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The Hedley Gazette Oct 29, 1908

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 \  y '::a  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume IV.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1908.  Number 42.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in Vancouver.!  S. O. L. Go.'8 Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C  LAURIER GETS  IT AGAIN.  ELECTRIC ROAD  FROM   NIGHTHAWK.  w.  H. T.  GAHAN  Barrister,  Solicitor,  *                    I  Notary,Public, Etc.  Mouic  . PENTICTON,  Block  '"-'   - -       B. C.  * ������.  Result  of Monday's Polling  Gives   G-overnment Safe  Working Majority.  ONTARIO THE 'GREAT DISAPPOINTER.  How V. V. & E. Traffic Might   be  Diverted���������Report Looks Faky.  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for The GkEj\t West Life In-  .., >- sukance Company.  PENTICTON,  ,B. C.  Most of Other Provinces do about as expected of them���������Laurier  like Patti,  Barnum and other Notabilities;������an  Work Wonders on last Ap-  * pearance Appeals.  For Luuriei the agony is over and  he-i> intrusted with another lease of  power from the people of' Canada. It  is useless to bay that the result has  not been  in  a  gieat  measure disap-  R H. ROGERS,  .  M.A., B.C.L.  .   BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  1     NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C  A.  MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate, Mines,  Crown    Grants   Applied   For  ���������Under Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  . Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  -Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop.      - Penticton, B.C.  are  many cases  there  That the machine has been  SIR WILFRED LAURIER,  Premier of Canada,  pointing.     In  surprises  at work there'is little doubt, and the  usual crop of- disclosures of electoral  .crookedness may lie expected.  The returns show only a slight Conservative gain in Quebec, and the Ontario landslide that was to Materialize  failed to connect, the Conservatives  only winning forty-five, seats, their  opponents forty.  ��������� _  N  Seattle, Oct. 23.���������Okanogan county.  in the extreme north central part of  Washington, now traversed by stage  and freight lines operated by horses  and automobiles, is to have an electric railway before the end of another  year. Col. Albert M. Dewey of Spokane, president of the Okanogan Electric Railway Company, incorporated  under the laws of Washington with a  capital stock of $3,000,000, and an  authorized bond i?*sue of $1,000,000,  ���������announces that the sale of bonds is  practically accomplished, and that  work will soon begin. The line and  equipment will cost $2,621,280.  The company has a fifty-four year  franchise,   right-of-way and   charter  for   a   steam or electiic   railway of  eighty miles from Nighthawk,  where  it will connect with the Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern  extension  of the  Great Northern i ailway,"1 to  the head  of navigation on  the Columbia liver,  where connection will  be made with  river boats and the  main line of the  Gieat Northern, giving- its outlets  to  Spokane on the east, and Puget sound  points on  the  west.     The main line  ���������will pass through Loomis Okanogan,  Ophir, Malett, Brewster and the Q. S.  mines, near which a smeltei   will  be  built, and' there  will  be  branches  to  Conconully,    Oiuak,    Riverside    and  other desirable points.    ,  HIDDEN CREEK  MINES.  Operations   of M.   K.  Rodgers Co.  on  Goose Bay.  THE VALUE OF CRITICISM.  Some Wholesome Advice for the Thin-  Skinned.  (Walker's Weekly.)  Henry's Nurseries  Now growing in our Nurseries for  the Fall trade:���������  90,000 Poach, Apricot, Nectarines, Cherry, Plum, Prune. Pear and Apple  ���������in all leading varieties.  10O.OO0 Small   Fruits.  10,000 Ornamental Trees, in all leading  varieties for 11. C.  Strictly home grown and not subject to  damage from fumigation.  Stock of Bulbs to arrive in August from  Japan, Franco and Holland.  Boo Supplies, Spray Pumps, Seeds, F.tc.  110-page CATALOG UK FRKlC.  Ottice, Greenhouses and Seedliouse:  3010 Westminster Road,  VANCOUVER,  Ip/WAa^  Without honest criticism this world  would be a cipher in the sum of time  and we a lot of sap-heads.     Criticism  'honestly'.-maintained,   and  conscientiously directed is the finest tonic a  community can have.     The Man of  Nazareth   recognized this fully, and  his words to the Pharisees, priests and  scribes of his day,���������-men who put up  with no criticism and ruthlessly brushed   aside all who dared to question  their authority,���������indicate' that the no  criticism policy was not his policy.  ".,- The thing is, not to be afraid of criticism   nor to hate it,  but rather to  court it and profit by it.   The author-  afraid of criticism is a "dub." the actor  who cannot stand criticism is a false  alarm.   Progressive men in all vocations court ci-iticism.   They recognize  in the severest critic their best friend.  It is the man   of  small   calibre that  looks   upon   criticism as opposition.  The critic is destructive only to  those  things   and conditions which are of  themselves destructive.    Silence criticism and you take out of the community its best impulse in the daily inarch  forward.     Criticism  is not  chastisement.     It is  the goad  that inspires  men to do things, not dream them.  Among those who came down  from  the Goose Bay mines this  week were  William Hanna and James Mack, both  good minei.s, who are well acquainted  in Kootcuay and the  Boundary,  says  the Prince Rupert Empire.    Both say  the showing at Goose Bay are wonderful, and that if there is not a big mine  theie then surface showings are deceptive.    The. ore has been exposed by  trenches and  by stripping,  and   they  estimate the   deposit or  ledge to he  ovei 200 feel, wide.     It has  not  been  sunk on.    One tunnel was started, but  surface    works showed so  much ore  that the management decided to begin  a tunnel lower down, which  will .give.'  over 450 feet of over-head stoping, and  the-work of facing up for that tunnel  is now   under way and  will soon  be  finished.     At present nearly all   the  working i'oice is engaged  at grading  for a surface tramway from   the.  mine  to    navigable    water,.a    distance   of  about a mile and a half, and in putting  in a pipe line for the compressor plant.  About 80 men were at work, but some  ��������� of them have quit,  not cm ing  to do  outside  work  in  wet  weather-.     The  wages paid are  $3 and $3.50 a day,  with $6 a week for board.    There is no  Sunday work.   ^   ELECTION LAW FARCE.  SERIOUS MILL ACCIDENT.  West Has Foot Badly Mangled in  Gear  of Conveyors. f  '  Canada has stringent election  laws  The legulations look  well  on   papery  but in'practice the whole law is a  big  farce.    The law  makes  it  an  offense  punishable by a fine ot* $200 for any  printing house  to print  any matter  upon the election, which does not bear  the impi hit of the printer.     And  yet  the dead walls about town aie plastered over with highly colored show bills  sent   out   by   the Liberal  campaign  managers,  which are  neither educational  nor reasonable.     The   election  law also makes it a misdemeanor, and  imposed a fine of $200 upon  anyone  posting   this    anonymous'' campaign  stuff, and yet our good Liberals-in the  dead of night think nothing of plastering the town with it.     A  campaign  booklet-gotten  up in   the shape and  style of Little Bo-peep and  eirculatiM  anonymously, is anothes bright Liberal dodge.    All of which is-  contrary  to law.    Just what the party  can  expect to gain by the circulation of .this  sort of campaign  rot is beyond our  comprehension.   The printer who put  it out was evidently so much ashamed  of it that he would not put his imprint  on it.    The very nature  of it  presupposes a very low intellectuality.     If  there were any number  of  Canadian  voters who could be. influenced by this  sort of thing, we  should  be  ashamed  of them.���������Walker's Weekly.  On Sunday about 9,p. nr. W. West,  a young Englishman, who was working on the conveyors in the Daly Reduction Go's, stamp mill had his foot  caught in the gearing, and so badly  mangled that it will have, to be amputated. .How the accident..occurred  is not known for he was working alone  and his condition is too, serious for  anyone to disturb him by making inquiries merely- to satisfy curiosity.  The first that was known of it was  when he managed to make his way on  one foot in a semi-fainting -fcondition  oii -to the battery'floor where the roar  of the stamps would'prevent him at- ,  tt acting attention. The first to notice  him was Patterson, who sent for A.  E. Hoi brook, superintendent of the  mill, who happened to be near.  Dr. McGregar was.immediately summoned" and was on the ground in a few  minutes after, making an examination  of the injury and also the condition.of  his patient, whom he found to be too  weak to stand the."shock' of {imputation.' He has been doing everything  that is in his power' to allay his  patient's suffering and bring 'him  through-if possible. It is reported  that the injured man has had one or  more attacks'of hemorrhage of the  lungs since the accident occurred- and  this condition seriously handicaps the  doctor in his efforts, to save the man's  life.' - - -:..--;.,;^-v...... -  MARTIN BURRELL  IN  FRATERNITY HALL, HEDLEY   _ ON   OCTOBER 30th  At 8 o'clock p-rn.  AS OUTSIDERS SEE HIM.  Tribute   to   Martin     Burrell   from  Outside  Non-political   Source.  an  ROD AND GUN FOR NOVEMBER.  X  K  x  X  K  x  HOT E L  HEDLEY  S     Under   New   Management  I  I  *  *  x  H  Quiet and Convenient  Special Attention Given  v   to the TiijWkllino- Public  ) Hates Moderate   VANDER J. ROSE  Proprietor  X  %  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  i  HON. R. L. BORDEN  Leader of the Opposition Party.  Tho returns to hand while incomplete indicate that Laurier's majority  while a little less than in the last parliament is more f evenly distributed  through tlits Dominion and not  centred in the province of Quebec as  before. West of the Great Lakes, the  Conservatives have the best of it.  British Columbia has witnessed the  most general turnover of any, and had  the elections been held on the same day,  one solitary Liberal would be all thsrfc  would have been left of the once  vaunted "Solid Seven."  Little has been learned as yet of individual content-, lv,-it it is known that  Cowan has won Vancouver; Taylor  captured Westminster; llalph Smith  was bowled out by Haw thorn thwni to,  and first reports stated that Temple-  man was down and out with Barnard  five votes ahead of him. This narrow majority however could not last  for the half of one recount with a  Liberal returning officer. .  Winnipeg was captured by Ilaggar-t,  conservative ; Laurier aud McGivern  carried-Ottawa and Bordou won his  seat in Halifax. That will mean a bye-  election in Carleton, which is salVlv  Conservative.  Sifton won the Brandon election.  The vote by proviiu-es was as follows :  Soc.  Lib.  Con  New Brunswick  10  3  Nova Scotia  12  0  P. E. I.  'A  1  Quebec  -19  10  Ontario  m  39  Manitoba  -1  7  Saskatchewan  5  2  Alberta  'A  British Columbia  1  2  12f5  73  The Italians are making splendid  progress in grading out the station  grounds. At their present rate of going they should have, it ready for  yardage steel in about four more  weeks.  Fine diversified reading is the leading feature of the November number  of "Rod and Gun and Motor Sports  in Canada," published by W. J. Taylor,  at Woodstock, Ont. The delights of  camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting  arid mountaineering are dwelt upon in  stories which give the added touches  of personal experiences to the pleasant  pictures of enjoyment each one presents. Particularly notable are papers  on "The Deer of New Brunswick" by  that veteran guide, Adam Moore;  "Deer Farming for Profit," a.sumniary  of inquiries on this subject made by  the United States Government; and  "Wild Rice. Growing in Nova Scotia."  Everyone will enjoy reading the stories, "Running the Rapids with an  Amateur" by L. W. Bin gay ; "My Experiences as  a Bear Hunter"  bv Dr.  *  Henzel; "How I missed a   Moose and  Deer and shot a Wolf," by Jack Miner;  and the friendly challenge by Mr. J.  A. Shade, who believes, when all  points are taken into consideration,  that he has the finest moose head yet  taken out of New Brunswick. This  summary by no means includes the.  whole of the wide field eoveied.  Diversions are made into many paths  each orre of which must appeal to  many readers. With the various departments, the wealth of material in-  eluded in this number of the. magazine  is surprisingaud includes contributions  that must appeal to all lovers of out  door life.  The following warm appreciation  of the Conservative candidate, in  Yale-Cariboo appears in the October  number of the Canadian Horticulturist, an entirely non-political publication.    It says:  "More horticulturists should be in  Parliament and in our Legislative  Assemblies. There is need for men  who know something about fruit  growing and kindred pur-suits. The  enacting of legislation that has to do  with the progress of our fruit industry requires the. support of men acquainted with the business.  "It is with pleasure, therefore,   that  we learn   of    the   nomination   of  Mr.  Martin  Burrell  to  contest  the-   Yale-  Cariboo     constituency     in   Liu-  next  Dominion election.    Apart from  politics (and we do  not  know   tire   party  he supports), Mr. Buirell is  eminently  fitted  for a  place in-   Parliament rro  matter to which side of politics he belongs.    His long experience as a  fruit  grower,   the.  excellent  work  that he  did at the Dominion Fruit Conference  in 1900, the manner in  which  he   performed   his    duties  as   representative  for British Colunrbiaat the fruit shows  of England and the greatjnterest that  he takes in   the  development   of  the  fruit industry of Canada,   make   him  highly deserving of the confidence of  the electors.      Furthermore,   the   retirement   of Mr.    E. D. Smith, M. P.  the  Conservative  member for-  South  Wentworth,   Ontario,   and   the   fact  that Mr.  A.  A.  Wright,  M.  P.,  the  Liberal member for South  Renfrew,  will not   be  a candidate at   the   next  election,   both of whom    have  done  valuable work in   the  interets of  our  fruit industry, demand the election of  one or more men to continue the work.  Mr. Donald McPhail came down  from Nicola last week and will remain  for a, week or two visiting Mv. and Mrs  Ten-ill. Mr. McPhail's Hedley friends,  are pleased to see him back again. THK   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   OCTOBER 29,  1908.  Zte  ^l^;<5a^:'  <md  :"?':"  ���������   Si-  vameen Advertiser.  Issued on  ���������uliiys. by the Hkih.kv liv/.Ki'i'K  I'lUN-l-  ,St> Peitl.l.SIIl.Vlf t'O.MI'A.VV.  ki>.   at Hedley. 1'.. (7.  Su7  riptions in Advance  Per Year.     S-.'.IH,  "  ���������   ( '.,  t>d .States)... .'. '-'..VI  ivertising Rates  .Men-  .uurit. llilincs totho inch.  Land Notkv  'ertitlcntes of improvement, etc.  SJ7.00 lor  ih-.y notices, and !jn.(KJ for .'Ill-day  notices,  Transient a  ineli, !���������������������������.  each *ii-,  1(1 cent.-  cents per  Transici--  Contrar.t Ac.  Si.y'j: -<iv.  per inch ���������  taking ! -  appliciitit-  charges. -  .���������rtlsctnenta-rnot exceeding one  for. one insertion, -25 cents for  -���������merit insertion.  Over one ineli.  ���������!��������� line for tlrst insertion and 5  .'io for each subse<nieiit insertion.  niiyalilc in udvauee.  .rtisement.s���������One inch per month  ��������� l inch and up to 1, inches, rJl.tlO  -���������.''mouth. To constant advertisers  ���������s-er s|)iiee tliah  four inelics, on  ...rates will be given of reduced  '.sort on size' of space and length  of time,  Advertise.!)*, -.its will be changed once every  inoutli if aih ���������: tiser desires, without any extra  charge. Koi-. -arises oftoner than once a month  the price 'a-, .-oinposition will be,charged at  regular rat< -.  ..Changes It-. contract- advertisements should  be in the ol ;'���������.'��������� ������ by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention (or- ���������-int week's issue. - '.  A. A1EQRAW, Managing Editor.  Full Moon  -'"'     ,-Bth  "fflP)  w   New Moon  If         ' -5  Last eiuar.  :          ���������<>  Ifljgjj  Jp,     First qiuuv  f"                    '3.  t  190S  OCT.  1908,r  Sun. Wo!>,  Tucs. Wed  , Thu. Trh Sati  12       3  4       5  0       7  8      9     10  11     12  13     14  15     IG     17   j  22     23     24   i  29    30     31 :|  18     19  2()     21  25     26  27     28  ,:..-���������  i{  burilding   up    altruistic    ideals  1 based on the assumjition of the  j brotherhood    of  man,     When  ' Burns  wrote  that "a mnn's u  ! in.-in 1'or a1 that" and that "man  I to man   the  world  o'er  would  ���������brothers be", he had never  had  'any     acquaintance     with   the  | migratory  Chink or  .Tap,  and  ! neither   has   the   present day  I Ontario elector, who has  made  Burn's altruism a part or* his  religious creed.   It is less  than  a year since Laurier was loudly  applauded at a Board of Trade  banquet in Toronto for saying  that he would not be  stamped-,  ed    by   British  Columbia into  Asiatic exclusion; and the sentiment that called forth that  applause is still there.    It should  have been reckoned with in the  contest.  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  WHAT  WAS THE CAUSE  The triumphs of-photography  a're seen in the feat of the high;  ly-imaginative camera, which  snapped a snap of Duncan's  new ethereal post office in  Vernon.  Children iircoften promised a .nice  picture bobk if they will - be good.  Last weelc's Okiihagjin has a nice- picture, on its front-page, (if the new post  office thut Vernon is to get if it will  support Duncan Ross. All Yide-  Cariboo will watch what Vernon is  going to do about it and will he. able  to tiike Vernon's measure its the vv-  of what its people will do on November 12th.  If for no other reason than its foul  record in Die Yukon and its treatment  of Rev. Dr. Pringlc, the Laurier Government, deserved to go down to defeat on Monday last. Dr. Pi-ingle's  letter of Oct. 8th telling the foul story  of the conspiracy to ruin him, is at  all events enough to show the people  eif British Columbia that they have  reason to be proud of their action in  February 1907 when thev turned down  a party led by such .men as Ex-Judge  Henderson and Billy McTnnes. The  Christian church has never'shown out  grander in anything that has happened here ih^the west than the fight put  up by Dr. Pringle in his denunciation  of vice in high pla ees.  #  m6  THE BANK OF  1908  METEOROLOGICAL.  The cause of Ontario's behavior on M nday last may be  sought in :i good many directions but ��������� ill be difficult to find.  The moral turpitude on the  nart of the electors of that province which it implies is not  pleasant to contemplate, for it  shows that they are prepared  to condone the pilfering from  the public. treasury that has  been going on to such an alarm  ing degree as'has  been proven  in the public records and the  public acc.t i imts.    Thestrangest  feature about it and one which  looks   very   suspicious is that  the    bettor   class   of   Liberals  shared the* opinion of Conservatives that a great turnover in  public sentiment in   that province was to be expected.    Some  of these \\ ere prepared to  concede   over   fifty   seats   to   Mr.  Borden, and that it fell so far  short of the sixty or sixty-five  that   the    Conservatives   were  counting on, would  look  very  much as if means were employed of which these better class  Liberals would be kept in  the  dark.   This of course may have  no foundation in fact and the  end may be due to  some  other  cause unexplained.     There is,  however, another factor which  may have queered the electors  of Ontario.    That is their utter  lack   of   sympathy   with    the  Asiatic    Exclusion    movement  which occupies so large a -place  in the public eye in this x>rov-  . ince,    and   itv is    questionable  whether it was good  tactics to  seek to give it the same prominence with people who could  only judge  of the question in  the abstract and had no opportunity   of  knowing by object  lesson any of the  effects either  real   or   probable    that    must  follow    the     introduction     of  Asiatics in large  numbers  into  this province.    It   is  like butting  the head against a stone  wall to talk to  those  old self-  sufficient  blue law manipulators, who may be  perfectly sincere in their views, that there is  socially   and    industrially    an  i impassible   gulf   between    the  European     and    the     Asiatic.  For nenrly two  centuries  they  and their  forbears  have   been  If it were known how much  of the misrepresentation ap4  pea ring in the Vernon Okanagan these days is to be attributed to ignorance of public questions and how much to the habit  of prevarication,' it would be  easier to tell how much blame  is to be meted out for each  week's dose of mendacity.  Now that the electors in Ontario and other eastern provinces have said that they dont  care whether B. C. is white,  yellow or brown, there is all  the greater necessity for Yale-  Cariboo and Kootenay re-affirming their determination of-  keeping, it white by electing  Burrell and Goodeve.  The following are tin? i-eadings showing temperature, etc., for the Week  ending Oct. 24:  AT THE MINE.  Oct  Maximum  Minimum  18  38  23  19  35  20  20  34  ltt  21  3S  12  22  ..37  13  23  41  20  24  30      '.'  30  Average maximum temperature 90.  Average, minimum do 20.42  Mean temperature 29.71  Rainfall tor the week     .      inches.  Snowfall     "       ������������������       11.  ;".'    COUKKSi'O'XDINO WKBK OK LAST YKAlt  Highest maximum 'temperature 62  Word comes from the Oka  iiagan to the effect that the  friends of Duncan Ross in this  ridiug are resting all their  hopes of his election upon the  dredging dodge at Penticton  and upon that picture of the  new post office in Vernon. Of  course they claim that tenders  are called for. Tenders are  semetimes long in being opened ;  besides tliey often read "the  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted." Oh Duncan,  Duncan, how thou dost love  humbug!  Avei-ap-e iriaxi m ii m  do  59.14  Lowest minimum  do  90  Average mini mum  do  36.  Mean        '  do  47.57  jVT THK  MILL.  Maximum  Minimum  Oct  IS,  40  35  19           ..  42  . .  30  20  45  . ,  ������t  21  43  33  22  51  , t  30  23  50  '. .  31  24  51  32  Average maximum temperature 46.85  Average minimum'-       do 33.  Mean do.     .   -30.Q2  Rainfall for the week     .37 inches  COBnESrONIMNG"WKEK OK LAST YKAR  Highest maximum tenipcraf.\ire '63;   -  Average do :db 63.85  Lowest minimum <16 31.  Average do do 36.  Mean do 49.02  NOTICE.  ' __" 7".  Certificate of Improvements.  Mineral "Claim,' situate in  ~t__ ._   ear Camp  The DYNAMITE  the Greenwood .Mining Division of Yalp  District.'    VV here' located:    Ncl  that :I,  Henry,TNIeholson,  Free Minor's GertiUciito NoL'B 11123, acting  If Parker Williams is correctly reported in the Penticton  Press he stated in a public address in Penticton that "the  condition of the working class  was worse now than it had  been since the close of the 17th  century, while the best period  had been in the 13th century."  Surely Parker Williams does  not expect to find anybody in  the Similkameen riding green  enough to believe a statement so manifestly false as this  is. If this were true he is the  worst enemy that trades unionism could possibly have, for in  this he practically gives labor  unions a slap in the face by  telling unionists that their unionism was no good and had  accomplished nothing for tho  betterment of the wage-earn  er's condition. Worse than that,  he gives them to understand  that all their work and worry  in organizing labor for its own  protection had resulted only in'  loss to them since their condition was now worse than when  they began. Verily much doping with Carl Marx pabulum  hath made these men mad.  McKihney.  TAKE  NOTICE  Free Minor's C_   _   _  as ngent foi���������'.It; G. Siul6y, Free Miner's Ccrtitl  cate No. IB 14117, intend. ISO days from the date  hereof, to' apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements, for the purposo of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And FiirtHo'r take notice that'action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before tho issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this lfltli day of September, A;D. 1H08.  37-10 HENRY NICHOLSON.  NOTICE  that thirty days  lar-ro, will apply  to K. S. Har-r-ey. 1 nspector- of Provincial Police,  NOTICE   is hereby given  from date, I, Clius. do Dar-ro, will apply  for permission   to transfer the license of the  Granite Creek Hotel to John Gillan.  Granite Creek. Out  CHAS.  lflth. 1SKJ8.  DE HARRO.  PENDRAY'S  No. i Winter  TREE SPRAY  Sulphur, Lime & Salt.  This Spray i.s made by directions of  the 13. O. Department of Agriculture,  and i.s strongly recommended by them  for destroying all kinds of pests, such  as Oyster Bark Louse, Wooly Aphis,  Cod 1 in Moth, Green Fly, Green Aphis  etc. It will also kill moss and keep  the trees clean and healthy. Put up  in gallon, half gallon and one quart  tins, with full directions for using.   ������������������    For Sale by   J. A. NESBITT  Agent,   -   Penticton, B.C.  This Bank lias a record behind it of nearly throe quarters of  ,      a century of successful banking in Canada, with .assets  increasing every year until they now exceed $50,000,000.  TVloney Advanced on reasonable terms.   Dhakts  bought find sold.   Sams Notes cashed, or.taken for col-   ,  lection.    Money Okdeks and Letteks of Ciiktht issued,  payable in the leading cities of the world. v  Escrows   in connection   with   Mining   Deaths   given  special attention. ,  Hedley Branch,    -   -   L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  ������im!iKam66n Valley Saddlery Go.  HARNESS and SADDLES  WHIPS, BITS and SPURS  BOOTS and SHOES MADE TO ORDER  Harness Repairs and Boot Repairs Attended to.    First-Class Work ,  flEDLEY BRflN6H,     -     -     J. 6RIT6HLEY, ManaQer  NOTICE.  T*jr������TICE,ls hereby eiven. that, thirty nays.  ;*?l--:������fccr artt<>; J. -.lolHi.JnCkno'n.'o'fHt'dley.  li. C��������� m'tehd'W ftpWy to'the s'upeHrite'nilc'fit ot  lifovSrtclfcVjwHcd.;'>i.:������. Hn'������������cy,������r:yi<ftofiH. for  m rcnfewal of ft retittl'Iiqii'oij. Hciiirt'O, for 'tlie'.Ne w  ZefclnndHotel, -loeiittdiii.-lfcinoy, K 'C.  JOHN JACKSON.  Hcdloy. B, C. Oct. lath. 1!WS.'     '10-4  NOTICE.  TkJpl'ICE is hereby,  A" *    jifhw flute. T. Jo  ... the unpei'iriteiijlb  viiiclul police. V. S.'Hussey,-of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Oreiit  Northern Hotel, located in Hedley, 'B.C.  v, given, that, thirty day  ,      nftcr date. I, John Li ml.'of, Hedley, B.'C .  intend to apply to the MnpfcriritoiMlviit of pro-  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  *���������' after jlate, I, Jimiioh W'nllnco, of Princetein, B.C., iritond to apply to tho Hiipcrintcndent  of provincial itolic-t*, V. S. Hiwsey, of Victoria,  for renewal of a, retail liquor licence for tho  Princeton Hotel, located Ht-IMnceiton, B. C.  JAMKS WALLACE.  Princeton, B. C. Oct. 15th, 1908. 10-1  NOTICE.  Hedley. B. C. Oct. loth,  iJOHX LIND.  llKfe. .   '     .ill-^l  NOTICE.  KfOl'ICE  IS  after date,  hereby Riven that, thirty days  1,/Vrtiirter J. Hose, of Hedley,  B. C��������� intend to apply to the huperintendent of  provincial police.. V. S. Hussey, .of-Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor, licence for 'the Hotel  Hedley, located in Tlcdle.v, !B. C.  -,    / VANDER J. KOSK.  Hedley, B. C. Oct. 15th. im. '10-4  NOTICE.  KfOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������*���������' after date, we, Robert Herring and Anton  Winkler, of Hedley', B. C. intend to apply to  the superintendent of provincial police, F. S.  Hii.ssey, of Victoria, for renewal-of a retail liquor licence for the Grnod Union Hotel, located  in Hedley, B. C. ;  HERRING & WINKLER.     ...  Hedley. 11. C. Oct. 15th. 1SW8. W-i  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby pi von that, -thirty days  after date, we, Geo. A.'Goldsbi-otigh and  Amy A. Worgan, of jVltison, B.C., intcnel to ap-  Iily.to the superintendent of provincial police,  ���������\ S. Hu.sscy, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail  liquor licence for the Allison Hotel, -located at  Allison, B. C. <���������  GOLDSHROUGH & WOltGAN.  Allison. B.C., Oct. ISth, 11J08. 10-1   f      1 '��������� ���������  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, we. W. Arnott and W. B.  Hine, of Okanagan Falls. B..C, intend to apply  to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S.  Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail  liquor licence for the Alexandra Hotel, located  at Okaimgim Falls, li. C  ARNOTT & HINE.  Okanagan Falls, B.C., Oct. loth. 1908.      10-1  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, A. 1). Broonittold. of West-  bridge, B. C, intend to a-pjily to the supcrihten-  tendent of provincial police, F.-S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquorliccnco  for the Westbridge Hotel, located at West-  bridge, B. C.  A. D. BROOMFIELD.  Westbridge, B.C., Oct. 15th, 11)08. lff-1  NOTICE is hereby given tliat, thirty daye  after date. I. W. T. Atherton, of Hedley,  B. C. intend to apply to tl. ���������superintendent ol  provincial police, V. S. Hussey; of Victoria, for  superintendent of  sy; of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Hotel  Siinilkaniccii, located in Hedlej\B, C.  Hcdloy.U.COct.  W. T. ATHERTON.  loth, 1!K>8: 10-i  ������   NOTICE.  N(  OTICE is hei-olly given that, thirty days  ... after date, I, E. A. C. Studd, intend to  apply to the supcri n tondent of provincial police,  F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for a retail liquor  licenco for the Commercial Hotel, located in  Hedley > B. C. ���������  E. A. C. STUDD.  Hedley, B. C, Oct. loth. 1SJ08. 10-1  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby, given that, thirty days  after date, I, H. S. Pittcndrigh, of Rock  Creek, B. C, intend to apply to the supcrintcn-"  dent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Rock Crock Hotel, located at Kock Creek.  Rock Creek, B.C.  H. S. PITTENDRIGH.  , Oct. 15th. 1908. 10-4  NOTICE  NOTICE .is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, R. G. Sidley, of Sidlcy, B.C.,  intend to apply to tho. superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey,'of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquorliccnco for the Mountain  View Hotel, located at Sidlcy, B. C.  R. G.  Sidlcy, B. C, Oct. loth, 1908.  SIDLEY.  10-4  NOTICE.  MOT ICE is hereby given that, thirty days  x* after date. J, Thos. Bradshaw, of Fifteen  Mile, B. C, intend to apply the superintendent  of provincial police. F. S. Hussey, of Vietoria,-  for renewal of a retail liquor licence for Brad-  sluiw's Hotel, located at Fifteen Mile, B. C.  THOS. BRADSHAW.  Fifteen Mile, B.C., Oct. loth. 1908. 10-1  NOTICE is hereby  after date, I,  given that, thirty days  Hugh Cameron, of Camp  McKinncy, B.C., intend to apply to the superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for a retail liquor licence for the  Camp McKinncy Hotel, located at Camp Mc-  ICinney, li. C.  ��������� HUGH CAMERON.  Camp McKinncy, B.C., Oct 15th. 1908.        11-1  NOTICE.  VTOTICK is hereby given that, thirty days  ���������*���������' afterdate, 1, John Cosgrove, of Hedloy.  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Park  Hotel, located on (he Siinilkninceii river four  miles west of Hedloy, B. C.  JOHN COSGROVE.  Hedley, B.C., Oct. loth, 1908. 10-1  NOTICE.  TVJOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  AV after date, 1, Harry Jones, of Fairview,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Golden  Gate Hotel, located in Fairview, B.C.  Eairviow, B, C.  HARRY JONES.  Oct. 15th, 1908. 10-1  NOTICE.  NOTION is hereby given that, thirty (lays  afterdate, I, Evan Morris, of Fan-view,  B. C��������� intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincinl police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for tho Miners  Hemic Hotel. Incited In Fairview, B.C.  Fairview, B.C., Oct. loth  EVAN  190S.  MORRIS.  10-1  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, J. S. McLean, of Bridcvillo  P. 0., B. C, intend to apply to tho superintendent of provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor licence for  the Ion a Hotel, located at forks of Rock Creek.  JOHN S. McLEAN.  Bridcvillo P. O., B. C, Oct. loth, 1908.       , 11-1  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, 1, Jno. Gillan, of Granito Creek,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for  a retail liquor licenco for the Granite Creek  Hotel, located at Granite Creek, B. C.  Granite Creek, B.C., Oct,  JOHN GILLAN.  loth,1908. 11���������1  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I, Huge Campbell, of Ashnola,  B. C, intend to apply to the superintendent of  provincial police, F. S. Hussey. of Victoria, for  renewal of a retail liquor licence for the Ashnola Hotel, located in Ashnola, B. C.  HUGH CAMPBELL.  Ashnola, B. C, Oct. loth, 1908. 12-1 THE  HEDLEY  GAZETTE,   OCTOBER  29,  1908.  THE  Great. Northern'  H Oil, 6:1  Princeton  Is noted over thu entire district for excellence of both tablo  :   :   :   :      and bur.      :   '���������   :  :  All the wants of tho travelling  public   carefully  attended   to.  Grand Union  -HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  JL A. F-. & A. M.  ,*ftY' REGULAR monthly meetings of  /\3r\ Hedley Ijodge No. 13. A..F. & A. M..  *   ^ are held on the second   Friday In'  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. VLsitlng  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  H.D.BARNES.  Secretary  '  :-.ji������i  Town and District.  J. D. BRASS,  W. M.  PALACE  yvery, Feed & Sale Stables  HEDLEY, B. C.  "ff A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   IT Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  'Phone 14.  ���������   INNIS BROS.- Proprietors.  THg  NEW  ZEALAND  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors,and Cigars, and Spechfl  Attention   paid   to  the   Table.  THE "MODEL"  LIVERY .STABLE  Princeton, B. C.  THE FINEST TURNOUTS IN THE COUNTRY  r/   * ' v *-* ,������ ,     " '  ���������;'i Mr.;'A. Ef Anderson, who *has,'-heen  most of the yenr*in .Spokane, returned  toHedle-y ������in Saturday. ^  H. Swan is making good progress mi,  the Ashnola Creek Bridge," which .is  now well on. the way  to completion.  TheSpokaiuvSpokesinan-Review^had  a cut of-Hon. R..L. Borde-n, which looks  as mtich.like. Mr. Borden as Duncan  Ross looks like Abraham Lincoln.  i ������     *' ���������  - Across the line, inWashington^State  the interest in the Presidental election  sei'ins to he \osp in that of the contest  for removal e>f the county seat from  Conconully to Riverside. ^ ,  The Molson Leader. a*ne\v paper,  stinted by H; I. Mooney to take the  place of the Independent which was  removed, has come to} hand. Tt is a  tidy looking sheet and has fail advertising patronage.  Miss MacHaffiie, who has been visiting in Hedley with Mr. W. A. Mac-  Lciin's- family during the past two  months, leturned yesterday to,' her  home in Vancouver, having spent a  Very enjoyable time in Hedley and the  Similkameen.  Gradually the Similkameen Falls  Power Co, near Oroville are reaching  out for new business. Their latest  move in this direction is the construction of app^revline .to transmit electrical energy f rom the Falls to the Triune  mine at Qp.lde������. , ,-  Mr. J, R. Brown, of Sununei-land,  was in Hedley over Sunday, having  driven over with Dr. White. , Mr.  Brown was over in the old country  last winter on tiehalf of,the Dominion  Government as fiscal agent in the interest of Canadian Fruit-growers.  Dillier and Scherbauer of the Hedley  Brewery have dissolved partnership,  LouLs Scherbauer buying out Otto  DiUjer's iujterest in the business. 'The  latter has made no arrangements yet  as to his future, but will no doubt look  f������>r a location elsewhere.  Mr. J. L. Caldwell's friends in Hedley  were plea.santly,surprised to see him  walking around on Monday 'last. He  returned from the Vernon hospital on  Saturday night's stage. While he is  still very weak his condition has greatly improved, and he hopes with rest  and care to .be able for his work again  in the spring.  * ���������  :\     v.  An enjoyable farewell party was  held on Monday, evening at the resi-  dence.of Mr. F. Hi French on Kingston Ave. to bid goodbye to Mr.', and  Mrs. Geo. E. French, on the eve of  their,departure to Vernou. The many  Hedley friends of. Mr. aiid Mrs. Geo.  French wish them Godspeed arid a  full measure of happiness.  Mr. J. H. Kenneehr, chief engineer  V. V. A: E. was in town on. two days  last week. Mxv*Kennedy has been  looking after parts of the local engineering work between here and Princeton, which Mr. Hale could not find  time,to look after. Mi*. Kennedy expects to move to Princeton shortly in  order to be nearer his work.  Picture post-card scribblers at D.vv  IDBOX'S.      '���������    '-  It was a large, cemgiegation which,  turned eiiib to, hear Rev. Dr. .While,  the Superintendent* .of Methodist  Missions, wlio preached in the ..Metho-  elist -Church here -,on Sunday, night.  Dr. White can always eimnt ouagooel  turnout in Hedley for his periodical  visits. He spoke of the difficulty  which the church had in securing men  for the work of the, various mission  fields, but if no man could be secured  fen* Hedley, ; he would arrange feir  monthly visits by clergy from Penticton, ICelnwna or some other field.  Looks comfortable to see smoke this  weather. A gboel assortment of Pipes  at Davidson's.   ,  Martin BurreU the Conservative-  candidate, will address the electors  of Hedley in Fraternity Hall to-morrow, (Friday) night. The defeat of  his party at the polls on Monday last  does not in any degree: daunt Mr. Burrell who is not a quitter, Four years  ago he was up against the same handicap of a deferred election, but he  nevc-r deserted his peist, anel hael his  friends been possessed eif half the  sand that is in him he would have won  out, and would have done credit to the  district as its representative. Everybody in town who. wishes to hear c4\e  of the best speakers in. the province  should turn emt tet-morrow evening  and hear him.  Let your friends know you are alive.  Get your Stationery at Davidson's ���������  a fresh supply just arrived.  WE AIM TO SATISFY  /  THAT IS WHY WE CAliliY  SUCH A LARGE STOCK OF  FOOTWEAR  i  " Wc have Boots and Shoes to fit  all sizes and shapes of feet���������Men's,  Women's and Children's ��������� and at  all  prices.  If you have had difficulty in  getting suited elsewhere, be sure  and give us a trial.  SOUTHERN /DKANAGAN  Al. Phelps and family recently re-  movecl from Myer's Flat tei Fairview.  Mr. anel Mrs. Thos. Ellis, eif Victoria,  are visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wade,  of Penticton.  ������  Jas. Davis, besides clearing twelve  acres, of bench, cut several tons of hay  on his lower meadow.  Dr. R. B. White is thoroughly re-  novating ,the old hank mess, he is preparing it for a residence.  Miss Hazel McKenzie of Cliff Ranch,  Vascaux, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. 'R.  H. Parkinson, of Kelowna,  In .the last twelve 'months a wonderful change has taken jila'cie in this new,  settlement nestling down among the  foothills.  Shatfords, Ltd.  EXTRA WELL FITTED FOR LONG DRIVES  Broomfield & Garrison  PROPRIETORS  X  X  X  I  s  X  X  ^s^.  $ *  X  x  X  I  X  X  X  I  X  ���������J  X  X  I  X  I  s  X  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing juorc bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Tablo and  bar   first - claw.    Rates  moderate.  JOHN LIND,  Proprietor  X  ���������J������WSW������W������WW*W������*S������tttWtSW������l*  When   writing    Advertisers,  Mention the Gazette.  Please  The Gazette, has received a copy of  the handsome lithograph of Hon.  Richard McBride, Premier of British  Columbia, issued by the Toronto  Lithographing Co. and supplied by the  Vancouver Province to its subscribers.  The picture is an excellent likeness of  the premier and one which every British Columbian should have.  On Tuesday night's stage Messrs.  Chinks Bunting, Parker Williams  and George E. Winkler, representing  the Socialists, arrived in Hedley in the  interests of Bunting's candidature. It  is understood that they will hold a  meeting in Princeton, and put in the  balance of their time in a still hunt,  before their meeting here on Saturday  night.  Chas. Bunting the Socialist Candidate will be in Hedley on Saturday  night, and will address tho electors.  He will be assisted by Parker Williams  the Socialist representative for Newcastle in the B. C. Legislature. Williams is acknowledged to be a good  speaker, and whether the electors  .agree with their political views or not,  many'will no doiilit turn out to hear  them.  Mr. M. K. Rodgers, of Seattle, came  in on Friday night lust accompanied  by Walter B. Beam a mining engineer  from Colorado. They spent Saturday  and Monday at the Nickel Plate, and  went out again this morning. Mr.  Rodgers is giving most of his attention to the opening out of properties of  the Hidden Creek Mines Co. in which  he is largely interested and whose  property is situated '"��������� ."��������������� >nsi: Bay an  arm o fO'"--. n    t.  Messrs Mahoney and Woqil worth on  Ke'iu-ns Lake fire busily -.'engaged hr  breaking up their lake shore frontage,  preparing it for fall planting.  -.Hawthorn Bros., lately 'arrived, from  Peaehland, are -engaged in '"defining  their pre-emptiouis preparatory'.to in-  staHing a sawmill on Green Lake.  Two gangs of men under McLean  and Davis are busily engaged in. opening up the Green Lake District between Okanagan Falls aiid Fairwiew.  Jos. Gigniac of Bea'usejour Ranche,  Myers Flat, picked 15 tons of first-class  grapes off'one half acre of bench this  year, finding a ready sale in Penticton  and Hedley.   WHEN YOU HANKER FOR     Fresh Beef,     Pork or Mutton  Cured Meats,     Fish or Poultry  OALLW PHONE No. 5  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  Ho Jo EB)M������������  TS������ fBrtetar  't&Wf&^IQW*^  Sale of Mineral Claims for Unpaid Taxes, Princeton  Assessment District, Province of British Columbia.  Chinamen and the many small boys  in Fairview w,ill now be able to go  fear  up  and down the gulch without fe.ir of  either devils or spooks since the Blue  House i.s being removed.  The Government dredge is arriving  in Pentiction on tho installment plan.  I'll tell you more in next's week's  breezes, about the dredge and dredgers.    Of course they are all Grits.  Peter Mclntyre, of Cliff Ranch, has  purchased the 'Old Blue House' in  Fairview and is moving it out on his  farm. W. M. Dalrymple, of Fairview,  has the contract for mov the edifice.  {Thanks to our Hon. member L. W.  Shatford, this, district is now being  opened up in record time. The distance between between Penticton and  Fairview will be about 24 miles by the  new road instead of 32 mile6 as at  prosen t.  Harris Bros, have sunk a 30 foot  shaft and made several open cuts on  their free bearing quartz lead. They  have several acres in orchard besides a  flourishing young nursery full of  young apricot and peach trees which  they are rearing to supply the local  demand.  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, the 2nd day of November, A. D.  1908, at the hour of twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House,  Princeton, I shall offer for sale at public auction the mineral claims in the list  hereinafter set out, of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out, of which  Crown Grants have been issued, for the taxes remaining unpaid and delinquent  by said persons on the 30th day of June, 1908, and for costs and expenses of  sale, if the total amount is not sooner paid.   List above mentioned :  Xante of Person.  Name of Claim.  Lot No.  Unpaid  Taxes.  Cost of  Adv'tf.  Total.  Stephen Mangottand L.W. Shatford  Great Kastorn   3137  S13 00  $2 00  ������15 00  Stephen JMancrott. L. W. Shatford  and It. H. Parkinson   Silent Friend Fraction ..  34.19  13 (HI  2 00  15 00  R. IT. Parkinson, Stephen Mangott  and L. W. Shatford   Lisey D   3-111  ;"> ;"><l  2 00  7 oO  Daniel Coutnoy.  Stephen Muntfott  and L. AY". Shatford .-..  Cream of the C'ump   3112  13 no  2 00  15 00  K. V. U'odwoll.:   Queen Alexandria   Dividend Xo. 2 A   Mammoth   Iron Mask   '1.7.V  '27Xi  3132  3131  3435  111 -J."l  11 7i'i  s 00  11 7.*-  S 75  2 (Hi  2 00  2 (N)  2 00  2 0U  12 25  K. V. Bodwcll   13 75  Robert Gacde   10 00  13 75  10 75  Dated jit Princeton, B. C.  30-1  October 3rd, 190S.  HUGH HUNTER,  Deputy Assessor, Princeton Assessment District.  Offers Wanted.  H>  SALES AGENTS WANTED.  ������30.00 per week or 100 percent profit. All  samples, stationery, and art catalogue free.  AVc want-one permanent agent in this locality  for the largest picture and framo house in  America. Experience unnecessary. We instruct you how to kcII our goods and furnish  tho capital, if you want a permanent, honorable and profitable position, write us to-day for  particulars, catalogue and samples.  FRANK W. WILLIAMS COMPANY,  121-1 AV. Taylor St., Chicago, 111.  A.VIXG decided to close out the Estate of  the Hedley Lumber Company as soon as  possible, the undersigned will bo pleased to  consider bids for the stock, plant, tools &c.  Outstanding accounts not promptly settled jvill  bo placed in the hands of a collector.  22-tf  S. L. SMITH, Assignee.  NOTICE.  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT.  District ok Yalk.  TAKK NOTICE that Hubert J. "W. Green, of  ���������*���������      Horn Lake, occupation���������fanner, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: ���������  Commencing at a. post planted 20 chains cast  of the S. AV. corner of V. P. Howard's P. It. No.  4037; thence east 40 chains; thence south 40  chains; thoneo west 10 chains: thence north 40  chains to point of commencement, and containing IliO acres more or less.  Okanagan  Col  The Fall Term will begin or������  Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1908  IIuukkt J.  September 21st, 15)08.  W  GRKKN.  3S-10  College Matriculation, junior  and senior; Commercial Course;  Stenography^ and Typewriting;  Vocal and Instrumental Music.  For further particulars  address  the  Principal,  Everett. W. Sawyer  SUMMERLAND, B. C. THE  HEDLEY  GAZETTE,   OCTOBER 29, 1908.  BORDEN'S HALIFAX PLATFORM.  Laid   Down   by    Him   at   Halifax   on  August   20th, ���������'190'*',  I'UIiL'C  KLVAN'CK.  "1. Honest appropriation and expenditure of public moneys in'the public  interest.  ATl'Ol.VJ'MKNT )IY 2H.EHIT.  2. Appointment of public oflicials  upon considerations of capacity and  personal character and hot of party  service alone.. ,  HO.N'liST ELECTIONS.  3. More effective provisions to punish  ..bribery and fraud at elections, to en-  . sine through publicity as.to expenditures by political organizations; to  prevent:, the accumulation of campaign  funds for corrupt purposes-anel'to prohibit contributions thereto by'corporation^   contractors and/promoters; to  ..-expedite the hearing of election peti-  7 tiotis and to prevent collusive arrangements for the withdrawal or coinprd-  ������������������- inise thei-eeif; to provide foi-a thorough  investigation Of corrupt practices, and  if necessary to appoint a'n independent  prosecuting officer charged withthat  duty, to-Minplify the procedure therefor  and to enforce the laws so. amended.  CIVIL SERVICE lM������FOi������r.  4. A thorough and complete reformation of the laws relating to the Civil  Service so that future appointments  : shall'be niadi* by an independent commission acting upon the report of exii 111-  ineivs after'competitive examination.  UKFOKJI OF THE SENATE.  5. Such reform in the mode of selecting members of the Senate as will  make that chamber a more useful and  representative legislative body.  IMJUGKA'J'ION.  0'. A  more careful  Selection of.the  , sources from which immigration'shall  .'* be sought, a more'1-igid  inspection'of  ���������'immigrants and  the, abolition  of the  bonus system except under very special  ���������circumstance's and for the purpose'of  obtaining particularly dcsha.hle classes  ���������  of-settlers. ������������������.--.   ���������- ' ���������-- ������������������ ���������'- ������������������'���������'���������' .:.-���������"    '. ������������������'-.-���������  I'UIiLIC LANDS AND FKANC1IISES FOB  THE PEOPLE.  ��������� 7. .The management and. development of the public.domain (in which  are to be included great national franchises) for the public benefit and under  such conditions that a reasonable proportion of-the increment of value arising therefrom shall iuure to the people.  NON-PARTISAN   MANAGEMENT  OF   GOVERNMENT .RAILWAYS.  8. "The operation and management of  our government railways by an independent commission free from partisan  control or influence.  NATIONAL     PORTS,    'TRANSPORTATION  AND COLLI  STORAGE.  9. The   development  and   improve-  . ineut of our national   waterways,  the  equipment of national ports, the improvement of transportation facilities  and consequent reduction of freight  rates between the place of production  and the market whether at- home or  abroad, and the establishment of a  thorough system of cold storage.  jV PUI.LU.' UTILITIES COMMISSION.  10. The i-eorgan.izatioii of the present-  Railway commission as a Public Utilities commission with wider powers  and a more extended jurisdiction, so  as to establish thorough and effective  control over all corporations owning  or operating public utilities or invested  .with franchises of a national character.  PUULIC TlfiLEG'UAPilS AND TELEPHONES  11. The establishment, after due investigation, of a system of national  telegraphs and telephones under conditions which shall be just to capital  already invested in those enterprises."  IMI'HOVED   POSTAL   FACILITIES.  LI. The improvement of existing  postal facilities, especially in newly developed portions of the country and  the inauguration,.after proper inquiry  as to the cost, of a system of free rural  mail  delivery.  TAP IKK   POLICY.  13. A fiscal policy which will promote the production within Canada of  all useful articles and commodities that  can be advantageously produced or  manufactured from or by means of our  natural resources, having due regard  to the interests of the consumer as  well as to the just claims of out- wage-  earning population.  IM PERI A L PRE I *.E K ESC E.  .14. The promotion by negotiation,  legislation and other constitutional  means of a system of mutual piefer-  encial trade with the Empire.  .JUSTICE TO THE NEW PISOVINCES.  15. The restoration of the public  lands to the Provinces of Alberta and  Saskatchewan upon fair terms.  PROVINCIAL   BIGHTS.  1(5. The unimpaired maintenance of  all powers, e'e..self-government which  have been coiiferii'u upon the Provinces of Canada? under the- constitution.  ."'--,C.       i"-5-!'-  ^'���������v^ti'-M  "i-   ��������� '������������������.<������������������!'.���������- ������������������ ������������������.".:���������>  'X: ���������,;..;������������������   '    7,.:f������ .���������;���������' *.;77 .,7'#i-.  Is  A  Good,  '/:  And  Will  Make  Money  Hedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous " Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and business  centre of the'  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Similkameen  the new mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of elevelopment work, to be one of the richest-  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  British Columbia.  Scott Ave.  (main st.)   $400 to $600  Other Streets   ........ $200 to $409.  i... I jblv[Yl,jd....  HEDLEY is the chief town on the .route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the .near future, it will unquestionably  become a large and important city* and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  1-3 Cash; balance in 3  and 6 months, -with  interest at the rate  of 6 per cent.  For Those Who  Invest Now.  ===Parchase a few Lets before the Railway Cpmes===  For Full Particulars, Maps Etc., ,".    j'  ,. ��������� /-"HPI^JL-V   TO��������� ...  mm  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  Townslte Co'y, ltd.  -        HEDLEY, B.C.  ���������J   '*B%������,  ��������������� *���������  >,*/  .* .  I* ������  v,,  Hotel Kererneos  GEO. KIRBY, nanager.  First Class in Every llespect.     Commercial and Mining-  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.     Post House on Penticton-  ���������-Princeton  Stage  Line.  '���������**'���������.     ***  >   *    *  &>4  KBREnEQS,  B. ���������.  "WHen in Keremeos  ���������-.'"���������*���������('���������.���������, ���������  STOP AT  otel  TWEDDLE (Si, REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  hmr^ttgsffi'igaffrr^wpfcv.T^m  HARTIN  BURRELL,  The   Liberal-Conservative  Candidate  for  Vale-Cariboo,   and   Next  Representative of This Riding.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!  *'*(%���������������:, I',  ^ It  Mr. BunKfiLTj was born in England, and came to Canada over thirty  years ago, when ho engaged in the fruit-growing industry in the Niagara  peninsula in Ontaria-. In that province lie was recognized as an able  speaker on horticultural topics, and was one of the niostaceeptable lecturers at meetings of the farmer's institutes in each electoral riding of  that province. With the opening of the Boundary district he came to  British Columbia to engage in fruit-growing, and has since been recognized as an authority on that ipiestion, representing British Columbia  in England last winter. While identifying himself with the.' Conservative party he has never been a violent partisan, and stands for  planing politics on a higher plane. Such a man would make an ideal  representative for Yale-Cariboo.    Do yourself credit by voting for him !


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