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The Hedley Gazette Oct 21, 1909

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume V.  HEDLEY, B. C., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1909.  Number 41  V>  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  IIS years' practice in Vancouver.]  S.O.L.Gb.'s������r.ocic  PENTICTON,      -    ���������      B. C.  W.-H. T. GAHAN  Barrister,   Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  MuitK IVr.ocic  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C.  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for The Great West'Like Ix-  sukance Company.  PENTICTON,      -      -  G. MILBURN  BRICKLAYER AND PLASTERER.  IS I'KEPARED TO .ATTEND TO ANT  ���������    ..WOllK IN THIS LINE  THOSE     KKQUIRING     ClIIMNEVS  UUII.T MAY HAVE THE WOK.IC  DONE IN GOOD SHAVE .  HEDLEY      -     and     -     ���������KEREMEOS,  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Bakkes, Pi-op.       Penticton, B.C.  HOTEL HEDLEY  Newly Renovated Throughout.  Accomodation Unsurpassed.   Best only  in Liquors and Cigars.  D. G. Hackney, Prop.  Hedley.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B. C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  R H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  Try  MVevVAWmN  Victoria  Cross  CEYLON TEA  Pure and  Invigorating.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  RICHES OF  Bruce Tells the Story of His  Similkameen Pilgrimage  THE LUKE OF THE YELLOW METAL  Eloquently Written Of���������-Face to Face  with Real Mining-���������No Pessimism in  Bruce's Make-Up���������The Camp that  Talks Results.  LEADER BORDEN'S IDEAL  The Opposition Leader Points Out the  Three Ways and For Himself     <  Chooses One  (Bruce in -Saturday Sunset)  In' its short  history of  barely ten  years Camp Hedley 1ms compassed the  romance, the doubts and fears of all  other gold camps. Also it has demem-  strated what many other gold camps  have failed to show, permanence,of its  ore deposits. Many a gold camp has  flared up on the horizon of speculation, blazed through a meteoric career  and dropped out of sight and existence  in half the time that Camp, Hedley  has been on the mining map. Not so  with Hedley. Today its future is  more rosy, its prospects more solidly  based than it was when M. K. Rodgers  bonded two claims on the Nickel Plate  Mountain in 1898 and commenced ele-  velopment operations.  Curiously enough  while gold is the  constant theme of conversation; while  gold mining is the  basis of the material prosperity and happiness of the  population, while you hear of gold on  every side, you rarely see the.metal in  its natural, state in the town/   The  richest rock that conies down the hill  in specimens rarely shows more than  the tiniest yellow glint of the metal j  that lures   men to   the  furthermost  limits of the world's wild places.    You  go through the great stamp mill on  the hillside above the  town,  you see  huge   vats   eif   powdered    ore   being  "cyanided," yon go to the places where  the ground up rock  is   carried  over  mercury coateel sheets   of copper in  which the free gold  is   caught,  you  travel up to the tipple where the rock  is dunipeel ready to be hammereel to  powder 'and you   examine   the- rock  ever so closely, yet gold you will not  see.   But it is  there.    We know it is  because it   is  gold   that .makes"' the  wheels go round, it is gold in the rock  and  passing   through the   mill   that  makes the existence of Camp Hedley  possible.    It is gold that has yielded  from the Nickel Plate Mountain two  and a half  millions in  bullion in; five  years, it is gold that keeps hundreds  of men in the hills  prospecting new  properties,   developing    new   mines-,  tearing  into the heart of the hills and  blasting out the rock-locked riches of  the mountain.  Halifax, October 14. ��������� Mr. R. L.  Borden delivered an important speech  at the Halifax Convention dealing  with Naval defence, and "announcing  that a National Conservative Convention would lie held in 1910.  He began   by saying  that to one returning from the Mother County, the  question     naturally    piesonts    itself.  How  shall   we   stand   in   the" future  within  this Empire?    "Shall we," he  continued, "as Mr. Gold win Smith declares and predicts,   become   part of  the great American Republic,  or shall  we   follow   the    aspirations   of    Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier,   who   believes   that  Canada will sever her connect inn with  the British Empire,  as a ripe apple  drops  from  the  tree ?     Or shall   we  follow  the ideal of Sir John A.  Mac-  donald,   who foresaw  and pi-edicted a  cordial and healthy alliance with the  Mother Country,   by   which  Canada  would become a powerful nation, owing allegiance  to  the  British  Sovereign and Flag,  and  maintaining  the  advantage   eif   ceuihectioii - with  the  greatest Empire in the wen Id ?  Surely  it is   the latter  ideal   which   to-day is  huing realized,  and with it may there  come to  our people an increasing appreciation of the  VALUE OF BRITISH CITINISN'SHIP  The House of Commons last session  laiel down a certain policy touching  Naval defence in which .both political  parties were united. - It may not. have'  satisfied the aspirations   eif all Conservatives,  but.it seems our bounden  ,'duty  to  place, if possible, above the,  limits  of partisan strife questions of  vital and far-reaching effect, anel to  reach; the   standard   which   has  for  many years governed  both   political  parties in Great Britain with respect  to foreign relations.   How the present  Administration will  work out the policy which  was outlined by the resolution to which I havo alludeclremaius  to be seen.    One governing principle  at least should control, namely,  that  out of our own materials, by our own  labor and by the instructed skill of  our own people, any  necessary provision for our Naval defence should  be made so far as  may be reasonably  possibly. ���������        : t.  OROVILLE-BREWSTER  EXTENSION  The Outfits on Hand���������Signs That Work  is to be Pushed Vigorously  ON THE GOLF LINKS  (Oroville Gazette)  It is no  longer to he, but is.    Work  on   the.   Oroville-Brewster   extension  from this end can be set down as an  actuality.  There is no longer room for  supposition ;*s to the time of doing, the  thing  is in   the state of  being  done.  The start  that is to lead to the turning of the soil was made Monday. The  shovel   brigade is  not earning its so  much  per  by the sweat of the  brow,  but the  weapons of offense are being-  concentrated,   and   the   engineers are  making the necessary preparations for  the  graders to follow. ' The  body of  surveyors that has been accumulating  here for some time got out in the open  in   charge  of Engineer Andrews  the  first of  the week.    Cross-sectioning is  in   progress,  and   the route  is   being  dotted with stakes containing the code  of  heiroglyphie-.s  that caii only be un-  derstooil   by   the   road   builders.     A  steam shovel and several cars loaded  with small gravel cars and diminutive  engines  that pull the midget cars, arrived Saturday anel every day adds to  the    paraphernalia.     A    commissary  building has been erected on the south  side of the railroad track, just east of  the depot, which will also be occupied  by the clerical force. This is the status  of the case up to date, with a keen expectancy prevailing, as to  the speedy  arrival of   the   muscular  contingent  that is to put the roael in shape for the  iron. The gang will be trailing in soon,  possibly  the advance  guarel   getting  here  before this issue is distributed;  while the outlook is so satisfactory at.  ���������this end,   material and tools are arriving at Brewster,  via the- river route  from Wenatchee,  and the juggling of  the pick and shovel will no doubt begin about the same time at both ends  of the line.      .  Mr.  I.  L.  Merrill   Has Several  Games  With Local Players Aud  Gives  Valuable   Pointers  AIRSHIP'S  PLACE IN   WAR  Maxim  Gives    It   Minor   But  theless  Important Role.  Never-  PRINCETON COAL GETS TRIAL  Everything New and First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the    Table.  HEDLEY'S BEAUTIFUL SITUjVTION  Camp Heelley is situated in a romantically beautiful pocket in the  hills. As if the mountain menaced the intrusion of men in a  jealous effort to guard their hidden'  treasures they line up in close formation where Twenty-Mile Creek pours  its troubled waters into the Similkameen.  As you ride down  the road   from  Princeton you are first apprised of the  existence of something unusual ahead  by a long band of yellow which climbs  in a straight line  to  the  top of the  mountain.   At first you think it may  be a slide, of which there are many in  these    mountain.     But   gradually  it  dawns  upon  you  that that streak is  too narrow, too straight, to have been  wrought by any force of nature. There  is a suggestion of economy, of purpose,  in   that straight   flung,   narrow   line  piercing the  forest and  gulches away  up   the steep side  of  the  mountain.  You suddenly realize  that it is   the  work of men and you marvel at their  daring.    That streak  seems to stand  on end  and to be a mile  high.    Later  you  may learn   that  it  is practically  both for it is the tramway down which  the ore of the Nickel  Plate travels to  the stamp  mill and from the mine to  the mill, a. surface distance of less than  two mill's,  it drops  nearly  ten thousand feet.  Continued on i'ase four.  The Hedley Gold Mining Co. Signify their  Intention of Giving- it a Good Test ���������  in the Boilers of Their Auxiliary  Steam   Plant  The main object of the visit last  week of Messrs Hickling and Waterman, of the Vermillion Forks Miming  Co. was to make arrangements for the  use of their coal at the H. G. -M. Co's.  plant at Hedley. We understand they  were well satisfied with the result of  their conference with Messrs Merrill  anel Beam and general superintendent  G. P. Jones.  As soon as the railway get the track  laid on the mine spur a car or two of  the coal will be shipped to Hedley and  given a fair test.  As both the Coal Co. and the Hedley Gold Mining Co. are anxious that  this coal should do the work, there  is good reason to assume that it will  do so, in which case the V. F. M. Co.  will have secured a gooel customer so  near home.  New York,  October 13,  ��������� Declaring   Napoleon's   dictum   as   to   God  fighting on the side with the. heaviest  artillery to  be entirely out of date,  Mr.  Hiram Maxim,  inventor  of  explosives and engines of war, predicted  in a public address to-night that God  hereafter would fight on the side with  the strongest  flying   machines,   and  most of them;  but the English had  little  to fear from the Germans   on  this   score,    he   said,   for  aeroplanes  crossing the Channel with explosives  coulel do little harm.     "Flying machines will never be able to work wide  destruction   by   dropping   explosives  from  the air, he said,   "War vessels  may have their superstructures slightly damaged or their decks bent by ex?  plosives dropped  upon them,  but in  order to elo   much damage dynamite  requires   confining.      The   aeroplane  will  be the strong arm of the signal  corps, each carrying two or three men  armed with raiders' outfits.   They will  be actualities in  the next great war,  and will he  widely effective in the destruction of bridges,   magazines and  storehouses."  Hedley  golfers added  materially to  both their interest in and knowledge of  the game from being favored   with a  few, games participated in by'Mr. I. L.  Merrill,   president of the Hedley Gold  .Mining.' Co.,   who   is   an   experienced  and enthusiastic golfer and   notwithstanding- his  protestations to the contrary, an  expert player.    Being a left  bander  he   was  paired  off   with    the-*  editor  who  up to   that time   was  the.,  lone left bander of the bunch, and the.  opponent's were Messrs MacHaffie and  Williams in a game of best ball "foursomes".    Only six   holes were  played. '  of which  the left-handers   won all except one hole which was  halved.    In  justice  to  Messrs   Williams and MacHaffie,  however,  it is only fair to.sn-y  that they did  not  play nearly  up to  their, average performance.     On   the  next occasion they elid better, the lefthanders,  on an eight-hole game, winning  by  only "one hole up" and  one  hole halved.  It-is  particularly gratifying  to  devotees of the game in  Hedley  to find  experienced players  from the outside  so   favorably    impressed     with     the  course here.    One  would expect  that  they would find it very slow aud crude  after coining off-courses on which over 7  $50,000 a year is spent for maintenance  alone,  to  say  nothing of  the  heavy  initial  cost,   but it appears   that even  to players  who havo  been used to the  best,   there   are   natiunl   advantages  about the course in Hedley that would  be difficult to 'imitate artificiallywith-  out enormous expenditures- of money.  All that, is required is to dress,up the  putting green?.  By way of commencement in this good work Mr.  Merrill  has kindly arranged with Mr..Williams  to put on a man for a couple  of days  to fix up two of the holes at his expense.   rWith this beginning the local  players should buckle in and by taking  these   two   as   a. model give all  the  others similar treatment, and   when  this is done we will  have golf links  that we need have  no  reason  to be  ashamed of.  THE   OCTOBER   ROD   AND   GUN  G. T. P. AND ORIENTAL LABOR  Note The  Difference  "The reason for the popularity of  the Mutual system of life insurance  over the stock system is plain.    Other  things being equal, applicants prefer a  company in which the insured get all  the profits and which they control to  one in which they get only part of the  profits and which is controlled by  stock-holders." So says Emory Me-  Clintock the most noted actuary  and life insurance expert in the United  States. Admitting therefore that a  mutual company is the best, and finding that the Mutual Life of Canada  had made* better showing on individual policies than other Mutual companies that operate in a less healthy  climate, and have not hael as en refill  management, why should anybody  place their insurance in any other?  Sir   Charles  Rivers   Wilson   Expreses  His Views  London,   October   13.���������Interviewed  to-day   by a. representative  of "Canada  Illustrated,"  Sir Charles   Rivers  Wilson, President of the Grand Trunk  Railway,  said  that,   in  regard to the  position at  the Prince  Rupert end of  the Grand Trunk Pacific,  everything  practically  hinged upon the supply of  labor.    Personally,   Sir Charles   said,  he had  never been   able to appreciate  the people of British Columbia in this  respect, as the early completion of the  road  meant much  to  that Province,  and  the   temporary   employment   of  three or four thousand Asiatics woulel  save three years.    Their introduction  would  not displace a single Canadian  workman,    as    when    their contracts  were ended  they  would be  taken to  the  Oriental  port   from   which  they  embarked.  On the eve of the big game hunting  season,  the October Number of Rod  aud Gun  in Canada,  published by.W.  J. Taylor, at Woodstock,  Ont., gives  foremost attention to big game hunting stories.   They will be found varied  enough in  both localities and experiences to interest all sportsmen,  and  many will doubtless recall incidents  in  their   own   careers   corresponding  with some related   in  such   pleasing-  fashion  in  these pages.   In  the same  way the article on "The Characteristics of a Fine Backwoods Guide," wilL  remind numerous readers of character  feature shown  by  their own guides,,  and revive many pleasant memories���������  a   rich   storehouse   of   which   is   the  property  of every sportsman.     Fish  culture in  jNew.fo midland will receive  attention  from every  brother of the  rod,    and   its   inclusion   shows   that  even  at such a   time the  interests of  the devotees of the fishing art are not  neglected.      Other   seasonable   piiges  are given,  making the   number one.  that should  be  the companion of every sportsman  either  at home  or on  his vacation,  giving him  many pleasant half hours in perusing what others  have eloue and enabling him to fight  some of his own battles o'er again.  Locals Continued  There is no expenditure a man can  make that will give him more comfort  and peace of mind than the. amount  necessary to build a chimney on his  dwelling or place of business. G. Mil-  burn, brick-layer and plasterer of  Keremeos, is making arrangements to  manufacture brick and build chimneys  for all who may require them. This  is an opportunity that house-holders,  should take advantage of.  A party of C. P. R. officials in bridging the interval  betwaen Midway and;  Penticton journeyed by private car to,  Keremeos  over the  V. V.  <fc E.   and:  drove  the shorter distance to Penticton having  the ear sent   back around..  They   gave out   in   Vancouver   that  their trip was merely  one  of  inspection.    All   the   track  inspection   they  would require   to do between Midway.  ! and  Keremeos  would not be- pa.r.t-icu-  j larly onerous. THE   HEDLEY GAZETTE, OCTOBER 21, 1909.  h  '���������''JT^?'*'*^/  Simill  PSllcd .'ill 'I'lnil-  I' 111 N -i-1 N ���������!  .  1.1 Mil  as-id  :ameen Advertiser.  '.lay*. Iiy the IIkih.hv (Ja'.'.i  ,-;ii I'cia.isuiMi I'o.mi-axv.  !���������:!..   .11    lii:ill|.-\.   li. ('.  Subscriptions in Advance  Kr Von  '.UK;  ���������>.M  "   ( I'niU-d States I ,.  Advertising Rates  Measurement. 1- lines to the inch.  Land Notice's���������Corl-ilie-ntus of improvement, etc.  ������7.H0 for liO-ili-y notices, and ������5.00 for3d-day  notice-;.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch. 81.00 for one insertion. ���������-'.'> cents for  each subsequent insertion. 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Tues. Wed. Tliu. Fri. Sat.  1       2  3       4  5  6       7       8       9  13     14     15     16  10     11  12  17     18  19  20     21     22     23  24     25  26  27     2S     29     30  31  . .   :-. ... -.'  w-jiich Bruce . Avas clinching.  Evidently the lads in the Sunset print shop  Avere  playing  a  ,.: 'prank on Bruce after the nian-  ' nor ol: tho  tram])   piintei-  who  -1 wanted to   use   a. eut oil   Lydia  ; Pinkhani to illustrn-te the Ahia-  jy.on Sarah Alt-hen- Hill   (no rela-  ition to .Jim).      Surely ironi the  fio-ures Bruce  has given ot distances,   time and gradients  (actual and approximate)  the people oil tho coast should .begin to  realize  the  position    in  Avhich  they stand as regards the trade  oil the rich  interior  of the province.     The solution of the dif-  tiiculty, too, is plain and is none  other than 'that so clearly pointed out by the Sunset.    In brief  i t is :   (1) Let ".the C. N. li.  n nd  GfcN-.R. unite in   immediate construction  of a- joint road  down  the Coquihalla to Hope Aria the  Kennedy tunnel, with the loop  around .by  the  Coldwater. to  serve during the  period neces-  ssary for boring the tunnel, the  province to assist the C.N. R. if  necessary,  by guaranteeing tile  interest on  their  bonds, (2)  If  the C.N.R. will not take advantage of this, then let  the province build this  portion of the  route, itself ; own it,  and boss  the situation  by being in a position  to   dictate   freight  rates.  That is a policy  that Avould be  beneficial  alike  to   both  coast  and interior.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The. following- are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Oct. 16:  'AT THK j'tLVE.  Maximum        Minimum  Oct   Id  11 .. ��������� ���������  12 ..        - ���������        .: ���������  .1-1- '.'.    , ���������-��������� ':'.���������'       .        ���������  Hi '.'. ���������        '.'. ���������  Average maximum temperature���������.--  Average minimum do ���������.���������  Mean temperature ���������.������������������  Rainfall for tint week,    .      inches.  Snowfall       "        " ���������  COKItKSl'O.VIH.VG   WEEK OK LAST YEAH  Highest niaxiinum temperature 65.  Average maximum  Lowest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  AT  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  No  better     example can be  found of the   way   in   which  forests modify   for the better  soil and climate conditions than  that afforded    by the   depart  ment of   the   Landes,   France.  Little   more   than   a   hundred  years ago its 2,500,000 acres consisted mainly of shifting  sands  and pestilential marshes.   "Now  the department is one of the  richest,   most   productive    and  healthful  in  the country,  and  the change   has    been    accomplished through the agency of  the pine forests  with which it  Avas planted.    These   are  now  of immense  extent and provide  material for the   many   industries connected Avith the  wood,  charcoal, resin  and  turpentine:  they yield.   The   climate, once  bleak is uoav described as mild  and balmy, and the  thin layer  of clay beloAV the sandy surface  once impervious to  water,  has  been so pierced"'arid loosened by  the roots of the trees that natural drainage is effected.  The forests are carefully  supervised and cropped according to strict rule. Trees destined to "short life" are "bled to  death" when thinning, out becomes necessary and pit props  find a ready sale in the English  market. The most vigorous of  the trees are allowed to groAV  until they are three feet or so  in circumference, and are then  lopped. When they attain 50  or 00 years of age they are cut  down arid used for telegraph  poles and railway ties. The  spread of lire is provided against  by limiting each forest to a  small area and protecting it by  Avide trenches, kept clear of inflammable material. Cultivated  in this Avay, the department of  the Landes is likely to maintain  its prosperous condition indefinitely.  do 48.28  do 20 ,'  elo -28.85;  do 38.56  THE MILL.  Maximum Minimum -  09     '"'., 39  62 ,       . 40  ���������    61-         .'. 40  .63 ..,..      :36-,  63 ... ' ,31  62 '... 3-1  56 -..':. .-..'41,.  Average'maximum temperature. 62.57  'Average'minimum do 37.28  Mean do 49.92  Rainfall for the week  .08  inches  Snowfall "        "    7.  CORKKSPONDING WEKK-OK LAST'YEAR,    ''  Highest maximum temperature 67  Average do ,   do 56.57  Lowest minimum do 30  Average do do 35.85  Mean ��������� do 46.21  Oct 10  11  12  13  14  15  16  73 Years in Busiiies:  A-Joint- '  Ax'.co unt  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000  "     "j    maybe  opened by tAvo  members of a family.  Either  may  deposit or  withdraw money on his  or her own  signature alone,   so that either may do  the banking, as is most convenient.  $1.00 opens a Savings Account. Interest compounded at highest current rates. Money may be  withdrawn at any time.  Hedley Branch,  L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  "'"���������'������������������'���������I*  ������������������if  Lovers of J. M. Barrie's books  will  regret the ill-turn '-'which  his   domestic    relations   have  taken.     It is. true" the I granting  by the  Court of the divorce for  which he sued Avill   have  the  effect -of- lessening the degree  of   censure   Avhich   the   public  Avould   otherwise   have   meted  out to the novelist.    Nevertheless the circumstance is regret-  able   for   many   reasons.     His  Avife, the actress Mary Ansell is  mentioned   frequently by Ellen  'Terry in her aiitobiography recently published and the general  impression  existed   that   their  domestic relations were exceptionally happy. For that reason  when the news first got into the  papers that a divorce had been  sought by Barrie, readers upon  whom some of the situations in  Sentimental Tommy and particularly in "Tommy and Grizel",  and    other    works   by   Barrie  .jarred    somewhat,    would    be  A'eiry apt to come to the"conclusion that a man'Avho was mentally constituted in such maimer  as to create such situations Avas  crazy  enough  to ��������� let   his   own  sentiments lead him- into rash  acts.     From  his  Avife  he   Avas  said to haA*e derived much a*alu-  able  assistance  in his  literary  Avork.    A  "dour" Scot is an  ill  body to manage Avhen he gets a  crotchet in his  bonnet, but this  last act in the domestic tragedy  performed  by  the  court   with  the actress  playing  the role of  leading  lady   rings   doAvn   the  curtain on the most tragic scene  of all.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty clays''  after date. I, IX G.-Hackney, of Hedley..  li. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey,' of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Hotel  Hedley, located in Heelley,  IX G. HACKNEY  Hedley,   Oct. loth, 1909 3S-4  ......  NOTICE  NOTICE-is hereby given''that, thirty days  .   after date, I, Frank DollemorCj of Hedley,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police. F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Hotel  rSiniilkuTiicen. located in Hedley,  FRANK DOLLEMORE  Hedley, Oct. loth, 1909. 38-4  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty, days  after date. I. Joan; M. Smith, of Beaver-  dell, B. O. intend to apply to the Superintendent1 of Provincial Police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for a renewal of a retail liquorlicen.se  for the Smith's Hotel, located' at Bcaverdcll,  B.C.  JOAN M. SMITH  Bcaverdcll, Oct. loth, ISO!). '38 4  K  x  K  K  X,  x  I  I  K  I  x  x  x  I  i  *  !  I  X  x  X  t  I  *.  k  X-  'K  *  x  5C  x  Some of the things we are handling 'at the J. A.  Schubert's General Store in Efedley andwliich we will  be pleasedto "have you try if you have not/ already done  sb. VVerecdnimerid these goods to be the yery Best on  the market and the prices are right.    We handle  PURITY FLOUR  R1DGWAY'S TEAS & COFFEES  CURLEW CREAriERY BUTUER  FRESH PRINCETON  DAIRY BUTTER  CHRISTIE'S BISCUITS  ricLAREN'S CHEESE  We. handle nothing but the best Canned Goods,     J5  Bacon, Hams, Evaporated Fruits; Etc. ��������� i 2  We have a full line of Hardware, Stoves^ Etc. jj  Our   Ladies'  and Gents' Fuishings   are new and     J  Uj)-to-Diite. -, 3*  ' Our Dressrhakihg   arid   Dry   Goods   Department, J  under the mariagemerit of Miss Forbes leaAres nothing j������  to be desired.                                                                         - ' S  CALL IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. ������  J, A. SGHUBEKT  MEDLEY, -'. - - B. C.  NOTICE  E is hereby given' that, thirty days  afterdate, 1, John Lind, of Hedley,' B. C.  intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, K. S. Hussey,'of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for the-Great  Northern Hotel,'located in Hedloy, B. ('.  '"' ��������� ��������� JOHN LIND.  Hedloy: ;0ct. 8th'WO!* ,'3!)-4  NOTICE  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  afterdate, I, R. G. Sidlcy, of Sielley. B. (J.,  intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, ,of Victoria, for' re-  ncwalof a retail liquor licence for- the M6un-  toin View Hotel, located at Sidley, w. C.  R. G. SIDLEY  Sidlcy, 0ct;'8th,   1309. 39-4.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, Hugh Cameron, of Camp  ���������Meld n ne y, B. C. intend to apply to thesuper-  intendentof provincial police. F. S- Hussey, of  Victoria, for a retail liquor licence or the Camp  McKinncy -Hotel, located at Camp McKinncy,.  11C.  ' HUGH CAMERON,  Camp-Mcl-Chincy,'Sept:i.st7190'j.       ��������� 31-4 ������������������  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date; I,' Thos. Bradshaw, 'at Fifteen  -Mile Creek 'intend to apply, to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey,'of Victoria,-for renewal- of a rctnil liquor'licence for  Bi-adshaw's Hotel, located at Fifteen Mile.   '  ; THOS. BRADSHAW  Fifteen Mile, Oct. loth, 1909 "40-4      '  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty elays  after date 1," A. IX Bro'omtield,- of West-  bridge, Li. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for renewal of .a retail liquor licence,  for the Westbridge Hotel, located at West  bridge,  A. D. BROOMFIELD  AVcstbridgc, Oct. loth, 1909 38-4  NOTICE  MOTICIC is hereby given that, thirty days  x^ after (late, I John Cosgrovo; of Hedley,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, I<. S. Hussey, of AMctoria,- for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Park  hotel, located on tho Siuiilkainccn river four  miles west of Hedley,  JOHN COSGROVE  Hedley. Oct. 8th. 11(09 39-1  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I,' H. S. 1'ittendrigh, of Rock  Creek, U. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Astoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Rock Creek Hotel, located at Rock Creek.'  NOTICE  /'  VIOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  *' after date, I, J. S, Mclean, of Bridoville,  P. O., B.'Cv intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Iona Hotel, located at forks of 'Rock Crock.  ' JOHN S. McLEAN.  B rideville, P. O.. Oct. Slh 1909.       39 4  Rock Creek,  II. S. PITTENDRIGH.  Oct. 8th 1909. 39-4  OTICE  MOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  1 ^ after date, we, A\ . Arnott and AV. B. Aieio  of Okanagan Falls, B. C, intend to apply to tho  superintendent of provincial police, F. S.  Hussey, of Victoria, for a renewal of a rot-ail  liquor licence for the Alexandra Hotel, located  at Okanngan Falls, B. C.  - ARNOTT &HINE  Okanagan Falls, Oct. 8th, 1909. 39-4  NOTICE  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEIC.V  JJis'niit;-  Bruce's latest contribution on  the Coast-Sirnilkaineen connection is the best of all he has  yet given us, for it i.s seasoned  throughout Avith hard insuperable facts, the only weak point  about it being the skeleton map  of unmistakable K e r e m e o s  home-brew Avhich Avas at the  top of the page and which failed  utterly to illustrate   the  points  August nth, uon.  LAND DISTRICT.  - ok Yai.k.  TTAICE NOTICE that I.  B.  E.   Oiehton   of  ���������"���������     Okanagan Mission,    occupation   Farmer,  I intend to apply for permission  to purchase the  following described lands:���������  I Commencing at a post planted at the North-  I West corner of the south-east quai-tor of section 15, Township is. running thence cast 40  I chains, thence south 40 chains, thence west 40  j chains, thence north 10 chains to point of com-  l nicncenient and containing 100 acres. This  j post is lift south of a survey post nin.rkod |  1 running cast and west and more particularly  j known as tho north-east corner of the south-  ��������� west I of Section lit, Township ys.  1 BERTRAM  KD WIN CRIC'HTON  -10  VTOTICK is hereby given that, thirty days  -1' afterdate, we, Geo. A. Goldsbrough and  Amy A. Worgan, of Allison, B. C. intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police,  F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Allison Hotel located  at Allison,  GOLDSBROUGH & AVORGAN  Allison, Oct Sth, I'M) 39-4  NOTICE  ���������VfOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������^   after date, 1, James Wallace, of Prince-  intend  ton. B.   C,  to  to   the   super-  apply  intendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria for a retail liquorlicencc for the Princeton Hotel, located at Princeton,  JAMES AVALLACE  Princeton, Oct. 8th, 1909 29-4  Liberal Policy Conditions���������;  tjrenerous'Csish and   Paid-up  ' Values.  Aiitomatic-illy Extended In-  sui-atice.  (3). Progressive   and Efficient  Management���������  Low Expenses and Growing.  Business.  Well and Pro.fita.bly  Invested Funds.  Favorable   Mortality Experience.  Expanding Profits to Policyholders.  A    POLICY   IN THI5   COH-  PANY PAYS  You are invited to join its  ever-expanding household, to  become a partner in its evergrowing business, anel tei share  equitably in all its benefits.  Full Information from Head  Office, Waterloo, Out, or from :  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  A. flEQRAW, Local Agent.  NOTICE  'M'OTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������������������������' after date. I Hugh Campbell, of Ashnola  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police. F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Ash*;  nola Hotel, located in Ashnela,  HUGH CAMPBELL.  Ashnola, Oct. 8th, 1909 39-4  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby giv<  111   after date, I,  John  en that, thirty days  Sackson, of Hedley,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey.- of Victoria, for  a renewal of a retail liquor licence for the New  Zealand Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  JOHN JACKSON  Hedley.  Oct, 8 1909 39-4  Houses to Let.  4 Roomed House, Furnished, with good garden  ���������$15.00 per. month.  4 Roomed Cottage���������310.00 per month.  3 Roomed Cottage���������S8.00 per month.  APPLY TO  F. H. FRENCH.  NOTICE  ���������M'OTICE is hereby given that the Colonial  ���������L,��������� Gold Mining Company alone, is responsible for all debts contracted by it in its present development work of tho Apex Group of  Mineral Claims.  AV/D.-McMHjIjAN.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, Harry Jones, of Frirview.  B. C. intend to apply tothe superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Arietoria for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Golden  Gate Hotel, located in Fairview, B. C.  HARRY JONES.  Fairview, Oct. 8th, 1909. 39-4  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that,  thirty  afterdate, I, Anton  Winkler  ....���������.,   days  of Hedley,  NOTICE  Take notice that thirty days afterdate, I, W. T, Atherton. will apply  to the Superintendent of Provincial  Police, F. S. Hussey, for permission  to transfer the licence of the Hotel  Similkameen, Hedley, to Frank Do'.f  lemoi-e.  36-5 W. T. Atiirkton    ,  d  NOTICE  B, C. intend to apply tothe superintendent of  provincial police. F. S. Hussey, of 'Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Grand  Union Hotel, located in Hedley, B. C.  ANTON WINKLER  Hedley, Oct. Sth, 1909 H9-4  JMOTJCFj is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������^ after date, I, Evan Morris, of Fairviow,  11. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of!  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Miners  Home Hotel, located in Fairview, B. C.  EVAN MORRIS.  Fairview, Oct, Sth, 1009. 39-1 . THE HEDLEY GAZETTE,.OCTOBER. 21/ 1909.  R  fl. J. KINO f GO.  rtEDLEYS N&W BUTCHERS  i  The undersigned have  opened a Shop in the  commodious building  formerly occupied by  H. H. Messenger and  have on hand a supply  of all kinds of Meat and  Vetegables.  fl. J.  A. F. & A. M.  REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 43, A. F. & A. M.,  are held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  brethren arc cordially invited to attend.  aj  Towii &hd Distri������ft.  Thrnksgiving Day on Monday next. 1  P. Swanson, of Princeton, was -a j  visitor to Hedley last week. j  W. P. Kearns was in town this j  week canvassing subscribers for the j  Vernon'News. !  Ben Norris rettu-neel to Grand Forks'!  last weeks from a five* months' visit to  his parents in England.  PRO VIN CI AL EUECTIO NS ACT  Take  Notice  that  I have  received  objections  in writing  to the   uiidez-nientioiied  for the Similkameen Electoral District  names being retained on the list of voters  person i  Name of poison  Atlierton, Win. H :  Bailey, Frank   B.-u-tle, Thomas..........  Bunk', James ....:..  Bird, Wm. Morley   Brown, Arthur H. M....'.  Bo\verm;in, George' Youn  Last Known address  . ..:....Ashnola.   ...   Hedlev   ........HedleV......  Occupation  .-.. .Farmer  .......Miner  ..... . .Miner  Name of person  Last known address  Mrs. Wm.  Sampson returned home   Bruce, James Selkirk  ARTHURCLARE  W.M  H.D.  BARNES,?  Secretary  x ���������'      "    ��������� ������  x  I  X  x  $  X  X  H  x  X  X  $  ���������^W?^&j&fc'*  *> *,6������,---"pi-*" *���������   llj*  -       iV??  -   Li.'     *u. - . ��������� Km  Em *'4W *.-8ak- J$ .,4K'  III' '-^yj-'SJ '"���������-������������������   . r'\- - ;"  I  x  I  X  X  Great Northern  Hotel  ix  A new house containing more,bed &!  room accommodation than any 'Jj  other hotel in town. TnbJUi and. ~^,JT  bar  first - class.'! Rates 'moderate. -isS  JOHN LIND,  Proprietor  ���������:<r.Vi  *-e***itr������te>t>t^������^������;i������*m������^������ue*it������itt  last week, after a month's visit at her  home in Salt Lake city.  "' There are* no.\v; two  regular stages  leaving here for Princeton, Inn is Bros,  having put on a stage this week.  Discount-of 25 per cent! on all lines  of stationery in stock. Other bargains  equally as good. 'Call arid see us.���������  Hedley Drug SI oie.      r  Miss Forbes was called to Medicine.  Hat on a. telegram that herniece was  dangerously ill, and she.left by special;  rig on Sunday for Penticton.  7;;The V. V. r & E. telegraph line is  well on the way to Princeton. They  are waiting the arrival of some long  poles to complete,the telephone connections.  Chas. Lidmaii, one of the amalgama-  ..���������-,-;'��������� ��������� J: '  ���������;���������-.?.    - .-....:   .;'   ���������     't-   '  tors at the mill, lert this week tor his  home in Dakota. Mark Hetrick gets  a promotion in consequence, and has  taken the post left vacant.  Mr. Chamberlain, eif the Bank of  B. N. A, staff, returned on Thuisd.iy  last fiom a holiday at the coast, and  Mr. Chester who was relieving, left  ne\t morning for Vancouver.  Mi. 11. Wheeler has entered on the  duties eif superintendent, relinquished  by Mi. Hoi brook, and will doubtless  give his peisonal supervision to the  inipioveinents in the milling plant  which are contemplated in the near  future.   .'-.  Constable Sproule was summoned to  Vernon early this week where the  .assizes are .being7held,7 The casesjri  which'he is required as witness are  those1'"of ijiihn- and iitarsli "who were  sent down from Heelley shortly after  .Labor Day.,on the,charge " " "������  drunken man.  Cawston, -Richard Lowe.  Christie, Alexander.......  Corkisli, Benjamin.......  Davison, Alfred A........  DeBarro, Charles....  .Dickson. James Frew ...  Dillier, Otto.............  Evans,,Horace F.....'.   ..  Ellison, Charles..'....   .'..  Fair weather, Harry E.   .  Fowler, .George..........  Eraser, Findlay..   Gignac, Edward...'.....  Gilbert, Geo. Miles,. .'..-���������..  Gillani John.   7.'/'.........  Gordon, George Ross....  Go relo n,- .-Mars hal 1 - Ly n n. '.-  Gbriiiaii,- Thomas John..  Grant, Eel ward.. ...'.".  Gi vin, Orlando Freeman.  Guesti Byron Sidney...-..  Guiney, William John...  Guiney,..Thomas..........  Haiisine, Carl.;.......'...--,  Hassard;.William A......  Henderson, William J....  Herring Robert...'........  Hi neks, -Harold A..-'.      Hopkins, William   Hunter, James.   Irvin J.. Jeffrey:.........  Jamison, Ernest L......  Jelly, David F.   .Teiiies,. William O.........  Kayes, J. Harry.   Kilay, Michae-1........'.....  King,.Charles.   LaiiibV:Francis M....   .'...  Leir, Hiigh...............  Lcihg, -Samuel R '���������������������������-'���������  Leive, John.. .........  Lyon, Lucius M.......   ... .Athcrton's'Corner  . ...He*dlov   ....Hedlev...  ,'... Heel ley   ...Hedley....  ... .Keremeos.  ....Hedley....  ....Hedley...,  ....Hedley..'.  ... Tulameen .  ....Hedley....  ..:.Hedley .....  ...Hediev....  , ,;..Hedley..".',..-  . ...Keremeos.  '-. .Hedley....  ...Hedley   :...Hedley   /...Hedley,- .;  .;.Hedley :.'.  ...Hedley....  .. Princeton.  ...Cold Creek  ...Hedley...  .'.-. .Princeton.  .. ..Fairview..  .. .Keremeos.  ...Hedley...  .. ..Fairview..  ...Hedlev. .:  ...Ot ten-Flat  ..-. Hedley....  ....Hedley....  ..-'. Fairview..  .... Fairview.."  . -Hedley;...  .. .Hediey....  Keiemeos  M.-ittice, Kbra.li Alvin...  Morley, 'J'hoinas..'.......  Morrison, William H...  McArthur, Frank B.....  McKay,   Daniel   McKay, Donald   MeCauley, "Daniel   McDermotb Anibrose...  jMcDermot.ty" John J.."....  McGillivray, Daniel'   Mclnnis, AVilliainF.....  McKay Steve.   McKinnou,.Angus..-..-..  McKinnon,, Daniel H...  McLeod, John Donald..  McRae, Hiia;h   Mcliae, Duriciin........  McRae, Duncan  .       ....  Neil, John.;,-,:,.'.   Norris, Benjamin;......  Nuiineley, Arthur. ���������   O'Connor, Charles......  :���������.'.-.-.���������. vBreweV 0i?boin������. A.Ifiecl........,  .Book-keeper 'P-Uirier, Wiilia.rn D.   ...  ;: .BankCIerk; Pahner, Alfred I........  ... .vRancher'' -P{ll'kin.son, Richard H..,  '.....Miner  Price, Barrington ...  ........ Miner  Peterson, John..........  ....... 'Miner  Pickard, Thomas D.....   .Miner  Rayburn, Sylvester.....  ...Liveryman-, Russell, Richard........  ���������'.'!'.:.. j i\pierk: ;K������i'e������ John Vander. ...'.'���������,  ;..... /.Miner"Royer, Joruis F.....  Hotel-keeper  Ryan. William.... 7....  .Hotel-keeper Seymour, Charles.......  . .Bank Clerk  Shatford, Lyt.ton AV......  ..... .Farmei -..Smith, William.'...   .".>.& .. .Miner i;Smith, Walter H...'.....  . .'Bank 'clerk v'Seiwter, Arthur B.......  Steward, G.JA.G..7,....'-.  Swan, Henry Robert ..'.  .Labourer   Clerk  . .Metallurgist   Miner  ... .Carpenter  .... .Rancher  .... .La.bouri'r  ..:'  Miner  ,.. .Merchant  .Hotel-keeper  ... Prosiiector  v..... .Brewer  '.:���������:. Geologist  .:'......:-.-Miner  ..."'..'."'.'. /.Baker  .'".".'.".'".'. .Miner''  .. .Carpenter  ..-. .Labourer  :;;. .;;/r:.Minef  Oecupatioi   I.^arniei  .......Miner'   .Miner  Hotel-keeper   .-.. Miner  ..���������..;...'.; .Minei  7 Teamstei  ... .Hotel-keepei  .......... .Miner    .Aiinei1.  ... ���������Liveryman   Carpenter    .JMiner   Miner    .Millman  ...:.  Prospector    .Miner;   Prospector;  ........ .Farmer-'  ......... .Labourer'  .........Sawyer:  .'. Miner  ...... .Merchant'..;  .........Fanner::  ...... .Engineer '  : .Civil Engineer;-  ......; .Rancher1;  .', .'.Hotel-keeper^  ,;........ Assayer^l   Farmer  . .Miiie Managerv:  ...Hot<;l-keeper|:|  :... .LiverymJiny  ...........Miner!  ......NickelPlate Mine..... .Miner-  ...;. .Fairview......:.....Merchant;  . ...Keremeos '.'......... .LabourerC  ...Hedley.............: Carpenter^  ./.Mvncaster... .Customs Officer;  ... .Keremeos   .....Hedley   .. .'.Fail-view '.'.-.  ....Hedley..   ... .Granite Creek...  .....Olalla..   ... .Hedlew,....''.  ....Hedlev.....   ....  .....Hedley...'..:..,.  ....Hedley   ....Hedlev....   ....Hedlev   ....Hedley    Hedley   ....HedleV...,v   ... .Princeton.'......'  .'. .J.Olalla......   ... Princeton........  .-. ...Hedlev ...-.-   ....Hedley..........  ....Sidley..;........  .. .Fairview.......  .-.. .Keremeos '...'....  ... .Keremeos .......  .". ..Fairview...  7. .Fairview...  ... Keremeos .  . ..Hedley   ..:,.'. Hedley.:..'  ... .Myers Flat  ,.: Fail-view . .  .'������������������.���������.'Hedley.-..'.'.  ;... Keremeos..  .. .Hedley.....  .Barber  . Rancher  ��������� J.^V.4 ^-AJ.V^\'^.. . XIT11J1.14KL - _��������� ���������   -,   .--  j.Nicke^l:Plate Mine, JvRimcher.l^^ey. Harvey....  .. ...Bridesville.  ....Fairview...  ..'. .Sielley......  ...;Eairyiew3'..  . .|.v.Kei:emeps;..  .: ^Hedley..;..';.  ... .Hedley.....  ....Olalla. ....."  ..Rancher  Venne*r, Rupert B ....  ... Farmer Watkins, Jtihn W   .... Miller ^Watson, Ai-thur A....  .Surveyor^':'Watt, Ja-m.es.-. .7 ..  . :Rancherv'!White. Reginald B   ���������-���������'. '..r[.^ Clerk ^Wilson, Frederick C..  Druggist'"'Woods, John iEdward,  ..:. 15.Mile Creek...  ...Hedley;.........  ...Hedlev.....;....  ���������.'.- i Okanagan Falls.  ... .Hedley..........  ..Olalla..   .'. .Fairview....  ... Fairview....  . .Keremeos..'.  ..Hedley...  .Miner} Yates, Harry Willoughby..Hedley.  Prospector}  Carpenter'  .Carpenter;;  .... .Miner;  ..... :V;Minerj;|  .Mine Manager;!  ....... ���������-... Miner j  ....-.;.. Physician JI  ,'..-.... Teacher;[  ..... .Teamster;!  .-..������������������ .Prospector^  eif rolling a  To Buy Chekpj ^ay' Gasii:  Family Groceries  Fresh and Seas  ��������� at the  Cheap Gash Store  MRS. O. B. LYONS.  A. K. Anderson returneel last week  f 1*6111 -Spokane  where   he   has   been  "   VI-'     i  '..'''. .     '  .-��������� **     "   .      "  since early in the summer. On, his  return Mr. Ahelerson's Hedley frienils  Avere ceiijgratulating him on his luck  in the land-drawing at Coeur el' Alene  where he succeeeled in landing a prize  (that'was valued at /somewhere about  $5000. ;,/���������;  Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Merrill, went  but:' on;,Erieiay; liiorhingj last .after a  three 'days'Ist-iy-ih.^Heelley, during  Ay.hich,( tinie_Mr. Merrill wits inaking  an examination "of the mill and be-;  c-6rflin,g-l.faniniar.;W  Iii ali'probability any changes in mill  equipment will be made on his recom-  menehition. ,      ���������  And take iiofice':"thd% at the- GJourt of Kevision to be held on the 1st day of November, 1909,;l  at the Government Office, Fairview, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, I shall hear and determine the^l  same, and unless, theyor. some other Provincial voter., on.their behalf, satisfy methat the objection;!  is hot well founded, I shall stH ,���������'���������':"..'  Dated this 4th day of Oetober/ AT IX' 1909. ;^  o JAMES E. BROWN,  Registrar of Voters, Sirnilkameen Electorial District j  stoves Re-Lined  ��������� AND    --  Genera! Tinsmitftino  The undersigned will  be in the Building  south of Frasers Hall  ��������� on���������   ��������� ._;���������.  OCTOBER 11 th  to attend to all work  in his line  H. E. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos St.at.ion.  PflLftGE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables   HEDLEY, B. C.    ^T A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   IF Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  STAGE LINE  Stage    aily.  leaving Hedley 8 a. m.  and arriving at Keremeos at 11 a. m.  connecting  with Penticton   stage  anel Great Northern Railway.  Office of Dominion Express Company.  WOOD   FOR   SAL     !  Phone 11.      INN IS BROS,  Proprietors  Miss MacKeigan, representing the  B. 0.--, Saturday Sunset, was in town  this -week* arid, we understand,^secured  a goodly number of subscribers for  that paper, The, Sunset's policy to-  w.ards 'the' Similkameen entitles it to  cohsieleiation in this valley, and Vancouver ~people if they were fully alive  to their town interests. woulcLsee that  the coast cities, of British Columbia,  "vypulcl. benefit even more than-the Similkameen, by closer railway connection.  Mrs.'Rotherhain leaves for Penticton  on Frielay with Freddy Shatford who  was in her care for the past four  months, while his parents were in  Rochester, Fredely was holding down  the Similkameen all summer to the  confusion of those who were trying to  put his.. daddy off, the. voters' list.  Mrs.. Rotherham will: visit a few days  with Mrs, Shatford before returning  to Hedley.  Mr; T. Walter Beam,' of the Hedley  Gold Mining Co., went out on Monday  niorinhg, bound for his home in  Denver. Apart from Mr. Rodgers,  Mr. Beam was the first member of the  new company to appear on the scene  and make a cursory exaniinivtion of  the Nickel Plate. He was a sort of  Joshua and Caleb combineel, coming  singly on an important mission to spy  out the land, and he was too much of  the mining innn to fail to note the  significance of what he saw.. In spite  of pessimistic "warning off" notes  soundeel in his hearing he. preferred to  take his own judgment backed by  that of others who should know, and  he had his associates take the bond  and proceeel with the examination.  For over three months Mr. Beam has  remained on the ground and it is a,  very safe guess to say that to-day he  is a particularly well pleased man.  During his stay he made warm friends  in Hedley who will always be pleaseel  to see him back.  Mrs. I. L. Merrill has been haying a  few rounds of the  Hedley golf links.  Having the advantage  of  au  experienced coach in Mr.  Merril},  she.is.,  able to put up a tidy gjune.   She has  also hael  the benefit of experience  on  a great many different courses, having,  played oh grounds as widely separated as those on the   cpast of Maine and  at   Los   Angelos,    California,   varied  with an  occasional chase/after "the  wee ua     over the alkaline ridges at.  El Pjiso, Texas.  Mr. L. W. Shatford, M. P. P., is expected back in the riding this week..  He was in Montreal on the tenth and  expected to spend a day or so in  Rochester on the way back to see the  specialist whose patient, he hael been  duriuar a few strenuous months, that  he might be given a final leipk over to  see that he was in ship-shape anel  ready for another tussle, for. "they do  be saying' that there is to be another  election soon. His friends will doubtless crack a few jokes with him on the  subject of the attempt to put him off  the voters' list of the. electoral district  that he represents.  Messrs E. Waterman and A. Hick-  ling, of the Vermillion Forks Mining  Co., Princeton, were in town on Friday last. When here Mr. Waterman  informed the Gazette that the V.F.M.  Co. expected in two months time to be  delivering coal in Hedley by the ear-  load, and while they hael not yet learned from the G. N. R. what the freight  rate woulel be to lay it down in Heelley  he didn't expect that the rate would  be too high to prevent them selling  lump coal delivered in Hedley at $5.00  per ton. That sounds a great deal  better than the olel figure of $13 per  ton which it cost to deliver it in  Hedley.  Mr. E. A. Holbrook, who for the  past three years]was superintendent of  the Daly Reeluction Company's mill  anel flume, terminated his engagement  at the end of last week and on Monday morning left for his home at  Fitchburg, Mass. On Saturday evening the members of Hedley Lodge  A. F. & A. M. assembled at the lodge  room and gave him a little farewell  supper at which he was presented with  a handsome tobacco pouch and pipe-  case charged with a battery of pipes.  Mr. Holbrook was a valued member of  Hedley lodge during his residence in  Hedley and he also took a lively interest in representing the town in athletic sports. His friends in Hedley wish  him all success wherever he may be.  WE ARE  ���������  ���������  t  ���������  iviri  Our Profits On  from the 15th to the End of October  -c-  i&ooi_irit:2Q%  On Every Pair of Shoes in the Store  Men's, Women's and  Children's  Shatfords Ltd.  ���������������*������>-3MX>->t  ���������  ���������  .���������  ���������  J  ���������  t  ���������  General Merchants  H  edley,  B.C.  t  *t>^<>4> ���������������<>-���������������"������������'"������ ��������� ������ ������ ��������� <������������������������������������������<������ ������������������<���������������  x    WHEN YOU HANKER FOR     $  or  Cored Meats,     Fish or Poultry  CALL UP "PHONE, No. S  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  DL Jo EDMOMD),  feteftKBiP THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   OCTOBER 21, 1909.  OLD OCTOBER.  ��������� Old October's purt' nigh gone,  And tin? frosts is coining on  Little heavier'every day������������������  Like our hearts is thataway !  Leaves is changing overhead  l'ac-.k from green" to grey, and red,  Brown, aiidyeller. with their stems  Loosenin' oil the oaks and elms,  And the balance of the trees  Gettin' lialdereveiy breeze --  Like the heads we're scratchin' on!  Old October's purt' nigh gone.  I love old October so,  I can't bear to see her go,���������  Seems to me like* losin' some  Old-home relative or climn���������  'Pears like sorto' set-tin' by  .Some <.ild friend 'at sigh by sigh  Was a-passin' from'our sight  T'nto everlastin' night.  Hickernuts a feller hears  Rattlin' is more like tears  Drappin' on the leaves below���������  1 love old October so !  Can't tell what it is about  Olil October knocks me out!���������  I sleep well enough at night���������  And 'the blaiuedest appetite  Ever mortal nia-n possessed,���������  Last thing et hit tastes the best!���������  Warnuts,  butternuts, pawpaws,  lies and limbers up my jaws  Fer raal service, sich as new  Pork, spareribs, aod sausage too.  Yet, fer all, they's soinephi'    'bout  Old October knocks me out.  ���������James Whitcoinb Riley  Jp&&$$g&>  KEEP YOUR EYE ON  CAMP HEDLEY  WATCH IT GROW  3^|&88BS������  It is designed to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp  in Canada.  Money invested in Hedley Town Property Now  bring you Big Returns in a few Months.  "���������MST-fl 111  ���������VV'lJLi  m  RICHES OF CAMP HEDLEY  Continued from Pace One  As the sun . dips beyond the western  hills behind  you and   the. deep purple  shadows of  the  mountains, .envelope  you,   the lights  of the  mill  aud the  tramway flash out in long glittering  lines or in pin  pricks of yellow iridis-  cence  away   up   the   mountain   side.  Upon    your   ear   grows   the   sudden  rumble   of   a man-made   Niagara   of  sound.    You  feel  that presently you  ���������will  be  in . tho midst  of a scene   of  bustle,  lights and the works of men.  Hardly have you sensed that motion  when  you round  a   little   bluff   and  there below you flashes out the myriad  lights  of a, mountain mining   town.  In a few minutes you have dropped  clown from  the bench and crossed the  flat into Hedley Camp.  FOUR YEARS   OF CHANGE  There is a good deal of change in  Hedley since my last visit over four  years ago. Then it was a town in the  making. Buildings were going up  around stumps and boulders. Straining teams of horses and sweating men.  tcriled beneath the July sun, levelling  out streets so new the stranger could  not see where or whence they came  or went. The brash music of the dance  hall, the glare, of saloon lights, the  rush and whirl of a brand new mining  camp, was in the air. The feverish  hurry of men chasing the fugitive  dollar in a town whose future was an  unknown quantity and which might  cease to exist in the twinkling of a  town's eye, was the atmosphere I  found in Hedley a little over four  years ago.  But it is very different today. Not  many new buildings have been erected. But those which were being built  four years ago are settled down to the  humdrum use of every day life. The  town has found itself. There is an air  of establishment here to-day. The  stores carry big stocks of the sort of  goods that home-making folks who  expect to spend their days in one  place, would buy. The furniture stores  particularly indicate that fact. Homes  which fom years ago proclaimed their  brash newness���������and future doubts���������  have metamorphosed into neat villas  with hedges and lawns and a homely  cheerful accommodation to their surroundings as much as to say: "Our  occupants live here because they like  Hedley; they believe in its future and  they intend to stay."  The .Similkaineen Hotel, then a  whooperup, hail-fellow meeting place,  where the bar resounded with laughter  and ribald jokes of a floating, passing  throng, here to-day, gone to-morrow,  has now settled down to a staid commercial hotel where the traveller may  enjoy the quiet and comfort  inetiopo]ita.n hostelry.  On the streets men  who seem to belong to Hedley and to  whom Hedley belongs, and the air of  them seems to say the combination is  satisfactory.  (Continued N'ext Week.)  Buy Now; [DpP't Put It Off as the Price is Qoing-up  For Full Information Write or Call on  W-fti  F. H. FRENCH  Secretary and flanager,  HEDLEY, BC  "What is one man's drink is another  man's poison" is an old truism  that  has been exemplified lately in Hedley  in an altogether  different connection  than that of eating or drinking. Some  of Hedley's  trap-shooters learning of  the success  which shooters had at the  coost with  anew kind of powder for  shot shells, known as "SchultzeCube",  tried some of it here and  put their  gun-barrels out of business as a result, the powder proving too strong,  or at all  events producing a shock to  the weapon that was  more than  it  could stand.    The   difference in  the  atmospheric pressure between the full  theoretical  15 lbs per square inch at  the coast and the rarified atmosphere  of   the   Similkameen  may   in   itself  account for the trouble,  but possibly  if the full truth  were known there is  another cause that might explain it  more correctly and that is  what was  known to old riflemen as the difference  between dry and moist fouling. Years  ago  when   the  old Martini  (Tommy's  "cross-eyed old bitch" immortalized by  Kipling) with its black powder used to  behave so differently on different days  according to the varying quantities of  water vapor in the air, it was apparent  that a different compound was formed  chemically as the product of the explosion.    To off-set the difficulty riflemen   resorted to  the use of   the old  Burns  barrel cooler which  made the  men  on the firing line at O. R. A. and  D. R. A. meets in Toronto and Ottawa  resemble a row of babies with nursing  bottles.    When the Schultze cube was  being used in  Hedley it was in the  middle of an  exceedingly warm dry  spe������ll and the introduction  of a little,  timely moisture  would in, all probability have saved the gun-barrels.  of  go  to and fro  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,   Real Estate,  Mines,  Crown    Grants   Applied   For  Under   Land  Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Buy Insurance Co.  Columbia Fire Insurance, Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  United Wireless Telegraph Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  No. 3!)8  CERTIFICATE   OF  THE REGISTRATION  OF AX EXTRA-PROVINCIAL  COMPANY  "Companies Act, IS!)"."  T HEREBY CERTIFY that tho ."Hedley Gold  ���������*��������� Mining Company" an extra-provincial  company has this clay been registered as Company under tho "Companies Act, lS()7,"-to carry-  out or etrect all or any of the objects of the  Company to which the legislative authority  of the Legislature of British Columbia  extends.  Tho head office of tho Company is situate at  the City of Wilmington, County of New Castle  in the State of Delaware.  Tho amount of the capital of the Company is  one million five hundred" thousand dollars,  divided into one hundred and fifty thousand,  shares of ten dollars each.  Tho head office of the Company in this Province is situate at Hedley, and G. P. Jones,  Mine Superintendent, whoso address is Hedley,  B.C., is the attorney for the Company, not empowered to issue and transfer stock.  The time of the existence of the Company is  perpetual.  The Company i.s limited.  Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  seventh day of October, one thousand nine  hundred and nine.  [l. s.] S. Y. WOOTTON  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The objects for which tho Company has  been established and registered are: '  To engage in the business of mining, milling,  converting, smelting and reducing gold, silver  and copper ores and other minerals, and the  production, refining and selling of gold, silver,  copper and other metals.  To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, own  hold, operate, sell or otherwise dispose of  mines, mining claims and properties, mills  and plants for concentrating, reducing, smelting and refining- ores and metals, also all  necessary works, plants and stations for supplying such mines and mills with water, light  and power.  To purchase, hold, sell, transfer, mortgage  pledge or otherwise dispose of the shares of  capital stock of, or any bond securities or evidence of indebtedness created by any other  corporation or corporations of this ..state  or any other state, country, nation or  government, and while owner of said  stock, bonds or securities to exercise all  the rights, powers and privileges of ownership including tho right to vote thereon.  To enter into, make, perform and carry out  contracts of every kind, for any lawful purpose,  with any person, linn, association or corporation.  To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount  execute and issue promissory notes, bills of  exchange, warrants and other negotiable or  transferable instruments.  To issue bonds, debentures or obligations of  this corporation from time to time, for any of  tho objects or purposes, of the corporation, and  to secure the same by mortgage, pledge, deed  of trust or otherwise.  To purchase, hold and re-issue the shares of  its capital stock.  To havoonoor more offices, to carry on all or  any of its operations and business and to purchase, or otherwise acquire, hold, own, mortgage, sell, convoy or otherwise dispose of real  and personal property of every class and description in any of tho states, districts, territories or colonies of the United States, and in  the Province of British Columbia,Canada, subject to the laws of such state, district, territory,  colony or country.  The foregoing clauses shall be construed both  as objects and powers; and it is hereby expressly provided that the forgoing enumeration of  specific powers shall not bo held to limit or restrict in any manner the powers of this corporation.  In general, to carry on any other business in  connection with the foregoing, whether manufacturing or otherwise, and to have and to exercise all the powers conferred by the laws of  Delaware upon corporations formed under the  act herein after referred to.  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, nanager.  First Class in Every Respect.     Commercial and Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton  Stage  Line.  KEREilEOS,  B. C.  Seven of Harry Lauder's  Latest and Best Songs  Next to staying right here  in Canada, Harry Lauder did  the best possible thing. He  sang his most popular songs  for the Victor Gram-o-phone  ���������and now every home, with  one of these matchless instruments, may enjoy his drolleries  whenever they like  These are the seven new  Lauder Records.  to inch���������75c. Each  X 52310���������The Softest Of The Family  X 52311���������Mister John Mackay  X 52312���������Wearing Kilts  X 52313���������She Is My Daisy  X 52314���������Rising Early In The Morning  X 52315���������A Trip To Inverary  X 52316���������Wedding Of Lanchie McGraw  Send for the special list of x$  Lauder Records.  Write for catalogue of over 5,000  new Records. Sent free on request.  :.:*;������������������./.  ADVERTJSK    IN   THE  FOR  GommerGlal- Prlntl  TRY TfiE  < gazk��������� Gazette Job Dept.  THE BERLINER GRAM-0-PMONE CO.  ol Canada Limited, - - - Montreal.  69   mm  We are the Western Distributors for B.C.   OF   VICTOR   TALKING  MACHINES,   BERLINER  GRAMOPHONES & RECORDS  DYKE, EVANS & CALLAGHAN  526 HASTING STREET, VANCOUVER  L. C. ROLLS & CO.  Agents for KEREMEOS, HEDLEV and PRINCETON.


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