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The Hedley Gazette Oct 6, 1910

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume VI.  HEDLEY, B.-JB., THUESDAY, OCTOBER G, 1910.  Number 7,3,  I  'i  i  Dr. C A. JACKSON  1     DENTIST  [18 years'practiceiri'Vaneorrvcr.]  S. 0. L. Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,   ', -      -      B. C.  K. C. BROWN  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  NOTARY PUBLIC, Etc.  PRINCETON,  B. C.  JflS. GIflRKE  Watchmaker   .  HEDLBY,B.C.  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist. Travel.  Hates Moderate.  A. Baunes,;Ptop.       Pentictox, B.C.  A. MEG RAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  Real Estate.  Mines,  Crown , Granrs  Applied   For  Urrdcr Land Act arrd  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  Mutual Life of Canada.  Hudson Bay Insxrrance Co.  ;. Columbia Fire Insurance Co.  Calgary Fire Insurance Co.  Alliance Insurance Co:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Go.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.'.C.  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B.C.  First Class:Accommodation.   Bar Stocked with'  Best Brands of Liquor and Cigars.  A. WINKLER, Proprietor  HEDLEy BARBER SHOP  Two Doors North of Bank of B. N. A.  HAIR   CUTTING   A   SPECIALTY  Razors Honed.  Hot and Cold Baths in Connection  W. T. BUTLER.  A. F. & A. M.  ZGW HKGULAH monthly meetings of  ^ Hedley Lodge No. ������, A. F. & A. M.,  aro hold on tho second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  brethren aro cordially invited to attond.  W. J. FORBES H. D. BARNES,  W. M Secretary  L. O. L.  Kegiiliu- monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodge 1711 are held on  the    third    Monday    in    every  ^"i'vaSS"������.������^11101'^1 in ''"I'aternity Hall.   Visit"  iug brethcrn are cordially invited lo attend.  .IOIIN .IAMIESOX. XV. M.  F. DOLL15M0RE, .Sec't.  w.  H. T.  GAHAN  Barrister,  Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  Murk  Block  PENTICTON,  -  B. C.  SIMILKAMEEN IS  FRUIT PARADISE.  Mr. William Murray Astonished at Fertility of Keremeos and District  Province  "I have just returned from my  first trip through the Similkaineen  and Okanagan Valleys, and I am  more than pleased with the general  appearance and outlook of the district", said Mr. William Murray, manager of tlie Vancouver branch of the  Canadian Bank of Commerce. ';T was  astonished at the wonderful climate;,  the fertility of the soil, and the general beauty of the cormtrv. But perhaps the most amazing thing of all is  the fact, that we import such large  quantities of fi-nifc and .vegetables  from the American side when we  have such great opportunities of growing them ourseves in this province."  At Kelowna Mr. Murray found,a.  large area under tobocco, which is  made up in a local factory into cigars.  Brrt of all the places that he saw it  was Keremeos that caught his fancy  urost. There, he says, the climate is  particularly favorable owing to the reflected heat from the surrounding  mountains. Keremeos has an abundant supply of water, conveyed to the  district by a. recently constructed  canal, and water is the only thing  needed to make the soil one of the  most productive in the'world.  "Keremeos is a most desirable location  not only for its fertility and its  climate,  but  because as  soon   as the  railway is completed, it will be within  nine hours'bf Vancouver, which will  enable the grower to pick his fruit in  theafternoon for sale in this city next  morning," said Mr. Murray.  -According ' to   Mi-. !Murray ^fruits  giow there in great profusion, apples,  pears, peaches prunes'and grapes, and  an endless variety of vegetables.    One  property of four acres that he   saw,  had been  broken this spring,  and the  fortunate owner, using no. other labor  than  his own,  had grown  a crop of  cucumbers   estimated   at  fifty   tons,  which at the present prices represent  a profit that can easily  be calculated.  Asked as to  the  influx of settlers,  Mr. Murray said that they were coming in in  very fair numbers,  mostly  from the old country, and the East.  "It is not surprising, that it is a  popular district. The climate is moderate all the year round, and there is  no heavy smows. In my mind it is a  more desirable place of residence than  Southern .California," concluded Mr.  Murray.  GOLF TOURNAMENT  Sixteen members of the Hedley Golf  club entered for the mixed foursomes  tonraamentlast week and rrp to the  present nearly all the first round has  been played' oft'. The match consists  of 14 holes or two rounds of the links,,  the option; being given to suit the con-  venience of players of playing the full  two rounds at once or doing one round  at one time and finishing up the second round at a later period, to suit the  convenience of the rneiirbers, although  the playing of both rounds at once  was preferable as a better test of the.  play and.endurance: of-the players.1  The first bout was between-L.C. Rolls  and Mrs. Rotherhjim; against E. H.  Williams and Myrtle''< McLean when  only, ,7, holes were played - on the first  meeting and found Williams and his  partner ;four hpies iip which iv'as a  heavylead..to be overcome.  The next bout was played between  COMMISSIONER    RECOMMENDS  Valuable Advice to  B. C.   Fauit Growlers on Marketing- Crop  TRAIN WRECK ON G. N, R.  Freight Goes Through Eridge and Seven  Cars of Merchandise Destroyed.  Word-has come to hand that a Gicat  Northern freight train went through  a bridge, between Marcus and Laurier  on Monday and seven cars of merchandise were piled up in a wreck. If the  train was northbound, as it is to be  presumed it was, there is every probability that merchants in the Similkameen will be disappointed through  the non-arrival of goods they wore expecting and what will prove more  serious still, there is a great probability that some of the mackinery for the  Hedley Gold Mining Co. may be in the  wreck.  No particular's are   to  hand  whether any  of the  train   rrrerr  injured.  R. James and Miss Bond against F. H.  French .and Mrs, Hamilton /and (al;  though j; the full; 14; holes iwere plaiyed  they were'still tied at the 14th hole,  and a play-off round was necessitated.  This was played off two days la tier arid  French arid, his ipartneir won two holes  UP-..: 7:-'���������:,-. -.������������������.-.���������. ������������������������������������':.-:-,!���������;������������������.���������   .'���������-.������������������; -, ��������� ,";\ -.  H. A. Hineks and Miss Fraser playedA. Megraw and Mrs. Jones the latter wiririirig the riiatch'at theCth hole  of the l.-ist round wi tli twiv holes up.  M. Hetrick and Miss Williams beat  W. Mattinson and Miss Jackson 6  holes:up. ,. :-;    ..7/::: 7;i-'-- ;;:  . As soon asthe second round of the  Rolls and Williams match is decided  the survivors of the first round will  draw for the semi-finals which will in  all probability be 'finished up by the  end of'the week and then a play-off  will take place between the victors  from the semi-finals.  A surprising feature was seen in the  fact that of the four picked winners  for the first round every one of the  four went down. This, illustrates the  fact that in even so scientific si. game  as golf where'individual play counts  for'so'much there is a glorious Uncertainty which can never- be fully reckoned with.  While in some cases the, handicap  played a more or less important' part  in contributing to the result; in other  cases it figured but very little, and the  majority of the holes taken by the  handicappers were won without the  aid of the handicap. The unexpected  character of the outcome was so iiiiius-  ���������gish  ing  that some  of tlie  more  was::  suggest  as  to  were  TO LAY STEEL  V.. A. 0. STL'1.1 D  llAKOr.D  MAYNK IIAI.V  Kettle Valley To Lay Rails  Immediately  Out of Midway  members have   been   led   to  that there  be a consolation  competition for the picked winners.  "The falcon towering in her pride of place  Was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd"  GOLF NOTES  It is a well known fact that the celebrated golf links,   of Victoria, B. C,  was largely responsible for gettirrg for  that city the G. P. R.'s  two  million  dollar Empress Hotel.    The 0. P. R.  with  shrewd business instinct recognize the asset there is for them in it..  Here is a pointer for Hedley   and for  the Great Northern  railway  if they  will only avail themselves of it.   There  are  unique features prized by golfers  'natural to the Hedley links that have  been most warmly admired and appreciated   by   experienced   golfers   who  have been on them, and if the railway  were  once  through  to the  coast anil  the Hedley  links were  advertised  as  they should be  it would be the means  of attracting  to the  town a most desirable  class   of   tourist   trade,     The  main   tiring is  to see that tlie present  status  is  rrot disturbed by   allowing  private interests to secure arry advantage which would enable them to hold  up or-  irr any way levy  tribute  upon  Although  some  quotations  at   the  present time for Fall  varieties from  American pointsi would apparently indicate low prices,   the general concensus of opinion on the  part of jobbers  generally is that prices  for Fall and  Winter, varieties of apples will not go  low)  quotations   from  the   East  for  Ontario  Apples for No.   1 in   barrels  (which arc  very   scarce)   are quoted  $3.50 to $3.75 with a probable raise to  $4.00 in  a very short time, and when  jobbers    ask ^ for    quotations    fi-om  American points prices are much higher than when Avired unsolieited. Pears  arid Crabs are firm and in great de  lnand.   ������������������American prunes have been  coming in freely  to these points,  in  peach    boxes,   and    although    retail  prices; were'cut very close here jobbers  have   been   paying   f.o.b.   American  shipping points for prunes  in Peach  boxes, 50c and 55c. per case.     I would  advise shippers holding to fair- prices  of fall and winter stock,  particularly  winter, arid more espechilly if stocks  are not heavy, pack.rind grade thoi ���������-  oughly.^:;"(There is a, disposition on the  part of some shippers to  mark grade  too high, especially, in marking-.fancy,  forgetting : that fancy; is   practically  Perfection ori all points, quality, size  color arid packv'jindvthis sipplres   to  crabs as well as apples.:    The Dominion  Fruit Inspector has no   power or  authority:, to re-mark   grade on boxes  from what they are marked by shippers,  but he has power to erase the  grhde if not in conformity with the  Act and brand falsely marked.   It will  be will for our Growers and Shippers  to  bear this in mind and  raise  the  standard of their pack,  rather than  lower, as we are certainty establishing  an enviable reputation on B. C. fruit  at the present time all over these Provinces, aud this reputation, if sustained and advanced on our fruit products  will certainly create   an increased demand for   them and  command   the  highest  market prices.   At the same  time our shippers must not forget the  competition  they have to meet from  the American Pacific Coast States and  the efforts being put' forth by them  to  reduce the cost of production in  every way and their earnest endeavors  to grow and raise the standard of their  fruit products by the latest and most  up-to-date methods.  Signed  J. C. Metcalfe,  Commissioner.  LETTER FROM INDIA  ALBERTA ELECTIONS  Governrhent Wins  Bye-Election in Glei  chen and Loses McLeod  Members Vancouver Stock .Exchange  k    Real Estate,   insurance, Stock, Loan  and Mortgage Brokers  728 Hastings Street W  Opposite New Post Ol'lice  1'. O. UOXIKIH  Vancouver,  B. C.  Tho Kettle Valley people have announced their intention to lay the  rails this fall between Midway and  Rock Creek. This indicates the pushing of construction work up the river  as vigorously as possible irr order to  lay down material where required instead of having to freight it from  Midway.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.O.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC  Vernon, B. C  The Athletic World gives a lengthy  and excellent   illustrated  account   of  the    Lainbtou    golf   tournament   at  which  Geo.   >S.  Lyon   won   the open  the   local   golfers who   have  virtually j clmn,pinnship of Canada  for  the  7th  Calgary, October 4th���������Gleichen rejected E. H. Riley, who resigned some  months ago to test the riding rrpon  the selection of Premier Sifton by a  voce of about 150. With three polls  to come it now stands at 110.  INDEPENDENT WINS  It. F. Patter-son, the farmer's candidate irr McLeod won' out from M.  Maurrsell, the Liberal candidate by a  majority of 07 with orre pole to come,  which may pull it down a little.  The Dominion parliament has been  summoned to moot on Nov. 5th for  despatch of business.  Rev.   D: F. Smith Writes of Conditions  in That Land  Dear Editor:  i You have asked nre some very hard  questions brrt answer we must, he-  cause our- motto is "to give- an answer  to therrr that asketh of thee", but how  to answer is the question.  You ask if there is much disatisfac-  tion with British rub-. If we were to  answer- that there is much dissatisfaction because of the want of British  rule, You. might not understand but  we have stated the truth. Let rrs make  a comment and yoir will understand,  because it brings the problem-before-'  you. You know that the attempt  being nrade to give India as much  self-government as possible and we  have nothing but praise for such ; n  endeavor, but we hear on ������������������every hard  that "the days:of even handed Britu-h  justice had gorre. We are now irr the  hands of our own men who seek graft  and self interest."  Tt must be said that the British politicals irr India have been as a rule men  in every way worthy of our empire  and 'men who gave to India to the utmost extent of their knowledge and  judgment, e v e n-handed j u s t i c e,  without respect to 'creed, caste, class  or color. A story is told of a one time  resident in Central India, that when  he came to a very difficult case about  which he had doubt and for Avhich  proof was scant but had to be settled,  "he counted the flies on his tent pole  audit the number was odd he gave  the decision to 'A'.and if even gave it  to 'B' and then trusted Providence  that it would be right."  Now-a-days under the direction of  the British officials and numberless  Indian officials and for the actions  and justice of these Indian officials  British rule has to answer. When we  were boys our fathers used to say to  us, "It cost more to. train you boys  tharr you are worth" or perhaps "It  would be easier for nie to do this work  myself than to show you fellows how  to do it." Britain might also justly,  say that it costs more to train India  than it is worth, or that .it.would be  easier to do the.whole work of govern  ing than to teach India to govern herself but the boy "India" must be train  ed. Britain is not a land grabber but  a nation builder.  You asked if the trouble of fifty  years ago is likely to repeat itself. It  may be necessary for the . peace of  India to hold her with a firm hand but  if any trouble does come, it will come  in a more subtle way than it came fifty  years ago. India krrows orrly too well  that Britain is not anxious lest she  should take too much share in the. government of the land but because she  takes too little: interest.  Undoubtedly if Teddy Roosvelt had  come to India he would have cut  things up pretty badly brrt none of  these things move us. The Briton  especially away from home is an exceedingly canny man. To the people  around hirrr over whom he rules he is  father, leader and  defender all in one.  METEOROLOGICAL.  Minimum  29  28  23  discovered the possibilities of Pinto  flat as most ideal golf links. The* local  club are attending to the matter of  improvement of the greens and fairway without asking outside assistance,  believing as they do that every sport  should stand on its own bottom and  its devotees pay the piper-./ All they  ask therefore is to he left alone.  "Golfing", an English publication,  says that the longest hole on any links  in Great Britain is that of the seventh  hole on the Erskine links which is  5S5 yards. This is rather a coincidence for Medley's longest hole "Prrnr-  rose way" is our seventh hole and is  exactly 585 yards.  time. The illustrations of some of  their- holes are Urine common-place  affairs compared with some, of the  sportiest hides on the Hedley links.  There have been several matches of  sirrgles orr the ladder series during the  past ten days but the events are coming so thick and fast it is difficult to  keei) track of all.  After thi ��������� tnurnanrcnt is finished up  it is suggested that another tournament of singles for the men and singles  for the ladies be played with a, view to  revision to some extent of the handicap and also a series of men's foursomes be played.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the week  ending  Oct. ������fj 1910 :  AT THE  JUNE.  Maximum  Sep 25 . 47  2(5 .. 49  27 .. 73  2S .. 60  29 .. 03  30 .. 51  Oct    I            .. 43  Average maximum temperature 45.57  Average minimum do        20.42  Mean temperature 35.09-  Rainfall for the week   0.      inches.  Snowfall       "       " .0 "  COKKESPONDIXG WEEK OF LAST VEAK  Highest maximum temperature .���������  Average maximum do ���������.  Lowest minimum do ���������.  Average minimum do ���������.  Mean  40  AT  Sep  do  ���������.  THE  auto,.  Maximum  M  uiuiiim  03  .,  40  01  03  38  44  02  44  07  38  (!;")  ���������14  57  37  25  20  27  2S  29  30  Oct    1  Average maximum temperature 02.57  Average minimum do 10.71  Mean do 51.01  Rainfall for the week .0       inches  COHUKSl'OXDIXC. WKKK OK J.AST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 77 _  Average do do 07.71  Lowest minimum do 30  Average do do 30.85  Mean do 53.78- THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   OCT    0,    1910.  bis finger on the same sore spot if he  had gone to India. Kipling told the  United States when they undertook  iro'vernincut    of   the   Philippine.-,  and  Sirnilkaint'en. Advertiser.  -Jin-i! on Thursdays, by. the M.ioni.KV Ga'/.ktti-: I fc lu  i'liiN-i-iNd and I'riii.isiiixf: Co.miw.w.        ! tliat  the   task   would   be  a   thankless  Limitku.  al. Hedlev. R. C. ,      one  aud (lie precepts  taught them   in  Subscriptions in Advance  l'i.:  Year ��������� ������������������  ���������"��������� Jfc) ( v'nited .StalesI      Advertising Rate*  '    Measurement. 12 lines to the inch.  Land Novices���������Certificates of improvement, etc.  S'.iid for (Ill-day notices, and $5.00 for 30-day  notices.  Changes for contract advertisements'should  be .in the ollicc by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention for'that week's issue.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch' per month  !?1.:!5; over I inch and up to I inches, ������1.00  per inch per month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will ho given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, ������1.00 for one insertion. 25 cents for  eacli subsequent insertion.   Over one inch.  I tire   "White Man's Burden''    toyctlrer  ��������� ������-���������<* j with   the    experience   gained   in   the  2.50 :        .       , , ., ,  Philippines   is   dorr Ml ess    r-esponsib.e  foi-Roosevelt's views on Egypt.  10 cents per line for first insertion and o  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  ���������Transients payable in advance.  Advertisements will be changed once every  month if advertiser desires, without any extra  charge. For changes oftenei- than once a month  he  price of composition will be charged at  regular rates.  A. MEGRAW, Managing Hdltor.  1910  OCT  Kirsb quar.  11.  1910  Try  Cross  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   invigorating.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN' LAXD DISTRICT  Distktct ok Yale  Sun."Won. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  9  Ri  23  30  10  17  at  31  -i  ii  is  25  ���������)  12  19  20  0  13  20  27  H  21  28  I  S  15  22  29  IN FAR-OFF   INDIA  Readers of the Gazette  will  doubtless find special interest in  our India  letter appearing in tliis issue  which it  is hoped will be followed  by others on  the  same  topic.    Dealing as  it does  with questions of public policy affecting the status of India as   well as of  the empire as a whole the letter is irrost  timely at the present juncture in view  or' the feeling  of unrest said  to exist  in   IJi-it.ain'.-   Indian   possessions.    The  writer who is well and most- favorably  known to many of .our leaders who  bad the pleasure of meeting him when  he resided in Hedley four years ago is  a close observer of conditions and apt  at all times to be just and fair in his  conclusions.    A thorough Briton himself of  the   broader  type as distinguished   from    the    "little-Englander"  and having the benefit  besides of being  brought rrp   in  a self-governing  country like Canada, although born in  Scotland,'he is eminently qualified to  examine conditions at first hand and  pass judgment justly arrd  wisely. .  Thus far it is most pleasing to note  irr his letter that he has no indictment  against British rule per se but finds  India's present ills to be largely of her  owrr making or imagining. Those  who have read Mrs. Coates' admirable  story "His Honour and a Lady' in  which Indian questions of public policy are dealt with (and, by the way,  the writer thereof is also a Canadian  and judges India from the Canadian  standpoint) will note the similarity of  the view-point and its recognition of  the bald fact so admirably .summarised in Kipling's Naulakha which says  TAKE NOTICE, .that I, .I.E. Anderson, of  Hedley, occupation mill-man, intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about three-  fourths of a mile west of CliarlesiNelson's preemption on Sterling Creek; thence east 20  chains; thence south 20 chains; thniicc west20  chains; thence north 20 chains to the point of  commencement and containing forty acres  more or less.  J. K. ANDERSON  September 21, 1010 39-10  ��������� '.., Yr{i:;jM:i.fif{0&  ���������Ji-Y^Sfti/mfJ*'-*"'^  ��������� '.>'���������/  mmmm&  40 Great Tears  And 1909 Best of AH  With over Eight Millions of new  business written in Canada,  alone, in 1909.  Began -business in 1870 with assets $6,216, and now the assets  are over $14,000,000.  Canada's -Big. -Popular Company  Chosen alike by rich and poor-.  William J. Twiss  MANAGER.  Fee Block,   -   570 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  A. rtEGRAW, Local Agent. .  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Britain's overseas possessiotrs shelter marry peoples  of diverse customs arrd vastly different ideals. With some of them tire  Oladstoniair method of trying to rule  on so-called high principles of cosmopolitan philanthropy may work, but  with the majority it is only to court  failure for it is sure to be interpreted  as weakness. Roosevelt saw this at a  glance in Egypt   and, as intimated in  COPPER  The Now Edition of tiro  COPPER HANDBOOK.  Vol. VIII. issued May, 11)00, contains 1500  pages, with nearly SO per cent, more matter  than the preceding edition. Tlie chapter's  with mine descriptions and on statistics  have heen carefully revised and tlie bulk of  the matter therein is  ENTIRELY NEW  There aro 25 chapter.  COVERING: Copper History, Geology.  Geography, Chemistry. 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Can  you afford not to see tho book and judge for  yourself of its value to you ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher-,  HORACE J. STEVENS  "^"OTICE is hereby given that an application  J ^ will bo made under Part V of the "Water  Act. I'M)." to obtain a licence in the Similka-  rrreerr Division of Yale District.  (a) The name, address and occupation of the  applicant, E. L. Stoves, Rock Creek, contractor.  (b) The name of tho lake, stream or source  (if mummed, the description is) Lost Horse  Crook. Kettle River.  (c) The point of diversion about 30 chains  from the confluence of Lost Horse Crock with  the Kettle River.  (d) The quantity of water- applied for (irr  cubic feet per second) 2 cubic foot.  (e) The character of the proposed, works,  dam and ditch.  (f) The premises on which the water is to bo  used (describe same) Lot 1079s containing 120  acres.  (g) The purposes: for which tho water is to  be used Domestic and Agricultural.  (lr) If for irrigation describe the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage 120 acres.  (j) Area of Crown land intcrrded to be occupied by the proposed works���������none.  (k) This notice was posted on the Kith day  of Aug, 1010 and application will bo made to  tlie Commissioner on the Kith clay of Sept., 1010.  (1)   Give the names aud addresses  of  any  riparian proprietors or licensees who or whoso  lands are likely to bo effected by the proposed  works, either above or below the outlet.  E. L. STEVES  .Tt-l Rock Creek, li. C.  For Sale by  LOUIS  G.  ROLLS &  CO.  Hedley B.C.    .       ���������     .      .  NoFrelght - NoExpress  You can buy from us at Montreal Prices.  Western Distributors  DYKE, EVANS ������> CALLAGHAN  536 Hastings St., Vancouver.  I The  Halcyon  Sanitarium f  $ j ____���������������������������: : ��������������������������� ���������   '  : : s  ANALYSIS OF WATER  f������ Chlorine  8.14  808.43  74.59  84.57  6.91  232.00  .SG  32.00  NOTICE  SIMILKAMNEN LAND DISTRICT.  Drs'mrcT or-* Yale.  our Tnd'uir letter, he would have placed SHELDEN RUILDIXG. HOUGHTON,  I 061 MICH., U. S. A. lo I  rPAKE notice that E. L. Steves, of Rock  x Creek, Distrret.of Yale, B. C. intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described land :���������  Commencing at a post planted at the east  side of tlie Kettle River-opposite the north east  corner of Lot 3132. marked "E. L. Stoves, north  east corner post"; thence 21) chains; east; thence  00 chains south; thence HI chains, more or less,  west to river boundary; containing 120 acres,  more or less,  E. L. STEVES  Hock Creek, B. C. Aug. 25th, 1910 .11-10  TENDERS WANTED  *piIK Daly Reduction Co. Ltd. will receive  * bids up to October 1st for tho supplying of  12 tons of Potatoes. 1 ton of Cabbage, 1000 lbs of  Turnips. 1200 lbs of Parsnips, 1200 lbs of Carrots  1 ton of Onions. 300 lbs of Red Cabbage, 700 lbs  of Roots, 150 Boxes of Apples.  All to bo good, first class winter- stock arro to  be delivered at the foot of the tramway.  X Sulphuric Acid   jf'Silica.             J������ Lime.   X Alkalies as Soda   X Magnesia   J������ Lithia   X Sulphuretted Hydrogen..  ar        '_        ~- . ���������  x  * William Boyd, Proprietor  x  Has recently   been throughtly renovated X  arrd re-furnished, arrd is now tho greatest j5  health resort irpon the continent.    Natural X-  hot water in baths, 121 degrees of heat.   A X  course of baths at Halcyon will cure nor- ������  vons and muscular diseases and eliminate  ������?  rhireruatisnr arrd rrrctiilio poisons from tho   jj  systrrn.     The water heals liver,  kidney,  and siornach complaints.   The rates are$2  a day up; or ������12 weekly up.    Postollice, express and telegraph ofllces irr connection.  Halcyon, B. C.  THE   RIVERSIDE    NU,RSERIES  GRAND FORKS, B. C.    Comprising 100 Acres  Largest growers of Nursery Stock in British Columbia.    All stock wintered in our cellars and rro damger of buring winter killed trees.  Buy British Columbia grown trees for British Columbia Orchards.  NOTICE  When   writing    Advert sers  Mention the Gazette.  Please  SIMILKAMEEN1 LAXD DISTRICT.  Distkict ok Yale.  TAKE notice that I?. E. Burr, agent for XV.  A.Burr, of Hedley, occupation blacksmith,  intends to apply for permission to purchase tho  following described hinds���������  Commencing at a post planted at tho northwest corner of Lot No. 'Mi; thence south JO  chains; thence west 20 chains; thence north 10  chains; thence cast '20 chains to point of commencement, containing SO acres more or less.  WILLTAM ASA BURR  per Edgar Elinor Burr.  June 80th, 1010 20-10  ADVERTISE    IN   THE    GAZETTE  County Court of Yale  SITTINGS of the County Court of Yale will  be hold as follows, viz :   At Fraternity  Hall, Hadley, on   Thursday   l.'tth day of October- 1010 ; and at the Court House, Princeton,  Sat'd'y 15th day of October, 1010, at the hour of  eleven oclock in the forenoon of each day.  Bv Command  HUGH HUNTER  :i(l-td Registrar- County Court  When annvkihng-   ads.   plesae  ment on this paper. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, OCT   6.   1910.  Tows* an<3 Distri<ft.  Born���������In  Hedley,  September 28th,  to Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith, a daughter.  Rev.   Mr-. Kinney, will .coirdnct service here on Sunday evening next.  It is reported that constable Sproule  and Mrs. Sproule are expected back irr  '. u few'.days from their trip to Nova  Scotia where they... went.a little over  two -months ago oh a visit tn. Mr.  Sproule's relatives. :    .        / .  Thos. H. Ambrose, United States inspector of immigration was'in town  ���������" last week, and being conversant with  the Italian language he was of great  service to constable Ewart in getting  at the root of the trouble among the'  scrapping Italians. -   *  The visit to Hedley of Mr. Brooks of  the Redeemable Trust Co. which is  taking over the Kingston has been delayed bv a dangerous illness which  detained him at his home in Boston.  He will be orrt here as soon as he recovers sufficient strength to .enable  him to make the trip.  . The secretary of the-Grand Forks'  fair has our thanks for a ticket to s.ee  the show which is in progress there  this week. The fair was* opened by  , Martin Burrell M. P.. and.in addition  to the exhibits of fruit and live stock  ���������i programme of sports had been provided.  Grand Forks captured the leading  trophy at the Nelson fair last week.  Among individual exhibitors Martin  Burrell captured a number of important prizes for grains and fruits, thus  showing that his political duties have  not made him lose interest-in agricultural pursuits or tended to make him  ���������any the less successful operator in  'that line. .���������..'  ��������� Rev. C. B. Kerr who is to succeed  Rev. Mr. Conn at Princeton will not  reach his new field for a fortnight or  more and the Superintendent of missions has requested Rev. A. H. Cameron to give a service or two for  Princeton or as much time as he can  spare from the. Hedley and Keremeos  fields. He expects to hold service in  Princeton next Sunday.  '.���������.-:��������� A Good Position.���������Can be had by  iimbitious young men and ladies in the  field of ���������'Wireless" or. Railway telegraphy. Since the S hour law became  effective, and since the wireless companies are establishing stations  throughout the country, there , is a  great shortage of telegraphers. Positions pay beginners from $70 to $90  per month, with good chance of advancement. The National Telegraph  Institutes operates six official institutes in America, under supervision of  R. R. and Wireless Officials and places  all graduates into positions. It will  pay you to write to them for frrll details at Davenport, Iowa; Cincinnati,  Ohio; Portland, Ore; or Memphis,  Tenrr.  All has not been peace and harmony  among the Italian colony employed  on the Great'Northern surfacing and  repair gangs in this vrcinity. Last  week Francesco Eranceschius was  brought back from Oroville to answer  to a charge of wrecking the house in  which they had all been batching, and  Rev. A. H. Cameron brought his  new telephoto camera, with him on his  last trip and climbed some of the adjoining mountain's to get good views  with it. He also on Saturday afternoon-last with his -regular camera took  ...-.' i���������  a picture of the golf green on "Primrose Way" arrd a photo of about a  score of members of the club. The  club should appoint Mr.' Cameron its  official photographer and have Irinr  take views of the more interesting  features of tire Hedley links which is  probably one of the.-finest, .natural  courses rrr the. Dominion.  Now that the long nights of the fall  ,-ihd , winter, seasons are almost here  some effort should be made to have  the .matter of street lighting attended  to.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON  D.ELY.  WATCH IT GROW  It is destined to be the Greatest Gold Mining Camp in Canada;  Money invested in Hedley Town Property now will bring you Big  Returns in a Few Months  of destroying the belongings of another Italian named Ruyge'r, tearing  clothing aird emptying but flour and  other contents of the larder. It transpired after some investigation that a  short time before they had been quarrelling and Ruyger drew a gun on  Francesco who was goirrg to have him  arrested but agreed to accept hush  money instead. The non-payment of  the proper' amount of hush money  was the cause of the* wrecking to get  even. Francesco contributed a. ten  dollar fine, arrd the costs of bringing  him back and also re imbursed the  other fellow for damage caused and  was allowed to get out of the country.  The rrew generator will soon be  along.which will enable the company  to srrpply current without stint. A  cluster of four or six 32 candle-power  lights under a reflector shield and  placed.-.at three or four points in the  town should not be. a very heavy burden for the residents to tackle and a  great deal of comfort and satisfaction  would result therefrom.-  In extending the pipe line rrp the  creek last week the water had to be  shut off in-town occasionally and the  air which got in the pipes gave the  water a strikingly milky appearance.  This appearance, however; soon passed off after the water was allowed to  settle for a few minutes. It was due  wholly to aeration and that is a healthy condition for water at any time.  Doctors even-say that other kinds of  booze as well as water would lose  much of their injurious effects if they  were taken slowly with plenty of air'  between the sips and some opportunity given for proper insalivation of  the liquid.  Mr. C. D. Fraser was sufficiently re  covered from his illness to move about  during the latter part 6f last week and  on.Monday, he left for Spokane en-  route to New York in company with  Mr. Walter Beam who crime in to see  him. Mr. Fraser's illness pulled him  down considerably and prevented him  from getting about and making the  examination of the property which he  had hoped to do. He had an attack  of. pneumonia several years ago but  did not think himself subject tothe  malady and furthermore he could not  understand how he came to Ire taken  down Avith it on this occasion as he  had been careful nrost of the season to  get as much outdoor exercise as possible outside of business hours. He  was anxious to see the mine but Dr.  McEwen did not like the idea of running the risk of subjecting the lungs  to so severe a test so soon after the illness he had had. In all probability  when he comes . again he will be pro J  vided with a private car and thus escape much of the discomfort now attached to the making of the trip.  A welcome visitor to Hedley this  week, was Walter Beam, of Denver,  prominently associated with the new  corporation owning and operating the  Nickel Plate group in this camp. In  fact Mr. Beam may be said in a way  to have been a discoverer of the Nickel  Plate of to-day as contrasted with the  Nickel Plate of the late, regime. Prospectors sometimes discover a prospect  that may make a mine but it is not  often the lot of mining men to discover a mine already made. Never-  the less it fell to the lot of Mr. Beam  and his associates assisted by trusty  guides like M. R. Rodgers and general  superintendent Jones to perform that  feat in the case of the. Nickel Plate.  Mi-. Beam happened to be over in  Nelson and being informed of the illness of Mr. C. D. Fraser he came over  here on Saturday last to see hinr.  During his brief stay in Hedley he  made a trip up to the Nickel Plate and  was delighted at the result of development operations carried on here since  he left about a year ago.  Buy Now; Don't Put It Off as the Price is Going Up.  For Full Information Write or Call on  THE HEDLEY CITY TOWNSITE COMPART, Ltd.,  F. H. French, Secretary and Manager - HEDLEY, B.C.  WATER ACT 1909  "t*^^^^^������^������^fc���������^^������������������^^���������^b^^^^^^^^5^^^^���������^^5^S^^^^������^^^^^^^^fc^^^J5'^^^*������  T2 Y direction of, the Beard of Investigation  *-* notice is hereby given that the Board  will proceed to adjudicate upon claims to water-  on tho followihf streams and tributaries thereto in the Similkameen and Osoyoos Water Districts, under authority of Part three of the  Water Act, ISO!'.  Pine Crook  Spring: on Pre-emption No. 2!1SB  Spring on Ecks Pre-emption  Shoot Crock  Ellis or Nanishecn Creek  James Creek  Penticton Creek  Spring' on Pre-emption No. 25.31  Cannon Lake  Second Creek  Cedar Creek ' '  Little Penticton Creek  Sheep Creek  1 Mile Creek, south on Dor Lake  4 Mile Crook on East side Okanagan Lake  Five-Mile Crook  Johnson Creek  Spring:on Pre-emption Xo. 4507  Spring- ncar'Pre-omption near 4-Milc Creek  Spring near 1st creek near Pre-emption 138s  Spring on Sub-lot 19, L. 2711  Alder Creek  Maple Creek  Creek 3 miles south on Dog Lake  McLean creek   ',  Lake near Kolowrra���������Penticton trail  Spring, Porrtictorr  Stewards Dam i  Creek, Lot 286  7 Mile creek, (Lots 210 arrd 2UB)  Camp. Old Camp, 0-mile or Arawana crock  Creek on Lot 211    . .  ��������������������������� Spring near, south cast corner of Lot 587  South branch of Ellis Creek  Spring, Lot 2551  Mooting for the purpose of adjudication will  be hold at Penticton on or about October 20th,  1010: Okanagan Falls oir or about October 25th,  1010, and Naramata on or aborrt October 28th;  1910.  W. S. DREWRY.  Chief Water Commissioner  Lands Department, (Water Branch)  Victoria, July 15th, 1010 -12  K  K  *  x  S  x  I  GOOD PRINTING     |  X  K  x  X  I  I  X  X  Such as You should use Avhen you want  to make an impression  on  customers.  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Burr  General   Blacksmith  Hedley, B. C.  Horse-shoeing and all  Blacksmith Work  Promptly attended to.  Pipe-fitting done.  SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS  FOR UNPAID TAXES.  In Kettle River Assessment District, Province of British Columbia  Owner  .Tames Estate and H. Nicholson  Dominion Con. Gold Mining Co.  Name of Claim  Snowden  Hlack Hawk  Flora  Virginia  Marrtorr Fraction  Western Hill  Haligonian  Kitchener  Buller  Fair-view  Roberts  Hr-itish  liritish Lion  I'owis  Webfoot  (iro Hnstantc  Hairspring  Edward the Seventh  Admiral Dewey  Dynamiter    that on Monday tho 7th day of November  hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon at tho Government Ollice, Fairview, ] shall oiler for Sale at  Public Auction, the Crown Granted Mineral Claims, hereinafter set out of the persons in said  list hereinafter sot out for tiro delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 30th day of June,  1910. and for costs and expenses, including the costs of advertising sard Sale, rf tho amount due  s not soon paid.  Dated at Fairview this 2ith day of September, A. D. 1!H0  RONALD HEW AT  Deputy Assessor and Collector, Kettle River Assessment District  British Lion Gold Mining Co  Steven Mangott  Chas. do li. Green  G. A. Bemis et al  G, Dennett  Win. Younkirr ctai  11. G. Sidley  I  MERERY GIVE NOTICE  Lot No.  533  159S  10SI)  10!)7  1978  1085  577s  Hoi's  551s  55('s  555s  1987  1!)8S  !'l(>  14K!  2055  2050  3100  1752  707  Taxes  ' 21 75  30 00  27 00  38 25  3(> 75  21 50  15 50  25 00  21 00  21 50  21! 00  21 00  2<i 00  2(i 00  33 75  31 50  2li 00  23 00  2(i 00  Costs  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00.  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  D. 1!)I0,  Total  2(1 75  32 00  20 00  10 25  5 75  3S 75  23 50  17 50  27 00  23 00  2(1 50  28 00  23 00  28 00  28 00  35 75  3(1 50  28 00  25 00  28 (ii)  it tiro  PflLflGE,  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  *���������  $  X  X  K  X  X  *:  *  K  x  K  x  J. A. SCHUBERT, hedlev  K  .������r  h  x  H  x  X  Jf  X  ���������  iOh! You Winter:  HKDLEY   R. O,  ir A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   1T Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  Office of Dominion Express Gompanu.  We are ready for you with a Good Supply   of Cold   weather Goods for Men,  :    Women and Children.     :    :    :  ��������� This week, we are showing a big variety of nice warm  woolen goods for the little ones and we want every mother  to come in and see them.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  Phon   11.        INNIS  BROS. Proprietors.  ���������  ^ Wool Buggy Rugs, Ruffs, Caps, Toques, Frocks,  +        Jackets, Overalls, Gaiters, Mitts, Gloves  ��������� Shawls, Hose Etc. Just Opened Up  ���������   ���������   ���������-  fShatfords, Ltd.  ���������  ���������  ���������  County Court of Yale  A SITTING of the County Court of Yale will  be holilorr at tho Court House, Keremeos  Centre, on Tuesday tho llth day of October,  1010, at cloven o'clock in tho forenoon.  By order  J AS R. 1'" , ,VN  Regis! xv C. C. of Y    .  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE! THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE.    OCT    6,   1910.  ?  the Centre of Lower Similkameen-���������Famed for Fruit Growing  Town and Lower Valley.  O. II.'Carle and Harry Tweddlc are  taking in the fair at Grand Forks this  week.  Dave Wade, who has been making  his residence at Salmon Arm, is back  in the '-banana belt" on oire of his  periodic visits.  "Babe" Kruger r'.s dispensing highballs at tire bar of the Keremeos Hotel  (his old job) during the absence of the  proprietor, .Mr. Geo. Kirby.  '/Wheat, shorts and bran���������F. Richter  <fc Co.     .  Mrs. W. H. Armstrong, Miss AVood-  i-o\v arid the Misses Vincent, who have  ���������been spending a brief holiday in' Kere-.  mens  returned to the   coast the latter  part of the week.  Geo.  Woolgar returned  last   week  ��������� ������������������from a trip to different points in  Washington, where he had gone to  look over the country. He returned  better satisfied than ever with Keremeos.     ;;  D. J. Innis has purchased E. M.  CVooker's house in towrr, the deal having been put through by T. C. Brooke.  The house will be  occrrpied try   Mr.  ��������� .Innis'  mother,  who  will  move down  from the Centre. '  Do not use cheap flour when you  can getFiye Roses.���������F. Richter .& Co.  W. Breadner left on Tuesday for the  prairie where he intends engaging in  wheat growing again. Having once  /homestended he is not eligible to homer  stead again but will try and get hold  of some South African script. As  /soon as he has located he will send for  his wife and family.  The higher hills had a light covering  of snow on Sunday and Monday, suggestive of the season ahead. So far,  however there has been rib"."'sign of  frost in the valley about Keremeos  and Tomatoes and melons are still  ripening on the vines; but last year it  was weeks later than this before frost.  Mrs. G. G. Keeler returned home on  Saturday from her visit to friends in  the Yakima Valley, Wash. Her son  Carl, who'accompanied her is remaining for a few weeks longer visit. Mrs  Keeler says that the Yakima is a  beautiful valley, in places over65 miles  wide and produces a wealth of fruit,  but that for dust it has Keremeos  backed clear off the map.  Keremeos friends of J. H. Kennedy,  Assistant Chief Engineer of the G. N.  will regret to learn that he is seriously-  ill with acute rheumatism, contracted  "tiring his trip to Princeton last week.  He was taken south on Saturday's  train to Oroville, where Superintendent Morgan's private car met him.  He was accompanied by his sou Ed  and will go to some hot springs in the  south for treatment. We trust that  his recovery may be speedy.  It is understood that Mr. Graham  the C. P. R. official who was in here  a short time ago, with W. H, Armstrong has purchased Mr. Spencer's  fruit lot. While we would like to see  more C. P. R. officials locate here the  departure  of Mr. Spencer Avill be gen-  . A. D. McLean: of the office start' of  Armstrong, Morrison <fc Co., Contractors, of Vancouver, arrived on Saturday for a few weeks' visit at Keremeos. He savs that down at the coast  they have had the driest season on  record and that when he left they  were wishing it would rain.  WLKim CUTTLEFISH.  Strange  Along  Farming   Carried   on  the British Coast.  It is not known generally that cuttlefish are cultivated on some farms  in order to be "milked." ; These  cuttlefish farms are located on parts  of the British coast, and, the cuttlefish are kept in tanks or ponds lo be  milked of their ink.  The pond or tank is connected--with  the sea by a' pipe, and a thousand  or more cuttlefish are kept in a single one. They form a most curious  sight as they move about trailing  their long arms and staring out of  their  bulging' eyes.  They are guarded by screens, which  prevent, them from being scared, for  if thev are suddenly frightened the  "cuttlefish" will squirt their milk into  the water, and it would therefore be  lost. This fluid, or milk, is very  valuable,- ������������������ and each cuttlefish will  yield about $4 worth a year. It is  secreted in a bag, which can be opened and closed at will, the cuttlefish  ejecting the fluid to darken the water  so that it may escape unseen when  attacked. The best cuttlefish are procured in China, where for some reason or other they produce the best  quality of milk.  When the farmer, considers it opportune to milk the cuttlefish he proceeds by opening the sluices of the  pond and gently agitating tlie water.  The cuttles then : swim around the  pond, and as soon as one passes  through the sluice is closed. The cuttle passes down a small channel into  a basin or me^al receptacle, -and ...as  soon as it is securely there the'wafer  is drained"off.'..,'It is."then frightened  and at once souirts the fluid from  the basr. When it is exliai's'cd it  is lifted out,'-the milk is collected,  and the basin is prepared for another.  J. A. BROWN  Notary Public  CO X VK Y AX(.: I Xt'i, C US'l'O MS BRO ICE RARE,  I������'1K1S INSURANCE  '.. AGENCY HEDUiY GAZETTE  OFFICE - KEREMEOS, B.C.  P, BROMLEY,  GENERAL BLACKSMITH  Horse-Shoeing a Specialty  KEREMEOS,.. -  B. C.  Hotel Keremeos  Opposite G. N. K. Station  GEO.  KIRBY,  Manager.  ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^"^^���������^'^^V ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*D^^  KEREnE05  MEAT   MARKET  CLOTHING  We have added a Beautiful Line of  Men's Fall Suits  and  Overcoats  to our Stock  and can guarantee price and  quality to be right.  To make room for new Goods we are clearing  our entire line of Hand Painted china at cost  FRANK RICHTER & CO.  KEREMEOS, - - B. C.  Fresh  Fish  Every Thursday  Wn>G!NG  w  !AT  er-ally regretted.  lot which Mr.  Graham has purchased is one of the  best in the district and has just commenced to bear, the trees having been  planted four years ago by J. Ii. Shaw.  M. Spencer found the work orr a ten  acre fruit lot heavier than he expected. Mr. Spencer is considering moving to Australia rrext.  One of the biggest real estate deals  that has been pulled off here lately  took piace last week when Victor  Quaedylieg, of Vancouver, purchased  tire Old Webster homestead from the  liogers Realty Co., of Winnipeg, the  deal being rregotiated by F. Schneider.  Mr. Q.uaedvlieg is a man of means and  will assist in the development of the  district. The purchase covers the  buildings arrd orchard arrd 80 acres of  the Webster ranch. Mr. Robertson,  who has been tenant during the. past  two years will shortly move on to the  adjoining 20 acre fruit lot which lie recently purchased from Mr. Breadner-.  In the meantime Mr. Quaedvlieg has  secured dwelling rooms above the  Keremeos Land Company's office. One  sour, accompanied him on this trip irr  here; the remainder of the family, including his wife, two other-sous and a  daughter will ,ioin hinr here shortly.  We congregulate Mr. Quaedvlieg on  .so-curing such a valuable piece of property as the old Webster ranch. It is  one of the most desirable and productive properties in the valley.  Measures   Taker*   In   England   to   Exterminate the Pest.  The war against rats i;; being waged vigorously in Great Britain, where  the annual ' darn rise they cause is  variously estimated at amounts ranging from $50,01)0.000 to $75,000,000.  Potatoes infected with a tasteless  germ are placed within reach, and  this germ���������harmless to man���������is expected to cause a rapid decrease of  the rodents by spreading a fatal disease among th?m. As a. further step  the Society For the Destruction of  Vermin seeks to set a price on the  animals' heads, having offered a prize  of 10 guineas and a diploma for the  best method'of making ratskins com-  merciallv useful. Taking the London  and India docks as examples of the  seriousness of the plague, it is stated  that each of the twenty-seven sheds  stands on an ace of ground and is  estimated to harbor 2,000 rats under  Its floors, making a total rodent population of 54,000 for these docks. Eacn  rat is charged with damage of at  least, a farthing a day, giving a total  yearly loss of more than $50,000.  E. M.CROOKER  fefe^fc������������iiatrafe*^M^fea������raaittwr*?i  Buy  Your  Meat  . . . from . . .  ML C. McAULEY  THE BUTCHER  When in Keremeos stop at the f  Central Hotel  HARRY TWEDDLE, Proprietor.  Sole Agents for Princeton Coal  Free Bus to all trains  B. C. Fruit Lands Office  Headquarters for all stage lines.  Keremeos,  B. C.  Fresh and Cured. Meats,  "Fish and Poultry.  &���������������������������:'������������������-  WM. DALRYMPLE  FIGURE OUT  GENERAL  BLACKSMITH  Lav/ Against Teeth and Hair.  "There was a law once against false  teeth," said the antiquary, flashing  his superb set in a wide smile. "Yes,  and if your wife wore false teeth or  hair you could  divorce  her."  He took down a curious old book  to prove his statement and read the  following from a British act of Parliament of 1670:  "That all women, of whatever age,  rank, profession or degree, whether  virgins, maids or widows, that shall  from after the passing of this act impose upon, seduce and betray into  matrimony any of his majesty's male  subjects by scents, paints, cosmetics,  washes, artificial teeth, false hair,  Spanish wool, iron stays, hoqps or  high heeled shoes shall incur the  penalty of the laws now in force  against witchcraft, sorcery and. such  like misdemeanors, and the marriage,  upon conviction, shall stand null and  void."  Your Patronage Solicited,  isfaction Guaranteed.  Sat-  Cumming's Old Stand  (Keremeos Centre)  H  K  K  K  x  X  i  I  X  K  X  K  x  K  K  *  x  X  X  K  X  X  v  #  ������flr  '*  ���������������  ���������������  #  ������  What a few Acre of Keremeos Fruit Lands  will be worth in a few years when  the trees are in bearing  Can you do better with.your savings by  sending them outside to invest in some speculative scheme, more or less hazardous, than by investing them at home in something that is as  safe as the bank and at the same time offers such  big returns on the capital invested. ..- /  REMEmBER  We  offer no  land biit what has  the  water already on it  Fruit  Lots of any size to suit your means;  at $175, 215 and 350 -per acre.     Town Lots.  Keremeos Land Co., Ltd/  KEREMEOS, B. C.  Brusque   Brahms.  A young Hungarian violinist, who  was continually talking about his  wonderful skill and great fame, had  his flatteries addressed to Brahms  cut short with the brusque remark,  "More finger exercise and fewer  phrases, young man!"  A young woman who played the  pianoforte asked the composer as to  the advisability of giving a concert  in Vienna.  "Arc you all ready?" inquired  Brahms.  "Certainly, dear master! May T  play  some tiling  for  you?"  "Oh, no, no! I meant only have  you a new gown and gloves?"  "Yes, sir."  "Pity; otherwise I should have advised you not to give the concert."  GEO. KIRBY  Notary Public.  real estate mines  Afroirt for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Keremeos, B. C.  Kcrcmcos-Pcnticton Mail Stage.  I.cavesKeremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.  Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., arriving in  Keremeos at noon.  W. E. Wklbv, Proprietor.  PLUMBING  WARM  AIR  HEATING  AND  GENERAL  LAND NOTICE  SIMILKAMEKN LAND JlISTRICT  irrsTiucToi' Yat.e  fAKK  NOTICF that John P.  McCuddy. of  ���������*���������        Fnii-view. occupation Farmer, intends Lo  apply for permission to purchase the following-  descrihed lands: ���������  Commencing at a post planted !fl> chains  smith of the .S. K. Corner of Lot li'il); thence  west��������� Mil chains, rhence south '.io chains; thence  cast 80 chains: thence north 20 chains to point  of commencement. ContnliiiiiR- Kill acres.  JOHN P. McCt'DDY  August With, 1!)10.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of 'ill  kinds, Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  KlSRK.MKOS, B.C.  TINSMITHING  Orders  by Mail  will receive  Prompt Attention  ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON  APPLICATION  Keremeos  Trading Company  Have u good lino of Groceries, Flour,  Tobacco, Clothing, Boods and Shoes,  Etc., which they invite you to call and  see hefo're Iniving elsewhere.  Prices, reasonable  H. B. MEAUSETTE  Keremeos  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT  CO-OWNERS  To 11. !''. Cleland or to any person or persons  to whom he may have transferred his interest,  in the Dolphin and .Spain- Fraction mineral  claims situate at Olalla on Keremeos Creek in  the Osoyoos .Alining Division of Vale District.  You arc hereby notified that 1 have expended  two hundred and live dollars in labor and improvements on tho above mentioned claims in  order" to hold the said claims under the provisions of the Mineral Act, the said labor beins  done for the yearendiiiK 17th of August, lilll),  and if within !)0 flays from the date of this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your-proportion of such expenditures tofrether with all  costs of adveitisintr, your-interest in said mineral claims will be the property of the undersigned under Section I of'Minoral Act Amendment  Act 1SXHI.  Dated this t'Oth day of August, 1010.  3-1J C. XV. Jordan.  G.   G.   KEELER,  Keremeos, B. C.  TOMMY SING  Contracts for Work  Land scruhhed or" any kind of work hy  contract at r-easonahlc rates.  Silk Handkerchiefs strld cheap, imported direct from China.  -  KXAJM [NATION     FOR     I.WSI'J'JCTOR     OF  STKAM HOILKRSAND MAOHIXICRY  IOxA.\ir.\'ATio.\'.s for the position of Inspector of Steam Rollers and Machinery, under the  "Steam Rollers Inspection Act, 1!I(JI," will be  held nt. the I'nrliament Uuildiners, Victoria  commendny November 7th. JijIO. Application  and instruction forms can be hud on application to t'.ie undersigned to whom the former  must be returned correctly Idled in not later  than' October 2Ith, 1010. Salary Sl.'iO.OO per  month increasing- at the rate of ������5.00 jier- month  each year to a maximum of ������180.00.  JOHN I'JOCK  Chief Inspector of Machinery,  New Westminster, II . ('


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