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The Hedley Gazette Nov 1, 1906

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. II.  No. 42.    ..  i   HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER  I,   1906.  ; ; $2:00; in'Advance.  CANADIAN  OF COM3VLERGE  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000  HEAD OFFICE,  B.E. WALKER, General Manager  TORONTO  ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BRANCHES THROUGHOUT CANADA, AND IN  t THE UNITED STATES ANB. ENGLAND  SIMILKAMEEN RIVER IN FLOOD  Does Serious Damage to Works of the  Hediey Lumber Co.'-  EA^IUMG   BY  ^A3L  Business may be transacted by mail -with any branch  of the Bank. Accounts may be opened, and deposits  made or witfodrav/n by mail. Every attention is paid  to out-of-town accounts.  Penticton Branch J. M. Christie, Manager.  CHARLES JE. SHAW  Civil Exgixkisk,  dominiox   and   pkovinciar,  Land Surveyor.  Orders may be left at Gazette office.  HEDLEY,      :      :      :      :  B. C.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  Our Own Laws the Best.  SOLICITOR, CON V EYANCEK,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  Edw. G. Warren  '  Eletfrical Engineer and  Contratfor  GREENWOOD,  B. C  Estimates Furnished on any Electrical Project for Power or Light  HORACE F. EVANS  GEOLOGIST   ���������  (College of Liberal Arts)  Will report on geologic conditions in the.  vicinity of Nickel Plate Mine, and Similkameen country generally. : : Dependable  and disinterested reports furnished.  HKDLEY,  B. C.  Grand Union  Hotel _ .,������������������  HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER. Proprietors  A.  MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,   Real Estate,   Mines.  Crown   Grants   Applied   Kor  Under  Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocea7i Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  OLIVER- & GLADDEN  -un  civil & Mining Engineers  ���������:o:-  TVUINE������ and  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B. C.  British   Columbia prospectors who  went esist last summer to have a try  in  the Cobalt mining  field   are   not  much in love with-the Ontario milling  laws,    where   the" people   still   have  crown lands on  the bruin and  can't  dissociate  the  regulations pertaining  to farm.lands from' those which should  go with mineral lauds.   For instance,  all boundaries of claims must be due  north and south, and east and west,  and all the corner posts to be placed.  The  Gazette,  in  making  inquiries of  Dave   Leggatt,   recently   returned,  learned    something;  of   the   opinion,  which B. 0. prospectors have of the  hodge podge of regulations which they  have back .there,  and call a mining  law.   While our Mineral Act and the  manner in which we not only try to  but. do administer it, is calculated to  eliminate, law.suits,  in Ontario there,  are  as .many lawyers in  a camp as  there are prospectors, who find that  they have a lawsuit oh their hands  from the time .they put up their first  stake until they turn their backs on  the camp, and, as Dave says, "It takes  an able-bodied man about two days to  stake a claim, and then he is in luck if  he can make the staking hold water;"  In British Columbia the staking regulations are so simple and unequivocal  that a prospector can unaided stake  his claim in an hour and do it so that  all   the  -money   in   the   treasury  at  Ottawa couldn't  take  it  from   him.  There are only one or two features in  their law that B. C. might with profit  adopt, and the main one is the attention paid to geology.    Ontario does  not depend on the Dominion Geological  Survey, to  map out the formations,  but employs her own men to do that  work and gives prospectors the benefit  of it.   The free miner's licence there  costs $10, and when a prospector takes  out his licence he is given a district  map, a map of the township in which  he intends to prospect on which all the  lots are marked (everything is surveyed beforehand) showing what lots  are covered with veteran's scrip and  what lots are applied for as mineral  locations; also  a geological or formation map on which all the formations  are carefully noted.   'When the British  Columbia government is rich enough  to liave all the mineral  lands  in   the  province   mapped  off in  that shape,  prospectors will save much  valuable  time and shoe  leather and  wouldn't  mind paying  more  for their  miner's  licences.  But Dave says that Cobalt is a rich  camp, and the specimens of silver and  cobalt which he brings with him certainly warrant the opinion, if there is  enough of it. He says that apparently  the,ore. goes down, but the veins or  deposits are exceedingly small and do  not continue for any distance on the  surface.  A flood that was  unprecedented in  its suddenness occurred in  the Similkameen last Thursday, and in' a few  hours wrought havoc.   To show how  rapid   was   this rise  and  how  little  warning   was   given,   the   water   on  Thursday   morning  at 7 o'clock was  about as low  as  it  has  been  for the  past   two   months.    On   Wednesday  night about 10 o'clock a warm rain set  in, and continued steadily all night,  and at the mill next  morning,   eve.iy-  one was expecting to see a rise  in  the  river.    Tn about   two 'hours after,  a  rather   sharp''   ru-e   wai-   experienced  and the logs  were coining   into   the  boom quite   rapidlv,  although  there  was not yet enough water in the slough  or pocket to float them  down  to the  mill except in the narrow trench which  had  been  cut  in  the  bottom  of the  slough.    The jam  which   was formed  in the upper neck of the slough created  a cross current which drove the  logs  at right angles against the boom, and  as a result about 75% of the logs were  going under the boom.   This was very  effectively     stopped,     however,    by  anchoring logs along the boom, which  was done by grounding  the end of  each log.on the bottom of   the   river.  As the result of this,   something over  a million feet were piled 'up in this jam.  Word came, by 'phone from Princeton that the river was up over three  feet and was still rising at the rate of  about a foot' an hour.   The gravest  fears were entertained as to the effect  which the onslaught of such a volume  of water would have when it reached  Hediey.   By 2 o'clock it was here, and  was not long in showing its power, for  a large portion of the boom was taken  out and the piers in  the riyer which  had been placed there to support the  boom were bowled over like so many  match boxes.  When the water subsided, it was estimated'that the number of logs piled  up in the jam at the upper neck of the  slough, together with those hung up  On bars and in eddies along the river  above the. mill would reach about  1,750,000, and it is also estimated that  about 500,000 more are hung up on  sand bars between here and Keremeos  which may be assembled at some point  down the river and sawed up with a  portable mill. This will tend to minimize the loss, which is, nevertheless,  very heavy, ...  MLLOl'S  Director of Geological Survey  Returns to Ottawa and  Speaks of the  SOLID LEGITIMATE BASIS  Upon Which Mining Is Conducted In  This Province���������Is Favorably Im-- -  pressed With Similkameen.  Similkameen Falls Power.  ( Loom is Prospector.)  H. AV.   Johnson,   manager  of  the  Similkameen' Falls Power and Development  Company,  was  a visitor  in  town last Wednesday.   Mr. Johnson  stated that he had closed a contract  with the Mountain Sheep Mining Co.  to supply that property with electricity to the amount of 30 horsepower  for the purpose of running its compressor.   The power is to be furnished  by the loth of November.    Work of  stringing the  wire to the  Mountain  Sheep will commence at once.    Both  the towns of Nighthawk and Oroville  have been wired, and by the time the  electric plant at the  falls  is  started,  Mr. Johnson expects to have at least  three-quarters of the power that it can  develop contracted for.   Several of the  mining   companies   operating   in  the  vicinity of Night-hawk are figuring on  using electric:  power  m  carrying  on  their   development work,   and, in all  probability,   will   secure;    the    power  from the Falls plant.  Fairview Convention.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Kates Moderate.  A. Haknks, Prop.       Penticton, B.C.  Owing to a break in the flume occur-  ing on Tuesday evening, the town had  to fall back on kerosene and moonlight  The break occurred underneath Frank  Bailey's claims, where he had been  doing assessment work. Heavy firing  was heard in the evening from Bailey's  batteries, but it is claimed that the  flume withstood this all right, and it  was only when Frank started to shout  "all over" that the flume couldn't hold  in any longer. A gang of men went  to work on repairs next morning.  The Liberals of the district held a  convention at Fairview last week, at  which Hediey and Princeton Avere rep  resented. The object of the convention was ostensibly to bring out a candidate in the. Similkameen Electoral  District in opposition to L. W. Shatford. No name has been given out,  but hints are made of a black-horse  that is kept in hiding somewhere on  the ranges, but as the public cannot  be trusted with so important a secret,  this identity is withheld.  Leader McDonald and J. R. Brown  of Greenwood were present and addressed the meeting.  (Ottawa Citizen >  Mr. A. P. Low, director of the geological   survey,   has   lately   returned  from  a  visit to British Columbia, a  visit,   which,  owing   to the late   adjournment of parliament and to business connected  with the   transfer of  the geological survey from the charge  of the. minister of the. interior to that  of the minister of inland revenue, was  much shorter than originally intended.  However, even in the brief time;that  the director was able to devote to personal inspection of the mining areas,  and in making and renewing acquaintances with the prominent mine managers, he was able to do a considerable amount of work and he has returned more than ever imoressed with  the   capabilities of British Columbia  as a mineral province.   When it is remembered that only a few years ago  one of the survey officers commenced,  a '.portion' of his report with "There  heinc-ho  copper works  in- Canada,"  and that la-st year the copner production  of British Columbia alone  was  48,000,000} pounds',   the  progress  has  indeed been astonishing.  " Mr. Low first visited the coal mines  of East Kootenay.   He found that a.t  Fernie and at Michel a large output  of coal and coke is being made from  the mines and ovens,  which are not  only operated to .their full present cap-,  acity,   but new   workings are  being  opened   to   increase   the output,   for  which a ready market is found, both  in this Dominion and the adjoining  portions of the United States.  Since that momentus summer of,  1890 when two prospectors located in  a few hours what are now the world  renowned mines, LeRoi, Centre Star,  War, Eagle and Idaho,,few mining districts have experienced a.more romantic career than Rossland. The booming of the LeRoi shares in London,  Eng., the sudden collapse of the Standard Mining company and the trial  and sensational suicide of the unfortunate Whittaker Wright combined to  form a chapter in.mining romance seldom equalled. After the suicide and  the seeming houelessness of securing  sufficient capital to continue mining  operations the Rossland mines were  on the point of shutting down arid it  was largely owing to favorable opinions expressed by the geological survey that work was continued. Naturally, therefore, the survey takes a  sort of parental interest in the operations of the. Rossland camp and, naturally, Mr. Low included it in his  visit.  Both in Rossland itself and  in the  vicinity a distinct revival of mining  has taken place, owing to the new discoveries of richer ore in  the deeper  parts of  the principal mines,  discoveries which Mr. Ii. AV. Brock, acting  for the survey,   had   predicted  with  considerable confidence.    The work of  Mr.   Brock   and   of   his   confreres   is  much appreciated in the district, more  especially owing to the renewed confidence it has imparted both to mine  managers and prospectors.   At Trail,  extensive   alterations   and   additions  were being made to  the smelter and  similar improvements are taking place  in Nelson,   Grand Forks,  Greenwood  and Boundary, showing that the output of the mines supplying these furnaces is of such a nature as demands  more extensive and better plans for  its treatment.   All the mines of the  Boundary copper camps were active  and their general tone  appeared   to  suggest healthy improvement without  any sigm of an undesirable boom.  A   hurried  visit was made to the  silver lead districts of Slocan showing  an   awakening   there   also ;   several  mines are working profitably.  The finding of the vein of the Ram  bler-Cariboo ���������mine at a depth of more  than 1,200 feet chanced to be coincident with Mr. Low's visit and is of the  greatest importance to the. district,  pointing as it does to the probability  of the silver and-lead1 ores being found  at a depth previously unknown.  At Hediey, in the Similkameen valley, the large Nickel Plate mine was  visited and a trip was made over the  adjoining properties. These give surface indications of large ore bodies  and when the railway i'ri ights are.  reduced to a reasonable; figure it is  expected that these, ores will prove  payable.  Mr. C. Cr'insell, who was working  along the Similkameen valley above.  Princeton, was seen at Medley and  was quite enthusiastic about the large  masses of ore in that region which,  although low gra'de. can, he confidently believes, be profitably worked, upon  the completion of the railway.  The coast was reached on the 22nd  of August, when Mr. LeRoy, who was  working on the coasl section about  and to the northward of A'aneouver,  made very favorable reports concerning the mineral deposits both of the  mainland and Texada Island.  Summed up, the result of Mr. Low's  visit   to  southern   British    Columbia  showed a renewed and increased activity in mining at all mining centres,  and he came awav  with  the feeling  that the   operations   are   now   being  conducted throughout those  districts  in a solid and legitimate manner with  the object in view of making money,  not     from   speculative   dealings    in  shares, but from the actual output of  themines.   That this visit of the director, which it is hoped will be of annual occurrence,  will result in much  mutual benefit to" the mining interest  and to the geological survey there is  no  doubt.     Mr.   Low's   endeavor   to  meet personally the principal owners  and   operators of the several camps  and,   where  possible,   to   freely   exchange ideas as to the  present and  future work of the department is, .assuredly, a step in the right direction.  By this means and by this means only ���������  can a clear understanding be obtained  as to the desire of the department to  help in every possible way the inining  interest of Canada; at* the same time  the director receives valuable suggestions as to the manner in which such  help may be given, and these suggestions, assuredly, will be acted upon as  far as circumstances permit,   thus increasing the usefulness of the.geological survev.  ASPEN GROVE CAMP.  Very Rich Copper Ore Being Taken from  Golden Sovereign.  R. J. Armstrong, of Aspen Grove,  was in town on Saturday on the way  to his home at Keremeos. Mr. Armstrong has been working in the Golden  Sovereign in that camp, and gave descriptions of the enormous blocks of  ore being taken out of the drift on  that property. These were peppered  full of cuprite and native copper. Altogether he considers the Golden Sovereign a wonder, and has high hopes  for the future of the camp.  The 0. P. R. surveyors have completed the work of location of their  line from Quilchena. to Aspen Grove.  At Pot-hole Lake they have put in a  loop by means of which a. hundi ed  feet in elevation has been gained in a  short distance and a very interesting  piece of scenery provided for travellers  over the road. Quilchena, he believes,  will profit by the disagreement between the railway and the owners of  the townsite at Nicola.  Aspen Grove has recently been stirred up considerably by reason of some  claim-jumping. Among the claims  jumped were some in the Golden Sovereign group. The records of claims  in Aspen Grove camp have recently  been transferred from the office in  Princeton to that at Nicola, and from  some misunderstanding of these the  impression got out that the claims  had been allowed to expire through  some oversight in recording the work.  It is believed, however, that the jumpers in this case were influenced by  better motives than those usually  credited to claim-jumpers, and itjwas  done to protect the real owners against  any ill consequences that might arise  from a mistake. THE   HEDLEY    GAZETTE,   NOVEMBER 1;    1906.  FARM   LOANS  I have Trust Funds for loan in  large or small sums to farmers to  enable; them to purchase stock, increase their holdings, erect buildings  or  make  other   improvements.   .  Loans maele on hemiestoads where  Recommendation for Patent has  been made though Title not issued.  Approved applications promptly  completed.  Pedigree, Farm, Dairy Stock. Logging and Freighting lleirscs insured  against-loss from any cause.  Write me your rcepiirements.  E.   A.   HAGG EN  Rceil Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent,  Revelstoke, B.C.  Cbc Ibcdlcy (Bazettc  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the Heolkv Gazettk  PaiNTixG and Publishing. Compa.vv,  Limited,  at Hcdloy, B.C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year   Six Months...  .S2.00  .  1.00  , Advertising Rates  Measurement, 1- lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������Certificates of improvement e'tc.  ������7.00 for <i0-day notices, and ������5.00 for 30-day  notices. .  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. ������1.00 for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion.   Over one inch.  10 cents per line for first insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  ,   Transients payable in advance.  Contrar.t, Advertisements��������� One inch per month,  $1.25: 'over 1 inch and up to -J inches. $1.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than  four inches, on  application, rates will be given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time. .  Advertisements will be.changed once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftener than once a'month  the  price of composition will  be charged at  regular rates.  Changes for contract advertisements should  be in tlie office by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue. ���������  A MEGRAW,  Managing h'ditor.  tion of Mr. Fowler arid" his associates appeair in comparison  with the others of the  Canada  Life.     Fowler was represented  | as getting tips from the  Cana-  | dian Northern as to  the  route  I to be taken by the Maim&Mc-  iKetizie   road,   but    now    Dan  ! Mann, in the witness box, laughs  at the charge and says that not  only was Mr. Fowler shown the  route map but every newspaper  reporter who called at the Company's    office   was  shown  the  same.  An amusing feature of the  boomerang character of this  I.O.F. scandal is that in order* to  get a crack at Foster, Fowler  and Pope, they have to implicate Justice Boyd of the Union  Trust Co. who did such yeoman,  service for them on other stuffed  commissions, and also Peter  Ryan who fought their* battles  in the Toronto wards. And now  we see the mess that pal Peter,  has got himself and them into  in the disclosures coming out of  his land deals with the late Ontario administration.  But if Foster.-" Fowler,/Pope  and their associates have done  the I.O.F. out of a dollar, why  are they not proceeded against ?  The answer to this is that there  has been no wrong-doing upon  which they can lay a charge for  PREMIER McBRIDE RETURNS.  Is Given An Ovation In Recognition of|.  His Splendid Work j  At Ottawa. j  At every point .in this province i  reached by the premier em. his return  from Ottawa, he received hearty indorsement of the stand which he took  at Ottawa, and much of this was  given irrespective erf party by Liberals  who refused to be whipped into the.  traitors' attitude taken by grafters  and toadies of the Ottawa, adminis-  tration.  At the provincial capital, however,  the greatest demonstration- was held,  this being the .first point where the  premier stayed long enenigh to permit  of such. At this gathering Premier  McBride's speech set forth in the clearest possible terms the leading features  of British Columbia's case and showed  whv it was impossible for him, in the  interests of the province, to take any  other course than he did.  The Dominion treasury now has  about $19,000,000 that rightly belongs  to British Columbia. In addition to  this, the Province in 1S81 handed over  to the Dominion 3,500,000 acres of the  -best-land.in the Peace. River district,  which lands are now worth $17,500,000.  Other moneys properly belonging to  the province and now held by the  federal government bring the claim  up to $42,000.000, and yet his oppon-  oospaooseoeoaosoe  BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  Capital���������$4,866,666.  HEAD OFFICIO IX CANADA.  H. STIKEMAN, General Manager  Reserve���������$2,141,333.  MONTREAL  .1. ELMSLY, Supt. of Branches  BANKING BY MAIL-Accounts e>f  special attention. Deposits can bo made through the mail, and sums added  thereto and withdrawn at any Lime. A General Hanking Business Transacted.   Drafts issued, payable eit all points in Canada and abroad.  parties living at a  distance  receive our  1 bo 1     '   " '    " '"       "     '  ������     Hediey Branch,     -     L.G. fiacrlAFFIE, Acting Manager  prosecution, and the  whole  af-1 ents in this : province  are censuring  fair is to distract  public  atten- j him for refusing to accept as payment  Full Moon      JjBt������V  Lasteptar.      g&rt^fi&L'-  New Moon  Kith  First ouar.  22nd.  1900  NOVEMBER  1906  Sun.  Won. Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  1  2       3  4  5      (5       7      s  9     10  11  12      13      11     45  10     17  IS  .19    20    21    22  23     21  25  20     27     2S     29  30  THE I. O. F. RED HERRING.  tion from the London bye-elec  tion scandals in "which a Minister of the Crown figures in a  very unenviable  light.  When the Foresters' affair  was laid before the electors  of North Renfrew side by side  with the Saskatchewan land  deals participated; in by relatives ot federal ministers, the  answer was 1000 majority for  the conservative candidate. Is  it any wonder that the Toronto  News admits that things look  blue in Ontario for the Ottawa  administration.  in full $1,000,000 paid in annual instalments extending over ten years.  Other speeches were made  backing  up the position taken by Mr. McBride.  LOCAL NEWS.  The manner in which Liberal  papers big and little (particularly little) are neglecting the London bye-election disclosures, in  their intense desire to exploit  the I.O.F. investigation in which  the names of certain hard-hit-  ing conservatives can, with a  little skillfully applied innuendo, be dragged into publicity in  a disagreeable sort of way, will  repay a little careful examination. The cartoonist of the Toronto World describes it as a  mean little trick on the part of  Laurier, Fielding and the Rev.  Toronto Globe, in starting a  dog-tight in front of the -Indian  doctor's tepee while the cabins  of their pals of the Canada Life,  Sun Life, Manufacturer's Life  and others are left in quietude.  This insurance commission has,  in Shepley and Judge McTavish,  a pair of pliant servile tools who  will do the bidding of the Ottawa bosses as obediently as any  other commission appointed by  the same government during  the past ten years.  A while ago they had the Canada Life under investigation  bub when it was seen how Pel-  latt and other pals of the Globe  and Sir Wilfrid were juggling  with the company's funds thro'  the medium of mortgages and  temporary loans to provide  funds for private stock speculations, and the amount of single  loans to Pellatt exceeding by  far the aggregate of I.O.F. money or Union Trust money bor-  i'owed by the Foster, Fowler  Pope syndicate for their C.P.R.  land deals, how quickly sleuth  Shepley dropped the scent. Now  they are wishing that the LO.F.  scent had been dropped about  as quickly, for the further this  very fanciful investigation proceeds the better does  the posi-  ln  the  present Mineral Act  British Columbia has a mining  law that will do .much  for  the  development of the mineral resources of the province.    It is  true there may be a few minor  details that could be  improved  by amendment,  but when the  cost to the inining  industry of  creating a feeling  of unrest a  raong capitalists   who  are  disposed to invest their money here,  is counted,  it  might  be found  that such legislation, trivial in  importance as it might appear,  would be obtained.at too great  risk.     The t very fact that the  Premier as  Minister  of Mines  has not allowed the Mineral Act  to  be  tampered   "with    in    the  slightest  degree: and   that  the  statutes    of   British   Columbia  show that no change whatever  in the law has been permitted  since the present   government  came into power, has  contributed in a very great degree  to  restore confidence among mining  investors.    The law   as   it  stands is possibly the best mining law in existence.   An  evidence of this is seen  in  the fact  that when the government of  the United States were investigating with a view to finding a  model    mining   enactment for  the Phillipines, it was the B. C.  Mineral Act which they chose.  The Court of Revision of the voters'  lists for the Similkameen electoral district will be held in Fairview on Monday next. So far as can be learned no  objections to any names on the list  were made to the collector of-votes.  Messrs R. Elmhurst and J. Reithi of  Keremeos were in town on ���������Monday.  This was Mr. Elm hurst's first visit to  Hediey. They report work progressing favorably on the. railway grade  where the steam shovel is making a  splendid showing, having already  levelled off a considerable portion of  the yards with a fill from the. big cutting which they expect will be completed in about six weeks.  Messrs J. C. Lalor and Marcus Daly  left by stage eui Monday morning for  the coast'and from there they intend  to go east. Thev put in a busy week  in Hediey, going over the properties  belonging to the Company, including  side trips to Ashnola and to Twenty  mile lake where'Mr/ Lalor ran into  the big snenv storm in June last.  HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN    HEDLEy, B. 6.    THE LEADING HOTEL OF THE SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY  This house is new and strictly first class  in every lespect, being equipped with all  modern conveniences ��������� electric light, telephone, baths, etc.       : :       Rates moderate.  A.   McDERMOTT,  Proprietor.  NOTICE.  pAME to my ranch on Kruger Mountain,  ^* about two months ago, one bay stallion,  weighing about !)50 pounds, branded "IC"  (connected) on left shoulder. If not claimed  within thirty days, will be sold by public  auction to cover 'expenses.  Dated this 22nd day of October, 1906.  42-45  THOMAS LACEV, Fairview, B.C.  Keremeos New Townsite  Now On the Market.  Railwav Station will be in the  & E.  town.  The V. V.  centre  of the  Now is the time to get your lots, before the first  train  conies up the  valley. .        *  Choice 1, 2 and 3 acre lots all around  town site.  The 10 acre Fruit lots are going fast,    Just a few  left.    Now is the time to double, your money.  Foz- Full Particulars Apply to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  J. J. Armstrong, Manager  Town Lots  $100, $200  and $250  1, 2 and 3 Acre  Lots $300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  . $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  NOTICE.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following a.re the leadings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Oct. 27th :  AT  THE MINE.  Maximum  Minimum  Oct. 21  46  17  22  52  IS  23  49  32  2-1  47  35  25  42  36  26  30  20  27  33  '20  Rainfall for week .37 inch  OS  AT  THE MUX.  Maximum  Minimum  Oct. 21  52  25  22  53  33  23  52  32  21  88  58  25  08  32  26  57  30  27  64  35  Rainfall .16  STRAY MARE.  NOTICE.  Nicola Licensing District.  A SPECIAL HEFTING of the Board of Li-  ���������r* cenco Commissioners for the Xicola Licensing District will be held in the Court House.  Princeton on Thursday Nov. 8th 1900 at four  o'clock p. 111. to consider the following applications for liquor licences.  TRANSFERS  Ambrose  McDermott,  of   the   Commercial  Hotel. Hcdloy, to Cawston & Edinond. Hediey.  .John   IT,  Jackson,   of  the   Jackson   Hotel,  Princeton, to Lloyd A. Manly. Grand Forks.  RENEWALS.  Cawston   &   Eelmonel,   Commercial   Hotel,  ireelley.  Lloyd A. Manly, Jackson Hotel, Princeton.  RONALD I IE WAT,  Chief Licence Inspector.  Princeton Oct. 21th 1'JOfS. 42-J3  SIXTY DAYS AFTER DATE,  apply to the Hon. Chief O  of Lands and Works for  I intend to  Commissioner  permission to purchase 100 .acres of pasture land in the Similkameen Division of Yale District, described as  follows: Commencing at the S. W. corner  post of Lot No. 2551, thence south 40 chains;  thence west 40 chains; thence north 40 chains:  thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.  A. B. LATJRANCE  35-9 per M. C. KENDALL, Attorney.  Dated Penticton August 21st, li)0(i  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that (10 days  afterdate I hitenel to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of battels and \\ orks for permission to purchase UiO ne-res of pasture land de-  scribed as follows: Commencing at the N. K.  corner of Lot 202, thence 10 chains cast, 10  chains south. 40 chains'west. 40 chains north  to point of commencement.  M. DALY  Keremeos B. ('., Sept. 15. 1000 :i7-'l  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sixty  days after date I intend to apply to the  Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  AVorks for permission to purchase the following described agricultural and pasture land  containing ten acres, more or less, that  portion of section 10, township 80, bounded  on the East by Dog Lake on the South by \V.  Gillespie's pre-emption claim, on the West by  pre-emption claim No. 3801, on tlie North by  Ritchie's purchase, in the Similkameen Division of Vale District.  HENRY F. SOFTLEY.  37���������15       ' by his agent, M. C. KENDALL.  Penticton, Sept. 27th, 1000.  OIXTY DAYS after date,  ^   to the Chief Cominissic  I intend to apply  isioncr of Lands and  Works for permission to purchase the following described land situated in the Similkameen district : Commencing, at a post marked  S E corner Lot 3202 and running in an easterly  direction along the banks of the Similkameen  River 00 chains, thence north 20 chains; thence  west 00 chains: thence south to point of commencement.  31-9 HENRY WILLIAMS  Dated Hediey Sept. 4th 190C  NOTICE.  NOTICE  NOTICE.  OTRAYED or driven from the range, a light  vJ   buy marc three years old, branded ' G" on  the left shoulder; last seen in June.  Suitable reward given for the recovery.  39-12  MRS. GREENII1LL.  Certificate of Improvements.  TITK IRON PLATE  FRACTIONAL   mineral  Claim, .situate in  the Osoyoos Mining  Division of Yale District.    Where located;-   Camp H'cdley  'TAKE NOTICE that I,   Chas.  E. Oliver, of  x       Hediey,   Free  Miner's    Certificate. No.  B5120, intend 00 elays from the date hereof,  to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  ii Crown Grant of the above claim.  AND FURTHER take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced befeire tlie  issuance of such Certificate of  Improvements.  Dated this31st day of August A. D. 1000  31-0 C. E. OLIVER  ���������"VfOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after  ���������*���������' elate I intend to apply to the Honorable:  the Chief Commissioner e>f Limels anel Works  for permission to purchase tlie following des-  cribeel land, situate on the cast side of Okiina-  gan Lake B. ('. Commencing, at the south cast  corner post of M. L. Crichton's purchase land,  running thence south 20 chains, thence west  80 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence east  80 chains to point of ceiimnciicement: comprising the south half of the south west quarter  of section 15, tp. 28, and the south half of the  south east quarter of section 10, tp, 28.  B. E. CRICHTON  Dated August 28th, 1000.  31-0  OIXTY DAYS afterdate, I intend to apply  vJ to the Chief Commissioner of Lands anel  Works for permissson to purchase 100 acrses of  pasture lane! in the Similkameen division of  Yale district described as follows : Commencing at the S E corner of the west i of the east A  of section 21, township 85, pre-emption No 2251  thence 10 chains east: thence 40 chains north;  thence 40 chains west, thene 40 chains south to  point of commencement.  ANDREW A. HAMILTON  Okanagan Falls. Sept. 1st. 1900 34-9  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that sixty elays after  elate I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to purchase that portion of Section 11. Township 51, Siinilkamcon District, bounded on the  north by L. 2003 G. 1, on the south-east by the  A. I). A. anel Columbia mineral claims, and on  the west by F. B. Boone's preemption, containing 40 acres more or less.     Ron u ireel for range.  Dated at Fairview this 5th day of Oct., 1900.  EVAN MORRIS  39-18 Per R. II. .PARKINSON, Agt.  P. S. Mineral   Claim, situate   in  the Osoyoos  Mining   Division    of    Yale    Distriot.  Where located :-   Camp Heelloy  TTAIvK NOTICE   that  I,   Charles   ele    Blois  ���������"���������        Green,   Free   Miner's    Certificate   No.  B5023, I'eir myself, anel as  agent for   J.   Cory,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B5024, intend sixty  elays from date hereof, tei apply to tlie Mining  Recortler for a. Cortilicatc of Improvements.  for the purposeif obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  Anel further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before l;he issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st day August, A. D. 1900  31-0 C. de B. GREEN  NOTICE  TSJOTTCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that 00 days  ���������^    after elate I intend to apply   to the Chief,  Commissioner of Lands anel Weirks fen- permission to purchase 80 nereis, more or less, of pasture land situated as follows:   Coincncing at I  the N. E.   e-orncr  of  Lot  No.   202  running 20  chains cast. 20 chains north,   10 chains \vosfc,��������� 20  cshalns south. 20 chains cast along boiyielary of'  Lot 202 to point of commencement.  G. M. ALLISON  Keremeos B. C. Sept. loth, 1900 37-9 THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   NOVEMBER 1,   1906.  Town and District.  ',.   Last night was Hallowe'en.  Hediey is not only up-to-date, but it  is ah hour ahead.  Miss Machin, housekeeper at the  Hotel Similkameen, leaves to-morrow  morning for the coast, where she will  teach school  Hugh Hunter, Government agent of  ��������� Princeton was in town on,Friday on  official business.  F. W. Groves, P. L. S. of Princeton  came down on Sunday to do some  work in this vicinity.!  !.-.������������������ Mrs. Brass .returned ��������� on Saturday  night from a two months' visit to  friends in Colville, Wash.  ; Vic. Ryder returned last week on  his wheel from Armstrong, where he  had been doing rock work in putting  in a power plant.  Henry Bahrs, of Loomis was in town  on Tuesday night, but was unable to  remain over to make further examination of properties on the mountain. .  Dr. McEwen rode up from Keremeos last week on professional business, but had to retdrn again to Keremeos, where his services were in demand.  Mr. D. McPhailof Otter Valley came  down on Sunday to meet his wife who  has been staying;for a few weeks with  her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell in  ���������Hediey.  The time was advanced an hour on  Monday morning' at the Daly Reduction Company's works, so as to divide  up the daylight. This puts the time  about an hour ahead of C. P. R. time.  Mr. E, F. Holbrook of Helena, the  the new mill superintendent for the  Daly Reduction Co., who takes the  place of W. H. Brule, arrived in town  on Thursday night last, and is now in  charge.  The rain of last week had a beneficial effect on Twenty-mile in raising  the water somewhat, but no such increase in volume was seen as that  shown in the Similkameen. The basin  of Twenty-mile is limited in extent  and is subject to much the same degree of precipitation as that at Hediey  which is rather meagre at the best.  The new management of the Daly  Reduction Co. is making arrangements  to repair the flume and stop some of  the numerous leaks. The policy of  letting everything go to wreck and  ruin that was pursued by the late  manager, will give his successor endless worry and annoyance until everything is put in proper running order.  I. L. Deardorf moved the road camp  in on Monday. The grade is finished  to a Doint about a half a mile above  the dam and some seven bridges put  in. The road bed is excellent and the  grades easy, and already the road is  used in teaming, out wood. During  the coming session it is fully expected  that sufficient funds to complete will  be appropriated, and Hediey will then  be connected with the various camps  on the mountain.  A notice posted by the new manager  of the Daly Reduction Co. and cou ched  in kindly, courteous language, informed employees that it is not the manager's intention to make any changes  by discharging employees and putting  others in their places. Thus the chopping block erected a year ago is, metaphorically speaking, taken down and  an era. of peace and good will restored,  that we have no doubt will result in  more efficient service to the company  from its employees,  On Wednesday morning R. B. Lamb,  manager of the Daly Reduction Co.  for the past year, left Hediey for  Penticton, accompanied by Mrs. Pen  Avell and Mr. and Mrs. Brule. Mr.  Lamb's destination was not learned,  although it was understood that none  of the five or six situations that he  was alleged to have on tap to choose  from, showed any sign of having materialized, and it is possible that he  will drop so cennpletely out of sight  and memory that in a few months'  time it will require a lineal descendant  of little Bo-peep to find him.  The Committee having in hand the  St. Andrews banquet on Nov. 30th  request all who wish to attend to  hand their names in to the se.cre-  tarv, Mr, L. G. Macllafno, as soon as  possible, to enable the committee to  make provision feir all. While a St.  Andrew's banquet is a Scotch function  the Scotchmen of Hediey do not propose to keep the, haggis or the mountain dew all to themselves, and will be  pleased tei welcome to the banquet  board neit only the Scotch residents of  Hediey and adjoining towns, but those  of other country eir decent. They request however,.that all who may wish  to come will notify the secretary as  soon as possible.  ������������������������������������ Rev. W. F.Allen, of Innisfail paid  Hediey a visit last week and held Presbyterian service on Sunday evening  hist, ' ' '. ''������������������.''���������'.';  i Jack Bromley,' son of J. H. Bromley  icame down last week to attend school  in Hediey, and is boarding with' Mrs.  Greenhill.  Miss Greenhill went out by Friday's  stage for Penticton. She was sent for  by Dr. Knox of Kelowna to take  charge of one of his cases there.  Bulbs for winter blooming may. be  potted any time up till December 1st.  M. J. Henry of Vancouver has a nice  assortment to choose from, and can  till mail orders on short notice. Call  at the Gazette office and ask fen1 one of  his catalogues.  Track-laying on the. V. V. & E. has  passed Circle City which is about halfway between Molson and Oroville.  All the Coast timber required for  bridges is now in the yards at Molson  so.that no further delays should occur  from that cause.  Judge Clement and Mr, McArdle returned on Thursday evening from  Princeton where there was also a very  light docket that required only a few  minutes attention. They started out  on Friday on the l-eturn trip to the  Boundary. It is being reported that  Judge Clement is mentioned as a probable successor to Justice Dull' in the  Supreme Court.  In No. 1.construction camp of the  V. V. & E. at Keremeos, several new  cases of fever have developed during  the past two weeks, which have been  shipped off to the railway hospital at  Oroville. Messrs. Cunningham and  Turner, the former of the commissary  and the latter of the engineers' staff,  who were taken down some time ago  preferred to fight out their cases under  the care of Dr. McEwen at Keremeos,  and are both doing well. Turner's  case was a particularly severe one, and  for a time fears were entertained as to  the outcome/but he is now through  the worst. His father and mother  came from'Pennsylvania to see him.  It is said that Frank Bailey admits  that the damage to the flume on Tuesday night was caused by the rocks  blown out from his blasting. It is  also stated that the object sought is to  compel the company to buy him out.  It is poor satisfaction for the company  to have to take action for damages  where none can be collected, and yet  this question of liability of a claim  owner for damage done to the flume,  is one that will have to be settled some  time or other. Meanwhile the Company is up against a loss of thousands  of dollars from this act on Mr. Bailey's  part and the townspeople are put to  the inconvenience of having water  and light cut off for several ��������� days  through it. It seems high time in the  interests of the public generally for  something to be done to see where we  stand, for this sort of thing cannot be  allowed to go on. The best interests  of the town and the province generally  demand that all our industries be protected from such acts of vandalism.  QOSOOCPOOSOQOSSOOOCCOSOSO^C  MINES and MILLS EXAMINED,  SAMPLED and REPORTED ON.  Samples   by  mail  receive  prompt  attention. Correspondence solicited.  PRINCETON and   ROSSLAND  ���������H. H..Cr,AUDET, Assoc. Inst. M.M., '  Member Am. Inst. M.E., Rossland.  L. C. .Wynne, Assoc.  Late Assaycr LeRoi.  'WA^A^/A**'  When purchasing a suit of  clothes, the most important  point to be considered is the  "quality" of the material  used and the care taken in.  its manufacture. <  We have in stock a complete, line of  Campbell's  Clothing  This brand is acknowledged  by all dealers to be the best on the market, and in offering it to the  public we have every confidence in its reliability. Made in all the  latest styles and of first-class material. See our stock of ready-mades  ���������or let us show you samples, and have your suit made to measure.  SHATFORDS, LIMITED  oSt  Inst. M. M.,  Princeton.  i  #' %-:~W~> -HI--', .H  $������������������.��������� i������,:,."  mm    fS ' w     it     ; ;  ill i>       ���������- 'sth;r -i-i, ^ 'i  I  i  X  &6u'S  s  (F  REVELY'S  STABLE  Headquarters for all Stage Lines  Express Office in Connection  I  Your wants for Livery or Team  Work will be attended to  by calling Phone 12.  W.   F.  REVELY,   Proprietor  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house Containing more beel  room accornmoelation than any  Othcr hotel i-n town. Table and  bar  first-class.    Rates  moderate.  PETERSON BROS & LIND,  Proprietors.  *  St  K  st  st  *  K  st  st  st  st  ������  ������������fcrafefe^fearotM^^M?������?t'}ritic?r������itf������  f  J  Hfl. WRIGHT  BOOT &  SHOE  MAKER  HEOI_E"V,  B.C.  St  t  St  *���������  st  st  I  s  %  I  K  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  9t  K  st  st  st  st  st  st  st  V  HOTEL  HEDLEY  Under   New   Management  THE BEST PROVIDED  IX KITCHEN AND BAR  AND EVERY CARE  TAKEN FOR THE COMFORT 01? 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Connecting at Spokane with the famous  "ORIENTAL LIMITED"  2  Daily   Overland   Trains  2  From Spokane for Winnipeg,  St, Paul, Minneapolis, St.-Louis,  Chicago and all points   cast.  For complete information,  rates, berth, reservations, etc.,  call em or address  C. E. Preston,  Agent, Midway,  B. C  S. G. Yerkes,  A. T. A., Seattle, Wash.  When . writing .  Advertisers,     Please  Mention the Gazette. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 1,   1900.  jmv  ifIN  ON. THE JUMBO  Development , on  the ���������jiihibo"  Group Goes to Show  ���������.--.''".    that ���������  '.'  Copper Must Share witli Gold  In the  Importance Attached to Mineral  Deposits of Hediey Camp���������Horace  F; Evans Writes of Further".  Observations.  PROPiRTY IN HEDlEr  Is  A  Good,  Safe   Investment  Work em the Jumbo-group continues under'tlie direction of Mr. Gilbert,  who is in.cliarge of the. property. On  October'27th the drift bad reached a  point'almost in contact with the dike  which rut:; the. argillaceous and other  ��������� sedinmntary rocks, the. strike.of the  dike> being .some degrees east en: north.  The composition of the dike-consists  of- eiuarty. associated with a ground  mass erf'fine 'grained' gray material of  which silver comprises the greater  proportion. -Hydrated peroxide .of  iie.m i> niuusdant in, the jeiints.  It is understood that dikes of this  class do not bear any relation to the  lava '{Mass"of eruptions referable, to the  tertiary volcanies, but that they are  getletica.liy connected with the causes  that relate te> the piutemic intrusions  which are such a broad feature in the  Cascade-region. .This particular dike,  about half ii mile from the shaft, mea-  f' *���������'���������'���������'- ���������    -'      ���������' ���������'  saves K> feet in width and .maintains.  its- characteristic   composition' strike  and dip.  '������������������"���������'   ,'   "': ' When   c'OrtaiiV'.facts in  connection  ���������A "'���������'-���������' ������������������'-'���������'   with- the. criist' of the earth are considered, when the beds have been disturbed    and -.'sometimes '-. extensively  thrown-over and turned upside down,  it becomes necessary to find sections  .   in. some, neighboring   locality  where  '";"���������' the   strata   are - horizontal   or  only  -  slightly inclined.    Here the .true order  .'.I-... of set]uene.e may be a'scertaihu'u..and a  key furnished for settling the chronology of the strata where the displacement, makes  the  conditions complex  even  te> the   technical' observer.     In  pursuing examinations   of   this kind  discoveries as to   mineral occurrence  are often made..  Thus, sometimes, copper deposits  are discovered where gold, occurrence  was looked for and important economic questions determined, which  might have remained unknown had it  not.been for such investigations.,  Amongst practical inining men the  question is often asked "Do copper  carbonates alwavs indicate a sulphide  copper zone or a series of copper Sulphide zones beneath?"  Without parleying, it may at once  be said that copper carbonates de> not  ���������invariably denote a sulphide zone or a  series of sulphide zones beneath, but  t;here     are   often    conditions   where  they do.  .Where the sediments are of great  thickness and where; underground  waters have been constant and the  rocks are old enough, important sulphide zones-are likely to be found.  So far as the; Similkaineen Valley  has been examined within the intrusive plutonic area, the indications of  copper sulphides, such as chalcopy-  ritfis, bornite, chalcocite and possibly  native copper, have impressed experienced geologists e>f the presence of  these sulphides where the showings in  the oxidized surfaces' are unusually  great. , Where old sediments have  been repeatedly laid down and where  surface, indications show the residual  of former sulphides as carbonates,  wheres in brief conditions are most  favorable for the deposition and concentration of copper sulphide, it may  lie' taken for granted that i.opper deposits will be found, for wherever concentration takes place ore bodies are  found.  These cemditions are neit necessarily  ideal. They are real but they may  have been greatly interfered with by  volcanic eruptions, crust movement  and by granite intrusions, but not in  many instances are evidences wholly  obliterated.  The! presence of copper sulphide of  commercial importance in the Similkameen Valley and along the courses  of its lateral streams, is a question of  great importance to the people of  British Columbia, anel those aiding in  its solution, no matter in what capacity, are deserving of the fullest  support.  It now seems very likely that copper  occurs in commercial quantities in  various portions of the Similkameen  country and that as observations continue the area of occurrence will in all  probability be greatly increased by  scientific and other kinds of exploration.  And  Will  Make  Hediey  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous."'Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold /mine in Canada���������and many other  promising -mines and prospects. It is the mining'and business  centre of the   . . .   .  Similkameen  the new mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of 'development work,- to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  iy*i^ b.jej   n      xr%    a B '���������   '  HEDLEY is the chief town on the, route of the proposed  Coast-Kootehay Railway; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the near future, it. will unquestionably  become a large and 'important citv, and town lots will bring-  big returns-on'money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Scott Ave. (main st.) ....  .........     .. $460 to $600  Other Streets.;..........  ... .$200 to $400.  ...TERMS....  1-3 Cash; balance In 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  -^rtfgi  For T  Purchase a few Lots before the Railway Go  For Full Particulars, AVaps-Etc.,.  The Hediey  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary andTlanager,  ��������� rtF������F>I_>'   TO ���������  Townsite  v...;.:.:-        HEDLEY, B.C.  TRAVELLEKSVDIRECTORY  Mails and Stacks-in tiik Similkameen.  Hediey and Penticton Route.  Welby's Stage, carrying mail and passengers,  leaves Penticton for Heelley at 7 a.m. on .Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, arriving in  Heelley at (i.W e>'clock same days.  Returning, leaves Heelley for Penticton at  7. a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Connecting each way at ICcreincos with  Royer's line for Boundary points.  Hediey and Princeton Route.  Revely's Stage leaves Hediey for Princeton  at 7 a.m. on Wednesdays anel Saturdays.  Returning on Thursdays and Sundays.  Only the Wednesday and Thursday stages  carry'mail.  Keep Poste  r  On Matters That Interest Yen  Your local paper is a necessity  to you, financially and socially.  But a NEWSPAPER OF GENERAL CIRCULATION, containing the latest news of the world,  is equally necessary to you. The  "up to date man" will provide  himself with these two essential  features of progress.  In THE TWICE-A-WEEK  SP OKESMAN - REVIEW, Sp6-  kane, Wash., will be found the  very latest news of the world, its  matter including information on  politics, commerce, agriculture,  mining, literature, as well as the  local happenings in the1 states of  Kontana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and the province of British  Columbia. In addition, its col-  r- -.s for women, its popular  7cisr.ee articles, its short and continued stories, its "Answers to  Correspondents'' and '' Puzzle  Problems" combine to form a  home newspaper that at $1.00 per  year can nowhere be excelled.  ITS   ADVERTISING   VAI.UK.  Porhapa you have something to sell���������a  farm, a team, farm machinery. You may  wish to buy something. This best possible  ���������v;i." to communicate with people who wish  m buy or soil is by inserting a small advertisement   In  The  npokesman-Revlew.  K.-rmnrs. stockmen. lumbermen and miners  take  the  TW1CE-A-WBEK.  If you wish to reach business men and  r,'-���������rnmers, use the DAILY or SUNDAY  ������i ���������<���������>!���������.��������� KtfMAN-RKVlE'W.  COAL  When buying your hcjit-  er or -range for winter  be sure anel get a coal  burner, to ensure comfort and economy.  vkrmillion forks  Miking company  ������  ,  W.  F.  Rkvki.v,  Agent.  COAL  9k 9.  The Commercial Hotel  Hediey,   B.C.  Try  nnWWWViA,  Vtetoria  Cross  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  st  &  I  * HEADQUARTERS   FOR   MINING   MEN.  ���������f TABLE and BAR FIRST-CLASS.  If  5 RATES MODERATE.  K  st  K '  St. ���������'������������������.:,;:        .         ���������  =  |    Frank  B. McArthur,   -   -   Manager    i  5������ I  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, manager.  First  Class in  Every liespect.      Commercial and Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka- .  meen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  W4*l0r**W*W������a4W4W*W***W������������4W*,*������A  st  K  st  st  si  *C  st  TUB  TWICE-A-WEEK   RATES   ARE  each   Insertion.   Count  "ii   cents   per   line  words   to  a.  line.  1MII.Y    AND    SUNDAY    RATE    FOR  i 'ONM-KOL-TIVE     INSERTIONS.  O  -}  1 time  30c  2 times  <15c  ,1 times   ......... 60c  1 time     4l)c  2 times   .;....... fiftc  3 times    80c  THE   SUNDAY   ALONE  Ton   cnts   per  line   each  Insertion.   Count  ���������'���������������������������'.   words   to   a  line.  ADDRESS  TIIK    SI'OKKSMAN-REVIEW,  Spokane, Wash.  Write your adv. plainly, enclosing amount  In -t>������mj������������ or money order for number of  IniTilon" desired, and ������tate whether you  fl������li ������<lr. Inaorted In Dally, Sunday or  T-������-������-a-W������������k.  tt  St  st  st  ������  st  st  st  st  st  K  K  st  ss  H  K  %  st  H  1  K  st  *  K  H  K  st  ������t  *  *  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  WHY  EAT  MUTTON  WHEN YOU  CAN GET  SPRING  LAMB ?  PORK, VEAL and  First-Class BEEF  always   on   hand.  GAME IN SEASON  X  X  9  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ������  X  X  X  X  X  X  i  X  3  Princeton   Stage  Line.  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  CAWSTON  & EDTIOND 1  PENTICTON  Livery, Feed and staae  STABLES  ==  ESTABLISHED 1903 :=  Fine New  Covered  Stage  Carrying Royal Mail,  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hediey and Princeton  -:0:-  Special lligs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Public.    :        :        :        :  :0:-  L  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor.


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