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The Hedley Gazette Oct 15, 1914

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 ''*   J7>i~~ >~. %:���������: ">'���������:���������  'r':  ���������#c#������  AND SIMILKAMEEN  Volume X.     Number"^  VERTISER.  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, OCTOBER Jo 1914.  $2.00, L\ Advance  GERMANY'S  CRUISERS  Herbert  G.  Freeman  NOTARY PUBLIC  j~Vj~V*                     ��������� -  HEDLEY,  -  British Columbia  N.Thompson phone Seymour5913  r." MOB. WEBTERN OANilDA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  Offices and Warehouse, 817-63 Beatty Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Hedley    fliners'    and   Hill men's  Union, No. 161, W. F. of M.  Regular meetings of the Hartley Loca, No.  161 are held on the first and third Wednesday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at the N. P. Mine...-'. ,. ..  O. M. Stevens T, R, Willkv  . '���������������������������.��������� ,  . President Fin-Secretary.  striking power-  speed. Their  commerce not  According   to  :a;  A. F. & A:; M.  REGULAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge No. 13, A. F. & A. M.',  ard hold on the socond  Friday in  onfch in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  pare cordially invited to attend.  LIY1AN,  W.M  H.  Q. FREEMAN  .  Secretary  L. O. L. .  Rcgiilar. monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1711. are hold on  tho   third   Monday   in    every  ;=������2SS5Jp!?  month in Fraternity Hall.  Visit  ing brethern are cordially invited to attend..  S. KNOWLES. W. M.  C. P. DALTON, Sec't.  DR. J.  L.  MASTERS  DENTIST  /Wi'H'be-at Home office in Oioville, 1st  ","''t'o 20th of each month.'  Office  on  North   Main   Street.  R.P.BROWN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  TEL, No. 78 P. O. DHjUvkk 160  PENTICTON,  B. C.  P.W.GREGORY  CIVIL ENGINEER'and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building Princeton  ERNEST  S.   SILCOX  Civil Engineer and Provincial  Land Surveyor  Lands, Townslte, Mineral Surveys Etc.  PRINCETON  B.C.  WalterClayton  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  MONEY.TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  Or-  ILL  H.    C.  G  DENTIST  All Broken Plates Sent In by Hall Will  have Prompt Attention  Visits Hedley Every Month.  Permanently Located in Brltton Block  Princeton,        British Columbia  Hedley's Tonsorial Parlors  For  a Good Haircut  and Shave  First-class Line of Cigars, Tobacco  and Soft Drinks always  on hand  The article which appears elsewhere  in this issue drawing attention to the  superiority of the French artillery  over that of the Germans all tends to  one'conclusion that the latter have  deliberately sacrificed striking power  to   superior*   mobility   in   the   field.  Somewhat the same principle applies  to the German cruisers now at large  on the high seas^ Whenever they  have come to grips with a British gunboat they-' have also come to  grief; but they are extremely hard to  catch. They are the cavalry of the  sea. They lack the  but they have the  business is to harass  to stand and fight,  the "higher strategy" of Admiral von  Tirpitz the German home fleet is to  lie in the seclusion of its own waters  while repeated submarine attacks  reduce the rival navies to something like numerical. equality and  free-lance cruisers scour-the seas for  merchantmen.  In all, there are preying on British  commerce some nine German cruisers,  located in different parts of the  globe. The       cruisers      in      the  Atlantic *- - are the- Karlsruhe,  Dresden, Bremen, and Koenigsburg.  In the.'EasternPacific are theGnei������enau  and the Scharnhorst, formerly operating in the Yellow Sea, now supposed  to be hidden somewhere among the  Marshall Islands, recently ��������� occupied  by Japan. The Leipzic and Nurnberg  appear to be cruising in a triangle  whose points are, roughly speaking,  Honolulu, San Francisco, andSantaigo.  The Emdem is operating with great  effect in the Bay of Bengal and .adjacent waters.   ,.  The following -are some- -particulars  of the nine German cruisers to which  -we���������have-alluded, nnd- the--auxiliary  cruiser Kronprinz Wilhehh:  Gneisenau���������Tonnage, 11,420: length,  449������; beam, 70f; draught, ,24$; horsepower, 28,806; airiiarnent, eight8.2 in.,  six 5.9 in., twenty 3.4 in., fourteen  smaller, and foul- submerged torpedo  tubes; speed 23.S knots.  Scharnhorst���������Tonnage, 11,420; length  449i; beam, 70������; draught, 24������; horsepower 27,759; armament, eight 8.2 in.,  .six 5.9 in., twenty .3.4 in., fourteen  smaller, and four- submerged torpedo  tubes: speed, 22.5 knots.  Emden���������Tonnage, 3,544: length, 364;  beam, 44; drati ght, 15;,'; horse-power,  15,000; armament, ten 4.1 in., four- 2.1  in., four machine guns and two submerged torpedo tubes; speed, 25 knots.  Nurnberg���������Tonnage, 3,296; length,  354J; beam, 434; draught, 15$; horsepower 13,200; armament, ten .4.1 in.,  eight 2.1 in., four machine guns, and  two submerged torpedo tubes: speed,  23.5 knots.  Leipzig���������Tonnage, 3,200; length, SSI-  beam, 43J; draught. 16A; horse-power,  11,000, arnament, ten 4.1. in., fourteen  machine guns and two submerged torpedo tubes; speed, 23 knots.  Kirlsrtihe���������Tonnage. 4,820; length,  457; beam, 45; dr.-iught 17; horse-power  26,000; armament, twelve 4.2 in., two  machine guns and two submerged torpedo tubes; speed, 27 knots.  Dresden���������Tonnage, 3.544; length, 364:  beam, 44J; draught, 15.?: horse-power,  15,000; armament, twelve,4.1 in,, four  2.1 in., four machine guns, and two  submerged torpedo tubes; speed, 27  knots.  Br-eniem���������Tonnage, 3,200: length,  341; beam, 43J draught, 16A; horsepower, 10,000: armament, ten 4.1 in.,  fourteen machine guns and two submerged torpedo tubes: speed, 23 knots.  Koenigsberg���������Tonnage, 3,350; length  354:1; beam: 43A; draught, 15?; horse- J  power, 13,200; armament, ten 4.1 in.,  eight 2.1 in., four machine guns, and  two submerged torpedo tubes.  Kronprinz Wilhelm���������Tonnage, 14,-  800: length, 625; beam, 66; draught, 26.};  horsepower, 30,000; armament, 6 in.  and smaller quick-firers; speed, 23  knots.  CANADA TO BRITAIN  The following poem which recently appeared in the Winnipeg Telegram  was written by Helen Taylor, sister of Mrs. R. L. Cawston through whose  kindness it has reached tlie Gazette.  A LETTER FROM THE FRONT  George Boxall Writes of His Experience  and Impressions  "Does Britain realize what the consequence will be of obeying that  .'"H ��������� scrap of paper?"  -Il*-'/ -.' " ' '  "Only a scrap of paper," but it bore  The seal of Britain.    Therefore it became <���������  A Truth incontrovertible,���������a sword ...  Within the hand of Destiny to lance  The swelling ulcer of a king's mad greed.  *-Ji ��������� - '���������  We, whose forefathers drew their earliest breath  Upon those sea-girt isles, are proud to know  Ourselves,a part of that great Empire  Which keeps'its faith what'er the consequence,  Which strives"with single heart to foster peace,���������;  If peace maybe with honor,���������failing that,  Whose slowly-rising, righhteous wrath breaks bounds.  And like a. torrent irressistible  Sweep o'er tlie mighty bar.ier of the foe,  Strewing their wreckage on the shores of time.  ���������r r..   '   -   '  We do nokweep, tears are such futile things,  And yet trie re comes ah aching in our throats,  ��������� A swelling heart, a hurrying of the breath,    . ���������  When Britain^ from her throne upon the seas. -  Musters her sons again to right a wrong,  And wash a foul spot clean with willing blood.  Take of bur best.    Your cause is righteous cause,  And being righteous, calls for sacrifice.  So, when the Lion bares his glittering teeth  The lion's'whelphs spring to his mighty side,  And roar responsive thunder.   O'er the din  ,       Of raging battle still we hear thel voice  Of Drake, of Nelson, of the Iron Duke  - Cheering you on to glorious victory.  Andthen at last when lust of power is slain,  And ravening greed which takes no count of life,  Out of the blood-red mire, God grant we.pluck .  The snow-white Hower of Universal Peace.  '     "     '��������� ���������HELEN TAYLOR.  A COMPARISON  French and GeJinan Field Pieces  *~-Itisa riiattei- -of'-sttrju'ise tb '-tlie*-or-'|  dinary laymen  that  while the  heavy  siege guns of the  Germans are so tremendously  effective, their field artillery has been constantly outrahgedby  'Chat of the French.    The  explanation  is this.   The two  prime features in a  field gun are striking power and mobility.'   A 'gain <-in one of the.se qualities always means a corresponding loss  in the other an'd it is always a difficult  problem   to   apportion  them   to the  best advantage.     Each  country   has  developed its own piece along its own  lines.   The weight of the German gun  is about four fifths that of the French,  which makes it much more mobile; but  this margin of mobility is gained at  the   expense of range   and striking  power.   The German gun fires a 15.1  pound projectile with a muzzle velocity   of 1500   feet   per   second.     The  French, a 15.9 projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1740 feet per second.  As the energy of the projectile varies  directly as its  mass and as  the square  of its velocity,  this works out to a  muzzle energy of 236 foot tons and a  maximum range of 5,000 yards for the  German gun   as. compared with 334  foot tons muzzle energy and a 6,000  yard range for the French piece.  ^es***������fe<efefefeee*eeeee������-:fe.jr  Ht '  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  4*  Hi  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  a  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  To  New  Subscribers  A Year's Subscription to  The Gazette-  and  - A Gem Gasoline Iron  (Guaranteed)  ALL FOR.  Five   Dollars  %  %  m  m  m  m  m  m-  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  m  m  ������  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  aaa***a������33������*-M****S33������  *  PREDICTS A SHORT WAR  French Jzconomist Believes It Will Not  Last Over Six Months  Special Notice  to Hedley Folks  We wish to announce we are exclusive Hedley agents for the simple  mixture of buckthorn bark, glycerine,  etc., known as Adler-i-ka. This remedy, used successfully for appendicitis,  is the most THOROUGH bowel cleanser we ever sold. It is so powerful  that ONE SPOONFUL relieves almost  ANY CASE of constipation, sour or  gassy stomach. Adler-i-ka never  gripes, is safe to use and the INSTANT  action i.s surprising. F. M. Gillespie,  druggist.  GREAT NORTHERN  i  MILLIARD (&, TOPLEY  ; HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the'.Best.   Rates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor.  WHEN   WHITING- jVDVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION THE GAZETTE  Following are the views of an eirii-  ment French economist and one of  the greatest financial authorities in  Europe:  "French bank notes are now selling  at par in neutral countries. German  bank notes are* offered at 75." This  financial authority is now an officer in  the French army. He writes that the  war will rejuvenate France as nothing  else could ever have done. He says  France was commercially going into  Nirvana. But the war has aroused  the entire nation.  ."If Germany had waited ten years  and continuedher commercial conquest  France would have been left far he-  hind. Germany has been thrown back  40 years by the war. Food in France  is cheaper than at any time during  the past three years. Hoarded money  is coming out and going into circulation in buying necessities."  This authority estimates that within six,months Europe will be entirely  at peace.  GENERAL  JOTTINGS  Only the promptitude' of C.C. Hed-  ger of Oroville saved the city pumping  plant last week. The installation between the high tension and low tension wiring in the transformer broke  down with the result that tho tremendous discharge passing through  the lightning arrestors in the power  house caused such intense heat that  the interior of the plant was soon in  flames.  ���������  Word from the front is always of:  more or less uninqueintcrestto friends  of the author. We print' below a letter received recently by Charlie"Saunders from George Boxall.  Rotchester, Kent, Eng.  :   _'" ��������� Sept. 21st, 1914.  Dear Charlie:  A line to you to let you know that  I am  still living.    I haven't reported  at the depot yet and am having a few  days  with   mother.    I'm   in no great  rush reporting.     I had  three  days in  Toronto,  (could have made it a couple  of weeks if  I had known)  about four  days in   Quebec and I am now having  a week here.     So far I have been having a pretty  nice holiday.     I was two  weeks  on the boat. / We had a rough  trip but there  was nothing  very  exciting about it at all.    The only time  we ran   with lights out was round the  north  coast of Ireland.    We   had   a  battery of six  inch   guns  ready   for  action"if anything turned up, but luck  did  not  break our  way.    The  north  -Atlantic   Fleet reported  by   wireless  that they had just sunk  two  armed  merchantmen in'our vicinity,   but we  didn't see anything.   iAs far as England goes you would hardly know that  there  was war on if it wasn't for the  recruits drilling all  over the country.  They aie enlisting so fast "that they  cannot secure  uniforriis   fast enough  and you  can see them drilling in civilian clothes  everywhere.     I think the  English  people are quieter,   you don't  see any  enthusiasm or excitement at  all.  Everyone seems to be going about  realizing that it is a life and death  struggle.     I have  talked  to  some of  the recruits and have asked them their  object in  volunteering,   men   that   I  ;know.by- theirtalk are_ union  mea-^;  good.sensible fellows  who realize that  they have all  to lose  and nothing  to  gain by the war.     They just  set their  teeth  and say that they are  going to  help  the Belgian    people   one.      The  people here are a bit proud of the government.      When   mobolization   and  martial law came,   the country settled  down naturally, though everyone was  expecting confusion.    The pubs   are  open only until nine o'clock at night  and, if you are going home about three  in the morning you are liable to have  a bayonet shoved up against you and  be broughtup sharp to give an account  of yourself.     This  being a naval and  military town, all approaches  in   all  directions are closely guarded.   Last  week a fellow that was hanging about  a bridge   was challenged,  would   not  answer,  got shot and a bayonet run  through him; so it makes people careful.    This  town is full  of Belgian refugees,  poor  beggars look all in,   but  the citizens are  treating them   fine,  taking tbem in .and keeping them for  nothing.     I think the English people  .are acting splendidly against circumstances that have been forced on them.  According to reports of Belgians here  who can speak English,  thp Germans  have   behaved with  stone age barbarity.     Of course I never believed it until now,  but it seems authentic.    The  people here seem to think that the  war has not started  yet and they are  looking for a long struggle.   One of  my cousins  is home from   the front.  He was wounded at the battle of Mons  and  he says  that the allies just mow  the Germans down as they come on in  packed formation,   but they still keep  coming,  seemingly without end.    He  seems  awfully anxious to get back.    I  tell him  he is crazy but he won't take  any notice  of me at all.    I've got lots  to tell  you but am  too busy  to write  much more.     I am having an awful  job to get my Canadian money chang.  ed.   Fred Beck left Quebec a day before me on the Uranium.     I didn't report immediately so couldn't get away  with him.  I guess there is lots of work in England, according to enquiry I made. I  can see but few out of work. It is  totally difierent from what I expected.  It will be a month before I get to the  front after reporting, but I have to go  through another medical examination  iis soon as I report. Before reporting  I am having a couple of days in Canterbury: anyhow you can write here as  I can have letters forwarded.  Your sincere pal  Geokge BoXATjTj. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE OCT 15, 1914  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  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NOTICE  ANTWERP  Antwerp has fallen and with its  surrender Belgium's cup of bitterness  is full. The invasion of the little  kindgom forms one of the most poignantly pathetic tragedies; in the black  annals of unrighteous wars.  Charges and recriminations fill the  air, and which shall we esteem the  least ? We thank heaven we are not  as these Germans and they return the  compliment at Berlin. Germany 'may  be military mad, France fickle and full  of revenge, Russia seeking whom she  may devour, and 'England moved by  self interest, but not the voice' of  calumny itself could find offence im  Belgium. Yet the sins of her neigh-  ��������� bo is have been visited upon her.': She  ; has been wounded: for' their transgressions and bruised for their iniquities whose only motive was her sense  of honor and whose only "crime-was'  that she kept the faith.  Seven ������f *iei' nine- provinces are.  ground to the earth under the inva-;  der's heel. Her cities are bled white  by German'blackmail and ruled by  "Prussian caprice. Her peasants once  more are nomads, wandering famine  striken over a oner smiling country,  now scourered into a wilderness of  desolation; cowering, wretched;^ wherever refuge may be found; or fleeing  for asylum to other lands. No man  works, when the labor of weeks maybe swept away in as many minutss by  a band of marauding Ulhans. All are  miserable and like to starve: all are  nursing a heartache. Black despair is  settling down upon the land, hope  burns low among all save the soldiers,  and the end is not yet. Thus do the  meek inherit the earth.  Belgium shall be indemnified���������as far  as may be. Can you iridemnify a man  when he is dead ? Can money indemnify a man for the loss of his life or a  women for the loss of her honor? Or  what shall be begin to offer the maimed babies of the bleeding stumps for  hands hacked away "that they might  never use a rifle'''" German money may  build new dwellings, but who will rebuild the shattered homes ?  Great are the Belgiums. To-day, as  in the beginning, they are pouring  out blood, treasure and all they hold  most precious oh the altar of sacrifice.  Great are the little people, tried in  every extremity of evil and not found  wanting: but in the name of humanity, shall this monstrous madness of  war continue unchecked among men  and the real culpits go unpunished  forever?  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of December next, application will he made to the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by  retail in the hotel known as the ���������Alexandra hotel, situate at Okanagan  Falls, in the province of British Columbia.  ARNOTT & HINE  Dated this 10th day of October, 1914.  -I  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of December next, application will h������ made to the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of t.be hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known jus the Goldon  Gate hotel, situate at Fairview, in the  province of British Columbia.  CHARLIE JONES  Dated this 10th day of October,' 1914.  NOTICE  Liquor Act, T910  NOTICE is herehy given that, on  the first day of December next, application'*will be made to the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Keremeos Hotel, situate in Keremeos, in  the province of British Columbia.  'MRS, A. F. KIRBY  Dated this lOth day of October; 1914  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of. December next application will be made to' the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence te sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Grand  Union Hotel, situate in Hedloy; in the  province of British Columbia.  ANTON WINKLER  Dated this 10th da y of October, 1914.  NOTICE  r Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of December next, application will be inade to the'siiperin ten-  dent of provincial police for renewal  of the hotellicence to sell liquor by fe-  tail in the hotel known as the Similkameen hotel, situate at Hedley, in the  province of British Columbia.  FRANK DOLLEMORE  Dated this 10th day of October, 1914.  METEOROLOGICAL.  Oct  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending. Oct. 10 1914:  AT THE MINE.  Maximum  .   :������������������     45  44  53  55  .. 52  53  .45  Average maximum temperature 49.42  Average minimum do        30.85  Mean temperature 40.13  Rainfall for the week   6.00 inches.  Snowfall ������'       -2.00  ���������    CORRESPONDING WEEK Ok- LAST YEAR ',  Highest maximum temperature 62..  Average maximum do 50.85  Lowest minimum do 20.  Average minimum do 31.14  4  5  0  7  8  9  10  Minimum  28  33  32  31  32  29  31  To buy or not to buy-���������  that's not the question.  Have you seen .our new  Semi-ready Suits and Overcoats? Much more to the  point.  Welcome you are to just  come and' -post yourself on  "what's new."  New colour schemes.*  New fabrics..  New models.  New ideas.  Clothes never were so smart  and beautiful���������so plentiful in  desirability.':  After you see,them, go and  compare the .values with any  first-class tailor as to style,  fit, fabric and: price���������the four  essentials.  You '11 come back here.  H. Q. FREEMAN, Agent.  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You want  to .know the goings and comings of  the people with whom you associate,  the little news items of your neighbors  and friends���������-now, don't you?  That is what this paper gives you  in every" issue. It is printed ..for!  that purpose. It! represents your  interests and the interests of this  7 town. Is ypur name oh our. subscription lists? If hot you owe it  to yourself to see that it is put  there.   To do so  WiUbato  e  Synopsis pf Coal Mining Regulations  COAL mining rights of the Dominion, in  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory;7 the North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of S}1 an  acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will be leased  to one applicant.' , ���������     = .'���������  Application, for a lease must be made by the  applicant in person to thu' A'gent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the., rights applied for  are .situated. '���������: ���������  * In surveyed territory the land must bo described by sections, .or legal sub-divisions of  seetions.-and'in unsurvcyed 'territory tho tract  applied for shall be stakedout by the applicant  himself.  .    ,-;.--_.'  Each application must lie accompanied by a.  fee of So which will be refunded if the rights  applied for aro not available, but notothcr-  -wisc.' A'royalty shall'bo paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of five contfl  per ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  ,ie Agent with sworn returns" accounting for  the full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and pay theroyalty thoreon.  ing rights are not being operated, such returns  Advertise in the  Hedley Gazette  and watch Results  ROLLS FOR RIFLES  sworn returns" accounting for  ble coal mined  If tho coal min-  ... id, such r  should be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights  only, but'the lessee' ihalr be"'permitted'to'pur-  chiise -whatever .available surface rights may  be considered-necessaryfor fcbo working of the  mine at theLrateof :$10.00 an acre. '������������������'������������������:    -.-,-.,-  For full information application should bo  made tothe Secretary of the Department of  the'-Interior.'-Ottawa, or to any-Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion ..Lands. .-..  -,.-   W.W.OORY,  Deputy Minister of .the Interior,  N.B.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement ,wUl.not be.paid for. 9-6m  NOTICE  Liqor Act. 1910  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  thefirst day of December next, appli.  cation will be made to the superintendent of the Provincial police for renewal of the hotel licence to sell  liquor by retail in the hotel known as  the Smith hotel, situate at Beaverdell,  in the province of Biitish 'Columbia.'  JOAN M. SMITH  Dated this 10th day of October, 1914,  Mean  :40.99  Oct  Rossland has added two rooms to its  public school system owing to the  greatly increased school population..  Simon C. Sprowl, of Pogufe Prairie,  Wash., shot himself last week while  cleaning a gun.  A  5  6  7  8  9  10  do  AT THE cMILIj.  Maximum Minimum  61 ��������� 37  .. 68       .. 41  .. 64        .. 39   .  61        .. 39   \  .. 66       .. 40   :  ....     60       .. 40  .. -50       .. 44   I  Average maximum temperature 61.42 ���������  Average minimum do ;   '��������� 40.00.  Mean do 50.71'  Rainfall for the week   1.00  inches;.  Snowfall       "       "        .00        "    '_': !  ''-''" COKBESPPNDING '.WKKK-OK' LAST YEAR  ' '7  Highest maximum ''temperature 71  Average   ' :    do do''-'������������������'     62.42  Lowest minimum do 20.,  Average do do       .. 38.42;  Mean do 50.42  $250.00 will, buy a Choice  Residential Building* Lot on  Don't Pay Out ������Ood MQiiey for Rent When You  Garr Own a House of Your Qwn  THE HEME? CITY iOWNSSIE COMPANY, ltdB  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager        ��������� JtiEDUEY, B. C.  V^'f^T'-. 'Hr't"1!,"'1-* ' THE HEDLEY GAZETTE OCT 14, 1914  THE FAMILY GROCERY  Riueruiew  Creamery  Butter  Absolutely the best in  town. Try n pound and be  convinced.  JAS. -STEWART & CO.  Town and District.  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  a  X  X  X  ft  %  X  Special Offer  for Cash  Five percent discount allowed  on all Shoes Sold during October  All goods marked in plain figures  | flEDL&y SHOE STORE,  ������ Agents for Rex Tailoring Co.  5 Suits Cleaned and Pressed at  X    Reasonable Charges  ift^*^fe?frj������Mrafe^.j4fe<j<MraMfeMa*fe  ^^UV.y<^MijtM/Mi>>te^M<jaVj������������������itUa������MVj������ii������<������^  s x  ���������i Bon-Bons   and 5  ������  ii ^_- :  X  | Choice Candies I  S ....... .;.���������...���������:���������������������������I  gg      A full   line on    hand.     Nice  ������  ^ .and Fresh just arrived a      '   X  X week ago. X  C2a.II and Inspect g  fiedieu Drua & Book Store  -Hedley, B. C  c -,  '. wr'svn^Mi^'if *J .?} u^tt*:  PALACE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables   HKDI/EY   B. C.    IT A good stock of Horses and "Rigs on  ��������� Hand.   1T Orders for Teaming:  promptly attended to";!' "���������'  Office of Dominion Express Company.  WOOD   FOR   SALEl  Phone il.  D. J.  INNIS        Proprietor.  NOTICE  Certificate -of .Improvements  INDEPENDENCE, nnd SPAR DYKE Mincr-  ':al Claims, situate in the Osoyoos j\linin{r  ��������� Division ofYnlc  District.   Where located:  Independence Mountain,  ���������TAKE NOTICE that R. P. Brown as agent  ���������jf:      for C. H. Cornell Kree Miner's Certificate  No. B. 95978, intend,"sixty daysffrom-the.:date  ���������hereof, to apply to:the; Mining' Recorder'for a  .Certificate of Improvements; fori the-.purpose  ot-obtainiiig a   Crown 'Grant'of."the   above  Claims. -"-v;''-:   r -.   -'-���������>'   7*      '"'77;  ;-;:And further take notice that action, under  section 85, must bjei 'edinmeneed^befo're the as-:  Wuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  - ?i>ated this 25th day of June, j4.-b.-19H.  I  Grand Union I  Ho tei  HEDLEY,  British Columbia  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up  First-Class Accommodation.  Bar Stocked with Best Brands  of Liquor and Cigars  .S A.   WINKLER,     Proprietor  ^t������-*fr**:t:������-:t*e-:f5-*t������-*t**:6e-*f:fc-  Hi  \6  i*  5  w  Hi  m  m  m,  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi-  I  Here ,.-*$��������� gftajr.  For Painting,  Paperhanging  Etc., apply to  J. BEAL JBj:  Corner White St. and Daly Ave  forms   yV\ocJe>reite>  ���������*t  JROLLS   KEEPS GOOD   GOODS  Try Rolls Ten Pinnet alleys.  Order your Christmas c.-nds ��������� now  and order them from us.  First-class piano for snle on easy  teitiis.���������Apply the Gazette oflice.  Our Cbristmus caids will appeul to  your sense of Alness. They are works  of art.  '    A. J.   Iiigerham,  government, road  sniveyor,   has   been  in town  for  the  past week.  > * ��������� .  Born���������At Nickel Piute mine on Sui:������  day morning' to Mr."'and' Mr.-.. J.  Grieves, a son.  The Hedley Shoe Store is giving ;i  discount of 5 per cent on all shoe sold  for cash during.October.  J. R. Brown, Indian Agent of 811111-  merland. was in town Wednesday on  Departmental business.  Mrs. G. Wardoll and Miss Gladys  Lyall of Princeton are spending a few  days under-the parental roof.  Add a touch of personality to your  Chii!>ttnas remembrance by making it  your own private card. We have  them.  Mrs. L. A. Clarke of Green Mountain who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Forbes of Hedley returned home last Saturday.  Mrs. H. G. Freeman who has been  summering with'her parents at Moose  Jaw returned home last Wednesday  feeling much better for- her holiday  on the prairie.  Terrible slaughter of Men's Furnishings, Winter, Underwear, Suits, Mitts,  Gloves and Shoes. Everything goes  at genuine hargain prices. Hedley  Trading Co., Ltd.  Constable Sproule, taking advantage  of his business trip to Kamloops. has  gone on to Vancouver. In his absence  Chief Constable Simpson has installed  Mr. F.'Brewer of-Grand-Forks- as officer in chai ge.   '   - '���������  Five per cent discount on groceries  at the Hedley Trading Co.': Excepting  flour' -and"sugar" which will" >dnly,~h'fe  sold "at live per cent discount' when  purchased witn other goods to same  vol ue or more.  The Hed.ey Trading Co. announce  another gigantic sale of high grade  merchandise. Wonderful bargains in  every department. Yoii lose if you do  not attend. Everything slashed.' Saturday, October 17th' to 24th inclusive..  For some weeks Briice Rolls has  been working1; at the- addition to his  premises and at last hasv it just about  complete. It accommodates two Ten  Pinnet Alleys and allows a comfortable amount of- freeway for players. ,'_'  Wantkd���������A live manager to represent the Inland Commercial Agency  in this town. Must be good typist  and book-kee.per, with a i knowledge of  the collection business, and' must be  ready to devote whole time to' it.���������  Apply at once, stating previous experience to Box 293, Penticton, B.C.  *i  A day or two ago Dr. McBwen  brought us in a most interesting letter  from DaveLawley which practically;  confirms what .we published last week,  regardihg:his eyesight. .' There is still  hope of its being restored by operation -  if the lens and "retina'ave not-too; badly injured.   "-  : Notice��������� Our Dry Goods, Men's  Furnishings and Boot and Shoe Departments will be closed all day Friday next to arrange and mark goods  for the big sale. Grocery department  will be open as usual. Hedley Trading Co. Ltd.  ' Tom Terry who works at the Palace  Livery Stable jhad a close shave last  Tuesday from a serions accident at  the hands, or rather the heels, of a  stallion under his charge. The animal  had evidently been reading to much  war news and took a shot at Tom's  periscope as the latter was passing by.  He scored a hit; and though the blow  was a glancing one it was sufficient to  lay the man out for the count arid  inflict: an ugly scar over his eye.  Superior forces arrived On the scene  ���������with pitchforks and a- bayonet charge  was sounded on the flanks and rear of  the enemy which was finally subdued  after fighting a vigorous rearguard  action.  All in all the EnglishChurch Thanksgiving Service, held in Fraternity Hall  last Sunday-eyeningi was' among the  most inspiring events of the kind seen  in Our town for some time. JPrior-'tb;  the services, the hall had been appro-  pirately decorated by the Anglican  ladies and (their friends of other,denominations, and.tlie wealth of beauty  which surrqim'ded theworshippers on  all sides Jyas -in itself'conducive-to  worship anil praise'. The occasion was  marked by special choral and instrumental music and by a speeial address  from the Rector which, while largely  of a business nature, was of general  interest in that it was the record of a  year's genuine progress.  G. P. Jones and C. P. Dalton. assisted  by  Messrs.   R,' S.   Collin,   W.   K.  Pollock, W. C. Martin, Bruce and Lou  Rolls  are holding a levival in Hedley  this week.     There is nothing religious  in   the movement,   however.     In fact  those who' know best declare it is quite  on  the   contrary.      Briefly,   it is   the  annual   revival   of-the.   golfing   fever  which  appears among  us each season  with the advent of the cooler weather.  This ye.-u i lie game has additional zest  for   the jilayeis  on'accoiint of Merrill  Cup  matches which, are heing fought  out  this week.     Each match mur-t be  played  under   an   umpire,   and so far  "Bill" Pollock seems to be the popular  choice ;   whether because  of his insurance  heing paid  up 6r  because of his  sirupy tongue���������probably for the latter  reaMin.       While   Pollock   is   spilling  "sugar"on th������ golf links, Dalton raises  cane at the shop.    ,  Oven is a wonderful baker.  That's because  the heat flues completely encircle it.  ROLL    ME   A" GAME   AT   ROLLS.  !Uh^   satisfies   the   most  exacting  ff^^jf        cook on every point. Let the  McClary dealer demonstrate the fact  Made-in-Canada  Sold by HEDLEY TRADING COHPANY  sa  6%       MONEY      6%      MONEY      6%  Loans may be obtained for any pur-  purpose on acceptable Real Estate  security; liberal privileges; correspondence solicited.  A. C. Agency (Company  758 Gas, Electric Bldg.,  Denver, Colo,  #*  REMEMBER  Good /yiornihg-!  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Gent's Furnishings, Dry Goods and Boots &  -Shoe Departments closed on Friday-   TraflinQ 60., \M:  MMiMAflfSAfteftAflfiAiftAti  ���������-���������SAVE  Reading  Advertisements  7   T ;='. .'.���������:������������������' ������ .';"..������������������; ������������������������������������^  Will  Help You  Do Both  By HOLLAND.  THAT' you ��������� save is   more  important;    tban    what  ��������� youiearu. .Kpepd all that you  get, ;and you vyill .never have  a surplus. Save even a little,  and you are.making nead-  way.  There are various ways of  saving,' but one of the most  effective is to spend your  money wisely!] Sou can do  this by reading the advertise-  ments in this paper closely  and:lby taking advantage of  the offers ihnde. You can  thus save without denying  yourself what you need.  Merchants regularly advertise everything that you eat,  wear, need i for tbe home or  require   iu    your    business.  .The advertisements tell you  where you can tuy cheaply  -.and. at  the same  time  get  goods of qualityr  PRACTICE TRUE  ECONOMY-BOY  ADVERTISED GOODS.  - Even if you do not want  $0 buy, it pays' to read the advertisements and keep posted, so you will know where  to buy when tho time comes.  I  Watxh Our," Show Windows  anCSee*t,he Fine Linje of  Goods we carry lii Stock.  LYALL  HEDLEY, B.C.  Patronize Canadian Industries  Keep Canadian Workmen Employed Ifirst. ;  By buying Goods Made In Canada  Stanfield's and Penman's Brand Underwear  Geo.  A, Slater & Co.'s  Invictus Brand Shoes for M^n 1  and Women  Leckie Boots for Men and Boys  Carharrt1 Overalls,  \V.,G. &. ������ Shirts and Cellars  Redmond r^ats..and Caps.  Clark's Gloves, Mit������t������s and ftfackinaws  Peck's Shirts, Socks, Hats, Cabs and Cloves  LAST BUT NOT LEAST-^SEMI-READY CLOTHING  The    Semi-Ready    Clottiing:   Store  ADVERTISE IN THE GAZETTE m  THE HEDLEY GAZKTTli.    OCT   15 1914.  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Mrs. Geo. B. Olaike is visiting her  iic.phow. Dr. Connelly, of Salmon  Arm, B. 0.  Mis. L. A. Clarke of Green Mountain is making a short stay with her  daughter, Mrs. D. J. Tunis.  - R. H. Caruiicliael, our local, bank  manager, now relieving at Princeton,  spent the week end at home.*  Pure bred single comb Rhode Island  Red and Rose comb silver-laced Wyandotte cockerels "for salt* or exchange  for  pullets.���������E. 0.   Armstrong, Kei-e-  111WK '  J. J. Marshall of Gleicheii, Alta,  Dominion Quarantine arid Stock yards  Inspector, was in towtiNivor last week  end looking over the local stock yauls  station.  Charlie Saunders of Princeton,  paid  his old   friends a  visit Monday.     Mr.  Saunders  has  been   in  tbe   Southern  States the past summer,  where he has  .many minim; interests.  Ten carloads of apples have been  shipped from our little .burg: there are  ten more cars ordered,' and two or  thiee cais waiting. Every year brings  the total of cars shipped up a notch or  two.  Ezra Mills for hardware. What  about those new. stove pipe lengths?  You know some of those yoii had last  year didn't fit quite right, while others  leaked. Also, a new stove board will  help to keep'the varnish  on the walls.  ��������� ���������Mrs.   G. E. Graham ariived in from  the coast last'week and hopes to spend,  ''a few -weeks-on the ranch.    Mr. Beckett, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.-ts. Beckett  \ ."-"-and.?brother of Mrs. Graham,  accompanied lierfroin tife" coast.��������� ���������,-......  ������������������ -Miss McNamee after having'spent/a  very pleasant yaeatiOn with her cousins, Mrs.. Wright and Mrs..Newton,  left' on Friday evening's- train for  Spokane. A large number- of friends  were oh" the depot* .to.see her off and  bid her farewell. ' ' "* ---��������� -..'V*  ^ We are delighted to know that Mrs.  Donald McCallum. isjiome again, after  having passed through a very trying  illness. She is feeling much stronger since her return from Spokane and  hopes th'at'in a few days more she will  once more be her old self again.     '*  Xhe Thaiikgiying supper held.in the  Town Hall oh Monday under the  auspices of-the Ladies' Aid was-a great  success, one hundred and thirty persons sitting down to a most sumptuous  repast. Fifty-two dollars was the sum  taken in at the door.  Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Armstrong and  the Misses Woodrow left for Vancpu-  '<-ver on Thursday last after spending  over a month here.. -They all expressed their pleasure at the most enjoyable of holidays, of being here over a  month's duration, and only hope that  it will be but a short time ere they return again.  "Mr. Morrison of the firm of Armstrong and Morrison, "Vancouver, accompanied by Mrs. Morrison, arrived  last week from the coast.. They are at  present staying at Mr. Armstrong's  bungalow on the Fairview road. The  fine residence which Mr. Morrison is  having built will soon be completed  and they hope to be comfortably settled in their new home shortly..  Harry Conklin, "one of the most  highly respected of old timers in the  country, left Keremeos on Monday  evening's train for California, where a  business opportunity appeared that  he must immediately take up. Harry  is well known and is Well liked by all.  who have had the privilege of meeting  him. He takes with him the kindest  wishes for a successful future from iill  his friends throughout the valley.    - ���������  Mrs. A.. Armstrong and two children of Vancouver who has been spending the past month with her sister,  Mrs. Ben Barlow, left for the coast  city last Friday. This was Mrs. Armstrong's first visit to the valley, and  she so thoroughly enjoyed the beauties  of the Similkameen that she hopes  next year to pay another visit. Mr.  Hewitt her father, who has been with  us for the past summer, joined his  daughter and 'grandchildren and all  left together.  The monthly meeting of the Women's Institute was held last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Tickle with a  good turnout of members. Among  the other matters of business under  discussion were the final arrangements  for the annual sale of work, to be held  in Ihe Town Hall  on Thursday,  Nov.  12th,   the proceeds of which are to be  given   to the  Patriotic Fund.    At the  close of  the meeting a   hearty vote of  thanks  was  tendered to Mis.  Tickle  for  her kind   hospitality,   and also to  Mrs. Christie  for her pleasing rendering of "The Union Jack"  at the opening of the meeting.  ,  A-party of ladies consisting of Mrs  Keeler,' Mrs. Sinclair,  the  Misses  A.  Voge),   Olive Vader, and Elsie Hecks,  left Keremeos .Saturday morning for  Hedley   with   the object of seeing tbe  Nickel Plate mine and workings.    Mr.  'Hansen of Hedley met them  on their  arrival and accompanied them up the  tramway.     Some   of the   ladies   will  never forget that ride.   The local correspondent is only too sorry he hasn't  a picture of the happy party at  the  start and again a little later in ascent;  for some looked as if their time had  come  and  th'ey were  not   ready.    If  some   one   had   sang  "For Those  in  Peril on tbe Tram" things would have  looked   brighter.     Nevertheless,   the  first shock passed,   the party, put in a  most pleasant time and wish to thank  the  officials of  the  company for  the  privileges-extended  them.    They arrived  back  in  Keremeos  in   the wee  sum' hours. Sunday   morning,   tired,  but delighted with their tiip.  fS*\S*rr\fS^s*  KEREMEOS -PENTICTON  TU/EDDLE'S  AUTO STAGE SERVICE  > Tweddle's  cars  are   comfoit- \  \        able.   Tweddle's diivers X  ������                    are experts. c  ������ No delays. No accidents  *    Autos leave l'cnticton every morning to connect with trains to Hedley.  Princeton, Coalniont. Oroville and  all Boundary points.  i - Leave Keromeos for Penticton on  arrival of Great Northern trains  Fare���������single $6.1)0  KETUKN $11.00  Baggage carried. Commercial trunks  arranged for  Break the monotcny of tiain and  boat travel and take an auto trip.  When j-ou arrive at Penticton or  'Ivercmeos ask for  TWEDDLE'S AUTO STAGE  Cars Call'at all Hotels  THE UNION JACK  It's only a small bit of bunting,  ' It's only an old colored rag ;  Yet thousands have died for its honor,  And shed their best blood for the  flag.-;  It's' charged   with   the   cross   of   St.  Andrew,  Whic^of old Scotland's  heroes has  led;    . '  It carries the cross of St. Patrick,  For -which   Ireland's bravest   have  bled.  ���������  Joined- with these on our own English  ensign  St. George's red cross on white field,  'Round which from King Richard to  Wolseley,  Britons  conquer,   or die,   but ne'er  . yield.  It flutters in triumph o'er.ocean,  As free lis the wind and the. wave;  And bondsmen from shackles' uuloos-  . ened,      .7 7.' -':''  ���������":-"���������' :-.^'.;--,.  'Neath its shsidowsno longer a slave.  It floats over Cyprus and Malta,  O'er Canada, the Indies, Hongkong;  And Britons where'er their flag flying,  Claim  the right which  to Britons  belong.  We hoist it to show our devotion  To our Queen, to-our Country, our  Laws;  It's'the.outward und visible emblem ,  Of advancement and liberty's cause.  You may say it's a small bit of bunting,  You may call it an old colored rag:  Yet freedom has made it majestic  And time has ennobled the flag.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch, digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land,,Cooking  and all .kinds of Chinese  ���������  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.1  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk-Dress  Goods, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  -TOflMY SING, Keremeos  WE'VE GOT THE BUSINESS  AND THERE IS GOOD REASON WHY  S  If we were to be here to-day and pack up  and go tomorrow Ave eould perhaps afford to  run our business along slip-shod lines. We  are here, however, to build a business. This  we intend to do by ' stocking high-grade  goods and selling at a low margin of profit.  See our' superior line-of Goods  for Spring.  FRANK   RICHTER   ESTATE  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvement  Nkllik (A) Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos   Mining   Division   of  Yale  District.  Where located: - Nickel Plate Mountion.  HTakc notice that W. Arnott,  Free  Miner's  ���������*���������       Certificate No. 75U1, intends, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Kccordcr for a Certificate -of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim. " '     .  And further take- notice that action, under'  section  85,  must   be  commenced .before the  issuance of such Cc'rtillcate of Improvements."  Dated this 22nd day of August, A. D., 1914  When   Writing   Advertisers  Mention this Paper.  Please  CEBTIF  NOTICE]  :'0F IMPROVEMENTS  PmtshiES'riAi7 Tiiyanglk Fhactk)n Mineral  Claim, situate'-in the Osoyoos Mining Division'of-'Yale "District. "Where located:���������  Nickel Plate Mountain.  Take notice that L. H. Patten, Free Miners  Certificate*No. 75135, intends, sixty days  from the date hereof,'to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a -Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant or  the abqve claim.-,, *  '--Aii'd'Xuf-t-lier take notico that action, under  section* So, must -be commenced before tho  issuance of t.uc.14 Certificate of Improvements,  Da ted this 22i& day of August. A, D., 1914. '.���������  ��������� - -tfftr   SUBSCRIBE  FOR THE  GAZETTE  BlPiaiaiBBgim  60   YEARS*  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights <fcc.  Anyone Bonding a Bkotch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  Invention Is probably patentable. Communlca.  tions strictly conadentlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*  sent free. Oldest agwicy foraocunng���������patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  Scientific American  A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest escalation of any scientific journal. Terms. $3 a  year: four months, $1. Sold byall newsdealers.  MM Ko.36,B'oad^ New York  Branch Officio, fc'25 F St. Washington. D. C.  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  NOTICE is hereby given  tluit,  on  the first day of December next application will be made to the superintendent of Provincial police for-  renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the liotel known as the Central  Hotel .situate at Keremeos Centre, in  the province of British Columbia.  HARRY TWEDDLE  Dated this 10th day of October, 1014.  H. C. N. ETCHES  is Agent for the Hedley Gazette in  Keremeos arid authorized to book  Subscript-ions and take orders for  job work and advertising.  POST OFFICE,   KEREMEOS,  B. C.  DO you shop in a brisk, active store, or in a dull  . "Store? ' ;;. :'";.: ;'."v ..A~:-: .'...l���������._'..,'l.'':.:..-:...  Advertising makes bright stores." Failure to advertise goes hand in hand with dullness and stag-  .nation.-; V.  HI  [il  m  m  m  Advertising brushes away cobwebs and dust, smartens shop  windows, quickens the intelligence of salesmen, arid lets in the  sunlight.  F Advertising makes the merchant think of you���������of your  'wants'and needs; makes him  anxious to serve you to your  liking and advantage.  ^Advertising keeps stock from  haying birthdays.  " Advertising acquaints you with  new (things, and so brightens  your home, your life, your person.  r Advertising keeps a business  from growing lazy and stupid.  Advertising injects good red blood  into the arteries of a business, and  keeps it healthful and active.    }  rT Shop where your wants and  needs are uppermost in the mind  of the merchant. Shop in the  store which reflects you, which  you dominate. Shop where  your money - returns to you in  better goods, better values, better service.  Shun the shop that is dumb  and dark and dreary; keep away  from the shop that never speaks  to you, never smiles at you,  never bothers about you.  '" Reward by your custom the  merchant who lives to serve you,  and who is doing his utmost to  build up this community; who  takes you into his confidence by  means of advertisements in your  local newspapers.  m  m  m  m  Smile back at the shop which smiles at you.  Shake hands with it���������keep company with it���������your  favor will be returned to you tenfold.  Advice regarding your advertising problems is available through  any good advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian  Press Association, Room 503 Lumsdeni Building. Enquiry  involves no obligation on your part-���������so write, if interested. >  m  m  illlljg^^


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