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The Hedley Gazette Oct 10, 1912

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 Volume VIII.  <3az  AND SIMILKAME^ ADVERTISER  HEDLET, R C, THUIiSi)^ OCXOBEK 10. 1912  ���������N-UMBER"40.  Dr G. A. JAPKSQN  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in Vancouver.]  S. O. L. Co.'s Hi.ocac  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C  PENTICTON HONORED  T.-'-R.  OSS  H. the Duke and Ducb-  of   Corinauglit  Pay  R. W. DEANS  Notary Public Real Estate  Ranches,  Properties,  Mines. 'Timber,  Water Powers  Upper Trout Creek, Balcomo P. O. B.C  A WELL MANAGED RECEPTION"  Royal Salute Civic Address���������Duke Reviews Veterans,, Boy Scours, Girl  Guides and School Children���������Views  Fsuit Lots from Auto  N. TiiOMr'sox 1'Uom: srvmoui{;")!)4.'{  MOR.WKSTKKN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng*.  Ofliccs mid Warehouse. 817-0'f Hcatty Struct  Vancouver, B. C.  Grand Union  Hotel   HEDLEY, B. C.  First Class Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  Hedley    rimers'    and    Hill men's  Union, No. i6i, W. F. of M.  ���������    Ucffirlar meetings of the 'Hedloy Local, Xo.  -"������������������Kit are hold on the first and third AVodncsday  in the month in Fraternity hall and the second  and fourth Wednesday at tho X. l\ Mine  O. M. Stevkns T. It. W'n.i.Ev  l-resifU*rrt Kin-Secretary.  A. F. & A. M.   K'BXr,uliXH'"HibTrfrTi>~nicctirigs'''6f  Hedley Lodge' So. J:?, A. F. & A. M.,  are held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting*  brethren are cordially invited to attend.  S. E. HAIIILTON,  W. M  ARTHUR CLARE,  Secretary  MODERN WOODMEN  OF AMERICA  Hedley Local Camp meets in  Fraternity Hall the lirst and  third Thursdays in the month.  A. Cf.AUK K. II. .S-MI'SO.V  Connsel ������������������ Clerk.  L. O. L.  Reerrrlar* rnorrthly meeting's of  Hedley Lodge 1711 arc held on  the third Monday in c\'ery  v^e&iSiliS&af*1110**6*1 in Fraternity Hull. 'Visiting- br-etlicrn are cordially invited to attend.  H. J. JOMKS. XV. M.  WM. LON'SDALK. See't.  DR. J. L.  MASTERS  DENTIST  Will he at Home ollice in Oroville, 1st  to llth of each month.  Office  on  North   Main   Street,  NORLEY F. TUNBRIDGE  Solicitors,  Notaries Public,  Conveyancers, Etc.  PENTICTON, British Columbia.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL KXGIXrciCIi .v.vr> HIUTISH  COLUMBIA LAXD SURVEYOR  Star Building Princeton  MILLIARD'S  JBARBER     SHOP  FOR AN" KASY SHAVIi  HOT ������-c COLD BATHS  Next door north of Grand Union Hotel  W. H. T. GAHAN  Hamster, Solicitor, Kit*.  MOXKY  TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  W1IKN WHITING ADVElt-TISKKS j'LKASK  .MENTION   THIS I'A'-HIt  Penticton did herself proud in tlie  welcome extended on Friday last to  H. R. H. the Duke of Connanght. the  Duchess and their daughter Princess  Patricia, and the Royal party certainly strengthened the feeling in favor of  .monarchical institutions within the  empire in the minds of those who  turned   out to join'  in the welcome-  It was the privilege of the editor* of  the Gazette to journey over and he  present on the. occasion and now that  it is all over and we are hack again to  the daily grind we feel well repaid in  the pleasant memory' left hy the  event.  It is  estimated  that  hetween   2000  and 3000 were  present and  all points  between   Ponticton and the boundary  line were represented, while from Oio-  ville  there  were   said   to  have   been  several ������������������an to   loads.    The   town   was  gaily decked   with hunting  and evergreens and a stranger in the town that  morning could find   evidence   on all  hands of a  geneial inclination  to tidy  up.   The corporation had liien on cutting the  weeds  on some vacant lots,  and in other parts  thrifty housewives  were even   handling the garden rake..  A reception committee appointed at  a public meeting had been doing good  work;  the municipal   council  too had  important duties to discharge and so  ,f:������.it *i������.,:,(.���������(>uld-h^. syeji::t.ht!y."wej."e. equal,  tothe  part required of them.    Altogether the .welcome was well -planned  and  details were so well foreseen and  provided  for* that it was . very evident  the   town had   been fortunate  in  possessing a guiding spirit that knew the  proper thing to do and had the energy  to   do it.    The  choice of marshal   or  master of ceremonies was partieularly  apt  and so  far as  a. .visitor, could'see  the lion's share of the credit was due  to   Police Magistrate  Guernsey   who  discharged   that  important function.  His    military    instinct   and  training  stood  him in good service, and after-  all    when    you    want   precision   and  smoothness there is nothing so wholesome and   eil'ective as a little spice of  the  military  in the ordering of ceremonial even among civilians. Marshal  Guernsey's muster of veterans and ex-  soldiers was   arr unqualified success as  about forty   responded to   his  invitation, and the Boy Scouts and the Girl  Guides lent  a   tone of finish  to   the  military  end  of the affair  while the  line turnout of school kiddies aird the  vim with which they sang "The Maple  Leaf Forever" was a  delightful finishing   touch.     To  one   who  has  had a  taste of harrackroonr life  and can appreciate  barrack room   punctuality it  was most refreshing lo see how orderly and punctually  the muster of these  four  units   was  effected and the   line  drawn up orr the wharf, the whole not  occupying  inure than about five minutes, and at  the end of about another  minute   or    two after  the composite  line was  formed to  receive his Highness, the steamer which bore him was  moored at  the dock.     The  veterans  were on the right of the line with the  Boy Scouts next, the Girl Guides next.  and the school children on the left.  The landing was made opposite the  veterans and the gangway of the  steamer interfered a bit with the  centre of their" line but not sufficient  to make confusion. On the landing of  the steamer the band played "God  Save the King" alter" which his Highness was received with a royal salute,  the veterans saluting and the Boy  Scouts presenting arms. The muni-j  cipal address of welcome was read by  the town clerk after- which his Highness replied and next proceeded to inspect the veterans going along the  line of both ranks and speaking to  each man in succession. Irr this connection a pleasing incident was noticed when  on the special  invitation of  ' '   7 ���������     '���������'"���������,' '' -���������   ���������'*:   :��������� --��������� ������������������7 ' '   ������������������������������������ '  who had  seen service in -.South Africa  as nurse, had taken lip her* position on  the  left of  the 'lints of veterans and  thus came   in  for a word  from  His  '������"'  Highness    with   thii'   rest,   while  the  Duchess  engaged her* in   conversation  for some  time.    On' taking leave   of  the  veteians   his Highness   thanked  Mr. Guernsey for thve pleasure afforded him of meeting "with the men and  his leave taking of the other* units was  equally kindly, while; the Duchess and  Princess Patricia ni.ado warm friends  of all.  After the reception' and review autos  were on hand to take the Drrke and  his suite for a drive clown to Lake  Skaha and up over the benches, after  which they returned- to the steamer  Okanagan orr which tliev remained all  night.  A dance was given- by the Aquatic  Club to which the Governor General's  suite was invited aird many of them  attended. ,7, .  .Pessibly the  feature of the whole  occasion   which   most  impressed   the  writer was the simplicity and absence  of all  formality  on j the  part  of  the  royal party and every member of their  suite, for there was   hot even' the semblance of fuss  and feather  to he seen  any where.     In "dress,   in .manner* ''.'and  in the kindly interest they displayed  in 'everything, the Dukeand his family  were at one  with the people who had  turned out to welcome them.    Tf  '���������Politeness is to do and say  The kindest thing in tho.kindest, way"  the "Duke early learned the lesson and  practiced it all his life until it has become a   part of himself.    Not only so  hut  it has  led  him   to seek out the  same  trait in'others  with   the result  that in  the members-of his suiter's to  be seen the same kindly consideration  for others^    Especially was  this seen  iir the case  of his secretary Col. Low-  ther who had practically all to do with  making arrungeinents for his visit to  :thi-t'-������iii*rous-plae^.-"A*:^ib\lgh:fr'6iii:.thif  Grenadier Guards, a corps that is supposed to be strong orr ceremonial and  credited moreover   with  turning out  martinets with some of whom Canada  has hat!  some experience  in the past,,  Col. Lowther has proven the very opposite on this tour and marry will have  occasion to remember his kind consideration.    A little incident may be related which though trivialin itself conveyed a  great deal   to the writer who  witnessed  it,  and   we are sure Capt.  Esterbrook   will not  mind us relating  it by  way of illustration  as  it is not  rrrearrt to  reflect  on him  in any way  and does not. In the- dusk of the evening after the party had returned from  their  trip over  the   benches and the  Duke  had gone  to his  quarters  Col.  Lowther was  standing  on the wharf  talking to  Hon.  Martin  Burrell and  the writer  when Captain Esterbrook,  of the Steamer Okanagan. approached  and asked hinr  whether it  would not  be proper for  him  to take down the  royal standard.    Col. Lowther replied  quickly  but  kindly "Oh no, that flies  day and night"  and then after a short  pause added "I think; but wait a little  bit arrd   I  will   firrd  out and  let you  know." Now the Colonel, it was plain,  was never in any doubt  about it. arrd  REO REACHES   HEDLEY  Wilby Looking Hale and Hearty is Now  Speeding for Vancouver  J ust as we are going to pre.-.*, superintendent Turner with Mr. Wilby on  board sppeded into town in Turner's  Case car. They were pacing the Reo  in which Mr. Wilby has made the long  trip from Halifax. The Reo was on  the road and was accompanied by  .lohn R. Jackson's car from Greenwood. A little later the Jackson car  with J. R. Jackson, M. P. P., T. D.  Pickard aird Chief Constable Dinsrnorc  on board drove in with the word that  the Reo had sustained a puncture and  they were changing the tire.  Mr. Wilby is now in a position to  know something about the roads in  Canada and he P'lys British Columbia's  roads are by all odds the best in the  Dominion. In sorrre places he had to  ship the car- where there were no roads  at all and irr other places they took  the railroad .for it and bumped along  on the ties, tearing their tires all to  pieces. As the Nelson News put it Mr.  AVilby told them there that they were  "Like birds in a golden cage" for there  is no communication with Nelson except by train or- boat. Mr. Wilby's  diary of the trip should make a most  interesting volume.  ACCOMPANIES THE DUKE  Hon.   Martin Burrell  Accompanies   the  Duke of Cdnnaiight and Suite Through  his Constituency. <     ,  A FINE HIGHWAY  From all the reports that have come  to hand ;rs to the great improvement  of the roads in the Similkameen.' district die Gazette was piep.-ired to see  something 'nice during the auto ride  .from Kererneos to Penticton but this  was a case in which anticipation fell  far short of the real thing. It Was a  Thursday evening the trip was made,  and the car that was.on the route that  evening was Wei by's HO horse power  Case. The car which had been out.of  commission.' a ,fe\y .days .before .owing  to broken piston rings in the cylinder  had recently been fitted to new ones,  and was working stiff for the fii,st part  of the distance.  Owing to road repairs that were being made, between the station arrd the'  Centre on the route past the school  lunise the driver took the west route  and from the top of the hill in to the  Central Hotel a piece of road recently  widened 'and finished off by Bob Me-  Curdy's gang is a fair sample of the  quality of roads that aie-now.insisted  orr by the Public Works Department.  The road irp Kerenreos Creek built by  Danny McEachern's gang shows long  stretches of beautiful roadway fit in  many places for a public park and  establishing Danny's reputation us a  high class "road builder.  Many of the hills have been cut out  and new stretches of roadway on easy  grades and curvatures arrd beautifully  rounded off from ditch to crown have  replaced therri. The only places that  remain to remind one of the old order  of things are the long steep hills just  before coming to Fish Lake and the  Green Mountain hill. Fine work again  has been done by L. A.. Clark's gang  along by   the   Indian   reserves before  Hon. Martin Burrell, Minister of  'Agriculture, and 31 rs. Burrell are accompanying the Drrke and Duchess of  Connanght on their tour through the  interior of the province, or at least as  far as Nelson which they were to  reach on Monday last.  Mr. Ihurell joined the ducal party '  at Victoria .and it- was .."eminently iit-  ting that as cabinet minister for the  province he should accompany the  Governor General through a portion  of it at least, and it was .especially  fitting that the itinerary through his  owrr constituency should be of that  portion. It was a circunistance which  pleased his constituents when they  rrret him there.  Hon. Mr. Burrell will spend a few  days at his old home in Grand Forks,  after which he will have to 'hurry.,'  hack to Ottawa to get his department  ready for the opening of the session',  next'rrronth. He has'had a busy time  since he took-charge of the department of Agriculture and he expects  a busy time in the session-now coming  on. While he has no information to  give out concerning the- naval programme for the coming session he expressed confidence that the announcement which the Premier Would make  on that question when the House assembles would not disappoint- his  friends.  there was nothing at all singular iir a  Canadian captain in the merchant  marine rrot being posted on that parti-!  cular point of ceremonial. Clearly it  was kindness which prompted Col.  Lowther to feign indecision; but at all  events the standard was not taken  down audit was there flying at the  masthead at dawn the next morning  MINING  NOTES  the marshal,Miss Hancock a local lady  The August net profits of the British  Columbia Copper company were $3(>,-  000 or Jjil.0,000 less than in July owing  to the lower grade of ore treated during the month. The costs are said to  be 0 cents a pound. The company has  increased the wages of the miners  2o cents a day on a sliding scale basis.  When copper reaches IN cents another  similar advance will be granted.  The lo stamp mill of the Jewel mine  over in the Boundary is now irr full  operation and the Phoenix Pioneer  says the first clean-up is soon to be  made and a most satisfactory one was  anticipated, if not assured. Concentrates having a value of $125 have  been shipped. The vein is from 2 to 4  feet in thickness.  the road strikes dowrr   Beaver Creek.  On   this  portion a grader* arrd   roller  were used and appear to   have accom  plished very good work.  If superintendent turner is getting  as good work from ,-oad foremen in  other parts of the riding ,,s that now  to be found between Kerenreos and  Penticton he and Mr. Shatford should  be happy men and we can readily  understaud why the engineer from  the Public Works department who  was through here a short tirrre ago expressed his satisfaction with the way  appropriations in the Similkameen J  riding were being laid out. Effort  should be made to have the Premier  and Minister of Public Works pay a  visit tothe riding and see for- themselves for seing is believing and we  are sure they would have reason to  continue the good work in this riding  for there is some encouragement to  vote money for public improvements  when there is evidence that proper  value is obtained for it.  On the return trip made in the crisp  morning when the roads were in this  ideal condition and the engine running truly it only took an hour and  forty minutes to make the run from  the Hotel Ineola in Penticton to the  Central Hotel in Keremeos.  EXORBITANT RATES  Keremeos fruitgrowers are far from  being satisfied  with   the service and  the  rates  they are getting from  the  Great  Northern   railway but particularly arc the rates coining in for strong  disapproval.   The feature about which  most    dissatisfaction    exists    is    that  QUa i*ai*a.n fruitgrowers- are,umt-h..better served   by  the C. P. 11.   The rate  charged  from Keremeos by the Great  Northern  is 40c per  hundred on potatoes aird  Goc on apples   while the  rate  from   Penticton  to   the.coast   by the  O.P.R. is 23c per hundred on potatoes  and 40c   per hundred   on apples.    This  is a heavy handicap for the fruitgrower iir   the Okanagan   to have   over the  fruitgrower- irr the Similkameen and it-  is tirrre the Great Noi thern   were looking into the matter for it should be tf)  their  interest to  endeavor to  encourage the industries of fruitgrowing and  market gardening instead of trying to  strangle  the life out of each of them  in that maimer.     The  comparison of  the rales   irr the two cases  is certainly  a. surprise  and.it goes   to bear out the  charge  so  frequently' made   that the  Great   Northern officials   are  in   the  habit of studying out the  cost of production   with  a  view to  charging-all  the industry  will  stand  and making  their freight charges accordingly.  GENERAL NEWS  Sir Wilfrid Laurier is continuing his  tour throught Ontario.  The cruiser Niobe is to sale for England shortly. She has been in drydoek  for about a. year and officers and crew  arc. said to be jubilant at the prospect  of getting back to England again.  Both sides are watching with interest the by-election in McDonald, Manitoba. Hon. Robert Rogers has been  in the riding and addressed the electors in the interests of the government  candidate.  The Provincial Government of British Columbia have fully decided to  abolish the poll-tax. A modification  of it was desirable, but its entire  abolition in the case of those who pay  no other tax would seem to bo a piece  of mistaken leniency.  A usurer in Vancouver named  Abraham I). Goldstein (sounds Irish  doesn't it?) charges .$100 interest on a  note for $500 for two mouths.  The immigration figures month by  mouth show a great increase of the  volume of immigration into .Canada  during the present year over that of  any former year. The increase over  lust year is fifteen percent.  Judge Murphy of the Supreme Court  has handed out a written judgement  that the British Columbia Companies  Act is intra vires. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE OCT 10. 1H12.  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by the Hl'uu-iv Gazk.tti.-  PlUNTINfl AMI I'LMtl.lSUIMi COMPANY.  Limitkii.  at. Hedlev. II. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  'Pu-Year ��������� S'-UH,  ���������������   ( United .Status).;  -'.50  Advertising Rate*  Measurement. VI lines to i.ho inch.  Land Notices���������Certiiicates of improvement, etc.  S7.00 for (i(l-duy notices, and S.'.OO for 30-day  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding ono  inch. SI.Ill) for ono insertion, '25 cents lor  each subsequent, insertion.   Over one inch,  10 cents per lino for lirst ins-onion and .->  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Changes for contract advertisements should  be in tin* ollice hy noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for that week's issue  Advertisements will ho changed once every  mouth if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. l<"or changes oftener than once a month  the price of composition will ho charged at  regular, rates.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  S1.25; over 1 inch and up to J inches, Sl.CK)  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will bo given ot recur ecu  charges, based on sine of space and length  of time.  A. MEGRAW, Managing Bditor.  killed the supply is not equal to the  demand. Yet only a year ago we had  dwellers in the Suiiilkarneen who were  WATER NOTICE  Siinilkanieen lo'! district: The water will he diverted from the  head of the spring, adoiit- lull loot from the  north boundary lino of Lot. '���������.V'-pni-tof Lot 182.')  11.1, to he used for domestic purposes on said  lot, "A" IS23. G.I. " ,  This notice was posted on the gi-oiuid on the  I till i day of August, l'.ll'-'. The application will  be Illed in the ollice of the Water Coiiimission-  oi-at Nicola, B.C.  Objections may be tiled  with the said Water  I'oininissioner, <or   the Controller of   Water  Rights,  Parliament,Buildings.   Victoria, B. C.  37-1 FRANK BAILEY  Full Moon  1913  SEP  New Moon  10  First ciiiar.  IS.  1912  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  l  8  15  22  2!)  9  2;*:  si I  8  10  17  21  4  11  IS  o  12  19  23  IS  29  ���������n  i  U  21  28  METEOROLOGICAL.  For a Licence to Take and Use Water  so hidebound   to parly arrd so willing ' Vc'tico is hereby given thatI, Frank Bailey,  '        *. ������    J->       ol Princeton, B. C, will apply for a lie-  to follow their party no matter where   ence to take and use one cubic foot of water or-  ' , ...    ���������    . whatever I can secure out of an  liniiamed  it would   lead them   that thev wanted I spring, .situated near the south.boundary line,  * ] (if l.iit III, G:"i. in the Kiiinlooiis division of \iile  fruitgrowers  in. 11  vote Cor reciprocity which would have  let American ' poaches and apples in  here-free of duly. The Gazelle recalls  at the present moment a couple of  timely ai tides on, the effect of reciprocity on both the peach and apple  industry, of this and the Okanagan  valley which were presented just a  year ago in argument of the question  .by Mr. W. T. Shatford of: Penticton.  and if ever- a rrran had his Views borne  out. by the cold logic of subsequent  facts it wns Mr. Shatford in that instance. Still we have Sir Wilfrid  Laurier (the. same- Wilfrid who told  the fruit 'and vegetable growers of  Ontario that they mtist.be prepared to  be sacrificed) even .yet persisting in  his wayward obstinacy and declaring  that reciprocity with the United Stater-  is the goal he has in view.  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  VTotiee is hereby given that Gold Plato Mines  ���������rN Limited, Non-Personal Liability, of Hedley, B.C. will apply for a, licence to take and  use two thousand gallons of water out of an  unnamed Creek, which (lows in a, southwesterly direction through a marsh about 1(100 feet  east of Lot 902s 'una empties into tho north fork  of Twenty-mile crook, near juncture of the  north and cast forks thereof. The water will  be diverted at a point about 1000 east of the  southeast corner of. said Lot ilOAs and will be  used for mining purposes on the land described  its Lots 902s, 903s, 904s, 905s.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  23rd day of Sept.. 1912. The application will  beliled in the ollice of the. Water-Recorder at.  Fairview.  Objections may be (lied' with" the said Water  Recorder  or with  the   Controller of Water  Rights, Parliament Buildings.' Victoria. B-.'C.  Gold 1-i.atk Mixes, Limited  Non-Personal Liability  O.H. Brooks  The   Industry   that,   Wins  Industry alone will not make you independent. The  Industry that Saves is the Industry that Wins.  Opening a Savings Account in the Bank of British  North America is often the first step towards success. '. -7  Tlie Bank of British North America  76 Years in Business  Hedley  Branch,  Capital and Reserve Over $7,500,000  H...A  Hineks, Manager  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  Kef erring- to the.complaint made in  last week's issue as to the condition of  the government-telephone line through  this  district it is   most desirable   that  the matter  he at orrce   brought to the  attention "of  the head   of  the department having  to do with the  maintenance    and   operation   of   government  telegraphs   and   telephones.     During  the last administration there was complaint enough about mismanagement  of the telephorre.and local arrd district  superintendents were denounced right  and  left,   but   the   niulishiiess of the  district   superintendent increased   in  like   ratio with   the vehemence  of the  complainants and little  or no  betterment- resulted.    Surely the present administration  in their  over-anxiety to  avoid  the charge of using the axe. do  not  want to perpetuate a state of affairs for which their predecessors were  in some  measure  made to  suffer, and  if lire  present failures  are due to the  retention   of those  who acted in the  past  as   if  they  do rrot care a whoop  how   things are   goirrg. then it would  be will for   those at the head who are  justly lo be   held responsible for these  failures    to   reconsider their   policy.  What   the  public   want   is   efficiency  and  reasonable  protection   from mishap  from   neglect.      Irr these   days of  auto travel, overhanging wires threatening  decapitation becomes  a serious  mailer  and wants  to be   looked after  without  airy  nonsence   either  on the  part of  departmental heads or of subordinates.  Sep 2!)  SI)'  Oct 1  2  3  1  5  Minimum  81)  '20'  28  2SI  85  26  2o  The following aro the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending Oct. 5, 1912:  AT THE  MINE.  Maximum  ���������IS  43  50  ,51  ���������13  3(5 ,  45  Average maximum temperature45.57  Average, minimum. do        28.S5  Mean temperature 37.21  Rainfall for the,week      .15 inches.  Snowfall        "      ���������.'-���������  COHUKSrONDING WEKK Oh*  LAST VEAU  Highest maximum -.'temperature ���������.  Average maximum----     do ���������.  Lowest minimum do ���������.  Average- minimum do ���������.  Mean do ���������.  AT THE  MILL.  Maximum  71  70 .  (10  . 07  6!> ..  55  (50  Average inaxiniimr.-temperature ii+io7  Average, minimum do 30.57  Mean do 52.07  Rainfall for the week    .05   inches  ���������Snowfall        "        ���������'      0.00  coimKsr'ONDr.s'G wkek ok last vkah  Highest maximum temperature. 72  Average do do (JU.2S  Lowest minimum do 3.1.  Average do do 30.42  Mearr do -18.85  Sep 2!)  30  Oct    1  2  3  4  5  Minimum  43  43-  40  40  42  32  31'.,  Fruitgrowers in British Columbia,  have had an object lesson this year as  to what reciprocity would have done  for them it' Canada had been foolish  enough to have humored Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and some others of his venerable associates in this piece of way-  ���������wardness peculiar to second childhood.  American peaches have been shipped  in to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver at a valuation as low irr some  cases as 18/. cents per- box which with  the duty added makes a price for local  fruitgrowers to compete against that  is most disastrous, arid here we have  peaches by the ton rotting in the  orchards at Kerenreos and Penticton  because of lack of a market and too  high freight rates. And while all this  is happening the Toronto Globe is lying to the Grits all over Canada, that  there has been ;i backset to the peach  industry in British Columbia and because of   so many  trees  being frost I  Synopsis of Goal Mining Regulations  CiOAL ruining: rights of the Dominion, in  ' Manitoba, Saskatchewan unci Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of Uritish Columbia, may be loused for a term of  twenty-one years lib an annual rental of 81 an  acre. Not more than 2.500 acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Application for it lease must be made by tho  applicant in person to the Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which tlie rights applied for  ar-e situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurvoyed territory tho tract  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Knob application must ho accompanied by a  fee of ������5 which will bo refunded if the rights  applied for are not available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of live cents  pel" ton  The person operating the mine shall furnish  the Agent with sworn returns accounting for  tlie full quantity of merchantable coal mined  and nay tho royalty thereon. If tho coal mining rights aro not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once a year.  The louse will incliiilc tho coal mining rights  only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may  be considered necessary for the working of the  mine at the rate of 810.00 an acre.  For full information application should bo  made tothe Secretary ol the Department of  the Interior. Ottawa, or* to any Agent or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. XV. CORY.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  S.li.-Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for. 90m  NOTICE  Liquor Act. i!ll*2  "VTotico is hereby given that on tlie lirst day  ���������* ' nf December next, application will he  made to tho superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licence to sell  liquor by retail in the hotel known a.s the  Bridesville hotel, situate at. Bridesville in the  Province of Uritish Columbia.  THOMAS WALSH  Dated this 1st day of October 1912  TENDERS WANTED  ljiils will be accepted until October 15th for the  delivery of the following at the foot of the tram.  20 tons potatoes, 1 ton Onions, 3000 lbs cabbage,  1800 lbs turnips, 2500 lbs carrots, 600 lbs beets, 1800  lbs parsnips, of good serviceable stock suitable for  table use.  Daly Reduction Co., Ltd,  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  ���������\Jotioo isherebygiven that I. .1. RobertBrown,  -^ of Vernon, li. C, Indian Agent. Okanagan  Agency will apply for a licence to take and iise  3 cubic feet of water out of Koreities Creek,  which flows in a westerly direction through  Hesorve No. and empties into Siinilkameen  river near Keremeos. The water will be diverted'ut Reserve No and will boused for irrigation purposes on the land described as Indian ReserveNo.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  28th day of August, 1912. The application will  be tiled in the office of the. Water Recorder at  Fairview.  Objections may be filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the Comptroller .of Water  Rights, Parliament Buildings; Victoria, B.C.  118 1 .1. Rc-HKKT Ultowx, Indian Agent.  :'FRU.I:.T    TREES  Buy Healthy Home GrownTrees  No Danger of Importing Pests       No Injury from Fumigation  No Drying Out in Course of Shipment  Protect Yourself by BuyingOurTrees  Write for catalogue and Price List to  THE   RIVERSIDE  NURSERIES  Dept. B. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  Established in 1900 ' 125 ACHES  Representative-V. Dynes, Penticton c.  N. 13.���������We have  Dwarf stock in���������Mcintosh Red, Wealthy. Jonathan, Cox's  Orange, Ontario, Northern Spy and Wagcner.  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take arid  Use Water  XXOTICK is hereby given that I. .1. Robert  -*-' Brown, of Vernon, B. C. Indian Agent,  Okanagan agency, will apply for a licence to  take mid use.'! cubic feetof water out'of Kanshc  or Paul's crook, which flows in a northerly  direction through Reserve No. and empties  into the Siniilkamcen river near Ashnola. Tho  water will be diverted at Prerrieo Skcueis  place and will be rrsed for. irrigation purposes  on the land described as Indian Reserve No.  This notice was oo.sted orr tho ground oh the  '24th day of Augus/'T*i912. The application will  bo tiled in the ofHec of tho water Recorder at  Fairview. , ������������������ -.        ������������������.'.��������� ;,  Objections may be tiled  with the said water.  Recorder or with  the Comptroller- of Water  Rights, Parliament.Buildings, Victoria, B.C.  3S-4 .1. Koh'kkt Hko'w.v. Indian Agent  Sale of Mineral Claims for unpaid taxes in  Kettle  River Assessment District.  ���������T hereby give notice that on Monday the Ith day of November, A. I). 1912 at the hour of 10  -*-. ' o'clook inthe forenoon at the Government Office, Fairview, I shall oiler for sale at public  auction the Crown Granted mineral claims hereinafter set out, of tho persons in said list, heroin-  after set out, for the doliquent taxes unpaid by said persons on tho 30th day of June. 191*2 and  for costs and expenses including the cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due is rrot  sooner paid.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAXD DISTRICT  DlSTKICT OK YALE  TAKE notice that I, Hiram Inglce of White  '��������� ���������*��������� Lake; occupation Farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:���������  Commencing at a post, planted at the south  'west corner of Lot 1009. thence north 40 chains,  thence west 20 chains, thence south 10 chains,  thence east "20 chains to point of commencement containing 80 acres, more or less.  HIRAM INGLEE  .luly '29th. 1912 31-10  '   Owner  q    Xanro of Claim  Lot No  Taxes  Costs  Total  E. II. Thrustoii  , li. A. Fraction  ���������2337  3 00        2 00  500  E. H. Thr-iiston  . t arnri  2302  2(i00  "2 00  28 00  Robert Gaede  Warrior Fraction  2749  22 00  2 00  ���������24 00  Robert Gaede  Rearguard-Fraction  ���������2750  21 00  2 00  ���������20 00  Robert Gaede     ���������  Copper Kettle No. 1  344:5  IS 00  2 00  ���������20 00  Robert Gaede  Flagstaff  3111  25 50  2 00  27 50  Robert Gaede  .Searchlight  3443  ���������25 00  2 00  27 00  Robert Gaede  Nevada  3447  13 00  2 00  15 00  Robert Gaede  I-Iardserabble No 1  Fraction  3448  15 50  2 00  17 50  G. R.Naden&  E. Bullock-Webster  Something Good  1451  13 50  ���������2 00  15 50  Fayette Harris  Highland Chief  ���������2315  2(i 00  2 00  28 00  J. P. Kelly  .lufrrbo Fraction  31*28  3 50  2 00  5 50 *  Robert Wood  Ulaciv Diamond  2275  IS 50  '2 00  20 50  F. M. Kirby                  l  W.T. Hunter                1  J. McG. Humphrey     f  Frank Parker               1  Gem Fractional  2317  3 00  2 00  5 00  J. W. Frost         1  F. M.Murin         [  G. M. Foster-       |  .   .1. Marshall         J  J..W. Frost, '���������������������������."��������� '���������'������������������     ":--:  F. 3VI. Munn        I  Monday.  . .,,,,.,.   .., ...,,.,.  .,3335.,  . .20,00,,,  ..,?:������ -  ���������22,Q0  -                          .  ���������  G. M. Foster       |  .1. Mar-shall         )  Sunday  ���������1334  10 50  2 00  18 50  J. A. Crawford  ^  W."Iv.unt*'.             1  .7. P. Kelly          f  W. Olson             J  Queen of Shoba  3127  3 5()  200  5 50  V. M. Kerby  Kino  252*2  20 00  2 00  28 00-.  W. A. McKay           1  John McKonzie        1  Knight Rambler  3015  li 50  2 00  13 50  .1. Ciirirriehael Smith  Anglo Saxon  2573  20 00  2 00  28 00  .1. Carmichaol Smith  Doorbell  257*2  50 00  2 00  5'2 00  J. Ciiriirichael Smith  Little Pete  ���������2547  21 00  2 00  2300  Dated at Fairwiew, B, C, September 24th. 1912  RONALD HEW AT  Assessor and Collector, Kettle River Assessment District  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  DlSTKICT OK   YAI.K  ���������Take notice that I. M. .7. McKeown, of Vnn-  x couver. U. ('. occupation Broker, intends'  to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.  Commencing at a post planted at the S. W.  corner of Lotilt'is thence south SOohains, thence  cast SI) chains, thence north SO chains, thence  west SO chains to point of commencement containing (ill) aci-es more or less.  M, .1. McKeown  August *27th, Mll-2 30-IH  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  "^"otice is hereby given that on the lirst day of  -^ December next, application will be made  tothe superintendent ot provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by  retail in the hotel known as the Alexandra  hotel, situate at Okanagan Falls, in the province of British Columbia.  ARNOTT & IIINE  Dated this  1st day of October. 1912  NOTICE  NOTICE  SIMILICAMKEN LAND DISTRICT  DlSTKICT OK VAI.K  Commencing at a post planted at the Northwest, corner of Lot 337: thence northerly along  the Kast shore of Dog Lake eighty chains more  oi" less to tin.' South-western corner post of Lot  401; thence Kast 713 links more or less to the  west boundary of the Columbia and Western  Railway rigbtof way, beingthc Kast boundary  of Lot 27111, firoup 1; thence Southerly eighty  chains, more or less, along tbo West, boundary  of Lot, 271(1 to tbo north boundary of Lot 337:  thence west throe chains more or less to the  point of commencement mid containing "25  acres more or less.  (.'UAIU.l'S JflSEI'll   LOKWKX  by his agent  Herbert E. A. Ilobcrtson  Date, August 31st, li)l-2  PUBLIC NOTICE  pUBLIC XOTICK is hereby given, that in-as-  *- much as certain terms of the agreement  for the sale of the Kingston (iold,fc Copper  Mining Company's properties situate at Hedley, B. C, have not been carried out by the  purchaser; the properties have reverted to. and  are again in the ownership and possession of  the undersigned Company.  Kingston Gold & Copper Mining Co., Ltd.  W. A. Marsh, President,  Robert Stanley, SeC-Trcas  Quebec, Kith August, 1912. 37-0  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GAZETTE  Liquor Act, 1910  "VTotiee is hereby given that, on the lirst day of  ���������^ December next, application will be made  tothe superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as tbo Smith hotel  situate at Beavcrdcll in the province of British  Colombia.  JOAN M. SMITH  Dated this  1st day of October, 1912  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and  Use Water  "VTotiee is hereby given that I, .1. Robert Brown,  J> of Vernon, B. C, Indian Agent. Okanagan  Agency, will apply for a licence, to take and  use 3 cubic feet of water orrt of Showdy creek,  which flows in an easterly direction through  Indian Reserve No. anil empties into the Siinilkaineeii river near Chopaca. The water  will be diverted at, Michel Showdy's place and  will be used for Irrigation purposes on the  land described as Indian Reserve No.  This notice was posted on the ground on the  ���������20th dnv of August, 1912. The application will  be filed inthe ollice of the Water Recorder at  Fair-view.  Objections maybe filed with the said Water  Recorder or with the Controller of Water  Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, 11. C.  3'M .1. Roiikkt Biiowx. Indian agent  NOTICE  S1MILKAMKKX  LAND DISTRICT  DISTKIf-T OF  YATK  'PAKK Notice that 1, .lohn C. Katon of Na-  ���������*- naimo, li. C. occupation. Broker, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.  Commencing- at 11. post planted at tho S. W.  corner of pre-emption 23s thence north Si)chains  thence west. SO chains, thence south SO chains,  thence east 80 chains to point of commencement containing OKI acres, more or less  .1. C. Ktitnn  M. .1, McKeown, Locator  August 27th, 1912, 30-10  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  "M"otice is horoby given that, on the lirst day of  x> December next, application will bo made  to the superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor* by retail in tho hotel known as the Great Northern  hotel, situate at Hedley in the province of British Columbia.  .iosepit.rotherham:  Dated this  1st day of October, 1912  NOTICE  Liquor Act. 1910  VJotice is hereby given that, on the lirst day ot"  x> December next, application will be made,  to the superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in tho hotel known as the Siiuilkiurrcen  hotel, situate at Hedley. in the province of  British Columbia.  FRANK DOLLEMORK  Dated this   1st day of October. 1912  NOTICE  Liquor Act, !I������10  "\riitico is hereby given that on the lirst day of  *L> December next, application will be inado  tothe superintendent of provincial, police f 01-  rcnewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as tho Grand Union  hotel, situate in Hedley, in the province of  British Columbia.  ANTON WINKLER  Dated this  1st day of October. 1912  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 1910  "VJotice is hereby given, thaton the first day of  -^ December next, application will be made  tothe superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the New Zealand  hotel, situate, at Hedley, In the province of  British Columbia.  JOHN .JACKSON  Dated this  1st day of October, 101t2  NOTICE  Liquor Act PJ10  VTotiee is hereby given thaton the lirst day of  i;N December next, application will bo rrrade  tothe superintendent,of provincial police for  renewal of tho hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as tbo Golden Gate  hotel, situate at. Fairview inthe Province of  British Columbia.  CHARLIE JONES  Dated this 1st day of October, 1912 THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, OCT 10. 1912.  ,������    Town and District.  Monday, October 23th has been pro-  clairned Thanl'sgiviirg Day.  Chief constable Dinsniore was in  Hedley this week inspecting hotels.  Jhv Humphreys tlie district superintendent of immigration went up the  line on Tinisday.  Mrs. Ill uce Rolls aird her* two children iirriveil in Hedley on Saturday to  rejoin her husband.'  Mrs. MacKenzie, 'wife ofRev.  MacKenzie, accompanied her husband,  to Hedley orr Saturday.  ' Jimmy Cody went to Vancouver on  Monday where, he expected to undergo  an operation for varicoes veirrs.  . Mr. and Mis. Joyrrer are going to  Seattle shortly and hav-i.* let the Rodgers 'residence or a portion of it to;E.  H. William*.   ./V. .'  Mrs. Lowe came up from Victoria to  see her daughter at jjvererneos arid to  visit old friends in the Siniill'aineeri  was in Hedley hist week.  Word has been received that H. A.  Hineks formerly manager of the Bank  6f B. N.-.'-A. here is quitting the service  of the Bank fit Victoria and will engage in ranching in that locality.  '���������'*.  The Great Northern bridge gaiig  are iii the valley making some repairs,  to bridges and this week they are giving their attention to the bridge over  the Similkameen this side of Bulldog  Brown's.  Tom Henderson and Dave .-ire going  to the coast arrd in tend to walk it fiver  the Hope trail. It was their intention  to make tlie start today.arid it is to be  hoped that their luck will keep them  clear of any snowstorm 'which is liable  to come  in earnest at this time of the  :'yenr-Y::'?:':':.' '���������;��������� .'''..7        '."...-".".  One   of  the cottages   of the lower  . town at the mine which was used as a  bunk house by some of the men was  burned down on Friday night last.  Being some distance away from the  works the company.carried no insurance on tliese cottages. The fire is  said to have originated with some  paint that was on the stove catching  fire.  T. C. Brooke of Princet on passe  through Hedley on his way to and  from Penticton where he went to help  to do honor to the Duke. In the veteran's parade he met Hatfield of Kale-  den who was in the same column for a  considerable part of the campaign iri  South Africa, Hatfield being with the  first Canadian contingent while T. C.  was'with the Shropshires.  An aggregation called the Hawaian  Novelty Co. held the boards in Fraternity Hall fin Tuesday evening.  There are conflicting reports as to the  merits of thepepforrrrance, the; conflict  for the most port being about the degree of punkness. Not being present  the editor-oIters no opinion.  Carloads of contractors'supplies in  the way of lumber, tents, etc. have  been going up the line during the past  -week arrd it is reported that the contractors Guthrie <fc McDorurall have  sub-let all of it and many of the subcontractor's had in turn given out  station work  to men   who are already  Lc Lee who is one of the oldest, and  most popular t-yees in the local Chine.*-e  colony left last week for China where  his mother has lecently died. He has  been a, long time in B.C. and having  attended to the matter of tidying up  the Bank of B. N. A. premises every  morning, ever since the Bank opened  in Medley, he claims to be the oldest  member'of-the Bank of B. N. A. staff.  A picture which he had .taken some  ���������time ago iii hanking attire was an  amusing production.  Sunday, October ,13th will be the  hundredth anniversary of the death of  General .Brock on. the held of Queen-  stun Heights and tomorrow the llth  should lie made the occasion for special  exercisesi iir all Canadian schools in  coirinienroration of the event. It is  proper that Canadian children should  keep green the memory of Sir Isaac  Brock, and the stfiryof the capture of  Fort Detroit and the repulse;of the  enemy'oh Queenston Heights even at  so great cost should be retold in all  schools, at this time. If ever they  sang ���������'The Maple Leaf" and especially  the stanza "At Queenston Heights  and Lundy's Lane" now is the time it  should not be omitted.  G. H Whiteman will henceforth  represent the Princeton Coal & Land  Co. iri7vaneoiivei\ The class of coal  they are now able to supply by reason  of the1 facilities wliich they have for  classifying and sorting is .enabling,  them to put a grade of cOal on the  'market which can hold its own anywhere. In superintendent Holden  they have a. man who thoroughly  understands the(operation of collieries  and how that he has been provided  with the necessary appliances for grading, the colliery is fast redeeming the  mistake irr yielding to the clamor for  cord which caused them to attempt to  supply the demand before they-were  ready to fill orders' and guarantee the  quality which would enable them to  do justice to, themselves. So well is  the reputation of the coal now established that the orders coming in have  made it necessary for them to increase  the .working force by 50 more hands.  The stockholder is no more a necesr  sity to a life insurance company than  a bedbug is to the fair damsel or swain  off whom he may choose to feed. The  history of the Mutual Life of Canada  proves this for it never, had a dollar  of stock, and after 42 years of business  its assets which werje only a little over  $600() in 1870 fire ,'now 'consede'rably  over seventeenmillions. Some stock  companies whose shorter business  career happened to cover the years of  Canada's boom time have, been able  to make greater relative progress in  the volume of business wiitten. So  was the Titanic able to make a greater  mileage in the few days of its career  than many a less pretentious craft  that has landed its cargoes voyage by  voyage in safety in all kinds of weather, and so also the Mauretania which  litis not yet. met disaster.  were going. Under the circumstances  he is obliged to prohibit shooting on  the premises altogether, and in the  meantime it will be in order to try  and locate the guilty party and compel hinr to put up tlie loss*7 for full  grown hogs run into money these  times.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  "���������*-,*    .*....  *    ������������������*  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  ������veri]tl)ing  New and First-Class  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars and Special  Attention   paid   to  the ..''Cable.  Ei E. Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C. (7  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Wdr&  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  HOTEL 51MILKAMEEN,  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date  First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F. J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  PrtLflGE  L>iveru, Feed & Sale Stables  HEDLEY   13. .0.  IT A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   If Order's for Teaming  promptly ritteuded to.  .. Qfflceof Dominion: Express Gpmpanu.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phorrc it.  INNIS  BROS. Proprietors.  FOR SALE CHEAP  Easy Terms���������A number of good, second hand sates,  write Vancouver .Sale Works, Limited, Vancouver.  li. C, for list.  WARNING TO TRESPASSERS  on the ground.  There is a law in mechanics that you  can gain speed only at the expense of  power and power at the expense of  speed. Equally inexorable is the law  irr finance that as the interest increases the security decreases. If it is  protection and security you want irr  life insurance then dorrt choose tire  institution whose greed for high interest will make it. select speculative investments lor its funds.  Is it a regulation of the Education  department that the British flag shall  be flown on all school houses irr the  province or is it not!*1 If it is, why is  the flag not in evidence at the Hedley  school ? It is true no doubt that the  rope has been stolen hut there another ropes to lie had, arrd as the  school has rrow been operr a month  since the rope disappeared there has  surely been time to get another.  A pleasant social event was the "At  - Home" at the hospital, given by Miss  Allen the matron on Friday last.  The door was opened by Miss Patten  for the many guests who were received by jNIiss Allen, assisted by Mrs.  Oioiner P. Jones. Mrs. F. II. French  poured tea in the; dining room while  Miss Elizabeth Clare and Miss Edith  Bradshaw served refreshments to the  first comers, the later guests being  served by Misses Florence Messenger  ������������������Hid Doris Lyall. The decorations  which were very pretty and tastefully  arranged, consisted principally of  sweet peas, asters, marguerites and  autumn   leaves.  Constable Sproule left on Saturday  for Kanrloops    where   the   summary  trial of Blair and McGillivrey   is  tf)  take place ut the fall   assizes.     The  uncertainty irs to  time of trial which  has  prevailed dining the  past  three  weeks  has  tended   to  make   the evidence   less   complete  than   it   might  otherwise have been had it been knowri  definitely that there would be no postponement  to the spring assizes.    The  main   witnesses  from   here were Orr*  arrd Waddell  who lost the money, L.  C. Rolls, who saw the hiding aud lind-  ing of a portion of it,  and the  waiter  at the Grand Union  to   whom   oire of  the culprits did some indiscreet talking.     Of course Sproule himself is the  main witness.     It is rumored that the  bar-tender McLennan who was friendly with them and who was behind the  liar at the time the offence is supposed  to have  been committed irr  front of it  was not  to be found  but it is possible  this  may   not   be   correct.      He  was  originally called as witness for the defence and   lu's evidence did not appear  ;'to be of special importance.  A few days ago .1. R. Kdmoud (lis  covered tlrat two of his hogs were  missing which were kept in a coral  near the slaughter house and on making a search for them he found one  that had been shot through the body  with a rifle bullet, of about 130 .'10 calibre. The manner in which some of  the bones had been shattered by the  bullet that had killed the animal left  no doubt that it was a heavier bullet  than a 22 or any of the smaller bores  of hunting rifle. Whether the thing  had been done accidentally or not is  something which he cannot say but  he is of the. impression that it must  have heen some one who had been  shooting nt crows that are frequently  to be found around the slaughter  house and was too careless or" irresponsible  to   note  where the   bullets  The mulcrsig-nerf hereby gives notice to the public  that no shooting- will be allowed around the slaughter house. Any one trespassing on the premises will  be prosecuted.  j. r; edmond  Hedlev. October 7th, 191.2.  Department ot' Public Works,  Ottawa. .Sept. "J7. I1I12  ���������lo-:  Newspapers will not. bo paid for this advertisement if they iiiKiTt.it without authority  from the Department.  Advertise in the  H e dley Gazette  and watch Results  7 n>  ���������!������������������  ���������  ������������������!���������  !|  !���������-���������  I*.  ���������  ���������  ���������  .<������������������  *:���������  :m  w  I  t  ���������  ���������  ���������,'  ���������  ���������  ���������  UNDERWEAR!  We  <u*e now 'showing a large range  of Men's High Grade Woolen underwear.  Underwear that ''Looks Good". ��������� "'Feels  Warm" and "Wears Well" and the Prices  are low. jStow is the time to fit yourself  out for the winter.  Remember that Peabody's Overalls are  the Best Looking and Longest Wearing  Overalls you caii get. We have them to  fit all sizes ofmtii and for all kinds ot  work.  ���������  x  X  ���������  f  s, Ltd.:  x  :  ������������������^^**^^^*0"JJ^^-p'--*-&^'^^*^^^^D-*-^^^^-������^^^^"JJ^^^^^^O^-^  i  X  Plumbing' and Heating, Sheet  Mfetal Work Tinsmithing  Shop corner Angela Ave. and Bridge  Work guaranteed.   Consult us about your work  H. DIGNAN  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  S  i  X  f  I  *-:  x  K  K  x  x  x  X  Practical Workmen  PRINCETON, B. C.  Proprietors  3  i  Cealed Teatlers addressed to the undersigned,  ^ and endorsed '���������Tender for Wharf at Seymour Arm. 1$. C," will be received at this ofHee  until 1,00 p. in. on Tuesday. October-lltli. 1!112.  for tho construction of a I-ilc lierrt Whurl' at  ���������Seymour Arm. District of Cariboo. 11. C.  Plans, specifications unciform of contract can  be seen and forms of tender obtained at this  Department and at the offices of ('. C. U'ors-  fold, Kh(|. District ICngineer, New Westminster  ii. C; F. XX'. Aylnier, Esq., District Engineer,  Chase. U. ('.. and on application to the Postmaster at Vancouver. B.C.  Persons tendering arc not illed that tenders  will not be considered unless made on the  printed forms supplied and signed with their  actual signatures, stating their occupations  mid places of residence. In the case of llrms.  the actual signature, tins nature of the oectipa-  I ion. and place of residence of each member of  the firm must be given.  Kneli tender must bu accompanied by an nc- j  cepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to I  the order of the Honourable the Minister of j  Public Works, equal to ten per1 cent (10 (i.e.) of  the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited if the persons tendering decline to enter ,  into a contract when called upon to do so, or I  fail to complete the work contracted for. If  the tender bo not. accepted, the cheque will be  returned.  The department does not bind itself to accept  Liic lowest or any tender.  Hy Order  11. C. DK.SROCUKH.-',  j  Secretary, i  Tft05E WftO TOIL EARNESTLY  and WIT/1 SUCCESS l  WILL BE SATISFIED ONLY WITH THE BEST  OVER-HAUL THAT CAN BE MANUFACTURED.  ���������Ml  AMERICAN STYLE  WORK CLOTHES.  THEY ARE DOUBLE STITCHED THROUGHOUT.  BIS AND GENEROUS (IT TAKES FROM 42 TO "4  YARDS TO MAKE AD0ZEN),HAVE SEVEN POCKETS.  IMPORTED BUCKLES AND BUTTONS THAT WONT  CCMEOFF.EtASTIC DETACHABLE SUSPENDERS.ETC.  LOOK FOR THE TAN COLORED TRADE MARK ON YOUR 0VERALLSJHE LEATHER LABEL.  WE ARE THE AGENTS FOR LEATHER LABEL OVERALLS.  Schubert's Supply Stores  HEDLEY and TULAMEEN  NOTICE  Liquor Act, HMD  "VTotiee is hereby given that, on the lirst day of  ���������*-* December next, application will be made  tothe superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Keremeos hotel,  situate at Keremeos. in the province of British  Columbia.  GKOKOK KIRBY  Dated this  1st day of October, V.H2  NOTICE  Liquor Act, 11110  "VTotlcc. is hereby given that, on the lirst day of  -L^ December next, application will be made  to tbc superintendent of provincial police for  renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Central hotel,  situate at Keremeos Centre, in the province of  British Columbia.  II. TWKDDLE  Dated this 1st day of October, 1912 THIS HlflDLMY GAZETTE. OCT 1()7 1912.  meos  KEREMEOS, the Centre of Lower Similkameen----Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  Everybody doing it.   Digging spuds.  Miss Itita Kirby is visiting Mr.-*. Dr.  White of Penticton.  Bill   Haiiiing  has go no to ' 8iniill>a-  ��������� .nrecn to dig his "Tatcrs".  Mrs. Keeler and Miss Bruce: paid a  visit to Medley last Friday.  Nearly a thousand cans are being  pat up daily 'around our little burg.  An ���������abundance oi' delicious grapes  AV.-re gathered, on the Kichtcr estate  this year.  .1. A. Brown went up. the valley  Monday a*- far as Tulameen on a business- trip.  The Ladies Aid will give a concert  on Wediiesduy, Octobei* 16th in the  town hall.  Big. doings on'the. 2Sth. Thanksgiving day. when the ladies will give  fowl supper.  A. P. Tinglcy was down with a I rail  c >ld Monday and so the school kids  got a holiday.  Babe Krugur, provincial. constable  of .Fairview was in town a couple, of  ilays last week.  Mr. and .Airs. Hans Richter and Miss  H. -Sinclair were visitors from the  lower valley last Friday.  Colonel Robert Stevenson (-nine in  from Spokane Tuesday and spent, a  few days at the ������������������Willows".  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong of  Vancouver are paying a visit to their  fruit farm just east of town.,  Church  of England  services will be  held   here. Sunday' next in   the school  'house at .11.00 a.m. arid 7.80 p.irr.  Dr. Thomson. Dominion Veterinary  here, we are pleased to say is progressing favorably after a long ���������jud severe  illness.        . ,  li. .7. Mo.Curdy's road gang moved  down the valley to Richter's pass  where they have some repairing to do  on'the road. **  Ezra Mills visited the Spokane exhibition last, week; He reports aline  time and.only wished he had been able  to stay longer.  Sam II. McCurdy. who up till lately  was with the It ranch, has taken a  position with G. K. Graham as fore  man and general supervisor.  Gordon Dinning who has been acting  ''manager at'the  bank during Mr. Car-  niichael's  absence'   returned   to  Suin-  nrerland Sunday evening last.  Winter is coming mi. Have you got  all the fruit you want for preserving?  If not send a few rush orders to .Ivere-  u'cnsnnd you will be supplied forthwith.  The Geological   Survey Department  have   written   Stillinan O'Neil   asking-  him   to donate   the   Indian   war club  now in   his 'possession to   the national  museum.  The lacrosse fans of the. .Siinilkaineeii will have tf) get after the boys  to train if they are to make any showing against Penticton on the ISth of  October-.  A peculiarity of the. frost we had  the other nightwas that it didn't even  touch the tomatoes on the Hat and the  morning after flower.-, and vines look-  T. J. Smith of Vancouver made a  good speedy trip over from Merrill'  last week leaving there Wednesday  morning' at 8:80 by' auto stage for  Princeton where he caught the train  to .Keremeos and leaving there by  auto stage was able to take dinner in  Penticton the sarrre evening.  NOTICE  VTOTICE   is   hereby (jivci*  thai on the   2th day ol  ���������*���������"     December 1912, amplication will lie  made- lo the  Superintendent of Provincial Police  for  the transfer  of llie licence for the sale of liquor by retail  in  and  upon the  premises known  as the   Keremeos Moteil  situate at Keremeos. British Columbia, from Gel-rife  Kirby lo Ada Frances Kirby of Keremeos. t>. C.  Dated October 10th.   1912.  George Kirby, Holder oi' Licence  Ada Frances Kirby, applicant for transfer.  FOR AFTERNOON TEAS AND  LUNCHES GO TO  KEELEK'S RESTAURANT  Keremeos, B. G.  For Ladies and Gentlemen  Popular Prices.    Neat and Clean  Rates to Regular Boarders  i Biead for Sale.  Orders filled for Cakes  Doughnuts and Pies.  ADVERTISE    IN   THE   GAZETTE  S F������ R A V  Do not neglect to spray your trees with  Pendray's Lime Sulphur Solution  Pendray's is endorsed by all tlie leading(fruit men  of the province.  We are sole agents fpr Keremeos and can sell it by  the barrel or gallon.  We  carry a full line of Garden and  Field Seeds.  Five Roses Flour always in stock  i  F.   RICHTER  ESTATE  X  Sale of Lands lor Unpaid Delinquent Taxes  ���������   ���������    IN    ���������-      -  Tlie Kettle River District, Province .of-British Columbia  |I hereby give notice that on Saturday the 12th day of October A. I). 1912, at  the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.  in my office j������  at Fail-view. B. C., I shall sell by public auction, the lands of j ������  persons  in   the list hereinafter  set out.   for the   delinquent j ������  tax  boi  Of What   Keremeos   Fruit  Lands  Have  Done for Early Purchasers  is Now Here  axes, unpaid, .by-the said persons, on the :31st day of Decern- jg  >er, A. I)., 1911, and for interest, costs and expenses, incliid-1 J  ing the costs of advertising the said sale:  if the total amount i@  due is not sooner paid.  N'iuirc ol' person Assessed  Description of Property  J')cli(|iieiit  Tuxes  As's'd    jSchool  Tuxes! Tirxus  Intcrcs  to flute  of Sale  Statu-  ' tory  Costs  Total  A. .1. Alcork   H. L. Oriel trees ..  .!.(.:, Ha tell   ..'lotlSSs   '' !  . .jsnl--di\- liW of lot 2it() C1       I  sub-div I Hi. t.">(l of lot *-'!!) CI 11  .   sub-div HI of lot;"). (.17  sub-div 77 of lot ���������-'ail. GI  'sub-div (ihi of lot 11">. CI      i  sis ai i ������ i s*i  $ 2 nn  ii mi   s i, :r-;     1 oo     2 m<  u ;u!  ������������������������!  fid;  S-_'*> On j  15 til I  '.'���������_������ 7!) I  Olalla Townsite, Part of Lot 176, G. 1, Map No. 85  It. Reeves   Wesley llm-vcy .  K. M. Allison    Hot'{. block it  ....ilot 10. block 1*2  ....ilots*>(>. 27. bloc]  H ���������*:  !l 00;  .In  .18|  .7!l|  1 20,  Miy  1 7fl{  1 i������);  l 00|  1 00,  0 ;io  -> 08  1-2 SI  Beaverdell Townsite, part of Lot 1545, Map No. 94  ITiillott&.Shinv   Thomas Cinry   Oluf Johnson   M. .1. Phehui   XV. J. T'wiss   .1. C, Davidson   Tliomas Stevenson     Adam Wreiiwh-k   Mrs. L. Hrru'sorr    ilot>ll. 12. 88. 81). block :s  .. ..lot 18. block ."   dot 21. block.'!   'lot ���������_'*>, block:!   iiot %*>, block ;i   dot 11. blocks   ilotlil. block I   jlotsIOl), 110, block I  .    ..Ilotlll. block I  11 '_'.>:  2 7.V.  ���������I !l(l  .8.-1  '���������< 15|  J 75  2 :������i!  .'i 15:  .05  1 '25  ���������25!  I0|  ilO  25:  20!  00;  1 00  1 00  1 0(1  1 00  1 0(1  1 0(1  1 no  1 no  1 00  ������  ������  @-  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  This year the trees in bearing'will give an  output which'.although showing handsome profit  on the original investment, is only a mild suggestion of the profit, to be realized Avith a larger  market.  REMEmiBER  We  offer no  land but,  what has  the  Avater already on it  Fruit Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.  KEREMEOS, B. C.  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  <������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  m 00  1 10  7 15  .'! 55  1 !)5 j  5 05 I  .:! -,0 I  ':, 05    COXVEYANCIXG. CUSTOMS BBOIvERAGK,  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  FIHK INSUBANCK  Fairview (Lower) Townsite, being S. W. ) Sec. 7, Tp. j office  50, and S.E. ] Sec. 12, Tp. 54, Map No. 26  KEREMEOS. b.g.  Sirrfr Ijirifi* Co   Cosons Jiros   F. XV. Swiiibiirn   Mrs. A. A. Davidson.  A. linker....  .1. A. Vibert .  .lolin l.ovc.. .  XV. A. IJiei-   .  Mis. W. A. Dior.  F. I'ollock   K. Ciu-rcau. ICstatf  Geoi-ffc Robinson.  . lot.'il. block 1  . lots an. 21, block -2  .llot'tl. block *2 i  . Hots ;;. 7. *21. 22. -25. :i-2. .'{li. blk ���������  ! *2: lots 1.1. 5, 15. 2:i. 25.27.1  I block 3: lots 12. l'i. 20. blk,  ! I: lots 0. 8. block 11: lots 5.  ! 1*2.32. :<l. :������i. block 12: lots!  | 2(i. 27. 2S. block 13; Int.-II. I  ;    block II. I  .lot 22. block 3 j  . lot 13. block X  .dot 30. block 3 |  .lots 2. 1.5, (i. blocks 2: lots!  ���������28. 30. 32. 35. block I: iotli'  I block SI*, lot 3 lilock 10: lots  ! 35. .'������;. block 11: lots H. 111.  i    block 12: lots -23. 21 blk. 13!  .'lots8. 12. II. 17. 10. block 3:!  I lots I. 10. block I: lot l.|  i block 11: lot 31. block 12:  j lots 2!l. 31.32. block 13  ilot 1. block (i  .'lot 10, block li  llots 1. 2. block 7  7 (10;  7 50!  37 55  . 1 70  5 55  Xit  ������������������.< DO  fil a.s frusli as ever. i  It. II. Carniicliai'l. manae-ei- crl" tin;  local hank, i.s hack i'rorn Princctfii).  avIk'i-c lie lias been relieving the manager fit' tins (Janatlian Bank ol' Commerce for the past three weeks.  ilrs. Fiith and children returned  1'i'oin Perrtrcton al'tera pleasant stay  with i\Ir. and Mrs. .Moody of that  place. Mrs. Moody and baby accompanied tiieni and intend to spend a  week here.  D. J. Taylor of Winnipeg, managing director of the Sirnilkarnci'ii Fruit  Land Co. Ltd.. came in last Saturday  to look over the company's property.  He is staying with Mi*. Cawslon at  the Home ranch.  Mrs. D. J. Innis who has been ailing  for .some time went up to Hedley last  Wednesday where she could receive  medical attendance. We are pleased  to report she is getting along nicely  and is expected home again shortly.  T. G. Brooke of l-rincetnn drove  over- last Thursday. He reports things  aro on the move in and around Princeton and seems very enthusistic about  its great possibilities. He drove* over  to Penticton the following day to join  in the reception of the Royal party  visiting that towir.  T. W. Klctcboi* dots 10. 20. block 2  K, Jl. White! lot 21, block 3  Gooi-f'o&I'askins Ilot. 17. block 11  (on  Kane llots I. 2. 3. block 13  I     21 01)  3 75  2 0.V  5 ."ill!  50;  t 70!  SO!  22 30  I  7(1  52!  7>i;  10 73  s 111!  SO  OO1  15  15  1 25  2 2.  7;>  li 00  15  ���������2 85  10  10  1 15  30  1 15  02  03  1 001  l no!  I 00  1 01):  I 0()1  1 (JOi  1 (10:  1 0(1  1 00-  i no1  i no;  l no!  l oo;  l no  1 (HI  i on  12 82  15 01  5 3!l i  00 85 I  III!  0 02  2 73 ;  15 13  li. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  C.   JE.  SHAW  Civil Engineer, Dominion an el Provincial Land Surveyor.  I  i  I  KEREMEOS       ^  Fairview (Upper)   Townsite, S. W. j Sec. 12, Tp.  Map No. 27  I). M. McJlouifall ....  XV. I). Walker'   W. iMli-yinplc   .lolnr bovc      K. H. White and  Ii. II. Parkinson   11. II. rnr-kinson    Mrs. K. li. White   .I0I111 Martlett   Mrs. Ii. H. Parkinson .  .Hot.-.  1. 2.  I    block 2  J lot 3, block 2  Hot I. block 3  /lot It. block H  block  1:  lot  1.  ,:lot 22. block 7 :  .lot 1. block 8: lot II. blk. II ;  .ilot II. block 13 i  .Ilot 13. block II 1  .Ilot 10. block 2. lot I. block 3;!  !    lot   111. block I.  lots 111. 20.!  I    21. block 7 ;  0 no  1 511  5 III  2 115,  13 (llil  5 511  50  8 III  SI 1.  2 70!  ������������������*"���������  15'  I   30!  I nn  1   10.  I  I no:  70 S(l|      13 3.*.!      13 S0|  I I'KI  I no'  l (mi;  l n(i  1 no'  1 no;  l 00 i  1 00'  l 00  Okanagan  Falls Townsite,  Sub. Div. of Lots No.  and 374, G. 1, Map No. 4  Gcorffc Gillespie  ...I'.ots 1. 2. block 17  1 02  1 00.  32 81  II 70  4 31  8 15  1 07  1 47  1 47  2 Iii  54,  Hi 25  7 30  0 lil  3 83  10 80  12 40  1 05  12-45  137 05  337  1137  Office of .1. A. Brown  KEREMEOS  B. C  Keremeos Townsite, part of Lot 107, G.i, Map No. 66  M.  LEIGHTOn  WADE,  B. Sc.  Electrical Engineer  Isolateil   plants  power in Mills  for  light   and  . Mines, etc.  Municipal   in?  extensions.  ���������tallations  and  KAMLOOPS,  -  B.C.  AUTO LIVERY  Tweddle's New 40 horse-power  Case Auto  Leave-s Keremeos for Penticton. .Monday, Wednesday  anil Frielay at 1:45 p.rrr.  Returning, leave;* Penticton  Moiulay, Wedireselay aiiel  Friday on arrival of >Str.  Okanagan at 7:80 p.m.  SIXGr.lS ya.uk  -    $7.50  lum'RN-       -      $14.00  Arrang'-inents     for    Tiunks  anel other Baggage  A  First-CIass  Driver has been  Engaged and   the auto may  be  hireel  at fide per   mile.  .minimum  rate; for further  particulars apply to  HARRY TWEDDLE'  Keremeos Centre       -       B. C.  John A. Oiiwl'ord....  Hut'���������poll i & Pliistino..  G. mid S. Scai-pelli...  Seurpolli & Lcpnno...  liiiplincl Se-ii-pelli ���������  .lolnr Gibson   John Slattei-y   J. Curtis (estate)   .Ins .Sutherland     (Unknown Owner)���������  (Unknown Owner)���������  (Unknown Owner)���������  (Unknown Owner-)....  8 I.  lots 11. 12 block 20  lot 15. blk *2ii: lot 8. block 28:  lot 10. blk '20; lot 8. blk 30  lot 12. block 21 j       2  lot I. block 28 I       2  'lot II. block 20 2  (lot 13. block 21 I       2  lot 15. block 21 I  lot 3. block 28 I       2  lots I. 2. block 30 7  lot 14. block 21 !       1  dots 15. 1(1. 17, block 22 i       3  llots II. 18. 10, 20. block 20 I        I  Ilot 10. block 20 !       I  I.r<i  ���������ir.j  35;  15!  '������������������'���������;  I  871  21!  211  2(1  24 j  20  III  51! i  1 511'  I  2 IM  55-  itif  55'  itit\  1 <if*i  itit  I HI!  Hli  35'  lil)'  10  I OH;  I Oil:  I (Hi!  I on;  I 00'  I no!  1 00  1 Oil'  i noj  i (in|  i no;  i nn  I no  7 85  12 32  I III  I HI  I 01  1 01  7 21)  3 ill  0 01  2 25  ���������I SO  5 05  2 25  Dated at Fail-view, B.C. this :J1 day of August A.I). 1012.  RONALD HEWAT  Assessor and Collector, Kettle liiver Assessment, District  WATER  NOTICE  For a  Licence to Take and Use Water  VOTIl'l-! is lure trivc-n that Frederick Howell, of  ���������L' KiTemeos,   11. C,   Rancher,   will apply for :t  licence to take and use 100 inches of water; out of  Sheep Creek, wliicli Hows in an easterly direction  through Lot X1% and empties into Okanagan bake  I'enticton. The water will be diverted at about 20  chains west ofS. XX'. corner of bot 3396 and will he  used lor irrigation purposes on the land described as  Fred Howell's pre-emption.  This  notice was posted  on the ground  on the -1th J  day of October, 1012.    The application will he tiled  in the office of the Water Recorder at Fairview.  Objections innv he liled with the said Water Recorder or with the Comp-roller of Water Ki-thts,  Parliament HuiMinits. Victoria. lb C.  FRED HOWFI.l.  TRY THE  Hedley Gazette  for  Fine Job Printing  SILKS  Large Assortment of choice Silk Dress  CJrioels, Silk handkerchiefs etc.  for sale at right prices  TOriMY SING, Keremeos  SING LEE  Lmuuhy, Contracting of all  kinds! Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing kind, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  KUKKJIKOS, B.C.  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. K. Station  MRS.   A. F. KIRBY,   Proprietress.  Kercmcos-Penticton Mail vStage.  The auto stage leave's  Keremeos for  Penticton,  Tuesilays, Thursdays  anel  Saturday at f> p.m.  Singh.'fare $7.50, Return $1-1.00  The  ante*   stage will   run an  excursion  every   Sunday   from Pentieton   lo Hedley  and   return, leaving   Pentieton  at H a. m.  aird, returning leaving Hedli'y at 4 p.m.  Phone II, Penticton W. E. Weuiy  ORB


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