibited at the Pike. It was
more; intensely interesting, ot"a higher educational value and more ingenious from a mechanical standpoint
than any other show.
It is reproduced with the same care
on the Pay Streak and Emmet Mc-
Connoll, probably the best showman
in America, the owner of the attraction is personally supervising its installation Avhieh will cost $210,000.
The battle is a faithful reproduction
of the famous civil war action which
saved the union at one of the most
critical junctures. Not only are the
two Avar boats seen in action, but
every rrrove and every cannon shot is
historically correct.
The battle of Gettysburg, another
of McConnell's big cyclorama is sIioavii
in a separate building and ranks next
to the Monitor and Merrimack in excitement and interest.
Captain Baber's tribe of Siberian
Esquimo, in their village at the head
of the Pay Streak will also prove a
big attraction to those inclined to look
for the serious aud instructive side of
the exposition, as well as those seeking only fun.
The Igorotte Village is another educational feature, as well as one crammed full of amusement. The Tgorettcs
are Government wards, but Uncle
Sam permits them to he shown the
world over for the purpose of educating the public to a proper conception
of the little brown brother of the
Philippines and his wonderful capacity for civilization and advancement.
The Igorottes have buildecl every detail of their A-ery large village and they
are seen living on the. fair grounds
just as once they lived in Bontock.
Dixie land, a true southern spectacle
is a reproduction of plantation life before the Avar. It shows the old time
minstrels and every feature of the
happy life the darky lived before the
troubles came that set him free.
The Turkish Village and streets of
Cairo, are spread upon a more elaborate and finished scale than at any
other Avorld's fair. There are 1S7
people employed in delineating the
life of the Orient and there are herds
of camels and elephants for the youngsters to ride upon.
With a half dozen other attractions
of as much class, the exposition management believes that, from the purely   educational   standpoint,    it    has
Has Just Received a consignment of
'en's Stylish Summer Suits
from the Broadway Tailoring Establishment,
Toronto.    Very Good Fit and Cut.
A Dressmaking Department has been added-
Ladies are invited to call.
Agent for Singer Sewing Machines
B. C.   .S
^r^S'S^^^ r,*��*��^^
'; PROBATE;   Vt
*���* Order made by his Honour Fred Calder,
Acting-Local .Midge of this Honorable Court
dated the 10th day of May, A. D.. 1!)0!I, the
undersigned was appointed administrator of
all and singular the estate and effects of the
above named AVilliam George AVest late of
Hediey in the County of Vale,- in the Pro vinec
of British Columbia, deceased, miner, who
died intestate on or about the 11th day of
November, A. D. 1008.
ALL PERSONS having claims against the
estate of the said deceased are required to
send the same with tho particulars thereof duly
verified to the undersigned on or before tho 1st
day of July A. D., li)()i) and all persons indebted
to the said deceased are required to pay the
amount of such indebtedness to the undersigned forthwith.
Dated this 11th day of May A.D. l!)0f).
Official Administrator for the County .
19-3      Court, District of Yale, Kamloops, B.C.
The"folioAving are the readings sIioav-
ing temperature, etc., for the Aveek
ending May. 22 :
Maximum Minimum
Average, maximum temperature 50.57
AA-crago minimum do 25.71
Mean temperature 3S.14
Rainfall for the Aveek      .    inches.
Snowfall        "       "       II. "
Highest maximum temperature (50.
May 10
Average maximum
Mav 10
, .
.     30
,   ,
.  ,
,  ,
,  ,
, ,
f #
39 ���
(1). Liberal Policy Conditions���
Generous Cash and Paid-up
Automatically Extended Insurance.
(2).  Progressive   and Efficient
Loav Expenses and GroAvirig
Well and Profitably Invested Funds.
Favorable Mortality Experience. -
���Expanding.Profits to Policy-,
A   POLICY   IN. .THIS   COfl-
You are. invited to join its
ever-expandiug household, to
become a partner in its ever-
groAvlng business, and to share
equitably in all its benefits.
Full Information from Head .
Office, Waterloo, Ont., or from :
William J. Twiss
Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.
A. HEORAW, Local Agent.
Houses to Let.
I Roomed House, burnished, Avith good garden
���S15.00 per month.
���1 Roomed Cottage�����10.00 per month.
.'! Roomed Cottage�����8.00 per month.
gathered the most valuable amusement Avay ever exhibited at any exposition.
Average maximum temperature 02.14
Average, minimum do 37.42
Mean do 49.78
Rainfall for the week   .01   inches
Snowfall "        "     .
Highest maximum temperature 73
Average do do 05.57
Lowest minimum do 35.
Average; do do 40.71
Mean do 51.85
Pure  and   Invigorating.
When   writing    Advertisers,
Mention tlie Gazette.
Commercial Print I no
Gazeue JoD Dept. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, MAY 27,  1909.  S_  Town and District.  m  ' J. McCreath, of GreenAvood avsis  towir over Sunday.  G. M.   Gemmill  is   opening  vp his  drugstore in Merritt this week.  A, new cable Avas .put in on the  gravity tramway last week.  ' Mr. A. E. Miller, school inspect or,  was in town this week orr his official  visit.  Don't forget to renew your miner's  licence. ��������� All existing licences expire  on the night of May 31st.  '.George Bowerman came up from  Oroville last week and spent a couple  of days in Hediey, meeting old friends.  * Mrs. G. P. Jones and children Avent  up to the Nickel Plate on Thursday  last to remain over Sunday and the  holiday.  L. W. Shatford, M. P. P., Avent to  the coast on Saturday, to look, after  some, departmental business, before  leaving for the East.  R. P. Williams, of Rossland, representing the Canadian Rand Drill Co.,  Avas in town last Aveek accompanied  by A. B. McKenzie, broker, of Rossland  Mrs. T. H. Rotherham Avent out by  Friday morning's stage -for Penticton  on a���������visit for a Aveek or ten days Avith  Mrs." L. W. Shatford, before Mrs.  Shatford goes East.   -  Rev. J. Thurburn Conn will hold  service on Sunday 30th inst. at 8 p. m.  and on Friday, June 4th, at S p. m..  Rev. G. A, Wilson, B. A. will hold  service in the church.  Dr. Jackson, dentist, returned from  Princeton on Monday, evening's stage  and is attending this Aveek to work in  his line. Parties requiring dental  work should make appointments early.  The resource map of Canada issued  by the Department of the Interior is a  handy little pocket publication Avhieh  containsa great deal of valuable information on ' Canada and its resources.  The Phoenix Pioneer last week introduced the subject of "Irish JaAvs."  Its editor to further demonstrate, his  love for billingsgate and round out  his billingsgate vocabulary should try  a dissertation on Sheeny noses Avith  which he is doubtless more familiar.'*"  The temporary bridge put in last  fall over the Similkameen at Dr.  Whillans' ranch, by the V. V. & E.  con tractors for the use of No. 1 caiiip  has stayed in so far, but for the-past  fortnight there has been a stream'of  water running around the south end  of it-  Mr . LandsdoAvn received Avoid from  the department that th? entrance examination Avas to be held in Princeton  on May 19th. He made application  some time ago to have an examination  in Hediey, as there Avere some candidates here avIio wanted to write, but  arrangementt have been made.  The amount of fallen timber in  Twenty-Mile due in a great measure  to carelessness of Avood-cutters is a  menace to lives and property in tlie  toAvn. Timber in a stream like Twenty-  Mile might easily divert the current  from the creek bed and do incalculable  damage. There are places in the creek  betAveen here and the West Fork  Avhere the roadAvay is in danger and  the constable or road supervisor should  look into the matter at once before the  damage is done.  Robt. Stevenson came in on Tuesday's stage and will leave to-morrow  for Princeton. He spent a couple of  months at his home on the Fraser,  with occasional trips to Seattle,  Spokane and Victoria. He doesn't  propose to try any strenuous gymnastics this summer,- such as turning  somersaults on stone-heaps, at least  not if he can help it. He will leave  that sort of thing for young colts like  Hughie Cfimpbell and Angus Lamont,  Frank Bailey is locked horns Avith  the Great Northern, Avhose track he  is blocking up Avith muck from a tunnel that is being driven on one of his  mineral claims near Henry Creek. The  tunnel mouth is just a short distance  above the raihvay grade and the rock  from the tunnel lands on the grade.  He has been warned by the chief engineer to desist, but the muck continues to pile up. It is practically a  repetition of the flume incident, and  the railway company Avill in all probability have to seek redress in a civil  action. Had they hurried up Avith the  track-laying and had their rails doAvn  they might possibly have been able to  jug him under the Criminal Code for  putting obstructions on a railway  track, but that's a matter for the Attorney general's department.  " Oroville is n'oiv' confident that'  building .on.the,Wenatehee cut off. will,  ae in progress from that point this  summer.  The Canadian Coqk Book, a manual  of cookery'���������' arid domestic economy,  compiled by Lucy BoAverman, graduate of/Toronto General Hospital and  training school for nurses is the latest  contribution to culinary science and  hygiene. It is published by the Toronto Graduate Nurses' Club,, and  issued from the United Press, Limited,  Toronto, and is bound to obtain an  extensive sale and do a I heap of  good. Tt contains 354 pages arranged in 24 chapters and has about  2,000 recipes for the hygenic preparation of foods and performance of  household Avork. . Some of the chapters are in themselves Avorth the price  of the book, Avhieh is $1.50. The binding is of marbled oilcloth and can be  washed with soap and Avater if necessary.  On   Thursday   evening   last - Starl  Cronley, avIio is doing a walking stunt  arrived in Hediey from Princeton. His  ambitious   undertaking- is   to'  Avalk  around  the   United   State's   between  October 1907 and June  1st 1910,  and  this  he is doing on a Avager of $2000.  The   condition   of  the   contract Avas  that he leave Toledo,  Ohio,  on  that  date Avith one cent for his travelling  capital and make his Avay around Avith-  out begging,   borrowing  or stealing.  His proof that, he has accomplished it  is to produce the dated post stamp of  each post office that he passes enronte,  and such other local'evidence as he  may see fit to collect.   From Toledo  he struck eastAvard along the northern  boundary   to,    the   Atlantic    ocean,  thence southward doAvn Atlantic coast  and    around   Florida;    then    along  southern boundary to Pacific coast of  California,  and nortlvward up Pacific  coast, to the Canadian boundary along  which he will walk eastward to Toledo.  Owing to the Hope  trail riot being  opened up he had to walk from Hope  to Spence's bridge and thence* through  by Nicola and Princeton.    He has a  pedometer    to   register   the.   distance  and  this shows  that he had done 9827  miles to Hediey.    His pedometer gave  the distance from Princeton to Hediey  exactly   24   miles,   Bromley's   being  about 11  miles from   Princeton   and  13 miles from Hediey. This leaves him  about 3000 '������������������miles to cover and a little,  over a year to do it jn, and he expects  to complete in about six months.  TUNNEL IN STRONG "ORE BODY  NEW YORK TO CHICAGO  First Wireless Message Passed Between  Them on May 3rd.  Another epoch in the Avorld's advancement"was -made Avhen it -was  successfully demonstrated that Avire-  less communication over long distances  by land Avas an accomplished fact. Ori  that date messages . passed between  stations of the United Wireless Telegraph Co. on the Waldorf-Astoria,  NeAV York, and the Auditorium-Annex  in Chicago.  It was on April 6th, 1S4S, that.com-  munication betAveen Chicago and the  Atlantic seiiboard was first made by  Avire. What an advance that interval  of 61 years has. Avitnessed ! Well may  we envy the lot of babies born in these  days Avho Avill have the opportunity  to witness the advance of the next 00  years.  Continued fron Page One.  of this drift he sank a winze, which  immediately, encountered "solid ore  under the decomposed seam.' > This  winze Avas sunk about ten feet in $40  ore.  The next step Avas to roach this ore  body from below and a tunnel was  laid,out to tap it at a point underneath the shaft. When this tunnel  Avas advanced to the desired point it  failed to touch an ore body, but avus  in andesite.  The superintendent in view of this  adopted the safe plan of going up  again to the shaft and investigating  the cause of failure by .following the  ore body itself and seeing how it lay.  He carried the shaft on doAvn'through  the scar'n into the ore for about 10 or  12 feet Avhen andesite was encountered  coming in from the bottom. He-then  drifted eastAvard for about ten feet  Avhen he found that the seam'which  lay flat began to take - a header and  Avas noAv meeting him in the face, with  good values along it and beyond.  It Avas then apparent that a tongue  of andesite was intruding into the ore  body and into this the tunnel had unfortunately been steered with ore  probably on either side of it.  Going\ back into the tunnel Avith  this data to help him he deflected it to  the east and soon had a stringer at  one side of his tunnel face bearing  good value. This led him to a seam  which Avas evidently the one which  his' drift above, showed to be taking  the header* and alongside of it is ore  of high grade, while the decomposed  matter pans readily giving a fine  showing of gold. He also directed a  fork of the tunnel westward in the  direction of the winze which above  had given $40 ore, and had only gone  a-short distance when andesite gaA-e  place to garnetite ore showing abundance of visible free gold, and the ore  itself Avithout any shoAving of mineral  is known to have given assay'values  of 10'ozs gold to the ton. It is therefore plain that there has' been laid  bare a large  body of ore   much   of  <���������*>-'>������������������<  Campbell's   TJp-To-Date  Clot-iing>.  ���������We  are now showing a  Clothing   Samples   from  of  Manufacturing Co.,  which  it  splendid range  the Campbell  would pay you  to call and inspect if you need a new suit.  -<���������>-  The Company has the reputation of turning out the FINEST GOODS and most Satisfactory Style and Fit of any House in Canada and we feel sure that an order from you  would convince you that the reputation is  well merited.  -o-  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  X  Shatfords Ltd.  x  ���������  ���������  General Merchants  Hediey, :-: :-:  B.C.  CANADIAN NORTHERN SURVEYS  A Race Between C. N. R. and G. T. P.  for Choice of Route Between Yellow  Head and Kamloops.  Final location surveys along the  Avest bank of the North Thompson  river, 20 miles above Kamloops, are  being made by the Canadian Northern  raihvay. This railway has three parties  in the field and is pushing its work  to the limit of the capacity of its men  in order that it may traverse the  valley ahead of the forces of the Grand  Trunk Pacific Avhieh is workiiig tAA-o  survey' parties on trial location surveys on the east bank of the river  Avithin sight of the Canadian Northern men. Both parties are working  the line headed for the Yellowhead  Pass, the Grand Trunk Pacific planning to strike its main line in the  vicinity of Fort George.  It is the aim of the Canadian Northern to cover the ground first in order  that Avhere the line comes to tight  places it may have the advantage over  the Grand Trunk Pacific oi getting  its location survey plans filed first,  thus securing choice of right of way.  which is A-ery high grade and capable  of grading up thousands of tons of the  lower grade ore elsewhere.  What the company Avill do now remains to be seen. Their headquarters  is in Quebec, and it was fromQiiebec  that Miner hailed Avhen he took hold  of the Granby and made a great mine  of it in the face of adverse criticism  and the denunciations of so-called experts, * both -governmental and commercial. It took faith, money, backbone and rare financial ability to  make a mine of the Granby properties. If Miuer had a property like the  Kingston group Avith its rich Metro  politan it'would have been au easy  task for him. The Quebeckers avIio  c'bmpose the Kingston Gold-Copper  Mining Co. did one sensible thing in  putting H. C. Pollock in charge, of the  present development Avork and allowing him to use his oavii judgment. In  him they have,a man without frills  aud in a few months time he has given  them a shoAving of payable ore that  should make matters easy for them  from this on. It is to be hoped that  the period of shut-downs is now a  thing of the past.  GO Jr-PExv  The Now Edition of tho  COPPER HANDBOOK.  I  f  i  "x  1  I  X  ������������������*'  ���������������  K  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X:  K-  X  X  X  X  X  X  K  K-  x  x   WHEN YOU HANKER FOR    '   .  Fresh Beef,     Pork or Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poultry  CALL UP PHONE INo. 5  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  BL Jo EBMOWID),  US Staleta*  S  X'  i  Vol.  pages  than  with  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE!  VIII. issued May. 100!). contains 1*00  with  nearly '0 nor cent, more matter  the   preceding'  edition.    Tho   chapters   ...   mine   descriptions    and    on    statistics  have been carefully revised and the bulk of  the matter therein is tt  ENTIRELY NEW  Thcro are &"> chapter.  COVERING: Copper History, Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining,  Milling, Leaching, .Smelting, Refining, Brands,  Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses, 'Substitutes,  Terminology, Deposits by Districts, .States,  Countries and Continents, Mines in Detail,  Statistics of Production. Consumption, Imports, Exports. Finances, Dividends, etc.  The Copper Handbook is conccdcdly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK ON COPPER.  The Coppor Handbook contains, in this iicav  and greatly enlarged edition, about 50 percent, more matter than the Bible���������though  not necessarily a better book because of its  greater bulk. It is tilled with EACTS of vital  importance to  THE INVESTOR  THKSPECULATOR  ������������������      THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  .   THE MINER  PRICE: 85.00 in buckram with gilt top, or  ������7.50 in full library morocco.  TKRMS: The most liberal. Send no money,  hut order the book sent you, all carriage charges  prepaid, on one week's approval, to oo returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not to see the book and judgo for  yourself of its value to you ?  AVRITE NOAV to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  (iO-  SHELDEN   BUILDING, HOUGHTON,  MICH, U. S. A, 15  X  K  '���������K  I  x  X  K  K  x  x  X  X  X  X  H  X  X  X  i  X  I  W s:,f- @ ;  m^rr^l^mmsVSSSe.  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing more bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Table and  bar   first - class.    Rates  moderate.  JOHN LIND,   Proprietor  i  ?  X  X  %  X  X  X  X  X  X  9  X  s  X  5  I  l^l������l������l������l^^������������^i������^^^^^^*������*W?*?i������������t������fclt'>*Wt  PLUMBING AND  TINSMITHING.  H. B. rMAUSETTE  Is.Prepared to Attend  to any  in the Above Lines.  Work  Eave Troughing a Specialty  H. B. MAUSETTE  Keremeos S_a_ion.  To Buy Cheap, Pay  Cash.  Family Groceries  Fresh and Seasonable  at the  ���������������������������������-���������.��������� X  X *  THE  K  X  X  X  K  X  X  X  X  X  if  X  X  X  K  X  X  X  X  X  %  X  S x  Great. Nor-thern  Hotel  Princeton  Is noted over tho entrro district for excellence of both table  :   :   :   :      and bar.      :   :   :   :  All tho wants of tho travelling  public   carefully   attended   to,  Cheap Cash Store  MRS. G. B. LYONS.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer, Real Estate, Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under Land  Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insurance Co.  Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Firo;insuranco Co.  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantco Co.  United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   MAY 27, 1909.  LOWERING THE F_fG.v  '  The Regulation Method of Half; Masting the Colors. "��������� ' '������������������'  The method of showing honor to the  dead through the position of the flag,  placing it at half mast���������it is termed  in naval circles, in the army, at half  staff���������is described in article 41, paragraph 42S, of the United States army  regulations as follows:  "Where the flag is displayed at half  staff it is loAvered to that position  from the top of the staff. It.is afterward hoisted to the top before it is  finally lowered."  "At military posts," said a sergeant  of the army recruiting station, '-where  the flag staff is planted in the ground  it is usually in two sections and about  eighty feet high. When the Jlag is  placed at half staff it is customary to  lower it to the middle of the upper  section, which in this case is considered the staff. At forts and other posts  where flags are on top of buildings the  flag, when placed at half staff, is hanging from the middle of the staff, the  central point of the flag, the lower  corner of star section coinciding with  a point midAvay between the top and  bottom of the staff."  "When a flag is placed at half mast  in the navy," said a lieutenant of the  United States naval recruiting station,  "the distance between the top of the  flag and the top of the mast is made to  equal approximately the distance between the bottom of the flag and the  base of the mast."  "KS*  $--., $&..<_-.���������  : m^^m  .w  When you can get a good lot on the best residential streets  at from $200 to $250 on easy terms of payment.  Npw, during the quiet months, you might be building a  small house for yourself without much outlay.  A Greater Wonder.  An inspector was examining a very  youthful class of Scotch boys, and  among other subjects he requested the  teacher to ask her pupils a few questions in nature knowledge. Desiring  her class to do her honor, she decided  upon the simple subject, "Chickens."  - "Now, children," she said, "1 want  you to tell me something very wonderful about chickens."  "How they get out of their shells,"  promptly responded one little fellow.  "WeD," said tlie teacher, "that is of  course wonderful, but 1 mean something more Avonderful still."  There Avas a silence for a few seconds. Then up spoke little. Jolumy.  "Please, ma'am, it's mair wonderful  hoo they ever, got intae their shells."  Call in and see what we can do for you.  The Hediey City Townsite Go'y, Ltd.  R H. FRENCH  Secretary and flanager,  HEDLEY, B. C.  Ready  For the  Dollar.  Marjorie, aged nine, had net been  having very satisfactory reports from  school. Her father finally said, "Mar-  jorie, for the first hundred you got I'll  give you a dollar." Time went on,  ��������� and the reAvard could not he claimed.  One day the child was taken violently  ill. Her mother sent for the doctor.  When he had gone Marjorie said,  "Mamma, am 1 very ill?"  "No, dear; your temperature is a little over a hundred, but the doctor  thinks yon will be all right in a day or  so."  Smiles broke through Marjorie's  tears.  "Now, mamma, I can have my dollar. Papa said he would give it to me  if I could get a hundred in anything."���������  Delineator.  Woman's Way.  When a man goes out to buy a collar he comes back with a collar and  perhaps a necktie or two. When s  woman starts out to buy a collar sh<  returns exhausted with a new sill!  waist, a pair of gloves, some skirl  binding, a cake- of soap, a paper oi  pins, some window curtains, a sewinj  machine   and   a   refrigerator.  Sounds Fish Make.  The horse mackerel, or scad, is said  to grunt.    Purring noises  are heard  from the cuckoo gurnard when it is  being removed from the water.    The'  herring, again, is said to emit a faint  squeak when the net has been drawn  over  it,   and there  are  other  fishes  which are credited with vocal powers.  Most certain of all is the case of the.  little   creature    known   to   many   a  shrimper and fisher boy as the ham-  mer, or hard head (Cottns scorpius),  the sea bullhead, which -when held in  the hand near to the ear produces so  distinct a buzzing noise that it cannot  only be heard, but felt, since the vibration caused by the sound is perceptible by the hand.   It seems to be the  result of fear and comes apparently  from the inside of the huge head.���������  I London News.  A Woman's Reason.  "Of all the foolish reasons girls-give  for wishing to marry, or rather not to  remain single," said Miss Afternoon  Tea, "I think 'because she wants Mrs.!  on her tombstone' is the most inane.;  ���������Why should she want it there where-  she cannot see it? I would rather-  have Mrs. on my. visiting cards than,  on my tombstone, wouldn't you,!  Clarice?"  "Yes, dear, and that reminds me. I,  asked Jane Smiley yesterday why.she  -was marrying so much sooner than'  she intended when I last saw her..  She said, 'Oh, my .visiting cards are;'  almost gone, and I do not care-to--order another hundred of these, so I am.  hurrying up getting my new, namer'to.  have  engraved  on  them."  ���������  ��������� .  ���������  ���������  ��������� '  ���������  THE EFFE6T  BY NEATLY PRINTED STATIONERY  ���������bearing imprint of the home office���������is  ������i valuable aid to the local business man,  for it shows that he is public-spirited and  loyal to his town. H Having this, he can  consistently appeal to the community in  which he resides to give him their trade.  Tiie Gazeue jod DeDartmeii  Is the best equipped of any office in "the  district, outside of Vernon and the larger  offices in the Boundary :: ::  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������,  ���������  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, Tianager.  First Class in  Every Kespect.     Commercial and Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka-  . meen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton  Stage  Line.  KEREnEOS,  e.  Largest Type Faces,  Highest Grade Paper k  Artistic flrrangenent  Are the three essentials to good work:  ���������  ���������  Letter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Memo Heads  Statements  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Commercial Forms  Pamphlets  Posters ?c, ?c.  51 Anything from a visiting card to a 3-  sheet plain and colored exhibition poster.  IT No job too small or none too large for us  ������  I  r  x  K  x  K  K  x  X  X  K  X  K  x  K  x  K  x  x  *:  X  X  X  ff  _  X  X  K  x  x  I  ff  VIGTOE  "Double Side"  RECORDS  NOW READY.    PRICE 90 cents  Two Records in one, making the cost  45 cents for each 10-inch Selection.  Send to us at once the factory numaer of your  talking machine���������no matter what make it is, and we  will send you free, with postage paid, a Handsome  Colored Litho of the Celebrated picture "His Master's  Voice"���������well worth framing, also special catalogue of  the Noav Double Sided Records and our regular catalogue of more than 3000 Records.  The cost to you will be only a postal card���������Ave  Avill send you the catalogues free if you simply  nsk for them and 'mention this paper.  BERLINER   QRA/l-O-PHONE   CO. OF  CANADA,  HONTREAL, QUEBEC.  LIMITED,  ^^*&WrM^H*^*K*K**M*������M**HKW  PflLfl6&  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  I  HEDLEY GAZETTE P. k P. 60., Ltd  I   HEDLEY, IJ. C.   .  IF A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   IT Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  STAGE LINE  Stage fiily, leaving Hediey S a. in.  and arriving at Keremeos at 11 a. m.  connecting Avith Penticton st-ige  and Great Northern Raihvay.  Office of Dominion Express Gompamj.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  it *��������� ->:��������� -H- -x  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phone li.  -INNIS  BROS.  Proprietors.  Everything New and   First-Glass  Biir supplied Avith the Choicest  Liquor's and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the   Table..


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