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The Hedley Gazette Oct 14, 1915

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 ./'  AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Librarian  Lt-tfisJuiive A8������eniblr   mw 14,  \Ysr\..f  S~,  Volume XI.      Numi  ierSjO^^  K?        <l? *-������'/  [i ~~i      Qf*-- < ^,/  </  HEDLEY, B.C., THURSDAY, OCTOEEK 14. 1910.  4-^Sp--    Jj&QO, Inv^vSc/  "g^.-.,-  ^  JmS.GLmRKE,  r i       Watchmaker  HEDLEY, B.C.  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  Letter Tells of  Submarine -Warfare  N. Thompson imioxb seymouk&M1  MGK. WESTKICN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Rag.  Offices and Warehouse, 847-Gf Beiitty Street  Vancouver, B.C.  J^ A. F. & A. M.  "VCUf KEGUXiAK monthly meetings of  /^r\ Hedley Lodge No. ������, A. F. & A. M.,  are held on Use second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Itixlley. ViKiiing  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  A. CREELMAN,  W. M  S. E. HAMILTON  Secretary  L. O. L.  The Regular    nicetiiifft- of  Hedley Lodge 1741 are held on  the  first and  thii-d Monday In  every month in tlr# Orange Hall  "^aSjSl^SP  I-idies meet 2nd itrxl I  Mondays  Visitlnj* bretlrcrn are oor-di-illy invited  A. .1". KING, \V. Jt    ' ,.  C. P. DALTON, Sec'L  F>.  F������. BROWN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  Tier.. No. i!7 I\ O. Dkawek 160  penticton,  B. C.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL,  KNGINEEIi axd JtlttTISH  COLUMBIA LANIl SURVEYOR  Star Building-       -       Princeton  lA/alterC{ayton  ~~'A->"BtttTisicrr^lieYtorfT,:t'c.,";*-' ' "'  MOSKY TO I.OAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  HEDLEY OPERA HOUSE  K. I. JONES, flanager  Roller Skating- on Tuesday and Thursday  each week, from 7:30^���������lQp.m.: admission  25c, skates supplied.    Monday-- from 2:30  to'5 p.'m. for ladies only, admission  10c.  Also open for Dances and Other Engagements.  GREAT NORTHERN  HOTEL  HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the Best.   Rates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  X <*  X x  I Grand Union f  X  1  Hotel  ������ HEDLEY,  British Columbia x  BS X  X '   'X  X ===================  X  K 3  X  Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up        ���������  X  tf X  X First-Class Accommodation.        *-2  ������������  Bar Stocked with Best Brands   #  m  X  X  X  X  of Liquor and Cigars  *���������: A.   WINKLER,     Proprietor   ������  HEDLEY MEAT  MARKET...  The following interesting letter to  Miss Doris Lyall, from Private W. G.  Bennett, who is irr England, tells of  the successful ell'ort.s put forth by the  Allies for the capture and destruction  of Germany's underwater pirates.  Canadian Con. Hospital,  Marks Ifdrton, Kent  Dear Doris:  Voir will notice by the above address  that L fun still in the Old Country, and  amongst the 3iop pickers.  1 Without ii doubt this is a glorious  part of the country, it cannot be beaten, and just now we mo having .some  exceptionally fine weather, which  helps to improve things generally.  This place is within a few miles of the  Canadian Base Depot {Shorclilre) and  about ten - miles from Folkestone,  twelve from Dover, and about seventy  from London.  "We have only about five miles to go  to the coast, so you see we ��������� are living  on sea breezes. I often took a run  over to see Hill Iuirrs, who was at  Shorncliife brrt did not happen to see  any the rest of the Hedley boys. A.  Freeman, Hill and I were to have met  at Folkestone on Saturday evening,  but the same evening tlie 4Sth struck  camp, so A. F. was unable to get clown  there.  I suppose you know now thntilill is  gone to France, what he is with T do  not know as I have not heard from  from him. We have had the Zeps  quite close' to us a rew '���������'ri'iiies-.ijut' all  they favor us with is the buzz of their  engines. The raid of Aug. 20th, one  passed directly over our crrrnp, and  dropped 19 bombs at Ash ford, (Smiles  away). However only one exploded  anil no damage was done. That was  the time tho Zeppelin was brought  dowrr and fell into the channel.  It was pieceded by one of the areo-  planes, as they usually are, just to  the coast. The aeroplanes are like a  fish nibbling at the bait, they won't  come far* inland, as soon as they have  dropped about two bombs they beat it  while going is good, and the anti air  guns, don't trouble to fire at them, because they are sure to get it before they  get back to tlreir lirres. However the  Zeppelins come closely behind, at a  great height, in fact they are usully  too high for our air craft, and it is  quite'a job for the guns to touch thenr  especially. ,as it is-so dark, and they  won't venture across when there is a  moon.  Tt is the same with their aeroplanes  as with their* submarines, the admiralty do rrot publish all the orres destroy-  Fire Prevention-  Fall and Winter  Ashes placed against wood or* in  wooden boxes or barrels, defective  chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, furnaces,  or pipes figure prominently in the list  of causes of fall and winter* fires.  ' Such fires are, irr the majority of  cases, carrsed in reality by sonre one's  carelessness. Furnaces and stoves rue  put iirto use without inspection or*  without proper protection. No provision is made for ashes or- for the removal of rubbish in which sparks may  alight and err use frren.  Ashes should not'be placed against  wooden walls or in wooderr receptacles  ���������metal receptacles- should be clear of  all wood.  Before the cold   weather* sets in   see  that chimneys,  fireplaces, stoves, fur-  naces, and pipes are in good order-, and  that the latter* are properly supported.  See that floors, walls and ceilings are  - i  properly protected so tlrat overheating  of stoves or pipes co'nrrot stai-D afire.  A sound stove properly properly placed ,and protected cannot burn* a house  being overheated:. {{  ���������jBoxes, crates, cartons, and paper are  sometimes allowed ,to accumulate ��������� in  basements of stores during' summer  and similar inflammable matter is often found in basements of dwellings.  The furnace is star-ted in a hurry without cieaning-up. Clerrning-up should  be done in good time, befoie the furnace is started, so that sparks from  the furnace or hot cinders accidentally  dropped may not start a fire. All such  inflammable material assists fire to  spread rapidly.  Do not hang paper or clothes on the  wall behind the stove-pipe. See that  clothing which is being dried is so  placed that it cannot be ignited. Fires  caused by papers, clothes, ox- firewood  left too near- .-.toves are frequent.  Do not dry wood in the stove. Keep  the wood-box where sparks cannot fall  into it.  , The. fire loss in our municipalities  during last winter- from causes above  referred to was about one-fifth of total  loss reported.  Father Appreciates  ��������� Kindness to Son  Thank Hedley Ladies  For Needed.Articles  kk  All kinds of fresh and  cured meats always on  hand. Fresh Fish on  sale   every   Thursday.  R. J. EDMOND, Prop.  :J  ed.  The channel is quite, a scene of activity now. A submarine stands a very  poor show. 1 heard it last night from  a good source that about sixty-four of  the German submarines have been accounted for, arrd what they catch in  rrets, tlrey do not trouble to take out.  Without a doubt tho steel net stretched across the channel accounts foi* a  great many.  V011 see this net is down close  enough to allow the vessels to go up  and down, but the German submarines  always travel submerged or they  worrld easily be detected*  '  I will just tell yorr how they got one 1  the other day, just about a mile out  from Dover I was told this by a fellow  who watched it from the shore. A  trawler was out fishing as I said about  a mile off Dover, when it was torpedoed. Of course there are Destroyers  patrolling till  the tirrre, arid as soon as  they saw this, two   of them rushed to  the scene.    One  went to the   sinking  trawler   and  took   off her crew,  the  other werrt to the  spot where the submarine   was    sighted;    (A.s   you   are  aware   perhaps,   ,*i -submarine,   has to  come nearly   tothe   .surface   to fire a-  torpedo).    This    destroyer  just   kept  goirrg   round in   a circle as   fast as   it  could go (which is somewhere around  ���������10 knots).    Two more destroyers came  on the   scene   and circled   around the  other one.   Then a mine sweeper came  up and let down   its grappling   irons  and very soon   with its winch   hauled  up the nose of the German submarine.  When  it was   a little way   out of the  water,   one of   the   destroyers   let go  with her 5.7, arrd put her to rest. That  is one  way they  are treating the submarine blockade.  Well Doris I don't know when we  are going over-, but I hope it is soon.  Wo have been unfortunate. One of  my brothers lias been missing since  Juno 20th, arrd 1 think there is very  little hope. I hope nil voir people are  well. Please remember- me to all. and  excuse this long letter and scribble.  Your* Sincere Friend.  W, T. Bj-.wvktt  It is a lorrg, far cry from Kent,'England to Hedley, li. C* but the value of  a kind deed can be felt and appreciated  through all the lap.se of time and  space.  It is months'siirceXirariey'Saimders  left'us to go home to errlist, and to  many lire semloff he received has been  relegated to the scenes of the past.  But the story has been told and retold over in I-aigland and the few kind  words have takerr on added significance in the hearts of those who are  near and dear tothe young man who  left rrs at the call of King and Country.  The appended letter will speak for  itself:  September 17, 1015  Ed i to r, 1-J ed 1 p y G a ze tte,  Hedley, B. 0.  Sri:���������No doubt you will wonder who  it is writing you and  taking up your  valuable moments,  so  permit me  to  introduce myself as 'a friend ,of your  friend, Chas. Saunders.    I had the extreme pleasure of being in  the com  pany of Charley's father a few days  ago at Peckharn,   and   was   shown a  paragraph from your very interesting  paper dated July 27, 1915 in which was  recoided a concert on behalf of a comrade who was leaving to nobly take up  arms irr defense of his beloved country,  and it is on behalf of his father that  I  am now writing to thank you for the  fraternal. sendofl" you gave his   son.  His heart, he states, is too full to allow  him to'ekpt-ess-hrs thanks to Charley's"  old friends and pals for his sendoff.    I  promised to do so for hinr,  hence my  writing.  Sir:���������Perhaps many of your readers  and his friends;- would like to bridge  che distance between with a letter occasionally to hinr. I am sure it would  greatly relieve the monotony of training if a friend of his would kindly do  so, his present address you will find  enclosed which I'beg you will kindly  publish, and, if you like, this letter of  thanks from his father, who is deeply  attached to him.  Charley,   I   um   sony   to say,   had  rather a chequered career in his many  attempts to join orre of your own gallant battalions for he was many times  told that he orrglrtto  have joined  rip  in Canada, but with   the true British  spirit would not be done, so he joined  up with tho British Artillery and Jam  happy to toilyou he is going great   in  this branch of the service,   and   I  am  safe in saying-you will join with us in  wishing him God speed and good luck.  Yours, etc.. on behalf of T. Sauriders  Ptk. J. Fn.i.is,  R Co., The Queen's.  Bridgowoods Camp, Rochester,  Kent, Fngland  Pte Fillis enclosed his own photo,  taken at Merville, North France, on  Christmas Day 101-1. and Chas. Saurr-  der's address. Driver C. Saunders,  1) Sub.. (! Battery, Jail Brigade, ll.F.A  Bulford (lamp, Wilts, England  A letter from Jack Howe, on behalf  of the Hedley boys in the 54th at Vernon, voices . the thanks of all of them,  for the articles sent by Hedley ladies..  Our ladies are doing a work of patriotism never* guessed by the average  person, and which is done without  parade or ostentation whatsoever, brit  is all the more appreciated by the recipients orr that account.,  Following is the letter:  Vernon Camp, Oct. 3rd, 1915  '. -To the Members   of the Hedley .Ladies Sewing Circle.  Dea r Friends,  On behalf of the Boys from Hedley,  I wish to thank yorr all for the. kind  gift of Towels arrd Wipers which T received and gave out to thenr, they  were all delighted with. thenr, and I  may also add that we needed these  very things more than anything else,  it also cheers the Boys up wonderfully  to know that the Ladies of Hedley are  thinking of their comfort. Thanking  yorr all again.    I Remain,  Yours Truly  ���������    Jack Howe  ^     MINING NOTES     |  The concentrator at Itosebery will  commence milling 01 e Monday next.  It is likely the force at the Lucky .Tim  will be increased at once.���������Slocan Record. , ''  The Rambler-Cariboo Alining Co.  will pay lc. per share, equal to $17,500,  on oct-ODel'15- This is the first dividend for some tirrre. Another similar  sum will be paid in December. The  mine is at Three Forks, arrd produces  lead-silver and zinc ores.  A 50-ton concentrator is to be built  for the Silver  Hoard   mine, at   Cedar  creek, near  Arnsworth,   according to  an   announcement   made recently by  W. S.   Hawley.    The   plarr  has   been  under   consideration for*   some weeks  but this is   the first official announcement of it.   Among other plans under  consideration   was one  previding  for  the milling of Silver*  Hoard ore at the  Highland mill.��������� Kootenaiarr.  The Wettcihuus Bros, have a car of  ore ready for shipment from the Com-  stoek, Four-mile.  .1. L. Jacombs, who enlisted to go to  the front and was in training at Vernon for some time has received an  honorable discbarge. It seems Mr.  Jacombs had an accident to his knee  sometime ago and although it does  not cause him any trouble in ordinary  times, the drill at the ' camp caused  him so much pain that the doctors became suspicious and on examination  refused to allow him to drill any more  so he was discharged, He has a brother now in England if not at the front.  Jacombs left Tuesday for Penticton  where he expects to get work.  A small crew- of men are now working three shifts on' the Emma mine, in  Derro.ro camp, pumping Out the water,  of which there is some 200 feet. Some  additional pumps will be added. The  11. ���������. Copper* Co. have irrade arrangements for the operation of the Emma  arrd expect to commence shipments'  therefrom as soon as tin: initio is un-  watereil. It is also understood the  same company is considering the shipment of ore from the dump of the old  B. C mine located in the same camp.  ���������Grand Forks Gazette,  The increasing figures in the price of  metals ought to do something towards  bringing into actual productive  being  marry mineral   properties   now   lying  idle in B. C.    There can be no denying  the fact that   if many of the  prospectors of this   province had their opportunity it is   now or   inthe   course   of  next year,   but unfortunately, as   has  been   the case   in past years,   many a  highly promising deal is being held up  by the   pig-headed   obstinacy of  one  solitary   pipe-dreaming   "millionare".  The time has   gone by for ever  when  exorbitant  figures   will   be   paid for  prospect pot holes, and the sooner the  owners realize it, the better it will be  for ��������� themselves and   the industry   in  general.  ..jiff THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. OCT.   14. 1915  J*  and  Similkameen Advertiser  .*>  Subscriptions in Advance  j-.-i y,  ������������������   i L'nitoil States)..   .S-.'.OO  .'���������.'.ad'  Advertising Rates  Wi'iiMirurrrcnl. V- lines to Llie inch.  1 rHi-.sient Advenilsements���������not. exceeding one  inch, Sl.tKl for one insertion, 'Hi' cents for  ������������������iich >ubsoo.uent. insertion. Over one inch,  Kl cents per lino for Hist insertion and 5  cents per line for each Mibsoo'iont insertion.  Transient?" payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  S1.L'.">; over 1 inch and up ro 1 inches, SI.00  per inch perinonth. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will be pi veil of reduced  charges, basud on ~i/.a of space and length  of time.  Certificate of Improvements $10.o0  (Whore more than one claim appears  in notice, -*J.50 for each additional  claim.)  A. B. S. STANLEY, Editor-  ������������������moment to fchein, all will agree  j that tlie thing we have most to  | be thankful for   is the fact that  i  ' wo are British born, that we  are-part of the -great empire  which' iii' -..tlie greatest crisis in  the history of the world stood  firmly out for principles of  truth and justice. Kight thinking people in every nation recognize that fact today.  first day of December* next application  will be made to the superintendentof  Provincial' police for renewal of the  hole) licence to sell liquor by retail irr  the hotel known as the Central llotel,  situate at Kercmeus Center, in the  province of British Columbia.  LESLIE HCTCIIINCS  Dated this 7th dav  of October-.   1915  NOTICE  More Aid For Our  Wounded Soldiers  THE WAR  War news duriiio- tho week  has been decidedly optimistic.  Whereas no great advance  has been made at any one  point and some people seem  disappointed because xva hear  nothing more from the West-  em front, the fact remains  that all indications point to. a  much more hopeful outlook,  although there never was anv  question as to the ultimate  outcome of the war.  Within the last'three days  events have been coming  pretty well to a crisis in tlie  Balkan situation. That the  .Allies arc not o'oi:'" . j receive  any aid from that source seems  apparent', but that tliev have  accepted the situation philosophically and with the det<*r-  mination of the truly great, to  swerve .not one iota from the  original'purpose, is a matter  for congratulation. The journey may be prolonged a little  and be a little more burdensome, but the goal will be  reached and then the victors,  few'indeed, will divide the  spoil. - The division will be a  little easier with 'the troublesome factors of the Balkan  States out of the discussion.  Meanwhile tlie mad men of  Europe -are' battering their  heads against the -walls of steel  so well constructed by the  ever watchful Allies, and that-  wall is being pushed slowly,  but surely nearer the heart of  the Teutonic world, Berlin.  Office of Provincial Secretary  Victoria, Sill'. October-,  Sir.  I shall be obliged if you will be good  enough to puhli.-h, as an item of news,  the dispatch to Hi:* Honour the Lieutenant-Governor from Lord Lans-  downc. copy of which is attached  hereto. I have the honor to be. Sir-,  Your Obedient Servant,  1-Jknky Essox You.v'*,  Provincial Secretary  London. Eng.. Sept. 2!) 1015.  His Honor the Lieutenant fiovernor  of Llie Province of B. C. Victoria.  [ beg to inform you that the British  lied Cross Society and the Order of St.  John in view of the great demands upon their resources both irr France and  the Near East have decided to make  arr appeal throughout the Empire by  street and other collection-- upon the  twenty first day of October next the  money received from this appeal will  be devoted entirely to relieving the  sufferings of our* wounded soldiers and  sailors from home and overseas at Lhe  various seats of war from all parts of  the Kings Dominion we ha.ve already  received generous assistance in our  work but with the increase of British  and Overseas Forces at the Front  there ii n corresponding increase in  our expenditure and we shall be truly  grateful to jmi if you will help lis by  organizing an appeal and sending the  proceeds to use for* lhe objects which I  have named I ahaII be greatly obliged  if you will kindiy communicate the  foicgoing to your. Government.  Their Majesties the King and Queen  surd Her1 Majesty Queen Alexandria  are giving us their gracious patronage  and I trust that you will also be able  to see your way to help.  La.vsijowni*  Prv.-.ident   of the   British   Bed   Cross  Sneietv.   S3 Pall Mall. London  Liquor Act, 11)10,  NOTK'Ii is hereby given that, on  Llie first day of December next application will be irrade Lo the superintendent of Provincial police for- renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in tho holel known as the Grand  Union Hotel, situate in Hedley, in the  province, of British Columbia.  ANTON WINKLER  Dated this7th day of October, IS Ho.  NOTICE  A Young- Man's Best Recommendation  is his Bank Book. A Savings Account���������added to systematically���������shows that the young man is careful, prudent, economical, far-sighted, level-headed; just the kind  of assistant, cleric, secretary, that the big business men  want.  AVhafc about yourself? Is a Bank Account one of  .your recommendations ? If not, start one today. Even  if you have but a dollar to.spare, put it in the bank and  add to it every pay day.  THE  BANK  OF  78 Years in Business.   Capita/ and Surplus ������7,884,000.  Hedley Branch   .  -      -      C. P. DALTON, Manager.  Liquor Act, 1010  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  Lhe fist day of December- irext, application will benrado to tlie superintendent  of provincial police for renewal of the  hotel licence to sell licpior by retail in  the hotel known as Similkameen hotel,  .situate a Hedley, in the province of  British Columbia.  WILLIAM  BRYANT  Dated this 7th day of October, lOJo.  NOTICE  Liquor Act. HI 10  NOTICE is hereby given that, on the  Iii st day of December next, application  will be made to the Miperinlen.lent. of  Provincial police for renewal of the  hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in  tlie hotel known as the Great Nothern  holel, situate in Hedley, in the province of Bi-ili.-lr Columbia.  JOHN JACKSON  Dated tln'.*.7llr dav of October. IHlo.  NOTICE  Liquor Act. Hill).  NOTICE ishrcby given that, mi the  first day of December next, application will be made Lo thcsiipi-rinlcndcnt  of Provincial police for* renewal of the  hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in  the hotel known as lhe. Gulden Crate  hotel. -itunto at Fairview. in the  province of British Columbia. j  J. .MCNRO !  Dated this 7th dav of Octobei. lOIa.        i  UNDER   NEW   MANAGEMENT  Rooms   all  Thoroughly  Renovated.  Cuisine under direct control of the  Manager, who has had twelve years'  experience in the Old Country.  None but the best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.  Your patronage respectfully solicited  GOOD    SAMPLE    ROOM  tttHiMiiiapiiMWM m*������uu iKimiiaroErarawM  ii^'.',^w^".TWtt*WJ*p'rf''i'''*|B,u''"|'al'',|g  Printing, as you like it, when you  like it. delivered where you, like it, at  the' Hedlky Gazisttk Job Department.  Thanksgiving day passed very i-uiet-  ly in Hedley. The hotels had special  menus for the occasion and, the populace thoroughly enjoyed that feature  of the day. A few went hunting but  no record bags were announced.  NOTICE  Liquor Act. 1010.  NOTICE is hereby given thai. on the  first day of'December next, application  will be made to the superintendent of  Provincial police for* renewal of the  hotel licence to sell '-liquor* by retail in  the hotel known as Lhe Bridesville hotel, situated at Bridesville, in the province, of British Columbia.,  THOMAS DONALD.  Dated this 7th day .of.Octol.n-r, 101,5.  NOTICE  We desire to express our re- J  grots that this edition should  seem to bo top-heavy with letters and communications but  such are conditions under  which tm editor labors in a  small weekly held. Our pater-  nal government would fill our  columns every week if we permitted it, but this of course we  reluctantly refuse to do.  The various letters this week  are of a. nature to ��������� demand attention and we beg to state will  reward one for a careful perusal.   ������������������ -  There was quite a little excitement  yesterday morning just a few minutes  befere Lhe school bell rang. Mr.  Wright's white'rabbits were on the  rampage and the boys and some girls  joined in tlie chase. Needless to say  it was a stern chase at all stages of  the game and it was well on in Lhe  afternoon before bunny was finally  captured and found a refuge in' Mrs.  Wright's aims.  ��������� Liquor Act. 1010  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  Lhe first day of December next, application will be irrade to the siipoi-intori-  dent of-the Provincial police for renewal of the hotel licence lo sell licpior  by retail irr the hotel known as Riverside hotel, situate at Riverside in the  province of British Columbia.  ,     TOM HANSEN  Dated this 7th day of October, 1915.  Hedlcy's -Tonsorial Parlors  For a Good  Haircut  and Shave  BATHS  IN CONNECTION  R. HILLIARD   =   Prop.  NOTICE  LAXD ACT    .',.'.;  (Form No. I'D  si'm rbivAMicrc.v laxd district  riisTiticr oi-- v.u.1-:  NOTICE  NOTICE  A great many people discovered, that they actually had .a,  multitude of things to be thankful for and while all did not  consider   the   same   things   of  Liquor Act. 1010  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  tire first day of December next, application will be made to the superintendent of Provincial police for renewal  of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Keremeos Hotel, situate in Keremeos,- irr  the province of British Columbia.  MRS. A. F,   KIRBY  Dated this 7th day of October. 101o.  NOTICE  : Liquor Act. 1010  NOTICE is hereby given thaton the  Liquor Act, 1010  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  lhe first day of December next, application will be imirle to Lhe superintendent of the Provincial police for renewal of Lhe hotel licence Lo sell licpior  by retail in the hotel known as Hock  Creek Hotel, situate at I lock Creek,  in the province of British Columbia.  S. T. LARSEN  Dated this 7th   day of October. 191.5.  NOTICE  TAICIC .XOTICK Unit Haliburton Tweddle,  of the town of Keremeos Centre.' B. C, occupation fanner,intends to apply for por-rnission to  lease, tlie following described lands near Ashnola Creek.  / '  Comiuonoirig at n post planted about three  miles South of tho South-east angle of JO.-A'.  Hiirtfrii.-i.voV pre-emption, 'Record. So. (i~lS,  thence West eighty chains, thence South  twenty chains, clicnrc Kast eighty ch.-iins.  thence North twenty chains to the place of  conimcia-einent, containing one hundred and  sixty acres, more or less.���������Located August  17th. l!ll*>.  HAumurrox twkddlk,  Applicant  Dated September Sth, lOlfi *>  NOTICE  LAXD ACT  (Konn Xo. II)  Liquor Act. I!M0  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of December next application will Ire made to the superintendentof Provincial police for renewal  of the. hotel licence, to sell liquor by  .retail iri the hotel known as the West-  bridge Hotel, situate at WcsLbridge,  irr the province of British Columbia.  : LOl'IS (,'LEUY  Dated this 7th day  of October, 1015.  SIMILKAMKEX LAN'D DISTRICT  DlSTKICT OK VAI.I-*  TAKK XOTICK that Haliburton Tweddle,  of the town of lvercmcos Centre. H. (.'.. occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to  lease the following described lands near Ashnola Creek:  Commencing at a post planted about two  miles South of tho South-cast angle of K. A.  IHo-gravc's pre-emption. Record Xo. (>71S,  thence West forty chains, thence South forty  chains, (hence Kast forty chains, thence North  forty chains to the place of commencement,  containing one hundred and sixty acres more  or le.-s.--I.ocatt.-d August 17th, till".  llALLIHl.'RToX TWKDDLK,  Applicant  Dated September.8th. I!)l;'i. Hit  NOTICE  Liipior Act, lillll  XOTICK is hereby given that, on the lirst,  day of December next, application will be  made to tho Superintondonl, of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell  licpior by retail In the hotel known as tho  Alexandra Hotel, situate at Okanagan Falls, in  tho Province of Hritish Columbia.  ARXOTT & in.VK  Dated this .-Kith day of September, I'll;"  READ==  Then Think!  Now that you have commenced to read..this article, just  keep right on to the end, and  then you will have   absorbed  "... meat of the cocoa nut.  What has this town ever done  for youj. It has fed you, and  clothed you. and housed- you,  and given you employment,  and kept the \volf from your  door for these many years.  It litis done more. It has furnished you recreation, and enjoyment, and has guided you  '���������'"��������� safely over many * of ��������� the  stones that beset the pathway  of life.  It has praised your good  deeds and has thrown the  mantle of charity over your  questionable ones.  It has been, and is, YOUR  HOME. But what'have YOU  done for the TOWN?  'You are making- you money  here but where are you spending it?  Are your buying goods from,  the local dealer, who pays  and otherwise contributes liberally to the upkeep of tho  community and your home,  or are you sending your money away to some catalogue  house that wouldn't lend you  a five cent piece to save your  soul from purgatory?  And now you have reached  the point Avhere we want you  to stop and think, and think  hard, and to a   sane,   sensible  ' and patriotic purpose.  jij  ���������M  .'/  'I  1}  it  ���������I  J.  jm THE HEDLliY GA'/AiVi'E, OCT. II.' l')l>*  *mM������)C������<������i4;������ttfc������4tt������<������������^*������������feferato������������ra  i  I  X  X  X  ft"  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  James'Stewartf  General  Merchant  Loir to engage in business there. His  wife will stop at Penticton for a- visit  with her* people .arid join Mr. Jowdry  later.  Groceries,  Fruits and  Vegetables,  Boots and Shoes %  x  Overalls s>:  "   and  Underwear   '  %  m*K*Hf������rtCKB;nttBc*>KK%Kni������lft>>&>������tei'-������ae  }  TOWN AND DISTRICT, J  Born to Mr-, and Mrs*. A. F. Loorrrer,  on Monday, October Llth. a boy. -  Mrs. George Sproule left Thursday  for a visit with Mrs. Marlow, of Salmon Arm. She is expected home irr  about terr davs.  Mrs. Forbes returned Saturday from  a trip to Oroville.  F. P. Cook of Granite Creek, pioneer-  storekeeper-, was a visitor Lo Hedley  the fore part of Lhe week.*  Miss Beale is again on the job in the  job in 'the Post Ollice. She reports a  very pleasant visit but was glad to got  back to good old Hedlev.  Mrs. S. L. Smith, accompanied by  bet daughter Gertrude leave today for  Vancover, where Miss. Gertrude will  attend the Morinal Training School  foi- Lire winter'.  Mir. George Ijowerman, returned  home Saturday from an exterrded  trip Lo Tho Pas, Marr.    -  3Ir. C. P. Dalton, our genial bank  manager, had the good fortune to bag  a pair of wild geese which came in on  the. darn pond one day last week.  13. Pi igle  Saturday.  of IvoT'euiens. was in   Lowrr  Mr*. J. Wirth returned from Oroville  Tuesday.  Miss Malliday. one of our popular  leachers went Lo Oroville over the  holiday.  Neil jMcFnddcn and M. Richardson,  of Piinceton, canu- in Tuesday for a  busmes*- visit*.  W. T. For he's returned Tuesday,  having spent months in the New Mani-  tolia gold fields. Whatever* wealth  the rrew country possesses, Hedloy  looks trood to hinr.  Mrs. Gi P. Jones and Avonia left  Thursday for Vancouver where the  forme*.' will s*perul the winter in the  study of music Mrs. Jorres is expected borne in about ten davs.  The youngest of the Mnttico boys,  of Kerenreos. paid Medley n visit between 1 r-n irrs  Tire-da y.  Mr. Jowdry. who has been errgaged  in Lhe w.atch repairing business here  for some Linn;, left Tuesday for* Silver-  Mrs. Ge.orge Turner and family, of  Princeton, are in I own. Mr. Turner  has secured work here and the rrext  problem is to find a house. Nearly  every house in Medley is occupied at  the present time.  JL Thomson, a Vancouver' salesman  of ladies wear was in Hedley over" the  week end. He chinks very highly of  our grouse and chicken and turkey,  would like to make this town more  often.  12. E. Burr, our genial artist of the  hammer and anvil, has bought the  Ford car brought to' town a few weeks  ago by Mr. George. Already Mr. Burr  Ira* steered the pesky thing round  some of the curves and up some of the  hills. And lo, all is well, evidently the  worst is now over.    Here's Success.  4}  I  ���������  ���������  FLOUR TALK  uuiiianniiBMHffliviw,mT������mTT*ra-y^^  WJTtt Lhe present increiisecl cost oL; Jiving it is  really a serious question. If you can get a  Jew more loaves each bake day, would you not be  prepared to ac least try the Hour which guarantees  this result?���������OUR BEST. So why not order a <ack  next time? and if you don't like it���������iT it does not  .-.nit you���������we will cheerfully refund you the full  purchase price.  CREELMAN & LYALL  "STORE OF QUALITY"  ADVERTISE  IN THE  GAZETTE  Gazette voices the sentiment of very  many of our uitzens when we wish him  success irr his new field.  Sacrifice.  Divine Service, will be conducted in  the church on Sunday, Oct. 17th.  Morning service 11 a.m. Subject:  Paul's one theme. Evening Service  7.30 p.m. Subject: The gospel offer* and  call. A hearty invitation i*-* extended  to all.     R. G. Stkwaut, Preacher.   '  With the next service, Sunday,  October 24th, Hedley will say farewell  to Rev Griffiths, our popular pastor.  He goes to Michigan City, Tdaho, a  much better parish arrd we ought to  rejoice with him for the opportunity  which he so richly deserves. At the  sarrre time there are a great many peo-  in lower Similkameen who have profited by his ministration's who (will  certainly miss him   very   much.    The  SUNDAY DINNER  ��������� at the ���������  Similkameen Hotel  A MODERN BATTLESHIP  At G p.m.  Soup  Soup a la Florentine  '   - " Fish '  Fresh Salmon, Victoria Sauce  Entrees  '  Sugar Cured  Ham, Mayonnaise  Strawberry Jam Tar Is  Roast  Chicken a la Polanaise  Sirloin of Beef, Brown Gravy  Leg of Lamb,   Mint Sauce  Spring Dirck,   stuffed  with   Sage and  Onions  Vegetables  Puree of I Vila toes  Boiled Blanched Celery.   Creamed  Dessert  Apple-Pie Gooseberry Pie  CocounutPie  Lemon   Pudding, ,  No. 1, Keremeos Eating Apples  Tea  Coffee.  Fresh Fruits  Cocoa  Of the type which is now on patrol "keeping the seas, for the  .   fVeedoni of the world"  m^M^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^m  JEY GAZETTE  JOB DEPARTMENT  s*F.r-,*a:-iaZ^:c~:t^  WHEN YOU ARE IN NEED OF :���������  Letterheads  Billheads  Envelopes  Statements  Meal Tickets  Milk Tickets  .'Bull Programs  Posters  Oodgers, Pates  Circulars  invitations  Business Cards-  Bills of Fare  Memo Pleads  Butter Wrappers  Visiting Cards  TRY US == WE GIVE SATISFACTION  Where Are  Your Interests;  *r Are they in this community ?  'J Are they among the  people with'whom you  associate ?  *l Are they with the  neighbors and' friends  with whom you do busi-  business ? ���������   ���������  If so, yoir want to know wha.L is happening irr this community. You want  to know the jmirrgs. .-mil comings of  the people-with whom you associate.  Lire little news items of your neighbors  and friends���������now, don't you;-1  That is what this paper gives you  in every issue. It is printed for  that purpose. It represents your  interests and the interests of this  town. Is your name on our subscription lists? Tf not you owe it  to yourself to see! that it is put  there.    To do so  Will be to  Your Interest  I've ae laddie on a Lrawler,  An' anitlrer wi' Lhe guns,  An' a third, if he wis aul'er  Wad follow my twa sons.  An' if I had a dizzen,  I'd very likely sing���������  Gang forth an' fecht my bairns  For- your- Country an' vour King.  It's weary, weary pinin'  A' by my lane at Irarrre;  An' I think o' bullets whinin'  Air' wonder- which they'll claim.  But it bear-tens up a body  Tan croon a bit arrd sing���������  Keep aye a stoot heart, laddies,-  For your- Country and your King.  There's mony and ruorry a mither  Has a hairt thai'*- hurt anel sair,  For* a man, a son, or- brither  That she'll see again rrae nruir.  But tho' her hairi's near broken  She'll quaverirrgly sing���������  I carrna grudge them doom'  Pot-theii-cc>iiiilr-y and*"**their   King:���������  Old Country Paper*.  "The   Carruvor-a   rrs   Destroyers    of  Ganre" is the subject of a   thoughtful  article by Kdward T. Alartinn in Octo  her issue of Rod and Gun   in   Canada  published at Woodstock, Ont. by   W.  .J.   Taylor   Limited.    11.   C.    Haddon  contributes-  a   serin-comic     Western  lale entitled "The   Desperado"'   while  among the actual "'been there"  experience may be mentioned Sport irr   the  Tomognnop.s:   The Hunt for the   Lost  Moose in New Brunswick; Experiences  at a 'Winter Camp irr the Laurentrans;  A Trip by Mo tot Boat after Moose   in  Northern Alberta, and The First   Day  out the.-latter being ,-rn. account of a  day's shooting of partridges  by  '-Bill  and Billie" contributed by,F. V.   AVil-  lianis who is also the designer of October-cover.    The  regular   departments  are as usual splendidly, maintained-and  and the whole issue  is   one   that   will  make a strong   appeal   to   sportsmen  arrd lovers of outdoor life.  PAINTING  FflPER-fiflNGING  K/USOMINING  TERMS MODERATE  DALY AVE.   -  oumimiMiuinNHHitrNrfaBs  flEDLEY, B.C.  Tlie Nickel Plate  BarDer_SliOD  SATISFACTORY, SANITARY  T0NS0RIAL SERVICE  This shop it equipped with  Iiaths and all the lalest  Electrical   Appliances.  W.T.BUTLER,  ���������  Prop.  OfiEMEOS-PEXTlCTON    I  ROYALMAIL STAGE  Auto Leaves  orr  arrival  of 9.30  arrd -t o clock trains.  Baggage arranged for.  TWEDDLE'S   AUTO     STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotols  ST. JOHN'S  CHURCH  ���������ANG LICAX���������  Service**. 2nd (Morning) and -ith (Evening) Sundays in the month  Additiorral Services as  per* announcements.  G. D. GRIFFITHS, B. A., Vicar  Synopsis of Coal Mining Herniations  /"'OAL ruining* rights of thp Dominion, it  ^ Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  tbo Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a portion ot'tho Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years atan annual rental of SI an  acre. Not more than 2,.W0 acres wi be leased  to one applicant.  -Application for a lease must bo made by the  applicant irr person Lo the A Kent or .Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurveyecl territory flic tract  applied for shall be staked out y the applicant  himself.  Knch application must bo accompanied by  j fee of $" which will be refunded if the rights  applied for nre not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchant  able output of the mine at the rate of five eont������  per ton.  Tho person operating the mine shall furnish  l he Agent with sworn returns accounting- for  the full quantity of merchantable mined  and pay the royalty thereon.   I coal min  ing rights are not being operated sn     returns  should be f urnishoxl ;it least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining right*  only, but the lessee may bo permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of the  mine at the rate of S10.0U an acre  l������'or full information application should be  made to the -Secretary of the Department of  the Interior. Ottawa,, nr o any .'.gent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  XV. XV. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.n.-Unauthorized publication of this adve  lisement will not be paid for. 'illjm  PllESBYTERIAA1 CHURCH  Services   every   alternate  Sunday   at  7.30 p.m.  Pastor, R.G. STEWART  Koual Victorias  Nyal, Patterson  -and some splendid  GlioGolates In bulk.  fi6(il6uDrug& Book Store  Hedley, B. C.  I  Travel by Autocall up Phone No. 12  If A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    If Order's for Teaming  promptly atteirded to.  WOOD   FOR   SALES  PALACE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  Phone I-J.  HBoLEY   11. C.  D. J. INNIS  Proprietor  Hedley   Gazette  $2 per annum THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. OCT. M,    1915  j| helped to make the    Dinner   so  successl nl  ~*       .7^       f,  "The Big Store"  General  Merchants  KEREMEOS, B. C.  KEREMEOS  Mrs. Geo. Ticket 1 went to Oro-  A-ille on Thursday.  B.. Armstrong and Avife returned to their home in Yiin-  over last Saturday.  Mi*. Win. Man cry. Mrs. Sam  and little Jean of Similkameen  "were visitors in Keremeos last  Saturday.  A surprise party was given in  honor of Cecil Harrison's nineteenth birthday ������ut his homo on  the (Ith hist.  Seven carloads of apples-were  shipped from Keremeos last  ���������week, four on Tuesday, one on  Thursday and two on Saturday.  Mr. R. Stanton of Toronto  .left for Vancovcr, on Tuesday  after spending a few days with  his nephew Rev. 'Stanton, and  wife. '  Last Friday, three more of  the Keremeos boys left for the  training camp at Kaniloops,���������  Messrs. Barlow, Christie and La  Kose. ;���������-,-.  Some of the Hedley recruits  from Vernon were visiting'  friends in and around Keremeos:  viz., Leslie Robertson" Roy Cor-  rigan and Bobby Robertson.  Mr. Condit says the prospects  are great for. the Silver Horn  Mine, and if so, it will give em-  ployment to some of tlie men  of the district who. are iioav out  of work.        ,  Mrs.'Vader left on the 7th for  a. visit witii   friends   in   IVortli  "Dakota.  Minnesota   and   Iowa.  ?     -.-. '   ' '* f.   '  Her health- ha*   been   poor  tor  some   time,   and   we   trust   the  trip will ho.'i\ benefit to   her   as  well as a  pleasure.  Canadian Red Cross Society  Ynncovor Branch  Vancovei*. I J. C. 2nd Oct. 1015.  Secretary.  \Y. C. T. V.  Keremeos. B. C.  Dear Madam.  Your nicely made shipment  of Hod Cross supplies reached us  this morning, audi am en losing  you a "Book of Suggestions"  and our Last month's Circular  which may be. of use to you.  May J ask you to write name  and address of sender cm list  sent in, and to see that each  article is washed and pressed  before shipping. Wo have  strict instructions to follow on  the latter point, and the carrying out of them by each auxiliary makes the work of tlie  Central Committee much easier.  Thanking your members for  their excellent work and hoping  to hear from you soon again.  I remain,  Yours  faithfully,  Mus. Maugarist Mills.  Chairman, Central Depot Property Committee.  The ladies resire to thank all  those who so kindly assisted  them with the work by sewing  or in any other way helped toward the desired end, and hope  they will take the words of the  above to themselves just as  much as if they were members  of the W. C. T. U.  tairred will injure the health, but this  is not disease, merely functional disorder-and can he rei-tified hy assassinating the en use of theoll'errding mental  state, and replacing it hy a stale of  mental harmony. - There are-various  methods adopted Lo bring about mental harmony, but the surest way is Lo  assassinate the cause of oil'endirrgmental stale. Now every oll'endiirg mental  state has a cause, and if tho cause is  removed the clfecL will cease.  In order to remove the cause of an  offending mental state il is justifiable  to make use of any humbug available.  This* is just where so called Christian  Science has overshot the mark, the  certain amount of success claimed hy  them in-the healing line, lay irr the removal of lire cause of oll'ending mental  hmmu MtMhyjvimiT.w'jmjia.'juHiintua  J       THE   FORUM       f  ���������b   W  i!>      A Column For All the People      /'���������������  ^������������������9a-9i93:-93:-Sa3:-S:-S.-S3-*-S:*a:-S9 3:-933i*'  The Gazette -will be pleased to publish letters  from its readers on all ciuestions of public interest, provided the writer gives full name  and address.. The letter ruay be published  under rv nom de plume if so desired. In no  case will the editor be responsible for Hie  opinions exprcsned and doca not necessarily  endorse tboin.  The Thanksgiving Dinner was  a success, in ox'ovy way. Although many of the old familiar.faces were; absent, many  new ones were there to fill the  places. The amount taken in  $o2. In addition to the 'bounteous dinner provided, an impromptu programme was rendered, which Avas greatly appreciated by all. Prof. Birke played several instrumentals, Mr.  Edmonds sang two songs; Mrs.  T. Daly accompanied him at  the piano, and Mr. G. B. Clarke  gave a French recitation, entitled "Maximo La Belle." The  President of the Aid and every  member Avish to express their  thanks to those who, so   kindly  Dear Editor;  I have perused the article appearing  in A'orrr paper under "Christian Science", arrd with all deference to the  opinions of others, I think the Rev.  Stewart has most ably defended his  subject, and no doubt the votaries of  Christian Science will continue to hug  the false gods. Compared with everyday rationalism and the 20 century  common sense. Christian Seierrce is  worse than virtuous humbug, suited  only to a certain class of humans  known as hypochondriacs, whose mental peculiarities are a source of revenue  arid amusement to druggists and doctors. To assirrate. the offending menial'  state in these cases is invariably the  aim of the physician, hence the medical men really practice the same, mental therapeutics and suggestion, but  only in cases, of mental troubles.  Wo all admit that the trouble** of  the soul must be healed by spiritual  means, but who is foolish or weak-  minded enough to try and heal the  natural body when diseased, by spiritual means. There is a. vast difference  between the meaning of Disease and  Functional Disorder, Lhe latter in  many cases due to a discordant state  of the mentality, in common words a  troubled or worry laderr mind. The  worried mind state will develop malnutrition of  the blood, which if rriain-  "Rough on Rats" clears out Bats,  Mice, etc. Don't die in the Mouse, 15c.  and 25c. al Drug and Country Stores.  states, and they applied the same  treatment to the -cure of actual Disease of the body.  To say'that Christian Science is a  huge impostor is putting the case very  mildly indeed, especially when it is  iirrposed upon a suffering natural body  to the totrd exclusion of medical skill,  it then conies well within the catigory  of crimes, and is often penalised accordingly.  To suffer needless physical pain is a  crime against nature. Given a good  sized darning needle in my hand I carr  prove to any Christian Science gentlemen the reality of matter through the  agency of their nervous systems.  I fail to see 'where they are intelligent for had not God considered it essential for the; safety and proleetion of  living bodies he would not have given  them a nervous system to feel and  warn them of approaching danger to  the material bodies, hence the falacy  of lhe "nothingness of matter."  Vonr last weeks correspondent refers to the obituary lists rrs proof of  the inability of medicine to cure. He  is just as well informed orr this part of  his subject as on the other1. As a matter of fact no graduate medical man  pretends to cure with medicine, physical ills. Hut the proper medicine at  the proper time, will support the physical body and providing other things  are equal, the mind being in harmony  nature and not the medicine proceeds  to effect a cure. Medicine is used to  aid nature while she effects a cure.  I krrow one poor girl who when suffering from a high burning fever, was  refused water to drink by her fanatical Christian Science father. He said  you must keep affirming that there is  nothing wrong with you, and so in the  first absence of the misguided parent,  the poor suffering creature drained the  slop bucket, in order to obtain relief.  The result was she contaminated her*  system so badly, that she. has had  heart disease to this day.  This inhuman religion'is more cruel  than the bayonets and shrapnel of war  when forced upon the weak-minded,  children arrd those under the influence  or care of guardians. Tlrey carr not resist and are thus innocent victims.  All this affirming away matter just  amounts to this i. e. if the Captain and  crew of the Lusilunra had affirmed  away their part arrd parcel of this  material planet, that torpedo would  have gone right through them without  doing any damage.  I have tabulated marry cases ranging from humbug to crime arrd shall  willingly name them privately.  ������������������ Takingpthe name of Christian Science, is like drawing a poisoned arrow  ingeniously covered and disguised with  many beautiful flowers and scents and  aiming it at the whole fabric of the  Orthodox Christian Church of today,  makes us shudder for our children's  sake.  Hence every  uncatering minister of  to  Trading 60. Ltd  the gospel who fearlessly preaches the  i  Ti'irLh is   justified  in denouncing   this  wolf in sheep's clothing.  William Thomson*  Keremeos, B. C, Oct. 3, 1915.  Send in your personal items to the  Society Editor- and help to make the  local paper- interesting.  Keremeos Fruit and Vegetables  BARLOW  &  CO.,   Growers  Are handling a full line of Fruits   and  Vegetables in Hedley  U/atch For Our Rig"  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  SaAving, Clearing lanci, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Kebkmros, B.C.  '  Midway, E. C, Oct. 5th., 1015.  Editor Hi-dley Gazette:   -  -.Hedley, 13. C.  I )ear Sir: -. '  I have ; been   interested    lately bv  i *  sonre ��������� letters...'.regarding Christian  Science, which have been printed in  your paper, and the last one of Sept.  21 has raised two or three points in  my mind which I should like to make,  some observations on with your' permission. .;."'.  At the outset I wish to srry 1 am not  well acquainted, with either the   Bible  or the Christian .Seierrce textbook,  the  ^ ��������� - ���������  latter I read   through   but   failed   to  find interesting as, to me, it seeined  senseless and inane but let me. hasten  to add, that because I found it empty,  wbuld'be no reason to say there -.was  nothing in it. As' Mr. Green-wood  Would say the fault probably lies  within myself, and if Christian Science  Iras helped-to' 'develop some people  spiritually, and to realize and bring to  the fore their latent goodness, let us  give Christian Science the credit belonging to - it. It .seems to ore the  clergyman-is at a-disadvantage as he  cannot put aside for the moment aud  for the purposes of discussing dispassionately, the attitude of mind .ho  naturally has through holding a belief  in a personal God.  1 should like to know the (Jhritiarr  Science definition of real though 1 do  not like any satisfaction in defending  evil as real, it has certainly seemed  very real to me at times arrd Mr.  Green wood irr speaking ofCl'ri-istendom  having failed to prevail over* the "evil"  that is in the world, makes one think,  even to Christian Scientists, evil must  have some reality: for to prevail over  things we must have tilings to pievail  over-. II is said, of course, that malt-rial organisms arc subject to constant  change, arrd granted that good will in  end prevail absolutely and i^- infinite,  to teach the unreality of the finite  human body and evil, would reasonably retard the consummation of that  end; though we may be merely atoms,  here for a day as it were, what, concern's us, even for- a day must be considered and dealt with as reality inasmuch as it retards or developer, our  growth.  tore at all, he must know that what  draws a great many to Christian Science is the idea of gaining relief from  a sick body, 1 have talked with numbers and that has invariably been the  one and only reason of tlreir beiner in  the Christian Science church. Though  physical healing may not bo the primary mission of the.church, one cannot be .blamed if one gets the idea they  treat the human body as of first importance.  As to the Scriptures sustaining every  statement of Christian Science, it is  said, I have heard even clergymen admit it, that one can find in the Scrip-;  tures statements sustaining any teachings in the world. When Jesus healed  the sick it is said by some that he"  s.eenied to do it reluctantly, and only  to showarid prove tlrat He came from  God. ,        .-������������������'.."������������������.  So Christian Scientists never have-  cause to have pbiturary lists in, the  papers?' In my limited knowledge of.  human beings I krrow of two -women  who died while taking Christian Science treatment and one healer a very-  good woman died  in the prime of life,.-'  What is the Christian Scientist attitude toward other forms of mind healing? IN~ew -thoughts, .mental suggestion and hypnotism? Plain hypnotism  has been tried .among criminals. ,  Mr. Greenwood says how . can evil]  exist if God is -in every place? Did he  never hear* of the. dualty of human, nature? Or to be mote, plain and concrete  of the arrgel arrd the demon tlrat go  to the makeup of most personalities?  Did he .never see one and the same per-,  son act 'nobly one time and another  time much the reverse? It would seem  good and  evil can exist side by side.  There is a school of thought which  explains, arrd very reasonably it seemed to me, how it is dangerous to some  minds to allow another mind to gain  ���������an entrance there through any form  of hypnotism as once <mo allows, one-  sell' to conic under the conscious influence of another mind.it opens the  door to evil suggestion from wit lioirt,  as well as good.  S. KH'IlTEi;  K. .). I'utclr, the genial end man of  the Daily Xows. came in on .Saturday's  train, bringing his clock along. K. J.  said things about our train service that  would not look good to print and certainly would appeal to Jim Hill, if he  could only hear them. However,  when he left he was willing to allow  that then: are worse places than  Hed-  if .Mr. Greenwood   know.- human mi- ' ley  to be hung up, in.  ���������H  ('���������  ~,jr^,Yrzt2?^ft^y:-,1^^.K'K*S.',*'  ��������������������������������� [ .i- j<^c������yt^C;.',^j;'./..  -->*.^*-rij?*^   saam


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