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The Hedley Gazette Oct 19, 1905

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. I.  No. 40.  HEDLEY, 13. C:, THURSDAY, OCT. H>, J905.  $2.00, in Advance.  Methodist Church.  IIkih.kv, H.C.  .Sunday School lit 3 o'clock.    ,  Evening Service at 7:30 o'clock.  Everybody welcome,  L. THOMAS, Pastok.  C HABLES JE. SHAW  Civit, Engineer,  Dominion   and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders may be left at Gazette office.  To make good bread you  _        .    .        . __  must have good flour. If  you want the rest bread  you must use the uest  flour.- ������������������  HEDLEY,  B. G.  D 60RISTIN&; V; S.  consulting  Veterinarian  - -: ==O.SOYOOS, B.C.  Advice unci prescription by mail, $1.00.  WINKLER & MOHR  Penticton and Princeton  Real Estate and Mining Brokers.  "'TWAS IN  TRAFALGAR BAY"  Britain's   Splendid   Isolation  Began With Winning of  that Great Victory.  REAL  MRTH  OF  SEA  POWER  Correspondence  Solicited  from  Those Having  Property to  Sell.  R H...ROGERS,  M.A.,  IJ.C.L  SOL IC (TOR, CON V E YANO Kit,  , N.OTA It Y PUBLIC,  ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  Household  TS THE FINEST J'LOCK MADE.  You can always, depend  on it.    Use no other.  Demonstrated When Nelson and Colling-  wood Crushed the Combined Navies  of France and Spain, and Britain Became Forever Mistress of the Seas.  L  .FOR SALE BY:  SHflTFORDS, LIMITED  tied leu and Fairview  GILLESPIE & HASLflM  ffllNING  ESTATE  -AN'O-  BROK.ERS  Insurance Agents. Convoyaucers, Etc.  Next to Post Office. IIICDLKV.  HA'.  ���������r~  Edw. G. Warren  Electrical Engineer and  '(Contractor  GREENWOOD,        -        B.C.  Estimates FuknishedOn any Electrical Project k<>k PowKit ok Light  /'"V^V-'WAm/^  JflS. CLARK  Watchmaker  Clocks and Watciies for Sale.  On the 2Js,l of October. LS05���������just a  hundred years ago next Saturday���������  Britain, in righting for her own very  existenee as well as for the freedom of  the world, achieved under the world's  greatest admiral. Lord Nelson, a victory off Cape Trafalgar- which saved  her from the. power ��������� of Napoleon. In.  our own day and in the. present year  of grace. Britain's ally and modern  counter-part, the Island Empire of  Japan, won a similar victory over  Russia in the Sea ol' Japan, whcit Ad-  name with that  In it also is to be found the full text of  ColJingwood'.s dispatch, part o,f which  we reproduce herewith.  Colling woods Dispatch.  Euryalus, off Cape Trafalgar  Oct. 22, 1803.  Silt,���������The ever-to-be-lamented death  of Vice-Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson,  who in the late conflict with the enemy  fell in the hour of- victory, leaves me  the duty of informing my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that on  19th hist, it was communicated to the  Commander in Chief, ,from the ships  watching the motions of the enemy in.  Cadiz, that the combined fleet had put  to sea: as they sailed with light winds  westerly, his Lordship concluded their  destination was the Mediterranean,  and immediately made all sail for the  Streights entrance with the British  squadron, consisting of-twenty-seven  ships, three of them sixty-fours, where  his Lordship was informed'by Captain  Blackwood (whose vigilence in watching and giving notice, of the enemy's  movements has been highly meritorious) that they had not yet. passed the  Streights.  On Monday' the 21st instant, at day?  light, when Cape Trafalgar bore E. by  S. about seven leagues, the enemy was  discovered six or seven miles eastward,  the wind about west and very light.  The Commander in Chief immediately  made the signal for the flex't to bear  up is two columns as they are .formed  SOME FAKE EXPERTS  Regale Coast   Papers   With  Bally Rot on. the Mines  of Twenty-Mile.  WHO ARE DIM AP ARCHIBALD?  And Who Filled Them Up With Nonsense On the Water Question ?���������Only  Ten Stamps Now Running Say  These Charlatans���������God Help The  Financial Syndicates. *,-  ,A news report in the News-Advertiser states that  "Messrs. J. G. Dixon, of Sheffield.  Eng., J. A; Peacock, of Montreal, and  A. Archibald, of this city, have returned from Vancouver island, where thoy  inspected the coal mines, the Tye'e  smelter and Mount Sicker properties.  a.nd are now at the Vancouver hotel.  miral Togo linked hi  of the great Nelson.  REGISTERED  UNION   MADE  Shirts \ Overalls  fi. ft. WRIGHT I  Boot and Shoe Maker jBuy  WESTERN MADE  -i��������� FOR   WESTERN  MEN  HBDLEY, B.C.  a B. C. Product that  Defies Competition ������  Grand Union  Hotels ^ ;;-,  HEDLEY,  B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  i  ; ; , I  OLIVER & GLADDEN  Turner, Beeton & Go., Ltd.  VICTORIA,    .-'���������-���������      -       B.G.  Cawston 6 Edmond  :<>:-  Civil & Mining Engineers  ��������� :o:  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B. C.  m  u  \<  ID  2  D  &*���������&������.see seees* ess; ss-'ssss&<%: ;  to  to  to  to  vii  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��������� to  to  to  to  to  to  Mrs. G.B. Lyon  :*aa������ee  PRY GOODS  FANCY GOODS  BOOTS & SHOES %  Millinery in Latest Styles ������  ���������AUKNTM' KOU��������� *  MASON (ffi, RISCH Pianos.        jjj| j  Bytterlck Patterns j*|  HEDLEY,        -        -        B. C.   *  %t93999&99*<9****999****&W I HEDLEY,  PURVEYORS  OF  ALL KINDS  OF  Fresh Meats  Fish  Vegetables  AND r*  Fruit  Cut Rates on Orders by both Penticton  and Overland Stages.  Inquire for Latest Fruit Arrivals.  -   -   -   B. C.  ���������   While Nelson's battleships roved the  high seas, unconquered', Napoleon dared not launch  his   hitherto  invincible  army    in    an   invasion   of    England.  France in that day had a* great  navy,  and when to  it  was added  the .then  great sea power of Spain,  it was tittle  wonder that Napoleon's hopes ran high  of breaking down  all  resistance and  hurling his  army at   the  one  power  which stood between  him  and  world  conquest.      The' French   men-of-war  were divided into three  squadrons at  Brest, Rochefortand Toulon. Napoleon  ordered them all to lea ye; port and sail,  for the West" Indies where they" were  to effect a junction  and united' with  their   allies  the "Spaniards'return   in  oyerwheiniing   force   to  the   English  channel and cover Nanoleon's invading  armies: but the British  ships lay between the French divisions and maintained a ceaseless  blockade.     Villen-  euve, 'the French admiral  inside  the  Spanish -harbor, had to bear the insult-  ing taunts of Napoleon, who thus forced him  to action  against  his better  judgment.    With thirty-three battleships the French navy put to sea, and  Nelson with his twenty-seven, his plans  all .pre-arranged, struck  them  like a  thunderbolt.    Nelson's plan was for his  lee line of 15 ships  under Collingwood  of the Royal Sovereign to fall  on the  enemy's rear, while-the  weather line  commanded by himself in his flagship  the Victory, was to feint at their head  and then fall on their centre and rear,  which he determined to  crush   before  Villeneuve's leading ships could return  to help them.    At half past  eleven o'clock went out Nelson's famous signal,  " England expects every  man   to do  in order of bailing; a mode of attack  his,Lordship had previously directed  to avoid the inconveniences and delay  in forming a line of battle in the usual,  manner. The enemy's line consisted  of thirty-three ships (of which eighteen  were French and fifteen Spanish), commanded in chief by'Admiral Villen-  euve. The Spaniards under the direction of Gravina. wil.h their heads  northward, formed, their line, of battle  with'gref.t closeness. and correctness;  but as the mode of attack was unusual,  so the structure of their line was new.  It formed a crescent, convexing to the  leeward, so that in leading down to the  centre I had both their van and their  rear abaft the beam. Before the fire  opened every alternate ship was about  a cable's length to windward of her  second ahead and astern, forming a  kind of double line, and appeared when  on their beam to leave a very little  interval befayeen them; and this without crowding the ships. Admiral Vil-  leueuve was in the : Buceiitaure in the  centre, and the Prince of Asturias bore  Gravin's flag in the rear; but the  French and Spanish ships were mixed  without any apparent regard to order  of national squadron.    ���������  As the mode of our attack had been  previously determined on and communicated to the flag officers and captains  few signals were necessary, and none  Were made except to direct close order  as the lines bore down.  The commander in chief, in the Victory, led the weather column, and the  Royal Sovereign, which' bore my flag,  the  lee.  The action began at 12 o'clock by the  leading ships of the column breaking,  through the enemy's line, the commander in chief about the tenth ship  from the van, the second in . command  about the twelfth from the rear, leaving the van of the. enemy unoccupied;  the succeeding ships brea.king through  in all parts, astern of their leaders, and  engaging the. enemy at the muzzles of  their guns. The. conflict was severe:  the enemy's ships were fought with a  gallantry  both  -m -,    J"j?hlyf J1������,1ol,ttb,V, l������  tht'h i will ever require  officers, but the attack  on   them  was! '  irresistible,   and   it   pleased   the   Al- i thev "ill have   then  mighty Disposer of all events to grant j water to sell   to  other companies at  possibly lower rates than   they, could  In their trip,across Canada, they have  visited oveiy coal and quart/ mine between Cape Breton and the/ Pacific  coast, and will' visit China.' Japan.  Russia, and other sections of Asia and  Europe with the same purpose in view.  Their object is to gather information  for' financial syndicates, Mr. Dixon  being the metallurgist and Mi-. Alexander the mining engineer * .     :'  'After a rigmarole about sundry properties they say  "Of the famous Nickel Plate group  in the Siinilkameeifc'ountry only shortage of water curtails the output. Only  10 stamps are now running, where  there would be 120 more if water were  obtainable. As'it is he think.-* other  properties in that immediate vicinity  are practically valueless because of this  lack of water, as the Daly Company  have all obtainable water controlled",  and even then have not half enough  for their own use.'"  If this is the kind of stuff furnished  to financial syndicates, it is not to be  wondered at that progress illumining  development in this province has been  so slow.  ���������."With the exception of a week or so  last winter when the water was at its  lowest and when there was additional  trouble from frost, owing to the fact  that no provision had ��������� been made for  protecting the flume or the penstocks  from frost, there was no time when  only ten stamps could be run, and ever,  since early spring the whole 40 stamps  have been dropping continuously.  This has! been with thewater of Twenty-Mile alone, not mi ounce of water  of the Similkaiifcen river, being utilized. The Daly Reduction Company'  have none of this water, as yet. They  are now applying for 51)1)0 inches from  the Similkavneen which they will undoubtedly get. us they should, but  there- will be abundance left ..for all  others who may require it This quantity is eonsidei.-ibly .more than they  will over require.     if  they  do   use   it  power  and  His Majesty's arms a complete and  glorious victory. About 3 p.m., many  of the enemy's ships having struck  their colors, their line gave way. Admiral Gravina. with ten ships joining  his duty," and at noon the first shot  boomed out as Collingwood's ships op-1 their frigates to leeward, stood towards  ened the ball and in about half an hour   ^lu>-     Tht', fivt'   hwwm>ost ships  in  ,,,,,, ,   ,. ,. .   ,,,      their van tacked, and standing to  the  he had cut the enemy s line  ot  battle. { S(mt.hwiml< to windward of the British  Nelson   watching   this showed  again j Hue, were engaged, and the sterinnost  that magnanimous spirit which made i of them  taken: the others  went   off.  him idofized bv his sailors, bv exclaim-! l������������ving   to   His -Majesty's   squadron  ,,,, ,"     ,. ,,    .,    .  ���������'.,        ,, ,   : nineteen ships  or   the   line   (ot  winch  mg  " How splendidly that fellow t ������1-1 tlii-t?f are  first-rates--the  Santissima.  lingwood brings his ships into action." . Trinidad and tlit  and in a few  minutes more  his  own I three flag officers  develop it for themselves : and should  the Daly Reduction Co. use only a  portion of the water which they record, the Water Clauses Consolidation  Act makes provision that- the unused  portion of their 500(1 inches may be  given out to others under iiitersm records until they do use it.  There is water in plenty in the  Sim-  >  Victory was grappling in the death  struggle when he. closed with the  French " Redoubtable," commanded  by Lucas, the fighter par excellence of  the enemy's combined fleets. Twice  the Redoubtable's boarders were shak-  ilkanieen to serve every, property   in  Santa   Anna),   with : Camp Medley.with abundance to spare,  viz.: Admiral Villen-i.ni'(i these so-called experts,, in  giving  the  commander  m  chief:   Don | . . ., , ,. ,    ,  Maria D'Alivn. Vice-Admiral:j *<������'-.Mist l,;,n('''s thl' st"-> published a-  ihd the Spanish Rear Admiral. Don ;-bov������-. are merely demonstrating the  Batlmgar Hildago Cisueres. . fact that anything which they may say  After such a victory it may appear ; regarding the resources or condition's  f the province is absolutely worthless.  euve,  1 gna tu  tor  the  the  late  may  j unnecessary to enter .into eeonunns.on  j the particular parts   taken by the sev-  i oral commanders; the conclusion savs  en off by the Victory's men and a third j more on the subject than 1  have  la'n-  attempt   was   being made  when  the j guage   to  express.    The  spirit  which  British Temeraire coining  up  mowed i '"limated all was the  same: when  all  n  .,     ., l,      ,.  ,,     .exert   themselves   zealouslv   in   their  down in a broadside the  most ol   the , t,mmtry.s s.ervit.e< ;iU deserve that their  Redoubtable's   crew   and   they   were j bigh merits should stand recorded: and  compelled to surrender. Out of Villon-! never was high merit more conspicuous  ,���������,,���������.'o '.������ ,.i,;,w ,.;fi-iif-<.r.ii wMv^r-iitf-nvori  i than in the battle 1 have described.  euve s iio snips e.ignceen v\ eie capiureu. ,       .   , .        .^ .   _        ��������� . .  ,    t ,      .,    V ���������  ?,.        ,   ,.1       -j!   ,-,    '     I he Aclnlle ( Frimch /4). after having'places during tht  but desultory fighting,   both  with the   sum.ndered. by some mismanagement  enemy and the seas, continued for sev- ��������� of the Frenchmen, took fire and  blew  eral davs. and finally only eleven  of! np:   two  hundred of   her   men  were  the enemy's ships really escaped. Thus: saved by the tenders.  r   ,      l      ���������    ,,        ,  . . A circumstance occurred during the  Napoleon s dream of a I'rench invasion , .l(.tiou whi(.h so st������,uKly marks the in-  of England faded to be forever only  a��������� j vincible spirit of British seamen when  are  assuredly  descendants  lamented   Ananias.  of  Lost Tribes Found.  The  lost   ten   tribes   of   Israel   were  said   to  have  been   found  in   various  past   25  years,   but  now they have been spotted  for sure.  At least, that is the way it appears- to  I John H. Snapp. right of way agent for  J the Great  Northern. .For particulars  : as to identity, just ask him.  dream.  In March last the Gazette published  a most interesting account of how the  news of Trafalgar reached London.  This was obtained from a copy of the  London Times of November 7th, 1805,  kindly loaned ns by  Mrs, G. B. Lyon.  engaging the enemies of their eounti-y,  that I cannot resist the pleasure I have  in making it known to their Lordships.  The Temeraire was boarded by accident or design by a- French ship on one  side and a Spaniard on the other: the  contest was vigorous, but in   the  end  t'<HK'liu'le<l <>n 1'nti'c Four.  The West Porkers are said to be getting a trifle indifferent towards the  West Fork-Penticton wagon road project, now that the building.of the Midway and Vernon is assured. It would  be a hnndv thing to have, nevertheless. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. OCTOBER In, 1905.  TH  be flKdley Gazette  and  . Similkameen Advertiser.  ;ed on Thursdays, by the Hkiu.kv- Ga/.kttk  PlUNTI.VCi AND IVHI.1S1U.VG COMPANV,  Limiticd,  at Hedley, B. O.   ,  Subscriptions in Advance  For Year. $2.00  Six Mouths   1.00  Advertising Rates  Measurement, W linos to the inch.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, $1,011 for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one inch,  10 cents per line for lirst insertion and f>  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Land Notices���������Certificates of iniprovomentctc,  ������7.0(1 for��������� (50-day notices, and ������5.00 for 30-day  notices..  Contract Advertisements��������� One inch per month,  $l.'Jn; over 1 inch and up to ( inches, $1.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will he given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Changes for contract advertisements should  he in the ottieo by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue.  ��������� ' <;>.  - ��������� ��������� '  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if ad vertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftener than onee a month  the price of composition will he charged at  regular rates.  A   MEGRAW,  Managing Editor.  CURLEW-MIDWAY,SECTION  OPENED.  Freight Trains Began Operating-on the  ioth of October.  First, quar.  ttth.  i  s  9  Last c  uar.   '  20th.  Kuil Moon  13bh.  i  \ew Moon  27th.  1905  OCX.  1905  Sun. Mon.  Tues  Wed. Tin  . fri  Sat.  1       2  8  4       5  o  ���������  7  8      9  10  11     12  18  U  15     Ki  17  18     19  20  21  22     28  21  25     20  27  28  29     80  81  0  Fourteen miles of the Vancouver,  Victoria, <te 'Eastern., railway will be  opened for freight business. -The section in (piestion extends from Curlew,  Wash, to Ferry, Wash, the latter point  being across the Kettle river from  Alidwayi B.C. The event is of more  than usual . interest as marking the  first substantial step in the utilization  of the road -that promises to be a prominent factor in the''development of  southern British Columbia and northern Washington.  Passenger business will not be accepted for a few days, until betterments to .the roadbed now under way  are completed. The date for the  commencement of passenger trains is  not set.  A considerable tonnage of merchandise and construction material has  accumulated a,t Curlew, awaiting the  opening of the first section of the V.  V. A: E., and the railway company expects to handle a constantly growing  volume of traffic. Additional sections  of the road are te be utilized as soon  ! as the grade is finished and track laid  j to obviate* costly freighting now neces-  I sary to lay material down on advanced  ! construction work.  I Freight rates from Spokane to Ferry,  | Wash., will be a. combination of local  i and distance tariffs, the present local  I to'Curlew being augmented by a dis-  i tnnco tariff to Ferry. '  NOTICE.  N'OTTCE it. hereby given lhat, ������0da>s from'  date, I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Work* for permission to pmchnso 10 acres, more or less, of land,  situate in the .Similkameen Division of Yale  District, and described as follows: Commencing at a post planted on the northerly limit of  the Columbia &������ Western right-of-way, marked  ii. K. Corner, Lot 2704, thence running noith.i  chains, more or less, to the south boundary of  Lot .')13; thence east !W chains, move or less,  along said south boundary of Lot ">13 to the  angle post of said Lot .5IH: thence south 12  chains, more or lef.s, along westerly boundary  of Lot.'dH to the northerly limit of the Columbia  & Western railway right-of-way : thence westerly, following the said northerly limit of the  right-of-way, JO chains, moie or less, to point of  commencement, and containing JO acres, more  or Jess.  Dated at Midway. B.C.. October 121 h. 1������H.  JO-SI W. H. NOVUM!?. Applicant.  BANK OF  BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  Capital���������$4,866,666.  HKAD OFFICB IN CANADA,  If. STIKKMAX. General Manager  Reserve��������� $2,043,997.  MONTltKAL  J. KLMHLY, Supt. of Branches  JVlOlSEy    ORDERS  >!AV   UK OBTAIN Ell AT  S.').(KI AXIl t;.V!)KH      -      ."! OKNTS.  OVKU .������.).IHI to 9KUNI    -    ������! CKXTS.  1'IIK   KOU.0WIXO  UATKS:  I      ovr.11 810.00 to s:������).oo - iockxtk  1      ovKnS:i().uiTo.*.'i0.oo - 1.1 cn.vTs  Hedley Branch,  L. G. flacHAFFlE, Acting Manager  tCCOCCOOCOCGCOOOOOOOOQ  RESERVE.  NOTICE.  IS  1XTY DAYS from the date hereof I intend  to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds  ! and Works for permission to purchase 100 acres  'of land, beginning at a post at the S. E. corner  j of Lot JWi. .Similkameen Division of Yale Dis-  ! trict, thence south JO chains, thence west JO  ! chains, thence north 10 chains, thence east  ! along the south boundary of Lot UK to point  , of, beginning.  i    Dated the 10th day of October. 100.*).  Right of Way for Railways, Etc.  MOTKIK i.s hereby given that all Crown lands  ���������J'' along the located lines ot railway, imwcr  or tramway company, incorporated under authority of the Legislature of this Province, and  having a width of fifty"(50) feet on each side of  said lines, are reserved for right of way' purpose* for such railway, power or tramway  company.  W. .S. GOKK.  Deputy Com. of Lands A: Works.  Lands and Works Dcimrtment,  Victoria. B.C.. 3rd October. liKti. 311-2   -  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that Sittings of the  County Court of Yale will be Wold en a*  follows:  At Kairvicw, on Friday, the20th (let  At Ivercrneos on Monday, the23rd Oct  (at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.)  By command.  C. A.E. LAMBLY,  37-J        Registrar of the County Court of Yah  IiXlo;  . 190.":  NOTICE  II Ml  C. K. LKltt.  Hcgii Lkih, Agent.  Sir William Mnlock has decided to  retire from the Dominion Cabinet and  will ascend the Bench. His place will  likely be filled by A. B. Aylesworth,  who makes the mistake of his life in  linking his political career with a dying cause. There is no doubt that Sir  William, after brooding for months  over the nauseating 'dose which Sir  Wilfrid compelled him to swallow-  when the Autonomy bill was passed,  found the position so irksome that  he had to chuck the job. Billy Patterson is doubtless waiting for a similar opportunity. The Lieutenant-  governorship of British Columbia will  most likely afford shelter for someone  else. If there were -only rat-holes  enough to go round how many more  of them would leave the sinking ship,  but unfortunately there aren't, and  there will be a wholesale drowning  one of these times.  As for Aylesworth  NOTICE.  SIXTY DAYS from the date hereof I intend  to apply to the Chief Cominissionerof Lands  and Works for permission to purchase KiO'acres  of land, beginning nt a post on the west bank  of the Okanagan river at the south end of Vns-  seauxlake. thence northerly along the waterfront JO chains, thonee west JO chains, thence  south JO chains, thence east JO chains to point  of. beginning.  Dated the 28th day of September. 190.".  B. W. LEIR.  Jii-'.i Hugh bum, Agent.  Is Tin: Matter 6k the "Kau.wav Act."  ��������� AXI>���������,  In Tine Mattkk okthbVaxco<;vk.k. Vk;toiua  and Kastkisx Railwav and Navigation  COMl'ANY.  NOTICE is hereby given that the plan, profile  ** and book of reference of the Similkameen  section of the line of railway and the Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway and Navigation Company from the International Boundary  to Kereineos. which have been duly sanctioned  by the Board of, Kail way Commissioners for  Canada, were on the 15th day of September,  1905, deposited in the Land Registry Office for  the District of Yale at ivamloops. B. C.  Dated this 20th September. 15)05.  A. H. MacXEILL.-  Solicitor for the Vancouver, Victoria &  37-J     Eastern Railway and Navigation Co'y..  J. ft. SCHUBERT  Wholesale and Retail  General     Merchant  Groceries  Dry Goods  Gents' Furnishings  Boots and Shoes  Hardware  Flour and Feed  Sash and Doors  Lumber and Shingles  ch  Stores-HEDLEY eindk PENTICTON.  JH  NOTICE.  l'~ I MOTIC-E is hereby given that. M days after  j. ! *���������* date, we intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to purchase 120 acres of land, as follows, in the  Similkameen Land Division: Commencing at  the S. W. corner of Lot liJSo. Group 1. thence  west 00 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence  east HO chains, thence south 20 chains. ���������  Required for reservoir site.  The Pakic-Ran'chixo Co.. Ltd.  Fairview. Sept. 8th. 1905. :tf-9  NOTICE.  Certificate ��������� of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "T\vo"Biiotheks," "Victoria" and "Okla.vijo  Mauguerite" Mineral Claims, situate in  the. Similkameen Mining Division of Yale  District. Whore'loeated: On Sixteen-Mile  Creek.  TWICE NOTICE that I. F. \V. Groves, acting  * as agent for A. Serapelli, free miner's certificate ?.'o. B86157, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  ! section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 2lith day of Sept.. 1905.       ���������  37-9 F.W. GROVES.  When in Keremeos  STOP AT  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE (B, REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public;    Livery Barn in Connection.  he seems to make a hobby of being  the under dug nowadays. His connection with the iStratton-Ganiey -affair  .was malodorous to say the least, and  he even had to associate himself a few  weeks ago with the hopeless cause of  the Keremeos and Similkameen Railway company who tried to keep J, .T.  Hill from getting his plans approved  for building into the Similkameen.  SIXTY DAYS after date, I intend to apply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works  for permission to purchase 320 acres of mountain land situated in the Similkameen Division  of Yale District:��������� Commencing at C. C. Clay.s  X.YV. corner, thence north 80 chains, thence  cast JO chains, thence south ,80 chains, thence  west. JO chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acres.  Dated this 2nd day of Sept.. V.m.  30-9 FRA.VK D. RICE..  The.    Gazette    has    do    apology  to  offer for taking up so  much  space of  this issue with Trafalgar.    It is an old  story,   but   it  means  so   much   to  all  Anglo-Saxondoin    that  it    cannot be  told too often.    On Saturday, October j  2isL. a. hundred years will have elapsed j  since  Xelson won that groat victory. !  Ur,d tfie God of Battles decided other- ���������  wise on that-eventful day. who can hna- i  gine even what the past century would ���������  have given  to   the    world l-     Instead, j  freedom    and    prosperity   have   made j  their   home    with    (lie    Anglo-Saxon i  'people, and all can with   heart  rejoice!  on Saturdav next   in   commemorating1  the event. !  We  NEW  ZEALAND  NOTICE.  Certificate of improvements.  "Powjei.i." Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoy-  00s Mining Division of Yale District. Where  located: In Camp Hedley, east of 20-Mile  Creek and adjoining the Indian Reserve.  TAKE NOTICE thatl. F. A. Dcvereux, part  * owner and agent for R. H. Parkinson and  H. A. Whillans,' free miner's certificate Xo.  BSOKoo. intend, sixty days from'the date hereof,  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 18th day of Sept.. A.D. li)0n.  37-9 K. A. DEVEREUX.  /F  NOTICE.  ������ ������  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Tii!1 V.  V. A: i.C. have entered exnro-  prialinn proceedings against the  ('. I*. j  H. by way of settlement of   the   Mid-I  way difficulty.    The affair all through j  was most childish on the  part of the!  l.\ P. li. who have accomplished nolh- \  ing by if���������not oven   the  delay of the j  work    of   construction   of   the   Great!  Northern   which has   gone   on stead-  !y all the while on   other portions  of  the route.    On the othc:- hand, the (.'.  P.  ?>. are in no position to go before a-  Board of arbitration to determine   the  value of the   hind   in   question. ���������   On  their own books as between them   and  the Government which   gave   it,   the  hind stands at a   valuation   of $1 per  acre, it opens up a. big question that is i  1  &verijjtlitag  Nw and  First-Glass  .Bar supplied with the Ghoieest  Liquors and Gigars, and Special  Attention    paid   to   the    Table.  Certificate of Improvements.  "WAIi I0A(!LK"aml "l{KI> FAGLK" mineral  claims: situate in the Osoyoos Alining Division of Yale District. Where located: Li  Camp Hedley.  HTAKK XoTlCF.lhat I.  F. U'. Groves, acting  ': ��������������������������� as agent for the Yale Alining Co., Free  i .Miners Cortiliculc No. B70033, intend, sixty  j days friiiu the. date hereof, to apply to the iWin-  1 ing Wecoriler for a Certilfcateol'Improvements  I fur tic purpose 'of obtaining Crown Grants of  ' the above claims.  I     AND   FCUTIIF.i:.   take  notice tlia.t action.  j under section .">", must, lie commenced before the  : issuance of Mich Certificate of.Iiuprovements,  j     I luted lliis 7th day of'September, A.D. HiO'i.  !    ;u.-!i F. \V. GUOYK.S.  PATRONIZE YOUR   HQME   MILLS  Ask your grocer for  Moffet's  and help us to help  British Columbia  by employing more men in our mills.  THE COLUMBIA FLOURING MILLS CO., Ltd.  ENDERBY 'AND   VERNON, B. C.  HEN'S  OVERCOATS  ne  looser  an  eoair Sfio  rrlaoe  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  HEDLEY,  B. C.  Horse-Shoeing and all kinds  of Blacksinithing done.    :    :  bound to give them trouble later on.  GEO. ft. SPR0UL&,  Proprietor.  Fl.OltKXCK.   CHI'..VM  OK TIIK  ('AMI',   liOADSIUK.  ���������Sri.n.N'T FiiiKND. Liz/.ik ]>. and (iin:.\T  K.\sTi-:i!N iAIiueral Claims, situate in tin;  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located :   Ohilla Camp.  nrAICI-: \OTICK that I, .'I'iichurd TL 1'arkin-  A son, F..M.C. D7!M.'������, agent 'for L.\V"..Shatfoi-d,  F.M.C. H7i>m, Da.nCoutney, F.M.C. B7.SKWi, and  Steve j\Iangolt. F.Al.C. No. ]>7!i0(IU, intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certilirato of Improvements.,  for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section :i~, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated thisSth day of Sept., A.D. V.m.  TiICIIAIUJ IT. l'AltKIXHON,  ���������:������-������!. B. C. L. S.  A large  shipment of  OVKIiCOATS  just arrived,  in very neat  and effective  patterns.  Now i.s the  time to make  your choice, before the variety  is reduced.  Prices range  from .$1.1.00  to $25.00.  A full and  complete line  of Gents'  Furnishings.  everythixg  New.    .    .  CAMPBELL &   SHIER. THE MEDLEY GAZETTE, OCTOBER 19, 1905.  S   '  Town and District.  Now replenish the wood-pile.  See Bank of B. N. A. ;id. for r������tes on  money orders.  Harry Robinson returned on S;itur-  Jolm S. tfimpp and Major Anderson.  j Great Northern right- of .-.way- agents,  were hi (own on Friday and, went up  the river on Saturday morning. They  ai-e arranging right of way with, landholders between hero and Princeton.  GENERAL.  The Hedley Lumber Company hav-  day from the coast where he has  been . injr finished cutting their logs  in   the  since last June  Fairview typhoid pjitient*  proving  ire.  nil-  Messrs W. C. Bate and J. R.  uinisnallv  Brown appear to have had  severe attacks. ,   ���������  Sunday School in connection with  the Church of England mission, will  lut held in Eraser's hall, each Sunday  afternoon at 2.30. All children of suitable age will find a welcome.  What is to become  of/ the  Athletic  Association this winter V     With  the  outfit on hand and in  good condition,  some place should be procured for ex-  Vrcise to keep up Heel ley's muscle.  A. Wright is giving a Scctch conceit  in Eraser's hall on Friday night, Oct.  20tli. The entertainment"will consist  of songs, Sc'otch, Irish and coon, both  sentimental and comic. \     ''    '  Thos. Ellis who recently'sold his  large, up-country property, is'staying-  in the city,- a guest at the King Edward hotel. Mi-. Ellis is building a  residence in town, and will, with his  family, take up his aliode in town.  ���������Victoria Times.  Chas Ehrlich, manager of Pat Burns'  Greenwood branch, was through' here  last week. He is organizing a corii-  pany to start a brewery in Princeton  in the near future, but as for himself  he will continue to deal 'out rib roa,sts  for Pat Burns.  It was 5 degrees below zero up at the  Nickel Plate, yesterday morning. At  the mill, it was 11 above. These two'  points are less than two miles apart,  horizontally, but the altitude < makes  the difference. *  Postmaster F. M. Gillespie returned  on Saturday after a. well-earned holiday, attending the Fair and seeing the  sights. He has stuck faithfully to his  post, never going out of the valley  since he took charge of the "office some  four years ago.  A visitor in town on Tuesday expressed his surprise that. Hedley should  run out of hot air so soon. It was'a  neat joke all right, and good-naturedly given ; but then you know he was  from the Boundary where they have  so much that, they used to build railways with it.  Tuesday looked like a genuine touch  of winter. The icy blast that swept  over smelter flat and swirled at times  into the town which is usually so  well  .  sheltered, and the. snow on  the hillsides creeping ever.farther down,to be  -��������� followed-with the snow-flakes themselves, was a forcible '-reminder.  The vegetables grown on smelter flat  are being rushed off these days at any  old price, it is claimed to be a genuine going out of business slaughter  sale, the management having decided  to cut out the ranching henceforth and  forever. Even the fruit trees will be  sold, to anyone who may want them.  Messrs. Otto Dillier and Louis Scher-  bauer have purchased from Frank  Bailey an acre of ground on the .Similkameen City town site on which to  erect a brewery, ft was necessary for  theiii to obtain a-site on some stream,  -and there, were other considerations  that influenced the location.  Rev. .las. Lang, of Peacliland, came  in on-Thursday's stage and is engaged  painting Mr. L. TV. Shatford's new  residence on Kingston avenue. Mr.  Lang will also have an opportunity to  exercise his skill as a sign writer, there  being a. few jobs in that line awaiting  his skill. Though not quite as bouy-  ant oi- springy of stop as of yore, there  are not many youngermen who would  keep up with him on a week's work in  spite of his advanced age.  The proposed  route  of  the   Vernon  and Midway railway will open up some  of the finest fruit and fanning country  in    British    Columbia,    and    already  along the surveyed routes   the. land is  being staked  out by speculators and  home-seekers.      Several    from    town  have secured good pieces ol:  land  and  others are leaving shortly for the same  district which is near Bea.verdeil, with  the intention of prospecting.- Kelowna.  Clarion.  On Friday last Dan Langdou working in the Nickel Plate mine had tins  fore-linger ol: his right hand smashed  with a. sledge hammer wielded by jus  partner. They were straightening a  post and Langdou got his hand in  the way at the wrong moment.  Dr. Whilluns happened to be at the  mine at the time and dressed the  wound which was :\f compound fracture. The patient was down on Satuv-  dav having it-re-d.re.ssed.  |    The Dominion Fair deficit is placed'  jut $8,000.  ]       i     ���������>       ' ;  Folev ..Bros,   and' Larsen  have  the  j contract of- the Lake Superior section  I of the G. T. P.       '"     *  The order-in-council dividing Koote-  liooiii, they reduced the null  crew  on j ^y Jnt<) tw<> mw (.,mntieft  w, ������������������,..  Saturday; retaining only-mill hands', []w^ K,^tl.n.,v U(mnfcv Coiu.t> ,m(l  enough to cut what logs can bo obtain-; |mVus Ju(1 ^.^ a j^ wUho���������t a  ed near at hand. h(,m;h t() ^ 0)) .  A. W. Schissler. formerly 'with   the!    ,.,    ' ,. '    '     ,,       2     J._T.  Hedley Lumber Company, returned! ,W"^������"������:"]���������>^^*V^  but week after spending nearly a year '>������������������; BX'������ and F.ndlay, ot P.cton N.  in Ontario and the Territories, He has Is; "ho were held tor months in a Rus-  gone to work again for the H(1(���������,.v s>fl" l>"son at Medweld, have been re-  Lumber Co. ;k'ilse(1-  The B. C. Copper Co. are taking up  the bond on the Grant-group on Buck-  horn mountain near Chehaw. Harry  Johns is in charge of development and  is confident of opening up a good mine  on Buckhorn mountain.  ,F.' August Heinze hna been doing the  Boundary. Grand Forks and Phoenix  both had visits from him and.he i.s reported to be considering the. little matter of taking over Franklin camp ux>  the. North Fork, building a railroad  or two and doing some other few  chores.  Mr.'.l. P. Armstrong who has been  employed in X A. Schubert's store at  Penticton came in last week with his  wife and they will make Hedley their  abode. Mr. Armstrong being transferred to the. Hedley branch. They will  reside in the new house recently built  by Mr. Schubert on Ellis St.  i  A nice line of Boys' 2, piece Norfolk  and double breasted sample suits wil\  be sold at reasonable prices.���������Campbell and Shiek.  The gold  shipments of the Yukon  j Territory for the, season of 1905 just  ' closed will run approximately to $6,  OW.OOO. It is estimated that half or  more, of the Fairbanks output has  gone, to the coast this summer by way  of Dawson.  The. Dawson Board of Trade held a  meeting and passed resolutions commending the action of the Yukon  Council in its contemplated memorialising of Ottawa for the Government  control of the water system for the  Klondike. The Board also discussed  the matter of getting the co-operation  of Alaskan towns and Coast cities in  the matter of placing transportation  rates on as low a basis as possible.  seeoeoGosoo  NOTICE.  A SITTING of the County Court of Vale will  be held at Princeton on Wednesday, October  25th. A.D. 1SW5, at the hour of 11 o'clock h.im.  By order,  HUGH HUNTER. ���������  :<S-S Registrar.  WEATHER PROPHETS  PredUft a Hard Winter...  BUT WE ARK PREPARED FOR. IT  WITH A VKRY-'LARGE 'STOcWOF  Cold Weather Clothing  T7N Woolkx, Underwear and  Flannel Shirts we have the  largest and most complete range  ever shown in. the Country, and  can supply the wants of the  most  fastidious   ?E are just' opening up a  shipment of WiNTjgK Suits  and Odd P.vntsJ whiclf&for pat-  tern; style and fit, heat anything -  we have ever seen .in the ready-  to-wear clothing line.  ";  ..  '  We Want* You to See These Goods ~W  SHfUFORDS, LIMITED  || ttedley and Fairview, B.6;  JbooooeesodseceoQfQosoeKdsccsoooQGOQQQeoooaee  Sale of Mineral Claims for-Unpaid Taxes in the Princeton  Assessment District, Province of British Columbia.  "ALLISON e  Now in the Market ��������������������������� Allison Town Lots  ft1  Future Great Railroad Centre  ,L1S0X is the terminal point of the C. P. B. on the  Similkaiueen. and is the supply point for the Copper  Mountain District and others.  Allison will be the junction point for any railway lines  running west and connecting with the Canadian P.-tcific  Railway, who agree, in the operation of said railway, to  make the town of Allison a point of general importance  in connection with the working thereof.  Investments now in Allison will surely bring large  profits in the near future, as railway construction proceeds,  and this is now assured. .  Terms: one* half cash, balance in six months and a  year, with interest at 6 per cent.  For F*ull Piarticulars!  ���������APPLY TO���������  HILTON KEITH, Agent,, Allison, B.C.  I  HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that on MONDAY, NOVEriBER 6TH, A. D. 1905, at the hour of  12 O'CLOCK, NOON, at the Court House, Princeton, T shall sell at Public Auction, the lands  in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons in the said list- hereinafter set out,' for the taxes remaining- unpaid by Haiti persons on the 30th day of June, 'A.D. lilftj, and for thecostsand expenses  said Side, it not sooner paid.  Name of-Person.  Short Description of band.  - I  Unpaid 'Costs&  Taxes   '-Exp'n's  Total  Thomas Rabbitt, et al 1 Bonanza Queen. L 72, G 1   Thomas Rabbitt, et al Nevada. L 7!l, G 1   E. V. Bod well ' Queen Alexandria, L-.i7.Vt. (��������� I   E. V. Bodwell ! Marquis of borne, L 2732, G 1   Peter E. Wilson      | Copper (:iih", h 1939, G 1   Peter. E. Wilson  Copper JiliuT. L 1940, G I   kA. B. Clabon. et al I Nubian Fraction, L l'������, G 1.  ...:.  A.'B. Clabon. etal j Copperanin. L 134. G 1   I  o 1st  11 76  10 2.") i  10 00 !  10 00 j  ���������> 00 I  7 7,-> I  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 <X������  2 00  2 00  7 i-i  13 '.->  12 2.")  12 on  12 Oo  4 00  il 7.'.  Princeton. .B.C.. October 10th. 1H0:">.  :������W  HUGH  HUNTER.  Assessor Princeton District.  Princeton Post Office.  Two Strong Points!!  FIT WELL, AND WEAR MELL,  The Canadian  Bank of GomTmeroe  CAPITAL���������$8,700,000.  Total Resources (Nov-  REST���������$3,500,000.  30,. '0-1:)���������$91,000,000.  Penticton Branch  A. Branch of the Bank is now-  open'at Penticton, B.C.  SAVING'S BANK DEPARTMENT���������Interest allowed on deposits of Sl.OOand upwards  Princeton Branch  A Branch of this Bank is now  open at Princeton. B. C.  BANKING    BY   MAIL  . Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.   Special attention given to this  class of business.   ::   Drafts and Money Orders issued on all points.  A General  Banking Business Transacted.  J. M. CHRISTIE  Manager  IF ������������������ YOUR DEALER DOES NOT CARRY  " THE AMES HOLDEN SHOES" WRITE  US AND WE WILL TELL  YOU WHO  =he^=e^ehh^^^ DOES ;--r^--:-_:::::--=:r:.  The Ames Holden Co. of Montreal, Ltd,  Largest Manufacturers of Shoes in Canada.  YAXCOUVKK. J5. l  TEL  SiiitiAl  trial aruWi^ffihefJlaiGa prove it v?^>*>������-  CO**    ffcmw4,J$.C.  ������jfenawia-S!������-  HEDLEY,  B.C.  'he   S_e.ncUri������������   Hotel of the   Similkameen   Valley.  This House is New and First Class in Every Respect,  Being- Equipped with all Modern Conveniences���������Electric   Light, Telephone,  Baths,  Etc. :        :        :        :  iRates  /Vlodie^ratteio THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, OCTOJBEK 19, 1UM5.  PROPERTY IN HEDLEY  Is  A  Good,  Safe   Investment  Hedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is situated the famous ������������������ Nickel  Plata:"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and business  centre of the  Make  Money  Similkameen  the new mining district which lias already been proven, by a  smallamount of development work, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  British Columbia.  " HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway; and with the advent of this road,  which i.s assured in the near future, it will unquestionably  become a. large and important city, and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Scott Ave. (main st.)    $400 to $600  Other Streets    $200 to $400.  ...TERMS....  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  For Those Who  Invest Now.  "Purchase a few Lots before the Hailway Comes2=^=  For Full Particulars, Maps Etc.,  ��������� PkPPUY   TO-  y City Townsite Co'y, Ltd.  L.W. SHATFORD, _     ,        m HPHI   PV      R   f  ������ Secretary and Hanager; " ��������� * IL������L/LL< I ,    L*. W.  ICommercial Hotel  HEDLEY, B.C.  This hotel under new management has been  re-modelled, and has -ample accommodation for  a large number of people. The table is supplied  with the best in the market. The bar contains  the popular brands .of-liquors' and cigars.  H. W. YATES, Proprietor  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, Hanager.  &60'S  LIVERY, FEED 8 SALE STABLES  Fairview and Penticton  -ALSO���������  Proprietors���������FAIRVIEW    AND     PENTICTON  STAGE   LINE.  Good Horses .and liigs and Careful Drivers.  Tennis furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on hand.  "TWAS IN TRAFALGAR BAY"  Continued from First Pujjc.  j the combined ensigns were torn from  i the poop and the British hoisted in ���������  their places., Such a battle could not  be fought without sustaining a great  loss of men. I have only to lament in  common with the British navy and the  British nation in the fall of the commander in chief, the loss of a hero  whose name will he i minor till and his-  memory ever dear to his country; but  my heart is rent with the most poignant grief for the death of a friend to  whom by many years intimacy and ^a  perfect knowledge of the virtues of his  mind, which inspired ideas superior to  the common race of men, I was bound  by the strongest ties of affection; a  grief to which the glorious occasion in  which he fell does not bring the consolation which perhaps it ought. His  Lordship received a mnsket ball in his  left breast about the middle of, the  action, and sent an officer to nie inline-,  diately with his last farewell, mid soon  after expired.      ' '    '.'   '        r-\  .  [ have also to lament the loss of those  excellent officers, Captains Duff, of the  Mars, and Cooke, of the Bellerophon;  I I  have  yet heard of none others.    I  fear the numbers that have fallen will  be found very great, when the returns  come to me: but it having blown a gale  of wind ever since the action,  I have  not yet had it in my power  to collect '  i'.-iny reports from the ships.  1     The Royal Sovereign having lost her  ! masts, except the tottering foremast,  f called the Euryalus to me while the  i action   continued,   which ship   lying  , within hail, made my signals���������a service  ! Captain   Blackwood   performed with  i great attention.    After the action   I  I shifted my Hag to  her,   that  T might  ! more easily communicate "any orders  to. and collect  the ships,  and  towed  the   Koyal  Sovereign  out to seaward.  The whole   Meet  were  now-in a very  perilous position,  many dismasted, all  scattered, in thirteen fathoms of water  off the shoals of Trafalgar; and  when,  I made the signal to prepare to anchor  few of the ships had an anchor to  let"  go. their cables" being  shot.    But  the  same good   Providence which aided us  through the day preserved us through  the night, by the wind shifting a  few  points, and drifting'the ships  oil" the  land, except four of the  captured dismasted ships which are now at anchor  i at Trafalgar,  and I hope will ride safe-  l until those gales are over.   ���������  j     Having thus detailed the proceedings .  j of the fleet on this occasion., T  beg  to  congratulate their Lordships on a victory which I hope  will  add  a ray to  the glory of   His Majesty's crown,"and  be attended with public "benefit to our  countrv.    I am. &c���������  (Signed,) C. Cou,incv\vood.  William Mavaden. Esq.,���������  The order in which the ships of the  British squadron attacked the combined fleets on the 21st-of October, 1805:.  'VAX.  Victory  Temeraire  Neptune  Conqueror  Leviathan  Ajax  Oiion     ���������  Agamemnon  Minotaur-.  Spartiate ���������  Britannia  Africa    .    >.-  Euryalus  Sit-ins  Phoebe  Naiad     ���������/.  Pickle Schooner  Entrepeniinte Cutter  (Signed.)   C. Colling wood.  Rear.  Royal Sovereign  Mars  Belleisle  Toiniant  Bellerpphon  Corossus  Aehille  .....���������'  Polyhemiie  Revenge  Swiftsure  ���������Defence;-"; .."  'Thunderer.  Defiance  Prince  Dreadnought  FOR SALE.  First   Class   in   Every  Bespect.      Commercial   and 'Mining.; ��������� -���������    Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similka- ���������.      t ���������* *��������� At r^  a Tr^TtT^n  meen Vallevs.     Post House on Penticton-' : SUDSCriDe TOr tile   GAZfc I 1 fa  Princeton   Sta������:e   Line.  KEREMEOS,  L>������   w<  I  OTEL  EDLEY  ESTABLISHED  1903  Pine New   Covered  Stage 'Carrying   .Royal Mail.  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton  :<>:-  Special Bigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Public.    :        :        :        :  -:0:-  IL  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor.  The  Leading  House  For  Commercial  Hedley  Livery,   Feed  and  4  Sale Stable  HEDL.EY,  B.C.  Hen.  Best Only Provided for Table  and Bar.  W. J. Henderson, Prop.  Strictly First Class, Service.  Special Attention given to  the Travelling Public.  Teaming of all kinds done.  Horses Bought and Sold.  W. F. REVELY,  Proprietor.  ONIC hundred tons of Timothy Imy, at ������12.50  , pur ton.   Apply to,  Jtfi-lO .J.M.'-THOMAS. Ok. Falls.  ! NOTICE  pJIAitLKS DkHARRO. of Otter Flat Hotel.  ^ Tuhuneen. intend* to apply to the Licence  Commissioners for the Nicola District for permission to transfer his hotel licence to John  A. Liuuly.  Dated at Otter Flat. Kith Sept.. )!������������.  M-f. CIIA RLKH DkBAKRO.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  "('i!AC-KKii./ACK"iind"0. I.f." Mineral Claims,  situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of  Vale District. Where located ; In Camp  Hedley.  TAKK XOTICK that I. V. W. tiroves, acting  as agent for L. O. Hedlund. free miner's eer-  tilieate No. H7!>0!)1. .John GreeMhill. free miner's  ecrtillciitc No. 1579058. and Hans I'. Nelson, free  miner's certificate No. HliKlOflS. intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates ol Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 157, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certilieatospf Improvements,  Dated this 21st day of September. liM.'y.  37-!) F. W. GROVICS.  Try  Victoria  CEYLON TEA.  Pure, and   Invigorating.


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